The Internet Date (JIMP#58)

Professional male seeks female muscular Judo black-belt looking for fun

Jean is based upon a real person. Each time I see her, her calves seem to be larger and more muscular than before! I just had to write another story about her

By Jimp based on a suggestion by Fotios Barounis
(c)Jim P 2014

Part 1. The Perils of Internet Dating
Let me introduce myself. My name is Fotios but most people call me Frank which is easier for the English to use. I originally came over from Greece and I’m a 45 year old professional career person in the finance industry. Commuting into London by train for nearly 2 hours each way to work hard each week-day leaves me little time for leisure. I like to keep myself in great shape by playing football at the weekend and have some weights I try to lift daily. However, I have found that my lifestyle isn’t conducive to meeting women and I’m at that age where I am now thinking about settling down and having a serious relationship.

I’ve tried Internet dating sites before and soon found myself going out with gold-diggers who thought that I must be a multi-millionaire just because I work in banking. I’m quite well paid but not to that extent. Even when I got past that hurdle I found myself meeting ladies who just didn’t float my boat. That is when I decided to be honest with myself and put in my profile that I was looking for the characteristics of my ideal woman: someone younger but no more than about 30, well educated and attractive but more importantly a lady who was muscular and a black belt in Judo. For that was the fetish that I had been keeping secret for so many years until I discovered thanks to the Internet that I wasn’t alone or as weird as I had long thought. I had never ever knowingly met a woman like that and as unsatisfied with the sort of women I was meeting decided to take the gamble and enter it into my profile not really expecting it to throw up anything. Therefore I was surprised to get two matches.

One is a woman in her 30’s who says she is a gym-rat, a fitness instructor and competitor. From her pictures she looks really hot, blonde hair, fit tanned body and she does kick-boxing. However I can’t see being kicked and punched much fun unlike being thrown around and put in holds by a Judo lovely. Also she says she is looking for a guy so they can work out together in the gym each day. By the time I get home from work and had a bite to eat, the last I want to do is exhaust myself at the gym. As tempting as she looked I decided to pass.

As I read the other match my heart began to race with excitement, her name was Jean and she claimed that she had a black belt in Judo amongst other things and a strong body with exceptionally well-developed muscular calves although she wasn’t a gym freak as she called it. Her profile said she was also 45, I was hoping for someone a bit younger but seeing as this was the best match I had, I decided to get in contact. Jean described herself as petite brunette but full-figured with an impressive bust and grey eyes. Her profile had no picture, which always makes me suspicious about a woman’s claims of her looks and I begin to wonder whether she even could throw me around. However as soon as we began to exchange private messages, my enthusiasm grew as it became apparent that Jean’s fantasies complemented my own. She dreamed of playfully dominating a man with her Judo throwing skills with both getting more and more turned on until they ended up making love! She even wrote that she dreamt of sexually dominating a man to the point that he would never, ever look at or want to be with another woman besides herself. Sex with another woman would be ruined for me because no other woman could give me the experience that she could. I was sporting a huge aching boner just reading her words and was eager to meet her to which she agreed. Fortunately she lived in a small town only 15 miles away. Since she didn’t drive, we agreed to meet at her place the following weekend.

I had a very bad week at work, barely able to get things done as my mind kept drifting to my forthcoming date with Jean. Well, I say date but we weren’t going out as we both knew what we wanted. Saturday evening came and with great excitement I drove to the address she had given me. It was a respectable semi-detached in a quiet residential estate. Parking and locking the car I got out and headed down the front path. Ringing the the door bell, it was opened immediately. Standing before me was a rather grumpy-looking little old lady. A pit opened up in my stomach. Part of me wanted this to be Jean’s mother, a mother wearing a Judo gi jacket with a black belt around her waist with bare legs below. Wow her mother was a Judo expert as well, but somehow I knew this was Jean. To be honest the shock of being confronted by a woman in a gi jacket regardless of her age or appearance had my balls contracting. But that face! Wrinkly and crabby looking with a sour down-turned mouth. That poured cold water on the sexual prowess that she claimed online, for how could anyone make love to woman with a crinkly grumpy face like that? I couldn’t even imagine bringing myself to kissing those dried up old lips.

“Well don’t just stand there gawping, come in” she said in a sharp commanding tone in a worn gravelly voice. I hesitated, somewhat perturbed that Joan was not the sort of woman that I was expecting her to be. For a start it was most obvious that she had lied about her age. She looked nearly twice as old as me! She was also quite unattractive to look at. Well, maybe she had been good looking when she was younger but now all I could see were wrinkles, creases, thinning hair and a saggy chin. On the other hand, she wore that Judo gi jacket with confidence, cutting a sturdy powerful looking figure. Deep down, I felt with a twitch of my dick that she might be the real thing regardless of her age and looks. Since I was already there and it was too late to turn back without being rude I decided that I should go inside. I did so with a tingling excitement of what may transpire, the gi jacket having clinched it.

I studied her as she closed the door behind me. Jean was certainly much older than me and less than 5 foot tall. She was no frail little old lady because she had a squat powerful figure with broad shoulders, although they sloped, a thick bullish neck and thick arms that seemed firm beneath the sleeves. She had been right about her bust. The front of her gi thrust towards me like two torpedoes while hanging low in a very exciting manner that made my balls lurch. I also like women with large breasts but never thought that I would ever be able to combine both fantasies. I was too close to see her legs so took in her face. It was oval-shaped and pale with a short slender nose, small but piercing grey eyes with a small firmly set mouth. There were a lot of lines and creases on her well-worn face with a sagging chin and receding short curly hair which was dyed auburn.

“You’re not 45 are you Jean?” I tried to keep the disappointment out of my voice. “No, I’m 86. Would you have agreed to meet me if you knew that, boy?” she replied. Christ! She’s almost twice my age and older than my mother! Heck she could even be old enough to be my grandmother! “And the Judo?” I asked with a growing sense of despondency, looking at her gi jacket. It certainly seemed real and I could even make our her name written in gold letters on the belt. “Oh that’s real enough” she snapped. All of a sudden, her hands darted out seizing my wrist and just above the inside of my elbow then pulled my arm straight. Stepping quickly out to the side while turning the way I was facing she whipped my arm out and then behind my back in a single fluid motion as she swiftly moved behind me. “Argh!” I yelped as my shoulder joint was wrenched as she forced my hand between my shoulder blades. “I can certainly kick your ass comfortably” She boasted then ordered “Now get in the living room, boy”.

“Argh argh! OK OK!” I yelped as Jean drove me before her down the hallway and through a doorway on the right. Stunned to find myself in a painful lock inflicted by a grumpy looking little old lady, a stiffness suffused my groin as she forced me into the room. “Woah!” I yelped as her foot swept away my feet from under me dumping me on my knees. “Argh!” I cried as she yanked my hand right up while her body pressed against me forcing me flat onto my face. A quite hefty weight descended onto my back as she sat astride me while she forced my face into the carpet. “Not bad for a 86 year old eh?” she said in a strong confident voice while I squirmed beneath her. “OK OK you made your point Argh!” I yelped as she pressed the lock. “No, I don’t think so. I saw the look of disappointment in your face and how you wanted to run off. Well, boy, you can lie there and realise that I’m more than what your were looking for while you suffer for a bit” she said. That’s precisely what she did. She sat on my back with my arm in a punishing hammerlock using it to keep my face in the carpet, unable to think of any way to get out of it without her breaking my arm. For what felt like a good 10 minutes, she kept me in that humiliating position exerting her authority while my dick steadily got stiffer in the knowledge that this was precisely the fantasy I wanted to experience, although admittedly with a younger more attractive woman. Yet as the minutes dragged on with Jean periodically pressing the lock, her age and appearance no longer mattered as she continued to restrain me with ease while increasingly turning me on.

“You see how easy it is for me to dominate you, Frank?” Jean asked in her low gravely voice. “Yes, Yes” I yelped as she pressed on my wrist once more. Chuckling she released my arm and I felt the weight lift from my back. I turned over onto my side and tried to stretch the kinks from my arm. “Come on, get up, boy. I haven’t got all day” Jean said with impatience “Or I’ll make you get up and you’ll won’t enjoy that”. She had one leg in front of the other slightly turned to my position. I saw a deep crease down the side of her shin and behind this was a large thick calve, highly toned and clearly very muscular. So she wasn’t lying about that either. The calve muscle jiggled as she tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for me to get up from the floor while staring at me sternly. “Even though I am an old, elderly woman who is old enough to be your grandmother” She explained in a condescending manner “and may be I am not as attractive as I was once. By the time I have done with you at the end of the night, you will realize and fully accept that there is no other woman that you would rather be with except me. You will be madly in love with me and it will be all down to my Judo and sexual skills alone. For that is something that you have always fantasized and longed for and I will make it a reality” The boldness of her statement sent an uncontrollable wave of stiffness along my already hard dick. “As for me. I will finally have a toy-boy that I will love and playfully dominate. So long as you keep me turned on and satisfied physically and sexually” she added.

With statements like those, I was eager to get to my feet and test her abilities. As I began to rise my eyes became level with her chest. My erection couldn’t help lurching at the way the front of her white quilted gi jacket thrust out so far and so low from the rest of her body like the joint nose-cone of some strange plane. “Men are always after my breasts” she remarked noticing my attention. I quickly glanced up to her face in embarrassment at getting caught staring. “Why don’t you try and touch them if you dare” she challenged in a tough tone thrusting her double low slung torpedoes forwards as she stepped towards me. I didn’t know where to put my hands but Jean solved that problem. The little old bulldog of a woman grabbed the front of my shirt with both hands. Quickly turning around in front of me with her forearms crossed by her shoulder, she leant forward and thrust her hip into my groin. “Haiii-Yaaah!” her sudden cry took me by surprise. “Woah!” I yelped as in an instant I was hurtling over her shoulder turning upside down in the air and over onto my back the floor coming up very fast to meet me. BLAM! My back slammed into the carpet. “Offfff!” the jarring impact knocked some air from me. Wow! any doubts that this eighty-something woman didn’t know Judo or was capable of using it was dispelled in an instant.

With a stiffening throb in my groin I got up to face Jean with growing enthusiasm. Immediately the sturdily built old woman stepped in and slipped an arm around my waist and seized my wrist with the other while pressing her side into me. Because I was so much taller than her, I couldn’t help staring down the deep ski-slope formed at the front of her white jacket which was right in front up close and almost intimate. The distraction was broken when I felt an ample sized buttock pressing against my groin. “Haiii-Yaaah!” she shouted again as I went dizzy as the room spun around me while I was whipped over her hip falling head over heels in a moment of not being control of my body. BLAM! Once more my back slammed into the carpet. Jean still had hold of my wrist and without a smile she stepped one foot over my prone body while kneeling on her other leg bending my arm back against the side of her body and applying pressure against my elbow joint with her forearm. “Argh! Argh!” I yelped as I was forced onto my side facing away from her and staring at a large rippling toned calve. Almost face to face with it, it really was very wide and well-defined, so amazing looking that I had to put my free hand on it. It felt sensationally hard under my fingers. “Argh!” I yelped as Jean pressed her forearm against the back of my elbow making it feel like it would break. “I get perverts trying to touch my calves as well. They soon regret it” She said maintaining a stern look in a manner that sounded final. I swear her calve flexed when she said that creating more lurches in my dick. “Are you a pervert Frank?” she asked while maintaining her dominance over me with the arm-lock “By the look of that bulge in your trousers, I would say you were”. “Oh for a woman like you I’ll be anything you want me to be” I moaned lustfully getting turned on by her dominant nature. It didn’t matter that she was so old or not pretty, she was really turning me on in the manner that I had always fantasied.

Stepping her foot back as she rose behind me, I had no choice but to rise with her, yelping and squirming in her arm-bar. No sooner than I was up on my feet than the buxom old bulldog with a fierce unsmiling look on her face had used her grip on my wrist to spin me around to face her. Suddenly my wrist was bowled over my right shoulder then downwards and the rest of my body followed with it. “Haiii-Yaaah!” she yelled. The world was a blur as I cartwheeled backwards. BLAM! “Orrrrpgh!” this time my belly slammed into the carpet knocking the wind from me once more. Jean still had hold of my wrist and straight away used it to whip my arm behind me. Slipping her other hand through the gap formed by the crook of my arm as it was bent back she secured her grip by clutching her wrist. “Argh! Argh!” I yelped as she bent back my wrist punishing me and forced me grovelling to my feet, wincing with every movement that sent shards of pain through my wrist and arm. She glared at me with a look of arrogant superiority that had my dick beating against the inside of my trousers.

Once more she let me suffer in that arm and wrist hold forcing me to stoop before her as she left no doubt who was in charge. “That private eye, Jim Priest, was a pervert. always wanting to feel my calves and my boobs” She told me then forced me to stand as straight as I could, studying at me with her cold grey eyes as I writhed in the punishing arm-lock “He always wanted to worship me after I’d slammed him around a few times. Mind you I enjoyed the worshipping bit the way he did that” she remarked with a wry smile, the first I’d seen on her face all evening. Swinging me around to face her, the grumpy-faced stocky little senior citizen released my arm. She came at me with a determined look but then stepped to my left. One hand grabbed my right waist, the other my left arm then I felt a strong hard calve at the back of my lower leg before it swept back my leg. Lifting my leg high off the floor in front of me while she pushed back against my upper body, unbalanced me. “Woah!” I cried in alarm it was like slipping on ice and falling backwards. BLAM! My poor back once more hit the carpet.

Without pause the amazing old woman immediately knelt one knee on my chest, looking down at me with a cold glare of utter confidence in her superiority. My wrist was still in her steely grip and she raised my arm then bent back my hand while continuing to stare at me with a firm unsmiling face. “Argh! No No!” I yelped in agony at the pain as leant forwards until her soft thrusting pointed bust inside her gi top pressed against the back of my hand. The exciting way my hand sank between those two pointing mounds until it met resistance which applied painful pressure reminded me that this was a very well stacked little old lady indeed. Again she kept me suffering in that hold staring down at me like I was some inferior creature without saying a word for what seemed several minutes. “Have you heard of him?, that pervert Jim Priest” Jean almost growled the question. “Argh! Yes!” I yelped frightened that she was going to break my wrist. “What? Don’t you lie to me, boy” she snapped. Jean stood up quickly taking my bent wrist with her. “Eeyargh!” I cried as I quickly had to follow frightened my wrist would shatter.

To my relief Jean let go of my wrist. “Let me show you what you are up against” she growled. “Haiii-Yaaah!” she yelled suddenly making me jump. To my utter astonishment, a short stumpy bare leg kicks high towards my face. I couldn’t have avoided it even if I wanted, she was so fast but luckily her foot missed my face by less than an inch as it shot past heading skyward until the top of her thigh bounced against her voluptuous bust. Whereupon she caught her foot with her hand and held her leg in place in a flexible standing splits pose with her foot above her head showing no sign of discomfort. Jean just stared at me as if challenging me to stare, which I did, watching my reaction for well over 3 minutes. I was gob-smacked at this newly revealed surprising talent that I would never have expected from an old grumpy lady like her. Her litheness and flexibility amazed me. That in itself was a tremendous turn-on as was the realisation that maybe Jean also knew Karate. As I watched her effortlessly maintain the pose, it began to sink into my mind what a formidable woman Jean really was. All the while as my gaze travelled up and down one leg inverted upon the other, I couldn’t fail to notice that the old woman wore nothing underneath her gi jacket. Her hairy pussy is fully exposed and I can’t stop staring at it no matter how hard I try. All combined, this just turns me on all the more and my dick has grown so solidly stiff to the point that it wants to break out of my pants, ready for her to take me inside her old twat and give me the pleasure I so desire.

There was almost a grim smile as the limber old woman lowered her leg back to the floor. “Now do you accept that I am much more than you can possibly handle if you get on the wrong side me?” she asked with a superior sounding attitude. “Oh yes Jean, you’re amazing” I gasped in awe. “So you better do as I say” she told me in a hard tone. “Get your trousers, pants, shoes and socks off right now, boy” she commanded. “What?” I was stunned by her demand. “Haiii-Yaaah!” her leg kicked out arcing high in a flash. BLAM! The top of her foot struck the side of my neck hard shocking my nervous system and dropping me to the floor in an instant. My befuddled senses got an impression of an old woman standing astride my body with thick powerful calves swelling from behind short shins. It all came back to me, Jean and she’d just put me down with a single devastating kick! “I won’t tell you again, boy” she said sternly and snapped her knee level with her waist with full view of her pussy and the sole of her foot poised above my face. Certain the old dear would smash my face if I didn’t do as she said, I quickly removed my shoes and socks followed by my trousers. My erection was sticking right out of my pants. I paused but her foot was still poised over me like the sword of Damocles so I removed my pants too. My erection stood proud, much stiffer than I’d ever thought possible and certainly much harder than any woman I’d met before could get it without physical contact. Jean lowered her foot and stepped to one side. “Get up” she growled. It wasn’t a request. I got to my feet with my dick sticking out like a handle. If I was expecting any sex to relieve me, that thought was soon dispelled. The old woman stepped close, against me as she glared into my eyes with her mouth down-turned sternly. I gasped as her hand grasped my rock hard penis which closed around it with a strong, calloused grip which only makes it grow harder. Her voice spoke in a low hard growl “This belongs to me. Do not touch it on any account for if you do the consequences will be severe. Do you understand?”. I glanced down at her, unable to avoid her deep long cleavage. “Yes” I murmured. “‘No matter what, don’t ever touch this. I will take care of it” she added. That only made me more excited at the prospect of what’s to come.

Suddenly even before I realised what was happening and moving like a well-oiled fighting machine, Jean grabbed my hand, pivoted on her right foot and swung my right arm over her broad stooped shoulder, pulling me close. I felt my exposed erection pressing against back of the quilted gi jacket as it aligned with the groove formed by her ample buttocks. Buttocks that I know are bare and feel hard, causing a tingling excitement in my dick. “Haiii-eee!” she cried and in the blink of an eye the old woman had bent quickly, my dick sliding rapidly up the groove of her buttocks like a rocket on a sloped launch pad as Jean sent me flying over her shoulder at such speed I nearly blacked out. BLAM! pain lanced through my back as I hit the carpet while my head spun in a whirl. She may be in her eighties but she was exceptionally dominant and kicking my ass. All Judo throws done by a woman turn me on but the one throw that never ceases to excite me has always been the shoulder throw. I believe that is because that is a throw where a woman can make a man realize she has complete control of his body with no resistance from him. At the same time the brief close bodily contact can excite him sexually.

A movement, someone standing over me forced my vision to clear. I’m confronted by the sight of two large dangling fleshy orbs coming towards me as the front of Jean’s white gi jacket fell apart under their weight in the centre although not opening far enough to expose her nipples. I watched that swaying rack zooming up close with an absolute raging hard-on. “Ouch!” I yelped as a sharp pain in my elbow brought me back to reality as the grumpy old bulldog trapped my wrist in the crook of her right arm while facing me then pulling my arm straight and pressing down on my biceps. “Ouch ouch!” I yelped quickly forced to get to my knees and then feet by the grim-faced unsmiling woman.

A brief glimpse of the impressive deep cleavage between two firm low-slung mounds down the opening in the front of her gi top as the dramatically shaped woman grabbed the front of my shirt then fell backwards away from me pulling me down on top of her. Except I found a foot shoved in my groin, sending electric tingles through my cock. In a brief second I was looking down at the scowling old lady as her back hit the floor then I felt her leg straighten beneath me. “Haiii-Yaaah!” she cried as she sent me hurtling right over her body flipping over as I did. I briefly saw my feet way up high above me as the world went topsy turvy. BLAM! The carpet came up fast against my back. That was the most exciting thing I’d ever experienced. I’d always dreamt of a woman stomach throwing me like that, it looked like a very sexy throw in Judo. I was right, although it hurt a bit on the old back. This was becoming the best experience of my life so far. I looked back just in time to she the amazing old lady with the badly dyed grey hair throw herself back onto her shoulders with her back-end raised and her short stout legs bent and spread wide. In a single rapid movement she sprang forwards throwing herself to her feet without using her hands into a wide-legged stance. Her quilted white jacket was stretched tight across her broad backside, so tight that it rose up and exposed the lower part of her ample rounded buttocks.

My dick gave a massive lurch at the display of such limber prowess. I was up on my feet before I realised it rushing towards her. “Oh Jean” I moaned with my voice heavy with pure lust. Jean just stood there grim-faced and calm. As soon as I reached her she quickly turned her right side to me while her right arm shot up and wrapped itself around the side of my head with the bicep beneath my chin, the forearm along the right side of my neck and her hand seizing the back. At the same time her other hand grabbed firm hold of the back of my head from the top. Swinging her arms forward in a downward arc I’m forced to step forward while my head is forced down sharply as she quickly bends forwards pulling my head down in a forward roll towards the floor. “Hai!” I’m bowled right over, heels over head at dizzying speed. BLAM! I’m back on the carpet in a daze.

Like a persistent terrier, Jean cruelly forces me up using a joint lock before crouching and flipping me with a two-handed spinning wrist throw. Again she shouts “Haiii-Yaaah!” either to put the fear of God into me or as a reminder of her superiority. BLAM! Jean moves so fast hauling me up once more and while holding my wrist, slipping an arm around my waist. Quickly turning her side into me I feel an erotic tingle as her hip presses against my erection before she whips me over her hip to crash on the floor in an eye-blink. “Kii-Yaaah!” BLAM! This is followed by Jean grabbing and lifting my right leg with one arm while sweeping away my remaining foot with her leg. “Haiiieeeh!” BLAM! Forcing me up quickly, Jean bent forward and slipped an arm between my legs. With the other holding my head, the old crone in the gi top scooped me up from the floor and rose while loading me across her broad shoulders. I had a magnificent view down the front of her ski-sloped breasts. With her arm pressing against my balls and erection, I felt an electric sensation, even more so as my cock rode her shoulder as the 86 year old spun around 360 degrees. “Aiee-Yaaah!” she yelled while cartwheeling me off her shoulders with dizzying speed.  BLAM! my poor aching back once more slammed into the floor. “Ouch!” I groaned but had no time to rest before the old crone leant forward and seized my arm in another joint lock.

Throw after throw, the wrinkly old grey haired woman with the badly dyed hair is totally wiping me out. She is physically dominating me with Judo throw after throw, hurling me around like a rag doll until I can barely stand when she forces me up, my shoulder burning and arm aching from her joint locks. Jean sets me up for another shoulder throw but instead the old lady kept me loaded balanced on her broad backside. I was reduced to a moaning idiot as my exposed rigid cock was kept in position part way up that groove between her buttocks. “Not bad for an 86 year old huh?” she chuckled at my sexual agony “Bet you never thought a grumpy old granny could get you so hard, did you boy?”. There was no time answer for Jean slid my feet back to the floor then immediately slammed me over her shoulder. “Haiii-Yaaah!” she threw me with such speed I momentarily blacked out.

“I bet you didn’t expect an old grandma could throw you around like a rag-doll?” Jean taunted as she used another of her painful joint locks to force me to my feet once more. I could barely stand. Showing no mercy the deadly pensioner executes a whiplash fast double handed toss sends me hurtling right across the length of the room and I land hard. BLAM! My dick has never felt so hard while my balls throb strongly. But Jean is unstoppable, her energy seemingly limitless as she quickly gets down by my side, pulls my arm back between her short thick bare legs and hooks a leg over my neck with a large thick muscular calve pressing against the side of my jaw while her other leg is bent with the shin pressing against the side of my stomach. “Arghh!” I cried as she bent back my arm using her crotch as a pivot point while her steely calve pressed against my throat in a side-mounted arm-bar. “Argh!” my arm was straining around the front of my elbow and the bones in my forearm and my shoulder burned. “So tell me Frank how it is you know Jim Priest?” Jean’s gravely voice cut in over the pain in my arm. “Don’t lie to me or I’ll break your arm with my pussy” with that I felt her hairy pussy rise up pushing my elbow the wrong way until I was screaming dementedly with the agony. I was almost sobbing with relief when her crotch lowered a few moments later. “Well? I’m waiting, boy, and I’m not a patient woman” she told me in a stern tone. “He’s my favourite author” I replied quickly before she decided to torture my arm again. “Author?” she sounded surprised.

I don’t think she liked that answer because the next moment while keeping my arm levered back over her crotch, she twisted away from me onto her side and the leg that was hooked over my neck was now scissoring it with a very thick swelling hamstring bulging into my throat and a big hard calve pressing against the other of my face. “Grkkk!” I croaked as the big solid mass swelling at the back of her upper leg crushed into my throat. “This Jim Priest is a useless private detective who keeps sticking his nose into other people’s business” Jean told me, her sharp tone making it perfectly clear what she thought of that. “Grkk! Yes that’s grkkk him kkk…..” my voice was cut off as she pulled back hard on her arm. Her hamstrings bulged like a small boulder into my throat cutting off my air and making my eyes bulge as I gasped for air that wasn’t there. Yet at the same time my erection was painfully stiff with the sheer dominance of this old woman and the pure muscular power of her hams.

With skill the old woman in the gi top rolled upright trapping my head in the crook of her leg between her big bulging hamstrings and her big hard calves. My poor arm was in another arm-lock bent back against the top of the inner thigh of the other leg which straddled my body, and tucked beneath her armpit with her forearm pressing against the joint. “Argh!” I cried as she pushed back her crooked arm yanking up my trapped arm and mashing my face tighter into the crook of her leg. My erection was thumping up and down on it’s own like crazy as Jean made me suffer in this new hold. I knew I was completely out of my depth. I may be a fit strong 45 year old man but this 86 year old woman was totally dominating me with her fighting skills. To my mind what she was showing me was real skill. Skills developed for military use (after they were stolen from monks) being mastered by an old aged pensioner. An grumpy little woman who was effortlessly using them to punish my arm and head in a variety of holds. “Orrr!” I groaned with relief as she eased off on my arm. My face fell back fractionally away from the back of her knee.

“An author you say? Tell me about him” she commanded. “He’s my favourite author on the Internet” I spoke to the back of her knee. “He  writes about er strong dominant women. Women who are skilled in martial arts or self-defence. Woman who are sometimes strong and muscular, not heavily so like body-builders but ordinary women who work out a little” I told her getting enthusiastic about the subject. “Usually they are the sort of women you meet in everyday life and er actually he’s written a couple about you” [JPECHO#01, JIMP#42] I told her nervous of what her reaction would be. In complete control, Jean rolls me quickly onto my back and with one hand on my elbow and the other at my wrist bends my hand back on itself towards the floor. “Argh argh no please” I beg to the old woman on one knee at my side making my arm feel like it would fracture in several places at once. She was glaring down at me with her small cold grey eyes and an unsmiling mouth. “Oh yes?” she queried with a forceful glare. “Argh! Yes er he often writes about mature older women” I explained while writhing in her agonising wrist lock. “Older women who are strong, forceful and dominate men using unarmed combat, often for their own pleasure. My favourite characters include Paula, Cynthia, Georgina,  Lilly, Sushma, Aberdeen Agnes, Glynnis, Kate Eisenberg, Sally and Aunty Chanda to name a few” I told her, really warming to the subject close to my fantasies. “And my favourite character of them all bar none is Jean” her eyes widened at that. “I can’t help but read ‘An Encounter With Jean’ [JIMP#42] over and over again. I never can get enough of that story as I always dreamt that would happen to me. Jean is my ultimate dream woman and now I’ve found her, for she is you!” I exclaimed. I thought she would be flattered but instead she didn’t look too impressed.

“And what did the pervert say about me?” Jean asked in a tone so sharp it could have cut rock, not relenting in punishing my wrist. “That you are very skilled in martial arts and very limber for your age” I tell her. Unfolding my arm but still maintaining pressure with her hands at the wrist and elbow she mounted astride my chest. Flat on my back on the floor looking up at the grumpy old well-built granny sitting astride my chest with her short thick thighs either side of me, makes me feel submissive. I was pinned by an 86 year old woman and my dick was so hard I was sure it would burst right there and then. Without realising that I was doing it, my free hand stole to my dick. SWISH SWISH Jean dropped my arm and pumped her short thick arms back and forth with fists clenched. “No!” I yelped in terror quickly moving my hand away sure that she would punch my face in.

“Go on, boy. What else?” Jean asked, her fists still poised to strike. “Er that you have amazing large muscular calves that can knock out a man with ease” I tell her. “Oh I can knock out a man in more ways that I can count” she tells matter-of-factly. With that her hands grab either side of my neck at the base and start pinching the nerves there. “Arghh arghhh” I yelped, immediately feeling dizzy. I try to move my arms but now find that they are pinned beneath her knees. I’m being strangled by a pensioner! I feel zoned out and swooning but luckily she stops. Immediately Jean slides back slightly and I imagine that I can feel my aching erection pressing against her pussy. She leans forward and her hands roughly turns my head to one side then drives the point of her elbow against the nerve cluster in my neck. I’m well gone within seconds, completely out of it, my eyes just staring unable to focus. I think she asked some more questions about Jim but I can’t remember, I was too out of it.

CRACK! a hard slap stings my cheek and resounds loudly. Shocked, with my cheek burning, I find short but thick bare thighs either side of my face pinning my shoulders beneath her shins. Looking up I see the dangerous pensioner sitting high upon my chest, almost upon my neck. I didn’t remember how she got there and with rising alarm I realise that she must have knocked me out without me even realising it. Such scary power from this little old woman has my dick throbbing beyond maximum capacity. “What else does that pervert say about me?” she asks grumpily. The front of her gi jacket has fallen open again to reveal the undersides of her low slung breasts curving away from the end of a deep long cleavage and disappearing beneath the edges of the jacket with a hint of her aureoles. “That you er, are very good in bed, er that you have quite a veracious er you-know sexual appetite” I was embarrassed to tell her but remembered the claims she made online and boasts she made earlier on. Jean said nothing and just glared at me with her small penetrating grey eyes, her mouth still set firmly down-turned. Oh Jeez she looked so formidable that just her looking at me made my dick throb hard. In face it felt so swollen that it must surely be purple. “Oh Jean, you are my dream woman” I began to plead. “Oh Jean, please I need you so bad. Please let me worship you with my body and give me release” I begged.

Still the dominant old woman said nothing but keep glaring at me leaving me more and more desperate. “Please Jean” I begged to her craggy face set like stone. Then I remembered something from those stories. “Oh Jean you are such a Goddess. Please grant me your pleasures, Oh great and powerful mistress, my mistress” I told her. Still she says nothing or shows any sign of emotion. I know she is toying me, asserting her dominance over me just as she had with the prolonged joint locks. “Please Jean. I can’t hold on much longer. I need release so badly that it’s killing me. Especially after dominating me with all those throws and holds” I am really getting frantic. The pressure in my balls was really quite painful. “Please give me that ultimate pleasure that you told me about earlier” I was gushing with frustration. Jean stood up while still glaring down at me. “Get up, boy” Jean ordered and I didn’t hesitate to comply. Standing in front of me, Jean’s old wrinkled veiny hands went to her black belt and untied it. As the slides of the jacket fell open, she pulled it wide exposing her large well-slung breasts in all their glory. They were absolutely stunning. Absolutely magnificent wide full low-hanging breasts that looked quite firm although they sagged a bit but even so they were sensationally sexy for a woman half her age. “Completely natural” she told me proudly.

As I gaped in open lust with a hard-on of epic proportions about to burst, part of me just wanted to rush forwards and take her, the more sensible part pointed out that she would painfully break me if not kill me outright. Jean pulled the jacket back to her shoulders to slide her arms from the sleeves, as she did so her pendulous thrusting breasts parted in the middle to reveal a pendant nestling in her cleavage hanging from her bull neck by a fine gold chain. I only got a momentary glimpse before her cleavage swallowed it once more. Jean caught me staring and her eyes narrowed with suspicion. That made me decide to keep quiet but I knew what I had seen. An ebony figurine of a Goddess with many arms, each holding a weapon, dancing with many legs in a circle of flames. The Goddess Anahita, the symbol of the Sisterhood. The Sisterhood was real! and I was standing facing the naked body of one of those elderly ladies from that group who are trained fighting and sexual machines. I had really hit pay-dirt!

I couldn’t contain myself any more and reached out to touch her large prominent breasts. “Oh Jean!” I sighed with lust. Jean grabbed my right arm with her left hand pivoted on her right foot and swung my arm over her broad stooped right shoulder. Her other hand took hold of the back of my head and pulled my face down until we were cheek to wrinkled old cheek. Pulling me close she presses my body against hers without any chance of escape or resistance. I realise that I am being controlled by a very old, grumpy, wrinkly, (badly dyed) grey-haired lady. Leaning forward slightly so that I’m forced onto my toes, Jean keeps me in that position for a while so I can realize that I am being dominated by her and have no chance to do anything about it. All the while I am getting increasingly turned on and sexually excited as my dick is cushioned against her bare ample hard ass getting even stiffer by the second. Jean squat down momentarily and then up while loading me onto her broad, muscular back as sturdy as a girder. Quickly the old woman bends forward making me feel helpless as my feet leave the floor, powerless to be able to do anything about it. My dick slides up her ample buttocks causing a strong tingling sensation that if it had gone on any longer would surely have made me shoot my wad all over her back. In an instant I am thrown completely over her head and shoulder, thrown perfectly upside down with my feet up over my head. “Haiii-Yaaah!” Jean shouts in a loud, raspy, gravelly voice as she slams my back into the floor hard while still maintaining a tight hold of my right wrist. A shoulder throw from a woman is intimate, sensual, and domineering all rolled up in one.

As my head clears I gaze up at the amazing old goddess standing victorious over me. “Most men find that an embarrassing and emasculating position” she stated as fact. “The newspaper boy certainly did after I caught him staring down my blouse yesterday. Yet he soon grew a tent in his trousers” she added “In my considerable experience, despite the shame, men and boys alike will feel sexually excited deep within themselves and that is what a Judo woman purposely wants to exert over them as it empowers her” “Oh Jean, not me for that is the ultimate turn on that I crave” I moaned in appreciation. Laying on the floor looking up at her short thick legs and not-quite-firm crinkled belly soaking in the reality of what had just transpired, I thought about what an amazing woman Jean was. I badly wanted sexual release as my balls were so swollen and achingly sensitive they were blue.

Jean looked down at me radiating superiority. “Up” she commanded and I obeyed with my dong so stiff that every movement made it wobble awkwardly and painfully from side to side. The old woman grabbed my arm and pulled it over her shoulder while turning, setting me up for another shoulder throw. Jean bent sharply forwards and I went right up onto her back, my feet lifted well away from the floor. But instead of throwing me she kept me suspended there with my painfully tight dick digging into the crevice between her big bare buttocks. It drove me absolutely crazy with the desire for release that I was moaning and raving like a lunatic “Oh Jean, Jean oh oh oh!”. My erection then slid back down as she lowered my feet to the ground then with lightning speed executed the shoulder throw fully so fast that I nearly passed out. With no time to recover she used a cruel wrist lock to force me quickly to my feet before repeating the teasing lift onto her back erotically teasing my erection before slamming me fast. She repeated this over and over until I was so dazed that I didn’t know what day it was. “Look at you boy, you can hardly stand” Jean sneered.

Once more she effortlessly levered me onto her back once more. My too-tight erection slid right between her ample buttocks surrounding it like large springy pillows until I let out a loud gasp as her buttocks turned rock hard squeezing my dick hard. It relaxed then squeezed over and over again rhythmically pumping my dick. “Nnnarghhh ohhhh ohhhh Jeannnnn gonna cum” I moaned being sent absolutely insane by the incredible sensations surrounding my dick. I slid out of her backside as my feet returned to the floor only for an instant before Jean slammed me over her shoulder again at high speed. “Haiii-Yaaah!” BLAM! as my head stopped whirling and my vision stopped turning grey I looked up to see Jean standing astride my waist with her hairy pussy tantalisingly high over my dick. I gave a pleading look as I whimper pathetically for her to take me inside her.

With a chuckle which sounded more like a growl and to my great astonishment, Jean’s legs slowly moved in opposite directions as her feet slid apart as she performed a wide split over me. With her hands on her hips, her body descended towards my groin. At the last second her strong straight legs stopped her descent with the hairs of her pussy lightly brushing the tip of the swollen purple head of my dick. “Hold on boy, things are going to get a little bumpy” Jean told me grumpily. “Are you ready to enter paradise, boy?” She asked. “Oh yes please you wonderful Goddess, my mistress” I gasped eager to slide right in. Still unsmiling Jean slowly split her legs further apart stretching them out wide on other side of me as she slowly impaled herself onto my erection. “Mmm mmm mmm!” I moaned loudly as my swollen rod slid slowly into her hot sticky love-box. Then I gasped as a strong muscular pulsating mass surrounded it and held it fast. With her hands still on her hips and a stern tightness to her mouth the old woman just watched me as her sex channel began to massage my dick like a powerful suction machine. It was unbelievable, indescribable. It was like her pussy was wanking me off yet there was a tightness around the base of my dick preventing me from cumming. “Orrrrrgh!” I moaned loudly, the sensations driving me into an ecstatic delirium. I recalled Jim describing women with strong vagina muscles controlling men sexually and giving them incredible pleasure but I thought he was making it up. The truth was several orders of magnitude greater than I could have ever imagined. “Ohhhh ohhh!” I moaned as the mass around my dick began pulsing and swirling in all sorts of different ways that just sent me crazy.

“I told you that I would ruin sex for you with ordinary women” Jean told me as I entered an erotic trance as the walls of her pussy pulsed and rippled. “I’m not only a black belt in Judo amongst other martial arts, I’m also a black belt 6th Dan in sex” she told me. “Nnnghh Nnnghh nngh” I was like a drooling simpleton overdosing on sex. I had never felt anything like this before or even thought it possible. “‘Oh Jean, I love you! Oh Jean you’re the best!” I gushed in my delirium. I wanted to thrust into her to give her a good rodgering but her love muscles were so strong that she was in complete control of our lovemaking. After a while, by which ordinarily I would have long be done, with my dick still being massaged to new heights of ecstasy by her pussy, Jean leant forwards towards my chest. Wrapping her short thick arms around my back and with her perspiring wrinkly saggy cheek next to mine, she gently helped me sit upright. This was mind-blowing. I was being held in a sitting position by an naked 86 year old woman in my lap who was doing the full splits while her powerful pussy was keeping me in sexual rapture.

“Ladies always cum before Gentleman” She told me, then it felt like I was being drawn even deeper inside her. “I hope you’ve got plenty of stamina, boy. Once I get you into my g-spot all hell will break loose” she said. It did! No words can describe how it felt. It was like my dick was guided deep inside her then Jean began gasping and moaning. She turned into an untamed sexual animal thrusting and sliding up and down my shaft while her pussy muscles throbbed and bulged around it. Her big boobs bounced against me as she lost herself in passion pounding up and down on my dick. She had incredible stamina, riding me furiously while her pussy muscles exerted enough control to prevent me cumming. Then she climaxed, my God was she loud. Throwing her head back and crying out in passion so loud I thought the neighbours might call the Police. “Ohhh Ohhhh Ohhhrrrrr Oorrr” she yelled as her big boobs frantically flailed bashing me against my chest. The 86 year old became a wild uncontrollable sexual beast, writhing sinuously and sounding like she was cumming over and over again.

Riding out her orgasm which seemed to go on forever, her love muscles just went haywire. “Orrrrr! Orrrr! Nnnargh nnnnnn nnn nnnn Orrrrraghhh!” I moaned aloud like someone possessed as a massive orgasm hit me. I just came over and over in lots of small spurts like a geyser as her pussy pumped me while she climaxed. All that pent up sexual energy and I came like a volcano, blasting in strong but short bursts. The pressure was released as and when her powerful spasming pussy would allow. “Nnnnarrr nnnar ur ur ur!” my moans became pants as I tried to keep up with the old woman. She just kept going on, moaning and cumming while draining me to the last drop, all the while draining me of physical and mental energy too leaving me increasingly shattered. Finally she finished and she uncorked me from her and let go of my back.

I fell back to the carpet laying still gasping with my heart fluttering. Once more this amazing old lady had pleasantly surprised me for that was the most intense sexual experience I had ever had. So much so that I am totally spent, milked dry and exhausted with heart palpitations that nearly make me think I’m having a heart attack. I heard Jean chuckle “‘I’m more than capable  of killing you with sex” She leant forwards and pulled up my face by my hair. “Oh but don’t worry. I like you but we’ve only started there’s plenty more to come” Jean didn’t even seem to realise the pun she had made.
Part 2. Better than Viagra
I lay shagged out on the carpet as the naked old lady got to her feet. Her wide tone calves flexed as she picked up her gi top and folded it neatly then put it on a chair. Even flat-footed they were stunningly muscular and highly toned. “You have great calves, Jean” I remarked. To my surprise she stood on her toes. Her calves became wide thick hard-edged slabs of dense shiny muscle with a clear arrow-shaped cleft between the muscle heads. “Wow!” I gasped then reached out to touch. I placed my palm on her slim right ankle then ran it up over the thick jutting mass of solid muscle, staggered by the difference in size. I felt the deep cleft that separated the two long wide muscle heads and found that I could get my thumb in. The calves themselves were thick and craggy, the inner one slightly larger than the other and both ended in a sharp diamond. Overlaid on this was another thick long inverted triangular shape mass from the back of her knee. “Beautiful just beautiful” I said in awe, feeling her calves with rising excitement. This was better than any tonic.

“You’re as bad as that pervert Jim Priest. Always trying to touch my calves” she complained. “Stay there boy” she ordered and walked out of the room. Shortly she returned with a tin of peas and a towel. She placed the towel on the floor then with her back to me she put the tin can length ways between the sides of her calves. Even relaxed and bare footed the old woman’s calves were huge and shiny with muscle tone. As Jean went onto her toes, large powerful slabs slid beneath the skin. Her calves became massive monsters as the muscle heads swelled into rocky outcrops. The sound of crumpling metal heralded the can’s destruction. “It never stood a chance between my calves” Jean stated as it buckled in the middle then broke spilling liquid green onto the towel. “Orrrr Jean!” I moaned as my balls began to tighten. So soon after such a massive orgasm! Jean’s calves were better than Viagra. “Oh Jean!” I moaned again feeling her calves move under my palm as she bent over to pick up the towel. “That’s what wearing high-heels for over 70 years does for a woman” she grumbled. I tried to cup and squeeze those massive calves but they were like balls of steel. “Oh wow!” I gasped getting really turned on again.

Jean stood straight then leant across to a side table to put the towel and the broken can in a fruit bowl. As she did her hamstrings bulged strongly at the back of her upper legs. As short as her legs were, each of her hams were a long thick bulge that I couldn’t resist touching. I was pleasantly surprised when the old crone bent back her right calve causing the hamstrings to swell into a very thick solid sweeping hill. Her upper leg was incredibly deep from the top of her thigh down to the big bulging leg biceps. They looked so powerful that my dick was starting to get stiff again. I had felt that power against my throat, no wonder she nearly put my lights out with them. Jean lowered her foot then turned around. “That’s enough of that” she said.

I was now on my knees before her at eye level with her upper legs. Although short, they were adorned by very thick smooth chunks of solid looking thigh muscle. I reached out and felt them with my hand and confirmed that indeed was the case. “Wow Jean, you have great legs. They feel so strong” I gushed. “What do you mean FEEL strong?” Jean grumbled. That made me look up at the naked pensioner. With all that Judo domination I hadn’t really paid that much attention to her body apart from her fabulous breasts. I was expecting her wide thick stomach to be flabby and covered with stretch marks but instead it was very smooth and taut. “They ARE strong” she snapped irritably and proceeded to get down onto the carpet facing me with her feet pressing against mine. “Give me your hands” she demanded. I got into a crouch in front of her veiny feet and offered my hands which she took with each of hers with her palms pressing against them then she began to lay back. Jean’s short thick arms looked taut as she pulled me up off my haunches and I thought that I was going to fall towards her. The old woman raised both legs together and planted her feet against my groin. I was astounded to find myself lifted into the air on the end of her sturdy legs. At the same time she pressed her arms straight so that I ended up horizontal above her looking down at a grumpy looking old pensioner as her short strong legs held me aloft with ease. Steadily Jean began to leg-press my body, straightening her legs to raise my back end up at an angle then bending them to bring me level again. “Orrrrrr!” I groaned as with the soles of her feet pressed against my groin letting me feel the power of her short thick legs press me steadily up and down. The amazing naked old lady began to knock out a series of repetitions with me as the weight. “Orrrr!” her 86 year old leg muscles were tireless and rock steady as they pumped me repeatedly up and down. Meanwhile her thick arms were like steel pillars keeping my front end up throughout. It was so exhilarating as the old crone’s legs pressed me over and over again while I was powerless to stop her, even if I had wanted to. All I could look at was her old wrinkly face get closer then move away, get closer then move away. I was really getting turned on and knew that she could feel my steadily growing hard-on beneath her calloused feet. Finally she stopped then slowly lowered her arms causing my body to slope down towards her. Then she bent her legs lowering my face until it was nose to nose with hers. “Strong enough for you, boy?” she growled with a stern tone. “Oh yes, Jean!” I replied.

Up close I could see that Jean had used a fair amount of make-up but even so when she suddenly started kissing me full on the lips, I must have flinched or something. Suddenly the senior citizen’s legs snapped straight sending my back end high into the air way over my head then they came crashing down as I flipped over 180 degrees. BLAM! My back crashed into the carpet. That wasn’t Judo, it was the raw muscular power of her 86 year old legs. Barely had I thought that than the old dominatrix was behind me forcing me to sit up then wrapping her thick legs around my middle and folding her left calve across my stomach. Locking it beneath her right knee, she formed a triangle hold, a leggy noose around my body. Without warning Jean clamped her legs tight – real tight. “Arrrgghh!” I groaned as the inside of her thighs crushed into my sides like a bulldozer while her calve was pulled deep into my gut like running into a steel bar. “Wooarghh!” I groaned as my sides were squeezed under shocking pressure from a little old lady while her calve was pulled so deep across my gut that it was crushing my diaphragm flat. “Arghnnnn!” I wasted precious breath crying out. I grabbed the knee sticking out at the side of me and furiously tugged and pulled at it in the hope of loosening her powerful grip but it was rock solid. “Nnnnnargh!” I cried out through gritted teeth as Jean’s leg got even tighter, cutting hard into my sides and pinching my waist and stomach like a powerful leggy girdle. Oh God! Her calve was so deep in my gut that I couldn’t breathe and I felt my face heat up while my eyes went funny. My mouth gaped wide open but I couldn’t pull in an atom of air. “Are my legs strong enough for you now, boy?” Jean growled from behind me like the old cougar she was. “Urrrgh!” I gasped unable to form the words to beg. It felt like she was squeezing my middle into a tinier and tinier space and that something had to give, me most probably. All the while, my dick was getting harder and harder as the old lady once again dominated me physcially. Feeling dizzy and with my lungs burning for breath I began to panic and began tapping on Jean’s bare leg. I don’t think she knew the universal sign for submission or most probably wouldn’t even give a damn if she did. I was right, the naked pensioner kept on squeezing with her powerful short legs until patches of black spotted my eyesight, my ears buzzed and a horrible metal taste filled my mouth. “I punished the butcher’s boy like this yesterday for back-chatting me” she told me as my head span. I believed her, it sounded just like the grumpy old woman. “They had to take him away in an ambulance. That’s the problem with today’s youth. No stamina” she grumbled. With relief she unlocked her legs and let me go. I collapsed to the floor panting heavily and trying not to pass out my while body recovered.

“Kiss it boy-toy” she growled. To my astonishment when I looked up at her kneeling over me, Jean bent her right arm and flexed. Her forearm was quite rugged, shaped like a long triangular sail with taut tendons and prominent veins. Her upper arm was also short but very deep from top to bottom. From this emerged a very thick solid mass like a gently sided hill. It wasn’t peaked and defined like a female body-builder or fitness freak but there was no mistaking what it was. “Oh Jean!” I groaned with rising desire. I felt that firm looking mound and confirmed that it was solid muscle before putting my lips to it and kissing it passionately. As I did so I looked at Jean’s upper body more closely as perhaps I should have originally. She had a clearly defined clavicle across the top of her chest and what I had thought were stooped shoulders were thick traps! In all Jean cut a squat powerful figure which reinvigorated my ardour.

The grumpy old woman lowered her arm and then pulled across a low coffee table, then placed her right elbow on top. That’s when I saw the formidable looking veins and tendons on the underside of her thick forearm as it stood vertically before me with her hand open in challenge. “Come on, boy-toy, let’s see how strong you are?” she growled in a gravelly voice. I’m a fit strong man and was sure that I had bigger biceps and greater upper body strength than an 86 year old woman. So I knelt on the opposite side of the table and placed my right elbow down to match hers then clasped her hand. There was no preliminaries or count-down with Jean. Immediately she got down to business and I felt a strong sideways pressure trying to push down my arm and found myself struggling to oppose it. Jean’s wrist was quite thick and sloped out from there down her wide forearm becoming very thick by the time it got to her elbow. It was very solid-looking, looked very powerful and exerted one hell of a steady pressure that I struggled against, trying to keep my forearm upright. Her thick biceps bulged on her upper arm and I found my arm moving steadily backwards down towards the table. No matter how hard I tried to stop it, that thick triangular forearm kept pushing the back of my hand closer to defeat. Oh nooooo! there was nothing I could to stop it and it just got faster the further over my arm was. BLAM! the back of my hit the table and my cock was throbbing.

“Wow, that was easy” Jean said dismissively as she released my defeated hand. “B..bbest out of three” I asked trying not to sound too enthusiastic, for it was turning me on to feel the old woman’s arm strength defeat me. “Do you really think it would make a difference?” she sneered. It didn’t. We gripped hands and I concentrated hard pouring every fibre of strength through my arm trying to push the old woman’s arm down. Her biceps swelled big and hard as she resisted me, her big bare breasts taunted me, reminding me that she was just a woman just as the wrinkles on her face reminded how old she was. Yet her arm remained steady as a stone column while she kept a bored look of barely concealed contempt upon her face. Then the pressure opposing my arm soared and my forearm fell swiftly to the side and the back of my hand slammed once again into the table BLAM! The third time was even more humiliating. Jean was clearly bored of this and wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. With a fierce scowl the naked old lady focussed clenching my hand in a tight grip that actually hurt. A massive swell of power and BLAM! It was all over in seconds. The grumpy old woman slammed my arm into the table quickly with a bored look. It left my machismo in tatters and my dick aching.

“Never been weak, never will be” Jean growled then surprised me again by flexing both biceps in victory. Without hesitation I took her in my arms and began kissing her passionately on the lips no longer caring what she looked like. I slipped my hands back to her biceps feeling their awesome mass and solidity and letting their power sink down to my throbbing groin. “Oh Jean!” I moaned  “Oh Jean! You turn me on so much”. She broke off kissing and with surprising gentleness said “Stand up lover, I want to show you something”. As soon as I got to my feet, Jean took me by surprise coming at me bent low with her head down and grabbed my legs. “Woah!” I exclaimed as she barged me and I fell forwards across her broad back. Suddenly I was rising quickly and found myself staring at her wide bare rounded buttocks as I dangled down her back. The next thing I knew the nude woman turned quickly causing my dangling torso to swing like a wild pendulum. Jean caught my upper arm and pulled me tight against her broad drooping shoulders while her other hand slipped between my legs. With great excitement I found myself laying across her shoulders looking down her well-endowed nude frontage. “Let me reward you for kissing me like that, boy-toy. My lady-hole is not the only orifice that can grant you great pleasure” Jean informed me.

“Woah!” I yelped as a surge of raw power pressed my body into the air. Holding me aloft, Jean’s tongue darted out and flickered around the head of my dick. “Orrrrrr!” I moaned as her tongue tantalised my manhood. “Ohhhh Lord!” I moaned aloud as the old woman lowered my body plunging my shaft fully into her mouth while her lips closed gently around it. Her strong arms pressed me up high again, my dick forced back through her puckered old lips with a loud squelchy smacking sound. Ppsmmmk! “Orrrrr!” I groaned at the incredible sensations that had my dick incredibly hard. With deliberate slowness, Jean lowered me once more. With every centimetre my brain anticipated the pleasure of entering her warm wet mouth then the long slurp as I passed back up through her lips peeling back from the head of my cock. Up and down my body was pressed like a human barbell in a slow steady rhythm. “Oh Jean!” I kept moaning as the old woman worked up my cock to new levels of hardness.

Unexpectedly, Jean stopped and lowered me into her arms, cradling me like a baby as she carried me over the edge of the room. To my amazement, Jean then pressed my back up against the wall, lifting me up until my erection slid between her dangling breasts which were pushed up into double breasted mounds. “Orrrrrr!” I moaned as she pressed her breasts up and down moving my shaft up and down through them. “You like that don’t you, boy?” she asked. “Orrrrr yes! Oh Jean!” I moaned getting delirious with the amazing sensations as I fucked her breasts in the knowledge that once again Jean was controlling our love-making. I cupped her face gently and bent my face forward stretching my neck until my lips could reach her upturned face. “Oh Jean, I love you” I moaned then kissed her with passion as my dick continued its journey through her wonderful large soft pillows of womanhood. “Oh Jean! So good!” I groaned as her boobs enveloped my manhood completely on both sides as it slid back and forth. “Oh Jean!” I sighed between passionate kisses. My balls felt full and so tight that once again they were beginning to ache. “Oh you really know how to pleasure a man. Oh Jean please, faster please” I begged “Let me cum all over your glorious breasts”. I wanted her to go faster, to fuck her boobs like crazy until I ejaculated all over them. But this was Jean remember? The amazing 86 year old woman who liked being in total physical control.

“Don’t you dare cum so soon, boy or I’ll break it off with my bare hands” she growled and with that pushed me right up the wall until my groin was level with her mouth. “Orrrrrrr!” I moaned loudly as my dick entered the wet warmth of her mouth. “Orrr orrrr orrr orrrr!” I couldn’t help but moan out loud as a writhing tongue flickered around my dick, licking it like a lollipop with short tantalising licks mixed with wet slurping. “Ohhhh Jean!” I moaned holding onto her head and gently stroking her thinning curly hair as her strong arms held me aloft. I tried to buck my hips to encourage her to suck it but instead her tongue folded itself around my shaft like a meaty hotdog bun holding it fast and spreading the tactile sensations wide then began to lick around my dick and the head. I was going out of my mind with the ecstatic sensations. Folded steadfastly around my dick, Jean’s tongue began to move sinuously like a rippled wave rising and falling against my shaft driving me absolutely crazy with the incredible sensations this old lady was delivering. “Orrrrrr Jean, so good!” I moaned. But that was only of it for like some erotic serpentine creature inside my mouth, Jean’s long strong tongue flickered around wrestling my tongue into submission anyway she wanted then once more wrapped it around my shaft and with an exquisite rippling motion made it crawl all the way to the base then back again to the blood engorged purple head.

“Oarrrragh!” I’m moaning like crazy while the stern faced old woman gives me a hard stare with her small eyes. “Oaarrggghh!” she’s driving me insane with erotic sensations. “Oh please suck it, Jean, please” I begged desperately wanting to thrust back and forth to fuck her mouth. I was always dubious when I read in Jim’s stories about how men were reducing to whimpering idiots by the sexual skills of women such as Jean because I always took the lead in my previous such encounters. However now the attentions of Jean’s amazing tongue combined with the feel of her strength as she kept me raised with my groin level with her mouth overloaded my senses. This incredible old woman was dominating me physical and sexually at the same time and it just blew my mind. “Ohh Jean!” I was moaning and whimpering like a crazy man. I had never had a blow job anywhere as good as the one this old lady was giving me. Once again Jean amazed me, this time with how talented and strong her tongue is. I can’t believe how incredible it feels. “Orraghh!” every move of her flexible long tongue has my toes curling in ecstasy.

Then Jean stopped that and began to bob her head back and forth, drawing in the whole length of my shaft as she sucked it with a powerful vacuum. “Orrrrr orrrr!” I couldn’t stop moaning like an imbecile, she was so good, so talented in the pleasure department. It was no idle boast when she told me that she was a black belt in sex, a grand master more like. Far better than any other woman I had ever been with by several orders of magnitude and all far younger than her. “Nnnurgh nnnurgh nnnurgh” every suck was driving me insane and just as I felt the build up in my balls towards climax, she stopped sucking as if somehow she knew.

Back and forth bobbed continued her head but this time with her tongue alternating between light flickers, folding and rippling all the way from base to tip together with long mentally devastating licks all over my over-inflated dick, driving me to new heights of sensory overload. “Oh Jean, Jean. You’re so good” I moaned dementedly, throwing back my head against the wall and closing my eyes. “Oh Jean, please suck me. I can’t hold on any longer. I want to cum in your mouth” I begged. My dick left her mouth with a wet sloppy PLOP. I opened my eyes to see her looking up at me fixing me with a chilling glare. “Oh no you blooming ain’t” she growled “I’ve already told you, boy, women cum first”. With that she grabbed me between the legs with one arm and the other around my shoulder. “Woah!” I yelped as I was once more pressed up into the air but then quickly tilted and plunged down her front. Instead of falling to the floor, I found myself dangling upside down with her arms wrapped around my backside. My face was swinging below her crotch and I grabbed her short legs for support. Jean opened her legs. “Get in there and make me happy” she growled. It wasn’t a pretty sight but I was so turned on and eager for her to bring me off that I pulled my face up between her legs, closed my eyes, stuck out my tongue and set to it.

“Mmmmorrr!” no sooner had I began then I felt my dick plunge back into her mouth. Immediately a strong pumping sucking started up at a steady rhythm. Driven to a lustful craze I began licking her old twat with a vengeance determined to please her with a massive orgasm before I shot my load. Changing between sucking and licking and steadily increasing the tempo, I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much of this unbelievable treatment. So turned on was I that I stuck my face right against her pussy and licked like fury. “Ohhh ohhhhh” Jean began to moan, softly at first then increasingly getting louder. Breaking off her attention to my dick to voice her pleasure more and more until she began thrusting her crotch in my face. Smothering me with her juices she took intermittent crazed hungry sucks at my dick until suddenly her arms around my backside pulled me tight against her really hard as the old woman screamed out her orgasm. Then she hungrily attacked my dick with such fast strong sucks that I was blasting my load into her mouth within seconds “Orrrr orrrr orrr” I kept on cumming as the crazy dominant old woman kept sucking me until I could give no. She then gently lowered me to the carpet where we lay shagged out in each other’s arms.

Part 3. The Boy honey-pot
I came back downstairs after having a wee. While I was in the bathroom I was trying to get to grips with the fact that I had been having amazing sex with a 86-year old woman who had proven herself stronger than me and a much better fighter. Entering the living room, I found that Jean had put back on her gi jacket, snugly tied off with a black belt. Her crinkled face surrounded by short curly hair looked at me. “Put your trousers and shoes back on” she commanded. After picking the things off the floor, I sat down to put them on. “Follow me, I want to show you something” she ordered once I was ready. I got up and followed her into the hall and then into a small kitchen. All the while I enjoyed the sight of her large toned calve muscles flexing and waning as she walked. She paused at the back door then told me “I want you to remain very quiet”. Opening the door she quite literally led me down the garden path. The orange glow of the street lights from beyond the end of her garden provided poor illumination. As I followed her down the rough concrete path, I realised she was barefooted. That made me wonder whether she had a thick pad of hard corn on her soles like a Karate expert.

Stretching across the end of the garden is the back of a brick garage. On this side there is a blacked out window and a door in the far right-hand corner to which we headed. Jean whispered “It’s my honey-pot. Naughty boys just can’t resist it. Naughty boys who are in need of some discipline”. From the window-sill she picked up a key. “It’s a secluded parking area for residents. I haven’t got a car but I leave the garage door closed but unlocked. The chav boys from the local estate swarm to it like flies, they just can’t resist it” she whispered putting the key in the lock then turning it. “Keep quiet, keep out of my way and watch” she warned. As we entered, I found that we were in a small square area formed by a tall cupboard along the width of the right hand wall and a thick curtain which hid us from view. Jean quietly locked the door behind us, not that anyone would have heard because there was loud gangsta rap music blaring out. There was also the acrid smell of cheap cigarettes and alcohol. Loud raucous uncouth voices came from the other side of the curtain. Almost every other word and quite often several successive ones was a foul expletive. Jean adjusted the lapels of her gi jacket to open the neck a bit to give a glimpse of her impressive long plunging cleavage before stepping into the room.

The interior resembled a den with thick carpets, some old couches and sofas on which lazed 8 yobs all wearing scruffy hoodies. They were startled breaking into more expletives to see a stumpy old woman wearing a gi jacket stomp over to their beat-box and switch it off. The one closest jumped up and tried to grab her. Moving swiftly Jean clamped one hand around his throat and slapped the other between his legs. WHAP! “Ooooooeee!” he squealed as she pulled his balls forward while pushing his neck back. Her knarly fingers seemed to be clutching his windpipe. “Urkkkk!” he croaked as his eyes went wide with shock. His mates watched in stunned silence at the sturdy little old lady forcing one of their mate’s body back at a steep angle by his balls and neck. I saw his skin turn red with white indentations where her strong fingers dug into his neck while the fierce looking tendons stood out on her forearm. His eyes quickly glazed over and he crashed to the floor as the little bulldog of a woman let go. BLAM! The other yobs were all out of their seats with a jump sensing a fight. All their eyes were on the old woman who had attacked one of their own.

To my surprise Jean began to run straight towards them. Their look of shock at seeing a petite stockily built old woman in a gi top run towards them turned to incredulity as she took a massive leap to above the level of their heads. Travelling really fast, one leg stretched in front in the direction of travel while the other folded beneath. “Hai!” BOFF! her foot hammered the side of one yob’s face with tremendous force. “Arrrr!” he yelped as his head snapped back so fast under the powerful kick that it nearly took his head off. His body hurtled back at a tremendous rate with feet clean off the floor, transcribing a rapid arc backwards. BAM! his back crashed into a wall then fell to the floor. “You should have stayed at home with mummy” she grumbled then quickly turned to the nearest lad who looked stunned at what she had done. Grabbing his right wrist, she shouted “Hai!” into his face making him jump as she slammed the back of her forearm across his throat. “Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!” WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! her right foot is a blur as it delivers kick after countless kick at stupendous speed alternating from one side of his face to the other while holding his arm. The other yobs held back in stunned amazement. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! She is so much shorter than him, that her leg points upwards in a standing vertical split. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The others look on with their mouths hanging open in disbelief as the grumpy faced old woman blasts lightning fast kicks with her foot while her leg is raised. WHAP! WHAP! she is so ruthless, the lad is so dizzy and disoriented that he can hardly stand. Pivoting on one heel, she pulls his arm over her shoulder, snaps her torso forward at the waist sending him hurtling over her head. BLAM! his back hammered against the floor.

“Oi! c***! stitch this” a rough-looking yob came at her and threw a punch towards her face. “Hai!” she cried and a lightning-fast chop on his forearm side-swept his blow. Throwing up her right arm level with his neck, she slammed it into his throat while stepping forwards towards his side. “Yah!” THUD! it was like walking into a clothesline. “Kkkk!” he croaked as his eyes went wide with shock. The next moment a muscular calve slammed into the back of his leg. “Bah!” he literally went head over heels, lifting right off the floor at incredible speed. BLAM! his back slammed into the floor but already another youth was upon her. Pouncing from behind, he grabbed a hand around the front of her waist and slapped the other over her mouth. Turning her head quickly, Jean pivoted on one foot swinging her upper body forwards while slamming the edge of her open hand across his larynx. “Hai!” she cried. The impact knocked him straight down. BLAM! No sooner had he hit the floor than the stocky old crone grabbed his legs, crossed them over like a pretzel then pressed her knee against it to hold it in place. “Arghh! Jeez!” he cried “My legs, my f’ing legs” writhing on his back in agony.

A short lad with a nasty sneer swept up a chair and raised it to brain her over the head. Showing no emotion Jean blocked the blow with a sweep of her forearm up behind his elbow. Bending sharply forwards, causing screams of agony from the guy with the crossed legs, she grabbed the short lad’s ankle. Standing back up straight she pulled his leg off the floor, unbalancing him and sending him crashing down BLAM!. Pressing a foot on top of the side of his calve as it lay on the floor, she tucked his raised foot beneath her armpit. Using her left arm as a lever at the back of his calve she pressed down upon his knee with her other hand. “Arghh! Argh! Don’t break it” he shrieked in agony. She looked magnificent, a short old-aged pensioner with two yobs on their backs completely at her mercy. “Urrkk!” Jean croaked as another yob crept up from behind, whipped out his trouser belt and hooked it tightly around her neck. At the same time, another was approaching from the front. “Try that shit with us and I’ll break yer neck, innit?” the yob shouted. The old woman was a well-oiled 86 year old fighting machine. Dropping the legs of the guys on the floor, she streaked into action. “Kkk..Hai!” the yob behind croaked as she moved off-centre and her open palmed hand shot back. THUD! “Orrrrooo!” he wailed as the side of her hand crushed his balls with a solid thud. As he began creasing forwards around his aching groin, Jean stepped to the side while seizing his head with both hands. “Hai!” BLAM! Her knee shot up like a piston smashing his nose and mouth with an awful crunching sound. He dropped to the floor with blood streaming from his ruined nose and mouth.

This happened so quickly that the lad in front had only just leapt forwards as his mate fell. Wrapping his hands around her throat, he tried to choke her. Jean showed no alarm and her bull neck seemed to get thicker moving his hands outwards. “Hai!” Jean’s hand flashed down chopping the inside of his elbow breaking his grip. “Yah!” BAM! her foot shot out like a bullet and her sole kicked against his kneecap. “Argh!” he cried. “Bah!” her arm rocketed forwards slamming her palm against his face. “Ouch!” he yelped. As quick as a cobra, the old woman wrapped both of his forearms beneath her armpits and grasped her left wrist with her right hand forming a noose around them. In the blink of an eye she fell backwards onto her shoulders bringing both feet up into his groin and hurled the guy, who was much bigger than she was, at enormous speed halfway across the wide garage. BERLAM! he hit the ground hard and stopped moving. In a single impressive move without using her hands, Jean threw herself onto her shoulders then leapt forwards onto her feet in a wide legged stance that looked menacing and full of power. The front of her gi top had worked loose and was showing a wide amount of wobbling bosom to the stunned disbelief of the remaining lads. “Phroarr! great tits” one moaned but most were violent morons who acted like thugs.

I gasped as a hoodie grabbed the short stout lady from behind, wrapping his arms tight around her chest. “Hah!” the old lady yelled as her right leg shot up like a rocket. In an incredibly flexible kick like a standing over-splits, her leg whipped up straight like a flagpole, the top of her thigh flat along the right side of her chest. The hem of the gi jacket rose to expose her grey-haired pussy. With her her big muscular calve upside down by the side of her face, her shin hit her shoulder sending her foot right over and connecting with his face. BLAM! her foot dropping back to the floor as fast as it had risen, Jean leant forwards breaking his grip. “Yah!” she yelled as her fist shot backwards with the base hammering his balls. “Oooeee!” he wailed. Pulling free of his arms, the stout pensioner quickly pivoted around to face him and bent forwards real low. “Hai!” she cried as her leg kicked back right over her head in an amazing lightning fast scorpion kick to his face. BLAM! her flexibility caused a rapid tightening of my groin. Without pause, she stood up grabbed his wrist and turned while throwing his arm over her shoulder. At the same time she seized the back of his head with the other hand, leant forward and tossed him like a rag-doll over her shoulder. “Haii-yaaah!” a long drawn out yell emphasised her superiority as she slammed him to the floor. BLAM! the guy landed so hard that he went out cold while his body folded over with the force of the impact that almost broke him in two.

There was a shocked silence as Jean stayed crouched in a fighting stance over the motionless body for several long seconds. The vision of her with her gi jacket rucked up exposing her ample bare strong looking buttocks and hairy pussy was so potent that I couldn’t contain a long groan of pure wanton desire. “Orrrrrrrrrrrr” I groaned so much that I got to the point of being breathless, my dick was already rising in salute. I just wanted to get my cock back into her old strong powerful twat and bang her like mad. The few remaining youths cowered in trepidation yet were visibly subconsciously aroused. However a couple of dense-headed thugs refused to acknowledge getting turned on by an old granny and they moved in together to attack her. Jean leapt straight into the arms of the nearest moron, who instinctively put his arms around her to discover that he was holding a very mature she-devil. “Hai!” her foot stomped his shin “Yah!” then continued down to stomp the top of his foot. “Ouch-eeeii!” He squealed as the old woman’s knee powered right between his legs with a crushing thud. “Bah!” she yelled into his agonised face then turned gripping his right arm and flipped him backwards over her shoulder then slammed him into the floor. BLAM! the last youth standing looked shocked as the pensioner sprang into the air with one knee raised as high as his shoulder then snapped her fist forward into the nerves in his neck. “Yai!” THUD! his eyes glazed over as his lights instantly went out even before he had begun to fall. BLAM! he crashed hard. It had all happened so fast! in a few short minutes 8 youths were laying at the feet of a sturdily built 86 year old woman wearing a gi top and nothing else. Once again I was sporting a real stiff boner caused by this amazing old woman, she really was better than Viagra.

Casually Jean walked to the garage door, her big wide calves flexing with every step and drew a big metal bolt across then locked it. Turning to face the youths on the floor, she made a show of slipping the key down her cleavage as if to challenge them ‘if you want it, come and get it’. I couldn’t help noticing how much her wide calves flared out behind her short shins. Placing her hands on her hips and with her legs astride in an arrogant pose of great confidence, the short old woman in the gi jacket and black belt addressed them. “You are trespassing. This is my garage and you will be sorely disciplined” she stated. These chavs were used to getting their own way and not taking orders. I suspect this is what Jean expected and wanted. “F*** you f***ing old c***” a real arrogant looking loud foul mouth with a shaved head shouted as he got to his feet, red in the face with anger. “I f**** don’t know f***** what f**** shit you just f**** pulled but I’ll f*** kill ya you f**** c**!” he yelled (you get the picture with the language). With clear annoyance he started kicking the prone figures who jerked awake. “Come on you lazy c***s, we’ll beat the f**** shit outta her together” he yelled. The others began to rouse themselves and get up. Then loud-mouth saw me. “Oi! Wot’s your game?” he shouted. “You leave my boyfriend alone” Jean told him showing sudden concern. “Boyfriend! Oi! you f**** like to fuck old grannies do ya?” he yelled stepping towards me. I’m not a violent person but I was ready to wipe the annoying sneer right off his ugly face with my fist. “Yeah kill him” the short one shouted out in encouragement as big gob grinned and stepped closer.

Suddenly Jean was running then leapt high upon his back. Her short thick thighs slid either side of his waist, her big muscular calves closing across his belly squeezing tight as her ankles locked together. “Urrghh!” he grunted in surprise at the strength of the old woman’s legs, unable to prise them apart as they squeezed hard. “I told you to leave him alone” she growled in his ear. Slipping her brawny forearms either side of his neck, she locked her hands and began to drive the hard edges into his neck. “No nnnnooo!” he panicked. His hands desperately clutched and tugged at the old forearms digging into his neck while the big calves crushed their way into his gut. “Nnn nnnghh!” he grunted while she rode his back. Within a few seconds he stopped struggling and his eyes went weird and zoned out. Jean jumped off his back as toppled over to the floor like a falling tree. BLAM! He slammed into the floor on his front, gave a little bounce then lay motionless.

“Jean!” I tried to shout out a warning but it was too late. A second moron grabbed her from behind wrapping an arm around her neck and pulling her head back with the other. “Come on knife ‘er” he encouraged his mates. The shorter woman reacted swiftly. Twisting sideways in his grip, the sour-faced woman placed her legs slightly bent in a sturdy wide-legged stance then hammered the point of her elbow backwards into his gut. “Hai!” she cried WHUMP “Orrrragh!” he groaned, his mouth creasing downwards at the edges in a grimace of winded agony as her elbow drove right into his belly. Raising her hands above her head, she seized his head as he slumped forwards, the craggy-faced pensioner swiftly went down on one knee pulling his head sharply over her right shoulder. “Yai!” His body whipped head over heels really fast. BLAM! His back hit the ground hard. “Bah!” she cried then her fist punched his jaw with a solid thud. BAM! his body jerked with the blow then lay still. Watching Jean in action really was getting me aroused again.

“Ow!” she yelped as a third hoodie came up from behind as she crouched over his fallen mate and grabbed her by the hair then yanked back her head. “Jean!” I cried in alarm as he raised a flick-knife to slash her throat. She jerked back so quick that the front of gi jacket fell wide with a glorious glimpse of her large dangling breasts and big aureoles. “Hai!” her elbow pistoned back into his groin. WHAM! “Oooooo!” he wailed in a high pitch then began to lose height sharply as his body sagged around his ruined balls with a mask of unhappiness on his face. Jean sprang to her feet and stepped to his side as he groaned over his aching balls. Looking fierce, she seized his wrist with one hand and viciously bent back his wrist with the other. “Arghh!” he yelled as the knife went clattering to the floor. I dashed in and scooped it up before any of the others got hold of it then dashed back to watch. Sensationally dominant in her white gi jacket, Jean twisted the youth’s arm out to the side then up forcing him to bend over in front of her. “Hai!” the side of her other hand slashed down upon the back of his neck. STAK! his face jerked up, his eyes staring wide. Jean pressed down upon the back of his head and snapped her knee into his face. “Bah!” CRUNCH! blood flew out in all directions. “That will teach you to play with knives” she growled as she seized his right wrist with both hands, shot his arm up into the air then snapped it forward sending him cartwheeling through the air crashing into two of his buddies as they rushed forwards to help, knocking them over.

The fourth yob to reach her was an ugly bruiser. With no thought for her sex or age threw a punch right at her. “Hai!” Jean stepped to the side and slammed her raised forearm into his elbow diverting the blow. He tried again, aiming low. “Yah!” her fist shot out slamming into the side of his forearm blocking it. Again he went for her face. “Kai!” her forearm snapped up stopping the punch getting anywhere near. The guy was fast snapping out punches towards the old woman, but she was much faster. The frustration showed on his face as he quickly blasts another punch towards her jaw only for her to react like lightning blocking it with her forearm. Quickly the stocky lady bent down and grasped his right ankle then shoving her knee into his groin, pulled up his leg. “Ooo!” he yelped then fell over onto his back. Jean went down with him keeping her knee in his groin. “Arghh!” an agonised cry left his lips as with her full weight behind her knee, she landed hard upon him while holding his leg. Pressing his lower calf into the crook of her arm she grasped her wrist and pulled his leg towards his chest. “Orrghh!” he groaned. Before she could do anything else two more yobs tried to pull her off him. Jean struggled as they yanked her to her feet. “Hai!” she yelled her short thick leg stomping down upon the base of his neck even as they dragged her to her feet. WHUMP! The guy’s body twitched violently then was still.

One of the lads held back Jean’s hands while the other small-brain clamped his hands around her thick bull neck and tried to throttle her. BLAM! WHUMP her leg kicked forwards in a blur, the balls of her feet hammering his groin with a dreadful sound. He crumpled silently with his mouth wide open and his eyes wide while clutching his groin. Her right arm shot up slipping free of the lad behind then her deadly elbow shot back like an express train. “Hai!” BLAM! “Urrghh!” he groaned. Moving fast, Jean slipped her right arm beneath his arm and around his back while pulling his other arm forwards. “Yah!” she cried thrusting her broad backside back into his groin as she leant sharply. “Woah!” the lad was whipped over her hip and slammed at great speed into the floor. BLAM! His body just sort of sagged into the carpet. The deadly pensioner was upon the two yobs left standing before they realised it. Seizing the wrist of one, she pulled his arm straight then a whiplash spinning wrist throw rotated his whole body around his arm and cart-wheeled him into the floor BLAM! Jean launched herself at the last guy and seized his arms then launched herself backwards with her foot in his groin in a very fast stomach throw. “Wah!” he squawked as his back-end was hurled high into the air before he flipped over and crashed onto his back. BLAM!

Jean threw herself to her feet in that limber way of hers using no hands landing with her legs wide. The sight of the old lady in a gi jacket with her short thick legs bare while around her lay 8 groaning teens had my dick at full mast. She had wiped them all out again in less than a minute. Short, stocky with a grumpy wrinkled face with tightly curled dyed hair and narrow grey eyes, she wasn’t much to look at but dressed in that gi top I thought she looked formidable. “What’s the matter? You never seen a woman in a gi top before?” Jean growled at them with her hands on her hips as the youths looked up at her, the few sensible ones with a mixture of shock and fear in their eyes. She looked so dominant standing over them glaring. “I’ve been gentle with you so far, so unless you want to see my nasty side you will all get your trousers and pants off right now and that includes you, lover” she directs the last comment at me. I don’t hesitate to drop my trousers, she turns me on so much. But the violent yob who attacked her doesn’t feel the same way. “F*** off you crazy old c***! We’re going to f**** sue you for compo” he yells from the floor, his face red with moronic rage. “You’re going to regret what you just said young man” she snarled as she walked towards the yob, glaring with small piercing eyes. Snarling and pumping himself up for a fight, he scrambled to his feet but the old lady got there first. “Hai!” I saw the play of strong thigh muscle as her foot kicked out fast. BLAM! It hit him right between the legs with such terrific force that his body jerked into the air, his feet clear off the floor before folding over and falling rapidly to the floor. BLAM! He instantly curled up on his side sobbing quietly. With her hands on her hips, I could see the violent yob rocking in a sobbing ball and dry-retching from between her big shiny muscular calves, the intense agony on his face was plain to read. “I told you to get them off” she growled at human ball of misery. She reached down grabbed his wrists and pulled his arms apart like a wishbone and poised her foot to kick his balls again. “No!” he shrieked in fear of his balls being mashed. “Do it then!” she growled dropping his arms. Quickly his hands moved to his flies. “You too if you don’t want me to explain it to you” she snarled at the rest of them. There was an immediate frantic chorus of zips being undone.

Jean looked down with disdain at their cocks and sniffed with displeasure. “To please me needs something bigger and fatter than your pathetic sized excuse for cocks” she growled. “Let’s see if this works” she said then proceeded to untie her black belt and slid off her gi jacket. “PPROAR!” “Great tits!” a few of them exclaimed as they gaped openly at Jean’s plentiful low-slung breasts hanging proud and firm. Others seemed genuinely shocked to see a pensioner in the nude with every wrinkle and crease on full display. “This is what a REAL woman looks like, boys” she growled with her hands on her hips and a sour expression on her face. Proudly showing off her nude body with the sensational breasts, wide flat stomach (OK with a few wrinkles), short thick strong looking thighs, equally strong looking upper arms with her formidable looking forearms she walked before the yobs examining their dicks once more. “Hmm some improvement and that’s not saying much” she complained. “Orrrr!” there were certainly some stiffies amongst the lads now. “Stop that!” she shouted suddenly and strode across to one youth who visibly cowered in front of her. “If I catch you playing with your cock again, any of you, then I’m going to hurt you so bad that you will be in casualty for a week” she growled. The more level-headed ones looked nervous, even I felt nervous, my hand straying to my dick before I’d realised it.

“You and you” she pointed to one of the yobs “on your feet now” she ordered. “No f*** way” he said with a sneer of defiance. “Right” she growled approaching the tough-mouth who tried to scramble to his feet to fight. “Hai!” she slammed her cupped hands either side of his neck. BLAM! The lad looked stunned. Jean bent back her right hand at the elbow in the vertical plane clenching her fist. “Yah!” the base of her fist hammered down upon his nose. BLAM! “Argh!” he cried his hands going to his face and visibly shocked to find blood. Showing no mercy, the old woman seized his right hand and pulled his arm straight out to the side then slammed her palm into the back of his elbow. “Argh!” he screeched in agony. “You will do as I say” she growled forcing him into a partial standing crouch in which he writhed in pain under a savage arm-lock. A sharp flick of the wrist sent him spinning in the air then crashing to the floor only to be forced immediately up again with a nasty backward twisting arm-lock. She bent back his wrist towards his shoulder then applied a brutal wrist-lock using just one hand. “Ow ow Jesus f**** Christ !” he yelped with his eyes clenched as the dangerous nude pensioner dominated him using just one hand while nonchalantly ignoring him. She forced him to walk to the lad who had been caught with his hand on his dick. He looked very nervous as the naked old woman stood by his feet with one of his mates writhing in agony.

“Open your legs” she commanded in a gravelly growl. He hesitated looking scared but Jean intensified her harsh scowl and he quickly obeyed. He looked terrified as she stretched out her foot until his stiffy was beneath her bare sole. Then to his surprise and that of the rest of us, she began to massage his erection with her foot. At the same time she began giving a vigorous hand-job to the fellow caught in her wrist-lock. “Orrr!””Orrr!” it wasn’t long before both lads began moaning in pleasure as Jean worked them with skilful hand and foot. “I’m more than a match for all of you, physically and sexually” she stated with authority while she pumped away with vigour. “Arrrr arrr oh God orrrr!” the guy getting massaged by her foot was delirious with the erotic sensations. Tough-guy wasn’t fairing much better, his erection already sprung stiffly out in front of him as the old lady rapidly slid her hand back and forth along his shaft. “Orrrrr so good orrr incredible” he moaned. I felt a strong pang of jealously that my date was pleasuring these youths. “That’s right, boys. After I’ve finished with you, you will know that no other woman will ever give you as great a pleasure as from me” Jean taunted smugly as she stepped up the tempo a notch causing both lads to trash their torsos back and forth in demented pleasure. “The memory will keep burrowing in your brain. It will be like a drug and you’ll be hooked so bad that you keep coming back here for a fix” she crowed as the panting moans got faster and louder. “Except that you can only relapse because you will never get it again from me. Instead I will only use you for Karate and Judo practice and put you in hospital so badly broken that no-one will believe an 86-year old woman did that to you” she told. “Ohhh ohhhh please please orrrrr” they moaned insanely now. “Nnnarg nnnnargh nnargh!” the guy on the floor just lost it, spunk spraying out from the old granny’s foot as she continued to pump her foot back and forth rapidly. “Nnnnooo nnooo nnoooo!” tough-guy moaned as white gobules flew every which way as her veiny wrinkled hand slid rapidly up and down. “You see how easy this is for me” Jean growled as she continued pumping with hand and foot. “Nnnnarrghh nnnarghhh orrrhh!” both guys were moaning like idiots, well and truly lost in the moment, rolling their eyes, heads thrust back, neck tendons standing rigid, their bodies in rigour as spunk kept spraying from beneath her moving hand and foot like a muck sprayer. “Argggg arrrr arr!” it was like they just couldn’t stop cumming! I don’t think there was now a limp biscuit in the garage, all eyes were upon them rapt with attention with a lot of very heavy breathing. The atmosphere was thick with sex and shockingly my dick was once more absolutely throbbing for her. Finally both flows got weaker then dried up as the amazing 86 year old milked them both dry. “Stay right there. Don’t you dare move” she warned. I don’t think they could even if they wanted to, they looked totally shagged out.

Jean sat down on the old sofa and raised both legs straight up together in front of her, giving me a glorious view of the back of her short legs with the strong swell of the hamstrings and the large toned calves. I had to force down a large swallow as she spread her legs incredibly wide into a V shape with the top of her shins touching her shoulders and exposing her pussy covered in wiry grey hair. “Orrrr!” I moaned at the amazing suppleness of this old woman, and I wasn’t the only one. I heard some of the watching lads moaning in appreciation of the raw sexual image being presented. Jean beckoned me with her finger then pointed at my dick then at her pussy. “Show them how it’s done, lover” she purred. I was so worked up by her display of dominance of these lads that I just dove right in, banging her like crazy. BAM BAM BAM BAM. I humped her like an animal pumping my dick back and forth in her pussy with her muscular channel working with me quickly forcing me to increase the tempo. “Lucky bastard””Wish that was me” I heard some of the lads remark. BAM BAM BAM oh my Lord I just couldn’t get enough of her and was really banging her hard that the back of the sofa was thumping on the wall behind. “Ur ur ur ur ur!” I panted at the fast pace she set with sweat running down my brow. “Orrr that’s right” she moaned, shutting her eyes “get right in that g-spot”. “Orrr Orrraghhhh!” she began to moan loudly as I banged away at her. After already cumming several times already that evening, there was no way that I could keep this up for long. “Nnnnn nnnnn urrrgghh!” In no time at all I was blasting a big load inside her while she came loudly. “Oh oh oh yes yes ohhhhh!” she cried as her strong love muscles used me while pumping every drop out of me before finally expelling me. “Sit down and rest” she ordered as she kissed me gently on the cheek then got up showing no signs of the exhaustion I felt.

I watched her amazing big toned calves flex and wane as she walked away from me with her wide naked backside wobbling. What an amazing woman! I thought, I’d really struck paydirt here. Jean walked over the the first loud-mouth who had attacked her and who was still cupping his aching balls. He looked up nervously as she stood over him with her legs wide. He quickly looked away at the sight of her bare pussy hovering over his face. “Make a good job of cleaning all of his cum out of my pussy or I’ll break you” she told him sternly. He visibly baulked at the prospect and looked like he was going to argue. Striking like a viper, Jean seized his right hand and sharply bent back his wrist then forced him, wimpering, to his feet. Quickly whipping his arm over her right shoulder as she turned her back on him, she pulled him tight to her naked body thrusting her big broad buttocks into his groin and his exposed penis. Leaning slightly forward, she held him there for a moment, letting him savour the erotic sensation of his dick in close contact with her wide firm buttocks. “Orrrr!” he moaned enjoying the sensation. That was when she bent sharply forward and tossed him like a rag-doll over her shoulder and into the floor. BLAM! immediately another brutal wrist-lock forced him to his knees before her. I loved the way this old woman moved and struck, as a real powerful martial artist. That exuded a such potent sexual aura that turned me on like crazy regardless of her age and looks. Jean shoved his face right up into the apex of her legs with his mouth pressed against her hairy pussy. “Mmmmm!” he complained into her muff as he felt her short thick thighs clamp around his head. “Mmmmm mmmm!” he shrieked with alarm as she rose onto her toes and her thighs swelled up into thick powerful shiny muscle like steel balloons. His body and legs stuck out from behind her, kicking and thrashing in vain with his hands on her hard bulging thighs.

“You better start licking boy if you don’t want me to pop your skull as easily as I could a balloon” she warned. I could hear the sobs as she lowered her feet to the floor then turned her attention to the boy she had given the foot-job. “You! Here!” she ordered pointing to her feet. The lad quickly slid over maybe expecting another foot-job. If he was, boy was he mistaken. “Lay down on your front” she ordered. Looking confused he did as he was told, only to look even more confused when he found his neck caught between the old lady’s solid wide calves. With a scowl and a wagging finger she summoned tough-mouth and forced him to stand with his back to her. He wasn’t so tough now and clearly didn’t want another beating from her, so he meekly obeyed. His face showed concern as the naked old woman stretched out her stubby left arm over his left shoulder and folded her rugged forearm across the front of his throat like closing a gate. Pressing her right hand against the back of his neck, she pushed his throat against her rugged thick forearm and the side of his neck against her short chunky upper arm. “Grkkk!” he croaked as she tightened up her arms, cutting off the blood to his brain. “God! The old granny’s putting a f**** sleeper hold on him” one of the other lads gasped.

“I told you to lick!” she said angrily to the guy with his face in her crotch. “Mmmm mmm!” he screamed into her pussy as she raised herself onto her toes. Her short thighs swelled up into solid mass muscle which completely swallowed his head. His hands held onto the steely swollen thighs crushing his head while his legs flailed and writhed in vain. “Scream or lick it’s up to you, as long as you make me cum so hard that I squirt into your face” she growled. The boy between her calves didn’t look too good, his eyes were wide with shock and his mouth was a tight grimace as he held onto calves as wide and sharp edged as spades. They dug into the sides of his neck while lifting it up. Tough-guy wasn’t faring any better. His eyes were also wide and his mouth was clenched tight as Jean’s short strong arms maintained a tight hold around his neck. The nude pensioner closed her eyes and groaned “Ohhh yes, get right in there boy. Get in deep. Ohhhh lick it all up”. Her voice was heavy with passion. I felt a pang of jealousy although I knew that he was in a lot of pain between those bulging thighs. The guy between her calves was staring at me with wide zoned out eyes. His hands slipped to the floor. I knew that Jean’s sexy massive calves was cutting deep into his neck starving his brain of oxygen. The thought of her power turned me on and I felt my groin trying to get tight again, once more shocking me with the potent effect this old woman had on my sexual readiness. Yet his spaced out stare disturbed me and I had to look away. “Ohhhh ohhhh that’s right you little pussy licker” Jean moaned ecstatically. Tough-guy’s eyes were staring straight ahead with drool running from the corner of his mouth. His hands flopped by his side. The zombie stares of these two youths was chilling but I knew that Jean didn’t care. “Ohhh Ohhhh Lordddddd Ohhhhhhhh” she screamed out a massive orgasm that visibly shocked the watching lads. “Orrr orrr ahh ahhh ahh” she moaned. She pumped up and down on her feet, the lad trapped between her calves showed pure agony before his face relaxed with his eyes shut as his head continued to be battered up and down by her calves. Tough-guy too was knocked right out as her biceps swelled against the side of his neck and her brawny forearm pulled tight. “Orrr oorrrr oorr” she kept cumming. Terrible muffled screams came from the guy stuffed in her crotch then stopped as every muscle in the old woman’s body bulged and went taut as she rode out a massive climax. There were some throbbing dicks on the watching youths and myself I can tell you. Noisy orgasm over, Jean’s body relaxed and she opened her arms and legs letting three limp, hopefully just unconscious, figures flop to the floor.

I watched as the 86 year old woman’s stocky legs stepped over the prone motionless bodies showing no regard for their condition or any sign of remorse. Her wide calves flared out dramatically from behind her shin as she headed towards another of the youths sitting on the floor. “F*** no!” it was the violent moron who had pulled the knife. He shouted at her, his face turning red and angry as he jumped to his feet. “You ain’t doing that pervy kinky stuff to me!” he yelled with his eyes bulging like a maniac. “Hai!” she cries spinning around like a top as he rushes forwards with his fists raised. Her leg flies out to blast the top of her foot against his cheek. BAM! his face whips around from one side to the other. “Yah!” the naked old lady spins quickly in the opposite direction, leaning low and kicking her leg right up high behind her. BAM! the sole of her bare foot hammers him right in the middle of his face, snapping his head back in a spray of blood. He looks stunned but Jean grabs the back of his neck with both hands. Pulling his head forward as she ruthlessly drives her knee up into his belly. “Bah!” she yells “Berlaaguuh!” a noisy explosion of air bursts out of his big mouth and he begins to crumple forwards. Seizing his wrist, the naked old wrinkly sends her right leg soaring way over her head, her gaping pussy level and barely an inch in front of his eyes. She holds this remarkable pose for several heartbeats as she keeps hold of his wrist. His dick slowly stiffens being held in that submissive position and so close to that love nest. “YaaaYah!” she yells and that leg falls like an executioner’s axe upon the back of his neck. BLAM! he went crashing down fast. But she still had his wrist and a sharp twist of his arm behind his back forces him back up while she pressed her other palm against the shoulder joint causing him to yelp all the way up.

Spinning him around  Jean stretched out her arms and placed a hand on each shoulder. Giving them a sharp turn, his body twisted in front of her. He gave an involuntary step backwards to steady himself only to find the back of Jean’s right leg behind his own. “Woah!” he cried in alarm as Jean continued to turn his shoulders forcing him to trip over her leg. Going over backwards he hit the floor BLAM! As he fell, Jean had seized hold of his arm and now used it to force him to sit up on his knees. Still holding his arm, she stepped in front  and trapped his dick between her awesome calves. The expression on his face as she began doing calve raises was priceless as he suddenly realised that the flexing and waning of her big muscular calves against his erection was very pleasurable indeed.

“Come here boy” she ordered another of the lads while still slowly raising and lowering herself onto her toes to keep her calves flexing around the other guy’s dick. The lad looked worried and unsure how he could get away. “Don’t make me come over there and get you” she growled in a hard voice “for it will go very painful for you indeed”. Reluctantly he got up and went over to her. “Get behind me” she ordered. He did so but was unable to stop himself looking down at his companion who had surrendered to the pleasures of her big wide muscular calves. “Orrrrrrr!” he moaned softly with his eyes closed in bliss and his palms feeling her toned calves as flexed tightly around his stiffening dick as she slowly raised herself to her toes then he sighed in contentment as they relaxed resembling upside down bowling pins when she lowered her feet. Standing right behind her, the other lad gasped as Jean grabbed his hands and pulled them around in front and placed them on her large breasts then pulled him tight against her stocky naked body. His groin fitted against her generous backside like spoons. Holding both of his hands with one of hers, her other hand slipped between their bodies. When his eyes went wide with amazement, I knew that she had slid his erection between her buttocks. “Oh wow!” he gasped as her big soft rounded buttocks clenched, leaping together around his dick turning rock hard then relaxing before repeating the process in a steady rhythm. “Orrrr!” he moaned as the flexing buttocks pumped his dick. “Orrrrrr!” moaned the other as her calves bulged and relaxed with increasing rhythm. “I’m old enough to be your grandmother” she grumbled as her big rounded buttocks clenched and relaxed around his cock at a slowly increasing pace. “You could be fucking your granny” she said. “Ohh amazing!” he moaned rolling his eyes and massaging her breasts. “How does it feel to fuck your granny” she asked. With that he closed his eyes and cupped her huge breasts while thrusting back and forth like crazy in time with her clenching glutes. “Or or or or!” he panted as he rucked like crazy causing seismic turbulence in her breasts. “That’s it fuck your granny” she told him.  All the while Jean had been squeezing away with increasing rhythm on the dick between her rugged big calves. “Ohhhhh  yesssss” the yob moaned in pleasure.

All of a sudden her buttocks stopped moving with a wicked smile upon her face. “Orr oorrr no please, please don’t stop, no please” the youth behind whimpered like a baby “oh please go on, your backside is amazing, oh please”. “Orrrrrrr!” a long gasp of contentment left his lips as his eyes closed in bliss. “Ohhhh ohhhh ohhh!” he began groaning really loud as to my amazement, muscular waves began rippling all around his trapped cock. With my eyes wide with disbelief, I felt strong pangs of jealously and insane lust for the old woman as Jean began working her big strong buttocks like a skilled booty-dancer. “Oh Jean, you’re amazing” I gasped in stunned awe at the rhythmic wavelike motion of her buttocks working off the guy’s cock at incredible speed. Meanwhile the youth getting the calve-job got to the point where he clearly couldn’t handle it no more. “Oh God! Oh oh Oh nnnnn nnnn nnnarrr” he began to moan as spurts of jizz flew out in strong spurts from between the front of her shins. “Seems you like that weird kinky stuff after all, boy” she said with contempt as she pumped him dry with her calves. Imagine one of those girls shaking their big booties, then imagine sticking your dick between her buttocks while she did that – how long would you last out? The other guy looked like he would have a heart attack clinging on to her and looking close to exhaustion, sweating like he was in a sauna as he pumped away at her big rippling buttocks as much as her powerful glutes allowed. “Nnnnarg nnarghh nnnar nnnnnnnaeerrrr!” he moaned as a powerful orgasm overtook him. “Nnnnnnarr nnnnnar nnnnar”  he lost it over and over as he too was pumped dry. Finally they both collapsed absolutely shattered to the floor. “I bet you never had a woman do that to you before” she chuckled.

Knife-boy’s face turned from post-orgasmic bliss to horror as a large naked backside hovered over his face and Jean’s hands grabbed his head positioning it to look right up at it. “Now clean up his mess” she growled. His face turned white and he opened his mouth to protest a moment before his face disappeared into the depths between her large firm buttocks. “Mmmm mmmm!” his protests were muffled by her backside. “You too sissy-boy” she growled, twisting the arm of the other yob forcing him to get down by her legs and begin licking her big calves as she slowly began grinding her big backside all over his mate. “Orrrrr get that tongue right in there, boy. Clean me deep” she said in a breathy tone. Pulling his arm around, she forced the other boy to his knees at her side then bent back his head right back tucking his neck beneath her thick right arm so he was looking out from her back in a dragon reverse sleeper hold. “Urrrrhkk!” he croaked as she grabbed her wrist and pulled the noose tight around his neck, driving his throat against strong swelling biceps. Once again I was stunned by the sheer ruthlessness of this amazing 86 year old lady as she tirelessly began to put away another youth. She was a sexual demon devouring men in her stride. His eyes clenched and his mouth gaped while his upside-down face began to turn red. “Get right in there!” she growled leaning forward to angle her thighs back so the face stuck up her backside now had the top of his head squeezed by her massive deep hamstrings. “Mmmmm!!!” he squealed as the powerfully thick leg biceps bulged around his head swallowing it up.

“I won’t warn you again” she scolded while keeping the tight headlock on the other guy. His body was now bent right back now Jean had got lower with his eyes springing wide staring into space. Her old legs turned rocky and rugged as she powered down with her massive hams and thighs until the yob stuffed up her backside was screaming loudly. “Orrrrr that’s more like it, boy” she moaned but didn’t lessen the brutal power surging through her hams and short thighs. The other guy was staring back at me, upside down with wide zonked out eyes, his tongue hanging out and drool running down his face. The sexual domination continued as Jean’s big thick hamstring bulged powerfully like high stony hills while her short thighs bulged with raw strength. Hysterical screams turned to loud sobs as Jean maintained the brutal face-sit while grinding back and forth over his face. Her eyes were closed and she moaned to herself “Oh yes ohh yes”. The sexual appetite of this old woman was as legendary as Jim put in his stories. Frankly it was a little bit scary and a potent aphrodisiac, but I wondered how could I possibly keep up with a woman like that? Her glutes were now flexing so hard around his face that they looked like mighty continents grinding against each other with striations as she began to scream out another orgasm. The guy beneath her arm began fluttering his eyelids uncontrollably as he passed out. “Ohhh ohhhh ohhh!” she cried. Knife-guy’s legs kept kicking out slowly along the floor two, three times before his whole lower body beneath his trapped head reared up in a mighty back-bridge which then collapsed and stopped moving. Oblivious to their fate the old naked dominatrix rode his unconscious face with her backside screaming her orgasm like a terrifying banshee until she had completely finished. Whereupon she sat back on his face for a while to catch her breath.

“That was a good one” Jean remarked then got to her feet once more leaving two more motionless bodies behind. A fine sheen of perspiration covered her naked body making it glisten and emphasising her latent strength that lay just beneath the surface. Five youths now lay unmoving and three remained. Three yobs who thought that they were really tough and thought nothing of resorting to violence looked at the 86 year old nude Amazon in true fear but also wanton desire. Their dicks are rock hard, throbbing and upright in absolute salute to her physical and sexual superiority. From their eyes I could tell that they knew that there was no escape from her, no way out of the sticky end that awaited them. But had they really accepted their defeat, realising that they are next to endure the heights of pleasure and pain that the old pensioner would inflict on them? Although they looked afraid of being beaten up again by the little old lady with her Judo and Karate talents, eventually to be knocked out for her own pleasure, they also seemed like they were looking forward to it in a strange way. Maybe they genuinely wanted to experience the incredible sexual sensations they had seen give to their colleagues, to give them the best orgasm they had ever had and thought this more than made up for the beating they would suffer and the humiliating knock-out that followed? Yes, she looked like a stockily built old crone who before tonight they would never thought of making love to, but now they knew that the embarrassment was worth it for the amazing sex she could deliver.

“Right, who’s next?” she asked without even the briefest glance at her conquests.

Part 4. Dominance and Submission
Jean walked slowly towards one of the remaining youths who sat upon the garage floor. Knowing that his worried eyes were on her, she moved in a confident manner that emphasised her strong naked 86-year old body. “I want to hear you beg” her gravelly voice was low almost seductive as she stood over him with her hands upon her wide hips. Conflicting emotions play over his face, part is the arrogant mindless violent thug, the other remembers the intense pleasure she gave his mates before putting them away in humiliation afterwards. “Are you deaf as well as stupid” Jean growled tapping her foot impatiently. His thought processes were plain on his ugly yobbish face as he made his defiant decision. Jumping to his feet, he ran over to a tool chest at the back of the garage. “Oh good, I like it when they fight back. It gives me a more entertaining work-out” she sneered. Picking up a crowbar his eyes swivelled towards where I sat. “Open the garage door or I’ll brain him” he snarls “I’m busting outta here”. He’s got a brutish ugly face with a low brow to match his thuggish demeanour. He steps towards the sofa brandishing the crowbar like a club. Jean began to walk forwards. “Give it up old lady, I’m closer to your boyfriend than you are” he sneered confidently “I’ll crush his brains out before you get anywhere near”.

Suddenly the naked woman leapt forward. Alarmed, the yob raised the crowbar to strike but only got it part way up before she slapped down a hand on either end of the metal bar. “Hah!” she yelled in his face which made him jump. She brought the crowbar down sharply upon his own wrists. “Ouch!” “Bah!”she twisted one end from his hand and slammed it against the side of his jaw. BAM! “Orrr!” he groaned as his jaw clicked sideways. “Yai!” the end of the crowbar was driven hard into his gut. WHUMP! “Ar………gh!” he groaned raggedly. “Eeeyah!” the end slammed up beneath his chin. CRACK! his face snapped back viscously and his knees began to sag. The nude wrinkly pensioner flowed smoothly from one move to another like a well-trained fighter, the yob had no chance. Bringing the bar between his arms, she twisted it right around locking them up. Turning around, she raised the bar with his tangled arms then leant sharply forwards tossing him right over. “Hah!” she barked sounding like a laugh at his pathetic inability to fight an 86-year old woman. BLAM! He hit the floor hard.

With mocking amusement in her small eyes with the wrinkled bags beneath them, she leant over him, her big boobs dangling in front of his face. “If you ever do that again, I will put you in A&E. Now do as I say sissy-boy and beg!”. He gawped at the big wide wall of dangling wobbling chest before his face with a throbbing erection. “I guess you still don’t get it, boy” Jean said then flexed both arms. The yob gaped in amazement at the thick dense solid mounds appearing out of her wrinkled old skin and even more so as her breasts came together and rose up her chest. With his eyes fixed to that large firm looking bust and a rapidly throbbing hard-on he got to his feet. His face showed desperate desire yet real fear at the same time. He knew that she was too skilled a fighter for him to handle, yet he desired those breasts. Jean’s mouth moved without sounding the words – beg. “Oh your tits are amazing especially for an old ‘un. Please I want to touch them, feel them….you know, innit”. She rolled her eyes at his poor effort but instead of scolding him only asked “Do you want to make love to them?” “Oh yes!” he exclaimed “please, let me fuck those tits. Please m….maam” “Mistress” she corrected him. “Er..please mistress”. Jean squatted in front of him then wrapped her stocky arms around the back of his thighs. He looked down in confusion. Her traps swelled into thick slopes between her neck and shoulders. Her arms thickened getting more solid and rugged. Then she began to rise, lifting his body clean off the floor. Standing, she slid his erection between her full low-hanging breasts. “Orrrrr!” he sighed making me recall how I felt when my dick slid between those large warm soft mounds of femininity. “Orrrr orrrrr orrr!” he moans as the old lady’s strong arms moves his body up and down, and back and forth, sliding his dick through her big mammaries. “Orrr Jeez incredible!” he moans. Then her bust began flexing together like two beach balls twitching and pulling together and I realise Jean is demonstrating amazing pectoral muscle control. “Orrr orrrrr!” he moans as she massages and masturbates him with her voluptuous breasts. “Ohh ohhh Ohhh!” the boy moans deliriously. “Typical male” she grumbles “always lusting after my breasts, but unable to cope with them when I do let them have them”.

“Orrrr orrrr goddd so goood” he groans as the buxom short strong sour-faced old woman continued to hold him aloft while her flexing pecs hungrily devoured his cock as it slid back and forth along her phenomenal cleavage. “You won’t last long in there with my skilled chest muscles, sissy boy” she taunted as he threw back his head groaning in delight. “Look at you, sissy boy” she sneered with contempt “Letting an old granny dominate you physically” with that she suddenly pressed him from a standing position to horizontal above her head like a human barbell. “Oh wow! So strong!” he gasped looking down at her sturdy body, his dick lurching. “and sexually” she added, sweeping him back down in front in a horizontal position facing her. “Orrrrrrr!” he moaned loudly as his aching dick slid back between her big breasts “Orrrr orrr orrr!”. Jean’s biceps looked really pumped and hard now with visible veins as she manipulated him as easily as if he were an oversized toy teddy bear; one with a willy that is. “You can’t but help but enjoy the moment even if you didn’t want to” she taunted. He was going crazy, flinging his head around, moaning non-stop. “Aren’t you embarrassed that a little old 86-year old is doing this to you and there’s nothing you can do to stop me even if you wanted to?” she sneered. He had fully surrendered to this awesome sexual experience and I felt jealous with a raging hard-on. “Dominated by an old granny who has kicked your ass with Judo and Karate, and who is now proving she is stronger than you” she taunted. Her arms now looked very muscular as she curled him back and forth. “Ohh please please I wanna fuck you real bad, oh mistress” he pleaded echoing my sentiments. “That’s more like it, beg sissy-boy” she teased. “Ohhh mistress ohhh! too much, orrrr, can’t hold on” with that he came hard and long, his best orgasm ever inside an old woman’s breasts. “Nnnarrrrrrr ohhhhh” He just kept cumming as Jean’s strong pecs pumped him dry. Job done, she cruelly just lets him drop to the floor. BLAM! He lands so hard that it almost knocks him out and he just lays there too shagged out to move.

Jean crouched over him, her bare breasts dangling low and slaps his face. CRACK! “Now clean up your mess”. With that she pulls him from the floor and buries his face between her breasts while clamping both arms around the back of his head. “Mmmmm!” he groaned loudly as the old woman raised her elbows out to the side then flexed her short thick biceps against the sides of his head. “That’s it clean it up good” she instructed as he squealed as her old solid biceps exerted a fearsome pressure. “You better hurry up about it because I am not a patient woman” she warned. She flexed her arms a few more times, her biceps swelling up against the sides of his head like shiny solid flesh coloured boulders. “Mmmm! Mmm!” he squealed job apparently done, Jean lets him fall to his knees.

Seeing that scene of female dominance, I just can’t take any more, I’m too worked up. Rushing over, I have never ever wanted anyone so much before in my life. “Oh Jean!” I moan and begin kissing her passionately on her small rough mouth. Her tongue slips into my mouth and we wrestle tongues for a bit. “Urgh you never get me fucking an old granny” I hear one of the two remaining lads say. “Me neither, no matter how good she wanks me” the other replied. “Oh Jean, I love you so much” I break off our kiss and moan in delirium. “Why Frank!” she exclaims “I made a good choice with you”. To my surprise she took my right arm and swung it over her right shoulder while turning her wide back on me. She leant forward loading me onto her back while grabbing the back of my head with her other hand. For a moment, as my feet left the floor, I thought she was going to throw me but then I felt my erection riding the channel between her buttocks. I can’t help but moan out loud “Orrrr!”. Jean stood up straight and my feet barely touch the floor for a brief moment before leaning forward again. She repeated this several times. “Orrrrr Jean!” the close physical contact of having my dick slide up and down between her strong wide buttocks drives me insane with desire. Jean began leaning further and further forward, showing me how limber and flexible she was, each time standing back straight just enough that my feet almost touch the floor. “Oh Jean, so good!” my dick is getting harder by the second and my balls are swollen.

She leant forwards again but this time went so far forwards that her body was bent like a u-pin beaneath me. I felt my dick brush against her grey haired pussy lips and it turns me into a moaning idiot. “Mmmmurrrr!” The old woman is bent totally in half, head against her shins. She stays in this position as my cock throbs against her pussy. “Oh Jean, please let me inside your pussy, please I can’t hold back any more”. “Oh no, you’re not going in there, lover. I’ve a different hole for you”. Suddenly she drives back across the floor then I’m horrified as we fall backwards together. My relief of landing on the sofa is overwhelmed as I gasp loudly as my cock is plunged right into her anus. I have never taken a woman like that before and was totally blown away when powerful muscles in her rear passage start massaging my shaft from tip to base. I felt like the filling in a sausage making machine. “Ohhhh my god Jean you are amazing, a goddess. Ohhhh incredible” I had never felt anything like it before in my life. “Come here Sissy-boy. Come and kiss your mistress”. Looking drained, the yob forces himself over trying not to look at my face as Jean’s backside takes me to places I’ve never experienced before. “Do you want to kiss me?” “Oh yes, mistress” he sighs and leans forward, placing his hands on her shoulders to steady himself, to receive a kiss. Jean gently slid her left arm around the back of his neck and began to pull him closer with her face as welcoming as a craggy-faced old woman can be. Suddenly she threw up the back of her right forearm across his throat like a bar. “Kkk kkkk!” he croaked as she pulled on the back of his neck forcing his throat further against her rugged forearm which at the same time was pressing deep into it. His face came right up close to hers, teasingly like a lover’s embrace as she throttled him with her brawny forearm. “Kkk kkkk!” I saw the look of dread realisation hit him as the old woman choked off his air from his brain. All the while, her anal muscles ripple and pulse taking me to new heights of sexual nirvana. His face was going bright red while his eyes were almost popping out staring wide at me. I had to look away to concentrate on my own sensations of pleasure. “Oh Jean!” I cried as a powerful ring of muscle began circling my dick giving the illusion it was going round and around getting faster and faster. I began howling out and spouting nonsense. “Ohhhh Ohhhh Jean, Ohhhh I can’t live without you”. The old crone began raising her heels up and down moving onto the balls of her feet causing her backside to ride up and down on my dick while that ring of anus muscle drove me into sensual oblivion. Sensory overload was enhanced when her glutes also began flexing while pumping my dick. I caught sight of the wide-eyed drooling zombie in her arms and I just blew it. “Urrrrrrrr urrrrr urrrrrr urrrrrrr urrrrrr” I blasted a very heavy load, long and strong as I uncontrollably moan like the possessed. All the while Jean continued to ride my dick up and down with her anus while raising her heels up and down moving onto the balls of her feet so as to drain every single seed out of my dick while I felt ultimate sexual bliss. “Urrrrrrrr urrrrr urrrrrr urrrrrrr urrrrrr” I came so strong that I felt faint before actually blacking out for a few seconds. I came around gasping on the sofa while my heart raced. Having dried me out, Jean let the unconscious yob fall to the floor before uncorking me from her backside. Turning to kiss me gently on the lips, she told me “Rest again, lover. I’ll have need of you later” then kissed me again.

The two remaining yobs watched Jean, the repulsion in their eyes of her naked crinkly blocky body was plain to see. They got to their feet, trying to look tough. “We can get any birds we like, we’re not saddo’s who are so desperate that they are willing to fuck old wrinkly grannies”. Their bravado was plain to see, yet their dicks told a different story. “Is that so?” Jean turned her back on them and strode over to their beat-box. Unplugging it and placing it lengthwise between her large well-shaped calves she went onto the balls of her feet then up upon her toes. Big powerful rocky shapes slid beneath her toned skin. Two wide double-diamond slabs of thick calve muscle stood proud each with deep cleft between. Straining and creaking noises sounded as her powerful calves stressed the casing of the unit. The tension was palpable as she lowered herself to her soles then raised herself back up again. This time her calves became larger, more well-defined than before extruding extreme muscular power. The beat-box just crumpled in the middle like it was made out of cardboard followed by loud cracks and snaps as it gave way to her fearsome calves. She kept them flexed while the two yobs look on in amazement with raging hard-ons. “That’s how easy I could break you” she growled then lowered her feet back flat upon the ground and let the destroyed music box fall from her calves. She turned around to face them with expectancy written all over it. They tried to fight her off as she came towards them but she simply grabs a wrist of each then with a sharp twist had both crouching with agony on their faces. “Wow!” I gasped at the sight of a youth crouched either side of the nude 86 year old woman with their faces screwed up in agony as she poured on a painful wrist lock. “Ouch!” “Arghh!” they writhe and yelp in agony. “Dance for me boys” she sneers then forces them upright, dancing in pain as she twists their wrists out towards their backs so they cannot fully stand upright.

“Hai!” her short thick right leg kicks upwards in an arcing blur towards the yob on the left. BAM! the front of her shin clubs him solidly across the chest. Urrrghh!” “Yah!” her left leg repeats the move barely a second later to the youth on her right. BAM! “Urgh!” their bodies jerk back under the force of the kick then yelp as the wrist lock restrains them. A moment later her right leg lifts bent at the knee. “Hai!” the leg snaps straight driving the sole of her bare foot deep into the gut of the right yob so hard that his feet come right off the floor as his body jerks back creasing around her foot until the wrist lock limits his flight. BAM! “Yauuurgh! Ow!”. In the blink of an eye, her foot flashed back to the ground and her left leg mirrored the brutal kick with the yob on the left. “Yah!” BAM! “Urrgh! Ouch!” without stopping, the crinkly old action woman lithely kicked up her right leg in an amazing standing side-splits which blasted the right yob’s face. “Hai!” BLAM! his head flew back fast with blood pouring from his nose and mouth. Barely a second later the same thing happened to the guy on the left. “Yah!” BLAM! no sooner was her foot upon the floor than she stepped forward between them whipping each arm in a wide forward circle. “Bah!” “Woah!” both youths flipped head over heels rapidly upon either side at the same time as if they weighed nothing. BLAM! within a few seconds the stout naked pensioner had beaten up two youths at once. Again I felt the stirrings of lust even though I had just came heavily a few moments before.

“Ow ow ow ow!” they yelped as she forced them up by their wrists bent back hard. One was forced to stand upon a chair before Jean turned her attention to the one who had been the first to declare his disinterest in her. “Hai!” he jumped as she kicked her right leg up as if to strike his face. “No!” He visible winced in fear but her foot misses by less than an inch. It soars past and ends up raised in a perfect flexible vertical position that took my breath away and made my groin tighten. The grumpy old woman maintained that pose so he could savour the sight of her amazing flexibility and exposed pussy right up close. It was clearly turning him on as his dick began to throb. “Move closer” she growled and he obeyed without question. Releasing the wrist-lock, she slid an arm around behind him and grabbed his buttocks and forcefully pulled him closer. “Ohhh!” he gasped as his erection brushed the curly hairs of her pussy then slid in front of it. I could only imagine what it must be like pressing your groin like that against a woman doing the standing side-splits, and knew it would drive me crazy. Moving his body back and forth while maintaining her strong limber posture, Jean began sliding his throbbing dick back and forth over the hairs at the entrance to her pussy. “Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh!” “Now tell me that you don’t want to get inside me” she growled. “Ohhh!” the conflict plain to see as he tried to not to succumb although the sliding of his dick over the outside her love-nest was overwhelming.

She turned to the one on the chair who was still in a wrist-lock. Her tongue darted out and began licking his nipples. “Nngh!” he grunted in surprise then also tried to resist as she quickly built up speed. His breathing quickly became deeper and faster and he closed his eyes as her skilled muscular tongue tantalised his nipples which now looked as hard as bullets. There was a loud gasp from the other guy “Ohhh my God, Noooo not possible, not possible, ohh!”. At first I couldn’t see what was happened but then saw that her pussy lips were moving and writhing of their own accord like a giant slug along his shaft. With a shock I realised that her phenomenal muscle control over her sexual organs extended to her pussy lips which were working him off without having to have him inside. “Ohhh ohhh!” “Tell me that I’m the best you’ve ever had” she growled taking a break from working the other guy’s erect nipples and continuing to work his dick by hand which had him babbling. “Ohhh! you’re the best, you’re the best”. Pressed against her crotch with her raised leg sandwiched between them, he didn’t stand a chance. “Oh ohh sensational. Oh God you’re amazing” her sexual orifice opened and closed like a bizarre sea-monster, it’s lips clamping and relaxing getting his shaft so hard that it was driving him beyond crazy and getting me very hard too. “That’s it you ugly yob. You can’t deny wanting sex with an old granny now””No, no, please I want it. Oh please make it last forever”. “Oh, I can make it last a lot longer than your heart can last but you don’t deserve it”.

Leaving him mesmerized with her astonishing skill, she turned her attention back to the other lad. Rapid licking of his nipples had him groaning in pleasure and curling his feet. “Ohhh ohhhh you are the best”. A sharp twist of his arm forced him to lean forwards and her tongue hungrily slavered all over his ear, sending him into hysterics. “Ohhh Godd ohhhh!” he shouted and began thrusting his hips rapidly back and forth. Working his arm like some kind of crazy slot-machine, while her slot-machine worked a full throbbing dick, Jean manipulated the lad on the chair alternating between slobbering licks of his nipples with licks to his ear and neck sending him demented with lust. Under that treatment, he didn’t last long at all. “Ohhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohh ohhh!” globs of spunk began to spray from his dick as she licked his erogenous zones faster and faster. “Please let me fuck your pussy” moaned his companion pathetically as the entrance to her pussy continued to chomp down upon his shaft while he bucked his hips back and forth, her guiding hand no longer needed. “My pussy is only for my boyfriend” she stated. “Ohhh ohhhh ohhhh too much!” he flung back his head as he built up a tremendous speed humping the front of vagina more that any man can stand for long. “Oh Goddd you’re so good ug ugh ugh ughhhhhh! You are THE BEST!” he screams out as his dick erupts like a volcano. He cums very hard indeed and for a long time. He pants, losing his breath and becoming very red in the face while continuing to thrust in his climax. Jean’s pussy lips just drained him while doing the same to the guy on the chair with her hand. Wringing out every last drop, the limber old lady finally lowers her leg. Both youths look very wobbly and close to passing out, but the dominant old woman had other ideas.

Moving like greased lightning, the nude pensioner spun on left foot then jumps up high. “Haiiiiieeee!” she yells so loud it makes me jump as her leg scythes right around to deliver a crushing roundhouse kick. BLAM! her right foot crashing against his temple so hard that it sends his body clear off the floor rotating 360 degrees until he lands hard face first, so hard that I feel the vibration through the concrete floor. CRAK! I hear his nose break as he is knocked out cold. “Yahhhhhh!” the yob standing on the chair goes as white as a sheet as a naked 86 year woman leaps high. Bringing both legs up in front of her, horizontal and straight, open in a wide V, she hurtles towards him. WUMP! her bare hairy crotch slams right into his mouth which is wide open in dumbfounded astonishment. “Mmmmmm!” her short thick thighs flow past his neck and hook over his shoulders. Flinging herself backwards until the back of her head almost hits his groin, she stretches forward her hands like a high board diver. In high speed motion, as her hands hit the floor she arcs her head back between his legs and whips her strong sturdy body forward, pulling the yob off the chair with her powerful calves as they dig into his neck and fling his head towards the floor. He whips head over heels, just a blur. While Jean’s thighs land safety on the floor, he is sent hurtling right over BLAM! again I feel the vibrations as his head lands heavily on the hard concrete followed by his back and legs. Such a powerful throw knocks him right out.

I run forward to take Jean in my arms and kiss her. “Not yet, lover. Help me get rid of the trash”. She put back on her gi jacket and loosely tied it with her black belt. Unlocking and opening the up and over garage door I helped move the unconscious bodies and dump them in a corner outside. She told me to leave the loud mouth who had first attacked her and I realised that he was the only who she hadn’t granted any pleasure before knocking him out. I reckoned she had something else in store for him as she began slapping his face hard while I dragged out the last of his mates.

Part 5. Like Father, Like Son
I was just returning to the entrance of the garage when I heard footsteps and turned around. A man walked around the corner “Oi mate, you ain’t seen my son have you. My height, not as good looking as me. Likes to hang out round here with his mates. Oh there they are, looks like they’ve been on the piss” he saw the bodies and assumed they were drunk and passed out. There was a sudden groan from inside the garage and I turned to see Jean standing over the loud-mouthed youth who looked dazed as he lay at her feet. The man pushed past me entering the garage. “Oi! You keep away from my son, you crazy old bat” under the lights inside I saw that he was a big built man with an ugly brutish face with a nose that had been broken in the past and not mended right. “You’re that crazy old bag who goes around with her tits half hanging out and what the fuck are you wearing that for you loony cow. You should be locked up in a care home” his voice was loud and belligerent. “Shut the door Frank” “No, leave it Frank if you know what’s good for you. I’ve just come out the nick from a 3 year stretch so I’ll won’t leave any witnesses around if you know what I mean” “Well that explains his behaviour. Like father like son” Jean grumbled. “Shut up you daft bitch or I’ll shut it up for you, come on Brad get off the floor””Dad?” the youth still looked a bit dazed. “Why’s your dick hanging out? You ain’t been fucking old ladies have you? You’ve been in a fight? Why are you on the floor? Who did this to you?. Did you do this mate?” he addressed the last question to me. “I did” the petite stout build old woman stated.

As his head turned towards Jean, she became a tornado of violence. “Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!” her short thick legs kicked out alternatively in a blur mashing his face driving him back across the width of the garage. His head jerking back and forth like it was on a spring as a constant barrage of powerful kicks bombarded his head without let. “Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah!” she began punching his gut in a blur of motion. Her fists drilling so deep and with such force that his feet kept leaving the floor as his body jerked under the impact of each blow. “Oh yeaahh! Screw youuu!” she shouted into his disbelieving face as he struggled for air. Seizing his arm she quite literally threw him from one end of the garage to the other using a quick-fire series of shoulder throws and spinning wrist throws, using brutal arm-locks in between to get him to his feet. “Bah! Ha! Bah! Ha!” twisting his arm she laughed at his inadequacy to defend himself as blindingly fast kicks repeatedly hammered his gut, chest and face, his body jerking uncontrollably under their power. “Dad!” loud-mouth cried in dismay as his father crashed to the floor in defeat. I quickly closed the door in case some other angry CHAV fathers were on the prowl.

“Now get your dick out and give me a good laugh” Jean growled. I could see the anger in his eyes. He struck like a snake, grabbing her ankles then pulling her over onto her back. Quickly kneeling he tried to push his way between her legs, his big hands reaching for her throat. Jean quickly bent back her legs at the knees and placed her feet upon the tops of his thighs. Bringing her knees together she forced him to draw back his hands forming a leggy barrier between them. As he tried to sit up to raise himself above the height of her knees so he could reach her face with his balled up fist. She pulled one foot back. “Hai!” it shot forward hammering the centre of his chest. WHUMP “Yai!” it struck again blasting him right in the middle of his face. BAM! “Orgaghh!” quickly both feet were placed on his chest. “Bah!” her short strong legs snapped straight and he went flying across the garage. BAM! “Orrrragh I’ll get…” he paused mid-sentence watching the old pensioner in the Gi jacket walk over to a stack of 3 thick concrete slabs raised on bricks. “Yah!” her fist hammered down and all three slabs broke up and fell to the floor. His eyes were wide and his face ashen. “Yai!” his jaw dropped as the old lady executed a perfect axe kick and held it with her leg fully raised, her flexibility exposing her bare pussy. “Don’t hurt me” he yelped as she walked towards him. He scrambled to his knees. “Hai!” the side of her hand chopped the back of his neck sending him crashing back to the floor.

“Get it out or I’ll give him brain damage” Jean growled. The brutish man looked up, his expression turning to horror at the sight of his son kneeling with the crazy old lady crouching behind with a brawny forearm tight across his throat with the hand clasping the crook of her other arm, elbow resting on his shoulder with the forearm pointing upwards with the hand open. She looked very confident, very powerful, ruthlessly dominant. There was no doubt that she knew what she was doing. Already his eyes had began to glaze over. “Ok ok just let him go” His dad begged but the old woman ignored him and ruthlessly maintained the hold. “You’re f-ing crazy” he mumbled. The sound of his zip signalled his compliance. With his son’s zombie stare upon him he pulled out his dong before Jean discarded his son to one side.

“Crazy am I?” Jean grumbled then stomped over to the remains of the broken concrete slabs on the floor. I loved watching her big wide calves bunch and flex as she walked. “Hai!” suddenly she leapt high into the air tucking her knees right up in front of her chest, curling her flexible old body into a small ball that span quickly head over heels. Her legs snapped out as she came down. BLAM! bits of concrete flew every-which-way as the broken slabs exploded into a thousand little pieces. Standing barefooted in the rubble, she showed no signs of exertion. Her small grey eyes locked onto to the father with laser-like precision. “How’s that for crazy, boy?” he looked nervous as the old woman in the gi top walked fowards with deliberate teasing slowness. “Go on, Dad, you can take her” loud-mouth junior shouted in encouragement. “Yes, go on Dad. I really want to see you try” Jean sneered. For a second it looked like he was getting up to fight. Moving like a cat, Jean seized his wrist and bent his forearm backwards over her broad hip forcing him yelping and dancing in agony to his feet. She then twisted his forearm back to his shoulder and brought her face right up close to his. “Bah!” she yelled in his face. He visibly jumped and a spurt of piss escaped his exposed dick luckily for him just missing her.

Raising his left arm up high into the air, the amazing old woman turned her back on him as she got underneath it. “Hai!” her right leg snapped up high in a flexible, standing split kick that powered her foot over her shoulder and right into his face. CRACK! his nose breaks in a garish spray of blood. “Now you know why I wear a gi top with a black belt” she states as fact. Spinning back around under his arm, her bare leg kicks up again. “Yah!” BAM! his face snaps back savagely as her foot strikes like sledgehammer. He would have fallen if Jean hadn’t been holding his arm. Taking hold of his shirt with one hand while still keeping his arm raised with the other, she spun her back to him once more. Squatting before him she thrust her wide buttocks back into his groin. Looking dazed from the awesome kicks, his eyes suddenly go wide with astonishment as he feels the electric sexual tingle in his exposed dick against her bare buttocks. Leaning forward slightly she forces him to stand onto his toes. “Orrrrr!” he moans as she keeps him in that position with his arm still held high. “Savour the pleasures an old woman can bring you” Jean teased as his dick rapidly became stiff against her backside. “Orrrrrr!” the exciting feeling stimulating his cock is really getting to him. “So you still think I should be locked up in a care home?” she growled. With that she bent sharply forwards lifting his helpless body off the floor and tossing him over her head. “Haiiii-Yaaah!” his legs whipped into the air as his head was pulled down then went over onto back in mid-air as he hurtled towards the hard concrete floor. BERLAM! I felt the vibrations through my feet.

Once again Jean shows no mercy as the man’s wrist which is in still in her grip, is ruthlessly bent back forcing him straight back to his feet. He looks stunned as a dangerous old crone faces him and wraps her arms around his back locking his arms inside hers steadfastly against his body. “Urgh!” he grunts in surprise as her short thick arms pull him into a tight bear hug that has him gasping for breath and turning red in the face. Her gi jacket has fallen wide at the bottom and I can see that his erection is pressing right up against her grey haired covered pussy. The strong little old lady leans back slightly, lifting his body off the floor a bit then holding it there so he is no doubt what he is feeling. “Ohhhh my Goddd!” he gasps in high arousal from the exciting contact of her pussy against his dick. “Just think. A little old grey haired 86-year old lady is in complete control of your weak and weak-willed body” she taunts him. “Look at how daddy is getting turned on by the old granny who is beating him up. She’s a much better lay than mummy” she sneered. The emotional conflict is plain to see as he is humiliated in front of his son yet very plainly, by the state of his cock, sexually excited by the old woman.

“Admit it, this Judo granny is too much of a woman for you to handle, go on say it” she growled. “Uh uhhh uhh yessss yes you’re far too much for arhhh me to handle” the man gasped “Arghhh please put me down”. “Why certainly” she replied. Suddenly with her legs wide astride she just bent right over backwards, like a back-bridge carrying him raised in her arms. “Haiii!” BERLAM! His head smashed into the concrete floor then the rest of his body flopped over it. Jean simply stood back upright again. “Oh Jean!” I gasped. I’d seen her do some pretty amazing things tonight and show incredible flexibility but I had never expected her to do such an awesome suplex move.

“Well Brad” she said the name with distaste. “Do you like what the little old granny is doing to Daddy? Why don’t you come and take his place? I think he needs a long rest” she taunted. Brad had gone as white as a sheet. The big tough seemed barely able to move, he was too wiped out after that devastating move. His arms and legs twitched randomly. “Come on, get up and take me” she taunted. “Please, please, no more, I give” he panted sounding utterly exhausted. “I said GET UP” “Please, please, I can’t take it any more” he sobbed pathetically. Jean just laughed cruelly locked his right arm in a nasty arm-bar that looked like it would snap it at any moment and forced him to his feet again. “Look Brad, this is what happens to bad parents” she said. “Please no more” his father broke down “Three years in jail is is nothing compared to you, please stop” he was in  tears. “Maybe you are better off being back there” Jean replied coldly showing no emotion.

Forcing the weeping man to face her, Jean hooked his right arm beneath her left, pinning his hand in her arm pit. Her other hand came up from under his arm and grabs hold of his right shoulder while her right hand grabs the front of his shirt below the neck. Raising her leg, her right foot steps onto his groin. “Nooooo!” he whines as her hard heel pins his cock upright against his navel. Jean bends her left knee into a semi crouch forcing him to lean forward just a slight bit while maintaining that hold for a while to let him suffer. “Orrrrr!” he moans from the feeling of her old calloused strong foot on his dick. “Please, you’re too much woman for me to handle” he begs with a whine. “Not so tough now are you?” she sneers “this will all be over soon”. With that she straightens her left leg then quickly falls backwards to the floor forcing his body to fall forward. Straightening her right leg with a visible surge of power flexing in her thick thigh, she throws his body over her so hard in a high arcing corkscrew. “Kiiiii-Yaaaaah!” BALAM! He is thrown with such force that he flies clear across the garage and lands hard against the far wall with his back on the floor with his legs splayed against the wall. The amazing old woman in the gi top returns to her feet in that spectacular hands-free splayed legged manner of hers while the big thug remains motionless.

Jean turned towards Brad, the corners of her mouth turning up in an uncommon and somehow disquieting smile. After the scene that had unfolded before him, his dick showed his sexual excitement from witnessing a very old grumpy tightly curled dyed grey haired woman in a gi jacket with a black belt destroy his father with her formidable martial arts skills. As she slowly approached his twitching cock indicated his longing while his face showed his fear. “Get up” she commands and he obeys without question, still in shock after witnessing her domination of his father. He knows he has no chance against her. “Please don’t hurt me” he whimpers as Jean takes hold of right wrist and raises his arm outwards to shoulder level. “You should have thought of that before you came in here” Jean grumbled as she slowly bends at the waist to her left until she is perpendicular to her left leg. He watches in fear and lust as her right leg is raised bent at the knee, lifting the hem of the gi jacket exposing her gaping hairy pussy. “Aren’t you ashamed that an old granny is beating you and your daddy up and there’s nothing you two can do about it?” she taunted. He opened his mouth to reply. “Haaaiiii!” her right leg shoots straight up in a flash in a perfect vertical split. CRACK! her foot blasts his cheek, cracking it in the process. “Argh!” he screams. Her foot drops back on the floor.

Immediately she pulls his right arm around the left side of her neck while pressing the right side of her body firmly against his. He is in shock over his smashed cheek as Jean squats down and slides her right arm between his legs then takes a firm hold of the back of his jeans. His dick is pinned against his crotch by the top of her upper arm. “Ohhh!” he gasps as her short thick biceps swells into his cock. “Orrrr orrrr orrrr!” her bicep bulged and relaxed several times. “How does it feel young man, to be so badly beaten by a Judo granny and yet you get sexually excited by her as well?” without waiting for a reply, the strong little bulldog of a woman stood up straight, lifting the young man off the ground with her biceps between his legs. “Eeeeyaaaah!” twisting sharply to her right Brad’s helpless body is thrown away in a high arc. BERLAM! he lands heavily upon his side leaving him howling in pain.

Jean still had hold of his wrist and once more the Queen of the wicked wrist lock forced him back up. She looked so dominant as the young thug writhed and whimpered in her hands. “Oh please you’re too much. You’re killing me” “Stop you’re whining or I will kill you” she snapped. Locking both his wrists together with just a single hand, the old woman raised his arms high while turning beneath them. Pulling his hands back down tightly against her pneumatic chest, he was pulled tight forcing his body to be plastered against her wide back. Her left hand snaked around the back of his head and pulls his left cheek against her perspiring saggy own. Thrusting her wide backside into his groin causing the back of the gi to rise up. He gasps aloud as his cock plunges between her buttocks which clamp around it like a vice. With a slight squat, he is loaded onto her back with his feet dangling in the air. “Orrr!” she keeps him there for an extended moment to savour his impotence.”Your daddy thinks I’m an old cow who can’t handle herself. Look at him over there, defeated by a little old lady while you are held helpless and about to moan for my old ass”. I saw her buttocks clenched rock hard then relax rhythmically several times quickly reducing Brad into a moaning idiot “Ohhh ohhhh ohhhh!”. “Well I don’t have time to waste for the likes of you. I have my boyfriend that needs my loving badly so it’s time to put you and your father out of your misery”. “Haaaiiii-aaaaahhhh!!” she yelled so loud it made me jump as she snapped forward at the waist. Brad was a blur as he shot over her shoulder and slammed so hard into the floor that she nearly broke his body in two. BERLAM!

Without hesitation, the wrist-lock Queen forced Brad up again then leads him over to his father. In a moment he too is standing by her side writhing in agony. Standing between father and son, she drops their wrists. “Haaaiiii!” the old lady jumps straight up into the air between them, splits her short strong legs out wide in an amazing perfect wide split. BLAM! Her feet slam straight into their chins so hard that their bodies are knocked clean off their feet and fly back in an arc, their backs slamming hard onto the floor.

Jean’s hand whipped out and seized the dad’s hand then tucked it beneath her arm pit with the joint in the crook of her arm stressed by her forearm. “Ow ow ow!” he yelped. “Get up” Jean snarled working the arm-lock to force him to his feet. He looked surprise when his arm was released then gob-smacked when the old crone opened the quilted white gi jacket and let it slide to the floor. Despite himself the sight of her sensational large low-slung 86 year-old breasts caused his dick to stiffen. “That’s it take a good gawp, men always do” with that she flexed her right arm. His eyes went wide at the sight of large solid biceps emerging from her thick arm. His dick stiffened some more. Before he realised what was happening the nude crazy old woman slipped that dense arm around the top of his chest while turning her back against his. She crouched and slipped the other arm between his legs. “Woah!” she stood up straight loading the big burly man’s back across her broad shoulders. “Arghhh!” he cried as she pulled down upon his neck and upper thighs with her biceps swelling as his back bent backwards moulding it to the contours of her wide stooped shoulders. “Arghhh!” “How does it feel to be dominated by an 86-year old woman?” His dick rose upwards from his curved body in response. The lad on the floor looked up in horror as the nude old lady stood with her legs astride above him shamelessly exposing her pussy while holding his father in a back-breaker.

“Can you see how wet my pussy gets when I hurt men?” the youth looks petrified. “You are going to lick me until I cum” She told him spreading her legs over him. “No please!” he whimpered. “Oh, stop your tears. I’m going to sit on your face whether you like it or not. If you don’t give me a really big orgasm, this will happen”. “Arghhh arghhhhh!” his dad screamed as Jean pulled at both ends, bending him like a inverted U pin. “It’s bye-bye naughty daddy” she sneered. That big hairy gaping pussy plonked down upon his face. His head seemed so small as her stubby thick thighs closed in around the sides of his head. “Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” he yelled into pussy as her thighs flexed into hard slabs so large that they swallowed up his head. “Come on, boy. That big mouth of yours must be useful for something other than getting you trouble”. “Arghhhh!” his dad screamed as the strong old lady bent him further. “Get it right in there boy, lick it don’t toy with it! Orrrrr that’s right get it deep in there” she moaned.

The nude ancient dominatrix moved her hand from the father’s thigh to his groin. “Orrrr!” he gasped as her hand enclosed his shaft and began pumping up and down in a steady rhythm. “Ahh yes, that’s more like it boy, work that tongue” she gasped then began to make small sliding movements back and forth. Those movements gradually got quicker and deeper like she was trying to force his face right inside her pussy. All the while, her hand pumped his dad’s cock sending him moaning in ecstasy intermingled with gasps of pain as she kept him bent back like a u-pin. “Oh yes, this is female domination boys. This is Judo granny’s domination” she chuckled. Increasing the tempo, she slid back and forth over the youth’s face. I knew that in his mind he would be replaying all the scenes of how Jean had dominated both himself and his father physically with her Judo
and Karate skills and was now dominating them both sexually.

Her eyes were closed blissfully and her breathing increased. “Ur ur ur ohhh ohhh yesss ohhh” she screamed out as she neared her climax. Moving back and forth over the youth’s face with wild abandon, I caught glimpses of him licking her and saw that he too had a stiff throbbing dick. He was getting turned on by making her scream in ecstasy. “Ohh God oohh you’re so good” his father moaned as her hand sped up and down his shaft in a blur. It must have been much for Brad to bear because he involuntarily ejaculates and cums hard as a long long strong stream of spunk flies off behind Jean in salute to her physical and sexual conquest. “Ohh oohh ohhh!” Jean went crazy as her orgasm hit, cumming nosily. Every muscle in her naked body tensed, I’d never seen her look so muscular. “Arghhhh!” the father’s screams were drowned out by the old woman’s as her biceps flexed as her arms tensed exerting pressure on his neck and crotch. Despite the agony in his back, his dick exploded like a volcano, throwing a fountain of spunk into the air above the old lady’s head. At the same time, her thighs clenched hard around the sides of the youth’s head ballooning up with such power that there were striations, they looked some enormously powerful that I had to restrain myself from wanking off. Terrible muffled screams came from between her legs that I didn’t want to think about and just drove Jean on to an even noisier more prolonged orgasm.

Finally she tossed aside the broken bent form from her shoulders, which fell to the floor unmoving still bent over in that unnatural position. My dick was absolutely raging  and I rushed over to kiss her passionately as she tried to get off the limp form of loud-mouth. Suddenly I find myself flat on my back with Jean on top, kissing me. My hands caress her amazing naked body. “Hold on lover” she purrs and I feel her big meaty calves slip between the back of my legs then her feet hook around my shins. An awesome surge of power pulls my legs wide apart into a grapevine press. “Arghh!” I cry with the shocking power of Jean’s legs just ripping me apart. My dick is absolutely lurching as I’m completely immobilised by her 86-year old muscular legs. “Oh shush lover. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have torn your legs right out their sockets” she told me looking down into my eyes as she lay on my chest. I gasped as she reached back and told hold of my shaft then pushed it forwards to the entrance of her pussy. “Ohhhhhh!” I moaned as she slid herself back onto my aching dick. With my legs spread wide by her powerful short legs, she was totally in command of our lovemaking. Her pussy muscles writhed and pumped my dick surrounding it with a muscular mass that writhed from tip to base pumping it to extraordinary heights of sensuality. “Oh oh ohh” she moaned getting excited. All I could do was lie there with my legs spread wide as the old crony used me as a human dildo, shocked by her enormous sexual appetite. As her well-developed pussy muscles gobbled up my dick for her pleasure, they controlled the pace totally, enough to keep me hard and out of my mind in sexual ecstasy yet not fast enough to allow me release. “Oh Jean, please let me cum” I begged.

All of a sudden Jean released my legs. Still impaled on me with her love muscles gently massaging my dick, she sat back on her haunches. Reaching behind, she took hold of my upper leg and lifted it around her knee and rested the back of my thigh against the inside of her upper thigh. She repeated this with the other leg. Jean knelt forward so her chest pressed my upper legs, angling them back towards me. “Wrap your legs around me,lover” the old woman said pulling my shins beneath her arms. In this strange and uncomfortable position she used her knees to thrust herself up and down on my rod. “Orrrrr my Goddd! So good, unbelievable”. Once again she was in complete control as in this position, blowing my mind with sexual prowess, she was the only one who could do any thrusting. “This is called the Amazon, my boy toy. Who’s in charge now?””Orrrrr! You are!” I moaned. I could see why it was called that for I was physically in a submissive position on my back with my legs in the air bent back while she squatted over me, plunging herself up and down riding my dick like she was reverse fucking me. Once more, the little old pensioner set the rhythm and controlled the pace keeping me aroused but not enough to build up to release. “Orrrr Jean!” I moaned wild with carnal desire. “This is the best sex that I ever had”.

“I’m so glad that I’ve found such a willing partner” she replied. I look at her old wrinkled face with the small grey eyes with the sagging bags and receding tightly curled dyed hair and realise that she might have been a looker once but not now. But I don’t care, she turns me on like no other woman I’ve ever met. Jean leans forward pressing back my legs as she slips her thick arms beneath my back. “Argh!” it is very uncomfortable but then to my astonishment her short sturdy legs power her up to her feet. I am stunned to find myself leaning back cradled in her arms as she stands while my dick is still inside her pussy. “I love you Fotios, now go for it lover, make me moan” with that Jean began pumping her pelvis against my groin as she thrusts her strong pussy around my dick with a slapping sound SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!. I just went ballistic, so overwhelmed by her physical and sexual dominance that I was thrusting my hips frantically. I pounded away at her pussy like an animal in rut while she held me off the ground with ease. I was bobbing my head uncontrollably feeling so sexually overwhelmed from my new grumpy grey haired girlfriend. I may have been the male but the elderly female was fully in charge. “Orrr orrrr orrr!” I moaned and gasped in amazement as her vagina muscles gripped and writhed like a living predator increasing my pace and putting my dick where she wanted it. “Oh yes that’s right, right into my g-spot ohh Ohhh ohh” her powerful love muscles sped up dramatically forcing me to pound away at a pace that had my heart racing and the sweat pouring off me. “Ohh ohhh ohhhh” it felt like I was going have a heart-attack if she kept this up for much longer. “Orrrrrrrrrrr!” finally she came screaming loudly, her big low-hanging breasts battering my face. Her pussy muscles going crazy, finally give me release. “OOOOOOOOORGHH!” I screamed so hard as I blasted an absolute bucket-load inside her that I actually blacked out.

I came too, finding myself on the floor. “You rest lover, I’ll put out the trash then we’ll go back to the house and I’ll make us a nice cup of tea”. I tried to get up to help carry the bodies out but a wave of dizziness washed out over me and I had to lay back and rest. As I did, I thought about all the amazing things that had happened tonight not least Jean totally dominating 8 youths physically and sexually as well as one of their fathers, not to mention the incredible number of times that I had come, and this was only the first date! She might be 86 but she is very fit and healthy and at this rate she’ll outlast me. I can’t wait to see how this relationship goes. Wow, Internet dating really is wonderful!
The black robed woman had an impressive shapely figure as she walked past Speaker’s Corner, if anybody had paid enough attention to realise that this was not a nun. If they had looked closely at the shrouded face, they would have seen a beautiful blue-eyed blonde. Instead all the cleric and his followers saw was the uniform of a false religion and all unbelievers must be killed. “Oi! Christian cunt!” the Holy man yelled stomping forwards with his congregation following close behind sensing blood. “Oi! I’m talking to you. Jesus-whore!” he yelled, moving to block her way. His followers spreading out around her so that was no means of escape. “Down on your knees and suck the cock of the true faith” he snarled in the manner of religious fanatics everywhere.

BLAM! Her leg was just a blur shooting straight up through a long vertical panel in her skirt. The preacher’s head snapped right back sharply as he flew backwards right off his feet with his arms outstretched. Spinning on her heel, a flash of long shapely bare leg struck sideways crushing the jaw of the nearest man on her right with a sickening bony crunch, BAM!. Her hands darting like snakes grabbed those of two men on either side a bare moment before her foot struck up between the legs of one with a solid thud. A split-second later her skirt twitched again and a long leg flicked upwards with blinding speed blasting the other man’s head bent back at an extreme angle. The briefest impression of a very limber back-kick crushing the neck of a fanatic behind. A spinning side-kick that took place in a heartbeat smashed the face of another, a split-second her leg flashes up while rotating to crush another’s temple with the toe of her foot.

Such devastation took mere seconds. Uncertain whether she was still easy meat, the remaining followers nervously looked at the woman as she pulled back the cowl. Maybe it was some primal instinct, some buried ancient race memory, but at the sight of eyes totally red set in a band of red across the face at eye level they turned and ran before they even realised it. A stomp to the side of the knee of one who was too close breaks with a loud snap sending him to the ground in misery before a vicious kick to the jaw takes him out of it.

Smoothing down her dress while composing herself and pulling forward her cowl, her eyes returning to normal with a blink. The woman known as Angel continues walking down the path. Stopping at a nearby bench, she sits down next to a mature grey-haired woman of fierce countenance and an expensive designer suit dress. “Oh dear, the liberal do-gooders will have a lot to say about your religious intolerance” Dr. Clarissa Porter-Bowl otherwise known as The Dragon  quipped. “I didn’t see you helping” Angel replied. “It didn’t look like you needed any help. MI5 won’t be too pleased. They’ve been monitoring that lot for weeks” the older woman said. Angel groaned at her carelessness and looking back and saw a group of men hovering around the prone bodies talking urgently into phones. “It’s OK, I’m a fast texter” the high-class woman indicated a tablet device. “New toy?” the blonde remarked. “Your lot may have had no luck with the Bank but I found a lead” the elegant though scary grey-haired lady said. Angel’s face snapped around with interest. “On the day that Jim Priest disappeared, there were reports from all over the country of men being snatched in the early hours of the morning. This was picked up by a motorway surveillance camera, watch carefully” she said placing the table screen so both could watch, she touched the device and a video began to play in full screen mode.

Angel peered closely and saw an image of a long straight stretch of motorway the light levels low in the morning twilight before sunrise. From the far distance something indeterminable was streaking at great speed towards the camera in the outside lane, zipping past the few cars on the road with incredible manoeuvrability and lightning fast reflexes. It was a black streak on black tarmac in low light with no headlights. Within a few seconds it neared the front of the screen before the picture dissolved in a blinding flash. The Dragon paused the video and rewound the image back a few frames. “Some kind of anti-surveillance flare. Watch” she said brightening up the image and adjusting the contrast. The image of a sleek futuristic black van appeared. “Advanced  technology may be even alien technology but it’s man-made” The Dragon said. “There’s more. That night West-Drayton got brief echoes of something in British airspace. Something using advanced stealth technology. The order to scramble was squashed by NATO high command and reinforced by the PM”. Angel spun to face her, eyes wide with shock “That means..”. “The Council of the 13 working through the Americans. The one country you daren’t travel to and where I’m persona non-gratis” [JIMP#31].
Unable to move his head, the preacher looked up with his eyes at the sound of high-heels close by. A well-dressed mature woman stood astride his face, her skirt fell below her knees covering her modesty apart from a strong shapely pair of calves covered in a light sheer nylons. “Cover yourself white whore. Your naked skin offends me as does your flag” he commanded expecting to be obeyed. To his surprise, the elegant old woman slid her shod feet beneath the sides of his head forcing it to rise between her lower shins. “Urghh!” to his utter amazement her lower legs clamped hard against the sides of his neck with a shocking force that he believed that a woman shouldn’t have. “And you offend me. If you don’t like our flag you should have gone to a country whose flag you do like because now it’s too late for you” the cultured woman spoke down to him it was like the she-devil had his head in a clamp. “Release me, you cannot do this to me. You are violating my human rights, I will sue y..arghh!” he gasped before a strong squeeze silenced him. “What about the human rights of people not to be bombed or have a plane dropped on their heads” the Dragon told him. He clutched at the woman’s calves but to his horror found her calves dense with muscle and unable to move. This was why the priests decreed that women should not be allowed to exercise.

“Let me demonstrate how I will save millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money by preventing your greedy lawyers drag out all attempts to have you extradited”. With that she snapped her calves suddenly to the right. There was a loud cracking sound and as the Dragon opened her legs the preacher’s head flopped out onto the ground lolling at an unnatural angle. “Don’t say I didn’t give you a break” she quipped then without a glance at the prone man on the ground, the grey haired woman smoothed down her skirt then walked away.


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