The Widow (JP#09)

Man tries to resist amorous advances from his widowed aunt at a funeralBeth, the Widow, inspired by Mistress Beth of Scotland, pictured above

(c)Jim P 2013

** Bobby **
I had taken a part-time job up at an old people’s home and was just walking past the cemetery which was on my route when a hearse pulled up outside along with some other shiny black cars. I thought it would be disrespectful just to cut right through the mourners now bundling out from the cars so I waited to let them pass. As they did I saw the widow, a wide-faced homely looking mature woman with long brown hair shot through with grey. She noticed me as she walked past and shot me this smouldering ‘come-on’ look with a narrow smile and a saucy wink. I was shocked and couldn’t stop watching. The black dress she wore seemed tight and clung to her plump body emphasising a big bust and wide hips. As she walked away down the path I noticed that she had a good pair of shapely calves which looked sexy covered in sheer black nylon with seams running vertically up the back. In horror I realised that these thoughts were disrespectful to her deceased husband and forced myself to get a grip and walk past.

** Ray **
I barely remember my Uncle Tom. It had been many long years since I last seen him. I was a kid then and now I’m a 30 year old IT consultant. I recalled his first wife as a pleasant cheerful woman but she sadly passed away. Uncle Tom re-married a few years later, to aunty Beth to the general disapproval of the rest of the family. For one thing she was nearly 20 years younger than him and another they called her a black widow as she had been married several times before. A few years later and he had passed away. I gave my respects to her at the service and found her to be quite a pleasant woman with a large straight-sided face which was rather wide and ended with a small jutting chin. Her cheeks were prominent cheeks especially with every movement of her wide thin-lipped mouth that was covered in scarlet lipstick. Her eyes were small with grey irises and made-up with blue mascara, and sat either side of a long sleek nose. I think she was now in her late fifties and her skin tone reflected that although her chin was quite firm. Long brown hair peppered with grey was worn with a parted fringe then framed her face before tumbling down to a quite large chest. She was about 5’4 to my 5’9 and had a plump but not unattractive figure clad in a rather tight looking black dress. She smiled pleasantly and thanked me warmly for my kind words.

After the ceremony we all went back to Uncle’s house. Aunt Beth was sitting in an armchair speaking to someone while I was standing and making general conversation although I knew very few of these people. I just briefly looked over in her direction when we made eye contact. She smiled then crossed her legs. The hem of the black skirt slithered up a quite thick thigh beneath to expose a generous expanse of sheer black nylon all the way to a dark black band. I felt awkward and embarrassed for noticing yet the sight of her nylon-clad legs caused a primal reaction in my groin. At some other time or place it would have been a wonderful sight to watch, but this wasn’t it. I looked away hoping she hadn’t noticed me staring.

Yet it played on my mind and I couldn’t help but look back a few minutes later. She was still in conversation with a woman sitting on the sofa next to her, who hadn’t noticed Aunt Beth’s lack of decorum. Her eyes briefly looked around and saw me giving me a warm smile. Returning her concentration to her guest, I saw her hand surreptitiously hitch up the hem a bit more to reveal suspender belts running over quite firm looking skin. This time there was no mistake, she had done it deliberately and as if to reinforce it she briefly glanced my way again with what could only be called an inviting smile. Feeling myself flush I didn’t know where to put my eyes yet no-one else seemed to have noticed. Out of respect for my uncle, I tried to put it from my mind but it had taken root and I had to look once more. Feeling sinful, my eyes ran along her long slim shins with a thick well-shaped calve behind and along the expanse of her thick thigh which looked very sexy sheathed in sheer black nylon. She was now listening to someone else giving their condolences. Again her eyes flickered in my direction then away and back to her guest while her hand adjusted her skirt once more to give me another show of her stocking tops and suspenders while the person she was speaking with and everyone seemed oblivious to the leg show she was giving me. There is something about a woman with good legs wearing sheer black nylons especially stockings and suspenders. I had to admit that Aunt Beth had a sensational pair of legs for someone almost twice my age.

In a moment of weakness I yearned to run my hands over those long slim shins with shapely thick calves and thick firm thighs. With her stockings and suspenders on show, my groin stiffened and in shame I forced myself to look away before I had a noticable erection. For the next few minutes I tried to ignore what I had seen and try to make conversation with to the other guests but most ignored me and I felt left out. My eyes slipped back to Aunt Beth in the armchair. I saw with a strange mix of relief and disappointment that she had uncrossed her legs and was sitting with both feet on the floor. Somebody had set down a cup of tea on the coffee table in front of her. Her eyes were looking at me in that homely face of hers which made me feel uncomfortable. How long had she been looking? As if sensing my discomfort, Aunt Beth looked away to listen to the woman speaking to her. With a smile which I suspect was aimed at me, she leant forward for her cup. As she did the low neck of her black dress fell forwards giving me a look straight down the front to the soft mounds of ample female breast pressing up against each other to produce an impressive cleavage that suck in my gaze like a black hole. It was not until she sat back again with her tea cup and a wide knowing smile upon her scarlet lips that I realised that I had been openly gaping at her dangling bust. I am really shocked by the widow’s brazen behaviour and yet nobody else seems to have noticed.

It’s so wrong that she is flirting with me after her husband’s funeral but I can’t stop looking at her nylon-clad knee and calves. Again her eyes flicker over mine then back to the person sitting next to her with a smile while her hand once more slides the hem up to show me her legs. I know it’s wrong but her legs are really getting me going. No woman has ever flirted with me like this before. Hell, none I knew even wore stockings and suspenders. To take my mind of it and get away from temptation I went over to the buffet spread on the table along the side of the room behind where she sat in her chair. Having loaded up my plate I turned to find Aunt Beth looking at me over her shoulder with her arms folded in front subtly pushing the sides of her ample bust. The effect was that I had an awesome view of the profile of her big mounds which my eyes were just drawn into causing a series on strong contractions in my groin.

I know it’s not right and I go to the other side of the room to eat my food and clear my head. “You’re Ray aren’t you?” a soft warm feminine voice spoke behind me with a strong Scottish accent. I turned to find Aunt Beth standing there. “Ur..yes Aunt Beth” I replied trying not to let my nervousness show or my gaze slip down to the neck of her black dress where two mounds of breast formed an eye-trap. “You’re in computers if I remember right” she said. It was IT but I didn’t bother to correct her. She had a broad comforting sort of a face. Maybe I’d been mistaken. “Please call me Beth” she said in a reassuring tone “You know there is some computer stuff in the next room. Come and take a look and see what you want”. Without waiting for an answer she took hold of my hand with a stronger grip than I would have given her credit for and led me out into the hall and into the room opposite. There was indeed a computer system, a good desktop system with a HD screen, laser printer and scanner amongst other stuff. “Not bad Uncle Tom must have got this fairly recently” I remarked with appreciation, the geek in me kicking in.

A sudden click awoke me from my reverie. I turned and saw Aunt Beth turn away from the door which was now closed and locked. She started walking towards me in a slow sensuous sway with a wide smile on her face that seemed almost predatory. “Aun..Beth what are you doing?” I asked in alarm. “Oh come on Ray” she almost purred her voice dripping with seduction and doing funny things to my groin. “You’re a grown man. I know you find me attractive” her voice was almost smouldering. Actually I didn’t find her attractive, apart from the legs but I couldn’t tell her that besides there was some sort of raw sexual magnetism that oozed from this woman. “Uncle Tom” I began. “Is gone” she interrupted pressing herself towards me. “I’m so lonely” it was a statement full of yearning. “I am a very passionate woman who has a lot to give” her voice oozed molten sex. I tried to back away not knowing how to deal with such a woman. “I need a man. Hold me comfort me” her voice was sensual, tempting.

I backed into the computer desk and could go no further. I tried to keep my dignity and resist her appeal before it smothered me. “Please Beth. You’ve just buried Uncle T…” I stopped gob-smacked as she completely lifted her dress over her hips. Wow! I found my dick stiffening uncontrollably at the sight. “Good legs for a 57 year old aren’t they?” she said. “Wow great legs” I gasped in lust. If the glimpses of her legs when she was sitting down was tempting now standing in front of me with the full length of both legs on show sheathed in sexy stockings and suspenders gave me a full-bore boner. Aunt Beth moved closer. My breathing got faster as did my heartbeat and I found myself heating up and feeling very warm as those sexy legs got closer. “Yes you like my legs but what about these?” she purred pressing the sides of her bust pushing up the big soft womanly orbs into a devastating cleavage. “Orrrrr!” I moaned my dick throbbing with lust. She might not look much in the face department but wow her sex appeal was very strong.

Aunt Beth pressed herself against my body then raised her rounded knee. Sliding it gently between my legs with a sensual rasp of nylon, it pushed it’s way right up to the apex of my legs and the rapidly growing erection causing it to get harder still as the top of her thigh pressed gently against it. “Yes, that will do nicely” the words dropped like honey from her red lips as she slowly drew the top of her stocking-clad thigh back and forth between my legs angled slightly so it was rubbing against my shaft inside my trousers. “Orrrr!” I moaned. It was so wrong yet it felt so good that I couldn’t summon the moral strength to push her away. “The guests will soon be leaving and then it will be just you and me” she said in a low seductive tone while her upper leg continued to make me harder. I couldn’t believe that a woman almost twice my age and not even that good looking was seducing me so easily, she really had me going. “You will stay the night and you will worship me all night long” she said. “What?” I ask suddenly coming to my senses.

Her knee dropped away slightly. BLAM! Her knee slammed right up into my tight balls like an express train with such awful force that I was down on my knees rocking back and forth in excruciating agony before I could even let out a cry of misery. “Let this be the first lesson to you as I train you up to be my next husband” her voice was stern and I looked to see her standing over me. Legs astride shamelessly, I could see skimpy black knickers beneath the dress. The sight made my erection twitch despite my aching balls. “You will never question me. If you do things will be painful for you” she lectured. Cupping my aching balls to protect them, I tried to rise. “Now look here!” Her hand moved fast like a whip. WAP! A totally unexpected chop to the side of my neck was like an electric cattle prod. My body stiffened and my face jerked back looking straight at the ceiling. “Now I must return to my guests before they wonder where I’ve gone” I heard her say. Then her hands grabbed my head on either side and twisted it to the right making the tendons in my neck stand out taut. Blam! Her big knee thundered into the side of my neck and everything went black.
Munuh! I awoke with a start to find myself on the floor in a strange room. Then it all came flooding back to me, scandalous Aunt Beth and how she had taken me by surprise. I rubbed the side of my neck which was still sore from where she slammed her knee into it. I wondered where she had learnt to do that. Well I won’t be fooled by her trying that again. Trying the door, I found it locked from from the outside. I went to the window and looking out saw Aunt Beth saying farewell to the departing guests. For a second I thought about opening the window and calling for help but then realised how silly that would look, a 30 year old man calling to be saved from a 57 year old woman who had just buried her husband. Thinking I could climb out once they had gone, I tried the handle only to find that too was locked. I resigned myself to sitting down and waiting.

After several minutes I heard the front door close but it was several more minutes before I heard the door to the room being unlocked. I stood up and strode to the door ready to walk out and leave the house no matter how strong she came onto me. As the door opened, the words stick in my mouth. Aunt Beth was now wearing a tailored strapless black corset fastened up at the front and squeezing in her waist into an appealing hour-glass figure. All else she has on is skimpy black briefs and those stockings and suspenders with black high heeled shoes I saw earlier. The black dress lay discarded in the hallway behind as she stood in the doorway blocking my exit. It was admittedly an unexpected and to be frank sexy sight and I felt my groin begin to tighten once more despite her wide plain face. “I hope you weren’t expecting to go somewhere” she said in a stern tone “A woman like me has needs now get your clothes off and worship me”.

“As a matter I’m leaving aunt..” Beth smiled and pointed down to her legs with her finger. Puzzled I looked down at the magnificent length of nylon-clad leg. “Yes you have great legs Aun..Beth” I admitted “Incredibly sexy in those stockings but not enough for me to want to marry you” I told her. “I’ll show you how I keep my legs in shape, Ray. Keep watching” she said. I watched loving the sheen of her nylons and the exciting way those dark bands at the top gave way to her pale bare skin contrasting in colour and tone from the sheer of the nylons below. I loved how those straps of the suspender belt ran vertically up her upper thigh.

Suddenly her right leg moved much faster than I could see. BLAM! her leg rocketed up with devastating speed. The toe of her shoe caught my jaw and kicked my head right back so I was looking at the ceiling in a riot of flaring colour. I began to stagger backwards in disbelief then felt her hand grasp mine and stop my motion as my arm stretched out. I looked back in time to see the bottom of her skimpy briefs, her knee raised, the light streaking off her nylon-clad shin as it streaked across my vision. SCRACKK! her leg snapped straight, the top of her shoe clubbing me hard around the side of my face. My vision blurred as my face whipped from one side to the other and I would have fallen if she’d not been holding my hand. Dazed by a kick that felt as strong as a wooden club around the head. My groggy eyes looked at her in disbelief for a brief second seeing the smiling kindly face of a mature woman as she held my arm out straight and twisted. I got a fleeting impression of a thick thigh raised high bent at the knee but angled away me. Looking erotic in sheer stockings the leg shot out straight with blinding speed towards me so fast that I didn’t have time to cry out in alarm. BLAM! “Borrrpph!” the sole of her shoe stomped hard against my gut sinking deep blasting the air violently from my diaphragm. I felt my feet briefly leave the floor as my body jerked folding forwards around my stomach then collapsed to my knees.

Winded I looked at the thick thighs and sexy stocking tops before me scarcely able to believe what just happened. Suddenly she kicked her right leg high up far above me making me wince. To my surprise her foot went at least a foot over her head where she caught it with one hand and held it there. From my position on my knees I looked up along one sexy stocking-clad leg with another inverted on top. Skimpy black briefs stretched tight over her crotch. It was the most potently sexy thing that I had ever seen and my dick stiffened more rapidly than I had ever experienced before. The standing splits is a very sexy pose, shamelessly exposing her crotch while demonstrating incredibly flexibility for a woman with greying hair while wearing sexy lingerie. She also looked so powerful like an executioner with an axe raised poised over my head. “No!” I gasped, still winded, as the axe fell, her foot hurtling down towards my head. BLAM! It felt like the top of my head had been hit by a hammer and I went sprawling to the floor. Dazed and confused I lay at the nylon-clad feet of aunt Beth.

“I’ve been doing Karate ever since I was 8” she told me. Oh crap! I had a sinking feeling inside of me yet at the same time I felt turned on. “That’s over 40 years of practice if you are foolish enough to resist me” I looked at her standing over me with my dick growing even stiffer and beating against the carpet on the inside of my trousers. “It’s not coincidence that I selected you” she told me. “I know all about your browsing habits and those sites you visit where sexy young American girls dominate men using martial arts”. I looked at her in astonishment then glanced at the computer system. “Yes, that is mine, Tom knew nothing about computers. You see I also worked in IT until Thatcher made most of the country redundant” She almost spat those words fiercely. “That’s where I met my first husband. We were so in love” She sighed wistfully.

I gazed along her shapely legs. “It’s disgraceful the amount of information the Americans keep on us” She said. From this angle the underside of her bust was a sexy shelf way above me. “and just as disgraceful to connect those systems to the Internet where anyone could hack in” she added. “So you see I am your perfect dream woman” She told me. Tearing my gaze from those mesmerising stocking tops I cautiously got to my feet. She saw me looking at the patches of silver in her hair and chuckled “Older and more experienced and more than enough to keep you fulfilled”. She emphasised the shape of her large bust with her hands. I got up the courage to speak “Beth, you are a sexy woman and I don’t know whether that was true about the karate” my dick lurched at the thought “Well maybe we can have fun in that area now and then as er friends but you can’t force me to marry you”.

Beth removed her shoes then slowly lifted her knee and raised her foot I swallowed hard as she held it perfectly steady. Her homely mature face, long greying hair and plumpish body at exciting odds with her potent dangerousness. FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP her foot travelled like lightning up the side of my body in a series of taps to the side of my knee, thigh, forearm, upper arm, shoulder and top of my head. I was stunned, what she said about knowing karate was true and my dick became even more rigid. She lowered her leg but didn’t return it to the floor then in the blink of an eye did it again. FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP WHAP! she kicked me again up the side of my body. The last had more force that whipped my face to the side and left my senses reeling. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAM! WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAM! The plump greying woman repeated the rapid battering again and again, each time getting faster and kicking much harder. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAM! WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP Each time the final kick to the side of my head was the strongest. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAM! Her leg was just a blur of light reflected from the sheen of her stockings. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAM! She was kicking so fast and so hard now that my head felt like a punch ball. I felt so scared and didn’t know what to do, the constant battering leaving me unable to think straight. My senses were so scrambled that it took a few moments to realise it had stopped.

Remarkably her leg was still raised with the top of her foot gently stroking my cheek. My gaze travelled along the sensationally shaped but tireless leg and the differing tones of sheer black, darker stocking tops and bare skin to a panty covered crotch and the mature woman who showed no signs of exhaustion. “Does that convince you?” Beth asked. “Orghh yes” I groaned with more than a hint of passion. “No don’t look at me like that. I assure you my previous husbands died of natural causes. I would never seriously hurt anybody let alone kill them except maybe in self-defence” she stopped and smiled. “Maybe it’s because I’m much too vigorous for an older man”. She let that image sink into my mind before continuing. “No, this time  I’m having a toy-boy nearly half my age to see if he can keep up with me” she added a saucy wink. Her raised foot continued to stroke my cheek. “Besides” she said in a seductive breathy tone glancing down at the front of my trousers. “You  obviously enjoyed it” she purred. She was right despite being scared during that rapid-fire beating my dick was as solid as a handle bar and pushing my trousers up into an impressive tent. “You are right of course, I can’t force you to marry but I can make you beg to worship me and do so willingly” she said with confidence.

SLAP! Suddenly the top of her foot slapped my cheek pushing my face in the opposite direction. SLAP! Before I could blink the foot was on the other side of my face with the sole slapping my other cheek pushing my face back again. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP suddenly her foot accelerated to a fast speed knocking my face from one side to the other. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP Her foot built up to an incredible speed whipping my face about like a cork in a violent sea storm, so fast that I didn’t know what day it was. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP my face was in constant motion whipping one way then the other that I became so dizzy that I would have fallen if she hadn’t stopped.

“I do so love dominating a man with Karate. It really makes me oh so horny” aunt Beth sighed with yearning. My eyes slowly focussed on this surprising greying homely looking woman as she lowered her sensational looking leg to the floor. The next instant she spun away from me like a top, coming around again with her right leg flying up from the floor. “Hai!” she yelled making me jump. BLAM! Her foot hammered home with a ferocious speed into the side of my jaw knocking me completely for six, my head leading my body speeding sideways to the floor. As I lay there in a daze I felt her foot step on my body acknowledging her easy victory. It really turned me on but at the same time I felt humiliated that I let a woman almost twice my age defeat me. If this had been a sexy young woman I’d met on the Internet for a bit of fun this would have a dream date. Not only was Beth a plain looking mature woman though with a hot pair of legs and sexy fashion sense but she been married to my uncle who we had just buried and now wanted me to be her next meal ticket. I certainly wasn’t having that. “Don’t think about the door. It’s locked and the key is tucked into my cleavage” she told me as she wandered over to the window to close the curtains. As she stepped back to check them I saw my chance and rushed at her noting her strong-looking calves.

Grabbing her from behind I reached around her chest trying to get a hand down her big soft cleavage. Suddenly my seeking hand was grasped firmly and I felt her begin to lean forwards. The stiff bulge in my trousers was pulled against her ample backside and rose up between her buttocks as my feet left the floor making it even stiffer. “Woah!” I cried as I felt myself not in control of my own body as it was loaded onto the mature woman’s back and lifting up as she continued to lean forwards. I knew what was going to happen and my dick throbbed in anticipation. I flew head first over her shoulder then whipped over to my back as I plummeted towards the floor. BLAM! “Orrrr!” the impact was jarring. My back slammed into the carpet knocking the wind out of me.

Aunt Beth had kept hold of my hand and dropped down quickly by my side. A thick stocking clad thigh draped over my neck while her other leg hung over my chest. She pulled my arm between her thighs and back over her crotch. “Arghkk!” I cried at the pain in my elbow joint until my throat pressed against the underside of her thigh, her hamstrings feeling thick and very hard. “I can’t believe you fell for that one” she chuckled as poured on the arm-bar. “Didn’t you think that I would pick up a few moves here and there” she said as she maintained the pressure on the hold. I couldn’t escape without breaking my arm. Aunt Beth had me helpless and as my lower body writhed in frustration, the tent in the front of my trousers stood rigidly upright with my dick so stiff that it was becoming uncomfortable. She let me bask in helplessness for a long time before letting go of my arm and swinging herself to kneel across my hips.

My tent strained to reach the skimpy black briefs just above the bare skin and black nylon bands. “Och that looks painful” She chuckled and reached down to unzip my trousers and free with some difficulty my absolutely rigid engorged shaft from my pants. Still it strained towards that little lacy black inverted triangle at the top of her legs. With a knowing smile, Aunt Beth leant forwards grabbing my hands and pinning them by my side with surprising strength while her bust dangled before my face. “I am not one of those feminist nuts who think men are inferior and only good for sex slaves” she said softly. Those breasts never looked bigger as they dangled before me making my erection throb. “I want your love and company and I will give you the same” She moved her mouth seductively close to my ear then whispered “and I’ll give you plenty of it”.

I felt her crotch lower and press against my erection. I tried to resist as it pressed harder against it. “Don’t fight it Ray” She whispered in my ear then began to lick it. The sensory overload was too much. “Arrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnngh!” I moaned as a long slow orgasm hit me emptying my balls and draining me physically. “See how good that was” Aunt Beth purred “just think how much better that will be when you’re inside me”. She sat up straight then added “but not until after we’re married. Now get those sticky clothes off before you stain the carpet” “Orrghh!” I groaned as her toe tapped my balls. “Do it now or you will feel what a Karate kick that can smash rock can do to your nuts and take those shoes and socks off too” she told me in a tone that brooked no argument. Too drained to argue I removed my shoes and socks then damp trousers but hesitated at my pants. “Oh come on, it’s too late to be shy now” she urged so I took those off too.

“That was incredible, it really was” I told her and meant it as I got to my feet. “But I want to marry for love, and I don’t love you and you don’t love me”. I felt nervous as I said that but it needed to be said. “We can, you know, be friends” I added. “Love is overrated, Ray. Friendship and companionship is more lasting, love will probably grow too” she replied. Sometimes you can’t tell a woman’s age by her face, but the hands are a good indication. “Let me explain something to you” she said in an even tone. “Do you see these?” She asked raising her hands and walking towards me making me feel nervous. I nodded apprehensively, my head in confusion.

As Aunt Beth put one foot forward I noticed a strong pronounced bulge in her thick thighs, the shape highlighted and made sexier by the sheen of her stockings. “Hai!” her shout made me jump. WHAP! Her fist came out of nowhere and struck me with force in the centre of my chest. “Urnnngh!” I grunted at the unexpected punch that knocked some of wind out of me. As I clutched my chest I glanced down at the floor and saw the large downward pointing arrow in her left calve as she went onto her toes as she seemed to skip towards me with her fists balled and at the ready. “Hai!” I jumped. BAM! Her balled left fist crashed solidly against the side of my jaw which slipped horribly in the other direction under the impact. Her fist was still in my face when unnoticed by me, Beth bent back her left leg, snapped the knee forward between us. “Hai!” the foot hammered down right at the back of my knee. “Argh!” I cried as my leg bent forward sending me down to one knee on the floor faster than I could say “uncle”.

“Argh!” I yelped as Beth grabbed a clump of my hair and used it to force me back to my feet with the threat of pulling my hair out by the roots. “Beth no more please” I begged as she raised her right palm with the fingers clenched. “Sometimes you have to hurt the ones you love” she said. “Hai!” her right palm shot towards me at terrifying speed while she held my head in place by the hair. BAM! her palm blasted right onto my mouth and nose with a painful jarring impact. “Mmmmargh!” I cried as her palm continued it’s motion whipping my face right back so that in a split-second I was looking at the ceiling. The sudden rapid movement disorientated my senses causing me to stagger back into a wall. I saw Beth’s left arm bent at the elbow raised high with the forearm swinging towards me. “Hai!” WHACK! “ouch!” the front of her elbow caught me on the temple. My face was knocked around with the force of the blow while my head throbbed. “Hai!” BAM! “Orrrrghh!” I groaned as her fist drove hard into my gut.

Aunt Beth moved like a greying war machine without let up. As I slouched over my winded gut, the plumpish woman went down on one knee before me with her left palm raised towards me with the fingers clenched. She moved so fast I had no time to cry out even if I weren’t winded. “Hai!” her palm leapt up towards me crashing into my chin and whipping my head back forcing my body to stand straight. My jaw didn’t even seem to slow her palm down and it kept moving shoving my face up and back until I was again looking upwards. “Hai!” my dick lurched. WHAM! “Grkkk!” I croaked as the edge of her hand chopped me across my throat leaving me coughing, terrified that she had crushed my windpipe.

BLAM! Her knee powered into my gut so breathtakingly hard that my feet went onto my toes before I began to crease over. “Hai!” my dick lurched again BAM! The side of her hand crashed into the back of my neck like an axe and I collapsed to the carpet totally beat and wiped out in a matter of seconds. It had happened so fast bombarding my body with pain that I had no time to be turned on. “Ouch!” I yelped as Beth pulled me to my knees by the hair then let go. I was so beat that I collapsed against her legs with my face resting on her skimpy briefs. I lay there playing the events over in my mind quickly developing another raging boner for the mature woman.

“You are next to paradise but you won’t get in until we are wed” her voice told me as I recovered. Part of me was so turned on, I wanted to give in to her and enjoy her pleasures. Another part still thought it was wrong and fought against the idea of marrying this black widow. Karate expert or not, I wouldn’t go down without a fight. My mind made up I pounced, wrapping my arms around her legs I pushed forwards and she went over onto her back with me on top. I quickly moved to sit upon her chest and pin her shoulders. Instantly her right leg bent backwards with the top of her thigh pressing against the side of my leg. Her calve slid beneath my arm and hooked itself against my chest. Wow she was a flexible woman!. BAM! “Woah! Urkk!” the sole of her foot shot up into my throat and with a surge of leggy power I found myself falling sideways off her body and onto my back. Without hesitation the plumpish woman lifted my legs off her. I watched in terror as she positioned her right leg between my open legs helpless as her foot blasted at terrifying speed right down the middle. “Hai!” BLAM! “Ooooooooeeeee!” I squealed in terrible agony as the sole of her foot flattened my nads crushing them against my pelvis. “Hai!” I jumped looking up to see Beth kneeling by my feet, her palm a blur between my legs. BLAM! “ooooo…!” her palm hammered my balls and shaft.

“Ooh yes. I like a man who fights back. It makes it much more fun” I heard her tell me while I sat up cradling my aching balls rocking gently. “Come on Ray, try it again” she urged. “It’s not broken look it’s still a bit stiff” she chuckled. I wasn’t in the mood for games but managed to get to my hands and knees. Suddenly her legs were straddling my back. “Orrgh!” I groaned as the bottom of her thighs crushed into my waist, biting hard. My hands grabbed at her legs and I felt the hard swelling slab of thigh I saw earlier beneath the silkiness of her nylons and felt the power beneath driving those legs into my sides making it hard to breathe. “Uhhh alright alright” I gasped. As she released me and stepped away in front of me I saw her large shapely calves. I reached out and stroked them. “Wow! Beautiful calves” I gasped. Not only were they large and shapely they were rock hard. She went onto her toes and a thick downward arrowhead slab of muscle became prominent on the inside each of each calve. “I told you it wasn’t broken” she chuckled as my dick rose in appreciation of the sexy sight and feel.

She walked out of reach of my hand and turned around. “Well I’m waiting Ray” she said with her hands on her hips. I gazed with longing at those legs encased in stockings and felt my ardour grow harder. Cautiously I got to my feet knowing that I didn’t have much chance of overpowering this mature homely-faced woman but I was literally aching to try. “Maybe you need some encouragement” she told me and proceeded to unclasp the front of the corset until it was undone all the way down below her bust then popped them out so that her two big perfectly shaped heavy breasts were on full view. “Phroar!” I groaned in lustful appreciation for they were magnificent cock-hardeners and I was aching for her. “Come and get them, Ray, if you’re man enough” she teased.

In my state of arousal I didn’t know what else to do so I stepped towards her and placed my right hand on her left breast. “Hai!” instantly she snapped a chop to the inside of my upper arm with her left hand. “Ouch!” it didn’t hurt that much but it was a shock. Meanwhile her other hand had already snapped up between us. “Hai!” her right palm flashed towards my face connecting with my mouth and nose and pushing my face back. I was excited and immediately grabbed both of her wrists to stop her hitting me. I also pressed my body close to hers thinking that would stop her kicking me. She quickly raised her foot then stomped the heel down on top of my foot. BAM! “Ouch!” I cried, instinctively letting go of her hands before I realised my mistake. “Hai!” I jumped and in horror saw her fist hurtling towards my face. BAM! Her fist hammered my left cheek with bruising force crushing my cheek and forcing my face to whip to the right.

It took my eyes several seconds to regain focus and to shake the daze. “Not even enough close” she taunted with a chuckle and turned away to walk away. I wasn’t beat yet and got quickly up and rushed at her. Pressing myself against her back I managed to get my arm around her neck pulling her close against me. I gave her breast a good squeeze in victory. Beth didn’t even squeal in protest but reacted swiftly. “Hai!” her arm pistoned back driving the point of her elbow straight into my strenum. “Orrrrgh!” I groaned as it knocked the wind out of my sails. Her arm bounced forward and her forearm whipped up with her hand held open. “Hai!” the side of her hand slashed down on the left side of my neck. WAP “Rrrrragh!” I groaned as an electric shock went through my system. Still moving, her forearm swung up vertically smashing the back of her fist into my face. BAM! “Ouchh!” I cried feeling more pain lancing through my face. BAM! The next instant a strong kick swept my legs from under me and I was dumped onto my back on the floor with Aunt Beth looking invincible standing over me. “Hai!” horror went through me as she went to stomp her foot on my balls but luckily stopped with less than half an inch to spare. I felt relief but also excitement at what an awesome action woman Aunt Beth was.
My erection throbbed against the underside of her foot. “Oh Beth!” I moaned. “Better” she smiling approvingly.

Cautiously I got back to my feet, excited at this unexpected game of ours. She deliberately turned her back on me. Immediately I used both hands to grab either side of her neck at the join with her shoulders. In an instant her right arm was flung up into the arm and came down over the top of my arms knocking both of my forearms together as it hooked over the top as she turned to face me. “Hai!” her other hand came down in a chop to my neck causing my body to shake and shudder as the shock went through me. Her hand shot back as a fist hammering me so hard on the chin that I saw stars and ended up on the floor in a daze. “Had enough, Ray?” Beth asked me. “No” I gasped my dick was aching and I wanted more.

I got to my feet, somewhat unsteadily, then rushed her seizing her by the throat with both hands as if to throttle her. Beth raised her palm and for a second I thought that she was going to chop me on the neck again. In fact my dick throbbed at the thought of one of her devastating chops. BAM! To my surprise she brought down the side of her hand upon my wrists which made me lose my grip as my hands went numb. She snapped back her hand across to her other shoulder. “Hai!” WHAM! This time she did chop me on the left side of my neck and I jerked in pain. “Hai!” WHAM the same hand chopped the opposite side of my neck that sent me in a whirl down to the floor. “Get up Ray” a voice called. “I, I can’t” I panted. I felt beat. She really was good, too good for me to handle for long. “Ouch!” I yelped at a kick in the rib. “I said get up” the tone of the voice brooked no argument. Wearily I forced myself to stand. Suddenly something was flung into my face. I grabbed it to find myself holding a pair of skimpy lacy black knickers. I looked up in surprise to see Beth with her breasts hanging out of her corset wearing stockings and a suspender belt and nothing else. Her pussy was on full show. “EEEEYAH!” she screamed so loud I nearly wet myself. Her right knee rose fast yet all I could remember was the sight of her naked pussy as her leg snapped straight and the sole of her foot slammed hard into the side of my neck.

I didn’t remember falling yet I found myself on the carpet. “Come here, Ray. Kneel at my feet” Beth’s voice instructed. Looking around I saw her sitting on a chair with her stocking-clad legs wide shamelessly exposing her pussy and her big strong calves swelling as did my throbbing dick. She didn’t say a word but just pointed between her legs. I quickly crawled over there and without asking I dove my face in there and began worshipping this amazing woman with my mouth and tongue until she was moaning and speaking in tongues. At the sound of her orgasm the pressure that had built up inside of me became too much and for the second time that evening I had the most intense orgasm that I had ever experienced. Left completely drained, I slid down to lay on the carpet. Beth joined me and we cuddled on the floor. I knew that she had won but I also knew that I would be kept very happy by this amazing black widow. I only hoped that I would last out to retirement with her.

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