The Merit Badge (BOBP#04)

Girl Guides demonstrate the power of their merit badges to a smug bully

I liked the idea of a girl guide’s merit badge in martial arts. Mary was inspired by an exceptionally tall young girl who started at my school in the 1st grade when I was in the 6th. Also a young woman at work who was very tall but proportionally full figured with strong looking legs. Marcie was based on another girl at school and Mel is really my sister in-law Marianne when she was younger. Oh and Kevin is also based on a real person

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.
(c) JIM P 2012
A few years ago
It was early evening and the sun was low in the sky. As I climbed the steps that led from the platform to the station building, I couldn’t help looking at Jackie’s calves as they bunched and flexed in front of me. It just wasn’t right, a young girl having muscles like that. The sheer size and power of my younger sister’s calves was a constant reminder of how she had completely humiliated me in front of the whole school [BOBP#1]. Yet at the same time there was something animalistic and sensual about them that caused disturbing thoughts. I tried to look away but nearly stumbled on the steep concrete steps. “Careful, Bobby. You don’t want to fall and break your neck” she said sweetly. “I’m fine” I muttered and continued the climb to the top. We were on our way back from school. I had been to a music evening in the sixth form college where we listened to pieces of rock music then discussed them while Jackie had been at gymnastics club.

“Bobby, isn’t that Kevin Sharpe?” she whispered as we reached the station entrance. I looked at the grubby tramp sitting on the path against the wall then had to make a double take as I slowly realised that it wasn’t a tramp at all. It was Kevin and I hardly recognised him. He definitely looked the worst for wear. With several days’ growth on his unshaven face, dirty jeans and shabby lumberjack’s shirt, I had barely recognised him. His dull eyes certainly showed no signs that he recognised me even though we had shared the same desk in tutor group for the last 6 or 7 years at The Manor. However, I didn’t like the way he leered at Jackie’s body. At 6 feet tall, the former junior bodybuilding champion still retained a muscular well-built figure although he had retired from competition. That was around the same time as his impromptu rematch with Ling, the little oriental girl who had previously humiliated him publicly in a kickboxing contest although she was 5 years younger [BOBP#2]. After another deeply embarrassing defeat at her feet in front of the school, he gave up the sport and concentrated on basketball and athletics at which he excelled. He had left the sixth form college a few months ago and I hadn’t seen him since. I walked past with Jackie not saying a word.
Kevin watched Jackie’s shapely legs as she walked past but he couldn’t be arsed to get up and chase away Bobby. It wasn’t fair. At The Manor, he was a sporting superstar that all the girls loved and all the boys admired. But he had soon discovered that none of his athletic successes had meant jack shit when it came to getting a job. And the discrimination! 95% of all new jobs went to migrants (true). He almost punched the woman interviewer who told him to his face not to bother applying because he was English (also true). So it was he found himself ‘tired and emotional’ outside the station once more. Maybe he’ll do Jackie after all, but when he pulled himself to his feet, she was too far down the road.

Now that he was up, he might as well find a girl to pull. Not that it wouldn’t be easy. With his good looks and super stud physique, all the girls were crazy for him. Well, they used to be. They didn’t seem to be too keen on him recently for some reason.

Suddenly up ahead he spots a group of three teenaged girls walking away down the street. Each is dressed in a blue blouse and skirt with white knee length socks. A bright yellow neck scarf and badges sewn down the sleeves was a giveaway, Girl Guides. The one in the middle was anything but small, a statuesque brunette with her hair worn in pigtails on other either side of her head. From this distance he reckoned that she must have been at least 6 foot tall with a perfect hourglass figure. Her back sloped dramatically inwards on either side from broad shoulders to a narrow waist where she wore a black leather belt. It then sloped back out to her hips and full but great looking backside. The blue skirt is way too short for her tall build and looks like a tiny micro skirt from the old “Star Trek”. That made her long bare legs the longest he’d ever seen. Unlike most tall girls, she was not rake thin. Her body was in perfect proportion to her height with her legs actually quite thick but because of their length they looked sensational.

Kevin began to follow. They weren’t walking very fast as they were too busy chatting and pausing to look in the occasional shop window. The girl on the left of the tall one with the stunning legs and figure, was a short dumpy fat girl and on the right a skinny blonde. But it was the tall well proportioned one in the itsy bitsy skirt who had all of his attention. As she turned to chat with Fatty, he saw her face. A narrow oval shape, it was uncluttered, tanned and pretty. She had “come to bed” eyes, sultry and dark brown surrounded by thick lashes. A slender nose with sleek nostrils led to a medium sized mouth with plump red lips. It was a face that he recognised. It was Mary Slater who had caught every boy’s attention when she first arrived at The Manor as an 11 year old. Towering above her peers; she had a full well-proportioned body and looked more like an 18 year old with a young girl’s face. It was only the thought of her age at the time that had put Kevin off trying to pull her.

Just watching her in that very short dress had him growing a boner. How old would she be now? His brain was too fuzzed to work it out. Must be at least 16 that meant she was legal, not that it made a difference, the way he felt right now. As the trio turned into the small local park, he caught sight of the slopes of a very full bust stretching the front of Mary’s blouse making her bright yellow neck scarf and toggle lay at an angle. Wow! She’s sprouted a great stack and if they looked big on her tall large frame then they must be huge. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on those whoppers.

He caught up with them. “Mary. Hi babe! Where you’re going, love?” he asked in his pulling voice. “To Guides, not that it’s any of your business” she replied testily. Instead of being all gooey-eyed over him as he expected, she acted like she wasn’t interested in this sexy hunk of manhood. “Come on, darling. Guides are for little girls. Let’s go and make out somewhere” he said. “Actually you can be a Guide up to the age of 14 and then you can be a senior up to 25” she replied. Kevin felt something was not quite right then realised with a shock that he was looking up at her. He was 6 foot yet she was looking down at him; she must be a good 6 or 7 inches taller than he was. “Guides is more interesting than smelly boys” the fat one said causing the others to giggle. “Shut your face, fatty or I’ll shut it for you” Kevin snarled. “Yeah? I’d like to see you try” to his surprise Fatty became confrontational instead of being scared. “It’s alright Marcie, we’re going” Mary actually put her arm across the top of Fatty’s chest as if to restrain her. Kevin blocked her way as she tried to move off. She was tall! He had to reach up to put his arms across the front of her shoulders. “Look darling. Stop playing games. I fancy you, you fancy me, so lets do it” he said but instead of blushing and looking flattered, she looked irritated.

“Look mister, do you see this?” she asked heatedly pointing to one of many merit badges on her sleeve. Kevin looked where she was pointing but couldn’t make it out. It seemed like a crude impression of a fist. “That’s self defence grade 4 so watch it mate” she told him. Bullshit! Girl Guides only learn cookery and sewing and looking after little kittens not physical stuff like that. “You’re so Eighteenth century” the skinny blonde said. She had a thin face with glasses that made her look gawkish. “Shut it, gawky. I wasn’t speaking to you” Kevin snapped. “Don’t you speak to Mel like that” Mary snapped. “Let’s go or we’ll be late” she added and walked around him.

Kevin was stunned. His machismo had never failed as badly as that before. Girls usually were all doe-eyed and blushing and desperate to go out with him. When he used to take his shirt off during matches, girls used to drool over his magnificent torso. Kevin ran up behind the tall well-built girl and wrapped his arms around her middle then pulled her close. Her shapely backside felt electric against his erection. “You’re coming with me”. Without warning Mary slammed her head back. BAM! The top of her head butted his face. “Ouch!” he cried at the pain of his flattened nose and bruised mouth. Kevin felt her backside thrust into his groin as the Girl Guide lent down and grabbed his foot. “Woah!” he cried as his leg was pulled forwards and swung into the air making him fall backwards. THUD he found himself flat on his back with his leg held between her sexy long legs. The fresh-faced brunette turned around and raised her foot. Her skirt was so short that from his position on the ground, Kevin had full view of her white knickers tightly moulded to her crotch. “No!” he screamed as the shoe stomped down towards his groin. It stopped less than an inch from his balls. “Never mess with a Girl Guide” Mary told him as the other girls laughed at him. “Ooh Mary you made him scream like a little girl” Gawky sneered. “You should have mashed his balls all over the grass” Fatty added nastily.

Kevin felt a flush of anger at being brushed off so painfully. The fact that Mary wore a Girl Guides uniform and he was being laughed at by her friends made it worse. As he sat up, his anger drained at the close up view of her legs. They were quite thick but very long which kept them in proportion with her height. Incredibly long sexy legs leading all the way up to white knickers under that tiny skirt. Oh yes, he was going to have her whether she liked it or not.

Rising, he made a grab for her waist. A large knee shot up like a rocket, pounding him hard in the chest. WHUMP! “Orrrgh!” it felt like he’d been hit in the chest with a mallet. The shock to the system was enough to paralyse him, head bowed as he stooped before the tall uniformed girl. “Hai!” THUD! Kevin’s head snapped back with his mouth wide in a silent cry as something, the edge of her hand he realised, chopped against the back of his neck. Sent sprawling back to the grass, more girlish laughter rang in his ears at his humiliation.

A black shoe appeared before his eyes. Above this, a brilliant white sock was moulded to the contours of a very long shapely calve. His gaze travelled up along an incredibly long thick thigh and the sexy view up her tiny blue skirt. The girl with the perfect hourglass figure stood over him with one hand raised open palmed and the other by her side in a fist. That wasn’t right. A Girl Guide shouldn’t be in a fight stance looking so powerful and self-assured. The sight made his dick lurch with desire. “Obviously you didn’t learn your lesson when Ling beat the stuffing out of you” Mary told him looking down at him with dark sultry eyes that ignited his passion.

“Don’t mess with me, Mary. You may know a few defence tricks but I was a champion kick boxer” he told her getting to his feet but feeling unnerved as the leggy Guide maintained her fight stance. “Until you were thrashed by an 8 year girl” she laughed. Kevin saw red and rushed her. BLAM! A long leg swung up in a blur kicking his nads painfully against his body. “Oooooo!” he wailed. WHUMP! Instantly her knee blasted up and hammered his stomach with a solid thump. “Mmmmmph!” he gasped as his well-developed abs absorbed the brunt of the blow. Even so he was left gasping and shocked at the power of the blow.

“Well I am impressed. Most boys just crumple in a wheezing mess when I do that to them” she said as he struggled to gain control of his breathing. Taking that as a complement, Kevin removed his shirt to reveal his sculpted torso and ran his hands over his six-pack. “That’s because I’m a real man, darling” he told her. “Let’s see you drool babe. How’d you like to come to my place and rub some baby oil all over these beauts?” he asked. “Come on feel them. You know you want to” he told her reaching out for her hand. Surprisingly Mary brushed his hand away angrily. “Look come on” he said reaching out again. This time she took his hand then suddenly lent away from him. A foot blasted out of nowhere. “Hai!” WHAMP! “Orrrrrrrrr!” he wailed in agony, folding in two as the air was cruelly stomped out of him, his proud six-pack flattened beneath her large foot.

“Ooh jelly belly” Fatty laughed as he doubled over gasping for breath. “Go on Mary, finish muscle boy off” her loud voice grates on Kevin’s nerves as his head spins and threatens to go black. “Smash his face in. Rip off his balls” she says enthusiastically. “That’s enough Marcie” Mary’s voice is sweetness warmed with a slightly huskiness. “Orrr oorr” Kevin pants as his lungs start working properly and heart rate slowed. Panting more slowly with his hands on his knees, Kevin looks up at Mary. She was semi-crouched which caused her short skirt to stretch tight across the top of her thick thighs exposing her knickers. Her hands were raised open palmed in a fight stance as she fixed him with a steely stare. The sight made Kevin force down a gulp. She looked so confident and strong; it really looked like she knew what she was doing. The Girl Guide uniform added a militaristic touch that somehow turned him on. “Once again, you’ve bitten off more than you can handle. Give it up now before you really get hurt” she told him sternly. Kevin couldn’t stop staring at her exposed crotch and her magnificent long legs. God she is really hot and has such hot legs. He really wanted her.

He brought himself to his full height and took a deep breath, thrusting out his chest to intimidate her with his magnificence. She didn’t look impressed. As quick as a cobra, Kevin dropped into a crouch and span, scything her off her feet. No sooner as Mary was on her back than Kevin was upon her forcing his way between her legs. “Now you’re going to feel what a real man is like inside you and I don’t care if you’re little friends watch” he told her reaching for the buttons of her blouse above her impressive chest. Instead of crying and panicking, Mary stayed calm. Pulling down on his wrists, she pressed them against the front of her shoulders. At the same time she bent her knees against his sides. Kevin saw her lovely thighs move closer towards his arms as she dug her feet in against his hips. With a surge of astonishing strength, he felt her legs uncoil pushing him firmly away from her.

Mary got up quickly and Kevin did likewise expecting to have to give chase. He was therefore shocked to find the leggy girl in the tiny skirt rush forwards and grab his sleeves. Pressing her sexy body against him, Kevin felt a firm leg slide against the inside of his thigh and wrap itself behind his knee. The next second his foot was swept away and he fell backwards to the ground.

This was starting to piss him off. Kevin wasn’t the sort that could deal with the concept of a girl who could fight back and especially not one dressed as a Girl Guide, no matter how large she might be. “You’d better get used to lying on the ground. You’ll be doing a lot of it if you mess with a Girl Guide”. Kevin looked up in the direction of Mary’s voice. God, she was tall and those thick tanned legs just seemed to go on forever. It almost gave him a crick in the neck just looking up at her as she towered over him. The blue sleeve of her blouse was covered with different badges. She pointed at them. “Throwing boys, grade 3. Kicking boys, grade 3. Breaking, grade 2. Punching, grade 2. Scissoring, grade 3. Ball..”. “Bollocks. You’re making all that up” he snapped rolling onto his hands and knees to push himself up. Now with his face up close to the pair of white socks, he realised just how long and thick they really were. He found himself staring at the way the socks swelled at the back clinging to the shapely contours of her big meaty calves as they swept elegantly upwards. Their smooth lines were broken by thick rugged slabs of calve muscle that stretched the white socks tight. Kevin was familiar with the athletic girls who hung around the basketball team but he felt a moment of unease as he glanced at her thighs. Right up close to his eyes, the long, wide expanse of bare suntanned flesh had strong slabs of thick muscle just visible beneath the surface running down the outside of her thighs. They were so sleek and beautiful yet strong looking that Kevin just stayed there on his knees gawping at her legs, unable to tear himself away. “Go on, Mary. Show him what you did to that scout master last week” Fatty said. “Yeah, I bet he’s still in the hospital with a fractured skull” Gawky added.

To his surprise, Mary reached down and grabbed the front of his shirt then hauled him effortlessly to his feet. Spinning him around so his back was towards her, Kevin was surprised to find long thick blue arms wrap themselves around his middle. “Urrr” he grunted as they squeezed tight and lifted him off his feet. “Urrr!” he was shocked to find himself in a reverse bear hug, the girl’s big arms squeezing incredibly tightly as his feet dangled uselessly in the air. “Don’t you like my cuddle? Do I take your breath away” Mary’s voice was soft and sensual as it whispered close to his ear. “Ooorr!” he groaned as she raised him higher so that his head fell back over her broad shoulder. He could feel her large soft breasts cushion the small of his back. Feeling his face turning red through lack of air, Kevin frantically grabbed at the girl’s arms as they crushed his gut. He was shocked by how large and firm her forearms felt, unable to budge them to buy himself enough room to breathe.

“Orrrrrr!” suddenly he could breathe again as Kevin found his back being flung across Mary’s wide shoulders. The Girl Guide grabbed his left arm and leg as she balanced him with no apparent discomfort across her wide back. “Why, you’re as light as feather” he heard Mary tell him as he looked up at the sky. He knew that wasn’t true. His body was all heavy muscle yet the girl carried him with ease as she began to walk around the park as if she only had a coat draped around her shoulders. He could hear the laughter of the other girls as the big Girl Guide in the very short skirt carried him around with the occasional dizzying twirl. “Mummy what’s that Girl Guide doing?” in horror he heard a young boy’s squeaky voice. “Oh, eh, she’s just playing. Come on Timothy” a woman’s voice. This was completely humiliating. There was nothing that he could do to stop her as he bounced around on her strong shoulders as she paraded him around the park. Yet strangely he also found himself excited by the girl’s strength and was content to ride her shoulders with a stiffening dick. But wait! What if someone he knew saw him? It would be so embarrassing to be seen being carried around like a toy by a Girl Guide. “Put me down. Put me down right now or you’ll get it” he demanded trying to sound intimidating. But it’s hard to sound tough when you’re lying across the shoulders of a tall girl in a very short blue Guides uniform.

“Cor you’re so strong, Mary” Gawky says in open admiration. “Go on, break his back. Snap it in two” Fatty encourages earning Kevin’s hatred. “Don’t you dare. No!” Kevin cries out as he feels Mary release his arm and grab his jaw. Kevin gritted his teeth as the girl in the short skirt pulled down on his jaw and leg. He refused to cry out, he was tough, and he could take it. Her shoulder caps dug into his shoulder blade and left buttock as she bent him backwards around the tops of her shoulders. “Arghh!” he cried out as his spine was forced painfully into an upside down U shape. “Arghh!” he couldn’t help it, it felt like his vertebrae were crushing against each other and about to pop out. “Aw diddums. He’s crying” Fatty sneered.

The awful bone grinding pressure ceased as the big Guide swung him around to the front of her body then dropped him on the grass. Suddenly his arms were grabbed from behind. Thick forearms locked against his biceps and pulled them back tight as a chubby pair of hands pressed against his shoulder blades. “Get out of that, big boy” he heard Fatty laugh close to his ear. “Get off me, fatso” he cried as he bucked and bent his torso to try to throw her off. “Argh!” he cried as his body was forced to bend forwards as she pressed down upon the centre of his back while locking his arms uselessly behind him like a pair of chicken wings. “Shall I snap them, Mel?” she chuckled nastily. “That’s enough Marcie” he heard Mary’s voice then his arms were free.

Kevin spun around to confront his attacker. Before him stood a short and very dumpy fat girl, barely 5’1″ if that. The blue Guides uniform seemed to emphasise her tubbiness and rotund belly. Her bare legs are short, thick and stumpy. “I’m going to rip your fat arms off and beat you around the head with the bloody end” he roared. To his surprise, Fatty didn’t look the slightest bit afraid. Instead she raised her podgy fists like a boxer. “Come on then, big mouth. Let me shut it for you” she yelled. Her face was round with big chubby cheeks and sprinkled with freckles but currently turning bright red with anger. Her small dark eyes glared at him from behind her glasses. She started to sway back and forth like a boxer as if ready to smash in his face with her fists. Kevin was unnerved by her arrogance. She certainly looked like she really was going to fight him. Well let her. It will be fun to pound away at her fat little belly and piggy face. Her stubby nose and small mouth reminds him of a piglet, and he wants to smash his fist right into it. “You’re on. Little piggy” Kevin snarled and raised his fists then stepped towards her. Mary blocked his path. “Don’t. Marcie is a grade 5 and she will really hurt you badly” she told him. “How can a little fatty like her hurt anyone?” he snarled.

“I said leave her alone” Mary told him but Kevin smelt blood and wanted to take out his frustration on the fat girl. He tried to push Mary aside but instead she took hold of his right sleeve with one hand and the front of his shirt with the other. Kevin couldn’t help noticing the way her short skirt and long bare legs moved as the tall girl turned around. Her sexy long legs bent slightly at the knees and he felt her lower back press against his stomach as she pulled his right arm across her chest. At the same time, he felt her other arm slide around his back to the middle of his side. In an instant, he knows what is coming but is powerless to stop it. He senses the tall beauty straighten her legs while bending forward, pivoting his body around her shapely hips. In a moment of helpless, he is air bound as she controls his body throwing him over her hip, sending him tumbling head over heels. WHAM! His back slams into the grass while the tall Guide holds onto his arm. “If you want somebody to fight, pick on someone your own size” she warns him. As he lay on the ground, Kevin begins to realise for the first time that the sexy big structured girl might be telling the truth about those stupid merit badges.

“Come on Mary, let me have a go. I ‘m going to tear him into pieces” Fatty was really worked up and was being barely restrained by the tall girl. Kevin got to his feet, fuming. He wanted to take out his anger on someone, but he still fancied his chances with the lovely Mary and Fatty seemed too aggressive. Kevin went for the weakest link.

The thin gawky girl, Mel, seemed surprised as Kevin stomped towards her. She was about 5’6″ with a rake thin body, her blue skirt coming down to just above her bony knees. Her face was slim and narrow with her blonde hair worn so severely short and swept high off her forehead that her ears seemed to stick out. Small narrow grey-blue eyes peered out at him from behind a pair of large framed spectacles that added to the gawkish appearance. This sat on a thick but sleek looking nose leading to a small thin-lipped mouth. Instead of showing fear, the girl pointed to one of the many badges lining her sleeve. “Guess what this?” she asked him in a calm voice. Caught off-guard by the question, Kevin stopped and looked. On a skinny blue arm so narrow that she could only have one badge abreast, her long slender figure pointed to what looked like a foot kicking a ball. “You play soccer?” Kevin asked, creasing his brow in confusion.

BAM BAM BAM BAM a long skinny leg blasted out again and again so rapidly that he could hardly see it, blasting her foot with precision between his legs. BAM BAM BAM BAM the white sock is a blur as it repeatedly hammers her foot so fast into his balls that Kevin is unable to protect himself. Kevin’s body is jerking spasmodically under the brutal rapid-fire barrage. BAM BAM BAM BAM soundlessly with his mouth gaping wide open and his eyes creased tight he tries to sink to the ground but the girl’s kicks prevent him. Semi-crouched, he bobs up and down like a ghastly jack-in-the-box with each soul-destroying kick as it thuds into him. BAM BAM BAM BAM he can take no more and collapses sideways and curls into a tight ball. Rocking back and forth on the ground with his face red in an expression of wide mouthed pain, tears roll down his cheek while girlish laughter burns his ear.

“Oh Mel. Well done. You’ve just kicked the crap out of a kickboxing champion” he hears Mary congratulate the skinny girl in the blue uniform as he sobbed quietly. “No wonder he lost to an 8 year old girl. He’s complete bull” Fatty adds. He can’t say anything because of the brutal ache in his groin. His brain registers shock that such long skinny legs could deliver such shockingly fast devastating kicks. “Orrrrgh!” he moaned finding his voice at last while his balls throbbed. The nausea subdued as his breathing slowed close normal.

He heard footsteps and looked up to see brown shoes and white socks. The feet stood askance and the blue skirt rode up skinny legs as the Guide lent forward. “You alright mister kickboxing champion? You want another go?” Mel asked. He couldn’t answer. The pain between is his legs is raw and throbbing but he is determined not to let mere girl guides see his weakness. “As we say in the Guides. Be prepared – to give a good kicking” that caused a riot of girlish laughter that burnt Kevin’s ears. “That was a low down dirty move” he gasped trying to keep his voice level and not show his pain. “Not very lady-like” he spat and hauled himself to his feet. “Kicking below the belt is illegal in kickboxing. Come on Gawky let me show you some real kickboxing” he challenges the skinny blonde who begins to back away.

Mary gets between them. She was such a big presence that Kevin couldn’t ignore her. “How dare you threaten poor little Mel. You pick on someone your own size” she scolded. “Let me at him, Mary. I wanna rip him apart” Fatty said with an enthusiasm that reminded Kevin of a small pit bull terrier. “No, Marcie. I’m the one that he is after, so I must be the one to teach him a lesson”. This coming from the big built sexy Mary surprised him. “Come on Mary. I don’t want to fight you, I just want to Fer..em. Let me put my love into you babe” he said, almost saying the F word and not realising that the AC/DC song title didn’t help. “Look he’s frightened. Scared to fight a Girl Guide” Fatty was really obnoxious. “Look I don’t want to fight you. You might know some self defence tricks but you wouldn’t stand a chance against kickboxing” he said trying not to ruin his chances with her.

Mary didn’t say a word. With a look of distain, she turned her back on him and started to walk away with the other girls following. The sight of those oh-so-long thick bare legs moving away from him with her tiny blue skirt in motion called to Kevin’s groin. “Mary, wait” he shouted as he ran after her. “Don’t go darling” he said as he reached out and took her hand. The tall girl stopped and turned her head to glare at him. “Look Mary, ..” he started but then watched as she raised a knee high level with her chest. Her tiny skirt rose to expose acres of luscious tanned thigh and show off her brilliant white panties. Before his brain could register what she was doing, she turned towards him and uncoiled her leg. BLAM! A large foot blasted into his face with such force that it snapped his head back and knocked him to the grass. “Don’t call me darling” Mary growled as his head spun and his face ached while girlish laughter filled his ears. Ouch, he felt his nose but luckily it didn’t seem broken. “See how easy a Girl Guide can beat up a kickboxing champion, girls” Mary’s voice rang out loud and clear.

“Lesbo bitch” Kevin grunted getting to his feet. That was the only explanation. Girls usually fell over themselves to go out with a hunk like him so she must be a lesbian. “What did you call me?” the statuesque girl growled, her eyes blazing so fiercely that Kevin had to force himself not to step back. “You must be a lesbo if you don’t want a bit of this” he snapped back refusing to back down. The tall Guide raised her hand to the side of her brow, open-palmed in a three-fingered salute. “Dib dib dib CHOP!” the side of her hand slashed down onto the side of his neck. “CHOP!” it slashed down onto the opposite side. “CHOP!” a claw hand drove into his throat, long strong fingers clutching his windpipe. Kevin was in a daze, surprised by the girl’s attack. “Go on, rip out his throat” Fatty encouraged. Kevin felt his eyes go wide and his face turn red as the guide’s strong fingers throttled him of precious life-giving air. “Look at me” Mary ordered as Kevin’s head bobbed limply. She pulled him by the throat so that they were almost nose-to-nose. “For you information I am not gay. I don’t fancy you. I think you are a slow-witted muscle bound Neanderthal and look like a tramp. Understand?” she emphasised this with a shake of his throat. Kevin couldn’t answer; his head was swimming in her deadly clasp.

She released him and he clutched his throat as he greedily gulped down air. He became aware of a blue skirt and a great pair of legs standing close. “Now apologise for acting like a jerk” Mary’s voice demanded. “Fer…huh..huh.. ck you” he gasped. Now he was angry. He saw red. No normal girl would turn him down. There must be something wrong with her if she wasn’t a lesbo. Trying to choke him was the last straw. Without warning he threw himself into a showy roundhouse kick, spinning around lifting his foot high so that it arced around towards the girl’s head. Mary’s leg blasted out in a sidekick like a lightning bolt beneath his raised leg. BLAM! “Orrrggh!” he wailed as her large foot hammered hard ploughing through his six-pack and into his gut.

The short skirt rucked up as a long expanse of bare leg rocketed skywards. BLAM! Kevin’s jaw was hammered so viscously that his teeth snapped together in a painful crunch as his head whipped back so hard that his vision blurred. His fighting instincts kicked in, literally. Although dazed from the jaw bruising kick, he kicked out in the direction he last saw her to stop her attack. To his horror he kicked air. Too late he realised that she was already by his side, her tiny skirt rising, a flash of white sock arcing towards his middle. WHAM! “Arghhh!” her lanky shin blasted across his stomach. Kevin had instinctively tensed his abs but still it felt like he’d been hit with a crowbar, the power of the blow causing him to crease forwards. He’d been in fights, kickboxing fights and tried to steel himself to ignore the pain. A flash of white panty was all the warning he had as her leg snapped back arcing towards his bent head. BAM! Ouch! Kevin’s arms shot up to block the kick, which felt like getting hit with a baseball bat across the forearms.

Mary had moved to stand in front of him. With his arms still stinging from that block, Kevin raised his knee to blast a kick to her head and knock her down. But before he’d even unleashed his kick, Mary’s knee rose quickly then snapped forward. BLAM! The sole of her shoe hammered him right in his mouth, cutting the inside of his lips on his teeth and punching his head back like he’d been hit with a mallet. Kevin staggered back as everything became black and red jagged lines, the taste of blood on his tongue and his front teeth feeling buckled.

“Ready to apologise now or shall tell everyone how you were beat up by a girl guide?” Mary’s words were like a red rag to a bull. She was looking cocky, walking towards him looking oh so confident that she could kick his arse. Kevin pretended he was still dazed and couldn’t understand, letting her come closer. Suddenly he struck, his arms snapped out and his hands seized her throat. He enjoyed the look of surprise on her face as her eyes went wide. “No. You apologise then give me a big sexy kiss and then I’ll decide what to do with you” he snarled as her pretty tanned face darkened. BLAM! Large palms slammed either side of his temples causing his hands to instinctively fly apart from her neck. The large hands moved to the back of head and pulled it down sharply. “No!” he screamed as he saw her large knee rise to meet his face. BLAM! He felt his nose break against her hard knee. “Ueeeugh!” the other girls cried in unison.

Clutching his bleeding nose in disbelief, Kevin was too stunned to do anything as the well-structured girl grabbed an arm and pulled it over her shoulder as she turned her back on him. Her ample well-shaped buttocks felt electric as they pushed against his groin. As she leant forward and loaded him onto her back, he realised that the tall young girl was about to throw him again and that there was nothing he could do about it. His cock stiffened as his groin rode over her backside. A feeling of complete helplessness welled up inside as the girl skilfully manipulated his body upside down so that the ground appeared before his eyes before it disappeared in a flash as he tumbled head over heels. WHAM! His back slammed into the ground knocking the wind out of him.

His legs nearly turned to jelly as Mary immediately hauled him to his feet. He thought she looked so incredibly hot in that tiny skirt with those amazing legs as she grabbed the front of his shirt but he seemed to be paralysed by some strange kind of fear and lusting. A knee rose in front of his body and a lovely long well shaped lower leg swung forwards placing her toe into the pit of his stomach. The leggy Girl Guide fell backwards pulling him down with her. As her back hit the ground Kevin’s dick lurched with the sense of her power as his body momentarily balanced on her bent leg before it straightened, his forward momentum sending him flying head over heels over her body. WHAM! Again his back slammed into the ground. Kevin now knew for certain that Mary was highly skilled in self-defence and was whipping his arse. Somehow the thought of being completely helpless as this sexy Girl Guide threw he around was strongly appealing yet terrified him the same.

The fear of his machismo destroyed by a Guide had him up on his feet and turning to flee. Gawky got in his way and raised her hand in a three-fingered salute. “Be prepared” she said. BERLAM! Kevin felt like his head had been hit by a thunderbolt. He didn’t even see Mel’s awesome front kick that blasted his head before the top of her skinny thigh bounced off her chest. His brain spun into darkness as he felt his feet leave the ground and begin to fall backwards. “To kick your arse” was the last thing he heard, out cold before he’d even hit the ground.
“Ouch” the light was painful against his eyes as he opened them. For a moment he didn’t know where he was. “Ouch” his jaw hurt and felt swollen. His mouth also felt swollen and his gums hurt. “Ouch” his nose felt broken and there was dried blood. It felt like he’d been run over by a truck.

“About time too. You’ve been out for ages. You’re such a loser. My little sister is a Brownie and I bet she could kick your arse with one hand tied behind her back” Kevin turned his head to see a short fat Girl Guide. The painful memory came flooding back. He’d been humiliated by a Girl Guide! Oh the shame. “She’ll be along in minute so you better start running” Fatty added as he groaned and rolled over to his front to push himself to his hands and knees. “Mary was really annoyed that Mel kicked your lights out. Lucky escape for you though. Last week she scissored and broke some boy scout’s ribs when we attacked their clubhouse and showed them whose merit badge is stronger. Pah boy scouts are just wimps and mummy’s boys too. Boo hoo mummy, a Girl Guide kicked me in the face. Boo hoo she broke my ribs” Fatty talked incessantly and it was annoying him. “You talk a lot of shit fatty” Kevin spat out a wad of blood as he pulled himself to his feet.

“It’s true. Anyway my boyfriend could take you. He’s in the Navy” Marcie continued. Kevin couldn’t believe that “Rot. Why would a sailor want to go out with an ugly fat little schoolgirl” he asked. “22. “You’re jealous cos you couldn’t get it off with Mary” she said. Kevin couldn’t be bothered to argue and went to leave but Marcie blocked his way. “Butt out of it piggy before you get hurt” he spat. “Ooh I’m really scared mister jelly belly, got beat up by Mary and got your lights kicked out by skinny Mel. Come and make me then” she taunted, her face bright red.

Kevin finds Marcie really obnoxious and after the day he’s had, he just wants to punch in her little bright red piggy face. His big fist swings at her head but the short fat Guide throws up an arm across his forearm, her other arm instantly striking like a cobra. WHUMP! “Kkkkkkkkk!” her knuckles hammer his throat. Kevin clutched his neck as he coughed and spluttered. He had presence of mind to move quickly back to avoid a follow-up attack accompanied by sneering laughter from the ugly gnome of a girl. “I can punch through solid steel, muscle boy” she sneered.

He was still having problems swallowing when the gnome stepped towards him with a menacing smile on her lips. “I love beating up big boys like you” she sneered. It felt like he had an obstruction in his throat but he was determined not to let Marcie get another punch in. Anger flared up that this fat little brat had got the better of him. Kevin threw himself into a spinning kick and felt with pleasure, his foot club the top of the chubby Guide’s head sending her sprawling to the grass. “Not so tough now are you fatty?” he sneered. He took a big step forward, bringing his leg through in a viscous kick towards her face. His foot came to a shuddering halt. On her short chubby knees, the fat Guide had caught it with her hands crossed. Suddenly with a twist of her hands, he was sent spinning sideways to the ground.

Marcie tried to throw herself on top of Kevin, but the former kick boxer reacted instantly. THUD “Oooohhhh!” Marcie squealed as Kevin’s foot hammered her right in her chest causing her to stumble backwards with a pained expression on her bright red face. “It’s not as though you’ve much up there, little piggy” Kevin taunted. The look of hurt on her face stoked his bloodlust. He was up on his feet blasting a kick right into her podgy stomach. THUD “Oooooooohhh!” she wailed as the breath left her small rounded mouth looking like the air escaping from a pale red balloon. Kevin spun, kicking high. BAM his foot clocked her around the side of her head, knocking her through 360 degrees. He continued to spin and smashed her in the head with a spinning back kick sending her stumbling.

Kevin grabbed the dazed girl from behind and began to wring her neck with one hand while stopping her from wriggling with his other arm around her tubby belly. “I’m going to enjoy smashing your podgy ugly piggy face into a bloody mess” he snarled as the short girl in blue struggled. BLAM! “Ouch!” he cried as the heel of a shoe stamped down hard onto his toes. BLAM! “Ouch!” he cried as the short stubby leg kicked back hammering his knee with her heel. Instinctively he released the girl and bent forward to caress his injured knee. Short dumpy hands grabbed the back of his head and Kevin watched in horror as a short plump thigh rose towards his face. “No!” he screamed. BLAM! The top of her thigh smashed against the front of his face, squashing his nose painfully flat with a crunch that restarted his nose bleed. Her hard knee also hammered his chin with a solid clonk that sent his head snapping backwards as he staggered away.

“I’m going to kill yah, you effing bastard!” the short dumpy Girl Guide screamed at him. Her round chubby face was bright red with rage. Kevin was really pissed off. He whipped around intending to blast her right in the middle of her piggy face. His long muscled leg sailed right over her head, scant inches from where she had been. The podgy Guide had ducked and instantly sprang up. Kevin caught a glimpse of white knickers as something flashed towards his face in the blink of an eye. BLAM! Something hammered his already bruised jaw. His head whipped back in a dizzying blur of motion. He had opened his eyes, his brain unable to comprehend what he was seeing. A fat Girl Guide was hanging in the air in front of him with one leg bent beneath her and the other rocketing towards him. “Hai!” BERLAM! Her sole blasted in the middle of his face like a small explosion of pain.

He staggered clutching his bleeding face. “You wanted a fight mister muscle man then let’s see you fight”. Kevin watched in a stunned amazement as the short overweight girl blasted a chubby leg skywards with surprising agility. BLAM! His jaw was struck so hard that he heard it break under the shocking power of the fat girl’s kick. Pain lancing through his jaw, Kevin for the first time felt fear of this ferocious little terrier of a girl. He punched out in fear but the girl nonchalantly swept his arm aside with a raised arm as though swatting a fly. “Hai!” she screamed, making him jump. WHAP! The side of her chubby hand slashed into the side of his neck. It was like an electric shock to the system that sent his senses reeling. With girlish laughter ringing in his ears, he felt the terrifying little creature grab his sleeves and felt her turn. Dear God no he thought as he felt the girl’s wide bottom press into his groin as she bent forwards. He felt himself ride over her skirt covered backside as his senses tried to cope with rapid disorientation. As short feeling of weightlessness and falling then WHAM the ground slammed into his back.

Oh my God, the fat girl had thrown me! No sooner had Kevin had thought this than the girl with amazing speed was on the ground pulling his arm between her bare fleshy thighs. A chubby leg draped itself over his neck and another over his waist. “Argggh!” he cried as his elbow was bent back over her crotch. His body’s natural reaction to raise his head was cut off cruelly as the crook of her leg pressed down onto his neck, choking him. “It’s no good muscle head. You’ve been thrashed by a Girl Guide again” she shouted as he writhed in agony, unable to find a position to ease the terrible strain on his arm or the chocking of her leg across his throat. “This is the only thing you’re going to put between a girl’s legs today mister” she laughed. The sudden realisation where his arm was hit him with revulsion. He could now feel the warm clamminess at the top of the insides of her thighs, but there was nothing he could do about it, she had him trapped proper. The dumpy ogre cried in triumph as she lifted her ample backside as started twisting his trapped arm from one side to the other. “Argh no please” he cried, although it hurt his jaw. It felt like his arm was going to snap off at any moment but the girl continued to writhe about, laughing, as she inflicted torment letting him suffer.

At long last he felt his tortured arm released. “Ooofff!” the chubby terror in blue threw herself on top of his chest. The next second, he felt her short stubby legs slide between his magnificent muscled beasts. Arghh no it’s not possible the thoughts screamed in his mind as her short legs ripped his wide apart. Marcie’s face came close, too close as her legs pressed his legs wide apart. Oh my God, her legs were much stronger than he ever imagined. Kevin had always thought that his legs were like a stallions but now he felt unbelievable weak and helpless as a short fat girl pinned them apart. A wide gaping maw covered his lips and kissed passionately, all wet and slobbery. He tried to resist but his legs were being torn apart and her considerable mass was pinning his chest. The fat girl was kissing him and he was powerless to stop her. The tactile sensations of her slobbering kisses though disgusting had a mortifying effect upon his body. “Wait until I tell Mary who it was that you really fancied” she chuckled. “Now you know why a sailor would want to date me. He can’t get enough of me” she giggled as she released his legs and rolled off his chest.

Kevin sat up, wiping his mouth in disgust. “Yuck. I wouldn’t want to do you if you were the last girl on Earth” he spat. A spike of fear shot through him as the tiny terror rushed towards him. He tried to get to his feet but it was too late. With a speed that defied her size, Marcie was behind him as quick as a flash. Before he realised what was happening a thick fleshy arm had wrapped itself around his neck. By the time he raised his hand, she had pulled his neck tight into the crook of her arm and secured it behind his head. With rising panic he tried to prise his fingers between her forearm and his neck. His fingers sunk into the pudginess of her arm but he felt her press her other forearm against the back of his head as the other dug hard into his throat. She had him in such a tight noose that he was unable to prise it away. He felt her hot breath in his ear. “Do you like that muscle boy?” she whispered in his ear. “I just love knocking boys out in sleeper holds” she breathed. In horror he found her pressing down on the side of his neck with one forearm while being strangled in the crook of the other. “Kkkk!” he was choking and he could feel the blood being cut off from his brain. “I put out the scout leader just like this last week” her breathy voice purred in his ear as he frantically pulled at her forearm. YANK! A sudden twist of her arms jerked him to one side. YANK! Another twist jerked him back. His head began to spin and he no longer had the strength to keep his hands up. Letting them fall to the ground, his head felt too heavy and began to sag in her deadly embrace. In horror he realised he was completely helpless, utterly subdued by a fat Girl Guide and there was nothing he could do about it. The fat girl was putting him away, she had completely dominated him and he was succumbing to her power.

YANK! A savage twist of his neck made the light slightly brighter. YANK! He was slumped between legs as she knelt on the grass as she maintained her hold of superiority over his limp sagging head. He felt her hot wet tongue lick slowly around his ear. “Oh yes, muscle boy. I could keep you like this for hours” her hot breath purred. “Keeping you on the edge like this. Completely under my control. Just a slight squeeze of my arms could put you away for good”. A Girl Guide, a short fat Guide, was dominating him. At that moment he felt helpless and weak, unable to resist her all consuming power. “You are mine now, muscle boy. Mine to do whatever I want” she purred. “Ohhhhh” he moaned. The girl repulsed him yet her extended control over him seemed to make his body extra sensitive to every breath upon his ear and the feel of the fine hairs upon her deadly arms upon his neck. The effect was electric and he knew that he didn’t stand a chance. With shame, he felt his body betray him, no matter what he tried to think of to stop it. “Bad boy!” she murmured against his ear.

With that she pulled him to lie back on the grass, his waist enveloped by her thick fleshy thighs. He felt her lock one foot under her other knee forming a figure four body scissors from behind. Orr! She squeezed and Kevin gasped, his head lolling in the tight noose of her arms. Orrr! Her legs were much stronger than they looked. The calve positioned across his gut dug in hard slowly crushing his six-pack then driving the air from his diaphragm. Orrr! So tight, so tight. Her legs were so strong. Her arms were too strong. His head spun wildly, his thoughts scattered to the winds, unable to hold a coherent thought for more than a second. Kevin knew that he didn’t have a chance either way. She was either going to crush him out with her short but strong legs or put him away with her sleeper hold. He’d been outclassed and wiped out by a Girl Guide. No, three Girl Guides. What’s the use? Kevin relaxed and succumbed to the inevitable, waiting for the end to come. But it didn’t come straight away; the little terror controlled her deadly life-zapping hold with a skill that was frightening. She kept him barely conscious until the inevitable happened. “Orrrrrrrr!” he moaned as his body completely disgraced him. “Now you know why my boyfriend can’t get enough of me” faint warm words on a distant wind. For some reason he could only visualise that merit badge as he finally slipped away into the void.

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