Emma (JP#07)

Man finds romance and Judo with the busty girl next doorAnother character from the original series. Emma is based upon a security  guard/receptionist that I knew (yes really). I wrote in some of my experiences and tried to make it a bit more romantic

(c)JIM P 2013

My name is Jimmy and I had just moved into my first property at 21 after living in digs in the town where I got my first job with an IT firm after leaving uni. That town was too expensive for me so I got a mortgage for a first floor maisonette in a small market town about 10 miles further up the main road. Set in a small T-shaped court off a road close to the railway station, it was in a row of two-up two-down houses containing 8 maisonettes in each block, each with their own front door. I was second from the end and entering my front door you go up a flight of stairs and into a square shaped living/dining room with three wide adjacent windows that looked out over the resident’s car park. From this room you walked into a small hall with a long built-in wardrobe on one side and doors to a small bathroom with no windows, bedroom and a very narrow kitchen. At first I was very happy there, able to do my own thing free from the smothering influece of my parents who were a good hour and a half away on the west side of London. It was only a 20 minute drive to work in my car, a second hand snazzy bright yellow Ford with go-faster black stripes. Although the train station was just around the corner, the trains there only went south to London or north to Scotland. To get to work meant changing lines at a station further down the track. It was quicker to drive and cheaper too.

There was however one dark cloud. Having moved away from home and being rather shy and lacking in self-confidence, I found it hard to make new friends. There weren’t that many guys my age at work and the few girls were ‘spoken for’. I tried hanging out at a few local clubs but the only people who bothered to talk to me were much older so I soon gave that up. To be honest at most times I was happy enough with my own company in my free time and having the freedom of my own place meant that I could watch videos of women beating up guys using martial arts or women bodybuilders which was my secret perversion. But above all else I came to realise that what I really wanted was a girlfriend, a bit of female company someone to kiss and cuddle, to get romantic with. The more I thought about it, the more depressed I got that I couldn’t meet anyone. Then one weekend while cleaning my car I became aware of the girl who lived in the downstairs maisonette next door to mine.

I was cleaning away when suddenly I was confronted by a very tight blue top stretched over an absolutely enormously wide ski-slope of a chest, huge wide and low slung stack with nipples jutting out. The front of this awesome package stuck out quite some distance from an otherwise slim body. The sheer size and contrast caused a rapid stiffness in my groin and I found myself unable to tear my eyes away. “That’s right, give it a good clean” a sweet girlish voice said with a light-hearted chuckle. I forced myself to look up to see a very cute looking young woman who seemed about my age. “Hi, I’m Emma. I’m in the downstairs maisonette next door” she introduced herself in a chirpy manner. “Jimmy” I replied not knowing what else to say. She is really very cute looking with a small face framed by a big cloud of jet black hair which comes down to her shoulders. Her hair was really very big in a sort of punk/goth style which matched the dark eyeliner and mascara around her eyes with big dark brown irises and wide pupils that you could drown in surrounded by long luscious lashes. Below this were a small cute stubby nose and a small mouth smiling sweetly with lips wearing an almost black shade of lipstick. Her sweet youthful elfin face smiled in a warm friendly manner yet my eyes kept trying to slip to that absolutely massive bust. I thought I’d seen some well-endowed women before in my life but nothing like this for Emma was carrying a truly huge package on her chest. It was very wide and sloped forwards dramatically coming out quite a way in front of her stomach. On any woman that would have been eye-catching enough but the fact that she was quite petite, perhaps 5 feet 3 at most with a slight medium build, the effect was stunning and irresistible. An instant boner sprang in my pants that got steadily stiffer by the second while my balls got tighter. I wasn’t very good with women and that bust just made it worst. I couldn’t think of anything clever to say and just stood there and smiled at her with my dick painfully pressing against the inside of my trousers. As she walked away, I cursed myself for being so useless with women and not one of those guys who can chat with a woman he’s never met before and pull her within 5 minutes then probably dump her a week later.

As it happened, I got to see Emma leave for work each weekday from my first floor window, looking very hot in a crisp smart security guard uniform, which surprised me somewhat. That’s when I noticed that she had rather large shapely calves. Not muscled but wonderfully shaped from slim ankles curving up and out into dramatically wide rounded calves that looked firm but showed no overt signs of muscle. They were like inverted bowling pins looking sexy in sheer black nylon. Even with her charcoal black jacket buttoned up over a white blouse and small black tie, it didn’t hide her enormous top heavy stack. Knowing when she left each morning, I made sure I was going to my car at the same time so that we would meet. Thus it became a regular habit of saying hello and exchanging a few friendly words and smiling at each other. Although I still never seem to find the right words, my clumsy attempts did reveal that she worked for a security firm and prevously at a nearby airfield that was the centre of some scandal [JIMP#11]. I assumed that she worked in some kind of receptionist role. Maybe that was a bit sexiest but I couldn’t imagine her getting physical with someone, she seemed too cute and softly spoken for one thing and surely those huge breasts would make it impossible for her to chase after anyone. Sorry to say that this remained the state of our relationship for several months. I really didn’t think she’d be interested in me and assumed that she had a boyfriend although I never saw any guys hanging around with her or girls for that matter. Sometimes I tried to have more of an interesting chat but that huge frontage made my cock instantly stiff which seemed to make my brain freeze up.

Increasingly I began to get quite depressed and lonely especially at weekends yet the occasional glimpse of Emma’s cheery pretty face would brighten me up and the sight of her over-endowed pneumatic chest would keep me tongue-tied with a rock-hard erection. Things came to a head one particular Sunday. I was so lonely and peed off that I actually got up the courage to go next door desperate for some company. Trembling with nerves I struggled to put one foot in front of the other as I approached her door. I stood there for a few moments thinking this was silly and I should go back before I got up the bottle to press her door bell. As I stand there waiting for Emma to answer the door, I planned what I was going to say in my mind but as soon as the door opened all the words fled my brain at the amazing sight that greets my eyes. My mouth turned dry at the sight of the cute goth-punk girl dressed in a full gi. There was no mistaking it, this wasn’t a white kimono-style dressing-gown, it was the real thing, a white wrap-around jacket made of some thick rough material that followed the lines of her bust like a wide ski-slope with long loose sleeves and tied off around the waist with a thick black belt. The edges of the wraparound were quilted and the jacket hung to about mid-thigh which made me certain that her discipline was Judo or Ju-jitsu. Below the jacket Emma wore white gi slacks with bare dainty feet. I was so gobsmacked that I just stood there like an idiot, dumbfounded with a rapidly hardening bulge at the front of my trousers and this time not just due to her bust. Emma looked like someone straight out of my fantasies except that she was way cuter and far more buxom. Emma broke the awkward silence. “Oh I’m ever so sorry, you must feel really intimidated with me dressed like this” she sounded friendly and understanding. “I’ll go and change into something else and be right back, just wait here” she added. I suddenly found my voice as she turned to go back inside. “No, no, it’s fine. I like it” I said in a hurry, hoping that I didn’t sound too eager.

Emma turned back to me still standing in the doorway with a lovely smile upon her small face framed by her big black hair. To my surprise she pulled me gently inside by the hand and closed the door then pressed herself right against me backing me up against the wall. Because she is much so shorter than me, her huge stack beneath her gi jacket presses against my stomach, a strange squishy yet firm sensation that has my dick aching. Her face looks up at me, so close and so appealingly cute that I just want to take her in my arms and kiss her but the gi and the black belt tells me that would be a big mistake. I found some courage and said “I, I, wondered whether you were doing anything and er would like to spend some time together or something”. My voice trailed off getting weaker feeling blustered and embarrassed. She was still pressing her stunning top-heavy body against me. The feel of those huge breasts pressing against my stomach drove my senses wild. “Sure” she replied with a smile surprising me. “As long as you don’t mind being on your back most of the time looking up at the ceiling” she added with a chuckle. “I was doing some judo exercises and could do with someone to help me practice. You could be my practice dummy? I promise to be gentle with you and won’t hurt you, well not too much” she said then laughed. “I’m only joking, I’ll go and change”. It was like a dream come true. “Please I’d love to be your Judo dummy. I want you to show me your Judo” I said, sounding too keen to my ears. Emma’s eyes widen in surprise then studied my face for a moment with her deep brown eyes. “OK but are you sure you don’t feel intimated?” she said. This petite young woman is totally gorgeous and so cute, yes I felt a bit nervous seeing her in a gi with a black belt but was totally turned-on and excited at the same time. I really wanted this but didn’t want to scare her off by seeming too keen. “Well maybe a bit but you look really exciting dressed like that. I didn’t know you were into martial arts, I thought you worked in reception or something” I replied still quite nervous at this unexpected development. Emma smiled and pressed her pneumatically upholstered body even closer causing that big white package to squash up against me. “I do but I still need to stop wrong-uns from coming in” she told me with a smile.

Her small elfin face moved towards mine stretching her neck and standing on her toes. Speaking seductively with a naughty twinkle in her eye she told me “I’ve done Judo ever since I was a child”. Then with a soft rather seductive low voice with looking up at me in a very sexy manner which set my pulse racing added “Fancy your chances, Jimmy?” I’m shocked by how strong this gorgeous petite super-endowed girl is coming onto me. In my dreams I had always fantasised that something like this would happen to make up for my shyness but I’d never expected it to become real. My dick was like a rod of steel trying to break out of my pants. Pressed right against my body, Emma felt it. “Ooh what’s that in your pocket?” She chuckled pressing herself really close as much as her massive boobs would allow. Of course I was aghast with embarrassment. “Oh don’t be shy, Jimmy” Emma cooed brushing my blushing cheek gently with her hand. “I like you, I really do. You seem a nice decent guy unlike some of the creeps I’ve dated before” she told me softly. She smiled as she pulled away from me and stood in front of me without crowding me. “It’s alright, Jimmy. You don’t have to do the Judo thing” she said in a more normal voice. I thought I detected a trace of disappointment. “Please I really want to” I quickly spoke up. That made her smile. “So do I” she replied quietly “so do I”.

Emma led me through into her living area which was a bit larger than mine since there was no staircase. The middle of floor was clear except for a large blue rubber mat. As she stood to face me dressed in her gi, she must have caught the slight look of disappointment on my face. “What is it? Having second thoughts” she asked with concern. “No, it’s just that..well, that outfit isn’t very feminine” I admitted. Emma looked crestfallen so I added quickly “Well except for the top bit, that er clearly shows that you are a woman”. She gave a warm smile that turned saucy. “What you mean because I got big tits” she replied and we both laughed. “Well that’s easily fixed” she said then proceeded to remove her gi pants. “Wow nice legs” I gasp in appreciation at the sight of her short but shapely legs especially her large well-shaped meaty calves. “You’d better watch out. They’re stronger than they look” she chuckled. Now that she had mentioned it, her legs were quite thick and firm, not in an unattractive way, although without any obvious signs of muscle. That was another of my fetishes, dreaming about being scissored by a woman but what with the big breasts and Judo that was surely too much to hope for from this little punky/goth bundle of perky female sprightliness. Emma’s hands went to the front of her gi jacket and pulled the edges apart into a plunging V neck giving a glimpse of the bare flesh of her massive melons and no sign of a bra. “Feminine enough for you?” she asked cheekily fully aware of the strong rampant lurches in my trousers and giggling naughtily at the reaction.

“Come on Jimmy, let’s try a real-life scenario” she told me. “Pretend you are on a crowded train and there is standing room only. Come on do it” she urged. I did as she asked, pretending to stand in a packed carriage swaying back and forth with the movement of the train. “Oh this is a busy train. I’ll have to squeeze in here and stand in front of this bloke” she says. She stood very close to me wedging herself in with her back to me so close that our bodies were touching. Because of her height the bulge in my trousers was pressing into the small of her back with a magnificent view over her shoulders down the front of her jacket, right down that magnificent long valley with its deep cleavage and firm large breasts like two rounded torpedoes. Each bump of the pretend train made her boobs jiggle in the most sensual manner and also pressed her back against my erection. That just stimulated me more and more until I couldn’t stand it anymore and losing my self-control I slipped my hands over her arms and reached out and downloads to cup the sexy low hanging wide shelf and took a good hold. “Phroar darling how abat coming to my place for a bit” I put on a phony cockney as I lifted them up surprised by how hefty they were and gave them a good squeeze. Phroar! I was really enjoying this until my little finger was bent back sharply while Emma grasped my wrist with her other hand which she began bending back as well. Moving to my side, she pulled my arm backwards across her voluminous chest while sticking her other arm held straight with her forearm pressing up under my chin and levering it up using my shoulder as a pivot point. “I could snap your arm and break your neck you filthy groper” she told me. “Argh argh!” I yelped in pain, stunned by how easily the petite cutey had immobilised me. My dick was no less hard for it. She stopped trying to prise my skull off and faced me while totally controlling me with one hand bending back my hand and forcing me slowly and with great pain in my wrist to get lower and lower until I was crouching down before her writhing in pain fearing my wrist would snap at any moment. Being level with her dramatic cleavage was a sexy reminder of her feminity but didn’t lessen the agony. She looked totally dominant in that gi top and black belt as she calmly forced me ever lower to my knees with great confidence until she stepped over my arm and pulled it back sharply against the inside of her knee.

“Argh” I cried as my arm tried to bend the wrong way threatening to snap. “Argh argh!” I yelped. Emma just kept me there grovelling at her feet looking down at me with a cold look of pure dominance and a chilling smile of superiority then she just said one word that set my dick beating on its own inside my pants, “Beg!” “Argh please let me go, I’m sorry I’m sorry” I cried writhing in agony in her wrist lock and armbar. “Argh please I’m sorry” I begged no longer acting but begging for real. To my astonishment, Emma used the armbar to keep me kneeling while she crouched and pressed my face right up beneath her gi jacket and rubbed her knickers all over my face in a very erotic manner that had my dick at bursting point. But before it did she let my arm go and stepped back. “Oh I’m so sorry” She apologised with concern. “I got a bit carried away “are you alright?” she asked. “Yes, fine” I panted rubbing my arm and trying to stretch out the kinks. “Perhaps that’s enough Judo for One day” she said.
“No, please” I begged. Emma looked so hot in that gi top that I wanted some more “Let me try again. I really want to”. Emma seemed pleased “Wow. OK then back on the train”. The edges of her gi jacket are still pulled apart to expose quite a bit of cleavage and the wicked thought crossed my mind that it wouldn’t take much of a tug to completely expose them. “What are you thinking?” Emma asked. “I ur I was just wondering who this gorgeous girl was getting onto this crowded train” I replied. “That’s OK then” she said “I thought you were gawping at my tits again”. I felt my face flush as she took her place facing me and shuffling very close until the tips of her chest were lightly brushing my stomach. “It’s very packed this morning isn’t it?” Emma remarked with a smile. She was so short compared to me that I am looking down at her cute upturned face, my eyes uncontrollable slipping to the open front of her gi jacket. The low-hanging long rounded fleshy torpedoes, tantalised my erection with the glimpse of her deep cleavage and the inside edges of the bottom of her breasts curving away on either side, clearly bra-less as the beauties disappeared beneath her gi top.

I forced myself to try to look away until Emma said “It’s alright mister, you can look. I don’t mind. I’m used to it”. So I smiled back at her face but my eyes were drawn by that swaying bust as it moved back and forth rocking with the pretend motion of the train. At first her bust gently brushes my stomach but then slowly swung closer and closer as she emulated the movement within the carriage. It was mesmerising and I just couldn’t avert my eyes with my erection getting harder and harder while my balls got tighter. “It doesn’t take long to get the desired reaction” Emma murmured then she moved so close that her breasts were pressing against me, all squashed up and rising into glorious hemispheres of womanhood driving my dick so hard that I thought I was about to blow. I probably would have if she hadn’t moved back just in time. “Do you want to come around for a drink at my place?” she asked. “Oh yes please” I gasped, so far under her influence that I couldn’t refuse. “That’s how easy it is to ensnare a man” she told me with a smile.

Unfortunately I was so aroused that I lost self-control and couldn’t stop myself reaching out with both hands grabbing the front of her white wrap-around top and trying to rip it wide open. I’d thought she’d try and grab my hands to stop me but instead Emma brought her arms up inside of mine and grabbed the front of my shirt with her arms crossed. Before I realised what she was doing, she had turned her side against me. Thrusting her hip against the top of my thighs while pulling on my shirt and leaning away. I sort of bumped into her hip and tripped over the top of her leg. In alarm I felt my feet leave the floor and the room spin as I was tossed over her hip in a controlled manner before my back slammed into the blue mat. BAM! One moment I had been standing, the next I was flat on my back looking up at the ceiling. I realised with shock that cute little Emma had actually thrown me. That black belt wasn’t just for show; she really was a Judo expert.

“Arghh!” I groaned as Emma planted a foot on my belly while leaning forward over me, her hands still crossed over and holding onto the front of my shirt. Maybe I had partially succeeded in my efforts or more likely it was just the sheer weight of them but her massive breasts were dangling out of the front of her top. I couldn’t stop gawping at them. “You bad man” she scolded “Couldn’t wait until I got you home before I had to teach you a lesson”. With that she pulled the top of my shirt with each hand causing the neck of the material to tighten around my neck like a tourniquet. “Grkk!” I croaked as she strangled me with my own shirt. I tugged at her small hands trying to stop her as she began to wring the life out of me but she had a grip like steel. “I’ve a good mind to choke you out for being such a pervy passenger” she told me off in a stern tone while my head began to swim and my eyes went all wierd. It was then that I realised with alarm that she was using the tight neck of my shirt to cut off the blood to my brain and I began to panic, slapping at her hands frantically.

That’s when Emma let go off my shirt with her right hand and raised it with the fingers straight like a blade. In an instant I knew what was going to happen and it frightened me. A flash of motion and her open hand slashed down upon the side of my neck. The hard chop made my body shake like it had received an electric shock. In that moment of incapacitation, Emma grabbed my right wrist and pivoted off my body onto the floor by my side and applied an arm-bar, pulling my arm back straight between her legs which she had swung around so that her feet captured my head. Her right foot pressed against my forehead while the left lodged beneath my chin pressing my jaw back. She may have had dainty feet but it was like being in some sort of head-clamp. “Arkk!” I yelped as she pulled my arm back the wrong way while her small feet restrained my head. Any remaining doubts about her Judo skills vanished, she was a skilled fighter and I had no doubt that she could badly kick my ass if she wanted to. “Arggh!” I cried again as she needlessly worked the arm-bar to emphasise that she’d owned me while keeping my head locked with her bare feet. There was little I could do except thrash around my legs anything more resulted in the punk/goth cutie stressing my arm so much that it had me yelping in pain and knowing that she could break it with ease. All I could do was writhe in agony, while all the time her lovely dainty feet kept my head clamped tight.

“Still think that I’m just a receptionist, Jimmy? A mere bit of female decoration” Emma taunted, chuckling at my helplessness. I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw that the white top was now draped loosely over her massive orbs, the gap in the middle exposing a huge amount of beautifully shaped breast. “Big aren’t they Jimmy? But I’m more than a match for any man who tries to help himself to them” she told me. “I can do whatever I want to you and there is nothing that you can do about it” she added. I yelped once more as Emma bent my arm back over her left thigh and held it in place with just one hand. “No please!” I begged as the girl raised her right hand into the air, open-palmed. I tried to wriggle out but my arm was still painfully stressed and my head framed firm by her feet. That small creamy white hand slashed down in a frightening blur. “Hai!” the unexpected sudden shout made me jump as the side of her hand chopped my sternum. “Urgh!” my body jerked with the shock which upset my breathing and left me partially winded.

Emma didn’t wait for me to recover, her legs slid forward, one sliding beneath my head and the other over the top of my neck. Within a second I found myself in a figure 4 head-scissors with my throat tight into the crook of her bare leg with a big meaty calve draped over the side. The busty girl re-applied the arm-bar but this time pressing down on my arm forcing my throat so tight into the underside of her knee that I was choking. “Grkk!” I croaked unable even to beg for mercy while the cute faced buxom girl kept me subdued. “Go on, get out of that Jimmy” she taunted “Make me break a sweat”. I couldn’t, her big shapely calve seemed welded to the side of my neck. “Oh poor Jimmy, is the little girl with big tits kicking your ass?” She taunted as she maintained the arm-bar/foot-choke until I began to feel woozy. That such a cute little thing like her could dominate me so utterly had the tent in my trousers throbbing. The feel of the soft skin of her lovely legs around my neck felt so good that I stroked then with my free hand. “Wow Jimmy! By the look of that thing twitching in your trousers I think you like it a little bit too much” she said with a saucy laugh. “Obviously I must punish you harder” she added.

I was almost out of it when Emma let go of my arm and released my neck then knelt by my side while I lay there knackered. “Oh come on, I wasn’t that rough” Emma told me. Straddling my waist she grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me up into a sitting position with my eyes level with her chest. I could scarcely believe my eyes for her top was now completely undone barely held together by the black belt. The edges of the wrap-around hung down around the outside of the big orbs exposing her nipples leaving me staring in open lust. “Is that all you want me for Jimmy? My big tits” she asked. “No” I gasped but she didn’t let me finish. “Then you’ve got them” with that she shoved me down and her short legs interlaced with mine and with a strength that I never expected pulled them wide apart into a grapevine press. “I told you they were strong” she said smugly as she adjusted her position to move further up my body while keeping my legs apart with her feet close to the inside of my knees. Laying along my torso she grabbed my hands at the wrists then wrapped her arms behind my head while holding onto my wrists as a massive dangling double wall of breast plunged towards my face. “Mmmm mmmm!” my head was completely engulfed by the huge fleshy pillows which squished down spreading out all around me as my face plunged through the warm dark mass to her hard chest at the base of those big suffocating boobs.

Those young firm boobs were so big and heavy that their weight alone could suffocate a man but coupled with her arms locked behind my head keeping it firmly in place while her short but strong legs immobilised mine made them inescapable. “Mmmmm mmmm!” I protested into that deep warm smothering valley. “Oh yes, they’re deadly weapons all right” I heard her laugh. “And they are perfectly natural. A rear pair of heavies that could put you away for good” with that I gasped as I felt increased power stretch my legs wider apart than was comfortable while the arms around my head held me firm. Once again I found myself completely helpless with the combat skills of the buxom petite cutie as her breasts starved me of air and the power of her dominance kept my dick hard. “How does it feel to be dominated by the very things you fancy?” she asked. “Mmmmm!” barely a snatch of air was possible through the mounds covering my nose and mouth yet the strength of her legs keeping my legs splayed maintained my erection. She must have looked noticed it. “Oh Jimmy, still so hard. Orrrr that really makes me horny” I heard her moan and with that she released my head allowing me to drink down precious air. Emma raised her front end upon her arms then slid back slightly so that her crotch was pressing against my bulge while still keeping my legs splayed with hers. To my amazement she began to thrust her crotch back and forth over my rod with those big danglers battering me in the face. “How do you like my man traps, Jimmy?” she asked in a breathy voice as she continued to thrust back and forth. Each thrust of her crotch had me grimacing with the pain it enduced in my leg sockets and the hard battering of her breasts smacking me in the face. “Oh yes, this is so much better than working out alone” she gasped while building a strong momentum that kept me in agony while building up her pleasure. If it hadn’t been for the pain in the tendons at the top of my inner thighs, I’m sure I would have blown my wad sooner. As it was Emma continued to stroke herself back and forth against my package in a regular rhythm until she suddenly began to breathe heavily. Picking up speed she began thrusting like a wild woman causing me to shriek with pain as she battered my leg sockets while moaning and groan until she came in a quiet moan and whimper of pleasure which caused me to dump a huge sticky load of embarressment into my pants
I came out of the bathroom after cleaning myself up to find lovely little Emma standing in the living area looking sheepish. She had belted up her top but it was still quite loose and exposed a lot of cleavage. “I’m terribly sorry about that, Jimmy. I thought I’d better make it up to you” she told me then glanced down where I found her legs now sheathed in sheer black nylon. “I thought you would find pantyhose sexier” she said looking bashful. “Wow, yes, very nice er thank you” I stammered lost for words. The sheen of the nylons certainly made her legs even more appealing. “That is assuming that you wanted more Judo, you certainly seemed to have quite enjoyed it” she said with a saucy little smile glancing at my groin. “Er yes of course” I replied. She gave a wide smile at that which lit up her pretty little face.

“In Judo we begin by bowing formally to each other to show respect” she explained then proceeded to do so and I copied. The front of her jacket fell forwards as the big heavy contents dropped down presenting a wide wall of chest with a tantalising view of a long deep cleavage. “Oh Jimmy” Emma sighed theatrically “If you want them, you’ll have to work for it”. Emma’s expression changed becoming coy with a cheeky smile as she seductively slunk towards me and began running a hand up and down the front of my chest while looking at me with bedroom eyes. “Maybe you’d prefer a little smooch on the sofa?” she asked sensually. She looked so sweet and appealing that I almost failed to notice her other hand seize the sleeve beneath my right elbow. A slight change in expression alerted me as she also grabbed the front of my shirt. She was about to throw me but I pulled back quickly while grabbing her right forearm and left upper arm. Emma smiled with approval as gently at first then more forcibly I began tugging trying to unbalance the little buxom girl and pull her over except that she was too skilled for that and resisted me. Face to face we moved around the mat tussling and tugging at each other. It was exciting and exhilarating knowing that I was grappling with a cute female Judo expert and surprisingly I managed to counter her attempts to turn her side into me to throw me or trip me up. Although I suspected that she was toying with me and could have thrown me at any moment. “That’s it Jimmy. Make me work for it” she encouraged me. We continued to grapple like that with Emma’s attempts to throw or trip me becoming more forceful and more frequent.

It was in one of those moments when I had hold of her jacket at the left shoulder when I stepped back quickly to avoid being tripped. The white fabric suddenly slipped clear down to the middle of her left arm exposing not only a lovely bare shoulder but also her entire left breast. The sight was all the distraction she needed for she gave me a hard shove pushing me away from her then just as suddenly pulled me back. Turning her hip into me a moment before I bumped into her, my arm was whipped over her shoulder as she bent sharply forward. A brief moment of contact of my groin against her lower back then I was swept off my feet with my body rotating over her back and tilting towards the floor before falling over her shoulder and sent plummeting towards the floor. BAM!

I was on my back looking up at Emma’s small cute face surrounded by a mass of big hair standing over me holding my arm. The view from the floor emphasised her enormous rack and her short shapely legs were sensational in pantyhose. “Enjoying the view?” she asked then tucked my arm beneath the crook of her left arm sliding her forearm underneath while pressing against my elbow. This forced me onto my side looking away from her. I felt her other hand grasp my lower arm and begin to pull it just as a thigh pressed at the back of my arm. “Argh!” I yelped as my arm was forced straight then stressed with opposing forces. “Oh God!” I screamed as Emma pushed the top of her thigh against the back of my arm until it felt it would snap. “Please no!” I begged but Emma cruelly poured it on for a few more agonising seconds. Without let up, a foot and calve stepped in front of my face. Slim dainty ankles flared out dramatically to an extremely wide yet smoothly rounded calve head. It positioned itself so that my neck was against the lovely curve just above the ankle. “Some men like the feel of nylon against their skin” Emma purred as she kept me in place with the arm-bar. Yes, the soft sleek feel of her stuffed pantyhose felt good against my neck. “Grkk!” I croaked as she pulled on my arm so hard that my head and shoulder left the floor driving my throat hard against the bottom of that firm shapely object. That calve was a lot harder than my neck and it sunk in tight choking me. “Urkk!” as my legs writhed in agony I could scarcely believe that Emma was dominating me with that large beautiful calve. “Does that feel good, Jimmy?” she taunted as she choked me.

With a terrifying surge upon my arm, my neck slid all the way up that amazing inverted bowling pin shape until it slipped into the crook of her leg which she closed like a steel trap by bending her knee. That’s when she really powered down like nothing I’d ever felt before. Pulling back on my arm so hard that my neck was crushed into the back of her bent nylon clad knee, I croaked as an incredibly firm strong female leg moulded itself so tight closing my airways like crushing a straw. “Kkk!” panicking to breathe, I tried a few futile slaps against her shin with my free hand while my eyes bulged and my face turned red. “Kkk kkkk!” my head was absolutely spinning. The knowledge that such a cute feminine looking girl could put me away with her leg like this was both scary and incredibly cock-stiffening. Deprived of the power to breathe, my eyes felt heavy, the lids flickering uncontrollably.

“Oh no you don’t” I heard Emma’s voice as the strain on my arm relaxed and with a whimper my head slid down the back of her well-shaped calve to the mat. “That’s what Judo is all about” her sweet voice lectured while I lay panting on my side as her foot moved behind me once more. “Keeping a man subdued while moving from one hold to another to show him whose boss” she added and with that she forced me down onto my back with a subtle twist of that terrible joint-lock. “Believe me, I’m the type of girl who can make a man suffer for a very long time indeed” she added, keeping my arm tensed with her forearm pressing up from below while my upper arm was snug beneath her armpit.

“Let me show you how” with that her right leg knelt upon the side of my stomach. “Do you think I have nice legs?” she asked. “Beautiful” I gasped as I gazed along the short but lovely nylon clad folded leg. Before I could say any more Emma slapped her right hand just below my shoulder and began pressing down while at the same time pushing in the opposite direction with the forearm behind my elbow. As if that wasn’t enough the bottom of her leg pressed down against my gut sinking right in making it hard to breathe properly. “Are my fighting skills too superior for you Jimmy?” her soft girlish voice asked. A sharp pressure from a lovely nylon-clad knee and a slight increase of pressure against my elbow arm had me squealing “Yes, Yes, argh”. “Am I kicking your ass?” “Yes yes” I yelped again with a slight move of her forearm. “Wimper” she said coldly with such a dominant attitude that my cock went rigid. I’m not into whips and chains or S&M but being physically restrained by a petite young woman with a pretty face and large breasts while wearing a gi top and sexy pantyhose was a potent turn-on. I whimpered for real, my arm tormented as I tried to writhe on the floor in vain, every movement sending shards of sheer agony through my elbow. Emma was really letting me have it, without mercy demonstrating how easily she could control me. Totally dominating me in a joint lock, she prolonged the agony as I bathed in her superiority while at the same time getting seriously turned-on. “Do you think I’m sexy?” she asked after a long period of silence while she kept me locked in pain. “Yes yes” I shrieked in agony at the merest twitch of her forearm. “Do you like me kicking your ass?” she asked. I must have paused for too long because she stressed my elbow hard sending me into shrieks of pain with tears rolling down my cheeks. “Yes yes”.

With relief she moved off my gut and the pressure eased on my arm. “I know lots of ways to work an arm-lock, Jimmy” she informed me “and there is nothing that you can do to stop me”. Before I could protest, her other knee knelt upon the side of my head squashing my ear painfully as she snapped on more bone-straining torture upon my arm joints that had me screaming. Thankfully that only lasted a few moments before she swung herself over my body and sat on my chest with my arm still firmly trapped in the crook of her arm. “Oh Jimmy, you’ll scare the neighbours screaming like that” she scolded with a teasing smile. “This is better isn’t it? Now I can watch your face while you suffer” she taunted. “Let go of my arm” I told her firmly and used my free hand to slap at her arm but to my horror Emma scooped it beneath her other armpit and locked it up the same way. “That wasn’t very clever, Jimmy. Now I have both of your arms to play with” she said with a smile. I felt like a right idiot, completely helpless as she sat on top of my chest with each arm interlaced with one of hers with a forearm stressing each elbow.

With my arms trapped, Emma slid off my chest to the floor and leant across my side. “That leaves me free to use my legs which you said were sexy” she told me. I watched helplessly as a leg rose into the air, bent at the knee, and a nylon-covered foot swung over my face and planted the heel right upon my mouth. “Kiss it, Jimmy” she demanded. I wasn’t into that kind of thing and shook my head from side to side to escape the taste of nylon in my mouth. That only resulted in Emma hooking the foot over the side of my face with the big calve pressing down upon my mouth. “Kiss it or I’ll flex it and break your face” she warned with an increase of strain upon my arms. The calve felt steely-hard encased in soft nylon as it squashed my lips and feeling subjucated I kissed it as best I could. “Good. Now feel it caressing a jaw it could snap in an instant” she said softly as with a sensual rasp of sheer nylon the big hard mass slid back and forth against my jawline. I tried to struggle, turn my head away but that calve just hooked over the side of my neck, it’s sheer weight stopping me in an instant. “You’re not going anywhere, Jimmy” She told me with a chuckle “Not until I let you”. It was true, I felt trussed up like a chicken in a basket, totally powerless to escape. “Do you want to be my boyfriend, Jimmy?” she asked softly. “Yes” I gasped with no hesitation. “I thought so. Well you going to have to get to use to a lot of this kind of stuff” she told me “I like to have a good Judo workout on Sundays”.

“Now it’s time to take things up another notch” she informed me. Suddenly she bent her knee sharp and I found my throat wedged exceptionally tight in the crook of her leg. The big hard rounded calve pressed against one side of my neck and jaw like a stone cannonball covered in nylon while the strong swell of her hamstrings did the same on the other. I imagined this is what a walnut feels like in the apex of the nutcracker as the two arms fold down to crush it. She said another of those chilling single words “Suffer”. That sent my dick beating; it was so sexy, so dominant for such a cute face young woman to be saying. Yet suffer I did as Emma leant back raising her elbows straining my arms. “Nnnarghh!” I cried out as my neck was pulled even further against the tight hard unyielding underside of her bent leg and pantyhose. Utterly powerless to resist, I could only lie there suffering while Emma kept that hold going for what seemed forever while my dong twitched like crazy in my pants and once more the cute little buxom woman choked me slowly with her leg.
Laying helpless upon the floor, I found myself totally incapacitated unable to fight back or resist or do anything with both arms immobilised and my neck being choked in the crook of Emma’s lovely nylon-clad leg. I could feel my face turn red as I screwed up my eyes and clenched my teeth trying to ride out the mind-numbing arm-bending agony. Suddenly Emma threw down my arms and slid back her leg leaving me a panting aching wreck on the floor. Slowly as I regained my senses, I became aware that Emma was standing over me. Looking up along her pantyhose covered legs and the bottom of her gi top, her massive shelf of chest obscured her face. The white edges of the top clung precariously from her immense orbs, open wide. In between I gawped in yearning at the underside of two fleshy orbs curving sensuously to meet in a glorious cleavage. Emma noticed and pulled the edges of the top loosely together.

“That’s quite enough Judo for you for one day” she said. I felt disappointment. “No, please Emma. I can do this, give me another chance, please” I begged. “You need to give your arm a rest before we do anything like that again”. Had I failed to act like a man in some way? Was she never going to want to see me again? I quickly got to my feet and faced her. No I wasn’t going to be fobbed off like this, I knew what she meant – that was enough Judo for me and she never wanted to see me again. “Please Emma, give me another chance. Just, er, just lay off anymore armlocks” I pleaded desperate to prove myself worthy. “I don’t know Jimmy” she pondered but I didn’t let her finish. I rushed at the petite young woman putting on my tough east end gangster voice “Oi darling wot you got packed under there. Giveus butchers” I hollered then grabbed the front of her white wrap-around and gave the edges a good tug in opposite directions.

Emma’s reaction was instant, grabbing my shirt collar with both hands, her nylon-sheathed knee shot up chest high as she planted her foot in my gut then hurled herself backwards falling rapidly towards the floor pulling me down with her. As soon as her back hit the mat, I found myself impaled upon the leg as it whipped forwards towards her head carrying me above her body. I was shocked by the sheer force that sent me hurtling away at great speed through the air to the other end of the mat. BLAM! I landed heavily on my back, knocking the wind out of me. What an awesome stomach throw! I had always thought that was the sexiest throw a woman could do to a man and she’d just done it to me. My dick rigidly saluted her. I wanted more of that sort of thing and after recovering my breath I forced myself to my feet to find Emma long since standing there.

I put on my act “Nice party trick but it takes more than that to turn down Jimmy”. Actually I had to force myself not to look at the results of my handiwork which had significantly loosened the front of her top. “Cum ‘ere” I grunted grabbing her and pulling her forcefully towards me. Again Emma reacted instantly and pressed her side against me with her arm across the top of my chest. I felt the back of her leg at the back of mine before it suddendly kicked back, lifting my leg off the floor whereupon she pressed forwards pushing me over to fall backwards in a controlled manner. Woah! BLAM! Emma’s foot went straight between my legs and playfully pressed on the bulge in my trousers, moving it around, stimulating it, turning me on. “You’ll have to do better than that London boy” she teased, smiling with her the tops of her massive danglers exposed in the middle of her open gi top driving me wild with desire.

Again, I forced myself to my feet and faced the petite lovely with the big hair. Emma looked up at me and said “It’s not worth you getting up Jimmy because you’ll be flat on your back again in a moment”. My dick throbbed with anticipation because that is exactly the kind of treatment I wanted from this cute punk/goth Judo girl. “Big words from a little girl, Big tits too” I said openly gawping while staying in character. I rushed forwards to grab them. As quick as a flash Emma grabbed my right hand, strode to my right side, turned suddenly whipping my arm right up into the air then whipping it down in a wide forward circle. “Woah!” with a jerk, my body did a cartwheel in the air spinning over at whiplash speed before slamming once more into the mat. BLAM! I had to close my eyes to stop myself feeling sick until the room stopped spinning. When I opened them again, Emma had already dropped down close to my head.

Spinning around to face me, the little bundle of sexy energy pulled back my right arm over the inside of her thigh as it curled up on the mat trapping my forearm beneath the crook of her other leg close behind it. Leaning across the top of my chest, her face came really close to mine as her right arm slips like a noose around my neck and locks off with her other hand. “Isn’t this cozy” she purred looking down at me, so close that I could have reached out with my tongue and touched her. It was very sexy being wrapped up so close to her like this but then the side of her breast pressed against the bottom of my face making it expand like a suffocating pillow and I realised her deadly intention. Frantically I began to move my feet trying to shuffle out of the way. No chance! Emma formed a low base with her legs and just shuffled around with me keeping my right arm and neck trapped. Each time she moved, the side of that breast crept higher and higher until it was fully positioned over my mouth and nose. “Never mess with a buxom Judo woman, Jimmy” she warned “They’ve got naturally built-in deadly weapons and know how to use them” she chuckled. Of course she forced me to luxuriate in this new hold for what seemed ages while she playfully suffocated me allowing me brief gasps of air before repeating the process over and over.

That big smothering boob finally lifted from my face but before I had caught my breath, the buxom minx had ripped my shirt wide open exposing my chest then flung herself across my body scooping up my left leg with one arm while her other arm scooped my neck then with surprising strength forced my knee and head inwards towards each other in what I believe is called a scarf hold, whatever it was she had me trussed up helpless again. I was powerless to stop her as she lowered her small cute face to the side of my chest and began licking my nipple. No-one had ever done that to me before and I found the sensation so overwhelming that my dick was throbbing wildly in no time. To my disappointment she stopped and released me from her amazing hold then slid down to lie upon my legs with her breasts dangling out of her gi top over my groin. I gasped as she undid my flies and started to pull out my erection. When I tried to stop her, Emma grabbed my hand and applied a sharp wristlock that made me stop yelping and whimpering in pain. As the deep dark cleavage surrounded my erection I felt my shaft plunging through massive wobbling walls of soft warm female breast until it was enveloped completely by those dangling heavies. I gasped with pleasure as she raised and lowered them up and down my rod in a slow constant rhythm that had the tip of my throbbing dick peeping out at me from the top of her big wobbly breasts only to be swallowed up again by those massive beauties. Up and down, up and down went that big wide dangling wall of chest repeatedly devouring my dick in a way that I had never experienced before. Ohhhhh! I had never experienced anything like this before, it was a hundred times better than going one-handed and it was driving me absolutely potty with wanton desire.

Watching my dick being pumped by those huge boobs was better than any porno-film and each thrust left me harder and throbbing than the last. The constant pressure on my bent wrist a continual reminder that this cutie was a black belt and her dominance was an additional hard-on. “Oh Emma, please faster” I begged as her slow rhythm agonised me when I wanted release. I yelped again as she added more pressure to my bent wrist. “Apologise” she said coldly without a break in her slow constant boob job. “I’m sorry” I begged while she stared at me with those deep dark eyes while her boobs slowly pumped my dick to an insane hardness. Maintaining the deliberate slow constant pace, I tried in vain to ride it out as she kept me in perpetual torment wanting her to speed up to let me cum. It was no good and desperate for release I began bucking my hips until a sharp twist of the wrist forced me to stop with more yelps and whimpering of pain. “I’m in control, Jimmy” she said as her breasts continued to work and torment me “Controlling you with my tits” she chuckled. She kept me on the edge like that for what felt like well over half an hour of sexually deprived torment until I simply couldn’t take anymore and with a short burst of absolutely frantic hip bucking, exploded all over her in a massive dump between her breasts.

I collapsed panting, totally spent and shagged. “Sorry” I gasped frightened that Emma would really punish me with some brutal joint-locks. “It’s alright. You’re just a man. You didn’t stand a chance” she chuckled then stood up. She looked down at me then with a saucy smile said “Look what a mess you made!” she pretended to scold me indicating the big wad of gooey white stuff running down the centre of her boobs. “I’m going to need a shower now” she turned to leave the room but then stopped and looked back with an impish smile “I think I should make you clean me down in the shower. It’s your mess after all. Are you coming or do I have to put you in another arm-lock and force you crying and whimpering all the way to the shower?” She didn’t need to threaten me for I was up on my feet in no time.

I’ve never showered with anyone before. Let me tell you, trying to contain Emma’s big slippery whoppers while her wet soapy backside slipped and slid against me had my dick up and aching in no time. We got so caught up in heated passion that we made love right there on the bathroom floor like wild rutting animals. Afterwards we were so exhausted that all we could do was cuddle up on the sofa kissing and cuddling all afternoon. I’m so happy that I’ve met a like-minded soul-mate but I can’t wait until next Sunday to what new holds she’ll put me in, for Sunday is Judo day!

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