Passing Out (JIMP#49)

Lecherous soldier and Jim have a passing out day to remember.

Based upon a real passing-out parade I attended with Marianne and yes she did wear the sexy dress described.

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

(c) JIM P 2012
We had driven to Bassingbourne to attend my brother in-law’s passing out parade. Mark had completed basic training and we met up with the in-laws at the base. “Hello, Jim. How are you?” I didn’t get a chance to answer as my sister in-law gave me a long hug and a peck on the cheek that stirred my groin. As I cuddled her slender frame, I saw that Marianne wasn’t wearing her spectacles on top of her long sleek nose. I was also pleasantly surprised to see her wearing make-up. A touch of blue on her slender eyelids made her small blue eyes larger; a hint of red on her long flat cheeks and pink lipstick on her small thin-lipped mouth gave her a touch of glamour. Short sandy blonde hair swept across her forehead and flowed over her ears to stop level with her narrow jaw. I had always found my sister in-law attractive, although most men found her a bit gawky and mousy looking. However, the subtle use of make up had transformed her into an attractive woman.

It wasn’t just the make-up. Marianne wore an elegant light blue dress cut low at the front, emphasizing her nice full chest with a tantalising glimpse of cleavage. Cut at a very steep angle across the bottom, one side of the dress fell to outside of one knee, while the other side was  short exposing a long slim thigh. An asymmetrical dress, she explained as we proceeded towards the parade ground. She often wears short skirts to show off her sensational legs, but this dress was unusually showy and looked expensive. Was her loutish husband, Kurt, up to his old black market tricks again? Walking behind her down the path allowed me to admire her legs sheathed in pale blue nylons with a pretty patterned mesh and, to my excitement, seams suggesting that she wore stockings. At 5’9″ tall, her slender legs look sensationally long with lengthy beautifully shaped calves. They are so well toned that I just couldn’t take my eyes off them as they swell and flex sensuously until my wife elbowed me in the ribs.
My name is Derek Pratt and if you think that’s funny come here and say it to my face then I’ll beat the crap out of you. I’m a private in Her Majesties’ Army. It’s a good life; you get given food, clothes and somewhere to sleep. Plus you get to travel for free to foreign countries, meet strange and exotic people then shoot them. Ha ha, only kidding. Today is passing out and I always volunteer for duties at the reception for the friends and families of the graduating caddies. There’s plenty of grub and booze to hand and I put aside a few crates for after.

I’m 6 foot 2″ with dark closely cropped hair and a lean muscular build. Usually there is some good crumpet, maybe a squaddy’s sister or girlfriend. Except today the talent is thin on the ground. There’s a hot sultry brunette staring at me except she’s with her parents and looks underage. A seriously big busted blonde is over there, all glammed up and wearing a leather mini skirt several sizes too short and a tight low cut leopard print top. She really thinks she’s it although she’s chubby and caked with make up.

There’s a blonde in a blue dress at the tables who looks a bit of all right. Quite attractive with a small narrow face, mid-thirties I would say, with kids. She’s getting up. Wow what a sensational dress, slashed across like that at the bottom and wow what great legs; long slim and shapely shown off to advantage by blue high heels and sheathed in blue patterned nylons. As she moves away from the table, I see she has a nice figure with a good sized rack but those incredible long legs hold my attention. Her calves are long and sweep from slim ankles to a deep semi-tear shape. As she walks, well toned muscle plays under her skin in an incredibly erotic fashion. By the time she stops by the water fountain on the far side of the room, I am starting to get a stiffy. Phroar! As she stands with her back to me, I can see how her high heels raise her calves to make sexy diamond shaped clefts stand out at the back. I don’t need Viagra when there’s a woman like that around. Oh my God! She bent forwards to drink from the spout, her skirt clinging to a sexy backside and the short side riding up to expose a dark blue band of stocking top. I was sprouting an instant erection. What a leg show! I was getting harder and harder as she took her time to refresh herself; my gaze glued to her sexy legs and peach of an arse. She was a real MILF and I really wanted some of that. Finally she straightened, turned and walked back across the room. I couldn’t stop looking, my dick rampant with desire. “Stop shirking and clear those plates” the sergeant barked, startling me. I made myself busy, cracking open and downing a few cans when he wasn’t looking.

A while later I saw the young MILF get up then wander down the corridor so I followed. Wow, I just love the way that skirt hung and moved, showing so much of the back of one leg and those calves. The way they flexed and waned really had my mast up. I caught up. “May I help you, madam?” I said making her jump. She turned around looking a bit flustered. Very nice too, I loved how her long smooth neck rose from the top of her chest with a nicely defined clavicle running across and traps rising from her shoulders to her neck. “Oh, I was going to get a bit of fresh air” she said. It was a pleasant voice with a Home Counties accent. I found myself watching her small mouth move; it was so entrancing that I had to refrain from kissing it there and then. “What you’re looking for is just through here” I said guiding her by her shoulders to a door and opening it. The feel of the fine fabric of her dress with her warm slim body beneath stoked my fire.

She entered the room and I closed the door behind us. “This isn’t right. It’s just a small empty office” she said. “Oi!” she cried as I pushed her up against the desk and bent her over it, pressing my groin against her arse. She struggled but I was stronger and heavier and pinned her easily. “Stop struggling love. I know you want it ” I told her as I pulled up the back of her skirt. “Wow. Great legs!” I exclaim at the sight of her stocking tops and suspenders. “Get off me!” she protested as I pulled the skirt higher. “Oh wow! Great arse!” I gasped as I saw her buttocks virtually naked apart from a tiny thong. With my groin pressing against that, I was throbbing hard in no time.

I tried to stretch down to feel her amazing calves but she twisted out my grip and made a run for the door. I ran after her and caught her by the arm. Swinging her around, I slapped her hard across the face then pushed her into a chair by the desk. “Don’t play games. You cougars love doing it with younger men and you are one hell of a cougar” I told her as I pressed her shoulders against the seat back. My eyes roamed over the tops of her chest shown off by the low neck line; She had a good full rack on her. “Cor, great tits” I moaned putting my hands on her soft frontage to cop a feel. WHOOOMPH a blue nylon clad knee rocketed upwards and I moved my leg to block it. WHUMP! Ouch! I just managed to block it by twisting my thigh inwards. If I hadn’t spotted the look of concentration in her eyes and the tightness around the mouth, that would have bust my balls for sure. SLAP! I swiped her one across the face. “Don’t you dare try something like that again; I’m a trained solider and I know hundreds of ways to hurt you or kill you” I warned. Instead of looking scared, she seemed angry. Boy was she a feisty one.

I crossed her legs, although she kept trying to kick them free, then pressed my crotch against the front of the upper knee to stop them moving. “Phoar, you’ve got great legs” I moaned, pulling up her skirt again and running my palms up her legs enjoying the feel of the silky smooth nylon and the firm shapely thighs they covered. It was only natural, but the sight and feel of such hot legs set me dry humping her knee. Oh I could cum all over these legs, no problem! Her rack also drives me wild and I cup them, slapping away her hand as she tried to stop me, while humping against her leg. Oddly she’s not crying out for help but glares at me in glowering silence. BAM BAM BAM BAM. The back of the chair bangs rhythmically against the desk as I work myself into a frenzy. I run my hands to the bare patch of skin and suspenders then towards her hips. “Get your knickers off. I getting inside you now” I told her.

BAM! There was a blue blur of rapid motion then the side of her hand axed into the side of my neck. A nerve jangling blast of pain forces me to clench my eyes. BAM! I felt the edge of her hand chop the other side of my neck, a hard solid chop that felt like an electric shock sending my senses reeling. BLAM! The base of her palm slams into the underside of my jaw jerking my head back with a crick of pain. The next thing I knew was my backside hitting the wooden floor.

Even in my daze I was aware of the MILF trying to make her escape. I forced myself into a sprint across the room and slammed into her back, driving her into the wall. “Ooffph!” she spilt her breath as she suffered a double whammy as her body cushioned me from the impact. SLAP! I spun her around and slapped her across the face then hurled her back towards the chair. There was a scrap of wood as she stumbled into it and it slid back against the desk. She seemed dazed and put a foot on it to steady herself. It was the short side of the dress and it rode up to expose the whole leg and her thong covered arse. “Corrr!” I groaned. I came up from behind and pressed myself against her, holding her around the waist with one arm while feeling her hot legs with my free hand. It felt so good; I began thrusting my boner against her lovely peach of an arse while stroking her sensational legs. “Orrr I’m having you one way or the other. Probably both” I moaned. She began struggling again.

The slim blonde moved her arm forward, low at waist height and bent at the elbow. I knew what was coming and tensed my stomach. WHAM! “Unnnn!” her elbow pistoned into my gut so hard I couldn’t help grunting in pain. In moments like these, a six-pack is a man’s best friend. A blur of motion caught me by surprise. BLAM! “Orrgh!” the back of her upper arm slammed across my throat. I lost my grip and the feisty young MILF almost escaped. Ignoring my bruised neck, I grabbed her arm, turned and slammed her over my shoulder to the floor then got on top to pin her.

“I love blondes” I tell her gently as I stroke her hair. She looks dazed. “But if you try that again. I’ll knock you out then take you”. Her lovely small mouth is so irresistible that I kiss it while her body squirms beneath me. “Mmmm mmmm” she slowly stops struggling as she surrenders to my long passionate kiss. They all give in, in the end. The feel of her lips against mine is a powerful aphrodisiac and I’m soon aching hard again. I break off and look down at her bust. “Yes!” she sighs with her eyes closed. I run my hands over her chest enjoying their softness and can’t resist sticking my face in there while I push her breasts into mounds. “Oh yes!” she moans. When I look up, she has one leg stretched out along the ground and the other raised bent at the knee. “Such sexy legs” I moan as I move back to feel her long firm thighs. Her calves are so long with a heavy shapely muscle, I simply had to kiss them.

She bent both legs at the knees and opened them invitingly. “Oh yes!” I moaned. The sight along her stockings to the patch of bare flesh at the top then suspenders running towards skimpy thong briefs was too much. I just dived in to nuzzle her crotch. “Oh yes! That’s good” she moaned as her lovely warm thighs closed around my head as I kissed and probed her patch through the skimpy material. “Nnngh” suddenly my head was stuck fast as her thighs clamped hard on either side. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I cursed as I tried to squeeze my hands between her legs to prise them apart. “Argh!” the pressure increased dramatically as her slim legs turned to steel. I was struggling hard to free myself, finding her kneecaps and trying to pull them apart, but her legs gripped like limpets. “Argh!” she had really strong legs. I’m a combat trained solider and should have known better than to put myself in an exposed position.

“Argh!” I grunted in pain as I tried to force myself to my feet, although the powerful tight squeeze around my head kept me bent. She could really pour it on! I got a grip on the inside of her kneecaps which were behind my head. “Ngghh!” I battled to prise them apart. It wasn’t easy but finally they fell away from my head. Instantly she threw her body up towards me. Her hands grabbed the back of my head while her hot legs snaked around my waist. The bodyweight hanging under me made me fall back to my knees and as quick as a cobra, her thighs slid forward to get a better grip. “Booorrrr!” a surprisingly powerful pressure crushed in around my sides. “My legs might be long and slender but they are very strong” she said. I grabbed at her thighs, the sheer nylons felt silky smooth and delightful but I could feel sleek firm muscle underneath bulging with real power. “Oorrrr!” her scissors were so tight that her inner thighs were pressing hard upon my stomach so that even my six pack couldn’t stop her taking my breath away. “I work out on a thigh master every day and my inner thighs are like steel cables” she told me with a hint of amusement as I tried in vain to budge her legs. They were really very strong and I knew I was in trouble if I didn’t free myself soon.

“Argh!” Slipping my hands into the small gap between my chest and her tantalising crotch, I pressed against the inside of her legs. “Orghh!” I felt her abductors bulging like steel cords digging into my waist while swelling tight against my diaphragm, zapping my strength. I frantically pushed against her legs but they were too strong. These lovely slender legs in sexy blue patterned stockings and suspenders were deceptively strong. In despair I rocked from side to side hoping to loosen her grip but she locked her ankles behind me and bore down with such devastating pressure that I cried out aloud. “Arghh!” her sexy legs were crushing me helpless. She just kept up that brutal pressure constantly no matter what I did. In desperation I slapped at her hard slim legs then tried to find somewhere to pinch her flesh. BAM! Her palms slammed under my chin and pressed my head back. “Stop that!” she scolded. “Orrghh!” I had to clench my eyes and grit my teeth as my neck stretched while her strong legs threatened to break my waist.

No! I wasn’t going to be humiliated by a civvie bit of skirt. In a blaze of anger, I slammed my hands upwards at her elbows and knocked her arms away. “Ouch!” she cried. I fell forwards onto my hands but the powerful side-slicing pressure didn’t ease. “Arghhh huih huh” I was struggling to draw breath. God those lovely legs had a grip like a gator. There was a bemused expression on her adorable mouth that pushed up her lovely cheekbones. “I broke my last thigh master” she told me conversationally showing no sign of exertion although my insides protested at the cramped conditions. Her small blue eyes twinkled mischievously under the slender lines of her eyebrows. God, she looked so pretty lying there as she casually crushed me to paste between her lovely thighs. “Arghh!” her legs were getting the better of me, she was squeezing me so hard that the I could no longer support myself with my arms and found my chin resting on the top of her soft chest. Oh God! This lovely young MILF was completely destroying me in a front facing body scissors, it felt like she was squashing me flat and my dick was absolutely raging hard with the  thought of how powerful they must be to do that.

“Kurt had to buy me a new one” she continued. “Argh!” I grunted forcing my hands to her breast, but before I could get a handful and twist, her forearms laced under my arms and immobilised them in the crook of her arms. “He didn’t want to but I made him” she said calmly. “Like THIS!” “Argh!” I screamed as a terrifying surge of awesome yet somehow feminine muscular power squeezed my middle like a tube of toothpaste so hard that I almost blacked out. My face was burning red yet my cock was beating out a tattoo. This civvie bit of fluff was totally destroying me, a fully trained soldier, with her sexy silky clad legs.

It got worst; she grabbed my head and tucked it under her armpit, locking her forearm tight across my throat. I couldn’t believe it; she now had me in a headlock while scissoring my waist numb. With alarm, I felt the blood getting cut off from my head as she pulled her arm tight. “Argh!” her legs were squeezing so hard that it felt she had flattened everything inside and would pull my spine through my stomach. My head was in a daze and my heart pounded in my ears. “Arghh!” If it got around base that a civvie MILF had knocked me out, I would never live it down. Trying to cling on, I focussed on finding her hand to my left which was securing the headlock. “Arghh!” God I really couldn’t handle much more of this, how could such sexy legs be so strong? Fighting the drowsiness, I felt her hand and concentrated on one last-ditch effort.

“Oooh!” she squealed as her little finger bent back. Her arms fell away and with relief I felt the blood flow back to my brain. The pressure around my waist weakened and quickly I tried to push myself up. “Urrngh!” her steely strong legs clamped back around my waist with renewed vigour. God, didn’t she ever weaken? Desperate to break her lethal scissors, I pressed myself into a bridge using my arms and legs but she clamped on and ground down like a terrier. “Urrngh!” my bridge collapsed and I fell back to my knees. “You bastard, you’re going to pay for that” she said. Her hand rose by the side of her head, open palmed. Quick as a flash, it slashed towards my neck. I barely caught it and slammed it to the floor then did the same to the other when she tried chopping me with that. Boy I’d picked a real wild one. “Arghh!” Her mouth tightened as she bore down with even more strength that left me gasping and my head spinning. “Argh!” God! She was a real scissor queen with incredible stamina, never seeming to tire. All my life I fantasised about such a woman, wanking myself off in front of the computer screen at images of lithe-limbed beauties putting the hurt on guys. Now I was in their position, I found it too painful and uncomfortable to be erotic, although my dick was absolutely rock solid.

I was weakening fast and knew that she could keep scissoring longer than I could last out. There was one more thing to try, although I didn’t like to do it to a woman. I moved my hands to the base of her throat and pressed down. “Urk!” she croaked and, as I hoped, panicked enough to allow me to pull back and break out her leggy prison. Jesus she was fast! Before I could move out of range, she had grabbed my arm and pulled me forwards with her legs whipping around me like the tentacles of an octopus. “Urgh!” my neck pressed into the hard underside of her upper leg as the calve folded around the back of my neck like a man trap. Her other leg hooked over the opposite shoulder and I felt her lock ankles then pull my arm straight between her legs. A triangle arm bar! With excitement I realise I’m up against a feminine woman with real skill and that only made her even hotter. Oh I really wanted this one, if only I could regain control. “Arghh!” she held my arm straight at the wrist and pressed on my elbow while pushing against me with her legs. “Orrrr!” the slim body sheathed in a classy blue dress raised itself onto her shoulders and stretched out her stocking clad legs while pulling on my arm. “Urrgh!” my throat was pulled against the back of her leg at the same time as it pushed against it. “Urgh!” it felt like a steel bar was being pressed into my throat. “You wanted to get between my legs” she teased. “Now you’ve got it” she twisted to her side, forcing me to go with it.

As soon as my side hit the floor, the blue nylon clad legs straightened putting me in a tight side mounted headscissors and armbar combo on the ground. “Comfortable?” she asked. “Argh!” I creased my eyes tight and clenched my teeth as her shapely legs crushed hard and relentless. “I could keep this up all day if I wanted” she said. She began rolling from side to the other, forcing my trapped body to follow, taunting me, showing me that she was in complete control and enjoying it. “Let me show you my pelvic thrust exercises” she said. “Arghh! Arghh! Arghh!” I cried out as my neck was pounded by wave after wave of exceptionally powerful squeezes that nearly popped my head off. My brain was also battered numb as the blood was repeatedly cut off then rushed back in spurts that kept me in constant danger of blacking out.
Marianne had been gone for some time so I thought I’d check to see if she was alright. As I walked along the corridor, I could hear strange cries and scuffling coming from the other side of a door. It sounded like some sort of struggle and a concerned that my sister in-law might be in trouble and with a strong urge to protect her; I opened it. I was dumbfounded to find her on the floor in her posh blue dress applying a figure 4 headscissors and armbar to a red-faced uniformed soldier writhing in agony between her legs. The skirt was raised over her hips completely exposing her stockings and suspenders. It was such an intimate position that it felt like I had had walked in on someone having sex. Her face turned to look at me, her blue eyes glinting with recognition. “Oh, hello Jim; Come in and close the door” she said conversationally as though there wasn’t a man, half out it wrapped up in her fabulous legs. Almost casually she opened her legs and the jarhead rolled out onto the floor and lay face down panting heavily.

“Are you staring at my legs again?” she accused and shamefaced I turned to close the door before realising that I wasn’t the one on the floor showing my undies. By the time I turned back, she had stood up and was brushing herself down. “So what’s going on?” I asked. “Just teaching this randy sod that it is rude to force himself on a woman” she replied. “What! Are you OK?” I asked with concern. “I’m fine although he was a bit bullnecked”. Suddenly, the young well built soldier grabbed her from behind. “Scram chum and keep your trap shut” he snarled.

I couldn’t leave my sister in-law with this monster but what could I do? He was bigger than me and a soldier. “Go on, SCRAM!” he shouted. “Ouch!” he yelped. Marianne calmly bent his little finger and pulled his hand away. “See how you like it; Now keep your filthy hands off me” she scolded. I watched a blue clad knee raise itself to hip height. “Argh!” he cried as she drove back her foot against the top of his shin and scraped down with the high heel before ramming it into the top of his foot. He lent towards the injured side to clutch his shin. Moving smoothly, Marianne swung an open palmed hand from her left shoulder slashing across her body in a blur while turning a quarter. WHAP! The side of her hand chopped across his throat solidly. “Arhkkk!” a strangulated croak escaped his anguished face then he staggered back clutching his throat.

I had known Marianne since she was a skinny gawky looking girl and a nervous shrinking violet. Yet here she was a good looking slender blonde, confidently taking on a soldier. “That’s what happens when you try to have your way with me!” her voice was hard edged. She raised her knee with the long shapely calve tucked underneath. The soldier raised his hands and tried to say something but broke into a coughing fit. Too late; her lower leg snapped forwards in a blue blur. WHAP! The top of her foot came to a shuddering halt between his legs. The man’s face melted into an expression of pure agony, his mouth dropping wide open in a hissing wounded wail. It was a beautiful sight watching this big man creasing up around my sister in-law’s long shapely leg.

To my amazement, Marianne bent back her foot and without lowering it, blasted it skywards. BLAM! It briefly connected with his jaw then continued upwards with unexpected flexibility as his head whipped back. As her foot returned to the ground she raised her fists and stood with her feet askance, her face cold and unreadable. My feminine sister in-law looked so confident that my dick went absolutely rigid. This was a scene that I had only dreamt about seeing.

I was transfixed as the elegantly made-up and dressed blonde turned her back on the dazed looking soldier and raised her heel off the ground. “Hai!” the unexpected shout made my groin lurch as her foot slammed backwards to stomp him solidly in the gut. WHUMPH! “Nnnngh!” he grunted loudly, clenching his teeth trying not to cry out loud. Nevertheless his face creased as he tried to stoically take the blow while her long leg continued to straighten pushing him away with great force into the wall behind him.

Marianne looked serene as her foot lowered to the floor. I could hardly believe that this once gawky timid woman was destroying a member of the armed forces. Her small thin-lipped mouth was set firm in concentration. “Hai!” As quick as a flash a leg kicked out to the side then whipped around in an arc while she turned. BLAM! The side of her foot hammered his face, flattening his wide prominent nose. The image of my leggy sister in-law with one leg lifted high exposing her sexy lingerie in all their glory, burned into my memory and made my dick even harder. “Argh!” the power of the kick snapped his head back against the wall.

The magnificent flexible leggy goddess that was my sister in-law lowered her foot once more with a cold look of superiority as the brute clutched his nose. A few drops of blood oozed between his fingers. Completely composed and supremely confident, Marianne raised a knee. “Hai!” Her shapely lower leg was a blue blur. WHAP! “Oooooogh!” he wailed as the top of her foot hammered his balls. His eyes creased tight and mouth dropped open downturned at the edges in an ugly grimace.

The foot retracted and the soldier’s hands clutched his groin as he started to crumple to his knees, groaning. The slender blonde pressed her foot against the front of the big guy’s shoulder and gave him a shove, sending him toppling onto his side. With a cold look, she raised her knee with the foot poised over him. His face pled mercy. WHUMP! “Argh!” he wailed as she stomped on his sternum. With her foot on his chest, she pointed a finger at his face. “Let that be a lesson to you. Even a trained soldier is no match against a housewife” she told him.

Standing over the beaten soldier looking victorious, she was a vision of such superiority that I could barely control my lust. “You see Jim those self-defence lessons you brought me weren’t a waste of money” she told me. “Oh Marianne!” I moaned, I wanted her so bad but knew it was wrong. “Oh I just love this feeling!” she said with exuberance. Suddenly she raised her foot from his chest and stomped it down on his groin. WHAP! “Orrrgh!” the man wailed, his torso reactively lifting from the floor. BLAM! A savage back kick caught him full in the face blasting his head back so fast that it struck the wooden floor with a loud bang then he went still. “God this is better than sex” she stated.

I approached her and warily put my hand on her shoulder, half expecting her to beat me up with her sexy legs. “We’d better find someone in charge and report him” I said. A strange look came over her. “No, Jim. I want more. Much more” she replied. “No, come on, it’s your brother’s passing out day and we’d better get back” I told her. Her pupils were wide with excitement making her even more alluring. “You don’t understand how it feels. It makes me feel so powerful; so totally in control; so dominant” she told me enthusiastically. “So sexy” she gasped sensually. Wow, she was really turned on by destroying this guy, just as I had been watching her. Her eyes narrowed and she brought her face intimately close, her voice softening and dripping with allure. She ran a finger up and down my chest. “You know. I promised to show you how well I was progressing in self-defence” she practically purred, so seductively that I had to fight the urge to grab her and kiss her passionately. “I think now is the time I showed you” she added. I had to force down a gulp before I trusted myself to speak properly. “I, ur, I saw what you did to defend yourself against that man and you were amazing” I told her, my heart racing. Suddenly a hand felt the front of my trousers and she smiled. “Oh that really turned you on didn’t it?” I could resist it no longer. Although overall sleek in appearance, her nose was slightly wide and prominent with a little kink at its base by her eyes and ending with a little cleft. I leant forwards so that our noses touched and gently rubbed them together. She toyed with my erection, fondling it through my trousers. “I want you to know how it feels. What it does for me” before I could utter another word her narrow jaw moved forwards and her lips pressed against mine. It was a long warm kiss of forbidden passion that set my dick throbbing in desperation for her. Melting into the kiss, I tried to wrap my arms around her in an embrace. Suddenly, she broke off the kiss, stepped to the side and whipped my left arm straight with a twist of my wrist. “Argh!” I cried as she forced me to lean forward. “That’s right, bow to my superior fighting skills” she told me as I looked down at her sexy legs, my dick aching with this painful demonstration of how capable she was. “It would be so easy for me to break it, like this” she said twisting my hand at the wrist while pressing her forearm against the back of my elbow. “Argh! No, please!” I shrieked with tears in my eyes as the bones in my arm felt as if they were grinding against my elbow and about to snap.

Wrapping her arm over my elbow, she grabbed my forearm and pressed down with her elbow while pulling my bent wrist. “Argh!” I yelped as she forced me to bend until my face was level with her legs. She held me in that position for a long time, her lovely legs a constant reminder that a feminine woman had me powerless to move without breaking my arm. The feeling of weakness under her superiority fuelled my aching boner. “Look at you. A private eye who investigates the rich and powerful not to mention strange cults yet you can’t even stop your own sister in-law from beating you up” her voice was scathing. “It’s a surprise a woman hasn’t taken you out long ago” she added. “Argh!” I yelped as she forced me to my knees. “Maybe The Militant Wing of The Salvation Army sent me to silence you” she teased. “Argh! Please stop, you’re going to break it!” I shrieked as her knee pressed against my elbow as she pulled my arm back and drove me face first to lie on my front. “No, you stop me or are you too weak and limp wristed to stand up against a woman?” she taunted. I was completely at her mercy. “Ouch!” if I so much as tried to move off the floor, nerve jangling, bone grinding pain shot along my arm, wrist and shoulder. She now had me completely pinned on my front against the floor holding my poor arm straight up into the air behind me. “I love dominating you like this, Jim. It makes me want to…” my trapped hand was pushed between the warm bare flesh inside the top of her thighs and pressed against her silky briefs. “Oh yes, Jim. Mmmmmmm!” a sexy moan left her lips as she began to rub my bent hand against her crotch. “Ouch ouch!” every movement sent fire bolts of pain shooting down my arm. Despite the pain, I was very aware of what my sister in-law was doing and was getting so worked up that I had to rub my throbbing dick against the floor.

“Ohhh, I’ve found a good use for you after all. Oh bother!” suddenly my arm was free and fell stiff and aching to my side. “Ouch!” a man’s yelp made me look up and I saw the soldier bent trying to get to his feet while my sister in-law stood behind with one arm locked in the crook of elbow behind him while pulling on his hair with her other hand. “Ouch! Get off you crazy bitch!” he cried as she whipped his arm behind his back and pressed it high between the shoulder blades.

I knew she had taken self-defence lessons, so the kicking and armlocks weren’t that much of a surprise other than how good she was. However I was completely stunned by what she did next. Swinging her right arm around from behind, it wrapped itself like a creeper around his neck with the elbow directly over his throat. “Heh what’re you doing? No!” he cried in alarm as she slid her other arm behind his neck and clasped the side of his neck. “Mmmmkk!” he groaned as his throat was squeezed in the crook of her arm as the upper arm and forearm on either side formed a sharp V pressing on his carotid arteries. At the same time, the forearm behind his neck pressed him harder into the confined space like she was trying to press dough into a mould.

She was applying a sleeper hold! That was the last I ever expected to see her do and my cock grew even harder. The man knew what she was trying to do and was trying to prise away her forearm but Marianne just locked it tight by clasping the arm behind his neck. I could never have imagined my sister in-law’s slender arms being strong yet they seemed to be locked so tightly around his neck it looked like she would pop his head right off. Displaying an arrogant confidence I never suspected she had, she totally ignored his struggles and stared at me with such a cold hard look of complete superiority that the front of my trousers strained to constrain my throbbing erection. “Help me!” he groaned with one hand grasping the female tourniquet around his neck while his other reached out shakily towards me. The sight of a big burly soldier reaching out pathetically for my help while my coldly impassive smartly dressed sister in-law was knocking him out with her arms was so unbelievably sexy that my dick began beating against the inside of my pants.

“Arghnn!” his eyes clenched tight and his mouth opened as his face turned red. All the while he struggled and groaned Marianne extruded an arrogant air of superiority and total control; keeping her eyes upon me with a cold emotionless face and tight lips. She looked so incredibly powerful and invincible as she calmly cut off the blood from the man’s brain, silently asserting her superiority and dominance. I was desperately turned on and she knew it.

The brute’s struggling got less frantic as her sleeper hold took effect and began to zap his energy. Suddenly he tried to kick backwards at her shin but Marianne calmly stepped back forcing him to lean at an angle where he couldn’t try again without losing his balance. All the while, her eyes never left mine; not even acknowledging the existence of the man who she was slowly putting away. “You’re enjoying this. Aren’t you Jim?” she finally spoke. I didn’t need to answer; I had given up trying to hide the madly twitching tent in my trousers.

Marianne’s arms looked incredibly tight around the man’s bull neck. His hand limply rested on her arm as though he no longer had the energy to raise it. The slender blonde in the smart asymmetric dress and blue nylons was in complete control, an image of calm and sexy feminine power. The man’s legs gave way and he went to his knees. He reached out towards me again, his arm unsteady as though it were too heavy. His face was now bright red and he couldn’t keep his eyes still. I saw that he had a raging hard-on and he wasn’t the only one. Drool ran from the corners of his mouth. “Oh, Marianne!” the sight of the soldier succumbing to my slim sister in-law’s dominant sleeper hold drove me wild with desire. I badly wanted to kiss her but she looked so fierce that I was actually frightened of approaching her. Yet that turned me even more. “Do you want me to do this to you?” she asked with an edge to her voice. “Do you wish you were in his place? Do you want me to dominate you with my self-defence skills all night long?” she asked. “Oh yes” I groaned full of desire. She smiled briefly but it disappeared and her face became stony once more.

“Ornnnnn!” the man moaned softly, his eyes rolling up inside his eyelids. “Oh no, you don’t” Marianne said. The slender blonde knelt behind the big burly soldier spreading her knees to form a stable, low and wide base. She must have eased the sleeper hold because his eyelids fluttered and his pupils re-appeared. “I could keep you like this all day long. It will probably give you brain damage but then it’s not as though you would miss it” She told him. “Oh God, you’re so dominant and sexy” I groaned.

Without weakening her hold, Marianne sat behind the man and stretched out her legs on one side. “Come sit here, Jim” she said with a slight smile on her lovely lips. A long sexy leg sheathed in light blue nylon rose like a drawbridge allowing me to get closer. I was fascinated by the way the big meaty calve hung beneath her lower leg and had to run my hands over its sensual shape and along its amazing length. Marvelling at its dense weight, I gazed along the light blue mesh stockings to the dark blue band of her stocking tops and the bare skin beyond over which blue suspenders ran up under her dress. “You like my legs don’t you Jim? You’re always looking at them. Go on have a good feel” she said. I did, taking a slim ankle in one hand; I felt the long semi-peardrop hanging below her shin. It was quite deep close to her knee and quite hefty to hold. “Beautiful” I murmured. She lowered it on top of my shoulder then lifted her other calve and stroked it along my cheek. The silky nylon covering the shapely calve felt good against my skin.

“Urrr!” a quiet groan drew my attention to the soldier locked in Marianne’s arms, his mouth was gaping wide and his eyes glazed over and rolling. He could hardly keep them open. “Oh Marianne!” full of lust, I tried to move forwards to kiss her. In a flash, the silky nylons slid either side of my head and her thighs clamped around my neck. In alarm, I tried to pull back but it was too late. “Argh!” a sudden sharp twist threw me to my side. Slender columns of sexy female flesh turned into firm constricting muscle. “Ohhhh!” I had always fantasized about my sister in-law’s long sexy legs and now I found myself being scissored hard between them. “Argh!” I never imagined they would be this strong! her inner thighs swelled like pinchers around my throat, choking me. “Urkk!” the pressure her slim legs could inflict was surprising, I was grabbing onto her lovely thighs trying not to cry out. “Arkk!” There was no time to enjoy the feel of her nylons or the hard muscle swelling beneath, she was crushing me with overwhelming feminine power flowing through long steely slabs of hard bulging thighs under my hands. “You should be careful what you wish for, Jim. The truth might be more painful than you think” she told me over the pounding of my heart in my ears.

“Urnghn!” the soldier was making strange gurgling noises. He looked completely out of it. Marianne stared at me. “Oh Jim” she sighed in a breathy sexy voice. “Such power, I could put him away anytime I want or leave him a drooling idiot. Oh this really turns me on, so bad”. “Argh!” she twisted her legs the other way forcing me to roll with them. “I could put both of you out at the same time. Oh, that makes me feel so powerful, so yummy!” she sighed in a voice heavily laden with sexual yearning. Blue pillars of female steel compressed my neck unyieldingly with shocking force for something so sexy. I watched in fascination as the man’s eyelids fluttered and his eyes rolled up. Marianne felt him slipping under and cruelly snapped his head to one side then the other. “I thought your bull neck would make you last longer than this but just look at you. Completely helpless; I could put you away for good if I wanted. Oh that would be so sexy” she taunted him as she brought him back from the brink.

My sister in-law’s steely gaze turned back to me. “Argh!” she whipped her legs from side to side, lashing my head as I rolled with it. “Look at this, a mere housewife in complete control of two men at once” she taunted. “Arrkkk!” my head spun again as it was rocked again from side to side. I held onto the pillars of nylon sheathed might feeling the sleek thighs bulge in a tireless stream of neck crushing power. “Argk!” her inner thighs swelled so tightly around my neck, the flow of blood choked from my brain. “Argh!” with shock I realised that I was well out of my depth and powerless to stop her doing whatever she wanted with me. “I could knock you both out like a light” she taunted over the buzzing in my ears. My head was spinning, I could barely hang on. Suddenly, the neck splicing pressure eased and I felt the blood carry oxygen to my brain once more. “But this feels so good, so sexy, I want it to last” she moaned ecstatically.

“Oh, no you don’t” Marianne jerked the brute’s head to the side. He didn’t look at all well and started to twitch until she eased the pressure before snapping his head to the other side. She yanked his head from one side then the other with a pause between. The drool ran freely from his mouth. Her cold ruthlessness turned me on; I had never seen her like this and never thought of her as being this dominant. I thought sleeper holds were meant to put out someone in less than a minute, yet she was managing to keep him clinging on to consciousness with such control that it gave me a sneaking suspicion that she had done this before. The raw power emanating from this slender good looking woman was cock-hardening in the extreme, and trapped between her sexy strong legs, my erection became uncomfortable pressing against the floor.

“Arrghh!” the constriction around my neck suddenly tightened making me yelp. “You always wanted to get between my thighs didn’t you?” Marianne teased with a sensual overtone. My hands held onto her solid thighs feeling the contrast in texture between the silky nylons and the thick dark band of her stocking tops. “Argk!” I had to crease my eyes as she suddenly shook me from side to side. “Look at me, Jim” she commanded. I did so; she seemed buzzing as she stared back at me. “Look how pathetic you are between my legs. I could just squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. Oh, it feels so good” she purred ecstatically emphasising her words with short sharps bursts of power that sent my mind whirling. God, she really did have incredibly strong legs.

The soldier started slapping at her car-clamp arms and I saw a flush of anger then Marianne yanked his head hard once more then again. “Argh!” he groaned. My sister in-law looked like a fierce all-conquering Amazon warrior as she pulled his head this way and that. “Urkkk!” the sensual playfulness she had shown me was replaced by a tight lipped brutal dominance. “I want you suffer, you bastard. That will teach you to prey upon women” she taunted cruelly with a smirk of superiority. “Ohhh!” I moaned. Seeing pictures like this on the Web was one thing, but watching my sister in-law putting out a man for real while being scissored between her legs was a whole order of magnitude more erotic.

She must have heard because she fixed me with a hard stare, her small mouth unsmiling. “What? Do you want some as well?” she snapped. She really looked fierce and unstoppable. “Argh!” I cried as a surge of eye watering power flowed through her gorgeous stocking clad thighs and bore down so brutally upon my neck that my head span wildly and my eyes blurred. “Look at you. You haven’t even the strength to keep your arms up”. The soldier was right out of it; his hands flopped limply on the floor and he couldn’t keep his eyes open. She looked at me even as his face went slack and his body went limp in her tight arms. “Oh yes” she sighed. A dribble of drool ran from the corner of his mouth as she shook his head but there was no response. My dick beat hard against the floor as I realised that she had knocked him out cold with her arms. “Oh Marianne!” I moaned, filled with incredible longing but I was stuck fast between her unrelenting thighs.

Without taking her eyes off me, she pushed away his limp body. “You’re next, Jim” she stated then used her arms to raise her hips. “Grkk!” it was like I had my neck trapped in a car crusher, the powerful pressure from her slender legs became unbearable. “I do 200 reps each day on the abductor machine at the Salvation Army gym” I could hardly hear her over the noise in my ears as I clasped in vain at her rock hard thighs as they exerted a fearsome headpopping pressure. Oh God, I could feel her inner thighs like steel ropes slicing into my neck. In no time, my head was absolutely swimming. Clinging onto her slim steely legs, I saw her watching me with a strange smile. “Oh, Jim; you are making me so horny” she moaned in ecstasy. For a brief moment, the terrible pressure vanished as Marianne’s long thighs slid forward until my neck met her crotch. I felt her panties against my throat and warm bare skin either side of my neck. “Nnnkkk!” she raised her hips once more and stretched out her oh so long legs. I nearly passed out then and there as an awesome pressure crushed my throat against her crotch while her inner thighs bit deep into my neck. “Ohhh ohhhh Jimmmm!” she moaned so loud that I would have creamed myself in sympathy if a heavy black shroud hadn’t settled on my head. All feeling went from my fingers and my arms felt like lead as a strange world of white noise filled my ears. “Ohhh Jim!”.
SLAP! Ouch! I awake with my cheek stinging and a weight on top of me. A blurred face comes into view getting intimately close, looking down at me. “That was very nice, Jim. I think you should give me another” a small kissable mouth comes into focus. I reach up towards a familiar face, feeling her long cheeks on the back of my hand before running it through her blonde hair. “Jim?” she asks with a touch of concern. I pull her head close and press those slim lips against my mouth then kiss them with increasing passion. Responding in kind, Marianne gently slid an arm under my neck and into the crook of her arm in a passionate embrace while the fingers of her other hand held my chin as our tongues entwined. I had always fantasised about kissing my sister in-law and in this wonderful dream it felt so real.

“Grkk!” suddenly she broke off the kiss as her forearm pressed down across my throat and the crook of her other arm folded down like a guillotine against the side of my neck. This was no dream I realised; my neck was immobile, caught in the mantrap of my sister in-law’s arms and I remembered what they had done to the other guy and he was a fully trained soldier. “Oh Jim. You bad man” she purred in a seductive whisper, her face close like a lover, our noses touching and rubbing gently. Oh that was so nice if only my neck didn’t feel like I am wearing a collar several sizes too small. “Grk!” I croaked again as she put some bodyweight behind the arm pressing down on my throat. “Now I’m going have to knock you out again” she said softly then lowered her small mouth over mine. Unable to move my head, and scarcely believing this dream come true, I lay back and enjoyed the sensation of her long drawn out kiss. My hands found her backside and I enjoyed feeling her compact firm buttocks as we kissed. It would have been more enjoyable if she hadn’t been trying to throttle the life out of me.

“Argh!” Suddenly my legs are ripped wide apart with such astonishing strength and speed that I didn’t have a chance to resist. Under my hands, her glutes felt rock hard. “Strong aren’t they?” Marianne’s pretty made up face looks down upon me showing no signs of exertion as she effortlessly applies a grapevine press while locking my neck in a front facing sleeper hold. Her blue eyes bore into mine, her pupils fully dilated with excitement; her sleek prominent nose gently rubs mine. “I just love looking into a man’s eyes as he struggles to keep awake knowing that a mere woman is in complete control and can put him out at any moment she chooses” she sighed breathily. “Kkkk!” her firm upper arm pressed across my throat like a guillotine choking me while the crook of her arm dug into the carotid arteries at the side of my neck. This confirmed that my sister in-law knew some pretty advanced self-defence techniques and the thought made me really stiff. “This really makes me oh so hot” she sighs then her warm wet tongue licked slowly up the side of my face before covering my mouth with hers. “Mmmmm mmmmm” she kissed me over and over again so deeply and passionately that I immediately grew a raging boner. With my throat pressed beneath her firm forearm and the crook of her arm pinching my neck, my head grew warm and foggy at the lack of oxygen while terrible pains shot up the inside of my crotch as her long legs kept my legs apart and like pulling a wish bone.

“Oh Jim; you’re going to make me cum again. I can feel it. Ohhh” “Mmm mmm!” her mouth dived onto mine again and a wriggling writhing tongue forced its way inside as she kissed me with untamed passion. The tactile sensations had my senses in sexual overdrive even though I couldn’t breathe. She was putting me away again but in such an incredibly sexy way that I didn’t want to stop her even if I could. “Mmmm mmmm ohhhh ohhhh” she was going crazy, breaking off kisses to look into my eyes before continuing with unbridled frenzy. Maybe it was lack of oxygen to my brain but my ordinary sister in-law had never looked more beautiful as she kissed me between observing me as she put me away with an absolutely huge aching boner filling my pants. Arghh arghh it felt like she was going rip my legs right out of the socket. At the same time, I swear I could feel the bulge of a small hard bicep digging into the side of my throat as it pressed even harder. Suddenly I felt strangely relaxed and detached from my senses. There was a hissing cushion in my ears and I couldn’t focus my eyes. Fading in and out was the face of my sister in-law looking down at me from a very close distance, her blue eyes gleaming, her face rapturous. “Ohhh God, Jimmm ohhhhhh what a big one, ohhhhhh” her orgasm triggers a strong primal urge and I feel a warm sticky mess fill my pants just as the warm bliss welcomed me.
It was peaceful floating in a warm red glow. “Urgh!” pain broke my bliss as the walls fell in and trapped my head. I opened my eyes to see a great looking backside. “Urgh!” bare buttocks clenched and a powerful muscular force squeezed my neck. As they relaxed, I saw that they weren’t bare but were barely covered by skimpy thong briefs. Beyond this was a suspender belt with suspenders running down over bare flesh to dark bands of blue nylon either side of my head. The buttocks clenched again into a sexy tight peach while the pressure soared around my neck. I clasped at my leggy prison but it was like clasping at railroad sleepers, they were rock firm with no give. Under my hands I can feel solid shapely hamstrings. The buttocks relaxed again and the pressure fell. “With us at last are we Jim?” I heard a familiar voice “I was beginning to think you were never coming around”. Marianne! It all came flooding back to me. I was laying on the floor on my back being reverse scissored by my sister in-law’s sexy legs tight around my neck. Her body slopes upwards as she rests her belly on the seat of a chair. “Watch my glutes, Jim” she said. “Argh!” I clenched my eyes and groaned as her hot backside clenched into tight balls causing a fearsome surge of power around my neck.

“Arrrr!” a groan makes me look up as the neck strangling subsides. That’s when I saw him. The soldier’s face was upside down, bent back at a sharp angle with his neck tucked tight under her arm and his throat in her arm pit. “Arggh!” he groaned again, his face turning red with his eyes screwed and mouth open. “I’m just showing this bastard, the reverse dragon sleeper” she told me as he squirmed. His back was bent so severely, he must be in absolute agony, unable to do anything but grab futilely at the tight arm around his neck. This new display of ruthless domination by my lovely sister in-law had me rock hard again in no time. “Now this is what I call a passing out day” she commented.

“Arggh!” now it was my turn to groan as her buttocks clenched again sending the compression around my neck soaring. “I bet you’d like to get up there, Jim” she told me as I screwed my eyes and tried to ride out the crushing leggy noose around my neck. I didn’t realise my hands were flailing until they landed on her backside. “Ouch!” she yelped. Suddenly her glutes relaxed slightly under my fingers then snapped tighter than before. “Argh!” I felt her glutes contract and turn into rock hard balls as they powered her leggy scissors so hard that I was shrieking in pain. It really felt like she was going cut off my head.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby. You don’t hear him making such a fuss” she berated me. “Urghhhh!” a groan made me force my eyes open just as the terrible crush subsided once more. His eyelids were fluttering and he couldn’t stop his eyes rolling. When I had first offered to pay for self-defence lessons, I had a secret fantasy that my unassuming sister in-law would turn into an unstoppable man destroying martial arts Amazon especially with those long sexy legs that seemed just perfect for kicking a man senseless; but I honestly never thought that it would become reality and that she would be dominant as she was right now. She was looking down at the soldier’s bright red upturned face with a look of utter contempt and superiority that was scary as it was sexy.

“Arggh!” her buttocks turned to sculpted stone again, her steely inner thighs cutting deep into my neck. Flex, relax, flex, and relax. My neck was being devastated by a sexy battering ram, and my brain clobbered by the surge of blood each time she relaxed her glutes. “Why, Jim. You’re really enjoying it” she exclaimed. Being scissored to the brink of extinction by a slender blonde using her long sexy legs had me sporting an erection despite the suffering at the top of my body.

“Unlike this bastard” she said harshly. There a scuffle of feet as his eyes glazed over and he lost control of his legs. It was a very erotic position to be in, although not comfortable as my neck was wedged tight; laying on my back with my sister in-law’s lovely legs clamped tight around my neck while she stared coolly at the man in her reverse sleeper hold as he succumbed to her dominance. “You’re no match for me. The British Army is no match for the women of The Militant Wing of The Salvation Army” she sneered. His hand clutched at her elbow unable to shift her energy draining neck scarf. “Two men are no match for a Salvation Army woman” she taunted then flexed her living columns of crushing devastation until I cried out in agony.

“Urghk!” a strangulated groan from the soldier’s upside down face with eyes screwed tight as he clutched her elbow feebly. She’s hardly a muscle girl yet he was unable to move her slender firm arms from around his neck. Marianne had forced his head back so hard, that he was bent back like a bridge. I couldn’t decide whether she would break his back before she broke his neck.

“Ukkk! God no!” he moaned. “God is not going to help you now, you bastard” Marianne snarled in a cold dispassionate voice. “Orrr! He groaned again as she held him in that blood draining, back breaking position, completely at her mercy. I watched with mounting excitement as his hand slipped from her arm and flopped down loosely. He started to convulse as spasms took his body. That made me alarmed that she might accidently kill him yet my sister in-law showed no compassion and looked on coldly as she maintained her brutal hold. She was so dominant that my cock was rocking for her. Finally the spasms stopped and his body went limp. Still the supremely dominant blonde applied the sleeper hold until she was certain that he was out, out cold. Only then did she release him, pushing him away letting his body flop heavily to the floor.

“Urkkk!” Suddenly my head was forced off the floor as a calve forced itself behind my head while her other calve bent upwards forming a figure 4. Marianne reached back for her foot and pulled, locking me in a tight reverse figure 4 pressing my nose and mouth against her rock hard buttocks. “Urrgh!” her lovely thighs crushed my neck like an industrial press. “Grrkk!” my head was being battered as she pulled on her foot rocking me back and forth. She was relentless; her sexy legs able to exert a constant powerful squeeze that never yielded. Her inner thighs bulged so hard against the sides of my throat they choking me. I grasped in vain at the gorgeous nylon clad legs exerting such relentless pressure. “Oh, Jim; This feels so good” I heard her over the pounding in my head. “It makes me so wet knowing I can put you out anytime I want”. The head popping power never slackened as she straightened her deadly legs and the back of my head hit the floor. “Oh Jim” she moaned. “I’m going to cum”. “Argh!” I cried as a terrible surge power crushed down with awesome strength, so tightly that I was really scared that she would break my neck. “Ohhh. Feel my power, Jim. Ohhh, feel it coming” she moaned like someone possessed. “Arghh!” my head spam dizzily and my eyes felt like they were bulging. It felt like Marianne was trying to bring her incredibly sexy long legs together with my neck offering little resistance as she crushed it as easily as she could a soft drink can. The thought that my lovely sister in-law who I fancied so much was putting me away again between her sexy legs had my cock throbbing for release yet it was too much, much too much. “Ohhhhh!” I heard her cries of ecstasy as once more, my head span into oblivion.
I found myself on the floor looking up at Marianne as she stood astride my waist with a glorious view up her skirt. “About time too, I was wondering whether I should call a paramedic” her small kissable mouth spoke the words. As I remembered what she had just done to me, my cock grew stiff. “I don’t care about him, though. I hope he’s got brain damage” she turned around to look into the corner. The sight of those long hefty shapely calves clad in blue nylons and elevated by high heels was too much for me. “Oh, Marianne you’ve got amazing legs” I moaned reaching out to run my hands over them getting excited by the feel of the firm flesh under the satiny feel of her stockings. “Great calves” I was really getting turned on. “Not now, Jim” she told me with such a tight tone that I looked up.

Rising like a hulking monster from the black abyss, the jar head was getting to his feet. “You effing bitch. I’ll sort you” he snarled. “Then I’ll beat your pervert friend to death with my fists”. I was afraid, he was a big tough muscular looking guy but Marianne took one long stride towards him, her toned calves flexing with the movement then her right leg swung through. BLAM! The sole of her shoe smashed him right in the middle of his large angry red face as though she were kicking a football. His head snapped back hard, blood seeping from his nose. Without pause or hesitation, while he clutched his nose, she lifted her left leg to waist height angling the calve outwards then pivoting on her right foot, she swung it around like a cocked gun then fired. “Hai!” her shout made my cock lurch as her leg snapped straight in an instant blasting the back of his hands so hard that he smashed himself in the face with his own hands. BAM! “Argh!” he roared in frustrated rage. “Hai!” my cock lurched again at the loud cry from my sister in-law. Her leg moved so fast I barely saw it. One moment it had returned to the floor, the next the top of her thigh was bouncing off her chest with her foot raised high above her head. BLAM! The soldier’s body hurtled backwards in an arc and crashed heavily against the floor.

“Help me get him up, Jim” she said trying to lift the big man to his feet. I got around his other side and helped. The man’s head was lolling as if he had no control of it and his eyes looked unfocussed. “Oh my God! You nearly kicked his lights out” I gasped in awe as we struggled with his uncooperative body. “Stand him in front of me” she ordered. We placed him so that he was facing away from her, supported against her front. There was a sort of inevitability as Marianne wrapped an arm around the side of his neck and pressed her forearm against his throat then secured the sleeper hold by grabbing her other arm, which she had brought up against the side of his head with her hand pressing on his temple. Again I was incredibly turned on by the transformation of a shy retiring gawky young woman into a very dominant woman, so confident in her skills to repeatedly take on and beat a fully trained soldier. I began to run my hand along her slim arms feeling how firm they were as their tight grip took effect upon the man. “Wow, Marianne. You look so unbelievably powerful and sexy when you have a man in sleeper hold” I moaned in appreciation with my lust growing.

“Is that a rat?” she suddenly asked in an alarmed voice looking over my shoulder. I turned around to take a look and was completely taken by surprise when an arm flung itself around my neck and pulled me backwards against the right side of the soldier’s body. “Grkkk!” her arm folded tightly crushing my throat in the crook of her arm. “Please!” I heard the man behind me cry in wail of despair. “Urgghh!” to my amazement she had us in double sleeper hold. I grabbed her wrist and elbow trying to prise her arm away but there was no give. “No!” a groan from next to me. She was trying to knock us both out with her arms at the same time. I tried to twist and turn to no avail, her arms were slender but immovable. “Feel the power of a woman, boys” she taunted. “Ohhhh!” a heavy haze descended on my mind as the hold took effect. My breathing became fast and shallow as my head heated up and swam in cotton wool. “It’s no use struggling. You’re both going under. I’m more powerful than you can deal with. Oh, this feels so good!” Marianne moaned with rising sexual tension that caused my flagging dick to stiffen once again. I could barely keep my eyes open and my limbs felt like lead. “Too much woman for two men to handle” she mocked as her deadly arms stopped the blood carrying oxygen to our brains.

“Ooh you don’t look a good colour at all” her voice cooed. My eyelids were fluttering beyond my control no matter how hard I tried and my eyeballs kept rolling up. I no longer had any energy and my hand slipped from her wrist to flop by her side. “Oh Jim. It’s so good. I’m going to..oh, yes..Oh Jim, another orgasm!” she moaned in heated passion. I tried to open my eyes but the lids just flickered and I could see nothing but the underside of my lids. She had me beat and my dick saluted her power and superiority although everything else was going limp. “Nnnnnn! ” a soft groan from the man. “Oh God, He’s just passed out, and he’s creamed himself! Oh, hold on Jim, it’s going to be a big one” she moaned so ecstatically that the one part of my body that could respond was throbbing like crazy. It was no use; I just let myself succumb to my sister in-law’s power. “Oohhh ohhh ohhhh!” her orgasmic moans cut through the cotton wool surrounding my head and I shot my load to salute her complete and utter victory as everything darkened. “Oh yes! Now that’s what I call a passing out day” a faint voice before my senses failed.
From: DARPA worldwide hyper analytical process #8578
Subject: Operation Demon Dick
Target acquisition candidate #378 Priest, Jim; Englandshire

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