Fighting my Mother (JP#06)

Man can’t cope with his mum’s muscular body and challenges her

I do like the idea of mother v son stories but when the sons are teenagers or grown up. I wanted to revisit Matron Charles from the original series and write a story from the perspective of one of her sons and what it might feel like if he had a thing for muscular women. Inspired in part by Carmella Cureton, pictured above, imagine if she was your mother and you were into muscular women, how would you react?
(c)Jim P 2013

As I opened the old metal garden gate with green paint peeling back to reveal the old rust beneath and began to trod down the concrete path towards the familiar yellow front door, I pondered on my fate that had led me back here to the home of my youth. Let me introduce myself, my name is Samuel Charles although everyone calls me Sam, everyone except my mother that is. I am 35 years of age and of Caribbean descent although I was born in England and the youngest of 4 brothers with no sisters. I came to the door of the 1950’s style red-brick mid-terrace 3 bedroom house. Pausing to take a deep breath, I rang the door bell and waited.

Through the small frosted pane of glass in the door appeared a figure that I knew only too well. The door opened and there stood my mother, her wide-cheeked face breaking into a smile of joy. “Samuel, my Samuel, oh come in, come in. Oh it’s so good to have you back. Oh my darling boy” she flung her thick arms around me in a joyous hug and a welcoming motherly kiss. Caroline Charles, my mum stood 5 foot 8 inches against my 6 foot. Her hair was black with noticeably a touch more grey than I had last seen her and was styled behind her ears down to her shoulders with a sparse fringe at the top. Mum has a long slender face with broad high cheekbones, a narrow jaw and a large beakish nose. Her eyes are slender, outlined with black eyeliner and a hint of mascara with slim arched eyebrows and hard piercing brown eyes. A generous thick lipped mouth red with lipstick smiled clearly pleased to see me.

“Where’s your stuff?” she asked. “It’s in the car; I’ll bring it in, in a moment. I just wanted to check it was still okay with you. I don’t want to put you to any trouble” I said. “No trouble, my dear. This is as much your house as it is mine” she replied. You see, this wasn’t what I had wanted at all but I really had no choice. My marriage had failed for reasons that I don’t want to get into and, well, I had nowhere else to go but back to the family home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother, I really do. It’s just that when I lived here before with her, I found her to be overbearing and over possessive. I couldn’t do jack shit without her looking over my shoulder and wanting to know my whereabouts and everything I did. That’s not what a young man needs from his mother, it felt so stifling. It wasn’t so bad when my 3 older brothers were at home but once they moved out, I found her attention more than a bit suffocating.

Dad passed away when we were young teenagers. It was a great shock to us all. He was really the master of the house and we all felt lost without him. If it wasn’t for the gospel church, I think Mum would have fallen apart but they helped her stay strong and hold the family together. The nurses that work under her as matron at the hospital also showed her support which helped. But there was one other reason why I was reluctant to move back in with her, a reason of such shame and embarrassment that I am reluctant to mention it. As she helped me unload my stuff from the car I glanced at her body. She had on a baggy white blouse and ankle length skirt which made her appear extremely overweight and bulky but I knew better.

First off, that blouse failed to conceal her massive breasts which bounced around inside in a very disturbing manner. A man doesn’t want reminding that his mother has a truly huge stack that once you begin to notice you can’t tear your eyes away from. If she is wearing something low cut that shows off that deep dark lengthy cleavage, well a red-blooded man wouldn’t stand a chance of not getting aroused, son or not. You think that sounds pervy getting turned on by your mother’s massive bust? Well when you get down to it, I’m just a man and as a man, I get attracted to a big pair of hooters just like anyone else.

Believe me I’ve had many an unhealthy dream as a growing teenager about mum’s huge bouncing rack. Little wonder that she was the first woman to awaken my sexual desires. Before you call me a sick pervert, let me tell you that any growing boy faced with a mother with a rack like that would latch onto her as their first object of carnal desire without truly understanding what was going on with their developing hormonal adolescent bodies. OK she was no Rachel Welch or Kitten Natividad, not slim with an eye-catching figure but very plump and to be frank, rather overweight. However many a time when I had friends around I would catch them gawping at my mum’s impressive chest with open longing that made me feel strangely jealous. As I matured through my teens, I eventually grew out of it and learnt to block them out of my mind and avert my eyes whenever she got a little too busty. But they weren’t the source of my current discomfort. Demurely clothed as she was now, this gave no hint of the real reason. It’s rather embarrassing actually but let me try to explain.

Imagine your mum was a bodybuilder and you had a thing for muscular women? How would that make you feel as a hormonally developing teenager? Come to that, how would that make you feel as a grown man?

I can remember how it all started. One day I went into the corner shop on the way home from school to buy some sweets. There on the shelves at eye-level was a bodybuilding magazine with a picture of Lenda Murray on the cover. She had just won Miss Olympia and was posing on the cover in a skimpy bikini spreading her lats and flexing her huge quads. I just gawped at that picture for I had never seen anything like it before. First off, I had never realised that women could be proper bodybuilders, I mean with big muscles and stuff. Yes, I had seen pictures of fitness women but they were little more than hot fit looking beauty contestants. To see such a beautiful black woman with a fit sexy sensational muscular body on the cover blew my mind. This was no fitness woman but a real female bodybuilder who didn’t look like a man in a bikini but a very beautiful woman with an incredibly sexy unquestionably female body. My dick stiffened uncontrollably as I took down the magazine with shaking hands. Holding it like the Holy Grail, I opened it and fanned through until I came to a report on the show. Here I ogled at more pictures of the stunning Lenda and other no less magnificent specimens of muscular womanhood in skimpy swimwear.

I was just standing there holding the magazine and gawping at it with a raging hard-on while the Indian shopkeeper kept giving me suspicious looks. “Not for browsing. You buy or go” he told me, embarrassing me in front of a shop full of kids. It was no use; I just had to buy it although my hands were shaking as I carried it to the counter trying to cover up the bulge in the front of my trousers. My face felt burning red as I passed it to Mister Patel who probably was wondering why a scrawny kid like me would buy a bodybuilding magazine. He probably thought that I was gay and got off looking at pictures of the massive he-men that were predominately featured inside. I doubt if he would have understood the attraction of a beautiful scantily clad woman flexing her massive developed muscular body.

With the magazine hidden under my jacket as if hiding porn, I hurried home and went straight to my room and found a hiding place for it where I hoped mum wouldn’t find it because she really would never understand. To her it would be as bad as porn. Believe me, from then on, my mother’s large breasts were the last thing on my mind. A new preoccupation filled my hormonal mind taking me to peaks of self-fulfilment the likes of which I had never experienced before. Lenda and women like her had opened my eyes to the sensual appeal of shapely attractive but unquestionably muscular women. These were no lightweights neither, yes I saw the appeal of the fitness women with their hot slim bodies and looks that could pass for catwalk models but for me it was the real heavyweights who got me really going. Especially the ones who balanced looking like a stunningly attractive woman with an eye-popping massive powerhouse of a body. Lenda had me hooked and hooked bad.

These impossibly sculpted Amazonian women were my new Goddesses and I dreamt of the chance to meet one and somehow find one as my girlfriend and true sole-mate. Except that they were mostly American and seemed so unobtainable. With a sinking feeling, I realised that I would never meet a woman like that. I thought wrong, I shall never forget the day when everything changed, not necessarily for the better. It was a Friday and they let us out from class early. As I entered the front door and into the hall, I could hear this loud metallic clanging noise coming from the back room. That was strange. I knew that my brothers wouldn’t be home from work yet, so curious and a bit afraid in case it was an intruder, I went to investigate. Opening the door quietly, I peeped through the crack near the door frame and what I saw was the last thing that I’d ever expected to see. To my great surprise I found my dear oversized mother lifting and curling some of my dad’s old weights. Dad used to be a professional boxing champion and used these to keep in shape.

At that moment, mother looked around and spotted the open door. “Who’se that there?” she demanded loudly. She has such a commanding authoritive voice that I found myself sheepishly stepping through the door. “It’s only me mummy. They let us out early” I told her. I didn’t know where to put my eyes. She wore an old grey T-shirt and a pair of white shorts. The sweat marks and her glistening perspiring body indicated that she’d been working out quite hard. “I thought I’d use some of your father’s old things to work off this unsightly fat, I’m far too overweight, I get out of breath just going up the stairs. It was true, mum was very big built and not in a good way. “Ole Jeremiah down the Gospel showed me some exercises. He used to spar with your father, you know” she told me. I told her that I thought it was a good idea. “Just let me have a shower and get changed and I’ll get you some tea” she said. “I’m proud of you, mum” I told her “those pounds will soon peel off” and I meant it too. I was really proud that she was going to do something positive to lose some weight.

What I didn’t expect were the dreams, wet dreams of my mother pumping iron building a strong powerful muscular body that returned night after night. I felt such a sick pervert cumming off over her each night and tried dreaming about real women bodybuilders, fortunately this worked and my unhealthy attraction for my mum disappeared. Mum was just an ordinary mother of West Indian origin and extremely large built trying to lose some weight whereas the women in my magazines such as Lenda were much younger, beautiful, slimmer and much more shapely in comparison, not to mention scantily clad. After a while I thought nothing more of my mum exercising to lose weight and things went back to normal, or so I thought.

Mum married Ole Jeremiah; he was a nice enough old white haired chap but he wasn’t my dad. With his encouragement she continued to work out in the back room with my dad’s old weights. Even though I only ever saw her in normal clothes, after a few months the results started to become noticeable. Her stomach no longer protruded and seemed a lot flatter which meant that she was excited about having to go out and buy new tops. Although she was still a very well built mature woman who would never be a size 10, it was apparent that her arms although still thick were much firmer and didn’t wobble around as were her legs which even had a bit of shape. Even her large bust looked a lot firmer and drew admiring glances from the men at church. I felt very proud of her and thought she looked good, but not in a pervy sense; at least not at first.

It was around the time when I began 6th form college. I returned home and I accidentally walked into the back room while mother was working out. Instead of demurely exercising with light dumbbells, to my surprise she was really giving it what for, furiously pumping away with big heavy weights. She had her back to me and all I could do was watch and stare at the transformed figure in front of me. That’s when I noticed how firm her sides now were forming a firm trunk that actually tapered from broad shoulders to her thick waist. There was definitely solid looking movement in her very thick firm arms where her triceps were and her forearms looked wide and very strong. As she curled the big heavy dumbbells, I could clearly make out a definite bulge and hardness to her biceps and triceps. Her large meaty calves were no longer big and soft but had big slabs of firm muscle with a distinct though undefined edge. Mothers have eyes in the back of their heads and she looked over her shoulder and caught me staring.

She turned to face me and with shock I saw just how big, strong and shapely her massive thighs were. There were also stringy light bicep veins running along her thick firm looking arms making them looked rugged and strong. No longer was my mother overweight and cuddly for she had developed a very thick firm hard looking body. Suddenly I felt an uncontrollable stiffening in my groin for although she was nothing like the women in my bodybuilding magazines, I actually felt intimidated by her thick firm body and her thick hard strong arms. She was like a muscle woman of my dreams come to life, except that it was my very own mother.

“Look, Samuel” mother said proudly then slowly bent her right arm at the elbow with the fist clenched. Her thick upper arm swelled upwards becoming a very large soft looking mass but as her fist approached the side of her arm it solidified into a large smooth sided mound. My God! My jaw nearly fell to the floor and my dick lurched in my pants. My mum has biceps and flipping huge ones too! “Not bad, eh Samuel?” she chuckled with glee as she relaxed and flexed it several times in a row as if I hadn’t noticed the first time. I was struck dumb and could only gawp as a massive mound of muscle soared from her thick arm time after time. “Wow!” I gasped; she seemed to like my response and smiled warmly with motherly affection. OK it wasn’t as defined and peaked like the women in my magazines but it was undeniably a bicep and really big, so big that it could give some of those bodybuilders pause for thought.

“I thought you were just losing weight” I gasped in amazement for I never expected her to turn all that mass into muscle. “Ole Jeremiah said it was better to firm it up instead of letting it all turn to loose wrinkly skin” she replied. My dick felt like it had become permanently stiff and would never go down. I had to get out there before she noticed and scolded me. “That’s amazing mum, it really is. I’m really proud of you” I told her then and began to turn to go. “Go on feel it, Samuel. Feel how firm your old mother is now instead of soft and flabby” She said. I turned back and was astonished to find that she had flexed both arms at the same time. With my secret thing for muscle women, I simply couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that even if it was my own mother.

I placed my hands upon her thick rounded biceps and found that they were as solid as they looked. “They’re so big mummy! So hard” I gasped in awe. They felt so good that I kept running my palms over the high rounded top and the dense sides. The underside of her arms also swelled with a thick curve where her triceps were. “You got that right son. All that horrible wobbly fat turned to nice firm skin and that’s how I like it” she told me as I kept feeling the massive rounded biceps unable to take my hands away stunned by how large and solid they were. “I’ve never felt so fit and strong before in my whole life” she told me proudly. My cock was so hard it was actually beating against the inside my pants. Mother lowered her arms and I reluctantly slid both hands down her right forearm staggered by how rugged and powerful it felt.

I had the hardest erection of my entire life and knew that I should leave before she noticed, but I couldn’t just walk out on her. She was so pleased with what she had accomplished that I had to praise her and tell her how great she looked. “Why thank you dear, that makes it all worthwhile” she told me. I turned to go but again she called me back. “Samuel” I turned back to find that she had lifted the front of her top to show me her stomach. No longer flabby and protruding, it was becoming quite flat. Yes, there were a few stretch marks but it was a marked improvement and was looking quite firm. “You’ll soon be wearing a bikini at the beach, mum” I said flattering her. “Oh, Samuel, you say the nicest things” she chuckled. “You’re the only one of my sons who has taken an interest” she added lowering the top.

To my surprise she moved one of her huge thick legs forward. “Feel this, Samuel” she said. Suddenly that massive soft looking leg solidified into such massive rounded muscle that I actually creamed my pants hard right there in front of her. Luckily she hadn’t noticed but I couldn’t back out now and disappoint her. As I crouched down to feel her hard massive though undefined thighs astonished by how powerful they felt, I was grateful for wearing dark trousers but when the damp started to seep through I quickly made some apology and quickly left. Hurrying to the bathroom to clean up, I couldn’t stop replaying what I had just seen over and over in my mind. No sooner had I cleaned up the mess than I found that was absolutely rigid again.

I was so ashamed and disgusted at what I had done yet night after night I had wet dream after wet dream about it. Also I found myself thinking of her while wanking myself off over my female bodybuilder pictures to such an extent that I couldn’t cum until I had thought about her flexing and posing in front of me. I was such a sick pervert, I desperately wanted to stop but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. She was hardly Lenda but she was the only woman I had met who had big muscles. In my sick mind my mother became an Amazon Goddess to me. Even though I swore never to watch her exercising ever again in the hope that my illness would go away, I was so fixated that I kept ‘accidentally’ walking in on her while she worked out. Of course when I did, mother would get me to feel more of her massive developing muscles which she was only to pleased to proudly offer me without realising the effect that it had on me.

Unwittingly she was feeding my sick dark perversion. Those massive hard rounded biceps and legs had me achingly hard every time and I learnt not to spill my load until I rushed to the bathroom afterwards and wanked like fury. Each time I felt so bad and sick about myself that the thought of my own mother’s strong body had caused the strongest orgasms that I had ever experienced that I promised to stop watching her exercise. Yet I was breaking that promise after only a day or two. My mother’s developing muscles were like a drug and I was an addict, an orgasm addict. Even when I did force myself to stay away from the back room when she exercised, I would dream about her. I tried dreaming of Lenda and the others but it would always end up with my mother upstaging them all. Night after night I wanked myself silly and afterwards I would feel so disgraced, disgusted and ashamed to have such perverted erotic feelings for my own mother. Not that I wanted to have sex with her or anything like that, it was just those muscles or the latent possibility of what those muscles could become just turned me on like crazy with uncontrollable feelings that made me want to cum off over her.

One night I wanked myself so hard there was blood. That scared me witless and I knew that I had to do something to break myself out of the habit. The very next day I was determined to find something that would keep me away from the house while she worked out and take my mind off it. So it was that I joined my dad’s old boxing club. “That place made your father a real gentleman. Do your dad proud, son” mum told me. “Well I can’t let you have bigger muscles than me, can I?” I said jokingly and we both laughed. Away from the temptation of perving on my mother exercising and with a new interest to get absorbed in, my unhealthy interest faded. An embarrassing incident of childhood to be forgotten or so I thought.

Sadly Ole Jeremiah passed away which broke Mum’s heart all over again. She blamed herself saying it was God’s punishment. And though I only found out later on, his passing spurred her on to work through her grief by pumping iron ever harder, something which was soon to have an even greater effect on myself and my brothers.

Someone at the gospel group introduced mum to some women’s group, the Sisterhood or something. She wouldn’t say anything about them and acted very secretive. That would have been fine but she began to spout disturbing feminist statements. “Men are so weak. Just look at my husbands. They just couldn’t keep up. Just goes to show how God made women to be the stronger sex” she would say. My brothers and I ignored this as a passing phase, something she had to get through as part of her grief. But then she started to go on about how we didn’t pay her enough respect which was nonsense as we were very dutiful sons. How much more respectful did she expect us to get? Unfortunately we were soon to find out.
It got to the stage that one day my eldest brother Joshua put his foot down and told her that this family needed a man to run it and it fell to him as the eldest man in the house to take on that responsibility. I thought he was being a bit of a big head and of course this didn’t go down well at all with mum. The two of them got into an awful argument with neither side prepared to back down. It got so bad that I had to leave and go to the boxing club just to get away from it until it had all calmed down.

All seemed quiet when I returned home later that night. Relieved that it had all blown over, I entered the living room only to get a dreadful shock. For I found my mother sitting on the sofa with her skirt pulled right back and Joshua on the floor before her with his face shoved right between her massive legs. His head was all but swallowed up by mum’s thick thighs and looked tiny in comparison. To my shock I saw that her hands were upon the back of his head pressing his face firmly into her crotch. I was doubly-shocked when I realised that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Nathaniel and Joseph were sitting in the chairs next to the sofa looking shell-shocked as they watched with horrified eyes. So was I for I’d never seen anything like it before in my life. What strange and cruel punishment was this? My mother looked so strong and dominant as she sat there with my brother at her feet with his face stuffed into her fanny with her thick thighs almost completely enveloping his head. As she momentarily closed her eyes in a blissful expression I realised what Joshua must be doing down there and felt sick. It was scary yet very erotic too and I felt it in my groin.

“Still want to be man of the house, boy? Well the man of the house has loads of duties to see to including seeing to my needs as a woman” she scolded angrily. I had never heard her talk like that; sex was a taboo subject at the Gospel. “What? What’s going on?” I asked in confusion, unable to comprehend what had happened here and how Joshua had got into that position. I mean my eldest brother was certainly no pushover. Why was he letting her do this to him? It was so degrading yet his hands rested weakly on top of her big wide thighs displaying no signs of resistance. That’s when she looked up and saw me. “So you decided to show you face at last” she wasn’t in a good mood and sounded angry. Her face was stern and she placed her hands upon her hips in the universal gesture of female displeasure of men. No longer supported by her hands, Joshua’s face stayed in its embarrassing place squashed tight between her gigantic thighs with his eyes screwed up tight and his face red.

“Come in Sam, take a chair it will be your turn soon to pay your respects to your mother” she told me. I was shocked and disgusted. “What the? What’s going on? This isn’t natural. It’s perverse” I protested. “I said SIT!” she commanded loudly. As she did, her thighs momentarily clenched and hardened with her anger causing Joshua to squeak from between her huge legs. “Do you want me to come and get you?” she said heatedly. “I put your big brother down here, I sure as hell can do the same to you” she said then opened her legs as if to get to her feet to come and get me. To my horror Joshua fell from her legs flopping onto the carpet with his eyes shut and a serene expression, out cold. She pointedly looked down at him then back at me. “Joshua thought that he would be master of the house, well he has learnt that there are no masters here only a mistress. Now SIT before I make you” she commanded.

I was stunned and could only gawp in dazed disbelief, barely registering Nathaniel putting a gentle arm around and guiding me to the seat next to his. “It’s okay, I’ll explain later” he said. He never did, none of them did. From that day to this none of them ever explained what had happened while I was out although in the dreams that followed my imagination could make some pretty wild guesses. Mother looked so powerful and commanding sitting there with Joshua out cold by her feet. “You are my sons and I love you but I must teach you to understand who is boss in this house. From now on, you will show me respect” she told us sternly.

Nathaniel then Daniel took their turns as Joshua had done putting their faces against her crotch. Her massive firm weight-trained thighs swallowed them up and squeezed their faces so hard that they squealed and cried out until they did the things that made mother sigh with contentment. “Arrrh this is the way a grown boy should pay respect to his mother” she sighed. I was still unable to believe what I was seeing. Each came out looking dazed, humiliated and broken as they returned to their chairs unable to look me in the eye.

Then it was my turn. “Come here Samuel” she told me sternly looking strict. “I’m sorry that I have to do this, but you are not little children that I can put over my knee. You need to respect my authority” she said then opened her big strong legs. And boy they were strong. Although they bulked up to that size due to being greatly overweight, they were probably quite strong to begin with due to having to carry all that weight around. Now her weight training had begun to firm them up and sculpt them with dense shapely curves of thick muscle. Nervously I knelt before her wide open legs. It looked like a high walled canyon and I didn’t want to enter. Those massive legs looked too strong and fearful. I looked up into her eyes. “Please no” I begged with tears welling. “I’m sorry Samuel but I can make no exceptions” she told me then reached forward to grab the back of my head and pulled me in. With alarm my nose and mouth was pressed against her slick hairy patch and her scent assailed my nostrils.

The walls of her huge leggy canyon closed in and a terrifying strong pressure enveloped my head. I was completely helpless, stuck fast with my lips pushed up against her female bits. “Lick it boy. Make mummy happy” I heard her muffled voice although my ears were mashed against the sides of my head by the tall firm sides of her inner thighs. I couldn’t do it and she got angry. “Mmmmm!” I screamed in pain her massive thighs bore down upon the sides of my head like the jaws of a vice. Oh Lord! It was like my head was being swallowed alive by a muscular writhing boa constrictor.  “Mmmmm!” I screamed again, I couldn’t help it. The pressure crushing down around my skull was terrible. In my haste to forget my earlier obsession with mum’s developing strong body, it never occurred to me how devastatingly powerful her big legs could be.

“Mmmmm!” I screamed again, it felt like my whole head was splitting in two. “Do it boy or I will break your skull like an eggshell” the warning was stark, cold and heartless coming from the woman who had given birth to me and nurtured me. I had no choice, with tears running down my face both from the terrible blinding pain and from shame; I stuck out my tongue and forced down the bile as I began to lick. Having done nothing like this before I didn’t really knowing what I was doing but it must have been right because I could hear her sighs of contentment. It was very sexual and the knowledge that I was satisfying a woman made me very hard.

Peeking up at my mother’s hefty body, broad flat belly and large hanging breasts while totally helpless between her powerful huge thighs re-awoke feelings that I had hoped were long forgotten. “Oh good boy, good boy” I heard my mum moan in a blissful voice. I was powerless to prevent a massive boner solidifying in my trousers that surely everybody could see. One part of me just wanted to remain crushed between her big strong legs while licking away to make her cum. After what seemed forever, I heard an sexually charged moan then the massive high canyon walls of her legs fell away from my head. I flopped back onto the carpet with an absolute blazing headache, my cheeks and jaw stiff and aching and still with a stiff boner.

I crawled back to my chair, unable to make eye contact with my brothers. Mother just stared at us as I sat quietly, scarily able to believe that this wasn’t a dream. She continued to glare at us as if we were naughty schoolboys who had just been disciplined. We all shifted uncomfortably under her withering stare. Finally she broke the silence. “Let that be a lesson to you” she said. “In this house, I am in charge and what I say goes. If you all think you’re big grown men then I will treat you as such as and ensure that you pay your respects like grown men” she looked at each of us in turn. “You might think that perverted and cruel but it’s better than fathers who think that it’s their right to be the first to take their daughters or force young teenagers into arranged marriages” she added. “Now get to your rooms and take him with you” she indicated to Joshua who was groaning and clutching his head on the floor. “Unless you want to stay behind and pay some more respect to me Samuel?” she queried, glancing at the stiffness in my trousers which made me very uncomfortable. We all got out of there in a hurry.

That was my first sexual experience with a woman and the fact that it was with my mother scarred deep. It made me think of her in a completely different light, more sexual as did the recurring wet dreams. Although she professed regret for that activity, that wasn’t the end of it. It seemed to me that she found it addictive and couldn’t stop herself asserting her dominance. Thankfully that was the only time that we collectively ‘paid our respects’ to our mother together. However from time to time whenever she felt one of us was disrespecting her she would force him to correct that perceived slight.

Once when I forget to tell her what time I would be home, so my dinner got cold, she grabbed my head in her thick arms and physically manhandled me down to the floor. I was so surprised at her strength for she completely overwhelmed me and before I knew it she was sitting high upon my chest with her heavy weight pressing down my lungs with my face stuffed between her enormous strong legs. Watching from my humiliating position with my nose and mouth pressed against her love patch, my mother picked up a pair of medium sized dumbbells and began to curl them for a good 15 minutes or more. Putting down the weights she then made me reach up and feel her biceps and forearms as she flexed them as I lay beneath her with only my eyes visible. “Feel them boy. Imagine if I tanned your hide with these?” she instructed.

I hadn’t seen them for some time and in from my submissive position they looked huge and felt so large, dense and immensely powerful that I began ‘paying respect’ without being asked. So turned on was I feeling those solid biceps and thick forearms while she dominated me by sitting on my face that I worked myself into a frenzy and lost all self-control. Loud moans of appreciation accompanied by small thrusts of her hips which increased in tempo turned me into a wild sex beast until she began thrusting hard driving my face deep into her sex as she came and I shot a real heavy load right into my pants.

Pinned beneath my mother there was nothing that I could do until she finally slid back onto my chest where I could do nothing except look up at her in shame and embarrassment. “It’s alright Samuel” she said in a soothing tone. “It’s only natural. A healthy male response to a fit strong woman” she told me. But I knew that it wasn’t natural to do it with your own mother. “You’re the only one of my sons who takes any interest in my weight training. I appreciate that Samuel, I really do” She said as she released me. I immediately rushed upstairs to the bathroom my face red with shame to clean up the appalling sticky mess. I felt confused, hurt that my mother had used me as sex a object and ashamed at my reaction. It was sinful and yet felt so good at the same time. Surely she knew that, being such a devout member of the Gospel church and all?

The wet dreams replayed variations of the scene over and over including actual intercourse that left the bedclothes absolutely drenched. Of course that would leave me feeling absolutely dreadful that my mother had once again become the object of my sexual desires in my dreams at least. I felt like a really sick pervert. While I loved my mother dearly, my fetish for women bodybuilders made me more susceptible for getting tuned on by my mother’s strong developing body. On the one hand I was genuinely pleased that she had worked so hard to lose that fat but by turning it into bulky muscle instead of actually losing weight had moved her firmly into the central area of my fetish. That was very uncomfortable to handle, how would you handle seeing your mother every day knowing that beneath those everyday clothes she had a large strong muscular body when you got turned on by muscular women? Her kinky method of discipline really didn’t help as it also turned me on and forced me to lose my inhibitions.

By the time it came to choosing universities, I had made up my mind only to look at those outside London which meant I would have to live on campus or digs close by. I hoped the distance would put me out of temptation’s way and in time cure myself of this unhealthy obsession. Of course mum wanted me to go to a London uni so that I could continue to live at home but I told her that none of those did the course I wanted. It wasn’t true and it hurt to tell the lie but it would have hurt her more if I told her the truth. One evening she came to my room, sat next to me on the bed and asked me straight whether my decision was down to her behaviour. I said no, but she saw through that. Even sitting next to her on my bed made me uncomfortable for I could now clearly see the shape of her powerful shoulders, thick strong arms and formidable forearms through the top she was wearing. It was a terrible strain not to reach out and touch them. “Samuel, maybe I was wrong to do those things” she admitted. “To make you pay your respect like that. It made me feel so good, so strong, so in control but I know that it was wrong. I promise that I won’t force you boys to ever do that again” she told me. “I’m so sorry, please forgive me. Please don’t leave me” she began to cry and I had to cuddle and comfort her. That made her feel like my old nurturing mother again but I knew that even if she kept her word that I couldn’t stop my feelings for her physique which would only get worse if she kept working out the way she did.

So it was that I broke my mother’s heart and enrolled at Southampton University. Being away from home, the disquieting dreams faded. During my time away, I continued with the boxing and mum married for the third time. I only got to know Moses during recess at the end of each semester and he seemed a decent enough bloke. However the atmosphere didn’t improve between Joshua and mum. One day I came home to find that Joshua had got engaged and, with what my mum called in haste, had moved out to set up home with her.

By the time I graduated and returned home to take up a job, Nathaniel and Joseph had followed suit. They wouldn’t fully admit it but it was clear that the main reason was that mum had broke her promise and became addicted in forcing them to ‘pay respect’. Not only did that leave me the only son still living at home with mother but unfortunately the only male as poor old Moses also passed away. She didn’t do that to me, maybe because she was still grieving and viewed his passing as a sign from God at his displeasure for her perverted ways but I soon found her attention smothering, wanting to know where I was and what I was doing. No wonder that when I met a girl I liked at work with her own maisonette, I too moved out. Mum never understood the whirlwind romance and why we married so quickly. That was almost 15 years ago. My marriage failed, “marry in haste, repent at leisure” mum scolded when I told her. Part of it was indeed that instead of spending time getting to really know one another but also she discovered my magazines and browser bookmarks to all these female muscle sites. She just couldn’t understand my obsession and called me a sick pervert.

Mum’s fourth husband passed away a few years ago and at the wake I remember her jokingly telling us around the table that it was because she was far too energetic in bed for an old man to handle and that their hearts gave out. My wife certainly didn’t find that amusing, or the story mum told us about catching some spotty faced white creep with glasses sneaking around at her hospital. She told us all the details of how she sat on his face for the whole shift while crushing him with her massive thighs to make him pay respect [JIMP#10]. My brothers shifted around looking uncomfortable at that while our wives looked confused but it left me with a hard-on which I had to hide beneath the table. I thought it would never go down. That was then, this was now and I now was returning home to mother once more as a failure.
“Don’t you worry, son. You’re home where you belong now. It’s just you and me, we’ll have such fun together in this old house” mother said sensing my mood and trying to cheer me up. “What do you need a wife for anyway? Mummy can give you everything you want and then some” she added with a cheery wink. Thanking her again for letting me stay, I headed to my room to unpack.

I was only there a few minutes putting stuff away when I heard a familiar clanging of iron coming from the back room downstairs. Surely she’s still not working out with dad’s old weights? She’s been doing that for years now, she must be fricking huge! Although I tried to resist it, my curiosity got the better of me and I crept downstairs to take a look. Pausing for just a moment to think about whether I should or not, my curiosity won out and I opened the door. My jaw nearly hit the floor with what I see. I am stunned to find mum in a very short sleeveless halter that barely covers her huge breasts and shockingly skimpy briefs for someone her age. These were clothes that I’d never expected to see my mother wearing for she used to be so demure and decent in her dressware.

With her large bulky build there was so much ebony flesh on display that I didn’t know where to put my eyes. She has her back to me curling an old rusty looking barbell. For a moment I thought that I had walked in on a much younger woman working out but who else could that large figure belong to and the short slightly greying hair? Yet her skin was so smooth, firm and youthful looking, shining with healthy muscle tone and a fine sheen of perspiration on her chocolate brown skin. Her shoulders were very broad and powerful looking with large slabs of thick dense muscle down the centre of her back and also forming the steep slopes of her traps from her neck to her shoulders. The huge girth of her lats created a dramatic hour-glass figure as they sloped steeply into a narrower waist, although in reality her waist was still quite a lot wider than most women, before sloping out to her wide hips and more than ample backside. I had to force down a gulp for her large backside was no longer huge and flabby but now resembled two marble cannon balls. As she bent forward to put down the weight, those rock hard looking buttocks thrust towards me. Orrrr I couldn’t help a strong twinge in my groin for they were the sexiest hardest buttocks that I’d even seen on a woman. Yes they were overly ample but they were so round hard and shiny that the sight caused a familiar unwanted stiffness that spread quickly across my groin. The back of her tiny shorts was indecently scanty, barely a strip of material that became wedged up the crack between her buttocks showing them off in full, my cock was getting hard at the sight and I tried to put down thoughts of sticking it right up there and shagging her.

Looking away from that sight of temptation I saw the defined thick wedges of muscle on her inner thighs and the large strong shapely hills of well defined hamstrings running up the back of her legs. All the old memories began to stir up, the lusting after muscular women and the uncomfortable feelings that my mother inflamed whenever I saw her exercise, and now she was more muscular and defined than before. You probably think I’m being too prudish and should stay and enjoy the view but I knew that the right thing to do would be to leave and go to my room then maybe go down the boxing club to punch this from my mind.

The moment to leave vanished as my mother looked over her shoulder and saw me standing there staring at her large hard peach. I quickly looked up at her face but could feel my face flush with embarrassment at getting caught. “Oh Samuel, it’s you. I didn’t hear you come in. Just let me finish my workout and I’ll get make us a nice supper” she told me, her voice warm with affection. However I was stunned speechless and could only nod dumbly. I should have thanked her again then gone back to my room but now I could only watch with fascination at that scantily clad backside and tiny halter as my mum walked over to the corner. That’s when I realised that there was a lot of stuff in here that I’d never seen before.

Mum stood below a metal bar that had been fastened a good 2 feet above her height. There used to be an old fireplace in the room and although the fireplace had long gone, now used as a storage space for her weights and stuff, the tall wide brick-front flue was still there. This created a sort of nook in the corner of the room to which someone had fixed a metal support and to the opposing face of the inside of the exterior wall. “Matthew put this up for me” she told me, that was her last husband but I wasn’t really paying attention for I was more interested in mum’s big calves. They were still very wide, very thick with a nice rounded shape to them but although she was wearing plimsolls her calves were highly toned and the muscle heads big and strong even when relaxed. As she stood upon her toes to reach for the bar, massive solid shapes moved beneath the skin. These bunched up into huge slabs of hard muscle with thick edges and each with a thick sharp downward diamond and a cleft between the large muscle heads. “Wow!” I couldn’t help gasping aloud at the sight.

These vanished from view as she took hold off the bar and folded her calves back to keep her feet well above the floor then began knocking off a series of pull-ups which gave me something else to gawp at. Dense muscular shapes moved in continual motion upon her extraordinary inverted triangular shaped back and massive shoulders as she repeatedly pulled herself up until her chin touched the bar. The colour and muscle tone of her ebony skin enhanced the definition making each large slab of muscle stand out in bold relief. Although the darker inner side of me had hoped for it, there was no doubt that she was much more defined and muscular than before. Whereas the last time I had seen her body, many years ago, she had huge softly rounded firm muscles now they were hard, toned, sharply defined and cut up. Before she had looked like a large woman with a very strong body, now she looked like a real heavyweight bodybuilder but not so vascular. There was no doubt that there was little fat upon my mother’s body because she had turned it all to solid muscle.

Finishing her reps she dropped down to the floor and turned to face me. She looked awesomely powerful even without having to flex and apart from her hair and face you could mistake that body for a woman 20 years younger. She smiled at me then raised her right arm and flexed. My jaw dropped while my dick rose instantly as an absolutely massive dense peak grew upon her arm. It was truly huge and solid with a powerful shape. “I’ve still got it haven’t I, son?” she asked with a proud smile while I looked on absolutely gobsmacked at the sheer size of it. It looked immensely powerful as did the rest of her upper body. There was clear definition around her neck, clavicle, traps and her huge shoulders which made her even more imposing, even though she was shorter than me. A thick bicep vein adorned each arm adding to the fierceness.

“Nothing to say, Samuel? Not impressed? Maybe this will impress you” she told me then suddenly flexed both arms together. Good God! My dick lurched at the sight. “Oh mummy, they’re so huge!” I gasped in awe. Huge wasn’t the word, she was absolutely massive all over, far larger than when I’d last saw her body. Each muscle group was large and highly developed with clear definition. I was no mere weakling myself; I had bulked up and put on some serious muscle for boxing. By comparison, I could intimate the average bloke just by standing next to them with their eyes nervously trying to ignore my muscular build. Yet my own mother had exactly the same effect on me, for I knew that she was even bigger than I was several times over. I knew that she was huge to begin with but I had expected most of that bulk to disappear as she worked it off, yet now she seemed to be the same size but full of solid muscle. Her sheer wall of muscularity made me feel intimidated and yet that turned me on at the same time.

“Oh wow, you’re amazing, mum” I gasped. I couldn’t believe it, a very muscular woman was actually flexing just for me and this was no dream. It was scarcely believable that this amazing body belonged to my very own mother. Her forearms were truly formidable being relatively narrow around the wrists then leading into a thick arrow shaped wedge of hard muscle on the inside of her forearm which widened significantly towards the inside of her elbow. This was all overlaid with thick tendons and writhing veins, which I wasn’t normally keen on but just made those forearms look terrifying.

Mother was rather wide around the waist with her stomach like two brick built columns running vertically up the centre. She saw my gaze and flexed her abs. Six irregular rough stone blocks rose clear cut and defined from the middle of her belly. “Orrrrr! Amazing!” I groaned then realised that I had said that out loud and she had heard. “Why, thank you dear” she said with a wide smile then spread her amazingly wide lats which just made her look flipping huge. It was like my old wet dreams come true and the impact it had on my body was just the same. Don’t ask me to make comparisons with a bodybuilder that you might know, maybe Carmella Cureton but with wider thighs and bigger breasts.

Mum’s legs! I simply couldn’t avoid her legs, they were just mind-bogglingly massive. Although they used to be big anyway, now they were thick solid pillars of pure muscle that gleamed with the ebony sheen of her skin. Even relaxed I could tell that they were huge and highly defined. Even so, when she put her hands behind her head, stuck out one leg and flexed it, I almost came in my trousers. It was a sensual overload of sheer massive female muscular power, so erotic that my breathing became laboured and my temperature rose as I struggled with my self-control not to rush her and shag myself off on her legs like a dog in heat. “Oh mummy, incredible legs, wow oh wow!” I gasped like an idiot as her enormous wide quads thickened and expanded to even greater size ballooning into mind boggling powerful dense shapes of gleaming ebony muscle. Each of the muscles that made up the quads were clearly defined and extremely large and when she turned her leg slightly to the side I could see a thick cord of muscle running from the side of the knee to the top of her hip as well as the staggering depth at the top of her leg.

“Orrrghhh!” I groaned, unable to stop the feelings of lust. I had always loved muscular women, especially heavyweight female bodybuilders and this is what my own mother had become. How could you expect me to react any differently? I can’t turn off my feelings for what really turns me on just because it’s my mother even if I wanted to. My dick was painfully stiff uncomfortably constrained by my pants and trousers, feeling fit to burst.

Even more distracting was her enormous chest, the top of which was heavily cushioned with thick pectorals which supported her massive rounded breasts firmly against each other forming a long deep dark cleavage. To my embarrassment she saw me looking and smiled. “Watch this boy” she chuckled. Lowering her arms and clutching her hands at waist height, her thick triceps rippled and swelled menacing as her arms pushed up her breasts into breathtaking mounds sitting high upon her chest. Just as I was wondering how her skimpy top could contain them, her massive boobs suddenly starting moving in a sort of twitching motion of her pecs which made the big orbs push up together like two flesh covered footballs repeatedly colliding against each other then bouncing away. I was mesmerised and forgot about looking away, it was such a strange and highly erotic sight, like a belly dancer but using her breasts – a booby dancer. Then to my amazement they began twitching up and down independently. Those strong pecs made those massive boobs dance in such an erotic way that my cock was absolutely hammering against the inside of my pants ready to explode. I kept reminding myself that this was my mother but the sight of those large dancing boobs was too sexy, creating such primal inescapable feelings within me.

Mother turned sideways on to me and flexed a massive side biceps while her huge orbs continued to twitch and bounce up and down independently. So much big peaked rugged muscle, such huge bouncing boobs, I was so turned on that I actually wanted her so badly, I wanted to fuck my own mother right here and now, I could barely control myself. She turned me on like no other woman had, a massive muscular big busted woman right in front of me for the taking. Yet something stopped me, this was my mother and I knew that it was wrong. She raised and nurtured me and now invited me into her home to help me out. But the yearning wouldn’t stop until the inevidentable happened. “Ohhhhh mummy so sexy! Orrrrghhh” a long drawn out groan left my lips as I dumped a massive load into my pants. The sexy boob dance suddenly stopped. In the awkward silence that followed, I wished the ground would open up beneath me and just swallow me.

I managed to find my voice. “I…I’m sorry mother. It was just so, er” I didn’t know what to say. How do you apologise to your mother that you’ve just had a huge orgasm right in front of her because of her sexy muscular body? “No, I’m the one who should be apologising. Putting temptation in front of a young man” she said softly. “It’s my fault for doing that. It used to keep Matthew up all night long, believe you me” she chuckled lost in memory.  Too much information, I thought to myself. “Well I guess that’s one way of paying your respects to me” she laughed, trying to lighten the mood but I wasn’t laughing. “Now be off with you and clean up so I can have a shower and make you supper and we will say no more about it” she said brightly. “Not unless you want to shower with me” she said looking serious then burst out laughing when she saw my expression. I left the room feeling absolutely terrible and depressed.

True to her word, she didn’t mention my shame during supper and kept trying to make conversation on this, that and the other, trying to take my mind of it. Of course, that night the dreams started up again, stronger than ever before as was my mother and she featured alone, no matter how hard I tried to fantasise about Lenda or the others. In my dreams she was always naked, a large nude body of sculpted toned ebony that kept me erect. Large but firm breasts would dance erotically upon her gleaming massively muscled body enticing me with forbidden delights. When I went forth to take her, a powerfully muscled physique would overwhelm me with ease forcing me down to my knees. Dream-mum would open her big legs exposing a large erect clit and I would just get in there and pay my full respects to her mighty all conquering body. Against a body like that I had no chance, not even Lenda could get a look in now and I would end up creaming hard several times a night drenching the bedclothes with my shame.

Afterwards I would be disgusted and ashamed of my sick feelings. This was ridiculous I was a grown man now split up from his wife, who should be trying to get back together and make amends not having wet dreams about his mother like a hormonal teenager. Yet this was much worse than before. Mother’s body was now significantly more developed than all those years before. Then she had been a seriously overweight woman who had worked hard to firm up but now she had gone way beyond that. She now had the body of the woman of my dreams that I always wanted when I was younger. I had always dreamed of living with a female bodybuilder and now I was, even though she was mother. Although my estranged wife was slimmer and much better looking, how could she possibly compete with that? My mother, more than 20 years her senior, had a much fitter body, she had the body of an Amazon Goddess against which no mere woman could hold little attraction.

At first I tried my old trick of trying to avoid her exercising by going to the boxing club but as soon as I got home and saw her in her normal clothes I kept fantasizing about what was underneath. Then one day at the breakfast table mother said a strange thing to me “You know son, sometimes the only way to get past something that makes you uncomfortable is to face it full on”. I didn’t understand what she was on about but as the day went on and the more I thought about it, the more I realised she was right. So when I got home after work and putting away my stuff, I marched straight to that the back room opened the door and strode right in. Her head turned as I entered and her mouth broke into a wide smile pleased to see Me. “Samuel. You’ve come to keep me company. What a good boy” she said, even though I was 35 years old, I guess all mothers still view their sons like that.

Once again she wore a skimpy halter and shorts and I tried not to gawp at so much bare flesh on my mother. She stood side-on to me holding a piece of rope in each hand both attached to a single metal chain which operated a pulley system that lifted a stack of heavy weights. With her thick arms bent, I could already see the swell of her big biceps, the thickness of her triceps and the vascular ruggedness of her forearms. As she pulled down on the ropes and straightened her arms, her triceps rippled and swelled into a massive bulging chunk of horseshoe shaped muscle and her forearms thickened with rugged cords. “Wow!” I gasped unable to control myself. “Thank you dear. You keep right on giving me encouragement” mum remarked as she let the rope rise again so that she could repeat the exercise. No longer worried about the rising bulge at the front of my trousers, I urged her on as she knocked off a series of reps while I watched hypnotised by the play of big muscles in her huge shoulder caps, massive triceps, thick biceps and formidable forearms.

Next she picked up a pair of big old-fashioned dumbbells and began exercising her arms with those. The sight of her biceps gliding and pumping beneath her firm toned skin made my body temperature rise and my pulse rate increase. I’m no slouch myself now having bulked up and put on muscle as part of my boxing training regime. Maybe at one stage I thought that it would cure my addiction to women bodybuilders but I soon realised that it didn’t. Whereas I had built for strength and speed, mum was sheer mass muscle. As she lay back on the gym bench one of her departed husbands had brought her and repeatedly pressed the heavy iron dumbbells as if there was no tomorrow I stood by her feet where I could see how truly massive and developed those biceps truly were.

“Why do you work out so hard, mum?” I asked. “Because you like them big don’t you boy?” she replied as she pumped iron like an automaton. I was speechless, how did she know about my obsession? Had she gone through my stuff when I was younger and found my secret hoard? Smiling at me she got up, knelt on one knee and began repping by letting that heavy weight hang down with her arm extended then hauling it up. “I see by the way you are watching my arms that I am right, aren’t I?” she remarked as she continued to work out. “Yes, mum. They’re truly amazing” I admitted. Next was a series of arm curls with a big long heavy old iron barbell by which time I thought that her biceps could not physically pump up any more and her bicep veins stood out thick like cables. That an ordinary gospel singing housewife with greying hair could build a body like that was mind-blowing especially as she avoided faddy gyms, as she called them, like the plague.

My mother raised that bar to her chin then held the heavy weight while looking over it at me, her deep brown eyes burrowing into mine. “Then watch mummy pump them big for you boy” she said it with such a sultry tone that an uncontrollable stiffness spread rapidly along my dick. A small tent rose in my trousers too fast for me to try to cover. “Leave it boy” my mother told me then gave me a saucy wink and a smile. Trying not to show embarrassment, I watched as she stood up and began some resistance work, pulling on two overhead pulley chains at once. Those awesome biceps seemed to become even more pumped up and sharply defined, as did the erection in my trousers.

“Mum, you should compete competitively. You’d knock them dead” I groaned, the lust showing in my voice. “That’s just showing off and showing off is a sin, Samuel” she replied earnestly as she pumped away. “Anyway I ain’t going on no faddy diets and pop pills like an addict. I like my food wholesome and natural” she added. “Besides I’m far too old to go prancing around on stage in front of people in a bikini” she said as she almost absent-minded continued to work the resistance machine. “Phroar” I groaned then quickly realised that I had done that out aloud. “You don’t mind me seeing you in a skimpy top and shorts” I said quickly hoping that she hadn’t noticed. “Yes, but you’re my son not a crowd of strangers” she replied. As she continued to rep, I looked around the room at the collection of equipment she had amassed. A lot of this stuff I didn’t recognise and guessed that her last couple of husbands had brought it for her. Perhaps they had also been into muscle women and encouraged her?

“Ohhh mum, you would look great in a bikini” I admitted for it was the truth. I decided it was time to take the plunge. “Mum, you are my ideal vision of perfect womanhood” I told her earnestly. “Why thank you dear, you say the nicest things” she told me showing no surprise. Now for the big one, I tried to compose myself and not let the nervousness show in my voice. “Mum, please can I feel your biceps now that you’ve pumped them?” I asked. Raising both arms she smiled and said “Feel them Samuel, fill your boots. Go on, feel their power”. Slowly she bent both arms at the elbow bringing her rugged tapering forearms pass vertical slightly towards her head. “Oh mummy!” I sighed with yearning as the huge thick biceps grew so big that her already massive arms must have doubled in size, then further increased as they solidified into massive peaks that seemed bigger than my face. I can’t tell you how hard my cock was as I placed my hands on those smooth mountains of ebony female muscle. Believe me it felt harder than I ever thought possible as I marvelled at just how hard those peaks were.

“I can’t even get both hands around it” I exclaimed in astonishment as I tried to surround her right bicep with one hand above and one below but failed to contain it. This was like a dream come true, my breathing became laboured, my skin felt sweaty and my face felt hot while my dick felt like it had permanently turned to stone. I just couldn’t stop feeling my mother’s massive biceps before I forced myself to slide my palms up to the big rounded smooth balls that were her shoulder caps. “Wow!” I gasped again then ran my hands over the huge thick traps running from her very broad shoulders like two sides of a pyramid towards her head into which her neck disappeared.

At that moment I knew that I just wanted to be totally overpowered by my mother’s impressive upper body. “Please mum, please show me how strong you are. Please wrestle me, playfully, let me feel your strong muscles work against me” I was practically begging, hoping to get to grips with her amazing body, intimate and close. “No son, don’t be silly” she reprimanded. “I don’t do that sort of thing” she added making it sound like it was something shady and sinful. I persisted a few times more before I could tell that I was annoying her. “Arm-wrestle then, just give me a little arm-wrestle” I begged. I thought she was going to refuse that as well but she was quiet for a while then to my surprise she agreed. “OK, let’s do it. We’ll kneel facing each across the bench” she said.

Let me tell you that with my weight training, I am no longer a lightweight. As I told you before, next to me I make most ordinary men look weak and inferior, in fact I often like to stand next to guys who think they’re really it and watch them feel intimated. However facing my mother with our arms against each other with our elbows on the bench and hands locked, she had exactly the same effect on me. Her massive peaked arm made mine look weedy and puny, like a matchstick against a tree trunk. We gripped hands and she looked into my eyes with a killer instinct. “Let’s arm-wrestle, son” she growled “then I can get on with getting us some supper.

SLAM! It was all over in an instant, the back of my hand slammed hard into the leather padding of the bench top in the blink of an eye by an awesome overpowering force. She made to get up but I quickly said “best out of 3?” The result was a foregone conclusion. BLAM! BLAM! She made no pretence to let me think I was winning or let me think that I had a chance. She just got on with the job and whammed my arm down each time in less than a second leaving me feeling so inferior and weak. “3 out of 3 that makes me the winner” she said proudly. “Mum, please will you hold my arm again as if we were arm wrestling but this time just let me try to bring yours down?” I asked. Showing no concern about that, she agreed. Squaring off once more with our arms together I tried to exert my arm against hers to no avail, her arm was rock solid and I couldn’t budge it. Even trying with both hands I couldn’t even budge it. “Oh mummy you’re so strong” I moaned my dick going crazy in my pants then SLAM! A brief bulge of her biceps and my hand was driven into the bench even though I had been holding onto with both of mine!

“Who’s the boss?” she growled acting tough lifting and flexing her arm in victory. The sight of that immensely thick almost triangular forearm and enormous peaked bicep after she had just beaten me again was too much. “Nnnnnnaghh nnnnaghhh! I groaned trying and failing to hide the reaction as I creamed myself hard. “Ahh the sweet sound of victory” she said “Go and freshen up before I come up there and have my shower then I’ll get us something to eat” she added.

For the first time, I didn’t feel guilty or like a pervert. All of my life I had dreamt of finding a muscle woman of my own and was bitterly disappointed never to have met one. Now, I realised, that I was living under the same roof as one. My mother had built her body to an extreme version of what I had always dreamt of. I had now accepted that at 35, I was never going to meet the girl of my dreams but my mum was right here and openly comfortable with me watching her, feeling her muscles, even messing myself right in front of her. If she was OK with it, why shouldn’t I be? Why should I get so hung about it? I’d never have an opportunity elsewhere of touching and feeling such a powerfully built woman.

So it was I watched her work out whenever I could, even helping her by doing some spotting and giving her encouragement. Of course, she let me feel and openly admire her huge muscles and we’d even arm-wrestle even though it was no match, she wiped me out every time in less than a second. Mother was so powerful and I wanted more. I knew I wanted to get to grip with that body, hold it in my hands feel her muscles bulging and rippling as they worked against me. That was why I wanted to wrestle with her. I told her that one day while running my hand over her bumpy deep cut abs while resisting the urge to whip my dick out and wank off by rubbing it up and down her abs. She was still resistant when I suggested a playful wrestle.

“Come on mum, it will be fun. What’s the point of building a body like this if you are not going to use?” I said. “To honour God” she replied. I didn’t give up and kept pestering her about it. One day I was confronted with this enormous angry wall of toned ebony mass. One hand slipped between my legs and the other grabbed the front of my shirt. Biceps bulged with peaks like baseballs in her arms as she pressed me clean over her head with me lying horizontally looking down. “That enough to show you that this body isn’t just for show?” she asked proudly. My cock went rigid under her hand, she couldn’t fail to have felt it. “Y..yes mum” I gasped as I looked down the front Of her wide full breasts and deep cleavage from what seemed so high above her, helpless to do otherwise.
The very next day mother was working her hamstrings by putting her foot in the rope handle of the resistance machine and using her leg to pull down the chain which raised the weights. “Wow!” I gasped crouching down to place my hands on them as she worked out. I just love the way her hamstrings swelled up into a large shapely hill that stretched down the back of her upper leg. “Wow mum! You really do have very sexy legs” I groaned in appreciation as I ran my hands over those large well defined bulges of leg bicep, impressed that I could even see the splits in the muscle head. “So very shapely, so very strong” I added in awe. She seemed to like that and stopping her exercise, turned around and sat down on the bench and placed a foot on my shoulder so that I could feel the large mass of calve hanging behind the shin. “Such beautiful legs” I moaned. “You flatterer Samuel” she said but sounded pleased.

I ran my hands down to her huge thighs. My cock went instantly stiff as she flexed them and they turned to huge sheets of solid power under my hands. “Wow!” I gasped in awe. Even though they still looked massive but firm when relaxed, when she flexed her legs, they expanded at least twice in size, maybe more, into a dense wide mass of very well defined quadriceps. The thick slab of muscle adorning her outer thighs ballooned up and stood proud. It was an extremely powerful looking chunk of ebony coated muscle that looked like it could easily crush a man in two. My dick lurched as I imagined myself trapped between those huge legs feeling the power of her thighs crushing inwards. Opposite this from the knee going about half way up was a large teardrop shaped muscle and in between upon the centre of the upper part of her leg sat a third arrow shaped wedge of muscle pointing towards her knee.

Underlying these stunning shapely swells of muscle on the inside of her thighs was another less defined shelf of muscle. I was in muscle worshipper’s heaven running my hands gleefully over my mother’s powerful legs enjoying the feel getting more and more turned on by their hardness under such soft skin and the latent power they represented. Leaning forwards I brought my head right up close to those mighty leg muscles. “Oh mummy, please crush me between your legs” I begged, incredibly turned on and excited by the thought. “Certainly not, I might hurt you!” she exclaimed clearly shocked at the suggestion.

I couldn’t help myself and actually placed my lips against her legs and began kissing those big quads, surprised that she did nothing to stop me. “Please mummy, I want to experience the power of your legs” I begged between kisses. “Please, squeeze me helpless, mummy, please” I begged, feeling like a small child in the presence of a much larger parent. At first I thought that she was going to refuse and scold me. When she brought her other leg against the side of my head, my pulse quickened and my heart sang as her high walled muscular canyon of flesh closed in around my head, swallowing it whole. The beautiful smooth hairless ebony skin was warm and silky but what lay beneath was terrifying as it turned to crushing steel. I instantly regretted my decision as the pressure soared and just went through the roof. The sides of my face were being pushed together, stressing my skull to surely what must be breaking point. It was like being caught inside a compactor. “Nnnnn!” I groaned as her quads swelled under my hands to enormous mind-blowing proportions with dense rocky shapes appearing as she squeezed down.

The pressure was intense, skull-splitting. Forced to clench my eyes and grit my teeth, I was shocked by the sheer raw power bulging and flexing around my head. Although I had experienced their strength many years ago they were now several orders of magnitude stronger and much more than any man could possibly handle. My erection was going crazy, lurching this way and that while throbbing inside my pants while my whole head was in terrible pain. “Narghhh!” a cry of pain was forced out between clenched teeth as my cheeks and jaw felt like they would shatter and explode at any second. “What’s wrong boy? Chew off more than you can handle?” I heard mum’s voice scoffing over the loud pounding in my ears which themselves were being driven inside my skull.

Suddenly the terrible pressure eased as her legs opened and with relief my head fell onto the cushioned seat of the exercise bench. Opening my eyes, I found myself looking straight down those big huge thighs open in a wide V leading my eyes right to her crotch. My dick felt like it had been frozen in dry-ice, it was so stiff. I panted trying to calm myself down still unable to comprehend the sheer power of my mother’s big legs. “Is that what you really wanted, Samuel? I could have crushed you like a bug” she told me. “I love you son and I don’t want to accidentally hurt you. So never do anything like that again. Understood?” she asked. I was disappointed at those words but I couldn’t give this up, as painful as her demonstration of her massive crushing power was it just made me want to playfully wrestle her even more.

“Please mum, that was amazing but I want a proper friendly wrestle..” I didn’t get to finish talking. Not smiling, my mother leant forward and seized my wrist and pulled my arm straight then closed those mammoth legs around it and the sides of my neck. She leant back and began to squeeze while pressuring my elbow against her crotch. I was stunned, recognising this armbar triangle hold as a Ju-Jitsu move. Who had taught her this? Was it that Sisterhood she had once mentioned joining? Never expecting my mother to know anything about wrestling, my cock throbbed like there was no tomorrow. “Arghh!” I groaned as I tried to hold on while her big legs crushed my neck so tight that I felt the blood cut off from my brain and my face turn red. “It’s no use struggling, son. I’ve had many years of making men pay respect” she told me. That’s when she really bore down and let me have. My vision immediately blurred out of focus, my head span wildly with patches of black threatening to overwhelm me and my neck felt like it would snap at any moment. “Arghh!” I groaned through clenched teeth as I fought waves of nausea. Her legs opened again just as I felt myself begin to slip away into unconsciousness.

Shattered by the experience and feeling drained I began to slide off the bench to the floor until only my head remained when suddenly mum sat up and pinned it beneath the back of her hefty leg. A thick meaty calve hooked over my jaw holding me in place. The big hard calve muscle bulged against my cheek holding it in a crush that quickly became painful. I grabbed her ankle to try and move it but she just flexed her calve more making it swell and harden further tightening its grip on my cheek. “You’ve been pestering me to wrestle but just look at you. You wouldn’t have a chance” she told me. “Now stop your pestering before I knock you right out” she told me. The very thought had my dong beating like a drum in my trousers, I realised that I wanted that very much, to feel her power totally overwhelm me. “Oh please mum, squeeze me until you knock me out” I gasped as her big hard calve crushed the side of my face.

Suddenly my head was pulled backwards right into the depths of her tall brown walled corridor of power which clamped tight around my neck and swelled up nearly enveloping my head. “Nnnnnargh!” I groaned as her big thighs chomped down upon my neck, jaw and cheeks. The pain was immense and frantically I tried to tug at her big beefy calves which were crossed below my face but they were locked solid. “You’re not getting out of there boy” She told me then my head was moving backwards once more as she folded her legs at the knees with me still trapped firmly inside. Suddenly mum snapped her legs back out straight again. “Owwwww!” I screamed as her inner thighs smashed against the sides of my head like a tiny boat getting pulverised between two giant columns of rock in a storm, clashing together sending brain-nurdling shocks of pain lancing through my skull. “Arghh!” I couldn’t stop myself crying out loud as she repeated this several more times in a row. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! It felt like I was jammed inside some kind of wrecking device, her big bulging quads slamming against the sides of my head and far too powerful to even think about escape. BLAM BLAM by the time she released me, I fell to my hands and knees on the floor in a complete and utter daze not knowing where I was or which day of the week it was. I had been completed blasted by mum’s big legs.

“You alright boy? You still awake?” A gentle shove of a foot to my side reminded me where I was. I was the fit strong 35 year old man who had almost been knocked right out by his mother’s fearsomely large legs. The very thought made my loins stir. Mum knelt down in front of me, looking cool and unruffled; she hadn’t even broken a sweat. “Never pick a fight with me, son. I’ll always win” she told me with such confidence and a look of superiority that my dick, deflated after that skull battering, stiffened once more. It just made me want to wrestle her even more. I wanted to get my hands on that amazing body and feel her muscles in motion working against me.

In a moment of madness I flung myself at my mother intending to knock her onto her back and wrestle with her on the floor but to my surprise it was like throwing myself at a rock for she remained solidly upright on her knees. “Samuel!” She rebuked as I struggled to get my arms around her. “Stop that at once!” she scolded. My hands encountered the large dense muscular landscape of her back and I was staggered to find my hands moving further apart as mum spread her huge lats so wide that it made it impossible to keep hold of her. This is what I wanted and my dick beat hard as I struggled chest to well-endowed chest with my mother trying to oppose her awesome arms. It was like trying to wrestle a brick wall, she wasn’t going anywhere.

A flip of the wrists by an irresistible force and I was sinking before her, withering in agony while my mother’s ample heavy chest heaved with displeasure. “Arghh arghh!” I yelped as her triceps bulged fearsomely as a frightening strong force threatened to snap my hands off like breaking twigs from a branch. “I told you to stop, Samuel. How dare you disobey me” mum looked real angry now and I was afraid that I’d gone too far. Suddenly she released my arms but before I realised what was happening a big brawny arm wrapped itself around my neck, enveloping it completely in a brutal headlock that threatened to shatter my jaw as she manhandled me to the floor. I had no choice but to lay upon my front whilst mum’s heavy weight fell across my back pinning me beneath her.

I felt her hot breath on my ear as she leant close. “When I tell you to do something, you will do it” she scolded. Her hands came around from behind and cupped my chin then pulled it right back as her mighty thighs powered her to her feet. My head rose up backwards between mammoth sculpted twin columns of ebony before stopping whereupon they snapped tight around my neck. With no place to look except the floor, my hands clasped the huge girth of her thighs on either side of my face. They were so massively wide that my head felt tiny in comparison. It made me feel so puny and weak. Then the carpet fell back as mum rose onto her toes and the whole exploded into sharp mind shattering pain. Dear Lord! Through bleary eyes, I saw those tear-shaped muscles above the inside of her knee swell up into bold relief as the walls of her legs rose up and swallowed me. A truly ferocious pressure assaulted me. “Argh!” I tried not to cry out but was unable. My whole world span as my eyes went right out of focus. Her insanely muscular thighs swelled so large that they crept up the sides of my sides swallowing my face while trying to prise my skull from my neck. “Aggh please no!” I was forced to cry out but mum was intent on punishing me.

I really couldn’t take much more of this. Although I’d done a bit of wrestling at uni and had been scissored by some real big jocks, I’d never been brought anywhere near to crying out in pain or passing out. None of them came anywhere close to the truly awful power that my own mother was now bringing to bear on my neck and head. “Argh please stop” I cried out, ashamed that a fit strong 35 year old boxing champion boxer was submitting to his own mother. Of course my cock was absolutely aching although my head was spinning, my ears were pounding and I felt faint. My hands slipped from her massive steel-hard all-conquering thighs as I no longer had the energy to hold them up. Completely dominated by my mothers’ awesome muscular body, my rigid dick throbbed in salute as the blackness closed in. Just then the pressure lifted and a hand pushed my face sending me falling to the carpet upon my back.

“Let that be a lesson to you, Samuel” my mother’s voice was stern and full of rebuke. It was all I could do but lie there completely blitzed out while my head spun and my eyes tried to regain focus with an absolutely splitting headache. “Now forget that silly nonsense about trying to wrestle me, Samuel” my mum’s voice lectured. “I may be your mother and much older than you but I hope you now see that you wouldn’t stand a chance. I’d be afraid of breaking you” she added. Why a red mist of rage took me, I never knew. Maybe I imagined some implied slur that I wasn’t a real man or maybe I wasn’t good enough for her. Whatever the reason I snapped back “I can take it”. “I could take you in a proper wrestling match” I said although at the back of my mind I knew that she was far too strong. “Oh dear” came my mother’s concerned voice. “That really was the wrong answer” with that her arse and legs appeared my vision as she lowered herself down.

“Orrrgh!” I groaned as her heavy weigh bore down upon the top of my chest. She sat facing my feet leaving me peering up at her extraordinarily wide rocky back. Right in front of were her very ample yet firm rounded buttocks. “Wow mum, you’ve got a great arse” I gasped in appreciation before I realised the danger but it was too late. Her thick legs slid back around my neck and the lower part of my head raising it up giving me a close-up view of that large but firm backside. She held me firm but it was comfortable. “You like my arse? Well watch mummy’s arse, son” she said. “Narrgh!” I groaned as those large rounded buttocks slammed each against other like two oversized chocolate coloured cannon balls and turned steely hard with a hard striated ridge of powerfully defined glutes. “Arghh!” I barely had time to appreciate them because I was crying in intense pain as massive surge of raw power surged through the surrounding legs. Crushing and squeezing with an intensity that I’d never felt before. It was much worse than before and I couldn’t help the tears as I cried out again in agony “Arghh!” Her hamstrings ballooned into long dense mounds of shapely steel that threatened to break my cheeks while her huge thighs exerted an insane pressure upon me that had my brain in a whirl spinning madly as I clenched my eyes in agony. I was slipping away quickly towards the blackness until it ended as quickly as it had begun.

I was too beat and dazed to resist as my mother turned around then rolled me towards her with her strong arms. She wrapped her enormous legs around my waist then allowed me to return to my back. “I’m sorry son but you have to learn your lesson” my mother’s voice was stern and strong. “Please no, you win” I gasped, totally exhausted but she was having none of it. “Narghh!” I cried out agonised as her huge thighs ballooned around my middle. Trapped between her thick legs, my body seemed insignificant and so it proved. “Pfffshhhh!” my gut and diaphragm were squeezed flat in an instant forcibly expelling my breath through my mouth.

No! I wanted to cry as she leant forward and a thick beefy arm wrapped itself tightly around my neck then began to squeeze. The combination of her mighty legs crushing my middle and her biceps bulging around my neck was too much but I had no breath left to beg her to stop. “Get out that if you’re so tough” she taunted. “You can’t can you? I don’t even need my legs to put you out. Look” with that I found my waist was free allowing me to inhale air as she pulled me up while she knelt behind me. Her big bulging biceps swelled into the side of my neck while her rugged rippling forearm clamped across my throat. Oh no! Mother’s got me in a sleeper hold! It’s not possible, where’d she learnt this stuff? I’d always thought of her as docile and gentle with a harmless obsession for pumping iron. I grasped futilely at the wide rugged wedge shaped forearm across my throat but it was as rigid as a steel clamp. Her bicep continued to swell against the side of my neck; I could feel the big peak digging right in cutting the blood supply from my brain. I couldn’t believe, my own mother had me in a sleeper hold and her arms were much too powerful to break out of. “You had no chance again me little boy” those were the last words I heard as I slipped into the warm welcome blackness of unconsciousness. My own mother was knocking me out in her mighty arms. I was vaguely aware of dumping a huge wad of warm cum which spread across the inside of my trousers as I slipped under.
Mum apologised the next day. “I’m sorry, Samuel. I went too far. Please forgive me” she said. “Mum, I just wanted to playfully wrestle with you. Not for you to crush my lights out” I replied angrily. Although I wanted to be dominated by her body, I still felt stung by her implication that I wasn’t a real man. Sorry to say but I began to act like a right bastard. A bit later she tried to apologise again “I’m sorry son but I don’t know my own strength, that’s why I don’t want to wrestle you because I’m really worried that I might accidentally hurt you”. I gave a huff of annoyance. “Besides” she began looking embarrassed and speaking in confidential tones. “Once I get a man in a position where I’m in control I’m afraid that I get er a bit carried away by the feeling of power and dominance” she admitted. “It really makes me feel er rather excited” she actually blushed. That reminded me of all that kinky paying respect business when I was younger and realised that perhaps my mother struggled with the same sexually based feelings as I had but from the opposite female dominant viewpoint.

However in the mood that I was in, everything became a slight on my masculinity and I kept feeling offended. “Oh what, I’m too weak and fragile to have fun playfully wrestling my own mother is that it?” I shouted at her. “Please Samuel; don’t raise your voice at me. That is not what I meant” she answered. I glared at her trying to avoid the hypnotic rise and fall of her large rounded breasts under a rather tight blouse. “I’m the regional amateur boxing champion, mother. I’ve knocked out much bigger and stronger guys than myself. Believe me, I can handle it mum” I shouted and stormed off.

For some irrational reason I acted like a real pig for the next few days. Maybe it was because I had set my heart on getting to grips with my mother’s body which was the perfect image of the body of the woman of my dreams or maybe I was just having a mid-life crisis. Who knows? It just got to the stage where my mother had enough. She confronted me, cutting an imposing figure in a top stretched tight by her incredibly wide tapering torso. “You’ve raised your voice to me for last time boy” she said angrily after another heated exchange. “You’re not so old that I can’t box your ears you know” she said. “I’d like to see you try. I’m a championship boxer mum, you try and I’ll knock your block off” I replied heatedly. Foolishly I picked up a leaflet from the pile on the table that I was about to deliver locally and handed it to her. “If you think you’re so tough let me see you take me on at the open night at the end of the month” I told her heatedly, not really expecting her to accept.”You’re on, my lad and I will beat you in front of everyone then make you pay respect begging for my forgiveness in front of everyone” she told me.

That shocked me back to my senses. “Mum, don’t talk so stupid. You’ve got lots of strength, I give you that but boxing isn’t just about strength, it’s about skill, stamina, speed and tactics” I began. “Are you backing down now, son? Too scared of your ole mum humiliating you in public; I thought you more of a man than that” she said. That cut deep and hurt. “You’re on” I snapped and stormed out. But as the heat cooled off, I had second thoughts. I was confident that I could beat her fair and square after all I’m an undefeated champion. No, I was more concerned about how I could actually hit my own mother, let alone doing so inside a boxing ring. I was also worried about making my mum look a fool in front of everyone. My plan was to force myself to be focussed and blank my mind from any distraction so I just did the job, did it quickly with the minimum of fuss so as not to keep mum’s embarrassment in the spotlight for too long.

Yes the old woman was powerfully strong and no doubt could throw a devastating punch but I would let her, I was quick on my feet and outbox her with skill and put her down on the mat quickly so as not to cause her further embarrassment. I tried to talk her out of it but once mum sets her mind on something she becomes dead set on doing it. “Look mum, I don’t want to hit you in the ring” I said, trying to sound more conciliatory. “Don’t worry about me, son, I’ll be knocking your block off with these” she told me, slapping her big solid biceps. “Unless you’ve come you’ve come to your senses and are backing down” she said with such a scornful tone that I bit back a nasty retort. “I’m only worried about you, I don’t want you getting hurt” I told her. “Don’t you worry about me son, your father taught me a few things that a lady should know in order to take care of herself” she told me. “You should worry about yourself boy, pride comes before a fall and believe you me when these fists hit your face you’ll be going one hell of a big fall” she chuckled nastily. “It’s not too late for you to back out. You’d be mad to fight me with this strong body that The Lord has given me” she said proudly and flexed her big peaked biceps which made me feel weak at the knees just looking at them thinking about what they could do if wielded in anger. “Only a fool or weakling would pick a fight with me. I didn’t raise you to be either” She told me but it sounded so condescending that it got my back up.

The next few weeks I put in more time practicing down the club. There was no way I was going to take chances with this. I needed to be quick and agile, not let her get a chance to land one on me driven by those awesome arms, and take her down quickly before too much damage was done.
There was an unspoken rule that we wouldn’t discuss the fight anymore. So the evening of the open night rolled around and we made our way separately to the club. We were on after all the silly young gansta boys and CHAVs with a grudge to settle. Usually I helped out supervising them to make sure that they followed the rules so no-one got badly hurt but not tonight.

I entered the ring dressed in my black shorts, boots and gloves under a black dressing robe feeling confident and trying ignore the hefty robed figure in the other corner. The M.C. introduced us “Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Next up is a match with a difference. In the red corner; the reigning undefeated regional champion; Samuel Charles”. The crowd broke into healthy applause as I turned around and slid out of my robe so that they could see my fit healthy strong toned body. I was quite well respected in local boxing circles having bring a lot of glory and respect to the club and expected to have the crowd on my side. The M.C. continued “In the blue corner, the challenger, a matron in the local hospital and his dear old mother Mrs. Caroline Charles”. A chilly stony silence settled on the crowd as his words sunk in. Then the murmuring started grumbles of discontent. I knew what they were thinking, why is Sam fighting his poor old mother? What a rotten bastard. Pointing out that she was also a matron would also work against me. Now most of them would be rooting for her, the poor weak old hospital worker being beaten up by her big bad nasty son.

Mother waited for the grumbles and boos to quieten down while still wearing her long red silk dressing robe. Covering her wide frame this made her look heavy and overweight adding to the crowd’s misperception and detest of me for picking on my grossly overweight old mother. As her hands move to the front of her robe, I realised that I was holding my breath and that my heart was racing in anticipation. Berating myself I tried to regain focus but when she let the robe slip to the floor, I was gobsmacked by what I saw and could only stare openly. My mother is only wearing a very skimpy pair of silk shorts that more resembled a thong, and nothing else apart from her boots and gloves. With a body as large as hers, she might as well be naked for they covered very little. The referee and crowd are equally stunned perhaps more so as they see my mother’s large muscular body for the first time. Any hopes that this might turn them is squashed when the gasps of shock is broken by wolf-whistles and murmurs of awed appreciation. An almost naked woman with a huge pair of tits is always guaranteed to get the men on her side and the few women in the crowd were probably on her side whatever.

“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t wear that” I hissed as we came together to meet the referee in the centre of the ring. “It’s obscene, you’re practically naked” I added. Actually my eyes kept slipping to her very large breasts for I’d never seen them naked before and to be honest they were sensational, firm and rounded lifted high by her cushioned pecs with large dark brown aureoles and erect nipples. “Is it illegal for a boxer to go bare-chested, sir?” mum politely asked the ref. “No, maam” he answered trying hard but failing to look her in the eye instead of her chest. “You can’t parade around flaunting yourself like that” I hissed, feeling the stirrings of lust in my own body and trying to ignore it. The ref looked bemused at this family exchange. Mum just smiled at him; even he didn’t know where to look with his eyes fluttering all over her huge powerfully built body but always returning and lingering on her large breasts.

“My son’s never complained before about seeing my body when he’s watched me working out, and he does like to pay very close attention indeed” she told him with a knowing wink. I felt a blush of embarrassment and annoyance at the implication, although it was close to the mark. “You don’t mind do you sir?” she asked in an appealing tone and fluttering her eyelids at him. Mum was no looker in the face department but confronted with that large practically nude body and her big rounded firm boobs, the man didn’t stand a chance and I saw the lurch in the front of his trousers. “No maam” the ref replied only too eagerly.

“Come on mum, you don’t have to do this” I begged, to be honest her big bold shoulder caps sitting at the ends of her very broad shoulders and thick rippling arms were making me slightly nervous. “Why?” she asked. “I don’t want to hurt you, mum” I said. “I love you son, really I do, but you’ve been acting like a complete a-hole and now it’s time to teach you some respect” with that she raised both of her thick arms and flexed. I heard the collective gasp of the audience as her massive power peaked biceps soared into the air followed by a very audible mixed reaction. Most of the men in the crowd clearly disapproved; maybe they felt threatened because her biceps were far larger than theirs. There were also a few appreciative comments with the isolated “Pppproarrr!” of open lust from a minority.

“Feel that son. Feel the might that’s going to put you down” she boasted trying to make me feel intimidated. Those awesome double biceps were very impressive indeed and, yes, very intimidating and I felt my dick solidify in my boxing shorts attracting laughs and derision from the crowd. “Ignore them boy. These are all for you. Don’t you just want to run your hands all over them while you worship my body and pay respect to me” she practically purred in a voice heavy with suggestion and lips pouting. I’d never heard my mother speak so sensually and my boner lurched to throbbing full mast, drawing yet more name-calling and laughs. Flexing also made her oversized bare breasts rise up like two ebony balloons under the power of her striated pecs. She may have been my mother but she had developed a very sexy body and the sight of it virtually naked caused a natural reaction. The very noticeable tent in my boxing shorts began to twitch like I had a mouse in there.

More comments from the crowd came about this sicko with the hots for his mum. The ref didn’t help “Are you fighting or just gawping at her tits?” he asked me brusquely. “Magnificent though they are, I might add” he added in a sleazy tone to my mum while taking a good gawp himself. “We’re fighting” we both replied at once. “Good” he said then gave the usual spiel about having a good clean fight, no kicking or gouging etc and keeping the high standard of sportsmanship in keeping with the traditional of this long running club. All the while, mum and I eyed each other up trying to look tough and unconcerned.

The truth was as I faced her, seeing her practically in the nude for the first time, such bare expanse of massive bulging muscularity was very intimidating. Her lack of attire showed all of it off leaving nothing to the imagination and to be honest it really turned me on as much as it intimated me. I tried some mental exercises to block out that distraction but as if that wasn’t enough to contend with, her giant wobbly bare breasts hanging over the top of her well-ribbed stomach was just as distracting. Hardly intimidating but the natural impact upon my libido was equally distracting. I went through the mental exercises again, trying to remain cool and block out any distraction. In fact, I now began to suspect that this was exactly the reason behind my mother’s sudden loss of inhibition.

As the ref finished his speech and the bell rang, we squared off facing each other. I felt a bit nervous, not just because of her hulking build but also because my opponent was my own mother and I really had to overcome my natural reluctance to hit her. Gloves were raised at the ready and I noticed with approval that mum held her guard in a good position for both defence and attack. Dad may have taught her a few basic things but that would have been so long ago that it gave me no cause for concern, I was positive that my experienced boxing skills would allow me to finish this quickly.

We circled each other watching each other warily. I wasn’t going to underestimate her because those big powerful biceps really unnerved me. I just knew that they could do a lot of damage if they really let rip and landed one on me but I wasn’t going to let that happen. My speed and agility combined with my precision punches would take her down fast. I continued to circle her, dancing on my toes, watching for any signs of weakness or an opening for attack. “Are you going to box or make love to me, son?” mum suddenly said loudly to the crowd’s delight. With horror I realised that my shorts was still sporting a throbbing tent. I tried to ignore her jibe and block the bulge from my mind knowing that she was deliberately embarrassing me, provoking me to make a rash move but I was more experienced than that.

I decided to shake her up a bit with a few quick jabs to test her defences. PHISH PHISH a couple of jabs slammed into her big red gloves and I was impressed that her guard held firm, her fearsomely wide tapering forearms as solid as a rock. That firmly toned strong body and large swaying breasts were a real distraction but I couldn’t dare take my eyes off her in case she made a move. As I expected she wasn’t light on her feet. PHISH PHISH I continued to jab at her guard. Her glove struck out but I’d long gone, dancing away nimbly. She was more of a bumbling elephant in the ring, her heavy muscular bulk a distinct disadvantage.That reassured my confidence in putting her down quickly.

PHISH PHISH, PHISH PHISH I increased the speed and strength of my jabs towards her head. Good, my mum had made a classic schoolboy error. By aiming my punches progressively higher I was drawing her gloves higher to protect her face leaving her middle exposed. But what a middle! I watched as her abs rose like stone paving slabs out of the firm toned surrounding flesh as she breathed in then disappeared as she breathed out. PHISH PHISH more jabs towards the head to keep her distracted, inhale, exhale. BERLAM! putting real strength behind it, I drove a real haymaker into her exposed gut that would drop her like a stone. “Ngghh!” to my shock mum barely grunted while I had to hold in a cry of pain as my fist shuddered to a terrible grinding halt. It was like hitting a brick wall even with her stomach relaxed. That punch would have dropped most men but she barely looked fazed.

BLAM! That moment’s pause was fatal for her glove struck fast hammering me right on my jaw, whipping my head back hard with shocking strength. I stumbled back a couple of steps in surprise with the force of the blow. Big breasts bounced and swayed distracting me as the bulky topless form of my mother stepped towards me and a thick rippling arm drove forwards. BLAM! A glove sledge-hammered into my ribcage with terrible strength, compressing my chest and almost cracking a rib. “Orrrgh!” I groaned in agony, paying for letting myself get distracted as the bruising pain spread all over my chest in a burst of flame.

Big naked breasts swayed again, impossible to ignore as a thick massively clad arm swung forwards. BALAM! “Boorrrrph!” I groaned in agony as mum’s glove slammed into my abs with such raw strength that my flat hard stomach caved inwards with my own six-pack barely able to cushion the blow. Her biceps swelled ominously adorned by a thick bicep vein and I knew what was coming but was powerless to stop it. I began to turn away to protect my gut. BLAM! “Arghh!” I cried out as she nailed my exposed side with a savage intensity that sent crushing burning waves of pain throughout my side and bruising my insides. Instinctively I tried to protect my side using my elbow but mum got there first as she snapped in another punch BLAM! Another wave of sharp bruising pain caused me to cry out again and crease up on that side, opening me up to another punch into my gut. WHAM! “Orgh!” although it wasn’t as strong as the previous one, I felt the soreness in my abs as it cushioned the blow; I knew that it was no match for her big beefy formidable arms. Strangely that made my still-stiff dick lurch. Blanking that worrying thought, in desperation I hurled a wild punch at her face which she easily blocked. Quickly I hurled another at her head and to my surprise and moving faster than I would have given her credit for, my mother, ducked beneath my arm. Solid dense bulging muscles drove her gloved fist hard into the top of my gut. BERLAM “Urghhh!” I groaned, it was a powerful punch and my abs almost collapsed as they struggled to cope as my stomach curved inwards.

Biting back the pain and trying to ignore the shortness of breath, I threw another punch at her head but to my surprise the big-titted muscle woman that was my mother side-stepped it and with a determined grin pounded my sore side once again. I bit back a gasp of pain but the very next second, in a shocking combo, mum knocked her left glove around the top of my head then immediately pounded the right hard against the top of my gut again just under the sternum. BLAM! “Orrrgh!” I groaned failing to stop some of my breath being forcibly ejected from my mouth. Before my body instinctively began to tilt forwards, mum blasted that mighty right fist once more. BERLAM! It struck driven hard with terrible force right in the middle of my gut. She certainly wasn’t pulling any punches with her son. I was shocked by how brutal she was and how her sheer force was overcoming my skill. Yet oddly her very domination of me with her fists was incredibly exciting and keeping my erection hard and my balls tight.

BLAM! “Orrgh!” I groaned again as another fist plunged into my stomach. Mum was pumping her fists like a non-stop fighting machine and it was like getting hit in the stomach by a steam hammer. My abs had become really sore from the heavy bombardment and the frequency of the blows  was depleting my breath. A worrying eager excitement shone in my mother’s eyes. She looked so confident and unbelievably powerful, an indomitable powerhouse whose near-naked body was alive and glowing with big heavy muscle pumped and toned ready to inflict serious damage upon me. For the first time in my life I actually felt fear and trepidation of my mother yet I also felt a strong conflicting yearning for her body.

My mother jabbed again and I managed to raise my guard to protect my gut. PHISH PHISH her gloves struck with shocking force getting stronger and stronger as my bare-chested mother tried to batter down my defences. To my horror she was succeeding, her punches rocking my hands and knocking them out of position with unstoppable force. BLAM! “Offffph!” I groaned loudly as she punched aside one of my gloves and drove a fist through the opening, a thick rippling bulging muscular arm of ebony like a strangely sculpted column of black marble blasted through my arms. Stepping into the opening she had created, she punched upwards, her bulging biceps powering an unstoppable blow to the base of my gut. BERLAM “Orrrrgh!” I wailed as her fist slammed brutally into my torso like a cruel jackhammer, making my whole body lurch under the impact. Flattening my abs and pounding them to jelly; her fist drilled right into my middle flattening my diaphragm cruelly stealing my breath.

Appallingly winded, I struggled to move my hands to protect further punishment but my semi-nude powerhouse of a mother simply battered them aside as though swatting flies, and blasted another piledriver so deep into my gut that I swore it hit my backbone with agonising force. KERCRUMP! “…..” I was too badly crippled by the shock to my system and unable to draw breath to even cry out. A long wail of agony blared in my mind. My own mother was beating the crap out of me and I was powerless to stop her. She was so strong and awesomely built that I wanted to drop to my knees and worship her right here and now in the middle of the ring in front of everyone. My dick was so hard, I thought it would burst.

Creasing in sheer agony, I saw my mother’s biceps twitch once more and send a big red glove swinging towards my middle once more. Panicking some survival instinct kicked my right arm forward in an upper cut that sliced right between her arms and caught her right on the chin. THUD! I saw the hurt and anger in her eyes and knew I was in trouble. She stood there glaring daggers at me as I struggled in agony to re-start my breathing and get over these awful cramps. While I was racked in winded agony my mother stood proud and strong, breathing normally, a splendid virtually naked behemoth of a beautifully developed muscle woman. When she finally spoke, the words were terrible and made my heart sink for I knew that I was in deep doggy-doo-doo. “If that’s the way you want it, Son” she growled softly. “That’s the way you’re going to get it” she said. I wanted to apologise but just couldn’t find my breath to speak.

In silent horror I watched as she swung her right fist with such force that it made her buoyant breasts lurch violently. It was a sensual breath-taking sight but there was no time to admire them. I tried to raise my hands, but oxygen deprivation stripped my arms of energy. A blur of red sliced through my open defences and pounded the side of my jaw. BLAM! The force of the impact was devastating. With my face spinning away at such violent speed with the taste of blood upon my lips, I lost equilibrium and fell. Instead of hitting the mat, I felt the harsh sting as ropes hit my back and my gloves flailed getting tangled as I broke my fall. It came as a surprise because I hadn’t realised that my mother had backed me up so far across the ring. But the very thing that had stopped my fall became a liability leaving me exposed hanging like jellyfish caught in a net. Desperately trying to free my gloves I watched as a beautiful powerfully shaped ebony body approached. Massive formidable ripped muscles were pumped up poised for my destruction. Her bare toned ebony skin gleamed with nipples fully erect with excitement. This sensational vision had the front of my shorts twitching like crazy; that this was my mother didn’t matter for her practically nude body was that of a muscle Goddess. A terrifying smile crept upon her lips sending shivers down my spine. The terrible stomach cramps were easing slightly but I was still short of breath as I hung on the ropes waiting for the  inevitable.

The watching faces in the crowd waiting hungrily for my defeat at the fists of my own mother spurred me to not go quietly. I desperately thrashed my gloves trying to untangle my hands and managed to raise my guard barely in time as mum launched a slow but steady barrage of punches at my head. PHISH PHISH PHISH I tried to keep my head down behind my guard and get my arse off these ropes but mom just kept reaching over my gloves to batter me around the top of my head. BAM BAM BAM BAM. I heard the crowd cheer sensing my humiliating defeat. This was ridiculous; I haven’t been in this sorry position for many years since I was a newbie, yet my mother who had never boxed in her life had me up against the ropes and slamming real hard head knockers over my guard. BAM BAM BAM BAM, the punishment continued. Keeping my face protected I tried to move away sideways to stop her pinning me against the ropes but she kept raining punches around the top of my head. BAM BAM BAM Driven by big powerful peaked biceps with prominent bicep veins and wide tapered forearms displaying a riot of vascularity, the cumulative effect of the punches was rocking my brain making it hard to think straight and making me dazed. Spotting an approaching corner, I sidestep quickly and put some distance between us allowing me to move away from the ropes. PHISH PHISH her gloves now hit mine as I got to the limits of her range.

With the more vocal members of the crowd encouraging my mum to punch my lights out, I decided to take a gamble and stopped shielding my head so I could return some punches of my own. BAM BAM PHISH PHISH we stood there toe to toe like old fashioned pugilists exchanging blows. A few of mine got through but most hit her gloves, as solid and immobile as a lamppost. BLAM she punched straight between the centre of my gloves, drilling her way through by sheer force. BLAM! I tasted leather and my mouth distorted as she punched straight into it mashing into my gum-shield. Some of the edge had been taken off its force by my guard but it still stung hard. I tried to punch back but found myself blocking a series of real powerful heavy blows that shook my gloves with terrifying strength. My mother’s bulky near-naked body loomed with menace even though I was taller than her. Her heavy rounded shoulder caps and big bulging biceps in constant motion slugging away while her formidable wide brawny forearms were steady as a rock as they drove her gloved fists against my guard. All the while the sexy sight of her large heaving breasts was a tempting distraction too fatal to take.

BLAM! A glove flew over my defences and hammered my temple, the shock scrambling my brains and leaving me dazed and vulnerable. BLAM! another slammed right into my left eye, leaving it watering and stinging. I tried to back up and clear my head but mum kept pace. I raised my gloves to protect my face but found her left glove stopping my right getting into position leaving a wide open space for her to swing a savage right hook BLAM! My jaw lurched painfully, almost dislocating. BLAM! A jab to my nose flattened it painfully. I tried to throw a punch in return but mum just knocked it out of the way and clubbed the side of my head BAM! Followed by a jab to my left eye BLAM! That really stung and I danced back out of the way only narrowly avoiding a jab to my jaw as I pulled my face back just in time.

Mum kept coming forward with a hard glint in her eye like a black female Terminator, almost-nude and formidably armed but not with any semi-automatics, she had her powerful muscles and dangerous fists. Once more, I felt intimated by her staggering physique and a strange excitement that she was dominating me so forcefully that kept my dick stiff. She stepped close and I went to punch shocked to find my arm blocked as a thick bulging arm swung over it. BLAM! My jaw clicked and my teeth gnashed against the gum-shield as my face was whipped to the side so hard that a glob of spit and blood flew from my mouth right across the ring to the wild cheers from the crowd. The force of the blow sent me slamming back into the ropes. BLAM! CRACK! As I bounced back mum swung again so hard that it broke my nose. I fell back against the ropes in a world of free-flowing blood and pain in the middle of my face. The crowd cheered at the sight of blood and as the big built topless muscle woman moved in for the kill. I knew I had to get back up out of the ropes to preserve my dignity, I couldn’t let my untrained elderly mother thrash me in my own sport. BLAM! A red blur slammed into my left eye, the force of the blow hammering me deep against the ropes. This was bad, you try getting off the ropes when your opponent is hammering you with punches.

With one eye blurred and stinging, I saw mother’s bulging hefty body and felt real fear mixed with an odd elation. BLAM! No mercy. The next punch is so powerful that I saw stars and my legs buckled. I slide part way down the ropes. BLAM! “Orghhh!” I gasped as her fist hammered right into my gut badly weakened by her previous attack against it. BLAM! Sensing weakness my mother again plunges her glove deep into my stomach. “Orrrphhh!” the air explodes from my lips. Stuck in the ropes I am helpless and can’t protect myself. Mum stepped so close that I can feel her big bare boobs bouncing against my chest as she drives her fist in again. BLAM! “pffffff!” I have no breath to spare. My abs can no longer protect me and her punch drills deep into my gut. BLAM! “…!” breathless I am unable to stop her punches devastating my middle, leaving my stomach covered with red-raw wheals BLAM! BLAM! Unable to untangle my arms from the ropes mum punched me again and again in the stomach like swinging a lump-hammer. I am totally destroyed, tangled up in the ropes unable to defend myself and no longer able to draw breath. Finally she shoved her big knee between my legs and pressed that sensational body against me; my cock went rigid against her knee with the feel of her bare skin against mine. BLAM! She gut-punched me so hard that I bounced back deep into the ropes and rebound right into an unrestrained head-blaster. KABLAM! Darkness threatened to close in and take me. Ding Ding! I was literally saved by the bell.

Breathless, winded and close to passing out I somehow peeled myself off the ropes in stunned disbelief and staggered in disgrace to my corner. “Your mother’s a tough old bird isn’t she?” said Stan, my second as he cleaned me up. My stomach burned and was red raw from my mother’s devastatingly powerful gut punches, my head throbbed where she’d battered my around the top of my head, my jaw was sore, my nose broken and of more concern, my left eye. Was stinging and puffed up, reducing my vision. I was in a real bad state and knew it. “Ouch!” I gasped as Stan dabbed my eye with some antiseptic. “Shit mate, I ain’t never seen you busted up like this ever and this is after only one round” he exclaimed. “Your old mum must sure pack one hellava punch” he almost sounded amused by that. “Great body on her though. Never seen such big muscles on a woman before, at least one that don’t look like a man. Kinda sexy once you get over the initial shock. Great tits too and I just love that big arse” he went on. “That’s my mum you’re talking about, huh huh” I gasped trying to keep my breathing steady as the cramps lessened. “The one’s that huh huh punched the shit out of me” I gasped. He got the message and finished off patching me up as best he could in silence allowing me to catch my breath and contemplate.

I glanced across the ring to the opposite corner where my mother sat looking as fresh as a daisy, watching me with unreadable eyes and a firm mouth. Her face was virtually unmarked as I had hardly made contact with her, while mine felt like it had gone through a mincer. That powerfully built body taunted me from the opposite corner of the ring, virtually nothing hidden from view. Every sensationally formed muscle was visible in the raw, her arms pumped from devastating my body, along with those huge bare breasts. My groin stiffened at the glorious sight. All I had ever wanted to do was to touch and feel that body in my arms to feel the power of her big muscles as we wrestled gently almost like lovers. Instead I realised that I was feeling her muscular power in another, more painful way, by her beating the stuffing out of me. My dick lurched as I thought about those big rugged shiny toned biceps pounding her fists into me tenderising my puny body. One part of me desired her to beat the crap out of me until I passed out until the watching faces of the crowd brought me to my senses.

Ding Ding! “Seconds out, Round two” the ref called. My thoughts and staring at my mother’s scantily clad body while she stared back at me had re-awoke my erection but as my she got to her feet and strode across to the middle of the ring, I was no longer able to block that amazing body from my mind. Even as we squared off once more, I couldn’t help my eyes wandering with rising feeling of lust over her sensationally muscled physique. “Back down now, Samuel. I’ll be none the less proud of you” she told me but I couldn’t, I’d gone too far to throw in the towel in front of all these people. I told her so. She looked at me sadly. I had trouble stopping my eyes from slipping to the magnificent bare orbs sitting on her chest. “In that case, Mummy is going to have to go hard on you, Son” She told me. “Put you down quickly so I don’t have to prolong the agony of hurting my own flesh and blood”. She added the way she said this to me, quietly so she couldn’t be overheard seemed almost seductive and the image that created in my mind had my dick absolutely rock hard and aching.

As my mother raised her gloves to begin round two, I had to force myself to concentrate or risk getting my block knocked off in the first second. PHISH PHISH once again it began with some probing jabs except this time it was my mother sounding me out like a hungry predator. Realising I was being too defensive and too nervous of my opponent, I forced myself to return some of my own PHISH PHISH. I had to put that sensational body out of my mind but it was hard and so was my dick. I tried to dance around her but mum just turned, following me and blasted ever harder jabs towards my face. PHISH PHISH, the sound of leather on leather was the only audible noise as the crowd watched in silent anticipation. My mother’s jabs got stronger, the muscles in her thickly adorned arm rippling as they drove her punches so hard that she was actually knocking my guard back so that the back of the gloves were hitting my face. PHISH PHISH I tried to counter but her guard was rock solid by comparison.

Her abs as hard as steel rose and fell softly in a fascinating manner, completely open and unprotected. I’d ruled those out as a target remembering the agony of punching that brick-like frontage knowing that I wouldn’t be able to mash those like she so easily mashed mine. My belly was still very red and very sore. PHISH PHISH I could barely get a punch in because I was forced to protect my face from her increasingly strong blows. I saw an opening and threw a punch at her chin but she blocked it PHISH. BAM! Her thick arm came around the outside of my arm and clubbed my temple. Ouch! It was like getting hit around the head with a cushioned industrial mallet.

Ignoring the ringing in my ears and the ache in my head, I threw another punch and was shocked when her glove knocked it back bare inches from my chest leaving myself open for mum to slam her other fist right through the middle. I tried to jerk my head back but it was too late. BLAM! A red gloved jackhammer slammed straight into my already ruined nose, restarting the nose bleed as it caused terrible pain. BLAM! Her glove struck again like a thunderbolt into the side of my cheek and jaw, rocking my face around in a spray of spit and blood, addling my senses, slowing my reactions. The heaving of huge heavy breasts and the thunderbolt struck the opposite cheek. BLAM! The gum-shield smashed against the inside of my mouth drawing and expelling blood as my face was flung in the opposite direction.

Totally blinded by the daze, I reached out and grabbed my mum’s thick body wrapping my arms around hers in a clinch to stop her punching while holding on for support while my head cleared. Although legal, it was considered by many to be terribly unprofessional. It felt great to be clinging onto my mum’s amazing physique although this wasn’t the warm cuddly mum of my youth but a rock hard body oozing with overwhelming power that wanted to knock me out. Part of me just wanted to hold her like this all night long. However the ref was angry and rightly so. “Come on, break it up. This is not a bloody dance” he said spat barely holding his anger.

My arms suddenly flew apart at speed as mum stretched her powerful arms wide shaking me off like a blanket. “Fight like a true sportsman, son. Don’t disappoint me” she lectured  sternly. Suddenly I saw red leather hurtling like a rocket towards my face and I skipped back while throwing my head back just in the nick of time. In more fear than anger my fist shot down the inside of her outstretched arm and I felt the glove connect hard on her jaw. She threw back a clumsy punch which I ducked under then came up with a jaw crusher. BAM! It struck with bone rattling intensity and she staggered backwards dazed with the blow. I stepped forward to finish this quickly. BLAM! She threw up her block too slowly and my glove blasted her cheek. My big busted semi-nude muscle mother might be strong but she was no boxer and was paying for it now. BLAM! An uppercut sent her to the mat with a resounding crash.

“1 er 2 er 3 er” the ref counted as she lay dazed with her big breasts heaving up and down while trying to force herself back up but her body wasn’t responding. “4 er 5 er” she really was a tough old bird and her wonderfully sculpted body looked so appealing as it lay sprawled upon the mat that I had to look away to stop my twitching erection bursting right out of my shorts and leaping upon her to screw her right there on the mat. A groan made me look back, concentrating on her face seeing the effort she made as she forced herself to sit up then kneel. “6 er 7 er 8er”. I felt disappointment as she forced herself unsteadily to her feet in the nick of time because that meant I would have to hurt her again to put her back down. The ref stopped counted and I got ready to move in for the kill. One more punch ought to do it. I stepped forward and blasted an upper cut towards her jaw.

As my fist sped towards her jaw, to my astonishment my mother ducked swiftly beneath my arm then crouched with one leg extended behind her. Her glove swung up like a rocket driven by her guided muscle. BERLAM! I felt the brutal crack of her glove upon my jaw, the strength of her upper cut snapping my teeth together against the gum-shield that I almost bit through it with a loud clack and whipping my head so fast that I almost blacked out and stumbled in a daze backwards across the mat. As my eyes regained focus I thought I saw her there and jabbed with my right but my fist hit thin air. I wasn’t so lucky. BLAM! A red glove came out of my blurred left side and blasted my right eye. The leather stung my right eye making it water and sting and I felt a cut open above. With my swollen left eye I was temporarily almost blind and tried to dance back out of harm’s way.

THUMP a glove jabbed my chest. “Nnngh!” I groaned. WAP! Another drilled my back. Suddenly a thick beefy arm hooked itself around the back of my neck and pulled my head down into a headlock against the side of my mother’s beautiful shiny toned bare body. The side of my face was squashed right up against my mother’s large right boob. Mmmm the softness of the large football sized breast, bare, firm with glorious large aureole and jutting nipple felt so good and I wished I could stay there and enjoy it. BLAM! A large red glove pounding my trapped head broke that illusion. The softness of that large breast against my face was a constant reminder that I was being beaten up by a woman and once more my dick went hard as another glove slammed into my face. BLAM! I was helpless to stop my mum beating me up with my head trapped fast beneath her mighty thick arm with enormous swelling triceps, bulging biceps digging into the side of my head and plank-like forearm across my throar. “Okay break it up, break it up” the ref stepped in but was too nervous of touching this stunning semi-nude muscle woman. “Please Maam you’re not allowed to hold him and punch him like that” he told her in pleading tone.

My mother didn’t say a word she just bulldogged me with ease down to the mat and kneeled sideways across my throat facing my body. “Kkkk!” I croaked and watched in horror as she pulled back her fist for a downward strike. BLAM! “Orrrrph!” it plunged right down into the middle of my gut. Before the ref could object, mum turned around and sat right down on my crotch and flexed both biceps. My cock went wild, there was no way that she couldn’t feel it throbbing as it pressed against her barely covered crotch. It was so erect that it felt as if it was practically pushing its way inside her. I had the urgent need to start thrusting my hips. “Time to finish this, boy” she told me. I looked up at her unable to get past those huge bouncing breasts as that terrible red blur streaked down towards me. BLAM! A terrible roundhouse crashed into the side of my face just as the bell rang. “Botheration” my big busted topless muscle mother sighed and got off me with clear reluctance. She put her hands on her hips framing huge perfect breasts proclaiming her womanhood. She looked down into my eyes and said “I’m not done with you yet, boy. You wait and see”. Then with an irritated shake of her boobs and hips she turned and went to her corner while I peeled myself off the mat in disgrace and with a huge throbbing tent in my boxing shorts close to discharge for all to see. I saw the ref go across to explain the finer points of boxing and berate her for her behaviour.

I sat and watched her awesome body while Stan fussed “You’ve a nasty cut above the right eye and it’s going to swell too. You’re going have to call it off”. “It’s fine. Just stick a plaster on it” I replied but knew that he was right, if it swelled up like the left I’d be virtually blind. I stared across to the opposite corner to the vast amounts of bare ebony skin on my mother. Her head sat upon her powerful sloping thick traps returning my gaze coolly. That body taunted my dick and just wouldn’t let it go down what with the sheer size and power of the muscles I had fantasized over for so long. In addition, those huge breasts that left no-one in any doubt those big guns belonged to a real woman. The big deeply carved slabs in her stomach rose and fell gently showing no signs of the exhaustion I felt. “I’ll finish her off in the next round. I almost had her then” I told Stan who looked unconvinced. I had difficulty trying to convince myself too.
DING DING as the ref called the 3rd round; I watched my mother’s big rounded boobs bounce as she rose and the insane creepers covering her wide tapered forearm and thick biceps tense ready to pound me. Of course my dick was still absolutely rigid, did you really have to ask? Having been erect for most of the fight, by now I just wanted to fuck her like crazy not fight her. Without hesitation mum moved in and immediately socked a punch at my jaw which I blocked PHISH BLAM! “Orrghhh!” I groaned in agony as she punched below my gloves hammering a strong punch into my horribly sore gut. She was learning fast. “Always see things through to the end once you’ve started them, son” she told me as I creased over in pain. I found myself staring at her stomach which looked like slabs etched deep into shiny ebony marble. Winded again, I had left myself wide open, my head an inviting target. I knew what was coming but oddly I looked forward to it, surrendering to a strange sensual pleasure as my mother swung a thick arm rippling with unbridled power and making her big bare boobs bounce alarmingly. BLAM! Her glove connected in a ferocious upper cut which was much stronger and more painful than I had expected. My teeth snapped down on the gum-shield and my head flew back so fast spraying spit and blood that I keeled right over backwards like a falling tree and slammed hard into the mat.

The crowd went crazy to see this mature afro-Caribbean lady in her mid-sixties, virtually naked and displaying an awesome physique put down her boxing champion son on the mat. Ref seemed too eager to start the count as I struggled to even lift my head from the mat, it just wouldn’t stop spinning and it felt as if it were wrapped in cotton wool. My arms and legs wouldn’t respond the way I wanted them to and in alarm I heard the count rise. I focussed my resolve and put all my energy into getting up but still couldn’t manage it. “6 er 7 er” Crap! I just couldn’t get my limbs working in co-ordination. I looked up and through swollen eyes made out my mum’s hulking statuesque figure towering over me like a female colossus. I just knew that if she had flexed her massive biceps over me in victory that I would have creamed myself then and there. From my position on the mat looking up at her, mother simply looked magnificent like a powerful mighty Goddess and my still-stiff dick throbbed wanting to spill its load for her. From my viewpoint, she was a truly sensational sight. The realisation hit me that I wanted to experience more of that body’s power and succumb to her as she punished me with relentless intent. My dick throbbed with delight as I found the incentive to get my body co-operating and forced myself back to my feet. The disappointment from the crowd was palpable.

“Maybe you should have stayed down, son” mum told me “It would have been quicker and less painful that way”. “I can take it” I said defiantly as I stood uneasy on my feet with my head still spinning and eyes barely able to focus. My erection was now so big that the head popped out of the bottom of my shorts to the amusement of the crowd. “That’s my son” mother said proudly, although I hoped she was referring to my courage to see this through and not my embarrassing protuberance.

She was my mother, the woman who gave birth to me and nurtured me throughout my developing years but right now she wasn’t gentle and she wasn’t kind although it once again began softly. BAM! She jabbed me on the chin and I tried to raise my gloves to protect my face PFIF! She batted them away then jabbed me on the cheek. I tried to fight back, box properly to make her work for it but she was far too strong, I fancied her body like crazy and I was tiring fast. My bruised eyes were now swelling up to a level where I would have stopped the fight if I’d have been referee. Her constant jabs were weakening me. Mum’s muscular body looked fresh and strong whereas I felt completely battered, bruised and beaten up. Her short hulking frame was unstoppable as her fists pummelled my body with increasing strength and speed. WUMPH! “Urrghh!” her gloved fist moved like a speeding express train right into my sore gut taking my breath away. BLAP! Her fists pumped away like an emotionless machine pummelling my face with a strong roundhouse that almost sent me to my knees with a bloody mouth. WHUMP! Her toned biceps twitched again sending her glove burrowing deep into my ruined gut once more and completely rocking my body under the sheer force. BLAM! Without mercy an almighty blast landed right on the chin as I began to crumple.

Devastated and paralysed by the awful cramps in my diaphragm there was nothing that I could but stand helpless watching my very own dear mother tearing me to pieces with her fists. Driven by her big thick biceps pumping with sheer feminine power, they crushed my chin so hard I really thought she had broken it. Right, left, right, left BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM Mum pummelled my chin and jaw without mercy, hammering it over and over in quick succession. My head snapped back and forth like it was on a spring, a punch-ball for my mother’s mighty punches. I just knew that she was holding back and that she could put me down whenever she wanted. BLAM! A crushing blow to the side of my face almost broke my cheek. BLAM! A back-hander smashed my face around in a spray of blood. She was toying with me now and my cock was absolutely throbbing as I realised that there was nothing that I could do to stop her, nor did I want to. The punishing blows got worse. With an ecstatic look in her eyes, like a predator smelling blood, mum mashed my face from close range. Her powerful mind-numbing punches left me punch-drunk with a ringing in my ears and my eyes swollen up so much that I could only now peer out through small slits like squinting. I was too groggy to even keep up my guard to protect myself. BLAM BLAM BLAM my mother punched my head this way and that with it bouncing around alarmingly at nauseating speed.

My numbed brain managed to get a message through to my arms and I tried to raise my gloves to protect my face but she just hammered them aside as if they were nothing then delivered a fearsome crushing blow right to the side of my jaw driven by her powerful pumped up biceps. An explosion of pain and blinding lights sent me spinning to my knees, clinging to her waist to support myself. As I clung to her thick waist with my face against her hard sculpted stomach I knew that if I let go I would probably never get back up again. Those big hard slabs of abs were covered by a fine sheen of perspiration making them shiny and unbelievably sexy that I just wanted to rub my dick against them. Her body felt sensational in my hands and I wanted to tell her that I loved her and wanted to fuck her but my mouth was all swollen. “Looks like you are all spent, son” my mother’s voice told me. I tried to move my sluggish head towards the direction of her voice and just made out the large blur of her figure as she looked down at me. “Come on get up or lie down and be counted out” the ref urged, clearly annoyed. “Stand up, Samuel. Stand up and face defeat like a man” mum urged in a soothing tone. She was right, I had been completely destroyed by my own mother and my cock was absolutely fit to burst acknowledging her dominance over me, as painful as it had been. Summoning the last failing dregs of strength, I got up groggily to my feet and faced the glistening ebony powerhouse that was my mum. I was wobbling and swaying as I readied myself for what I knew was going to hurt. Squinting through my swollen eyes I saw mum pull back her mighty right arm. Oh God, let this be quick I prayed silently. I saw every muscle twitch and swell in that fearsome thick arm. Every sinew, every corded muscle burned itself into my failing vision as that awesome dense bicep wound up the power that would send that gloved fist hurtling towards my face. A terrible red blur streaked in an uppercut then struck like the hammer of the gods KABLAM! Such awful pain, such a powerful blow that my mouth-guard went flying across the ring and so did I. I remembered my whole body lift from the floor and go hurtling backwards as the lights dimmed while my semen flew everywhere as I ejaculated.
I came around to find myself battered, bruised and hurting, feeling like I’d just been run over by a truck. Trying to open my eyes, I found that I couldn’t open them more than tiny slits that gave me a blurred vision. “Just lie there son, mommy’s going to clean you up” my mother’s voice was warm and soothing. I tried to ask where I was but found to my horror that my jaw was locked and I could barely part my swollen bruised mouth enough to lick my lips. “No, don’t try to talk, son. The paramedic said you’ve got a fractured jaw” she said. I tried to turn my head towards her voice but Ouch! It hurt too much to move my head. “I’m here son. Don’t try to move. You’re badly bruised and busted up. He wanted to take you to A&E but I told him that I will look after you and take you to the hospital tomorrow” a large blurred figure in brown moved into my sight. Even with impaired vision I recognised that imposing bulky powerful shape. “After all there is still something I said that I would make you do. You do remember don’t you?” she asked. I didn’t, I didn’t know where I was or how I got into this state. Had there been a car accident?

“I didn’t enjoy doing that to you son” she told me “But you were acting like a right jerk and needed to be brought down a peg or two. You are my son and I love you but it is still my responsibility to keep you on the straight and narrow path”. As she reached forwards towards to wipe my brow, huge rounded boobs came into view, unfettered and bare. That’s when I realised that she wasn’t wearing a brown dress at all but that she was completely naked. I was astonished, but as she reached up and dabbed at my brow, I flinched for some reason. “Hold still, Samuel, I gave you a real nasty cut and need to clean it up until it heals over” she told me thinking that I reacted to the sting of the disinfectant. It wasn’t, I had a brief memory of my mother’s fist encased in a red boxing glove speeding towards my right eye with those huge bare breasts bouncing before all I could see was red leather moments before the pain. With dawning realisation I knew that my mother had done this, that she had beaten me up but I couldn’t remember why. Had we been mucking about with boxing gloves? The stiffness, bruises, aches and pains all over my torso was testament to the brutality of the beating she had given me which suggested something more serious than just playing. My dick began to stiffend at the thought and by the ache in my balls I knew that it wouldn’t have been for the first time that evening.

Although my vision was impaired I could still make out the movement of those sensational big boobs as they wobbled freely right in front of me as she saw to the cut. They caused unnatural feelings of lust yet if those had been on show like they were now as in my brief flashback, I knew that I would have had a very stiff dick indeed. As she stood up and put down the antiseptic I caught a blurred sight of her awesome naked body. That triggered another brief memory of that formidable muscular body slamming her fists into me driven by her thick bulging biceps and brawny forearms inflicting pain, inflicting terrible damage, clad only in a pair of thong shorts so skimpy on her massive muscle laden body that she might as well have been naked. My dick grew stiffer at the half-remembered memory.

The blurred figure that was my mother moved to my belly and began gently rubbing some cream on it. Sssshsss I winced at the burning pain as she touched it. “Oooh that looks very sore, Samuel. All bright red and angry looking like a boiled lobster. I’m really sorry about that, son” she said. Another memory came back of her fearsome semi-nude body hulking over me as her gloved fists pounded my gut again and again with such brutal power while I struggled to breathe. Another memory came of my mother’s mighty arm rippling and swelling as it delivered an almighty uppercut that blasted me clean off my feet and sent me crashing to the mat in terrible humiliating defeat. It suddenly all came back to me in a flood. Image after image of my mother’s almost-naked powerful intimidating body pounding fist after fist into my body pummelling me helpless. My cock got harder and harder as I relived my total destruction at the hands of my own mother. How could I have been so stupid to think that I had a chance against that fearsome body? Flashing images of my mother with her big rounded breasts bouncing around bare and unfettered those ultimate symbols of Womanhood. Breasts so large and now so firm with her developed pectorals that every red-blood male in the crowd must have had a serious boner what with her state of undress. I know I did and I certainly had one now. She was the perfect big boob dream, my first crush and sexual obsession that I had tried to suppress for all these years yet now confronted with the bare-chested reality re-awoke those feelings stronger than ever.

The images of my defeat kept replaying in my mind, every small detail of mother’s body in sharp focus and every toned muscle, every prominent sinew pumped and flexed to drive her gloves like sledgehammers of pure destruction wrecking my body and sending me crashing into the mat out cold in humiliating defeat. I could imagine her looking down at me with her fists ready demanding that I get up so that she could punish me some more but I was long gone. My dick soared to such stiffness so powerful was the image that I wanted to cum. Suddenly I gasped in horror as a warm hand closed around the shaft of my dick. For it was only then that I realised that I was lying on the sofa in mum’s living room with absolutely no clothes on! “Thinking about your old mother punching seven bells out of you, are you Samuel?” her voice was soft and low, strangely seductive. “Remembering how I demonstrated my superiority over you, how you couldn’t handle me in the ring?” she purred softly. My dick stiffened more at her words but then more so when she began to gently slide her hand up and down my shaft. Oh my God! What was she doing? My hand moved towards hers to remove it but when it got there and touched the back of her strong hand I just left it there piggybacking a ride as she stroked it harder still. “Or are you thinking about my body, Samuel?” she asked softly “I know that my muscles turn you on, no don’t be ashamed”. I did but I felt so stiff and aching all over, so thoroughly beaten up by my mother that I had no energy and was content to just lie there and let mum give me a gentle hand-job, it might have been wrong but it felt so good.

Through my blurred narrow vision I saw mum raise her left arm and flex a big peaked bicep of course the sight of the sheer size of power of it caused my dick to throb in her enclosed hand. “Ah yes, son, don’t deny it” she said “I built these muscles just for you, son”. Maybe I showed surprise on my face. “What? Do you really think that when I started weight training to lose weight and that ugly fat that I had in mind to become a bodybuilder?” she asked. My poor eyes ran over her bulky hard firm upper body in open appreciation. “No Samuel, I found those magazines in your room. I wanted to have a firm stomach like those women, toned with a sexy six pack” I was stunned by what I was hearing. “I wanted a toned hard body like those women. I wanted men to look at me like you looked at those pictures” she continued her amazing admission. “I wanted to be strong and healthy and toned like them. Then as I began to tone up, I saw how you looked at me hungrily excited by my firm body running off to masturbate” she said to my embarrassment “No, don’t deny it. I was the one who had to clean you bedclothes and linen”. “I didn’t say anything because I thought it was just a natural thing you were growing through but it made me think more and more about those pictures and the more I looked at them, the more I liked what I saw. Why shouldn’t women develop their muscles? After all the good Lord gave us them and we should use them and women are strong, that’s what The Sisterhood taught me and the way you looked at my body which such yearning when I exercised made me feel so good which drove me on to build myself even bigger and become more defined. I wanted to make you proud, son. To be like one of those women bodybuilders that you liked in your magazines” she told me while slowly pumping my dick harder than it had ever felt before.

“I was pleased when my new physique caught me new husbands but upset when they couldn’t keep up and passed away” she sighed “But now you’re back and it’s just you and me now”. “And oh! Your reaction when you saw the body I’d built for you. You couldn’t keep your hands off me, could you?” she asked “And my! The state of those sheets. I must drive you absolutely wild with desire, Samuel. You wanted me, lusted after me, had carnal thoughts”. I tried to open my mouth to speak to deny it but couldn’t, my jaw was buggered. Mum stopped stroking my dick then to my amazement straddled my waist and pressed her bare crotch against my erection. It was all I could do not to spill my load then and there. “Every son should love his mother” she told me then raised and flexed both biceps. THUMP THUMP THUMP my erection was actually beating against mother’s bare crotch. She chuckled “My, my. Didn’t that wife of yours give you any? She’s such a skinny thing I could never see what you saw in her. She’s not got a six pack like THIS”. With that her abs solidified in her stomach in a deep cut grid-work of large toned ebony slabs of solid muscle. The memory came back of almost breaking my fist against that formidable brick work which just made my dick beat all the harder against her crotch. “And her arms are so skinny. Not like these big guns” she said then flexed them again and my dick beat a faster rhythm. “My, my. So much love for your mother” she chuckled saucily but to my disappointment she rose from my beating dick.

She moved forwards to kneel astride my chest and put her hands on her hips looking sternly down at me. “But you were very disrespectful to me Samuel” she told me, sternly “You left me no choice but to humiliate you publicly which it hurt me to do, it really did but you left me no choice”. “I beat you fair and square. Your boxing skills no match for my big muscles” with that she flexed her huge mountainous bicep again and slapped it with her other hand “These beauties certainly put you in your place, Son”. “My, how they tenderised your belly, boy” she laughed at the memory although I didn’t find that funny, it still stung red raw. Mum’s face became more serious “but there was something else that I said I would force you to do. I was going to make you do it in public but then I thought that it would be too cruel and shameful especially after I’d knocked your lights out. You do remember don’t you?” She said. “Maybe this will jog your memory” with that she moved forward and sat her crotch right on my mouth. “Well boy?” she asked. I remembered alright and with that powerfully developed body sitting on my face, my dick was throbbing like crazy. I responded in the only way I was able in my wrecked condition. Opening my lips as wide as I could, I stuck out my tongue and wiggled it around. To my surprise she rose, looked down at me and said “That’s right Son, I licked you now it’s your turn to lick me but not like that. Get up and get down to your knees to worship me”.

I was so stiff and sore that mum had to lend me her strong arms to help me get off the sofa then down to my knees on the carpet before her. She opened her extraordinarily wide legs and pressed my face into her hairy pussy. “Now pay me respect boy and do it good” she demanded. I looked up through puffed up eyes at this naked ebony sculpted edifice soaring above me. This is no longer my mother but a super muscular Amazon right out from my dreams. As if I needed more encouragement she flexed both biceps and her abs. Filled with a sense of overwhelming intimation and inferiority before such a mighty body yet greatly turned on by the same I stuck out my tongue and worshipped her with all my might, losing myself completely to my lust. With mounting excitement I grabbed hold of her big firm buttocks and felt them turn to striated steel in my hands as she flexed them that just turned me on all the more and I really dug in there determined to make this big muscle woman moan loudly with pleasure. “Oh that’s nice, son” she moaned, driving me on. I began feeling her thick strong thighs which she duly flexed for me. “Orrrrr!” she moaned louder and louder which really turned me on and made me worship her all the more. I had tried this with my wife but she stopped me telling me that it was perverted but my mother enjoyed it. I wanted to make her cum so hard and so loud that all the neigbours would wonder what new fancy man my mother had found. I looked up over her ribbed stomach and huge dangling boobs as she threw back her head and moaned while rubbing her slick wet clit furiously back and forth all over my nose and mouth. Boy did she cum! she came so hard all over my face that she slimed it good and proper. She left me with such a raging erection that I somehow managed to push her down onto the sofa and spread her legs before driving my rod deep inside her then pumped away like crazy. I just couldn’t stop myself, I was so worked up that I drilled into my mother’s hot sweaty love box like a man possessed. “Oh yes Samuel, that’s right. Give mummy what she really needs” she moaned in ecstasy. Any inhibitions I may have had fled as I pumped away at that powerfully built body, the sensations overwhealming me with pure lust. I just wanted her so much that I just kept on going, hammering her like a non-stop sex machine until I saw mum flex her huge peaked right bicep. I just shot an absolutely enormous load inside her which triggered another noisy orgasm from my mother. As we collapsed into each other’s arms, the guilt came back at what we had just done.

“It’s alright Samuel” mum said stroking my face gently. “If Adam and Eve only had sons, who were the mothers of their grandchildren?” she pondered. She always had a wonderful way of looking at things. “The Bible does not say ‘Thou Shalt not have carnal knowledge of your mother’ as one of the 10 commandments” she added. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her and how much I loved her for building this amazing body for me and letting me worship it but my jaw was still locked. She absent-mindedly began stroking my limp dick. “I’m too old to date and find a new husband, Samuel” she said “Stay with me son, make mummy a happy old woman”. Oh yes, that would be heavenly living with a real muscle woman. I was surprised to find my dick begin to stiffen so soon after cumming and mum took that as my saying yes. I won’t bore you with what happened next but all I will say is that I soon discovered what a highly sexed woman my mother was and how her powerful body just got me hard time after time. Her stamina was unbelievable and by the time I was so completely spent that I couldn’t get it up again, I knew that she could have gone on for a lot longer. I remembered what she had said about wearing out her previous husbands and no realised that she hadn’t been joking, they couldn’t have had a chance. We cuddled up in the same bed that night; I kissed her gently and fell into a deep contended sleep knowing that things would never be the same again. Our relationship had changed, to my mind for the better; no longer just mother and son, but lovers and I surprised myself that I had no problems with that at all.

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