The Nutcracker and The Tramp (JIMP#46)

Teen ballbuster takes on dirty old men in the park & proves handy with her fists

Had the wild whim of doing another story with Kim Shrubb. Kim was a real girl that I knew. She was petite, cute looking with a huge pair of breasts. Most times she acted tough and sassy and yes she really did enjoy busting boy’s balls! The bit about upper class men hanging around the gates of Catholic schools to pick up the most attractive girls is probably an urban myth but we believed it!

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive or fictional is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2012
West London, many years ago
I watched from my bench as the dark curly haired boy walked across the park down the path towards us. “Wild-eye, ain’t that the Priest boy Scott wanted you to knock off” Stinky Tom turned to me and said. I ran my fingers over the blade in my pocket then gobbed on the ground. “Why should I do anything for that snotty creep?” I spat. “He said there be some fags in it for us” Tom said. “From that tight creep? He takes our fags alright but never gives us any” I replied. The boy eyed us nervously as he passed our bench. Oh well what the hell, another one wouldn’t make any difference. I started to get up to slash the boy’s throat from behind but Stinky caught my arm. Glaring at him, he nodded to the side. I looked in the direction he indicated then I saw him. A man was trying to follow the boy discreetly. A jarhead, his type instantly recognisable from the ramrod straight posture and the crew cut. I sat back clutching my bottle and watched him go by.

“Phroar, baggies first go” Tom suddenly said. “What?” I followed his gaze and saw a pretty young schoolgirl in a short grey pleated skirt approaching. She was about 4’6″, blonde with a nice slim body with a heaving stack under her white blouse over which she wore a school tie. “Nice but I don’t touch jailbait no more” I spat. “No, it’s that minx who broke Scott’s balls and put him in hospital. She’s legal, must be 18 at least” Tom said. I studied her more closely. Yes, Tom was right. Her impish face, short height and the way she deliberately dressed made her seem younger than she actually was but that body was definitely ripe for the taking. With such a small slim figure, her boobs looked enormous as they bounced around like she had a couple of ferrets under her blouse. The sun shone off sheer black nylons covering slim shapely legs shown off to advantage by shiny black high-heeled shoes. “Phroar!” I agreed with Tom’s initial assessment. Even from a distance the provocative way her boobs moved was stirring my dick.

“What’s her name? Kim something” I asked Tom. “Shrubb. Kim Shrubb. Scottie says she’s a right scrubber”. Yes, I could see the wide saucy smile on her elfin face. She was no cherub. I stood up, turned my back on the approaching girl and stuffed newspaper down the front of my trousers. “Watcha doing?” Tom asked. “Protection. She ain’t breaking my balls like she did Scottie” I replied. “Scott’s a wimp” he said but after a moment’s hesitation, he too leapt up and started doing the same. I turned back and saw that she was a lot closer now. “Phoar indeed!” The more I looked at the wild lurching at the front of her blouse and her short skirt, the more I liked. I tore my gaze from her bouncing boobs to take a good look at her face. Although it was small, it was quite square with a wide deep chin beneath a wide straight mouth. Her nose was short and broad but this didn’t detract from her cute but saucy appearance. Small grey eyes under very slim eyebrows returned my gaze and that straight crack between her lips grew wider in a knowing smirk. Yes the little minx knew the effect she had on men and she was smirking at me as if to say, “I’m young and hot with a body that drives a dirty old tramp like you crazy but you ain’t getting any”. Sandy blonde hair worn in a shoulder length bob framed her impish face with a fringe just over her eyebrows. Yes she was pretty but in a way that you knew she was a mischievous little vixen who liked to get down and dirty. Well she was going to down and dirty with me whether she liked it or not.

I blocked her way and she came to a halt still with that saucy smirk on her lips. “Well darling. You certainly give an old man a bone” I told her. “Really, how about this then?” she said then placed one foot forward. Despite being petite, the high heels made her calf seem long and very shapely. Slowly the pleats began to rise. A slender expanse of sheer black nylon grew until I gasped at the sight of thick black bands about mid-thigh. Stocking tops! she was wearing stockings!. With my eyes glued to her thighs, the hem continued to rise. My cock stiffened as the dense black triangles of stocking tops gave way to black suspender straps running over creamy flesh at the top of her thighs. “Corr!” Stinky and me groaned as one at the glorious sight. She was definitely no innocent little schoolgirl. “Like that do you?” she said moving her legs one at time from side to side to show them off. “Does it turn you on? Do you like little girls?” she teased. “You might be little but you’re no girl. You’re all woman and you’re going get all man inside you” I told her.

The hem of her skirt dropped back covering those sexy pins. “Tough. I don’t do smelly old tramps” she said chirpily. “Why you little tease!” I snapped. “You’re just a smelly old man with a hard on. You’ll just have to wank one off then won’t’cha” she taunted. “Why you!” I shouted and stepped forwards to grab her. WHAP! A stocking clad knee blasted up between my legs with surprising force but luckily the layers of newspaper cushioned the blow causing only minor discomfort. The saucy girl looked confused as she drove her knee into my groin again. WHAP! I could feel the strength of the blow even through the paper and was grateful for their protection. Even so, I was glad when Stinky Tom grabbed her from behind and pulled her away from me. She struggled like a wildcat, twisting from side to side trying to kick back but Tom held her close to his body so she could do no harm.

“Now, now. Is that any way to greet an old man? I’m going to have to take down your knickers and give you a good spanking then a good seeing to” I told the wriggling minx. “It will serve you right for dressing like a young schoolgirl” Tom added. Turning her in Tom’s arms so that she stood sideways between us, I put one arm around her shoulders and used my free hand to pull up the back of her skirt. “I just love a girl who wears stockings” I said close to her ear as I pulled the grey pleats over the matt black stocking tops. “Girls who wear stockings are just asking for it” I added. My cock grew rigid as I pulled the hem up to her waist to be confronted with bare buttocks. “Oh my God, she’s not wearing knickers. She’s absolutely begging for it!” Tom exclaimed. “It’s a thong, you moron” she shrieked. I didn’t know what one of them was but as I pulled the skirt higher I saw a tiny triangle of material with a strap going around her waist and a tiny string disappearing between her butt cheeks. “Phoar! I like” I said feeling her backside. She had a small tight arse with lovely cheeks. “Get off you creep!” she said. To give her credit, she didn’t cry and scream for help like they usually do but wriggled around trying to stomp on our feet. “Ow!” I cried as a heel punched down onto my toes. “Hold the bitch still” I told Tom, pushing her back against his body then tried to remove her skimpy briefs.

I tried to pull her knickers down but the little imp kept squirming in Tom’s arms, raising her knee to block me then trying to stomp on my toes. “Keep still you little minx” I snarled as I grasped her waist again. “Get off me, you smelly creep” she said in her broad London accent, wriggling her hips free and nearly catching me in the nuts with her knee. WHACK WHACK WHACK the blonde kicked backwards several times in quick succession between Tom’s legs. I heard the crinkle of the newspaper absorbing what sounded like very solid blows. The girl looked puzzled.

I moved close and raised the hem of her skirt once more. WHACK WHACK WHACK her knee moved like a piston between my legs. Even with the paper, I could tell they were strong blows. My balls contracted automatically with each thud against the paper. “Little ballbuster ain’tch yer? Well those dirty tricks won’t work here” I snarled as I slapped down her knee as she tried to hit me again.

A determined look of concentration appeared on her face. BLAM “Orrrr!” Tom groaned as the little girl suddenly drove a sharp pointy elbow back into his stomach. Tom slouched forward, obviously winded yet still clinging onto the girl’s arms as she tried to escape his clutches. A chilling grim focused look stole over her pretty impish face. The hem of her pleated skirt rose as she swung her knee forwards causing me to instinctively back off. BERLAM! Her leg blasted backwards fast in a powerful back stomp into Tom’s balls, so solid that I clearly heard the loud impact and rustle of paper. “Ooooo!” Tom moaned, grimacing and releasing the little bitch.

I went to block her escape but to my surprise the girl came straight towards me. The gleam in her eyes and the smile on her lips indicated excitement not fear. Before I realised what she intended, in one long stride, her leg swung quickly forward in a blur of sheer nylon as the pleats fell back. BAM! BAM! BAM! Oh oh oh God! The top of her high heels hammered shockingly hard between my legs, so hard that they smashed the paper against my balls in hard waves making them ache. Her foot swung again but I managed to get my hand in front and knocked it away. WHACK WHACK WHACK! She kept kicking and I kept trying to fend off them off with my hand. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Oh my God! She was deliberately kicking my hand and her kicks really hurt. “I’ll bust your hand then I’ll bust your balls” she said chillingly as I backed away from the sweetly smiling girl as she continued to bruise and batter my hand.

My hand couldn’t take any more. I could barely move it and I knew the next kick would connect with my crotch. Suddenly Tom came up behind her and slapped his big meaty hands on her tiny shoulders. The little blonde spun around and hammered her knee into his nuts. BAM BAM. I saw Tom clench his teeth against the impacts. Suddenly she stopped and turned to me, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. To my surprise her hand slapped between my legs and closed. CRINKLE CRINKLE. She removed her hand before I could grab it. “Iron balls, me” I smirked at the pretty teen dressed like a sexy schoolgirl. A wicked smile came to her lips. “I take that as a challenge” she said menacingly.

Tom closed in to box her between us. She turned her head to glare at him over her shoulder then leant the other way and snapped a kick sideways right into his middle. BAM! Borrrrrrppph! He creased up double with a pained expression on his face. “Ain’t no protection there mate” she told him with a nasty chuckle. I was shocked by the ferocity of this little girl. Before I could do anything, the sleeves of her white blouse reached up towards me and she stepped close looking fierce. BAWHAM! Ooooooooooooo! Her knee exploded deep into my soft belly. My insides locked tight as my breath was driven painfully out of my lungs. “Take that porky pig. No protection there” she chuckled as her hands pushed against my shoulders to stop me collapsing as I doubled in agony.

Orrrr orrr I couldn’t straighten up as agonising waves of cramps wracked my guts. “Won’t be no protection down there in a minute by the time I’ve finished with you, mister” I heard her say. I was wrecked, unable to breathe, unable to move, unable to do anything except bend over trying to ride the spasms inside. Helpless, I watched the young girl’s feet leave the ground as she skipped into the air and foot sped towards my nuts. KERBLAM! Orr I clenched my eyes and teeth as her small foot hammered my groin. The force of the kick is so strong that it blasts the paper hard against my balls. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The girl in the white blouse and pleated skirt is going ballistic, blasting kick after kick between my legs while laughing with pleasure. Even with the paper cushioning the blows, I feel every kick. The constant thuds are making my balls ache. Orrrrr! There’s nothing I can do, I am too badly winded to do anything. Her kicks are so strong that it is like getting hit with a steel bar in the nuts. BLAM! BLAM! Noooo. I try to turn away from her but she grabs the front of my shirt and keeps firing her stocking clad legs into my nads. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Ohhhhh her kicks are devastating, even the newspaper stuffed down my trousers no longer soften the blows. My balls are really aching.

“Hai!” her sudden scream makes me jump. BALAM! Her leg is a blur as it buries her foot so hard in my nuts that I find myself lifted into the air bending around her foot as her leg straightens out. I get a glimpse of her skirt rising over her stocking tops and her sexy knickers but I can’t appreciate it. My balls are crushed and on fire as I feel the paper tear and start to disintegrate. I stumble as I land and fall to the grass curling up to protect myself from this tiny terror. “Wimp” I hear her say then watch in winded devastation and with aching nuts as the young girl’s slim shapely stocking clad legs turn and walk away from me.

Tom sees her coming and actually takes a swing at her. I watch in disbelief as the sexy little teen leans back so that his punch narrowly goes past her chest then grabs it with one hand and drives her sharp elbow into his sternum. WHOP! “Orrr!” he moans and starts to slump forward. Shockingly the young blonde grabs the back of his head and pulls it down at the same time as she sharply raises her knee. KRACK! “Argggh!” Tom cries as his head jerks back in a spray of blood flowing from his nose.

Orrrr! I’m curled up on the ground, my gut cramped tight. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” THUMP THUMP THUMP! I hear the peel of girlish laughter mixed with karate like shrieks. I look up to see the little girl holding onto Tom, who towered over her like a giant, slamming her knee solidly into his groin. BAM BAM BAM! Her knee is like a piston repeatedly jerking up into his nuts striking hard, the hem of her pleated skirt flying up over her slim nylon-clad thighs. WHAM WHAM WHAM the girl kicks and knees his balls like a punch bag with such frightening power, the sound of each blow makes me wince. “Hai Yai!” BLAM BLAM BLAM. The girl raises her knee high close to Tom’s chest and swings her foot repeatedly into the front of his trousers like a croquet mallet. The evil imp laughs in glee at the pained expression on Tom’s face. For a second, she stepped back then strode forwards with an evil look upon her small face. “Yah!” she screamed with glee as her leg shot forward as if kicking a football into the back of the net. WHUMP Argghh! Tom cried loudly in agony as the force of the kick drove him to tiptoes then lifted him momentarily off the ground. In horror I watched as shreds of paper fall from the bottom of his trouser legs. Tom fell to his hands and knees, his face red and screwed up tight, his mouth gasping.

Reminding me of that possessed girl in “The Exorcist”, her small narrow eyes swung around towards me, cold and glinting with evil intent. “You’re next, porky pig” she said. The words chilled me and I began to feel afraid of this little girl. She strode calmly across the grass towards me with her eyes boring into me and her lips smiling like a predator. Panic rose within me. I turned onto my stomach to scramble to my hands and knees about to push myself to my feet to make a run for it. BLAM! “Aeiiii!” The top of a sharp pointed shoe precision-punched right up behind the paper and ripping right into my balls from behind. “Ohh!” I sobbed at the sharp pain throbbing through my balls. “Oh yes. Squishy balls” I heard her laugh cruelly. Oh God, I needed to get away. BLAM! “Arghh!” I screamed as her shin clubbed my backside and her sharp toe bit once more into my balls. Oh the pain, her hard pointy shoe drove deep into my ball sack threatening to puncture it. BLAM! “Arghhhhhooough!” her toe punched my balls so hard it felt like she was going to rip them off.

Horrible piercing pain lanced through my bollocks. I had to get away. Rolling quickly to my side then onto my back, I managed to get to my knees then stopped in terror. “Please no” I begged in fear at the slender legs standing right in front of me, the sheen of her stockings alluring despite the deep burning in my balls. My eyes followed her legs to her pleated skirt, then to her arms folded across her amply filled white blouse. “Please stop. I’m sorry” I pleaded as I looked up into her small pretty elfin face which now looked so smug and content with herself for beating up an old man, no, two old men. I saw Tom groaning and starting to get to his knees behind her. How could a young girl, so impishly cute be so maliciously cruel? “Would you have showed me any mercy when you raped me?” she asked. “We didn’t mean no harm luv” I said. “Liar!” BLAM her foot was a blur as it shot between my legs. “Arghh!” I could feel the newspaper rip and tear as her pointed shoe punched against it. Her kicks up the backside had made my balls so sore and sensitive that even the thuds through the paper was sheer agony. As I collapsed onto my back, the evil minx kicked again and again. “Filthy!” BLAM! “Stinking!” BLAM! “Liar!” BLAM!. I howled in pain with tears streaming from my eyes as her pointed toe tried to hammer my balls up into my body striking beneath the protective layer of paper.

“Stitch this bitch”. I looked up to see a bloody faced Tom towering over the little blonde, the sun glinting off his blade as it raced towards her face. She jerked back out of harms way and skipped to one foot driving the other in a powerful looking sideway kick. WHOMPH! Her skirt slid up her lovely thighs as her foot plunged deep into the pit of Tom’s stomach with a sickeningly solid thud. Tom instantly folded around the small foot buried in his gut, the power of the kick rocking him back onto his heels. His face was red, his eyes screwed tight and his mouth open wide in a silent scream of terror.

“You utter bastard!” such language was shocking from such a pretty looking girl. Her face was one of angry fury as she confronted the gasping crumpled man. “Yai!” she screamed as she suddenly launched both feet into the air then quickly swung one leg forward, blasting Tom between the legs like a baseball bat. Tom’s body straightened like it had just been zapped by a thousand volts, his head thrown back. I’d never seen anybody’s mouth open so wide, it was like his face was splitting in two. Chunks of pulped paper dropped from the bottom of his trouser legs. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Showing no mercy the tiny blonde terror grabbed Tom by the shoulders and repeatedly drove her knee into his nuts, chuckling with delight. Tears ran freely down Tom’s bloodied cheeks. He was paralysed by pain as the girl repeatedly mashed his balls.

It was like a scene from a nightmare. Before I realised it I was on my feet and running but had only managed to take a few steps before I bumped into the blonde horror. “Going somewhere, porky pig?” she asked with that evil smirk upon her lips. BERWHAM! A small hard knee jack-knifed upwards between my legs. WHAM! WHAM! Again and again, the terrible blows got harder and harder, immobilising my lower body with an excruciating pain. BLAM BLAM! Owwwww! I cried but nothing would come out of my mouth as I felt the protective newspaper pulverise under her brutal knee. BLAM BLAM! The evil imp just laughed in my face as her knee continually blasted my nads like an industrial hammer while chunks of paper slide down my trouser legs.

I don’t know how long that agonizing torment went on for but I eventually found myself curled up on the ground next to Tom. I had tears rolling down my cheeks and I felt so bad that I felt like puking. “Well you two dirty old men weren’t a match for me. Next time, you better bring more of your smelly mates to protect you”. I looked at the nylon-clad legs before me, as I did the pleats began to rise over her shapely slender legs. They looked magnificent as she exposed her stocking tops then the black suspenders running over her creamy flesh. Then I was staring straight at the skimpy black briefs tightly moulded to her young crotch and began to feel the stirrings of lust despite my ruined balls. “Want some of this?” she laughed as she saw my rapt gaze. “You ain’t man enough to take me” she taunted. Tucking her hem into her waistband, she loosened her tie then started to unbutton her blouse. The blouse opened exposing her sensational firm stack that filled a tiny black bra. She jiggled the sexy young rounded orbs. Phoar! the sight of the buxom young nubile girl in stockings and suspender caused my dick to get hard despite my mashed nuts. “Come and get it if you want it” she teased looking at the bulge in my trousers. “If you dare” she added.

I wanted this little ballbuster. I wanted to get her, tie her up somewhere then take her over and over again once my balls had mended. A plan formed in my mind and I whispered it in Tom’s filthy wax crudden ear. “Ere wot you whispering about?” she demanded. “Telling your bum mate that you love him” she taunted. I began to get to my feet, watching the sexy girl in case she tried another low kick. “Pretty gobby aren’t you, kid?” I told her, trying not to show the pain in my voice. That seemed to rile her. “No wonder they call you the Nutcracker. Pretty niffy with your legs aren’t you, kid?” I said. “You’re very good at low down dirty kicks in men’s privates aren’t you, kid?”. “I’m not a kid. I’m a woman” she snapped. Oh yes, that was getting her back up. “Typical teenager. Don’t think you are a little kid anymore. Think you’re a grown up” I continued. She was getting annoyed and stepped towards me, no doubt to kick me in the balls again. That was what I was counting on. Suddenly like a cobra in the grass, Tom sprang forwards and wrapped her lower legs in his strong arms. “Not so cocky now are you, little Nutcracker” I smirked. I opened her blouse and smiled appreciatively at its contents. “Coarrr! Nice stack, kid. They will do nicely until I can sink myself inside you” I told her as I began to massage the lovely soft mounds. “Get off!” she shrieked as I cupped her well ladened bra and kissed her boobs. “Get off me!” she protested. “No!” she shrieked as Tom, with one arm around her legs, put the other up under her skirt and tickled her fancy. “Heh heh heh. Not so tough now are you, luv. Now that you can’t kick us in the balls” I told her then took her in my arms and kissed her pretty little face while she wriggled and squirmed.

WHUMP! “Morrrr!” my breath was forcibly expelled suddenly as a small hard fist hammered hard against my gut. I caught sight of her face, grinning grimly, her eyes cold as she drew back her other arm then fired it forwards. WHUMP! “Orrrrrrr!” I felt the knuckles drill hard inside me, my flesh and sinew protesting as it sunk in. WHUMP! WHUMP! “Urr…!” she’s like a piston engine, no sooner had one fist buried itself in my gut than the other replaced it. WHUMP!  WHUMP! “….!” she drilled away, each punch burrowing deeper and deeper hammering my diaphragm flat. WHUMP! WHUMP! “…!” she may be small but her punches are shockingly strong. WHUMP! WHUMP! my stomach burns under the constant barrage. WHUMP! WHUMP I hear her laugh manically as she drills her fists into me, non-stop. WHUMP WHUMP !I just want to crumple up on the ground but her punches seem to stop me. WHUMP! WHUMP! I can’t take anymore, I can barely stand. My head spins through lack of air. I realise that the punches have stopped and open my eyes to find the little girl is holding me up by the front of my shirt. With that evil smile upon her lips, she pulls me close to her sweet impish face but I don’t see a pretty little girl, I see a man-destroying monster. Please no more, I want to beg but my lungs don’t work. “See, I don’t need my legs to beat the crap out of a dirty old man like you” she hissed. “Get ready for more pain, porky pig” she said, sending shivers down my spine. She held me up with one arm and drew back her fist. No more please, no more I cried silently. The piss ran down my leg as her tiny fist hurtled towards my face.

Suddenly, the mischievous faced imp wobbles violently and her fist thankfully falls short. She almost falls and lets go of me to keep her balance. I collapse breathlessly to the ground. That’s when I saw that Tom was trying to pull her legs away from under her. That’s it, Tom, get the little bitch on the ground then we can take her. Suddenly the girl bends over giving me a glimpse of the bottom of her virtually bare buttocks as her skirt rises up her backside. Tom! No! I call silently in alarm as she drew back her arm. TWACK! Her fist is a blur as it solidly punches Tom right on the side of his jaw. I see his face whip around under the impact. TWACK! Her fist strikes again in a solid downward strike right on the mouth that jerks his head leaving him with a bloodied mouth. “Come here you smelly creep” she says sternly and to my surprise she grabs Tom by the front of his shirt and starts hauling him to his feet. For some reason this display of raw power sets my dick throbbing again as the little girl in the sexy schoolgirl uniform pulls the much taller, heavier man to his feet.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Holding the front of his shirt with one hand, her small fist pounds his face over and over, blood and spit flying everywhere. Looking at her sexy tight buttocks in her raised pleated skirt and her stocking clad legs as she punched the crap out of Tom’s face, I had an absolute raging hard-on. She looked down at me. “Your turn next, porky pig”. My cock lurched uncontrollably although she scared me. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! She was so viscous, so brutal. I wanted to run but I was badly winded, yet some weird deviant part of me wanted to be completely dominated by this sexy but tough young girl. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! She exuded a strange sensual sense of power as her fists pounded Tom’s face to mush. WHUMP! She drove her knee hard into his balls. “That’s just for good measure because I can” she told him. “Watch this big boy” she said then slammed a fist deep into his stomach. “WHUMPH!” Tom’s mouth flew open wide in an expression of agony as her fist seemed to plunge right inside his body. “Your tummy is soft as a pillow, big boy” she told him as the tall man folded double around his ruined gut. “Can’t hold your own against a mere girl?” she taunted. She seemed so strong, so powerful, my cock was beating a rhythm with a strange desire for her. In horror I watched as once more she grabbed the back of his head and pulled it down as she blasted her knee upwards. CRACK! Blood flew everywhere as her knee added to the destruction she’d made of his face with her fists.

Tom wobbled unsteadily on his feet. How he could take such punishment was beyond me. The little blonde really seemed buzzing now, clearly twitching to inflict more humiliation. She opened her blouse wide, revealing her magnificent ample stack cupped by a lacy see-through black bra. “See this” she told a clearly unsteady Tom. “This means I’m not afraid of creeps like you. I’m tougher than you can handle”. BALAM! her arm powered straight ahead driving her fist right in the middle of Tom’s chin. In stunned disbelief I saw the big man’s legs turn to water and fell to his knees grabbing the girl’s legs for support. I felt pure fear at the bloody destruction this little girl had wrought on my friend and yet I felt a strange sexual longing. Right before my eyes, she bent over, the pleats rising over her tight bare buttocks with that piece of string between them. My dick throbbed at the sight of her compact tight arse and the mound between her legs. WHACK! Her fist pumped blasting poor Tom’s face again. Her cute innocent, but naughty face looked back at me as Tom went limp and slumped to the ground. “Your turn, porky pig”.

Fight or flight instinct. That’s some such crap Scott had told us once. Fight, that’s me I told him as I pinned him against the wall with my fist held in front of his big red freckled face with the spectacles held together with sticking plaster. But now I found myself jumping to my feet and trying to run. Slender arms threw themselves around my legs and rugby tackled me to the ground. Before I could anything, the girl threw herself across my chest and put me in a headlock, pulling me tight against the side of her luscious body. “Leaving so soon? I haven’t finished with you yet” she told me as she pressed my chin against her white blouse. She released my head but before I could move, she leapt upon my chest, pulled my arms up by my head and pinned them with her knees. “Look at you, you pathetic drunk” she scolded. “Urghhh! and you smell of piss”. It felt strange yet sexy, a young girl pinning me to the ground, my head between her stockinged legs. “I’m in complete control. I could punch your face to spam while sitting in comfort”. Her words caused me to panic and I tried to wriggle and buck her off me.

“Keep still you smelly creep” she said then to my surprise she slid forward covering my mouth and nose with her panties. “Mmmmm” it was so humiliating lying there between the young girl’s thighs, smothered by her crotch. Yet the knowledge that only a thin bit of cotton separated her sex from my nose and mouth re-sprung my dick. “Mmmmmm” it was difficult to breathe with the girl’s crotch pressing down on my face. I tried to move my head but I couldn’t, I was held fast between her firm nylon-clad thighs. “That’s right, you just lie there and die, you smelly old letch”. Forced to draw in what little stuffy air there was through the girl’s knickers, the experience was so sexy my cock was now absolutely rock hard. I don’t know why but I had the overwhelming urge to worship this little ballbreaking goddess on my face so I began to lick her.

“Urgh!” she squealed and jumped back onto my chest. “Urkkk!” her tiny hands clutched my throat and squeezed. “You filthy dirty pervert!” she shouted. “Kkkkk!” I was shocked by how strong her small fingers were as they dug deep into my neck, strangling off my airways. “Filthy pervert! I don’t want you licking me. I don’t know where it’s been”. “U…k!” I could only croak, my eyes blurring and my face burning as she throttled me. “You probably lick each other’s arses” she said angrily. In horror I watched helplessly as she removed one hand from my throat and drew it back clenched in a tight fist. Oh no, please no I begged but all that came from my mouths was a strangulated croak. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her small fist pounded my face so hard that I was frightened that she would break my cheeks. Thankfully the chocking stopped. Instead, she grabbed my hair and forced my head up. “Apologise” she said in a firm commanding voice. “Please I’m sorry” I begged. “Not good enough” the small fist sped towards my face again. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Pinned by the girl’s lovely legs, I was powerless as she bust my nose and bruised my mouth.

The barrage of constant hard punches stopped, leaving my face feeling bruised and raw. I looked up into her face as she peered down at me in smug superiority. Oh god, I was being beaten up by a cute little girl. It was so humiliating. “You dead yet?” she asked. “Please no more” I mumbled, my gums swollen and teeth aching. “Learnt your lesson about molesting young girls?” “Yes, please I’m sorry” I pleaded. “You’re just a weak pathetic old man” she said then got to her face. Oh thank God, it’s all over, I closed my eyes and tried to breathe more easily. Suddenly a pressure on my groin made me look up in alarm. The girl was standing over me with one leg raised slightly rubbing her foot gently on my dick. “Is that nice?” she purred. I looked up at her short pleated skirt and her slender shapely leg with the sheen of her stockings as the muscles played as she massaged my dick with her foot. Orr that was good. “That’s it get hard you dirty old man” she purred. “Enjoying it?”. “Orr yes!” I moaned. I didn’t know her game, but I was enjoying it.

“Get nice hard so I can do THIS”. BAM! She drew back her foot and slammed it hard into my nuts. “Argghhh!” I cried in anguish as the ball aching pain flared up again. BAM! In it went again. “Aaaaaah!” I creased up my legs to stop her kicking between them. “No!” I screamed as I saw both of her feet leave the ground. She rose into the air a short way then came back down, one foot aimed at my nads. “Arrrrrrr!” I screamed in terrible agony as she stomped my bollocks so hard I thought they would pop. “I hate smelly old gits” she said menacingly then fell to one knee on my ruined balls. WHAM “Oooooooh!” the pain seemed to flare all through my body from my crotch. I tried to roll to my stomach to protect myself but with her knee still on my groin, the girl forced me back and pressed my arms against the ground. I sensed her throw her backside into the air lifting both knees. BALAM! “Ooo…….!” a double knee drop mashed my nuts sending me into a world of such agony, that I was in tears and felt physically sick. All the while she just watched me laughing.

“It’s not as though you need them. Who’d want to have sex with a smelly old tramp?” she laughed in my face. Her mocking girlish laughter hits a raw nerve. From somewhere deep within a well of anger blazes up and I lash out hitting her in the stomach. “Ohhh” the pained expression on her face disturbs me for hitting a girl but my balls hurt so much, I want payback. “Don’t like it when I do it to you, do you little girl?” I tell her making a grab for her. She falls back out of my grasp and tries to scramble away, her face creased up in pain. “Not so pretty now are you with a face like that?” I sneer making another grab at her. She tries to kick me and my hand lands on her soft ample bust. “Ouch!” she gasps. I keep trying to grab but she keeps wriggling and kicking me. Most of her kicks are wild and miss, but a few graze my arm and shoulder. “Stop kicking and come here” I snarl. I manage to grab hold of her skirt as she tries to get up. BAM BAM BAM her fists rain down punches on my face. Hard bruising punches out of all proportion for her size and cuteness. BAM! I have to let go of her to protect my face as I feel a cut open above my left eye.

BLAM! “Oooooeeeee!” a foot hammers into my unprotected groin so hard I’m sure she’s bust a testicle. The pain is terrible and I look up to see her looking furious. “No!” I cry as she stiffly raises her knee over my face. WHAM! Her calve swings and her foot blasts me right under the chin, rocking my head back so hard that I see stars and feel my teeth loosen in my gums. “Look at me, smelly” she says. Trembling with fear, I look up at the saucy little blonde dressed like a schoolgirl standing over me. Strangely the sight of this girl who has caused so much pain make my cock stiffen. “If I ever see you in this park again. I’ll stomp your balls into paste and break your face so bad that it will never heal. Understand?”. “Yesthhh” I try to reply but find my jaw aches real bad. With an evil grin she raises her foot high. I look in terror, my eyes drawn to the skimpy knickers and the crotch that she had tried to smother me with. My cock is now rock hard at the sight of this dominant young girl. Her foot rockets towards my face. KERWHAM! The face explodes in a world of pain. Everything hurts and goes black. Strangely the last thing I remember is the warm gooey sensation in my pants as I cream myself.
Kim was buzzing. She was a on a high after beating the crap out of those two tramps. Two old guys and she had beat the stuffing out of them! That made her all warm and gooey inside. She walked out of the far end of the park to pass by the Catholic girl’s school. So preoccupied in reliving the sensation of breaking their balls, mashing their guts and bloodying their faces that it took several moments to realise that someone was beeping their car horn at her. Some horse faced, buck tooth chinless wonder was waving at her from behind the wheel of a flash open topped sports car. “Hello Totty. Like to come a ride in my Jag?” he asked loudly in an irritating nasal whine with a posh accent.

She’s heard how single upper class twits hang around Catholic girl’s schools in their expensive cars looking for the most beautiful, innocent young impressionable girls to pick up. They never hung a comprehensive or 6th form college. Their type had no time for common girls like Kim. For some reason, that made Kim angry. This toft had mistaken her for a sweet innocent Catholic schoolgirl and probably thought she was much younger than she actually was. She would have ordinarily told him to F-off, but unfortunately for him, she was still feeling incredibly dominant, a vixen on the prowl. “OK” she told him with an impish smile. He leant across and opened the passenger door with a cheesy grin and leering eyes that roamed hungrily over her thrusting breasts.

The toft kept boasting about himself as he drove. Kim wasn’t really listening, she didn’t even remember his name, Lord Tarquin double-barrel hyphen or something. Turning onto the Great West Road, the toft opened up the engine and bombed down the outside lane at more than twice the legal speed limit. The upper class were exempt he told her in that condescending voice of his. With her eyes looking forward out of the windscreen, Kim slowly hitched up the hem of her skirt and stretched out her legs. She nearly wished she hadn’t as the car swerved alarmingly across the middle lane. The toft could hardly keep his eyes on the road. He kept gawping at her legs with the glimpse of stocking top and bare flesh on the underside close to her bottom. She was scared by his reckless driving but didn’t want to show it.

She waited until he was forced to slow down by queuing cars at red traffic lights ahead. Turning in her seat towards him, she slid her legs out and placed her feet on the dashboard. Her skirt slid right back revealing her stockings and suspenders in all their glory. The toft was barely able to concentrate on the slow moving traffic ahead. “Do you have your own place?” she purred. “Oh yes, hot totty” he gasped, his eyes bulging as they greedily roamed up and down her legs. “Then take me there now” she demanded. “Right-e- blooming-o. Hot hot totty” he said and floored the pedal as the lights turned green, swerving in and out of the other road users as he accelerated in a mad rush to get this naughty schoolgirl home.

Arriving at the flash bachelor pad, the toft wanted to show her around boasting about how loaded he was. Instead Kim strode into the living room and stood before the big lounge sofa. “Hey totty, how about I crack open a bottle of champers?” the chinless wonder asked. Kim simply told him “Sit down”. His eyes bulged as she slid the pleats at the front of her skirt over her stocking tops and suspenders. “Wowee! Great legs!” he said. Kim raised a leg bent at the knee and placed her foot on his stomach then gently pushed him down onto the sofa. “I said sit down” she told him. He was practically drooling as she pulled the pleats up over her skimpy knickers. “Oh totty, hot totty” he said excitedly. With a knowing smile, Kim turned around and heard him gasp as he saw her firm buttocks and skimpy thong. She slowly sat down in his lap and started to slide back and forth. “Ohhhhh such a hot filly” he moaned as she moved along his growing erection channelled between her buttocks. She tried not to flinch as his warm sweaty hands groped her bare cheeks. “Ohhh hottie totty” he groaned, a hard stiff rod rose uncomfortably as her small compact backside slid over it. She turned around and sat across his thighs, her legs wide open, noting with satisfaction the big bulge in the front of his trousers. She smiled knowingly as his eyes were drawn irresistibly along her nylon clad inner thighs, over the bare flesh above her stocking tops to her crotch where they rested with feverish attention. “Oh you saucy piece of totty” he moaned. “Don’t you want to look at this?” she purred as she moved her tie to one side and unbuttoned her blouse then opened it wide. “Oh totty! Big fun bags” he exclaimed reaching for them. She playfully slapped his hands out of the way and firmly pushed him back into his seat. “Not yet. Sit back and watch” she said seductively. The bulge was twitching now.

Kim slid down between his knees and provocatively stroked his inner thighs opening his legs as she leant forward letting her boobs dangle in her lacy black bra. “Oh you are a star” he moaned clearly enjoying the attention. Kim leant further forwards until her breasts dangled right in front of his face, she knew how big they must look close up, cupped together in her bra and dangling. The narrow-jawed buck toothed upper-class twit gasped as she placed her hand on his erection and began massaging with her palm. “Ohhh yes totty, yes” he moaned, closing his eyes in bliss. “Yes that’s it. Get good and hard for me” she whispered seductively. “You love a girl in school uniform don’t you?” “Oh yes, totty” he moaned. “I bet you just want to sink this inside me” “Yes, yes, oh yes”.

So engrossed with the feelings of pleasure as the girl stimulated him almost to bursting point, he didn’t notice her predatory smile as she leaned away from his face and brought up a nylon-clad knee and placed it on top of his groin. “Do you like how my knee feels?” she asked as she rubbed it against his erection. “Ohhhhh yes totty, hottie totty” he moaned. “I bet you’re going to shoot it at any moment, aren’t you?” she asked softly. “Oh yes. Please get on top of it and ride my stallion” he moaned, his eyes rolling deliriously. BALAM “Ooooooooo!” a high-pitched wail of despair left his thin lips as Kim’s knee hammered his balls hard against his own body like an anvil. BLAM! BLAM BALAM the black nylon-clad knee drove back and forth like a piston pumping into his nuts. “Ooooo oooo ooo” he wailed.

Kim lent forward, bringing her face close to his and glared down into his pained eyes. “Don’t call me totty” she snarled then slapped her hand with her fingers cupped in a claw onto his groin. “Arghh nooo!” he wailed as her strong fingers dug in hard into the soft skin and squeezed. “Ohhhhhhh!” he wailed, his body bucking and twisting on the sofa as the girl in the school uniform squeezed and twisted his privates with a grip like steel while laughing with glee. “Nooo!” he tried to pull her hair. “WHAM!” her fist smashed hard into his mouth knocking him lengthwise across the seat. Pressing down upon his chest with one hand, she clenched her fist and drew it back over his thighs. BLAM BLAM BLAM her fist pounds his balls while she cackles with pleasure. “Noo help please someone help!” he shouted loudly while looking like he was about to burst into tears. “Helpmmmmmmmmm” Kim cut off his cries for help by sitting her backside on his face facing his feet and holding his wrists down.

He twisted and turned but Kim kept her seat on his face and managed to pin his arms under her legs. “So much for the natural superiority of the upper classes” she laughed at his useless struggle. “Mmmm mmm!”. “Just not your day today is it mister?” she laughed as he ran out of energy to buck his body. “On the other hand, I’ve had a very good day. I beat up two smelly old tramps in the park with my fists. Like this”. Kim unbuttoned and opened his shirt exposing his skinny bony looking stomach. WHACK WHACK WHAM WHAM WHAM! Kim laughed as she pummelled his gut with her fists loving the way his skin turned red raw. “Berllloooogh!” she gasped loudly as the explosions of air from his lips vibrated against her buttocks. Kim lent forward, rotating her behind to position his mouth against her pussy. WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM! “Bpphfffff!” she moaned as he blew against her pussy like the air being forced out of a balloon. Then she saw a more attractive target. BAM BAM BAM! “Mmmmmm!” he wailed into her love nest as she set about pummelling her favourite target. “Orrrr keep doing that mister and I’ll cum all over your face” she gasped. BAM BAM BAM BAM She continued to box his balls like a punch bag throwing in the occasional flurry of punches to his sore gut for good measure before she got bored. “Urrrr” he groaned and wept pitifully as she slid forward from his face onto his chest. “I have to go now and have my tea” she told him, but he was in no condition to answer. He was sobbing pitifully. She leant forward over his groin and bent her arm upwards. “Hai!” she yelled and hammered down. BAPHHMMM! Her elbow struck home brutally crushing his balls like walnuts on an anvil. The toft’s body jack-knifed dislodging the girl, his eyes bulging and his mouth wide open in a hoarse scream of horror. He collapsed and curled into a tight ball, puked then passed out.

Kim stood up and took his wallet from his jacket. “I’ll borrow the money for a taxi home. You can come and collect it off me later” she said. “I’d like to see you try” she chuckled as she buttoned up her blouse before turning on her high heels towards the door.
“General Warpinton. Good to meet you”
“Admiral Weinburger. How are things in Washington?”
“Let’s cut the crap, General. Where is the girl?”
“I honesty don’t know, Admiral and she’s hardly a girl anymore”
“Typical bloody British incompetence losing her in the first place”
“She’s not a lab rat, Admiral”
“She’s an advanced weapon and that makes her the property of DARPA”
“She’s not a weapon, Admiral. She’s a human being and a British citizen. Our Government will protect her rights”
“Human? That remains to be seen and the British will do what the fuck we tell it to do. Nice meeting you General. Remember, tell no one, national security and all that”
“Yes but what nation?”

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