The Case of the Jujitsuffragette: The Mistress of the Workhouse (JPECHO #06 pt 2)

Victorian detective gets an introduction to female martial arts and dominance

The second part of the story focuses more on Victorian women who practised Ju-Jitsu and tied this in with those women who ran the workhouses with an iron hand. There were also strong women who performed on stage so women building muscular physiques in the Victorian era is not unheard of but not usually for respectable middle class women.

(c)Jim P 2014

Part 3: The Mistress of the Workhouse

10th May 1897
I wasn’t sure what to tell the chief. Admission of my attendance at an illegal fist-fight would finish my career. In addition, I could not stop thinking sinful thoughts about Mrs. Watson-Smythe all weekend. The severe-looking tall shapely college Governess filled my memories. My strange arousal relived how she had so utterly defeated her male opponent. In particular the moments of amazing flexibility and athleticism when she kicked with her legs while wearing a long skirt with great height and power replayed over and over in my mind with high arousal. Remembering the devastation wrought by her powerful knee caused me to spill my seed many times. I was truly ill and besotted in a manner most evil towards a married woman much older than myself. So much so that I considered informing my superior that I had been mistaken about the woman and that she was not under suspicion. However, my conscious would not let me tell a lie and I simply did not mention her name.

Fortunately he did not seem too interested in the details as if he were trying to forget the embarrassing incidents that began this case. I informed him that I had uncovered information that led me to believe that the elderly female assailant who caused so much distress to our fellow Police officers by throwing them around like toys, in fact worked at the workhouse at Whitechapel. The chief interrupted me at that point. “Which workhouse? There are several in and around that area. Whitechapel Union have several buildings, the newish workhouse is in South Grove and that is adjacent to the swanky City of London workhouse in Bow Road. The old one in Charles Street is now the infirmary”. I had to admit that I did not know and would include this in my preparatory work.

He told me that it was imperative to observe the woman and identify any female associates to which she might be passing on this obscene fighting knowledge. I had not given this much thought and on the spur of the moment told him that I intended to enter the premises disguised as an inmate to assess her guilt and her associates. His brow creased with concern “Have you ever been inside a workhouse?” I admitted I had not. “I have on several occasions in pursuit of a felon. Do not take this task lightly. Even as a visitor it was hellish enough, but to purposely become resident” He paused to let that sink in before he continued. He looked me up and down. “That is if they admit you for you are far too decent and healthy. They have very strict rules on who gets in, you know” he paused for thought. “And once inside, how would you gain your release once your reconnaissance has been completed? No, you need to go away and think this through. Speak with Stinky Johnston, he is always working with the down and outs to get information”.

11th May 1897
I spent the day with the City of London Union looking through their staff records. Very wealthy, they made it plain that they did not welcome my presence. It was only back in March that the Guardians were exposed in a scandal over the lavish refreshments served at their board meetings and subsided by the rate payer that more resembled upper-class four-course banquets in earshot of the inmates. I think they suspected I was further investigating them. The records showed that they had built a palatial building costing over o55,000 to construct featuring central heating, a huge dining-hall, marble pillars and boasting a chapel with stained glass windows and an organ. Yet despite this they only had room for those deemed sick and helpless. Those with fair health would be refused admittance. A review of the staff records threw up nothing of note. So I departed empty-handed and to the visible relief of the Guardians.

11th May 1897
A visit to the Whitechapel Poor Law Union was more fruitful. They had erected a new workhouse in 1872 the one in Charles Street now the infirmary. Viewing the list of the administrative staff immediately threw up an anomaly. Most said facilities were overseen by a Master responsible for reporting to the board of Guardians and for the supervision of the male inmates. The Matron sometimes known as the Mistress was his deputy and responsible for the welfare of the female inmates and the domestic arrangements. The Master held the post for life, unless he resigned or became incapable of discharging his duties. The latter would include the case where Master and Matron were a married couple and she passed away, resigned or was dismissed. Beneath these two were a range of other staff members such as chaplain, schoolteacher, medical officer, nurse, porter, labour master, cook, fireman and so on. I was therefore perplexed to see at the top of the list beneath the Master and Matron another role called Mistress to which the board seemed too embarrassed to explain to my satisfaction. Looking at her details gave me a shock for she was 75 years of age, an age when she should have been put into retirement long ago. Her name was listed as Mrs. Regina Wendover-Thompson (widow). I felt certain that this was my suspect.

18th May 1897
After a week being prepared by Stinky Johnston, I felt I was ready for the next part of my investigation. Surviving on only bread and water and exercising, I lost weight and looked more malnourished as would befit my story. Not bathing was bad enough but Johnston had smeared me with filth and dressed me in old torn thread-bare clothes. He had also tried to educate me in how to speak like a down and out, insisting that I do so all week even when at home and off-duty so that I got into the habit of speaking like that.

19 May 1897
In my disguise I met with the Relieving Officer for an interview to establish my circumstances. My story being that I had been out of work for so long that I was destitute. He did not seem too impressed.

24th May 1987
The Chief has arranged for the board of Guardians to authorise my application at their weekly meeting.

25th May 1897
I made my way on foot to Mile End Road and South Grove. It is an intimidating grey institutional building with an entrance block facing onto South Grove. Through the entrance archway there are two receiving wards to each side, one for each sex. Beyond was the main courtyard in front of a three-storey administration block. Entering, I underwent the first of many degrading experiences. First the medical officer examined me to check on my health and to ensure I had no infectious illness. There was then a very extensive laborious process during which the Master ensured with great meticulous precision that all the necessary paperwork had been completed. Following that I was stripped and bathed in a tin bath. I was then issued with a workhouse uniform while my own clothes were taken away to be washed and fumigated. These were put in storage along with my possessions which to my alarm included a notepad that I had intended to use as a temporary diary. Therefore please forgive me as these writings are from my memory after the event as best as I can recall them.

The Master led me to cold dismal room with white-washed walls and a grey concrete floor. There was a single window with frosted pane and vertical metal bars. There was no furnishing of any kind. Just a plain rectangular room with a door at opposing ends. “Wait here to receive further instruction” he told me then left by the door which we had entered. I heard the turn of a key in the lock and realised for the first time how alone and completely cut-off from the outside world I was and began to have misgivings about the wisdom of my choice. For many long minutes I was left alone in that room before I heard the approach of someone behind the opposite door then the sound of a key in the lock.

The door opened and in strode with an air of stuffy arrogance and self-assessed superiority, a formidable looking elderly woman of at least 6 foot in height. My first impression was of a fiercely strict old battleaxe of sour disposition and a face to match. The resemblance to Mrs. Watson-Smythe was unmistakable with the same long thin oval face, sleek nose small thin-lipped mouth except that this woman’s features were more craggy and stony-faced. As with Victoria, her cold air of authority was enhanced by her small hawk-like grey eyes staring out from over the top of a pair of spectacles. She wore an unusual white blouse of soft silken appearance. Instead of being buttoned up vertically in the front, it had a diagonal flap starting upon her right hip and going across the front of her body to her left shoulder. It seemed to be of a wrap-around fashion that reminded me of pictures I had seen of oriental women. It was plain, simple with no ornamentation, coming fully and tightly to the neck pinned together by a large broach of peculiar design. It seemed to feature a pagan Goddess with many legs and arms each carrying a weapon while she danced in a ring of fire. The blouse shimmered with silken sheen and clung tightly to a breath-taking wide out-thrust low-hanging slope of full-busted womanhood of magnificent proportion. It created an unnerving tightening in my groin and although I knew I was staring at that sensational cliff of feminity I had difficulty averting my gaze. Overall her figure was quite plump yet tightly corseted to give it a pleasing hour-glass figure. A long black leather skirt fell in a pleated manner down to the top of black laced ankle boots, yet seemed divided as if for riding. Silvery grey hair was pulled back behind her ears into a tight bun.

Her voice when she spoke was harsh and strident. “I am the Mistress. Honour and obey. That is how you will treat me” She did not allow me time to respond. “You are not allowed to smoke inside or outside near to the building and you may not indulge in a cup of tea other than at half-past six o’clock morning and night. At which time you will also receive a small hunch of bread with butter scraped over the surface along with a mug of that corrupting brew which is so dear to your heart and liver. As one of the younger men, you will never go out nor receive a visitor” My heart sank for how I was I to communicate with The Yard to gain my release once my task was done. “You will take a little gruel morning and night, and meat twice a week that is all the sustenance you require along with hard work and plenty of discipline which I will administer”. “But you are a woman!” I exclaimed in shock forgetting to feign my subservience “Only the Master and his male staff should administer the male inmates”. I fell silent as the old dragon glared at me with such ferocity that it chilled my blood. “You will not speak unless I ask you a question or give you leave. My name is Regina but you will only address me as ‘Mistress’. I spent many decades in India and the Far East where I developed the skills required to instil a firm hand among lazy vagabonds such as yourself who seek to scrounge off society. I was Matron here for many years until my husband who was Master, passed away. I insisted I stay on which the board agreed with once the new Master and Matron proved incapable of maintaining the high levels of discipline that I had created here in one of the worse areas of humanity”.

As she studied me with her steely gaze, I felt belittled as if a school boy in front of the headmistress. She had such a calm arrogance and air of supreme confidence in her authority that I found her fierce old appearance to be strangely stimulating. “You are thinking how a lady in her Seventies can possibly control a strong young man such as yourself” she spoke with a haughty air of assumption that rankled me. All of a sudden she stepped towards me, seized my right wrist with her left hand and pulled it against her ample bosom. Pressing forward with her chest, my hand sank between two very large soft mounds until it was deeply lodged in the deep crease formed by her strange blouse in-between. A rapid tingling spread over my groin at this intimate physical contact with a woman, no matter what her years. Any erotic thoughts were quickly dispelled as she used the base of her chest to bend back my hand sharply at the wrist. “Argh Argh!” I yelped at the sharp pain shooting through my wrist and up my forearm. The old woman then clamped her other hand upon the back of my elbow and twisted it hard towards my left. “Argh!” I cried in pain as I was forced to bend my knees and lean to my left as she twisted my arm. “Argh argh argh!” I yelped shocked at how helpless I was as she pressed her hand upon the back of my elbow forcing me to bend my knees before her. “Down on your knees, boy. I could break your wrist and elbow in an instant. Do as I say” she spoke in such a cold commanding stern voice that I felt my manhood stiffen. I had no choice, I could feel the bones in my elbow stress to surely what must be near breaking point. As I knelt the old woman crouched forcing my face towards the floor. Bowing my arm backwards unnaturally, I felt the tears of pain and humiliation well up in my eyes as she forced my face down onto the concrete floor. Whereupon she suddenly moved backwards forcing me to lie flat out upon my stomach before her with my face pressed upon the hard cold floor.

“Submit to my authority or I will break you this instant” the stern old woman demanded. Although I had seen Victoria display her incredible pugilistic skills a few weeks earlier, I had never really expected to be physically overpowered so easily by her elderly mother. “I submit I submit!” I cried as she twisted around to kneel by my side while cruelly bending my arm behind my back. That my hand was still pressed against her voluminous bosom was a constant reminder of the sex of the person who had subdued me so quickly. That I knew that my hand was bent back using a strangely erotic form of wrist-lock was little comfort. “Please! Please no more” I begged as the fierce old lady maintained the cruel hold upon my arm. That she ignored me deliberately I had no doubt. “Let there be no doubt in your mind that I am truly Mistress in this workhouse and disobedience will only result in severe discipline. I told you the correct form of address. Use it or suffer a broken arm”. Shocked to experience for the first time in my life physical domination at the hands of a woman, I was embarrassed to find my manhood stiffening against the floor. Strangely I was only to willing to comply with such strong feelings that I had never experienced before. “Please Mistress. Please, I submit to your authority” my voice sounded weak and pathetic.

She did not release me but bent my arm back over her knee until I was screaming in agony. “Argh please please Mistress mercy” I begged, my arm feeling as if it would break at any moment. “Who is your Mistress?” her voice was so strident and strong that my manhood lurched. “Arghh aragh you are, you are” I cried as a sharp twist of my wrist made me fear that it would snap my hand right off. “Now crawl around me upon your belly like the worthless worm that you are” her voice was strident and commanding, full of authority. The very next instant she twisted my hand right around and pressed her knee into the back of my elbow bending my arm back the wrong way. “Argh argh!” I cried as lances of white-hot pain radiated from my elbow joint while I imagined the bones grinding. “Move or I’ll break it right off” with no choice I began to crawl around her upon my belly. For the most part the grey-haired lady just knelt there, immobile as her cruel arms forced me in an agonising circle about her. Occasionally she would shift her stance with the minimum of effort to force me to complete a circuit of her long black skirt and pristinely polished black leather ankle boots.

Never had I been so physically humiliated and unable to do anything about the matter. That an old woman had such dominance over me was unthinkable yet very exciting. As I crawled around her in a circle facing her at all times she stressed my arm and wrist continually. “Never forget this. If I say jump, you will jump. If I say scrub the toilets you will do so without question. In here I control your body and your mind. Do not even think of disobeying or resisting me for I am too powerful for you and can hurt you severely or even fatally. Do you understand?” “Yes yes oh Mistress” I plead. Never had I been so hopelessly overpowered and certainly never by a woman. The old woman lowered my tortured wrist to the floor then pressed upon the back of my elbow forcing me flat upon the ground. The side of my face was forcibly pressed against the cold hard concrete. “Get used to your position in life within these walls for you are the lowest of the low and I am your Goddess, your Mistress while you remain under this roof, it is I who you will worship and obey in all things”. Her voice was strong and fierce that my manhood throbbed against the cold hard floor as she kept me in that position for many minutes. She was indeed a fearsome old woman with knowledge of the physical submission of men. Whereas I had become aroused watching Victoria’s sound thrashing of another man, I was now experiencing first hand the power of a fighting woman and it greatly aroused me several orders of magnitude more. So much so that when at long last she deigned to release me, I got to my feet with no where to conceal my shame. The Mistress stared firmly with sour expression at me. “As the aunties say in India, a hard man is good to find” she remarked without even the barest hint of amusement. For my part it was not until later that I understood her comment.

As I stood before the stern-faced grey-haired woman, doubt entered my mind. I understood about wrist locks and arm locks and knew that was what she had applied to me so effectively. Although it was unheard of for a woman to be trained in such knowledge. Had this just been some wrestling trick the old woman had learnt, as unusual as it might be for the middle classes. I felt a strange excitement temped to test her to see if this was that Juey-Jutsu of which the Chief’s army friend spoke. “You will wait here for the Master to show you to your cell” with that she turned to go. As she did I reached out to place my hand upon her broad shoulder. “Wait please” was all I managed to say before the old woman leant away from me causing me to stretch further forward. Suddenly there was movement in the long black skirt then the sole of her boot smashed just below my left kneecap. BAM! “Ouch!” I yelped as my leg buckled almost giving way at the knee. The strict authoritative woman seized my wrist with one hand and bent back my hand with the other then gave it a sharp twist forcing the palm away from me. “Arggh Arghhh!” I yelped in agony, my feet and legs writhing in an uncontrollable dance of discomfort as this simple motion had forced my elbow up into the air with the forearm sloping down while my hand was bent back double beneath towards me. “Arghh Arghh” I cried as sharp pains lanced through the bones of my arm.

“How dare you lay hands upon me!” she growled. She kept me helpless in that position with every bone, tendon, nerve and joint in my arm screaming in pain. “Argh argh! I’m sorry I’m sorry” I yelped in agony, my feet performing a dance of pain while my manhood throbbed stiffly. That she was old enough to be my grandmother or looked like a very strict school-teacher was no comfort. Her massive bust-line thrust forwards towards me like double-pointed heavily-leaden pillows reminding me that this cultured grey-hair person immobilising my arm so painfully was unquestionable a woman. “Will you men never learn” she grumbled to herself while punishing me in that gruelling hold. My man-shaft was getting ever harder the longer she dominated me like this. “Argh! Please Mistress. I’m sorry” I pleaded desperate for my arm to be released and the bone grinding, joint stressing torture to end. “It’s much too late for that boy” she growled coldly like a school-teacher disciplining a misbehaving child.

Suddenly she turned her side to me while still holding my hand bent. “Hai!” she gave a loud unladylike shout which made me jump as she sharply drove back the point of her elbow into my sternum. WHOP! “Nuuurghh!” I groaned in low slow manner trying to overcome the pressure I felt in the centre of my ribcage, shocked that the old woman had hit me. Re-seizing my hand with both of hers she turned her back to me while swinging down my painful captive arm in a forward arc. “Argh!” the sudden stress upon my bent-double arm made me cry out in terrible pain as it was flipped forwards and downwards. To my shock and horror the cartwheel motion of my arm caused the rest of my body to follow. In a terrible flash of time my feet left the floor as my body jerked into the air with my backside rising towards the ceiling at the same time as my head descended towards the floor. The room rolled around me in dizzying fashion as I rotated rapidly around my arm going completely head over heels by the old woman’s side. In that brief split-second I realised that I was falling no longer in control of my own body. The floor rushed towards me too fast to scream. At the last moment my body had rotated presenting my back to the floor. BLAM! “Urrrppph!” the impact of the hard concrete floor upon my back knocked some of the wind from me. As I lay there fighting for breath, I realised that the old woman still had hold of my hand which was now mercifully unbent and straight. She had thrown me! I had been thrown by a woman! I had been thrown by an elderly woman! I could barely believe it. The stories were true! A cultured middle-class woman really was capable of throwing a fully grown man.

She looked down at me with a powerful air of institutional authority, her immense bosom and dominant power teasing my man-shaft with wanton desire. “Once again you did not use the proper address. For that you will be punished”. She cruelly bent back my wrist once more and leveraged my elbow giving me no choice but to rise or risk a broken arm. Once again the feeling of utter helplessness as this stern-faced old woman controlled me however she wished was overwhelming. Yet as my face became level with the strange wrap-around silken blouse tightly stretched over her wide full, low-hanging breasts, the sense of her femininity suffused me making my manhood as stiff as an iron rod and throbbing uncontrollably in her presence. No sooner was I fully standing than she turned her back to me and pulled my arm over her shoulder then leant forward. My body was pulled forward until I felt her wide backside press against my groin which made it soar with exceptional desire. In that moment I understood why Jack had completely disgraced himself when her daughter had done the same. I nearly lost my own control as my feet left the ground and my groin travelled quickly up her posterior as the woman lifted me upon her back. Within a heartbeat I felt my groin leave the contact with the woman below as my body flew forwards at terrifying speed hurtling head first towards the floor as my legs spun overhead. KABLAM! “Orrrragh!” The floor took my breath away painfully as my back slammed into it once more. I looked up along the length of my arm which was held captive to the large overhanging sheen of a white silk cliff above me and her stern face looking down at me with an air of total superiority that made the pressure in my testicles soar to painful levels. Her small thin mouth moved and said just one word “Beg”. “Orrrrr orrrr nnnngghh nnghhh” I lost complete control groaning and moaning as the most intense experience overtook me and I totally shamed myself at the feet of the dominant old woman. A tight smile of satisfaction crept upon her lips “That will do nicely”.

Alone with my shame, the Master eventually came to collect me. If he noticed the damp patch slowly drying on the front of my trousers, he thankfully did not comment. Upon each side of a three-storey administration block there was a like-wise high dormitory block, women to the north and men to the south. However these were for the aged and infirm. As a healthy young man, I was led to a smaller three-story building along the southern boundary. Next to this was the engineering workshop and bakery. I was informed that a similar dormitory for healthy women was located on the northern boundary, not that I would ever see it for the sexes were strictly segregated such that a man would never see wife nor daughter except from across the room at meal times. Inside, the accommodation comprised of a large number of small dormitories of around 15 feet by 10 feet each into which 8 inmates slept in four double beds of crude iron construction with a communal chamberpot. Upon either side of the dormitories was a long corridor along which the night warden would patrol with no doors to protect our privacy. Following an meagre crude meal and prayers we were shown early to bed. I could not get to sleep for it was a strange depressing place, a strange bed with a strange bedfellow. Also I could not get the image of Mistress Regina throwing me around like a rag-doll out of my mind. Rather than the frightening image that the Chief had portrayed, I found the experience with the old woman highly exhilarating and erotic. I dreamt that the old grey-haired disciplinarian tossed me around the room over and over with just the painful flick of a captive wrist as casually and effortlessly as throwing away a scrunged up ball of paper. Sometimes she would pull my over her shoulder and lean forwards then I would remember the lingering contact of my erect trouser-sword against her ample backside before she sent me hurtling over her shoulder to my doom. So arousing were these dreams that several times I had to wake myself in case I messed myself in bed.

My sinful dreams were interrupted by the sound of someone entering the dorm. At first I thought it was the night warden come to check up on us. Then I heard strange moans as if of pleasure coming from one of my cell-mates. Was the night-warden conducting some kind of deviant behaviour upon his charges. If he tried it with me he would find a fist in the mouth and hang the consequences. I sensed a figure in the dark approach my side of the bed. With alarm I felt the thin blanket lifted from my waist and a hand stole to my genitals. No sooner than I had clenched my fist to strike the molester when fingers jabbed into the crook of my arm. To my horror a cold paralysis crept up my arm preventing me from defending myself. As the hand wrapped itself around my shaft I felt a breath upon my ear. “I am your Mistress. Your body is mine to control” a female voice whispered softly in my ear. It was the old lady. I am sorry to say that my manhood was stiff from the thoughts of what she had done to me earlier and in her warm hands it stiffened further. “This will not do at all” she whispered then her hand began to slide up and down my shaft. “We’re not married” I gasped but she just shushed soothingly in my ear. “Shhhh! Dear one. You see how I can give reward as well as discipline” she whispered. I gasped as a warm wet tongue gently touched my ear lobe like a fleeting kiss only moments later for a light lick elsewhere around my ear. These fleeting sensations further ignited my rising lust into her ever moving caressing hands. “Orrr so good!” I moaned softly unable to resist succumbing to the arousing sensations as her tongue began to tantalise the side of my face and neck with brief licks that excited the nerves. My shaft grew rapidly in her hand while I strained with anticipation of the next touch of her wondrous tongue. She exhibited such skill that many a lady of the night would be envious. In the light I may have flinched at the kiss from the old lady but in the dark she was a tantalising erotic succubus. Her tongue lightly and briefed touched my lips to begin tracing the outline of my mouth while her hand got frantically faster. As uncontrolled passion flared inside of me while my love rod became as tight and hard as I had ever felt it, I could no longer bear it and put out my own tongue to seek hers. The moment our tongues engaged pressing against each other the feelings inside of me became too great. I began to buck my hips uncontrollably and split my seed in hand. “Nnnnnar nnnnar nnnnar” “Go to sleep now and work hard tomorrow” she whispered then kissed me gently upon the forehead.

As I lay breathing heavily I could hear her walk around the other dorms with the occasional moans of other men. When she finally leaves the thought that she performed such a sinful act on so many men had made my rod hard once more that I wished that she would return and do it all over again.

26th May 1897
The following day as would the days thereafter began with the bell sounding for rising at 6 o’clock. An half-hour later we assembled in the communal dining hall where the Master performed a roll-call of the men and likewise the Matron for the women. The bell was then rang indicating that we all had to eat our meal in silence. From 7 o’clock until 12 and from 1 to 6pm was allotted for work, in my case this was breaking stone that could be sold for road-mending. It was during this time that I recognised one of the other inmates who seemed to spend most of his time speaking furtively with his nearby colleagues between swings of the hammer. “Do you know him, James?” asked Fred, an amiable young man from my dorm who had the misfortune of being apprenticed to a tradesman who unexpectedly passed away leaving the lad destitute. “Yes, his name is Jack a boxer and trouble-maker. I would avoid him if you could” I replied. The man still bore the physical marks and bruises from his encounter with the Mistress’s daughter. His broken right arm was held in a sling but his left was strong enough to swing the hammer single-handed. “I heard he was in a fight with a girl who did that to him” said Fred. “That was no girl but a middle-aged college governess. Twice” “You was there?” he asked in awe. I nodded. “Yes but I don’t think he would take too kindly of being reminded of the fact”.

The reason for Jack’s furtive conversations became apparent when we assembled in the dining hall for our meal. The meal had not yet been served when Jack stood up in front of the Master with a good dozen of the roughest vilest men that you could imagine. He pointed an accusing finger at the Mistress. “It ain’t natural that a woman lords it up over the men and takes advantage of them at night. The bitch stays out of the men’s area from now on” he snarled. Judging by what she had done to me when I had first arrived I could only guess what had happened to a macho thug like Jack and that was why he had assembled a gang so he did not have to face her alone. The Master huffed in indignation. “Sir. How dare you insult a lady like…Arghh!”. Jack’s left fist struck the Master’s jaw like a hammer and down he went with one blow.

“Anyone guilty of being abusive to the Master or Mistress shall be punished with the utmost severity” The Mistress’s commanding voice cut through the confusion of excited voices. She pointed to the floor in front of him “Get down on your belly now and beg for forgiveness before I put you there myself”. I saw Jack flush with embarrassment before he barked to the others “Get her. We’ll rape her before throwing her out with the rubbish”. Sneering arrogantly Jack and his dozen bullies spread out to surround Mistress Regina who just stood there looking calm and with a bemused expression. “Is that all you have got, Jack? You should have gathered a lot more thugs” she teased. “We’ve got to help” I urged the other inmates “We can’t let them attack a lone woman” but none of them moved they were either too frightened to get involved with these big thuggish brutes or looked forward to a bit of entertainment. “Leave her alone!” I shouted but as I stepped forwards, Fred caught my arm. “Don’t Jack. Don’t get involved, it’s not worth it”. I shook off his hand and went to the Mistress’s aid, although I was nervous of facing such large brutes and did not know what I was going to do.

Mistress Regina however was unperturbed and seemed to know exactly what to do. As the men began to move towards her, she reached down to her long black divided skirt and pulled aside one panel to pin under her wide black belt. The sight of a cultured woman uncovering her right leg like a wild passionate native woman of foreign climates was shocking. Clad only with thick black stockings it arose from slim ankles held aloft by high-heeled ankle boots curving sensuously with a long sweep to thick sturdy calves from there I felt ashamed as my eyes followed along a thick strong looking thigh to the top of her leg and her suspenders. I had to admit the scandalous sight made me stop to admire her shapely thick legs as it did some of the thugs. “Hai!” a sudden sharp shout from her lips made me and the men jump. The huge bundle of her bosom heaved mightily in a most disturbing manner as her uncovered right leg scythed through the air in a flash. The top of her boot connected with the side of the nearest thug’s neck with a loud solid blow. THUMP! The man’s face snapped to one side, his eyes and teeth clenched and his arms going stiff before he collapsed to the floor. Swivelling quickly upon her left heel, her massive endowment lagging behind the rest of her body through it’s sheer mass, she faced the next man who was shocked to inactivity by the unexpected athleticism of this elderly woman. “HAI!” she shouted again as her knee lifted and her lower leg snapped upwards like a can-can dancer while the ampleness in her strange tight white blouse heaved barely restrained by her brassiere. BAM! The sole of her boot crushed into the man’s jaw with incredible speed and force snapping his head right back over his shoulders so fast that he must have been knocked out even before he toppled over backwards to the floor.

The next man lunged at her his hand held high to bring down a cosh upon her head. Showing no fear and looking coldly stern, the elderly cultured lady raised her left arm to ward off the blow. Seizing his wrist, she knelt quickly upon one knee, her long black skirt fanning out as her left leg stretched out as she pulled him forwards making him stumble over her shin. “Woah!” the tough yelped as with a flick of the wrist from a kneeling position she whipped him head over heels spinning through the air like a Catherine wheel with extraordinary speed and power into the hard concrete floor. BERLAM! His back hit the floor, reared up in pain then screamed as the cold-faced woman bent back his arm in a most unnatural manner. CRACK! “Arrrghhhhh!”. Her stunning fighting skill was mesmerising to watch but Jack’s toughs closed in on her from all sides. A man tried to seize her but with a twist of arms it was he who was seized by the wrist. Turning swiftly and with the barest flick of the wrist, his body was launched into the air flipping right over with his legs above his head at tremendous speed. His tumbling form reached a great height as the stern grey-haired woman sent him hurtling across the room with barely a touch as though he weighed nothing. The next man tried to lay hands on her had his arm seized and bent double. Then swiftly turning her back on him she pulled his arm down sharply causing his groin to ride over her broad hip as his body flipped forwards with feet rising and head descending with a devastating speed. BLAM! he hit the floor hard.

Man after man tried to catch her or throw a punch at her wrinkled old face but none laid a hand upon for each was sent flying through the air as if by magic. With no apparent effort the old woman would swiftly seize a man’s wrist, turn and toss him away with a deft flick of the wrist as if in some sort of deadly dance. A step to the side, a twist of an arm and flick of the wrist would launch a man with incredible speed into the air, his body twisting in mid-air around one arm before crashing upon his back onto the floor with great power that reverberated through the hall. Like a non-stop fighting machine she would turn her back on a man and fall to both knees. Flipping him completely over her head with one hand his body falling forwards with legs flailing in the air, he would crash heavy upon his back on the floor in front of her. The sight of the stern old woman in the strange white blouse stretched tight over her massive bust moving gracefully in a long black skirt of which one side was pinned up showing off her shapely strong stockinged legs while she sent men flying away from her through the air at great speed with the merest touch was exhilarating to watch. BLAM BLAM BLAM! man after man fell heavily upon the cold concrete floor as the Mistress threw them forwards from her side, backwards over her head and sent tumbling over her broad hip. One managed to grab both of her hands and pull her arms forward towards him while she lent back resisting him. Suddenly she crossed her arms over forcing his to do the same then twisted sharply around with her right leg stretched out before his feet while crouching down low. He tripped then whipped head over heels at startling speed, the base of his neck slamming into the hard concrete. BERLAM! Like a whirling dervish, the grey haired woman spun around to face the next opponent.

As brave and formidable as she looked, surely she could not cope with such numbers. I needed to help. Picking up a chair, I rushed towards forwards, raised it above my head and brought it down upon the cranium of the closest thug to me. BAM! The chair broke around his head and as I had hoped he began to slump towards the floor. However to my dismay his knees had only bent partway when he slowly straightened stretching to his full height, he was like a tall wide wall blocking out what little light entered this hall in the first place. Slowly he turned around and cast his evil eyes upon me with such menace that I now knew why the others had not risen to the Mistress’s aid when I had tried to rouse them. He was a big bear of a man with a large bulky frame, a large brutish face and massive fists which he slowly raised with an evil grin.

Looking beyond the sneering large brute, I saw two more converge at the same time upon Mistress Regina, one with a sharpened dining knife in hand. With stony calmness and great speed she brought the side of her hand down upon the crook of his elbow and the knife clattered to the floor. Without pause, her hands struck out with the speed of snakes seizing the wrist of the man upon either side then suddenly spun her arms forward quickly as if cracking a whip. In stunned amazement I saw two big bulky men perform rapid somersaults in the air with an elderly cultured woman standing nonchalantly between them before crashing onto their backs in the blink of an eye. Distracted I barely saw the thug’s massive fist hurtling towards my face. I instinctively jumped back but his knuckles bruised my cheek. As I jumped further away from the hulking brute, beyond him Mistress Regina had twisted both men’s wrists forcing them to kneel upon either side while writhing in agony while she crouched between them. Then both her arms whipped around vertically in opposite directions, sending each man spinning like a cartwheel in opposite directions, one tumbling forwards while the other went backwards. In amazement I had seen her bowl the two men over a second time in a matter of seconds. They went crashing like human bowling balls into the legs of their colleagues knocking them down like nine-pins.

The thug came at me again swinging his fists. I tried to duck and skip out of the way but I found myself backing into the women’s dining tables. Hands grabbed me from behind and flung me towards the brute. BLAM! His fist collided with the side of my face like a mallet whipping my face way in a blaze of stars. In a daze I stumbled back amongst the women who grabbed me and once more threw me like fodder to the laughing hulk.

“Yah!” a sharp shout distracted us both. Looking across at the Mistress, her divided skirt draped from the top of her right leg as it kicked out with blinding speed towards the face of another tough. KABLAM! The sole of her boot hammered the centre of his face with such powerful force that a thick spray of blood flew in all directions. The man literally flipped heels over head and crashed heavily to the floor and lay unmoving. The power in her strong looking legs stimulated me greatly but I had more urgent things to worry about. I knew a few arm-locks of my own and as the big brute returned his malevolent attention to me I darted around the back of him twisting his arm as I went. He was strong and I struggled to force his hand up his back.

Across the room to my alarm I saw that some thug had tripped the Mistress onto her back and was standing by her feet. Showing no concern she quickly placed one foot upon his left knee and hooked the other around the back of the same ankle. Suddenly he went down like a falling tree as she pushed with one leg and pulled with the other, taking his leg out from under him. The Mistress quickly leapt upon him, seized his right wrist and pulled his arm back straight over her unmentionable area while draping her left leg over his neck and her right, bent, by his side. Other men were converging towards her and was almost upon her. In a quick brutal move, she raised her hips while pulling back upon the man’s arm. CRACK! He screamed as his arm broke. The chilling sound giving Regina the distraction to leap quickly to her feet.

The brute was difficult to restrain so I reached up with my other to wrap my arm around his neck but he leant forward and I found myself riding him like a jockey. “Time’s up, you old bitch!” Jack shouted as he closed in upon the old woman while his cronies boxed in her on all sides. The sour-faced old grey-haired woman just glared straight-faced at Jack then acted in the blink of an eyelid. Her arm shot forwards in a blur BLAM!. Her fist struck his jaw like thunder sending his head shooting back over his shoulders with his eyes agog and his mouth gaping as he staggered back under the old ladies powerful punch. The thug I was riding twisted and turned then shook me off. He spun around his fist flying out and catching me right in the middle of my face. BLAM! His fist struck again upon my jaw BLAM! My legs turned to jelly and I collapsed to the floor. I looked up trying to shake off the daze expecting him to finish me off when to my surprise a rough-looking female inmate stepped forwards and swung her foot right between his legs. WHUMP! Oooooooorghh!” he wailed, his shoulders slumping and his face melting in sheer misery. But the woman showed no mercy and swung her leg again catching him the same way.

CRACK! across the room the fists of the Mistress pounded Jack’s face which flew back with blood streaming from his nose. With a twitch of my manhood I realised that her punches were even more powerful than her daughters. Jack had realised this too but was too brain shocked to do anything about it. Catching the side of Jack’s punch-drunk face with her right hand, the fingers of her left opened and seized the side of his neck close to the jawline. Her fingers dug in and the former local area boxing champion went all stiff and trembled. The next second the Mistress had trapped his hands against her voluminous chest while pressing his head backwards with the steely grip about his neck. As soon as he was leaning backwards, she kicked away his leg with a sweep of her leg. A sharp twist of his arm and his whole body whipped head over heels in a fast circle as he went tumbling backwards to the floor.

By now the brute that I had tried to subdue was being brutally beaten by a whole gang of women who were pulling his hair and being held while they took turns kicking his unmentionables. The rough one that started it all looked at me and winked. “You’re much prettier than him, Love” she laughed “He’s the bastard who knocked up my daughter. Theirs too. Been wanting to get our hands on him for a long time”.

“HAI!” the side of Mistress Regina’s hand struck like an axe upon the base of the neck of a man who had gone to Jack’s aid. His body jerked and twitched in a strange way as if paralysed. The top-heavy grey-haired lady in the strange white blouse and long divided skirt faced him seized his right wrist then pulled his arm in a straight line across the back of her neck facing outward. Stressing his arm about her neck, her right fist punched him clean on the nose. BLAM! with her left hand immobilising his right arm behind her head her right arm reached around his belly and seized his left. Her right foot swept away his leg and he went tumbling backwards to the floor. Swiftly moving behind the downed man while still holding his wrist in a lock she pulled his arm back across her knee while pressing the edge of her other hand across the side of his neck. SNAP! “Arrnnnnn!” he was rendered unconscious even as his arm bent back at an unnatural angle.

The Mistress turned to a nearby wooden dining table of study construction. Whereupon she fixed it with a stern steely gaze and raised her right hand in a strange open hand manner with her fingers aligned one upon the other like a knife. “HAI YAH!” she shouted making me jump with the loud sound. BERLAM! Her hand fell upon the table as if it were an axe and cut straight through slicing it clean in two whereupon it collapsed in the middle. The entire hall went silent in stunned amazement. My manhood went absolutely rigid at this astonishing feat of power and looking around the room I saw that I was not the only one. Even Jack’s trousers was sporting a rigid tent. Mistress Regina fixed the eye of each and every one of Jack’s remaining men. “Who is next?” she asked in a cold strict tone. They all looked at her in fright and the front of the trousers of several lurched up and down as did mine. “Upon the floor now, upon your stomachs. All of you or you will face my wrath” She commanded. As a man they all obeyed cowering with fear. She walked towards Jack who was prone upon his back with the tent in his trousers erect and twitching. “P..Please” he began to plead. She didn’t say a word but glared down upon him. Then her right boot moved and pressed down that obscene erection and began to massage it. Jack began moaning and groaning “Orrr Mistress, Mistress”. In very little time his stiffness deflated and a dark wet path spread in an embarrassing manner. “Urrrr urrrr Ohhhhhhh” he gave a loud groan of sexual fulfilment that had some of his colleagues openly rubbing their privates.

“On your feet” she instructed Jack in no certain terms. The satin sheen of her blouse inflamed my senses as it clung tightly to her magnificent bust. “Please Mistress no” Jack begged then screamed as the fierce craggy faced grey-haired woman crouched behind him and twisted his left arm forcing him to roll onto his belly then pulled his arm straight behind him then pressed down upon his elbow. “Arghh arghh!” he yelped writhing upon his belly. “You will do as I tell you or I will break your arm just as my daughter broke the other one”. My man-shaft throbbed at her chilling words for I was sure that she would carry out her ruthless threat. Jack must have known it too for he got to his knees, his face red with his eyes and mouth clenched in great pain. The big-busted old woman stepped to his side keeping his arm bent upwards as she pressed upon the back of his elbow. Upon his knees with a broken arm in a sling and the other painfully stressed the stern-faced woman forced him to shuffle around the floor describing a circle around her. “Look at how the mighty have fallen” she crowed directing everyone’s attention to his humiliation. Seeing the big brute grovel around her reminded me vividly of how she had done much the same to put me in my place upon my arrival. The grey-hair of the powerful looking figure in the forward-thrusting white blouse and long black skirt contrasted with the much younger strongly built man being forced to shuffle around her with pain etched upon his face. “Argh argh!” he yelped every now and then when he failed to keep up with the pace she dictated causing his arm to bend back alarmingly. “Would any of you like to take his place?” the stark question was directed at Jack’s accomplices, the ones remaining conscious that is. None took up the challenge but by the furious rubbing of some upon their crotch, I was sure that some wished it in their dreams.

Mistress Regina slowly raised the level of Jack’s arm forcing him to get to his feet although still severely stooped with bowed head by her side. With great smugness and superior attitude she paraded the captive man in all his humiliation around the room. “The penalty for attempted revolution is severe and will be administered by myself”. “Argh! Argh!” Jack was trying and failing not to cry out yet he was under her complete control for fear of breaking his remaining arm. “Following that. All participants will be duly banished from this establishment”. Even I knew that such a decision could only be made by the Master yet one look at his face told me that he was in terrified awe of this formidable old battleaxe. With a twist of his wrist invoking loud yelps from Jack she forced him to stand fully, writhing in her brutal wrist and arm lock. “Stand up and take your punishment like a man” the grey-haired buxom woman demanded. Several of his comrades were now openly masturbating at the sight of this magnificent dominant old woman. Keeping his wrist bent and arm straight, the Mistress faced him then stepped back. “This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me” she told him with a hint of a wry smile.

What followed was so amazing and full of female power that I completely messed my pants yet again, as several other men judging by their expressions and those of Jack’s revolutionaries with their members in their hands. “HAI YAH!” the old woman’s shout made me jump and in the blink of an eye her stockinged right leg shot into the air with such power, speed and amazing flexibility that the top of her thigh bounced off her huge bust. KERBLAM! Jack’s face was powered back in a spray of blood and his big muscular body flew head over heels backwards before slamming face first into the hard floor. A silence fell upon the room before it erupted in the groans of the foul men shaming themselves upon the floor. Others shamed themselves in other ways, urinating down their trouser legs and by the smell via other orifices.

Part 4: Worshipping The Mistress

27th May 1897
After the medical officer checked the healing of my bruises and cuts, I was summoned to the Mistress’s office. As I approached the door, I heard a repetitive metallic clanging upon the other side but could not make out it’s origin. I knocked on the door and heard a firm “enter” from the other side, so opened it and entered. To my complete shock, the Mistress was scantily clad in only a large black satin bra of sturdy reinforced construction to retain her enormous endowment with a shocking V neck that showed her deep plunging cleavage along with a matching pair of shorts. For such an outwardly decent cultured old lady, she was displaying a shocking amount of skin for her shoulders, arms, belly and legs were entirely bare. “Close the door” she ordered and gratefully I turned around to do so allowing me to avert my eyes as I felt my temperature rise. I kept them respectfully averted as I turned back.

“Do you find me repulsive?” her stern voice asked. “No Mistress” I replied. “Then look at me when I am talking to you” she commanded. I raised my eyes. All the time I had been in that room I had been aware of that metallic clank I had heard earlier and now saw the reason and was shocked to speechlessness. For in her hands was a long iron barbell, affixed to each end were several large metal plates of such weight that that pole bent noticeably away from the centre. Once again this amazing formidable grey-haired stern-faced woman had utter demolished my preconceptions of womanhood as she curled this massive iron barbell as easily as a strongman. Fascinated despite her indecent apparel which both greatly disturbed and aroused me, I was taken aback by her incredible well-developed physique. Properly clothed, I had thought her body was the ideal example of the female form, plump, buxom and with plenty of curves. Unclothed I immediately saw that in fact she was stockily built with thick arms and legs. However these were not plump and soft but looked very hard and taut with not a soft spot except her breasts. It looked as if every part of her body was well-defined and shone with good health.

“Fighting is an punishable offence” she told me as her thick shaped strong arms lifted that weight up and down. I was fascinated by how thick slopes led down from part-way either side of her neck at a good 30 degrees towards the ends of her shoulders to meet a prominent horizontal corded line. I gaped at how well-defined her shoulder caps were. They were like hard armour plated cups full of shape cleanly separated from the rest of her upper arm with diagonal striated cuts that gave a sense of power. The weights on the end of that bar looked truly massive for such an elderly lady and I very much doubted that I would be able to lift it at all. Yet she managed to curl that barbell level with her chest. I gasped as her arms strained and a thick solid bulge swelled along the front of her upper arm intimating power that I never knew a woman could possess. I knew instinctively though could not believe it that the thick swellings were unmistakably biceps of a substantial size. I also noticed a rugged prominent vein running down the front edge of each biceps which somehow made them look even more formidable. The Mistress extruded great physical strength to back up her ferocious fighting skills.

She continued to address me while exercising showing a little exertion in her voice “However I realise that you foolishly thought you were trying to come valiantly to my aid”. As she worked to repeatedly raise and lower the bar, I noted that the back of her forearms were etched with thick cords and tendons of such startling clarity. This was thickest around the elbow giving it a powerful sail-like appearance that stunned me. I had seen strong women perform in vaudeville but they were tall big sturdily built women of substantial size and girth of Rubenesque proportions. The Mistress however appeared a more ordinary shapely women albeit rather tall yet of exceptional firmness and definition of muscle which was infinitely more appealing. Her small grey eyes fixed me in their gaze through her spectacles as she exercised, never deviating from me making me feel most uncomfortable. “I am willing to make allowances if you are willing to serve me” she stated. I confessed to her that I was willing to serve her in any way I saw to which a strange smile appeared on her thin lips. “I accept your offer of servitude although I don’t think you quite understand my intent”. She said no more but continued with her extraordinary weight-lifting exercise while watching me closely. “A healthy body promotes a healthy mind don’t you think?” she asked. “Indeed” I replied thinking out aloud with my loins that were becoming very excited at her healthy body.

I studied that body as she continued to haul that huge weight up and down. Rather than feeling repulsed over a woman displaying musculature to rival most men, I found it strongly sensual. Without her corset she no longer had that pinched waist look and her trunk was quite wide. Her stomach was very flat and taut. Strange hard irregular square masses writhed beneath the surface rising and falling as she breathed. They were fascinating to watch. As they rose prominently to the surface I counted six slabs arranged vertically three each side of a groove running up from her belly button. Daring to look at her legs, I saw that these were quite thick around the upper thigh yet very solid looking with strong looking lines and great shape that my eyes kept following.

Finally she put down the weights and slowly moved towards me. It was hard not to look at her semi-naked body. “How old are you James?” “25” I replied. “Are you married?” “No” “Have you had carnal knowledge of a woman?” “No of course not, I am not married” I protested in shock at the suggestion. “Such a fine upstanding young man. In more ways than one” she chuckled. I gasped as her hand enclosed around the stiff bulge in my trousers. “Stay where you are!” she commanded loudly as I instinctively tried to move out of her embarrassing grasp. “Move without my permission and I will slam you all around this room until you can no longer stand unaided”. I stood my ground and the old woman adopted a softer tone as she gently traced the outline of the prominent stiffness in the front of my trousers. “You may think I am a harsh cold hearted old dragon but I need to be this way to maintain discipline” her light touch was stimulating and my eyes kept falling back to her impressive cleavage which didn’t help either. “But I am still a woman with woman’s needs. I’ve have been so lonely since my husband passed away these many long years”. She continued to stroke my trousers making it harder. “I do my duty for the men who need it at night but that does not fulfil my needs. I need companionship of a man who is not afraid of my healthy body and disciplinary skills. A man like you”.

I was shocked by her suggestion but before I could voice my objection the Mistress clad only in a large sturdy bra and shorts raised her arms out to either side level with her broad shoulders. Her forearms swung up vertical with her fists clenched then in towards her head. I gaped in amazement feeling my groin tighten and stiffen as her forearms thickened at the base while her upper arms bulged both upwards and below. Her large breasts also tightened and came together rising in a highly erotic manner in the V of her bra. I gasped at how large and solid her biceps became getting more prominent and craggier by the second. They looked so powerful and fearful yet with those large hemispheres of bust rising up and pressing against each other she was undeniably a woman. “Orrrrr!” I groaned as my man-rod beat furiously inside my trousers. “You pledged to serve me, so serve me. Feel my muscles James, feel my strength, my power. Go on feel them”.

I did not hesitate for I was longing to touch those big feminine mounds of muscle upon her arms yet had been to afraid of her reaction if I had. With my heart beating fast and sweat forming on my brow I reached out a hand to the top of her right biceps. “So hard! So big! So beautiful” I gasped astonished by the feel of the muscles beneath my hand smoothly curved yet as hard as iron. I could not even press my fingers into them. “That’s it James. Feel the big powerful arms of your Mistress”. With my throbbing shaft painfully tight against my trousers I felt her biceps with both hands becoming ever more aroused by the sensational feel of hard steely muscle beneath soft female skin. “Kiss them, James. Kiss them and worship me. Worship my biceps” I may have thought that a strange request previously but now I did not hesitate and put my lips to her amazing muscles while stroking and feeling them with my hands. “Amazing, amazing!” I kept mumbling between kisses.

“Take my hands, James” I did as she instructed, stretching my arms out on either side and bending my forearms to match hers. Arm to arm, I suddenly felt such power as I had never known flowing through her arms opposing me. Instantly I realised that not only was she a more formidable fighter than I was but that she also was much stronger than me. “Try to push my hands back, come on James, are you even trying?” she taunted as an overwhelming power forced my hands steadily backwards. The front of my trousers resembled a tent with a painfully stiff tentpole pressing tightly against the inside of my pants and throbbing uncontrollably. With a tight smug smile of superiority, Mistress Regina angled her fists towards the floor and I am forced to bend at the knees. To my disgrace I find my face sinking close to her large swelling bosom which rises like two half-moons out of her bra to meet me. To my horror my face plunges right into that voluminous cleavage. “Mmmmm mmmmm” To my surprise I hear true laughter from the strict old woman. “I bet you are enjoying that” she chuckles. “Mmm mmm mmmmah!” I gasp breathing fresh air as my face falls out of her large cups and continues to sink as her strong hard bulging arms press my hands lower until my face is level with her firm belly. There she kept me, crouched down before her with my face right in front of her taut stomach watching in fascination as those irregular blocks of hardness rise and fall as she breathes.

“Kiss my abdominals, worship my rock-hard stomach” she ordered. I didn’t what they were but guessed they were these appealing blocks of hardness like jigsaw puzzle pieces with grooves in between. I bowed my head to the task, enjoying the feel of her taut skin against my eager lips. I had never realised the effects of vigorous exercise upon a lady’s body and now fully applauded it for that firm belly with its hard shapes moving gently in and out was the most sensual thing that I had ever seen. That this woman was old enough to be my grandmother made it all the more amazing as I was sure that she had a far superior and sexually appealing body than most women even those in their early twenties. “Ohhhhh Mistress, so beautiful” I groaned with pure desire. “That will do nicely indeed” she chuckled as she released my hands. As she did, I fell forwards and stopped myself upon her sturdy body. Looking down I saw the swell of hard looking muscle upon her thighs and calves. Crouching lower to take a closer look, I placed my hand upon the outside of her left thigh and confirmed that it indeed felt like an iron plate. “Wow so hard!” I gasped. I began to move my face between her legs which were apart in a stance but before I could proceed she placed a firm hand upon my shoulder. “Believe me, you do not want to get your head stuck in there. I could pop your skull like a balloon. Now stand up and worship my back” she commanded. My tent-pole lurched back and forth like it was caught in a gale at her words. Could she really do that? Could a woman break my skull between her legs? I felt her thighs once more, they were certainly very thick, very hard and I imagined I could feel immense power lying just beneath the surface of her silky smooth skin.

“I said get up” she sounded impatient so I rose to my full height. As I did the Mistress turned around and I found myself sharply drawing in my breath when she unclasped and removed her bra. I could see the backs of her large breasts to my immense excitement. She placed her hands upon her hips and I saw that from the rear she did indeed have a natural hour-glass figure. In particular her back flared out on either side as it rose from her waist like an inverted triangle to her very prominent shoulder blades that were covered with large masses deeply etched in strange shapes. From the rear, I could more clearly see the dense slopes from her neck to the tops of her shoulders themselves resembling large plates of the halves of some triangle. As I watched she raised her arms once more and flexed her biceps. To my astonishment her entire back became a writhing mass of large solid muscle the likes of which I had never seen. From the rear her arms appeared even more formidable with powerful forearms and large biceps that were peaked like a mountain top. I placed my hands upon those peaks. “Ohhhh Mistress so big, so strong!” I gasped in wonder. I moved my hands onto her back and felt the hard muscular slabs in such abundance. I am so inflamed by her amazing physique that I find myself kissing and feeling her wondrous naked back with a wild passion. Mistress Regina was both muscular and beautiful in her own way, disproving the long-held fallacy of the ruling classes that strength in woman brings ugliness.

Losing all sense of decorum, I reached around her front to feel her hard stomach while I kissed her back. Inevitably they slipped upwards to cup her huge bare breasts that overflowed my grasping hands. That sensation was too great for me and I began to thrust my groin against her backside while caressing her breasts. “Ohhh Mistress, Mistress. I love you, I need you, I yearn for you” I completely lost my dignity and was moaning stupid endearments while thrusting myself like a mating dog. “Control yourself, boy” Mistress Regina growled then turned around in my arms. I tried to regain my composure but the sight of her naked breasts was too much for me and I tried to pull her close to kiss her mouth. As quick as a snake, she grabbed my left arm, pulled it out straight at my side while bending back the hand at the wrist. “Ouch ouch!” I yelped as the very fit grey-haired woman turned her side to me. Bringing my arm down swiftly in a forward motion, my body was jerked into the air, my feet leaving the floor as I was tossed away head over heels. BERLAM my back hit the floor hard “Ouch!”. Shockingly in my highly aroused state, that demonstration of superior fighting skill just stoked my out of control lust even more. I immediately got to my feet and rushed towards her. “Oh Mistress!” I groaned deep with desire. The Mistress just stood her ground and when I came within an arm’s length she grabbed my elbows then to my surprise fell over backwards pulling me down with her. I found her foot in my groin as I fell towards her. As soon as her back hit the floor I found my groin lifted high by her leg which sent me hurtling tumbling head over heels at dizzying speed a great distance across the room from her. BERLAM! My back hit the floor knocking the wind out of me “Orrpphh!”.

I lay there panting until the semi-naked form of the Mistress appeared, standing over me like an ancient female warrior of old, a true Amazon. “Try that again without my permission and I will slam you all over this room until you are unable to stand. Do I make myself clear?” she was so stern and dominant that my arousal pulsed strongly in my pants. “Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress” I replied humbled. “Now get to your feet and stand before me” she demanded. I did as I was told trying to reign in my animal passion not to try to seize her and kiss her. To my surprise she wrapped those thick strong arms around me and pulled me tight against her soft voluminous breasts. “Urghh!” I grunted as she slipped her grip to cradle my backside and with a surge of strength, lifted my feet off the floor then threw me over one shoulder. Proceeding to carry me across the room, I bounced around upon her shoulder looking down at her amazingly sculpted back and her firm looking backside covered with her shorts. Further below her calves were like rocky spear-like slabs bulging in the most erotic fashion as she walked. Finally she lowered my feet back to the floor and looking around I saw that there was a strange wooden table with a cross bar handle a third of the way along and what looked like stirrups.

“Remove your trousers and undergarments this instant” she demanded. Shocked by this unseemly request I hesitated. Rather than scold me or bend back my hand at the wrist, the grey-haired sour-faced woman hunched herself over clenching her fists while bringing her arms around in front of her in a diamond shape. Every muscle in her body seemed to swell up into massive relief. Even the top part of her cleavage was striated and hard as her pendulous breasts hung down before her. She looked massive, muscular and frightening like some powerful wild beast. Once again this amazing old lady had shown me something that I had never seen before in my life and I felt both afraid and highly aroused. Without hesitation I complied with her request. “Lay down on there” she ordered pointing with her finger towards the strange table. Intrigued, I did as she commanded. Sliding beneath the cross-bar handle, I lay upon my back on the table.

“This is how you will serve me, everyday at this time” with that she placed her left foot in the left hand stirrup then swung her leg over like mounting a horse. To my great shock I saw that she had removed her shorts and was now completely nude. Straddling over my groin, her ladyparts were directly over my erect manhood. “Please we’re not married” I gasped although in truth part of me wanted to experience the sinful sensations greatly. Her strong right hand clutched me with a grip of steel between the neck and shoulders while her left fitted my erection inside of her. My head swam in a warm fuzziness as her steely fingers dug into the nerves in my neck that made my eyes go out of focus and my head spin. “You pledged to serve me and serve me you shall” she growled then thankfully released her fearsome grip to take hold of the handle bar with both hands to begin riding me as if riding a horse. “Oh yes, oh yes. It is so good to feel a fit young buck inside of me” she moaned in a sensual manner while her nether regions slid up and down my erect shaft. Her riding of my manhood was sending me in a place of incredible sensory pleasure. “Come now” she scolded in a light-hearted manner while I continued to slip back and forth inside her. “At my time of life, you are hardly going to get me with child. So we can enjoy the act of union for the heightened pleasure alone.” Enjoy it I did as she rode me with rising passion. In no time I was moaning and groaning like an imbecile, reaching up to try to constraint those massive breasts as they bounced around unrestrained while the slick slimy constant motion of her lady-hole around my manhood sent me into untold throes of wanton desire and ecstasy. “Ohhh ohhhh fuck me James fuck me!” her strange animal moaning and uncharacteristic coarse language tipped me over the edge. I lost what scant self-control I had and began unloading what felt like a geyser of seed into her wonderful passage. “Nrraaghhh nnaarhhh nnnnargh Ohhhhhhh!” I moaned like crazy as it went on and on gradually subsiding. At the same time Mistress Regina howled loudly like a woman possessed and thrusting up and down upon me until she too subsided, passion sated. Whereupon she lay beside me and we embraced and cuddled until we regained our strength then without further a-due she dismissed me.

1st June 1897
All I can think of night and day is Mistress Regina for I am besotted by this handsome looking grey-haired lady of astounding physique. Every day in the late afternoon I attend to her in her personal quarters as she exercises then takes me upon her strange wooden riding table. Not that I always enter her for she forces me to do unnatural things. The first time she did this I was horrified as she faced me then lowered her lady parts right onto my nose and mouth then demanded that I use my tongue and mouth to pleasure her. All objections were smothered off as she began to rub herself with increasing vigour over my face. As shameful as it was to be completely subdued by a lady’s unmentionables while she used my face for pleasure, I also became greatly aroused and learnt quickly how to use my tongue to elicit loud moans of appreciation as I lay beneath with my face buried in her sex. “Orrr orrrr yess yess!” she shouted bucking her hips with increasing passion while covering my face with a slimly secretion. “You see it is not only the male of the species that can have an orgasm without intercourse” she instructed as she sat back upon my chest, satisfaction achieved.

4th June 1897
I knew something was wrong when I entered Mistress Regina’s quarters. Instead of the scandalously scanty attire she used for exercise, she wore that strange white satin wrap-around top with the long black divided skirt which was her normal business attire. Instead of the welcoming smile I had become to know in the privacy of her room, her small mouth was tight and the glare from her small grey eyes through her spectacles was cold and fierce. “Come here James. Stand before” her voice had no traces of warmth. “Is anything the matter…woah!” barely had I spoken when the fearsome old lady seized my hand, turned fully around while slipping her other arm around my waist. Leaning she pulled me forward only to come up against her leg which quickly kicked back, lifting my right leg high behind me causing me to trip. I felt my groin ride over her broad hip as I pivoted over it, once again reminded that a woman was throwing me against my wishes. BLAM! “Ouch!” I cried as my back slammed against the cold hard concrete floor. Stunned I looked up into the face of a fierce looking stern authoritative woman glaring down at me at her feet. “I did not give you leave to speak” she told me harshly. I knew better than to argue. “Sorry Mistress” I mumbled trying to sound humble. “Now get to your feet and do not speak unless I ask you a question” Wondering about this turn in my private relationship with her, I did as she asked.

For several seconds she just glared at me before speaking. “You had a visitor wishing to see you today” That surprised me. “As you know the younger men are not permitted to receive visitors. So he was turned away” She stepped forwards and ran a finger along the top of my shirt. “Do you know who he was, boy?” she looked right into my eyes and it sent shivers down my spine. “No, Maam” I answered. “He says his name was a Mister Steven Johnston” I felt a bottomless pit open up in the base of my stomach. Why was Stinky Johnson visiting me?, did he have news from the Chief? Were they concerned that I had been unable to communicate my progress with them? She studied my eyes looking for a reaction. “I see that you recognise the name. What relation is he to you?” Oh damnation! I had to think quick “An uncle, Maam. No doubt concerned with my welfare” I replied. Suddenly she seized my right wrist and with a non-nonchalant flick of the wrist sent my body whipping over to the side in an incredibly fast circle with just one arm, landing heavily on the top of my back. BLAM! “Ouch!” I lay stunned and short of breath on floor bewildered as to why she had attacked me and more than a little afraid of her almost magical fighting skills.

“I am reliably informed that Mister Johnson is some sort of undercover Policeman and he bears no resemblance to yourself. I do not like liars, James. Liars must be punished” “Please let me exaaargh!” I squealed as she bent back my wrist and arm upon itself as she knelt by my side forcing me to kneel next to her. “Argh!” the room spun around me at nauseating speed as I was whipped from my knees with a sudden jerk of my seized arm, flipped right over in a blinding forward roll. BLAM! “Argh!” no sooner had my back crashed against the floor than she bent my wrist and arm once more and with a blinding blur of motion whipped my body back in the opposite direction. BERLAM! “Argh! Woah!” in horror she flipped me again this time sending me across the front of her body from right to left. BERLAM! “Argh!” this time she bent back my arm and forced me to my knees with my back to her.

“Urkkk! I croaked as the Mistress’s right arm came over my right shoulder from behind and folded her brawny forearm tight across the front of my throat. “Urkkk!” I felt her other hand press upon the back of my head pressing my throat tight against her forearm. “Urkkk!” she jerked back my head in stranglehold of such intensity that I felt the blood drain from my face. “You see the futility of lying to me, James” she chuckled cruelly as she pressed my windpipe against her hard muscular forearm. “Urhhhk!” my face heated up rapidly and turn red as she choked off my breath. Quickly I raised my hands to loosen her arm but I found that she had locked off her right arm beneath the left. With rising alarm I felt certain that she intended to choke me to death, I tugged and pulled at her arms but the hold around my throat was deadly tight with no give whatsoever. Her strong muscular forearm was so tight around my throat that it was truly embedded within it collapsing my windpipe flat. To my horror I began to choke and cough and moan uncontrollably locked up in this dominant old woman’s strong arms. I started to panic through the loss of air, I slapped against the thick solid arms swelling and tight around my neck. She chuckled close to my ear. “Oh I do enjoy your pathetic attempts to get free, wasting all your energy speeding your journey to the inevitable”. I could even feel her large biceps digging into the side of my neck speeding up my doom. That this was a woman and an elderly at that one taking my life in such a physically strong way made my manhood rise to full mast.

“I could take your life like this, James. What good will your lies do you then?” Her voice was close to my ear as to my horror she increased the pressure even more while she stood up behind me. Standing above me she leant heavily upon the back of my neck pressing my neck unbelievably tight. “Victorian men are so arrogant and conceited in their presumed superiority but it is women who are the truly the stronger sex” she lectured as my eyes swooned and lost focus. “Grkkk!” I wanted to beg for her to allow me air but I could not speak. “Look at the state of you. All that blood stuck in your head with nowhere to go, making you look so funny with your face so red and ugly. I enjoy increasing the pressure until the arrogant lying male becomes totally out of breathe and power and faints”. Her arms tightened even tighter than I thought imaginable, so much so that it felt like she would pop my head right off my neck. Urrr urrrr help me urrr my head began to swoon and a strangle muffled buzzing sounded in my ears. I felt insanely weak unable to keep my eyelids open. My hands dropped from her strong arms to my side as my head began to spin uuurrrrr the blackness was taking me urrrrr.

“Muh!” I came around with a start, relieved to discover that I was not dead. “That was called a sleeper choke hold. A simple but effective technique by which a woman can render a man unconscious”. The Mistress’s voice made me sit up and look up where I found her standing over me with her large endowment thrusting like a shelf above me. She glared down with an impatient look. “You were only out for a few moments but if you do not tell me the truth of the matter to my satisfaction, the next time will be for much longer during which you may suffer side-effects of brain-damage or worst”. I told her everything, leaving no detail unsaid. Yes I was scared of what this fierce old disciplinarian could do to me with her ferocious unarmed combat skills but I no longer wanted to maintain the deceit. I was in love with her and wanted to serve her, she was my Mistress and I worshipped her and wanted to be with her forever. I told her so adding whatever words I thought could convince her of my sincerity. Her emotionless expression made it impossible to gauge whether she believed me. Again I told her that I truly loved her, that no other came close to compare for she excited me so much in ways that I had never previously realised. I wanted to be with her as a loving companion if not partner. If she would no longer throw around policemen, other than myself in the privacy of her room of course, I was certainly that I could persuade the Chief that the case was closed and there would be no further investigation of herself of daughter. This I would do willingly for I am deeply in love with this stern disciplinarian who more resembled a grandmother to me than a wife. Yes, I know it sounded like emotional twaddle but it was God’s honest truth. I finished my oratory and she simple stared at me through her spectacles with her hawk like eyes.

Without saying a word, Mistress Regina went over to the strange riding table and laid herself down upon it then opened her legs wide. “Come here and prove your love” Her skirt divides to reveal her thick stockings. Once again the old lady shocks me when I see that she is not wearing knickers. But I cannot bring myself to avert my eyes. Instead the sight of the mighty grey-haired woman in such a wanton position makes my shaft stiffen for the powerful muscular body beneath her clothing and the pleasures that had given me. I remove my trousers and pants as my manhood rises to the occasion. Approaching the end of the table where her feet were, I gasped “Oh Mistress, I love you”. I knelt on the end of the table and leant over to kiss her before I entered her. Thick strong soft-stockinged thighs crept up my body as I kissed her. “Oh I love you Mistress” I enjoyed the feel of her thick thighs encircling my waist like sexy serpents. It was so scandalously exciting I kissed her lips more. Then they became muscular and began to squeeze hard. “No Mistress Noooarghhh!” I gasped as she spread out her arms on the table and pressed down as she raised her hips while squeezing with indescribable power that cut in deep on both sides of my body pulling me tighter than I ever imagined possible arghhh!. She just lay on her back and watches me with those cold grey eyes as I suffered. In desperation I tried to push her legs apart. My hands encountered large muscular shapes like steel-clad airships lining her upper legs bulging with frightening power. They had entrapped me, constricting my sides like a vice, pinching my waist like a steel corset getting tighter and tighter. My body shakes as the powerful legs squeeze so hard that they force the very air from my body. I groan and gasp as a hot burning flares in my waist as it constricts so painfully. “Arghh please no Mistress!” I cry out as even more pressure is exerted by her legs. Sheering pain slices through my guts and rises into my chest. I had never experienced such a raw muscular power chewing at my sides writhing like a sea monster with wave after wave of agonising muscular flexing. Oh God she is going to crush me to death. “I did warn you that you did not want to get between my legs” she chuckled cruelly.

Argh! I am shocked by how thick and rugged her thighs have become beneath my hands. They feel as solid as iron columns arghhh trying to me in two. My puny body is insignificant between their powerful musculature. With such awesome bulging power in her thighs that I feel weak, I find myself rising as her legs bodily lift me above her. With my hands upon her enormously hard swollen slabs of thighs I strain desperate for breath, for life yet her all-enveloping strength holds me fast. The humiliation of being physically out-muscled by an elderly lady fuels my arousal harder and harder. I am gasping for breath yet so turned on that I stretch down and passionately kiss her mouth, telling her with what little breath I have left how much I love her and need her and want to worship her. Arghh I never could have imagined such incredible power from a woman’s legs, yet it is an undeniably feminine power and my man-rod is absolutely rigid.

“That will do nicely, James” she tells me as her hand grasps my shaft gently and lowering my knees back to the bed, she eases off the terrible crushing power for a moment. “Ohhhhh!” I moan as she plunges me inside her. Easing off the dreadful pressure just enough so I could barely breathe, I found myself so worked up in desire that I began thrusting my pelvis back and forth as constrained as I was in demented lust. “Ohh ohhhh yes do it James do it to me” she moaned. Her strong legs locked around my waist controlled the rhythm of my thrusting as if I were no longer in control of my own body. “Ohhh James if you break my heart I swear I will break your body between my thighs Ohhhhh” she moaned and groaned aloud with increasing rapidity making me more and more aroused. Such overwhelming female power was highly erotic that I was eager to pleasure the old woman. Soon our rutting got faster and more vigorous. “Ohh ohhh ohhh ohhh ohh James fuck me oohhhhh” her demented grunts and obscene cries got louder as they got faster and faster while her panting increased. I was giving her a really good rogering thrusting my hips back and forth as fast and hard as I could given my waist was clamped between her big strong thighs that were dictating the pace. “Arghhh!” I groan loudly as a sudden wave of insane pressure squeezes my waist tightly for a moment. “Ohhhhhh James it’s cumming ohhhhhh!” the crush stops and her thighs pump my waist with insane speed causing my engorged manhood to slide back and forth in her channel at a frantic rate. “Faster faster you bastard fuck me faster” her obscenities shock me yet I feel the pressure in my swollen rod and sack build to bursting point and have the need to thrust all the faster for release. Sudden the world erupts in sheer pain as her muscular thighs clamp down with exceptional force that I cannot even scream in agony for she is squeezing so insanely hard she has stolen my breath while she screams and rocks dementedly like a mad person. “Ohhh ohhhh arrr ohhhh ohhhh arrrrg” Despite all the madness and cutting pain, my manhood unloads it’s built-up payload in strong bursts right inside my Mistress’s womanly parts. Nnnnghh nnnnghhh nnghhh nnghhhh I can only voice the grateful lustful relief in my mind. Thankfully the dreadful pressure eases as the Mistress’s lust abates and she releases me.

I collapsed exhausted and hurting greatly around the middle to the old woman’s side. She takes me in her strong arms and holds me close. “Loving me is a dangerous occupation” she says gently while stroking my cheek. “I cannot hold you to servitude if you do not want to risk it”. “Please Mistress, please. I would willingly face being crushed helpless between your thighs if that means I could be with you, loving you for evermore” I told her in earnest. She chuckled softly “You are indeed a treasure to lighten my world. For too long I have been without love” and she kissed me gently. “Now rest for I believe you have re-awoken my sexual appetite and that was just the starter” she chuckled and kissed me again while cuddling me.

There you have it, Mister Priest. How ironic that your mother’s maiden name was the same as that of the companion of my Great-Grandmother. I wonder whether you two gentlemen are related? You certainly share a common interest in strong fighting women. Do keep in touch.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Georgina Armstrong

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