Best Friend’s Sister (BOBP#05)

Bobby discovers his best friend’s sister is a real knockout.

SPOILER:  Bobby goes to visit his best mate Chris only for his sister to tell him that he was out. To his horror he discovers Chris unconcious. Amy then proceeds to demonstrate how she did it. The fit sultry cheer leader continues to dominate the two boys using sleeper holds while scissoring with her strong athletic legs as well as powerful kicks. As she does so, she discovers the joys of being a dominatrix and uses the boys to give herself powerful orgasms

Inspired by a ‘conference girl’
By Jimp Thanks to Matthew Koenig for the style suggestion
(c)Jim P 2014

Chris Moye is my best friend who lives in the house on the corner of our road. We’ve been mates most of our lives. It was Saturday and Chris asked me to come over at 11 because his parents would have gone out for the day so we can play our CDs loud. I rang the door-bell and waited. Odd, there was no answer so I tried again then tried knocking on the door in case the bell was broken. Finally a hazy figure appeared on the other side of the frosted pane in the door. Immediately I knew it was Amy, Chris’s sister a year and a half older than us. I always had this image of her as an annoying little tomboy with short black hair always hanging on the periphery of our games being annoying. She was always complaining about the heavy metal we listened to since she liked crappy boy bands. Amy was always the sporty type whereas we weren’t. She was member of the school netball and rounders team and in the majorettes – you know short ankle socks and baton twirling on Sundays and cheering on the basketball team, not that the jock creeps deserved the attention. She’d been in the background almost all my life but I hadn’t really seen her since she left school to work as an event organiser.

When she opened the door my heart jumped into my mouth for facing me was a strikingly beautiful girl nearly out of her teens with fine chiselled features. A small face stared back at me with startling slender grey eyes framed by thick mascara that took my breath away. Her nose was sleek and elegant with high cheekbones with a hint of makeup and a slim mouth with pert lips. Framing this was her hair which was long and black cascading down to the back of her shoulders. She had quite a dark sultry sensuous look, almost Eastern European in nature. The only thing I didn’t like were her eyebrows which were quite thick and pencilled in in a sort of Audrey Heburn style which seemed too unnatural to me. When had the annoying tom-boy become such a hottie? “What do you want Bobby? I’m really busy right now” she wasn’t very welcoming. “I came to see Chris. We were going to hang out today”. She wore a white blouse with a very tight black skirt which ended above her knees. To my surprise the skirt had a long slit on one side that went almost to the top of her thigh giving me a tantalising glimpse of her leg. I tried not to let her know I was looking. A sly look flit across her face. “He’s out” “But he texted me this morning to say it’s alright to come over” Again a brief look almost of amusement “You better come in. He’s upstairs in his room but he’s out” I didn’t know what game she was playing but she moved aside to let me in then shut the door.

Amy was 5 foot 4 with a nice sized figure. As she turned I noticed the tan nylons she wore had seams running up the back. Was she wearing stockings? My heart pounded with excitement somewhat ashamed to be getting the hots for my best mates’ sister. As she turned away from the door, the slit in her skirt opened up wide to reveal quite thick firm looking thighs. That sexy view vanished as she pushed past me and led the way up the stairs to head back to her room. In her flat stockinged feet, her calves were short and thick and bulged with nicely toned muscle. Just a nice firm slab with a small cleft between them not massive monsters like my little sister has [BOBP#1]. Watching the seam running up the back of her nylons was so mesmerising that I almost followed her into her room before I stopped myself.

Turning right and heading into Chris’ room I was surprised to to find it empty. “Amy. He’s not here” I called out. “Look down the side of the bed” I thought she was joking but when I looked between the bed and the wall, there he was sprawled out on the floor not moving. His face was relaxed with his eyes closed as if he was asleep but it was an uncomfortable position if he was. “Chris, Chris” I nudged him with my foot but he wasn’t moving. “Quick Amy, phone for an ambulance I think he might have had a heart attack or something”. Amy walked calmly into the room with a smirk on her face. “No, silly, I just knocked him out that’s all”. “What?” I cried, I couldn’t believe my ears. “You deaf as well as stupid? I knocked him out. It’s what sisters do to their annoying brothers. I’m sure Jackie does it to you. I mean gymnasts are pretty strong, I bet she beats you up all the time” I hoped I didn’t blush. “But you’re not a gymnast” I pointed out trying to change the subject. “I want to be a lifestyle dominatrix when I’m older” she stunned me again. “I found those bookmarks in his browser that you two look at. I love the look of all that slinky leather PVC and men just giving you all their money”.

Showing no concern for Chris, Amy sat down on the end of the bed looking scrumptious. Her skirt rode up, opening up the slit showing her deep thighs and strong looking hamstrings, and ULP! stocking tops. “S..shouldn’t we bring him round?” “No, leave him. Come and sit next to me Bobby. I know you want to” her sultry sharply defined face was so appealing and her voice so seductive whilst showing so much leg that I felt my dick stiffen. The prone form of my best mate worried me. “Maybe he fell and hit his head” I crouched by his side at the side of the bed and began shoving him “Chris, Chris”.

A pair of feminine hands grabbed the top of my arms from behind. A surprisingly strong yank pulled me backwards towards the bed while a lovely pair of nylon-clad legs slide past on either side of my waist. I came to a halt high up between her thighs with her knees just in front of me and her shins stretching away to her stockinged feet. Before I could do anything, those shins crossed in front of me locking her ankles with her thick calves pressing against my groin in a very stimulating manner. “Urghhh!” I gasped as the insides of her thighs clamped against the sides of my stomach like pincers concentrating an excruciating force upon my lower back and kidneys. I tried to reach forward to pull her feet apart but she wrapped her arms around my upper arms then pulled them back. She lay down flat upon the bed pulling me on top of her immobilising my arms and scissoring my waist. “I told you to leave him Bobby and get on the bed” her sweet voice sounded very stern. “You will do what I say. I am your mistress. Go on, say it” she sounded quite fierce but there was no way I was going to give in to Chris’s older sister. I’d known her for too long and I still thought of her as a little brat. “Urgh urgh!” I tried rocking my body from side to side to break free from her legs, as lovely as they were. “Arghh!” she kept them clamped tight. Struggling hard I managed to get my feet onto the bed and pushed myself up into a back-bridge. “Urghh!” a surge of strength from her nylon-clad legs brought me back down.

“Oh my dear Bobby” she chuckled with her sweet breath upon my ear “Now I’m really going to have to make you suffer”. Up until then her legs had just about been bearable but now she bent her right calve across my belly and locked the foot beneath the back of her left knee. “Urghhh!” I groaned as her legs tightened like a steel band around my waist, pulling her calve tight against my stomach. “Orrragh!” her leggy clamp got tighter, her calve pressing down so hard that it formed a hollow in my gut squeezing everything inside making it difficult to full draw breath. Girlish chuckling from behind me made my ears burn. “Oh Bobby, what a wimp letting yourself get beaten up so easily by a girl. Now call me your mistress or I’ll hurt you bad” Urghh! I didn’t want to look so weak in front of such a lovely girl but the strength of her figure 4 body scissors from behind was really making me struggle for breath. “Say it, you little fungus!” she ordered in a firm tone. “Orrraghh!” those luscious thighs tightened really hard around my waist, squeezing so much that my sides hurt and my kidneys ached. That thick calve cut across my belly like a steel bar crushing the bottom of my diaphragm. “Urrghhh!” I groaned, I had no choice she was making it really hard to breathe. “Urghh! Amy urghhh my mistress” I gasped in humiliation to Chris’ lovely older sister. “Urghhh please let me urrghh go uurrr mistress” “But you don’t believe that I knocked out your little playmate do you?” “Urgh!” her strong crushing legs were slowly zapping my strength away. That figure 4 was so incredibly tight like it was going to squeeze my waist narrower and narrower until it snapped. “Urrrgh I do I do!” I gasped. “Really?” she said with a chuckle “How? With my legs like this?”. Oh no, she was enjoying this, dragging it out, prolonging the agony and my humiliation. “Urghhh yes yes!” I gasped, if she kept this up I knew that I would eventually pass out through lack of air. “Wrong, silly boy” she chuckled. I felt her breath close to my ear, so feminine, so alluring “Let me show you how”.

Releasing my left arm, her left hand which felt so soft and smooth clamped itself around my chin and pulled my head right back. “Urrrkk!” her right arm swung around in front of my throat then closed in and clamped tight. In horror I found my throat wedged tight in the crook of her arm. I felt her other hand clamp around the back of my head pushing me deeper into the crook of her arm. “This is called a sleeper hold, Bobby. Guess what it does?” her sensuous voice whispered in my ear. Oh God! I knew full well what this hold did, I’d seen my brat sister use it on Judo Boy [JACKIE#03]. Amy isn’t as bulky and muscular as Jackie so I thought I’d be able to prise her arms away from my neck. I’d thought wrong, her arms were locked tight and would not budge. In fact they felt very strong and solid beneath her white nylon blouse. “Feel the blood being cut off from your small brain, Bobby” Amy whispered seductively in my ear then twisted me to my right side. “Urrnnnn!” my face had got uncomfortably warm and my breathing had became ragged and laboured. No! I couldn’t let myself get knocked out by Chris’s gorgeous older sister. I reached down for the calve buried across the middle of my stomach but found it as immovable as a bar. It was clamped deep across my gut preventing me from drawing breath. “Oh yes Bobby, put up a fight. Make it more exciting for me” she chuckled rolling me over to my left then back again to show me that she was in complete control.

I gasped as a wet tongue darted out and began slobbering around my ear, the erogenous sensations uncontrollably making my dick grow rapidly rigid. “Oh Bobby, you dirty little sod” Amy giggled as she noticed the bulge in my trousers then continued giggling between more arousing licks. “Urr uurr” desperately I tried to shake her off but she was clamped to me like a limpet and we just rolled from one side to the other around the bed. No! I couldn’t lose to another girl. But as I tried pushing at her thighs, the feel of her silky smooth stockings over her firm thighs just emphasised how feminine she was; a constant reminder that I was being overwhelmed by a girl, and a gorgeous one at that. She kept giggling at my inability to free myself. “Oh Bobby, you metal-heads are really pathetic aren’t you” she chuckled with glee then resumed licking hungrily at my ear which just drove me wild as my energy drained. My heart pounded loudly in my ears and my arms felt so heavy that I had to let them drop. Every fibre in my body screamed out for oxygen. I opened my mouth wide but her calve was pressed so tight into me that I couldn’t draw in the air. My chest heaved desperate for air while her upper arm dug into the side of my neck while my throat was chocked in the crook of her arm. It was the stocking tops that did it. With my failing strength my right hand found its way to the thick band of nylon around her upper thigh and the smooth bare skin above it. Combined with the constant arousal of her tongue on my ear the feel of the sexy lingerie, I just lost it big time. “Urrrrrrrrr!” I tried to stifle the groan but she heard and laughed uproariously. My whole body relaxed post-orgasm and as I became aware of the sticky embarrasing mess I’d made in my pants that’s when my weakened body succumbed to Amy’s sleeper hold. Urghhhhh! My eyelids flickered becoming so heavy that I couldn’t keep them open. Everything then happened at once, a warm smothering wave of black and red washed over me while I suddenly felt incredibly weak and nauseous. My heart was pounding very fast and loud. I thought I heard Amy moan but then “aaarrrrghhhh!” I moaned as I vanished into the dark comforting warmth, unable to stop myself being put away by a sexy sultry girl.
“Muh!” I awoke with a start and sat up to find myself on a bed in a strange room. It took several seconds for the fug to clear and remember where I was. “Ready for round 2, Bobby?” said a soft female voice by my side. I leapt off the bed in an instant, an automatic reaction from finding myself on the bed with my best friend’s sister. “Oh am I that repulsive?” She said with a teasing lilt. I was stunned to see that above the waist Amy was only wearing a small white bra. Not that she was particularly big in that department but I never expected to find myself in a bedroom with a hot looking girl in a bra! “Enjoying the view, Bobby? You never used to take that much interest in me before” she teased. That was true, she was always the annoying brat before. I had never noticed her become more feminine and hot looking. What was on show of her upper body was very firm looking complete with a lightly-defined six pack that immediately caught my eye. On her I thought it looked very sexy indeed. Everything else was sharply delineated – her shoulder caps, her clavicle and small but nice traps sloping from her neck to the clean lines of her shoulders. Her arms too seemed quite toned with a hint of brawn.

Amy had become a very hot sultry looking girl with a hot fit bod and it made me feel awkward to find that it was turning me on because she was my best friend’s sister. As she slid to the edge of the bed, her skirt pulled back and the slit opened wide revealing her deep but firm thighs clad in tan coloured stockings with a darker band around the tops, and black suspenders running over creamy firm upper thighs. It was such a sexy sight that I just couldn’t stop myself looking. “Typical man” she sighed then slid off the bed onto her feet, looking so predatory that I backed up. That’s when I found Chris flat on his back out cold by the wall behind me. I wondered how he got there because he was in a different place than when I’d seen him last and guessed that was his sister’s handiwork. “Yes, he’s gone to sleep again” she chuckled. “Poor Bobby. So weak and vulnerable”. Even though I was younger than her, I was taller and bulkier. It was difficult to believe that a girl so hot, petite and slim could have done that. She still had that predatory alluring smile. “Maybe if you two had been majorettes instead of head-banging, things would have been different” “Majorettes are for girls and sissies” the words were out of my mouth before my brain applied the brakes.

Suddenly in a very masculine movement, Amy raised both arms out to her sides then bent her fists towards her head and flexed. Wow! A sleek solid sensuously shaped mound grew upwards on each arm while her forearms thickened into strong looking elongated pyramids. Oh my word she had biceps, small but solid biceps and swelling in the opposite direction was the pronounced curve of her triceps. “Majorettes makes girls fit and strong” she said. The sight of a sultry dark haired girl flexing her strong fit biceps in a bra that also showed off her firm flat stomach with it’s lightly etched six pack had my dick hardening rapidly in no time without me feeling guilty about it. “What’s that in your trousers, Bobby?” she said in a sensual voice with a knowing smile that just made it lurch and stiffen into a full blown trouser lifting hard-on. There was something about a girl with muscles that was so strongly feminine and really turned me on. Her biceps weren’t as big and intimidating like my sister’s but somehow more feminine and sexy, a sign of a fit sexy girl. “I bet they’re bigger than yours” she teased and I think she was right for they was quite pronounced and solid looking hills of muscle and certainly more defined.

My dick was now uncomfortably stiff like it had been frozen. “Oh Amy! You’re so hot!” I moaned then went to take a step towards her. “Watch it Bobby, I am a black belt in majorettes and cheer-leading” she warned with a cheeky grin. I just wanted to take that slim body in my arms, press my aching dick against those abs, run my hands over her solid biceps while kissing that exquisite finely defined face. I should have heeded her warning, I should have remembered that this was a fit athletic girl who exercised a lot and had already knocked me out with her strong arms and legs. I should have known that a sexy girl like her wouldn’t be interested in a loser like me. “Majorettes are fit and limber, watch Bobby” Amy leant right back with her left hand upon her hip and her right bent by her side as if holding an imaginary baton. Her knee snapped up in an eye-blink level with the bottom of her chest and stayed there. Her firm stomach had become taut and ribbed with sexy hard slabs of abdominals. “Wow!” I gasped in throbbing appreciation of the fit limber sexy girl showing off in front of me. With the knee raised high, her skirt had opened fully giving a real cock-throbbing sight of her whole leg sheathed in tan nylon up to the stocking tops with the suspenders travelling on over her bare skin. Her raised thigh looked quite deep from top to bottom. I had barely taken this in when she went straight into a backwards walk-over. “Wow!” her flexibility was a turn-on and really made my trousers twitch.

Smiling Amy stepped close up to me then suddenly leant back. BLAM! “Blaghhhh!” Out of nowhere her knee shot up and plunged right into my gut at a devastating steep upwards angle that ploughed right up under the bottom of my ribcage. “Orrrrragh!” The unexpected power of that knee sent me right up onto the balls of my feet as it cruelly crushed into my lungs like an express-train blasting the air from my lungs and explosively out through my mouth. Uncontrollably my torso folded forwards around my damaged middle. “I did warn you, Bobby. Majorettes know how to destroy a boy’s guts and love to demonstrate it at every opportunity”. No! I screamed mentally unable to voice my terror as her knee twitched. BLAM! “Urrrrr……!” her knee drove up like a cannon-ball exploding violently in my gut hammering what little air remained out through my gaping mouth. I swear both feet lifted clean from the floor as my body lifted crumpling over as my gut rode her fast moving knee as it soared right up to what surely felt like the height of her chest. My face screwed up tight in agony. I felt my face burn red while my mouth gaped open with air escaping in a hiss. Her knee withdrew beneath me and my feet dropped back towards the floor.

BLAM! “……..!” my mouth went wide in a silent scream as her knee punched hard into my ruined gut. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! her knee pistoned repeatedly up and down constantly hammering my gut, keeping me winded, not allowing my diaphragm to recover. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! She executed each powerful blow like a Majorette on parade leaning right back and lifting her knee high with my crumpled body on the end as though it were nothing more than a crumpled bag. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! I screamed in silent agony as the terrible blows repeatedly thundered into my destroyed stomach. Agonising crippling hammer blows piling the hurt on top of the hurt shutting down my breathing, making me feel weak and ill. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Each blow thud painfully through my winded gut, jerking my body limply into the air with my mouth gaping open unable to get my lungs working while my face burnt red. BAM! BAM! BAM! My mind was a helpless whirl as my creased body lurched up and down painfully into the air. My eyes too tired to keep open and a terrible buzzing filled my ears. My chest heaved in vain, my lungs frantically tried to draw in air which never came under the continual battering of her ferocious knee. I felt so weak and drained and desperate for breath that it felt like I was going to die. VLAM! BLAM! BAM! My body was limp as it jerked into the air on Amy’s devastating nylon-clad knee which kept me oxygen-deprived, hammering me towards the warm black hole of lost consciousness.

*** Amy’s view ***
I got home shortly after mum and dad had left and headed upstairs to the mess Chris called a room. “What are you doing here, Amy. You’re meant to be at work” “Oh were you about to do something naughty? Look at those dirty porno web sites again?” I teased. The little creep blushed red. “Not that it’s any of your business but I’m doing the evening networking dinner tonight. I got fed up of all the old fat business-men gawping at me like I was a piece of meat”. I’m the dolly-bird who stands in front with the mike when the audience ask questions to the speakers. I shifted my left thigh slightly so that the slit in the tight skirt opened showing the full length of my long athletic strong leg. The little fungus’ eyes went straight for them then quickly looked away. “They’re always staring at my legs”. Now that I’d mentioned it, the little weirdo was again looking at the exposed length of leg clearly feeling uncomfortable and fighting with himself to look away again.

Trying not to laugh, I sat down next to him on the edge of the bed. Of course the skirt rucked up and the slit opened wide to expose the full thickness and length of my thigh right up to my stocking tops. My parents didn’t know I wore stockings, they would have had a fit. Poor old Chris couldn’t take his eyes off just like those old business creeps. The front of his trousers began to stiffen. My God! I was turning on my brother! What a sicko! What a laugh! His face went bright red when I placed my hand on his lap and felt his dick lurch. I pretended not to notice. “I much rather spend the day with my kid brother” I said in a soft seductive voice and failed to stifle a giggle as his dick lurched once more. “Get off, what’re you doing?” he brushed off my hand then tried to stand up. As quick as a flash I grabbed his arms and pulled him back down to the bed.

I quickly scrambled on top of him pressing his puny arms above his head, laughing in his face as he failed to stop me pressing his hands into the mattress. Just to rub it in, I let him raise his hands off the bed before slamming them back in no uncertain terms. “You’re not going anywhere shrimp” I sneered as I forced his hands down by his sides and pinned each one beneath a knee. CRACK! I gave him a mighty open palmed slap that whipped his face hard to the left. “Are you looking up my skirt you little pervert?” “No!” CRACK! I backhanded his face the other way. Sitting astride him caused my tight skirt ride all the way to my hips. Pinned between my thighs there was no where else for him to look except along the full length of my nylons pass my stocking tops and suspenders to the satin white knickers at my crotch. PUFF PUFF “Get off” he was puffing like a stream train and trying to raise his back end using his legs. I just laughed holding onto his wrists as I rode him like a bucking bronco. “That’s it. You go on and wear yourself out. I’ll just sit here and wait” I chuckled as he puffed and panted and writhed in vain. Of course he didn’t listen and finally his movements got slower and weaker until he had no energy in his legs to lift his arse off the mattress. “Finished now, have we?” I taunted. The little snot didn’t reply.

I loved the way his eyes went wide in fright as I slid forwards until I was sitting high upon his chest. My thick stocking clad thighs slid either side of his face and framed it like a living picture. I clenched my right fist and slammed it hard down behind me, straight into his gut. WHUMP! I love that sound! “Borrphh!” and that. His face all screwed up with his lips pouting like a goldfish. “Well that’s knocked the wind out of your sails” I chuckled as he gasped for breath. “That’s right you sorry little runt. I’m stronger than you and don’t you forget it”. “Ouphff! Get orffff!” he gasped, his face a picture of wounded pride. “Mum and dad are always going on about how the two of us should get along” I said conversationally while I sat on his chest watching his helpless face between my legs. “The first step in getting along is to know each other. Well you’re going to get to know me, real well” with that I slid right forwards. “No…mmmm!” I shut him up as I slid over his mouth until his nose was pressing right up against the front of my briefs.

“Oh you lucky boy!” I told him as he tried to thrash his body and kick his legs in vain. “The old business type creeps at the conference would pay good money to be in your position right now” “Mmmmm! Mmmm!” Orrr the vibrations of his muffled cries of indignation felt good against my pussy. “And you’re getting it for free. Aren’t I a considerate older sister?” “Mmmm Mmmm!” Orrrr yes! “I’ve bet you’ve never had a girl sit on your face before have you?”. I raised myself off his face and he began panting heavily. “I’ll bet you’re really enjoying that aren’t you?” “Off huh huh get off” “What’s that? You want some more? Why certainly. That’s what sisters are for” “Mmmm!”. I planted myself back down on his face squashing his nose beneath me and enjoyed the sensation and feeling of empowerment.

“Mmmm! Mmmm!” “Orrrr Chris!” I moaned. I waved a finger in front of his eyes and they followed it as it pointed towards my crotch. “I know you don’t know much about girls so I’ll keep it simple for you. Beneath there is my pussy, you know, my girl parts. Every time you yell like that against it, it stimulates it and if you keep on, well how can I put it mildly? I’m going to cum all over your face”. His eyes went wide with horror. “Of course that would be a lovely way to pay back your big sister for sitting on your face. So you just go right ahead and do it”. He tried to be quiet after that while his face turned red as I smothered him with my crotch. “Mmm mm” he was too quiet apart from the odd contented moan. Remembering what I saw earlier, I reached back behind me. “Mmmm mmm!” Chris protested in a very stimulating manner as my palm landed on the front of his trousers and my fingers closed around a very stiff bulge indeed. “My God Chris! You’ve got a bloody great big hard-on!” I exclaimed in mock-horror. “You dirty little sod. Fancying your own sister. I know Mum and Dad want us to get along but that’s bloody incest!” “Mmm mmm!” he protested twisting and turning his lower half so much that I lost balanced and slipped off his face. Puff Puff Chris rolled onto his side facing away from me, panting real fast and heavy, gulping down air like there was no tomorrow.

Weakened after I’d sat on his face, he didn’t put up much of a fight as I pulled his runt body between my thick stockinged thighs. Quickly I wrapped my legs around his waist to prevent him escaping. “Orrraghh!” he groaned as I clamped my thighs around his sides and locked my ankles in front of him. I flexed my thighs loving how they felt as the muscles turned steely hard beneath my soft smooth skin and elegant fashionable stockings. “Urggghgh urghhh urghh!” he grunted as I flexed and relaxed my thighs several times in a row. “Orrrrragh!” he couldn’t struggle no more now that my strong athletic thighs were squeezing into his sides. “You’re not going anywhere, kid. Now keep still or I’ll scissor you in two with my legs”. I reached forwards and wrapped my right arm around his neck. Locking it off by clasping my left biceps I slapped my left hand on top of his head and pressed down. “Oh no, big brother. We’re all alone in the house and I’m going to have fun and there’s nothing that you can do to stop me” I flexed my arms to tighten the sleeper hold and held it firm. “Urrkkkk urrkkk!” he croaked and began struggling again so I flexed my legs harder. “Orrrrragh!” that soon brought him back under control. “This is called a sleeper hold. Guess what it does?” I flexed my biceps and enjoyed how the wimp clutched in vain with his hands. “Urk! Urk!” he was making funny croaking sounds as the front of his throat pressed tight inside the crook of my arm choking off his air. I pulled my arm tighter around his neck to pinch off the arteries at the side of the neck to stop the blood flow to his brain.

“No use fighting it you’re going under” I chuckled as his face began to go red and the actions of his hands became weaker. Although I’d read that this could knock someone out within just a few seconds, this was my first time and to my complete surprise I felt him go limp very quickly. I had seen vids of girls doing this to their boyfriends on the web and thought it looked so hot. But I really did think the little pratt would last longer than this. I shook his head in my arms in case he was faking but he really was out cold. An intense heat flared in my pussy and I began to sweat. Oh my God I nearly came right then and there!. “Come on you little shit, wake up so I can knock you out again and have an orgasm”. I slapped his face but he didn’t stir.

Suddenly the doorbell went. Maybe they will go away. Then it rang again followed by knocking on the door. I remembered Chris said Bobby was coming around. With a smile on my face I went down to answer the door, well it would be rude not to. I tried to get rid of him but then he started eyeing me up like he’d never seen me before. Oh well maybe he’ll last out longer than Chris and let me experience that pleasure. I teased him with a leg show as I closed the door and tried not to laugh at his predictable reaction. Then I walked up the stairs in front of him knowing that the little pervert was looking at the back of my legs. Oh men are so predictable. His face when he saw Chris laying there on the floor out cold. It was clear that he didn’t believe that I knocked Chris out and that really peed me off. It felt so good teaching him the error of his ways between my thighs. Oh it really made me feel hot and horny. I felt that surge of heat in my pussy while my heart pounded as when he went out in my arms. OMG! I really came good and hard. Oh wow! I wanted to experience more of this.

I wanted to slip out of my work clothes so not to ruin them but had only just started to unbutton my blouse when Chris began to come around. While he lay groaning and shaking his head I quickly took off my blouse and threw it in the wash basket in the bathroom. “My God! What have you done to Bobby” Chris exclaimed as I re-entered his room. He saw that I was in my bra and quickly averted his eyes from my breasts. “I did the same to him what I did to you and what I’m going to do to you all day long until Mum and Dad get back” I raised my right arm level with my shoulders, clenched my fist and slowly bent my forearm towards my head. Chris’s eyes widened at the sight of the fair-sized solid mound popping out from my upper arm. “Is that fear, brother-dear, or jealousy?” I taunted “Look at it Chris, all-natural built through healthy exercise”. He gawped at it like I was an alien or something. “I bet it’s bigger than your scrawny lazy arm”. I raised and flexed my left arm as well and swore I saw a twitch in his trousers. What was that all about? “These are what put you and Bobby away”. I let the words sink into his thick head while he openly stared at my solid biceps. “And they are going to do it again and again until I get bored or you both get brain-damage” “You can’t do that!” Chris protested. Were the front of his trousers looking stiffer?

I swung my right biceps down to my side which I turned to present to my kid-brother and flexed it again in a side-biceps pose. “This is what it looks like when it’s wrapped around your scrawny neck. Look at that bulge. Remember how that muscle felt when it bulged into your neck and knocked you out?” there was that twitch again. Was he one of those weird boys that got turned on by muscles on girls? Out of curiosity I flexed another double-biceps pose and nearly laughed when the front of his trousers twitched again. I was turning the sick little brat on with my muscles! What a laugh.

“Come here so they can knock you out again” I made a grab for his arm but he batted away my hand. “No way! You leave me alone! Bobby too!” he yelled in defiance “Clear off! Go horse-riding or whatever!”. You can see what kind of relationship we have as brother and sister. Showing more bottle than I gave him credit for the little snot threw out his fist which caught me by surprise and hit me right on my stomach. WHUMP! “Nnnnnar!” the punch winded me a little and I glared angrily at him. “Amy I…I’m sorry” he spluttered. “Bastard” I spat then shot out my arm to return the punch. My fist sank right into his gut with a lovely feeling. WHUMP! “Orraghh!” he wailed as his mouth turned down. CRUMP! “…orghh..kkah!” I powered the other fist right in the same spot. “That’s what you get for hitting girls, you little weasel”. WHUMP! “….nnn…” my right fist piled on the hurt, Chris’s face was turning red again and his torso was crumpling over, unable to keep himself straight and with his hands over his belly. “Serves you right for listening to that mind-rot and not exercising, you soft-belly” I taunted and readied my right fist for another gut-buster. If I kept him breathless and winded for long enough, could I eventually knock him out?. His hands were over his stomach, protecting it but that didn’t worry me. PFISH! PFISH! my fists slammed into the back of his hands hard enough to send them smacking into his own belly eliciting more grunts. PAT PAF! my next punches caught him on the arm and back as the little creep turned away from me. “You turn around and take it like a man, Christopher Moyle” I cried but the teen-aged dirt-bag began staggering away to get away from my lady fists.

Fired up, I leapt into the air. The slit in my skirt fell open as I raised my stocking-clad legs before me angling them towards his fleeing body then snapped them forward slamming both feet right in the middle of his back. KABLAM! “Ow!” BLAM! “Ow!” Chris went sprawling very quickly across the bedroom and slammed face first into the wall. I kicked out, stomping the back of his knee. BAM! “Ow! he went straight down to his knees facing the wall. I kicked out again raising my knee to stomp my foot against the top of his shoulder blade, slamming his face against the wall. BAM! “Ouch!”. I kept my foot there pressing him in place. “Look in the wardrobe mirror, squirt” I grabbed the top of his hair and turned his face forcing him to look. “Watch as your big sister beats you up”. In the reflection his eyes were lingering on my leg which was raised and bent at the knee keeping him in place. The slit in the skirt had fallen wide open revealing the whole length of my stockings-clad legs, stocking tops, suspenders and all. “Are you looking at my legs? Have you the hots for your own sister? You wierdo” “N…no! Let me go Amy” he protested.

With my foot pressing his chest against the bedroom wall, I reached forward with my left hand and pulled his head right back by the hair. I bent his head back far enough so I could slip my right forearm across his throat. It took some effort, but I am quite flexible from Majorettes practice, and managed to grab hold of my right wrist with my left hand. “Urgkk! Ukk ukk” he croaked and made all sorts of choking noises as I used my left arm to pull the right tight around his throat. “Arghh arghhkkk urkkk!” he was making a right racket with his head bent back at such an extreme angle that the tendons in his neck stood right out and his face turned bright red in seconds. Oh God! I felt so powerful, totally in control of the little brat. With his head bent back like that and my foot pressing against his shoulder there was nothing that the little squirt could do about it. “God you’re so pathetic Christopher. Letting yourself get beat up by a girl”. I poured on the strength through my thigh pressing his chest so hard against the wall that it must have constricted his breathing.

My heartbeat began to increase and I felt my skin warming up as I pulled back upon his neck forcing his face to look up at the ceiling. “Gkkk gkkkk!” His eyes were wide and staring and a foam of spittle was forming on his mouth. Orrrrr! I felt a hot flush flare up in my genitals and I began to perspire and breath heavily. “Ohhh ohhh” I had the uncontrollable urge to clench my muscles but the only thing I had to hold onto was my brother’s neck. “kk!” a kind of hollow clocking noise and Chris’s eyes began fluttering and rolling up. “Orrrrr!” my muscles all went tense then Chris went all limp in my arms as I lost control of my body. “Rooooooooorrrrraghhhhh!” such an intense orgasm hit me that I was screaming it out, rocking back and forth with my unconscious brother in my arms. The worry went through my mind that I might accidentally kill him but there was nothing I could do as my body tensed as I rode out this amazing powerful climax. “Orr Orr Orrr!” finally I had to let the brat fall to the floor as I went weak at knees and had to stumble for the bed and lay down panting and moaning to myself until I heard Bobby come to.

I kinda like Bobby, if only he weren’t such a metal-head and was more athletic. I loved his reaction when he saw me on the bed next to him. It was clear he fancied me by the way he was eyeing me up yet felt embarrassed that I was the girl he’d taken for granted as Chris’ sister. When I flexed my biceps at him I was pleased to see that he was definitely aroused – another weirdo who was into muscles on girls, I kinda liked the idea. As I powered my knee into his gut I was amazed by how high I could lift his body. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! My God this was really turning me on. I loved the feeling of dominance as I powered my knee deeper and deeper into his slob belly with such strength that his body was flying into the air. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The more I did it, the more the heat flared between my legs. “Urrr! Urr! Urr!” I groaned each time I slammed my knee up into his wimp body not just with the increasing effort of maintaining the pace of this punishing workout but also with the rapidly growing sexual excitement that had me perspiring and feeling so yummy inside. “Urrr! Urrr! Urr!” I kept powering my knee as high as I could get it, although it was tiring. The sight of Bobby’s face red and grotesque in agony with his mouth wide open and his eyes screwed up tight as his body rode limply upon my knee made my juices run free. “Arrraarrrr! Arrrraaarr! Arraarrrrr!” I moaned loudly cumming hard as Bobby’s body just flopped senselessly bouncing loosely on the end of my tiring knee. “Ooooorr Aarrrr ohhhhhhhh!” the orgasm just went on and on, my limbs tensing making it impossible to keep hammering Bobby. I put all my effort in one last gut-busting blow. “Woooorrrragrrrr!” I poured the energy of the orgasm into it lifting his limp body clean into the air before it came crashing down onto the carpet as I puffed and panted while moaning through the rest of my incredible yummy orgasm. “Oh yes, oh yes!” I panted having to hold onto the bed to stay upright.

As I began to climb back off that sexual peak, panting while my breathing and heart-rate slowed back down to normal, I knew that I had to get out of the rest of my work clothes before the boys came around so that I didn’t ruin them. Going back to my room wearily in my post-orgasmic state, I stripped off and pull out the small yellow halter and pleated skirt that I use for cheer-leading. I was enjoying being a dominant bitch and wasn’t ready to stop right now.
A urgent shaking wakes me. “Come on Bobby, wake up” Chris urges in a whisper “We can take her together. She’s just a girl. She won’t have a chance against two boys”. My experiences with my kid sister have knocked my confidence in that department. “I’m not so sure Chris. Let’s just get the hell out of here and go down town” I tell my best mate as he helps me to get to my feet. A loud squeak of the tread by the door puts pay to that plan. “What are you two losers whispering about?”. We both turn to the doorway to find Amy standing there looking really hot in a skimpy yellow cheerleader’s outfit consisting of a short sleeveless halter which shows off her lean toned arms and washboard stomach. This is matched by a very short pleated skirt that shows off her thick shapely looking legs. A wicked smile crosses her lips.

“Can you metal-heads do this?” she challenged then suddenly lifted her right knee high out to the side. Her cute pleated skirt fans out then falls back as her shin folds upwards. Her right leg extends until it is straight continuing to move until her foot is well over her head. ULP! I can only stare with mounting lust as Amy does a side standing splits in front of me. Her taut stomach is bumpy and hard like a sculpted statue. My eyes run down the shapely curves of her vertical inverted leg from the graceful hollow by her slender ankles sweeping beautifully over her thick calves and the hard muscular slab bulging there then into the hollow at the back of her knee then out again over quite pronounced hamstrings and down to the tendons pointing to her crotch. Similar to the deliberate cock-teasing moves of a female gymnast, the sight of the white knickers stretched tight over her crotch and the display of incredible flexibility drives a rapid stiffness in my groin. A sharp elbow in the ribs breaks my studies of the fit limber hard-bodied beauty. “Come on Bobby,  lets take her now” Chris urged then rushed at his sister. His charge against her one-legged stance knocked her over easily to the floor.

“Get off me” she growled. Surprisingly Chris is having real difficulty pinning his sister to the floor so I got down, all too happy to help. As we grappled with the writhing she-cat on the carpet, I enjoyed the feel of such close bodily contact with a sultry dark-haired girl. Between the two of us, we finally managed to subdue the hot bodied cheerleader. I was holding tight onto Amy’s lovely middle enjoying the warmth of her soft firm bare skin, sneaking in the odd feel of her washboard abs. The side of her face was close to my lips and I studied the perfect sharp lines of her made-up features highly tempted to kiss her but somehow just managing to resist the urge.

Chris grabbed the top of her hair and stood up over her. “Now it’s payback bitch” he sneered and raised his palm to slap her around the face. “Chris no” I wasn’t too keen on him hitting the lovely Amy but suddenly she snapped her left knee right back towards her shoulder. “Chris watch out” BERLAM! Her strong athletic leg straightened in the blink of an eye, hammering the sole of her bare foot right into his mouth with the brief play of strong thighs in her leg. “Arghhh!” he yelled and went flying back clutching his mouth. I suddenly found myself grappling with a wild wriggling sultry looking she-devil who was wearing a sexy cheerleader’s outfit. “Let go Bobby” she snarled as I held onto her body tight while trying to restrain her bucking writhing athletic body. “Get off!” she snarled through gritted teeth as I managed to fling my right leg over her waist with the rest of me following to straddle her waist. Any hope that I could pin and subdue her soon dispelled as she fought back constantly, writhing and bucking trying to unseat me. She was moving beneath me so much that I was forced to lie flat on top of her to stop myself getting throw off.

To my horror I found myself being physically overwhelmed by a very angry snarling writhing athletic scantily clad sultry wildcat. Dear God no! her triceps swelled massively into dense powerful looking muscular horseshoe shapes. I felt further intimidated by the clearly visible biceps vein running down the front of her arm. I struggled to resist those big rippling triceps as they pulled my arms apart with an irresistible urge pressing me tighter against that hot fit body that I would have loved to love. Then her forearms bent at the elbow and I felt utter weakness as my hands were slowly but surely pulled against my will inwards towards my head. Pressed so intimately against such a firm sexy female body while nose to nose with her exquisitely feminine face made me feel shame and humiliation that I wasn’t man enough to handle her and boy did I want to handle her! “Not nearly good enough Bobby boy” she deepened my humiliation with a tight smile as her biceps swelled into fair-sized hard looking mounds. A powerful surge began to press my arms back raising them off the bed while Amy’s forearms thickened at the base becoming more triangular and at the same time stronger around the wrists. Lying on top of her like this, I now had no doubt that her arms were bigger and stronger than mine. Whilst my sense of shame grew at being so puny at being out-muscled by a girl I’d known for so long and now quite fancied, I felt my dick grow irresistibly harder for the same reason.

“Hold her Bobby, I’m coming” Chris called but his sister had already pressed me right back into a sitting position across her waist. “You’re no match for me, Bobby dearest” she teased in sultry tones that sounded like pouring honey. I just wanted to kiss her so bad. Suddenly my hands were free as she quickly drew back her arms close on either side. BLAM! Both fists shot forwards blasting me high on either side of my chest. “Arghh!” with incredible speed, the cheerleader’s legs shot forwards either side of my head. Thick strong looking high walls of feminine entrapment enclosed my head. “Hmmmm!” I found my face pulled forwards by the hair until my nose and mouth were buried right into the softness of her white knickers. Before I could react, her meaty hard calves folded behind my head keeping me firmly in place. PHOAR! this was such a sexy place to be, breathing in her womanly scent while feeling her firm sexy thighs surrounding my head with my hands. “Mooooorrr!” this was a heavenly place to be and my dick was absolutely throbbing. “Mmmmm!” her thick legs suddenly turned steely hard crushing the sides of my skull in a formidable grip while throwing it about from one side to the other. I guessed that Chris was attacking her but couldn’t see because I had to keep screwing up my eyes against the leggy clamp squeezing down upon my head with crushing power. Neither could I hear anything other than my own heartbeat pounding in my ears as her thick thighs pressed against them blocking out all other sound.

“Mmmm! Mmm!” while not the most powerful head scissors I’ve been in, the cheerleader’s thick legs had become more than strong enough to be very uncomfortable and painful as she flung me around while fighting off Chris. Urrrghh Urghhh! I sensed someone behind me trying to lift Amy’s thick legs and prise them apart. In doing so, I managed to wriggle and struggle to get my knees under me. “Mmmmm!” Amy’s back-end reared up keeping my face firmly scissored against her crotch with her ankles locked tight against Chris’s  efforts. Oh God it was such a sexy sensation my dick was lurching inside my pants on its own accord. For a second the head-crushing pressure eased then resumed. I heard a muffled cry from behind. Managing to look in the wardrobe mirror out the corner of my eye, I saw that Amy had caught Chris’ neck between her crossed shins. Oh no! I couldn’t believe it, this hot girl was now scissoring both of us at the same time between her sexy legs, me between her strong thick thighs and Chris between her shins. Orrrraghh! Chris’ weight fell upon my back as his sister seized his wrist and pulled his arm between her legs. Orrraghh! She was levering his arm against the side of the top of my skull and it blooming well hurt. “Mmmoar mmroar!” held fast against her crotch it was getting hot and stuffy and difficult to breathe. I clasped Amy’s lovely thighs and tugged with all my might but they were rock steady.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw in the mirror that Chris’ face was bright red as her crossed shins cut into the sides of his neck. In horror I realised that she was going to knock him out again and leave me alone to face her so she could do the same to me! Frantically I tried pushing myself up with my knees but with Chris’ weight upon my back as she applied an arm-bar over my head gave me no room to manoeuvre. Feeling bad about hitting a girl I began slapping as hard as I could against her thighs. “Mmmmoaarr!” I yelled into her knickers as the pressure soared around my skull as she really poured it on. Suddenly her crotch was rubbing furiously up and down over my nose. “Orrrr orrrr orrrrr ohhhhhh!” even with her thighs clamped over my ears I could hear Amy’s cries of passion while things got wet and slimy all over my nose.

The lovely but strong legs loosen and I collapse sideways out of the face-scissoring hold, panting for breath. “Oh wow Bobby! You made me cum so hard I squirted in your face” Amy’s voice was husky with exertion. That was an embarrassing thing to hear with her brother close by. “Wanna do it again?” she asked in a saucy tone. I wanted to say yes but not with her brother in the room watching. The six slabs in her stomach rose and fell in a tantalising sexy dance. One second her belly was taut, smooth and flat the next six hard rocky slabs arose to the surface in the most sinuous manner that held me riveted. She examined her thighs where I slapped her then froze me with a fierce look “But if you’ve left a bruise, slapping my legs like that you’re dead!” Her eyes narrowed and a tight smile appeared like a predator as she moved into a crouch ready to pounce. Feeling nervous of getting to grips with this strong but sexy girl in her cute cheerleader’s uniform I tried to scramble back but found myself backed up against the bed. “Nowhere to hide, Bobby. I’m coming to get you”. But before she could attack, Chris had crept up behind her and seized her by wrapping his arms beneath her pits and tried to drag her backwards away from me. “You leave Bobby alone, you bullying bitch”.

Calmly Amy bent her knees with her feet firmly planted on the floor and leant right back showing great flexibility with her back straight and steady. Reaching up she slide her hands either side of Chris’ neck then laced them behind. Hanging from his neck Amy’s right leg was a blur as it kicked up until it touched her chest, the top of her foot clubbing Chris right on the top of his head like a hammer BLAM! “Ouch!” he yelped and dropped her. No sooner had Amy’s back hit the floor than she bounced up onto her feet and immediately began doing this high-kicking routine. Dancing and bouncing around with her arms raised in the air held wide apart in a V shape she effortlessly knocked out tremendous high-kick after high-kick. One after the other each leg rose and fell in perfect precision, straight and so high the top of her thighs bounced from her chest. Wow it was a sexy display of limber female fitness that aroused me. “Can you do this boys?” she taunted with no sign of exertion in her voice or her well-sculpted abdomen. Fascinated and mesmerised by the hot looking high kicking cheerleader, I slowly got to my feet. I found myself unable to take my eyes off her short pleated skirt which flicked up with each kick giving a tantalising glimpse of white knickers. Still bouncing and kicking she moved towards me.

So engrossed was I in staring at the tight white fabric moulded to her mount that I failed to realise the danger until her right leg shot right up close in front of me in an almighty high-kick. KABLAM! the balls of her bare foot hammers under my jaw, driving my teeth together in a gnashing clash and snapping my face back hard in a eye-blurring quickness. “Oh yeah!” she laughed. BERLAM! A brief glimpse of a youthful smiling face behind an inverted shapely ankle and thick calve then her foot struck again whipping my face towards the ceiling in a blinding daze. “Go team go!” KERBLAM! her strong shapely leg shot up so fast I barely saw it, her bare sole smashing into my jaw with surprising force snapping my face back so hard I heard a crick in my neck as my vision blurred. “Wooooo yeah!” BLAM! I was too dazed to see that one coming and it sent me staggering back with my head reeling. “Wooo cheerleaders kick” BERLAM! “arse” The room spun as my head snapped back. I was being kicked helpless by a sexy sultry cheerleader and the thought had my balls tight and dick rock hard. KERBLAM! The cumulative effect of her metronomic kicks was destroying me. KABLAM! My head jerked back and forth as if on a loose spring. BLAM! My jaw was clobbered so much it nearly dislocated as she tried to kick my head off. BLAM! My eyes were in a blind whirl while my ears were left ringing. BLAM! My head whipped back so hard I had to hold onto the bed post to stop myself falling over. She was really going to kick my head off. Her kicks coming one after another so fast that I didn’t have a chance to protect myself. KERBLAM! That one left me punch-drunk, wobbling on my feet with my knees going all rubbery. The sheer power and rhythmic rapidity of her kicks was frightening and my dick was in full salute raising the front of my trousers up like a tent. I was nearly finished kicked helpless by a cute girl and getting turned on by it.

The next kick didn’t come and I heard the sounds of scuffling. As my eyes regained focus I saw Chris had grabbed his sister from behind and was struggling to pull her away from me. Suddenly Amy snapped sharply forwards at the waist bending herself right over in two like a U-pin, her chest touched her upper thigh while her left leg shot backwards into the air. KABLAM! whipping vertical in an instant, the sole of her foot blasted Chris’ jaw from below with such wicked force that his feet left the ground as his head jerked savagely backwards. Amy’s foot continued unimpeded until it was pointing straight up towards the ceiling like a flagpole with her body bent double and her bumpy sculpted abs appearing then disappearing the only evidence of any exertion. Such incredible feminine flexibility had me staring slack-jawed in open lust and a twitching tent in my trousers. BLAM! Amy bounced lightly on her feet. BLAM! high-kicking the crap out of her brother. BLAM! Her shapely strong legs ruthlessly kicks his chin over and BLAM! over again with sexy flexibility and terrible leggy power. BLAM! Each kick was smashing Chris’ head skywards making it loll uncontrollable. BLAM! His eyes looked zonked out while his legs were all over the place looking on the verge of collapse. BERLAM! I try to go to help him, but my head is woozy and I can’t get my legs to behave. “Go team go!” BLAM! She kicks as if it were part of her cheer-leading routine BLAM! and his face just happens to be in the way. BERLAM! His mouth is a bloody mess where his crashing teeth must have caught his lip. BLAM! His knees nearly buckle beneath him. I’ve got to go help him.

Summoning all of my strength I throw myself across the room at her back while admiring her hour glass figure. Right at the last second she spun around and snapped up her knee like a majorette. WHUMP! “Nurrrrr!” It was like a hammer-blow right in the middle of my chest, winding me and stopping me dead in my tracks. Paralysed in shock I could only watch in horror as her knee shot up again like a cannon ball as I creased forwards. WHAM! “Nuuuuuuphh!” the top of her thigh crashed along the line of my breastbone as her knee pounded my sternum. “Urrghhh!” a long slow groan of agony left my lips spilling precious breath. “You just can’t get enough of me can you Bobby?” hunching over as I was, I forced myself to look up at her bare legs standing in front of me. Nervously I realised how strong and athletic they were. I wish I hadn’t looked as I was helpless to do anything as she suddenly bounced and her right leg flew up like a rocket. KERBLAM! the top of her foot rammed into my face like a cricket bat. A blow so powerful that it whipped my head skywards so hard that my body snapped upright then kept going as my head flew back. My feet was stumbling rapidly backwards uncontrollably trying not to fall over. “Go Bobby Go!” through bleary eyes I saw her bounce towards me. Her strong thigh muscles twitched and a muscular calve soared into the air like a launching missile. BERLAM! The front bottom of her sole hit my jaw like a mallet, slamming my chin, snapping my head back in a eye-blurring daze. In horror I found my legs turning to water beneath me. BLAM! Another leggy kick and my legs failed completely dumping me on the carpet, my head spinning.

Lying helpless on my back, all I could do was watch the sight of Amy’s thick muscular slabs of calve as she turned towards across to Chris who looked terrified. “No!” he cried picking up his desk lamp and brandishing it like a weapon. “Oh Chris” she sighed theatrically “Don’t be such a loser. You can’t fight me”. Chris look more confident waving the lamp at his sister as if that would ward her off. All of a sudden Amy swivelled on her left heel turning side-on with her short pleated skirt lifting as her strong right leg shot out like a bullet, rising fast towards his face. BERLAM! the sole of her bare foot blasted him square on the chin and in horror I saw him go flying back, dropping the lamp in the process. Amy bounced forward, the muscles in her strong athletic thighs tensing to deliver another devastating high kick to his face powered by her lean muscular legs. Chris quickly turned his back on her to avoid another kick in the face. In amazement I watched as her thick right leg shot skywards until it was vertical. The big slab of calve muscle had an arrow shaped end pointing upwards as her foot soared over Chris’ head. It was a sexy sight and that moment I would have willingly called her my mistress and worshipped her all night long. Then to my horror that high-raised foot fell like the blade on the end of an axe. THWUNK! “Ow!” It clubbed Chris hard on the top of his head with quite some downward force. His shoulders and arms twitched upwards in shock then he fell to his knees close to my side.
*** Amy’s view ***
I loved the Bobby’s expression when he saw me in my cute little cheer-leader’s outfit. His eyes went wide, his pupils dilated and his jaw went slack while his chest rose and fell a lot deeper. Not that I was surprised as most boys and men have that reaction. His eyes roamed hungrily all over my body especially the exposed bare bits. You know, my toned arms, firm sculpted abs and strong legs. Then when I did the standing splits, I could have burst out loud laughed at the predictable reaction! The stiff bulge at the front of his trousers formed ever so quickly. Even my kid brother was eyeing me up in a peculiar way, the little sicko. I was even more surprised when the little weirdo led the attack and got me down on the ground. I enjoyed it even more when I kicked the brat in the mouth leaving me to pit my strength against Bobby. The look on his face was priceless when I began to overpower him with my girl muscles! I was stronger than him! I loved the feeling of power as I made a show of flexing my triceps as I pulled his arms apart forcing his body right up against mine to intimidate him. The feel of something pressing against my crotch confused me until I realised it was his blooming erection! My God that made me horny. So he got turned on by being out-muscled by a girl did he? I deliberately flexed my biceps as I used my strong abs to pull myself up into a sitting position while my firm biceps swelled and bulged. Two wonderful hard swelling mounds of power against which a boy who didn’t exercise like Bobby had no chance.

I usually hang around with jocks who were only too keen to get their hands on me but once I flexed my big mounds of female muscle, they lost interest. Yet here was a boy who had a blooming boner over my muscles, even my annoying brother was visible turned on by them, as sick as that seemed. Maybe these types of boy weren’t so weird after all? It felt so good physically dominating him like this, I wished I could dominate him like this all day, except my creepo brother spoilt it by dragging me off him.

Scissoring Bobby’s face against my crotch while I dealt with my brother was an accident and a delightful sexy revelation at that. Orrrrrr! every time he moaned or protested into my crotch, the vibrations stimulated my clit and drove me mad with the need to cum. Somehow I managed to hold it together to get my silly brother trapped between my calves. What a laugh! I was scissoring two boys at once. I lay back and poured on the strength in my legs flexing my thighs and stretching them out focussing the power through to my crossed calves that were scissoring my brother’s puny neck. Wow! I bet I could knock him right out like this! Chris moaned, his face turning red and his pathetic eyes pleading which made me pour on the pressure even more until it appeared that his eyes would pop out of their sockets. In the meantime, Bobby was moaning loudly into my crotch, the vibrations stoking my clit until I could feel the orgasm building uncontrollably. Instinctively I began to buck my hips back and forth rubbing myself over his nose and mouth. The front of his jeans soared stretching the fabric painfully tight. I can’t tell you how wet that made my crotch, once again surprising me with how
turned on he was by my superior feminity. I rode his face with wild abandon, becoming increasingly sexually excited. My strong thighs clamped down hard around his face to keep him in position. There was no way that he could break free until I’d had my orgasm. “Orrrr orrr!” as I gave into the primal sensations, I pressed downward harder and harder, plunging his features through my hungry crotch which just got wetter and wetter. Even though he started slapping my thighs hard, I just couldn’t stop myself pumping my legs and rubbing his face against my sopping mound, unable to slow down until his features were thoroughly smeared with my juices. A fine sheen of perspiration formed on my brow as I gasped short moans in time with the jerking of my hips. Then I was moaning in a long cry of unrestrained passion. My back arched and my eyes closed tight while my lips peeled back from my teeth as I came hard and long all over Bobby’s face. I’d never came so hard before, such a powerful orgasm so strong that I actually squirted in his face.

After that I just wanted to play with Bobby some more but my stupid brat brother wanted to fight. I was only too happy to show them what a high-kicking girl can do. Their expressions glued to my legs and crotch as I began high-kicking was typical. I can do this for ages, it keeps my abs nice and trim. KABLAM! believe you me, cheerleaders and majorettes know a thing or two about high-kicking boys and men into helplessness. Maybe your kid sister is a majorette or cheerleader? Go and ask her and then be amazed as she high-kicks the crap out of you. There’d be nothing you can do about it and you’d be too ashamed to go crying to mummy, boo-hoo my kid sister kicked the stuffings out of me then knocked my lights out boo hoo – what a laugh. It’s so laughably easy. The pure joy of your foot smashing into their faces overcame the drag of the build-up of lactose or tired muscles. It’s a good work-out too. As I was bare-footed I was careful to strike with the hard balls of my sole and not the toes. I wished I’d worn my sexy white boots to do some real damage. Orrr orrr the feeling of power as I kicked the crap out of two boys was really getting me hot and bothered between the legs again. This female dominatrix lark is doing wonders for my sex drive, I really think I will take it up. BLAM! BLAM! Orrrrrr I just knew that if I kept this up that I would have another massive orgasm. But instead of staying up until I knocked them out, the creepy little morons fell down all too quickly to the floor before I could cum again. Boy did that make me feel pissed.

With two boys on their backs next to each other, what else is a girl to do? I got down crouching above them and sandwiched Bobby’s neck between the back of my thigh against his throat and my thick calve around the back of his neck. “Grkkkkk!” he let out a strangulated cry as I did the same to Chris. I felt my thigh muscles flex as I pulled my legs closer together until they were touching heads. “Grrrk kkkk!” “What happened there boys? Two boys dominated by one girl” I chuckled while they both choked under my strong hamstrings. They both clutched at my thighs as if that would somehow help them. I bent their fingers back hard until they were yelping and writhing in agony beneath me. “Uh uh. No bruising the merchandise, boys” I told them sternly. I felt so powerful, so strong and totally in control that I just had to flex both of biceps. “Look boys, look at the power of the dominatrix who just put you in your place” I told them while they looked on in awe or was it fear?, or maybe lust? Who cared, I was on a high and wasn’t ready to let this finish any-time soon. Releasing Bobby I seized his arm and twisted it behind his back then forced him his knees. “That’s right Bobby I’m in control here.Now turn around before I break your arm” I loved being this mean and being able to back it up physically. He yelped loudly as I twisted his arm sharply to the right
forcing him to turn right around so that his back was to me. That allowed me to lock Chris’ neck up tight using both of my legs in a double figure 4. I squeezed hard with my thighs and his face went red along with a load of coughing, spluttering and croaking noises. “That’s it brother-dearest, enjoy the power of your sisters legs” yes I’m a bitch and like it. As I always say, if you’ve got the power, flaunt it.

With Chris under the control of my thick athletic legs, that left my arms free to deal with Bobby. I snaked my right arm across his throat from the left and closed my forearm around his neck. Sort of tucking him under my arm the reverse way around if you know what I mean. If you don’t, come and see me at one of your events and I’ll only be too happy to demonstrate on you. “Urrrrrragh!” he groaned as I began to bend his head right back so that his face was by my side, upside down looking out from my back. GRKKKK! He croaked. With my right arm tight around his neck I used my left to lever his arm back across my chest. His body reared up in a very impressive back-bridge that had him groaning in agony. That wasn’t all! “Bobby! That’s a very impressive tent you have there in your trousers reaching towards the ceiling”. I pulled his arm back across my chest harder making him rear up on his feet and his erection trusting into the air as bridged right back. The sight was actually turning me on. “This is called a dragon sleeper reverse headlock choke hold, Bobby” I told him as I released his arm so that I could grab my right wrist and pull my biceps tighter into his throat. “Kkkkkkk kkkk” came the throttling noises. “I’m glad you like it because it is turning me on too”. I had looked this hold up on the web.

I love this domination lark. “Beg your mistress for mercy” I instructed. “Leave him alkkkkkrgh” I shut Chris up by flexing my muscular thighs, tightening the scissors around his neck. “Kkkkk kkkk” Chris croaked. “Urghkkk please urkkk mercy urkkk mistress” Bobby begged. “God Bobby that thing’s twitching about like a ferret down your trousers. God it’s making me so hot” I told him. “Let’s hear it from you Chris” I demanded. “Kkkk let gokkkkkk” he protested. I flexed my thighs so hard that they looked like sleek slabs of steel plate along the outer edge. My juices ran as he cried out in pain. “Do it Chris or I’ll break your friend like a pretzel”. I tensed my arms and Bobby began to trash his arms and legs. “You better hurry up Chris or your friend will be a brain-damaged moron”. Bobby’s body continued to thrash. The sight of that bulging twitching erection in his trousers was making me want to cum real soon. I couldn’t resisted unzipping his flies and pulling out his dong then slide my hand up and down it real quick. “Oh Bobby how can you hold that in for so long, it’s going to blow soon”. “Urrrrr urrrrr ohhhhhhhh!” he moaned then blasted an eruption of sperm out of his dick, it just went everywhere as I continued to jerk my hand up and down. Maybe my right arm tensed around his throat in my excitement. “Urkkkk!” at that moment Bobby’s body went slack and flopped down as he passed out. My breathing quickened and I heated up as every muscle in my body tensed and I came hard. “Ukkk ok okkkkkkk Mistress, mercy kkkk” Chris cried out but I was cumming and couldn’t stop. My thighs clamped really hard of their own accord, the muscles burning with sheer power as I rode out my orgasm. By the time I finished Chris was out too – put out by my sexy legs, while Bobby was lying in a weird curled back state, still out cold.

I was so hot and perspiring that I went back to my room to take off my halter. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and admired my fit toned body. I’ve worked hard to get this fabulous body with my sleek sculpted abs, well-defined shoulders and strong arms and legs. I flexed both biceps and admired how sleek and feminine they looked yet at the same time so powerful. They looked great especially with my abs flexed but the bra distracted from the full glorious view. I’m not ashamed of my fit strong body, so I removed the bra. I was just about to return topless to the boys when a wicked afterthought hit me and I slipped off my panties too feeling deliciously naughty. As the boys came around I stood before them proudly displaying my body, naked apart from the pleated skirt, pumping my biceps and abs to try and make them look bigger and more rugged. I haven’t got particular big breasts but I proudly showed off what I’ve got, tensing my biceps and abs like a muscle girl. Bobby was gaping openly, the front of his trousers re-awakening. Chris didn’t know where to put his eyes but even he looked aroused taking furtive glances. “Get up boys and worship your mistress” I put on a firm but seductive voice. Bobby got to his feet quickly but Chris was more hesitant. I fixed him with a hard stare while half-turning my body towards him so that he could see the back of my arm. I flexed knowing that the view from the back of my arm would make the biceps peak more dramatically. As my biceps peaked to what I thought was an impressive height so too did the bulge in Bobby’s pants rise through the open flies in his trousers. “What a magnificent peak, er Mistress” Bobby gasped in awe. Chris too got to his feet with his eyes not leaving my biceps and a definite bulge in his trousers.

Like the Queen surveying her minions, I walked slowly between them as they stared at my topless body. “Chris was too slow getting to his feet. So you must both be punished”. Before that could sink into their thick brains, I acted. My thighs and calves maybe a bit on the thick side but it was all muscle. Tensing my thighs I bent my knees then powered down through my thighs and down into my calves until they felt like a tightly coiled spring ready to explode. With a powerful release of that energy that made my calves bunch and quiver, I sprang high into the air between them as high as their astonished faces. Snapping straight my strong legs on either side in a wide V shape. Their surprise at seeing I wasn’t wearing knickers was short-lived as the soles of my feet hammered into their pathetic faces at the same time. BERLAM! both boys went crashing to the floor like felled trees while I landed gracefully on my quivering thighs.

Without pause I crouched behind my brother and got his neck tight into the crook of my arm with my brawny forearm across his throat. “Grkkkkk!” he croaked as I pulled it tight as I pressed my left forearm upon the back of his wimpy neck pushing his throat tighter against my forearm. “Grkkk Grkkkkkk!” I loved that sound, it was the sound of female dominance. “Grkkk!” his hands clasped in vain at my strong arms but they were rock solid. “Garrrrkk!” he protested loudly as I yanked him around to my side as I crouched over Bobby. To his surprise I just plonked myself down upon his chest then slid forward to pin his shoulders beneath my knees. I tensed my arms as hard as I could proud of how sinewy and strong they looked. It didn’t take long before Chris’ head drooped so that is friend could see his demise. “Stop it, you’re killing him” Bobby cried looking up from between my thighs at his helpless choking playmate. Chris’ head was already lolling and drooling and a hot flush swept across me as I realised that he would be out in no time.

With a wicked grin I slid forward onto Bobby’s unbelieving face. My pussy settled firmly over his lower face, with his mouth vanishing beneath me and his nose pressing against my hairy pussy. I sighed with pleasure and ground my hips down firmly. “This feels so good Bobby that I might sit on your face for the rest of the day” I sighed in contentment. I couldn’t stop myself making small pelvic movements, rubbing myself on his captive face. “I’m not releasing him until you give me an orgasm” I told him. His eyes peering over my crotch went wide with shock. “And it better be a blooming big one or I won’t stop until Chris is a dribbling vegetable” I’m so mean sometimes it makes me horny. “Are you listening, Bobby? I want you to sexually serve me with you mouth or Chris is a goner” Bobby wasn’t playing ball so I viscously shook Chris’ head from side to side. “Arghhhh!” he cried weakly. “Better hurry up Bobby, he’s going fast, his eyes are all weird and spaced out, and he’s starting to drool” I told him. One look at Bobby’s groin and the rampant tent in his briefs confirmed that he was highly aroused, there was no question about it. I pressed my crotch down upon his face so that his mouth was rubbed into my my wet, hairy, hungry pussy.

I couldn’t hold out any longer and began sliding back and forth, rubbing myself over Bobby’s nose and mouth. “Orrrrr!” I moaned as his nose slid into my slit then out again. “Orrrr! That’s right!” I gasped as I felt his tongue trying to lick me as I slid by. “Orrrrr!” I could no longer control myself and rode his face working myself so deep that his nose kept vanishing up my slit. “Ohhhhhh!” I moaned as my useless brother went limp in my arms. I dropped him so I could seize the back of Bobby’s head and pull his whole face against my pussy. “Ohhhh come on use your mouth, use your tongue, get in there really good” I moaned sliding back and forth with fury, sliming his features as my juices ran free. “Ohhhhhh!” I felt it building up inside me like a pressure cooker. I rolled onto my side, wrapping my legs tight around Bobby’s head, this time keeping them pointing straight. I crossed my ankles and really let him have it. “Orrr! Orrr! Faster lick it faster slave make me cum ohhhhh yes” I no longer cared how hard I was pulling his face into my pussy or how deep and fast I was thrusting my crotch all over his face. Neither did I care how tightly I was squeezing his neck with my thigh muscles feeling as hard as steel plates. There was only one thing that mattered now and I wasn’t going to be deprived.

“Oh yes! That’s it! That’s it! Oh yes!” I cried as all at once the floodgates opened and the steady flow of my juices became a gushing torrent. I slid back and forth all over his face, moaning uncontrollably in such ecstasy as I drenched his face. Then an almighty climax hit me. I screamed out my orgasm as every muscle in my body clenched hard. I came so hard I squirt in his face once more. “Wow Bobby that was really good” I panted in exhaustion “You should come around more often and do it again some time” there was no reply. Stretching the kinks out of my legs I opened them and Bobby fell out limply out cold. The front of his trousers sported a big damp patch. “Wow I guess you must have enjoyed that huh?” I asked the unconscious form not expecting an answer. I looked across at my brother still sprawled on the floor his lights well and truly out. Two boys lay unmoving on the bedroom floor. Not bad for a morning’s domination. There really was something in this dominatrix lark. I got up and went to the bathroom to have a shower, hoping the boys would be awake by the time I’d finished so I could can have some more fun during the afternoon after they’ve made me something to eat but when I returned to the room they had scarpered.


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