Alice – Secret Santa (JIMP#57)

Sweet young woman surprises her boss with a special xmas gift

Alice was inspired by the lovely Jasmyn Banks who played the mild mannered Alice Branning in ‘Eastenders’ who got wrongly sent to jail for murder.
(c)Jim P 2013

“Hiya, looking forward to Christmas, Ben” a soft sweet young female voice said behind me while I was at the coffee machine in the staff room. I recognised that pleasant voice and turned around to face her. “I’m not really a Christmas person, Alice. No profit to be made when people are slacking off not working for a fortnight now is there?” I told her. Alice didn’t bat an eyelid but kept on smiling with that dainty small mouth with the luscious lips curved slightly upwards as was her norm. Her brown eyes were sparkly and bright, alive with untapped youthful enthusiasm. “Oh you don’t mean it” the pretty little 23 year old said with a pleasant chuckle. It was hard not to smile back when that small heart-shaped face with softly rounded cheeks lit up with a smile. “You’re not really a grumpy old Scrooge. You’re just pretending to be mean when you’re actually really nice at heart” she said. Actually I was a sharp-nosed business executive but just melted faced with those soul-boring puppy-eyes upon me and infectious smile. “I bet you are looking forward to the Secret Santa?” my new P.A. asks, moving so close to me that she is practically brushing against my chest. Given that she is only 5’3″ compared to my 6 foot meant that she was looking up at me in the most appealing manner with those gorgeous brown eyes like a lost puppy. She is such a gorgeous little thing that I have to resist the urge to scoop her up in my arms and kiss her passionately. She has a cute face and mild-mannered demeanour to match with a small button nose and wide appealing eyes. Her small pert mouth has lovely lips enhanced by a touch of pink lipstick which are almost always breaking into a wide infectious smile that exposes pearl-white perfect teeth. Mid-length light brown hair frames that rounded face covering her ears in a sort of bob with a floppy fringe down over her eyebrows adding to the cute appeal. The way she looked at me and got so physically close hanging on my every word made me think she had a crush on me. “Not really, Alice. Nothing surprises me any more” I replied “To be honest it wasn’t even my idea but Gill’s”. Gill is the mature director of training and recruitment with the pudding-basin hairstyle and wide-flaring calves that are just balls of toned muscle [JIMP#21]. I’d been warned to keep an eye on her and look for an excuse to sack her. However she hadn’t put a foot wrong yet and the staff at St.Agatha’s Domestic Service College loved the Secret Santa idea.

“Yeah sure” she laughs “See you later, bye”. As she turns to go I glance at her side profile and sigh at the nice trim figure with just a hint of puppy-fat and a good-sized bust compared to her petite stature. Today this was being shown off to great effect by a tight white blouse worn beneath a short-sleeved purple cardigan which was unbuttoned giving a great view as she turned. She didn’t always dress like that, usually she wore quite dowdy clothes with tops that were buttoned all the way up with slacks or long skirts and sensible shoes. I was flattered by the attention but she really was too young for me, almost 30 years less than myself and not really my type. I prefer a more sultry woman who is not afraid to flaunt her sex appeal to a sensible dressing although admittedly cute young girl. Besides Gill always had her eyes on me looking for the chance to have me removed from the post she clearly desired.

As Alice walked away down the corridor I stared at her nice sized hips and how the pastel yellow floral print pleated skirt hung from them, swinging as she moved. It was knee length and showed off a nice pair of bare calves. The heeled shoes she wore emphasised cute slabs of hardness as she walked, nice and feminine. It’s not that I don’t find Alice attractive. Her attraction to me seemed genuine and her attempt to wear more appealing clothes made me sit up and take note. However I was wary of a honey-trap that may have been set by that iron-calved old bitch Gill. Appointed by the Order of Maya as the new Principal of the college with a 6 figure salary, I was used to gold-diggers. Of course I immediately gave myself a 35% pay rise through tough austerity measures, staff cuts and fee increases for the parents. Ah yes, the greatest con indeed. If I wanted action I’d just go into one of upmarket nightclubs and let myself be pulled by a sexy sultry woman with experience not a young naive girl barely out of her teens with a crush. Yet she was hard to ignore. Every-time I saw her she was chirpy and brightened the place up.

** a few weeks later **
“Hiya, just some more papers for you to sign. I’ll leave them there, all right?” Alice chirped entering my office then leaning forward to place the pile of papers on my desk. Recently she’s been wearing low necked tops under dowdy cardigans. As she leant over the opposite side of my desk, I couldn’t help peaking at her nice puppies dangling in the neck of her top, quickly looking up as she began to straighten. “Thanks Alice” I found myself automatically smiling back at her soft-complexioned face. “Only one more day to Secret Santa” she chirped merrily. Aren’t you excited? I know I am” she said with her small mouth stretched in a wide smile that showed off her white teeth. How could anything that sweet have grown up on the streets of one of the roughest parts of the East-End? She didn’t even speak with a cockney accent. “No, Alice” I replied in a bored tone. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. I mean what can one of the staff buy a man who has everything? Especially on what I pay them.

Alice was still lingering in my office. “Yes Alice is there anything else?” I asked. “So who are you Secret Santa for?” she asked. “Mrs. Armstrong” I replied trying not to think of the old-fashioned grey-haired battleaxe. “Oh she’s nice once you get to know her. I hope you’ve brought her something decent” Alice said. “Yeah, a bottle of cyanide” I replied to which she laughed then left my office. She thought I was joking. Maybe I should send one of the older student girls out to buy her something else instead, some expensive perfume or something. I’ve heard stories about Granny Strongarm, as everyone seems to call her, that the kids tell to scare each other. Perhaps I’d better stay on her good side until I can work out how to get rid of her.

** The next day**
“Oh Ben, can I have a word with you in your office?” Alice asked with a cheery smile. “Mister Rexworthy-Smythe when there’s kids around, Alice” I reminded her. “Yeah, right” she said with a wink then folded her arms across her belly and just beneath her bust. That just pushed her breasts together and lifted them making them seem much bigger and creating two nice swelling mounds with a hint of a cleavage in the low neck of her dress. Wow! For a moment it was all I could do but stand there openly gawping at her lovely pups until her smile widened. “What are you thinking?” she asked. Believe me you don’t want to know, sweetheart. “We’d better go to my office then” I said.

Today Alice was wearing a rather drab off-white floral print dress that comes down to her knees and belted around the middle. It’s only attraction was the low neck. Being short sleeved it showed off her slender though slightly plump arms. I followed her down the corridor, walking slightly behind to get a glimpse of her slim but cute calves. As soon as we got in my office, she closed the door and moved right up close to me, intimately close, looking up at me with her elvish face at an angle and small mouth set in a cheeky pout. I put down the urge to grab her and kiss those lovely lips. “Have you forgotten what today is?” she asked in barely suppressed excitement like a small child. “No, Alice, I haven’t forgotten” I replied entranced by her bright eyes. Her smile widened pushing her chubby cheeks up. “Haven’t you guessed yet who your Secret Santa is?” she asked in a teasing tone. I stared at her dumbly. She gave a big theatrical smile and tutted “Men are so thick sometimes even when it’s right in front of their eyes”. The penny dropped. “It’s you isn’t it Alice!” I exclaimed. She pressed her chest against mine and looked up with a scrumptious smile. For a long moment she didn’t say a word but watched me with her small mouth skewed to one side as if she were chewing her lip. Oh so cute. “Mmmmmm well” she pondered pretending to be all serious in contemplation then went all chirpy and smiley again. “Why yes actually!” She exclaimed at long last. “I bet you’ve no idea what I’ve got you?” she teased. “No idea” I replied. “Go on, have a guess” she teased. “A gold plated Cartier watch” I said. “Hmmmmm” she pretended to ponder again. “On what you pay me, No!” she laughed. She really was so effervescent and adorable that she really cheered this gloomy old place up.

“Sit down and I’ll show you” she teased with a coy smile. “Very well” I sighed and made my way around to the other side of my desk and sat in my chair watching as the little lovely followed carrying a bag trying to keep it out of my view on her far side. It was a big bag from some clothes outlet by the look of it, had she brought me a new Armani suit? She quickly put it behind her back as she turned to face me. “No peaking” she scolded with a chuckle. Most probably some crappy jumper, I decided. “Come on, keep your eyes forward. Don’t spoil it” she reprimanded as I tried to watch as she went behind my chair. I heard a rustle as she put the bag down then placed her hands upon the back of the chair and straightened it so I was square with the desk facing forwards. I felt her soft breath upon the back of my neck with made the hairs stand up. “Ready for your present?” her voice was soft and seductive close to my ear as her bare arms slid forwards on either side of my neck. They feel so soft and warm against my skin, rather relaxing, rather romantic. Was she going to try to seduce me? One part of me was hoping she would. “Yes Alice” I reply. I raise my hands and stroke her arms. They are slightly plump with puppy-fat and to soft to the touch. I felt her light breath upon my ear as she whispered seductively “Isn’t this snug and cozy?”. Her arms folded around my neck loose and gentle like a lover’s embrace so that my neck was resting lightly in the crook of her elbow. “Yes very snug” I murmured enjoying the close physical contact with this lovely young woman. Her left elbow touched lightly on my clavicle with the forearm resting vertically up the side of my head with her left palm gently laying across the top of my skull. It was so intimate having her arms around me like this. I stroked her arms and as I did, the arm around my throat got a bit claustrophobic and I gently tried to pull it away but suddendly her arms tightened around my neck.

“Alice what are playing arrgkkk!” I croaked as her arms closed up and I realised with shock that the mild-mannered girl had me in a choke hold. Her right clasped her left bicep locking the hold tight while her left palm clamped on the top of my head. I was completely shocked by this uncharacteristic behaviour. “Aliceuurkk!” I tugged more forcibly on her forearm. “Birgh!” to my surprise her arms just tightened up even more like strangling tentacles. “Urkkk!” her arms closed up so much that I could only make horrid croaking noises as her forearm pulled tight like an iron bar across my throat while her other hand pressed my head further against it. “Don’t struggle Ben, it will only make it worse” Alice’s young voice whispered against my ear. I slapped my hands against her arms and thrust myself back in my seat to break the hold, yet her arms held my head in a grip of steel. “Kkkkkk!” I was stunned that such a sweet girl with lovely plump soft arms could pour on an unbelievably
tight choke hold. “Kkkkk!” her forearm was being pulled right into my throat and I could feel my face burning red. Beneath the soft skin of her arms what I could feel with my clutching fingers was as hard as steel and I couldn’t budge them a fraction.

My head throbbed and irritating spots of white light flashed on and off randomly in my vision. She was cutting off the blood to my brain but that was impossible, she’s only a young slip of a thing and I was a strong grown man and no weakling at that. My head swam as I put all my strength into peeling away her smooth but deceptive strong arms. Ohhhhh! My eyes were going in and out of focus out of my control. “Don’t fight it Ben. No-one escapes my sleeper hold” her voice whispers in my ear like a lover. Sleeper hold! how could this lovely natured girl know such a thing. I tugged and tugged to no avail getting weaker by the second. My head is going light and fuggy, and the sound of my heartbeat is loud in my ears. Panicking I tried to swing myself from side to side in my swivel chair but her arms just held on like a clamp yanking my head right back so hard that my vision blurred in a blaze of red and black flashes. Alice pressed upon the back of the chair with her body sliding it under the desk so that I could no longer move it.

Arghh! My senses went into free-fall as Alice yanked my head sharply to the left. “I should punish you that” her voice told me. The white pin-pricks of light at the sides of my sight were now much larger. NARGH! My eyes blurred into a mayhem of red and black as she yanked it hard to the right. Oh God, she was killing me, a sweet little thing like her was killing mmmmur. I felt weird, kind of nauseous, unable to control the focus of my eyes and my head spinning detached in a kind a warm drowsy fug. Sweet little Alice, kind cheerful cute little Alice was putting me away and I too weak to stop her. My hands fell to my lap, no longer having the energy to lift them while I felt my balls tightening. Murrr my mmmmind is so sluggish, my breathing shallow. I feel the drool run freely down my chin. My eyelids flutter uncontrollably and I lose the battle to stop my eyeballs rolling up into my head. The knowledge that a harmless-looking plain-dressing little girl has zapped all of my energy and is putting me away without any resistance has a strange reaction on my cock which steadily grows very stiff while the rest of me goes very limp. Argh! Alice snaps my head hard to the right once more my vision rapidly swirls like crazy funnelling down a black tunnel, to the beat of my own pounding heartbeat. My brain feels like mush. I…I..can’t hold on mmuuuuuuuurgh.
“Mnuh!” I came around with a jerk to find myself slumped forwards in my chair with my face on the desk. “Decided to wake up at last for your present” Alice’s youthful rang in my ears “About time too”. I look up with anger rising as I remembered how she attacked me and knocked me out. I’m going to sack the little bitch. “Alice!” I say with anger but the words catch in my mouth as my eyes settle upon her. For instead of her plain sensible clothes, she is wearing a sexy Santa’s Helper outfit. A bright pinkish-red mini-dress with fake white fur trimming adorns her petite frame in a very appealing manner cinched at the waist with a wide black belt that emphasises her shapely bust making it look much larger. The dress is sleeveless showing off those plumpish arms that put me away so easily. Upon her hands were small pink gloves with white fur trim.

“That’s it, you have a good old gawp” she said with a chuckle “See if it meets your expectations”. I did, for I had never expected to see her dressed like this. The dress was short, very short worn right at the top of her thighs with pinkish-red stockings and suspenders and high heels. Wow I’d never seen her show off so much leg before and she has great legs. Her legs are quite slim which makes them look long despite her height but with a beautiful sweep to her calves enhanced by red high heels. “Wow! You look stunning” I gasped for she did not least because she had made up her face. Bright scarlet lipstick emphasised her small mouth and very kissable lips. Black mascara around the eyes with long lashes made them look quite exotic.

I rose from my desk and approached her. “Phroar! Alice you look amazing. Very sexy indeed” I said as I took her into my arms and pulled her body against me. That face looking more sophisticated looked up at me in such an appealing manner. My reserve just broke down and my mouth reached down to kiss those lovely red lips. It felt so electric that my cock stiffened rapidly and I continued kissing with increasing passion. I was therefore confused when Alice broke off the kiss. “No silly, that’s not your present” she cheerfully scolded with her little mouth half open in a cute manner. “This is” she chuckled, reaching up on her toes to bring her face really close while her body pressed against me. I leant in to kiss her again but instead she grabbed my forearm and wrist with both dainty hands then pivoted swiftly away from me bringing my arm over her right shoulder with my elbow downward. Before I could register what was happening, the petite young woman bent sharply from the waist twisting my arm downwards towards her left foot. For a moment my groin pressed against her lower back then rode up it while my feet left the floor. “Woah!” I yelped as found myself tumbling over her shoulder and hurtling towards the floor. BLAM! My back slammed into the carpet with a thud that momentarily took my breath away.

I looked up to find Alice still holding onto my wrist, speechless that such a sweet little thing had managed to throw me. “What…what was that?” I asked in disbelief still unable to get my head around it. “Oh come on, Ben, you’re such a sexist” She admonished with her beautiful made-up face smiling as I lay at her feet. “Don’t you believe that women can learn ju-jitsu”. Actually that wasn’t true, I knew women nowadays did martial arts but I never expected such a sweet gentle girl like Alice to get involved with such a violent sport. “What? You know ju-jitsu?” I asked in astonishment. “Of course. A girl’s got to know how to defend herself in the East-End” she told me “It literally means gentle art, using your opponent’s strength against themselves. Ideal for women like me who aren’t big and butch” she laughed. “Granny Strongarm taught me a few Aikido moves too. She’s amazing for her age. You really ought to get her a decent present or she might put you in hospital for Christmas” she said looking serious. I never realised that the old biddie knew martial arts and made a mental note to definitely send someone out to buy her something nice. “Not if I don’t put you there first, that is” she chuckled.

“Now get up” she ordered. “Argh!” I yelped as she bent back my hand at the wrist and gave it a savage twist forcing me to roll over to my front and onto my knees. “Argh let go arghh I order you to arrghh” I yelped not liking being treated like this at all. “I give the orders around here Ben” Alice said with an unusually dominant voice that made my groin do strange things. “This is your Christmas surprise from me” she added. Before I could respond, the little sweetheart twisted my arm straight at 90 degrees to my back forcing me into a subdued kneeling position. “A knowledge of joint locks helps a woman easily control a man” she told me as she bent my arm around her forearm then forced it right up between my shoulder blades. “Argh argh stop it Alice stop it” I cried but the petite girl used the arm-lock to force me to my feet. “Oh stop protesting, Ben” she said from behind as she kept my arm locked up my back even though I was now standing. “I know you like it. I’ve seen the websites you visit. It’s not my fault you don’t know how to erase your browsing history” she told me.

“Argh” I yelped, quickly finding out that struggling made it hurt more. “You accessed my laptop?” I asked with incredulity at the intrusion into my privacy. “Duh, yes” she replied sarcastically “How else was I going to get ideas for what to get you as a present”. “Oh by the way hasn’t anyone ever told you that writing down your password on a sticky yellow bit of paper and attaching to the bottom of your laptop is a bad idea” she admonished. No, I didn’t think nosey little tykes like you would even think of touching my laptop. “Any objections, mister?” she put on a tough cockney voice then yanked my hand right up high. “Argh argh no, no!” I yelped fearing she would bust my arm or shoulder blade or both. With relief I felt her let go and I spun around to face her, raising my hand towards her and pointing with my finger. “Now look here Alice” I wanted to tear her off a strip and give her a right bollocking but she looked so sweet and innocent standing there in that sexy outfit that it took the steam out of my anger. In a moment of dumb weakness I paused not wanting her to burst into tears if I shouted at her.

Alice smiled, looked at my finger pointing at her then grabbed the wrist with both hands. Raising my arm high into the air, she ducked beneath it while stepping to my side turning as she did. Standing side by side with our arms raised in the air between us, the petite cutey snapped them down quickly in a forward circular motion. “Woah!” my body flipped forwards with dizzying speed following the motion of my arm. Thrown head over heels like a cartwheel with mind-numbing speed, I only stopped when my back slammed so hard into the floor it knocked the breath out of me. BLAM! “Orrrragh!” I lay on the carpet with my head still spinning, unable to believe that she had thrown me again. That’s when I knew she was telling the truth about knowing ju-jitsu.

“Oufff!” a burst of air was forced out of my lungs as the young woman threw herself across my chest. Pressing her left forearm across the top of my left arm, she did the same with her right forearm across the inside of my elbow pinning my arm in two places. Her lower end wriggled about until I felt her soft warm nylon-sheathed thighs close around the upper part of my other arm and exerted a firm grip. Alice was laying on top of me cross-ways scissoring my arm!. She returned her attention to my left arm and wrapped her forearm beneath the top of my own close to the elbow while pressing down upon the wrist with the other hand. “Arghh Arghh!” I yelped as my forearm bent backwards as she stressed it the wrong way. “Argh! Argh! Please Alice you’ll break my arm!” I yelped, kicking my legs frantically until I discovered that it didn’t help. “Oh man up!” she chuckled, her face looking around at me so helpless beneath her. “From the sites you look at, you should like this sort of thing” She said. “I didn’t like the look of those whips and chains; and I certainly wasn’t going to stick a strap-on up your backside YUEUGH!” she crinkled her stubby little nose in disgust. “Ouch!” I cried as she continued to apply pressure to my elbow while pinning me out in a strange form of crucifix on my office floor.

“Georgina suggested I put you over my knee and spank your bum until it was red-raw and bleeding, but that didn’t sound enjoyable. Besides I didn’t really fancy seeing your bare botty” she told me with a peal of girly laughter. Oh good God no! She had told Mrs. Armstrong! Who else had she told? My face burned and I felt sick with embarrassment. “No Alice, stop this nooouch” I cried as my arm was pressed back further creating sharp lances of pain. “I’m in charge now, Ben” Alice informed me. “If you want me to stop then try and make me” she added with a mischievous grin. “Only you haven’t done very well so far” she added with a chuckle maintaining the pressure on my arm. I bent my knees to press both feet flat on the floor then pressed my rear end up quickly again and again to try and dislodge her. Alice held on easily, riding my chest and laughing while the back of her short dress bounced up and down revealing a skimpy pair of pink briefs, the tops of her suspender belts and a very nice pair of rounded buttocks indeed. All I managed to do was wear myself out.

“Wee! That was fun, Ben” she laughed “and what did that actually achieve?” she asked. “Argh argh” I cried as she straightened her legs and squeezed her lovely thighs hard upon my right arm while working the joint-lock on my left, stretching me right out across the floor. “See I’m still the boss” she chuckled as I lay there helpless. Oddly enough with Alice’s young nubile body stretched out on top of my chest with the back of her dress rucked up to show off her sexy backside and my right arm trapped between her lovely stocking-clad thighs, I felt quite turned on. “Anyway, Georgina told me that men like you who are into that sort of thing really just wanted to be dominated by a woman” she told me “and that I could use ju-jitsu to do the same thing. You know I never thought of using martial arts to dominate a man for pleasure before, isn’t she cool?” she chirped. Yeah wonderful I thought, however she did have a point for being restrained by this mild-mannered lovely had caused a steadily growing stiffy in my pants. “Who’s the boss?” she asked with a coy smile. “You are, you are!” I yelped quickly as my arm was bent back to snapping point before finally being let free.

Pulling herself back across my chest, Alice knelt at my side before getting to her feet. As I began to follow, my eyes ran over her slim shins with the shapely calve behind and nice stocking-clad thighs. My sight was glued to her body all the way up and it occurred to me that this gift would let me get my hands on her body without getting done for sexual harassment! She watched with a coy smile as I cautiously approached unable to stop my eyes falling to the top of her breasts exposed by the low front of her dress. “That’s it Ben, come and play with your present” her adorable face said. With caution I placed my hands on her hips and ran them up to her waist then up over her bust and gently cupped them in my hands. She made no effort to stop me. “That’s very naughty” she said with a sweet smile. “They are not your present either” With that she grabbed my shoulders and put the sole of her foot against the outside of my right leg just below the knee then sharply pulled my right shoulder down at the same time she pulled my left up. “Woah!” my body lurched to the right, off-balanced and I sort of tripped over her foot and went tumbling like a Catherine wheel to my side. BLAM! My back cart-wheeled into the carpet.

With my head in a daze, Alice swiftly leapt astride my chest. The pink white-fur trimmed mini-dress rode up high showing off the full length of her creamy white upper thighs only broken by pink suspenders until the dark pink band of her stocking tops and the lighter sheer pink nylons below. Wow they looked so hot. Moving fast she seized my right arm and pulled it forwards while getting into a crouch. Pulling my head and shoulder off the floor her right leg wrapped around the back of my neck and locked the foot inside the back of her left knee. My neck and shoulder were locked up in a figure 4 scissor hold with my right arm levered back over her crotch with her hands on my wrist and close to the inside of my elbow. Actually it was quite sexy constrained with the back of her thigh against my throat and the side of my neck as the young woman sat over me. The silky raspy feel of her reddish-pink stockings filled with lovely female leg against my skin was so exciting that my cock just kept on growing.

Alice’s pretty face looked down at me with a wide smirk on her lips. “I bet you’re enjoying being between my legs. Make the most of it because they could knock you out in an instant”. I found that hard to believe but the very thought made my dick lurch. She was right, it was an exciting hold to be in. “I think you’re enjoying yourself too much down there” she chirped. “Arghk!” I croaked as as her sexy stocking-clad legs tightened around the top corner of my torso. The silky nylons pressed into my throat as my neck was squeezed in the crook of her leg. “Garkk!” I croaked again as she pulled the back of my wrist against the top of her chest while gripping my upper arm firm. “Urk!” I felt her leg cutting off the blood to my head and knew she really could do it. That knowledge filled me with a strange excitement knowing that this mild mannered sweet-faced girl was able to dominate me physically without the need for whips and chains. “Urkk!” I could barely breath. Patches of black and red burst into my vision while my head swam. “OK OK” I gasped feeling myself on the edge of a swoon. “You win” I admitted as the back of her thigh cut into my neck and throat choking me with the feel of silky nylon tops and warm bare skin pressing like a guillotine. Alice looked magnificently dominant as she sat over me keeping me pinned and under her control with her slim legs. “Arggh please no!” I cried as she used twisted my hand at the wrist. That pretty little face just broke into a wide smile as she punished my wrist. “Isn’t this nicer than all those nasty whips and stuff?” she asked.

But before I reply, she tucked my arm in the crook of her then leant back. “Argh argh” I yelped at the strain on my elbow as she used her forearm to leverage up the middle of my arm stressing the joint while pulling my throat tighter against the bottom of her thigh. “Gkk gkkk!” I was choking, my eyes losing focus yet all I could think about was how hot her legs looked as out of the corners of my eyes I kept staring at the expanse of bare flesh at the top of her thighs with the pink suspender belts running along them. “Urkkk!” my head swam as Alice kept my arm stressed and gripped like a bulldog with her legs. With my free hand I grabbed the strangling thigh but a few tugs told me her hold was rock solid. It was all I could do but to lie trapped in the crook of her leg looking up at her cute face.

She looked down at me with such a confident smug smile of superiority that my cock gave a really strong lurch. “Who’s the boss, Ben ?” she asked. She emphasised the question with a tug on my arm and a further tightening of her legs. “Kkk! Kkk!” I could no longer speak. “I’ll take that as a yes then” she said and with that she really powered down with her legs while pulling back on my arm. My cock went absolutely rigid as I realised this sweet-faced girl had me completely at her mercy and was dominating me more forcefully than any sullen-faced mistress. I started to panic as a blackness began to smother my mind and my vision blurred. But panicking did no good, there was nothing that I could do. The cute young woman knew her stuff too well and I slipped away once more.
“Muh!” I awoke with a jerk to find myself on the floor, a dainty pair of bright red women’s high-heeled shoes are nearby. My eyes follow the sensual curve of the top of a foot to slim ankles then follow the long gentle curve of a shapely calve with a subtle hint of a firm muscle. Alice is standing side-on and I follow her slim nylon clad thighs up to the hem of her short dress. “You’ve got great legs, Alice” I sigh as I get to my feet. At the sound of my voice she turns to face me, with a cheery smile on her lips. “Really?” she asks looking pleased. “Oh definitely” I sigh. Maintaining that irresistible smile, she slinks towards me, coming right up close with her warm brown eyes never leaving mine and that smile never leaving her lips. It feels so good the way she presses her body right against me looking up at me in that way that I can’t resist. “Do you think I have a nice backside?” She asks unexpectedly moving away a bit then turning around and hitching up the back of her dress. “Wow, very nice” I sigh at a nice compact rear encased in skimpy pink knickers. Giving a little chuckle at my compliment, the young lovely stepped backwards pressing that nice peach against my groin and began moving it up and the front of my trousers. “How do you like it now?” she asked in an amused tone as her buttocks worked my dick. “Ooorrr Alice” I groaned. The movement of her backside rubbing against my dick soon had it hard and aching for her in no time.

I reached around to cup her breasts, stretching as she leant forwards laughing as her bust slipped out of my hands. Next thing I knew, she had bent right over and I felt her hands grab my calve and ankle. “Woah!” I cried as my lower leg was yanked right off the floor and swung forwards. Off-balanced I began to fall back. BLAM! I fell right on my arse with my right leg pulled up into the air between her legs. She let my leg fall to the floor then turned around to face me. “Now you can get a proper look at my legs, Ben” she told me. With those long slim legs before me, how could I refuse such an offer? Especially wearing stockings and suspenders. I got on my knees before her and ran my hands with glee up her sexy legs. “Wonderful!” I gasp.

Suddenly she turns around and steps back over my head. I find the back of my head against her crotch with her legs on either side looking down their slender length. Instinctively I raise my hands to her luscious thighs as they tighten like a clamp. “Gaaa!” I gasp at the unexpected pressure being exerted around my head. “Oh, I can’t believe you were silly enough to fall for that one” Alice admonished with a laugh. I tried to prise apart her slim legs thinking it would be easy but was astonished to find that they had seemed to have turned to steel girders. With my head trapped firmly between her thighs, I was forced to fall to my side as Alice went down onto the floor. “Argh argh argh!” I cried as a rolling wave of unbelievable yet somehow feminine strength surged around the sides of my head. I tugged at her thighs only to find hard slabs of muscle swelling beneath the surface. “Jeez!” I cried as her thighs squeezed relentlessly with a strength I would never have suspected such a sweet little thing to possess. “Argh!” I cried as nylon rasped against my ears as her thighs crushed them flat against the sides of my head and squeezed my cheeks tightly. “I warned you that my legs could put you away but you wouldn’t listen” her soft voice cut in over the pounding of my heart in my ears. “Orghh!” I groaned forced to close my eyes, clenched tight against the tireless crushing pressure.

With relief the pressure eased off, but it was short-lived as her left calve folded across my throat and the foot tucked in the crook of her other leg which she began to tug with her hand. It was sort of like a figure 4 head-scissor but with both legs bent. The little sweet-heart in the sexy Santa’s Helper outfit was bearing down with her legs, squeezing with a renewed intensity that had my face burning red. My windpipe was choked off as well as the blood-flow to my brain. “Come on Ben, don’t just lie there. Try and fight back” She taunted “Or can’t you? Are you letting yourself get beat up by a smaller, younger girl? Are you getting past it, old man?”. Suddenly I sensed her raise herself upon her hands, stretch out her body and really pour it on. “Nnnargh!” her calve dug deep into my throat like an iron bar, choking my windpipe. I had to try and hold on. My cock was rigid knowing that she was really dominating me.

Once more I felt relief as Alice lowered herself to the floor and stopped squeezing. I just lay there gasping with my head pounding as the blood flow returned to my brain while lovely slender legs unfolded themselves from around my neck. I could only watch in exhaustion as she slid around to my side and hooked an arm around the top of my left arm and the back of my neck in a tight noose. Her other arm hooked around my right arm just beneath my elbow and pulled it tight against the side of her body. In panic I tried to free my arms but I could barely move as she also spread her legs wide upon the floor and even when I tried to kick my legs and buck my body she was too stable to shift. “It’s all in the groundwork, Ben. Keep them dominated from one hold to the other so that they know they are completely outclassed” she told me as her arm tightened around the side of my neck.

“My isn’t this cross-pin scarf-hold cosy?” she teased, so close that we were actually touching noses. That sweet face looking sensational with a touch of make-up studied me with gorgeous brown eyes. Knowing that this little beauty is once again holding me immobile while trying to choke me out again has my cock absolutely throbbing. I try to stretch my mouth forwards to kiss her but I find that I am held fast. “Oh yes you like that, don’t you?” Her luscious mouth says. I try again to kiss but the side of her head moves against mine and I feel the noose. Her upper arm is choking my throat and pressing on the arteries at the side of my neck. “No!” I gasp and try to slide myself away sideways but Alice just holds on like a leech. Pressing herself up with one leg,  she hauls the side of my face against the side of her chest, pulling my neck deeper beneath her arm pit so she can lock on a ferocious head-lock. “Argh no!” I cry unable to break free. A strange excitement filled me as I knew that I was beat and well out of my depth. This really turned me on much more than those bored-looking sour-faced madams with their PVC domme gear and whips. This petite young girl didn’t need any equipment to restrain me, she just used her arms and legs. After letting me stew in her hold for a while, making sure I realised that I was completely overwhelmed, she released me before I passed out.

“Get up, Ben” Alice ordered trying to look stern with her arms folded beneath her bust and inadvertently pushing them up. “Alice, give me a break” I panted. “I’ll give you a break alright if you don’t do as I tell you” She told me crouching on one knee by my side. In a flash she had wrapped the middle of my arm in the crook of her arm with her forearm pressing up against the underside of my bicep while her other hand pressed down close to my shoulder-joint. “Argh!” I yelped as she forced me quickly to my knees in fright that she would break my arm if I lagged too slow. Once again the feeling of being physically dominated by this sweet-looking young woman kept my dick absolutely rigid as no regular paid mistress had before. “Argh!” I yelped as she pressed down upon my shoulder and raised her forearm stressing my arm. “I told you to get up right now” she commanded giving me no choice but to get to my feet.

For the first time in my life, I actually felt fear of the petite pretty mild-mannered girl standing in front of me and her ability to seriously hurt me. I tried not to tremble as Alice leaned in close bringing her small heart-shaped face close. “You will address me as mistress. For that is what I am, I’m your Christmas mistress and I have the skills to back it up” her appealing small mouth said as her eyes bored into me. Her words were exciting yet being spoken in such a soft young female tone from a cute little heart-shaped face with wide brown puppy-dog eyes, a stubby nose, small mouth and that floppy fringe, how could anyone take that seriously? She tried to curl her upper lip to make herself look tough as she asked “What do you call me?”. My cock thumped out a beat, I wanted her so badly. “Oh Alice!” I moaned and moved to kiss her lips. “Hai!” In the blink of an eye she stepped back, leant away and her right leg kicked up in a streak of pink. BERLAM! the sole of her shoe hammered me right in the chest. “Orrrgh!” I groaned as a sudden powerful force caught me by surprise taking my feet clean off the floor as my body jerked into the air with the sheer unexpected strength of the girl’s kick. BAM! My short flight was broken by my back hitting the office wall. I had barely began to slump down the wall feeling winded when Alice approached me with a determined look in her eyes.

Standing in front of me, she suddenly adopted this fight stance with one leg bent at the knee and the other stretched out to one side, causing the hem of her skirt to ride right up exposing her knickers. It was so disconcerting to see a lovely little young woman in sexy outfit in a confident pose ready to fight. “Hai!” Hai!” her hands were a blur chopping me on one side of the neck then the other causing my body to shake if just electrocuted. Seizing my shoulders with both hands, she rocked my stunned body back and forth pulling me off-balance. Leaning back raising a leg between us, she placed her foot against my stomach as she fell backwards. “Woah!” I yelped knowing with excitement what was going to happen as she fell onto her shoulders while keeping her foot in my gut and her grip on my shoulders. For a fleeting moment I was above her riding on the end of her leg thinking how sexy and powerful it looked with a glimpse of dark stocking top and bare flesh above as I went pivoting over her body. In a heartbeat, the leg straightened as she pulled me forward over her head then let go. The sheer momentum sent me hurtling away at great speed flipping head over heels before my back slammed heavily against the floor. BLAM! The impact knocked the wind out of me and I just laid there stunned with my head in a whirl.

“Orph!” I groaned as a nubile young body fell across my chest once more. Alice makes a grab for my arm and I try to resist but she is better skilled and quickly applies a wrist lock. Falling back away from my body, she sits at my side with her feet against me and my arm pulled back between her slim nylon-clad thighs. Quickly she hooks her legs over my body, with one over my jaw and the other over my rib-cage. Laying back she levers the back of my arm over her crotch. “Nnnurgh!” I groan as the side of my neck is hooked against the shapely hollow at the back of her lower leg just above the ankle and below the calve. I notice the swell of strong looking hamstrings hovering above me. “Argh!” I screw up my eyes as she pulls back on my arm punishing the elbow and forcing the side of my neck against her leg and making it slide up to the lower part of her calve. “Urghh!” I can feel it digging into the arteries in my neck and know that I was once more powerless to stop the little sweety from knocking me out again. This was real domination and she was a real mistress, the thought made my dick stiffer than I ever thought imaginable. The whole of my groin area was uncomfortably stiff in a way I had never felt before. “Urgh!” the feel of her slim shapely calve choking me out while covered in sheer reddy-pink nylons reminded me how feminine this girl was.

“Look at me, Ben” Alice demands. I force myself to unclench my eyes. The sight of her young innocent looking face with the chubby cheeks and shoulder length hair covering her ears and floppy fringe is incongruous with the total dominance of the cross-body arm-bar she is exerting on me. “What do you call me?” the words dripped softly from her lovely small mouth. “Argh! Argh!” I cried as she increased the torment on my arm to encourage my answer. Frantically I tapped submission on her thigh while crying out “please mistress, please please mistress”. I beg, scared that she would break my arm or choke me out against her hard calve. I sighed a breath of relief as the pressure eased.

“Please Alice, er, Mistress no” I begged as still holding my arm in tension her legs began to seek out my neck. Too late, the long slender legs slid around my neck and clamped shut with a rustle and rasp of sheer nylon. “That’s it, keep begging, Ben” Alice taunted with a chuckle as I was forced to my side with her thighs clamped around my neck and my arm tensed between them bent back over her crotch. I am now lying on my side with my neck scissored with the dark reddish-pink stocking tops either side of my face with the slender bare upper thighs stretching out before me towards her tantalising pink knickers covering her crotch. The view is partly obscured by my arm which is also trapped with my neck but the knowledge keeps my lust alive. But as sexy as it is, her gorgeous looking thighs begin crushing the sides of my neck very hard indeed. “Argh!” once more I find myself clutching at her thighs with my free hand trying in vain to prise them apart. “Orggh!” they really are very solid and squeezing with a strength that shocks me and has my face turning red, forcing me to clench my eyes and grit my teeth.

“Look at me, Ben. Open your eyes and look into the face of your mistress” her soft girly voice demands. I do as I’m told, once more struck by the youthful innocent charm of her face at odds with the dominate words coming out of her mouth. A tight smile pushed up her rounded cheeks. “You’re not very good at fighting are you, Ben” She teased “Fancy being beaten up by me”. Her bright eyes sparkled with mischief. “Let me hear you beg using my special name once more, come on” she demands. “Argh! Jesus!” I cry as her stocking-clad legs squeeze down with an eye-watering intensity that threatens to crush my neck and put me right out. “That’s not my name silly” she chuckles “try again”. “Arghh mistress, please mistress stop” I cry out through gritted teeth. The blood rushes back to my head as she relaxes her legs and unwraps them. “That’s 10 years of being on the netball team at school and college for you” she chuckles.

I’m beat but the bubbly young woman doesn’t stop. “Argh!” I cry as she whips my arm behind my back and forces me quickly to my feet. No sooner had she forced me up, yelping and grimacing when she pressed her body against me looking up with that appealing face with the wide bright eyes. I just couldn’t resist and reached down to kiss those lovely pink lips. She didn’t resist and with my dick beating hard against the inside of my trousers, I surrendered to my passion pressing deeper into the kiss. I felt her arm slide around my waist to hold me close, however she began to turn while sliding her arm further around the back of my waist. That’s when I realised she still had my right wrist in her other hand. I suppressed a moan of pleasure as I felt her rounded hip press into my groin. Suddenly my feet left the ground as she lent forwards, the sensation not unpleasant as it rode over her hip. “Woah!” I cried as I was rolled vertically with my feet above me and my face looking straight down at the floor. KERBLAM! With nauseating speed my body was flipped over her hip and sent slamming into the floor. I lay on my aching back with the room spinning quickly.

She still had hold of my arm and quickly twisted it and applied another wrist-lock showing no mercy as she quickly forced me back to my feet. Immediately she stepped forwards, gripping my arm and slid her other arm across my chest while slipping a leg around the side of my thigh. Moving swiftly she turned and leant forwards while hooking and sweeping my leg away. Her leg lifted mine high into the air behind me as I hurtled around her hip until I was completely upside down. I caught a brief glimpse of her sweet face looking down at me before I rotated away from her, hurtling with devastating speed into the floor. KABLAM! My back stung against the hard floor. It had happened so fast, thrown in the blink of an eye that I was totally disorientated. My brain was scrambled and I desperately clung on, trying not to pass out.

“Urgh!” the next instant she slams herself down upon my chest with her back towards my face and her shins pinning my upper arms beneath her folded legs. Alice looked over her shoulder down at me with a cheeky grin on her small face. “You liked my bum didn’t you?” she asked, looking all coy like she had just said a naughty word. With that she hitched up the back of her short dress to expose her delightful buttocks covered with a skimpy pair of briefs. “Wow, yes” I gasped. “Well why don’t you take a closer look?” she said with a chuckle. Suddenly her buttocks were rushing towards my face. For a moment I thought that she would sit on my face, a not unpleasant prospect. However her butt cheeks stopped at my chin which they cupped then pushed pressing my face upwards. “Grkk!” her full weight was upon my throat with her buttocks pushing up my jaw at such an angle that I felt my oesophagus close off my windpipe unless I gulped hard. I could already feel my face turning red. “Ooh how embarrassing being beaten up by a girl’s bum” Alice told me then burst into a fit of hysterical laughter.

“Argh argh” I croaked through clenched teeth as the petite girl began thrusting her backside back and forth punishing my neck and jaw. She stopped and reached back and a hand stroked my hair. “Aww diddums. Is my bum too hard for you?” she teased then began thrusting her backside back and forth once more while looking over her shoulder at me chuckling. Suddenly she stopped. I felt movement on my throat and when I unclenched my eyes I saw to my astonishment that Alice had spread out her slim legs upon side stretching them straight doing the splits upon my throat. “Urrrrr!” I moaned, girls doing the splits does really does something for me especially if they are wearing stockings and suspenders. My dick gave some very strong lurches inside my trousers. “Oooh! Rude!” She exclaimed giggling like a little girl. “You need to be punished for waving that thing around at me” she laughed.

Leaning forward onto my chest and belly, her legs swung around from either side and trapped my head in the middle. My chin slide right up into the apex of her legs with those gorgeous buttocks barely an inch from my mouth. Instinctively I raised my hands to the back of her legs. That’s when she crossed her calves, raised herself up upon her arms and powered down. “Urgkk!” I groaned as once more her slim legs solidified around my neck into painful man-crushers. Beneath my hands I felt them turn steely hard exerting an exquisite soul-destroying force stronger than I had felt her exert so far. “Argh! She just kept on pouring it on without pause. I felt long low-lying solid bulges at the back of her legs and realised Alice had strong hamstrings. “Argh argh argh” My head was blasted by wave after wave of intense squeezing. As it did I noticed how her small but very appealing buttocks clenched and relaxed rhythmically in time with the waves of crushing. “Argh!” despite my predicament it was a very sexy sight and I couldn’t resist touching them. They flexed under my palms turning into steel-hard rounded balls, it was so exciting my dick kept throbbing strongly. “Argh!” I yelped as she turned her legs twisting my head to the side closer to the floor.

“Let’s hear you beg for forgiveness” Alice’s soft voice instructed. “Argh!” with a wrench I was on my back again with Alice on top raising herself upon her arms to power her leggyness. Her cute buttocks clenched hard and stay clenched as the pressure soared around my neck sending my eyes out of focus and my head reeling. “Grkkk Urkkk Okkay!” I croaked forcing the words out of my mouth which was compressed by the bottom edges of her buttocks clenched hard on either side of my jaw and the incredibly tight grip of her slender legs crushing my windpipe. The pressure eased as she rolled once more to the side. “I’m sorry. I didn’t quite catch that. Can you say it again, more clearly this time?” she taunted. “Please huh huh” I panted wiped out by her scissors “forgive me huh huh”. “AND!” she growled, shocking me with her ferocity. The pressure started to soar again. “Urkkk mistress Urkk!” I forced out even though it felt like my windpipe was collapsing. “And don’t you forget it” Alice snarled. “Grkkk!” I began to involuntarily rock as my throat shut down unable to draw breath. My eyes blurred and my face was burning barely able to comprehend the deceptive strength in this mild-mannered girl’s slender legs. Her continual physical dominance had my balls full to bursting and my dick twitching like a rabbit in my pants. In some sense I wanted her to knock me out with her legs but before they did I felt the pressure ease off then her legs open allowing my head and tormented neck to fall wearily to the carpet.

“Get up now, lazy bones” Alice commanded. I was too zapped. “I said NOW!” she commanded. Without waiting for response she seized my wrist and whipped my hand behind my back. Applying pressure on the elbow with her other hand she forced me quickly to my feet. “Argh please argh mistress” I begged. “Argh please mistress let me worship you” I begged wanting to just sink myself inside the dominant little lovely and bang her like crazy. Alice spun me around to face her. Her small cheeky elvin face smiling sweetly. She glanced down, I did the same in time to see a hot looking sleek upper leg with a hint of hard outer thigh and strong hamstrings snap up towards me. VLAM! Her knee rammed right into the pit of my stomach. “Orrghhh!” I groaned loudly as the air rushed out of my diaphragm like a squashed balloon. My mouth clenched and sank downwards at both end as my eyes creased up. My body sort of just sagged around her knee.

As I creased forwards, Alice whipped her right arm around my neck and turned her back to me covering the right half of my body. Bumping her backside against me she sharply pulled my head down on the side not blocked by her back while bending forward. “Woah!” my feet were snatched from the floor as my groin sped over her right buttock as my body was whipped over her hip spinning me forwards heads over heels. BLAM! It was all over in the blink of an eye. The cute little thing had thrown me so fast and so hard that my vision was fading to grey as the room spun at a dizzying speed.

I was so out of it that I wasn’t even aware of Alice crouching astride my chest until she seized my wrist then slid off to the side and her thighs slid around my arm with a rasp of nylon until they closed tight trapping it. Alice leant across my chest on her side facing me, pulled my head forward by my hair and hooked an arm around the back of my neck. Resting her other forearm across my throat she sandwiched my neck between her arms. In this position she was able to look right down at me, close but out of reach. “Isn’t this nice and cozy” she said a cheery smile pushing up her cheeks making her look more elfin. That floppy fringe and bob-style hair added to the cuteness. But those sweet looks are deceptive,  I’m totally restrained and helpless.

“I’m Santa’s little helper” she chirped with a wide smile lighting up her face “And it’s my job to tell Santa whether you’ve been naughty or nice” her eyes went wide and formed her mouth in a cute pout. Dear God, this young girl was gorgeous. I just want to reach out and kiss her, but I can’t move, she has me locked up so tight. Her nice-sized breasts dangle alluring towards me, fuelling my desire for her. “First question” she asked trying to look serious but still with that twinkle in her eye “Are you a member of a secret society?”. “What?” that question took me completely by surprise. “Kkkkk kkkk kkkk!” I was suddenly choking as my windpipe closed off. All it took was a subtle movement of her forearm for it become a steel bar pressing into my throat. Already I feel light-headed and see spots floating in my vision and have trouble focussing my eyes. I reached out with my free hand but all I could reach was her back and shoulder. A subtle relaxation of her forearm and I could breathe again as the blood rushed back to my brain. Alice was looking down at me “Answer me, Ben, or I will keep knocking you out until you tell me”. She is so irresistibly gorgeous yet so dominant and deadly that my dick is beating so hard it’s going to wear a hole in my trousers. “On the other hand that could be a bit dangerous as it could give you brain damage but mmm” she paused pondering pressing her bottom lip into the upper in a very appealing manner. Suddenly her small face brightened up with a cheery smile “Oh what the hell”.

“Arkkkk!” I croak and my eyes swim right out of focus as her forearm clamps down again with just the barest of movements. My head and vision throb in waves in time with the beating of my heart in my ears and know that I am completely and utterly domme’d by this pretty little girl. “Well I’m waiting, Ben” Alice’s voice cut through the fugg surrounding my brain as her forearm eased off a fraction keeping me in a strange floaty mental state barely aware of my surroundings. “Kkk L’ordre de Maya” I manage to force through my clenched teeth as her forearm began once more to sink into my throat. “Ah, those banker types who planned to con mankind and all their rich friends in the Government and elsewhere helped. Are you one of those naughty people?” she asked. I couldn’t answer, her forearm was pressing down on my windpipe. Very soon I find my brain swimming weirdly in a daze and my eyes throbbing in time with my heart as drool runs down my chin. “I think you are” I hear her say as a strange buzzing fills my ears. My hand slips off her back and I can barely keep my eyes open. A warm wet gunky sensation blasts into my pants as my dick can hold back no longer and I submit to the complete dominance of this young woman by creaming myself just as I pass out.
“Nuh!” I awoke suddenly with a cry to find a lovely small face looking down at me. Just as I realised that Alice was now laying on top of me, a surge of power tore my legs apart in a grapevine press. Little Alice actually had the strength in her slender legs to put me in a strong grapevine press! Not for the first time this day, my dick began to stiffen at the thought. Once again I find that one of her arms is behind my neck with the side in the crook of her arm while her other forearm is laying over my throat. Her little face is nose to nose with me, intimately close. “So Ben, Have you enjoyed your present from Santa’s little helper?” she asked in a sweet slightly seductive tone. “Oh yes” I moaned “Oh you are a Goddess, a real mistress”. “Don’t you forget that Ben, because” she paused as she slid her forearm against the side of my neck and began to press against the artery. “Oooh!” almost immediately I feel woozy with black spot floating in my vision. “I can put you out at time I want and there is nothing that you can do to stop me” her voice rang in my ear.

“In fact I’d like you to try to stop me so that I can have an excuse to slam you all over your room before I knock you out” she continued. My dick was rigid at her words. “So no more crappy tasks or looking down the front of my blouse, oh and a pay rise would be good” she added. Alice didn’t ease off, she just kept me there in a strange limbo land with my brain in a fug as she skilfully controlled the flow of oxygen to it. All the while my dick grew harder and harder, and I knew that I would soon cum again with this sort of domination from the pretty little girl. “Now, I have a second, more important question and this time you will give me the right answer because” “Urr urrr” my eyes swam then my lids flickered uncontrollably and I felt like I was floating on a warm comfortable sea of nothing-ness. My dick soared to epic proportions. The wooziness eased off with a slight easing of her forearm. “I will put you right out over and over again until I get an answer I’m satisfied with” she was so dominant that I just shot another, weaker load into my pants and somehow knew that it wouldn’t be the last before the day was through. This was the best Christmas present ever, and Alice really was a goddess mistress.
As the white-haired woman neared the top of the stairs of the park-side exit of Hyde Park Corner Tube Station she heard the squabbling in urgent foreign tongues grow quiet. Afghan or Iraqi migrants most likely she thought. She was pleased that she chose the expensive two-toned dress over an elegant white blouse. It was a single piece with a smart egg-shell pale blue jacket at the top with a single button below her generous bust line. Beneath was a pale pink skirt with a bit of fancy gold antique looking embroidery craftily drawing attention away from the join of the two pale colours. The skirt came down to just below the knees and featured large pleated panels and in particular the central recessed panel ran all the way up to the single button enabling complete freedom of movement. She could do the can-can in this dress if she so desired for although she was 66 she was still a woman of action as these vagabonds would soon find out if they messed with her. It was an unlikely fashion tip she’d picked up from the Supervisors, although in their case their dresses more resembled a nun’s habit. Although she could sympathise with the plight of genuine migrants she didn’t like the influx of so many opportunists ready to take advantage of this country’s good nature, dossing down in public thoroughfares and, if rumour be true, intimating and mugging other citizens who were just going about their business trying to earn a living. If one were to look above the expensive bronze coloured high-heeled shoes one would have noticed thick sturdy lower legs with a powerful set of toned calves. She doubted this was the reason they cowered with uncertainty as she reached ground level and the dim grimy small cube-shaped building with the exit-way that reeked of cheap alcohol and urine. As she glared at them, they cowered even more for she knew that she had a face that could instil fear in any man or woman. Indeed the smell of urine in this dingy squalid place suddenly became much stronger. As she passed unmolested to the street beyond, she noted signs of recent violence. Some of the men lay unmoving upon the concrete floor with clearly broken jaws and bust faces, one with his arm bent at an unnatural angle.

Walking through the park she soon found the blonde woman sitting on a bench, in what at first glance might be mistaken for a nun’s habit. The older woman sat down next to her. “I see that you didn’t want to stop and explain the finer points of social integration with our visitors at the station” the Dragon quipped. “I’ve more pressing things on my mind than muggers” Angel retorted. “I take it St.Agnes was a dead-end” the Dragon said. “The new principal knew nothing of  Jim’s disappearance” the beautiful blonde replied clearly annoyed. “Maybe he’s lying” the older woman remarked. “No, the new girl did a good job. He’s now impressed to her. She will keep an eye on him but I think the higher ranks in The Bank are now the likely candidates” Angel said. “I have nothing but contempt for them and their attempt to bring down this once great nation. They have a lot to answer for” The fearsome looking older woman said. Then added “I have some good news. I know who took Jim, well at least initially”. Angel’s face betrayed her excitement. “We were able to track Jim’s last known movements through his mobile phone location. The night he disappeared, his signal was last seen at a well-to-do place in the Home Counties. The owner was arrogant enough to use her real name” She saw Angel’s eyebrows rise in curiosity. “The house belongs to Lady Helen Windthorpe. The following morning she and her daughter took an impromptu flight to the Caribbean” “Where many of The Bank own islands” Angel said barely keeping check of her emotion. “As does her Ladyship but I doubt if Jim is there and it would be dangerous for you to go there without certainty” The Dragon added.

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