Madam Koumaru Assaiki (JIMP#61)

Scott encounters the fearsome old Japanese woman known as Madam Ball Crusher

After a few teases we get the encounter between the obnoxious Scott and the deadly aged Oriental woman whose skills are so legendary that she is used to frighten male children to go to sleep at night! She proves so deadly that even tough guy Ted can’t handle her then he gets kills off by high-kicking nuns.
(c)Jim P 2014

“Don’t lose sight of him, Scott” Ted urged as we followed the professor down the crowded escalator at King’s Cross descending towards the Piccadilly line. Oh it sounded simple enough, kidnap him and force him to hand over the ancient decoding device. The thing must be worth a bloody fortune, the amount of bother that thing has caused. Easy except it is rush hour. Although I’ve lived in London all of my life I hated rush hour on the tube and avoided it whenever I could. It was hot and sticky with the press of commuters on all sides all seemingly knowing where they were going. From my position on the long steeply descending moving metal staircase I could see the crowded corridor at the foot of the escalator and spotted the professor in the crowd as it flowed towards the south-bound platform. Barging my way down the rest of the elevator ignoring the annoyed shouts and protests, I sped up trying to catch up. As soon as I arrived on the narrow platform, my heart began to race as my anxiety rose. There was a train already waiting with people crammed on-board tight like sardines in a tin. It was clearly about to leave. Looking around frantically, I was being bumped in the back by hurrying commuters trying to get onto the train, when it was clearly overfull rather than wait for the next one which was probably no more than 3 minutes behind. Just as I was about to give up, I spotted him on the carriage immediately in front. The doors began to slide close and I quickly leapt on using the small single door at the end of the carriage much to the curses of those already crammed into the overcrowded doorway as I barged my way on board. I just about managed to slide myself in close to the rear wall of the carriage. Squashed by a heaving wall of bodies I tried to turn sideways to try and keep an eye on the prof but the train was too full to move. Hot, sweaty bodies jammed me in tight, hadn’t some of these morons heard about deodorant ? As the doors began to close narrowly missing my shoulder, I hoped that Ted had managed to get on somewhere.

As usually happens, the doors began to open again as some idiot tried to squeeze on to an already packed carriage at the last moment. I had hoped that it would be Ted. Instead, already hemmed in, I found a short woman wearing a smart business jacket and skirt slide in between myself and the back of the person in front right into a space that didn’t exist. I was pressed right up tight against her back so that every breath I made pressed my belly into her back. She was only about 4 foot 8 inches which meant that I was looking out over short black hair heavily shot through with grey. The colouring of her ears and the back of her neck told me that she was Oriental. So she was a mature Oriental business woman working here in London, was my guess. I was squashed so tight against her back that my front was in constant contact. It wasn’t everyday that I got this close to a woman and in some ways that made it quite exciting. The doors finally closed and the hum of the motors increased as the train prepared to pull off. It moved off with a jerk of acceleration causing the Oriental woman to fall back against me pressing my back against the rear wall. As the acceleration continued to increase as did the noise levels, the woman’s body pressed even firmer against my body. I’ve never had this much physical contact with a woman in years! With her back tight against me, I could feel her backside press against my upper thighs. The acceleration levelled off after a while and there was a slight easing of her back pressing against me but not much. Looking down at the greying woman wedged firm against my front I saw a smart grey jacket snugly fitted over a slender pair of shoulders which then tapered away into what seemed to be quite a slender body as far as I could tell with her pressed so close to me. I like looking at women in public, it’s one of my favourite pastimes. Wanting to see more of this woman so intimately close to me, I tried to glance further down, it was a struggle but I could just make out a smart knee-length grey skirt of the type that clings tight to a woman’s backside and thighs as she walks. PHOAR! very sexy it would look to, I bet. The feel of the petite slender mature Oriental woman in a smart business suit against my body was wonderful. I had to resist the urge to put my arms around her tiny waist and pull her even closer.

By the feel of what was pressing against the front of my upper thighs, I just knew that she had a great arse and I began imagining sticking my dick right up between her buttocks. The rocking, bumps and swerves of the train as it sped through the tunnels beneath London made that small arse to move around the front of my thighs. It was a constant reminder of that tight compact little Oriental arse and it was driving me nuts. Finally the temptation became too great. Hoping that the carriage was too crowded for anyone to notice, I began to bend my knees slightly until the front of my crotch was level with the smartly-dressed woman’s backside. The next bump of the train threw that small compact skirt-covered peach straight into my groin where it immediately began to jiggle and slide about as the train went through a bumpy patch on the rails. ORRRR ORRRRR ORRR YES! this was amazing, even better than I could have hoped for. Every firm touch and light brush of her backside against my groin sent electric tingles along my dick and throughout my balls. Each bump and sway of the carriage caused the back of her smart skirt that clung so provocatively to the back of her compact backside to give me an arse-job. PHROAR this was the best thing ever and she wasn’t even aware that she was doing nor did the commuter morons crowded all around me. I was standing there on a packed train looking over the top of the head of a petite mature oriental in a smart business suit as her backside rubbed and bumped my groin with every movement of the carriage in the sexiest of massages. ORRRRR every touch of her firm arse against my dick was electric sending exciting tingles through my groin stimulating it and arousing it. ORRRR Jeez! I had to try hard not to moan out loud, her small Oriental backside was sensational. The carriage was so packed that she didn’t even notice the stiff bulge growing in the front of my trousers and pressing into her lovely suit covered arse. That’s the way I like it. With the bumps and sways of the carriage her backside continued to rub and bump all over my arousal making it stiffer by the minute. Then the train began to slow down as it approached the next station.

Finally it came to a halt with the platform on the other side of the carriage where the doors open. With the motion of the train at a halt the oriental business woman moved slightly away from me which made me feel disappointed and leaving me with quite a stiffy in my trousers. Crap! I forgot all about the Prof. Craning my head around, I tried as best as I could to watch the people leaving the carriage but don’t see the prof among them. The doors close but although there was now a bit more room, the little mature woman still stood right in front of me. As the train pulls off once more, she fell back against me once more. Her arse fell back against my groin and my stiffy. With her glorious backside bumping and grinding against my hard-on with every movement of the carriage, I was in heaven. ORRRR ORRR I try not to moan out loud as her arse suddenly thrusts upward hard against my dick and grinds all over it so much that I have a full-fledged boner. ORRRR it feels so good that I almost imagine that she is doing it on purpose because how could any woman be doing this accidentally without feeling my dick sticking into her like a cattle prod. Maybe she fancies me. I just want to put my arms around her waist and pull her small body tight against me while I hump her backside until I cum all over it.

Suddenly I feel something touch side of my trousers then suppress a gasp of shock as a small hand slides between the front of my trousers and her small backside. I tried to suppress my excitement as with a feathery light touch it moved across to the top of my flies took hold of the zipper and pulled it all the way down. Unable to believe what I was feeling, a small hand slipped inside and into my pants. I try not to gasp as it closes around my shaft. The feel of her warm palm around my shaft makes it grow all the stiffer. “Orrrrr!” I moan softly as it begins to stroke up and down. ORRRR! keeping a firm grip, it repeatedly moves at a steady speed up. All the while the greying slender woman has her back to me looking forwards as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. ORRRR! her small hand slides effortlessly pumping my dick harder with skilled ease. This is like a dream come true. I’m getting a hand job on a train so crowded that no-one around me notices. OARGH she really is so good. I’ve been on the tube many times and this is the first time something like this has happened. ORRRRRR! The old dear must be blooming horny for she steadily gets my dick really hard as she stands with her back against me while slowly pumping it up. ORRRR! my dick is so rigid it pushes up a tent in the front of my trousers, but still no-one else notices as the little woman covers it from view. The pleasure stops as the train came to another station and more people got off than on but still the mature Oriental stayed pressed up right against me. I didn’t even bother looking for the prof, sod that this was the chance of a lifetime. As the train pulled off, her hand resumed it’s gift of pleasure making me harder than I thought possible. “Ohhhhhh!” I long groan escaped my lips getting me some strange worried looks from the other passengers in the carriage. ORRRR! my heart was beating faster and I felt hot as her skilled hand worked me so hard that I was fully engorged with my balls filling up ready to shoot a really big load into my pants. I really wanted to dump it all up her backside and try thrusting my hips against her arse to hump it like a horny dog. ORRRR cumming soon ORRRR I was rolling my head around deliriously with my mouth opening and closing murmuring moans of pleasure. People were looking at me in alarm and trying to move away as best they could on the still quite crowded carriage. This horny old dog was going cum big time and nothing could stop it.

“ARGH!” I choked off a wail of pain as the small hand that had been giving me such pleasure having brought me to the edge of orgasm suddenly closed tight around my engorged shaft with a grip like a steel vice. “Ooooah ooooah ooo ooooah!” I can’t help moaning in agony as my upper body tries to crease forward around my pained groin but is prevented by the little Oriental business woman who stands surprisingly firm. People are looking at me strangely, some amused but most scared by the weird expression of pain on my face. I could see them wondering whether it was anything contagious or whether I was a mad axe murderer. “Oooooooaarr!” for such a slender little woman her grip is excruciatingly strong. “Arghhhh! Get off get off!” I hiss in her ear. In desperation I try to slip my hand between our bodies to remove her hand but the old bag is pressed right on top of me that it is near-impossible. Instead I try tugging frantically on her forearm but to my surprise although it is so slender I find that it as solid as a lamppost and will not budge an inch. In response her hand slips further down and grabs my balls in her scary steel grip yanking them right up against the underside of my crotch forcing my rigid dick to point skywards in my pants. K-K-Krr-K-Krack-Krack-Crunch-Crunch in pure terror I could imagine the noises coming from my testicles as the slender little woman’s hand exerts a shocking pressure on them. It feels like she has got my balls between a pair of pliers and is crushing them hard. The old bitch acts like nothing is going on, not saying a word while people try to back away from the mad man in the crowded carriage even there is no room for them to move. Ah ahh ah they can’t see the crazy lady’s small hand tucked deep inside the front of my trousers slowly twisting my balls in a phenomenally strong grip so hard that I’m unable to scream. “Please ahhh ahhh please no” I beg bringing my mouth close to her ear so that no-one can hear. But the bitch pretends she hasn’t heard and continues to stare straight ahead while her small hand maintains it brutal grip. Oh God it hurts so much. Should I cry for help? But then everyone will see my flies undone with the woman’s hand down my pants! That was too embarrassing to contemplate. “Argh argh please” I begged quietly so that only the old bitch could hear but she continued to ignore me.

The train pulls into another station and again more people get off than get on creating an easing in the crowded carriage allowing people to space out a bit more. All the while the slender little Oriental woman stares straight ahead with her back pressing me up against the wall while keeping a vice-like grip on my twisted knackers. Ah ah how can such a little lady have such a strong grip in her small hand? As the doors close and the train pulls off, the other passengers are probably wondering why the little oriental woman was pressed up against the mad man who was pulling contorted faces as there was now more space to move. One man even offered her his seat but she politely declined. Her grip was truly ferocious with fingers like a steel crusher digging deep into my nut-sack. She held my balls in a constant twist with a relentless grip of steel that made them throb badly. Again I tried to speak into her ear. “Please whatever it is you think I’ve done I’m sorry. Please let go” I begged. “Arrr please. Do you speak English?” I asked as the thought just hit me that maybe she was a visiting business woman or a smartly-dressed tourist. “Arrrgh!” I was rewarded with a further tightening twist of my nut-sack as if she was going to screw them right off my body. K-K-Krr-K-Krack-Krack-Crunch-Crunch the horrifying sounds in my imagination played again. “Yes, Scott. Very well” came the icy-cold reply. I was shocked that she knew my name. The strong voice was definitely that of a mature woman tinted with an oriental accent, probably Japanese. It seemed disturbingly familiar as if I should know that voice. I furiously racked my brains trying to remember where I had heard it before but failed.

I tried not to squeal out in agony and draw the attention of the other passengers to my embarrassing situation as the slender little business-woman turned right around to face me while never easing up on her iron-tight clamp crushing my balls. Quite a shapely slender figure pressed right against me with what seemed quite an ample chest. Looking up at me while keeping a cruel grip on my balls, my dick went rigid in fear as icy fingers clawed down my spine. It was a face out of my worst nightmares. It was a face that I hoped never to see again. “Remember me, Scott Morris?” she asked with a teasing smile upon a small face longer than it was wide with prominent cheekbones, large almond-shaped eyes under thick dark brows, a sleek small nose and mouth with generous lips. Her complexion was remarkable good, the only real indication of her age was her greying hair, a slight sagging beneath the chin and the aged look in her eyes with maybe a looseness around her cheeks. She was an attractive Oriental woman in a sort of MILF way. Her hair was short, swept back behind quite large exposed ears and fastened at the back of her head. Part of her hair was brushed forwards at the front causing a few long clumps to fall down almost randomly towards her eyes in a stylish sort of loose fringe that was quite appealing. “You do remember my name don’t you Scott or shall I jog your memory the hard-way?” her voice was strong and clear with exotic overtones. “No, Madam Koumaru Assaiki” I gasped quickly as I sensed her hand tense to give my balls another twist. I wasn’t very good at names especially foreign ones but this was one I could never forget. I remembered her only too well [JIMP#41]. “Very good, Scott and in English?” her mature attractive face never moved from my face, watching it intently. “Madam Ball Crusher” I whimpered. She smiled and nodded “an accurate and pleasing translation”. It wasn’t a warm smile but the sort of smile that sent shivers down my spine. It was a name that Japanese mothers told their sons to frighten them if they were naughty. “Madam Koumaru Assaiki she’ll take you from behind” they would warn with an accompanying snatching motion that would make the child giggle but the implied menace was there. Except Madam Ball-Crusher had taken me from the front eh while facing her back so it sort of was from er behind er never mind. I tried to calm my breathing and racing heartbeat as her almond-shaped eyes stared at me, the irises were large round and appealing but their cold gaze scared me. “I warned you that we would meet again if you and your boss failed to keep your nose out of the business of The Sisterhood of Anahita, and that THESE”. The bitch emphasised that word by tightening her steely fingers around my twisted nut-sack so hard that I was dancing and writhing in agony getting more frightened looks from the other passengers. K-K-Krr-K-Krack-Krack-Crunch-Crunch Oh God no no no. “Would be mine”. I looked around the carriage frantically and opened my mouth. The bitch pressed her body hard against me raising her face towards mine. Her smooth complexioned face and appealing Oriental features gave me an intense urge to kiss her lips passionately but that intense agonising twisted grip on my balls brought me to my senses. This good looking mature Japanese MILF was bad news for my balls. “Don’t even think about calling out for help, Scott. I could pop your nuts before you uttered so much as a word” she warned. Her eyes were so hard as she said this with such conviction that somehow I knew that she had plenty of experience to know this. “Besides what would people think of the strange spotty faced man with spectacles held together with sticking plaster calling out to be saved from a little lady?” she smiled taunting me. The mature woman looked me hard in the eyes as her fingers remained steely tight. “I’m getting off at the next station. You can stay here if you wish but your balls are coming with me” she said then turned her back on me once more. Leaving me to writhe as quietly as I could in extreme agonising pain, every bump and shake of the train sent bursts of searing pain like hot knifes through my testicles that brought tears to my eyes and a tight grimace to my mouth.

Soon the train began to slow down with a rush of sound, the whine of decelerating motors and a burst of light as the train entered the platform of the next station. I had lost of track of where the hell we were and the tears in my eyes blurred my vision so I couldn’t even read the station name through the windows. As the evil bitch turned to face the carriage doors, I had no choice but to shuffle around behind her keeping as close as I could so as not to stretch the skin between my twisted ball-sack and my body. That gained me more strange looks as the other passengers probably thought I was some kind of pervert who got off by pressing his groin against the backsides of small defenceless women. As the driver applied the brakes to slow the train down to a halt, a terrifying thought came to me. Please let it be a wheelchair friendly platform, I prayed but of course it wasn’t. As the doors slid open, the evil woman with the grip of steel stepped from the carriage, over the gap down to the platform below. It was only a short drop but I screeched as the skin attaching my twisted nut-suck to my body was stretched painfully in a big lurch as I was pulled off the train after her so fast that I virtually fell off. Calmly and without saying a word, the little bitch led me hobbling in agony along the platform leading me by my balls. As if to hurry me along, the evil bitch yanked up the front of my pants as if it were a carrier bag. “Oooo ooo oooo!” I yelped hopping and mincing behind after her with my legs slightly bent trying to keep my groin pressed against her backside like some kind of demented horny monkey. Mincing as fast as I could, almost on my toes, I tried to keep up with the short monster in the business dress as best I could not to over-stretch the skin holding my ball-sack to my body. Walking behind the slender little lady so close that my crotch kept bumping against her backside, I got some odd looks but everyone was in too much of a hurry to intervene.

After what seemed an eternity of ball-yanking pain that had them throbbing in pain, we turned off from the platform and into one of the tunnel-shaped corridors down which the commuters were rushing. The evil old crone stopped and backed me against the curved wall of the corridor then turned to face me. Her exotic eyes stared into mine for several moments revealing no emotion on that attractive mature face. “We will wait here until the passengers have dispersed” she instructed then continued to stare right into my face from up close as if expecting me to argue. When you’ve got your balls twisted tight by a woman you don’t argue. So there we stood as busy commuters rushed by, ignoring the strange man pressed up against the wall looking at a slender little mature business woman pressed up so close together that they probably thought we were lovers sharing a moment before going off to work. Feeling relief, the bitch untwisted my nut-sack but still held them hard pulling them upwards forcing me onto my toes trying not to screech in agony. “Aarr arr please stop” I begged but she just stared at me showing only cold emotion. I was pissed off being in this situation and as soon as the mad rush of commuters had thinned, I decided to do something about it. “Let me go you crazy old bitch” I snapped in anger. Overriding my natural instinct to keep my hands tugging at her forearm I grabbed the top of her hair with one hand and yanked her face right back and raised my right fist threateningly. Instead of looking scared, the mature woman was calm almost bemused. With relief her clamp-like fingers released my balls and her hand quickly slid out from my trousers. “HAH!” her unexpected shout made me jump then the cold emotionless faced oriental woman jabbed her steely fingers swiftly into the inside of my elbow. “Ouch!” it felt like she had hammered knitting needles right into the crook of my arm. My fingers sprang open dropping her hair as searing pain lanced though my forearm and into my hand. As quick as a striking snake the mature woman grabbed my fist with her small slender hand, pulled it against her upper belly then instantly bent it at the wrist sharply back towards the back of my forearm. “Arghh!” I cry out facing the calm-faced little Japanese woman with fear as she forced me to go right up onto my toes with my wrist straining in agony sure that it was going to snap at any moment. “Ah ah ah!” I yelped writhing in agony on my toes while the attractive Japanese MILF smiled at me in amusement. At that moment another passenger came walking down the tunnel and I heard him stop behind me. “My idiot son, ignore him” she explained and he walked on.

As soon as he was out of sight, the smiling witch drove her thumb into the bony bit beneath my palm. “Argh!” I screeched as it felt as though she had cut my wrist with a knife. In horror I found that I lost all feeling in my fingers then hand as a tingling numbness spread over it. “Jeez!” I yelped as she stepped forwards towards me, her small face smiling as the pain soared off the scale. In alarm I tried to pull away from her but my back was against the curving tunnel wall and her fingers were like needles boring into the crook of my arm. Searing through nerves like a sheet of tingling nothingness I was horrified to find my whole right arm numb it spread rapidly and in an instant had no feeling in my legs. They gave way beneath me and I was down upon my knees in a second. I was looking right at the skirt of her business suit and how tight and sexy it looked hugging the shape of her slender hips and the curve of her short tantalising thighs as the skirt stretched tight between. “You like Dim Mak?” a strong accented voice seasoned with age told me. I looked up and found myself admiring the way the lines of her fully buttoned grey jacket hugged a slender but shapely hour-glass figure with what looked like full rounded big breasts. “I could kill you in seconds with just a simple touch, like so” her hand stretched out towards me but to my horror I found that I could not move to avoid it. Her small hand felt soft as it caressed my neck then steel-hard fingers dug into the bundles of nerves beneath the skin. It was just one quick squeeze but a tsunami of pain shot out in all directions locking up the muscles all along my arm and neck and spreading across the top of my chest. I couldn’t even scream as I found my jaw locked. Terror and despair overcame me as I found that I could no longer breath and increasingly felt dizzy, sick and faint. I fell forwards with my face held up by the front of her skirt as specks of heat and sweat pricked my skin. After a while, it passed and I found myself slipping down until I was on my hands and knees. Panting and feeling weak, all that I could look at were her lower legs before me and thinking how sexy they look. Raised upon high-heels, she wore slip-on black shoes with wickedly sharp pointed toes that made me shudder to think of those in my balls. In the gap above her shoes and below her skirt, her legs were bare with chunky ankles and a thick shapely mass hanging at the back of her lower leg. Her calves were incredibly shaped over a short distance curving out from the back of her ankles like a squashed up letter P with large calve meat describing a beautiful long curve over it’s short length that caught the eye before curving back to behind the knee. From the inside view between her legs that short thick shapely mass of calve looked very firm and shiny with a prominent sharply defined cliff edge which pointed down at the bottom. “Do you want me to demonstrate more Dim Mak, Scott Morris?” her voice sounded arrogant and boastful. “No, no!” I gasped trying not to sound scared, but I was, things like that shouldn’t be allowed, especially not to women. I was being bullied by a petite attractive mature Japanese lady with big calves and strong fingers. “Then stand up and walk in front in me. Come on get up now before I show you how I can stop your heart for several seconds”. That really scared me. Just then a whole load of busy commuters from another train suddenly swarmed down the corridor. I had to get up quick to avoid getting trampled in their mad rush to get to their lousy high-paid jobs. The short slender greying woman stepped to my side, her steely fingers digging into my wrist making it go numb keeping me captive as we waited for the crowd to die down once more.

The strong-fingered bitch with her nasty nerve-numbing tricks released me as the flow of commuters eased. “Start walking, Scott, and keep no more than two paces in front of me” she told me sternly as I tried to shake the life back into my hand. Grumbling under my breath I turned in the direction the suits were heading. Bugger this for a game of soldiers! I’m off. I began to speed up to catch up with the commuters sensing safety in numbers. BLAM! “Ooooooeeee!” I squealed as the sharp point of a black shoe sprang between the tops of my inner thighs, the top of a foot hammering my balls like a rounder’s-bat. My balls were kicked up then crushed cruelly against the front of my crotch and the top of her foot. “Arrrggh!” for an agonising moment my nut-sack was squashed with excruciating agony before the foot vanished so quickly I don’t think anyone else would have noticed. Once again the bastards were so wrapped up in their important busy lives that if they noticed me at all, with a face contorted in agony, they just quickened their step and passed me by. I felt a breath on the back of my neck that made the hairs stand on end. A hand grabbed my left arm but before I could move, a knee was shoved between my legs from behind then pressed up hard into my aching balls. “Madam Koumaru Assaiki, she’ll take you from behind” the mature woman’s voice fluttered softly close to my ear. The top of her thigh pressed my throbbing balls against my body and continued rising forcing me onto my toes. Oddly the feel of straddling her short sturdy firm thigh wasn’t unpleasant causing contradicting feelings in my groin. ORRRR! slowly the raised knee slid back and forwards beneath my trapped balls and pressing lightly against the shaft which surprisingly began to revive. I felt a pang of disappointment as the knee stopped rubbing my groin and withdrew from the back of my legs. “Try that again and I will kick your balls all the way down this corridor. Now move before I get angry” her voice was strong and commanding making me fearful of disobeying.

We continued at a slower pace until we came level with a door on the right hand side labelled ‘no unauthorised personnel’. “Stop here, Scott” she commanded. I turned and saw her open a small handbag to pull out some keys. No way was I going to be alone with this mad cow in that room. No sooner had I turned to ran then. I felt something brush the sides of my inner thighs just before the top of her foot hammered my nut-sack from behind. WHAP! “Arghh!” my testicles were slammed into the underside of my crotch with such force that I felt my feet leave the ground as I cried out in agony. Ooooh God oooh God still the commuter bastards didn’t look back once as my feet touched the floor with my balls severely aching. “Hai!” BLAM! the bottom of her shoe slammed into the back of my knee. “Arghh!” my leg gave away and I went down to one knee. The greying woman moved fast because when I looked up she was standing over me. To my surprise she hitched up the hem of her skirt to the top of her thighs showing a fantastic pair of short chunky legs. Before I could utter a word, she grabbed the hair on the back of my head bent my face right back then stepped over me and stuffed my face right into her crotch. Her short thighs closed in on either side of my head with surprising strength clamping my nose and mouth firmly against the woman’s pussy with only her knickers in between. So close to a woman’s sex, I could smell it and almost taste it. “Mmmm mmmm” with the warm smooth skin of her inner thighs pressing against the sides of my face it wasn’t an unpleasant place to be, in fact it very sexy. Before my eyes a tantalising white elongated triangle stretched upwards beneath which my nose and mouth were pressed into the apex between her smooth inner thighs. “Mmmm mmm!” I moaned contentedly into the woman’s crotch even though she was smother me with it. “Do you think the next load of passengers will ignore you this time Scott? Do you think they will stop to help a lady who is being molested by a pervert with his face up her skirt and pressed against her knickers?” “Mmmm mmmm!” I had an irresistible urge to stick out my tongue and lick until the woman came, my dick was getting hard at the prospect. “Mmaarghh!” fresh air flowed into my lungs as my nose and mouth were pulled away from that musky special place at the top of her legs. I felt a sense of disappointment but then remembered who this woman was.

“Scott! What the feck are you doing?” Ted’s voice echoed down the tiled tunnel-shaped corridor. Any sense of relief was overpowered by a sense of shame at his next words. “I’ve been looking all over for you. The prof’s long gone and here you are forcing yourself upon some poor woman, you sick puppy”. Crap he had seen me with my face in her crotch and thought that it was me who put it there. “No, Ted. You don’t understand” I needed to explain but he kept storming towards us looking like thunder. “Shut up, Scott. I understand you perfectly well and your sick pervo ways”. I quickly got to my feet just as he came to a halt before us. “I’m terribly sorry madam if my sick colleague disturbed you in any way. Here please let me make it up to you” to my surprise Ted pulled out his wallet. He never parted with money willingly. “No, no, please. No money” the mature oriental said with a wide smile upon her face and causing creases around the eyes to form. “Please, come in. Take tea” she said welcomingly opening the door in the corridor. “Ted, she’s dangerous! She’s Madam ball crusher” I tried to warn him but he just stood behind me and pushed me forwards towards the door. “Shut up with your fantasy crap Scott or you’ll meet Mister Fist” “Does this look like a blooming tea-room?” I told him as we entered the room. Behind us the short greying mature woman closed the door, still smiling widely as if welcoming us.
Ted looked around with confusion creeping over his face. It was a large room harshly lit by rows of fluorescent tubes hanging from a high ceiling. The walls were bare and covered with ageing plaster and paint and around us were old metal cabinets and shelving units crammed packed with ancient strange looking electrical equipment that probably dated back to the century before last. In the centre of the room were two long wooden workbenches and several old sturdy chairs. It was clearly an engineering workroom. “Maybe she came all the way from Tokyo to make tea for the London Underground engineering staff” I said. “Shut up” hissed Ted angrily. He turned around to confront the mature Japanese woman who was still smiling and walking slowly towards us. “What’s going on?” he asked politely but I could detect a hardness beneath it “you are clearly not an electrical engineer for London Underground. So why bring us in here?”. “I am sorry Ted Hawkins, but Scott Morris was right. I am dangerous. You should have listened to him” the warm smile melted and her smooth complexioned face became icy. “What the feck! How’d you know my name?” he snapped angrily and began to stride towards her. Ted wasn’t the type to be messed with but any hope that he would sort out the old cow faded when tried to grab her hand. Sucking her cheeks in grimly, the small Japanese woman leant sharply away. Her knee snapped up angled away from him lifting the hem of her skirt causing it to spread open tightly while rising up her short bare thighs. “Hah!” in a blink of an eye her left calve muscle bulged powerfully as the right powered the sole of her foot, heel first hard against his side. WHAP! “Argh!” the image of a short mature Japanese woman with her leg raised out to the side at an angle driving her foot into the big man’s side causing him to grimace in pain shocked me. With incredible speed, the short woman twisted Ted’s arm forcing him to bend forwards. Her knee shot up again rising so high, her skirt slid back exposing a large amount of thick firm looking thigh. “Yah!” BLAM! The knee blasted into Ted’s jaw, whipping his head back horribly. “Argh!” as Ted clutched his jaw wincing in pain, the woman was still moving. Still holding his arm, her right knee shot up again. The short sexy diamond shaped slabs of muscle in her left short calves caught my eye. “Hah!” WHUMP “Orrrraghh!” the knee struck the right side of his body with a solid sound then the rest of lower leg snapped forwards clubbing him across the top of his stomach with her shin. “Orrragh!” he groaned, eyes clenched in pain. Oh crap! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The little Japanese woman had turned into an ass-kicking super-woman and it scared me crap-less. I realised with a chill in the pit of my stomach that this woman was more than a ball-buster.

But Ted was tough with a fearsome reputation amongst the underworld. “Orragg! You bitch I’ll deck you for that” he snarled regaining his breath and raising his fists. The greying oriental with the perfect complexion didn’t seem bothered and calmly raised her own fists in front of her with her short legs askance pulling her grey knee-length business skirt tight highlighting the outlines of the top of her thighs. Ted wouldn’t normally hit a woman but I guess now he was really pissed. His big fist flew through the air straight towards her. WUP! like lightning her elbow shot up, her forearm knocking his punch off-course. “Hah!” her small fist shot forwards but somehow Ted managed to block it but failed to grab hold of it. Immediately he threw another punch right towards her face. “Hai!” in the blink of an eye her left arm snapped to the side slamming the bottom of her fist straight down upon the inside of Ted’s elbow. WHUMP! “Argh!” he cried as his mighty punch was diverted in mid-flight. “Argh!” he yelped again as her steely fingers closed around his wrist stopping his arm from returning. She quickly stepped close. “Yah!” CRACK a wicked elbow flashed up and slammed beneath his jaw whipping his head back. Her foot flashed out kicking his right knee. “BAM!” “Ouch!” then her hand flashed out jabbing her straight fingers straight into his throat. WHOP! “kkkkk kkk!” he croaked. God she was fast!. Without hesitation she leant away from him while still holding his wrist captive. “YeYah!” her left knee snapped up angling her foot towards him so high that her skirt pulled right back with a hot view right along her short thick inner thighs to the knickers at her crotch which I remembered so well. There was a swoosh and a blur as her leg straightened sideways punching his right cheek with the sole of her left foot. WHACK! the sound of the impact was awfully solid. The impression of both of the woman’s tanned bare short legs and panties on full displayed seared into my brain even as Ted stumbled away from her real fast as she had now released his hand. To my horror he went right over sideways then slammed into the floor.

Oh crap oh crap! Ted lay on his back clutching the side of his face while the Japanese woman stood by his feet her fists raised and legs askance if ready for more action. “Wh..who are you?” he gasped. A wicked smile appeared on her lips. “I am Madam Koumaru Assaikii”. In one swift motion she raised her right knee as high as the middle of her stomach with the foot pointing straight towards Ted’s crotch. I just loved the way that business skirt slid back along her beautiful thick thighs. This old woman really did have hot legs, although I found the hard slab of bulging calves unnerving. “But you can call me Madam ball crusher, HAI!” “No!” he cried as her foot flashed down towards his groin. BAM! “Arrrrrrrrghhh!” he screamed. I saw that she had driven the high heel of her shoe right into the front of Ted’s jeans like a nail gun, so hard that it had punctured the material. Oh jeez oh jeez I didn’t want a spike through my balls. Her foot gave a sharp twist to the side as if she was screwing it in further. “Arghhh arghh jeezz!” Ted screamed even louder. I rushed towards the door with the sound of Ted’s blood-curdling cries ringing in my ears. “Arggh arghh Scottarrgghh pleasearrrgh!” Ted was crying in pain begging for my help while the slender little woman twist her high-heeled shoe from side to side with relish. “Arrrrrarrrrrrrr!” he was screaming frantically while trying to push her foot away. It was like she was drilling for oil and I half-expected blood to come spurting out anytime soon and that scared the living crap out of me. The bile rose in my throat while my heart pounded in my ears as I frantically tried to turn the door handle in my damp sweaty hands. “It’s locked Scott” her chilling voice said the words that I didn’t want to hear “if you want the key, come and take it off me. It’s safety nestled in here” I looked around and saw the smartly dressed woman with a big smile upon her face patting the wide full-busted front of her jacket. She was facing me and walking slowly towards me. Behind her, creased up on the floor cradling his nuts was Ted. “Come and face your destiny Scott. Trying to run away will only cause you more pain” she smiled widely “that I promise you”.

I saw Ted force himself to unfold in obvious pain and put one hand on the floor to push himself back up with some considerable effort. I thought to distract her and give him a chance to get her. “Please leave me alone. I’ve done nothing to do to deserve this” I wailed. She tilted her head to one side coyly with a smile “Oh poor Scott. Born to have his balls continually mashed”. Grimacing with each step, Ted crept up behind the dangerous little Oriental. “Let me have the key and you’ll never seen me again” I begged. Ted reached forwards with his hands to seize her by the neck. Without even a glance behind, her leg shot back like lightning with the knee bent. WAP! “Orrrrrrraghhh!” the heel and sole of her shoe slammed right between his legs driving his balls upwards against his crotch. Ted’s face was red with pain but as she spun around to face him he threw a fist like a mallet straight towards her face. “Hah!” it was almost a shout of derision as her right hand chopped sideways jerking his fist off-target. “Yah!” her left hand opened like a claw and swung underhand towards his groin. WHUMP! it slammed against the front of his trousers then closed up like a grappling hook. “Arrrghh arghhhh let goarrrrhh you bitarghhh!” Ted wailed as her steely grip squeezed his man package. Oooohhhh I winced in sympathy knowing full well the extraordinary strength in her small hand. “Arrghhh let go arghhh I’ll sort you arrrr out!” he wailed while his hands tugged in vain against her forearm. “Orrrrragghh!” he groaned as she released his nuts and pulled back her arm. Ted’s hands went straight to his groin to cup them standing with his legs slightly apart and leaning slightly forward gasping. An amused expression came over the woman’s face as she watched him stooped over cupping his aching balls. “Oh yes, big tough English man. You come and sort me out. Look at you crying like a baby. You couldn’t sort me out if you tried” her exotic voice trilled with mocking laughter which made Ted’s face go red with rage.

Again forcing himself to ignore the pain, he stood up straight and adopted a boxing stance which the short mature woman mirrored with a bemused smile that showed how amusing she thought this was which just made Ted all the madder. “No hitting below the waist. That’s not fair game” Ted snarled at his slender smartly-dressed opponent. “It’s not my fault that you have your sensitive organs on the outside of your body” the attractive mature Oriental sneered with a teasing lilt to her voice “I can beat you any way I want Ted. Just try and stop me”. Before he’d even made a move she stepped in and swung her arms while whipping her knee around high in front of her then snapping it straight. “Hai!” BAM! “Orrrraghh!” Ted wailed creasing forwards as her shin slammed across his belly like a crowbar with audible force. Again the fleeting impression of her short thick shapely calves and thighs remained with me. Without stopping she spun around quickly. “Eeyah!” her skirt slid sexily up her thighs as her right leg flew upwards behind her bent at the knee. BAM! the sole of her foot hammered his right cheek once more with shocking force. “Orrrrragh!” leaning her body so far forward it was almost horizontal, the tight skirt rode almost over her hips showing the full expanse of her beautiful full legs as in one continuous movement her right leg straightened. Ted’s face was hammered and pushed away by her sexy thick legs in a single fast movement. My cock was throbbing at the sight of the flexible mature Japanese woman in a business dress with her body well past horizontal leaning away with her skirt around her hips and bare right leg sloping up steeply sideways held steady as Ted’s head was blasted violently to one side causing him to stagger back and topple once more. He would have fallen to the floor except he managed to grab hold of the side of one of the wooden workbenches and held on trying to summon the energy to pull himself back up. “Nowhere near good enough” she taunted stepping forwards as Ted struggled to right himself. “Hai!” there was a blur arcing towards the back of Ted’s head. WAP! the edge of her small hand chopped the back of his neck. Ted’s head jerked back with the tendons in his neck straining then he just collapsed like a pack of cards. “Any Japanese woman could kick your ass, even a schoolgirl” she taunted as he rolled over onto his back groaning softly. “Hah!” she shouted in derision. I was stunned as her right leg shot up like a missile, her business skirt pulling back tightly along her thighs as her short chunky leg soared almost vertically then suddenly dropped like an axe as her foot slammed down. “No!” WHUMP! “Nnnnnnaarrgghh!” he wailed pitifully as her heel hammered his groin from a great height. His body lurched up at both ends around his crotch. Then he fell back. “Orr Jeez Orr Jeez” he groaned rocking back and forth on the floor clutching his groin.

Seeing Ted laying there on the floor after getting his butt kicked once more scared me being left alone to face this crazy dangerous woman. A crazy surge of adrenaline and I rushed at her from behind. Our bodies collided and the smaller woman fell to the floor. As lithe as a cat, she flipped over onto her back and her right leg rocketed up in an unavoidable blur. BLAM! “Oooooooooooorrrr!” I squealed as the sole of her sole hammered my balls straight on. A thick shapely calve shaped like a nine-pin kept that foot firmly in place for several agonising seconds to make sure her high-heel bit deep into my nut-sack. “AAH!” she shouted right in my face as I crumpled in agony over her body. WHUMP! “Aeeeeeeeowwwwww!” I screamed as a claw-like hand slammed into the underside of my nuts then sprang shut like a man-trap. I was bent over her like a bridge supporting myself on my hands with my legs almost straight but at a forward angle. “Aahhh ahhh please noooooo!” I wailed frantically as the old bitch raised her backside from the floor supporting herself on her feet and shoulders, putting her body-weight behind her iron-grip hand tugging down upon my nut-sack even as she crushed them in her terrible strong fingers. “Scott knows that I am just an ordinary Japanese tourist who flew all the way to London from Tokyo just so I could break your balls” she said conversationally even as I was squealing like a pig scared she would pull them right off. With my eyes clenched tight and watering, I tried balancing on one hand to grab her forearm to pull her hand away from my tortured balls. What I encountered was a short thick forearm as rigid as an iron beam full of strong cords swelling on the surface, brawny and strong with exceptional strength flowing down into her fingers relentlessly crushing. “That’s it, hold her there Scott” I heard Ted gasp above my agonised squealing. The next second I felt my balls released as the woman beneath me grabbed hold of the front of my shirt with both hands. “Orrrahhhh!” I groaned as both of her feet slammed into my nuts then I found my back-end raised high into the end as her legs lifted me with surprising strength right over her body. For a moment I saw her emotionless face beneath me, then a mighty surge of power flowed through her short legs sending me hurtling head over heels away from her. “Woahhhh!” I was shocked as I felt myself fly uncontrollably through the air. My cock even lurched at the leggy power it had just felt. BLAM! “Orrrrrr!” my back slammed hard into the cold concrete floor knocking the wind from me.

THUMP! THUMP! I looked back and saw Ted triumphantly holding an ankle in each hand belonging to the mature woman lying on the floor. “You don’t kick me in the balls you demented old bitch!” he crowed. With both legs held in the air, her business skirt slid down stretched tight around the top of her thighs. Again I was impressed by how sexy her short chunky legs were with thick firm thighs and with shapely meaty calves. In a split-second he lost her ankles as her legs flew wide apart, her stocky legs showing strong hard thighs as they became a V shape positioned either side of his hips. Suddenly she reared up upon her shoulders throwing her crotch forwards like some sensual monster. Her stocky thighs enveloped Ted’s leg around the knees, her big well-shaped calves folding around the back as if to scissor tight. “Woah!” he yelped as with a sudden wrench her strong thick legs pulled his knees forward and Ted fell straight down onto his behind. Instantly the mature Oriental’s shapely bare left leg lifted right up above her, held straight pointing towards the ceiling like an executioner’s axe. “No!” Ted yelped in fear. “Hah!” the leg fell in the blink of an eye, the heel of her shoe hammering solidly once more on top of his groin. BAM “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee!” Ted squealed like I’d never heard the big hard man do before and to my horror he began rolling around the floor curled up rocking back and forth openly weeping.

“Your hero” she scoffed giving me a hard look then pointedly looking down at where Ted was writhing and moaning in sheer agony. Showing only cold emotion she stepped towards me. In blind terror of this mature Japanese female terminator I grabbed the nearest thing to hand to protect myself. It was a wooden chair, quite hefty and well-made, not flimsy like modern rubbish. I raised it in front of me with the legs pointing forwards, the seat in front of me like a shield and the back by my side. “Imagine that chair are your balls” she told me ominously. I didn’t even get time to think. “YAI!” she shouted nearly making me wet myself. Her solemn face focussed in scary concentration. The next instant the greying short smartly dressed woman leapt quickly into the air. Her right leg bent with the knee rushed towards me like a destroyer while her left leg slightly bent trailed behind as she flew quickly through the air. Her dark almond shape eyes bore into me as that knee soared towards me level with my chest. KABLAM! Her knee struck the solid seat of the chair so violently that my hands lurched towards each other as the chair exploded into splinters and fell to the floor. “HUH!” “No!” I squealed like a little girl as that terrifying knee shot up again right in front of me chest height and stopped less than an inch away. I didn’t want to think of her stamina and flexibility as she held it there right in front of my chest held rock-steady and menacing, but I did and found my dick unexpectedly lurching in fear of it’s deadly ball-busting power.

“Are all British men as pathetic at fighting as you two?” she snorted with derision. Her knee remained steady in front of my chest. I nervously looked at her face, her hard dark eyes, her slender sleek nose and heart-shaped mouth. “No wonder you lost the empire”. I breathed a sigh of relief as her knee lowered but broke out in a sweat as it stopped at my groin. A knee that can demolish a sturdy wooden chair is not one I want anywhere near my groin. Her head tilted coyly to one side with the eyebrows raised as she turned her deadly battering ram to the side and began rubbing the side of her thigh over my groin. “Pleasure and pain, Scott” she murmured softly. ORRRR the feel of her short thick thigh rubbing against me was really stimulating. “The most effective way to deliver pain to a man’s groin is to strike it when it is fully erect upon the point of ejaculation” her words were chilling although her voice was seductive and the top of the side of her thigh arousing. “Orrrrr!” I moaned as the mature woman leant forward and ran her warm wet tongue all the way from the base of my neck to my ear in one long slow movement that had my dick thumping hard. “I gave Scott a message for your boss, did he tell you about it?” the mature woman was practically purring as her knee slid seductively over a very stiff bulge in the front of my pants despite the persistent ache in my balls. Ted, still curled up with his hands cupping his nuts glared at me. “I told our boss, ohhh ohhh!” I couldn’t help moaning in pleasure. Once again this surprising woman was getting me incredibly hard like she had on the train. I whimpered as without warning her knee turned in my direction and slid right between my legs, but instead of the explosion of ball-busting agony it continued to slide back and forth rubbing my throbbing dick against the top of her thigh with increasing pace. “You told Sir Anthony Jones to stay out of the business of The Sisterhood?” “Nnnah nnnahh nahhh orrrr yes”. Her knee and the top of the thigh was sensational and had me nearly bursting out of my trousers. “Here let me help you with that” she whispered seductively leaning forward as she lowered her knee. “Orrrrrrrrrrr!” I moaned as her tongue licked all the way from the base of my throat and all the way up my throat as her fingers unzipped my trousers. “Oooorrrrrr!” I threw back my head in ecstasy as she continued to lick along the underside of my chin and over my jaw as she prised out the stiff rod enfolded in the front of my pants. “Orrrr orrrr orrrrrr!” I began thrusting my hips against her hand which replaced her knee against my dick as she continued to lick up to my mouth. She pressed her lips against mine and slipped in her tongue. “Mmmmm mmmmm mmmm!” I seized the old lady around the waist pulling her tight against me as I thrust my dick against her as I began cumming hard.

Suddenly she was snatched away from me as Ted grabbed her from behind with both arms tight around her waist. “Stop wanking off over her and hit her Scott” he urged. As fast as a cobra, the short woman’s knee flew up, her right leg lifting it high fanning that thigh-hugging skirt with that big meaty shapely calve behind her short shin. “HAI!” a blur streaks towards my groin. BLAM! “Eeeeeeeeeee!” I scream as the sharp pointed toe of her shoe hammers into my balls. I’ve been kicked in the balls many times, but this is the most intense pain I’d ever experienced there in my life. In disbelief my dick ejaculates powerfully even as I fall to the floor, my throat clamping up and bile rising in my throat with the soul-destroying pain. “BAH!” BLAM! “Orrrrrrrrrraghh!” Ted’s cry of pain draws my attention and I see him holding her tight with her back against him with her right knee bent and a thick strong calve driving the sole and high-heel of her shoe hard against the front of his trousers. His hands drop and her foot continues to push back as his eyes clench and his mouth drops open wide in a horrible mask of agony. In an instant she leans forwards breaking his grasp while her leg continues to straight behind her pushing him hard away with her foot on his groin. Immediately she whips her right elbow level with her shoulder with the fist clenched. “YAH!” she twists around as the elbow snaps back climbing steeply before smashing into Ted’s temple. BLAM! “Arghhh!” it is an awful solid sound. To my horror Ted stumbles around looking dazed, his head lolling around looking like he was going to fall at any moment. Oooooooooo another wave of sharp spasms burns through my nuts. “EEYAH!” the little Japanese woman spun around like a top, her right leg flying out to hammer Ted right in the stomach. BLAM! “Orrghhhh!” in horror I saw his big burly body jerk clean off the floor and fly backwards through the air as the mature bitch straightened her leg to its short but full length. Ted went flying across the room before crashing into one of the workbenches. “You stay right there Scott if you know what’s good for you” she glared down at me sending chills down my spine. I was in no condition to argue, wrapped up in a whole world of pain emanating from my balls. Rocking back and forth in a ball upon the cold concrete floor, I could only stare at her big meaty calves looking so full and shapely elevated upon high heels as she walked away from me towards Ted barely propped up on a workbench.

Looking groggy he tried to slide off the workbench but the ferocious little woman got there first and seized his throat in her steely strong fingers. “Kkk kkkk!” he croaked as she choked him with one hand as he sat on the bench with his legs dangling over the edge. His hands flew up to his neck and frantically tried to prise her fingers away but they were too strong. “Yah!” her other hand punched forwards, open palmed with the fingers stiff. WAP! “Urkkkkk!” they sank right into his navel then came out in a short blink-and-you’ll-miss it blow. His body tried to jerk forwards but her strong fingers around his windpipe stopped him cold. “Bah!” again her steel-hard fingertips shot forwards. WAP! “nnnkkkk!” they struck right beneath his rib cage above his heart then pulled out. “Bah!” her hand shot forwards again this time with fist clenched. “Bofff!” “Orrrrkkkk!” it was a short sharp punch to his gut that left his body jerking and his face turning red as her vice-like grip around his throat prevented him from creasing forwards. “Kkk kkk!” clutching his throat she forced his face up until he was sitting looking right into her cold brown eyes. “Never mess with a Japanese woman, Ted Hawkins” she warned in such a strong confident voice that I found my painfully throbbing groin stiffening in response. “Yai!” she shouted right into his face. Her knee shot up and slammed right into his groin with a loud solid thud that made me wince. “Orrrr orrrragh!” Ted moaned in sheer agony, his head rocking in futile frustration in her strong choking hand. “I know all about you Ted Hawkins. A nasty thuggish man” she said coldly as her knee dropped. Ted’s hand dropped to cup his balls. “Yah!” BLAM! “Kkkk kkkk!” her knee slammed again between his legs like a cannon-ball. “Kkkkoooohh!” he was wailing, thrashing around unable to shake off her deadly vice-like grip around his throat. His hands provided no protection from the woman’s deadly knee as they were sandwiched between it and his groin. “I suppose you two think that a woman kneeing a man in the groin to be very crude and unsporting-like. Yah!” BLAM “Ooooo ooookkkk!” “But you have to admit it is very effective in letting you know who is in charge. Besides Hai!” BLAM “………..!” “I have a reputation to keep up” she said that with a chilling smile.

That’s when her arm straightened pressing the back of Ted’s head against the bench top then powers in her knee again. BLAM! “argkkk!” his arms flailed around hitting the bench top in frustration. “I know all about your boss. Sir Anthony Jones”. Her thick left calve bulged with power as she ground her right knee against his balls. “Pleasekkkkk!” he whimpered. “Very wealthy man from a privileged family. Which automatically qualified him for a senior position in the Dark Bank with a multi-million pound salary” Ted’s arms were thrashing about as she pinned his neck to the bench top with her fingers. All the time she ground that knee into his balls like a corkscrew. I didn’t like what she was doing with her knee but loved the way her smart business dress stretched tightly between her raised thigh and the back of her other leg. The cold-hearted woman seemed oblivious to his agony. “During the economic collapse that he helped engineer his personal fortune nearly quadrupled”. What a banker! He told us because of the hard economic climate he had no choice but to slash our wages and all the time he was raking it in! She continued to screw that knee in, Ted was too helpless to do anything to stop it clutching at her strong fingers to no avail then trying to push her knee away to no end. “All he cares about is grabbing more wealth and power. No doubt he thought that the treasure of the temple of Anahita was a value in monetary terms”

My balls were still aching, but I thought I should help him. But as soon I began to get to my feet, the woman turned to face me with her eyes boring into me like lasers. Behind her on the workbench Ted lay sobbing, clutching his neck and balls. I was appalled that such a tough guy had been reduced to this. They shouldn’t teach women to do things like this. It just wasn’t natural. I should go and help him but I was frozen to the spot by fear of this dangerous undersized mature woman in the business dress. Her calm emotionless face with the perfect smooth complexion, almond-shaped eyes with brown irises, slender nose and generous mouth was strangely alluring and powerfully confident as she held up her hands open palmed fingers straight in a menacing suggestion of powerful karate chops if I took another step. My dick was actually lurching in my pants in terror. “So Scott, tell me why does your boss, Sir Anthony Jones want the ancient decoding device? After all, most of the scrolls have been deciphered and published?” she asked. “I don’t kn..” She stepped towards me faster than I expected. “Hah!” her hand sliced sideways chopping the side of my neck. My body convulsed and I felt faint. A swishing sound made me look up to see the old woman position her hands for another strike. “The looney nuns!” I yelped in fright. Her face had a hard set to it like she was angry with me. Suddenly she turned away from me to face the other workbench which was to side of us and raised her arm. “HAI!” she screamed as the edge of her hand fell in blur. BERLAM! The workbench just collapsed in an explosion of splinters. She then just stood there glaring at us as if daring us to challenge her. Oh crap oh crap! my dick lurches at the dreadful power this short slender mature woman possesses. “The covenant of the Holy Messiah!” Ted yelped quickly the fear showing in his voice. My mouth was too dry in terror to speak to this dreadful menacing woman. Her expression softened a bit. “Ah loony and deadly nuns indeed. Assassins for The Conclave, Silencers for the major faiths. They destroy anything that conflicts with their faith and their power over their congregation and don’t care who gets in their way” she lectured as she walked back to the workbench where Ted was still clearly in agony. “Not nice people to do business with” she added.

Ted tried to sit up as she neared the table but he was in too much pain to move quickly. Her left hand shot out, clamped around his throat and slammed him back down to the bench with his legs draped over the edge. “No!” he wailed in a pathetic tone as her other hand went to his groin. Instead of her fingers closing in a crushing grip, it unzipped his flies in a single swift movement then pulled out a rather limp package enclosed within his and began to stroke it up and down with firm steady pumping action. “No, no, norrrr!” he tried to fight it but her hand was too skilled as I well knew. “Your boss keeps very dangerous company” her voice was soft cooing almost seductive while her hand moved steadily faster and faster. My balls still ached badly but tried to stiffen remembering the feel of her small strong hand upon my dick. “Norrrr!” he moaned. “Don’t fight it Ted. My hand is like The Borg. Resistance is futile” she practically purred in a voice that caused stiffening in my dick. I loved watching her side profile as she worked up Ted. The slimness of her waist, the hot curve at her backside, the tightness of her skirt stretched between her thighs and the meaty curves of her shapely calves raised upon high-heeled slip on shoes with wicked pointed toes. She also seemed quite top heavy in the chest department something which I found very pleasing upon the eye. “Nuuuurrrr urrrr” Ted was moaning clearly succumbing to the charms of her hand. The bulge sticking up in his pants was very stiff as her hand made him had him moaning louder and louder. “Orrrrr Jeezeeeeee!” he moaned loudly as the top of his pants began to turn wet. At that precise moment her magic hand stopped and clamped tight. “Orrrrr noooo please please let me cum!” Ted moaned like an idiot as her steely fingers cut off his ejaculation. With her other hand, she pulled Ted’s upper body into a sitting position and drew his face close to hers. She turned his face to the right and brought her mouth to his ear. “Pleasure and pain, Ted” she murmured seductively. “That was the pleasure”. BAM BAM BAM BAM her small fists began pounding the bottom of his nut-sack like a punch-bag alternating in a fast continuous bombardment. His eyes screwed tight and his mouth fell wide in a silent scream as her speeding fists repeatedly smashed into the bottom of his scrotum causing spunk to fly out the top of his pants in big nasty jets. BAM BAM BAM BAM the old bitch was merciless emptying his balls by punching it out. A terrible long low wail left his lips as he began sobbing. It was terrible seeing this big tough openly weeping. It didn’t last long. The cruel punches stop when the sperm stopped spurting. “That was the pain” the legendary Japanese ball-breaker declared. Ted was weeping openly, a broken man. He slid off the workbench no doubt intending to collapse to the floor, curl up into a little ball and cry until the terrible throbbing pain eased.

“Shall I make the pain go away?” the mature woman asked with a wicked smile on her lips. Ted was too far gone to answer. “Hai!” her hand was a blur as it chopped the base of his neck. Ted’s body jerked uncontrollably. She lowered her hand but keeps her fingers ram-rod straight. “Bah!” she drives her stiff fingers up between his legs and sinks them right up behind the nut-sack. Ted’s eyes spring wide open in shock, his mouth dropping then his eyes just seemed to zone out as his body just collapsed in a heap to the floor.
The short Japanese woman with the slender body and good complexion turned to face me with a wide smile on her luscious lips and a twinkle in her large brown eyes. “It’s just you and me, Scott. Just like it should be” She smiled then proceeded to remove her jacket and hang it neatly from the back of a chair. All the while her eyes never left me, her eyebrows arched quizzically as if sizing me up. Oh crap! She was right. With her greying hair fixed in a small bun behind her head and her flawless complexion she appeared to be a good looking mature Japanese woman but her fearsome reputation sent shivers down my spine. I didn’t want to be in the same room as her, but there was no way out as the only door was locked. “P…please give me the key and let me go. I promise you’ll never hear from me again” I begged while edging around her trying to keep as far away from her as I could. Without moving her head, her narrowed eyes followed me with a look of disdain. “Come now Scott. You know that I wasn’t born yesterday. You are a persistent liar and a cheat. Come here now” she commanded. With the jacket removed she stood before me in a short-sleeved white blouse that was a bit baggy and did nothing to show off her figure although the way the front of the blouse sloped down and hung from her chest tantalised with the suggestion that maybe she was quite well-endowed. There was no way that I was going anywhere near her. “I’m a reformed character. Honest, you can trust me. Chuck us the key”. “If I have to go over there to get you, you will regret it” she said ominously. I kept the broken workbench between us as I edged towards the door. I heard her sigh “very well, have it your way” then slipped off her shoes.

To my surprise she suddenly dove forwards and went into a handstand before springing forwards and flipping right over. Her legs opened in opposite directions as she went down into the full splits with one leg straight before her and the other straight behind. BADOING! My dick went absolutely rigid at the sight of the mature Japanese business woman doing the splits right in front of me. Her unexpected flexibility went straight to my groin. Suddenly she raised herself on one hand and scythed her legs around before springing to her feet in a single fluid motion. Too gob-smacked and absorbed by her litheness it was too late when I realised that she had flipped to her feet and was standing right in front of me. Scared I flung out my hands to push her away but she moved like a cobra twisting them aside with a flick of her forearms. Then that right leg snapped out, the hem of her skirt sliding back along her stocky thigh. BLAM! “Oorrrrragh!” I wailed as the top of her small foot whacked between my legs like a crowbar to the nuts. Her right leg went down then her left knee flew up snapping her foot straight my balls. BLAM! “Ohhhh!” no sooner had she done that than she grabbed both arms, span right around forcing me to bend right over only to watch her right leg to swing up to nail my nuts again BLAM! “Orrrghh!” she was kicking my balls one after the other in rapid succession giving me no break, leaving them aching dreadfully. Her hands slapped down heavily upon my shoulders as she drew back her leg. No! I wanted to wail but my throat was dry as my balls ached horribly. I wanted to scream as a blur shot towards the centre of my legs BLAM! The top of her foot slammed straight up sending my ball-sack hammering into the underside of my crotch. Barely had they began to drop when the bitch pulled back her right arm with the fist clenched. “Hah!” she shouted in derision as her fist powered straight into the front of my balls as if they were a punch bag. “Arghhhh!” I screamed in agony. I wanted to curl up and weep but the ball-busting bitch had other ideas. “EEEYAH!” to my amazement both of the mature Oriental’s feet left the ground as she jumped high into the air clutching the front of her skirt as she slid it up her thighs. She sprang up like bloody gazelle until I was looking up at her way above me. BLAM! “Eeeeeeeee!” her left foot slammed into my nuts even as she was in the air. Ohhhhh Goddd! as soon as her feet touched the ground she sprang up again like a bloody jack-in-the-box. In an eye-blink she was high above me again then “Hai!” the edge of her left chopped into the base of my neck immediately followed by her right foot in my nuts BAM! I barely had to cry out for she sprang right up again spun right around in the air in front of me and back-kicked the sole of her foot into my aching nadgers. God noo! with unstoppable energy and enthusiasm the greying woman faced me and sprang up once more, her feet lifting with painful intent. BLAM! “arrrr rrrragh!” with tears streaming from my eyes, I span around just as I saw her spring up again. CRUMP! her shin slammed hard bruising my buttocks as her foot hammered up crushing my nads with devastating pain. “Ooooiiii!” I was on my hands and knees in a second squealing in agony. Not that it stopped the bitch. She walked around to face me. “YAH!” I watched as leapt high into the air then felt cold dread as her legs fell fast with the right foot leading. “Nooooo AAARRRRRRRR!” BAM! it was like a bloody sledgehammer had been dropped onto my bollocks from a great height. I threw myself forwards and rocked back and forth uncontrollably as a terrible pain told hold of my entire body. It was so agonising that as I threw back my head to scream nothing came out from my mouth. Ohhh ohhhh Ohhhh it hurt, it really hurt. I quickly closed my mouth as I felt the bile rise.

“Get up Scott. I won’t tell you again” the cruel bitch’s voice drifted down to me. Her feet appeared in front of me. Weeping I cupped my hands over my balls to protect them. WHUMP! She kicked with such power that it slammed my hands flat against my balls, the sole of her foot breaking through the middle of them. “No no please” I begged as her foot pressed down onto my balls and began twisting from side to side. In desperation I grabbed her thick ankles with both hands and tried frantically to move it, to lift it away anything to stop her mashing my nuts. It wouldn’t budge. I even tried tugging and pushing on her calve. It was so thick that I almost couldn’t my fingers around the firm shapely calve meat. The hard muscle under my fingers was alluring but the pain in my balls was intense. “Are you ready to get up now Scott or shall I turn your testicles into paste?” she asked coldly as she ground her foot on my nuts. “Y-yes P-please Sstop” I sobbed. Her short but thick calve slipped out of my hands as she withdrew her foot. I had no choice but to stand up before she changed her mind. “No!” I yelped as she stretched her leg out towards my groin, but instead of another ball-throbbing kick the top of her foot slid gently between my legs and began making small movements back and forth. “Yes, I was correct about you that day we first met. You’re a mashed ball, a pervert of true deviancy”. The top continued to gently slid back and forth. Although my balls throbbed badly, my dick was getting stiff. “See! Even though I’ve been kicking your balls, you are still aroused” She declared like a proclamation. Suddenly her stiff fingers jabbed hard into the crook of my arm, her foot dropped from between my legs, hooked around the back of my right leg and pulled it away from under me. Woah! A twist of her wrist and a whip of her arm which had grabbed my wrist sent me spinning like a cartwheel. The room spun around me in a blur making me feel ill. BLAM! barely a second later my back slammed into the floor. My head was spinning so fast I had to close my eyes and try not to pass out. “Mmmmmmm!” the next second something heavy smothered over my face. I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t. Something was pressing down on my eyes and squashing my nose. “Mmmm mmmm!” somehow I knew by the feel against my mouth that the crazy mature Japanese woman had her small compact backside sitting right on my face. “Mmm mmmm!” it was so humiliating having this loony woman sitting on my face yet as the thought occurred to me what part of her body was pressing down on my mouth, the sexier it became and I found myself getting aroused despite the terrible throbbing in my balls. “Mmmm mmmm!” thankfully she’s not that heavy and I’m rather enjoying this in a strange sort of way being pressed by her small buttocks and my mouth close to her pussy. I sense her shifting around and hear the rustle of clothing.

“Mmmmaaarghh!” all of a sudden I can breath fresh air as the mature woman rises from my face and begins to walk away from me towards the workbench in front. I am stunned that she is only wearing her underwear. White briefs cover her compact backside which looks like two firm balls and around her upper back is a kind of large old-fashioned bra that more resembles a modern halter. The view from the back is pleasant indeed. Although short in height, she has a pleasing slender hour-glass figure that tapers from her shoulders into a smaller waist then curving out again to her hips. From the back there was no sign of cellulite or fat, everything looking very firm and feminine. She leant forwards to neatly arrange her clothes on top of the workbench. PHROAR I groaned inwardly as her buttocks thrust towards me. No wonder she got me so hard in the train with my dick pressed against that. Calm down, she’s an evil old crone that I wouldn’t want to touch with a barge-pole. I remembered what she said about it hurting more if I was aroused but when she turned around to face me. PERDOING! I was getting uncontrollably hard in an instant. The woman had a big thrusting bust for such a slender frame although they were mostly concealed by her large bra. However I was stunned at her lithe trim figure, the lines of her upper body were clearly delineated and in particular her stomach was firm, fit and shiny and looks rock hard. “Healthy mind, healthy body” she said with an inviting smile. No no ignore it she’s an old bad ORRRRR she might be older than me but bloody hell what a killer body. I don’t like women with prominent muscles, it’s not natural but I was mesmerised by the petite body of this short slender mature lady. There was something incredibly irresistibly sexy about her small fit toned body that makes me very hard. “You like Madam Koumaru Assaiki now don’t you?” she purred with a wide smile as she stood before me. That the dangerous old woman had a body like this was probably the biggest surprise so far. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her stomach, so toned and fit like it had been sculpted. It was incredibly sexy. ORRRR I had to forced myself not to reach out and grab that tight toned stomach and rub myself off against it. With her eyes boring into mine, the greying woman lifted her right arm out to her side, clenched her fist and slowly bent her forearm vertically. My mouth went dry and my heart-beat increased as the top of her arm raised into a definite mound. It wasn’t big or peaked but it was most definitely a muscle and clearly separated from the rest of her arm, a strong sleek swell of power that made me uneasy. Even her forearm looked strong, tapering from her slender wrist with definite strength. I wouldn’t want to arm-wrestle her!. “Pretty strong yes?” she said with a broad smile that showed off her white teeth. “Yes” I gasped. That’s when she put both hands behind her head and her taut stomach writhed and settled into six small but hard blocks. To add to that she also raised herself onto her toes making her short thick thighs swell with chunky strong power. For such a petite woman she packed a surprising amount of muscle definition into her small lithe toned frame. Ggah gahh I’m stunned. “68 actually” she says with a smile although I never asked. My cock was absolutely rigid and my aching balls tight in the presence of this amazing body. It really turned me on.

My mouth was so dry and I felt so hot. Before I could say a word, she quickly slipped behind me and her hand came up between my legs from behind. “No!” I yelped in fear expecting her devastatingly strong fingers to squeeze my balls in her terrible crushing grip. Instead I found myself lifted by my groin completely off the ground and falling backwards across her shoulders where she must have crouched down behind me. Then I was rising as she stood. “Yes pretty strong” she repeated. She was only a slender little thing yet she had lifted me in a second and now stood with me draped backwards over her shoulders with ease. My dick stiffened further with the thought. Which was probably exactly what she was waiting for because in the next second the surprisingly strong and fit little bitch struck. Her fingers crushed around my shaft like an iron-glove but then began making long hard strokes that aroused as well as hurt. “Pleasure and pain is most effective when working together” “Orrrr!” it was like her hand was trying to squeeze all the meat out of sausage or the toothpaste out of a tube. “Orrrrr!” I couldn’t help it, the sensations were just on the right side of arousing. “Orrrrrr!” a bit of pre-cum escaped and provided lubrication for her tight hand to slip back and forth along my agonisingly hard shaft. Held with my back across the narrow shoulders of a petite slender but well toned mature woman there was nothing I could do to escape the inevitable even if I had wanted to. “Orrrrrr!” the semen starts spurting and that moment her hand stops and becomes a steely vice which clamps hard stopping the flow. “Scott, you really are so weak” she taunts as her small iron hand unclenches then re-clenches at irregular intervals while I moan like an idiot as the spunk built up inside aching for release. “Arghh arghhhh arghhh!” the spunk blasted out like a soda siphon in small controlled spurts. I wasn’t even finished when suddenly the greying body spun me around, lifted up my rear end by my balls, making me scream, then threw me off me sending me hurtling towards the floor.

BLAM! the impact jarred my back, knocking the wind out of me and I just lay there gasping and groaning. “Get up Scott” a mature female voice instructed. “L..leave me alone, huh huh” I panted. FLAP! something slapped light and cottony slapped me in the face. I reached up to remove it and found that I was holding a pair of women’s white knickers. What the f..? FLAP! something else slapped into my face covering my eyes and when I removed it found it was a halter-style bra. I could barely contain my excitement as I looked up along her sturdy legs and encountered a small patch of black hair at the apex of her legs. I forced down a gulp as I forced my eyes higher to encounter a sexy wide V shape that led up to that hour-glass mid-riff with its firm toned stomach on which a light grid-work of blocks rose from the surface then sank back as she breathed. Wow they are kind of alluring and fascinating to watch. Her boobs! My God! They are two perfect rounded orbs of dick-hardening precision with no signs of sagging. On her small lithe frame they look huge sitting firmly on her chest two beautiful hemispheres pushing up against each other forming a natural cleavage. Orrrrrr her aureoles are small with small erect nipples. “Yes they are natural” she said in a seductive purr as she stepped towards me. I instinctively cupped my hands over my balls to protect them but just can’t take my eyes off that incredibly hot body. BERDOING! despite having just cum, my dick was absolutely rigid at the sight of the mature woman’s naked fit body. Her hands gently take hold of mine and raise them to her bare hips then slide them over her taut firm stomach and her lightly defined abdominals. “NNNANNNN NNNNNN!” I am shocked to find my balls blasting huge wads of spunk through my dick, in such a strong reaction to this little old lady’s taut fit perfect body. The petite Oriental mistress looks amused. “Why Scott, I will take as a compliment” she purred seductively. Panting in a post-orgasmic state, I watched dumbly as the lithe naked little Japanese woman sat on the workbench facing me. She opened her legs wide exposing her clit in her hairy pussy. Once again I was stunned as the sight of that fabulously taut toned compact body with the subtly hint of a six pack and the big shapely calves gets me hard surprisingly quickly although I doubted I had any more in me to give. “Orrrrr what a hod bod” I groaned. Before I knew it I had rushed forwards and was running my hands hungrily along the sides of her waist. Gently but firmly she presses my head down until I’m face to face with her clit. I think a man giving a woman oral sex is disgusting, a woman should do that job to a man, but somehow the viewpoint of it in front of that amazing body makes me dive right in there and lick furiously while I run my hands over her bumpy abs. Her stomach tenses and those abs become even more rocky and pronounced under my hands and oddly feels really sexy. The sight of her big perfect tits so out of reach drives me wild with such desire that I had never felt for a woman before. “That’s right Scott. Lick it until I cum in your face”. For a woman with such a fearsome reputation for breaking balls, she wasn’t doing any ball-busting at the moment for which I was grateful although my balls still ached. As if I needed any more encouragement her chunky short thighs closed on either side of my head and held my face firm in a strong grip. I brought my hands to her thighs to enjoy the feel of her soft skin only to be rewarded with a strong squeeze which made her thick thighs turn steely hard as I screamed into her pussy “Mmmmmmmm!” I need no more encouragement and continued to lick her clit while lustfully admiring her firm, large, perfect boobs while stroking the amazingly sexy washboard in her stomach. “Ohhhh yes Scott. Good lap dog” she gasped in a voice heavily with euphoria. Her words not only kept my cock hard but actually made it stiffer. I put the taste and smell of her sex out of my mind, determined to give the fit old bag a bloody big one that might let me escape. I remembered she put the key down her bra but I didn’t notice it there when she threw it at me.

“Ohhhh ohhh!” she began moaning loudly and grinding a sopping wet pussy into my face. She was going to cum and the thought made me throbbing hard. All of a sudden the big busted Oriental locked her chunky legs tight around my head and rolled me right over onto my back. For a moment she was lying on top with my face firmly held against her pussy but then she rolled to the side, taking me with her, her chunky legs corkscrewing down to my neck. “Ohhh yes” she moaned erotically. “Arhh!” I groaned as I lay on my side with short strong thighs tight around my neck. The left one was underneath me with the left side of my face resting on top of it, while her right thigh was bent at the knee with the big meaty calve muscle pressing tight around my jawline. “Ohhhhhh!” she moaned again thrusting her hips to rub herself against the back of my head sending agonising waves of crushing power as her big calve pulled tight beneath my jaw threatening to pull my head off or snap my jaw. “Ohhhhh” she moaned again then her thick strong legs rolled me onto my back once more. “Krrrkk!” I croaked finding my throat tightly locked in the crook of her leg which is stretching my neck while the back of my head was held against her pussy. She stretches out her other leg until the back of her foot reaches my groin then BAM BAM BAM she starts hammering my balls as she starts moaning dementedly in orgasm. Climaxing while madly thrusting her pussy against the back of my head, her short thick legs are squeezing so tight that they have choked off my windpipe. “Ohhhhhhhhhh sweet Anahita!” she cries lifting her hips right off the floor bending my neck right back pressing my throat deeper into the crook of her legarrrrrrrrrggh.

“Argh!” I came around in pain to find the nude Japanese woman pressing on the back of my shoulder while pulling back my wrist keeping my arm straight. “Up now Scott” she ordered. I had no choice but to obey or get my arm broke. Dangling off the edge of the workbench I saw the key attached to a necklace at the end was a rounded circle of pointed bits like flames while inside was some Indian Goddess. On my feet, she turned me around to face her, placing my hands on the sides of her wonderful rounded breasts. “No reaction, Scott. Have I worn out your libido?” she asked with a tight smile. It was true while her small lithe toned body was amazing, my groin twitched but my dick remained limp. “In that case, there is nothing more that you can offer me Scott and it is time that I was on my way”. Was she leaving at last? Letting me go? I sighed a breathe of relief but that was premature. In the blink of an eye her right left shot up like a rocket, the sole of her bare foot slamming right into my throat. WHUMP! “Kkkkk!” I croaked as the force of the impact drove me stumbling backwards until my back hit the wall behind. It felt like I had a frog in my throat obstructing it. Before I could even raise my hands to clutch it the hot-bodied naked old woman stepped towards me and her knee snapped up level with her chest and straightened within a heartbeat. WHOP! “kok…!” her bare sole hammered my throat again. This time it stayed there pressing against her short chunky thick thighs pressed the bottom of that foot against my throat pinning the back of my neck against the wall behind. Right away I grabbed her shin with the big meaty calve dangling beneath but her foot was lodged too firmly in my throat. My eyes instinctively wandered along that chunky right leg held perfectly straight as a leg can be, with the view along the inside edge straight into the hairy patch at the exposed crotch. Small consolation for being choked to death by the small foot of a naked mature Japanese woman.

She held up her hands in front of me. The right contained a walnut, the other was in the shape of a claw. “..kuk..!” I wanted to scream as that claw-shaped hand swung low heading straight for my balls but her foot crushed my windpipe all but shut. WHUMP! Once again her cast-iron grip closed around my nut-sack. “….!” I screamed silently inside with tears welling in my eyes. Her steely fingers dug right in, maybe she was using that Dim Sung or whatever she called it but remarkably even though my balls were being crushed my dick began to get stiff. No, no, mustn’t get aroused. I knew that was what the bitch wanted because it made it more painful but every-time I looked at that compact perfect female body packed with firm toned fitness the stiffness got worse. I tried closing my eyes but with a sharp twist of her cruel hand they would fly back open. “…..!” her strong leg pressed her foot firmly against my throat as her hand attached to my nuts like a limpet pulled in the opposite direction as if she meant to rip them right off. “…!” I was screaming like crazy in my head while weeping openly as the crazy sexy old bitch pulled my balls causing agonising pain while digging in her fingers into some secret place that made men as hard as a rock. In frantic desperation I forced myself to try to pull her hand and foot and began punching her and hitting her. She glared at me with such a fierce look that for a second I froze. Bad mistake. In that second two of the fingers on the hand holding the walnut extended straight then shot forwards and struck a point on the inside of my right elbow. WAP! to my horror I lost all feeling along the whole of my right arm and it just fell limply by my side. Scared out my wits I tried to hit her with my left arm. “Hai!” the edge of her hand slashed down upon the inside of my arm then her hand shot down the length of my arm driving her two fingers in like knitting needles into a point just below the front of my shoulder caps. WAP! Arghhhh arghhh it was like someone had just attached electrodes to me and sent 5000 volts through it. It was all over in a flash and I nearly wet myself when I found my left arm also hanging useless by my side. Arghhh arghhh she yanked on my nut-sack so much that I would have slid down the wall if she wasn’t pinning and choking my neck there with her foot. “Would you like to kick me, Scott?” she asked giving an extra hard tug on my scrotum that was now stretched that surely permanent injury would happen if she yanked on it anymore. “I can still crush your balls with you lying on the floor with none of your limbs working” she taunted. Her fingers dug in that special place and my dick went so hard that I knew that I was about to blow. With my ball-sack yanked right out in front of me and her foot pressing hard against my throat, she raised her right hand. CRACK CRACK CRACK her hand closed into a fist with shards of walnut shell spilling out of the bottom of her fist and dropping to the floor. CRACK CRACK CRACK a pile of fine dust follows from her hand. Her left hand mirrors the right and I am screaming and weeping freely as an essential part of me is crushed out of my being. To cap it all my dick is dribbling seamen even as the pain becomes intolerable and I gratefully embrace unconsciousness.
** some days later **
Ted glowered at me all the way to Sir Anthony’s grand stately house in the country. I didn’t want to be here, I didn’t want to be in that hospital either with all the nurses looking at me funny and giggling behind my back when they thought I wasn’t looking. Although I told everyone that I must have fallen and hit my head because I didn’t remember what had happened they all knew. How else could they explain the state of my ruined testicles. Every bump in the road sent jolts of pain right up between my legs and into the centre of my being, even with the blooming pillow! He had already threatened me not to say a word about a small mature Japanese woman beating the crap out of him to our employer and I think he reluctantly agreed not to mention me getting my balls mashed.

As Ted got out of the car and headed towards the servant’s entrance (Sir Anthony made it clear that we were staff and not permitted to use the front entrance) and I painfully winced behind after him, every step agony, I had no idea how I was going to explain my decrepit state. The long steep climb up the servant’s staircase from the basement to the main level was agonising. As I winced my way along the plush hall to Sir Anthony’s study, my senses were telling me that something was wrong. Through the door I could see Ted standing with his back to me facing the old man’ desk. Somehow by the way he held his shoulders tense, I knew that he was uneasy. Maybe the boss was giving him a good bollocking. I entered the room to listen in and enjoy myself but as I did the door closed behind me.

Looking around behind me I got a fright. Standing there is a nun, dressed in a black habit, about 5 foot 4 with wisps of dark red escaping the cowl or veil or whatever you call it. She was the quite pretty one with a pale long oval face with a hint of freckles, narrow blue-green eyes and a sleek slender nose that curved out rather appealingly from the bridge of her nose. I quite fancied her. She had a small mouth that smiled a lot and a soft pleasant voice when she spoke, which wasn’t often. I thought that she was perhaps in her early thirties. She also cut a nice figure in that habit, about average sized not too slim not too plump. Standing with her legs apart as if guarding the door, I noticed that the long ankle length skirt of her habit had a subtly concealed slit all the way along the outside edge of her legs. With the way she stood, this showed off thick black denier tights covering her lower legs from her knees down to soft black ballet shoes on her feet. Maybe this was the new fashion among nuns. Even though I wasn’t religious, I wasn’t sure that I liked the breaking with tradition but then it was kind of sexy seeing her legs. The way she watched me like a hawk as she guarded the door made me feel uncomfortable. If she was here then so must be the other one.

“So glad that you could join us, Scott Morris”. A feminine figure in a black nun’s habit unfolded from a seat in front of Ted and stretched to it’s full height. I could now see Sir Anthony sitting behind the desk looking worried. The tall nun stepped gracefully towards me, Ted nervously moving out her way. Well over 6 foot by maybe as much as 3 inches, she towered over me. A mature woman perhaps in her fifties, she had an elegant beauty with a squarish face with small brown eyes that always seemed to look down at me in a condescending manner, a slim nose, high cheek bones and a small mouth that always seem set in disapproval. Her figure was quite impressive with broad shoulders that tapered inwards along her lanky upper body to her waist before curving back out to generous hips. As she walked, I saw that she too had long slits in the sides of her skirt that exposed surprisingly long slim shins and calves that contrasted with her heavier upper body build. In fact they were bare and rather beautiful, long and slender with a small ball of a muscle head at the top.

At first she didn’t even bother looking at my face but glanced at my groin with a look of barely concealed contempt for so long that I wondered if my flies were undone. Then she looked down at me with a look of smug arrogance before turning on her heels and walking away from me back to where Sir Anthony sat nervously. I saw that Ted was watching her like a hawk. “Yet again you fail the Lord. Your pet idiots return empty handed. The heathen decoding device remains in the hands of non-believers. He has no further use for you” she told him in a voice that hinted of a good education. “I am one of the upper class. I am rich. I can help you infiltrate the Dark Bank. Donate large amounts of money” Sir Anthony looked flustered almost scared. The tall elegant but cold-looking woman smiled in a way that sent shivers down my spine. “Greed is sin we have no need for money. The Lord provides all that we need. He just requires that we must make sacrifices HAI!” in the blink of an eye, her sexy long right leg flashed up like a flexible weapon of fitness with her long black skirt falling away from her long slender thigh and long slender calves as it soared vertically high above Sir Anthony’s terrified head. In an instant flashed right down like an axe. The back of her foot hammered his forehead like whack-the-banker CRACK! his head whipped back so far that it was bent back at a ghastly 90 degrees to his shoulders.

Too late Ted steps forward to save the boss. The quite pretty red-head nun with the open face was standing behind him just off to one side. With breath-taking speed she whirled right around leaning her head back so low as the rest of her plumpish body and right leg angled sideways as her foot arced quickly as her foot slammed hard between his jaw and chest. CRUNCH! Oh crap! Oh crap! Surely the human body was not meant to make that sound! To my horror her foot pushed back Ted’s neck causing his head to snap sharply forwards then he just collapsed in a heap. The two deadly nuns turned to face me. “Come Scott. It is time to meet your maker and be judged” the tall imperious one told me. Adrenaline and fear surged through me and I found myself crashing through the French doors before I’d realised it then was running across the estate grounds faster than I had ever ran before in my life. Every step, every moment of my legs sending sheer pains of agony through my ruined balls. But I just kept running until I could run no more.

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