Mother in-Law’s Break-up (Jimp#47)

Conman suffers painful consequences for breaking a bulky mature woman’s heart

based upon a real incident involving my mother in-law and one of those nuisance calls from “John Smith er that’s right John Smith heh heh heh” of “Windows”

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence, heh heh. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental, heh heh heh.
(c) JIM P 2012
I was working in my office when the door bell rang. Opening it, I was pleasantly surprised to see my sister in-law Marianne. And it was a pleasure as she wore a pink blouse, a black mini skirt and sexy red knee length boots over sheer brown nylons. “Hello Jim” she said warmly flinging her arms around my shoulders and cuddling close. She felt so good in my arms that I didn’t want to let go. I looked at her face as I held her enjoying the warmth and softness of her slim body. Her narrow slender face wore an expression of worry as she looked at me through her spectacles. I had an overwhelming desire to kiss her but I saw her son, Ryan, standing behind her looking down at the back of her legs. I reluctantly released her and followed them up to my office on the first floor. As she climbed the stairs, I couldn’t stop looking at those lovely long slender legs. Making them cups of tea, I sat down next to her on the sofa. She had her long legs crossed in that way that only leggy women can. I tried not to stare at the band of dark brown nylon peeking out beneath her short skirt, certain that she was wearing stockings. Ryan glared at me so I tried not to gawp and focussed on her face. She told me how she was concerned about her mother’s new boyfriend who was from Africa and much younger than she was. I tried to reassure her that Paula was more than capable of taking care of herself, but Marianne was really worried that she was being conned. I agreed to do some digging and she expressed her gratitude by giving me a long hug and a kiss on the lips that aroused my emotions. Ryan definitely didn’t seem to like that.
(Slow measured, deep resonant voice with a strong African accent) My name is (pause) John Smith (longer pause). Yes, John Smith. I am from Nigeria. No, please do not stop reading. I know what sort of woman you like and I can help you meet the woman of your dreams, heh heh heh. I have written to you before, Yes. “I have come into an inheritance and need your help to get it out Nigeria”, heh heh heh. We may have spoken on the phone. “Hello this is computer maintenance. You have a virus on your computer. I will fix it for you”, heh heh heh. My brothers and I thank you for your generous denotations, heh heh heh. We had become very rich until the Nigerian police found out and wanted to take their share. Look how much I contribute to the Nigerian economy, I told them. Well I would have if I paid tax, heh heh. I follow the example set by rich British and Americans, heh heh. Why pay tax if I give it to charity? My charity heh heh heh. So now I have been given asylum in Britain because my human rights will be violated if I stay in Nigeria and they put me in jail, heh heh heh.

The Home Office told me I needed to marry a British woman if I was to stay and get a British passport. That would be easy for a good-looking guy like myself, heh heh heh. But London was too cold and there were too many foreigners, so I went to a place called Devon where it is warmer. I looked on these dating sites looking for a lonely English woman. Some were really ugly or too old and wrinkly, heh heh. Then I met Paula. She is not very tall but extremely big around the middle if you know what I mean, heh heh. I do mean very big, but that is how I like them, it is a sign of prosperity that shows that she can afford to eat well. Her face is quite chubby and large with small eyes, a medium sized nose and mouth with prominent cheeks and quite a few chins I can tell you, heh heh. Her hair is short and brown sprinkled with grey. Larger women also have bigger breasts and believe me Paula has ginormous breasts.

From the moment I saw her, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Not that she was shy at coming forward; her blouse was extremely low cut so that her huge tits were almost overflowing. Her cleavage was so deep and her mounds round that my dick was rock hard in an instant. Her eyes went wide when she saw the huge bulge in my pants and she practically rushed me back to her place within minutes of our first date. No sooner was I through the door than she was upon me pulling off my trousers. It’s true, heh heh. She is so demanding in that area. British men are so small and their women go crazy for a Nigerian man like me but they can’t handle it, heh heh heh. By the time I’ve slid it in they have cum many times and beg me to stop, heh heh. Maybe I’ve had your wife or girlfriend? Probably, heh heh heh. But Paula! My word! She just plunges herself down and exhausts me while her huge tits bounce all over the place. What an amazing woman! What amazing sex! You really shouldn’t turn these big overweight women down, they may not look very pretty but they will destroy you in the bedroom. Yes I know she is much older than me, she is, what?, in her sixties? but she is very robust. I am only 32 but she is very experienced if you know what I mean, heh heh. From that moment on, I wanted her for my wife. The size of her tits and the sex drives me crazy.

Most days, like today, Paula will wear a very low cut top to show off plenty of her vast cleavage. Tight too, because she knows that I just can’t take my eyes off them and it keeps me very hard indeed, heh heh. I am nearly six foot tall. She is, what?, 5 foot one, which means I am always looking down her front and believe me that is an impressive view. The phone rings and she goes to answer. As she walks away from me, I stare at her massive calves. They really are quite short in length but absolutely massive going from thick ankles sloping up to an absolutely huge mass of dense solid muscle. They really unnerve me and are much too big, like granite slabs. They flex and bulge when she walks. It must be from carrying all that weight around. With her broad sloping shoulders and thick arms and legs, she looks like a brick outhouse from the back. I look away. They give me the willies.

“Hello, Jim” she says in a loud cheerful voice as she answers the phone. As she listens to her son in-law, she keeps raising and lowering herself to her toes. I don’t like the way this makes her huge calves even more muscular and rugged. She turns around; no longer looking cheerful and stares at me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable. “I see” she says in a more serious voice. “Oh don’t you worry, I will soon get to the bottom of it alright. Bye Jim” she says, staring at me oddly.

She puts down the phone and walks across to where I am sitting, looking quite glum. Placing a hand on the arm of the sofa, she leans over me, her huge tits dangle and wobble like two huge heavy jellies in a sling. “Oh Paula, you make me hard all day long” I moan as I stare at the enormous breasts before my eyes, so wide, so big and heavy, like a shelf dangling so low with at least a foot of long dark deep cleavage between them. “That was Jim. Would you care to explain to me why you are registered in Nigeria as being married?” she asks in a very stern voice. She looks quite angry. “He is a racist. He does not like me because I am black. Do not worry, sit here beside me and let me fondle your tits” I tell her.

She refused to sit, standing over me with that sexy fleshy landscape dangling in front of my face. “Don’t give me that. Jim is a good man. There are so many lies coming of of your mouth, I’ve a good mind to wash out your mouth” she scolded. The sight of those wobbling tits had made me rock hard again. “Heh heh heh. Come on, lets make love” I cupped her massive tits in my hands. “Cor they are more than an handful, like my cock. Heh heh heh”. She straightened her back and brushed away my hands angrily. “Stop groping me. Sometimes I think that’s the only thing you see in me” she accused. “Heh heh heh I love you Paula heh heh heh” I told her standing up and reaching for that magnificent cock-stirring frontage.

She intercepted my hand and pulled it away. “Stop it!” she commanded as she held my arm out to one side. I couldn’t even move it! Those thick fat arms are surprisingly strong, it was like my hand was stuck in dried concrete. I was forced to stare at her face as I tried not to wince as her short stubby fingers crushed my hand with a fierce grip. The broad face with chubby cheeks, sagging neck and a high forehead from which her short greying hair flowed parted in the middle. “You will tell me the truth. Are you using me? Are you already married?” she asked. Paula has quite a low-pitched voice, not quite husky but somewhere close. It’s quite sexy and feminine. “I love you Paula and want to marry you, heh heh heh” I replied.

“Really?” she muttered and thankfully released my hand. “Yes, yes. Of course I do” I murmured as I tried to massage some life back into it. “Do you really love me, or do just love these?” her voice made me look up. My big cock lurched and I had to swallow hard. The short fat mature English woman had taken off her blouse and was standing in front of me only wearing a skirt and bra. My cock stiffened to it’s full 14 inches and throbbed at the incredibly sexy sight of a very well endowed woman whose big wide dangling breasts were barely contained by a black lacy bra that looked stretched to capacity. Do you want a cock like mine? You can add 3 inches ovenight. Remind me to tell you how later, heh heh heh. “That bra looks like it will break at any moment under the strain. Heh heh heh” I told her unable to tear my eyes away as my cock beat harder with the glorious sight. I reached for the zip on my trousers to release my mighty proud beast. “No!” she commanded so strongly that I instantly obeyed.

Strangely Paula lifted her arms bent upwards at the elbow on either side of her body with her fists clenched. It was such an unexpected thing for a short fat woman to do with her large chubby hands, thick podgy forearms that sloped out from a thick wrist to an even thicker girth of soft podgy white flesh. But that was nothing compared with her tremendously thick upper arms, they were almost as fat in girth as her face was wide. It was like she was trying to flex like a muscle man and it looked silly. I opened my mouth to flatter her when a large thick solid looking mass grew on the top of her upper arm. “Feel it. Go on feel how hard it is” she demanded, but I was more interested in her giant tits. It was like her tits had risen like freshly baked dough into two huge balloons sitting firmly on her chest. Two perfect rounded mounds rising so high up her chest that her nipples were almost out of her bra. “Oh Paula, marry me today. They are amazing” I said in astonishment reaching out for her tits.

Once more she grabbed my hand away and this time held onto it as she flexed again, this time using just the arm that clasped my hand. “I said feel my arm not my breasts” she said angrily. I watched with a sense of intimidation as the thick swelling mass on her upper arm rose again this time looking even harder than before. “Feel it!” she commanded so fiercely that I jumped to obey. Tentatively I placed my palm on top of her arm and was shocked by how big and solid that mass was. “Solid muscle. I got tired of being grossly overweight and decided to do something about it” she told me. I removed my hand like it had received an electric shock. Biceps, she had biceps beneath those thick flabby arms. She looked at me as though she knew what I was thinking. “Scared now are you? And so you should be” she said then released my hand. She began to flex her arms again and again, each time they seemed to get harder and that mass on the top more solid. Not fat, big solid arms with huge biceps. I was staggered, I’d never realised that this short fat woman had such big muscles! Finally she just held her arms flexed and stared at me. “Big aren’t they” she smiled. Dear Lord, they were truly massive. It made me feel so inadequate and weak looking at the huge solid peaks of dense muscle that had grown on Paula’s arms. Two absolutely enormous biceps that looked terrifyingly powerful. Even her forearms, which I had thought, were fleshy seemed hard, firm and massive. My cock deflated in terror. I am not a weak man, but the size of her biceps looked bigger than most men’s.

“I ur must be going” I stammered and turned to go. Unfortunately she was between the door and me. “No” she said and grabbed my hands with each of hers and pulled my arms wide. “You are not running away until I get the truth out of you” she told me. A terrible strength pressed against my arms and I realised with horror that she had engaged me in a trial of strength. A very fat short woman with huge biceps was trying to outmuscle a much taller man half her age! The thought of it would have seemed ridiculous until a few moments ago but now I found myself struggling with the short buxom woman unable to push back or budge her thick solid arms at all. She laughed. She actually laughed at me as she turned her hands towards the floor and began to force me down against all my efforts to stop her. “Look at you. Weaker than a mother of three and a grandmother to two” she mocked as my legs began to buckle as the irresistible strength forced me towards the floor. Argh no this was so humiliating, being forced to my knees by a mere woman. I pushed back with all my might and still my legs continued to buckle under the strain. My face came level with her chest but even the sight of so much sexy female bosom failed to take my mind of my embarrassment. “Are you afraid of me now that you know I am stronger than you?” she asked as I struggled to stop sinking to my knees like a little boy. “No, no” I lied panting with useless exertion. “Then I’ll give you something to be afraid of” with that bent back my fingers sharply until I thought they would break. “Argh argh argh” yelping with pain like an injured puppy the seriously overweight mature woman forced me down to my knees with shocking ease then let me drop to my hands.

“Men like to kid themselves that they are strong but it is women who are the stronger sex” her voice came from above. I looked up to see her looking down at me with her hands on her extremely wide hips and the large wide shelf of an over-stuffed bra hovering over me. As I stood I couldn’t help stare at her proud outthrust bust. Cor her tits really drove me wild. “I let you win, heh heh heh. You bent my fingers that was very bad, heh heh heh” I said. “Oh so you still think that you are stronger than me?” she asked. “Of course! I am a man” I said proudly. “Prove it” she said. I did not expect that and did not know what to say. “Come on, prove it. Arm-wrestle with me” she said. “I, I do not want to hurt you” I said with the disturbing memory how solid those arms had looked and how she forced me to my knees. Suddenly she cupped her tits, the large mounds of soft flesh overflowing in her hands. “Show me that you are a man and you can have these” she told me. “Oh yes please” I moaned. “Good then arm-wrestle me” she said. That wasn’t what I had meant but it was too late now.

She cleared a small wooden coffee table and waited for me to sit on the floor next to it. “Heh heh why don’t we make love instead of this eh?” I chuckled as she knelt opposite me and placed her right elbow on the table. She didn’t answer, she just nodded with her eyes pointing to her arm. “Oh well. If you want to be beaten by a man” I sighed theatrically and put down my right arm. We clasped hands with our forearms pressing against each other at the wrist. Once more I was shocked by the firm grip she had. “After three..1, 2, 3”. Suddenly a mighty force was exerted against my forearm and my hand shook as I tried to press back. Her grip was intense making my hand ache but I dared not complain. Concentrating hard, I pushed back as much as I could as our forearms remained upright, trembling with the mighty forces that flowed through them. “Are you ready to start yet?” her voice broke my concentration. This time there was no mistake as a large solid mountain of flesh swelled on top of her thick arm. A powerful irresistible pressure flowed through her forearm moving my hand slowly back towards the table. Try as I might, there was nothing I could do to stop her pressing my arm down, she was too strong. A fat old woman who was stronger than I was, I couldn’t believe it. She had bent my arm down to about 45 degrees when. SLAM! She slammed my hand into the table with a frightening surge of power that scared me silly. That was too much to expect a grown man to handle. Being out muscled by your girlfriend who is very fat, short and twice your age. “I ur must be going now” I said hurried, getting to my feet. “Oh don’t you want to make it best out of three?” she asked sarcastically. No, I did not. I knew that her arms were too strong for me and that she would beat me easily.

Paula stepped in front of me to block my way. Despite being only 5’1″ tall her girth is huge, making it impossible to ignore her. She says she has big bone structure but I think she is grossly overweight, which is how I like it. With her broad sloping shoulders, very wide back, massive backside and enormous large wide breasts, she was a very large physical presence. “You are not going anywhere until you tell me about your wife in Nigeria” she said in a very stern, no nonsense voice. She sounded very strict and demanding, making me feel like a naughty son rather than her boyfriend. “There is nothing to say. Jim is just a racist, heh heh heh” I told her cheerfully hoping to dismiss the subject. As I was much taller, I was looking down at her face on top of a bullish thick neck that disappeared into the steep slopes of her shoulders, but my gaze kept going to her magnificent large wide slopes stirring my desire. OK she might have very strong arms that spooked me a bit but if you had a woman showing off her huge tits like Paula, you would want to take her too.

“We should not fight. We should be making love, heh heh” I said in my smooth cajoling voice, putting my hand on her thick arm as soothing gesture. Suddenly to my surprise, Paula grabbed my arm and stepped towards me with a fierce look upon her face. I felt her big right hip brush against mine as she turned to stomp down a heavy foot just outside of my right leg. Before I knew what was happening, she had slid a heavy arm around my shoulder then I felt the vastnesses of her backside slide across my groin and my rigid dick. Wah! Ecstasy for a split-second as my feet were lifted from the floor and my weight pressed my erection against a huge rounded buttock as she pulled me forwards. Then a moment feeling helpless and dizziness as I felt my legs flail in the air as I fell over her hip. WHAM! My back hit the carpet. For a few moments my head was in a daze trying to make sense out of what had just happened. She tripped me up! I couldn’t believe that she had just tripped me.

It is not right for a woman to trip up a man and I was about to say something when the words dried on my lips. A huge expanse of full wobbling breast dangled above my face and my anger turned to lust. That’s what I love about big beautiful women; they have absolutely enormous tits to play with and huge backsides to sink yourself into. “Now tell me the truth” she demanded then placed a big bare foot on my throat. “Arghhkkk!” I cried as pain shot though my wrist and forearm causing my body to jerk up crushing my throat on the underside of her foot. I hadn’t realised until that moment that she had managed to hold onto my arm when she tripped me, now with both hands around my wrist, she folded it forward while holding my arm straight against the bottom of her skirt.

“Kkkk!” I tried to squirm in agony but found my neck completely pinned to the floor while my wrist felt like it would break. “Believe me, I can put you in a whole world of worst pain than that” her confident voice was chilling but I could barely see her looking down at me through my creased eyes. Have you ever had a fat woman tread on your throat? No? Well it is not pleasant. “Urrkkk!” a horrible croak left my wide gaping mouth as I tried to breathe in some air, but it was useless, the terrible weight bearing down on her foot had crushed my windpipe flat, or that is what it felt like. I felt my face heat up and my mind spin like a dervish. “You will tell me the truth now or so help you God I will beat it out of you” I heard her voice above the loud pounding of my heart in my ears. It was too late, I felt myself slip away. She had killed me.

“Wooooooh!” I breathed deeply as the terrible weight lifted from my throat. “Well, tell me” Paula’s voice demanded. Before I could say anything, the big foot pushed my face to the side and stepped on the side of my face. “Are you married?” she asked. I felt cotton against the back of my hand. “Arghhh!” I squealed as she bent my hand sharply over the top of her thigh. “No, no. Arghhh!” I could feel the tendons, bones and blood vessels trying to burst through my skin at my wrist. “Yes Yes!” I screamed then felt relief as she let go off my hand and stepped off my face.

A vision of huge dangling bosom filled my vision as Paula lent towards me, but I was in no mood to lust after it. “Argh you nearly broke my hand, you stupid woman” I said in anger then choked off my rebuke when I saw the cold fury in her eyes and the grim expression on her face. “So you were using me” she stated in a quiet but hard voice. “No, no. I can explain” I hurriedly started to say as she grabbed the front of my shirt with one hand. “No please!” I wailed in terror as her upper arm swelled into a thick mighty bulging mound of power as she slowly began to lift me from the floor. I watched in helpless terror, as that big mound became a rugged hard mountain as she lifted me to my feet with just one hand. “Please Paula” I pleaded, the words sounding weak in my ears. I was terrified by the sheer power of this big built woman lifting me off the ground with just one mighty arm. “I love you” I whimpered saying the words that women like to hear. But it didn’t pacify her. In horror I felt my feet leave the ground as she raised me with the mighty fearsome arm level with her broad shoulders. Clutching the front of my shirt, she glared at me fiercely as her forearm bent towards her head. Dangling in complete helplessness, I looked down at the huge bicep that had flexed into a massive split peaked powerful mass. I felt completely awe by the incredible strength of this woman as she pulled me close to her face. “Do you think all English women are that stupid?” she snarled then flung me down.

Fortunately, the sofa broke my fall, landing on my back lengthways along the cushions. Immediately a massive knee pressed down on my throat. “Grkkk!” it was so big, it felt wider than my neck and it pressed my jaw back painfully. “Urrrkk!” I felt my neck pressed deep into the seat cushions as she climbed on top of me and another knee pressed down on my belly. The knee crushing my throat turned so that her shin was now pressing down as she knelt sideways on my body. Orrrrr too much, too heavy. I could feel the seat cushions mould themselves around the shape of my body as her phenomenal weight drove me into them. Orr too heavy can’t breathe. Ever you ever had a fat woman kneel on your stomach and throat? No? Well it felt like I was being run over by a steamroller. With one large knee and shin choking my throat while the other flattened my belly with her dreadful weight, my head was spinning as I struggled to breathe. “Do I take your breath away?” I heard her say with mock concern as I creased my eyes in pain. WHUMP “Booorrrrrph!” the remaining air in my lungs was cruelly driven out as a meaty fist hammered between her knees right on my sternum. I felt my ribcage bend frighteningly under the mighty punch. My upper body instinctively tried to fling itself up, driving my throat harder against her knee. I felt faintness close in and nauseous in my mouth.

Unconsciousness never came; I seemed to be in a place of agony, winded with my head spinning. I barely noticed the hard points of weight lift from my throat and belly and a softer more evenly distributed weight settle across my chest and belly. SLAP a stinging slap across my face brought me to my senses. “Tell me about your wife. Is she pretty?” Paula asked as she straddled me. I was still quite speechless after that punch, slowly regaining my breath. Even so, the sight of that staggering shelf of breast above me was irresistible. I reached up to cup her huge tits. She didn’t look pleased. Grabbing my hands she wrestled them down. I tried to resist but it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference as she seamlessly forced down my hands either side of my head and pressed the backs into the sofa. “Men!” she tutted. “You’re all the same. You wouldn’t know what to do with them anyway” she scolded. A calculating grin spread on her face that chilled me. “Let me knock the wind out of your sails” she added.

The big woman threw herself forward onto her hands lifting her knees into the air above my stomach. “NO!” I screamed but it was too late. BERLAM! “O………!” what felt like 25 stone of heavy woman focussed through her massive knees plunged deep into my gut. I was in tears as the terrible weight crushed my diaphragm and bore in against my backbone. “Oh what an ugly face. I don’t want to look at it” I barely heard her over my agony. Suddenly her weight shifted up my body towards my head and before I knew it I found her massive knees covering my eyes and pressing into my face. Oh please no! I wailed silently as my stomach cramped against the abuse. Such a terrible weight pressed down on my eyelids and cheeks. Too heavy, too heavy I wailed. It felt as if my cheekbones would surely break under such immense weight. I felt as though I was going to die, horribly winded and with such terrible weight bearing down on my fragile cheekbones.

“Mnnnhhiiii Mnniii!” I wailed after what seemed an eternity as my lungs started working again. Weeping with relief, I watched as Paula moved her knees apart and placed her feet on the seat cushion either side of my head. Her skirt had rucked up over her thighs I saw her big white knickers settle lightly on my chin. “You are married” she said sharply, wagging a finger at me. “Yes, yes” I gasped. “Please Paula get off me” I begged. She showed no remorse as she glared down at me between her legs. “Is she pretty?” she queried. “They are not as pretty as you. I love you” I said but it sounded weak even to my ears. “Nommmmm mmmmm!” I protested but was cut off as the angry looking woman slid her crotch forward to cover my mouth and press against my nose. “They! they! You mean there is more than one?” she said and I looked up between her massive thick legs to see her stick up a single finger at me. “Mmmm mmmm” I protested at the weight upon my mouth and chin, and the musky smell in my nostrils radiating with the heat between her thighs. This was the most humiliating position a woman could to do to a man. It is a great insult to a man. A man should always be the one on top. “Mmmmm!” so heavy, too heavy. There was nothing I could do with this immense mass of woman upon my face. The massive weight moved further along my only my eyes were uncovered looking up at her white knickers as she held back her skirt. It was so humiliating. Her large heavy legs pressed in on either side holding firm in their warm grip. “That is where men rightly belong. Beneath women” I heard her say, her voice muffled by the thick girth of her thighs pressing against my ears. It seemed like I had fallen down a deep pothole and was staring up at the sky above the towering walls of flesh on either side.

“Orrr!” I sighed with relief as the fat woman moved her dirty bits from my face to sit high on my chest. My head was still wedged tight between her gigantic thighs. “Answer me or you will go under again, this time for much longer. How many wives do you have in Nigeria?” Paula asked sternly.  “I love-argghhh” I cried as the huge walls of thick flesh squeezed tightly on either side of my head. “Arrrgh arghhh. Three, three” I shrieked, it felt like my head was caught in a compactor and my cheeks and jaw were going to explode.

Thankfully she opened her legs and glared down at me. “Three wives!” she exclaimed. “Three wives! I don’t believe it” she added then stood up shaking her head. “I should have known better than to trust a man” she said angrily pacing the room while I got to my knees relieved and making sure she hadn’t broken anything under her massive weight. “I can’t believe I was so stupid to believe you. You were just using me” she fumed. “You’re a bigamist. I’ve a good mind to report you to The Police”. That got me to my feet. “No, No. Paula. It’s alright” I told her, trying to calm her down. “In Nigeria you can have many wives” I said. For some reason that didn’t make her happy.

She slapped her palms on my shoulders. BLAM! A big knee hammered between my legs, like a mallet smashing my balls. “Oooowoooo!” I wailed in a high voice as my balls shrank as they were crushed between her wide knee and my body. “Does that hurt?” she shouted in my face. “Ooooooh!”. “Good! Serves you right” she cried.

How dare she’d hurt my magnificent manhood. I raised my big hand and swept it through the air towards her face to slap the woman to put her in her place. My hand came to a sudden halt as Paula caught my wrist in an iron-like grip. Her small eyes blazed with anger. “Try to hit me would you?” she said in a hard voice keeping her mouth small with teeth nearly gritting. “I’ll teach you” she added. Before I could answer, the angry looking mature woman wrapped a meaty arm around my head while still holding my wrist. She turned suddenly and bent forward, yanking my head down towards the floor. My body rolled over her wide hip and across her broad backside, my feet leaving the ground. In a dizzying instant, I was upside down with my legs flailing in the air, helplessly falling with an arm around me, hurtling towards the floor. WHAM! My back slammed hard against the carpet. I couldn’t understand what had just happened. One moment I was trying to slap her the next she had tossed me over her broad hip like a piece of garbage.

“Get up, come on, get up” Paula demanded. I found myself close to her legs and found myself gulping in amazement at how her thick ankles flared out dramatically on either side on her shins to absolutely enormous chunks of calve. I never liked their huge muscularity and looked up nervously at the short mature woman built like a small tank. “Get up and try and hit me again” she demanded. How could a fat woman like her have thrown me? It was not possible, she must have got lucky. My balls still ached bad from her big knee. I got to my feet. “You do not hit my balls. That is not allowed. You will show respect” I tried to explain. The chubby faced woman just glared at me. She stepped angrily towards me and for a moment I thought she was going to hit me, but to my surprise she moved to my side. Paula grabbed my arm and pulled it out to one side while her broad hip slid against mine. “What are you mmmm!” my words were shut off as a big chubby hand covered my mouth. As she pressed my head backwards, I tripped over a big leg positioned behind me. I felt her calve hook around my leg and lift my foot high into the air. Suddenly I was airborne and instead of falling flat on my back, I found myself riding her broad hip in a controlled somersault around her body. WHAM! My back slammed into the carpet and as my spinning head cleared, I realised with shock that I was now lying on the opposite side of her body from where I had been standing. How was that possible?

I didn’t like this. In a few tribes in Africa, young women wrestle each other, which is fun to watch, but women should never wrestle men. Was this fat woman a wrestler? That might explain those big scary strong arms but she had never told me about that. I didn’t like this at all and needed to get away. But as I stepped towards the door, I bumped into Paula’s incredible bulk. “Didn’t I tell you that I learnt Jujitsu when I was in the Air Force?” she said with a wide smile that pushed up her high cheekbones. No she hadn’t! A cold paralysis rooted me to the spot. Was she lying? What if she was telling the truth? Could this heavily overweight woman really know Jujitsu? It didn’t seem possible, but fear immobilised me. “No? Well you know now” her eyes were wide and bright with excitement. “And I’m very good at it” she added with a smile. No, this couldn’t be true! This was a nightmare; my perfect victim with the huge tits and fantastic sex had turned into a female monster with huge biceps and knew  martial arts. I was absolutely terrified and tried to put my arms around her huge waist to move her out of the way. SLAP! A big chubby hand slapped down on the top of my arms. “Mmm!” another big hand slapped down over my face and pushed my head back with a terrifyingly strong force that almost made me fall over. At the moment I lost my balance, Paula swivelled around in front of me and I felt her leg slid behind mine and hook around it. Suddenly my foot was lifted from the floor while at the same time the short broad woman pulled my arm over her shoulder and lent forward. My groin pressed against her massive buttocks with my body weight behind it as she pulled me onto her back and for a brief moment it felt really sexy. For a brief second, my chest was loaded onto her broad back with my legs dangling uselessly in the air as I looked down at the floor over the top of the back of her head. Then I was falling over her shoulders, tumbling helplessly towards the floor. WHAM! My back slammed into the carpet once more. “Ouch!” I cried as the big woman pulled my arm straight against the front of her skirt as she stood over me, trying to bend it the wrong way at my elbow.

“How many other wives have you got?” she demanded. “None. No others. Ouch!” I yelped as she pressed her knee into my elbow while pulling back on my arm. “Ouch! Please, please. You’re going to break my arm!” I yelped. “I’ll break more than that if you don’t tell me the truth” she said in a hard low tone. “Ouch! No others, I swear!” I cried as I felt the bones and tendons in my forearm threaten to burst through my skin. “No more wives in other countries?” she snarled. “No, no others. Please, I swear” in great shame, tears were rolling down my cheek. I felt relief as she threw down my arm but it short-lived.

Busy trying to rub the soreness and pain out of my arm I hadn’t noticed the fat old woman get down on the floor by my side until a big arm hooked itself over my neck and a massive tit pressed itself down on the side of my face. Before I could do anything, her other arm had trapped my hand. She was leaning across the top of my chest, looking down at my face with my neck tucked under her armpit and a hand trapped under her other. “You’re always after my breasts. You should like this” she said with a calculating smile. She turned her upper body towards me, pressing the side of her right breast against my face. Up so close, the sexy large fleshy orb seemed truly massive as it moulded itself over my face. Soft female flesh smothered my nose and mouth then spread out further. “What’s the matter? Can’t you get up? Is the big proud virile man being pinned to the floor by an overweight grandmother?” I heard her taunt. But try as I might, I couldn’t move my head, she had it locked solid.

“Morrrr!” I sighed glad to breathe air again as the heavy breast lifted from my face and her arm released my head. Suddenly I looked up as a dark shadow cast over my face. Oh my God! An absolute massive backside hovered only inches above my face. It was absolutely huge and seemed many times the size of my head. Paula was astride my head facing my feet and had hitched up the back of her skirt to reveal that she was only wearing a tiny black thong. That didn’t surprise me; I knew that she was a very sexually demanding woman. My cock stirred at the close up view of two gigantic perfectly rounded buttocks. “Enjoying the view?” I heard her ask. “Corrrrr Paula. You have a great arse. I really want to get up there” I moaned. “Your wish is granted” she said. “No mmmm!” my scream of terror was cut short as the massive backside slammed down driving my face right up the middle and completely covering my face. No that wasn’t I meant, I thought as the massive heavy weight squashed my face in complete darkness. “Mmmmooorr!” can’t breathe. Too heavy, much too heavy. “MooOrrrr!” I greedily gulped down air as the mass rose from my face, poised above it like a massive overhang of some cave entrance. “No!” BAM! Her buttocks slammed back down onto my face. Ohhhh she was so heavy. This was disgusting, an arse like that should be for a man to stick his dick into not his face. For some reason AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” played in my oxygen deprived mind. Paula really was a whole lotta woman. There really was so much of her and her massive weight was now bore down upon my face stuck deep between her buttocks.

“Ppooorrhh!” I snatched more air as she lifted her backside then sat back again. I felt her hands unzip my trousers and fish out my magnificence then start to stroke and fondle it. “Mmmmmm!” I moaned. Paula was good with her hands and I felt my dick respond immediately to her attention. “This is the only thing that I will miss about you” I heard her say. She was stroking and pumping my cock with such skill, that it grew quickly. “Oh yes you like me being in control, don’t you?” I heard her say as her hand pumped up and down. “I own your dick now. I’m in complete control of it” she added. No, that wasn’t right. “Mmmmm!” too heavy, can’t breathe. The terrible weight shifted and eased slightly as I sensed her lean forward and warm dampness enveloped my dick. Slurp, slurp, slap, slap “Mmmmm mmmm mmm!” she was too good; my dick couldn’t resist her skills and grew to its full impressive 14 inches. “Mmmm mmm!” blindly I reached up with my hands and caressed her mighty buttocks as my passion mounted. “Mmmm!” I moaned in pleasure as Paula’s massive rear slid forward from my eyes. This was not right. A man should always be on top and a woman should always service a man. This was not natural. “Mmmm!” she was driving me wild, I lovingly caressed her huge rounded buttocks that towered above me.

I gazed up at her massive backside filling my entire vision; her big beautiful buttocks really turned me on. “Mmmoorrrr!” I moaned. Paula was the only woman I had ever met to be able to take my 4-inch jawbreaker of girth inside her mouth and fully deep throat me. You too can have a dick like mine. Add 3 inches overnight. I’ll tell you how later, heh heh heh. “Mmmm!” she sat back on my face, working my massive manhood with her hand. “Look at you. Typical man. So weak and feeble. Unable to control their own bodies” I heard her say. “Mmmm!” so heavy, too massive. So humiliating. A man should be on top not underneath her arse. I didn’t stand a chance. “Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm!” I came in huge long spurts.

Paula slid off my face to the top of my shoulders, pressing my chin against her huge backside. “That’s why women can always control men” I heard her say and looked up at the massive form looming above me. Paula had flexed both arms like a man, her large thick biceps bulging. Even her massive back seemed to writhe with rocky slabs of muscle. There was nothing I could do but lie there, shagged out, while the overweight woman flexed big scary muscles that she shouldn’t have.

“In my experience the bigger a man’s cock, the smaller his brain” she chortled as she finally stop squashing me and stood up. I lay at her feet as her bulk towered over me, ashamed to have been so physically humiliated by a woman many years my senior and so grossly overweight. “So you have three wives?” she asked. “Yes” I admitted cautiously, maybe she was coming around to idea after all. She was terribly strong and I didn’t like this Jujitsu but she had great tits and was amazing in bed that marrying her to get my British passport would be worthwhile. “They are very nice. They too are large women. You will like them when we are married and they will come over to Britain to live with us with my 12 children. Heh heh” I thought that would make her happy after all she was always talking about her grandchildren. Instead her smile tightened and her eyes glared at me. “I am very fertile, heh heh” I said proudly. Why did she not look pleased? Any woman would be pleased to have such a virile and good-looking husband like me.

“I see” she murmured through clenched teeth then loosened the waistband of her skirt and stepped out of it. I looked on with growing excitement. As I have told you, Paula is a very sexual woman and she had obviously forgiven me and wanted sex, heh heh. Her bare legs were short and her thighs very wide and thick. Remembering my mistake about her arms, I studied them more closely and saw that they were unusually solid looking rather than gross fat.

She noticed my attention. “Strong aren’t they? I’m very pleased how my legs have turned from fat into solid muscle” she said. Just as the horror of her words hit me, she put one leg forward then started to shake her thigh from side to side in front of my face. The massive thigh meat wobbled like a jelly then stopped. “Oh!” I moaned in terror as the huge thighs solidified in absolutely enormous slabs of muscle bulging thickly on her short legs. I watched mortified, unable to move, as she did the same to her other leg. The massive flapping mass stopped moving and before my face were a pair of incredibly wide powerful looking quads swollen up and looking terribly solid on her short legs. I was terrified, unable to tear my eyes away from the awful unreal sight. How could I possibly have mistaken her massive girth for fat? I couldn’t possibly marry a woman with such huge muscles.

“You wouldn’t last 5 minutes in there” she told me, almost gloating. Her words triggered such terror that I was on my feet in an instant to flee. “Grkkk!” a massive thick arm hooked itself around the back of my neck and pulled my head against her side. “Use me so that you can get your large family into this country, would you?” she growled as she wrenched my head in an excruciatingly painful headlock. “Arghh!” I pawed at her arms trying to free myself but they were so huge, thick and absolutely solid. “Argh!” she wrenched my head again and my right hand slipped to the top of her leg to support myself. My God! My hand felt her broad thighs, they were absolutely bulging and hard as steel. I was scared stiff yet I couldn’t stop feeling the massive muscles in her legs. My other hand clutched at the huge swelling bicep in her thick arm. She was so big and brutally strong. “Argh!” I could feel the awesome power under my fingers as she bullied my head. Surprisingly I found I had an erection, which I couldn’t understand.

“Urk!” I cried out as she yanked me around in front of her and for a moment she released me before re-engaging. Facing each other and leaning slightly forward with our legs apart like Sumo wrestlers, we grappled. It was like fighting a small tank and I quickly found myself in another brutally strong headlock looking out behind her back. “Argkkk!” I croaked at the terrifying surge of pressure on my neck as she tried to lift me by it, my feet momentarily leaving the floor. In fear, I clung with both hands onto her leg for support. “Arghk!” she tried again, crushing my throat in her terrible embrace. I held on with both hands behind her knee and tried to pull it away to make her lose her balance but it wouldn’t budge. Her leg was thick like an ancient tree trunk and just as strong.

Thankfully the terrible neck crush stopped but then I found her grabbing my left leg and lifting it from the floor. I clung onto her leg in terror as she tugged, she was so strong. “Let go of my leg, you little maggot” I heard her say, pulling my leg high behind me as I held on in terror. “Stand up and face me like a man” she added and tugged some more, but I clung onto her monstrously thick legs for dear life. “Right, you’ve asked for it” she said ominously.

Suddenly she grabbed my head and shoved it between her legs. My God, they were so much thicker than my head! My head was completely swallowed by her massive thighs. One of those legs folded around my head, pressing my face into a big solid flaring calve muscle. “Arghh!” I cried out as unbearable pressure squeezed around my head. The back of her massive leg bore down on the back of my head while my face was locked tight against her huge solid calf that seemed to swell up and mash my features. “Arghh!” I screamed, my head was being compacted in the jaws of a very strong vice as her massive legs swelled and bulged tightening the jaws threatening to break my skull. I had to clench my eyes against the awful pressure, jagged bright lines of red and yellow flashing across the insides of my eyelids as my skull felt it was bending under the terrible strain. “So much for the big virile man who tried to con me into marrying him” I heard above the pounding in my ears as the massive slabs she called thighs crushed my ears flat against the sides of my head.

The terrible skull splitting eased as she returned her foot to the floor. I felt the huge solid tree trunks on either side of my head as she held my head firmly in place. “I’ll teach you for toying with my emotions” I heard her through the massive walls of her upper legs that devoured my head. “Arghh!” the pressure increased as she bent her knees. I felt her arms encircle my body around the stomach. “You broke my heart so I’m going to break you” with those chilling words, she lifted my body into the air, upside down with her arms wrapped around my middle and my head clamped between her thighs. “Ooorrrr!” it felt like a thick steel bar was lying across my stomach and was being pulled on other side by some powerful traction engine into my gut. I could feel my back sink through the soft cushions of her big bust as she pulled me tight against her. At the same time, my head felt like it was in a tightened vice as her short powerful legs held me firm.

“Arrrooooh!” I groaned as her mighty unstoppable forearms sank deep into my middle squashing my insides making it difficult to breathe. Gravity pulled the blood to my aching head and I didn’t feel well at all. I opened my eyes and all I could see were her massive calves right below my face, gigantically huge, wide with huge slabs of thick muscle ending in a downward pointing arrowhead. So close up, they are terrifyingly huge. I am weeping with the pain. “Ouuff….!” her forearms sink deep into my gut with frightening power that I can no longer breathe. “Pssssshhhkk!” for a brief second the terrible steel belt around my middle vanishes and I gulp down precious air as she slides her arms down across my chest. “Arghhh!” I scream as the thick powerful arms reapply their awful squeeze around my chest pulling her big forearms tight against my ribcage. “Arghh!” I can feel my ribs bending under the terrible pressure. “Arghh!” I am weeping and crying as the steel walls around my head clamp down so hard that I can feel my hands actually move inches apart as her frighteningly massive thighs expand with terrible power. “Arghh!” I am screaming and crying, clamped upside down, powerless to do anything as the incredible bulk crushes me helpless like a bug. The sides of my skull feel like they are bending inwards and my cheeks and jaw feel on the verge of breaking. I can no longer scream; the terrible power has clamped my mouth shut, painfully pressing either side of my jaw, crunching my teeth up as the terrible huge woman compacts my head between her massive thighs. No, dear God, please no more I pleaded silently as she seemed to pull her forearms even tighter, my ribcage bending horribly under the pressure. Her power was so intense that I thought I was going to die. CRACK CRACK CRACK pain lanced my chest and skull. I didn’t know what had broken as my felt felt like it was being put through a mangle. Too big, too strong, too powerful. Everything went black.

“I said get up!” an angry woman’s voice, the feeling of motion, being lifted. I opened my eyes to find myself being hauled to my feet by the short squat mature woman who was built like an armour plated personnel carrier. Her chubby face with the double chin didn’t look cheerful now. Her small eyes fixed me with a cold angry stare that struck fear into me. Ouch! I winced as I breathed, my chest hurt, my head too. I had a splitting headache. “Ouch, you hurt me. I will sue you and get lots of compensation” the words sounded pitiful in my ears but the truth was I was terrified of this big bulky woman. “Go ahead. Then you can explain to The Home Office why you tried to trick me into marrying you so that you can stay in the country and bring the rest of your harem and kids over” she replied. She moved her hand suddenly. It was just a movement. Maybe it was innocent, but I was so scared that I instinctively lashed out. My big fist flew forwards to her big belly. WHAP! My fist came to a sudden stop against something solid and hard. “Owwwww!” I wailed as strong vibrations shot through my hand and up my arm. Instead of sinking into her flabby soft belly, it felt like I’d broken my wrist upon a brick wall.

A smug smile appeared on her lips as I nursed my injured hand. She cupped her huge tits and lifted them up, overflowing in her hands. “No!” I wailed at the sight of a firm hard-looking stomach. As I watched, the outside edges of her big wide belly seemed to sink back and emerging in the middle were hard square slabs like paving stones. “So now we see your true nature” she said. “A wife batterer”. With one arm lifting her massive breasts clear of her broad washboard stomach, she raised her other arm and flexed. The sight of those terrible huge biceps scared me so much that I wet myself. “Please, please no” I begged. I couldn’t move, I was breathing quickly in short shallow gulps trying not to aggravate my damaged chest. I was paralysed with fear.

“Look what you’ve done to my carpet, you dirty animal. I’m going to rub your nose in it” she said stepping towards me, her big tits bouncing and wobbling as she let them go and raised her fists. “No!” I wailed. Foolishly I put up my own fists and out of fear tried to punch her face. My fist didn’t get anywhere near. BLAM! A big meaty fist came out of nowhere crushing into the side of my jaw like a hammer. There was a horrible crunch as my jaw slide painfully sideways under the impact. “You want a fight? You’ve got it” she blazed with anger. BLAM! A blur hurtled towards my face and pain exploded around my left eye. “Owww!” it hurt liked blazes and my eye watered so bad that I couldn’t see out of it. The angry big built woman swung her thick arm again. “No!” BLAM! A mighty fist hammered into my left cheek, her knuckles hard points of bruising pain that bent my cheeks and sent me to my knees.

“Help! Help! Someone help me!” I was screaming like a demented man despite the pain in my jaw. WHOCK! “Kkkkk!” big hard knuckles, harder than any knuckleduster drove into my throat with a terrible sound that left me clutching my neck, gasping for breath. “Don’t you swear at me in mumbo jumbo language” the terrifying woman told me. It was then I realised that I had been shouting in Nigerian. I wanted to plead for mercy but something seemed to be obstructing my throat. “Kkkkk!”. The mature woman with the double chin and heavy build raised an arm and bent her forearm towards her head. A massive thick mound swelled on top of her arm and solidified into a terrifying powerful mass. Too big, much too big for a woman, I wailed silently. This big mature woman looked so dominant and powerful as she stood before me flexing her terrible muscles.

“This is my law” Paula said. I am not afraid of confrontation and knew that when bribery and corruption failed, physical persuasion would be needed. But this woman was more than I could handle. Those terrible muscles and that jujitsu, it was all too much. When all else fails, run!. I tried to get to my feet but the monster grandmother from hell caught me in a brutal headlock. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Big heavy blows ripped into my side, pounding me slowly and deliberately turning my side raw, aching and sensitive. “That’s for tricking me and toying with my emotions” THUD! THUD! THUD!. Big heavy mighty punches with the power of a lump hammer destroyed my side and turned me into a weeping mess.

She let off my head but I was creased up in too much pain in my side to pay attention. BLAM! A massive fist smashed against my mouth and I felt with horror several teeth break. “That’s for continually mauling my breasts” I heard as I staggered back under the powerful blow. BLAM! Another terrible punch smashed into my jaw with a horrible crunch and excruciating pain. My head snapped back so hard that I would have fallen if she hadn’t took hold of the front of my shirt. With my head in a daze I could only look on helplessly as she held me up by the front of my shirt and raised her other arm. A mountain of dense muscle swelled up before my eyes, so powerful, so awesome. It was somehow almost sexual with raw female power and I felt my dick grow stiff. I knew where that muscle was going to drive her fist and I was too beat and powerless to stop her. She had outmatched me and I knew it. I tried not to scream silently as that big fist hurtled towards my face.
So here I am, in a hospital with a broken face, bust ribs and severe bruising, amongst other things. The Home Office want to deport me to Nigeria but the European Court told them that it would violate my human rights because I would be arrested and put in jail, heh heh heh. So you see, I know a woman who has massive powerful muscles and would slam you around with jujitsu. She also has big tits, big arse and a huge sexual appetite and can do things to you in bed that make you mess yourself if I told you, heh heh heh. I know you like such women and can only dream of meeting one. I know because I’ve seen your forums and websites, heh heh heh. I can make your dreams come true and meet your perfect woman, heh heh heh. Send me your credit card number and I will set up a date for you, heh heh heh..fld;gkm\s\hjmt\p;#jt\#pbhhr<Net Police intercept – Censored. Go home, there is nothing to see – we know where you live.
George Dunnicliffe was working late in the editor’s office, preparing the final proofs for the next edition of a scientific journal when he heard the door open. Looking up, he was surprised by the sight of a tall slim Nun entering the office. She was quite attractive, probably in her mid-thirties. Standing well over 6 feet tall she had a pleasant oval face of clear complexion with small brown eyes, a long slender nose and small seductive mouth. A shock of curly brown hair lay on her forehead below the white band of her headscarf. Although tall, she had a shapely well-built figure that would have drawn any straight man’s attention despite the religious clothing. Confused and flustered by the appearance of this black robed figure, he just watched dumbfounded as she approached him. “You are the publisher for Smthye-Jones’s journals” she stated as fact. It was quite a hard cold voice that shook some sense into George. “Who are you? How did you get past security?” he asked.

As quick as a cobra, the holy woman grasped his wrist from the outside with her right hand and twisted it inwards. Thrusting his arm back, it gave at the elbow enabling her to double it up behind him in a hammerlock. “Argh” he cried out with the pain she was causing as she pressed his wrist further forcing him to bend forwards.

“Show me the originals” she commanded. “Ahh! We don’t have them” he cried. “Argh! We only have the digital transcript for the first part” he yelped as she pressed his wrist again. “Where are the originals?” she asked firmly maintaining the painful pressure on his wrist. “Ouch! Professor Dupont has those” he yelped. “Where?” “Ouch! Please my hand!” “Tell me or I will break it” she demanded. “Ouch! Please I really don’t know. They were at his department at Cambridge until they had a fire” tears were falling to the floor, he was in so much pain.

The black robed woman walked George to his desk and slammed his face hard against the wood in front of his workstation. “Arghh please” he yelped. “The master copy. Access it now or I will break your arm like kindling” she ordered coldly. She watched in cruel satisfaction as he moved the mouse to select the file. “You will not publish such blasphemy. There is only one God and he created man in his own image not some tentacled monsters from another world!” she spat [ECHO02]. “Ouch! You’ve read it but how?”. “The Government and the Americans aren’t the only ones who spy on the working class. We’re the Advanced Persistent Threat of humanity. Like the Government say, if you’ve nothing to hide then you won’t mind us looking” she told him. “Except we report to a higher authority. Now remove such blasphemy” she said. “It’s just the diaries of a Victorian explorer and his transcripts of a tale from an ancient civilisation. It’s just a story, a fable. Ouch!” he yelped. “Blasphemy. You will delete it and all of the backups” she demanded. “Ouch it’s only archaeology. You can’t suppress history” he wailed. BLAM! The Nun hammered the point of her elbow hard between his shoulder blades. SNAP! “Argggh!” George screamed as his arm snapped at the elbow. “We have and we will again. We will always suppress the truth if it doesn’t agree with our beliefs. Now do it before I break the other one” she commanded in a stern voice. Weeping with the blinding pain of his broken arm, George obeys, erasing weeks of hard work of proof-reading and typesetting all of the items in the scheduled issue.

“Is that it? Is that all the copies?” the Nun asked. “Yes” George sobbed quietly, the shock to his system taking its toll. Turning him away from the desk by his broken arm, the tall Nun stomped on the back of his right knee driving him to his knees. “Please I have a wife and three kids” he sobbed as the black cassock appeared before him. The holy woman lent down and lifted his chin towards her. “I understand” she said soothingly. “The Lord is willing to forgive our sins if we do the right thing” she continued, her voice soft and warming. “You do want to be saved don’t you?” her voice was almost seductive. “Yes” George gasped. “Then tell me how I can find Professor Dupont” she asked. “I, I don’t know. We only correspond by phone and email” he replied. The Nun’s eyes grew cold and she dropped his chin then brought herself to her full height with a look of distain. “Oh dear. That really was the wrong answer” she told the cowering man.

The cold Nun removed her rosary and held it taut between her hands. “Please no!” George cried and turned trying to get to his feet to flee but he was too late. The rosary whipped around his neck and tightened like a noose around his throat. “Kkkk kkkk” he croaked as the holy woman twisted and tightened the noose so it dug into his throat. “Shush little one. The Lord sacrificed himself to save us from our sins and you will follow his example” she said as George frantically clutched the beads around his neck horrified to find that they were strung on wire. “But unlike him, you will not rise again” she added. As George died, his eyes bulging making horrible croaking sounds, he could hear the Nun singing ecstatically. “Hosanna in the highest oh oh oh Lord you favour me with your ecstasy oh oh thank you Lord”.

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