Lady Helen’s Daughter (JIMP #52)

Jim encounters a young girl and gets more than he expected then meets mum

Suggested by a reader. I based Caroline on a girl I knew at school

(c) JIM P 2012
Thanks to Tomisbacknow (reallydude)
***a few years ago***
Adnan was nervous, no, he was absolutely terrified. He was hopelessly lost in the maze of dingy dark underground tunnels as he had for the last half an hour. Where had that beautiful young girl gone? Ever since he followed her into the Forbidden Temple, he had lost track of her.

He could just imagine ‘aunty’ Cauldid laughing at him with her hands on her exceptionally wide hips and her massive breasts wobbling over her big belly. “Typical gutter scum; Completely inadequate; Scum of the Earth” she would spit at him with her small mouth set in disapproval in her broad face with her small dark eyes and wide nose wrinkled in disgust. Adnan shivered with the memory a few days earlier, when she had done exactly that while instructing him to dig the dirt on the new HR manager for the Mumbai region, Nandra Ghandi. The big woman was incensed that the pretty young thing had come from nowhere to take over Raj’s job.

Cauldid trod on his hands with her big shapely meaty calves pressing down in her high heels while looking down scornful as Adnan lay prostrate before her trying not to cry out, knowing that would bring only worse punishment. The grossly well fed superior ruthlessly saw off all those who threatened her position as HR director at Tota. “You are scum of the earth; don’t even think about coming back here unless you have something on her. Now GO!” she screamed hawking a big gob at him as he scrambled out of her luxurious office. In the dark, Adnan hung his head in shame at the memory. It was true; aunty was upper caste while he was the lowest of the lows.

In the dark, things seemed to move and flow towards him. He was sure that he could smell the tang of stale blood of the uncountable that had been slain here. This placed was forbidden for a reason yet the beautiful young woman had no hesitation when she came in her. To stop the fear he thought of Nandra’s face. She was certainly beautiful with her long flowing black hair framing a wide pleasant rounded face. High cheeks sporting a small beauty spot on the left enhanced her moderately sized full lipped mouth which when she smiled made you feel warm and automatically smiled back. A slim perfectly proportioned nose divided her face, quite dainty and elegant. Either side were large appealing eyes with deep brown irises and surrounded by thick black lashes above which black eyebrows sat closely above. The skin below the eyes looked loose and dark giving a sultry sleepy look but her bright eyes showed she was fully alert.

Nandra might be beautiful but she was a tough business woman, steadfastly refusing Cauldid’s requests for her personnel files on the grounds of employee privacy rights, whatever that was. Not that aunty would ever leave her plush office in Goa to set foot in the filthy flea-ridden stinking suburbs as she called them. Cauldid frightened him, always fearing that the obese grandiose middle aged woman would fall upon him as he lay prostrate at her feet and crush his puny skinny body, or that she would suffocate him to death with her massive bust. Actually that was the only good thing about her, that huge wide low hanging thrusting chest with nipples so large that they jutted from her top made Adnan fearful of getting an erection in her presence. She would probably cut it off with a letter opener.

What was that? He thought he heard something behind him, he whirled but there was nothing he could see. Just rats he thought as he turned back. “Aeiii!” he screamed as a glowing face appeared in front of him before realising that it was Nandra standing with a small softly globing orb hung around her neck. How did she sneak up on him so quietly? She had a pout of amusement on her lips which he longed to kiss. “Did I scare you?” she said in a low sultry voice that stirred Adnan’s lingam. “No, of course not” he forced his voice to sound level as he recovered from his fright. “You just caught me by surprise” he admitted. How could anyone be scared of such a slim petite thing? Barely 5 feet 2 inches wearing a sleek black sari with red trim clinging to her shapely contours.

As her mouth stretched into an enchanting wide smile which pushed up her cheeks, Adnan relished the moment of being alone with this beauty. WHAM! “Orrrrgh!” he groaned as her knee buried itself deep in his stomach spilling his breath. He cursed himself for being distracted by her gorgeous smile and tried not to crease up in front of her but failed. She gently placed a long nailed finger on his lips. “Shhhh! You have every right to be scared” her deep soft voice purred.

“Hai! Hai!” BLAM BLAM her hands slashed down on each side of his neck igniting electric shocks of pain throughout his nervous system. He was shocked by how hard her gentle elegant hands looked and then found to his horror that he could not move. “Thinking of taking me alone down here” Nandra’s seductive voice purred. “I don’t think so” she said with a smile which unnerved him. He couldn’t move, he really couldn’t move a muscle, he was completely paralysed. “How?” he gasped, surprised to find his voice still worked. “You should never have entered my temple. It is forbidden” her words chilled him. “Hai!” BLAM the side of her hand flashed out then struck a point in the centre of his chest. He gasped as excruciating pain radiated out from his chest like fire burning through his arteries and along his nerves.

The young beauty raised a knee, pulling back the hem of her sari to reveal a lovely bare thigh which she forced between his legs and began rubbing while staring into his eyes with a disturbingly amused smile. His lingam got hard in no time. “Varma adi recognizes 108 marmas, 12 Padu marmas or death marmas which are instantly fatal and 96 Thodu marmas or touch marmas” her husky soft voice tugged at his groin. Adnan had heard of the Indian martial art but never thought women were allowed to practice it let alone one so young. Her eyes sparkled with excitement, her smile wide as her knee worked him to bursting point within seconds. “There are also counter marmas to heal trauma” she added. Her knee withdrew then she gently reached out to a spot behind his ear. “Nnnnnnnnnn! Nnnnn!nnnnnn!” his seed immediately emptied into his pants.

“Hai!” he barely saw the young girl’s hand as two outstretched fingers struck a pressure point in the centre of his chest. She withdrew her fingers but the pain remained growing more acute by the second. “Your heart and vital organs are paralysed and will collapse in less than a minute” she informed him in a chillingly level voice. “Tell me who sent you” she demanded. Adnan could feel his heart failing. She mentioned something about healing. “Argh you-you can stop it yes?” he gasped. “Of course” she replied in a level voice. “Cauldid” he gasped. Nandra smiled then turned to leave, the darkness enveloping him as her body obscured the light of the orb she carried. “Argh! You said you could stop it” he gasped. He really felt unwell now. The young beauty looked back over her shoulder. “Yes I can but I never said that I would. Give my regards to Kali” her cold smile sent shivers down his spine even as his life flowed away.
It was a big country manor with people going in and out all the time making it easy to get past the gates posing as a delivery man. I then walked inconspicuously as I could through ‘downstairs’ past the maids, admiring the well turned calves and overflowing busts on some of them to find somewhere quiet to hide out in the basement. It wasn’t exactly breaking and entering but it was still trespass. My narrow escape from Kate Eisenberg [JIMP#51], the mature cougar who ran a hotel out Old Windsor way had at given me a lead to her associate Helen. Once more Gerald, a former IT colleague of mine, tracked the mobile number to this address in rural Hertfordshire.

Plugging in my earphones and keeping the volume low, I whiled away the hours listening to music while watching the maids come and go through a crack in the door, praying that they wouldn’t need to open this one. Night time came and I left my hiding place and stealthily snuck up stairs to the ground floor. I cautiously peeked into each room to make sure that I wasn’t walking into another trap. Memories of how I’d been seduced into complacency by sexy mature Kate who then kicked my arse made me determined not to let that happen again. I’d been watching this place for a few days now and knew that the staff didn’t stay at night and the owner disappeared in her expensive looking sports car and didn’t return until the small hours of the morning. Something about the way she sat at the wheel with a headscarf around her brown hair seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I opened another set of antique wooden double doors and found what looked like the study, a large spacious room with a big writing desk and comfy leather seat at one end and shelves upon shelves of old looking books. Entering and closing the doors behind me, I spotted Indian antiques everywhere. Some looked very ancient and undoubtedly expensive. In one corner in what almost looked like a shrine there was a black ebony figurine of a goddess with two legs and 18 arms. Kali, as I had recently painfully found out from Kate who also had one pride of place. This confirmed that Helen was a member of The Sisterhood although she seemed to worship a different Goddess than Anahita which their origins suggested. I had learnt the hard way that these women were dangerous, secretive and only willing to help when it suited them. That was another reason to avoid a direct confrontation until I knew what I was up against. Strangely at one end of the room there were some bricks arranged in a vertical brace and a thick concrete slab resting on two metal stands and other stuff like that which looked highly out of place. I hate modern art and went over to sit in the big leather chair behind the desk.

The top of the desk was neatly organised and a quick rummage revealed nothing of interest, just day to day stuff to do with the running of the house and estate. Opening the big ornate drawers, I searched for anything that would give me an insight as to her interest in me. Odd but in the lower drawer there was correspondence with the late Councillor Reginald Cole and millionaire arms dealer John Davidson. That had been one of my early successes, exposing a slave smuggling ring and corruption that led to the highest reaches of Government. However that case had been years ago. What was Helen’s connection with that?

Just then the doors swing open and in stumbles a young girl barefooted wearing a white nightdress and rubbing at her bleary eyes while dragging an oversized teddy behind her. I was just as surprised as she was to see her standing there, mentally kicking myself for not suspecting that Helen might have children. Luckily the girl hadn’t burst into a screaming fit but just looked at me astonished to find a stranger in her house. Maybe she was still half-asleep. “It’s alright. It’s just a dream. Go back to bed” I tell her softly. Unfortunately that didn’t work, the young girl just stood there gawping at me playing with her pigtails that reigned in her wild wavy brown hair. A thick bottom lip began to quiver as the reality hit her. What was I going to do with her? Could I pretend to threaten her to sit down and keep quiet or would that cause her to start screaming? Maybe I could tie her up and gag her?

As I walk cautiously towards so as not to spook her, I realise that she is not as young as I first thought. Standing about 5’4, she had a slender although slightly boyish figure beneath her nightdress with a small but definite bust which suggested that she was a teenager. The girl has a very round cheeked face with a rounded chin under a small mouth with full plump lips set into a natural diamond shaped petulant pout which makes her appear younger than she was. This childlike impression was enhanced by a fresh faced youthful complexion and quite large eyes with light brown irises with slim eyebrows arching above between which sat a wide short stubby nose. Her hair is worn very high off her forehead with a centre parting. As I got closer the teddy slipped to the floor as the girl began nervously fumbling with her hair bands until they slip off and her long hair comes free in a cascade of wavy brown hair which falls over her ears to well down her back.

“What’s your name?” I ask hoping to calm her down. The last thing I wanted was a shrieking kid attracting attention. The pigtails had made her look young and I hazarded she was in her mid-teens. “C-Caroline” she replied quietly as she began to shake in fear. “Don’t be frightened I won’t hurt you” I told her soothingly. She was looking down and I thought that she was about to burst into tears. I rested a gentle hand on her shoulder to reassure her. Suddenly her face whipped up looking at me right in the eyes with her mouth set in a knowing smile that pushed up her high cheekbones. “No, but I am going to hurt you” she said in a strong strident voice with a hint of posh and a look of aloof confidence.

BLAM! Before the words had sunk in, my left eye was shut by a fist which just whipped up in a blur. “Ouch!” the unexpected punch bit hard with bruising intensity leaving my eye socket aching and my eye watering. Instantly hands slapped down onto my shoulder and I looked back just in time to see a slim bare leg snap up driving her knee right in my balls. BAM! “Argh!” her small firm knee mashed my nuts painfully against my crotch. BAM! Her palm snapped out smashing into my jaw and pushing my face back causing me to step away. The young girl moved in a rapid series of defensive moves like a well oiled machine.

The round cheeked girl whipped out her other palm towards my face and in alarm I quickly pushed against the front of her shoulder to keep the feisty young thing at a safe distance. With a chilling calculating look, her left arm shot skywards knocking my arm away while her right shot upwards from the side of her slim waist like a bullet towards my head. BLAM! A jaw crushing teeth rattling punch hammered my chin with shocking strength, whipping my head back so hard that I saw explosions of light and patches of black. Jeese this girl could really punch. I had barely thought that when moving confidently and fast, her hand streaked in a low underarm arc from her waist and her palm slapped my aching balls. WHAP! “Ooorghh!” I cried in anguish. Her slender hand closed up painfully tight around my balls. “Orrgh!” I cried trying to prise her hand away but she clung on like a nutcracker. “My mother taught me how to deal with plebs like you” Caroline’s voice was strident and strong and rang of upper class snobbery. “Don’t think all upper class women are rich lazy bitches who need servants to protect them” she added. Her light brown eyes drilled into me with a hard coldness and I knew I wouldn’t overpower her easily. She was the type of girl who would go down punching and kicking to the last.

“Typical chauvinistic male who thinks they can whoa!” she cried out as I slapped my palm into her face and pushed her head back. As she let go of my throbbing nuts, I shoved her away forcefully but she sprang right back with cold hard fury in her face. The hem of her nightdress lifted giving a brief glimpse of long slim athletic looking thigh before it became a flash of skin. BLAM! “Argh!” the top of her foot clubbed the side of my chest. No sooner had it dropped back to her waist than it was already lifting for another kick. Unable to get my mind around this turn of events and, ignoring the sting in my side, I quickly stepped forward and gave her another hard shove. This time standing only on one leg as the other lashed forwards, she was unbalanced and fell to the floor, her foot missing me by less than 3 inches.

“Stop it, Caroline. I don’t want to hurt you” I told the angry looking round cheeked girl as she lay on her back. Her mouth was set in a petulant pout that pushed up her cheeks as if she was amused. She waved her finger beckoning me towards her. “What?” I leant over to ask. BLAM! A bare leg shot up from the floor and hammered my jaw. “Ouch!” she had a kick like a mule making me see stars as it rocked my head. “You’ve got that right you oiyk” Caroline snarled as I staggered upright trying to get out of reach of her legs. “Now hop!” she said then threw her lithe young body into a spin over to her front but before she hit the floor she put down a hand and threw herself back. A shapely leg kicked back in a flash, her nightdress lifting to reveal a sensationally compact backside in skimpy pink floral knickers. PAF! PAF! Her leg swung around the back of my legs and kicked the back of my knees in rapid succession, scything my legs from under me. BAM! I went down on my backside.

“Nnnn!” I grunted as the young girl flung herself across my chest. I grabbed her hands to try to control her but was surprised to find that it wasn’t as easy as expected. Her arms were stiff, resisting me and going off in different directions as I tried to get her under control. Then she started pressing back against me and I discovered that she was a lot stronger than she looked and we found ourselves in deadlock. “Don’t you know that the upper classes are naturally superior to lower class scum like you” Caroline sneered through gritted teeth as I tried in vain to control her arms. I was uncomfortably aware that I was getting turned on wrestling with a capable teenage girl and tried to ignore it and focus on getting her under control. Suddenly she lifted a leg into the air and dropped it like a guillotine on top of my right arm pressing it down and sandwiching it between her legs. She tightly scissored my arm and I tried to ignore the warmth of her crotch against my trapped forearm while her nightdress rucked up around the top of her bare thighs. With one hand free, the wild wavy haired teen was using both hands to force down my left arm. I couldn’t let this happen; I should be able to cope with a pretty young teenage girl and a privileged one at that. I began to wriggle and buck my body, pleased to see her bounce around as I began to dislodge her.

She was a feisty one, no sooner than I thought I dislodged her then she leapt astride my chest in a high pin. For a moment all I could do was look up at this fresh faced girl with the natural pout as she looked down at me wearing a white night dress over a slender looking frame. Her youth, elfin looks and budding femininity contrasted with her tough fighting spirit was stirring feeling it shouldn’t. “Mummy says the lower classes should be thrown back in the workhouse” she says. Suddenly her smile gets wider, a bit saucy as she hitched up the hem of her nightdress to expose the skimpy pink briefs. I couldn’t help glancing at them. “Men, you’re all the same!” she said in disgust.

Before I could say a word she jumped forward onto my face. “Mmmm mmm!” the bottom of my nose is pressed against a young girl’s pretty panties with my mouth beneath. The back of her thighs lay loose over my cheeks. It was one of the sexiest most dominant positions that a woman can get a man, except I was acutely aware of how young this girl was. “That’s the rightful place for a man” she told me. I had a teenage daughter about her age and I hoped she never spoke like that. “Mmmm!” this wasn’t a good position to be in if someone were to walk in right now. “You plebs should learn your proper position in life” she tells me arrogantly. “We will bring back domestic service and make it compulsory” she added in a young snooty voice.

I grabbed her long slender legs to try and pull them off my face. As I did so they resisted my efforts and to my surprise her firm thighs swelled with strong hard muscle beneath her silky smooth skin. Maybe she’d got those legs from horse riding or athletics and I’m afraid I couldn’t resist running my hands along their length enjoying the feel of her young muscles. “What are you doing?” she exclaimed. “Are you feeling me up? You dirty old man”. “Offfph!” the girl jumped backwards with her long wild hair flying around and landed astride my chest. “I know how to deal with perverts like you, Mister Priest” Caroline told me raising her fists. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her small hard fists rained down on my cheeks with stinging bruising strength. Boy could this girl punch hard! I grabbed her fists to stop her battering me black and blue. Once more I found her resisting all my efforts to control her slender arms, surprised by how deceptively strong she was. Struggling with the wild haired elfin face teen sitting on my middle, I managed to sit up and push her to the floor. Before I even had a chance to get to her to pin her, Caroline had swiftly rolled out of my reach and leapt to her feet in a swirl of white cotton nightdress and bare legs. I quickly scrabbled to my feet, worried that she might make get away to raise the alarm.

However instead of running the teen aged girl was facing me and waiting. “How do you know my name?” I ask. Her wide eyes narrowed and her thick lipped pout widens into a knowing smile. Her face might be round cheeked and soft but I realised that this pretty teenager was tough and wouldn’t back down readily. Her fists rose like a seasoned pugilist while her wide brown eyes bore into me with a calculating coldness. “Why, Mummy was expecting you, Mister Priest” the corners of her full diamond shaped mouth turned up in a sneer of derision. A yawning pit opened up in my stomach. This was a trap and I need to get out of here before it was sprung. I had no doubt that Helen would be some powerful Amazon with big muscles who would beat the crap out of me or worse.

I looked towards the door, between it and I was this wild haired teenage toft girl who was pretty but hard as nails. She’d noted my gaze. “Thinking of running away?” she sneered. “Too tough for you am I?” she added. “Please, I don’t want to fight you. I’m just going to leave quietly, OK?” I replied speaking softly to calm her down. “You can’t fight anyway. You’re a chauvinistic loser” she sneered. Not taking her hard gaze off me, her hand moved to her hip. The hem of her nightdress slid over her right hip to her waist. My eyes were automatically drawn to her pink floral undies cut very high over her slim hips and sitting very low on her lower abdomen. “Don’t you want to touch me up? Have your wicked way with me?” she asked pushing out her bare right hip. Her hand rubbed her hip suggestively while she tilted her head coyly. My eyes ran over her long slender legs and noticed the play of long sleek muscle in her lithe thighs. “Do you think I’ve got good legs?” she asked softly. “Yes, very er nice” I admitted. “Not too heavy even though I’m quite sporty” her voice was quite and soft. I realised with a start that she was trying to be seductive. Maybe she was trying to delay me until her mother came home but I couldn’t take the chance. I wasn’t going to be seduced by a girl hardly older than my own daughter.

“I’m sorry Caroline but I’m not interested like that” I tried to walk around her but she moved with me blocking my way with her fists raised once more. Her face hardened from pretty elfin into pretty tough girl. The way her body began to sway slightly back and forth with her fists ready for action made me uneasy. Her tough confidence and stance made it looked like she knew what she was doing and that unnerved me. “That’s not what Mummy says. She says you’re always putting it about with women who are stronger than you” she replied. “Who is your mother?” I asked. The words had barely left my lips when her fists did the talking BLAM! Bruising pain blasts my jaw like she had just hit me with a hammer, whipping my head back in a blaze of dark and light.

My vision clears to see the wild haired teen confidently launching another punch. Out of fear of getting hit again I threw up my arm in front of my face. PHAP! Ouch! Her hard fist hammered my forearm making it sting and feel numb. I was shocked by how strong that punch was. A wave of annoyance crosses her features and she swung again. PHAP! Ouch! Again I manage to stop her fist smashing my face and I grab her hand before she can pull it back and try again. “Stop it Caroline. You know how to throw a punch but I’m not going to fight you. You’re going to stand there quietly and let me leave” I tell her. “Garrr!” she growled and snatched her hand back angrily. “I know how to defend myself from pigs like you” she snarled harshly. She immediately lashed out with her fist swinging around towards my head. BAM! Ouch! More by accident than design our arms collided at the crook of our arms. “Garr!” she growled again unhooking her arm. I got prepared to stop as she began to swing her right arm again. BLAM! “Orrrrgh!” I groaned in agony as her left fist hammered underhanded into my gut. “That was a basic feint, Mister Priest. Get over it” she said haughtily with a smug look of superiority.

“Huhnnnn!” I groaned creasing up around the cramps in my stomach watching helplessly as the young girl pulled back her fist with a wide smile on her face pushing up her round cheeks. “Meet the superior sex, Mister soft-belly Priest” she said then a blur streaked towards my face. BLAM! Orrrr! My jaw! I staggered back with my head reeling and my teeth and jaw aching. “BLAM!” another hard left to the jaw whipped my head back so hard I felt disoriented. “KABLAM!” her fist was a rocket colliding under my jaw and I felt my legs turn to jelly and I felt woozy. “You’re as pathetic as Mum says, Mister Priest” Caroline sneered as I stumbled awkwardly back away from the young girl in the white night dress.

I really didn’t like the idea of hitting a girl but knew I had to get Caroline under control. The posh girl was just too wild and quick with her fists. I needed to stop her up quickly, she was just a kid after all and I was a grown man. Surely it shouldn’t be that difficult? However when I made a grab for her she nimbly skipped out of the way. “Hei!” the hem of her nightdress kicked up as her bare leg whipped incredibly fast rising high. BLAM! The top of her foot crashed into my cheek with surprising strength. “Yap!” Without lowering it, the leg swiftly reversed direction whipping around backwards. BLAM! Her bare sole struck the other cheek spinning my face around from one side to the other in a blast of aching stinging pain. With shocking speed and confidence, the teen seized my wrist and lent back. “Hai!” BLAM! Her leg whipped backwards in a high arc striking my head like a club scrambling my senses. Instead of dropping, the calve draped over my upper arm which she was still holding and snapped back. BLAM! The top of her foot blasted my face at close range in the opposite direction. In an instant I knew that this teen knew how to defend herself and that I was in trouble.

Still holding my arm, the tousled haired girl raised her knee horizontally between us. “Kah!” the lower leg snapped straight in a frightening blur. BLAM! “Nnnnagh!” the sole of her bare foot hammered my chest hard. As quick as lightning and without returning her foot to the floor she spun sideways and kicked back. “Hai!” BLAM! Her foot rocketed against my jaw whipping my head back so hard that I saw stars and sending my body hurtling backwards. I stumbled into a small side table, knocking it over. “Oh do be careful of the antiques or Mummy will take it out of your hide” Caroline said with a pout. As my head rang with the strength of her kicks, I knew that I was out of my depth.

Caroline approached me with a smirking smile upon her face pressing up her prominent cheek bones like she knew that she was the superior fighter. In fact I wasn’t a fighter at all so I tried to back away from the shorter girl but her legs just seemed to be everywhere. “Hai! Hah!” BAM BAM a glimpse of bare leg as the top of her foot blasted my side and chest in rapid succession within a single move. I was up against a cute teenage Karate expert and the thought scared me yet turned me on all the same. “Hai-Hah!” WHUMPH WHUMPH with a chilling focussed look, her right fist hammered my gut a bare moment before the left smashed my face. “Hai!” WHUMPH “Borrph!” the next second her leg snapped out driving her foot against my lower chest the power of the kick sending me sprawling across the room until the back of my legs hit a bookcase.

“Hai!” With my back against the unit, the fresh faced teen spun, her long tousled hair flying out and the hem of her nightdress lifting as she leant slightly away from me and powered another lightning fast high kick towards my head. BAM! Ouch! The top of her shin smashed into my forearm which I had raised in fear to protect my face. I tried to grab her hands to pull her close and restrain her but the girl reacted instantly. BAM! “Oorrrrgh!” I groaned as the lovely teen’s foot snapped right between my legs crushing my nuts painfully against the underside of my body. “Serves you right you chauvinistic pig” the elfin face posh tough girl snarled.

“Hai!” KERBLAM! Caroline’s  bare leg shot up vertically and I caught a glimpse of hard calve muscle the moment before her sole blasted my jaw back so hard that the back of my head crashed against the bookcase. “Ouch!” that hurt as my head caught a shelf. Antique leather bound books tumbled all around me. “Females are the superior fighters of the species, Mister Priest” the pretty round faced girl snarled. My mind span, I was completely dazed under the powerful kicks of a teenage girl.

The athletic looking leg arced high again, much too fast to avoid. “Hai!” BLAM! The pads beneath her toes smashed into my temple sending me reeling with a blinding headache, my chest collapsing across the low cupboard like front of the bookcase knocking over ornaments. I pressed myself away from the unit to put some distance between us, but she was too quick. “Hei!” her nightdress kicked up and a flesh coloured streak arced high. BLAM! Her toes caught me right behind the ear sending numbing shocks of pain knocking me sideway stumbling across the room trying not to fall. “Haeeya!” to my horror the young teen leapt into the air flying towards me, her nightdress billowing around firm toned athletic legs. BLAM! Her leg kicked out hammering me in the chest with shocking force sending me sprawling across the room, tripping over a large footstool and crashing to the floor.

“So you’re the big bad private dick” she laughed as I scrambled to my knees behind the footstool. “Limp dick more like” she mocked. Looking at Caroline’s youthful rounded face framed by unruly hair with her big light brown eyes and thick lipped pout, the thought that she was a martial arts expert beating the stuffing out of me turned me on but my head and chest hurt too much to want to experience anymore of it. As she took a step towards my position with a smug smile I noticed that the stool I fell over had casters. I quickly shoved it towards her and it shot off gliding smoothly over the highly polished floorboards tripping her up. Quickly on my feet, I leant over to subdue her but she was nimble and fast. Pulling back her nightdress to reveal a nice slender bare leg, it kicked up in an instant. BLAM! “Orrghh!” I wailed in anguish as the sole of her foot hammered my balls. “That’s how inferior men are. Having their reproductive organs on the outside” the pretty girl sneered at my pained face.

Too distracted by the horrible throbbing aching pain in my balls, I could only watch helplessly as Caroline brought her knees either side of my right leg then kicked around the back of my leg. WHUMP I fell forwards onto my front with my lower right leg bent back trapped between her calves. BAM! “Ouch!” The girl folded her right leg back then snapped it out immediately bruising my cheek.

Caroline knelt close to my head, showing off a lot of lean toned leg as she seized my wrist and pulled it behind my back. “What’s wrong? Can’t the big flabby old man handle a fit young girl?” she mocked as she pressed my hand between my shoulder blades forcing me to my knees. Her pretty face was so close to the side of mine as she yanked my wrist painfully reminding me constantly of just how young she was. I felt so humiliated to be dominated by a girl so young and it stirred my groin. “Ouch!” I cried as she yanked my hand up my back hard. “Get up you male pig. I’ve only just begun to put you in your rightful place” she told me sternly. “Please Caroline stop” I begged as she forced me to my feet in a humiliating stoop as she twisted my hand behind me. “Shut up, pleb!” she snapped. “No!” I cried in alarm as her knee sped towards me from the side. BLAM! “Argh!” her knee hammered the centre of my chest as the top of her thigh hit across the right hand side. BLAM! “Oghh!” the point of her elbow punched the back of my shoulder close to the neck. “Defeated by a young girl; Mister limp dick. You have a lot to learn about fighting” she mocked. If it hadn’t been for my wrist locked behind my back, I would have fallen to the floor.

Releasing my arm, Caroline grabbed the front of my shirt and held my sagging beaten form with my face close to her budding chest. Her light brown eyes stared deep into mine, letting me savour her smirk of victory and her youthfulness. “You’re so pathetic. I could have finished you off anytime I wanted” she taunted. She smiled with those pouting full lips pushing up those rounded checks or was it a smirk? “I’m going to play with you until Mummy comes home. Give you such a hard beating that you will be begging me to put you out of your pathetic misery” these words spoken calm and as matter of fact from such a cute young girl had my dick stiffening although they filled me with dread. Deliberately slowly, Caroline drew back her fist. “Please no” I begged. “Tough” she said. BLAM! Her leg swung forward catching me by surprise, the front of her shin clubbing my aching balls. BLAM! Her fist clobbered my left eye leaving it stinging and raw.

So swift and graceful, the elfin faced teen spun, her nightdress riding at her hips as a leg sprang out in a high sidekick. BERLAM! The sole of her foot exploded right in the middle of my face with excruciating pain and I fly back with blood trickling from my nose. WAM! My back crashes hard into the carpeted floor. “Such a pathetic class. What use are you apart from providing us with slaves” she mocked walking steadily towards me. Oh God! I’m really frightened of this teenager, too winded to even think of fighting back. I scrambled backwards as she approached steadily and confidently like a teenaged female terminator. My back comes up against a wooden post and glancing back I see that I’ve backed myself in the corner with the modern artwork.

I quickly scrabbled behind the piece which to my eye just looks like a vertical wooden pole with thick rope around the top holding a standard house brick horizontal with another vertically on top. Undoubtedly this probably cost tens of thousands of pounds or some equally silly price. Caroline isn’t fazed. “Hiding Mister Priest?” she says with a wide smirk. “Hai!” she screamed, making me jump and my groin lurch. The petite girl’s open hand slashed sideways and my groin lurched again as the side of her hand sliced right through the on-end brick like a hot knife through butter. “Are you scared yet?” she asks in a teasing voice. Oh God yes. To my amazement, Caroline puts one hand on the end of the remaining horizontal brick then raises her right hand, open palmed with the fingers together and a grim pout on her face. “Haieyah!” she screamed loudly, making my bits lurch again as the side of her hand flashed down and two half bricks fall to the floor cut clean in half by a teenage girl. “Hai!” she yells again making me jump once more as she brings the side of her fist down upon the wooden post like a mallet. CRACK! I watch in awe and stiffening cock as the post splits right down the middle from top to bottom.

Oh my God! She really is like a terminator! As she kicks the broken remains of the post away and continues to stride towards me with a look of malice in her cold hard eyes, I scramble backwards in panic behind another piece of modern art. This one resembles a stack of three concrete airbricks held vertically by wooden spacers. It suddenly dawns on me that this might not be modern art after all. “YAI!” she yelled loudly making my dick lurch once more as the side of her hand smashes cleanly through all three slabs. Oh God, she’s awesome, I’m getting a hard-on and I’m an intruder in her house that she wants to beat to a pulp.

“Imagine this is your body, Mister Priest” the girl in the nightdress tells me then turns to her side where there is what must be a 6 inch thick wooden post held horizontally between two cast iron supports. I watch in awe and a growing stiffy as Caroline lithely kicks her right leg high into the air. Her nightdress rucks up to expose all of her legs and although slender I can see that they are athletic, fit and toned. The top of her bare thigh hits her chest. Bounces and falls rapidly like an axe. CRACK! The thick wood split in a wide diagonal break and collapsed in the middle falling to the floor as two broken pieces. The display of power has me sporting an absolute boner for the teenage girl. It’s no use trying to deny it; the sheer awesome fighting superiority of this young girl had me as hard as a rock.

I think she noticed because her smile and the gleam in her eyes uncomfortably knew. “Hmmm. I’ve never had that reaction before” she says then rolled up the sleeves of her nightdress and flexed both arms. I watched in awe as her slender arms thickened significantly in the middle becoming more solid. I noticed how thick her forearms were at the base. Her slender wrists, her hands formed into fists above, sloped outwards almost like triangular sails with raised tendons. Her biceps were sleek low lying hills yet a solid dense mass of undeniable muscle. “Bet you never thought women could have muscles?” she stated. “Actually I did although I never expected such nice biceps on a teenage girl” I admitted. “They’re powerful man destroyers. Enough to punch your puny lights out”” she stated arrogantly then proceeded to flex them a few more times. Her biceps seemed to get bigger especially the right one which was a lot larger and denser They weren’t big defined peaked monsters like a bodybuilder but nice hard smooth hills of someone fit and undoubtedly strong muscle. “Wow!” I gasped. “Feel them. Feel my power or I’ll use you for a punch bag again” she demanded. Without hesitation, I stepped forwards and ran my hands over her upper arms enjoying the feel of her small but hard muscle under her soft smooth skin. My palms also traced the soft curve at the bottom of her flexed arm. “Nice triceps too” I admitted. “You have nicely developed arms” I told her softly. She smiled when I told her this and she seemed to be calming down, although I had to admit that I was really enjoying the opportunity to feel a nicely developed pair of female arms. I still felt a bit guilty about groping a young girl’s muscles like this but at least she was a teenager.

“Boys are frightened of my muscles, they are scared rigid. However you are just rigid” she said with a saucy smile. “Um yes. They are very sexy” I admitted still feeling the hard shapeliness of her arms. Caroline raised her knee and placed a foot on a coffee table. Raising the bent leg onto her toes, I saw the side of her calve flex into a hard slab of U shaped muscle. “Nice” I ran my hand over that too. That’s when she pulling her night dress over her head. “Woah! What are you doing?” I exclaimed with shock. I had to admit I fell quiet when the rising item of clothing revealed her slender well toned legs with quite definite sleek inner and outer thigh muscles then her skimpy high cut briefs. As it rose higher, it revealed a boyish trunk but I was stunned to see her broad stomach sported a densely cut gridwork of muscle. “Great abs” I told her, impressed. “Wow!” I gasped again in admiration as I placed my hand on her stomach and ran it over the white chocolate slabs amazed by the deep furrows between.

Caroline turned around a quarter of a turn with her arm bent by her side. I saw a slight hard rise of her relaxed bicep and a hint of bicep vein. She looked at me over her shoulder. “Do you like my arse?” she teased and now that she had mentioned it I couldn’t help looking at her nice compact tight backside. “Very nice” I mumbled embarrassed to be saying that to the teen. Standing in front of me in only her undies, the girl flexed her biceps again. “Wow!” I gasped once more as I saw her back become a rippling mass of sexy muscle. “Amazing!” I said as I ran my hands over the hard rocky lumps and bumps which resembled a rugged contour map on her back. “I told you I was sporty” Caroline said proudly.

She turned around to face me once more and flexed a double biceps pose again, clearly proud of her muscles. “You look amazing” I told her earnestly. This teenage girl had an athletic fit toned body. “Does it get you hard?” the girl asked in a teasing voice. “Please don’t talk like that. I’m old enough to be your father” I replied. “I didn’t hear you complaining when you were feeling me up” she said. The teasing smile hardened. “Kiss my superior body. Kiss it like your life depends on it, which it will. Do it! You chauvinistic oiyk” she demanded then began flexing her biceps several times to pump them up some more. Wow they did seem to be getting bigger and harder. “What if your mum catches us?” I asked trying to put her off whatever it was she had in mind. “Oh she will kill you. Probably crush you to death between her thighs the way she breaks in horses” she replied. I hesitated and her expression grew annoyed. She raised her right arm flexing then relaxing it over and over. “I suggest you do as you are told. You’ve already seen what this beauty can do to you” her tone was threatening and I had to admit that her right bicep was looking pretty solid and menacing.

“Too late” BLAM! That powerful looking bicep propelled her fist at terrifying speed right in the middle of my face, snapping my head brutally back, my face stinging and what felt like a cut under my eye under the harsh impact. “You’ve had your chance for me to be nice to you but now you’ve blown it” Caroline told me. She looked so young yet her blocky middle displayed a breath taking deeply cut six pack was a direct contradiction and her raised fists echoed that toughness. “Caroline please let’s talk about this” I pleaded not wanting to face more punishment from her fists. “Yah!” suddenly she fell to the floor, her legs spreading in opposite directions, landing in a full facing split. My dick lurched; girls doing the splits have a funny effect on men. “Kiaa!” she yelled and her fist shot out. WHAP “Uung!” I grunted in agony as her hard punch rocked my already abused balls.

Crouching over as a dreadful ache spread from my groin, I watched helplessly as the young girl grabbed the front of my shirt with her left hand and drew back her right fist. “How pathetic the male of the species is” she sneered then let fly. BLAM! Her fist hammered my right eye leaving it watering, stinging and bruised. “Stop me toying with you if you can” the young girl said acting very confident and smug as she beat me up. I Caught a glimpse of her lean sleek thigh swelling with strength as she brought up her fists once more. BLAM! A crushing uppercut clashed my teeth together painfully. BLAM followed by a bruising roundhouse punch to the cheek had me rolling across the room trying to escape the onslaught.

“KEEAYAH!” she screamed making me jump and I watched in terrified awe as the teenager leapt high into the air. Her crotch rose level with my face with one leg bent at the knee while the other stretched out as she flew towards me. BERBLAM! The sole of her foot crashed into my face with terrifying force. Such awesome face-mashing power propelled me at great speed backwards across the room. My unstoppable motion sending me crashing through the remains of the brick sculptures before I tripped and fell to the floor.

Staggered by the power of the young girl’s kick, I tried to get to my feet but I was too woozy. “Eeeeyah!” Caroline’s yell made me cringe in terror. A lean toned leg hurtled towards me then connected kicking my head like it was a football. BLAM! More face aching pain and I was hurled backwards across the floor.

Ouch my mind whirled in a daze; I felt completely punch drunk, my face felt bruised and battered, aching badly all over. The young teen strode towards me intent on completely mashing my face. I only managed to get to my knees before she struck. “That’s right bow before the superior sex of the superior class” she said arrogantly then raised both hands, open palmed. “Hai!” WHAP! Twin bolts of crushing lightening chopped either side of my neck, sending shearing bolts of electric pain spreading throughout my nervous system. But she hadn’t finished yet. She struck like a thunderbolt. “Yah!” twisting on one foot, her right leg fired towards me like the hammer of the gods. BLAM! My battered face was blasted once more hurling me back into a low cushion chair.

Caroline leapt onto my lap. In a total daze, I could only dumbly look at the gridwork of muscle on her hard toned stomach in the gap between her skimpy briefs and lacy bra. The toned hard stomach of an attractive posh young teen in just her undies whose lean toned legs pinned my hands, whose young crotch pressed against my groin. “Oh you filthy old man!” Caroline exclaimed as she felt my erection beneath her. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her hard strong punches rained down in a constant barrage on my face keeping me in a helpless daze as she mashed up my face. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! My face felt like it was breaking, my vision a constant blur as the teen pounded me with her hard fists, my head lolling dumbly under each pounding blow. Finally the terrible barrage stopped and she hurled me to the floor. My mind was in a daze, every square inch of my face hurt and ached. I just wanted to get away from the teenage source of the pain and found myself crawling across the carpet towards the door with Caroline’s humiliating laughter in my ears. “That’s it, crawl on your belly like the lower class scum that you are” she mocked.

A pair of shiny black boots blocked my way, form fitting black leather boots with very high heels. I forced my battered face to look up to see a pair of tight fitting shiny black leather boots. The boots just went on and on as I looked further up, they are thigh boots adorning very long shapely legs. Above this is a sexy black PVC outfit clinging to a very shapely body. Looking past a firm flat stomach my gaze is halted by a very large overhanging bust. “Well. Look what the cat has dragged in” a plum upper case voice said. A familiar voice from the past which sent shivers down my spine.

I forced my gaze higher. Even allowing for my position on my belly at her feet, the woman must be well over 6 feet tall, at least 6’5″. With dawning realisation of my stupidity my eyes reach a familiar face, oval in shape with a slender nose, a generous mouth with thick. An attractive upper class woman stared down at me with contempt, her long light brown hair tied up behind her head. “That Helen” I gasp, mentally kicking myself. “Lady Helen to you, Mister Priest” Lady Helen Windthorpe corrected me harshly [JIMP#4,6].

Although I felt like hell after the battering her teenage daughter had given me, I forced myself to my feet in front of the very tall aristocratic woman. I had to admit that the shiny black PVC dress clung to her shapely long figure in an incredibly appealing manner. A knowing smirk appeared on her thick lipped wide mouth as she watched me run my eyes over her amazing figure with steady stiffening in my pants. I tried and failed not to ogle at the large fleshy semi-spherical orbs brazenly on display in the wide neckline which plunged almost to her navel. This made it abundantly clear that her impressive firm big bust was supported without need of a bra. A necklace around her long neck disappeared into that deep inviting canyon between her breasts. I couldn’t see it, but I knew it held a pendant of the multi-limbed Goddess Anahita. In truth, I had forgotten what a stunningly statuesque figure this rich bitch had. “That’s right take a good gawp at perfection, Mister Priest” She sneered.

I am 5 feet 9 inches and felt like a midget next to this Amazon, having to crane my neck to look at her hard sternly attractive face which looked down at me with obvious distaste. This close to the dominant upper class horsewoman [JIMP#4], there were a few wrinkles and creases indicating that she was older than when we had last met but still achingly good looking. Dressed in a sexy PVC mini-dress and thigh-boots with sheer black nylons covering thick firm upper thighs in the gap in between with a hard look of displeasure, she looked dangerous. “Explain to me what exactly you are doing alone in my house with my daughter in that state of undress, Mister Priest?” the words were cold, clipped and chilling. “Apparently walking into a trap which you set” I answered defiantly. This woman’s snobbish attitude got my back up just as it did all those years ago. “Besides, I didn’t know that you were married” I said glancing at Caroline who was watching with a bemused expression.

Lady Helen didn’t answer straight away but stared at me with her mouth grimly straight as if appraising me. The harshness in her face detracted from her natural beauty, her large chest rising and falling softly. Finally she answered in aloofly “Not that it is any of your business but it was a matter of necessity to preserve the female blood line. Once he had served his purpose I disposed of him and subsumed his assets”. “So why have you lured me here?” I asked. The aristocrat looked displeased and thrust out her large chest. Since this was nearly at eye level I couldn’t help stare at the sensational rounded orbs trying to escape her top. “That’s right Mister Priest. Take a good gawp. Hai!” her fist shot out from the side of waist and plunged deep into my gut. “Urrrrgh!” I groaned, creasing over and finding myself looking down at the hem of her mini dress where sheer black nylons peaked atop her thigh-length boots. Despite being winded it was a sexy sight. “It is not your position in life to query your superiors” her sophisticated voice was cold and hard.

Gasping and winded I was caught off guard as the big busted slim bodied tall woman seized my right wrist. A long high-heeled thigh-boot stepped back poised for destruction. “Hnnn!” I grunted struggling for breath, paralysed by the cramps in my middle to do anything but watch. “You will be punished for your insolence” she said then the sensational looking boot rose rapidly towards my face. KERBLAM! It felt like she’d just swung a cricket bat into my face. My head whiplashed in a spray of blood and jagged patches of bright colours and black blurring my vision.

My body flew back until a sharp tug on my arm pulled me roughly back in front of the stunning PVC clad figure. “You really should have taken heed to my warning when we first met” Lady Helen’s face was cold and stern as she gripped the front of my shirt with her other hand. My head just nodded limply as she held me up. “I told you to mind your own business” she snarled, her lip curling back to reveal perfect white teeth. Turning her hip against me, her smile was wide, smirking, knowing the effect that sight of her body from the side had upon men. Dazed and struggling to breathe once more, I stared numbly at the stunning contrast between her small waist and large forward thrusting bust. “Physically superior” she said then whipped my right arm into the air then flung it down in a forward arc. Woah! My body spun head over heels in a tight circle with dizzying speed.

KASLAM! My back slammed into the carpet. “Orrphh!” the jolt got my breathing working after a fashion. I found myself on my back with her feet behind my head looking up along those incredibly long, sexy high heel boots. Suddenly I remembered Bobby telling me how she used those heels to inflict pain [JIMP#6] and tried to get out their way. But the tall upper class domme still had hold of my right arm. Lady Helen, crouched down astride my waist, her long legs folding elegantly beneath her as she applied a wrist lock forcing me to roll over to my side. “I don’t have to explain myself to plebs like you” she said in a cold posh voice. “Understand?” she asked stressing the joint. “Yes!” I gasped nodding furiously.

“Argh! Argh!” bending my wrist back and applying an arm lock, Lady Helen rose while keeping me writhing in pain at her feet. “Kiss my feet Mister Priest. That’s what your kind was born for” she demanded arrogantly. There was no way I was going to grovel to this stuck up bitch that was born into a privileged lifestyle at the expense of ordinary people like my working class ancestors. “Argh!” however as I looked up along her sexy leather boots I saw the hem of her mini-dress had risen up showing stocking tops. Those shiny pillars of leather slid either side of my neck, her ankles closing tight as she released my arm. “Argh!” I found myself looking up at her ladyship as she scissored my neck between her ankles and lower calves. “Argh!” I clutched at the tall leather columns squeezing my neck firmly. I could feel the leather hug the contours of her long sensuous calves as they exerted their strength.

“Crush the weak” she sneered. “Trample the poor”. I wriggled and writhed on my back but my neck was clamped fast by daintily slim ankles that were exerting a terrific inward force. I gazed along the length of the form fitting thigh-boots raised up upon high stiletto heels, appearing like twin skyscrapers from where I lay. I don’t know what it is about a woman wearing contour hugging boots especially leather ones but it is a very sexy look. “Argh!” I groaned again writhing helplessly from the power of the strong legs.

“Kkkarghh!” the thigh-boots twisted to one side forcing my neck to bend awkwardly, choking me. “I could snap your puny neck like a twig” she sneered as I tugged in vain at her kinky boots. “Kkrgh!” she twisted my neck the other way with her strong calves. My hands clasped at her ankles but they would not yield. “Plenty of horse riding, Mister Priest. That’s what keeps the legs of upper class women strong and powerful. More than enough to put the lower classes in their place” she stated. My hands roamed along her calve marvelling at how long and shapely it was; how great the leather felt and how much her legs turned me on even as they choked me.

The blood flowed into my head in a rush as the posh woman opened her calves. I lay back with my head swirling. “Argkk!” a stiletto heel bit hard into the side of my neck with the weight of the tall woman’s long leg behind it. “You caused me a lot of trouble, Mister Priest. Sticking your nose in where it wasn’t wanted” she told me as I clutched at the heel and foot trying to stop it press any further in. Two or 3 inches of heel, at least, traced along the side of my face then bit in behind my ear. “Argh argh!” it felt like she was trying to drive a knitting needle into my head. “You pathetic snivelling oiyk” she sneered. I grabbed the needle thin heel with both hands and together with shaking my head just managed to dislodge it. I spun around and tried to get to my feet. WHAM! “Ooooh” a sharp toed thigh-boot swung up between my legs from behind bashing my nads.

I staggered away clutching my groin and came to a halt as Caroline blocked my way with a smirk on her youthful face. “Come on then if you think you’re hard enough” she said. I’d had enough of a beating from the teen and didn’t want any more. I looked back at her mother. Tall good looking, sophisticated and openly dominant, her ladyship stared at me. “My how the workers resist the natural order of things” she smirked. One of these dangerous females would be bad enough but there was no way I could handle both, I needed to get away but which one to tackle to make my escape?

Lady Helen looked sensational in her thigh-boots and PVC mini-dress. “Supplementing your income as a dominatrix?” I asked walking warily towards her. “A lifestyle choice, Mister Priest. Why hide a naturally dominant personality” she replied haughtily. Wow, I couldn’t help admiring that sensational frontage. Shiny black PVC clinging to her exceptionally feminine figure and cut well below her bust at the front, it was a breath taking view. It was a shame she had such a stuck up attitude. Closing the gap I tried to barge pass to make my escape but Lady Helen calmly turned sideways and hammered the point of her elbow into my chest. WHAM! “Orrghhh!” not again. “Leaving so soon, Mister Priest?” she asked sarcastically as she watched me crumple forwards.

“Hai!” BLAM her fist rocked my face skywards causing me to stagger. “You’re not leaving until I say so” her mouth was grim, her cheeks pinched and her eyes hard. Her large chest heaved stretching the black PVC tight, the light reflecting off the surface sensually. BLAM! Her fist struck in a blur rattling my head. I could see where her daughter got her strong punches from.

Winded and shaken I turned to find Caroline blocking my way with her rounded cheeks pushed up into a wicked smile. I’m desperate to get out of here. Hating myself for what I had to do I drive my fist hard into the teen’s bare midriff. WHAP! Ouch my knuckles sting as they hit hard unyielding flesh. I tried again, putting all my might behind the punch. WHAP! Ouch it was like punching a brick wall. The teen just smiled showing no sign of discomfort. In despair I hurled my fist once more at her sculpted stomach. WHAM! Ooooeee! I nearly broke my hand upon her rock hard six pack.

“Now it’s my turn” Caroline said, her smile becoming predatory, her abs still taut. BLAM “Erruughhh!” I moaned as my attempt to tense my stomach muscles failed to stop her fist plunging deep within. “Too much fast food” the girl wrapped her left arm around my head as I folded around my ruined gut. There was nothing I could do as she drew back her right fist. BLAM! “..!” it drove deep causing burning pain deep inside my guts as it blasted any remaining air from my spasming diaphragm.

Moving close to my side, Caroline’s knee shot up across the front of my stomach, the point of her knee hammering my ruined middle. BAM! “…!”. My mouth dropped open in a downturned cry of anguish but the teenager showed no mercy. Creasing forwards as the cramps pulled my chest down, her knee struck again. BLAM! “.!” the top of her hard thigh struck across my devastated middle and I doubled up around it, my face melting in a silent wail of agony. In utter winded humiliation I collapsed to my knees at the bare feet of a teenage girl while her mother looked on.

I heard clapping and an evil chuckle as I writhed and gasped in vain desperately trying to hold onto to consciousness. “Mr. Priest. Why you can’t even defend yourself against a teenage girl! Whatever is the matter with you?” Lady Helen mocked. Completely ignoring me creased up on the floor rocking back and forth trying to get my lungs working, the PVC clad thigh-booted aristocrat approached her daughter with motherly concern. “Really dear, you should keep your hair under control” she told her as she replaced the hair bands to tie her hair back into pigtails. “Can I help you punish him? Please Mummy” Caroline begged. The posh bitch glanced at me dismissively. “He’s not worthy of your attention, dear” she sneered. “Oh please Mummy” the girl begged.

A tinkle of glass made me look up out of my stomach cramped agony and saw to my amazement that the rich bitch had casually walked over to a drinks cabinet, opened it, taken out a bottle and glass, then poured herself a drink. She watched me with amusement while she sipped. “See how weak the poor are Caroline” she told her daughter between sips. “No wonder the bank took them all for a ride and now we get richer and richer at their expense. Soon they will have nothing and will accept their rightful place as our slaves with open arms” she gave a chuckle.

She finished her drink, put down the glass then strode across the room purposely on her high heels towards me. The arch on the top of foot was sensual and curved steeply pushed up by the height of her stilettos. I tried to scrabble out of the way but I still hadn’t recovered from her daughter’s gut busting. BAM! A thigh-boot swung with the sharp toe biting into my side. “Ouch!” I gasped. “That’s enough lazing around, Mister Priest” she said harshly. I looked up to call her something rude but the words stuck in my mouth as I saw that the hem of her mini dress had ridden up to reveal a dark band of stocking top atop the patch of sheer black nylon above her thigh-boots. The upper thigh on show looked sturdy and strong. Phroar, Lady Helen really had great looking legs and knew how to show them off. She certainly got me going even though she was a right bitch. The tall hot-bodied aristocrat stood by my side as I knelt on the floor. That sexy firm patch of thigh and stocking top was right next to my face and impossible to ignore. “Grovel at our feet working class scum” her ladyship commanded pointing to the floor.

Caroline moved in from the other side and quickly grabbed both of my arms and whipped them behind my back. “Argh!” Argh!” I yelped. “Oh how delicious. A working class man being overpowered by a young girl” she laughed. “Argh!” I struggled in the teen’s grip, humiliated as her mother stood in front and watched. Lady Helen turned her body slightly away from me. “Hai!” KEBLAM! A long thick strong leg clad in thigh-high boots hurtled towards me at close range, straightening to power a crushing kick into my barely recovered gut. “Berloorph!” the air rushed out of me once more as my body slammed back against her daughter. “I do so enjoy that sound” she said. “The glorious sound of male defeat” she added. The sexily dressed rich bitch turned her left shoulder against my chest then hammered back her elbow. “Yai!” BLAM “..!” the point hammered right under my sternum completely devastating me.

Utterly winded once more I was powerless to resist as Caroline released my arms as she came around to my front and with one hand under my chin and the other near the top of my head twisted my head sharply towards her shoulder. Wearing only her undies and with her hair in pigtails made it seem even more humiliating. I tried to bat her off with my hands but her mother grabbed my left wrist and twisted it towards the ceiling. Ouch ouch I cried silently, my diaphragm and chest unable to draw breath to cry out. “Don’t you grab my daughter like that” the buxom woman’s breasts were like inflatable footballs threatening to pop out of her PVC mini-dress. She saw my gaze and her full lipped mouth tightened. “They’re not for the likes of you” she sneered raising her left hand. “Hai!” a blur slashed towards the side of my neck and hit causing tremors in my neck, head and arms as the shock scorched throughout my nervous system. The girl with rounded cheeks and full lips and pigtails followed her mother’s example, twisting my head hard against her shoulder stretching my neck taut. “Hai!” BLAM the side of her hand chopped my neck. My limbs went rigid and shook violently then my legs gave out beneath me sending me to the floor. “Oh well done, dear” her mother congratulated her.

I tried to push myself up with my arms and rise but my legs felt like rubber and my head felt like it was wrapped in cotton wool. Grabbing my hair and pulling it painfully by the roots, the teen placed a foot on my shoulder and pressed down. “Ouch!” I cried at this abuse, and again, “Ouch!” at the stab of a stiletto heel in my buttock. “Treat them rough dear. The lower classes are animals, sub-human, they love suffering” the arrogant upper class snob stated. I managed to get to my knees when long leather thigh-boots clamped my waist on either side. “Hai!” BLAM! “Orrgh!” another chop to my neck sent me sprawling back to the floor. “Every good domme knows Karate, Mister Priest. You ought to know that by now” she sneered.

Caroline whipped my left hand behind my back using a single hand while leaning on my shoulder blade with the other. “That’s it, dear. Treat them rough and keep them in their place” her mother said as she mounted my shoulders with her thigh-boots dangerously close to my neck then placed her splayed fingers over my face and wrenched it back. “If I were so base as to sell my services as a dominatrix, rest assured, Mister Priest, that after a session with me, any man would be reduced to a mere hulk. Empty of will, empty of desire, empty of everything but the profoundest gratitude to me for my attention” she stated, twisting my face one way then the other letting each phrase settle in. She rose and my head was pulled upwards between columns of leather until the back of my head reached the top of her thighs. That’s when I was reacquainted with Lady Helen’s deadly legs as they turned to steel hard flesh around my head and squeezed incredibly hard. “Arghnnn!” I groaned as a brutal wave of power crushed the sides of my head making my eyes blur and my head spin in an instant. Her ladyship had incredibly powerful legs and I was under no illusion that she could put me away within seconds. “The thighs of an upper class woman are like hardened steel from horse riding and breaking in servants. Remember that Mister Priest. I can bust your skull in an instant” she warned. “Arghh!” I cried out at the bone snapping compression around my head.

Suddenly the terrible pressure was gone and my aching head flopped forwards, while her daughter continued to restrain me. A hand grabbed the top of my hair and roughly yanked my head up eliciting more pain on top of the ache from her brief but powerful head scissors. Slowly Lady Helen walked around from my side, holding my head up, staring down at me with a look of disgust. “Is this best you can do? Mister Priest” she sneered. I watched her leather thigh-boots. The way they clung to the contours of her sturdy strong legs were very erotic but this was no time to be turned on, she was dangerous. “Look at your superiors when they are talking to you” she snapped as she stood facing me. Suddenly her knee rose in a blur of shiny black leather. BERLAM! My head snapped back in a spray of blood from my nose and mouth.

“You can play with him. He bores me” her ladyship said dismissively, her stiletto heels clacking as she walked over to the drinks cabinet. “I thought you fled the country to escape the law” I asked while Caroline restrained me, trying to ignore the taste of blood in my mouth and the throbbing in my head. “You just don’t get it do you Mister Priest?” the beautiful stuck-up woman told me as she refilled her glass. She moved over to a comfortable looking antique chair and sat down, crossed her long legs, exposing the sexy patch of sheer black nylon and stocking top atop her long boots. “The system works for us. We are above the law” Lady Helen told me as she fixed me with her cold eyes. “Ouch!” I yelped as her daughter forced me to my feet pressing my hands right up between my shoulder blades.

Whoah! I was spun around quickly to face the elfin face teenager. BLAM! As quick as lightning, the top of her foot blasted against the side of my neck sending red and black jagged pain across my vision. BLAM! Her elbow swung around hammering the side of my cheek. BLAM her knee rose high mashing my face. BLAM! A foot stomped the back of my knee and I went down on one knee. BLAM! Her leg whipped around like a club and destroyed my face some more. She was a real teenaged terminator. “Try not to kill him, dear” Lady Helen said casually sitting in her chair, glass in hand while she watched, the front of her black PVC mini-dress unzipped at the top with her large breasts dangling loosely inside.

“Argh!” I cried out as the young girl dug her knuckles into the nerve centres below my ears and applied pressure. “Stand up you wimp” she snarled. I had no choice but to obey. “Try dominating him without kicking or punching him like a man” the PVC clad domme said, the stocking tops and sheer black nylon top of her thigh exposed by her crossed legs.

I was completely beat, battered and bruised but was still completely gobsmacked as the young girl reached up placing her hands on my shoulders leant back raising her knee and planted her bare foot on my groin then fell back. Woah! I fell towards the floor then flew head over heels as Caroline straightened her leg as her back hit the floor sending me flying over her. BLAM! My back hit the floor several feet away from where I had been standing.

“Clearly, you have this peasant well under control” Lady Helen remarked. I glanced over to where she was sitting; the sight of her barely covered huge breasts was lust inspiring as she gazed down at me with her cold hard laser like eyes. She leaned forward, the huge orbs forming an impressive cleavage. “I am turning in for the night. Play with him as long as you wish but don’t stay up too late dear” she told her daughter. “And no naughty stuff, Mister Priest” she warned.

She rose from her chair, a tall Amazonian vision of kinky PVC, thigh-boots and superior attitude. “Knock him out and lock him in the servant punishment cubicle when you’re finished with him” she instructed in her plumy voice as if I were some toy to be put away after Caroline had finished playing with me. Lady Helen began to walk towards the doors. “Don’t break him too much or kill him. Mummy has to hand him over tomorrow” she added.

I was completely exhausted and wrecked but I had to ask “Hand me over. To who?” The sophisticated woman glared at me “To whom, Mister Priest. You will find out soon enough” she replied. “Make sure he is punished for that insolence, dear” she instructed her daughter. “Yes, thank you Mummy” Caroline says as the upper class woman left the room closing the doors behind her.

Weary and feeling bruised and battered all over, I just watched dumbly as a bare slender leg appeared in front of me. I looked up to see Caroline stand over me with one foot raised upon a chair to my left. Wow! Even in my beat condition I couldn’t help admiring the strong sweep of toned muscle along the outside of her thigh and the elongated tear shaped muscle opposite. In between there was a definite hint of the inverted wedge of the third primary muscle of her quads simmering beneath the surface. Caroline certainly had great looking strong athletic legs. Suddenly she grabbed my hair and shoved my face right between them then fell back into the chair. “Mmmm!” strong bare legs held me in place tightly. “You heard her” the teen told me. Her pretty elfin face with the rounded cheeks and full lipped heart shaped mouth looked down at my eyes peeking out above her panties. My hands were on her legs feeling the smooth firm skin with strong slabs of outer thigh swelling slightly with latent power and knew immediately that she was probably as almost as deadly legged as her mother. “I want to be a dominatrix when I grow up, just like Mummy” she told me as the compression around my cheeks and jaw began to soar. “Mmmm!” I moaned in alarm, not keen on being found in this compromising position with her mother just gone out of the room.

“Mmmm!” her thighs swelled harder under my hands increasing the pressure bearing down upon my face. “I want to be able to break men between my legs just like Mummy does” she told me as I felt my face redden. “Mmm!” I moaned tugging at her lean toned legs. “I practice on the servant boys and they always end up knocked out cold” she added. “Mmmm!” I squealed as the teen’s legs swelled into hard power-packed legs of steel. “Let’s see how long you can last” she snarled. “Mmmm!” her legs were really exerting a powerful force; it felt like my cheeks would explode.

“Mmm! Mmm!” I protested as slightly relaxed her steely grip then snap it back on again, pummelling my head in a wave of muscular energy. She laughed as she did this over and over again. “Oh poor commoner so utterly helpless in a teenage girl’s legs” she mocked as she asserted her dominance over me. “Mmm!” she leaned back in the chair and powered down as she held her straight legs taut. It was like two steel rods were being scissored into my cheeks. “Mmm!” she relentlessly worked me over in her legs. Twisting from side to side, performing pelvic thrusts that sent waves of blackness pouring over me, the pretty teenage girl in her undies completely rendered me helpless; just as she had with her boxing, and her Karate. The same teenage girl who had just slammed me with some Judo now scissored me helpless while raising two fingers in front of my face. “Mmm!” I groaned in skull splitting pain as she crushed my face in her strong athletically muscled legs. All these thoughts went through my mind as crushed my face against her panties and I have to admit that I was getting a very still hard-on. However Lady Helen’s warning made me resist the temptation to worship this teenage Amazon. “Mmmm!” she raised herself up onto her hands on the chair seat, powering down with immense might that sent my mind into a torrent of pain and darkness. “Mmmm!” I groaned as my eyes went out of focus and a grey fug descended upon me. “Oh Yes!” She moaned then released me. A few more seconds and I would have been out cold.

“That was good. Now…it’s grappling time” she told me. “Oh no!” with my face still buried in her crotch she wrapped her legs around my head pulling my arm through and fell back to the floor trapping me in a scissor armbar combination. “Orrrr!” again I felt the power of her athletic legs. With them wrapped tight around my head and locking my arm she rolled around from side to side asserting her skill and superiority for several painful minutes. Holding my arm, she threw herself backwards straightening out her body and levering the back of my arm across her crotch while her strong legs pressed down upon the back of my shoulder. “Argh please stop it, stop it” I cried as she wrenched my arm around so much I feared it would break but she just laughed. “Aw! Such a hopeless crybaby” she mocked.

Finally she forced me to my feet and stood by my side holding my arm. She yawned. “Arrr I need to go to bed. I’ve got double maths tomorrow morning. Time to put you away” she said. “Please let’s..” “Hai!” her foot shot up like a rocket in a high side kick. KEBLAM! Her sole smashed into the side of my jaw so hard, I felt it wrench. “Thanks for the workout, Mister Priest. Hai!” the girl’s slender athletic bare leg powered up again in a brutal front kick that hammered my head back so hard that I nearly collapsed backwards with my head in a complete daze. “I’d love to do this again with you sometime. Except that I don’t think that you will be returning. Hai!” a blur of flesh arcs high then her foot stomps the side of my neck between the shoulder and base of my skull. I feel my arms shake and go numb.

“Night Mister Priest. This is going to hurt” before the words had even sunk in. “EEeeeYAH!” she screamed launching herself high into the chair, a lean toned leg blasting towards me at terrible speed. KABLAM! Immense face breaking pain enveloped me sending my senses into overload as I felt myself sent hurling across the room. I barely remember my back crashing hard into the floor before I blacked out.


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