Jackie’s Revenge (JACKIE #4)

Jackie punishes her older brother while her friends take care of his

Jackie gets her own back with even more outrageous humilation for her older brother. I also wanted to show Mary and Ling getting in on the act.
(c) JIM P 2012

Having finished with my morning clean and brush up, I opened the bathroom door to find my blocked by a sight that sent chills down my spine. Jackie blocked my way with her hands behind her back and a hard look on her face. She didn’t say a word but just stood there glaring at me as she had been doing for the last few days.

She wore a very short red sleeveless halter that showed off her toned sculpted midriff and her slender yet rippling arms. Her shoulders were pushed back and her chest expanded to make herself look bigger. Unfortunately it also stretched her top so that it clung tightly to her small developing breasts and jutting nipples. That make me very uncomfortably aware that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I tried not to stare. After all she is my little sister and I was a growing young man with developing hormones. So tensed was her upper body that it made my little sister look ripped and muscular. The sight of thick corded muscle in her shoulders and arms made me nervous. Her normally slim neck had all but disappeared into her thick traps with two thick cords running down her throat to the hollow at the base of her throat. Either side her traps were thick triangles sloping across wide shoulders to striated shoulder caps. Even the top of her chest had little ridges running across. It just wasn’t fair that a girl so young had so much more muscle than me. In any other girl I might have found it quite sexy but in my younger sister it was disturbing and made me feel weird.

Where had she learnt that pose? It made her upper body look really wide and ripped. Beneath the halter, her stomach was a deeply cut wall of living muscle that moved slowly in and out as she breathed. She didn’t say a word but just blocked my way and glared at me as if challenging me to try and move her out of the way. I didn’t want to touch that body. It made me feel nervous and, to be honest, inadequate. Two years younger than me, Jackie is a competitive gymnast always working out whereas I’m not athletic at all. Although she was only 5’1″, 7 inches shorter than me, her body was broad and packed with well developed mass. She seemed like a ferocious pit bull terrier blocking my way. Jackie was not slim or a size zero like other girls her age aspired to but short and built like a brick outhouse.

I tried to put on some bluster. “Out of my way you little brat, I haven’t got all day” I said trying to push past her. It was like walking into a brick wall; my body pressed against her but she didn’t move. BAM! Suddenly her hand was on my chest slamming my back up against the door frame. She looked up into my eyes and just said two words but they were enough “Make me”. She spoke in a soft breathy voice that sent goose pimples up my spine. One hand held me in place; that’s all it took. I could feel the strength of her arm flowing through her hand as she pinned me against the door frame. I tried not to look at the prominent blue bicep vein and the taut latent muscle.

Long golden hair framed a small heart shaped face with a cute slender nose and a small mouth. Her deep blue eyes bore into me making me uncomfortable. There was no doubt that Jackie was quite pretty. In fact it felt odd walking with her down the street on the way to and from school and noticing grown men driving past in their cars, turn their heads to stare at her. Strangely that made me feel protective because she was my younger sister yet at the same time jealous because women never looked at me like that.

The short blonde block of vaguely girl shaped mass glared at me as she held me in place. “Please Jackie, I keep telling you. I had nothing to do with Judo Boy attacking you” I hated the way my voice sounded whiney and pleading. The memories of how my little sister had completely destroyed a much older young man who was a black belt in Judo [JACKIE#3] still gave me nightmares. Those dreams had another embarrassing side effect that shamed me as I recalled the unstoppable power of a girl in school uniform totally dominating the much larger Judo expert. I hoped and prayed to God that Mum hadn’t noticed the stains on the sheets. “Don’t lie to me Bobby, I know that you are lying” she told me sternly.

I could look her in the eye, so I lowered my gaze to her wide square midriff. She flexed her abs on purpose. “You can’t do that, can you, Bobby jelly belly” she teased. Wow her abs were amazing, six thick irregular shaped slabs deeply etched with oblique’s running off at a tangent up her sides and a pair of deep lines in a wide V at the bottom of her abdomen drawing the eye towards her skimpy black shorts. I quickly averted my gaze. “Please I’m sorry, Jackie” oh God I was wimping out to my little sister, but she seemed so tough. “You will be sorry alright Bobby” she said with menace. She then tensed her arms in front with the elbows bent so her fists were pointing inwards. Her arms became a mass of writhing vein like creepers. “Are you scared Bobby?” she asked sweetly. Yes I was scared, her chest was striated, as were her big shoulder caps. Her biceps were beginning to swell thickening her upper arms and her abs were a dense pack of ribbed muscle as she did a ‘most muscular’ pose. Faced with so much well defined female muscle, my dick had an unwelcome reaction.

Thankfully Jackie stopped. “You will do all of my chores” she stated. “Do them yourself” I said in nervous defiance. She didn’t answer instead she raised both arms. Her fists clenched as her forearms bent upwards. A low brawny slab thickened and swelled along the top of each upper arm, growing steadily becoming larger and more pronounced. These soon became unmistakably large rugged biceps with veins running over them making them look even more intimidating. I looked down at my sister frozen with fear at the sight of such big thick dense biceps counterpointed by large triceps swelling on the underside and rippling forearms that stood like a triangular shaped mast. Oh God, she could give some fitness competitors a run for their money! “Come on then Bobby” she said with a smile. She still looked like a young girl but the biceps she held up were more powerful than most boys her age. Hell, they were stronger than most boys, period. She smiled; it was a smile that made me feel nervous. “Anytime you want, Bobby” she said. Oh God, I felt ill and so weak at the sight of such big biceps on a little girl’s arm. I looked down away from that sight which was a mistake. Jackie’s legs were very thick especially for her height, very thick because they were solid muscle. Even relaxed it was obvious that my kid sister had powerful legs with large quads, hamstrings and calves. They were even more terrifying than her arms and the principal reason that she destroyed Judo Boy.

Thankfully she lowered those menacing biceps but what she did next was much worse. She pressed her chest against me and looked up into my eyes. “Remember this Bobby?” she whispered. Her small mouth pouted with her lips forming an O shape. The tip of her tongue poked through the middle and began to slowly circle her mouth over and over again. That aroused the shameful memory of how my own kid sister had ‘enslaved’ me after kicking my arse at wrestling, twice [BOBP#1]. However, I am mesmerised by the sight and can’t look away. I feel the sweat on my brow as my body reacts naturally to the memory; my dick stiffening rapidly. Oh God no, she can’t still be having this effect on me, it’s wrong. But my mouth is dry and I can’t seem to force the words out. “Soon Bobby, soon” she whispered then pulls my cheek. “Cluck cluck” then she turned and entered the bathroom closing the door behind her. I ran back to my room with a raging boner that won’t go down for the next half an hour.
The tension was palpable but I tried to avoid the little brat for the rest of the day. That evening my parents had gone out and I was sitting on the carpet in front of the sofa watching telly. Jackie came into the room wearing a short black halter with a fringe of white lace at the bottom; she also wore tiny black shorts and white ankle socks. I pointedly ignored her and continued to watch the programme. “The bins need putting out” she said. “That’s your job, squirt” I replied. I continued to ignore her as she climbed on to the sofa behind me assuming that she is going to lounge across it like usual and watch TV. I’m determined not going to look at her; that is just what she wants. She’s only wearing that outfit so she can intimate me with her fit toned body but I’m not going to give her the satisfaction. Suddenly small hands grab my chin and pull the back of my head against her crotch. On either side thick meaty bare legs stretch out in a wide V shape with little white socks at the far end and they are closing in. Starting to panic, I tried to pull away but the brat held me by the roots of my hair as her thick gymnasts’ legs closed like a pair of scissors around my neck.

Really panicking now, my neck and the lower half of the sides of my face were swallowed up by the warm thick pillars of steel reinforced flesh. Somewhere out in front of me in the distance I saw the little white socks come together as she crossed her feet. Ohhhargh! I was determined not to cry out like a woose but her legs felt absolutely huge as they clamped down upon my neck and head so hard that my eyes immediately went out of focus. Ohhhargh God! They’re so strong, squeezing so tight and expanding so big that it felt like my head was being prised off my neck. It felt like I was being swallowed alive by some monster, some monster that was my kid sister. “Garr!” a groan of misery escaped my clenched teeth. Grabbing the lower limbs that stretched out tight against each other in front of my face like railway tracks, I tried to prise them apart. “Garrgh!” they wouldn’t budge but the little bitch lifted and folded her big meaty thighs almost pulling my head off and stretching my neck as she brought it closer to her seated body. Then she snapped them back out straight again in a dizzying painful blast of power. “Argh!” I cried out as a powerful wave of pain lanced through my head and nearly knocked me out.

“Grrr!” I felt my face heat up and heard the pounding of blood in my ears as I struggled in vain to free myself from my sister’s big bad legs. My hands clutched at the thighs trying to bust my neck and skull with python like power. “Argh!” I cried as wave after wave of terrible relentless pressure tried to squash me to pulp. “Arghh!” I groaned in misery as I felt the expanse of lovely smooth warm skin bulging massively over what felt like huge rocks but knew with dismay were enormous rock hard muscle. It was no use; the feel of such powerful legs made me give up hope. My little sister’s legs were too insanely strong. I admitted defeat, there was nothing that I could do except suffer in agony as she completely dominated me with her fearsome gymnast’s legs. Shamefully the feeling of submission caused my dick to stiffen ramrod straight.

“Nnnnnugh!” I clenched my eyes and gritted my teeth as the thick muscular thighs swelled up the sides of my face, chewing me up like some terrible sinuous creature. “Nnnnngh!” I could feel my face burn as the young girls’ legs pressed against my cheeks so painfully that I feared they would shatter at any moment and crack my jaw apart in the process. “Garrhh!” I was determined not to cry but the pain was intense. “Arghhh!” the pain was brutal; it felt like she was going to crack my skull like an eggshell. The massive bare legs swell so large under my palms that I can barely comprehend their sheer size. As I grabbed in desperation I swear I could feel every muscle in her quads bulging and standing out like a mountain ridge. “Arghhh!” Oh God the pain. My eyes are screwed tight with watery tears pooling beneath the lids as the stabbing pain lances through my head. Jesus! I can no longer cry out; my lower face is compressed so tightly that I can’t move my jaw. Arghh! My ears! The slabs of teenage female muscle are pressing my ears painfully into my skull. Arghh! It’s just too much. My body seems to have given up. I don’t have the energy to hold onto her insanely swelling thighs and my hands flop to the floor. Slowly a grey fugg envelops my mind easing the terrible pain and tuning out my frantic loud heartbeat pounding in my ears as I begin to float away.
I dreamt that I was crossing a railway track when I stumbled and fell. My head lay against a steel rail and I could hear a train coming but I couldn’t move. With horror I realised that I was lying between the points and the other rail was swinging across to trap my head. I tried to raise my head but I couldn’t, my head was trapped between two rails and I was being crushed alive. Suddenly I awoke in a fevered sweat only to find that it was almost true. I couldn’t move my head as it was wedged at the neck by warm thick flesh coloured columns that stretch into the distance before me. Large slabs of thick hard calve muscle lay in the near distance and beyond this little white socks are crossed. Oh God No! With mounting dread I realise where I am.

Automatically I raised my hands to the legs around my head and that triggered the squeezing. “No!” I groaned as it began all over again. My head was levered up as I sensed Jackie press herself up using her arms on the sofa behind me, stretching out her big legs and raising them onto her toes. “Nooo!” her hamstrings felt like huge encroaching walls as they swelled and crept up the sides of my head like quick drying concrete. I felt like a mouse being swallowed by a snake. “No please!” I felt a wimp for begging to my younger sister but her large toned legs were clamping hard with an awful irresistible pressure that bit into my neck and compressed my cheeks and jaw.

In front of me I see her shiny hard calves burst into dense slabs of steel with beautifully defined thick hard edged diamonds at the lower edge. Close up they look sensational but Arghh I’m really in no state to appreciate them. “Arghh!” Oh God no, I slap in vain on her bulging hamstrings which from my position seem absolutely huge. SLAP SLAP my palm stings as it beats against hard muscle. “Ouch Ouch Ouch!” the strong legged brat bent back her thighs slightly then snapped them back out straight over and over. Each move battered my tightly squashed head in a wave of muscular legged power as her huge hams pounded against my head. “Smack my legs again and I’ll rip off your head!” I heard Jackie’s voice over the hammering of hard swelling muscle against my burning ears.
“Nnnnnnnnargh!” an anguished wail escaped my tightly compressed mouth as the gymnast brat finally snapped her legs straight and began to squeeze down with even stronger pressure. Oh God I don’t want to die like this, “Boy killed by kid sister’s legs” I can see the headlines now. I’d die a laughing stock.

“Nnnaarrgh!” I cry as the bulging swelling mass around me presses my ears into the side of my head and compresses my cheeks and jaw so hard that they ache badly and make my teeth hurt. My blood pounds loudly in my ears as she tries to push them deep inside my head. Orrrrrr! The pressure is terrible, my cheeks and jaw are pressed so hard that my mouth is forced into a painful pout. I clench my eyes against the pain, tears welling up under the lids and flowing down my cheek. Arghh! I want to shriek but my teeth are locked together. Arghh arghhh this nightmare goes on forever as my brat sister punches wave after wave of skull breaking muscular assault that chews up my neck and the sides of my face. Orrrhhhh I can feel her inner thighs like thick steel cables slicing deep into my neck. My heartbeat throbs at the sides of my neck and I start to feel faint. Oh God she’s going to cut my neck in two orrrrrrr…..
“Arrhgh!” I groaned as I came around. My neck hurt like buggery and my face felt broken, my cheeks and jaw sore with a throbbing ache in my teeth. “The bins need putting out, Bobby” I jumped in fright at the voice. Ouch ouch I quickly turned around and wish I hadn’t, each movement sent blinding waves of pain through my head. My brat sister was lounging on the sofa behind, her chunky midriff right in front of my face with its moving writhing washboard. I instantly cower then scrambled to my feet in fright, rushing out to obey. Every step lanced pure agony in my badly aching head.

For the next few days I sheepishly did all of Jackie’s chores at her command. I was terrified that if I disobeyed that she’d put me between those short power-packed legs again. My stiff jaw and aching cheeks were a constant embarrassing reminder of how once more had totally wiped me out. She took every opportunity to remind me of my humiliation. After school and at weekends she would wear sleeveless tops to intimidate me with the sight of her well developed arms. “Clean the rabbit hutch” she would demand; a subtle clasping of her hands against her chest causing her biceps to thicken was all it took to have me scampering to obey.

It was so humiliating being frightened of my own kid sister. I was becoming a bag of nerves every time she was near but the sight of those toned arms or thick legs had me obeying her every whim. “Go to the shops and get my gymnastics magazine” she would order. Any thought of dissent was quashed by Jackie stretching out a short thick leg then making the quads thicken reminding me of their terrible power. But as the days went by and the physical pain receded and the nightmares eased, I became more ashamed of my weakness. This couldn’t go on; I couldn’t let my little sister bully me. But every time I tried to stand up to her, refusing to do her chores she would smile and give me a subtle reminder such as pretending to adjust her hair which would cause her slim arms to thicken with hard dense cords of muscle. Or she would press her arm by her side folding the forearm across her belly and tense causing her triceps to flare into a horseshoe shaped mound on the back of her arm while her biceps bulged like a small hill at her side. That would be enough to quell any argument and cause me to shake like a leaf.

I felt sick to the pit of my stomach that I was being bullied by the young brat. I couldn’t tell my parents, they wouldn’t understand how a grown boy could be bullied by a pretty sweet looking little girl like Jackie. It wasn’t even as though she was one of those ugly butch looking girls with short hair and grossly overweight. As time went on I felt more and more like a real woose. I even stopped having friends over in case my little sister started bullying me and embarrassing me in front of them.

“Clean my room” she ordered one day. “No” I mumbled. Jackie just smiled and rolled up her sleeves then flexed both arms. Gulp, I gawped as her biceps grew from thick cords along the tops of her arms. Slowly becoming thicker hard looking small hills that became more defined as the peaks grew taller and rockier until they looked undeniably big and powerful. The sight of such big peaked biceps on my sweetly smiling sister made me go weak at the knees. With my head down in embarrassment I went off to obey hoping that she hadn’t noticed the big boner in my trousers. Not that I could help it. Ever since my leggy encounter with Lady Helen Windthorpe [JIMP#6] I found myself turned on by muscular women and women with devastating combat skills. That my younger sister had a powerfully built body, insane strength and was terribly good at wrestling just made matters worse. I felt a real sick puppy for getting turned on by my sister’s body.

Things couldn’t go on this way and in retrospect I think Jackie knew this. I only wish I’d recognised the warning signs.
A few days later, I was walking home from school with Jackie. It was quite warm and so neither of us wore a blazer. My sister was wearing a white short sleeved blouse which showed off her lean looking arms and which was buttoned smartly all the way to the neck. The school tie hung around her neck, dark blue with wide diagonal blue and black stripes, with the knot neat and tidy sitting between the collar and covering the top button. From her broad hips hung a short grey pleated skirt under which she had bare legs that ended with knee length white socks and black low heeled shoes. I just looked like a slob as usual with the top couple of buttons of my shirt undone, the shirt tails hanging out of my trousers on one side and my tie in my pocket. My mates Chris Moye and Superrod Johnson were also with us and similar dressed. We had just reached the entrance to the park when Jackie insisted that we went across the playground and through the playing fields. “Why?” I asked suspiciously. “It’s longer that way” but she had already turned to go through the big iron gates in the old Victorian walls with my mates following at her heels. With discomfort I noticed that they were eagerly eyeing up my sister’s backside and the back of her thick solid looking legs. That skirt really was too short; I’d wish she’d wear something decent.

“Oh look there’s Ling and Mary. You like Mary don’t you Bobby?” Jackie said chirpily. Nearly all the boys liked Mary. She had the body of an extremely tall full bodied young woman but the youthful features of the young teenager that she was. She was well over 6 feet tall with a breathtaking hourglass figure and gorgeous dusky looks which hinted at   Mediterranean ancestry. Her face was narrow and oval in shape, uncluttered with sultry dark brown eyes surrounded by thick lashes. Her nose was slender with sleek nostrils above a medium sized mouth with plump red lips. Mary’s perfect buxom figure was in proportion with her extraordinary height which meant that instead of tall and skinny like a beanpole, her body was actually rather large and thick. However, you didn’t really notice this unless you were close up because everything was in perfect proportion. Amongst other things, this meant that her legs were sensationally long and shapely, and her bust large and thrusting.

Chris and Superrod jostled each other as they hurried through the gate to get a glimpse of the stunning long haired brunette. With growing excitement I saw that not only was Mary wearing a very short pleated skirt which seemed to be all the rage with the girls at school, driving us boys to distraction with the amount of leg on show, but she was also wearing sheer black stockings and suspenders. Wow! My groin stirred with excitement. Long legged beautiful Mary was wearing stocking and suspenders, oh God what a sexy sight. At the best of times she had me tongue tied but showing off those sensational long legs in stockings would strike me dumb. However as I got closer I realised that they were just sheer black nylon tights that had been printed subtly with the image of dark stocking tops and suspenders belts running over a lighter patch that created the illusion. Not that this lessened the impact, her legs were show stopping and the amount on show was drool inducing.

Mary sat on an old fashioned roundabout which had a high wide wooden circular bench all the way around it with raised iron handrails running radially for the kids to cling onto as it spun. “Watcha Mary” I said self-consciously, feeling pleased with myself for managing to anything comprehensible out of my mouth. But a stone plunged into my heart when she totally ignored me as Superrod butted in and started to chat her up.

You know what’s it like when your best mate is able to chat up any girl that he sees? Even a complete stranger walking down the street and yet you’re all tongue tied and don’t know what to say or where to begin. And you know how all the good looking girls smile at him yet they don’t pay you a blind bit of attention. Well it’s like that with Superrod and it’s not as though he’s even good looking but a spotty oik with bad skin complexion. Mary was looking up demurely and smiled as Superrod’s irritating smooch lines continued. Shit, how can girls fall for such annoying crap like that? A leg that seemed to go on for miles bent at the knee as she brought her foot up to the running board that skirted the roundabout. The stocking and suspenders effect was mesmerising and her legs amazing but I was crestfallen that Superrod was hogging all of her attention.

There was a tap on my shoulder. “Watcha Bobby” a girlish voice with a strong Chinese accent said. I turned around to see Ling Chan. Three years younger than me, she is tiny and petite, barely 5 foot if that; she looks more like 4’6″. Ling is actually quite cute with a small rounded face, a cute button nose, high cheeks and a luscious wide full lipped mouth. Enchanting lovely slender almond shaped eyes with dark brown irises and thick lashes stared out below slender eyebrows. Her normally black hair was dyed auburn and flowed from high upon her forehead; over her ears curling around her cheeks and fell below her shoulders.

Ling was also in school uniform with an exceptionally short grey pleated skirt which showed off her bare legs which although short were actually very pleasant to look at. As Ling turned to say hello to Chris, my eyes were drawn to the back of her legs and caught a glimpse of the tip of white knickers. Jeese the skirts on these girls just got shorter and shorter. Some girls like Mary could carry it off and I had to admit Ling had good legs too. She looked back over her shoulder with wide excited eyes and a cheery smile. For a second my face began to flush thinking that she had caught me looking at her legs and small compact backside. “Hi, Jackie; Everything OK?” she asked chirpily. “Yes fine” my sister replied from my side. Ling turned her attention back to Chris, who seemed enchanted by the little Chinese girl.

“Come on Bobby, I want to show you something” Jackie told me sliding her arm around mine and leading me away. I didn’t really want to go with her but I didn’t want her to show me up in front of Mary or my mates. “See you later, Bobby” Ling chirped. “Look at this Bobby” my sister said looking up at the tall scaffolding that had been erected around the high clock tower. “Yeah, they’re restoring the old brickwork and roofing” I replied without enthusiasm. I looked longingly back at Mary deep in conversation with Supperod and Ling chatting animatedly with Chris. A sudden clang drew my attention and I was shocked to see that Jackie had jumped up and caught hold of a long metal pole that was part of the scaffolding about 7 feet off the ground. “Jackie, what are you doing?” I exclaimed with concern as she began to pull herself up to the bar with her lean firm arms. The workmen had only put up the metal framework and hadn’t yet laid any wooden walkways between the metal poles or ladders. My brat sister looked down at me as she lifted her body towards the bar. “Don’t be such a woose, Bobby. Anyway you’ll be there to catch me if I fall” she said with a smile.

Her slender arms became taut and thickened as Jackie hauled herself up until her stomach was level with the cross-beam. My heart leapt into my mouth as the pole bounced up and down as super-brat began to swing her legs back and forth in straight legged unison. I could see right up her skirt to her white knickers but I couldn’t look away in case she got into difficulty. Building up momentum with her pleated skirt billowing around the top of her thighs, all of a sudden her short but thick body spun completely around the bar on extended arms then let go as she reached the top. CLANG! Jeese I hadn’t realised that I had been holding my breath until Jackie landed on top of the metal pole, standing with her legs spread wide to keep her balance. But the silly little brat didn’t stop there, as if doing an asymmetric bar exercise, my lithe little sister swung fluidly from one horizontal pole to another working her way higher up the scaffolding towards the top. The metal beams bounced alarmingly as she swung beneath them but even worse was the way they seemed to jump when she landed heavily on them. “Jackie. Please come down. It’s not a climbing frame. It’s dangerous” I shouted. “Wimp” I heard softly flutter down from high.

“Look at me, Bobby” she cried in her girly voice upon reaching a very small square of scaffolding the very top. It didn’t look very safe up there but to my horror the nimble brat flipped herself upside down into a handstand. “Jackie, No!” I cried. Her arms looked taut and hard as they supported her rock steady as she held her body in a slightly curved C shape with her legs held together. Her pleated skirt had fallen down around her waist and I could the lines of her thick strong legs and muscular calves contrasted against the sky. “This is so cool, Bobby. I can see our house” she shouted down. “Please come down, Jackie” I pleaded knowing that if she fell that I would get the blame. Her supple body bent further backwards with her legs bending right over her head arching towards the metal pole forming a tight inverted U shape at least a good 40 foot or more up some rickety scaffolding. Her feet made contact with the narrow bar then she casually flipped upright and straight into another backbend. “Jesus, Jackie No!” I cried as she bent right back until her hands met the bar to form a very solid looking bridge. I held my breath as she flipped herself to her feet as if this were an ordinary beam exercise.

To my relief my sister began to swing down, every move done with grace and precision like the top notch gymnast she was. A peal of girlish laughter made me look longingly at Mary sharing a joke with Superrod. A stab of jealousy hit me then so did something else. BLAM! Something slammed into the front of my body while I was looking over my shoulder. As I stumbled back I was more concerned with not falling over and looking a prat in front of Mary to notice something clasp my upper arm and trouser belt. Suddenly instead of falling on backside I was swinging above the ground. “Come on Bobby, come up here and take a look” I looked up with dawning dread along my sister’s lean taut arms to my sister’s upside down face. God no! I was dangling at the end of her arms while she swung upside down. What was holding her up? Looking beyond her face, I found the answer. The blood drained from my face as I saw that she was dangling backwards from a horizontal scaffolding pole by just the crook of her knees with her calves bent over the top. Her arms were taut like steel cables as they strained to hold my weight up.

“Put me down Jackie” I hissed trying not to draw attention of the others. “You want me to drop you? There’s all builder rubbish and horrible muddy puddles beneath you. Do you want Mary to see you all muddy and stinky” she said. “You can’t hold me up for much longer” I added although the sight of her impressively built upper body suggested otherwise. Up top, Jackie is built like an inverted pyramid, not only sloping from broad shoulders to her wide waist but also from the side view sloping from a deep sturdy chest to her firm stomach. “Is that a challenge Bobby? Watch this” she said. A sudden lurch on the bar above made the blood drain from my face as Jackie lifted one leg from the bar. “Jackie no!” I cried. She was supporting our combined bodyweight with just one leg. She just sneered with her face set in concentration then thrust the leg backwards. It sailed way over the bar and I heard a metallic clang as it made contact with a parallel pole about a foot away. This was a set of parallel poles about a foot apart that would later support a wooden gangway. She repeated this with the other leg and I realised that she must have hooked her feet under the far pole. Suddenly we began moving higher. Through the gap between the pole I could make out that she was bending her legs and using the power of her strong legs to pull the backs of her legs over to rest on the top.

Lifting our combined bodyweight, and I’m no light chicken, the sides of Jackie’s thick meaty thighs ballooned into huge bulging bellows of steely hard muscle. The memory of those stocky powerhouses around my head made me look away but smoothly but slowly they hauled us higher. Her grip around my upper arm felt firm but I worried my belt would give way under the strain. Jackie’s backside rolled over the top of the bar and the upward motion stopped. My sister’s arms began to thicken and swell as she tried to pull me the rest of the way, her face set in concentration. “You need to lose some weight, Bobby jelly belly” she grunted through clenched teeth. The biceps in her arms swelled into small dense hills, the veins running over them becoming more prominent as they strained to lift me. “Jackie please, let me down” I begged as I saw her arms trembling under the strain. Her biceps continued to grow until they seemed as big as grapefruits and were writhing with swollen prominent veins. I gulped at the fearsome sight on my younger sister’s arms never having seen them so big and ripped. As they strained to pull me up, they seemed as if somebody had taken a bicycle pump to them and hyper inflated them. So potently powerful and solid, they resembled big rugged mountain peaks. The swell of her triceps beneath added to the hugeness of her arms as well the rippling forearms thick and sloping from elbow to thickly corded wrist that strained with the effort of holding onto me. They throbbed with such extreme power while the immense strain showed on my sister’s young face which was turning red under the effort. The contrast between her young pretty face and the awesome muscle on her arms had my dick absolutely rock hard and there was nothing I could do to cover my embarrassment. I only hoped that she was too focussed on the task at hand to notice. “Argh!” Jackie cried “You’re too heavy. Get your leg on the bar. Quick before I drop you” her voice was strained through clenched teeth. OhShitOhShit She was going to drop me and from this height it was going to hurt. Trying to remain calm I stretched my right leg out and after a couple of attempts managed to hook my calf over the bar. That must have made it easier for Jackie as she then manhandled me the rest of the way up until I was lying precariously on my back across the parallel metal bars.

“Jesus Jackie. Don’t do something as stupid like that again” I gasped as I lay still trying to get my racing heart and breathing back to normal. The long metal poles began to bounce up and down alarmingly. “For God’s sake keep still, Jackie. Stop moving about” I hissed. “Maybe Chris and Superrod can find a ladder to get us down” I told her. Suddenly my sister’s body straddles over me like a wolf pouncing on its prey, supporting herself on her hands on the pole either side of my head and her feet on the far pole. She is just a few inches above me with her face looking down at me, making me feel claustrophobic. “What’s that in your pocket, Bobby? Are you pleased to see me?” she chirped loudly. “ShutupShutup” I snapped before the others heard, my face turning red. Oh crap, she had noticed! “Do I turn you on? Do you fancy your own sister?” she teased. “Shut up, you brat. Of course I don’t” I snapped, feeling bad that her muscular body kept having this effect on me. She brought her face closer so all I could see where her baby blue eyes. “You’re going to climb all the way up to the top with me or I’m telling Mary that you fancy me” she said softly with sharp edged menace. “Feck off! I’m staying here ’til they find a ladder” I protested, there was no way that I was going to go anywhere on this death trap.

“Are you disobeying a direct order, Bobby?” Jackie’s voice got sterner. “Feck off you little loony, I am not climbing anywhere with you” I snapped. With a disturbing smile, Jackie’s face moved away then the arms either side of my head tensed. Suddenly big blocky calves in little white socks swung overhead barely an inch above my face until I was looking up at big meaty hamstrings terrifyingly close to my face. Oh God! My sister was performing a seated hand raise on a precarious bit of scaffolding while I lay underneath with my face at the business end. To my relief, the powerful looking hamstrings parted but then I realised that my vision was filled with her exposed crotch and the white knickers stretched tightly over it with thick sinuous inner thighs channelling my gaze. Oh God! It was an ‘instant hard-on’ move as the girls at Jackie’s gymnastics club called it; A seated hand raise with the legs swung in front of the body open in a wide almost vertical V; and I was getting it from extreme close-up. My dick’s powerful reaction was only natural; after all I’m only a boy with rampaging teenage hormones being confronted right in the face with one of the sexiest moves in female gymnastics. The knowledge that it was my younger sister performing the move and getting this reaction was deeply disturbing. “Turned on by female gymnasts are you, Bobby? All boys are; Apart from the gay ones” my sister’s voice said. “Now feel what a gymnasts legs can really do”. Those words had me cringing with fear. The crotch obscuring my view was coming towards my face and her big strong legs were closing in like a face hugger. “Please Jackie, not the legs, not the legs, please” I wimped like a terrified little kid. While my head might have healed from the last scissoring she had given me, the mental scars hadn’t.

“Oh very well” I heard her sighed then suddenly to my astonishment her whole body dived over my face and disappeared over the edge. WTF? For a moment I had thought that she’d flung herself off the scaffolding. Suddenly hands grabbed my feet from below and pulled them through the gap between the parallel poles. I felt them trapped them under firm arms. “No!” I had barely yelped my protest when white sock covered calves with black shoes on the end shot up from beneath my upper arms like a monster rising from the deep. In the blink of an eye, they closed over my chest then crossed beneath my chin. “Arnnn!” strong thick thighs squeezed against the sides of my chest while her crossed calves pushed my head back over the metal pole. At the same time, a strong force began pulling down on my feet. “Argh!” with horror I realised that she was beginning to stretch her legs, pushing my upper back over the edge of the pole while her calves pressed down. I being bent backwards over a metal scaffolding pole, God knows how many feet above the ground. “Argh! Help!” I cried.

**Superrod’s view**
I was trying to pull Mary but it was hard work. Although she kept smiling and laughing at my jokes, the tall leggy lovely seem distracted and wouldn’t commit to any date I put forward. It was almost as if she wasn’t interested which was impossible. Suddenly I heard Bobby’s cry for help and was shocked to see him bent backwards like a U pin over a bit of scaffolding while a girl in a schoolgirl uniform was dangling lengthwise from his body beneath the bar. It was that gymnast babe sister of his, but bloody hell it looked like she was trying to break his back. Somehow her short stocky body and strong bare legs gave an immense impression of power. Sighing I got up off the roundabout to go to his assistance when big Mary got in my way. To my surprise she had her fists raised as if she wanted a fight. “Don’t much about Love” I chuckled and tried to move past her but she sidestepped to block me with her fists still up. That’s when I realised that because everything was in perfect proportion to her amazing height, that her fists were disturbingly large. “Don’t” was all she said, staring at me sternly with her lovely dusky face.

“I’ve got to help him, Love. She’ll break his neck like that” I told her and tried to step around her. BLAM! Big knuckles crushed against my cheeks sending my face twisting to the side with a stinging bruised feeling. I was stunned. “Don’t call me love. I’m not your love” the tall quiet beauty told me sternly as I felt my bruised aching cheek. “Arkkk! Help!” Bobby cried. Oh my God! His babe of a sister looked like she was going to break him in two.

I tried to step around the suddenly belligerent young giantess but the girl with the hot hour glass figure and long flowing brown hair put a big hand on my chest and stopped me. “Please Mary, she’s really going to hurt him” I told her. “Stay out it” Mary’s warm sensual voice warned. Her lovely face looked stern as it peered at me over her fists. “Look babe don’t mess abo..” BLAM! BLAM! Big fists smashed into my face like mallets driving in a stake. My head was jerking around like a spring loaded puppet as the big knuckles clobbered one cheek then the other blasting my face one then the other leaving stinging bruising wheals. BERLAM! A sledgehammer hit me right in the side of my cheek so forcefully that it whipped my face around to the other side of my body, scrambling my brains. Mary’s big fists were delivering devastating strong punches that were causing a lot of damage and had me punch-drunk in a matter of moments. This couldn’t be happening! BLAM! “Borrph!” I creased in agony as a big sledgehammer, or that’s what it felt like, drove deep into my gut driving out all my breath. “Don’t call me babe” she snapped. Orrrr! I couldn’t believe it, a gorgeous hot bodied ba..girl was beating the crap out of me.

“And I don’t like creeps like you keep trying to chat me up” she told me raising her fists once more as I struggled to breathe. Orrr my gut hurt badly, I couldn’t breathe and my face felt like it had just been put under a steam hammer. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Everyone assumed that Mary was a nice quiet girl, she certainly didn’t seem the type to get into a fight let alone punch the stuffing out of you, yet that was exactly what she was doing. She looked full of confidence as she loomed over me, her large bust in front of my eyes. BLAM! Large knuckles bit my right eye and left it watering and stinging so much that I could barely keep it open. “Don’t stare at my tits, you rude boy” she lectured. Everything was moving around swaying back and forth, I couldn’t understand what was happening.

“Look at you. You can barely stand” the cramp in my stomach was so bad I could barely raise my face to look up at her. BERLAM! A jackhammer smashed into my jaw and the world lurched as the ground came up to meet me. “Uh…Uhhh!” I groaned. My lungs were spasmodic and my jaw ached with the taste of blood in my mouth. A long calve appeared at the side of my vision. A long calve that ran up to an incredibly long thigh wearing sheer nylon tights fashioned to look like stockings. Her other foot was raised resting on the bench of the roundabout. “Ughhh!” I groaned as another stomach spasm took me. Looking up from the ground, her legs seemed to go on forever and I could see right up her very short pleated skirt to the white knickers covering her love nest. Orrr! It would have been a sexy sight if I hadn’t hurt so much. Above her hips her body pinched to her waist then angled out to a nicely developing bust. “Get ready to do some grovelling, slave” her voice was firm and commanding. From my position on the ground she looked like a real giantess, a giantess babe. “Urrnn!” I groaned shocked at the way things had turned out.

**Chris’s view**
I was chatting and laughing with Ling. She really was so cute and enchanting to talk to. I was surprised that I’d never really noticed her before. Just then I heard Bobby cry out. Looking around I was stunned to see Jackie dangling from beneath his body bending him back like an archer pulling a bow over a bit of scaffolding. I had only taken a step when I bumped into Ling who just stepped in front of me and blocked my way. “Where you going Chris?” she said. I loved the way her luscious lips moved when she spoke, they were so kissable. “Just going to break up those two idiots” I told her. I went to move but stopped in surprise as the adorable doll-like little Chinese girl lifted up the hem on either side of her skirt, fanning the pleats out. “Dont’cha wanna play with these, Chris?” she said. I glanced down at her bare legs. Wow! Although they were short they were very lean and good looking. Wow! I was torn between saving my friend or looking at this adorable girl’s legs. The better part of valour won out. “I’ll be back in a second, I promise” I told her. BAM! In a split second Ling’s right shoe snapped around in an arc low to the ground. “Ouch!” I cried as the top of her shoe smashed my shin.

Angry at being kicked I looked up to berate her when to my amazement she stood there calmly with her small fists raised. “That’s too bad, Chris. Now I have to give you a good beating” she told me. The sight of such a little cute Chinese girl with her fists up was so odd it made me smile. “What you laughing at Chris? You think this big joke” she snapped angrily. “Do you forget that I’m a kickboxing champion?” she added getting really worked up. Oh shit, actually I had forgotten. “Ling, I’m sorry I..”. BLAM! A blur rocketed towards my mouth and hammered it shut before I could say another word. Ouch that really hurt! Her small fist packed a solid strong punch that I never expected from such a tiny girl.

BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Cheek, mouth and chin were blasted as the little Chinese girl became a leggy tornado of pain. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Face, side of my head and chest hammered one after the other by her legs. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Thigh, gut and temple rocked with devastating rapidity. I’d become a punch bag too dazed and hammered too fast to do anything. The cute little girl span around quickly, the pleats of her skirt rising as a lovely leg arced back. BLAM! Clubbed around the back of my head like a baseball bat my eyes blurred out of focus then back in time to see the little girl leap onto a bench. Something whipped up in a blur. BLAM! My jaw exploded in pain and my head snapped back.

The next second white knickers were level with my face as she did the side splits in the air. KERBLAM! Both legs slammed into the sides of my head like mallets. I stumbled back in a daze as the little girl whipped forwards high into the air in a somersault. KERBLAM! Both feet hammered hard against my chest. “Orrrghh!” I groaned as the stuffing was knocked out me. Ling landed on her feet and raised her fists. “Chinese girls are small but tough, Chris. Remember that” she told me. “Orrgh Please stop” I gasped feeling groggy and my body battered. Ling lifted her arm and flexed it. Low lying taut cords of muscle appeared. “Jackie’s not the only one with muscle” she said proudly. “These beat white boys pretty bad” she added.

“Please Ling no more” I begged but she didn’t listen. BLAM! A blur of white sock and tanned thigh and her foot was buried deep in my gut hammering out my breath. BLAM another blur blasted the side of my head with a glimpse of white knickers tightly moulded to her crotch. She span quickly. BLAM a flesh coloured streak clubbed me around the head. BLAM! The sole of a foot blasted right in the middle of my face in a near vertical kick by the little Chinese schoolgirl. I felt my nose squash and tasted blood in my mouth. Then she was there right soaring high in the air right in front with both knees swinging up. BLAM! A knee comes up hard high in the chest. “Orrgh!” I groaned feeling subdued by a torrent of lightning fast relentless blows. BLAM! A blur whipped around the side of my head. BLAM! A foot bashed the side of my chest.

I felt Ling grab my shoulders and pull them forwards. BLAM! A small hard knee ploughed into my flattened gut. “….!” I had barely begun to slump forward. BLAM! Her foot exploded right in my face and I was on my way down. But she was so fast she blasted another kick into my face. BLAM! I never remembered hitting the ground.

Argh! My back was in so much blooming agony that I barely remembered how Jackie lowered me to the ground. Just a vague recollection of bulging biceps on a sweetly smiling childish face framed with long blonde hair as she hung from a horizontal scaffolding bar and a vague memory of my palms running over thick solid sculpted quads clamped tight around my chest. Then being dropped and ending up face first on the grass with my back and spine ablaze with agony. THUMP! Super-brat gracefully dismounted close by. “That will teach you that when I tell you to do something Bobby you will do as I say and not argue” Bitch! I thought but was too afraid to voice it.

She stepped to my side and I tried to scrabble to my hands and knees in order to get up but a shoe shoved against my side and pushed me over onto my back. “I see your friends weren’t there to help you, Bobby jelly belly” Jackie said looking down at me then put a foot on my stomach in victory. “Orrr get off, brat” I groaned as I pushed her foot away. I tried not to look up at her thick strong legs and short skirt. However she was right, where were those bastards when I needed them? I squirmed as Jackie placed a shoe on the side of my mouth and rubbed it roughly from side to side. “Cootchie coo” she cooed. “Oh there they are” she chirped then pushed my face to the left. Looking across the playground I was shocked to see Chris at the feet of the tiny Chinese schoolgirl looking dazed and battered. A sour taste filled my mouth as I realised that Ling had unleashed her kickboxing on him. I recalled how the little girl twice destroyed Kevin, a much older boy and school bully [BOBP#2]. “Poor Bobby no-mates. No-one to save him from his little sister” the bitch sister from hell taunted.

Where was Superrod? I knew exactly where the bastard was, getting his end away with the lovely Mary I thought angrily. “Looking for the other one are you Bobby? He’s over there by the roundabout smooching with Mary” my pretty blonde bitch sister taunted. That’s when I saw tall Mary standing by the roundabout with all her magnificent in and out bits; and legs that seem to go on forever. From this distance her tights looked like real stockings and suspenders and that made me forget my aching back. One foot was raised on the roundabout showing those hot legs off to the max but where was Superrod? That’s when I saw something grovelling at her feet. With dawning horror I realised it was Superrod! His face was bruised and he was sporting a bloody mouth. I felt a yawning in the pit of my stomach. Who had beaten the crap out of him? Surely lovely sweet Mary hadn’t done that? “Mary’s taking her self-defence merit badge at Guides” Jackie chirped. What crap was she on about now? The confident smug look of superiority on Mary’s face suggested that the lovely innocent looking big girl had actually done the deed. This was all Jackie’s fault; she and Ling were a bad influence on her. Mary saw me looking and put her fingers to her lips then blew me a kiss. Crap this had been a set up so Jackie could humiliate me again. Except this time my friends were also getting beat up badly. That made me angry, an anger that seethed and my blood boiled.

I tried to get up but Jackie placed a hand on my head. “No, Bobby it’s better if you stay there or you might get hurt” she said with condescension. I angrily brushed her hand away and stood up. “You evil little squirt; you set me up. You’ve hurt my friends” The words came out in a heated rush. The anger boiled into an insane need to punish the little bitch. I acted without thinking and slammed myself against her, trying to capture her in my arms while pressing against her body in a mad desire to push her backwards across the field. I had no idea why because I was so angry. The little squirt barely came up to my chest but to my amazement I found that I could barely get my arms comfortably around her upper body. The little monster’s torso was so wide and deep. I felt her own arms slip around my middle to hold on as I pushed against her body but it was like trying to move a lamppost. She was one solid mass and despite a few initial steps backwards she soon spread her feet and stood her ground. “Huh huh” I grunted with the effort, trying to push her with everything I had but she wasn’t going anywhere. She smiled sweetly “You can’t push me around, big brother”.

Suddenly my feet were sliding backwards over the grass as my sister began to push back. No, no! I tried digging in my feet and pushing back but the little blonde schoolgirl just ploughed forwards like a bulldozer. Holding on to her short stocky body trying in vain to stop her, I sensed her short thick thighs bulging with sheer power as they drove her ever forwards. I was shocked as the little blonde bulldozer just kept on going, her thick hard swelling thighs powering me backwards relentlessly. My bulky little sister just seemed unstoppable and I sensed her power and tried not to let it turn me on. God no, aware that Mary and Ling were watching I tried my hardest to resist but the little bulldozer just kept going.

Finally we came to a sudden halt and to my relief Jackie released me from her embrace. “Watch this big brother” Jackie said softly. My little sister grabbed my hand and turned around while pulling my body against her broad hard back. No, she can’t be I thought, as she leveraged my arm over a wide shoulder and I felt her gymnast’s solid arse thrust against my groin but the very next instant she began to lean forward. Oh my God! I was being thrown over a schoolgirl’s shoulder. The thought had my cock stiffening in an instant as I tumbled head over heels. KERSLAM! “Ohhhh!” I groaned as my back slammed against the ground, jarring it again.

I looked up in disbelief and a sense of awe mixed with fear as my little sister bent over and smiled in my face. There was an uncomfortable tightness in my groin which I tried to ignore and hoped it would it go away. “I picked that up from my fight with Judo Boy. I thought I’d try it out on you” she told me. Oh crap! Jackie placed a shoe lightly on my throat. “Maybe I’ll get Judo Boy to teach me Judo and Ling to teach me kickboxing then I can practice on you” she said. Oh crap I couldn’t face that! Using both hands I shift her foot away. “I’m your older brother and I forbid you to learn Judo or kickboxing” I told her. She just laughed which pissed me off.

Getting into a crouch by her legs, I stretched my upper leg behind the backs of her knees then pushed her over backwards. Leaping to her side I found myself entangled with a little schoolgirl rolling around the ground trying to pin her to the ground. Grappling with my little sister, while her squat short body pressed right against me, was extremely exhilarating. Yes, she had beaten me before [BOBP#1] but I was determined not to let that happen again. As we rolled back and forth struggling to control the little brat, the feel of her broad hard body beneath her white blouse was exciting. I felt her thick bare legs beneath her billowing pleated skirt rub against me reminding me to avoid their powerhouse grip. Her legs were deadly strong and I’d do anything to avoid getting trapped between them. My chest was pressed against her budding soft bosom as I struggled to control her firm arms. She might be my sister, but this was the sensation of male and female bodies straining against each other for supremacy and I wanted to win.

Suddenly my feisty blocky sister managed to roll on top on me and a nylon blouse pressed my face into something soft like a small pillow. “Mmmmow!” with acute embarrassment I found my face stuffed into her chest and turned it to the side so I could breathe. I tried to push her off but she dug her elbows right into the inside joints of my arms pinning my arms to the grass. Ouch the pressure of her elbows hurt and made my arms tingle and go numb. I didn’t want anyone to see me with my sister lying on top pressing her chest against the side of my face. With my feet firmly on the ground I raised my knees and began bucking my body unseating the little brat in the process.

I quickly rolled the other way onto my front to try and push myself up, but the little brat leapt onto my back and slammed her palms against the tops of my arms. “Ouch!” my arms collapsed and her small slim hands snaked beneath my arms from behind, seized my right arm then began twisting in opposite directions giving me a Chinese burn. “Ouch bitch!” I cursed pulling one of her hands away with my left hand before she could do it again. Twisting from side to side I managed to shake her off but she came back at me from the side barging into me like a bulldozer tipping me over onto my back. She came in from my right leaning right over me despite my best efforts to push her back. God! The little toad was tenacious. BLAM! “Oooooo!” A high pitched squeal left my lips as she slammed the crook of her right arm right between my legs. SLAP! Ouch! Her hand slapped my left buttock then snapped tight like a crocodile clip. “You’ve got a fat arse Bobby” the bitch sister from hell chuckled. I never expected anyone to grab hold of my arse and was so taken aback that it let the kid hook her other arm around the back of my shoulders and clamp a tight grip on the top of my triceps on the opposite side.

“This is a cradle hold, Bobby, and it’s just perfect for little babies like you” Jackie gloated as she laid her chest across my right side with one arm hooked beneath my shoulders and the other hooked around the top of one leg. The hold was strangely intimate especially with one arm pressing right against my balls. “Woah!” I cried in alarm as she lifted my arse off the ground nearly leaving my legs dangling as she raised my rear end skywards. “Woah stop it!” I cried as Jackie raised my arse so high that only the toes of my shoes touched the ground as my body sloped steeply towards my head. Jackie had a determined looked in her eyes which I didn’t like as she lent right over my elevated chest and slid the crook of her arm right against the side of my neck.

I began hitting her with my left arm. “Let go, let go” BLAM! The bitch temporarily let go of my arse and rammed her hooked arm against my balls. “Oooo!” I squealed as she reached beneath my backside and caught my left hand then pulled it beneath my butt cheek. “Arghh!” the cradle tightened, mashing my balls at one end while her bare arm swelled hard against my neck at the other. I felt my sister’s hot breath on the side of my neck as she lent closer causing the hairs to rise. “We’re going to have such fun, Bobby. Well I am at least” her voice was soft, almost alluring. Think of something else, think how uncomfortable this is. With an arm pressing against my nadgers this was not the time to get a stiffy!

The reason for getting so close became horribly apparent as her right hand detached itself from my buttock and the crook of her arm slid up the back of my thigh (I’m at a stupid angle remember?) to the inside of my knee. A strain of pressure and my knee moved over my waist while my calve draped over her arm. At the same time, an increase in pressure around my neck curled my face forwards. “Urrrr!” the unnatural position was constricting my chest and diaphragm as Jackie pull my head and knee closer until her hands touched whereupon she interlocked the fingers. “Trussed up like a turkey for Christmas, Bobby” she teased. Her arms seemed to swell against the side of my neck and under my leg as she tightened the hold. “Don’t bother struggling Bobby. Your puny slob body can’t resist my muscles” she told me looking down at me from only a couple of inches away. It was like being cradled like a baby by a sadistic sister. “Orrrr!” I groaned as my sister pulled my knee right back until the top of my thigh touched my belly. The tendons at the back of my leg were straining but I was determined not to let her see my discomfit. “Grrrr gerr gerrr!” the top of my thigh pressed against my belly making it harder to breathe. “Urrgh!” I groaned as her biceps seemed to swell against my neck as my face got closer to my knee. It was horribly uncomfortable now; my neck was being strained forward while my own thigh was preventing from fully inflating my diaphragm and leg tendons felt like tearing. No I wouldn’t cry out and give her the satisfaction.

The brat’s face was really close now. “This is cozy. Isn’t it big brother?” with that her tongue flashed out in a long drooling lick up the side of my face creating a shower of tingles and tactile sensation that stirred me down below. “That’s it Jackie, give him a boner. Let him know that you own him body and soul” Ling voice’s said. I moved my eyes in the direction of her voice and was shocked to see the little Chinese schoolgirl standing over a floored Chris. She was slowly rubbing the front of his trousers with her shoe and a definite bulge was forming there.

“Urrr!” the top of my thigh pressed hard against my gut as Jackie squeezed my neck and leg until they were barely a foot apart with my calve pointing skywards like a flagpole. “Arghhh!” the gymnast brat was pulling my knee so hard that I was arching backwards with my toe barely on the ground. “Urrrk!” her thick triangular forearm crushed against the outside of my neck while a firm swelling bicep crushed on the other side.
Suddenly I felt a big meaty calve hook around my foot and swept it away. My arse crashed to the ground. Too late I realised that the back of my thigh was resting on top of one of her legs. Like a mousetrap her leg hooked over the top trapping my upper leg between her thick legs. “Argh!” I was now being bent forwards in two while Jackie crushed my thigh with her big gymnast’s legs. She had me locked up like a pretzel and I was powerless to stop her. “Arghh!” my leg was caught in a terrible compression as thick muscular legs crushed my leg. “Aww isn’t this nice cuddling the little baby brother?” Jackie mocked in a silly voice, her face now only six inches away. I wanted to ignore it but the pressure was too great, her legs were crushing my thigh like a car crusher while her arms forced my neck and knee to what seemed like mere inches apart. “Arghh! Please huh huh Jackie you’re huh breaking my leg!” I gasped as the terrible position made it almost impossible to breathe let alone speak. I couldn’t believe it, I was pleading to my little sister again. The pretty little gymnast had beaten me again; it was too humiliating to think about. “Tell me that I’m a better wrestler than you” Jackie said softly from close to the side of my face. A sudden increase in pressure all around had me whimpering in pain. My knee seemed right in front of my face, my neck felt like it was being crushed alive and her powerful thighs were going to break my thighbone at any second. “Arghh! Huh huh O huhK. You’re a better huh wrestler huh. Please huunnh stop” I whimpered feeling faint and dizzy from the lack of air. Oh crap I was wimping out to my kid sister again but I wanted the cramped up sensation to stop and I wanted to breathe.

I sighed with relief as she slackened her arms allowing my leg to drop back to the ground and my neck to come out of the compressor. “I really love wrestling you, Bobby” Jackie told me as I panted rapidly. Her arm slid out from between my legs giving the tormented ligaments some relief. “It makes me feel strong and so” she paused for thought, “So Corrrrrr!” she said that with such lust that I was shocked. I was too busy with my eyes shut, breathing heavily and letting my heartbeat slow down to be able to reply. Jackie leant over from the right and rested her cheek against my chest and draped her other arm over my stomach. I thought it was a sign of affection. “I just love being able to my older brother in any hold I wish and there’s nothing you can do about” she said.

With alarm I realised that she was trying to slide her arm beneath the back of my neck again. No! I wouldn’t her do this. I flung out my right arm and caught her on the side of her head. Trying again I was dismayed when her little hand clasped around my wrist in mid-flight and dragged it beneath her left arm and then locked it with her forearm pressing against my elbow. With my right arm locked up she continued to slide her arm around the back of my neck then slip her forearm under left tricep until the fingers clasped those of the arm draped over my stomach. “Mnnnnn!” her right arm dug into the left side of my belly while her left pulled on my neck as she applied another form of side pinning cradle hold. “Is there, Bobby?” she asked. “Argphhh!” I tried to tense my stomach muscles, what little, I had but the tension in her arms overpowered them. “What was that Bobby jelly belly?” she chirruped brightly. “Orrrrgh!” I groaned. She might only be little and look like a sweet little teenager but her arms were squeezing the air from me. “Orrr!” I groaned as her right arm thickened and swelled, pressing hard on the left side of my diaphragm. “Look how weak you are Bobby. I can put you away with just one arm if I want. It’s so funny” she chirped. I looked up into her pretty young unblemished face as she leant across me. She was so confident about her capabilities to dominate me that I felt an unhealthy twinge down below. “Arhhh Jackie no more” I gasped. “Can’t b..breathe”. “Poor jelly belly. Admit that I’m too strong for you and I’ll consider it” she taunted while smiling sweetly. “You..huh.huh. you are too strong for me. Arghhh!” I gasped. “What’s the magic word jelly belly?” the blonde brat asked cheerfully. “P..please” I gasped as her upper arm seemed to bury itself deep in my middle preventing me from drawing air.

I wasn’t going to let Mary treat me like this but as I got to my feet I became uncomfortably aware of how tall she was as she towered over me. “Look babe, you can’t go around…Woah!” before I could stop her, her big hands grabbed mine and quickly yanked them way above my head forcing me onto my toes. I couldn’t even begin to stop her as she snapped back my hands at the wrist then began to press down. “Argh!” An overwhelming force had me quickly down on one knee looking up in pain at the towering sexy schoolgirl. “Argh!” I cried as she bent back my hands towards my head overcoming any resistance on my part. “Argh!” I was shocked by her strength as my arms were whipped wide in an instant pulling my face closer to her impressive forward thrusting bust.

To my amazement the tall girl clutched my throat with a big hand and hauled me to my feet. “Kk…uhgh!” I croaked trying to gulp past the constriction in my throat. In panic I grabbed her wrist and tried pulling but her long fingers just clamped tightly choking off my airways completely. “Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my body size meant that I was a lot stronger than most boys” Mary’s softly spoken words drifted to my ears over the strange floating feeling as the blood was cut off from my brain. She was forcing me backwards but I didn’t know or care why. Mary was strangling me with one hand! “I realised that men weren’t the stronger sex and that I could do whatever I wanted with a boy who annoyed me” something blocky and wooden feeling pressed against the sides of my legs as she forced me further backwards but her tight choke meant that I could only look at her lovely face as she wrung the life out of me. Her face came right up close. “Don’t call me babe” she whispered seductively then kissed me long and full on the lips. Despite chocking to death, my dick began to get stiff as Mary’s luscious lips took mine.

She broke off the kiss and looked at me strangely. “Of course two girls can do more imaginative things to a boy than one” she said with a smile that reminded me of a she-wolf. With that she suddenly released my throat from her strong fingers and I began coughing. BLAM! “Ooooiiiiieee!” I squealed as a wooden plank slammed upwards into my nads. Groaning in agony I collapsed to the ground with my eyes creased clutching my balls. I realised that I had been standing astride the end of a see-saw that had been lowered towards the ground. “Didn’t break anything important did we Superwoose?” a Chinese accented voice called out from behind and both girls broke into loud mocking laughter.

I rolled out onto the grass breathing fast and deep. “You’re so weak, Bobby. However could you expect Mary to see anything in you” she taunted. That hurt, the little brat watched too much wrestling on TV and was athletic from her gymnastics but I was still a couple years older than her and a boy. “Come on Bobby tell Mary and Ling what a big wimp you are. Nice and loud so your friends can hear” the little brat demanded. She was bullying me and I didn’t like it, it got my gall rising. “Come on. I’m waiting”. Oh crap, I couldn’t let my younger sister beat me in front of my friends again, especially not in front of Mary. A feeling of insane rage exploded inside me and I flung myself at Jackie. Our bodies collided and I managed to roll her over onto her side. “I’m going to teach you a lesson, you brat” I cried as I struggled to get on top of the writhing brat. I got my right arm around the back of her head to give her a headlock of my own but shockingly found that I couldn’t move my left to complete the lock. Jackie was holding onto it and preventing me moving it, no matter how I tried.

Rearing up to my knees, I tried to use my greater height and weight to overpower her but Jackie just pressed back against me, holding me off as she also got to her knees. Brother and sister faced each other, chest to chest, arms struggling as each pushed against the other. Pressing hard against what seemed a totally immovable mass, I managed to get to one foot to try and gain a height advantage but she pressed back almost pushing me over as she did the same. Once again, the impression of wrestling a little bulldozer came to mind. I just couldn’t budge her in fact my arms were tiring whereas she seemed able to go on forever. Suddenly one of Jackie’s thick legs lashed out and kicked my foot away dumping me on my arse. Instantly she was by my side, lying sideways across my chest trying to push my arms to the ground with shockingly strong force. I struggled with all my might to control her arms but then suddenly she pushed herself up onto one leg, her upper body raised over me like a bridge. WHUMP! Jackie dropped back down driving the point of her elbow into my gut with the weight of her upper body behind it. “Warooorr!” I groaned as the air was cruelly driven from my diaphragm.

Taking advantage of my winded condition, Jackie threw herself across my chest pinning me easily with her short packed mass. The sight of a blonde girl on top in her school uniform was an embarrassing reminder of her age. The cramps in my stomach made it easy for the little brat to secure a headlock. “Urgh!” my throat was wedged under her right arm which folded under my neck and secured itself by interlocking the fingers with her other hand. “Urkkk!” the arm became a tight noose around my neck. I clutched at her bare arm not wanting to believe how firm and hard it was. “Urkk!” I tried to hit her with my right hand, satisfied by feeling it come in contact with the side of her head. But Jackie managed to trap my wrist beneath her left arm while still clutching her other hand. Then she punished me, yanking her upper arm in waves of battering tightness against the side of my neck, the crook of her arm tight and her upper arm swelling with power. “Urkk!” my head spun as her hard arm pressed into my neck. “Kkkkkk!” too tight. “Kkkkkk!” triangular forearms pulled on the back of my neck pulling me even tighter in her choking embrace. In desperation I tugged at her arm but it was as solid as a marble.

“Poor Bobby. Completely humiliated by a little schoolgirl” taunted my bitch sister. In despair, I began to buck my body to try to shake her off but she just clambered astride my belly and pressed the side of her face against mine. “Urkkk!” Her grip was steely tight. I could feel my face turn red as she continued to choke me. “Grkkk!” it felt like her arms were going to crush my throat. Jesus so tight! Again I clutched at her arm but just couldn’t shift it. My heartbeat was throbbing loudly in my ears and I could only breathe in painful gulps that I had to work hard at forcing past the tight constriction around my neck. Oh God no! I could feel a rock hard bicep swell and push its way into the side of my throat. I knew that I couldn’t last out much longer and was thankful that it couldn’t get any worse.

Fecking hell! Nobody mashes my nads especially not a good looking bird. As I pulled myself together trying to ignore the throbbing ache, I saw that Mary had her back turned to me chatting casually with Ling as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I got to my knees with the back of her legs barely an inch from my face. Looking sexy with the sheen of her nylons I suddenly realised how large her calves were. Although from a distance her legs were long and shapely keeping in perfect proportion with her height, right up close it was obvious that they were thick and very firm looking. From relatively thick ankles the line of her calves swept up in long graceful curves ending with in long sleek slabs of diamond tipped muscle. That made me very uneasy.

That unease grew as I slowly stood up letting my gaze run up the back of her ever so long legs and the fake stocking tops, spotting the long thick shape of strong hamstrings. “Look love” I began as I put my hand on her shoulder. She whipped around incredibly fast. BLAM! “Oooooooo!” I shrieked in a drawn out high pitch squeal of agony as her large knee blasted between my legs smashing my already bruised balls. BLAM! An oversized fist shot up and crunched with blinding pain into my nose. I was shocked to feel blood flow freely. BAM! My head jerked as hands chopped into the sides of my neck feeling like they were trying to slice it off. My body spasmed with my nerve ends tingling and I found myself falling to the ground unable to believe that this tall schoolgirl beauty could be so dangerous.

“Orrr!” I felt dazed as something grabbed the top of my hair and pulled my head up. Magnificent long columns of sexy black nylon passed either side of my head as it travelled upwards on and one until I felt the folds of her ultra short pleated skirt against the back of my neck and the softness of her briefs. The thick long legs closed in and I found myself trapped in a standing headscissors. “Arggh!” it was like the walls were closing in around my neck. I never expected such hot legs to be so strong. “Creeps like you have been hitting on me since I was 11 just because I was a lot taller and bigger than the girls my age and looked more like 16” Mary’s softly spoken voice came from somewhere high above. “Arghh!” my hands clasped her legs feeling the silky smoothness of her nylons and shocked by how thick and firm her legs felt beneath. “I soon found out that I could punch harder than a boy expected and my legs could be used to defend myself if he pressed his advances on me” she continued.

“Argh!” I screwed up my eyes as the sexy big legs seemed to cut into the side of my neck and flatten my ears. I remembered thinking Bobby was a wimp when he was being scissored helpless by his kid sister but I never realised how strong a girl’s legs could be. “A girl doesn’t need to be a gymnast to have strong legs” she said as if reading my mind. “Oooghh!” I groaned as the devastating pressure went on forever until suddenly the long sexy legs opened and I fell face first gasping to the ground. I groaned barely able to comprehend what just happened. Big long legs stepped in front of me but I was too wrecked to do anything. “Yeah! I’ve beaten up a boy, Ling” she proclaimed loudly to my embarrassment. “Well done. You’ll soon be a good arse kicker as Jackie and me” came Ling’s terrifying reply.

Ouch! My jaw ached where Ling had kicked me. I lay on the ground feeling ashamed that a small young girl had kicked my arse in mere seconds. Movement at the corner of my vision drew my attention. Across the playing field I saw Bobby flat on his back with Jackie lying on top. A pretty youthful looking girl with flowing long blonde hair, she was looking down at her older brother with a smug look of superiority. The short sleeved white blouse showed off lean firm looking arms. One was bent at the elbow with a thick strong forearm across Bobby’s cheek with the hand clamped over his nose and mouth. Bobby was trying to fight back, managing to hit his younger sister with his right hand until she caught it by the wrist. As I watched, she pressed his brother’s hand to the ground with a slight tautness in her arm overcoming any resistance on his part.

The sheer power of the situation didn’t escape me as the pretty girl two years my junior completely overwhelmed her older brother. She looked a very strong little girl as she pinned Bobby’s hand beneath her knee. The short pleated grey skirt had ridden up to the top of her thick short bare legs as they straddled her brother’s body. Her well toned thighs looked powerful as did the large calves she was kneeling on covered with short white socks.

“Mmmffff!” I heard Bobby’s muffled cries as she slid an arm beneath the back of his neck then clamped her hand onto her right bicep to lock it in place. I was astonished by how thick and strong her right forearm looked as it hugged the side of his face keeping her hand tightly in place smothering him. They reminded me of the sort of forearm professional women tennis players had yet she was just a young teenager! Bobby tried to wriggle his face free of her suffocating hand but the forearm swelled and rippled with writhing vascularity as it held her hand firmly in place. “Oh yes, struggle Bobby. I like it when you try to fight back then I can beat you some more” she taunted. Jackie looked so strong and dominant as she overpowered her older brother that I felt my groin tighten. She had subjugated him with ease, like she had the last time, proving that that hadn’t been a fluke. I knew Bobby wasn’t the most physical of guys but I seriously doubted most boys could stand up to the strong gymnast as she asserted her authority with strong firm arms and a solid upper body. Until she had kicked his arse in their back garden, I had realised that girls could beat boys in a fight. Well, I mean the normal ones, not the ugly butch CHAVs or ones who were skilled in martial arts like Ling. “Well that’s stopped your whining Bobby” she said giving him a verbal beat-down as well as a physical one making it seem very more exciting.

For his part Bobby wasn’t giving in quietly. He kicked his legs and bucked his body but his blocky little sister rode him like a bucking bronco never weakening her suffocating grip. Her thick socked covered calves snaked inside his lower legs and with a surge of muscular power ripped poor Bobby’s legs wide open in an instant into a very strong looking grapevine. Beneath the pleats of her short skirt, her hamstrings bulged like very solid dense curvaceous hills along the back of her short legs. They were toned and shiny looking very fit and very strong. “Mmmm!” Bobby squealed into her hand as her thighs swelled and expanded with sheer unadulterated power that my cock was rigid in an instant. While I knew gymnasts trained hard and had athletic bodies, I never expected that amount of muscle on such a young girl. Relaxed, Jackie’s legs were thick and sturdy looking but as they effortlessly pressed Bobby’s legs wide apart, they looked like those of a stallion and seemed more than capable of ripping his legs right off or at least snap them in two. “Mmmm!” her large calves became thick rugged diamond shaped slabs stretching her white socks as she rendered her older brother utterly helpless.

“Mmm! Mmm!” Bobby protested loudly as Jackie’s powerful grapevine pulled her body tight against his pressing her crotch hard against his stomach. The back of her short pleated skirt rode up exposing white knickers stretched tightly over very tight, very hard looking buttocks like bowling balls. Phroar! Her backside looked so sensational that I just wanted to walk across and run my hands over them except that I was too scared that she would turn on me and rip my legs off. “Mmmmm! Mmmm” he protested as she thrust with her pelvis punishing her brother hard.

Looking calm and in control, Jackie pressed Bobby’s neck into the crook of her left arm while still clamping his nose and mouth with her right. “So helpless Bobby” she told him looking down into his eyes. “Mmmmm!” Bobby’s cry of protest was muffled. I saw the hard tautness of her right arm and the thick cords in her forearm; strong powerful forearms that clamped her hand depriving him of air. No it can’t be! But there was no mistake as her left arm swelled into small hard biceps that dug into Bobby’s neck. The hold looked extremely tight and painful while she looked extremely powerful. Bobby was sweating profusely while his face turned red.

Her domination of him was so complete that all he could do was limply wave his arms. I could imagine the feel of such tight intimate contact with a sturdily built young girl in a school uniform and knew that if it were me that I would have a raging boner as she took control. I was getting pretty stiff just watching it! “Is that all you’ve got Bobby? That’s almost nothing” she taunted him. From the subtle play of the muscles in her arms and the power emanating from her legs, I knew that she was toying with him. The young girl could have put him away long before now yet she kept taking him to the brink then pulling him back. The thought of how dominant she was made me even stiffer and I even began to envy him, wishing that I was in his place. “Mmmm!” a loud suppressed cry soon dispelled that wish as a powerful wide forearm pressed down hard pushing his neck harder against her bulging bicep.

Bobby’s arm went limp and in alarm I got to my feet but before I could a take towards him, Ling stepped in my way. “You should have stayed on the ground, Chris” the petite Chinese girl said. “It would have been less painful that way” she added. “Please Ling. Jackie is going to kill him or give him brain damage or something” I pleaded, too terrified of the cute Oriental kick boxer to try and barge past. Ling turned slightly to watch Jackie then looked back at me over her shoulder. With her long auburn dyed hair flowing over her shoulders, her cute little nose and small pouting thick lipped mouth she was absolutely gorgeous. However her calculating dark eyed stare made me nervous. “Do you fancy Jackie?” she asked. I never expected that and didn’t know how to answer, I’d never really thought of it before. She was just my mate’s kid sister who I’d grew up with; his little brat sister that often made a nuisance of herself and ratted us to Bobby’s parents. My eyes fell from that gaze and I found myself staring at the back of Ling’s very short pleated skirt and the backs of her great looking legs. “Do you fancy me?” she asked more softly which made me look up in a flush of embarrassment.

I flinched nervously as the small Chinese girl turned to face me then reached out with her hands. They landed softly palms down at the top of my chest on either side. Her smile made me nervous as she asked “Do I take your breath away, Chris?” I was too flummoxed to answer. Her hands moved up to cup my face as she pressed her body against me, looking up at me with those dark wells of enchantment that were her eyes. The exotic looking young schoolgirl studied me, angling her head slightly from one side to another with a bemused look on her eyes. “Do I make you speechless, Chris?” she asked softly. Lord, I wanted to kiss her but she scared me and I had good reason.

WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP a barrage of small hammers pounded my gut in a blindingly fast non-stop pumping motion of her short arms. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP Arghh each punch in itself wasn’t particularly strong but the cumulative effect made my insides tense and shrink. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP small hard fists slugged my collapsing middle as if I was a punch bag. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP each punch landing immediately after the one leaving me no time to catch my breath. WHAP WHAP WHAP I tried to tense my stomach muscles but it was too little too late. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP urrrrgh her steady stream of fast punches seemed to be getting harder. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP my face getting redder, my diaphragm flatter. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP I was paralysed unable to move as the cute Oriental flattened my innards. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP my body was creasing around my middle under the terrible non-stop barrage. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP face raised; mouth gasping; unable to breathe. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP Feel ill, head spinning, heart pounding in my ears. The terrible onslaught finished and I collapsed to the ground as though the force of her punches had been the only thing holding me up. I curled up into a tight ball, rocking back and forth trying to force my body straight so I could breathe, my mouth open vainly trying to draw air. A shoe stepped onto my head and I gazed up along white socks, short but lovely bare legs to an itsy bitsy pleated skirt with white knickers visible from this angle. Arghhh the cramps took me and I was unable to look anymore. “Yes, Chris, I know I make you speechless” she said.

I lay on the ground feeling like a truck had just run over me. Nearby I could hear the sound of rapid thumping but was too wrecked to look. The sound of approaching footsteps over the grass alerted me to Jackie’s return and in a panic I tried to stand but found that my legs weren’t working properly after that grapevine. I had only got to my knees when Jackie pressed something into my hands. It was a piece of steel tubing about two feet long and an inch diameter with the walls about 4mm thick. “I found this over there” she said nodding towards the scaffolding. “Go on, try to bend it Bobby” she challenged. “Can’t, Too thick” I grumbled, not really interested. “Oh gone on, please try. It will impress Mary” she said. I tried but soon gave up, making no impact on the straightness of the bar. With a tut, Jackie took the piece from my hands.

Standing over me in her white short-sleeved school blouse and tie, she looked like a sweetly smiling young girl as she gripped the tubing at each end holding it about a foot in front of her chest. Her arms tensed, the forearms tapering from her slim wrists to very thick near her elbow while her upper arms swelled as she strained against the bar. There was no way she would be able to do this, yet I had to admit that her stocky inverted triangular shaped upper body looked very strong. Still smiling, her forearms thickened with dense slabs of mass and tendons with thick veins like a network of creepers. Her biceps thickened into hard hills with prominent veins running up them. Then it happened, the metal pipe was definitely beginning to bend. Slowly at first but then gathering momentum giving way as my sister’s arms bulged and swelled. With a rising stiffness in my pants, I watched as the tube in my little sister’s hands was slowly bent into a horseshoe shape. I was gobsmacked, never realising that her arms were that strong. Yes, I knew she had biceps which she intimidated me with outside the bathroom but I had never thought how powerful they actually were. The thought made me feel weird, both scared of what she could do to me with those arms and strangely excited at the time with the feminine power she possessed. Strong yet feminine women with muscle turned me on and I’m afraid my sister was hitting the spot.

Jackie held the bent pipe in front of her chest with the ends pointing towards the ground in an inverted U shape. This accentuated the pronounced powerful shape of her upper body as she tried to close the ends of the pipe together with her elbows sticking out to the sides. Her uncluttered youthful small face was set in concentration upon broad square shoulders that sloped like an inverted triangle to her wide waist then sloped back out to her hips. Her forearms and bulging biceps looked terrifyingly powerful now as she unleashed strength that I could barely comprehend to force the ends of the metal pipe together. My cock was thumping against the inside of my trousers. I felt so sick having a raging hard-on for my little sister but the sheer muscular power she was demonstrating was a real turn-on for me and had me absolutely solid and there was nothing I could do about it.

Mission accomplished, the misshapen metal pipe was discarded and her eyes turned to me with a glint of mischief. I was on my feet frightened at what she would do next with those strong arms. With a shocking speed, Jackie was upon me whipping my right arm behind my back in a hammerlock. “Argh!” my left arm was then locked up in the crook of her arm which she wrapped over my bicep and then pinned against my body pointing straight towards the ground. Because she was shorter, I was forced to lean back bending slightly at the knees. “Wow Bobby that’s a stiff one” Ling’s voice rang out. OhcrapOhcrapOhcrap she noticed. I felt Jackie’s warm breath on my neck as she peered over my shoulder. “Yes Bobby. What is that big bulge in your trousers?” she asked innocently. No! I leant forwards struggling trying to slip my arms free but Jackie just laughed at my helplessness. “You really do fancy me don’t you Bobby dear?” she asked. “No! Don’t be stupid” I protested but I heard the shame in my voice. Jackie slipped her right arm around my right bicep mirroring my other arm. She had now hooked both of my arms. “This is a double chicken wing, Bobby” she informed me. “You are such a puny older brother. Any girl in my gymnastics class is stronger than you even the under 12s” she taunted as I struggled in vain to get my arms free. “I’m not using any effort to hold you, big brother, and yet you can’t do anything about it” she sneered.

I felt her take a step back forcing me to lean back further at a steeper angle. Then her hot breath was on my ear followed by the sensation of a wet tongue licking around my ear and the side of my neck. The sensation was driving me wild and I couldn’t help my body’s reaction. My embarrassing hard-on just got a lot harder. My shoulder plates were constricted as she forced both arms closer behind my back then suddenly I realised with shame that she was now only using one arm to restrain me. “No!” I shrieked in alarm as her right hand slipped down to the front of my trousers and took a good feel of my package. “Wow Bobby. Did I do that?” she gasped then giggled girlishly. “No Jackie please!” I begged as she began to undo my trousers. “That’s it Jackie. Let him know that you own him completely” Ling’s voice said. Oh crap, she was exposing and humiliating me in public! “Jackie, please no!” I cried with tears of shame running down my cheeks as she unbuckled my belt and let my trousers slide down around my knees. “I own you Bobby. I own you completely” her mouth whispered in my ear then her tongue was slurping all over it then running up and down my neck. The tactile sensations tingled all over and had my dick throbbing. You think I’m a pervert getting turned on by my own sister? Well you try having a girl lick away at your neck and ear and tell me that it doesn’t stimulate you no matter who she is. “Please Jackie. Don’t do this. Not in public, please!” I cried in frustration. “Wow! Bobby those underpants look painfully tight!” Ling giggled.

Showing no mercy like a typical girl, superbrat kicked the backs of my knees forcing me to the grass then crouched down behind me. A thick smooth skinned bare leg hooked around from behind and caught the heel of a shoe into the top on my pants then began to push them down. “Jackie, no, please don’t do this” I begged but the cruel bitch sister from hell didn’t listen as she continued to pull down my pants while the double chicken wing immobilised my arms. “Please Jackie; I’ll do anything you ask. Just stop” I cried. This was the worse humiliation of my life and I would give anything for it to end. My pants were stretched right down by her shoe and I could feel a sock covered large hard calve muscle rub against my erection. The thought of such muscular calves rubbing my dick only made it worse. The tongue was back, writhing and sliming me, driving me to distraction. “Please stop” I begged in tears. “I own you Bobby, all of you. Physically, mentally and SEXUALLY” this last word was whispered loud in my ear. I was being sexually humiliated by my own sister and I felt sick to the pit of my stomach. The worst of it was that I couldn’t stop her stimulating me.

On my knees, I was helpless as her hand reached around and closed around my erection. “Urghh! It feels disgusting” she exclaimed. Weeping I felt my dick respond to her warm soft touch and grow even harder. Jackie and Ling’s giggles burned my ears but thankfully I couldn’t hear Mary laughing and prayed to God that she wasn’t watching this shameful humiliation.

Groaning on my hands and knees in front of a great pair of never-ending legs, I was shocked when Mary leant over and hauled me to my feet by the front of my shirt. “Get on there” she ordered sternly indicating the roundabout. I hesitated but then even more shockingly a big hand seized my throat. “Kkk! Kkkk!” I croaked as she throttled me while forcing me against the big wooden skirt around the bottom of the old-style roundabout. “Kkkk!” not only was her hand large, easily enveloping my neck, but the long fingers were very strong. It felt like she had just reached in and grabbed my windpipe and was now throttling it directly. “Get on it” the dusky cool young beauty ordered in a stern heartless voice. “Kkk….!” her strong fingers shut off my windpipe and with my head spinning I had no choice but to clamber backwards onto the nearest cake portion, as some of the parents called it after the wedge shape game piece each portion resembled.

With relief she released my throat and clambered onto the same piece of cake lying on her side next to me piercing me with her brown ‘come to bed’ eyes. A stunning length of nylon clad thigh swung towards me, bending at the knee and rubbed a long full calve against my groin. The stocking and suspender effect was really very sexy and my groin stiffened. “Do you want to feel my legs?” she purred seductively. “Phroar! Yes please” I responded without thinking. That big sexy shapely calve was rubbing me hard and I couldn’t resist reaching out and running my palm along her lanky firm thighs still unable to believe how thick and long they were. To my disappointment the calve moved away but then my eyes went wide with astonishment as Mary stretched one amazing long limb towards the sky and the other stretching towards me on the wooden cake seat. Her short skirt had pulled right back and the sight of her crotch covered by white knickers had my todger rising. She seductively ran her hands along the inside of her thighs. Oh God, she really wanted it! “Lay in here. Taste a bit of paradise” she purred in such a sexy voice that I was there in an instant.

Laying between her sexy legs, the one that had been pointing skywards descended and gently lay across my stomach. I ran my hands over the vast amount of thigh looking so sexy in the faux-stocking nylons. “Oh Mary, you have great legs” I moaned as I turned my head to face her and tried to lean forwards to kiss her. WHUMP! “Orrrgh!” her large fist slammed right in the middle of my chest, her hard knuckles biting deep. “Sssshhhh!” instantly her large sexy legs turned to steely hard columns crushing the air from my diaphragm. Oh Lord! I swear that my hand that had been resting on her thigh moved outwards as her thighs swelled with hard solid muscle just beneath the surface of her sexy smooth legs. “Urrrgnnn!” I groaned as her big legs crushed with a fiercely strong force. Although she wasn’t athletic like Bobby’s sister, I was shocked that her sexy long legs were inflicting serious damage on my middle. They were squeezing so hard that it was hard to expand my chest to breathe. Under my palm, her leg felt like a nylon clad pillar, sexy but unyielding. Her long arms wrapped around my head and pulled it close to her lovely face. “Now let’s see why they call you Superrod” Mary purred in a sensuous voice then her long warm wet tongue started flicking all around my neck and face while her legs crushed the stuffing out of me.

The tall big schoolgirl squeezed me tirelessly while I tugged and pulled at her arms and legs until I was left panting with shortness of breath and exhaustion. All the while she tantalised my face and neck not only with her tongue but also peppering it with kisses from her luscious mouth. “Please, I…can’t..take..any..more” I panted reluctant to admit defeat to this beauty. She kissed me full on the lips, the type of long drawn out kiss that I always fantasised doing with her except with her legs relentlessly crushing my gut the kiss was suffocating me. “Mmmm!” although the sensations were extremely pleasant and my erection pressed painfully against the inside of my trousers, I becoming very light headed and felt drained. The beautiful young schoolgirl was zapping all of my energy. “Arghhh!” I groaned as she at long last broke off this kiss leaving my head spinning. A hand felt the front of my trousers. “So that’s why they call you Superrod. Well you better keep that thing away from me or you’ll become Broken Rod” her voice purred.

For a brief moment the pressure around my middle eased as Mary twisted her legs so that the crook of the upper leg was positioned in the middle of my belly. It was like a nylon clad leggy pyramid with the knee at the top, a long calve on one side and a long thigh on the other. “Mmmmgh!” I groaned as her legs tightened, the upper leg flattening a deep groove in my belly. “Superrod” she chuckled. “Superwimp more like”. Again she began to tease with her tongue and mouth on my face and neck while her legs tried to scissor me in two. “Arghh!” I tried to push away the leg guillotining my middle but it was like a steel bar buried tight in my gut. “Superwimp meet the wimpkiller” she whispered in my ear then kissed and licked me, driving me wild with sensual torture while my strength was being drained. Her kisses became suffocating but the probing tongue was too much. “Nnnn nnnnnn” I messed myself. “Urghh! Dirty boy”. “Arghhhh!” I cried as she poured a fresh wave of additional power by raising herself up on her hands and pouring the strength through her legs. “Argghh!” I couldn’t believe that a young girl who looked like a beauty queen could squeeze so hard with her legs. My head started spinning, the world turning grey.

I was on my hands and knees as my younger sister crouched behind me with one hand on my dick. Her right hand was stroking my dick while her left arm clamped across the top of my left arm and chest securing itself on my right shoulder to prevent me from escaping. “You’ve only brought this on yourself” Jackie told me earnestly. “Please Jackie no, this is sick this is wrong” my pleas fell on deaf ears. I tried to crawl away but her left arm restrained me, the forearm rugged and strong just below my face. “Oh look how hard you’re getting ‘big’ brother” she teased. Her hand was really pumping, my dick responding the only way it knew how. It felt absolute huge and pumped up. “Please you are my sister. This is wrong” I begged again. “Oh Bobby. You see all the nice things I can do for you if you’re good” she told me.

In desperation I kicked back and managed to get her thigh. “Ow! You bastard!” she snarled. The unexpected kick made her left arm lose hold of me but she caught my ankle before I could get away. She pulled back my ankle so roughly that I probably would have fallen on my face if she hadn’t whipped her left arm under my belly to support me. I felt the top of my thigh pulled over something firm and I glanced back to see that she had her right leg bent at the knee out at 90 degrees to the line of my body with my right leg hooked over it. She wrapped her right arm around it to keep me in place while her left hand snuck to my dick and resumed the humiliating hand job. Oh crap I could feel the pressure building up, I was going to squirt soon and there was nothing that I could to prevent it. “That’s it Bobby cum for little sister” the words were disgusting from my little sister’s mouth but at the rate she was masturbating me it would come true at any second. No, no, no. I tried to kick my right leg free but Jackie held it firmly in place on top of her thigh. “Ooh! You’re leaking. Bobby!” she exclaimed in wonder and my face burnt with shame.

At that critical moment a wild desperate idea came to me. Pushing for all my worth on my arms, I kicked up with my left leg. THUD! There was a satisfying contact with something firm and body-like. “Ooooo!” Jackie squealed as I fell on my face as she let go off my leg in the moment of anguish. I tried to scramble away and had barely got to my feet when a blocky feline slab of anger collided with me. “You pig!” BLAM a small fist smashed into my face with such shocking force that I felt my jaw yank to one side and the next moment hit the ground. Absolutely terrified, I tried to get away on hands and knees but the raging inferno in the white blouse and pleated skirt leapt upon my back. “Pig!” BLAM! Her hard fist hammered the back of my neck driving me to my belly. My sister fell across my back, hooked her arms around mine and pulled them behind my back and forced me to roll onto my back.

A furious looking Jackie leapt astride my stomach and slammed my arms to the ground either of my head. No mucking about just SLAM! And my arms were pinned by a shocking overwhelming wave of girl strength. The little angry girl jumped forward pinning my arms with her knees then drew back her fist. “No Jackie, P…”. BLAM! Her fist blasted my mouth rattling my teeth and making my jaw ache. “You blooming pig!” she was really pissed. “Jack..kuuugh!” She shut me up by her small hand seizing the front of my throat, her strong small fingers gripping as hard as pincers. She drew back her fist again. BLAM! The brute force of her small fist terrified me as it fell with crushing force, leaving my head whirling seeing stars and my jaw and teeth badly aching.

She rose into a crouch leaning over me and drew back her fist. BLAM! “Borrrrph!” a small hard fist drilled with frightening power hollowing my stomach right through to the backbone or that’s what it felt like. “….. ….!” I was brutally winded in an instant. Any thought of creasing up vanished as my terrifying little sister leapt back astride my chest and pounded me senseless with her small fists. BLAM! My right cheek nearly broke under that impact. BLAM! Her fists were like steam hammer blasts so powerful that I was terrified she would genuinely break my face. Urrr I felt so weird, completely out of it and out of air. “You don’t kick girls between the legs Bobby” she scolded angrily. “Now apologise” she demanded. I opened my mouth but nothing came up. My lungs weren’t working after that dreadful gut punch. She raised her first. I shook my head frantically, tears of fear in my eyes. My face burned red as I tried to snatch the air to say the words. The effort was making my head spin, making me feel faint.

My sister’s fury backed by her strength scared me witless. One second I was on my back having my face pounded by her sledgehammer punches, the next she physically hauled me over to my hands and knees with her arms wrapped around my middle as she pressed herself against my back. Nnnnggh with her arms tight across my belly Jackie pushed from behind with her powerful legs driving us to our feet.

Orrrr that powerful upper body of hers wasn’t just for show, her strong arms pressed tight into my ruined gut. “Nnnnnargh!” I flung my head back over her shoulder as she squeezed so tight with her arms that it managed to squeeze some more air from my lungs. Why do her arms have to so strong? It wasn’t fair. Naarrg In horror I felt my feet leave the ground as my little sister lent back. The utterly humiliating image of a small schoolgirl lifting me in front of my friends and the girls flashed in my mind but there was nothing I could do to stop her, I was too terrified to try to kick back between her legs again. Jackie began to swing me around while holding my middle tight, my legs flailing from one side to the other like a pendulum. Orrrr her strength was utterly overwhelming as she twisted me around with ease. No! She lifted me higher, flung me quickly from one side to the other and shook me around so hard that my arms and legs were going this way and that.

The sound of girlish giggling made me look across to Ling, totally unprepared for what I saw. The little Chinese schoolgirl was sitting with her backside on Chris’s face! Facing his feet with her legs wide apart bent at the knees, her very short pleated skirt was unable to cover her white knickers moulded tight across her open crotch. Urggh as Jackie whipped me from one side to the other, I watched Ling in fascination finding the scene quite sexy. Chris had his trousers and pants down around his ankles and Ling was resting one foot by his balls. Something was being pressed and rolled against the side of her sole by the sole of her other. Urghh I realised what it was and I felt jealous that the lovely Chinese girl was giving him a foot job whereas I was being swung around like a toy. The sight of her white knickers at her crotch and her lovely bare legs was turning me on as she worked Chris hard with her feet. “Mmmm!” there were muffled moans from Chris beneath her small arse but I don’t think he was complaining. She rolled his dick like a sausage between her feet while he moaned with pleasure. She saw me looking and smiled. “Oh Bobby, You are so silly. If you give in to the inevitable it will be much more pleasurable for you. Instead you get pain” Ling told me while her foot rubbed Chris stiff. She must have been good because he was getting very hard very quickly.

With relief my feet touched the grass and my middle expanded in a deep breath as Jackie’s arms left it but it was short lived. “Oh Bobby are you feeling tired? Let little sister help you” Jackie’s sarcastic childish voice said from behind. Before I could stop her, a shoulder barged against my backside as an arm was flung between my legs. I was pulled backwards across my sister’s broad shoulders as she lifted me into the air. “Nooooo!” I gasped as I found myself in a backbreaker, lying along the top of Jackie’s wide shoulders looking up at the sky. I could feel my exposed balls resting on a bare arm shoved between my legs and clutching my right leg. At the other end, her hand was clasped over my jaw. “Orr!” I groaned as she pulled down on my body at both ends moulding my back around her shoulders as if wrapping a scarf around her neck. “Argh no!” I cried through gritted teeth as she tormented my back once more.

Whatever chance I had in our original fight, I now knew I had none. “Argh!” I cried out as I bounced on her shoulders as she began to stride around the playing fields while breaking my back. “No more please” I wept. “Arghh!” my spine protested at the treatment my little sister was dishing out. I could just imagine how it looked, a fully grown teenaged body draped over the shoulders of a short young blonde girl in her school uniform with his feet hanging down to her knees while wept in agony. The image was so powerful that I was getting aroused despite the pain. I pondered Ling’s words. If it would stop her beating me up maybe I should let her? That’s what any hetro boy wasn’t it? A girl getting him off; even it was his sister.

“Come on Bobby, sing for me” Jackie laughed. “Arghh!” I screamed as she tensed her arms pulling them inwards causing my back to arch even more. “Argh please no!” I was in absolute tears with the strain upon my spine and back muscles. Oh God she was too strong, too powerful. Arghh too much domination by a little girl. She bent my head right over her shoulder “Nnn nn nnn nnnooo!” I cried. My spine felt on the verge of breaking. I was destroyed, overwhelmed by a little schoolgirl. Her superiority flowed through her arms subduing me and making me suffer. “Urrrnngh!” such powerful dominance that my cock rose to salute her. “Please!” I wept knowing that I looked like a grown boy bent backwards over the shoulders of a little schoolgirl with his trousers and pants around his knees and his dick pointing to the sky. Such utter humiliation I would never live down. “Ohhhh!” I groaned as her strong arms bent my head right back that the back was pressing against her bust while she bent me into a tight inverted U.

“Bobby got bloody big erection, Jackie. He likes the rough stuff” Ling’s voice chirped. “Yeah he likes my muscles. They always get him hard” Jackie’s reply shocked me as she swung me around. What I saw stunned me and turned me on all the same. Chris was flat on his back with his mouth wide as if trying to eat Ling’s panties, plastered as they were to her snatch. Ling smiled and told me “Yes Bobby. Your mate knows how to pay his respects to the stronger sex”. Ling closed her eyes and gave a quiet moan “Oh Chris, you like Chinese”.

Not that the pleasure giving was one way. Ling had her shoe on top of his erection pressing it against his lower abdomen, rolling it back and forth like modelling clay. “Mmmm!” Chris moaned his appreciation from beneath. She looked into my eyes with a cheery face. “Watch this Bobby. This is what you could get if you submit to Jackie” she said then trapped his dick between the soles of her shoes forming a wide diamond shape with her legs. Wow that was a sexy sight, I had to admit that Ling had great legs and a great uh hum. “Mmmmm mmmm!” he moaned but not in pain as his balls seemed to swell up. Jeese the sight of the cute oriental sexually dominating Chris like this was really hot. She began to roll it between her shoes, he was definitely getting stiffer and so was I. “I’ll teach Jackie this afterwards so she can do it to you when you submit to her authority” she said. “Mmmmmm!” Chris’s moans of pleasure in response to Ling’s foot job made me envious. Maybe I should just surrender and let her bring me off? Enjoy some pleasure instead of all this pain.

My observations were cut short as Jackie thankfully released me from the backbreaker and swung me over one of her shoulders like a bag of rubbish. Again I could just imagine how this looked; a big boy dangling over the shoulder of a little schoolgirl with his legs dangling down her front and his head flopping awkwardly behind her. “Woah!” I cried in surprise as Jackie suddenly swung me down into her arms. She was carrying me like a young child with one arm tucked behind my knees and the other beneath my back. “Ahh poor Bobby. All worn out. Shall I carry you home like this?” she teased. “No Jackie, please I give in” I cried. My back hurt like buggery but I didn’t want her to carry me home with my dick sticking out. It was no use, I gave up all hope. My little sister had me well and truly beat. Jackie was right; her muscles did turn me on. I loved strong muscular women who could destroy a man in a fight and I was living under the same roof as one, albeit my sister. “Please Jackie, I surrender. You win” I begged as she rocked me back and forth like a baby in her arms.

“Arggh!” a grunt of pain from nearby drew my attention to the roundabout. Superrod was lying between Mary’s legs, how does he do it? the lucky bastard! Except that he didn’t seemed to be enjoying it, his face was all red and his eyes clenched in pain. Oh come on, her legs couldn’t be hurting him. It wasn’t as though she had muscular gymnast legs like Jackie. But his head was twisting from side to side and his hands clutching at the long legs wrapped around his middle. “Arghh!” another groan left his mouth, his face creased in torment with his mouth wide as  Mary’s sexy long legs pressed down on his middle. Jeese she really seemed to be hurting him.

As I watched Mary raised herself upon her arms and stretched out her long sexy mock-stocking clad limbs. Superrod went epileptic! His arms and legs were thrashing around; he arched his back with his head thrown back, red in the face with a wide open mouth. I was stunned, Mary was really pouring it on and hurting him plus she was smiling clearly enjoying it. For all his bucking and thrashing, Mary’s long legs held tight and his motions gradually got weaker and weaker. Her legs seemed to make a big dent in his middle; surely legs so lovely couldn’t be that strong? Superrod arched his back once more with his mouth wide open in a silent scream then collapsed and became motionless. Oh Jeese, she’d just put him away with her legs. The very thought added to the stiffness of my cock.

“Poor Superrod. Gone bye-byes” Jackie taunted in a silly childish voice then spun me away and carried me effortlessly on her little legs towards Ling. My sister didn’t tire or buckle under my weight, her powerful looking upper body and strong legs carried me with ease. I felt so helpless as she walked across the playground as if I weighed nothing.

“Mmm! Mmm!” Chris’s muffled moans were loud and spaced apart. I could see that he had no chance against the skilful feet of this little Chinese girl. “Ohh yes Chris. Keep moaning like that. I like it” Ling sighed. “Mmmm!” Ling’s magic feet in her flat heeled shoes kept rubbing and I saw glistening as his dick started leaking. It occurred to me that Ling was just as dominant in sexual humiliation as Jackie was at the physical stuff. The way Chris began thrusting his backside back and forth as she worked him signalled he was about to lose it big time. Then he exploded. Fountains of spunk spurt in the air. “Mmm! Mmm!” his moans were loud causing sighs of pleasure from Ling. “Ohhhh!” Ling sighed loudly rolling his erupting dick quickly between her shoes making him spurt uncontrollably again and again, each time getting weaker until it dried up completely and his dick seemed to shrivel and disappear between her shoes. As Ling got off his face and kneeled over behind him on one knee, I felt a pang of jealousy; I wished I had been in his place getting a great foot job like that.

“You cum good Chris. Now I put you to sleep” the small Chinese girl told him. What the? Chris was astonished as I was and sat up. Before he had a chance to turn around and confront her, Ling’s right arm snapped around his neck from behind and clamped the forearm tight securing it with her hand clasping her other forearm which began pressing the back of his head. Her mouth came right up against his ear but I heard what she told him. “You go out, right out, Chris. No chance against sleeper”. My cock ached in anticipation of this dominant choke hold. “Watch this Bobby, she’s really good” Jackie whispered. I’d seen Jackie use it against Judo Boy from whom she’d picked it up [JACKIE#3] but the little Oriental didn’t have muscular arms how was she going to do this? Ling’s slim arms might not have much muscle but they seemed deadly tight around his neck. Her forearm was buried deep beneath his chin pressing against his throat forcing his jaw to clench in a grimace and his face to turn red. Chris clutched at the choking forearm but it was lodged tight. Ling laughed at his futile effort “Won’t be long now, Chris. You go sleep”.

“Urkk!” Chris groaned through clenched teeth then his legs slipped out from under him. She was doing it; a little Chinese schoolgirl was knocking out an older lad with shocking ease and a look of cool superiority. Chris’s face showed he was in a lot of pain but there was nothing he could about it. I suppressed a girly scream as his eyes rolled into his head just leaving the whites of his eyes showing. Suddenly his hands flopped from where they had been tugging at her forearm and his face became relaxed. Ling held the sleeper hold for a few more seconds before allowing his body to flop limply to the ground. “I told you she good” whispered Jackie in admiration. My cock was rigid and throbbing at the sight of such domination by such a young harmless seeming girl.

There was no time to stop and gawp. Jackie turned and walked towards the roundabout with my heavy body still face down across her shoulders. As we reached it, she spun me around quickly in an airplane spin. “Woah! Please no!” I cried becoming very dizzy but my little sister just laughed then took a big high step onto the roundabout seat. BAM she slammed me onto my back onto the wooden seat. “Orrr!” I groaned as Jackie flopped down astride my waist with her backside pressing down my erection. “You’re not so tough now are you Bobby without your friends?” she taunted. “Please Jackie, you win, I give up”. With a hard tight grin Jackie raised her fist. BLAM! “Orrrrrrr!” I groaned as her fist drove deep into my gut like a high diver through water. Oooorr I’m groaning doubling up on the roundabout, the brutal blow deflating my erection. “That was a bit harsh” I heard Mary’s soft voice. I wanted to crease up in agony but the blonde schoolgirl leapt forward into a high pin astride my chest. “You had your chance earlier, Bobby. Now it’s time to suffer the consequences” her voice was stern and scared me.

She raised her fist to punch me out. “This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me Bobby dear” she told me and I tensed in fear of the forthcoming pain. “Oh don’t waste him Jackie. Lets’s use him” Ling intervened. “What? How?” Jackie seemed perplexed. I was just glad she wasn’t punching my lights out. “Every played Russian roulette?” Ling asked. “Er like guns are illegal” my sister replied. “No silly we use his piss-tool, geddit, piss-tool” Ling said but the other girls didn’t laugh. “Each of us gets a turn. We swing the roundabout like the chamber of a gun. Whoever he stops in front of has to suck for a minute. We spin again to choose the next person, then past it to the third. We keep going like that. The one who makes him shoot wins” Ling explained. Actually that didn’t sound so bad from where I was laying. “What’s the prize?” Mary says. “The winner gets to use him however she chooses” Ling explained. “But he’s mine!” Jackie protests. “I did all the hard work. I want to finish him off hard to teach him a lesson”. Crap that didn’t sound so good. I hoped Mary would win, or maybe Ling. “Oh come on Jackie play the game. After all Mary and I took out his friends” Ling pointed out. Astride my chest, Jackie grabbed my collar with both hands and pulled my head up. “You better stay put Bobby, if you know what’s good for you” she threatened.

Jackie got off the roundabout and the three girls positioned themselves equidistant around the perimeter. They began to push the thing around, slowly at first but gradually getting faster until it was spinning so fast that I had to close my eyes to stop feeling giddy. Finally they stopped pushing and allowed it to slow down under its own momentum. It took a while and I opened my eyes to see each girl’s face watching eagerly as I whizzed past. Mary please let it be Mary. The roundabout slows down and spins around to Mary. Yes! But to my disappointment it keeps on moving finally stopping close to Ling. I felt trepidation. She might be cute but she is a champion kickboxer and I remembered how she destroyed Kevin Sharpe and put away Chris. I hated to think how she might ‘use’ me if she won. Ling leant over and without hesitation took my dick into her mouth. Orrrrr in no time she had reawaken my ardour. Orrr she is good, really good. Ling may look like all sweet and innocent but boy does she know a thing or two about getting boys rock hard. I remembered the stuff Jackie said about enslaving boys and knew that she got it from Ling. “Ohh!” I moaned aloud as the small girl had me absolutely aching and raring to go. “Ohhh!” I’m throbbing beginning to thrust my pelvis in time with her sucks when Mary’s voice rings out. “Time’s up. Spin the wheel”. SLURP! “Orrrrr!” I moaned aloud feeling disappointment as Ling’s mouth leaves my erect manhood with one last long slurp. A few more seconds and I would have spilled my load. Ling was so incredibly good that I started fantasying about her as the roundabout picked up speed again.

They push the roundabout fast again and let it slow down. As it passed Mary all thoughts of Ling went out of my mind. Let it be Mary, please let it be Mary. It slows down and comes to a halt near the girl of my dreams. Yes! Result! However the tall gorgeous brunette takes one look at my dick and wrinkles her nose. To my surprise she takes one long leggy step onto the roundabout, turns her back to me then bends right over. Stretching her sexy long left leg to one side, Mary thrusts her backside back and shifts sexily from one hip to another. Cor! She is so hot, the close up view looking along her long sexy nylon fake-stockings up beneath her short pleated skirt to her skimpy white knickers as her sexy backside thrusts like a pole dancer has me really aching for her. “That’s cheating, Mary. Get down and do it properly” Ling’s voice interrupts the sexy show. “I’m not putting that thing in my mouth” Mary protests. “Then you forfeit. Get down now. You’ve lost 20 seconds already” Ling tells her. Her sexy arse disappears from above as she steps down. Looking reluctant, she leans over with nose still wrinkled in disgust and opens her mouth wide. “Orrrr!” I moan as it plunges around my rod. Oh it feels good at first as she slurps around but soon I have to admit with disappointment that she doesn’t really seem to know what she’s doing and my dick actually starts flagging. I really want her to bring me off but by the time Ling tells her that her time is up I’m actually glad she stops and longing wistfully for Ling’s skilful talents to make me cum.

However there is one more person before it gets back to Ling. The roundabout slowly turned and the strong bodied form of my sister appeared. Her white blouse clinging to her broad strong shoulders and tapering lats there was even a hint of her six pack through the thin material. Turned on and wanting release, her powerful body reinvigorated my flagpole after Mary’s disappointing effort. My sister was only a schoolgirl yet her slim arms were well muscled and toned, she looked quite powerful she stood at the end of the cake segment. I’ve got a thing for muscular women, looking at women bodybuilders on the web who seemed so inaccessible. Yet my very own sister had a body that would make many of them envious and was all too willing to show it off to me, mainly to humiliate me. My morals slipped, I just wanted release. Jackie smiled and opens her mouth into an O and… “Stop that, Jackie. That’s cheating as well” Ling protested.

Do I have to give you all the gory details? Do I really have to tell you how my brat sister put her head down and plunged my dick into her warm wet mouth without hesitation? Do I really have to tell you that I just laid back and enjoyed the sensations of the slurping of her tongue and the vacuum of her mouth? And do I have to tell you just how good it felt as her lips slid around my shaft driving me insane with lust? Do I really have to admit that she was giving me the best blow job I had ever experienced? And that she was even better than Ling?

As she leaned over with her hands placed sides of my hips, I admired the impressive muscularity of her arms.  Although slim they didn’t run in straight lines but had bumps around her shoulder caps, triceps and wide flaring forearms. A big thick prominent vein ran down the front of each arm over her biceps and following the outside curve of her forearm to her wrist. The reminder of her terrible strength just made me so much harder. All the images of Jackie overpowering me time after time with her incredible strength came back to me, the crush  of her powerful legs putting me away, her strong arms trying to break my back or squeezing my in headlocks. I remembered her incredible abs and flexing her biceps outside the bathroom. It was all too much, my little sister was a little muscle goddess and she drove me crazy with desire. The feeling is so intense that I just can’t hold back any more and begin to thrust my hips in rhythm with her sucks, moaning loudly. “Oh God! Jackie Jackie” I moaned in wild abandon. I wanted the feeling to go on forever but just couldn’t hold on to it anymore and blasted a huge wad right into my sister’s mouth. Jackie leapt coughing and spluttering as I continued to buck my hips shooting load after load into the air. I just seemed to go on for ages, each blast slowly getting weaker and weaker. I must have completely emptied my balls before I fell back, panting, totally exhausted and shagged out. “Wow Jackie, you really own him good. That was really impressive” Ling said. The three girls burst into giggles. My face reddened in shame and I quickly covered up my disgrace with my hands then pulled up my pants and trousers. “Oh Bobby, we’ve all seen it now. There’s no point in trying to hide it” Mary told me. “Yeah you come very good, Bobby. You should be proud” Ling said.

Suddenly Jackie was in my face and she wasn’t looking friendly. “Get up Bobby” Jackie ordered. Her lean strong arms reached towards me. “Please no. You’ve had your fun. Leave me alone” I cried terrified of those vascular arms. “Oh come on, Jackie. You’ve hurt him enough today” Mary told her. “Pleasure and pain, Mary. He’s had the pleasure now he gets the pain” my sister replied. “I told you to get up, you big cry-baby” Her hands grabbed me and her biceps swelled ominously. She hauled me effortlessly to my feet, her arms thick and swelling. “Mary’s right, Jackie. Look at him, you’ve broken him. You own him. Enough’s enough” Ling said. Ling was right; I was a nervous whimpering wreck. “Please Jackie, no, I’m sorry” I cried. “Fine. If two don’t want to help, I’ll do it myself” my little muscle sister told them then locked up my arms in a full nelson and marched me quickly towards the scaffolding. I was in such a bad state I that barely remember Mary and Ling helping Jackie to lift my body up.

So it was that I found myself with my back resting precariously over a horizontal metal pole with my head hanging back over the edge watching in terror as Jackie bridged over me facing my feet with her crotch poised above my face. “Please not the legs, please” I whimpered in terror. I saw her strong arms strain and swell with bulges of muscle as they took the strain as she lifted her feet off the bar. Then her legs were rising gracefully into the air and pointing perfectly straight out behind her. The sight of her thick slabs of thigh muscle reduced me to a quivering wreck. The short thick muscular legs opened into a wide V held rock steady above me. “Please please no” I burst into tears as those big menacing legs lowered themselves on either side of my head and sprang shut like a mousetrap. Supporting her upper body on her arms, Jackie stretched her legs back and really let me have it.

“Arghhh!” such a terrible force crushed and pounded around my head that I cannot describe it to you or the horrible agony that made my very skull feel like it was imploding. God knows how many feet up in the air on some rickety scaffolding, a little schoolgirl held herself steady on her strong arms stretching her legs out backwards keeping my head raised as I lay hanging over the metal pole while they tried to crush my skull to pulp. My mind tried to block out the horrendous pain. All I remember was head splitting power and screaming myself hoarse. Jeese my head felt like it was splitting. She could have put me away at any time but she cruelly prolonged my suffering. I was a whimpering mess bawling my eyes out.

I come round in hospital, my parents looking anxiously, “Are you OK? What possessed you to play on that scaffolding in the first place? You could have fractured more than your skull when you fell”. “Poor Bobby” Jackie was watching from the foot of the bed wearing a sleeveless pink top that showed off her lean taut arms. She smiled; a slight tensing of her arms was enough to make me keep quiet about the truth. They stayed fussing like parents do with Jackie remaining at the foot of the bed. Finally they said their goodbyes and began to walk off the ward. Jackie came forward by my side. She leant over and opened her mouth into an O and slowly ran her tongue around it. I can’t stop looking and my body responds with the memory it invoked. Finally she stops and places her hand on top of the sheets, feeling my erection beneath and smiles. “You’re mine, Bobby. Remember that. You’re my bitch” she said then lent forward to give me a kiss. A long and lingering unsisterly kiss on the lips. “Cluck Cluck” she pinched my cheeks and left me wondering how I was going to clean up the sticky mess without any of the nurses noticing.


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