Stitched up with a muscle geek (JP#17)

Lad set up with a geek girl he doesn’t fancy is driven wild by her muscular body

There are some elements of real events in here and I really did come across a dumpy short young woman with melon-shaped biceps in her short thick arms not unlike those of Julia MuscleChick on FBook! (pictured above)

(c)Jim P 2016

I was born and bred in West London, literally under the flight path to Heathrow. The planes were so low that I could see the pilots in the cockpit!. I didn’t even notice the noise and congestion until I went to University in a less busy city on the South coast. Having discovered a quieter less-frantic pace of life, I was not keen to return. My mother in particular was upset that I found a job about 40 miles or more away from home, about a quarter of the way around the M25 clockwise and north a bit.

After a few years of lodging with a landlady during the week and travelling home at the weekend, I managed to scrape enough together for a deposit on a nice upper floor one bedroom maisonette in a small town a few miles from where I worked. Soon after my younger sister, Diana, asked if she could come over for a long weekend along with her best friend, Carol. However I should have been suspicious when she asked if she could also bring Carol’s older sister, Sheena. I suspected that she had fancied me for years but the feeling was not mutual.

So early one Friday evening, my sister and the sisters rolled up in her small Fiat 500. Both were short and dumpy with Sheena being the taller yet still not even reaching 5 foot. Rounded chubby cheeked faces and short squat necks were complemented by short brown hair. Sheena’s was lighter in colour, styled in a soft bob with a fringe across the forehead and hanging over the ears. Each had a large pleasant cheery face with a full lipped mouth, a small sleek nose and small eyes, yet I was attracted to neither. To top it all, Sheena wore large rimmed glasses and reminded me of Velma, the short dumpy geek girl from Scooby-Doo!

“Hi Jim, thanks for letting us stay ” Sheena said in a soft voice and a smile as I welcomed them. To my discomfort I found myself looking down at a short rather plump girl as she squashed me up against her rather large chest in a tight over-familiar hug. On her short frumpy body, her assets were fricking huge. Wide and full, they thrust forward like sexy bumpers covered in a white long-sleeved top. However to me she was just another short fat girl with big boobs. OK that was a bit harsh as she was pleasant, intelligent and cheery but she just wasn’t my type. Having said that, I did notice the way her jeans clung tightly to her short thick legs. Maybe it was just how plump they were but they stretched the denim into exciting curves around her thick thighs, swelling out at the back around her hamstrings and over wide chunky calves.

As they settled in I got the impression that my sister was trying to set me up with Sheena. It was small things like making us sit together on the sofa and pointing out things we apparently had in common. I didn’t want to be rude to my sister in front of her friends so just joined in without trying to show too much interest. In case you were wondering about the night-time arrangements, the girls brought sleeping bags so they could camp out on the floor of the living room while I took my second-hand single bed in the rather small bedroom at the back.

The following morning after we’d gone to the market to get in some provisions, Diana and Carol decided to drive to a historical aircraft and vehicle museum at a local airfield. However Sheena was going to stay ‘to keep me company’ fuelling my suspicion that I was being stitched up. “You might as go with them” I told her “I’m just going to do some painting (I do oils) while listening to some music. You’ll find it boring” but she just gave me a big smile. Shortly after the others had left she took off to the bathroom to freshen up. I had hoped that she had gotten bored watching me with adoring eyes as I painted. However when she reappeared, I didn’t know where to look. Wearing a low cut white top beneath an open checked shirt, it was so tight that her big nipples were clearly visible pushing up the material like studs. It was also low cut so I couldn’t stop my gaze from plunging down the deep dark cleavage between massive orbs of wobbling feminity. As she walked across the room, they bounced and swayed in a manner that went straight to my loins. Her jeans were replaced by a pleated skirt that came down just above the knee with her short chunky legs pushing it out in long deep curves hinting at large hamstrings and short thick thighs. Tan-coloured sheer nylons covered a very large pair of calves. Her ankles slim but the back of each leg flaring dramatically to a big wide curved edge mass. They certainly looked very sturdy but I dismissed it as just another aspect of being overweight.

I was sitting on the edge of my sofa with my easel before me holding my latest piece in progress. A box of paints and brush holder were on the floor close to hand. David Gilmour’s “About Face” was on the CD player. OK, not that heavy I know but a lot heavier than the pop music my sister listened to. Sheena walked over to the wide triple window that provided the front view from my top floor pad. I noticed that she was wearing a touch of make-up and along with her sleek little nose actually looked good with it. Standing side-on to where I sat, she gave me full blast of her side profile with her huge breasts thrusting out dramatically from the rest of her body. Seemingly lost in the music she began swaying with the rhythm. Orrrghhh what a pair! I groan mentally to myself unable to stop following the curves of that low-hanging frontage as it wobbled gently from side to side in a manner that was highly erotic and impossible to look away from.

The swaying became more pronounced. It was practically a slow on-the-spot erotic dance with huge heaving mounds of womanhood that set my heart racing. My first interest in girls were those with big breasts and Sheena’s were larger than most. The sight of so much heaving female bosom was a black hole for my eyes. Hooked, I couldn’t stop staring, which I suppose was the whole idea. The way she moved that endowment was breath-taking and I was getting aroused. I felt awkward as I didn’t fancy her as a person and uncomfortable she was coming onto me like this. Forcing myself to look away and go back to my painting I resisted her blatant advances.

Not that she gave up. “So deep, so meaningful” she purred as “Cruise” came on still slowly dancing around while looking at my stuff on the units that took up most of the opposite wall. I tried to ignore her until suddenly an exclamation of interest made me look up. “Put that down!” I shouted in horror. Sheena was looking through an issue from my stash of American female bodybuilding magazines. This was a few years ago when it was not socially accepted in this country for women to flaunt muscular bodies and considered abnormal behaviour for a guy to get turned on by it.

I was mortified, knowing that she would tell my sister who would tell my parents and that would be the end of the civilised world as we knew it. To prolong my embarrassment she was looking at the pictures, while still swaying that wide low-slung chest seductively, with what appeared to be interest rather than open disgust. “Interesting” she remarked. “Please Sheena. Leave that alone” I was now begging. She flashed me a glance through her spectacles. “Of course, Jim” she said in a gentle sympathetic voice instead of shouting at me calling me a filthy pervert. Closing the magazine she returned it to the pile inside one of the units with much show of leaning forwards unnecessarily in my direction giving me a clear view right down the neck of her top and the titanic mounds clashing together beneath.

How do you talk with a girl who has just discovered your deepest darkest secret? Hundreds of different scenarios and conversations played out in my mind but none prepared me for what Sheena said next. “It’s alright” she said in a soothing voice “I understand” she smiled. “You know that I’m a healthcare assistant” she told me. I vaguely remembered Diana mentioning it. “Well that means moving heavy beds and lifting patients” she added as if that was relevant. In the next instant the over-shirt had come off and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked like she had tan coloured bowling balls in the middle of her upper arms. Was she deformed in some way? What were those strange rounded lumps? One answer was screaming at me at the back of my brain but I just couldn’t accept it. “Pretty big, eh?” she says in understatement with a smile then bent her right arm by her side. It was only slightly bent but, Oh My God! I swallowed deeply as disbelief turned to shock as that rounded mound became fricking massive and very solid-looking. As if to emphasise their true nature she pressed her right fist into her left palm. I gasped loudly as that huge shape twitched and bounced in an unreal manner that had my dick stiffening fast, now in no doubt that I was confronted by biceps of a truly tremendous size. “Orrrrrrr wow!” I groan in incredulity. “Doing this job since leaving school has made me quite strong” she smiled enjoying the shock on my face and reaction in my trousers as that melon-sized mass pumps and flexes in a sinuous slinky muscular motion beneath her smooth skin. I just can’t take my eyes of it.

My heart raced in anticipation as Sheena raised her arm in line with her shoulders. I knew what she was going to do yet still found myself holding my breath unable to believe that this was really happening. Slowly bending her forearm towards her head with the fist clenched, her upper arm thickened with a big solid mass sliding beneath the skin, swelling outwards as the hard-looking mass grew upwards in a beautifully curved solid peak. Opposite this, a long curve deepened sweeping along the underside of her short arm. The combination of Sheena’s wide-based forearm and deep triceps while a tall rounded peak of muscle soared upwards had me groaning in pure lust. As her biceps hardened into hefty steep-sided peaks of pure power my dick went rock hard as if set in quick-drying cement. I was completely blown away by the sheer size of that tan-coloured boulder on her upper arm and turned on by the implied power. Yet I still was unable to get my head around this being the short dumpy girl I’d ignored for so long.

“Oh God they’re massive! So beautiful!” I exclaimed along with similar dumb comments because my brain was stuck in neutral. For a young woman who wasn’t into any kind of sport, they were immense, occupying the full length of her upper arm with a mountain of muscle that soared to an amazing height. I was up on my feet before her trembling with excitement before I realised it with my dick so hard that it strained awkwardly against the inside of my jeans. I had often dreamt about what I would do with a muscle girl if I’d managed to get one alone but now that there was one standing before me I genuinely didn’t know what to do. A wide knowing smile spread on Sheena’s face “Go on, feel them. You know you want to”. She grabbed my hand and placed it firmly on top of her biceps. My hand visibly shook like a nervous schoolboy touching a girl for the first time as it felt that unbelievably huge mound. “Jeez!” I gasped in disbelief, stunned to discover that her biceps were so large that I couldn’t even cup them with both hands. Somehow I still expected the arms of the chunky girl to be soft but they were remarkably dense like iron and incredibly full. No matter how hard I squeezed I couldn’t make an impression. “You must work out” I gasped in awe. “That’s years of lifting heavy cast-iron NHS beds and obese patients” she chuckled as my dick hit new levels of rigidity. “I’ve never seen the inside of a gym in my life” she added. Feeling her mighty biceps, I felt intimidated because they were several orders of magnitude larger than mine. “You’re interested now aren’t you?” she chuckled.

With her forearm raised I saw how exaggerated it’s shape was. Very wide and rocky at the base, it tapered in towards a slim but sturdy looking wrist. I grabbed hold of her wrist with both hands and pushed against her raised arm to no avail. Her arms were as solid as iron pillars and wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I pushed. “Strong aren’t they?” she asked needlessly with a smirk at my useless efforts. Sheena was no athlete but a natural plump plain girl next door type yet plainly very much stronger than I was. Rather than feeling humiliated, I was truly turned on to an extent that I’d never felt before.

“If you like that then this will blow your socks away” Sheena laughed. The smile pushed up her chubby cheeks in amusement as her small brown eyes fixed me through her glasses beneath her wide floppy fringe. That’s when she raised the other chunky arm and let me have it with both barrels. “Orrrrr!” a loud sigh of yearning left my lips and my dick lurched in my pants. I didn’t stand a chance! How was a man expected to handle that? Not only was I right up close to a truly massive pair of dense bulging muscles like a pair of flesh coloured melons but her wide low-slung breasts now rose up like twin beach balls inside her tight top to form a massive double mound with a deep valley between. They stood proudly swollen peeking over the neck of her top as firm as if she were wearing a push-up bra several sizes too small. As if they were trying to break free, the edges of her brown areola peeked over the sides of the v-neck in a highly erotic manner that set my cock thumping so hard I feared it would wear a hole in the front of my trousers. God! I’d never seen anything so sexy.

“Don’t just stand there with your mouth open” she laughed. “Feel them. Go on”. Faced with massive swollen breasts and huge bulging biceps, she didn’t have to ask twice. Running my hands over both raised arms, I gasped in awe at their immense size, hardness and warm latent power beneath my hands. “Now feel my tits” she laughed. My hands darted right for that thrusting shelf of feminity and was amazed by how firm they were. “Pretty big too, aren’t they?” she sniggered as I began moaning like an idiot as my hands cupped and caressed her mammoth firm breasts with rising lust. “What do you prefer my big tits or my big biceps?”. I lost it completely. Taking hold of her waist, although unable to pull her close, I began kissing her lips passionately. My hands dart between feeling her massive hard biceps and huge firm breasts while my dick lurched frantically in my trousers in pure unadulterated lust. Oh God! It’s like worshipping a Goddess as she stood with a bemused expression flexing both arms with her bust swelling like two balloons. “Oh Sheena! Oh Sheena!” I moan like a lust-drunk imbecile begging for her while unable to get enough of her big muscles or big boobs.

She laughed at my intense lust-crazed attention as I slobbered all over her like a horny dog. Then those mighty arms lowered and to my astonishment wrapped themselves around my middle. All of a sudden I’m very much aware of how developed her shoulders and traps are and how large her upper arms were as they embraced me. I’m truly shocked by the feeling of fearsome strength emanating from her thick arms. Feeling enclosed and claustrophobic trapped in a wide sea of huge female muscle, I realise I’m completely out of my depth. “Orrraghh!” I moan in discomfort as those big arms pull me against her body. “Oaargghh!” I’d never realised how hard a girl’s body could be, even one as buxom as this. “Oh, I know how to handle the occasional unruly patient” Sheena chuckled as she bodily lifted me right off the floor crushing me so hard in a bear-hug I could hardly breathe. I was stunned that a girl I thought of as plain and boring was lifting me into the air and squashing my middle like a tube of toothpaste. Sheena’s biceps bulged with raw power as I struggled helplessly in arms so thick and swollen with hard muscle that I was genuinely afraid that she would break me. Beads of perspiration soaked my forehead as I repeatedly tried to wriggle and prise myself free but it was useless. It was as if the ground had opened up and swallowed my body up to the chest in concrete. “Ooh-hh!” Too much! Her arms were just too much, her superior strength totally overwhelmed me and that really shocked me. Even though she was much shorter than me, I felt tiny and weak in her massive bulging arms. Everywhere I put my hands was huge rock-hard muscle. Straining against that vast dense rippling landscape entrapping my body was intimidating yet exhilarating at the same time and, yes, I was still very much erect and growing stiffer all the while.

I swear I could feel those hard peaks digging into my sides as she held me aloft. If I’d expected any mercy because of how she felt about me, she didn’t show any. She kept crushing me in those huge swelling arms while smiling and observing every detail of my agonised face, savouring every second. How could this be happening? This was Sheena! Short chubby geeky Sheena! Yet Sheena had massive biceps and was crushing the bejesus out of me! Her arms were so thick and solid that I despaired of ever getting free. Breathless, I flung my head back with eyes screwed tight with my hands pressing down as hard as I could upon her immobile upper arms. Rocking backwards and forwards with my mouth wide open, I was desperate to get some air into my lungs. “Orrrragh!” it felt like she would pull her forearms right through my back and out through my chest. My head swam and my face felt overheated while black spots swam in my vision. “Ooh!, you’re enjoying that aren’t you?” she remarked and I realised that my erection was the only bit of me that was not going limp, and by the feel of it, it was pressing stiffly against her crotch.

Suddenly I found myself on my back noisily gulping down air as fast as I could with no recollection of how I got there. “So you see, there is nothing wrong about women having strong muscles or men finding them attractive” the short dumpy spectacled girl said softly. As I looked up at Sheena standing over me, she looked like a triumphant Goddess of War as she lifted both of her heavy arms. I groaned in pure adoration of her raw muscular power as those big round balls in her upper arms grew into a mighty formidable double biceps pose. “Orrrrr! God, Sheena!” I groaned with unrestrained muscle lust as well raging desire for the huge balls of bosom rising from the V neck of her top.  “You still want to sit there doing your painting or do you want to play with my muscles?” she asked with a saucy smile.

My trouser tent gave a huge lurch. Before it could twitch again I was on my feet desperate to get my hands on her unexpectedly remarkable body. The unlikeliest of muscle girls immediately grabbed my hands and an in instant my knees were buckling as a superior force slowly but surely forced me back down in an one-sided trial of strength. Her arms were so powerful-looking and intimidating that I knew I didn’t stand a chance. Still I pushed back with every ounce of strength that I had determined to show that I was not a complete weakling, yet I needn’t have bothered. Angling her strong sinewy wrists I was forced down the front of her body by a totally overwhelming force. Against those huge bulky muscles I didn’t stand a chance. “Hmmm. Not as easy as you thought” she giggled as, to my disgrace, my face slid right down the front of her top and into the cleavage between her massive breasts. “Mmm mmm!” “I bet you’re enjoying that” she chuckled before a final surge of awesome strength sends me to the floor on my back.

Before I could move, Sheena leapt upon me, straddling my waist while still holding my hands. I felt squashed as her dense bodyweight pinned me to the floor. Big heavy breasts dangled inside her top with plenty of cleavage poised over my face as she leant forward. Feeling weak and helpless, I was unable to stop her driving my hands over my head and against the carpet. To my disgrace I wasn’t even able to unable to slow her for an instant as she pinned my arms flat before lying along the length of my body with her impressive bust squashing up and spreading out upon my chest. Digging deep to find reserves of strength that I didn’t know I possessed I tried to buck my body to throw her off but I couldn’t dislodge her, she was just too damn heavy. I am not the most athletic of men yet I was ashamed how quickly she had controlled my arms and my inability to resist it. This dumpy buxom geek girl was overpowering me with ease and that was humiliating. It dawned on me that she could do whatever she wished with me and I was too weak and puny to stop her. Her large soft breasts squashed against me and the subtle scent of her perfume as her face came right up against mine, proudly proclaimed that I had been outmuscled by a young woman yet only served to make me weak with desire.

Splaying out her short wide legs, Sheena stabilised her pin, caging me beneath her bulk. Laying her chunky body on top of mine, her face came intimately close. To my embarrassment, there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent her placing her cheek upon my own. “I know your type, Jim” she whispered seductively “You secretly want a big strong girl to pin you down and have her wicked way with you”. To my surprise and horror, her big wet tongue worked it’s way along the side of my face and neck, leaving no bare skin untouched. The initial repulsion made me squirm but was soon replaced by such highly charged eroticism that I was deliriously moaning in ecstasy and sent my dick thrashing wildly in my pants. “Oh Sheena” I moaned finding that I liked it in the extreme and not wanting her to stop. Sheena let out a dirty laugh “See! You’re really aching for it!”.

To my embarrassment I felt her crotch press against my erection and knew that she could feel it beating against her nether regions. I gasped as my aroused manhood became a tent-pole which slid into the deep groove of the nylons between her legs where her sex was, or so it felt like to me. My willpower disintegrated under her superior strength and the elicit touch of naughty bits, although we were both clothed. There was no doubt that Sheena had felt it because she began to deliberately rub back and forth over it until I was begging her to stop, alarmed at what would happen if she continued. “Ever been taken by a girl before Jim?” she said in a soft voice, her eyes wide full of a burning eagerness that shook me. “Ever been ridden by a girl until you were drained?” Jeez! I’d never heard Sheena speak like this before and to be honest it was really turning me on.

“Stay still lover while the victor claims her prize” she said before planting a big deep wet kiss on my mouth. Although I was greatly turned on, it didn’t seem right that she was pressing the sexual advantage yet I was hopelessly pinned and unable to move an inch. I could only lie there submissively as the big buxom muscle girl kissed me slowly but passionately for a long time. There was nothing that I could do as her lips forced open my mouth so that her tongue could ravish the inside. Utterly helpless and unable to resist, she abused my mouth with a ruthless domination that felt so intrusive and sexual in nature. The tactile sensations combined with the feeling of total submissiveness inflamed my desires even more. By the time she had finished French-kissing me I was exhausted and gasping for air with my heart beating fast and a hard throbbing dick beating against her gusset.

Allowing me no time to recover, Sheena secured both of my hands using just one of hers and kept them firmly pressed against the carpet above my head. With her big breasts squashed up around my neck like crazy balloons she brought the other arm up in front of my face. Her huge biceps swelled to an unreal size literally before my eyes. “That’s what hard work does for a girl” she crowed “Gives her big muscles stronger than the average guy can handle”. She kept flexing that enormous muscular mound before my face and frankly having that thing bulge in front of my nose was unbelievably intimidating. “Kiss it” she demanded as those fearfully big, peaked iron-hard biceps swelled only a hair’s breath away from my mouth. “Kiss it, lick it, suck on it or they’ll unscrew your head right off your neck” she said so forcefully that I dared not refuse. With a strong twitch in my pants, I puckered up my lips and began kissing. The feel of that iron-hard muscle on my lips drove me to greater passion and I began to explore their smooth-skinned might as best I could with my lips and then stretching with my tongue to reach the steely curves that my lips couldn’t reach. “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Jim. You’ll just have to accept that I’m strong than you” she taunted. Unable to do anything else other than worship her I kept kissing and licking that big dense ball of muscle while the lust in my pants strained against her slot. “It’s almost as big as your face” she giggled with glee as I continued to pay my respects.

To my disappointment Sheena suddenly released my hands then sat back on my lap with her legs astride my waist. “Well that was fun but I’m sure you want to get back to your painting” she said with a wicked smirk then made to rise. Surprising myself, my hands darted out to grab her wrist to stop her, desperate to feel more of her amazing arms. “No, please Sheena” I was actually begging. I kept staring at the big swelling in each upper arm. Even relaxed her biceps were very noticeable and I wanted to experience more of their strength. The expression on her rounded chubby face showed amusement at the effect she was having on me after all this time of ignoring her. “Sheena, please. You are so strong. Please show me more” I begged like a silly kid.

“What! really, Jim?” she laughed kneeling by my side then flexed those monsters in a side biceps pose before my face. They were truly a formidable sight that only made me want to experience them all the more. “You’re not strong enough to handle these” she teased, rocking her forearm back and forth making that ball of muscle constantly morph from sheer thickness to awesome peaks. “Or are you really that blind to what’s in front of your face”. Taunting me by tensing those arms just made me want to feel her strength all the more and I ended up begging like a whiny kid. I know it was dumb but the only thing I could think of was to challenge her to an arm-wrestle. The mocking laughter that was her response made my ears burn but I gradually wore her down with my persistence, either that or she just wanted to shut me up.

So it was that we lay on the carpet on our bellies facing each other with our right elbows on the floor next to each other, forearm to forearm, hands entwined in the classic set-up for arm-wrestling. Sheena tried to look tough. “Scared?” she sneered then wrapped the mighty mass on her upper arm with her knuckles to show how solid it sounded. It completely dwarfed my puny arm and it wasn’t even flexed! Nevertheless I really wanted to do this. I didn’t understand how girls could have far bigger biceps than guys but it really turned me on. Ever since discovering images of muscular women, I fantasized about meeting and being overpowered by such a woman, yet never thought it would become reality. The size of her muscle was intimidating as were her strong looking forearms. As her chubby hand clamped mine I winced in pain at her ferocious grip. It was like she was crushing all the bones in my hand. “What? You want to give up already?” she mocked. “No. Get on with it” I growled through gritted teeth hoping the tears didn’t show in my eyes. “In that case. Going down in 3. 1..2” “Argh!” I yelped as a massive unstoppable wall of muscular force slammed the back of my hand into the carpet within the blink of an eye.

“Wow that was easy!” Sheena exclaimed unnecessarily. I was gob-smacked. I had expected to be able to put up some kind of resistance but she was so strong that I never had a chance. She didn’t even waste any time making a show of how weak I was and just slammed my arm right down in a heartbeat. “Do you want another go?” she asked with a scornful smile. “Prove to you that it wasn’t just a fluke?” she sneered. There was no point, her arms were just too strong. I shook my head still shocked by the sheer power I had just experienced and, embarrassingly, sporting quite a throbber in my trousers.

With a dismissive look and a knowing smirk, Sheena stood up and stepped over me heading towards the sofa. So close to her large bulbous shaped calves I stared at their wildly exaggerated shape. Given her slim ankles and large width across the top of her calves, they resembled upturned milk-bottles and were undoubtedly eye-catching. As she passed I turned around on the floor to follow her progress and was pleasantly surprised by how they formed a hard swelling mass with hints of strong shapes beneath. Turning around to face me, she lowered herself onto the sofa. As she did, the hem of her skirt rode up revealing sturdy thighs and very deep hamstrings with a beautiful curvaceous shape. Now that she was seated, the calves were like big rounded semi-spheres of muscle pushing out from the back of her lower legs with a deep cleft dividing the muscle heads. I loved women with muscular calves and often found myself following some poor woman down the street watching her sexy calves bulge and flex reluctant to stop but wary of her glancing around and catching me. Although I knew that Sheena had large calves, I’d just assumed that they would be smooth and rounded. I certainly never expected to be as sexily muscled as this and the sight practically left me drooling.

Sheena watched in amusement as I crawled along the carpet until I reached the foot of the sofa. Reaching her feet I pushed myself between her legs forcing her knees apart, my hands making a bee-line for her calves. “Oh Sheena!” I groaned, completely blown away as the beautifully rounded meaty shapes grew incredibly hard beneath my fingertips. Sheena was raising her feet onto her toes causing her calves to flex into extremely powerful muscle. They grew so big that I am blown away as my hands are forced out sideways by the iron-hard mass by quite some distance. I am once again gob-smacked by the sheer size of the muscles on this otherwise unassuming plump geek girl. Although I was very much enjoying feeling her huge granite-like calves the sight of her relaxed biceps looking so enormous by her sides, once more grabbed my attention.

Like a horny slug, I crawled up Sheena’s body towards those mounds of my desire. Running my hands along her sides, they only got as far as chest level before her big wobbling man-magnets irresistibly pulled them in. Unable to resist, I tried cupping her low-hanging breasts to discover that they were far too big and spilled over like some strange female jelly. “Orrrr so big!” I moan while indulging myself squashing and massaging the wonderfully large bosom loosely contained beneath her tight top. “So are these” she exclaimed as with an inevitability she raised her short arms and with a teasing smile that I actually found stirring, slowly bent her forearms towards her head with fists clenched. Once again I felt weak and overawed at the sight of her thick arms flexing into power-packed peaks of muscle. As her scary big biceps rose so did her breasts like a pair of beach balls being inflated beneath her top, rising like erotic twin moons in the V neck. How is a poor lad meant to cope with such a libido-inflaming sight? It was just too much and my dick felt as if it would burst like a fountain at any moment. Unable to control my lust any longer I threw myself at her and begin kissing her passionately. “Ohh Sheena!” I moan like an idiot unable to stop running my hands back and forth along her mighty biceps while kissing her with fervent desire.

Engrossed in my devotions, I am vaguely aware of Sheena raising her legs. The feel of her large and soft thighs encompassing my middle was comforting and intimate like a lover’s embrace although it felt a bit tight as she folded her calves across my lower back. “Orragh!” I groan as she locked her ankles and the tightness became worryingly more uncomfortable. Instinctively my hands moved to the big legs surrounding me to enjoy the silky smooth feel of her nylons stretched over wide curvaceous thighs. “Woooaagggh!” I gasp as they suddenly turn steely hard beneath my fingers, expanding irresistibly outwards, squeezing my waist with a terrifying force that nearly stole my breathe away. “Strong aren’t they?” she chuckled with an amused smirk of arrogant superiority watching me with my hands pressing down upon the top of her enormous thighs struggling desperately to prise them away from my sides. “Oh, stop wriggling Jim or I’ll crush you out of existence” she berated. “No!” I gasped with my eyes screwed tight and my cheeks raised as my mouth dropped open in a mask of agony. “You can’t do this to me” I was shocked at the exertion needed to force out the words. “Can’t I?” she chuckled. “Just try and stop me”.

Her words spurred me on to try to get to my feet thinking that would break her devastating leggy grip. As I pushed myself away I felt encouraged as Sheena’s torso slid down the back cushion of the sofa. However her ferociously tight legs clung on relentlessly. “Arghhh!” I cried out as an unworldly powerful wave of pure muscular strength flexed around my middle so hard that I feared it would cause serious internal damage and cripple me for life. They really were like a pair of blunt scissors trying to crush their way sideways through my body to cut me in two. “Orrrr please Sheena!” I beg unable to cope with the sheer power flowing through her legs and collapsing back down on top of her. Brutally strong, her thighs exerted an excruciating inward pressure against my sides that was unbearable. “Where I work, the nuns don’t allow lifts and make us walk up and down stairs carrying heavy equipment day in day out” she teased as her big legs completely immobilised me. “It makes my legs pretty strong, don’t you think?”. It was like my sides were being squeezed by a car crusher and I found myself rocking back and forth dementedly in vain, stuck fast between brutally strong legs clad in sexy sheer nylons. Panting loudly like a steam train, my hands explore the leggy man-trap while Sheena watched clearly amused. Everywhere I feel is vast and unforgivably hard. “Orrrrrr! Orrrr! Orrrr!” I grunt in short bursts as her huge muscular thighs flex rhythmically battering me helpless. “Come on. I’m only a girl. Surely you can beat a girl?” she taunts watching me intently as I suffer from the terrifying intense pressure of her dense rock hard legs. I opened my mouth to scream but her bulging thighs had stopped any sound escaping. Utterly helpless all I could do was frantically tap my hands on her thighs. “Are you having fun yet?” she asked sarcastically. With my hands pressing down upon her hard thighs and my face burning red as I gasped in desperation to breathe, all I could was shake my head with vigour and gasp with relief as the awful squeeze eased off slightly.

Relief was short-lived as to my astonishment Sheena’s big man-destroying legs bodily lifted me onto the sofa, rolling me onto my side to face her lying lengthwise along the seat cushions. I feel like the sausage meat between her buns of muscle, crushed helpless by outrageously strong big chunky thighs. Thick slabs of hard muscle bulged in her wide outer thighs crushing any thought of resistance. Defeat by her unquestionably feminine legs seemed more humiliating than by her arms and I knew I lacked the strength to stop her total domination. Holding onto my head with her arms she pulled my face close to hers, examining my agonised features in minute detail as if studying the lethal effects of her legs upon the human male. “I bet I can squeeze you unconsciousness between my strong thighs” The words trickled sensuously from her mouth like nectar and to my surprise made my dick beat hard against the inside of my trousers. “And I bet I can make it last a very long time” Sheena’s dominant talk was really exciting. She pursed her lips before continuing with a wicked twinkle in her eye. “If you don’t want to find out whether I can, you will kiss me like you really mean it” she said in a cold commanding tone. Totally dominated by her remarkably strong body and surprising dominant nature I just lose it and kiss her with rising passion while writhing in agony between her shockingly powerful thighs.

Trapped in her tight leggy prison for what seemed like a side-splitting eternity, I kept kissing until Sheena suddenly grabbed my face and plunged it into the dark recess of her cleavage. Any thought of coming up for air was stymied as her strong arms wrapped around the back of my head locking my face in place while her thighs crushed my waist. To top it all, I felt her fingers trace the outline of the bulge in my trousers while murmuring in appreciation. I must admit that it felt good but when she began toying with the zip of my flies it just became irritating and so tried to brush away her hand. “Worrrr!” I cried out in pain as fearsome tsunami of female muscular leggy power makes me fear for my life. Pulling my face from her suffocating bosom by the back of my hair Sheena looked right in my eye with a ferocious glare. “This is mine now” she declared over the wild beating of my heart in my ears. Slowly she unzipped my trousers and her hand enclosed the stiff package within. “Interfere again and I’ll wrap my legs around your chest and see how many ribs I can break” she growled. Her sudden aggression was exciting but scary as I didn’t know whether the normally softly spoken girl was serious or just role-playing. The soft hairstyle flopping gently over her forehead and down over her ears caressing her rounded face just emphasised her feminity even as her eyes bored into mine like diamond tip drills.

I know what you’re thinking: If she is so much of a girly girl why don’t you fight back, you wimp. Believe me, I tried, frantically pushing and pulling at her thick arms and literally breath-taking legs but to no avail. It was like a fly trying to fight an elephant. Sheena might be a short dumpy geek girl but her strength was phenomenal and there was nothing that I could to stop this short powerhouse of feminine muscle from riding rough-shot all over me. Each time I looked pleadingly into her eyes she would squeeze her powerful thighs until I begged for mercy. Unable to stop her, Sheena slipped an arm around my neck and pulled my head close to her shoulder so she could look me right in the eye while I had a distracting view of the large mounds of her breast down the front of her top. “I’m really enjoying this ” she tells me although I couldn’t agree. The feel of that short but thick arm with the prominent ball of muscle against the side of my neck while my waist is held immobile in her huge legs terrifies me. Her formidable looking forearm begins to fold in towards me and in panic I grab it to try and stop it. In despair I find myself too feeble to even slow it as it closes and is locked off with her other hand. Even with her arms relaxed I can feel those big balls of muscle pressing ominously against my neck enough to make me tap like crazy, too terrified to even think what would happen if she flexed them. If Sheena understood what my tapping meant she took no notice. “No..argh!” I groan as my eyes went right out of focus with just the merest tightening of her arm. It felt like a cannon-ball was being pushed into the side of my neck.

“Sheena no..urk!” her brawny forearm tightened across my throat choking off any protest. “Grkkk!” I can only croak as that mighty mound of solid muscle expands against my throat. At the same time her thighs tighten as if I needed reminding that I was utterly powerless to stop the short stocky young woman handling me like a rag doll. I placed my hands upon her legs to push and tug in a futile effort to budge those nylon clad pythons swallowing my middle. With my head locked in her arms and held close to her shoulder, Sheena’s face was intimately close as it stared into my eyes with obvious amusement at my puny efforts at resistance. “Oh Jim!” she chuckled “I’m haven’t even began squeezing yet”. Hopelessly trapped with her arms and legs around me I felt as if I were being swallowed up by the sheer enormity of her power-packed limbs.

“I often see Matron Charles up at the hospital in town” she informed me as I struggled in vain in her big all-encompassing thighs. “I think you would like her, she’s your kind of woman. Except you’re mine” she added with a little squeeze of her legs that had me tapping frantically until she eased off. “Don’t you forget that Jim” she told me sternly. What she said next chilled me to the bone. “She taught me how to sedate a man without the need for anaesthetic by just using my arms” she told me proudly. In panic my hands flew to my neck and felt the thick dense wall of unyielding feminine arm locked around it and knew that she could do whatever she wanted with me and there was nothing I could do about it. “I just have to position my arm here” she explained as those hand rounded peaks positioned themselves against the side of my neck while pulling my face against the side of her phenomenal breasts as if I needed reminding that I was being thrashed by a very feminine young woman. “Then give a hard squeeze and…” “Argkk!” I croaked as her arms ballooned up to an unreal size even as her giant legs swelled up tightly to keep me locked in place. I suddenly felt very nauseous and weak while the room closed in and darkened all around me in a suffocating instant.

“Urrrgghh!” I awake with a start, for a moment unable to recall what the hell was going on. The feel of Sheena’s big thighs sandwiched around my waist while one arm rested around my neck brought it all back in a shocking instant. With shock I realised that she had knocked me out with her big arms. Somehow the idea that she had robbed me of seconds of my life really terrified me but I was too scared of what else she might do to me to complain. “I told you that you weren’t strong enough to handle me, Jim” she chuckled staring right into my eyes as her hand slid to the front of my trousers. This time I daren’t resist as she released my erect dick. Helplessly trapped between her immense solid thighs, I’m hers to play with, and play with it she does, slowly stroking it in a firm grip in a way that just makes it grow all the harder. “You might as well lay there and enjoy it, lover” she whispered seductively in my ear. “Because you’re going nowhere unless I allow it” she purred building up my erection in long slow strokes. I was just a toy for her amusement and there was nothing I could do about it. Any attempt to struggle just resulted in her biceps bulging to an enormous size such that my neck felt frighteningly puny compared to their awesome mass. “Stop struggling or I’ll crush your puny neck and rip your dick off for good measure” she growled. Her arm was so hard and mighty that my throat lost the fight and gave way as it swelled to maximum size. I was petrified as I swear I could feel that hard peak lodged deep in my throat. “Look how hard it’s growing. I bet you would like me to bring you off with my hand?” she teased as her strong hand continued to pump my dick very stiff indeed. I had to admit that she was very good with her hand! “I demonstrated I could dominate you physically” she whispered into my ear barely audible over the loud buzzing and the swoosh of my heartbeat. “Now I will show you that I own you sexually as well”. A long wet lick around my ear and along the side of my neck had me writhing helplessly against the tantalising sensations of her tongue against my flesh. “How does it feel to keep losing to a girl?” she whispered followed by another long lick around my ear that turned me into a babbling idiot overwhelmed by the erotic stimulation of her tongue. “Oh Sheena!” I moaned “Please make me cum ohhh I’m begging you” I whimpered weakly as she continued to handle my manhood like it was her possession. “I’m going to make you spurt. Stop me if you can” she whispered. As if to underline the point her mouth totally engulfed my ear with a big sloppy lick that nearly made me cum right there and then, if it wasn’t for the series of hard flexes of her right arm that left me tapping frantically upon the large solid mass swallowing up my neck, unable to draw in even a molecule of air. Even as that big mountain of she-muscle bulged into my throat until I was seeing stars, her other hand constantly aroused my erection. Even with my head swimming right on the edge of consciousness, I reached that point where the only thing that was important to me was for her to pick up the pace so that I could come to orgasm. With my throat squeezed so tight rendering me unable to beg, my body’s instincts kicked in and I began to buck my hips trying to increase the speed of my throbbing dick sliding through her other hand.

“Oh you dirty pig!” Sheena exclaimed as her hand stopped leaving me with a desperate desire for an orgasm. Opening her big legs and releasing my neck, she gave me such a tough stare that I dared not complain. Extremely frustrated I could only watch as Sheena sat up leaving me lying across her lap looking up at the large cliff edge of bust protruding overhead within an easy arm’s reach except I was now too scared to dare move. Looking down at me with a wicked smile, she raised her right arm and flexed her awesome biceps once more accompanied by her big breasts rising beneath her top causing me to groan with desire. “Yes, this is what you really want to make love to isn’t it Jim?” she said with a saucy chuckle. To my astonishment, she leant forwards over my crotch and hooked the crook of her arm around my rigid erection. Folding her forearm slightly inwards, it grew even stiffer as she trapped my throbbing manhood between the flats of the forearm and the lower slopes of that big solid ball of rounded muscle. Slowly she flexed her mighty biceps and I moaned loudly in excitement as I felt it swell massively against my dick. “Orrrr Sheena! You Goddess Ohhh!” I moaned in ecstatic delirium with the feel of such raw female power bulging against my manhood in erotic stimulation beyond my dreams. “Feel that hard muscle against your cock” she exclaimed. Her iron-hard biceps grew and fell in constant movement beneath her soft smooth skin driving me insane with desire. “Imagine how easily they could crush it” she chuckled. Against such sensual use of mass muscle I was reduced to a moaning lust-crazed imbecile getting uncontrollably stiffer and more erect by the second. “Oh sexy sexy muscle” and other inanities left my lips as my brain went into sex-mad fug. Those mighty peaks of power were too sexy for a guy like me to handle. “You’re getting close Jim. My big strong muscles are going to make you spurt” she chuckled. “So big, so hard ohhhh Sheena!” I moaned like crazy trying to manically thrust my hips against her pumping mounds. Iron-hard tall female biceps sheathed in silky smooth feminine skin moved and slid beneath her skin against my rigid manhood while her large bust dangled in her tight top a short distance above. I stood no chance. “Do you like being woman-handled by big hard muscles?” she purred “Oh you do” she added. “Orrrr Sheena!” I groaned as the skin-warm solid mass was not the only thing to get pumped up. “Oh Sheena Sheena!” I moaned in ecstasy as her flexing biceps took me to places I’d never experienced before with the pressure building up until it became too much. “Nnnnarr nnnarrr nnnnarrr!” I moaned in explosive gasps as those huge biceps squeezed my throbbing dick until I could hold back no more and began sending huge globs of cum shooting towards the floor while bucking my hips franctically. “Orrrrr oorrrr nnnnaghh nnnaghh nnaghh” So aroused was I that I came with such vigour that it was like a fountain covering those mammoth muscles with my seed as if honouring them with my essence. I came hard and I came long with those sexy muscles continuing to pump out more until I could pump no more.

“It’s over Jim. I win” Sheena exclaimed with a wide grin. With a contented sigh and feeling drained, I watched numbly as a fearsome arm reached down and pulled me into a sitting position in her lap. Flexing those cum-splattered peaks right in front of my face, I was intimated by their sheer size and powerful appearance. “Look at the mess you made, lover” Sheena purred in a voice that had a hard menacing edge to it. “You better clean it up right now with your tongue” she told me thrusting those frightening peaks right into my face. “Please Sheena, no” I begged as I struggled to move back. The thought of licking my own sperm from her muscles was too revolting to consider. Maybe I paused too long for the muscular geek girl flung herself at me easily overpowering me and wrapping an arm around the back of my neck then pulling me against her side. The big bulge in her arm pressed painfully against the side of my face. I struggled in vain to even raise my head as her arm crushed me tight against her body. “What do you think will happen if I start flexing these biceps around your neck?” she asked and I realised with a start that the terrifying muscle was still in it’s relaxed state. As if to demonstrate she flexed that huge rounded mass of muscle and I was instantly crying for mercy. Her biceps grew so large that it was pushing painfully against my jawline trying to separate my skull from my neck. I was desperately tapping against her beefy arm praying that she would show mercy before she bust my jaw.

Holding my head with one arm in sheer jaw-busting agony, Sheena positioned her other arm right against my mouth and flexed again. “Clean it” she growled in a terrifying tone that brooked no argument. Trying to hold back the tears of pain and degradation I had no choice but to lick my mess from those mounds of power. My tongue was hardly doing a good job cleaning her muscles and I knew that Sheena was just bullying me, but I was in no position to argue. Sheena was simply too strong. It was disgusting and if I thought about it, made me feel ill. However after a short while I found myself actually enjoying licking her big hard muscles. Apparently satisfied with my performance on her left arm, she changed arms and forced me to repeat the task on the other. Which by this stage I was only too happy to oblige. Oh Lord look at the size of them! So peaked and hard. She was an absolute mass muscle Goddess and I was not surprised to find my dick stiffening in rigid salute. Oh God they were so intimidating. How could any man hope to handle biceps like that on a woman?

With her peaks worshipped to her satisfaction, Sheena caught me by surprise when she suddenly slammed me on my back to the floor. Leaping on top of me, her dense heavy body steam-rolled right over me. Pinned beneath, I felt her large calves slide beneath my knees and her feet hook against the sides of my lower legs. “Argh!” I cried as pain struck me like a lightning bolt shooting up the insides of my crotch. “No, No” I begged as a mind-blowing force ripped my legs apart as if pulling a wishbone. The joints and ligaments in my legs screamed in agony as they were wrenched violently apart. Crippled in the most overwhelming power I’d ever felt my hands slid down to the source of that agony to discover Sheena’s very ample backside was now like two balls of stone flexing hard inside her tights. “No! Please stop” I begged but she just ignored me with a look of smug superiority. “What’s the matter Jim?” she sneered “Can’t you handle your new girlfriend?” she chuckled. I always thought the grapevine press hold looked so sexy in pictures of woman wrestling men but now that I was on the receiving end I discovered how crippling painful it was. “This is the first time I’ve beaten up a man and God!” she shouted. “It makes me so wet. I want to do it again and again”. Rearing her torso right back until it was angled over me, white-hot lances of pain shot up the inside of my crotch. With tears in my eyes from the sheer joint-busting pain, I could only watch as she first removed her top and then, with rising anticipation, her big bra.

“Orrrgh!” despite the sheer pain in my crotch the sight of her mammoth breasts dangling free above my face was truly groin-hardening. “Will you stop touching me up” she complained as my hands slid along the back of her legs exploring the large dense curves of her strong hamstrings. Grabbing my hands Sheena had no trouble in powering them effortlessly back to each side of my head. Lowering her huge breasts towards my face I couldn’t take my eyes off their magnificence until they were swinging with the nipples lightly brushing my nose, gently teasing me. “You like my boobs don’t you Jim?” she asked needlessly “Why don’t you take a closer look”. Before I could answer, that big full wide bust dropped right down upon my face burying it in her deep cleavage. “Mmmm! Mmmmm!” I moaned into that dark warm stuffy place. You might think it very sexy to have your face between the breasts of a very well-endowed woman but let me tell you, with her upper body pressing down behind it, her bust swallowed my face completely with my nose wedged tight between her large mounds closing my nostrils making it difficult to breathe. To make matters worse her mighty arms wrapped around the back of my head to keep me firmly in place while pressing the sides of her breasts making them form big suffocating mounds upon either side of my face blocking out the light and sealing off my air. “Mmm mmmm!” “Oh you lucky man. I bet most men would love to be stuck up there” she chuckled. Once again, Sheena surprised me by her utter ruthlessness by flexing her backside to blast agonising waves of pain through her legs over and over again that had me crying into her suffocating breasts.

After what seemed an eternity of having my legs ripped out of their sockets she raised herself upon her arms letting those big breasts dangle into my face. I was surprised by the weight of one of them as she plopped it down on my face with the nipple against my mouth. Demanding that I lick it, I was too scared to refuse. Despite the pain searing through the insides of my crotch, being subjugated like this and forced to lick her nipples kept my dick hard. Raising herself up on her arms she swung her large breasts from side to side causing them to batter my face. It was like getting repeatedly hit in the face by a punch bag and I surprised by how much those heavy melons could hurt. “I’ve got you where I want you, Jim and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it” she chuckled as she kept my legs spread wide with seemingly no effort. “Orrrr! Please, please, you win Sheena” I begged in defeat. Finally wrapping her arm around my neck she locked it in place as tight as any clamp. Her face lowered itself intimately close to mine before her wide mouth puckered up and and began kissing my lips passionately. I was too weak to resist as her tongue violated my mouth, probing deep inside while engaging in what seemed like a bout of tongue wrestling which she was of course winning. To make matters worse, after a short while of being snogged by her Sheena began thrusting her crotch against me rhythmically while making soft sensual moaning noises. I was unable to do anything except lie there and let her rub herself off against my prone incapacitated body. Soon she began to press down really hard in long slow thrusts while moaning increasingly loudly leaving me in no doubt that she was sexually abusing me. I was crying out so loud in agony it was a wonder the neighbours didn’t come around to complain.

After several long agonising minutes of crotch thrusting, Sheena finally released me from that crippling hold. Turning around, she crouched over my head then to my horror her large posterior began to descend towards my face. My legs were so stiff and painful that I couldn’t even move to get out of the way. The sight of those big rounded orbs getting closer both fascinated me and scared me. I was gob-smacked when at the last moment, she stopped to pull down her pantyhose from around her backside. Fascination turned to panic as that big backside plopped right down upon my face driving my nose up between her buttocks. Thankfully she wore a decent pair of knickers and did not smell down there. “You’re in your rightful place at last” I heard her chuckle. As the plump girl sat on my face, I heard the light silky rasping as she removed her tights before leaning forwards along my body to remove my socks, trousers and pants. Once more she began manhandling my dick as her toy, all the while humming this annoying tune. It sounded familiar but couldn’t place it until she began singing “Under my bum” to the melody of “Under my thumb” by The Rolling Stones before breaking down in gales of laughter.

Despite feeling light-headed through the difficulty of breathing in such a tight damp space, my dick grew excessively hard in her strong hands while my balls tightened. “Your dick is mine to play with, Jim” I heard her crow. “What are you going to do about?” she taunted. “Nothing! because you’re stuck under my fat arse” she said then burst out laughing. Playing with my cock in her hands, she alternately stimulated it to hardness with slow long firm strokes followed by bouts of painful crushing of the shaft and balls in her strong hands. As I lay in this humiliating position with a plump young woman sitting her big backside on my face exerting her sexual dominance over me, I realised that I was really very turned on by the whole experience. Sheena was treating me like her bitch and I had no choice but to accept it. Her rough handling of my manhood had made it hard and springy like a car aerial. It was embarrassing that she was controlling me sexually but what could I do? In truth, I was terrified although aroused by her transformation from a meek dumpy geek girl into a powerful muscular dominant she-devil. “Oh I love wrestling you Jim” she exclaimed. “We are having such fun together, well I am anyway” she laughed in amusement. She placed a finger on the head of my cock and firmly pressed my dick down against my belly then released it. My dick was so stiff it sprang right back to point up at the ceiling. “Orrr!” I moaned mentally. If she kept on doing that I’d be blasting another load in no time but Sheena had other ideas.

That big backside rose from my face allowing me to gratefully gulp down fresh air. “All these years you’ve been ignoring me” Sheena accused getting to her feet. “But as soon as I take off my top and flex my muscles”. She emphasised this by flexing her right arm which looked just as intimidating from the back as it did from the front. “You turn into a sex-crazed monster who can’t keep his hands off me” she added. Was she teasing? I thought she fancied me? “Do you know what? I enjoyed kicking your ass” she said proudly. I suddenly realised how much this shock discovery of her big muscles had affected me. As she turned her back on me to pick up her discarded clothes, a big chasm opened up inside me and my heart fell right into it! With a shock I realised that I was addicted to her now and somehow belonged to her. The sight of the short dumpy girl wearing nothing but a pair of knickers with her back to me was irresistible. I crept up from behind and wrapped my arms around her middle then slid them up to cup her huge breasts. “Orrr! Sheena. I need you so bad” I groaned pulling myself against her back with my aching erection pressing right into the groove between her buttocks. “Really, Jim?” she said scornfully. I was enjoying the feel of pressing myself against her near-naked body with my stiff erection sliding upwards into an arse crack that I could quite happily work myself off over while feeling her wonderful breasts. “Ohhhh Sheena!” I groaned and began kissing the nape of her thick neck. “Get in that bedroom now and I’ll show you what I can do with this inside you” I tried to sound as macho as I could. “You’re asking for it mister and you’re getting it” she growled before clamping her hands upon mine then ripping them away from her body in the blink of an eye.

Whirling around to face me, I was confronted by the sight of a topless very big busted girl with a fierce look of determination and both fists raised. That was a scary sight as it made her big biceps bulge in a very menacing manner. Jeez! she looked huge. Those biceps were probably 2 thirds the size of her face and oozed potent feminine power that made me weak at the knees. “If you know what’s good for you Jim, you’ll sit back down and shut up” she warned. The way her huge wide breasts jiggled and bounced as she maintained that intimidating fight stance drove me wild with desire for her. She was playing tough, right? She fancied me and wouldn’t really hit me. “Orrr! Sheena please I want to worship you all night long” I groaned and stepped forwards towards the object of my desire.

Paying too much attention to Sheena’s heaving bare breasts her chunky right arm caught me off-guard, moving much faster than I would have expected. “Boaarghhh!” my breath exploded through my lips as my whole world caved in. Her balled up fist drove deep into the soft quivering flesh of my belly, totally immobilising me in a heartbeat. My body instantly folded forwards over in crippling agony feeling totally destroyed. “Woar woar” I gasped, doubled over with severe stomach cramps unable to stand straight. It was sheer agony even to get those out while the topless buxom girl stood over me sneering at me with her thick bulging arms keeping her fists raised while those big mammaries wobbled in a highly teasing manner.

“Oh come on! That was only a gentle tap” she sneered clearly not impressed. “Just think what will happen if I punched you in anger”. It didn’t bear thinking about, those huge biceps would probably drive her fist right through my body and out the other side. There were tears in my eyes as my diaphragm refused to work while I was crippled over like a u-pin with excruciating cramps in my gut unable to stand up straight. “Give it up Jim, not only am I stronger than you but I’ve made you cry” Sheena sneered taking a step towards me. I freaked out scared that she was going to hit me and threw a wild punch in defence. To my horror my forearm slammed into the back of hers as if it were a like I had just rammed it against an iron post, coming to a painful juddering halt.

Frozen in terror I watched her fist rocket towards my face powered by her fearsome bulging biceps, her enormous bare boobs heaving as she swung her arm. Argh! I cried mentally as her fist connected with my jaw like the hammer of the Gods. Fireworks went off in my head blinding me as my head snapped back towards the ceiling with my jaw hurting so bad I thought it was dislocated. Driven by her powerful muscles, I felt my whole body lift from the floor and go plummeting backwards on a collision course with the carpet.

“What’s the matter Jim?” Sheena sneered “I thought you were going to have your wicked way with me?”. Her thick strong thighs came into view as my eyes regained focus. “Unless you want to end up in hospital, I suggest you don’t try that again” my eyes travelled upwards to her large heaving bosom then her formidable arms. I had never been punched in the face before in my life and the way my jaw was aching I never wanted to be again, especially by this big muscle geek.

Sheena took a step towards me and I panicked making a mad scramble to gain my feet, but the muscular geek girl got there first. Crouching before me, she slipped one arm around the back of my legs and the other around my waist. To my utter amazement I found myself being swept into the air cradled like a baby. Of course my dick thrashed rigidly once more at the sheer strength of the girl as she lifted me with ease. “Woah!” I yelped as an exhilarating surge pressed my body high over her head until I could almost touch the ceiling. My bodyweight was nothing to a short geeky looking girl with big rounded biceps like hers. “Why, you’re as light as a feather, Jim” she chuckled as she effortlessly walked around the room while holding me above her. Experiencing her sheer raw strength was completely overwhelming and utterly mind-blowing as well as dick-hardening. Finally she lowered me cradling me like a baby level with her chest. “I’m hardly the skinny beauty queen types you usually fancy” her eyes stared at me through her large glasses. “I know you find me plain and geeky” she said as she looked into my eyes. It was true, as the song went she was not exactly pretty, she was not exactly tall. “But I’ve seen how my muscles turn you into a lust-crazed fool” That was certainly true. “Feel the strong arms holding you up like a helpless child, go on feel them” she ordered. I stretched out my hand and placed it on her large shoulder caps and ran it down the front of her thick upper right arm which was swelling like she had a cannon-ball in there. Once more the feeling of absolute muscular power of a somehow strongly feminine nature shocked me. Sheena’s eyes purposely glanced at my hard erection upright and lurching in desire. “Oh yes, I’m having some of that Jim” she chuckled in a saucy tone and then planted a big sloppy kiss on me slipping her tongue inside my mouth and ravishing me.

“Wow Jim!” she gasped as she finally broke off the lingering kiss allowing me to breathe once more. Her eyes were wide and feverish and she spoke with a passion that was both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. “You’ve woken a feeling of empowerment that I barely suspected within me” she crowed “all these years I’ve fancied you and you were never interested. Well now I’m having you whether you like it or not” I was so aware of her big strong arms holding me up that I daren’t say anything to upset her. “I’ve made you cum with my big guns, now it’s your turn to return the pleasure” she chuckled “You can try to resist me of course, in fact I’d love it if you did” She let that sink in staring into my eyes. “Because dominating you physically blooming well turns me on and I’m going to dominate you in the bedroom over and over until you completely satisfy me”. With that she turned and carried me cradled in her big strong arms to the small bedroom at the back of the maisonette.

Raising my body up over her head with no more effort than had I been a sack of feathers, she let me stare closely at the ceiling for a while savouring the raw power of her big hard rounded peaks before throwing me down onto the bed. Whipping off her panties she quickly straddled me. As I looked up at her naked torso looking up above me with her huge breasts dangling above, she flexed both of her enormous biceps in victory. “Time to give me a good seeing to, muscle-lover boy” she teased. The sight of those mighty muscles flexing and twitching got me hard in no time. Raising her big rounded buttocks, she guided her crotch and slit directly over my manhood. Although feeling completely subjugated, I arched my groin upward in desire for that heaven. “Orrrr Sheena!” I groaned as she plunged herself down upon my erect shaft sliding midway down it. “Urghh!” she growled thrusting her crotch hammering it all the way down. “Orrrrr!” I moaned in bliss as Sheena began to ride in long slow strokes that had me moaning at the sensual wonderful that surrounded my manhood. She began to ride me long and hard with a top-heavy body that could keep me hard for ages. “Orrr Jim!” she moaned “I love the power-rush of being on top of you and banging you hard” she exclaimed in a voice taut with emotion. “Do you see my muscles?” she taunted, hitting and posing a huge double biceps while riding my cock. Perched beneath her looking up, they seemed absolutely enormous and so much more formidable than I knew I could handle that my cock actually lurched growing in stiffness inside of her. “Are these muscles too strong for you?” she teased  “Are my geek girl muscles stronger than yours?” “Ohh yes Sheena” I groaned in pure lust as she increased the tempo to ride me like crazy. “You are so much stronger than me and that really turns me on”

As she increased the tempo even more I placed my hands on either side of her wide thrusting hips. Her wide low-slung breasts were thrashing around like uncontrolled punch bags and I tried to cup them with my hands but their sheer weight and momentum as she rode me furiously made it impossible to keep hold of them. Sheena’s double biceps had sagged a little since she had originally flexed them in victory but when I reached up to place my hands on the hard sweeping curves on the undersides of her upper arms she re-flexed them in fury, moaning loudly as I felt their sheer mass staggered at their size. “Ohhh so big, so massive, ohhhh Sheena!” I moaned loudly as her biceps pumped to a formidable size while furiously humping me while making these loud ecstatic moans. “Oh feck! Oh feck! Oh feck!” she cried then suddenly went absolutely berserk, humping me so vigorously I was scared she was going pound me right through the bed. I was so overwhelmed by the sensations of a big muscle girl taking me that I just lost it. “Orrr Orrrr Orrrr!” I was staggered to find myself cumming yet again with no less strength than before. “Orrrr orrrr Goddddda!” she screamed still flexing her powerful biceps and thrusting her wide hips back and forth as she hit her climax that seemed to go on for forever.

Shagged out, we spent the next hour or so cuddling and canoodling on the bed until we decided that we better get up, get dressed and clean up before Diana and Carol returned. The next few days you know what we were doing when my sister was out with her friend. I’d never imagine that I would worship Sheena’s big muscles and get humped by her so much. Sheena has agreed to come for 2 weeks in the summer on her own. I thought I’d get some weights to muscle up a bit, although I’m not really keen on exercising. But I know in my heart that no matter what I do I’d still be no match for her and that’s the way I like it. Will the short bulky geek looking muscle girl agree to let me become her boyfriend ? Who knows? Now that she knows that I want her, she is playing it cool and making me beg and work hard for it. But I will show her that I’m worthy enough.

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