Putting my kid sister back in her place (JACKIE#03)

Bobby gets Judo Boy to teach Jackie a lesson but it all goes horribly wrong

If you were Bobby wouldn’t you want to try to get your own back on your younger sister after she’d humiliated you in front of the whole school with her strong gymnast’s body?
(c) JIM P 2012

“Come on Bobby! Haven’t you learnt the concept of OTHER people” my brat sister shouted from the other side of the bathroom door. I spat the foaming white toothpaste from my mouth and yelled back with the minty taste still in my mouth “You’ll just have to learn to be patient”. The sun was shining through the frosted window pane causing me to squint as I had just woken up and found it a bit too strong for my eyes at that time in the morning. Standing at the basin in my pyjama bottoms, I took a swig of water and rinsed the taste of the toothpaste out my mouth. I wasn’t going to rush for her benefit, the little brat. Sliding back the mirrored panel, I took my razor and shaving foam from the wooden cabinet that was affixed to the wall then went back to the sink to shave. There was a knocking on the door. “Bobby! There is only one toilet in this house and you are hogging it” Jackie’s girlish voice grated on my nerves. Putting my shaving stuff back in the cabinet, I took out my aftershave and opened it to splash some of the stuff onto my face. More knocks. “Hurry up, you retard before I wet myself!” We were typical brother and sister. I didn’t exactly hate her but then we didn’t exactly have much love for each other either. We weren’t like those goody two-shoes ‘I love you. You’re my best friend and I’ll always stand by you’ siblings that was shoved in your face on TV. No, reality was somewhat different especially if you had a brat like Jackie for a sister. Returning the aftershave, I took out my comb and began to pull it through my black curly hair. Knock, knock. “Bob-by” it was a snarl. Good, let her wait. As usual, combing had no effect whatsoever. As soon as I had flattened one part of my hair, it would spring right back up again. Finding no other excuse to spruce myself up, I put back my comb and closed the cabinet then finally opened the door.

Jackie was standing in the door way, blocking my way with her hands on her hips and a look of irritation. “About time too; what do you do in there that takes so long?” she asked with a snotty attitude. Jackie wore a red sleeveless halter that barely came down below her budding breasts and a matching pair of skimpy shorts. Frankly, it made me uncomfortable seeing so much of my sister’s body especially as she wasn’t a little kid anymore but a developing teenager. I was two years her senior and stood 5’8″ to her 5’1″ or thereabouts but I felt physically intimated. You see, Jackie is a competitive gymnast whereas I’m not into sports at all. While she wasn’t very tall, her body was quite broad and very athletic. Years of top level competition had developed her body and standing face to face with her made me feel like a weedy stick insect compared to her well developed body.

I tried to push past her but her short sturdy body bulldozed me up against the door frame. Jackie pressed her chest against me, pinning me against the wood, and looked up into my face with her deep blue eyes that reminded me of how pretty she was becoming. “What’s wrong, Bobby?” her petite mouth with luscious lips moved as she spoke in a soft breathy voice that sent goose pimples up my spine. “Were you in there doing naughty things while thinking about me?” it was almost a seductive whisper that made me very uneasy. “Don’t talk like that. Get out of my way, brat” I told her and tried to squeeze past but she pressed her body firm against me so I couldn’t move. Even though she is a lot shorter than me, her body seemed to have a lot of mass. I looked down at broad shoulders with well defined shoulder caps like rounded hubcaps on each side. Her torso then tapered away in a wide based inverted V shape down to her waist and then sloped back out to disturbingly curved hips. That body pressing against me, made me feel very uncomfortable and I was acutely aware of her small developing bust pressing against my bare chest with only a bit of skimpy material between them. I was certain that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that made things worse no matter how hard I tried not to think about it.

With long golden hair flowing around a small heart shaped face with a cute slender nose and a small mouth, I had to admit that Jackie was becoming a very attractive young woman even though she still acted like a little brat. “You be careful what you say to me Bobby” she warned in a soft voice that had an edge to it. The pressure lifted from my body as she stepped back to the middle of the doorway, still blocking my way with her hands on her hips as if challenging me. I looked at her long slim neck and the sharply defined traps like thick triangles that sloped down to wide shoulders capped with prominent hard ends. The clavicle which ran along the top of her chest broken by the hollow at the base of her throat was much more defined than I’d seen on other girls. My eyes were drawn to her bare arms which were relaxed and slender but the blue vein that ran down the front of each arm and a vein covered forearm made me uneasy. They reminded me that my sister worked out a lot with heavy weights to keep in top competition shape.

The red halter was obscenely short but I couldn’t help looking at the vast expanse of her firm toned stomach. Irregular, vaguely square slabs like a bar of white chocolate ran up the centre of her belly, moving slowly in and out as she breathed. The sight was mesmerising. It was like watching a living carpet of hard well defined slabs that sank irregularly into her stomach to become a shallow grid work then rise back up again. Around her abs, her obliques ran off at a tangent almost looking like ribs, running diagonally up to her sides. Most disturbing of all, a pair of deep lines in a wide V shape across the bottom of her abdomen sloped inwards towards her crotch disappearing beneath her briefs. Yes, I know she is my younger sister, but I was at that age where girls were becoming interesting and Jackie’s fit toned body was confusing my developing hormones. The sight of a moving, gently flexing, sculpted stomach on my little sister was disturbing, kind of sexy yet scary at the same time. My breathing deepened and I felt myself get warm.

“What’s the matter Bobby? You look kind of flustered” she’d caught me staring at her abs. “N..nothing” I stammered, my cheeks burning and feeling a bit of a pervert for gawping at my sister. “You, you shouldn’t walk around the house dressed like that. You’re not a little girl anymore” I stammered out. Jackie chuckled then said “Why? I’m not ashamed of my body. Anyway it’s not those you should be worried about. It’s these”. SLAP! SLAP! The sound of her hand slapping her hard thighs made me look down and then I wished I hadn’t. Jackie’s legs were very thick for her height but they weren’t fat, they were solid muscle. A thick slab adorned her outer thighs, highly toned and very solid looking as it wrapped all the way to the front of her leg where it met another long narrow muscle. Adjacent to this on the inner side of upper leg was a pear drop shaped muscle. Even with her legs relaxed there was no doubt that my younger sibling had big quads and that made me feel very weak at the knees, remembering their sheer awesome power that led to my humiliation [BOBP#1].

I quickly looked away, raising my eyes but then noticing her right forearm swelling thickly near the inside of her elbow with a thick cord running along to her slim wrists. I held my breath as she rotated her arm upwards, her fist clenched as her forearm slowly bent towards vertical. My heart pounded in my ears as the top of her arm thickened and swelled into a gentle bump. But the bump continued to grow steadily on her slim arms, getting larger and more pronounced until a thick dense bulging bicep stood menacingly like a small mountain covered with thin skin.  Underneath her arm, triceps swelled forming a distinct curve. Her forearm had also expanded at the base becoming really wide with thick writhing cords and veins running along it. Oh my God, I really felt so weak. My little sister had bigger muscles than I did, much bigger and much stronger. The sheer raw power seemed to emanate from her flexed arm, absolutely terrifying on a girl so young but I just couldn’t stop myself gawping with a growing tension in my groin. Why do gymnasts need such big muscles? It wasn’t right that a girl so young should have muscles like that; it wasn’t fair; it shouldn’t be allowed. I was totally paralysed, unable to look away. Jackie smiled sweetly and stared into my eyes. Her small mouth opened and the words came out softly “Anytime Bobby”. She paused to let the dreadful words sink in. “Anytime you want me to kick your arse again” the words were quiet, soft but their meaning was full of menace. My brat sister was threatening me and her well built muscular body reinforced the message that she was full capable of backing her words with action. “In front of your friends; in front of everyone. Just let me know and I will be more than happy to oblige” she said.

That dreadful arm with the towering bicep lowered. “Cheer up, Bobby” she said chirpily and I flinched as she reached towards my face and pinched my cheek. “Kluck kluck!” she made clucking noises then pushed pass me into the bathroom and closed the door. My heart was racing and I was breathing quickly as if I had been holding my breath. Feeling ashamed, I went quickly to my room and shut the door, grateful that I was wearing loose pyjama bottoms to cover the embarrassing stiff bulge and trying to shake the vision of those abs and biceps out of my mind.

Jackie always used to be a bit of a pain as all kid sisters are to their older brothers. There was the usual sort of sibling rivalry, but nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until that fateful, er, incident. On the face of it, nothing appeared to have changed between us there was a sort of unspoken tension and unease whenever I got glimpses of bare toned body. Thankfully she didn’t go around bragging about it, although whenever I saw her with her mates they would all look at me and talk in giggles. Of course the nasty kids kept taunting me about how my little sister wiped me out good and proper not once but twice, the last being in front of everyone. There were also weird rumours about Jackie beating up a teacher which I couldn’t believe [JACKIE#1]. I mean, she’s not that bad and no-one had called my parents into the headmaster’s office but I kept seeing kids in her class give her strange looks and step out of her way. The truth was those incidents had shaken me. Her gymnastics had made her stronger than me and she had used that with wrestling moves she saw on the TV. She needed to be put back in her place and I had an idea how.

There’s this much older boy called Glenn, who does Judo in the evenings at the sports hall. He’s like 21 or something and everyone just calls him ‘Judo Boy’ cos that was he does. He’s alright but to be honest he can be a bit of a bastard and loves putting other boys into painful judo holds and making them suffer.

So it was that on a warm summers’ evening, I found myself nervously walking around to the back of the sports block. This was a large concrete block of a building tucked away in the corner of the school grounds. This backed onto a row of houses, separated by a metal fence with triple spiked vertical rails that resembled spikes partly covered by some tall overgrown shrubs. That meant it was secluded and not overlooked. Spread upon the wide strip of grass between the block and the fence was several large gym mats upon which Judo Boy was limbering up. He was wearing a short white gi jacket tied with a black belt and a small pair of white shorts that showed off his big pale hairy legs, which to be honest, wasn’t pleasant but I daren’t say anything. Judo Boy is over 6 foot tall and very heavily built, but you wouldn’t say overweight unless you wanted your legs tied around your neck.

“So where is she then?” he growled. “She’ll be along in a minute after she’s finished her Gymnastics club. I told her to meet me here” I replied. His face was chubby with small eyes, a stubby nose and a wide mouth. Short curly sandy coloured hair framed his head. He wasn’t known for his patience and I just hoped Jackie would hurry up before he decided to practice on me. The minutes dragged on and Judo Boy was flinging himself around the mat when Jackie walked around the corner of the building.

My sister wore a crisply ironed short sleeved white blouse buttoned up to her neck and around which she wore a dark blue silk tie that featured wide diagonal blue and black stripes. A short pleated grey skirt swirled around the top of her bare thighs as she strode towards us. On her feet were calve length white socks and sensible black leather shoes. Her long golden hair was worn loose and gleamed in the sunlight. “What are doing here, Bobby? You need to walk me home” she said. She was carrying her kit bag in her hands before and impulsively I swung my hands up, knocking it out sending it to the ground with a satisfying thump. “Childish Bobby, really childish” she snarled then bent over to retrieve it up. As she leant forwards, the short pleated skirt rose up around her backside giving a glimpse of skimpy white knickers barely covering tight rounded buttocks. “Corr! Your sister’s got a great arse” Judo Boy moaned. I don’t know if she never heard him but she seemed to spend a lot longer than necessary bent over showing off her small compact backside.

“Go home, Jackie. You’re old enough to go home on your own. I’m staying here. Judo Boy is going to show me a few things” I told her. That made her stand up straight. She whirled around to face me, looking up at me with wide blue eyes trying to look cute. “Oh Bobby darling, you are not going to learn Judo” her voice was beguiling like cream pouring over sugar. She ran her finger up and down the front of my shirt as she spoke.  “Judo won’t save you from me kicking your arse again” she said sweetly. “What did she say?” Judo Boy asked. “Er, nothing. Ignore her. She’s just a silly gymnast” I replied. “Gymnastics is not silly. It’s better than silly Judo any day” she snapped back. Hook, line and sinker. “Judo can kick a gymnast’s arse any day” Judo Boy laughed. “You’re just a bunch of pansies prancing around in leotards” he added derisively. “Yeah, well you aren’t teaching Bobby Judo. Come along Bobby” she ordered in a raised voice. She raised herself up on tip toes so that her came close to mine. “I said now, Bobby” she hissed with menace. “I’m staying here” I told her firmly shaking her off. She tried to take hold of my arm but Judo Boy stepped in.

What happened next was glorious. Judo Boy grabbed Jackie’s arm and pulled it over his shoulder as he turned towards the mat and immediately bent forward. My sister went flying over his shoulder, head over heels with her pleated skirt billowing around her waist and her bare legs flailing uselessly. SLAM! her back hit the mat and bounced. THUD! The large bulky lad dropped down, draped his big legs across her chest and pulled her arm between them. “Arhk!” she shrieked as he bent her arm back against his groin. “This is an arm bar, darling. I bet they don’t teach you this in gymnastics” he told her. She was shrieking and slapping her free hand against the mat with her legs kicking around. Oh this was really making my day. Maintaining the armbar, he got to his knees forcing her to do the same. This was good, my brat sister was forced to kneel before this lad, powerless to stop him. “Arkk!” another a squeal as she was forced to stand up and bend over perpendicular to her legs. “Bend over bitch or I’ll break your arm” he ordered. I smiled as her face was red with frustration as she had no choice but to comply.

With his free hand Judo Boy pulled back the hem of her skirt and draped the pleats over her waist exposing her backside and the rather skimpy knickers she wore. Did mum know about that? I’m sure that she would have a fit if she knew. I started to feel a bit uneasy when Judo Boy placed his large hand on her backside and began to move it around to have a good feel. “No, no, stop it” she protested “Ouch!” she squealed as he applied more pressure to her arm. “Wow Bobby, your sister’s got a great arse. I bet you like looking at it all day” he said. “No, no! Ouch!” Jackie tried to kick backwards at his shin but he anticipated this and skipped his foot out of the way. Laughing he raised her arm higher forcing her to bend further forwards until she was almost doubled over. “Try that again, love, and I’ll break your bloody arm” he snarled then began to spank her arse. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Loud resounding smacks echoed through the air eliciting howls of pain from my sister. She might have a hard muscular backside but Judo Boy’s hand was big and strong dealing out blows that made me winces. I was laughing so hard, the tears rolled down my cheek.

Her buttocks were red raw when he finally stopped and she was sobbing her little heart out. The big bulky lad loomed over her as he twisted her arm to force her to stand straight. Immediately he kick the back of her legs, sweeping her feet away from under her and deposited her on her back on  the mat. SLAM! Oh how I laughed as the judo expert put my brat sister into hold after hold, each one employing a painful armlock or armbar that had her squealing like a little pig. She was so utterly helpless and squealing. Her face was no longer pretty but red and bunched up with tears running down her cheeks. Oh yes, he was really putting her in place. It was a shame there weren’t anyone else around to watch it. Every now and then, he forced her to her feet then slammed her around before putting her into another hold. It was wonderful to watch. Then it all started to go wrong.

Judo Boy had got my sister to sit in front of him with her back against his chest. She looked so small against his big bulky frame, with her blonde hair splayed out over his chest. The arms of his off-white gi jacket locked tightly around her small slim neck. My sister was pushing against the mat with her feet trying to buck her body off the ground while frantically clawing at his arms. She looked worried, maybe scared, with her face turning red. “This is a sleeper hold, love. I can knock you out whenever I want then do whatever I want with you and there would be nothing that you could do about it” he told her. I didn’t like that he was looking at her with a hungry look, he was practically drooling. Maintain the choke with one arm, he reached down and pulled up her skirt with the other. Jackie seemed dazed, her legs slowing down. Her hands slapped feebly at his as it moved to the front of her white knickers. I felt sick as he began rubbing his hand up and down her camel’s foot. “This makes them cum really hard, Bobby. Your sister is a real hottie, a real hottie” he told me, his mouth hanging open and practically panting. I didn’t like this at all, but what could I do? “Er, Glenn. You shouldn’t be doing that. Please. Stop” I begged.

“Shut up, Priest or you’ll be sucking my cock” he snarled. Thankfully he stopped his filthy perving and let her head drop to the grass. She almost looked out of it, lying on the mat with her eyes wandering. At that moment, she seemed so weak and vulnerable that I felt a strong urge to protect her. She was family after all. I couldn’t let this bully abuse her. “Please Judo Boy. She’s learnt her lesson. I need to take her home now or our parents will get worried” I told him. He just leered at her as he answered me without even looking in my direction. “You can go but she’s staying here until I’ve finished with her”. That’s when he looked up at me and I saw a cruel heartless thug. “Let’s just consider it your payment for services rendered, or are you going to stop me?” he glared with a horrible grin challenging me. What could I do? He would tie me into a pretzel.

Still glaring at me, the Judo bully sat astride my sister’s face pinning her shoulders with his hairy knees. That’s when he did something which made me feel physically sick to the pit of my stomach. The big bully lowered his big fat arse onto my sister’s sweet little face and pressed the big bulge at the front of his shorts against her mouth. “You wanna sweetie little girl? Something to suck on? Then suck on this” he chuckled nastily. “Mmmm mmmm” I heard Jackie’s muffled protests but there was nothing that she could do, she was pinned. I was her only saviour but I was too petrified to move. Oh dear God, no! He leant forward; reaching for her knickers again then slipped his hand beneath the white fabric. “Mmmm mmmm!” Jackie’s muffled shrieks of distress scared me. “Like that don’t you little girl?” he sneered. It was no use, I had to do something “Get off my sister, Glenn, er Judo..”. He cut me off with a shout and an evil glare “Shut up Priest or I’ll stick it up your arse”. “I bet you’d like it as well, wouldn’t you Priest?” he chuckled nastily as the fat bastard sat on my sister’s pretty girlish face with the bulging package in his shorts shoved in her mouth. “Yeah I’ve never done a brother and sister before” He laughed but he didn’t laugh for long.

As soon as the bare legs and white socks came together with her knees bent and feet flat on the mat, I knew Jackie was up to something. Her toned thighs went taut and tendons tensed as she seemed to try to push her backside into the mat. Suddenly a rippling wave of power surged along her thighs then her legs sprang into the air pulling up her backside. With amazing flexibility, her back lifted from the mat in a rolling motion as she folded herself in two. Like a released mousetrap driven by the power of her thighs, her legs hurtled on a collision course for Judo Boy’s head. “Watch out!” I cried, but it was too late. Her thick smooth thighs slid around the sides of his head and slipped a leggy noose to his neck. The whites of her knickers showed as the pleats of her skirt fell away as her tight rounded peach of a backside rose towards the sky. Brilliant white socks covering shapely muscled calves came together as her feet crossed and locked behind his head. That all happened in an instant. I gasped as her big shiny thighs and hamstrings expanded like balloons, swelling up around his trapped head to envelop it in dense wall of female muscle. Not the sort of party balloons you buy in the shops that burst easy, but big industrial strength balloons covered with smooth hairless skin and bulging with a raw power and looking as solid as steel.

“Nnnnn!” Judo Boy cried through clenched teeth, his eyes wide with shock as he experienced the power of my sister’s legs for the first time. Those big muscular thighs seemed to ripple with raw power as my sister tensed them to try and crush his neck. “Nnnnn!” it was a louder groan, almost a scream that he tried to hold in. Deeply cut lines appeared at the back of her legs as her hamstrings swelled into long sturdy smooth topped hills of skin covered iron, compressing the sides of his jaw and cheeks. “Nnnnn!” the groans sounded more desperate, his eyes showing shock as his hands encountered thick solid living wall of teenaged muscle crushing tightly around his neck. “You wanted to get between my legs, now you’ve got it you bastard!” my sister hissed angrily. “Feel the power of a gymnast’s legs and weep, you horrid boy!” she cried. “Nnnnn!” his face screwed tight as he tried to hold in the pain and reach behind his head for her knees. Clenching his eyes, he tried to wrench Jackie’s legs apart, but it was like his neck was trapped in quick drying concrete. He tugged and tugged but her legs were locked as solid as stone and wouldn’t budge a centimetre.

“Nnnnn!” he slapped at her legs in desperation, loud stinging slaps of flesh against stone covered skin. “Nnnnneeee!” his groan broke into a scream as Jackie’s buttocks clenched and her legs visibly tightened. They looked so solid and powerful, a raw elemental force coming together which his fat neck couldn’t oppose. His face was wedged so close to my sister’s backside that her skimpy white knickers and clenching buttocks must have been the only thing he could see. “Arghh!” he cried out as he tugged again at her knees, his face bright red as it was crushed between bulging thick legs that looked more powerful than an industrial press. “Nnaorgh!” he could barely move his mouth now with the terrible pressure compressing his jaw. The big hulking young man in a Judo jacket was being completely dominated by a mere teenaged schoolgirl as she lay with her face beneath him with her body folded over like a U pin, reverse scissoring him with her strong gymnast’s legs.

KERSLAM! Suddenly Jackie’s leggy twin towers of pain slammed to the mat carrying Judo Boy’s trapped head with them. His big heavy body snapped over her like a fat whip pivoting around his neck and landed heavily on his back then rolled to his side. His weight pulled Jackie over onto her side too, yet her thickly swelling thighs clung onto to his neck like a limpet. His eyes flew open wide and then went weird like he’d lost control of them. I was genuinely surprised that she hadn’t snapped his neck with that move. The large bulky Judo expert now lay upon his side on the mat with his neck resting on my sister’s inner thigh while the inside of her other thigh pressed down like a guillotine clamping his face so he could only look at her backside.

“You horrid boy!” Jackie shouted. “You horrid, horrid boy!” she was still mighty pissed. “Urkkk Urkkk!” she accented each ‘horrid’ by clenching her buttocks into shiny steely hard rounded balls that took my breath away. Wow they were incredibly sexy, I know I wasn’t meant to say that but, wow, I loved the way her buttocks flexed from a lovely small peach shape into a tight compressed rock hard ball twitching her knickers sharply inwards as she clenched. Those glutes flexed again but this time her buns remained steely hard. “Argh!” he cried, his face looked strained and really red like someone was strangling him. “Arrrrgh!” a slower cry of pain escaped his lips as Jackie began to straighten out her legs. The leg which was on top of his neck actually moved a good inch or two downwards, crushing his neck like a trapped coke can. Her outer thigh looked absolutely fearsome, flexed rock hard, the muscle standing out in perfect definition like an anatomy chart, smooth skin glistening with muscle tone. “Arghh!” he cried again, his eyes clenched and his face turning a darker red. Jackie effortlessly maintained the relentless brutal pressure, really making him suffer.

Judo Boy’s eyes began to flutter and just as I thought he was going to pass out, her glutes relaxed as she eased off the pressure. Pressing her hands against the mat, she pushed off and rolled forcing Judo Boy onto his back with her lying on his ample chest. My sister slid back a bit and I saw his jaw disappear between the base of her buttocks while his throat slid right to the apex of her legs. “How dare you touch me there? You filthy pig” she was still angry. “Nnghhh!” he cried out as the back of her skirt twitched and folded in the middle as she flexed her stony glutes once more. She also raised her feet onto her toes and stretched her legs out straight. “Mnnnn!” he grunted through clenched teeth, his face screwed tight. But he wasn’t going to go quietly. Judo Boy reached back behind his head and got his hands on her calves. His hand encountered rocky slabs jutting from the white socks; thick, dense solid slabs that bulged and stretched her socks like she had large rocks down there. “Mmnagh!” his hands shook but they were as immobile as the rocky landscape they resembled.

I felt very uncomfortable as I watched my little sister crush the stuffing out of a much bigger and older guy. OK the guy was a creep who had gone too far in trying to put the brat in her place but he was a Judo expert for God’s sake! He shouldn’t be getting destroyed by a pretty teenaged schoolgirl. She wasn’t even one of those ugly mannish CHAVs, yet her gymnast’s strong toned legs looked so powerful and unbeatable as they chewed out his neck. Judo Boy still wasn’t going to give up to a little girl and held onto her buttocks then tried pumping his body up and down using his legs but Jackie just rode his big bulky chest like a bucking bronco. SLAP! “Ouch!” Jackie squealed as a big palm slapped her hard on her compact shapely backside. “You bastard” she snarled. Gritting her teeth with a savage look of determination, Jackie powered down hard flexing her arse that the tight buttocks pressed against each other like continental shelves in the centre of her backside. “Arghh!” he screamed loudly. Her thighs and hams were so massively swollen that they seemed to swallow up his entire head. I was sure that she would break his neck or crack his skull. Yet the sheer power being exerted by such curvaceous and feminine legs had my dick stiffening in my pants. Yes I know she is my sister but at that moment she had the most beautiful and most powerful legs in the world. I just couldn’t help running my eyes along those shapely powerful curves in admiration. “Argkk!” Judo Boy shrieked painfully, his mouth squashed open and unable to move. His lower face was grossly distorted with his cheeks pushed up into painful red ridges and his jaw compacted into the narrow wedge between the bottom of her tightly clenched buttocks that it looked like it would break at any moment. With her mighty hams and thighs bulging like swollen grapefruit how could anyone cope with legs like that?

Judo Boy’s hands slid from her steely buttocks and closed his eyes. The bottom of his face was pinched so hard by Jackie’s powerfully bulging legs that his cheeks down to his jaw formed a very sharp V and his mouth was squeezed into a wide open tall narrow opening in his face. Suddenly the shape of his face became more normal and uncompressed as Jackie eased off the pressure. She slid a calve underneath the back of his head and locked him into a tight reverse figure 4 headscissors and began shaking his trapped head like a rag doll. Frighteningly Judo Boy didn’t make a sound or show any expression. He just lay there with his eyes closed and a slightly serene expression on his face. My cock felt like it was frozen solid, it was absolutely rigid as I realised that my younger sister had just knocked him right out. A pretty little blonde in a schoolgirl uniform had just knocked out a Judo expert with her legs. The concept was giving me the boner of the century. “Er, Jackie. I, er, think you’ve knocked him out” I told my sister. She just glared at me for a moment then with a look of resignation, opened her legs. His head fell limply out of her deadly leggy prison onto the mat and didn’t move. I quickly tried to cover up my boner but if she noticed she didn’t remark on it. “Well so much for Judo. You’re next, Bobby” she told me getting to her feet.

“Wh..what? What did I do?” I protested as she stomped towards me with a look of anger that rooted me to the spot in fear. After what she had just done to Judo Boy, I was absolutely terrified of what she might do to me. “Please Jackie. I was trying to get him off you” I whined, my fear showing in my voice. I was older and taller than her yet that scary strongly built body made me feel small and weak. She roughly grabbed the front of my shirt scrunching it up with one hand and wagged her finger at me with the other. “You set that pig onto me, Bobby. Because you’re too much a wimp to fight me yourself” she hissed. “N..no, Jackie. P..please I didn’t I swear” I protested. “Don’t lie to me Bobby”. BLAM! A blurred rocket blasted into my jaw so hard that it whipped my head around fast. Ouch, that blooming hurt! My aching jaw! She just hit me! She actually hit me with a fist! I was so shocked; she had never done that before. My senses stopping whirling and I saw an angry looking brat with her fist raised. Part in anger for her physically violating me and partly because she had a strong punch that I didn’t want to feel again, I lashed out. I had never punched anyone before let alone a girl and felt shame as my fist grazed her cheek when she didn’t move her head quickly enough. “Bastard!” she swore then swung at me. BLAM! A small hard fist hammered my cheek with such force that I actually staggered back under the blow exercising my jaw to make sure she hadn’t broken it. I never expected my little sister to able to punch so hard with her tiny fists. BLAM! I hardly saw her swing her arm before something smashed my jaw like someone yielding a cricket bat. My head spun and my jaw ached with pain. The next thing I felt was my back slamming onto the grass.

“Borpph!” Jackie’s whole weight dropped down on top of me on the point of one knee driving deep into my gut. Instinctively my body tried to fold forwards. The brat grabbed my hair and used it to hold my face up as a target while raising her fist again. No, Jackie please, I wanted to beg but my diaphragm had been smashed flat and I couldn’t work my mouth. BLAM! her fist was a mini-sledgehammer threatening to break my face. BLAM! If she didn’t punch my lights out first. Orrrrgh I just wanted to curl up and for my lungs to start working again but the little brat wouldn’t let me. BLAM! My little sister was beating the crap out of me and I was too winded to stop her. Tears of frustration, pain and humiliation welled in my eyes. “Come on, fight me, you little cry baby” her face might look sweet and innocent but her words and body were tough.

The little bitch let my battered head fall to the ground then leapt onto my chest. “Come on big brother. Stop your little sister kicking your arse again” she sneered. She raised her fists ready to mash my face and I immediately grabbed them to stop her. Twisting her hands out of my grasp I became tangled up in a trial of strength as she tried to press my arms to the floor. It was useless, as soon as I pushed one arm off to the side, she pushed it back with suspicious ease while laughing. It was like wrestling with an octopus, my arms were going every which way yet slowly they were being pushed down towards the ground. I was puffing and panting, my breath coming back to me as well as sweating like a pig with the exertion. “Oh yes, Bobby. Play with me” she chuckled as we fought then it occurred to me that she was just playing with me. That suspicion was confirmed when suddenly her left arm below her short sleeved blouse stiffened like a steel girder and knotted with muscle. SLAM! The back of my right hand hit the grass in an instant, pinned by such strength that I couldn’t move it at all, no how hard I tried. “So weak, Bobby. You should eat more fibre” She chuckled at my humiliation. No, No, No! I struggled and struggled trying to move my hand but it felt like it had been pegged to the grass. “Now stop your little sister pinning your other hand, Bobby dear” she purred and I saw her right begin to stiffen. Tears welled in my eyes as my frustration grew as my left hand was pressed inevitability towards the grass despite trying to focus all my strength into my arm to try and stop it. I felt the grass against the back of my hand as she pressed it all the way down and I felt the shame that my little sister had once again demonstrated that she was stronger than me.

Jackie slid forward, pinning my shoulders and sliding her soft warm inner thighs either side of my cheeks. I was terrified that she was going to crush my head as she had Judo Boy. “Please Jackie, I’m sorry” I gasped looking up at my younger sister’s face which seemed way up there above me. “Coo-ee, Mister Judo Boy. Come and save Bobby from his little sister giving him a beating” the bitch sang out. “No reply. I think he’s out for good, darling brother” she said. Sitting as high on my chest as she was, I was disgusted that I could see right up her skirt to her white knickers at her crotch. I couldn’t stop looking, before I realised it, I was staring at her camel’s toe with a shameful fascination. Disgusted with myself, I forced myself to look up at her face high above me, but that patch of white niggled away at the side of my vision. It was like how a rough tooth or broken filling worries your tongue, it keeps returning to it. “Are you looking at my knickers, you dirty boy?” I looked up shamefaced at being caught. Her face looked down at me with an air of smug superiority as long golden hair cascaded around her shoulders. It was bad enough, being beaten by my sister but what me feel worse was the white blouse, tie, short grey pleated skirt and bare thighs pinning me to the ground which reminded me that she was just a schoolgirl.

I heard a quiet groan. “Don’t think he will save you, Bobby” Jackie told me. I breathed a sigh of relief as she rose from my chest and disappeared from my vision. At last, it was all over. “Now what was that about Gymnastics being silly?” I heard Jackie ask and turned my head to see Judo Boy lying on his back on the mat, groaning quietly. Jackie stood at the edge of the mat several feet away from him. Orr my cheek and jaw still ached from her punches. Slowly I forced myself to my feet. “Come on Jackie, let it go. Let’s go home” I was tired and had enough for one day.  If I apologised enough to her on the way home, offered to do her chores for a fortnight and let her use my games console, I was sure that she would let the matter drop, but Jackie was having none of it. “Not until I show you what gymnasts can really do, Boys” she empathized the last word making it sound like an insult.

Turning her back on the young man, she leant forward and swung her arms back. From my position at the side, I couldn’t help noticing the well developed swell of her thighs and hams with mounting power. Then suddenly she quite literally sprang into action, hurling herself backwards; her quads still quivering with energy as they propelled her to an amazing height. Over she went, her body looking sleek as it described a perfect arc high above the mat. FLAP! She came down almost vertically in a handstand facing the floored Judo Boy who watched in complete bafflement. In the blink of an eye, her arms bent at the elbows to absorb the shock of the landing before snapping straight as they pushed her off again. I held my breath as she arced high once more looking down at the mat. BERLAM! There was a loud meaty kind of hollow thump as Jackie belly flopped from a great height across Judo Boy’s stomach. “Borph!” he wailed with a sudden explosion of breath. His head and legs shot up as if hit by a 1000 volts.

Jackie, however, appeared unaffected and scrambled quickly to her feet giggling like a silly schoolgirl. “Oh poor jelly belly!” she giggled in a soft childlike voice. I remembered those deep cut abs from the morning and guessed that they had something to do with it. Walking quickly to the other end of the mat she stood still with her arms and legs straight with her back to the mat once more. Raising her arms, she raised herself onto tiptoe causing a large rugged slab to jut out from each white sock, stretching them so much that a hard edged cleft was clearly visible in each calve. Her arms swung down as she bent her knees and then she was off again, her powerful quads quivering in full definition as they drove her into a whole series of rapid backflips. FLAP FLAP FLAP she rocketed down the mat like a speeding express train flipping hands over heels. FLAP! she came down on her feet about four feet away from Judo Boy with her back to him. The socks stretched to contain her massive swelling calves as she propelled herself backwards high above the mat. Her skirt flared around her waist as her hands hit the mat about a foot away. FLAP! her strong arms sprung her into the air facing down. BERLAM! Another belly flop, another loud hollow thump. “Aruuuuugh!” a strained groan escaped Judo Boy’s downturned mouth, his face a downcast mask of misery.

With Judo Boy groaning on the mat, my sister jumped upon him and got into a sitting position on his chest. Her pleats spread out like a large fan around her waist. Smooth bare thighs stretched out to pin his shoulders under her calves. I found myself admiring the amount of sturdy creamy skinned leg on display before I got a grip. “Yeah! Gymnastics rocks!” my sister exclaimed jubilantly and flexed her arms in victory. Judo Boy’s eyes went wide with shock as big solid biceps grew on this schoolgirl’s arms. “Judo is pants!” she cried in triumph and flexed again. From slim relaxed arms, they expanded dramatically with big soaring rounded top biceps and thick triceps. The difference in size between relaxed and flexed was really quite astounding. Her forearms were also formidable looking, long triangular shapes that sloped to a tiny wrist were her small hands clenched into fists. The sight filled me with unease. My little sister was proudly showing off massive muscle that no teenage girl should have. Loathed as I was to admit but they were much bigger than my own. Yet at the same time there was something primal and erotic about a fit strong bodied gymnast in a school uniform flexing in victory over a pinned Judo expert. “Gymnastics kicks Judo’s arse” she crowed. He gawped at her arms in disbelief with a tent growing at the front of his shorts.

“Come on mister Judo Boy. You wanted to play rough, well you’ve got it” Jackie told him in a soft girlish voice. She flung herself upon the guy’s chest and seized his head, wrapping an arm around the back and pulling it tight against her side with her other hand. Her smooth slim arms thickened and became rugged as her biceps swelled, the blue vein running along it becoming very pronounced. “Arngh!” the big guy in the Judo jacket grunted struggling in the schoolgirl’s tight looking headlock. He managed to get his forearm across the front of her slender neck and tried to press against it while trying to get some purchase on the ground with his legs. Jackie gritted her teeth in annoyance and after several attempts shook his arm off, while not letting up the pressure on his head. Below her short white sleeves, her arms looked scarily strong for a young girl. Dense peaked muscle dug deep into the older guy’s neck, rippling and swelling with rugged bicep veins and thick corded forearms. The shoulders of her short sleeved blouse contained large rounded rocks that strained as she tried to crush his neck with her young arms.

Judo boy started bucking his body, causing the lighter girl to bounce up and down, almost getting dislodged. Gritting her teeth in concentration, Jackie clung on to his head and spread her legs upon the mat to form a more stable base then pushed with her feet so that she could press her weight down on his upper chest. Unfortunately having her legs open wide for stability while wearing a short skirt meant exposing white panties stretched over her crotch which kept attracting my eyes like a black hole. My sister pushed her body back hard, straining to restrain the bulky lad as he slid around the mat beneath her. This caused her white blouse to stretch tight across her midriff and I could actually make out the clearly delineated series of bumps of her abs.

He was bigger and heavier than my sister and was bucking and sliding around the mat dragging her along for the ride. “Orrrgh!” he groaned with his eyes screwed tight and face turning red as the little blonde clung on to his neck overwhelming him with her powerfully built upper body. “Orghh!” he cried again and no wonder, the short sleeve of her white blouse was taut around a large rounded shoulder cap below which her young bare bicep bulged densely with raw power against the side of his head. The mass of her triceps had also flared into a thick horseshoe which made her young arms look so powerful that they would surely bust his skull like an eggshell at any moment. “Noooo!” he cried and began to rock back and forth more violently while slapping in vain against her stony hard vascular arms.

Jackie lost her grip and both quickly got to their knees, facing the other. Their chests came together, a large chest with a protruding belly covered in a gi pressing against a smaller female chest wearing a white blouse and tie. Their arms grappled as each tried to get a headlock around the other. Despite the bulk of the older lad, Jackie’s strongly shaped upper body with the broad shoulders and tapering V shape, resisted his efforts to snare her while her thick rippling arms held him at bay. It was a complete impasse, Judo Boy unable to budge the arms of the smaller younger girl and I found the tension had made me very stiff indeed down below.

Suddenly Judo Boy made a double handed grab for Jackie’s arm but my sister was quicker. Moving like lightning she caught his wrist then threw her whole body backwards flinging her thick strong legs into the air. Hanging off his arm which was now pulled straight, her big meaty hamstrings slammed into his upper chest and stomach as her weight pulled him down to the mat. The teenaged brat immediately pulled his arm between her legs holding the back of hand against the small joined pyramids that stuck up from the otherwise flat lines of her blouse in a disturbing fashion. She’s getting boobs was the thought that flashed across my mind before I could stop it. Her sturdy athletic legs, bare down to her socks and shoes, pressed down across his throat and belly. I was shocked to realise that she had him in a cross body armbar “Yeah!” she shouted with glee “This was that move you did on me with my arm, wasn’t it?” she asked, not waiting for a response. “And then you raised your arse like this” she said. The bottom of her pleated skirt rose a short way from the mat allowing light to shine through. “Argh! No! No! You’ll break my arm. You don’t know what you’re doing” he screamed with his face twisted in agony as his arm was bent back over her raised crotch. “Why don’t you stop me and show me then?” she sneered. “Oh no, you can’t because a little schoolgirl is kicking your fat arse” she chuckled. “Argh! Arghh! No! Please!” he shrieked as my sister kept lowering and raising her firm rear torturing his arm. Her fresh face looked excited and her eyes were eager as she tried out this new move.

Suddenly she raised the leg from across his throat which caused his head to lurch towards her. As quick as a flash, the leg closed again trapping his chest as well as his locked arm in a thick leggy corridor of steel that scissored across the top of his chest and back. “Noooo!” he wailed as the big thick leg close to his face swelled up with devastating power. Oh God, she was punishing him with the very moves he had used against her. She was such a fast learner, it was scary. “Oh, Bobby. This is so cool” she chuckled with glee. SLAM! Holding his arm straight she twisted her hips, slamming Judo Boy’s body into the mat. “Oh I can’t wait to try it out on you” she chuckled which made me feel distinctly unwell. “Urrrhh! Arhkk!” Judo Boy cried out as the quads crushing his chest swelled as large as melons and looking as hard and shiny as marble. “Argh! Oh my God, No! Please stop” he shrieked, his face creased up and red with pain. Cruelly, my brat sister just laughed at him. She was really letting him have it, torturing his arm by bending it over her crotch and using her thick strong gymnast’s legs to twist his chest this way and that while crushing relentlessly.

“Argh! No, please stop, please” it was shocking to hear a guy who I thought was big and tough crying in pain and begging for mercy to a pretty teenage girl. Jackie ignored his pleas; she could be a right vicious bitch when she wanted. Her quads stood out in bold relief, an undeniable symbol of fearsome power, gleaming in the sun. “No, no, oh God no!” he wailed as Jackie’s swollen legs flexed steely hard beneath her short pleated skirt. I was shocked to see tears welling in the tough guy’s eyes. “Please God no more Arghhh!” he wailed pathetically as she gave him a brutal burst of devastating leggy girl power that had her quads quivering and looking shredded while his face turned purple as it twisted up in agony and his mouth hung open in a silent scream. The image of such utter conquest had my dick stiffening uncontrollably in my pants as I watched. After several long moments, my sister finally relaxed her legs and lowered her backside to the mat. She released him then got up looking down in contempt at the big young man sobbing quietly on the mat.

“I told you. Judo is crap. Gymnastics rocks” she crowed then turned to stare at me. “Doesn’t it, Bobby?” she asked. She looked so innocent standing there in her white blouse, tie, pleated skirt and socks yet there was an edge to her voice that made me fear the consequences if I disagreed. “Er, y..yes” I stammered.

A sly smile spread over her lips and her eyes sparkled mischievously. “I know. Why I don’t give you two boys a little demonstration. Come on watch me” she said. Judo Boy was still flat out on the mat sobbing. She raised her leg bent at the knee and the sock covered lower part swung forward to kick his side. “Watch me or else” she commanded causing him to look up as she moved to the centre of the mat. “Can you do this, Judo wimp?” she teased. My dick lurched as she dropped to the mat sliding her legs apart fore and aft into a perfect front splits. Ohhhh! I’ve seen her do that many times and it got me every time. There is something about a girl doing the splits that goes straight to the groin. “Boys always seem to like that. Probably because they can’t do them without doing themselves a mischief” she addressed Judo Boy with a cheeky smile. He had stopped crying and was watching her intensely. She folded the leg trailing behind her at the knee and grabbed her foot with her hand and did some stretching exercises. This also had the effect of making her biceps bounce up and down as she stretched her lower leg. She reversed her splits and did the same with her other leg.

Stretching finished, my flexible sister swung both legs around so that she sat with them straight in front. With her palms on either side she began to press down, her arms going taut as they straightened supporting her weight as she raised herself while remaining in a seated position. “Jeese, look at those huge lats and those triceps” Judo Boy gasped as Jackie sat several inches off the ground with both legs straight out in front perfectly steady without shaking. Her shoulders seemed vast as her thick dense lats sloped dramatically downwards in a bulging curve from neck to shoulder caps. Arched over like that, as her arms took the strain, they were absolutely enormous. Her shoulder caps were huge like bowling balls, pushing up the short sleeves of her blouse so that I could see the massive hard curves as they merged into stunningly massive triceps resembling huge pincers pointing down towards her elbow. Keeping her body perfectly steady, her arms were like carved marble pillars.

Steadily supported by her arms, Jackie’s toned athletic legs moved apart forming a wide forward facing V parallel to the mat. The short pleated skirt fell back to show off my sister’s big legs in all their shapely glory.  Each reminded me of a Hercules air transport, big, sleek and powerful. Thick slabs of sculpted thigh muscle stood proud sweeping boldly down the outside of her leg coming to a rounded point close to her knee. The hamstrings swelled deep and strong looking adding a sexy curve to the backs of her legs. I had to admit that my sister had the best legs of any girl I knew. “Jeese, how old did you say she was?” Judo Boy asked me although his eyes were firmly glued on my sister’s fit athletic body. Actually I hadn’t told him as I had been too embarrassed to tell him the age of the young girl who had beaten me so convincingly. Her fit body and muscular development had given her eye catching curves and a tight arse that was miles better than much older girls who thought themselves really hot.

“Phroar!” Judo Body moaned with lust. I moved around to his viewpoint. He was getting it full on; her wide open legs; her pleated skirt riding up at the waist to expose her knickers stretched tight outlining her mound. My heart was racing, my breathing quickened and my face felt warm. It was so blatant yet gymnasts did this sort of thing all the time. “I bet you can’t do this, boys” she said then cheekily stuck out her tongue at us. In a smooth motion, the leggy V rose towards her head and stopped at about 45 degrees. Her upper body strength was amazing as her rippling arms continued to hold her in a raised seated position. “Huhh huhh huhh” Judo Boy was panting at the sight of my sister’s wide open legs. Her abs pressed like a wide ribbed column against her blouse which made tight by her swelling upper body. My own breathing was becoming heavier and faster, my heart racing with anticipation. I knew what was coming next, I had seen Jackie and others do it before. It was probably the sexiest move in women’s gymnastics and Jackie was an expert.

Not showing the strain on her face, the strong legged V swung to vertical then swept back even further demonstrating my sister’s extreme flexibility. This move also caused Jackie’s crotch to thrust forward, as if presenting her genitals to us. It was so powerfully erotic, little girls should be banned from doing it but the effect was always the same. “Orrrrr!” Judo Boy moaned loud and I felt the same. She might be my sister but she was also a very fit girl with very shapely legs thrusting her crotch at us. I couldn’t help it, I’m just a boy and that pose was just too much for any red-blooded male. Female gymnasts who do this move know full well the effect that it has, I’ve overheard them call it the instant boner and they were dead right. My dick was so stiff that it pressed uncomfortably against the inside of my trousers. “Nnnnnnoorrr!” Judo Boy looked delirious, his eyes wide and his mouth open gawping at my sister in a manner that made me feel awkward.

Jackie lowered the stiff legged V back to horizontal position before lowering herself back to the mat. “Like that boys? Then you’ll love this” she said with a cheeky smile. Keeping her legs wide, she placed her hands palms down between her legs then pressed herself up once more into a raised sitting position with her legs in a front facing V. “OMG!” Judo Boy gasped as my sister suddenly lifted one hand from the mat and stretched it out before her. “OMG, she’s doing that one handed” he gasped. I had never seen her do this before and was equally amazed. My little sister was supporting herself in a raised seated position with her legs stretched out in a V with just one hand, without a wobble. I saw the look of concentration on her youthful fresh face as she maintained her balance for several seconds before returning her hand to the mat.

Pressing down on both arms, Jackie raised her torso and lent forwards over her arms while her legs came together and folded enabling them to swing under her body then stretch out behind. Leaning further forward while raising her legs behind her, she pivoted her whole body on her arms until it was parallel to the mat. With a sudden mighty surge, her whole body swung into a handstand. Her head pointing towards the mat while her straight legs pointed skywards. “Oh..my…God!” Judo Boy gasped. Jackie’s pleats fell back around her waist and I marvelled at how thick and well muscled her legs were with incredibly defined quads for a girl her age. With amazing stability, Jackie raised one arm and I heard Judo Boy gasp again at the one armed handstand. Returning her hand to the mat, her legs slowly moved apart. “Orrhhhh God!” Judo Boy moaned. Orrhhh indeed her smooth athletic legs were so sinuous and sensual as they moved, it was hard to remember that this was my little sister and she shouldn’t be giving me a raging hard-on. Yet you try telling your dick that when a girl is in front of you doing the splits while in a handstand, spreading her big shapely legs wide. The strong effect her body was having on me was deeply unsettling, yet I couldn’t tear my gaze away.

Her legs stretched out on either side horizontally like handlebars with her upturned body as the steering column. BERDOING! This was an instant boner move I hadn’t seen before and it was an effort not to rub the front of my trousers and mess my pants. Pincher like cords of muscle ran along the inside of her bare thighs directing my gaze to her crotch.

“Nnnn nnnn” Judo Boy lost it completely. With the tent at the front of his shorts twitching wildly, he rushed towards Jackie and to my horror started running his palms over the tops of her sweeping hamstrings while sticking his face right in her crotch! “Mmmm mmmm mmmm” the sick bastard was moving his face doing something that made my sister squeal. Oddly I felt a strong pang of jealousy. Suddenly Jackie sprang the mantrap and snapped her legs together around his head. Her quads began to swell and harden as she scissored his face right into her panties. “Mmmm mmm” he protested, frantically pulling at her big solid thighs causing her to wobble. “Mmmm mmm!” his muffled cries sounded more frantic as the muscular mass either side of his head compressed his head like a car crusher. He was clutching at her thick powerful legs desperately trying to relieve the pressure, rocking back and forth with his head locked in female iron. I was overawed by how powerful my little sister’s legs were and how easily she used them to dominate a much older man. It made me feel so weak realising how much stronger my younger sister was than me and a far better fighter too. “Mmmm mmm!” Judo Boy’s muffled screeches got louder, his desperate attempts to escape were causing Jackie’s handstand to sway uncontrollably. I saw his legs straighten and push overbalancing my sister. Down they went together, breaking her scissors.

He recovered first and quickly grabbed the nearest arm and bent it right back in a cruel armlock that had her crying in pain. He was really pissed and he forced her to her feet. SLAM! He threw her over his hip holding her arm then forced her up again. SLAM! He threw her in a cartwheel that lifted her high off the ground before hurtling to the mat. BLAM! “I’ll fix you, cockteaser” he snarled as he forced her to her feet again only to shoulder throw her. I was pleased that he had turned the tables and was finally putting my sister in her place, but the throbbing bulge at  the front of his shorts made me worry about what he would do afterwards.

Jackie lay dazed on her back, her skirt up around her stomach showing off her belly button and her knickers. “God your sister is a right hottie” Judo Boy said crouching to one knee by her side. I was disturbed to see that he was staring hungrily at her camel toe. “You were right about her attitude. She needs to be put in her place then she’ll make me a hot girlfriend” he added, lifted her weakly struggling body and draping her back across his knee. “G..girlfriend” I stammered in surprise. A sleazy smile spread across his face as he took her nearest arm, wrapped it up with his arm and trapped her wrist beneath his armpit. Jackie gave a grunt of pain as he tensed his arm stressing her elbow. “Yeah, my hot new girlfriend” he grinned. “But she’s only a teenager, you’re..you’re..” I stalled at his baleful glare. “I’m what, Priest?” he snapped. When I didn’t answer he returned his attention to my sister, placing his elbow on her lower abdomen just below the belly button and began pressing. “Mmmm!” Jackie moaned softly through a clenched mouth. “Nice and taut” he murmured then raised his elbow and drove it down. BAM! “Orrrr!” a wail of hurt escaped her lips. BAM! His elbow hammered again and dug in hard. “Orrr! Bobby, please!” she cried with actual tears running down her cheek and her face reddening. The big bully continued to press down with a sadistic look on his chubby face. Jackie was squealing in agony. “Do you give in?” he asked twisting his elbow cruelly like working a screw into her lower abdomen. “Orrrgh yes yes!” she shrieked. Laughing, he flung her face forward onto the mat then stood over her by her feet with his hands on his hips, preening like a peacock. “Then suck my dick” he told her. “Glenn!..I er mean Judo Boy..” I gasped in shock. “Do you want to suck it, Bobby? No? Then shut the feck up” he snarled as his face snapped towards me, his eyes glaring maliciously.

Out of the corner of my eye, there was a blur of motion as Jackie’s leg swept around in an arc and scythed Judo boy’s legs from under him. Her face was red from crying and her mouth was clenched with angry as she leapt towards him. To my surprise her body went tumbling head over heels with her skirt billowing as he stomach threw. She landed on her back and before she knew it, he was upon her, twisting her arm to force onto her belly. “Judo beats Gymnastics any day” he smirked as he pulled her pleated skirt back to reveal her compact peach. “Wot an arse” he moaned and ran his hand over her buttocks then followed the crease between them to her mound. “No, no, please. Bobby!” Jackie cried as he began rubbing. Something triggered deep inside me and I surprised myself by leaping forward to stop him. “Get off my sister!” I cried tugging at his thick arms and pulling his hand away.

Suddenly a big angry red faced bully is in my face, grabbing my shirt, hauling me to my feet and bulldozing me backwards to the edge of the mat. “Piss off home Priest. I’m going to screw her arse off without an audience” he snarled. SLAM! The world span as he slammed me to the mat. “Arghh!” I scream as he takes my arm and twists it. “Scram or I’ll break your arm” he snarled. “Arghh!” the bones in my arm felt like they were about to break already. Through bleary my teary eyes, I saw a familiar short squat figure running up behind him. Suddenly she tumbled forward into a hand spring then vaulted high into the air, her supple body arching backwards and twisting as it soars.

Judo Boy looked shocked as thick creamy smooth skinned legs fell down over his head from behind like a noose and a white sock covered calf clamped shut across his throat while another folded back to lock it in place. “Orrph!” he grunted in surprise as Jackie slammed into his back, pulled back his left arm and locked it in the crook of her arm. Wow! I had never seen that before. My little sister clung upside down on his back like a backpack holding on to his arm with her skirt billowing downwards exposing her panties while her strong legs crushed his head in a tight figure 4 scissors. “Urkk!” his eyes bulged as her hamstrings swelled compacted the sides of his face between strong solid mounds that looked stronger than mere cheekbone. Pulling his arm straight, Jackie threw herself backwards and the tall bully toppled like a falling tree.

For a second, I feared that he would fall on top of her but her body just back flipped underneath while he got flipped over savagely, his legs describing a wide arc as he was flung through the air with her legs still tightly clamped around his head. BERLAM! He landed heavily on his back. “Ohh!” he groaned. On her belly, Jackie looked up and smiled at me. “That was the Frankensteiner, Bobby. I saw it on telly the other night. Wasn’t it just cool?” her face shone with a kind of feral excitement that sent shivers down my spine. Oh God! I couldn’t believe that she had just done that. My younger sister displayed wrestling skills that were well beyond me and she’d picked this stuff up from the TV! That was too scary to think about yet my dick was still stiff with excitement.

Judo Boy looked stunned; I was surprised that she hadn’t broken his neck with that move. “Nobody picks on my big brother except me” Jackie told him sternly. Her voice made him jump and he looked up, his body tensed to fight off the next attack but he was too late. “Orrrphh!” his breath left him as the blonde gymnast’s sturdy body flopped upon his chest and stomach facing his feet. In an instant, her big thick strong legs clamped around his head and straightened with her white socks locked at the ankles in a classic reverse headscissors. The big dense muscles of her thighs and hamstrings ballooned chewing up his jaw and cheeks as they engulfed his head. “Urgh! Dear God!” he wailed, his voice showing his pain as his hands tugged uselessly at the massive railroad sleepers pushing inwards on either side of his face. “Gymnasts have very strong legs, don’t they Bobby?” she looked at me with a knowing smile, reminding me of my humiliating experience with those legs.

“Urghhh!” he groaned loudly as his face turned bright red and he tugged in desperation at big toned legs that looked immovable as steel. “Even grown men can’t handle a gymnast’s legs, as I found out recently” she told me conversationally ignoring the frantic young man whose squashed up face looked like it was being put through the mangle. No! Those rumours couldn’t be true! Surely she hadn’t beaten up a teacher! It seemed incredulous, yet the sight of my sister in a schoolgirl uniform with tightly clenching buttocks and shiny toned bulging legs crushing a young man in a Judo jacket to a whimpering wreck made it seem possible. How can any men handle legs as strong as those? The thought was strangely exciting. “Urghhh!” he had given up trying to pull her legs apart and his hands now just loosely held onto the backs of her taut curvy swelling legs as they squeezed relentlessly. Jackie raised herself upon her arms and pushed up onto her toes stretching out her young strong body like a panther. “Arghh Oh Sweet Jesus!” Judo Boy screamed as her hams bulged so much that they almost swallowed his head. I winced remembering the shockingly brutal power of her legs, yet here she was using them to destroy an older lad who was a martial arts expert. It was humiliating to realise that I would never stand a chance against my younger sister.

Jackie’s buttocks were clenched tight like marble cannon balls, the glutes striated and rugged in the centre. Her legs were bulging with such massive muscle and gleaming with muscle tone that they looked invincible and sensual. “Arghh Please no!” he was now screaming like she is going to crack his skull and they way they looked; I had no doubt that she could. The top of his head was barely visible between the massive swelling slabs of sheer muscularity. “Argh!” Oh my God, she’s really going to kill him with those legs. “Er, Jackie?” I spoke up. “What?” she snapped. “I er think you should stop before you break his skull and kill him” I tell her nervously. The screams had stopped and his hands had flopped to the mat yet still her frighteningly strong legs crushed tight. “Jackie!” I said urgently. “Oh you woose! Interrupting me while I was enjoying myself” she snapped back. She took a look over her shoulder then sighed “Oh very well”. Her big legs seemed to deflate as she relaxed and when she opened them, Judo Boy’s head fell limply to the ground. It was a horrible brownish red colour with his eyes closed and a relaxed expression on his face as though he was asleep.

“You’ve killed him. You’ve cracked his skull!” I said in alarm. “Oh don’t be a woose all of your life, Bobby” she snapped and gave his face a hard slap. His face just snapped to the side but showed no reaction. “Oh bottom!” Jackie murmured then put her ear to his chest. “Is he alive?” I asked anxiously after she’d been listening for a few seconds. “Yes of course he is, moron. As if a girl could kill a man with her legs” she sound exasperated but her legs were strong and the way they had been bulging with such awesome muscular power, I had no doubt that she could have put him away for good. “I just knocked him out! Isn’t that so cool?” she was thrilled over what she had done. “Thank God, come on, we’d better go before someone comes” I told her in relief. Jackie sat up and brushed herself down, putting her skirt straight. Her face looked up at me and once more it was the fresh faced youthful face of my kid sister. “Bobby, Did you really think I killed him?” she asked kindly. “With those legs of yours, definitely. Think of the trouble you would have gotten into if I hadn’t stopped. Now come on and lets go” I replied. Jackie placed a hand upon my arm and looked into my eyes with those enchanting blue eyes. “But You would be the one they would lock away, Bobby. No-one would believe an unarmed schoolgirl could kill a man with a black belt” she coyly. Shit, the horror hit me; She was absolutely right. My mouth felt dry and I just wanted to get away from here before anyone found us and accused me of beating up Judo Boy. There was no way that he’d admit that he’d been beaten up a little girl. “Come on will you before he wakes up” I hissed. “Why? I’m not frightened of him” she said then got up into a crouch partway to standing up but stopped looking at something. “Wow Bobby! He’s still got a hard-on. Did I do that?” she sounded chuffed then looked at me. “So have you, you naughty big brother” she said with a wicked smile and I nearly died with embarrassment.

Shamefaced, I watched as Jackie crouched and each hand grabbed one of Glenn’s ankles. “What are you doing?” I hissed in alarm. “I just have to do something. Watch and learn, brother dear” she replied with a mischievous grin. Tucking an ankle under each arm, she stood up and dragged him onto his shoulders. She then stepped one leg around the front of his torso then did the same with the other, flopping down as she did so into a seated position on the mat. Judo Boy’s body was slumped upside down with his back against her stomach and his legs flopping over her shoulders as she looked out from between his legs. Her calves folded, with one locking the other tight around his neck. Then to my complete disgust she slid a hand up inside his shorts and whipped out his erect dick! “Jackie!” I hissed with revulsion but she just giggled. I didn’t want to look at another man’s dick, but a morbid fascination made me do so. My brat sister had gripped his ugly shaft firmly inside a closed fist which began pumping up and down while holding the base with her other hand. “Look it’s getting bigger, Bobby” she exclaimed in a fascinated girlish voice. I didn’t want to look, but I could help myself. “Urrr!” there was a soft groin from her legs as she gave him a hand job with a steady rhythm. “Jackie!” I was disgusted but couldn’t quite bring myself to look away. I also felt a pang of jealously and for a moment wished that I was in his place before pushing that sick thought away. Her pretty face looked at me while she pumped away making his erection stiffer by the second. She gave me an innocent yet cheeky smile. “What’s wrong Bobby? Do you want me to see to that as well?” she cooed. In horror I realised that she was staring at the big bulge in my trousers which was steadily getting sympathetically stiffer. She giggled as I felt my cheeks burn. “Oh it’s alright Bobby it’s only natural” she giggled. “Urrr!” Judo Boy was coming around as Jackie’s hand got fast. His dick was really stiff and swollen. It was revolting yet strangely exciting to watch. “Urr what the Urkkk!” his muffled words were choked off as Jackie tightened the figure 4 around his neck with her big meaty calf swelling solidly against his throat. “Nearly there mister Judo wimp. This makes them cum real hard” she taunted. He just moaned whether through pleasure or pain I couldn’t tell. “Did you really think you were man enough to handle a gymnast in that department?” she chuckled saucily. “Nnnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn” Oh my God! It just came out in big white spurts one after another as my sister continued to pump his rod, milking him dry. “Nnnnnarr” a long final groan and the torrent diminished to a small trickle then stopped. “There you are. I beat you again” she chirruped and pushed his legs forwards allowing him to flop to the mat on his belly.

“Urggg!” Judo Boy groaned and raised his head then clamped his evil looking eyes on me. “I’ll get you for this, Priest” he groaned and placed his arms to push himself up. Ohshitohshitohshit I was panicking as he began to rise like a big lurking monster rising from the sea bed to beat me up. Suddenly he stopped at the sight of a pair of thick strong bare girl’s legs by his side. I could see the bravado drain from his face as he visibly froze at the sight of those skull crackers so close to his eyes. That cost him. I told you that Jackie was a fast learner when it came to wrestling moves for suddenly she seized his nearside hand and pulled his arm straight out behind him and secured it with the crook of her arm while pushing down on his head with her other hand. “Argh get off you freaky bitch!” Judo Boy cried as she forced him to crouch in front of her while he tried unsuccessfully to wriggle out beneath her. A look of anger spread on her face. Raising her hand from the back of his head, she clenched a fist and hammered it against the top of his shoulder while she held the arm straight. “Yeeoouch!” he shrieked, the force of the blow visibly driving his shoulder forward towards the mat. “What did you say?” my sister hissed through gritted teeth. The big Judo expert was down on one knee with his face a mask of humiliation while a pretty little blonde schoolgirl dominated him with an armbar. Were those tears of frustration I could see in his eyes or he scared of my kid sister? I found the sight very exciting.

“Ouch! Please no, I’m sorry” he yelped as she pressed down with her forearm at the top of the arm while pulling up with the other hand. “Now answer my original question” she told him in a calm relaxed voice clearly enjoying his discomfort. Oh my God! my sister looked so completely dominant, it was really turning me on. “You will leave Bobby alone. Understood?” she asked slowly and deliberately making Judo Boy writhe in agony. “Arghh. Yes, yes, please let go before you break it” he pleaded. But the brat was enjoying making him suffer. “Just look at you, big tough Judo man humiliated by a little schoolgirl. Pathetic” she sneered then stressed the armlock again making his feet dance in pain. He looked ready to burst into tears, I totally shocked. “I’m going to make you understand what will happen to you if you mess with me or my brother again, you big wimp” she told him sternly. His face was red and miserable and shockingly he was blinking tears. God, Jackie was utterly dominating him, in complete control and it was making me so unbelievably stiff. “You wanted to get between my legs, so that’s where you are going to go” she told him. She extended her leg in front of his downturned face and flexed. He actually squeaked in alarm as the muscles on her upper leg bellowed up into an awesome display of well defined, clearly separated quadriceps just like a medical textbook. How could any man survive between them? “No, please not the legs, not the legs please” he was actually whimpering with fear and crying. Jackie laughed nastily. “Oh very well” she sighed theatrically.

Without warning Jackie kicked her mighty leg forward and forcibly knocked his feet away. He flopped onto his belly and Jackie leapt onto his back. Encircling her arms under his armpits, she secured her forearms across the back of his neck by interlacing her fingers. Cranking her hands forwards, the teenaged brat applied pressure on Judo Boy’s neck driving his face into the mat. “Argh argh” he squirmed beneath her but she spread out her legs bent at the knees on either side for stability, her pleated skirt rising as her strong toned thighs tensed. Her mouth moved close to his ear and I heard her tell him “This is a full nelson. Get out that sunshine”. Suddenly her tongue flashed out and licked slowly up the side of his ear. “Urrr!” he moaned softly but she didn’t give him time to savour it.

The full nelson became a headlock. Jackie’s long blonde tresses tumbled down the side of her pretty youthful face as she sat in the small of his back, her grey pleated skirt fanning out as her strong toned bare thighs knelt astride his bulky body. Leaning over his head, she locked his throat in the crook of her arm. “Urkk!” he croaked as the sleeve of her white blouse creased and swelled over her shoulder cap while the horseshoe mass of her triceps bulged densely. “Urkk!” his eyes creased, his mouth became a tight grimace and his face turned red as my sister pulled his head up. “Urkk! My back!” Judo Boy yelped as his gi jacket rose from the mat arching backwards assisted by Jackie twisting his right arm behind his back while pulling his neck back with her other arm. “Arghh please” he cried as his spine arched back. “SNAP!” the brat shouted, making him visibly flinch, and then laughed, she was enjoying herself.

Slamming his head and chest back to the mat, the teen gymnast, looking so young in her school uniform, seized his arms then pulled them back so that they were straight with his shoulders. “Argh no more” Judo Boy cried. “Oh yes, loads more” Jackie chuckled as she spread out her legs on either side and hooked each arm over the top of her thighs. She completely had him now! His arms were completely immobilised leaving her hands free to reach forward and cup his chin with her interlaced fingers. “This is the camel clutch. You’re going to love this” she told him then added “well I am”. “Arhgh!” he cried as she pulled back on his chin raising his head from the floor. The way she looked down at him with such a smug air of superiority drove me wild. “Oh Jackie!” I moaned. She looked up at me. “What was that, Bobby?” she asked. “N-nothing” I mumbled feeling like a perverted idiot. “Let’s see how flexible Judo boys are” she said with a look of amusement. Squatting on the small of his back, she began to pull his head right back forcing his chest to roll back from the floor. “N-nnar-nah” he groaned as she continued to pull until he was rolled back all the way to his belly button. “Arghk!” he groaned loudly in agony. “Ah, you can do better than that” she said in a condescending voice.

Jackie leant right back with her arms straight but slowly they began to fold, her slim vascular arms swelling and rippling with strength as they forced his head even further back. She went on to her toes, her white socks slipping down to her ankles to give a side view of her large shapely calves as she pulled his chin back so hard I thought she might break his neck. “Nnnno nnnno please!” he wailed in despair. My sister looked totally calm and collected as bent his torso completely from the floor as if she were rolling back carpet. The Judo expert was in absolute tears. “My back, please my back” he wailed. “Aw diddums. Is the big Judo bully getting his arse whipped by a little schoolgirl?” Jackie jeered looking completely comfortable with no sign of exertion. A look of calculated cruelty spread on her face then her biceps popped into existence, large and bulging as she suddenly pulled with all her might. At the same time, her thighs swelled as they pushed upwards. “Yaaaiiii!” it was a terrible spine chilling scream that seemed to go on forever as my brat sister bent back his spine into a definite U shape before letting go and letting him flop to the mat. “Oh God, oh God” he was weeping pathetically on the mat, clutching at his back, clearly in agony. I looked around panicking; surely someone had heard that terrible scream? But no-one else was in sight.

“Jesus Jackie, you’ve broken his back” I was stunned. “Oh stop being a woose, Bobby” Jackie said. “Please, let’s go” I pleaded with her. She just laughed in my face. “No, Bobby. There is one last thing I want to do to him. I want to try out something he did to me” she told me. Before I could argue, she had leapt on Judo Boy’s back eliciting a cry of pain and rolling him over as she slipped a meaty thigh around his waist then rolling him back to do the same with the other leg. “Please…you promised” he wept as the white socks covering her calves crossed and locked at the ankles. “You were too scared to face my legs well look what I can do with my arms” she sneered as she caught his neck in the crook of her arm with a strong vascular triangular forearm bearing down across his throat while a bicep swelled against the side of his neck. She locked this off with her other arm which pressed down upon his forehead. My little sister had Judo boy in a sleeper hold! Oh my God, that made me so hard. I was frightened of this new deadly skill she was demonstrating yet somehow it was making my cock throb so hard I wanted to whip it out and wank one off. Judo Boy didn’t make a sound but his hands were tugging desperately at her arms. With grim determination, Jackie yanked his head right back, her arms looking deadly strong and powerfully tight. His hands fell away from her arm. “You showed me this hold, Judo wimp. What are?” she asked firmly. “Urkkk. Please…you’re killing me” he groaned, his face turning a dark red. “Urkkk. Please..I can’t breathe..I won’t do it again…I promise..urkkk” he groaned with increasing difficultly.
“Jackie, please you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re could kill him or give him brain damage or something” I told her, still awed that she was pulling off this deadly hold.

A strange cunning smile appeared on her lips. The kind of smile that I knew meant that she was up to mischief at my expense. “Kiss me Bobby” she said. “What?” I was stunned. “Show me how sorry you are Bobby for setting this yob onto me or I’ll break his neck “. “U…kkk..” her strong solid arms seemed to move towards each other into an incredible tight grip. Judo boy really didn’t look good, he looked well out of it, his head was lolling in her incredibly tight looking arms. “Please you’re killing him” I begged. “Phhhhhshhh!” the air escaped Judo Boy’s mouth like a deflating balloon as Jackie bore down with the figure 4 scissors, pulling in his middle as easy as squashing a paper bag. His big overweight stomach was scrunched up in her tight scissor hold. “You better kiss me quick Bobby or I’ll crush his belly flat as a pancake and you’ll get the blame” she said. It was gross but I had no choice, I lent forwards and gave her a little peck on the forehead. “Bobby! What the hell was that?” She shouted and yanked his trapped head about. It wobbled horribly and a nasty froth bubbled around his mouth, his eyes looked glazed. “Please Jackie, you’re strangling him too hard” I pleaded. “Then kiss me properly showing how sorry you are” she demanded then her eyes narrowed “Or do you want me to do this to you? I must practice this, he went under far too quickly” she said softly. “Yes I could practice on you to see how long I could make you suffer before you passed out” she chuckled as my face blanched. I really had no choice, no matter how gross it was. However the sight of my sister in her schoolgirl uniform putting out a big judo expert also filled me with a strange desire. For suddenly, I just took her face in my hands and kissed her passionately on the lips. With horror I felt her tongue slip into my mouth, the sensations driving me crazy and setting my dick throbbing until the sense of wrongness and shame took control.

I broke off the kiss and looked away in shame. “Oh God, what have I done?” I kept repeating to myself. “That was very nice Bobby. Now get it out and wank off in front of me” she commanded. I looked back in profound shock. Judo Boy’s face was a horrible colour, tears streamed from his eyes which were rolling and his tongue lolled from his open mouth with drool running down it. She snapped the figure 4 around his middle tight like an over tightened belt. His eyes closed, then went into sickening spasms before a serene expression floated across his face. He was well out of it, my little sister had just knocked him out. That really was too much on top of everything else; my dick had been in a state of hard erection ever since her instant hardon move and my balls felt full to bursting. With tears of shame running down my cheeks, I hurriedly unzipped my trousers and tried to whip out my dick. However it was so hard that I had to unbelt my trousers to get it out in a blind panic before I creamed myself. Then it was in my hand and I was pumping away with my hand like crazy, but not for long. “Nnnnn nnnnn nnnnnnnn” it shot out in strong hard bursts. My ejections were so strong that Jackie shrieked and moved out of range quickly letting her prey slump limply to the mat.

I had come so hard that it hurt my balls. Completely drained and exhausted it suddenly dawned on me what I had just done. But before I could say a word, the little blonde monster cartwheeled to her feet. “Before we go home. I need to explain it to you, Bobby. Explain why setting that creep onto me is bad for your health” she said, her big muscular quads quivered as she began to stride towards me with a look of fierce determination. I was out of those gates before I knew it. If the sports master had seen me, he would have me on the track squad instantly. I never knew that I could run so fast. In horror I realised that I was running down the street with my limp dick flapping around outside my trousers. I had to stop for a second to tuck it back in and do it up without catching myself while nervously glancing back in case a short squat figure appeared in the disance. There was no sign of her but I was taking no chances, I ran back home as far as I could before I nearly collapsed with a stitch in my side and was forced to walk the rest of the way.

Jackie didn’t a word when she arrived home a good twenty minutes behind me. She just gave me a chilling look then ignored me for the rest of the evening. I was a nervous wreck not knowing what she was planning, but I knew it was only a question of time before she took her revenge upon me.

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