The Fbook account (JP#04)

Hijacking your ex’s FBook account is a bad idea if mom can kick your arse

My leggy sister in-law Marianne again, inspired by true events

(c) JIM P 2013
“Tracey can you get your mum to call me urgently, This is uncle Jim”
“F*** off yer prat this ain’t Tracey, I’ve hacked her FBook account. F*** off you w**ker”
I was shocked when my brother in-law Jim drew my attention to this. “Marianne, you need to report this as this bozo is giving Tracey a bad name” Jim told me when he eventually got hold of me via messaging. When I questioned my daughter about it, she admitted that her ex-boyfriend Morgan had hi-jacked her account, changed the password and wouldn’t give it back. I had only met him a few times and didn’t like him; he was one of those swaggering gangsta yobs with their trousers hanging ridiculously low but Tracey liked him and thought he was cool.

I’m not very IT literate so Jim sent me a link to report the account hijack except I couldn’t get anywhere. My husband Kurt even tried reporting it to the Police as identity theft but they just weren’t interested. Kurt’s criminal record for dodgy dealing didn’t help nor did getting angry and swearing at them. He wanted to go around there and punch the guy’s lights out. I managed to calm him down, distracting him with a low-cut top, a short skirt, stockings and suspenders and high-heel which soon took his mind off it. Well it is so small that it can only handle thinking about one thing at a time. After getting Morgan’s address from Tracey, I went around to pay him a visit as I wasn’t going to stand for this creep giving my daughter a bad name.

It was cold outside so I put on my long thick coat. Morgan lived in a run-down part of town where the drug dealers and other low-life scum lived off benefits. Tracey had already told me that the council had given him his own flat in a tower block. Of course he lived on the top floor and the lifts were vandalised so I had to climb the dank concrete staircase that smelled of urine. That made me remember being in a concrete high-risk car park with Jim going up similar stairs to these, putting on a foreign accent and saying “English toliet” then pretending to whip his dick out and spray it everywhere. By the smell of it, that must have been exactly what these filthy yobs had done. I continued to climb in the gloom because all the lights had been smashed. Oh well, at least it gave my legs a good workout climbing all that way. Luckily I didn’t meet any yobs on the stairs, lucky for them that was. In the mood I was in by the time I got to the top with my calves and thighs burning, I would have kicked their teeth right to the back of their slimy mouths if they got in my way. As it was, when I found the flat and knocked on the door, I just barged right in when the creep opened it.

“Oi, whaddya think you’re doing, mon. You can’t come in here, git out” he protested. He had one of those low, slow drawls and speech pattern trying to emulate the black kids that they thought were so cool not realising that from a white kid, it just made them sound stupid. I spun around to face him, fixing him with a no-nonsense glare through my spectacles which magnified my eyes and, so I’d been told, made me look fierce. “I’m not going anywhere until you’ve given me the password to Tracey’s FBook account” I said with a stern tone. I never used to be that commanding but having 5 kids changes that.

I saw the way that he looked at me thinking I was an unattractive old turkey who had no right being in his flat. I know that I’m not beautiful what with my long narrow face, a nose which is too long and prominent, and the lines around my long broad cheeks are a bit deep. The rectangular specs I wear magnify my small blue eyes and make me look real gawky. My mouth is small with a narrow jaw and deep chin, although Jim tells me my mouth is very kissable – the cheeky blighter. My mousey blonde hair is home-cut with a fringe across the front above my eyebrows, then flowing down over my ears to my shoulders. Luckily I hadn’t worn it clipped back which exposes a lot of forehead and my large sticky out ears, he would have thought me a right ugly old cow instead of just an old turkey. Well I might be getting on a bit but I am not passed it just yet. At least my brother in-law, Jim finds me attractive and I think he secretly fancies me and I can still get Kurt going when I need to.

It was very warm inside his flat so I took off my coat and hung it on the stair newel post. When I turned around I got a shock for he was eyeing up my bust. I’m actually quite proud of my bust. It used to be quite small but after 5 kids it had sprouted out into a nice pair of knockers which given my slim figure made them seem quite large. To be honest, I had forgotton that I still had on the clothes that I had used to calm down Kurt. With his lecherous gaze on my mounds and cleavage formed by the bra I was wearing, I became self-conscious and wished the pink top wasn’t so tight fitting and had such a low neck-line.

I tried to ignore him and spotted the door to the living room and headed towards it. Somehow I knew that he was eyeing up the back of my legs as he followed. That was when I realised that he had only ever seen me in leggings and a baggy T-shirt. He had never seen my legs before. Well he was certainly getting an eyeful today. For I was still wearing the very short black mini-skirt I had put on to keep Kurt quiet; although why I bothered I didn’t know as he lost interest really quickly. I also had on high-heeled shoes which really showed off my well-shaped calves.

It was strange but when I was younger, men never bothered with me but now they really seemed to like my legs and I kept catching them looking when I walked down the street. Although I was 5 foot 9, my body was quite slim, not bad given that I had so many kids, and my legs long, slim and shapely. My thighs were sleek, strong and toned as were my calves which were long with a thick shapely calf muscle. These drove Jim to distraction and I loved to tease him, flexing my toned calves and watching him trying not to stare at them and failing. He was always going on about the beautiful strong diamond shapes, the cleft between and the muscle tone. I developed these legs from many years of walking down from the hill where we lived into town then having to walk up another hill to take the kids to school or go the shops. Try doing that several times a day. The kids may have left school now but I keep my legs and the rest of my body toned by working out regularly in the gym that the Salvation Army have. I’m in their militant wing and know how to take care of myself which has greatly boosted my confidence.

Entering the living room, I spot a long sofa along one side so walk over to it, sat down then crossed my legs. Oh damn, I forgot how short this skirt was and felt the hem rise up onto the thick black stocking tops. There was no chance that Morgan hadn’t noticed. As he sat down next to me, his eyes were wide and glued to the top of my thighs, gawping at my sheer black nylon stockings and stocking tops. I was disgusted, this was my daughter’s ex-boyfriend and his eyes were lusting over my legs and bust. Jim and Kurt kept telling me how great my legs were but honestly! I just couldn’t get over how my legs produced such a strong reaction in men especially after all those years of being the gawky beanpole of a girl that no boy would ever look at twice, let alone ask out on a date. I was still amazed that an ordinary not very special looking housewife like me could get men going just by showing off my legs.

I glared straight at his eyes letting the magnification of my glasses unsettle him. “You will give Tracey back her FBook account. You stole it and are giving her a bad name with your abuse” I told him trying to sound stern. “F off. She dumped me, I keeping it as a memento, innit” he put on that stupid accent which grated on my nerves. Instead of having the decency to look me in the eye, his gaze never left the top of my thighs. Right you bastard, I thought and raised my knee subtly higher which caused the hem to slide back to expose a glimpse of the patch of bare skin above my stocking tops. His eyes practically bulged as he realised that I was wearing stockings and suspenders and a bulge began to form in his trousers.

Too late, I realised that had been mistake when I saw the calculating look in his eye as he raised his face to mine then placed his hand on my knee. “Look love, eyes tell you the password if you’re good to me, if you know watta mean?” the slimy creep said. “Innit” my mind silently added mockingly. “Morgan!” I was shocked and forcibly removed his hand by bending back his little finger causing him to yelp. “I came here to give you the chance to do the right thing” I told him sternly. “You got great legs for an old turkey. I do the right thing for you alright” he said in that silly accent winking suggestively.

I was disgusted. My daughter was 18 and this creep only 2 years older. “I’m nearly twice your age. Keep your hands to yourself. Now give me that password” I demanded angrily. “Then I ain’t saying nuttin” he said stubbornly still staring hungrily at my legs. I’d wish I worn a longer skirt now. I looked away in despair trying to think what to do next when my gaze fell upon a shiny metal pole running vertically at one end of the room. To be honest, I remembered noticing it before but was too wrapped up in the conversation to comment. “Dats where me birds gimme a dance. know wadda I mean?” he said noticing where I was looking.

“Did Tracey do that?” I asked. He didn’t seem to notice the tension in my voice. “Yeah, she was crap knaw wadda mean like, innit” he said dismissively. I stood up absolutely fuming wanting to teach this creep a lesson but couldn’t think how. “Nice calves” he remarked. “For an old bird, that is” he added. He was a leg man alright, but he was getting on my nerves. On purpose I raised myself onto my toes, making my long shapely calves harden and swell into hard edged pointed slabs. The muscle tone was enhanced by the sheer black nylon and the seams running vertically along them. “Phroar great calves, shame Tracey dun take after you. She kinda podgy” he remarked. It was just puppy-fat but I wasn’t going to waste my breath trying to tell him that.

His appreciation of my legs gave me an idea. Kurt once had one of his failed get-rich quick schemes where I was a Policewoman-o’gram hired to give guys a sexy lap-dance [JIMP#26]. I became quite skilled at it but I’d never done pole dancing. How hard could it be? I thought studying it. “Dun even think abat it. It for young birds not old turkey like you” Morgan said dismissively. That just peed me off even more and made me even more determined to teach the chauvinistic ageist pig a real tough lesson. “Let me show you what this old turkey can do” I told him.

There was a MP3 player in a docking system close by and I pressed play and some slinky funky dance music blared out. I began to get myself into the rhythm, swaying my hips and thrusting out my ample bust. At the same time, I bent my knees slightly as I pivoted around on my feet which made my sleek thigh muscles tense like hard slabs with steel cords within my stockings. Working up a sexy rhythm, bumping and grinding, I moved around the pole.

My backside is quite compact and firm what with all the exercises I do at the Sally Army gym, so turning my back on the watching creep, I hitched up the back of my skirt and thrust it towards him. I only had on a skimpy black thong which showed off my hard tight bare buttocks. “Nice arse, great legs” he moaned in appreciation which made me feel good. I continued to bump and grind around the pole, trying to remember the moves I’d seen on some of those sleezy cop films Kurt watched.

I hooked a calf around the pole then swung myself around it trying to look like I knew what I was doing. Getting the feel for it, I found that I could wrap the pole in the crook of my right arm, swing my body then grabbing hold with my left below my body. In that way, I could keep myself off the floor suspended horizontally across the pole allowing me to show off my stocking-clad legs in different ways which kept Morgan’s gaze glued to them. I folded them up in front of the pole, the large meaty calves flaring out on each side as they pressed against the bottom of my thigh. Stretching my legs out as I controlled my spin around the pole, he got an eyeful of the full length of my long legs, stocking tops and suspenders and skimpy briefs. The sheen from the sheer black nylon made them look even sexier and Morgan watched them like a hungry hawk. “This old turkey has good legs, Morgan” I told him, trying to put on a breathy sexy voice. “Great legs” he moaned in reply. That made me feel comfortable about showing off my legs to this creep.

As I continued to work the pole I gained the feel for it, gaining confidence in my ability to use it, using muscles that I never knew I had. All the  while I tried to look sexy as best a 36 year old gawky looking mother of 5 could. “Yeah mon, work that body” he sighed in appreciation. That boosted my confidence, I was turning this young man on but I needed more of a reaction than that. I took the plunge to try something more difficult. Grabbing the pole with both hands, I went into a handstand on the floor then gripped the pole between the insides of my thighs while locking my ankles. My short skirt fell back, so he got full sight of my legs and skimpy covered crotch in all their glory as I squeezed the pole with my strong inner thighs to keep me inverted. With my strong legs keeping me in place, I moved my hands from the floor and took firm grip of the pole behind my back. Slowly at first while trying to look confident, I opened my legs and spread them apart wide. At that moment I was grateful for the weight training the Sally Army gave me that strengthened my upper body and allowed me to support myself like this without falling to the floor in an untidy heap. Upside down doing the splits, I saw the hard muscle of my calves flare out from my well-shaped lower legs. Men really found that sexy?

Spinning slowly around the pole, I raised my upper body to just below horizontal beneath my stretched legs. I then brought my right leg closer so that the top of my thigh touched my chest, trapping the pole between them. That allowed me to free a hand to catch the ankle of my left leg which I bent back behind me and pull it up so that I doing a variant of the front splits while stuck half-way up a pole. This was harder than it looked and I grew an appreciation for girls who did this for a living.

I got more adventurous, swinging around hanging back from the pole with one leg raised skywards and pulling the other ankle up behind me. But was it turning on Morgan? Hanging from the pole upside down with my hands holding the pole between my legs, I spread them out into a wide V shape. “This old turkey is lithe and limber” I told him, pleased to see that he looked impressed but I need a stronger reaction. I let my body corkscrew down and around the pole until I reached the bottom when I dismounted and writhed around, flinging my hair around as short as it was, trying to look wild and sexy. Morgan’s eyes seemed glued to my legs so I kicked one out straight and kept it held at waist height, pleased to see his rapt attention on it. Yes, he was a leg-man alright.

Leaning forward against the pole I turned around and thrust out my backside in his direction and ground it, while looking back over my should trying to look coy and sexy which is pretty hard to do when you are wearing spectacles and look like a gawk. He didn’t know where to look, the back of my legs or my backside. Like my arse do you? Well get a load of this you bastard. I was always quite supple, more so after the exercises at the Salvation Army. Keeping my back to him, I opened my legs wide then bent forwards sharply so that I was doubled over like a paper clip. Grabbing my calves I looked back at Morgan from between my legs. His eyes were agog staring at the skimpy thong that barely covered my snatch framed by my hard tight buttocks, bare like two bowling balls. He didn’t know where to put his eyes, on my arse, snatch or the back of my long legs with my strong gently swelling hamstrings or my long shapely muscular calves. “Orrr!” he moaned unable to keep his eyes still. But I hadn’t finished with him yet.

Grabbing hold of my calves, I pulled my head right between my knees then pulling on my gym-toned stomach muscles I pulled my head right through until I was looking up at my own backside. I’d not done this for a very long time, it used to drive Kurt so wild with desire that he’d rush me and take me from behind like an wild animal and exhaust himself in a very short space of time. It was really stretching the limits of my flexibility and I knew my back would pay for it in the morning. The blood was flowing to my head and I knew I couldn’t do this for long but the results were worthwhile. “Not bad for an old turkey, eh?” I said with a smile. “Nnnnhg!” he groaned; his eyes wide and locked right where my pussy was barely covered by a thin piece of material. A stiff bulge rose steadily at the front of his trousers. His eyes were glued to my crotch and that tentpole continued to rise to salute my glutes and calves as I moved my backside around in time with the music.

The power to control a man’s libido like that really turns me on. The young man’s eyes wandered all over the back of my legs and my buttocks but kept returning to my crotch. I knew what he wanted and he wasn’t going to get it. He was hooked and growing harder by the second. Smiling I thrust my backside back and forth, sticking out my hard tight buttocks towards him then pulling it back. I did this several times and it had the desired effect although it played hell with my back. “Orrrrgh! So hot” he groaned unable to tear his eyes away. Yes, I still had it. He was hooked and hard alright. I saw the look of disappointment as I pulled my head back from between my legs so gave him a calve raise. I looked back over my hip and saw him staring at the rock hard slabs in my long slender calves, that tent-pole quivering in his trousers.

I stood up and resumed dancing, grabbing the pole, I leant back while kicking my leg up vertically and rested it on the pole. I stood there on my toes making my calves flex while I did the front standing splits against the pole. It wasn’t just a demonstration of my flexibility and litheness or the promise of amazing sexual prowess. It was also a peed-off mature woman exerting her dominance over a young man’s cock and more than that a warning of deadly power, although it’s not my fault if he is too thick to realise it. To reinforce the message, I leant forwards, angled my crotch towards him as I kicked my leg over my shoulder and rested my foot on the pole. “Phoooor” he groaned, all he wanted to look at was my exposed crotch and that thing in his trousers was twitching like it had a mind of its own. I could have laughed at how weak-willed men were with no control over their dicks.

Grabbing the pole with one hand I slithered and writhed my way down it spreading my legs wide on either side. As I reached the bottom, I swung around to face him while I crouched down low. With one hand holding the pole I leant back. My short skirt had ridden up so far that he got a full blast of the skimpy thong briefs at my crotch and his eyes were riveted as in time with the rhythm I thrust my crotch forward to lightly brush against the pole then fall back. “Oh wow!” he gasped, he was riveted to my crotch. With my legs wide, the cords of my inner thighs stood proud and the diamonds in my highly toned calves flexed as I worked the pole. I had him where I wanted him, totally sexually mesmerised. Giving him full view of my slim shapely legs sheathed in sheer black nylon stockings, I repeatedly pushed up my crotch so that it would brush the pole then sag back. I gave him what I hoped was a sexy smouldering look as I continued to thrust my crotch forward increasing the amount of contact in time with the rhythm and began to slither it up and down it, running the camel’s toe along the iron pole like I was masturbating against it. “Sheet that’s so hot” I heard him moan.

That bulge was now very stiff indeed and the thought that the contents might have been inside my teenage daughter made me thrust and grind harder in anger as I ran my crotch up and down that pole. I could hear his breathing getting heavier and see beads of sweat upon his brow. I was really turning the bastard on with this. I leant right back so that my head touched the floor while keeping my legs in a crouched position running my crotch along the pole by raising and lowering my feet onto my toes which caused my calves to flex and relax. “Orrr!” I heard him groan louder, this was really getting him hot and bothered. Good, I wanted to make the little creep dump an absolutely massive load into his pants. Then creamed in humiliation I would get him to tell me the password. The problem was working my crotch sensuously up and down the pole felt too good and addictive and was actually turning me on. My own breathing was heavy and I was heating up as my pussy rubbed against that pole for longer and longer periods. I could feel the orgasm building and knew that if I didn’t stop now it would be too late. Even so, it was difficult to tear myself away and stand up, the urge to cum was very strong.

I saw Morgan with a twitching tent in his trousers preparing to get up off the sofa and come and get me in his lust. Once again I totally underestimated the power of these legs on a young man even though I’m nothing special to look at, just a 36 year old woman with spectacles, a long prominent nose and a narrow face. My brother in-law Jim keeps telling me that I’m pretty in my own way but he’s a leg-man too. I stepped quickly to the sofa and raised my right leg and place the sole of my shoe firmly against the top of his chest as he sat on the edge of the seat ready to rise. That stopped him. I have to smile as he stares hungrily along the length of my lanky shin and the big semi-pear drop shaped mass dangling beneath. He can’t help himself and raises his hands to have a feel starting at my slim ankles then sliding along moving further apart as my calf curves out sleekly at first until it becomes very deep below the back of the knee where the muscle heads are. I can see him weighing them in his hands, surprised by the weight of the shapely hanging muscle clad in sheer black nylon. I press my foot against his chest, my sleek long thighs momentarily swelling and he finds himself forcibly pressed back into the back cushion. My legs might be long and slim but they are also deceptively strong.

I immediately climbed into his lap, sitting astride it facing him. I could feel his hard erection beneath me and the feeling of control felt good but his hands were all over me, groping my legs and breasts. “Oh babe, oh you’re so hot” he groaned. I raised my hands in front of my chest, open-palmed. Morgan paused looking at me oddly as if this were some kind of joke. “Don’t touch the merchandise” I told him sternly. “Hai!” I yelled and slashed the edge of my right hand into the side of his neck. His upper body tensed and shook and I saw his eyes go out of focus for a moment.

Before he could recover, I raised myself up slightly and unzipped his flies to allow his tent-pole to spring up then sat back down on it. “Is the old turkey getting you hard?” I asked as I began to rub my crotch back and forth along his stiff rod. “Ohhh! yes” he moaned. “Yes, you like that don’t you? Just don’t touch” I warned raising my hands open-palmed again. “Ohhh!” he moaned again but his eyes told me that he was wary of me now. “Fancying your ex-girlfriend’s mother, honestly I don’t know” I said theatrically while rubbing back and forth along his steadily growing erection. “You like these as well don’t you” I said seeing his gaze on my breasts as they bounced around as I slid back and forth. He didn’t need to answer, his wide eyes and dilated pupils told me all I needed to know. Leaning forward without breaking rhythm, I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his face right into the middle of my cleavage. “Mmmh!” he moaned against my chest, although whether from fear of suffocation or from pleasure I don’t know. I might not be very ample but it’s more than enough to smother a guy. “Mmm!” keeping his face firmly in place with my hands I wobbled my chest with his face stuck between them from side to side while continuing to slide back and forth over his erection.

“When you mess with this old turkey you really get the works” I told him as he luxuriated between my breasts. “Mmmm!” his hands rose to try and touch them. “Ah ah! Do that and I’ll have to break your fingers” I warned, a smile creeping on my face as he hesitated. “Good” I chuckled “You’ve learnt your lesson not to touch me”. This felt so good. I was dominating this little twerp with just my breasts and he was too wary to try and stop me. I felt certain that I could put him away with just my tits but where would the fun in that be? All I had originally wanted was to get my daughter her FBook account back but now this twerp was really peeing me off and getting me angry so that I just wanted to punish him and teach him a lesson. Besides, I was actually enjoying dominating him like this although he didn’t yet realise that I was doing that. “And all because you wouldn’t tell me the password you put on my daughter’s fbook account. Was it really worth it?” I taunted. “Mmmmm!” he moaned into my cleavage. “That will teach you to letch after a woman’s breasts won’t it” I told him then released his head from my buxomly prison.

Giving him no time to recover, I clambered up his chest with my legs astride him and pinned his face beneath my crotch with my knees resting on the top of the back cushion of the sofa. “Mmmm!” he moaned in alarm. He was sitting upright on the sofa with his head pinned back beneath a 36 year old woman as I sat astride his face. His mouth was beneath me and his nose was pressed right up against the front of my skimpy black thong briefs, his eyes peering up at me and the underside of my ample bust. “Having a good gawp at my tits again are you?” I asked sarcastically. “Mmmm mmm!” he protested. I think that meant no, but who cares? “I’ve a good mind to suffocate you in my tits again until you pass out, but this is much more intimate” I said. Looking down at him through my specs I added “Just think, I could have been your mother in-law and we could have done this all the time”. “Mmm!” “But you broke up with my daughter and now you will have to miss out” I told him. God sitting on a man’s face always makes me feel so hot and horny. For some reason I thought of Jim and wished I could sit on his face and force him to worship me. I quickly put that thought to the back of my mind and concentrated on the task at hand.

I sat there gyrating on Morgan’s face in time with the music, his face having to go whatever direction I decided to go. “I’m pinning you with my pussy, just think on that. Just a little bit of fabric separates your big mouth from my sexpot” I teased. “Mmmm!” by the sound of that he was thinking on that. “That’s the closest you are getting to my pussy, sunshine” I taunted letting him soak up being dominated beneath me. “I’m controlling you totally with my pussy. That’s how weak you are” I teased. The growing twitching tent-pole in his pants told me that the situation was turning him on as much as it was me. I really wanted to rub myself to an orgasm on his face but I didn’t want to give the little creep the knowledge that he had satisfied me sexually in some way.

“Oh well I can’t sit here chatting all day. I’ve things to do, like getting the password to Tracey’s FBook account out of you” I said and with that I stood up and heard him gasp for breath. While he was still gasping I turned around, hitched up the back of my skirt and pressed my backside over his face, then began shaking my arse round and round forcing his face to go with it. “Mmmpfh mmmpfh” he protested. “Oh you are loving it, just loving it. You really like my arse” I remarked with a chuckle then slid my backside down to his chest where I gave a little shake and grind before sliding on down into his lap. With a little bump and grind, I felt his stiff rod slot into the channel between my buttocks. “Oh isn’t that nice!” I put on a fake moan of sensual pleasure. That’s when I really went to work on him, bumping and grinding and thrusting back and forth like a crazed animal on heat.

I knew from my time as a lap-dancing policewoman-o’gram that no man can stand this kind of one-on-one treatment for long, not from me anyway. I can milk my loutish husband in seconds flat like this and this creep had no chance, not after that sexy show I’d just given him. His flagpole was absolutely rigid and my arse rubbing all over had it throbbing hard beneath me, except I was the one who totally controlled it. “Ohhhhh!” he moaned in ecstasy “So good, so good”. I leant forwards and raised my rear just enough for his erection to spring up but with the tip still wedged between my buttocks. “Hold onto your hat” I warned him. “This is going to blow your socks” with that I thrust my backside back and forth fast then worked it in a circular motion that got him crying out like a woman in pleasure. Oh that made me smile, men are so weak when you come down to it. Finally I went for the kill. I began to swing my arse around in a figure of 8 with the tip of his erection wedged inside forcing his hard rod to follow. “Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh!” he was literally screaming the place down with pleasure and shooting his load by the bucket load at the same time. I’d never seen or heard a man cum so hard. To think that plain old me had just done that to a man! Phoar that made me feel so horny but I wasn’t going to do it with this creep. Again for some reason I thought of Jim, now there was a man who really appreciated a dominant woman and knew how to make her feel good.

I got off his sopping wet lap and sat on the cushion next to him on the sofa relieved to have got that over and done with. Now I can just get that password and get back home before Kurt notices that I’ve gone. He is over-possessive, questioning me, always wanting to know where I’ve been, who I’ve seen but there are some things he’s better off not knowing. I turned to look at the youth next to me and fixed him with my steely stare through my specs which magnified their size and intensity while setting my small thin lipped mouth firm. “There you’ve got that out of the way. I’ve given you pleasure now tell me the password to Tracey’s account” I told him but he just looked at me with a stupid grin on his face. “Or shall I post on my wall how you creamed your pants because you fancied your ex-girlfriend’s mother?” I warned. That should do it but his response wasn’t what I expected.

He continued to look at me all weird then said “You’re so amazing. Such a hot body and the way you move it, wow! You’ve such a lovely kissable mouth. You’re so pretty”. “Morgan, get a grip. Just tell me the password and then I’m gone” I told him trying to sound stern. “No don’t go. Stay. I wanna snog you and give you a real proper seeing to” he said all starry-eyed. Oh no, it must be post-climax bliss or something. I don’t usually have young men declaring their love for me, I should be so lucky.

He leant closer as if he was going to kiss me. “Oi! I’m warning you” I told him sternly wagging a finger at him. “I’m a member of the Salvation Army. I know how to take care of myself” I warned. “Salvation Army, phhrar yeah” he exclaimed clearly amused. He didn’t listen and brushed my hand away and leant in for a kiss. I tried to lean away from him towards the arm of the sofa but then suddenly he grabbed my arm and tried to pull me close. “Come here you hot old bird” he demanded. That offended me. Still trying to lean away as far as I could, I tried tugging my arm but he wouldn’t let go. So I lifted and bent my left knee out towards to the arm of the sofa which gave me room to kick it back at close range angling my foot up towards the top of his left thigh in the confined space. “Hai!” I yelled which made him jump as I drove back the heel into his groin. WHAM! It hit with a satisfying thud. “Argh!” he cried in pain and dropped my arm then began to fold forwards.

I tried to scramble to my feet but to my surprise Morgan lunged forwards, caught my arm with both hands then pulled me back down to the sofa. He did this with such force that I ended up with my back on the seat cushion with the youth rearing up over me looking furious. “You gotch yerself a load of trouble now, bitch!” he cried then slapped me hard across the face. SMACK! Ouch that really stung. He was trying to get his knee between my side and the back seat cushion to pin me but I brought up my left knee between our bodies and pressed it against him to stop him while I struggled with his arms. Scared that he was going to pin me soon and rape me, I needed to act fast. Momentarily lowering my knee to drop my leg back to the sofa created a gap between us which I filled by kicking my leg up. The hard leading edge of my shin struck him right between the legs like swinging a bat into his balls. “Orrghh!” he wailed like an injured animal and creased right over towards me. I put my hands on the top of his head to stop him collapsing on top of me then dragging my shin from between his legs until I had my foot firmly in his groin, I gave him a real hard shove. My legs might be long and slim but they are deceptively strong. With brief bulge of power in my slender thighs, Morgan went flying off me and onto the floor.

This wasn’t going to plan. I quickly got off the sofa to defend myself better in case he was stupid enough to attack me again. I saw a movement close by out of the corner of my eye and looked up, too late. SLAP SLAP SLAP three hard stinging slaps swiped me across the face jerking my face left, right then left again leaving me dazed. He must have balls of steel to have come right back at me that soon. “F**cking cock-teasing bitch” he yelled. BLAM! “Orrgh!” an unexpected fist drove hard into my gut. “Orgghh!” I moaned loudly as the fist burrowed deep into my unprepared stomach. With the air driven out me, I couldn’t stop myself from creasing over. It is a horrible feeling being winded, feeling helpless and exposed while your gut cramps up and your lungs struggle to breathe. The worst of it was that I’d really never expected him to hit me like that. Ah ah it really hurt, I wanted to curl up and cry. I needed to stand straight to defend myself but my body betrayed me and made me bend over so I could only see the carpet through my blurred tear-filled vision.

Oh Lord no! A pair of feet in socks appeared beneath me. I felt his hands take hold of the back of my head. No, please no! I knew that if that had been me, I would have jack-hammered my bony knee straight into his face while he was stooped over and defenceless. I waited in dread for his knee to shoot up towards me and bloody my face. Instead his foot swung up right between my legs. BLAM! “.” Pain flared in my crotch and I opened my mouth in a silent wail of pain, too winded to voice the pain that made me want to curl and cry. “See how you like it, bitch! You gotta learn proper respect for a man. Now get down and suck my dick” the bastard said and with horror I realised that I was too crippled with pain to do anything but obey.
“Arggh!” I gasped. My gut hurt and I was still bent over facing the floor but I managed to get some air back into my lungs. “I said get down” he shouted and I forced myself to look up just in time to see his fist swing towards my face. Let’s get it clear, I don’t consider myself to be a martial artist. I just happen to be somebody who took up self-defence [SISLAW#1] and found herself to be very good at it. So it was that I actually surprise myself when out of pure instinct I threw up my hands caught the blow even I still felt as the bottom had dropped out of my world.

Digging my fingers into the nerves in his wrist, I forced myself to stand as straight as my gut would allow. Quickly drawing back my other hand, open palmed, across my opposite shoulder, I uncoiled it like a steel spring. In the blink of an eye, my hand slashed in an arc from my left shoulder pass my right hip streaking towards the apex of his legs. “Hai!” I gasped as the side of my hand chopped his groin like an axe felling a tree. “Argh!” he wailed in anguish then creased forwards cupping his balls. I brought back my hand ready to chop the side his neck as he doubled over. I could have finished him then and there with a hard chop to the neck that would have knocked him out cold. A sudden thought came, had he been beating Tracey like this and forcing her to do things that she didn’t want to? Then I remembered the times that she had picked up a few bruises which she just dismissed and never explained. A horrible yawning developed in my stomach as I realised the truth and I just saw red and wanted to punish the little bastard.

He looked up snarling with anger and raised his hand to slap me again. All thoughts of my aching gut vanished. I didn’t even think about my reaction, it just happened. “Hai!” my right leg shot up like a rocket faster than he could blink. BAM! The sole of my foot blasted his face. “Hai!” my legs soared upwards again without pause and rocked his face again. “Hee Yah!” I yelled and put all my power in a kick so hard that the next moment the top of my thigh was bouncing against my chest as my foot soared way above my head like a ballerina. It was an awesome high kick and must have looked really impressive from where he stood with my long legs flying apart vertically looking sexy in my lingerie and short skirt. Except that somewhere along the way my foot had made contact with his jaw without stopping or slowing down and snapped his head back so fast that he flew backwards and landed on the sofa. He looked so dazed that he almost seemed out of it.

Jim always told me that with my long legs I’d make a good martial artist and kick the stuffing out if any guy. I wasn’t a martial artist but he was certainly right on that score. It wasn’t the most efficient kick, driven more by anger than by skill but the sheer power had dropped him and nearly knocked him out cold. The thought made me feel delicously squidgy down below. He sat there for a moment in a daze, his eyes barely focussing. “Don’t mess with me Morgan. I can kick you into a whole world of pain with these sexy long legs” I told him. He shook his head to shake out the cobwebs with his eyes slowly coming into focus on me. “Don’t mess with a Salvation Army woman, Morgan, they’re tougher than you can handle” I warned. He just gawped at me stupidly as if he couldn’t just believe what had happened.

I raised my hands, open-palmed, in a fight-ready stance trying to look tough. “Do you know what follows pleasure, Morgan?” I asked. He looked confused, boy were these modern kids thick. “Pain, Morgan. Pleasure is followed by pain. You’ve had the pleasure now you’ve had the pain” I explained. “Now tell me the password and I will leave here and you will never see me again” I added. I glared at him through my specs with my lips tight trying to look tough and hoping that he would see sense. “Otherwise, I will give you a whole world of more pain” I added.

He stared back, neither of us saying anything for several moments until he spoke up. “You gotta kinda pretty face for an old turkey. Nice mouth, nice lips. Great legs too. Think that Kung Fu shit scares me? You think wrong” he was getting himself worked up and angry. “I don’t do Kung Fu, Morgan. I just do self-defence training at the Sally Army” I replied then gave him a smile, trying to seem a bit friendlier. “Come on, Morgan. Just tell me the password and I’m gone” I said. It didn’t have the reaction I was hoping for. “F**k you! You dun tell me whatta do!” he yelled then launched himself from the sofa hurtling towards me in a red rage of fury.

My self-defence training caused me to react instinctively without thinking. “Hai!” I yelled, swivelling on one foot and snapping my right leg sideways straight into his oncoming stomach. WHUMP! I felt my foot sink deep into his middle, as he impaled himself on my shoe. Even though he looked quite fit and strong, my foot sank through his stomach as though kicking a bale of hay. “Worghh!” he wailed loudly as his breathe exploded through his mouth. I smiled “Now it’s your turn to be winded”.

The youth staggered back under the power of the kick. I stepped forward, with my long legs one step was all I needed. “Hai!” I kicked up my left leg sending it in a high arc that clubbed him solidly around the top of his head, the long reach of my legs making that very easy. THUD! He staggered backwards again and I followed, stepping forward at a steady pace and kicking with my right leg in a roundhouse that blasted my shin right across his upper chest like a crowbar. “Hai!” THUMP! Step and kick using alternate legs. My left leg shot out in a blur of black nylon and stocking tops driving the sole of my shoe against top of his chest just below the base of his throat. His mouth fell open in a silent cry of pain. He was still winded from that initial kick. I felt increasingly powerful, invincible and able to kick the stuffing out of any man. It made me feel so Grrrrrr! so horny that I felt like I could kick a man to pieces then fuck the living daylights out of him afterwards, Corrr!. Allowing him no time to recover, I continued to literally kick the gasping youth all the way down the length of the room, a step at a time. All the while being careful not to get too carried away and kick him so hard that he fell over or knock his lights out.

Step, kick, “Hai!” I kicked fast and high blasting his chin, snapping his head right back. He just couldn’t cope with my barrage of powerful kicks – he was just a man. Step, kick, “Hai!” a snap kick to the balls added to his misery and caused him to step back in agony. He tried to turn away from me to get away but I caught his arm. Step, kick, “Hai!” the sole of my foot hammered the side of his neck and he nearly collapsed. Oops I must be more careful otherwise he wasn’t going to last. Step, kick, “Hai!” a powerful kick to the middle of his chest continued his backwards journey along the length of the lounge, his face in pain and too winded to cry out. Kicking in this short skirt gave him a close up full view of my long shapely legs and the stockings and suspenders in all their glory, as well as my skimpy briefs. It didn’t surprise me to see movement in his white pants sticking out of his flies as he had first hand view of them kicking him helpless.

Step, spinning back kick, “Hai!” the sole of my foot shot out backward and hammered his gut hard. “Pssshhh!” a weaker explosion of what little breath he had left escaped his lips as my powerful kick continued his slow painful backwards journey down the long combined living-dining room with his face red and screwed up in agony. God, I just wanted to kick the crap out of him then and there, I felt so strong and all-conquering but managed to restrain myself. Step, kick to lower chest, “Hai!” THUMP! I didn’t need to shout but I love the way it makes them jump.

Step, kick to upper chest, “Hai!” THUMP! As I steadily drove him backwards across the length of the room, my kicks gained in strength, becoming more powerful and the effect on his body more devastating. Step, roundhouse to the top of the head, “Hai!” THWOCK! His body jerked visibly each time my foot hammered into him like a wrecking ball. Step, pivot, lean back “Hai!” WHAP! high side kick clubbing him around the side of his face. Step, pivot, lean back “Hai!” followed by a full-on pile-driver to the middle of his face WHAP!. He went staggering into a low coffee table upending it and nearly lost his footing. I have to be careful about that, my kicks were getting too powerful for him to remain upright.

Not far to the end of the room now. Step kick yell BAM! I hammered my long shin across his lower side and sent him close to the wall. I took the last step “This is going hurt” I promised raising my knee and keeping it raised for a long moment to let his eyes savour the view of the legs that he fancied. “No!” he gasped as he realised the devastation that they were going to inflict upon him. “Hai Yah!” I screamed loudly seeing him jump with fright. I powered my leg skywards so hard and fast that his jaw didn’t even slow it down for a moment. Blasted by my foot on its unstoppable upward journey, his head whipped back so hard that his whole body rose from the floor and smashed against the wall behind. Wow! My kicks were really getting an awful lot stronger. I was surprised to see large chunks of plaster falling off the bare wall behind where his body had hit it and was now slithering down towards the floor.

Just for good measure I spun around on one foot and fired out a back kick. “Hai!” I screamed as my foot hammered deep into his gut. BLAM! More plaster fell as his body slammed back against the wall once more. He looked pathetic. Totally dazed with glazed over eyes and his mouth wide open unable to scream or draw breathe. He seemed to whither under my hard magnified gaze. “How disappointing, we’ve run out of room. You really must get a longer lounge and get me over to kick you down it” I told trying to keep any emotion from my voice. I was just getting into my stride. It also reminded me of that first time I had to defend myself against a man; a burglar who broke in to steal the Christmas presents [SISLAW#1]. With barely any training behind me, I had step-kicked him across the room then finished him off with my legs. He couldn’t handle my kicks either.

I looked at the scared beaten youth then thought what the hell, he deserves it. Paralysed by stomach cramps and fear, he could only watch dumbly as I grabbed the front of his T-shirt with both hands then pulled him away from the wall. Immediately I fell backwards pulling the yob down with me while planting my foot in his gut. The instant my back hit the floor and rolled to absorb the impact, I straightened up my long leg pointing it towards the ceiling with Morgan on the end of it. Then with added acceleration from my strong thighs I sent him hurtling over my body, tumbling head over heels fast. With my lean strong legs, my stomach throws are powerful and whiplash fast. BLAM! His back hit the floor several feet further down the room.

As I jumped back to my feet and turned, I was surprised to see a red-faced Morgan trying to get to his feet. He was very shaky but determined to get up. That surprised me as usually they just lie there stunned after one of my throws. He looked alarmed as I ran towards him and tried to punch the gawky 36 year old woman with the glasses. Blocking his blow by raising my forearm, I quickly seized his wrist and used it to turn him around as I circled around him until he was facing down the room towards the far end. Moving quicker than he could react, I seized his shirt and once more fell backwards pulling him down towards me into another stomach throw that hurled him in a blur further down the lounge. BLAM!.

Oh I just love doing that to a man, using the very legs that turn him on to provide powerful thrust into his gut or groin as I throw him, sending him hurtling away. It makes me feel so sexy and strong that an ordinary gawky-looking woman like me can out-fight any ordinary man just by using my legs.

My throw had been so powerful that this time Morgan just lay flat on his back completely dazed. I was just so worked up that I couldn’t wait for him to get up. Crouching down I grabbed his arm and applied a simple arm-bar and used it to force him to his feet. Ignoring his yelps of pain I twisted his arm around forcing him to turn until he is facing the right direction. Grabbing the back of his neck with both hands, I jumped up bringing both knees right up to my chest then slammed both feet into his belly. “Hmmmm!” he groaned. Hanging from his neck I leant right back upsetting his centre of gravity and causing him to topple forwards. Rolling on my back as soon as it hit the floor, I straightened both legs giving an extra burst of power with my thighs that whipped his body clean over me with such speed and force that he was just a blur. SLAM! That sounded loud as his back landed heavily on the carpet some feet behind me.

So fired up dominating this pratt and feeling my juices flow, I jumped up quickly then forced him to his feet again with an arm-lock. I may have been a bit overenthusiastic as he was yelping and crying as I roughly handled him. “Get up you bastard” I snarled with my mouth tight, my magnified eyes glaring daggers. Grabbing the front of his shirt, I pulled him roughly forwards so his face was close to mine. “Beg you little pipsqueak” I said coldly and saw the look of fear in his eyes. Corrr that made me so feel powerful, so tough, corrrr it really turned me on.

I repeated the move but much quicker, leaping up folding my knees, I drove my feet into his groin this time. Leaning right back, I pulled the young man down with me as I fell backwards with both feet firmly planted in his groin. Straightening my legs as back hit the floor and giving an extra push with my thighs which lifted his backend high, he soared right over me to tumble towards the floor several feet behind. KERSLAM! My, that was loud. It was a surprise that the flat below hadn’t come up to complain, maybe they were out or maybe scared of this little jerk?.

Feeling exhilarated and full of luscious energy, I leapt to my feet. Turning around, I felt disappointment that Morgan was flat on his back almost out it. “Nearly there Morgan; One more strong stomach throw should do it” I told him eager to flip him again. He was too shattered to object or resist as I hauled him to his feet with a hard arm-lock. The youth could only look on in dazed terror as I grabbed his shirt once more and fell back fast with my foot in his groin in a lightning-fast stomach throw. Flexing my thighs to give added power to his momentum, he shot away really fast towards the end of the room. KERSLAM! He landed very heavily on his back.

I jumped up to find that I had thrown him up against the wall. His back was the floor with his legs part way up the wall and he wasn’t moving. Oh crap, I had thrown him much harder than I intended. Had I knocked him out? That thought made me all yummy instead. I went over and stood by his head, his eyes opened at the sound and flickered along my long nylon-clad calve. “Still with us then?” I asked, glaring coldly down at him. He was barely conscious, Orrrr that made me all gooey inside to think that I could do that to a man.

“I could do this all day, Morgan” I told him, trying to look dominant and authorative as I stood over him. My long stocking-clad legs must have looked like they went on forever from where he lay by my feet. Gently I lifted a foot and placed it on his face. He was too shattered to try and move it. “I could keep on kicking you from one end of the room to the other then throw you all the way back and do it all over again” I told him while rubbing his face beneath my foot. Oh yes, I really would like to do that. “I could do it all day long until you passed out from exhaustion and believe you me, I have much more stamina than you have. Even though I’m nearly twice your age” I told him. His eyes stopped wandering and seemed to come back into focus. “Now get up so I can kick you all the way back again” I demanded. His eyes looked worried, at that moment I must have looked like a powerful Valkyrie, too mighty too handle.

I grabbed an arm and pulled it but before I could lock it, his legs fell from the wall and he turned quickly then slipped out of my grasp. Morgan tried to scramble to his knees, only making it after the third or fourth attempt. I reached out to seize his wrist again but he grabbed my hand. “No more” he gasped. “Oh yes, loads more” I replied with a tight smile. Turning away from him and raising my knee to waist height, his eyes followed my lanky thighs, running back and forth along my sexy lingerie with a mixture of longing and dread. “Hai!” I kicked backwards in a blur of sheer black nylon and my sole hammered his jaw. Down he went onto the carpet.

“I warned you before about touching, didn’t I Morgan?” I said as I crouched down behind him close to his head. Seizing an arm, I trapped his forearm in the crook of my arm while pressing down with my other hand at the shoulder joint. “Argh Argh!” he yelped as I pressured the joint twisting his arm above his head while crouching astride the back of his head. I enjoyed watching my thighs swell with strong steely muscle as they powered me up to stand straight. “Argh! My arm, please no!” he yelped as he had no choice but to rise or have his arm broken in at least two places. Upon his feet, I forced him around to face me. “Step and kick time, Morgan” I said softly and saw the alarm spread over his face. “N-no!” he stammered. “Oh yes, tough guy” I replied.

I began kicking him all the way to the other end of the room again. “Hai!” front stomp to his gut. Step, swivel, side kick to the sternum “Hai!”. I felt like an unstoppable female terminator and no man would have stood a chance against my legs. Step, spinning back kick to the face “Hai!”. Each kick got progressively stronger, rocking his body hard. Step, pivot, roundhouse to the middle of his chest. “Hai!” Step, jump high into the air. His eyes went wide with shock as my crotch rose level with his face in the blink of an eye before my stocking-clad right leg blasted vertically towards the ceiling whiplashing his head hard causing him to stumble and almost fall.

I felt so powerful and full of adrenaline that I did a short run-up then sprang high into the air. It was a mighty leap and I almost banged my head upon the ceiling. In that instant I raised my right leg straight before me while folding my left leg beneath as I flew through the air. Morgan’s face went white with shock to see me flying through the air fast on collision course with his face like something out of a Kung-Fu movie. “Hai Yah!” I screamed BERLAM! My foot struck his face like a force 5 hurricane. He shot backwards so fast that he covered the final distance to the wall at the far end in less than a second. BERLAM! His back slammed into the wall shaking more plaster loose. Yes it was unnecessarily showy but I’d always wanted to do that to a man and well, it worked, besides it felt great.

Stepping calmly towards him as he stood against the wall barely moving, I glared at him through my glasses. Morgan looked totally stunned and more than a little afraid of what this leggy old turkey with the specs was going to do next. I showed him, grabbing the front of his shirt, I pulled back my leg then shot it forward driving my knee right into the top of his diaphragm, right up under his sternum. WHAM! “Mnnnnnn!” he gave a strangulated moan as I held my nylon clad knee buried beneath his chest. A look of horror crept over his face as he realised that he couldn’t inflate his lungs.

I let him suffer for several long moments, not taking my piercing glare off him with my specs magnifying my small blue eyes. His mouth opened and closed several times like a goldfish as he failed to draw air and his face began to turn red. I continued to glare at him coldly then asked “Do you still think you can take me, tough man?” I asked scathingly as he gasped in vain for air with his mouth wide open and his eyes began to bulge. Eyes staring at me in fear he shook his head. I continued to glare at for several seconds more. “Listen very carefully” I spoke slowly and softly yet with a very stern tone of voice that made me sound like a headmistress, all the while I never stopped glaring into his eyes. “You are going to logon to Tracey’s Fbook account and you will let me change the password, understood?” I asked. He nodded his head desperate to breathe, his face bright red.

Still glaring at him fiercly I lowered my knee. He gave a deep gasp and looked relieved. I was surprised to see that he was sporting a very stiff boner sticking out his flies. Wow some men seemed to get turned on by being dominated by a woman and I don’t mean whips and chains and all that kinky stuff. Preventing him from drawing air using my knee really turned him on, actually it turned me on too. I had become very kinky ever since my brother-in law Jim paid for me to take self-defence lessons and I discovered how much I enjoyed dominating men using the techniques that I had learned.

Seizing his arm once more, I turned quickly before he could object and pulled it over my shoulder while bending forward and shoving my backside into his groin. Up he went onto my back then flying over my shoulder he went. BLAM! The youth tumbled to the floor in the direction of the sofa. SLAM! SLAM! I quickly repeated the shoulder throw twice more then once more over my hip SLAM!. To be honest I barely remembered hauling up to his feet between throws, I was so worked up and feeling great to be slamming a man around. They were rapid-fire throws that left him dazed, giving me no resistance as I forced him quickly to his feet after each.

Finally we reached the sofa; facing him I grabbed his right arm then turned my side into him while sliding my other arm around his waist. Turning my back into him, I leant forward and loaded him onto my hip where I was able to control the direction of his fall so that he went head over heels to land on the sofa.

Morgan struggled to turn himself around in the seat and managed to get his feet onto the floor. I stepped close and stretched out my leg then pressed the sole of my foot onto his throat pressing him back in the seat. His eyes wandered with open longing along the long length of sheer black nylon to my stocking tops. “Where’s the laptop you use to access Fbook?” I asked fixing him with a hard glare and keeping my mouth tight. He didn’t answer immediately so I pressed firmly with my foot against his throat. “Kkkk Kkkkk No laptop. Kkk Use my phone innit” he replied anxiously grabbing my ankle but unable to pull it away. “Don’t touch” I snapped angrily pressing my foot harder so that he began choking. “Kkkkk kkkk!” “Remove your hand or I’ll drive my heel right through your throat” I warned. “Kkkk kkk!” with obvious reluctance he removed his grubby hands from my slender ankle.

Easing off the pressure I asked “Where is your phone?”. His eyes glanced to a shelf behind the sofa. “Get it” I ordered. I removed my foot and watched as he reached back to get the phone then sat down next to him on the sofa. He kept looking up from his phone to my legs as he logged on then accessed Fbook. “You one hella kickass leggy lady” He said in admiration, his voice a bit hoarse after I’d been pressing on his throat. “I can take care of myself” I replied with confidence then put my palm out for his phone. He passed it to me telling me “Hard but kinda hot looking too”. What? all he saw was my small firm-set thin-lipped mouth, deep chin, narrow face with the flats of my cheeks, my long prominent nose and small blue eyes magnified by my spectacles. Looking at the phone screen I saw that it was on the page to change the password.

Wary of him overseeing as I enter a new password, I slid into the corner of the sofa and bring my feet up onto the cushion. I honestly didn’t think about how I was sitting, busy as I was changing the password. Glancing up to make sure he wasn’t going to try any funny business, I saw that his eyes were glued on my legs. That’s when I remembered how short my skirt was. I had my legs wide apart bent at the knees. The youth was gawping openly at my stocking covered legs and skimpy briefs at my crotch. I closed my knees to block his view but not before I saw a lustful twitch in his pants. Maybe under different circumstances I would have been flattered but this creep was my daughter’s ex.

I handed Morgan back his phone. “Now post a full public apology for your actions on her wall” I instructed. He typed away on the phone for a bit then stopped and looked at me. “Dun an I sorry an all that” he said in his stupid fake-black accent which was really getting on my nerves now. “Let me see” I said putting out my hand glaring at him, trying to look strict and stern. He gave me the phone once more and I checked his online apology not bothering to correct his awful spelling then logged him out of my daughter’s account and returned the phone.

I got ready to rise and leave but to my surprise Morgan placed his hand on my knee and began to stroke my thigh. “You got real hot legs” he began quickly removing his hand when he saw my steely gaze. “You a cougar all rat. I can be yer toy boy, ya kna whadda mean?” he said. The slimy creepy toad got my heckles up. “With your great legs an kick-ass talents, you could go far in da gang. You unnerstand?” he asked. “Oh I understand all right” I told him trying to keep the anger from my voice.

Turning to face the creep while sliding back to the corner of the sofa, I lifted my feet from the floor and swung them around to place them in his lap. Sliding one foot behind and the other foot in front, I trapped the bulge in his pants sticking up from his flies between my feet. “wadda doing?” he cried in alarm as his hands went to my feet to remove them. BLAM! I kicked my left leg up hard catching him right in the face. “No touching” I warned.

Returning my foot to his bulge, I begin to work it with my feet, massaging it. “Oh you like that don’t you Morgan? You like a little foot job” I said softly giving him a tight smile. “It’s getting much stiffer now” I whispered seductively. Well, as seductively as a woman in her mid to late 30’s with spectacles can. His eyes were glued to my seamed stocking covered calves as my high-heeled feet worked his bulge. “Look how big and shapely those calves are, Morgan. Look how they dangle and wobble as my feet work you stiff” I whispered sexily, his eyes watched my small mouth as I spoke and I felt his dick get stiffer. “Such a lovely mouth” he moaned.

“Go on, touch them, feel them” I urged softly. He didn’t hesitate. Looking like a kid opening a present he took the nearest calve in both hands and began to run them up and down over the long hanging semi-pear drop shaped mass. “Wow, so long and shapely” he gasped, his breathing getting heavy. Watching my calves jiggle and flex from close-up as I worked the foot job, he had no chance. His hands slid up and down that strong hanging mass clearly enjoying the feel of sheer nylon stockings under his palms. “What chance does your dick have under legs that nearly kicked you senseless?” I told him. For a moment he looked up into my eyes and I saw his gaze upon my mouth. I opened my mouth slightly and ran my tongue around my lips. That was the final trigger, he began bucking his hips and moaning. “Orrrrgh nnnn nnnnarrr!” he moaned with his head thrown back and eyes closed. A damp patch rapidly spread across at his groin as a stupid grin spread across his face.

I raised my leg and straightened it letting the calve dangle before his face. He gazed at it for a long time in his post-bliss state before sighing “Beautiful”. “Feel it” I said softly. He did. “That’s muscle that is. Muscle which gives it its shape” I said softly. I raised the other calve holding it vertical beneath the knee and flexed it. “Look how hard that lovely shape goes, look at that slab of hard muscle standing out” I told him, slowly rotating it so he got a good view. “Look at those diamond shapes and the cleft between” I said. He did look and I saw him getting excited again. I turned it towards his face then flexed it so that the long double shaped slab of hard muscle was close to his mouth. “Kiss it” I said softly. He did and seemed to enjoy it, so much so that he didn’t notice that I had slipped my other calve behind the back of his head.

“You do remember what comes after pleasure?” I asked softly. Again his eyes went to my mouth. What was it with men and my mouth? It was small and thin-lipped yet men kept telling me how kissable it looked. He remembered too late. I locked my ankles and began scissoring the top of my shin behind his neck and the big meaty long calve of the other across his throat. His hands came up to try to prise it away but my calves were locked tight. “Kkkk Kkkk!” he croaked. I placed my hands on the sofa seat and used them to raise my body onto my arms. Stretching out my body and my legs, my calve moved closer to my other shin, crushing his neck between. “Kkkk!” he croaked, clutching at the swelling calve crushing his throat. I pulled his hand away by the little finger and chopped him across the inside of his elbow. “Hai! No touching” I warned with a stern look that made him shiver.

“This is what strong calves feel like, Morgan. Savour it” I told him as I exerted my leggy strength. I’d never scissored a man using my calves like this before and I was surprised how easy it was. “Strong aren’t they, Morgan? My calves that you fancy so much are stronger than you can cope with and are putting you away” I told him. He tried to buck his body up and down in the seat to break my grip but couldn’t break my calve scissors. “The more you resist the harder I squeeze, like THIS” “Urkk!” he croaked as I bore down really hard which stopped his bucking as his eyes swam and his teeth clenched trying to cope with the pressure. It must have been like having your neck stuck between the iron handles of a pair of shears. “Oh this is a good workout, Morgan” I told him amused that my calves had restrained him so easily. “Helps keep them toned and strong” I told him as he screwed his eyes and gritted his teeth.

With his head between them, I bent my legs at the knees which temporarily relaxed my grip then snapped them out straight. “Arghh!” he cried with the jolt around his neck. I bent my legs then snapped them straight again. “Arghh!” I did this 7 or 8 times quickly in a row blasting his neck and making him yelp. On the final time I stretched out my legs and focussed my strength through my calves so much that I could see my thighs swell up into strong slabs. “Ugghh!” Morgan groaned his face turning red.

In a sudden surge of desperate twisting and bucking of his body, the youth broke free and tried to slide from the sofa while watching me. Quickly I draped my legs over his shoulders with the calves down his back, grabbed his chin with both hands and pulled his face back between my open legs. The young man groaned in despair as he found my calves clamping around the sides of his neck. His taste of freedom made him work harder to escape, twisting and turning trying to break free but I held on tight. “Stop struggling Morgan. You’re becoming a bore” I told him. “All I have to do is THIS” Raising myself up upon my arms, I straightened my legs, clenched my glutes and bore down hard. “Argh!” he groaned, clenching his eyes tight and his face bright red. My long legs were like railway sleepers relentlessly taut and unyielding. I bent my knees slightly then snapped them out again punishing his neck with my strong meaty calves. “Gak!” he croaked and began slapping my thighs frantically as he writhed between my calves.

That peed me off. Catching his hands I unclamped my calves then quickly crossed my shins over the front of his neck like a pair of scissors with his neck at the fulcrum. “Bruise my legs and I’ll use them to cut your head off” I snarled angrily. Locking my feet behind his head, I stretched out my lanky slim legs at the same time I pulled on his arms. “Gak!” he croaked as he found his throat tight in the fulcrum of my crossed shins caught in the tension between my sleek strong thighs pushing him away while I pulled back on his arms. Rocking his head wildly from side to side and finding no relief, Morgan suddenly threw himself towards me as if he could oppose the strength in my legs. No chance. I flexed my thighs hard snapping my legs straight and straightened my back while tensing my strong abs. He went flying back still scissored between my crossed shins while I pulled on his arms keeping the hold tight.

“I told you my legs were strong” I told him calmly while glaring at him through my glasses. It was now my turn to swivel in the seat from one side to other forcing him to struggle to cope between the pincher movement of my shins. “Urk!” he kept croaking as the top of my shin bit relentlessly into his neck on one side and the back of my calve on the other. Still he struggled to escape. He tried twisting while pulling away. Suddenly I let go of his hands and opened my calves a fraction. The momentum of his struggling caused him to slip further down between my calves while his head was turning. I re-clamped my calves shut and he now found the side of a long calve squeezing tight across his throat while the side of my other calve pressed the back of his neck towards it. “You’re only making it worse for yourself” I told him. “Nnnngh!” nnngh!” he strained to move the strangling calves with his hands. “Like steel bars aren’t they?” I teased watching his futile attempts to free himself.

It was so funny the way he wriggled and writhed with his neck stuck between my calves. “Kkkksh!” he gasped, his movements getting weaker as my calves took their toll upon his windpipe. Suddenly in an almost suicidal move, the lad hurled his body into the air towards me pressing me into the back of the sofa almost strangling himself in my calves as I kept my legs straight while he tried in vain to press them back towards my torso. All he had achieved was to slide his head around in my calves so that they were biting into the sides of his neck while he looked out at me from between. I turned in the seat to twist to slam my legs and his head down but he resisted me. My calves never let go, gripping his neck like a terrier. “Oh!” he groaned grabbing my knees and trying to prise them apart.

The desperate young man managed to get his feet onto the sofa close to my shoulders, still trying to prise my calves apart as he tried pushing himself up off the seat. “My you are not giving up quietly are you Morgan” I chuckled at his efforts as my calves clung on tight. “You really are quite weak but determined, aren’t you?” I taunted as he tugged at my calves in vain unable to get them away from squeezing into the sides of his neck. “Poor little boy, beaten up by your ex-girlfriend’s mum” I teased as he tugged and pulled, exasperation showing on his face as he couldn’t budge my calves.

Catching me off-guard, Morgan suddenly pushed forwards onto his knees then pressed himself upright on the sofa trying to stand up. I hung on relentlessly, my body dangling from his neck. “Urkkk Ukkk!” he croaked the weight of my body hanging from his neck was causing him to choke himself. He suddenly fell back down to the sofa but the sudden jolt broke my grip. Morgan quickly turned his back to me as he tried to make a get-away but my legs whipped out in a flash over his shoulder catching the sides of his head between my knees and locking my ankles. His hands clutched my shins as the sides of my meaty calves flared out squashing against the sides of his throat. “Nooo!” he groaned tugging at my ankles.

“Oh this is a much better hold. I can use my thighs to squeeze my knees together like THIS” “Nnnnn!” he groaned at the surge of Strength, slapping and tugging at my shin and calves which remained rock solid. “I’ve warned you about touching” I told him. Grabbing his hands, I pulled back his arms as I lay back and channelled my strength through my legs and glutes. “Nkkkk! Nkkk!” he groaned, his face framed by my black nylon clad shins which I had bent down his chest. “Nnngh nnngh!” he grunted as he kept trying to budge them. “Like a wheel clamp, aren’t they Morgan? Clamping your neck for illegal parking” I chuckled. “Oh you’re boring me now” I sighed as his attempts to prise my calves open was getting weaker.

I raised myself up onto my arms, straightened my legs in one extra long hard squeeze that left him shrieking before dropping back into the seat and unclamping my legs. Morgan sat back exhausted on the sofa. Quickly before he had a chance to recover, I threw myself at him; leaping up and over his head and over his back with my thighs either side of his head in a reverse head scissors with him in a seated position and with me bending over him. His hands immediately came up to find firm strong stocking-clad thighs and hams swelling around his head.

“Enjoy the view, Morgan” I told him. He had a good view looking down the back of my legs at my long hard muscled calves as my long low swelling hams crushed against his cheeks. Pressing my hands against the top of the back cushion of the sofa I looked over my shoulder at the red-faced youth suffering between my bulging hamstrings while he sat looking down along the backs of my calves. “Arghh!” he groaned repeatedly as I squeezed my thighs together hard. “Now you’re trapped between my thighs and they are much more powerful than anything I’ve given you so far” I told him. “Ah ah” I warned as his hands moved towards my legs. “My legs are very strong from walking up hills every day but more so now that I work out almost daily at the Sally Army” I told him. Most people think that the women in the Salvation Army are old biddies obsessed with religion, but the truth was that they had a Militant Wing comprised of very fit women of all ages who were highly skilled in unarmed combat. Go on, I dare you, next time you see a woman in a Salvation Army uniform, insult her and watch her kick your arse until you are begging for the Lords’ forgiveness.

“The secret is in the glutes, Morgan and my glutes are as hard as steel, feel THIS” with that I stretched out my legs and clenched my backside feeling my buttocks butt up against each other so tight that you wouldn’t be able to slide a ruler between them. “Ohhh God No!” he screamed, his face turning bright red and the veins standing out on his forehead looking like they could burst at any second. “There’s plenty more where that came from” I said then squeezed down extra hard. “Jeese no!” he wailed as the pressure soared. I squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. “My legs are a lot stronger than they look aren’t they Morgan?”. “Oh please please stop” he cried “it hurts”. I reverse-scissored the youth like that for at least a quarter of an hour.

I flexed my glutes hard to pour on a series of skull battering blasts, and bent and straightened my legs rapidly to rock his brains. There was nothing he could do but sit on the sofa and take it, with a good many cries and shrieks of pain as I bore down with my slim legs. I slid down the back of the sofa until my backside met the seat cushion, then stretched out sideways along the seat cushions forcing Morgan to lay sideways with his head trapped firmly between my thighs. “Argh argh!” he cried as I flexed then relaxed my glutes several times in a row flexing my thighs hard at the same time around his head. “Argh argh stop please argh!” he cried. “Oh and I thought you were so tough” I taunted.

Clenching my glutes hard into tight hard balls, I squeezed down hard, watching over my shoulder as my hamstrings swelled up like railroad sleepers around the sides of his head. My thighs bulged like steel plates, the light reflecting off the sheen of my stockings. I tensed holding the scissors tight for as long as I could. “Arghh please no no” he wailed. I relaxed my glutes and thighs then powered down again. “Nnnnn!” he groaned as I strained to pour it down on his head. Then I let him have a barrage of pain relaxing and flexing my glutes and legs really quickly. “Argh argh no, please, argh” he cried as I battered him.

I then followed this with a series of long slow squeezes, flexing my legs so tight that I could see steel-cable like cords standing proud on my sleeky bulging thighs. “Strewth!” he gasped as I twisted my legs to the right then the left forcing his scissored head to go with it. I repeated these moves again and again letting him suffer in my strong sexy legs. Morgan’s movements got weaker and weaker and finally he slid from the sofa and onto the floor. That’s when I opened my legs then turned around to sit on the sofa behind him.

“No more!” he moaned weakly as I slid my legs around his head once more and locked them into a tight figure 4 like a noose around his neck with the back of his head tight against my crotch. “Argk!” he croaked as I clamped down hard, twisting my legs from one side to the other as he cried in agony. “Yes lots more. Mess with me, Morgan, and this is what you get” I told him sternly as my thick shapely calve clamped tight across the front of his throat like a crowbar. “I can scissor you until the cows come home, but you wouldn’t be able to take it” I added. This wasn’t boasting, it was the truth.

Grabbing hold of my foot to keep the noose nice and tight, I let him have a series of jolts that whipped his head back so hard they nearly snapped his neck. Finally I straightened my legs, locked my ankles and powered down hard, pleased to see how pumped up and powerful my thighs looked. Twisting savagely from side to side, he cried out pain as his head was forced to follow. Raising myself upon my hands I poured everything I had through my stocking-clad thighs. “Arghh!” he yelled sobbing as my sleek thighs turned into a thick slab of muscle, pointed towards the side of my knee.

“Dear God no! I’m sorry, I’m sorry” he shrieked as I held on like a terrier really letting him have it. Then I felt him start to go limp, the power of my legs to knock out a man is so sexy that it can bring me to orgasm, but that wasn’t what I wanted. Lowering my backside to ease off the pressure, I opened my legs.

Morgan visibly flinched as I draped my right leg over his shoulder. “There there. It’s almost over little boy” I teased in a soothing voice as I gently stroked the long length of my calve along the side of his face. It took a few moments for Morgan to regain his senses. “Please no” he whimpered. “I thought you liked my legs?” I asked softly teasing. His hands moved towards my leg then stopped. “I..I’m sorry” he sobbed. I stopped stroking his face and withdrew my calve. “Turn around and face me” I demanded sternly. “Please no, I’m sorry” he replied, clearly broken. I stretched my right thigh out past his shoulder flexing it in front of his face. “Do it or I’ll scissor you until the pips come out” I said glaring at him with my magnified blue eyes. He turned around, visibly nervous and with good reason for I pulled his face right into my crotch and closed my thighs around the sides of his head. “That’s as close as you are getting to my pussy” I told him as he shuffled against the front of my panties.

This was the bit I really enjoyed, OK another bit that I really enjoyed on top of all the other bits that I had subjected this young man to. I stared into his frightened eyes peeping up at me from over the front of my panties, the lens of my specs magnifying my small eyes making them look scary. I didn’t say a word for a long time, I just kept glaring down at him watching him become more and more agitated.

“I’m going to knock you out now” I told him sounding confident. His eyes went wide with fright when I said that. I glared at him through my specs looking stern. “When you come around or perhaps I should say IF you come around. I never want to see you seeing or speaking with my daughter face to face, over the phone or on the Internet or I will post the pictures that I am going to take while you are knocked out cold on Fbook and make them public globally” he looked really scared at that prospect. “And I will boast on there how a woman old enough to be your mother made you cream your pants, not once but twice” I added. He looked real scared.

I flexed my thighs, pleased to see them swell into long solid slabs that looked really pumped up now and felt my inner thighs, like steel cables, biting deep into the carotid arteries either side of his neck. “Mmmm!” he moaned in alarm into my crotch. Orrr that felt good. I don’t think he expected it to be as tight as that. “Mmm! Mmm!” I flexed my long sleek thighs several times letting him suffer in their strength.

“Now I’m going to do some pelvic floor exercises. You’re not going to enjoy this but it keeps my love muscles nice and strong” I told him. I began to concentrate on tightening my pussy muscles the way that mum showed me which caused my glutes and legs to tighten like pillars of steel. “Miii! Miiii!” he screamed in my crotch as I exercised the internal muscles with a series of reps. “Miii! Miiii!” Oh God if he keeps doing that I’m going to cum real soon. I never expected that strong a reaction.

“Well since you can’t handle that, I’ve no further use for you” I told the trapped youth. With that I raised myself upon my hands, stretched out my long legs and totally powered down. “MMMMM!” he shrieked into my crotch as my sleek thighs ballooned into powerful slabs of muscle. The vibarations of his screams against my muff were going to make me cum. Oh oh. “Mnnnnargh!” I moaned out loud as the orgasm hit me, every muscle in my body went tense. I saw Morgan’s eyes just roll up inside of his head as his face went slack. “Ohhhhhhh!” that just made me cum harder, my legs involuntarily tightening even harder until my thighs, hams and calves resembled rugged armoured plates. With thick slabs looking sexy under sheer black nylon they looked so strong they looked like they could crack boulders. “Ohhhhh!” the thought made me cum harder and I felt myself squirt hard into the young man’s unconscious face.

Finally and finding my legs stiff I opened my legs to let Morgan tumble out limply onto to floor. He was right out of if and I noticed he had creamed himself again. Probably when he realised he was slipping under and beaten by my legs. I tried to stand up but couldn’t, my legs were too shaky after that big orgasm. I had to rest a bit and while I did, I checked that I hadn’t actually killed the little bastard. After a few minutes I was able to get up and went into the hall to get my coat.

Remembering to go back into the living room to take a few shots on the camera on my phone before leaving by the front door. I steeled myself for the long climb down the stairs that would pump up my thighs at least, not that they needed after that, they felt as hard as steel girders as it was.

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