The Riding Instructor, Jackie & the Japanese Schoolgirl (JIMP#55)

Two teen girls and their riding instructor thwart a kidnapping attempt

Inspired by a couple of horse-riding girls I saw and my daughter’s powerfully built riding instructor
(c) JIM P 2013

As I passed the old village church, I cautiously took the left bend followed immediately by a right on the narrow road cursing our ancestors for forgetting how to build straight roads once the Romans had left, and whoever had thought it a good idea to have high hedges on English country lanes so that you can’t see if you are on a head-on collision with someone coming the other way. Usually it was those stuck-up maniacs in their smirk-mobiles doing a ton without a care in the world until BOOM tough luck moron. Approaching the dip in the road, I slowed the car down to enter the ford and let the stupid ducks get out of the way. Coming out of the rise on the other side, I pointed out the farm buildings and its entrance at the top of the high bank on the right hand side just as the road bent around to the left. Scott just looked like a gormless moron as usual. “The path is there just behind that smaller barn in front of us. It’s shielded from the larger black barn which the parents park in front of” I told him. I kept going slow as we passed the entrance so that he could get a good look and drill the layout into the thick skull of his oversized block head.

“Phoarrrrr!” the spotty freckled faced oaf moaned and I glanced his way and saw that he was staring at a couple of teenage girls who were waiting to cross the road opposite the entrance. It was going to be a hot sunny spring day so I wasn’t that surprised that they had dressed accordingly. One of them was short and quite thick set with long blonde hair in a pony tail tucked under a riding hat. She wore a long sleeveless checked shirt over tiny denim shorts. Her legs looked strong, athletic and very shapely and bare down to the knees below which she wore a pair of black knee-length riding boots. I must admit that the effect was quite sexy although I could only afford a brief glimpse as I tried to keep my eyes on the road. The other girl by her side was a slightly taller looking slim Japanese girl with a cute face and straight black hair similarly tucked beneath a riding hat. She was similarly dressed to the blonde with lovely tanned long slim legs. “Phoarr! Ted did you see that?” Scott babbled excitedly. “That cute Jap girl blew me a kiss. Phoarr! Let me out, I want to give them both a bloody good seeing to” he groaned lustfully. God the slimy creep is a right perv, I doubt he’d even know what to do if he actually had a woman.

“No I didn’t see, you moron. I was trying to keep the car on the road” I snapped back. From what I had glimpsed both girls looked around 16 whereas Scott was in his 50’s and was anything but good looking so why any girl would blow him a kiss and mean it? “Phoarr!” he groaned again, turning around in his seat to look back. “Stop that. There’s no time for that” I told him as we entered the village proper. The road was now wide and dead straight. I drove on looking out for the sign for the pub. “We’ve got to kidnap Professor Dupont’s daughter so that the boss can force him to hand over the rest of those encoded diaries” I reminded him. Actually there was more to it than that. Sir Anthony wanted to force the prof to decode the rest of the diaries but for his eyes only instead of plastering them all over some historical publication. He was certain that it led to a massive treasure hoard and was determined that it would be all his.

“That Jap girl is very pretty, really cute. Great legs too. That little blonde too, Phroarr! Turn around and go back now” Scott groaned rubbing his crotch with his grubby hands. “Stop perving over those girls and concentrate on the job in hand” I reprimanded him. I was sick of his oversized spotty freckled face with its small piggy nose, great big chubby cheeks, small girlish mouth and specs only held together with sticking plaster. He had the sort of face that you just wanted to drive your fist into and believe you me, I had to strongly resist the urge to do that on a regular basis. By the state of his glasses, which were often like this, other people had less self-control.

I pulled up just before the pub next to a footpath which went down the side of the establishment. “This is where you get off” I told him. “Why are you dropping me off here miles away from the bloody farm?” he whined. It was probably only a quarter of a mile if that. “We’ve been over the plan loads of times if you’d only paid attention” I was really pissed off with this weird perverted little sod who was so thick that the only things he thought about were his perverted thoughts about women and some weird desire for revenge upon his old school classmate, Jim Priest. Even that was connected to the former. “He stopped me getting my end away with Kim Shrubb, the bastard” he explained angrily when asked [JIMP#3]. I sighed and tried again to explain it to him, resisting the urge to use my fists to bang the message home. “This footpath goes straight out into the fields at the back of the village and meets a bridleway. That bridleway is the one that the girls use when they leave the riding school to go out trekking on the ponies because there are no roads just tracks over farm land. That means there will be no-one around to interfere when you take the girl” I told him but I know he’s not paying attention and is still thinking about those two girls. “Phoarrr girls are so hot in boots and shorts” he groans. “For f’s sake stop being a bloody pervert and focus on the job” I shout at him beginning to lose my rag and balling up my fists in frustration. I’ve lost count of the number of times that this moron had been beaten up by women that I knew of, usually targeting his balls because of his sick perversions.

“Do you really want to go back empty handed and explain to that loony nun that you lost the girl because you were perving over a couple of teenage girls showing their legs off?” I asked [JIMP#48]. “She’s quite hot looking for a nun” he mumbled but I saw his slow thought processes consider what I said and it did not like the answer. “Just grab the girl quickly and get away. Chloroform her if you have to and wear the mask so that you aren’t recognised but for Pete’s sake take it off before you return to the car, and bundle her in the sack so no-one sees her. She’s only 6 so won’t be too heavy for you. Keep out of sight and I’ll meet you behind that big barn I showed you” I told him. “Why can’t you help me with her?” he whined “What will you be doing while I’m doing all the hard work?”. “I’ll be keeping the riding instructor from riding with the little kids like she usually does” I told him, cursing his stupidity. We’d gone over this already. “Having it off with your girlfriend in the haystack while I’m doing all the hard work” Scott sneered. He really was an irritating little prick. “Jenny is not my girlfriend as you well know. I had to chat her up and befriend her so that I can keep her out of the way when the time came to do the job. Anyway it would have looked suspicious otherwise, you know a man on his own watching a load of young girls in tight jodhpurs learning to ride?” I pointed out. “Phroarr! Nothing wrong with that, you should have took me along with you” he groaned. “What and have us get arrested on the first visit as paedophiles? I needed to gain her trust so I can make sure she stays put and not go out riding with the prof’s daughter” I added. “I could have done that, Hawkins. I could have fucked the bird while you went and got the brat” he whined.

I sighed. Why did Sir Anthony make me put up with this creep? “No woman in her right mind would want to get anywhere near you. Now get out and get in position where you can ambush her” I snarled angrily, rapidly losing patience with him. I was not known for my patience but Scott would have tested the patience of a saint. Watching as he slunk off moodily to make sure that he didn’t disappear into the pub, I then turned the car around and headed back to the farm and Jenny. Parking the car in front of the big hay barn alongside the huge tall BMW and Merc smirk-mobiles that drawfed other normal cars, I resisted the urge to slash their tyres. I’ve seen their types watching their spoilt brats learn to ride. “I’m an investment banker. I got this out of the small change from my bonus I got at the tax payers’ expense”, “We need a tall car because we are so much above the common class”, “I couldn’t possibly let little Tarquin walk 100 yards down the road with all these oiyks around”, “There should be a separate executive parking area and riding arena so we don’t have to mingle with the hoi-polloi”. It made me seethe even though my employer worked for the one bank which ruled them all and the one which bound them. He’d done very well out of the so-called recession always boasting how the Quantative Easing had gone straight into his bank account and those of others like him. Not that he’d given me a pay rise let alone a blooming fat bonus.

Treading my way over the hard sun-baked soil to the other side of the barn, I made the short walk pass the farmhouse and over to the stables. As was usual for a weekend, there were quite a few of the more senior girls helping out with chores and was really glad that I hadn’t brought along moron, he’d have been practically drooling at the amount of skin-tight jodphurs clinging to long shapely legs and bare flesh on display. The stables were along the left side as you entered a large rectangular open area. Smaller covered wooden stalls to which the horses and ponies waited their turn for riding were tethered was behind you as you entered. There were some sheds and an old small white touring caravan, which had seen better days, on the right which Jenny used as an office. At the top end was a large fenced off square section where she gave the kiddies their riding lessons and that was where I found her. Jenny was around 5’4 tall and had a strong hefty build. I wouldn’t say that she was particularly pretty but she was pleasant looking, nothing more. Short blonde hair bleached by hours in the sun was worn clean off her forehead tied back in a severe bun behind her head. Her eyebrows were quite thick beneath which her slender shaped brown eyes looked out in a warm friendly manner. Her nose was rather over-long and prominent and her thin-lipped mouth was wide and usually smiling which was probably why the kids liked her. The shape of her face was long and rectangular with a low curving jaw and high cheekbones ruddy red from being out in the sun as was the tip of her nose and rather large sticky-out ears. Jenny is the daughter of the farmer who owns Manor Farm although she is in sole charge of the stables and riding school which she runs on her own except at weekends and during school holidays when the older girls help out. Her voice is soft and gentle although she can project it forcefully when giving instructions to the kids when they are riding around the far end of the training area.

I remembered the first time I came to check the place out. She stopped me and questioned me. I told her that I was checking it out for my brother’s little girl as a birthday treat. I’m not sure that she believed me. From the moment that I met her, I knew that she was powerfully built with wide broad shoulders, huge rounded shoulder caps and big thick arms that seemed soft but as she grilled me she adjusted the ribbon in her hair and I tried not to gawp as her thick soft arms swelled with big solid biceps. They weren’t defined or peaked or anything just very a softly curved solid looking mass. Whether she was doing it deliberately to intimidate me in case I was a paedo I didn’t know, but her projection of strength was strangely appealing and made my groin stiffen. She also had a nice sized bust although I couldn’t openly look at them. The following week, she grilled me again as I was on my own again without my niece, I told her that I couldn’t get her out of mind and laid on the charm to which she reacted to favourably. When I expressed surprise when she told me that she was in her late 30’s and single, she explained that being out here in a small village working on the farm all week didn’t really give her time to meet many single men. Chatting with her, I realised that her strong sturdy physique, was developed from doing a lot of manual work on the farm and from working with horses from a very early age. I didn’t like skinny women with matchstick arms and legs, and told her truthfully that her strong looking back gave her a very pleasing figure which made her look pleased. It was hardly an hour-glass figure, more of an inverted triangular shape as seen from the rear as her back sloped strongly inwards on either side from her very broad thick looking shoulders to her thick waist then out slightly to her broad hips and ample backside. Clad in very tight jodhpurs, her buttocks looked nice and firm and pleasing to the eye looking like two hard balls packed in the tight beige seat.

There is something about the way that the material clings to a woman’s legs when she wears jodhpurs. The first time I saw Jenny, I watched in fascination as she adjusted the saddle and stirrups on a pony for a pupil. She wore a rough jerkin with the sleeves cut off which showed off her large shoulder caps and thick arms. As she worked the adjustments, these rippled and swelled with hard gently rounded biceps. More obviously muscular were her thick wedge shaped forearms that looked very rugged and covered thick prominent veins and visible tendons. Her jodhpurs also made it clear that Jenny had very thick heavy legs indeed but it was their shape that really caught my eye. Although very wide and heavy looking, they were incredibly shapely and very appealing and suggested enormous strength. Under the skin tight material it looked like her thighs were massive and solid. As she moved around the pony, I saw large solid slabs pushing out the tight material around her calves, above her thick riding shoes. Likewise a sensational long strong bulge around her hamstrings at the back of the leg was difficult to take my eyes off. I wasn’t normally into muscular women but I found the shape of Jenny’s thick dense legs incredibly attractive. As I chatted with her I found that she had a very feminine voice and I could hold a more intelligent conversation than speaking with that moron Scott. I’m sorry, that’s probably not very Politically Correct. That dickhead Scott I should say.

Today was quite hot and sunny and as I approached I saw that she wore a light checked shirt with cut-off sleeves showing off her thick arms. It was quite tight and hugged the impressive upside down triangular shape of her back. More noticeable was that she wore a small pair of denim shorts that clung tightly to an ample but firm backside. This was the first time that I had seen her legs bare and I was impressed and turned on. Jenny had her back to me instructing the kids so I first got to study the back of her legs. Her calves were noticeably muscular although with little definition; they were wide shelves of rocky looking slabs. She wore her flat riding shoes rather than heels but even so they looked huge and thick with a few striations. Running vertically up the back of her upper legs were her very prominent strong looking hamstrings giving that beautiful shape I’d first noticed about her legs. As she turned round following the riders around the square, I couldn’t stop staring at her thighs. They were truly massive. Her outer thighs were very wide and thick giving an impression of great power that made my groin stiffen. There was also a strong bulge around the middle of her upper leg and inside just above the knee. They were certainly very strong legs developed through years of horse-riding and stable management no doubt. As she turned on her toes, I saw with appreciation how the outside of her calves formed a beautiful semi-teardrop shaped curve.

It was close to the end of the lesson, which was no coincidence. After dismissing the girls, she noticed me by the fence and came across. “Hello Ted, still no niece?” She asked. “Ur, no, maybe next week. I really came to see you” I told her then lowered my voice “I thought we could snoozy away in your caravan and get to know each other a lot better”. With that, I produced a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers from behind my back. She was pleased with that but then a cloud of disappointment moved over her face. “Oh I’d love to Ted but the younger girls are about to trek out and I have to go with them” she told me. “They’re not beginners, you’ve taught them well and they’ve got the older girls with them” I pointed out nodding to a bunch of teenage girls that included the two that Scott nearly creamed himself over earlier. I must admit that now that I had a proper chance to look at them, that Scott was right. They did have great legs and looked hot with riding boots and shorts. The blonde was about 5’1″ but looked squat and athletic with quite muscular toned legs and thick toned arms. She was quite pretty too. The other girl was definitely oriental, quite probably Japanese as Scott had said. At first glance she seemed tall and slim compared with the blonde but as they stood side by side it was clear that she was probably only an inch or 2 more. It was the other girl’s more athletic build that made the oriental look taller by comparison. The oriental was also incredibly cute with big brown almond shaped eyes, button nose, a clear complexion and a small thick-lipped pouting mouth. She too had toned fit looking legs, although much slimmer than her friend. Realising that I was staring, I quickly turned back to Jenny before she caught me. “Oh go on, please. It’s a nice day, let’s end it properly” I pleaded pouring on the charm. “Those girls look more than capable of supervising the younger ones” I said. “Oh very well. Let me have a word with them” she said.

As Jenny went over to instruct them, I sent a text to Scott telling him that they would soon be on their way. Once she had seen them off, we entered the caravan together and settled down on the old beat-up sofa at the far end for some romance. I opened the bottle and poured us some wine into a couple of beat-up mugs that I found on a side-board while, to my pleasant surprise, Jenny undid a few buttons on her cut-off shirt ‘because it was a bit warm’. The wide open V of her unbuttoned shirt revealed not only that she wasn’t wearing a bra but also showed a firm cushion of muscular cleavage. I was looking forward to this part of the job if only that pratt can do his. In one sense I only hoped that he would take his slow time about it as he normally did allowing me to get frisky with well built riding instructor.
Scott waited impatiently by the side of the bridleway. He is meant to keep out of sight which he does by lurking behind some tall bushes until he spots a teenage girl on horseback approaching. That is when he has to come out and gawp at her. Phrroooar it is that pretty blonde with the cutoff top that shows off her firm thick arms and denim shorts and riding boots that frame her sexy bare legs. Her strong shapely toned thighs shine in the sun like they are oiled down. Phroarr! The girl looks at him in suspicion. She’s good looking too, vaguely familiar. Her thighs bulge quite strongly for a moment yet that doesn’t put him off. He’ll pull her out of the saddle and give her a good seeing too. That’s when he noticed the small pony close behind ridden by the prof’s daughter with the Japanese girl behind. I’ll grab the kid and take the blonde as well he thinks to himself. A bit further down the bridleway he can see a couple of other girls leading ponies, he will have to act fast.

The kid screams as Scott tries to pull her from the saddle. “Leave Josie alone” the blonde cries out. Scott ignores her but out of the corner of his eye he sees movement. Looking back he sees the short pretty blonde girl slip her stirrups then swivel around in her saddle. Suddenly, to his astonishment, she is airborne with a mighty leap into the air. Scott is frozen to the spot in amazement as the athletic teen tucks in her head close to her knees spinning like a bowling ball as she tumbles towards him at high speed. Just as Scott thinks the girl-ball is going to crash into him; a blur shoots out as a pair of thick legs driven by big powerfully bulging thighs. WHUMP! “Urrghh!” he groans as the soles of her riding boots slam into his chest with such devastating power that he is slammed right to the ground. It feels like he’s been kicked by a mule, not that he’s ever had been.

Recovering his senses and feeling slightly winded from the kick and the fall, Scott sees the girl’s black leather riding boots land cleanly on the ground in front of him. He gasps as those big solid shapely legs fold towards him as she falls to her hands. Then to his amazement she throws herself into a handstand, raising her legs up into the air while keeping them perfectly straight and spreading them apart in a wide V shape. He sees her arms bulge with dense rippling muscle as she presses her whole body with her legs pointing straight skywards, steady and spread wide. Scott looks up at her, his eyes subconsciously blocking out the dense powerfully shaped legs and fixing on her tight hard backside. Phroarr what a great arse, nice and tight, her small denim shorts clinging to it like a second skin.

Scott realises that the girl is bending herself over backwards and those shapely legs are falling towards him at speed. He tries to sit up to escape but it’s too late, her lovely toned bare legs land with a hard thump on either side of his neck. All the while the blonde has been keeping her big beefy arms straight so that she’s now supporting her body on her sturdy arms with her legs around his neck. That’s the moment when Scott realises how big her thighs really are as they swallow his neck and the lower part of his face. He raises his hands to the lovely warm legs holding his face with a firm pressure. That’s when the young girls’ legs swell and tighten with an absolutely insane pressure out of all proportion to her fresh pretty blue-eyed face. “Arghhh!” Scott cries out, screwing up his eyes tightly as he feels her thighs swell up like a strong man blowing up an old-fashioned hot water bottle becoming steel hard and powerfully muscled. “Argggh!” it feels as if he is being crushed alive in a warm walled avalanche which is also leveraging his skull from his neck. He has never felt legs so frighteningly powerful since than that crazy Japanese bird in the supermarket car park [JIMP41]. “Nnnnarggh Nnnargh Nnnargh” his cries of pain came out through a shaking painfully compressed jaw.

“When you mess with Jackie the Gymnast you’re in deep shit mister” the oriental told him in a chirpy high voice quite heavily accented. “Nnnargh!” Scott forced his eyes open to look at his tormentor and was shocked to see such a youthful pretty face staring back at him. She was still raised up on her arms which were straight and absolutely rock solid. Such a lovely pretty kissable face, yet he now saw the dense slopes tapering from her neck to her rather broad shoulders as she held her body up; strong wide shoulders for a girl. He saw the thick sharply defined shoulder caps and the thick horseshoe shaped bulge at the back of her upper arms and the thick tendons flexing in her strongly tapered forearms. A gymnast, yes, that could explain it but she was phenomenally strong for such a little girl and that face, that pretty beautiful face staring at him. The face was a humiliating reminder that he was being beaten up by a mere teenager, a pretty girly looking teenager not some thugish looking CHAV girl.

“I’ve a good mind to crack your skull” he hears the blonde say over the pounding of his heart in his head. From the confident way that she said it and the terrible compression upon his neck and lower face, Scott knows that this teenage gymnast isn’t just bragging to scare him, she has the power in her legs to do it. He can feel under his hands that her thigh muscles have expanded outwards to a significant degree and are absolutely as solid as steel and their grip is relentless. “Paedophiles like you make me sick, preying on little girls. I’ve a good mind to make sure you never molest a young girl again” she says. “Wow Jackie, you have really strong legs” he heard the oriental girl gasp in awe “Let’s break his balls”. Oh God no, not my poor balls again, why do women always want to break his balls? “Arghh no, no, please I’m not a paedophile. Arghhh please believe me, Argghh I’m telling the truth” he wailed in agony barely able to believe that he was pleading with a pretty blonde teenage girl. “In that case why did you attack Josie if not to rape her?” she asked in a stern tone that indicated that she didn’t believe him. “Arghh!” he tried to get his hands on the insides of her big wide thighs to prise them apart feeling only hard toned bulging muscle there too. He knew before trying that he wouldn’t be able to budge them and he was right no matter how hard he tried.

“Arghh” daring to open his eyes all Scott could see was a high-sided valley of toned solid looking flesh. The non-stop pressure from her big toned legs was starting to make him feel dizzy and he then knew that they were cutting off the blood from his brain. Oh my God, he was going to be knocked unconscious by a mere schoolgirl! He tries to throw himself backwards then from side to side to shake off her appallingly strong grip but her arms are so rock solid, her back and stomach so rigid like a steel plank and the grip of her legs so strong that she doesn’t move an inch, doesn’t even sway even slightly as she continues to keep herself off the ground with her stomach straight and her short thick legs straight around his poor head keeping him firmly in position. He was being totally subdued by this schoolgirl gymnast and he found his cock growing as hard as a rock, although he couldn’t understand the strange feelings he had. “He’s a scissor pervert! He’s got a real stiffy from you doing that, Jackie” the cute oriental said. “You enjoying that are you? you sicko” the pretty blond growled “Let’s see how you like this then”. With that she seemed to stretch her short dumpy body with her stomach keeping perfectly straight. She must have strong stomach muscles and a strong back to hold her so straight like that without sagging or wobbling; the thought came to Scott as the blonde’s torso came almost parallel with the ground as she stretched herself out and bore down even harder. Oh dear God no! “Nnnnnrghhhh!” he screamed out as the pressure increased to a much higher level while the young girl’s iron clad thighs crept up the sides of his face as they expanded almost level with his eyes. Not that he could look for they were screwed tight as his face felt like it would explode at any second. “I’ll wrestle anyone, paedos, older brothers, teachers, judo experts. It doesn’t matter to me, I’ll beat them all, mister” the blonde told him, her face looking cool, calm and confident while his was bright red, creased in agony and no doubt squashed all long and thin, at least that’s what it felt like.

“Wow, Jackie your quads are absolutely massive! They’re amazing, so well defined, Wow!” the Oriental remarks. Scott doesn’t need to see, he can’t with his eyes clenched tight but he felt the girl’s big toned legs swell up to massive proportions under his palms and huge chunks of steel-hard muscle emerge from her lovely bare skin as she unleashed a mind-numbing torrent of sheer devouring muscular power that never slackened, never waned but just got worst. He never thought that he’d been put in a position that hurt so badly, so quickly and the shame of it all was that it was just a pretty teenage girl that was completely dominating him. His dick feels really stiff now although the rest of him is not enjoying this. “Arghhh please no more” he cries “Arghh please boss needs to make father hand over ancient diaries” he croaked, hoping that admitting the truth would make the pain go away but finding it hard to speak as the young girl’s terrifyingly powerful legs dig deep into the sides of his neck, compressing his jaw making it hard to move. “The Bristlingdown Hoard?” she shouts in surprise. Scott can hardly hear her, his ears are pinned flat against the sides of his head and feel like they are being driven inside his skull by her car-crusher legs. “Arghhh yes” he cries. “Are you the bastard who’s taken my dad?” she shouts angrily. “Arghh!” all he can do is scream out loud to vent the sheer splitting pain lancing through his head as the pressure from her legs soars even more. Oh my God! He never expected that she could squeeze any harder, but she could. His eyes span beneath his lids, unable to keep still as her legs sliced into the sides of his burning neck like railroad sleeps. He never would have thought that such a pretty little girl could exert such awful pressure.”Wow Jackie! He’s a goner for sure. Wow! That’s so hot” the oriental gasped in awe. Still the young blonde’s big muscular legs squeezed with tireless energy while supporting herself upon her arms with her strong body horizontal like a plank while he sat on the ground facing her, locked solid. “Arghh!” he screamed again swearing that he can feel his skull bending, giving way to the young girls’s leg. “Argh! Don’t know what you talking about Arghh! please” he cried, tears rolling freely down his cheeks. “Ain’t he ugly? All bright red with freckles and creased up face” the oriental girl said “He look like bright red piggy oink oink” she gave a girly chuckle but Scott was in no mood for laughing, he was in sheer agony.

“Are you the bastard who took my daddy?” Jackie the head-squasher asked again. Scott’s head was spinning, jagged bright lines flashed over a dark red background behind his eye lids. “Argh! Who?” he croaked, barely able to open his mouth because her big strong legs were crushing the sides of his jaw so much he was certain that they shatter at any second. “Priest, Jim Priest. Where have you taken him?” she shrieked angrily and looking very upset. Why should she be upset? I’m the one having my head crushed by the brat. Suddenly, his head was flung hard to the right forcing his body to lean sharply in that direction while the angry schoolgirl kept her body supported on her strong unshakable arms. “Answer me, you bastard?” she shrieked. Priest? Of course that was why he recognised her, it was Priest’s daughter. WOAH! The girl’s legs tilted suddenly in the other direction and his head had no option but to do likewise, his body following suit with a lurching strain on his captive crushed neck. Priest kidnapped? That was the first he knew about that. He had wondered where the bastard had disappeared to but never realised that someone had taken and only wished he’d taken the bastard first. WOAH! His head lurched back again, shaking his head furiously making his oxygen deprived brain rattle. “Arghh! No. Haven’t got him Arghh please, honestly didn’t know he’d gone Arggh!” he screamed so loud as the sheer power of the young gymnast’s legs soared to even greater levels then he thought imaginable. He could feel his skull about to pop off his neck and cave inwards under the terrible pressure like a squishy rotten fruit. “Arghhh!” the pain is too much and Scott finds himself screaming as he spins into oblivion with a very hard boner.
It’s funny how wine affects people differently. Me, although I prefer lager, I could drink a whole bottle of wine and feel little effect. Jenny on the other hand was getting very merry and exceptionally frisky. Actually more than that, she was getting downright horny and making no bones about it. “Oh Ted, it’s so hot and stuffy in the caravan” she said in a dreamy voice. To my surprise and pleasure, that was when the shirt came off leaving her top half bare and me with a serious boner. She was nicely endowed in the bust department and what she had was very firm looking for a woman her age. “Very nice” I sighed unable to stop staring. That’s when I noticed that those breasts were supported by a strong cushion of chest muscle which formed a defined cleavage of firm looking chest from which her boobs hung with fully erect nipples staring at me in the face. “Oh Wow, Jenny. Very nice indeed” I moaned getting really turned on by what I saw. As I said, she wasn’t a skinny bird so there was plenty to see and all of it nice and fit.

The trunk of her upper body was broad with no real curves other than that caused by her wide back but her stomach was flat and firm. Yet the sight of that strongly built torso in the nude turned me on more than any skinny woman would. “Oh Ted, kiss me” she said snuggling up to me on the sofa. I gave her more than that. With an absolute blazer of an erection I kissed her mouth passionately then moved onto her marvellously erect nipples while enjoying the feel of her firm generous body and her bare skin beneath my hands. It wasn’t long before those shorts came off followed by her knickers and we were necking like horny teenagers. “Oh God Jenny, you have an amazing body” I moaned unable to stop stroking her arms and firm stomach “Such a fit sexy woman. You drive me wild with passion”. But before I could get my trousers down, her mobile phone beeped indicating a text. “Leave it” I said kissing her body as she began to get up. “I have to. It might be the girls” she replied going over to the small side unit built into the caravan wall where’d she left her blouse.

As I watched her large but firm rounded buttocks and her amazingly strong shaped back walk away from I saw the sensuous play of muscles beneath her skin and realised how sexy that looked. I wanted that body in my hands, to explore that strong nude body and fuck her like crazy. Yet, we had been interrupted by her bloody mobile phone; it was at times like these that I cursed the bloody things. I had been watching her backside for several moments before I noticed the expression upon her face become very serious. “What is it?” I asked. She looked at me strangely then said “Someone just tried to grab Josie, one of the young girls that went out riding. I knew I should have gone with them”. Scott! to be honest I’d been enjoying myself so much that I’d forgotten all about moron. “Oh no, is she alright?” I asked feigning concern. I saw the tensing of her arm causing a thickening of her biceps and tendons to stand out in her wide forearm before she answered “Yes. Jackie and Shioreta-hana say they’re taking care of things. Josie is going on with the other girls” she told me. I didn’t quite understand by what she meant by the girls were taking care of things but daren’t ask in case it drew suspicion. Jenny then approached me and turned the phone screen towards me. “This is the creep who tried to take her” Jenny told me. As I looked at the image on the screen, it felt like a stone had plunged into the pit of my stomach for it was Scott alright. His big pudgy freckled face and make-do-and-mend specs were unmistakable. He seemed to be lying on the ground asleep but from the strange expression on his face I knew that he wasn’t lying down on the job but was out cold. How on earth had the prat allowed himself to be knocked out? Did one the girls clock him on the back of the head with a stone or something, and why wasn’t he wearing his mask? “Do you know him?” Jenny asked me, her eyes narrowing in suspicion and the muscles in her body tensing and thickening in a subtle manner that managed to make her look bigger and more intimidating. “N,no I’ve never seen him before” I lied.

Jenny turned the phone back then said “I should call the Police. This is very serious. I can’t have a paedophile hanging around the farm with all the young girls around” she told me. Oh crap, this was bad, the last thing we needed was the Police. “There’s no need for that. He’s probably just a harmless tramp” I told her trying to sound soothing and reassuring. “Probably thought she had some food or sweets on her. No harm done eh?” I added. Her brown eyes looked at me with a disquieting hard stare that could melt ice. The tendons and veins and stuff stood out prominently on her wide tapering forearms making them look quite formidable. “Really?” Jenny’s high-pitched girly voice murmured softly then hardened in the very next instant. “The thing is Jackie and Shioreta-hana say that they saw the guy earlier on in a car” she paused for emphasis, her eyebrows frowning. “Driven by you” that came out quite forceably. “They, they must be mistaken” I spluttered in shock. “They recognised you from earlier on by the stables. Do you usually give lifts to tramps, Ted?” she asked. “I, I..” she didn’t let me finish. “Or are you and him in some kind of sick paedophile kidnapping ring?” she asked, her voice hard with anger. “No!” I cried in indignation.

Jenny was getting quite riled. “Because I’ve never seen this mythical niece of yours and Oh!!” she gasped as if just having a revelation. “You’ve not been interested in me at all, have you? You were just using me while you scoped out your sick plan” she accused. “You just wanted to seduce me, trying to get me drunk while your mate grabbed a girl” she said heatedly pointing at the empty wine bottle. “Jenny it’s not like that at all. I really do like you, I’m very fond of you” I told her trying to placate her. It wasn’t far from the truth either for I really did feel an attraction to her, and not just physical. “You were just playing with my emotions to manipulate me, oh how blind I was” she exclaimed. “I love you Jenny” I pleaded, that usually made women happy but I could see that it wasn’t going to cut it and needed to make a sharp exit. I sat up straight intending to get up from the sofa but before I could make a move, Jenny’s thick arms wrapped themselves around my knees. With a strong thickening around her upper arms, both of my legs were hauled right off the sofa and high into the air. In shock I found myself with my arse pulled right up off the sofa and the top of my back and head thrown onto the seat. My lower legs dangled uselessly from knees tucked in the crook of her big beefy arms. “You’re not going anywhere, Ted, until you’ve answered some hard questions” Jenny told me, her soft gentle voice had a strong undercurrent of steel. “Jenny, let my legs go or there will be trouble” I tried to sound tough. I couldn’t help my eyes running over her broad well sculpted torso, looking sensational in the nude. “I don’t like liars, I don’t like paedophiles and most of all I don’t like men who play with my emotions and break my heart” she snarled at me.

At such close range her swollen biceps looked very solid and very big. To be honest they were quite intimidating. “Jenny put me now” I told the naked riding instructor trying to sound authoritative. “OK you asked for it” she replied. Whereupon Jenny bent slightly at the knees into a crouch with her legs apart, slipped her arms to the back of my thighs and hauled me closer to her body, pulling my legs either side of her thick waist. My head and shoulders were dragged to the edge of the sofa. I felt the back of my thighs slide along the top of her thick legs moving along her smooth bare skin until they came to a stop with my legs straddling her bare waist. Her legs felt very firm and sturdy. For some strange reason it reminded me of being bent over my mother’s knee for a good spanking. Having got me in this strange humiliating position and with my backside sitting between her wide thighs, Jenny lent forwards, her hands grabbing the top of my shirt and pulled me out of the sofa and into her lap so that I was now sitting upon her thighs face to face with her. To my surprise the nude woman began to rise while turning on the spot hauling my body around with her. Gaining speed, she began to spin me around inside the small caravan; my body starting to lift and fly outwards with the centrifugal force. “Jenny please no!” I gasped as I went around and around at dizzying speed, stunned by Jenny’s strength and worried that I would hit my head on something as everything whizzed around. One moment she was holding my legs the next they were free and I was airborne flying across the small caravan before crashing into the corner on top of a pile of riding hats. “Oops I guess you never saw that coming did you?” she said sarcastically.

I was pissed off now. “If you were a man, I’d I’d” I was lost for words as I got up off the floor trying not to slip on riding hats scattered all over the floor. “You’d do what? You’ll do nothing but just stay there while I call the Police to take your lying child-abusing ass to jail” she said. “Put down that phone” I yelled as Jenny picked up her mobile. “Go on, make me. You’re such a big man after all” she sneered. Actually I was, I am tall and heavily built. As she dialled the first number, I rushed across the room, drew back my arm and, as much as I didn’t like hitting a lady, slammed my fist hard into her gut. WHUMP! It was like hitting a taut punch bag, my fist barely made a dent in her firm hard stomach, bouncing straight back so hard that it nearly sprained my wrist. “So you’re the type of guy who hits women are you?” she wasn’t even out of breath or showing any other effect. I was so astonished at the strength of her stomach and the ache of a near-sprain in my wrist and hand, that she took me by surprise.

Although I was taller than her, a thick beefy arm slammed around the back of my neck, pulled my head down and tucked it against the side of her naked body. “Urrgh!” I groaned as a great pressure squeezed tight while looking down from the side of her back at her ample bare buttocks. I slapped my hands against the forearm lodged against my throat and tried to peel it away only to find that her headlock was rock solid. Oh my God! The compression around my neck increased. I could feel steely hard biceps swelling against the side of my neck while her wide rocky forearm pulled up into my throat choking me. I clutched at her forearm with both hands and tried with all my might to pull it lose but it was impossible, it was like tugging at a steel railing. Another more vulnerable target came into view, right below me; a large fleshy peach ripe for attack. Fuelled by my anger and indignation, I smacked those big firm buttocks eliciting yelps of protest from Jenny. Instead of letting go, the naked woman just locked her hands and yanked the noose higher, increasing the stress on my neck. “Kkkk!” her forearm dug deep into my throat causing me to cough while her upper arm crushed the side of my neck like a collapsing stone wall. In desperation I found a new target and slapped her bare thigh so hard that it made my hand sting. “Ouch! You bastard” Jenny yelped then caught my wrist and in a flash twisted my arm behind my back.

“Smack my arse and I’ll kick yours” I heard her say then there was a terrible upward force upon my neck, yanking it hard and to my alarm she lifted my feet clean from the floor. “Narrkkk!” I croaked; choking as my neck took the weight. BAM! My feet slammed back to the floor. “Urrkk!” another painful lurch around my neck and she lifted me by the neck again and managed to keep me hanging there from her noose choking until I began blacking out before my feet crashed down once more to the caravan floor.

My neck was still clamped fast in her terribly strong headlock forcing me to bend as my head was locked tight beneath her arm forcing me to look out at her back down at her ample well rounded backside. “Now I will teach you for hitting a woman in the stomach” her voice said with a hard edge you could cut stone with. BERLAM! “Orrghhhhh!” I wailed in misery as her wide knee plunged so hard into my gut that it lifted me off the floor, brutally winding me while badly wrenching my neck in her arms. BLAM! “Nnnnnnn!” her knee hammered again ploughing deep into my midriff. WHUMP “…!” and again although I had no more breath to give, my diaphragm brutally flattened. Horribly winded, I was completely helpless, feelings that I’m not familiar as I usually have the upper hand in any fight.

With my head still stuck fast beneath her big beefy arm, Jenny turned her body into me. I felt my groin brush against her generous hip then suddenly my head was yanked down savagely and I went flying over her hip as she flipped me head over heels. BAM! Nnnnghhhk! The impact of my back slamming against the hard floor of the caravan reverberated through my body and with my already winded gut was agonising. This wasn’t helped by Jenny planting her foot in my middle. I looked up at this violation only to gawp as she flexed both of her arms hard. Two very solid looking hills of muscle rose upon her arms as she flexed in triumph over me. That such an otherwise feminine woman should have such big guns was in startling contrast with her complete nudity and her firm breasts which also rose up upon her chest as she flexed in that most manly of ways. She looked so powerful and dominant as she stood over me flexing in victory that I found my dick getting really stiff. “That will teach you to mess with my feelings” she told me “Now tell me the truth or you will get worse and I do mean much worse”. I couldn’t reply or say anything in my defence because my breaths were coming in random occasional ragged bursts. Racked with the cramps inside my belly as I struggled to breathe, I fumed helplessly inside. No man gets one over on Ted Hawkins and certainly no woman either. She was going to get it, then I’ll finish what I started and give that splendid fit strong body a right seeing to, whether she liked it or not.

My breathing was easing and determined to assert my natural superiority; I gritted my teeth and brushed her foot aside. While still trying to get my breath back, I got up off the caravan floor. Those thick shapely legs were disturbing with their solidity and suggestion of power. I quickly shook off the thought, I was a man, a tough guy by profession in fact relied on by Sir Anthony to sort out those who got in his way. Rising higher, Jenny’s wide flat stomach came into view. Wide with a slightly raised central section which although it didn’t feature a visible six-pack, I could make out two large solid square-like slabs below her bare breasts which came down to above her belly button. The belly button itself was on another raised solid looking large almost U shaped section. My fist ached at the memory of hitting that hard stomach. I wouldn’t be making that mistake again. “You’re out of line Jenny” I wheezed which made it sound less authoritative than I had hoped. “Try something like that stupid stunt again and there will be trouble with a capital T” I growled which come out as a wheezy rasp. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my flick-knife and snapped it open showing the wicked blade. It was only meant to scare her and quieten her to make her see sense. Instead she totally flipped.

All of a sudden, Jenny turned to the built-in sideboard and slapped her hands down upon it then vaulted her entire hefty body into the air. I didn’t even have time to be amazed for a thick right leg swung around at great speed like a steel club. KRACK! The side of my jaw was blasted by an incredibly powerful blow like she was wielding a crowbar. My jaw was yanked painfully to one side while my head span around so fast I saw stars and would have toppled over in a complete daze if I hadn’t slammed into the wall. Jeese, that was a bloody powerful kick. “I hate knives and I hate men who carry them” she said, her brown eyes stared at me either side of her long prominent nose. Having her hair done up made her look severe and those large sticky-out ears didn’t help her appearance.

I’d lost the knife somewhere but I didn’t need it. Trying to shake off the dazed fug that clouded my head, I stepped towards her and tried to sock her on the jaw, to see how she liked it. I’d dropped many a guy who thought he was tougher than me with my right arm so I was staggered when my fist came to a juddering halt as Jenny flung both of her arms up and tangled up my forearm. “Argh!” I yelped as she twisted the cat’s cradle of arms to the right bending my arm sharply then slammed her fist down upon the elbow. “Argh!”I cried as my arm bent sharply at the elbow nearly breaking it. Keeping my arm straight by gripping my wrist with one hand, Jenny pressed her other forearm against the inside of mine just below the inside of the elbow joint. “Argh!” I cried out as she forced my arm to twist to force me painfully down to my knees, but the short bulky naked bitch did it slowly so that I had to savour every agonising second of her dominating me. Jenny’s arms were so immensely thick and strong that I feared that my arm would pop out of its socket at any second or that she would break my elbow. The very bones in my forearm were so strained they felt as if they would snap. “I know how to control creeps like you who try to inflict violence on women” she told me while continuing to punish my arm as she slowly forced me ever lower. “All these years of running the stables there have been several occasions when I’ve had to face gangs of horse thieves in the middle of the night single-handled” she told me “and they came out empty-handed each time and more than a handful got carted off to A&E. So you’re no match for me, Ted” she sounded confident, over-confident as far I was concerned. I wanted to give her a snappy retort but instead another yelp left my lips as she gave a hard twist. Forcing me to lie down onto my front on the floor, the big nude bitch stood astride me twisting my arm vertically using just one hand. I felt completely spent, my arm and shoulder joint was throbbing in pain and I was breathing hard, totally unable to get out of this humiliating position.

“You’re not as tough as you thought are you Ted?” Jenny’s voice mocked me as she forced my belly down upon the floor. “Argh! Get off you bitch!” I growled through clenched teeth. “Argh!” I cried out as she pressed her knee against the top of my arm at the shoulder and put weight behind it. “Arghhh!” I yelped again it felt as if she was going to dislocate my shoulder. “How dare you call me that, apologise right now you sexist pig!” she demanded. “Ouchh!” I yelped again as she put more weight behind her knee. I had no choice; she was going to bust my arm. “Ouch sorry, I’m sorry” I yelped. “Ouch! Ouch! I mean it. Sorry” I yelped as she stressed my arm again. The pain stopped as Jenny removed her knee from my blazing shoulder joint then sat down astride my back with my tortured arm still captive bent straight out behind me. “You’ll be an idiot to try and fight me, Ted. I think you know that by now” she said, pissing me off. She just got lucky and got the drop on me that’s all. “I think it’s about time that you told me who you really are, Ted. If that’s your real name” she sounded like an interrogator. Holding my arm back with one hand she placed her other hand on my shoulder at pressed down. “Argh, Ted’s my real name. I was looking for a riding school for my niece” I told her. “Oh, that’s the way you want it is it, tough guy?” she said.

Releasing my arm I felt her weight slip back to the back of my legs. I wanted to press myself off the floor to dislodge her but my arm was now stiff and unusable. Before I could think of anything else to do, her thick arms came around my head from behind and powered my head back, forcing my upper body to peel off the floor curving back as she pulled my head with her strong arms. There was nothing I could except grin and bear it. “Nnngh!” I groaned as my spine bent back. Then I became aware that her legs were astride me with her feet on the floor as she continued to power me back until I was on my knees with my body leaning right back with the back of my head resting against her not so soft chest. Suddenly she pulled my head to one side to rest in the crook of her beefy arm while she slipped her other arm between my legs. “Woah!” suddenly my entire backend left contact with the floor as she bodily lifted me across her front with a good grip on my scrotum. I was consciously aware of her nudity as she held me across her stomach like a dormant barbell which is exactly what I felt like as I felt myself rise higher as her arms jerked me up level with her chest. “Nothing to say, Ted?” she mocked in her soft gently high-pitched girlish voice kneeling on the carpet, she pressed me in one swift move way over her head.

Then as if that wasn’t enough she proceeded to push herself to her feet with me held horizontally above her head as though I weighed nothing. Although I’m a tall heavy strong well-built bloke I saw the caravan ceiling approach until my face was pressed right against it. The effortless ease with which she had done that astonished me and I could sense the power of her upper body as she continued to press me into the low ceiling. I could imagine her naked strong body with thick arms bulging and broad inverted triangular back rippling as she held me aloft like an offering to the gods. The memory of that sensational naked strong body and the feel of her power made my dick absolutely rigid, which of course with her hand grabbing my crotch she felt. “Why Ted!” she exclaimed in mock surprise. “You like it. You like a bit of the rough stuff” she said as her fingers touched my erection through my trousers. With that she lowered me to lie across the top of her wide shoulders and began fumbling with the zip to my flies. “No, stop it!” I commanded but she just chuckled “Make me” then took a good hold of my crotch and neck and pulled down at both ends. “Nnnngh!” I groaned trying not to cry out as my back bent around her broad shoulders. “Arghh!” it was no use, the pain in my back was too great. “Stop complaining or else, Ted” she warned then released the tension.

I said nothing as she fumbled my zip open and pulled out my dick and began pumping it with her fist. “This is what you wanted to do to me wasn’t it, Ted?” she purred sensually as she stimulated my dick to even stiffer lengths. I daren’t complain, I knew that she could have easily broken my back if she wanted to. Besides the effects of her hand job was really making things hard as she pumped her hand back and forth rapidly. “You wanted to fuck me then leave me didn’t you Ted?” she asked but before I could deny it. She continued while her hand pumped away in a devastating motion that had me at bursting point in no time. “Instead I’m going to force you to cum where it will do no harm except to your macho pride”. “Urrr urrr urrr!” I moaned as the spunk shot out of my dick creaming her hand and messing my trousers. “Men! Such messy creatures” she sighed.

Spent in post-ejaculation contentment I didn’t realise until it was too late that Jenny had reached up behind my head with both hands then suddenly with an incredible show of force pulled my head over her right shoulder and threw me with considerable force over her body, hurling me with great speed across the entire length of the caravan and slamming hard on my back upon the metal floor. BLAM! “Urrrr!” groaning in agony and totally dazed I felt a foot on my chest and looked up to see the hefty naked blonde looking almighty and flexing both arms. The sight of large solid-looking softly rounded muscle on her upper arms standing proud like large but gently curving hills with an opposing swell from her triceps caused my groin to tighten as if to rise again even though she had just emptied my balls. Maybe I should have went for the brat and let Scott try his luck with the powerful riding instructor. He couldn’t have been having a worst day than he was right now
Scott comes around to find himself looking up at a clear blue cloudless sky while lying flat out on his back by the side of the hard baked mud of a bridleway. A pair of flat-soled black leather riding boots stand by his feet; the rippled shininess reflects the sunlight in an intriguing manner making them look very sexy. The boots are filled and styled to follow the shape of their occupier, leaving him with no doubt that it is female. Lifting his eyes, he follows the contours of the well-stuffed sexy boots from flat heels to slim dainty ankles. Following the straight line of her lanky shins, his eyes then roam over the very pleasant long gentle curve along the side of her calves behind. Continuing higher he is pleased to see very nice knees, not knobbly, not too fat and not wrinkly but perfect and subdued. Not all women have knees nice enough to carry off a sexy pair of boots. Scott continued his studies with growing excitement of long slim thighs with unblemished skin, their beauty enhanced by a subtle tanned colouring with a healthy fullness and tone that gave a pleasing shapeliness that suggested a fit and sexy babe. He followed the lines of her legs up to a small pair of nicely snug denim shorts and could imagine the view from the back of a small compact arse so cock-stirring that he would want to get his dick right up there. Above this was a chequered shirt which rose from slim hips and waist of a pleasant slim build with a nice swelling around the breasts. The shirt was sleeveless showing nice her slender and firm arms. At last his eyes reached a small cute oriental face with a fringe of jet-black hair peeking out from beneath a riding hat.

“About time too! I thought Jackie had put you away for good” she told him in a pleasant young girly voice, slightly rushed with a strong Japanese accent. At the sound of her name, Scott remembered the short athletic blonde who put him away with her powerful legs. He glances around nervously and spots her standing close by glaring at him. Her big toned thighs twitch as if eager to get around him once more and hurt him again. “I don’t know anything about your dad disappearing, honestly” he croaks, his neck and throat still sore from her brutal scissors. Her legs suddenly expanded turning from big smooth firm thighs into large sharply-defined quad muscles so powerful looking that they look like they could crack rocks. “Oh God, please no!” he wailed in terror and trembling in fear. “They are awesome aren’t they? Stop it Jackie you’re scaring him” the lovely young oriental admonished her friend.

The sweet looking thing looked back at Scott with her large almond-shaped eyes and deep brown irises with the pupils appealingly wide. “Jackie’s got very strong legs. She’s very pissed about her dad and wants to break you” she chirped merrily although that set Scott shaking even more. The girl’s voice changed to one of concern and sweet soothing “Oh don’t worry. Do you want me to take care of you?”. “Yes, oh yes please not her” he whimpered eagerly. “Then get up” she said kindly. Watching Jackie warily Scott sat up. “Don’t you worry about her” the soft voice of the Japanese girl told him as she extended her hand to help him. “What’s your name?” she asked as Scott took the opportunity for a close-up leer at her lovely bare legs on the way up. “Are you looking at my Legs, Scott?” she asked in a chirpy voice with a slightly amused tone. “They’re beautiful” he murmured not taking his eyes off them. The girl giggled bashfully then said “Why thank you, Scott”.

Scott rose to his full height then looked down at her face. “You are so beautiful” he mumbled. Again that delightful girlish giggle and that sweet way she acted so bashful turning her face away coyly, raising her hand in front of her nose and mouth. Scott was enchanted with this lovely Oriental flower. “Thank you, Scott. You like Japanese girls?” she asked brightly. “Oh yes” he replied. “Do you know how Japanese schoolgirls treat perverts?” she asked chirpily. For a moment Scott remembered the schoolgirls that he chaperoned on their visit to the UK and how they treated him when they caught him perving on them [JIMP#5]. “Ah I see from your eyes that you do know” she said with a nod of understanding. “I tell you my name” she began. “My name is Shioreta-hana “she told him. “That’s, er, very nice” Scott replied, watching the girl’s youthful face wanting to kiss her lovely inviting small thick-lipped mouth. “Hehehe” she tittered in amusement. “We will have such fun, Scott. Do you know what my name mean in English?” she asked. He shook his head. “No?” she teased. “It mean deadly flower. A name I must live up to or give great disrespect to my parents” she said then paused staring at him with those huge almond shaped baby eyes that western men find so irresistible as the message slowly sank into his thick skull.

When the smiling girl saw Scott’s eyes widen in understanding, that’s when all hell broke loose. With no warning signs and like a bullet from a gun something shot up from the ground faster than Scott’s eye could follow and smashed him right in the middle of his face. BAM! Pain lanced through Scott’s nose as it squashed flat and something mashed his mouth, leaving a bad ache and a stinging taste of leather. Scott’s head jerked back under the hard impact like he’d had been punched in the face. BAM barely a split-second later the shapely curved top of a booted foot hammered his cheek with bruising force that ground the inside of his mouth against his teeth. A streak of black shot upwards once more, hurtled high across Scott’s chest close his throat and whipped around the side of his jaw. BAM! Pain exploded at the base of his skull just below his left ear as a hard toe hammered like a metal punch. “Arghh!” he screeched as indescribable pain lanced through his brain while his skull shuddered horribly under the impact.

Moving non-stop, the sprite leggy girl kept high kicking with devastating precision and so blindingly fast that Scott was knocked into a constant daze. The hot bare legs twitched, a blur of upwards motion and something streaked right around the side of his head. THUD! The toe struck the back of his neck like a hammer. “Argh!” he cried out loudly as crippling agony shot along his spine and his spectacles went flying off his face. “Hehehe” excited girlish laughter made him look and wished he hadn’t. Pivoting and spinning on one beautiful long booted leg the other rocketed towards his face. BAM! “Argh!” Scott cried as warm blood welled as his nose squashed again. He never saw the roundhouse that instantly followed until a black boot blasted his right cheek leaving it bruised and aching. The lovely young girl was a whirlwind of leggy destruction tracing a bruising painful trail over Scott’s head. Her bare thighs and boots were in constant motion pulverising his face and battering his head. BAM BAM BAM “Hehehe” the sound of manic excited laughter permeated his hearing over the constant beating of his head like a drum.

Scott yelped and cried out with every blow instinctively trying to move away from the source of the pain which kept following him, giggling and never stopping. “Hehehe” BAM! “Let’s play” BAM! “Football” BAM! “hehehe” BAM! “Your head’s” BAM “the ball”. “No!” he cried as he caught sight of a lightning-fast kick arcing high like a sexy guided missile. WAP! the toe of the shapely boot punched the side of the top of Scott’s large head with a loud solid thud that rocked his brains and blurred his vision. It was like getting clubbed around the top of the head with a steel baseball. “Goal!” an excited schoolgirl shouted then burst into giggles. Helpless to defend himself against a slip of a young thing, tears of frustration and humiliation welled up in Scott’s eyes.

BLAM! A mouth-mashing kick to the teeth cut the inside of his lip upon his teeth causing him to taste blood. One of those great legs whipped through the air with a bright streak where the sun reflected off the leather boot. BAM! “Ouch!” the hard boot toe hammered Scott just above his left eye. It was then that his brain actually decided to do something to stop her kicking his brains to mush and dribbling out of his nose. The fresh-faced cutie swung her sexy right leg back at the knee which was raised to deliver hurt again. In fright Scott raised his arms in front of his head and cowered behind them. A fraction of a second later a boot slammed into his forearms with frightening power for such a dainty thing that his that the back of arms leapt back and smacked him in his own face, leaving his forearms stinging badly. BAM! BAM! BAM! Brutally hard high kicks hammered time after time with incredible rapidity into his raised arms stinging and numbing his forearms. BAM! BAM! BAM! Slim legs kicked like a machine delivering hammer blows to his forearms, numbing them. With encroaching fear he realises knows that her kicks are rendering his arms useless and won’t be able to stop her much more.

In horror Scott saw the pretty oriental’s legs scissoring wide open vertically with cock-stirring flexibility with her denim shorts stretched to what surely must be ripping point over her exciting young crotch. For a moment her beautiful legs were stacked one on top of the other in mirror image as she drove her foot exceptionally high into the air. WAP! The toe of her boot slammed brutally against Scott’s hands like a thunderbolt. “Yeooouch!” Scott cried as his hands slammed into the top of his head with fingers numb from the bruising kick. “Agh Stop, no more he cried, his face bright red and eyes brimming with tears.

Please don’t feel sorry for Scott; please don’t write in telling me how awful and cruel these young girls are treating him for Scott is a despicable creep with no redeeming features whatsoever. He certainly doesn’t deserve your sympathy.

Desperate to escape more brutal head-knockers, Scott turns his back on Shioreta-hana. WHACK! The shin of a leather boot pounds right across the small of his back like the crack from a bullwhip. “Oucheee!” he shrieks with the bloom of aching pain. Looking around he sees the pretty petite Japanese girl standing off to one side behind him. Her lovely slim bare leg twitches. CRACK! He howls as her boot strikes again in the same spot, aching pain flaring out across his kidneys. The girl chuckles with glee as if this were some joyful schoolyard game. BAM BAM! The back of his neck and in between the top of the shoulder blades. “Owyah!” BAM! Right on the backside harder than any cane he had experienced in his youth had him howling with indignation feeling like a human pinata. The punishment never faltered. BAM! Right across the middle of his back. BAM! A roundhouse arcs round clubbing the side of his arm. Scott was shocked that such a slight kid could kick her legs harder than any baseball bat. Trying to turn away from the battering just got more kicks hammering against his side.

BAM BAM BAM the sound of hard packed leather hitting a human body resounds around the open countryside. A pretty little oriental girl is non-stop destruction blasting lightning fast kicks into a much larger, heavier, middle-aged man. Bruising his side, hammering his chest and pounding his gut, she hammers kicks at him so fast that he couldn’t think straight and was paralysed by fear, terrified of the cute continually smiling and laughing Japanese girl who projected such a strong confident dominant aura that made him feel so submissive that strangely stirred his groin. WHACK! a hard kick to the left buttock made him yelp, WHUMP! a boot up the arse made him yell, WHAP! a stinging kick to the upper thigh would surely would leave a big bruise.

Scott’s befuddled brain signalled his body to flee but he hadn’t gone one step when a hard toe crashed into the back of his right knee collapsing his leg. Scott went stumbling towards the ground until a hand grabbed the back of his hair and yanked hard eliciting another yelp of pain. “You not going anywhere Scott. You take your beat-down like a man. Are you a man, Scott?” she asks with a giggle. “I’m not so sure. You look like pig-man, oink oink” she laughed. “Argh!” a sudden wrench as Scott pulls himself free, sacrificing some of his thinning hair in the process. He takes one running step and finds his leg almost collapsing again at the knee where her boot had hit it. Hearing the girl’s laughter he forces himself to run down the bridleway with a limping, hobbling gait. The sound of the Oriental girl’s boots running behind him while she laughs with glee fills his mind with panic knowing that he can’t outrun her in this condition. “Oh yes Scott, let’s play chase hehehe” she laughs joyously sounding very close behind not even sounding breathless while he is puffing like a stream engine.

A stile! Why Scott thought that crossing a stile into the adjacent farm field would stop the girl running after him was probably due to his frazzled panicking brain. It was one of those wooden affairs with two steps either side of a fence. As quick as he could he clambered to the top step and was about to step over the top. WHUMP! With a loud solid sound like a baseball bat swung into a side of beef, Scott screamed at the terrible explosion of excruciating pain in his balls as the toe of a black boot appeared from behind between the front of his crotch. The force of the kick lifted him bodily into the air, losing his footing on the stile and sending him stumbling down against the fence with his face bright red and screwed tight in blinding throbbing agony. “Caught you, Scott hehehe” Shioreta-hana giggled. “Beware Madam Koumaru-assaiki she take bad boys from behind” she laughed as Scott slumped to his knee with a terrible throbbing ache balls.

WHUMP! The top of a booted foot signalled the nightmare wasn’t over as it slammed against his belly with the shin smacking his side with a resounding crack of hard leather against a hollow human body causing him to howl in pain. “Get up and play, Scott” A young Oriental female voice told him. “I said GET UP!” she shouted with surprising forcefulness. WHACK! A toe bit into the flesh of his buttocks. “Ouch!” he howled in protest. Kneeling upon the dirt of the bridleway in tears feeling sorry for himself, Scott only saw himself as the helpless innocent victim rather than the foiled kidnapper. “Leave me alone” he wailed as a sexy shaped pair of flat heeled black leather boots walked around and stood in front of him with legs spaced apart. “You cry baby, Scott” the voice teased cruelly. Even with his balls badly aching, Scott couldn’t resist running his eyes over her slim bare thighs, slender figure and small bust with barely concealed lust. Looking up along her inner thighs to the tight shorts only fuelled his desire. A cute smiling face stared back with those big appealing eyes.

“This is last chance, Scott. Get up now” she demanded in her girly voice. “No, you get down here and get your knickers off” He growled and made to grab her legs. With a high pitched squeal of excitement, the young girl jumped nimbly out of the way laughing. Landing, a shiny black blur cuts through the air like a scythe. BAM! The toe hammers his jaw snapping his head back painfully only to be clobbered the very next instant as without returning to the ground the same leg swings back the other way. The shin clubs the side of his head as the toe nails the base of his neck. “Yeeouch!” he howls in agony. Trying to crawl away, Scott is constantly bombarded with hard stinging kicks to his buttocks, agonising kicks to his neck and shoulders, also club-like kicks that numbed his arms. All the while he heard the young girl giggling with glee as she pulverised him. “Teach you right” BAM “for running away” BAM “pig-man” BAM.

Scott couldn’t take anymore and with one last desperate surge of energy pressed himself to his hands and knees while kicks and stomps continued to bombard him. Rising quickly to his feet, he found his head rocked and battered by a series of quick-fire kicks to the back of the head. BAM! Around the jaw BAM! And right in the face WHAM!. Battered, bruised and bloodied by the young girl’s swift nimble kicks, he turns to flee. However dazed from the constant battering, he runs straight into something and comes to a shuddering halt. It feels like running into a small brick wall. As the daze clears from his eyes he realises that it’s the athletic blonde, Jackie Priest. “Going somewhere?” the pretty blue-eyed face asked with a predatory smile. “” Scott stammered, beads of sweat running from his brow paralysed with fear. How can a girl so young and pretty instil such fear into a man. Jackie reached up and slapped a palm upon each shoulders. Tilting her head coyly and looking at him sweetly she says in a soft voice “Say borrrph”. WTF? Scott looked at the short gymnast as if she were mad. A sudden twitch of her body then BLAM! A iron cannonball plunged deep into his stomach, or that’s what it felt like. Moving upwards with such force, Scott finds himself rising up into the air as his feet leave the ground. “Borrrph!” he wails as his breath bursts violently from his mouth while his stomach rides the teen’s bare knee into the air until he is surely level with her chest. Gggarkkkk he feels like he is going to die, his lungs not working as his gut cramps shut, unable even to scream his torment to the world. For a brief moment he finds himself suspended high above the ground, a middle-aged man impaled on a young girl’s knee then it drops beneath him and he finds himself falling.

He would have collapsed to the ground if Jackie hadn’t supported him with her thick strong looking arms while smiling at him. She brings her pretty fresh face very close to his ear and whispers “Paedophiles should get all the punishment they deserve”. “Tell me where my father is and this stops now” she stares at him with those lovely blue eyes as if expecting a reply  while Scott suffers helpless in his own personal winded hell. Nnnnn nnnnngh Scott can’t reply even if he wanted to. Where was Ted when he wanted him, why hadn’t he come to rescue him? – the bastard was probably fucking that riding instructor.
“Really Ted?” Jenny asked sarcastically as I squared off against the toned naked body of the short but heftily-built riding instructor. I hated that expression. “If you feel lucky have another go” she told me, her magnificent bare chest rising and falling taunting me with her raw femininity and there was so much of it. “You should be well rested by now since you’ve spent most of the time upon the floor” she sneered. The cutting insult stung deep. “No woman gets the better of Ted Hawkins” I snarled as I approached her, trying not to be distracted by her fit naked body and jutting nipples.

I tried to make a sudden grab for her head but instead found myself straining against her arms as she intercepted me. “Give it up, Ted. I’m a strong woman and you’ll just have to acknowledge that” she told me with a smile as I struggled and strained to gain control. Her biceps swelled up like smoothly peaked mountains as she opposed me, my God they were almost as big as mine! Jenny’s hand grip was also phenomenally strong and almost had me wincing and crying out in pain as she crushed my hands while holding me off with our arms locked in a trial of strength. It was a trial that I felt myself losing as my arms trembled trying to push against hers which remained rock steady while exerting a steady strong pressure against me. A subtle twist of her thick forearms threatened to overwhelm me. My arms began trembling as I pushed with all my might as her forearms continued to tilt slowly while remaining as steady as iron pillars bending my wrists back. I tried to resist as best I could but it soon got to the point where I was forced to bend my knees or have my wrists snapped.

“Oh dear, Ted. What happened there?” Jenny asked sarcastically while smiling at me in condescension. I grimaced with my wrists burning and hurting in the humiliating knowledge that this woman had once again got one over on me. “F you” I growled through clenched teeth as her strongly swelling arms kept me in an awkward semi-crouch before her. “Oh dear, such defiance. It really looks like I will have to bring out the big guns” She told me. The next instant she let go of my hands and while I was off-balanced wrapped the front of my neck in a big thick arm, grabbed my wrist and then threw me backwards over her hip. The caravan spun around me at nauseating speed as the small of my back rode over her broad hip before I tipped upside down and the floor hurtled towards my face. BLAM! I belly-flopped heavily onto the caravan floor. “Orphh!” the impact knocked the air out of me leaving me helpless as the squat nude woman grabbed hold of my legs and flipped me over with a twist of her mighty forearms while slipping her big legs around my waist then sat down facing my side.

“Ugnn!” I am shocked by how truly large and wide her thigh looks as I rest on my back looking down at my trapped waist which looks so tiny compared her massive thick thighs. Finding that I cannot fully inflate my diaphragm when I breathe I press my hands against the thigh on top and find it like pushing against a solidly built wall. The feel of her skin is silky smooth yet with an absolute solidity just below. Those big legs are holding me firmly but not too uncomfortably. I notice that she doesn’t know that she needs to cross her ankles to lock the hold. What an amateur! With a bit of pushing and shoving I can break out of this. I try but to my dismay find the sheer weight of her big leg keeps it firmly in place. “You’re not getting out of that, Ted. Not until I let you” Jenny told me sounding cocky.

“You listen here, you let me gOOOORRGH!” I groaned loudly as she crossed her ankles and squeezed tight. The first jolt of power through her big toned thighs was painfully paralyzing flattening my diaphragm in an instant making breathing impossible. I arched my back and threw back my head with eyes clenched and mouth open wide trying in vain to draw in air while Jenny’s big legs formed an iron vice of supreme irresistible force. Jenny watched with a wicked smile upon her lips as she watched me squirm helplessly in her iron hard grip. Frantically I rocked my body back and forth in frustration slapping my hands against the massive rock hard mass that had flattened my middle. I could feel my face turn red and heat up as her powerful legs crushed my gut effectively suffocating me slowly. I tugged, pulled and slapped at the massive walls of muscular flesh that were killing me but it was no use, each time I fought against her legs Jenny tightened her scissors a little more. My mouth was opening and shutting frantic for air but she wasn’t even breathing hard.

“Strong aren’t they Ted?” her voice asked over the pounding of my heart in my ears. “Feel what over 30 years of riding and training horses does to a woman’s legs, Ted” she added as I thrashed like a fish out of water. With rising desperation I felt her leg with my hands for a weakness while screwing my eyes tight against the pain. Naarghh-no! I screamed internally, my lungs no longer working. Beneath my palms I could feel Jenny’s huge dense legs bulging with massive slabs of muscle in her thighs and calves. Her thighs bulged so large and felt so powerful as they continued to expand that I’m sure they were displacing my vital organs to the point of internal injury. I felt my strength fading fast and no longer had the energy to move. It felt like Jenny was cutting me in two with her big iron hard legs. I was feeling dizzy with the edges of my vision failing and my heart pounding in my ears with a taste of nausea in my mouth. Yet strangely the sheer feminine power disabling me, completely dominating me had my dick rock hard. She had beaten me and I was passing out, there was nothing I could do so I gave up and waited for the darkness.

But it wasn’t too be, starting to drift on a pillow of warm fuzziness I slowly became aware that I had been rolled onto my back a short squat naked strong woman was straddling my chest. “Sorry about that Ted. Sometimes I just get carried away with these big legs of mine. I keep forgetting that men aren’t as strong as horses” the blonde told me. I couldn’t say anything; I was too busy panting now that my breathing system was working again. Pinned beneath her, I looked up as Jenny raised her right arm and flexed it. The sight of the big-built nude flexing a massive thick bicep made my cock really ache for her. “Oh Jenny I really want you” I moaned “I love you” I added. The narrowing of her eyes and tightening of her mouth made me realise that had been a mistake. “Love! What do you know about love? You were just using me” she shouted angrily. Before I could respond she grabbed my head in her big arms then rolled off to the side, her massive legs encircling my abdomen like thick prison walls of steel, hard and heavy at my sides. “No please” I gasped as I faced her and felt her legs lock and fold behind me gripping my body in a tight leggy mantrap.

“Please Jenny, don’t” I begged, I was absolutely terrified of feeling the power of those huge slabs of leg again. “Too late, Ted” she said. Suddenly rolling backwards onto her shoulders the massive walls that surrounded me tightened immensely, squeezing like a clamp forcing the air from my lungs. To my complete amazement I found myself rising as her big scary legs lifted like a drawbridge hoisting my body completely into the air. Jenny stared at me coldly while holding me aloft above her facing her. I was stunned by the sheer power of her huge legs and strong back as she held my entire substantial bodyweight clean in the air as steady as a rock. The enormity of her strength had my cock rigid. Then with a wicked smile Jenny absolutely powered down around my middle with a real car crusher of a squeeze that instantly had me screaming for mercy until I had no air left inside. Her thighs were so thick that they almost swallowed up my entire sides and so wide across the top that I couldn’t even get the span of my hand anywhere near across them. Nnnnarrrrrr I strained writhing in breathless agony, a wilting human flag held aloft between thick feminine tree-trunk legs. The sheer ferocious power flowing from her thighs made me realise that these were real man-destroyers and she had me beat bad. Arrghh it was so tight that I could hear and feel things cracking and breaking in my back and chest. Oh God she was killing me! Again the thought that this extraordinarily strong woman had once more completely overwhelmed me had my dick rigid and throbbing even as I was suffocating in her awesome legs. “Why Ted!” she chuckled “So hard!”. With that she slammed me back to the floor and released me.

I lay gasping while she flexed those big thick biceps once more in victory or was she trying to further intimidate me? if it was it was working I felt so weak and powerless against those strong muscles in her wonderful naked body. “I hope you understand the order of things now” Jenny lectured. I was totally beat and could only lie there feeling bust up. “Please no more, you win” I gasped, my ribs hurting when I spoke where her legs had bust me. “That depends on you telling me the truth” she told me then spread her legs wide open right in front of my face. It was a most erotic sight looking at her exposed pussy and my cock throbbed hard aching to get in there yet the tall thick canyon walls of the insides of her legs leading up to it was formidable and frightening. “Get your head in there, Ted. Put your face right there” she told me patting her pussy. “No Jenny please no. Anything but that” the thought of putting my head between those massive legs terrified me. That hairy pussy leapt at my face too quick for me to avoid, like a hairy facehugger. My face seemed to rush down a high walled corridor of dense female flesh until my face was buried in her slick hairy patch and the walls caved in while my face slid up over her crotch. Those huge solid thighs squeezed their way on either side between my neck and my shoulders. That was a physical impossibility, they were so tall and dense that they prised up my head stretching my neck even as they crept up the sides of my lower face, so much that I really thought that they were going rip my skull right off my neck.

Jenny didn’t need to squeeze, those big legs leveraging my head up was painful enough, she was an all-conquering power Goddess and I just wanted to submit to her domination. “You know that tramp who tried to kidnap Josie, don’t you?” she asked, high soft voice tinged with steel. “NnnOWWWW!” I cried out aloud as the muscular mass in her thighs bulged once more bearing down upon my trapped neck with phenomenal pressure while they expanded upwards threatening to tear my head off. “Arghhh OK OK arghh Yes Yes please” I was practically screaming. The fierce pressure around my neck was making me dizzy. The sheer power of Jenny’s massive bulky legs was threatening to squash my neck flat and take half my face with it. “Arghh yes I know him argghh please” I cried and to my relief the compression eased to less head-popping proportions. “And you are paedophiles?” she accused. “No” I replied placing my hands on her big legs which were like high walls either side of my tortured neck. “Arghh No I swear Nooooo!” I screamed as the pressure soared to even greater heights, her thighs expanding so much that they choked my throat closed. “Kkkk Kkkk!” I croaked. Thankfully the crush eased leaving me coughing with a sore throat.

“So why did your friend try to take her?” she asked. I tried to think of something plausible but the pause clearly didn’t impress her. “Nnnnnnrkk!” I moaned as her big hungry legs squeezed again while Jenny pushed herself up with her arms bringing even more pressure to bear. Oh my God! please no! I wailed internally as her huge bulging thighs expanded further up the sides of my head applying awful crushing pressure around my face and pressing my jaw painfully from both sides. My crushed head must have looked tiny and misshapen like an old-fashioned lightbulb between those massive swelling thighs. “Nrkkkk!” was all I managed to force out of my crushed jaw. “Tell me the truth Ted or I’ll really let you have it” she warned. This woman’s big bulky legs were so packed with powerful dense muscle from working in the stables that I knew she could bust my jaw and most of my face with it with ease. I felt the thick slabs of her outer thighs swollen steel-hard with raw power while my mouth ached from the pressure upon my jaw and teeth. I tapped on her thighs praying to God that she would understand. The throbbing ache in my teeth subsided a bit as she eased back the brutal pressure.

Those big muscular thighs were all I could see on either side of my vision tunnelling my sight towards the bottom of her broad flat abdomen. I felt the steel hard muscle beneath my hands surprised to find that I couldn’t stop caressing it and getting turned on. “Well? I’m waiting and I’m fast running out of patience” Jenny told me. “The girl, ouch!” my jaw hurt when I tried to speak. “Josie, yes?” she added. “Our boss, ouch!, told us to take her” I said wincing in pain with every word. “Why?” Jenny queried. “Don’t know” I replied. “Bull! I think you do” she snapped and with that grabbed my head between her huge legs and began to give me a real head-scissors. By that I meant that Jenny was literally scissoring my head with her massive bulging thighs squeezing against the sides of my face rather than my neck. “Nnnnargh!” it was like my head was wedged in an industrial vice or a very narrow channel between two stone walls, walls that were relentlessly squeezing inwards. “Orrrrrgh!” so tight it felt like my cheeks would break.

My head angled up as Jenny raised herself onto her arms and powered down. I slapped frantically at those wide thighs, wider than any wall crushing my ears painfully into my skull and stressing the sides of my face making me really scared that it was going to break. I also felt that I would burst a blood vessel as I strained while my cheeks and jaw were compressed into a narrow wedge. “Argh!” I screamed as Jenny swiftly drew her legs back to her chest sending me hurtling towards her belly then sent dizzyingly from one side to the other as she shook me like a terrier with a rag dog. “Arghh I give I give” I cried tapping her leg totally broken and intimidated by the powerful strong nude woman. I felt relief as she returned me back to the floor and opened her big legs.

“Ouch!” I tried to open my mouth but it was stiff, hard to move. Jenny glared at me impatiently. I tried again. “Professor, ouch! Her father has something my boss wants, ouch!” my jaw was hard to work but I was terrified of her thick muscular legs. “He was going to Ouch exchange the kid for it” I told her. “I see” she murmured. I was too broke to do anything but to lay there and watch her squat solid bulky body and thick strong legs remembering how they crushed my middle flat as easily as squashing a tube of toothpaste. I had never experienced a woman’s legs as powerful as that before and the memory made me hard. “So your boss is a criminal” Jenny pondered. I tried to laugh but it hurt. “You could say that ouch! He’s a banker” I replied. “I see” she replied in a ponderous voice. Jenny lifted her big leg and moved it out to the side then gently stroked her foot against the side of my face. I couldn’t help but follow the thick curves of her calves and the lines of the big swell of her hamstrings. “So shapely” I gasped “so strong” I added as I felt her wide solid thighs.

“That brings us to another thing, Ted” she told me still gently running the side of calve alongside the side of my face. “You were just keeping me out of the way, weren’t you. I didn’t mean anything to you” she accused. “That’s not true, ouch” I protested “I’ve really come to love you”. “Bull!” she growled. Quickly the calve at the side of my face slipped behind my head and pulled my face right into her slick hairy love patch. When Jenny closed her thighs they almost smothered my entire face. “Mmmaarghh!” I screamed as her thick legs turned steely hard and crushed down upon my head with the most terrifying pressure yet. “Mmmarghh!” I couldn’t stop screaming, the splitting blinding pain inside my head was so tense. “Oh yes Ted, yes” I heard her moan despite the solid walls of female muscle crushing around my ears. “Mmmarrgh!” I screamed myself hoarse at the intense pressure and the severe pain she was inflicting, squeezing my skull between her steel hard walls of power. Jenny became violent and animalistic as she went into the throes of orgasm. Thrashing and writhing and arching her big muscular thighs scissored me relentlessly with undescribable power that had me crying in tears at the terrible pain. Squirming and moaning her big legs completely swallowed me. “Ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhh!” her moans of pleasure were so loud I could hear them despite her inner thighs clamped to my ears as walls of female muscle writhed and bulged around me. “Argghhh!” I gave one last scream as I felt the bone in my skull shuddered and shake then finally give way.
“Bad Scott, bad pig-man!” the young Japanese girl scolded. CRACK! Her small fist cracked sharply against the side of his jaw. Scott was shocked; she was so wonderfully cute and such a petite slender thing yet so aggressive and violent that it scared him. He never expected that punch. “Very bad!” she scolded. WHUMP! Her small fist pounded his gut already weakened by Jackie. As he crumples forwards, she grabs his head by the hair on each side and forces him to look at her smiling face. “You are a very bad man. Very bad pig-man” her big brown eyes with the appealing wide pupils glared at him. WHACK! A stinging slap around the face followed by an immediate backhanded shook him up. “You tried to take a little girl. I punish you, Japanese schoolgirl style” she told him. CRACK! Her arm swung again slapping him hard.

While his cheek was stinging she grabbed his arm and turned around pulling it over her slender shoulder then lent forward. Phoar! Scott felt her tight compact backside thrust into his groin and it felt good, his dick growing stiff in appreciation. With alarm he found himself rising onto the girl’s back, worried he would crush her, an overweight middle-aged man supported on a slim young girl’s back. His crotch slid up and pressed against her lovely peach with his erection stiffening between her buttocks. Woah! In the next split-second he was hurtling over her narrow shoulder and the ground rushed up to meet his back BLAM! Ouch! Oh my God! She’d just thrown me, she’d just thrown me! As he looked up along her long slender leg his dick went absolutely rigid at the sheer dominant power of this cute little girl. Somehow all the kicks just dazed him but that throw slammed into his dense brain that this cute faced Japanese schoolgirl was a martial artist and that scared him witless although he didn’t understand his dick’s reaction.

She still had hold of his hand and as he tried to get up she twisted it at the wrist rotating his forearm and pressing it back past his shoulder while pressing on the inside of his elbow. “Ouch!” he yelped as she controlled his arm with confidence while crouching then kneeling astride his side. “You stay down Scott” She told him with a giggle. With a sudden twist the girl rolled off his body to one side hooking her shapely calves over his body across the top of his shoulders close to his face and across the top of his chest then leant back pulling his arm right up between the inside of her lovely slender thighs then levering the back of his elbow over the mound of her crotch. Keeping his arm stretched taut Shioreta-Hana applied expert control giggling as she stressed Scott’s arm over her crotch. Scott screwed up his eyes and groaned and writhed in agony. “I can break your arm using just my pussy, Scott” the young Japanese girl told him then burst into a fit of saucy giggles. “Argh get off, get off!” he shrieked as his arm bent back painfully in a manner it was not designed to do. “You do not tell me what to do, Scott. My pussy is in charge here” she rebuked him then both girls burst into another fit of laughter.

“Apologise” Jackie snapped sternly. With that the Oriental lifted her backside off the ground raising the level of her crotch pushing up his elbow the wrong way while she pulled back on his wrist straining the joint. “Argh!” Scott shrieked “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”. The girl just giggled with laughter while she poured stress upon his elbow. “Argghhh!” his cries got louder as she began gyrating her hips still with her crotch raised reducing Scott to tears of pain and frustration at being immobilised in this way by a mere teenage girl. “Oh please, please” he wept, the slightest movement causing intense bone-deep agony. It felt like the bones and tendons in his elbow were grinding and creaking, threatening to burst through the skin. “Heeheehee shall we dance, Scott” the manically joyful oriental giggled as she arched up grinding his stretched elbow joint. “OwwOwww! I’m sorry Owww!” he cried out aloud. “This exercise all women should do. Keep their pussy fit and strong. Keep future husband very happy. Stop him wandering to other women” she said then burst into more giggles while continuing to wreck his arm. “Come on Scott flap those wings” the young terror said then he Was shrieking in pain as she flapped his arm up and down rapidly using her crotch as a fulcrum like she was pumping water. “Oww! Oww! Please no oww! I’m sorry please I’m sorry” he cried pathetically with genuine tears of agony rolling down his bright red chubby chops. All the time girlish manic laughter tormented his ears.

Don’t feel sorry for Scott, he deserves everything he gets. “Come on Jackie, this is fun” she called out to her friend. To Scott’s horror the strong bodied teenaged blonde sat down upon his other side, grabbed his other wrist and pulled his arm back between her beefy thighs. Hooking her legs over his middle she powered back with her own brutal arm-bar that threatened to rip his arm out of its socket. “Nooo! Oh God no!” he cried as both of his arms were stretched out backwards on either side splaying him in an arm-straining crucifix that had him howling in pain. Two pretty leggy teenage girls had him so helpless and in so much pain while they laughed merrily as they tortured his arms to breaking point. “Owww Owww!” he wept certain that his elbows would never work again.

“‘Ere what’s that in your trousers? It’s got quite a bulge there” the Japanese arm-breaker exclaimed. Both girls burst out laughing in a saucy manner. “I think he’s packing” the blonde arm-breaker replied as she maintained her agonising arm-bar. Both girls broke into more rather dirty laughter and punished his arms for a bit more. “I better check he’s not carrying a dangerous weapon then” the lovely oriental then said. Scott found himself being held agonisingly on the ground by the squat sturdy blonde with her big meaty calve pressing against the bottom of his face as she held him helpless on the ground. Suddenly to his horror he felt a hand upon the front of his jeans and panics thrashing around yelping as Jackie tries to control him with the arm-bar. WHUMP! “Orrrrrgh!” a punch to his gut stops him winded. “Keep still; Scott or I’ll hurt you” Shioreta-hana warns then unzips his flies and opens them to expose his underpants, all the while he writhed in agony in the blonde’s arm-bar. “Ooh Jackie, there’s quite a nasty bulge” she remarked causing both girls burst into another fit of dirty giggles. In a saucy voice she added “I think this piss-tool needs unloading safely” causing another riotous outbreak of humiliating girly laughter.

A touch of the girl’s hand upon his underpants sends Scott into a panic fearful of being exposed and humiliated. He struggles as much as he can without breaking his arm in the blonde’s arm-bar but a wild kick catches the Japanese girl on the thigh. “Ouch! you bad pig-man” she scolds then stands up and walks around to his feet. Grabbing them both, she pulls his legs up straight before sitting down facing him. In horror Scott saw her flat soled black leather boot slide right down the middle of his splayed legs as she held his feet apart heading straight for his nuts. Locked in Jackie’s agonising arm-bar there was nothing he could do. BAM! The sole of her boot struck square against the base of his groin sending a sharp burst of pain through his nutsack. “Oieeee!” He squeals at the violation. “Keep still Scott or the next one will be much harder. I won’t tell you again” Shioreta-hana warned. “OK?” She stressed this by her boot pressing against his nuts. “Yes, yes” he gasped hurriedly. Why do women always want to break his balls? He couldn’t understand it when all he wanted was a quick fuck. To his surprise she rolls the sole of her boot on top of his package and begins to stroke his bulge gently. “Do you like that Scott?” the lovely asked as her foot caressed the soft package protruding like a small tent from his pants. “Of course you do” she said softly. “Orrrr!” he sighed in contentment looking along the length of her lovely slender leg as it moved with small subtle motion as her foot massaged his privates making the bulge grow larger and stiffer. “Oww!” he yelped as Jackie stressed his arm reminding him that they were humiliating him, forcibly arousing him against his will. “Pleasure and pain” the blonde tormenting his arm says “Shioreta-hana gives you the pleasure while I give you the pain”. The leg begins to gently prod his man-mound with her foot as well as stroking it.

It was with some disappointment that the girl stopped the boot-job, released his feet and crept to kneel across his legs bringing her head close to his groin. Suddenly he felt teeth close down around his erection through his pants and start tugging at it. “No! no!” he panics scared that she is going to bite his dick he tries to buck and writhe but Jackie’s fierce arm-bar prevents him from escaping. To his surprise, the teeth around his cotton-enclosed sausage chomp softly, teasing and playful, tingling and exciting with an edge of danger of a hard bite. “Ohhhh!” Scott gasped as with his sausage clamped softly between her teeth, he feels her tongue sneak from between and flicker lightly probing and prodding at his nylon-wrapped dong. “Ohhh!” he moans as he succumbs to the fleet teasing sensations while the gymnast continues to keep him in place. Never sucking or licking, the wet tactical tongue mere flickers lightly in brief tantalising touches that have even greater impact. Her hands take his whole clothed rod and pull it upright, stretching his pants, allowing her tongue to flicker all around the shaft and tip. The sensations drive him crazy as his erection stiffens getting more and more hard, straining against his underpants.

Probing, touching all over, never quite sure where it would touch next. Scott was quickly getting rock hard despite the pain in his overstretched arm. To his relief the blonde let go of his arm which he found too stiff to move. “Ohh suck it please” he begged to the oriental driving his dick wild. She stopped, stared angrily at him, her hand around the base of his shaft. Without saying a word while continuing to glare at him it very slowly slides the tip, touching lightly. “Ohhh!” Scott moans as the feather-light touch is electric and he tries to thrust his pelvis to work himself off in her hand. He yelps in fright as thick athletic legs come around his neck from behind, one bends to wrap the side of his neck in the crook of her knee with the leather boot held tight across his throat as she locks it under her other knee. “Grkk!” he croaks as Jackie squeezes tight. “You don’t tell me what to do Scott” Shioreta-hana tells him “I own you. I do whatever I like with you. You just take it, you have no choice”. Shioreta-hana’s hand continued to move up and down with the tips of her fingers lightly touching leaving an electric trail of tingles all up his clothed shaft. All the while Jackie’s thick strong legs squeezed his throat making him feel so helpless. “You’re my bitch, pig-man” the sweet looking oriental told him “I make you hard, I break you. I do whatever I want with you”.

Leaning forward she began to unbutton his shirt working her wet slobbery tongue slowly up his body. She seemed to know every point where the brief touch of her tongue would cause the maximum stimulation. Reaching his nipples she lingered flickering, licking, tantalising until his nipples jutted out and he was moaning and thrusting his hips. She worked her way up, her tongue flickering and getting into the tight gap between Jackie’s muscular thighs and his neck. “Oooh that tickles” Jackie cried then giggled. “You don’t stand a chance against me Scott” Shioreta-hana told him between fluttering licks around his ear. “Japanese women know all the tricks to get a man hard” he heard before his ear was full of a whooshing slurping sound. Locked between Jackie’s powerful thighs, he was helpless as the oriental’s tongue flickered all over and into his ear driving him insane with the tactile sensations, thrusting his hips in sexual frustration.

The fleeting touches become longer drawn out licks. Scott is unable to avoid or resist the overload of sensations on his skin. She seems to know every place where her tongue will stimulate him the most. Her hand grabs hold off his stiff bulge and slowly rubs up and down while stimulating his sensitive points on his face with her amazing tongue. Facing him she licks all over his face. Her tongue comes out of her cute mouth and dabs against the corner of his lips then gently moves around to the front of his mouth, her lips briefly brushing against his again and again causing exciting tingles of tactile eroticism. Gently her tongue touches his lower lip then her top lip presses against his as her tongue works the entrance of his mouth. Scott can’t resist meeting it with his own tongue as her tongue works its way around his lips driving him wild. With his tongue sticking out in eager anticipation the tips of their tongues meet in a lingering embrace that sends bolts of electric eroticism straight down to his dick making it unbelievable stiff. The girl opens her mouth and keeps pressing her lips to his her tongue dipping in and out like a honeybee touching and wrestling with his.

Finally she grabs his jaw with her hands and forces his mouth wide open. He sees her mouth open and that wet wriggling tongue get closer until her lips seal with his in a sort of erotic kiss while her tongue licks around inside stimulating his body swiftly to bursting point. She twists her mouth and lips in a lingering kiss while her tongue flicks around inside before removing it. In desperation, Scott thrusts humping her hand which she removes with a laugh. “Oh I think his piss-tool is about to go off” she tells Jackie, both girls burst into filthy laughter. To Scott’s frustration, Jackie’s powerful legs unfurl themselves from his neck then both girls get to their feet leaving him on the ground with a manically throbbing erection of epic proportions. Shioreta-hana has aroused him so much with her tongue that Scott is desperately aching for release but she stops and stands up laughing leaving him with a massive throbbing erection unable to cum.

Desperate for release he leapt to his feet and grabbed her. “You little cockteaser” he cried holding the little Japanese teen in his arms pressing his face against hers kissing her passionately while she struggled in his arms. His hands grab her small tight buttocks and pull her close so that her crotch is against him and he begins to thrust his groin against her, dry-shagging her in a desperate to cum. BAM the toe of a boot slams between his legs from behind blasting his balls against the underside of his body. “Oooooeee!” he wails as it hits his gonads solidly like a like a bunch of grapes trapped between a hammer and an anvil. As the sickening ache radiates throughout his body, Scott lets go of Shioreta-Hana which was probably not a good idea. Looking very angry, the slight-looking Japanese girl powered her small but hard knee straight up between his legs with surprising force. WAM! “Ooooee!” he cries out again in agony. WHACK! Immediately his balls are kicked from behind again, a kick with power that makes his nads want to shrink back inside his body. WHAP! The oriental instantly snaps a front kick with the toe of her boot hammering up between his legs into his sore throbbing nads. “I like football hehehehe” she giggles. WHAP! Instantly a boot swings between his legs from behind again.

WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP! Scott is caught in a pincer movement between two girls delivering a non-stop agonising barrage of leather boots clinging to the shape of curvy calves kicking his balls. The oriental girl snaps sharp stinging kicks from the front while the athletic blonde delivers brutally strong ball-mashers from the rear. WHAP WHAP WHAP! The fast repetitive rhythm of boots thudding into a human body beats out like a loud metronome. Mostly the kicks batter his balls alternately in a constant bombardment that leaves him paralysed in agony unable to escape trapped between two pairs of hard kicking legs. Sometimes their kicks land at the same time mashing his aching balls between the hard boot toes that leave him screaming in torment as he thinks his balls will explode. Suddenly he finds the pretty blonde sliding around in front of him, her athletic body close to his. Turning her back to him she reaches up to grab his neck with a thick bare strong arm then cruelly powers the sole of her boot back with an awful crushing of his painful nads. As if that wasn’t enough the pretty Japanese girl immediately moved in front and quickly spun around with a little jump. A leg span out as she turned away and blasted an agonising back-kick into his balls. “Orrgag!” he wailed as a severe agonising throb hammered in his crotch.

With a bright red face that looked like it was melting with its screwed-up eyes and downturned mouth open in a silent wail of agony, Scott began to crumple up while the girls continued their twin ball-busting assault. Folding over his ruined balls, a pair of short but thick strong looking bare thighs with black leather boots below stepped into his vision. With mind numbing terror he watched helplessly as a shiny black boot left the ground and rose at frightening speed and unleashed a terrible high kick that nearly ripped his head off. His head followed by his upper body whipped back so fast that he nearly passed out as his mind spun at nauseating speed. Stumbling around in a complete daze like an imbecile, his legs threatened to turn to water.

“Wow Jackie that was really good” Shioreta-hana remarked as Scott tried to steady himself and remain upright. “Watch this Jackie” he heard her say and when he looked his heart nearly stopped as the cute Oriental’s lovely slender leg rockets skywards in a deadly blur. Her foot shot high over his head as her leg points vertically upright pulling her denim shorts tight over her crotch, the shape of her mound causing painful jerks of desire in his abused manhood. The top of her lovely thigh rests against the front of her body as she holds her leg upright like a flagpole or an executioner’s axe poised over Scott’s head like a death sentence. In that pose of groin stirring flexability, the fresh-faced girl looks lethal, her small shorts stretched tight over her crotch cock-hardening which is painful with busted balls, her skill deadly. “No!” he wails in fright as the leg drops at great speed hurtling down. WHAM! “Eeeiioow!” he shrieks as the heel of the boot pounds into the crook of his neck in an explosion of pain that sends bolts of shock shooting throughout his body and drives him flat to the ground in less than a second.

“Wow! That was awesome” he hears Jackie say. Barely conscious Scott feels hands grab his head and thick brawny arms shove it between big powerful legs close to the knees which seize his skull like a steel clamp. He’s vaguely aware of someone leaning over his back and arms wrapping around his middle. “Woah!” he yelps becoming aware as he feels his back end being lifted off the ground and rotating into a vertical position, upside down while his head is clamped hard between strong legs. His body folds forward at the waist which Jackie holds close to her chest. “Arghh!” he cries as the thick walls of bare teen girl muscle swell and crush on both sides of his skull. As hands clutch uselessly at her thick bulging thighs. “Wow Jackie you are so strong!” the oriental says in awe. Suddenly those terrifying strong legs unclamp from his head and he finds himself being swung around like a human pendulum before she tosses him to the ground like an unwanted toy to the amusement of the of the pretty oriental. “That’s so cool Jackie” she laughs.

Scott is totally beat, unable to move a muscle. “Get up, Scott. Let’s play more” he hears Shioreta-hana tell him. “Please leave me alone, for the love of God” he weeps. “You are a very bad pig-man, God might forgive you but I don’t” she replied then seized his wrist. Scott yelped as his hand was bent back sharply at the wrist and his arm pulled straight, stressing it at the elbow with the crook of her other arm. Forcing him to his feet she told him “Get up lazy pig-man or I break it”. No sooner had he got to his feet then the girl’s lovely slender body pressed against his. He felt her turn her side into him as she pulled his arm up then whipped it down in front of her while bumping her hip. Scott went flying over her hip at high speed back to the ground. BAM! His back hit the hard sun-baked soil knocking the stuffing from him.

With no mercy, the slender teen sat in the middle of his back facing his feet, then grabbed them and began to pull them back. “Heeheehee we wrestle, yes Scott?” she giggled manically. Tucking one foot under each arm, she pulled them back while pressing down against the ground with her legs increasing the tension as she forces his body to bend backwards off the ground, legs first. Raising herself into a crouch she forces him roll back to his belly bending his spine painfully. “Argh!” Scott slammed his palms against the ground in frustration sure that his back would break. Yet the little girl pushed herself up even more that had Scott screaming as his body rolled back so that only his upper chest was in contact with the ground. “Argh please no please” he wept openly ashamed that such a young girl was causing so much pain. Of course she kept applying the hold without mercy while laughing with glee. “Heeheehee you all stiff like an old man” she giggled “You need limbering up, heeheehee”. “Argh! No!” he shrieked as more lancing pain went shooting up his curved spine. Then he heard Jackie’s voice “Let’s show the pervy old man how flexible a young girl is”. This was followed by some whispering and giggles. He knew that this meant that he wasn’t going to like it but at that moment all he cared for was for the terrible pain in his back to stop, as it was beginning to cramp.

He signed with relief when his legs were lowered back down to the ground, but any thought of escape or revenge was dashed when still holding his ankles, the Japanese girl twisted his legs, forcing him over onto his back. She began to walk around behind his head. Scott tried to move to escape but winced in pain as his abused back protested. Shioreta-hana sat down behind him and a beautiful pair of well shaped black leather slipped around the sides of his neck, one folded across his throat like a shutting gate and locked tight under the boot on the other side. “You keep still and watch, Scott” she told him then the leggy noose tightened with a ferocious grip that had him choking. His hands clasped her wonderful bare thighs surprised to find them as hard as steel. How could such a lovely legged thing like her squeeze so tightly? “Jackie is not the only one with strong legs. You keep still and watch or I knock you out” she warned then relaxed her grip to a firm hold that let Scott appreciate the warmth and smoothness of her bare thighs.

While Shioreta-hana held Scott in a figure-4 head-scissors with her lovely legs Jackie stood astride his and bent forward, placing her hands either side on the edges of his waist. One could easily mistake her thick arms for puppy arm if not for their firmness, well defined shoulder caps and the thick swelling of her forearm. “Orghh!” he groaned as she threw herself up into a handstand with the full bodyweight pressing down upon his sides. Her forearms rippled and swelled into a dense and vaguely triangular shape while her upper arms bulged with softly shaped yet thick firm powerful looking shapes that young girls surely shouldn’t have. As disturbing as these were to Scott, the lines of her legs were mesmerising and grabbed his attention. They were so full and beautifully shaped yet with the thick swell of her large thigh muscles so very evident. Somehow the contrast of the power of her thighs with the softly curving and feminine shape was sexually exciting and had Scott groaning internally with lust. Phroar! He thought as he let his hungry eyes roam down to her calves finding added sexy allure of the semi-teardrop shape of her calves clad in slinky black leather. Orrrrrr! I’d love to give that a bloody good seeing to, he thought as his eyes saw the way her tight denim shorts clung to her compact backside following the crease between her buttocks which looked like a pair of hard looking cannon-balls.

With her backside facing him, Jackie slowly open her strong shapely legs into a V shape, keeping them absolutely straight and rock steady. As indeed was her whole body, it didn’t shake or wobble or anything as she kept herself raised upon her arms, those sexy legs looking so hot with bare thighs and black boots just got wider apart. Despite the brutal beating to his balls just minutes ago, the sight of a female gymnast doing a handstand over his body and opening her legs wide had Scott’s dick stiffening rapidly. With such a close-up view, by the time those deadly muscular legs were perfectly horizontal pointing out in opposite directions like sexy curvy handles of a scooter. Scott’s dick was absolutely rigid. Jackie carefully turned around to face Scott. As soon saw her fully opened legs and exposed crotch, his erection began twitching and moving of its own accord. It was the sexiest sight he’d ever seen. “Urrghh urrghhh urghh” he forced out a groan while carefully thrusting his crotch without upsetting the girl. “Oh boy, Scott’s going blow” the Japanese girl scissoring him said and drew her legs tighter around his neck.

Jackie’s legs closed smoothly yet quickly from horizontally apart to together vertically, her thick thighs looking latently strong and dangerous. Without warning, Jackie suddenly threw herself into a front somersault bringing her legs up at the knees and holding onto them as she rotated like a ball. Time slowed down for Scott as in horror he watched as her knees plummeted towards his stomach so fast that he didn’t have time to scream. WHUMPFH! The impact was dreadful as both knees slammed deep into his gut. His body naturally tried to bolt upright but his neck is caught tight in Shioreta-hana’s slim but strong legs and his body’s natural reaction slams his throat hard against her rigidly held leather riding boot. Things fade fast but he hears their voices even after his vision had closed down. “Oh you’ve broken him Jackie, I wanted to play some more” “You should meet my brother. Bobby would just love to play with you” girlish giggles mock him as the dark envelops him.
Angel finished reading the report on her phone then glanced up at Jim’s whiteboard. A known thug Ted Hawkins had been admitted to hospital and given Banking immunity stopping the Police from interviewing him when he finally comes around with broken ribs and severe fractures to the skull. It was the other one admitted with him that interested her as it matched the description of a spotty faced man with broken spectacles who had attacked Lady Helen’s stable maid during the Police investigation with Jim [JIMP#7] and also that of an intruder Matron Caroline Charles reported stopping around the same time as Government thugs murdered Sir Nigel Forbes-Willington the Junior Minister for Law & Order [JIMP#10] while recovering in hospital after getting beaten up by his mistress and personal aide[JIMP#9]. Hawkins was known to work for Sir Anthony Jones who worked for The Dark Bank but seemed to have his own interest in the Bristlingdown hoarde. He’d been warned off once [JIMP#21] maybe it was time to pay closer attention to him and his band of thugs.
*** Jim ***
They marched us off the strange futuristic black triangular aircraft into tropical heat and sunshine, the soldiers pushing us around with their semi-automatics, sneering at us. I heard one remark “more fresh meat” as we were forced to put on orange overalls then lined up before a rostrum where some high ranking officer addressed us. “Welcome to Guantanamo bay, gentlemen. You are now the permanent guests of the U.S. Air Force, although the U.S. Government will officially deny all knowledge of you. Don’t winge about violation of your human rights. You have no rights, you no longer exist as far as your Governments are concerned. You have officially fallen off the radar as far as the outside is concerned. Failure to co-operate will result in permanent cessation of life” he told us. “Have a nice day” he added without irony. “Take them to their cells” he directed a lesser ranking officer.

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