Birthday Surprise (JIMP#44)

Young man gets a birthday surprise from his Asian wife

I like the idea of a young Indian wife who is traditionally quiet and unassumming surprising her husband with martial arts/self defence skills. I tied this in with the idea of a man who was forced to marry and largely ignored his young wife until she surprises him

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.

(c) JIM P 2012

A man came around asking about the lady who used to live here before us. Jim Priest, he said his name was and needed to speak with her on something important. My wife, Mariam, was sure she had kept the forwarding address. She is well organised like that and soon found it and copied it down for him. As the man left and I closed the door, she turned me and told me to be in the living room in 15 minutes for my ‘birthday surprise’.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Kamal and I was born and raised in West London where my parents had emigrated from India during the 70’s. I always thought of myself as English being fully immersed in the culture and lifestyle. Then one day out of the blue my father started going on about arranging a wife for me now that I was in my twenties. I was absolutely horrified and told him that I wanted to choose my own wife. Most Indian girls over here were brash and unattractive. In fact, there was this girl that I fancied like crazy, a blue-eyed blonde with great legs and a good bust. Our eyes had met across a crowded common room and I fell in love but I could never get up the courage to speak to her. My dad told me angrily that English girls were alright for a bit of fun but we only ever married within the Asian community. If need be, I could take an English mistress but it was my duty to help our relatives come here. I thought in horror what happened to my older sister, forced to marry Uncle Farouk. An 18-year-old girl forced to marry a 40-year-old man she had never met. Although she was too scared to say so, I knew she wasn’t happy. I didn’t want that to happen to me.

My parents arranged a family holiday to India later that year and I never suspected a thing until I found myself surrounded by relatives, being pressurised into marrying a girl I that I never met before. At least she was a girl, a second cousin only a few years younger than myself. Well educated, Mariam was pleasant to look at but just not my type. The girls I fancied were usually around my height, 5’9″, and medium built. I was not overly keen on small slim girls who looked like they would break if you got too rough and that was exactly what Mariam was like. She was a shy, demure girl; barely 5′ tall with a very slender body and, disappointingly, a small chest. Luxurious jet-black hair was worn high off her forehead and tumbled down her back almost to her waist. Her face was thin and long with thick black eyebrows straight over dark brown eyes with luscious lashes that made her eyes very sultry. The nose was long and slender and her cheeks long and flat. Her mouth was bucktoothed and small with plump lips. Subtle application of make-up made her appear quite good-looking although she just didn’t take my fancy. Nevertheless we were both trapped and pressured into a marriage that neither of us wanted and that strained our relationship from the start.

Although she wasn’t loud and brash, which was a good thing, I found her to be a little too demure and subservient. Whenever there was a hint of disagreement, she would always back down and go along with my wishes. I kept telling her that in England, women were equal to men and allowed to express an opinion but she kept telling me that it was her duty to obey my wishes and make me happy. It was a mindset that was deeply engrained and frankly it made me very uncomfortable. I kept trying to explain that I wanted her to be more of a friend and share in the decision-making but this would just upset her.

After consummating our marriage (she was convinced our relatives would check her physically to make sure) sex tailed off to an occasional fumble in the dark in bed once in a while when I felt a bit frisky. Don’t get me wrong, I grew to really like her and enjoyed a good cuddle every now and then, but she just didn’t do it for me.  The truth was that I didn’t love her and she didn’t turn me on. I enjoyed her companionship and she became a close, though subservient, friend, nothing more. At first that became a point of contention. “I have failed you as a wife. I do not please you” she used to say, to which I had to try to think of something to tell her to placate her without hurting her feelings.

To be honest, I had discovered through the Internet, the strange attraction of strong dominant women who could physically overpower a man and have their way with them. This really turned me on more than anything I had found before. It was like a whole new world of experience had opened up which I had been missing out on. There was no way my frail little Mariam could dominate me. I even tried to get her to play-wrestle as foreplay on the bed but she didn’t like me being too rough and she felt so small and fragile that I was afraid of hurting her. That was a few years ago. I decided to enrol her in a local University to complete her education while I went out to work and earned us a living. She was intelligent and got on well with her studies, so well that she had worked through her Masters and was about to complete her PhD. I was hoping that the experience of mingling with other students would broaden her outlook and make her more of an equal partner in this sham of a marriage.

So it was that I entered the living room for my birthday surprise. I was expecting balloons, cake and relatives that had snuck in when I wasn’t looking. What I actually found was so completely unexpected that I could scarcely believe my eyes. Petite slender demure Mariam is standing before me wearing nothing but a short gi top that is so short that it resembles a very sexy micro mini-dress. She raised her hands, open palmed in a fight stance confronting me, trying to look tough. “Hai Yah!” she said loudly. “Birthday surprise!”. “Wow! What a surprise. You look great. Really hot” I said running my eyes up and down her body. That simple white wraparound jacket tied with a black belt made her look unbelievably powerful and dangerous. For the first time ever, she was making my dick stiff just by looking at her. “Oh Mariam. You really turn me on wearing that. Let’s go upstairs” I suggested eager to get her on the bed and give her a good seeing to. Where had she got the jacket and belt? I was hoping she had brought it rather than hired it for the day, looking forward to nights acting out my fantasies with her wearing that in the bedroom.

“I want to show you something first” she replied and walked across the room. I admired the cut of her gi jacket on her slender form and her bare legs before I realised that all of the furniture had been moved up against the wall to create a large clear space in the middle. She came to stop behind a wooden trestle supporting a couple of long inch thick wooden boards laid horizontally. “Watch” she told me then seemed to go into a meditative trance staring at the boards. She can’t be serious. I remembered punching through a single vertically held board on a team-building course. You had to focus on a point behind the board and punch through it not at it. But that was with a single board not two and she was going to try to chop it with the side of her hand. I was really turned on by the sight of that petite slender body in a very short gi top but was worried that she would hurt her hand. “Hai!” the unexpectedly loud shout from my normally quiet wife made me jump as her hand slashed down and pieces of board tumbled into the air before falling to the floor. Although I knew that this was just a trick and that the boards had been pre-cut, my cock grew hard with the illusion of power.

Before I could say anything, she turned to face a couple of boards held vertically by floor standing clamps. Her gi jacket rose as she adopted a fight pose giving me a glimpse of bare buttocks. I found that very erotic and showed that she was expecting me to take her in a hurry. Dressed like that, I certainly would. “Hai!” she made me jump again as her fist drove through the boards, breaking them each in two. My dick lurched. The trick looked so impressive, I could almost believe she’d done that for real. “Hai!” Without pausing, Mariam spun around quickly, her leg moving so fast that it was a blur as she powered it through another couple of boards clamped adjacent to the first. “Oh Mariam!” I moaned. For the first time in our marriage I really wanted her. That kick was so beautifully executed; she must have been practising for weeks.

“Hai!” she screamed louder causing my heart to leap as she crouched before a pile of three bricks raised off the floor by others. In disbelief the side of her hand sliced through the stack like a hot knife through butter. I was absolutely rigid with excitement. “Wow! That was amazing!” I gasped. How had she done that? Before I could ask her, she had stood and was spinning, blasting a back kick towards my groin. “Hai!” she cried. I jumped in fright and found her small foot stopped barely an inch from my nuts. Looking along the length of her slender leg to her compact backside, exposed as her gi jacket had ridden up, I was highly aroused by how sexy she looked. “I see you like your birthday present” she said with a knowing smile looking over her shoulder at her foot pointing towards the bulge in my trousers. It was no use denying it. “You are really turning me on badly, Mariam. Let’s do it here” I said lustfully.

“Don’t you want to see more?” she asked. “You have more boards to break?” I asked. “Well OK. It looks very real. I couldn’t see the cuts in the boards and the bricks! How did you do that”? Mariam lowered her leg and faced me in a fight stance with her legs askance and her hands raised open palmed before her. The tightness to her mouth indicated that she was annoyed. Dressed in that gi top and in that pose, she looked powerful and fierce. I actually felt a touch of nervousness. “You think that was a trick?” she said, her voice tight. “For your information, I found those CDs of stuff you downloaded from the Internet. All those images of sexy women dominating men using martial arts”. The words were like a bolt from the blue. “You’ve been snooping!” I said angry that I’d been caught out. “Invading my privacy!”. WHOOSH she stepped forward, her hands stiffly exchanging position sending a chill down my spine. Why was I suddenly frightened of her? It must be the gi top triggering some emotional response equating it with deadly fighting skills. “You wanted me to learn the computer. That’s what I did” she said. I could tell that she was angry but expected her to back down like she usually did. “I realised that was why you didn’t love me, why you never want to make love to me. I want to be a good wife and make you happy, so when I saw some posters at Uni for martial arts classes, I joined”. I was speechless, is that what she had done? Joined a class and learnt Karate? I couldn’t believe it. “For real?” I asked in stunned disbelief.

That only seemed to make her angrier. “Isn’t that what you wanted? For me to be independent and more assertive. Come on, let me show you more of your present. Attack me. Let me show you how I can defend myself” she demanded. I was surprised at how assertive she had become. This was incredible! What I always dreamed of. My little wife in a gi top wanting to role-play fighting with me. I went to make a playful grab of her tiny waist. To my surprise, before I could touch her, she grabs my left hand, pulls it against her chest and bends it back. “Hai!” Her palm speeds towards my face, slams against my jaw forcing my chin back hard. “Ow!” that hurt. Mariam glared at me. “What was that? Come on Kamal, attack me properly, not like a fairy” she demanded. “I don’t want to hurt you” I tell her, still shocked that she had actually hit me. “What did you call me?” I said as I realised what she just said. She never dared speak up like this, somehow wearing that gi top made her more confident. “Oh be a man for once in your life” she said. I was shocked. “You can’t speak to me like that” I protested at her sudden insolence. “What are you going to do about it then? Come on. Come and get me and give me a spanking for being a disobedient wife. If you’re man enough that is” she taunted. After years only knowing her being submissive this change was exciting even if she were role-playing.

I decided to join in. “Right you bitch. No wife of mine speaks to me like that and gets away with it” I told her gruffly acting like a thug, puffing myself up and preening. Without warning I lunged at her, making a grab for her head. “Hai!” WHAP! A small fist punched me right on the jaw in a short hard jab that rocks my head. Ow! She hit me! “Hai! Hai!” WHUMP WHUMP without pause, two rapid punches hammer my gut using alternate fists. “Orrr!” I gasp at the unexpected blows, shockingly solid for such a dainty woman. Caught by surprise and winded, I start to bend forward. I see her legs step towards me. “Hai!” THUD! Her small hand chops me at the base of my neck. “Ow!” I cry as it sends me to my knees. “Oh! I’m so sorry. Are you OK?” Mariam asked with concern. “Orr!” I gasped battling the contraction in my gut. “Orr! Fine fine” I gasped unable to hide the fact that she had winded me. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. My punches are too strong for you” she said. That raised my hackles, it sounded like an insult to my machismo. “No. You caught me by surprise” I gasped, riding the tightness in my chest as it began to ease. Such a delicate little thing pretending that she knew Karate because she thought that would make me happy; I didn’t want to show that her punches actually hurt.

I looked up along her short slim legs. Wearing that gi top made them seem really hot. “Your abs are weak because you don’t work out. I better not punch you. You better just watch me” she told me. Her words stung. It was like she was implying that I was a wimp who couldn’t handle my little wife. I looked up at her face and saw that she had her hands on her hips, looking down at me condescendingly. “I’m fine, you just took me by surprise that’s all” I said defensively as I got to my feet.

I couldn’t stay mad with her for long as she looked hot. That simple white gi jacket and black belt made her appear really dangerous and powerful. “God you look so hot” I told her, stroking her shoulders. “Why don’t you pretend to kick me? I’d love to see you doing that” I said. “That would really get me going. Then we could go upstairs” “What do you mean pretend!” She said, looking hurt. “I’m a black belt in Karate. I’ve worked hard to earn it and I did it to make you want me” she snapped. I jumped as her hand stole to the front of my trousers and took a good hold of the bulge there. Oh it felt so good as her hand slid slowly along my erection. “And by the feel of this I succeeded” she purred.

“Oh Mariam!” I moaned and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to kiss her passionately. “Hai! Hai!” Ow! Her hands slashed down on each side of my neck one after the other. It was like an electric shock to the system and I instinctively let go of her. “Ouch! What did you do that for?” I asked. To my surprise she raised her hands, open palmed, in a fight stance. “You don’t believe I learnt Karate. If you want to take me to bed, try and get me” she challenged. I gazed up and down her slender body getting a glimpse of the bush between her legs as the bottom of her gi jacket lifted as she held one hand high as if it would chop me hard if I got near her. She looked so petite and deadly that my dick ached for her.

I wanted her so badly that I rushed towards her. Mariam’s hands shot out and grabbed me by the shoulder. “Hai! Hai!” THUMP THUMP! The top of her shin blasted across my left arm at the elbow twice in rapid succession without lowering her foot. “Hai! Hai!” WHUMP WHUMP without stopping, her shin clubbed me across my chest in two solid quick fire blows. She was so fast; I didn’t have time to think. “Hai!” THUD her other foot hammered my right side at the waist so hard that I winced in pain. “Hai!” WHOMPH! “Borrpph!” the same foot blasted deep into my gut.

I had no time to bend forwards; her slender leg rose as a blur towards my face. “Hai!” WHACK a small bare foot smashed into the side of my face. Ouch! I was overwhelmed by the furious barrage of surprisingly hard kicks. “Hai!” GLOCK! The leggy whirlwind struck again, a leg shooting up incredibly high as she leant back, clubbing me so hard around the top of my head that I saw stars. “Hai!” WHAM! Her foot whipped around the underside of my face smashing into my cheek so hard the pain reverberated through my skull. Her kicks were really hurting and she was so fast. I staggered back in a daze afraid of being hurt.

I put out my arm to try to push her away but she deflected it and nimbly leapt forward raising her knee. “Hai!” TWACK “Ouch!” her foot stomped down at the back of my knee and my leg gave way. “Hai!” In the blink of an eye, I found myself level with her crotch. Her knee flashed up and her lower leg swung forward. BAM! Her foot blasted me so solidly under the chin that it jerked my head back hard in a brain scrambling snap that sent me sprawling. In a daze, I tried to sit up until light brown bare legs stepped between my open legs and a foot lifted from the floor. For a second the foot poised over my face and a shiver of fear went through me genuinely afraid that she was going to stomp my face. “No, please Mariam!” I cried, cowering under her foot. Her face, steely hard, changed into one of concern. “Oh I’m so sorry. My training must have kicked in and I reacted instinctively. I’m so sorry. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. We’d better stop before I really hurt you” she told me apologetically. It was starting to sink in that this wasn’t a joke. That flurry of kicks had been real and quite hard. “You really have learnt Karate, haven’t you?” I asked in awe. “Yes Kamal. Are you pleased?” she asked gently bending down to look me in the eyes. The lapels of her gi jacket fell apart giving me an eyeful of her small breasts and proving that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was completely naked under that, I realised with a start. “Oh Mariam!” I moaned sitting up and reaching towards her chest.

She quickly moved out of my reach and planted a foot firmly in my face. “Whoa boy! I’m the one with the black belt here” she told me in a stern voice, but I knew she was playing. I tried to shake off her foot but to my surprise she grabbed my nose firmly between her toes and held my face straight while she pressed her sole against my lips. “Lick it boy. Lick my dirty feet” she demanded. I couldn’t, I haven’t got a foot fetish and the thought repulsed me. I removed her foot with my hands. “Stop it Mariam. I don’t like that” I told her getting to my knees. “Hai!” her foot swung around and landed lightly on my mouth. “I give the orders here. Lick it or suffer the consequences” she ordered. I had never heard her sound so commanding and the thrill made me excited.

I brushed her foot away more forcibly. “Never!” I cried, joining in her little game. As I tried to stand, she grabbed my wrist and pulled my arm straight while giving me a chilling glare. “Hai!” her leg moved fast and kicked me firmly in the mouth. “Mmmm!” I cried in protest looking along her short straight leg, as it pressed hard while at the same time she pulled firmly on my arm. “I said kiss it” she ordered. With difficulty I struggled to move her foot, finally managing to bat it away with my free hand. “Hai!” her foot streaked skywards in a high kick that made me flinch as it narrowly past my head. Boy could she kick and so flexible. I never realised that she was as limber as this. The thought of what I could with a flexible woman in bed was rudely interrupted. “Hai!” WHAP her leg scythed around, the top of her foot slapping hard against my cheek. “Yah!” WHAP the same leg scythed back and slapped the other cheek with a sting. My cheeks were burning and I looked up to rebuke her but what I saw took the words right out of my mouth. I was confronted with the sight of a naked pussy as the gi jacket fell back as Mariam raised her knee high. “Hai!” BAM! Her lower leg swung around, blasting the foot solidly against my jaw with streaks of black, white and red peppering my vision.

I found myself on my back with Mariam’s foot pressing down on my mouth. “Kiss it I said. This is your last chance, Kamal. I mean it” she said. Reluctantly, I gave the sole of her foot a tentative kiss, shuddering as I felt hard coarse skin against my lips. “Mmm!” her foot pressed down hard bruising my lips against me teeth for a few seconds. “You’d better do better than that or I’ll break your face as easily as I broke those bricks”. The image of her smashing the bricks came to mind but with my face taking their place. In fright, I kissed the thick layer of corn, as if I needed any more proof that my wife had mastered Karate without me knowing.

Satisfied with my submission, Mariam removed her foot. “Oh Mariam. You are driving me crazy” I moaned. I stood up and faced her. “Please show me some more” I begged. I was actually too nervous to touch her; she seemed so deadly in that gi top. “I don’t think you’re man enough to handle me” she told me. I couldn’t tell if she was serious or just role-playing. Suddenly she grabbed the front of her jacket and tore it open exposing her small but well formed breasts. Wow! Her body looked better than I remembered. Her stomach looked hard and firm, maybe the result of her Karate training and her breasts looked so inviting. Wanting to feel it, I took a step forward. I stopped startled as with a swish of her jacket, she adopted a fighting stance with her hands raised open palmed. She just glared at me, looking tough. I found it incredibly sexy as well as intimidating. “Come and get me if you think you’re hard enough” she challenged. “Oh Mariam!” I rushed forwards to take her.

“Hai!” WHUMP, she leaned away and a leg rocketed out sideways in a blur, the sole of her foot slamming high on my chest. “Orr!” that hurt. “Hai!” WHAM I barely saw the leg blast out again until the top of her foot clobbered me around the side of my head sending my senses into a swirl. I genuinely felt intimidated by my own wife with these amazing kicks. “Hai!” WHOMP “Orrrrrrr!” I moaned loudly as her leg twitched and blasted a sidekick low on my abdomen. I didn’t know how to defend myself against her, she was so fast. “Hai!” her leg scythed low to the ground knocking my foot away and lifting it high sending me tumbling onto my backside. I heard a mocking chuckle. “You’re no match for the Karate queen. Crawl over here and lick my feet clean” she told me.

The painful realisation that my wife indeed knew Karate and was kicking my arse with ease had me aching for her. “Oh you are incredible” I told her, as I got to my feet, eager to feel her Karate power again. “Please, kick me hard. Let me feel how hard you can kick” I begged. For a moment, her mask dropped into something of concern. “Please Kamal, I can’t. I would really hurt you badly” she told me. “In that case. I won’t put your dirty feet anywhere near my mouth, you bitch. If you try to kick me again, I’ll break those legs of yours like matchsticks” I said gruffly getting back into role-play.

“Rarrr!” I roared leaping forward and getting my hands around her tiny throat to pretend to strangle her. “Yah!” my hands flew into the air as she struck the underside of my elbows with her hands. “Yah!” CRUMP! “Oooooooh!” I wailed as the top of her foot hammered my balls with a snap kick. “Yah!” YUMP! “Noooo!” another wail of anguish left my lips as she brutalised my aching balls with a front stomp. The pain in my nuts was so excruciating I just wanted to be left alone to suffer. No chance. The fierce slender little thing that used to be my doting wife grabbed me by the neck and slammed my back up against the wall. “Hai!” she cried loudly in my face. WHUMPH “Orrrrppppp” her hard knee ploughed deep inside my gut, flattening my insides. Orrrarrrgh! I wailed silently, too badly winded to cry aloud. Please stop, no more. BAM! A kick blasted my face towards the sky sending my head reeling. In horror I felt Mariam clamp her hands on my shoulders and I looked to see her determined face as she pulled her body close. WHAM! Oeeeeiiii! My inner voice wailed loudly as her knee hammered my groin again. In a whole world of pain, I started to slump towards my knees. “Hai!” THAP I felt the side of her hand chop the side of my neck and my legs gave away.

I lay on the floor with my head spinning, barely holding onto consciousness with my gut wracked tight and my balls throbbing in agony. “Oh my God. Kamal are you alright? I’m so sorry, are you alright?” Mariam was kneeling by my side. My head stopped spinning, the feeling of passing out or throwing up slowly receded. “Oh I’m so very sorry. My defensive reflexes just kicked in when you grabbed my throat. I’m so sorry” she apologised. The pain was easing and I became aware that her gi jacket had fallen open. I couldn’t stop gawping at her bare breasts. Previously they held little interest for me, but now with them peeping out from the top of a fighting uniform, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. “I think we’d better stop before I hurt you seriously” I heard her say. “No. You just hit me three times in the nuts. That wasn’t proper Karate that was just busting my balls” I protested. Her stomach definitely looked hard and toned, had she been working out? “Of course it was Karate. The groin is a valid target if you’re attacked” she replied, sounding a bit affronted. “Maybe you’ve been taking self-defence lessons. You’re certainly very good. I’ll give you that” I told her, feeling the need to wind her up to get my own back. “Of course I’m a black belt in Karate. Why would I tell you that if I wasn’t? Are you calling me a liar?” she said angrily. “No, of course not” I said, now regretting what I had just said. “Because I certainly kicked your pathetic arse good and proper several times in a row. I didn’t see you so much as trying to defend yourself” she launched into an angry tirade. “Maybe you’re just a pathetic loser who likes wanking off over pictures of dominant women on the Internet but can’t handle the real thing” she really tore into me. The things she said hurt because there was some truth in them. “OK, OK. Stop. I’m sorry I said that. Of course I believe you. Please, come on. It’s alright” I stood up and tried to calm her down, putting my arms around her to comfort her but she just brushed me away.

“Do you want to see Karate? Then I’ll give you some real Karate” she said, heatedly. “Um Mariam. Let’s wait until you’ve cooled down a bit” I said nervously. “Don’t you tell me what to do” she snapped. She grabbed my wrist and raised her knee sending a tremble of apprehension through me. WHAP! Her leg kicked high, exposing her crotch. The top of her foot slapped into the top of my shoulder. “Can you handle that, Mister Softy?” she sneered. “Yes of course”. She faced me. I couldn’t help staring at her exposed breasts and firm stomach. WHAP! I winced at the unexpectedly fast front kick that drove the sole of her foot hard against my shoulder. “Aw, did that hurt? Poor diddums” she teased cruelly. I was getting excited that my dreams were coming true, that my little wife knew Karate and was playing with me. “It’s fine. I can take it. Kick me harder” I said bravely. WHAM! Her limber leg blasted so fast I barely saw it move, clubbing me hard around the side of my head. “Not so cocky now are you?” she sneered as I shook the daze from my head. The thought crossed my mind that she might not be playing with me, but punishing me for not believing her. Before I could say a word, she struck again like a cobra. BAM! A glimpse of crotch and a blur as a short leg whips around at head height clubbing me around the side of the head. “Ow!” that really stung. “Too much for you? I’m only just getting warmed up, Mister Softy”

“Mariam..” She was getting too rough. Before I could tell her to stop, she grabbed both wrists and pulled my arms open while her leg rocketed through the middle. BAM! The hard sole smashed right into my mouth. I tasted blood where my teeth cut the inside of my mouth. “I don’t want to hurt you, Kamal, but you hurt me by implying that I was a liar” she told me harshly. “Please, I didn’t” I pleaded feeling intimated by her kicks. “Don’t you tell me to calm down, you wimp. Hai!” WHOMP “Urgghh!” I moaned as a front kick snapped the top of her foot hard against my ribs like a bat, a small point of bruising pain. “Hai!” WHOMP “Ohhhhh!” I groaned louder as the leg snapped back like a whip, the bottom of her shin clubbing me across the stomach at my waist. “How’s that for faking it, Kamal?” she asked angrily.

I wanted to tell her to stop but that last kick knocked the stuffing out of me. In fright, I turned my back on her to protect myself. WHAM! “Argh!” A foot stomps in the middle of my back sending me staggering across the room. “Face me like a man, you coward” she says. “Ouch!” I cry as unexpectedly she grabs my hair forcing me to turn my head towards her. I see her raising a small hand, open-palmed. “No!” I gasp expecting her to chop me on the neck. “Hai!” she yelled. WHOMP “Borrpph!” her hand swung horizontally at waist height like an axe and bit hard into my diaphragm expelling my breath. Oh God, she’s really giving me a beating. The cramp in my gut wanted my body to bend but her grip on my hair forced me to stand. “Hai!” the side of her hand slashed hard across my throat. “KKkkkkk!” I start coughing uncontrollably. I felt as though I were choking. She’s going to kill me, my little wife is going to kill me with her bare hands and I can’t stop her. I was utterly horrified that she had hit me in the throat.

Her dark sultry eyes bore into me looking sexy and dangerous, making me weak at the knees. She raised her knee and angled the foot towards me, exposing her bare crotch. My dick throbbed with sexual resonance. “Hai”!  WHUMP Orrrrr her little foot punched my stomach, which had tightened instinctively, but it still hurt. “Hai!” WHAM Orrrrr the lower leg bent back at her knee and snapped back like a club across my chest. Orrr that hurt and I found myself creasing forward slightly as Mariam spun around to my side turning her back to me. “Hai!” BAM! Her short slim leg blasted backwards up into the air with stunning dexterity. Her sole was like a jack-hammer snapping my head savagely upwards in a blinding blaze that sent me sprawling backwards.

I had barely regained my balance when I saw Mariam stepping towards me with a savage expression causing me to raise my hands before me in surrender.”Hai!” BAM! Her foot swung up quickly between my arms, rocking my sore jaw, snapping my mouth shut with a painful crunch of teeth. Without pause or mercy she grabbed my arm and whipped it around its axis forcing me to bend forwards. WHAM! The top of her thigh slammed across my stomach. “Phooorr!” my legs felt like rubber and I sank into a slouch. My sweet little wife was beating me up and I was too incapacitated to stop her. I watched in helpless horror as the little demon spun like a deadly spinning top, her bare crotch level with my eyes as her sole rushed towards me in a blur. BAM! I fell to my knees, clutching my aching face.

The ruthless fighting machine became my sweet little wife once more. “Oh I’m so sorry. Are you alright? Is your nose bleeding?” she asked with concern. “Fine. I’m fine!” I croaked through my choked throat. “It’s just my training. I’m conditioned to respond hard to incapacitate an attacker. We better stop this. This was a stupid idea. I should have realised that you wouldn’t be able to take it” she said. My machismo was hurt, in Indian society men are expected to be the strong ones and women, the weak obedient ones, although I had some aunties who no man would dare stand up to. I tried to put a brave face on it. “Of course I can take it. Just be a bit more careful when you hit me” I gasped as my throat eased. “I’m a black belt now and you’ve had no training. I can kill a man or cripple him for life. I don’t want to do that accidentally because of my trained responses” she tried to explain. “I’m sorry I hurt you” she said softly casting her eyes down. She looked so sad that I felt sorry for her. “I’m sorry Mariam” I said softly lifting her chin gently. Her eyes were like deep dark pools of molten chocolate and for a moment I swam lovingly in her devoted gaze. I ran my hands over her shoulders enjoying the feel of her gi top. “I really, really like my birthday present” I told her, getting excited again now that the pain and humiliation was receding. I kissed her lips. “Thank you, Mariam. I can’t thank you enough for doing this just to please me” “It’s what any wife would do for their husband” “No, they wouldn’t but you did and I really appreciate it”. Feeling her slim shoulders and looking at her face, it was really hard to believe that moments earlier she had been dishing out the pain. “Mariam. I want you to dominate me with your Karate”. She looked worried. “I don’t mean beat me up. Just play with me. Let me experience your power without hurting me” I said as I began to realise the potential of this gift. She seemed dubious. “I’m not asking you to hurt me. Look, give me a Karate chop. Just a tap on the neck and definitely not the throat” I said enthusiastically. “I’m not so sure, Kamal” she said. I pushed back my shoulders, puffed up my chest and put on a gruff voice. “I’m your husband and I am ordering you or I’ll put you over my knee and spank you” I told her as I got to my feet. “Yes, oh high and mighty one” she replied sarcastically.

“Come on then, woman. What are you waiting for?” I said imperiously. Mariam raised her right hand, open-palmed with her arm bent at the elbow. “Get on with it bitch or you’ll feel the back of my hand” I said getting into the role of the abusive husband. Thud, the edge of her hand came down with a gentle tap on the side of my neck. “What do you call that? That was pathetic. You couldn’t even chop your way out of a paper bag. Hit me harder” I ordered. “Kamal. Please” “Silence! Do as you’re told or I’ll send you back to India to be burned” I snarled. I felt a pang of shame as I saw the hurt in her eyes. Again she raised her hand. “Hai!” THUD her hand was a blur as it slashed down and chopped hard. Ouch! A jolt went through my neck and I felt dizzy, swaying back and forth trying not to pass out.

“You are not going to send me back there. Never. HAI!” she cried loudly and the next thing I knew, she had side kicked her foot deep into my gut. “Borrrph!” my breath exploded from my mouth driven by the power of the kick. “You’re not going to burn me like my mother. YAI!” BLAM a blur and the top of her foot blasted the side of my head scrambling my senses. “HAI!” WHUMP I watched helplessly as she spun fast and stomped back so hard into my already ruined gut that it physically lifted my feet from the floor and sent me bodily across the room. O—–! My eyes screwed tight as my diaphragm cramped so tight, I thought I was going to die.

“Is that hard enough for you, wife-burner?” I heard her shout through my world of pain. Please stop, I wanted to tell her. I was only joking, role-playing, but I can’t breathe let alone speak. “—–” She leaps upon me and to my surprise pulls me physically to my feet. “Burn this, Mister Softy” she snarls. The cramp in my chest is so tight that it is impossible for me to stand straight. I want her to stop, to plead with her, but I am completely immobilised. “HAI YAH!” she screams so loudly, I almost wet myself in fear. A rapid spin and a back kick rockets with incredible flexibility towards my face. BALAM! A mighty force smashes against my jaw whipping my head back savagely hard. With my senses scrambling, I feel my feet leave the floor before everything goes black.
Ouch! The light came back with a painful throb in my jaw. My wife’s long black hair was dangling in my face as she knelt over me. “Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. I could have killed you. I’m so sorry” she looked tearful. Ouch my jaw hurt as I tried to move it. “I was only joking, why did you get so angry?” I asked wincing as I moved my jaw. “My father and his family. He, he burnt my mother because he thought she was unfaithful but she wasn’t” her eyes welled up. I forced myself to sit and take hold off her, giving her a hug. “I’m sorry. I never knew. I would never send you back to India or hurt you” I tried to comfort her but couldn’t stop thinking about what she had just done. She had kicked me so hard that it lifted me clean off the floor and knocked me out cold! I really didn’t have a chance against her. No, I really would never send her back now that she was a karate expert. We just needed to work out how we could play without her hurting me. She is so gentle and kissing me saying she is sorry. The contact stirs my groin and I try to kiss her but she pushes me away gently but firmly. “Not yet. You have to open another present” she tells me.

She indicated her black belt. Kneeling and with hands trembling with excitement, I undid the belt then opened her jacket and gawped at her small bare breasts and firm looking stomach. Smiling she slid off jacket and stood before me completely naked. I hadn’t seen her like this for a while and her body looked fit, firm and toned. My mouth fell open in surprise as she raised an arm and slowly flexed. That was the last thing I ever expected her to do. From her slender arm, a small bicep thickened and swelled like a small hill. OK, it wasn’t massive or very muscular but it was real and looked strong. Her eyes burned into me and there was a knowing smile upon her lips as I gawped at her. “I’ve been working out to keep fit for Karate. Do you like the results?” she purred as she straightened her arm then flexed it again. “Oh yes. Please can I feel it” I moaned getting really turned on my wife’s body. I was actually asking my own wife permission to touch her, her Karate skills made me wary of her. “Of course you can” she laughed “It’s your birthday. Go ahead, feel how hard and strong my body is”. With that she flexed both arms and I fell upon them, greedily running my hands over the contours of her small but very firm biceps. “Oh wow! Mariam. This is the best birthday present ever” I moaned getting turned on by the feel of her firm lithe body. I kissed her while feeling her biceps then moved my hands down the front of her shoulders to her small breasts. They also felt very firm and I couldn’t resist licking her erect nipples. “You have such a hot body” I moaned as I moved my hands to her very firm toned stomach. It moved beneath my fingers becoming tauter as she tensed her middle. “Wow!” I gasped as I traced firm abdominal muscles just visible beneath the skin. “Go on punch it. It’s alright you’re not strong enough to hurt me” she told me. I was reluctant but the slight stung so I hit her gently at first then harder and harder. My fist smacked repeatedly against very hard, taut skin with a solid mass behind them.

“I want you so much” I moaned and tried to kiss her. WHAP WHAP her hands chop me either side of the neck then while I was dazed pushed me back against the floor. I found my arms pressed to the floor either side of my head and my legs pulled apart beneath the naked fit body of my wife as she put me in a grapevine. Her tongue began to lick me hungrily around my neck and the side of my face driving me wild with desire. “I’m stronger and fitter than you, and a much better fighter. Look how easily I’m dominating you” She whispered sexily in my ear, her hot breath adding to the overload of erotic sensation. The truth was I didn’t want to resist her and was happy to be pinned like this under her, but I knew that she was certainly stronger than she used to be. “Oh Mariam. Please, I want you. I love you” I moaned. She chuckled as she licked around my ear leaving me with an aching boner. “You liar. You never wanted this arranged marriage. You just want my body” she whispered. “There is something I’ve seen in your naughty CD collection that I can’t get out of my mind and now I’ve got you where I want you, I’m aching to try it out on you”.

To my surprise she released my arms and legs, turned around on my chest and planted her small compact backside right on my face. Mmmmm! My nose was plunged right up between her cheeks, which loomed above my eyes. Mmmmm! I had seen pictures of women face sitting men, thinking it the sexiest thing on Earth but never expected to be underneath my wife like this. Mmmmm! I felt Mariam lean forward and unzip my jeans and scoop out my erection. Mmmmm mmmmm! I moaned in pleasure into her buttocks as her warm wet mouth engulfed me, licking me raging hard. Mmmm! I was in bliss, she had never given me a blowjob before and I hoped she was going to suck me off completely. Instead she almost got me to bursting point before she turned around and mounted me then started to ride. “Ohhhh ohhh” this was incredible. She had never gone on top before yet now was riding me like a bucking bronco. “Ohhhh ohhhhh” I was so worked up that I couldn’t take much of this treatment. “Nnnnnnnah nnnnah nnnah” I shot my load inside her in big strong bursts triggering her own orgasm, shocked by how loud such a little demure woman could be.

I lay back in contentment as she sat on top of me, still impaled, her love contractions pulsing sexily around my flaccid manhood. Finally she got off. “Get up Kamal. I’ve got one more birthday present for you” she told me. “Nothing can beat the ones you’ve just given me” I sighed. “Oh I think you’ll like this one” she said with a smile. We got up and I watched as she put her gi jacket back on, but tied it loosely so I could still her small breasts and firm stomach.

“Don’t you want to take me in your arms and kiss me?” she asked coyly. “No. You’ll chop me or knee me in the balls” I replied. “No I won’t, I promise” she said with a sly smile. What was she up to now? Cautiously I opened my arms to embrace her, pleased to see her body move between them, sliding her arms around my neck. Her eyes never left mine, dark and sultry and full of promise. The feel of her slender body in the gi top felt good. Her face came close and she whispered seductively “Get ready for your present”. She twisted in my arms and I felt her hip slide across my groin. Suddenly her hip thrust against my groin and she pulled me off balance and I found myself falling over her hip.

“You tripped me” I complained as I lay on the floor. “No. That was Judo” she replied. My dick began to stiffen at those words but I didn’t believe her. “Rubbish. You tripped me” I repeated. Mariam didn’t say a word but beckoned to me to stand. I did so, part of me hoping that she really did know Judo but scarcely believing that she learnt this as well as Karate. She approached me smiling seductively and looking very slinky. Taking my arm gently, she turned around slowly and closed my arm around the top of her chest. She pulled me close against her back, it felt very good to hold a woman wearing a gi top so close. So good, that my dick was stiff with anticipation as she slid an arm around the back of my neck. Suddenly she thrust her backside into my groin. In amazement I felt myself pulled onto her back and my feet left the ground as she leant forwards. It felt so sexy being lifted with my wife’s sexy backside pressed against my throbbing erection, but the moment didn’t last. SLAM I tumbled over her shoulders and fell to the floor while Mariam held onto my arm.

Any doubts that she had just thrown me were dismissed when she planted herself by my side, draped her legs across my throat and upper chest and pulled my arm between them in a cross armbar. “Arghhh!” my arm was bent back while the crook of her leg pressed down upon my throat. “Is this Judo?” she asked. “Arghh! Yes, yes” I cried as my elbow and shoulder protested under the strain. I tried to twist away but the pain made me squeal. “Don’t struggle, Kamal. You’ll break your own arm” she told me. “Argh!” the tension in my arm increased as she pulled on my wrist. “Do you believe I know Judo?” she asked. I must have hesitated too long for she raised her crotch against my elbow. “Arggh! Mariam please no!” I cried with tears in my ears as pain shot up my arm from my elbow. “Answer me or I’ll break your arm in three places” she demanded. “Arghh! Yes, yes I believe. Please stop” I cried. “Oh you big baby. Isn’t this what you always wanted? Come on take it like a man” she said cruelly. I felt her bend back the leg that had been across my chest and tuck it against my arm pit. “Arghh! Please, please Mariam, please!” I begged as she lifted her crotch and began grinding her crotch against my arm. “Argh! Please. You’re going to break it” I cried. “Ohhh this feels good. Ohhhh ohhh!” she moaned ecstatically as she worked herself off against my arm. “Arghh please” I pleaded in tears. Her grinding hips were jarring my overstretched arm painfully and it felt like it would snap at the elbow. “Ohhh! Ohhhh!” she moaned ignoring my pain. I was completely helpless as my wife brought herself off while at any moment I expected to hear the snap of my arm. Closing my tear-filled eyes and gritting my teeth, I tried to hold on as Mariam reached her climax then sank back, releasing my arm. “Ouch!” I massaged my arm vigorously, surprised that nothing was broken.

“Are you OK?” recovered from her exertions, Mariam sat and asked. “I thought you were going to break it. That really hurt” I told her sharply. She kissed me gently which took away the edge. “Did you learn that at your Karate class?” I asked. “Sort of. They sometimes bring someone in to show us a bit of some other discipline and when we did a bit of Judo, I realised how much more fun it would be to throw you around and put you in all sorts of intimate sexy holds tight against my body. So I enrolled” she told me. “So you’re also a Judo expert?” I asked as my dick rose at the implication. She kissed me again. “Let me show you, birthday boy” she said, getting to her feet. I couldn’t believe this!, she had learnt two martial arts in secret just to please me!

I eagerly got to my feet in nervous excitement at what she was going to do next. No sooner had I risen than she grabbed me by the top of my arms and faced me. Woah! I felt her lower leg sweep against mine, lifting it off the floor. At the same time she tilted me causing me to loose balance. There was a strange sensation of falling in a controlled manner with my right arm tucked beneath her elbow. WHAM! My back hit the floor. With my arm still tucked away, the young slender Indian woman that I had been forced to marry, in a loose gi jacket put one knee on the side of my stomach and placed her other hand at the top of my arm. Clasping her wrist, I felt the top of her forearm press under my elbow like a bar forcing my arm straight. “Argh!” I cried as her forearm pushed against my elbow. “Look at you, writhing in agony” “Argh!” I cried as she worked the armlock. “I maybe a lot smaller and lighter than you but I know loads of ways to snap your limbs like they were twigs” “Argh!” “That’s it, Kamal. Feel the power of your wife to make you do whatever she wants. Beg, Kamal. Come on, let me hear your beg” “Argh! Please Mariam, stop, please” I begged. Strangely enough, despite the bone grinding pain, being rendered helpless by my petite wife had given me an aching boner. Nevertheless I felt relief when she released my arm and stood up.

Phew! I lay on the floor massaging my arm and trying to catch my breath. A shadow fell upon me and I looked up to see Mariam standing behind my head. I could see all the way up along her slender short legs to her crotch and her unshaven pussy. “Get up” she ordered and I found myself instantly obeying. “No more armlocks please, Mariam” I told her as she stepped towards me. Grabbing the front of my T-shirt, she pulled me close so that our noses were almost touching. “Brace yourself” she murmured in a low seductive voice, her lips moving so seductively that I wanted to kiss them. Without letting go of my T-shirt she shoved me away then pulled me back me quickly. I saw her lean back and felt a foot in my gut then I was falling forwards. Mariam’s back hit the floor and I rolled over with her beneath me supported only by one slender leg. The leg straightened and my momentum sent me hurtling forwards head over heels. WHAM! Senses reeled, my back hit the floor.

I lay on the floor, my mind getting to grips with what had just happened. Wow that was amazing. I always enjoyed images and videos of women stomach throwing men and now I had experienced the real thing from my own wife. My thoughts were interrupted by Mariam sitting behind me and roughly forcing me to sit up before her. “Now I’m going to show you my power to put you away” she said. The chilling words made me panic but before I could do anything, her sleeved arm came over my shoulder and the forearm closed like a bar across my throat. “Arrk!” I sensed her grab her wrist with her other hand and pull her forearm tight. My neck was pinched in a very tight space between the lower part of her upper arm and forearm. I couldn’t believe it, she had me in a sleeper hold! “It’s no use struggling, Kamal. You can’t do anything about it. I’m too skilled for you to handle”. The sight of a woman knocking out a man in a sleeper hold was one that really got me going but I didn’t like it now that I was on the receiving end. I had a real fear of losing parts of my life or suffering permanent damage or even being killed if she didn’t know what she was doing. Already I could feel the circulation being cut off from my head and I began to struggle. I clutched at the arm around my neck and found it incredibly tight, clinging to my neck like a creeper. “Give it up, Kamal. Just lie back and take it” she sounded triumphant as she zapped the life force from my brain with her slim arms.

Arghhh, No, I don’t want to be knocked out. I tried to reach over my head to grab her luscious long black hair but she just moved her head out of reach while still maintaining the energy draining hold. Orrrr how could a tiny thing like her exert such dominant power over me. The thought made my dick throb. My arms slipped to my side, requiring too much effort to keep up. “That’s it, give up. You know you don’t stand a chance”. My eyelids felt so heavy, I could barely keep them open as a warm fug blanketed my mind. “That’s it baby. Soon be asleep”. Orrrr my neck was wedged tight in the V of her arm and I felt her forearm clamped vertically on the side of my head as she pressed down with her other hand. I felt so weak, so woozy. “Of course there might be some brain damage. Well you haven’t got much to damage so I wouldn’t worry about that, I certainly won’t”.

I felt myself tip over backwards and became aware that she had pulled me down onto the floor on top of her with my head clamped in her strong slim arms at chest height. A leg moved against my hip and I felt a foot gently rub my genitals. “Oh you really like this. Look how hard you are”. Ohh I could no longer open my eyes, I felt so hot and stuffy. I was succumbing to my wife’s deadly hold, her dominance over me complete. A massive boner grew uncontrollably out of the fly-hole in my trousers worked harder by her foot. Not that it needed that, I was completely turned on by being put away by my docile little Indian wife, not that she was docile anymore. Arghhhh her superiority was too much to handle and I slipped away into warm dark waters.
Orrrr, I came around to find Mariam sitting high on my chest, completely naked. Her long black hair framed her small long face and her eyes with the naturally thick seductive eyelashes bore into me warming my groin. “So you’re not dead then?” her small thin lipped mouth said, lightly glossed with red lipstick. It all came back to me, she had surprised me by demonstrating that she had not just learnt Karate with which she had kicked my arse but also Judo, which she had just used to knock me out. The memory of how easily she dominated me stirred my lust. “Did you enjoy my birthday present to you?” she asked. “Oh yes” I replied. “Good. Then show your appreciation” she told me. Looking up at her fit naked body was really stirring my lust. “Thank you, Mariam, for such a wonderful birthday present” I said. “No silly. Do it like those pictures in your dirty CDs” she said. Before I could ask her which pictures she meant, my wife’s beautiful fit body slid onto my face.

“Mmmm!” I was surprised to find my face buried in my wife’s privates and it was making me hard. I had always wanted a beautiful woman to sit on my face and now it was coming true. “Mmmm!” I protested as she grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled my face tight against her. “Come on, start licking. Show your appreciation or I’ll kick you black and blue” I heard her say. I obeyed, not out of fear but because I wanted to. “Ummm ohhh Kamal. So good!” she moaned. I had never done anything like this before and I soon found that the more I licked, the louder her moans of appreciation were and that in turn turned me on more and more. “Ohh ohh!” the images of how she had completely dominated me with martial arts skills that she had learnt for my benefit ran through my mind. I really wanted to worship the amazing woman that she had become. I wanted to give her the biggest orgasm she’d ever had. She began to moan louder and started rubbing herself on my face. “Ohhhhh!” she came hard, rubbing herself frantically on my face until her ecstasy subsided. My dick was absolutely rigid and throbbing as she got off my face and knelt by my side.

“Oh Mariam” I tried to take her in my arms, desperate to make love to her. “Argh!” I squealed as she grabbed an arm and twisted it, applying pressure at the elbow while pulling on my wrist. “You will not take me whenever you wish” she said firmly, bending my arm vertically upright forcing me to kneel with my face pressed against the floor. “Argh please Miriam, no more!” I begged as she forced me onto my side and crouched over my head so that I was staring straight at her exposed pussy. “Arhh!” I cried as she worked the armlock till I thought the bones in my arm would break. “Please no more. Please I’m sorry!” I cried. Before I knew it, I was on my back with my naked wife on top sliding back to capture me in a reverse headscissors while still applying an armlock. “Ohhh!” I gasped as her short slim legs tightened around my neck while looking at her small naked buttocks. “Oh you like that don’t you?” she asked. She was right, I had always fantasised about being scissored like this and once again my wife had made my dreams come true.

“Orrr orrr!” I gasped as Mariam squeezed and relaxed her legs over and over again. They weren’t that strong but she seemed to know how to apply them for maximum impact, crushing tightly around my neck then easing off. I ran my hands appreciatively along the back of her bare legs and over her tight buttocks. “Orrr!” she could squeeze tight but not so discomforting that I found myself really enjoying my situation. “Ohhh!” I moaned as I felt her hand around my erection. “Yes, this will do nicely” I heard her say then opened her legs and sprung forwards to crouch over my crotch, with her back to me. “Ohhhh!” she impaled herself on my mast pole and began to ride me vigorously. I was soon shooting my load inside her as she came.

We lay on the carpet in each other’s arms for a while in post-coital bliss. “Come on Kamal. There’s plenty of time to sleep later. Let’s make this a birthday present you will remember” she told me with growing excitement. “There’s plenty of other moves, I want to show you and I want more of your appreciation”. Wow, I had never seen her like this before. She seemed so invigorated and much more physical than she ever was before. A passing thought reminded me of the saying about being careful of what you wish for and that perhaps she was now too much for me to handle. I knew one thing for sure, and that was that this was certainly the present that would keep on giving.
14th July 1876
I am sure the strange mechanical device facilitates understanding of the writing that I had copied down from the walls of the temple, but I could not fathom how. So engrossed with this problem, I barely noticed the cleaning woman as she entered. She was a skinny grey-haired wrinkly old wretch who wore a shabby sari so dirty and washed out that it was almost grey. I looked away in disgust as she tucked her filthy sari between her legs as if to form a pair of bloomers then squatted by her bucket of water with her legs wide like a dog in heat with no sense of shame. As she began to scrub the tiled floor, I tried to ignore her and focus on the problem at hand.

A sudden movement out the corner of my eye made me look up. My eyes were affronted by the sight of the scrawny wretch’s crotch as she stood next to me kicking one leg incredibly high into the air like an executioner raising an axe over my head with a look of aggression. Such was my surprise that I let out a cry of alarm and unbalanced in my chair, falling backwards just as her foot swept down to where my head had been a heartbeat before. The wrinkly old crone came towards me, a hand raised before her held open-palmed like an axe. “What do you?” I cried picking up the chair and holding it between us like a shield. The crone gave a bone-chilling shout and slashed at the chair with the side of her hand. In horror, the chair exploded into hundreds of fragments.

Realising that this skinny wretch mean to kill me, I tried to call out for help but she silenced me. Twisting rapidly to her side, she stomped me hard in the stomach knocking the wind out of my sails. So debilitated was I that I could only watch in horrified fascination as the old woman raised her knee to waist height at her side then snapped out a kick out so fast that I barely saw her foot move. The top of her shin hit me across my chest with such force that I felt several of my ribs crack. Like lightning, the wrinkled devil woman’s leg scissored high clubbing me around my head. Although her legs were skinny, it was like being kicked by a mule and I was sent sprawling to the floor with my head spinning.

I watched in horror as the spindly old woman stood over me and raised her leg so high into the air that the top of her thigh pressed against her flat stomach. I knew that leg was going to drop like a guillotine and kill me. Holding her leg suspended skywards, she smiled a horrible gap toothed mask of death. I caught sight of the necklace around her neck and recognised it as Anahita. Suddenly there was a loud shot that startled the woman allowing me to scamper out of the way. Windthorpe had entered the room with Sergeant Wilkins and discharged his pistol as a warning shot. Before he could get off, she was upon them. Grabbing Wilkins by the head, she pulled it sharply down while raising her bony knee brutally into his face. There was solid crack then Wilkins fell back bleeding profusely.

Windthorpe went to grab the woman but in amazement I watched as the skinny wretch wrapped her arms around his waist and lift the big burly man bodily off the ground. With incredible strength, she pressed his body high above her head, the sleeves on her short undershirt falling back to reveal stringy wiry arms with a network of veins covering surprisingly sturdy looking forearms. Wilkins was getting to his feet but the wretch bodily threw Windthorpe at him then made her escape.

We spoke long into the night, eventually agreeing that in the interests of safety, we would return immediately with the hoard to England.
Lord Gerald Symthe-Jones, personal diary

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