Aberdeen Agnes (JIMP#50)

Jim worships a powerful elderly muscle woman

inspired by an encounter while out walking in the highlands plus I liked the pun on Aberdeen Angus (the highland cattle)

The following story contains descriptions of sex and violence. If this offends you or if you are under the legal age of consent in your country do not read on. Although based on real people, names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any other likeness to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental.

(c) JIM P 2012

I’ve just returned from a week’s holiday in Scotland and had to tell you what happened. I had spent much of the week walking in the hills and mountains trying to take my mind off work so that I could find some sort of inner calm and return refreshed. The weather wasn’t good, often raining, sometimes extremely blustery high up on the exposed peaks but countered with the occasional dry spell. However, people don’t go to Scotland for the weather!. Mobile phone signal was non-existent at the caravan park where I was staying which meant nobody could contact me even if they wanted to and I couldn’t phone out. Living in one of the flatter parts of the British Isles meant that I was accustomed to fairly easy walking where I could average around 3 miles an hour over 7 miles. However up in Scotland my pace was dramatically slower as I struggled to walk up steep slopes, panting and with my heart beating in my ears. I had forgotten how long a Scottish mile was! Coming down again was just as bad as I was overly cautious of my footing so I did not fall. Additionally, the high levels of rain that had saturated Britain in recent months (during an official drought and hosepipe ban!) had made the ground very boggy which made for treacherous walking that made waterproofs essential. I quickly learnt not to hold onto a wire fence for support to get around a deep spot when it is electrified! Of course the wonderful scenery and the views from the top made the physical exertion worthwhile. I rarely encountered anyone else in these wild desolate places and when I did they were always friendly and willing to chat, whether they were locals or other walkers.

Now on the day that I wanted to tell you about, I had slogged my way through mud and rain to the top of a hill marked by a high tower commemorating the Battle of Waterloo with splendid views of the impressive landscape all around. I had an interesting encounter with a herd of young cows who were on the path during the steep climb up the rocky barren hillside who instead of moving aside kept running further up ahead on the path then stopping to watch me puff and pant behind them. It must have seemed that I was herding them. That only came to an end upon a crossing point in the electric fence. Upon my descent, I reached a small village about a mile or so from where I had parked my car. Water had soaked through my so-called waterproof walking shoes, making my soaks and aching feet wringing wet. The big hearty breakfast that I had to give me energy was now at the unfortunate stage of wanting to discard the waste products – oh, sorry, you didn’t need to know that! Being a man made it easy to relieve the pressure on one’s bladder behind a convenient tree or bush but I didn’t fancy digging a hole for the other end then covering it back over again afterwards. I just had to hang on until I got back to the car and driven back to the caravan park about 25 Scottish miles away (i.e. almost an hour’s drive).

Anyway I had just entered the village which consisted of a few old stone built houses, a pub and not much else when I saw a white-haired woman approaching from the opposite direction. Like me, she was dressed in waterproofs and walking shoes which covered up her figure, but she wasn’t one those scrawny little old women but seemed fairly robust and cheerful. As she got closer, she gave me a warm welcoming smile upon a cheery pleasant face that could have belonged to one’s idealised vision of a nice Scottish granny. We exchanged greetings and both stopped, chatting away, exchanging our experiences of the local walk which she told me she walked on a regular basis and the poor weather. As with many people I had met up here, She was very welcoming and friendly and willing to stop and make conversation. She was shorter than myself, perhaps 5 foot 4 inches and seemed medium built, although it was difficult to tell with the waterproof jacket. Her face was broad with chubby cheeks, a short thick nose, small grey eyes and with a cheerful wide smile. There were a few wrinkles and laughter lines with a fairly firm neck but overall she looked quite good for her age, whatever that might be, it being quite rude to ask. Her white hair was curly, short and worn high off the forehead. A rumble down below reminded me of my predicament and I asked whether there were any public toilets in the village.

“I’m afraid not, dearee. But you can use the facilities in the WI” she replied in a warm soft voice with a fairly strong Scottish accent. I accepted the offer from this nice white haired Scottish granny and followed her as she led the way along the main street. “My name is Agnes, by the way” she told me as we approached a low long building with a utilitarian black roof and a few square windows and an entrance way that was typical of many village halls and other public buildings up and down the land. I told her my name as we walked into the entrance with the name “Women’s Institute” displayed on a board above. Inside was a small entrance hall with big double doors leading off to the main hall and a couple of smaller doors to the side. “You can take off your damp things here and leave them over there to dry” Agnes told me indicating a row of coat hangers, many occupied by damp coats with a row of wet muddy boots and shoes beneath. “The loos are just through there. Just come through into the main hall when yeer finished and I give you a nice cream tea” she added. “There is really is no need, I don’t want to put you out” I replied, touched by her generosity. “Och, it’s nay problem at all. It’s always nice to meet a nice young man like yourself” she replied.

Removing my waterproofs, wet shoes and socks, I went into the toilets and did my business then made my way through the big double doors into the main hall. I was expecting to see chairs and tables with elderly women bustling about doing crafts like horticulture and baking. What I never expected to see was a long room full of bright shiny gym equipment and weights. All around were women of all ages, mostly middle-aged and elderly, in a variety of gym clothes standing at strange contraptions or sitting on benches exercising and they were exercising hard. Some of them looked quite fit and I couldn’t help but stop and stare. Nearest to me was a slim bookish woman with with bushy silver hair and a sour expression wearing spectacles, sitting on a bench. She wore a sleeveless red top with small denim shorts that showed off incredibly good looking legs for someone her age. They were long slender and firm with not a blemish but most of all, my attention was on her calves. These went from smooth, firm and shapely tightening into small hard balls of muscle with a sexy cleft between them as she pressed on a treadle that caused some weights to lift. I became aware that she had caught me staring and flushing with embarrassment, I looked away.

A middle-aged brunette with short cropped hair in a leather halter and shorts catches my eye as she standing pulling on a ski pole type machine, prominent bicep veins visible all down the front of her thick arm slick with perspiration. She stares at me with a smug look as if to say “I’m firm and fit, you’re flabby and not”. I look away, feeling uncomfortable. Anxiously I look around trying to spot Agnes but I can’t see her. An attractive slim woman with long blonde hair and wearing a sleeveless black top curling dumbbells catches my eye. Her arms are firm and sinuous, swelling into small shapely hills as she works out. A sheen of perspiration makes her taut toned body glisten. I feel my nuts tightening and avert my eyes not wanting to sprout a boner in a gym full of fit women, who were now all watching me.

Out the corner of my eye I spot the nice white haired granny appear through a door at the far end of the room and cross over towards me. Out of her baggy waterproofs, she wore grey baggy gym trousers and a rather tight black top that clung to a rather sturdy looking upper  body. In fact, she cut quite an imposing figure. Her traps were very noticeable, steep thick slopes running from her neck to her shoulders with a well defined clavicle running across the top of her chest. If the gaze of the fit women working their firm bodies hadn’t been discomfiting enough, I now found myself confronted by a deep plunging neckline that showed a substantial amount of elderly yet firm bust and cleavage. I tried to keep my eyes on her gentle smiling face. “Och there you are. Let’s leave the ladies to their exercises and go in the back room. I’ve made you a nice cup of tea” she told me and turned to lead the way. “I thought this was the WI, it looks more like a gym” I said to her back which I couldn’t help noticing had very broad shoulders and tapered down to a medium sized waist. She stopped to open the door and turned her cheerful face towards me. “Aye this is the WI and that is our equipment. We like to keep in shape, there’s naught else to do around here in the bad weather especially in winter when you cannae get into the hills. Did you expect us to sit around drinking cups of tea and knitting sweaters all day long?” she asked with a chuckle.

The thought of this sweet white haired woman pumping iron caused my balls to tighten. I look more closely at old lady’s body and notice that her arms seem very thick and shapely in her tight top. She noticed my gaze with a touch of amusement upon her lips. “I am the trainer, you ken. I show the ladies how to use all the equipment safely and help them with their training regime”. With that she folded her arms and with growing excitement I realise that the top of her chest is puffed up like a stone pillow with deep striations.  Her smile got even broader. “The men around here don’t call me Aberdeen Agnes for nothing you know, dearee” she said and went through the door leaving me to follow, totally gobsmacked with a growing tightness in my groin that I tried to dismiss as highly inappropriate.

The room in which I now found myself was a fair sized kitchen with tables and chairs at one end but my attention was all on the friendly white haired woman before me in the tight top. Agnes had a hand on her hip and I couldn’t help noticing how thick her arms seemed to be and how large her shoulder caps seemed to be. “Why, why do they call you that?” I asked my mouth dry with excitement. “Because I’m built like a bull, dearee” she laughed and the tightness spread to my dick. “I know this sounds a bit weird but, well, could you show me what you mean?” I asked nervously. I mean it’s not the normal thing you would ask a nice white haired Scottish granny you had only just met. “Oh no, not at all dearee. I am always catching the young men peeping in, trying to get a good look at the ladies working their bodies. They seem to get quite excited by it”. “Um yes. But what about you? Could you show me your bod…er how you are built like a bull?” I asked, feeling uneasy asking an old lady I just met to take her clothes off. “Oh I think that might be a bit scary for you dear. I’m not slim and sexy like those ladies back there” she said with a smile. “I’m not built like a supermodel, more like a brick outhouse” she chuckled. “Please. I can see that you have a tantalisingly impressive figure. I really would like to see it in the flesh” I said. “Och you” she replied flattered with a dismissive wave of her hand.

With that she turned so that she was presenting her side to me. Her upper body around her shoulders and chest really were quite noticeable thicker and stronger looking than her waist. Then she stretched out her right arm in front of her giving me a view of it from the back. I gawped at the thick bump along the top of her upper arm and the thick bump opposite where her triceps would be. With her soft grey eyes watching me, she slowly bent forearm and I gasped as an absolute huge thick mound grew from the top of her arm. Her top was made of some sort of stretchy fabric that hugged the bulky contours of her upper body but now moulded itself tightly to the rugged contours of her bulging arm, the elasticised weave getting wider to accommodate the huge peak. As her forearm becomes vertical, I can only gawp as how substantially thicker it is around the base, becoming a powerful swell of mass tapering with a broad curve to quite a thick wrist. But most awesome of all is the massive bicep, to which the black fabric clings on like a film as it gets higher and firmer until a huge tall peak threatens to burst through the sleeve. I watch in stunned silence with a steadily growing stiffness in my pants. “Aye, looks like you like a bit of prime Scottish beef” she said with a smile. I feel embarrassed that she has noticed but I am too entranced by the incredible sight to try and cover it up. “Wow!” I gasp, my brain too stunned to think of anything coherent. I just can’t stop gawping at that tall peak upon her arm rising steeply from the thick mass that can only be muscle upon her arm. Even though I was only seeing it from the back, her bicep looked absolutely huge like a mountain with a higher pointy peak that surely pushed her black top to breaking point. Opposite this swelling downwards was an equally impressive solid mass that indicated that she also had big triceps.

I was speechless as the friendly looking white haired woman relaxed her arm then flexed it again. This time the black covered mound on top of her arm seemed to grow even larger and with a sharper peak. My mouth was dry, my face was warming up and my heart was beating faster while my dick was stiffening uncontrollably. “Wow! Amazing!” I gasped. I have met some muscular women in my time, but I never expected such awesome peaked mass on a sweet white haired lady who was otherwise most people’s ideal vision of a granny. OK, maybe my ideal vision of a granny would be one built like a bodybuilder, but then I’m weird. She probably had as much mass in her arms as my mother in-law, Paula [JIMP#13], but her biceps were much more peaked. “Oh, Agnes! That is amazing” I groaned unable to hide the desire in my voice. I don’t normally go around lusting after little old ladies but the tall peaked biceps on this one really stoked my fire.  I knew there was no use trying to cover the rising tentpole in my trousers. “If you liked that, then hold onto your socks, dearee” she told me and proceeded to turn her back on me and flexed both arms at once. The view of the double biceps from behind was absolutely stunning. Her top stretched to ripping point, the weave stretching so much that there was spots of bare flesh peeking through in places as it clung on valiantly to her expanding upper body. And boy did it expand! Her broad shoulders became very broad indeed and the bumps and lumps appearing on her wide lats suggested a well developed back which sloped like an inverted V to her waist. I could control myself no longer and just had to step forward and feel that amazing upper body. She didn’t object as I placed my hands on her bowling ball sized shoulder caps and ran my palms along to her staggering biceps. With hands on each arm, I was totally amazed at the feel of the solid peaked mass under my palms. “They’re so big, so hard, incredibly pointed!” I gasped, sounding like an idiot. Lust does that to some people, a stiff dick seems to stop the brain working.

“Och, get away with you” she chuckled lowering the massive arms that strained the man-made fabric of her top. Turning to face me, she told me gently “I think that’s enough rare beef for you to be handling for one day”. I’m sorry but I was really getting turned on and didn’t want to let this opportunity go. “Come on Agnes, please show me more” I begged, hardly believing I was pleading with a white haired granny to show me her muscles. “Oh, very well” she said and with that raised her right arm and flexed once more. If the view from the back had been impressive, from the front it was completely gobstopping and totally cockhardening. My dick stiffened steadily as the black sleeve stretched thinly as the thick mountainous bicep rose in all its glory looking like it would burst the seams at any moment. I also noticed prominently erect nipples jutting from the front of her top which made my meat stiffen more. The friendly looking old lady moved her arms in front of her and straightened them, turning them slightly to present her huge triceps. “Not bad for old ‘un, eh dearee?” she asked as I gawped at the swelling mass with the horseshoe shaped prongs distorting the line of her sleeves. Before I could say a word, she raised both arms then hit a double biceps pose, this time blasting me with them from the front. My hardon went instantly rigid becoming uncomfortable in my pants. “Oh Agnes!” I moaned lustfully.

“Och get away with you. Flattering an old lady like that” she said bashfully, lowering her arms. “Agnes, I really mean it. Please let me see your arms without the sleeves? Please” I begged. The old woman seemed reticent and I felt ashamed for pressing this nice lady who had shown such warmth and friendship to a stranger. “I’m sorry if I have offended you” I began but she cut me off with a wave of her hand. “Oh, no, no. Dinnae be silly” she told me. “So you want it without the packaging do you?” and without another word she rolled up her right sleeve. Even though I knew that she had thick strong arms, I was unprepared for how extremely developed they were. In the flesh, her arm was big and toned even when relaxed, a veritable column of shapely bumps and bulges that suggested awesome power. A thick rugged bicep vein ran along the front and her triceps were a thick horseshoe shaped mass of muscle at the back. Her forearm was rippling, suggesting great strength, thickly corded and vascular. “You have to be tough to live up here” she said with a smile as I gawped in amazement.

She raised her right arm and flexed. My dick lurched hard as the pale flesh of the smiling white haired woman swelled into a massive mound of muscle which solidified into a tall steep sided peak. The bulging muscle was so well defined that I could see the split between the individual bicep heads. I was stunned by such powerful well developed arms on a sweet smiling elderly lady. Before I had came to my senses and got up the courage to take a feel, she had lowered her arm and pulled down the sleeve. “I think that’s enough excitement for one day” she told me but now that I had a glimpse of what lay beneath I wanted more. “Oh Agnes, stop teasing. Please show me more. You have incredible arms. Please, I really want to see more. I want to see if the rest of you is amazingly built like that” I begged the nice Scottish granny who I’d only just met. That would have taken a lot of explaining if someone had walked in just then.

“Oh well, on you own head be it” she said with a knowing smile and lifted her top to remove it. My eyes went wide, my jaw went slack in astonishment and my cock quickly grew rigid. The stomach of the old woman was a grid work of large well defined slabs of hard muscle arranged in pairs either side of a deep groove leading vertically from her belly button. This sexy sight was set in a taut surround of her well toned mid-riff. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman before with such an astonishingly well developed six pack with such deep separation. By the time I had managed to shake my gaze away from her abs, it became lodged on a white bra trying to contain large beautifully rounded breasts topped by a densely cushioned upper chest with deep cut striations at the start of a deep cleavage. “Well dearee? Has the cat got your tongue?” she asked with a slightly cheeky smile with her hands on her hips. My dick was absolutely rock hard at the sight. “Agnes, You are stunning. What an amazing body” I gasped and I meant it. Her upper body was densely muscled, well toned and well defined.

A thin silver necklace hung around her neck and I tried not to show my surprise at the pendant which bore the image of the Goddess Anahita dancing in a circlet of fire with ten weapons in her multi-limbed hands. To be honest, I was far too engrossed in looking at her stunning upper body. I could sense the sheer power of her large muscular but unmistakably feminine body and it was driving me crazy with desire. Her stomach was a living moving carpet of muscle as the abs seemed to shrink back then come forth again large and defined as she breathed. OK she was a bit pale skinned and there were a few lines and wrinkles hinting at her age but otherwise she had a body that put most women a fraction her age to shame. She pulled her left arm across her body, moving into a side biceps pose. I was all over her, feeling her arm, feeling the way it bulged thickly around her shoulders and her dense triceps. I ran my hands over her flexed biceps with the prominent vein running across the hard swell of its peak. Her traps were a very stocky ridge like a steep hill running from her shoulders to the side of her neck. Her well endowed chest rose and fell as she breathed, thickly cushioned and ripped with rigid nipples jutting through the white fabric of her bra. “Oh Agnes. You could be a professional bodybuilder with a body like this. I bet you would give some of those at Ms. Olympia a run for their money. Do you compete?” I asked in awe. “Oh no dearee. I cannae be having with all that nonsense pansying around on stage in a itsy bitzy bikini showing off all my bits” she replied. “But you’re so powerfully built. You must spend hours in the gym” “No dearee, I’m just an old farmer’s wife who is not afraid of a bit of hard manual labour and heavy lifting. I still help out on the farm but I’ve found that I enjoy lifting weights so I run this gym here at the WI for the ladies” she told me.

“And look at the results. Isn’t that grand?” she asked as she raised her right arm and flexed. The split peaked biceps soared like a very steep sided mountain and I felt it, unable to encompass it’s huge girth with a single hand. It felt so hard like a rock under the firm warm smooth skin. “Absolutely amazing” I gasped. “Oh Agnes!” I moaned with building lust as I ran my hands over her biceps with one hand and her abs with the other. My dick was beating a tattoo in my trousers. The sheer raw massive power of this white haired woman was driving me crazy and in the heat of the moment I began to kiss her mouth passionately. A strong force pushed me firmly away. She fixed me with her small grey eyes, looking stern. “Do you know how to calm a raging bull, dearee? Like this”. BLAM! A painful explosion went off on my jaw and I found myself toppling as my head whipped back. “A short punch and he willnae mess with you again” she told me as I lay on the floor feeling my aching jaw and shaking my head wondering what the hell happened. A brief memory of a large sturdy fist hurtling towards my face confirms the pain. The old lady hit me and I went down like a ton of bricks. I looked up, my eyes drawn to her firm paving block lined stomach and the big rounded orbs of her breasts held up by a white bra.

My aching jaw brought me to my senses. God that was only a tap, I was in no doubt that she could have shattered my jaw if she had hit me with any anger. “Agnes, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me” I began to apologise but she waved me quiet. “Oh dinnae fuffle yourself” she told me kindly and lent down to help me up. The big soaring bicep came right close to my face as she hauled me effortlessly to my feet and I just had to put my hand on it as if to steady myself. “Oh go on, cop a good feel, dearee. I often have that effect on young men who catch a glimpse, although usually they are so scared stiff they wet themselves before running away” she told me, smiling gently. “And I do mean stiff” she chuckled and I gasped as her hand brushed the tentpole in my trousers although that punch had taken some of the wind out of its sails. “I’m sorry” I mumbled with embarrassment. “Don’t be dearee. I take it as a great compliment that I have that reaction even at my age” she replied. “In fact, I’ve seen more of those in recent years since I started the gym than I ever had when I was younger” she said. “Difficult to believe isn’t it?” she asked. “What is?” “That I was once younger” she laughed.

That made me feel more at ease. She wasn’t angry with me and seemed flattered that she had this effect on me. “Your abs are amazing. May I?” I asked tentatively putting out a hand. “Oh gone on. Have a good feel” she replied. She put her hands behind her back, her huge shoulders and thick rippling arms looking massive then flexed her stomach muscles and the taut toned six pack rose prominently from her tight fit body becoming even more defined and clear cut. I ran my palm over them enjoying the feel and exploring every deep cut crevice and hard flat topped square block. It was like running my hand over a hard rubber impression of a stone clad wall. Each highly defined abdominal muscle smooth yet rock hard and covered with warm smooth living, breathing flesh. The extremely tactile feel was reigniting my ardour after that punch cooled it. “They’re incredible. It’s like a piece of sculpture. They are really beautiful” I gushed in appreciation.

“Go on, dearee. Punch me in the stomach. I know you want to. It’s alright” she told me. I hesitated. “I’m not keen on hitting women” I told her. “Or Nonsense. Go on. I won’t feel a thing I’m built like a brick outhouse. I really want you to” she insisted. Reluctantly I drew back my fist but hesitated. “Go on, love. None of your Southern namby pamby stuff. Hit me really hard now” she said. It looked pretty rugged, so I let fly with quite a solid punch. THUD! My knuckles came to a sudden jarring halt against the brickwork in her stomach which didn’t move a fraction of a millimetre. Ouch my knuckles stung and throbbed from coming up against such an immobile object. She chuckled softly “Oh typical Southerner. Surely you can punch harder than that”. I drew back my fist then hammered it forward really hard. THUD! Ouch that hurt, it was like punching a brick wall. The white haired granny didn’t say a word but looked amused. Her striated pneumatic chest moved up and down as if she were laughing silently at me. Annoyed I slammed my fist into her gut with everything I had. THUD! “Ouch!” I cried as I almost broke my hand upon the ribbed stone work that clad her stomach.

“Oh Agnes, they’re are so beautiful and sexy” I moaned running my hand over her crazy-pathed stomach once more. I just had to kiss them, pressing my face to her belly and working my lips across each slab of sexy feminine fitness and probing the deep crevices between with my tongue. “Och give over, you bad boy, that tickles” she chuckled pulling my head away gently from her abs. “Oh Agnes. You really turn me on. I could stick my dick in there and run it up and down like swiping a credit card and cum all over them” I moaned before realising that I had said that out loud. “Well I never! What strange ideas you have” she exclaimed with a chuckle.

She seized my hands and I felt a sudden surge of overwhelming power that had me on my knees within seconds. Her shoulder caps were like ripped hubcaps and her triceps were a formidable horseshoe shaped mass of power. Pale skinned forearms swelled up, corded thickly as she pressed my arms, which were puny as twigs by comparison. Such irresistible force kept me on my knees, so strong that I thought that she might break my forearms with the slightest twist of her powerful thick arms. “Agnes, please. You are so powerful. You really turn me on. Please, I just want to worship you” I pleaded. She really had me going, compared to her I was so weak and helpless as she asserted her dominant strength so simply. She moved her arms apart, twisting my arms straight and forcing me to crouch with my face in front of her stone clad belly. “Arr!” there was a lot of tension and discomfort in my arms but she had me completely under her control. “You want to worship me, dearee? Then start with them. Kiss them nicely and I might forgive you for forcing yourself upon an old woman” gone was the gentle voiced granny, her voice was now strict with commanding superiority. I obeyed, eager to please and to be honest enjoying the sensation of worshipping her incredible abs.

Satisfied, she released my hands and I looked up as she flexed both of her huge peaked guns together. She looked like the ultimate power goddess looming over me, far too strong for any man to handle. I just wanted worship that body, make love to her, the raw feminine power was driving me crazy and my dick was absolutely throbbing. “I’m really flattered but I’m far too old for you dearee” she told me but sight of those peaked muscles made me feel so submissive. I just had to worship the power and physical superiority of this amazing woman. “Such power. So sexy” driven by my desperately aching dick, I rose to my feet and went straight for her biceps, stroking them and kissing them with increasing fervour. “Oh Agnes. Oh you really turn me on” I moaned between passionate kisses of her skin warm stone hard biceps, completely lost in a sexual frenzy.

Suddenly she bent down and I felt my feet swept from the floor as she threw me over her shoulder as if I were an empty backpack. With my groin riding her boulder sized shoulder cap, she lay me across the back of her broad shoulders. I had a strong feeling of complete helplessness as this white haired granny with the body of a world class bodybuilder began to walk around the room showing no signs of discomfort of my great weight across her shoulders. There was really nothing I could do about it, my feet were dangling in the air and the floor looked a long way down. This display of strength and dominance was pumping up my even more! “You know I sometimes carry the little heifers back to their mums like this when they wander off” she told me conversationally. She stopped and the ceiling came rushing towards me as my body was pressed high above her head. “I could use you as a barbell, dearee. Although I usually benchpress much heavier weights than you”. “Ohhhh Agnes!” a moan escaped my lips. “What’s wrong dearee? Is something bothering you?” she asked, lowering my back across her shoulders.

I gasped as her hand slid across the throbbing bulge at the front of my trousers. “This thing is far too much of a distraction isn’t it dearee? Well we’ll soon put that right”.  I was shocked as she undid my zip and pulled out my erection. “Ohhh!” I moaned as she encircled it within her warm hand and started pumping up and down rapidly. “I’ve plenty of experience milking the cows down on the farm. Men are no different” she told me as she steadily pumped my dick. “Ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhh!” I didn’t have a chance. She brought me off within seconds, continuing to milk me until I could give no more while I lay dangling helplessly across her broad shoulders.

She lowered me gently to the floor. I felt utterly shagged. The thought that a sweet old granny had just given me a skilful hand job had barely sunk in when she took me by the arm and led me to a low wooden coffee table across the room. “Now that’s out of the way, we can have some fun. Come on, sit down here and we can arm wrestle” she told me. “What?” I mumbled in my post-orgasmic daze. “Arm wrestle, dearee. You do know how to arm wrestle don’t you?” she asked as she knelt upon the carpet. “Ah, yes of course” I replied as I followed her lead and knelt on the opposite side of the low table. “Take my hand, dearee” she told me resting her elbow on the table between us with a formidable looking forearm raised with open hand. Even relaxed like this, her arm looked huge and rippling with power. I had no illusions about this as I matched her pose and clutched her hand. Against her mighty looking arm, mine looked thin, weedy and puny. I knew that I didn’t stand a chance but I was looking forward to another demonstration of her strength. “OK, dearee, you can start. Begin” she commanded. I tried not to look at her arm, knowing that its awesomeness would make me feel even weaker so instead I stared at her face. It was the face of a cheerful, white haired woman, her forearm pressing against mine  and I was going to press it down to the table top. But of course, hers wasn’t going anywhere no matter how hard I pushed. It stood upright, completely rock solid as I pushed with all my might. “Are you sure you’re trying, dearee?” she said softly with a sarcastic smile. I stole a glance at her arm, big mistake!. Her forearm was so thick and muscular it looked a bit like a ship’s mast in full, so wide and dense at the bottom that it made mine seem puny like a matchstick against it. Her biceps didn’t even looked tensed. That made me feel so week and feeble. “Why don’t you try both hands, dearee?” she said with no sign of a smirk. So I grasped her hand with both of mine, pulling with one while pushing with the other until I was red in the face. Yet still the old woman’s big arm was immobile while her friendly face smiled calmly as if she was expending little or no energy in resisting my futile efforts. Suddenly that big bicep swelled into existence. SLAM! The back of my hand slammed into the table top in the blink of an eye. So overwhelming was her power that I felt my dick growing stiff again.

I watched with stiffening ardour as a white haired woman with the friendly gentle face of a granny, in a white bra, raised her hand in victory. Her dense triangular forearm moved slowly towards her smiling face causing the large mass on the top of her arm to swell like a volcano about to erupt. As her fist almost reached her face, the bicep soared and solidified into a sharp split peak. “Oh Agnes, you are amazing” I sighed. OK, it was repetitive but what else would you say in the presence of such impressively developed mass female muscle?

The sturdily built old woman sat back on the carpet and beckoned to me. “Come here dearee” she said. She cupped her hands in front of her chest and said “I want you to sit in my hands then lean back, like I’m holding a baby”. She saw my dubious look. “It’s OK I wont drop you” she added. Turning around, I cautiously lowered myself into her hands. One hand held my backside while the other was low on my back. Agnes’s arms held me as steady as a rock. “Go on, lean right back. I won’t drop you”. Warily, I began to lean back like I was in a recliner and as I did her hand moved higher up my back to support me. The hand under my backside moved down to the top of the backs of my legs like a harness then raised me so that my feet left the floor. Then, to my surprise, Agnes laid back and pressed my body high above her like a barbell. “Keep your back and legs straight, that’s it” her voice instructed from beneath me. Lying flat out I saw the ceiling move towards me then smoothly move away. Back and forth my body moved through the air. I was being bench pressed by a white haired woman! To experience her raw power like this was very exhilarating as her strong steady arms continued to raise then lower me. With my body no longer in contact with the ground, I was completely helpless to stop this powerfully built old lady using me as a human barbell. I lost count of the number of times she repped me but feeling the incredible strength of her arms was exciting.

Finally while raised high, my body was slowly tilted until my feet met the floor then she helped me into a standing position. Agnes stood up after me and immediately flexed her huge double guns right in front of my face with a big smile on her face. “Ohhhh!” I moaned turned on by the sheer massive power. “Go on, dearee. Give them a good feel now that they’re more pumped”. I didn’t need to be told twice, I was all over them caressing the big solid biceps and the well defined groove between the bicep heads. They certainly seemed a lot bigger. Overwhelmed by such awesome female muscle, I completely lost it and started to passionately kiss her lips. This time she didn’t push me away. Her thick rippling arms embraced me and pulled me tight against her body while she returned my kisses with growing fevour. I can feel the immense strength all around me and know that she could crush me like a bug and that inflames my lust even more. Completely engrossed in kissing this amazing woman with increasing fervour, I feel her arms tighten around me in a gentle but firm bearhug that cramps the action of my lungs but still allows me to breathe. My feet leave the ground as she lifts me steadily while still locked in a passionate kiss. My dick grows like a magic beanstalk invigorated by the old woman’s massive muscles holding me firmly off the ground. Still kissing, I ran my palms along the triangular slopes of her traps to the bowling ball sized shoulder caps. The sturdy old strong woman lifted me steadily until she had to lean her face right back while I had to lean mine forward to keep kissing. Suddenly I felt my erection rub over a bumpy solid surface and realised that it was running over her abs. “Ohhh!” I moaned in blissful pleasure. “That’s what you wanted it wasn’t it dearee?” she said softly. “Ohhhh!” my erect dick beat against her dense pneumatic six pack. “Oh no, dearee. Don’t mess them up. Hold on to that for a little while longer” she said with a chuckle then lowered my feet back to the floor. “Orghhh!” I gasped as she gave me a really hard squeeze while giving me a kiss that nearly crushed the life out of me. “It’s time I unpacked the really big guns. Brace yourself dearee” she told me.

Panting as I tried to catch my breath back, I watched as Agnes stepped out of her baggy gym leggings. My jaw dropped at the glorious sight emerging from those shapeless trousers. I was hoping that her legs were as thick and brawny as her arms but what I saw took away my breath. “What do you think, dearee?” she asked putting her hands upon hips at the top of a generous pair of white briefs with her legs apart. They were absolutely huge! massive well toned muscle swelled out in an deep arc from her hips. The large highly developed muscle heads of the three primary groups in her quadriceps bulged in bold relief sending out such an image of raw unbridled feminine power that sent my dick twitching in lust. “Years of walking in the hills every day does wonders for one’s legs” she told me. “Wow!” I gasped as the old lady moved her big legs around so that I could appreciate them from different angles. Even relaxed, it was easy to clearly see her quads. There were so well developed that I knew that they weren’t the product of walking. “Oh Agnes, you must put in hours of hard work in the gym to get legs like that” I sighed in stunned appreciation. “Oh you could be right, but the steep rugged land and farm work gave them a good head’s start” she chuckled. I admit I’m a leg man and I just couldn’t stop gawping at the old woman’s powerful legs. They somehow reminded me of giant walnuts and knew that a man wouldn’t have a chance between them. Suddenly the quads upon her right leg burst into sharp relief closely followed by the left as she flexed them in turn. Upon each upper leg, three large interlocking teardrop shapes of bulging mass swelled into sharply defined focus. They looked so dense and so powerful, shining with an inner strength that I just knew that she could crush a man to death between them as easily as crushing an empty soft drinks can. Such smooth skinned raw feral female power made my dick beat like a drumstick. I fell to my knees, running my hands reverential over the warm skin covering the stone hard swells of mass. “Agnes. I want to get between your legs. I want you to crush me helpless between them. I want to be overwhelmed by the power of your legs” I begged, intoxicated with muscle lust. “Och, you’re a crazy one all right” she laughed warmly.

Her thighs moved out of my grasp as she turned around and walked towards a nearby table, giving me the chance to view her calves. As with everything else about Agnes, they were well toned although slimmer and less massive than I would have expected with nice slender rock hard diamonds only appearing when she walked. I think she saw where I was looking. “Come and help me pump these up, Jim” she said. As I walked over her, she bent at 90 degrees at her waist, keeping her legs straight and holding the edge of the table with her hands. Bending at the knees she lowered her backside as I approached, and yes it was quite a nice firm backside especially for a woman of her advancing years. “Sit on my back, dearee” she instructed. I did as she commanded, walking bowlegged with her wide body beneath me until I got to the small of her back. Her body then came up to meet me, my feet leaving the floor as she straightened her legs. I put my hands behind me on her firm  backside for balance. I was now sitting on the back of a white haired woman while she was bent at right angles like a human bridge. Then I rose higher and realised that she had now gone on tip-toe. Smoothly and with a steady speed, Agnes effortlessly performed a series of calve raises over the next ten minutes or so with me on her back, never seeming to tire. I really enjoyed experiencing the old woman’s incredible strength and had to resist the urge to grab my dick and beat off over her back.

Finally she bent her knees, lowering her backside so that I could dismount. As I did, she raised herself once more to flex her calves. “Wow!” I gasped at the deep edged diamonds in each calf with a deep cleft between them. Before I could get down to give them a good grope, Agnes got down onto the carpet. “I want you to get down on your hands and knees astride my body, facing me please” she ordered. Wondering what she was going to do, I did as she asked. She folded her legs against her chest and placed her feet on my stomach. Grabbing my hands, I felt a surge of power as her legs began to straighten, lifting my body from the floor. Her mighty  legs were supporting me in the air above the white haired muscle woman. I looked back towards my waist and saw her massive quads bulging, making my dick ache. Steadily she folded her legs lowering my face so close to hers that she gave me a big deep kiss before she leg pressed me up again. This time she let go of my hands and I felt myself balanced precariously looking down at her. Such power! Such mighty legs! I was really turned on although in no position to do anything about it. Suddenly she removed one leg and I grabbed the table for support as she held me high aloft on a single thick bulging straight leg. At last she returned her foot and began pressing my body up and down with her strong legs in a long series of repetitions. Experiencing the power of her legs like that was stronger than any aphrodisiac and by the time she had finished using me to pump up her legs, a different part of me was very pumped up.

I got down on my knees and began running my hands over her calves, feeling how hard they jutted out at the sides when she went onto her toes and how deep the edge of the muscle was along the lower edge. So worked up was I that I lent forward to kiss them. “Argh!” I cried out as the white haired beefcake suddenly trapped my head between her calves and proceeded to do a series of calve raises. “Nnngh nnnn!” I groaned as my trapped head was jolted up and down. My face heated up and my blood pounded in my ears while my neck felt like it was being crushed in two by some kind of industrial lifting machine. “Arghh!” her calves were rugged, rock hard and unyielding as I tried to prise them apart. “Ohhhh!” they swelled and waned, the hard edges digging into my neck while torturing my head up and down. “Kkkkk!” a final raise which she maintained for a long sent my head swimming and nearly knocked me out before she let me fall panting upon the floor.

A rustle of clothing made me look up. To my surprise, the pleasant looking white haired woman had removed her bra. Large full orbs hung down with firm looking skin showing no signs of wrinkles or stretch marks. The top of her chest was like two hard cushions with a jagged shredded edge, yet below this her boobs were beautifully rounded, soft looking and feminine. The strong looking pectorals undoubtedly stopping any sagging and supported them so well that the bra made little difference. My cock throbbing with anticipation, I got to my feet and began undressing, acutely aware of how exceptionally fit she was compared with me. Believe me it made me feel very self-conscious with her eyes upon me, standing close with the deep triangular lats, big rocky cannonball shoulder caps, heavy looking horseshoe triceps, thick veined arms, striated chest and her bumpy six pack abs moving shallowly as she breathed. What a body! I thought to myself, struggling to keep my eyes from her round breasts, large pink aureoles and jutting nipples. “I hope you don’t think I’m easy, dearee” she said sternly but with a cheeky smile as her knickers slid to the floor to reveal her thatch. “But I think your hoe needs to get in the furrow before it explodes” she said indicating my full on erection.

There is something about the sight of a naked muscle woman that stokes my lust to breaking point. I lent forward and kissed my way up each of her deeply etched abdominals then licked and sucked her erect nipples while running my hands over her densely packed arms. I felt her biceps grow taut and stood upright as she brought her arms around me as they surrounded me and pulled my chest hard against hers. The feeling of such a massively built naked body against mine holding me tight with thick arms that could crush me at any moment, was too much to cope with. I dived upon her lips and began kissing passionately, my lust beating against her crotch. All of a sudden I found a big arm clamped around my head and was bulldozed to the floor. Such was her strength that it happened quickly with no resistance. “Arghh!” there was a frightening squeeze as if she were to pop my head right off. “I often wrestle the bull down to the ground because no-one else will wrestle me. What chance do you think you’ve got?” “Arkk!” my head was spinning but I became aware of a hand on my dick. “Time to get in that field, dearee”. She had a ferocious head crushing headlock on me with one arm and was stroking my already stiff erection with the other. Her legs snaked around my waist and she slotted me inside her entranceway. Suddenly her strong legs pulled me into her body. “Ohhhhh!” I moaned as I felt the sticky heat of her lovebox surround my throbbing member. Instinctively I try to buck my hips to give her a good seeing to but I find that I can’t move. Her hefty legs are locked form around my waist and hold me fast. “Arkkk!” my head nearly spins off as she reinforces the headlock with both arms, a massive peaked swelling crushing against my head. “Och” she laughs “and you think a young stud like you can handle a strong old heifer like me”. “Ohhhh!” I moan as it feels like my dick is stuck in the grip of a warm sweaty tunnel that starts to pump and swirl sending me into erotic overload. “Ohhhh!” I recognise the sensation and realise that the old woman has ferociously strong love muscles. “That’s it dearee, you just lie there and let Aberdeen Agnes have her way with you because there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it” she cooed in my ear as I clutched in vain against the massive wall of solid flesh immobilising my head. “Ohhh!” the warm mass around my dick pulses and massages it. There is nothing like having sex with a woman with strong vaginal muscles especially one who knows how to use them and boy did Agnes know. “Ohhhh!” the sensation was mind blowing. I nearly came as the strong love muscles moved against one another giving the illusion of circular movement but then a powerful meaty tunnel clamped down preventing me from ejaculating prematurely. Unable to move my hips at all and with my head locked in her mighty arms, I could do nothing but allow this white haired muscle woman control my erection, building me up then bringing me back from shooting my load. “Ohh God you’re fantastic!” I moaned in erotic delirium despite the head wrenching grip. “That’s right, dearee. I’ve had no complaints in that department” she told me. The writhing sticky hot muscular sensation inside her love box worked my dick into her G spot where she used it for her pleasure.  “Ohhh! Ohhh!” her moans of pleasure drowning out mine. Her powerful legs started move, pumping my trapped hips back and forth gaining momentum as her moans got louder and more frantic. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!” her powerful legs drove my hips back and forth like a human dildo as the writhing and rippling internal muscles went into a spasmic frenzy. That’s when all hell exploded. “Oohh oohh oohh!” she moaned. “Arghh!” her thick bulging arm was squeezing so tight I fear she is going to rip my head off and her legs are squeezing so hard I fear she’ll break my hips. “Nnnngh nnnn nnngh!!” her body relaxed and with the sudden absence of pressure, I emptied my load inside her with big deep spurts.

I lay down next to her in exhaustion, my hand casually stroking her well developed naked body as I slowly recovered from my exertion. For a woman of her age, her body was so firm and packed with massive muscle that I soon began to feel the stirring of lust again. “Oh Agnes, you have such an incredibly sexy body” I told her and she just smiled back. “Why thank you, dearee”. She watched me for a while then sat up and said “You recognised my pendant didn’t you?”. I was a bit wary not knowing how she would react. “I’ve er come across other ladies who have worn the same sort of necklace” I admitted. Agnes sat up. “And you know its significance, don’t you love?” her voice was soft but there was a dangerous glimmer in her eyes. I must have spent too long trying to work out how to phrase my response for suddenly thickly muscled arms were reaching for my head. “Argh!” I clutched frantically at the huge bicep unable to move the solid mass as it crushed my skull so hard I was frightened that she would break it. “Enough talking. Let’s see how much more beef you can take and then maybe you will be a bit more co-operative” I heard her tell me above the pounding in my head. I felt those mighty arms swing me around in front of her then release me only to find myself in a much worse place. From between her legs I looked along her deeply ridged stomach to her bare chest. Thick massive walls of female flesh closed in around my head and swallowed my neck and the sides of my head whole. My hands were on her firm thighs but it was too late. “Argh!” I cried as devastation crushed in upon my head. It felt like her rock solid quads had ballooned up forcing my hands to move a good 6 inches or more. “Nnnn nnnnn nnn!” my head felt like it was splitting and I frantically grabbed at the massive iron hard legs that was crushing my skull like a compactor. “Argh!” it was no use, the mighty swelling slabs lining her thighs were hard and unforgiving. A loud pounding throbbed in my head as the terrible pressure continued threatening to shatter my cheekbones. “Arkk!” such awesome leggy power bulged and swelled around my poor head and neck. My mind span wildly as pain shot through my head. This old white haired muscle woman had the power to put me away for good with her legs. “Och again, Jim?” a hand brushed my groin and I realised that I had another erection, saluting her dominant power. “Arghh!” crying out was weak but the ferocious head crushing pain was too much. How could anyone survive legs like these? “A bit of advice, dearee. Never mess with a farmer’s wife. Especially if she has legs like a stallion”.

“You will tell me the truth or I’ll crack your skull like an eggshell” her warm smooth skinned legs under my palms felt as solid as stone and sculpted like marble. “Urkgh!” I groaned as the brutal pressure crushed down relentlessly on my head. Surely her thighs had swelled twice the size of my head because that’s what it felt it under my hands. I’m sure I was crying because I really couldn’t take anymore, her legs were far too powerful for me to handle, for anyone to handle. Each of the three main quad muscles bulged massively beneath my hands as they tried to crush my neck and head to paste and thick inner thighs cut into the sides of my neck.

I must have blacked out for I suddenly found myself on my back with my neck clamped hard looking at large but very shapely bare buttocks looking like flesh covered bowling balls. Beyond this I could make out an extremely well developed back, a dense 3 dimensional map of some very rugged terrain. The buttocks clenched tight. “Orrrargh!” I wailed at the fresh assault that threatened to pop my head from my neck. “Please!” I cried as her hams expanded so greatly it felt like slabs of concrete were growing over my cheeks and ears. Her glutes tightened harder, her smooth backside now looking more striated and stone hard. “Urkkk!” my head span, my eyes lost focus and my eyelids fluttered as the man destroying pressure around my head and neck shot up. “Orgh!” my head pounded, my ears pressed painfully against the sides of my head and my cheeks felt like they would implode under the immense pressure. All the time I was very much aware that I was been punished by very powerful female legs and my dick responded in the only it knew how. “Och aye. You’re are randy one alright” a hand enveloped my dick and pumped it up and down. I was so worked that I nearly came until the steel corridor around my head tightened even harder. “Oh no you don’t” I heard.

With great relief the atrocious pressure eased and I slumped back on the carpet feeling like my head had just been put through the mangle. But the mighty Aberdeen Agnus hadn’t finished with me yet. I looked up with fear as her naked body knelt over me, her friendly face and white hair in contrast with a body sculpted like that of a female version of Greek god. Her pneumatic chest, sloping traps, deep cut abs and thick powerful arms mocking my weakness. “Please no more” I begged. “Oh well. You should have thought of that before shouldn’t have you” she said as her fearsome rippling arms grabbed my head and she bodily pulled me off the floor then fell back. “Nnnngh!” I gasped as my body fell between her awesome thighs which instantly sprang shut. A tightness encircled my chest and back as a unstoppable force squeezed the air from my body like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. “Urrrr!” the force surrounding my chest was so devastating that I could feel my ribs bending. I was completely overwhelmed by this elderly and muscle woman as she punished me between her legs. Suddenly the frightening pressure eased. “Now are you ready to talk, my dear?” she asked as I lay gasping between her thighs. “Yes, yes” I gasp acutely aware of her nudity, trapped between her huge thighs with her pussy close to my waist looking up at her large full breasts supported by strong striated pecs above her washboard stomach.

So I give her a brief history of my involvement with the Sisterhood while feeling her strong legs with my hand and trying not to stare at her bare breasts. The wrinkles and lines in her face clearly said that this was an elderly woman, but her body was so firm and fit and sculpted with huge muscle. Every now and then her thighs would swell like a giant boa constrictor crushing the breath out of me. She would hold the terrible pressure for a while then relax before quizzing me about something I just said. I knew that she was reminding me of the precarious dangerous position that I was in where a wrong answer could result in my ribcage shattering like a box of eggs. She asked about Georgina Armstrong [JIMP#29], whom she seemed to know, and the discovery of the diaries. Finally she seemed satisfied by my answers and rolled on top of me to sit high upon my chest, pinning my arms. She looked down at me, tensing her mighty arms. “To be honest up here, it is really is just a women’s club although from time to time we might have to keep the men in line” she told me. She moved her crotch over my face and I immediately started nuzzling and kissing it wanting to worship this amazing woman. The object of my veneration rose out my reach. “Och, I thought so. You really are very horny” she chuckled.

Then she was upon me, pinning my hands to the floor with her rippling columns of muscle she called her arms while an earth shattering force ripped my legs wide apart. In less than a second I was completely helpless in a grapevine press. I could only look up at her breasts as they dangled above me between her corded powerful arms that pressed my hands against the floor. “So you want to worship this old woman again, do you?” Agnus asked looking down at me while her legs threatened to rip my legs out of their sockets. “Argh! Yes please” I gasp. Keeping my legs apart in a wide V, the mighty white haired woman lowered her chest onto me and wrapped a thick strong arm around the back of my head. Holding my head in place, she gave me a long deep lingering kiss before pulling my face between her soft breasts and up against her hard cushioned pecs. Reaching back, she bent my erection to her pussy lips. I couldn’t move, my legs were clamped wide apart and she was holding my face tightly against her muscled. Yet her powerful love muscles sucked my dick inside her sticky furnace and surrounded it like a strong hand and pumped me steadily. “Mmmm mmmm!” I moaned in pleasure into her smothering chest while her pecs flexed and waned around my face like a hard cushion. Totally immobile, the fearsome old woman controlled our lovemaking with her skilful love muscles while smothering me with her mighty chest occasionally allowing me gulps of air. It was like getting the best blow job and hand job in the world at the same time but while stuck deep within her warm love nest. Her forced lovemaking went on for a lot longer than before she got me into her G spot and let rip. “Ohhhh ohhhh” she moaned as she bucked her hips as if she were bonking me. “Mmmmm nnnnnnnnn!” I cried against her chest as the tendons in my legs squealed in agony while at the same time her hungry love muscles milked me dry.

She released me and I just fell into her arms, too shattered to even rub the stiffness from my legs. We lay for a while cuddling in post-coital bliss. I stroked her incredible body, still amazed at the high degree of definition and muscularity, too shagged out to do much else. “I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but there were a couple from London here the other day telling us to keep a look out for you” Agnus told me softly. “Who?” “One of them was called Kate Eisenberg, spoke with a slight foreign accent, German I think. Gave me the creeps, didn’t seem right. The other was a right stuck up snobby bitch called Helen” she replied. “Can you tell me any more?” “No, that was it really”. An erect nipple was staring at me, I just had to lick and suck it. “And are you going to tell them I’m here?” I asked between kisses of her splendid chest. “That depends” she said. “On what?” “Whether you are capable of giving me a good seeing to” she replied. “I’m too shattered. You’ve really worn me out” I replied. “In that case, let me give you some encouragement, dear” Agnes told me and got to her feet then stood astride my body.

With her hands upon her hips, she flexed each mighty upper leg, the thick mass wobbling like some obscene meaty jelly until it came to a sudden halt all swollen up with the quads big and standing proud. I am still beat and can only lie there, reaching up to feel the incredibly sculpted quads and marvel at the thickness of her solid powerful thighs. Moving one leg then the other from side to side to show other the high degree of muscularity and definition, I began to kiss and caress her legs. Their devastating feminine power called to my loins. Starting to get turned on again, I began kissing my way up each three headed muscle in her upper thighs. “Arghh arhhh” for a frightening moment, her huge legs closed around my head and crushed me. “Just giving you a little encouragement, dearee” Agnus told me as she released my aching head. I decided to move away from danger and moved up to kiss her ridged stomach then further up to her large breasts. I began to suck on her nipples when I stopped with a gasp as something warm, solid and strong clamped around my dick. “Let me pump you up, my love” she said and she began to flex her thick muscular legs around my dick in a slow steady rhythm. At the same time, she flexed a huge bicep and I looked over her chest in awe at the mighty peaks. The sensation of her powerful legs pumping on my dick surprised me as I began to get stiff again. I really didn’t think I had it in me after the bouts of enforced lovemaking that Agnes had already given me. But it definitely getting stiffer as thighs that could destroy a man gently massaged my dick stiff. “Oh Agnes. You are truly magnificent” I moaned in awe. As my dick got stiffer, the effects of her strong legs became greater. I could feel the strong inner thighs pulsing as her warm strong legs flexed then relaxed. Placing my hands upon her quads and feeling the hard muscle move just made me stiffer. “Never mind that dearee, feel this” she told me flexing her big split peaked bicep in front of my face. I did as I was told and was soon raging hard between her pulsating thighs. Agnes didn’t stop, she kept flexing her awesome thighs while flexing her arms for me to kiss and worship. “Oh Agnes, please!” I begged. I was like a rampaging animal in heat, trapped and desperate to get out.

No sooner had she opened her legs to let me go then I had got her up against the sideboard where upon she spread her legs. This time it was me who took her and I was so worked up that I just slid straight in. BAM BAM BAM BAM Oh my God I just couldn’t stop banging away this old woman with the beautifully muscled body of a top class bodybuilder. Oh what a Goddess of power. BAM BAM BAM BAM the powerful legs of Aberdeen Agnes wrap around my waist as I pumped away at the white haired muscle woman like a porn star. BAM BAM BAM BAM I run my hands over the bumpy contours of her abs, cup her breasts in my hands as she squeezes me gently in her mighty legs. BAM BAM BAM BAM I just can’t stop humping her in a lust fuelled craze, my previous milking by this woman prolonging my erection.  BAM BAM BAM BAM this time she didn’t need to use her powerful love muscles, I was like a horny dog humping away like crazy. BAM BAM BAM BAM I feel like I could go on for ages worshipping this stunningly powerful body. BAM BAM BAM BAM The beautifully toned body began to buck and heave, muscles rippling and heaving as she threw her head back. “Ohhhhh!” she came noisily, every muscle in her body taut and strained nearly breaking my hips in the process and triggering my own orgasm. “Ohhhh!” I hung on as she squeezed so tight that I couldn’t move while I was shooting it hard inside her. Finally we both collapsed in an exhausted heap.

After a few minutes the elderly muscle woman got up. “Well I can’t lie around all day. I must getting about supervising the ladies. I can’t be spending all day in here entertaining young men as pleasurable as it was” she tells me. I enjoyed one last look at her amazing body as she put her underwear back on. With a sigh, I got up and retrieved my clothes and also got dressed while she put back on her baggy gym legging and tight top. She opened an address book lying on the table and scribbled down something onto a yellow sticky notepad then handed it to me. “This was the number I was meant to ring if I saw you” she told me. It was a mobile number but I thought I knew someone who could help track it down. I thanked her for her hospitality then she led me back out into the main hall. I’d forgotten all about the women working out in the main hall and hurried through with my face turning red, trying to avoid eye contact with their knowing glances and sly smiles. Agnes took me to the entrance hall where I put my waterproofs and walking shoes back on then thanked her again. She gave me kiss and we said our farewells. “Well thank you dearee. Remember, if you are ever this way again, come and say hello to Aberdeen Agnes. I’ll treat you right” she told me as I left. I was so shagged out that it was the longest Scottish mile I had to walk back to my car
Franco sighed as the very expensive red Italian sports car turned into the drive. What could be so important to drag him away from his romps with his choir boys? The arch bishop turned off the engine and got out. Dressed in the finest vestments and draped with more bling than a British black gansta kid. He lowered the top price designer sunglasses and stretched out his hand for Franco to kiss. “Your reverence. What brings you to our humble abode?” “Cut the crap Franco. Do you take me for a weak man?” “Of course not your reverence”. The lavishly dressed man shoves a scientific periodical under his nose. “His papal holiness is a learned man and nearly had a fit when he saw this. He made me get out of my hot tub with two lovelies to explain to him why this crap appeared in print”. Unwillingly an image came to Franco reminding him of the sexual abuse scandal he silenced last year. “The covenant thought they had suppressed it” “Well they haven’t. Do you want the Italian media asking his holiness about God being a little green man with ten arms and legs?” “Of course not” “Well get off you big fat arse and kick those bitches into touch” “Perhaps the Ordo Novi Templi?” “The black Templers are busy chasing down and destroying the last copies of the Gospel of Christ and those that set eyes upon it” “The Sodalitium Pianum?” “The Vatican intelligence network are busy making sure that the 13 aren’t the only ones cashing in on the economic depression. The convent must succeed or there’s a nice missionary post in Iraq with your name on it”

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