The Wild Woman of the Highlands (JP#05)

Young man is taken captive by a powerful wild woman in the forest

SPOILER: Young man and a Special Forces soldier investigate sightings of a wild woman in the forests of Scotland. The creature attacks overwhelming the soldier and carrying off the young anthropologist. Arousing him, the buxom wild woman has her way with him. He becomes away that she is powerfully muscled and very strong especially as she exercises.
Immobilising him in her massive muscular legs and a headlock, she takes him again. After a unique demonstration of chopping trees, the woman is attacked by the Special Forces and a brutal fight ensures.

Another wild idea I had when I was on holiday in the Highlands
(c) JIM P 2013

My name is Julian and I am a 23 year old anthropologist with a PhD from Cambridge working on special assignment to the Ministry of Defence. So what am I doing here slogging up blooming steep slopes in the Highlands of Scotland where you can’t put one foot flat on the ground in front of the other when walking? The answer is that Major-general Warpinton has sent me to check out rumours of sightings of a wild woman living out here in the remote forests. By all accounts, some big shaggy beast of a woman has been briefly glimpsed by backpackers.

“Highly unlikely” I told him. “Scotland is hardly the wilds of Bourneo” I scoffed, amazed by how gullible some people are. “What with many villages and towns dotted around and Inverness close by and managed forests, the chances of some Scottish version of Bigfoot are extremely unlikely” I added. “Normally I would agree except that the Forestry Commission has requested our help after several rangers were attacked by whatever this thing is” the big-shot replied. Well that would make it more than fantasy caused by an excess of alcohol or magic mushrooms.

“Captain Wilson will accompany you” he added. Paul Wilson was one of those special services types but I found him to be a good down-to-earth bloke and good company. The only weapon he was allowed to take was a tranq rifle. “Can’t have you running around the Highlands with guns scaring the tourists, the Scottish Tourist Board would have a fit. That should be all you need in case it really is some escaped bear or something” the Major-general told us. As we went off to pack, Paul told me brightly “Don’t worry Julian. We don’t need any guns; these hands are all we need. Registered deadly weapons these are”. He laughed then slapped me on the back. “Cheer up mate. Think of it as a free holiday in the Highlands at the taxpayer’s expense”. Yeah that really made me feel a whole lot better.

A long boring 11 hour drive later and we arrived in at a camp site just north-west of Inverness. “I still say we could have flown” I groaned as I got out of the jeep and stretched my aching limbs while noting how chilly the biting wind was. “They don’t allow yeti women on planes” Paul quipped as he unloaded the tent. “How many times do I have to tell you, there is no yeti woman” I replied wearily. “Don’t allow them on the train either unless you want to ride freight” he added well humouredly. We’d been over this conversation on the way up. At least he had been good company.

I’ve been to Scotland a few times before on family holidays but that had always been during the summer. This was April and the mountains were still covered with snow and this year due to the unusually cold snap over the UK, the snow line was very low. The night was bitterly cold in the tent and we awoke to find it snowing- in spring! “Just be grateful that it isn’t raining. It’d be horrible trudging through the forest with it tipping down” Paul quipped. Luckily it wasn’t settling on the roads of paths so we wrapped up and set out, driving to the place where this creature was last reported. We were met by a ranger who told us that he’d only managed to get a brief glimpse of the thing as it lurked behind trees further up the hillside and threw large rocks down at him. At least he didn’t think it was a bear.

The forest track was very bumpy as it wound its way up the hill side with tall pines on either side blocking out much of the view. That was apart from a few areas where they had cleared the trees which looked like a waste land. After many long arse-aching, teeth-rattling minutes, Paul stopped the jeep and killed the engine. “This is as far as we can drive. From here on we walk, thatta way” he pointed up the steep slope of the hill side leading up from the side of the track into the deep gloom of closely spaced pines.

And walk we did, uphill over rough terrain moving far away from the track and into the darkness caused by the close space tall pines with heavy backpacks. This was the kind of terrain where it takes nearly an hour to cover a single mile. I thought I was pretty fit, playing squash and other sports regularly but soon I was puffing and panting like a steam train and my feet were aching and throbbing. It wasn’t until several hours later when following a snack break and the chance to down some energy drinks that I spotted a small makeshift animal trap. “What animals?” Paul remarked. We’d seen nothing whatsoever apart from a few birds with only a few nibbled pinecones to indicate the existence of mythical red squirrel.

Upon closer examination of the area, we discovered a faint trail close by and a footprint in the thin peaty soil. “Do yeti women wear size 10 walking boots?” Paul asked mockingly. “I told you, there’s no such thing. Not in the UK at least” I replied. “Well someone’s been up here” he said. Now confident that this was some human recluse, we followed the faint trail through the dark oppressive shadows for several more painfully uphill miles until Paul sudden came close and whispered “We’re being watched”. The way he said and I knew that he was serious. “Where?” I whispered back. “Don’t look but I’m seeing movement about 300 metres further up the bank. Can’t make it out, keeps darting behind the trees” he told me quietly. “Human or what?” I felt silly for saying it as soon as the words left my mouth. “Wearing climbing boots, what do you think?” Paul replied with sarcasm. “We need to surround it, capture it” I urged. “They’ve got the advantage. If we try running up there we’d be knackered and they’d be long gone” he replied. “I can make out a sort of small gorge up ahead where the ridge line comes down. They will have to come down here to cross. We’ll get them there”.

In the event, we didn’t need to for the creature got the drop on us. One moment we were walking along towards the gully where we could hear a falling stream which we would need to cross, the next this furry thing leapt down upon us from the undergrowth on the bank above us. Paul whirled around, reacting fast but he’d been caught off-guard. The powerfully built shaggy creature swung a fist making contact with Paul’s jaw in a solid crunch. BLAM! It landed right in the middle of his face and his whole body seemed to come off the ground and hurtle backwards. As he hit the ground he rolled and came back up to his feet, although he looked slightly dazed from the blow.

I could now see that the beast was in fact a woman, a rather ugly one at that with a large long broad ruddy face and long black unkempt hair. She was about 5 foot 8 but was very heavily built making her seem squat and wide. Her mouth was wide with large prominent buck teeth and high cheek bones and a shallow chin. A large long nose ran up the middle of her face, either side of which were piercing grey eyes with thick bags beneath and thick black eyebrows above. Her complexion was rough and ruddy and I guessed that she was in her late 40’s to mid 50’s. Clad with a crude light brown-red fur coat that reminded me of Highland cow below which she wore thick dark green leggings and climbing boots.

Paul came at the woman like a grappler, clearly intending to take her down without harm. Swaying back and forth, he faced her off although she showed no sign of concern. He lunged at her. That shaggy coat made her look seriously overweight so I was totally shocked when she moved like lightning, catching his wrist while a short thick leg kicked up horizontally and blasted his jaw with the sole of her boot BLAM!. The very next second I was stunned as this heavy bulky looking woman whipped up a really thick heavy looking leg higher than her head, blasting Paul’s jaw hard again like a rocket. He looked completely dazed as his head flew back in a spray of blood. With incredible speed and flexibility, her thick knee shot up high hammering him solidly in the gut so hard that he was bodily lifted clean from the ground while he rode her knee to chest height on his gut. His face was contorted in a mask of sheer pain, his breath being cruelly smashed out of him.

Still the she-thing hadn’t finished with him. Spinning quickly and more nimbly than her bulk implied, a short extremely thick leg shot out smashing the sole of her boot into middle of Paul’s face. I watched in horror as his legs buckled. Again, in the blink of an eye, the ugly shaggy woman kicked a thick heavy looking leg. It rose swiftly with great flexibly and the toes of her boot struck the special services man went straight under his chin and clubbed hard at the side of his neck. WHAP! It was a loud terrible sound. Paul’s face spasmed in painful shock and for a second his whole body stiffened before he collapsed limply to the forest floor out cold. In a few terrible seconds, this beast of a woman had completely taken out a highly trained special services soldier.

As Paul hit the ground, the shaggy woman turned to face me, in those furs she looked huge but squat but her face was unquestionably that of a woman. A chilling wide toothy smile spread upon her face. It looked almost predatory. What should I do? I couldn’t leave Paul but then I wasn’t a fighter and couldn’t bring myself to hit a woman either. I’m not a soldier, I’m a scientist. Paul was Special Forces and look at how quickly she had beaten him. Hooking her finger she beckoned to me to come closer with a toothy maniacal grin upon her lips. That was it, before I realised what I doing I had turned to run and immediately wished that I hadn’t. It was all uphill and with the tall pines blocking out the sun, roots and stones were a serious tripping hazard which could result in a broken ankle. Heavy footsteps running behind me and gaining on me told me I couldn’t outrun her. Reluctantly I turned to face her. “What do you want?” I yelled. “Leave me alone”.

As she ran up the hillside towards me with excitement showing on her face, I couldn’t help but notice how the front of her fur coat bounced away alarmingly like she had two wild rabbits up there trying to escape. Despite my predicament I couldn’t help think how enormously stacked and low-slung this wild fierce woman was as her front bounced around as she ran. I have to admit that I am a bit of a breast-man and these were the biggest pair that I’d ever seen. Clearly a massive double fronted weight was lurching around so much that the shaggy woman had to hold her hands over the top of her obviously ample breasts to enable her to run up the wooded hill side after me. Encumbered as she was, the squat unattractive woman ran surefooted over treacherous sloping forest floor and showing no signs of breathlessness.

As she closed on me, she looked scary and fierce. Remembering how quickly and brutally she’d taken out Paul, I didn’t fancy my chances unarmed. Looking around in desperation, I spotted a hefty fallen branch close by and quickly scooped it up. Almost upon me, I swung it manically at her head. It was a desperate cowardly act but she was clearly dangerous. I was horrified as her palm rose in a blur and blocked it, knocking it away with the heel of her hand.

Disarmed, I looked at the wild woman in fear. She just looked back with a knowing terrifying smile. What I didn’t expect was for her to turn her torso slightly away from me giving me full view of the awesome wide low-slung slopes of her chest which she emphasised by outlining them with her large rough hands while running her tongue seductively around her slightly parted lips. Oh God, she’s coming on to me.

Note to self; don’t gawp at a woman’s huge bust when she is attacking you. “Yah!” she yelled suddenly making me jump as her hand lashed out in a blur. Purely by luck I somehow managed to catch her hand but she was a lot faster in her reactions than I expected and her other hand streaked towards my face. SLAP! A large hand slapped me very hard across my ear with her palm. “Ouch!” I cried out. With my cheek and ear burning, my face whipped from one side to the other with all sound gone from that side apart from a loud ringing. All I saw was a brief glimpse of movement out of the side of my vision as she drew back her palm. “Yah!” she yelled loudly again making me jump once more as a blur shot towards my face. BLAM! Her palm hammered me right on the jaw jack-knifing my head back. My senses reeling, I sensed her step real close.

Large hands slapped down upon my shoulders with such weight that my legs sagged. With dread, I sensed her drive her thick knee between my legs and right up into my groin. BLAM! “Ooooooo!” I squealed like a pig as my nuts was swallowed by a dreadful agonising pain.

BLAM! “Ouch!” my agony was interrupted as the sole of her slammed viscously into the side of my knee. It gave way instantly and I crumpled to my knees upon the forest floor with terrible aching pain in my groin, ringing in ear and an aching jaw. I looked up as a shadow loomed over me in the gloom of the surrounding trees to see the squat bulky buxom wild woman with a malicious glint in her eyes. “No!” I cried in terror as raised her hefty knee. I think I screamed as the sole of her shoe shot towards my face. BLAM! A sharp explosion of pain then everything went dark.
I came around to find the whole world bumping and shaking all around me. As my senses cleared and saw a shaggy reddish brown fur coat beneath me, I realised that I had been slung over the extremely wide shoulder of the wild woman who attacked me. I now had a shaky close-up view looking down her exceptionally wide back towards the forest floor whilst she trudged through it. I could hear no signs of exertion coming from her as she carried me which somehow made me feel all the more weak and helpless. “Oi! Put me down” I shouted but I got no reply, she just kept on trudging like a pack horse.

I don’t know how far she had been carrying me before I came around but she seemed to carry me for miles. I found it easier to shut my eyes, rather than feel nauseous with the continually shaky view from her back. When I did look, all I saw was the shaggy fur coat covering a very broad squat back and a very amply spread backside not far below. “What do you want with me?” I cried but again got no answer. Why had she left Paul? I hope he was alright.

With my groin pressing against the front of her shoulder, I felt each step remotely. There was nothing that I could do. Her strength and stamina to carry me so far made me feel so weak. Yet I knew that this was no wild beast but a woman, a very strong mature woman who was carrying me with ease and who had overwhelmed a Special Forces man. Certainly she was a woman who was a whole lot stronger than I was and strangely my dick began to grow stiff at the thought. I’ve never had an erection because of a strong woman before but then again I’d never had quite so close an encounter before. It grew stiffer with every step, I just couldn’t stop it. She wasn’t even attractive, quite the opposite in fact. Yet every bump of my groin against the front of her broad shoulder made it harder.

Eventually we arrived in a clearing deep in the heart of the forest where no-one goes. As the shaggy woman dropped me to my feet, I had a chance to take a good look at my captor. Definitely not a yeti but a squat wide looking mature woman faced me with a rough ruddy face that had been tanned through outdoor exposure and a figure that looked heavily overweight. I was surprised that someone that fat had been strong enough to carry me all that way and able to fight a trained soldier. I glanced around at my surroundings. The clearing was quite small and close to an outcrop of rock that formed a natural curving cliff which enclosed most of it. Up against the cliff under a wide overhang, making it impossible to spot from the air, was a crude wooden shelter constructed from tree trunks and roofed with bracken. It didn’t look finished.

Suddenly a large rough hand closed around the front of my trousers, grabbing my dick. “No, get off!” I yelped. I tried to brush her hand away but she slapped me away with her other hand. There was a dreadful smile on her face which pushed up her cheeks that indicated that she wanted what was inside my pants. “Please no, I’m not interested” I shrieked in horror. “I’ve got a girlfriend” I lied. “Bun tare si gata” she said in a deep husky voice which was heavily accented, or something that sounded like that. I didn’t understand what she was saying but it sounded East European.

I breathed a sigh of relief as she released my dick but then watched as her hands went to the front of her fur coat and removed it. Beneath was a grubby looking cream vest that was tightly stretched over a massive chest. As I had suspected they were a truly huge pair of danglers that were very wide spreading across the entire width of her broad torso and very low slung, coming down to the middle of her large stomach. The vest was stretched so tight that the outline of her big nipples jutted out and I could clearly make out her large dark aureoles. The sight of them was mesmerising and I found it hard to tear my gaze away. She might be an ugly old mare but she’s got one hell of a rack and fantastic nipples. “Mare ones la spre a pastra tu tare” she said huskily while rubbing her massive mounds suggestively. I didn’t understand what she had said but the meaning was clear. They wobbled like huge water filled sacks under her hands then she ran her hands over them outlining their enormous size. Wow, I had to admit that the sight of a very well endowed female chest wobbling and being thrust towards me was very sexy and my groin tightened. In shock I realised that the ugly old mare was actually turning me on with her huge breasts.

Her face became all smoochy and what she thought was a sexy come-on but was in fact very scary on her rough plain features. She kept stepping towards me, thrusting out her huge breasts wobbling like jelly on a plate, forcing me to step back.”Please no. They’re very nice, sensational in fact but no” I pleaded. “Do you speak English?” I asked but she kept coming forward with that predatory smile on her face, like the cat that had got the cream. She put her hands on the top of her chest and run them down provocatively over her big bouncy balloons while pressing them together with her arms making them look even bigger. Dear Lord no, my dick was starting to grow stiff at the sight of so much moving female bust. She was the biggest busted woman that I’d ever met and she was coming on strong. “Masaj ones pentru tu” she growled huskily coming closer. “Please, they’re very impressive, they really are” I told her in a pleading voice. “But I just don’t fancy you. Oh Lord” I sighed as she began to sway them sensually from side to side. “Oh dear Lord, they’re so big” I sighed. The sight of such large mammories swinging like that caused my dick to steadily stiffen. She glanced down at the front of my trousers and smiled hungrily.

“Tu nevoie eu, mare baiat” she said, her hands grasping the front of her vest then whipping it off. “Ohhhh my God!” I groaned as I was confronted with the biggest breasts in the raw that I’d ever seen. The nipples alone were enormous, the teats jutting out a good inch and thicker than my thumb. My dick had hardened instantly inside my pants. “A veni feel pe ei” she said in a husky seductive whisper then grabbed my hands and forced them to kneed and caress those massive breasts. “Ohhh!” I groaned enjoying the sensation. I just couldn’t help it, the ugly old wild woman was turning me on by making me fondle her enormous wobbly front.

“Sarut eu” she whispered softly as she took hold of the sides of my face with her large calloused hands and forced it towards her own. Lord she was butt ugly but her enormous tits were sensational and felt great. As my face got closer to hers, I grabbed at her hands in desperation knowing that she was going to kiss me. The idea scared and repulsed me but I couldn’t stop her. Her hands were large, rough and strong and pulled my face close then clamped it firmly in position as her face lowered with her thick lips puckered. Urgh! Her lips made contact with mine and she began kissing me with heated passion. There was nothing that I could do about it, her big hands were holding my face firmly in place while she had her way with me. Her kisses became more passionate and slobbery then in horror I felt her big rubbery lips press hard against my own forcing them open and then slipping a big writhing wet tongue inside my mouth. Shockingly she was incredibly good and the tactile sensation of her playing tongue hockey inside my mouth had my dick absolutely aching in no time as she French kissed me between long wet licks of my face and more tongue wrestling inside my mouth. I had never experienced anything like it, my former girlfriend only allowed gentle demure kisses.

So turned on by the sensations I soon found myself returning her kisses and tongue writhing. A hand slipped to the front of my trousers and unzipped them. Whipping out my aching rod into her large warm hand, she began pumping it in a devastatingly good hand job. She may be butt ugly but she was amazingly good in getting a man going and getting him as hard as a rock and throbbing in a short time. Maybe it was some kind of compensation for her looks from some celestial higher power or a cruel cosmic joke but she had me aching for her in no time. We sank to the ground and she guided my hand inside her leggings to her hairy pussy and her big rubbery clit which I began rubbing as she continued to work me with her hand while her mouth worked my face. “Arrrgh arghhh!” she began moaning loudly while slowing bucking her hips. With a roar she threw me on my back, pulled down her leggings and impaled herself upon my rigid aching shaft. Like a bucking bronco, she rode it hard and furious while her huge breasts bounced around uncontrollably. I just had to grab them and hold on as she pounded away furiously sliding up and down my shaft. She was like a wild rutting animal pumping away at me until she came incredibly loudly screaming and shouting in ecstasy. I didn’t have a chance and shot an absolute huge load inside her long before she had finished.

Spent, I lay back on the soft spongy floor of the clearing. The sun was warm here, the low cliffs blocking the chilling wind. Slowly the horror of what had happened dawned on me. The huge busted wild woman had raped me! Well more or less, she had certainly seduced me against my will overwhelming my senses with her enormous boobs and warm wet tongue while pumping my cock with her hand. Her large ruddy face was unattractive and I felt ashamed that I had made love to that. No, that was unkind of me. You can’t judge a person by what they look like but she had forced herself on me using her skilled methods of arousal and huge breasts. She had driven me crazy stimulating my body with desire, so it was more her fault than mine although I had been weak to succumb. I tried not to flinch as she leant over and kissed me gently on the forehead. “Pauza” she said softly in her deep husky voice then rose from the ground. The message was clear although I could not understand the words, “rest and regain your energy so that I can take you some more”. Was that to be my fate? A sex toy to some crazed wild woman who lived out in the forests?

I watched in breathless awe at the huge overhanging shelf of naked breast as she stood over me in the nude. But as I lowered my gaze away from that enormous low-slung bust, I became very much aware of a pair of exceptionally thick powerful muscular legs, laden with huge boulder-like quads that ballooned out from her legs. Gawping dumbly, I couldn’t stop staring at those smooth skinned hard bulging shapes for they were truly enormous. Her quads were so immensely wide that they made her legs look a lot shorter than they actually were. There was no mistaking that they belonged to a woman with all those soft feminine curves and smooth skin yet all that hard dense muscle was shiny with muscle tone and shredded with cuts making them look fierce. It now dawned on me that the wild woman was not grossly overweight as I had first thought. Her legs were unmistakably powerful and with trepidation I looked up pass her hairy love nest and broad heavy hips to her stomach.

Although largely hidden behind massive breasts, I could make out that her torso was a thick blockish trunk which lacked feminine curves. She saw me looking and with a wide smile cupped then lifted her huge boobs with both hands. So large were they that they greatly overflowed like huge floppy pillows in her hands. I was no longer looking at those but staring at a firm hard belly with a light grid work of lines and slabs of a low-lying six pack. WHOP WHOP WHOP! she let go of one breast and hammered her fist against her hard stomach then chuckled at my awed expression. Oh boy, I felt my face flush as I realised that I was well out of my depth. Dreading what I would see I raised my eyes further, past her breasts and saw that the line of her clavicle along the top of her chest was clearly defined as were the slopes of her lats sloping from her neck to the ends of her extremely broad shoulders. This gave her a very powerful looking appearance which despite her height made her appear very wide and squat. No wonder she had been able to carry me over her shoulder easily for so longer, she was built like a human pack animal. Even the top of her chest was cushioned with dense rugged muscle from which her massive breasts sprouted.

Although I dreaded what I would see next I forced my eyes across to her arms. Oh Sweet Jesus! Big shoulder caps as large as hub caps topped incredibly thick columns that resembled arms just as a twig resembled a tree trunk. Her biceps were extraordinary thick and powerful looking even though her arms were hanging straight and relaxed. These were made all the more fearsome in appearance with very prominent veins as thick as tree creepers. Her forearms were equally formidable being thick, tapered and writhing with veins and tendons.

I’ve never been one for female bodybuilders being more of breast man, as you have probably guessed, but somehow the sight of this large firm fit and powerful looking naked woman was causing my groin to reawaken. She wasn’t as defined and cut up like a bodybuilder perhaps more resembling what one would look like when she wasn’t competing. As she walked across the clearing I was fascinated by the way her massive quads and calves flexed and bulged. They looked so enormously powerful that I couldn’t imagine anything surviving if they got trapped between them. She only went a short way to what I thought was a pile of rocky rubble until she bent down and came back up with a short piece of a thick tree branch fixed to two large rocks at either end. As she curled it towards her shoulder and lifted another, I realised that these were a pair of make-shift barbells. Those rocks looked incredibly heavy yet she smoothly knocked off a series of reps, alternately raising one rocky barbell to her shoulder then lowering it as she raised the other, the exercise making her huge boobs bounce rhythmically. The sight of the naked squat bodied though unattractive woman effortlessly swinging these big heavy rocks around as if she were in some Gym was strangely turning me on especially as her big vascular arms got pumped up. The naked wild woman then began to rep those weights both at the same time above her head, making those enormous boobs bounce around in a strangely erotic manner. I was now getting really stiff but it wasn’t just from those big breasts.

My ardour was rising with my fascination with her big strong muscles. I just had to go over and feel her broad muscular back while she continued to work her arms. To my astonishment, her back was writhing with large slabs of dense muscle in motion, centred on a central crevasse that ran down the centre of her back. Wide flat jagged edged slabs of muscle lay on either side in constant motion as she worked out like living breathing continental shelves. I had never seen anything like it before and found it incredibly intoxicating to watch while I enjoyed the feel of the movement of the muscles under my palms. Never before had I understood the attraction of muscular women but now I began to appreciate the allure.

The big breasted naked powerhouse didn’t object to me feeling her back. “Da feel it” she said in encouragement, so I did. Still holding the weights she spread her lats. “Wow” I gasped stunned as her lats spread out like wide wings. So unbelievably broad across the top of her shoulders, the steepness of the slope of her lats gave the impression of a wide-based inverted triangle down to her waist, which was actually quite wide but all the same looked very impressive and intimating. Finally she put down her barbells and turned to face me. “Julien” I said pointing to myself. She didn’t seem too impressed and just glared at me impassively before saying “Olga”. “No, come on” I began to protest, it was too stereotypical. But the naked wild woman glanced down at her thigh causing me to do the same only to see it swell up into terrifying thick fearsome looking boulders of pure muscle that brooked no argument. Olga it was then.

Where we were standing there were a number of very large boulders. Olga squeezed her way between two which were quite close together. Placing a hand upon each she pressed down causing her arms to thicken and bulge into columns of power as she raised her body up upon them. I couldn’t stop gawping at her thick arms as they became considerably more muscular and ripped as they took her considerable weight. There was barely enough space between the boulders to swing her legs through without folding them at the knees, which she did. I saw the tension in her abs which became more defined as she used them to hold her knees up while supported only by her arms. Olga repeatedly used her abs to raise and lower her knees in front of her, stretching out her legs at the top of each rep. The big nude shaggy haired woman with the plain unattractive face exercised like this for at least 15 minutes before finishing. “Tare as piatra” she said proudly while standing in front of me, punching her stomach several times BOK BOK BOK! She grabbed my hands and placed them on her belly then lifted up her boobs out of the way. Oh boy! I ran my hands over and over that densely ribbed section gasping in awe, it really was like feeling an old-fashioned washboard. “Wow! Olga they’re really amazing and they look so sexy” I gasped. It was true, the exercise had made them stand out more and they seemed to shine with muscle tone as well as with a light sheen of perspiration. “You might not look like much in the face department but wow! You’re body is amazing” I added still feeling those abs in amazement. “Da” she chuckled then walked over to a tree with a low branch just above head height.

Taking hold of the thick branch with both hands, I watched in awe as the nude strong woman pulled herself up until she hung beneath with her legs folded. She was facing away from me and I had a good view as her shoulder blades flared out like wings and her back rippled and bulged as she pulled herself up. Hanging there she once more used her abs to slowly pull up her legs until they were straight out in front of her as she maintained a seated position. Steadily she lowered them before raising them again. The naked squat bulky powerhouse repeated this exercise over and over. I moved around to her front to watch, fascinated by the movement of her muscles beneath her skin. What I could see of her abs beneath her big boobs were glistening even more, looked much larger and cut up into deeply defined slabs as she continued to work them out. She was like an irrepressible force of nature and the motion of her muscles was both mesmerising and erotic.

Completing her exercise, Olga dropped down from the branched and faced me with her hands on her wide hips. She showed no signs of embarrassment or shame at being completely naked and with a powerful fit body like that why would she? She didn’t seem bothered to exercise her massive legs. Maybe she didn’t need to, they looked devastatingly powerful as it was and carrying me uphill through the forest had properly given them enough of a work out as it was.

Olga didn’t say anything. She just smiled then flexed her bulky squat powerful buxom naked body and I gasped with rising lust at the awesome massive muscle before my eyes. I put my hands on her huge dense biceps; the feel of the hard muscle under her smooth female skin got my pecker up. “Oh Olga!” I groaned lustfully. Feeling those powerful huge biceps has my dick absolutely rigid once more. Despite her looks, the sheer raw naked power of her body has me wanting her. “Oh Olga! You really turn me on. I want you so bad” I moan like a love crazed kid. Getting really worked up I begin to kiss the large flesh covered peaks which feel like velvet covered iron beneath my lips. I try to cup one using both hands but it is so big and dense that I am unable. I get more passionate and begin kissing and sucking on her big nipples using one hand to lift each breast in turn while continuing to feel her massive rock hard biceps with the other. “Da” she gasps in encouragement, enjoying my attention.

Suddenly a big thick column of muscle grabs me around the head and pulls me down to the ground. Holding my head firm in her big arms, Olga slides her fearsome massive thighs around my waist. They are so big that it feels as if I am being swallowed by a human boa-constrictor. “Please no” I plead in panic as a massive irresistible pressure surrounds my waist as if she is going to crush it to paste. “Urghhh!” I groan, immobilised by her arm and legs, unable to do anything but try and ride out the tremendous engulfing terrifying pressure. The pressure eased off but before I could breathe a sigh of relief, it snapped back on more powerful than before squeezing my middle so tightly that I couldn’t help but cry out in pain. As she held on with her massive muscular quads bulging and swelling under my hands which felt like a gnat on an elephant’s back, I was left in no doubt what serious possibly fatal damage she could inflict if she got nasty.

Again she relaxed the terrifying crush only to snap it back on again as if she were playing with me. “Orrgh please” I gasped my hands feeling the massive rocky shapes in her thighs. “Orpphhhhh!” the enormous muscle swelled even larger crushing the very air out from my lungs while she continued to clamp my head in a strong headlock with her thick arms. “Pwwwwoosh Orgh!” I breathed deeply with desperation as the terrible muscular compression relaxed only to snap back on once more. I could hear her chuckling in amusement at my helplessness. “Orrr Orr Orrr” I groaned as she crushed and relaxed her mighty legs quickly in a series of powerful pulses that left me breathless. I heard her laughing at my weakness but I wasn’t laughing, her legs were dangerous and I knew I had only experienced a tiny fraction of their full power. The sheer strength in those massive thick legs were too dreadful to contemplate for relaxed each leg must have been a good foot and a half at their widest point. Flexed, I dread to think for my hands resting on them must have moved out another good 6 inches probably even more as I struggled to cope with the mind blowing pressure they inflicted. It was like being trapped in a car crush.

“Orrrgh Orrrrgh!” I groaned as she bore down with a series of long slow squeezes that felt as if they were going to crush my waist flat. My hands clutched in vain at the thick pulsating mass around my middle. Feeling every swollen up muscle of her huge fearsome quads and every muscle cut, I was terrified and turned on in equal measure. “Orrgh!” they were so massive and powerful that I knew no man could possibly survive in them if she bore down with her full strength. The power of her massive legs was so overwhelming that she literally crushed me helpless, too worn out and breathless to even have the energy to try and struggle anymore. All I could do now was lie there and let her have her fun. “Orgarghh!” trapped in such enormous muscular female thighs, I felt such a feeling of helplessness and submission that I found my cock was rigid once more.

With her deadly legs holding me tight and my head in a strong lock she flexed her thick arm right before my face and it blotted out the sun. Oh Lord! It was so big. Her thick arm swelled and an absolutely enormous big thick dense solid mass of muscle grew and solidified into a tall thick peaked bicep right in front of my face. It came closer until it pressed against my lips. Oh Lord! it’s bigger than my head. I kissed it eagerly without hesitation, too afraid of what would happen if I refused but at the same time feeling submissive and totally turned on by her raw muscular power. “Urkk!” I croaked as she flexed her other arm and a massive boulder grew against the back of my head completely immobilising it in a vice-like grip of steel.

With my head stuck fast and my waist clamped firmly between her massive thighs, she brought her face close. Those thick lips parted to form a wide circle and through the middle out came her tongue which began to wriggle suggestively. Maybe it was the memory of before but my dick began to throb in anticipation. I knew what she wanted and I was so clamped up by her muscles that I knew that she would get it with no possible resistance from me. Once more we engaged in tongue wrestling and kissed passionately as she aroused my desire. All the time she kept flexing that massive bicep which I stroked and felt with my free hand. Despite her looks, the big hefty naked wild woman had an amazing ability to arouse me. She parted the top of her thighs enough for me to slip in my hand and start fingering her clit while she licked the side of my face and hungrily kissed my mouth while giving me a hand job. All the while my body was trapped fast between her powerful thighs and my head in her strong flexed arm. I had never felt so powerless before, immobilised apart from my hand which I used to stimulate her clit and my mouth which I returned her kisses. Soon her breathing began to get heavy and she gave small sighs of pleasure. She slammed me over onto my back and mounted me once more. We ended up rutting on the forest floor. The big nude wild woman had so much stamina that I simply I couldn’t keep up with her as she howled and cried in a long extended orgasm long after I had mine.
Shagged out, I lay and watched as the big muscular buxom shaggy haired wild woman got to her feet. The sight of her face made me shudder, repulsed that I had just made love to that however the sight of her amazing powerful body and gigantic breasts completed bare reminded me of the reason for my lust. “Restul dragostea mea” she said in a soothing tone with affection which I guessed was telling me to rest. “Sau simtiti musculare mea” she added which sounded more ominous as she flexed an unreal peaked bicep and patted it while looking at me. It was clearly a threat like “Stay put or else”. “What do you want with me?” I asked. In response Olga smiled and raised both of her thick heavy arms then flexed her huge guns. From my place on the ground by her feet looking up at her, the sight was breathtaking. Even from down here, the size of her arms was intimidating. “Sex” she suddendly answered in English then added “un copil” while rubbing her hand in a circular motion over her belly then patting it softly. My jaw dropped, I felt ill as the meaning sunk in. This wild mountain woman only wanted me to get her pregnant. Maybe she was here illegally and needed a baby born here to claim residency or maybe she liked this lifestyle and just wanted a child. I felt used and dirty and, strangely given my hang up about her looks, hurt.

This wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to meet the right girl, get married, settle down and then maybe one day raise kids. No way did I want kids forced upon me by a shaggy wild woman who I couldn’t have a conversation with. The wide heavy shaggy maned woman looked down at me and as if she knew what I was thinking, she raised those big arms once more. Smiling in a self-conceited manner that made me nervous, she flexed those massive fearsome double biceps several times to pump them up then held them. They were so big and powerful, certainly several orders of magnitude larger than my puny arms, that I felt menaced which was probably her intent. As I watched her pose with mixed feelings of awe, lust and concern I wondered whether she would expect me to help raise the child and provide financial support? I didn’t like the idea of being forced to have sex with a stranger then her leaching off me financially. Would she expect me to live up here with her or at my flat? How would I explain that to my parents? Or was this squat muscular powerhouse so fiercely independent that she would let me have nothing to do with my own child? That also didn’t sit comfortably with me.

Satisfied that I had got the message, Olga left me on the ground and wandered over to the far side of the clearing. A short while later she returned carrying a huge pile of large rocks which were stacked carefully on top of each other with her large hands cupped beneath the lowest. That was a rough heavy load for someone in the nude. It made her biceps cord densely and her triceps swell thickly making her arms look as thick and bumpy as a rock column, bulging with raw power. The bulky naked woman carried these to a spot in the middle of the clearing then put them down. Arranging the rocks into a stack, Olga then went off to get some more which she used to build another stack. She repeated this several times until she had built two fairly sturdy piles of rocks that came to about waist high. Finally she dragged a long thick pine tree trunk stripped of all its branches tucked under her thick muscular arm. With a swell of her massive upper body she lifted the tree trunk so that it lay horizontally across the two piles of rocks. I looked on in puzzlement, wondering what she was doing.

Olga carefully measured out a distance from one end of the trunk using her hands then when she found the place that she wanted she raised her right hand, open-palmed, while concentrating on the tree trunk in front of her. I knew what it looked like she was going to do but surely not? “Yahh!” with barely a pause she yelled loudly making me jump as the side of her hand fell like an axe. KERACK! The tree trunk bounced into the air at either end as it collapsed in the middle chopped cleanly in two by her large bare hand. I was gobsmacked. That tree trunk was no sapling it must have been a good two foot or more in diameter, yet her large hand sliced through it like cutting a cake. Picking up both ends of the chopped trunk and tucking them under each arm, she dragged them across and leant them up against the crude hut for later use. She looked at me, gave me a wink, then flexed her massive guns again as if to say “Pretty strong, yes?” before disappearing to fetch back another trunk. Once more she lifted it across the piles of rock and carefully measured it out with her hands. I found my dick stiffening in anticipation as she raised her hand again. “Yaah!” her hand slashed down faster than the eye could follow chopping deeply into the trunk before it just split in two and collapsed to the ground. Whether this squat naked wild woman had used martial arts or had just broken that trunk with sheer raw strength I didn’t know but my dick was now rock hard after that demonstration. She was like a powerful aphrodisiac despite the plain unattractiveness of her face.

This went on for some time, the hefty naked woman with the enormous boobs and shaggy hair literally chopping trees down to size with her bare hands. It was so surreal yet the implied power kept me hard and I began to ponder my fate as a sex slave impregnating her with babies. On the one hand, her powerful muscles and demonstrations of strength got me incredibly erect to the extent that I just wanted to make wild passionate love to her but on the other hand I wasn’t sure that I liked the idea of living out here in the wilds with someone who was just using me. As she carried the remains to her shack with her big biceps swelling it occurred to me that maybe once she knew that she was pregnant that she would kill me with those awesome arms or between those enormous fearsomely powerful thighs. Perhaps then she would chop up my body with her bare hands and bury me somewhere in the forest or leave me out to attract wild animals which she would then trap and kill. Out here, my remains wouldn’t be found for years if ever.

It was just then as I had those gloomy thoughts and began to feel depressed as thick strong armed Olga began to add the chopped trunks to the shack that I spotted movement. In the undergrowth coming up behind her a khaki clad figure moved closer until it kneeled and took aim with the tranq rifle then fired. Olga reacted with shocking speed throwing up the piece of trunk that she was holding like a shield. The dart came to a thudding halt embedded in it before the trunk was flying through the air towards Paul’s position. He rolled quickly to one side to avoid getting hit but she was already running towards him faster than one would imagine that those huge bouncing orbs on her chest would allow. Paul came up with the tranq rifle in his hands but even I knew that he hadn’t had time to reload it.

Too late, she had moved so fast that she was almost upon him, an enormously thick leg snapped up with more flexibility and agility that one would expect from someone her size. Like kicking a football, the rifle flew out of his hands heading straight up into the air whereupon she caught it. Paul looked like he was going to rush her but stopped as she held the rifle by the nozzle and grip and began to exert pressure at both ends. “Sweet Jesus” Paul muttered as huge flesh covered mountains swelled into massive proportions on Olga’s thick arms and the rifle began to bend and crumple. Not hanging around to be overawed by the results, Paul sprang into action. Throwing himself at the shaggy haired nude, he became a deadly whirlwind of feet that battered her around the head in a rapid series of kicks that drove her backwards. She quickly recovered and began to block his lightning-fast kicks. I knew he was trying to knock her out but suddenly the bulky woman went over backwards. For a split second I thought that he had succeeded until she went into a reverse walkover once more stunning me with her incredible flexibility given her large size. As she arched back like a U pin her thick right leg streaked upright and hammered Paul right under the jaw with a resounding crack. BLAM! His head jerked right back and he staggered backwards while the unexpectedly acrobatic large built wild woman continued her somersault and came up onto her feet with her giant breasts flopping against her chest like huge airbags.

Yet Paul was a trained professional and before she could kick out again he managed to get in some blows of his own, pounding and hammering Olga. Punches and kicks rained upon her with such fury that her body lurched horribly with each impact. She didn’t have a chance to fight back let alone defend herself under the rapid-fire flurry. Driven backwards to try in vain to get away from the punishing blows she tripped and fell back upon her very ample backside upon a large boulder. I thought it was all over for her but as Paul stepped forward to deliver the finishing blow her thick powerful bare leg streaked skywards faster than he could avoid. BLAM! It was an awesome kick at close range which blasted his jaw sending Paul hurtling backwards through the air and sent crashing to the ground.

With huge boobs swinging in all directions, Olga leapt from her seat on the boulder to the ground in front of Paul. Moving faster than her size would suggest she crouched low to the ground, pivoted on one foot and swung around her big heavy leg. The thick shapely muscled leg cut through the air like an oversized cricket bat. BLAM! Her large foot connected with the side of his head and sent him sprawling sideways rolling across the ground. The squat heavy woman leapt to her feet and quickly went over to where Paul lay dazed. She stood over him and raised her knee high in front of her to stomp his head. “Look out” I cried as her foot hammered down. Paul reacted to my warning and rolled quickly narrowly escaping getting his head crushed as her foot slammed heavily into the ground.

Paul’s leg kicked back and knocked her leg away and the big woman fell onto her back upon the ground. Scrambling to his feet, he immediately leapt on top of her trying to pin her which was difficult given her size. Ignoring the blows from her fists upon his arms, he managed to get his fingers around the sides of her bull neck and began squeezing trying to hold onto his seat upon the bulky buxom muscle woman. Pressing down upon her carotid arteries, I knew that he was trying to knock her out but was he going to do it this time?

All of a sudden, the big woman’s calves hooked over the back of Paul’s thighs then with a twitch of her powerful thighs he was screaming. Her legs were so enormously thick and muscled that his looked like mere matchsticks by comparison as they were ripped wide apart. The naked woman lay beneath him applying a grapevine press from below. “Oeeeeagh!” he yelled his face thrown back red in agony as her big powerful thighs bulged as they threatened to rip his legs from their sockets. He had lost his grip around her neck and was now pressing on her breasts for support in too much pain to co-ordinate an attack. BLAM! A big fist drove upwards crushing his jaw at close range. BLAM! BLAM! “Arghh help!” BLAM! His face was becoming bloody and raw under her punishing close range punches. She was going to destroy him! I rushed over and tried to stop her hitting him but her arms were much too strong. Pressing down with all my bodyweight behind, it was only by actually lying across her arms could I pin them. Olga just laughed at my pathetic efforts then suddendly I found myself rising up into the air. I was speechless to realise that she was press-benching my body, laughing at my helplessness while the special services man was helpless in her inverted grapevine. She lowered me and I gasped as her mouth slid around my dick which was still hanging out after our last bout of love making. Her mouth puckered up tight around the shaft so that when she pressed me back up again it slipped out like sucking a lollipop. SLURP! PLOP! Orrr that felt good. She continued to bench press my body like that, sucking me off each time my dick entered her mouth. Despite the desperate situation, the tactile sensations just got me harder and harder. It was mind-blowing being sucked off like that but utterly humiliating as Paul was looking on. But she was too skilled and the need to cum too strong to prevent the inevitable. She pressed and sucked me until I could take no more and began to spurt. At that point she pressed me up with almighty force and let go of me. My body went hurtling high into the air and when I came down she was no longer there to break my fall. “Ouch!” I cried as my back slammed into the ground.

Groaning in pain with my back on fire I could only watch as the naked muscular behemoth lifted Paul onto his feet as easily as lifting a rag doll. “Ouch!” he yelped as his feet touched the ground; he could hardly use his legs after that brutal grapevine from those enormous muscular legs. Using one arm, she twisted his while pressing down upon his shoulder forcing him to bend forward as she drove a wide knee from side-on into his gut. “Woarrrphh!” he groaned as the big knee went in hard. The size of that knee and the force with which she drove it in must have felt like getting hit by a cannon ball dropped from a first floor window.

The knee sprang up again coming in from the side hammering the centre of his chest. Paul’s eyes creased up tight and his mouth dropped open in silent agony. In an eye blink that big knee sprang up again like it was on a spring, powering right in his face. BLAM! His head slammed back and his knees seemed to turn to water. The shaggy haired nude came around his front to face him, caught hold of his head and that big hefty knee sprang up again like a battering ram to his face inflicting devastating and bloody ruin. BLAM! Paul wobbled drunkenly on his feet unable to co-ordinate a defence. BLAM! A large fist shot forwards and landed right on his chin. His legs went wobbly and he staggered around trying to stay on his feet.

The special-forces man was tough but he couldn’t take much more from this naked muscle creature. “Yah!” an enormously thick muscled leg shot skywards with stunning flexibility. The effect was devastating. BLAM! As her foot connected with his jaw, Paul was literally kicked clean off the ground and flew in a backwards arc trailing a spray of blood. Oh crap, she’s going to kill him. I forced myself to my feet to go across and try to help him but I had no idea how. This naked she-beast was terrifying with her powerful raw strength and combat skills. BLAM, somehow Paul had managed to get to his knees only for the hefty nude woman to spin around like a top, with her huge boobs flying like giant balloons, and punch the sole of her foot into his chin. He slammed down on his back once more. This time, Olga leapt on top of him. “Orrph!” he groaned in pain as her heavy weight slammed into his gut. Drawing back her thick right arm, she unleashed a terrifying punch to the jaw that sounded a bat cracking against a solid ball.

Olga looked up at me as she sat astride Paul’s limp body. “Va urmatoarea” she told me with a predatory smile and in a deep husky accented voice that could only mean “You’re next”. I began to back away but she stood up and to my horror pulled Paul’s unconsciousness head between her enormous thighs. It looked as small and vulnerable as a pea between those muscular enormities. “Please don’t” I beg as they begin to swell, bulge and ripple devouring Paul’s poor head in a muscular writhing mass that looked terrifying. She beckoned me towards her. I have no choice; I know that she will pop his skull if I don’t obey. Those massive legs open and Paul flops down to the ground, totally senseless. Watching me she puts a foot on his chest and flexes a bicep in victory.

“Please don’t hurt me” I beg as she reached out to grab my arm. Fat chance. Whipping my arm behind my back as easily as folding paper, her other arm closed around my neck. Pencil-neck, I remembered the term of derision of U.S. troops at underdeveloped civilians. That was exactly what I felt like right now, my neck as thin and breakable as a pencil surrounded by Olga’s thick muscular arm. One terrifying bulge of her massive bicep closed my airways and began to choke the life out of me before I found myself thrown over her hip and slammed into the ground.

No sooner had I landed then she pulled me up and I caught the sight of her huge bare boobs bouncing as a large fist hurtled towards my face and crashed into my jaw like a freight train. BLAM! I felt my jaw slip sideways with a horrible crack. That really hurt. WHACK! Her open palm smashed across my cheek whipping my face to the left. CRACK! Only to meet the other coming the other way. I raised my hands to protect my face but she just swept them aside with one hand as she slowly drew back her other hand. “No, please” I begged. CRACK! She slapped me so hard that I saw stars as my face whipped around fast. The force would have knocked me off my feet If she hadn’t grabbed the front of my shirt and bodily lifted me from the ground using just one arm. The other she drew back forming a fist then BLAM! “Ugh!” I groaned as it hurtled deep into the middle of my stomach. She let me go and I fell to my knees groaning with the most terrible winded belly I had ever felt while she stood over me laughing in a mocking manner.

I was in no condition to put up any resistance as she lifted my head with one hand and BLAM! An uppercut almost blasted my head clean off my neck. I collapsed in agony at her bare feet. “Tu du-te acum” she said. It sounded dismissive and final. Sensing movement I looked up and wished I hadn’t. The big bulky wild woman was standing over me on one enormously thick and powerful leg while the other was raised vertically towards the sky giving me full view of her exposed hairy love nest. I screamed and wet myself as that raised leg fell like an executioner’s axe. BLAM! The last thing I remembered was terrible pain.

The rangers found us by the side of the forest track close to our jeep. After bringing us round and patching us up, We told them that the area was out of bounds but were too ashamed to tell them why. Driving back down the bumpy forest track to the main road, we began the long trip back down south dreading the report we are going to have to make. On the long boring drive I keep thinking about Olga’s massive boobs and powerful muscles and our rampant love making. Had I given her a child? If so, I wanted to be part of its upbringing. For a moment I considered whether to return but only for a brief moment. Olga is far too much woman for any man. Just thinking about her gave me a boner. That is the last time I will judge a woman by her looks alone, I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way. Hard in more ways than one.


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