Aunt Lilly’s 21st Birthday Present (JP#02)

Woman plans to reward her best friend’s son with his fantasy

I like the way this one turned out thanks to the wonderful vision suggested by Stefano and with whom I had to work quite closely to realise it.

By Jimp based on an idea by Stefano
(c) JIM P 2013

**6 years ago**
Stephen heard the sound of a car engine slowing then stopping outside the house. With excitement he ran to his bedroom window which overlooked the road and saw to his joy a smart shiny blue hatchback which meant only one thing. The door opened and out swung a beautiful long shapely leg sheathed in tan coloured nylon wearing elegant high heeled shoes. With grace another swung out to join it. With the feet primly together on the kerb, Stephen gazed longingly up the two long shins above poised demurely side by side with a flair of calve muscle behind.

Rising elegantly from the driver’s seat unfolded a gorgeous brunette in her early thirties with a wide oval face, bright brown eyes, sleek nose and a small full lipped mouth. Long brown hair curled around a sexy sultry face, from a loose fringe above her slender eyebrows, sweeping over her ears before caressing down her swanlike neck. Her dusky southern Italian looks added to her sexy smouldering appearance that could turn the head of any hot blooded man.

Stephen crouched down low by the window so that he wouldn’t be seen, although sometimes she did. His hand inexorably went to the front of his trousers and began rubbing. ‘Aunt’ Lilly always looked sensational wearing trendy clothes that suited her shapely figure just right. She was ‘full bodied and elegant’ as she liked to remind her mother. Just slightly the wrong side of slim, maybe slightly plump but not fat, with an appealing hourglass figure. An ample bust and a nice peach of a backside also caught many men’s attention but these weren’t the assets that Stephen admired the most. His heart beat faster as his eyes drank in the sight below the waist. Aunt Lilly always wore skirts or dresses, whatever the occasion. She never wore trousers, jeans or slacks declaring that a woman should always look feminine and she was, very feminine. Aunt Lilly also always wore coloured nylons that matched the dusky tanned colour of her skin. She was the perfect image of gorgeous leggy womanhood.

Today, Stephen was pleased to see that Aunt Lilly wore a stylish dress of a delicate egg-shell blue colour made of a light textile that seemed to flow around her thighs like silk as she walked down the path. It seemed to glow warmly in the sunlight revealing tantalising shadowy hints of the long shapely thighs beneath. Although Aunt Lilly never wore short skirts, Stephen could just tell that her legs were long and sensational looking that were just slightly this side of thick and strong rather than slim. The filmy dress clung momentarily to strong looking thighs as she placed a leg forward, the hem raising just enough over the strong lower curve of thigh muscle. Likewise, the thick curve of her hamstrings was accentuated with every step. The teenaged boy’s eyes drank in every second of the wonderful sight below the skirt.

Lilly wasn’t really his aunty, just the best friend of his mother but the lovely brunette had awakened his interest in members of the opposite sex. At 15, he was madly in love with her and knew that she had the best legs of any woman on the planet. He knew without seeing what the view would be like from behind. Rising from slim ankles elevated by her heels, her calves would sweep in a shapely thick semi-teardrop, their allure enhanced by the sensuous sheen of her nylons. Stephen had spent many a long moment watching those calves from the rear getting excited by the way they would turn from large shapely female flesh to hard slabs of rocky muscle as she walked. For the strong sexy legs of his mother’s best friend was one of Stephen’s two driving passions of his teenaged life.

He could just fantasise those sexy strong legs battering him senseless with martial arts kicks. Although Aunt Lilly didn’t actually know martial arts, in Stephen’s imagination her lovely strong legs could wreck a trail of leggy destruction on a whole army of men. Many a wet dream was based on this scenario for these were his two greatest passions; Aunt Lilly’s sexy strong legs and women who did martial arts. Stephen didn’t even last until she’d got to the front door. He messed himself bad and had to rush to the bathroom in embarrassment to clean up before he went down to greet his favourite aunt.

Lilly was around 5 foot 7, slightly taller than he was but only by a few centimetres. She welcomed him warmly giving him a big hug which made him feel great and a friendly smile. Stephen was of average build which made it easy for Lilly to hug and he liked that and the warm but too brief kiss on the cheek. “My little man. You are getting so big” she joked warmly. He breathed in the heady scent of her expensive perfume wishing he could remain in her arms adoring her smouldering sexy face. “Come, come. Let your aunty breathe” fussed his mother. “Go finish your assignment. I’ll check it later” Lilly told him warmly with a smile that could melt the heart of any hard man.

Lilly wasn’t a teacher by profession but she had studied literature and therefore quite skilled in English. Stephen had moved with his family to Britain from Italy a few years ago. And as his mother’s best friend, the gorgeous Lilly agreed to provide a little extra tuition in English. For which he was grateful, not just for the lessons but to spend many hours together with the beautiful elegant woman and be close to her sexy legs. He was a good pupil and very studious while basking in the joyous effect of her warm smiles and words of praise at his good work. Sadly Lilly was married to a man called Brian. Stephen couldn’t understand this relationship, for she was truly an incredible woman, beautiful and sophisticated; whereas he found Brian to be coarse and uncouth. Stephen tried to discretely ask her about this but all she would say was that they had married very young and it was what their families wanted.

Aunt Lilly went off to chat with his mum about women’s stuff, leaving Stephen with no excuse to hang around and watch. Still thinking wistfully about her sexy legs and smouldering good looks, he went back upstairs to his room. Ever the studious pupil, Stephen had finished his assignment days ago. So he settled back sitting across the bed to watch one of his favourite Kung Fu videos, imagining his sexy leggy aunty in place of Angela Mao.

Sometime later, Lilly climbed the stairs to see her student and to go through with him the assignment that she had set him on her last visit. The sophisticated woman knew very well the effect that she had on the teenage boy and felt flattered. It was naughty, but sometimes she would secretly tease him by crossing her legs so that her skirt would ride up with a swish over her stockings to expose a bit more thigh. She loved to watch his reaction as the merest glimpse drove him to such distraction that she would have to order him to concentrate on his work barely able to suppress a smile. It made her feel good to have that effect on such a young man. He worked so hard; it was about time he took an interest in girls.

Reaching the landing, she heard what sounded like a noisy action film coming from his room. In fact it sounded like an old fashioned Kung Fu movie. That didn’t sound like her little man at all. Curious that such a gentle intelligent boy would be watching such violence she quietly opened his bedroom door and peered in.

On the small TV screen opposite was a petite slightly built oriental woman wearing very unflattering slacks and a Chinese style jacket. Lilly frowned in disapproval for the young woman was quite pretty but dressed like that, she might as well been played by a man. Suddenly a large oriental male approached and tried to punch her. The woman was very fast and blocked his fist to the accompaniment of shrill shrieks. Whipping his wrist into the air, she brought it down quickly sending the big man hurtling to the ground whereupon she crouched behind him and callously snapped his arm to the gory accompaniment of graphic sounds and shots of fake bone and gore protruding from his arm.

Lilly was repulsed. Her Stephen actually liked watching gory rubbish like this? The young woman onscreen was now spinning and leaping with stunning agility and flexibility in a highly exaggerated acrobatic style. If you believed the sounds, her incredibly fast kicks could break men’s jaws and her punches broke ribs. The pretty little oriental is vastly outnumbered by a whole army of men who seem intent on fighting her one by one in a constant stream of high speed non-stop fighting. Lilly didn’t know anything about martial arts yet remembered a phrase from a trailer she once saw in her youth. “Don’t let your girlfriend see this film!” was the warning that scared many a man that their lovely submissive girlfriend would turn into a lithe acrobatic man-killing monster if he let her learn Kung Fu. Why would any proper lady want to learn martial arts? It was so unladylike fighting like a man.

Repulsed yet strangely fascinated, Lilly continued to watch the small screen. The woman kicked and chopped a swathe through an entire. She had to admit that it was almost balletic in places, yet physically impossible in others. Yet the slender oriental never seemed to tire in a frenetic non-stop deadly dance to a grisly noisy soundtrack of piercing shrieks and breaking bones. The slight oriental woman was an unstoppable killing machine, too fast for any man to stop with lightning fast punches and amazingly agile kicks. What utter mind rotting nonsense! She’d put a stop to this.

Just as Lilly entered his room she heard a strange moan escape Stephen’s lips from the bed beside her. Full of concern she looked at him only to stop in horror as she found him masturbating to the image on the screen. Stephen is equally mortified to find his favourite aunty standing in the doorway at the moment of climax.

Shocked the sultry Italian beauty looks away. What should she do? Should she walk away as if nothing had happened? “P-Please don’t tell mum or dad” Stephen’s quiet petrified voice said as she turned to leave. “T- they wouldn’t understand”. Lilly didn’t have a son of her own and felt very maternal towards him. “Mama Mia!” she sighed. Closing his door so they would not be disturbed, she turned speaking gently. “No, of course I won’t tell”. He was so visibly distraught that she felt sorry for him.
She walked over to the bed and sat down primly next to him. As she did she saw his eyes watching as her hem rose to mid-thigh. “It’s alright. It’s only natural for a young man to have such urges” She spoke in a soft voice to re-assure him.

In truth she was curious to see what had turned him on as she couldn’t recall seeing a magazine in his hands. Some men liked pictures of women with big breasts, but the way the boy kept staring at her thighs sheathed in tan stockings made her certain it was not that. “Do you like women with sexy legs?” she asked softly. Stephen nodded his head in affirmation. “Do they get you all worked up and excited?” she asked. Again he nodded his head. “Do my legs get you excited?” she asked. “Oh yes!” he gasped. She was not surprised. “Will you show me the pictures? You must have pictures. We can look at them together” she asked. To her surprise he shook his head. “No pictures” he said quietly.

For a brief second his eyes looked at the image on the TV screen where he had managed to freeze the film. Now Lilly understood, it was the film not a magazine. She was a woman of the world and was aware of different fetishes that men got into to, but this stumped her for she saw nothing erotic on the screen. She is curious. “You like women like this?” she asked indicating the frozen image of the pretty Oriental. “Angela Mao, Yes” he whispered is if ashamed to be admitting it. “Oriental women” she smiled knowingly. “Oh not just them, there’s Cynthia Rothrock, Shannon Tweed.” Stephen began eagerly. “Ah ah!” Lilly interrupted raising her hand. “Those names mean nothing to me” she said firmly.

The woman on the screen had her body covered so it was not the physical attraction. In a friendly manner, Lilly explained to the teenage boy that she still did not understand but wanted to and suggested that they watched the rest of the film together. At first the boy was nervous to get too enthused because of the beautiful woman sitting next to him. But as the action started up again and Angela resumed destroying men with her legs, Lilly could see the effect it was having on him.

“Do you find it sexy to see a woman beat up a man?” she asked softly. “Yes, especially if she uses her legs” he replied his eyes not leaving the screen. “Would you like a woman to beat up you up with her legs?” she asked. Stephen thought about that for a while before replying. “I don’t know. I think it might hurt too much” he said. The action was getting frenetic once more as Angela destroyed another squadron of men in her very fast acrobatic flexible style.

Suddenly Lilly noticed that the boy kept glancing at her legs as the effect of the film became more apparent on the front of his trousers. “Why do you keep looking at my legs, Stephen?” she asked softly. “Come on, don’t be shy” she encouraged. “You have such beautiful legs” he began. Lilly said nothing, nodding and smiling for him to continue. “I was imagining you in her place. Those bad guys would stand no chance against your legs” he admitted quietly, blushing cutely. “Here let me help your imagination” she told him, pulling the hem right back so that he could see the whole of her thigh up to her stocking tops. But the boy quickly became very aroused, spending more time looking at her legs than the screen. This made Lilly uncomfortable especially given his age and stopped the film before he shamed himself again.

“That has been most enlightening Stephen” she told him. “I understand. I truly do”. And she thought she did, it was some form of female domination fetish. “Would you like a woman to dominate you with her martial arts skills?” she asked “especially her legs?” She didn’t need an answer Stephen gave a groan of desire and reached out to touch her thigh. “Eh!” she reprimanded giving a sharp slap on the wrist.

“We will never speak of this again. You will not view such films when I am in the house. What you do at other times is your own affair. While I am in the house, you will be my obedient student and I, your teacher” she said firmly. He looked like he was going to object but she silenced him by raising her hand. She looked directly into his eyes. “If you want me to continue to spend time with you and teach you then you must agree to this. Understood?” she said. Aunt Lilly’s smouldering eyes burned into him with such intensity that Stephen came quietly inside his trousers but knew that she would be angry if he told her. With her gorgeous face so close she was the most beautiful woman in the world and struck him dumb. He nodded dumbly. “Bravo, Chow Stephen” she said then kissed the boy gently on the cheek, rose and swept out of the room.
Lilly strode down the street, feeling what little warmth the sun had this time of year upon her wide broad cheeks while her eyes took shade beneath designer sunglasses. Dressed in chic Milan fashion, the gorgeous Italian woman wore a lightweight yet stylish white blazer embroidered with black satin trim beneath which a light white skirt wrapped itself around her thighs as she moved. Upon her head sat a wide-brimmed white hat with a thick black satin band and bow. With each step, elegant white high heeled shoes carried her along. She felt the eyes of every man she passed looking back at her. Lilly ignored them. She was used to men practically drooling over her sensuous face and full feminine curves and women envious of the same and her sense of style. Blessed with good genes, she could have had any man she wanted but found it more amusing to flirt with them and watch them helpless and fumbling to impress.

Although Stephen had accepted her conditions never to discuss the embarrassing matter, the images of what she saw kept running through her mind. Yet the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. Men had always liked looking at her legs, although she always dressed demurely. Indeed Stephen was still wistfully stealing glances at them when he should be studying. Her strong legs were partly genetic; her father was a gymnastics teacher and her mother a ski teacher. Much of her youth was spent doing sports such as swimming, gymnastics, tennis and skiing. It was her muscles developed through such sports that gave them their shape that men found so sexy, even when they could only see her calves and the outlines of her thighs.

She had never thought of it before but maybe it was that men secretly desired to be dominated by her strong legs? Maybe they subconsciously wished to be crushed helpless by her muscular thighs? She found the thought strangely stimulating. The image of crushing her brutish husband between her thighs until he begged for mercy gave her such strong erotic emotions that she almost walked into a lamppost. “Oh mio Dio!” she gasped what was this to make her feel this way? What must it feel like to be able to fight men and beat them with the very legs that they fancy? Sexy strong legs that were lethal weapons that all red-blooded men would fancy but none could withstand.

Lilly kept remembering how Stephen’s reaction to the video was enhanced by sitting next to him while he fantasised that it was her and her strong legs up there on the screen. She tried to see it from his viewpoint, the totally unstoppable Aunt Lilly destroying a whole army of men in a leggy whirlwind of chaos. Of course she’d be more stylish and sophisticated with decent dresses and heels that kept her strong sense of feminine style. Yes, Stephen would really appreciate that. Suddenly she realised that the idea of being able to dominate a man with her legs in combat was actually turning her on. So it was that Lilly altered her course and headed to the local library to do some research.

Once inside, she located the Sports section and took out all of the books on Martial Arts, sat down at the table and began studying them. It was quiet in here with only a handful of people around. She had been there most of the morning when the librarian came over to her carrying two cups of tea, although Lilly really preferred Italian coffee. “I thought you might need this” the woman explained passing a cup before sitting down. “The name’s Pauline Primm although the local lads call me Miss Primm & Proper or Miss P&P for short, because I instil a firm hand in their education [JP#01]” the woman explained. Lilly could relate to that, she smiled then introduced herself adding “Yes, young men need a lot of discipline”.

Lilly took an instant liking to the woman. Mature and slightly plump but full of confidence and unashamed to display her femininity. Pauline was in her forties, very tall and with a quite elegant stern face of authority starkly enhanced by makeup. She had long flat cheeks and a narrow pronounced chin. Her eyes were small and slender with brown irises enhanced with mascara and eyeliner, and quite thick eyebrows which suited her strict style. A wide sleek pointed nose ended with slightly flared nostrils and a small naturally pouting mouth coated with deep red lipstick. The woman’s light brown hair was set in a bob behind the head with a soft fringe covering her forehead.

“Such fabulous clothes; you have good style” Lilly complemented the older woman. For although the librarian was on the plump side, she had an amazing full hourglass figure aided by a corset that had been worked into a soft leather dress stylishly sculpted for her figure featuring thick black laces top and bottom. This was a soft off-colour white which matched the long stylish gloves she wore and that came mid-way along her upper arm. She also had a large bust pushed up and out by an old fashioned bullet bra. This mature woman certainly knew how to dress to catch the eye of men. The sculpted white leather dress came down to the top of her thick thighs, a small patch of which were shown covered in black leggings before these vanished into an amazing pair of white PVC thigh-boots with high heels. “You dress well yourself. Milan?” Pauline asked. Lilly nodded.

“I was intrigued by your choice of study material” the librarian said with a well-educated English accent and a warm smile, indicating the books upon the table. Lilly blushed “Do you find that strange?” she asked softly. “Not at all; Stylish women such as ourselves should know how to assert dominion over the male species” the stern looking woman replied. So she wasn’t the only one to feel like that? “I am an intelligent woman. I thought I could understand these through study” she spread her hands in a sign of hopelessness. Miss Primm smiled. “Mastery of physical activity cannot be learnt through books alone. It also needs practice and conditioning” she said.

The librarian rose from her chair. “Please come with me, I have something I’d like you to see” she said. Lilly followed the tall woman and couldn’t help noticing that Pauline’s backside was rather, how would she say it delicately?, generous. But she did cut a very feminine statuesque figure as she walked through the quiet library, her thigh-boots and pointed breasts drawing the attention of a few elderly gentlemen reading the papers.

They came to a door at the rear of the library in an area reserved for employees only. She stopped and listened at the door. “They’re there. The number of times I’ve told them not to”. Opening the door, Lilly found herself outside in the weak sunshine somewhere around the back of the building. Immediately she noticed a gang of youths who were smoking and generally up to no good. Showing no fear and a great deal of confidence, the plump statuesque librarian confronted them. “I’ve told you before about smoking behind the library. The last time was your final warning, now you going to pay the price” she told them in a clear commanding voice.

Lilly felt trepidation as one preening yob came forward looking smug and grinning while look around at his mates. “Make us” he snarled, his head continually looking around with a stupid grin at his mates as if to say ‘look at me. I’m mister big head’. “Why don’t ‘cha get your tits out and give us a look” he added looking around for more forced laughs. The lad took a long drag on his cigarette thinking he was so cool. Miss Primm just looked on calmly with a cold look of displeasure. “Tommy Johnson, don’t you know smoking is bad for your health? Shall I tell your mother?” she said. “Do what you like” he sneered encouraging more laughs from his mates. “I most certainly will” she replied.

Up until that moment, the rather uncharitable mental image that Lilly had of the tall plump librarian was glamorous hippo. That changed within the next second for suddenly, despite her plumpness, her right leg shot into the air like a can-can dancer. Long thick thighs powered a white PVC thigh-boot high with a speed and flexibility that made Lilly gasp. “Hai!” BLAM! The sole of the thigh-boot blasted the youth solidly under his chin driving his head back so savagely that for a moment Lilly thought it would break. To her amazement the plump mature woman moved incredibly fast and gracefully. In the blink of an eye the boot had lowered but not quite to the ground then kicked high again. “Hai!” BLAM! A streak of white as her leg shot to a vertical position not even slowing as it blasted the lad’s face again less than a full second after the first. “Hai!” BLAM! “Hai!” BLAM Four quick fire high kicks in less than half as many seconds like a manic can-can dancer. Lilly was stunned to see the yob was finished on his feet, his head wobbling unsteadily in a daze and his face bloodied.

Allowing him no respite the tall woman in the form-fitting white leather dress turned her side to him. A brief arc of sunlight reflected from a fast-moving PVC thigh-boot before it clubbed the yob around the side of his head. “Hai!” WACK! The loud sound reminded Lilly of a club being whacked around the lad’s head. His head jerked around like a puppet on a string. She was really letting him have it. Spinning around like a chubby leather clad tornado, a sexy long thigh-boot shot out again like a bolt of lightning. The sole of her boot struck with deadly precision against his throat. “Hai!” TWOCK! The sound was horrible, like something striking something boxy. The yob broke into a violent coughing fit as he collapsed to the ground.

This had happened all so quickly that the other youths were dumbfounded. The sight of the mouthy lad coughing and twitching horribly on the ground awoke them from their inaction. While most seemed uncertain what to do, scared even, a few went to Tommy’s assistance. Lilly was concerned as three large youths surrounded Pauline who herself seemed very calm and composed. Tommy’s twitches were slowing down. A tall lad moved suddenly to grab her from behind and tried to wrap his arm around her neck. The thigh-booted woman took his arm and bent smartly forwards. Lilly saw the way that the lad’s eyes went wide as his groin travelled over her ample backside and knew that he enjoyed it. In a split-second he was flying over her shoulder and his back hit the ground with a solid thud joining Tommy who had now stopped moving altogether.

No sooner had he hit the ground than the plump Amazon was launching a strike against the other two who were standing in front. “Yahhhh!” she yelled and a white blur struck his right arm. THUNK! From the way that his arm went limp, Lilly knew that she had immobilised it. “Hai!” another blur streaked outwards in a high arc. BAM! The head of the other lad whipped sideways as her heel clubbed the side of his face. “Yah!” without stopping, the thigh-boot reversed direction and streaked back the other way. BAM! The lad’s head jerked back savagely the other way. He looked completely dazed.

Swivelling towards the lad with the numb arm, Pauline leant slightly away then drove a thick leg right into his gut. “Hai!” WHUMP “Orrrragh!” he wailed. As he folded over his winded stomach, the plump woman grabbed the top of his head by the hair and pulled it down sharply while raising her knee. CRUNCH! The sound of hard knee meeting soft nasal cartilage was horrible. A wail began to wind up from his lips but was cut short as the side of her gloved hand chopped the side of his neck and he fell senseless to the ground.

With a cold hard stare, the mature librarian turned her attention back to the remaining lad. With heightened attention Lilly felt herself looking forward at what this amazing woman would do next. “Please” the youth whined. He was actually scared of the mature woman. “Too late” was all she said, her face hard and stern. He actually tried to run but she caught his arm and applied some kind of arm-hold that made him yelp in pain. Forcing him to face her, the tall woman hammered the point of her wide knee deep into his belly BLAM! His mouth dropped open in a silent wail as he creased forwards. The stern looking woman looked magnificent as she raised a thigh-boot high into the air and held it vertically over the young man as he bent forwards. Lilly felt complete awe of the other woman as she held her leg up, perfectly steady and with amazing flexibility. She held it pointing upwards for several long seconds without use of her hands for support. Lilly saw the boy’s eyes wide with fear as the cramps in his stomach kept him bent forward like a condemned prisoner waiting for the axe to fall. She’s doing it on purpose to demonstrate her dominance, Lilly realised with excitement. Suddenly, the long PVC boot dropped like a guillotine striking the back of the lad’s neck. “Hai!” THUD! He dropped like a stone to the floor, out cold.

With four of their gang unmoving upon the ground the others began to scatter. “And don’t let me catch you smoking behind the library again or you’ll also find out how bad it is for your health” she admonished as they fled. “That was amazing” Lilly told the older woman as she joined her. More significant than that, she had actually felt very turned on watching a normal woman, not some Kung Fu star; totally dominate these youths with martial arts. “Four lads, so fast” she gasped in admiration.

The one that she had thrown over her shoulder stirred and tried to quickly get up to make his getaway but Pauline seized him by the wrist. She forced him to stand in front of Lilly while he danced in pain from the wristlock. “See this?” she says indicating the front of his trousers. He has an erection. “Men really do get turned on by this?” Lilly asked. “Not all, but it is good to find the ones that do” the dominant librarian replied.

Suddenly the remarkable woman blasted a hard kick around the back of the boy’s legs, dropping him to his knees and then pulled back his head. “Pull up your skirt and open your legs” she instructed. “What?” Lilly exclaimed in shock. The woman pushed Lilly’s legs apart, shoved the boy’s head between them so that his lips were against her crotch then closed them. Lilly was stunned. “What are you doing, why is this boy’s face pressing against my privates?” she protested. Looking up at his gorgeous captor, the boy grabbed hold of her thighs. “Come on, you don’t want his grubby hands on your expensive stockings. Crush him” Miss Primm urged. She is right; Lilly sees the horrible little oiyk groping her stocking clad thighs and a surge of annoyance makes her legs tense around his head.

“Mmmm!” the boy moaned into her crotch. Ohhh that felt good. “Really power it down. Think that you are trying to crush a grapefruit between your legs” Pauline urged. She did so and was rewarded by another loud moan into her crotch. “That’s a sweet position isn’t it dear? Now focus that energy through your legs. Imagine your legs coming together, they are so powerful that nothing can stop them”. Ohhh! She loved the feeling when he rubbed his mouth like that and the vibrations against her privates when he cried out when she squeezed tight. “Get up onto your toes like a ballerina and channel that strength through your thighs” the mature librarian instructed. Lilly obeyed and was rewarded by an extra loud cry. The vibrations from the boy’s mouth against her crotch are getting stronger as she squeezes harder and, oh! Felt so deliciously naughty.

The lad’s body was thrashing around frantically now. Lilly realised that she was really hurting him! She could feel the power surging through her legs punishing the young lad, it made her feel sensational, so powerful, and so unstoppable. She felt herself heat up, getting very warm and her heart get faster. Her juices began to flow and she felt moist between the legs. Oh God! This was really turning her on driving her on to squeeze even harder. Ohhh! She could hold back no longer and bore down hard as her orgasm hit her. It was an absolute massive one that left her knees trembling.

“Open your legs, dear” the thigh-boot librarian told her once her screams of pleasure had subsided. Feeling weary she did so and felt horror as the boy dropped limply to the ground with his eyes closed and face slack. “I’ve killed him” Lilly gasped in shock. Miss Primm laughed “No dear, they all say that the first time. You’ve just knocked him out cold”. “You really do have very strong legs. You knocked him out much easier than most of my ladies would have” the woman told her. “Ladies?” the beautiful Italian asked. Pauline then explained that she ran a special accelerated course of Martial Arts training at the Women’s Institute. Lilly practically begged to join but with one condition. “I’m not going to wear one of those pyjamas, women should always look feminine” Lilly said firmly. Miss Primm laughed “They are called gi and yes, I quite agree with you. We have a dress rule but I think you will like it. It ensures that we keep our femininity while reminding men of our sex and skills of superiority”. Lilly was excited by the prospect and couldn’t wait to attend her first meeting later that week.
Lilly was buzzing. She had gone to the W.I. and was stunned by the demonstrations given there and more than a little inspired [JP#01]. All of them were normal everyday women, most were quiet and unassuming and many quite mature yet what those women could do was amazing. The mix of using martial arts for defence and sexy domination of their men was incredibly exciting and, to be honest, quite erotic. As was the mix of martial and marital arts, as Miss Primm called them, to control male sexual behaviour. The way they dominated their husbands and sons was so sexy that Lilly lay awake that night replaying the scenes in her mind and getting so horny that her husband was surprised when he was woken, seduced and subjected to a good hard ride not even objecting to the fact that she was on top.

The elegant woman also very much approved of the tailored satin white kimono style dress which the W.I. women wore and had already phoned her favourite tailor in Milan to create a stylish version, soft and silky and coming down to no more than three inches above the knee. The more she thought about it, the sexier it made her feel she felt certain that Stephen would be pleased. So it was that a few days later when she next visited, she was going to tell him about the classes. However when she was alone with him to review his work, it somehow seemed inappropriate in her role as teacher.

Later she was chatting with his mother while her ‘little man’ looked on; failing to hide that he was staring at her legs. Lilly suddenly got the wicked urge to tease him. “Have you ever thought about women who do martial arts?” she suddenly asked her best friend conversationally over her espresso. Her expression made it clear that she hadn’t and Lilly saw Stephen’s eyes widen with interest in something other than her legs. “To be able to physically control men however you wanted” she continued. “To be so fit that you could leap through the air and kick a tall man right in the face” Stephen’s mother shook her head, not approving of such violence but Lilly was getting into full flow and would not be stopped. “Imagine being able to punish a man hard with the very legs that he was staring at” her eyes flicked momentarily at Stephen who blushed at being caught out again. “Being able to completely dominate a man with your body and there would be nothing that they could do about it” she said excitedly. Lilly forced herself to stop realising that she was actually turning herself on with what she was saying. Judging by the reaction at the front of his trousers, Stephen very much liked the idea although his mother kept giving her strange looks as if she were mad. “Tut, Lilly. If God had meant women to fight, he would have made us men” she clearly disapproved and Lilly decided to say no more on the subject.

Yet Lilly wanted to please her little man. After all, if it hadn’t been for him, she might never have become aware of this new world of stimulation. Stephen was a nice studious boy and his attentions were flattering. Yet her discovery of his desires which she now appreciated made her feel so excited, she knew she had to do something to thank him. Maybe she should wait until she had attended a few classes then surprise him with a few moves? Yes but how good should she be before she did that? Perhaps when she had one of those coloured belts? A black belt would have the best impact. That would really please him but how long would that take? Lilly was good at planning and thinking things through methodologically. A plan began to crystallize and take shape in her mind. An audacious plan but she was confident that she could pull it off; one which would only give her 6 years to achieve; a plan for the perfect treat for Stephen’s 21st birthday when he came of age.
At the W.I. Lilly discovered that she had great natural ability. She greatly enjoyed practising on the men who acted as ‘dummies’ but didn’t want to bring her husband along to practice on, like the other women. For a start she knew that he would never agree and would forbid her from attending. She also simply adored the white satin kimono style dresses that the women wore with stockings for they were so sexy and feminine and clearly drove the dummies to distraction.

The only problem was that the WI classes were only a couple of times a week, and Lilly had a lot of time of her hands. She began to worry that her plan would go amiss. She even rented an Angelo Mao movie to study while her husband was away on business. One particular scene, set in a dojo, was a revelation. Lilly noted that knowledge of different martial arts greatly improved the capabilities of the female fighter and that her strong legs, if properly trained, should be more lethal than those of Angela Mao. That night, she dreamt that she was in that dojo, completely dominating the men while embarrassing them by taunting their sexual inadequacies as they all succumbed to her superior fighting skills while sporting raging hard-on’s. She awoke terribly horny but her horrid husband was not around to use. For a moment she thought above Stephen but ashamedly dismissed that as completely inappropriate behaviour for a teacher, even an unofficial one.

The W.I. classes largely drew upon Jujitsu which Miss Primm declared was more feminine mixed with elegant kicks and chops. Lilly decided to complement this by enrolling in a conventional dojo for Karate. This was somehow owned by Miss Primm and the high graded men acted as practice dummies at the W.I. sessions. She also joined another for Kung Fu. Thus the beautiful Italian woman began a daily regime of training in the Karate dojo in the morning and in the Kung Fu one in the afternoon.

She didn’t get off to a good start. Lilly wanted to wear her normal clothes and shoes to do everything; dojo training and exercise; to simulate ‘real-life’ situations. Grandmaster Kevin was adamant that she wore full gi or he wouldn’t teach her at all. No matter how much she turned on the charm which would melt the hearts of most men, the Grandmaster was firm on this matter and even more so, when she mention the satin kimono dresses worn at the W.I. In fact he got very het up and angry when she mentioned it. “What you wear there is those. their business, but over here we do things properly” he snapped. Actually, Lilly thought he was going to say ‘those bitches’ but he stopped himself. “Here you will wear full gi. My dojo, my rules” he raged. “How about just the jacket, you know like a short dress” she asked. “No!” he shouted. “I am sensei and what I says goes in this dojo. If you can beat me then you can wear what you like but until that unlikely day you do as I say”. She didn’t even try to argue the case at the other dojo that taught Kung Fu.

So the gorgeous Italian woman began a rigorous daily regime of training. Although hard at first, not once did she falter in her determination and quickly found her old flexibility and conditioning returning. Of course men at both places tried to chat her up but her intense focus and attitude on training soon discouraged them. Even Grandmaster Kevin praised her for developing such endurance and conditioning so quickly for a beginner.

** Now **
Day by day over the last 6 years, Lilly had developed into a real martial arts Goddess. She just soaked up the techniques like a sponge and her body became perfectly conditioned to perform any move she wished with the briefest thought. So meteoric was her development that she was a black belt several times over in both disciplines. The men in each dojo fancied her like crazy but none dared to get fresh with her for many had tried and all had failed; painfully humiliated in front of the whole Dojo. She refused to compete competitively because she felt such brawling unladylike and a waste of energy. None of them could rival her ability and fierce feminine controlled aggression, and all feared to spar with her.

She now practiced and fought in the stylish satin kimono dress worn at the W.I. for neither sensei dared object and neither would they fight her. The memory of how that happened made Lilly smile. Separately she had invited both to the same dojo during an evening when it wasn’t in use. She had turned on the seduction giving each full blast of her smouldering looks and strategically arranging her gi jacket so that it was loose at the front to reveal a plunging deep view of her cleavage and ample bust. Neither man had a chance against such full-on seductiveness from the sultry full-figured Italian and had readily agreed to the assignation with the stunning brunette.

So it was that each sensei was surprised to see the other there. They entered the hall together to find Lilly training in the satin kimono style dress that they had forbidden. Before they could voice their protests, she yelled. “Hai!” Her fist powered downwards plunging through a concrete block rendering it to rubble. She turned presenting her side profile to the men with her hands raised; open palmed and fingers straight knowing the effect her shapely figure would have on them. “Kiai!” she yelled. The side of her hand slashed down and a huge stack of wooden planks burst into kindling. There was a soft groan from Grandmaster Kevin, although she didn’t know it, he had lost his dojo to Miss Primm in a competition of this nature [JP#01].

She turned her back on them facing the next object. “Hai!” Her fist rocketed into an inch thick metal plate and emerged on the other side, having punched clean through. “Hai!” the beautiful woman spun, her leg scything out while rising, lifting her dress to give the men a glimpse of great legs in sexy lingerie to drive her foot rapidly through a stack of 10 thick wooden planks clamped vertically at head height. “HAI!” a loud scream and the two men watched in disbelief as the stunning dusky beauty leapt high into the air extending one leg forward. BLAM! A big dimensioned thick cube of concrete shattered into a million pieces as her foot powered all the way through it like a hot knife through butter.

The two men are stunned; the realisation just dawning on them that their pupil has capabilities way above their own. Lilly saw the bulges forming in their trousers. She smiled warmly and the men instinctively smiled back. “Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t see you there” she lied. They were dumbfounded. “What’s wrong?” she asked before they found their tongues. “This?” she queried running her hands over the satin dress while following the contours of her ample chest which the men’s eyes followed. “Well if you don’t like it, I’ll take it off” she said before they could answer.

Fixing them with her seductive brown eyes while smiling, the elegant attractive woman loosened the black belt with her hands. The satin wrap-around dress parted in the centre, clinging to the contours of her ample bust. Although the men did not know it, Lilly subtly took a large breath which caused her chest to expand slightly so that each side of the dress slithered back over her large rounded breasts as far as was decently possible without exposing her aureoles. Both men gawped hungrily at the magnificent view. Lilly imperceptibly shook her breasts which caused them to gently sway from side to side to enhance the effect. She smiled at the expected effect upon the bulges in their trousers. Lilly was an elegant sensual woman who could attract the attention of straight men in the subtlest of ways, but when she fully turned on the seduction resistance was futile.

Moving her body sensually, she teasingly opened the wrap-around dress then slid it back from her arms. While gently bumping her hips and swaying her chest ensuring they got full view of the skimpy red silk bra and briefs that she wore along with her tan coloured stockings and suspenders. Just to make sure they got the message, Lilly lent slightly towards them and gently wobbled her ample bust at them. Nothing too vulgar, just enough to get stronger twitches in their trousers. Dancing that sensational full-figured body their eyes followed as she turned to hang up her dress, glancing over her shoulder to watch them stare lustfully at her full rounded backside with the view of her firm buttocks unhindered by a thong. She didn’t normally wear such vulgar skimpy undies but this was a special occasion and she was proud of how firm and tight her backside now was.

She heard the soft moans of desire as she bent forwards then swivelled at the waist to look back at them and flexed her right arm. A small but firm bicep swelled on her arm. Originally she was scared that she would become all muscularly when she began weight training but was pleased to find it toned her up and made her fitter and stronger with the results greatly enhancing her feminine shape. “I’m much fitter than when I first came here, aren’t I boys?” she asked. “Orrr!” the soft groans were all the confirmation she needed and they didn’t even seem to notice what she had just called them. Their eyes were glued on her backside and the back of her shapely legs. She gently swayed her bottom as she bent over to remove the right stocking making a subtle but sexy show of it. Taking her time, she pulled off the stocking then repeated the exercise with the left. Slowly and carefully, Lilly removed her lingerie and gently folded them neatly then put them down. All the while she ensured that the men got the best view of her curves and sensational firm body. It was an erotic striptease that had the sensei aching in no time.

The briefs came off then the bra. That was it, they were only men. The sight of her sensational sculpted body fully clothed could have men practically drooling as she walked down the street but seeing her completely naked could tip even the most self-controlled man right over the edge. As one they stepped towards her, stoked with testosterone and high on lust, but Lilly was ready. Suddenly they found a gorgeous naked woman leaping into the air and rapidly extending a foot towards them. Even without their instincts blunted by lust they wouldn’t have stood a chance. For Lilly’s long strong leg scythed around in a heartbeat striking both men hard across the face. They barely had time to wonder what hit them, when she landed, lent slightly away and pounded their faces with a series of lightning fast kicks. She was just too fast for them, pounding kick after kick so fast it was like a torrent of large hailstones that they were unable to stop accompanied by a series of loud yells.

Spinning and kicking in a torrent of legs and exposed pussy, the two men were simply unable to cope with the speed and power of the woman’s kicks. They may have been highly belted grandmasters but they were destroyed in seconds. Yet still she continued to punish them, asserting her authority. The sight of a beautiful naked female body dominating them with powerful kicks while her big breasts bounced had their erections throbbing. Brutally strong high kicks almost tore their heads off with a glimpse of bare pussy keeping their rods hard. A crushing kick to the back of the head followed by a kick to the throat and a brutal front-kick that bloodied his mouth sent Grandmaster Chan to his knees. An awesome flexible scorpion kick whipped Lilly’s leg backwards over her head as she lent low hammering her foot upon Grandmaster Kevin’s head followed by a spinning handstand back-kick which hurled him across the mat with an eruption of sperm from his stiff dick.

An extraordinarily fast axe kick whipped a leg right up in front of his face caused the other Grandmaster to cream his pants before a spinning kick to the side of his neck dropped him by the side of Kevin. “Is that all you’ve got” sneered the gorgeous buxom naked woman standing over the two Grandmasters. As they knelt before her side by side, dazed and sexually humiliated, all they could was watch as the woman in her mid-thirties launched herself into the air with her licks spreading wide apart into a full split. “Hai!” her feet blasted them both under the chin in a devastating double kick. She landed in the splits position on the mat with her fists raised, ready for action, but both men were out cold.

For a moment, she felt such exaltation that she raised her arms and flexed in victory before realising that it wasn’t a very lady-like way to behave. “I guess that means you have no objection wearing what I want” she said to their unconscious forms then collected her clothes and went to the changing rooms.
The only place she could now find decent opponents was with the senior ladies at the W.I. and it was they who had inducted her into a secret women-only society called “The Sisterhood of Anahita”. It was here that she studied oriental erotic arts, male anatomy and the techniques to control male sexual behaviour.

Exercising daily to strength her pelvic floor muscles and carrying metal balls internally, she found that she could have unforgettable pleasure in bed and leave her husband absolutely exhausted and declaring his love for her, intoxicated with pleasure. But she was in complete awe of the little old ladies who’d been practicing this for several decades and remembered how they laugh outrageously about newspaper reports of a Russian woman who had held Guinness World Record for the strongest vagina for lifting only 14kg. She had seen them lift more than five times that and completely drain several young men in one go.

It was inevitable that Brian would notice the changes in her body, although like a typical man who never noticed when you had a new hairstyle or wore new clothes it took him a lot longer than she had thought it would. “You’ve been exercising” he commented one day whilst she was in the bedroom changing. “A little” she replied. “You look good” he murmured appreciatively. She didn’t like the way his eyes roamed up and down her body hungrily as she stood in front of the wardrobe in just her underwear and stockings selecting what to wear. Once it might have made her feel good but now it just irritated her. “Yes, indeed” he murmured, his eyes roaming all over her body. “You are so much firmer and toned, like you were when we married, perhaps more so”. Lilly pretended not to notice the visible effect her body was having on him. “Please give me some privacy whilst changing” she told him.

Brian walked over and placed his hand on top of hers as she reached for a dress. “No” he said firmly. “I need to get changed” she protested but the brute stopped her. “You don’t need clothes for what I have in mind. In fact you are perfectly dressed just the way you are” he stated lustfully. “Brian, no” she said. “Maybe you have a fancy man? Is that why you are getting so fit?” he accused, invading her personal space and beginning to get angry. “Don’t be so silly” Lilly replied trying to slip her hand away but he grabbed it tight. “All this renewed interest in sex. You’re much better at it than you used to be. Yes, you’ve found a younger man. What’s his name?” he demanded. “Brian, you are hurting me” she protested writhing in his strong grip. “Tell me his name” he insisted in a threatening tone. “Maybe it’s that Stephen, you spend far too much time with him” he said. “Stephen is just a boy; the son of my best friend. I’m helping him with his English, You know that” she replied. “He is nearly a man but he can’t have you, you’re mine. Come here” he pulled her against him, his hands ravishing her body and began kissing her with rising passion.

Lilly’s body just reacted instinctively and with devastating speed. BLAM! Her stocking clad knee buried itself deep into his soft belly. “Orrghh!” his anguished wail was satisfying to her ears but her body continued the defensive combination. BLAM! The point of her elbow hammered down upon the back of his neck as he crumpled forwards. The dusky beauty seized her husband’s hand and turning her back into him, whipped his arm over her shoulder. Bending quickly at the waist, she shoved a firm backside into his groin. KERSLAM! He flew rapidly over her shoulder until his back slammed hard into the bedroom floor.

He lay there stunned. “What the F was that?” he cried. “Don’t use profanities in this house” Lilly turned casually back to the wardrobe as if nothing had happened. “I’ve been learning self-defence if you must know” she decided to tell him a half-truth. When he didn’t answer, Lilly looked at him lying on the floor studying her body with a rising hard-on in his trousers. Not him too, surely? Nearly all of the husbands and sons at the W.I. classes had the same reaction. “You like getting beaten up by your wife? Well get out of the room now or I’ll do it again” she warned.

Machismo took over. “No, I forbid it. None of this self-defence lesbo-feminist crap. I’m the man here. It’s my role to protect you” he said angrily getting to his feet. He strode towards her so angrily that again instincts took over. BLAM! Her arm instantly snapped straight driving the palm of her hand into his face with a loud slap. Twirling her side to him she slammed her arm back at shoulder height. WHAM the back of her elbow struck the side of his neck with a solid thud. Giving him no time to react, she whirled around to face him and blasted her knee right into his balls. “Orrghh!” an agonised wail left his downturned mouth.

Her husband who she used to think so big and scary looked weak and pathetic hunched over clutching his balls. “Actually I lied” she admitted. “I’ve been learning martial arts and I am very good at it” she told him. He looked up in shock. “I don’t need your protection. I am more than capable of protecting myself and I don’t need your permission to tell me what I can or cannot do” she told him with strong confidence.

Some men are so dense that they just can’t accept the truth. Looking enraged, although Lilly suspected he was embarrassed that his hot wife had beaten him twice in matter of seconds, he charged at her. He had barely managed to place his big hand on her neck when Lilly’s right arm shot into the air then hammered the fist down upon his nose. BLAM! “Wah!” he cried, looking shocked as his hands went to his nose and found blood but Lilly was angry now. “You will never grab me like that again” she said with such authority that Brian looked up at her in amazement. Big mistake, Lilly couldn’t resist such an easy target. “Hai!” BLAM! Her fist struck like a thunderbolt right on his jaw. Brian’s legs just seemed to go weak and he wobbled alarmingly, his eyes unfocussed as he tried to retain his balance. “Hai!” she yelled, pleased to see him jump with fright a fraction of a second before the sole of her stocking clad foot blasted him under his chin in a powerful front high kick. BLAM! His head whipped right back and he staggered back quickly against the wall.

Instantly she swivelled on one foot and sent the other in a high sidekick. “Hai!” BLAM! Her sole connected hard with his face, so hard that the back of his head hit the wall with such a thud that she saw his eyes momentarily glaze over. “Hai Yah!” she yelled, seeing him jump again an eye-blink before her long leg kicked up high, blasting his chin. His head shot back once more and the back of it hammered the wall again. Grabbing the front of his shirt, she fell backwards while raising her foot to his groin. Pulling him down on top of her, she straightened her leg to execute a whiplash-fast stomach throw that hurled Brian’s body which such power that he went somersaulting clean across the length of the bedroom before crashing untidily into the opposite wall.

“Stand up” Lilly ordered in a strong commanding tone. She was worked up and really wanted to work him over some more but he just lay flat on his back begging for her to stop and visibly afraid while sporting a tell-tale bulge in his trousers. Turned on beyond belief that she was completely dominating her brute of a husband and that he was scared of her, she stepped out her knickers. “From now on, your role in this house is as my slave pussy licker” she told him while facing him before lowering herself onto his face. “And you better do it to my complete satisfaction or I will string you up in the garage and use you as my punching and kicking bag” she told him. Brian had never given her stimulation, always insisting that it was the woman’s role to pleasure a man. Therefore she was surprised how eagerly he went to work on her pussy. “That’s it Brian, get used to your new position in life because you’ll be doing that a lot from now on” she said. She reached back and after undoing his belt, slipped her hand inside his trousers and used some of the techniques she had learnt to totally control his cock, prolonging his erection and preventing him from ejaculating until she was ready. He was soon bucking his hips as he licked her in crazed passion until he hit her G-spot then she came so hard on his face that she felt herself squirt hard into his mouth. At the same time, he erupted like a volcano between her fingers.

“Not bad Brian. Keep on doing it like that and I might not have to break your face” she told him before she tried to rise with trembling knees. “Oh Lilly I love you” he moaned looking up with a strange look of adoration and worship. “Creep” was her only thought.
The day of Stephen’s 21st Birthday treat had arrived. All Lilly told his mother was that she would be taking him out for the evening for an extra special treat. That was all she needed to know. The boy, young man she corrected herself was of course excited to be spending time alone with his glamorous aunt. He asked lots of questions but she told him to be patient and that it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if she told him.

Lilly picked up him that evening dressed in a stylish brown leather jacket and matching knee-length skirt that seemed to cling to every curve of her strong shapely legs. She wasn’t a skinny tall super-model but a very good looking woman in her late thirties who knew how to look good and make the best of her feminine assets. Stephen couldn’t take his eyes off her sexy skirt or the tan stocking clad calves beneath as he sat next to her while she drove, enjoying the play of strong toned calve muscle as she worked the pedals. He looked confused as they pulled up outside a non-descript looking building, more so when she led him inside and he realised that this was a dojo. “Are we going to watch a Kung-Fu film?” he queried. How did his aunt know about a place like this? “Shhh! be patient” was her reply. The brightly lit practice hall was empty as they entered. Lilly pointed to a chair placed in the middle along one edge of the central matted area which occupied most of the space. “Wait here” she instructed firmly then went off to change leaving the bewildered young man.

When she returned some minutes later, his eyes went wide and his mouth fell open in complete disbelief. For she was a vision straight out of his dreams and the naughtiest ones at that, wearing what resembled a slinky gi jacket that went down to just above her knees with sheer tan nylons below. “Are you not pleased? It is so chic, yes?” Lilly asked. Stephen nodded numbly in agreement with the stunning image. His eyes ran over the jacket, noting that it was made of some kind of white satin material which shimmered wonderfully, the reflections changing with every movement. “It’s beautiful” he gasped in appreciation. The satin top was wonderfully tailored in a wrap-around style similar to a short kimono or indeed gi jacket; however it was also very stylishly cut to emphasise her very feminine curves snugly fitting her stunning full hour-glass figure. This was tied off with a thick black belt that looked like a genuine martial arts belt complete with her name in both English and Japanese. It was so alluring and sexy while strongly evocative of a gi jacket that his groin tightened.

“Good. I am pleased you like it” the stunning tanned woman said. She suddenly clapped her hands loudly twice in rapid succession making Stephen jump in surprise. As the reverberations dampened, a large group of men jogged out from doors at the back and spread themselves throughout the hall. Most were big burly tough looking men and all wore conventional gi with black belts. Two Grandmasters with very high ranking belts stood at the back.

Stephen’s face expressed alarm at being in a hall full of big guys who could inflict a lot of pain upon him as they pounded him into pulp. “Just sit there and watch” Lilly told him with a soothing comforting tone although that still didn’t quieten his unease. “I have put in a lot of effort to bring you this wonderful surprise. I know you will enjoy it” she said then began to walk away then stopped as she had remembered something, turned around and returned to where he sat. As she leant forward, the top edges of the slinky wrap-around fell forward and Stephen tried his best not to look down the front of her kimono jacket and the treasures within. “And don’t jerk off. I don’t want to see you masturbating in public or I will be very angry with you” she said in a quiet but stern voice. Shocked, Stephen’s face blushed as he watched as the glamorous woman walked with a natural sexy sway to her hips towards the middle of the central matted area.

That’s when he noticed how well developed her calves had become. They seemed larger and harder; strong slabs of diamond shaped muscle that flexed and waned in a very exciting fashion with every step. Now that his attention was drawn to it, he recalled how much sexier than usual they had looked when she was driving the car. She had always had great calves but now they seemed stronger, more defined and highly toned almost like highly polished walnut. His hand had already moved to the front of his trousers before he remembered Lilly’s warning and he forced it away hoping that none of the watching men had noticed. They would take that as a sign of a wimp for sure and take great pleasure in beating him up for it.

Looking confident and calm, Lilly faced the men. There must have been at least 40 of them if not more; most were tall, muscular and heavily built making Lilly seem tiny in comparison. Stephen didn’t have a clue what was going on and watched in fascination as she and the men bowed formally to each other. She looked really sexy in that slinky wrap-around and longed to run his hands over her fabulous curves while she was wearing it. Maybe this was some play acting to make it look like she was doing martial arts? To his surprise Lilly adopted a very confident Karate fighting stance as if she knew what she was doing. Stephen felt concern for these brutes were looking at her as if they meant business, however she looked so strong and capable that it caused a familiar surge in his groin. One lovely woman stood alone facing a dojo full of men. The familiarity convinced him that his aunty had hired these guys to give a choreographed pretend fight like that scene from the Angela Mao movie they had watched together all those years ago.

Even so, he gasped when a thuggish looking guy stepped forwards and threw a viscous looking punch at her face. “Hai!” That was loud and made him jump. The punch was fast and looked brutally real but didn’t connect. Moving quickly, Lilly leant away and the punch fell short. “Hai!” Stephen jumped in surprise at the unexpected shout from his aunt. A tan-sheathed leg shot out surprisingly fast and low. WHAP! The top of her foot caught the man behind his leading knee. He grimaced as his knee momentarily gave way. It was happening so fast, it almost looked real. “Hai!” he jumped again at his aunt’s uncharacteristic shout and felt his groin twitch as the satin hem flicked up and a sexy long leg whipped around like a club at waist height. WHAP! Her shin struck across his lower abdomen with such a loud solid sound that Stephen realised with shock that this wasn’t pretending, she had kicked him for real! “Arghhh!” the man wailed and began to fold up while Lilly snapped back her calve with knee raised above waist level giving a cock-stiffening glimpse of stocking-clad thighs before it snapped back incredibly quickly. “Hai!” FWAP! The top of her foot struck his face with a resounding crack. The man’s body snapped straight as his head flew back then went over like a felled tree. Stephen was stunned; his Lilly really knew how to kick and had dropped a guy in a few bare seconds. The realisation was a complete and utter shock.

He didn’t have time to ponder upon it as several guys closed in around Lilly to attack at once. All of a sudden it broke into a confusing high-speed melee of shouts, kicks and punches with each guy trying to land one on his Lilly. In the middle of it all, the sultry brunette blocked and traded blows, looking calm and confident as she concentrated on blocking their blows. She moved so fast, it was difficult for Stephen to follow the action! “Hai!” WHAM! Her fist shot out and hammered one in the centre of his chest and in the blink of an eye pumped it back as the other fist blasted another’s jaw. “Hai!” Two burly guys stagger back as she drops to the mat with amazing agility spinning low on one foot as her right leg scythed away the legs of two more.

Springing up nimbly like a jack-in-the-box, her left hand blocks a kick from a man then her right slashed the neck of another who got too close. He jerked weirdly then fell as kicker tried again. A sweep of her right arm catches his foot and yanks it high; sending him crashing to the mat and a brutal stomp to his chest finishes him. Still they crowded her as she kept moving non-stop with incredible speed to block their blows. Barely glancing at a man at her side, a strong leg whipped out sideways and viscously slammed her foot into his throat. She had spun away even before he began to fell away clutching his throat. Stephen was shocked at the speed and brutality, just like a kung-fu movie except this was real.

The next man got the top of her foot clubbing him around the base of his skull, with her hem falling back to reveal a brief glimpse of stocking top. This sexy view briefly vanished as she spun and drove her long strong leg across another’s belly then reappeared as she quickly raised her leg high, the hem of her slinky wrap-around falling away to her hip. The sexy leg hurtled down like an executioner’s axe upon the back of his neck as he hunched forwards.

Stephen always suspected that she wore stockings but the brief confirmation made her legs sexier than ever. Sexy strong legs that was shockingly deadly. “Hai!” a blur of tan stocking streaked in a high sideways sweeping arc that blasted the side of a man’s head whipping it in the other direction so fast that he looked dazed. Only for the leggy woman to spin right around and blast his head again, sending him crashing towards the mat. “Yai!” the next man found his belly impaled upon the end of a hot-looking leg with so much power that he was lifted clean from his feet and hurled several feet away to the mat. The incredible woman just didn’t stop moving. Radiating supreme confidence she turned whipping her long leg high in another show of sexy lingerie for the top of her foot to slam into a man’s neck. He went down like a ton of bricks.

It was all happening so fast and Stephen’s dick stiffened fast. His private teacher, so glamorous and sophisticated, had turned into an unstoppable arse-kicking superwoman. No! He nearly cried out, on the edge of his seat as a creep broke through her defences, seized the front of her white satin dress and pulled her up onto her toes. Stephen’s cock ached at the sight of Lilly’s strong calves bulging powerfully as she was forced onto her toes. Showing no concern, the sultry woman slammed her forearms between his arms, knocked them apart, threw her open-palmed hands with straight fingers into the air and slammed them straight down chopping both sides at the base of his neck. Her knee snapped up, lifting her hem along nylon-clad thighs with a glimpse of dark brown stocking top as it streaked skywards. “Hai!” BLAM! Her foot struck the creep’s jaw solidly snapping his head back so fast that he was out before he began to fall.

Without stopping the shapely brunette turned and snapped another high-kick into the face of another. Still they came thick and fast to crowd her in a frenetic blur of fists and feet. “Hai!” BLAM! The nylon sheen reflected from her calve as it drove a foot straight between the legs of one man with a solid thud that brought tears to the eyes. Without pause, she spun powering a back-kick into another’s chest. In the brief moment of contact Stephen saw her calve muscles bunch and swell before the guy shot backwards lifted clean off his feet.

Lilly was a human whirlwind. “Hai!” WHUMP “Orrghh!” one guy folded over by a gut-punch so fast that Stephen barely saw it. Another hit the deck from a blasted jaw from a whiplash high-kick. Dropping rapidly to one knee as a fast kick flew over her head, she sprang back up and felled the creep with a single punch to the jaw. A blur of long leg and stocking kicked out one guy and a swift chop on the neck took out another. A shapely leg ploughed a knee deep into a hard stomach and continued to rise to chest height. “Hai!” WHUMP! His face screwed up tight in sheer agony with his mouth wide open as he rode Lilly’s knee on his gut then crashed to the mat in sheer agony when she removed it.

Stephen had an absolute boner, his aunt Lilly was a super Goddess with men falling before her like they were skittles. Another creep swung his hand like an axe towards her neck but it was blocked as her hands shot up and grabbed his wrist. “Hai!” The back of her fist hammered his cheek then with shocking speed, she dropped to one knee and punched his balls. “Hai!” “Oiiii!” as he began to crease forwards Lilly began to rise pressing her shoulder against his crotch while still holding his wrist with her right hand. Stephen felt awe as the man fell across her shoulders as she got into a crouch then rose angling her shoulders to one side throwing him head over heels to the mat. Instantly Lilly snapped her knee waist height then stomped the base of his neck and he went still.

Still men surged forward. Stephen’s cock throbbed as Lilly’s nylon-clad feet stepped on the creep’s unconscious body and raised her knee as high as her face as another approached. Her dress fell back to reveal her magnificent strong legs and stocking tops as her knee rose swiftly and struck the guy’s jaw like the hammer of the gods. Lowering her knee to waist height, leg snapped straight soaring upright. The top of her thigh hit her chest then fell like an axe upon the base of his neck. Barely had he started to fall when the leggy woman leapt from her human stool rocketing high into the air. Her leg shot out blasting one guy in the face then swung her torso around to pound her right fist right into another’s throat even before she had landed.

The highly feminine satin-clad woman seemed an unstoppable sexy fighting machine and Stephen was highly aroused as his wet dreams came to life. With staggering agility that he never expected, Lilly once more leapt high into the air and a powerful dropkick to the stomach dropped another.

It wasn’t just her sexy legs that were thinning their numbers, her fists were mini-thunderbolts striking incredibly fast leaving a man gasping for breath where they fell upon his sternum or doubled over critically winded if they hammered his stomach. Men fell senseless where her fists struck their jaw and her elegant slender hands laid waste to men with lightening fast chops to the neck. Not that any of the men were standing there just letting her do it. They fought hard and furious exchanging rapid-fire blows and blocks with the sultry beauty in a cacophony of yells and screams. Few blows struck her but most of hers found their mark.

Deadliest of all were her sexy long strong legs whose kick could outreach any man’s punch and sheer power would send a man flying off his feet and crash unconscious to the mat a good distance away. They also came to fear her knee that delivered a blow so brutal into a man’s body that none stood a chance against it.

There were so many of them that some got close enough to try to seize her. One came up from behind. His hands had barely touched her when a tan streak flew over her shoulder and devastated his face. BLAM! Stephen’s cock was rigid at her flexibility. In less than a second, her leg had kicked so high that her thigh pressed her chest and her shin swung past her head in a standing over-split. A brief sexy view of stocking tops and skimpy red briefs before she spun around and the leg rocketed up bounced off her chest and fell to hammer him on the back of the neck.

The attackers were falling like nine pins. Suddenly, moving like a black ghost the kung fu Grandmaster came from behind, seized the back of her hair, and yanked back her head raising his fist to strike a deadly blow. A strong leg whipped backwards bending at the knee. Within a heartbeat a stockinged foot struck him high on the chest like a torpedo. Her leg continued to straighten hurling the black clad man away. Without even looking at him the side of her right hand chopped the neck of another who used that moment to attack even as her left similarly chopped the neck of another a split-second later.

Suddenly the black-clad man was by her side and tried to grab her wrist. He showed surprise as he found his hand clasped in hers. Stephen held his breath. It seemed that they were locked in some bizarre arm-wrestle. Standing side by side with their arms bent, forearms forward at an angle and hands clasped, Stephen’s dick throbbed as the Grandmaster actually began bending at the knees. Suddenly he managed to break her grip and whirled, his fist a blur streaking forwards. Shockingly she caught it and returned a punch of her own at shocking speed into his face. Thus began a blindingly fast exchange of punches between Grandmaster and beautiful sophisticated woman. Moving at a speed that was surely superhuman punches were thrown and blocked until again Lilly’s fist hammered the Grandmasters’ face.

As he staggered back, his hand clutched at the front of her satin kimono and pulled one edge wide exposing a fully stuffed red bra cup that had Stephen’s eyes feel like they were out on stalks. No time for gawping, the Grandmaster furiously launched into another exchange of high-speed punches with the strongly confident looking woman. Stephen loved the way her silk kimono hung open at the front to expose a thin vertical slice about 4 inches wide showing her cleavage and her belly button shifting provocatively with every strike and block.

Another man tried to grab her hand and got a lightning fast kick in the groin for his troubles which struck so solidly that it sounded like he’d been smacked by a cricket bat between the legs. His feet momentarily left the ground as his balls rode Lilly’s foot with his face contorted in horrendous pain as its momentum continued to kick upwards. He fell with an anguished howl and didn’t get up again.

Oblivious to his fate, Grandmaster Chan and Lilly continued to exchange fast frantic punches that were blocked over and over again until she caught his fist in the palm of her hand and slammed a right hander so hard into his face that there was a resounding crack around the hall. His head jerked back hard like it was on a spring. Lilly’s long shapely leg kicked high with devastating speed hammering the side of the top of his head then the side of his face again a split-second later. For a moment it looked like the Grandmaster was finished but with shocking speed he swung himself under her next high kick and drove a punch into her belly. “Nurfffhh!” a very un-ladylike grunt left her lips.

Stephen was surprised that she didn’t fold forwards, although clearly affected by the blow. Sensing the tide turning, the Grandmaster launched a brutally fast knee strike towards her gut but with blinding speed was intercepted by the leggy woman’s own knee. This sparked a fast and furious flurry of knee strikes and blocks which looked awfully painful. Suddenly he failed to block Lilly’s knee as it broke through his defences and hammered his upper thigh. The Grandmaster’s face showed pain at the loud meaty blow.

Another man came to his aid but with barely a glance a powerful roundhouse back kick plunged deep into his gut, lifting his feet completely from the floor and sending him flying several feet across the dojo.

The Grandmaster came back with a front high kick that looked like it could take her head off. She narrowly avoided it and found herself facing a flurry of quick kicks that drove her backwards clearly on the defensive. Her fully stuffed bra bounced erotically in the gap between the edges of her wraparound as she blocked with kicks of her own. Fast furious kicks that collided so solidly that Stephen had no doubt he wouldn’t have stood a chance between them. Nor the rapid punches that hammered off each others’ arms trying to batter down the other’s defences. He may be the Grandmaster but the gorgeous woman seemed to have greater stamina and speed. Suddenly he failed to block her fist as it moved like an express train into his face. BLAM! It struck so hard that his face was whipped around so fast that he actually began to spin around and almost stumbled.

The full-figured woman moved close to the dazed man and cruelly hammered her elbow into his face. BLAM! Spinning quickly, her hem rose to her shapely hips as a long strong leg flashed out. Kicking high, the top of her foot connected with his jaw sending the Grandmaster staggering back. Suddenly Lilly whipped her buxom torso forward while kicking a leg high behind her. With stunning flexibility the leggy woman bent almost double while her leg shot up behind her slamming right into the jaw of the devastated Grandmaster. He collapsed to his knees to the disbelief of his students. The stunning Italian woman moved in fast for the kill. Looking sexy, capable and completely dominant with a strong stocking-clad thigh fully exposed in the widening gap at the bottom of her slinky wrap-around, she hammered a devastating double punch into his face that was just a blur to Stephen. “Hai! Hai!” WAP WAP! There were gasps as he fell to the mat upon his back. Stephen’s cock was absolutely throbbing. She had beaten a Grandmaster!

He watched with excitement as his favourite woman raised a knee to waist height, giving him a good view of the sheer tan stocking that ran along the length of her sexy strong thigh, the stocking top and suspender running over a bare patch of skin at the top of her thigh which somehow was unbearably erotic. “Hai!” her foot stomped down hard upon his groin and in rapid succession stomped the centre of his chest then head. WAP! WAP! WAP! Although his body jerked under the blows, his eyes remained closed and face slack. There was no doubt that he was out cold sending Stephen’s cock beating against the inside of his trousers.
By now some of the men she had floored earlier had come around but weren’t keen to get near the sexy deadly woman again especially after they had seen her destroy a Grandmaster. Stephen saw some sneaking out of the back door while throwing nervous glances as Lilly disposed of another with a swift knee to the gut and a chop to the back of his neck as he creased forwards. The majority remained at a safe distance watching the gorgeous woman of action in her slinky satin wrap-around with tell-tale tents in the front of their gi pants.

With only a few high ranking men left, the fight had become much faster and more brutal. “KeeYah!” Lilly yelled as her strong legs drove so much force into her kicks it was truly frightening to watch. The men tried to counter at the last instant but were so pathetically slow like slow-motion compared with her devastating speed and agility. BLAM! Another big guy gets a foot crushing his face then as he began to fall, she grabbed his arm, swept his legs away in a reverse scything kick and cruelly stomped his face as he hit the mat.

Some of the men were openly rubbing the front of their gi pants. It was like an epidemic and catching. With a start, Stephen felt his own hand on his bulge and quickly removed it for he knew that he was so aroused that if he rubbed himself, he’d cum in no time and Lilly warned him not to. Not that he blamed them for her belt had loosened and her top was wide open at the front of her chest exposing very ample breasts that fully filled a stylish red bra with a very deep cleavage between. Below the waist the edges of the wrap-around had parted and more resembled a slit-skirt or sarong with the full length of her right leg exposed in its full glory, strong and shapely sheathed in stockings and suspenders. They were far sexier than Stephen had ever imagined and his cock stiffened more than he’d imagined possible as he watched it drive man-destroying kicks into the few brave enough to face her.

With heightened excitement, he watched as his aunt faced the final man who would fight her. She looked so alive and radiant with a smile upon her lips, clearly enjoying this. He had no doubt that she was born to wear that sexy satin gi jacket and that only increased his longing for her.

Grandmaster Kevin was furious that this upstart woman and a very good looking one at that had totally destroyed the black belts of two dojos. The fact that she only had 6 years training behind her made it worse. Furious but with controlled restraint, he decided to teach her a lesson. Yes, she had humiliated him and Grandmaster Chan before but she had distracted them with her seductive behaviour and physical charms. Giving no warning he launched into a brutally swift series of punches and kicks that drove the glamorous brunette backwards across the length of the hall. Her arms and legs worked hard trying to block his attack and counter but he had far greater experience, and she had been too precious about competition because it was unladylike. A sudden feint kicked towards her head but instead swung low, scything her legs away from under her. He allowed himself a satisfied smile as her lovely backside hit the mat.

Sensing victory he moved in for the kill, raising his foot to stomp her into the mat. In that instant, a pair of sexy well-shaped legs sheathed in tan stockings and suspenders stretched out while she reared up onto her shoulders and rapidly walked a pair of feet up his body stomping him rapidly in the gut, chest and face. BLAM BLAM BLAM! Three strong blows in barely a second. She was very fast and flexible. Forcing himself out of her reach, he sees her rise and rushes forwards to shoot off another kick before she is fully up. His foot sped forward like a rocket but shockingly she manages to catch it. With his leg held at chest height he sees the attractive woman in her form-fitting top power a kick that sped towards his chest like a leggy missile. “Hai!” WHUMP “Orrrgh!” the strength of her kick shook him.

Off balanced he fell to the mat and watched the eye-catching hour-glass figure kneel close to deliver the finishing blow. He tried to ignore the way the shiny satin clung to every sensuous curve of her generous body. Suddenly his torso lurched upright to drive a blindingly fast fist into her stomach. “Worrgh!” Stephen is horrified to hear such an undignified groan from Lilly’s lip as she folds over. BLAM! Her head goes flying back as the man on the ground presses himself up on his hands to deliver a brutal kick to her face. BLAM! He leapt to his feet, spun and drove his foot hard into the side of Lilly’s head. Stephen gasped as Lilly collapsed to one knee, looking hurt and with a split lip. In obvious pain, she valiantly blocks a crushing kick aimed at her head with one arm then pumped out a punch to his gut with the other. “Gnnnn!” the Grandmaster groaned but was otherwise unaffected by the blow. Stephen just knew that this bloke had a well-developed muscular six-pack beneath that gi jacket.

Astonished by her acrobatic ability, Stephen watched in awe as Lilly threw herself into a sideways roll and sprang to her feet. Facing the Grandmaster, her hands raised ready for action while the slinky satin encasing her magnificent proportioned bust rose and fell softly. The bottom of the shiny top had got caught up during that move and now more resembled a very short mini-skirt, which to Stephen’s joy exposed a phenomenal amount of Lilly’s sexy strong legs right up to the dark brown bands of her stocking tops. “K-phoar!” he heard one man moan and fully agreed with him.

The Grandmaster faced her with a sneer then opened the front of his gi jacket to expose a very muscular stomach. “Abs as hard as steel” he boasted smacking his stomach hard several times with his fist then yelled and blasted a shockingly fast kick towards her face. Stephen gasped as Lilly bodily flung herself backwards narrowly avoiding the kick and somersaulted to her feet. “Very nimble. Are you that nimble in bed? It will be fun finding out” Grandmaster Kevin sneered then launched another kick. Calm and focussed, Lilly blocked it with a kick of her own. The air suddenly became full of breath-taking fast kicks and blocks.

In a white blur Kevin’s foot blasted her defence’s asides and streaked towards her head. Stephen held his breath as at the last split second she barely managed to lean back out of his reach then a tan blur pulsed the other way like a three-pronged lightning strike. BLAM BLAM BLAM in less than a heartbeat her foot struck his lower abdomen, chest then finally stomped his cheek. The unbelievable speed and accuracy was stunning and delivered such unbridled feminine power. The man’s face seemed to squash up under the final impact before it whipped around under the mighty force. His hand had barely gone to his cheek when the unquestionably female figure turned away. Her rucked up wrap-around lifted to reveal a very sexy full peach of a backside as her foot snapped up as her leg bent at the knee. Rotating the raised leg swiftly, the calve flew back to club the heel of her foot hard against his right temple. The foot lowered slightly leaving the man looking stunned then blasted straight back into his lower abdomen. “Mmnnnnurrr!” a loud groan escaped his lips as his hard abs tried to absorb the blow with his face betraying the effort.

With white satin clinging tightly to her stunning figure, she spun quickly and another lightning fast back-kick sent her top above her waist in a sexy display of what was beneath. “Orrghh!” a loud agonised wail escaped his contorted face as her foot pulverised his precious abs.

But the Grandmaster was tough and refused to be dominated by a mere woman. He sprang close driving a series of punches at the woman and narrowly missed a swift chop to the neck. Only for Lilly to grab his wrist, pull it across her chest and send the point of her elbow hard against the base of his neck. Stumbling back he grabbed hold of the front of her top and inadvertently pulled it wide open. For a second, all he can do is openly gawp at the full rounded breasts cupped to overflowing in a red bra. “Yah!” The palm of Lilly’s hand smacked against his face then her elbow swung around to strike him on the side of the head sending him sprawling and almost falling while she looks coolly dominant and supreme.

He wasn’t going to give up and came back trying to kick and punch her but he was noticeably slowing and Lilly caught his leg with ease then slammed her knee deep into his gut. BLAM! WHUMP! It plunged deep creasing his hard abs like cardboard. “Nnaargh!” he wailed, his face melting in pain. Surely he couldn’t take much more of this punishment. The slinky dressed leggy woman was simply too much for him. She was totally dominating him with her sexy legs now.

Seizing his wrist, she leant back, satin sliding along nylon-sheathed thighs. “Hai!” BLAM, a long shin clubbed him like a crowbar across the middle of his battered stomach with such force that his middle rose upwards as he went up onto his toes. To Stephen the contrast between her tan stockings and bare upper thigh is totally erotic. She just moved so fast, a shapely figured leggy man dominator. In an instant she leant back once more and plunged her foot once more into his middle, ploughing through his abs like a hot knife through ice. The kick was so powerful that his bruised abs could no longer save him and he crumpled around her foot. The hole in his contorted face opened but nothing came out.

Absolutely stunned that he was in this position, with his stomach heaving and cramping tight, Grandmaster Kevin couldn’t stop himself creasing over although he knew that left him extremely vulnerable. “Abs like Jelly” he heard the woman say. He forced himself to look up at her standing over him, a victorious and totally gorgeous Amazon and was stunned when he found himself up close to a firm flat stomach and a bra-full of large well-rounded breasts. Despite his condition he felt his dick stir. “I could finish you right now” she told him with strong confidence holding her hands up, open palmed as if to strike at any moment while he hunched over gasping for air. She was a truly beautiful woman, a natural beauty, elegant, sophisticated and smoulderingly hot in a maturing kind of way.

“Hai Hai!” the sides of her hands slashed down upon the sides of his neck but stopped at the last millimetre giving a firm tap that sent bolts of electricity shooting through the nerves in his neck. His head sagged and he gazed along long strong looking thighs and stocking tops. The view was very sexy, some women didn’t wear stockings well but this woman certainly did and then some. In horror he felt his dick stiffen. Oh no, not again, not here not now! “I’m sorry are these distracting you?” she asked. He forced his head up again and swallowed hard for she was cupping her full big breasts with her hands pushing them up in her bra making them swell up and look even bigger and the cleavage even longer and deeper. He couldn’t help it; his dick just went absolutely rigid.

“What’s this? You naughty man” the sultry woman teased with a saucy smile. He winced as she extended a leg fast, expecting a kick in the balls but instead her foot pressed lightly on his groin then began rubbing in small circles. Some of the watching men began moaning softly as this sexy woman gave their Grandmaster a foot job. “Orrr” “Lucky bastard” they murmured as her foot worked his groin. Kevin felt his balls fill up and felt the pressure build up inside. It was very pleasurable before he realised with shock that she was humiliating him again. “Nnnagh!” the air exploded from his mouth as he brushed off her foot and forced himself away. Stephen saw the bulge in his gi pants as did the other men in the hall.

Trying to ignore and overcoming the cramps in his stomach he forced himself to stand straight warily watching the tanned glamour-puss. He tried to focus, concentrate on an attack but his eyes kept slipping to her fully exposed right leg in the wide gap of her slinky wrap-around. It looked absolutely sensational. One part of him just wanted to kneel before her and worship those legs, running his hands up and down the tan nylon and feeling the bare patch of tanned skin above the stocking tops. The distraction was fatal for suddenly the magnificent hour-glass figure spun before him. His eyes fixed upon her sensationally tight bare buttocks and a skimpy thong causing his dick to throb.

“Hai!” her leg kicked backwards with devastating speed, the distracted man was too slow to stop it bringing more ruin upon his gut. The power of the kick almost drove him to his knees while the tantalizing sight of the woman’s thong clad buttocks teased his hard-on. He was too immobilised to react when her knee shot up as high as her head then snapped straight. The leg fully extended vertically, confronting him with the sight of magnificent stocking-clad legs in a standing front split fuelling his erection further. In the blink of an eye, the back of her ankle fell like an axe upon his shoulder close to the neck, so fast that he barely saw it. He went down fast and lay unmoving for so long that Stephen thought he had been knocked out with his hard-on pointing upward in salute of her victory.

“Admit it; you’re no match to handle a woman like me”. Grandmaster Kevin stirred and opened his eyes at the sound of Lilly’s voice. They went wide as he found her crouching on her toes before him, her calves bunching strongly, both legs on full view, stockings then suspenders all the way to the apex of her legs and a skimpy pair of red briefs. “Orrrrr!” he moaned lustfully. “You want it, you come and get it” she taunted then stood up. Her slinky top was now two loose edges of satin hanging down over her shoulders and barely held together by the belt at her waist. A fully packed red bra was proudly on display as well as her firm toned stomach and smoking-hot stocking-clad legs.

The Grandmaster got to his feet with a solid hard-on and a raging lust to match. “Hai!” A blur of tan flew upwards hammering the side of his face; the leg folded at the knee then flew up again halting his lust-crazed charge. Stephen saw Lilly’s calve bulge with power as she balanced on that foot while the other leg soared upwards to strike the Grandmaster under the chin and snap his head back. Remarkably he blocked the next kick and threw his fist forwards but it looked weak and slow. With a look of distain the dusky woman caught his wrist and in one fluid movement stooped onto one knee and drove her elbow into his stomach. “Wargh!” he wailed. “Such poor stomach” she remarked in her sexy Italian accent as he began to crease once more. “Stand up straight before your superior, Hai!” her leg arced around and the top of her foot clubbed the side of his head.

The slinky satin thing now was so loose that Stephen saw skimpy red knickers moulded to her crotch as her leg swung around rising high like a club. The man staggered back in a daze. “Hai! Hai!” a blinding fast double blow, fist striking his chin and a foot in his face added to his humiliation. Remarkably the bulge in his gi pants twitched and grew even stiffer. Still he didn’t give up and almost drunkenly lunged at the smugly confident woman and managed to get his arms around her shoulders. Looking incredibly confident and superior, Lilly calmly seized his hand, turned her side against him then slammed her elbow upwards under his chin then slammed the palm of her hand against his jaw forcing his head back. BAM! She slapped both palms either side of his head and his face elongated in a quiet scream. With complete dominance and control, the very shapely woman seized his shoulder with both hands, wrapping an arm around it and forced him to bend forwards. Holding his head in place with one hand, her knee rose sharply. BAM! It mashed his face shortly before the point of her elbow struck down upon the base of his neck. Once more the Grandmaster slammed into the mat at the feet of a strong confident woman who was the picture of such dominance that several men messed their pants and had to sneak off in shame.

He was tenacious and tried to get up again but before he could Lilly woman seized his hand in a double-handed wristlock that had him writhing on his knees in agony. Lilly looked down upon him with such a steely hard look of pure dominance that the Grandmaster’s trouser tent was clearly beating. Stephen’s hand was on his dick before he caught hold of himself and tried to restrain himself. This was such a powerful scene of sheer female dominance    that many watching could no longer contain themselves and dishonourably discharged themselves.

The Grandmaster wasn’t so lucky, a whip of his wrist and he flew head over heels onto his back upon the mat where the sensuous lady continued to assert her superiority upon his wrist. “You love a woman being in control don’t you?” she asked kneeling by his side, pulling his arm straight then pressing against the elbow. He was writhing on his back shrieking in pain, utterly humiliated yet with a raging hard-on. She sat down by his side. Placing her feet on his side and the side of his face she pulled the arm between her legs then crossed her calves over it to lock it in place. “Look I can dominate you using just my legs” she told him as she removed her hands. Twisting her legs from side to side, she continued to dominate him. That’s when he came, loud and noisy, creaming his gi pants so everyone knew that she had sexually humiliated him as well as physically. That was the trigger for similar reactions for the remaining men who were watching. Stephen tried hard to block out their noises desperately trying to hold it all in.

The glorious victorious woman rose and stood upon the Grandmaster’s chest. He was too beat to protest but screamed “No!” as the long-legged beauty used his body to spring into the air, raising both legs at the knees then came down swiftly landing hard upon his body. His head shot up, his mouth wide open in a silent scream. Stephen’s dick nearly emptied as she kicked her leg in an awesome axe kick that revealed her amazing legs in all their sexy glory as well as the skimpy briefs at her crotch. It fell like an executioner’s blade stomping him viscously in the head. He didn’t have a chance and was laid out cold.

The hot-bodied woman stood on the Grandmaster’s body with her hands on her hips and looked around the hall at those who remained. “Who’s next?” she asked in a strong challenging tone. No-one answered, they all cowered in fear and a look of pure longing.
Stephen stood up as aunt Lilly came towards his chair. His erection was absolutely rigid and achingly hard but he knew that it was no use in trying to hide it although it stuck out several inches in front. “Oh that was incredible, amazing” he gushed as he began to rush towards her to meet her. Suddenly he found his wrist seized in a strong grip by an elegant long-fingered hand. It whipped outwards with a twist that forced him to bend forwards then was raised high in the air. “Woah!” he yelped as his whole world span as she flipped him with a spinning wrist throw. His back hit the mat.

The realisation that his favourite aunty had just thrown him had his dick aching to bursting point. “You’ve been very good, Stephen” she told him as she crouched on her toes by his side. The slinky satin wrap-around now fell completely open and Stephen couldn’t tear his eyes away from the close-up sight of her large breasts cupped in a red bra, a firm flat stomach and skimpy red briefs. Even more distracting was both long thighs pointing forwards in a wide V towards him. He gasped in disbelief as her hands found the front of his trousers and worked the buckle loose. Her mouth moved sensuously, he badly wanted to kiss her. “And good boys, young men I should rather say, should get their just desserts” she said. With that, his zip was down and his erection exposed.

“Oh Lilly I love you” he moaned, too crazy with lust to be embarrassed. “I know dear. Let me just take care of this” she replied. He was totally unprepared when her knickers came off. With that Lilly did the front splits across his groin and plunged his achingly hard erection inside of her. The sensation is so amazing that he was about to burst inside her until he felt her strong love muscles stop him and begin to control him at a more measured pace. She rode him hard and he heard the jealous moans from the remaining few men, “Lucky bastard”. He ignored them, immersing himself if the amazing sensual experience. The eroticism was too much for the watchers and they began to masturbate themselves silly. “Orrrr!” it was so good and she kept him going for what seemed ages before he came hard in huge spurts.

His lust slated, Lilly changed back into her leather skirt and jacket then they left the dojo. Driving in Lilly’s car, Stephen kept regaling her of the amazing feats she had done and how various men were destroyed. “Yes dear, I was there” she kept reminding him but that didn’t diminish his enthusiasm. “We’re not heading home?” he queried as the sultry Italian woman past his road. “My home; I have something else I wish to give you” she told him.

Once indoors, the shapely woman sat down and began to remove her stockings while Stephen watched on with a growing stiffness in his pants. “You have such beautiful legs, Lilly” he murmured. “Thank you dear. That’s very sweet of you” she replied. To his surprise she removed her leather skirt and he noticed that her thighs gently swelled with latent strength. When she also removed her blouse, He could hardly believe his eyes; here he was in aunt Lilly’s bedroom while she stripped down to her bra and panties. Before this evening, he had never seen so much of her flesh and was amazed by how fit and toned she looked. Her stomach was flat, firm and with clear outlines of abdominals, and her arms lean and taut. She saw him looking and smiled. “Nice and fit; yes? Not flabby” she said then flexed a small but firm bicep.

Stephen was confused as the stunning woman put back on the silky satin wrap-around top and belted it around her waist. Her warm brown eyes burrowed into his soul. “Come and play with your birthday present, Stephen, if you dare” she teased in a seductive voice. “But let’s make it a bit more sexy, shall we?” with that, the brunette pulled on a pair of shiny black knee-length boots with high heels. These fitted snugly following the contours of her large shapely calves. “Stylish and sexy, yes?” she asked turning them from side to side to show them off to him. Stephen just nodded in agreement.

She stood up and beckoned with one finger. “Come, try to attack me” she said then seeing his hesitation added “I won’t hurt you”. With excitement Stephen pretended to make a grab for the alluring woman. Before he knew what was happening she had knocked away his arm and pressed her elbow forwards against the centre of his chest. “Hai! Elbow to the solar plexus” she said conversationally then leant away and kicked him gently in the same place. “Hai! Kick to the same” then pulled down his head and raised her knee against his chest. “Hai! Knee to the same to make triply sure”. They had only been slow gentle moves but Stephen’s heart began to pound with excitement and his dick began to tingle with stiffness.

“Come, try again” she urged. Stephen ached to get his hands on that body so that’s exactly what he did. He came from the front and put his hands on her hips. The satin felt good under his hands then her bare knee rose and pressed firmly against his groin. “Hai! Knee to the groin”. “That was stupid, Stephen. Every woman knows how to do that. Try harder” she admonished.

Excited to see what she would do to him next, Stephen grabbed her hand. A quick twist of her wrist and his grip was gone then the side of her forearm slammed his hand aside and the side of her open palm was at his throat. “Hai! Chop to the throat”. Stephen watched in awe and a stiffening dick as, while still holding his hand, a long leg lifted and a shiny black boot headed towards his face. The side of the boot pressed against his jaw “Hai! Kick to the face”. Stephen looked down along the length of the form-fitting boot, the strong shapely hamstring down the back of her upper leg to the skimpy red briefs at her crotch and got a bit stiffer. The foot retracted as the leg lowered but keeping the knee at waist height. A subtle twist of his wrist forced him to look down as the leading edge of the boot swung towards him and struck him lightly across the top of his belly just below ribcage “Hai! Kick to the stomach”. The boot retracted a fraction, the knee rotated and the toe swung quickly towards his groin stopping with only a few millimetres to spare then gently tapped the bulge forming there. “Hai! Kick to the testicles”. The side of her hand was a blur stopping a fraction from his throat then tapped gently. “Hai! Chop to the throat”. Her leg stretched out behind him and hooked around the back of his leg then swept it from under him.

BLAM! Stephen’s back the floor, feeling highly aroused to have been thrown by his sexy aunt once more. “Takedown” she explained. She still had hold of his wrist and now bent his hand back in a painful wrist lock that made him yelp. “Subdued” she said as the hard toe of her boot tapped him in the armpit of the arm she was punishing. Twisting his hand hard causing Stephen to cry as she forced him to turn around slowly in a painfully described circle on the floor. “Ah please ah no!” he cried. “On your front; Do it now” she ordered. He had no choice but to obey. He felt so completely helpless and utterly dominated that he had a major hard-on. As she knelt upon the back of his neck, she held his arm vertically, straight against her upper thigh and stressed the joint while as she crouched over him. “Do you submit to my authority?” she asked. “Yes yes” he cried and was relieved when she released his arm then stood up.

Both shocked and aroused by how rough his aunt had treated him, Stephen began to get to his feet but stopped as a shiny black boot forced its way between his legs. Gently it traced its way up over the stiff bulge in his trousers. “Yes, you like me dominating you, don’t you Stephen?” she asked needlessly. “Yes” he gasped and she just chuckled then withdrew her foot.

The young man knelt for a moment to catch his breath. “Wow, Lilly, this is the best birthday present ever” he said in appreciation looking up at her. The sole of her boot came swiftly towards his face and pressed against it gently. “Less chat, more action” she said sternly increasing the pressure of the boot upon his feet. He squirmed under the sole until she removed it, returning it to the floor. “Now, get up and try again” she instructed. Excited to be playing like this with his sexy aunt, Stephen quickly came up from behind only for her leg to bend and drive the sole of her boot against his groin with the high heel biting none too gently. “Hai! Back-kick to the testicles” she said as he winced. She leant forwards and her leg kicked back rising high, the boot coming straight for his face. The sole smacked gently but firm against his mouth and he got a great view along the length of her shapely leg before her foot pressed his face upwards. “Hai! Back kick to the face for being so sly” she said.

Getting into the spirit of it, Stephen pretended to punch the gorgeous woman who caught his hand, turned her side towards him and drove her elbow back against his stomach with sufficient force to make him gasp as air was expelled from his mouth. “Hai! Elbow to the stomach”. Keeping hold of his hand and using it to keep his arm out of the way she turned to face him and drove her fist firmly into the joint of the arm at the back of his body. “Ow!” he yelped. Immediately a boot came up and stomped him firmly in his side. “Hai! Sidekick to the side of the chest”. Not giving him chance to think, she grabbed his head and pulled it down forcing him to bend. Her elbow drove into the centre of his back. “Hai! Elbow to the back”. Twisting his arm around her forced him in a circle around her descending to the floor until he was on one knee. Once more, the feeling of sheer helplessness of being completely overwhelmed by this sensational looking older woman had his dick absolutely rigid and aching.

“Orrr!” he groaned as she completely controlled him. He bathed in the power of a woman. It felt as if she were bending his hand right back. Forcing him to stoop; her strong legs close to his face. “Look at how helpless you are” she told him as she forced him to lie on the floor in front of a tall mirror. What he saw there made his meat beat against the carpet; a young man being totally dominated by an older though stunning woman. Powerless to resist, she forced him to his feet but kept him bent forwards looking down at her fabulous legs then the side of her hand chopped him lightly on the neck. Ow! Tingles shot all along his nerves but she gave him no respite. Keeping his arm straight twisting it so he was forced to keep looking at the carpet, she whipped it behind his back then raised her knee to keep his hand in place while she pulled his head back. “You always wished for me to be your action woman” she told him while he suffered in the hold.

“Haven’t you learnt that you should always be careful for what you wish” she told him. Lowering her knee, she whipped his arm around turning him to face her. Stephen could only watch as the wonderful leggy full-figured woman in the slinky satin gi-like top held her open hand rigid with the fingers straight, parallel to the floor. The hand shot forwards and the tip of her fingers drove like a trowel into his stomach. “Orghh!” he wailed as they seemed to plunge deep into his middle. The next second he had something else to be alarmed about as her hand slapped firmly over his erection and grabbed it while slamming her hand into his face. Pushing his face while pulling his dick, her foot swept away his feet and once again he fell. “Hai! Stomp to the head” she cried as he watched a sexy strong leg blast a high-heeled boot towards his face only stopping at the last centimetre.

She was dominating him hard yet he had a raging hard-on. “Oh Lilly” he moaned. Turning over onto his hands and knees to get up, he suddenly found himself trapped between Lilly’s legs. “Argh!” he yelped as a powerful surge of crushing pressure surrounded his neck. He always knew that her legs were strong but never expected to experience them like this. Looking down at her shiny boots while her sexy bare thighs squeezed his neck hard like a car crush. “Argh!” he yelped again at the fierce pressure. “You just stay there for a moment, Stephen while I change” he heard her say over the pounding in his ears. His hands felt along his leggy prison and encountered smooth thighs that swelled outwards with firm hard muscle. “Argh!” he felt weird and a little faint and in that moment realised that she could knock him right out with no problem. The very thought had his dick throbbing away in his pants. Her thighs opened and he fell forwards with his head spinning and a raging boner.

When he looked up, Lilly was in the process of unzipping and stepping out of her boots. He gawped because she had removed the satin top and now wore nothing except her red bra and skimpy briefs with the black belt tied around her waist. She raised her fists in a fight stance. “Come, Stephen; play with me” she said, her voice warm and inviting. Stephen was so highly aroused seeing the older woman like this that he sprang to his feet and approached her. The sight of that firm fit full figured body and large breasts drove him wild. He raised his foot thinking to kick her but it was harder than it looked and he couldn’t get his foot high enough. Even so Lilly’s knee was up in a flash raised to chest height as the side of her calf blocked his feeble attempt. His foot collapsed to the floor, her shapely calve close to his instep. She drew back her arm across her chest to the opposite shoulder. “Hai!” her arm flew across the front of her body with the elbow raised vertically and fist clenched. The back of her fist smacked against the side of Stephen’s face. His hands went to his stinging cheek, shocked that she had actually hit him.

The scantily-clad woman raised her knee. Her leg kicked up out in front of his head then raced around back towards it. The top of her foot slammed against the side of his neck. His whole body went stiff and trembled uncontrollably for a second as jolts shot through his nervous system. Then his knees turned to jelly and he collapsed to his hands and knees.

“Don’t let your aunty watch this film” Lilly said. Stephen looked up confused, nervous to see that she had her fists raised. “That’s what the advert to that Angela Mao film should have said”. “No!” he cried as a knee rushed towards his face but to his surprise the leg went over his head. He felt the weight of the back of her leg fall upon the back of his neck then her calve folded against the side. She reached down to grab her ankle and pulled her calve tight. “Urrrr!” he groaned it was like a noose had been thrown around his neck and tightened. “Legs too strong for you, Stephen?” she teased as he clutched at her firm shin unable to prise it away. She let him linger in that hold cutting off the flow of blood to the brain as he got weaker while his dick got harder as he drowned in the sheer dominant power of her legs.

He was at the point of passing out when she released her calve and let him flop to the floor. “Come, Stephen, this is no time for resting. It’s time for your graduation present” her foot shook his face making him more alert. He opened his eyes to see his aunt’s body descending onto his face. “You like this no?” she said. Stephen had never dreamt of his aunt on his face but he found the experience strongly erotic and a very submissive position to be in. He felt her hands reach back to free his erection from his trousers, rapidly recovering rigidity again. She slid backwards onto his throat then shoulders. She was so wonderfully dominant and he was so weak. “In a while I will teach you how to pleasure me in that position” she told him.

Stephen couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Yes Stephen, now that you are a man it is time for me to teach you a new subject” she said. Reaching behind to unclasp her bra, she removed it letting her sensational breasts spring free. “Oh you are beautiful, I want you” he groaned. “Ah! Ah!” she warned in a sharp tone of voice raising her palm as if to smack his face. “I am still your teacher and you will show respect” she warned. Her legs snaked around the sides of his neck pulling it tight against her crotch then rolled to one side. “Feel how strong my legs are Stephen” she said as she squeezed hard while resting nonchalantly on one elbow watching him. “Oh God, Oh God! Please I’m sorry” Stephen cried as a powerful wave of female muscular compression bore down upon his neck. It was so strong that his mind spun and eyes went out of focus. “Good” Lilly said satisfied as she released him.

He was stunned by how dominant she was acting and the powerful strength of her legs and was incredibly turned on. “Remove your clothes and get on the bed” she commanded in a tone that invited no argument. Stephen dared not disobey and while he did so he watched as she removed her briefs. The sight of that highly desirable fit body totally naked had Stephen absolutely groaning with desire and solidly rigid. “Shhh my not so little man” she said soothingly as she straddled his waist and plunged his aching manhood inside her. She rode him long and hard using her new-found skills to keep him hard for as long as possible until they climaxed together.

“Not bad” she told him softly gently stroking his cheek as they lie side by side on the bed. “Rest a while then we will continue with your lessons. “We will keep practising all night long if we have to and will not finished until I am completely satisfied” she said. “Oh Lilly, this is the best birthday present ever” he moaned contentedly. “Yes dear, so you’ve already told me” she said with a smile then gave him a little kiss on the forehead.

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