The deadly-legged schoolgirl (JP#10)

Man can’t keep away from a girl with extraordinary strong legs

Actually inspired by a website documenting a young boy’s legs of ‘extraordinary’ strength.
(c)Jim P 2014

The name is Steve Morris and this is my sorry tale. I was brought up by my mum, Julie. My dad, her cousin, Scott is hardly ever around and when he is, he usually leaves after stealing our money. He’s a whiny four-eyed git and I can’t stand him. However he did give me one good piece of advice when I once complained that he never gave me any pocket money. “I ain’t a bank” he said “If you want pocket money scrounge it off the weaker kids. That’s what I did when I was at school”. That served me well, unlike dad, who is a bit of a weed, I’m a 6 foot 215 pound muscular sporty type. That means most kids are weaker than me, however I find the younger ones less hassle and easy prey. In fact the main reason I stayed on at school as a caretaker was because I liked collecting my taxes from the kids to supplement my minimum wage. I’m 31 now and I enjoy the look of terror on the kid’s faces as I take their money. No, I didn’t feel bad about it. It’s only natural for the strong to pick on the poor, I see it everyday on the news. You only have to look at how our ruling class keep crushing the working classes while allowing the bankers to get away with it.

Most of the teachers around here are on the make as well and daren’t kick me out. You get to see a lot of girls developing into real hotties, some become real jail-bait real early and some of them know it and flaunt it. I’m very careful when it comes to that. Not that I’m not attracted but I play it safe. However I know plenty of the staff, both male and female, who act like kids in a sweet shop. I have the photos, names and dates ready to go to The Police if need be.

One fateful day, I saw this scrawny little girl that I hadn’t seen before behind the classrooms during break. So I went over and loomed over her menacingly, which is easy to do when you’re built like me. The girl didn’t seem fazed in the slightest. She was barely 5 foot if that with quite a cute fresh face that still bore a childish look. There was a stubby little nose, chubby cheeks, big green eyes and a small mouth with thick natural botox looking lips. Long strawberry-blonde hair framed her roundish face. She didn’t look like one of those mouthy estate kids but a nice kid from a good home. A regulation white blouse draped over a thin scrawny figure with the school tie neatly tied. Below this was a short grey pleated skirt with white socks and sensible black shoes. I didn’t linger on her thin bare legs. That was a mistake. All I saw was fresh meat. “I’m Steve, the caretaker. You’re new here. This is how it works. You give me half your dinner money each day as tax and you don’t get pounded” I told her. “I’ll even protect you from the bullies at no extra charge”.

The girl didn’t seem in the slightest bit intimated. She just looked up me with a bored expression on her youthful face and said “I’m Elle and here’s how it works”. Her voice was soft and sweet, her large green eyes brilliant and penetrating. “You will go away and leave me alone or I will break you badly”. I’ve met cocky kids before who thought they were tough but she didn’t look one of them. “Are you a black belt in kung turkey or something cos that’s the only way a scrawny little brat like you would be saved from a pounding” I cried. Her skinny figure made me confident she wasn’t and I knew to avoid those types. She clearly wasn’t one of those athletic types or a gymnast or swimmer with thick strong muscles which I avoided too. No, she was just a scrawny little brat heading for a beating. Still she didn’t look scared or the slightest bit nervous.

Without saying a word she walked over to the corner of the building, close to my workshop. That’s when I saw that the back of her slim bare legs were shiny. Was that muscle tone? No, I must be mistaken, she was too scrawny to be an athlete. Yet her calves seemed to stretch her socks into thick shapely swells. I didn’t get time for a proper look because she turned around and picked up this old fashioned metal fire bucket. I watched with amusement as she opened her legs wide trying to get the fire bucket between her slim thighs. As she did, the hem of her pleated skirt rose and I saw fleeting impressions of what appeared to be slim quads in her long thighs. No, that couldn’t be right, if someone gave her a barbell she would fall over because she was so scrawny. She managed to shove the metal bucket between her thin thighs close to her knees.

I watched with curiosity, as she managed to lock her ankles while standing then in disbelief I saw her smooth thin bare legs turn hard and rocky. A sleek unmistakable rectus femoris muscle, that’s the downward pointing one at the top, swelled up in the middle of each leg while long slab-like bulges grew on her outer thighs. I even saw the tail of the pear shaped vastus medialis on the inside edge of her slim upper legs. From all my days in the gym, I recognised those muscles of the quadriceps appearing as if from nowhere on this girl’s thin legs and I was stunned. The fire bucket began to make these clanging, banging and scrunching noises as the girl’s thighs got rockier while trembling with exertion. Then slowly but surely while popping and crunching, the bucket began to lose its circular shape at the end becoming more oval as the girl slowly straightened her legs. The muscles in her legs just kept growing larger and harder, getting more defined by the second as the bucket was crushed out of all shape. I just couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. This scrawny girl’s legs were now bulging with sleek hard muscle more defined than most athlete’s and many body-builders that I’d seen. They weren’t thick and bulky but sleek lean and hard looking.

Elle had her eyes closed in serene concentration while her expanded thighs quivered with unmistakable raw muscular power as the bucket continued to crunch, pop and snap under immense forces. I was totally mesmerised by what I was seeing and just kept gawping. By the looks of her slender muscular legs the bucket didn’t stand a chance and warped and bent inwards. I knew these old buckets were well made from thick solid metal yet this little schoolgirl was slowly crushing it flat like it was thin aluminium. The metal bucket screeched out it’s torment as it slowly flattened out. The long hard muscles in her pale thighs stood proud looking like some kind of alabaster statue. They looked impenetrable, the metal now severely weakened collapsed under the pressure until the sides touched. I was stunned for the girl’s once scrawny thighs had expanded to a good solid size bulging with very defined sleek hard muscle. The bucket flattened, her thighs deflated returning close to their normal size yet now looking more shiny and pumped. Removing the flattened fire bucket, she threw it at me and instinctively I caught it.

I was speechless for I had never seen anyone do anything like that and doubted that I could either let alone a petite skinny fresh-faced schoolgirl in her uniform. Elle didn’t say a word, she just strode past me and walked away with a strange smile on her face. That was when I realised I had an absolute monster of a massive boner straining stiffly at the front of my trousers. Not for her, I hasten to add, I’m no paedo but there was something raw and powerful about that demonstration of strength that my made dick incredibly stiff. I stared after her. Her socks had slid down below her calves and I saw they too were shiny and well developed, although quite thick. They waxed and waned as she walked, the effect intoxicating my stiffy even stiffer. I hurried back to my workshop, using the flattened bucket to cover my embarrassment. My boner just wouldn’t down so I had to, er, never you mind. I tried tugging on the sides of the bucket in case it was some kind of prank but it was now one solid plate of metal. Putting the remains cross-ways into the vice, I tried to use pressure against the thin sides to open it up but it was useless. I could barely believe that the slim thighs of a schoolgirl had the strength to crush it into a flat piece of scrap.

As I said, I’m very careful when it comes to the temptations of jail-bait, I’ve seen too many teachers get caught. But that night all I could dream about was Elle’s skinny legs swelling up with sleek hard well-defined muscle and destroying that sturdy metal fire bucket. Each time, I awoke with a rock-solid boner. Let’s get one thing clear, I’m not a paedophile, I didn’t fancy her or was into muscular women. I found a bit of defined calve or shapely legs very sexy but that was as far as I went. Yet there was something about Elle’s slim legs and how they shone with tone, how they could go from smooth and thin to hard, rocky well-defined bucket destroying monsters. I couldn’t stop thinking about that incident and worried that I was getting obsessed with her. That was bad for someone in my position. I asked the other kids about her but they just knew her as the new girl who was quiet and kept herself to herself.

A few days later at lunch-time I found Elle sitting on a low wall outside my workshop. Before I could say a word, she calmly pulled a large watermelon from her bag, opened her legs and shoved it between her pale skinny thighs. I found my anticipation rising as she locked her small ankles then began to straighten her legs. Immediately thick sleek shiny slabs of highly developed quadriceps emerged from her upper legs. They really were unbelievably well developed for a girl so young and so skinny. Quickly her quads swelled to an awesome size looking as hard as steel. PLAT! the melon simply exploded under the pressure of her sleek rippling thighs with a big wide red gash deepening in its side like a gaping mouth as it lost all rigidity. A short deluge of watery innards dumped upon the floor making my dick lurch in sympathy. Yet her hard bulging thighs continued to squeeze the fruit slicing it almost in two as she closed her thighs together. Despite myself my dick lurched stiffly again and again at the sight of this leggy power.

“ do you do that?” I managed to get the words out through my dumbfounded mind. I realised that didn’t sound right so tried again “I..I mean how are your legs like that?”. She fixed me with those big green eyes then told me “Plyometrics. Mum thought I was too skinny and needed exercises to keep me healthy. Did nothing for my weight though”. I stared at her, none the wiser. She sighed like I was thick, then explained “Plyometrics is a training technique which involves high-impact jumping. It’s exhausting”. She became more animated, talking excitedly “Sometimes I have to jump back and forth over a 2-foot post for a total of 3 minutes wearing a 20lb weight. I then have a 30 seconds break before doing it again until I’ve done 10 reps. I also do depth jumping where my legs have to deal with up to 6 times my body weight”. I begun to understand how she developed those amazing legs. She continued “In another exercise I jump from a 2-foot high box, land on the ground and then spring back up to the box. It’s very hard and I have to keep it up for 10 minutes. It really makes my leg muscles burn. I get 2 minutes rest and have to do it all over again for another 4 reps”. “Sounds like torture, why bother ? Why do it at all?” I asked. “Because my parents love me and mean well, exercise is addictive and besides it means I can do this” she replied.

From her bag she pulled out a round green hard ball which I guessed was some kind of food about the size of a football. “It’s a coconut” she said in a snobbish sneer like I didn’t know what it was (I didn’t). “The nut is inside the flesh” she continued explaining like I was dense. She tossed it to me and I was surprised by how hard and heavy it was. “Tougher than a man’s skull” she explained then took it from my hands and placed it between her thighs. Once more her ankles locked except this time she raised her legs off the ground so that they were at a slight angle. “I close my eyes to concentrate on crushing the object” She told me as she did precisely that. Gripping the nut with the muscles just above the knees, she began to flex. Her sleek shiny quads jumped up into bold relief larger than before as she squeezed the nut. The muscles bulged together looking very hard indeed as she tried to straighten her legs. Trembling and quivering, they pressed inwards upon the seemingly impervious nut. “I visualize my legs coming together and that nothing can get in the way to stop them” she told me still with her eyes closed in concentration. She increased the pressure, her quads hardened into ridges with sharp cuts between each muscle. “I don’t stop until my inner thighs meet” she said.

For a while it seemed nothing was happening then suddenly her thighs seemed to leap in towards each other with a loud pop. A thin fountain of watery milk spurt out from between her legs as they cracked through the skin and the nut within. Again my dick reacted uncontrollably at the amazing destructive power of her legs. She continued to squeeze. With a series of cracks and pops the green ball between her thighs distorted and flattened as her legs continued to completely crush the nut flat until her inner thighs touched each other. Opening her eyes and staring at me, she opened her legs and let all the crushed pieces fall to the ground. I could clearly see that this had been a coconut now by the shattered pieces with the white flesh attached. My body’s reaction to this amazing display of raw leggy strength was similar to the coconut losing its milk when her legs first broke through. Ellie just smiled, got up and walked away.

That new demonstration of the breaking power of her legs just made things worse. I couldn’t get out of my mind what I had seen and how my body had reacted. That more than anything really disturbed me. I was confused about the strong effect this scrawny little kid had on me. Yes I realised that it was that extraordinary power of her legs that my body was responding to and not Elle herself. Still, it disturbed me enough not to go out and collect my taxes for almost a whole week. Even when I steeled myself to leave my workshop at break time, unless it was raining, Elle would be sitting on the low wall outside. Her presence unnerved me so much that I would peek at her through the window wishing she would go away. Mum’s moaning about the drop in my rent money snapped me out of it. I was a man, a Morris and I wouldn’t let some scrawny little kid and her freaky legs stand between me and my tax money.

The next day at break time I got out there early to collect my taxes with a vengeance. Walking back towards my workshop with my pockets feeling nice and heavy I saw a familiar scrawny little kid in her uniform sitting on the wall outside. I was going to ignore her until she spoke. “I began to think that you were hiding from me” the little brat said cheekily. I ignored the remark and strode up to her and did some looming. “It’s tax time. Pay up or get shut up” I sneered. Once again she didn’t seem in the slightest bit bothered and reached into her bag and pulled out another watermelon. “Yeah I’ve seen that trick now cough up” I said. She ignored me and spread her thighs with her calves pointing inwards so that her legs were forming a sort of diamond shape. Placing the watermelon between the bottom of her calves, she told me  “You haven’t seen this”. Her feet went up onto her toes. I found myself holding my breath as her calves flexed to an unbelievable size out of all proportion for such a scrawny little thing. Angled as they were towards me they looked like wide spades. They seemed rock hard with razor-sharp definition between the muscle and the surrounding tendons. PLATFH! a horizontal tear across the middle of the fruit and a spurt of juice marked it’s disintegration. The schoolgirl continued to squeeze with her calves and the tear opened up to become a wide gape showing the red inside.

Once more my dick reacted making me feel uncomfortable. I tried to get a grip on my feelings and concentrate on making an example of the freaky little brat. Grabbing her roughly with both hands I hauled her to her feet. “Pay up!” I growled shaking her about. BLAM! “Orrrrpfffhh!” I wailed as her bony little knee
pistoned up fast driving right through my muscled gut taking me completely by surprise. The cramps in my gut were so strong that I couldn’t stop myself creasing forwards with only her grey pleated skirt, white socks, black shoes and bare legs to look at. “I warned you what would happen if you didn’t leave me alone. I gave you enough hints” Ellie’s voice had a edge to it I didn’t like. To my surprise the legs in front of me spread open as they went into a wide-legged crouch that on a thicker girl would be erotic. She went onto her toes and her amazing calves bulged. “Look here” she pointed and I gawp at the thick adductors like an open pair of steel scissor blades running along the inside of her upper leg into the triangle at the base of her white knickers.

“Now see what they can do” she said. With that she slapped both hands upon the back of my shoulders then leapt up with her legs opening wide as if playing leap-frog. The very act of her pulling herself up while I was stooped and winded almost made me lose my balance. She leapt up until she was sitting towards me on my shoulders with her slim thighs clamped around my neck. My centre of gravity was thrown off balance and I fell forwards with Ellie clinging on like a limpet. Luckily the playground had been recently rubberised for health & safety. Just before we hit the ground she managed to throw herself off to one side so I didn’t fall on her with her legs forced my face to turn towards her.

“Urkkk!” I croaked as her adductors sliced into the sides of my neck like the steel blades they resembled cutting off the blood flow to my brain. Trying not to panic and work fast, I grabbed her thighs with my hands to pull them away. “Urrkkk!” I croaked as her slim thighs swelled beneath my hands tightening up further on either side of my neck like iron bars. “Tug on my legs and I will squeeze harder and you’ve seen how hard I can squeeze” Elle warned. Her thighs felt as hard as steel under my hands and I could feel how much they had expanded. My eyes blurred and my brain felt fuggy. In alarm I tried clinging onto the rocky slim legs and tug at them yet they remained rock solid. “Kkkkkkk” the pressure soared to eye-watering levels that made me scared she would break my neck. Her thick adductors sliced into the arteries in my neck so hard like a pair of scissors that I feared they would cut them.

The weakness hit me like a brick wall. I suddenly no longer had the energy to keep my hands raised and they slid from her thighs to the ground. My head was completely woozy and I could no longer keep my eyes still or in focus. There was a buzzing in my ears and my face felt warm. I could barely believe, I had never lost a fight but now my neck was being cut in two by a skinny little schoolgirl. Horror of horrors, my dick was solid inside my trousers as the thought that I was about to be knocked out by a girl barely half my age with legs like steel did strange things to me. “Urhhhh!” my eyelids flicker uncontrollably. In fright my body starts to spasm in a horrible manner as my eyelids close and everything whirls in darkness and my body shuts down. Still those dreadful thick steel hard adductors dig painfully into my neck as drools runs from my mouth until I’m right mnnnnnnah

“Munnnh!” I woke with a start to the smell of flowing piss followed by rapidly disappearing footsteps and boyish laughter. Trying to move my head, I found I couldn’t. My neck hurt like blazes and when at last I managed to get to my feet I discovered that my pockets were empty. The kids must have robbed my tax money.

The next morning my neck was so stiff that I actually had to call in sick and go to doctor’s, which is something that I never normally do. He told me that I had severe bruising of the neck and asked whether I’d been in a fight which I quickly denied. I had to wear a neck brace for 4 weeks and even then it was several more before I could move my neck without pain. From then on, Elle was on my ‘to avoid’ list as too much trouble to be worth the hassle. However I kept remembering how her freaky legs crushed that fire bucket and all that other stuff and thought myself lucky that she hadn’t broken my neck with those crazy adductors. In fact for months I went out of my way to avoid her. Gradually the soreness disappeared and the feeling of humiliation faded especially after the long summer break followed by the school being closed for teacher’s training (yeah in Britain teachers close schools for training after they’ve had 6 weeks off on holiday!).

Another school year, another intake of tax payers. It wasn’t long into term when I ran into Elle sitting on the wall outside my workshop with her legs crossed reading a book. I gazed at her legs which were shiny and toned with a firmness and slight brawn about them. “Enjoying the view” she said without looking up from her book. “Why don’t you take a picture? It will last longer” she said. I was going to ignore the cheeky brat and go inside but seeing her legs again re-ignited my curiosity. “Elle” I said while looking around to make sure there were no teachers watching. “I’ve got some scales inside”. She looked at me as if I were weird. My mouth was going dry, anxious that the words came out right. “We could er measure how strong your legs are. You know, er, properly”. What was I doing? One part of my brain told me to keep my distance, the other was running excited thoughts of seeing those amazing muscles once more. I felt stupid for asking and knew she would say no, so I turned to unlock the door.

“You sure you don’t want to get me in there to do pervy things to me?” her voice piped up. “Because if you do, I will break you badly” she warned. “No, I promise I’m just curious to measure how strong your legs are” I said quickly trying to reassure her. “OK” she said, putting her book in her bag. “But this better not be another attempt to make me pay your silly tax” she said standing up and putting her bag over her shoulder. Was she a little less scrawny? “I hate bullies” she mumbled as she walked towards the door. I led her in, closing the door behind her and locking it. Her eyes narrowed accusingly. “I don’t want anyone walking in on us” I explained “I don’t think they would understand if they caught me measuring a girl’s legs”. Elle seemed to accept that and started to have a good look around my workshop.

“Wow! You’ve a lot of stuff in here to crush!” she exclaimed looking at all the old tools and equipment. “No, it’s school property, not for you to break” I said quickly. “Much of it is stuff that teachers put out for scrap, particularly woodwork and metalwork. I bring it here to repair” I explained, leaving out the bit about selling it on with the money going into my pocket. Elle gave a delightful little chuckle “I’m just teasing, silly. Now where’s these scales?” she asked. “I’ll get that in a minute but we need to take some baseline measurements first” I told her. After a bit of rummaging around in various drawers on the big old wooden workbench, I pulled out a tape measure. “Your legs swell up really large when you’re crushing stuff. The difference in size between your legs when they are relaxed and when they are flexed is astonishing. I want to measure just how much they expand” I told her.

Without asking her permission I got down on my knees and put the tape around the middle of her bare upper leg. “21 inches” I read off. “You better not be doing this so that you can touch up my legs” she warned. I ignored her and put the tape around the thickest part of her calves. “11 inches” I read. There was an old blackboard on the wall and using some chalk I wrote the figures upon it. “We’ll do the same when they are flexed” I said. A bit more rummaging around and I pulled out an old set of bathroom scales. It was one of those flat ones in a metal case with a rubber coated pressure pad and a circular dial. I made sure it was centred on zero then handed it to her. “Put this between your knees then squeeze as hard as you can” I told her. Elle jumped up onto the workbench with her legs dangling over the edge and began to put the scales flat between them. “Let me get the tape in first” I said quickly and dropped one end of the tape between her thighs, caught it then pulled it loosely around her right thigh then placed the ends on the worktop. “OK, go for it” I told.

Elle closed her legs and locked her ankles holding the scales firmly in place. She closed her eyes and seemed to go into a trance blanking everything out as she concentrated on squeezing. Her legs tried to straighten and immediately dense yet sleek quads leapt out upon thighs that had a second ago been slim and smooth with no sign of any muscle. Just being so close and watching them pop into life gave me a sense of inferiority as they flexed into incredible definition and extreme prominence. From smooth to powerfully defined in a split-second, her fast-twitch fibre response was incredible. The circular dial shot right around but I couldn’t clearly read it and lent closer to get a better look. My face got close to that thick mass of well-developed rockiness and believe me they were really impressive and quite intimidating. Before I had realised I was doing it, my hand was reaching to feel those quads. Quickly I stopped myself and turned my attention to the dial. I had to look again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. The dial had spun right around off the end of it’s scale and was threatening to break the end-stop!. The scale went up to 250 lbs, but the pressure from Elle’s legs was way over the scale’s limit. A stiff paralysis spread rapidly over my manly regions.

With nervous shaking hands I picked up the ends of the tape measure and adjusted it around that awesomely powerful bulging thigh. “25 inches” I gasped in disbelief. An expansion of 4 inches! Contracted hard they looked incredibly solid, so much so that I doubted anything except solid steel or granite could have stood up their expansion. My hand moved towards those dense quads standing proud and strong in sharp definition. She was so wrapped up in her mental concentration that she didn’t react as I placed my hand gingerly on her quads. The stiffness in my pants magnified as I felt her smooth skin stretched taut over muscle that really were as hard as they looked.

CRACK CRACK CRACK a series of cracks and crunches made me jerk my hand back in alarm but Elle was still engrossed with her eyes closed focussing on bringing her inner thighs together. To my astonishment, the top half of the plate was bent inwards at a severe angle. I don’t think Elle even realised and kept squeezing her legs together. I wanted to feel her legs again and stretched out my hand. Suddenly her eyes flew open as her legs came together and I quickly pulled back my hand. “What were you doing?” she asked in an accusing tone. “N..nothing” I replied “ broke my scales”. She pulled out the flattened object from between her legs that had now begun to go back to their normal size. “Oops” she said then asked “how strong was that?”. “I…I don’t know, it went right off the scale. Over 250lbs” I gasped. “And 4 inches expansion, that’s unbelievable” I said excitedly as I got up and went over to the blackboard to write down the figure, praying that she hadn’t seen the strain in the front of my trousers and hoping that it would go down quickly – it didn’t.

“Well that’s that then” Elle said and jumped down from the workbench. “No, no” I said, thinking quickly. I really didn’t want her to go just yet, I needed to see more of those amazing legs. “I’ve got a real old-fashioned set of scales. Real strong ones. Come on” I said then led her by the hand to the back of the workshop. Here the roof sloped so low that you could touch the ceiling without even needing to go onto your toes. Right at the back was a big metal weighing machine like you used to get in hospitals. A big thick metal plate upon which you stood before a sturdy metal column that came up to your chest with a big oval shaped head which housed the curved dial around which a metal pointer indicated your weight. Waist-high, a tubular metal handrail enclosed the the plate on three sides. “How am I going to get that between my legs?” the girl by my side said. “You don’t. You will stand on it and try to exert as much pressure as you can through your calves” I told her.

Elle stepped onto the plate and stood still while I moved a little brass pointer set outside the glass to where the big pointer was. “This records the force exerted by your weight alone” I explained “You will try to push the pointer above this”. I dangled the tape measure in my hands “I will also be measuring your calves” I told her. Facing the dial, Elle closed her eyes and a serene look came over her as she got into that mental state. Holding the rails and with her knees straight she began to press forwards with her toes, slowly lifting her heels. It was like slabs of chunky steel moved to the top of her nicely shaped calves and solidified. I was astonished by the difference in size between her small ankles as her calves swept out on both sides with a beautiful curve almost like an inverted bowling pin. Each outer calve bulged densely outwards while the inner was a sharply defined downward spear head with a thick cliff-like edge to it. As I watched, the outer calves too become more defined and hard edged with a deep sharply defined arrow shaped notch between the calve heads. They looked somehow sensual and so sexy that I had to stop my hands running up and down them and getting turned-on.

I glanced at the dial and was gob-smacked to see the pointer trying to push pass the end of the dial at 500lbs! It only took 283lbs of pressure to crush a human skull. I had looked it up following that episode with that coconut. With hands shaking with excitement and a loud beating heart I knelt down and measured her sensationally shaped and densely flexed right calve. “17 inches!” I gasped in amazement. From 11 inches to a whopping 17! So close to those powerful looking perfect specimens, I couldn’t help it and began to run my hands over them, drinking in their denseness and solidity. Something else of mine became solid. I was staggered by the deep sharp edge to her bulging diamonds. “What are you doing?!” Elle shrieked. I jerked back my hand but it was too late, I had been caught in the act. “I..I” the words were stuck in my mouth. She turned to face me, looking furious as she glared at me kneeling by her feet. Embarrassment turned to anger, why should I be scared of what a little schoolgirl thought? “OK, I was copping a feel but your calves are sensational. I just had to have a feel. Get over it” I told her. Ellie didn’t reply, instead she lifted her leg and placed her foot in the middle of my chest. Before I could get my hands to it, a huge surge of pressure was directed at my chest and I was flung onto my back.

Elle stepped forward and put both feet on my chest. She wasn’t that heavy so I wasn’t that bothered. “Get off you brat or I’ll stand on you and see how you like” I growled trying to sound menacing. Remember that I told you that the ceiling sloped low where we were? Well very slowly the strawberry-blonde began to straighten her legs whilst pushing her hands against the ceiling. The pressure on my chest grew. I’ve got a broad muscular chest but even so the balls of her feet in her shoes were right upon my breastbone and were pushing it down. “Get off!” I gasped remembering how she sent the scales right off the dial. Her legs were right in front of me and I could see the rippling of the muscles in her calves and thighs. A pulsing vein throbbed in the side of her calf amidst hardening muscles. She’d pressed over 500lbs on those scales but how much pressure would break my chest? I began to worry. I wanted to tell her to stop but found to my horror that I couldn’t say anything. The pressure flowing through her calves and into her feet made it hard to breathe let alone speak. Elle’s quads hardened into dense ridges and her knees were nearly straight. I grabbed her feet and tried to push them off but it was like pushing against two lampposts. From the front, her calves looked rock hard and despite my predicament I had to confirm it and felt as they slowly contracted under my fingers while exerting a phenomenal force through her toes down on my ribs. Jeez! I was sure I could feel them bowing under the pressure! Still her expanded well-defined legs drew my attention.

I could just about reach the lower part of her quads and they too were hard as a rock. My fingers discovered a very solid landscape where I could feel every little ridge and valley. Her legs were even beginning to get cut-up with veins and tendons rising to the surface. In the presence of such feminine power my dick was throbbing like crazy. Still the pressure continued to soar making me genuinely alarmed. I tried to rolling to my left or right to throw her off and escape her crushing feet. Yet the muscles in her young legs rippled beneath my hands as she adjusted her balance to counter my efforts and ride my chest. I saw her lock her knees then flex her quads to the maximum. The thought hit me that I was being crushed to death by a little schoolgirl! I could see that she was deep in that mental state focussing on nothing else but to flex every muscle in her legs as hard as she could get them. Already the muscle heads of her quads bulged massively making me feel so weak and helpless in their presence. I was certain that Elle had forgotten I was under her feet. She was going to kill me without even realising it!

I slapped at her bulbous muscular calves but it was like hitting marble. In response Elle flexed her calves still more and I felt the sharp ridges swell further. With morbid fascination and increasing shortness of breath, I felt the muscles shorten and widen as they contracted. Her toes pressed down until her feet were fully extended and her calves massive. Ugh! I could barely breathe and my face felt red. Looking from the front, her calves flared out from the sides of her long slim shins. The large veins on the insides were visibly popping out. No please! I prayed silently hearing my ribs creaking under pressure. My head was swimming, unable to draw breath. Panicking that she was going to knock me out again and not notice until she busted my rib-cage, I somehow found the last dredges of energy to use my legs to buck my body violently until she lost balance and fell off.

I was going to get the brat in a headlock and throttle some respect into her but all I could do was lay on my back panting and gasping for air. Suddenly like a persistent terrier, the little schoolgirl leapt on top of me straddling my waist and tried to pin my arms to the floor. It was like a gnat trying to pin a buffalo and I laughed at the absurdity. Seizing her small hands I began to sit up while she struggled in vain to stop me. I chuckled at the frustration in her face “Not so tough now are you? Now that you can’t use your freaky legs”.

For a second I saw the look of concentration as she slid her legs down between mine, they felt silky smooth and it wasn’t unpleasant. As I felt her feet lace around the inside of my shins I realised what she was doing, but it was too late. “Arghhh!” the next second I’m screaming as my legs are ripped wide open. I’ve wrestled jocks who’ve put me into a grapevine press, but none had me crying out in the first second like this little brat had. “Argggh!” she had simply torn my legs wide apart like they were a wishbone. “Argh!” the tendons in the top of my leg and my joints burned and hurt as she tore me apart like paper. I thought I had strong muscular legs myself and had gone up against many guys and always won. Even though I had seen what her legs could do and measured the force they could exert, never had I expected my legs to be so feeble not to prevent it happening that fast. “Argh!” I could feel my legs slowly moving further apart. I tried to focus and use the strong muscles in my own legs to resist and force them back into a position where I could then take care of her with my fists. Straining and grunting, I just felt the overwhelming power oppose me as if I wasn’t trying my best to stop them slowly spreading mine further. “Argh!” she keeps trying to pin my hands to the floor but is unable. Remembering how light she is I try to sit up to push her off but find it too difficult with my legs spread into a wide V. Grunting and sweating I try to raise my head and shoulders off the ground, hoping to make it easy to dislodge her. Only for Elle to lean past my right shoulder and tuck the back of my neck under her armpit with her forearm wrapped around the side of my neck and my throat with the palm of her hand by my face. “Arghh Jeez!” I groaned. I was now in an even more uncomfortable position with my legs pressed wide and my head and neck forced forwards off the floor.

Feeling the power of her legs continuing to tear me apart while staring down at the side of her sleek shiny thighs standing proud like a pale coloured rock gave me a serious boner which I could see peeking up like a tent between the backs of her slim but powerful legs. I also noticed her small tight backside tantalisingly draped with her pleated skirt tight moulding itself to an attractive shape. “Arghh!” ignoring the pain in my leg sockets, my hands found her backside and I pull up the hem of her skirt. “Oi! Stop that” she cries but I don’t and run my hands over the back of her white knickers marvelling how small and perfectly rounded her buttocks were yet smooth and as hard as cannon-balls. “Argh!” I yelp, my hands trying to cling onto her taut glutes as another surge of power shifts my feet apart millimetre by millimetre. Each time my feet are pushed back and out, enables her to get a tighter hold of my neck beneath her scrawny arms. “Argh!” I can’t stop crying out at the lances of pain shooting up my crotch.

I grab hold of the small wrist by my jaw and manage to peel her forearm away from my throat. “Ouch!” she throws her body to the left bringing what bodyweight she has against the side of my face keeping me pinned in the crook of her arm looking out past her back at her clenched buttocks and beyond. “Offff pfff pfff” panting like a stream train I spot something else interesting. Reaching out for the back of her legs that are slowly moving my legs further beyond my puny limits of flexibility, I discover more sleek hard swelling muscle. I am excited to find that her hamstrings are as well-developed and as hard as the rest of her leg muscles. In fact by the feel of them, they seem to have expanded much larger and thicker of them all. The sheer unadulterated power flowing beneath my hands making my tendons tear and my joints scream, has my trouser tent twitching wildly. “Argh argh!” I cry as the shooting pains get worse. In desperation I grab onto the backs of her legs and pull and tug with all my might. Yet her legs are like steel girders, I can’t even make an indentation with my fingers and they won’t budge an centimetre. I tried to throw myself upon my shoulders and form a back-bridge. That just made things worse as her calves ripped away my feet from the floor spreading my legs wider as she brought me back to earth.

“My legs are going to do the full splits now” her voice told me in a matter of fact tone that gave me the chills “and nothing is going to stop them until they do”. I knew that Elle had her eyes shut in that strange focussed mental state of hers. I had thought that the reason she was moving my legs apart so very slowly after the startling initial surge of leggy power was because my legs were too strong and inflexible to move further; I was so terribly mistaken. “ARGGH! NO!! ARGHH!” I was screaming as the schoolgirl’s legs proceeded to move steadily apart at a faster rate pressing mine with them. Her hams were bulging like massive whale backs from the slim sea of the back of her legs under my hands with such enormous scary muscular strength that I totally creamed myself.

Completely humiliated in more ways than she probably realised there was nothing that I could except cry and whimper like a pathetic loser. Her powerful legs pulled my feet so far back that my thighs were virtually in a horizontal line on either side of my crotch. I heard myself crying pitifully as the tendons in my crotch ripped, as did my trousers in the crotch and the pants beneath them under the immense strain. “Just a bit more now” I could hear the strain in her voice. “Oh Jeez no NO!” I screamed as a further surge of incredible power built upon the immense power already there to tear my thighs wide open. My ligaments, bones and pelvis shrieked with insane pain as little Elle ripped my legs into the splits. Even now I could feel her shins straightening up pressing my calves into a straight line with my thighs. I was beyond agony, my crotch throbbing terribly. I was powerless to stop her, all I could do was lie there in severe pain while a little girl in her white blouse and grey pleated skirt and socks didn’t stop until she was doing the perfect splits on top of me while forcing my legs to do the same. Elle kept me there in that humiliating position while keeping a tight hold of my neck forcing me to look down at her tightly clenched buttocks and rock-hard bulging quads doing the splits while my crotch and tendons throbbed in such sheer agony that I felt nauseous. “That will teach you to bully girls that are smaller than you” I could hear the self-satisfied smirk in her voice “because eventually they will turn-around and bully you”.

Eventually she unlocked her feet from my legs and released my head from beneath her arm then sprang lithely to her feet. She showed no signs of any exertion except that her legs looked pumped and highly toned. I was in such agony that it really didn’t register she had let me go until I heard a girlish chuckle come from somewhere above me. I saw her turn and go but I couldn’t move my legs. To my horror my legs were locked solid still doing the splits. “Elle please don’t leave me like this” I called after her retreating back. Without even slowing or looking back she just raised her hand and waved. “Bye!” she sang. “Elle please” I begged but she was through that door without a single glance back.

After several painful minutes of trying to stop my legs sticking out on either side, I had no choice but to bite my embarrassment and call 999 on my mobile phone. The paramedics finally arrived and tried not to laugh at my absurd position but failing. Of course they asked how I ended up in such an absurd position and I told them red-faced that I had been trying out a new yoga position and got out of my depth. After some rather painful manipulations involving two men pulling on each leg in turn to unlock them, they carried me away on a stretcher. I was ages in that hospital until mother came to take me back home in a taxi. I was weeks off work trying to slowly hobble around without wincing in agony. Thanks to the British Government opting out of EU worker’s rights legislation the school showed typical employer sympathy and refused to pay sick leave and told me that I would have dismissed myself if I didn’t return to work immediately.

The next day I was back at work, hobbling around the school unable to catch the brats to collect my taxes as they ran away laughing. In time the physical problems healed but the psychological ones took longer. I found myself jumping at the sight of any scrawny blonde schoolgirl. They kept reminding me of the frightening forces Elle’s freaky legs could produce and how badly they had hurt me. I swore that I would never get involved with her again. Yet all the while I was off work, with nothing to do but brood, all I had thought about were those legs and I felt anger and frustration. Yet I also had a strange fascination for them, remembering the effect that she had upon me as she crushed me beneath her feet and when she effortlessly applied that extreme grapevine press. Feeling better each day, I resolved to teach her a lesson. Although her legs were deceptively strong, the rest of her was scrawny and weak. Nevertheless it was a while before I saw her alone close to my workshop to put my plan into action. Maybe that was why I noticed that her face was less child-like and more that of a young woman who cared about her appearance. Even her strawberry-blonde hair had been cut and styled into a more mature fashion. I’ve seen plenty of girls bloom. One day they come back after one of the breaks, skinny gawky girls no more who now turned the heads of the boys that had previously teased them now falling over themselves to awkwardly chat them up. Then there were the skinny flat-chested ones that the boys ignored who had a sudden huge growth spurt and returned with some of the most massive breasts imaginable that left those same boys drooling and not knowing what to do or say. That’s when the experienced teacher steps in like a kid in a candy store. I didn’t know which way Elle would turn out, was she slightly taller? probably she’ll end up tall, willowy and quite pretty turning men’s heads with long shapely legs.

I pushed that to the back of my mind as moving fast and stealthily I crept up behind her. I pounced and got my thick muscular arm around her neck before she had a chance to react. Grabbing her beneath the right armpit and across her chest with my other arm I dragged her backwards off the wall and off to the workshop. Holding her in the headlock with just one arm, I unlocked and opened the door. Yes, she tried to writhe about and kick back but I squeezed her neck tight until she packed it in. Twisting her skinny arm so hard behind her back that I thought it would break, I frog-marched her into the back well away from the windows. There I had created a space for an old gym mat on the floor. Letting go of her arm and neck I lifted her body and pressed it face first into the low ceiling before slamming it into the mat. BLAM! “Ouch!” she cried as she hit the mat face first. I immediately leapt on top of her causing another cry of pain as my weight landed astride her back then flipped her over to her back and began throttling her tiny neck in my big strong hands. “Grkkk grkkk!” she was croaking with her face turning bright red and looking frightened. I leaned forwards bringing my face close. “I’m in charge here. You will respect me and pay my taxes without question. Understood?” “Grkkk!” she croaked. I eased off choking her and raised my right fist. “I said, do you understand?” I asked with menace. She nodded her head. I slid myself back a bit so that I could bring my face right close then said “And if I want to feel your legs at any-time, you will let me”. “No!” she gasped. I wrapped my arm around the back of her neck and began squeezing her head while kneeling astride her stomach. Little Elle went wild, trying to slip down between my knees, writhing, bucking her body and kicking my back. BAM BAM BAM BAM! with her face set in a determined grimace, her kicks to my back got stronger and stronger until they were rocking my body which combined with her bucking body unseated me. I fell off to the side and saw her try to make her escape. Quickly rolling onto my knees I grabbed her arm and yanked her back down to the mat where I re-secured my headlock on her then pulled her down onto her side next to me so I could work it.

I realised that I was laying on something and found that it was the inside of one of her legs. “Don’t mess with me little girl” I snarled “If I want something, I will take it”. Even with her head locked she was still thrashing around and thumping me with these close-quarters stomp-like kicks with her free leg. THUMP THUMP THUMP The next time her leg came close to kick me, I made a grab for it. Big mistake, as I rolled towards it to catch it, it slipped my grasp and the side of the leg slammed into me. Before I knew it, her legs were around my chest just under my arms. Too late I realised that I was deep between her legs and she had already locked ankles. Her quads flexed in extremely quick response, snapping steely tight in an instant. “Orrragghh!” I groaned out loud as all of my breath burst out of my mouth in an involuntary shout as Elle’s muscles contracted hard. I thought that my chest was thick and well-developed but they couldn’t resist the legs on this pint-sized brat for an instant. It was scary how quickly her legs pressed down my rib-cage. Looking down at my chest in disbelief, the hem of her grey pleated skirt had been pushed right back uncovering the whole length of her pale but shiny slender legs. The large tear-drop shaped inner thigh muscle swelled pressing tight against my breastbone and I could feel it’s opposite number bulging tight against my back.

The pressure eased slightly. Elle was on her side leaning upon one elbow looking down at me. “You want to feel my legs, here feel them” she said then flexed her quads tight again. “Nnnnneeekk!” I could only make a pathetic little squeak as there was barely any air left in my lungs. Jeez! Her grip was so intense. I balled up my fists and began pounding on her legs but it didn’t seem to hurt her at all, they were like a marble worktop. Like an anaconda, her legs tightened their breathtaking grip. In fascination I watched her quads leap up into stony looking ridged slabs of unbelievable definition for a girl her age. They were so well developed yet sleek that many fitness competitors would have been green with envy. Oh Jeez! I felt how her quads jutted out from her slim legs exerting a terrible pressure as her inner thigh bulged like a steel balloon pushing down my breastbone. Arghhh no! In desperation I placed my feet firmly on the floor with my knees bent and pushed my rear end up into a bridge. Arghhh! Nothing. The little girl held on tight like a terrier straightening her legs causing my ribs to compress as her inner thighs rippled and bulged hardening further still.

Frantically I bucked my hips up and down fast but the only thing I achieved was to tire myself out. Argghhh! It was like steel poles were being forced lengthways into my front and back. Arghhh! It really did feel like her scissors was really going to cut my body in two. Once again this little scrawny schoolgirl had me completely helpless between her freaky strong legs. Jeez no! I slid my hand in the gap between her shins, just above her white socks, and tried to get good grip around the top calve. I then tried to push or pull it away to break her leg lock and get her legs apart. They too seemed rock solid and immovable. Suddenly the calve flexed really hard and I found my hand trapped between the hard bulging muscle and the top of the shin beneath. No no! the powerful calf muscle swelled crushing my fingers against her bony hard shin, bending them painfully. No! All I could was stare wide-eyed in fascinated terror as her quads flexed slowly harder into perfect anatomical specimens while her knees slowly straightened.

Elle had her eyes closed in that serene mental state and I knew that she wouldn’t stop until her legs were together. I placed my palm on the top thigh and felt the muscles contract as my head and shoulders began involuntary rocking back and forth short distances with my mouth gaping for breath. Again I tried tugging at them with my free hand but they just too solid and got tighter and tighter. “Gkkk gkkkk gkkk” strange gagging noises came out of my throat. Her thighs were getting hot beneath my palm and were incredibly hard and striated. With tears in my eyes and an absolutely raging boner in my pants I felt my rib-cage bowing inwards dangerously. I was certain that Elle wouldn’t stop until my chest was crushed all the way against my spine. Please I’m sorry I wanted to cry but there was no more air in my lungs. Elle’s quads now were massive and ripped as they continued to flex harder. Every muscle was clearly defined and separated, and each one looked extraordinarily powerful. There were also prominent veins on her quads. So immensely powerful and unstoppable did they look, so close to my face that I just lost it again in my pants.

With a sickening sensation, something gave with a muffled crack and Elle’s stony flexed legs leapt into the middle of my chest creating a horrible dish where her powerful muscles were pressing it down. A kind of detachment came over me as the worst kind of pain imaginable overloaded my sensations. I felt the bile in my mouth as a wave of dizziness came over me. Through the daze I saw that my fingers were a deathly white where they stuck out from beneath the calve that trapped them, just above her white socks. My mind went into a darkening whirl.

The next thing I knew was waking to find myself in A&E. Every breath was agony. Diagnosed with a large number of fractured ribs, I was sent home with nothing more than painkillers and told to rest to let them heal naturally. Apparently doctors don’t even recommend braces or splints. There was searing agony with every breath for a week followed by three months of continual pain that ranged from mild to excruciating whenever I breathed too deep breath, coughed, bent or twisted my body in any way. I told the Police that I think something heavy fell on me whilst I was working. My caring employers tried to sack me for carelessness and employ a migrant at half the minimum wage. That is until Dad threaten to sue them under health and safety regulations. He was disappointed when they let me keep my job, the creep didn’t care about me, just the compensation money which he would have pocketed before disappearing again.

Returning to work, I tried to forget Elle and keep out of her way. Then one day I was following this great pair of hard calves jutting out of a pair of knee-high white socks, enjoying the view as they bulged and waned as she walked not realising who it was until she turned and I saw her face. That lunchtime she was waiting for me outside my workshop. “So you like looking at my legs, do you? Well look at this” she said then placed her hands upon the top of the concrete bollard they had put in the centre of the slope-way. She leapt up like she was playing leap-frog but instead of jumping over it, her slim legs wrapped around and locked ankles. She closed her eyes and immediately a hard ridge of muscle appeared in the centre at the top of each upper leg standing proud like a slim arrow head pointing towards her knee. My heart beat loud in my ears and my groin stiffened as shiny legs bulged with untold power between her mighty well-developed thighs. I knew what she was trying to do but couldn’t believe it was possible. I was wrong. Elle’s quads bulged harder and larger than I had ever seen them, quivering as she gritted her teeth and bore down on solid concrete. POP POP CRACK CRACK The centre of the bollard gave way as if she were crushing honey-comb. She jumped off, leaving shattered pieces of concrete to crumble off and fall to the ground. Once again, this little schoolgirl had blown my mind with the sheer destructive power of her slim legs. She had just crushed a concrete bollard and the front of my trousers had a wildly twitching tent. Smiling weirdly Elle just sat on the low wall watching me.

What made me do it, I’ll never know, but I got down on my knees in front of her. “You are amazing. You’re’re a goddess. I just want to worship you” I gasped in awe. She just giggled like a silly girl no doubt not knowing what I was going on about. “Don’t any of the boys ask to feel your legs? Ask to be squeezed between them?” I asked. “No” she chuckled “That’s just weird. Boys don’t like muscles on girls. You’re weird”. I remembered her knowing smiles “You know they do. You know full well the effect your muscular legs have on me. You’re not that innocent any more” I told her. “No that’s just you and you’re weird. The boy I fancy looked like he would run a mile when I gave him a teasing flex” she told me. “That’s his loss. Loads of men find female muscles sexy. I can be your boyfriend and worship your legs” I told her. “I don’t think so. You’re far too old, weird and you bully little kids” she replied. “I’ll give that up for you” I said then put my hands on her knees and opened her legs. Strangely she didn’t resist. I felt the smoothness of her relaxed thighs then asked “Squeeze me, Elle. Squeeze me hard and I’ll never ask again”. “But you will won’t you? You’ll ask again and again” she said with more than a measure of truth.

I tried to push my face between those creamy slim thighs but her hand blocked the way. “Uh-uh no way you’re sticking your face up there” she said. “Elle please” I begged. “I’ll break you and get into trouble” she said “because once I get going, I can’t stop”. “I’ll take full responsibility” I replied. She didn’t need much persuading. Her fingers wiggled telling me turn around. I did and sat with my back to her. I felt the warmth of her inner thighs as they slipped around my head and placed my palms on her thighs and stroked. Relaxed they seemed too slim to be able to hurt anything. Elle locked her ankles and her legs tightened to a comfortable squeeze and I could feel the play of muscle just below the surface of her soft skin poised to pounce. “Oh Ellie I’m in heaven” I moaned as my groin stiffened in anticipation. “You soon will be or more likely the place below” I heard her say “At least I get to make you leave me alone for once and for all”.

There was no talking after that, only screaming. One second there was soft silky skin holding firmly against either side of my head and beneath my hands, the next they had snapped into steel-hard compressors swelling massively. My hands were being pushed quickly away from my head. The pressure soared well past bearable to extremely painful and I knew this had been a bad mistake. “No please Elle No Argghh! Please stop, I’ve changed my aaarghh mind” I cried but she was too zoned out to notice. “Garkkk!” her inner thighs were bulging so hard they were pressing into the sides of my jaw and cheeks that I could no longer move my mouth to cry. Argh my ears were pushed by her powerful adductors into the sides of my head and I felt my face was squeezed into a long narrow shape. I remembered, 283Lbs to crush a man’s skull and this little schoolgirl had bust the scales at 500! Jeez, her thighs now felt like armoured plates coming together crushing whatever was stupid enough to get in-between – my head. Arghh! I had to screw up my eyes as they went horribly out of focus.

Desperate to make her stop I beat my fists upon her thighs but they were so hard that she probably didn’t even notice. Oh Jeez! It was really hurting bad now. The pressure exerted by Elle’s legs was so intense that it felt like my skull would shatter at any moment. The vision of that coconut breaking between her legs and spilling its contents upon the ground kept playing itself in my mind. My dick lurching at the memory. Arghh POP SNAP CRACK BANG! The splitting pain was agony and I could feel myself crying openly.
“Don’t try to move Mister Morris” a voice told me. I tried to move my head but I couldn’t. It felt like my head was stuck in a clamp while I was propped up in bed. “You’ve sustained severe fractures of your skull. You were hours in surgery. You are lucky to be alive. We’ve had to brace your head to keep it still while it mends. I’m afraid you will be here for some time to come”. All I could think of was Elle and how I’d never see her legs again.

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