The Perils of Kidnapping Schoolgirls (JIMP#59)

Religious fanatics are broken then destroyed by a group of deadly schoolgirls.

My take on what really happened when bad men use religion as an excuse to kidnap schoolgirls in Africa.
(c)Jim P 2014

My name is….why should I tell you my name? Let’s just say it’s Smith…Yes, John Smith. I live in North-Eastern Nigeria and I have found God. I am a believer in the one true God and anyone who is not a believer must die. That’s one of the bits I like best. Thou will not kill, unless it is an unbeliever which doesn’t count. I especially like killing the Western pigs who come to our country and spread their vile Christian disease and their poisonous education that corrupts the minds of the young. That is why I am a member of Boko Haram. That means “Western education is forbidden”. They give me a gun and plenty of ammunition and in return I lead a band of faith brothers in a crusade attacking numerous educational institutions across northern Nigeria. We slaughter the teachers and liberate the schoolgirls. I like schoolgirls, we bring them back with us and show them their true position in life under God’s righteous plan, usually with my dick inside them heh, heh, heh. The good looking ones, we make our wives. I have 6 already. The rest we sell as slaves and believe me we get a handsome price for them. It is only right because God instructed me to sell them for they are his properties and I will carry out his instructions.

We had heard about a school located in an isolated remote region miles from the nearest village. Nobody knew anything about it, other than it was there and occasionally Nuns would been seen in the markets buying food. Nuns! My mouth salivated at the thought of slowly torturing those foul female witches and maybe having a little fun with them before killing them, but only if they are good looking or have big tits preferably both. Maybe I bring them home for the whole family to watch, I think they would like that. So around 50 of us made the long hot drive along dusty sun-baked roads to the village closest to where this school was said to be. The villagers told us that hey see two maybe three nuns in the marketplace once or twice a month, always with a group of schoolgirls to carry the purchases back to the school. “No boys?” I asked. Not that they have ever seen they informed me. Suits me all the more, God has no place for schoolboys in his plans, so he tells me. The villagers were kind enough to tell us the route to the school after I made a few of them see God’s holy light at the end of my fully automatic – heh, heh. Nothing gets results like a hole to the heads of your wife and children kneeling before you pleading for you tearfully to tell them what they want to know, heh, heh. I blow their brains out anyway and then you, heh, heh.

We followed the route but after a couple of miles it became too rocky and we had to abandon the trucks and proceed on foot. After a few more miles of walking the land around us showed clear signs of cultivation. As we went further on there was even livestock being farmed. “We should kill their goats now” Osifo my second in command urged “Teach these cross-suckers a lesson”. “Not now. That may alert them of our presence. We will do it on the way back. We will make these nuns watch before we slit their own throats”. The men laughed in agreement. That was how you treated mind-poisoners. Approaching through a wooded grove of fruit trees, we got our first sight of the building. This was no small rural school but a complex of two story building contained within a walled compound and occupying a very large area upon the ground. “What if there are guards?” whispered Jameel. “It is a school. Run by nuns. There will be no guards” I scolded him in exasperation. “What sort of school is this. I have never seen anything like this” he persisted. I thought about sending him to God, but I had lost too many men and wasted too much good bullets that way. “It is like an English boarding school. See that building there to the left that looks like dormitories, where the girls live” I explained seeing his confusion. “They kidnap good decent God fearing Nigerian girls from their families, keep them here in captivity and force their vile poison into their minds”.

We pressed on closer until we came to a tall iron gate set in the tall stone compound wall. Over this entrance was a heathen idol, the likes I had never seen before. It was of a well-endowed foreign goddess with too many arms and legs for my liking bearing weapons dancing in a ring of fire. The others looked at me, the question plain on their faces. “Not Christians then, shame but God instructs us to kill all non-believers and idolitors. They poison the minds of our girls with their foul teaching”. As the complex was quite large and contained several buildings, I split up the men so that we could surround it and cover all entrances so that none escaped. “Remember round up the girls, the Nuns too. Kill any boys and men” I instructed them. “But leave some to pull down that foul idol before killing them in front of the Nuns” they all grinned with wide smiles at that. I knew that they would leave none alive.

I led Jameel and Ubong through the main entrance into a courtyard full of trees that served no purpose other than decoration. Just as I opened my mouth to disclaim this waste as a sin to God, I heard a strange creaking stretching sort of noise then WOOSH. “Argh!” Jameel drops his rifle to the ground screaming. As I open my mouth to scold him I see to my horror an arrow sticking out of his hand. Raising my rifle and quickly scanning the area, I spot a young girl step out from behind a tree. She is in her mid to late teens and pointing a long bow which looks much to large for her, loaded with an arrow aimed right at me. “Throw down your weapons. No outsider may enter with them” she spoke clearly with great confidence with sonorous tones. I was stunned, being caught out by a mere schoolgirl was humiliating and outrageous. Her smouldering good looks strike me like a thunderbolt. With slender brown eyes fixed on me like an eagle and her mouth set tight, she was a young beautiful innocent yet she pointed that thing like she knew what she was doing. She wore a white cotton short-sleeved shirt stretched tight over some very full nice slopes indeed. The top button was done up at base of her slender neck around which is a neat maroon tie. The shirt was tied off beneath her developing bust to expose a flat hard-looking mid-riff. From her slim waist is a maroon coloured pleated skirt, which is so tiny that all of her long legs are on show. On her feet are sandals with white socks that rise mid-calf. She is not that tall, maybe 5 foot 6 at most but slim which makes her legs look long. She gives me a stare of utter confidence in her abilities with her slender eyes above a flattish nose with wide nostrils and thick red lips. Her long black hair hair is worn high off the forehead and braided as is the rule for most schools in Nigeria. Her beautiful sultry features make my dick stir, I will take her as another wife.

“You are just a schoolgirl, you should not be playing with that. You will get hurt. Put it down” I told her. She did not reply but pointed the taut bow purposefully towards me. “There are two of us with rifles and only one of you with a bow and arrow. Throw down your weapon like a good girl”. A creaking noise from the left makes me glance over to see another girl similarly dressed pulling an arrow back in a bow causing her blouse to stretch tightly over an ample looking chest. She is of similar age and very beautiful with wide thick lashed eyes that stare at me over a long flared nose in an appealing fashion. If all of the girls look like these then we can sell these at enormous value and keep the best to ourselves. “You are just girls, God gave man lord-ship over all animals, women too. He said women must obey men. If you do not obey me then you disobey the word of God. Put down your bows and arrows”. Neither girl replied and continued to fix us with their steely gaze and unwavering aim. I spluttered in outrage as I put down my rifle and indicated for Ubong to do the same. “This is what you get from having a foreign education. Disrespect for men and God’s will” I scolded them but they did not reply.

I watched as the second girl darted in to take our rifles giving me a chance to observe her close up. She was indeed a beautiful young thing with clear complexion and flawless Nigerian features. Her skin shone a deep brown and was taut and healthy. Yes she will fetch a good price. I also noticed with disgust her large thick muscular calve heads swelling above her white socks. Her long thighs too seem athletic with a strong sweep to her outer thighs. This will not do at all, once she is working cleaning and looking after a man that will disappear. Girls should not be doing athletic things and ambushing God’s own ambassadors with bows and arrows. It annoyed me how easily they had forced us to lose our guns. It goes against God’s will. During this time, the first girl covered us with her tightly drawn bow. The steadiness of her arms and eagle-fast gaze made me certain that she knew what she was doing. I noticed her well-developed shoulder caps that stretched her short-sleeves greatly forcing it to cling over hard bowls at the top of her arm as it held back the draw string. The middle of her upper arm which held back the arrow bulged forwards in a smooth shaped dense mound with the hint of a vein running vertically along it that unsettled me. Her forearm too, looked strongly shaped and sturdy as it kept the drawstring pulled tight. I felt outrage that these foreigners have been polluting our girls with their notions of exercise making girls look more like boys. The girl relaxed the drawstring and gave the weapon to the second girl who disappeared into the trees with that and our rifles.

A solitary little schoolgirl walked towards the three of us. My eyes lingered with growing lust over her long slender legs, although they were adorned with firm looking thighs and muscular calves. “Man up!” I hissed to Jameel as he made a fuss over the arrow stuck through his hand. I thought she had rather a boyish trunk but her bust line was undoubtedly feminine and a pleasure to watch as was her beautiful face. It was so cute the way that her school-blouse was tied off in a bow just below her swelling breasts showing off a very taut flat stomach. But as I watched, I had to suppress a gasp as two vertical columns emerged in the centre of her belly each cut deeply with hard blocks that glowed in the light of the sun. My eyes were glued to them in a disturbing fascination, unable to resist counting them. There were 2-4-6 sort of square blocks aligned in two columns above the belly button with a deep groove between. They sank back into the smoothness of her stomach although the two raised columns were now quite noticeable in the centre of her belly. They rose again as she breathed in quite a sinuous sensual motion turning the young girl’s firm belly into a thick furrowed wall of muscle. In a strange way they reminded me of an oversized bar of chocolate except this was a warm living moving sensual feast for the eyes. What sort of disgusting exercise do they make these girls do here?

“I am Adamma” She was indeed a beautiful girl. “I am head girl. You will follow me” she ordered with such arrogance that I had to bite my tongue before I offended her. I had indicated to Ubong that we should take the girl now that she was unarmed. Without her bow and arrows she was just a normal schoolgirl and I had no concern about overpowering her, tying her up and leaving her here until we finished searching the compound for her friends. Unfortunately Jameel had plans of vengeance of his own and had drawn his trouser-sword. Why do you think that is funny? that is the sword which we keep down the back of our trousers with an 18 inch blade. “Arrrrghhhhh!” he was running at her screaming his battle cry with his sword raised. “No Jameel No!” I shouted but he did not listen. However the little schoolgirl showed no fear and calmly faced the onrushing man with a thrilling look of cold disdain as though he was nothing to fear. I was afraid that he was going to slice her head in two and lose us good money at the sales.

He was just about to bring the sword slicing down upon her calm pretty head when the hem of her very short skirt flicked up, the pleats opening like a fan. “Ki-aaah!” she shouts leaning away from him as a long sexy shiny brown-skinned leg shot out in a blur of motion too fast to see. CRUMP! “Orrrrraghhh!” he wailed in anguish as the sole of her sandal crashed into his balls with a loud solid thump. His body jack-knifed around her foot, his face snapping forwards with his mouth wide open in a horrible grimace. As his face came down, her knee shot up.”Yah!” KERRUNCH! “Aaaaaaargh!” he screamed painfully as he snapped back up straight with his jaw flapping obviously dislocated. I watched in stunned disbelief as this little girl in a skimpy school uniform ripped the sword right out of his hand. “Aiiiiiiieee!” she shouted then spun right around on one leg really fast, the pleats of her short skirt fanning out like a tutu as her long strong leg lifted high into the air. BLAM! The sole of her sandal connected with his face which such shocking power that it flew right back over his shoulders trailing a thick spray of blood from his mouth as he fell backwards real fast to the ground. I was shocked. A mere schoolgirl had destroyed one of my best within a matter of seconds. Yet my dick lurched strongly at the sight of the young girl in her short sleeved pristine white blouse, tie, short skirt and socks standing and swinging a sword about her head at really fast speed like she was an expert while one my men lay bloody and laid out cold on the grass at her feet.

Ubong was gaping in disbelief as the sword became a blur of deadly steel around the girl’s head moving from one side to the other as she changed hands without stopping, all the while staring at us. “She’s a demon. An Amazon come back to life to kill us” he wailed nervously. “Man up” I snapped “Or I’ll kill you myself. You disgrace me, you disgrace God” I withdrew my own trouser sword. “She’s just a girl. A sexy young girl who needs to be broken in once we disarm her. Together” I tell him. “But don’t harm her. One as feisty as her will be worth a lot of money”. “Put down the sword little girl before you hurt yourself” I call but she will not obey. We attack together trying to disarm her but the girl is very fast and very skilled for one so young. She effortlessly parries both of us at the same time, locking up our steel. I am shocked by just how skilled she is, holding off two grown men who are experienced fighters. Fighting her at close range, I am sickened to see her thick arms ripple with unsightly muscle, veins and tendons as she wields the swords like a true Amazon. Then to my horror she disarms Ubong, taking his sword while locking my blade. “Hai!” she shouts suddenly. Her short pleated hem flicks up and a sexy strong leg drives her foot right into his belly. WHUMP! “Arrrrghh!” he groans as her sandal sinks right into his gut. Not that he was fat, he was lean and strong like the rest of us yet that foot seemed to go right in causing him to crease over in sheer agony. Her foot quickly withdrew and kicked up again in a blur “Yah!” BLAM! His head snapped back as her toe caught him square of the chin so hard that I heard his teeth clunk together. I didn’t have time to watch him slam into the ground upon his back because I had a sexy wild schoolgirl yielding a sword in each hand coming at me in non-stop fury.

Her brown eyes showing a steely determination and confidence instead of fear, She comes at me, always on the attack keeping me always on the defensive to my annoyance. The abdominal muscles in her stomach are phenomenal for such a young girl, so prominent and deeply cut like a chiselled stone wall. They are a fatal distraction between the bottom of her tied blouse and waist band of her short skirt. I try to fight back but cannot for she is constantly attacking with both swords. She maintains an arrogant sneer of superiority mocking me. With a satisfied sneer, she locks up my sword and disarms me with a quick circular movement then steps forward. Her body presses close to mine and for a moment I thought that she was going to kiss me. Then I felt her foot hook around the back of my leg and trip me up. BAM! From my shameful position on the ground I look up along her long legs and see that they are strong but very shapely and appealing. “Fight me like a man if you want to fight me, do not hide behind your weapons” her voice is sonorous and sexy as she looks down at me with a sneer of superiority. My eyes rise pass that skimpy skirt to her firm belly with her skin pulled taut over the rocky shapes beneath. I can’t help watching those two deeply etched columns of muscled blocks in her belly as they rise and fall with her breath covered in a fine sheen of perspiration that makes them shine. My cock goes rock hard at the sight and I want her immediately. “I will take you as my wife right now” I tell her and try to rise but she places a sandal on my chest with the little white socks before my vision. A strong hard slab of muscle in her thighs briefly swell up as a powerful force pushes my back against the ground. The girl’s strength excites me as much as it shocks me. “No-one is taking anyone” she remarks then falls upon me to sit astride my chest. Her lovely bare thighs slide either side of my face as she moves forward to sit high upon my chest. Her folded legs pin my upper arms beneath cute white socks so that they cannot move. I can smell her freshness, her youth, her sex. “You are my prisoner” she tells me. Her tiny pleated skirt is raised taut between her open thighs and I can see a triangle of white cotton at her crotch which makes my dick throb. It is so tightly moulded to her slot yet out of reach it drives me wild with sheer lust – ohhhhhh so hottt. “Oh I want to get into your crotch so bad, you sexy schoolgirl” I moan but instead of letting me she crosses the swords over my neck, pressing the blades so tight against my skin that I am scared to breathe. Above me her six pack are so deeply cut they are like hand-holds up a sheer wall, how can such a young girl have such a well-developed stomach?

CRACK! Dropping the sword, her open right palm slaps me hard across my cheek leaving it stinging and slamming my whole face hard to the right, blurring my eyes with the motion. “How dare you. Have you no respect for women?” Her deep sexy voice goes straight to my hard cock. “God gaveuuuurkkkk!” My words are choked off by her right hand clamping around my throat with her slender fingers digging in deep. “Gurkkk!” I am shocked by just how strong a girl’s fingers can be. They are like fingers of steel clutching into my neck and seizing my windpipe. “Kkkkkk” I can only make a horrid croaking sound. “You claim you speak for God but you are a pathetic weak greedy man” she scolds as my face heats up and I feel my eyes bulging wide. “You are so weak, you would bring weapons to bear against schoolgirls” her voice is mocking, disrespectful. “Kkkkk!” My arms are pinned beneath her luscious bare legs. I tug at them with building frustration, unable to free them. I feel helplessness as my hands can only reach as far as her lovely thighs instead of being able to pull her strong young fingers from my neck. She scoffs at my weakness “the girls here don’t need weapons to kill you or your men. Our bodies are all the weapons we need” At those words, I open my eyes and study her young body. It is certainly very fit and firm, shining with health. Her phenomenal wall of rocky stone in her stomach and her strong looking arms testament to exercise that is forbidden to women. “Urrkkk!” and this is probably the reason. “You should never have brought your men here with such open intent to take us. For none of you will survive to tell what you see here”. Her words are chilling. “Kkkk!” I cannot comprehend it, she is just a schoolgirl, I am a man, a warrior of God. “Kkkk!” she is killing me. My eyes zoom in and out of focus and my head feels woozy. She is just a schoolgirl! It is not possible, yet somehow my defeat at her young hands has my dick pumping hard. “Kkkk kkkkk” I feel myself blacking out approaching God’s realm. My only regret is that I did not kill more Christians and westerners.
Osifo and his men entered the hall of the dormitory building. To see a number of girls dressed in their school uniforms. The girls looked at them showing no fear but had a strange sense of anticipation. They all looked fit, healthy and good looking. All seemed to be in their mid to late teens. Yes they would fetch a good price he thought and he’d take a few as wives. In fact he’d willingly do it with most if not all of them if he could. There sitting on a chair facing him was a teenage girl in a short sleeved white blouse and maroon tie. She has a pretty oval face with her black hair braided. Her legs are bare and of good healthy size, which was good for he hated girls with skinny legs, wearing only short white socks and sandals. One foot is raised onto the edge of seat displaying her splendid legs and raising the hem of her short maroon pleated skirt. His eyes go straight for the triangle of white at her crotch, his balls tighten and his cock begins to stiffen at the sight. A knowing smile is on her thick lips. “I am Abeo and I’ve been waiting for you. I need a man” the girl’s voice and words stiffen his cock further. “Well wait no more” he told her for her name was apt for the tightness of her blouse around her chest and her hot legs told him that that she would bring great joy indeed.

She lowered her foot to the floor then rose from the chair with a saucy smile upon her face. As she stood to her full height, he saw that she was quite small, barely over 5 foot. She may be short but she definitely was not a child. The way her breasts were stretching her white blouse tight of her wide steep fronted contours and her luscious thighs were testament to that causing his dick begin to throb. Putting down his rifle on the chair, he approached her, unzipping his flies, as she adopted a sexy ‘waiting for you’ pose. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his men do the same as they approached the other girls in the room. “Let’s see what sweets I have for you to suck on little girl, heh heh” he said, her sweet chubby face smiled warmly. It was then that he noticed how thick and curvaceous her arms were, almost like she had muscles. He wiped that silly thought from his mind. Standing right before her, he reached down to cup her breasts in his hands. She continued to smile provocatively all the while. “Hai!” her unexpected shout made him jump BLAM! “Narff!” her balled fist suddenly slammed against his stomach like a small hammer. Osifo prided himself on having a strong stomach, able to take a man’s punch but the girl’s unexpected blow was shockingly strong and forced him to grunt as it knocked some of the wind out his belly. “Ha! Ha!” “Nnnn nnagh!” her left and right fists struck one after the after in lightning fast succession causing his stomach to automatically tense as he tried to catch his breath. “Ha! Ha!” her fists were a blur as they struck again. Good solid blows that slammed into his tensed stomach which only made things worse. “Mm…Mooorrr!” he groaned as her fists drilled hard in the same spot as his belly muscles weakened under the onslaught.

He was shocked that a sexy little schoolgirl was slamming her fists so hard into his stomach. “Ha! Ha!” “Mmoor mmoor!” her small fists punching in double blows one on top of the other so rapidly like this was not letting him take a proper breath, steadily weakening him. Trying not to let his body crease forwards, his eyes rested on her arms and saw how tapered and brawny her forearms were and the strong hard bulge of, gulp, biceps! A little girl with muscles! That totally freaked him. Although she was just a girl he tried to react to stop this humiliation in front of his men and the other girls who were openly laughing at the spectacle before them. His fist lashed out towards the girl but hit air as she nimbly ducked beneath his punch and came up very close in front of him. “Hai yah!” she shouted so loudly right into his face he visibly jumped as her right fist slammed into his weakened stomach like a wrecking ball. WHUMP! “B…bbbarllllllagh!” his breath left his body in a long agonising wail, his mouth dropping as his cheeks rose and eyes creased in tears. It felt like her small fist had plunged all the way into his body cavity, right into the pit of his belly, driving out all of his breath in one shocking moment. His body began to crease forwards over his belly as a terrible cramp seized it to the humiliating laughter of the other girls ringing in his ears. He was stunned into disbelief by the powerful punch this little teenage temptress had just delivered. “Nnnnaghh nnnnnah” he tried to force himself to breathe as he folded up before this schoolgirl attacker but his gut was too cramped to obey. He couldn’t believe it. He was helpless and disabled by a mere schoolgirl!

Slowly and deliberately she stood before his crumpled form and folded her forearm and fist towards her face. The forearm was very thick around the base and sloped steeply towards her wrist. More terrifying yet at the same time exciting was the big mound of muscle growing on her upper arm. It was so big for such a little girl, swelling from the confines of her arm like a steel ball expanding and growing beneath her taut brown skin developing with a clearly defined crease along the middle separating the muscle heads. Beneath her arm swelling downwards was the pronounced curve of her, ulp! triceps. Despite his wrecked winded condition, the young girl presented such an image of power that his cock was fully erect and throbbing in his pants. All the while her head was turned to watch her biceps grow and peak then brought the muscular mound towards her lips and proudly kissed it. Her face slowly turned towards me fixing my eyes with a smug superior grin. Her other hand went to the bottom of her blouse and raised it. I felt weak and my cock lurched in my pants at the sight of a well developed washboard stomach. Oh my God what are they teaching these girls? Her other hand stopped flexing her biceps and moved across to run over that hard bumpy grid on her belly. She didn’t say a word, her smirk said it all – go on, punch my stomach and break your hand on it’s sensually flowing hardness.

Movement out of the corner of his eye and he saw with a sense of humiliation that his men were coming to his aid. Coming to save him from a mere schoolgirl who was busting his gut. Oh the shame! All of a sudden the scene turned into a nightmare. They found themselves confronted by all the other schoolgirls in the room. A strange sight, all these big tough men faced with young girls in very short pleated skirts and socks. Then the whole room erupted into unbelievable violence as these little girls went wild.

One girl dropped into a full splits before the legs of one man, her legs in perfect alignment either side of her torso with her pleated skirt fanned out protecting her modesty. “Hai!” she shouted as her small fist darted forwards in a blur, straight into his balls. WHUMP! there was a loud solid noise of a very hard impact against a human body. “Arghhhh!” the man wailed as her fist drove his testicles right up inside their sack until they met the underside of his torso. His face showed pure anguish as his body automatically began to fold around his damaged groin. Like a skilled gymnast, the girl threw herself backwards from a full-splits position into a perfect steady handstand. Elevated upon steady arms she brought her legs together upwards in the vertical position way above her head then sprang perfectly to a stand before the agonised man. Even disabled and sinking by her cruel blow, he was still much taller and bigger than she was, she showed no fear as she stood before him with her cute pleated skirt hanging down around the top of her firm bare thighs. She raised both hands level with her chest, held open-palmed like knife blades. “Aww does that hurt?” she teased “This will take your mind off it”. “Ha Ha Ha Ha YAH!” her hands were a blur as they sped all over his body delivering lightning-fast chops which jerked violently as if receiving powerful electric shocks. The left side of his waist, the floating ribs on the right side of his chest, the solar plexus, the right collar bone all struck within less than a second. For the final blow the little African girl swiftly stepped to his side facing the same direction and brought the edge of her open palmed hand swung the edge of her open hand like an axe chopping a tree trunk right across his throat with a terrible sound. THROCKK! “Kkkk!”. A horrible hollow sort of clicking sound then he clutching his neck as he slumped to his knees with his mouth open trying to breathe.

Another man was stunned to find a tall willowy sultry eyed beauty in an ever so tiny skirt and long slim legs blasting him with a non-stop barrage of rapid kicks so strong that they stung his body. “Ha ha ha ha ha!” her kicks were lightning fast and strong striking his body so quickly that he couldn’t protect himself. The girl’s long legs were fast, flexible and with incredible reach. His head was kicked around like a football dazing him as her foot clubbed him from one side then less than a second later clubbing him on the other and then back again. Although her kicks were incredibly fast, they were also very strong leaving a trail of bruises wherever they struck. The brief view down the length of her raised leg as swung around to bash his head with the tiny skirt raised to reveal tight white knickers at her crotch was not compensation enough. “Ha ha ha ha ha!” Her sharp stinging kicks were non-stop, the cumulative effect on his head mind-numbing. He could feel the terrible vibrations of the punishing kicks throughout his body. He raised his arms to protect his head only for a brutal barrage of kicks slamming into his chest and gut leaving him short of breath and his ribs aching. The young girl’s pleated skirt bobbed up and down constantly as her long legs hammered her foot against his chest with devastating precision and no lack of energy. Trying to turn away from the tall girl earned him a powerful kick to his lower back that nearly put his spine out. “Hai!” “Arghh!” he cried out in pain. Only to be silenced as the pleated skirt flared out in a circle around her waist revealing her high cut knickers as she spun backwards, her long leg hammering the sole of her foot into the side of his jaw. “Heeyah!” BLAM! His face whipped savagely from one side to the other with such dreadful force that he lost balance and crashed to the floor. His head spinning he just lay there on hands and knees wondering what had hit him. “Haaaiiii Yahhhh!” the leggy girl’s foot flew up in a kick that reached the height of her waist connecting with the man’s jaw upon the way with such power that sent his body hurtling over 6 foot away across the concrete floor of the hall spraying a bloody trail while her foot continued to soar unabated. BERLAM! BAM! His body slammed violently into the floor and went limp.

Another man laughed when found himself confronted by a serious faced young Nigerian girl much smaller than himself, looking cute in her school uniform with her legs askance and slightly bent and her arms likewise open as if she were going to grapple with him. What was she? 4 foot 8 if that to his 6 foot 5 – what a joke! It was something quite absurd. She was a tiny thing while he was a big heavy well-fed man with a bulging belly and thick arms and legs to prove it. She had a good looking body, nice firm arms and legs with a firm stomach shown off by her shirt tied off below the bust with hints of hardness that were quite sexy. “Don’t even think about it little girl” he warned with a chuckle “Drop your knickers and let me give you a good seeing to and I’ll see that you are alright”. As her hands reached up towards the front of his shirt, he noticed fine lines like veins running along the front of her upper arms. The next thing he knew was her foot coming up into his gut and her falling backwards pulling him down as well. He was going to crush her with his immense size but as her back hit the floor, he found himself being lifted by that tiny foot in his belly as her small slim leg straightened. In an instant he was rising up over her, his head heading for the floor as his feet flipped over high above him in the air as his immense body described an arc before slamming his back against the floor. BLAM! the floor shook as his immense weight slammed into it, knocking some of the wind out of his large frame. Oh crap! He thought with a sinking feeling. Oh God! the girl knows judo and if she could throw his massive weight then she was good at it, too good.

By the time he had got to his feet the tiny little judo girl was there, grabbing his right wrist with one hand and the front of his shirt with the other. Quickly turning around in front of him, she pulled the front of his body tight against her back then bent so sharply forwards pulling his arm and shirt with her that he felt her small tight backside press into his groin as he was forced to lean over her bowed figure. The brief contact was so electric that his dick went solid in an instant. The next his feet left the floor as he hurtled over her bent form with breath-taking speed, his eyes blurring as his head plunged downwards with his legs flipping over above him. KERBLAM! In less than a heartbeat his back slammed once more into the floor knocking his breath from him with such dizzying speed that he almost blacked out. She had held onto his wrist and cruelly bent his hand backwards to force him in humiliation to his feet over and over again only to slam him all over again. The feeling at being on the receiving end of a tiny schoolgirl in a white blouse and short pleated skirt and socks throwing around a much larger man was humiliating yet had his dick throbbing in his pants with her shocking power. BLAM! She rolled him over her hip with blinding speed. BLAM! She kicked away his foot and slammed him backwards into the floor. KABLAM! Over and over again she slammed with a variety of throws with devastating speed that left him dazed. A little girl in a cute pleated skirt, bare legs and short socks throwing him around as if he were a rag doll. BLAM! He knew that he was in the presence of a very young mistress of the martial arts and far in excess of his fighting abilities to cope with. KABLAM! She was slamming him around with gay abandon and there was nothing that he could about it, he was completely helpless against the fighting power of this small cute girl.

KABLAM! A punishing shoulder throw hammered him into the ground once more but this time the girl came down with him. Rolling off to his side she pulled his left arm between her lovely bare legs and over her crotch. His face was trapped behind the crook of her smooth but firm leg “Arghh!” he cried as the back of his elbow was stretched over her young mound as she lay herself out on her back pressing down the backs of her slim yet firm shapely calves against the side of his jaw. “Oh I thought you were going to give me a good seeing to, you bad man?” she teased as he writhed in agony, every movement sending shards of white hot pain through his arm as she stressed it constantly. “Argh!” he yelped as she punished his arm while her white socks pressed against his jaw a constant reminder of her age. “Instead I am giving you a real good seeing to with my Judo. I could break your arm in three places with my pussy” With that she pulled herself up onto her shoulders, leveraging his back over her crotch. “Aghh aghhh please no!” he cried as he felt her crotch press hard against his elbow pushing it to breaking point. “Arghh no no!” he wept as his elbow felt like it would explode and the bones in his arm break. “How’s that for pussy power mister?” she chuckled. Her words just made his cock soar raising a tent in the front of his trousers. Here he was a big tough man flat on his back with his arm pulled out to one side by a tiny schoolgirl whose tiny pleated skirt splayed out close to his face as her lovely bare legs draped over his jaw and upper chest.

“Argh!” her legs were like a mahogany clamp over his jaw, lovely and feminine, her pleated skirt and white socks a constant reminder of her age. With his free hand he felt the leg over his jaw, excited to feel how soft and smooth her young skin was yet just beneath the surface was a steely hardness. He was helplessly in her power, any movement he made to escape was rewarded by her pulling back his arm over her crotch while her backside did a little dance from side to side. “Argh argh arghhh!” he screamed imagining he could feel the bones grinding and bending in their sockets. He was weeping in agony, completely dominated by this little girl’s superior Judo. He looked out of one eye along the slim leg of his captor to the pleated skirt, his cock becoming so hard that it was painfully pressing on the inside of his trousers. Goddess, this girl was a complete and utter fighting goddess.

All this happened around Osifo in a matter of seconds. “Haiiaaaaaah!” he jumped in shock as the girl drove her fist clean through the seat of the wooden chair that he had swept up from the floor and had used as a shield to protect his sore aching belly from any more of the little girls’ devastating punches. It had been a good sturdy chair with the seat thick and solidly attached except she had just turned it into firewood with a single punch. The unnatural power of this demon child frightened him but before he could even think further “Aeeeeeyah!” BLAM! A blur arcing towards him then pain as her small fist hammered the side of his jaw whipping his face around so hard that it cricked his neck. Her fists driven by her fearsome muscular power left his face aching right down to the bone. “Yahh!” she yelled CRUNCH! Her right fist came out of nowhere from below pile-driving his lower jaw into the upper, clashing his teeth and cutting the inside of his mouth and tongue. His eyes blurred as his face was blasted upwards in a spray of blood. “Hai! Hai!” BAM! BAM! her fists pounded his face with a devastating double action. “Ha! Ha!” they struck again in a lightning fast double of shocking strength that cut his lip and smashed his nose. “Ha! Ha!” as his head bobbed under the impact he caught sight of her tiny pleated skirt and the gorgeous thighs beneath. Oh God she has great legs. “Ha! Ha!” Oh God she can punch so strong. She may be tiny but she had frightening power in her short thick arms that bulged and became brawny the more she punched him. As his eyes regained focus he sees her white blouse tightly stretched over the large horizontally pointing double pyramids of her breasts, he couldn’t help his cock from rising. “Aiiiiyah!” CRACK! The next punch was so powerful that he found himself on the floor with his bloodied and bruised head lolling uselessly and his limbs not working unable to remember how he got there.

All over the compound militants who came to kidnap schoolgirls found that the sweet little teenage girls who looked so cute in short-sleeved blouses, ties, short pleated skirts, sandals and socks uncooperative in the extreme. Rather than good submissive girls, the men were shocked to find themselves on the receiving end of very hard and skilfully placed karate chops that could drop a fully grown man in an instant; Shockingly powerful punches that rocked a man’s body, too many of those left several men laid out cold on the ground with their faces battered and bruised; and devastating kicks from sexy bare legs that battered men around the head until they fell, blasted the air from a man’s lungs or left them weeping over their aching balls. Other men found themselves thrown around with wild abandon by girls much smaller than themselves, girls who relished exerting their superiority in unarmed combat, throwing the men over and over until they could take no more or continuing their humiliation with a wide range of joint locks and submission holds laughing at the shrieks of pain from the captive men. All of the men soon found themselves hopelessly outfought and beaten by the very girls they came to capture.

Those short pleated skirts were a menace to mankind, drawing a man’s attention to the full length of shapely firm young leg below distracting them from the danger. One man who found the sight of one girl’s lovely bare legs highly arousing, grabbed a teenage cutie in a very short skirt around the waist. “You are mine. I claim my bride” he cried triumphantly. The girl did not shout or scream or struggle, she just remained calm in his arms. Her head tilted coyly to one side with a look of bored indifference. “Really?” she remarked, her wide dark brown eyes bored into his soul like lasers while her small thick-lipped mouth open slightly in a teasing smile. “Hai!” he flinched at the unexpected shout then the edge of her right hand, held open with the fingers straight, chopped into the side of his neck WAP! His whole upper body jerked in a spasm releasing the girl. His cock lurched at the unexpected Karate power of a young girl. He stared at the girl in shock not knowing whether to fear her or worship her. Her hand dropped down to the side of the waist of her too-short pleated skirt then “Hai!” Her hand shot upwards between the top of his thighs, the edge delivering a solid crushing chop to his balls. THUD! “Arrrrgh!” he cried as a terrible wave of shock jerked through his body followed by nauseating pain. He looked down at her in her white blouse, buttoned to the neck with the school tie as she stepped close to his body. He flinched as she raised her hand sculpted like a knife blade. No longer was she a desirable cute little school girl but a deadly martial artist whose hands were lethal pain-inflicting weapons of destruction. “Hai!” CRACK! The edge of her hand chopped him below his right ear. His hearing went muffled apart from a high pitched whine while his whole body gave a violent spasm as a blinding wave of energy overloaded his nervous system. His eyes blurred over and his head span as his legs turned to jelly. He reached out for support to stop his fall and found the side of his face resting against the softness of her short skirt. He felt the soft material slip away to be replaced by the exciting feel of her warm smooth bare thighs as he began to slide down her long legs which he tried to cradle all the way down. Wow these were great legs to feel and seemed to go on forever making his dick hard in response.

“You haven’t got what it takes mister” he heard as he felt the soft fibres of her short socks. He tried to look all the back up to her face but could not control his head as it bobbed around unresponsively. He felt a sense of disappointment as her right leg slipped away, rising from his face and hands. Again he tried to focus his wobbling head upwards to the little girl who had dropped him so easily. As his vision started to clear he made out the bottom of her sandal raised above him, lifted with her knee bent and level with her slender waist from which hung the short pleated skirt. He could see right up her skirt to her knickers at her crotch. Phoar! His dick soared to iron stiffness at that sight at the apex of her legs. With growing lust his eyes were glued to the tight white knickers, looking for signs of her young slot imagining what he would do when he got his hands on it. “Hai!” “No!” he cried as the sole of her sandal sped down towards his face at truly terrifying speed. BERLAM! agonising blinding pain lanced through his face then white hot fire sheared through his brain before the welcoming embrace of oblivion took him.

“Hai yah!” “Yah! Yah!” sharp shouts filled the air as did the sounds of fists and feet striking bodies with shocking force. Some of the wiser men decided that whatever cost these schoolgirls would fetch, it wasn’t worth being so shamefully humiliated and beaten up over and that it was time to leave. But everywhere they turned, there were teenage schoolgirls of all shapes and sizes, their tight blouses and tiny skirts with white socks made them seem cute and appealing. Yet they were deceptively quick, nimble and highly skilled fighters that proved too much for any man.

Two men worked together to grab one little girl, pouncing on her from behind, one upon either side. Hooking an arm beneath each of hers they made to walk off with her. The little girl remained calm and showed no fear. She seized the raised hands of their arms by the wrists. “EeeYAH!” she sprang up from the ground with shocking speed and somersaulted backwards in a blur between the arms of her kidnappers. Whipping over the top, upside down between them her wrist locks bent back their arms over their shoulders. As she came down the other side behind them, the momentum and wrist locks bowled them backwards in rapid arcs. The girl landed cleanly on her feet, bending her knees to absorb the impact while the bodies of the two men slammed heavily on their fronts. BERLAM! “Woooragghh!” the high impact knocked the air from their lungs. Standing behind them the little girl grabbed the hair of the man on her right and pulled his head up then yanked it to lean to the right making the tendons in his neck stand out. With a beaming smile showing her pearly-white teeth she raised her hand vertically level with her shoulders, the fingers closed together and palm open. “Yah!” she shouted as her hand flashed down like an axe to chop the side of his neck. The man’s eyes flew open wide as his head jolted back as a spasm hit his
nervous system then he collapsed forwards face down on the floor. “Please no” the other man whimpered as she pulled up his head and leant it to the side. “Hai!” her hand was a blur as it slashed down and did the same to him. A dark damp patch spread out over the front of his trousers as his bladder expressed his fear as he too slumped face first to the ground.

One man seeking an exit from the upper floors of the dormitories came across the sight of a girl with her back to him looking out of a window down at the source of the sounds of defeat below. He should have crept past her and down the stairs feeling the burning shame of a coward, but he was still a man and what he saw was enough to make any red-blooded man stop and stare. For she was medium height, maybe 5 foot 5 with a very slim body. He could only see the side of her face as she looked out of the window but that was enough for him to
know that she was startlingly pretty with a small sleek nose, slender eyes and a slender mouth with typical African lips. Her black braided hair came down to firm looking yet slender shoulders where it met a pristine white blouse. By the patch of bare skin showing of her lower back, he knew that the blouse was tied off beneath her bust as so many of these decadent young girls did. No doubt another example of the Western mind-rot they had been fed. So engrossed in the scene of carnage he heard below, she hadn’t noticed him so he kept looking. Running his eyes down the backs of her long slender legs which glistened like they were polished, he noticed the strong shape the slight strong looking curves at the back of her upper thighs and a hint of hard muscle at the tops of her slim shapely calves. These sat above her white socks that fell untidily around her ankles. He had never before realised how sexy such strong shapes in a woman’s legs could be and those of this girl aroused him greatly.

His studies of her legs were interrupted when she leant forward to view some poor man’s humiliating defeat no doubt. Sleek solid spear-head shapes emerged from her calves as she went onto the tips of her toes. The sight was sexy enough but the thing that really inflamed his lust was higher up. As she leant forward, the tiny pleated skirt rose up at the back sliding over her buttocks. He was confronted with the sight of two bare brown-skinned rounded buttocks separated only by scandalously strip of white material that came up from a barely covered crotch which aroused him greater than he had ever felt before. Her buttocks were like two small shiny ebony balls, tight and hard looking as if permanently clenched. The sight had his cock so rigid and his balls contracted that it pressed uncomfortably against the inside of his trousers.

Suddenly her face turned sharply around and fixed him with a hawk-like gaze from her small dark eyes, her firm-set mouth expressionless. The pleats of her skirt twitched SWISH! a blur kicking back low as her foot shot behind his calves. WHUMP! Both of his legs were kicked away from under him and he fell to the floor upon his back, floored in less than a second. BLAM!. He looked up as she stood by his side looking down at him with the smug arrogant look of a victorious woman, except this woman was in her teens. Without her eyes wavering from his, she lifted her right foot then turned to step over his chest. As she did so he had a clear view right up her short skirt to her to her skimpy knickers. She ended up standing astride his waist with her back to him, looking like a female colossus with a beautiful long leg upon either side soaring up to the apex of her legs clearly visible beneath the back of the tiny pleated skirt. Drooling with lust he leered along the backs of her long slim legs to two hard hemispheres poised just beneath the hem. She hitched up her tiny skirt at the back letting him gaze fully upon a small tight backside that was the sexiest ass that he’d ever seen. “You like my buttocks with my hard glutes don’t you?” her young voice was soft and sensual like pouring honey. “Ohhhh yessss!” he groaned with desire. “Then take a closer look”. With that and with her torso perfectly upright she suddenly fell towards him, flipping both legs up in front and held in place by her arms so that she was bent completely in two. “No!” he cried as those sexy tight cannon-balls dropped towards him at terrifying speed. BERLAM! Her butt drop onto his stomach was devastating. His firm hard stomach muscles couldn’t stop those small hard cannonballs from plunging right into his gut and flattening the diaphragm. “Pppbleeeurghh!” his head and legs shot up as he explosively expelled his breath through his wide gaping mouth then flopped back as all his strength drained away.

He opened his mouth but could not draw air, his gut was so badly cramped. In helpless winded agony, he could only watch as long bare legs kicked back on either side as the girl flopped forwards onto her hands which were placed between his legs. That sexy tight backside rose into the air as her long legs formed a sexy inverted V shaped bridge. Then it fell rapidly onto his ruined stomach. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Those sexy cannonballs rose and fell over and over pounding his gut. Argh argh argh argh he could not voice his screams as her hard backside hammered his empty gut again and again not letting him recover, keeping him constantly winded. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Her tiny rear was hammering down with shocking force setting off body-racking explosions. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! Must breathe, want air. That such a sexy rear could do so much damage was hard to believe yet it continued to jack up and down like a man-wrecking machine bringing tears to his eyes and sending his head into a whirl through lack of air.
I thought that the head girl would be easier to take now that she was unarmed. Instead I found myself chest to chest with our arms out horizontally to the sides forearms together bent upwards and hands intertwined in a ridiculous trial of strength with a teenage girl. Except to my disbelief she was winning! I could feel the raw power flowing through her big solid biceps making me weak at the knees. Her biceps swelled up much larger than mine and her strong tapered forearms were pressing me down forcing me to bend at the knees. The size of those muscular mounds against her small face in the middle seemed unreal. I could not understand why my cock was so hard. “You challenge me but you are a weak old man” she told me sending shivers up my spine. I tried pushing back with all my strength but the teenage girl continued to overwhelm me with her muscles and my knees bent further. My face came level with her chest and I could see her bust straining under the white cotton blouse with big nipples jutting through the material erect with excitement. They distracted me and her strong arms forced me further down her amazing fit body to her brick-work stomach.

Suddenly she leapt down upon me trying to pin my hands to the floor. Frantically I opposed her and found myself grappling on the ground with a nubile yet very strong girl indeed. I kept trying to control her with my strength and weight yet she was fast, agile and unnaturally strong. She avoided all my efforts to subdue her, time and again those abnormal muscles held off my arms to a standstill. This is what a Western education does, it turns girls into strong boys with bulging muscles and fighting knowledge which is rightfully forbidden to women for good reason. Yet as my body pressed close to hers in the tireless struggle for dominance, I could feel her soft breasts and bare skin press against my skin; I could breathe in her natural fragrance; and all the while I could gaze upon the beauty of her face with her youthful unblemished complexion, penetrating dark eyes and luscious full lips.

We were kneeling facing each other, pressing our bodies close struggling with our arms to overcome the other when I let my mind wander thinking how she would make an excellent wife once I’d broken her in. In that moment she let go of my hands and struck faster than a snake. Her thick arms whipped up and caught my head, quickly pulling it down until it was against her side and beneath her arm. Before I could react, a powerful crush exerted itself upon the side of my neck as she locked the headlock and squeezed hard. “Urghh!” I felt shameful that a mere schoolgirl was out-wrestling me and making me grunt out in pain. Instinctively I brought my hands to prise away the offending items. What I found there was truly shocking. To my hands her arms were much thicker than I imagined. “Urghhh!” I cried out again as a sudden twist flung my body to the side, nearly breaking my neck. My hands explored that immense flesh-scape seeking a weakness and found only soft skin stretched taut over steely hard muscle that had bulged and expanded to terrifying proportions or so it felt. There was not a single point of weakness as they continued to crush down upon my neck. I could not even press my fingers into her upper arm with which to gain a grip so that I could pull it away.

“Urghh!” the pressure around my neck was making my head spin and desperate for escape I began slapping with all my strength against the side of her arm. Her arm was so swollen and muscular it was making my hand sting and hurt each time I slapped at it. “Argh!” the view looking out past her back jerked around violently as her strong arms pulled my head around savagely. “You slap like a young girl. You do not fight like a man. Are you sure you are a man?” her deep sultry voice taunted shaming me as I tried not to cry out as she yanked my head around and failed. “Arghh arghhh!” “I am a school girl, let me show you how a school girl fights” she taunted. My dick betrayed me and went rigid at her words. She forced me to my feet with my head still captive beneath her arm. My right hand came upon her bare midriff for support and marvelled how firm it was. I couldn’t stop running my hand over the raised bumps of her well-developed abdominals. They were so tactile, so mesmerising to feel, so erotic.

“Argh!” I cried out as seizing my head with both arms she whipped it across the front of her body until the side of my face was pressing against her left shoulder. Her strong bare arms were like steel bands pulling painfully against my jaw. At the same time she hooked her right leg over the top of my right thigh and with extraordinary strength held back my leg while continuing to try to pull on my jaw so hard I thought that she was trying to bust it. “Arghhh!” all I could do was groan helplessly in agony. “You are pathetic. You cannot even wrestle a school girl” she taunts. “How old are you? At least twice my age” she laughed. I could feel the firm skin of her bare leg as it hung over my leg stretching it out to the side. My stiff cock pressed against the back of her knee and grew all the more harder for it. “Come on, man-up! Don’t let a schoolgirl beat you so easily” she taunted then hooked the back of her left arm around the front of my jaw and pulled back my head under her arm stretching my neck as she forced my face skywards. “Argh!” I cried and tried to pull away her arm with my right hand. I slapped at her shoulders and found them as hard as the rest of her body. She laughed openly at my attempts to struggle from her steely grip. “Is that really the best that you can do? I was really looking for a good workout but you haven’t even made me break into a sweat”. This was so humiliating! A sexy school girl had me completely helpless in this wrestling hold. As she stretched my neck right back I knew that there was nothing I could about it, she was completely dominating me. Some subverted corrupt part of me found that strange thought highly arousing and wanted her to do it some more. To my horror she caught my wrist and whipped my arm backwards across the front of her body pivoting the back of my elbow over the side of something warm, soft and yielding. It was one of her breasts! I knew it was “Argh!” it’s softness was a reminder that I was being out-fought by a mere female, and a young one at that. “Arghhh! You should be learning how to be a good Nigerian wife not learning how to fight” I protested finding myself unable to fight back. “With bad men like you around, a girl needs to know how to fight” she chuckled “You and your men cannot fight. You are no match for us. You have made yourselves weak with the greed and corruption of your vile trade”.

“I am a man of God I wooahh!” with that she threw me down to the floor upon my front then leapt on top of me laying along my back. “Orrgh!” before I could do anything I felt her firm bare legs lock up my left leg in a tight figure four that threaten to snap it with her strength. Her hands came around from behind my head, splayed wide, cupped my chin then yanked my head back as her strong arms pulled hard. “Argh argh!” the young girl’s arms were so strong that it felt like she was going to snap my head from my neck. “What is your God telling you now? That you’ve been a bad man and deserve to be punished by a mere girl?” she taunted. “Argh Argh! Blasphemy!” I gasped as my neck strained under the immense pressure exerted by her arms. “Yes yes. You better punish me then” she giggled. I felt relief as the pressure under my chin pulling my face back eased but then gasped in shock as my throat slid into the crook of her right arm which she folded and locked off with her left which she used to press down on the top of my head. It was a sleeper-hold! And it was being expertly applied as if she knew what she was doing!

“The Sisters educate us in all forms of martial arts, both armed and unarmed. Fencing, archery, sword work, stick work, wrestling, Ju-jitsu, Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu. You name it and we’ve probably studied it and mastered it” she lectured as my she pulled back my head stretching my neck locked up tight in her strong arms. Already I could feel the blood-flow being cut off from my brain. “Grkkkk! Blaskkkkurk!” the hand on top of my head pressed down firmly forcing my throat so hard into the crook of her right arm that my windpipe was chocked off. “Yes, Yes, Blasphemy Western education is forbidden blah blah blah. Except this is not Western education, Oh I suppose it is if you went West far enough or do you still believe the world is flat and that you would sail right off the edge?”. “Gkk gkkk!” my eyes couldn’t keep focus and it became ever so warm that I was sweating profusely. “Gkkk Gkkk” I clutched at her forearm but it felt brawny and locked tighter than a bank vault. My head swam and my eyes blurred. I was being put away by a school girl in a sleeper hold and it made my dick beat up and down on its own. What manner of school was this? I was shocked by the unholy teaching yet becoming aroused by the sheer physicality of the girl. “Oh am I boring you?” I heard her say over the whooshing in my ears. “Kkkkkkk!” my throat made a strange sound. The next thing I knew I found myself with a weight upon my back. A sick hollow sensation opened up inside of me as I realised that I must have blacked out for a moment. I had been knocked out by a school girl!

She was sitting on my back with her legs splayed wide and bent at the knees, with a thick strong muscular calve in a white sock upon either side of me. With each arm she scooped up one of my feet into the crook of her arm then bent back my legs while at the same time pulled back my arms over the tops of her thighs by my wrists. “Arghh!” I was trussed up by my arms and legs, bent back with only my crotch and throbbing dick in contact with the ground. The muscles in her calves bulged powerfully as she rose behind me into a sort of standing semi-crouch position with my body dangling between her strong legs, a human swing suspended only by my arms and legs. “Arghh no no!” I wailed at the tension in my arms and legs as they took the weight of my body as the ground moved away from me. But the girl continued to rise bringing her legs together as she straightened them until the insides of her knees were lightly pressing against my waist. “Argh no no!” my legs were in agony bent right back with the tops of my feet pressing against her armpits. With such incredible strength the girl held me suspended like that for what seemed ages. I was totally helpless to do anything except let my dick grow harder as I experienced her overwhelming power.

“Who is going to stop us receiving an education now, mister bad man?” she taunted in a youthful sing-song tone that just made my dick throb all the more. “You and whose army? Oh the one that came with you?” I loved the way her voice changed taunting me “The ones being beaten senseless by my class-mates? I just know that they are enjoying putting their skills to practical use, I know I am” her words made my dick press hard against the inside of my pants. “Don’t you believe me? Well have any come to your aid?” her words taunted me but I realised that she was right. Where on earth were my men? Surely 50 men would have no problems rounding up a few pesky schoolgirls? A cold dread crept along my bent spine. What if the other girls were as unnatural as this one? What if she were telling the truth? The vision of 50 fully trained militants being utterly defeated by a load of little girls in white blouses, ties, short pleated skirts and tiny white socks made my dick throb all the more for reasons I could not bear to admit. For the first time in my life I actually felt afraid of a woman, okay okay, a girl, a little girl no longer out of childhood and almost a woman. Her muscular developed body gave her a shocking strength that easily out-powered me and she was a skilled wrestler. The two combined made her a formidable opponent that made my cock ache badly for her.

Without ceremony she let my arms and legs slip in a controlled manner through her thick firm rippling arms until my belly hit the floor. If I’d felt relief that the humiliating and painful hold was over, it was short-lived. Without releasing my feet and using them to keep my legs bent back, she crossed my right foot behind my left calve then pulled back my left foot holding my crossed legs with just one hand. She then fell upon her knees across the small of my back. THUMP! “Argh!no more please” my voice sounded weak pleading to a teenage girl. A hand slid around the front of neck and gripped my chin. “Arghh!” I screamed as a sudden pressure pulled back both my head and legs while the world spun topsy-turvy around me. To my amazement I found my body bowed backwards like a bridge with my head and feet pulled down towards the ground with her shins pressing into the small of my back as she lay beneath me. My cock soared to new heights of erection as I realised that the girl had got me in a bow and arrow hold! Something that I had only seen in American wrestling shows and I had thought those to be fake but what this terrifying schoolgirl was doing to me was very much real “Arghh! Arghh! arghhh!” I cried in agony as her strong legs pressed into the middle of my back while her strong arms pulled down my head and feet bending my spine was bent back so much that I feared my back would break. Every fibre and tendon in my back was ripped to tearing point and my back bone was bent like a wishbone.

“The only thing is that, well, er” her voice sounded embarrassed as she spoke while trying to break my break across her legs. “We are teenage girls and some are beginning to become eh huh interested in boys. Some are not exactly angels and may take this opportunity to be er you know naughty” she stopped, sounding very embarrassed. Had she been able to look at my wrecked form bent back almost in two in excruciating agony, she’d have seen a painfully taut tent rising from the apex of my now deformed body pointing painfully stiff towards the sky wobbling about in very strong slow throbs as my mind imagined the kind of debauchery these girls would get up to if there were Western.
The sun filtered into the large high-ceilinged stone-built room illuminating strange disturbing life-sized carvings of women with extraordinary figures having extremely large rounded breasts and tiny waists with generous hips, just the way Osifo liked them. They seemed to be of Indian appearance, very buxom and scantily-clad, with just a loin-cloth and their magnificent breasts bare. Osifo had nothing against Asian women especially if they had huge breasts, exaggerated hour-glass figures and went around near-naked like these sculptures. But these sculpted big-breasted women disturbed him greatly for all were depicted with thick arms and legs that were swollen and dense with what obviously was meant to be large muscles of immense power flexed in various poses of victory over defeated male warriors. Osifo was disturbed by the sight for he was a lover of women with a full curvaceous figure, women who knew their place as servants to men. What kind of sick foreign religion was poisoning the minds of their girls? What kind of nuns teach teenage girls to fight like Amazons and possess bodies of strength?

The light touch of a sandal against his cheek made him jump but then he relaxed slightly as it gently caressed the side of his face tracing a line down to his jaw and back. Wow this was nice, he thought and closed his eyes in relaxation. They flew wide open moments later at the sound of girlish giggling. With shock he saw 6 maybe 8 school-girls sitting or crouching around his body watching him intently with amused expressions on their youthful faces. Some of them were crouched so low that they were shamelessly exposing their crotches and the white knickers that seem moulded there. PHROAR he felt no shame as his eyes accepted the open invitation to look causing his balls to tighten and the beginnings of stiffness to infuse his groin. The legal age for sex with a girl here was 13 and these girls were well above that.

Suddenly he remembered the teasing girl, Abeo, and how she had taken him by surprise with her punches like sledgehammers. Another small foot in sandals lightly touched his other cheek coming from behind, and he realised that the small lovely with the dangerous fists was sitting right behind him. That made him wary yet at the moment as her feet gently caressed his cheeks and jaw he felt no immediate threat and lay in contentment. The feet stopped stroking his face and began to slowly move forwards on either side to hover above his chest. They were replaced by the soft feel of white socks brushing against his skin as they slid past either side of his neck. His eyes hungrily traced the beautiful firm lines contained within those socks from slim ankles sweeping out in a very shapely curve to fully fleshed firm looking calves. These too slid past and her bare knees came into view closely followed by her thighs. They were short in length and quite thick with plenty of height as they slid either side of his neck. It was like looking down some deep leggy canyon with her smooth hairless brown skin taut and flawless upon either side. Osifo felt the electric tingle against his neck as the bare skin slid past from behind tantalising his flesh raising a trail of electric tingles in their path. They seemed to get tighter as his neck slid between her inner thighs until the back of his neck came to a stop wedged between the apex of her legs resting against her crotch. He raised his hands to her thighs to push them away but became entranced in their allure. The silky smoothness of her bare skin beneath his hands was a pleasure to feel. Yet as he pressed his palms against her thighs, he found them rock hard beneath the silky smooth skin. He could just visualise the teenage girl sitting behind him looking cute and innocent in her school uniform as she stretched out her wonderful legs over his shoulders and past his neck. Wow what a great place to be! Lying between the lovely smooth bare-skinned brown thighs of a teenage Nigerian school-girl. He could lie here all day stroking these wondrous thick thighs.

He gasped as hard shapes beneath the skin pushed his hands outwards as her thighs swelled like steel balloons covered in silk crushing in on either side of his neck with shocking strength. “Arghh arghhh!” he no choice but to cry out at the immense pressure bearing down upon either side. “Argh!” it was like his neck was caught in a steel vice. In rising alarm he tugged and pulled at her knees and calves, seeking a weakness he could use to lever the young girl’s legs apart. To his increasing despair he found her short thick thighs were as solid as a rock with absolutely no give. The laughter of the watching girls burnt in his ears. “Men are so weak look at him struggle” “It’s so funny”. Laughing at his futile attempts to escape, Abeo bent her right calve across his throat. “Kkkk!” he croaked as he felt a solid calve press in upon the side of his neck. His hands flew to his neck but too late for it was now tightly wedged in the crook of her lovely leg with the solid mass of her hamstrings pressing down upon the left side of his neck while a muscular calve pressed against the right. Tucking the right foot beneath the back of her left knee which she also bent, a tremendous pressure bore down upon him as she locked him up in tight figure 4 head scissors. “Jeeze Jeeze!” he groaned as a meaty muscular calve cut into his throat while big solid swells of her hamstrings crushed the other side like a steamroller. All the while her inner thighs at the apex of her legs bore down like an oversized pair of scissors upon the back of his neck. Oh God this girl had strong legs he thought as his hands slid over her bulging short thighs unable to find a single point of weakness. “Orrhhhkkk Arghhkk!” now he really knew why this was called a scissor hold for it felt like her young firm legs would really crush his head from his neck. The short white socks worn half-mast around her lower calve became a potent symbol mocking his subjugation at the legs of a teenage girl.

He tried twisting and turning his body from side to side but that only made things worst as the legs around his neck held tight. “Urkkkk!” he croaked as his wild movements to free himself were nearly strangling himself in the girl’s unexpectedly strong legs. The outlandish girlish giggling was humiliating as it reminded him that he had an audience. “Urgggg!” his neck fought a losing battle with the leg folded tight around it and the inner thighs cutting into the sides at the back of his neck. “Woaarkkk!” he had to close his eyes and clench his against the absurd levels of pressure that the young girl’s lovely legs were inflicting. “Argkk!” he cried out again unable to believe that a mere school-girl could inflict so much pain. This was so humiliating being crushed helpless by a mere girl while her school-friends looked on. Refusing to give in, his hands clasped at her thighs once more to seek a place to tug them away but became enamoured of their silky softness with devastating strength beneath. It was deeply humiliating for a grown man, a fighter of many years, to be totally defeated by the legs of a teenage girl but strangely he found it arousing too and his dick began to respond accordingly.

“That thing standing up and moving in his trousers scares me, Abeo” he unclenched his eyes which he had screwed up against the pressure of the unrelenting tight leggy noose continually exerting feminine strength pulsing around his neck. His face flushed in deep embarrassment at a whole gang of girls crowding around watching his defeat. “That’s nothing to be scared of, silly. That’s a man’s greatest weakness. Watch” an older looking girl sitting by the side of his waist opened her legs wide exposing white knickers tightly moulded to her young crotch. He was just a red-blooded man, how could any such man resist looking along the insides of those long sexy bare legs to the tantalising triangular patch of white at her crotch. The sight was arousing for she was a sultry sexy Nigerian girl whose knowing looks excited him greatly. To his eyes she looked like a bad girl with fallen morals who might be eager to please a man like Osifo. His heart-rate increased as she stretched out a long brown-skinned leg towards his groin and gasped as a sock-covered foot pressed against his erection-tent and began to kneed it in a manner clearly intended to stimulate. “Orrrr!” he moaned in contentment until the childish giggles and raucous laughs reminded him that he had an audience and that she was only doing this to humiliate him further.

“No no Grkkkk!” he protested, trying to push away the girl’s massaging foot with his hands. A surge of strong muscular power poured through the leggy noose that sent his senses reeling. The scornful laughter of the group of girls rang in his ears above the strange muffled buzzing. “Gkkkk gkkkk!” it felt like her strong legs were trying to rip his neck from his body. Such unexpected power had closed his windpipe leaving him starved of air. His hands went straight to the lovely strong legs strangling him while in horror he felt eager young hands unzipping his trousers and exposing his underwear and the throbbing edifice within. “Grkkkk!” the legs seemed to tighten even further when he tried to return his hands to push away the girls, crushing his neck with such ferocity that black spots swam in his vision as it blurred. “Kkkk!” he could barely croak now, the girl’s legs were scissoring so strong like a tourniquet that they had closed off his windpipe. He felt the drool building up in the corner of his mouth then run freely down his chin as the bad girls removed his trousers.

“Kkk! Kkkk!” he was choking to death as strong teenage legs flung his locked head from one side to the other. The power in her young legs took him to the brink of conciousness and held him there as the embarrassment of his erection in his exposed pants created a new storm of hilarity among the girls. Girls with strong legs shouldn’t be allowed, surely it was against holy law? The knowledge that the teenage Abeo could knock him out or even kill him at anytime filled him with such a strong sense of submission that his erection throbbed strongly back and forth in his exposed pants to greater hilarity of the watching girls, deepening his embarrassment and shame. He wished that those strong legs would knock him out right now to spare him the shame but they didn’t. To his dismay and growing knowledge of further humiliation the dreadful leggy tourniquet around his neck began to ease slightly allowing him to greedily gulp down some air while the sweat cooled upon his brow. Yet her bare thick thighs still held his neck tight enough and squeezed down upon the back of his neck hard enough that he knew that she had complete control over him, a thought that was strangely arousing.

Giggling away as if it were hilariously funny, legs stretch across his body towards his groin from both sides. Lovely bare legs ending in white socks all trying to mash and massage his balls and dick. “Ouch ouch!” they weren’t gentle either more often than not causing pain in his balls. “Grkkk!” he tried to move his body out of the way but the lovely bare legs around his neck held him fast like vice and just as tight. He closed his legs to protect himself but two tall girls stood up and seized a leg each. “No!” he gasped as they raised his feet and spread his legs wide like a wishbone. “No!” he cried in alarm as their luscious long bare legs plunged downwards between his widespread legs with their socked feet targeting his balls, pressing and kneading them as the other girls on either side joined in. “Ohh ohh ouch ohh!” It was a jumbled myriad of sensation. The tall girls holding his legs worked together pressing their feet on opposite sides of his shaft at the same time, pumping and massaging it in a manner that was arousing no matter how hard he tried not to think of it. Some girls targeted massaging his cock while other his balls. Sometimes it was sinfully pleasurable especially when several girls on either side momentarily supported his dick between their feet, the softness of their white socks against his erection imparting joy. “Ouch ouch ouch!” other moments it was sheer hell as girls roughly stomped his balls causing them to ache. He tried to use his hips to move his groin away from their feet but the strong steel-hard brown legs tight around his neck would twist from side to side to make him behave.

It went on and on, girls in white socks jiggling their feet against his groin with rapid enthusiasm that it couldn’t fail to stimulate. “No,no, bad girls, Urkkk!” his admonishment was cruelly cut off as the girl applying the tight figure 4 head-scissors from behind twisted his head in her velvety-smooth bare thighs so hard to the left then the right that he had hang on with both hands frantically tugging for fear of losing his head. “Urkk!” He just knew that she could make him do whatever she wanted with those legs. The sheer power of her lovely young thighs scissoring him helpless just made his erection grow all the more harder to the squealing delight of the other girls. The tight strong thighs around his neck return his face pointing skyward maintaining a constant squeeze so strong that he knows could knock him at anytime she wished. It’s a thought that adds a growth spurt to his cock that counters the oft-too rough foot-job from the others. His hands caress her smooth-skinned short thick thighs swollen steely hard around his poor neck which suddenly feels puny and weak by comparison.

A shadow moves over him and he looks up to see a tall girl standing astride his face. His gaze automatically follows along the long lines of her bare legs tapering inwards like the spire of some leggy cathedral to her crotch. Gulp! she had brazenly raised her tiny pleated skirt to show off the skimpy white satin knickers at her crotch. He couldn’t stop looking, it was like a black-hole for his sight making his face flush, his heart race and his erection reach for the unreachable apex of her legs. The riotous laughter at his body’s natural reaction reminded him of the audience enjoying his shame and that sparked a flare of anger. No, he won’t be treated in this way! He won’t play along with their naughty games!. But as Osifo tries to turn his head to look away, he find that he can’t. The young strong legs locked tight around his neck keep his head firmly in place, looking straight up at the temple of female paradise standing astride over him. “Gkkk”! He tried again to pull at the leggy noose but his head was locked where the young girl wanted. So he had no choice but to look along the white socks so slim around her ankles curving beautifully out to quite thick hard looking calves. His eyes were pulled past her knees along her bare thighs, so smooth, so long and firm looking up to the tiniest of skirts.

“Grkkkk!” again he tried to look away at the shameless but arousing sight but the girl sitting behind him raised herself upon her hands and poured down such raw feminine force upon his neck that his vision blurred and he felt dizzy. If he had hoped to be knocked out, he was disappointed as the crushing pressure from those lovely bare thighs reduced leaving him staring right up to the white knickers of the shameless girl standing over him. ULP! The more he stared, the more he noticed and was positive that he could see those knickers moulded tight to her mound and found the sight more and more arousing. Which was greeted with great amusement of the other girls who were still trying to massage his dick and balls. The more he looked at those legs, the harder he got and the more the effect of the massaging feet added to the stimulation. His shaft rose uncontrollably as his balls built up ready for release. Added to that the sensual feel of the strong smooth-skinned legs around his neck and he began to lose all self-control moaning lustfully to humiliating giggles from the girls. “Ohhh ohhhhh ohhh” he moaned faster starting to thrust his hips against the haphazard trampling of the girls’ socked feet. “Urrr urrrr” he knew he wanted to cum but the action of so many girls was so uncoordinated that it was difficult to bring himself off, yet still the pressure continued to build and he felt himself heat until finally the pre-cum began to flow. “Urghh! He’s wetting himself” “No silly, he wants to have sex with us, the filthy pervert!”. More silly girlish laughter but Osifo didn’t care, he kept thrusting his hips desperate to bring himself off yet continually frustrated.

“I know how to fix that” one girl said then leant over his chest and thrust a hand shaped like a claw firmly between his legs and took firm hold of his engorged package to the delight of her friends. “Arghh! Arghhh!” he was screaming in agony. Her hand was like a steel clamp attached to his balls with strong steely fingers folding in hard as if she were trying to crush an apple or nuts. “Argh argh!” he screamed while quickly trying to move his hands down to free his genitals only to find them seized and locked up by laughing girls on either side using agonising bone-grinding wrist locks. “No no please no arghh!” he wailed as the cruel girl began to twist his nut sack while another tried to bend his very erect cock. “Bad man!” they scolded laughing as he howled in agony as they cruelly crushed his erection. One bad girl leant over him grabbed the erection-tent of his pants and plunged it straight into her mouth. “Orrrrr!” for a moment he experienced the warm wetness of her mouth and anticipated the release of his pent-up frustration. Until she sank her teeth into his package. “Arghh arghh arghh!” he screamed and cried through this hell while the other bad girls laughed at his pain. Osifo sobbed with relief as the biting stopped and the girl withdrew her tempting but cruel mouth.

“Urrgkkk!” he croaked in pain as the steely-hard young leggy prison suddenly twisted his head to the right side. His eyes were creased up against the pain and his hands, once again free, held onto the silky-smooth but strong thighs. SLAP! “Argh!” his eyes flew open as a hard slap stung his cheeks “Open your eyes, look at your friend” a young female voice instructed. As his eyes cleared, he saw to his astonishment one of his men, Hosa, over the other side of the large airy room. Hosa was a tall muscular man who was good with his fists yet he was standing nervously in front of a girl much shorter than himself. Dressed in the same cute uniform as the others, this girl had quite a dumpy figure with a serious studious face and air who wore big glasses. It was as if Hosa were afraid of this dumpy little teenager yet she looked a nice intelligent girl who spent her time studying books and not of these bad girls who showed off their knickers and abused his dick and balls. The girl stared at him through her thick rimmed spectacles then raised a rather dumpy looking arm out to her right level with the line of her shoulders then slowly bent her forearm in towards her head with the fist clenched. ULP! Osifo never would have expected such a large solid mound of muscle to emerge from the top of her upper arm. The short sleeves of her white school-blouse slid back towards her shoulder-caps as they strained to contain its girth as it soared to a big solid peak out of all proportion of such of a petite scholarly student. The slopes of her traps were also prominent as was the sail-like shape of her strong forearms “Are you scared of a little school-girl yet, mister bad man?” She teased in such a low resonant voice that both men felt it through their dicks.

Osifo was reminded of the sculptures he saw earlier of big-busted Indian muscle women in poses of victory over fallen men. It was almost as though this studious young girl was re-enacting a similar scene with one of his strongest men. She wasn’t particularly pretty but the bulge in Hosa’s trousers grew rapidly despite the nervous shifting of his feet. Were the girl’s unnatural muscles turning Hosa on? It certainly seemed that way. Certainly there was a kind of raw sensual power about the sight of a teenage girl proudly flexing a muscle that would put many men to shame. It wasn’t natural, it wasn’t right, yet there was an undoubted femininity to the strong powerful curves and the taut smooth hairless skin. That it was sported by a girl so young seemed so decadent, so dangerous yet so exciting. So much so that even Osifo felt the beginnings of arousal. Osifo felt the strong powerful thighs clamped tight around his neck forcing him to watch. What sort of girls are they raising here? Osifo thought to himself as he watched in morbid fascination as the girl with the glasses grabbed both of Hosa’s hands. They’re building reincarnations of Amazons he thought in shock as the big muscles of the little girl rippled and bulged. With complete shock and a strong sense of inevitability he watched as she totally overpowered one of his best to his knees in a matter of seconds. It was such a display of awesome overwhelming power and so humiliating to watch yet Hosa’s cocks was thumping away at the powerful muscular strength of this studious looking little girl and even his own was growing rapidly.

“Pretty strong huh?” she bragged with an air of irresistible arrogance. “Kiss it” she ordered, releasing his hands and once again flexing muscle that a woman of any age should not have let alone one not out of her teens. By the frantic twitching in his trousers, Hosa was highly aroused by these abnormal muscles on a girl and didn’t hesitate to obey. Feeling that big smooth round topped muscular mound with his hands just emphasised it’s stupendous size. Then he put his lips to that hard muscle and kissed it with increasing passion. As he kissed, his lust for her muscles and strong young body gets harder and he kisses with more fervour while the tent in his trousers beats out a wild rhythm. Osifo gasped as the girl undid the man’s flies with her other hand and pulled out his stiff manhood. To his disgust her hand began sliding up and down rapidly like a whore. “The Sisters teach us all ways to dominate a man” she purred in a voice dripping with promise. “Oh ohh ohh!” in no time Hosa became a moaning idiot drawing a quick disapproving glance from Osifo who was ashamed to see one of his men do such a disgraceful act in public in front of a room full of girls. He shut his eyes at the sight of his man thrusting his hips rapidly in time with her pumping hand while kissing and worshipping her young powerful biceps in a total frenzy.

“Orrraggh!” Osifo’s head was slammed completely to the other side by the strong girly noose around his neck. What he saw shocked him for another of his men was flat on his back grimacing in pain while a nubile in school uniform lay on top front down facing his crotch. He couldn’t quite make out who it was as his face was shoved up her tight looking backside while thick athletic looking legs with the calves crossed squeezed tightly on either side of his neck. The girl’s legs were very thick and heavy although quite long, well-toned with sensational curves like some kind of track athlete. The thick large hamstrings at the backs of her legs seemed to swallow up most of his head. Osifo shuddered at the sight of those legs bearing down upon the man’s head for they looked terrifyingly powerful. The small girl showing off her large biceps for admiration had been one thing, but seeing the massively strong swelling legs of this girl put into action to destroy a man was something more frightening. They were so undeniably powerful and muscular that he knew that they could crush a man’s skull with ease. A brief burst of insanely strong squeezing from the legs around his own neck reminded him of his own predicament. “I bet you like me to do that to you? I could you know. I’d have you weeping like a baby in no time” his captor remarked. He shuddered although a strong lurch went through his dick knowing that she was probably right. Once again he wondered what kind of girls these foreign nuns were raising here and more importantly why. Was it some kind of foreign plot to take over the country using women? He knew he had to tell somebody, raise the alarm. “Urghh!” he couldn’t even move his head, locked up as it was in the strong legs of one of these demon girls.

Resigned to being forced to watch, he did so in fascination as those big legs bulged and writhed as if they were feeding the man’s face to her backside. It resembled two large hard ebony balls which moved and danced just beneath the surface of her buttocks in a mesmerizing and quite stimulating motion that ground up the poor man’s face trapped between. There was no doubt about the massive forces being evoked as the top of the man’s forehead was bright red and he was screaming insanely into her powerful backside which thankfully muffled his cries. The way the girl kept sighing in a manner teenage school-girls should not, suggested that the poor man was being forced to do something degrading and unnatural which he thankfully could not see. His hands tugged at the powerful swelling hamstrings but they were too small and too weak against such a mighty solid mass. The girl’s powerful muscular hamstrings seemed to bulge and swell devouring his face causing him to scream slapping his hands in frustration at the rock hard looking mass around his head. The girl’s buttocks clenched and unclenched rhythmically in an erotic manner while powering down wave after wave of muscular head crushing energy that had him weeping openly and continuing to do whatever it was that he was doing to make the girl sigh loudly. Osifo saw that the man’s trousers had been pulled down with the man’s rigid cock exposed and pointing upwards towards the sky.

“Urkkk!” his strong legged captor yanked his head cruelly to the other side to punish him yet thankfully sparing him the sight of such depravity. “Such sinfulness! This is the corruption a Western education orrrrrrr!” he moaned as a rather chubby and plain looking girl laid down by his right side and while the strong legged girl kept his face still in her leggy clamp, brought her face in front of his. “You wanted to take us away and make us your slaves” she told him, her nose almost touching his. He didn’t like it, she was too close and wasn’t as pretty as some of the others. “You wanted Abeo to do naughty things to that thing in your pants. She is pretty isn’t she? Do you want me to do naughty things to you?” she asked in a soft seductive voice. Osifo didn’t want to answer, dreading the painful response that was sure to follow. His legs were still raised and spread apart by a couple of the girls, one of whom stretched a long leg through the inside of his and pressed a foot upon his nuts and ground down hard until he was squealing. “Answer her or I’ll mash your balls” she said fiercely. “Ouch No! No! Ouch!” he blurted out anxious for the pain in his balls to stop. “That’s alright, I understand” the chubby girl said soothingly although her thick lower lip quivered as if in disappointment. “Sorry, sorry” Osifo gasped in apology feeling ashamed that he had hurt the girl’s feelings. It wasn’t her fault that he didn’t find her attractive. He sighed in relief as the foot stopped crushing his nuts.

“I’m not as pretty as Abeo” a wicked smile suddenly spread across her chubby little face. Then she reached out and lightly brushed the very tip of her middle finger up his left cheek leaving a tingling trail. “My name is Iyawa, do you know what that means?” “Yes, skill” “Exactly and with my skill I will make you beg desperately to have me, to take me, but I will always deny you for I am a good girl, a very good girl” she added with a saucy wink. Osifo tried not to scoff for the girl’s opinion of herself far outreached the reality. He would never want her in a month of Sundays. Admittedly the front of her blouse sloped outwards in a wide low-hanging shelf suggesting she had a very large rack but with a chubby body and a plain face he did not find her in the least attractive.

Before another word could be said, Iyawa moved her face right in and he gasped as her tongue suddenly darted out and gave a short brief lick upwards across his licks. Even more surprisingly was the electric tingle that shot through his groin in response. Her eyes bored into him watching him closely. Again her tongue suddenly flashed out in a brief lick that started on his lower lip and flicked upwards. “Huh” he panted as that same reaction only stronger raced along his dick to the amusement of her friends. Again and again, the chubby girl tantalised his senses with short flicking licks across his lips that left him puffing and panting as it sent erotic waves of pleasure along his dick. Suddenly she slowly dragged her tongue all the way from the side of his chin past the side of his mouth along his cheek to the side of his eye. “Ohhhh ohhhhh!” he gasped as his dick went rock hard in his pants to much giggling and rude comments from the young audience. He felt disappointment as the chubby girl didn’t follow up on it but went back to those short tantalising flicks of the tongue across the lips that left him panting with a steadily stiffening rod.

Just as he thought that she would tease him like this forever her tongue flicked up to his nose and began writhing all over his nostrils as if she were trying to wash them with her wet writhing tongue. Immediately he tried raise his hands to push her away to stop it but to his horror he felt a girl on either side seize them then bend them back into some kind of painful wrist lock. Powerless to stop her, Iyawa’s tongue slavered all around his nostrils and the tip of his nose driving him wild with the wild rush of sensations. When the end of her flexible wet tongue violated the inside of his nostrils, probing deep, flicking and twisting and drooling, he went berserk. “Orrr orrrr orrrr!” he moaned like he was possessed at the rush of erogenous stimulation overloading his senses. He was so full of wild unrestrained lust that his body just couldn’t contain itself. It twisted and writhed uncontrollable in a sort of frustrated dance of unspent sexual energy wanting someone to take his dick and bring him off. It took all of the others girls to restrain him. The slobbering of the inside of his nostrils finally stopped to much laughter leaving him with an absolute throbber of an incredibly hard erection that threaten to rip right out of his pants.

Iyawa’s nose nuzzled the side of Osifo’s face as it made it’s way to his ear. He panted heavily as his heartbeat raced feeling her hot breath upon his ear. “I think you liked that, your dick is nearly busting out of your pants” she whispered seductively. “Do you want me?” without waiting for an answered her wondrous tongue flickered out again tracing a wet tactile path around his ear. Around and around it went, the saliva whooshing as it filled his ear. “Ohhh Ohhh yes yes” he moaned as once again this plain chubby girl stoked the flames desire overloading his senses and making his cock aching hard. “Ohhh ohh so good so good!” he moaned. “Please don’t stop, please” he begged as the girl’s tongue withdrew and her face moved around to face his. “Not nearly desperate enough” was all she said before bringing her face so close to his that they were touching noses. Suddenly her tongue darted out and dabbed briefly against the centre of his lower lip. “Orrr” that felt good. Again it darted out to dab in a position slightly to the left. Again and again her skilful tongue flickered in and out following the contours of his lower lip. She deliberately teased him, keeping him on edge by working tantalising slow, while the two long legged micro-skirted beauties holding his legs massaged his throbbing erection with their socked feet.

Osifo wanted to grab the full buttocks of this teasing chubby school-girl and pull her right-up close so he could kiss her in wild passion yet his hands were retrained in painful wrist locks while his head was immobilised by the never-ending never-relaxing head-scissors of Abeo. The chubby one continued to build him into a frenzy with subtle licks around his mouth. The sensations were remarkable, he had never experienced anything like it. Oh she was so good, better than any whore he’d experienced in keeping him aroused until he was nearly crawling out his skin. “Orrrrr please please I want you so bad!” his crazy begging was making the other girls giggle in hysterics. She was so good that he knew that he would get a fortune for her at the slave market. If they were all as good as this he’d be set up for life!. “Orrrr orrr!” so good! How could he sell her? “Marry me please” A girl like this could keep a man very happy for the rest of his life. The girls laughed loudly at this.

“Not nearly desperate enough” Iyawa teased temporarily breaking off her attentions to his lips before continuing to drive him insane with the brushing of her tongue against his lips. All the while the other girls watched giggling and making rude remarks. “Grkkk!” the beautiful strong legs of Abeo continued to hold his face tightly in place so that he could not escape the erotic nerve-jangling attention. Such overwhelming dominance was arousing him greatly. He found the attentions of the chubby girl remarkably stimulating as she licked her tongue back and forth in small movements on his upper then lower lip then occasionally had him howling out in uncharted frenzy with long licks all the way up the side of his face and around his ear. Combined with the dual foot-massage and the dominant scissor hold around his neck, the incredible tactile sensations of Iyawa’s tongue literally licked him into succumbing to inflamed desire. When the chubby girl pressed her full lips to his and slipped her tongue inside he nearly blew his heavy load. Thrusting his hips like a man possessed about to climax really hard his face burned red with humiliation at the raucous laughter of the watching girls as the not-very good looking fat-looking teenage girl worked him with shocking skill until he was close to shooting his wad using light brushes of her tongue on his neck and mouth like an artist painting a canvass. “Oooooooooooo” he moaned like an idiot, “Please please I want you, I want you” he begged to the chubby girl. He was desperate to cum. “Please make me cum with your mouth, I want you. No no don’t go no please” he cried pleading as Iyawa sat back on her knees by the side of his head openly laughing at the agitated state she had left him in. Even the two holding his legs stopped their foot-massage. “You want me now don’t you, you bad-man” she laughed “I told you so but you didn’t believe me”.

Trapped helplessly scissored by one teen girl while two others held his legs aloft. He began to beg the watching girls to suck him off, give him a hand-job, anything offering large sums of money. “Urrrrrr” “Yuck!” they responded with sounds of open repulsion while he writhed helplessly on the floor desperate for release. The shameless girl who had been standing over him tantalising him with the view of her knickers approached his waist with a wicked smile upon her face. Raising her knee, once again exposing her tight knickers at her crotch to his view then brought her socked foot against his erection, stroking it this way and that, pressing on it like pressing an accelerator pedal. “Ohhh ohhhh ohh!” he began to moan uncontrollably. Another foot joined in pressing rhythmically against his nut sack. Then another socked foot and another joined in, all working together massaging and pumping his dick and balls until he could take no more. “Urghhhh urghhh nnnnnnnnnarghhhh!” it was all too much and he blasted the strongest orgasm he’d ever had into the air. While the teenage girls continued to pump him dry with their feet leaving him a moaning exhausted wreck.

That’s when Abeo who had been sitting behind him all this time keeping him in place with her tight figure 4 head-scissors raised herself upon her hands, straightened out her body and really poured it on. Strong thick powerful smooth-skinned bare legs swelled massively as they crushed his neck which felt scrawny by comparison like a pipe cleaner. “Kkkk kkkk kkk!” although her strong legs had been controlling him all this time, Osifo was still shocked by the sheer overwhelming power exerted by the young girl’s legs. His head span and his vision blurred as they crushed his windpipe close and dug into his neck. He pulled and tugged at her bare legs in desperation knowing it was useless as he felt only solid firm muscle beneath silky-smooth feminine skin. “Nnnkk nnnkkk!” He knew she was going to put him away and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He held on to her thighs as they bore down upon his neck with terrible force, resigned to defeat yet oddly enjoying the feel of her soft silky skin and the steely-hard muscles just beneath. He had been overpowered and humiliated by mere school-girls. As he began to slip into the blackness he wasn’t surprised to find another erection growing despite just cumming only moments before.
With my back on fire after being bent in two, I was in no mood to argue with Adamma. I allowed the beautiful but arrogant head girl to shepherd me into a large airy room with cool stone walls and a high-vaulted ceiling. Along all four sides were cut large windows set at regular intervals, all were open allowing a soothing breeze to flow through the room, a welcome respite from the sweltering heat outside. All around the high walls were disturbing life-sized sculptures of extraordinary-shaped women inflicting physical violence upon men. I looked away not wanting to see such symbols of blasphemy. Down one side of the long room, at regular intervals were set large wooden dining tables and benches which made me guess that this was the main dining hall within the school building.

The girl led me to the middle of the hall then stopped and faced me. Five foot 6 of slim Nigerian teenage beauty stared at me with arrogant confidence. The short sleeved white cotton shirt buttoned up to the neck and the school-tie tied in a neat knot constantly reminded me that this teenager really was just a school-girl. The way her blouse stretched over the triangular slopes from her neck down to the top of her shoulders and the large well-developed shoulder caps at the short sleeves together with the exposed toned arms with the visible biceps veins backed up that self-righteous confidence and arrogance. Those stunning big blocks of deep cut abdominals rising and falling as she breathed in her taut stomach were mesmerising to watch and so sensual not to mention the sexy sculpted diagonal lines heading down pointing the direction towards her crotch and disappearing beneath the waist-band of that outrageously tiny but sexy pleated skirt. “We will wait here. It won’t take long” she uttered in her strong confident voice with deep sonorous tones that excited my cockles. “What won’t take long?” I had to ask. Her dark eyes fixed me as a superior looking smile appeared upon her sultry features. “The utter defeat and humiliation of all of your men” she replied. That this sexy confident arrogant school-girl said this so matter-of-factly with such absolute confidence sent a shiver down my spine.

A strange almost saucy smile appears upon her lips. “If some of your men are lucky, pain is followed by pleasure, but knowing some of my girls they won’t be able to hold out for long”. The way that this teenage beauty looked at me was so disquieting that I felt my dick stiffen. I studied her beautiful face as she continued to stare at me. “So you must give me pleasure ? Heh-heh” I fancied a bit of school-girl action and this teenager was such a beauty and had such a hot body. She looked at me with a fierce arrogant sneer “No, you will find only pain” She glanced down towards the floor and stupidly my eyes did likewise. There my dick lurched and the words caught in my throat as three large rocky shapes stood proudly in her upper leg. My mind scrambled refusing to believe that this young girl was so muscular and strong, I knew what they were – quads, the girl had well-developed quadriceps and somehow on her sexy smooth legs they looked a lot sexier than they did on any man. I remembered the humiliating wrestling holds that she had put me through using her strong body and that made me fall silent. I stood there quietly admiring the strong lines of her body and trying to get up the courage to attempt to overpower her again but the sight of her strong physique and the confident arrogant way she carried herself reminded me of how easily she had defeated me before.

It was not long before other girls entered the large hall, teenage Nigerian school-girls of all descriptions some short, some tall, some slim, some not. Many were good looking although a few were less so and some were startlingly so and could rival or surpass the sluts in the West that they call models. I looked longingly at their collective fresh young faces and their lovely figures dressed alike in short-sleeved blouse, tie, pleated skirt and socks. Oh I just loved the way those tiny pleated skirts showed off nearly all of their lovely bare legs, I just couldn’t stop staring. Phoar! With so many good looking, fit, girls with such hot legs I knew that I could have got a fortune for this lot. I wanted to take the lot of them in more ways than one, but how could I do that on my own without my guns? Where were my men? Girl after girl with eye-catching legs in cute little uniforms continued to fill the hall but not a single one of my men. I began to despair, surely 50 men could have controlled these teenagers but not one of them appeared. I realised that the girls were blocking all of the exits out of this place. They stare at me trying to look tough but becoming more appealing in my eyes making me feel uncomfortable. These teen girls look so hot in their cute uniforms with the tiny skirts showing off their hot legs. How could they have possibly overcome my men? Most have those sculpted stomachs with six-pack abs and many have prominent veins running down the front of their biceps and across their forearms. Some even have long sleek muscled legs. “What sort of girls are these?” I whisper to myself. Standing close by, Adamma must have heard me. “Real girls, strong confident and capable of defending themselves from the likes of you. The sort of girls that don’t take kindly to kidnappers”. That forced me to swallow and keep quiet as the girls continued to drift in. Each and every one of them staring at me with hard expressionless eyes making me very uncomfortable.

After a while the flow of girls entering the hall stopped and Adamma addressed them. “This man came here today with 50 men to kidnap you all to sell into slavery” her dark sultry eyes bored into me like red-hot lasers. “Men that learnt the real meaning of girl power” that brought a wave of raucous laughter. She signalled for silence and the noise subsided. “You should have brought more men. 50 was not enough to cause us to break into a sweat” more laughter. “Let this show you that Nigerian schoolgirls will not be pushed around” she told me with venom. She approached me coming close in front of my body, her short skirt made it irresistible to look at the top of her thighs. “Now you try to run and we finish you” she said. I looked puzzled. “I said RUN!” CRACK! Her open right palm crashed into my cheek like an express train with a loud sound, whipping my face around leaving it red and stinging. The head girl stepped back as other girls began to close in on all sides, deliberately slowly with menace in their eyes. Yet teenage girls dressed in cute school uniforms with tiny skirts and bare legs wearing short socks called to my loins more than they looked menacing. They may just be school-girls but there were so many of them. All looking confident and strong, intent to do me harm. The thought that the rest of them were like Adamma physically strong and skilled in combat made my dick stiff, a strange reaction yet 50 men came with me and none seemed to have survived.

To my surprise a wide path opens up in their midst forming a long youthful corridor of short skirts, bare legs and white blouses. At the far end is a small wiry looking girl, maybe a bit too thin for my liking, with long slim legs. Suddenly she is running towards me with her bent arms pumping hard and her knees coming high. The next moment she launches herself into a breathtaking series of rapid flip-flaps springing in a incredible display of acrobatics onto her hands then springing forwards to her feet then hands again over and over without pause. FLIP-FLAP-FLIP-FLAP She is so fast that I watch dumbfounded before I realise that she is almost on top of me. Before she crashes into me, she suddenly springs into a handstand with her pleated skirt hanging down from her waist. My eyes instinctively go to the stunning view right in front of me of a girl upside down in a perfectly held handstand with the sight of her white knickers and long bare legs with socked feet held together pointing towards the ceiling. It lasted less than a heartbeat before she reversed direction and launched herself into a mighty spring back the other way. As she sprang high from her hands her long legs flipped up and both feet hammered right beneath my chin as she flipped away. KABLAM! It was like a small bomb had gone in my face as it jerked upwards and back under the mighty power of the blow. I staggered backwards with my ears ringing and my eyes blurred.

As my senses cleared I found my surrounded by leggy girls in tiny skirts. BAM! BAM! WHUMP! WHUMP! Ouch! argh! argh! I am bombarded with hard stinging kicks from all directions, short skirts flicking up and down as bare legs rocket out to kick at my legs and backside on all sides. Ouch! These girls kick really fast and really hard, many feet smashing into me at the same time. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Ouch! These demon school girls kick at my legs and buttocks relentlessly leaving them stinging and bruised. I try to turn away, to get away but a grinning girl blocks my way. BLAM! “Eeeoouugh!” I wail as a hard sandal blasts straight between my legs mashing my nuts. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! The hard rain of kicks continue to fall like a storm of hail battering my lower body. BERLAM! “Ouch!” A powerful stinging kick on my bum has me howling and staggering forward trying to break through their lines. They may be school-girls, nearly all much shorter than myself but their lovely legs snap out with incredible speed and power.

“Eyah!” “Hai!” “Yah!” BLAM! BAM! BAM! I walked straight into a flurry of fast-moving feet hammering my head from all sides. BAM! BAM! Feet wearing white socks and sandals fell like sledgehammers, rattling my brain, dazing me and stunning me. I didn’t know which way to turn for as soon as I turned in one direction, a young girl would snap up her knee then blast my face with her foot. BLAM! BLAM! pretty little things with sweet smiling faces kept kicking up shapely bare legs with mind-numbing speed and astonishing power. Feet clubbed and pounded my head and face from all directions, with a flick of their short pleated skirts and a flash of white knickers. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! So many high kicking lovelies with sexy bare legs destroying my face with such litheness and deadly flexibility that I couldn’t fail to get turned on. “Hah!” BLAM! “arghh” the top of a foot from a flexible nubile smashed me hard across the mouth causing me to taste blood. BLAM! while another kick hammered high upon the centre of my back thrusting me forwards. My head was throbbing and my face aching, I need to get away but there were girls on all sides. “Yah!” a short pleated skirt flicked up and a blur of bare brown leg rocketed forwards driving a foot into my gut. BLAM! “Orraghh!”.

My body just wanted to crease up and die, but I was determined to find escape. Roughly barging my through a wall of girls I saw an open doorway to the courtyard just up ahead. Only to find a single little girl with short-braided hair step between me and the door. My heart leapt into my mouth and my balls tightened as she began running at me with a dreadful look of pure determination. “Eeeeeyah!” she yelled as her slender bare legs propelled her into the air with a ripple in her thighs and a bunching in her calves. I stopped open-mouthed as the girl soared to a staggering height while flying through the air towards me. Her pleated skirt rucked up as a long bare leg kicked out in front heading straight into my face, too close to miss. BERLAM! My face snapped back in a spray of blood as she broke my nose while I felt my front teeth buckle. It felt like I’d been hit by a truck rather than a teenage girl a fraction of my size. Immediately the other girls moved in and resumed their punishing storm of fast stinging kicks all over my heady and body. BLAM! BAM! BAM! The kicks were shockingly fast as well as brutally hard leaving bruises all over my body.

“Hai Ya!” another girl launched herself into the air in front of me. Instinctively I raised my hands to protect my face only for her leg to angle down and her foot to plunge deep into my gut. WHUMP! “Orrraghhh!” I wailed as my breath left me and my body began to fold forwards. More girls started leaping into the air with stunning athleticism, their lovely legs bombarding my upper body and back with exceptionally powerful kicks. Their Karate cries making me jump, turning me into a nervous wreck as they pound me red raw over and over with their feet. Despite the pain, I find myself aroused although scared by their sheer skill and power which I am helpless to defend against.

I try to escape only to find short skirts and strong flexible kicking legs everywhere I turn. BLAM! “Berroooughhh!” a girl steps in front of me and drives her knee up high right into my already ruined belly. I crumple over in agony badly winded and not falling through sheer strong will of mind. Strong kicks continue to pound around me turning my body black and blue. Gritting my teeth I try to fight the agonising cramps in my stomach, knowing that if I collapse to the ground that these demon school-girls will surely kick me to death. I turn around looking for escape. BLAM! A long leg streaks up vertically to blast my face. Dazed I turn away. Only for a long flexible leg to whip around my head and blast the side BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Every way I turn I find my face and head getting hammered as shiny brown bare-skinned streaks slam their socked and sandalled feet hard without mercy. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!I am powerless against such flexible deadly legs and I sink into submission becoming highly aroused by all of these lovely bare legs kicking me to a pulp while flashing their skimpy knickers. BAM BAM BAM even the smallest girls are kicking my head with incredibility rapidity and flexibility that becomes a painful blur. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! My head is being buffeted around in a storm of powerful kicks from lovely legged teenagers in very short skirts. BLAM! BLAM! I have no control of where I staggered as blast after blast of painful hammering feet which rapidly changes in the direction of my random staggering under this leggy hailstorm.

Suddenly I’m aware that the kicks have stopped. Panting heavily and trying to force myself upright despite the terrible cramps in my gut I find myself the far end of the hall. The only visible doorways to the courtyard are at the opposite end denied to me by a small sea of girls looking at me with expectancy. Are they waiting for me to try to run for the exit so they can resume kicking me to pulp? No chance! I looked around at my nearby surroundings. At this end of the hall, the floor is raised into a low-stage. In the corner I see a wooden door. I have no idea where it leads, except that it is away from these demon school-girls and their deadly flexible legs. I run for the door, hearing no footsteps following me. As I swing the door open I stop stock still with my jaw dropping open slackly, my eyes bulging and my dick rising. In the doorway two tall teenagers block my way. Two girls wearing only tiny pleated skirts and nothing else! They unashamedly display their sexy developing breasts with magnificent toned and gleaming slender bodies with pleasing hour-glass figures. PHOARR! I wanted to take them and make them my wives but both have taut hard stomachs ribbed with abdominals and hard slim brawny arms that make me nervous. They say nothing as they enter the hall and stand side by side putting themselves between me and the door. Their bodies glisten with sensual promise, sultry eyes watch me atop long slender noses and small tempting mouths. Their six-pack abs rise and fall sensuously. Unsmiling with cold emotion they raise their hands, open-palmed like knives in a fighting stance and my cock hardens knowing that I don’t stand a chance. “Please no” I beg. “Hai!” their hands flash out in unison so fast that I barely see them. THUD! The edge of their hands strike simultaneous with a single hard chop at the base of my neck upon either side. “Arghh!” a jarring jolt seers through my nervous system making my shoulders twitch and shake. Unsmiling the topless goddesses reel back their hands still held like open-knives ready to strike again. I try to move but find myself unable. My dick is achingly hard knowing that I am facing two incredibly sexy yet lethal fighting girls against which I had no defence. “Hai! Hai! Yah! Hai!” their synchronised shouts make me jump in terror. BAM BAM BAM BAM the edge of their young hands feel like axes as they quickly chop me at various sensitive points all over my upper body with lightening fast precision making my body jerk and spasm. “Yah!” Their fists shot forwards together towards my chest BLAM! CRACK! “Arghh!” I cried out in agony as I felt ribs break. “EEEEEYAH!” my dick lurched and I nearly wet myself as right in front of me, the two near-naked Amazon school-girls leapt so high into the air that I was staring right at their exposed crotches. Their right feet punch forwards in unison. KABLAM! SPLAT! “Arghh!” the combined kicks are so powerful that I feel my cheeks break under the impact.

The force of the brutal kicks is so strong that it drives me backwards and I fall off the edge of the low-stage. Aware of a forest of bare legs, white socks and sandals crowding around me I quickly force my aching body to my feet to make my escape. BLAM! “Arghhkkk!” four or five feet slam shockingly hard into my neck from all sides at the same time. “Kkkarkkk!” I croak with shock as the combined kick nearly crushed my throat. I turn and try to barge my way through the wall of girls only for a forest of pleated skirts and legs to shoot up all at the same time BLAM! My skull is hammered between a whole sea of powerful crushing striking all around at the same time. “Kkkkkargh!” I want to scream as my vision goes right out of focus and my head rings like a bell aching in the most awful way. I don’t know where I’m going, I can’t see and my head hurts like blazes, I just want to get away. I turn and push my way through in a new direction.

Immediately I bump to a halt against a wall of teenage girls determined not to let me pass. My vision begins to clear to find myself in the centre of a close ring of perhaps a dozen girls, Adamma at the fore. “I told you to run. You should have listened. Now you must pay the price for you sinful crime” “HAI YAH!” the combined shouts of a dozen or so teenage girls made my dick lurch so hard that I actually came! A dozen tiny pleated skirts flicked up exposing a dozen white knickers tightly moulded to a dozen teenage crotches as a dozen sexy long bare brown-skinned legs rocketed towards my head with immense power. KABLAM!
This is an incident that you will not read or hear the truth about from the media. “In a covert operation, American forces rescued a group of grateful Nigerian schoolgirls when over 50 militants overran their school compound. The kidnapping attempt was foiled with no survivors amongst the militants. No schoolgirl was harmed. In other global news, the ..”  the television set was switched off by remote control by a stern faced richly dressed man with a touch of silver in his hair. “A fake report put out by all media channels. Boko Haram reported a failed kidnapping in Nigeria. There were no survivors. I suspect the school may be run by the Sisterhood” he reported. “More school-girls being trained by those witches. What are they up to?” a startlingly elegant yet cold-looking middle-aged woman asked. “I don’t know, the militants are too scared to keep an eye on it claiming the place is cursed by the ghosts of the Amazons. I have advised them to hit easier targets”. “Absolutely, religious unrest keeps the markets volatile and increases our gain” another agreed.

A conference room in a heavily guarded secret location. You may have heard of the Global Elite, a loosely defined group of the richest and most powerful people in the world. Between them it is claimed that they hold 95% of the world’s land and wealth. The 13 men and women sitting around this conference table are the cream of the Elite, the 13 families that between them hold 95% of the wealth and power of that elite group. Engineers of the global financial crises and the subsequent recovery, owners of Governments and the ruling classes world-wide, their personal fortunes have grown over that period by at least 600%.

“Cancer research. Swiss labs reported progress in the development of a more virulent strain of cancer” a tall distinguished looking man with white hair and suit that cost more than most people’s annual salary informed the group. “And the resistance engineered in the genes of our families continues to remain effective?” an elderly royal looking woman said. The white hair man nodded affirmatively. “Once we have the demon-hood we can engineer a more effective disease to eliminate the useless and work-shy, and inbreed subservience in the rest. Solving the future food crisis and increasing our profits many-fold” “That activity does not seem to be progressing very fast” another haughty woman spoke. “I have ordered the Americans to apply truth-serum and to use whatever means to force those ingrates to divulge the location of the relic. One of them must know. If not they will all be sanitised and a new sample obtained”. “I do so hate the lower classes, so uncooperative” the Royal said. “Congratulations on getting The Evil One assassinated. Her plans for power conflicted with our own” “Thank you. My husband wanted to take control of the power behind the British Government but I thought it best to continue to act at arm’s length through the Bank”.

They all nodded and went on to discuss the effects of their Global austerity measures upon their growing bank balances. All ignored the dark curly haired man cleaning the floor in the corner. Later when the meeting had finished and they went off for their extravagant five course meal, no-one noticed the same man approach a laptop left on the conference table.

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