My Sister In-Law and the Bonfire (JP#08)

Neighbour learns a painful lesson during a heat-wavePartly based on a true incident. I also liked the idea of telling this from my sister in-law’s perspective.
(c)Jim P 2013

My sister In-Law Marianne just told me this, so I had to tell you.

Why the hell can’t people take their rubbish to the tidy tip? Oh no, they have to have a huge bonfire in their garden during the daytime when people have washing out and stuff. I’ve noticed the old blokes are the worst for this, they’re a blooming nuisance. It’s blooming well 34 degrees outside in a blooming heat-wave and feels even hotter inside the house. It’s horribly stuffy inside ‘cos we’ve had to shut all the windows ‘cos some inconsiderate white-haired a-hole is smoking us out. It feels like we’re cooking inside a greenhouse. It’s not the first time I’ve had problems with this old geezer either. Several times I’ve had to redo my washing cos it stank of smoke. But this time really takes the biscuit.

It’s sweltering hot and we want to be outside in the air not cooped up inside with the windows closed. The kids are getting on my nerves and if Ryan doesn’t stop being a right pain I swear I’m going slam him all over the house. Has he forgotten his lesson already? [JIMP#39]. “Ryan! I may have forgiven you from last time but that won’t stop me teaching you some discipline if you don’t pack it in”. On top of which I’ve not been getting a decent night’s sleep ‘cos of the heat which is making me really irritable and shirty. If Kurt was here, he’d do his nut but he’s off on one of his dodgy dealings. I’ve heard on the radio that there’s been a wave of break-ins by sods climbing in through people’s open windows in this heat. I’ve warned Kurt that if I ever find out he’s been doing that I’ll swing for him and the Police will have to arrest him in casualty because that is where I will put him. I think scum like that are the lowest of the low. Is that making me sound violent? I’m not normally like that; it must be the heat and being stuck inside this sweltering house. “Ryan stop it! That’s your last warning”

I’m getting all hot and bothered, I’ve a good mind to go round there and give the old codger a piece of my mind. In fact I will, I’ve had enough of neighbours who don’t think of others. As soon as I open the door it’s like a sweltering smoke-house and I have to cover my nose and mouth to stop myself coughing. With my eyes and skin stinging, I march to his front door getting more and more worked up with every step feeling the heat of the sun on my fair skin. By the time I ring his doorbell, I’m sweating and fuming.

The old guy answers the door; he’s retired probably in his late 60’s or early 70’s but looks fit and healthy. Standing over 6 feet to my 5 foot 9, he has grey hair and a handsome craggy face with a year-round suntan. He’s well-built like the old creep works out every day at the gym or something. I mean he’s got a firm body and a blooming six-pack at his age. He really thinks he’s it, Mister Popular. I’ve seen him down the pool wearing tiny speedos and posing for all the old women to ogle. Normally I might have felt a bit intimated by him looming over me with his bare chest, abs, muscular arms and shorts but today I’m really peed off with him. The arrogant stuck-up prick just looked down at me as if to say how I dare dirty his doorstep with my presence. I let loose with a rant telling him that it was illegal to have a bonfire in a residential area before 6pm. He just stood there with a condescending smirk on his face and when I’d finished all he said was “”Annnnnd!” he stretched the word out sarcastically.

Oooh! The arrogant sarcastic prick; I hate people who say that, it shows real ignorance. I’ve a good mind to wipe that smirk off his face with my size 8 foot. I tried to remain calm but in that heat I just got angrier and I gave him a right tongue lashing about having no consideration for anyone else except himself. Smirker just stood there gawping openly down the front of my white sleeveless top. It was a little tight around my chest and made my boobs look huge especially as I’m luckily quite slim even after having 4 kids. The V neck was low enough to show off some cleavage and since he was taller than me, he was obviously enjoying the view. With embarrassment I remembered that I wasn’t wearing a bra and the rubbing of the material against my nipples when I walked had made them hard like bullets and they now jutted out which the dirty old sod hadn’t failed to notice. That earned him another verbal barrage while he stood there amused and leering.

I also wore a tiny pair of white shorts that to be honest were rather tight and clung to my compact backside like a second skin. They showed off my long slim legs with my sleek toned thighs and the long shapely hamstring down the back. My calves are long and sleek with a good shape. Viewed from the outside edge they are a sort of semi-teardrop shape. From the rear they are long and sleek toned muscle, very feminine but well defined not big and bulky like a man. My brother in-law Jim keeps going about how sexily muscled and toned they are. Well that’s what you get from years of walking up and down hilly streets in heels several times a day. In more recent years the Salvation Army has been keeping me toned in their gym. At the moment my legs were bare, lightly tanned and shiny in a mix of muscle tone and sun-cream. I also wore sandals that had a heel that gave my calves more shape, not that they needed it. The old guy’s eyes were almost out on stalks as I stood idling turning my right leg to the side and flexing the calve while I told him off. So he was a leg and breast man, no surprise there, the dirty old sod.

When I was a teenager no boy gave a second look at the skinny girl with the shoulder-length mousey blonde hair and small but long narrow face with sticky-out ears and long nose. Not to mention the small thin-lipped mouth with buck teeth that needed braces that sat above a deep chin, although Jim tells me it is a very kissable little mouth – the cheeky monkey. The edges of my broad flat cheeks formed downward lines from the middle of my nose to the edges of my mouth. Worst of all my small narrow squinty blue eyes were magnified by cheap oversized NHS specs. Back then I couldn’t get a boyfriend if I tried, so it is ironic that nowadays the sight of my legs turn men’s heads. With a spark of mischief I turned around pointing out how far down the road the smoke was drifting letting him see my long sleek calves that swell out gently from slim ankles until they become a thick hanging mass behind my shin like half an elongated peardrop. They are not that wide, but my calve heads are hard thick double-diamond shaped slabs with a little cleft between. Just for good measure I go up onto my toes making my calves really jump out rock hard and sharp, I hold that pose for a while until I hear the old git’s breathing get heavier behind me. For some reason a lot of men find them very sexy so I’m not surprised that when I turn back the old git is sporting a stiff bulge in the front of his shorts and quite a bulge it is too. You don’t know how disgusting that is, to have an old white-haired geezer bare apart from his shorts with a stiffy pointing at you.

I’ll tell you, approaching 40 I’m no beauty although Jim tells me I’m good looking. I think I’m gawky and starting to get wrinkles but this old creep is practically drooling. He is eyeing up my legs and trying to look down my cleavage. I see the calculating expression come over his face as he becomes slimier. “Look dear why don’t you come inside? I’m sure we can come to something to keep us both happy. It’s too hot to argue out here” he says. Yeah, I know what something he’s after that will make him happy, that boner makes it obvious. Oh now he wants to be nice, the smarmy old git. He’s old enough to be my father, look at him so blatantly looking at my legs and boobs. Maybe it’s the heat, I’m usually a lot calmer than this but as I enter I see him stare hungrily at my arse and legs. Suddenly I snap.

“You want my legs?” I raise my voice putting a hard edge on it. He looks shocked. “Believe you me, you can’t handle them. Try this”. Raging I spun my side towards him, moving very fast, raising my leg at the knee then snapped it straight. “Hai!” that made him jump as my size 8 foot powered right into his gut with a satisfying feel. WHUMP! “Waharghh!” he groaned. My sleek thighs bulged beautifully as my long shapely leg straightened lifting the old git clean off his feet. There was a pleasing look of shock on his face as he went flying away from me at high speed backwards into the house. You don’t know how sexy and strong that makes me feel and as he crashed into the wall at the back of the hall I was horny for more. Yes, at the back of my mind I knew it was wrong and I should stop but I was all pumped up and raging to go.

The old letch was clearly winded, his head drooping towards the floor gasping for breath. “You thought you were in such good shape but you’re no match for my legs” I told him. I didn’t expect him to reply, one of my gut-kicks is enough to shut up any man, six-pack or not. Yet he still couldn’t take his eyes off them as I walked towards him. I pressed my body right up against him forcing him to stand up straight with his back against the wall. His eyes glanced down as my bust pushed against his chest and squashed up then looked up as I shoved my face right in front of his. His eyes flickered over my face clearly re-appraising my looks, looking at me properly for the first time. I could see him looking beyond the gawky magnifying effect of my specs at my small blue eyes, probably thinking how pretty they look. His gaze slipped to my prominent sleek nose then to my small thin-lipped mouth. The way he just stared at it, I knew that he was thinking about kissing it he was so transparent. He kept nervously glancing at my magnified eyes unsure of my reaction if he did but unable to bear my hard stare for long. I let him whither under it for a few more moments of silence as his breathing steadied against my chest. However I was surprised by the stiffness of his cock pressing against my crotch, another man who gets turned on by dominant women whether he knew it or not. That just turned me on all the more.

I finally spoke “It’s not just the legs you have to be worried about”. The creep’s eyes watched my mouth move with open longing that just got my back up. I let my words sink in watching him start to get worried. “Now just you see here” he began to protest. “Hai!” he jumped a moment before the edge of my long sleek open hand slashed down upon the side of his neck. His head jerked back with his eyes shut tight and mouth slack as my chop disrupted the flow of blood to his brain. Before he has a chance to recover I seized his wrist, bending back his hand in a wrist-lcok causing him to yelp as I swung him around then propelled him through an open door into his living room.

Twirling him around to face me before letting go, I pushed myself off the floor with my strong lean thighs and leapt up into air. Throwing my left leg forward as I rose, I watched the shock in his eyes as my foot shot out towards him. “Hai!” WHUMP! My foot hammered the middle of his chest and sent the old git staggering rapidly backwards halfway across the room with a groan “Urrghhh!” Pumped with adrenaline I stepped after him then spun right around real quickly and back-kicked, slamming my foot right into his balls. “Hai!” “Ooooo!” he wailed his face screwed up in misery as he lost height creasing up around his waist. Maybe I should have left it at that but I was really getting worked up now and the sight of the bonfire in his back garden through the patio windows just stoked my anger even more.

Feeling powerful and magnificent, I slipped off my sandals then leant back and blasted an almighty kick towards his face, pleased with my own flexibility. “Hai!” I yelled watching him jump in fright as my long slim leg hurtled up like a rocket. BLAM! The sole of my foot caught him hard on his chin. The thick layer of corn on the bottom of my foot cushioned the impact for me as it drove his jaw upwards snapping his head back so hard that for a moment his eyes glazed over. The old git staggered back drunkenly across the rest of the room.

I showed him no mercy, I was blooming furious. “Hai!” he jumped again as my long shapely right leg shot out and the sole of my foot hammered right on his sternum. “Urghoooh!” he groaned as the air was shocked out of his lungs. His face screwed up in agony and his pervy eyes shut tight while his big gob downturned in agony. I love the way my sleek smooth thighs bulge up and quiver when I kick a guy hard and the force of that kick had sent the grey-haired creep slamming back up against a side unit. There was nowhere else for him to go to get out of my way.

I stepped close and clutching his chest with one hand he threw out his hand to shove me away. Reacting purely by instinct and years of self-defence training, I grabbed hold of it before it hit me and used it to pull him close to my body. My lanky bare thigh shot up in a blur slamming a hard bony knee right into his gut WHUMPH! I felt my knee plunge right through his hard six pack and bury itself deep inside his gut. “Nnnuurgh!” the groan of torment was loud and drawn out as his face seemed to melt in bright red agony while he began to crease over around my knee which I held in place. I watched with satisfaction as the big creep shrank in height as he collapsed onto my knee. I lowered it and the old bastard fell to his knees onto the carpet gasping for breath.

“I warned you that you wouldn’t be able to handle my legs” I told him as I stood over him, glaring at him with my small hard blue eyes behind my specs with my small mouth set tight with disapproval. I put my hands upon on my hips for added emphasis. OK that sounded boastful but it was true. I’m very proud that my legs can not only turn a guy on but also can be used to completely dominate them and make them beg for mercy or knock them out cold. I waited for him to catch his breath. “Now get out there and put out your stinky bonfire” I told him in a stern tone.

The old git looked up at me. “I huh huh get the law on you huh huh” he panted. “You’ve messed with the huh huh wrong guy huh huh I’m very respected huh huh” he was actually smirking even though he was still suffering the effects of my knee. “I play golf huh huh with the Chief of Police huh huh I make sure they take your kids into care huh huh” the bastard was now gloating. I felt my face heat up as a red mist of anger came over me. I hate snobby bastards like this who use their golfing buddies to abuse the system for their own ends. Suddenly he caught my eye and began to look nervous. Maybe my eyes had narrowed dangerously and I had sucked in my cheeks as I tried to bite back my anger. “Get up” I told him in a voice tight with irritation.

“You can’t speak to me like that in my own house” he huffed in indignation as he tried to get up to his feet. With all that self-defence training down at the Sally Army, my mind worked like a warrior. Before he could fully stand, I seized his wrist with both hands and pulled it straight horizontally while I stepped my right leg over it turning my back on him. Pulling his arm right up between my legs to my crotch, I clamped my thighs shut. Still holding his wrist, I stressed his arm by pressing my crotch against the back of his elbow. “How about that for pussy power?” I sneered. “Ah ah get off you crazy Chav bitch” He yelped as he was forced to crouch close to the back of my legs.

“Show some respect” I snapped at his name calling. Twisting his locked arm against the inside of the top of my thigh and slowly turning I forced the bastard to crawl around me on his knees wincing with every step. God! This made me feel so strong and powerful, making a strong man do whatever I want with just a press of his arm. “Are you going to show me respect now?” I asked after I’d made him complete a whole circle. Despite his yelps of pain I noticed that he had quite a boner in his shorts. He must like being dominated by a woman although he probably wouldn’t admit it. “Argh Argh let go you stupid cow” he yelped. Why the? The bastard! No-body calls me that. I just saw red. “You need to be taught how to show respect to women. Try this as a starter” I told him unable to contain my anger.

BLAM BLAM BLAM snapping my calve back I kicked him over and over in the face with my foot. With his arm barred between my legs he was powerless to avoid my pummelling back-kicks. BLAM BLAM BLAM his face was no match for my foot at such close range. My initial rage calmed down and I decided that he’d had enough. Pulling back on his arm, I forced the side of his neck against the long curving hamstrings at the back of upper leg then knelt back. My right shin slid to the floor and my hamstring closed down on top of it like a pair of scissors except that his neck was caught between. His throat pressed against my long hard calves while my hamstrings pressed down upon the side of his neck. With all the weight training that I do, my leg muscles are hard as steel and pressed into his much softer neck. I place my left foot on the floor and bent the leg at the knee while continuing to stress his arm over my crotch. “This is as close to my pussy you’re going to get mister” I quipped tugging on his wrist for emphasis. That also had the effect of levering his neck really tight into the crook of my leg. “Urkkk!” he croaked, choking at the back of my right leg. I also lent slightly back to power down my sleek gently swelling hams into the side of his neck cutting off the blood supply to his head.

I felt so powerful and invincible. “Kkkk kkk!” A horrible choking noise made me stop and stand up in alarm. The grey haired git was well and truly out of it. I’d knocked him out which made me feel very horny but then he began to twitch horribly and I panicked tying to remember what to do. Luckily he stopped convulsing after a while but he still looked dazed as if he didn’t know where he was or what had happened. Looking at him there made me regret going so far. “Look I’m sorry” I said, his eyes swinging towards me at the sound of my voice “but you were being a right arsehole. Now just go and put out that bonfire and that will be the end of it. You’ll won’t see me again, alright?” I told him.

The old sod clutched his throat coughing while openly eyeing up my long bare legs. I offered him my hand as he began to get to his feet but he waved me off with his hands, his leering eyes never leaving my legs. Suddenly he came at me and put his big hands around my neck. “Kk kkk!” he was throttling me, I clutched at his hands but he was very strong and cut off my airways. I knew I would soon pass out if I didn’t act quickly but it’s hard to think straight when you’re being choked.

WHUMP! I balled up my fist and slammed it into his gut. “Nnnngh!” he grunted softly as my fist bounced off his hard abs. WHUMP! I drove my fist in again trying to put more strength into it as I began to feel lightheaded. “Hnnnn!” that was louder and I felt more give in his abs but it was still like punching a rubber sheet. I was feeling nauseous and my arms felt heavy. Black spots swam in my vision. Forcing myself to concentrate I straightened the fingers of my right hand and raised it above my right shoulder. Focusing my failing energy through my hand, I snapped it down and felt the edge of my open knife hand bite down into the side of his neck.

WHUMP! “Arggh!” It was a solid chop to the artery in his neck disrupting the flow of blood to his brain. He threw back his head, eyes creased up and mouth open in shocked pain. His hands fell from my neck and instinctively went to clutch his sore neck. I was fuming mad. “Hai!” he jumped as I drove my fist hard into the artery on the other side of his neck. “Argh!” he yelped at the double shock to his nervous system. His eyes flew open wide and glazed and he wobbled about unsteadily trying desperately to remain standing. I spot the patio windows and go across and slide them open. “Get out there” I order the old bloke in a stern tone used to years of controlling unruly kids. He glares at me defiantly like a petulant kid.

My long bare legs quickly cover the distance between us. He wilted, looking nervous under my hard glare of my magnified blue eyes caused by my specs and the firm set of my small mouth. “Now listen here” he spluttered. “Hai!” he winced in nervous fright as I swung my hard pointed elbow forwards in an arc slamming it right into the middle of his chest. WHUMP! “Huhnnn!” he groaned as it partially winded him. “Hai!” his eyes blinked in fright as I drove my fist hard into his gut with the power that can break bricks. This time his proud abs couldn’t save him and I felt them give way beneath my fist. “Urghhh!” he gave a very satisfying agonised groan from his ugly downturned mouth. It felt so good I did it again. “Hai!” WHUMP! My fist shot forwards like a rocket and I felt my fist drill deeper into the old man’s gut.

Moving to his side I grabbed his arm then swung it behind his back as he began to crease up forcing him to bend forwards. I blasted my knee up high right into his face BLAM!. As he moved his free hand towards his face, I spun him around so that his back was towards the patio door. I kicked up my leg and it shot up fast blasting the old git right under his jaw. “Hai!” BAM! His face snapped back hard as my leg continued to shoot up until the top of my thigh bounced off my bust. The old codger stumbled backwards unsteadily looking dazed and would have fallen if he hadn’t steadied himself on the back of a chair. I felt so powerful on an adrenaline and sexual high. Since taking self-defence lessons, I’ve discovered that dominating a man really turns me on and I just wanted to use the sexy power in my long shapely legs to kick and kick and kick until I had an orgasm.

Approaching the grey-haired creep I lifted my knee as high as my chest. I saw his eyes glance at my inner thighs and crotch as my shorts was stretched so tight it was a surprise that they didn’t split. Angling my foot towards him, I let him have it. “Hai!” that scared the crap out of him. Kicking my leg backwards and up, the hard sole of my foot shot right towards his face like a guided missile. BLAM! Right in the mouth, his head whipped back with the power of my kick. God I wanted more. It was making me so hot and yummy between the legs. This was becoming like a drug, once you’ve dommed one man you’ve got to have more.

Barely giving the old sod time to blink I spun myself around like a top until I was facing away from him then stomped back my foot. “Hai!” that always make them jump. CRUMP! My hard heel hammered him right in his overstuffed nadgers. “Ooooh!” he whined. As I stomped I straightened out my leg and sent him hurtling backwards towards the patio door with his face a mask of sheer agony.

I know it’s showy but I felt so confident that I had to spin around again. Lifting my right leg as I turned quickly, it quickly got higher as I spun. “Hai!” the sole of my foot scythed around and blasted the side of his face with force. BAM! “Ouch!” The power of my kick slammed his face right around as my leg continued its unstoppable arc. Kicked by my long slim leg with such overwhelming energy, his feet left the floor and he flew back fast right out of the open patio doors and slammed down in the patio outside. I followed eager and horny to kick him some more.

“Get up” I told him, pressing my bare sole into his face. “Please no more kicks” he gasped panting and trembling in fear. “You were right. Your incredible legs are far too much for me to handle” he pleaded. Wow he was frightened of me and my legs and was begging for mercy, Phroarr that really got my juices running. “I won’t tell you again. Get up or I’ll kick you to the end of the garden” I commanded him in a stern voice, really wanting to do just that. For emphasis I raised my foot then growled “I said Now!” and gave him a firm stomp on his shoulder. “Please no” he whimpered. “OK I’ll won’t kick you to the end of the garden if you get up right this instant” I told him then glared at him through my specs along my long sleek nose with my small mouth set tight giving him a severe look until he scrambled to his feet.

No sooner than he was on his feet then I quickly grabbed his hand. Turning my back on him and facing the garden path which led up to where the stinky bonfire was, I pulled his arm over my shoulder then bent sharply forward loading his weight onto my back. The old man went flying over my shoulder and slammed into the ground. BERLAM! “I’m going to throw you all the way there instead” I told him as he lay groaning at my feet. His eyes looked at me with a mixture of fear, respect and yearning. Strange how some men really get turned on by an ordinary woman completely dominating them in unarmed combat even if they hadn’t realised it before. I still had hold of his arm after the throw and a hard wrist lock forced him yelping in agony to his feet. “Please no” he managed to gasp before I stepped forwards onto the path then slammed him with a spinning wrist throw that bowled him forwards head over heels down the garden path.

Unfortunately for him and lucky for me he had a very long garden at the end of which he had his bonfire and I threw him all the way there with a sensual feeling of great power. Each time I slammed him to the ground, I forced him right up again with a arm or wrist lock only to do it again. I slammed him with foot sweeps, hooking my foot around the back of his leg sweeping it off the ground then using my hip to control his fall so that he came down where I wanted him to. I also slammed him with hip throws and shoulder throws, prolonging the moment that his crotch was in contact with my backside while partly loaded on my back unable to stop me until I felt that big bulge stiffening against my tight buttocks before I slammed him into the grass. Judging by the size of that stiff bulge in the front of his shorts at least one part of him enjoyed those moments of contact with my firm backside.

But more than anything he came to dread my devastating stomach throws. Falling on my back onto the grass I pulled him down towards me with my foot in his gut or groin then powered him away with my strong leg sending him hurtling down the garden. I loved the way I could throw him good distances with this throw and even further with my double-legged throw. Jumping up and planting both feet in his gut or nuts then leaning back to pull him off-balance we would fall to the ground. Rolling on my back as soon as it hit the grass, I would send the old git absolutely flying head over heels so far along the path that it amazed me. I had to keep on repeating the throw to see just how far I could hurl him. I was so pumped up with excitement that I was disappointed to find we had run out of garden. I seriously thought about throwing him all the way back again and doing it all over again. However the old codger just lay flat out on the ground looking totally dazed and unable to stand up unassisted.

I applied an arm and wrist lock holding his arm vertically straight between my long warm sleek thighs. Bending back his wrist against the top of my thigh he was soon writhing on the ground and screeching in agony by my long toned calves. “Get up and put out that stinky bonfire right now or shall I show just how strong my lovely slim legs are” I warned him. “Get up or I will scissor your head between my strong thighs until you feel that your skull is going to crack” I could just imagine doing that and it was a real temptation not to. I kept the pressure on his wrist keeping him writhing in pain. “Believe me; these legs will soon have you begging for me to knock you out so that you can escape the pain. When I do finally decide to put you out of your misery I will knock you out over and over again until you are scared that you will get brain damage” I told him with such confidence that I saw the fear in his eyes. His eyes nervously ran up and down my long shapely legs as if trying to assess whether they could really do what I just claimed. “Oh they are a lot stronger than they look” I told him then tensed my thighs to make the long sleek outer muscle stand out. “Believe me you won’t be the first man I’ve put away with these legs” I said. I swear that the bulge in his shorts lurched and for a moment I thought he was actually going to ask me to do it.

A sharp pressure on his wrist had him kicking his legs in futile frustration and yelping. “Arghh OK OK I’ll put it out just let go” he squealed. I levered his arm across my thigh to force him up to his knees. “And take the rest of it to the dump” I said nodding to the big pile waiting to be burnt. “Ouch! yes yes” he cried as I bent his arm behind his back and forced him to stand up. Releasing him, I stood and watched as he extinguished the bonfire. Trying to look strong and commanding like a strict teacher, I placed my hands on my hips and gave him a hard chilly stare. My small narrow almost squinty blue eyes watched his every move, the effect magnified by my boxy half-height specs atop my prominent nose. I kept my small thin lipped mouth set in firm disapproval as he worked. It seemed to work as he kept nervously glancing at me then looking away quickly.

After a while I found it more comfortable to stand with my right leg slightly bent at the knee with the calve turned outwards. As soon as I did that I saw that he kept staring at my legs then with a quick glance at my face went back to work only to look again within a few seconds. He just couldn’t stop looking at my long bare legs in open lust and a bit of fear. All the while he worked, that stiff bulge in the front of his shorts never went down. I absent-mindedly swayed and shook my calve gently to relieve the boredom. His eyes were glued to the big semi-teardrop shaped mass wobbling behind my shin then widened as I stopped and flexed it. My long sleek calve solidified into a hard muscle head with two slabs bunched up together with downward pointing arrow heads of pure girl muscle, the outer one being smaller than the other. He couldn’t take his eyes off them until I told him off. “Get back to work or I’ll come over there and kick you senseless” he hurriedly went back to clearing his mess but a short while later I would catch him looking again.

Sometime later he approached looking less nervous and more cunning. “The car’s loaded or waiting. I’ll drive it up to the tidy tip later” he told me as though I hadn’t forced him. A calculating look crept over his face. “Look we got off on the wrong foot” he became all smarmy. “Why don’t we go inside and I’ll make it up to you” he smarmed. “I know exactly what you mean” I said softly glancing at the big package at the front of his shorts. It was certainly impressive and knew that he thought that he couldn’t fail to pull any woman. I slinked up to him trying to look all sexy-like, well as sexy as a gawky looking mother of 4 and grandmother of 2 can be. He looked like the cat that had got the cream, the randy old sod, I hate men like that. “After all we are neighbours and have to get along” said the smarmy old git who thought he was going to get his end away. He’d never bothered with us before because he was too stuck up and was now only interested in one thing. I sidled close trying to look interested. In a soft and I hoped seductive voice I told him “Of course. Now let me tell you what I think”.

With that I grabbed his hand with both of mine, stepped quickly to his side raising his arm into the air then swinging it down sharply in a whip-fast forward circle. In the blink of an eye, the spinning wrist-throw had him spinning head over heels in mid-air before crashing to the ground. WHUMP! His back made a satisfying sound as it hit the grass. “Argh!” he yelped as I stretched out his arm and pressed my forearm against the elbow joint then forced him quickly to his feet. “First off, I am not a slut. I do not sleep around” I told him sternly. “I’m sorry I wahhhh!” he cried as with both hands gripping his arm, I tossed him from my front with a twist of my body then slammed him into the ground behind me.

“I won’t go easy on you because of your age” I told him as he writhed on the grass in another arm-lock. “You thought you were tough enough to handle me. You thought wrong” I told him then forced him up to his feet again. Immediately I turned my side into his front as I slid a hand beneath his nearside arm and hooked it over his shoulder while pulling out his right arm by the wrist. Bumping my hip into his groin and leaning forwards, I kicked back lifting his right foot high off the ground off-balancing him so that I could roll him real fast over my hip. Rotating his body until it was vertically upside down balanced on my hip; I then slammed him hard to the ground. THUMP! “This is so you won’t have any more bonfires because next time I will really hurt you” I warned as he lay groaning. “Ow! I promise I won’t” he yelped as I applied a hard wristlock to force him up.

I slammed him all over his garden, unable to stop myself until the old git was flat on his back totally wiped out and I could no longer force him up again. Looking down at him I placed my foot on his throat and pressed slightly until he began coughing, looking up at me in fear. I then flexed my biceps in victory. He made no effort to object or remove my foot, he was that wiped out. I’m proud of my small hard developing biceps and the old guy’s twitching boner shows his appreciation.

“You are right, we’ve got to live near each other and get on” I told him “So I’m only doing this to keep the peace”. The sudden look of hope of a good bonking disappeared as I turned around and began to lower myself towards his face. My hard rounded buttocks in my tight shorts must have looked a picture as it descended onto his face. “No please mmmm” His protests were cut off as my backside covered his eyes and smothered his nose and mouth. “Not very comfy” I said as I faced his feet then wriggled around until his nose went right up the valley between my buttocks. “Ahhh that’s much better. Isn’t it?” “Mmmm mmm mmm” he moaned unhappily into my undercarriage. Sitting firmly in place, I stretched out my legs and placed my feet either side of his bulge between. “I’ve got very flexible toes” I told him as I curled my toes around the sides of that tentpole in his shorts. “Mmmmmm!” his moans of protest changed to moans of pleasure as my toes began to squeeze and relax in a slow rhythmic motion to give him a massage the likes of which he’d never had before. “Can you feel how strong they are as they grip your shaft tight ? Can you feel my toes kneading it like dough?” I asked. “Mmmm mmmmm!” he moaned in pleasure. I began sliding my toes up and down his shaft while still squeezing and relaxing. Gradually increasing the pumping motion he was soon moaning away into my backside. His legs and feet moved randomly reflecting his aroused state while unable to do much else while I sat on his face. “Strong and flexible toes can make a man very happy as you can feel” “Mmmm mmmm” his moans were getting more intensely erotic as my toes worked his erection until it was too hard to squeeze anymore. “Mmmm mmmmoarh!” he was well gone now in bliss with his legs tensing and moving around non-stop. “I often do this for Kurt when I don’t really want to do it with him” I told him. My toes continued sliding up and down steadily and slowly increased the tempo which sent him wild with frustated pleasure. “Believe you me, he doesn’t hold out very long with these toes giving him the works”.

“Mmmm mmmm!” his groans were getting loud and intense now, unable to stop my toes pumping his steadily stiffening tent. “My, it’s no wonder it doesn’t burst through your shorts” I said “You’re not going to last much longer against my strong flexible massaging toes”. He didn’t. He soon began bucking beneath me, moaning so loudly into my shorts that I came sliding myself back and forth over his face. A damp patch spread rapidly across that tent in his shorts as it began to flag. It just got wetter and wetter as he blasted a real huge one. I slid off his face onto his chest. “Urrr urr urrr urrr” he was panting and puffing like a steam train.

“Wow! That was amazing. You are amazing” he gasped as he looked longingly at my long legs splayed out on either side with my feet pinning his biceps. Not that he was making any effort to resist. “Nuunnn!” he groaned as I shifted backwards to plant my backside in the middle of his stomach and brought the soles of my feet to hold the sides of his face to make sure he looked at my face. “Just to make it absolutely clear, that will never happen again. I did it because I wanted to show you how easily I can control your body in ways other than physical” I let the words sink in. “There will never be a next time. So don’t even think about it” I warned in a severe tone.

I placed the soles of my feet either side of his neck and curled my toes. “Do you understand?” I asked glaring at him. To my surprise I feel his dick stiffening again behind me. God, he was a virile old sod, I bet my mother would love to meet him. She’d probably kill him with exhaustion. “Yes, I understand” he gasped in a resigned tone. “Good. Now let me show you what else my strong flexible toes can do besides give a man pleasure” I said. With that I curled my toes around the arteries in the sides of his neck and began to squeeze. “Strong flexible toes, strong and deadly” I told him as his eyes instantly glazed over as my toes cut off the bloodflow to his brain. Within mere seconds he had gone out like switching off a light-bulb. In mere seconds I had knocked out a grown man with my long dainty flexible toes. He was out cold and it made me so horny that I just had to rub myself off on his unconscious face.

Lust sated I got up and headed home to open the windows and let in some air into the house.


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