The Sari of Discipline (JIMP#56)

Young man experiences his auntie’s dominance and power

I wanted to do something showing how dominant Indian Aunties can be.
(c)Jim P 2013

Part 1. Skilled Hand

“You, Jim Priest?” the polite well-spoken young Indian man asked. “That’s what it says on the badge” I replied. The American soldiers had given us name badges to go with our bright orange prisoner suits. I was moping around by the wall of our communal dank dingy cell hoping that I wasn’t next for the interrogation that had broken so many of the others. The young man seemed a quiet, pleasant guy of slim build, about 5’6 with neat short black hair. “I’ve seen your stuff on the Internet. I’m a great fan of your stories” He told me. “Why, thank you” I replied, flattered. Then he asked “are they real?” “What do you think?” I asked in return. “I think they are real. Let me tell you why” he began. My name is Piyush and what I tell you is true.

I am at the University of Delhi having just finished my first year studying IT. This summer during recess, my parents sent me to stay with my aunty Chanda who lives in a small village in the Thar Desert close to the border with Pakistan. Although it is out in the middle of nowhere, the roads are very good so that the army can move quickly to the border if there is an incident and there is a small regional airfield about 40 miles away. I had known aunty all my life, meeting her at family occasions and the like. However I was quite intimidated by her for she was as fierce as her name. She is a typical domineering Indian matriarch who is very loud, brash and outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind. I told my parents that I didn’t want to go but apparently she had requested my presence and even they were too scared to refuse her command.

So it was that I got on small aircraft belonging to an internal airline that seemed barely airworthy for a scary flight from Delhi into the desert. When we landed at the sun-bleached airstrip and they opened the doors, I was hit physically by this blast of hot air. This continued as I walked down the stairs and onto the apron. I thought it was just the backwash from the engines but as I stepped away and walked towards the small single story sandstone terminal building the hot blast stayed with me and I realised that this was the wind blowing off the desert. Rather than the nice cooling, sometimes chilling, wind that we get in Delhi this was like a blast furnace giving no respite and sucking all of the moisture from the air. After collecting my luggage, I got into a decrepit taxi, a vintage car painted with a yellow upper half, black bottom with worn leather seating dating from the 50’s by the look of it with shot suspension and dusty windscreen. Even with the windows down, it was like an oven inside with the scorching air blowing in giving no relief.

By the time I arrived at the small village of simple cube shaped sandstone buildings, I was close to passing out in the dry heat. If I had expected any kind of warm welcome from aunty then that was instantly dispelled. Aunty Chanda glowered at me fiercely as if I was something that she had scraped off the bottom of her shoe with her hands upon her very wide hips making no attempt at pleasantries or to help me with my luggage. Aunty is a stereotypical Indian aunty, not particularly attractive and very plump, overweight from good food and easy living. I doubt that she had ever done a decent day’s work in her life although of course, she was an excellent cook, although I suspected she had one of her servants do the work while she supervised closely.

She wore a traditional sari of expensive looking quality and coloured pale blue that fully covered up her over-large body apart from her thick fleshy arms, the lower parts of which were left bare by the short sleeved mid-riff blouse. Her long straight hair was jet black, although I suspected she had used dye. auntie’s face is quite large and rather square in shape, an impression given by a very slight slope to her broad cheeks that reached a very straight wide jaw. This was not helped by wearing her hair high off her forehead before cascading down around the back of her ears which were studded with large expensive looking crystal earrings. Although her cheeks were wide and chubby, the skin beneath the jaw looked firm which made me think that she was probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s. Small but very penetrating brown eyes glared out with chilling effect that somehow always seem to be looking down at you even though she is shorter than me at around 5’4. Her eyes sit in sunken recesses which are noticeably darker in skin tone. Despite her pudginess her nose is sleek and elegant and her mouth small with thick lips glossed in scarlet lipstick. The only other bits of noticeable make-up were thickened eyebrows between which she wore a red bindi spot.

Ajay uncle stepped forward with a friendly smile to give me a hand with my bags until waved off by his wife. “A-cha! Ajay leave the boy alone. He is not an invalid” she said in a loud commanding voice that the whole village must have heard. Uncle gave me a look of apology. Truth was that while aunty was large and plump, uncle was a skinny beanpole of a man at least two decades older with thinning grey hair and bottle glasses. He was a nice, friendly man who smiled and laughed a lot and I liked him. So it was that I struggled up the pathway to the house with my cases and steeled myself to settle in for a summer stay with my very strict domineering overweight aunty in her house in a small village with the blistering heat of the desert blowing in on the wind. The food was excellent and bountiful but of course she filled my every waking hour with chores. This mainly meant working in auntie’s near-dust bowl of a garden in the blistering heat, re-building walls and building up rockeries to give a little shade to what plants she did have. Although I never fully got used to the heat, I did slowly begin to acclimatise. Uncle Ajay used to be a professional architect and under his gentle guidance, I realised the plans he had drawn up for an efficient irrigation system that collected and stored what little rainfall and moisture there was to water the plants. It was hard work but it kept me out of auntie’s way.

I had brought my laptop but anticipating no broadband out in the desert, I had purchased an overpriced 3G dongle in Delhi because thanks to the need for communications with the front line, there was a good connection. However I soon found this to be costly and I could only afford to use it sparingly. Unable to get my full fix of images of sexy Amazon women like those featured in your stories my attention wandered to the only dominant woman around. Aunty would not place in a beauty contest but like many plump Indian aunties, she was very well-endowed. An exceptionally wide full shelf of a bust hung disturbing low. It was also supported very firmly by her undergarments and from the side it looked like she had a large lop-sided pyramid stuck to her front, a view that made my groin tighten. Due to the heat, aunty wore light saris, so thin that her large nipples pressed very visibly against the fabric. It was such an unexpected sexy sight on a unsexy woman that I kept finding my eyes returning them when she wasn’t looking. That’s when I also began to notice that the short-sleeved mid-riff blouses she wore beneath the long tail of silk draped diagonally across one shoulder were low-cut giving tantalising glimpses of a very deep dark cleavage packed with high-sided mounds of flesh on either side. For a young man starved of Internet Amazons, that huge forward-thrusting heavy-looking package on such a fierce strict mature woman caught my attention and fuelled my night-time lust. This was enhanced by the way that she verbally dominated all around her and the confident way she held herself which gave her such a powerful air of authority. I saw how everyone was frightened of her and gave her deference and that appealed to my secret fetish for strong women even though I didn’t find her physically attractive apart from her large heaving bust. All that was soon to change.

One morning I was outside in the searing heat struggling to move a particularly large boulder across the garden to its intended position where it would provide shelter for her precious plants. I was huffing and puffing and straining, concentrating on trying to move it without doing myself or, more importantly, her garden damage. Suddenly to my surprise the boulder became lighter and floated up into the air. “Here boy, you’ll do yourself a mischief trying to carry it like that” a familiar loud stern voice sounded. I looked up in surprise to find that aunty had taken hold of the other side and was actually helping me. In disbelief I found that I barely had a grip on the thing because she had almost lifted it completely out of my hands. She was standing there holding up this massive boulder that I had been struggling with showing no signs of exertion, looking like she was just holding an inconveniently sized empty cardboard box. “T-thank you, aunty” I managed to gasp trying to cover my amazement at her unexpected strength. “Come along, Boy. Put some put back into it” she scolded then proceeded to helped me carry the boulder across the garden. I was stunned to find that the boulder just seemed to float across the garden with little effort on my part. I had always thought her fat and lazy yet now she was doing most of the heavy lifting, not really sharing the burden. For my part, I felt that all I was doing was keeping the awkward shaped thing steady whereas aunty was actually the one carrying it. Astonished by strength that I never suspected she had, my balls tightened and my dick lurched and stiffened with new appreciation for this fearsome matriarch. I began to steal glances at her arms whenever I thought that she wasn’t looking at me hoping to catch a glimpse of massive bulging biceps like a Jim Priest superwoman. I was disappointed for peeping out from the short-sleeves of her mid-riff length blouse, auntie’s arms were certainly very thick and not as flabby as I had originally assumed but showed no obvious signs of bulging muscle, although they looked very firm. However as we manipulated the boulder around and over obstacles in the garden, I saw subtle hints of hardness and swelling around her biceps and triceps with briefly visible thick tendons in her wide forearms. She caught me gawping a few times and I quickly gave my attention back to the large object we were carrying feeling her steely gaze upon me.

“Th-thank you aunty” was all I could think to say again as we set down the boulder into its final position. Free of its protection between us, I was now acutely aware of the stiffness showing in the front of my shorts and prayed that she wouldn’t notice. “Learn to lift properly, boy. I don’t want you to hurt yourself while you are in my care. It is not proper for a lady to move rocks so don’t ask me again” she told me with a harsh tone then turned to leave. I had never asked her in the first place and I watched as she walked away towards the stone staircase at the back of the house that led up to the upper floor and the flat roof. Lifting the hem of her sari to climb the steps I saw her thick ankles flow into very thick very large shapely smooth skinned calves. As she climbed, large hard shiny slabs briefly appeared then waned. My dick gave a lurch at the sight of the glimpses of real muscle on auntie’s legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I rushed closer as stealthily as I could to get a better view and by the time she had reached the top of the stair, my stiffy had become a real aching-hard throbber in my pants. She wasn’t particularly attractive and still seemed grossly overweight but with the vision of those hard calve muscles and the memory of how easily she moved that large boulder with little help from myself added to the huge breasts bouncing around inside her sari created new fantasies about her in my wet dreams.

From then on, I kept stealing glances at her whenever I thought she wasn’t looking, staring at her arms for any positive signs of muscle in her very wide thick arms. All I confirmed was a definite firm swelling when she moved heavy pots and pans and the like but nothing that indicated anything more exciting and I began to wonder whether I had just imagined what I saw that day out in the garden. I even began following her whenever she climbed the stairs in the hope of catching a glimpse of her calves. They certainly had an amazing shape, from the side they swelled out deeply over a short distance from her thick ankles like half a heart shape of quite firm looking mass. As she climbed, this mass would become very firm then solidify into large slabs of hardness before disappearing as she moved on. It was a sight that kept me coming back for more but I got careless. One day I was climbing the stairs behind her, thinking how her very wide backside filled that sari like the back of a truck when she stopped suddenly. Looking over her shoulder at me she glared down at me and asked “What is this is? Why are you always following me upstairs, Boy? You are not going to try to force yourself upon me I hope because that would go very badly for you indeed”. That threw me because I would never have ever considered such a thing. “Er, No. I’m not following you” I lied. Aunty turned around on the step above. Since I was so close behind on the stairs I got a face full of her massive wide low-slung bosom with her big prominent nipples nearly taking out my eyes. They were right in front of my face and filled my entire vision. “Mahishasura finds work for idle hands” she intoned “Since you have nothing to do you except follow me, you can go and clean the toilet and don’t let me catch you following me again unless I ask you to” “I did that this morning” I protested “Don’t back-chat me boy, go do it again to a standard that will meet my high expectations” she demanded. Forcing my eyes to look over the massive shelf of breast I saw her stern facing looking down at me so fiercely that I didn’t dare argue and turned and went downstairs to get the cleaning stuff.

That evening after I’d finished all my chores I went to my room to have a bit of browsing time and to see whether my favourite author had published a new story. As I entered my room, to my horror I found aunty sitting on the bed looking at my laptop screen. I didn’t even know that she knew how to use one or how she had cracked my password, she certainly didn’t have a computer in the house. “Do you really masturbate to this?” she asked in a hard voice full of disgust. She turned the screen towards me and to my shame it was showing a thumbnail view of a folder where I had downloaded images of muscle women from the web. I felt myself blush in embarrassment at being caught out. She closed the lid and placed the laptop on the bed then stood up to face me. “I take you in and look after like my son and this is how you repay me? Masturbating in my house? You clearly need a lot of discipline to be instilled in you. You leave me no choice. I am going to have to punish you” she said in a hard fierce voice. Anger and a fear of getting spanked by a woman at my age flared up into defiance. “You can’t do that!” I cried in indignation “I’m not a child. You’re not my mother. You have no right to go through my belongings” CRACK! Her chubby right hand slapped me so hard across my cheek that it sounded like a rifle shot slamming my face so fast from one side to the other that my vision blurred and I felt dizzy bringing tears to my eyes and making my cheek sting and burn. “You will not raise your tone when you speak with me” She growled “While you live under my roof; I am responsible for your personal care and moral well-being. That includes the right to correct your bad habits in the you-know-what department. It’s the sari of discipline for you lad”.

I had never of such a thing and assumed that it was something she wore when she spanked her children’s backsides when they were little. I recalled attending the wedding of her daughter a few years ago and her son a few years earlier. As she turned to leave the room, I felt a sickness in the pit of my stomach of the forthcoming humiliation of having my backside thrashed by her big hand as well as a rage because I was no longer a child and felt it a violation. “No, aunty! I’m a grown man. There’s nothing wrong with looking at pictures of healthy strong women” I cried grabbing the back of her big wide arm to make her stop and listen. WHAM! “Orroogghh!” I groaned loudly through a screwed up mouth as her arm suddenly slammed backwards towards me with shocking speed and the back of her forearm hammered me right along the centre line of my ribcage and stomach and chest. Creasing forward as the wind was knocked out of me I watched in horror as she folded her arm at the elbow right in front of my face then drove it back like a piston. BLAM! A painful explosion blasted my jaw snapping my teeth shut and whipping my head backwards in a whirl of black and red dizziness that rocked my mind. Before I could even think, fierce aunty whirled around to face me looking like Kali herself and grabbed my upper left arm with one hand and the right side of my neck with the other. With a speed that I wouldn’t have credited her, she flung her hip around mine to my left buttock then a thick leg kicked back. My left foot disappeared from under me and the next instant my back slammed into the hard floor.

Aunty had thrown me, the fat old woman had thrown me! She had unleashed unexpected controlled violence on me that left me disabled with a cramped stomach and a bruised jaw and she had thrown me! I looked up at aunty standing over me like a vengeful Goddess and felt a tightening of my balls. Her huge bust was like an unobtainable shelf high above me over which her angry face glared down at me with a look of utter contempt and superiority that made my dick lurch slightly several times on it’s own. “You will never lay your hands on me again, Boy. Think on that while I get the sari of discipline” She snarled in a ferocious voice. “And don’t you think that I don’t know about you tearing those pictures from my magazines” she said as she turned to go. Crap! She had left a pile of magazines in the corner of my room in which I had found an article on women learning Karate for Self-defence. There were pictures of them practising in saris including a great one of a young woman doing an amazing high-kick showing that a sari was no hindrance and another of a ruddy rural girl with her hands ready for deadly chopping action. I had been so turned on and after, er showing my appreciation, couldn’t resist extracting the pictures. Feeling guilty for this action, I lay there while my head cleared and breathing ease.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened and it had all happened so fast. It was like something out of one of your stories. I knew my aunty was very plump and had seen evidence that she was strong but never expected such controlled violence to take me down so quickly and skilfully. My cock got stiffer as I replayed those brief moments in my mind. It was like my fanciful images of her from my fevered dreams had come to life. Rather than being excited about it, my sore ribs and jaw made me fearful at how violent she had been. High-heels click-clacking on the landing coming nearer spurred me to my feet. I was convinced that she was going to cane my backside and beat me up if I didn’t obey. I was both aroused and fearful of such punishment by this fierce dominant aunty. No! I wasn’t going to stand for it. I’m normally a quiet gentle guy who wants no fuss but there I wasn’t going to bend over and let some fat woman turn my backside raw with her hand or worst than that with a cane like a naughty kid. As the footsteps neared the door I was getting myself all worked up and turning into a nervous wreck.

A shadow at the door frame and the tension burst out of me. “I’m not a kid, aunty. I apologise for the magazine, that was wrong of me and will buy you a new one but I am not going to apologise for my taste in women” the heated words burst from my mouth. “I’m not going to let you spank me” I was in full flow now. I tell you. I’m not ga-ga” The words caught in my throat at the sight before my eyes as aunty re-entered the room. She wore a black sari but this was no ordinary sari. It was very lightweight and very sheer with small points of shimmering reflected light continually moving with her every movement. Did I tell you that it was sheer? It was shockingly sheer to the point of obscenity in that it was virtually see-through hiding nothing of the very plump body beneath and aunty had a lot of body to show. The skirt was also sheer as was the wrap-over tail and the short-sleeved blouse that sat above her mid-riff. It wasn’t the kind of sheer you get with nylon stockings, this was very fine silk so thin to be gauze like and the effect was so stunning that I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. I might have found the thinly-veiled sight of her plump body repulsive if it weren’t for the way it sheathed her massive breasts making it very apparent that she wore nothing beneath. Her big wide breasts were right in front of me naked if they had not been encased in sheer black silk. That was a sight that I just couldn’t stop staring at and my balls grew tight at the sight of perfect roundish firm looking breasts of a massive size bobbing around.

“It is not your choice in women, Piyush, for it is good that you recognise that women are strong, but your lack of self-restraint in indulging in self-gratification” she said in a surprisingly gentle tone, the first time that I had ever heard her speak so softly. Suddenly it hardened “Are you lusting after auntie’s breasts?, Boy” I forced myself to look up at her face blushing then withered under her steely stare. “N-no” my voice sounded weak as I lied. She continued to glare at me and I was unable to stand it and had to look down in shame. “I’m sorry aunty” I mumbled. Looking down at the floor was when I saw that the black sheer of the sari skirt emphasised her large thick legs and especially her hard slabs of calve muscle which were also shown off to effect by black high-heels. “Aiiiiee!” aunty sighed loudly in exasperation which made me look up again “Now you lust after my legs again. You really need discipline badly”.

Looking big and fierce, aunty reached out towards me and I tried to bat her away. To my surprise she grabbed my hand by the wrist and twisted it sharply with her other hand. “Ouch!” I yelp as I’m forced to lean to the right. BAM! The point of her elbow crushed down upon the apex of my neck and shoulder. A bloom of pain and nausea spread out along my spine. WAP WAP WAP! Auntie’s hand moved swiftly blasting me with a series of small light open-handed chops to various nerve centres all over my torso leaving a trail of stinging numbness. I am truly shocked by this sudden violence from my aunty and more than a little scared by the unexpected use of what appears to be Karate. Surely  she’s too overweight for Karate ? and I never knew her to do anything energetic. Looking formidable and fierce like a vengeful Goddess she sternly delivers precision chops to nerve clusters along each arm. They are only light blows that momentarily sting but to my horror they trail a series of patches of spreading numbness all along my arm.

“I can’t move my arms!” I cry out in alarm. CRACK! A mighty hard back-hander slaps me across my face and I find that my neck is also stiff and can barely be moved. “Do not speak unless I give you permission” aunty growls sternly. Looking terribly fierce, aunty stands right in front of me then roughly grabs both of my shoulders. As she moves closer towards the left side of my body I try to turn away but find that I can’t even do that. BAM BAM BAM a Vicious painful series of knees and stomps leaves me howling in pain and my left leg badly bruised. “Quiet Piyush!” she commanded “or I will silence you myself and I promise you that you won’t like that one bit”. I was terrified of this new side of aunty that I had never suspected. “Aunty please no” I cried as she moved towards the right side of my body leaving behind a paralysed left leg.

BAM! “Urkkkk!” her pudgy arm swung around quickly and her fist with extended knuckles struck me right in the middle of my throat. “Silence you disobedient boy” aunty said harshly with no signs of remorse. I coughed and spluttered horribly unable to raise my hands to my throat; sure that she had just crushed my larynx. “You only make your punishment worse with each word” she warned waggling a fat finger from side to side in front of my face. With a terrible business-like efficiency, she proceeded to slam her big knee into various points of my right leg until that too was numb, frozen and bruised. Bravely I held back further howls of pain though tears of fear flowed freely. “Oh man up, boy!” aunty admonished cruelly standing before me with her hands upon her broad hips admiring her handiwork. Somehow in a way that I couldn’t fathom out, my grossly plump aunty had immobilised me and that scared the hell out of me.

An almost predatory smile crept upon her small thick red lips while her cold hard small eyes in her large blockish face appraised me. “You are now completely paralysed, boy” she informed me needlessly “and you will remain that way until I am completely satisfied that you have been disciplined”. The cold way she delivered those words with no apparent feeling made chills run up my spine. She must have seen the unspoken question in my face. “How did I do that? That is one of the gifts that the goddess Anahita gave to all aunties that follow her” she informed me. I had heard of the goddess, of course, but never knew that aunty followed her. That this grossly plump mature woman was some kind of Amazon wonder woman like in your stories seemed inconceivable yet here I was unable to move a limb as I stood before the fierce forceful aunty that I thought I knew. Of course that thought caused a further tightening in my balls and another lurch of my dick.

Sheathed in a spectacular sheer black sari that showed all, aunty leant forward before me, her eyes never leaving my face. Although frozen, I found that I could just about bend my neck forwards. My eyes fell to the massive double-barrelled wall of bust that dangled level with my stomach. They just hung there like football shape orbs pressing against one another, the sheer sari hiding nothing. Even with her eyes on me, I couldn’t help staring at her big aureoles and erect nipples through the fabric causing a hard twitch in my pants. “Yes, boy. There is one part of your body which is not paralysed” she remarked coolly with a smirk upon her lips “And you will shortly discover that there is a reason for that”. Aunty stood straight once more and I realised that she had leant forward like that on purpose, which sent strange shivers of repulsion and fascination through me. I could do nothing or say a word as my big fat buxom aunty pulled open my shirt and began to trace her fingertips lightly over my chest raising a series of chills. All the while I tried not to stare at that mesmerising black sheathed wall of bust so close in front of me. “Yes, aunty knows all the right spots” she told me in an unusually soft almost seductive voice as her electric fingertips tantalised around my nipples. I held in a choking gasp of protest as she crouched before me while her fingers lightly trailed their way down towards my shorts.

Settling her square chin just on the apex of my legs next to the zipper, I watched in shock and gross fascination as she stuck out her tongue. It was big and wide and slobbery and still watching my eyes, she dabbed it right down so that the tip was on the very end of where the head of my dick was. No, this couldn’t be happening! Never taking her eyes off me, aunty rolled the rest of her tongue forward, moulding it like a thick meaty pad around the head through my shorts. Orrr! I could feel it pressing down all around it quite clearly. Orrrr that felt really good and I found myself wanting more, much more of auntie’s tongue around my dick. Her tongue lifted momentarily then dabbed back down just below where the head was and along the side of the shaft. Orrrrr! This was really good; although they were just brief gentle touches they felt sensational and were getting me all het up. Her big tongue moulded itself around the shaft which stiffened under the touch. It was all I could do not to moan out aloud, although what came out of my mouth were more coughs and splutters from my damaged throat. Slowly in this amazing tactile manner, aunty traced the outline of my dick through the shorts by dabbing down the tip of her wide slobbery tongue then enfolding it around my growing dick and leaving it there for a brief moment while my dick hardened even more under its soft pressure.

I began to imagine what it must feel like if my pants and shorts weren’t in the way and auntie’s wide wet tongue was actually touching the bare skin of my cock then plunged it right into her mouth. My dick began to stiffen significantly at that disturbing thought and I forced myself not to think of that any more. But by now it was too late, my member had become quite stiff and aunty now used the tip of her tongue to lightly trace the contours of my hardening erection. Barely touching my shorts, the tip of her tongue flickered back and forth like a fleeting butterfly giving tantalising touches that teased and made my cock respond much quicker than I had ever expected. Orrrrr! I had to close my eyes and sigh internally in ecstasy as brief light licks fluttered along the sides of my dick. This was amazing; she was so good, slowly taking her time, gradually working my dick rock hard with just the lightest touch of her tongue. My dick felt frozen stiff and throbbed with every brief touch. Her light licks were irresistible and it wasn’t long before the front of my shorts rose like a tent with my hard dick the tent-pole. “Oh aunty!” I moaned softly without coughing then as her tongue lifted from my groin I realised I had made a mistake.

I opened my eyes to see aunty stood up straight with a furious look upon her large face. Without saying a word she roughly slapped her hands on my shoulders and pulled my torso towards her. With surprising mobility for someone so fat her wide knee drove into the pit of my stomach like an express train with shocking force. BLAM! “Berrllaurghh!” my face screwed up, my breathe exploding from my lips in a wail of agony despite my raw throat. My body tried to fold up around her big knee but couldn’t due to the paralysis. I was shocked by the unexpected sudden violence. Urrrrrgh! I groaned in agony internally, my throat unable to draw enough air to put voice to my pain. I just wanted to curl up on the floor and pray that I didn’t die but my body remained upright denying me even that.

Aunty looked really fierce as she stood in front of me shaking my shoulders, glaring at me. “Did I tell you to speak? Do you think that I’m a whore who will give you pleasure with her mouth whenever you ask?” She scolded. I could barely see her with my eyes watering and eyelids fluttering as my stomach cramped up painfully. “You are being disciplined not pleasured, boy. Now stand quiet and take it like a man” she commanded. Badly winded, unable to draw breath and paralysed, all I could do was stand there in agony while auntie’s hand stole to my flies. She undid them then let my shorts fall down around my feet. What strange discipline this was, I did not know but was too frightened to ask even if I were able.

Auntie’s large plump hand came to rest gently on the ski-slope that surprisingly was still quite stiff in my underwear. She moved so close up to me that her massive rack sheathed so sheer pressed lightly against my chest. Her hard continual stare into my eyes was too uncomfortable to face for long and I looked away. Having only limited movement in my neck, I could only look down into the long deep dark cleavage that ran between her mammoth orbs with big erect nipples lightly brushing against my chest. Her sharp voice brought me to my senses and looked back up at her hard brown eyes. “No self-control. That’s the trouble with men these days. Well I am going to train you to control your animal yearnings” she told me in a tone that sounded like she was toilet-training a puppy. Never taking her eyes off me, her fingers began to lightly feel and play gently with the outline of my erection through my pants, lightly pressing and stroking it while those large low slung boobs dangled down in front of me swinging gently and softly bumping against my chest. Despite her looks my cock was steadily growing ever more rigid under her fingertips. She scowled at me, her disquieting cold impassionate gaze never leaving my face. “I will keep this simple so that even you can understand, boy” she said with a condescending tone. “You will learn to control your primal lust, no matter what I do to you. You will of course fail because you are a man” she sneered. “But most important of all, you will not ejaculate without asking my permission and even then not until I deign to grant you my permission” she added with menace. Although I had fantasised about aunty as a strong dominant woman, the reality was that I was now very scared of her what with the paralysis and the lingering after-effects of that dreadful knee in my gut. Those thoughts just reinforced my image of aunty as a very forceful and dominant mature woman against whom I was utterly powerless to stop as her fingers lightly toyed with my dick. Of course it gradually got harder in her hand.

“Do you understand, boy?” She asked harshly. “Yes” I gasped managing at long last to find the power to breathe and speak, although raggedly. “If you mess yourself without my permission I will punish you” She added. Her fingers lightly played my bulge like a musical instrument. No matter how hard I tried to think of something else such as how grossly overweight and unattractive she was, my dick continued to slowly grow harder. Then aunty cupped my pants around my balls and began to gently massage them causing them to get very tight indeed. She then crouched down before me and I felt her hot breath on my pants as her teeth lightly pressed the outline of my stiff rod. I was terrified that she would bite me but she just made light playful chomps all along it which were surprisingly erotic and just made it grow all the more. Then as her teeth delicately held my sheathed sausage I felt the tip of her tongue flickering briefly over the surface until she released it then moved on to flicker her wide tongue all over the tent in my pants. Oh my God this was amazing and I just couldn’t resist giving in to the feelings and enjoying it. Aunty kept this up for several minutes until I was throwing back my head with my eyes clenched trying desperately not to moan out loud with demented pleasure. If I had thought that it couldn’t get any better I was wrong for aunty took the whole tent-packaged sausage right into her mouth and began a constant sucking. “Nnnnnn nnnnnn ohhhhh Ohhhhhh aunty!” I moaned aloud not standing a chance. The sensations of her powerful sucks turned my dick to solid steel as it moved back and forth in her mouth. It was all too much to bear and I quickly lost my composure, driven crazy with lust. I wanted to lose myself to auntie’s amazing blow-job. My balls felt full to bursting. I just wanted aunty to suck a lot faster so that I could cum and dump a big load in her mouth, but I was too afraid to ask her. My breathing got heavier and I began to sweat as my body temperature rose and my heart beat faster. I wanted to buck my hips back and forth to fuck her sucking mouth but I was still unable to move which reminded me of how scary she was. Her sucks were slow, much too slow to bring me off and it was driving me crazy. My dick felt like it was really tight in my skin and as solid as a steel bar, I had never felt it as hard and big before in my entire life. “Ohhhhh aunty you are amazing” I moaned again. It was so frustrating because I wanted to thrust my hips back and forth to increase the tempo and bang away at her mouth but was unable to do so because of the paralysis.

Soon the need for release outweighed my fear of auntie’s reaction. “Faster please aunty, please let me cum” I moaned scared of what her reaction might be and with good reason. A formidably fierce looking woman who can paralyse your whole body and doesn’t hesitate to drive her big knee hard into your gut deserves to be scared of. Aunty stopped her slow sucking and looked up at me shaking her head in disappointment. Her big rack like soft footballs stuck to her chest and sensually silk-sheathed made me want to sink my dick into her cleavage to find relief. Except that in my condition I couldn’t even move. “Acha no no no” she scolded “What is this is? It is much too soon, I have hardly started. Have you no restraint? Are you so unable to control your urges, boy? You should be ashamed”. My voice came out in a whiny whisper “Please aunty, you are so amazing with your tongue and mouth. I can’t take any more, I need to cum”. I was really frightened that she might punish me again with the big wide knee but I was stuck mid-way to orgasm and wanted completion. “Please aunty I need release, I…” I shut up as my fierce looking aunty stood up glaring angrily at me and raised a hand as if to strike me hard across the face. “Enough! Don’t you speak to me in such a disrespectful tone. You wouldn’t even last 30 seconds with the most junior novice at the Goddess’s temple” she lectured.

Did you know that? The temple priestesses of Anahita are renowned for their advanced sexual abilities. Throughout the centuries, bad men, kings and rich men alike have tried to take them for their concubines but have always been defeated by their fearsome fighting skills. That is why they now try to steal the novices for they are more than skilled enough for most men but they too have formidable defensive skills. I wondered for a moment whether aunty had trained there but one look at her bulk made me dismiss that idea, for I imagined the priestesses to be slim and very fit through their dancing.

Unable to move and too scared to protest, I could only watch as auntie’s fingers freed my erection from my pants and it sprang into view, quite literally because it was that hard. “There we have it” she cried “The male penis is at the root of all problems”. My dick felt so hard that I was sure it could break bricks. “Aaiie! Lalala This will not do at all” she exclaimed as she pushed down the end then let it go, twanging my stiffness like a diving board. “I think of you like my own son, now all grown up and married. But you really are a disappointment. You’re not even trying. Do I really have to explain it to you? Very well then” she shook her head with regret. I didn’t like the sound of that. “This is going to hurt you more than it will me” she said. “Wait, isn’t that meant to be the other way around?” she paused mockingly then chirped “No! I was right the first time this really is going to hurt you”. I opened my mouth to protest when she cut me off with a waggle of her hand in front of my face. “No, don’t you make that sad puppy face you need to learn discipline” she told me sternly.

To my amazement the big fat woman raised her knee in front of her, so much higher than I would have credited given her bulk. She held it place between us while continuing to stare at me then slapped the wide rounded knee that looked like it could break concrete. A cold sweat began to form on my brow. “It’s time that you were reacquainted with auntie’s knee” she stated in a severe tone. “Please no” I whimpered in terror as she lowered her knee clearly in preparation to plunge it deep into my poor skinny stomach. I automatically tensed my stomach, dreading the brutal impact of that knee in my gut once more. Her wide knee shot up fast and hard right between my legs. BLAM! “Ngaargggh!” a wail of pure agony left my mouth as her big meaty knee crushed my bollocks like a cannonball. I felt as sick to the core of my being and just wanted to fold up into a ball on the floor around the dreadful sharp throbbing pain in my balls but my body remained as stiff as a board. “Never underestimate the power of a woman’s knee to explain things to a man, boy” she stated in a stern emotionless tone. There was so much pain aching sharply between my legs that I was fearful that it would never work again. “Oh stop screwing your face up like that. Here let aunty help” she said in a sharp tone that lacked any compassion. I wanted to run but my feet wouldn’t move. WAP! WAP! WAP! A series of open handed chops and punches with extended knuckle thrusts hammered into my lower torso and pelvis creating small explosions of pain that take mind off my aching balls. As bolts of electric pain shoot through the core of my body, leaving me terrified of her power, I find my dick wilting but the pain numbed. “Did you know that the ancient Indians mapped the vital points of the human body as far back as the 4th century?” aunty told me as she stood in front of me with her hands upon her broad hips, her cold brown eyes watching my reaction. I wanted to ask where she had learned how to numb the body like this but was too frightened. Unable to hold that disturbing gaze for long, my eyes slipped down to the magnificent wide breasts sitting firm on her chest looking sensational in sheer black silk. It was an impressive sight that called to my limp loins yet now I looked at her in a new light as a true Amazon. “Stop looking at my breasts and concentrate” she snapped. “We will try again and this time show some restraint or next time my knee will be much harder against your gonads” she warned in a terrifying tone that sounded like she meant it.

Once again auntie’s hand reached towards my dick and I waited in anticipation of more stimulation which would have been welcome in other circumstances. auntie’s eyes never left my face and all I could to avoid it was to look at her big chest marvelling at how big and firm it was. She began to gently stroke and manipulate my listless member like she was preparing dough. The small movements in her large breasts were hard to ignore as her hand skilfully worked my dick. Watching the small wobbles in her breasts was too fascinating and turning me on so I shut my eyes and tried not to think about them and focused on not getting aroused. Although her touch was soft and the movements subtle, slowly but surely my dick responded. I was determined not to be so easily aroused dreading the consequences and her brutal big knee. “There is no need to rush, nice and slowly will produce much more potent results” She informed me in a soothing voice. “Try to control your urges if you can, boy”. Her touch was feather-light with her hand at times barely moving yet this produced the greatest result as I yearned to push my dick firmly into her grasp. Then she slowly tickled, scratched, rubbed and fingered my cock with motions so delicate and slow from a woman so big and overweight. Despite trying to think unpleasant thoughts, my prick inevitably began to get less limp. Slowly her hand began to move back and forth along the entire length of my shaft in long slow full strokes that spread incredible tingles of pleasure. A smile spread across her face but it wasn’t a warm smile. “Is this what those slutty university girls do for you?” she asked, her tone conveying exactly what she thought of such girls. “No. I’ve never had a girlfriend” I admitted unhappily. “Good thing too. You should concentrate on your studies. There is plenty of time for girls later when you have graduated” She informed me. That’s what my dad says, but they don’t understand a lonely young man’s need for female companionship. All the while she continued looking at me with disdain as she continued to slowly stroke me using a loose light touch.

Using her thumb and index finger in a loose circle, she stroked the head lightly, her hand barely moving. A gradual tightening spread throughout my member in response to her slow fondling and teasing. There was absolutely nothing that I can do to stop it, no matter what I tried to think of to turn me off. The relentlessly slow almost absent-minded fondling by her fingers was inescapable. Slowly and gently her fingers built me up by applying a loose grip. She might not be much to look at apart from her heavy breasts but her skilled hand had me increasingly stiff. “Orrrrr!” I couldn’t stifle moans of pleasure as I began to succumb to the erotic sensations growing in my groin. “Tch! keep it under control, boy” she warned. I tried but didn’t know how. Paralysed I could only stand there while aunty slowly and gently worked me into a state of total arousal. Her massive firm twin-rounded braless rack gently bobbed, turning me on even more and forcing me to close my eyes once more to shut out this added distraction. Aunty continued stroking with a loose grip while gradually increasing the tempo, my dick growing harder as she worked a nice load into my balls. I was getting more and more rigid by the second as she controlled my erection. Sweat spotted and ran down my body as I began to heat up, my breathing becoming loud and laboured.

The constant stroking continues until my shaft feels fully engorged driving me insane with arousal. I want to buck my hips to go faster in a desire to drive towards orgasm but auntie’s hand deliberately doesn’t give me enough speed to bring me off. I’m soon moaning and gasping for breath as my body tenses, yearning for release. I daren’t beg aunty to let me cum because I didn’t want her knee to bust my balls again. Still she continues her light not-fast-enough strokes working me into a frenzied state of ecstasy. I become totally unaware of my surroundings, consumed with the tactile sensations being built up in my dick. My body wants to writhe and pump my hips but I am frustrated that I can’t move. Lust overweighs my fear, I am so hard now that once more I yearn for the pleasures of climax. “Please aunty please let me cum” I pant with my heart racing as I desperately need release. “Stop acting like a little whore! You disgrace yourself, boy” She scolded. With that she eased off a little with her rhythm giving me even less than I needed. She frustrated me further by not even giving me a full shaft stroke.

In an aroused state of despair I found myself stuck on the edge desperate to cum but not quite able to build up the momentum. Suddenly she changed the direction of the strokes completely putting me off my stride, ruining the orgasm that I was anticipating. Stopping and starting, changing tempo at a moment’s notice then changing grips and strokes, aunty took me on a torturous roller coaster ride of rising hope and frustration as she kept me fully aroused but unable to go no further. I was moaning and squealing like a little slut in a never-ending state of unbearable arousal. “Pull yourself together, boy. I’ve only just begun” she growled “For if you beg now, you’ll meet my knee again”. I held back a groan, dreading feeling that big wide knee thundering into my balls again. That thought made me try to hang on but it was near-enough impossible for how can a man not get aroused when a woman applies a skilful hand-job? Aunty proceeded to take me through an ordeal of constantly changing hand positions and strokes that kept me on the edge unable to shoot my load and desperate my breathing becomes louder and laboured as my body tenses in an ecstatic trance in a continual cycle of expectancy and disappointment.

Big scary aunty used a variety of inconsistent strokes and techniques, each enough to keep me aroused but none used long enough to be able to get off on. Time and time again I get so close only for the stroke to change leaving me panting, gasping and frustrated. I now realised she was doing this to punish me, knowing exactly what she’s doing and leaving me in a permanent state of demented denial. Again and again she brings me a hair’s breadth from orgasm only to suddenly change the stroke and frustrate me once more. I was becoming exhausted with this extended pleasure while the need to cum became greater. She chuckled at the insane demented expression upon my face. “You see how laughably easy it is for a woman to control a man’s sex. To play him like a musical instrument to ignore all his pleas until she decides the moment to allow pleasurable release or” She paused and stopped stroking. Amusement was on her face as she studied the panic in my eyes that she had finished and I would never reach orgasm. “Give complete denial” she smiled cruelly. I couldn’t cope with much more. “Please aunty, please give me release” I begged not worrying about how weak I sounded. Laughing cruelly she immediately changed the direction of her stroke, denying me yet again. “A most frustrating but effective technique You will agree” she said with a smirk of superiority “Every time you announce your need to ejaculate or whenever I just feel it, I change my stroke”. Surrendering to her superiority and skilful hand, there was nothing I could do except go along for the ride hoping aunty will show mercy.

Her light and ever changing strokes soon has me writhing, pushing the limits of my paralysis. I’m moaning and gasping like the village idiot begging desperately that I wanted to shoot. Yet each time she changes direction yet again, keeping my cock rock hard with the skin stretched tight and bobbing like crazy. With incredible skill, aunty keeps me on edge with randomly changing strokes for well over half an hour or maybe more. You try being permanently aroused for that long without release and tell me what mental state you would be in, I had completely lost it and was babbling and begging like a crazy. Auntie’s hands were always slowly moving, always changing grip and tempo. She went from firm, full shaft strokes that has me moaning and groaning loudly with insane pleasure as it gets me to bursting point followed by light teasing and tickling of the head the doesn’t give enough momentum.

Suddenly I felt terror as she lifted her leg and moved her foot to my groin. I felt some relief as she began massaging my erection with the toe of her high heeled shoe while her big shapely calve jiggling as it dangled beneath the wide shin. “Orrr!” that felt good but then yelped as her sharp heel bit into my balls twisting in like a screwdriver. I wept openly and cried for mercy as she dug it in so hard into my swollen balls that I feared she would puncture it. “Pathetic” she spat and actually laughed at my agony at the end of her heel. “Stop crying like a little girl, act like a man” she sneered harshly as she finally lowered her foot back to the floor. “Please aunty, I can’t take any-more” I wept pitifully. CRACK! Auntie’s large pudgy hand back-handed me hard across the face. “Pull yourself together, boy. This is for your own good” She scolded as her hand returned to my dick. Any deflation in my member caused by her heel was quickly countered by her magic fingers. I waited submissively for aunty to take her time as she slowly and expertly built me back up until I’m even more rigid than before. It’s so hard that I’m sure it could punch a hole through steel. Over and over aunty repeatedly took me the brink only to stop leaving me weeping and begging for her to continue while she laughed cruelly at my distress. “How long can I keep a man in permanent erection?” she asked slowing the pace once more to frustrate me. “Probably longer than your heart can hold out” she sneered. I couldn’t hold out that long yet she managed to keep tormenting me for what must have been another half an hour. She brought me slowly right to the edge several more times with deliberate, agonizing slowness occasionally coming to a complete stop and laughing as I pleaded and wept for her to resume.

“Please aunty” I begged again, my dick had grown so hard that it felt as if it would burst at the seams as well as my over-inflated balls. With an amused smile on her face she denies me again and slows the pace yet again keeping me hard and horny but unable to ejaculate. I now appreciated how incredibly dominant aunty is in word and action yet that gives me no comfort as she keeps me just where she wants me, on the edge and frustrated. It felt like an eternity with a permanent erection yet unable to find release. It was too much for a man to handle and I was desperate. “Please aunty, I’m gonna cum now” I cried. “Remember my warning, boy. I will punish you” She warned but I was too far gone my dick too tight and my balls too full. She was never going to give permission, I needed to cum now. My body shuddered as I tried to blast my load. I tried to thrust my frozen hips struggling to cum, but she isn’t ready to allow that. Instead she begins to gently stroke just under the head with her index finger and I moan and grunt as she plays my dick spoiling my orgasm but not for long. My frozen legs tense and flex, and my hips try to thrust into a world of demented pleasure and frustration. “I can’t hold it” I cried unable to hold off any longer.

“Nnnnargh nnnargh nnargh” I cry out in ecstasy, blasting out a powerful load like a water cannon. After bottling it up for so long I came so hard that I nearly passed out as spunk exploded from my dick. It was only now that auntie’s hand sped up and pumped my dick like fury spraying spunk about the place like a muck-spreader. “Urr urrrr” My breathing began to slow down post-orgasm but the cruel smile on auntie’s face reminded me of her threat and panic set in. “Aunty, please I..I..” I stammered in fright. “Ah! Ah!” She raised a hand to cut me off. “I gave you plenty of warning, you are no longer a child, although you act like one” She lectured as creeping dread came over me. “You will now learn, the consequence of disobeying me is quite unpleasant” she told me in a flat emotionless tone.

Although her hand had stopped pumping following the ejection of my big spasm it had remained holding my shaft. It now began stroking the bright purple head which was extremely sensitive. “Ooooh nooo nooo!” I cried and begged as each touch was flaming mind-blowing agony. If I could have moved my arms I would have desperately tried to bat her away but I couldn’t. Aunty ignored my pleas as she jerked, stroked and polished the overly-sensitive head while I writhed in agony, cursing and begging her to stop. My cussing brought a hard slap of her large hand across the face. Aunty continues the agonising abuse torturing the head and to my surprise actually milking drops from it. She is relentless and I’m pleading and crying for her to stop. “Please please I apologize for shooting without permission. Oooh oooh please stop, it hurts” I cry but she shows no mercy as the nerve-jangling irritation shoots through my body.

“If you are man enough to ejaculate without my permission, then you are man enough to take the punishment” was her response as she continued to milk my spent cock while irritating every nerve ending. I feel sexually exhausted yet to my surprise, despite the nerve jarring irritation, my cock is getting stiff really quickly until it’s like steel. Aunty forms an endless tunnel using both hands, placing them hand over hand in an upwards direction only. I’m grateful when she works the shaft but wince every time she touches the head. “Most men find this stroke very frustrating” She informs me conversationally, awkward conversation to have with your aunty “arousing but not sufficient to produce an orgasm and you, young man are no exception”. The seemingly endless tunnel goes on forever. “Nnnnar nnnar” the awful tingling sensation is absolute torture yet exquisite in its erotic results, and I soon find myself desperate for a down stroke. After about 3 minutes of this, I’m going crazy, panting heavily with another swelling erection. Suddenly a few light up and down strokes delivered with just the thumb and index finger has me moaning loudly with intense anticipation of pleasure. “Oh aunty, oh aunty, you are sensational” I moan loudly. Of course aunty put a stop to that with more upstrokes focussing just on the head as I cried in agony at the inflamed sensitivity.

Rubbing and stroking so slowly that her hands barely seemed to move, my dick is in a whole world on conflicting sensations. Finally, she uses her index finger to slowly bring me towards a climax. “Do you love aunty, boy?” She asked as she worked me closer to impending eruption. “Oh yes, yes” I moaned. I would do anything for her at that particular moment having worked me back up through the irritating pain until I was insane with desire for release. “Is aunty your mistress? Will you obey auntie’s every command?” she asked. “Oh yes, yes mistress, I worship you and obey you, ohhhh” I groaned which earned a wicked chuckle. “Are you going to ejaculate without permission?” she asked as she began to rapidly stroke me with one hand while pulling on my balls with the other. “Nnnoo nnoooo!” I groan barely able to hold on. “Ppplease aunty, please mistress” I begged, needing to cum yet too frightened to do so without her permission. “Very well but any prematureness on your part will be meet with severe discipline. Understood?” She asked. “Yyyyes” I gasped crazy for release. A few light almost imperceptible strokes with her finger and thumb on the head of my cock was that all it took for aunty to force another big load out of me. Aunty stopped stroking watching in stern amusement as blast after blast erupt from my dick and I try to thrust my frozen hips trying to fuck the air. After a while of emptying my balls I am totally shagged out having cum so hard that my balls ache.

A series of gently touches to various points on my body unfreezes me and I collapse panting, exhausted to the floor. “Let that be a lesson to you to control your primal urges” She scolded. Of course, that now made aunty the subject of some very heavy wet dreams. I kept reliving what she had done to me and the skill with which she completely dominated me. I was shocked that she had me like that for what must have been well over an hour whereas I could barely last a fraction of that time in my dreams. I would get into such a mess that I was really scared she would notice the stained sheets and punish me some more, though in part I thought I would welcome the pleasure.

Her domination of me must have affected her too for the next few nights I heard sounds of hard vigorous sex coming from the next room. Non-stop vigorous sex that went on for ages and ages, so loud that I had to wrap the pillow tightly over my ears in a vain attempt to block out the noise. I didn’t know whether to pity uncle for how could such a skinny frail looking elderly man cope with such a large overweight and fiercely dominant woman? Or feel jealous that she kept him at it for ages with her skilled hand, no doubt, wishing that I was in his place yet at the same time scared of the thought.

Part 2. Strong Hand
By talking with some of the other, it seemed that our captors were interested in the advanced weaponry recorded in the ancient Vedic texts and those of the Bristlingdown hoard. In particular they were obsessed with the location of Mahishasura’s genitals. I deduced that they had found and excavated the remains of the mythological Demon Lord only to find a piece of him missing. The text describing his final battle with the Goddess Anahita [ECHO#05] had mentioned how his lustful ejaculations for the Amazon Goddess had caused plant-life to suddenly flourish. The military powers assumed that this was the Demon Lord’s dreadful weapon of which the Gods were afraid and sought it for their own ends as some biological super-weapon.

Back in the cells, Piyush, the young Indian man welcomed me. “Hi Jim. Do you remember me telling you about my aunty?” He asked after we swapped stories of our interrogation. “How could I forget” I replied, wishing I had an aunty with such a skilled hand. “Would you like for me to tell you what happened next? I think you will like it” he said. “Yes of course, go ahead” I encouraged him, interested in what else he had to say about his overweight dominant aunty.
“Move!” a loud hiss in my ear followed by a hard shove that pushed me out of bed rudely awakened me as I hit the cold floor. It was still night and silvery beams of a full moon bathed the room in a pale light. I looked around to see what had woken me and caught aunty Chanda’s full figure creeping up the interior staircase that led to the flat roof. Puzzled I got up off the floor and that’s when I noticed the faint glowing vertical line running from the skylight down to my bed. Curious I stepped forward to investigate and found that it was a fine thread with small beads of light travelling down along it. I peered closer and a sweet-smelling odour assailed me making me feel heady. I backed away quickly. Aunty had warned me when I first arrived that gypsies used this trick to rob people while they slept but I thought that she was just trying to scare me.

Violent banging and thumping noises with the occasional female sounding yelp of pain coming from above reminded me that aunty was up there facing who knows what. I was just debating whether to go up and help when a black-clad figure came tumbling down the stairs. “You leave my nephew alone bitch” my aunty said as she appeared in the doorway at the top. As the black-clad form disappeared into the gloom of the room, I rushed for the bedside lamp and switched it on.

After my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw that at the bottom of the stairs lay a slim young woman. That surprised me because I had been expecting a man. Not only that but she was a very beautiful young woman who looked no older than myself. She was dusky skinned with smoulderingly sultry looks in a small face with perfect features framed by luscious long black hair. Her nose was sleek and slender nose, below which was a small mouth with appealing pouting lips tense with nervous energy. She flashed me a glance and dark brown eyes with long lashes burned their way into my soul. God, she was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen. With slow cautious cat-like motions she got into a low crouch very close to the floor. Her eyes darted like a feral animal trapped between myself and aunty. She was slenderly built, perhaps around 5 foot 4 wearing a tight fitting black top and leggings that covered her body. I recognised her as Lambani or what you in the West more commonly call Romani or Gypsy. They are distantly related you know, through migrating nomads from India centuries ago. I have nothing against people who do honest work but don’t like those who live by thieving off others. Yes I know that there are good and bad in every community but around these wild isolated villages, aunty had told me that most were were nothing more than criminals and gangsters. I thought her generalisation racist. Maybe there were a few on the wrong side of the law but I thought the majority would be good folk. However I certainly never expected them to use such a lovely young girl for robbery.

In the blink of an eye and without a sound the young woman sprang right from the floor to an incredible height in the air and was rushing right towards me with her long slender legs scissoring wide apart, her foot aimed right at my face. I was so dumbstruck that I didn’t even begin to think to get out of the way when suddenly a large figure in a flimsy white nightshirt hurled herself off the stairs and rugby-tackled the girl in mid-air. I jumped back quickly in alarm as both women crashed to the floor close to my feet. BLAM! The jarring impact allowed the black-clad girl to slip auntie’s grasp, rolling away quickly then nimbly springing to her feet in one smooth continuous move like a circus acrobat. Her dark sultry eyes bore in my direction and I realised that I was blocking her only route of escape. As she took a confident step towards me, it me uneasy to realise that this lovely female saw me as the weakest link. She took another step towards me with a smile spreading on her lovely lips knowing that I was easy meat. Suddenly aunty leapt up behind her and stretched her hand towards the girl’s shoulder. As if she had eyes in the back of her head, the slim brunette spun with amazing speed and unleashed a furious whirlwind of punches and kicks towards poor aunty that would have been worthy of Angela Mao. BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM the speed was devastating and I knew that I wouldn’t have stood a chance against that. With incredible speed and stunning flexibility, the girl unleased a non-stop torrent of kicks to auntie’s head with her long slim legs. It sounded like a hailstorm and was afraid that I would be next. Her slender legs was a constant blur as they whipped aunty without mercy yet surprisingly the big woman just stood there and blocked them all with her arms. For such an overweight woman, her arms moved incredibly quickly yet that didn’t faze the girl who blasted a devastatingly fast series of punches into her fat gut. THUD THUD THUD “Unghh unghh” aunty grunted softly but otherwise barely flinched. I had never seen a woman do martial arts like this while actually in the same room before but instead of being turned on, I was concerned for aunty and also knew that once she had finished destroying her that she would come after me. I knew that I had no chance against the martial arts skills of this lethal beauty.

The young Lambani woman may have been lovely but her long legs pounded at auntie’s defences like a hyper-fast windmill. Aunty just stood there under constant bombardment and took it. Suddendly as quick as a viper her hand darted out and caught the girl’s foot while she executed another high kick towards her head. Yanking the girl close by the leg, aunty hammered her big pudgy fist right into her slim flat gut. WHUMP “Borrrrragh!” such an ugly sound came out of the beautiful young woman as her sultry face melted downwards into an ugly looking gasping mask of sheer agony. Standing next to aunty, the girl seemed to be only a slip of a thing. Her slender flat stomach was no match for auntie’s big fist which struck like the hammer of the Gods driven by her thick arm at such close range. The black-clad lethal beauty crumpled quickly with her torso snapping sharply forwards until it was at right angles around her cramped stomach with her shocked face looking at the floor. After what I’d seen of auntie’s hidden strength that day in the garden, I couldn’t bear to think of the awful devastation she could inflict with that fist.

Showing only cold emotion in her steely-hard face, aunty calmly raised her elbow above the girl’s bowed head and slammed the point down hard upon the back of her slim neck. WHUMP! The girl’s eyes flew wide open in shock and her mouth dropped wide open. Her black-clad body fell towards the floor until aunty caught her by the shoulders. Holding her up like a rag doll aunty snarled in a menacing voice “You attack a member of my family, you have me to answer to, bitch”. The very next second aunty hoisted the young woman into the air with one hand under her armpit and the other between her legs. The severely winded girl was propelled high above auntie’s head with ease. She probably wasn’t that heavy being very slender in build but aunty looked so powerful as she held her up in front of her while carrying her to the nearest wall. Not that the girl had given up the fight. With remarkable tenacity although clearly badly-winded, the young thief-woman delivered a short series of very flexible kicks that rocked auntie’s head and visibly made her very angry.

All of a sudden aunty body-slammed the girl down to the floor on her back. BERLAM! The girl arched up backwards like a bridge, her head thrown back with her mouth wide open gasping in pain. Much bigger and heavier than her opponent, aunty looked extremely powerful and dominant as she leant forward, grabbed the fighting girl’s legs then shoved them between her massive thighs. The hem of auntie’s nightshirt was pulled right up as the girl’s legs were yanked close to top of her wide legs. It was the first time that I’d seen her bare thighs and they looked very firm not flabby. The girl was certainly feisty and with amazing stamina flung her torso right off the floor in a tight U shape to punch aunty in the gut. WHAP! Her small fist sounded like it struck hard but instead of plunging deep into auntie’s flabby gut to my surprise it just sprang right back.

Unfortunately for the lovely wild young woman aunty caught one arm then the other and stuffed both together between her huge wide thighs alongside the girl’s legs. She looked like a weird human prawn bent forwards double hanging in mid-air from auntie’s legs like a limpet. Aunty looked down at her strangely held prisoner with such a look of unrivalled superiority that my dick was instantly rigid. The thief-girl who was already badly winded was clearly struggling to breathe with her body folded over like that. “Like kicking and punching people in their homes do you, bitch-thief” aunty snarled “I’ll soon fix that”. A look of fierce concentration came over auntie’s face and at first I didn’t understand what she was doing but then girl began to make strange gasps and groans of discomfort and I noticed a slight tremor in auntie’s thick wide thighs. Slowly she raised herself onto her toes and I gasped when her massive thick thighs ballooned up each with three unmistakable very thick slabs of quad muscle although softly defined. They swelled to an absolute enormous size looking powerfully hard. Auntie’s huge bulky thighs totally outsize the combined limbs of the young woman which looked so thin and frail in comparison. Such power emanated from auntie’s legs that I had a massive throbbing erection. CLOCK CLOCK CRACK SNAP such terrible popping and cracking noises came from between her huge legs and the girl threw back her head, rocking back and forth with mouth open wide. A gasping chilling scream escaped her winded lungs.

I looked on in pure horror as with a satisfied look aunty lowered her feet back down flat to the floor. Opening her legs, she seized the broken girl and pulled her so that she was kneeling in front of her with her back to her. As Aunty wrapped a massive thick arm tightly around the young woman’s throat, it looked so tiny in her big arm. At first I thought she was going to apply a sleeper hold and knock the girl out. My dick began to beat in anticipation as I never even suspected that aunty knew such a thing and was excited to watch. But as she clamped her hand around the crown of her head I realised her deadly intent. “No, aunty! Don’t kill her” I cried in horror as she prepared to break the girl’s neck. “Are you soft in the head, boy?” she asked glaring at me. Oddly her gaze softened and she spoke more gently to me than I was used to. “You do know that the bitch would have killed you without a moment’s thought?” she asked “Once you were under the influence of that knock-out liquid, she would have crept down from the roof like the thief she is and killed you without consideration in case you woke while she ransacked your possessions. She was probably after that laptop of yours”.

Aunty roughly spun the girl around and put one arm around her slender waist and pressed her face right back with her big plump hand cupped around her chin so that she was looking up at the ceiling, once again demonstrating her dominance. For the first time I got a good look at the girl’s clothes. Made from rough cotton dyed black, it fit her slender figure snugly. “Where’s her knife then?” I challenged noticing the flat lines of her clothes with no tell-tale bulges. “Are you blind, Boy? She is Kali-sect. Don’t you see what she wears? Didn’t you know that the Goddess Anahita gave the unarmed fighting arts to Indian women long before male soldiers stole the ideas and spread them to other races?” she lectured “Even the style she wears was copied by the Ninja”. “That should have given you a clue. Didn’t you see how she nearly kicked your head off? Or how nimbly she fought against me” Aunty continued. She pressed the girl’s face further back tilting it so that her sultry eyes were looking back at me. “Look at her. You think she is pretty?” I did. “The little tramp knows Kalitsu. The forbidden art which uses only techniques from other martial arts that kill, main and destroy” she said. How aunty knew that I did not know.

With one mighty surge, aunty lifted the broken girl into the air as if she hardly weighed anything at all. She then slammed her mid-way up against the wall her with her feet dangling off the floor with auntie’s thick arm across the top of her shoulders and throat pinning her against the wall. “My nephew has a sensitive nature and doesn’t want me to kill you because he finds you attractive” She told her right into her face. “He returns to Delhi in a few weeks. You will undoubtedly heal but if I ever see you around my house or family Piyush won’t be here to save you with his kind heart” she told her. She raised her thick right arm in front of the girl’s face and to my amazement flexed it. A big smooth solid mound rose up and there was no doubt that it was a real bicep. A very large solid thick shapely smooth mass of powerful hardness. Her forearms swelled and hardened too. The girl grew visibly agitated at the sight of the unexpectedly large firm bulge on the fat woman’s arm.

Smiling arrogantly aunty lowered her arm then BLAM! that muscle hammered her fist brutally hard into the young woman’s gut with such ferocity that the wall behind shook. Auntie’s pudgy fist sunk in so deep into her belly that surely it must have almost hit her backbone. The girl’s torso instantly wanted to fold sharply but was prevented from doing so by aunties forearm pressed across her throat. The girl’s face was an expression of pure misery as aunty let her drop to the floor at her feet. “Look away” she instructed glaring at me. I covered my eyes but couldn’t help peaking. I saw her shove the girls head between her massive thighs which completely swallowed it up. Suddenly those huge firm thighs bulged and looked dangerously powerful. “No, aunty you promised you wouldn’t kill her” I shouted knowing that the girl’s head would have no chance against auntie’s massive thighs. Aunty sighed and opened her legs. The girl fell out limply with her eyes shut, unconscious and not dead.

“You’re too soft hearted Piyush” aunty told me, the way her mammoth breasts swayed beneath her nightdress disturbingly indicating no bra. I tried not to stare and concentrated on her face. “Out here on the frontier the Police are few and far between and most are corrupt as an English politician. You have to be hard to survive out here” she told me. “No good will come of letting this bitch live” she told me. I should have listened. Aunty scooped up the limp form of the girl like she was a rag-doll and flung her over her broad shoulder as if she were nothing more than an empty rucksack. “I’ll put her out with the trash as she deserves where her dirty scavenging kind will find her” She told me “You clean up the mess she made and lock the roof door”.
She wasn’t gone long but all the while I couldn’t stop replaying those feats of strength and how she stood up to the incredible kicks and punches of that beautiful but deadly thief-girl. I kept remembering the sight of her powerful thick wide thighs as they broke bones and that huge solid beefy bicep she had flexed in the girl’s face before punching her in the stomach. By the time she returned there was only one thing that I wanted to do. “Oh aunty, you were totally amazing. The way you dealt with that girl. And so strong” I gushed praise upon her when she had hardly got through the door. “Please aunty, let me feel your biceps. Let me feel how strong you are, please aunty” I begged like a silly over-excited kid. She was not amused “What is this is? Don’t be silly, go to bed or it’s the sari for you”. I shut up remembering the humiliation she put me through last time. But I just couldn’t put it out of my mind and the next day I kept pestering her to show me how strong she was until I was clearly getting on her nerves. “Very well” she sighed “We will sit at the table, I will humiliate you in arm-wrestling then you will be silent and that will be that”.

We sat down on opposite sides of the table. A mature bulky overweight Indian woman in an elegant sari put her elbow on the table and clasped hands with a slender fit young student boy. It should have been a foregone conclusion. “1-2-3 go” she said. A brief swell of firm bicep beneath her top then BLAM! It was over so quickly, an immense overwhelming power just slammed the back of my hand into the table. I didn’t have a chance. “ of three” I stammered stunned by how easily she had beaten me. She just laughed and as she stood up “Do you really think that will change the outcome. Now get on with your chores”.

I got up and blocked her way “Please aunty, show me more. You are so strong. Lift me up like you did that girl”. “Boy, you are getting tedious” she complained but strangely didn’t try to push past me as I would have expected. Instead she placed her big hands firmly around my waist and with a sudden surge of power I was stunned to find myself lifted clean off my feet and sent soaring above the level of her head then pressed clean overhead. “Oh aunty!” I gasped exhilarated by her strength. I may be slim but I’m no lightweight yet aunty had lifted me quickly with no visible effort. She shattered all my pre-conceptions of her as a lazy fat mature woman and kept me pressed above her head for some time leaving me dangling from the ends of her arms looking down at the floor which looked a long way away. That’s when I found I had a great view down the front of her sari. Two large fleshy mounds with a deep cleavage were below me like a dramatic erotic cliff-edge. The combination of that sight and the feeling of her strength as she held me rock steady in the air had the inevitable effect. With my crotch just above her eyes, she didn’t fail to notice. “Aiiieee! What is this is?” she exclaimed in disgust. She returned my feet to the floor very quickly and removed her hands as if it were contagious. “Please, aunty. It’s just you are so strong” I tried to explain while she stood in front of me rolling her eyes in exasperation. “It’s very exciting when you show your strength” I tried to justify myself. “It’s only a natural reaction, aunty. It doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you” I added. “Didn’t the goddess Anahita give women strong bodies if not for men to worship them” I told her. “So you believe it is your duty to worship me because I am strong, do you?” she asked thoughtfully “and not just an excuse because you can’t control your primal urges?”. “” I replied. It was too late now to back out so I went for the plunge. “I’d really like to feel your biceps, aunty. To feel how big and strong they are” my heart raced as I said that.

The explosion of disgusted outrage that I had expected was not forthcoming. Aunty studied me for a moment Then to my utter amazement, raised both arms out to each side parallel to the floor. Clenching her fists she slowly raised her forearms to the vertical. My breathing was laboured and my heart pounded as the short sleeves pulled back to accommodate the expanded growth of her already thick arms. The tops of her big arms became gently rounded and very solid looking. There was nothing flabby about those arms now, there was no question that they were muscle. “Well, what are you waiting for boy?” she asked. Carefully I reached out, each hand going to each of those thick hard looking mounds. “Wow!” I gasped in appreciation. They were really solid and I could feel their hardness going deep into her thick fleshy arms like massive rocks lying just beneath the surface. The peaks weren’t that defined but they were the hardest most massive female biceps that I had ever felt. It was like a dream come true. I kept caressing and feeling them, my erection becoming achingly hard. “Oh aunty they’re amazing” I moaned. With those large hard swollen biceps I couldn’t even get both of my hands around her thick upper arm. “So big” I sighed as my hands explored and found the back of her arms were also hard. My passion grew as I groped her biceps over and over. They were so hard that I couldn’t squeeze them.

“Oh aunty I just want to worship your muscles” I moaned as I bent my lips to kiss that large solid bulge. She watched me with amusement as I got more passionate with the feel of hard muscle under my lips. I had never knowingly met a woman with muscle before, let alone be able to feel and kiss them. To touch a real live muscle woman was turning me on with rampant desire. “Oh I want to worship you so bad” I moaned then leant close to her face to try to kiss her passionately on the lips. BLAM! The side of her hand chopped my face right along the side of my nose. “Aieee I knew it! You cannot control your urges. You want to rape me” she cried. BLAM her hand slashed down and chopped the side of my neck hard. Everything went dizzy and blackness swirled around me. I was vaguely aware of aunty walking around behind me. BLAM! “Ouch!” I yelped as an heavy stomp to the back of my knee sent me sprawling onto the floor. I lay there rubbing the back of my leg watching her large shapely calves flex as she left the room knowing that she was going to fetch the Sari of Discipline.

In one sense I looked forward to auntie’s skilled hand giving me an absolutely amazing hand-job, what hetrosexual male wouldn’t? To have a woman keeping you erect for a long time in a seemingly never-ending state of arousal. On the other hand I didn’t want to be paralysed like that again and verbally humiliated. Hearing her footsteps returning, I got to my feet to face her. I thought I had the words right in my head of how I would apologise to her but as soon as I caught sight of that sheer black sari which hid nothing of the naked body beneath and the amazing erotic sheen it gave those massive bare breasts, all words were forgotten and my tongue was tied. “G… look amazing” was all I could say as she walked towards me. “Still perving after me, boy” she growled sternly. aunty” I protested. If I had expected to be paralysed and given another slow hand job I was badly mistaken. “You want to feel how strong I am, boy, you’ve got it” she snarled.

Moving swiftly for such a large-built woman, aunty grabbed my right arm then quickly whipped it behind my back. She pressed my hand right up between my shoulder-blades so far that I was sure something would break. “Argh no no” I yelped in pain. It felt like my right shoulder blade was sticking out like a chicken wing as aunty forced-marched me towards the large spacious double bed upon which I slept at night. This was an unusual luxury for me as back home the whole family slept on mattresses on the floor in one communal room. I had no choice but to go whereever she forced me and she marched me over to the foot of the bed. “Ouch!” I cried as a sudden painful surge of unimaginable power lifted me from the floor using my bent arm and the back of my shorts then sent me hurtling forwards to crash land in the middle of the bed. Woah! my dick gave a lurch as I reliased that aunty had thrown me with sheer brute strength.

As I turned over onto my back to look back, I got the fright of my life. Untold enormously heavy pounds of over-large womanhood leapt towards me in a sheer black sari. BLAM! “Orrrrrph!” I cried as her massive weight landed on top of me pile-driving me deep into the mattress. “Orrgh!” she squashed me like a bug under her enormous weight while her huge boobs smothered my face. “Mmmm mmmm!” I protested into her big soft mammaries. Seizing my hands, she slammed them into the pillow over my head over and over demonstrating how feeble I was against her. I was stunned by just how strong she was. Believe it or not, I had done some wrestling when I was in high school. Wrestling is very popular in India, but I had never faced such a size and weight difference as this. I struggled trying to shake her off but she was just too heavy. All of a sudden she reared up over me upon her arms pressing my hands further into the mattress. Gulping down air, I stared with longing at sheer black sheathed wide deep wall of unrestrained bust that dangled down towards my face. “Come on boy” she sneered “when are you going to start wrestling me?” she asked with a cruel chuckle. I tried to buck my body and kick my legs to give me added momentum but then in alarm I felt auntie’s big thick legs trying to pin my puny skinny ones. Desperately I tried moving and kicking my legs to avoid capture, but it was no use. It only took a short time for her meaty calves and feet to catch beneath my knees and rip my legs wide apart with seemless effort into a grapevine press. “Argh!” I cried out as a devastating overwhelming force tore my legs wide apart until the tendons were agony at the crux of my crotch. “Argghh!” it felt like her legs were tearing me in two. “Now you can feel how strong aunty is can’t you boy?” aunty asked sarcastically as her big legs held mine agonisingly apart.

Still pinning my hands to the bed, that massive wall of bust slowly lowered until it pressed against my face. The soft silk encased fleshy orbs moulded themselves around the contours of my face. As her chest settled putting more weight behind them, I found to my alarm that I couldn’t breathe. Aunty was again suffocating me with her giant breasts. “Just look at you. There is nothing that you can do to stop me but lie there and suffer” her hard cruel voice said. “Mmmm mmmm!” I protested into the huge smothering pillows. This time aunty had no need to render me helpless with some nerve strikes for I was incapacitated by her strong arms and legs which held me immobile while her breasts smothered me. At one point she let go of my hands but I still felt impotent as her heavy body pinned me down and her legs continued to spread mine wide. “Mmmm mmmm!” All I could do was moan into her deep cleavage with massive mounds piled up around my face and let my hands explore her wide backside. “Mmmooorr!” aunty had a very ample backside and I felt the contours of her large rounded buttocks through the thinness of the silk that covered them. I was excited to find that they were actually quite firm and not as flabby as I had first thought. I was getting quite turned on that I was in such close intimate contact with a woman and aunty was one whole lotta woman as the song goes and a very strong one at that. Everywhere I put my hands was a wide expanse of skin that felt initially soft but with a solidness beneath.

“How does it feel boy to be dominated by a woman’s breasts?” she asked. I liked it a lot but was too scared to tell her. “Oh aunty” I moaned panting for air as her breasts lifted to let me snatch a gulp of precious air. “Arghhmmmm!” I yelped as a surge of added power tore my legs wider apart and my cries of pain smothered by her phenomenal chest. “I hope you are not enjoying this, boy” she scolded “this is meant to be discipline not pleasure”. “Mmm mmmm mmm!” I could only moan into her cleavage as terrible agony burned in my crotch as she stretched the tendons to tearing point. Feeling such unstoppable power in her legs of course made my cock rock solid and the knowledge that she could probably feel it sticking up close to her backside was dangerously exciting. Aunty closed her forearms around the base of my head cupping it and pressing it so far into her deep cleavage where no air could be found. “Mmmm mmmm!” I was running out of air and my body’s survival instinct. I began grapping at her thick arms trying to prise them apart but couldn’t even create the smallest gap to allow the air in.

Finally she released my legs and for a moment I could breathe as her bust raised itself away from my face. I had barely sighed with relief before she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my torso forward as she sat back into my lap. PFFFRAT! PFFFRAT! With her arms around the back of my head she held it in place as she swung her silk covered bust from one side to the other. PFFRAT! PFFFRAT! It felt like my face was getting bashed by two boxing bags. PFFRAT! PFFRAT! For such a large soft looking endowment they weighed quite a bit and packed quite a punch. I was certainly that she could easily knock me out with them.

Finally my head was freed and fell back to the mattress with aunty raised on her arms over me like a predator. “Fancy letting yourself get beaten by a pair of women’s breasts, how humiliating” She sneered in a voice dripping with sarcasm. With that she leapt upon me and began wrestling me around the bed. The big woman just pulled me this way and that and no matter what wrestling trick I tried on her, her sheer mass just overwhealmed me. There was so much woman to handle and she was far too strong for me. She would pin my chest and stomach simply by laying her thick leg on top or she would sit me up with her thick arms around my head then throw me back down and pin my shoulders. With boundless energy, aunty would sit her immense weight upon my belly and purposefully force my hands down with deliberate slowness so that I could feel her superior strength.

“Come on, boy. Make me work for it” She growled before leaping upon me and hauling me up with a thick arm locked tight around the back of my neck pulling my left cheek against the side of a large soft silk covered right breast. Yes it did feel sensual but my mind was on other things. “Arghh!” I groaned as she pulled me tight against her breast with shocking strength. “Garrhh!” it felt like my neck was being crushed by a wall. My hand felt the arm wrapped around my neck grabbing on in helpless frustration as she twisted and turned wrenching my neck. I was shocked by just how wide her upper arm felt for it felt like my thin neck was trapped in vast expanse of thick female flesh. Her skin felt soft to the touch and as I began to grab and slap at the arm crushing me, my hand would sink into the soft flesh until slapping up against hard dense muscle. SLAP SLAP SLAP my palm stung as it slapped in vain against the solid plain of hardness bearing down upon my head. “Argh!” I yelped as my head was savagely yanked so hard that I was flung from one side of the bed to other straining my neck before she slammed me down upon my side. Her vast weight fell upon me with my neck still firmly braced by her thick solid arm. “Argh!” I struggled and strained trying to throw her huge bulk off me but it was impossible and her arm as solid as a clamp.

But the idea of getting to grips with my strong aunty filled me with a strange lust. At first I concentrated on trying to twist and turn quickly to break her head lock. With a great deal of effort, I managed to wriggle out from under her and managed to get to my knees by her side. “Urrgh!” I had to work hard to fight for every inch as her big arm refused to release my neck. Getting my feet under I managed to rise into a crouch, still looking down at the mattress in her strong headlock. BERLAM! Still in her headlock aunty just slammed me over her hip back onto the mattress. “Ouch!” that fall really yanked my neck. WHUMP! “Orrrarghhh!” I cried as she slammed her massive bodyweight on top of me and tried to bring her other arm arm around to double-lock my head. In desperation I tried to hold on to it  to stop her but she was too strong and my neck was immovably locked in the crook of her arm. My god the power was so intense I thought my neck would break. I bucked my body like crazy trying to form a back-bridge While trying to twist my body around on the bed. “Arghh!” the strain upon my neck was phenomenal as it locked my head in a skin covered steel clamp.

Suddenly I broke free, although looking back at it I suspect that aunty released me so that she could toy with me some more like a cat plays with a mouse. Quickly I rolled over onto my front and tried to scramble as quick as I could off the bed. “You’re not going anywhere until I’ve finished explaining things to you, boy” her voice chuckled from behind my head. “Orrph!” I groaned as she landed heavily on my back, her weight pressing my body deep into the mattress. Again I began to wriggle and writhe to stop her laying on top and pinning me but she was just too heavy. I felt her heavy legs spread across mine and her feet hook onto the insides of my calves then “Arghh!” they ripped my legs wide apart in an inverted grapevine press while her weight bore down on my back. “Arghh arghh OK aunty you win. Please stop” I begged. No chance, she just tucked her arms under my armpits and grasped the fronts of my shoulders and began to pull my chest up from the bed, putting stress on my spine as she bent me backwards like a bow. “Argh no please aunty no” I wept as a mighty surge of power from her arms peeled my front off the bed upwards in a backwards curl as far as my navel. Her right arm slid up around my neck and her left hand clamped upon the back. “Urrrrhhkk!” It was all too much, my spine screamed agony from being bent back like that while my crotch was in agony from her grapevine on top of which her powerful arms was choking off my air and making my head spin. There was nothing I could do except slap the mattress in frustration. Aunty had me at her mercy yet again.

I recognised this a form of sleeper hold and my cock went absolutely rigid that aunty would have such knowledge and was using it on me. Somehow she managed to keep my hanging on there in her terribly strong choke-hold while spreading my legs and bending me backwards like a pretzel. That aunty was the most dominant woman that I’d had ever met, there was no doubt and now I knew first hand that it wasn’t just a superior attitude and the way she spoke. “Ooooohharr!” my eyesight blurred as her big thick arms clamped down much too hard leaving me gasping for air and my head swimming. “Not nearly good enough, boy” She told me. My heartbeat was loud in my ears, my vision was narrowing and I felt nauseous. Once again I was totally helpless, subjucated by my dominant aunty who had kicked my arse and was putting me away, my erection began lurching uncontrollably getting stiffer in acknowledgement of her being way too much for me to handle.

Just as I knew that I was slipping away my face was slammed into the mattress. “Oh no, you are not getting away with it that easily, boy” auntie’s stern voice told me. “What a joke!” she sneered nastily “What a pitiful specimen of manhood you are”. “Man up” she sneered. “Ha! Wait until your mother hears how her precious spoilt son was no match wrestling his aunty” she crowed in delight. “No please, don’t tell her” I begged, rolling over on the bed and sitting up to face her. She was sitting on her heels watching me with a bemused smug expression on her large square face.  “Why not?, it’s only the truth isn’t it Piyush? Shall I tell her how you kept following me around staring at my breasts? And how you follow behind me when I am going upstairs trying to look at my legs?” she replied with a look of confident superiority. “How you tried to feel my arms and have unnatural desires towards me?” She crowed “How I crushed you like a bug”. “You’re just a big bully” the words came out of my mouth before I had engaged my brain. Her face filled with the wrath of Kali. “How dare you! Who just saved your worthless life from that killer thief-bitch?” she raged then fell silent staring at me. “I..I’m grateful to you for that” I stuttered red-face feeling awkward. “Then prove me wrong. Put up a fight” she said in a condescending tone. “Wrestle me like a man, not a wimpy mummy’s boy” The words cut like a knife, I was furious with her and wanted to teach her a lesson. “Alright” I snapped back.

As she sat back on her heels watching me with a smirk of superiority, I knew that I just wanted to get my hands on that big strong body. This might be the first and last time that I’d ever wrestle a woman. I got to my knees and faced her on the bed then quickly sprang forwards hoping to take her off-guard and knock her onto her back and pin her with sheer weight of momentum. BLAT! I found myself crashing into a big wall of flabby flesh and big boobs that only gave way slightly before two thick arms came out to grab me. We were both kneeling on the bed with our arms around each other grappling. Desparately I tried to force her down to the mattress but her bulk was too great and to my alarm she forced me to topple over to my side. Determined not to be pinned I grappled like crazy repeatedly trying to get my arms around her to gain control. There was so just much of her that my hands found themselves in places that embarrassed me such as her ample backside with her big buttocks or her big wobbly bust. I managed to get behind her and tried to hold on until she just reached behind her head to capture mine and slammed me over shoulder. Flat on my back as she reared over me I struggled to avoid being pinned. Needing something to grab hold of and before I realised it, I found my hand between her legs grabbing her crotch. I think that surprised her and for a moment I managed to partially lift her until her weight became too much. I’d rolled her over to her side but she didn’t let go of me and held onto my upper arms as she raised her big thick leg and managed to get the heavy calve across my back. I wriggled and struggled desperately to break her hold knowing that she was going for a body-scissors and remembering in fright how her big legs broke the thief-girl. I twisted beneath her like snake dislodging her leg and holding onto her waist trying to push her off, but she was too heavy for me. With dismay I felt aunty scrambling over my chest her weight pinning me once more as she sat high across my chest with a wide ‘told you so’ smile.

“That was better, boy but nowhere near good enough” her strident voice told me. With relief her heavy weight lifted as she dismounted and swung herself towards the edge of the bed before lowering her feet to the floor and standing. Before I had a chance to sit up big pudgy hands seized my legs around the shins and hauled me to the edge of the bed. My back slid quickly across the sheets to where aunty loomed over me like a female colossus whereupon she wrapped her arms beneath my knees in an embrace and hauled me off the bed. “Woah!” I cried alarmed to feel nothing supporting my back. She flung me around and I grabbed the closest thing for support which was her substantial waist where I clung on for dear life in case she dropped me. That’s when she carried me around the room with her arms tucked beneath my knees. “Look at you, just skin and bones. There’s nothing to you, boy” she sneered.

I may be lanky but I’m not that much of a lightweight. She was just so strong. Once again aunty had made me feel so helpless with her unexpected strength that my cock grew uncontrollably harder. Of course holding my lower end she couldn’t fail to notice. “Aiieee! What is this is?” she asked in a loud querulous voice. She turned suddenly, my torso curled around the side of her body and I clung on to her wide hips with my face close to her ample backside as she held both legs in one arm while her hand felt the rock hard tent in my shorts. “Acha so hard!” she said giving the tent-pole a good long feel “Such a bad boy, unable to control your lust”. With that she undid my shorts single-handed and whipped them off. “You know the rules, boy. Don’t force me to deliver hard punishment” with those terrifying words she swung my body around and lifted me right up and laid my back across her wide shoulders. She held me there holding onto my right arm on one side and the top of my leg on the other. I had such feelings of her superior strength that my cock was standing rigidly upright as I was overwhelmed by her dominance. Keeping me balanced she begun to slowly manipulate my dick.

I’ve told you before how skilled aunty is with her hand, how she likes to go nice and slow with a loose hand and gossamer light touch. Well against such a woman, a man has no chance and she soon had me longing for release. “Orrrrrrgh!” I gasped as she slowly played with the head of my cock, alternating fast and slow strokes to keep me on the edge. I heard her chuckle “Remember the rules, boy” She told me in a menacing tone “you ejaculate in my hand without my permission and I will break your balls”. The memory of her dreadful wide knee hammering up between my legs had a chilling effect on my erection but aunty soon made up for that as she pressed me up high until my face and dick were almost pressing against the ceiling. “Woah!” I yelped as from my position up high I was allowed to fall until aunty caught me, spun me over and pressed me back high again this time looking down her large form below clad in sheer black silk. “Enjoy the view, boy” she chuckled as she caught me looking down her impressive cleavage. Holding me up with just one hand pressed against my stomach, her other hand grasped my dangling dick and began to use long slow downward tunnel strokes. “Orrrrr ooorrrrr” I moaned in pleasure. “Just like milking a cow” she remarked.

She lowered me down back across her shoulders in this new position and continued to slowly and softly manipulate me into a state of arousal, prolonging my lust. I was so turned on to find myself helpless once more on her wide shoulders that I was hugging onto and kissing the thick arms that supported me and stroking her back. “Oh aunty, you’re amazing” I gushed. “Really? I seem to remember you calling me a bully a few moments ago” she remarked in a bemused tone while slowly jerking my cock. “Woah!” I yelped as suddenly I was falling as aunty slammed me my back down upon the bed. Aunty leapt upon and immediately began wrestling me all over the bed, swallowing my head up with strong thick arms to apply more brutal headlocks while rolling with me from one side to the other. Then clamping her large hands around my throat to throttle me with terrible strength that had my mind spinning in a dreadful whirl. “Kkkk kkkk!” I was choking and no matter how I tried to prise her fingers away they just wouldn’t budge. “Are you going to let a woman choke you to death Piyush?” she asked coldly. In despair, I worked at her fingers but just could not break her hold. Darkness closed in and she nearly choked me out.

But she didn’t, aunty continued to demonstrate her physical dominance over me by wrestling me in whatever direction she wanted all over the bed. The more aunty tossed me around the bed, the more she restrained and choked me, the harder my dick became. My face is bright red as I struggle, breathing heavily and gasping with exhaustion as I writhe and struggle helplessly to stop her. Finally she scoops me from the bed and once more lifts me up to lay with my back draping along her wide shoulders. “Now where were we?” she asked in an exaggerated manner “Oh yes”. With that her hand steals once more to my erection and lightly and slowly pumps it harder. You might say that this was just sex, but it wasn’t. I had no control over the situation, aunty was in complete control, this was sexual domination pure and simple. At the same time I was being physically dominated by auntie’s great strength as she effortlessly carried me across her shoulders. That also kept my erection up. “So light Piyush” Aunt remarked as she carried me around the room “You really should eat more and put on some weight after all you don’t girls to be able to carry you like a little doll”.

She stopped in front of the dressing table mirror admiring herself. The sight of myself reflected there in such a helpless position with auntie’s hand working up my erection. Just made it worse. Faced with my own subduction I was soon so rock hard that I was moaning and gasping while asking aunty for permission to cum. “Really boy, are you so unable to control your own body” she scolded while gently stroking at the head of my cock. “Need I remind you not to ejaculate without my permission”. I didn’t need reminding but it was physically impossible to hold back struggling not to cum. Aunty was a bully, a sexual bully. There was no way for me to hold on and soon my body was jerking and my hips thrusting trying to wank myself off in auntie’s slow moving hand while I lay across her shoulders. I struggled on in frustration, being brought to the edge over and over again but stopped short until I was desperate for release and so close you could almost feel it. “Please aunty, please I need to cum” I submissively asked.

Aunty didn’t bother to reply. “Woah!” I cried as she leant forward and slammed my back onto the bed then stood by my side staring down at me. Being thrown like that by my overweight aunty while she wore her sexy gossamer thin black sari nearly made me lose it completely. “Oh aunty please..” I began but was cut off when the big woman raised her open palm hand in warning. In total silence we both stared at my hard-on for several seconds as it pointed straight up and twitching with no-one touching it. Without saying a word, she reached out her hand to the head of my throbbing dick and touched it with just one flick of her fingers. That was all it took to bring me over the edge. “Urrhgh nnnn nnnnah Nnnahh!” I moaned loudly as my body jerked violently arching up and thrusting my hips in an intense loud orgasm as spunk exploded from my swollen erect dick like a grotesque fountain. I then collapsed panting with the exertion. As my heartbeat slowed down I heard the words that sent ice-cold chills of terror down my spine. “Did I give you permission for that gross display?” aunty asked sternly.

Before I could even beg for mercy auntie’s immense body was flying through the air falling rapidly towards me. BLAM! “Wooargh!” my breath exploded from my mouth as her large distended belly slammed with tremendous force into my face with the force driving me deep into the mattress. Instantly her arms wrapped arms around mine to pin them to my side. “Mmmm! Mmm!” I protested into her big wobbly expanse of a sari-covered belly. There was nothing that I could as the belly slid forwards towards my own and I found my face rubbing against her crotch until my eyes were looking up between two massive walls of sheer black clad flesh that were the inside of her big scary thighs, staring up at the vast expanse of her backside as she hitched up the back of her sari. Aunty’s massive weight pressed down upon my stomach making it hard to breath as she lay on top of me facing my feet.

The enormous high walls of her thighs closed in around my head, lifting my face and forcing it right against those enormous yet very firm looking buttocks. God the sight of that massive backside in the raw was incredibly exciting and such a turn-on. Yet I was terrified that she would pop my skull between those thighs just as she had nearly done with that girl thief. “Orrrghhh!” I groaned in agony for the pressure was truly immense. Yet while she was inflicting terrible pressure upon my head with her massive legs I felt her warm wet tongue lightly touch the sensitive head of my dick then begin to lick it skilfully with small touches. Yet with the head over-sensitive post-orgasm, those light touches of her tongue was enough to make me cry for her to stop, but of course she didn’t. Her massive legs squeezed tight around my skull which felt tiny in their embrace reminding me that there was no chance of escape. Despite the agonising irritation aunty licked and sucked my dick making it grow steadily. This time she wasn’t going slow and soon was licking me into an absolute frenzy. Just as my dick grew irresistibly hard, so too the pressure from her massive thighs which now bore down with head spinning, cheek and jaw bending power that had me frightened for my life for I knew she could pop my skull like a balloon between those legs.

Ignoring my pleas to stop touching the sensitive head, aunty just carried on tormenting me with a slow, gentle blow job. Starting out slowly with gentle licks then driving me insane with irritability as she very lightly nibbled on the head of my engorged dick making it grow chubby, then erect. Slowly with relentless drive, while crushing my poor head, she began to suck away at my balls and cock going excruciatingly slow at first, but gradually stepping up the pace. “Orrrrrgh!” I moaned, I just didn’t have a chance trapped between the pleasure of her mouth and the brutal bone-crushing power of her immense thighs. The pressure built up in my balls to bursting point and I was beginning to moan deliriously with the intense pleasure. As soon as aunty feels me start to tense she stops what she’s doing and crushes down brutally hard upon my head with her powerful thighs like a boa constrictor until I’m screaming and begging for mercy with tears in my eyes, scared that my skull is going to shatter under the insane power. It is only then that she eases off the terrible pressure while her mouth slowly caresses and rubs my dick.

My head aches in throbbing agony trapped like a minuscule toy in her vast immense thighs looking at her huge buttocks while she teases my dick with her mouth working slowly from base, up the shaft, to the top of the head then repeating this over and over until once more she has me right on the edge of blowing my load. It’s a slow, pleasure-filled blow-job that has me curling my toes and tensing my muscles. Every request for release is cruelly denied and I know that I can’t take much more of this. Yet with my head so insignificant between her huge legs that are exerting a steady strong squeeze, I was too terrified what might happen if I came without auntie’s permission but it hard not to succumb to aunty’s skilful blow job.

“Orrrrrgh! Aunty please” I moaned as the throbbing in my dick became to great, I just wanted release. Aunty stopped sucking for a moment leaving me thrusting my hips into the air. “Very well, boy. I grant you permission”. But now that she had stopped sucking I couldn’t cum. “Oh aunty please bring me off, please” I begged like a whiny schoolboy. The nasty chuckle should have warned me but as she put her mouth to my throbbing cock and extended her tongue to give one long lick from the base to the head, my mind was in sensory overload as I began to blast my load. As I did the pressure around my head soared to terrifying proportions and I screamed as I felt my skull bend. I couldn’t stop screaming as the obscene power crushed down upon my head. The world span and blackness closed as she knocked me right out even while she was sucking every last bit of cum from my dick.

I awoke the next morning wondering if it all had been a bad dream but as I tried to sit I winced and cried at the splitting headache and knew it was true. Every movement sent shards of agony lancing through my head. I had to collapse back to the sheets. Unusually aunty was very understanding, although she never mentioned the events of the previous night, and gave me the day off from chores even bringing me painkillers and had the servant bring my meals.

Part 3. Deadly Hand
For the nth time I told the general that I didn’t know the whereabouts of the decoding device and anyway, it was of little use to them as the professor had decoded and published all of the Victorian diaries and some of the codex scrolls too [ECHO#02-5]. He didn’t like my response “Come now Mister Priest. The ancient artefact is thousands of years old yet too advanced a technology for its time therefore the property of DARPA”. “It was found in India by a British explorer” I protested only to get an angry stare in return. “Property of the U.S. and DARPA” he said firmly and signalled the guard. That was it, the interrogation was at an end. As I was escorted back to the cells, I wondered whether there was more to the artefact than an ancient encryption device or were the military just clutching at straws in their obsessive hunt for the mythological weapons of the ancient Gods?

Back in the cell I found Piyush. “I need something to take my mind of this place. Do you have any more to tell of your dominant aunty?” I asked wearily. “Just one as it happens” he answered. “Do you remember my telling you that I should have listened to aunty when she told me no good will come of letting that lovely but lethal girl-thief live? Well a few days later I was working in auntie’s garden when this old flat-bed truck drew up nosily on the road on the other side of the garden wall. Suddenly a gang of 4 Lambani roughs came pouring over the wall, alarming me. They were big ugly dirty looking brutes with viscous sneers and the look of violence. “Fang! Seize!” one of the men yelled and in response a huge nasty slobbering black dog leapt over the wall, set it’s evil eyes upon me and immediately raced towards me. There’s a saying that Indian parents tell their kids “Black dogs eat people”. You know “Eat up your food or a black dog will eat you” and stuff like that. I was terrified and fled towards the house but the gypsies intercepted my route.

“Ouch!” I cried as I felt the jaws of the snarling slobbering beast clamp around my ankle bringing me to the ground to eat me. “Fang no! Not this time. Release! Release I say!” one of the men ordered but the beast was reluctant to give up it’s dinner. “Release!” he shouted giving the man-eating hound a hard smack upon the snout. By now the others had caught up and helped separate me from the foul beast. The roughs dragged me back towards the wall with plenty of hard kicks and punches to get my co-operation while Fang kept worrying after my leg to get a piece of human flesh. “Aunt..BOROOPH!” my cry for help was brutally shut down by a punch in the gut. Once they got me over the wall and into the back of their truck, they beat the crap out of me while another of their gang drove the truck away at high speed with screeching tyres and a trail of dust. Laughing uproariously they didn’t stop beating me up until I passed out under the blows, cut, badly bruised and bleeding.

When I finally came to I found myself on the veranda of a large mansion, set at the end of a long driveway. There were a lot of Lambani thugs lurking around but all paid deference to the mature white haired man in an expensive looking white suit, white shirt, tie and hat sitting in a large wicker-back chair. Smoking a Cuban cigar his fingers idly drummed a glass-topped table at his side with a cut-glass decanter on top and a glass by his hand. This was the local gang-lord and he did not look like a nice man even though he tried to dress and act like a rich man. “When Leila did not return” He started speaking without even looking at my bruised battered form. “I was most concerned. After all she was an expensive investment, her training and all that you understand?” he took a drag on his cigar and blew smoke through his teeth. “Then when the boys found her lovely young body thrown out like trash. Well” He paused raising his hand. I saw the rich jewel encrusted rings on his fingers as he made a dismissive gesture. “To say that I was more than a little disappointed in my investment would be an exaggeration” he continued.

His eyes flickered briefly to the corner where a voice spoke up “Hold him for me. I will kill him once my limbs have healed”. I looked and saw the lovely girl-thief sitting in a smaller wicker chair, her arms and legs plastered and bandaged. Her smouldering seductive brown eyes burrowed with hatred into me as she spoke “I will keep him barely alive for 6 days beating him to within an inch of his live ignoring his pathetic pleas to be put out of his misery. Then on the seventh I will slowly break his body apart so he dies a most agonising death”. I realised that beauty was not everything and even a beauty such as she was heartless and evil. I looked away from her in disgust, to think that I had felt pity for her when aunty was beating her. “You had your chance and you failed me” remarked the gang-lord with clear contempt. “It was that fat old aunty of his” the girl protested. “Enough!” he barked then gathered his composure as if he were a civilised man. “You see, young man, you will be my guest here until your family pay recompense for …” he waved his cigar in the direction of the girl-thief then continued. “Of course we will then have to kill you” he added chillingly. “Maybe I will give you to Leila and her Kali-cult for one of their pagan sacrifices. You know how it is” he chuckled as if sharing a joke “It’s nothing personal it’s just business”.

Just then Leila began to get agitated. “It’s her!, kill her, kill her!” she cried in alarm. I turned my head in the direction she was staring. At the top of the driveway a familiar large figure walked past the gate posts straight into the compound striding purposefully towards us down the long drive. The old man scoffed “That fat old cow did this to you? You really are a disgrace Leila”. “But..” she began to protest. “Shh child. I don’t want to hear any more of your excuses” the gang-lord cut her off “The woman is just a fat aunty concerned for her nephew. No doubt she has read our ransom note and has come to negotiate terms”. Even from this distance I could see that aunty was wearing the black sari of discipline and knew with mounting excitement that she would think nothing of disciplining these gangsters. She just kept on marching towards the veranda with a determined look upon her face.

“I proved myself to you. None of your men could beat me in a fight. That shows how dangerous she is. She’s a lot stronger than she looks. Kill her!” Leila urged. The gang-lord considered this for a moment then told one of his men “Go tell the men to stop the fat old tub of lard then escort her to me”. The man left the veranda and barked instructions. A group of men went out to meet aunty as she continued to stride down the drive. There must have been well over a dozen of them converging upon her at different rates yet aunty stared right through them at the gang-lord.

The quickest of the men reached her and tried to block her way. Without even slowing down aunties’ thick right arm shot out like a thunderbolt. CRACK! Her big fist blasted his jaw and the goon was bowled over backwards and hit the soil out cold. The next goon didn’t fare much better. He came in from her side with his arms open trying to catch her. Without even looking at him, auntie’s fist shot up like a rocket at her side. BLAM! Her fist landed so hard that his head snapped back in a spray of spittle and teeth as he went over like a fallen tree. Aunty didn’t even break her stride. The next tough tried to be clever and stand in front of her blocking her way then made a grab with both hands for head. Aunty just hammered her left fist beneath his arms into his unprotected gut. WHUMPH! her fist landed with a very loud sound of something very solid hitting a man’s body. “Worrrraghhh!” he groaned loudly, his body buckling in the middle and his arms falling back by his side. WHUMP her right fist shot forwards again plunging deep into his belly making that same loud sound with such force that his whole body lifted clean off his feet. His body rode auntie’s fist until it finally withdrew letting him fall to the dirt where he crumpled into a tight unmoving ball which aunty casually stepped over and continued walking.

The next goon also blocked aunties’ way and as she went to swing at him, he moved fast trapping one fist then the other in the crook of his arms. Without hesitation the hem of her sheer black sari leapt up as her big wide knee ploughed so hard between the man’s legs with a terrible thud. WHAMP! “Oooooooorrrrrr!” he screamed in anguish, his face contorting into a mask of horrific pain as he rode her knee into the air. My own balls ached in sympathy. Finally he fell to the ground and rolled into a tight ball clutching his nads, puked then passed out. “See I told you” shrieked Leila. “Stop her god-dam it stop her! She’s only a fat old woman stop her!” the gangland shouted to his goons in frustration.

The goons were now coming at aunty thick and fast but to my excitement, she cut through them like a knife knocking them down like skittles with powerful punches to their heads. One tough guy sneered as he nonchalantly knocked aside her blows to the right and left. BAM BAM! BERLAM! Auntie’s fist went right down the middle blasting him right on the side of his jaw with such a loud audible blow that I swear his jaw lurched to his right with a loud crack as his head spun fast under the blow. He too went down and stayed down. Her big pudgy fists were like the hammer of the Gods. There was no safety for them even when they attacked in numbers. BLAM! One goon’s face exploded into a bloody mess as her fist struck the middle of his face, while she blocked an incoming punch from his friend BLAM! who then went down with a shattered jaw. CRACK! A powerful uppercut to the jaw sent the first goon hurtling head over heels backwards to the ground. The sight of my large overweight aunty in a sexy sheer black sari striding down the drive leaving a trail of unconscious bodies of tough guy gangsters in her wake had my dick as stiff as a rod.

“Go on Shashi, brain her” the gang-lord houted as the next tough approached her. Her right fist driven by her thick strong arm cut through the air like a guided missle. To my horror, Shashi knocked aside the punch casually then wrapped his arm around it trapping it. She instantly struck out with her left but the goon smiling confidently did the same, trapping both of her arms. “Got you now, you fat cow!” the gang-lord shouted. Not that aunty looked alarmed. “Argh!” Shashi yelped as aunty twisted her right arm and reversed the arm-lock then did the same with the other. For a moment, she watched with cold emotion at the man who she now had trapped. BERLAM! Her thick leg moved quickly kicking up the hem of her sari as it drove her foot right up between his legs like kicking a football. His entire backside jerked up into the air with his legs and torso following while folding up. He didn’t have time to scream, yet his terrible face told the whole picture with his face red, eyes screwed tight and mouth wide. Just as quickly as he jerked into the air as it came down to the ground. Aunty calmly stepped over his body as it rolled up into a tight ball throwing up then passing out.

I loved the way aunty was destroying the goons, totally unstoppable. My dick loved the way the front of her sari sloped down from her chest and hung so low. Sheathed in fine silk so sheer to be almost a sort of body-stocking making no secret that she wore no bra beneath letting them bounce around freely as she walked and fought. They moved in such an erotic dance at times almost independent of her motion with big aureoles and thick erect nipples like a manic pair of eyes peering through the sheer silk. Despite her outward appearance of a dumpy grossly overweight woman, the sight of her huge well-formed breasts dancing around practically naked was something so ultra-feminine that quite a few of the goons were sporting noticeable bulges in the front of their shorts or trousers, as indeed was mine. That created a distraction that gave aunty an another advantage as she sliced through their ranks.

One lech with a mad lustful glint in his eye and a tent in his trousers came up from behind while two more blocked her way. Reaching around her massive body, he pinned her arms by her side while cupping her massive orbs with both hands. He had a good grope with her plentiful breasts overfilling his hands while the bulge in his trousers twitched like a wild animal. He was practically drooling and laughing manically as he tried to cope with her massive low-slung wide fun-bags. Meanwhile the two goons in front pulled wicked looking knives. “Don’t play with her, kill her” Leila shrieked. CRACK! The back of the gang-lord’s hand smashed across her cheek. “I give the orders here” he growled. One of the goons with a knife stepped in close to aunty waving his weapon while lecher continued fondling her breasts with increasing lust. The other one stood there laughing evilly. A sudden twitch of auntie’s skirt and BLAM! her big rounded knee thundered with shocking speed and power right into his groin. “Arggh!” he cried aloud in agony as the force of the blow once more lifted a man clean off his feet. Moving incredibly swiftly for someone her size, aunty slapped her hands down over the groper’s arms then bent forward loading the man onto her wide back with his twitching erection pressed into her ample backside as it slid along it. The next instant he was sent slamming over her head into the ground with a bone-crunching thump. WHUMP! WHACK! Before laughing boy even knew what was happening, auntie’s fist pounded a powerful roundhouse against the side of his jaw that whipped his face around so quickly that he did a clean 180 with his dentures flying out of his mouth before he hit the ground.

“Stop her! A million rupees for the man to kill her!” the gang-lord shrieked as aunty calmly stepped onto groper’s body to walk over him. There was a groan of agony from the prone man as auntie’s full weight stood upon his belly. Without so much as looking down, the massive woman bent at the knees then suddenly launched herself into the air. “No!” wailed groper as untold pounds of heavy womanhood descended rapidly. WHUMP! Both feet landed heavily sinking deep into his belly. His head and chest and legs shot up off the ground as his body sharply bent upwards around his middle, his mouth soundlessly wide his eyes wide with shock. Calmly showing no emotion and looking straight ahead at the gang-lord, aunty stepped off groper’s bent body, his head and legs flopping back senselessly to the ground as she walked away.

Right-left-right-left aunty strode forwards not slowing down pounding goons on the jaw with her fists BAM BAM BAM BAM! My cock was absolutely rigid and twitching like crazy to see aunty ploughing relentlessly through these tough guys knocking them over like nine-pins. It lurched really strongly at the sight of motionless bodies strewn all over the long drive in her way. The gang-lord was getting really scared at the formidable aunty striding angrily towards him. The few who try to swing their own fists at her head are rewarded with powerful blows to the stomach that sound loud like something heavy hitting hollow meat. WHUMP WHUMP none can withstand her gut-busting punches and crumple in soundless agony to the ground only to be rewarded by a brutal kick when they are down that puts them right out. BLAM! It’s like she is using their heads like a football and I didn’t like the way their heads seem to shoot forwards with their neck stretching in an unnatural way.

It spooked the gang-lord too because he suddenly ordered the really big well-built men that were on the veranda close to him. “Stop her! Kill her at any cost!” he shrieked. I saw a smirk appear on Leila’s face. “Personal bodyguard. She doesn’t stand a chance” she took delight in telling me. “Say bye-bye to aunty-dear” the beautiful evil bitch smirked. Six of the biggest men I’d ever seen stripped off to reveal powerful massively muscular well-toned bodies which they proceeded to show off by flexing their mammoth biceps. Their bodies were exceptionally well-defined and their muscles looked huge and sharply defined. Aunty had come to a halt about 3 metres away from the foot of the veranda watching those awesome he-men, spectacular specimens of Indian body-building. If she was nervous of this display of massive beef she didn’t show it. “Is that meant to impress me?” she said, the disdain showing in her voice.

Suddenly and with a fluidity that I had never expected the muscle-men moved as one stepping forward and swiftly punching the air before them, their balled fists exchanging places in the blink of an eye. “HUH!” the loud shouts made me jump. They stepped forward again in unison and despite their muscular bulk snapped kicks as high as their stomachs. “HUH!” again I jumped. “Oh the fat cow is mincemeat” the evil beauty sneered.  Suddenly they burst into a run towards aunty. “Yai!” to my astonishment the unladylike cry from her mouth is accompanied by her leaning to one side and her sari flicking up as in a blur her huge leg snaps to waist height as it slams her shin right across the belly of the first muscle man like a crow-bar as his fist swung harmlessly past her. WHUMP! The big man’s body jerked into the air. “Urghhh!” his splendid six-pack no protection from aunties kick. He hadn’t even landed when with stunning agility and flexibility, the massive bulk of aunty whipped to the other side and her thick left leg shot straight up vertically and clubbed the next man around the side of his head. “Kiai!” she cried. THUMP! The man’s head was wrenched to one side awkwardly and he too began to fall.

“HUH!” The third muscle-man had already blasted a roundhouse kick to her head that must surely knock her block off but to my amazement she raises her left arm to not only block it but catch it, wrapping her arm around it holding his leg high off the ground. “Hai!” she cried her chubby right arm punched quickly. THUMP! “Arrraghh!” the man screamed as his leg bent the wrong way at his knee. There was no time to gasp at the violence for the other three goons were upon her. It’s only in movies that thugs attack one at a time in an honourable fashion. These deadly he-men attacked in a pack but aunty showed no concern as they surrounded her and began blasting her with brutally strong kicks. Even she couldn’t block them all yet she showed no alarm. As swift as lightning the big woman leant forward ignoring the kicks, her thick leg rocketing up behind her in a blur too fast for the muscle man behind her to avoid. WHAM! Her foot caught him right beneath the chin ripping his head backwards so fast and so hard that it surely must have broken his neck. In barely the blink of an eye her leg dropped back from high behind her and swung forwards in a blur of black clad motion. BLAM! Her leg swung up bending at the knee as her foot cannoned straight into the balls of the hunk in front of her. His eyes flew open wide bulging and his tongue fell out as his mouth fell open wide. Snapping back the leg without returning her foot to the ground it instantly snapped up high in a black blur arcing around to the side hammering her foot right on the throat of the other he-man. THWOCK! He fell back clutching his throat. I was so incredibly turned-on, 3 muscle men taken in barely a few seconds using just one leg in a combo that had kept it in the air the whole time. I found my hand rubbing the front of my trousers vigorously and forced myself to stop with my cheeks burning hoping no-one saw me.

The first he-man she had floored was up again and looking pissed. With his wide handle-bar moustache, beard and muscled barrel chest he could have been the image of Mahishasura himself BAM BAM BAM he launched a devastatingly fast volley of punches and kicks upon poor aunty that she no chance of stopping. BAM BAM BAM in horror I saw auntie’s body jerking under the blows and heard loud grunts when his fists and feet hammered her large distended belly. It looked like it would soon be over as the big superman stepped forwards winding up to deliver a massive finishing punch when suddenly the big bulky woman leapt up into the air seized the top of his head with both hands. Her big knee was just a blur as it powered right into the middle of his face with unbelievable force. BERLAM! Blood just sprayed out everywhere as she broke his nose. Barely had her feet returned to the ground than she was jumping up again bringing her knee up once more. With her hands still clutching his head, her knee blazed a blurred trail right into his muscled stomach. WHUMP! Her knee ploughed right into the pit of his big deep belly totally pulverising his splendid washboard abs. He didn’t even time to cry out or for his body to crease up for she sprang back up amazingly quickly like a deadly jack-in-the-box pulling down the side of his head to meet her rising knee. KLUNK! Her knee made solid contact with his temple and I saw his lights go out even before he fell.

As aunty resumed her walk to the foot of the steps to the veranda with no more opposition, I struggled not to cream my pants at the sight of an entire army of gangsters lying prone on the drive behind her. Not a single one was left standing. “Uncle don’t leave me!” came a plaintive cry from the corner. I turned to see the gang-lord running around the side of the mansion. Leila looked past me, wild-eyed with fear as heavy foot-steps came up the steps. “Please no, he made me do it. Please I’m a good girl” she begged and whimpered. “Oh woman up!” Aunty snapped as she walked right up to the broken girl sitting in the wicker chair. “HAH!” BERLAM! Aunties’ thick leg kicked up really fast, her sheer black sari a rustle of femininity as the sole of her foot slammed into the beautiful girl’s face. KRAC! The girl shot back so fast leaving a red mist of blood as her chair slid rapidly across the veranda and her body went smashing through a large window. “Stay here Piyush, aunty won’t be long” She ordered striding towards the corner of the wooden walkway. “No way, I want to see that bastard get his comeuppance” I said following her. “Very well but keep out of the way” she replied “and mind your language” she added. She wasn’t even out of breath as I struggled to keep up.

We were just in time to see the bad man run into an ugly stone building standing isolated some yards from the main house. We heard the big metal door slam shut and the sounds of big locks. I thought I heard aunty swear and looked at her. “Kali temple. You know what goes on in there?” She mimed entrails being cut out and other nasty stuff. “Stay and watch from here” She commanded. This time I obeyed not wanting to get nearer to that evil place. Aunty-dear strode over to the entrance and called out “Come out and face me like a man. Come and atone for the sins you have committed against my family”. When there was no reply she tried the iron door but it was clear from her efforts that it was locked firm. She began to walk around the temple looking for another way in. “Come out, come out wherever you are and face justice you wicked man” she called. The temple wasn’t that big, maybe 35 metres square and the height of a single story building. There were no obvious windows and the walls were decorated with crude carvings of demons, grotesque skulls and tortured souls. Along the top were a series of minarets, spiked and viscous looking. The walls were greenish and mouldy looking. Aunty appeared having completed a circuit of the temple. She didn’t look happy. In fact she looked angrier than I’d ever seen her before. “He’s got to come out some time” I said. “Yes, but what if he has a mobile phone with him? He could be calling his corrupt policemen cronies. No, there is only one option” she replied.

Standing close to the front wall, aunty seemed to be studying it while breathing shallowly as if preparing herself for something. Suddenly she sprung into action, the likes of which I’d never expected. “Hah!” she shouted making me jump. Her fist shot forward and struck the wall with such force BLAM! Brick and concrete dust blew up obscuring her fist but when she pulled it back unharmed I could see that it had made a large hole in the wall. “Hah!” BERLAM! Her big fist struck again creating another hole and a spider-web of deep cracks in the wall and pieces began to fall off. WHAM! Her fist struck again and a big crack snaked lengthwise along the width of the wall. Maybe the old concrete was rotten but I knew that aunty was the strongest woman I knew. BLAM! Her fist struck again like a wrecking ball driving through the concrete to create another large hole next to the others causing the deep cracks to snake out even more and giving the top part of the wall a definite inward lean. “Hah!” she shouted loudly the hem of her sheer black sari kicked up and her foot slammed against the wall at waist height with a mighty thud. To my astonishment the entire bottom of the wall began to cave in, causing the top part to collapse into the temple.

“Come out or I will bring this whole temple down on top of you” she shouted. Not waiting for reply aunty set to work. A one-woman demolition squad on the other walls. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Her big fist swung like a sledgehammer punching massive holes through the walls and causing serious damage. Her front and side-kicks were shockingly powerful bringing down whole sections. My cock was so solid in my pants it was getting very uncomfortable. BLAM! The entire left side of the temple collapsed inwards bringing down part of the roof with it. BLAM! auntie’s fists and feet began tearing up the rear wall. The noise of her destroying the wall was so loud that it took me a while before I realised someone was frantically tugging and pulling at the door which now would not open because the lintel had warped under the falling roof preventing the gang-lord’s escape. BLAM! BLAM! aunties fists smashed through the rear wall breaking big holes right through the rotten concrete, with no signs that it was hurting her hands. BLAM! BAM! She was punching so hard that I could feel the strong vibrations through the ground beneath my feet. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The power of her blows caused a cloud of debris and bits to break off from nearer the top of the wall.

Punching the wall into a sorry state, she then blasted it with powerful kicks that sounded like thunder. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! With incredible flexibility and agility for someone her size, she powered kick after kick into that wall tearing it up like paper until the rear was just a pile of rubble. My cock was throbbing so hard at the sight of such raw female power that it was only the fear of aunty punishing me if she saw me openly masturbating that kept me from actually doing it, the urge was that strong. BAM! BAM! Aunty began punching holes in the last wall that remained whole, while the rattling and banging on the jammed iron door got more and more frantic. BAM! BAM! Aunty delivered such powerful kicks and punches that she demolished the temple with the gang-lord still inside, her mighty strength bringing down the building around him. In short order the evil looking building is a debris field with only the mangled iron door still standing with the collapsed roof forming a crude tomb. “Help help!” pathetic cries accompany weak banging on the inside of the door. “I’ll give you more money than you could ever dream of. Anything just get me out” he cried. “Crime pays handsomely, remember that, Piyush” she told “until you get caught” she told me examining the jammed iron door.

Slipping her hands between the top right corner of the door and the buckled iron frame she took hold with both hands and began to pull. At first nothing seemed to happen, her face going red with the exertion. Her thick arms swelled and became rock hard. Then concentrating with focussed determination the top corner of the door groaned and protested as it began to peel back like a giant sardine tin as if she were Wonder Woman. Slowly but surely aunty began to pull the top of the door away from the frame until she had created a gap through which the gang-lord impatiently tried to squeeze through without success until aunty reached in, seized him and pulled him out. He stood there looking at her with more than a touch of fear yet he said “You are one very strong woman and one tough fighter, lady. Together we could make a wonderful”. BERLAM! Auntie’s large fist blasted into his mouth shutting him up. A fist that can punch through walls can do dreadful damage to a man’s face. The gang-lord’s lower jaw flopped open and hung at an awkward angle a good 45 degrees off-centre. BLAM! Auntie’s fist hammered an upper-cut into his bust jaw slamming it back up against his upper jaw and snapping his head back. Aunty faced him coldly with her fists raised. “You don’t mess with me or my family” she snarled. With his mouth bust he couldn’t say a word but he looked terrified so much so that a wet patch spread across the front of his trousers and trickled down his leg. BLAM! BLAM! What happened next was too terrible to watch. Aunty put all her strength into her punches, inflicting dreadful damage to the man’s face. BLAM BLAM! Each punch rocked him so hard that he was knocked from pillar to post while his face disintegrated into a bloody misshapen pulp as her fists struck with bone-busting intensity. BLAM! BLAM! Her dreadful punches slammed him against the ruins of his temple.

Finally when it seemed he could stand no more and clung on to the frame of his ruined door for support, aunty pulled him away forcing him to stand unsteadily. The once-feared gang-lord was now a broken and battered man, broken by my auntie’s fist. “You will never bother my family or anyone else again” she said. “Aeeeiiiiyah!” my aunty screamed so loudly it made me jump and the piss flowed openly down his trouser legs. She spun around quickly, the skirt of her sari billowing showing her thick strong legs bulging with powerful muscle as her right leg lifted BERLAM! It hammered her foot against his chest with a dreadful crack of bone, striking with such intensity that his broken body rose up and hurtled backwards striking the metal door so hard that his body was wedged in the small opening aunty had made. Suddenly aunty ran forwards then leapt with both feet into the air. “HeeeYAH!” she yelled as she leapt high and drove both feet deep into his chest. BERLAM! The kick was so powerful that it drove him completely through the door frame and brought the whole ruined structure collapsing down on top on him.

“Ohh aunty!” I groaned with lust rushing forwards to give her a great big hug feeling her large overweight but powerful body in my hands. I’m practically thrusting my groin against her but she doesn’t seem to notice. She is overjoyed to see me and hugs me and kiss me. “Oh aunty you were amazing, the way you punched and kicked your way through all those gangsters” I gushed in open admiration. “Yes dear I was there” she laughed with affection as we began to walk back towards the gates. “And how you demolished that temple with your fists and feet” I continued “You were amazing. Better than Wonder Woman”. “Yes dear, that is all very flattering but what is this?” she asked. In horror I felt her hand upon the front of my shorts where I had an erection of epic proportions. “Aunty please, I’m sorry, please don’t punish me” I wailed “the sight of you in action, you were so magnificent that I was unable to control my reaction, please don’t punish me”. To my surprise aunty laughed gently and cuddled me to her awesome breast while we walked out of the compound and headed down a track back to the village. “My dear dear Piyush, I love you my darling” she said with such tenderness that I had never expected from my fierce aunty. “After what you’ve been through, how could I punish you”. A naughty twinkle came to her eye. “but you can’t walk back into the village with that, you’ll scare the goats” she chuckled “but never you mind, aunty knows how to fix that”

Suddenly she stepped in front of me facing me, grabbed the front of my shirt, kicked her leg behind me and swept my leg away. BLAM! I went over backwards and slammed into the dusty ground. “I think you enjoyed that” aunty said as I looked up in shock at her. Actually I did. “Now get up” she demanded. No sooner had I done so then she bumped against me turned, loaded me onto her hip before slamming me back down again. “Oh aunty!” I moaned getting up again only to be confronted by a big soft arm flexing in front of my face watching in awe as it turned into a solid hard mass of pure muscle. I lost myself, moaning and slobbering like a demented pig, running my hands over that muscle then kissing it with passion, my dick throbbing hard in my shorts.Next aunty laid on the ground on her back and raised her thick legs into the air, her sheer black sari falling back down around her hips. She asked me to stand by her feet and lean over me. Holding my hands, she pressed her feet into my waist and lifted me into the air. She began to leg-press me up and down with ease above her. “You like auntie’s strong legs don’t you” she said. It such was such a sexy experience that I lose all modesty, writhing and moaning on the ends of her feet. I nearly blew my wad there and then until aunty lowered me close and with one hand unzipped my shorts and pulled out my engorged dick while still keeping me balanced upon the bottom of her feet. With nothing more than her thumb gently applied under the head of my cock, my breathing becomes loud and ragged, I moan loudly throwing back my head in ecstasy as my twitching and bobbing cock blasts cum over her like a shower. Shagged out, I realise what I’ve done “Aunty I’m sorry” I’m scared as her legs keep me raised in the air looking down at a spunk-splattered sari of discipline. To my surprise instead of great anger, aunty laughs. “No matter boy clothes are just material things, it is family and loving one another which is more important” she tells me. “Get it? Material things” she says with a chuckle.  I laugh too, never expecting aunty to make a joke.
I listened to Piyush finish his tale, trying not let him see that it had given me an erection. “Did you ever see your aunty wear a necklace with the figure of a goddess dancing in a circle of flames with many arms and legs?” I asked. “Like the ones in your stories?” He replied then gasped “actually yes although I never connected it with your stories”. “Maybe your aunty will come and rescue us” I said gently with a smile, “and if not maybe some of her friends” my mind drifting to an earlier interrogation session.

The American officer slapped a photo on the desk. I looked at it “General Philip Warpinton, army intelligence retired” I told him, seeing no need to lie. Another photo of me with the General in Paris. “What do you know of Project Gabriel?” he asked “I’ve come across the name a couple of times in my investigations but not uncovered much about it” I replied. “So much for friends huh mister Priest” He sneered then slapped down another photo, what at first glance looked like a nun but somehow you knew it wasn’t but something much older and more secretive. She was going into the same hotel in Paris where I got beaten up by and nearly killed by Vanessa [JIMP#14] with a vague recollection of that shrouded figure rescuing me. “Sorry I don’t know her” I told him.

Another photo, the same hooded figure clearly following me outside Hollands [JIMP#22]. Another, she is sitting behind me at the Monument [JIMP#25] “I was meeting a friend. This woman, I didn’t get a look at her face somehow paralysed me” I told him “She warned me you lot were following me”. “Who is she?” I asked. He glared at me. “I know you ask the questions” I said. He still glared at me. “It’s a matter of National security, Mister Priest” he finally broke the uncomfortable silence “Need to know, and you don’t need to know. All I will say is that she is American property”. I was outraged “She’s a person not a piece of property and clearly British” I burst out. “It’s like I told you before, Mister Priest, any bit of advanced technology no matter where it is in the world is the property of DARPA. It’s the law” he stated. “The American law” I said sarcastically. “Precisely Mister Priest and with you here, It’s only a matter of time before she comes to save you and when she does, she’ll be in our custody” he said then signalled to the guard to take me back to the cells. The interview was at an end.

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