Onward Christian Soldiers (Don’t Lose Your Head) (JIMP#62)

Jim helps Salvation Army women and Muslim sisters battle a terrorist plot

Rather a lot crammed into this one – probably too much. I always like the idea of the Militant Wing of The Salvation Army but had never shown that in operation before. Writing a street battle between many characters is quite hard so I focussed on a few characters whom I either based on women I knew or celebs such as Major Angela (based on newsreader Angela Rippon, pictured above twice) and Faith (based on busty comedianne Faith Brown). The names Meticalla James etc are a mickey take on Beatles John etc used by certain knife weilding maniacs. For balance I wanted to show the young Muslim women getting involved to sort out their out of control young men, Indi also being based on someone I know. To top it all, my leggy sister-in law Marianne is also featured.

(c)Jim P 2014

‘Metallica Kirk’ tried to keep his hand from shaking as he carefully lifted the glass vial from the packing foam that had been concealed within a consignment of Bollywood DVDs brought in through Heathrow. That wasn’t his real name but the nickname that he insisted he was known within the Brotherhood. Who the feck listened to The Beatles nowadays anyway? Apart from dusty wild-eyed crazy men in the desert. Kirk stood six foot 2 with a wiry lanky build. Following the Hadith, the sayings of the prophet, he kept his moustache trimmed and did not cut his beard. A chequered red/white ghutra (head scarf) covered his head held in place by a black rope band. Born and raised in England by parents of Pakistani origins, he grew up in Luton in an area which was predominately Muslim. Whether that gave him the loathing and hatred of others who did not share his faith, only he could answer. Spending 2 years in an Al-Qaeda training camp courtesy of the British taxpayer through a grant for ethnic minorities – yes, they were that stupid, he joined the organisation that even Bin-Laden found too extreme. He spent time fighting the cause in Syria and Iraq before returning to the UK. The black flag hung proudly in his bedroom, one day soon that very flag would fly above Buckingham Palace he thought.

The sweat collected on his brow as he gently raised the vial when the door burst open. It was his best mate, ‘Metallica Lars’. “Jeez Man! You almost gave me a fecking heart attack. I thought you woz MI5 or something! I nearly dropped the bloody bottle man. The whole of bloody Luton would have been infected with the blooming Bubonic plague within 24 hours” he shouted angrily “ain’t yer heard of knocking?”. Lars ignored his outburst. He looked puffed out as if he’d been running. “Kirk! Come quick there’s a bunch of Christian cunts about to march down our road”. Kirk rolled his eyes in frustration. “Lars. Just tell those fat old Gospel singing black bitches to eff off and flash yer knife at them. That usually scares them off”. Kirk hated the Afro-Caribbean community with a passion. The two neighbourhoods had not co-existed easily for as long as he could remember and the black gansta kids were always trying to claim his patch as their own. “No, no. It’s not them. It’s the Salvation Army”. Kirk let out a loud snort of derision. “You gone soft or something? That’s what living in this country does to you. I’m sure you can scare off a few little old ladies on their way to church. Now clear off, they are about to show ‘Don’t Lose  Your Head’ on the cable”

“Don’t Lose Your Head” was Metallica Kirk’s favourite show and he was glad that they could now get it on cable in Britain. The British authorities had tried to ban it, but the EU overruled them declaring it a racist act and an infringement of the human rights of ethnic minorities to be able to watch programs relating to their beliefs. Kirk liked that judgement, the Brotherhood’s primary belief was that non-believers should be killed. Of course being British they obeyed the rules and was the only place in Europe where it was broadcast. One day, Kirk, mused, I will put on the British version of ‘Don’t Lose Your Head’ and it will be on a scale never before imaginable. The show was a hilarious competitive games show similar to the old  “It’s a Knockout”/ “Jeux Sans FrontiSres” except that the stakes were much higher. Run by the Brotherhood, non-believers and traitors to the cause were forced to compete in silly games. It was an elimination show where at the end of each round, the losers would lose their heads, literally. The winner then either converts to the cause or well you get the idea. Kirk loved the show and would laugh so hard that it hurt with tears rolling down his cheeks. He would much rather watch this than blooming X-Factor and all those crap talent shows exported from the great Satan America. “No, No. You don’t understand” implored him. “There really is a whole bloody army of them. Lined up across the road ready to march right down here”.

*** Jim ***
I expected a warmer welcome than this after returning from enforced captivity for several months. My wife just complained about me running off leaving her struggling. If it was so dangerous and unreliable an income perhaps I should think more about my family and find another job. Maybe she was right, the last few months I had feared for my life. This whole investigation that started so long ago with the break-ins at Bristlingdown Manor had seemed to run it’s course. My main benefactor Sir Humphrey Smthye-Jones certainly thought so now that I had found his family’s Victorian cache of diaries and artefacts, which meant no more regular income from him. I warned him to keep the decoding device safe as there were those who thought it was something more.

Getting a job back in the IT industry would be hard in a sector where you are considered over the hill at 35. To make matters worse, Suzanne mentioned how she wouldn’t have survived if it hadn’t been for the generous financial help from the Salvation army, although she didn’t like to take it. I didn’t like the idea either and told her that I would pay the money back as soon as I was able.

Name: Marianne
Age: 40-something
Occupation: housewife, mother and part-time mobile food van assistant
Favourite fighting technique: I love teasing a man with my legs, turning him on after he would hardly spare me a glance otherwise then kicking him near-senseless before scissoring him right out. The feel of a man being squeezed helpless between the very legs that turned him on before I finally knock him out cold makes me cum so hard that I squirt.

At least there was someone who cared. When I got to my office, I found to my surprise that somebody had tidied up. I hadn’t been in there long when there was a knock on the door. Standing in the doorway was my sister in-law Marianne. Not only was she a welcome and pleasant surprise, to be honest I fancied her quite a bit, but she was also wearing her Salvation Army uniform. “PHROAR! Marianne. I love a woman in uniform” I told her as I crossed the room to greet her. Standing 5 foot 9, the black jacket hung down over her slender figure bearing a silver S high on each lapel. Pinched at the waist and stretching over her 36inch bust it emphasised her femininity. The jacket was buttoned to the neck over a crisp white blouse which featured at the neck a metal brooch. On her head was a black hat with the army’s red shield. The jacket hung just over her hips below which a black skirt fell to her knees. Her long lower legs were clad in sheer black nylon which made them look exceptionally sexy and on her feet were heeled black shoes.

I greeted her warmly, genuinely pleased to see her “Oh Marianne, it’s so good to see a friendly face”. Short sandy-blonde hair peaked out from beneath the cap and fell over her ears and down the sides of her long slim neck to the tops of her shoulders. Small grey-blue irises in long narrow eyes stared out at me, the pupils wide with genuine interest, from behind blue spectacles with long rectangular lenses. The way they just watched me with hawk-like intensity, magnified by the lenses of her glasses, seemed to burrow into my soul and stir my loins. Her face is quite small and long with wide flat plains of her cheeks running down to a rather squarish jaw and prominent chin. A long broad nose leads from between her eyes and ends with narrow nostrils. The area between her nose and her upper lip, containing the philtrum, the indented channel with two vertical lines, is quite large with deep crease-lines following the edge of her cheeks. Her mouth is delightfully small with perfectly shaped thin lips with that classic curved groove between two hills shape to her upper lip that I always found to be very kissable. Most men would never give my Sister in-law a second glance dismissing her as rather gawky, but I found her to be very appealing in her own way with an attraction that only got stronger each time I saw her.

Marianne put her arms around me, pressed her body against mine and gently touched the side of her face against mine in a warm-felt hug which I responded in kind. The feel of her slender body in my arms as I tenderly held her felt good. “It’s so good to see you back in one piece” she said. It felt so good holding her slight frame in my arms as my hands gently stroked her back. I knew that it was wrong to get excited by a friendly hug from my sister in-law, but the sensation of her slender feminine body dressed in a uniform pressing against my body with my arms around her was getting to me. “I missed you Marianne” I sighed, feeling the back of her jacket with the side of my face pressed against hers. I remember hearing something about you should only hold a hug with friends or family for a few seconds after which it becomes intrusive. Maybe I hugged her for too long. Marianne’s head pulled back and faced me. “Oh Marianne!” I moaned as I looked into her eyes then at that small kissable mouth. With rising tension in my loins, I moved my lips forward to kiss hers.

With my arms around her waist holding her close I felt her thigh move. BAM! “Ouch!” I yelped as her heel slammed down unexpectedly upon the top of my foot. I stepped back letting go of her in surprise, more concerned with the burning throbbing pain in my foot. Marianne moved like grease lightning. “Hai!” her elbow swung up in an instant and caught me on the side of my jaw. BAM! “argh!” my head whipped around with the impact while she caught my wrist preventing me falling away from her. “Hai!” the side of her right hand held like a knife blade with the fingers straight slashed around in a blur delivering a hard Karate chop to the side of my neck. WHUMP! My body jerked as if getting an electric shock, my knees turning to jelly as I felt faint. Moving like a well-oiled feminine fighting machine before I had a chance to fall the slender uniformed blonde quickly slid her right arm around my waist while still holding my right wrist in her left hand. Spinning quickly around I felt her slender body press against mine then a moment of electric excitement as she leant forwards thrusting her hip into my groin. A spilt-second later I was whipped right over her hip rotating at a dizzying speed. My head came down fast as my body whipped right over the top with my feet way above me. In less than a second my body had pivoted over my sister in-law’s body from standing to flat on my back like a crazy hand on a clock. KERSLAM! “Orragh!” my back hit the floor at tremendous speed knocking my breath right out of me and having to close my eyes before the wild rapid spinning of the room made me sick.

WHOMP! The next second Marianne, still holding my right arm, dropped down by my left side. Throwing the crook of her right leg over my neck and her left leg lower down over my chest, my arm was pulled right back between her legs, pulling back her black skirt as it did so. With the back of my elbow levered over her crotch, she applied some sort of wrist-lock and bent my forearm back, stressing the elbow joint the wrong way. My body began to lift from the floor until a surge of power from her legs flattened me against the floor. In a couple of seconds my sister in-law had thrown and immobilised me. I was completely under her power with her skill and speed stunning me. “Argh!” I yelped as she maintained constant stress on my arm while pressing down my torso with her legs. Arching over the top of my neck was her bent knee. Angling down from this to my right was a long shin clad in sheer black nylon with a long but quite deep shapely calve dangling down and sensuously curving in towards her slender ankles which she had locked together. Sloping away to my left was a long expanse of thigh and a hint of stocking top. “Oh I’m sorry Jim. Those self-defence lessons you paid for [SISLAW#1] have trained my body to react on instinct” she apologised while still maintaining the side arm-bar. A stiffness began to spread over my groin at her words. She had been incredibly quick like a well-trained fighter.

I couldn’t help reaching out with my right hand and running the palm along the top of her long shin feeling the silky smoothness of her stockings. “I suspect the Salvation Army had something to do with that too” I remarked, still trapped helplessly. I knew that Marianne was a member of the Militant Wing of The Salvation Army, a little publicised team of women who took a more direct hands-on approach [JIMP#15 & 16]. I also knew that unknown to most of their members That they were controlled by The Sisterhood of Anahita for purposes of their own. “Perhaps” she said coyly. “OK, you’ve made your point. Very impressive too, now let me up” I told her. “No, I don’t think so” she replied “Maybe I should make you beg”. With that I felt her crotch rise pressing into the back of my elbow forcing it to rise above the line of my arm. “Arghh arghhh please arghh!” I cried as my arm bowed backwards in the middle. It felt like my forearm would snap off from the elbow backwards and the elbow itself would shatter. “Arghh arghh please Marianne stop” I begged. “Oh you men don’t know how to have fun” she protested with a teasing lilt before lowering her crotch allowing my aching arm to return to a more comfortable position.

Still she didn’t let me go and I lay there not knowing what to do except place my hand upon the large calve dangling to the right of my face and feel it’s semi pear-drop shape and quite substantial weight. “Yes, have a good grope of my legs Jim” she chuckled maintaining a more comfortable strain on my arm but still enough to not let me forget who was in charge. “You have beautiful calves” I remarked which got another chuckle. The side arm-bar is strangely erotic when performed by a woman on a man. Especially if she is wearing a short skirt, even more so if she is also wearing stockings and suspenders. With her sexy legs draped over his neck and chest, the woman flaunts her femininity right in front of his face. At the same time the feel of her legs on either side of his upper arm with her crotch pressing into the back of his elbow acting as a fulcrum to lever back his arm the way it is not meant to bend, is a constant reminder of how she is using her sex to humiliate him. Marianne kept me helpless in that side arm-bar for several more minutes letting me luxuriate in her self-defence proficiency and with nothing to look at except her legs right in front of my face, looking incredibly sensational clad in sheer black nylon. By the time she eventually slid back those sexy legs so that she sat by my side on the floor with her knees sharply bent, I had an absolute boner in my trousers which was too stiff to hide.

Two long shins with well shaped calves sloped down towards my side. I couldn’t stop staring. Marianne unbuttoned her black jacket then leant forwards, peering over her knees to stare at me lying there. The front of the smart white blouse fell forwards as the contents within dangled down. “Wow, you look sensational in uniform” I gasped sincerely. “Really hot” I added as my eyes followed the lines of her figure accentuated by the smart quasi-military uniform. A big wide smile appeared on her lips. “Jim, you are an incorrigible scoundrel” she replied. “You haven’t even thanked me for getting the donation from the army to help Sue out. She was in a right mess trying to cope with the bills”. From my position on the floor I could see right up her long shins with the big shapely calves squashed up against the back of her thighs. As her skirt was still rucked up, I also had a great view of the matt black band of her stocking tops around her upper thighs and a peek of the bare skin above. It was a distractingly sexy sight and Marianne had a knowing smile, fully aware of where my eyes were looking. That is why it took a while for her words to sink in. When it did I got to my knees looking over her own to face her. “I appreciate the help, it was greatly needed at the time but I will pay every penny back. If they don’t want to accept it, I will give them it as a donation” I stated firmly.

I thought she looked upset and put my hands on her knees to reassure her. Without warning she seized my wrists and threw herself onto her back pulling me towards her. Pulled from my knees to my feet in a sort of crouch I found her feet planted firmly in my groin. “Woah!” in the blink of an eye I was lifted into the air on the ends of long sleek legs. For a brief second I was looking down at my sister in-law’s face as with great flexibility she brought the tops of her thighs to her chest with her knees bent carrying my weight right above her. A surge of leggy power as her long legs straightened flowed through her feet into my groin as her long legs straightened to send me away hurtling heels over head. A moment of dizziness then BERLAM! My back slammed into the floor. It had happened so fast, it probably only took a second.

WUMP! “Mnnnpfhh!” I found myself looking at the back of her jacket and skirt as her uniformed body immediately flopped on top of me and long nylon-clad legs closed in on either side of my face. She hitched up the back of her skirt to reveal skimpy black knickers covering her compact backside. PHROAR! it was a sexy sight. My head was stuck firmly between her lovely long stocking-clad legs either side of my eyes. By my cheeks were the solid black bands of her stocking tops and either side of my mouth the backs of the top of her legs were bare up to her magnificent compact tight buttocks. PHOAR! This was a very nice position to be in and my dick lurched in my trousers showing my appreciation. While most men would rarely give Marianne’s face a second look or pass her off as ‘sort of attractive in a gawky way’, when she wore a short skirt and heels she would leave most men gaping in open lust. Her long slender legs were sensational, very shapely especially her long meaty calves that were like large semi tear-drops when viewed from the side and when seen from the back, toned and quite defined with nice double diamonds and a cleft in each. Suddenly her backside leapt backwards to capture my face right at the apex at the back of her legs. I felt her right leg bend at the knee and the calve fold and press against the back of my head keeping it firmly in place in a figure 4. Marianne quickly rolled off my body onto her side forcing me to do likewise. I was now laying on my side with my nose and mouth pressed right against her crotch looking at her peach of a backside. The back of her right leg pressed down upon my neck like a guillotine while her left inner thigh bit into the other side of my neck beneath. My hands instinctively went for her legs either side of me but could do little but feel how firm her thighs were and the sexy irresistible contrast between her sheer nylons, dense stocking tops and the bare skin above.

“I keep telling you, Jim. You should employ me as your bodyguard. That way you can spend all day looking at my legs and er my er you know” she giggled saucily. “You do agree don’t you, Jim?” “Mmmmm mmmmm!” I protested into her crotch as the bent leg on top of my neck tightened up like a vice mashing my nose and mouth tight against her flimsy knickers. I held onto her buttocks with my hands and they felt like hard balls of steel as she clenched tight powering her sexy scissor hold. The mound of her sex just beneath the surface of her knickers pressed against my lips, the lips of her sex tantalising me. My erection surged filling me with a strong lust and an overwhelming desire to worship this goddess who had enslaved me. I pressed my lips against the material feeling the slot beneath wanting to kiss and lick it until she came all over my face but I hesitated. I knew that it would be wrong. Not only was Marianne my wife’s sister but she also was married with kids. She was married to Kurt, a thuggish man who enjoyed living on the wrong side of the law and who was very obsessive about her. I would be too if I had a wife like her. “Mmmm mmm!” I moaned into her crotch at the tight crush around my neck. “Orrrrr Jim!, you are naughty” she moaned in a voice full of passion that I knew that I had to stop her before it was too late. I might fancy her like crazy but the last thing I wanted was an affair and I certainly didn’t want someone to walk into my office right now and find me in such a compromising position. “Mmmm mmm!” I began tapping on her buttocks. “Jim! Stop that” she complained. I kept on until finally her legs unravelled from my neck.

Puff puff, pant pant. Of course I was too out of breath after being scissored against her crotch that I couldn’t speak for a moment. “What is it, Jim? What is so important that you had to stop me scissoring you?” the uniformed blonde demanded. Before I could answer, she grabbed hold of me with both hands and pulled my upper body from the floor enough to slide her long slender legs around my waist. I expected a powerful crushing body-scissors to put me in agony but it didn’t happen. She just lay by my side with her legs around my waist not exerting any pressure at all while she bent at the waist so that she could bring her face close to mine. “The money” I gasped getting my voice back. Marianne cut me off by putting her index finger against my lips. “Ssssh! I knew that you wouldn’t want to accept charity which is why I got the money from the Militant Wing as advance payment for services rendered” she told me. “What?” I exclaimed. After where my dealings with The Sisterhood had led me, the last thing I wanted was to get involved with them again even it was through one of their sibling organisations. “No Marianne I’m not gett oorrrgahhhh!” in an instant it felt like her thighs had expanded several inches while leaping several more into my stomach. “Strong aren’t they Jim?” she said as her lovely long slender legs squeezed tight cutting off my breath. “Arghh!” the sexy nylon-clad legs had flexed into sturdy columns of steel around my middle with her sleek thighs bulging with man crushing power. “Orrragh!” my hands grabbed her legs trying to prise them off my belly but they were like girders. The look of enjoyment on her face as she stared at me through her glasses was unnerving. “No Jim, you will listen to me” she said sternly. “Hmmmnn!” I groaned straining to get her leg out of my gut but it was no use, I had no choice but to lay there listening to her while body scissored between her hot legs. As I did, the pressure eased off a little, enough that it was more comfortable but still firm enough to remind me who was in control. There was little I could do except run my hands over her firm thighs, enjoying the feel of the silky sheer nylons. The blonde in the Salvation Army uniform laughed at my helplessness between her legs and pulled the hem all the way up to her hips. “Yes Jim I’m wearing stockings but then you knew that. Why don’t you have a good grope while you listen to me? I’ll let you” she teased. “Just one little job and your debt will be paid off. No scrabbling around for months on end trying to make ends meet. Just one little job and it will be out of the way quickly” “No I Urrngh!” I felt the sleek prominent slab of thigh muscle beneath her nylons, turned on to find it was like steel plating. The way her thighs expanded on her slim legs to become a thick slab of muscle was a surprise. Had she taken up working out with weights? The thought that my previously mousey leggy sister in-law was gaining muscle added another growth spurt to my dick. So I listened to what she had to say as she eased off the gut crushing pressure. Yet at no time did I feel threatened, knowing this was enjoyable play. However I could feel the strength in her sexy stocking clad legs and knew that she could seriously put me away if she wanted and that really turned me on. What an incredible sexy legged Amazon my gawky sister in-law had become. All the time I listened and felt her steely hard strong legs, the harder my erection became.

She noticed. How could she fail to notice the stiff bulge sticking up in my trousers? Her face came close staring at me with her narrow eyes magnified by her glasses and with a wide cheeky grin. “Wow Jim! I guess you haven’t had it in a while, have you?” she chuckled. I should have protested but was too startled as she reached back over her top thigh and in a single movement unzipped my flies then whipped out my erection. “Now you just lie there and let me take care of this” she purred seductively and wrapped her hand around the shaft and began a slow pumping motion. “Orrrrr!”I moaned softly. It was wrong but I didn’t think I could resist even if I wanted to.

She leaned towards me again bringing her face so close that we were almost touching noses. “Now I have to give you a test, An oral test” she whispered so full of seductive promise while her her small blue eyes stared at me through her glasses that my dick lurched and stiffened even more in her hand. “No not that kind of oral, you naughty man” she scolded in a teasing tone “this kind”. With that her face came right up against mine with that kissable small mouth and thin lips firmly together as they touched mine. So gently were her lips against mine that it was like a caress until suddenly I felt the tip of her tongue poke out between her thin lips and wriggle around the outside of my lips. ORRRRR! Such a small light touch yet the tactile sensations were driving me wild. I was still firmly trapped between her stocking-clad legs but now I didn’t care. All the while her hand kept pumping my dick as her lovely small mouth lifted and moved a small distance to plant itself down gently to kissed me tenderly at different places on my face, ears and neck with that tongue slipping through to tantalise me. She kept returning to my mouth and slipping the tip of her tongue just around the entrance. After a few minutes of those amazing light touches of her lips against my skin and the slow steady pumping of her hand, I couldn’t take much and the next time they returned to my mouth I grabbed her, pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

“Arrrrr arrrr arrrr!” I yelped as she wrapped her arm around my right arm and began bend my forearm back using her upper arm while holding down the rest of my arm by the wrist. She released my arm with a small smile then gave me this strange look glowing with self-confidence and superiority. Her blue eyes seemed wide with excitement with her pupils dilated. That kissable mouth was tantalisingly so close and I desperately wanted to kiss it once more. “Admit it Jim, you wouldn’t stand a chance with me in the bedroom. I’m a black belt in sex” “Nnnnnarrrrgjjjj nannnarghj” I don’t know why but her words and the confident way she delivered them just caused me to blow a massive wad into her hand so hard that it left my balls aching. “See” she told me and kissed me gently “I told you so”
Metallica Kirk rushed with Lars to the top of the road still expecting to see a handful of doddering old little white haired women singing Hallelujah and shaking their tambourines. He could scare them off and still be back in time for “Don’t Lose Your Head”. “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war….” a chorus of female voices assailed his ears with their obscene lyrics getting louder as his feet beat down the street. Doubt began to enter his mind, that didn’t sound like half a dozen or so old biddies. Maybe they had a beat box? It was bloody loud if it was. The fidelity was bloody good too. When he saw half a dozen of his men up ahead with their backs to him looking ahead at something, he knew that something was wrong.

“Kirk. Thank the Prophet that you’re here, man” Metallica James greeted him as he approached. Standing side by side with the others, Kirk looked ahead and his jaw dropped in amazement. A wall of black uniforms stretched right across the mouth of the street blocking the pavements on either side and the road in the middle. Consisting entirely of women they stood in lines of 10 abreast and 5 deep. Neither were they all old biddies. Yes, there were a few but most were younger ranging from their 20’s into their 50’s and not all mingers either, there were a few good lookers among them. “Not bad ,not bad” Metallica Cliff mumbled under his breath. Kirk agreed. They looked kind of sexy in their smart black uniforms. The tailored jackets, fully buttoned, gave most of them an eye-catching hour-glass figure and thrust out their busts like mini-double pointed pyramids like they were all stacked like blooming Jordan or something. Below the jackets, wide hemmed skirts fell to just beneath the knee, and below this a forest of shapely sheer black nylon shins and calves went down to their black heels. They really did resemble an army, admittedly an army of women but it was unnerving. They just seemed to be standing there waiting for something.

“This area is out of bounds for whites. Turn around and go back home to your knitting” Kirk spoke loudly. That caused raucous though nervous laughter from his men. Out of the front row stepped a distinguished looking white-haired woman. Kirk guessed her to be in her late 60’s by her wrinkled veiny hands although her face was in very good condition. She spoke up in a loud commanding tone as if she were used to giving orders and expecting to be obeyed. “I am Major Angela. You will allow free unhindered passage to those of all races and faiths or face the wrath of the army of The Lord”. Kirk felt a strange stirring in his groin. The woman’s strict authoritarian look and strong confident tone made him feel strange. He growled to Lars. “We’re going to need a lot more men. Phone everyone you know. Get them here. Tell them that it’s urgent. That the holy battle starts here”
Name: Angela
Age: 69
Occupation: Retired. Former-Mayoress, ex-head of the council and current councillor
Favourite fighting technique: I’ve always enjoyed dancing. When I was younger I used to dance in the chorus line in the West End. I can still high kick with the best of them but it always shocks a man when my foot smashes his face.

Marianne arranged for me to meet Major Angela at my office. A mature woman of around 5 foot 6 inches, she had a large wide-jawed square-like face with high and wide cheekbones, a short sleek wide nostril nose and a broad thin-lipped mouth which was red with lipstick. Quite elegant looking, her eyes were slim with brown irises brown eyes and enhanced by eye-liner over which were high arched eyebrows. Silver hair with a faint brownish tinge covered the top of her head with strands tumbling down over her ears in which she wore large pearl earrings. She wore her Salvation Army uniform which accentuated a figure with quite wide shoulders and wide heavy bust that tapered on both sides into a slim waist and curved back out to nice hips.

She got straight down to business in a no-nonsense attitude, telling me her concern that areas of her town have become no-go areas particularly for Christians. She spoke with a fairly low-toned well-educated voice. “Surely that is a local policing issue?” I remarked. “The Police dare not enter and the council are too scared of being accused of racism” “Even so, why involve the Salvation Army?” “Our role is to protect Christians in society. Good honest law-abiding God-fearing people are being accosted by men yielding knifes on their way to church and forced to walk miles out of their way to avoid the area. For some elderly and disabled people, that is too far and so they live in constant fear. She paused looking at me as if sizing me up then lowered her voice as if speaking conspiratorially. “You have no doubt heard about the terrorist associations with this town. Young Muslim men drawn to extremism, willing to give their lives in their misguided violent cause?”. I nodded my head solemnly “I remember the London bombings well and trying to co-ordinate some of my co-workers out of the capital to safety when public transport was disrupted and the mobile phone network overloaded”. “Through my contacts on the council I have heard suspicions of renewed extremist activity that could threaten decent hard-working people on a large scale. The Police and special services won’t do anything without hard proof and I feel that by then it will be too late”. “Even so. You should leave it to the experts if these people are as dangerous as you say”

The elegant woman smiled and stood up. “Long before I joined the council, I was a chorus line dancer in some of London’s top theatres. To my surprise, she hitched up her skirt to her waist. Clad in sheer black stockings and suspenders which was a surprising standard part of their uniform, Angela had very long slender lower legs. Very slim ankles led up to long shins with long shallow sweeping calves behind. As lovely as they were if I felt a sense of disappointment at her slim lower legs, above the knee was a whole different story. Her upper legs were actually quite thick with an unmistakable bulge of a thick swell of hard muscle along the outer edge of her thighs and similar firm looking inner thighs. “Wow! Impressive” I gasp. “Not bad for someone who is almost 70” she said proudly “go on, kneel down and feel them. See how hard they are”.

You know me, I’m a sucker for a sexy strong pair of legs and of course I was only to willing to get on my knees and run my hands over those strong looking thighs. She rapped her knuckles on her thigh which made a solid knocking sound. “See. Like iron plates. That’s over 60 years of dancing for you”. I felt my dick stir as she opened her legs. Wouldn’t you if you were kneeling down right before a woman with a great pair of legs who suddenly opened them right in front of your face? In retrospect it was inevitable I suppose but before I knew it her hands grabbed the back of my head as she stepped forwards. My head was forced to look upwards as white knickers rubbed over my chin, mouth and nose while her thick nylon-clad legs clamped onto the sides of my face squashing my cheeks and jaw. My hands flew to her thighs only to find those thick swells bulging with power and growing like iron clad balloons while crushing my cheeks and jaw so hard that I thought they would shatter. “Mmmmmm!” I groaned into her crotch as the level of pain rapidly became far too comfortable to handle. “You see Mister Priest, the women of the Salvation Army can take care of themselves”. “You will remain in that position until I’ve told you all the information about the affected areas that I know” Her voice was strong and strident, lecturing me like a school teacher. “I will then knock you out because you expect it of me or so Marianne tells me” She chuckled “It’s rather naughty of me but I rather enjoy the sensation of a man going limp between my thighs while moaning into my crotch”
They didn’t move. They just waited there, lined up across the road singing those blasphemous songs. That is until all of the local brotherhood had arrived. Many of his followers had dragged along brothers, neighbours, anyone they could find telling them that it was their duty to the Prophet to come and fight for their faith. Metallica Kirk lost count of the number of men lined up behind him ready to fight the heathen women but he felt sure that they outnumbered the cross-loving bitches 10 to 1. That was a fair fight in his eyes. Only then did the female army of the non-believers begin to march forwards in a synchronised step with the sunlight highlighting the sheen of their nylons.

The elegant white-haired woman was in the lead. Kirk drew his knife and held it up for her to see. “Stop. Turn around and go back now” he demanded but they still kept marching forwards singing their battle hymn “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war….”. They weren’t a real army Kirk kept telling himself but with their smart uniforms, well-drilled way they marched and look of confident determination they unnerved him. “This knife can cut a woman’s head right off in seconds come any closer and I will be more than happy to demonstrate” he shouted. To his surprise the women stopped with the front row only a few feet away from Kirk and his less co-ordinated front line. The elegant Major Angela stepped forwards, Kirk stepped forwards to meet her. Brandishing his knife to intimidate her, except that she didn’t seem bothered in the slightest. Even though he was much taller than the smart elegant woman, Kirk felt like she was looking down her nose at him in contempt.

“This is your last chance Grandmother. Turn back now or I’ll take your head off to make an example of what we do to pagan bitches” He tried to sound tough and scary but the old dear with the good complexion didn’t seem in the slightest bit bothered. Instead she casually took a small mp3 player from her side jacket pocket along with a small loudspeaker and clipped it to the outside then imperially decided to look at him. Looking icy calm, she undid the buttons on her jacket then opened it wide. PHOAR she had a nice heavy stack Kirk thought admiring the wide deep slopes of the front of her blouse thrusting towards him. With a strange chilling smile, Angela’s hands went to the top of her skirt then began pulling up the hem. Oh boy! Kirk could only stare as the hem rose slowly over long slim shins with slim yet shapely calves looking sexy in sheer black nylon. His throat became dry, his breathing heavily and his temperature rose as the hem slid up over her thighs for they were much thicker than her lower legs, thick and sturdy. As the hem rose higher the unexpected sight of the dark bands of stocking tops made his balls contract and his dick twitch. His eyes were glued to the hypnotic leg show as the slowly rising hem revealed black suspender belts running vertically over creamy white skin. THROB THROB by the time the hem came to a halt at her hips revealing a tantalising white triangle of her knickers at her crotch. Kirk had a stiff throbbing boner. By the quietness of the men around him, he knew that they too were staring in open lust. He didn’t blame them, the attractive old woman might be getting on a bit but her legs were sensational especially showing off the full length of her stockings.

She lifted and shook the hem of her skirt like a can-can dancer disgracefully showing off her white knickers. “Put that knife away little boy before you get hurt. These legs are all I need to separate your head from your neck”. The way she said that in such a firm confident tone sent a strong surge of stiffness through his dick and the others watching. “It’ll be a shame to waste you Grandmother. You’ve got real hot legs for an oldie” Kirk told her. Still holding up her skirt, her fingers went to the mp3 player at her side and music blared out. “Orpheus in the underworld” she told him. “You wot?” She sighed as if speaking to a child “The can-can”. Suddenly Major Angela lifted her knee high up in front of her, the black band of her stocking tops forming an arrow pointing towards her hip. She began jiggling it about like she was doing the can-can. “What the f…?” exclaimed Kirk. The sight of her sexy legs and sexy lingerie dancing about in time with the exciting fast-paced music was hypnotic that the men just stood there and stared with stiffening erections.

“EEEEEIIIII!” she suddenly lets out a shrill shriek that makes Kirk jump and in a fraction of a second a long slender calve driven by much thicker strong thighs  was vertical between them in a blur of black nylon. CRACK! His face is blasted by a lightning fast high kick of exceptional power breaking his nose in a spray of blood. “AIIIIEEEEEEE!” Kirk screams in agony as his face is whipped back so fast that he nearly loses his balance. What he didn’t see was her long sexy leg continuing to speed skywards uninterrupted by his face until the top of her thigh hits her chest and bounces off.

On either side, black uniformed women step forward in unison. They swivel on one heel and in perfect synchronisation give a blood curdling shout “HAI!”. Nine stocking-clad legs kick out sideways faster than the eye can follow as hidden pleats in their skirts open up so as to not hinder their movement. WHUMP! in perfect unison their heeled feel slam right into the stomachs of the men in the front row. “Woorrrrraghh!” the men cry out as one, crumpling forwards over their winded guts.

Spitting blood Kirk sees the white-haired woman before him still dancing brazenly fanning her raised skirt about her hips. Her knee was still raised high, having never returned to the ground. “Die heathen bitch!” he snarls, pointing his knife towards her belly as he lunges forwards. Again there is just calm emotion on her face as he rushes towards her. “EEEEEIIIII!” she screeches shrilly like a can-can dancer. A streak of black, a flash of white knickers. CRACK! “AAAIIIIIIEEEEE!” he screams as his wrist shatters under the impact of her powerful kick and the knife goes flying out of his hand so fast that it was lucky it didn’t stab anyone.

“EEEEEIIIII!” a chorus line of women in uniform shrieked as the sheen of their stockings leaves bright streaks as their legs blast into the air with incredible speed and flexibility. Soaring high over 9 men folded over their winded stomachs like deadly can-can dancers, the top of their thighs bounce against their chests and stay there. A forest of sexy legged trees poised over them, the hunched men can only stare with rising lust at the exposed crotches positioned right before their faces with knickers stretched tight over their mounds. Above and below, legs stretch away. Such sexy legs with black suspender belts running over bare skin black stocking tops then sheer black nylon. Not that all of these women were young slender creatures. Some were much older and on the chubby side yet even they effortlessly held a standing splits shamelessly showing their underwear. Yet they too had men as hard as a rock in their trousers.

The elegant leggy silver-hair Major stood before Kirk as he clutched his broken wrist in disbelief. How can a mere woman do this to him? One with silver in her hair? To him a man trained by the best. “Now you will see the power of faith” Major Angela proclaimed still holding up the hem of her skirt knowing his eyes would be on her long legs. Despite the pain in his wrist, Kirk couldn’t take his eyes of those splendid legs and got stiffer by the second. “Don’t lose your head” she sang the melody from the theme tune. How did she know? “EEEEEIIIII!” she shrieked suddenly making Kirk nearly wet himself. In the blink of an eye he saw a powerful bulge in her outer thighs swell to be joined by her inner thighs meeting in the middle of her thick sexy thighs presenting a formidable muscular sight. It was there then it was gone, moving so fast that he never saw it coming. CRACK! Her foot blasted his jaw so hard that his head snapped right back over the top of his shoulders as his body followed a whiplash fast trajectory backwards to the ground.

In that instant nine legs pointing straight up to the sky, long strong shapely female legs clad in stockings and suspenders with their knickers showing at their crotches, dropped like axes of executioners. “Hai!” they yelled in unison as their legs fell in the blink of an eye right onto the back of the necks of the winded men bowed before them. CRACK! The men’s head jerked gruesomely upwards under the savage impact then fell forwards onto their faces.

Metallica Lars fell back in horror, the entire first row including their leader destroyed in a few seconds by mere women. Their good-looking silver-haired leader stared right at him. “What is it warmongering men like you call it?” Major Angela asked “Oh yes, acceptable casualties in war” she said with a smile that chilled him to the marrow. He rushed back into the safety of the men behind him. “Kill them! Kill the demon witches” he cries in alarm as the leggy mature woman does a fast cartwheel towards him. Gracefully flipping to her feet right in front of the place that he had just vacated. The uniformed mature woman’s long sexy leg powered into a lightening fast high kick to the unfortunate man now standing there. “EEEEEIIIII!” CRACK! The man’s head flew right back over his shoulder so that he was looking right back at Lars with vacant eyes before flipping right over and slamming into the road surface.
Following the leads Angela had given me about the problem area, I decided to visit the local Imam to see if he could provide any insight into the men behind this. I received some funny looks as I walked down the street in which the Mosque was situated but no-body said anything to me or tried to stop me until I reached the gates to the building itself. Suddenly I was surrounded by half a dozen young belligerent Asian men. “You lost or something mate?” “Honks aren’t allowed in this estate” “Just knife him now and leave him to rot”. It was clear that they meant to do me harm but I tried to not let my nervousness show. “I’m here to see the Imam” “Well the Imam don’t want to see no white” the tallest of them shoved his finger in my chest. “We’re going to take you for a little walk and show you the power of the Asian nation” he growled. It definitely wasn’t a friendly invitation and I considered whether I could outrun them or not.

Just then a young woman’s voice spoke up. “Anyone can see the Imam, Rasheed. Anyone who says they can’t has me to deal with. Now off with you”. The youths took off at brisk pace with nasty glances back at me as they went. I turned to face my saviour. I found myself looking at a tall Asian woman around 5 foot 10 inches tall wearing a burka. The black garment covered her completely from head to toe except for a narrow slit through which her eyes were visible. No longer living in London or an urban town with a high Muslim population, I was disturbed by the sight. “Does my appearance frighten you?” she asked, but her tone sounded sincere not angry. “We are not all suicide bombers or mad axe murderers beneath these clothes you know” she spoke with a warm chuckle that put me at my ease. “I’m sorry. I’m not used to seeing such things. I didn’t mean any offence” “None taken. So you want to see the Imam?” “Yes please” “You’re in luck. He is my cousin and I help him out here in the Mosque. My name is Inderjit but you can call me Indi” “My name is Jim, nice to meet you Indi”.

I still found the garment unnerving. I’d rather see the face of the person that I am speaking with and pick up on the nuances through their facial expressions but this clothing prevented that. Apart from her height and her slender build, I could tell that she was a young woman by the sound of her voice which also told me that she was a cheerful friendly person with a good sense of humour, but had no idea of her age. Through the gap in her head garment I could see long sultry eyes with brown irises and natural long lashes. They were very appealing. Indi took me into the Mosque showing me the proper observances of respect then led me into a small back room to meet the Imam. Indi served us tea as I spoke with the Imam, who was younger than I expected, explaining the women’s concerns. While he seemed genuinely sympathetic he dismissed it as the actions of “a few young hot-headed men who will grow out of it”. “But they threaten ladies trying to go to church with knifes” I protested. “A life following the Koran is a life of peace and harmony, not violence” he tried to explain but saw the doubt in my eyes. “There are bad men who twist the words of the Prophet inciting hate and violence but that is not our way. One or two bad men does not make the whole community bad”. I tried to get him to give me some names of likely troublemakers but he would not divulge that information claiming the need to protect the community. I had seen this before. Communities, no matter their make-up or religion, closing ranks to protect their kind regardless of the threat to other members of the public. I tried to make that argument but knew it fell on deaf ears. Giving my thanks I bade farewell and made my way out of the Mosque.

On the steps, I looked around nervously to scan the area to make sure those young hotheads weren’t around to give me a beating or worse. “Do you want me to escort you to the top of the road?” a young slightly husky female voice said from behind me. I turned and nearly jumped at the sight of a black fully covered woman. “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you” Indi said.  “I’m sorry. You caught me by surprise and to be honest I’m not comfortable to see women dressed like that” I replied. She laughed warmly “Come, I’m not that scary am I?”. Actually she was but I decided best to keep that to myself. It was like turning a corner and suddenly bumping into a masked man. Indi could still see that I was unsettled and before I could say a word raised her hands to her face and lowered the veil. Wow she was smoulderingly hot. A long youthful face looked out at me framed by strands of long dark brown hair. Slim eyebrows arched over slender eyes with the brown irises and long lashes that had been the only part visible moments earlier. I put her age around late twenties. Her nose was broad with a small bulb and nostrils at the end sitting above a wide mouth with thickish pink lips that had a broad smile that showed off her white teeth. Her chin was nicely rounded and her light brown skin had a flawless complexion. As she smiled at me, the corners of her mouth pushed up her high cheekbones and was so infectious that I found myself smiling back before I realised it. “You like what you see?” she asked softly. “Yes. You are beautiful” the words just tumbled from my mouth. “Boys judge me by the way I look and always try to press their advances. That is why I choose out of my free will to take the veil. No man makes me wear it” she stated firmly. “There is a cafe not far from here. If you are not frightened to be seen with a woman in a burka, we can go there and you can buy me a coffee. I think I might be able to help you with the information that you seek”

“How could I say no to such a gracious young woman” I replied, I meant stunningly beautiful but didn’t think that she wanted to hear that. She smiled and reattached the veil before leading the way. As we walked she told me “Some bad boys live around here, but I do not think they will grow out of it like the Imam says. They are arrogant and rude, telling girls what to wear and telling them that they should talk submissively to them. They wave knifes around at good boys and the elderly. Not ordinary knifes but big knifes like military issue. Big wide knifes with wicked serrated edges. They listen to preachers of hate who disgrace our faith and promote hate and violence yet nothing is done about them. Even the Imam will not speak with them” “Probably because like most communities, you close up and keep quiet” “Well myself and other Muslim women are fed up and have formed a sisterhood to do something about it” “Well I might be able to help if you gave me some names to check out”
Metallica Lars watched in horrified fascination as the regimented well-trained women in uniform marched forwards in a spear formation driving themselves right through his undisciplined mob. “Ha!” men who got too close received phenomenally fast high kicks that clocked them around the sides of their heads so hard the impact was audible and sent them senseless to the ground. “Hah!” BLAM! other men were hammered in the face with lightning fast kicks that left them staggering back in disbelief with blood pouring from broken noses and mashed lips. A flash of stocking and men fell like nine pins. The way these women just marched forwards in an arrogant triumphant manner in their tailored fitted uniforms that emphasised their big busts and shapely figures while leaving a trail of unmoving men upon the street was strangely stimulating, especially with the brief flash of nylon sheen or panties when they kicked another brother senseless with incredibly flexible high kicks. The worst thing was that he recognised many of these women. They weren’t proper soldiers of the type that go to war against his brothers territories but ordinary women he’d seen everyday on the streets.

“Hai!” a smart slim young woman drove the heel of her palm into a man’s face then lent away from him. “Hah!” a sleek black blur and the sole of her foot blasted his face. “Ain’t that the girl who works in the chip shop?” ‘Cliff’ asked. “Yeah” Lars sighed. “And that’s that hot young mum we see walking her kids to primary school”. “Hah!” an attractive brunette shouted, her right leg kicked up the hem of her skirt in a streak of motion against a much taller man’s side. THUMP! “Arghhh!” he cried his body jerking towards his injured side. “Ha!” CRACK! his head flew back in a spray of blood as her leg snapped skywards in a sexy display of lingerie, strong legs and skimpy black knickers. “They’re laughing at us, man!” ‘James’ wailed “They’re kicking our arses!” “Shut up, man. Get a grip!” “Don’t bloody well attack them one on one, we outnumber them 10 to 1. Don’t stand there bloody well pile in” he ordered. “And watch those bloody legs!” he cried as the pretty little red-head from the local cash and carry grabbed Asheed’s wrist leant pulling his arm straight out to the side then powered the sole of her heeled shoe right into his throat. Lars was amazed that her little legs could reach so high, she was what? 4 foot something and he was over 6 foot. “Ha!” she shouted a laugh of derision as her black skirt rode up her thigh. The big man’s head snapped forwards as his windpipe jerked to the back of his neck ripping out of place. “Kkkkkkorkkkk!” he made a horrible sound as his hands flew to his neck even as his body flew backwards on a collision course with the pavement. It was like “Don’t Lose Your Head” but without the knifes.

Name: Sarah
Age: 21
Occupation: Marketing apprentice
Favourite fighting technique: At 6 foot 4 I’m very tall for a girl. With my long legs I have a much greater reach than even the tallest man’s arms so it only makes sense to use it.

The very tall girl stood out, literally head and shoulders above the mad throng. Sabhir couldn’t take his eyes off her for she looked so young and sweet surely she can’t be one of these demons. He looked at the tall young blonde with concern that the sweet looking girl might get hurt. Her face was small and rounded with narrow eyes containing blue irises perched atop a short prominent nose, a small mouth and nicely curved chin. Wavy golden blonde tresses tumbled from beneath her Salvation Army cap down to her shoulders. She was gorgeously sweet and pretty. He just wanted to protect her from the violence taking place all around her, take her home and make her his wife. Although very tall, her body was perfectly proportioned. He weaved towards the tall blonde beauty past high kicking black uniformed women and militant men eager to slit their throats. Men who quickly discovered the devastating power of a woman’s legs as they were high-kicked with grace, elegance and the sexy sheen of sheer black nylon.

“I am Sabhir. Come with me child” he told the girl as he reached her side. As he stood by her, he was stunned by her height. He was 5 foot 8 but she towered over him. Her pretty youthful face just looked down at him with an amused smile. “I’m Sarah and I say make me little man” she replied in a sweet voice. She began to turn away from him as if to leave. “No!” he grabbed her hand pulling her arm back to stop her. “You’ll get hurt, sweet-thing”. Swiftly her knee rose in front of her, the hem of the black skirt sliding along her long nylon-clad thigh with the sole of her shoe pointing back at him. There was so much flesh. Sabhir realised that although perfectly proportioned for her height, her arms and legs were thicker than his. Suddenly as if on a hair-trigger that foot was rushing back towards him. “Ha!” BLAM! The sole of her shoe hit him square in the nuts with the heel of her shoe biting deep into the flesh like a nail-gun. “OoooooorrrrrAarrghhh!” a long anguished wail left his lips. With his watering eyes clenched tight and his mouth forming a wide O shape, his knees began to bend as he crumpled up around the terrible aching burning pain in his groin. It felt like he had been kicked by a mule instead of a sweet looking blonde girl. “How about that for an answer, fuzz-face?” she asked.

Two women rushed by with black skirts swirling around their legs and calves hard and bulging like a dancer’s, slim strong and sexy with the sheen of their nylons shimmering. As one, the two uniformed women kicked forwards snapping their heeled feet into the knees of oncoming men. “Ha!” they shouted in derision WHAP! “Arrghhhh!” the men cried in agony instinctively hunching down to feel their injured legs. Showing no mercy or decency, the two women who seemed to be in their late 20’s raised their nylon clad knees high right in front of the men’s faces. “Hah!” in a double streak of black nylon their legs snapped straight. CRACK! both men’s heads savagely jerked right back over their shoulders. “Hah!” to Sabhir’s right a petite brunette with her hair pulled back in a bun drove her elbow straight into a guys’ chest then snapped vertical her arm hammering the fist into his face. BAM BAM! Two punches and he was out.

Hunched forwards clutching his aching groin, Sabhir stared at the thick shapely thighs peaking out below the hem line of the tall beauty’s skirt as she swivelled around to face him. That’s what was wrong with the West, they allowed women to speak freely and disrespect men. Her fist balled against her hip then shot up towards his hunched over face like a rocket. WHAP! “Urrrghhhh!” due to her larger proportions her knuckles weren’t small and dainty as he expected, striking like a hammer upon an anvil. The force of the impact was shockingly strong for such a sweet-looking thing. His body straightened in an instant as his head flew skywards. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees women everywhere taking on multiple men and dominating them with their fighting skills, always feminine yet powerful looking in their smart shapely uniforms.

“Ha!” Sarah shouted making him jump as her knee raised waist high at an angle then snapped her leg straight. WHUMP! “Nnnnnnnarrrrhhhh!” the front of her long thick shin slammed right across the lower part of his belly. The kick sent painful reverberations through his body. He couldn’t catch his breath. It was just like running into a horizontal steel bar and knocked the wind painfully out of him. He felt his face turn red and once more melt into an expression of agony as his body began to crease in the middle. Although he was winded, he was still a fighter and tried to grab her lower leg but she whipped it back out of his reach. Suddenly she swivelled at the hips, her right kicked up incredibly quickly, making her skirt ride up her long thick thighs in a blur of nylon with a glimpse of her panties. “Hah!” BLAM! The top of her foot smashed diagonally right across his face from the sensual curve close to the ankles mashing his mouth to the arch on top breaking his nose and her toes bruising his eye. The force of her kick was shocking distorting the features of his face as it jerked back so hard and fast that he lost his footing and fell to the ground.

Name: Anita
Age: mid-30’s
Occupation: housewife
Favourite fighting technique: I have no favourite. I will do whatever is necessary to protect myself and my children.

To Sabhir’s left two tall hooded youths had trapped a petite slightly plump middle aged woman with shoulder length brown hair worn with a centre parting, a roundish grumpy face wearing spectacles. One was holding her from behind while the other was in front of her waving a wicked looking knife with an equally wicked grin on his face. She showed no signs of alarm, just giving him an icy stare. When she moved it was sudden, blindingly fast and all over in a few seconds. She suddenly shifted her hip to the left and swung her balled fist in the space just vacated right into the balls of the man behind. BLAM! “Orrrrr!” he had barely begun to cry out when the same leg rocketed forwards right between the legs of the one in front. WHUMP! “Orrrrrrrrrgh!” as his knees sagged while his body began to fold forwards over his injury, the plump woman’s other thick short leg shot forwards lifting high to smash the sole of her foot right in the middle of his face. BLAM! “Arghhh!” he screamed while blood flew everywhere as the power of the kick sent him sprawling to the ground. Spinning around in an instant, the plump woman slapped her hands upon the back of the neck of the man behind now crumpled over his groin, pushed his head down while firing her wide knee upwards. CRUMP! “Aiiiii!” his head flew up trailing blood as his body straightened momentarily before falling backwards to the ground. It was over in seconds. Two tall tough young men lying with bloody faces at the feet of a short plump grumpy looking woman wearing specs.

At the front of the battle line, Major Angela was standing before Kumar, her long left leg raised exposing her stockings and suspenders while the top of her foot gently stroked the side of his face. British Asian men are well known for their enthusiasm for mastering the martial arts and many of the young men here were Karate experts of differing belts. Yet he had seen these ordinary women in their quasi-para military religious uniforms cut a swathe right them through all without even being slowed down. Kumar himself was a 2nd Dan Black belt. Having seen the silver haired woman kick her way through a whole mass of men, he felt confident that he could take out their leader single handed. He was wrong, badly wrong. He had barely finished shouting “Hai!” when her foot came out of nowhere and kicked him in the face so hard that he could hardly remember his name. Now he was rigid with fear with sweat running profusely from his brow as the top of her foot sensually stroked his cheek, stoking his erection. The sexiness of her legs and what they were sheathed in as well as their latent lethal power had given him a very hard boner. “Any man who wants to leave quietly can do so” she proclaimed in a loud strident voice. “If they can get past one of the Lord’s women that is” she added in a tone that indicated how unlikely that outcome would be. SLAP! The top of her foot snapped blindingly fast against the side of his neck with very little movement and he fell to the ground.

The two tall young men got to their feet to find a short dumpy grim looking woman facing them with her hands raised open palmed as though she was a Karate expert. After the way Anita had put both of them on the ground in seconds it was a sight that made them rather nervous. By her side was a slim teenage girl the same height with a facial resemblance except much more attractive. Light brown hair tumbled from beneath her cap to the top of her chest and she too had her hands raised with a hawk-like confident gaze that suggested that she knew what she was doing. “So you see that even two heathen men are no match for a single woman of the Lord” the elder woman told them. “Mummy please let me break one. You promised” the girl whined without taking her eyes off the man she was facing. “Very well Karen. Imagining you a breaking a stack of concrete blocks”. No, they were kidding they must be. Both men were rigid with fear in more ways than one. “HAH!” the teen shouted loudly making both men pee themselves an instant before the edge of her hand slashed down upon the base of one’s neck at the side. CRACK! “Hah!” the plump spectacled mother shouted as she chopped the neck of the other with the same force that she used when breaking though concrete slabs. CRACK! two men fell limply to the ground.

Sabhir found himself sitting on the road barely remembering how he got there with his face aching like he’d just been hit by a truck. All around him he heard the noise of a large terrible fight the like of which he had never imagined let alone seen before as. Greatly outnumbered, smartly uniformed women engaged in hand to hand combat with men and shockingly seemed to be winning. Before him were a pair of oh-so long legs sheathed in sheer black nylon. One leg was angled towards him slightly allowing him to see a hard downward pointing arrow head of calve muscle. As he got to his knees his eyes followed those long legs to a black skirt that scandalously ended several inches above the knee above which was black jacket over a white shirt. The sweet face of the pretty young blonde looked down at him from a great height with a mocking smile upon her sweet lips. “Why don’t you get up fuzz-face so I can knock you down again?”. The insolence of this tall child! Sabhir leapt to his and swung a mighty fist right at her face intending to teach her respect. Laughing she simply leaned back and his fist hit thin air. Still laughing Sarah pivoted on her left foot and sent her right foot soaring towards his face. “Hah!” BLAM! One moment it wasn’t there, the next he saw the sole of her shoe just before it slammed into his face, bloodying his face. For a split-second he was looking right along a long leg down to her stocking tops and white briefs. “Arghh!” his face jerked back so hard he felt a crick in his neck. “My legs are much longer than your tiny arms” she chuckled sweetly. “You couldn’t hit me if your life depends on it” she paused then chuckled “Oh that’s right. It does”.

Sabhir knew that this sweet child had been corrupted by Western decadence and stepped forwards swinging his fist to begin her correction. WHAP! To his surprise she stepped forwards threw up her left forearm, which given her height was a lot thicker than he realised and block his punch. Her right fist rocketed towards him like an express train heading for his stomach. Sabhir quickly tensed his abs. “Ha!” WHUMP! “Nnnnnnargghhh!” he wailed as her big fist hammered straight through his prized six-pack and plunged deep inside his gut. “Ooooh Mister soft-belly!” she taunted in a childish voice as she withdrew her fist from his winded gut. His diaphragm cramped and he began to fold forwards. “Here have a knuckle sandwich, fuzz-face”. He looked up in horror to see her large fist hurtling towards his face. “Hah!” BLAM her oversized knuckles crashed against the side of his jaw like a sledgehammer bruising his face and wrenching his lower jaw sideways fast under the impact. CRUNCH! how could such a lovely young thing be doing this to him? He thought as he felt his jaw snap. The girl’s punch was so hard that it had temporary blurred his vision as it powered his face to the left.

He heard a terrible shrill whine. His eyes cleared to reveal Kamal with his head thrown back, eyes clenched and mouth wide making that unnatural sound. Behind him stood little old white-haired pensioner pressed right up against his back and peering over his left side. A scrawny right arm enclosed within her black jacket hooked backwards over his left shoulder and around the front of his neck. Her left hand was thrust between the apex of his legs from behind, facing upwards like a claw with her thin aged fingers digging right into his nut-sack.

A movement close by made Sabhir look back to see the tall young woman in the figure-hugging uniform begin to spin right around backwards like a top. With her foot rapidly rising. No sweet-thing, no he wanted to cry but his jaw hurt when he tried to speak. In the blink of an eye her hem slid back revealing a vast expanse of nylon-sheathed thigh as her foot rose backwards with dread inevitability. “Hah!” WHUMP! “Nnnnnnarrghhhh!” he wailed in sheer agony as the sole of her foot blasted with shocking strength against his sternum. In terror he felt his rib-cage compress inwards in the middle as the ribs bent so much he felt a few break. The girl’s kick was so powerful that it knocked him off his feet sending him stumbling backwards too fast to control. BLAM! His back slammed into the side of a parked car with such force that it set off the alarm.

“NnnnNnnn!” he tried in vain to force his chest to expand to draw in air. It hurt so much that for a moment he feared he was having a heart attack. In that moment of agony, he watched as close-by two men corned a slightly plump middle-aged woman who stood around 5 foot 4. Sabhir appreciated the way the short-haired brunette’s open jacket lay over a wide full thrusting bust which rose and fell quickly with her breathing and the way her waist pinched in above her curvy hips. As they rushed at her, her knee suddenly shot up level with her chest with the shin angled forwards. Her skirt slid right back to the top of her stocking-clad thighs revealing great legs. The front man was running too fast to stop and ran straight onto that long shin which bent back absorbing his momentum. WHUMP! “Nrffff!” “Hah!” the edge of her right hand slashed down close to his jawline below his ear. “Yah!” her lower leg sprang forward like a loaded spring hurling his body sending it plummeting to the ground. By this time the second man had managed to get his hands on her throat. Without pause the woman swiftly turned around and to Sabhir’s astonishment threw the man rapidly over her hip. BLAM! He landed upon his back next to the first guy. The mature uniformed woman immediately fell upon them and clamped a hand around their throats. By the way both men were frantically trying to pull her hand away while turning red, it was clear that she must have a strong grip.

“Oi! Don’t look at Celia, look at me!” Sarah’s youthful voice cut in. Sabhir looked at the fresh-faced tall blonde with apprehension. Her skirt had ridden right up to the top of her long sturdy thighs inflaming his lust with the stocking tops and the expanse of creamy white skin at the top of her thighs. “She is good though. Very strong hands. They don’t stand a chance” she said turning her back to him to watch the heathen bitch strangling his brothers with her bare hands. Sabhir saw his chance to teach this young thing a lesson. His hand shot out and grabbed her by the back of her hair. “Women must obey men. It is the will of Allah” he tried to tell her but with his bust jaw and squashed ribcage it came out a mumbling mess. With lightning fast reactions her hand, held like a knife blade, flew up in front of her level with her chest with the elbow bent. “Hah!” she shouted confidently as her elbow snapped straight swinging her hand around like an axe. WHOCK! The edge of her hand flew right beneath his chin and chopped hard across his throat. “Kkkkkk kkkk!” He coughed and spluttered unable to swallow properly as if he had something stuck in his throat.

Not stopping, the tall blonde swung the arm that had just chopped his throat, behind his arm which had now let go of her hair. Bringing up her forearm beneath his arm, she trapped his forearm beneath her armpit in an painful arm-lock. With his arm trapped, the blonde stood at his side facing him. “Admit it fuzz-face. I’m a far better fighter than you?” Sabhir’s manhood lurched at her words and knew they were true. Not only had she beaten him badly so quickly and decisively with apparent ease but the way she now controlled him in this arm-lock was strangely turning him on. “Pull my hair, fuzz-face, and I’ll smash your face”.

No! he wailed inside his head as her knee shot up waist high close to his side once more exposing those amazingly long sexy legs. “Hah!” she shouted in derision snapping her leg straight. The incredibly long shin with the long hefty calve hanging beneath slammed across his chest level with his already bruised sternum. WHUMP! “Urrrraghhhh!” he groaned loudly through his busted mouth. It was like getting clubbed across the chest with a steel baseball bat. The ever-so long but quite thick leg had hardly bounced back from his chest when it flashed upwards towards his face. “Ha!” the sweet-looking tall blonde shouted. BLAM! The top of her foot punched the right side of his jaw, wrenching it in the other direction. CLOCK! “Nnnnnnnrghhh!” He screamed through his useless jaw as his head was savagely whipped to the left under the astonishing power of the young girl’s kick.

He slammed back against the car, whose alarm was still blaring. Sarah’s deadly right leg came down to the ground, poised with the knee slightly bent and the hem of her skirt above her stocking tops in a very provocative manner that kept Sabhir’s dick alert. In absolute terror he watched her right calve tense into a solid hard ball before the foot lifted rapidly. But instead of kicking him straight in the face, the foot swung around as the tall uniformed blonde spun quickly raising her knee as she spun with the foot climbing higher. The foot whipped right around until it came back in sight pointing straight at him whereupon it fired towards him like a bullet from a gun. “Hah!” up it streaked, a deadly blur of black nylon. At the same time Sarah leant forwards tilting her long body away from him, the skirt riding up to her hips exposing her suspender belts. His dick lurched at the brief glimpse of the white triangle at her sexy crotch before BLAM! The sole of her shoe jack-hammered into his throat with a force that could pulverise bricks to dust. CRACK! His whole torso jerked back as her very long leg extended fully. Lifting his feet completely from the ground, his body slammed so hard into the side of the car behind that it shattered the glass and completely buckled the door. His body slid down the side of the ruined car into a undignified heap upon the ground still with Sarah’s large deadly foot pressing against his throat.

With her leg still extended pressing her foot into the destroyed Sabhir, she slowly she turned her face around to stare at four guys who were going to go his aid. They were black belt in Taekwondo but could only stop and stare as the very tall young blonde with a sweet-looking face that wouldn’t be out of place on a supermodel totally destroy a man in a matter of seconds with an amazing sexy leg show that had delivered amazing powerful kicks that raised tents in the front of each of their trousers. Her small slender eyes narrowed as she stared right at them with a tight smile upon her lovely lips that set those tents throbbing. “Who’s next? One at a time or all at once it doesn’t bother me” “NNNNNNarghhhh Nnnnn arrrgh NNNarghh” damp patches spread over the front of their trousers and in disgrace they fled with her girlish laughter burning in their ears.
As I drove back home, I pondered my next move. Indi had given me some names but I needed more evidence. Angela had mention the Police and special services. I needed to find out what they knew but they wouldn’t just tell me if I asked. I decided to fill up the car at a supermarket service station 15 miles down the road from the town where I lived. Even though we had our own branch of the store, the prices were always at least 3p a litre more for no sensible reason I could fathom except corporate greed.

As I filled up, I looked through the long windows of the filling station shop to see who was on cashier duty. There were two of them that I liked, both mature women and both were there today. Poppy is a petite slim woman with a small quite pretty rounded cheeky chubby face, small blue eyes glinting mischievously, a cute little nose and a small mouth with plump lips that was almost circular when it was closed although more usually in a pleasant smile. Light blonde hair fell in a ragged fringe across her forehead just above her eyes and would have been shoulder length. Quite often, like today, she would tie her hair with a bow into pigtails on either side just behind her ears. At other times they were woven together in a long double plaited pigtail behind her head. From a distance you could have mistaken her for a young girl but up close that illusion disappeared. Joining the queue inside I wondered whether Poppy would serve me or her more mature partner, the smouldering permanently tanned Beverley.

Slightly taller than Poppy, what you could see of Beverley’s body as she sat behind the counter seemed a lot wider than her slim friend with a wide low-slung full bust. The bronzed tan she possessed all year around hinted at artificial tanning products or tanning salons. Shoulder length golden hair swept back from a small long pointed face with penetrating wide brown eyes. A very prominent Roman nose was the central feature below which was a sensually pouting wide mouth. The overall effect was of a mature tanned woman with almost predatory smouldering looks of a MILF who could sexually eat a man alive. It was her that served me and I tried not to stare at her looks or wide dangling bust that pressed against the top of the counter.
Name: Beverley
Age: 56
Occupation: Supermarket service station assistant
Favourite fighting technique: slamming a man around until he breaks

They called him Granddad although he was only 55. Highly revered in the extremism community in this excrement hole of a country, he had fought against the West in Afghanistan and had come to Britain to exact Holy vengeance. Jumping into the back of a lorry at Calais while French Police looked on, he was caught by the British authorities who spoke to him like a errant child and told him to report back in 14 days to be deported. He never returned. He laughed when he remembered the stupid pigs asking whether he had anything to declare, all the while his hand was on his sword case. No he replied. It wasn’t his fault if they were stupid enough to believe him. Now as he looked around this filthy street he felt disgust at these British brothers. Look at them, unable to control mere women who kicked their legs so high, in profanity of Holy scripture for exercise and sports were banned for them. They disgraced themselves showing off so much flesh and underwear. Western women didn’t respect or obey men. He would show his brothers how to install respect.

His grasp around the sword handle tightened as he spotted a woman to meet his righteous anger. A short amply proportioned mature woman with a rubenesque figure. Actually he approved of that for that is what a woman should be like, with plenty of meat on her, enormous breasts and wide child-bearing hips not those skinny sluts that offended his eyes whenever he went out in this God-forsaken land. It was that very figure that aroused his fury, for she wore clothes that brazenly showed it off inflaming his desire instead of a burka to keep herself covered. He recognised the uniform from the enemy that went around like beggars selling poppies to honour their dead soldiers. That offended his senses and supported his efforts to get the practice banned under the Race Relations act. He knew that they would win. The country had already banned its citizens flying their own flag in case it caused offence (it did), banned Christian teaching to be read out at schools in case it caused offence (it did) and most of the supermarkets, fast-food chains and restaurants sold only Halal meat. He remembered with a smile how he used a deodorant can as a make-shift flame-thrower to torch the young boy selling poppies. Oh how he laughed at his screams.

He was incensed with offence to see that the slut brazenly wore her jacket unbuttoned and open wide to reveal the white blouse beneath. This was also unbuttoned mid-way and worn wide open to shamelessly display a vast amount of bosom and a very deep dark cleavage. Her babies would be very content and full feeding upon those. They should be covered instead of tempting a man like a whore. Her skin was bronzed yet he doubted she had even seen the desert sun. She would have made a good rutting-mate except she was too old to bear children. They made eye-content with her face shamelessly bare. “You slut! I’m going to slit your throat like the fat heathen pig you are” he screamed. “ARRRRRRRRRR!” he raced forwards with his sword raised to strike her down. He expected fear, he cries of terror. Instead she calmly stood her ground, staring at him with a stony yet smouldering face. “ARRRRRRRR!” He raised the sword over his head and brought it down towards the top of her head to slice it in two. Suddenly the mature blonde spun right around, leaning forward out of the sword’s path. He got a glimpse of the skirt covering her wide backside as it flicked up and a short thick nylon-sheathed calve as her foot shot backwards right towards his groin. “Hah!” BERLAM! it struck so hard that it sounded like a hammer hitting a slab of meat in a butchers’ shop. Granddad just stood there mortified at the intense pain in his gonads. His whole body trembled, his face crumbling into a pained expression while his hand opened and the sword clattered to the road.

“Would there be anything else love?” she asked with a cheeky smile and her arms folded beneath her bust pushing up her sensational ample rounded orbs. His fist flew out to strike her but she struck like a snake, seizing the oncoming wrist and pulling it over her broad shoulders as she quickly turned her back on him. Leaning forwards she pulled him so close to her body that he felt her broad backside press into his groin. That brief touch was electric and made his dick rock hard as he slid over her wide buttocks before going flying over her shoulder. “Woah!” briefly he saw the tarmac below as his head swung down over her shoulder before turning to face her skirt while his legs flew overhead. The woman leant down really low. BLAM! The back of his skull slammed into the hard road surface a split-second before his back did. “ARGHHHH!” he lay there completely stunned while the tanned blonde held onto his arm. He felt a foot on the side of his face. “Cheer up love, it may never happen” she chuckled “Oh, wait a moment. It already has” she laughed openly at him. With the world still spinning around him and his brain in a fug, he was barely aware of being forced to his feet in an arm-lock. No sooner was he up than she pulled his body forwards so he bumped into her large bosom before her right leg hooked itself around his left leg and pulled it away from the road while her low squat body barged into him. “Woah!” he tripped and went over backwards to the hard road below. BLAM! “Argh!” his back was burning and aching in agony.

Name: Poppy
Age: 43
Occupation: Supermarket service station assistant
Favourite fighting technique: Busting a man’s gut. I love the look of fear that comes into a man’s face when he realises that he doesn’t stand a chance.

His name was Eddie, well that was what his British co-workers called him and the name stuck. He was a short balding man with a sweaty face and a huge pot-belly. Originally immigrating from Pakistan he had set up a large network in Manchester grooming schoolgirls as brides to men back in Pakistan for which they paid handsomely to enter the country. Men already over here also paid him to supply them with teenage girls for sex. White English girls were more amenable than Asian ones. The authorities were so scared of being labelled racist they actually delivered girls straight from school to his doorstep to be exploited. He wasn’t really interested in all this extremism business but things were getting a bit too hot with increased media attention so he decided to come down here looking out for new people to fleece.

When he clamped eyes on the pretty petite slim blonde with the pigtails standing with her back to him stiffness began to spread over his groin. The sight of a white English schoolgirl in a smart black jacket that hugged a nice hour-glass shaped figure and the sheen of sheer black nylons with seams running vertically over the back of shapely calves that had a nice firmness to them, it got all the stiffer. This was the sort of girl that men would pay good money for. Quickly he approached her before someone else took her. “Hello little girl, would you like a sweetie?” he asked but as she turned around to face him, he realised with a start that she not a girl but a mature woman. “I’m sorry, my mistake” he apologised. “Yes. It is” she replied in a soft sweet voice. Before he could open his mouth to say another word, his world collapsed. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! small fists pounded his massive protruding stomach with blinding speed. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! fist after fist slammed in at two punches a second. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! “Nnn nn nn nn nnn nnn!” the air was being punched out of him with her hard knuckles drilling into his big soft belly like a punch bag with no time to catch his breath. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! Her arms pistoned back and forth in a constant blur driving her fists against his diaphragm like beating a big drum. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! All the time that pretty face smiled. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! taunting him with it’s sweetness. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! ORRRRRAGH she is a tireless punching machine, her fists sinking deeper and deeper into his huge fat belly. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! The petite blonde doesn’t even slow as her fists continually pound his gut one after the other in a constant rain of punches that steals his breath and leaves him unable to draw more. THUD! THUD! THUD! THUD! With his gut severely cramped and winded her rapid steady punches were now excruciating.

Eddie tries to crumple over his sore gut but she presses an arm across the top of his chest and continues to slam her right fist into his aching belly at a slower rate of about one a second. He can’t believe how helpless he is and is surprised to find his cock is getting stiffer by the second. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! ARGGG ARRGGGH her punches gradually slow but feel worse on his hollowed stomach. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! His head rocked back and forth with his eyes screwed tight and mouth open as his face turns red. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Even the pretty mature blonde can no longer stop his body creasing right up and he collapses against her body with his chest heaving in futility for air. Polly needs to hold him off with both hands to stop his massive bulk pushing her over as she lets him slide all the way down her front to the ground. An obscenely fat man crumpled to her feet with an obscene rigid tent-pole sticking up in the front of his trousers.

All along the street militant extremist men who thought they were battle-hardened warriors found themselves facing the astonishing fury of ordinary women in the uniform of The Salvation Army. Men highly belted in Karate having studied it for years, dismissed these women as a joke. It was a fatal mistake they would never make again.

Ranjit dismissed Marianne as a slim woman with a gawky appearance with small slender eyes and specs. “Hah!” he laughed as he raised his arm to block the long slim leg shooting towards his chest. “Hah!” BLAM! He didn’t laugh when a lightning fast kick slammed around the side of his head like a steel club. Her leg quickly snapped back at the knee then snapped straight again BLAM!. His head was still rocking when BLAM! A sidekick that was barely a blur slammed a foot right into his gym-hardened six-pack with shocking force. “Orrragh!” he had to fight not to crumple. Man she was fast! “Hah hah hah hah!” he launched a flurry of punches and kicks of his own so fast but was stunned when she blocked them all then snapped a high kick so fast into his face he couldn’t even think to block it. “Hah!” a brief glimpse of stocking tops and a white triangle at her crotch burned into his vision as a long legged nylon-clad blur streaked upwards towards his face like a rocket. BERLAM! the impact was so fierce that his head snapped right back with a loud crick. As his knees turned to jelly he realised that he had never faced an opponent like this before and his dick began to stiffen. Before he could react she jumped high into the air. The after-image of her skirt sliding up to her hips revealing long slim sexy stocking sheathed legs seared into his brain in the split-second before her foot blasted him right in the face whipping his head back so fast that black spots nearly blacked out his vision and the taste of nausea filled his mouth. He was getting whipped by a gawky woman and his dick was rigid at her surprising sexy legged power. In a stunned stupor he felt her grab his right arm, turn around in front of him and bend forwards really low. “Nnnnnnagh!” he ejaculated at the sensation of sliding up over her lovely compact backside before he whipped over her shoulder so fast he actually passed out even before his back slammed into the hard tarmac road.

“ARRRRRRR!” The man they called Granddad yelled as he launched a kick at the short squat tanned blonde laughing at him. Grabbing his leg in mid-flight she tucked it under her arm and rested it over her left hip. Pressing her right side against the front of his body a big meaty calve hooked behind his left leg and swept it forwards while her hand slammed against his chin. “Woah!” he went down fast. WHAM! “Arghhh!” his back crashed hard into the unforgiving road. Beverley was equally unforgiving, bending his hand back sharply at the wrist then bending his arm back over her forearm. “Arghh!” forced over to his knees she drove his hand right up between his shoulder blades. “Ow ow ow ow!” he yelped in agony as she kept his hand bent at the wrist while painfully forcing it up to the top of his back. Keeping his hand in position, she stepped in front of him. Her arches elevated by her high heels were right before his face. “I don’t accept rudeness” her voice was firm with domineering authority which did strange things to his groin. “Ahh arhhh let go!” he demanded. “Arrrrrrrrgh!” he screamed as the buxom woman in black forced his forced his hand even higher until it felt as if his shoulder blades and arm were about to break. “Apologise” she demanded. “Yes yes I’m sorry I apologise” he yelped. He had never encountered women like his before, strong dominant women who could physically overpower a man. Strangely he found that it was turning him on. The side of the toe of her shoe pressed against his mouth. “Kiss it. Apologise to it” she demanded in such a firm no-nonsense tone that he immediately did as she asked while his dick thumped against the road surface.

“EEEEEIIIII!” Major Angela’s thick strong thighs tirelessly powered her leg into another lightning fast high kick in a brief display of sexy long legs, stocking tops and panties. BOUMP! The head of another male black belt snapped right back over his shoulders as his body bowled right over and crashed to the ground. All over the street other normal everyday women were demonstrating similar levels of extraordinary skill and power. The sight caused some of the male black belts to lose self control and start masturbating or ejaculating into their pants in the knowledge that their fighting skills were vastly inferior to that of the women.

Eddie tried to double over his winded pot-belly but the pretty mature blonde with pigtails grabbed his wrist and tried pulled out his right arm. He resisted until she dug in the fingers of her other hand into the fleshy under side of his elbow. OUCH OUCH OUCH he yelped mentally as his arm went all tingly in the middle and Polly pulled his arm out horizontally. “I sometimes get awkward customers at the petrol station” she told him conversationally while holding his arm straight. OUCH OUCH OUCH with one hand on his wrist and the other digging steely fingers into the inside of his elbow the uniformed woman twisted his arm forcing him to lean forwards looking down at her legs. The way that black skirt draped over her knees with lovely slim calves sheathed in sheer black nylon and wearing heeled shoes was a mocking reminder that this was an ordinary woman beating him up and now in full control. “Usually young lads who think they can help themselves to the sweets and soft drinks without paying” she continued. With his arm twisted he couldn’t crease forwards anymore nor escape. Standing in the centre she began to force him around in a wide circle as if showing off her domination. That kept his dick hard.

All around him, women in black Salvation Army uniforms were kicking their legs really high, showing off their sexy lingerie, and destroying men. Even men that he knew were Karate masters were failing to land a punch or kick before a woman battered him senseless.

“As you can see, I know how to make them really suffer while we wait for the Police” pretty Polly gave a little chuckle. “By the time I’m finished with them they usually weep with relief and beg the Police to take them away”.

As he continued to be led around the woman, he saw a short squat tanned woman quickly pull Granddad towards her. At the last second she turned her hip into him and whipped him over her side incredibly fast with his body rising quite high into the air spinning right over her before his back slammed into the tarmac. BERLAM! His body hit the road surface with a loud sound and then bowed upwards in the middle as he groaned in agony. “Arrghhhhh!”. “Arggh argh argh!” he yelped quickly as the smouldering mature blonde folded up his arm and forced him to his feet again.

“Here look. I’ll give you a sweetie” the round-faced blonde said. Forced to stoop by her arm-lock and the cramps in his stomach Eddie had no choice but to watch as she held his arm with one hand while the other moved to the top of her black skirt. With a wide smile, her hand began to hitch up the hem. PHOAR! His boner got harder and harder as the hem slides with a rasp of nylon up over her knees revealing great legs as it slides up her thighs. The sheer black nylon shows a hint of strong thigh muscles which Eddie fails to spot. WOW WOW WOW as the hem gets beyond half-way up her lovely slim legs, a matt black band appears. His excitement grows, his body temperature soars and sweat beads his brow as he realises that she is wearing stockings. No woman he has ever known wore stockings that he knew. “You like these sweeties don’t you?” she asked softly as the hem continued to rise over creamy white skin with black suspender belts running vertically over them. THUMP THUMP THUMP His dick was throbbing hard. He really wanted this woman. “Yesssssss!” he forced a gasp of air through his mouth. She smiled “I bet you’d like to suck on them?”. The hem slid higher to reveal a tiny triangle of black lace at her crotch. “Nnnnnnnn nnnnnn!” he moaned as he lost control of his erection and creamed himself. “Ohhhh!” Polly’s voice betrayed mock sympathy. “Too bad” she sighed. “Nevermind. Suck on this”.

“Hah hah hah!” it sounded like she was laughing at him as her right leg blurred into non-stop motion unleashing a devastating barrage of gut-busting kicks into his protruding belly. VLAMM! BAM! WHAM! His grotesque gut wobbled like an obscene jelly under the power of the impacts. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! his barely-recovered breath left him and the cramps returned with a vengeance. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! her kicks were even stronger and more devastating than her punches. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! her foot was a constant tireless blur of motion slamming repeatedly into his ruined aching gut. BAM BAM BAM BAM! Pretty Polly’s leg flashed back and forth with rapid metronomic regularity. BAM BAM BAM BAM! She angled her leg so that the shin hammered across his fat belly. BAM BAM BAM BAM! it was like being hit repeatedely across the stomach with a steel crowbar. BAM BAM BAM BAM! There was nothing he could do, her leg kept slamming into him so quickly that he was too paralysed to move. BAM BAM BAM BAM! ORRRRRR! He wailed mentally knowing that he was nothing more than her kick bag.

Suddenly the barrage stopped. “I bet you won’t be annoying any more young women ever again will you?” Eddie could barely shake his head. His face was burning and it felt like his lungs would explode. She smiled again. She looked so youthful when she smiled. “Oh, I know you won’t”. With that she released his arm to place both hands on his shoulders. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Her knee pistoned into his gut over and over with such power that his substantial body was lifted repeatedly into the air only to drop momentarily before her knee hammered up again to lift him again. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! He weighed well over 25 stone yet the smaller slimmer woman drove her knee into his burning belly with such power that his poor body was jerking up and down like a rag dog. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! as her knee kept pounding away, showing no quarter he felt so ill he just wanted to curl up and die. No man can survive that kind of punishment for long. Barely conscious the lovely Polly allowed Eddie to slump to his knees. Crouching down behind him, she cupped his chin with one hand and pressed down upon the top of his head with the other. A sudden hard twist of his head to the right so his face with in line with his shoulders. CLOCK! a gruesome sound then his head fell limply into the tarmac. The uniformed blonde rose to seek another man to face the wrath of the Lord.

Pulling Granddad to his feet, Beverley faced him holding the scruff of his shirt. The bronzed woman violently pushed him away from her then immediately pulled him back towards her. Before his body crashed into her, the short squat blonde fell backwards holding onto his shirt and raising her knee to plant her foot into his oncoming groin. His rapid forward momentum caused him to fall forwards onto her leg as she rolled on her back. For a split-second he was above her looking down at her smouldering tanned mature face with her arms holding onto the top of his shirt and her leg bent beneath him with a thick strong nylon-clad calve raised towards him with her foot firmly planted in groin. That brief moment of contact was so extraordinary charged that as her stocking-clad leg straightened like a coiled spring to send him hurtling over her body, his dick stiffened rapidly. “Woah!” he whipped over the woman so fast that his back slammed into the ground before he had finished yelling. BERLAM! “Orrrpppph! Arghhh!” he cried arching his back in agony away from the ground beneath. Not only had that knocked the wind out of him but jarred his back once more. He realised that this demon woman possessed superior fighting skills that surpassed his own. Not only that but that leggy throw was so extraordinarily feminine in nature that his rigid dick was absolutely throbbing in his pants. He was stunned never before believing that he would find a woman who could actually fight and beat a man let alone find it erotically stimulating.

“Arghh!” he cried as the short squat woman stood over him seized his arm, gave it a sharp twist forcing him over onto his knees then bent his hand right back at the wrist. “Ah ah ah ah!” He yelped as she looked down with contempt. She kept him on his back looking down at him like some kind of tanned goddess. She kept twisting his hand and palm keeping him in constant pain forcing him to turn over onto his belly once more then back again like he was some kind of toy. “Pathetic” she spat as she forced back his wrist and kept him on his back in humiliation for what felt like a good five minutes or more. Looking up at the black uniformed goddess towering above him, he felt so weak and feeble, utterly dominated by a powerful woman that his dick soared to new levels of stiffness. Soaring away from him, he saw how her calves flared out like wide wings behind her shins but failed to note the significance and just admired the sheen of her nylons. “Arghh arghh! You are a magnificent woman. I can make you very rich Arghh arghh!” he yelped as he writhed in the blonde’s fierce wrist lock. Her eyes bore into him, heating his groin and her mouth remained tight before she replied. “Let me show you what I think of that”

“AIIIIEEEEIIII!” he screamed as she savagely bent his arm backwards over the crook of her arm. “Stand up now before I break your arm” Beverley demanded in strong commanding voice that set the front of Granddad’s trousers twitching as if he had a ferret down there. With no choice, he got to his feet although every movement made his back twinge. He was used to women being meek, submissive and subservient. Now he found himself totally dominated by a forceful woman and to his great surprise found that he was getting terribly turned on by it. As he rose he was confronted by the woman’s wide low-hanging shelf of a bust with the blouse undone and open wide. The big mounds of her breasts and long deep cleavage right before his face in the opening of her blouse doubtless struggling to be constrained by her brassiere made him groan out aloud in pure lust. “ORRRR! I’d fuck you all night long” he moaned. “After what you called me. I don’t think so” she remarked.

Once she had him fully standing before her, Beverley looked at him over her prominent nose then dropped his arm before turning her back on him. To his astonishment, one hand reached down and pulled the back of her skirt right up over her hips. BERDOING!!! his eyes went wide at the sight of two very rounded ample buttocks separate by a tiny piece of string. He had never heard of a thong but instead of admonishing her for such a disgraceful thing, he just stared with his manhood bouncing up and down inside his trousers. “PHROAAGG!” he moaned loudly in open lust. “I will fuck you right up the arse!” he declared. Unzipping his flies and took out his over-stiff throbbing rod. “ORRRRR! Receive this offering to the Prophet!” he cried then rushed forwards to sink his dick between those luscious orbs of feminine arse. Maybe he should have paid attention to the thick swell of her hamstrings at the back of her upper legs or the thick wide slabs of hard muscle in her calves each with hard slabs shaped like two wide sharply defined downward pointing spears.

No sooner had he grabbed her hips to sink himself in than she seized his right hand and pulled it over her shoulder. She bent sharply forwards pulling him onto her back. Instead of slamming him right over her shoulder, the stocky blonde kept him loaded on her broad back with his dick sinking deep between her buttocks. “That’s as close as you’re going to get, you old leach” she told him. “ORRRRRR! Pleeeaase!” he moaned in crazed frustration. Raised up on her back with his feet in the air and dick stuck between her buttocks there was nothing he could do to relieve the growing sexual frustration. Then those big fleshy buttocks clenched and relaxed several times around his trapped dick squeezing it tight then relaxing. “NNNNNARGHH NNNNARGHH NNNNNNNOOORRRRRRR!” “That’s right mister. I’m too much woman for you to handle” she remarked with a dry chuckle as he blasted his balls dry into her wide buttocks. In that instant, he slid back down as she straightened up. The moment his feet touched the ground, she bent forwards incredibly quickly and he went hurtling over her shoulder in a blur. KABLAM! CRACK! “Arghhh!” he screamed in agony as a split-second later his back slammed against the ground.

Sobbing and weeping over his broken back, Granddad barely noticed the short blonde step behind him and roughly pull him into a sitting position. That is until a short thick leg stepped over his left shoulder to plant her foot between his legs. The back of the upper leg pressed itself against the side of his face. Before he could react, the leg folded, hooking around his neck, catching his throat in the crook of her leg. He felt big hard calves on side and her huge swelling hamstrings on the other. Only then did he realise that the woman had strong legs but by then it was too late. “Kkkkk kkkkkk!” he croaked as she grabbed hold of her foot and pulled the thick leg bent around his throat into a fearful crushing grip. “GRKKK! GRKKK!” he could only croak and feel his face turn red as an unbelievable pressure exerted itself upon his neck and throat. On one side he felt her hamstrings swell to what must be an enormous size by the feel of it crushing it’s way into his neck. It felt huge muscular and unyielding. He never realised before women could have strong muscles but now he knew for sure experiencing it first hand. By the way it was just pushing it’s way into his neck, crushing it, this mature woman’s hamstrings must be far larger and stronger than any man he knew and he wondered how she could have possibly developed them. Upon the other side of his neck were hard wide calves, big and hard as iron plates. He was sure that he could feel the individual muscle head like swollen rocks pressing into his neck. Caught in between, it felt like his jaw was going to explode under the titanic pressure being exerted on either side. “URRRGHH!” the power being exerted on either side of his face was so strong that he could barely get his mouth to work. “My legs are quite strong” he heard the understatement. He had to clench his eyes shut and grit his teeth to ride the colossal pressure. It feel like the walls of his neck would collapse at any second. “Men always underestimate them. That’s why I don’t use them until the end of teaching a man the errors of his wicked ways” He could barely hear her over the pounding of heart in his ears. “Because it would be such an unfair advantage”. “What was it you were going to do to me when I first met you?” she asked “Oh yes, you were going to cut my head off with that big sword of yours”. Her voice became menacing. “I’ll despatch you in a much more humane manner”. Suddenly she gave her foot a sudden strong pull whipping her leg hard backwards, twisting his neck savagely to the right. CLOCK! Lowering her leg and smoothing down her skirt while Granddad flopped to the ground, Beverley turned and walked away seeking for another man to receive the judgement of The Lord.
Through Mikaela (pronounced Me-Karla), a young woman in The Salvation Army who worked as a PA in an IT firm, I got a job as a support engineer. It was only a zero-hours contract which greedy business leaders were trying to establish as the norm so that they could pay workers less than the minimum wage while increasing their hyper-inflated salaries. In one sense I didn’t mind as it allowed me to continue doing private detective work while bringing in some sort of wage to pay the bills and feed the family. Mikaela was a tall and slim in her mid-twenties with luscious long black hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back and a large wide oval shaped face with freckles. Her eyes were large with big brown irises and her nose long and sleek while her wide mouth always seemed to be smiling showing off large white teeth. She possessed the sort of tall shapely figure that would catch most men’s eyes but any man who tried to chat her up found her deeply religious with high moral standards and a fearsome intellect.

She explained while wistfully looking through the glass walls of the computer room where I was to work that she thought she was joining an IT firm to work with the computers rather than being a glorified secretary. As it turned out, the firm’s oversight of her intellect was my gain as it was Mikaela who had modified the HR system to add me to the payroll and it was the same skills that helped me gain access to the outsourced systems of the authorities.

Wearing smart business dress each day which included heeled-shoes, I couldn’t avoid noticing that although the rest of her legs looked quite slim her calves were large hard slabs of muscle with incredible definition and shiny muscle tone even when relaxed. But when she ran down the corridor after some executive or leant over to retrieve his briefcase from his car, I would just stop and stare in open amazement and a tingling groin as her highly-defined calves exploded into huge masses of rock-hard muscle. Each inner calve head was like a sharp spade blade pointing down from below her knee while opposing this each outer calve head was a slightly smaller though no less impressive spearhead of hard muscle. The edge of her calves when flexed was deep and drew my eyes like magnets. Of course, she caught me looking but was strangely unaware of the attraction of her amazingly defined calves and came across as a sweet and dedicated religious young woman. When I asked whether she exercised, she told me that she came in early each morning and used the nearby gym before work. Her body was God’s creation and her duty to look after it and make it the best she could to honour him.

It took a while but I found that ones of the names that Indi had given me, a young man called Gurgit, had spent two years in Pakistan which the Intelligence services suspected was an Al-Qaeda training camp. They also linked him to fighting in Syria and Iraq, but did not have enough evidence to bring him in for questioning. Cross-referencing with Customs records, I discovered that he had been importing crates of Bollywood DVDs from India. A bit odd given that he did not own a shop through which to sell them. Like many IT firms, they had a ‘follow the sun’ support operation provided out of India. With Mikaela’s magic I was able to access the records of the Indian end of the freight flights and discovered that the shipments originated in Pakistan. Worryingly Interpol records showed links between the freight originator and Chemical Abdul, a brilliant scientist suspected of developing chemical and biological weapons for the militant cause.
Name: Mikaela
Age: 25
Occupation:PA in an IT company
Favourite fighting technique: I don’t like violence but as The Bible instructs us, one must protect one’s self, family and society.

Ali wasn’t going to pussy-foot around with these Christian cunts like the other guys. A 4th Dan in Karate he was going to spread slaughter on British streets. He saw a tall young woman in a black jacket and skirt with her back to him. Her slim lower legs packed impressively defined calves made all the more sensual in sheer black nylon. As he approach stealthily, she turned around and to his surprise bowed formally as one would to an opponent in the Dojo. Well he was only too happy to oblige and show her some real Karate. The oval-faced woman with the freckles and long black hair raised her fists adopting a fighting stance with her right leg a step ahead slightly bent at the knee with the foot raised upon her toes. She was poised to kick him with her long legs but he’d get in first. “Hai hai hai hai!” a lightning-fast flurry of punches flew towards her upper body but she blocked them all with her arms. Spinning around fast he unleashed a powerful series of kicks that could floor an opponent in seconds. Shockingly the tall young woman blocked them all with her arms and legs. He stepped in to blast a powerful blitzkrieg of a punch right into her face. “Hah!” her long right leg shot right up in a split-second, the foot slamming beneath his jaw and blasting it skywards. BLAM! His senses scrambled under the shockingly powerful kick. But Ali was tough and ignored the ringing in his eyes and blurriness in his eyes. “HAI!” he yelled as his fist shot forwards with the power to shatter bricks. WHAP! Her arm came out of nowhere and their forearms collided in the middle deflecting his punch upwards away from her head. In an instant the hem of her skirt slid back over her long thighs as her knee snapped to waist height then straightened. “Yah!” WHUMP! a long shin slammed across his lower abdomen like a crowbar. “NNNAARGHH!” his well-developed deep-cut six-pack failed to fully absorb the kick as the power of the impact drove his middle backwards causing him to stagger.

Gritting down against the pain he powered a brutally fast kick towards her gut. WHAP! Like lightning her leg snapped up again intercepting the kick. “Hai!” Ali’s hand flashed in a blinding arc towards her neck but again was astonished by her speed as she caught his speeding hand by the wrist. A quick twist of his wrist and he cried out in pain “arghh!”. Her knee snapped up across her waist with the foot angled towards him with a brief glimpse of stocking top. “Hai!” a blurred black streak flashed towards him. BLAM! “Arghhhh!” the sole of her foot hammered into his right side just beneath the ribcage. “Arghh!” excruciating pain lanced through his side as he felt a lower rib crack. Within a split-second her long leg continued to straighten with such power that he was bodily hurled away at great speed, stunned that a mere white girl should get the better of him.

“HIYAH!” he launched himself into the air in a ferocious drop-kick that would knock her block off. Calm-faced the tall brunette leant away and sent her long sleek stocking-sheathed right leg soaring upwards as her skirt slid back to her hips revealing a sexy white triangle at her crotch. “Ha!” BERLAM! her foot hammered his abs like an interceptor with such adulterated power that he was stunned to find himself flying rapidly away from her before crashing unceremoniously to the pavement.

Name: Lilly
Age: 86
Occupation: Retired. Former nurse
Favourite fighting technique: I have no favourites. I just love the like of fear and surprise when I start beating up a big strong young man. Believe me, this frail looking old lady doesn’t hold back [JIMP#40].

Out the corner of his eyes, ‘Cliff’ sees a group of brothers with their backs to him standing around watching something. He runs up hoping to see a beheading. On the pavement is a frail-looking white haired old lady facing downwards stretched out horizontally wearing a black jacket with thin legs held perfectly straight behind her. The upper portion of her legs are covered by a black skirt while thin calves sheathed in sheer black nylon stick out straight below with shiny black high-heeled shoes on her dainty feet. Although slim, there was a bit of shape and firmness to her calves. A black Salvation Army cap balanced precariously upon the top of her head and he could also see that she wore glasses. Cliff was about to berate the men when suddenly there was a sharp intake of breath. The little old lady who was only 5 foot 3 in height suddenly began to rise horizontally off the ground with her legs held perfectly straight. The front of her jacket opened and a large bust covered in a white blouse fell forwards and dangled. Cliff’s jaw fell open in astonishment when he saw that she was pressing her entire body smoothly into the air, held perfectly straight and with the legs fully extended using only one hand! Reaching the full extension of her right arm, it began to bend to smoothly lower her body without a single shake or tremor. Cliff watched gob-smacked as the frail-looking woman effortlessly repeated this exercise several more times. The little old lady is really fit and he is shocked to see guys standing around with blooming big erections in their trousers for the old bag. He is about to say something when the old lady suddenly pushes herself off the ground with both arms and smoothly bends her knees forward to the back of her arms while supporting herself as steady as a rock. Threading her legs through the middle of her arms she folds them cross-legged with her feet in her lap. “That’s what Yoga does for me boys” she spoke at last “Keeps me fit and supple and very capable in the bedroom, boys” She added with a saucy wink that did strange things to Cliff’s balls which disturbed him.

“What’s wrong with you guys!” he berated the others. “Just get…ga ga ga!” he stopped and panted as still supporting herself upon her arms the old woman raised her legs and bent the calves behind her head. She was directly facing him which meant that he was looking right down her skirt at her stocking tops and white knickers. ORRRRRRR! Despite himself the incredible flexibility of the pose and the eroticism of the candid exposure of her crotch as her legs were held right back was too potent. ORRRRRR! he had to admit that she had great looking legs for a woman her age, all the more sexier clad in sheer black nylon stockings and suspenders. With creeping horror Cliff felt his dick stiffen uncontrollably. Disgusted by his own feelings of lust towards the frail old lady, Cliff drew his battle knife and rushed forwards. With amazing athleticism, she threw herself into a backflip while straightening her legs at the same time. Her thin looking arms sprung her slim body straight to her feet in one flawless move to stand right in front of Cliff’s crazed charge. “Hah!” the edge of her left hand swept outwards knocking his knife hand to pass by her left hip as a bony knee snapped into place right in front of his onrushing gut. WHUMP! “ORRRRGGHHH!” the old woman’s knee smashed right through his toned stomach muscles and deep into his gut. As his breath was hammered out of him, he glanced down in shock to find himself impaled upon a thin upper leg raised horizontally sheathed in sheer black nylon and showing a double dark band of stocking top.

Without stopping, the crinkly old woman threw up her open right hand with the fingers stiff. “Hai!” the edge of her hand was a blur as it chopped his knife hand at the wrist. CRACK! “Arghhh!” he screamed as his wrist shattered and the knife went clattering to the ground. “Don’t play with knives boy or you will get hurt” Lilly admonished as steely fingers clasped his broken wrist. Her face stony cold, she leant away. “HAH!” a flick of her skirt and black blurred lightning streaked to his chest. WHUMP! CRACK” “Aiiiiiiieeee! her dainty sized foot drove right inside his upper chest smashing his rib-cage like firewood. The force of the kick was so powerful that Cliff found himself rising into the air riding the old woman’s long thin stocking-clad leg. The sight of a little old lady breaking a big man like Cliff and sending him flying was too much for some of the watchers. “NNNNNAERRR NNNARR NNNNARRRR!” they moaned openly as damp patches spread rapidly at the front of their trousers and their faces turned to shame.

“HAI!” The old lady’s fist shot forwards demolishing any remaining ribs. WHUMP! Not even giving him time to scream, she grabbed the scruff of his neck and threw herself backwards pulling Cliff down after her. Her right foot flashed up into his groin as he fell. As soon as her back touched the pavement, her left leg bent positioning the foot flat on the ground as she rolled back onto her shoulders. Cliff went hurtling over her body as she lay on her back with a long thin leg stopping him from falling on her and then propelling him away at tremendous speed. BLAM! “Argghhhhh!” his back slammed into the hard pavement

Ali pulled out his knife snarling with rage, leapt to his feet and threw himself at Mikaela. “Hah!” the side of her hand swung with blinding speed chopping his lunging forearm. “Arghh!” the nerves tingled and felt numb all along his arm. Before he could react, she grabbed his numbed forearm with her right hand then chopped the inside of his wrist with her left. “Yah!” BAM! His fingers flew open dropping the knife. Moving quicker than he could believe, she grabbed his wrist with her left hand then whipped his arm over towards his left shoulder to wrap it around the side of his neck. He barely saw the flick of her skirt as her knee rose swiftly to waist height with the calve bent below pointing the foot his way. “Hai!” BLAM! “Orrrrrraghhh!” the sole of her foot back-stomped him right in the gut with such power that it punched it’s way clean through his abs like a hot knife through butter. The shocking impact lifted his feet from the ground and jerked him backward, ripping his arm free from her grasp. “Orrraghh!” he couldn’t stop himself from crumpling forwards over his winded stomach.

He looked on helplessly as the young woman’s foot soared away from him and rose as she lifted her knee high without returning it to the ground. The sight of her long legs and stocking tops were little consolation. “Hai!” it flashed right back towards his face faster than he could scream. BERLAM! The sole of her shoe smashed into his mouth with shocking speed and power cutting his lips upon his teeth. His head was punched back so fast that he nearly blacked out and scrambled his equilibrium. Unable to control his own body he fell back towards the ground with the lasting impression of a tall long legged young woman with her body leaning away from him with one sexy long leg raised high in the air, her skirt fully slid back to her hips exposing sexy lingerie and a crotch that he’d loved to dive into, with the other long leg going down to the ground, slightly turned so that he could see powerfully bulging well-defined highly-toned calve muscles above her high-heeled shoes. All of that he saw and remembered in the very brief second before his back slammed against the hard pavement. BLAM! “Arghhhh!”.

Cliff lay on his back groaning in agony. He heard the click-clack of high-heels approaching and opened his eyes to see very slim black nylon clad shins standing by his head. “No more” he groaned. “Yes, more” Lilly replied in a stern tone as she crouched down facing him. Placing her hands down just beyond his head, the old white-haired woman proceeded to raise herself upon steady arms and performed front-facing splits right over his face. As he looked up at the victorious old woman who had destroyed him so quickly, he realised with shock that the old dear had removed her knickers. He was staring right up at her hairy pussy. “No!” he gasped as her pussy lowered itself to cover his nose and mouth. “MMMMM!” he was stunned to find the OAP doing the splits on his face. “I’m sure you know how to honour a woman. Acknowledge her superiority. Well do it, boy!” she commanded. He didn’t want to do it, he felt repulsed at the idea but the woman had completely dominated him and felt an over-riding impulse to start licking. As he did so his hands felt along her legs stretching away from him enjoying the feel of the firmness beneath the nylon, still barely able to believe that these very slim legs had possessed such awesome power to break him so badly. Feeling them while replaying it in his mind just made his erection all the harder and want to worship her all the more. His dick nearly burst as he heard her moans of pleasure telling him that he was doing it right.

Nearby Beverley held onto a man’s wrist as she whipped his arm forwards in a high arc. His body flipped over cartwheeling with such exceptional speed and power that his back breaks as it slams against the hard road surface.

Sarah leapt up grabbed a man’s arm with both hands as she hung from his waist before pulling him down with a flying arm-bar. BLAM! “Arghhh!” as his back hits the ground, the tall youthful blonde pulls his arm backwards between her incredibly long legs. “Agh arghhh!” Suddenly the lovely blonde raised her crotch sharply while pulling back his arm over her crotch. CRACK! “AIIIIEEEEE!!”

Sated, Lilly sat Cliff up. Kneeling behind him, she grabbed his head with surprisingly strong fingers for such a frail looking old lady. “Arghhhhh!” her hands pushed on either side of his face with such pressure that he feared she was going to crush his skull. Suddenly she forced his face hard towards his left shoulder. “Beheading someone with a knife, how primitive”. He heard her say moments before she savagely whipped his face right around to the other side. CLOCK! Lilly stood up and hitched her skirt up to her hips proudly showing off her long thin stocking-clad legs and bare pussy. “Right, who’s next for some of Grandma Lilly’s special attention?”. The watching men took one look at the broken form of Cliff lying on the cold pavement at her feet and turned as one and fled.

Mikaela stood with her side to Ali and her long legs in a wide stance. He saw the incredibly defined calve muscles of her left leg. She smiled as he squared up to her, her hand extended towards him and beckoning. He knew that she was an opponent more skilled than any he had ever met before but he did not let that put him off. He would rise to the challenge and be victorious. “Hai hai hai!” they exchanged punches so fast that anyone watching would have been unable to make out individual punches. “Hai hai hai hai!” Ali was sweating profusely as he kept blocking her lightning fast punches while trying to slip a punch through her defences. She was good, she was really good but he was a man, he would beat her. “Hah!” BLAM! Suddenly he was looking at the back of her fist as her forearm whipped vertically against his face slamming the back of her hand against his mouth and nose. “Yah!” her arm sprang straight driving his face upwards and back in as the explosive back-punch continued. Stunned by her speed, he saw her other hand raised by her chest with the fingers stiff. Her jacket didn’t even slow her down as that hand now shot forwards and drove those straight fingers right into the front of his throat. “Yah!” WHOP! “Kkkk kkkk!” He croaked as her fingers drove deep against his wind-pipe. “Kkk kkk!” Ali clutched at his throat choking with disbelief.

The tall brunette with the wide freckled face pulled back her hands and held them in front of her chest with the fists balled. Instinctively he tried to raise his hands to block the incoming blow. “Hai!” BLAM! The sole of her shoe came out of nowhere to hammer his nose and mouth so hard that he felt his jaw break at the same his nose did. The force of the kick by the long legged woman was so powerful that he felt his brain quiver as his head snapped right back and crashed backwards onto the pavement with the fading image of the tall leggy standing way over him with a sexy powerful long leg still held high. Her stockings and suspenders mocked him, reminding him that he had been bested by a sexy feminine woman.

Name: Faith
Age: 70
Occupation: exotic dancer. Men pay good money to see me dance even though I never go topless.
Favourite fighting technique: I love to drive men wild with lust before using my knee to destroy them.

She stood before them, their eyes open wide in disbelief and open lust. Their eyes were drawn to her like magnets. Standing 5 foot 5 tall in front of them although looking much taller with her long slim legs and looking twenty years younger than her age stood the most eye-catching woman they had ever seen. Short wavy blonde hair surrounded a large oval shaped face with slender piercing blue eyes enhanced with mascara and eye-liner. A long convex nose dominated her face before meeting a wide mouth with thick lips and covered with bright red lipstick and high cheekbones. It wasn’t her face that they were drooling over. Thrusting from her unbuttoned black jacket was a natural 36GG cup sized bust that had the cock of every watching man stiffening to attention. Although covered in a white blouse unbuttoned in a V shape, there was enough curvaceous mounds of flesh that wobbled with every movement and deep cleavage to draw their focus. Faith didn’t possess that huge bust as a result of being overweight, she had a slender 23 inch waist and 36 hips with long slim legs that made those huge wide low hanging wobblers truly breath-taking, and cock-hardening.

Again she smiled at the drooling men deliberately turning her chest so that they all got full blast of that astonishing side-profile which never that never left a dick limp in hetro men. “Well you are a quiet bunch aren’t you?” She teased. “My name is Faith and I’m the type of woman that you can’t look straight in the eye”. They had all known ‘aunties’ but none had such a stunning top-heavy hour-glass figure as this woman. With her jacket wide open, the white blouse stretched to bursting point as it struggled to fit over her phenomenal wide thrusting bust. “Well what are you? Boys or men?” She purred in a husky sensual voice while her massive breasts pointed like double missiles. Faith was used to working up male audiences as part of her stage routine. “Orrrrr!” the moans and heavy breathing were audible as her hands hovered over the massive slopes of her chest and followed their outlandish shape like two lopsided rounded pyramids on their sides. “Orrrr!” hands followed the steep slope either side of her body as it narrowed to her small waist which only emphasised how large her breasts were. Her hands moved back out to her rounded hips.

“My, by the way those trousers are twitching it looks like you’re all going to blow and I’ve still got my clothes on” she laughed. “Orrghh!” One man can no longer stand the sexual tension and lunges at her, starting a stampede of lust-crazed men to get to her first. Before the fastest can get her hands on her body a long slim nylon-clad thigh snaps suddenly upward causing him to impale his gut on her knee. WHUMP “Borrrwaghhh!” his face dissolves into sheer misery as he slumps forward only to be pushed to the floor by the next man eager to get his hands on her. Faith’s thigh shoots up high driving her knee so hard into his gut his body lifts into the air. WHOMP! “Nnnnnarrrrrhgh!”. The buxom woman raises her hand. “Hai!” it slashes down in a flash chopping the back of his neck. As he falls limply to the floor, the next man tries to grab her around the chest from behind. Bending back his little finger she tosses his arm over her shoulder and leans sharply forward. “Orrrrr!” the sight of her big heavy breasts dangling down inside her blouse is too much for some of the men and causes an outbreak of damp trousers and embarrassed looks. For others the sight of the big fleshy mounds dangling in her blouse causes them to fight with each other to get to her. BLAM! another man suffers the power of Faith’s knee in his stomach, riding high upon her knee until she removes it and he collapses to the tarmac. “It’s alright boys. No need to rush. There is plenty for everyone” she taunts shaking her big bust causing more damp trousers.

Ali was broken. Groaning he tried to sit up. To his surprise a pair of long legs stretched out from the distance in front of him presenting a long visage of sheer black nylon stretched over firm feminine legs. Before he could react the top of a long shin slid on the right side of his neck and hooked around the back of his neck while the other leg pressed shapely calves against his neck. The ankles locked behind his head. “Urrkkkk!” in frantic desperation he clutched at the long legs trying to prise them apart as the calve muscles bulged and squeezed against the side of his neck while the long shin cut into the other side. “Urkkk! Urkkk!” it was like pulling on a steel railing. All the time he could hear her lecturing him on his evil ways and telling him to repent as a sinner. “Urrkkk!” the bulging calves felt like rocks covered in silky smooth nylon crushing into his neck. Her legs were impossible to budge yet grudgingly he had to admit enjoying the feel of the young woman’s lanky legs. Mikaela continued to squeeze his neck relentlessly with her well defined calves. “Urrkkk!” she’ll have to let him go at some stage so he might as well enjoy the feel and the view along her long legs and those sexy stocking tops and the tip of the triangle of her briefs at her crotch. “Urkkk!” he saw a long thick slab of thigh muscle swell like a sleek chunk of steel as the power increased so much that he thought she might actually crush his neck. THUMP THUMP THUMP! His dick bounced uncontrollably at the overwhelming sensation of being at the mercy of a young woman’s long sexy legs. On the brink of being knocked out by her amazing well-toned calves the pressure eased slightly. With one foot still hooked around the back of his neck while she began to gently rub the meaty shapely mass back and forth. “Do you repent your sins?” she asked softly. The way she rubbed her calve across was sensual. “Urrrggg!” he moaned enjoying the sensation. “Do you pledge alliance to the Lord?” His eyes shot wide open but before he could protest, Mikaela slid back her calve from his neck to place the sole of her foot upon his throat. With his neck clamped firmly in place by one foot pressing on his throat while the other hooked around the back of his head, her smile was chilling. “Then you must make a clean break for The Lord” with that she gave a sudden push with her foot against his throat while twisting his neck in the same direction with her other. CLOCK! Mikaela stood up to her full height and smoothed down her uniform. With one foot on Ali’s chest she locked eyes with another man and stretched her arm pointing with one finger. “You. Yes you. Come and feel the power of The Lord”
Marianne’s small slender blue eyes glared at me through her rectangular shaped glasses perched on top of her nose, her small kissable mouth in a tight pout as I opened the door to enter the address where council records said that Gurjit lived. I had been watching the property and was fairly certain that no-one was inside. Major Angela had sent my sister in-law with the key and I knew better than to ask questions as to where she had got it. The black tailored jacket of The Salvation Army looked sensational on her slender figure as did the black dress below. I just wanted to get down on my knees and run my hands over those nylon-clad calves but now was not the time. Besides, she was pissed with me. “Why did you ask Major Angela to send me? Julie or one of the others could have done it” I had already tried to explain this to her. “Because it’s dangerous out there. People are getting hurt and I don’t want anything to happen to you”. She glared at me, her small thin-lipped mouth tight. “I can take care of myself Jim or shall I give you a demonstration?”. She raised her hands with the fingers stiff and adopted a pose as if she were about give me a Karate chop. She looked so serious that my dick lurched inside my pants. “Er, perhaps later once we’ve finished checking out this place” I said. The idea of getting dominated by my sister in-law’s self-defence turned me on but I hoped that by then she would be in a better mood so it might be more gentle and enjoyable.

We entered the semi-detached house and split up to cover the ground floor. I entered the living room to find an ornately furnished area with a homely Asian feel that suggested that this guy still lived with his parents. No doubt they turned a blind eye to their son’s extreme views. “Wow! What a great kitchen” I heard Marianne exclaim in an echoey voice from the next room. “Just tell the whole neighbourhood we’re here, why don’t you?” I told her sticking my head around the door. She just stuck out her tongue in reply. Man, she looks good in uniform. I yearned to touch her, to run my hands over that uniformed figure but neither was that appropriate nor the right time. “Let’s search upstairs. The guy must have a bedroom” I told her.

Of course I followed my sister in-law, enjoying the view of her long sleek calves sheathed in sheer black nylon and bulging as she climbed the stairs. Seams ran vertically up the back of her calves indicating she wore stockings. I was tempted to reach out and feel those sexy hard muscles. “Next time you go up first” she said as I reached the landing. Again we split up but no sooner had I stepped into what was clearly the parent’s bedroom when Marianne called me. “Jim. I think you better come in here”. I joined her and entered a room stacked with pamphlets written in English and spouting messages of hate and murder. On the wall above the bed was a poster of ‘Beatle John’, his tall lanky frame pointing a wicked serrated knife towards the viewer with his face masked and head leaning to one side. “Don’t lose your head” was emblazoned beneath. “Nice man” I murmured looking away to examine the untidy mess of paraphernalia in the room. “What’s this?” my blonde sister in-law asked holding up a glass vial. “Bulbonic” she read haltingly. She suffered with dyslexia. “I love Indian perfume” her hand moved to the stopper. “Marianne, No!” I said brusquely spotting the 3 pairs of curved horns symbol arranged in a circle on the side of the glass. She glared at me angrily. “Very carefully put that vial down. Very gently”  I said softly urging her to do so with my hands. “Did you hear something, Jim? Downstairs” “Marianne. Please put that down. Trust me, it’s not perfume”. She looked at me to see if I was joking before doing as I asked. Breathing a sigh of relief, I carefully wiped down the vial with some alcohol rub I had brought. “Removing your fingerprints” I explained. “There was a phone in the living room. I’ll use that to call the Special Services terror line. That way they can’t track the call to our mobiles” I explained. This time I led the way down the stairs.

‘Lars’ hid in the kitchen as the intruders entered the living room his fingers gently caressing the serrated edges of his knife. He had returned to Kirk’s house to get the virus and unleash it. There was a plump man with dark curly hair picking up the house phone. A slim blonde followed wearing the hated uniform of the female force that had so humiliated his brothers. He saw that she had a long thin face with a long slim nose, small mouth and glasses before she turned her back on him to watch the man. With her back now to him, he noticed the sexy calves like hard dual-headed downward pointers at the back of her slim legs.

Rushing out from the kitchen he grabbed her from behind and put the knife to her neck. “Put down that phone mister or your girlfriend loses her head”. Jim had hardly began to jump in shock at the man’s voice when Marianne’s hands flew up to her attacker’s wrist. Bending his hand back sharply, she quickly spun around to face him. “Arghh!” the knife fell to the floor as Lars’s arm twisted around forcing him straight down to his knees before the leggy blonde’s black skirt. Without pause the hem of her skirt slid back along her long slender thigh with a whispering rasp of nylon. BLAM! Her knee blasted his face in a split-second breaking his nose and bloodying his mouth. As his head flew back under the impact it strained his twisted arm. CRACK! “Aiiiiieee!”. The blonde’s leg kicked up so fast he hardly saw it yet the image of her long sexy legs, stockings and suspenders and the skimpy briefs at her crotch seared into his brain and stiffened his dick. The speed and power was stunning as the leg shot up high like a can-can dancer not even the man’s head could stop it. KERBLAM! The sound of her shoe connecting solidly with his chin was audible. His head whipped back in a spray of blood and drool, his eyes glazing over even before his back slammed heavily into the carpet. Marianne’s foot returned to the floor. It was all over in less than a handful of seconds.
Name: Inderjit
Age: 27
Occupation: Shop sales assistant
Favourite fighting technique: Making a boy suffer for disrespecting a girl

‘James’ couldn’t believe it. They had outnumbered the Christian women by at least 10 to 1 yet it had been a complete rout. The smartly uniformed demon bitches were slaying his brothers without mercy with their kicking legs. How was it possible for ordinary women to possess such devastating hand-to-hand fighting skills that even highly-rated black belts couldn’t handle? He had decided to lead a tactical retreat, dismayed to see most of the brothers following him. To his amazement lined up across the street and marching towards him is a line of black draped figures. The sight of so many Muslim women wearing the burka cheered him. He ran towards them in jubilation. “Oh sisters you have come to join the jihad. Although you are only women, fight alongside your brethren in whatever you can, help us crush the infidel intruders”. They stopped right in front of him and a tall slim robed and veiled figure faced him. Sultry brown eyes smouldered into his soul and melted his heart. “You boys are a disgrace to call yourselves followers of the great prophet. How dare you tarnish his name with your vile murderous cause”. Her voice was strong and strident with sensual husky overtones. “Indi? Is that you?” “Yes Rasheed” “Don’t call me that. You will call me Metallica James” She laughed derisively. “Metallica? One-Direction is more your taste” the veiled women joined in the laughter. “Enough of your cheek!” he yelled with his cheeks burning. “Allah placed men above women. It even says so in their Bible! Obey me. Go out there and let us together take the heads of these Christian whores. Be honoured to allowed to fight in the holy war”. He turned to address the men gathering around him. “If we die we today will meet the virgins in paradise!” That received a big cheer from the men.

“You talk a load of tosh Rasheed” Indi said. His head whipped around to berate her. “Hai!” he jumped at the shout as her fist pistoned right into his face. BLAM! His head jerked back, his jaw aching and stunned by the unexpected violation. “Bad boys must be punished” he heard her say and threw up his fists to punch her lights out. “Hai!” her fist lanced right through the middle of his hands. CRUNCK! Her fist struck his jaw like the hammer of the Gods, wrenching it to the side leaving it drooling and hurting. “Uaaaghh!” her arm continued to straighten rapidly twisting his face to the side scrambling his senses.

To his right Kamal put his hands on the shoulders of a short girl to push her back. Her arms sprang up, the tops of her forearms slammed into his arms springing them apart. “Hai!” her open palm shot forwards right into his face. BLAM! His head jerked back with blood pouring from his nose. Without pause, the short girl stooped forwards. One hand grabbed behind his left knee pulling it forwards as she drove her elbow against the front of his thigh. “Hai!” CRACK! “AIIEEEE!!” he screamed as he fell over onto his back in agony.

Afraid of beating beaten by a woman, Rasheed threw a hard punch at Indi. A sweep of her robe and it was blocked by her forearm. The side of her hand rose and fell swiftly upon the join of his neck and shoulder. “Yah!” WHAP! “Arrhhh! Lightning bolts of pain shot through his nervous system leaving him momentarily twitching and paralysed with shock. “Us girl’s will stand for your nonsense no more” Indi’s voice lectured him “You boys will be taught to behave and show proper respect”.

On either side, black clad veiled women moved as one. “Huh!” they shouted in unison their right hands shooting out in front of them with the fingers stiff, the other hand similarly held closer to the body. That unexpected movement unnerved the men. Muslim women weren’t meant to do that sort of thing. A line of women stepped into the watching men. “Hai!” they shouted together as their hands balled and slammed into the men’s faces. BLAM! “Hai!” they shouted in unison as the fingers straightened and the edge of their hands slashed down upon the neck arteries. WAP! A line of men slumped to the ground.

Rasheed dashed forwards to get the tall slim Indi in his arms. Before he could get her in a bear-hug she nimbly twisted around hooked her leg around his while leaning forwards pressing her hip into him. “Woah!” his foot was swept away and he found himself hurtling over her hip at dizzying speed as a young woman in a burka threw him with ease. KABLAM! “Arghhhh!” he screamed as his back hammered against the hard road surface.

Around him, other men suddenly found themselves in brief contact with a woman dressed in a burka and finding it no impediment when it came to throwing men around as if they were rag dolls. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Man after man found themselves shocked as a robed and veiled woman ripped them from the ground then threw them over their bodies. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! their backs slammed onto the road so hard that many men were too injured to get back up. Very small women maybe girls were throwing men many times their size and weight over their shoulders or thrown with spinning-wrist throws. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Many were thrown so fast that they were knocked out cold. Others found they arms drawn to one side and over the skirt of a woman until they were screaming in pain as a whole line of robed woman applied brutal arm-bars to the fallen men.

Rasheed found himself forced to his feet by Indi locking his arm beneath her armpit and wrapping her own around it. “Arghh! Unhand me woman” he cried frightened of being humiliated so physically by a woman like this. “Woman aren’t allowed to learn the martial arts. It is forbidden!” He cried. “You talk such bull, Rasheed” Indi scolded as she held him writhing in agony in her arm-lock while the fighting went on around the them. “The Ayatollah made the women learnt Karate and sent film to the Americans challenging them to try to invade and get beaten by women” “Yes but they banned women from practising it after”. “Ban this! Hai!” the long skirt of the burka shot upwards not visibly slowing her leg at it rose and hammered a foot into his side. BAM! “Arghh!” “Aouch!” he yelped as she twisted his arm forcing him forwards as she leant back at his side. “Hai!” her leg powered around behind him to hammer the small of his back. BLAM!

“HAI!” a mighty multiple scream erupted around him as a line of long black skirts fanned out in the front as many female legs soared high. BLAM! A great noise was felt as many soles of many shoes smote men with great power in their faces. Many struck with bone-crushing intensity from kicks trained to shatter stone.

“Arghhh!” Rasheed cried as the tall slender veiled smouldering beauty gripped his wrist while pressing against his elbow with her other hand. In a smooth slick rapid move she whipped his arm out straight behind him. “Down on your knees. That’s where boys like you belong” her sensual dusky voice commanded. Crouching down with her long black robe flowing around her long legs, he felt so feeble and emasculated as the young woman forced him in agonising pain first to his knees and then to press his face against the tarmac. “That’s your rightful place, Rasheed. Laid low” THUMP THUMP THUMP! He was alarmed that his dick was stiff and beating in his pants as a mere girl held him powerless to the ground as if a mere toy.

“Hai!” CRACK! “Yai!” CRUNCH! Around him to his horror was a scene truly from hell as modestly clothed Muslim women were powering kicks of such strength into men that he could hear the bones break. “Argh arghh!” The tall beauty twisted his arm forcing his head up to witness the carnage. “Haiyeee!” in disbelief he saw a black robed female demon leap into the air as high as a tall man’s head, flying towards him like some improbable female ninja Bruce Lee. “Yahh!” her right leg kicked forward hammering him right in the face. CRUNCH! His face just whipped back looking horribly distorted and bloodied as he fell backwards like a falling tree. To him, the women in burkas more resembled black-clad female ninjas, slaughtering the remainder of the men. Disturbingly this mass demonstration of female fighting supremacy had his dick beating hard WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP!

“Not possible!” he gasped as Muslim women swirled around like dervishes smiting down men with their legs and hands. “Oh Rasheed” She sighed with mock disappointment. “Where did you think all that nice stone gravel for the Mosque footpaths came from?” she teased. “Argh arghh I don’t know” he yelped as she pressed her knee into the back of his elbow. “You remember that big pile of rock piled up around the back? Well that’s how the girls hardened their feet and developed their power by breaking them down with our bare feet” she chuckled at his stunned expression of disbelief. Slowly she began to force him to his feet, wincing in pain in her brutal arm-lock. “Yes Rasheed. You’d better believe it us girls smashed all that rock to gravel using nothing but our bare feet. That’s Muslim girl power for you” His dick was going absolutely crazy inside his pants as he imagined the terrible power these women must possess to do that. “Don’t you believe me, here let me show you. HAI!” BLAM! Her foot blasted his upper chest so fast he didn’t even see it move. CRACK! “Arghh!” his ribs broke. “HAI!” BLAM! A split-second later her foot hammered his face. “HAI! HAI! HAI! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her foot struck his face again and again like beating a drum CRACK! CRUNCH! SPLAT! Her powerful kicks mashed and broke his face. “HAI! HAI! HAI!” BAM BLAM BERLAM! Each kick jerked his brain inside his skull and scrambled his senses. If she hadn’t been holding his arm twisted in an arm-lock he would have fallen.

The brutal punishment finally stopped. “Look at me Rasheed” she ordered. He tried to open his sore, swollen eyelids. Standing there in the burka she looked like an all-conquering female ninja. When she raised her right fist she extruded so much confidence and power that he ejaculated into his pants. “Nnnnnnnnaargh!”. She laughed at his obvious distress and shame. “Are you sure you want to meet the virgins in paradise?” she teased as she leant her body away from him. “Don’t lose your head” She warned. “HAIIIIIIIIYAH!!” KABLAM! The kick was so powerful that the impact could be heard at the other end of the road. Rasheed’s broken body literally hurtled high into the air flying backwards at great speed before the side of a van got in his way. CRUMP! The metal crumpled under the impact as his body embedded itself deeply.
Still in her Salvation Army uniform, Marianne sat on my desk in my office facing me as I sat in the chair. I think women in a uniform that emphasises their feminine figures and with a skirt to show off their nylon-clad legs are sexy. My long-legged sister in-law certainly looked hot. So much so that I had to restrain myself from ravishing her right there on my desk. She was a distraction for me trying to work but it was one that was definitely nice to have. I was trying to finish my report on the case when Marianne sat right down in front of me, removed her shoes and raised her sexy long slim legs to rest her feet on my shoulders. Trying to concentrate on a screen that was next to the side of her chest while working on a keyboard positioned right in front of her exposed knickers was very hard indeed, and was getting me very hard indeed. The blonde kept staring at me through her spectacles while playfully trying to annoy me as I worked.

On the local radio some idiot was ranting and raving about the violent racist attack in Luton and demanding that the Government do something about it. He kept drowning out a Police spokeswoman trying to point out that biological weapons as well as a large cache of knives and guns had been found. “It’s a violation of our human rights innit?” the idiot screeched. “Yeah their rights to infect millions with the black death” I said in disgust as I turned it off using the remote.

“People like you and me can’t change the world, Jim” Marianne told me, gently prodding my shoulder with her foot. I tried to concentrate on what I was typing but it was no use. Marianne was sitting right in front of me, elevated upon my desk in the most provocative position imaginable. From where I sat in my chair, looking down at the keyboard, her open crotch was directly in line. Thankfully she had the decency to wear knickers, although they were rather skimpy and lacy ones but it was still enough to get me hot under the collar. As if that wasn’t a sexy enough sight I just couldn’t stop my eyes from wandering along the full length of those amazing long sexy legs sheathed in sheer black nylon. The black bands around the middle of her upper thighs provided tantalising contrast with the creamy bare flesh beyond over which her black suspenders ran towards her crotch and disappeared beneath her skirt. From the way those small blue eyes kept staring at me through those glasses with the thin lips of her small mouth betraying no emotion she knew the effect that her sensational legs were having on me.

Giving in to temptation, I carefully lifted her right foot from my chest with one hand and held it raised as I ran my other over the long large semi-tear-drop shaped calve dangling beneath her lanky shin. “You really have beautiful calves, Marianne” I told her, enjoying its weight and hefty feel. “In fact you have sensationally sexy legs”. I got out of my chair to run my hands further along the nylon to her thighs. “Jim, no!” she gasped and tried to sit up. I leant forwards over and pushed her down against the desk. Pressing her thighs wide I slid my hands up and down enjoying the tactile contrast between the stocking tops and bare skin above. I could take it no more and leant over her to kiss her gently on the lips then the side of her neck and face. She didn’t resist although she could have forced me off easily if she wanted. “You were amazing the way you took out that knife man so quickly” I whispered close to her ear before kissing her mouth once more. Her small mouth with the thin lips were so incredibly kissable that I just couldn’t stop myself. “I wanted to do you right then and there” I moaned as I nuzzled her cheek then moved over to her lips to kiss them again. Pressing against the desk with her legs wide I just wanted to push my erection right against her crotch through her knickers and plunge it inside her. I continued to gently kiss her between speaking. “Maybe you should be my bodyguard. You can protect me with your sexy long legs. That would be heaven” I kissed her mouth again before it suddenly turned away from me.

Her hands pushed against my shoulders and with surprising strength pushed me firmly back. As she did so she began to sit up then drew back her long legs folding them and squeezing them between our bodies. Her legs then straightened, the surge of strength turning me on as they pushed me back into my seat. She stared at me coldly in a way that drove me wild. One foot pressed against my chest firmly as if to pin me in my chair while the other rose to my face and gently slid the long meaty dangling calve back and forth against the side of my face. “Jim. We’re both married. You to my sister. You really are a very horny man” she chuckled gently. “Doesn’t she give you enough?” before I could tell her that she didn’t give me any she stretched out her legs over my shoulders, pressing them lightly on either side of my neck. I should have know better but I just couldn’t stop running my hands along her thighs and feeling the firmness beneath her soft skin and nylons.

“Arghhh!” I groaned as her legs inevitably turned to steel around my neck. That such long slim legs could be so strong always astonished me. “Urrrghh!” I was writhing in my seat trying to prise away her legs although I knew that it was a futile exercise. “Urghh!” my neck was clamped fast between her thighs forcing me to look straight at her crotch. I felt my face turn red as her inner thighs bit into my neck like steel cables cutting off the blood to my brain. Her mouth remained tight as her eyes continued to stare at me, her small blue eyes magnified by the lenses in her spectacles. “You listen to me, Jim Priest” her voice was hard, stern and measured with a kind of inner strength that had my manhood throbbing in my trousers. “I love you as my brother in-law and really appreciate how you paid for that advanced self-defence course” “Urrhhh!” I groaned as her sleek strong legs twisted my head this way and that as if to demonstrate her superiority over me. “That really changed my life and I will do anything to use those skills to help you in your investigations. BUT” she emphasised that word by placing her palms down upon the top of my desk and powering down with her beautiful long legs. “Nnuurgh!” I had to grit my teeth and screw up my eyes against the intense pressure crushing in on either side of my neck like a silk covered vice. “You will never stop me from punishing bad men ever again. Understand?” Her voice was stern and strict as if disciplining one of her sons.

Before I could answer, as best as I could with her powerful sexy stocking-clad legs crushing my neck so hard that I could barely draw breath let alone speak she had pressed herself up upon her arms. “Urrrrrhh!” the leggy power crushing my neck is unbelievable for an ordinary woman who never worked out as far as I was aware. My dick was thumping away in my pants as I felt a thick sleek slab of solid muscle bulge in her thighs. There was nothing I could do but sit there with my sister in-law raised upon her hands on the desk in front of me with her stocking-sheathed legs stretched out towards me, her sleek thighs bulging with power as she squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. All the while, Marianne stared at me with her small mouth firm with a strange cold air of utter dominance. Just watching at her stare at me like that while I got weaker by the second with my heartbeat pounding away in my buzzing ears just knowing that she wouldn’t stop until she had knocked me out made me cum into my pants. Even that didn’t change her hard expression. “That’s enough Jim” she said quietly and just continued that devastating leggy clamp as I began to feel dizzy and black spots appeared in my vision. Weaker and weaker I got watching her sit there in front of me studying me as my vision greyed and finally I felt myself go limp just as I blacked out.
In the dark I see red eyes. I don’t mean red irises – I mean totally red. They blink and open as normal cold grey eyes watching me. The cowl covering the head moves back, the face resolving into that of a beautiful elegant silver-haired woman of indeterminate age far more ancient than she looked. A wide band of red goes horizontally from temple to temple and across her eyes. It seems an integral part of her skin like pigment colouration rather than make-up. “In nature red colouration signals danger which other creatures heed and avoid. So it is with us” the voice is strong and forceful yet well-matured. Although I had uncovered clues to their existence, it was still a shock to meet one of the ancient race of women written only in secret Asian legends which I had helped decode.

“So you finally decide to show yourself to me, why now?” I asked trying not to let the nerves or my awe show in my voice. For a brief second her eyes turned completely red then returned to normal. I jumped in fright completely unnerved by the sight. “The Gods gave us secondary protective lenses that protect our sight in desert storms and enable us to see in the dark” she explained. That if anything convinced me that the myths were true. This was one of the legendary Supervisor race mentioned in the artwork of the Temple of the Sisterhood of Anahita. “And you remember the Gods?” I asked. “We were created from the same genetic stock as you humans but stronger, faster, with brains wired to absorb and master any fighting art” she let that sink in with a significant pause. “We possess the original long life span as you humans of thousands of years cruelly deprived from you when the demon Lord corrupted your genetics giving you shorter life through cancer and disease in exchange for your capacity to breed” She paused before continuing. “I must admit that may have been great foresight given the lack of self-control that has seen you over-populate this world to the point of near-extinction. How can a race be so blind to the effects of their plundering of the Earth’s resources?” “Then why don’t you stop us? You are supposed to be looking over us until the return of your Gods?” I asked. A momentarily flash of red eyes as her secondary lid fluttered, a sign of irritation. “No, Mister Priest. Over-population will result in mass-reduction of your race. The less of you there are, the easier it is for us to control to prepare you for the return of the old Gods” “And when will that be?” “That is for us to know and you to ponder in terror Mister Priest” she replied with an enigmatic smile. “Unfortunately some among the Sisterhood disagreed with that viewpoint. One in particular had to be stopped before she could speak with you”. The Princess!

“So why did you bring me here instead of releasing me with the others?””To show you how futile your efforts. We do not care what you uncover because you are too small and insignificant to threaten us. 9-5-4-6 memorise that Mister Priest. See you are so little a threat to us that I am unafraid to give you clues 9-5-4-6. Tell your Professor friend. You will find it most enlightening”. I guessed that she was giving me another key to the ancient decoding device. “To what do we apply that?” I asked “Now, now Mister Priest. You have brains, use them” “The American military believe the device controls some kind of ultimate weapon”. “They would be wrong” “So what is it’s true purpose?” “You were not brought here so that I would answer your questions” her eye lids flickered red in warning.

“So you just brought me here to belittle me is that it?” I asked. “I have already told you that the Gods did not bless us with the ability to conceive”. It then struck me, what had been blindingly obvious but never occurred to me before. “There are no males of your species and you cannot reproduce. You are a dying race” I said with understanding. “The Angel of our conception gave us false hope” she sighed looking at me strangely. I had no idea what she was talking about. “But when the old gods return, we will ask the gift as reward for our loyalty of preparing your race” “What by making the majority poor and live in suffering while the rich get richer?” “How your own race abuses itself is of no concern of ours” she replied. “Your leaders have known about us for millennia. They believe the Gods will make them your overlords but they delude themselves” “Yet you came here to prevent the global elite, the family of the 13 human followers of Mahishasura, gaining his phallus to bio-engineer a virus to wipe out most of the poor and enslave the rest” “No, Mister Priest for the end result would be the same. We came here to remind them that the future of your race is in our hands not theirs” “and what future would that be?” I asked. She laughed, a dry disturbing laugh. “You will be weakened giving no resistance as your leaders betray you and receive the Gods will open arms only to be slaughtered in their wake. Then the Asuras and Devas will descend upon this world to enslave you and make sport with you. Like your self-proclaimed leaders, the gods love hunting using their latest toys, advanced weaponry to you. Yes Mister Priest, your priests have deceived you. Your race will be nothing but cannon-fodder and slave labour for the Gods” Her cruel laughter mocked me as I was taken from the room.

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