Marriage Guidance (JIMP#60)

A man’s fetishes are revealed during counselling then become reality

Jayne is based on a mature woman where I work. Suzanne is partly based on my wife!

based on an idea by Stefano
(c)Jim P 2014

“You don’t love me, Jimmy, You don’t pay me enough attention. We don’t have sex anymore. You’re impotent”. Not words that I wanted to hear. After so many years of marriage and two kids, now at Uni, some of what she said was sadly cuttingly true. It wasn’t that I didn’t love Suzanne anymore, it was just that, well, she no longer turned me on in the bedroom department. Then she started nagging about us needing to see a marriage guidance counsellor. At first I resisted but as usual she wore me down with her incessant nagging and bursting into tears saying that I didn’t love her anymore.

I guess we’ve both changed. She is certainly no longer the young woman I was first attracted to. Around 5 foot 6, to my 5-10, she wasn’t startlingly attractive but I was drawn to her happy smiling face and sense of humour. With a long slender face, a prominent Romanesque nose, green-blue eyes, a small mouth and chubby cheeks, she took me for who I was with a refreshing honesty. The fact that she had flowing shoulder-length sandy blonde hair was a bonus as I always liked blondes. Her body was quite sturdy, what she called big boned and what the scientists would call an endomorph. She was a fuller figured woman with a large natural bust which I loved to play with and great legs which she always showed to effect with skirts and dresses. Sturdy and shapely from years of hard labour on a farm they certainly appealed to me as a bit of a leg man. I enjoyed feeling her thick firm thighs and the strong bulge of her hamstrings. Her calves were thick with a hint of hard muscle when she wore high heels or climbed steps. All that physical hard labour meant that she could also flex a pretty mean biceps, a gentle mound on each upper arm that felt rock hard and got me pretty rock hard too. I had always had a secret thing for women with muscles, not whopping massive ones, but feminine strong and sexy muscles. I also fancied women who used martial arts to dominate men but by the time I had met Suzanne I had given up all hope of finding myself a woman like that to act out my fantasies. Unfortunately no matter how much I tried to encourage her to playfully wrestle or scissor me in bed, she just found it weird and wasn’t interested.

Carrying two kids and giving birth barely a couple of years apart, she gained a lot of weight that was difficult to shift. It took many long years but finally she is back down to her old weight and size. It was mainly through diet and us going rambling every Saturday and when on holiday. She does voluntary work which also gives her time to do some walking, cycling and go swimming once a week which has helped tone her up. Of course I was pleased with what she had achieved, even losing a few pounds myself and happy to buy her a new wardrobe full of outfits to flatter her slimmer although still sturdy self. However I guess the damage was done and we no longer had the physical relationship we once had. Not that she had ever been particularly keen on it in the first place.

So it was that one afternoon just after lunch and with great reluctance, I walked the half-mile or so down town with my wife. Suzanne wore a light floral print top and skirt with flat sandals. Beneath the skirt, her legs were bare which was normal for her. I was in no mood to dress up for anyone and wore pale cream coloured jeans and a black T-shirt that I picked up at some trade show together with some comfortable trainers. It was a nice bright day and I’d rather be working at home on the laptop over the VPN than waste it seeing some know-it-all dried-up old crone with a social-services degree sticking her nose into our relationship and sex life. That was the bit I wasn’t looking forward in particular. We had just turned onto the High Street of our small market town when Suzanne pointed to the large 18th century detached house of blocky construction made from oche coloured bricks and dark-grey slate roofing tiles and which was set back from the street by long gardens. This was the address we had been given, a place which used to be an old workhouse before they built a newer one further up London Road. It was a place that we must have passed a hundred times or more but barely registered, set back as it was. Upon reaching the front door and entering we came to a small reception area. Behind a desk sat a young girl with red hair, which I think was dyed, and large glasses. Whiplash thin with wide eyes and a near-permanent smile, she was kind of pretty although I suspected the lads her age probably failed to see that and it looked like she hadn’t long left school. She introduced herself as Sarah and told us to take a seat while she went to inform Mrs. Cooper of our arrival. The area was well lit and modernised with an uncomfortable looking sofa that curved around the corners of what once must have been the entrance hall. So we sat and waited nervously looking at the pile of ancient woman’s magazines piled on the coffee table in front of us and feeling increasingly nervous.

Just as I started to fidget, an office door opened to reveal a smartly dressed mature woman who invited us in. “Jayne, Jayne Cooper. Pleased to meet you, please come inside and take a seat. A cup of coffee or tea?” Mrs. Cooper stuck out a slender hand which gave a surprisingly firm handshake. Standing around 5 foot 4 with a slender figure, the most immediate thing that struck me was her face. I estimated she was at least 50 but at first glance seemed much older. It was at first sight a craggy-looking grumpy stern face surrounded by straight blonde hair bordering upon white, swept back from a parting on one side and pinned behind her ears where it fell to her shoulders. Small but long in shape, her face is dominated by a thick black-rimmed pair of spectacles. Small bright grey eyes peered out in welcome along with a smile upon a thin-lipped mouth of medium size. Between these was a long nose. Bags under the eyes and a slight jowly look to her cheeks added to that craggy appearance.

A smart grey business jacket covered her upper body, indicating a nice slim figure with wide shoulders, a slim waist and nice hips. The jacket had big black buttons at the front, all of which were done up apart from the top. This exposed the tops of a nice full sized pair of breasts thrusting the top part of the jacket forwards in a plunging neckline. I try not to stare at the tightly supported cupped breasts and cleavage knowing my wife is standing right next to me. She seems to have an inbuilt sense for that sort of thing. Below the waist hangs a black business skirt that comes down to her knees below which sheer black nylons covered her shins. On her feet are chunky black shoes with a low heel, but even so I can tell at a glance that her calves are brawny and big. They are so slim around her ankles but then curve out in long wide curves almost like sleek aerodynamic wings behind her shin. They are like exaggerated inverted bowling pins noticeably wide around the upper part of her calves before curving in towards her knee. All this was very obvious just by looking from the front. That meant my eyes were glued to her legs as she turned around and made her way over to the other side of her desk. These were old mature calves, very slim at the ankles then quickly flaring out into thick wide slabs occupying most of her lower legs. I’m not an expert on muscles but they looked very toned and the larger of the calve muscles had like a sort of long indentation or cut. Not only were they long and wide and very hard looking they were outlined by beautiful sweeping curves both along the outside edge and the inside, especially where they curved around the top of the dense muscle heads to swoop in towards the back of her knees. Although nowhere as defined or as bulky as a female bodybuilder they were nonetheless beautiful to look at and made me wonder how such a strait-laced looking mature woman developed such amazing calves. As she walked powerful looking hard slabs of strength slid just beneath the surface of her skin. This was with low heels. As she walked I wondered what she would look like in high-heels, I bet those calves would be real cock-hardeners. My attention to another woman’s legs got me a hard elbow in the ribs from the missus.

Being an old building, the office was very spacious. Wide tall windows let in a lot of natural light. The room was fitted out with antique wooden furniture and a thick carpet lay upon the floor. At one end of the office is a large antique looking desk behind which but positioned just to the side so that there was no barrier between this and two comfortable armchairs in front was a tall leather upholstered swivel chair. It was upon this that Mrs. Cooper sat down. As she did so her skirt slid back to reveal long slim thighs and the hint of a dark band of stocking tops. She then crossed her legs in the appealing way that some women can. I tried not to gawp at the thick slab of hardness flaring out from behind each calve as she used an intercom to order Sarah to get us two coffees and a green tea for my wife. Mrs. Cooper, “Please call me Jayne” she insisted in quite a pleasant soft aged tone, explained how she was a counselling psychologist who worked with marriage partners to understand the deep seated emotion issues behind their apparent emotional disconnection. Blah blah blah psycho-babble I just tuned out and watched the big mass of calve meat flare out upon either side of her left shin as it rested on top of her right knee. It wasn’t as though the rest of her legs were thick by contrast they were slim almost scrawny as she wrapped them up one on top the other. Clad with the sheen of sheer black nylons, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off those big wide toned calves. Jayne’s eyes flickered towards me several times, peering at me through those glasses and with an unreadable expression on her mature plain face but if she caught me staring at her amazing flaring calves she didn’t say anything.

Of course she soon got around to the embarrassing stuff with my wife doing most of the talking and accusing me of being impotent. I was seriously considering get out of the chair and walking out when Mrs. Cooper announced that it was usual at this point for her to speak with the husband separately. Before I knew it, Jayne had got up out of her chair, with the skirt sliding back down covering her long slim nylon-sheathed thighs. Escorting Suzanne to the door, my wife was then whisked away by Sarah to get another cup of tea or something. As she closed the door I was left alone with the mature plain-looking blonde psychologist. “I find men talk more freely when their wives are not around” she told me.

Instead of returning to her chair she walked away from me to a bookcase on the other side. Of course I couldn’t but help look at her calves, once again stunned by the dramatic difference between her slim ankles and wide toned calves. This was wearing flat heels. I bet her calves would be sensational if she wore high heels. Standing by the bookcase with her back to me, she suddenly asked out of the blue “so you are impotent. How does that make you feel?”. “God no!” I blurted out in outrage. She turned around to face me, her glasses giving her an almost school-ma’am appearance. “How do you know? According to your wife you are incapable of having sex with her. Are you having an affair?” “No!” I protested. “Jimmy, I am only here to help you. You must be frank and open with me. Anything that you tell me will be in the strictest confidence between you and me. Your wife will never know unless you tell her” I still wasn’t comfortable about talking about stuff like this with a complete stranger. “So tell me how you know that you are not impotent? You look at porno websites ?” “Er, sort of” I admitted with embarrassment. She turned back to the bookcase and seemed to be looking for something. “I want to show you something” she told me then went onto her toes as she tried to look at the books upon the top shelf which was much higher than she was. My God! Large muscles slid beneath the skin heading towards the upper part of her wide calves as she elevated herself upon her toes. The muscle heads popped into existence, big wide slabs shaped like spear-heads pointed down the inside half of each calf, each sharply-defined. Next to each was a smaller slab positioned slightly higher but just as prominent. Again the difference between these wide rocky muscular slabs and her slim ankles was breathtaking. I must have sat like an idiot with my eyes wide, my mouth open and a bulge stiffening in the front of my trousers. Of course when she lowered herself to the flats of her feet and turned around, she caught me staring fair and square.

There was a smile upon her face satisfied that she had caught me “You like my calves don’t you? You’ve been looking at them all afternoon” “Er, yes. They are beautifully, er, muscled”. She slowly walked back to her chair, no book in hand. So that had just been a ruse. “Don’t be embarrassed It’s only natural for a man to be turned on by a fit healthy woman. Most men like shapely legs on a woman and it is muscle that make them so. Tell me all about it”. So I did, telling her about the sites that I visited of ordinary women and girls who could flex good sized muscle and dominated men physically and with unarmed combat. I admitted that it was a fetish that I had ever since I was young and something that I never grew out of. “Why should you? It’s only natural. It’s nothing to be ashamed of”. I found myself warming to the plain-faced woman with the specs and began telling her all sorts of stuff that I wouldn’t never admit to my wife. I told her how I was attracted to Suzanne’s strong arms and legs, and my attempts to get her to scissor me during our love making. Except that she never seemed to do it right or thought it was normal.

Somehow we got onto the subject of literature and I admitted that Jim Priest was one of my favourite authors in the genre. I never expected Jayne to have heard of him and so was surprised by the change in her expression. “You’ve heard of him?” I asked she nodded “I do a lot of background research for my job”. A frown appeared on her face “I understood that Mister Priest had disappeared, kidnapped by persons unknown” “Oh he’s in Guantanamo bay, held by the Americans under orders of the Family of the 13, they’re the top of the Global Elite you know, descended from the original priests that served the human Queen until the demon-king enslaved her” I stopped then apologised. “I’m sorry, I’m sounding like a geek” “No, no, please go on. I’m interested. Why would they do such a thing?” “They want the fossilised gentiles of Mahishasura” Again her eyes widened as if she knew the name “Yes I know it all sounds a bit crazy but the super-rich believe it is a powerful biological weapon that they can use to kill off the useless people and infect unquestioning subservience into the DNA of the rest of us” “And how is it that you know all this?” she asked genuinely sounding interested. “He used one of their laptops to post a story to the Internet and tagged that bit onto the end” “Oh right” she scoffed “So instead of notifying the British Embassy, he posts a story. Hardly the actions of a desperate man” “Everyone knows the NSA monitor all web traffic. They would have blocked it immediately. Besides the 13 control most of the world’s Governments. The Embassy would just tell the Americans and he’d be in a lot more trouble. Anyway it’s just a story”.

Jayne concluded our session, rose from her chair and walked over to the door. Of course my eyes hungrily followed her big wide flexing calves enhanced by the sexy sheen of sheer black nylon all the way. Opening the office door she called Suzanne back into the room. Before she closed the door, she told the ever-smiling Sarah to “tell the boys to be ready in the games room in 5 minutes” I assumed that our session was done and that we could go home. I stood up and joined my wife thinking that we were leaving. “The good news is that your husband is not impotent. Allow me to demonstrate” She turned to address me. “Why don’t you feel my calves Jimmy?” “W-what?” I was stunned. “You’ve barely been able to take your eyes off them. Go on, get your hands on them and give them a good feel. Feel how rock-hard my calves are” Out of the corner of my eye, Suzanne looked outraged and I was afraid that she would hit me. With her strong arms I was always afraid when she got angry in case she used her fists in no doubt of what damage they could do to me. The thought turned me on, but the idea of the pain scared me. “Go on, if you can get me into that chair I will let you feel my legs as much as you like and Suzanne won’t mind” I saw her wink at my wife but she was just as confused as I was. Jayne slipped off her jacket and hung it up upon a clothes tree by the door. Beneath she wore a pale yellow blouse with elbow length sleeves that revealed the skin on her forearms was quite wrinkled and old-looking for someone her age. More impressive was the way that the blouse fit snugly hugging the contours of her body with a slim waist tapering up to wide shoulders and a wide low cut V neck that showed off her assets. “Or maybe you’d prefer to get your hands on these?” with that she cupped her ample breasts and lifted them to form an awesome steep-sided gorge that I quickly had to look away from as I felt the stirrings of lust down below. The craggy-looking mature blonde with the specs sighed and lowered her breasts “Oh well let’s do this the hard way”.

Jayne stepped up close towards me. Her face looked stern while her grey eyes stared fiercely at me through her glasses. I didn’t know what she was up to but I was determined to stand my ground and not be intimated by this strange woman. Without warning her left hand darted out faster than I could react and caught hold of my little finger on my right hand. “Argh!” I yelped as she bent it sharply back then pulled my arm forwards towards her. I was so shocked by the sudden physical attack by a professional marriage councillor that I didn’t even think to react. The mature woman turned away from me presenting her right side towards me and whipped up her right arm level with her chest bent at the elbow. “HAI!” I jumped in surprise and in horror saw her elbow piston back fast. BAM! The point of her elbow slammed hard into the right side of my stomach just above the hip. “Arghh!” I cried at the sudden pain in my lower abdomen. Oh crap does this loony woman know Karate? My balls began to tighten with the thought. “Ouch ouch!” I yelped as a stern-faced Jayne swivelled back around to face me and in doing so pressed my right hand backwards at the wrist forcing my elbow into the air as she twisted my arm above me. My only thought was that the craggy-faced blonde knew what she was doing.

“HAI!” a flash of sexy sheer black nylon flashed out down below as her skirt slid up her thigh and her right leg shot forwards. BAM! “Arghh!” the sole of her shoe kicked just above the right knee leaving it tingling and feeling bruised and sore. Still holding my right arm, the woman with the straight almost limp white-blonde hair glared at me through those glasses with such a stern look full of confidence and strength that I felt my dick stir. She raised her free hand and wagged her finger at me. “A bit lower and that could have broken your knee, Jimmy” she said. “HAI!” she shouted right in my face making me almost jump out of my skin as her hand jerked in a sideways blur chopping the base of my neck with the edge of her open palm. BAM! My hands and forearms spasmed uncontrollably at the shock to my nervous system. “Jimmy!” Suzanne cried out in alarm and concern. “YAH!” the suddenly fierce and frightening little blonde shouted again as the side of her hand chopped the other side of my neck BAM!.

“EEEYAH!” a blaze of light from the sheen of her stockings rocketed upwards right in front of my face so close that I could feel the disturbance in the air as it shot pass, a fraction closer and I am sure it would have ripped my head off. The top of her thigh bounced off her chest as my eyes became level with the inverted image of her wide toned calves. Oh crap, oh crap she’s a Karate expert! The hard stern look she gave me was so full of self-confidence and arrogance like ‘I’m a Karate expert, you’re not. I’m going beat the crap out of you while your wife watches’. I just stood there stunned except for the stiffening in my groin and the contraction of my balls. No sooner than the sexy stocking-clad leg dropped back to the floor than she grabbed my right arm at the wrist with both of her hands. Stepping to the side and turning to face away from me the mature blonde raised my arm high into the air. Suddenly like cracking a whip she spun my arm in a lightning fast forward downward arc. “Woah!” my feet jerked from the floor as the room spun around me as I lost control of my body. In the blink of an eye I flipped head over heels in the air at dizzying speed before BLAM! My back slammed into the floor knocking the breath from me.

“Jimmy!” my wife cried. “Don’t be alarmed” Jayne told her. She was still holding my right arm and I looked up along her nylon-clad legs, my face so close to those wide flaring calves behind her shin. Then her legs seemed to fold towards me as she knelt down placing one sexy black-clad knee on my chest. Extruding confidence she tucked my hand beneath her armpit and formed a crook with her right arm with her forearm pressing against my elbow. With her left hand she pressed down close to the underside of the joint while her knee pressed down upon my chest. “Arghh no no!” I screeched as my arm was forced the wrong way sending shards of pain through my elbow joint. “Argh please no more!” I begged as it felt like my arm would snap at any moment but she ignored my pleas. She kept me writhing in pain and kicking my feet in frustration. I was completely helpless and unable to do anything to stop her. “Look at his groin, Suzanne. See how hard he is getting. It really turns him on to be physically dominated by a woman” “My God, you’re right!” my wife gasped. Have you any idea how embarrassing it is to hear that from your own wife while a plain mature professional looking woman in glasses and a business dress suit is making you writhe and beg in agony while completely subduing you in some sort of armlock?

The spectacled blonde rose raising my arm to point towards the ceiling while forcing me to roll onto my side then knees as she pressed her knee into my side as she stressed my arm close to my armpit and used it to lever my arm backwards over it. “Argh argh please stop” I yelped as shooting pains accompanied the awful stretching of tendons as my elbow joint was forced in an unnatural direction. “Look at how helpless he is. Completely subdued by a woman” Jayne’s voice sounded mocking as she forced me over onto my front. “A wife should learn how to use martial arts skills to control her husband and reinforce the law of marriage” the way she talking was stimulating and actually turning me on despite the pain in my arm and the humiliating position I was forced into, on my knees looking at the carpet. “And just look at how martial arts cures impotency” “Argh argh!” the craggy-faced mature blonde kept the pressure on the arm lock, not letting up her dominance for a second. “Oh yes wow, it’s really quite a bulge now. But I don’t know martial arts. I’m not the sporty type” Suzanne protested. “Oh don’t worry about that. The librarian runs a martial arts class just for housewives and women such as yourself. I’ll introduce you. None of their men have any problems in the trouser department if you know what I mean” the arm-bending witch said with a dirty chuckle.

“I don’t know. I’m too getting to old and overweight to do that sort of thing” my wife protested. “Nonsense, I’m older than you and you look nice and healthy. Here I’ll show you. Place your right hand here on his wrist. That’s it, now your other hand across his fingers now bend back his hand” “Argh argh argh” I was on my knees with my face close to the carpet yelping and squealing in agony as my wife bent back my hand at the wrist so hard I thought it would break. “That’s it. Keep his arm straight. Bring it out to the side. Bring it lower, that’s it” “Arghh please arrgh no” my face was pressed against the floor. “That’s right. Make him grovel on the floor. See how easily a wife can control her husband” Under Jayne’s direction, my wife forced me face down on the floor then pinned the back of my arm close to the shoulder and raised up my arm causing me to squeal in agony. “No no!” I squealed slapping my free hand frantically against the floor in submission and kicking my legs uselessly. “And they call us the weaker sex” Jayne told Suzanne then they laughed, yes my own wife was laughing at me as she stressed my straightened arm.

That wasn’t the end of it, the loony mature blonde then instructed my wife to sit astride my back with her left knee pinning my left shoulder to the floor. That left both of her hands free to raise my arm behind me, keeping it straight, while holding my wrist with one hand and the fingers with the other. She took great glee in bending back my hand at the wrist. “Argghh no no please stop!” I shrieked in agony. Yet all the while my dick was growing the hardest she’d ever made it in a long while. “Haaa haaa!” I gasped as white hot pain lanced through my wrist. “Careful now, don’t get carried away or you’ll break his wrist. Ease off a bit now, that’s it” Jayne sounded like a teacher except not any teacher that I ever experienced. With relief I felt my wife’s painful wrist lock ease off followed by her weight lifting from my back. I heard quiet talking but couldn’t work out what was being said. Suddenly my right arm was whipped right across the middle of my back across to the other side. “Argh arghh no no!””That’s it. Look how easy it is to control your husband with just one hand. Now keep his arm there while you sit down in front of it on his shoulder blades”. “Aghhh!” I groaned as her weight pushed my face forwards into the carpet. “That’s it now reach behind you with your other hand and grab his wrist. Now apply that wrist lock again” “Arghhhchhhh! No no no please” I screeched. My legs were kicking in useless rage as my wife pinned me to the floor with my arm twisted across my back while trying to snap my hand off at the wrist.

“Now get off his back while holding his arm in place. That’s it” gratefully I felt Suzanne’s weight lift from my shoulders. “Keep hold of his wrist and stand up slowly” “Arghh no please you’re breaking it” I squealed and had to scramble to my knees then feet to keep up. “See how he has no choice but to get up or he’ll break his own arm” Jayne’s voice lectured as I was forced to stand in the most agonising way at the hands of my own wife. She had never been violent towards me before although she had threatened it but now seemed to be enjoying it a little too much. “OK you can let him go now” Jayne said. “Ohhh” Suzanne sounded disappointed “Show me some more”. “Later dear but I want to show you something first. Come and look”. I let out a loud sigh of relief as my wrist was released and wincing with pain tried to bring my arm out from behind my back into a more normal position. Jeeze my shoulder blades and biceps were sore. The two women were standing in front of me looking down at my groin. “Wow, I don’t ever remember him as hard as that before. Thank you, thank you” Suzanne gushed in praise. “I want to get him home and fuck his brains out” she added causing them to chuckle. Jayne replied “You’re welcome to use a room here, but before you do I want to show you the power that martial arts can give a woman over any man and turn her into a sexual goddess” That caught my attention, although to be honest at that moment, I too would rather be alone with my wife in a room somewhere for her to have her wicked way with me.

Before either of us could say another word, the mature blonde had turned to head for the door. Suzanne tried to take my hand and I found myself moving away in fear that she would put another painful wrist lock on me. Following Jayne into the reception hall watching her elderly strong wide calves flex and wane kept my boner hard. So much so, that I had to cover it discretely with my hands as we passed smiling young Sarah at her desk. We headed down a short corridor at the end of which was labelled ‘Games Room’ on the door. As Jayne opened the door and held it for us to enter, I was expecting to see a snooker room. Instead thick rubber mats occupied most of the central floor space. Around the walls were punch bags, piles of stone slabs, planks held in clamps and other weird stuff I couldn’t fathom the purpose of. Near one corner stood what looked like a small concrete bunker which looked out of place.

The craggy-faced woman in the big glasses closed the door and told us to stand near the wall and watch. She then clapped her hands loudly twice. A door at the opposite end of the room open and in strode four big young muscle hunks who looked in their early twenties wearing the skimpiest of briefs. By big, I mean fricking huge. Absolutely massive muscles for men so young, bulging so much that they moved with a strange gait as if they legs and arms were too big for them to walk properly. Their bodies were oiled down and glistening in the overhead lights. I tell you that I am absolutely straight and would never consider batting for the other side, yet the sight of so much powerful bare glistening muscle had my already stiff cock growing harder. I was forced again try to cover my embarrassment with my hands so that they didn’t think that I was hard for them and wishing that my erection would go down. They made me feel so inadequate, I looked away and saw that Suzanne was practically drooling which made me feel worse.

The psychologist walked past the line of tall young beef. By comparison they made her look like a little frail wizened old crone. She walked up to the concrete bunker, then stopped to remove her shoes then entered. I was none the wiser as she stood in the middle of waist high stacks of concrete breeze blocks on all sides. With barely a glance at the stack before her or a pause to focus, she shouted “HAI!” which made me jump. Her hand was a blur as it rose then fell, the edge of her open hand slicing through the first few slabs then the force of the blow shattering the rest like a knife through butter. BLAM! There was a loud noise of exploding concrete succumbing to the hand of a craggy-faced mature blonde with glasses. My dick gave a strong lurch in my trousers. The stern-faced woman moved to the next stack of slabs, raised her arm and “HAI!” her elbow slammed down onto the top slab and a massive crack raced all the way to the bottom of the pile as that too broke into rubble. BLAM! another strong lurch of my dick which was getting stiffer. Without pausing for breath, the mature woman turned to the stack forming the right wall of the now-broken bunker, leant forwards slightly and drew back her hand, clenched in a fist. “HAI!” a blur of motion. BLAM! Her arm was extended with her fist in the middle of a stack of disintegrating concrete. I can’t tell you how hard my dick was, it was so rigid it was becoming pressing up against the inside of my pants and jeans wanting to expand to its full rigid length. That such a mature craggy-faced woman with glasses and a normal-sized build could unleash such devastating power was highly erotic.

As she turned to the left-hand stack where she had entered the structure, my dick throbbed in anticipation. “HAI!” to my astonishment she leapt up into the air raising her right knee then brought it down in a stomp of her foot against the top slab. BLAM! Her foot travelled cleanly through the first few slabs before the ones below split in two all the way to the bottom. As soon as she landed on both feet, she spun in a heart-beat. “HAI!” KABLAM her nylon-clad right leg shot backwards like lightning. Her foot hammered the centre of the stack and the whole thing seemed to buckle in on itself crumpling up in the middle like cardboard whilst exploding into a pile of rubble. My cock was aching so hard that Suzanne noticed when my hand shifted to the front of my jeans. “Stop it” she hissed with a sharp dig of her elbow into my ribs. I wasn’t the only one to be aroused. All 4 of the young hunks were sporting massive erections that stretched the elasticated briefs that they wore to the limits, and I do mean massive. These creeps weren’t only big in the muscle department. Suzanne was staring openly at the long thick horizontally poles in the front of their briefs in open lust, again making me feel inadequate.

“Do you now see the the sexual effect of a woman learning martial arts upon men” Jayne addressed my wife. I watched the physiologist walk to the middle of the large matted central area. In my eyes the grouchy looking woman had become a sexy superwoman. She turned to face the muscle hunks and gave a little bow towards them which they returned. All four of them then walked onto the mat with a cocky swagger in that strange muscle-bound style of theirs, surrounded her then suddenly adopted Karate poses. Crap! These over-muscled creeps were also Karate experts despite their bulk and I became concerned for the woman who looked so small against them yet part of me was hoping to see her kick their butts.

“Ha! Ha! Yah! Yai!” with loud sharp shouts and frightening speed the young muscle men began pumping their massively muscled arms back and forth throwing punches at the small woman in their midst. I was stunned as the mature blonde casually blocked rapid-fire punches with almost a look of disdain. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The men began blasting kicks towards the woman putting her on the defensive until suddenly. “HAI! Jayne’s arm flew out straight in a blur and struck her palm on the side one of the hunk’s jaw. It didn’t look a hard blow yet the man staggered back quickly as if he had been hit on the jaw with a hammer. “YAI!” without a pause and still blocking punches and kicks, her black skirt flicked up as a nylon-sheathed shin and shapely calve shot forwards straight into a hunk’s muscle ribbed stomach. BLAM! it was a quick sharp kick yet the massive muscle man flew backwards through the air with his arms and legs folding up as his belly creased. WHUMP! He landed heavily upon his back. “HAI!” without lowering her foot she swung her leg around while leaning slightly to one side. A sexy glimpse of her skirt ridden up to her hips, the sight of pink knickers and stockings and suspenders as her leg rose in the blink of an eye in a roundhouse motion. BLAM! the sole of her stockinged foot hammered another hunk right in the middle of his face with stunning flexibility. He too flew off his feet as he shot backwards crashing to the mat like a fallen tree.

I gasped as the first muscle boy she had hit suddenly grabbed her from behind. “Hai! Ha!” the other remaining shiny oiled muscle bod blasted punches and kicks at her while she was held restrained. All of which the woman in the glasses blocked even as her captor wrapped her neck in his massive arms and applied a sleeper hold. “HAI!” a blur of sheen of nylon as her right leg shot forwards like kicking a ball. BLAM! “Orrghhh!” he wailed pathetically as the boy in front jerked into the air as her foot shot up straight between his legs, his face melting into sheer agony as he too collapsed to the mat. Without pause her hands flew back to the arms around her neck. “HAI!” she Karate-chopped his right elbow and his arms sprang apart. “YAH!” her foot snapped up towards her waist then stomped her foot down upon the top of his foot. Spinning around quickly to face her captor with his wrists in her hands, she twisted up his arms forcing him to stoop. “HAI YAH!” her leg soared skywards in the blink of an eye. Once again, with a flash of lingerie. BLAM! the guy literally went head over heels backwards and slammed into the mat.

It was all over in less than a minute. A craggy-faced blonde with the spectacles stood alone over four young oiled muscle men laying on their backs upon the floor. “HAIEEEYAH!” with a mighty shout that made me jump, Jayne’s right leg soared vertically straight until the top of her thigh was touching her chest. It hung there, terrifyingly potent, her amazing flexibility sexually stimulating as was the sight of her exposed knickers, and sexy stocking tops and suspenders, as well as that wide toned muscular calve now inverted. It is like she is doing the standing splits over these defeated muscle men and she holds it while their big dicks soar skyward stretching the elastic of their skimpy briefs until they actually snap. The shapely curve at the back of her leg with the stocking seams running along it is mesmerising as is the wide flare of her toned calves. Looking unbelievably dominant and supreme, Jayne glares down at them through her glasses and says two words. “Worship me”. She was hardly the most attractive of women, quite grumpy and stern looking, but immediately the four young hunks start masturbating frantically. “A woman who knows martial arts can have any man she wants” she said as the spunk began to spray. I’m really turned on myself and so is Suzanne judging by her heaving breathing. However as soon as I begin rubbing the front of my trousers I get a sharp elbow in the ribs. “Stop it. Don’t be so disgusting” she hissed. The young men spent, the formidable mature dragon dismissed them. “Clean yourselves up and wait for me in the lounge. You will worship me there and you will keep on doing it until I am totally satisfied”

Without another word, the four young men got up from the floor and walked quietly out of the room. Jayne strode across to us. A short slim woman with glasses but after that demonstration I felt somewhat nervous of her. “That was amazing” Suzanne told her “You must have been practising for years. I could never do anything like that, I’m not the sporty kind” “You look strong and sturdy” Jayne complimented her. “I was brought up on a farm and walk and cycle a lot. I’ve always worked hard” Suzanne replied. “Show me. Flex your biceps. Go on” the mature blonde encouraged. Suzanne rolled up her sleeve, raised her right arm and flexed it. My already erect dick gave a lurch as a fair sized hard mound rose upon her upper arm. “Wow, your wife has good biceps” “Yes” I agree. “Come on Jimmy feel them” I did as she asked. I placed my hand upon her gently rounded right biceps and felt how solid it was beneath her soft skin. “You like it, then tell her how you feel Jimmy?” “Oh Suzanne, I think your muscles are sexy” I said in earnest. Suzanne gasped as Jayne lifted the hem of her skirt. “Strong legs too, go on Jimmy feel them and tell her what you think”. I crouched down and ran my hands up and down my wife’s thick strong thighs. “I’ve also loved your legs. So sexy and strong. I love to be squeezed by them” I told her truthfully.

“First we need to deal with that” I jumped as Jayne’s foot stretched out and gently touched the achingly stiff bulge in the front of my jeans. “Take your trousers and pants off, Jimmy” she ordered. “HAI!” she shouted and adopted a fighting stance with her in open-palm Karate chop positions, raised and ready for action. I quickly did as she said. If I was expecting sex with this deadly powerful woman, I was mistaken. For she instructed my wife to remove her knickers then bend over, grab my ankles then stand back up pulling my feet from under me dropping me flat on my back with my legs raised in the air. She then got Suzanne to crouch down with the backs of my legs resting against the front of her shoulders and my arse in the air as she pressed her body forwards forcing it bend forwards while she reached down with her hands to insert my rock-hard erection inside of her. It wasn’t exactly comfortable curled up like that putting pressure on my diaphragm but it was somehow very submissive and sexy. “This is called The Amazon because the woman is in complete control and uses the man’s dick to fuck herself silly while the man can only lie there with his legs folded up before him as the woman uses him for her own pleasure. Yes that’s it, go for it”. Suzanne was already riding up and down on my dick humping away like fury. I was in no position to dictate the pace of her lovemaking. I couldn’t even thrust my hips. She was in complete control. “Urrr urrr urrr urr!” for the first time ever, she was clearly enjoying sex and going for it in a manner that I had never seen her do before. It was certainly the best sex that we’d ever had. We were both so aroused by what we had seen that it wasn’t long before she was moaning with pleasure causing me to blast my load inside of her as she continued to cum. “Ohhhh nnnnnn nnnnn nnnarghhh!” I moaned as I pumped one of the strongest orgasms of my life inside of my own wife.

Spent we collapsed to the mat then the embarrassment grew like a tidal wave as we realised that we had just been making love in front of someone else and a stranger at that. “Oh, I’m so sorry. How embarrassing” we began apologizing but the thin-faced blonde with glasses cut us off. “No, don’t apologise. This is what you came here for. For me to help you to connect again on a physical level”. “No, don’t get up” Jayne told us then crouched by our side. “Tomorrow Suzanne, you will return here and I will introduce you to the Librarian who will be your instructor. I will also start hypnotherapy sessions that will increase your natural ability to learn. But before you go, I want to teach you some simple ways to use your natural strength to keep Jimmy aroused in the bedroom and increase your pleasure”.

The physiologist then got my wife to sit behind me snd stretch out her legs over my shoulders. As they slid past my neck I put my hands to her thick thighs and enjoyed the feel of her soft skin and hefty weight of her limbs. When Jayne instructed her to close them either side of my neck, I knew what was coming and looked forward to it. I had tried to get her to scissor me in the bedroom but although her legs are thick and strong, it was never uncomfortable or painful as it appeared to be on the videos I watched on websites which left me feeling a bit disappointed. But now the mature psychologist taught her how to properly position her legs for maximum effect and how to apply power by stretching out her legs and using her buttocks. “Agh!” in next to no time, I was clinging onto her thighs as I looked down her legs to her feet, excited to feel large slabs of hard muscle below the layers of fat. The pressure exerted on either side of my neck quickly became uncomfortable yet highly exciting. This was exactly what I had wanted her to do at home and it was really turning me on. “Now cross your feet and raise yourself upon your arms. That’s it. Now stretch out those legs and focus the power to try to bring your inner thighs together” “Jeez!” I yelped as the pressure soared to painful levels. “Argh argh!” I had to screw up my eyes against the powerful crush of my wife’s thighs. I never imagined that her legs could exert this kind of strength. It was still stimulating and made me feel so weak and submissive but it was just the wrong side of uncomfortable. I actually found myself clinging onto her knees and trying to prise them apart only to discover that her big legs were rock solid and would not budge. “Look Suzanne, see how helpless he is between your thighs and he’s getting stiff already and you’ve hardly just begun” the stern-faced woman with the big calves told my wife. “Oh yes, this is amazing. I feel so…phoarrrr!” Suzanne replied enthusiastically. At that moment with her strong legs actually hurting my neck and the lower sides of my face, I wasn’t sure whether that was a good thing or not.

Jayne taught Suzanne different ways to apply a head-scissors including a tight figure 4 where her big hard calve nearly threatened to rip my face off. “The scissor hold is a woman’s best friend. A woman’s lower body strength is proportionally much stronger than that of a man” Jayne explained as I coughed and croaked. My throat was being crushed so tightly in the crook of my wife’s knee it was choking me. This what I had always dreamed of and I enjoyed the sensation of Suzanne’s thick strong thighs working against me, putting me so helplessly into my place. Even so, I still tried to tug and pull at her legs so tightly folded around my neck as the choking became uncomfortable. “Urkk! Please! Urkk!” I croaked as I felt myself choking and didn’t like the sensation. “Look you’ve got him begging for mercy with a raging hard erection” Jayne remarked and both women began laughing like naughty schoolgirls. “The scissor hold is such a versatile hold that can be apply in numerous ways. I encourage you to experiment and be inventive. I’m always finding new ways to punish a man with my legs”. My wife grabbed hold of her foot with her hand and pulled her leg lock so tight around my throat that I was coughing and spluttering while my face heated up as I struggled to draw breath over her big strong calve. I began to feel dizzy and began to worry she might choke me to death. Luckily she moved on to a different position scissoring me this way and that. All the time I was completely unable to stop my wife’s big legs from crushing the stuffing out of my head. I held onto her thighs, feeling them turn steely hard beneath her skin. My dick was constantly rigid, I was kept in a state of permanent arousal for this was exactly what I had always dreamt of. The crushing pressure on my neck and head was often uncomfortably sometimes painful yet surprisingly this was exactly where I wanted to be, being scissored helpless trapped between the big warm thighs of my wife. Jayne got her to scissor me over and over until I was totally wiped out and too exhausted to even attempt any resistance. “Look at the male of the species, Suzanne. So lacking in staying power unable to keep up with women” Jayne taunted as I was left on my back panting heavily, too tired out to move.

It was then that the mature blonde guided Suzanne to turn around so that she was facing my feet and to slide her legs around my neck so that I was looking out at her ample backside. “Mnnnnn!” I gritted my teeth and tried not to groan as she locked her feet together and began to squeeze. With my hands I enjoyed the thick curve of her hamstrings that walled in my face on either side. Suddendly they swelled up and unleased a fearsome pressure that had me gasping and grunting as I struggled to cope. Under Jayne’s guidance Suzanne clenched her buttocks and to my surprise they seemed to become very solid. I just had to reach out to feel my wife’s bottom and was shocked and very excited to discover they had become rock-hard balls of ass-meat. “Arghh nnnaghh!” I was shocked by the sheer unadulterated power bulging and swelling around the sides of my face, squeezing my poor neck. I was gritting my teeth, clenching my eyes and tugging furiously at her thick legs to no avail. My entire field of view consisted of two large very hard balls of buttocks that were exciting to look at and tall thick walls of hamstrings that were devastatingly painful to experience. “Urrghhhk please arghhh!” this was stronger than anything I had ever experienced before. I had always suspected but never truly realised until that moment the true power of a woman’s legs. To make a man completely submissive, to be a slave to her femininity. Yes, my dick was beating like a drumstick rattling out a military tattoo despite the face-busting neck crushing power constantly pouring down on me making me feeling more and more helpless. “Arghh arhhh!” the way her big hams were squeezing against the sides of my face, I really thought that my jaw would break at any moment. Under Jayne’s direction, I felt Suzanne raise herself upon her hands, her buttocks clench steely-tight then stretch out her big strong legs. “Garrrrrghhh!” the powerful crushing pressure soared to levels that I wouldn’t have thought possible from my wife. My head was throbbing and my neck was crushed so tight I could hear my heart-beat loud in my ears. She had slid back so far that it felt like my jaw was wedged into the vice-like nexus of her legs against her buttocks. “Orrrr oorrrrrrr!” I was moaning out loud never having felt anything like it before. I gasped as my wife’s hand slid along the shaft of my erection and began stroking it. I thought she was saying something but I couldn’t make it out over the buzzing in my ears. My face was burning hot and my breath laboured.  “Orrghh!” got to hold on. “Orrggh!” my dick was absolutely rigid once more and throbbing. Got to hold on, got to Jeez. “Nnnooorrr!” being released suddenly was a shock to the system as the blood shot back into my brain and my jaw no longer felt compressed. Again I felt wiped out and could only lay on my back panting and hoping my pounding heart would slow down.

For a break, the mature psychologist got my wife to lay on top of me looking down into my face and pull my legs apart with hers. “Arghhh!” I cried as her strong legs totally ripped mine wide apart in less than a second and held me in a grapevine press. I was no stranger to her crippling grapevines, this being the one thing I could persuade her doing. Although she usually did it as she lay beneath me, and would rip out my legs beneath me as she forced me to kiss her and beg to make love to her. “Oh he loves that. His dick is positively throbbing” It was true. Feeling the sheer power of my wife’s legs pitted against mine and completely overwhelming me had me aching hard despite the burning pain in my leg sockets. I reached back to feel her hamstrings and was rewarded with what felt like large solid muscle lining the back of her upper legs. “Ohhh Suzanne!” I moaned in pure lust. “Don’t let him help himself to a grope. Show him who’s boss, grab his hands and force them either side of his face so he can see your superior strength as well as feel it”. My wife complied, grabbing my hands and whipping them level with my head. The backs of my hands were powered into the mat with, what I was excited to see, her strong biceps swelling with strength as she easily pinned my hands. Without instruction, Suzanne moved forwards and buried my nose and mouth into the depths of her deep cleavage. “Mmmm mmmm!” I protested as she smothered me while pinning me like an upside-down bug. “Mmmm Mmmmmm mmmm!” I struggled to breathe, her breasts being large and smothered me effectively with no chance to breathe unless she allowed it. “Wow he’s dick is actually beating. He really likes being dominated by your strong arms and legs. Let’s try something else before you smother him to death”.

“Now think, Suzanne. What form of head scissor would give you the most pleasure?” I was shocked as without pause, my normally not very adventurous wife grabbed hold of my head, twisted it around to force me to roll onto my belly then rammed it between her thick legs until my mouth and nose were pressed up against her crotch. Before I could do anything she closed her legs and began squeezing really hard. It was a bit like something that I always tried to encourage her to do at home. We would get into a 69 position with my face in her fanny while my dick was position close to her mouth. Then I would put on a tough voice. “Cum on darlin’ Force me to lick that. Squeeze me with your legs and make me. If you’re tough enough” She didn’t really approve and on the few occasions that she tried, I found the experience being enveloped by her thick legs stimulating but not really that painful. This time it was different, a lot different. Under the spectacled woman’s guidance, Suzanne’s thighs felt like a car compactor crushing my neck and the lower part of my face with a strength I had only previously dreamed of. I had to hold on to her big legs as Jayne got her to twist from side to side to show me how weak and puny I was. It was highly arousing to feel large hard muscle beneath the soft skin. “Nooo!” the insides of her big thighs tightened crushingly hard around my imprisoned skull, flattening my ears against the sides of my head. I could tell that Suzanne was really enjoying this as her juices began to flow and her damp hairy pussy pressed against my lips. My face was clamped so tight against her crotch that there was nothing I could do to escape getting a mouthful of her musky feminine taste. I pulled on the big high walls of her thighs locked around my head but I couldn’t even get them to move a fraction. My throat constricted while my breath hissed in and out of my flared nostrils. “Lick it Jimmy or she’ll crack your skull” I wanted to resist but I felt her raise herself up upon her hands, forcing my neck back at an angle as she powered down so hard that it felt like my jaw and cheeks would explode. “Mmmmmm!” I was forced to cry out in pain into her hairy pussy. “Orrrrr!” she moaned in appreciation. With an insanely throbbing headache and equally throbbing dick I really had no choice. For the first time in our relationship I genuinely had no choice but to lick my wife’s clit until she came. This time I wasn’t pretending, her legs were really hurting me with their all enveloping crush that I honestly began worshipping her with my tongue to the best of my abilities, eager to make her cum as quickly as possible to make this skull-bending pain stop. It seemed like it took ages as she moaned and groaned building herself up for a big orgasm while her thighs crushed down continuously as if they were trying to feed me to her pussy to devour. “Ohhh ohhh ohhhh!” she began to moan loudly and buck her hips rhythmically jerking my neck around and covering my face with slime. “Mmmmm! Mmmm!” as she came closer to orgasm, her powerful thighs would periodically squeeze down upon my neck with extended bursts of insane strength that felt like my skull would crack at any moment. Those dreadful bursts of power got more and more frequent and of longer duration as she began moaning louder and louder while bucking her hips more and more franctically. “Ohhh ohhhh Goooooddddah ohhh!” she was like a woman possessed. My dick was absolutely aching yet my skull felt deformed with a splitting mother of all headaches. “Ohhhh wooooahhh ohhhh!” she cried out in the loudest orgasm I’d ever heard from her. I was crying out too in intense pain, screaming into her squirting pussy, my head whirling like crazy as my skull was ready to cave in.

The next thing I knew, someone was riding my face very roughly and fast while moaning loudly. I realised that it is Suzanne and that she had actually knocked me out with her legs. The thought makes me very hard indeed as does the sound of her increasingly rapid moaning. Her juices flow and slime my face making it difficult to breathe. Soon she is cumming hard and leaving me with a massive boner. “Take care of that now using the Amazon position. I’ll show you some pelvic floor exercises later to tighten up your pussy making it so strong that he will even never consider another woman” Jayne! I suddenly remembered the craggy-faced marriage councillor. She was watching us make love again! But there was nothing I could do about it as my wife eagerly seized my legs with a look of frenzied lust in her eyes. Crouching down and pressing back my legs with the front of her shoulders, I was powerless to stop her impaling my dick inside her then ride me fast and furiously to another immense orgasm making me cum again too. Twice in one day! I was shocked as we normally struggled to do it just the once. And how many times had she cum? My wife who previously didn’t normally like sex had become a sexual monster!

Wow! Once again I lay back exhausted and panting. “I think that is enough for today” Jayne announced staring down at me with her stern eyes fixing me through her spectacles and her mouth set firm. “You’ve both made marvellous progress”. “Oh no” Suzanne sighed “please show me something else” she pleaded. I was too shagged to raise an objection. Jayne got my wife to slide her legs around my lower belly and back while laying on her side facing me at roughly 90 degrees. Again, I couldn’t help myself stroke her firm big thighs enjoying the smoothness of her skin and the solidity of her legs. Then she crossed her ankles and squeezed. “Nnnnorrghh!” I tensed my stomach muscles trying to resist the growing pressure trying to squash it flat. Don’t get me wrong, my wife is no muscle-woman, athlete or gym rat, just an ordinary hard-working housewife who has developed her strong legs through good genetics, walking, cycling and swimming regularly. “Nnrooargh!” I groaned shocked and excited at the power swelling beneath my finger tips as her thigh muscles expanded and slowly began the inevitable compression of my gut. “Orrraghh!” I groaned and moaned at the immense power of my wife’s crushing body-scissors as her thick legs continued their irresistible advance to bring themselves together with my body squashed flat in the middle. I even shocked myself to discover that I was rapidly growing another raging hard-on caused by my wife’s strong legs. “Orrr Orrr!” I groaned as her inner thighs pressed inwards into my stomach cramping my gut and making it difficult to draw breath. So soon after I’ve just came! This was better than Viagra! I could feel my face turning red as Suzanne’s legs had me gasping in no time.

As if that wasn’t enough the grumpy faced marriage councillor got my wife to bend at the waist to bring her upper body parallel with mine. Suzanne did this then put her arms around my neck to pull herself closer. “Noorrag!” I was trying to push her rock solid thighs away with my hands. The grumpy mature lady got Suzanne to wrap my throat in the crook of her arm and place her other arm across the back of my head. No! it couldn’t be. I had seen pictures and videos of girls using sleeper holds and thought it one of the most dominant looking and sexiest knockout-hold I’d ever seen. Never in a hundred years had I ever expected to have my own normal and boring wife do it to me. But as she began to squeeze with her right arm around my neck and press down with her other hand, I knew that was exactly what it was. “Nuuurkk!” I croaked as her thick right biceps bulged against my throat choking me. Instinctively I raised my hands to try and prise the arm from around my neck, tugging in vain. In horror I could imagine the blood being choked off from my brain and that scared me but as frantically as I tugged at her forearm, it would not budge. “Orrrrkk!” I moaned and struggled helplessly for what seemed like ages until Jayne instructed “Now use your legs. Really pour it on. Let him realise that you could put him away with your arms or legs. He’s just a man, you’re a woman, a goddess of power”. “Urrrrrk!” I groan as she straightens her legs and crushes down so hard around my lower abdomen that my hands fly to her legs as if they could prise them away. “Wow Suzanne, just look at how big your thigh muscles are becoming. They really are magnificent. Much more than he can possible handle” I didn’t need to look, I could feel her thighs swollen and solid like pillars of steel crushing deep into my belly forcing the air from my diaphragm. “Ggggrkkk!” her thighs were quivering as they focused so much power into crushing my body I felt completely overwhelmed and subjugated. My dick was absolute rigid and lurching randomly as I felt the unbridled power flowing through my wife’s thick legs, power that I never realised existed and knew that against them I didn’t stand a chance. I tried to hold out but the mature psychologist was right. My wife’s brutally crushing thighs and strong arms around my neck really were too much for me to cope with for long. I felt my face burning red and struggled frantically as I began to run out of air. “No more please Urkkk!” but she just continued increasing the pressure on my neck and around my waist to make me suffer. My eyes kept losing focus, my heart pounded in my ears and I had problems making my hands respond. They seemed to be getting slower and slower. “You are powerful. You are channelling the power that the Goddess Anahita gave to all women but which men have tried for so long to suppress because they fear us. Rejoice in your strength for you are woman” Did I just imagine that? Was I remembering a crappy Jim Priest story? My hands slip from my wife’s thighs which are still shaking with power. I can’t lift them again. My eyelids close and flutter as I am unable to force them open again. Too much, much too much. I realise that I am slipping away. My boring wife is knocking me right out and there is nothing that I can do to stop her for she is too strong. “Urkkkk! urkkk! urkkk!” I go into a coughing spasm and my dick goes absolutely haywire.

The next second, I’m laying on my back, with my arse lifted in the air as my legs are pressed forward against my wife as she furiously rides my erection in the Amazon position. Jeeze she is so horny! “Orrrr orrrrr orrrrrr!” She is moaning loudly as she increases the tempo. Once again, I find myself helpless to stop her even if I wanted to and that only added to the hardness of my dick. It wasn’t long before she came and I did too, shocked by the strength and length of it. “Nnnnarr nnnar nnnarr arrrrrrr!” I moaned and panted and moaned again as it seemed to go on for ages. What was this? the third time today and it was stronger than ever. At last Suzanne had finished and undocked herself and collapsed next to me united in our exhaustion. It was then that I realised that the mature old crone wasn’t in the room with us. “Come on, Jimmy, get your clothes on and let’s get home” my wife urged. “I can’t wait to try more of this stuff out” she sounded eager, maybe a bit too eager. “Shouldn’t we wait for Jayne?” I asked. “No, let’s go now or do I have to put you in a wrist-lock and march you through the high-street?” She made a playful grab towards my hand and I quickly moved away. “Maybe tomorrow. We’re not as young as we once were” I said. “Speak for yourself. After what I seen and learnt here today I think I’ll have no more impotency problems from you. In fact, you’ll be my super-stud, my sex slave” she laughed. Oh boy! What have I let myself in for? They always say beware your dreams coming true.

The weeks that followed the marriage guidance counselling session were very exciting as my wife and I explored new aspects of our relationship. I was a very happy man. Even our everyday relationships outside the bedroom improved. We seemed to become more tolerant and understanding of each other and a bit more touchy, feely. But it was in the bedroom department that our marriage really changed for it was there that Suzanne changed from an equal partner into a completely dominant, sex-crazed monster and I loved it.
She would strip down to her briefs, raise her fists as if ready to box. That was a sight that caused my dick to stiffen every time. “Come on Jimmy, come and get these off and you can have me anyway you like but you’ll have to fight for it and frankly you can’t fight for toffee” she would challenge in a teasing tone. That was enough for me to try and make a grab for her with my ardour rising in anticipation wondering what move she would use to defend herself against my advances. Suzanne seemed to come up with different techniques all the time and it puzzled me how she was doing this. Was she looking it up on the Internet while I was at work? She would come up with a new move and be a bit unsure at first but then would improve over the next few days until she almost seemed to be reacting automatically. It was almost as though she was practising.

Sometimes she would playfully press her palm into my lower face and force it upwards as she pushed me away. “SMACK! I’ve broken your nose” she would exclaim with enthusiasm. Other times she would push her wide knee between my legs and press it into my groin. “SPLAT! Broken balls” she would shout with glee. The one which scared me was where I would move forward to grab her and her leg would snap forwards driving her foot fast towards my balls only to stop less than an inch away and give it a gentle tap. “CRACK! No more children, good!”. In fact as time went on she seemed to get incredibly good at blasting a kick at my balls or a punch to my face making me cry out in fear as it rushed towards me only for it to stop a hair-breath away and continue as a playful tap. “BLAM! Bust your jaw” she would cry pushing my jaw to one side with a push of her fist.

More often than not it was a wrist-lock or arm-lock that she would use to seize my arm and stop my advance with a twist of the wrist. “I’m in charge now Jimmy, get those clothes off now or I’ll break your wrist” she would tell me in such an authoritative voice as she bent my hand right back until she had me whimpering in pain and hurriedly complying with just one hand. I dreaded those wrist-locks and arm-locks of hers because she became very good in applying them and would keep the hurt turned on continuously as she experimented with different ways to use it to keep me under control. Sometimes she would whip my hand behind my back and force it right up between my shoulder blades until I thought my arm would snap like a twig. All the time she would verbally humiliate me. I don’t where she learnt to do that, things like “Oh come on Jimmy man don’t be such a wimp” “Oh diddums is your arm hurting, TOUGH!” “Down on the ground and lick my toes, NOW!”. That wasn’t something I was into or enjoyed but with my hand bent back to breaking point while she controlled where my arm went, I had no choice to get down to the floor and obey.

Sometimes she would keep my arm straight and use different parts of her body as a point to lever the back of my elbow stressing it as she applied force that threatened to bend it back the way it’s not meant to go. White hot lances of pain would shoot through my arm while I shrieked and yelped. She would lead me around the bedroom and force me down onto the floor wherever she felt like it. It was like she became this wholly different persona in the bedroom, more aggressive, more dominant and not afraid to cause me physical pain. It turned me on, really turned me on as she ruthlessly asserted her physical authority over me. It hurt like hell but it made my dick rock-hard in no time! Afterwards I would complain about my aching wrist and elbow asking her to go easy on my arm in future. She would say sorry and we would kiss and make up but the next night would often begin with more arm-bending punishment.

Then there was the time she put me in an arm-lock, forced me to get onto the bed and lie upon my back. She then climbed on, sat on the edge and to my complete astonishment pulled my arm straight down the middle of her legs while her feet pressed against my side. “Ow ow ow!” I yelped as she pulled back on my arm while her feet pressed against my arm pit and the side of my face. “Ow ow!” it felt like she was going to rip my arm right out of the socket. I was writhing on the bed in agony it was almost like she had me in some kind of painful Ju-Jitsu arm-stretch but that was impossible because she didn’t know any martial arts. “Ow! Ow! Please stop it ow!” I yelped but she kept stretching my arm back slowly draining my strength and zapping my energy. “Shall I rip it out, Jimmy? I think I should” she teased as her strong legs pressed against my body while pulling back on my arm. “Ow! No No!” “Oh man up! Face it you are being beaten up by your own wife. What a wimp!” she cruelly taunted as her painful arm-stretch kept me powerless to resist her. How did she work out this hold? It was beyond me but I was terribly excited. She then shoved the sole of her foot against my lips and wouldn’t release my arm until I kissed it to her satisfaction. I’m not into that whole feet thing and didn’t like the idea but of course she knew that. “If you don’t like it, do something about it or shut up and get kissing before I tear your arm off” she demanded sounding so tough and scarily aggressive rather than her normal self. “Ow ow all right all right” I yelped as she pulled on my arm. I had no choice, I didn’t like it but started kissing her foot.

Or the time she pushed herself against me, grabbed my wrist then tripped me up. BLAM! I hit the bedroom carpet in astonishment only for her to pull my arm straight across the inside of her thigh, bending the elbow joint backwards. “Argh arghh!” I was whimpering in agony as she brutally punished my arm all the while laughing cruelly and insulting me. “Oh man up you wimp!” Once again I was being totally dominated by my rather-plain dumpy wife who kept working out these amazing ways to get me down and apply an arm-lock. I was stunned by her inventiveness with no idea where she was getting the inspiration. As weeks turned into months she kept on getting better at defending herself from my attempts to grab her. In fact she was reacting so fast it almost seemed instinctive and it really turned me on to realise that my wife would be capable of defending herself from a real attack by a man. I kept asking whether she was practising while I was at work but she always avoided answering.

Needless to say this rough treatment always got me highly aroused. But whatever devious way she devised to get me down and torture my arm was just the appetiser. For that was always followed by her favourite hold – the scissor hold. Head scissors, body scissors she even scissored my neck between her large strong calves. Suzanne scissored me every which way with an enthusiasm that showed she loved every second of totally dominating me with her thick strong legs. For once she had me between there, there was no escape. For me it was an incredible aphrodisiac being squeezed helpless between my wife’s expanse of thigh, usually with a fixed view of her crotch or backside up close. That usually ended up with my face buried in her pussy being crushed painfully hard until I had licked her to a wild screaming orgasm. As time went by, Suzanne’s legs got stronger and more toned as did her arms. When I asked her about this she claimed that she had taken up skipping in the garage when the car wasn’t there to tone up her arms and legs, and was doing more cycling and swimming. I accepted this, why would I have doubted her? Whatever it was she was doing, there was no doubt that her legs were much stronger with devastating effects.

She would wear me down with prolonged head or body scissors then give one really extended powerful burst that would knock me right out. Sometimes she would do this in a combined body-scissors and sleeper-hold that would have me drooling and feel woozy and completely powerless in her strong arms and legs. She became increasingly good at really prolonging the hold, keeping me on the edge, making my dick really throb painfully as I felt her skill at totally controlling me until she decided to put me right out. “I could kill you like this, Jimmy, and live the rest of my life in comfort on your life assurance and pension. Maybe I’ll leave you permanently brain-damaged and walk out on you to leave you to fend for yourself” she would taunt cruelly. Sometimes she would start licking the side of my face and my ears getting increasingly faster as she drove me into a complete frenzy, powerless to stop her, until I came. That’s when she would knock me right out so I had the sensation of cumming hard and passing out at the same time. I wasn’t overly keen on being knocked out, somehow the idea of losing seconds of my life scared me. I told Suzanne this but once she got me between those big strong legs, I was powerless to stop her sending me on a slow one-way journey to unconsciousness. My wife had become my very own scissor-queen and knockout-goddess and I loved it! I was living my dreams with my wife re-creating my fantasies. Well almost, she didn’t do martial arts, but you can’t have everything and I was happy.

My wife having put out my lights, I would invariably come around to find her frantically rubbing back and forth over my face, riding it to a loud noisy messy orgasm. She often would be so worked up and horny that she would immediately take me in the Amazon position, pounding up and down on my hard cock until I came, usually at the same time she did. Usually we did not immediately uncouple and that was when I noticed how strong the contractions had become inside her pussy. “Orrrrr!” I would moan in delight at the amazing sensation of the walls of her pussy contracting around my dick. She would then respond by trying to flex her love channel around my shaft and it would actually respond and steadily get hard enough for her to ride me again! I remembered the marriage councillor, Jayne, telling Suzanne about showing her some pelvic floor exercises to tighten her pussy and assumed that she had been doing those. The results gradually become more and more amazing. Over the months I found her pussy becoming stronger to the extent that by Christmas she could actually get me completely from post-orgasm to cumming hard inside her all by the strength of her pussy muscles alone. Jayne was right about something else too, with a woman who can do that you, you never would even consider being unfaithful.
As the months rolled into years, I continued to enjoy being scissored helpless by my wife’s strong legs. The uncanny almost instinctive way she could fend off my playful attempts to grab hold of her in the bedroom and turn it into a dominant hold such as an arm-bar was highly arousing. It reminded me of the martial arts that Jayne the Marriage Guidance counsellor had demonstrated. She had offered to enrol Suzanne in some sort of self-defence club run during the daytime for housewives. The idea of my wife becoming some sort of martial arts goddess had seemed very exciting at the time. However she never showed any enthusiasm for the idea and any attempt by me to raise the subject was strongly rebuffed. So over time, I gave up trying although I had occasionally wondered whether she had secretly attended a few classes where she picked up her talent for the self-defence techniques she used to control me in the bedroom. The matter soon faded from my mind. After all my wife was much more physical and exciting in the bedroom. After 2 years, I had all but forgotten the subject until I came home from work one day that had seemed like any other with no warning signs of what was about to happen.

The weather had been fine all week, sunny but not too hot. I went off to work as normal and when I returned I pulled the car into the drive and got out to open the garage. Not for the first time did I wish that I had an automatic garage door like all Americans on TV and films seemed to have. Our garage is quite long, about 35 feet. As I got back into the car and drove it just inside the entrance close to the kitchen door, I noticed piles of thick garden paving slabs stacked up towards the far end of the garage as well a stack of huge concrete slabs. It must be another of Suzanne’s plans to enhance the garden that she forgot to tell me about. I did wonder how she had managed to get it home as she didn’t drive. Maybe she had it delivered. Putting the thought out of my mind, I took my laptop bag from the boot and locked the car. Entering the house I went through the kitchen into the hall to put down the bag by the foot of the stairs to take up later then went into the living room to find my wife.

To my complete surprise I found Suzanne in the middle of the room wearing a wedding dress. It was a white silky number with layers of lace, shiny and shimmering with every move, that left the arms and shoulders bare and hugged her figure in a very flattering manner all the way to the floor. I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. The dress certainly showed off her full-figured curves and accentuated her large breasts in a very appealing manner. “Cat got your tongue?” she asked. “W-wow you look amazing but why?” I manage to say. “This is to make up for the wedding dress you never brought me” she replied. It was true but then we both didn’t want the fuss and expense of a proper church wedding and so had a simple registry office job followed by a buffet with the family. I didn’t know what to say. Surprising me again, I could only gawp as she raised her arms and clenched her fists. That was rather unnerving. I don’t react well to suggestions of violence and Suzanne raising her fists like that got my heart pumping and my anxiety rising. The white dress showed off her shoulders and arms as she clenched her fists which made her thick arms swell around the biceps looking toned and intimidating. “W-what are you doing? Don’t you threaten me” I could hear the nerves showing through my voice. “Shall we renew our vows, Jimmy?” she didn’t give me time to engage my brain to answer. “No didn’t think so. In that case lets re-start this marriage the way it will go on from now on”. I didn’t understand what she was talking about. “What?” I opened my to ask but that was as far as I got.

A ripple of firm muscle in her thick right arm and “HAI!” I jumped in surprise as her fist sped towards me. BAM! Her knuckles slammed into the centre of my chest like a freight-train. “Urggggh!” I groaned as the hard thump knocked some of the wind out of my lungs. “HAI!” the next second her fist was speeding towards me again. WHUMPFFF! “Boarrrrgh!” her fist thumped fast and hard against my belly forcing me to lose more of my breath. I had no time to think for the very next instant “HAI!” her fist was moving too fast to avoid. BLAM! Her knuckles hammered the side of my jaw with a very solid punch that completely whipped my face around. For a moment my eyes blurred with the extreme motion and I staggered about in a daze. She hit me! She actually hit me! I couldn’t believe that my wife had just hit me, she had never done that before. What was with that HAI HAI HAI business? Admittedly that had been very fast. Three sharp hard punches delivered in less than as many seconds.

My eyes cleared and I saw her standing in front of me watching me hawkish with her fists still raised. I felt my blood boiling up in rage and began to open my mouth to tear her down a strip or two but she placed her finger across my lips. “You don’t speak unless I give you permission” she told me coldly. “What the f..?” “HAI!” her fist shot forwards in a blur. BLAM! it plunged right into my belly. “Orrrrraghhh!” I wailed as my breath was hammered out of my diaphragm with a deceptively short but hard punch. Instinctively my body began to fold around my winded middle. “HAI!” I saw the hem of her long white wedding dress dart forwards. BAM! the sole of a white heeled shoe bit into my shin with sufficient force to knock my foot back and send me tumbling to my knees.

On my knees before my wife in a wedding dress, I yelped as my head was pulled back by the hair. Holding my head back with one hand she raised her right fist which looked big and menacing. Especially as it was backed with a very firm toned looking arm with a menacing swell around the biceps. As angry as I was, I didn’t want to be punched by my own wife. I knew that she was strong and that it would hurt. I wanted to beg her to stop but I was too winded to speak. “You still don’t get it yet do you? This isn’t a game. Maybe this will convince you. HAI!” her fist streaked downwards at an angle towards my face like a meteor. BLAM it struck my jaw square on in an explosion of pain and bright jagged lines across my vision. I felt the back of my head slam into the living room carpet then no more.

I came around with my jaw aching like blazes, a sore gut and sore in the middle of my chest. Suzanne was standing watching me still in that blooming wedding dress. “Ouch you hit me! That blooming well hurt!” I complained as I got to my feet. I was very pissed that she had actually hit me let alone hard enough to knock me out! I don’t like violence and I react badly when it’s done to me. I have a very bad temper when I lose my rag which isn’t often and right now I was fuming. “Well learn to keep your big mouth shut in future” she replied taking on the horrible belligerent attitude that she always did when we argued. She started to raise her hands and worried that she would punch me again I stretched out both of my arms to try to grab hold of her wrists. Moving with incredible speed and smoothness Suzanne dove both hands down the middle of my arms with her palms facing each other like in prayer. They spread suddenly with the backs of her forearms slamming into the insides of my elbows. My arms spread apart as though pressed by a coiled spring. Then her palms turned inwards towards me like axe-blades. “HAI!” her shout made me jump with fear as both of her palms shot inwards on the ends of her outstretched arms like scissor blades closing faster than a man can react. WHAM! The edge of each hand chopped into the base of my neck upon each side simultaneously. “Argh!” it was like a bolt of lightning shot along my nervous system as my body jerked and my eyelids clamped shut. I opened them again too soon to be confronted with a swirling blur of vision that made me feel dizzy causing me to stagger.

“You will never try to attack me again like that unless I ask you to” my wife’s voice sounded out strong and clear. I tried to focus on her voice but my head kept bobbing uncontrollably. My vision cleared and I saw that she had one arm raised in front of her bent at the elbow with the forearm bent and the hand open-palm as if ready to deliver a Karate chop. The other hand was held similar but low down in front of her ample chest. She looked so confident and strong as if she were a real Karate expert! The fighting stance looked so convincing that my dick began to stiffen once more. “Wow! You’re really good at pretending to know Karate. You’re really turning me on” I moaned lustfully, my anger draining. I stepped towards her, slipping my arms around her waist to pull her towards me so I could kiss her passionately. “HAI!” her elbow whipped around at head height and caught me on the side of my jaw. BLAM! “Argh!” my face span around in a blur. Pain exploded in my jaw and I saw blackness and stars in my vision as I began to stumble to the right. “YAI!” her shout made me jump, my vision too blurred to see. BLAM! I felt the edge of her hand cut through the air a fraction before it slammed into the left side of my neck. WHUMP! Another shock to my nervous system and my legs gave way as I fell sprawling to the floor.

I lay on the floor with my head spinning trying to hold onto conciousness. I was aware of my wife standing over me with her legs astride wearing a wedding dress. She Karate chopped me! She actually chopped me like a real Karate woman! and knocked me down! She looked magnificent standing over me like that, victorious and strong that all the anger for punching me earlier drained away replaced by a building lust for this realistic Karate play she had come up with. “I really don’t want to hurt you, Jimmy” she told me in a soft gentle voice “please get up”. As if I needed encouragement she raised her thick bare right arm out to her side and bent her forearm in towards her head. “This beauty knocked your lights out. I’m sorry that I had to do it so don’t forget it, Jimmy” she told me as a big dense smooth-top muscle grew from her upper arm. I’d seen her biceps before but now they grew larger and with much better definition. Gulp! I was stunned, had she been working out in secret? The sight of that muscular looking arm both excited me and filled me with dread for what she had just done with it.

“Go on, feel it Jimmy” she flexed her other arm to join it. “Feel my biceps that knocked you right out in seconds” I didn’t need asking twice and with a steady stiffening in my groin I got to my feet and placed my hands on my wife’s biceps. They were beefier and denser than before and felt rock-hard under my fingers. Even her forearms seemed brawnier with a noticeable taper towards her wrist. “You’ve been working out” I gasped with a growing hard-on. “No. It’s called hard work. It’s what people who don’t sit on their backsides in offices all day do” she replied. “I’ve always been stronger than you, Jimmy, and still am because I’m not afraid of hard work. That makes me boss in this marriage”.

Before I could utter another word, Suzanne bent at the knees slipped her right arm across the back of my knees while bringing her other arm across my lower back. Straightening her legs, I was staggered to find myself lifted clean into the air feeling great excitement at this unexpected display of strength. My dick was so engorged and hard that it pushed up a tent at the front of my trousers. She raised me up level with her chest then suddenly brought her left arm down swinging my head down towards the floor while flipping my legs into the air. “Woah!” I cried in shock suddenly finding myself airbourne as my legs flipped over my head. It was a short-lived experience as the next second my back slammed into the floor at great speed. BERLAM! “Urghhh!” my back! Not allowing me time to recover from the unexpected fall, Suzanne seized my wrist and applied one of her nasty wrist-locks and forced me whimpering and squirming to my feet whereupon she once again lifted me off my feet. “Wow, you are amazing darling” I gushed becoming quite aroused as she pressed my body right up onto her shoulders before once again tossing me to the floor. BERLAM! Over and over my wife forced me swiftly to my feet, lifted me up pressing my body high before slamming me down. She was so incredibly fast that I was in a near-permanent daze with a permanent erection at her astonishing strength and stamina which I never suspected before.

Finally she stood me up and faced me, holding onto me until the room had stopped spinning. “I bet you’ve forgotten what day it is?” she asked. It wasn’t her birthday or our anniversary. “It’s two years to the day when we went to see Jayne for marriage counselling” she explained as if I should have memorised that date for some reason. “You remember Jayne don’t you? and how she saved our marriage” “Of course. She taught you those wrist-locks and scissors hold that spiced up our marriage and proved to you that I wasn’t impotent” I replied, remembering the wide defined calves that the mature spectacled woman had. “Then you remember that demonstration she gave of her amazing martial arts skills that really turned you on” “Of course. That was really quite amazing” I replied. “Do you remember anything else about that?” she asked with a strange smile as if I was about to walk into a trap. “Well she said she something about a woman who ran some kind of day club for women, self-defence or something”. Anticipation began to rise up inside of me. Had Suzanne been taking these self-defence lessons for the last 2 years without me knowing? That would explain why she was getting so good in our little foreplay sessions. Her smile got wider and more predatory. “No, Jimmy, I’ve not been learning self-defence every day for the last 2 years while you’ve been at work” part of me sagged in disappointment. “It’s martial arts and I’m going to prove it”.

Before I could react her hand flashed out and seized my right wrist then her other hand grabbed my hand. A quick twist and my hand was facing outwards causing my forearm to turn and forcing me down to my knees. “And it’s not just Karate I’ve mastered, Jimmy” the woman in the slinky white wedding dress told me. That statement made my dick respond in an excited way. Could it be true? Had my wife been learning martial arts, and in more than one form? With my arm strained and twisted into an awkward position, I found myself at eye-level with my wife’s well-packed chest. The way that wedding dress just clung to her body really emphasised just how large they were and what a lucky man I was to have them all to myself. “Arghh!” I yelped as she stepped around behind me. Twisting my arm behind my back she forced me in no uncertain terms into the kitchen. “You know how inescapable my wrist and arm-locks are and you were stupid enough not to suspect anything, hah!” she laughed taunting me and applying a touch more pressure onto my stressed arm just to remind me who was in charge. “You’d be best obeying every word I tell you in future if you know what’s good for you” she told me in an arrogant boastful voice as we reached the door to the garage. “Open it” “Argh argh argh!” I was dancing and writhing as she sharply stepped up the level of pain on my wrist until I had done what she asked.

Once we were through into the garage and past the car, she came level to my side hooked her right arm over my elbow joint then twisted my wrist in towards my neck. “Argh argh!” she then reinforced her grip by grasping her hand then forced my bent arm right back until the hand was over my shoulder. Forced to bend slightly backwards and facing my wife who was at my side, she frog-marched me backwards with my hip pressing against hers. I felt so powerless and weak as I was forced backwards with each step jarring my twisted arm painfully. For the first time I realised that she might be telling the truth. Thankfully when we got near the end of the garage she freed my arm. Before I could speak a word she put a finger across my lips. “Ssshh don’t make me have to punch your lights out again” she said. I didn’t like being talked to like that but for the first time in our relationship felt too unsure as to how to handle the situation.

In the days before WWII when our house was built, there was originally an outdoor loo with a coal bunker built in front forming a L shape. Some previous owner, had enclosed these two buildings within the structure of the garage. The side of the former coal-bunker effectively formed an interior wall that extended lengthways dividing the end of the garage in two. Some while ago, Suzanne got me to put up a sturdy metal pole cross-wise about a foot from the top of this wall, bracketed there and on a point opposite on the much later inside wall of the garage. I thought that this was so she could hang heavy items of washing in bad weather so they could dry in air coming in from the small window of the former outside loo. Actually now that I think back on it, it must have been almost 2 years ago.

As my wife turned her back on me and proceed to knock out a series of chin raises on the bar, I understood it’s real purpose. The low cut back of the wedding dress showed a riot of moving shapes in her broad back and shoulder-blades which I never realised she had before. Okay her back wasn’t developed like a female bodybuilder but it was mesmerising enough for me to watch silently in appreciation of what a fantastic surprising wonder woman my wife had turned into without my knowledge. She was never the athletic type or into exercise in any serious way so it was a complete surprise to see this rubenesque sturdily built woman lifting herself off the floor with her calves bent behind her and pulling her chin up to the bar again and again at a steady pace. I was fascinated by how steady her arms are as they pulled her up then lowered her again smoothly without any shaking. By the noises of exertion she made and the sheen of perspiration forming on her back and arms that were starting to turn reddish as they pumped up with blood, it was obvious that it was hard work. I certainly doubted that I could do it more than a few times but here she was knocking out a whole set. Finally she finished and lowered herself to the floor and turned around to face me, her face, shoulders and arms flushed with exertion.

Suzanne raised both of her arms and bent her fists towards her head flexing her biceps. “Think you could do that?” she asked. “No” I gasped as the familiar sturdy mounds grew upon the tops of her upper arms. “Wow!” I gasped again as the softly rounded tops of those mounds took on a much more defined shape of the muscles beneath. Dressed in white wedding dress, the sight of my wife flexing her big hard biceps was an incongruous although stimulating sight. “Wow they’re incredible!” I gasped again for I had never seen them pumped up before and it was now clear how solid and defined they had become. Even her shoulders and forearms looked much firmer. “Do you think they are bigger than yours? Go on show me your puny muscles” she taunted. “No, yours are bigger” I replied in awe for I knew just by looking that it was true. OK by muscle-women standards, she might not have been that impressive but for an ordinary housewife who never had an interest in exercise before they were clearly big, hard and strong compared with a man who worked in an office all day and never did much exercise let alone lift weights. There was no contest. My wife had the bigger muscles by far, as my dick saluted in appreciation. “Do you seriously think you could survive a fist fight against these?” she asked. My dick thumped like crazy against the inside of my trousers. “N..No” I gasped. Suzanne lowered her arms and smiled. “Good. Because I really don’t want to hurt you with my fists” she said in a more gentle tone. “Now that we’ve established who is the strongest in this marriage you can help me demonstrate something else that I think you will find exciting” as she said that her fingers lightly touched my erection. A fleeting touch that was teasing as it was too brief.

The way she just looked at me with a stern expression that oozed an inner-confidence and strength she had never displayed before chilled me yet excited me all the same. She gave me a pair of thick padded gloves and protective goggles to put on. I was intrigued to know why. “Pick up one of those slabs and hold it in front of you” she ordered in a surprisingly strong commanding tone indicating with a nod of her head to the stacks of paving slabs I had noticed earlier. I picked up the top slab with both hands. It was an ordinary garden paving slab about 18 inches square and an inch and a half thick. When she told me to hold it vertically about a foot and a half in front of my chest and to brace my legs, I had an idea what she was going to do and couldn’t wait to see if I was right. Dressed in a shimmering wedding dress that clung to her ample body my wife’s eyes focused on the slab I was holding. Slowing her breathing, she adopted a wide-legged stance that stretched the silky dress between her legs and raised her right hand by her side with the palm flat facing forwards. She also stretched forward her left palm. “HAI!” the loud sharp shout made me jump as her right palm shot forwards. BLAM! My hands jerked inwards together as the slab broke cleanly in two. Although it was exciting, I wasn’t that impressed having broken a thick wooden plank on one of those team-building courses. You write a word representing some barrier to you at work on the plank, then focus on a point just beyond it and drive your palm forwards through the plank.

Suzanne must have noticed for she then told me to pick up 5 slabs at once and hold it in front of me. I struggled to hold all 5 up as they were quite heavy. “I don’t think you should” I told her as she raised her hands again, this time the right one clenched in a fist. “You’ll break your…” “HAI!” Her fist rocketed forwards. BLAM! I felt the force as the slabs broke apart in my hands and bits went flying everywhere. This time I really was impressed knowing that there was no way that I could do that. She just punched her way through 5 thick garden slabs! My balls tightened and my dick throbbed with the display of power realising for the first time that perhaps she wasn’t kidding and she had really been learning Karate. My dick ached with the prospect of having a wife like that.

Next she crouched down behind a stack of four heavy looking slabs of concrete of the type used for serious construction. They were probably 2 by 4 feet in dimension and 4 inches thick. As she raised her right hand above the slabs of concrete held with the palm open and fingers straight together in a knife-hand, I knew that this was serious stuff. “YAAAH!” her hand chopped down in a blur, the side of it hitting the top slab. BERLAM! There was an explosion of concrete as all four slabs disintegrated into flying debris as they broke down the middle with larger pieces breaking off as the ends lifted off the garage floor before crashing back down. THUMP THUMP THUMP that was the sound of my dick stiffly beating like a drum inside my trousers at the lethal Karate woman in the bridal outfit who I thought I knew so well as she stood looking powerful and triumphant over a pile of rubble with her right hand still in a knife-hand position. I remembered my reaction when the marriage guidance counsellor, Jayne, had demonstrated mind-blowing breaking skills. My reaction this time was even more pronounced as this was my own wife who only a short while ago I would never have even dreamed of possessing such incredible abilities.

At that moment my wife is the hottest woman on the planet, a real superwoman dressed in a shiny silky wedding dress and I want her like I never wanted her before. “Ohh Suzanne you are amazing, I want you so badly” I moaned full of lust. But as I stepped towards her she adopted this fighting stance with both hands as knife-hands one held vertical and the other horizontal in front. She looked scarily tough. Her green-blue eyes bored into mine like laser beams, her mouth tight looking tough. “These hands are registered lethal weapons, Jimmy. I’m not kidding. You saw what these hands did to those slabs of concrete. Imagine what they could do to your body” She said in a strong voice full of danger. “Step forwards if you want to find out” she warned. “Orrrrr!” my dick just grew all the harder at the powerful image she posed.

My wife instructed me to pick up another stack of 5 garden slabs and hold them about a foot and a half in front of my face. She pushed against the front slab telling me to position my legs one before the other and push back. “Do this right or I will smash you right in the face and break it” she scolded. That thought caused more thumping down below. This was like my fantasies come true! I had a pretty good idea of what was coming when she removed her shoes and stood before me in her stockinged feet. You have to understand that Suzanne is quite sturdily-built with thick heavy legs so what happened next completely blew my mind and nearly made me blow my wad. With the slabs in front of my face I couldn’t really see what has happening. “HAI!” even though I thought I was ready for it, it still made me jump. BERLAM! In the blink of an eye a stupendous force hammered into the slabs I was holding jerking my hands back sharply almost smashing myself in the face with the slabs which just broke apart in my hands. Fragments bombarded my safety goggles and left me in shock staring at the sole of my wife’s foot clad in white nylon almost touching my nose. She kept her foot raised right before my face. My dick went absolutely ballistic and I struggled not to ejaculate then and there. As I gazed past her foot, along her shin with the thick shapely calve hanging beneath to her thick strong thighs looking sensation clad in sheer white nylon stockings. The shock of seeing a quite heavily built woman keeping a leg held high in the air after demolishing a set of thick slabs nearly took me over the edge. “Ohhh Suzanne. I want you so bad!” I moaned full of lustful passion and my dick close to bursting. With a hard cold emotionless look that just drove me wild, she pressed her sole against my mouth and mashed my lips. “I don’t take orders from you no more, Jimmy” she replied tersely, her hard green-blue eyes fixing me with a steely gaze as she kept her expression stern then lowered her leg.

No sooner had her foot returned to the floor, my wife surprised me yet again by suddenly spinning around with the silky flowing skirt flying outwards as her leg flashed out to the side. “YAH!” the sole of her foot slammed into the old wooden door of the coal cellar. BLAM! Her foot just went straight through as the door burst off its hinges breaking inwards as it broke into firewood.

I am just so madly turned on by my wife’s newly reveal powers that I completely lose my head and rushed forwards wanting to make wild passionate love to her, like I had never wanted her before. I hadn’t even touched her when “HAI!” BAM! “Orrrrghhhhhhh!” a long pained wail left my lips as her knee hammered my groin. She held it there, my groin on the end of a wide horizontal thigh-length meringue of delicate dainty lace and silk while my balls throbbed and ached in agony. “My knee could have smashed through that big stack of concrete blocks I demolished earlier” she told me in a cold voice while staring right into my eyes. It was a cold dominant expression of arrogant superiority that had my dick beating against the top of her stocking-clad thigh even as her knee was still stuck between my legs pressing against my balls. She parted her lips slightly in a mocking smile as she raised her knee higher forcing me right up onto my toes with my groin perched upon her knee. “It would have totally pulverised it. That’s how deadly my knee is” she said clearly enjoying my discomfort. “I could have mashed your balls into jelly. Maybe I should anyway, you don’t need them. I don’t want any more children. It will be cheaper than a vasectomy”. She then slowly slid her thigh forwards. The feel of her nylon-clad thigh sliding beneath my dick and balls had me moaning in lust like a lunatic. Laughing her hands grabbed the edges of my shirt and pulled my face until it up against hers then kissed me passionately. I was so turned on, despite just being kneed in the nuts, that I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her body right against me as I eagerly returned her kisses. It ended far too soon but as I tried to pull her back for another kiss her knee dropped then came back up to give me a gentle tap on the nuts. “Never press your advances on to a woman who is a Karate expert. She’ll break your balls for good” she teased then lowered her knee allowing my aching nuts to hang free. “Now come with me into the garden. There’s something I’ve meaning to do for a long time”

In the garden there is the remains of an old brick wall that cuts across about mid-way. It was probably pre-war like the house. My nanny used to have a house like this where there was a similar brick wall about waist high with a wooden gate that separated the flower beds from a large vegetable patch. We suspected that this was something similar. A previous owner had made a half-hearted attempt to partially demolish it but given up leaving an eye-sore that I had found impossible to remove with what tools I had and we couldn’t afford to get someone in to do it. It was to this wall that Suzanne took me. Her green-blue eyes were penetrating as she stared at me, her medium sized mouth moved in the most sensual way that I’d ever seen as she addressed me. “Keep those safety goggles on and watch and learn how your wife has far surpassed your feeble physical prowess”. She then fell silent and stood there just staring in my eyes with a superior smirk on her lip that re-awakened my aching groin. I found her stare uncomfortable but when I lowered my eyes past her bare shoulders and upper chest, they fell upon the wide plunging neckline of her wedding dress to her large ample breasts and deep dark cleavage. “Stop staring at my tits, Jimmy and watch this”.

I watched in fascination and building expectation as my wife raised her knee as high as her chest. Once again displaying an exciting new found suppleness. The skirt of the silky white wedding dress cascaded down from her raised knee in shimmering flowing waves, sliding back from her shin sheathed in white nylon. “HAI!” her foot stomped down in a white blur onto a section of wall. BLAM! weathered hardened bricks crumpled in a cloud of dust and small fragments as her foot blasted down. The ends of adjoining bricks were flung up into the air before settling back in a broken heap. Her foot instantly sprang away as her knee snapped back up. “YAH!” her leg flashed down at an angle. BLAM! Her foot punched right through the next section of wall with an explosion of brick and mortar as a large section just gave way and tumbled under the unbelievable power of my wife’s kick. “HAI!” BERLAM! Suzanne moved along the old wall stomping and kicking it out of existence, turning it into nothing more than a pile of old rubble that need to be taken to the tidy tip. “YAH!” BLAM! her foot was like a sledge hammer stomping so powerfully that I felt the vibrations through the ground beneath my feet. “HAI!” BLAM! I could barely believe my eyes. That old wall was very solid and hard to break even with a hammer. I know because I had tried with little success but now my wife was demolishing it with nothing but her bare feet. “KAI!” BERLAM! The sheer power being exhibited by my own wife whilst wearing a wedding dress had completely boosted my dick to full blown throbbing hard status once more. “YAH!” BLAM! “Why don’t you put your head down there Jimmy and see what it feels like?” “YAH!” suddenly she span around with a flash of white and I was suddenly looking the bare sole of her foot less than an inch from my face with the white stockings completely ruined where it had been breaking brick. “Ohhhhhhh!” I moaned my dick lurching so hard. I could barely contain myself any longer. “Ohhhhh Suzanne that was incredible. Oh God you’re wonderful, you’re a Goddess. Oh please let me worship you” I begged like a man possessed for I had the stiffest hard-on in my life.

She lowered her foot to the grass allowing the long wedding dress to slither back down her legs. Her hands seemed to outline the shape of her chest so dramatically emphasised by the top of the dress. “I don’t think you’re man enough for me anymore Jimmy” she said cruelly “You can’t handle me anymore. I’m too powerful for you to cope with” “No, don’t say that please. You have become my dream-woman, my super-woman, my wife, please I love you” I begged, despair welling up inside me in fear of losing my ideal woman now that I had found my wife had become her. Suzanne tipped back her chin in a teasing way, her eyes wide boring right into me as if appraising me, her mouth slightly open in a tempting manner. “Try me then, Jimmy. Try and take me. Show me how much you really love me by being willing to fight for me. Come on Jimmy, fight me and show me if you are really worthy of having a woman like me as your wife. Come on Jimmy, fight for your marriage”

Still watching me hawk-like with her eyes with her mouth set firm, Suzanne folded her arms beneath her chest lifting it up causing two large sexy semi-spheres of female breast with a glorious deep cleavage between to rise in the wide plunging neckline. “Come and get it if you dare” she taunted. PHOORRRRRR Let’s get this straight, Suzanne was not a stunning looking woman in fact she was rather plain and ordinary. However after the demonstrations of her new revealed Karate power I was throbbing hard. I wanted my wife so strongly, more than I had ever felt before. I didn’t know if she was serious or just teasing but I really wanted to see what she could to do to me. “Arrgghhh!” I yelled as I ran right at her determined to try and get her onto the ground where I would take her and give her a bloody good seeing to. “HAI!” the white lacy meringue of a skirt shot up fast to meet me. WHUMP! “Urrghh!” her sole struck the middle of my chest. It was only a short sharp kick but I was staggering backwards under the incredible force it delivered with a pain in the centre of my chest that made it hurt to breathe. For a moment I thought I was having a heart attack. PHOAARRR the self-satisfied smug smile on my wife’s face made me all the more determined to have her so I flung myself back towards her.

I was almost on top of her when she suddenly turned her side to me skipping to one foot unimpaired by the long multi-layered silk and lace dress. “YAI!” her foot rocketed towards my face at frightening speed. BLAM! My head snapped right back onto my shoulders in a blur of motion driven by a sharp kick from the sole of her foot that radiated pain in my jaw. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” her foot hammered into my shoulder, side of my face and top of my head with mind-boggling speed without once being lowered to the ground. They were short sharp kicks that fell like hail with surprising power that rocked my head around like it was on a spring. “YEEAAYAH!” dazed I saw a white meringue of dress whirl around like a mini-tornado as my wife lent right back really low as her leg spun out like a rocket. A streak of white curved around the side of my head then the top of her foot clubbed me around the back of my head. TWACK! “Arghh!” my head was thrown violently forward scrambling my brains even more. She stepped right in front of me with a scary focussed look. “YAH!” a blur arced towards my neck. WHAP! the edge of her knife-hand crushed the arteries at the base of the side of my neck. My shoulder lurched upwards as a bolt of pain seared through my nervous system. For a moment I felt weak and dizzy, unsteady on my feet. “HAH!” WHUMP! Her foot drove into my belly. “Barrrrpph!” A short sharp kick that felt like I’d been hit with a sledgehammer. Doubling over my hammered gut I found myself lifted clean off my feet and soaring into the air whilst flying away from my wife, speeding over the grass to crash land heavily upon my back some distance away. BLAM! “Orrraghh!” My back! I could only lay there gasping for breath realising I just got my arse kicked by my own wife dressed as a bride. There was no doubt in my mind. My wife really knew Karate and was very good at it. The thought made me permanently rigid.

I could only watch as Suzanne walked slowly towards me shaking her head in disappointment. “That will not do at all, Jimmy. Man up or lose me” she said. Stopping by my feet with her legs astride, she hitched up the hem of her wedding dress. She always had great legs, thick strong and shapely but now clad in sheer white nylon stockings and suspenders as I looked up at her towering over me, the sight just fuelled my lust into overdrive. “Orrrrrr Suzanne!” I moaned. “Oh you want me now do you?” She laughed wickedly and hitched her hem up right up to her crotch. Once more she surprised me as I saw that she wasn’t wearing any knickers and I was staring up right into her hairy pussy. “Jayne taught me that a woman skilled in martial arts must always be ready for action. No matter when or what form it takes” she motioned with her hand to her pussy with a wicked grin on her face.

“Orrrr Suzanne! I moaned again getting absolutely wild with desire. This is what I always wanted. A martial arts woman who could kick my arse and who would let me make mad passionate love afterwards. I sprang to my feet and felt great as I slid my arms around her. She just stood there calmly letting me do it with a smug smile on her face. “Hai!” she shouted causing me to tense expecting a punch or chop or something. “Woah!” I yelped as she laughed openly in my face as her leg swept across to the right, her shin and foot knocking my feet from under me while her hands grabbed my t-shirt on either side of my chest. Within a heartbeat instead of falling to my side uncontrollably, my feet lifted from the ground with my knees rising upon the top of her thigh. I realised that I was expertly being carried around on her thigh around her body before she dumped me unceremoniously upon my backside on the grass. I realised with some shock that she had just performed a controlled throw upon me and with a surge of excitement knew that she had been telling the truth about learning more than just Karate.

One look at Suzanne’s face, smiling dismissively of me with a cold stern look of arrogant self-confidence belief in her status as a superwoman with her powerful martial arts knowledge drove me over the edge. I was up upon my feet and rushed her in a crazy inflamed desire to experience her martial arts skills. “HAI!” the lacy hem flew upwards with her knee before snapping out her shin towards me. To my astonishment my hands moved in a reflexive reaction to protect myself. BAM! The vibrations shot through my arms as I found myself holding her right shin as it slammed into my hands instead of my body. The shock was so great that I dropped it. Bad mistake for she reacted lightning fast. “HAI!” a brief streak of motion then BLAM! her fist smashed into my left cheek. “YAH!” WHUMP! “Nnarrghhh!” her fist streaked into the middle of my gut drilling deep in a second leaving me gasping. “HAH!” a streak of white swung around at waist height. BLAM!” “Ouughh!” I groaned as the top of her foot bashed the right side of my waist. “YAH!” whipping sideways, my wife leant back slightly as her leg shot up sideways. A white blur streaking up at an angle. BLAM! The top of her foot drove into the base of the side of my neck. “Argh!” my shoulders leapt up crowding my neck to protect it, too late as a bolt of energy seared my nervous system. “KAI!” stunned by her speed I could only watch as my wife did a showy spin right in front of me, the white layered dress falling back as her strong shapely leg kicked up high in an eye-catching display of sexy stockings and stocking tops. KERBLAM! Her foot crashes painfully right into my face like a wrecking ball slamming me right off my feet, lifting me high with devastating power, send me hurtling backwards several feet. THUMP! I land hard on the grass and immediately clutch my aching face hoping nothing was broken. The sight of my wife standing several feet in front of me from where she kicked me excites me with the power of that kick. Her eyes seem alive and her mouth is slightly open in a look of joy. ORRRRRRR my already engorged dick just grows even more skywards.

“Had enough Jimmy? Ready to admit that you’re not man enough to handle me anymore?” her voice was cutting yet as she spoke she hitched up her dress again to flaunt her sexy lingerie and I was on my feet again despite my aching face. Again I rushed her like the lust-filled lunatic that I was, eager to experience her in action once more. “HAI! She lent back as I approached, the layers of the white dress falling away from her leg as it soared at a steep angle towards a point about a foot away from my head that astonished me with unexpected flexibility and suppleness. At the last second the foot swung around and clubbed me on the side of the head. WHUP! “Ow!” I cried. I was so turned on that my lust overruled my sense of pain. “YAH!” with incredible speed, no sooner had her foot returned to the ground, Suzanne stepped smoothly towards me, her fist speeding forwards like a rocket towards my upper chest. WUMP! “Orrrgghh!” It thundered right into my chest bone with shocking strength that left me gasping. Once again I was shocked by how devastating hard she could punch. The next second her leg was raised high again with surprising flexibility. “YAH! YAH!” the sole of her foot slapped my face hard to the right then the top of her foot slapped it back the other in less than a heartbeat. My wife gave me no time to think for the next second her knee was rising fast. “HAH!” WHUMPH “Warragghhh!” I groaned aloud as her knee drove right into my stomach just beneath my ribcage like thunder devastating my diaphragm and lifting me clean off my feet. My body rode her knee upwards for a couple of feet before it dropped away beneath allowing me to fall to the ground. I crumpled into a tight ball with my mouth opening and closing repeatedly like a goldfish as I tried to fight the most excruciating cramps in my gut that was preventing me breathing.

“Pathetic!” my wife’s voice came from somewhere above me. Cradling my winded gut while rocking back and forth as if that would somehow restarted my lungs I looked up along the length of white lace and silk adorning my wife’s deadly strong legs. I saw her take out a mobile phone from some concealed pocket and dial a number. “Yes. He is as useless as you said he would be. Send the boys over. I could do with a real man or four. OK see you soon” I only heard one side of the conversation but I didn’t like what I heard. I wanted to get to my feet to try to attack her again and made her proud. Instead I was curled up on the ground clutching my chest like a loser.

To my horror Suzanne turned away from me and began to walk back towards the house. I was horrified of losing her. From somewhere deep within, I found the energy to leap to my feet and rush after her. “No, don’t leave me!” I gasped. Rushing up behind her I managed to lay my hand down upon her shoulder when suddenly she snatched it and pulled it over her shoulder pulling me tight against her back. Leaning quickly forwards, I felt my feet leave the ground. Her ample backside covered in white lace and silk pressed into my groin as my erection slid along it. ORRRR that sensation nearly causes me to shoot my load. It all happened in a split-second, I was suddenly flying over her broad back with the ground rushing up fast as I somersaulted towards it. BLAM! My back hit the grass hard knocking the wind out of me once more. She had thrown me, she had really thrown me. It was just about the sexiest thing I’d ever experienced.

Suzanne still had hold of my arm and immediately put one her wicked arm locks on me forcing me to my feet. Quickly pressing her body against me she pulled my right arm around her waist and my left around her shoulders. Swiftly turning her side into me, her broad hip pressed against my throbbing erection as she held me close then lent slightly forwards loading me onto her hip. In a flash my body rode up and over her hip. “Woah!” I was airborne again, completely helpless as it hurtled over her hip going head over heels. In that brief moment I felt my body change direction and I realised that she was demonstrating her skill in controlling how I fell. BERLAAM my back reacquainted itself painfully with the ground. “Ouch!” I now realised that I was fully out of my depth that my dream wife was now so skilled in the fighting arts that she was completely out of my league. I’m not a violent or physical person and don’t get into fights. I had always fantasised about having a wife skilled in the martial arts who would playfully dominate me but now realised the reality was that I could no longer keep up with her and she probably found me less of a man. “Ouch!” I yelped as she bent back my wrist. “Get up Jimmy or I’ll break it” Suzanne growled crouching over me with a hard stern look that turned really turned me on.

“Ow ow ow!” I yelped and writhed my way to my feet under another one of her bone-grinding painful wrist locks. Holding my hand with both of her hers she whipped my arm into the air above me then brought it down sharp in a forward arc. “Woah!” the world span at dizzying speed then my back hit the ground once more. KERSLAM! That throw had been whiplash quick and left me dazed and feeling ill as the world still seemed to continue to spin around me. “Ouch!” I yelped as my wife seized my wrist stretching out my arm while pressing down upon the shoulder. I could hear her laughing and as my vision stabilised I saw her smiling clearly enjoying the power that she exerted over me. “Ow ow ow!” again I was quickly forced back to my feet.

Facing me she folded up my arm back upon itself then locked it beneath her arm. She stood by my side her eyes staring at me like a predator with a tight smile upon her lips. “This skirt is getting on my nerves. Not very practical for dominating men” she told me. Keeping me locked up and helpless in an arm-lock, Suzanne used her other hand to detach the billowing skirt from the top part of the dress. Wow! Her strong shapely legs looked so hot in sheer white stockings and suspenders. I’d always tried to encourage her to wear stockings but she never did until now. With a look of such inner strength and sheer confidence in her abilities that seared into my soul, she unfolded my arm and threw it over her shoulder as she turned her back on me. Leaning forward I was pulled up onto my toes with her ample buttocks, which were bare, positioned just right so that they were pressing again my groin. “ORRR ORRR ORRR!!” I moaned loudly in pure lust as she thrust her backside into my throbbing erection deliberately several times in a row. Her firm double-rounded backside was mind-blowing against my pumped-up erection, driving me insane with intense desire. “ORRR ORRR Suzanne ORRRR!” “Do you want me to throw you over my arse?” “ORRRR! Yes”. For a split-second she lowered my feet flat to the ground then KERSLAM! It happened so fast I didn’t have time to blink. A sudden blur of motion that drove inside my head and I was flat on back at my wife’s stockinged feet. I nearly dumped a huge load into my pants.

She still had hold of my arm and immediately dropped down and draped her legs over my chest. Pulling the back of my arm straight between her legs and stressed it against her bare crotch. “Arrgh!” she had me in cross-body arm-bar. Her left leg slid over my neck with a shapely mass of calve muscle on one side and thick strong thighs and shapely hamstrings on the other. With her skirt removed I was gazing up at her stocking tops in open lust as her big strong legs never looked more sensational. “Arghh!” she began to torture my arm by raising her backside, her hairy pussy pressing the back of my upper arm upwards stressing my elbow. With those sexy stocking-clad legs there was no doubt, if I had any, that I was being completely dominated by a woman. My wife really poured it on raising her backside and shifting from side to side until I was crying out. “Arghh no please you’re breaking my arm” “Oh man up! Do you really think you stand a chance against me now?” “Argh argh” she stressed my to breaking point with her naked crotch to force an answer “No. Please I love you I want you I need you argh argh”. She laughs at that “You’d better!” I felt so completely overwheamed, so utterly dominated that my erection was painful. Without thinking, my hand stole to the big bulge in the front of my trousers and began rubbing. “Argh!” a sharp pain through my arm had me yelping in agony. “Stop that!” Suzanne ordered “Get it out, let me have a look at it”. Writhing in agony and with one hand I unzipped my trousers and fished out my dick which was so engorged and rigid that it was difficult to get out until it sprang pointing right up towards the sky. I felt humiliated, degraded and totally dominated yet it kept me aroused all the more.

With a look of pure dominance and sexual longing that I’d never seen on her face before, Suzanne released my arm to move to my feet. Crouching with her stocking-clad legs wide open shamelessly exposing her hairy pussy she roughly tore off my shoes then pulled down my trousers and pants with a smouldering hot look that I’d never even previously thought possible on her rather plain face. Immediately she grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs skywards until my backside rolled from the ground then she mounted me in the Amazon position. “Ohhh ohhh ohh ohh!” my wife banged me hard and furious thrusting her hips back and forth with fury building quickly to a fast pace. She was in complete control of our rutting, riding me so hard without consideration that it was probably why I didn’t explode inside her immediately. “ORRRRRRRRR MNNNNNN!” she was going crazy, screaming out while her hips set an impossible pace for me to keep up. “Argghhhhnnnn nnnaghh nnnnagh nnargh!” I came inside her, blasting what felt like absolute bucket loads. “OHHHH OHHHH OHHH NNNNNNNNARGGGH!” maybe my own orgasm triggered her own, but thankfully it wasn’t long before she was screaming the place down with her loud cries of pleasure echoing off the neighbouring houses.

Suzanne uncorked herself and laid on the grass. I was too worn out to even make a move to try to cuddle her and to be honest was a bit scared to even try. After a while her phone rang and she answered it. I couldn’t understand the conversation. “Get your trousers on, we have visitors” was all she said to me then flung my trousers at me before standing up. As she towered over me I stared at her thick powerful legs in awe, certain that they too seemed a lot more toned and defined than before. I watched her strong calves as she walked back down the garden to the house enjoying the view until she disappeared into the garage. It wasn’t long after I wearily put my trousers back on over my naked lower half when I heard a familiar voice then a familiar figure accompanied my wife into the garden. The short grumpy faced blonde with big spectacles was unmistakable. Jayne the marriage guidance counsellor was walking towards me down my garden path wearing a simple floral blouse and knee length skirt beneath which her bare shins led big wide flaring calves. Just as I was entertaining the idea of being double-dominated by two women, I was alarmed to see four massive semi-naked men follow out behind. They were the same young men I had seen 2 years ago, now a bit older and much more massive with rippling muscularity all shined up with baby oil. On such massive bulk, their speedos looked tiny, almost invisible apart from the large packages they contained. There was one noticeable difference from before, they seemed more subdued, not so cocky or confident with their heads hung staring at Jayne’s big muscled calves as they followed on behind. I realised with a touch of irritability that they were also openly staring at my wife’s big strong calves too. That was not something that I was used to. Suzanne is not the kind of woman that men usually pay attention to. I guess with her developing firm fit body that was something that I would have to get used to but it didn’t sit comfortably with me.

Jayne briefly glimpsed at me but before I could smile in welcome she blanked me. The four muscle hunks spread themselves out in a square with my wife standing in the middle. I remembered how they did this with Jayne two years ago before she fought them and found my heart-rate speeding up as my concern grew. Surely Suzanne wasn’t going to do something similar? I found myself too scared of her to voice my worry. I felt irritable again as they were clearly looking at Suzanne’s sturdy strong body. That’s when I realised that they were sizing her up. They studied her bare arms trying not to show their concern over how thick and firm they were. Then I saw them stare at her legs and I thought I saw signs of stiffness in their skimpy briefs. I realised with a shock that it was not just the stockings and suspenders that was turning them on, they were staring at her thick thighs. Even relaxed it was clear that she had big strong thigh muscles and of course these guys knew all about muscle. It felt strange that other men were actually getting turned on by my wife’s legs, in one sense it made me proud. The more I watched them I more I became convinced that my wife’s strong legs made them nervous. “If you can beat them, you can have them” Jayne told my wife. I didn’t like the sound that at all, especially given the way that my wife was eyeing up these young hunks. They made feel me even more inadequate than last time. “You will face them one at a time” Jayne said confirming my fears. “All at once” Suzanne interrupted. “I’d really advise against that” “All at once” my wife insisted in a firm tone. “Very well” Jayne replied and with a nod of her head the four muscle men adopted fighting stances with their legs askance and fists raised. As much as I was concerned about Suzanne fighting these men, I saw to my surprise that they actually seemed nervous of facing her. I realised that these four guys have spent at least the last two years being subject to incredible physical and sexual stress from the crazy hard-calved marriage guidance counsellor. That would be enough to knock their self-confidence and make them wary of making assumptions about women. “HUH!” they grunted in unison which scared the crap out of me as they punched the air in front of them in muscle-bound unison but Suzanne retained steely composure and adopted a loose limber posture, her eyes hard and her face focussed in concentration.

The 4 muscle hunks began to slowly circle my wife watching her cautiously. They saw a sturdily built plain looking woman older than themselves wearing a white buster from a wedding dress with shoulders, upper chest and arms bare. I saw them glancing at her well-endowed chest which was emphasised by the buster as well as her bare pussy and strong legs sheathed in stockings and suspenders. She showed no fear of them only confidence which probably made them wary. Whereas Jayne had begun by blocking their rapid punches and kicks, Suzanne was impatient. Suddenly she span fully around, the muscles in her left calve bunching up as her right knee rose rapidly to waist height. For a moment she seemed to over-rotate so that her right side was presented to the closest muscle man, going up upon her left toes. “HAI!” her right leg snapped out sideways at the knee, a white blur streaking towards the hunk faster than he could react. THWOCK! “Gurkkkk!” her foot slammed straight between his chin and chest into his throat. Even as he fell back clutching his throat, the closest heavily-built man let out a loud “HAI!” leaning back with surprising nimbleness and blasted his powerfully muscled right leg towards her. Without flinching she calmly shot out her right arm and took the impact of his kick as it slammed into the underside of her forearm. “HAI!” a third shining near-nude hunk joined in blasting his massive muscular leg skywards towards Suzanne. WHOP! In the blink of an eye her right leg soared upwards at a steep angle like an interceptor blocking his shin with her thick calve. Her right leg fell rapidly but instead of returning to the ground, blasted out straight behind her. “YAH!” straight into the gut of the fourth hunk rushing to punch her from behind. WHUMP “Orraghhhhh!” the heavy muscle man lifted right off the ground, his face a mask of agony as his massive body folded like a deckchair around my wife’s foot. Even as he was flying crumpled up through the air at fast speed away, my wife spun back very fast to block another high kick with her left leg then continued to spin. As her left foot came down her right rocketed up “HAI!”. The hunk’s arms shot out to block her kick. BLAM! the strong stocking-sheathed leg smashed into his arms with such terrific force that they were knocked back towards him as if nothing more than twigs. BLAM! a split-second later the sole of her foot crashed into his face at tremendous speed. In the blink of an eye, this big muscle man went flying backwards completely off his feet with his hammered head leading the way and crashed heavily to the ground even as my wife continued to turn to face the next man. As she came to a halt with her right leg slightly bent, I marvelled at her big thigh muscle clearly defined and bulging with sheer power that made my cock re-awake. I wasn’t the only, all four of the muscle-bound young hunks were sporting steadily stiffening bulges in their elasticated briefs that were very prominent and very big, once again making me feel inadequate. I wondered whether, like me, they had always liked women with muscle and martial arts skills or whether that was a result of being dominated physically by Jayne for several years.

By now the other 2 tough guys were back on their feet and had leapt into the fray, their powerfully sculpted muscular legs demonstrating surprising flexibility as they blasted blindingly fast kicks towards my wife. I caught a glimpse of Jayne’s face showing concern which made me more on edge. It was like watching a Kung-Fu movie for real in my own back garden with my own dear wife, an ordinary housewife, as the kick-ass heroine. Her face was stony-set in concentration as her heavy but strong legs repeatedly kicked high with eye-watering speed clashing and colliding with those of the big muscle men. BAM BAM BAM BAM their legs were a constant blur of non-stop action that never seemed to tire or weaken in strength judging by the loud sounds of solid impact against each other. Even as I watched this breath-taking display of immense power and speed, the bulges in their trunks were getting bigger by the second. In the middle of all this, Suzanne looked like some kind of superhero in a white buster and stockings and suspenders. One of the hunks suddenly began doing these fancy cartwheels, repeatedly kicking out with his powerfully muscled legs as he spun, a cartwheel of lethal kicks that threatened to kick the crap out of my wife’s face. “HAI!” a strong shapely right leg shot up high into the air at a steep angle, stockings and suspenders and all just as the acrobatic hunk was flipping back to his feet. WHOCK! it down like a hammer just as his rapid momentum drove his own head into her rapidly descending foot. TWOCK! he slammed face first into the ground. In that moment I swore I saw a strong lurch in the big packages in the pants of the others.

“YAH!” Suzanne skipped to the side and powered her leg out, the shin blasting another hunk right across his incredibly developed abdomen. BLAM! The man’s face screwed up in pain showing the power of her kick. Suzanne leapt forwards grabbed his shoulders. “KAH!” her knee smashed through his abs like a hammer through butter. “Orraghhh!” he wailed instantly creasing up as his body jerked into the air. “HAH!” Suzanne’s bare arm moved like lightning slashing the edge of her hand upon the back of the guy’s neck. WHOP! even as he fell to the ground she turned away to face the last two standing. This time there was no mistake as very strong twitches in their briefs accompanied another growth spurt that made me envious. Some guys have it all, the bastards. Another hunk blasted a kick towards her which she ducked to avoid then came up and powered a kick towards his chest which he managed to block with his arms. Suzanne stepped forwards and threw a right hook. “HAH!” WHACK! The punch was so powerful that the guy spun right around then fell to the ground.

The last hunk looked worried as he frantically tried to bombard my wife with powerful punches and kicks while his dick waved around like a bizarre horizontal tent-pole stretching very small elasticated briefs. She just stood there and blocked them all until he began to tire. Then she stepped right up close to him knocking his arms out of the way. “AARRRRRRRRRRR!” she let out this phenomenally long scream as her arms pumped back and forth like pistons, her fists an absolute blur as they pounded away at the big guys’ six pack. His whole body was jerking back and forth with his head thrown back, face screwed up in sheer agony. Under the thundering noise of the bombardment of my wife’s fists blasting his gut that huge tent-pole got bigger and bigger, a tiny piece of fabric at the end of a grosteque long thick dick pulling the elastic tight. His body slowly began to fold up as his abs gave way until he was bent over at right angles. Suzanne’s punches stopped and she stood before him watching him with a wild excitement in her eyes. My dick throbbed like crazy as she uttered a single word. “Beg” “”Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraghhh!” he let out this long loud groan as the end of his stretched briefs became sopping wet as white spunk blasted back upon himself like capped fountain. I had never seen another man ejaculate because of my wife and had to force myself not to do the same. Not only had my wife physically dominated this big well-hung hunk with her Karate skills but had sexually humiliated him as well. “Oh man up HEEEYAAAAH!” she leant away sharply from him, almost at 90 degrees as her shapely strong right leg took off like a rocket kicking right up almost vertically. BLAM! Her heel hammered his jaw whipping his head back fast over his shoulders so fast that he just flipped over before slamming into the grass.

It was all over in only a handful of minutes. As my wife stood in the middle of four big muscle men laying prone on the grass and moaning I was so incredibly turned on by how she had destroyed these guys. I wished I could take her there and then but somehow that powerful demonstration of awesome fighting prowess made me nervous, almost frightened of her. I now understood how these muscle guys felt under Jayne’s command. “Look at me! Now!” Suzanne barked in an exceptionally commanding voice that I never expected. All four muscle men rolled over onto their backs and stared up at the woman who had just floored them with her powerful punches and kicks. “That’s it, look up at the martial arts Goddess who just kicked your sorry arses”. Three skimpy speedos began to rise steadily while a fourth remained limp and spent. Staring down at them with a dominant look of superiority, my wife raised her arms out to the sides and flexed both biceps. The sight just accelerated those bulges until three intimidatingly tall obscene poles pointed skywards stretching the tiny briefs to their limits. The strong hard mounds swell and grow upon her upper arm with gently rounded peaks. Never taking her eyes off them Suzanne pumps her arms over and over again. They seem to get bigger and more defined with every flex. Finally she stops, flexing hard with unmistakable bulky power in her arms. “Strong aren’t they boys? What do you think of that?” she asks. “Orrrrrrrrrr!” another muscle man is unable to cope with the sight and blows his load before her.

Without warning Suzanne did this almighty kick, sending her right leg right up until it almost touched her large chest. If that wasn’t amazing enough, she kept it raised in front of her doing the standing splits just as Jayne had done a couple of years ago. My wife is no lightweight with thick sturdy thighs and a thick sturdy body. The sight of such an unlikely woman doing the standing splits while wearing a white buster that kept her arms and shoulders bare along with her crotch and her strong shapely legs clad in sheer white nylon stockings with stocking tops and suspenders was immensely erotic. My dick is absolutely thumping against the front of my trousers and I’m not the only for the huge erections of two muscle hunks just grow so hard that the front of their briefs only stays connected with the back by rapidly dwindling pieces of elastic. Never before had my wife even turned a man’s head let alone cause this kind of extreme reaction. I actually felt proud for her. My wife continues to hold her leg almost vertically straight in some sort of victory pose while glaring down at them. Their massive erections just keep on growing until the elastic of their briefs snap exposing their dicks. Immediately one of them erupts into a massive ejaculation that sprays spunk high into the air like a messy milky fountain that cums and cums again gradually pumping weaker spurts until he slumps back exhausted.

The other hunk is clearly just about managing to hang on in there. To my utter horror my wife begins to squat down with her legs wide apart brazenly showing off her exposed hairy pussy as she lowered herself towards the massive erection of the only muscle hunk not to shoot his load. I feel nauseous as the bile rises in my throat, my heart pounding as a wave of sickness overcomes me. “No!” I cry out forcing the words out over the dryness in my mouth. Suzanne stops, her gape only centimetres from the ugly swollen head of the over-sized dick. She fixes me with an intense stare from her green-blue eyes that seem to shout ‘how dare you interrupt me’. “Please Suzanne. You are my wife. I love you. We promised to be faithful to each other and to love each other in sickness and in health”. She looked at me in scorn before replying “He’s more of a man than you’ll ever be. Look at the size of his muscles, how wonderfully developed he is. He is an incredible fighter who would beat you to a pulp in seconds without even trying. Yes, I beat him but at least he can give me a decent workout. If I tried it with you I’d probably kill you or seriously hurt you within seconds”. I felt sick at her words, it felt like my heart was plunging into the pit of my stomach. “Look at the size of his cock. It’s at least five times as long as yours and probably four times as thick. Now that’s a cock that every woman wants. That’s a cock that can keep a woman satisfied” she sneered. “Suzanne, please don’t. I love you” I felt a heavy depressing grief and tears starting to well up but tried to force them back knowing that she would just tell me to man up. “We went to Jayne together to fix our marriage. I thought we were happy. Please don’t do this” I was begging. I knew I sounded weak but what else could I do? “You saw the effect I had on these boys. Three of them couldn’t cope and came because of me and this one is aching for it. With power like this why should I content myself with just one man?” “Because that’s what marriage is all about. A commitment to love one enough and forsake all others. Please don’t do this”. Suzanne opened her mouth to reply when Jayne’s strident voice cut in. “That’s enough Suzanne. You’ve made your point. Now go and play nicely with your husband while I deal with this young fellow”. I thought my wife would argue and plunge herself down onto the guys’ throbbing cock but instead she stood up, looking sullen and walked towards me.

“You better give me a bloody big one for making me miss out on that” she hissed as she stepped towards me. She didn’t exactly look happy but before I could say a word she grabbed the front of my shirt with both hands, took a couple of fast steps backwards dragging me along. Suddenly she fell backwards pulling me down with her, her right foot quickly coming up and pressing against my stomach. It all happened so fast, one moment I was falling forwards in danger of landing on top of her. The next her back hit the grass, rolling smoothly to absorb the impact. Woah! I felt her leg straighten beneath me, lifting my back end up and adding a surge a power to my forward momentum. Woah! I was sent hurtling over her then away, speeding head over heels for what surely must have been the width of the garden. BLAM! My back hit the ground hard with my dick painfully throbbing. My wife had performed a stomach throw on me! I thought that was one of the sexiest throws that a woman could do to a man and she had just done it to me.

Barely had I thought that than Suzanne sat herself down upon the top of my chest and opened her legs wide, sliding herself forward until her gash was right in front of my mouth. I didn’t hesitate, I was so raging hard that I drove in my tongue and began licking her worshipping her, replaying the images of how she had completely destroyed those four young muscle men with an awesome display of martial arts. I licked and licked, my dick getting harder still, remembering how she had totally demolished that old brick wall with nothing more than her feet. That power excited me and scared me too knowing that force could truly kill or maim a man. I licked with passion wanting her to cum remembering how I nearly lost her to one of those big well-hung muscle freaks. She was much stronger than me and a far superior fighter against who I had no chance but she was my wife, my dream woman and I wanted to make her happy to be with me

Suddenly she turned herself around and I found her big backside smothering my face as she slid back her thick legs to envelop my head. Wriggling around she soon had my mouth forced against her pussy while I looked out over her ample but hard buttocks with the backs of her legs on either side, the thick white bands of stocking tops level with my eyes. “Mmmmmmm!” I moaned into her pussy as my jaw began to shake as her strong thighs unleashed a terrible crushing pressure on the sides of my head. Out the corners of my eyes I saw her large hamstrings bulge up, powerfully ominous and muscular. I had to touch them with my hands, to hold onto them as her big legs crushed my face against her pussy. “Mmmmm mmmmm!” her legs were massive walls of muscle that felt like they could crack my skull. Even her big buttocks clenched into hard balls of muscle as she flexed her glutes. Believe me, I was weeping in pain as I put out my tongue, located her clit and began licking it for all I was worth before she killed me with her powerful legs. Soon I heard small contented moans of pleasure and with relief the appalling pressure eased to more enjoyable though still fiercely dominant levels allowing me to lick my wife and enjoy it.

Suzanne rolled to one side. My head locked tightly in her legs had no choice but to follow. It was then that saw Jayne with her back to me standing upon her toes with her big wide calves bulging with sheer power. Trapped between those mighty bare double-diamond shaped calves was a huge dick, the dick of the one that my wife nearly took. As I continued to pleasure Suzanne with my tongue I couldn’t help watching as Jayne slowly lowered herself until her feet were flat upon the ground with the big dick held firmly in place then rise back up onto her toes with her calves exploding into a riot of large well-defined muscle. Up and down up and down, lucky man I thought to myself until a sudden short sharp squeeze reminded me of my wife’s powerful legs forcing me to eat her with greater passion. At first I didn’t understand what Jayne was doing until suddenly spunk began flying out of the big cock. Jayne raised herself upon her toes with her calves flexed so hard against the guy’s ejaculating cock that the flow actually cut off. Then began an amazing sight as Jayne totally controlled the man’s orgasm with her calves only allowing short bursts to escape his dick whenever she chose. On his knees in front of her, the big oiled muscle man was going frantic, begging and pleading her for total release as the grumpy mature woman wearing spectacles used her amazing calves to keep him hanging on, only allowing a few spurts to escape every now and then when it suited her.

My attention was drawn away as my wife took my own aching erection into her hand and began pumping it that made me concentrate on my task with my tongue and was rewarded by frantic licking of my dick that sent me over the edge. “Mmmmmm mmmmm mmmm” I blew my wad big time under the skilful hand and tongue of my wife while dominated against her pussy facing her big buttocks held in place by her powerful legs. “Ohhhh ohhh ohhhh!” I heard Suzanne’s loud moans of passion as she began to thrust her backside wildly over my face pressing my face deep into her channel as she rubbed herself crazy sliming me with her juices. “Urrrrrrrrrr!” foregoing the reverse scissors, my wife sat back on my face grinding and rubbing away until she had finished a massive climax. As Suzanne rolled off my slimed face and lay panting by my side something else caught my attention.

“HAI!” the shout made me look up in time to see Jayne’s hand shoot forwards at chest height with the palm open towards another of the muscle boys. Her stiffened fingers went right in just beneath the sternum. WAP! “Urrkkk!” he croaked in shock. Stunned he could only watch with a rising erection as the grumpy-faced mature woman leant slightly away from him and raised her right knee across her waist angling the leg sideways towards him. “YAH!” Her leg flashed out sideways as a blur. WHUMP! the sole of her foot hammered hard against his chest then as her leg straightened, lifted him completely off his feet and drove him clean through the air right to the other side of the garden. As he flew through the air speeding away from Jayne, her right leg still raised, his dick grew rapidly. BAM! No sooner had his back slammed into the grass than he was pumping spunk into the air. As Jayne turned to face two of the others, I saw that they too sported erections with anticipation of the brutal domination to come.

“Come on, get up” Suzanne urged with an eager look in her eyes that kept glancing across to where Jayne was engaging in more frantic martial arts combat that was overcooking the muscle guys. I was astonished that she was so eager, clearly highly sexed up even though she had just came. “Come up, attack me as hard as you can” she urged. Oddly her words caused a familiar clenching in my genitals and I saw myself in two years time becoming highly aroused at the merest suggestion of female martial arts power just like the four muscle men now all on their feet and failing to fend off Jayne’s powerful kicks with their big poles waving about. My wife was so eager that before I had even made a move towards her “HAI!” a blur of motion and I was looking at the sole of her foot with the stockings torn underneath. “Kiss it!” she ordered. I hesitated and the sole lowered from my vision returning to the ground. She turned sideways to me. “HAI!” another blur and her sole thumped into my mouth and wriggled about mashing my lips. “Kiss it or each time my kicks will get harder” she warned. I’m sorry but I’m not into this foot worship thing and was unable to bring myself to kiss the bottom of her size 8 foot. By now it was filthy with the remains of brick dust, stone particles and mud. The thought repulsed me.

“HAI!” WHOMP! the muscle men were really getting worked up as the spectacled mature craggy-faced woman punched and kicked them so hard that they were flying about the garden with spunk trailing in their wake. Suzanne’s foot began to lower then “HAI!” BLAM! my face was jerked right back as the bottom of her foot slammed right against my lower face. Her foot savagely continued to press against my face causing the tendons in my neck to ache. “I think the next one will knock you flat on your back if it doesn’t put your lights out completely” I felt my dick stiffen at those words and immediately kissed her foot. “Lick it, wash it clean” she commanded. At the extreme bottom of my vision I saw my wife raise her hands open palmed with fingers stiff as if she would chop me senseless. I was so aroused with my dick now stiffening fast that I began licking the bottom of the foot pressed against my face trying not to think about the filth I was cleaning. Her skin was raspy and hard and I realised that she had developed layers of corn on her soles that protected them when she smashed big blocks of stone and men alike.

Revolting job done, Suzanne lowered her foot with a superior arrogant look of satisfaction. “Urrr urrrr urrr” I glanced across to where the noise was coming from and saw Jayne’s back with the top of the head of one muscle man with his face firmly scissored against her crotch just as I had been a few moments earlier. Further down the backs of her legs a second face stared out blankly at me as he lay like a zombie with his neck held captive between her big wide muscular calves. My dick lurched as I realised that she was knocking him out with her calves and by the look of him he would last soon. Over the tops of her calves I saw his huge flag pole thrashing about like it was in a gale and knew he would cum very soon. No doubt that was when she when switch off his lights.

I glanced back at Suzanne and saw that the sight was turning her on. Just then I wanted her so badly that I rushed forwards hoping to catch her off-guard and get her to the ground. “HAI!” like a whirlwind she spun right around, leaning forward with her right knee bent as her foot lifted behind her then a blur as it snapped straight. BAM! Her sole slammed into my mouth so hard it jerked my head back making me see stars. Shockingly she kept spinning, another blur. BAM! the bottom of her foot slammed again against my mouth barely a second later. She stopped spinning and blasted out a lightning fast series of kicks that peppered all over my upper body. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP she was mind-numbingly fast, just a blur of non-stop motion. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP chest, waist, arm, chest, top of head were bombarded less than a second apart. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP she was so blindingly fast I was stunned, unable to move. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP My whole body was jerking about like I was having a fit. Each kick was short and sharp yet I could feel the latent power and knew that she was just toying with me. My dick was unbelievably hard and engorged. “HAI!” suddenly a strong kick to the side of my lower right leg knocked it away beneath me.

No sooner had I hit the ground, Suzanne threw herself upon me and quickly rolled me over with her thighs wrapped around my waist. Her strong legs folded, drawing me to my knees with my crotch positioned at the apex of her legs. She reached down and quickly slipped my aching dick inside her then her strong legs raised me up and slightly over her. I automatically began thrusting my hips and pumping her sex like I never had before. I was so incredibly hard yet having cum only a few minutes ago I felt like a porn star hammering away at my wife for ages. “Orrrrr rrrrrrarrr ohhh Jimmy” she moaned loudly as I became a total sex machine banging away furiously. After what seemed ages of non-stop pumping Suzanne threw back her head and began moaning loudly thrusting her hips and squeezing her legs around my waist so tight that I could barely move. “OHHHH OHHHHHHH!” she began screaming as she erupted into an absolute massive orgasm that went on for ages as wave after wave took her, each causing a contraction of her powerful thighs that left me gasping. She was cumming so hard that I felt her squirt. That just took me over the edge and I began blasting long and hard inside her even as she rode out more orgasms. Sexed out we both collapsed into each others arms, totally shagged out unable to do anything but lie there on the grass.

Across the grass more sounds of passion drifted across as Jayne sat astride a muscle man’s chest with her legs wide pressing his face hard against her crotch. Around her lay the other three, unmoving and spent. “That’s a job well done. Marriage saved onto the next” she gasped between sighs of pleasure. “HAI!” a shout came from the neighbouring garden. Through the bottom of the hedge I saw the sultry mature blonde who lived there in a tight short dress in her garden deliver a rapid series of very high kicks to the side of her husband’s head until he was knocked to the ground. “HAI!” a shout from the garden beyond that. I could make out the young wife in shorts spinning around leaning forward to slam the bottom of her foot into the face of her kickboxer husband so hard that his feet left the ground before flying through the air then slamming into the grass. “HAI!” a shout from the garden on the other side of us, the arrogant mature plump little bitch in designer leggings hammers brutal kicks into the pit of the stomach of her equally arrogant husband. “HAI!” a very loud shout from the loud mouth of the woman across the road. It seems we are not the only ones getting marriage guidance, are you? Maybe your wife is going without your knowledge then one day you will come home and discover the truth.
Something is up, we’ve been confined to our cells, the Families of the 13 have suddenly left. The American guards seem spooked, strangely going around wearing ear protectors and glancing nervously around as if expecting something to leap out at them from the shadows. My cell-mates and I have no idea of what is going on and are literally kept in the dark. Without warning they force us out from the cells, roughly and clubbing us with the butts of their semi-automatics if we don’t move fast enough. They herd us into a large circular room which is dimly lit. Most of my fellow prisoners are from Asia or the Middle-East. All selected because they have some link to the tale of the Demon Lord Mahishasura.

In the large circular room crowded with all the other captives, someone points out the shiny walls that look dark beyond. “One-way glass. They’re watching us, Jim” he hisses. “No” I comment as my eyes begin to adjust to the low lighting “It’s two-way. They’ve got no lights in there to create that impression”. I can just make out figures on the other side of the glass at one end of the room, seated figures wearing jackets and military caps – the top brass watching us. Between us and the glass are scores of soldiers pointing their guns at us. Again I notice that they all wear ear-protectors but can’t fathom why. On the other side of the glass, a bulky shadowy figure with authority leans forward towards what must be a microphone and an amplified voice booms through concealed speakers. “OK you scum. Tell us what we want to know or you and your foreign buddies will get to sample good ole fashioned American hospitality. Show ’em some American foreign policy boys” CLICK CLICK the sound of the soldiers unlocking and aiming their guns is chilling and many break down and start crying. A man near the front shouts out in defiance “You can’t do this. You can’t bully us like this. I’m British, born and bred in England. I have rights. You have no right holding us here against our will”. That triggers a wave of protest from us captives. It is met with brutal suppression in a hail of bullets spraying across the room with shocking lack of precision. I throw myself to the floor with others that haven’t been cut down already praying the bullets miss. The sight of blood and brains splattering everywhere is sickening. The bullets stop. “Gee, I guess that means we can do whatever we want. Mow down the rest boys”. We all start screaming in terror.

Suddenly there is the sound of a loud noise like something striking something else and a new voice comes over the speakers. “DELAY THAT ORDER. PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS”. It is a strong female voice which sounds of great age and authority. As one the soldiers comply although from their expressions they seem not to want to. They then start raising their hands to their ear-protectors looking confused. “THE MEN IN THE CENTRE OF THE ROOM STAND” I find myself complying through no free will of my own. One man near me starts babbling and shaking in fear as do others in the room. I can’t understood what he is saying. I didn’t need to, I understood one word clear enough “Anahita”. Looking in the direction he was staring towards the seated generals on the other side of the glass, I found my eyes had now adjusted to the low light level.

I was startled to see new figures standing behind the seated brass. Figures that were cowled and robed like nuns. There is a strong ominous presence about the way they just stand there. It is clear that the generals are uncomfortable too. As I peer closer I am sure that I can make out dark band across their faces within those dark cowls. A band that I was certain was coloured red and went horizontally across the eyes. For a moment I thought that I was imagining things, but the others saw them too. The Supervisors! But I only thought they were legend, a myth from the ancient tales of the Goddess Anahita and the Demon Lord Mahishasura. The race genetically created to oversee the slave human race by the Gods. Through the course of my investigations I knew that the Sisterhood of Anahita was alive and well. A secret organization run by women with influences that ran deep but a whole other humanoid race from history! Maybe they were women from The Sisterhood made-up to look like this mythical race? But that commanding voice had penetrated to the core of my very being. I know knew why the soldiers had worn ear-protectors but that hadn’t worked either.

Behind the seats of power, one of them seemed to look me right in the eye. She raised her arm and pointed right at me. A path cleared between myself and the figure behind the glass as the other captives scrambled desperately to get out the way.

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