Karate Boots (JIMP#48)

Gang get more than they bargained for from a silver haired woman in boots

SPOILER: Jim moves to a small business centre and attracts the attention of the mature receptionist. Giving Glynnis a lift home she spots a gang of youths littering and spraying graffiti. She confronts them and demonstrates the fearsome power of her Karate boots to force them to clean up. Afterwards she takes Jim home and ‘rewards’ him. A dangerous Nun pays Sir Anthony Jones a visit.

Based upon a mature receptionist where I work. Sadly she passed away shortly before I completed this, so this is in memory of her.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

(c) JIM P 2012
My office had been broken into and completely turned over. After tidying it all up, I could find nothing stolen, so assumed that somebody had been searching for something. Possibly the decoder that I had found or the diaries it was being used to decrypt. Since it is unattended when I’m working away, I decided to move my office to a small business centre nearby that provided shared services such as site security and a receptionist. The receptionist was called Glynnis and I quickly found out that she had a reputation as a bit of an old battleaxe that matched her appearance. I guessed that she was in her late sixties with a well-worn wrinkled face with high prominent cheeks, a long elegant sleek nose and a medium sized, thin-lipped mouth that was usually set as if in sour distain. She had quite a stern looking appearance that sometimes matched an abrupt voice that was low pitched and slightly gravely through smoking. Her face was small but long and narrow. It was also pale with subtly applied made-up. Curly silver hair sat like a puffed up mop on top of her head yet was cut short below in almost a man-like fashion clear of her forehead and around her ears in which she wore small pearl earrings. Over small grey eyes with a penetrating stare, she wore a pair of thick-framed yet elegant looking spectacles. Despite her age, she had a firm chin and neck with no signs of looseness around the face. Likewise, her 5’6″ frame was slim with a medium sized chest over which she wore a white blouse and open black jacket. Below this, she often wore a matching black skirt that came down just above the knee with sheer black or grey nylons that showed off slender shins and calves.

Today as I went to spend my lunch break outside, Glynnis appeared for a cigarette break. To my surprise she was wearing a sexy black leather skirt, sheer black nylons and a pair of knee length black leather boots with high heels that moulded themselves to the contours of her shapely but slender calves. Wow! I couldn’t stop staring. There is something sexy about a woman in a leather skirt and even more so if she is wearing sexy boots. I like to see women in boots that follow the curves of their calves and not dirty great shapeless chunks of leather. She saw me and came over to sit next to me on the bench then lit up. We sat there for a while in silence. I tried to ignore the stinky smoke as she puffed away and tried to not to stare at her skirt and boots. SWISH Glynnis crossed her legs and that did it. I just couldn’t stop gawping at the sexy sight as her leather skirt rode up revealing sheer black nylons as it stretched over her knees before disappearing into shapely leather boots. There was even a hint of a darker band under the boundary with her skirt that I desperately tried not to gawp at. I felt myself begin to get a bit warm.

“Do you like my skirt, Jim?” she suddenly asked. That made me embarrassed; she had probably noticed me staring. “Err yes Glynnis. It suits you, it’s very, err, nice” I replied. “Nice” she chuckled throatily. “Sexy, I think. You can’t stop looking at it” she said causing me to flush. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and guided my palm over her skirt. “Here. Don’t be shy. Doesn’t it feel good?” she asked. “I love the feel of leather it is so sensual” she was practically purring. I didn’t know to what to do. I knew I should move my hand away but it did feel good feeling a woman’s thighs under a soft leather skirt. Besides I felt a bit intimated by this severe looking woman who was unexpectedly coming onto me. She was actually kind of attractive, in a strict mature dominatrix kind of way. She guided my palm over her nylons to her boots. “What about these?” she asked. I was getting quite worked up enjoying the sight of her sexy nylons and the shapely feel of her boots. “Very sexy. You have very sexy legs, Glynnis” I murmured as I admired how the leather was sculpted from her tiny ankles and curved smoothly out along the line of her shapely calves. I noticed a silver strip of metal running along the inside of the thin pointed heels. “Titanium reinforced heels. These are built to last no matter what” she said, releasing my hand with a throaty chuckle. “Be careful Jim, these are my Karate boots” she told me with a serious looking smile that was more of a sour pout.

“Karate boots?” I asked, my groin giving a lurch of excitement. I would never suspect this slim elderly woman knew Karate. Maybe that wasn’t what she meant. Her stony wrinkled face gave nothing away. Was she having me on? Glynnis was certainly a formidable old battleaxe that could give you a severe tongue-lashing but she was too slightly built to be physically intimidating. I kept gazing at those sexy soft leather boots, her words triggering all sorts of weird and perverted images but I didn’t know how to express myself without seeming weird, so kept quiet. Finally, She threw her fag end to the floor and stomped it out under a high heel. “Well I must go now. Some of us have work to do” she told me, getting to her feet. “Wait please” I begged. “Tell me about these Karate boots”. She fixed me with her cold grey eyes, yet didn’t smile. “I already told you, these are my Karate boots. Once I put them on, they can’t be taken them off until they tasted blood. So you better be careful” she told me. “You know Karate? What grade are you?” the questions all came out at once. I looked at her slim legs and shapely shiny boots that were so sexy yet seemed incapable of being dangerous.

She leaned towards me, speaking quietly. “I don’t want anyone here find out about this” she said sternly. “I promise. It’s our secret” I replied. She seemed to think for a while before speaking again. “Give me a lift home tonight and I will show you” she said then turned on her heels and walked off.

I didn’t get anything done that afternoon. All I could think about was Glynnis, her sexy leather skirt and boots and what she was going to show me. I had met some dangerous women in my time and quite a few of them were as mature as her. Jean came to mind [JPECHO01, JIMP#42] but that little old lady was built like a pit bull and twice as dangerous, not as slightly built as Glynnis. As I went to the coffee machine or toilets rather more frequently than usual, I would look down at the silver-haired woman behind the reception desk with a tightening of my groin and hoped that she wasn’t going to hurt me too bad.

She was waiting for me when I finished for the day and I walked with her to my car admiring the sheer black nylons between her black leather mini skirt and shiny black boots as they click clacked across the car park. I kept stealing glances at her legs as I drove, black leather skirts and boots really enhance the appearance of a woman’s legs. “Keep your eyes on the road please Jim” she told me in a low gravely voice without seeming to take her eyes from the windscreen.

We were close to where she said she lived when suddenly she told me to stop. I pulled over at the side of the road and to my surprise Glynnis undid her seat belt and opened the door. “It might be safer if you stayed in the car” she growled as she twisted in her seat then got out. For a moment, I watched as she strode towards a gang of youths hanging around at the entrance of a pedestrian subway. I switched off the engine and decided to follow.

“I’ve warned you lot before not to hang around here making a mess but you just won’t listen” she scolded. The pavement was littered with discarded packets and cans. “And you there. What do you think you are doing?” the short slender woman snatched a spray can out the hands of one lad and threw it to the ground. “Hey, you stupid old bag!” he exclaimed. The group of lads and a few rough-looking girls started to gather around her but she didn’t show any sign of alarm. She looked so tiny as they surrounded her. I’m not a physical man and my heart was racing with apprehension. How was I going to save her without getting beaten up myself? “This graffiti is a horrible mess. An absolute eyesore. Get some buckets of water and some brushes and scrub it off now” she ordered like a headmistress expecting to be obeyed by naughty children. “And pick up this rubbish, this is a pavement not a pig sty. Honestly, you’re worst than pigs”.

One of the taller youths, a big bulky rough looking lad with a shaven head loomed over the slightly built woman. “You clean it up, old bag” he snarled, the rest of the group laughed. Glynnis glared at him through her spectacles, her mouth pinched tight. “Go on. Do it NOW!” he shouted.

What happened next happened very much faster than I can describe, so please bear with me. The slim silver-haired woman looked tiny as the gang of youths surrounded her, however she looked confident and showed no sign of fear as she faced down the tall heavily built one that seemed to be their leader. I could see the small stern faced woman glare at him through her spectacles with her small mouth tight. BLAM! Suddenly the lad’s head jerked back with a spray of blood shooting from his mouth into the air. The old woman’s leg had moved so fast, it was nothing but a blur on the retina. A shiny well-shaped high-heeled leather boot was now pointing towards the sky at the end of a slim nylon clad leg. She quickly caught his hand and before he had a chance to do anything, the magnificent flagpole of her leg bent at the knee and swung back while she leaned away from him. BLAM! Her leg snapped straight in an instant, blasting the knee length boot right in the middle of his face. His face whipped back dripping a bloody trail from his nose. KERBLAM! Barely lowered, her leg struck like a bolt of lightning devastating his face once more. I watched in stunned silence as this slim craggy faced old battleaxe destroyed this tall lad’s face with shocking brutality and incredible speed.

One of the gang got over his shock and stepped forwards with a knife in his hand. Glynnis effortlessly spun on one heel, her other leg bent at the knee. WHUMP! A trail of reflected sunlight arced towards the boy’s groin as a knee length boot snapped forwards. “Arghh!” his face turned to one of anguish as he clenched his eyes, tightened his mouth and closed his legs. The knife fell from his hand and clattered on the pavement. Retracting the kick at the knee and keeping it raised, there was another arc of light as her leg snapped out towards his chest. BWAM! “Urghh!” there was a horrible sound of her boot hammering something meaty and hollow and I thought I heard a crack of a rib. The lad stumbled back looking miserable and in a lot of pain, the fight literally kicked out of him.

Not that Glynnis stopped. The fierce silver-haired whirlwind spun back to the leader and grabbed his shoulders. BAM! Her leg shot up in a blur of sheer black nylon, the top of her black leather boots hammering across the side of his chest with a solid meaty thud. “Orrrugh!” he moaned, creasing forward. The slender woman grabbed his head and pulled it sharply to meet her knee blasting upwards. BLAM! Blood dripped from his mouth as she momentarily lowered her knee before it rocketed upwards again. BLAM! There was a horrid bony crunch and the tough guy was clutching his nose, groaning as the blood seeped between his fingers.

She looked like she was going to hit him again but another yob grabbed her from behind. Her eyes blazed fiercely behind her spectacles, her craggy face set in a frightening grimace of anger as she struggled in his arms. “I’m going to crush ya!” he cried in a low dumb bellow that reflected his low intelligence. In the blink of an eye, her leather skirt rose as she lifted a knee then fell as she drove her foot backwards. BLAM! “Oooooooooo!” the yob wailed as the reinforced high heel of a shapely shiny leather boot nailed his groin. Immediately the severe looking woman grabbed his head from below and yanked it down hard while driving her boot backwards again. BLAM! “Arrrrrr!” this time the sole of her sexy boot smashed his balls square on. His eyes sprang wide and his jaw fell open as he collapsed to his knees.

Glynnis didn’t wait to watch. The light played off her black leather skirt as she took a long stride towards their bloody faced leader who was on his hands and knees, clutching his face. He looked up at the sound of her approaching heels, his eyes going wide as she took a long final stride. Her leg kicked forward in a shiny blur off her leathers as it streaked low to the ground as if kicking a football. Faster than the eye could follow it blazed an arc beneath his raised body. THUD! “Arghh!” he screamed as the pointed toe bit hard into his belly, her foot withdrawn before he collapsed onto the ground.

All this had happened so fast that most of the gang had just watched dumbfounded as the slender old dragon destroyed three of their mates in mere seconds. Awake from their stupor, some moved forward to attack the short slim elderly woman in their midst while a few moved back cautiously. I was paralysed by indecision; I should help her, but how? I was no fighter. The slim woman in the black jacket and white blouse span towards the closest gang member. Her black leather skirt stretched like a sexy shiny second skin over her small compact backside as she leant away from him. A sidekick powered upwards at incredible speed. CRUB! The front edge of her boot clubbed the man solidly around the side of his head. Lowering her foot to the ground, she span in the opposite direction, the sheen of her nylons a blur as her other leg whipped around. BLAM! The yob’s face shot sideways spitting blood and teeth as the toe of her boot smashed the side of his jaw.

Another lad tried to grab her hand, but with a whip of her arm, she twisted his arm making him bend forward in pain. BLAM! The top of her toe struck like a thunderbolt between his legs. “Ohhhhhh!” an agonising wail escaped his lips but Glynnis had already turned to block a heavy over arm punch aimed towards her face from another youth. “HAI!” a strong confidant cry and the elderly woman had slammed her fist hard against her attacker’s stomach. “Boorrrph!” the big oaf seemed to deflate as he creased around his middle. BLAM! A streak of sheer nylon and shiny boot arced from the slim woman towards the big oaf. “Orrrph!” his big face turned red, his eyes screwed up and his lips pursed as the pointed toe punched hard into his weakened gut. “Hai!” the stony faced woman shouted as her slender leg arced around again. BLAM! “……!” The cruel pointed toe hammered his sternum and the big oaf seemed to shrink and melt into abject misery.

One attacked from the side, but Glynnis merely threw a disdainful glance then reacted instantly. The leather skirt flicked up exposing stocking tops as a boot sped sideways like a bullet from a gun. WHUMP! “Orrraghh!” he wailed as her sole devastated his gut. As he slumped in winded agony, the spectacled silver-haired woman retracted her leg then spun to face him and fired her deadly weapon once more. WHAM! A blur of shiny black and the lad found a boot blasting the top of his chest. The power of the kick caused him to stagger back into his mates behind him.

Another yob surged forward from behind, but the craggy faced woman span like a spinning top, a slender leg lifting as she counterbalanced to one side. WHOCK! The high-heeled boot slammed right into the lad’s throat. As he clutched his throat, Glynnis turned back to the big oaf still creased in winded pain. The mass of curly silver hair piled on top of her head barely moved as she grabbed his hand, lent back and fired her leg like a whip into the oaf’s chest. BLAM! The pointy toe hit solidly against his sternum. His red face became even more a mask of terrible anguish and he seemed to sink a little at his knees. Without pause, the fearsome mature woman raised a leg high into the air. My dick stiffened as she straightened it out at an angle raised high above the oaf’s shoulder. The sheen of her stockings and the form fitting boots made her leg unbelievably sexy. More so because her leather skirt that had fallen back to expose her stocking tops and suspenders. That was all caught in an instant, the next, the leg slashed down in a deadly blur of pain. BLAM! The heel of her boot crushed into the base of his neck, the power of the blow driving him to double over.

The strict looking woman looked so full of fierce confidence as the oaf bent double before her. She pulled out his arm to one side and balled her fist. “I’ll teach you to try and punch a woman” she told him sternly. But before she could strike the blow, another yob grabbed her hand. Glynnis reacted in a heartbeat. Swivelling on one heel with a fierce expression on her craggy face, the boy gulped at the fearsome  old battleaxe but by then it was too late. WHACK! The top of her boot struck like thunder between his legs. “Orrrrgh!” he wailed loudly but Glynnis’ knee was already moving. Rising high, the leather skirt rode up over her slim thighs to expose stocking top and a glimpse of bare flesh. WHAM! her knee blasted hard against his sternum. “Orghh!” he wailed more pitifully but the silver-haired terror hadn’t finished with him yet. Grabbing one shoulder, she pulled him forward while firing that deadly knee again. BLAM! “Berllllllgh!” he groaned as her knee hammered so hard into his gut that it seemed to sink all the way in to his spine. His body instantly folded around the space that the old woman’s knee had left but it was already on its way to its next target. BERLAM! The knee shot up to meet his face aided by her hands guiding his shoulder. Hard kneecap met soft face with a loud sickening crunch and the yob’s head snapped back smothered in blood before he keeled over forwards to the ground.

There was confusion now as some of the youths tried to get away from the slender old lady who was not the harmless prey they had thought while other tougher may be less smart members tried to push forwards incited by the excitement of a fight. In the middle of it all, Glynnis looked calm and confident as though she were just dishing out a verbal tongue lashing instead of kicking a group of youths to pulp.

She turned back to the oaf, still doubled over from the devastating axe kick only a few short moments before. He looked up at her as she grasped his wrist with a look of dull uncomprehending intelligence in his eyes. “No, don’t break it” he grunted as she pulled his arm straight and twisted it to keep him bent double then raised her clenched fist over her right shoulder. KLOCK! Her arm unfolded like a spring, hammering her knuckles against his temple sending him sprawling to the ground. Several of the gang watched in slack jawed horror as the slender silver haired old lady in the leather skirt and sheer black nylons stood with both boots on the oafs stomach. My dick was so stiff at this dominant display of victory by the deadly old battleaxe that I had to try to cover it with my hands in embarrassment.

Two of the gang co-ordinated their attack upon the slender grey haired woman and rushed her from either side at the same time. Glynnis reacted instantly without mercy. She quickly spun one foot whipping a slender leg around in a high arc. BLAM! CRICK! The sole of her boot blasted the attacker’s jaw from one side of his face to the other in an alarming disjointed motion and horrible clicking sound. By this time, the other attacker was upon her and grabbed her around the neck. WHUMP! Her knee shot up so fast and with such force between his legs that his feet visibly lifted from the ground a good six inches. Within a few seconds both attackers were on their knees in excruciating agony.

With a look of cold distain, the craggy faced woman grabbed one by the hair and hammered a boot into the throat of the other. CLOCK! “Kkkkkkkk!” he went down, clutching at his throat and choking. The deadly elderly fighting machine swivelled around to face his colleague who had turned pale and was trembling in fright. Her mouth pouting tightly and eyes coldly blazing, Glynnis lent away, her leather skirt rising along a nylon-clad thigh as she drove a devastating kick right into the centre of his face. BLAM! The kick was so powerful that the lad was hurled several feet across the pavement before crashing to the ground, his face a complete write-off.

By now, most of the gang had stepped away and were watching with fascinated horror as this slender elderly woman had thoroughly beaten up their more aggressive members in less than a minute. However, Glynnis was now breathing heavily and was visibly beginning to tire. “I’ll effing smash your face in!” a loud booming voice rang out. A brutish pock marked rough looking girl wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a large red face and very short-cropped hair strode forwards shouting her big mouth off. “I’ll rip your small shrivelled tits off and stuff then down yer throat” she roared. Lunging forward, Glynnis’ leg rose into the air with the shimmering sheen of her nylons. The kick seemed slower to me, the toll of all the frenzied action taking its toll on the mature woman. THUD! Her boot came to a halt as the brutish girl raised her forearms to block the kick. “Ha! It that yer best shot yer old bag!” the red faced ogress yelled as she took another step forward. SWOOSH! With great agility despite her flagging stamina, the slim nylon clad leg shot up again only to cut through the air in front of the thug girl’s flat bust as she lent away. “Effing pathetic! I’m gonna kill yer!” she roared as she rushed the last few steps towards her prey.

WHOP! Brute girl came to a sudden halt, her eyes went wide and her big mouth flopped open. She looked down in shock at the shiny black leather knee length boot sloping downwards from Glynnis’ raised knee to the toe buried between her legs. “Act like a boy and I’ll treat you like one” the stern faced woman said with a growl as she lowered her leg. Pained emotion ran across the girl’s face. She stood there blinking with a wide down turned mouth unable to believe what had just happened. With no change in her grim expression, the slightly built silver-haired woman lent to one side and raised her knee high in the air. The leather skirt fell back exposing stocking tops, suspenders and white knickers. KERBLAM! The sexy leg snapped vertically, the girl’s head whipping back savagely in a spray of blood and teeth.

The stony faced old woman slowly lowered her leg to the ground, grimly watching brute girl clutching her face. Suddenly she drew back her elbow with her fist clenched then let fly. WHUMP! “Orrragh!” the small fist slammed into the girl’s middle like an arrow shot from a bow. Her bloodied big red face screwed up in agony. “You’re a really ugly girl” Glynnis calmly told her. Taking hold of her sagging shoulders, Glynnis powered her knee hard into the girl’s gut. WHUMP! The old woman’s nylon covered knee sank right into the girl’s soft flabby stomach. “Urrrrrr!” she creased forwards, her face ghastly. “That doesn’t make you look any better. Now you look like a big red pig” Glynnis said with cruel satisfaction.

Maybe it was her boyfriend or just someone wanting to save her, but another youth rushed up from behind. I cried out a warning and like a spinning top, the slim silver-haired figure in the black jacket span around with her leather skirt lifting into the air. BLAM! A booted heel crashed into the side of his jaw snapping his face from right to left so fast that he almost lost his balance. In that split second, Glynnis’ knee rocketed into his gut. WHAM! “Uarrghhh!” he wailed as he spilled his air. Glynnis was amazing. She was an unstoppable dynamo, acting so incredibly quickly that her opponents never had a chance to react. She might have been tired but she no longer showed it as her sexy contour-hugging boot flashed up once more with incredible agility and flexibility. BAM! A powerful savage high kick to the face demolished another face in a ghastly fashion with such force that the youth slammed backwards into the pavement so fast that it was all over him before I could blink.

A ripple of unease went through the watching gang as Glynnis turned to face them. “I’m fed up with the mess you lot leave here every day and look at that graffiti, that’s not art, it’s a mess” she scolded them. They stood there listening, some of them looking ashamed, others looking scared. “You will clean this mess up now” she told them. “And if you think of arguing with me. Remember this”. She turned to the ugly yob girl who was still creased over with her big mouth gaping desperately trying to drink in air through her winded gut. Glynnis laid her forearm across the top of the girl’s back and pressed it down while swinging her knee up. WAM! The knee went right in, creating a deep crater in the soft flab of her belly. The big mouth dropped even wider in a soundless scream as tears fell from the gross red face. “I hate girls who act like thug boys” the old battleaxe told her.

Glynnis had a fearsome reputation for giving a verbal tongue lashing to anyone who she thought was in the wrong but I never realised she was so physically capable of giving someone a beating to match. I found myself growing huge down below as I watched. Even though yob girl was in no condition to fight back, the slim silver-haired woman moved around to her side and again pressed down on the top of her back. WUMP! The nylon-clad top of her thigh slammed across the red-faced girl’s belly with a solid thud so hard that she jerked into the air for a moment. “And I’ve a good mind to wash out that potty mouth of yours with soap” the stern spectacled woman scolded as the girl’s eyes clenched tight, her wide mouth opening and shutting noiselessly. BLAM! The nylon clad leg blasted up again across the girl’s ruined gut without mercy, her face a picture of such extreme misery that even I felt a twinge of sorrow for her.

“Stop it, she’s had enough!” one lad tried to intervene only for Glynnis to grab hold of his shirt and slam her knee in his nuts. BLAM! “Urghhhh!” he wailed. Falling to ground, he curled up around his groin, his legs kicking frantically in useless frustration to shake off the pain shooting up between his legs.

The silver-haired woman in the shiny black leather skirt and boots faced the watching gang. “Does anybody else want to interfere?” she said in a stern gravely voice looking at each of them in turn. Few could look her in the eye. She turned back to the red-faced thug girl who looked absolutely terrified and was creased up tight bobbing up and down in pain. Too badly winded to speak, the silent plea in her eyes was plain to see as the terrifying mature woman grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head down sharply. At the same time, she brought her knee up sharp to meet it. WHACK! CRACK! The sound of her nose breaking. Blood poured as she fell backwards to the ground. There were audible gasps of horror as the slim elderly woman brutally stomped on the girl’s belly. WHUMP! The girl’s head and torso rose from the ground then slumped back as the leather boot slid upwards towards her chest.

With one boot standing on the girl’s battered and unmoving body, the scary old woman turned to the remaining gang members. “Any more objections?” she asked. No one dared answer. The sight of this slight silver haired woman and fierce face standing on her defeated opponent in victory had me aching. All around her lay other unmoving or groaning bodies of those stupid enough to face her. All of this viscous action had taken place in only a few short minutes. An ordinary slight looking woman in her sixties had totally laid waste to a gang of youths in a short but bloody fight.

It was an odd sight. The short elderly stern faced woman in a smart black jacket, white blouse, leather skirt, sheer black nylons and shiny contour hugging high heeled boots confidently walking down the line of terrified youths, most of whom were taller than herself. She looked them up and down appraising them. The sour look on her face indicating that they didn’t measure up for her approval. Stopping before one lad, she suddenly pivoted, the back of her leather skirt tight across her small shapely backside as she stretched out a slender stocking clad leg. “Urkkk!” he croaked as a high-heeled boot pinned him against the wall by his throat. “I know you” Glynnis stated matter of factly. “You live just around the corner. I know your mother. Go and get some mops and buckets of warm water” she ordered. “Don’t you dare forget to come back. I know where you live” he turned pale as she said this. Lowering her boot, he ran off quickly. “The rest of you start picking up this mess now and put it in that litter bin over there” she ordered and they rushed to obey.

Glynnis sat down on a low wall retaining a grass bank to supervise with hawkish eyes and lit up a cigarette. Her high-heeled boots were placed wide apart, showing no concern that her stocking clad inner thighs were on full view right up to her white knickers. I tried not to look as I walked over to sit next to her, but I couldn’t help it. She really had quite sexy legs for such a mature woman and the fearsome Karate skills she had just demonstrated made her extremely desirable in my eyes. “Come on, put your back into it” she scolded, her hands resting on her knees with the cigarette ash falling to the ground. “Or do you want me to come over there and make you work harder?”. Desperately trying not to look at the old harridan, the youths made themselves look busy. The lad that Glynnis had sent away returned carrying a couple of buckets and mops. “Some of you start scrubbing that mess off those walls” she commanded. She was so forceful and dominant that my dick was really stiff. Her stern haggard face didn’t put me off; in fact I found it an incredible turn on, even though women who smoke usually put me off. Here was a strict old woman who could not only give you a stinging verbal dressing down but who could kick you to pulp as well.

Tentatively, I reached out a hand to the top of her boot. “Oh Glynnis, you’re so amazing” I gushed in awe and with strong desire for this scary old woman. I was turned on so much that the front of my trousers was twitching. Getting bolder and increasingly turned on, I ran my hands over her nylon clad knee and up her thigh. “You have such sexy legs” I moaned. A cold hard glare made me stop but before I could apologise she had grabbed my hand and bent the fingers back. “Arrr arrr” I yelped as she forced me off the wall and to my knees, forcing me to turn to face her. She got down from her seat, locking my hands in the crook of her arms as she swung a black boot over my neck. “Kkrrkkk!” I croaked as a well-packed leather shin pressed down across my throat forcing me on my back on the cold hard pavement. Her small cold eyes bore down at me through her spectacles, her small mouth with wrinkles radiating around it tight with displeasure. “You do not touch me unless I say so. Understand?” “Kkkk!” she emphasised that by pouring down her weight upon her knee, crushing my throat so hard that my head was spinning. Not bothering with an answer, the lethal old dragon stood up watching me with her hard eyes.

“Kneel before me” she ordered in a low gravely voice that I found sexy. I did as I was told. Glynnis placed a hand on my head glaring at me with her craggy face. The more I looked at her severe well-worn face, the more I realised that it was the sort of face one would expect on an elderly dominatrix that men would pay good money to obey. I gasped as the toe of her boot pressed between my legs and started to slowly rub up and down stimulating my hard on. Oh I thought I would shoot my load there and then, so turned on was I. “I will deal with you later, Jim” she told me. “For now, I want you to be my foot stool”. Glynnis resumed her seat upon the low wall. Crossing her legs, the point of her heel pressed gently on my balls while the tip of her sole played with the top of my shaft, pressing it against my body and stimulating it with subtle shifts of pressure of her foot. However she wasn’t looking at me but glaring at the youths. Ohhh she was keeping me so hard but the occasion bite of her sharp heel kept me in check. “I bet you’d like to be in his place” I heard her tell someone. “I can see you looking lustfully at my boots. I bet you’d like to work yourself off against them like a dog in heat” she said. “No? Then get back to work and scrub off that mess” she reprimanded.

Suddenly she was on her feet marching across the pavement, leaving me frustrated from the denied release. “Do you find something amusing?”  She was leaning over a tall dark haired lad who was scrubbing the wall trying to pretend that she wasn’t there. “Were you back chatting me?” she asked. The slender white haired woman grabbed the lad by his hair and forced him, whimpering, to his feet. “Answer me, boy?” she was growing angrier by the second. The craggy cheeks, deep creases around her eyes and cold eyes glaring through her spectacles were enough to make any man weak at the knees. “Please don’t kick me” he begged. The black-jacketed woman grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and roughly bent his head down. “Then get back to work now” she ordered. I heard the lad mumble but couldn’t make out what he said. “What was that?” Glynnis demanded.

The lad span around confronting the mature woman. “I said my dad’s a solicitor and he’ll put the law onto you!” he shouted. All around there were mumbles of agreement as the others stopped the clean up to watch. I knew this was bad and knew that Glynnis had to quickly put this uprising down to retain control. Without any sign of emotion breaking out across her weathered face, she placed her booted feet apart and raised her fists. “Very well. I won’t kick you” she told him. She looked tiny and frail against the lad who was well over 6 foot and much heavier. Her small hands made tiny fists as the lad raised his meaty hands, a nasty smile spreading over his face. “Oh yeah, stitch this Grandma!” he sneered swinging a big heavy fist towards her face.

The slightly built silver haired woman nimbly skipped out of the way letting the yob’s fist sail past her then her slender arm moved like lightning. WHAP! Her small fist stuck hard on the side of his jaw. It was like a fly swatting an elephant. For a while the lad flexed his mouth and moved his chin then glared at her. “That the best you can do, old dear” he sneered then blasted his big meaty fist towards her face again. Incredibly nimble and quick, Glynnis ducked beneath his punch and came up swinging her own into his middle. THUD! “Hmm!” he moaned as he tried to absorb the unexpected blow. Not giving him a break, the jacketed arm didn’t stop and blasted skywards. CRUNCH! Her small fist caught him hard under the jaw, rocking his head back sharply. BLAM! A left to the face. BLAM! Followed immediately by a right. The elderly woman’s arm worked like a piston engine blasting fist after small fist into the youth’s face so fast that he never thought of protecting himself. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! A final right and the tall yob staggered back with a bloodied nose and a cut above the right eye. “Oh Johnny!” wailed one of the gang girls.

Two of the youths went to help Johnny. One came up behind her but it was like she had eyes in the back of her head. She twirled around,  caught his wrist with one hand and slammed her elbow up under his chin. CLOCK! The noise as his teeth mashed together as his lower jaw smashed against the upper was a horrible boxy bony sound and the lad staggered back in a daze. The other, an overweight skinhead took a swing at her but Glynnis blocked it with her forearm. BLAM! “Orrrph!” her tiny fist flashed into his gut hammering through his soft belly. His face turned red and his mouth formed a surprised and agonised O. As he crumpled forward, her leather skirt went tight between her legs as the agile silver haired woman kept her legs askance while bending slightly at the knees. The sleeve of her black jacket moved back then shot forwards, slamming an open claw like hand against the front of his trousers. “Oooee!” he wailed as her fingers closed tightly around his nads. With a cruel look of satisfaction, she slammed her palm under his chin pushing his face back while pulling on his nads. “Oooohh noooooo!” he wailed.

The first lad had shook off his daze and went for her again. Releasing the skinhead, the slender craggy faced woman turned around, her arm shooting out rapidly. BLAM! A solid punch to the face left him with a cut eye. WHOCK! An elbow to the throat left him gasping and wheezing.

BAM! Her arm whipped out to the right blasting skinhead’s face from one side to the other. As he began to turn away from her, Glynnis moved behind him and raised her hand, held flat like a spade. “Hai!” she shouted and her hand flashed down in a blur chopping him solidly at the base of his neck. The big skinhead went down like a ton of bricks, out cold.

Johnny, his face bloody, slashed at her with a knife. In stunned silence I watched as the slightly built old woman jumped incredibly high into the air. In the blink of an eye, her leather boots folded beneath her as she soared level with his chest. One leg shot out straight in a blur towards his head. BERLAM! The sound of impact was loud as an explosion of blood and teeth misted the air around his face like an obscene fountain. He stumbled back clutching his face but the scary old battleaxe hadn’t finish with him. No sooner had both boots landed on the pavement than she sprang back into the air like some spring-heeled devil. CRACK! From chest height she snapped out a viscous stomp into the middle of his chest and then in an amazing display of superior fighting skill, she blasted Johnny’s throat in a single move. WHACK! “Kkkkkk!” the big yob hit the pavement hard. Nonplussed Glynnis landed lightly on her heeled feet then casually stomped hard on the floored boy’s chest. WHUMP! Johnny’s cheeks ballooned as his eyes went wide and his face turned red then deflated. “Knives are for the kitchen. Not for waving at people’s faces” she lectured but Johnny wasn’t listening, he was out cold. The sight of the elderly woman with a sexy shapely boot on an unconsciousness yob’s chest with the sheen of her nylons from a bit of exposed thighs and her leather skirt had my manhood absolutely throbbing for her. The sheer viciousness of this little old lady was terrifying and uneasy to watch; yet I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

The white curly mass on the top of her head moved around as she looked challengingly at the remaining gang members, but none were willing to take her on or lethal Karate boots. Her attention focussed on the last of the lads who had just attacked her, on his knees and clutching his throat. She stepped towards him, her cold smile predatory. “Do you enjoy attacking little old ladies?” she asked. “Please no more” he hissed through his ruined throat, his whole body trembling. She turned her side to him then placed one leg in front of him. “Worship it” she ordered. His face looked terrified and he placed a trembling hand on her knee then began to run his palms over her thigh. She hitched up her leather skirt to expose her stocking tops and her sensational slim thighs. The lad was now kissing and feeling her thighs in obvious delight, the growing bulge in the front of his trousers testament to the sensual nature of her legs. I must admit I was getting jealous; I wanted to be in his place kissing and feeling her legs. From the look of some of the surviving gang members, I wasn’t the only one. Glynnis turned to face the lad who was kissing and caressing her legs with wild abandon. “That’s it. Kiss my Karate boots. Beg them for mercy” she commanded. The lad willingly obeyed. “Do you know why they are Karate boots?” she asked. BLAM! Suddenly the lad’s head snapped back, bits of teeth hurtling away from him through the ghastly red mist as a shiny contour hugging high-heeled boot powered into the air above his falling body. His back hit the pavement and he twitched a few times. “Now you know” she told the unmoving body.

Standing among three fresh bloodied and battered bodies, the slightly built grey haired woman in the black jacket and white blouse turned to the remaining gang. “Well, get on with it then. Or does anybody else want me to explain it to them?” she asked. As one, they all turned and started scrubbing furiously and picking up litter with renewed energy. Glynnis sat back down on the low wall with one leg crossed on top of the other, took out a wet wipe and began to clean the blood and gore off her boots. I walked across to join her thinking that she was such a powerful and sexy old domme. She pointed to the ground and I got down on my knees. “Oh Glynnis please. I want to worship you with my body all night long” I moaned. A long sexy shiny leather boot swung up and pressed the sole against my chest. “My friend Jean told me all about you” she said. The toe of the boot swung up to my mouth. I could see the shiny black leather stretch away from me. I didn’t want to do it but she looked so fierce and dominating that I wanted to do anything for her.

Satisfied by my worship, she removed the boot from my mouth then put it back on my chest then pressed. “Down” she commanded. Glynnis got up and stood astride me facing my feet. As she began to lower herself, I knew what was coming next and was looking forward to it. “Mmmmmmm!” I moaned as her small compact backside spread itself over my face. “Ah, this is much more comfortable” I heard her say. “Stop gawping and get on with it” she scolded. “Mmmmmm!” luckily she was only a sleight woman and didn’t weight that much. Even so, every now and then she would lift her bottom of my face to allow me to breath before sitting back.

Click clack. The youths worked furiously, most scrubbing away at the graffiti while others picked up litter. Click clack. All of them pretended to ignore the still battered bodies lying on the ground or the sound of metal reinforced high heels walking behind them with their elderly owner glaring at them. They worked away in silence apart from the sounds of their brushes against the walls. Most looked scared as the heels approached them, a few looked resentful but too frightened of the sexy shiny Karate boots to say anything. “Come on put your back into it” she scolded standing behind them with her slender arms folded.

The black leather knee length boots came to a halt before one of the lads on the ground. A pointed toe moved forwards and trod down upon the front of his trousers. “Arghh!” he cried, sitting up in pain, his hands trying to remove the boot from his nuts. Instead the boot crushed down harder. “Arghh!” he wailed, frantically trying to move the beautifully contoured object. “Hands off the Karate boot or it will crush your nuts to paste!” the stern faced woman snarled. “Orrr! Please stop!” he wailed. Trashing around on the ground, he reluctantly removes his hands. Like a foot on an accelerator pedal, the shiny boot eases off a fraction. “Are you ready to help clean up this mess or do I have to explain it to you again?” she asks him in a hard voice. “Please, please I’ll do whatever you say. Please” he begs, staring in horror at the boot on his nuts. “Then stop laying around and get to work” she reprimands, removing her foot. He scrambles to his feet and scampers to the wall to help.

Glynnis lent back against the low retaining wall. I thought she looked magnificent. Her short silver curly hair closely cropped around her ears and base of her neck and piled on top added to the severe appearance as she watched the youths like a hawk through her spectacles. The firm chin; elegant slim neck and slender body were quite appealing and belied her age. Even more alluring was the way the sun reflected off her high-heeled leather boots and black leather skirt with the sheen of black nylon between. I sat down next to her, now quite nervous of this elderly woman after her brutal beat down of several gang members. Nevertheless I tentatively reached out and placed a hand on her lovely legs. Her head turned quickly to fix me with a baleful stare that made me feel very uneasy. “You’re amazing” I gasped nervously, not knowing what to say under her blistering stare. Without saying a word, her hand covered mine. “Arghh!” I cried as the jolts of pain shot through my wrist and up my arm as she bent my fingers back. A subtle movement of her arm across her front was amplified as bone breaking pain forcing me to slid off the wall to my knees in front of her. Nylon clad thighs surrounded my arm and leather boots forced me to bend over on my hands and knees. “Ah, much better” she sighed. There she stayed using me as a foot stool while she occasionally scolded the youths to work harder. All the while, my arm was held straight with the feel of firm slender legs covered in sheer nylon on either side.

After a while, I felt the boots lift from my back and my arm was released. Click clack. The high-heeled boots walked over to inspect the gang’s handiwork. “Are you sure you’re finished? Let me see” she snapped like that terrifying old dragon of a school mistress in those nightmares from your distant past or from a dim distant previous lifetime. It was almost as if the youths were holding their breath, looking at this slight built domme desperately seeking approval. She snorted. “I suppose that will have to do” she said without much enthusiasm. “You may go” she told them. “And take these with you” she added, stepping a boot on the big one that seemed to be their leader. She pressed down hard on his stomach, her boot making a shallow impression but he didn’t move. He was still out cold.

Glynnis turned to me. “You can take me home now, Jim” she said and strode towards my car. She wasn’t asking, it was an order. As we drove the short way to where she lived, I couldn’t stop looking at those lovely deadly legs enclosed by sexy black leather. I stopped the car and she opened the door. The leather skirt rose further as she turned, the sight of stocking top and the sensational shape of her high-heeled boots kept me hard with lust. “You will come in and let me thank you for giving me a lift home” she said and without waiting for a reply got out and walked down the pathway to her front door. Not knowing what she intended but still aching for her I followed. As I reached the front door, she was half way up the stairs. “You can wait in the living room. I need to change. I’ll only be a few moments” she instructed. I did as I was told.

A short while later she reappeared. My jaw dropped and my dick started beating like a drumstick. The stern faced silver-haired woman wore a gi jacket along with her Karate boots and spectacles. It was a very short gi jacket that showed off most of her long slender thighs, which were bare. “Wow!” I gasped. Firm skinned, smooth and unblemished, her legs looked sensational and not at all as one would expect on a 60 something year old woman. As she walked towards me, I saw that a black belt very loosely tied the jacket. It fell open slightly and I could see bare flesh in the gap from her slim neck, pass the insides curves of her medium sized breasts, flat stomach to her belly button. She wasn’t wearing a bra and none of what I could see looked flabby or unsightly. She looked so powerful and invincible, I was wild with desire. “Wow, Glynnis. You look sensational” I told her and put out my hands to grasp her slender body.

She grabbed my hand and a slender leg swung up. THUD! The side of a tight fitting black leather boot hit me gently across my mouth. “Argh!” I yelped as the old battleaxe twisted my arm behind my back. “Arghh!” her knee pressed against my hand pinning it in the small of my back. Her small hand came over the top of my head, grabbed my forehead. Pulling my head back at the same time as pressing her knee into my back, she forced my knees to bend. “I told you before never to touch me unless I grant you permission” I heard her scold.

“Argh!” I yelped again as she whipped my hand away sideways into an arm bar and forced me facedown to the carpet. “Argh!” I could feel a boot across the top of my back and left shoulder with her weight behind it. “Argh!” with the side of my face pressed against the carpet, I could see a shiny high-heeled boot close by with a bent knee above it as she crouched down and pulled my arm back straight and pressing against the top of her inner thigh. “Look at you. So easily dominated by a 68-year-old woman. How pathetic” she sneered in a condescending tone. She just kept me there in that position, torturing my arm with her boot pressing down uncomfortably on my shoulder with me unable to do anything about it. “Beg for mercy” she sneered as she maintained the hold with ease. “Argh, please Glynnis. No more, please I want to worship you. You are incredible. You really turn me on” I pleaded. I heard her chuckle throatily. “Turning you on am I? Getting all hot and bothered by a mature woman completely dominating you with her Karate boots” she said. “Argh! Yes, yes. You are driving me crazy” I gasped. It was true, being so completely subdued by this slightly built white haired woman had my boner solid and thumping against the carpet even as my arm felt like it would break at any moment. “Jean was right about you. You are a pervert” I heard her say as her weight lifted from my shoulder and used the arm bar to force me to roll onto my back.

I watched in amazement as the old woman raised a leg high so that her bare thigh was almost touching her chest. “No!” I cried in alarm as the raised boot dropped in a blur towards my gut. “Hai!” she cried. At the last moment, it stopped a fraction of an inch above my stomach then fell gently. “My Karate boots could stomp you into mush” she told me in a cold low pitched gravely voice.

She knelt by my side, with one knee pinning my right arm while she held down the left with a hand. Leaning over me, staring at me with her small cold eyes through her spectacles, the vision of dominant elderly womanhood in a white gi jacket and black belt exuded such an overwhelming sense of lethal power that the tent twitched frantically at the front of my trousers. As she raised an arm towards the ceiling she smiled coldly as she looked down at me. “Please” I whimpered. In that uniform I felt so insignificant and weak as she leant above me poised to strike. “I could break you up into tiny pieces. Hai!” her arm flashed down and the side of her hand chopped the side of my neck. “Ouch!” It was like a shock from a cattle prod. The left side of my body jerked uncontrollably, the right being pinned by the deadly old woman.

“Kkkk!” the next thing I knew she was crouching across me with her knee pressing into my neck. “Grkkkk!” I croaked, my head feeling warm as her knee crushed off my air. I looked up into her cold eyes glaring down at me. “Such a fuss for such a gentle tap” she said. “Kkk!” a horrible squawk left my lips. I brought up my hands to try to move her knee but stopped as I remembered her earlier admonishment. She smiled. For the first time that day, she actually smiled but it wasn’t warm but quite chilling. Almost reluctantly, she got off my throat, swinging herself around to sit on my chest then pinning my arms with her knees. The stern faced elderly woman in the warriors’ uniform with the black belt looked formidable and all conquering as she sat on my chest. Although I was afraid of her, my dick was aching with unbridled lust as she continued to dominate me. Again, she raised her open hand as she glared down at me through her glasses. “Hai! Hai!” they may have been gentle taps to the neck but it felt like I’d been electrocuted as bolts of nerve tingling pain shot through my body. My head also swirled and I almost felt like passing out.

By the time my head cleared, I looked up to see a shiny black boot on my chest. Looking up along this as it followed the contours of a nicely shaped slim calve, I came to a slightly bent knee. My gaze travelled along a wonderful bare thigh then I gasped in surprise at the sight of an exposed hairy crotch. Gulping my eyes travelled over the short simple wrap around white jacket held loosely together by the black belt that proclaimed that this undoubtedly female figure was a deadly fighting machine able to kill me or put me in great pain with ease. My gaze continued up along a firm slender neck to an elderly craggy face wearing spectacles and the short silver hair piled on top of her head. I looked back at her sensational slender thighs, marvelling how firm and sexy they looked for such an elderly Karate goddess. The sole of her boot moved over my mouth. “Kiss my Karate boots. Pray to them to let you live” she said and pressed the sole lightly against my lips. Although she looked so magnificent as she stood on my face that I really wanted to worship her, I really wasn’t keen to kiss the bottom of her boot. For one, I’m really not into that sort of thing but I also couldn’t shake off the images of them smashing so many faces today with blood and gore flying everywhere.

Her foot moved to my neck and pressed down. “Grkk!” “They are clean but if you don’t kiss them I will bloody them again with your face” she lectured sternly while I felt my eyes bulge and face turn red as I struggled and failed to breathe. Again, the elderly Karate goddess put her sole on my mouth and I kissed it while gazing up along the shiny leather boot to her bare thigh. “Go on. Beg to them for mercy” she commanded and I continued to kiss. I could see that she had a hand on her hip as she watched me. The bare thigh above my face was slender but looked very firm, in fact I could see the faint outlines of firm muscle beneath her skin. That made my tent pole throb even harder.

“Enough” she said removing her foot from my face. I looked up to see her towering over me. A slender silver-haired Karate goddess with her hands on her hips staring down at me. The short white gi top and black belt made me want her so bad. For a long time she didn’t say a word. She just kept staring at me, my lust increasing as I felt so small and intimated by this devastating woman. “Get up” she finally said. I did as I was told. “Oh Glynnis, please” I moaned, stoked high on lust but too scared to touch her. “Did I tell you to speak? Do I have to discipline you like those yobs?” she scolded. “No” I mumbled looking down like a naughty schoolboy at her leather boots. “Then keep quiet. Now remove my jacket”.

I could scarcely believe my ears. With hands trembling with anticipation, I undid her black belt then opened the jacket signifying her superiority over mere mortals. It slid off and fell to the floor. I gasped at the naked body before me. It was absolutely sensational. She might have a face like an old battleaxe but her body was amazing, slim and firm and free from wrinkles, sags, stretch marks or any of the other symptoms of old age. I wasn’t surprised to see a familiar necklace of an ancient Indian Goddess with many arms and legs. She noticed my gaze. “Yes. I was told to look after you and make sure no-one nasty snoops around your office. I think you can pay me now” she said. I instinctively moved forwards to touch her but jumped and stopped as she rapidly adopted a fight stance with her legs askance and her hands raised open palmed. Satisfied that I wasn’t going to touch her without her permission she lowered her hands.

She let me look at her amazing body. “Like what you see?” she said with a tight smile. Her stomach was flat, smooth and firm with a hint of abdominal muscle. My lust throbbed like crazy for her. “Not bad for my age? My Karate boots keep me in good shape with plenty of practice” she told me. “Now take me in your arms” she commanded. I opened my arms and the sensational body moved between them, her stern face never leaving mine. “You have a better body than most teenagers” I told her as I slid my hands along the sides of her slender hot body. Suddenly she turned, my arm going over her shoulder and her bare buttocks pressing against my groin. SLAM! A whip fire spell of dizziness and my back hit the floor. “Did I say you could grope me?” she scolded. “No, sorry. Er, mistress” I added because it seemed so right.

“Please you are an amazing woman. I really want to worship you. All night long” I said. “You better get up then” she almost growled. I had barely got to my feet when to my surprise she slammed me up against the wall, unzipped and pulled down my trousers and pants then slid herself upon my erection. I tried to hold onto her slim naked body as she rode me while standing. Oh, she was amazing, pumping me like a wild animal in heat. “Ohhhhhh!” she came quickly causing me to do the same.

I barely had time to recover when she began smothering me with hot hungry kisses and pressing her amazing body against me. “Oh Karate makes me so horny” she growled between kisses. “I want more. Give it to me now” she demanded. But I’m only a man, I need time to recover. She slammed me back against the wall and pressed her knee against my groin. “Get it hard now or I’ll mash it under my knee” she growled with a fierce look in her eyes. Her knee slid in and out between my legs rubbing my groin while she kissed me with wild abandon, but I still couldn’t get it up. Suddenly with a very annoyed look upon her face, she turned her body away from me. BLAM! Her elbow drove into my gut. “Orrrgh!” I barely had time to crease up when she pressed her backside against me, wrapped an arm around my head and pulled it down sharply. BLAM! I somersaulted over her hip then hit the floor on my back. Now that got me hard again.

She was like an unstoppable she-beast, practically hauling me to my feet then slamming up against a side cabinet before mounting me again. BAM BAM BAM BAM the cabinet rhythmically slammed back and forth against the wall as the silver haired Amazon rides me again. Her wild lovemaking lasts much longer this time before our lust explodes in unison.

Again she demands more before I am ready and doesn’t take no for an answer. BLAM! A knee hammers deep into my gut. “Blooooorr!” I moan creasing over as my stomach cramps up. CHOP! CHOP!, her hands slash down against the sides of my neck sending me to the floor. It’s like getting zapped by a cattle prod. “Get up and now and worship me” she demands. She is so domineering that I find it difficult not to be aroused. Sitting on the sofa in front of where I lay, gasping for breath and fighting the cramping wind, she opens her legs. Oh my Lord, this amazing silver haired woman with the hot body and the dominant attitude with deadly skills to back it up stirs me up so much with lust that I’m soon pressing her into the back of the sofa rutting away until I can take no more.
Scott and Ted Hawkins are briefing Sir Anthony Jones. “Did you search the detective’s office?” he asked. “Yes. Nothing to indicate where the decoder is or where the Professor is with those diaries” Hawkins replies. “Watch him closely. He will lead us to him then we will have both the object and the guide to where the treasures are”. “Tell him about the nun” Scott urged Ted. Sir Anthony looks up. “What nun?” he asks. “Oh. It’s nothing. Scotty thought he saw a Nun following us. Probably being smoking that wacky baccy again” he dismissed with a chuckle. “She was and she was watching us at Priest’s place” Scott put in sounding offended. “Pratt!” Ted cuffs him around the head. The doorbell interrupted further discussion.

Scott is surprised when Hawkins opens the front door, to see a nun standing there. About 5 foot 6, she is slim with a youthful attractive open face with a hint of red hair that made it hard to place her age. “Can I help you?” said Hawkins. BLAM! Her arm shot out like a lightning bolt, hammering a clenched fist right on his jaw. The loud solid sounding punch reverberated in the airy entrance hall as Ted’s head jerks back and he goes down like a felled tree, out cold.

Scott is so shocked that he is rooted to the spot and forgets to flee as the Nun steps towards him. KERBLAM! The bottom of her black cassock kicks up and a sandaled foot blasts him on the jaw. Scott’s glasses go flying as his head whiplashes scrambling his brains as he topples senseless to the floor.
Scott comes around to find himself lying on the floor with a badly aching jaw and aching teeth. He can hear a strident female voice “The Church will wipe them off the face of the Earth”. Nuns always give him the willies, he never trusted them. The door to the study is open, but he can’t quite look into it from where he lay. “Just as we did the Cathars and the followers of James”. “But James was the brother of Christ” Sir Anthony’s voice. SWISK CRACK Ouch! His master’s voice howled in agony. Although terrified at prospect of getting caught, Scott is anxious to see what is going on and crawls silently on his belly.

“You will go the same way if you do not answer the question”. Scott glimpses the terrifying woman in black and lay pretending to be  unconscious. “We know of your interest in the cursed object. If you are not with us we will sweep you away under the carpet of humanity”. “I’ve told you, I don’t know where he is” SWISH CRACK OUCH! Scott risked opening one eye. What he saw was completely surreal. Sir Anthony Jones was bent over his desk with his trousers and pants around his knees legs. The Nun was standing behind him, just to one side, holding a cane in her hand. His arse looks red raw and bleeding. “I will ask you just one more time before my patience wears thin. Where is Professor Dupont?” “Please, I really don’t know” his boss wailed. SWISH CRACK OUCH! Please, I will look for you and if I find him I will pass him on to you. I give you my word” he wailed. “The word of a Banker means nothing to the Church” “I swear it as my duty as a Christian” he pleaded. “Very well. Then we will retrieve the originals and burn them in the bonfires of Rome. But if you betray us, I will be back and you will wish that you had never been born”.

Scott closed his eye as the Nun turned towards the door and stridently left the study and walked across the hall to the front door. “You can get up now, Scott” Sir Anthony’s voice. “I know you are awake and spying on me. Close the front door and wake up Hawkins. Meet me in here in five minutes”.

** A few minutes later **
“Who was that woman disguised as a Nun?” Hawkins asked his master. “I’m afraid she was a Nun, but no ordinary Nun. She belongs to a very dangerous order that I only thought were myth” he answered. “She wants us to find Professor Dupont. Which we will do but we will use him to decode the rest of the diaries, which I will use to my advantage. The Church will never know until it was too late” he told them. “Hawkins. Dig into the professor’s private life. Family and friends. Anything we can use as a lever to get him out of hiding. You are dismissed”. Scott turned to go. “Not you, Scott”. Scott turned back towards the man standing behind the desk. “If you breathe a word of what you saw I will have you hung, drawn and quartered then fed to the hounds. You may go”.


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