The Long Legs of the Law (JIMP #54)

Young man is dominated by a leggy mature Policewoman

SPOILER: Ian is visited in his warehouse office by a slender mature but quite attractive WPC, Sally, who he takes a shine to. Called away by a phone call, he is alarmed to see his brother and the warehouse thugs surround the woman. In a stunning and often brutal display of self-defence, Sally, devastates the thugs. Ian decides to run back to the office but she floors him and warns him to stay put. She then brutally arrests the ringleaders and marches them off to the police-van. Back in his office, the leggy policewoman interrogates Ian over and over with a mixture of physical and sexual domination. Jim goes for a flight while Angel puzzles over his disappearance.

I was originally planning to do a story featuring this Woman Police Officer but never got around to it, so I decided to write one now. Sally is based upon a woman I knew when I first started work and I could visualise her in a sexy 70’s style WPC uniform!

I was sitting at the computer at my desk in the office when a movement through the paned glass that separated it from the warehouse floor made me look up. A uniformed figure was approaching. That it was a Woman Police Constable there was no doubt as she cut a very feminine figure. The WPC’s jacket and knee length skirt were a very dark blue that at first glance was almost black. Underneath were glimpses of a crisp white blouse and checkerboard tie. As the skirt swirled around her legs the sheen of sheer black nylons adorning slender but very shapely calves caught my eye even though she wore low heeled shoes. It was much better than the unisex military style working uniforms most of them wear nowadays. I continued to watch as she approached, appreciating her nice slender figure and fair-sized bust. Wow! Women in smart jackets and skirts look hot.

As she neared the door I stood to greet her and reckoned her about 5 foot 6 to my 5-9. I opened the door and she held out her hand and introduced herself “WPC Yvonne Wilkinson but most people call me Sally”. I look at her blankly. “It’s my middle name, I prefer it” she explained with a little laugh which broke the atmosphere. “Ian Davidson” I replied feeling a bit strange about shaking a woman’s hand. Sally certainly nicely filled that smart tailored jacket with silver buttons and numbered lapels. I just wanted to run my hands up it to feel every shapely curve but daren’t.

Beneath a bowler style cap with a checkerboard band around the base and badge at the front was short curly light brown hair with a peppering of grey. “My number 1 dress, I feel more comfortable in it” she said noticing my gaze. “Men seem to like it. A woman should look like a woman I always say” she replied with an infectious cheery smile. She had a charming smiling small elfin face that was quite attractive with small grey eyes, high cheekbones and a shallow chin. If she’d dyed her hair, she’d easily past for early thirties as she had a good complexion with few wrinkles and was firm under her chin. Prominent was a curving nose that was a tad too large and overlong, a bit sleeker than a stereotypical Jewish nose. This was offset by a mouth that stretched very wide when she smiled.

“And you run this place with” she paused to consult her notepad “Douglas and Elizabeth?” She had the sort of nice friendly voice that seemed to make you want to tell her everything. “My older brother and mother; they more or less run the place now. I just man the office” I told her. “You sound bitter” she said softly. “Well mum stays at home acting like an aristocrat while the rest of us go out and get our hands dirty to work for a living” I replied before I could stop myself. “Dad was a millionaire arms dealer but got tied up into some dodgy dealings with drugs and slaves. Mum and Douglas had to invest what was left into turning this into a legit cargo business. The banks and the politicians who were all involved with Dad when he was alive just didn’t want to know once it all got exposed in the Press and abandoned us” I told her trying not to get angry. Well how would you feel if you had a nice cosy privileged upbringing, living in a big house and going to an expensive private school then having to complete your education in a common comprehensive then having to work in this dump instead of going to Cambridge or Oxford?

“Can I speak with your brother?” the WPC asked with a smile that pushed up her cheeks making her look very charming and quite pretty in a cute kind of way for a mature woman. “Sure, he’s on the work-floor, I’ll take you to him” I offered, keen to stay in her company. She was a lot older than me but I found her pleasant, cheery and quite attractive in a sort of cheeky elfin kind of way.

Acting the gentleman I opened the door for her and as she walked through I couldn’t help look down at her calves. Wow! I love the sheen of sheer black nylon seamed stockings on a woman and I think women with nicely muscled calves are sexy. Sally had both.  Phoar! Really great calves; slim ankles which tapered outwards smoothly to long smooth hard looking slabs of sexy muscle that flared out slightly from the sleek lines of her legs. Just then the phone in the office rang. Sally turned over her shoulder at me while I mentally cursed. “It’s alright, I’ll wait while you take it” she said. “Ur no, I won’t hold you up” I told her reluctantly. “I’ll catch you up” I added. I indicated the direction on the far side of the warehouse to the WPC who gave me thanks with a nice cheery smile.

Back in the office, I answered the phone, while all the time watching through the glass as the slim uniformed woman strode away with beautifully shaped long calves that swelled into something much firmer and defined as she walked. The sight of her calves swelling and waning beneath shiny black nylon was so sexy that it took me several seconds to realise that I was listening to an Indian man from ‘Windows Support’ trying to tell me something ‘very urgent’ about my computer. “Piss off” I said then slammed down the phone. That was the 3rd time that day. Trying to not look like I was rushing, I walked quickly onto the floor to catch up with WPC Sally wanting to get another good look at those sexy calves.

Finally I saw the Policewoman up ahead but it wasn’t the sight that I wanted to see. The attractive unassuming policewoman was dwarfed by a ring of tall heavy built thugs which included my brother Douglas, who was turning into a right bighead and Kevin Greetson, my dad’s foreman and a right bastard. The greying woman was trying to talk to them trying to calm them down but it wasn’t having any effect. She was such nice cheerful woman that I didn’t want to see her get hurt but suddenly two of Greetson’s thugs grabbed her arms from either side and he moved close looming over her threateningly.

All of a sudden the hem of Sally’s skirt slithered up along her nylons as she raised her knee. My eyes got a brief glimpse of a lovely long slender thigh as in the blink of an eye her leg snapped straight driving her foot right between Greetson’s legs. It connected hard and fast with the dreadful sound of shoe striking a man’s balls. The long leg had struck solidly with pinpoint accuracy, her foot like a mallet between the legs. THUD! It was a sound that made me wince although I hated the bastard and it made my balls tighten. Greetson’s eyes flew wide open in shock. His mouth fell wide open as his jaw flopped and he began to crease over soundlessly. The look of disbelief on his face said it all.

The mature policewoman was no longer smiling and moved fast. Pulling back her foot but without lowering her knee, she snapped it sideways, the dark skirt stretching tight between her thighs. The sole of her shoe hammered down upon the knee of the man on her right. WHACK! “Aggh!” he yelp in pain. Without pause, the foot returned to the ground then with a sort of sideways hop the other foot snapped out to ruin the knee of the man on her left. WHACK! “Argh!” he too cried out in pain.

With shocking efficiency Sally’s right hand slashed, open palmed with fingers straight, in a rapid sideways arc through the air. I felt a surge of excitement as the edge of her hand chopped the neck of the man on the right. This wasn’t like TV or the movies, a mature woman had just karate chopped a man on the side of the neck and I found it stimulating. He gave a strange jerk that was horrible to watch like he was having a fit then collapsed. Turning towards the remaining man, her knuckles held in a V shape drove straight into his throat with a dreadful sound. CLOCK! He went down clutching his neck.

The rest of the toughs seemed to come alive and closed in to attack the feminine looking policewoman. One tried to throw a punch but she quickly threw up a forearm to block it and swung her own fist, turning her torso with her legs apart stretching her skirt tight across her thighs. Her small fist connected with a solid sound on his jaw. BLAM! the much bigger man staggered from the smaller woman, unsteady on his feet before his legs gave way and he fell to his knees. Sally’s small eyes seemed ablaze with a fierce inner fire atop her long sleek prominent nose with a wide smile on her small face.

I gasped as another grabbed her from behind trying to wrap his thick arm around her slim neck. She immediately leant forward crooking her elbow before it shot back smashing the point hard against his stomach. TWAP “Borph!” he groaned as her elbow sunk deep but still he somehow managed to cling onto the lovely WPC. Calmly and swiftly Sally swung her fist down from her elbow hammering his balls like a bell hammer striking a bell. “Argh!” he groaned and began to crease forwards. Immediately the point of the elbow flew back into his throat with a sickening crunch. WHOP! “Kkkkk!” another man collapsed clutching his neck.

My brother rushed her from the front. Sally blocked his arm as he tried to punch her. With my groin tightening with excitement I watched as her dark skirt slid back as a lovely nylon-clad leg rose to waist height and struck like a cobra. WHAP! The top of her foot slammed against his side with a solid thud. I saw him wince with pain amazed that such slim legs could cause such pain. In an heartbeat a shapely calve folded back at her raised knee and snapped out again. The front edge of her shin struck hard across his belly. WHUMP “Urghh!” his faced screwed up in pain. He just creased up like he’d been hit by a crowbar.

I was hoping she would finish off the bastard but she didn’t get the chance as Winston came forwards to launch a kick of his own. The slender uniformed woman caught his leg and tucked his knee beneath her arm. Stretching her nearside leg around the back of his remaining leg this caused her skirt to stretch tight and rise up showing a long nylon-clad expanse of lovely slender thigh and a glimpse of stocking top. Hooking her calve around the big man’s leg she swept his foot off the ground while pressing forward against his shoulders with her other arm. Winston went over rapidly backwards and slammed into the floor. My dick stiffened at the sight of the big man lying at the feet of the lovely policewoman.

But there were too many of them and no sooner was one down than another grabbed her from behind in a reverse bear-hug around her middle. The uniformed policewoman hurled herself back into his arms raising both nylon-clad knees together up to her chest, pushing back her skirt. He bent backwards slightly to hold onto the wildcat in his arms. At the apex of the lift her legs unfolded and then she threw herself forwards. Seamed stockings hurtled towards the ground and hit the ground with her legs spaced wide apart. Her slender calves bulged into solid plates of thick muscle as she bent sharply forwards taking the weight of the big man as her fell forwards onto her back while his feet rushed off the floor. With her small compact backside pressing into his groin, she whipped him over her head with devastating speed. Driven by his own forward momentum; he hurtled towards his doom, just a blur flying over her bent form as though he weighed nothing to the slender WPC until he hit the ground hard on his back BLAM! Immediately she drew back her leg and sent two swift kicks into the middle of his back that had him yelping. She looked up at the sound of the next attacker and froze.

“Enough of that kung-fu shit, pig-bitch” Greetson’s loud voice cut through the melee like a foghorn. Showing no concern, the elfin-faced mature woman raised a knee as if to kick out, the hem of her skirt rising up with a sensuous swish along her nylons. Wow! She might be slightly greying but she had great legs. “Ah ah” Greetson sneered waving a large knife in her direction. “Do it and I’ll cut your bloody leg off” he snarled. Her foot slowly returned to the floor as she studied the big thug with eyes like a hawk. The sight of a man groaning on the floor at the feet of a very feminine woman was a powerful one that turned me on. “Go on stick her” my brother urged. “Didn’t yah father teach you anything?” Greetson told him not taking his eyes of the slender yet deadly woman. “You don’t get rid of people in front of a crowd or in your own backyard” he added.

Douglas carefully came up behind the shorter uniformed woman and wrapped an arm around her neck. Standing behind her, the difference in their heights was marked. The much shorter woman looked almost frail and doll-like. “Winston, frisk the bitch. Remove her radio, any communication devices and any weapons” he told Winston. “Then we take her into the woods and dispose of her”. “No!” I cried “You can’t do that. Let her go!” I protested. “Shut up Ian. Get back into the office and let the grownups take care of business” Douglas snarled. “Maybe he fancies her. Wants to pork a woman old enough to be his mother” Greetson said eliciting gales of cruel laughter. Actually now that he’d mentioned it, I wouldn’t have minded making love to her at all. Even Winston seemed unsure. “But she’s a cop” he pointed out. “So” snapped my brother. “Maybe you’d like to be shipped to the slave mines and see how you like it?” he added.

I felt a pang of jealousy as Winston began frisking the policewoman with his hands running all over her shapely uniformed body. “Don’t stand in front you idiot” Douglas cried suddenly, but it was too late. With a quick upward flick of the hem, her knee rose in a blur. Snapping straight faster than the eye could follow, the sole of her foot ploughed right into Winston’s gut. “Orghh!” he groaned loudly as her foot sunk deep into his gut within an instant. BLAM! “Orrrghhh!” Winston groaned loudly and creased up.

Sally twisted sideways in my brother’s headlock, her skirt flicked up and a streak of sheen shot out sideways with shocking speed. Her foot and the lower half of her shin seemed to plunge deep into Winston’s belly with such devastating power that his body was physically lifted off the ground. He flew backwards through the air at such great speed that he collided with Greetson and knocked him over.

Without hesitation, the slender policewoman twisted around in my brother’s arm to fully face him. Her chest pressed right up against his. I knew what was coming and the expectation made my dick lurch. The small-faced mature woman didn’t disappoint. Briefly drawing back her right leg, it shot forwards with the skirt flicking up as her knee rocketed upwards so fast it was just a blur. The sheen shone off her stockings as it streaked from knee height on a collision course with my brothers’ groin with such velocity that it struck like a thunderbolt. BLAM! Policewoman’s slender pointed knee met big brother’s balls with terrifying nut-crushing force. The knee struck with such wrath and a loud audible thud that it kept on rising lifting Douglas’s feet clear off the ground. His balls rode her knee for what surely must have been a good foot as he curled forwards with his face a mask of pure agony. Only to collapse when she withdrew her knee when he came tumbling down then curled up into a ball. “Serves you right” the uniformed woman said then blasted a kick against his side that made him howl.

“Stick this pig-bitch” Greetson yelled lurching at her with the knife. The slender woman quickly threw up her arm and blocked the blade. Lithely her knee snapped up to chest height causing her skirt to slide back over her thighs. In a flash it straightened kicking the knife clean out of his hand sending the blade hurtling through the air clear across the warehouse. Wow she really does have great legs and so flexible too. Before the startled thug could react, the mature woman sent a lovely stocking-clad leg shooting into the air arcing around, her nylons leaving a streak of light. BLAM! The toe of her shoe connected with Greetson’s temple with a satisfying thud like a mallet hitting wood. His head snapped back fast, his neck stretched and the whole of his torso seemed to curve backwards while his knees bent.

Without returning her foot to the floor, Sally kicked again. Her dark skirt unfolded like a fan slipping along sheer black nylons revealing sexy strong looking thighs and muscled calves as her foot flew upwards above the height of his head. It then fell like an axe. A sexy slender nylon clad leg falling rapidly, the mature WPC a leggy executioner. The back of her ankle hammered the man at the apex of his neck and shoulder. I was watching from behind and an image burned into my memory of her strong calve flaring covered with a nylon sheen and a seam running up along the back of the leg upon which she was standing while the other leg was raised and stretched out. Her shapely meaty calve clubbed the top of the big thug’s chest as the back of the ankle bit into the base of his neck. The big guy just seemed to shrink at the knees, his mouth wide open in a silent scream, his eyes clenched and face red in agony.

She was so nimble, graceful and deadly. The outstretched leg snapped back at the knee with her thigh still raised. There was a blur of long-legged sheer nylon which turned slightly as it streaked around towards the side of Greetson’s head. Her flexibility was really turning me on. The top of her foot connected hard with the side of his jaw with a loud solid thud. THRAKK! It was so lightning-fast that I don’t think he saw it coming. The big man spun around sideways and plummeted towards the ground powered by the Policewoman’s foot. Three strikes and he was out – right out; floored in a matter of seconds by a mature leggy Policewoman. What made it more exciting was that she wasn’t some butch tough woman but slender, quite attractive and very feminine.

With the main bovver boys down, the remaining opposition broke up. A palm slammed into the side of the head of one man who tried to run past her stopping him in his tracks. He was stunned long enough for the edge of her hand to swing across the front of his throat in a solid brutal chop that caused his eyes to bulge.

A long slender leg flashed out towards another. “Hai!” A sexy black-sheathed pillar hammered straight into the top of his chest, a thunderbolt of leggy power that took his breath away. His face screwed in torment shocked that such a slender woman could kick so hard as his knees gave way with a surprised expression on his face.

The men were trying to escape but had to get past the slight WPC first. Another was stopped as the mature woman snapped up her knee in the blink of an eye. BLAM! Striking hard and plunging deep into his soft belly. He just creased over gasping for breath, going down like a deflating balloon. Reacting incredibly quickly, she grabbed his head by his hair and pulled it sharply downwards while a nylon-clad knee rose exceptionally fast. BLAM! Knee met face with a brutal crunch. No need to tell you which came off worst. Needless to say there was blood everywhere.

The men are now clearly scared and desperate to get away but none can get past her. Looking strongly confident, she picked off the remaining men. Spinning like a top, her foot fired out in a rapid back-kick into one bloke’s balls. “Hai!” “Warrgh!” such a pitiful wail from such a big tough guy. Without stopping she continued to spin, her foot flying out once more in a deadly blur of nylon as her skirt rode up exposing her thighs to hammer his jaw with a solid thud. The force of the kick sends him toppling over backwards, out cold just as another man tries to run past. Without stopping the uniformed woman caught his arm, raised her knee and drove her foot against the side of his knee. “Argh!” he wailed but Sally is moving in full flow now. “Hai!” the point of her elbow drove against his sternum. He has no time to cry out for the slender policewoman clamps her hand over his face pushing back his face and brings the point of her elbow down onto the base of his throat in a motion like pulling the whistle of a steam engine. TRWOCK! “Kkkkkk!” he went over backwards clutching his neck.

As the leggy woman painfully finished off the remaining men, I became anxious and decided I’d better not hang around in case she beat me up. I began to head back to my office intending to lock myself in when the sound of heels made me turn around startled to see the mature WPC with the small elfin face and large prominent nose running after me. She had hitched her skirt at her hip on one side to enable her to run fast, exposing incredibly sexy legs in full. It was such an absolutely glorious sexy sight of legs and lingerie that I just had to stop and stare. But as she got closer with a determined look upon her face I realised that had been a mistake. I used the politician’s excuse “I’ve nothing wrong” but it was too late.

In total amazement, I watched as the slender woman leapt to a great height in the air with her legs angling towards me then literally flew forwards like something out of a kung fu film with her skirt billowing out in a sexy leg show. Oh crap! In that second I was paralysed in terror with an absolutely raging hard on for her. It happened all so fast yet time seemed to slow down and I saw a shapely nylon-sheathed calve and foot close in on my face with tremendous speed. Oh crap, this was going to hurt. BLAM! The sole of her shoe struck my face with a terrifying force like a hammer upon an anvil. My head jerked back with a terrible pain in my face and the taste of blood upon my bruised lips. My back hit the floor so fast that I didn’t remember falling.

Ouch! My mouth ached like hell. My head was in complete whirl as I lay on my back that it took a few seconds for it stop spinning and regain my vision. What I saw was breathtaking. I looked up from the floor along a sensational pair of legs sheathed in sheer black nylon stockings that tightly adorned every long inch and hugged every shapely curve. From my viewpoint I could see her suspenders as her uniform skirt had rucked around her hips following that devastating kick. “Wow you have really great legs” I said appreciatively as the lust built in my groin. If she heard, she didn’t bat an eyelid as she step around to my side. I tried to sit up but stopped when I felt the bite of a heel pressing on my balls. My eyes ran up along the slim shin, slightly bent knee then the expanse of her upper thigh divided in colour and texture at her stocking tops before the almost-black skirt fell back. “Orrr!” I groaned as her foot pressed down. Her elfin face wasn’t smiling as she looked down at me. “You’re not going anywhere” she told me. “I want a little chat with you once I’ve done with your friends here” she added. “They’re not my Oooogh!” I yelped as her heel bit down upon my balls, it felt like someone was trying to drive a screwdriver through my nads. “OK OK!” I yelped with tears in my eyes, my hands grabbing vainly at the heel trying to get it out of my groin.

So it was that I watched from the floor with an aching face and aching balls as the lovely beak nosed mature WPC called for assistance on her walky-talky while inspecting her leggy-work. There was men strewn everywhere and I felt very excited that the slender woman had destroyed the lot of them. She went over to my brother and placed her foot on his throat. “You can stop pretending now, mister tough guy” she said with scorn as he began to cough, clutching at her foot with his hands. She reached down and seized his hand. “Argh!” there was a yelp as she pulled his arm straight while a sexy muscled calve bulged as her foot pressed down upon the side of his neck and bent back his back at his wrist “Ah ah!” he yelped writhing in agony. The slender uniformed woman looked so utterly dominant that my dick began to re-awaken.

There were more yelps as she humiliated my brother by forcing him to kneel by her side with a manipulation of his arm. Placing a knee upon the back of his neck and pressing his face down, she asserted her superiority by painfully pulling his arm straight out behind him then tucking it beneath her armpit. “You’re going to stand up quietly mister tough guy or” she began. There was a shriek as Sally pressed down upon his stretched joint. “Ah! Ah!” my brother yelped. My God my dick was absolutely throbbing as she stood looking coldly dominating as he writhed in agony beneath her. “I hope I make myself clear” she said coldly as she pressured the joint again eliciting more shrieks of pain. Such ruthless domination by the attractive-faced mature woman had my dick feeling as stiff as it had been frozen. My brother had no choice but to gingerly get to his feet or have his arm broken. She kept his hand bent severely at his wrist and kept cruelly applying pressing on it eliciting more howls of pain to remind him who was boss.

The smartly-dressed woman looked magnificent as she forced Douglas to his feet keeping him bent over with a subtle twist of his wrist while stressing his elbow. Oh God she was in complete control and I was achingly hard for her. Douglas had always been too pig-headed to admit defeat especially to a woman. “Let me go you bitch or I’ll see you demoted to traffic duties” he shouted angrily but was silenced as a black-sheathed leg swung forwards closing his big mouth with the tip of her shoe. “You have the right to remain silent..” she read him his rights while coolly forcing him to stand straight without further resistance. Looking so strong and commanding in her smart uniform, WPC Sally pulled back his arm then with one hand keeping his arm straight behind him she placed an arm around his neck. “You’re nicked, sunshine” she told my brother.

He was much taller than her so was forced to bow his back and walk with his knees bent while she looked so authoritative. Unable to tear my gaze away from this amazing dominant and ruthless woman, I followed at a distance as she forced marched him outside to a waiting Police van. She slammed him chest first up against the bonnet. “Argh get off bitch!” he cried as she twisted his arm between his shoulder blades. Releasing his arm, she began to pat him down working down from his shoulders to his waist. “Assaulting a police officer in her duties; resisting arrest. Don’t make it worse for yourself” she told him.

“Now spread your legs” she ordered in a firm voice. “I’ll get my solicitor onto you for Police harassment” Douglas cried as she tried to push her knee beneath his buttocks to pat his legs down. Typically my brother was being uncooperative and kept closing his legs. “Get off!” he snarled. But Sally wasn’t in the mood for any of his nonsense and stood up, seized his arm and pressed his hands behind his back, drew back her right leg and swung it forward with a blur of the sheen of her nylons. Her leg swung right up lifting her knee to chest height then snapped forwards between his legs landing with a solid thud and a howl of anguish from my brother. TWACK! That foot connected real hard it was little wonder that he just doubled over, falling across the bonnet. The uniformed woman came up behind him swung her arm like she was bowling and slammed her arm between his legs. THAP! Her hand slapped forcefully over his nuts then grabbed them while she lifted his backside up lifting his feet off the ground as she pulled him up by his balls. Then to add insult to injury she hammered her knee right up into them as well.

I wasn’t surprised that it looked like he was crying. He was in no condition to resist as she spread his legs and finished patting him down. “This is how we used to do it in the ’80’s. Works for me” she told him. Having done that, she whipped both of his arms behind his back and cuffed his hands then led him away to the back of the police van. She saw me watching. “I told you to stay where you were” she said firmly. She took a step towards me and I ran back inside before she kicked my arse again.
“Stay where you are, Sir” the greying WPC said as she returned into the warehouse and proceeded towards Winston who looked ready to get up from the floor. I thought she looked really hot in that uniform, strongly military looking but also very feminine in the way that it was sculpted to follow the curves of her body and especially with those sheer black nylons covering her long shapely shins and calves. Winston got to a position where he was sitting on his knees. Whether it was to attack or to get up and get away I wasn’t sure but the mature WPC got there first. She grabbed his ears then gave a little skip into the air and the toe of her shoe shot forwards right between his legs. WHAP! “Oooooeee!” he wailed as her toe hit home.

In his moment of distress the smartly dressed woman seized his hand then bent back his fingers causing him to yelp. “It’s no use resisting. You’re not man enough to handle a policewoman” she told him in a derisory tone as she forced his upper body back towards the floor. She bent over him, grabbed his other hand then forced both hands behind his back. I loved the way her uniform skirt clung to the contours of a small compact backside. “Try and get out of that, you can’t can you? I could break your arms like twigs if I wanted” she taunted while he writhed in obvious pain. Her face looked back at me over her shoulder while she pressed his hands high between his shoulder blades causing him to yelp some more. “You run and I promise that you will get much worse” she told me sternly. My dick began aching at those words. The slender mature woman was so dominant that part of me wanted to be subdued by her yet the pained expression on Winston’s face gave me pause for thought.

Facing his back, Sally got astride his head as though she were going to sit on it and pressed it down until she was on her knees and he was flat on his face. “I’m in complete control. I’m the boss and you’re the bitch. There’s nothing you can do but lie there and suffer” she taunted. She leant forwards, astride his head, working a punishing arm-lock which had him shrieking in pain. “Look at you, a big tough guy subdued by a mere woman” she taunted. With more yelps of agony, the mature WPC continued to keep the big guy immobilised while she whipped out her handcuffs and locked his hands behind his back. “Oh dear, do your arms hurt? Tough, that’s what you get if you mess with me” She told him in a cruel tone of voice. Another yelp and the elfin-faced woman began to rise forcing him to follow while pressing down upon the back of his neck to keep him bent over. “Not so tough now are you? Look how pathetic you are all stooped over under the power of a woman” the way she was verbally humiliating him was adding to the excitement of watching her dominate him and was really making my dick stiff.

Winston began to struggle to escape her clutches but was stopped by a sharp punch just beneath his ear eliciting a howl of pain. “Stop being difficult or I’ll kick you all the way out to the paddy wagon” she warned. I saw the look of worried apprehension in the big guys’ face. “And you’ve seen how powerful my kicks are” she added. The big man’s face seemed to drain of colour at that and looked genuinely afraid of this woman who looked so diminutive compared to him. Sally looked magnificent in her smart uniform and so firmly in control as she manhandled the big tuff across the warehouse to the nearest wall then slammed him face-first against it. The way she was physically dominating this big man gave off such sheer feminine power that it was getting me all hot and bothered.

She frisked him roughly then to my surprise wrapped an arm around his neck from behind and secured it by pressing her other arm upon his head from behind. In order to reach she had to stand on her toes and bend his head back which made her slender calves burst into big solid diamond tipped slabs of muscle with a clearly defined cleft between each muscle pair. They were so magnificent that I found my hand rubbing the front of my trousers before I realised it and forced myself to stop. It was a sleeper hold! I realised with excitement, Oh my God this woman was awesome! “I may be smaller than you but I could put you to sleep in seconds” she told him as she forced him around to face me while she kept behind him. “This could be you if you don’t stay there” she warned me. With his hands cuffed behind his back, Winston was utterly powerless to stop her. “You have the right to remain silent” she began reading him his rights. “I’m cutting off the blood supply to your brain with my arms” she told him while his eyes bulged with panic and his face began to turn red. Her slender arms looked incredibly tight around his neck, how could anyone have a chance against that? “In less than a minute your brain will be so starved of oxygen that you would be knocked out cold” she added conversationally while Winston looked alarmed.

His eyes positively bulged and blinked fast and he began flailing his legs until she tightened the neck noose with a hard jerk which made his eyes tune out for a second. “Stop that or I’ll keep on applying this hold long after you have passed out and you will certainly suffer brain damage and if I maintain it even longer, death” she said. He just seemed to give up then, realising that he was well out of his depth. My cock was absolutely throbbing by the power of this woman as Winston began to look more and more well and truly out of it, barely able to keep his eyes open. Her eyes watched me with a cruel knowing smile on her lips. “Do you want to be next?” she asked. Oh my God, yes please, she really turned me on but I was too scared to answer knowing that she wouldn’t be gentle. Winston’s legs seemed to start melting and he began to sag towards the floor. “Oh no, you don’t go to sleep on me just yet” she told him and jerked his head savagely in her arms.

Faster than you can say ‘police brutality’ she had tucked his head beneath her arm forcing the big man to bend forwards then marched him out to the paddy-wagon. “Look how pathetic you are, mister tough guy. Beaten by a woman” she told him scornfully. To be honest, he looked too out of it and groggy to resist. My dick ached as I watched this vision of pure female dominance as she kept him stooped in a headlock as she loaded him into the Police van outside.

Greetson was next but the bastard wasn’t going to go quietly. He jumped her as she re-entered the warehouse, grabbed her by the throat and raised his fist. With no sign of alarm, she calmly grasped his wrist and twisted it towards her and away from her neck. The thug shrieked in pain as the nerve-centres in his wrist were attacked. Once again the smaller woman overcame a much bigger man with a wristlock which she used to force his arm behind his back. She made it look so effortless. Bending his arm back upon itself into an arm-lock, the slender WPC rendered him helpless. Forcing him painfully to his knees then down to the ground, she showed no mercy as she asserted her control. Her skirt slid back showing lovely shapely calves and a bit of thigh as he writhed in pain beneath her. She was laughing “Is that all you’ve got? And you thought you were such a big tough guy. You’re nothing but a wimp” she taunted. With the thug face down on the ground, she brutally worked the arm-lock making him writhe and scream before forcing him onto his back whereupon she placed one foot upon the side of his face and pulled his arm vertical. “You’re not going to give me any trouble are you?” she asked. “I could snap your arm so easily like THIS” she pressed her knee against the back of his stretched arm. “Argh argh get off get off” he screeched. “Oh are they tears in your eyes? Is the little woman making your arm hurt?” she teased.

“A policewoman is highly trained in subduing a man. You don’t stand a chance, mate” she said. There was a loud scream as with a twist of his arm, she forced him onto his front. Then with a twist of the wrist he spun over in the air as if she were bowling a ball. “That was flipping good. Get it?” She was really letting him have it and it was turning me on. “I hope you are in no doubt who is in charge” she told him. Retaining his arm during the throw she used it again to force him to his feet while keeping him bent over. “I can do whatever I want with you and you are powerless to stop me” she told him. Greetson had no choice but to go where she wanted or she would have broken his arm. “You can’t get out of that can you?” she teased.

The feminine police officer in the almost black skirt and nylon-clad shins kept the tough’s arm twisted forcing him to stoop. “Get off pig-bitch” he yelped. A flick of her skirt and a lovely shapely leg slammed right across his gut like a crowbar. “Orggh!” he moaned. “You have the right to remain silent..” she began. Completing that she turned to face him, standing by his side then bent his arm at the elbow and forced it further back making Greetson’s back bow backwards. His face was red and screwed up in agony; the big tuff was outclassed by the mature woman. “Come on, put up more of a fight mister tough-guy. Make me break into a sweat” she taunted as she bent his wrist behind his elbow and propelled him straight towards the nearest wall. “Offff!” he groaned as his front hit the wall. “Spread your hands and legs” she demanded coming up behind him. “I said now!” WHAM her knee shot up against the underside of his buttocks hammering his nuts from behind. He howled in pain but didn’t try to resist after that. I caught a glimpse of his face and was shocked to see that the big tough bastard looked terrified of this slender woman as she patted him down.

Taking out her cuffs, Sally was a powerful authorative figure of female control. “Men are just wimps at heart. No match for a woman” she sneered. As she turned to cuff him I had a good view of her sexy muscled calves clad in sheer nylon with seams going up the centre. Corr this was a sexy legged woman all right, she probably had the best calves that I had ever encountered. She turned around and caught me looking and gave me a stern look from beneath her chequerboard banded black cap. “You stay right there if you know what’s best for you” she told me. Jeese, that threat set my dick throbbing, she was so forceful and dominant yet her face was quite pretty in an impish kind of way. “Go in your office and wait there while I’ll take this one out to the van” she ordered. The realisation that the mature slender policewoman had singlehanded subdued a warehouse crew of toughs made me obey waiting apprehensively for her return with a mix of trepidation and a hard on.

Even Greetson knew he was beat and offered no resistance. I didn’t like the bastard but even so the sight of the big man’s head bent in shame as the slight policewoman led him away was a shocking indication of her superiority. By then backup had arrived and a load of policemen loaded the others into the van while Sally strode across towards my office.

It made me feel very nervous to see the leggy woman approach after I’d just seen how she roughed up a whole gang of men. Even so, I couldn’t help staring at her long slender shins with the shapely calves behind shining with the reflected sheen of her nylons as they strode towards the office. Although slender and with a petite attractive face, the uniform made her look strong and authoritative. I was so worked up with nerves and lust when she entered the office that I rushed towards her. “I didn’t do..WOAH!” I exclaimed as she grabbed my wrist with both of hers then everything went topsy-turvy. The uniformed woman whipped my arm into the air then whipped it forwards in a semi-circle spinning my body head over heels in the air and sending it hurtling towards the floor. I remembered a brief impression of nylon-sheathed calves before my back hit the floor.

When my head cleared I found myself on my back at her feet. “Try that again and I’ll slam you all over this office until you pass out and then some” she said. Wow! What a woman. “Come on then, get up and have another go. No? So would you be kind enough to explain the crates of dodgy gear your mates were protecting?” she asked. I was in doubt that she could have carried out that threat and that made my dick throb even more. I looked up at the mature woman, along the length of her shins, skirt and uniform jacket. “I, I really don’t know” I replied getting off my back and onto my knees. Everything about her drove me wild but I couldn’t forget that she was an officer of the law.

“Let’s see if this will jog your memory” she said. Grabbing the back of my hair she yanked my head back sharply while raising her hand, open palmed with fingers straight. “No!” I cried out in alarm. That hand slashed towards me in a sudden blur. TWOCK! “Argh!” the side of her hand chopped my neck like an axe and my body stiffened and shuddered as the shock hit my system. I sensed her walk around behind me but was too stunned to move. “Hai!” WHOP! Two hands chopped either side of my neck, small elegant hands with long fingers. My mind went into a whirl and I found myself collapsed onto the floor on my hands and knees.

“Now do you remember?” her voice came above me. I looked up to see her towering over me. “Please I really don’t know” I pleaded really frightened of what she might do next. I actually flinched as her hands reached down and seized my wrist then bent my hand right back. “Ow! Ow!” I yelped as she applied pressure on my wrist and forced me to rise so utterly racked in pain to object. “I see I’m going to have to be a lot more persuasive” she said as I was forced to my feet in a sort of wincing dance that did nothing to alleviate the pain. The woman in the shapely tailored uniform jacket stood by my side staring out over my shoulder and wrapped up my right arm inside the crook of her arm which she then used to stress my elbow which kept me dancing in pain. Turning herself around, her shapely slender body moved in front of me pressing the side of her body against me. There was an unexpected moment of erotic electricity as the back of her hip bumped into my groin while my arm was pulled over her shoulder as she leant forward. “Whoa!” suddenly I went flying over her hip. There was a moment of utter helplessness as I flipped over her shoulder and hurtled towards the floor. KERSLAM! My back slammed into the floor.

My head was still spinning when there was another wristlock forcing me to my feet. Immediately she turned her back to me, pulled me close and slung my arm over her shoulder. Quickly going down into a crouch she bent forwards and I went flying again over her shoulder. BLAM! Once more my back slammed against the hard wooden office floor.

“Please no more” I gasped as she forced me up again. My head was in a whirl as she quickly turned her back on me then bumped her lovely backside into my groin while pulling my arm over her shoulder. The feel of her small hard backside pressing against my erection was ecstatic. She bent forwards and my feet left the ground while my dick slid up along the back of her skirt riding along the channel between her buttocks as she loaded me onto her back. I shot over her shoulder at terrifying speed, so fast that my back hit the floor before I realised that I was falling. I lay stunned for several seconds while the world spun around me at nauseating speed.

“I warned you what would happen. Now do you feel like talking or do I throw you through that glass partition?” she asked looking down at me with such stern confidence that I knew she would have no hesitation to carry out the threat. “Please I’m telling you the truth. My mother and brother deal with the business side” I told her then gasped as the sole of her shoe pressed against the front of my trousers and against my erection. I was so hard that she couldn’t possibly have avoided noticing it. The shoe rotated so that the toe was pressing against my manhood then slowly it slid down its length. Corrr I tried not to moan out loud but the sensation was electric. “I have many ways to persuade a man to talk” she said softly almost seductively. Reaching the bottom of my shaft, the toe continued down to the bottom of my balls. “Some of them more pleasurable than others” she whispered. “Oh Sally!” I moaned. “Ouch!” I yelped as a long nylon-sheathed shin began to lazily swing back and forth in front of me, the tip of her shoe gently tapping my balls. “Ouch ouch The records ouch ouch. Over there ouch in the bookcase ouch. Check for yourself” I told her in panic as her toe kept hitting my balls.

The smartly uniformed figure turned around to look at the bookcase, leaving me with a close-up view of her hard muscled calves barely six inches away. They were sleek and sexy, very feminine with a definite hint of strength. Long, slender and very alluring; each was raised above the level of her lower leg above her ankle like a small step with a clearly defined double diamond edge. They weren’t big like an athlete but slender, feminine and clearly hard muscle. Those calves were driving me wild, I just had to reach out and run my hands over those beauties. “Oh Sally, you’ve got really great legs” I moaned. I felt the hardness of the sleek slabs of muscle. Under my fingers they were quite prominent with a defined lower ridge. “So beautiful” I moaned. The feel of the hard muscle through the silky nylons got me going.

It was stupid I know, stroking the legs of a policewoman. “Enjoying yourself are you?” she asked “Are you some kind of kinky pervert who likes touching up policewomen?” Oh crap what was I doing? “I, I’m sorry” I stammered. She turned around to face me and I tried to back up as her hands reached down towards me and grabbed my head then pulled it towards her waist. “Why don’t you take a closer look, you pervert?” she told me.

I gawped in disbelief as the policewoman opened her legs and walked forwards. Stocking tops slid past my face on both sides with a rasp of nylon before my face was shoved right up into her crotch. My mouth and nose was pressed against her lacy black knickers and those lovely legs closed around my neck like a pair of sliding doors. “Mmmm!” she might have had slim legs but they delivered a hard squeeze. “There. Is that better you pervert?” she taunted. “Mmmmm!” I moaned into her panties partly because of the discomfort of her legs scissoring into the sides of my face and partly because this position was really turning me on. She had hitched up her skirt and out of the corner of my eyes I could see the bare patches above her stocking tops on either side as she trapped me in a very erotic standing face-scissors.

“Maybe that will teach you to keep your hands to yourself in future” she lectured while her lovely legs compressed the sides of my face. The sexiness of the situation didn’t escape me and my dick was positively aching. “I have strong legs. You won’t get out of that unless I let you” she said “Go on just try”. “Mmmm!” I had my hands on her upper thighs and tried to find purchase to pull them apart but it was impossible. Although slender, I could feel the sleek hardness of her long thighs and at the back of her legs a long low hard hill of her hamstrings swelled gently. “Mmmm!” I moaned as a strong surge of power crushed in from both sides. It was now beyond discomfort as twin hard poles covered in sheer nylon tried to break my cheeks. “I could knock you right out if I wanted” she told me conversationally. “It wouldn’t be at all difficult” she added. Oh that had me really throbbing. “You’re not so tough are you? You’re little more than a boy. You’re no match for me” she taunted. It was true; this slender woman had me completely helpless. Her legs gripped tight then shook my head dizzyingly hard then opened and I flopped back to the floor.

“Now get me the accounts ledger” she demanded “or next time I won’t be so gentle with you”. Wow what a woman! I crawled to the bookcase and after some searching found the ledger. While I did this Sally removed her jacket and hung it up on the coat-stand in the corner. I pulled it out and to my horror saw a second ledger hidden behind it. Oh crap! Even I knew that wasn’t a good sign. Passing the top ledger to the leggy WPC who took it without grace, I waited until she had opened the book and began looking at it then quietly slipped out the other book keeping my body in front to shield it from her view. I began to return to my desk when a voice shattered my world. “Do you really think that I’m that stupid?” she suddenly said. Startled, I stopped uncertain what to do. “Don’t play all innocent with me. What have you got behind your back?” she asked. “N-nothing” I lied.

All of a sudden the uniformed woman flung herself at me, knocking me back to the floor. I found myself on my back trying to wrestle with a uniformed she-cat lying on top of me grappling with my arms. “Come on Ian, put some effort into it” she taunted as she overwhelmed me with the ferocity of her sudden attack. Before I knew it, she was kneeling astride my chest pinning my left arm and seizing my right wrist with both hands. “Argh!” I yelped as she bent back the little finger and took the ledger out of my hand. “Just like taking candy from a baby” she poured scorn on my futile efforts to resist her.

Pinning my other arm under her knee, I once again found myself rendered helpless beneath this amazing female warrior. “You’re not going anywhere” she told me as she sat upon my chest pinning my arms. I was so close to those stocking tops that showed just below the fanned out hem of her skirt. I tried not to look up her skirt but from my position that was impossible to avoid.

She slid back to sit on top of my groin with her legs open wide exposing her stocking tops and black panties. “Does it turn you on being beaten up by a policewoman?” she asked. “Oh yes” I moaned before I realised that I had said it out aloud. To my surprise and pleasure, she began to make small back and forth thrusts of her hips that rubbed back and forth over my dick. “Ohhhh!” I moaned shutting my eyes as the sensations added to the pressure in my balls and made my dick even stiffer. “I can even control your dick with my clit” she said. “Oohhh Sally!” I moaned as the mature WPC continued to rub me off. “I could bring you off in no time like this” she stated. “Ohh Sally yes please” I moaned as the WPC worked my dick throbbing hard with the channel at the apex of her legs. “Tell me what you and your family of nasties have done with Jim Priest?” she asked as she continued to rub the tip of her little black panties back and forth in a steady rhythm over my dick making it stiffer with every slide. It just got harder and harder. My breathing got deeper and my heartbeat and body temperature rose. “Ohhh don’t know what you’re talking about” I moaned, I could feel the pressure building up in my balls, I was going to cum in any second. It felt so good.

Suddenly the rubbing stopped. I looked up and saw that she looked angry. She moved forward once more, a knee pinning my shoulder, the other leg bent with the foot on the floor. Grabbing my lower cheeks with both hands, she squeezed them forcing my mouth into a tight O. Pinned both my shoulders with her knees, she stared down at me while she tortured my mouth. “I was being so nice to you too and this is how you repay me” she said. Her nylon-clad thighs closed in either side of my face holding me firm while the elfin-faced woman put her hands on her hips hitching up her skirt. I couldn’t help looking. “Want to get up there do you boy?” she sneered. Oh yes please I thought. “Not a chance” she added. “Please Sally please rub me off, let me cum” I begged desperate for relief. SLAP! Her palm slammed across my cheek. “Do you think I’m some kind of whore?” she demanded. Out of the sides of my vision I could see the thick black band of her stocking tops which did nothing to ease my aching erection. “Well?” she demanded raising her hand to strike me again. “N-no” I answered nervously.

The sexy legged mature policewoman looked down at me like some Amazon warrior Goddess about to finish off her prey. “Then tell me what you’ve done with Jim Priest” she asked. The name seemed familiar but I couldn’t place it. “Please I really don’t know what you’re talking about” I replied in a pleading tone. “Oh please, I’m just a poor little rich boy who doesn’t know what’s going on in his family’s business” she mimicked in mocking tones. “Please..” I began but she cut me off. “Oh please Miss Policewoman, please wank me off like a prostitute” she taunted. “You seriously expect me to believe that you don’t remember the private detective who exposed your dad’s sorry enterprise to the Police and the media. What was it? Oh yes, drugs and slaves” she said. “Orrrr! OK OK I remember him!” I begged as she squeezed her thighs hard against the sides of my face, pinching my cheeks and burning my ears.

“Good and do you remember where you and your family put him?” she asked. The black bands of her stocking tops were right against the level of my eyes, taunting me, tempting me. I really wanted her to bring me off; she had worked me up so much that I was fit to burst. “Orghhh!” those slender but strong thighs squeezed again, squashing the sides of my face up pressing against the sides of my jaw making it difficult to move my mouth. “No! Please Ow! Please we’ve never done anything to him, Ow! Honest” I cried as my cheeks were painfully pressed inwards. “You really expect me to believe that?” she asked. “Mnnargh! It’s true, it’s true” I cried as she increased the pressure compressing the sides of my face surprisingly hard for such lovely slender legs.

“Oh please Miss policewoman, don’t hurt me” she mocked. “I don’t want to hear your whiny voice anymore” she said. “In fact I don’t even want to see your face” she said then rolled her thighs right over on top of my face and closed them. “Mmph” It was dark and uncomfortable in there beneath the backs of her gorgeous long gams as her nylons rubbed against my face but the knowledge that a uniformed policewoman was dominating me without mercy kept my erection hard. “What’s that? I can’t hear you” I heard her voice over the muffling of her thighs as the backs of her legs pressed down upon my face. It was with some relief that her thighs parted and I saw light again.

“Let’s find somewhere comfortable to sit and read this” she said to herself. I watched as she got up into a low crouch then turned around.
Skimpy black briefs covering a lovely backside hovered low above my face as she turned. She looked back and saw me looking and a wide wicked smile crossed her small elfin face. “Are you staring at my backside?” she accused. “I bet you’d like to be up there” she said. Actually I would. “Well, why you don’t take a closer look” she told me. Without further ado her backside lowered itself quickly towards my face. It settled fully upon the top of my face covering my eyes. Luckily she didn’t weigh a lot but it still wasn’t comfortable. “Mmmm mmm!” I protested as she slid forwards and wriggled around on my face. “Stop struggling or I’ll put you away” I heard her say as my nose wedged right up between her small rounded buttocks. I stopped struggling as my face settled in place beneath her. Opening my eyes I found myself looking up at her backside at extreme close-up while my mouth and nose were squashed beneath. At that close range I could see right up the back of her skirt.

“Mmmm!” looking up at the lovely peach, I clasped at the top of her legs and tried to shake them as if that could somehow get me free. That is, until she seized my hands and forced them to the floor then pinned each beneath a leg. “It’s no use struggling. You just lie there and take it like a man” she scolded. I gave up my resistance and surrendered to her backside. That’s when I discovered that the sensation was quite enjoyable, although very humiliating and downgrading to be only able to breathe what little air her small arse allowed. She wriggled around some more then stopped. “Ah, that’s better. Now I’m comfortable so I can begin” I heard her say. “You just stay right there and don’t move. You can’t do anything else, there’s no escape” she told me. She was right, there was nothing I could do but lay there and suffer the stuffiness in silence listening to the occasional rustle of a page as she read the books.

“Hummmm these ledgers make interesting reading” I heard her say as she smothered me. “Do a bit of creative writing on the side do you?” she asked. Not that I could answer. “Because that’s what it is” she continued. “Mmm mmmm!” I moaned into the arse that my nose was wedged into. I wasn’t quite sure what bit of her was pressing against my mouth but my imagination filled in the blanks and I found it strangely very sexy being stuffed beneath her like this. “Mmmm!” I moaned my appreciation into her lovely cheeks. The policewoman rubbed her arse back and forth strongly a few times so I suspected she also enjoyed dominating me like this. “A complete work of fiction” she said as I slowly suffocated beneath her. She wriggled about a bit more on my face eliciting muffled groans of protest. “Comfy down there?” she asked.

I found the sensation of being stuck under a policewoman’s backside rather exciting and it was keeping my boner stiff. Suddenly a hand brushed the bulge in my trousers, just briefly. Then again, a brief almost absent minded stroke that sent tingles through my groin, stoking me up once more to bursting point. “Hmm very interesting” she said while her fingertips lightly circled the tip of my erection. Although whether she was talking about the accounts or my hard-on was impossible to say stuffed beneath her firm hard backside. The fingers moved away I heard the crinkle of a page turning before it returned. The brief strokes became long and lingering, driving me wild as her fingers stroked lightly sending electric bolts shivering along my throbbing shaft. After all that rubbing against it with her crotch and the sexy way she kept dominating me, I was fit to burst. Oh Sally! Please rub faster. Let me cum in your hand.

I was absolutely worked up, full of testosterone and desperate for relief. Yet the cock-teaser suddenly got off my face before I had cum. Sally’s small eyes were full of mischief as they looked down at me along a long prominent nose, with a saucy smile on her wide mouth that pushed up her cheeks. “Oh Sally please, don’t stop now” I begged desperate for the woman to finish what she had started. The uniformed woman cruelly ignored me with a wide smirk upon her lips and glanced over at the computer. “What’s on the computer, Ian?” she asked.

What I did next was stupid. “Oh Sally! I want you so bad” I moaned with an absolutely huge throbbing erection on the verge of discharge. I ran my eyes hungrily over her lovely slim figure as I got to my feet. “Oh Sally! You are amazing, please I really want you” I moaned and quickly stepped towards her. To my surprise, as I reached her and moved close to her body, she began to fall backwards away from me. The policewoman’s foot came up into my engorged nuts as she began to pull me down with her. I instantly knew what was happening and the thought turned me on all the more. The back of her jacket hit the ground and I saw the uniformed woman beneath me snap a nylon clad leg straight vertically. In a fraction of second I saw my groin raised upon her black shoe at the end of a lovely shapely slim leg sheathed in sheer black nylon. A sexy straight leg that whipped over like the speeded up hands of a clock launching me right over her and sending me hurtling head over heels across the room.

BLAM! The floor slammed into my back hard. Immediately the leggy woman was at my side, kneeling on the side of my chest and bending my wrist back. Throwing herself backwards onto the floor at 90 degrees to myself, she pulled my arm between her legs with her feet pressing on my shoulders. “Argh!” I screeched as my arm was bent backwards at the elbow over her crotch. “This is how British policewomen take care of randy sods like you” she told me. Her wonderfully shaped calve pressed against my throat as she pulled my arm back against her crotch. “Kkkk!” I was surprised by how hard it felt. “Argh!” I shrieked as she stressed my elbow, it felt like it was going to snap at any second. “Make the slightest wrong move and I’ll bust your arm with my pussy” she warned.

Sally’s legs rose from my shoulders as she got to her feet but she didn’t let up on the arm-bar. Forcing my arm vertical, she forced me to roll to my side then knelt upon the base of my neck just behind the shoulder joint. “Argh!” “What are you going to do about it? Cry?” she taunted as she continued to punish my arm. This slightly built policewoman was physically dominating me with ease. She might only be a woman but her combat skills were well out of my league, not that I was a fighter anyway. My cock felt really stiff as I realised that I didn’t stand a chance against her. This attractive unassuming woman was really someone you didn’t want to mess around with.

“Argh!” a twist of my arm and I was forced onto my stomach. I felt Sally’s body press across my back from the side as she twisted my arm behind me then tucked it under her arm. “Argh!” I yelped again as she bent my hand back at the wrist. “Tell me what’s on the computer, Ian” she said in a firm voice full of authority. “Argh! Just records, customer orders and stuff” I yelped as she cruelly worked the wrist-lock making the bones and tendons grind together. “That might be interesting” she said then, to my relief, released my arm.

I lay wrecked on my belly watching Sally’s sleek sexy calves bulge and wane as she walked across the room towards the computer. The sheer black nylon really enhanced the sexy appeal of those long sleek toned calves as they flexed into strong looking hard diamond headed muscle. As I said before, they weren’t huge freaky muscular calves but slender shapely and very feminine yet quite well-defined and strong looking. They turned me on watching them so much that I forgave her roughness.

Of course by now the screen-saver had kicked in and was password locked. WPC Sally turned around and walked back towards me. Even though I fancied her, I was frightened of what she might do to me. I began to push myself off the floor. “No, don’t get up” she said. I had only got to my knees by the time that she was standing over me. With alarm I saw her raise her hand, open-palmed with the fingers straight. “Hai!” it fell in a blur and chopped me on the back of my neck. My neck went horribly stiff and my shoulders rose as my nervous system was shocked by the blow. I collapsed back onto the floor on my belly. WHUMP! Her weight fell onto my back driving me against the hard floorboards. We must get some carpet in this blooming office I thought even as her hands reached around over my shoulders and pulled back my arms. Keeping my arms straight at almost 70 degrees to the line of my shoulders, my face was forced against the floor. Out of the side of my vision, I could see her black-heeled shoes spread wide on either side of me.

“No, please no” I yelped as she pulled on my arms which caused my belly to rear back from the floor, bending back my spine. “What are you going to do about it, you randy little sod?” she asked. I felt my forearms tucked into the crook of her arms then she leant forward and took hold of the hair on the top of my head and yanked it back. “Argh!” I yelped. “Look at you, trussed up like a prize turkey” she told me. “Please stop. I’ll tell you anything” I begged. “Oh, don’t be such a wimp” she scolded. “Come on, put up a fight, show some backbone if you’ve got one” she added. She let go of my hair then grabbed my hands and bent them back at the wrists while pulling my arms wide until they pressed against her knees. “Argh argh please stop please” I begged. “Oh man-up” she said with scorn as she bent my forearms over the tops of her thighs. I felt the contrasting textures of her stockings, tops and bare flesh. “Let’s see you get out of that, you randy little sod” she told me.

Her hands left my arms but to my horror I found that I couldn’t move them, they were stuck hooked over her thighs. “You can’t, can you?” she teased. She raised her feet onto her toes raising the level of my hooked arms. “I’m not even holding your arms and yet still you are completely helpless” she chuckled. The sides of her calves bulged with strong hard muscle on either side of me. I felt so helpless, I couldn’t move my arms yet my dick was beating against the floor. Her hands slid beneath my armpits and began pulling on my arms causing my front to lift up from the floor, straining my back. “Argh!” the pain as my back strained as she bent it backwards was awful. Her calves bulged powerfully as she pressed down on her toes to keep me raised. “You really do make an awful noise” she remarked. Her hands slid out from my armpits and came over my shoulders to cup my chin. “This should shut you up” she remarked. “Argh!” I groaned through clenched teeth as she began to pull my chin up.

Once more her calves bulged as she went onto her toes as she lifted my head in her cupped hands. My spine curved back in punishing cramping agony. “Argh! Please my back please” I cried through clenched teeth. “Maybe you have a backbone after all” she chuckled cruelly as she pulled my head back level with her knees causing me to shriek again before she finally threw my face to floor.

“How old are you, Ian?” she asked as she got off me and stood up. “21” I panted lying face first on the floor wiped out by the slender mature woman. “Pathetic. I know cadets, girls who are only 16, who could beat the stuffing out of you with one hand tied behind their back” she said. “Do you know how old I am?” she asked. I didn’t want to risk answering in case I offended her and she got angry. “53, more than twice your age and yet still you don’t stand a chance against me” she said. “Come on, stop me if you can” she said.

With alarm I looked around to see what she was doing but it was too late. Crouching behind my feet, she grabbed them and bent one sideways into the crook of my other leg then pressed that forward to trap it. In one swift move she had tangled my feet up together. “Please Sally, I’ll tell you anything. I’ll tell you the password” I pleaded not wanting any more pain. She didn’t even pause to consider it but immediately pressed the front of her body against my upright calve pressing it backwards to point towards my arse, squashing the trapped foot. “No, don’t tell me. Let me force it out of you” she said. I slammed my arms against the floor in frustration as she sat astride my arse immobilising my legs by sitting on one foot causing it to, in turn, trap the other. “Oh poor little pervert. Is a woman more than twice your age kicking your butt again?” she teased.

I felt her hands on my shoulders which then slid to my arms and pull them back until she could seize my forearms. “Nnnnn!” I tried to stop myself crying out as she leant back and pulled upon my arms. “Argh!” the pain was too great, she was pulling back so hard that my whole torso reared up bending back my spine like an archer pulling a bow. I was in absolute tears. The leggy tormenter kept me suffering while she interrogated me. “Now Mister cry-baby, you will listen well and only answer when you are spoken to, understood?” she queried. “Yes!” I replied trying not to cry. She kept me suffering in that hold, prolonging the agony in my back, as she spoke slowly. “If I ask you what the password is to that computer. Will you tell me? Just answer yes or no” she said. She was really stretching it out making sure that I knew that she was in complete control. “Yes!” I sobbed my back was ablaze in agony.

I felt relief as she released my foot but she still had hold of my arms and I felt dread as she sat upon my back. Maintaining the stress upon my arms, she leant forwards. I felt her hot breath by my ear. “Tell me” she whispered then her hot wet tongue flicked out and licked all around it. Nghhhh! The sensation was electric and my dick which was flagging after that backbreaking punishment instantly got very stiff indeed. “Password01 capital P” I gasped spelling it out hoping for some more of her wet stimulating tongue. But instead I felt her lean back and swing her legs around the outside of my arms trapping them in the crook of her legs as her calves folded around them. Oh crap, the attractive slender WPC had me in yet another hold where my arms were immobilised by her fabulous legs.

“Ouch! No, no” a quick squeeze of her lovely thighs against my arms had me yelping. I felt her crossed feet pressing on the back of my head. “I should mash your face into the floor” she told me. “And snap your arms off” she sounded angry. “Thinking I would be stupid enough to believe anyone would choose that as their password”. The arched top of each foot pressed against the upper sides of my face. It felt like she could bust my shoulder blades with a squeeze of her legs. “Do I look stupid to you?” she asked. “No!” I gasped trying once more not to show my weakness. “It’s true” I cried “Douglas can’t remember anything more complicated” I protested unable even to writhe in agony because of the pain.

Suddenly my whole body was hurtling backwards into a seated position with her deceptively strong legs still pressing my arms together behind my back with her ankles crossed behind the back of my neck. “Do you feel my leggy double arm lock?” she asked. “I am in complete control of you, dominating you entirely with my legs alone in my leggy full nelson” the words were making me hard again. “Do you understand what will happen to you if I squeezed my legs together real hard? Do you have any idea how many weeks you will have to spend in hospital?” she warned. A short strong squeeze of her thighs had me yelping. “I am in command here. Understand?” she asked. Another strong squeeze of her legs had me yelping my agreement.

I was totally turned on that this amazing policewoman who was ruthlessly dominating me and had me completely subdued using her sexy legs alone. BAM! Her legs slammed my front against the floor. I was totally beat but she still poured it on. Raising her upper body upon her arms, there was a terrible surge of power flowing through her sexy stocking-sheathed thighs. Oh God! I was crying like a baby and begging for mercy. “It’s true, it’s true, try it just try it” I sobbed as her strong legs bunched my shoulder blades together. They felt like they were going to bust at any moment. “Look, no hands” she said as she bore down with her sexy legs. She continued to let me suffer in her leggy arm lock for what felt like an agonising several minutes more though in reality it could have just been seconds before she finally released me. I fell face first to the floor, a sobbing mess, ashamed of showing such weakness in front of the attractive elfin-faced woman who I had the hots for.

“Stop your crying and get over to that chair now before I kick you there” Sally commanded. She was so harsh and dominant yet looked so sweet and nice. Gaining composure of myself, I looked up to be confronted by a sensational pair of well-muscled calves standing close to my head. That soon made me forget about the pain I’d been put though. Standing slightly side on, the thickness of the muscle was quite noticeable. A clearly defined downward point adorned each side of the muscle head. I just had to reach out and touch them. “Oh Sally, you are such a leggy Goddess. Please I just want to worship your legs” I moaned with mounting lust.

Yeah it was dumb. As quick as a flash the uniformed woman had stepped over me to face my legs, scooped them up with one foot tucked under each arm, crouched back and hauled my legs right back. “How do you like if I keep touching your legs” she snapped as she raised herself onto her toes rolling back my entire backend into the air all the way down to my chest. “Please I’m sorry, I’m sorry” I pleaded tapping the floor in submission once more in back-breaking torture. I was relieved when she let my legs drop back to the floor. “Get over to that chair quickly before I bust your balls” she said. I quickly complied remembering how brutal she had been in that department with the thugs in the warehouse.

I scrambled across to the chair then pulled it out to sit down in front of the computer screen. “No” she said then spun the chair around so that its back was nearest the desk. She patted the seat. “The back of your head on here, like you’re at the dentists” she said. I didn’t understand but did as she asked. Kneeling on the floor, I bent back my head until it rested on the seat behind looking up at the ceiling. Suddenly she straddled the chair standing astride my head, facing the back. I watched in disbelief at those long hot stocking covered legs slide past the sides of my face with her crotch getting closer and closer as she lowered herself down. Mmmmm! I moaned in her knickers. A mature policewoman sat herself upon my face with the weight of her crotch right on my mouth and my nostrils pressed right up against the bottom tip of her black knickers. She pulled back her skirt at the front so that she could look down at me. “Well I’m sitting comfortably. So I’ll begin” I heard her say in a chirpy voice.

Mmmm! I could hear her tapping away at the keyboard while she used my face as a seat cushion. Luckily the actual seat was one of those that draped over the edge and so cushioned the back of my neck. “Mmmm!” it was a strange sensation being able to breathe only through her frilly panties but it was strangely alluring and kind of sexy. “Well what do you know? That password worked. Guess I won’t have to kick you all around the room after all” I heard her say. The insides of her thighs squeezed against the sides of my head like some kind of enveloping sea-monster, strong, and irresistible, causing me to give a little groan of discomfort. I felt the vibrations from my lips against her panties. “Mmmm!” I did it again this time on purpose. This was actually very sexy and I thought I heard a small sigh of contentment before she spoke again. “Maybe I will you’re your arse again anyway, just for good measure. What do you think?” she asked with a definite sigh. With my mouth stuffed beneath her privates I couldn’t exactly answer.

I felt her cross her calves beneath my head then she squeezed hard. “Mmmmm!” I groaned at the painful pressure crushing in on either side of my head and that time I definitely heard her give a little moan of pleasure. Oh what a Goddess! What a complete and utter Goddess, she was really turning me on even when she was putting me in my place. “Yes. I’m glad you agree with me” I heard her say over the taut legs bearing down upon my ears, her voice sounded slightly breathless. To my relief the pressure eased and I realised that I had been screwing up my eyes. Opening them again, I looked up over the top of her knickers and saw her staring at me looking so superior and dominant. “You just wait there until I’ve finished” she told me then looked back at the screen. “Mmmm!” I could only mumble my agreement into her knickers. It wasn’t as though I had a choice. I could only kneel awkwardly with my head bent back against the seat as a dominant policewoman sat on my face while looking through the contents of the computer. Helpless once again, the only thing I could do was look up and admire her flat slim front and the underside of a very nice looking bust. All the while, her slender but strong thighs held me firm.

It was such a humiliating position but corrr! I was getting so turned on. Having a woman sitting on your face with their pussy pressing on your mouth and nose is the sexiest most dominant thing she can do to you. The fact that I was looking up through very sexy legs wearing sheer black stockings and suspenders was an added bonus. Her slim torso towered over me with her smart white blouse hugging the contours of her nice sized bust viewed from beneath. Corrrr this was such an erotic position to be in and the view was very nice indeed. I just couldn’t help myself. Even though I had never done anything like it before in my life, the urge was just too strong to resist. I was so turned on that I began gobbling and licking at her panties. “Oi! Stop that right now” she shrieked then brought her thighs together hard against the sides of my head in a very tight squeeze. Orrr! The sides of my head felt as if they were being compacted by steel bars forcing me to stop. Oh what a goddess! What an absolute goddess.

The crushing stopped and I unclenched my eyes, only to see the policewoman’s crotch shuffling forwards. Her frilly black panties creeping up my nose like a suffocating tide, burying my nose right up the crevice between her undercarriage. “There that will put a stop to you doing that” she told me. “Mmm!” Luckily she wasn’t that heavy but it wasn’t comfortable either with my nose squashed and my mouth covered. I could barely breathe. “Mmmm mmm!” there was nothing I could except lie there snatching whatever bits of air I could, completely helpless with a steadily hardening dick. I felt so weak from the lack of air and subjugated beneath the policewoman’s pussy. “You comfy down there?” I heard her ask. I was in no position to respond. “Good” she answered for me and continued at the computer while I slowly suffocated beneath her.

“Mmm-Urrrgh!” I gasped down fresh air as she slid back onto my chest. “Is that better? Don’t want you to die on me. Well not yet at least” she said looking down at me showing no signs of concern on her small attractive face. But it was only a short reprieve because she immediately slid back onto my face as she continued searching through the computer. To my added discomfort she began rubbing my nose against the front of her panties like a bad dog. Yes she was definitely sighing, clearly using me for her own pleasure and that just turned me on even more. Finally after what seemed an eternity of slow suffocation the weight lifted from my face and I gulped down fresh air once more. Panting to regain my breath I watched as the leggy woman stood up and smoothed down her skirt. “Well I’d better be getting back to the station. There’s a ton of paperwork I’ll have to now fill in” she said. She turned towards where her jacket hung, her sexy sleek calves taunting me, flexing and waning, shiny under the sheen of her stockings.

I was on my feet before I knew it. “You can’t just go” I protested and put my hand on her lapelled shoulder to stop her. Yes I know, I should have learnt my lesson by now. My hand was seized and my arm pulled over her narrow shoulder as she bent forward shoving her lovely small backside into my groin. My feet rose quickly from the floor as she loaded me onto her slender back. I briefly found myself lying upon her back with my erection pressing against her backside. Looking down at the floor below, my body was quickly tipped upside down in free fall. The floor came up horribly fast as I hurtled towards it. KSLAM! My back hit the floor hard. She still had hold of my arm and pulled it straight vertically while stepping onto the side of my face. Staring down at me with such a look of superiority, the mature WPC set my dick beating a tattoo.

“I thought you’d be glad to see the back of me” she said, while she maintained the strain on my arm. “Argh you, you’re not arresting me?” I gasped trying not to cry out in the painful arm-lock. “No. I couldn’t find any evidence tying you into your brother’s illegal shipping activities” she admitted. “Argh!” that didn’t stop her keeping me suffering in that hold exerting her dominance once more. “Unless there is anything you’d like to confess to” she added. She bent my hand sharply at the wrist. “Argh argh!” I yelped in agony, it felt like she was going to break my wrist. “Do you wish to confess?” she asked coldly while I suffered on the floor at her feet. “No no!” I yelped writhing as my wrist felt like it would explode into shards of splintered bone.

She released my arm and flung it to the floor. Looking at me thoughtfully for a few moments while I nursed my arm then she lowered herself back down upon my chest. “Is that it? Can I go now?” she asked. Before I could say anything she reached back grabbed my legs and pulled them forward on either side until my toes touched the floor either side of my head folding me double like a matchbook. Urghh my gut and chest was all cramped up making it hard to breathe. She was in total control. “I like to thank you for helping me with my enquiries” she said without the slightest trace of sarcasm. “Mmmm!” my nose and mouth were pressed firmly against her crotch making it doubly harder to breathe. “And if you remember anything after I’ve gone, you can call me and I’ll be happy to come around to take your statement” she told me. I had no doubt what that would involve, more physical punishment and domination.

Her skirt fell forwards over my face putting me in the dark as she leant further forwards hooking her arms around my calves. Her bust pressed into my forehead as she folded me up even tighter. “Do you have any more questions?” she asked. I couldn’t even have answered if I had wanted to. I was too breathless and smothered to answer. “I’ll take that as a no then” I heard her say. “Mmuuph!” I groaned into her crotch as she released my legs. My legs and the lower part of my body flopped back to the floor and with relief I found my lungs working properly again. Even more so when so slid back from my face and sat high on my chest.

“Please Sally don’t go” I begged out loud. She looked surprised. “I, I love you” I blurted to her amazement. “You mean you just fancy a woman in uniform?” she said in an understanding tone of voice. “One that’s repeated kicked your arse” she added. She had crooked her right leg so that the shin sloped down at an angle with a deep shapely strong calve hanging down close to my face. I reached out and cupped that calve in my hand, surprised by how firm and heavy it felt. “Oh Sally, you have such sexy legs” I groaned as ran my hand over the long hard hanging slab of muscle. “Such shapely beautiful calves” I said as I traced the shape of the double diamond shaped muscle.

“You do realise that you are touching up a policewoman?” she asked but made no effort to stop me. I just couldn’t get enough of her long slender shapely and hard muscled calves. “Oh Sally, you have beautiful calves” I told her getting excited. “Why? I don’t understand it. I’m old enough to be your mother” she said, sounding genuinely interested. “I just love the way your slender calves sweep out gently into solid firm slabs of double diamond shaped cleft muscle” I explained.

I took the lower part of her leg close to her slim ankles in one hand while feeling the calve muscle with the other. “So firm and hard” I said in admiration and surprised that she hadn’t put me in some agonising hold by now. I tried to press in my thumb but it barely made an indentation. “Wow so hard” I gasped. “Come on, stop that” she told me with a delightful chuckle yet still made no move to punish me for coping a feel of her legs. “I’m still on duty, you know” she added when I didn’t stop but continued stroking her legs. “I’m sure you’re entitled to a break, please stay” I begged the wonderful mature leggy woman.

“Ian!” she shrieked as I pulled her leg out straight and ran my hand greedily up along her upper leg. “Such sexy sexy legs” I moaned. “So incredibly sexy in stockings and suspenders” I said. “Yes they are part of the dress uniform. I see you’re a leg man” she chuckled. “Oh your legs really turn me on” I moaned with desire. “I’m old enough to be your mother” she reminded. Yes, but my mother doesn’t have great legs like yours, I thought to myself. For a moment, I tried to visualise my mum with hot legs like Sally and whether I would fancy her if she did. Finding myself getting excited by the mental image I quickly put away the disturbing thought. “I don’t care, you really turn me on. I think you’re incredible” I told her. Yet she still made no move to stop me so I continued to feel her thighs and noticed how firm they felt. Was she actually enjoying this? I know I was.

“Please squeeze me in your legs” I asked as the sudden desire hit me. “Let me feel how strong your legs are. Dominant me with your sexy legs” I said getting really excited with the idea. “Come on, you owe it to me for roughing me up when you thought I was guilty” I added. She seemed to think about it for a while and I began to worry that I had overstepped the mark and that she might become angry and hurt me for real. Then her hand slid to the bulge in my trousers and had a good feel. “Hmmm I always wanted a toy boy” she said with a wicked grin as she gave my rod a good squeeze.

I thought she would object or get angry but instead she straightened out her long legs either side of my head. Caught mid-thigh they closed in around the lower sides of my head and neck. “Cawk!” the strength of her slender legs once again caught me by surprise. I knew that she had sexy muscled calves but her slender thighs gave no outward sign of being as strong as this. “What’s wrong Ian?” she asked sarcastically as I clenched my eyes and teeth trying not to cry out. “My legs are very strong” she told me in a conversational voiced while I tried to cope with the strong constant pressure. “I work them out every day” she told me as my hands felt long sleek firm thigh muscles beneath her stockings.

She rolled my head to one side and slipped off my chest and onto her side. I had no choice but to do likewise. Wow! Her lovely legs were much stronger than I had expected and although I was suffering, I was also getting turned on at the same time. “You won’t get out of there, go on try” she taunted. I tugged at her slim legs surprised that I couldn’t even budge them from around my neck. “Give up now Ian and you can save yourself further humiliation and pain” she told me smirking at my futile efforts. She rolled once more, this time onto her back forcing me to roll onto my belly with my neck clamped tightly between her thighs. “I’m not even doing anything. I just have my legs straight and crossed at the ankles” she teased. “Argh!” I tugged again, my hands feeling the silky softness of her stocking tops and the wonderful warm feel of her soft skin. “If I really start squeezing you’d be in a lot of trouble” she told me. Again she rolled me to one side just to show me how much she was in control.

“How good are your abs?” she asked. “Mine are pretty good, watch” she said. With that she raised herself upon her hands keeping her torso straight and squeezing down with such frightful power that my head went into a complete whirl and my vision blurred. “Narghh!” I groaned as the twin columns of stocking-clad sexiness bore down upon the sides of my head and neck with fearsome power that I felt the blood drain from my head. I knew then that she could easily put me out if she wanted to. “This is too easy” the mature policewoman taunted as I held onto her strongly swelling thighs as patterns of red and black filled my vision and a buzzing began in my ears.

The relief I felt as she lowered her behind was short-lived as she immediately raised it again in a mind-searing wave of power that had me grunting and groaning as I tried to ride out the leggy surge of head-crushing strength. “Ooh you’re going bright red” I heard her observe over the buzzing in my ears and the pounding of my own heart. She lowered herself once more and the formidable crushing pressure eased to a firm grip. The uniformed woman looked down at me, captive between her lovely slender thighs. “I could knock you right out in less than a minute like that” she stated as fact and I believed her. Oh God that really had me absolutely throbbing for her.

“Had enough?” she asked sweetly squeezing firmly but not too painfully apart from the occasional surge of female leggy power that made my head swim just to remind me what she could do. Looking up from between her sexy legs at the attractive mature WPC had me aching for more. “Oh please Sally squeeze me helpless make me worship you” Oddly enough all this leggy domination was turning me on so much that I wanted more, it was like some strange drug and I was addicted. “You’re weird” she chuckled but it was a nice chuckle.

Sally folded her calves behind my head and clamped down really hard. “Orrr!” I groaned as the slender stocking-clad thighs swelled up either side of my face. The sexy mature policewoman lifted her backside and bore down with a ferocity that I never would have expected when I first met her. The pressure soared so dramatically that I couldn’t think straight as my head span. “Orghh!” I groaned. I couldn’t take much more of this. THUD she slammed her bottom back to the floor then raised it again. THUD THUD THUD she kept doing this repeatedly sending wave after wave of crushing pressure surging around my neck. This policewoman was sexy legged and in charge. She controlled me with her strong legs twisting me this way and that while chuckling at my helplessness.

Her stocking-clad legs suddenly opened wide then slammed closed against the sides of my neck. BAM BAM BAM blow after blow of fit firm flesh hammered the sides of my neck sending my head spinning until it finally stopped. The lovely but lethal legs slid away from me until I found myself resting on the top of her left foot. The right foot pressed against the side of my jaw rocking it back and forth. I clutched at her slim ankle and pulled it away while she chuckled. “Is that enough leg domination for you?” she asked with a teasing tone. Looking along her legs from her slim ankles right up to her crotch was enough to reinvigorate my dick. “Wow! You’ve such great legs” I sighed in appreciation.

Laughing she flung herself at me, caught my hands and quickly pinned them above my head. I found my face being enveloped by her nice sized bust as the white blouse moulded itself like a mask. “Mmm mmmm!” I moaned in protest, the sides of her arms prevented my head from turning under her suffocating bust. “I might not have big tits but they’re enough to be classed as deadly weapons” she laughed with glee. They lifted and I found my body pressed right against hers as she wrestled me, overwhelming me with her exuberance. She was like a wild-cat, moving this way and that making it impossible to keep a hold on her.

Soon she slipped out of my grip and managed to get behind me. Long nylon-clad legs slipped over my shoulders and clamped tight around my neck with the back of my neck resting against her crotch. The legs stretched out before me all the way to her feet in the distance as the pressure soared around my neck. I had asked her to squeeze me with her legs and now she was doing it, again and again. As they squeezed relentlessly with no let up against the lower sides of my face and neck, I clutched at her knees trying to pull them apart. Her slender legs were immobile like steel cables clad in silky smooth nylon. “Enjoying that are you? I certainly am” I heard her voice. “What about this?” she asked then crossed her legs over my chest and the pressure soared even more. I heard laughter as her legs flung me from one side to the other.

“I’ve never had a man actually ask me to scissor him before” she told me. “Usually they beg and cry like a baby for me to let them go but I don’t do that until I’ve knocked them right out cold” she added. “But I’m more than happy to oblige”. She raised her hips and the world spun, it felt like my eyes were bulging unfocussed, my throat closed and my face burnt red. The pressure eased slightly as her hips returned to the floor but then her legs slid around my neck as she moved from behind around to 90 degrees at my side. “Oh I just love scissoring men helpless” she said. The back of my head now rested upon her left leg while my throat was trapped in the crook of her right leg. “Urkkk!” I croaked as the back of her leg crushed down upon my throat. “Are we having fun yet?” she chuckled. I frantically tugged at her ankle trying to prise the calve away from the side of my neck but it held fast as her folded leg strangled me in a tight figure 4.

The energy-zapping strangling crush stopped and I found myself coughing on the floor unable to fight back as she knelt by my head trying to force my arms down. Quick and nimble, Sally flipped her right leg across my head to pin my right arm. Her backside pressed into my face and for a moment I thought that she was going to sit on it again, but then she leant forward along my chest and belly. I found myself wedged between the backs of her thighs looking at the back of her skirt. “Here, enjoy the view” I heard her say as she whipped up the almost black material to reveal a lovely small peach of a backside covered by skimpy black lace knickers.

Long lovely shapely columns of slender leg stretched out either side of my head. I felt the nylon push against the lower line of my skull as her firm legs closed in around my neck and tightened like quick-drying super-glue as she crossed her ankles behind me. Wow looking up at her compact backside at close distance while held between her lovely stuffed stockings was a sexy view; she really had a great arse. I felt the sides of her thighs and the backs of her legs, running my hands over low-lying but firm hamstrings enjoying the feel of sheer nylon over firm female body while admiring the view and watched in wonder as her buttocks clenched together. Then the pressure just went through the roof. “Argh!” I groaned as the leggy columns hardened around my neck and lower face. Surely this was what it was like being swallowed alive by a boa constrictor? Wedged right up against the base of her small bottom, the small between her clenched buttocks into which my chin was stuck shrank drastically. Her buttocks were so hard that it felt as if they would shatter my jaw as they squeezed with a power that I never expected.

SLAP SLAP I had been clenching my eyes and opened them to the sound of slaps upon hard flesh. “Glutes as hard as steel” I heard her tell me then slapped them again. SLAP SLAP. “It’s the glutes that provide the power and I can flex mine really tight making my reverse head-scissors deadly” she said. Momentarily the pressure dropped as she relaxed her lovely backside but then it immediately soared again as she flexed them once more. The fierce alligator grip her legs had around my neck was so devastating that I began to feel dizzy as the oxygen was cut off to my head. My face burnt and my neck and the sides of my cheeks ached under the awesome power that her lovely backside drove through her beautiful legs. I could even feel her long sleek hamstring positively bulge with muscular power under my hands. A muscular feminine sort of power that was overwhelming sexy as it was irresistible.

I had asked her to scissor me to feel the strength of her sexy legs and to be completely dominated by them. So I tried not to make a fuss and cry out in pain but I just couldn’t help it, her legs although slender packed a devastatingly strong squeeze especially when driven by her strong glutes. My head span and I felt totally powerless and increasingly weak as the policewoman’s legs threatened to put me away with every periodic squeeze. I was forced to roll helpless as a rag doll from one side then the other by the legs clamped tight around my head as Sally continued to work me over, exerting her control and dominance. Being squeezed and rendered helpless by the sexiest legs that I’d ever seen was an amazing experience that, although painful, really turned me on.

The mature uniformed woman just wouldn’t give up as her legs slammed me back and forth as helpless as a ragdoll in her leggy grip. They just clung on, biting hard against my neck, like a terrier. Every now and then she would momentarily relax her hold then slam it back on again pounding my neck and head and sending waves of blood rushing to my brain.

The pressure eased off a little once more and I gasped as I felt her hand close around my manhood. “Oh dear, is it sagging? What a shame I’m not a whore then” I heard her say. “Or I would do this”. Her hand took a good hold of my package through my jeans and began to squeeze and massage it like she was working a sausage. Ohh! That felt good, sensational and my flagging dick recovered quick as she worked it in her hands. Or it would have if she didn’t constantly remind me who was in charge by squeezing down very hard every now and then. Her reverse scissors were truly powerful out of all proportion to the appearance of her lovely slender legs, sending my head instantly into a spin. Each time she would fondle and caress my dick until it was rock hard then cruelly crush down upon my head until my world span and my dick had deflated almost back to where it had started. Yet little by little the leggy policewoman slowly built me up until I was raging hard seemingly dragging out the process over what must have been half an hour at least. Oh God! By then I was absolutely desperate for release once more.

Of course that’s when the little cockteaser opened her sexy black nylon-clad man crushers and rolled off me then turned around kneeling to face me. I rolled around to face her, desperately hungry for release but wary remembering my previous failures in that area with her. “Sally, please. I want you so bad” I moaned. “Come and get it if you want it” she chuckled but I knew that if I did then she would just use that as an excuse to rough me up some more. I didn’t want any more scissoring; I wanted to make love to her. “Please I want to be your boyfriend. I’d do anything for you” I pleaded. “Let’s make it easier for you then” she said with a cheeky grin pushing up the cheeks in her small face. To my surprise she hitched up her skirt and removed her knickers. The greying policewoman then went into a sort of low fighting position, semi-crouching with her legs wide and arms ready for action. Her infectious smile was very wide indeed with her eyes bright and eager, the pupils wide and black showing intense keenness. She really wanted me to get to grips with her. Something made up my mind and not just lust.

I rushed forwards and collided with the WPC and we collapsed together in a tangle of arms and legs. I never expected to win and within seconds I was on my side facing her while those fabulous legs squeezed my middle like a tube of toothpaste. “Urghh!” the strength of those beautiful stocking-clad legs crushing me helpless was so exciting and literally breath-taking. “Orghh!” I groaned as her legs tightened like a steel band around my waist. I forced myself to lean towards her and to my surprise she did likewise. Our faces met in the middle and I kissed her passionately not caring whether she crushed the life out of me or not. I kissed that mature attractive elfin face and was pleasantly surprised when she responded back in kind. In not time, our tongues and lips were locked in an amorous wrestle, snogging away with rising passion like two teenagers.

She broke off the kiss and leant away from me while swinging her legs around in front of me, opening them wide and inviting. But they made no move to capture my head and stayed there spread wide and pointing straight to the ceiling in a V shape exposing her bare pussy, inviting me in, a deadly sexy trap. One that I just couldn’t resist, as worked up and throbbing hard as I was; I just dove right in and put my mouth to her bare pussy. “Ah! That’s right my little pussy prisoner” she threw back her head and closed her eyes. “Lap it up real good and I won’t have to lock you up and throw away the key” she sighed. I was so achingly hard for her but I really wanted to please her like her sex slave. So I nuzzled and licked, paying homage to this sensational woman, excited to be turning her on.

Of course those sexy strong legs closed around my head, locking my face firmly in place. Instead of squeezing down and making me suffer they held me in place while I willingly serviced her. The knowledge that they could crush me out at any second made the experience even more intense. I had never done this before, only read about it yet it came naturally after she used her hands to get me into the right position and after the first few licks I got used to the taste. Her soft moans of pleasure told me that I was doing things right and drove me on with a determination to make this amazing woman moan loudly in ecstasy. I wanted to give her the biggest orgasm that she’d ever experienced so then she would let me be her boyfriend so she could get more. “Ohhh you good pussy prisoner” she moaned.

Her slender strong thighs clad in sheer nylon stockings felt wonderful under my hands and I could feel them occasionally turn firm and steel-like for a few seconds as they squeezed my head each time she moaned. After what felt like several minutes, the squeezing became more frequent and her moans louder. “Ohhh” Moaning loudly now, her hands reached behind my head and pulled my face hard into her crotch. With my nose pressed against her hairy patch she rubbed my mouth roughly over her pussy several times before folding her calves behind my head to hold my face tightly in place in a double figure 4 scissors.

The uniformed fighting goddess began to buck and grind against my face moaning with pleasure, crushing down much harder, more frequently and for much longer now. “Ohh yes, finish what you started or I’ll crush your puny head like a grapefruit” she moaned crushing down so hard with her strong legs that it made me cry out into her crotch. She became a wild animal, pressing my face into her pussy while rubbing up and down while I stuck out my tongue to lick her clit as it passed. All the time crushing down almost constantly now upon my head in waves of power that had me crying out loudly. “Oh yes, scream louder you pussy prisoner. Oh Oh stick that tongue in there yes yes do it” she moaned. “Mmmmm!” despite the crushing pain, I was so turned on that I licked and mashed her pussy with increased fervour. “Unnnh! Oh sweetheart, that feels so good! Come on, stick it in deeper and don’t stop screaming the vibrations are ohhh sooo delicious!” she moaned. Oh God! I had my face stuck in some kind of wild sex-crazed monster who was in complete control. I had no choice but to service her even though she could probably crush me to death with the power surges of irresistible female strength. In fact if it wasn’t for her crushing me like crazy while mashing my face against her pussy I probably would have shot my load long by now.

“ it comes! I’m going to come all over your criminal face! Drown you in my juices. Ohhhhhh God!!!!” she cried. My head was being driven up and down rapidly as she bucked her hips moaning like a woman possessed and then she came. Oh boy did she come! Bucking her hips so wildly that I was scared that she would break my neck in her crushing leggy clamp. Yanking my head up and down fast she slimed my face in what seemed a never-ending stream. “Hah hah Oh sweet Lord! hah hah yes ahhh!” she was loud and noisy and so tireless that I worried that I wouldn’t last out but she finally slowed down with big sighs then stopped and released my slimed face and aching head.

To my surprise she didn’t stop to rest but immediately went for my trousers, unzipped and pulled them down exposing my huge aching erection. “Still so hard, you bad pussy prisoner” she whispered saucily. Without hesitation she squatted over my throbbing stick and plunged herself right on. “Ohhhh!” that felt so good as my rod was enveloped in her hot sticky furnace which then slid up and down along it as she rode me hard. Her elfin face and wide eyes looked hungry as her slick female genitals pumped my aching manhood. “Come on, give it up now you bad prisoner, you don’t have a chance” she teased as she increased the tempo my rod sliding in and out like a plunger down a sink. “Ha aa ah! Ohhh!” I was moaning loudly as my dick erupted in a fountain of white gooey mess that just kept on coming in a long drawn series of smaller eruptions as the mature policewoman completely exhausted me.

Collapsing totally exhausted and shagged out on the floor, I was surprised but pleased to find Sally lying next to me cuddling and kissing me. “I love you Sally” I whispered in post-feverish exhaustion. She chuckled “Well, if you can keep up with me like you just. Maybe I’ll give you a trial run as my toy boy pussy prisoner” She kissed me. “Now rest for a bit” she told me. “We might have time for a couple more jail sentences before I have to go back to the station to start on the paperwork” she gave me a saucy wink then began peppering my lips, cheeks and neck with light kisses that almost immediately began to arouse me. Oh boy! Have I bitten off more than I can chew? It was certainly going to be fun finding out.
Angel sat in Jim’s office staring at his whiteboard then looking back at the latest additions she had made to her Visio version. Lady Helen had sidetracked Jim to a nest of corruption in local government. Jim had uncovered that they turned a blind eye to the illegal slave shipping activities of millionaire arms dealer, John Davidson. With the assistance of the local Police, he had exposed Davidson was also importing drugs. The public exposure cost Davidson his life and reputation which meant his family couldn’t have been very happy. WPC Yvonne Sally Wilkinson had assisted with the official investigations that had resulted in the aftermath and Angel was pleased to discover that she was the perfect candidate to check out any retribution on Jim.
The soldiers bundled us into a van at night. They weren’t gentle, hitting us with the butts of their rifles, fists and feet beating out any resistance or just for the fun of it. I didn’t mind the heavy metal music as I was into that but it drove some of my cellmates to clutch at their ears in frustration. Battered and bruised we were taken for a short drive then bundled out and forced to march at gunpoint into the woods. Rendlesham Forest, I recognised it but it would have been too dangerous to speak that out aloud. One poor bloke got a bullet in the head for blurting out that we were in Lakenheath air base. The soldiers carried flashlights to light their way through the forest but they were soon not needed as we approached a group of very bright lights through the trees. In a glade hovering low was a strange triangular shaped craft; it was so dark that its outline could only be made out by the bright light at each corner. We were forced onboard and crowded into a padded room. Its purpose soon became apparent as the massive acceleration hit pressing our bodies deep into the cushioned floor.


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