Return of the Amazon Barmaid (JIMP #53)

Young man’s lust for a mature barmaid’s bust unleashes her muscles

SPOILER: Jimmy can’t keep his eyes of the huge wide bust of the white haired old barmaid, Cythnia. Getting drunk, the sturdily built barmaid refuses to let him drive home. Climbing the stairs to the guest room, he admires her huge powerful muscular calves. In the room, he tries to get his hands on her massive breasts only for her to punch him out. Coming around, she demonstrates some amazing feats of strength then flexes and gets him to feel her large biceps. Subduing him with headlocks, he finds out that these aren’t just for show. The strong old woman continues to dominate him with her powerful body and sexual dominates him as well. Jim is collected and Angel investigates his disappearance.

I wanted to revisit Cynthia from the earlier stories. The feats of strength are based upon old-time British strong woman Joan Rhoades (pictured above)

It was the council’s party bash at the Ireland Conservative Club. I liked it here; the view was good too in more ways than one. The plump old turkey behind the bar, Cynthia, had a huge pair of knockers which she always showed off to stunning effect with tight tops that just seemed to cling to an incredible huge double package that hung down real low. Her tops were stretched so tight over her incredible cantilevered torso that her big nipples jutted out making it hard to concentrate on my pint whenever I visited. I may only be a young man in comparison with the big sturdily built old bird but the way they just thrust a good distance from the rest of her body and so wide too drove me to distraction. It was getting so bad that I found that I just had to visit more and more just to stare at them.

Sometimes, like today, she would wear a low cut blouse instead of a low cut clingy top. Not that it was any less breathtaking. She would wear the blouse unbuttoned really low and open so wide that confronted by an enormous expanse of swelling female bosom and incredibly long dark cleavage made between two large rounded fleshy orbs meant that I could barely concentrate on the menu to place my order. If only she were thirty years younger, slimmer and prettier, I’d do her all night long. If only I had the courage to speak confidently to the top heavy old woman.

Not that she was good looking; she was very craggy and stern looking with an almost mannish face plastered with heavy makeup, able to chill an unruly man with just a glance or the whip of her tongue. Her eyes were a chilling grey above which heavy eyebrows sat and around which she wore thick blue eye-shadow and mascara. A thick nose sat above a small full lipped mouth covered with thick red lipstick. Her broad flat cheeks were also rouged. The super-buxom barmaid was definitely mutton dressed as lamb. She was also old, probably in her fifties. Short white curly hair sat in a puffed up fashion from the 50’s with a double curl at the front and swept curling back over her ears in which she wore large pearl stud earrings. Her severe face with a double chin was a constant reminder of her age. I wouldn’t normally dream of going out with an older woman, certainly not one so plain and old enough to be my grandmother. But that huge wide thrusting stack constantly invaded my thoughts. For she had the biggest pair of breasts that I’d even seen in real life and a visit to the Conservative club always ended in a wet dream for several nights afterwards.

It was ridiculous that a young upwardly mobile man like me should have the hots for an old turkey like her. There were plenty of nubile young women around in the council offices, many of whom caught my eye. Yet every time I went to the club with to ‘network’ with the senior officers, the sight of Cynthia’s huge chest and deep cleavage would strike me dumb and my dick rigid. The old dragon was around 5’8″ tall, an inch shorter than me with a squat plump build that seemed somewhat sturdy. Her neck was thick and tapered out to a very broad set of shoulders. The upper torso tapered dramatically from wide shoulders to a medium sized waist and out again in a wide hourglass figure. Viewed from the side, the way her bust sloped dramatically out into a very large overhang was truly breathtaking and totally cock hardening.

There was one other thing that I noticed about the white haired sturdy barmaid. Whenever she had her back turned to me at the bar I saw the largest most powerful looking calves that I have ever seen on a woman. From slim ankles poised above her high heeled shoes, flared out these wide thick packed solid slabs of muscle, usually clad in sheer black nylon or as today in a fine sheer fishnet worn beneath a grey knee length skirt, I had to admit that I found them strangely sexy. How such a stern old turkey could develop such muscular calves I didn’t know? Maybe it was from carrying all that bodyweight around on high heels, for she was certainly no lightweight. It was hardly that she was a bodybuilder or something athletic or she wouldn’t be so plump?

“Hallo Jimmy, the usual?” Cynthia asked in a deep husky voice that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I just nodded dumbly. The craggy faced barmaid wore a very tight purple blouse open very wide and unbuttoned incredibly low. As she pulled my pint unsmiling I couldn’t stop staring dumbly at the vast expanse of bust flesh on show with a steady tightening in my groin. Those enormous mounds bounced and wobbled as they turned towards me as she put down my pint. I tried to look up at her face but it was difficult, her bust was like a black hole for my eyesight. “Are you ready to order your food, dear?” She asked. “Anything you fancy?” she added. Oh God yes I thought unable to stop my eyes flickering back to the gravity well down the front of her blouse. I began sweating as I forced my eyes on the menu and selected something under the withering stare of the big busted white haired barmaid. “I’ll bring it over when it’s ready, dear” she told me writing down my order. With one last quick glimpse at her incredibly wide low hanging rack that tightened my nuts, I went over to the table to join the others hoping I wasn’t showing too much of a hard on.

I sat down with the others and joined in the conversation while supping my beer. A considerable time later, I saw the mega-buxom old bird weaving her way towards us with trays of food for our table while her bust wobbled and moved with a sensual motion all of its own. She stopped directly opposite me and leant over to place the plates on the table. I just couldn’t stop gawping at the enormous amount of bust dangling right before my eyes, barely two feet away. Oh my God, she’s huge! If only I could get me a girlfriend with a pair like those. A veritable wide wall of bosom dangled and wobbled alarmingly before my face as she dealt out the plates. A deep inviting cleavage moving before my nose that took all of my self control not to stick my face into. “Is that everything? Shall I get you more drink?” I looked up at the enormous shelf of a bust that blocked out the light and made me feel claustrophobic as they put me into the shade. They were so wide that she could probably bring back pints for everyone at the table balanced on those. Somebody must have said yes, I don’t remember I was too busy gawping at that huge rack with a very stiff sensation in my pants and knew that I wouldn’t be able to get up from the table for at least the next half an hour.

The evening went on and I downed several pints and ate the foot. The old dragon returned several times with more drink and her front wobbling and bouncing around like she had a couple of footballs down there. “Phroar, I would if I were blind drunk and wore a blindfold” someone next to me remarked as Cynthia returned to the bar. Her tight blouse struggled to constrain its contents as she moved but was beaten by the laws of momentum and mass. And she had an awful lot of mass up there. The food and drink continued to go down and the huge thrusting breasts returned several times, wobbling and heaving as she refilled our supplies. “Careful lad, She’d suffocate you under those if she fell on you and snap you up for breakfast” one old wag said jokingly noticing my appreciative gaze.

The merriment finally came to an end and I decided to make a move towards the bar door. Oops! I felt a bit woozy although I hadn’t drank that much. Barely had I got to the door when a huge bust that appeared to be trying to escape from a tight purple blouse was blocking my way. “Night Cynthia” I told them trying to take in their sheer size. I want to take you upstairs and bonk your tits all night long was what I thought. “Are you driving, dear?” the enormous wide deep rack busting out of the blouse asked. “Yep love” I replied unable to raise my eyes. “Do you have a designated driver?” they were huge and soft looking. “Don’t need a dezi-thingy” the way they hung so wide and so low. “God it’s so deep and dark in there” I thought or I thought I did.

“I’m sorry Jimmy but I can’t let you drive home in that state” the white haired plump old woman said but I wasn’t looking at her face. “You can stay in one of the guest rooms. I insist” the huge full rounded bust wobbled in front of my face. “Oh yes please” I moaned, with my dick humping those tits I thought. “Ouch!” I yelped as the old turkey suddenly gripped my thumb in a vice of steel and placing her other hand on my elbow, bent my arm under hers. “Argh argh” before I could comprehend what was happening she had forced me through the side door that led to the guest rooms. I was completely shell shocked. I had no choice but to go with her because it felt as though she would break my thumb if I didn’t go with her.

We came to a flight of stairs. The blocky white haired woman stopped and turned to face me twisting my hand back with my thumb. “Argh” I cried as the painful hold forced me to lean back in pain while she wagged a finger at me. “I’ve had plenty of experience handling drunks much bigger than you” she scolded. “Now are you going to go up those stairs on your own or do I have to get rough?” she scolded, her fierce eyes made me wither. “Argh!” a sudden twist of my thumb had me crouching down before her, hopping in pain while the fierce craggy faced old woman glared down at me. Those luscious full breasts and inviting cleavage were just above the level of my face. Corrr I didn’t want to be a wimp in front of those. “Argh alright, alright” I whimpered.

Releasing my hand she began to climb the stairs then stopped and turned to look back at me that big bust over-spilling the banister. “Well are you coming?” she asked. Phroar with a pair like that she could get me cumming anytime. I began to follow, imagining what I could do with her boobs when something else caught my attention; the huge pair of calves flexing and waning level with my eyes. As the stocky old barmaid climbed, her big wide calves went from large rounded flesh to rock hard slabs of feminine muscle. The way the muscle moved under her skin was mesmerising. They were so shiny and well defined when they flexed and sheathed in sheer black nylon fine gauge fishnets made them all the more sensual. The staircases in these old buildings seemed to go on forever or that what it seemed like as I followed those big calves up the stairs. Wow what calves! They were so wide and large when they flexed with a deep cleft between the muscle heads with such a deep cliff-like edge.

Let me tell you straight, some of you might not like me saying this but I don’t hold with that PC bullshit. I’m not gay and if that offends you, tough, that’s just the way it is. I’ve seen pictures on the web of women bodybuilders and find it a real turn off. They just look like men in bikinis. I don’t understand how some of you get turned on by it, it’s just gross, all those bulging muscles writhing in veins and stuff, yuk!. However as I gazed as the old woman’s large powerful calves with the big thick plates of clefted muscle, I was getting a hard-on. They were big and muscular like a bodybuilder maybe more so but somehow the rocky smoothness without all those horrible veins and cuts was undoubtedly feminine.

As we reached the top of the stairs I numbly followed those stunning calves down the corridor. I couldn’t take my eyes off those big blocky calves as they led me down the corridor towards a door at the end. How did the old turkey get such awesomely huge calves? I just wanted to get down on my knees and have a feel. Their hardness seemed such a contrast with her awesome soft chest.

The amazing calves stopped and I looked up to find myself in a room no different than a small room in an old fashioned hotel. I the fearsome looking woman in side profile and my gaze fixed upon that huge bust thrusting out like zeppelins so far out in front of the rest of her body stretching her blouse tight over her exaggerated figure. My cock was absolutely rigid with the sight. As that huge wide rack turned to face me, I lost all self-control. Maybe it was the excess of alcohol but I heard myself say “Oh Cynthia, those boobs. I want you so bad”. I had never felt such overwhealming lust before; I just wanted her no matter what. Those huge forward thrusters drove me over the edge. “Oh God, I want you so bad” I moaned as I ran into her and in my lust filled craze pushed over backwards onto the bed.

I grabbed her blouse, fumbling with the buttons in my desperation to get at those huge mammories. The old woman’s hands tried to stop me and then I found leg brought up onto the bed between us with the knee pointing upwards and her shin wedged against me as if to prise me off. Suddenly the foot snapped upwards as the leg straightened. CRACK! The heel of her shoe caught me right under the chin. My head snapped back in a blaze of painful jagged lights and I staggered off the bed. I saw the bob of short curly white hair in an old fashioned hairstyle as the old dragon came up with a look like thunder. There was a dreadful blur as her fist swung towards my jaw. BAM! “Yaa-gh” I cried it felt like I’d been hit with a battering ram.

BAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her fists were large and blazed furiously battering my face into bruised and bleeding pulp. There was nothing I could do, her punches were dreadfully strong beating me into a stupor as she beat my face. I could only remember her huge breasts wobbling and whipping around from one side to the other in her tight blouse as she swung her fists like mallets against my poor face.

Finally the dreadful barrage of punches stopped and I looked up to see her face looking furious. She was pissed and with good reason, but before I could apologise she drove her big fist deep into my gut like an express train. WHUMP “Orrwoorgh!” I groaned as the air was forced painfully from my body. “Next time you think about forcing yourself upon a lady” The stocky old barmaid with the short old fashioned hairstyle snarled then sent her fist hammering so hard against my mouth that left my teeth aching and the taste blood in my mouth. “Think again” I caught an appreciative glimpse of the side profile of her heaving chest before her fist reconnected with my cheek so hard that I thought it would break. BLAM! My head was in a whirl and my eyes lost all focus. I staggered back and my legs almost gave way. “Sleep it off pal!” she snarled then her fist struck like the hammer of the Gods. BLAM! And everything went dark.
Ouch! I came around to find myself with a sore jaw and bruised face. Dear God, it felt like a truck had run over my face. Ouch! As I felt my aching face to check nothing had been broken I had flashing memories of an angry mature barmaid with her huge breasts bouncing around as she swung her fists. Oh no, it all began to come back to me. I’d tried to force myself upon Cynthia in my drunken stupor. Ouch! My face ached bad in places. Somehow the buxom old barmaid had punched my lights out. She was certainly not daintily built that was for sure. Oh Crap! She’s probably called the Police. Oh the shame, it will be all over the local papers that I tried to force myself on the old big breasted turkey. I certainly had some serious grovelling to do. Putting on an electric kettle which was in the room and emptying the sachets of instant coffee, I downed several cups but felt little better.

A few minutes later my head still hadn’t cleared when there was a knock on the door. When I opened it I was confronted by a familiar huge bust-line straining a purple blouse and tried to ignore the instant stiffening in my pants. “Feeling better are we Jimmy?” Cynthia asked with a husky snappish tone as she entered the room without invitation. Her craggy face was very stern. “A bit. I er I’m so sorry about earlier” I sheepishly said but she didn’t look convinced. “Please. I really do apologise. I’d never normally act like that. I must have had a bit more to drink than I’d thought. I would never have tried to force myself on a woman in a million years” I said desperate to make her believe me.

She glared at me for a few cold tinged seconds before finally speaking. “Apology accepted” she said, her hard face barely cracking a smile. “I don’t usually get men throwing themselves at me unless they’re drunk” she added. “You’re quite breathtaking” the words were out of my mouth before I knew it. I thought I saw the corners of her mouth twitch but then she turned her back on me and walked over to the dressing table against the far wall which had a telephone on top. “Wow great calves” I muttered looking at the big hard slabs on view beneath the grey knee length skirt, sheathed in sexy fine meshed fishnets. To my embarrassment she looked over her shoulder and caught me looking but then sat down in the chair by the phone and caught me gawping again, this time at her vast bust. “You’re still drunk, Jimmy” she accused. “I’ve had several cups of coffee” I replied. “It takes more than a few cups of coffee to make you sober” she said. “Maybe this will help” she said rummaging in the cupboard beneath the unit. I went over to see what she was doing. Standing by her side, the view down the front of her blouse was like standing at the top of a ski slope looking down at awesome double slopes and my lust stiffened fast.

“Oh Cynthia, you are such a sexy woman” I moaned unable to control my growing desire. The white haired barmaid ignored my outburst and stood up with a thick telephone directory in her hands. “There was another young man who found me desirable but not for the reason you do” she told me. Her glacial expression and my aching face made me try and get a grip on myself. “His name was Jim Priest. Do you remember him?” she asked. “No, never heard of him” I replied. “He broke the Councillor Cole story” she added. “Before my time” I replied.

“Maybe this will sober you up” the busty woman said. Grasping the thick phone book lengthwise with a hand on either edge she began to twist and tug in opposite directions. At first I couldn’t understand what she was trying to do. Repositioning the thick book from one side of her large bust to the other and then bending it over the top of her thigh, she twisted and tugged at it with her large hands. Suddenly a tear developed at the top. Her large bust wobbled alarming as she continued to work the book, slowing ripping the thick phone book in two. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was well on its way to destruction when the harsh faced woman began posing with it, turning her back to me looking over her shoulder holding up the book as she forced the wide tear about half way down. “This is no trick, Jimmy” she told me as she turned to face me, theatrically crouching on one knee with the book held vertically as she continued to rip it asunder. “I’d like to see you try this” she added. Suddenly her hands flew apart quickly each holding half a phone book. “Yes!” she cried in exultation with a wide smile lighting up her face as she held the pieces up then threw them away. I felt a stirring at the implied strength she had just demonstrated although I didn’t understand why. No, it couldn’t be. It must just be a trick, she couldn’t be that strong.

Her mind-blowing bust was thrust out proudly in a way which was like a shot of adrenaline to my dick which I could no longer ignore. “Orrrr Cynthia” I moaned in desire. “Still need sobering up I think” Cynthia said in her husky voice. “Pass me that pole behind you” she said. I looked around and saw a long metal pole lying on the floor, the type used to hang curtains. I lifted it, finding it quite heavy and passed it to her. To my surprise she took out a cloth from the drawer and wrapped it around the middle of the pole then placed it in her mouth while gripping either end of the pole with her hands. What the F? The solidly built big busted woman began to strain as her hands tried to pull down the ends while trying to clamp the middle steady with her teeth. Was she trying to bend that? This was ridiculous; she didn’t a hope of bending that. Yet her blouse stretched strangely tight around her forearms which seemed to become very thick and solid. Large hard looking swells also appeared upon the top of her upper arms as shockingly the ends of the pole began to bend slightly towards the floor.

With the strain showing on her face, her large hands pulled down the ends of the pole while the middle remained clamped between her teeth. She tugged and strained and I saw thick corded lines in her wrist as they tried to oppose the solidity of the pole. Gaining steady momentum the pole began to bend until it became an inverted V shape. The stocky buxom barmaid now moved her hands around to press inwards. As she did I noticed how her blouse stretched tight over very thick almost triangular looking forearms giving an impression of great strength. There was a tightening in my groin while I watched as the white haired woman press both ends of the pole together. She then knelt upon one knee and began to bend it straight once more and then back the other way around the point of her knee. Her grey skirt had ridden up to reveal very thick looking legs clad in a fine meshed sheer fishnet as her thick arms melded the pole. SNAP! The thick pole broke cleanly in half. I was speechless. I’d never expected to see anything like this and realised that the busty barmaid wasn’t a plump old bird after all but a lot stronger than I had thought. That metal pole was thick strong metal, I had handled it, I couldn’t see how she could have faked it. She must have bent it for real. Strangely, the realisation caused a familiar stiffness to spread through my manhood in response to the implied power.

Cynthia picked up a thick corded curtain rope that had been laying where the pole had been and gave one end to me then wrapped the other once around her wrist. “Come on, one-on-one tug o’ war; old barmaid to strapping young lad. Try to pull me towards you” the craggy faced woman told me. “You can use both hands” she added. With a bizarre growing excitement in my groin, I took the rope in both hands and faced the old woman. I was starting to realise that this sturdily built old woman was more than just a gigantic pair of boobs. Tentatively at first, I began to pull with both hands on the rope. Unnervingly calm and perhaps a bit too smug for my liking, Cynthia resisted me easily using just one hand. I tried pulling harder but she just stood there, rock steady. “Come on, put your back into it” she scolded. My face burned with the embarrassment that I couldn’t even budge an old white haired woman in a one-on-one tug o’war contest using both hands against her one. I threw everything into it leaning back upon the rope, tugging hard but the old dragon just stood there motionless holding the other end of the rope with one bent hand as if she wasn’t even trying. Suddenly she joined the game and with a single tug of her hand I felt a mighty surge of strength so irresistible that I was pulled so quickly across the room towards her that I nearly stumbled and fell.

I watched in stunned silence as the mature barmaid went and sat on the bed then faced me. Was that a slight smile of amusement? I tried not to gawp at her huge wide low slung chest as I approached her. “Oh, Cynthia, you’re so strong” I gasped. OK it was dumb but I didn’t know what else to say. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before” I said, still dumb with shock that the white haired woman had so solidly kicked my arse in a tug o’war. I felt a strange sense bordering upon adoration for her, what was going on? “Oh you’re amazing. So strong, so incredibly strong, So, phroar, sexy” I heard myself spout total nonsense. That brief spurt of overwhelming strength which I had felt left me with a strange yearning for her. Sitting down on the bed next to her, my eyes were irresistibly drawn to her amazingly exaggerated wide thrusting bosom. “So incredibly buxom” I added as I tentatively reached out a hand to get a feel.

Before I got a chance, Cynthia rolled up her sleeves then turned the back of her arm towards me and bent her fist back towards her face. I felt my jaw go slack as a huge smooth swell appeared upon the top of her arm and grew steadily until it resembled a large steep hill. I gawped at it in disbelief then watched as it lowered and disappeared into her thick arm. The old barmaid turned to face me then raised her other arm so that I saw it from the front as she flexed it. Again a big smooth solid looking mass rose upon her arm. I could hardly believe it; the old dragon was flexing a huge looking muscle. “Feel it” she ordered. I didn’t hesitate. Reaching forward, I placed my hand upon the top of that smooth peak and was stunned by how hard it was. It really was muscle! I felt it in earnest now absolutely gobsmacked that the old woman had such large biceps. “It’s so big, so massive” I gasp dumbly. I can’t stop feeling it, totally stunned by its sheer size and density. “It’s so hard” I gasp unable to squeeze it with my fingers.

“Does that turn you on?” the busty old woman said. “Oh yes!” I gasped. It was true and I never had expected it. It wasn’t defined and ripped in the way I disliked about female bodybuilders, but smooth and powerfully shaped in a way that said that this was all woman. What is more, I was getting really turned on by it. She wasn’t even that good looking, quite stern and scary in fact but her surprising strength and massive smooth biceps had me harder than I’d felt for any pretty girl my age. She leant slightly towards me bringing that huge smoothly peaked mass closer to my face. “Kiss it” she demanded and to my surprise I didn’t hesitate. I grabbed that big solid muscle and brought my mouth to it, kissing it over and over actually worshipping it with my mouth for this was like nothing I’d ever seen or felt before. The powerful looking muscle was smooth and extremely feminine and really turned me on with an intensity I have never experienced before.

“Enough!” Cynthia chuckled then sat back and flexed both arms at the same time. “Oh Cynthia!” I moaned as two almighty smooth peaks of power rose upon her arms then solidified into tall dense biceps. It wasn’t the only thing to rise, my dick was absolutely rock hard. I felt terribly intimated by the awesome power these implied yet incredibly turned on all the same. At the same time her massive breasts swelled up in the V of her blouse; Beautiful twin fleshy hemispheres of erotic perfection rising like a double sunrise. “Oh Cynthia!” I moaned. The sight of her huge breasts rising up like expanding dough balls in addition to her huge biceps had my dick beating like a drum. I wanted them so very bad yet my aching jaw and the size of her muscles reminded me what she did to me the last time I got carried away.

Chuckling throatily, the big built white haired woman pressed her arms against her sides pushing up her huge wobbly mounds making them look even bigger. “You wouldn’t know what to do with a pair this big dear” she chuckled. “Orrrr please let me try” I moaned with throbbing desire. The feelings of pure lust were too much and I made to go for her breasts but suddenly found a massive peaked bicep in front of my face. “You wouldn’t know what to do with these either” the craggy faced barmaid said as I gawped at the huge smooth rounded peak. It looked as big as my face! To my surprise she punched her bicep several times with her other fist, SMACK SMACK SMACK. She seemed to be hitting it really hard creating a loud solid, slightly meaty, knocking sound.

“You try” she said. I didn’t like the idea of hitting a woman but that huge dense mountain on her arm looked really solid and I was intrigued. I balled my fist and drove it into the side of her bicep, stunned by how hard it was as my knuckles came to a complete halt against solid dense beef. “Come on punch it harder. Show some backbone, boy” she growled. Shamed by her goading I really hammered my fist into that awesome mound of female muscle, so hard that my knuckles were red and aching. Yet they had left no impression on that mighty mass and the old woman looked on unimpressed by my puny effort.

“They’re not just for show either, let me show you” she said. Before I realised what she was doing a thick brawny arm came at me and wrapped itself around my neck. With an irresistible surge of strength I found myself flipped me over so that my face was pulled close to her body. For an exciting moment the side of my face pressed up against that massive chest. While I struggled to get to grips with the big arm around my neck, out the corner of my eye all I could see was the awesome bra-busting landscape of her mammories. “Urghhh!” I didn’t have time to appreciate the view as a thick forearm clamped across the side of my neck, locking my head securely in the crook of her arm. The side of my face was pulled tight against her soft wobbly continental sized bust which did little to relieve the crushing pressure of her arm.

“Urkk!” the buxom old dragon was so shockingly strong. Those big powerful looking biceps had been a real surprise but to feel their dreadful strength crushing my neck was something else entirely. My hand clasped in vain at her forearm astonished by how thick and hard it was. “I could snap your scrawny neck like a twig” Cynthia told me as I tugged with no effect at a forearm as thick as a log wedged across the side of my neck. “Arghh!” It felt like she was going to pop my head right off my neck. Reaching around behind her broad back, I managed to find her other arm and started tapping on her beefy solid bicep. “What is that? You want more?” she chuckled. “Urgh!” A sudden lurch snapped my head towards the ground with large wobbling breasts smacking against the side of my head, shocking me with their weight.

Urgh! Another savage twist and I’m on my knees locked by her side desperately clutching at a forearm locked tight like a wheelclamp around the side of my neck. It was so thick and hard that my fingers couldn’t even press into it. “Resistance is futile. There’s no escape from one of my headlocks” her voice told me as the blood pounded in my ears. I could feel tears of humiliation and pain well up in my eyes. The blocky old woman was just too strong. “Orrrgh!” the fearsome old dragon pulled the side of my head tight against her chest, her large soft breasts moulding themselves over the side of my face, flowing like jelly.

It was no use, I was too weak to make a difference and I was surprised to find that my dick was still achingly stiff. “As you can see, Jimmy; I’m more than capable of handling a drunken man” Cynthia’s voice told me above the pounding of blood in my ears and the fug that had descended on my brain. Too strong! My eyes began to get heavy and I could feel my face redden. “Kkk!” I croaked as she grabbed her wrist and pulled her thick forearm so tight that it was like a crowbar being pulled into my throat. “Kkkkk!” My head was absolutely spinning and my hands became too heavy to clutch at her big arms, falling limply by my side. I felt so utterly helpless in the old woman’s big arms. Even the huge pillows of her bust failed to soften the dreadful power of her arms locked up around my neck.

Just as I thought that this was the end and I would pass out, the terrible head wrenching pressure stopped. The room spun as I was whirled around to face a huge dense bicep up close and personal. “Kiss it and I might show you some mercy” the fearsome stern faced old woman said. I obeyed without hesitation. Not wholly out of fear. Now that I was out of her terrible headlock, I had become very turned on by what I had experienced and how easily she had totally subdued me. I kissed and worshiped that massive smooth rounded mountain of female muscle and really meant it.

“Enough” she stated and I instantly obeyed. Sitting back I watched as she brought both of her arms around in front of her huge chest and tensed them. “Oh Cynthia, you are awesome” I gasped as I placed a hand on each upper arm and felt how large and dense each was. A loud meaty knocking noise interrupted me as she punched her forearm. “You want to try?” she asked. I was overawed and felt the thick slope of her right forearm while shaking my head. “You felt what that baby could do” she told me. She rotated her flexed arm so I could see the back of it. The base of her forearm looked huge and the swell of her bicep massive. “It’s time for you to get up close and personal with my biceps” she said.

That big powerful looking arm moved to capture my head and in panic I tried to stop it but only found myself pawing at thick hard flesh. Unable to stop my face being pushed up against a huge bicep; Powerless to stop an old woman positioning her massive bicep against my jaw and her forearm clamping around the other side of my neck as she locked it tight, I was helpless as Cynthia locked me into position. I was squealing immediately as a massive bicep swelled up against my jaw. Slapping futilely against her thick stony forearm, the huge mass continued to grow painfully compacting my jaw. It was so big and powerful that my teeth were locked together unable to beg her to stop. Urghh! I slapped desperately upon her thick arm but she ignored me. “It doesn’t work like that in real life Jimmy” the old harridan chuckled close to my ear.

“Look at you, as weak as a kitten” she laughed as she flung me down sideways onto the bed with my jaw still crushed tight in her strong arms. While my head nodded numbly in her frighteningly beefy arms I felt the old woman’s thick legs encircle my waist. I didn’t think anything of it until suddenly a shockingly powerful force crushed my middle like they were trying to squeeze toothpaste from a tube. My hands flew to her legs, shocked to encounter what felt like massive stone pillars clad in stockings. The big bicep continued to threaten to break my jaw while another awesome force held me firm around my middle. Even without looking, I knew that one twitch of her legs would break me in two just as her huge bicep could bust my jaw apart. The old woman had completely immobilised me apart from my dick which twitched hard in appreciation.

“I’m very good at getting the truth out of men” her voice told me as I struggled to survive in her muscular clamp. Just when I thought I was going to pass out, she released me once more. Puffing and panting she turned me to face her on the bed. She knelt before me and raised both arms flexing in victory. With her large rounded biceps bulging in triumph and her huge breasts swelling up, she looked like some kind of Amazon Goddess and I was surprised to find my cock was still hard for her. I was unbelievably turned on by her but too terrified to touch her.

She brought both arms round in front of her and with her hands together tensed her arms. I was just dumbfounded as they expanded, completely overwhelmed by the sheer massiveness of her arms. There was no mistaking these as plump fat arms with the definite curve of large latent biceps and the thick mass of her triceps and the strongly corded forearms. As I’ve already said, she wasn’t defined or cut up like a bodybuilder but it was unmistakably huge densely packed smooth feminine muscle. “Is there anything that you want to tell me?” she said. “I love you” I blurted. “Is that fear talking or just lust?” She chuckled, placing her hands upon her hips. Boy did she look so massive, so powerful, her body so unbelievably sexy.

“No, I meant tell me a secret about those naughty councillors. Maybe getting a bit of revenge?” she said. I looked at her dumbly. There was no doubt about it now, how could I have missed it before? Or maybe they’d gotten pumped up from trying to twist my head off but the old woman’s arms were frighteningly massive. “No, you’re right. It’s much more fun if I just interrogate it out of you” she said.

The words of protest hadn’t even left my lips when the white haired barmaid leapt forward and pulled the back of my head beneath her armpit. “Urgh!” Her forearm came up like a stone wall across my throat. “Ngghh!” I groaned in despair as once more her strong arms choked my airways and I felt my face turn red. Oh no! Once more the awesome old turkey was outwrestling me with the greatest of ease. OK I wasn’t the most physical of guys but I simply didn’t have a chance against her. She grabbed my right hand and yanked it behind my back while my face turned red by her hip. “Ouch!” I yelped as sturdy old woman pressed my hand up between my shoulder blades and forced me face first onto the bedspread then knelt across my back. Moving astride my back I yelped once more as Cynthia pulled back both of my arms then rested them on her shoulders by her neck as she leant forward stressing them. “Argh! Please stop” I yelped.

“You really can’t fight can you Jimmy?” Cynthia taunted as she laced her arms beneath mine and pressed down upon my neck. I was completely helpless, trussed up like a turkey with my arms hanging useless behind me as she forced me to kneel upon the bed. BLAM! The next thing I knew, she had briefly stood up behind me and used her body weight to slam my face into the bedspread. I now felt her heavy weight lying along my back applying a full nelson leaving my arms useless. “Oh Jimmy, for all of your good looking youthful charms and manly strength you are nothing but a push over” Cynthia taunted. I tried to buck my hips to get her off me but the woman was too blocky, her weight too much to shift. Her torso covered mine and her arms held me completely prisoner. “You’re not even making me break into a sweat” she said in a scathing tone. I knew that I had to escape so began to struggle in earnest. But the more I struggled the harder she pressed the nelson until my shoulders ached and my neck felt like it would snap. There was nothing that I could do. I was helpless and the sensation was causing my dick to enlarge and since this was pressed into the bedcover, it rubbed it even harder.

I was powerless to stop her as the strong woman rolled me to the side and her thick fishnet covered legs caught my waist like a python. “Ohhhh!” I was trapped well and hard. My neck was held with the nelson and my middle crushed with her scissors. I felt so terribly weak, unable to match the old turkey’s strength. In a single movement she released one arm and plunged my face right into her armpit. My other arm was twisted around behind my back and pushed savagely upwards.”Mmmm!” I was afraid to cry out and get a load of armpit hair in my mouth but the busty old barmaid held me like that letting me stew in her complete dominance. “Such a disappointment and I so hoping a young stud like you would put up more of a fight” I heard her say as she crushed my neck with a large swelling bicep while continuing to mash my face in her armpit while twisting my neck backwards and twisting my left arm back as she bent me over painfully backwards.

Oh God! She was much too strong and powerful for me. With one arm still trapped behind my back, I watched in horror as a big wide forearm came around from behind and clamped itself across my throat. “Really Jimmy, letting an old woman like myself put you to sleep” her words were chilling. I struggled but it was useless as she promptly had me down upon the bed in front of her powering down hard on the choke hold. Argh too tight! I tugged desperately with both hands on her wide forearm as my head span but it was useless. Having experienced what her mighty forearm and bulging biceps could do, I knew that they would have little trouble choking me out but what could I do against such a formidable old woman as she drove my throat into the crook of her arm and locked it clamping her other mighty forearm along the side of my face. Jeese! She had me in a sleeper hold and her mighty arms were incredibly tight. In desperation I managed to reach up and grab her hair and started tugging eliciting some yelps from her but in response she just bore down with her scissor hold until it felt my waist would break. It was no use, she was just too strong. My hands fell away in defeat and I succumbed to her awesome power with a huge boner in my pants.
“Urnnn!” I groan as I come around and open my eyes. As my eyes regain focus, what I see completely blows my mind. Standing up with her back to me in front of the bed where I lay is a stocky female figure with short white hair wearing a black leather corset. It is the amazing shape of her back which takes my breath away. I could barely believe how exceptionally powerful it looked, with extremely broad shoulders and wide tapering laterals. The corset leaves her wide shoulder blades bare and I am amazed that they are covered with large slab-like masses like some crazy topological map. Her lats slope in dramatically on either side to a thick waist but this is relative because the effect is like an extreme hourglass shape, so wide is she across the top of her shoulders. From her waist, her body curves out again to her hips and … ulp, I have to swallow hard as I see an ample but naked backside. Even that looks strong with round hard looking buttocks. “That’s it, take a good long look, Jimmy” Cynthia had been watching me all the time in the dressing table mirror in front of which she stood.

Although I now knew that she was watching me, the sight was so amazing that I just couldn’t stop myself looking. My eyes travelled down along the backs of her legs, as thick as tree trunks yet undeniably shapely and feminine accentuated with the swell of large hamstrings which looked both strong yet sensuous. Beneath this are the large awesome calves which I had admired earlier on the stairs shown off to great effect with high heels. Her thick sturdy looking legs are sheathed in fine mesh fishnet stockings which add a very erotic gleam. Around the top of each leg is a black matt band of stocking top to which black suspenders attach to the bottom of her corset. My eyes return to her incredible back. Even from the rear I can see her large bust clearly sticking out on either side at her front.

“You were going to tell me a secret” Cynthia said as began to turn around. “And you better make it a good one” she added as I stared in amazement and growing lust at a strapless black corset that struggled to contain her full ample figure and bust. I tried not to look below the waist, for all she wore were stockings – nothing else! “Maybe you need a little persuading to loosen your lips” she said standing over me. Once more those big arms were raised and flexed. The sight of those huge smooth mountainous muscles reminded me of how easily she had put me away and I didn’t want to experience them around my neck again. Scrambling to my knees upon the bed I cowered before the white haired barmaid. “Wait please” I begged.

“Well I’m waiting” the stern faced mature woman said impatiently. I looked up at her broad face; she could only be described as handsome at best. Her short white hair indicated her age as did the slightly sagging chin. In her ears pearl stud earrings gave her some class as did the pearl necklace around her thick bullish neck. “You know the austerity cuts to front line services?” I told her watching how her thick neck disappeared into her very broad shoulders. “Yes of course. All because of those bastard bankers” she snapped back. “And the cuts to council staff?” I ask. Around her neck dangled a delicate silver chain, the pendant of some Hindu Goddess dangling above her long cleavage. “Yes, yes, get on with it” she snapped, breathing deeply. The top buttons at the front of her corset had been undone giving that awesome view of the top of her breasts which I had seen when she’d had her blouse on. “What? Is this too much of a distraction for your small mind?” she snapped then suddenly her hands undid the remaining buttons while watching me with such a stern expression that I didn’t realise that I was holding my breath until the last one came undone.

Ph-roar! I had never felt my dick go so hard so quickly before. The front of her corset flopped wide open and I gawped in disbelief at the huge rounded pendulous breasts on display in the opening. “They’re so perfect” I moaned. “Jimmy!” she snapped breaking my rapt attention. To my surprise she balled up a large fist then punched her stomach hard. SMACK SMACK! It sounded like tenderising beef. Her thick wide stomach wasn’t flabby as I originally thought it to be on the mature barmaid. Although it was wide and thick, it was however very firm looking with an etched grid-work of shallow cut abdominal muscles. There was no mistaking what they were and I couldn’t help reaching out and running my hand over them, feeling the sculpted slabs and etched grooves beneath my fingers. It was mesmerising. How could a mere barmaid have such a strong sexy body?

“The secret, Jimmy?” Cynthia urged. “The council have over a Billion pounds in reserves” I mumbled as I enjoyed the sensual tactile feel of the old woman’s amazing wash board abs. It was no use; I just couldn’t resist it any longer. Leaning close, I began to kiss each stomach muscle in turn. “They claim” kiss kiss “that it’s in case of” kiss kiss “disasters” kiss kiss. By now I was off the bed, crouching before her with my arms around her thick waist kissing her abs. “but the top nobs” kiss kiss “think of it as their own personal piggy bank” kiss kiss.

“Enough to finance an assassination here and a kidnapping there?” Cynthia asked firmly pushing my face down along her abs making my nose bump over each solid slab. OMG! She pushed my face all the way down to an unshaven pussy. I tried to recoil at the sight but her strong hands kept my face firmly in place. “Get used to it Jimmy. Because you will be worshipping me there before the night is out” she said. I wasn’t keen on the idea of licking the old trout’s twat because that is what her face looked like even though she had such an amazing body.

Fortunately she continued to push my face further down and the sight filled me with dread. The barmaid’s legs were as thick as tree trunks yet filled out with gently swooping curves looking exceptionally sexy in stockings. Yet I knew just by looking at their size and firmness that they were incredibly powerful. As if to confirm that, Cynthia flexed a thigh and a group of three large smooth rocky shapes swelled into being. Not vascular and well defined like a bodybuilder but smooth, rounded yet undeniably huge muscles that exuded a powerful sensuality. By now I wasn’t surprised when she brought her fist down and punched her thigh to show how rock solid it was. “You wouldn’t last a minute in there at full power” she told me with unshakable confidence. “I could crack your skull as easily as breaking an eggshell” she added. I remembered how devastatingly powerful those legs had felt around my middle while she worked me over with her arms and realised with shock that they had just been holding me steady without putting any real effort into it. The sheer power that emanated from those legs really turned me on yet I knew that I wouldn’t stand a chance between them. Strangely, the thought was incredibly stimulating.

“Answer the question Jimmy or you will feel how badly they can bust you up” the white haired barmaid said firmly. I had to rack my brain to remember the question while automatically reaching to feel her big thighs to confirm that they really were just as hard as I expected. Yet her smooth warm skin and the silky feel of her stockings was all woman. “Jimmy?” Cynthia asked with impatience. Ah yes something about using the reserves for kidnapping, what a weird question. “No, they dip into the money to do up their big mansions and take expensive holidays. All at the taxpayer’s expense of course” I told her while enjoying the feel of her big hard legs. I cupped both hands around her knee and was stunned that I couldn’t move it upwards to contain the girth of the massive thighs above or downwards past the thick calves below. I was really getting turned on by this power-packed buxom old woman.

“Is that all?” Cynthia sounded disappointed. I had an overwhelming urge to please her, this was crazy, I was getting the real hots for the old turkey. “The top blokes there get paid more than twice as much as the Prime Minister” I told her while in awe that I could not even press an indentation in her thick thighs. I tried the same with her calves but they were like big rock shelves. Without asking I made a fist and punched one with a solid knocking sound that stung my knuckles. They were so solid that I don’t think she even noticed. I put my palm below the calf muscle stunned to find it higher than the level of my hand. “It’s so thick” I gasped. Such feminine power, I just had to put my lips against the soft nylon covering the large hard slab of calve and kiss it. This was the first time that I had ever done anything like this, yet I kissed that big hard calve with a passion unlike anything I had felt before. At the same time my hands were feeling her other calve, they were like two plates of rock with a sexy cleft between. I now realised the attraction of muscle on a woman and Cynthia had them in spades. “That’s right, Jimmy. Show me the proper respect” her voice came from above like Royalty or a muscular Amazon Goddess.

Suddenly those big calves closed around my neck. I was trapped fast, looking down at the floor, the bottom of those big flaring calves blurred beneath me too close to focus upon. “Argh!” I cried out as she went onto her toes sending my vision blurring as those powerful calves crushed into both sides of my neck. “Argh!” It felt like boulders were being pushed into my neck. I clung onto the sides of the calves with my hands. They were so big that it felt like holding onto wing mirrors either side of my head, they became so huge that they barely fit in my hand. The pain was intense, blinding crushing white blazing pain. “You wouldn’t be telling me porkies would you?” I heard the busty old barmaid ask. “Argh No, no please I swear” I was crying in agony as she began bouncing up and down with her feet causing a series of up and down neck wrenching pain. It was like my head was stuck between two metal train doors that were going to close regardless. Rock hard slabs of female calf muscle bit hard into my neck as if to slice off my head. The savage crush made my head spin to the point of consciousness. Just as I could take no more, the brutal neck slicing pressure stopped and I fell to the feet of the shockingly powerful and almost naked old woman. Panting to regain my breath and hoping my head would stop spinning, I realised that once again the amazing old dragon had beaten me easily. She was just too powerful; I was well out of my depth.

“That’s it young man. Cower before my legs because I think it’s time for you to feel their power again” the voice from high above told me. As the words sunk I looked up at her from my hands and knees. “Please no more” I wailed in terror as thick stocking clad legs stepped forwards. I reared back absolutely terrified of getting crushed between such huge powerful looking legs, no matter that their look turned me on. But it was too late; her lower legs sprang together like a mantrap catching my neck between her ankles. I found myself looking up at huge slabs of powerfully bulging calve muscle while tugging in vain at her relatively slim ankles. Although they were the slimmest part of her legs, under my hands they felt like they had become thickly corded, channelling the terrifying power of her legs through them against my trapped neck. “Urkk!” my head was whirling in an instant. “Tell me about the kidnappings” her voice came over the heartbeat loud in my ears. “…er. Ing” I croaked the words out as hard cords around her ankles bit deep into the sides of my neck cutting off the flow of blood. My legs were flailing around, my hands slapping at the big hard calves above me to no avail. The craggy faced woman kept me suffering, prolonging the torture, rendering me so utterly helpless between the slimmest parts of her legs. She kept me on the brink of passing out for what seemed an eternity before she finally let me collapse to the floor.

I felt shattered; my head was still spinning while my mind could barely comprehend the power in her legs when I heard her voice. “Face me” she commanded and I instantly scrabbled onto my hands and knees, too scared to disobey. Gazing up at her powerful body and huge bust, she flexed her mighty biceps once more in victory. Once more my dick grew incredibly stiff at the sight of this incredible old woman whose glare could peel paint. She might not be much to look at facially but her powerfully built body with the big smooth rounded muscles gave me what felt like a permanent boner. Yet my dick seemed to rise even more at the sight of those unreal large thick smooth peaked biceps. I felt so submissive; I didn’t have a chance against that amazing body; she was much too strong for me to handle by far.

“I suppose you are telling me the truth” she admitted then her hands moving to the front of her corset. “I am..” I began to say then fell speechless as she completely removed and discarded the garment. Her extremely large perfectly rounded heavies stuck out like a wide shelf above me on full display. I didn’t think I could get any harder but I did as my lust soared for the powerfully built excitingly buxom old buzzard standing over me. Two exceptionally large unbelievably sexy things with large brown areolas and erect nipples stared at me like eyes. I got to my feet without hesitation unable to take my eyes off them and with my dick throbbing so hard I thought I would burst at any second. But Cynthia didn’t look welcoming, placing her hands on her hips with a stern scowl. “Come and get them if you dare” she said in a challenging tone. Orrrr! The way they just sat there like two flesh coloured beach balls on her chest. I was achingly hard, I had never wanted a woman as much as I wanted this old trout right now but her thick arms reminded me just how overwhelmingly strong she was. There was a slight smile maybe a brief tautness to her lips as I tried to get control of my emotions. “You’re learning” she said quietly then slowly she raised her arms above her head and began to slowly wobble her chest back and forth. “Orrghh!” I moaned aloud inflamed beyond belief. It was like some kind of erotic middle-Eastern belly dance but using her breasts – a booby-dance. “I can drive a man wild with desire like this, you don’t stand a chance” she teased as her huge breasts bounced from side to side in a strange wobbling jerking motion. I’d never seen anything so sexy. The way her big heavy ball-like orbs moved with such a sensual motion was so erotically charged that I just lost all control. Crazed with desire I rushed forwards to get my hands on those amazing boobs and that incredible body. Yes, I know that was a big mistake but I was too pumped up with lust to think about that.

I yelped in surprise as I suddenly found myself being thrust into the air then draped over one of the barmaid’s broad shoulders like an empty bag of sacking. “No!” I cried out in protest as she unzipped my trousers and pulled out my boner while I rocked precariously over her shoulder. “You better keep this hard boy” I heard her say. I yelped again as she slung me in the air lengthwise across her very broad shoulders. I could sense the sheer power as she supported me with ease and a straight back. “Wah!” I cried in alarm as she suddenly twisted her torso and the nearby wall came rushing towards my face at great speed. I sighed with relief when instead of smashing my face against the wall; it stopped barely an inch away. But the sturdily built old crone hadn’t finished toying with me yet. “Argh!” I cried out in sheer agony as she pulled down on my neck and legs to mould my back around her shoulders like a pretzel. I was weeping in agony instantly but thankfully she stopped but then I was crying out again as in another amazing demonstration of strength she pressed me face first towards the ceiling using just one hand in the small of my back. I was surprised that my boner wasn’t touching ceiling.

The beefy old barmaid continued to manhandle me like a toy, swinging my body down and around, pulling my chest into her amazing bust but those beautiful soft boobs couldn’t cushion a breathtaking bearhug – literally. Helpless in her thick voluptuous arms, the white haired woman spun around causing my legs to fly out uselessly. Despite my chest being squeezed right up against those voluminous boobs, her powerful arms were crushing the life out of me. “Arghh no no!” I yelped with what little breath I had left. “Please, you’re killing me…my..ribs!” I yelped as I was sure I could feel my ribs bending. “Argh!” I cried hardly able to breathe in the face of such incredible strength enveloping my chest. I had never felt anything like it and certainly never expected this from a plump old barmaid. With my head thrown back and mouth open wide gasping in vain for air, my hands beat feebly upon her arms and back. It was like beating against a stone wall. Yet the immense power enveloping me kept my dick absolutely rigid. My chest was pressed so tightly between her big boobs which squeezed out on either side that it couldn’t expand anymore. Urghh urghhh unable to draw breath my head jerked back and forth in the last fits of staying conscious.

“Feel the power of a woman, Jimmy” I heard her say as my body twitched horribly as I thrashed around for the merest scrap of air and finding none. “The power to put away a man anyhow she chooses” Pshhoouu! I gasped in air as she relaxed the terrible crush but still held me up. “Or be merciful if she wishes” she said as I hungrily drank the air. I felt so defeated and subjugated, utterly helpless and unable to resist as I hung in the old woman’s embrace. She carried me like that around the room, all the while staring at me with a bemused expression. She was demonstrating her superiority over me and I knew it and I was surprised to find that it was keeping me turned on. BAM! She forced me half way up a wall then began kissing me long and deep on the mouth. Held tight in her mighty arms allowing me no resistance and I found that the old woman forcing herself upon me was getting me highly aroused.

I cried out as I suddenly found myself spinning in the air. The blood rushed to my head as I myself turned upside down as if I weighed next to nothing. “Please no” I cried as my face approached huge thick powerful looking thighs. My head swung between those terrifying thighs and they closed in to grip my head firmly. “Don’t you want me to do this then?” I heard Cynthia ask with a teasing lilt to her voice. That’s when I felt my achingly hard dick slip between two large soft fleshy pillows. Despite the blood flowing to my head, I knew exactly where my dick was and it took all of my self-control not to blow it right then and there. Up and down it slid in that deep cleavage, the old dragon of a barmaid controlling my bodies’ movements with her strong arms. Up and down through warm soft weighty female breast. My mind could easily visualise the her massive breasts as my manhood plunged back and forth through them. The incredible sensations around my dick was much too much and in no time I began thrusting my hips trying to drive the rhythm faster as I bonked the biggest tits I’d ever met in my life. On the body of the strongest woman I’d ever met in my life, with my head trapped between thighs that could crack it without thinking while held upside down in her powerful embrace. That’s what did it. “Urr urrr nnghha!” I moaned loudly as I shot what felt like a never-ending stream between her huge breasts.
“Woah!” I yelped as the buxom barmaid literally threw me onto the bed, so hard that my body bounced several times before settling down. “Clean up your mess” Cynthia’s voice demanded in a no-nonsense tone. I got to my knees and looked at those big orbs of breast then baulked. The stern old woman leant towards me with her massive bare breasts dangling towards my face while she bent her arm to flex a massively peaked bicep. The sight of it made me feel so very weak and submissive. “I won’t tell you again” she said. I was in total awe of her muscles yet couldn’t bring myself to do what she wanted. “I’ll…I’ll just get a cloth” I said backing away and getting off the bed.

“You’re not messing up my towels. Use your tongue, boy. You’ve always wanted to get your face in there” the hard face woman said. I tried to back away from the woman who was completely naked apart from her fine mesh fishnet stockings. Although the thought of plunging my face between those huge whoppers was indeed incredibly tempting, the thought of licking my own cum was disgusting. “Please no” I pleaded as the female wall of muscle moved towards me. Even to my ears it sounded weak before that magnificent body. “Is that your final word on the matter?” the harsh looking yet powerfully built Amazon asked.

She might look like an old trout but corrr that naked strong body really turned me on. With those thick strong arms which I knew could crush me helpless in their embrace against her huge soft breasts which would not cushion me against their fearsome power; or flex huge smooth rounded peaks of biceps that looked taller than my head. Mighty biceps that could drive fists that could lay out a man stone cold in seconds. My jaw still ached from that initial encounter and I had a feeling that she had been going easy on me. “Please Cynthia. You really turn me on. I really want to worship your amazing body” I begged. “I’ll do anything but that” I pleaded.

For a few moments the white-haired barmaid stared at me with a hard expression. When she moved, she did so with such phenomenal speed that I wouldn’t have thought possible from such a heavily built old woman. The stocky woman leant slightly away from me then a thick leg rose and scythed sideways in an arcing blur of motion. BLAM! Her heel hammered the side of my jaw, crunching it sideways, scrambling my senses and sending me hurtling uncontrollably across the room. Jeese! That was powerful. BLAM! I was so dazed that I didn’t even see it until the crushing explosion on the side of my face, snapping my head around so fast I heard my neck click. BLAM! I found a big nylon-clad knee blasting into my gut like a jackhammer. I liked to think I was fit and had a hard stomach but it just turned to jelly. “Wargh!” I wailed as my breath left my body in a rush as the knee ploughed deep into my middle. I crumpled around her big knee feeling like my world was collapsing.

The close up view of her large bare breasts was no comfort as my stomach cramped up painfully. Devastatingly winded, I watched helplessly as the big stocky woman turned her back on me and pulled my arm over her broad shoulder. Her wide backside was thrust into my groin as she bent forward, lifting my body onto her back as my feet left the floor. For a moment it felt really good with my dick pressed against her ample backside and sliding up along the crease between her big buttocks. Then it was followed by a moment of complete helplessness as the old dragon flipped me head over heels. The universe rotated around me. BLAM! I landed on my back at the feet of the terrifying old barmaid.

She’d thrown me! She’d actually thrown me! Kicked me and thrown me! Not only was she incredibly strong, the old bag also knew martial arts! That came as a dreadful shock which re-awoke my dick as I realised that I really didn’t have a chance against this awesome old woman.

“Argh!” I yelped as my arm was suddenly twisted. She had held onto my arm when she threw me and now holding it upright, she bent it back to force me to my knees. “Argh argh!” it felt as if the bones were grinding together and would break at any moment. “Up you get, Jimmy” Cynthia said then forced me to stand. “I could snap your arm like a twig” she stated as matter of fact while she let me suffer in her arm-lock.

My arm was released and the room spun then I found myself confronted with huge flexed biceps close-up to my face. So huge they looked that I felt hopelessly intimated. I also felt turned on and such a strong urge to worship them that I began to hungrily kiss those mighty peaks. “Oh Cynthia!” I moaned between kisses and while running my hands over her amazing ridged stomach. “Oh Cynthia!” I moaned again as I moved my hands to the massive bust, the veritable massive sexy orbs the sight of which could keep me with a permanent erection.

“Hai Hai!” the unexpected quick yells made me jump a fraction of a second before the side of her hand slashed one side of my neck then the other. Suddenly I was falling towards the floor with Cynthia pulling me down on top of her, her stocking-clad leg coming up to meet my lower abdomen. Barely a second later, her back hit the carpet and both legs straightened into my stomach. I had a brief glimpse of looking down upon the naked old muscle woman as her powerful legs threw me high into the air. Spinning helplessly head over heels, my back hit the bed hard and my body bounced several times. Dazed by the speed and power of the throw I could only watch as she climbed onto the bed and sat astride my waist.

She put her thick arms upon her waist looking very stern and strict. “Clean it now or I go to work on you again” she said. Her large hands seized mine and pulled them up towards her head, so strong that I was simply unable to stop her. “So feeble” she teased as she flexed her biceps while holding my hands. With a condescending smile, she pressed my arms back down to the bedcovers in a steady inevitable motion which I simply couldn’t resist; she was far too strong. The back of my hands slammed into the bed above my head. Two thick pillars of frighteningly strong female arms pinned my hands with no chance of escape and a massive pairs of breasts dangling barely an inch above my face. A massive fleshy heaving wall that got closer as she leant her body along mine then enveloped my face, swallowing it whole.

“Mmmm!” I moaned with pleasure into her warm stuffy mammories. She was wasn’t pressing hard so this wasn’t a bad place to be and took joy of knowing where my face was stuffed. That was until I felt her lower legs hook around mine and a terrifying surge of power ripped my legs wide apart. It was a force so overwhelming that I was scared that my legs wearing going to be pulled from their sockets. “You simply can’t get out from under there can you?” her voice said but I couldn’t reply as my mouth was gagged by large mounds of soft flesh. “Oh Jimmy. There’s an uncomfortable lump pressing against my crotch” She teased. “Mmm!” spread-eagled beneath a naked muscle woman feeling her awesome strength had my erection up and pressing against her body. I had no choice so reluctantly stuck my tongue into the base of that deep dark cleavage and began licking while the awesome power of her muscular legs kept my legs well beyond the limits of my flexibility. My ligaments were screaming in torment as I cleaned her cleavage.

It was like being ripped apart by a brick wall. She was so powerful I simply didn’t have a chance so licked for all I was worth although I couldn’t tell if I was licking sweat or semen. The immense strain upon my legs brooked no argument. Her mighty legs were an irresistible power that kept mine spread wide apart with ease while I cleaned her voluminous chest. Suddenly the strong woman released my hands, wrapped her arms around the back of my head then pulled my face tight against her chest. “Mmmm mmm!” It was really stuffy and not much air to breathe. Now free, my hands found her bare buttocks and in awe I felt how rock hard they were, like boulders, as they powered her awesome legs as they kept my legs painfully wide apart. I keep feeling those vast hard boulders of buttocks; they felt amazing and so incredibly sexy. My dick went harder and I felt it brush her pussy hair and it got harder still, spurring me on in my effort to clean that mighty chest. While those powerful legs constantly reminded me of how weak I was compared with this old lady as they maintained the terrible searing pain in my ligaments and joints.

It was with some relief that I felt the fearsome pressure removed from my legs but at first found them too aching and stiff to move. I looked up numbly and with total resignation as the mighty white-haired naked woman sat astride my waist. Once more the sight of her wrinkled face and white hair reminded me how old she was, yet with a thick smoothly muscled body and large chest both of which kept my dick stiff with desire. I winced as a thick arm snaked around the back of my neck. “Shh shhh it’s OK” she said comfortingly then pulled my face closer to hers. “Make love to me, boy or I’ll break your back” the white-haired woman said then planted a big long kiss on my lips. She needn’t have threatened me for I was absolutely aching for her. But before any thoughts of carnal knowledge had passed my mind, she had pressed me back down to the bed and I found myself staring up at her broad backside as it hovered above my face while she faced my feet. The upside down view of her slickly gleaming mass of pubic hair was kind of scary. “That is where your face is going in a moment, boy. Get used to it” Cynthia told me as she held my wrists in an iron grip. This wasn’t how I wanted to have sex but just as I opened my mouth to protest, a mouthful of bristling hair and a slick crack silenced me.

The old woman was certainly no lightweight and her immense weight pressed down upon my cheeks as my nose and mouth were forced between her buttocks. I felt Cynthia lean forward to remove my shoes and socks while I groaned under the pressure of her weight upon my face. Stifled under her ample backside; my heart pounded in my chest as I felt her long fingers encircle my stiff cock which was sticking out of my flies like a flagpole. “You like me dominating you don’t you Jimmy?” I heard her ask. Pressed like a specimen in a flower-collectors book with my nose jammed between her large yet tight buttocks I was helpless as the muscular old woman leant forward and pulled down my trousers and pants. “I let you cum between my tits which you’ve been unable to tear your eyes away from ever since you’ve seen them” I heard her say. “Now it’s your turn to repay the complement”. Cynthia rotated her arse further forwards and I felt her pussy against my lips. Slowly she began to thrust her big hips back and forth rubbing herself against my nose and lips while her hand flicked and stroked my aching cock. The tempo of her movements increased and her breathing got heavier with little moans of pleasure. Despite my submissive position, I found myself incredibly excited and began to work my mouth on her pussy. The effect was amazing.

“Ohhh ohhhh Jimmy yes!” she moaned loudly. She became very noisy, not caring who heard her lovemaking and began bouncing rhythmically on my face driving the back of my head deep into the mattress, the springs creaking loudly. “Ohhhhh!” she howled as she pounded me into the mattress with increasing speed. The sexually charged atmosphere was so strong that all I wanted to do was to give this muscular sexy old white-hair a massive orgasm. I probed her slit and she cried loudly and more frenzied. “Ohhh!” she moaned then leant further forwards uncovering my eyes to gaze upon a large muscular but undeniably feminine backside as she laid herself along the length of my body. Orrrrr! To my surprise the old woman stuck my dick into her mouth and began sucking. Ohhhh! She was really good, amazingly good inspiring me to lick her even harder in my desire to satisfy her. I never stood a chance with the old woman in the physical strength department and I now found that I didn’t have a chance with her in the bedroom department either for she rapidly brought me quickly to the verge of explosion then broke off bucking like crazy on my face screaming loudly as the orgasm hit her. Her loud sounds of pleasure made me shoot my load in such a powerful surge that it felt like I’d completely drained myself in one go.

Totally shagged out, I lay back exhausted and watched as Cynthia rose from my face, turned around then sat facing me on my chest. This was the second time that I’d been completely shagged out by this amazing white-haired woman who was probably old enough to be my grandmother. The incredible thing was that she was much better than any girl my age that I had experienced. “Not bad for starters, young man” Cynthia said then flexed a huge bicep. “Look at it, Jimmy. Worship it, Jimmy. Worship it with your body. Take me again and again” she said looking down at me as she sat astride my chest. I couldn’t believe my ears and gawped at the mammoth mound of dense bicep that pulsed on her arm. Cynthia slowly rotated her wrist making the huge muscle pop and relax. It looked like a flesh covered cannon ball and I felt twinges in my groin although my dick was still limp. She slid from my chest towards me face. “As you are going to find out, Jimmy” she said in a soft voice. “A woman like me has a very large sexual appetite indeed”.

Her thick thighs slid either side of my head, the fishnets rasping as they brushed my ears as she positioned her bare crotch lightly on my chin. “That was just starters, Jimmy. Now you are going to give me the main course” she demanded. “I, I need a moment to..Mmmmm!” my protest was cut off as her pussy slid over my mouth and moved right up against my nose. Maybe she’d thought I’d refuse or maybe she really was exceptionally horny but more likely she just wanted to remind me who was boss. Those solid husky thighs closed tight either side of my head, like the walls of a collapsing canyon, squeezing my ears and cheeks.

Pinned helplessly beneath the woman’s crotch, my eyes peeking over the top looked up and watched as once more she flexed those massive double biceps of awe. “Well get on with it or do you want to see what happens if I pound your face with these?” she told me. Those big smooth shaped muscles complemented her enormous over hanging chest that bounced and swayed in the most erotic manner as I began to service her once again. ” Now this is how a public servant should care for the elderly in the community” she said in a husky voice thick with emotion as she made small movements back and forth on my lips. It was musky, yucky, warm and sticky but I worked hard to try to arouse the big woman once more. She even took my hands and guided them over her rocky abdomen and to cup her big buxom rack, although they were truly more than a handful and impossible to contain them as they bounced around.

The bedsprings squeaked alarmingly as the naked old muscle woman vigorously rode my face. “Oh yes, Jimmy. Dip into my honey pot. Come on, work for it” she moaned. She flexed her powerful biceps then brought them close to my trapped face. “How about these for encouragement, little boy” she growled in a voice that made me fear that she would use them to rip off my head. The sight of that awesome power renewed my enthusiasm and I licked the big buxom strong woman with a growing passion, wanting to worship the powerful old dragon with everything I had. Just when I thought I was failing her, getting nowhere and due for another beating she began to moan, quietly at first then increasing in volume. That was it, my dick began to get stiff again as her moans caused me to lick at that pussy like a rabid dog. Suddenly she threw back her head and began to wail like a bansee.

The strong old barmaid rode my face moaning loudly, flexing her biceps and making me breathe and bathe in the full sensations of her orgasm. The sounds of her passion were getting me stiff which she noticed as she slid back onto my chest. She slid back over my waist and formed an O shape with her long fingers and put it over my rod like a ring. “Now for dessert” the white haired woman said then began to pump my dick with her strong hand. “Oh Cynthia!” I moaned. She had me absolutely aching in no time. Suddenly my dick was plunging deep inside her hot sticky love nest. My natural instincts made me want to thrust my hips and bang her hard but something kept me clamped inside. Instead of riding me, she leant forward and slipped her big muscular arms around the back of my chest. To my utter astonishment she slid off the end of the bed, with me still inside her while supporting my back. She walked forwards until my feet were barely on the bed.

Suddenly I felt a sensation I had never experienced before, like some muscular mass writhing and squeezing around my dick. “Ohhhh!” I moaned loudly in ecstasy. “Not bad for a woman of 69 eh?” she asked. “Oh wow!” I gapsed in amazement for the experience was unbelievable. “Older women have stronger love muscles, Jimmy” she says as the mass writhed and swirled around my rapidly growing dick. “Especially those that work them out every day” she added. Suddenly her powerful pussy muscles begin to pump my dick and I nearly explode inside her in an instant until it clamps down so hard that I wince. Her love muscles feel like they could crush my dick. “Not so fast, Jimmy” she says. The warm slick mass holding  my dick firm pulsed gently keeping my hard but preventing me from cumming and bringing me back from the edge. “A woman who keeps her love muscles strong has totally mastery over her men” she stated. “Ohh Cynthia!” I moaned. “Oh! I’d do anything for you” I moaned in blissful delirium as what felt like multiple muscles writhed and squished all around my dick in a circular motion whilst pumping gently. “Anything?” the buxom old barmaid asked. “Ohh yes” I moaned as the muscular pumping writhing mass got stronger. I nearly came again until they clamped down again to prevent me.

“Will you visit me regularly to report on all the council’s dirty little secrets?” “Yes yes” I moaned as the sensations started up again. I’d do anything to have sex like this even if the woman did look like a fearsome old trout. “And they haven’t kidnapped anyone?””No, No. Oh please I love you”. Her strong arms held my torso while her awesome love muscles pumped me with a steadily growing rhythm. It felt as if I had the biggest hardest erection that I’d ever had and still she was pumping me harder. “Do you want to be my toy boy? Telling me everything that goes on?” “Oh yes please” I begged. She laughed then the pumping began to get a lot stronger and a lot faster. I was going crazy, delirious with lust and the need to cum. “Ohhh!” this was mind blowing, what this old woman was doing was incredible. She was a human sex machine. “Oh! You’re so good. You’re the best” I moaned. “Hold on a bit longer, Jimmy. Don’t you cum just yet. When I get you in that G spot all hell is going to break loose” she warned. Her incredible love muscles were going like crazy now and she was starting to moan in pleasure again. Her hips were thrusting back and forth with my dick still stuck inside her as her pussy pumped me like some demented milking machine. I didn’t know how I was able to hold on for so long.

In any other girl I would have blasted my load long before now but the amazing control the old woman had just kept me going. But I was getting physically exhausted and drained and didn’t think I could keep going much longer without my heart giving out. There was no doubt that this powerful old woman could ride a man to death like this. “Narrgh!” she screamed loudly and let go of my back causing me to flop backwards towards the floor while she tensed her thick mighty arms in front of her. All around my dick, her strong pussy muscles pulsed randomly and out of sync as she lost control. “Nargh!” she yelled again, her wide stomach becoming taut with her abs deeper and more defined than I had seen them before. “Narghh!” I was hanging impaled inside a naked old muscle woman as she went through a massive orgasm. With her eyes closed and head thrown back, she raised her arms out from her sides and bent her fists towards her head while her mouth was in a tight grimace. All the time her love muscles were writhing around my dick in an absolutely mind-blowing sensation. This time her huge biceps seemed larger, rockier and more defined than I had seen them before. Even the mighty old muscle woman couldn’t contain it any longer. “Orraghh!” she screamed so loud, every muscle in her awesome body tensed as her powerful love muscles went into spasms around my dick. “Orggahh oraghh!” she moaned like crazy and I could hold it no more. I exploded inside her at the same time she squirted in what felt like a massive fountain inside her that gushed out from between her legs and down my shaft while my torso flopped towards the floor suspended only by my feet upon the bed and my dick embedded inside her. But she even lost control of that in her long drawn out orgasm. “Orrr orrrr!” she was still going as I slipped out from her and fell to the carpet.

I lay absolutely exhausted as the old woman finished the last of her moans of pleasure. All went quiet for a while until she picked me up gently and put me on the bed then lay beside me. “Cynthia” I whispered. “Ssssh!” she said placing a finger on my lips. “Save your energy. Rest a while then maybe we can have afters” she said with a wicked smile. Oh my God, I couldn’t believe it, she wanted more! At this rate she was going to kill me with absolutely mind-blowing sex, but what sex! I was too exhausted to respond and had no idea how she was going to arouse me again but I couldn’t wait to find out and only wished my dick wasn’t so limp or my balls didn’t feel so shrivelled and drained. I felt a hot breath on my ear. “I’ll make you something in a minute that will perk you up” the naked old woman beside me whispered. “Lover boy” she added.

They came for me at dawn. Big burly guys in black uniforms, crew cuts, big boots and American accents who liked to let the butts of their guns do the talking. Bundled into the back of a military van, I found myself sitting on one of two opposing long benches surround by mainly Asian looking men who also had been picked up. Talk was violently discouraged as one poor guy found out as the soldiers showed him what they thought of his being a British citizen by beating him until he passed out. We were finally marched out at a military air base although I only had a quick glimpse which earned me a rifle butt in my face. We were shoved into a cell so small that we had to stand.
Angel entered Jim’s office with the keys given to her by Glynnis.  Her attention was immediately caught by a large whiteboard which contained a mass of scribbles and yellow sticky notes in Priest’s attempt to map out all the connections in the case. After a quick look through a fairly clean desk and rummaging through his filing cabinet, her attention kept returning to the whiteboard. At the top in the centre was a big oval with ‘Bristlingdown manor’ written inside. Several lines flowed from this, some clearly older than others. His handwriting was terrible, worst than a doctor, and there was veritable spaghetti of lines linking up various points on the board. She made out ‘break-ins, nothing taken? Incidents over 100 years’ the unusual aspects of the case which made Sir Humphrey Smthye-Jones hire the newbie private detective in the first place. She picked up a marker-pen and used it to follow the next line, ‘several domestics caught’ next to ‘what were they after?’ in red and against this ‘Bristlingdown hoard’ a later addition. She moved the marker down to an old looking line flowing away towards another oval with ‘Lady Helen Windthorpe’ inside. Written across the line was ‘False trail?’ in red. Yes, but Jim hadn’t realised that at the time. Lady Helen was sent by The Sisterhood to divert his attention in case he uncovered the hoard. Angel tried to move the pen along the next flow but found strong resistance. Frowning, she tried again but the pen still resisted.

Spotted Jim’s desktop computer, she sat in front of it and powered it up. Unfazed when it prompted for a BIOS password, the blonde entered the password that triggered the trapdoor that took her straight into the Operating System. For once she thanked the US military for ensuring that every modern computer produced in the West included a trapdoor which only they thought they knew about. Most computers from the East also included the same but no comment was made on this aspect of hacked IPR. Locating a copy of Visio, she began a new document in E sheet landscape mode and the brainstorming stencil. Looking across at the whiteboard, she copied down neatly the lines that she had so far covered.

Lady Helen had bungled the task by having an illegal slave from the very people she was meant to implicate and thus got caught up in the investigation. Helen was too class ridden to be sympathetic but she was one of The Sisterhood. Angel moved on, trying to capture only the salient points from the board. The trail Helen left Jim pointed to the Ireland conservative, another member of The Sisterhood, Cynthia and a group of local councillors taking bribes from millionaire arms deal John Davidson. She knew what local politicians were like and asked Cynthia to check whether they were trying to get back at Jim for exposing their corruption.


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