The Hotel Manageress (JIMP#51)

Jim is seduced by a fit older woman who then gives him a real beating

Inspired by the late, sexy mature British actress Kate O’Mara. There is a particular scene that I always remember from ‘Triangle’ where she wears a sheer black top, black leather mini skirt and black stockings to seduce a man during lunch. Along with those sultry features he didn’t stand a chance – lucky man!. This story also introduces a new character based on someone at work. When I was growing up in West London I never fancied any of the Asian girls but more recently I’ve been meeting many who are very attractive. Nandra in particular is probably the most beautiful Indian girl that I’ve ever met.

(c) JIM P 2012
You know how it happens. You end up in a hotel in the middle of some place you don’t know, miles away from the nearest town. Not knowing anybody, you feel like a wally sitting alone at a table in the hotel restaurant while everyone around you dines in company. What do you mean that’s just me? How rude! The restaurant reeked old fashioned upper class extravagance and so it should because this hotel was once a former stately home in the old Windsor area and now a Grade 1 listed building. Suddenly in walked this stunningly dressed woman and all male eyes turned towards her. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

Set within the large grounds of a former estate, the house was large, possibly Georgian (but I’m no expert) and flamboyant. My room was on the first floor in the east wing. I’ve stayed in many hotels belonging to well known chains where the rooms are modern and functional and look virtually the same wherever you were. This room however was spacious with original antique fittings and a feeling of old fashioned comfort. It should, it was burning a big enough hole in my wallet.

I was just settling in, relaxing on the soft quilt covered bed to recover from the nightmare of the road to hell (the M25) when my peace was rudely interrupted. BAM! BAM! THUMP! THUD! Loud banging noises were coming from the room next door. I’d hoped it would stop but it carried on. With a sigh of resignation, I got up and opened the door of my room. I had just stepped into the corridor, when the door to the next room opened and a woman stepped out. She was dressed in a smart black jacket, white blouse with blue cravat, a smart black skirt, sheer black nylons and shiny black heeled shoes. A small silver badge on her lapel marked her out as an employee of the hotel. She was shorter than me by at least 5 inches which would make her around 5 feet 4 and her body was very slim. For a moment she seemed startled to see me and closed the door rather quickly then turned to face me. The immediate impression was of a strangely attractive mature woman with a thin stern face and a sexy pout.

The pout widened into a forced smile which emphasised a wide mouth, strikingly high cheek bones with a sharp lower edge and a hard chin. “Is everything to your satisfaction Mister Priest?” she asked in a gloriously resonant voice like cut glass which spoke of a privileged education. I was impressed that she had taken the time to learn my name. These are the little touches that mark out good customer service. Her cool glacial demeanour with a touch of sultriness took the edge from my annoyance. “Yes fine” I replied without even thinking. “Oh, except there was a lot of banging coming from the next room” I nodded towards the door that she had just came out of. For a moment she didn’t reply but stared at me through small elegantly slender eyes with tantalising green irises. Thick mascara and a touch of eyeliner made her eyes smoulder beneath slim arched eyebrows. These looked out atop a long slender slightly beaklike nose with sharply flared nostrils. Fine lines and wrinkles suggested that she was older than first appeared. However her thick long mane of brown hair showed no signs of grey as it tumbled from a parting high above a generous forehead down behind her ears and below her shoulders. Her skin had a natural tan that suggested holidays in exotic sunny locations. Overall she was an attractive yet hard looking woman with a cold sensual appeal.

Finally she spoke, her voice deep and vibrant. “It was just the air conditioning. I’ve fixed it now. I’m sorry if I disturbed you, Mister Priest”. “No, not at all” I replied trying to read her name badge which was on the left breast pocket of her jacket without making it look like I was staring at her breasts, but it was obscured by the position of her sleeve. She smiled with a strange tightness then turned on her heels and wandered off, leaving me admiring a very shapely pair of slender yet nicely toned calves beneath the sheen of sheer black nylons.

I spent several hours trying to speak with various members of the hotel staff but no-one was prepared to help with my investigation. They would look around nervously as if they were frightened that someone would walk around the corner. I couldn’t be bothered to drive around and find somewhere reasonably priced to eat, so that evening I ended up in the hotel restaurant. Fortunately the prices were fairly reasonable.

So I was sitting on my own at a table in the corner of the dimly lit restaurant waiting for my order to arrive when in walked the woman I saw earlier. The eye of every heterosexual man present immediately swung towards her. When I had met her in the corridor, she was a smartly dressed business woman but now she was a vampish sexual predator that stirred the groin. A shiny black leather skirt clung tightly to the contours of her upper legs as she walked with a sinuous slink towards the bar. Although not particularly tall, her slenderness made her slim legs look very long. The skirt fell to just above the knees revealing long shapely calves sensually clad in sheer black nylon. The way her slim hips swayed as she moved was breathtaking as the black silky blouse that she wore with a plunging neckline. At first glance I noticed that the sleeves were sheer giving a black sheen to the slim firm looking arms beneath but as my eyes wandered to her moving chest I realised that the whole blouse was the same apart from the lapels and the edges down the front where the buttons were. Not only could make out her breasts beneath the sheen but it was also perfectly clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Aware that I was staring, I tried to look away. Out of the corner of my eye I caught her sitting herself upon a high stool at the bar and cross her legs. The hem of her leather skirt slid up along a seriously long slender thigh. Draped over the knee was a long shin with a slightly flared calve. My eyes kept returning to the lanky display of sheer black nylon no matter how times I tried to force myself to look away. The barman gave her a drink and she sat there sipping it looking incredibly sultry with a knowing smile that every man was trying their hardest not to look at her and failing. Earlier the makeup that she wore had been light and professional but now was more pronounced making her hard features even more smouldering.

If it hadn’t been for the fine lines that I had noticed earlier and liver spots on her hands, I would have mistaken her for about 40. However she much older yet she was sex personified, unbelievably slinky and with a stern smouldering sexuality that seemed predatory. She seemed like one of those cougars I’ve heard about on TV. Dressed like that, she could pull any young man as her toy boy if she wanted. I couldn’t stop stealing glances at her and then our eyes made contact. Embarrassed at being caught in the act, I tried to look away but she slid from her stool and slinked towards me. “May I join you, Mister Priest?” she asked in a deep resonant voice that stirred my loins. I nodded my head, stunned that this seriously seductive mature woman wanted anything to do with me.

As she sat in the chair adjacent to me, I didn’t know where to put my eyes. The black blouse concealed nothing; her breasts were full and rounded; quite large in comparison with her slim body and I could clearly see her nipples which were erect. “Please call me Jim” I finally managed to make something coherent come out of my mouth. “Not while you are a guest in my hotel but you can call me Kate” her wide smile made me uneasy. “Kate Eisenberg?” I asked mentally smacking myself for not suspecting. Through Aberdeen Agnus [JIMP#50], I had learnt that this was one of two women who were looking for me.

The smile got wider, like a predator that has found its prey. “Of course, Mister Priest, I’ve been looking for you for some time now but I never expected you to just walk into my hotel” like everything else about her; her voice was mature, deep and sensual. Every word was like pouring honey and I found myself entranced. However it was no coincidence. Passing the contact number that Agnus had been given to Gerald, a former IT colleague; he traced it to Miss. Eisenburg. Further digging on my part tracked her down as the Manager of this hotel. “And why were you looking for me?” I asked, breaking myself out of the spell realising that she had stopped talking. “Not here, Mister Priest. Later when we can have some privacy” she purred then took a sip from her drink.

Kate snapped her fingers without taking her sultry eyes off me and a waiter immediately appeared to take her order. As we waited for our food to appear, I began to realise why she had sat adjacent rather than opposite. Swish swish, the sound of nylon rasping upon nylon caused me to look down. Gulp! The underside of her leather skirt on the side closest to me had risen right up giving me a blast of stocking top and bare upper leg. For a mature woman, her legs were free from any unsightly blemishes or cellulite. Her smile got wider like the cat that had got the cream. “I’ve got pretty good legs for a woman of 73” she told me to my astonishment. Although the lines on her face suggested it, what I could see of her body would have looked amazing on a woman a third her age. I told her so and she seemed pleased. “I’ve kept my body in very good shape, Mister Priest and I’m proud of it” she told me.

She paused while the waiter delivered our meal then resumed when he had gone. “All of my young lovers are very complimentary, although none can keep up with me in the bedroom” she added with a saucy wink. I tried not to think of trying to keep up with her in bedroom but it was no use. Despite her face showing her age, her slim body was devastatingly appealing clad in that sheer blouse and leather skirt. Rounded firm breasts pushed out her figure at the chest like small hills before sloping to a very narrow waist. Hills with big erect nipples covered in a black gauze that called to my groin. “I assure you they are real” she said noticing my gaze. “As is everything else about me” she added. “I’ve no need for cosmetic surgery”. She continued to talk about herself and her good looks while we ate. It seemed to be her favourite subject and she had good reason, her body looked amazing and from a distance her age was less noticeable. “Men are always surprised that I’m in such good shape. I’m 73 and still a perfect size 8”. I don’t know much about women’s clothes but that sounded smaller than my teenage daughter Jackie. “Most women my age are grandmothers. I’m lucky to have supple skin, no stretch marks, a flat stomach and big firm boobs” she told me. “I work at keeping it that way”.

Swish swish the sound drew my attention again. She had stretched out a long stocking clad leg and draped the lanky shapely calve over my knee. Oh boy, this mature sexpot was coming onto me! Although close-up one could see the fine lines and wrinkles on her face, she was unbelievably slinky and seductive. Her voice became low and breathy, dripping sheer sexual magnetism. “I have a suite here at the hotel. Why don’t we finish our meal then go back for afters” the way she said that with a saucy twitch of the corners of her mouth and a subtle flick of the tongue had my dick rigid. Kate lent closer, her heady perfume filling my nostrils, every wrinkle and line glaringly obvious. Her big unfettered breasts dangled provocatively in the V of her sheer blouse. “You can look, Mister Priest” she whispered with a lusty smile. “They just seem to keep getting bigger as get older” she added with a breathy chuckle. Despite her age, this slender woman was a devastating seduction agent. My dick got a lot harder. She sat back and we finished our meal filling our conversation with meaningless chit-chat but all the while, her smouldering gaze and wide smile kept me entranced. I was hooked and couldn’t tear myself away.

Our meal completed, Kate led me back to her suite at the rear of the hotel. Maybe she had naughty designs of me but I also intended to find out why The Sisterhood sent her to look for me when some of the public organisations which they controlled had been helping me. The suite was large, consisting of a main central living space with smaller rooms off to the sides. Arranged on an antique display cabinet were various ancient Indian artefacts that caught my curiosity. “I was born and raised in India” she told me walking with me to the cabinet. “My father originally worked in the German embassy then defected to the British during the War” she told me, trailing a finger along one of the shelves with a red painted fingernail. Picking up a black ebony figurine of a goddess with two legs and 18 arms, she held it with reverence. “Kali” she told me. “The Hindu goddess associated with empowerment and death. The consort of Shiva” she told me. “It looks a bit like Anahita” I remarked. She smiled “Then that just shows your ignorance”. Carefully replacing the object she explained “Kali is the time manifestation of other Hindu goddesses like Durga who you call Anahita, Bhadrakali, Sati, Rudrani, Parvati and Chamunda. She is the foremost among the Dasa Mahavidyas, the ten fierce Tantric goddesses”. I didn’t understand any of it. Her green eyes seemed to be trying to burn into my sole as her wide full lipped mouth moved. “So you see Mister Priest. Women were the superior fighting sex even in those days”.

The hard looking yet seductive woman raised a foot upon a chair seat. “It’s alright Mister Priest, you can look” she said with a teasing smile as I tried not to stare at the thick black stocking top and bare flesh at the top of her slender thigh of her raised leg. She removed a shoe then repeated the exercise with her other leg. It was all done slowly and deliberately provocative. The sexy leg show with all that lingerie on show really got my pecker up. She slinked up to me, standing close and ran her finger up the front of my chest. “The Sisterhood are very annoyed about you sticking your nose into their business” she purred, her voice deep and sensual as she looked up into my eyes. “Yet some of them help me. So what do you really want?” I asked. BAM! Suddenly I had been slammed up against the wall. The next thing I knew was the mature woman pressing her buxom front against me as she slid a knee between my legs and began to rub it back and forth. Swish swish, sheer nylon rasped against the crotch of my trousers. Oh God this woman really knew how to get a man going. “It’s you I want Mister Priest” she purred then kissed me fully on the lips, her tongue slipping into my mouth. The sultry seductive old woman had me absolutely rock hard with desire and I closed my arms around her slender body and pulled her close while we kissed passionately.

“Hai!” my body jerked suddenly as the side of her hand chopped my neck. My nerve ends tingled like I’d just received an electric shock. “Argh!” A quick twist of my arm had me bending towards the floor as she pressed down on my elbow while bending my hand back at the wrist. “My my Mister Priest you’re as horny as they say you are” her resonant voice sounded amused. She released me then stood watching me with a bemused expression, her eyebrows arcing high above her green eyed stare. “You should know better by now not to underestimate the power of a woman” she told me.

“My father also underestimated that and suffered the consequences” she said. “Who are you? What do you want?” I asked, beginning to realise the pickle I was in. “Hai!” her fist moved so fast that I didn’t see the punch until her fist was withdrawn to her side. “Orrrgh!” I groaned at the tightness in my chest where the blow landed. “Don’t interrupt Mister Priest. You should listen. You might learn something” Kate scolded then resumed her tale. “My father gained an interest in esoteric Indian culture and the true nature of the various Gods and Goddesses that pervade Indian culture” she said conversationally slinkily stepping towards me. I raised my hands to protect myself but she was too fast. “Hai!” “Orghh!” a blur slicing between my defences and I was groaning from another sharp punch to my chest. For such a slender almost frail looking woman, she had a devastatingly fast punch.

“The Sisterhood of the one true Goddess recruited me to spy on father. Sadly I had to kill him when he got too close to the truth” her cold harsh words were chilling. “Hai! Hai!” a blindingly fast double punch to each side of my chest left me groaning in pain. “Mother never forgave me” she added with a tinge of sadness. “We all have to make sacrifices and she made a good one”. Her words had barely begun to sink in when her hands were a blur of action. “Hai!” Chop to my neck that sent my senses into a spin. “Hai!” slicing chop across the neck made everything go grey. “Hai Yah!” KERBLAM her long nylon clad leg shot vertically in a blur of sheen and blasted my face so hard that I didn’t remember falling to the floor. “Hai!” the shout made me instinctively roll to one side. BAM her foot stomped down where my head had barely a split second before. “Why Mister Priest, you’re as feeble as they say” her sonorous voice said as I hurriedly got to my feet, trying to clear my dazed head. “Hai!” BLAM Orrrpph! I crumpled as out of nowhere a small fist ploughed deep into my gut like an express train.

“Really Mister Priest is that all you’ve got” Kate sneered in contempt, the sharp edges of her cheeks giving her a hard ruthless look. She was systematically knocking the wind out of me and I knew that I must do something before I was completely immobilised by it. As she stepped forward to attack once more, I punched back but her forearms flew up crossing over and trapping my fist. With a smug self-satisfied smile, she twisted my arm out to one side and the hard cheeked pouting woman raised her knee level with her tiny waist. “Hai!” BLAM! My head was snapped back by a foot I barely saw blasting my chin with surprising force.

The glaze cleared from my vision and I saw Kate standing before me looking sultry with one leg slightly bent. I couldn’t help running my eyes along those long slender legs which looked so magnificent in stockings. “Yes, take a good look at my legs, Mister Priest. They will be your under doing as they have other more capable men” she said with her sonorous silky voice. “Kai Yah!” BLAM she sidestepped and blasted a thunderbolt kick high into my face that nearly knocked me out cold. I found myself on the floor with my head spinning and blood on my face.

Fighting to remain conscious, I heard her speaking. “Helen? Wonderful darling and you?” I managed to raise my bleary eyes for a few moments to see that she was talking on a mobile phone. My head felt so heavy and my brain spinning so badly that I could barely keep it raised. “Mister Priest is enjoying the pleasure of my company” as she spoke her fingers undid the buttons of her sheer blouse. There was a pause as she listened to the person on the other end of the call. “Of course dear, you can have what’s left of him” She chuckled as she undid the final button and allowed the blouse to fall open. I was stunned by how taut and well developed her abdominal muscles were on her slim stomach. It was certain a sexy sight as they rose then fell as she breathed. She seemed distracted listening to the other person so I quietly forced myself to my feet and approached cautiously from behind just as she closed the call “Ciao darling”.

Hating myself for doing it, I grabbed her by the hair and yanked it hard eliciting a yelp of pain. “Who was that?” I asked harshly. She threw a fist backwards over her shoulder but I managed to raise an arm and stop it. “Answer me” I hissed pulling her hair tight. She was a real live wire; in the very small space between us, she lifted her leg bent at the knee and sent it arcing back behind her. BAM! “Orr!” her foot got me right on my stomach. Not particularly hard but enough for her to break from my grip. I reached out to retake her but she spun quickly out of my grasp, her knee rising as she did. “Hai!” BLAM! “Boorrph!” I groaned as her foot slammed hard against my gut. The kick was strong, driving me away from her as she stretched out her long leg. I was sent stumbling into the sofa dropping my backside into the seat cushions.

“Never you mind who I was speaking to, Mister Priest. You will find out soon enough” her face was a sneer of contempt. “You have more pressing things to worry about, Such as me”. Her face was hard and stern, the smouldering sensuality turned steely cold and dangerous. She came towards me. A smoulderingly seductive cougar wearing a leather skirt and her blouse open wide showing that beautifully developed six pack on her slender stomach and large rounded bare breasts. Still gasping from that gut kick, I forced myself to my feet. As she raised her fists, I stood on the soft springy sofa cushions trying to ignore her swaying breasts and preparing to block her punch. “Hai!” BAM! A flick of leather skirt and a blur of sheer nylon shot towards my groin. “Orrr!” I groaned as her foot kicked me right in the balls. “I’m sorry. You weren’t expecting to use them were you Mister Priest?” the bitch asked as I cradled my aching nuts.

Slumped over my throbbing balls, I could only watch helplessly as the hard faced old bitch lent away from me and raised a bent leg to the side. Her open blouse fell back proudly displaying the moving orbs of her perfect breasts and the taut grid work of her abs. The leather skirt rose giving me a brief view of the length of her stocking clad legs to skimpy black panties at her crotch. “Hai!” her leg snapped straight, a blur of nylon rocketing towards me. BLAM! Her foot clubbed me around the head sending me sprawling across the sofa with such force that I fell over the arm and tumbled to the floor behind. This cougar could kick.

I was pissed for myself for getting seduced by this woman and then getting my arse kicked. I crawled as fast as I could behind the sofa. “Oh don’t hide, Mister Priest” her resonant voice said as she looked over the arm of the sofa and saw me gone. “Come out and take a beating like a real man” she said scornfully. I sprang up from behind the back of the sofa and caught her off guard. She tried to pull herself back from looking over the side but she wasn’t quick enough. I caught her arm and tried to pull her down onto the seat where I could try to subdue her. The old cougar wriggled and struggled but I held on. She managed to get her feet on the floor. “Hai!” She kicked back while I tried to pull her back down. BLAM! Her aim was off and cushion stuffing went everywhere as her foot struck the back of the sofa.

I tried to cling onto her, pulling at her arm but only managing to pull her sleeve down her arm. The sight of her firm naked torso distracted me. “Hai!” the topless old cougar lithely swung her body forwards while folding her leg and slamming it backwards avoiding hitting the sofa in an act of astonishing flexibility. BLAM! My head snapped back as her foot hammered my face. Ouch! Despite her slender body, this old witch could kick like a mule. With the shock of the kick I had let go of her arm.

“You will suffer for that Mister Priest” the stern faced woman said. “Hai!” Her fist blazed out like a cannonball and I surprised myself by managing to block it by quickly raising my arm. “Yah!” BLAM in the blink of an eye, her leather skirt shot up and the top of her foot blasted my jaw. My head whipped up scrambling my senses and I staggered numbly trying not to fall. Fooled by her feint, the deadly old cougar moved in for the kill. Spinning like a top, a long leg blasted out like a thunderbolt. “Hai!” BLAM! Her foot hammered my chest like a jackhammer. So powerful was her kick that both of my feet flew from the floor. In less than a second, her leg straightened lifting my body high above the carpet and sent me hurtling across the room. WHAM! My body hit the carpet hard and I lay on my back stunned by the power of the kick of the slender mature seductress.

A foot pressed on my cheek and I looked up in a daze to see Kate looking down at me. She wagged a finger at me causing her bare breasts to jiggle. “That’s where plebs like you belong, Mister Priest” she scolded. Placing her hands on her hips and thrusting her breasts proudly, she rubbed her foot in my face. Then she stood back and proceeded to remove her blouse and throw it onto the sofa. It was hard to believe that I was looking at the body of a 73 year old. Slim, fit and toned looking, only her taut washboard stomach was overtly muscular. Her slender arms also had a hint of definition around her shoulder caps and some sinew around her biceps with a feint blue line running across each. Her forearms also showed a hint of sinew.

Her slender green eyes watched me like a hawk with her wide smile resembling a smirk at my inept fighting ability. Hands lowered to her waist and to my surprise, her leather skirt slid down her legs and she stepped out of it. Wow! They are absolutely stunning. Long, slender and flawless rendered so erotic in sheer black nylon stockings and suspenders. “I’m glad you like them Mister Priest” she says with a self-satisfied smirk. “Not bad for my age” she added. Not bad for any age I thought. “What do you want?” I ask her tearing my gaze away from her hot legs to that sultry face. “Why nothing Mister Priest, except to play with you until I get tired of you” she replied. I sat up to watch in fascination as she raised each knee in turn to pull off her stockings and suspender belt. As she did so, her lean arms swelled slightly at the biceps.

With a smouldering hard-faced look of superiority, her hands moved slowly down her stomach. “You’ve great abs” I admitted in appreciation. Her predatory smile just got slightly wider. Her smouldering sultry gaze bore into me, her eyebrows arched in bemusement. By now I was on my knees watching in amazement with a stiffening rod lifting the front of my trousers like a tentpole. “Typical male reaction to the perfect female form” she said with arrogance. But boy, did she have every reason to be arrogant about her body. Her panties slid to the floor and unabashed, Kate stood before me completely naked; her slender body sculpted like a statue. She laughed at my discomfort “I’m not ashamed of my body, are you?”

Her arched eyebrows rose over her sleek sultry green eyes, her sharp edged cheeks raised by a smile of amusement. “You desire this body don’t you Mister Priest?” her voice was low and sensual. “But it is too much for a wimp like you to handle” she sneered. The insult burned. God, that body made me hard and I cursed myself for being taken so easily by her. She placed her hands on her hips thrusting her breasts forwards as if mocking my weakness. Her body tantalised me and drove me to distraction but I couldn’t allow it to. This sexy cougar was wild and dangerous. I had to do something to turn the situation to my advantage.

My decision made, I sprang from the floor and managed to get my arms around her neck. BLAM! Her palm whipped out and smashed me on the cheek. Despite the burning of my cheek, I held on trying to get the wriggling slim naked woman into a headlock. BLAM! The side of her hand slashed across my neck. Ouch! That stunned me for a moment and made me slightly dizzy. BLAM her palm slammed underneath my jaw and pressed back my chin hard causing me to lose balance and fall back to the carpet. “Yes, grovel at my feet, Mister Priest”. I looked up to see Kate standing with her open hands poised in a fight stance. Despite my predicament, the pose was exciting making her seem deadly.

Without warning, she fell to the floor, her legs spreading apart to land in a perfect front splits in front of me. Orrrr there’s something about a girl or woman doing the splits that really gets to a man’s groin especially if they are wearing a skirt. However this woman was totally in the nude. She had me absolutely rigid with her hot fit body and display of flexibility. “You are much younger than me. Can you do this Mister Priest? I think not” she said dismissively.

Without taking her slender green eyes off me and her thick lipped mouth pouting sensual promise, Kate placed her hands on either side and pressed her body from the floor with her legs held perfectly straight in front of her. Slender toned arms became knotted with smooth flowing muscle barely beneath the skin as they lifted her weight up. Her abdominals became a taut paved wall of muscle as she raised her legs into a wide V shape shamelessly exposing her pussy and the corded muscle on the inside of her upper thighs. Orrrrr I’d seen Jackie do this many times in gymnastic competitions and often had to look away or blank out my mind to avoid the uncomfortable effect it had on me. But this wasn’t my teenage daughter; this was a naked 73 year old woman with a really fit body. “You see how fit I am, Mister Priest. Do you really think you can keep up with me?” her sonorous voice purred showing no sign of exertion of maintaining that raised position.

Still raised on her hands, the nude mature sexpot lowered her legs bending her knees until her feet touched the carpet. A flick of tension in her lean toned arms and she sprang up to stand on her feet in one seamless move. Deciding that being on the floor wasn’t a safe place to be, I cautiously got to my feet. Kate’s stomach writhed slowly as she breathed, toned slabs of shallow etched muscle rising and falling in a sinuous sexy display. Being confronted by a fit toned woman who is in the nude was driving my lust into overdrive and I struggled to retain control. “Why did you lure me here? I asked. A look of amusement was upon her hard looking yet sultry face. “Why, to make you my prisoner, Mister Priest” she chuckled.

Her answer wasn’t what I was hoping for but I didn’t get a chance to ask anymore. “Hai! Hai!” BAM BAM that strong naked body rushed quickly towards me, her arms pumping fast as she drove a fist into each side of my body. BAM! Her fist jerked up under my jaw whipping my head back. BAM! a glimpse of bare breast and nipple before her fist snapped into my gut. BAM! A glimpse of hard taut abs before her fist smashed my jaw. She was so fast I had no time to react. “Hai! Hai!” a fist blazed from her bare side hard into my gut followed by a rapid crushing punch to the jaw. She was a naked whirlwind of devastation. A glimpse of dark pussy as her knee snapped to her chest. “Hai!” BLAM! A blur as a foot rocketed so hard into my gut that my feet left the floor, glimpsing her swaying breasts as I flew backwards.

I landed badly and stumbled to the floor. She was immediately crouching over me, her pussy rubbing against the bulge in my trousers. Her nudity taunted me of my weakness, her nipples erect and very large as her breasts dangled close to my face. “No more” I gasped. “Yes more” she said. The wrinkled lined face came close, her tongue flashed out in a long lick up the side of my face that almost made me shoot my load.

Slim lean arms grabbed the front of my shirt. Shallow biceps thickened as the naked cougar hauled me to my feet. She pulled her left arm back and I raised my arm to block the blow. BAM! BAM! Her right fist snapped into my side followed by the left into my gut. Gasping in pain, I tried again to block her blows but she was too fast. “Hai! Hai!” striking like a snake she chopped my raised arm away with one hand then her other chopped me across the top of my chest. “Hai! Hai!” the biceps in her slender arms swelled briefly as rapid fire punches blasted my chest and gut. Her nudity was a constant reminder of her femininity as she beat me helpless. “Hai! Hai!” her big breasts wobbled as she chopped me on either side of the neck. My mind whirled in a daze. The naked old sexpot was toying with me, enjoying demonstrating her superior fighting skills and exerting her dominance.

Next second, her face came close then her lips were pressed against mine, her tongue hungrily forcing its way inside my mouth. Oh she really stoked my fire and I wanted her but she broke off the kiss. Before I could see a word, her knee flashed up. “Hai! Yah!” KERBLAM! All I remembered were bare boobs bouncing, hard six pack abs, a flash of pussy then pain as her foot struck my face like a lightning bolt. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor with my head reeling and my face aching trying to remember how I got there.

I lay in a daze. “Come on Mister Priest, make me work up a sweat” I looked up at the magnificent naked body, so slender, taut, firm and lightly muscled. It was getting me hard just by looking at it despite the beating she was dealing out. “Please I don’t want to fight you” I groaned. “Then you shouldn’t have stuck your nose in where it wasn’t wanted” her hard-edged face smouldered as she spoke. “Now you have to pay the consequence”.

To my surprise she leapt astride my chest. “You are too inept to fight” she pouted in contempt. “Let’s see if you’re good enough for anything else” with that she began to unzip my trousers. I tried to stop her but she grabbed my hands, pulling them apart while rearing up her nude torso. Long low biceps swelled as she pressed my hands towards the floor. My arms trembled as I tried to resist but she was stronger than I expected. Her big breasts wobbled excitingly as they hung between us. The fact that I was in a test of strength with a completely naked woman with a very fit body didn’t escape me and my dick had now regained fully rigidity. “Rarrrr!” she roared unexpectedly and to my shock the back of my hands slammed against the carpet.

Two bare beautiful big rounded breasts lowered themselves over my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her slender biceps swelling as they kept my hands pinned. The bicep veins were now quite prominent. “Mmmmm!” I protested as her breasts swallowed my face tight and she pressed her body down. “Mmmm mmmm!” she rubbed those big boobs all over my face then at last they lifted and I gulped in fresh air. They were replaced by her face “Don’t get in the way of a woman and her pleasures, Mister Priest” she warned. Although lined with age, she still was a very sultry seductive woman and when she licked her tongue up the side of my face, I was in no mood to deny her anything.

She quickly removed my shoes, trousers and pants while I watched the cougar’s perfectly formed breasts. To my surprise she placed her hands upon my chest. “Mnnn!” I groaned as the weight of her body was focussed through her hands onto my chest as she raised herself up and stretched out her legs. She was performing a raised split on top of my body and in the nude. Her incredible flexibility and fitness, not to mention nudity has me absolutely throbbing. “Orrrrrr!” I moaned with pleasure as she slowly lowered her pussy onto my stiff rod as her legs stretched apart with the feet making contact with the floor. “Orrr!” I moaned as she began to raise herself up and down, pumping me in a steadily controlled rhythm. “Ahhh! This is real female dominance Mister Priest” she sighed. “I take you because I want to” she told me as she slowly slid up and down. “I take you because I can” she continued as she skilfully rode my dick. “I take you because I am a dominant woman” she said. “Orrr!” I moaned. The sensations were incredible, I really didn’t think I could last out much longer with this incredible body humping me. “I take you for my pleasure” she said. Her sultry slender green eyes under arched eyebrows watched me like a cat as she rode me relentless. “Please faster” I begged, desperate for release. “I take you because I am a dominant bitch” her wide thick lipped mouth pouted seductively pushing up her sharp high cheek bones. “Ohhhh yes! You have your uses after all” she moaned in pleasure. She began to increase the rhythm, driving me wild with every stroke. “Orrrr!” I moaned. BAM BAM BAM she bounced up and down on my impaled dick with her legs spread wide. “Ohhhh!” she moaned in increasing frenzy as she increased the pace even more. It was too much. “Unnnn nnnn nn nnnnar!” I moaned helplessly as I cum hard inside her, her own moans of pleasure not far behind.

The long legged mature sexpot dismounted and lay down. “Hopefully you will last much longer the next time” she tells with no sign of affection. That reminded me that she lured me here and although I would like to lie down to recover from my exertions, I force myself to take to opportunity while she is resting. Trying to ignore the sensational well toned slender body beneath; I manage to lay astride her, pushing her taut strong looking arms to the floor with suspicious ease. I’m sorry but I can’t help but run my hands along her firm hips following the contours of her fit shapely figure, her narrow waist and well developed bust. She smiles with amusement. “Oh do make your mind, Mister Priest. Are you going to worship me or interrogate me?”.

The sultry faced woman raised an arm bent at the elbow with the hand in a knife shape. Worried that she was going to chop me I grabbed her wrist and struggled, failing to press her hand back to the floor. Even as I struggled, I watched the swelling cords of her small bicep as she opposed me. Her other hand lifted and I found myself lying on top of this finely muscled naked woman trying in vain to press down her arms. She may be petite and whip thin but her body was lean and strong. Failing to pin a naked old woman is one thing, but to make matters worse she smiled at me in amusement, pushing up her high cheek bones. Her smouldering eyes stared at me as she told me. “I used to be a dancer in my youth, Mister Priest. My legs are quite strong”.

That was all the warning I got. Before I could think about escape, her long slim legs wrapped around my waist then squeezed tight. “Orrrrr!” I groaned as a boa constrictor crushed in from both sides. “Arghhh!” I released her hands in a vain attempt to prise off her legs. “Orrrggh!” her slim legs have expanded like steel balloons. The outline of her quads was visible as they crush like steel cables into my sides. “Orrr!” I press down on her ridged stomach then start beating down harder to no effect. Her abs are rock solid. Kate grabbed my hands and pulled them apart, forcing my face close to hers. Her predatorily sensual face brushes against my cheek and I feel her warm breath upon my ear. “You should know by now the power of a woman’s legs, Mister Priest” she whispered sending shivers down my spine. “Nothing left for you to do but suffer”. Once more she ran her warm wet tongue up the side of my face before laying back to watch me squirm in her tight legs with a wide smile of amusement. “Orrr!” I groan. I try to roll quickly to the side hoping to shake her off but her slim steely legs hold tight as a vice. “Ohhhh!” I groaned in agony as I somehow found the energy to force myself to my knees with her legs still clamped tight around my waist. Digging deep within myself I forced myself to stand up and immediately fell over. “Ouch!” she yelped as I fell on top of her. Luckily for me, that broke her grip.

I knew that I was outmatched and needed to make a retreat but Kate blocked my way. “You’re not going anywhere Mister Priest. Certainly not into my hotel with no pants or trousers” her face was cold and hard. As a quick as a cobra, she spun around smashing her elbow into my jaw. BLAM! My hand never got to my jaw to feel it. BLAM! She’d spun to face me and her knuckles landed in my face. God she was fast. I looked up to see that she was watching eagle eyed, swaying back and forth slightly with her fists raised. Her taut abs and the V shaped line across her hips turned me on despite the danger.

Before I could react a fabulous long leg flashed up and kicked me hard under my jaw “Hai!” BAM!. “Hai!” BLAM! Knuckles shot into my face. I felt my nose bleed. “Hai!” she span around fast, I caught a glimpse of a hard ribbed stomach and bare boobs before a long leg powered a foot around the side of my head KERBLAM!. “Hai!” BAM! “Orrrrrph!” a foot came out of nowhere and buried itself in my gut. As I creased forwards, the hard faced woman grabbed my head and pulled it under her arm against her sensationally fit body so I was looking out at her small tight backside. No! Her leg snapped back at the knee kicking her foot up into my trapped face BAM!

She pulled my head up with both hands then pressed it between her glorious cleavage. “Mmmm mmm!” she rubbed my face against her big rounded wobbly breasts. Resting my face between them looking up through the centre of the perfect mounds she looked down at me. “That’s so you remember that you are being slowly annihilated by a woman, Mister Priest. A 73 year old woman with a hot body in perfect shape” she boasted. She pressed my head down below her breasts and rubbed my face over her incredible abs. “Mmmm mmm!” I couldn’t help kissing them as my face ran over her ribbed stomach. She pulled my head back up through her breasts until I am looking close up into her face. “You enjoyed that, Mister Priest” her wide thick lipped mouth smiled but not pleasantly. “Well you won’t enjoy this”. BLAM! Her fist hammered an upper cut right beneath my jaw whipping my head back so hard that it nearly knocked me out.

I staggered back not ready for the devastating rapid onslaught that followed. “Hai!” BLAM! Front kick to the face. “Hai!” BLAM! Roundhouse kick to the side of my head. Her hard abs and fit naked body glistened under a sheen of perspiration. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! She was battering me so senseless that I no longer what was going on. It hurt badly but it got to a point when I knew I was beaten by an old cougar with a hot fit naked body and somehow that gave me a rapidly stiffening boner that only got stiffer as the beating went on. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!  A glimpse of firm sinewy slender arm as it drove a fist deep into my gut. BLAM! “Orrrrghh!”. A great pair of breasts and a six pack slender stomach before a long leg rose and blasted my head back with a jaw wrenching kick. I was so battered and dazed that I could barely stand. A fit naked female body leapt into the air before my eyes. Her pussy came level with my face then a leg snapped towards my face. “Kah!” BERLAM. It was like an explosion had gone off in my face and I barely remembered my back hitting the floor.

My badly aching and battered head was lifted from the floor. A hard looking stern but sultry face filled my vision oozing seduction despite the fine lines and looking victorious. “You didn’t stand a chance, Mister Priest” her wide thick lipped mouth said. “And now the victor takes her prize”. The face came closer and pressed her lips against mine roughly, her tongue slipping in and overpowering mine. She sat in my lap and pressed my face against her breast and I licked it and sucked her nipple. “Orrrr!” I moaned as she plunged my dick inside her and began riding. BAM BAM BAM the abs rippled in her stomach as she rode up and down on my shaft. “Keep it up Mister Priest. We’ve a long night ahead” she purred. Her body is so slim and firm that it’s hard to believe I’m being ridden by a 73 year old. Her taut rippling abs drive me wild as they dance sensuously as she rides. BAM BAM BAM BAM she rides me in a steady rhythm and I hear quite moans of contentment. I realise that I am lasting much longer than the last time she took me. She makes me feel like a porn star as our love making continues while she slowly increases the tempo. “Ohhhh!” she moans and the pace increases dramatically. “Mmm oh yes they were right about that too” she moaned as she went into a frenzy. I can barely keep up with her and as soon as she begins to climax, I lose it as she rides out a noisy orgasm.

We both lie back for a while, neither speaking, just resting when her phone rings. She gets up with a sigh to answer it. “Can’t you deal with it? I’m a bit busy at the moment” she snapped. “I would have thought he’d learnt his lesson after I visited his room early” her eyes glanced at mine and I realised who the ‘air conditioning’ was that she had been sorting out in the next room to mine. “Oh very well I’ll be at reception in a moment to sort him out”. She put down the phone with an annoyed tut.

Grabbing her business suit dress and blouse from a hanger on the back of the door, I watched the splendid body as she began to hurriedly put on the blouse over her naked torso. “I have some business to attend to Mister Priest but I will be back very shortly” she told me then pulled her smart black skirt over her bare legs and crotch. She approaches me, but I was to battered and shagged out to move. Leaning over she gave me a big long kiss that gave me the beginnings of another boner. She smiled “I’ll sort that out when I get back. Believe me; I can go the whole night through and woe betides any man who can’t keep up”. With another long tongue lick up the side of my face she hurried out of the door carrying her jacket, only pausing to slip on her shoes.

I heard the door lock from the outside. My aching and shagged out body wants to rest but there was no way I was going to stay until she got back. Dragging myself to my feet I look around and located my clothing and quickly put them back on. That’s when I spotted her mobile phone on the table which in her hurry she had left. Picking it up, I found that it was not locked and quickly located the calling list. The last call she had made was shown as ‘Helen’. Selecting ‘details’, I noted down the number then replaced the phone. I went into the other rooms but the only door was the one that Kate had left through and locked. Looking out of the main living room window, I felt relief to see that we were on the ground floor. Opening the window I felt dismay. There was no way I was going to squeeze my body through that. Then I spotted the safety catch, designed so that the occupant can escape in case of fire. Pressing the catch, the window swung out nearly horizontal giving enough room for my protesting body to get through with some difficulty. Thankfully it was only a short drop. I quickly went around to the side entrance back into the hotel and rushed back to my room, nervously peeking around the corners to make sure the old cougar wasn’t waiting for me. Hurriedly, I packed my stuff and departed the same way. I would phone up the hotel later and settle my bill over the phone. There was no way that I was going to risk getting caught by the deadly woman at reception. I hurried to my car, dumped my stuff in the boot and drove off thinking about the close shave I had just had and wondering what I should do next.

**a few years ago**
Raj sat in his HR manager’s office. He was a well fed middle aged man with greying hair and what he thought of as a dashing moustache. The swirl of the ceiling fan providing small relief in the muggy Mumbai heat.  He pressed a button on the intercom and spoke “Send in the next applicant”. An attractive young thing entered the room, closing the door behind her.

She was a slim petite thing, around 5 feet 2 inches with long luxurious black hair which fell down her back. An elegant red sari with gold trim clung to pleasing contours and suggested a large bust for such a slim frame and a nicely rounded backside. She was certainly prettier than the usual dogs that he saw, with a wide pleasing rounded face with high cheekbones enhanced by a small beauty spot on her left cheek. Her eyes were quite large with deep brown irises and thick black lashes. Above these sat thin nearly straight black eyebrows. Below the eyes, it almost looked as if she had bags but this gave her a sort of sleepy come to bed appeal. The nose was pleasantly slim with a moderate full lipped mouth. Unlike many local girls he saw she had very good skin complexion with no blemishes or spots. Altogether she had a rather elegant look of young sophisticated beauty. Very nice indeed Raj thought as he glanced down at her CV.

A Guajarati he read. Come to the big city to seek her fortune no doubt. “Nandra Ghandi. You have just left University which makes you overqualified for the roles we have for women” he stated. “What about your job?” she replied in a soft deep voice that stirred the cockles of his heart. She had a husky seductive voice for one so young. “Ha,ha” he laughed “Not until I retire or die, and that will be for some time yet, I’m sorry to disappoint you” strangely she did not even smile at his response. He went back to the CV “No experience. Tell me why Tota should employ you?” he asked.

Raj studied the contours of the young woman sitting on the opposite side of his desk. The way the sari thrust forward from her firm flat bare midriff was eye-catching. She certainly had a big bosom on her small frame. “I am Brahmin (upper caste). You are Dalit (Scheduled Caste)” was her reply. “Miss. Gandhi, There is no social exclusion or favouritism at Tota” he said aghast. Raj stood up and walked towards her chair and around it as if pondering. “What talents can you show me that will convince me of your merits” he said, taking a good look down her cleavage. The deep crevice between her young firm breasts indicated that this dusky beauty was ripe for picking.

Nandra’s full mouth widened in a sensual smile of promise as her long delicate fingers unbuttoned her choli. Raj’s mouth went dry as she opened the short sleeved blouse to reveal large perfectly formed breasts. “Oh you indeed have talent” Raj moaned, his lingam hardening as he reached forward and cupped the young firm breasts. They were soft and heavy in his hands. “Is this what you want me to do for you?” She asked coyly. He hungrily kissed her sensual full lips. “Oh yes” he moaned.

Raj kissed the girl with increasing fervour and rising lust. He tugged at her sari skirt but she wouldn’t lift it. Kissing him demurely but hotly she drove him wild. “Do I get the job?” she whispered in his ear with her soft husky voice that drove him crazy. “Oh yes” he moaned, his lingam absolutely rigid. She cupped her large breasts and he willing kissed and fondled them. “Then sign the papers and make it official” she told him. “Orrrhh” he moaned with desire. “Orrh! I’ll do it later, just let me inside you” he moaned kissing and caressing her body. “No, you will do it now. What sort of girl do you think I am” she chuckled in her deep seductive voice. A girl who is going to get a good seeing to he thought to himself.

She brought her mouth to his ear. “Sign” she whispered before licking it. The warm wet sensations of her tongue around his ear nearly made him cum prematurely. “Yes, Yes” he agreed eager to get inside and enjoy taking the young woman’s body. Hurriedly he filled in the form then stamped it. “There it is done” he said looking hungrily at her bare breasts against the red strip of material over her shoulder and wrapped around her waist. “It is official?” she asked. “Yes” he replied.

The young beauty stood up and slid the end of her sari from her shoulders and undraped it from her waist. “Orrrg!” Raj moaned with badly aching lust. With her torso bare he could see what a hot body she had. Her arms and shoulders were slim but looked very fit and healthy. The flat firm stomach fuelled his lust although he didn’t note the fine grid work of her abdominal muscles. She approached him walking sensuously then placed a hand gently on the front of his shoulder. “Are you hard?” She whispered seductively. “Oh yes” he moaned

“Hai!” her unexpected yell made him jump. BLAM! Her foot blasted his nuts so hard he felt them break. “Hai!” she shouted again as the hem of her sari flew up and her foot hammered his upper thigh. “Arghh!” he cried as his thighbone broke. Raj looked up in shock at the cold emotionless gaze of the young beauty as she raised her hand. “Hai!” The side of her hand flashed down in a blur. “Argh!” he cried as he felt his collarbone break. He looked at in terror with the piss running down his leg as the hot bodied beauty adopted a fighting stance. She was so desirable yet so terrifying that he wept openly.

KEEEHAI! Nandra spun around, her sari lifting high as her leg kicked out with such brutal force that his head jerked unnaturally as she snapped his skull from his neck. He was dead long before his body smashed into the floor.

Showing no emotion, Nandra calmly picked up her choli and put it back on then adjusted her Sari before walking over to the desk and taking her seat. Pressing a button on the intercom she instructed “There is some trash in my office that needs to be removed. Now”.

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