Auntie’s secret (JIMP#45)

Jim’s cute looking mature Indian ‘aunty’ demonstrates her secret skills

This is based upon a friend of the family who was quite cute looking, who worked at Heathrow and yes, looked hot in her Customs officer’s uniform.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2012
Circa 1975
We followed the lorry from the Temple of Anahita to Bombay airport, curious to see what the witches were up to. A crate was transferred to a cargo plane bound for Heathrow and we followed on the next passenger flight. We were met by a faith brother who got us through immigration and took us to the cargo village. “We need the right sort of pass to enter” he said. I showed him my pass and used it to slash the throat of the white pig on the security gate. “Hide him and take his place” I told him as we grabbed a handful of passes then proceeded to the Air India warehouse.

Using my ‘pass’ again to get us in, we were confronted by the cavernous interior. “Where do we begin?” my brother asked. “We could ask those loaders” my cousin suggested. “No. Too many witnesses. We continue. Find someone alone” I said. Keeping to the back of the building, we came across an Indian woman in a uniform. “Customs officer” my brother in-law said. No god-fearing woman would wear men’s clothes. A smart black jacket scandalously tailored showed off a buxom hourglass figure, worn over a crisp white blouse and black tie. Below this, a matching skirt fell to a good inch above the knee beneath which sheer black nylons clung to shapely calves. Although she wore black-heeled shoes, I reckoned her to be about 5’6″. She was certainly shapely with a medium slim figure and a cute face. It will be a shame to waste her. Her black hair was worn in a strange western style, puffed up on top of her head and behind, coming down to just above her shoulders and exposing the forehead. Her face was petite with prominent cheeks and a narrow jaw with a dimpled chin. The eyes were small, slender and brown with natural thick lashes, closely arched by thin eyebrows. Her nose was appealing, short, slim and slightly curved upwards. She also had a wide pleasing mouth glossed with lipstick. The complexion of her warm brown skin was good and clear. She was a temptation that was no doubt.

“Where is the freight from Air India 617?” I asked. “Those aren’t the right passes. You are not allowed in here. I have to ask you to leave” she had the nerve to challenge us. As she spoke in slightly accented English, I noticed she was slightly buck toothed adding to her cuteness. I took out my long knife. “This is my pass”. The woman moved towards a wall-mounted phone but my brother blocked her way leering at her openly. “You are not Muslim” I stated. “Hindu” she replied watching the knife warily. “Hindu women are sluts. They learn they the Karma Sutra as children” I said. She turned as if to flee but found herself surrounded by my faith brothers. “What is your name?” I asked. “Sushma” she replied. That meant “beautiful woman” also “First ray of Sun” in Sanskrit. “Well beautiful woman. Take me to the crates unloaded from the flight and Allah may let you live” I told her. Let her live while she showed us the way. There could be no witnesses.

The alluring creature led us through the warehouse. I kept watch from behind; ready to slit her throat if she betrayed us. The way her wide hips moved in a skirt so tight to outline her broad buttocks was a distraction. Also hard to ignore was the slit up the back of her skirt that gave glimpses of nylon as she walked and her full shapely calves. Finally we arrived at the cargo from the flight and found the crate. “Open it” I waved the knife at her. “I can’t. It has a cargo seal” she replied.

“Do it or I’ll slit your throat” I made the mistake of getting too close and realised my error as her skirt twitched. WHAM! “Ooooo!” I was howling in anguish. It was like a bomb had gone off in my groin as the point of her shoe hammered between my legs. My cousin came up behind the bitch and wrapped his strong muscular arms around her to restrain her. He is a big bear of a man and the slender uniformed woman looked so tiny in his arms. “Kill her” I rasped through the throbbing agony in my groin. “Now you die, evil bitch” my brother approached the captive woman and raised his knife to plunge it through her heart. To my surprise, the cute faced creature flung herself back against her captor and raised her knees high, pointing her feet towards my brother. The hem of her skirt fell back shamelessly revealing black stocking tops and a glimpse of dusky bare skin. WHAM! Shapely legs uncoiled like a spring blasting both heeled feet against his sternum. “Orrrrr!” he wailed as he dropped the knife and stumbled back.

Light shimmered off the sheen of her nylons as her legs swung back towards the ground. Twisting her lower body to one side, she drove a balled fist backwards into the big man’s groin. WHAM! “Aieeee!” he cried pitifully. The cute Hindu held onto his arm and bent sharply forwards. To my astonishment a man many times her size and weight somersaulted over her shoulder and landed heavily on his back at her feet. Immediately, the uniformed woman stepped on his neck, pulled his arm straight and bent his wrist. “Argh!” I couldn’t believe it; a mere woman was standing over a much bigger man making him squirm and squeal. “Who are you people? What are you after?” she demanded. The sight of such a pretty Indian woman asserting authority over a man stirred strange feelings. “Argh!” my cousin cried, he would never submit to a mere woman. “Stay where you are or I’ll break his arm” she warned me as I stepped forwards. “Break it. It will heal. Your neck won’t when I slash it” I said.

She had not noticed my cousin’s brother sneaking up on her. My brother who looked like he had recovered from the mare’s kick also saw his approach. “This is England and I’m a custom’s officer. Now answer my question” she said. At that moment the two men rushed her from either side and swung their fists. In the blink of an eye, she ducked like a nimble fox and punched out with both hands, small fists hammering between their legs. “Ooooouuuuu!” the twin howls of anguish shamed me. Quickly moving behind one of the men, the back of her skirt clung tight to the contours of her well-round rear as she raised her knee then stomped down upon the back of his knee. “Arghh!” he cried as his leg gave way. THUD! Her elbow swung around and struck him on the temple sending him sprawling to the floor. BAM! No sooner had he fallen than the minx blasted his jaw like she was kicking a football. His head whipped back hard knocking him out cold.

“Arghhhh!” I cried, my blood boiling, as I rushed the woman to cut her down. Somehow she caught my wrist with both hands and moved swiftly out of my path. Whipping my arm up into the air she swung it down in a circle. In horror, I found myself bowled over, spinning in the air like a top around my arm, which she held onto. WHAM! “Argh!” my back hit the concrete floor hard and I stared up in disbelief lying at the feet of mere woman. From this angle I could see right up her skirt and the sight stirred my loins. “Argh!” pain shot through my wrist as she bent it back and twisted my arm forcing me to turn onto my stomach. I couldn’t believe it; I was being physically controlled by an attractive slip of a woman. “Call your men off. Tell them to stay where they are” she ordered. “Argh! You don’t give me orders. Argh!” She pressed my hand into the middle of my back. “Tell them or I’ll break your arm” she commanded with such confidence that I knew that she could do it.

My brother threw his knife at her, she ducked and in that moment he grabbed her hands pulling her off me. “Got you, Arr!” he cried as she kicked his knee. As his leg jerked back, her fist shot towards his face. THUD! She punched his mouth solidly, jerking his face under the impact. I watched as her skirt rode up, revealing marvellous legs sheathed in sexy sheer black nylon, as one blasted incredibly high. BLAM! Her heeled foot hammered under his jaw like a rocket snapping his head back so fast there was an audible click. My manhood was rigid as my brain retained the sight of the jacketed woman with her leg raised straight in the air, looking so sexy in stockings and suspenders with her white knickers on view as her tight skirt rode up high. At the same time, it retained the horror of my brother hurtling backwards towards the ground with his head flung back at an unnatural angle.

“AIEEEE!” howling in my red rage I flung myself at the woman. WHAM! “Orrrrrr!” the cute minx looked over her shoulder and with a glimpse of shapely thigh sent a back kick ploughing hard against my chest stopping me in my tracks. Stunned by the impact of kick upon my breathing, I watched as my cousin and his brother attacked from either side. In disbelief I saw her calmly flow as if in a well-choreographed dance. Blocking my cousin’s punch, she quickly restrained him with an armlock, lent forward against him for balance and in a flash kicked back. Again my retina retained the image of her tight skirt rising up her thighs exposing her crotch and the sheen of stockings as her leg shot backwards lifting high. WHUMP! “Orrkkkk!!” her sole smashed against his throat and he made a horrible choking sound. The look upon his face as he clutched his throat has terrible to behold but the woman was like a tigress and pounced upon my cousin. Twisting his arm to force him to bend forwards. WHUMP! “Kkkkkarrkkk!” her knee shot up striking him across his throat. As he collapsed to his knees, the bitch spun. “Yah!” she shouted and stomped her foot in the middle of his back driving him face down against the concrete. “Haaaa!” she spun again and blasted a foot against the side of his brother’s head, shamelessly exposing her crotch and underwear again. I gasped as the strangulating man was knocked off his feet and fell unmoving to the floor.

The woman faced me in a fighting stance. “Are you going to come quietly or will I have to hurt you?” she asked. The sight of this attractive little woman in a uniform challenging me with three large burly men sprawled on the ground made my cock throb at the power she possessed. How could this be? A mere woman had destroyed my 3 faith brothers. A dread thought hit me like ice-cold water down the spine. “You belong to the Sisterhood of Anahita” it was a statement not a question and the slight widening of her eyes was all the confirmation I needed. “The Conclave never suspected your poison had spread so far” I told her. I roared and rushed towards her to finish her.

BAWHAM! A foot exploded in my face mashing my nose in a spray of blood as the power of the kick snapped my head back. She was so fast that I never saw it coming yet I thought I remembered the image of briefs clinging to a sexy crotch as her leg kicked. My anger flared as I clutched my face feeling the warm sticky blood flow. “You die for that bitch” I snarled but as I looked at her, her knee was raised high, shamelessly exposing her crotch. Despite my anger I was stirred to lust. “But I take you first” I cried. I tried to grab her. WHOOSH! Her lower leg cut through the air like a swinging club. I stepped back as the foot narrowly missed me. Seeing my chance I attack again expecting her to be off-balance. BERLAM! Out of nowhere, her foot hammers me around the side of my face with such unexpected devastating power. In a blaze of red and black, I feel myself tumbling bodily through the air. The image of stocking clad legs with sexy white briefs clinging to the contours of a sexy crotch and shapely buttocks. BAM! Hard concrete slams into the back of my head like a hammer and all goes dark.
By the time she had finished, I had a sturdy boner from visualising her younger self dressed in a smart uniform beating up these thugs with her Martial Arts skills. I had known ‘aunty’ Sushma ever since I was a young boy and had always thought of her as a medium-slim warm friendly homely woman. I had often seen her in her work uniform and thought that she looked quite alluring. The revelation that she was a deadly fighter was a complete surprise totally out of character from the image I had of her. I must explain that ‘aunty’ Sushma was not actually a relation in the English sense of the word but in the Indian sense of a friend of the family; my father originating from India although his ancestors came from Persia. Sushma lived nearby with her balding pot-bellied slow moving dim-witted husband, who she outshone with her intelligence and charisma. She was a frequent visitor to our home and was more like an aunty to me than my real ones. Indian aunties have a fearsome reputation for being overweight and domineering, however aunty Sushma seemed fairly timid, pleasantly built and shapely.

When I knocked on her door, she was surprised to see me but welcomed me warmly. Although grey peppered her black hair, which was now worn long and natural, and there were a few wrinkles, she looked much the same as I remembered although she must be in her early 70’s. She had probably put on a few pounds but it didn’t really show and was still quite attractive. She wore a red silk sari embroidered with silver flowers and golden interwoven patterns that emphasized a shapely figure. A red short-sleeved blouse with a low curving neckline showed off arms that were pleasant and firm looking. It came to just below her full bust leaving her mid-riff bare. Surprisingly this too looked very firm and not flabby like some women her age. Below the waist she wrapped the long exquisite material and draped the end diagonally from her waist across her chest to over her left shoulder.

I told her about my visit to my mother and the things that I had been told. She didn’t deny my mother’s accusation that she was a member of the Sisterhood and her tale seemed to confirm it. Sushma claimed she knew nothing about any memory block but the comments about a betrothal to a blonde girl arranged by the Sisterhood seemed to disturb her. “I shouldn’t be telling you this but I think it might be relevant”. As she sat next to me on the sofa and revealed this astonishing tale from her past, I had to suppress a strong urge to touch her, to feel this woman as she described how she had destroyed 4 thugs. I couldn’t believe it, but she was giving the hots. OK she wasn’t my real aunty, but she was like a family member to me and I had never thought of her in sexual way until now. I tried to focus on her tale.

“Who were these men?” I asked. “They worked for The Conclave. Silencers for the major faiths, whose sole aim is to eliminate anything that would weaken their power over the masses by contradicting their version of events. They are archaeological vandals, destroying ancient sites to cover up the existence of older civilisations; commit genocide to eradicate traces of tribes whose DNA or oral traditions are seen as a threat” she told me. “How do they fit in with the Sisters of the Covenant of the Holy Messiah?” I asked. “You’ve heard of them?” she asked with surprise. “Yes. They run the home where mum lives and I believe they were behind a fire at Cambridge that almost destroyed the Smthye-Jones diaries”. Concern touched her lovely brown eyes. “Leave it alone, James. Leave those diaries well alone. The Covenant must believe them destroyed or you will be in great danger. They also work for the Conclave. Women whose blind belief is so unshakable that killing innocent people to protect their faith is justified” she told me, leaning close. The intimate proximity to my mature aunty who had just revealed that she knew martial arts re-ignited my unhealthy interest and I began to appreciate how good looking she was for her age.

“I was never aware that you knew martial arts” I told her, wanting to explore this wonderful dark secret of hers. “It wasn’t something a woman admitted in those days. Especially an Indian woman” she told me. With her so close to me on the sofa, her soft femininity seemed amplified by the sari following her curves. The fact that she was much older than me didn’t matter; she was still an attractive looking woman. “So, can you still whip a man’s arse?” I asked playfully, daring to place my hand on her shoulder. The soft silky feel of her sari seemed so at odds with what I wanted her to demonstrate. “Of course” she replied with a smile. I leant closer, so close that I could almost kiss her if I dared. “Please show me” I whispered. “I don’t know”. “Please. I really want to see” I persisted. She resisted for a while but I kept needling and finally wore her down. “OK then but you promise to keep this a secret just between us?” she asked, giving into me. “I promise” I replied, eager to see my cute elderly aunty transform into some kind of action woman.

As Sushma got up, I wondered how she was going to do anything in that sari. “Watch” she replied. SWOOSH! A draping mass of red silk rose as she lifted her knee and kicked forwards. It was only a low kick, her foot no more than knee high. I wasn’t impressed and felt disappointed that maybe she had been making this up after all or maybe that she was too old. “Maybe you should change out of the sari? It will get in the way” I suggested. “No. The sari gives a woman a lot of freedom of movement. I was just warming up. I haven’t done this in a while” she replied. She leaned back slightly. SWOOSH! The skirt rose again swiftly to deliver her foot at waist height. My groin tightened as I imagined that I had been standing there with her foot hitting my balls.

To my surprise, Sushma pulled up the side of her sari and petticoat exposing a bare leg all the way to the top of her thigh. Wow she had great legs especially given her age. WOOMPH! My appreciation was broken as the leg blasted skywards to head height briefly exposing her crotch until the flowing material obscured it and the leg returned to earth. My dick stiffened as I realised that her story could be true. “Wow that was amazing!” I gasped getting to my feet. WOOMPH! Her leg blasted up so fast it was just a blur narrowly missing my face. “Believe me now, James?” she asked with a smile. “Oh yes. Wow you’re very supple for your age” I gasped in appreciation. “Can you kick like that?” “No” I admitted.

I was getting quite excited now. “Please show me more. Try kicking me” I begged. “No James. I would hurt you” she replied. “Well maybe not a kick. You said you used throws and armlocks on those men. Show me some of those” I had an uncontrollable desire to be dominated by my feminine looking aunty. “No James. I don’t want to hurt you accidentally” “Oh come on. You’re a 70 something old woman how you possible hurt me” I tried to provoke her. “You don’t mean that. Now sit down and I’ll make us a cup of tea”. I didn’t want tea; I wanted to experience her power. “Aunty please” I said reaching forward to place my hand on the top of her chest just below the shoulder. In an instant, she had removed my hand and twisted my palm inwards to face me. Now using both hands her fingers pressed inwards against the wrist joint. “Argh!” I yelped as my hand bent back at the wrist and she pressed it forcing me to sink at my knees. “I said no. James” she said sternly as she pressured the wristlock making me squirm in pain. “Argh please!” although my wrist felt like it would break at any moment, I was getting turned by how easily this elderly woman in a sari had put me under her control. “This will teach you to keep pestering me when I said no” she lectured as she made me suffer for several minutes maintaining the wristlock without mercy, making me more and more excited as she overpowered me.

Finally my wrist was released. “That was amazing. Please show me another” I said with enthusiasm. “No, James”. I put on a gruff voice and gently placed my hands around her bare slender neck. Her soft smooth skin felt good and I re-examined my auntie’s face seeing the good condition her skin was in and that she still looked quite cute. “Look darling you give me your money or I’ll waste yer” I said in my east-end gangster voice. Tutting and rolling her pretty brown eyes, she placed a hand over my wrist and the other against the back of my elbow. “Argh!” she swung my arm away from her neck towards the floor twisting it straight then locking my wrist up again while pressing against my elbow. “Argh!” I yelped as she forced me to double right over. “Really James. I thought you’d have grown out of playing silly games by now” she lectured as I studied the carpet, gritting my teeth at the joint pain. “Argh!” I yelped as she forced me to my knees. “Look how easy it is for a woman in a sari to overpower a man” she told me as she moved her hand from my elbow to my shoulder and forced my face against the carpet. I felt so incapacitated, it was stimulating my loins. Dressed like a feminine and demure Indian doll, her power over me was undeniable as she made me squirm against the carpet. I felt a bare foot slide under my mouth. “Kiss it, James” she ordered. “Argh!” I yelp as she bends back my arm until it felt like snapping. With no choice, I obey. She is wearing Indian open top slippers that leave much of the upper foot bare. “Let that be a lesson to you, James” she chuckled as she released my arm and I kneel on the floor massaging it.

A sudden movement and the sound of ruffled silk made me look up. Sushma stood with her back to me and had hitched up her sari at the back to adjust it. As she did, the hem rose over her calves drawing my immediate attention. There was a nice firm swelling at her calves with a hint of strong muscle. I like women with muscular calves and although these weren’t that well defined I imagined that they would look better in heels. “Do you like my legs?”. I looked up, embarrassed to find Sushma was looking at me over her shoulder. She had caught me looking. “Um. Yes you have nice calves” I replied. “You have turned into a strange man” she replied. It was then that my eyes slid down the long slanting slope at the front of her upper body. Ulp I had never noticed how well endowed she was. The sleeveless midriff blouse emphasised a full semi-spherical stack. I felt my face redden, as I knew that she was watching me. She chuckled and gave me a knowing smile. “Maybe you can help me practice some self-defence moves. It’s been a while and I don’t want to get rusty” she said. Those were the words that I longed to hear from a woman and I was on my feet before I knew it.

I picked up a magazine and rolled it lengthways and clutched it raising my hand as if I had a knife. “That’s it luv. I’m gonna stab yer” I snarled in my gangster voice. I stepped towards the sari-clad woman who, excitingly, had her hands raised open palmed in front of her. It was hard to believe that such a feminine creature could defend herself but as my hand swung down in a mock overhead stab it came to a juddering halt as she blocked it with one hand and added her other to my elbow. “Argh!” I yelped as she swung my arm backwards into the air forcing me to bend forwards. “No!” I cried as her silk clad knee sped towards my face. It stopped less than an inch from smashing my face. “This is how I would break your arm if you were a real attacker” I heard her say. “Hai!” “Ow!” an elbow struck firmly against my shoulder blade causing it to sink down over-tensioning my arm. I knew she really could have broken it and the thought made me hard despite the discomfort.

“Argh!” I yelped powerless to prevent her from forcing me to stand upright or have a broken arm. She stood behind me and I felt the back of my arm press against the top of her shoulder as she levered my arm backwards unbalancing me. A foot pressed firmly at the back of my knee and it gave way sending me toppling to the floor. No sooner had I hit the carpet than Sushma was by my side, lying across me and wrapping an arm over my neck and sliding it underneath. Before I realised what was happening, she had brought a knee closer to my body and laid my upper arm across the inside of her thigh. Hitching up her sari she closed her other leg like a guillotine on top of my forearm locking it in place. The feel of her smooth bare leg was tantalising. “Argh!” her other hand now free, clasped the one behind the back of my neck in a scarf hold and pulled me tight against her body. “Isn’t this cosy, James?” she said so seductively my groin lurched. Her face got very close, looking down at me as she locked me up in her hold. It was then that I became aware of the softness of her bust moulding itself against the side of my face. Let me tell you that it is very sexy being immobilised by a woman and having your face pressed against her ample bust. “You look like you are enjoying that. Here take a closer look”. “Mmmm!” she shifted position so that her bust squashed all over my nose and mouth. “As you can see, some women have natural assets to defend themselves with” I heard her say as the arm at the back of my neck held me tight as her bust smothered me. “Mmmm! Mmm!” my face was hot and stuffy, finding it difficult to breathe clearly. I started tapping her on the back with my free arm but she just laughed. “What? Do you want some more? OK then” “Mmmm! Mmm!” she kept me firm in her smothering embrace for a few more seconds, no doubt enjoying her dominance.

Her sexy mounds lifted from my face and I hungrily gulped down fresh air. But aunty was in no mood to wait. Lying on top of me, she turned to face my feet, pinning my right shoulder under her belly. Sari-clad legs quickly moved on top of my right arm, pinning it. Then I felt her grab my left arm and wrap it in the crook of her arm then lock it at the wrist. The touch of her silk clad body on top of me with the side of her bare mid-riff pressing against the side of my face was electric. “Do you like auntie’s grappling skills, James?” she asked softly. “Argh! Yes. You’re very skilful” I cried as she bent my left arm back over her forearm forcing a response. “Good. Then try and get out of this”. Holding me immobile with the armlock, she moved her belly over my face. “Mmmm” I protested against her bare stomach as she lay on top of me for a moment. I felt her move the length of material that lay across her body from her shoulder out of the way then found my face travelling up her blouse before being buried right into the centre of her cleavage. “Mmmm mmm” fleshy mounds moulded themselves to the contours of my face sealing out the air as her arms wrapped themselves beneath the back of my head. “Isn’t this sexy? James. So intimate. So personal” “Mmmm!” my hands now free found the back of her shoulders where I tapped frantically. “No, James. You lie there and take it until I decide when to release you”. My hands lay on her shoulders, enjoying the feel of the elegantly dressed woman as she asserted complete control smothering me with her bosom. My erection grew rigid as I succumbed to her superiority. “Well James. I take that as a compliment” I heard her chuckle to my embarrassment. My hands flopped to the carpet as my arms felt like lead, I no longer had the energy to move them. I was feeling faint when suddenly she released me and left me panting on the carpet.

I gasped as her foot pressed against the bulge in my trousers and gently massaged it. “I’ve not had some of that for a while” she mumbled. “Come on James. Come and play with aunty or are you afraid of a 70 year old woman kicking your arse?” she teased as I tried to re-gain my breath and reduce my galloping heartbeat. Her sexy dominance was getting me excited and that made her desirable in my eyes. I quickly got to my feet eager to play with my sexy aunty. “Try and attack me from the rear” she told me then turned her back on me. Looking at the shorter woman, I pondered how this simple length of decorated material draped over her body made her seem so delicate even though I now knew that she was capable of defending herself. That thought and the desire to see more of her skill stirred me to approach her from behind and put my arm around her neck. Her long black hair felt soft against my arm and her neck so slender that I was afraid to hold her too tightly in case I hurt her.

Her hands rose and took my hand, one at the wrist, the other working my little finger loose then bending it back. “Argh!” she used my little finger to lead my hand away from her throat. “Urnnn” her elbow drove back firmly into my stomach. One arm hooked around the side of my neck while the other grabbed the top of my arm. Holding me in this strange embrace, she lent forwards. With growing excitement I felt her buttocks press into my groin and my erection ride up her backside as my feet were lifted from the floor. Woah! In the blink of an eyelid I tumbled over her hip and my back slammed into the carpet at her feet while she held onto my arm. Scarcely giving me time to appreciate being thrown, she stepped on the junction of my chest and neck then pulled my arm straight upwards in an armbar. “Argh!” “At my feet again, James. You must enjoy it down there” she told me watching me squirm. “Let aunty show you what a 70 year old woman can do to a younger man” she said as she bent my hand at the wrist making me squeal. The look on her face as she looked down at me writhing in agony showed that she was enjoying dominating me like this. So much so that she wasn’t going to let me go in a hurry. “No please!” I squealed as she pulled my arm between her legs, her skirt giving way before it then crouched bending my arm the wrong way against her inner thigh. She gave me such a condescending look of superiority as she stood over me punishing me that I felt surges of lust even though my arm screamed in torment at the abuse she was inflicting upon it. “I’ve still got it haven’t I James?” she stated as a matter of fact. “Yes, yes” I cried.

Pulling my arm away from her legs but still maintaining the armbar, she forced me into an awkward crouch. Feeling humiliated, she forced me to hop as she turned and tucked my arm underneath her upper arm then worked the wristlock with both hands. “This is how I used to punish my son whenever he was naughty” she told me calmly as I creased my eyes and tried not to scream out in pain. “That was few and far between until I decided he needed a little reminder. My husband never suspected a thing” she told me. “Argh argh” I yelped as keeping my arm straight, she walked behind me pulling my arm straight behind me forcing me to my knees. Then she bent my hand back hard at the wrist. “Argh no more please no more” I cried in agony with tears in my eyes.

She released my hand. “Turn around and kneel before me” she ordered. Not wanting another brutal armlock, I obeyed. Her dominance was really turning me on. “Kiss my belly button” she demanded. I obeyed, noticing that her stomach was taut beneath my lips. “Now kiss my cleavage” she said, moving the sash of silk away from her chest. The top of her mid-riff blouse was cut in a very wide arc from the top of her shoulders and plunged low showing off the tops of a sensational pair of full breasts and a deep cleavage. The sight was so sexy that that I plunged right in willingly and started kissing between her breasts. “Enough” she ordered wrapping an arm around the back of my neck and grabbing my shoulder then pulling me away. “Now you understand that I am more than capable of handling a man like you” she told me.

I got to my feet, highly aroused, rock hard and wanted more. “Oh aunty Sushma!” I moaned and tried to kiss her lips. “Hai!” the side of her hand chopped the side of my neck. An explosion of red and black shot across my vision and left me dizzy. WHUMP! “Orrrr!” the bottom of her sari lifted and her shin clubbed me across my stomach. “Hai!” WHACK with incredible speed, the other side of her sari leapt up and her other shin struck me hard across the side of my chest. Stunned by the kicks I saw her hitch up her sari revealing her sensational looking legs. “Hai!” BAM! A foot rocketed skywards in a split-second hammering me under my jaw and snapping my head back into a daze. “Yah!” WHAM the top of her foot blasted around the top of my head so hard that for a moment I didn’t know where I was. Unable to think straight, I felt her grab the front of my shirt then pull me forward towards the ground. Her foot prodded into my gut followed by the sensation of falling forward then a surge of power as she straightened her leg as her back hit the floor. WHAM, I went flying head over heels across the room before my back slammed into the carpet. Oh my God, my aunty just threw me. The very thought of my elderly aunty stomach throwing me dressed in a sari had me aching hard.

“Come on, get up” she commanded. The sari woman looked so cute and appealing that I hoped for a quick fondle. No sooner had I got to my feet than she took my arm. Turning and bending forward sharply, my boner slid over her backside as she lifted me from the floor. A feeling of helplessness and uncertainty that she could support my weight as I looked down from upon high at the carpet then I was tumbling head over heels as she threw me over her shoulder. WHAM! She slammed me hard into the carpet while retaining my arm. Being thrown like this by such a femininely dressed woman kept my erection hard. “Ouch!” I yelped as she knelt by my side and bent my arm at the elbow and tried to press my hand against my forearm. “You don’t stand a chance against me, James” she told me.

To my surprise, she hitched up her skirt and straddled my head facing my feet forcing me to my side as she twisted my arm behind my back. I was enclosed in a diffuse red glow beneath her skirt, the side of my face pressed against the knickers she wore. “Ouch!” she pressured the armlock. “Turn your face. Go on, get it in there and apologise for trying to force yourself on me. Go on or I’ll break your arm” her voice came from outside the red tent. Working in the confined space, I turned my face into her crotch and started nuzzling until I worked my mouth over her pussy. I heard a gasp of surprise. “Ohh I can tell you’ve done that before, you bad boy. Ohh don’t stop”. “Mmmmm mmmmm” I moaned a low rumble into her briefs between nuzzles and mouthfuls of fabric. “Ohh yes, so good” she started making small sliding movements against my face, working herself into a frenzy. “Ohhh yes. Aunty coming. Ohhhh!” “Argh!” I cried out as she nearly broke my arm during her orgasm.

In a moment of relief she released my arching arm and her skirts rose away from my face as she stood up. Getting her excited like that had me highly aroused and I desperately wanted relief. I got up and faced her with a throbbing bulge in my trousers. I wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her passionately then make love to her but she was almost like family to me and I was sure she would punish my arm again. “Well, is there something you want, James?” she asked, meeting my gaze. She must know the effect she was having upon me. “Please aunty” I began but unable to express what I wanted to say coherently. “Please what?” “I…I” “Are you demanding sex from me?” she said heatedly. “No” I said with shame, although that was exactly what was on my mind. “It’s just you turn me on so much. Putting those sexy moves on me” I told her.

Standing before me, her medium-slim body in a red sari and firm mid-riff tantalised me. Her small narrow face looked cute mixed with smouldering sensuality as her dark lashed brown eyes bore into me framed by her luscious black peppered hair. “Aunty. Please. You’ve really got me going” I told her, my stiff manhood throbbing lustfully. I touched her shoulder and leaned in to kiss her small pert lips but she snatched my hand away angrily giving me a baleful glare. Turning around in front of me holding my arm, she pulled it straight across her chest while stretching her other arm across my shoulder. I found my arm effectively barred with the elbow pressed backwards against the side of her chest. “Argh!” I yelped as she twisted my arm, ducked underneath and whipped my hand behind my back. “Argh no please” I begged as she placed a hand on my shoulder while forcing my hand right up between my shoulder blades. “Argh please!” I cried, it felt like my was going to snap and come out of its socket. I was again completely subdued by this mature pretty Asian woman and that had me aching hard despite the discomfort.

Holding my wrist behind my back with one hand she brought her other arm around my neck and pressed the side of her forearm hard against my throat forcing my head back. I felt her hot breath against my ear. “I am fully versed in the Karma Sutra and other secret Hindu techniques, James. You could say that I’m a black belt in sex” she whispered seductively. My cock was throbbing at those words. I gasped as her wet tongue licked around my ear and the side of my neck. “Ohhhh!” I moaned as she drove my senses into overdrive. Releasing my wrist, I felt her bust pressed against it to keep it pinned. Her hand stole to the front of my trousers and started rubbing my erection. “Ohhh!” her tongue continued to flicker around my erogenous zones as she unzipped my trousers then released my bulging erection. “Ohhh!” the pleasure increased as she started stroking my erection in a steady rhythm. “You really wouldn’t stand a chance against me in the bedroom” she whispered in my ear. “Ohhh!” I moaned bucking my hips in time with her hand knowing that I wouldn’t be able to take this stimulation for long without shooting my load. “Argghkkkk!” I croaked as she moved her hand from my dick and grabbed the forearm across my throat and pulled tight. “Oh no you don’t. Not until I allow it. I’m in charge now and I can play your body like a musical instrument” her soft voice against my ear told me. “Ukkkk!” I could hardly breathe, she was choking me tightly now, my face was feeling flushed as her tongue flickered lightly around the side of my face and neck. “I could keep you going all night long. Make you so rigid with lust that you would keep going despite your body telling you to stop. I could keeping you going until your heart gave out” I heard her say above the sound of my blood pumping in my ears.

“Ohhhh” I moaned as I felt her leg wrap around my hip and her foot began rubbing my erection. “That’s it. Enjoy auntie’s Hindu massage. You won’t be able to hold out much longer” her hot breath whispered. “Ohhh” although I was feeling light headed, the stimulation of her foot and her tongue was bringing me to bursting point. Suddenly, I felt my foot swept away and I am dumped on my backside with Sushma behind me. Both of her legs bend around me and trap my shaft between her feet. “Ohhhh” I moan loudly as my brain swirls due to the lack of blood while her feet work my erection skilfully and her tongue work my ear. “Nnnnnnn nnnnn nnnnnnnahhh!” I don’t have a chance and let it go in big strong bursts. “You can clean that up when you wake up” I hear her voice over the ringing in my ears. “Ohhhhhhh” her arms lock tighter around my neck and my head starts to spin. Slowly but surely, my aunty puts me away with her slim arms.
I came around to find myself on the floor. “Here. Clean your mess” a damp cloth hits me in the face. Shamefaced I cleaned the carpet under the stern glare of my aunty then took her leave to clean myself up in the bathroom. At first I was ashamed that I had acted like a hormonally challenged boy. As I kept playing back in my mind how easily she had dominated me before knocking me out so sexily in a sleeper hold, shame was replaced with desire. Her assertion about her skills in bed fired my imagination. However, this was an old family friend and I was a grown man who should be able to control his emotions. So I tried to calm myself down and think about how I was going to look her in the eye and apologise. All of that went out of the window as I walked into her lounge and found her with her sari hitched up and tucked into her waistband. Wow she has good legs. Although she wasn’t that tall, her legs were slender and shapely.

“You took your time. Now attack me” she ordered, her words incongruous with her attractive mature face. “I better not. I don’t think that would be a good idea. Maybe I should be going” I said although the idea of playing with this woman was terribly appealing. “Why? Have I scared you off? Are you a little boy or a man? I was going so gentle on you, believe me I can be a lot rougher than that” she lambasted me. “You were getting so excited” her hand stole to the front of my trousers. I tried to stop her. “Ow!” her hand chopped the side of my neck. “I’ve not had that reaction from a man for many a long year” she said softly as she unzipped me without opposition. “Please. We shouldn’t be doing this” I pleaded. “Why not? We’re not related. Don’t you find me attractive or do you think I’m just an old crone” she pressed her body against me and brought her face close. “No. You are very attractive. Your husband..” “That fat dumb pig hasn’t satisfied me in years. I have needs, James, and you reminded me how badly I need it”. Before I could say another word, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately. My groin stirred as our mouths caressed. All reservations slipped as our tongues engaged.

Sushma broke off the passionate embrace and got down to the carpet then spread her legs to reveal that she was not wearing anything beneath. “Come and take me, James” she purred. Ohhh that was a sight that ignited my lust. “Oh please, Sushma, I want you” I moaned as I knelt and tried to move between her legs. She closed her knees against my waist stopping me. I reached out to feel her bust when she took hold of my forearm. Suddenly I found a shapely leg lying against the top of my chest with her shin across my neck while she pulled my elbow against the inside of her warm bare thigh. “Argg” she pulled on my arm while pressing on my neck forcing me sideways towards the floor. “Arrgh!” I ended up in a cross-body armbar with her shin across my neck forcing my head back against the carpet as she levered my arm over the inside of her upper thigh. “I can use my hips to lever your elbow and bend it like this”. “Argkkkk!” I squealed, my cry of pain choked off by her leg pressing against my throat. It felt like the tendons in my arm were about to rip and the bones break. “Just a small thrust of my pelvis and I can completely dislocate your arm from its joint” “Argkkk!” I cried as she lifted her crotch slightly. At the same time, I found feel her bare leg pressing against my throat choking me. “I like dominating you like this, James. It makes me feel so horny. I think you like it too” she told me. “Argkk!” “That’s it, you just lie there and feel my power and remember how I destroyed those four thugs” she told me as she held me helpless on the carpet for several long minutes. Being subdued like that was such a turn on.

Sushma used my arm to force me to face her, sliding my face slid between her bare thighs. Her lovely legs closed in around me, wrapping themselves tightly around the back of my head. I found my nose and mouth pressing against her pussy. “Mmmm!” a sudden twist of our bodes and I found myself on my back with Sushma’s calves beneath my head keeping my face firmly in her crotch. This was the most dominant position a woman could put a man in and I found it unbelievably sexy. I started licking and nuzzling immediately without being asked. “Ohhh yes, James. You know what to do” she gasped. Trapped with my face tightly scissored into her crotch, I just went crazy wanting to worship this amazingly dominant mature Indian woman. “Ohhhh ohhh you bad boy ohhhh”. As her moans of appreciation got louder and wilder, my frenzy and hard-on grew and it wasn’t long before she was sliding on my face moaning loudly as she climaxed.

I was raging hard by the time she got off my face, however I remembered my mistake the last time I had tried to touch whilst highly aroused. I got to my feet, my erection sticking out through the fly hole. The greying woman’s eyes were on it and I swear she licked her lips. “Come here, James” she demanded. “Yes, aunty” I replied cautiously. “Tell me what you think of this” she said raising her hands to her mid-riff blouse. To my surprise, the blouse came off and my jaw dropped. She continued to remove her skirt and petticoat but I was gawping at her bust. Her breasts are so big and perfect that it takes my breath away. They sit on her chest, large and perfectly rounded, the skin firm and taut with no signs of sagging. Beneath this I notice that her stomach is flat and solid looking. My dick was throbbing hard at the amazing sight. If this is what she looks like now in her 70’s, she must have been devastating when she was younger with a slimmer fitter body. I realised with a start that she was looking at me, or more accurately at my aching erection. “Do you think I look good for my age? James” she asked. “Oh yes” I moaned lustfully. “Then play with me if you dare” she told me. I stepped forwards towards then hesitated. With a coy smile, Sushma turned to the side and ran her hands over her breasts. “Ohhhhh” I moaned, lust overcoming caution; I stepped towards the hot-bodied old woman.

I was watching her hands expecting her to try and get me in another armlock. BAM! Her leg scythed high like lightning blasting a thunderbolt around the top of my head, scrambling my senses. WHUMP! “Orrrrph!” her small foot exploded in my gut and I groaned in agony as the sharp kick took my breath away. As I slumped forwards, I saw her turn sideways on to me and with a glimpse of bare crotch, her leg rocket towards me. WHAM! “Orrrrrr!” Her sole hammered against the top of my chest, the power of the kick sending me staggering backwards. BALAM! The hot-bodied old Asian kicked high, snapping my jaw back so hard that for several seconds I could barely stand.

The naked oldie held my arm and the front of my shirt, yanked me to one side then swept my foot away tossing me to the floor. No sooner had I landed than she threw herself across me, wrapping an arm around the back of my head while locking up my right arm in the crook of her elbow. Her big bare breasts battered me in the face as she did the same to my other arm. She now lay across me with each arm tucked under hers and a sensational brown breast pressed against my face. I couldn’t resist it; I took the nipple into my mouth and started sucking. “Stop it” she said angrily. Another flurry of activity demonstrated her grappling superiority and I was locked up with my own arm wrapped around my neck with Sushma leaning across my body looking down into my eyes. “I could make you knock yourself out with your own arm. Is that what you want?” she asked. “No!” I croaked, feeling my face flushing. Strangled by my own arm, I was completely helpless as Sushma’s mouth moved to the side of my face and started sucking and licking on my ear. “Ohhh!” my head swirled in dizziness as she worked her way around to the front of my face. Then my mouth was full of writhing tongue and I felt a hand stoking my erection. “Ohhh!” I moan as she soon gets me to boiling point although I felt myself swirling on the edge of faintness.

Pulling me into a sitting position against the front of the sofa, she releases my head then impales herself on my manhood and begins to ride me slowly. “Ohhh!” she is sensational, I can feel strong love muscles pulsing against my shaft, heightening the experience. I run my hands over her firm stomach then up to her perfect orbs bouncing in a strange erotic motion out of sync with her steady rhythm. It occurred to me that if my father did had an affair with her then I couldn’t blame him now that I had seen her irresistible body and experienced her skilful lovemaking. I hold onto her firm buttocks as she picks up speed and wraps her arms around my head pressing my face into her big bouncing breasts. “Ohhhhhh” she’s so good. To my astonishment she raises her feet to my shoulders so that she is humping me with her legs in a raised V. “Ohhh!” the new position is incredible and I am thrusting along in time with her. Then she leans back and opens her legs wide as she pulls me on top of her. “Ohhh!” I am so caught up in the frenzy of lust that I am pounding away like a crazed rabbit and soon shooting my load inside her as we climax together.

We uncouple and I lay a while to recover. “Wow, that was amazing” I gasped. “Come on. I’ll show you some more positions” she said. I look up at the naked woman sitting by my side, the only testament to her age being her greying hair and some lines around the face. “I need to rest a bit” I sighed my gaze falling upon her large perfectly shaped breasts, the sight stirring my groin but unable to lift it. “Nonsense. I told you I can keep a man going until his body breaks down” she told me. Squatting over my groin with her back to me, the sensational body gyrated her sexy buttocks while presenting me with the side profile of her magnificent breasts. She was so sexy, it really stoked my fire but I still couldn’t get it up. “Please give me a few more minutes rest” I said. “Not a chance. I want it and I want it now” She told me as grabbed my arm and threw her back against the carpet. Her legs came up to entangle me like a spider’s web and I found one hooked over my shoulder and the other bent across the top of my arm with the side pressing against my nose and mouth. I was stunned by the stamina of the greying woman as she manoeuvred her legs around me into a scissoring armbar with one leg wrapped beneath my shoulder and the other hooked over the opposite shoulder and pressing against my neck. Between them she maintained the armbar. The feel of her bare buttocks pressing against my groin was erotic as it was when she started kissing an erogenous zone on my wrist as she stretched my arm. “Argh please no!” I cried as slid her backside off my crotch then pulled my head down using my arm and her legs. “Argh!” I found myself getting turned on by her dominance as she continued to slide backwards until she had forced me to my stomach with my chin touching the hairs of her pussy with her legs hooked around my shoulders with my trapped arm in the middle. “Mmmm mmm” she rubbed her pussy up and down my face a few times. “I could force you to pleasure me orally again, but that would be boring. I want to show you loads of positions from the Karma Sutra” she told me before releasing me from her grip.

I had barely got out of that when she was upon me again completely overwhelming me. She pulled me on top of her body and wrapped her legs around my waist in a tight figure 4 while twisting my arm behind my back. Her legs scissored my body against her naked body, pressing our bodies together, and her face intimately close. “See James. It’s no use trying to resist me. I’m a much better fighter than you” she whispered. Her tongue began to flicker all around my face and neck as her legs held onto me like a clamp, driving me wild with desire. “Do you want me?” “Oh yes” “Do you really think you can handle a black belt in the Karma Sutra?” “Yes please”. She laughed “I don’t think so”. Still scissoring me, she sat up and licked my nipples driving me insane with desire. “Ohhh aunty please” I begged. “Too much too handle” she whispered lustfully in my ear then released me before turning her back on me and driving herself on my shaft. With her back to me, she rode me hard while I clasped her big round breasts. And so it went, again and again she dominated me with her grappling skills before driving me wild working my erogenous zones then taking me in a variety of incredible exotic positions.

Finally, I couldn’t take no more and fell back totally exhausted, wiped out by an fit Indian woman in her 70s. Even then, she wouldn’t let me be, I lay completely spent yet still inside her as her strong love muscles pump me gently. “This is the mare’s trick. I can use it to pump every last drop out of you” she whispered in my ear, emphasising the words with hard pulses inside her that drained me even though it was limp. I was so shattered, I could only lie there, close my eyes and let her drain me. Slowly a thought drifted by. “So what was in the crate?” I asked. “Hmmm?” “The crate those men tracked from India?”. “I shouldn’t tell you this but I do feel like a true aunty to you. When I’m not humping you that is” she chuckles softly.
The crate was sealed but Sushma saw a narrow slot on one face. Peering through the slot, she could make out nothing; it was pitch black in there. Fetching her pencil torch from her jacket pocket, she shone it inside. In the feeble light of the torch she gasped as she made out a figure crouched in the corner. “Hello?” she called. There was movement and she saw that it was a young white girl with long blonde hair wearing shabby clothes. “Are you alright in there? I’ll get you out in a minute”. Suddenly the girl opened her eyes and Sushma dropped the torch in shock as blood red eyes stared back at her.

“Please back away from the box, Maam” Sushma whirled at the sound of a man’s voice. Looking up she saw soldiers arriving, surrounding her with their rifles aimed at her. “I’m a customs officer” she protested. “Back away maam”. “It’s alright. She’s one of us” a mature woman’s voice said. They parted and a black robed woman walked towards her. Sushma recognised one of the Supervisors although she had never met one before. “You have done well, my sister. You may go now. Your work is done”. Sushma didn’t argue. As she walked away, she realised that she had the cargo manifest in her hands. Reading it, she frowned at the delivery details: One crate. Handle with Care. Project Gabriel c/o Lt.Philip Warpinton.
The Evil One is in her car going down the outside lane of the motorway; pedal to the metal; lights on full beam even though it was the middle of the day. She had just passed the Coventry Stargate before junction 2 North. The reminder of what that really symbolised added to her foul mood. Bloody bankers! Clarissa had told her that the private dick had discovered the PM was licking Templeforth’s arse. She wish she could have seen his face when Clarissa went around to ‘explain things’ to him. The limp; the bandaged arm and the black eye during PM’s question time weren’t nearly as satisfying. Worryingly, the poison had spread deep. Money talked and there was nothing more that politicians loved more than money. She wanted the Elite Death Squad to do a spot of pruning but so many ‘accidental’ deaths and deaths ‘through natural causes’ would draw too much attention. Not that the red eyes would get involved. As long as they held the reins, they didn’t care who ran the country.

There is a member of the ‘middle of the road’ owners club doing a steady 60 in their monstrous black Mercedes people carrier, oblivious to other road users. She beeps her horn as she gains fast. It is obvious that the arrogant creep is not going to move for anyone. Almost on his bumper, she pressed the horn and let it blare but he still wouldn’t move. She dropped back and pressed a button on the dashboard.

The smirk on the driver’s face vanished as he saw in the rear view mirror; two trails of smoke leave the car behind heading straight towards them. The car exploded in a ball of flame and the Evil one’s armoured protected car drove straight through it all unscathed.
19th August 1876
The long voyage back to England has given me plenty of time to study the strange mechanical device. I have managed to work out how it can be used to decode the wall art from the temple. The key to the device was depicted in the top right of each panel. What a revelation are they! Windthorpe encouraged me to use the device to encode my diaries to hide the shameful events but I have decided to also do this to protect my findings from unscrupulous persons who would steal my academic discovery and take the glory.

22nd October 1876
My attempt to organise a presentation of my astonishing findings at the Royal Academy have been blocked. The president told me in no uncertain terms that I was to keep all this nonsense to myself or face the shame of dismissal. I also received another rejection to the paper I tried to publish. It is though some great weight was leaning down on the learned societies to prevent the disclosure.

23rd November 1876
Another break-in. That now makes 8 in as many weeks. Windthorpe has suffered them to and we have decided to wall our houses to increase the security. Although they took my original notes in the first break-in, they keep returning to ransack the house yet take nothing. I suspect they are after my diaries and the objects we took from the temple, therefore I will have a secret chamber constructed to keep them safe. For the safety of my family, I have decided not to tell them about this until such time as I feel it safe.

Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones, personal diary

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