An encounter with Jean (JIMP#42)

Jim is reacquainted with an old woman as she dominates a group of youths

Jean is based on a real person. I saw Jean (from the original Echoes in the Past story), looking more of a grumpy old woman yet quite powerfully built and even though she wore flat shoes her calves seemed larger, more toned and stronger than before. That inspired me to write yet another story about her.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2011
I was walking down the road when I spotted a familiar figure ahead of me. Even from a distance I recognised those calves. It was Jean, the crazy old secretary who gave me a good beating many years ago [JPECHO#1]. She wore a pink short-sleeved blouse that hung from her broad stooped shoulders, pulling a shopping trolley in one hand and a heavy bag in the other. I had occasionally seen her around town over the years, the sight stirring my loins as I remembered what she’d done to me but had never plucked up the courage to speak with her. Whereas she used to have an eye-catching hourglass figure, she had plumped out and her face had become more frumpy and wrinkled.

A blue floral skirt hung from a broad waist and fell to the knees, below which were those calves. My god what calves! Even though she was only wearing flat heels, her calves looked larger and more powerful than I remembered. They were large, bare and highly toned, the underlying muscle glistening as they flexed and rippled with every step. She turned down a side street and I just had to follow to get a closer look at those amazing calves on an elderly woman who stood less than 5 foot tall. As I approached the corner, I got a good look at her from the side. Jean had aged considerably. Now in her 80’s, her oval shaped face was pale with a short slender nose, small grey eyes and a small firmly set mouth. There were a few lines and creases of age and she no longer wore make-up. Her chin sagged and her short curly hair, dyed auburn, had receded exposing her forehead and ears.

Although much older, she still cut a powerful figure. Her neck was bullishly thick, her shoulders broad but stooped and her arms thick and strong looking with a noticeable tension in her forearms as she carried the heavy bag. From the side I could see a deep crease down the side of her shin behind which the thick meaty calve swelled. Her chest that had once stuck out like two large torpedoes had sagged and hung low but was still impressive enough to stiffen my groin as they bounced along with the nipples jutting against the fabric of her blouse. These held my attention until I too turned the corner and once again those amazing calves locked my vision. When a foot was in flat contact with the pavement, the calve swelled out from her slim ankles becoming a jutting mass of firm looking toned flesh. But when she stepped forward, the calve would explode into a swelling mass of shiny muscle with a deep cleft separating the two long muscle heads, one larger than the other and each ending in a sharp diamond. Around and below this smaller muscles and cords flexed into existence as she moved her foot. Believe me, I was totally mesmerised and slowed my pace so that I maintained a good view.

Suddenly from out of an alley, this tall heavily built young man jumped out behind Jean and went to grab her bag. “Oi!” I shouted as a warning but it was too late. The man leant forward and snatched the strap. I think it was heavier than he expected as it plummeted towards the ground before he got it away. The old woman spun around, looking irritated and without hesitation swung her leg up, lifting the hem of her skirt, hammering her foot hard between his legs. “Orrrrrr!” the man cried, his eyes clenched with an expression of pain. “Orr you bitch. I’ll slit your throat” he cried pulling a knife from his pocket and holding it up threateningly. Jean faced him showing no emotion, although I noticed that her nipples had hardened into erect caps. I knew from experience that she could take care of herself and she didn’t disappoint me.

“Are you just going to stand there waving that thing around gawping at my breasts?” she told him impatiently. “Stitch this you old bag” he shouted and leapt forward plunging the blade towards her belly. I held my breath as Jean caught his wrist with both hands then stepped to the side out of harms way, her calves rippling as she moved. “Wha?” the young man cried as she pressed his hand to point the blade towards the ground forcing him to lean forward. “Whoa!” her arms looked strong as she quickly twisted his arm upwards then pulled him backwards in a semi-circle before kicking his legs away from under him. The sight of a tall heavily built young man being dropped onto his back pivoting around his arm, which was held by a small old woman was exciting. Jean stretched out a shapely calve and pressed its side against the top of his shoulder as she pulled his arm straight. “Argh!” he cried writhing on the pavement as the formidable looking old woman bent his hand sharply at the wrist disarming him. “Argh my wrist” he cried as Jean pressing it double. “That will teach you to stalk me” she chided.

My groin stiffened at the display of dominance. “Oh Jean you are incredible!” I moaned as I came up to the ferocious old woman who held onto her prey as viscously as a pit-bull. She was enjoying exerting her superiority making him writhe in agony, her nipples were so erect I thought they might burst through her blouse. “How do you know my name?” she glared. “Are you another pervert lusting after me? Do you want to take his place?” she asked. “Oh yes please Jean but only if you’re playing with me gently in the bedroom” the words were out of my mouth before I knew it. Her eyebrows arched quizzically. “I’m Jim. Remember, we met when you worked for Professor Dupont at Cambridge” I said quickly hoping to change the subject. “Argh! Please let go please I’m sorry” the man begged, helpless in Jean’s ferocious wristlock while she looked at me for several moments. The power this old domme was demonstrating had me really hard now. She glanced at the front of my trousers and noticed. “Oh yes, I remember. The pervert who got me sacked” she said. Oops! I had forgotten that. “I’m sorry but once I found out your real age. The University were forced to let you go” I replied. After her attack on me when I had tried to press her on information about the necklace she wore of the goddess I now knew to be Anahita, I had done some digging to find out more about her. That only revealed that she was a great deal older than the 63 that she claimed, well above the mandatory retirement age at the time.

“Really” she grunted. “Argh! Help me please somebody!” the young man started shouting. Maintaining the punishing hold on his wrist while keeping his arm straight, Jean forced him to raise his head. She stepped over him facing his feet and positioned her legs either side of his head. For a moment I thought she was going to apply a standing head scissors. Instead she bent one knee so that the crook of her leg caught his jaw while her other leg held the back of his head. “Orr!” he moaned in discomfort. His jaw was being compressed by strong looking hamstrings on one side and a big meaty calve on the other. With his arm straight and still applying the wristlock, the old woman rose slowly onto her toes. “Arggnn!” the young man squealed, screwing up his eyes and clutching at her leg with his free hand as a big power-packed chunk of calve muscle swelled thickly against his jaw while a large bulging leg bicep crushed in the opposite direction. “Do you still want to be in his place?” she asked me as the man flailed about in agony. I was speechless and terribly aroused. Looking fierce, the old woman slowly begun a series of calf raises dispite the helpless man scissored between lower leg. The muscles in her legs quickly became pumped and grew larger, the clamp around the man’s jaw becoming unbearable tight. CLOCK suddenly there was a horrible hollow bony snap and a wet gurgle. “That will stop you making that noise and annoying the neighbours” Jean told him coldly as she released the man’s head and his mouth fell slack.

The man was distraught but if he thought that was the end of it, he was mistaken. With her large toned calves either side of his head, the little pit-bull of a woman twisted his hand savagely forcing him onto his stomach. Old calves closed around the sides of his neck holding his head firm just below her knees then she released his hand. His hands went straight to her jaw breaking calves, shocked by how large and muscular they were for a little old lady. His eyes were clenched and his face red with pain. “What’s the matter? Taken on more than you can handle?” she taunted. “I haven’t even started yet”. She was right; her feet were flat on the ground, yet he was clutching at her calves in agony. Slowly she rose once more to her toes, large thick blocks of muscle moving under her skin solidifying into a big solid mass of cleft muscle. The man had tears rolling down his face as he frantically tried to pull at her calves or ankles, but they were much too strong. She slowly lowered herself to the ground then rose again. The man thrashed around like he was having a fit, her toned calves exploding into a huge solid mass of rippling leggy muscle.

I was so turned on that I got to my knees and started feeling her calves, stroking and caressing, enjoying the feel of the powerful raised rocky muscle under her bare skin while they flexed and destroyed this yob. “What are doing? Stop touching me, you pervert!” she admonished. “Oh Jean. Your calves are incredible. So powerful and sexy. Please I just want to worship you” I moaned, crazy with lust. “We’ll see about that” she replied. I continued feeling her mighty calves as she continued to punish the man with slow calve raises, pumping up her muscle so much that they became rough and vascular. The big youth with the bust jaw was weeping openly now. Her calves looked so fearsome as they dug into the sides of his neck, I thought that they could snap it like a twig.

The man was a complete sobbing wreck. By the feel of the power in her calves, I knew she was just toying with him and could have put him away at any time, but she wanted him to suffer and I knew that she enjoyed dominating him. I was so worked up that I was now kissing those powerful slabs of hard muscle that were now bulging with every individual muscle group on display. “I was going to take you home to play with but it seems this pervert here wants to take your place so I must say goodbye” I heard her say. With that she snapped herself to her toes, the muscles in her calves standing in bold relief shiny and toned. I saw the light in the man’s eyes go right out, yet she continued to scissor him between her calves as drool ran from his open mouth. Turned on beyond belief I passionately kissed her beefy calves of iron almost on the point creaming myself.

“Jean. He’s finished. You can let him go now” I told her urgently as I got to my feet. She gave me a look that could curdle milk then opened her legs letting the attacker fall limply to the ground. I was so turned on by this little old woman who had totally destroyed a big burly attacker in a matter of minutes that I grabbed her and started kissing her lips passionately while fondling her big breasts before I remembered how dangerous she was. “I’m sorry” I mumbled, my erection beating like a drumstick with desire. “I just got so turned on by how sexily you dominated that guy. I’m sorry. I just lost control for a bit” I apologised, afraid that she might start destroying me in the middle of the street. However, without saying a word, she picked up her bag and shopping trolley and started walking away leaving the young man sprawled on the pavement. I followed her like a horny dog, knowing that she was dangerous and a little crazy but her demonstration of power had me aroused and she knew it.

As I walked I tried to break the silence. “Did you hear about the fire at the Department?” I asked. “Yes. Arson. It’s very sad how denigrate kids have become. They need discipline” she replied. Visions of Jean discplining kids between her calves came into my head and took a while to disperse. “Actually, it was caused by a woman dressed as a nun. The car she used was traced to the Sisters of the Covenant of the Holy Messiah”. She seemed surprised. “You must be mistaken. They are good honest Christian women who run the old folk’s home at Cathanger” she told me. “Are they part of the Sisterhood?” I asked. “You really do know too much about things you ought not to” she glared at me coldly. “As it happens they are not. Not that it’s any of your concern” it sounded like a reprimand.

Shortly we came upon a group of youths hanging around. Jean stopped, turned to face me and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. “What are you doing?” I exclaimed as she worked her way below the bottom of her ample bust. “Men are always after my breasts” she told me then opened her blouse wide. “Phroarr” I moan quietly at the sight that made my groin stiffen. Through the gap at the front of her blouse, a lacy black bra was fully stuffed and struggling to contain a large wide pair of breasts. “That’s it take a good look, pervert. Don’t say a word and I might treat you later” she said then turned and continued to walk as if there were nothing out of the ordinary about an old lady walking around town with her blouse undone exposing her large packed bra. Catching up to her, I walked by her side down the street. Because I was so much taller than her, I couldn’t help gawping down the front of her blouse and getting terribly turned on by the large sexy mounds of pale breast and the deep cleavage between them. “And so I told him that I don’t trust banks. Never have and never will. I keep all of my money as cash indoors” she told me conversationally as we walked past the boys. Their mouths are open and eyes wide, glued to the heaving contents on view at the front of her blouse. As we past, I saw one nudge another and mumble something about “piles of cash”. I caught snatches of urgent whispering. “She’s crazy. I’ve heard scary things about her” “John said he was held captive in her bedroom as a sex slave” “Yuk, gross! Imagining doing an old biddy like that” “Great tits though. I wouldn’t mind doing them” “She’s just a senile old lady who forgets to dress properly. Easy pickings”. We soon move out of earshot and turn down the path to her house. Unlocking and opening the front door, I follow her into the house, admiring her flexing calves. “Leave the door open. They’ll be here soon to worship their mistress” She told me before heading into the kitchen to deposit her bags. I looked around the hall remembering the last time I had been here and how I got my arse kicked by an energetic, dangerous crazy old dominatrix. That was years ago, she was a lot older now and looked it. Nevertheless my groin tightened in anticipation with what she had planned.

After a while, three youths cautiously entered the house, their eyes sizing me up as they came down the hall trying to look hard. One was tall and heavily built with the air of their leader. The second was a stocky redhead lad and the third, a smaller spotty faced youth. Jean came out of the front room behind them and closed the door, making them jump. I noticed that she locked it. Before they could say a word, Jean told them “This way” and went back into the front room. The boys followed with me bringing up the rear. I remembered this room; it had once been separate living and dining rooms, now knocked through into one. Their leader faced her and spoke. “OK Grandma, where’s the money? And you” he said pointing to me “stay out of it and you won’t get hurt. I’m a black belt and can kill a man with a single punch”.

Jean confronted them in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips and her legs apart. “You will address me as mistress and you will fall to the floor and beg” the plump frumpy faced old woman told them sternly. The boys began to snigger then gasped as Jean opened her blouse completely then removed it. “Jesus what a rack!” “Orrrr!” “Wow!” they exclaimed at the sight of an overstuffed black lace bra that you could probably balance a tray on. Beneath the packed bra was a narrow strip of flesh above the waistband of her black floral skirt, which was worn high over her stomach. I also noticed that she had removed her shoes.

“The, the money old lady. Where is it?” the leader demanded acting tough although his eyes kept slipping back to her chest. “Come here, pervert” Jean said to me. I blushed as the youths sniggered nastily. “No, stay where are you. Stop this weird shit. Tell me where the money is and you won’t get hurt” the leader protested as I crossed over to where Jean stood. She whispered something in my ear and I went around behind very eager to obey. “Stop that now and .. Oh my god!” he gasped as I unclasped her bra and the heavy contents sprung out with a lurch, released from their confines. I moved around to the side to get a better view, amazed as how much bigger Jean’s breasts were in the raw. With the bra, they had been shaped into two full rounded torpedoes, but unleashed, they hung down close to her belly button and spread out wider than her waist yet were so large that her cleavage now stretched all the way down the front in an awesome deep dark line that I just wanted to stick my privates down. Judging by the way the three young men were gawping wide-eyed, I wasn’t the only one. Jean may look like a grumpy sturdily built little old lady but her breasts would make any woman envious. They would look big on any woman, but on a short woman they looked huge. Something else caught my attention; the necklace of the multi-limbed goddess that I now knew was Anahita, dangled tantalisingly over the start of that dramatic canyon.

“Men! You are all the same. Well are you just going to stand there gawping or are you going to come and get it?” Jean challenged swaying her huge orbs from side to side. The big heavy breasts moved in a strange almost slow motion so erotic that the spotty faced boy stepped forward, a tell-tale bulge in his trousers indicating his lust. “Hai!” the unexpected loud yell from the stern-faced old woman made me jump as she pivoted on one foot and lifted the other leg blasting a foot into the boy’s gut with a solid thump. “Mmmmmnah!” he gasped and began to slouch. I was taken by surprise by how nimble she was despite her age and plumpness. Looking fierce, the old woman spun around, her huge breasts lagging behind like weighted balloons, lifting her leg high in a display of flexibility as she rotated. “Hai!” her bare foot smashed into his cheek with a loud thud. “Hai!” in a split-second, barely having been returned to the floor, the same leg rocketed high and hammered the top of her foot against the side of his neck with a solid slap, her skirt riding up to give a glimpse of short thick thighs and hamstrings. Looking confident and dangerous, the big bosomed woman watched the boy fall to the carpet with a look of smug superiority on her wizened face. Within mere seconds the small sturdy old woman had floored a much bigger younger man.

The sight of their friend dropped by the small old woman with the big bare breasts stirred their leader into action. He stepped forward and tried to put her in some kind of grappling hold, surprised to find that the old woman was countering his attempts. With their arms coupled they circled around and moved across the floor in some kind of dance. He might have been young and tall but she was short and sturdily built and grappled with him like a pit bull terrier. Suddenly he thrust his hip against her as if he was going to throw her. Jean’s toned calves rippled as her foot lashed out and kicked his feet from under him leg, dumping him unceremoniously on his back while keeping hold of his arm. “Argh!” he cried as she immediately pulled his arm straight and bent his hand causing him to squirm in agony. The red headed boy came to his aide. “Hai!” still immobilising the floored boy with her hands, the elderly woman’s skirt flew up as her flexible short thick leg unleashed a side kick so high and strong that it blasted the approaching youth on the chin sending him stumbling away clutching his jaw. “Argh! Argh!” the leader yelped as Jean forced him to his feet by his trapped wrist. “On your feet boy. Feel the power of your mistress” Jean commanded. I was really hard and aching watching her exert her dominance, she made it look so easy.

With his hand pressed double at the wrist, the big-busted woman swung his arm above him high into the air then moved to the side. “Argh!” he yelped as she stepped forward and swung his arm down into the horizontal then quickly pulled him around in an arc. Suddenly she released him, his momentum propelling him across the room to collide into the redhead. Both fell in a tangle to the carpet. My cock was solid. The frumpy looking old lady with the huge breasts and amazing calves had floored all three young men in a matter of moments. She stood in the middle of the room watching the three groaning young men with a look of superiority. “Now crawl over here and kiss the feet of your mistress” she commanded. To my surprise, her skirt slid to the floor and she stepped out of it. I was aghast to see that she wore nothing underneath. The three youths were visibly shocked to see a naked old woman standing over them. Although she had lost the firmness of youth and her body had bulked up, she seemed sturdy rather than fat. In fact her bulky stomach looked quite firm and her short legs were thick and strong with large smooth thighs. However there was no denying her age and the toll it had taken on her body. Her hand patted her pussy. “Then you will stick your faces in here again and again until I am completely satisfied”. Oh yes I wanted to do that, but the look on the boy’s faces made it clear that they didn’t like that idea.

“We take her together then force her to show us where the money is” “Let’s just get out here, she’s crazy” “She’s just an old woman and I’m a black belt remember” they argued whispering to each other. They rose, the leader looking cocky and confident but the other two seemed less keen. “Oh, you want some more instruction from your mistress do you?” Jean’s greying eyebrow arched quizzically over a small slender eye. “Good, I like it when they fight back. It means I can discipline them all the harder” she added, her mouth curling slightly downwards at each end adding to the look of grumpiness.

“Put your clothes back on grandma. You’re no spring chicken. Just show us where the money is” the leader demanded as the three closed in on her with caution. “Hai!” the leader yelled, his large boot hurtling towards her small face. Without batting an eyelid, the small old woman calmly caught his leg and tucked it under one arm. A stocky bare leg scythed around the back of his remaining leg while she pushed against his shoulder with her other hand. WHAM! The boy went down backwards. The redhead tried to punch her, but the fierce nude woman raised her arm to block it then grabbed it. Pulled the arm across her chest, she stooped and pressed her shoulder against his body. I was surprised to see the lad loaded across her broad shoulders. She stood effortlessly with the young man draped across the top of her back. Although he looked too big and heavy for such a petite old lady, her stocky body held him with ease, her smooth firm thighs swelling with power. She had one arm between his legs and she raised this suddenly while lowering her opposite shoulder, sending him plummeting in a shoulder wheel to the floor. His back met the carpet with a solid thump while she held onto his hand.

“Argh!” he cried as the naked battleaxe stretched out a leg, her short thick thighs swelling as the muscle beneath the skin moved, to step on the side of his face while she bent his arm back against her knee. “No please don’t break it!” he cried as she stressed the joint with evident glee. Spotty face rushed in from the side, Jean glared at him fiercely, grabbed his wrist and swung her arms in a wide vertical circle bowling him head over heels from her left to her right over the prone body of his companion whose arm was now held in place with her legs alone. God, I was throbbing at the sight of the topless frumpy old lady throwing these young men around like they were rag dolls.

Jean returned her attention the boy at her feet; taking her arm from between her legs she twisted it to force him onto his front. The sight of a naked woman old enough to be his grandmother dominating this big young man making him squeal as she stood over him as he knelt with one hand pressing down on his shoulder while her other hand held his arm straight was incredibly stimulating. “Oh Jean! You are amazing” I moaned lustfully.

“Argh please help me” the young man on the floor cried to his mates. He lay face down on the floor, his arm twisted behind his back pointing skyward, clamped between Jean’s pale stubby thighs with his hand bent double against her crotch. “Argh please” he wailed in pain. My dick was rock hard at the sight of a small chunky 80 something year old woman, completely naked, her stern face looking almost bored as she punished the prone boy at her feet using just her crotch. “Please!” he wailed pathetically. “Call me mistress boy or I’ll break your wrist with my pussy” Jean’s voice was so chilling and dominant, my cock was throbbing for her. I could barely believe how much a woman her age was turning me on. “Argh please mistress please!” he sobbed as a subtle shift of Jean’s hips applied more pressure to his bent wrist while her short strong legs held onto his arm like a wheel clamp. Tears rolled down his cheek as the old lady’s crotch punished him.

With her small mouth downturned, her tiny eyes underlined with bags watched hawk-like as the other two boys split up and circled either side. I could see the nervousness as they cautiously approached her. They now knew that this chunky little old woman standing before them in the nude with her large breasts was no shrinking violet. Suddenly their leader stepped in from the right swinging a large fist at her head. Jean calmly caught it with both hands. I saw the play of firm muscles in her arms as they absorbed the blow and brought his fist to a sudden halt. In a flash she whipped his arm sideways in a downward arc forcing him to turn around as she twisted it behind his back. “Argh argh” he cried forced to lean back against her shoulder as she pressed his hand right up between his shoulder blades. “Hello black belt boy. I was hoping you would give me a better workout than this. I’m so disappointed in you” she told him as his feet did a strange little dance that did nothing to relieve the pain. Thinking she was distracted, spotty face made a grab for the old crone. The look of fear on his face said it all as he found his arm entangled with hers. Using just one hand, she levered his arm over her upper arm then bent his hand sharply in another wristlock. “Ooh!” “Argh!” “Please stop!” all three young men had been completely immobilised by a little naked old lady; one lad at her feet his arm punished by her legs and crotch; one with his hand twisted high behind his back and the other with his hand bent painfully over her arm. The sight of Jean in complete control, dominating all three lads at the same time was an unbelievable turn-on.

“You little boys are no match for me” Jean said scornfully as with a twist of her hand she forced the leader to turn around to face her. “I didn’t even break into a sweat” suddenly she whipped both arms forward in a downward arc. The boys at her side cartwheeled in the air, two human figures rolling into balls as they spun before slamming with a solid thump into the carpet to join their companion.

Jean stood over the boys and looked into my eyes, her large breasts standing proudly on her broad chest making it very difficult to keep eye contact. “I see you enjoyed that, pervert. Well it’s your turn next. Get ready to service your mistress while I make these my slave” she told me, her strong confidence making my erection twitch. She removed the hand pressed against her crotch without breaking the pressure. “You’re going to have a little nap now and when you come round, I want to see some serious worship going on” she said looking down at the redheaded lad at her feet. He seemed confused but his eyes went wide and the colour drained from his face when she raised her knee high with the foot pointing towards him. “No” he moaned in terror. BAM! Jean’s foot stomped down on the side of his neck. His face screwed up in a momentary expression of pain then went slack. Jean pushed away his arm like something distasteful and it flopped limply to the floor.

“Now your turn, black belt boy” she told the young man who had just got to his feet. He looked stunned, staring in disbelief at his unconscious mate sprawled on the carpet. “I bet you’d just love to suck on these” she said, his eyes followed her hands as she cupped her breasts. I certainly would. The ample mounds dropped and wobbled erotically as she released them and stepped towards him. “Jesus!” he moaned at the sight then realised the danger. “Stay away from me you crazy old hag” he yelled quickly in alarm, his voice raised in pitch. It was funny and quite sexy to see a tall heavily built youth in obvious panic as a nude little old lady came towards him. I could only see Jean from the back, she really looked very wide and broad with large firm looking well rounded buttocks. For me, the best bits were her amazing calves. They were really very well toned with the thick slabs of muscle in amazing contrast with her slender ankles and looking powerful even though her feet were bare. The youth panicked and swung another fist towards her face. Jean easily blocked it with one arm then powered her other arm forward. WHUMP! For a second the biceps on her short thick upper arm rippled as her small fist hammered solidly into the middle of his stomach. “Mnnnn” he moaned, an expression mixing pain with surprise on his face. He seemed stunned and unable to move apart from starting to crease forward. Stern-faced and unsmiling, the old woman took his arm and pulled it over her shoulder while turning her back to him. Leaning forward quickly, she thrust her wide backside into his groin and lifted him off the ground. The much larger and heavier youth flew over her shoulder while Jean held onto his arm and slammed heavily into the carpet. WHAM!.

Placing a foot on his throat, Jean applied a wristlock making him squirm. “Arkkkk!” he croaked as she made him suffer for a few seconds. “I’m going to knock you out now. When you awake, you will worship me” the serious faced woman told him then bent his hand hard. “….!” His body arched in pain while his face turned red, his neck pinned by her foot. The brief look of relief on his face when she removed her foot was replaced by fear as she used his arm to force him to sit. Kneeling down behind him, Jean’s arm stole around from behind, pressing a sturdy forearm across his throat. Raising her other arm above her head, her palm was open with the fingers together and straight. “Hai!” she cried as her hand chopped down slashing hard at the side of his neck. The boy’s eyes shut and his face relaxed then he fell forwards onto the carpet and didn’t move.

For a second there was a stunned silence then the sound of feet running into the hall and the noise of someone frantically trying to open the front door. Jean got to her feet and with an expression of annoyance stomped out the room. “No, please, no, Eeeeek!” I heard the sound of a brief struggle and a yelp then the red headed boy came back into the room walking strangely, arching his back. I soon saw the reason why; Jean was behind him pressing his hand right up between his shoulder blades. The big bosomed old woman gave me a knowing smile that set my dick thumping. “Orrr!” the boy cried as she slammed him up against the wall then locked his arm straight out behind him using just one hand. “Come here, pervert” she beckoned with her other hand. I was so turned on by the picture of complete dominance that I went around behind her, pressed my groin against her broad backside and reached around to cup her breasts. They felt warm, floppy and heavy in my hands and I passionately kissed her neck and shoulders. “Oh Jean. You are amazing. Oh Jean, my mistress, I want to worship you so hard” I moaned totally lust crazed as this dominant old lady overpowered the young man against the wall.

“Ow ow ow!” I shrieked as my little finger was bent back and Jean used it to lead my hand from her breast and forced me to walk, cringing in pain, around to her front. “Enough of that nonsense. You can do that in a moment” she told me as released my finger and to my surprise started to unzip my trousers. A hand stole inside and took hold of my stiff manhood. Her hand might be small but it felt strong around my tentpole, which stiffened even more in her grip as she fished it out. “That’s mine. Leave it out” she warned then turned her attention back to the boy squirming in pain belly first against the wall. Leading him by the arm, Jean pulled him around backwards then stuck out a calve, tripping him while she bumped her hip against him as she threw him onto his back. Still holding his wrist, Jean lowered herself towards the floor. Stepping over his arm, she crouched to one knee. As her leg folded, it trapped the upper part of his arm in the crook of her leg while she continued to brutally bend his hand. With the young man red-faced and open-mouthed with pain, she sat up straight looking at me. The naked old lady was a picture of total dominance as she sat with calm strong confidence with the young man completely helpless beneath her.

I was so turned on, I sat behind her, pressing myself against her and once more cupping her voluminous breasts and kissing her neck and shoulders in passion while moaning stupid phrases of longing and worship. “Oh Jean. You goddess. You mistress.” and soon on. I squashed and squeezed those fun bags of extreme womanhood as the young man squealed in pain beneath us. I soon discovered that I could lift a breast to her shoulder and suck away on her nipples. I heard a scream from the boy then felt Jean take my hand. “Stand up” she ordered. I did so noticing that she was now only using her legs to maintain her brutal wrist and arm lock on the young man. She made me stand in front of her. “Ohhhhhh!” I moaned in surprise as her old wrinkled mouth opened and I felt a hot dampness surround my manhood then close around it. “Ohhhh ohhhh ohh” Jean’s moist mouth thrust back and forth plunging itself along my throbbing erection. Her tongue flickered around my engorged shaft causing me to close my eyes in ecstasy. “Argh arhhh arghh please stop please I beg you arrgh” the boy’s cries of pain were ignored as Jean sucked and licked me greedily and feverishly like she hasn’t had it for ages. “Ohhhhh!” she is so good, extremely good. I don’t stand a chance. “Nnnn nnn nnnn nnnnnarrrr” I moan as I shoot my load into her mouth coming hard under her powerful vacuum like sucking while the boy cries in pain begging for her to stop. “Oh Jean! Mistress” I moan as she withdraws my member from her mouth and closes her mouth tight.

In gross fascination I watched as Jean, still controlling the boy’s body with her legs, puts one hand on the top of his head and the other clasping his jaw. With a sudden jerk, she pulled his head back and opened his mouth. Leaning forward, I can barely watch as she opens her mouth and dumps my load right into his mouth. Oh my God, how gross! Clamping his mouth shut with her strong hand, her other hand moved to his throat. Holding his throat firmly she moves her hand up and down, massaging it until he is forced to swallow with an audible ULP. Jean’s hand then clamped tight with strong fingers pressing into the sides of his neck, the stringy tendons in her forearm standing proud. The young man’s eyelid started to flicker, and then his eyes lost the ability to focus before rolling up and his eyelids closed. Jean released the lad and he slumped to the carpet, out cold.

“Are you ready to worship me, boys?” Jean suddenly said. I turned around and saw that the other two youths had just come around, lying on the floor shaking their heads and groaning softly. Jean walked towards them, reaching their leader before he had fully risen. Grasping his head with her hands while it was level with her belly, she raised a stubby knee hammering the side of his neck with a solid thud. The lad just collapsed back to the floor and stayed there. The spotty-faced lad looked at his fallen friends with a look of sheer horror. “Get away. Get away!” he cried backing away from the nude old lady. He turned to run but the small old pit bull of a woman is upon him before he had taken a step. Almost casually, she grabbed his shirt and arm, turned her bare broad hip against his body and tossed him over her hip while holding his arm as if he were nothing more than a rag doll.

Jean was upon him as soon as he hit the floor, sitting her plump naked old body upon his stomach looking down fiercely at his frightened face. She took hold of each arm and pulled it out to the side forming a V like a wishbone. Opening her legs wide, with no shame for lack of modesty, she bent each at the knee and placed a foot against each side of his head. This formed a large diamond shape with her exposed crotch at one end and his head between her feet at the other. In between, his upper arms were wedged beneath the side of her calves, which she used to apply painful leverage. The fearsome little old lady glared down at the boy between her feet and said, “Just watch what these 86 year old calves can do”. With that she pressed her ankles against the side of his neck and the boy creased his eyes in pain. “Arghh please no” he begged. I’m agog by how thickly her calves swell forming huge thick chunks of rock solid muscle, glistening and rippling as they power her ankles against his carotid arteries cutting the blood flow from his brain. I have to get down and feel her old bulging calves beneath my hands as they punish the doomed boy. “Oh Jean, how did you get such amazing calves?” I gasped excited to feel the raw muscular power beneath my hands. “Years of walking in stiletto heels to make up for my lack of height” she replied. The boy’s closed eyelids began to flutter as her deadly hold took effect. This crazy old domme was really turning me on again and I just wanted to run my hands up to her exposed crotch but fear of her response prevented me. “Ohhhhhhh” she began to moan orgasmically as the youth’s stressed red face relaxed as he passed out between her feet and I was surprised to find myself stiffening again so soon at the dominance of this at this fierce old woman.

The realisation that this stout old woman has put all three boys out cold, made my groin stir. Jean stood up and I was about to do the same when I found her foot on the middle of my chest. I felt a surge of power and I’m flat on my back with her foot on my chest. “You are the only one awake, so worship me, pervert” she orders. “The name’s Jim” I tell her. She gave me a fierce glare. “Uh pervert’s ok” I quickly say. With that she turned her foot so that I could see the side of her calve then she slowly raised her foot onto her toes, flexing the slabs of thick old muscle. I caress it with my hands, marvelling at how big and solid it is beneath her old paper-dry skin. “Oh Jean. Mistress. Your calves are wonderful” I moaned along with other silly things to show that I was worshiping her. Her foot lowered and rose several times to pump the mighty calve. The sensation of the muscle relaxing to firm slabs then growing under my hand into jutting rock solid monsters was slowly me aroused again. The sound of soft groaning brought the calve worship to a close. “Don’t you dare put that away pervert. I will need it in a moment” she commanded.

I watched as Jean approached the leader who had managed to get to his feet. “Come on then black belt boy. Let’s see what you’ve got” she told him standing with her hands on her hips. The lad tried to punch high and kick low at the same time but Jean easily blocked both. A forearm stopped the punch and a fist hammered against the side of his knee making him screech. “Not very good are you?” she stated as she locked his arm under her armpit and made him suffer for a bit. “I could eat you for breakfast” she told him then put a palm over his face and pressed forcing him towards the floor. I could see that the young man was angry at being so easily humiliated by a naked old woman. He got up immediately and rushed her, managing to get his hands around her thick neck. “Say your prayers old Haaaaaii!” he squealed as she grasped his hands then powered a chunky knee between his legs. As he crumpled forwards, the knee shot up once more smashing him right in the face sending him sprawling.

Suddenly the red headed boy charged her from behind and got an arm around her neck. The old lady reacted instantly and bent an arm behind her head grabbing the lad around the back of his neck. I watched as her other arm slipped under his armpit then gasped as the lad was suddenly hauled forwards across her broad shoulders then sent tumbling to the floor. He tried to get up again and was level with Jean’s crotch. BAM Jean’s short dumpy leg flashed out sideways, the sole of her foot hammering the side of his neck. The boy had barely fallen back to the floor when Jean raised her leg again. BAM her foot blasted him right in the middle of his face, his head lurched back, blood flowing his nose and hit the floor. “If you get blood on my carpet, I will make you clean it with your tongue” she told him, but he wasn’t listening. He was out cold.

This provided the distraction their leader needed to rush Jean once more. Luckily Jean seemed to have eyes in the back of her head and spun before he was upon her. The tall young man and the naked little old woman coupled together, chest to chest, arms trying to gain purchase. Like a strange dance, Jean walked backwards leading him a few steps then fell backwards rapidly to the floor, her foot coming up to his groin. As her back rolled on the carpet, the leg straightened sending him flying across the length of the room.

Jean threw herself back onto her shoulders and then, without using her hands, propelled herself forwards, springing from the floor to her feet with her legs astride. The boy saw this and I saw him swallow hard realising that he was completely out of his depth. “Please no more” he begged as he got to his watching the nude old woman before him adopt a grappling stance, the lust of fighting and domination sparkling in her eyes. “Too late mister black belt” she said in a stern voice. She rushed forwards, the boy seemingly immobilised by fear. She grabbed his shirt; rolled back, lifting her foot to his groin and performed a quick-fire stomach throw that hurled him onto the sofa.

The old pit bull leapt on top and started pummelling his face with her fists. BAM BAM BAM BAM. The punches were loud and sounded very strong as her short thick arms rippled powering her fists like a steam engine, blasting his face alternately in a steady bruising rhythm. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM. How could a man take such punishment? I could see that his face was bloodied badly as she continued to rain her fists on his face. WHAP WHAP WHAP suddenly Jean landed a series of double handed chops to the side of his neck that left his head reeling with his eyes screwed tight in pain. I thought he was going to pass out but Jean had other ideas. BAM BAM BAM BAM another barrage of face busting punches from her strong arms left him bloody and dazed.

The small frumpy looking old woman with a study body and a well endowed chest and completely unclothed pulled a dazed tall well-built youth to his feet by his hair. He swayed unsteadily as she let go of him and raised her fists in front of her ample-chested compact body, a hungry look in her small grey eyes. “Time to go asleep again black belt boy” she purred. Her fist was a blur as it hammered his jaw driven by her short thick arms with a hint of strong biceps. The lad just toppled over backwards like a fallen tree and lay loose limbed on the carpet.

This display of ruthless dominance has me rock hard for this amazing old woman once more. Jean turned her steely gaze to the spotty-faced boy cowering in the corner. “Come here, boy” she ordered. “Please no” he whimpered. “I told you to come here” the fierce little old lady told him, her huge breasts swaying with its incredible long cleavage. The lad took a step forwards looking pale with fright. Jean slipped an arm around his waist while the other took his hand. She turned her side into him and slammed him over her wide hip then got down on the carpet. Sitting with her back against the side of spotty face’s chest, she hooked her right arm around the back of his neck and took hold of the top of his shirt. She then pulled the boy’s nearside arm over her waist and tucked it under her opposite armpit. Her short legs were spread wide as she applied the scarf hold, shamelessly exposing her crotch. “You’re mine now boy. You go wherever I make you” she told him bringing her face close to his. With that the short naked dumpy old woman with the fierce face began to shuffle around forcing the whimpering boy to rotate in a circle. She came to a halt and ordered me to lie next to her. I obeyed, excited by how easily she dominated these lads.

I gasped with surprise as Jean mounted me, forcing the boy to sit at her side with her arms wrapped around his neck. Her big breasts hung over me like two large dough balls. To be honest, although I was quite stiff, I hadn’t fully recovered from her amazing blowjob. However as the heat of her love box surrounded my member, I felt a strong wall of love muscles grasp my manhood on all sides and start to pulsate in a strong steady rhythm that I had no chance of resisting. “Ohhhh!” I moaned in pleasure as the all-encompassing sensation pumped me rock solid within seconds. I looked up to see that Jean was applying a sleeper hold to spotty face, her short strong looking stubby arms held on very tight as his hands clutched weakly at the strong forearm pressed tight across his throat. The woman looked so powerful as she applied the tight sleeper hold to the helpless boy. “Ohhh Jean!” I moaned as a living muscular wave pumped me to ecstasy inside the heat of her sticky furnace. The boy’s hands limply slipped from Jean’s strong forearm, his eyelids started to flicker and his eyes rolled. The sight of the old woman knocking out a young man with a sleeper hold nearly made me shoot my load but her strong love muscles clamp around my erection so tight that I gasp. It is like my dick is stuck fast in quick drying cement. She holds me like that, desperately wanting to make love to her but unable to move my member. The strong hard living mass around my dick pulses every now and then keeping me hard but unable to cum. I watch as the boy closes his eyes and Jean pushes him away, letting him flop limply to the carpet. Jean looked down at me, the wrinkles around her small firm-set mouth appearing as she smiled at me. “You do not cum before me, pervert” she said. “Ohhhh!” I moaned as the amazing old woman began to slide up and down my shaft. She rode me hard, bouncing up and down while I try to hold onto her big bouncing breasts. I couldn’t last out but as soon I thought I would cum, the powerful wall of mass muscle would clamp down until the danger point had passed while she continued to ride me. “Ohhhhhhh!” she moaned throatily thrusting deep and slowly as she came to a climax. I completely blasted my load inside her as she lost control of her love muscles.

As Jean got off me, I lay on the carpet trying to slow down my breathing, the pounding of my heart loud and fast in my ears. “What’s wrong pervert? Have I worn you out?” she chuckled nastily. “Well thank yourself lucky that there are four of you here. Believe me, I’m more than capable of killing a man in the bedroom” she told me as I closed my eyes. The noise of slapping then a yelp of pain made me alert. “On the floor and clean your mistress” Jean commanded as she twisted spotty-face’s arm behind his back forcing him to the floor. “Please no. Mistress” he sobbed as Jean knelt over him and forced his face in her pussy, wrapping a thick muscular calve around the back of his head to hold it in place. “Mmmmm” came the muffled cries of protest but Jean brought her thighs together around his head and started squeezing. “Mmmm Mmm” came the muffled shrieks of protest but then I saw a blissful expression steal over Jean’s face. “Yes that’s it slave boy, nice and deep. Lick it all out” she moaned ecstatically as she started to slide in small motions back and forth over his trapped face. Despite my recent exertions, I actually found myself getting turned on watching this old woman ride the young man’s face as he was forced to lick her. “Ohh yes that’s it. Faster, faster oh yes” she was rubbing herself faster on his face. I could still hear his muffled sobs as the old woman used him. “Ohhhhhhh” she moaned loudly rocking back and forth like a demented old crone. “Mmmm mmm” cries of muffled pain came from between her short thighs that now swelled and bulged with hard looking muscle as she reached orgasm. I knew what it was like to be between those powerful legs. They had nearly destroyed me all those years ago and they still looked very strong even now. “Ohh yes” she purred as she finished then opened her legs. The young man’s head fell back to the floor, completely crushed out by this crazy dominant old woman.

Jean’s moans of pleasure had stirred my loins again, although I still felt quite shagged out. Jean however seemed insatiable; she was slapping the other two lads looking for signs of a response. She must have found what she was looking for because suddenly she was physically hauling the leader to his feet then rolling backwards in a whip fire stomach throw that hurled him across the room. WHAM. Jean threw herself back onto her shoulders then sprung to her feet glaring at the boy. “Come on then black belt boy. Let’s finish this” she snarled. “Please no. I give up. Please. Please..mistress” he whimpered in terror cowering on the floor. Jean looked disappointed. “Oh don’t be a baby. Get up and fight” she commanded. “Please no, mistress” he begged. Jean strode across the carpet grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet then immediately did a spinning wrist throw. WHAM he spun in the air around his arm and crashed back to the floor.

With a look of excited eagerness, the naked old woman, hauled him again to his feet with her short strong arms then threw him backwards over her hip. WHAM, his body somersaulted a full 360 around her hip before crashing on his belly. Again she bodily pulled him up by his arm, turned and spun him through the air. WHAM. “No more please no more mistress” he sobbed pathetically as she lent to haul him up once more. Jean straightened up. “Very well. Get to your feet now or I’ll slam you around all afternoon” she told him sternly.

The sheer dominance and physicality of this old woman was getting me hard again. Shaking and cringing the young man did as he was told. Suddenly a short leg was hurtling towards his head. BAM the foot caught him under his jaw, whipping his head back. BAM the leg bent at the knee and shot out again blasting the foot into his stomach. The tall heavily built young man staggered back then tripped and fell on the sofa. “You. Sit at the end” she told me. I did as I was told.

To my utter shock, Jean took hold of my cock in one hand, turned around and sat down, impaling my dick right up her broad backside. Let me tell you that taking a woman anally has never appealed to me and I’ve never done it before. “Ohhhh!” suddenly I was in rapture as a ring of powerful muscle around her anus clamped hold of my dick and pulsed in a manner that gave the illusion of rotating around and around. “Ohhh! Mistress!” I moaned paralysed by pleasure. I hadn’t been very stiff when she stuffed me inside her but her stunning anal muscle control soon rectified that.

Swivelling on my rigid rod to face the young man, Jean raised her legs onto the sofa opening them wide. The young man’s bloodied face looked terrified. “Do you see that? I could please both of you at the same time, if I wanted. Three if I used my mouth. But you don’t deserve my gifts. You must show your subservience and satisfy me with your mouth” she told him pointing towards her crotch. I wouldn’t have hesitated but the lad wasn’t perverted like me, he didn’t move, he seemed petrified of putting his face anywhere that old pussy. “Ohhh!” Jean’s anus took up a gentle pulse around my solid erection as though adopting a holding position. The way this felt, she could have kept me hard like this all night. “Do you see these?” she said placing her feet on his shoulders and turning her legs outwards so that he could see her calves. The thick old slabs of muscle swelled close to his face. I could see a look of terror mixed with wonder as the calves bulged and flexed before his eyes. So close to his face they must have looked enormous. “These could kill you. Crack your skull like cracking a walnut. No problem for a pair of calves like this, I can tell you. Let me give you a little demonstration” she told him.

At those words, I saw a rush of fear on the boy’s face but it was too late. Jean had slipped those calves around his neck so that they pressed against the sides of his neck. “Ohhhh!” he cried as the huge muscle heads swelled, his neck looking fragile and tiny between them. His cries of pain between those large muscled slabs turned me on even more and made me harder than I thought possible. Just as I thought he was going to pass out, Jean opened her legs and lowered her feet to the sofa cushions. Silently she pointed to her crotch. Red-faced from the calve scissors, the boy doesn’t hesitate and dives straight in and starts licking. “Ohhh yes such a good lap dog” she moans. “Ohhh!” I moan as her anal muscles resumed the circular massaging of my dick. The bliss seems to go on forever until finally she is moaning loudly and she lets me cum. “Orrr oorrr oorrr” I cum so hard that I nearly black out.

I feel Jean uncork herself from me and I open my eyes to see the naked old woman push the boy into a sitting position then slide the sides of her calves around the sides of his neck and lock her feet together. “Hands down or I’ll break them” the fierce old bulldog of a woman told him as he raised his hands. He obeyed, his hands shaking as Jean poured on the pressure. I saw a large well muscled calve swell, forming a beautiful sensuous arc as it rested upon the top of his shoulder, the top of her shin forcing the boys jaw up painfully. His face was turning red and he had his eyes screwed tight and mouth open as Jean’s calves punished him. “Just look at him. Completely helpless between my calves. God that makes me so horny” she said. Oh my god, she was never-ending. I hoped she didn’t want me to service her because I was drained. However it was stimulating watching her punish this man between her amazing old calves and I found myself caressing her breasts from behind and kissed her shoulder and neck as she slowly put him away. Jean took my hand and placed it on her pussy. I started to rub and finger her while she toyed with the boy keeping him barely on the brink of consciousness. Finally her legs stiffened, knocking the boy out, as she let out a moan of pleasure.

Jean got up off the sofa and looked around her living room. There were three unconscious young men sprawled around the place and myself, spent from pleasuring this inexhaustible old woman. “You can make me a nice cup of tea then the four of you should be ready to service your mistress until I’m completely satisfied, and believe me I have a very large appetite” she told me with a glare that said ‘don’t even think of trying to escape because it will go bad on you’. I knew this was going to be a long exhausting day.
25th June 1876
The pilgrims shun us in fear, saying that we offended Anahita by trying to question the temple dancer [JIMP#41]. Windthorpe raged at what he called scared jungle bunnies and their ungodly temple dancers saying that temples should be a place for quiet prayer and the singing of solemn hymns. A shabby beggar offered to lead us to the temple in exchange for food and money. We agreed knowing that the cave system spread over a vast area. At my suggestion, we only took a small group of men and agreed that we would approach the temple unarmed as a gesture of goodwill.

The trek over the rocky hills was long and treacherous but we finally came to a narrow cleft that cut through the rock forcing us into single-file. The high sided canyon into which no light seemed too smooth and straight to be natural but surely could not be man-made. We emerged into a circular space with the high-topped walls surrounding us. Opposite us were steps cut into the cliff wall leading to the entrance of the temple embedded into very rock itself. Between us and the temple stood an old but fine looking slim woman dressed in an elegant red and gold sari. Behind her, women of varying ages spread out along the steps. “Leave. Men are forbidden to enter the temple” the High Priestess told us in English in a firm voice amplified by the natural acoustics. Windthorpe told her that we were British and to stand aside in the name of the Empress of India otherwise we would take what we wanted by force if need be. “Then we would be obliged to defend ourselves with force and you will die” she said with an aloof confidence. Windthorpe laughed “I only see women. I see no weapons”. The woman was not intimidated. “We need no men to defend us. As for weapons we have these” she raised her hands and stretched out one foot then the other from beneath her hem. Windthorpe dismissed her and went to push past her but the old priestess skipped nimbly to the side in a manner that belied her age and clapped her hands.

The crowd of women parted and there was a collective gasp as gliding elegantly down the steps was a fine figure of an almost naked woman. She wore the most extraordinary metal brassiere covering each breast and her unmentionable bits fore and aft with a lattice filigree of tongues of fire in silver decorated with white sparkling gems. Her arms were raised above her head as she moved sinuously towards us, dancing to the beat of drums that had begun. She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen, a sultry young woman of native heritage with finely chiselled features and her long black hair tied back into a pony tail around which were strands of finely crafted silver. The amount of flesh exposed was obscene but I could not avert my eyes. She was tall and slender with a firm toned body that shone with health. Moving on her toes like a ballerina, calves and thighs swelled and rippled with a feminine strength like a dancer. “This is the dance of the Cobra. A priestess has the body and skill to more than satisfy any man’s desire but beware; her beauty is matched by her touch, which is death. Leave now or die” the High Priestess’s voice cut through our thoughts but no man could ignore so much alluring womanly flesh. The brown skinned maiden moved sinuously like a serpent tempting Adam. She knelt before us, writhing in time with the hypnotic beat, a necklace around her neck containing a circlet enclosing an image of their buxom goddess with many arms and legs. The amount of firmly toned female skin writhing before made it hard to keep my composure and I am ashamed to say that I was highly aroused in a most unseemly manner. I felt a pang of jealously as a solider to my left stepped forward to touch the creature. Flowing fluidly, she raised one arm with her hand shaped like a serpent’s head. Like a snake it stood and swayed as sampling the air, then without warning it struck. Her hand moved barely an inch but the man collapsed clutching his belly as if in great pain.

I could not comprehend what had happened. Had he been unwell? The image of exoticness swept to her feet and danced to another man, placing her long bare arms around his neck and sliding her bare thigh between his legs. My ardour stiffens wishing I were in his place as she slides the top of her leg back and forth, the man moaning loudly in desire. Her knee twitches and he is bent double, every man wincing in sympathy at the cruel blow. The woman’s hands slash down open-palmed on the sides of his neck as chopping vegetables, chop chop. Just a tap, yet the man falls forward clutching the firmed toned exotic thighs for support. Without any sign of expression on her elegant features she chopped him with more force on his neck then kicked him away to fall senseless to the ground as if shaking off an amorous dog.

The air of danger grows but we are paralysed by lust. I am intrigued by the play of her feminine muscle in her thighs and her tight stomach as she slinks towards another man and presents her side profile to him. His eyes go wide as she emphasises her bare hip and shapely leg with her hand. A twitch of her elbow, barely touching his chest and he is curling forwards. The sexy temptress catches him and holds him up by the arm held tight with the crook of her arm close to the shoulder and pulling his hand. This seems to be causing him great discomfort. Then the woman begins to rub her hip so sinuously that many of the men are moaning with desire. Suddenly there is a loud crack and the man cries out in pain, his arm bent at an unnatural angle. “For the love of God stop her” Windthorpe ordered, coming to his senses. The indecently clothed she-devil bodily threw the man over her shoulder into a couple of approaching men. Another was swung high into the air by just one arm and sent spinning to the ground like a bowling ball. I was unable to comprehend how a mere woman could be doing this but could not look away as she kicked her leg like a dancer into another man’s chest hurling him back so hard that his body flew several feet before crashing into some of his colleagues.

“Move back you fools. Don’t let her get near you” Windthorpe cried as the woman adopted a partial crouch exposing her inner thighs in an obscene manner. The warning was ignored as the men gawped in open lust between the woman’s thighs. Her elbows flashed from side to side and two more men creased over in agony before she chops them on the neck sending them to her feet. Windthorpe frantically ordered the remaining men to fall back, his voice showing the stress of ordering a retreat of the British Army from a single near-naked unarmed woman. I was rooted to the spot as the woman’s dark eyes fell upon me. She moved towards me, arms outstretched with her hand formed like a snake’s head seeking me out, her hips swaying, my eyes drawn hypnotically to that patch at the apex of her legs. “Come on man. She’s death”. Windthorpe shook me out of my trance and pulled me at a run back down the narrow canyon. Heads hung in shame we headed back to camp with less than half of the men we had taken. Windthorpe ordered all of us to never mention this day.
Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones, personal diary

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