Joan (JP#03)

Jerry recalls his encounters and friendship with a massively muscled farm girl

SPOILER: During his first day at college, Jerry encounters a very large Indian girl who sits next to him and drives him crazy by flexing her massive powerfully muscled calves. This continues every day while he tries to befriend her. A disruptive Pakistani lad, Gurjit, gets abusive with Joan who shocks everyone when she overpowers him with her arms. Moving into their second year at college, Jerry’s friendship with Joan has grown to the extent that she lets him feel her large muscular body through her clothes. Joining Jerry and his mates playing soccer and other ball games, she demonstrates a fearsome ability to power a ball long distances. Gurjit and three others stop Jerry and Joan to cause trouble. Joan demolishes all four lads with awesome displays of strength and putting two of them in hospital. In their final year, Joan invites Jerry over to the farm to watch her work. To his
surprise she undresses to reveal her massively powerful body in the nude then proceeds to draw a heavy plough to till a field before disposing of some large rocks. Joan demonstrates other feats of amazing strength such as breaking chains with rusted locks, pulling broken-down tractors and crushing ash-cans, while her relationship with Jerry gets more intimate. Walking across the common, the pair are ambushed by a gang of thugs. Joan uses her powerful body to devastate the attackers and punish the leaders. Joan celebrates by demonstrating to Jerry another part of her anatomy that is strong and muscular.

Suggested by Jerry based upon his real-life experiences. I find it quite hard capturing people’s experiences like this. I translated the story to modern times, the Jim Priest universe and changed Joan into an Indian girl & wrote in a few of my experiences at school. Jackie makes an appearance too.

By Jimp based on the real-life memories of Jerry.
(c) JIM P 2013

Let me tell you about a woman that I went to college with. I was 16 years old when I first met Joan and she was the same age. It was the first day of college and I was a bit apprehensive. This was completely different to school and I didn’t know anyone or knew my way around. After the introductory sessions and meeting with my tutor, I managed to find my way to the lecture theatre for my first lecture. Finding somewhere to sit at the rear of the room, I waited while the other students continued to come in.

Suddenly I heard this thud, thud, thud and felt the vibrations coming up through the soles of my feet from the floorboards. Looking up, I saw this really big young woman coming towards me and take the seat on the end, next to me. She had a dark complexion, her skin a warm walnut brown and I guessed from her appearance that she was Indian. There had been a few Asian kids at my school, even out here where it was largely rural but the girls had been petite slender dainty and feminine. This young woman however was big and hefty. I remembered seeing her at the meeting with my tutor and failed to recall her name. As I didn’t know anyone, I thought I’d make the effort to be polite and introduce myself. “Hi, I’m Jerry. We’re in the same tutor group” I said hoping to jog her memory as I turned in my seat to address her. Unfriendly dark sultry eyes fixed me as she replied. “Joan” she was all she said in soft but deep voice thick with an Indian accent. She gave me a tough look that made me feel uneasy then look away towards the front of the theatre.

Her curtness unnerved me. Although she had made herself look tough when she had spoken to me, she actually didn’t seem that bad looking for someone so well-built. She had dark sultry looks with long black hair that fell way past her broad shoulders down to a voluminous bust. Her face was long but narrow with a square jaw, a long prominent nose, a medium sized mouth with full lips and dark smouldering eyes that burned into my soul whenever she looked at me, surrounded by thick long natural lashes. I think it was those eyes that made me try again. Maybe she was just shy like me at being in these unfamiliar surroundings?

“That’s er not a very Indian sounding name” I remarked tentatively. “No, it isn’t” was her abrupt reply. She clearly wasn’t talkative and to be honest I was would have lost complete interest in her at that point. I was only trying to be friendly, if she can’t be bothered to be nice then sod her. I continued to sit there as the final few stragglers made their way to their seats and settled down while the lecturer introduced himself and outlined what he hoped to teach us over the coming semester.

My eyes kept looking to the young woman next to me, drawn by the closeness of her thick sleeved arm to mine which seemed scrawny in comparison. That’s when I noticed that she seemed to be wearing a very large man’s long sleeve shirt. Rather than being baggy on her, it was incredibly well filled out. Somehow it didn’t seem like she was overweight but somehow sturdy. This impression was reinforced by a thick strong looking neck and deep sloping traps.

Below a very thick waist she wore a very tight brown skirt that came down just pass her knees. On her feet she wore what looked like canvas flats. Although my initial reaction was that she was very big and heavy, as I sat next to her I realised that she was no taller than most Indian girls, probably only 5 foot 4 and I found out later that she weighed 230-240 pounds.

That’s when I caught sight of her calves and when my eyes almost popped out of my head. I had expected the short but hefty girl to have big smooth calves like you see on some overweight women, big and shapeless unappealing stumps like tree trunks. Well Joan’s calves weren’t big, they were huge. They were the largest calves that I have ever set eyes on, then or now.

Over the last couple of years, I had discovered that I had quite a thing for girls with muscular legs especially their calves. It had all started one evening while queuing up at the cinema. There was this pretty little blonde in the queue up ahead. She seemed a bit younger than me but I just couldn’t stop staring at her legs for she had the most shiniest and well-developed calves that I had ever seen up until that point. I had never realised before then how beautiful and sexy a girl’s calves looked if they were muscular, well-defined and shining with healthy muscle tone. The young blonde was wearing a very short skirt that also showed off incredibly thick strong shapely legs. In fact they looked potently powerful with the muscles beneath her lovely smooth skin bulging with every move she made.

“That’s Jackie Priest” a friend of my mate who was with us said. “Goes to my school; She’s a gymnast” he added. The way the muscle moved under her skin was hypnotic. “Saw her beat up her brother once. He’s our age, she’s a couple of years younger” he said in hushed tones. “Heard that she scissored one of the teachers too; destroyed him with those muscular legs of hers”. I couldn’t believe that such a cute looking girl could be so tough but those shapely legs of hers did look powerfully strong. That image was so potent that gave me some extremely wet dreams for many weeks afterwards.

From that moment on, I was hooked and found myself looking at the backs of women’s legs as they walked by in the hope of catching sight of some shapely feminine muscle. Although I saw a fair number of nice looking calves, I never saw one who matched up to and turned me on as much as that pretty blonde’s until now. For Joan’s calves were truly enormous. The thing that struck me like a thunderbolt was how hard and powerful they looked and certainly not the calves of an overweight woman. Her feet looked wide and very strong to begin with. Each of her thick ankles angled up steeply on either side to an absolutely huge mass of solid calve muscle.

The view of the outside of her lower leg was incredibly shapely with the thickest semi-peardrop shape that I’d ever seen. They were incredibly feminine and very alluring but the view from the rear was one of sheer power that got my dick very stiff indeed, for they looked absolutely humongous. Each was a thick wide dense mass of muscle. A double diamond edged thick slab adorned each leg, amazingly thick edged and sharp. They were the most cut calves that I have ever seen on anybody. Her dark skin and the muscle tone just made them shine alluringly.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that those diamonds must have flared out a good 2.5 inches presenting a thick wide shelf of unbelievable muscle. And to think that she was only 16! I couldn’t concentrate at all on the lecture; her awesome calves were too much of a distraction. I just couldn’t stop myself from looking. She caught me staring a few times but didn’t say anything but fixed me with those smouldering dark eyes and gave me a tough smile. It wasn’t a warm smile but a sort of confident smirk that she knew the effect that those calves were having on me. The stiff bulge in the front of my trousers would have made that obvious.

I then checked out her skirt-covered thighs. As she sat next to me, the height and width of her thighs made them seem huge beneath her skirt. They seemed very firm and I was convinced that they probably were as hugely muscled as her calves. I became even more certain at the end of the lecture when following her from to the canteen. I swear that I could see a lot of muscle movement going on inside that skirt when she walked. So much so, that I had to make a visit to the boy’s room to relieve myself.

The next morning I got to my tutor group room and found myself there alone with Joan but I was quite shy of approaching her. Eventually I managed to pluck up some courage and managed some small talk. She still didn’t keen to talk but at least I found out her full name which was quite difficult to pronounce and decided to keep calling her Joan which she preferred anyway. During that meeting I kept staring at that the very large shirt which covered her bulky upper body. It was undoubtedly solidly filled and it boggled my mind that her upper body could be as powerfully muscled as her legs. All the signs were that it was. Her shoulders were very broad and thick, and although she had a thick blockish waist, her torso noticeably tapered up to her shoulders like a short squat inverted triangle. There was also a lot of movement under that shirt that definitely gave the impression of strength rather than fat. How could an Indian girl be so strongly built? Those I knew at school were never into physical exercise let alone building up muscle and I got the impression that such things would be strongly frowned upon by their strict families. Indian girls were expected to be feminine and demure.

I’m not one of those guys who can chat up a girl without getting to know her first so it was during that first year that we did a lot of small talk but not much else. In truth, I was in awe of her and that tough attitude and powerful appearance was more than a bit scary. Not that I didn’t try and subtly find out more about her. “Are you into sports?” I asked one day. “No” was her curt reply. She really wasn’t that talkative but I think she knew that I enjoyed looking at her mighty calves. Actually I also liked to watch her strong powerful looking figure.

Each day she would always sit next to me during lectures listening to and watching the lecturer while lifting her heels slowly up and down behind the row of seats in front of us. This caused those big split calves to pump up into huge solid looking balls of powerful muscle. Big and shining with her light brown skin highlighting the toned muscle. She would make it seem like she was doing this absent-mindedly but every once in a while she would look over at me, catching me staring, with a tough “Do you want to make something of it” smile on her face. There was little doubt that she knew full well the effect that her big muscular calves were having on me. Just sitting next to her watching those insanely powerful calves continually flex from large fleshy balls into a huge solid mass of muscle, almost constantly through each and every lecture, not only made it very difficult for me to concentrate but gave me a seemingly permanent erection.

Within just a few minutes of sitting next to her, an inevitable stiffness would creep along my dick and my balls would tighten. It was a hard rigidity that I could not control, no matter how much I tried. Sitting next to Joan would get me an absolutely huge boner, absolutely guaranteed and being a young man that was something that I always looked forward to. It was like a drug that I was addicted to and I just couldn’t get enough of it. But there was a downside. Three hours of visual stimulation in a row would leave me with a huge aching boner pressing painfully inside my pants and the front of my trousers with the pressure within my balls ready to shoot at any moment. I desperately resisted the urge to rub and the end of each session would see me rushing to the toilets praying for an empty cubicle. There I found relief, releasing the pent-up emotion of watching those calves that just drove my dick solid. There was little doubt that she knew the effect that her insanely huge calves had on me, and loved teasing me with it.

Let me tell something, for real, and this is really embarrassing so keep it to yourself. During term time, I never went home with a dry pair of pants. Night times too, for those huge calves would invade my dreams causing me to wank myself stupid until I fell asleep exhausted.

You’re probably thinking why I didn’t try to chat her up. I wished I could have but I’m not that kind of guy. I’m more of the shy studious type rather than the brash loud-mouthed self-confident type who gets all the girls. Besides Joan’s tough stares and bulk were quite chilling. She also wasn’t very talkative, which on the occasions that I plucked up the courage to speak with her was very discouraging. Yet she would still tease me with those calves which must count for something. Every day during term, I would get my own private sexy show as Joan displayed those calves off to me. In case you haven’t got it by now Joan’s calves were really spectacular thick, steel-hard and powerfully built. Sometimes she would prop her feet up against the back of the bench in front, giving a hard glare if the person in that seat looked around to object. Then pressing her toes against the back of the bench, she would raise her ankles so that her mighty calves would explode into fearsome bulging slabs of pure musculature. Each sported two thick powerful diamonds that were was deep and jagged hard, butting up against each other with a sexy deep cleft. On occasions like those, I never lasted until the end of the lecture and had to rush out before I embarrassed myself.

It wasn’t just me who noticed. On many occasions I’ve followed her as she climbed the stairs. She moved with a deliberate slow pace, refusing to be rushed. Lifting her heels so that she went on her toes as she climbed each step, those mighty calves would explode with sheer power. Guys and girls alike would make remarks about those awesome muscular calves. The girls were bitchy calling her a freak but never within earshot. Some of the guys agreed with them but I think they felt that this young Asian woman was somehow a threat to their masculinity. But there was more than just me on the stairs behind her with a big whopper in his trousers. She certainly must have known the effect that she was having on them and loved it.

As time went on I noticed that she was often alone with no female friends. I also noticed that other guys, especially the macho ones, stayed clear of her, like somehow they knew better then to mess with her. Although she was bulky and tough enough, I never saw her throw her weight around. So what happened one day took me completely by surprise. There was this Asian lad, Gurjit Singh, a tall rangy youth who did nothing but sneer and make nasty comments about the white kids and how stupid the English were. He was always putting Britain down and calling us things like the ‘great white oppressors’ and acting like we all owed him some big apology for things done in the long forgotten past.

Not that Joan escaped his ire. I saw him on several occasions making what were obviously snide remarks to his mates as she walked past. One break time in the common room he had a real go at her, getting really worked up and angry. She just stood there calmly ignoring him until he suddenly seized her around the throat with his large hands, looming over her as he spat out his words with a crazed sneer upon his face.

Suddenly Joan’s hands went to her neck and just ripped off his big hands and pulled his arms wide apart. The tall guy was pulled chest to chest, arm to arm with the smaller Asian girl. Bending her forearms vertical, she forced him to do likewise as she clasped his hands. Even though she wore a man’s shirt, the sleeves became very tight as large solid looking shapes swelled beneath. Gurjit was clearly shocked that he was unable to move her arms. Joan didn’t say a word, just gave him a tough look. She then angled her forearms away from vertical moving them forwards towards the floor by perhaps 30 degrees. The tall guy seemed to fold at his knees, his face twisted and contorted as he did this weird twisting corkscrew dance as he got lower towards the ground.

With a twist of her wrist, he was crouching low to the ground twisting and writhing. “F***ing Indian bitch” he snarled then began shrieking in agony as her hands closed in tight around his. She just stared at him with that tough look then said something to him, in a calm voice which I couldn’t hear. He began shrieking and dancing in pain. “In English” I heard her say calmly. “Arghh arghhh I’m sorry I’m sorry. You’re not a whore please my hands you’re breaking them” he cried in agony. Joan looked so powerful standing over Gurjit as she overwhelmed him that my dick was fit to burst. Joan leant forward with an awesome surge of power that nearly made me cream myself as she forced him to sit upon the back of his feet as her thick swelling arms pressed his arms back behind his head. That unbalanced him and he went over backwards sprawling to the ground. He looked up at her in fear. “If you don’t like this country so much, why don’t you go back to Pakistan” she told him. The whole room burst into rapturous applause and Gurjit scrambled away shame-faced.
“What you did to Gurjit was amazing” I told Joan as I sat next to her the next day. “Thanks” was all she said. It seemed almost dismissive except she gave me an extra special calve show so maybe she appreciated the compliment. During the lecture, Joan sat there with one leg crossed over the other. Then to my surprise and pleasure, she began to raise her foot upon the floor until it was right up onto the tip of her toes. This just made that huge calve contract and grow bigger and more defined, exploding with bulging, rippling, sharply-defined, steely hard muscle.

“Urrrrr!” I gave a little groan, not being able to hold in my appreciation. Joan gave me a tough but knowing smile and I knew for certain that she was doing this for my benefit. She proceeded to repeatedly raise and lower her foot in this manner, pumping that awesome calve. It just seemed to get bigger, more powerful and more defined with each passing minute. She was giving me a private leg show and it was just too much to bear. My dick was absolutely rigid and throbbing with the pressure in my balls reaching an unbearable level that had me running to the toilets trying to cover up a painfully stiff erection.

I’m embarrassed to say that became a regular thing from then on. I would get a private calve flexing show all to myself in the back row. The powerful swelling calve in constant motion would send my dick into overdrive and send me rushing to the loos. With calves as wide as spades she teased my dick mercilessly.

By the time we got to the end of the first year, Joan seemed more comfortable with my presence. Although we weren’t close friends, I considered her one of the circle of people I was friendly with. We spoke a bit more, although she was still a bit cagey about opening up too much.

That summer was a hot one yet Joan’s only concession to the heat was to undo the top few buttons of her large shirt, revealing very little except a nicely shaped hollow at the base of her neck. Sometimes she would hang out with me when I played soccer with the lads after lectures. At first she would just stand there and watch but after a while and with some encouragement from myself I got her to join in and she seemed to enjoy herself. “My dad would have a fit if he saw me doing this” she remarked to me. On one occasion I was in goal when an opposition striker cut through our defences and blasted the ball towards the goal. I dove and just managed to save it. Looking around, Joan was the nearest member of our side to me so I passed the ball to her. She didn’t have much experience or skill with the game and as the opposition strikers raced towards her I knew that she would lose possession. “Kick it! Pass it!” I shouted in warning as the strikers closed in. BLAM! Her foot hit the old fashioned heavy leather ball with an incredibly loud sound and I swear to you that it hurtled almost the entire length of the field. It was just this brown blur cutting through the opposition defence like a cannon ball a good 5 foot off the ground. Blasting past the opposition goalkeeper, it slammed straight into the back of the net. She was the heroine of the match to us, although most of the lads were wary of touching her when giving their congratulations.

Neither did it prove to be a fluke. All of the lads learnt to be afraid once she had the ball because she would kick it so hard that it would really leave a nasty sting and lasting bruise if you got in its way. It wasn’t just her powerful kicks of a soccer ball that we began to fear. Sometimes we played cricket or baseball, where the hefty Indian girl quickly gained a reputation as a fearsomely heavy hitter. On several occasions I’ve watched in awe as Joan hit the ball so hard that it rocketed right over the entire length of the field and clean out over the tall boundary fence. Of course she never went to get the ball back but just glared at someone until they did.

I never saw Joan at all during the long summer recess although her huge powerful calves were frequently the subject of many a wet dream. That first morning back in the tutor group meeting at the start of the second year at college I was pleasantly surprised to find that Joan actually seemed pleased to see me again as much I did her. I’d almost forgotten just how huge she looked. In her clothes, she looked so big and bulky that one could easily mistake her for grossly overweight except when you saw her mighty huge, steel-hard calves you kind of figured that the rest of her build might be the same.

Of course she still drove me to distraction and very wet pants by flexing her calves during lectures and I swear they looked much bigger, more toned and more muscular than before. But now when she caught me looking her tough smile had a bit of warmth and her sultry eyes sparkled with mischief. That would set my heart racing and encouraged me to speak with her more often and so we began talking a lot more. So it was that I found out that she lived on a farm and walked 5 miles to college and back every day. She explained that her family had been very poor in India and manually worked the poor soil in the baking heat in a near-desert region. They came to the UK to work with the rich soil although poorer climate. Joan quietly admitted that they came here through an illegal slave smuggling ring that used to be organised by some rich bloke called Davidson. Although it was slave labour, he was seen as some sort of saint to the poor looking to escape to the welfare of England. Not that her family were scroungers she hastened to add.

She explained that they are now are farm labourers and earn their board and keep but not much else by working very hard. Joan told me that she did just about everything, and worked very hard, doing all the heavy lifting and pulling the heavy machinery because their rich owner said that it was cheaper than fuel. “You’re just being exploited” I pointed out. “It’s better than being in India and I just love doing all the hard physical work. God made our bodies to be strong and working them hard praises him” she explained. She was a freak of nature, being strong and muscular from many years of very hard and heavy manual labour on the farm. Joan told me that she had spent the summer lifting and hauling tons of material to create a moat and ha-ha for the owner’s mansion and pulling around farm machinery all by hand. “Besides I love what it does for my body” she confided.

There was a wide knowing smile on her lips at this point and I realised that I was leaning towards her, hanging on every word. She leant towards me so that our faces were intimately close. I felt intense excitement to be this close to her. “It makes all of my muscles big, hard, and strong” she whispered. My dick grew absolutely rigid within seconds and I think I must have blushed because she gave an uncharacteristic chuckle. “Both my parents were big and strong” she said. “But now that they are getting older, I do the majority of the heavy manual work” she added. “When I was born, I was a big muscular baby. The doctor told my mother that I was the most muscular baby that he had ever seen and that I would probably grow up to be a very muscular woman” she confided. My boner was so hard it was difficult to cover it with my hands without making it obvious but I think she knew. “My parents were pleased because that meant that I would be strong and healthy to help with the heavy workload in the fields from an early age” she said.

By now I was very excited to hear her confirm what I always suspected. That beneath that large shirt and tight skirt, this young Indian woman had a powerful built muscular body. Now I had my opening to talk to her about her muscular build. There was nobody else around in our tutor room yet, which was a good thing or I never would have had the courage to say what I did. “I love the shape of your muscular legs, the way they look through your skirt” I admitted. She didn’t bat an eyelid. “I especially love your calves. They are so awesome and powerful” I continued. “They are really sexy” I added sheepishly. I was worried that I might have offended her but Joan gave me the warmest smile I’d ever seen. It actually made her look quite pretty instead of her usual tough stance. “Yes, I had noticed” she said in her deep sensual soft voice.

Sitting next to me, she proceeded to flex one of her mighty calves. “Go on, feel it. It’s alright there’s no-one around” she told me. I nearly fell off my chair in shock. I couldn’t believe it; she was actually inviting me to feel that big, hard, strong muscle. With growing excitement, not to mention a throbbing erection, I placed a hand around either side of that huge calve and was stunned to discover that it still would have taken at least one more hand to get around that mass. Beneath my fingers, those huge wide slabs felt incredibly hard. “Go on, try to squeeze it” Joan encouraged in a low husky voice that sent shivers up my spine. I tried closing my hand around it, enjoying the tactile sensations of her taut skin over muscle that felt harder than steel.

At first I was reluctant to squeeze hard in case I hurt her. “Come on Jerry, you can squeeze harder than that” she teased. Oh God that low husky voice and the light Indian accent was incredibly sexy. I squeezed harder and harder until I was squeezing her calves until my knuckles were white. “Oh wow, Joan. They are rock hard” I gasped in appreciation unable to make a dent in the muscular slabs. I was really enjoying this and with both hands felt all around the massive muscle. “Oh Joan, they are so incredibly shapely and sexy” I moaned. The double diamond points to the bottom edge of the calves felt hard and sharp. I was impressed that I could actually put my whole thumb into the deep cleft between them with room to spare. With rising desire, I could feel the power in that mighty calve muscle, as she coiled it up huge and hard. Even the foot working that muscle looked very strong and powerful. Realizing that I must have felt the most muscular and powerful calve muscle of any person in the world (man or women), my boner was pointing right out like a raised tent in my trousers when the tutor came in and I had to cover it quickly with a book. Joan’s tough smile widened on her face in amusement as I was forced to sit there with a book over my crotch drawing some strange looks from our tutor.

A few weeks later I was alone again with Joan in the tutor room. “My back is very strong from all the lifting and carrying I do on the farm” she suddenly said. To my surprise she turned around presenting her back to me and put her hands on her waist. Even though she was wearing a man’s shirt, I was stunned by the extraordinary inverted triangle shape that was before me. “Go on, feel it” she said. I placed my hands on her exceptionally wide shoulders and I ran my palms over her back staggered at how wide her lats were and how steeply they angled in on either side to her waist. Unbelievably wide and thick, her back looked like that it went up at 45 degree angles from the waist to very broad shoulders. Through the shirt I could feel dense lumps and bumps and was left in no doubt that her back was just as awesomely muscled as her calves. It felt like there was a canyon down the middle of her back with wide thick rocky plates either side. From the nape of her neck, incredibly thick slabs of muscle angled down on either side. Beneath that shirt writhed absolutely massive solid muscular shapes. The sheer immensity of her powerful back was so overwhelming that it felt like my dick had been frozen in liquid nitrogen, so quickly has she made me hard. Even her waist felt thick with muscle. Just then the tutor and the others turned up leaving me trying to cover another embarrassing boner which took ages to go down.

I’m pleased to say that this became a regular thing. We were often the first to arrive in the tutor room and Joan would invite me to feel different parts of her muscular body through her clothes. Although fully clothed, I knew that she was by far the most muscular human that I had ever met. I got to feel all of her mighty muscular body-parts many times. Through her shirt, her stomach felt like a concrete path, solid, unyielding and densely ribbed with what felt like a slabbed pathway beneath. Joan even encouraged me to punch her stomach. I was reticent about hitting a girl. “You English are so weak. No wonder you lost the Empire and now we are taking over as the larger economy” she needled me with comments like that so much that I began drilling her gut like a punch-bag while she watched looking tough, showing no signs of discomfort. “Pretty strong, eh?” she said in a steady voice even as I slugged away at her abs. I soon gave up, it really was like punching a cloth covered brick wall and my knuckles were red raw.

Likewise I felt her thick thighs through her tight skirt. Again I was gobsmacked by how incredibly wide and high they were. Even through her skirt I could clearly make out the absolutely gigantic solid shapes that could only be her quads and they felt massive. Likewise her arms, one day she held her arm straight by her side. The sleeve of her blouse stretched tight. It was staggeringly thick like a stone column. Her shoulder caps were huge and the hard lumpy mass at the back of her arms could only been huge dense triceps. “That’s what you get when you plough the fields by hand since you were 7 years old” she told me. She rolled up her sleeve to her elbow and I nearly died of shock for her forearms were not only insanely thick but also snaked by a prominent network of veins and cuts which enhanced by the natural colour of her skin made it look awfully formidable.

Of course that made me beg to feel her biceps. “You’re not ready for them yet” she told me. I should have listened to her but instead I kept begging until she flexed. The sleeve of her oversized shirt became tight as it struggled to contain the mass within. Feeling through the shirt my hands failed to comprehend the mind boggling powerful shapes beneath. How could this young Indian woman, my age, have such gigantic powerfully developed muscle? My cock just exploded inside my pants, totally creaming the inside. Don’t you laugh at my inability to hold it all in, believe me, you wouldn’t have lasted any better feeling the raw massive power of this young woman’s body. “I did warn you” Joan said with a tight smile lowering her arm and rolling down her sleeve. Of course that was the moment that the tutor and the others arrived so I had to sit there with an uncomfortable wet sticky pair of pants on.

Joan’s chest was really noteworthy. It was good size and quite eye catching even beneath a large shirt. When she asked me to feel it one day I was stunned. “Feel it” she growled and raised a fist threateningly. I knew by now that she was only being playful; well I hope she was, but still it was quite frightening. I had never felt a girl’s chest before but even I knew that women have soft breast tissue, but feeling through the shirt I found that Joan had a chest that was a thick cushioned mass of hard solid powerful muscle everywhere. “Amazing!” I gasped in astonishment. “Years of heavy lifting and work on the farm, ever since I was a kid” she explained.

I wasn’t the only one to get to feel her muscles. One lunch time Joan and I had gone to the fish and chip shop nearby as we did quite often. Joan was more used to spicy food but when I introduced her to the delights of fish and chips liberally drenched with generous helpings of salt and vinegar, she loved it. OK it might not be very healthy but boy did it taste good. We were on our way back down a quiet footpath when suddenly we were surrounded by Gurgit and three of his mates.

“What are you doing with this fudoo?” he snarled blocking our way. I think that’s what he said, that’s what the word sounded like to me and it didn’t sound very complementary. “Why aren’t you covered up and wearing respectful clothing?” he snarled. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against people following their religious beliefs as long as they keep them to themselves but this guy was a nutter using religion as an excuse to throw his weight around. “Leave her alone, Gurjit, and get out of our way” I told him. He went bezerk. “Shut your motherf**king mouth. Don’t you talk to me you white motherf**king oppressor. You f**king Fudoo” he spat confronting me. I thought he was going to hit me until Joan interposed herself between us. “Leave him alone, Gurjit” she warned. “Don’t you speak to a man without his permission you Indian whore” he shrieked getting really irate.

With a crazed expression he slammed his fist right into Joan’s stomach. There was a very loud sound as his fist hit her hard midriff followed by a cry of pain. I knew just how hard Joan’s abs were and wasn’t surprised when Gurjit’s expression was one of surprised agony as he clutched his wrist. He must have nearly broke his hand against Joan’s formidably hard abs. All this time Joan’s expression had been one of icy cold indifference. “My turn” she said in her soft but deep voice. Quickly her arm thrust forward bent at the elbow with her hand a large solid fist. WHAP! The noise as her fist landed on his stomach was loud and terrible. Her fist just seemed to drill all the way into his gut moving in a slightly upward direction carving out a deep cavity in his belly. “BERLAPHH!” Gurjit lost several inches in height as his torso creased sharply forwards. At the same time his face went ruddy red, and his cheeks dramatically expanded until they could take no more and the air burst from his mouth. He just folded at the knees and collapsed with his eyes creased tight and his mouth wide open in a noiseless wail of pain. He went down then folded over onto his hands and knees in front of her feet.

His three friends came out of their shock and rushed at Joan. BLAM! Her fist swung like a warhammer and caught the nearest square on the jaw. His head snapped back so fast with a glazed look in his eyes that it was clear that his lights were out even before he began to fall.

The other two were upon her in a flurry of blows punching against her hard body. The big hefty young woman ignored them as though they were flies swatting at an elephant. Calmly her arms reached forwards towards the youth who was standing in front of her. Thick arms wrapped around his middle, enveloping him beneath his arms then pulled him tight so that the bottom of his chest was against the middle of hers. There seemed to be no give in her shirt covered bust as she pulled him tight against her. “Arnnnnn!” he threw back his head and groaned loudly as her mighty thick strong arms crushed him in a fierce bear-hug. All the while his companion beat uselessly against her broad back. I tried to pull him off but he was a crazed bastard and kept swinging for me while shouting expletives.

“Arrghh God!” the man in her bear-hug groaned breathlessly as Joan lifted his feet clean from the ground, her face calm and tough, showing no signs of exertion. “Argh! Let go of me you unnatural bitch” he wailed, his face turning red as he beat in vain upon her mighty thick arms. “Arghhh God please no!” he wailed as Joan tightened her arms and pulled him even tighter against her hard bust. “Arghh! My chest!” he cried as Joan continued to pull him even tighter against her hard immovable breast. “Please you’re breaking my.Argnnnnn!” CRACK CRACK CRACK suddenly the air was rent with a terrible sound as his ribs broke. The guy just leant back in her arms, his head swaying loosely, his eyes unfocussed.

“Daljitt!” the one I was trying to hold off cried and slipped past me. Beating frantically upon her back, Joan ignored him as she continued to squeeze the form in her arms. She maybe short but Joan looked exceptionally powerful as she held aloft the man in her arms until he was well and truly out of it with his eyes closed and tongue lolling with drool running from the corner of his mouth. Only then did she open her arms and allow him to fall untidily to the ground.

As she turned to face him, the remaining man came to his senses and the colour just drained from his face. He tried to turn to run but it was much too late. Before he had a chance to move, her hand flashed out and clamped firmly around his throat at the base of his jaw. “Urk!” he croaked, his eyes bulging with shock. Although she was much shorter than him, He began to rise effortlessly into the air. Joan’s arm was steady, straight and unwavering. A steaming stream of piss ran from his trouser leg. “Urgh!” Joan grunted wrinkling her nose at the smell. Up he went, choking in her hand as his whole body weight hung from his neck, suspended only by her hand held at arm’s length. It was like watching Wonder Woman except that this was for real. Dangling high above the shorter Indian girl at the end of her arm, the would-be tough looked tough no longer as he looked down in open fear.

My dick was absolutely throbbing at this scene of pure power. “This is what you get if you mess with me or my friends” she told him in a soft but stern voice with a delectable Indian accent. She kept him suspended like that for several minutes as he slowly passed out then she opened her hand and he fell limply to the ground. Oh God! My dick was lurching around inside my pants at the raw power of this amazing young woman. I had always fantasized about her taking on a man but watching her wiping out 4 of them was more potent than any wet dream. Shockingly this had all so happened incredibly quickly.

Gurgit was still on his hands and knees groaning still trying to recover from his winded gut. Realising that he was on his own he tried to rise but stopped when Joan walked towards his back trapping his head between those mighty flared claves. The hard edged sides closed tight along the sides of his face. Gurjit’s hands came to the sides of her calves and I saw the look of astonishment as he realised just how huge they were. He tugged uselessly at the mass of muscle bounding his head. That’s when Joan raised herself upon her toes. “Argh!” he cried out in sheer agony. His eyes were wide with horror as he clutched desperately at a phenomenally huge muscular mass bulging and swelling around his skull. “I can subdue a rampaging bull with these. What chance do you have?” she told him in such an authorative voice that my dick was lurching up and down inside my trousers with a mind of its own.

The tall youth who had thought he was some kind of tough gang leader was on his hands and knees with his head looking shockingly tiny and frail between those massive slabs of girl muscle. His eyes screwed up tight as the sides of her calves wedged right beneath the sides of his jaw. Their huge height looked like they were pressuring his skull so much that they would bust it right off. “Arghhh!” Gurjit cried out his face turning bright red and twisted up in pain. He screamed and thrashed frantically like he was being murdered. So loud that it was a surprised that no-one came out to see what the fuss was or call the Police. His body flailed around for several seconds then suddenly there was a crack and he went limp. His eyes closed and face relaxed. Joan squeezed his limp head for a bit longer whiling giving me a tough look. “That’s how I crack walnuts at Christmas” she told me in a calm level voice then opened her calves and let him flop to the pavement. There’s no need to tell you that I had completely drenched my pants in cream.

The following day there was rumours about how a viscous gang of racist thugs had beat up poor Gurjit and his mates. The yobs put Daljitt in hospital with a shattered ribcage and Gurjitt with a broken jaw and fractured skull. Neither Joan or myself bothered to put them right on the matter.
The final year of college with Joan was even more mind-blowing than the others put together. By now Joan and I were really friendly with each other, although not in a boyfriend-girlfriend sense, more like good mates. During the summer I had passed my driving test and Dad gave me his old Ford. When I told her about this Joan suggested that I should come and watch her work on the farm. “That way you can give me a lift in your car and show me your driving skills” she suggested with a warm smile. “Yeah, that’s a great idea” I replied. To be truthful, I did not know what to expect but any chance to be alone with Joan outside college was to be jumped at.

We agreed upon the coming Friday and so I told my folks that I would be home late, as I was getting help on a subject. It was early autumn so it stayed light until quite late into the evening and we had been having a bit of a heatwave so it was very warm. We finished college early that afternoon and I drove us out to the farm, which was well out in the middle of nowhere. As she sat in the passenger seat next to me, her tight skirt rose up maybe an inch above her knees to reveal the bottom of a very thick solid mass on the sides of her thighs peeping out below the hem of her skirt. That was a further indication of her size and muscularity which made it real difficult to keep my eyes on the road. She must have wondered how I ever passed my test.

We got to the boundaries of the large estate of some investment banker when Joan directed me along a rough dirt packed track, which didn’t do much for my suspension. Finally we came upon some old run-down buildings where she told me that she lived with her family. There were no other farms or houses nearby for a good couple of miles. We pulled up at a large old looking barn. “I’ve just got to get my clothes off” she told me as she got out from the car. “Sure” I replied I as switched off the engine and got out to follow her. I thought that she meant to change out of her college clothes into something more suitable for farm work.

I followed Joan into the barn and found it full of farm equipment. Then to my complete and utter astonishment, Joan began to remove her clothes in front of me. I think my jaw must have fell open as she took off her oversized shirt for she wore absolutely nothing underneath. My eyes were confronted by the largest, most muscular upper body, completely bare, that I had ever seen on any human (man or woman). Her neck was thick and bullish with huge thick bulging traps sloping to enormously wide thick hard shoulders. Each end was capped with a massive hubcap of dense shoulder cap. Her arms were unbelievable especially for an Indian girl in her late teens, all of the other Asian girls I knew were usually petite, slim and feminine not power-packed like Joan. Her arms looked truly formidable and, to be honest, quite scary.

Even relaxed as they were now, her arms and forearms were exceptionally thick, cut and looked hard as steel. Thick prominent veins like creepers ran down her biceps and over unbelievably wide forearms. Her waist looked small, even though it was not. It was just that the rest of her was so huge. I had seen abs on female athletes and found them quite sexy but Joan’s abs were nothing like those, they looked like dense hard brown cobblestones with deeply cut grooves and surrounding muscle with thick deep spinal erectors. They were truly breath-taking and incredibly sexy as they moved and writhed like a living pavement as she breathed.

As she turned around to put down her shirt, I had a great view of her broad back. As I had suspected when I felt it previously through her shirt, it was huge, extremely dense and cut up like a contour map. It was simply a mass of many thick slabs of dense muscle adorning an outrageously thick inverted triangle formed by her wide lats.

But as she turned around again to face me, it was her chest that really got me hot and bothered. At first glance it looked like she had big wide thick boobs but they were actually thick cushions of powerful striated pectoral muscle with a deep striated cleavage down the middle and very nice big hard nipples that looked like they could etch steel. It was obvious that her impressive chest was all muscle with absolutely no fat anywhere. They were the best built pecs that I had seen on anyone. Every time she moved her huge mighty arms, her pecs would solidify into thick ripped hard shredded cushions of muscle. The sight of a topless woman can get any hetro man going. Maybe some men would find a dense muscular chest on a woman unattractive but I thought it was one of the sexiest sights that I had ever seen and my body responded in the only way that it knew.

“Is that your mobile phone in your trouser pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” she asked cheekily in her deep soft accented voice while giving me that tough smile. My eyes felt like they were popping out of my head while my mouth hung open in amazement while I gawped at her bare upper body with amazement. I could see that she was rightly proud of her amazing muscular development. Needless to say I was immensely turned on. That’s when Joan removed her skirt and I felt like a drooling dog. To my surprise she had been wearing nothing underneath there either. If I had been amazed by her upper body then her legs totally blew me away and gave me the hardest erection imaginable. For they were truly immense, the largest, hardest, mightiest muscular thighs that exceeded my ability to imagine or describe. Her thighs were so huge, you could hardly see her vaginal area but when you could, even that area looked strong and powerful.

My eyes kept going back to those awesome legs. They were so massive and so powerful looking that I just couldn’t get my head around it. They actually flared out significantly wider than her waist and they were highly developed to an unreal degree. Each muscle group of her quads was clearly visible and massive. Two huge thick peardrop shapes slabs of steely hard looking muscle with a large inverted mass between. Her inner thighs were thick cords running from the side of each up towards the outside of her hip. Those legs just exuded such raw sheer female power that I shuddered to think what would happen if I was caught between them. The memory of how she had put Gurjit in hospital with a bust jaw and a fractured skull came to mind and that had just been using her calves, God knows what damage she could have done with those fearsome looking thighs. My cock felt painfully swollen but I was in too much awe and frankly quite scared of all this phenomenal muscle to do anything about it.

“You must work out all the time in a gym” I gasped managing to find my voice at last. “No” she chuckled. “I’ve never been inside one I couldn’t afford it even if I had the time between chores” she told me. “That Banker doesn’t pay us. You know what they are like with money. Happy to gamble with other people’s money, but not willing to part with any of their own. Besides I get all the work outs I need working hard on the farm” she added.

Joan then slipped off her flat canvas shoes off, and I could see that her broad feet were also very strong. To my added surprise, she then put her feet into these 6″ high wedgies. Dear Lord! Those shoes elevated up her heels so high that it made her powerful legs swell up and look even larger than before. Swelling up like muscular balloons radiating such sheer unadulterated power they looked like the most powerful force in the universe. “Wow!” I gasped as my meat began beating in my pants. “Oh God! Joan you look like a huge, mighty, steel-hard sexy muscle goddess” I moaned in appreciation, my voice heavy with lust. Standing there in the nude, just wearing those 6″ high wedgies, my class-mate looked supremely powerful; the perfect vision of muscular womanhood. Joan smiled at me then said “The image of the Goddess Anahita”. “Who?” I asked. “Nevermind” she replied.

The naked Indian teenager stood proudly before me, with the largest, most-defined bronzed muscled body that I could have ever hoped seeing and certainly much more muscular than I could have ever imagined. I’m not kidding you or making this up, this is true. I really am telling you the truth when I tell you that every inch of her gorgeous brown-skinned body from head to toe was laden with massive steely-hard, muscle. Her body was positively bulging and rippling with the slightest movement. Even just standing still, the action of her breathing alone caused her abs to ripple and writhe, and her pecs to swell and fall in the most erotic manner.

That was all I could take. I was surprised that I had lasted as long as I had with a painfully hard throbbing erection in the face of what must surely be the most muscular woman in the world and completely naked at that. An absolute massive load blasted into my pants. “Urrrr!” I couldn’t suppress the groan as I did so. “Wow! I never suspected that my body could have that effect on a man before I met you” Joan’s husky voice told me with a smile that caused me to redden in shame. “And I’m not even flexing” she chuckled. It was true, I realised. Even in relaxed repose, her awesome physique drove me wild with lustful longing. “I’m sorry, I just need to go and clean up” I apologised with my head hung, unable to look her in the eye. “Oh Jerry, don’t be so silly. I just love the effect that my body has on you. Why do you think I asked you here?” she asked with a big smile and a saucy twinkle in her eye. “Now it’s time for you to watch me work” she added and I watched as she removed her wedgies. As she did so, I thought to myself that this teenaged woman was the most potently sexiest woman that I had ever met; or most likely that I would ever meet. Maybe not in the facial department but all of that mighty rippling muscle really did it for me.

Joan looked at me with those dark sultry eyes and said “Now it’s time, Jerry, to show you just how strong this body is, and what it can do”. With that she began to walk over to what looked like a very heavy plough. “Two-horse steel furrow plough” she explained. It was a large metal contraption with a double blade connected to a wheel axle and two steel handles. “Aren’t you going to put on any clothes?” I asked. She looked at me with the corners of her mouth in a tight smile and said “Why? It’s very hot and we aren’t given many clothes”. “Besides this is how I used to work the dusty fields in India. When you are blessed by the Goddess Anahita with a strong body it is an honour to show off her gifts” she told me. “Besides, who is going to tell me to wear clothes? You?” she asked. I shook my head, not believing my good fortune at being able to gawp openly at a naked muscle woman. Taking hold of a heavy looking leather harness attached to the front of the plough, she pulled the thing out of the barn with one hand. I followed behind watching her awesome calves bulge and swell as she towed the thing across the courtyard and out to a distant field. She made it seem so effortless but that thing must have weighed an awful amount even on its rusty creaking steel wheels.

We came to an area of about 100- 300 feet which was strung off ready for tilling. Joan called over a farm hand that was close by. He was a big strong looking guy but nowhere near as muscular and strong as she was. Surprisingly he didn’t bat an eyelid at the naked muscle girl. From which I deduced that this is such a routine thing for her that no-one thinks it out of the ordinary. I noticed that the farmhand’s eyes flicker occasionally at Joan’s awesome body but then flicker away quickly as if her sheer power disturbs him. The harness is obviously meant to be fitted around a couple of horses but I can’t see any around to pull the plough. I was therefore completely caught off-guard when Joan begins to fit the harness on herself, cinching it tightly around her bare waist and chest. Not believing what I was seeing, the farmhand picked up the handles as Joan’s mighty naked body took up the strain and began to walk forwards. I recalled Joan telling me that she does all the hard manual work herself but I never expected that she meant that she literally did the job meant for a horse or tractor. She glanced in my direction and must have guessed what I was thinking because she then said “This is how women plough fields back in India in the regions where I come from”. “We cannot afford horses or bullocks to do the work” she told me.

Upon reaching the area to be tilled, the blades were lowered to the ground then Joan began to stride at a constant steady rate across the field as the blades dug in a good 6″ into the thick claggy soil. Her broad strong back was straight as she powered along at a fair rate while she leant forward and moved onto her toes causing her mighty calves to become a riot of pumping and swelling mass muscle as she towed the heavy plough. Her huge powerful quads bulged and swelled to unreal proportions as she dragged the heavy double blades through the thick lumpy clay-like soil. I was totally gobsmacked by the unbelievable size of all of the muscles in her legs as they bulged and swelled in a sensual motion reeking of utter power as she kept the blades slicing and turning the soil at a steady speed. The plough dug up the soil and even stones without ever slowing down. It took her 2 hours of backbreaking, leg pumping hard work to get the job done. Two hours of hard manual labour without once stopping for a break, even though I offered to get her some water. She rarely spoke to me, so engrossed was she in her task but when she did she hardly sounded out of breath as her mighty legs powered her way across the field. Strangely the farmhand barely glanced at her warm brown naked body as his beast of burden tilled the field. Although he gave me a few suspicious looks. Under the hot sun, her body was absolutely drenched in sweat which made her brown-skin glisten and gleam which made her look oiled down in a highly erotic manner that emphasised the movement of her pumped up muscles. I think if the farmhand hadn’t been there I would have begged to make love to her there and then right there in the middle of the field, so stoked up was my cock.

Joan took the harness off, and told me “There is one more task that I have to do”. She pointed to 3 large rocks that were in the field next to the area that she had just tilled. “I have got to remove those before we can till that tomorrow” she told me. Each one must have weighed at least 300 pounds, as they were very large and highly irregular shaped. I knew by now that there would be no mechanical aids to move those rocks and looked forward to watching how she would do it with a growing sense of expectation. There was a 6 foot fence at the back of the field. The naked Indian muscle girl crouched down and carefully grabbed the first rock then lifted it to her chest. Straightening her insanely huge legs, Joan pressed the large rock above her head with those thick mighty arms. Then to my amazement she lowered it to her impressive chest again before pressing it above her head once more. She did this 5 times in a row, all the while looking at me with those dark haunting eyes and that tough knowing smile on her face. Meanwhile the farmhand had wandered off to remove the ropes and move them across to mark out the next area to be ploughed. He didn’t even look back as if he had seen it all before although I suspected that he didn’t want to be reminded of the intimidating physique of a teenage girl many years his younger.

Joan walked easily across the field carrying the rock against her chest to the fence while all the time walking on her toes which made her calves bulge and swell insanely. Reaching the fence, Joan leaned back, raised the rock above her head then threw it clean over the fence, clearing it by a good 3 feet into a small ravine on the other side. She then did the same routine with the other 2 rocks. That’s when a smaller rock caught her eye. It was still a fair size, around the size of a large football, but to my surprise when she crouched down to pick it up she placed it between her thighs. “Watch” she just told me then leaving the rock wedged between her massively muscled legs. Standing up straight, she raised herself upon her toes and began squeezing real hard, the strain and concentration showing on her normally passive face. God! Those huge quads pumped up by 2 hours of ploughing swelled to a truly unreal size and became fearsomely cut-up and sharply defined. At first nothing seemed to be happening and I couldn’t understand what she hoped to achieve. Then CRACK! The rock literally shattered into loads of little pieces. “Yes!” Joan cried in triumph raising and flexing truly gigantic peaked biceps in victory. Faced with such a mind blowing feat of strength followed by massive powerful biceps, my dick didn’t stand a chance. For the second time that evening I had a powerful orgasm that drenched my pants while Joan’s naked awesomely pumped up body flexed.
As we walked back to the barn with Joan carrying the plough, I realized that such manual labour was all part of her muscle building program. No wonder her body was so well developed with such large hard powerful muscle all over. “You’re not saying much, Jerry” she said. “Did I disappoint you?” she asked. I turned to look at the naked young Indian muscle woman by my side. “No, of course not.  It’s all a bit … I’m just overawed by your sheer power” I replied honestly. “Shagged out after creaming yourself again more like” she chuckled. I laughed with her, although I still felt embarrassed about that.

“I know what will perk you up” Joan said with such a mischievous grin that I just knew that it involve getting my dick to the point of embarrassing myself again. But if that meant seeing more of what her amazing body could do then I wasn’t going to complain. The first thing she did was to put her strong feet into those 6″ high sexy wedgies that made her quads swell up like steel hardened balloons. She then fixed me with those dark sultry long-lashed eyes and a tough but sexy smile then said “Come here, Jerry. Come closer. I know you want to touch me”. She raised both arms and flexed a massive double biceps that re-awaken my slumbering dick. They were truly awesome, so large and dense with enormous thick peaks like rocky mountain tops. That pose also caused her pecs to swell up to more closely resemble a stunning big pair of boobs except that these were thick cushions of striated muscle with a deep cleavage between.

“Don’t just stand there drooling. Come here and feel my muscles. Come on, give them a good squeeze” She demanded. What would you do if a naked muscle girl asked you to feel her body? I didn’t hesitate. With hardening lust I went straight for those huge peaks and ran my hands over those bulging dense muscles while she looked on with that tough smile on her face. “They’re so big” I gasped in awe. Yeah it was a stupid thing to say but I’d like to see what you would say to a massively muscled naked girl as you felt her mighty biceps that felt as hard as solid steel beneath her warm brown skin. Her biceps were so large that I needed both hands and even then I wasn’t even close to encircling those huge bulging biceps. I could feel the sheer power that lay close beneath her skin and it stiffened my dick faster than any aphrodisiac. “Oh God, oh God, oh God!” in a lust fuelled frenzy I ran my hands all over her hard chest and ribbed stomach, getting more and more excited. Needless to say I didn’t last long and for the third time that evening I came hard, totally soaking my pants.

“That’s it, Jerry. Worship my body by spilling your seed for me” Joan said but not in an unfriendly way. She flexed her mighty arms in front of her body in a most muscular pose. So fearsome did she look and so potently powerful that to my surprise I found my dick trying to come again even though I had just spent my load. She continued to flex and I continued to feel her amazing body with a quickly raging hard-on and empty balls. I am sure that she loved all the attention I was giving her but when I tried to kiss her, she pushed me away. “Not on a first date, Jerry” she whispered gently but firmly.

That was my first visit to the farm; the first of many where I got to feel much more of Joan’s incredible muscles and equally mind-blowing feats of strength. Each time I found myself managing to stay hard for longer before blowing. I began to realise that she actually lifted many tons of weight a day probably much more any bodybuilder or power-lifter and these weren’t the clean shiny weights of a gym but rocks and heavy bits of metal farm machinery and tools.

On one occasion the lock had rusted on an iron link chain that had been securing the gate to a field where the cows needed to be moved onto. The farmhand said he would go and get some cutters. “No, don’t bother there’s no need” Joan told him. In her usual work-wear of being totally nude, she managed to get her arm down between the chain and the gatepost as far as her upper arm. Taking up the slack in the chain she wrapped it around the middle of her brawny upper arm. Then Joan tried to flex. Her bicep got thicker as it tried to swell up but it was constrained by the iron link chain that surrounded it. “I’ll get the cutters” the farmhand repeated but strangely didn’t make a move to go but stood there watching as if expecting a miracle. Joan didn’t let that bother her; she just kept on concentrating on flexing her mighty bicep. The tension between that iron link chain and Joan’s massive bicep was palpable. You could see the iron chain get tighter against Joan’s bicep yet unable to dig into her hard flesh. Even the chain was no match for Joan’s powerful body and slowly a massive peak began to push its way higher and higher forcing the links in the chain to begin to open up as the tight chain surrendered to the young woman’s fearsome arm strength. “Bloody hell” the farmhand said under his breath as the gaps in the links visibly got wider as Joan’s brawny muscle mountain soared ever higher. Even he looked impressed as the links gave way and the chain broke.

While he opened the gate and began to herd the cows into the field, Joan took the now length of discarded chain and wrapped it tightly around each upper arm. “Watch this, Jerry” she told me then flexed a double biceps for me. My dick was already pumping hard by that first feat using just one bicep in a sort of side biceps flex but now the naked muscle girl was flexing with both arms. This time I had a clear view of her wide thick vascular forearms pumping up as her biceps fought to expand against the constricting chain. “It’s just a matter of telling your body what to do and knowing that it will do it” she explained. Slowly but surely the links in the chain once more began to give way as Joan’s mighty biceps soared high and peaked as the links broke under the strain. I rushed forward, my dick beating in my pants and began to feel her powerful arms. “Oh Joan, Oh Joan, I really want you, so bad” I moaned crazed with lust. She seized my hands and held them apart while flexing her biceps. “Jerry; You wild animal; Such a horny dog” she laughed as I struggled to free myself. She was so incredibly strong it was like my hands were fixed in concrete and I couldn’t move them. “You know I’m a good girl and don’t do naughty things like that” she chuckled. “Besides I’ve still work to do” she told me then released my hands and went off to do some more chores.

One time Joan took me to the cow sheds. She told me that she wasn’t allowed pets but had somehow adopted this bull which she called her pet. Apparently she had picked him up every day since birth. She went up to this pen where the bull lived and entered warning me to stay outside. “He doesn’t like men this time of year” she warned. The bull was now full size and a real big boy. “Watch this” she told me but I stood there thinking “no way”. After patting the bull to comfort him, Joan squatted down low beneath him with his stomach across her traps and shoulders. The naked brown skinned muscle girl then wrapped her thick powerful arms around his front and rear legs. Then with a slight grunt then her insane legs exploded with raw muscular power, rippling and becoming all cut-up as they slowly straightened lifting the bull from the floor across her very broad shoulders. It showed no signs of alarm which seemed to confirm that it was used to this treatment.

Slowly she raised herself up on her toes and began to walk around with the bull across her shoulders. She had a triumphant smile upon her face. I figured that bull must have weighed between 750 and 1000 pounds, yet Joan was lifting it with relative ease. Every muscle in her calves and quads were bulging hugely and standing out in sharp relief. I mean they were insanely huge and gleaming with a raw power that was highly sensual and made my rod beat in my pants like a drumstick. Carefully she lowered the bull back down to the ground, patted it once more then left the pen. Giving a lingering glance at the boner in my trousers, she said with a saucy smile “Hmm Jerry, managing to stay dry. I must try harder”.

I’ve seen her do many different feats of strength. As part of her daily chores I’ve seen her lift and carry hundreds of those big heavy metal cans filled with fresh milk. But being Joan she would carry one in each hand and do bicep curls with them as she took them out to the point where she loaded them onto a waiting lorry for collection. I’ve also seen her do a similar thing when she was carrying big bales of hay. She would carry them in front of her chest then do arm curls with them as she walked along. That she was a powerful force of nature, I had no doubt.

On another occasion, Joan took me to an old tractor in a field, which wasn’t working. “The foreman wants it moved. Watch this” She said then bent down and took a good hold of the front bumper. I had seen her do many incredible things but could not believe what she was about to attempt. As usual, she was completely nude and with a slight grunt, she straightened up her legs. Her quads swelled massively and the front of the tractor actually lifted fully off the ground. Her biceps were bulging like she had a small melon under there; all pumped up with prominent bicep veins. Joan’s traps and bullish neck flexed and strained hugely while her quads ballooned up enormously. This naked muscular Indian girl presented such an awesome picture of sheer power that my dick had instantly become rigid as she proceeded to lower and raise the front of the tractor 5 times in a row. I was convinced, that anything her brain told her body what to do, nothing on this earth could stop her. As if that wasn’t enough, Joan lifted the front of the tractor once more and began to walk backwards pulling the old vehicle with her. The sight of a naked young woman with huge shiny muscles under a layer of perspiration pulling along a tractor had my dong beating like a metronome.

There was an area of the barn that she called “my space”, whether that was official or not I don’t know it but I couldn’t see how anyone would dare tell her otherwise. It was a closed off area, with an old rug on the floor and an old wooden bench with a long 2 inch thick steel bar lying across it. Joan would lie back on the bench and press that heavy steel bar, completely naked with no concern that I could see her pussy and clit, which became very erect when she worked out. “This is where I keep my body strong so I can manage all the manual tasks around the farm” she told me as she bench pressed out a series of repetitions.

Stacks of big 12 inch concrete blocks lay around the floor, which Joan used to curl along with a lot of heavy duty iron ash cans with these metal staves around the outside which she used to lift or press with her mighty legs. It was like her private gym using makeshift equipment and weights and this was the place where my mind was well and truly blown on a regular basis. Not only did she build her mighty muscles here, but also performed unbelievable feats of sheer muscular strength and always executed completely in the nude. I’m sure she knew the effect this had on me. For me it became a place where I got many an aching hard boner and where her sheer raw naked power drove me so wild with desire coupled with frustration of being too scared to try and get passionate with her, that I came many times in my pants.

That long 2 inch thick steel bar was used to do arm curls, bench presses, and squats. Those concrete blocks, which I found out weighed almost 100 pounds each, were used as a sort of free weights. Joan would grab a block in each hand to do 20 reps of arm curls then would put 2 of them on each end of the steel bar (400 pounds) and do 12 reps of curls. For squat lifts, she put 3 blocks on each side of the steel bar (600 pounds), and knock out 5 or 6 reps. In the bench press, 2 blocks would go on each side of the bar (400 pounds), and she would do 12 reps. I could well imagine that for only 1 rep in each discipline, she could have lifted much more weight, like in power-lifting. Whenever she was doing squats, she would get on her toes to develop those awesome wide calves. Joan would also often press 400 pounds above her head for 12 reps.

On completion of her strenuous workout that had followed an equally strenuous set of chores outside on the farm, Joan would be all pumped up with her muscles gleaming. She would then face me and flex for me, driving me absolutely wild with lust. At first she would tease me by adopting really fierce looking poses if I tried to get too close to her. Her most-muscular pose was a thing truly fearsome to behold and I’m sure that she could give the Hulk a run for his money. Finally when it was obvious that my straining erection couldn’t take much more, she would order me to worship her by running my hands all over her muscular form until I was kissing it and moaning like a madman until I came.

I once asked her “Isn’t all of your heavy farm work exercise enough? You actually do heavy bodybuilding work every day”. Suddenly she pushed me down upon the floor then knelt across my waist and flexed her massive double biceps, an action that always caused her mighty pecs to pull up an impressive double headed pair of striated boobs and a cleavage. “I honour Anahita and praise her by building my body as big as I can” she told me. I gasped in surprise as she reached down and her hand closed around the erection in my trousers. “As you do honour to me by worshipping me with this” she said with a wicked smile. To my surprise she began to slide back and forth along the bulge. Her clit, as usual after a hard workout, was erect and very prominent. She had never done anything like this to me before and started moaning almost immediately. “Oh yes, Jerry. Worship me” She sighed as she rubbed herself back and forth along my erection. Her abs moved in an erotic dance as she slid faster. “Oh Jerry, Mmmnnnn” she moaned loud as her abs tensed into a deeply cut stone slab wall. Every muscle in her body seemed to tense and she moaned out a long strong orgasm as she came so hard that she squirted. Added to my own discharge, my pants were absolutely drenched that it soaked right through to the front of my jeans in a very embarrassing big damp spot that took ages to dry.

For the first time, she fell forwards and lay next to me, sinking into my arms and cuddling up. “Wow Jerry, that was so amazing” she gasped. I kissed her gently on the mouth. She responded in kind with a very hungry eager kiss and we were soon snogging away like love-crazed teenagers. Although that was as far as she would let me go.

The following visit I tried to get frisky with her but she stopped me with a “No Jerry”. To be honest I was more than a bit horny and frustrated being able to touch and feel Joan’s awesome naked muscular body but not being able to make love to her. However she wasn’t even keen on another passionate kiss and cuddle. I was peeved off when looking around the barn I spotted a lot of heavy construction bars (3/4 inch thick). “Have you ever tried bending those?” I asked in a challenging tone. “Sure” she replied and picked up a bar and held it about shoulder height. Her big beefy arms swelled and rocky mountainous peaks form on each arm and I swear to you that the bar bent easily.

“Anything else?” she asked in a waspish tone, picking up on my mood. I spotted those big metal ash cans. “Have you ever tried crushing one of those  between your legs or arms and chest?” I asked. “No I haven’t. I’ve only used them for lifting” She replied. “What if I crushed you between my arms and legs?” she snapped back. Oh crap, I’ve upset her. “Look, I’m sorry..” I began. She butted in “Forget it. I’ll do it” she said looking at the big metal cans. The meaning was clear ‘no problem’.

She laid her marvellous brown-skinned naked body upon the floor and put one of the cans between her thick legs. It was a difficult fit but she managed it. Pointing her toes those big wide calves expanded into huge steel-hard slabs of fearsome diamond shaped muscle, so large that the can could not possibly slip past that huge flaring mass. Then she squeezed her mighty thick legs together. Joan’s quads grew many times their relaxed state looking steely-hard, greatly defined with deep cuts. Likewise her calves were massive and looked harder than the can itself. I could not imagine how anything could withstand those fearsome muscular legs. Her quads seemed to be popping right out of her thick legs, shiny with a thin layer of perspiration. With such unbridled power around it, the can squealed and inevitably collapsed in on itself. Then from somewhere Joan found even more strength and powered down yet  more, giving it all she had, making my dick stupendously rigid. The crunch and grind of metal was loud as the can collapsed fast, standing no chance against the naked girl’s overwhelming legs. Joan did not stop until it was completely flat.

Without stopping and looking hungry and high on adrenaline, Joan picked up another can and placed it between her arms and chest. “Imagine this is you in my bear hug” she told me with a tough stare. This time her dark sultry eyes never left mine as her thick arms swelled massively. She leant forward showing me how the can was giving way against her thick hard striated chest. As her arms rippled and bulged drawing the can in to meet its doom upon her pecs in a sort of metal crushing most-muscular.

After flattening two steel cans, what she did next astonished me further. Raising herself upon her hands she spread her thick muscular legs wide. “Get your head in there, Jerry” she demanded in a tough no-nonsense voice. I was both turned on and terrified. “Please no, Joan. I said I’m sorry” I begged not wanting to feel the power of those steel-crushing legs around my skull. She got up looking angry and stomped right towards me. In all the time that I had known her, Joan had never once acted aggressively towards me and the change terrified me so much that I was rooted to the spot. “Please no, Joan” I begged but it was too late. She thrust a thick powerful arm around my head. An immense superior force forced me to the ground in less than a second.

I found myself pinned by a hefty naked muscle girl kneeling astride my shoulders with her hairy pussy and erect clit bare inches from my face. “You were so desperate to get inside my Yoni, now you’re going to get your wish. Get in there and make me cum or I’ll break your head” she ordered angrily. Before I could reply she slid forward and that bare pussy covered my face and I felt the erect rubbery clit pressing against my lips. “Get it in there and suck on it” she growled. Her aggression and the intimate place where she had me was highly sexual and I found myself incredibly turned on and wanting to please her. She clasped my hands and I felt the power in her arms like they could snap my hands off at the wrists at any moment. Her huge powerful thighs closed tight either side of my face, pressing painfully in against my cheeks. I knew that I had no choice even if hadn’t have wanted to. My head was dwarfed by her massive thighs that towered up on either side of my face. Part in terror and part with longing I opened my mouth and took in the rubbery flesh of her sex and began sucking. “Oh yes, that’s right Jerry, suck it good. Ohhh lick me, worship me, make me cum and I might forgive you” she said in a voice laden with lust. I peeked up over the front of her pussy hair up over the deeply ribbed stomach to the muscled chest that seemed so high above me.

“Ohhh, so sweet. Keep it up!” she moaned as I really went to work. I had never done anything like this before but the load moans and sighs of pleasure that I was causing in the big muscle girl on top of me was contagious and made me eager to please her. My nostrils were assaulted by the scent of her femininity at once sweet and musky. “Ohhhh!” she was moaning louder and shoved her hips down more firm, thrusting back and forth on my face. I felt her juices sliming my face liberally as she sighed ooo’s and aah’s of pleasure. My manhood was throbbing hard as the sexually-charged atmosphere of her impending climax was infectious. Suddenly she grabbed the top of my head and was pulling my fast right against her pussy. Rocking back and forth so hard that I thought she would break my neck, moaning loudly, she came all over my face in huge spurts. That caused me to cum too and spent she flopped down into my arms for a nice long cuddle. “Hmmmm, that will do nicely” she sighed and I knew that I had been forgiven.
Apart from the two incidents with Gurjit, I never saw Joan get rough with anyone. Yes, she acted tough but I reckoned that was all front and that in private I found her to be a gentle but very hard working soul. That is, until today. Joan had agreed to come out with me to the local common to celebrate completing college. For a laugh she was wearing some of my sister’s old clothes which she was going to chuck away. Whereas upon my sister they were large and baggy, on Joan they were very tight and looked far too small. This was despite my sister being much the taller of the two.

I had selected something which I thought resembled a sort of sexy schoolgirl look and desperately wanted to see Joan in it, although I had never expected her to agree to put them on. This comprised of a white nylon halter which was tied off at the front in a large bow. Which was a good thing because it was so tight on her broad frame that she couldn’t actually do up the buttons. It also pulled in and pushed up her large muscular chest presenting big mounds of breast in the gap in the V shaped neck in the middle. I had never seen her expose so much breast when wearing clothes and the effect was totally stunning. “Phoar!” I moaned slowly in appreciation while gawping openly at her chest. “Great boobs!” I added. “Stop it Jerry” she said with a light chuckle, clearly loving the attention.

The halter had originally short sleeves but Joan had neatly torn off these off because they were far too tight to accommodate the girth of her massive arms. In fact she had managed to squeeze her arms into them, then flexed. The sight of her powerful large peaked rugged biceps appearing through the white nylon as it ripped and shredded under the growing bulk of her steel-hard muscle was too much potent raw power for me. “So soon, Jerry?” Joan chuckled as I gave an involuntary moan. She really was enjoying herself, the cans of beer we’d been drinking also helped.

On my sister, the halter covered the top part of her stomach and exposed her belly button. However, on Joan’s wild broad hourglass figure, it was so small that it came down just below her breasts allowing full view of her trunk-like armour-plated mid-riff. Around her waist was my sister’s old kilt which upon Joan became an extremely short tartan-pleated micro skirt, like the women wore in the original “Star Trek” TV series. It was so short that it was that it was barely decent, just covering her modesty. This meant that her massive legs flared out in all of their awesome glory looking absolutely gigantic and so exceptionally powerful that the very sight had me completely at full mast once more. I tell you, this girl’s body was so much more potent than any aphrodisiac. “Phroar you really have great legs” I groaned practically drooling at the sight. They really were an intimidating sight and once more I realised that she actually was a hell of a lot more sexy when wearing skimpy clothes like this than when naked.

Upon her feet Joan wore my sister’s white knee length socks that were stretched to their limits as they clung tightly over her wide powerful calves. Below this she wore her usual canvas shoes. “Cor you look fantastic, really very sexy. You should wear that kind of stuff all the time” I told her. “My parents would disown me if they saw me in this” she chuckled but she made no move to change back into her old threads. I think she liked the way that it showed off her muscular body.

We were close to the far end of the common, well over a mile from town where I’d thought we’d be alone. I was wrong. Suddenly out of the woods came a gang of Neanderthals. There must have been nearly 20 of the bastards and they weren’t friendly. They were led by two of the worst bullies in the area, a brutish looking guy with a low brow and blockish jaw who called himself Pug and a mannish looking girl called Bianca. As with the rest of their gang, they were all CHAVS in the truest sense – Council House And Violent. They would be called “trailer trash” in America, except over here they were given decent houses at the taxpayers’ expense and live off benefits. Almost all of them, including the girls were shaven headed and tough looking thugs, the biggest and meanest people around. No-one decent liked them. They were the types who did their thinking with their fists. “Maybe we should go back” I said to Joan. “No” she replied sternly and continued to walk forwards to where the yobs blocked our way looking like the wolf pack that had cornered their prey.

“Wadda we got here, mon. This is private property mon, know watta mean. You gotta pay um toll to git past” the he-thug snarled. “Yeah an we take it outta yer face, you kna-watta-mean” she-thug added. Actually that wasn’t what they said; they tried to sound like east-end black and failed. I barely understood a word but got the intent. Although they were both taller than her, with a combined weight of probably 150 pounds more than her, and with a gang to back them up Joan was clearly not impressed. “This is public common land, get out of our way” Joan told them, showing no signs of the nervousness which I was feeling. “You the one whose common, mon” Pug said. “Shutta up yer face wog bitch” Bianca spat in a foghorn voice (what she actually said was a lot worse than that but I couldn’t bring myself to repeat it). They were so thick and sure of themselves that they didn’t even have the sense to be intimated by Joan’s powerful physique which was clearly on display with the small clothes she wore. Dressed like I knew that I would have be terrified confronted by that body. They were much bigger but the Indian girl was way more impressive, just standing there with her mighty muscles bulging out of that tiny sexy outfit I had given her, waiting for them to make the first move. “That you called me that just shows how uneducated and ignorant you are” Joan told them. “Aaaaeeee?” they squawked in the long drawn out exclamation of ignorance that their kind share.

That’s when they did their thinking. The two top bullies began raining punches upon Joan’s mighty pecs and abdomen while their mates joined in the fun punching her on the back, shoulders and arms, all crowding around to get a blow in. Some came at me and in fright I scooped up a nearby fallen branch to bat at them to keep them away. I won’t try and pretend that I wasn’t scared. Most of these were big rough tough brutes, used to beating the crap out of some poor innocent victim, even the girls. You could see the slow thought processes moving at glacial speed as they began to realise that their punches were hurting them much more than it did their victim. I knew that it was like hitting a stone rock. Joan just stood there serenely as the yobs discovered that her body was like an armoured tank not even caring about the punches to her body. But when they tried to hit her in the face she blocked most of the blows using her wide tapering powerful forearms. I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t you help her? Well to be honest I knew that her amazingly developed body was cushioning their body blows and she even had a mocking smile on her face to show that they were not hurting. Besides I was still fending off the yobs that attacked me by clobbering them with the branch.

“Is that the best you can do?” she laughed condescendingly. I think she was getting bored of this because when the next gang member threw a punch at her face she caught his fist in her hand and with a sudden twist of her wrist forced him downwards doing a strange dance of agony as her thick bicep swelled as it powered him lower towards the ground. A ladette used the distraction to slam her fist towards Joan’s face. Barely sparing a glance at the brutish girl, Joan slammed her beefy left arm back, blasting her elbow into her face. Driven by the power of that mighty bicep it must have felt like getting hit by a truck. The others gawped as she fell to the ground clutching her bloodied face. Even as she did this, the guy with his hand caught in her powerful grip twisted and writhed as he was forced ever lower until his head was about level with her waist. Suddenly, Joan’s thick knee shot up sharply. SPLAT! Driven by those powerful thighs, the results were horrific. He didn’t stand a chance. It was like a fly getting swatted. Her huge thick leg put him down fast, his face a total mess.

“I’ll f**king kill ya” Bianca roared and threw herself at the much shorter but much heftier Indian girl. To the astonishment of the CHAVs and myself, Joan swung an arm between the tuff girl’s legs grabbing her by the crotch then hooked her other arm around her neck. In awe, and with a stiffening dick, I watched as Joan easily lifted Bianca off the ground and pressed her cleanly in one swift movement well above her head. She sent her hurtling through the air to collide with Pug, knocking him down to the ground with her on top of him. Joan looked over at me with that tough smile on her face, and said “now it’s my turn to have fun”.

She began to walk towards the floored pair seemingly oblivious to the other gang members beating upon her body. Joan snapped, suddenly stopped and drove her elbow back right into the gut of a ladette that had been beating upon the back of her neck. She then caught the fist of another yob in front of her and forced his arm high in the air between them as he struggled in her steely grip. Slowly and deliberately while holding his hand she flexed her massive right bicep so that it grew right in front of his face. If his small brain had been pretending his victim wasn’t a very muscular teenage girl, it had no choice now as his eyes went wide at the tall rocky peak. “Let’s see how you like it” She told him with a tough smile. “N..N..N..” he looked stunned at the size of the powerful muscle in front of him. SPLAT! Her fist struck his jaw with an awful sound as her powerful biceps drove it forwards. His body rocketed backwards limply several feet into the others before he collapsed to the ground out cold and with a mess of a face.

Joan turned to face the other gang members around her and performed a most-muscular pose. I had seen her perform that pose in the nude many times and it never failed to get my pecker up. They had never seen it before and gawped openly in nervous awe at the awesome impressive sight. I saw the dumbfounded look in their eyes and fear in their eyes as every muscle in her body bulged and tensed becoming highly cut-up and vascular. “Dear God she’s effing huge” one moaned as they backed off, uncertain how to handle the rippling mass of muscle before them.

“F***ing bitch I’ll smash yer face in” Bianca hollered as Joan walked unimpeded to the two-person pile on the ground and stood over her. Suddenly Joan’s big thick leg swung forward and with a solid thud kicked Bianca off Pug. “Ouch! You effing bitch” Bianca continued to hurl abuse while clutching her side where Joan had kicked her. Joan reached down and grabbed Pug by the crotch and neck then easily lifted him from the ground. Standing up straight as though power lifting, Joan pressed him cleanly above her head once more then threw his body down upon Bianca from a great height. “Borrph!” both CHAVs groaned as one fell upon the other. Joan repeated this move, kicking off the one who was on top and then lifting the other high above her head before slamming them down upon the other. She did this another 4 times. They could put up no resistance, they were like rag dolls, helpless against her massive muscular bulk and the falls crippling.

Seeing their leaders getting beaten up brought a group of the yobs back to attack together. One rushed right at her and found himself lifted off the ground into a powerful crushing bear-hug. “…no!” He shrieked as her fearsome arms swelled into massive bulging rippling rocky pillars as they crushed him against her impressive but iron-hard bust to the accompaniment of audible pops and snaps as his ribs gave way. Her triceps were absolutely massive as she pulled him so tight against that I feared she would crush him to death in her arms. Easing off the fearsome bear-hug she held him in front of her, suspended off the ground like a rag doll before driving her knee right into his unprotected midriff. “Broooorrhh!” he wailed as her broad knee powered deep into his gut and he creased up around it. Even if he had a six-pack and worked out every day, no stomach would have withstood Joan’s powerful leg blasting its knee full into it.

Joan dropped him in time to catch another yob, spinning him right around in front of her then she pressed him high above her head, holding him upside down with his legs flailing in the air. She held him there for several moments. “Jeese look at her legs!” one yob gasped close to me. He was right her thick quads bulged enormously below her very short tartan skirt as her fearsomely rippling arms held him aloft. Then she just slammed him head first into Pug’s back as he lay on top of Bianca. “Orrrrgh!” they cried with the impact.

I could see the look on Joan’s face get harder and tougher, while Pug and Bianca and their gang got paler and looked increasingly worried. I think at this point they realised that they were in trouble. They liked to use their fists but now knew that these were useless against her densely built body and that this bulky young Indian woman wanted to show them what her powerful muscular body could really do to their bodies. Still thinking there was safety in numbers some attacked all at once. That’s when Joan really got rough.

A thick beefy arm caught one around his neck and hauled him roughly against her broad solid body while powering a mighty knee into his back. Her knee struck like an express train and he went down with an agonised wail. For her bulky size, Joan moved fast and locked up the arm of another as he tried to punch her. She twisted his body around in front of her with an irresistible surge of power. He looked over his shoulder and his jaw dropped as she flexed a mighty powerful towering mountain of muscle and slammed it hard into his back like a sledgehammer. SWACK! It sounded like meat being tenderised and he howled in pain. Joan let him see the huge bicep again. “Oh God, please no!” he wailed. SWACK! He was silenced by her mighty fist hammering him straight in the mouth followed by another crushing blow that whipped his bloodied face from left to right and sent him hurtling towards the ground, completely out for the count.

Joan spun around to face one who had been punching her broad back all this time. His face turned to sheer terror as she scooped him up in her arms, lifted him across her broad shoulders then spun him 90 degrees in the air then wrapped her thick muscular arms around his chest in a fearsome reverse bear-hug that was truly terrifying to watch. CRACK CRACK he screamed as arms as thick as tree-trunks and harder than steel pulled tight against his ribcage. She let him slip upside down in her rippling bulging arms until his back was against her chest then squeezed some more. SNAP SNAP he was screaming hysterically as her huge bulging arms seemed to pull her thick forearms deep inside his chest. She slid him further down opened her huge legs and trapped his head inside. She had him upside down with his back against her, neck bent back tendons straining as his head completely disappeared, enveloped in that powerful bulging mass of muscle which she called her thighs. The muffled hollers and shrieks were dreadful but didn’t last long. Those titanic strong columns of muscle opened and he crashed senseless to the ground.

A few of the thicker ones still didn’t get the message and another charged Joan brandishing a large branch as a club. The branch shattered against her rock hard body. She captured her assailant in her frightening arms and lifted him up high then slammed him down while stooping to one knee in a classic backbreaker. THUMP! His back slammed into her knee and he screamed in agony then she brushed him off onto the ground. That was enough, those gang members still conscious and able to walk began to scarper just leaving the two leaders amongst a large number of unconscious and broken bodies.

Joan stood over the two leaders and flexed a bicep. Pug’s eyes went wide at the sight of that enormous peaked power mass. “It’s just you and me now” Joan said with a tough smile while Pug gawped in open astonishment at the squat powerful muscular form standing over him, the signals at long last getting through to his dense brain. “Yeah! You’re aren’t all that” Bianca’s big gob yelled, not seeing what the lad on top of her did. “Shut up shut up” hissed Pug urgently. “I was hoping that you would say something like that” Joan said with a tough smile.

“Eeeyahh!” with a loud shriek Joan launched her powerfully built form into the air and body slammed, landing heavily upon the pair, smashing the air from their exhausted bodies. WHUMP! “Arghh!” they wailed as her bulk dropped on them from a great height. On top, Joan pinned both of them and began pummelling their bodies with her fists. They were big heavy blows that sounded like she was tenderising them leaving them battered and bruised.

Finally she wrapped her huge thighs around gobby Bianca’s waist. “Cross me or my friend again and I will break you in two. Understand?” she said while the tuf-girl writhed in agony slapping at Joan’s huge thighs, unable to draw breath to answer. With that, Joan leant back, raised herself upon her thick arms and stretched out her body and tensed her massive legs. Those quads swelled up so large that Bianca’s body was swallowed up in a bulging living mass of powerful deep cut muscle. The tuf-girl threw back her head and screamed her eyes out. It was a terrible sound that actually made me feel sorry for her. She was absolutely frantic, jerking this way and that and beating helplessly against Joan’s solid thighs but to no avail, her middle was fixed fast in quads wider than her own body and flexed to hard definition. Under the girl’s screams and hysterical sobbing, I was certain I heard other disturbing noises of her body breaking. Bianca’s body jerked horribly then she went limp in those massively powerful legs with her eyes closed, face relaxed and mouth open.

Pug had been watching this with a look of pure horror on his face. Joan opened her brutally strong legs and his partner flopped out onto the ground and turned her attention to him. “Please no, no” he begged then turned around on the ground to flee. “Too late” Joan spat out and her legs struck like a cobra flying over his shoulders with her big beefy calves ensnaring his head. Pug’s screams were no less in volume than Bianca’s and Joan’s legs no less brutal. Every muscle in her mighty body was bulging as she actually flexed her massive biceps for his benefit while crushing down upon his head so hard that I was sure that his skull would explode. Her muscles were so pumped up and massive that my dick shot a huge load then and there. I had seen what those legs could do to innocent ash cans and knew that a human body would have no chance between them. The toughest bully in the area was reduced to a sobbing wimp, lamely flailing his legs and body around as if that would reduce the pain. By the time she had finished with him, I thought that he was out cold but Joan slapped both of them hard across the cheeks until they opened their eyes. The awesomely muscular young Indian woman must have been the last thing that they hoped to see and they visibly quaked with fear.

Her last move was strictly a show of strength. Joan reached down and grabbed their shirt tops with her hands then hauled both to their feet. Then she grabbed each of them by the crotch and pressed them both up above her head, one in each arm as steady as a rock. That must have been a combined total weight of 400 pounds or more. They both looked completely terrified and beaten as she walked around with them like that on her toes. It was like she wasn’t even labouring although her quads had swollen up enormously flexing and rippling with every step and her wide calves were huge and sharply defined. She carried them around like that, the victor displaying the losers although there were none to watch except me, for a good 2 minutes although it seemed like ages.

I had no doubt now that every inch of her mighty, steel-hard, muscled body was a deadly weapon and wondered how many people she could she actually have taken on at one time. There had been at least 20 in this gang and they were still no match for her. Finally Joan lowered them down to their feet then grabbed them by their shirts, pulling their faces close to hers, and told them “I don’t want to see you around anymore”. She just opened her hands and the tuff pair simply collapsed to the ground exhausted and beaten.

Joan walked away from the bodies coming towards me with every muscle pumped up, massive and rippling. She gave me that great tough smile and said “I don’t think they will be bothering us anymore”. Her hand went to the bulge in my trousers which had formed quickly again after that demonstration of power. “Wow, Jerry. Let’s get back to the barn and let me see to that” she said with a saucy wink. As we walked quickly, interspersed with running, back across the common to the car, I realized that she could have easily taken both the CHAVs lives if she wanted and literately broken them in half. It didn’t take long to race back to the farm in the car.

Back at the barn, Joan stripped and told me to get my dick out, I did, in the presence of such naked muscularity it was rock hard. She spoke softly in her deep husky voice that I found so sexy “Female devotees of Anahita have very well developed and very strong sex areas”. I must have looked confused for she then said. “It is a series of muscles and can be developed and trained” she told me. “Let me give you a demonstration” she added then took a large cucumber from a crate of vegetables and to my surprise inserted it deep into her vagina. “Watch this” she told me. Her abdominal muscles hardened into a sexy grid work of deep cut muscle then relaxed. Joan then extracted a completely crushed cucumber, along with a lot of liquid from her vagina. I was totally gobsmacked by this feat. “I’ve also crushed raw carrots down there to” she told me. Then she added “imagine what I could do to a guy’s dick, if I hated the guy”. “He would no longer have one” I replied. “That’s right” she said with a smile.

“You always seen ripe for a little sex, I really want to do it Jerry, now, with you” she took me by surprise. I remembered what happened to the cucumber. She must have realised what I was thinking because she said “Don’t worry I like you, and wouldn’t hurt you”. “I really want to do this too” I told her as I hurriedly took off my trousers and pants. Joan lay back and opened her legs and I entered her carefully. So we had sex, what an understatement! Wow! It was like being in a hot vice and being pumped slowly. It was great, no, it was way beyond great.

I tried banging away at her but soon found that her vagina muscles completely dominated my movement and totally controlled our love making. We changed positions with her sitting on top riding my member. I just love the way the muscles in her vagina tightly drew me further inside of her. Tightening about my dick like a tourniquet applying a constant strong pressure with regular rhythmic squeezes that got me harder and harder. Her abs flexed and danced moving like a living carpet of muscle from top to bottom over and over again. Inside it felt like I was stuck in a milking machine as the inner muscles rippled and moved together in a series of strong pumping movements that both shocked and amazed me. “Oh G-God Joan, I’ve never felt anything like that before” I moaned in total ecstasy as the movements got me throbbing painfully hard.

I could tell that she was cumming, as that vice was squeezing harder and she was making little moans that were getting closer together and louder. Suddenly she rolled back and wrapped her massive muscular thighs around my hips and came. She came in absolutely bucket loads while I panicked that she was going to bust my waist with her powerfully tightly clamping legs. Needless to say with her vagina muscles running riot, I came hard and fast in large amounts and each time she squeezed down for another one, I came again and again until I physically could give up no more.

Totally shagged out, we fell into each other’s arms and lay there for at least half an hour before either of us could dare move. “That was amazing” I told her and kissed her gently. She kissed me in return. I don’t know what this means for our relationship but I feel good. I don’t know how her parents will react but I really want us to be together.


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