The Religious Education Teacher (JP#12)

Jerry experiences a teacher’s massive muscle 40 years later

The first part is based on the real-life memories of Jerry. I was also inspired by the wonderful Christa Bauch (pictured above) still looking good for her age
(c)Jim P 2014

** 40 years ago **
“Come on Jerry. You don’t want to be late for R.E.” Jim said as I lounged around in our tutor group room while he queued by my desk at the back of the room waiting to leave following afternoon registration. He was one of the first years in my tutor group and okay for a young-un. “Religious Education! What use is that to me in getting a job when I leave this dump next year?” I replied. I was 17 and looking forward to passing my exams and getting out of 6th form into the real world. He stopped and turned around to face me then stepped closer, leaning in to speak in a conspiratorial whisper. “You know old Woodhouse snuffed it last term?” I nodded. “They’ve replaced her with a new teacher, Mrs. Stone, and apparently she is very strict and not to be messed with” “I’m in 7b. We’ll soon break her in” I chuckled. The morons in our class always break the new teachers.

So I took my time and sauntered casually into the classroom like I usually did. Looking around at my classmates I wondered why they were sitting down and not making a commotion like they usually did. I wasn’t looking where I was going and was shocked to bump into something hard and unyielding. For a second I thought I had bumped into the wall until I realised that I was standing before a massively built woman. This woman wasn’t big because she was fat but seemed very sturdily built indeed. She placed her hands upon her hips and glared at me with an expression that could sour milk. The woman had a dark complexion as if someone who had lived in a sunny climate than Britain. I was level with her face and assumed she was the same height, 5 foot 8 although I was later to realise my mistake.

Her face was large, rounded with a square blockish jaw and dark smouldering eyes complemented by thick eyelashes. A thin nose partitioned the face with thick nostrils below which was a small straight mouth with luscious lips. This was framed by shoulder length black hair. Mrs. Stone, for it could be no-one else, had good complexion and I reckoned her to be in her late 20’s maybe even 30. She tried to look tough and intimidating which wasn’t difficult for she was built like a brick outhouse. “Name?” she barked as she blocked my way while her fierce gaze bore into my eyes with an intensity that could melt lead. She looked so tough and aggressive that I really felt nervous that she was going to beat me up in front of the strangely silent class. “J-Jerry” I automatically answered stumbling over my words with the nervousness I felt inside. Her thick bull neck pulsed with energy as she spoke. It was so thick and strong looking. I had never seen a neck as thick as that on a man let alone a woman. I was stunned and felt intimidated by it’s sheer presence.

“Well J-Jerry” she mocked. “What time does this class start?”. “1 o’clock” I mumbled. Unable to maintain eye contact with this fearfully confrontational woman, my eyes slipped from her face to the powerful tapering slopes running from the back of her neck down to her shoulder caps beneath the fabric of the white blouse she wore. I didn’t know these were called traps back then. “1 o’clock Maam!” She barked in my face making me flinch. “Or 13 hundred hours to be precise”. Out of the corner of my eye I saw some of my classmates nudge each other and smirk enjoying my discomfort at the grilling I was getting. “Say it boy!” she barked “1 o’clock, Maam” I replied noticing how wide and dense her shoulders were beneath the simple white blouse she wore. Even her shoulder caps seemed so big and rounded. “Louder. Stop mumbling!” “1 o’clock, Maam” I wished that this could end so I could go and hide red-faced at my desk near the back but she hadn’t finished humiliating me in front of the class yet. “Is your watch broken, boy?” she asked in a sarcastic tone. “, Maam” “So why are you 3 minutes late?” she snapped angrily.

That white blouse strained to contain a massive body of a shape that I had never seen on a woman before. She enjoyed making me squirm. “I…I’m sorry Maam. It won’t happen again”. My eyes slipped lower as I hung my head in shame encountering a big barrel chest with a deep cleavage. It was wide and big yet seemed solid looking instead of the more bouncy buxomness that I was used to on a woman. It looked like she had a one foot table top in front of her and it looked very solid indeed. Her massive solid presence made me very nervous and I forced myself to look away from her chest. “For your sake, it better not” it sounded like a real threat. From her very wide bulky looking shoulders her body tapered very dramatically to quite a chunky waist. She seemed very solidly built. I had never seen a woman shaped like this for this was the late 1970’s in the days before the Internet or magazine publication of the wonders of women’s bodybuilding. “My class will start at 13 hundred hours precisely, on the dot. That’s 1 o’clock to you” she sneered so that all could hear. I could hear some sniggering at my continued embarrassment. “Anyone not present on time will spend detention with me and discover the true meaning of penance”. My head was hung with shame. That’s when I saw she wore a skirt that came down to her knees. Below this her legs were bare to her shoes. I was fascinated by the way her thick wide calves flared out at the back of her legs. She addressed me “as this is our first day together I will be lenient with you. Believe me when I tell you that you have got off lightly for that will never happen again. Now go to your seat before I change my mind” There was something so menacing about the way that she had said that, that I quickly walked to my desk at the back of the room with my face burning red and trying not to make eye-contact with anyone else.

I just couldn’t stop staring at Mrs. Stone as she gave the lesson. Walking back and forth across the front of the room with confidence, her voice was strident and strong in a tone that would not tolerate interruption as a few of my more disruptive classmates soon discovered. This woman talked as tough as she looked, and wouldn’t take crap from anyone. She would quickly cut them down to size with scathing words backed by her hulking physical presence which she used to quieten any dissent. She was a massive threatening force of nature that none of us had ever thought to experience. Everyone of us in that room was too afraid of her, to ask any questions.

I sat at my desk in awe at the outlandish body-shape which went against all accepted norms of 1970’s Britain about women’s bodies. It stretched that white blouse to the extreme. It was the most outlandish female figure that I’d ever seen. It was so thick, bulky and top-heavy, she somehow called to mind that she was solidly built like a tank. I wasn’t into biology and couldn’t name muscle groups in the human body but those big thick slopes on either side of her bullishly thick neck down to her very broad shoulders reminded me of pictures I’d seen of male bodybuilders. Now that I had made that association in my mind, I just couldn’t stop myself staring at her body and trying to visualise what it looked like beneath those clothes. The very idea was shocking, against all social norms yet strangely erotic. This was the late-70’s when women with big muscles was generally unheard of. I wasn’t stupid, I knew that women could have muscles. I’d seen Caroline flex a solid looking biceps to her sporty friends in the common room. There were also quite a few girls at school who had muscled calves especially the athletic ones. I found them so beautiful and incredibly sexy that I would find myself following a hot-legged girl around entranced by how her calves would flex and wane as she walked before finding myself in a part of the sprawling school complex a long way from where I needed to be. They were fit girls with a little muscle that I found very sexy but Mrs. Stone was in a totally different league by several orders of magnitude.

She was absolutely huge and solid. Rather than looking like a man that thrusting firm bust and the steep angled slopes at the edges of her back that gave the illusion of an hour-glass figure shouted to my loins that she was all-woman. Mrs. Stone tended to gesticulate with her hands as she explained her opinions on a subject that I found as dull as dishwater. As she did so I noticed how, beneath the sleeves, her forearms were really wide and flat on the inside almost elongated triangles pointing down towards her wrist. They sort of reminded me of a less extreme version of Popeye. They looked formidable and powerful that I imagined trying to arm-wrestle with her. KERSLAM! With forearms like those she could slam the back of my hand very forcible and fast into the table while laughing at my puniness. BERDOING! My dick stiffened rapidly at the thought. I looked out of the window to try to think about something else, anything else. BAM! A blackboard eraser hit me square on the side of my head. “Ouch!” “Pay attention, boy!” she said in a loud strident voice “or perhaps you would like to come to the front of the class and explain the commonalities of Judaism and Islam?”

She continued lecturing us and I had no choice but to watch her because her beady eyes kept glancing my way hoping to catch me out. My tardy arrival in class had no doubt marked me out in her mind as the lead troublemaker which simply wasn’t true. Those big solid looking upper arms filled her sleeves to bursting point. When her arm was by her side, a large mass was visible at the back of her upper arm just below her shoulder caps which would swell up into a sort of horseshoe shape with two downward pointing pincers. They would bulge up then sink back down in a mesmerising dance as she moved her arms expressively. Triceps, I would later learn they were called. When she bent her arm in order to raise her hands in front her, a very thick hard swell would bulge in the front of her upper arm. Those were unmistakably biceps! I knew that much. This woman had muscles, seriously big muscles. The revelation overwhelmed me. I felt strange realising that women could have bigger muscles than me which intimidated me and made me somehow feel less of a worthy man. At the same time the sheer power barely concealed beneath her white blouse was somehow blatantly feminine and more erotic than anything I had ever seen before in my life. BERDOING! My dick was so hard it felt like it was frozen stiff and would never go down.

She turned her back to the class to write something up on the blackboard and my mouth nearly dropped to the desk. The view of her back really emphasised that exaggeration of a classic female hour-glass figure. With unobstructed view of the back of her blouse I gaped in disbelief at how those thick sloping slabs at the back of her neck flowed down into her insanely wide shoulders then tapered sharply from that broad base to her chunky waist. Massive slabs of hardness moved under that blouse as she wrote, there was now no doubt in my mind that her back was covered with thick dense muscle which rippled with every move she made. She was a muscle-woman, a real-life muscle woman with muscles as big as male body-builder! I never realised that such a thing was physically possible.

As she turned back to face the class to lecture us on another boring point on theology I saw the depth of her skirt covering her upper thighs from the front to the back and realised that they were equally massive as her upper body. From the way that skirt was bulging out it was clear that there was plenty of muscle underneath. I needed to see more however. From where I sat at the back, the heads of the other kids were in the way. As stealthily as I could, I moved to the edge of the desk so I could look right down the middle between the desks in front to get a better look. The first thing I noticed was that she wore 6″ stiletto heels and without them she would only be about 5’2. As she turned towards the board once more, my eyes went wide and my dick soared with unbelievable stiffness so that the front of my trousers resembled a small tent. I’ve already told you that I found girls with muscled calves sexy, well those on Mrs. Stone made those look positively skinny and weak. Raised upon her high-heels, her thick calves bulged massively looking steel-hard. They were huge slabs of muscle that were extremely prominent on the back of her lower legs. Each was huge and highly toned resembling a wide spade with a deep diamond shaped cleft in the middle of the deep lower edge with very deep diamond shaped muscle that looked incredibly powerful and so unbelievably sexy that my trouser tent began to twitch uncontrollably. I had no doubt that if her thighs were anything like her amazing calves, then they were very thick with very hard powerful muscle. I realised that this woman was covered from neck to foot in sheer massive muscle. Not only did I, as a young man, find it extremely intimidating after having been taught that men were the stronger sex but it also turned me on more than anything I had ever encountered before in my life.

Our classroom had one of those contraptions with two large blackboards positioned one above the other on some of cantilevered pulley system that enabled them to be swapped over. Mrs. Stone had filled up the lower board. Don’t ask me with what because I too rapt watching her wide downwards pointing triangular back and large sexy calves to listen. She reached up to pull down the upper board, as she did she went onto her toes. Those wide muscular calves exploded into massively bulging prominent sharply-cut swelling power for a brief moment with thick tendons swelling around the calves and below. I exploded a massive wad of cum into my pants with such force that I grunted aloud “Nnnngh!”. Mrs. Stone spun around, her steely eyes fixing upon me. “Did you have something to say, Jerry ?” she asked in a firm tone that suggested that questions or comments were not welcome. I felt my face flush as all eyes were upon me. “Urr No Maam. Sorry Maam just clearing my throat”. I was too afraid to ask to go to the bathroom that I had to sit there for the rest of the lesson hoping that the mess would dry itself up so no-one noticed when it was time to get up at the end of the lesson.

Needless to say, I looked forward to R.E. and made sure that I got there well before time. I still found the subject boring but Mrs. Stone had opened my mind to the wonders of muscular women setting me on a lifelong fascination that I have to this day. One of the other kids had overheard one of the other teachers call her Ester and that she had come over from Israel with her husband who was also a teacher at the school. In fact it was rumoured that she was at one time an Israeli gunnery sergeant, which I could well believe. Mr. Stone was in fact a Physical Education teacher who the girls fancied and a pretty big guy in his own right. In my opinion he always seemed to be henpecked, looking down submissively when she spoke to him.

Each lesson was the same. Ester, although no-one dared call her that to her face, lectured us on a subject which none of us found interesting. Pacing at the front of the class with a tough expression that dared us to make a noise or not pay rapt attention almost every move she made caused all of her massive wall of muscle bulge and flex. She had absolutely had no patience with us and would sometimes sit on her desk facing us with her mighty legs crossed. She would point the toes of her foot of the leg on top of the other giving the big calves dangling behind her shin a most sensual shape like a large semi-teardrop. At the same time she flexed the mighty calves of the leg beneath making them bulge like steel-hardened rocks. All the while she would glare at the class with that tough smile on her face daring anyone to interrupt the delivery of her lesson. I had the feeling that she definitely knew the effect that it had on most of the class. I just knew that she could easily kill a man with any part of her body, and look sexy as hell doing it. Of course the effect upon me was inevitable and I never left her class without coming in my pants.

No one fooled around with her. Well, almost no-one. Although most of the disruptive elements had left school at 16, the previous year, there was still a few for reasons best known to themselves who had stayed on. One was David Right, a loathsome smug git of mixed-race who enjoyed reducing young female teachers to tears. One day he came into R.E. to find Mrs. Stone leant over her desk organising the previous week’s homework assignments ready to hand out and insult our intelligence for such miserable marks. Anyway this idiot decided to come up behind her while she was leant forward then, to everyone’s disbelief, slapped her ample but firm looking backside WHACK! Ester immediately straightened up and slammed her elbow backwards right into his gut like an express train. WHUMP! her elbow sunk right into his stomach with a terrible sound of the pounding of meat with such force that David’s body literally went flying across the classroom. She had hit him so hard that I got a brief glimpse his face screwed up in misery and his mouth wide open in a silent scream before his back slammed into a wall 8 feet away. BLAM! He slid down the wall, creasing over and holding his gut.

Mrs. Stone slowly strode towards him looking tough and massive. My dick was stiff and beating with every deliberate step she took with those wide bulky calves bulging with every step, so big and solid that I thought she could crush rocks with them. David was still creased over badly winded but she grabbed him by the scruff of the neck with her right hand. With a physical surge of strength that made her massive biceps bulge so much that I thought her sleeves would tear, she forced his head up to look at her. I saw his eyes glance in terror at the massive peaked grapefruit sized solid mass bulging beneath her sleeve as she held him upright. “If you do that again, I’ll break you in-half” she warned in a slow menacing voice. I had no doubt she could have. Remember this was in the days of Corporal punishment where teachers could discipline kids any way they saw fit without fear of criticism or legal action. With her arm bent she lifted him right off his feet and held him there with his legs swinging uselessly beneath him. My dick was absolutely pounding in my pants at this demonstration of pure muscular strength. Suspending his entire bodyweight from her hand, her whole arm was bulging massively all over the place, from her bowling-ball shaped shoulder caps, to her powerfully peaked biceps to the thick triceps at the back of her arm (I looked that up). Even her formidable looking main-sail shaped forearm was bulging with immense slabs and prominent tendons clearly poking up through the stretched fabric of her blouse. He was the biggest kid in the class, yet he looked terrified as this well-built woman held him aloft with just one hand. She pulled his face right close to hers. “If I have any more trouble from you, you will regret it. Do you understand me, Mister Right?” it was clear that this was no question although he dumbly nodded his head. With that, she straightened her mighty arm and released her grip sending him flying backwards over a desk in the front row, knocking over an empty seat behind as he crashed into it. “You will take your seat and be quiet” she ordered. He scampered away to his seat at the back close to mine with his face glowering in anger.

It was only a few minutes before he start grumbling to the boy next to him. “You will be silent in my class, Mister Right, unless I specifically ask you a question” she demanded. He looked down at his desk with a glowering face yet fell silent. The moron started up again a few minutes later grumbling about no woman treating him like that. Mrs. Stone walked to the back where he was. Standing over him, her massive wide shoulders seemed to spread out and get bigger as she placed her hands upon her hips. My word, she really looked enormous and intimidating. “What did I tell you?” she asked in a hard voice that could cut through glass. I was sitting right near the action and saw David’s face darken in anger. Suddenly his fist flew out towards her. With casual disdain Mrs. Stone caught it and used it to yank him out of his seat. David landed flat on his belly upon the classroom floor at his teacher’s high-heeled feet.

The powerful-packaged squat form of Mrs. Stone leant forwards as she reached down with both arms and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck with one hand, and around his trouser belt with the other. I swear this is true. Squatting down with her legs spread quite wide, stretching her skirt tight between her massive thighs, she lifted him up from the floor with one smooth motion. He must have weighed around 200 pounds but she lifted him with ease. “No, no, put me down, put me down” David protested while in no position to do anything about it. Holding him in front of her like she was carrying a oversized holdall, she walked over to the door. You could see the thick powerful muscles in her dense arms and back bulging outrageously with massive steel-hard muscle. From neck to toe, her body swelled up with densely packed fearsomely bulging muscle so huge that it was a wonder that it didn’t rip her blouse to shreds. Carrying that weight while tottering upon stiletto heels just made those big hard calves jut out from her lower legs like some kind of rocky overhang with clefts so wide and deep that I reckoned I could get 3 or 4 fingers fully into. I had to resist the urge to just run over there throw myself to knees and feel her awesomely sexy calves. It was only the fear of what she would do to me that held me to my seat. Even the back of her skirt was stretched to tightness over her massive thighs, clearly showing the large solid sweep of her leg biceps and even her fully rounded firm looking buttocks. I had never encountered such a potently powerful image before, none of us did, we were all glued to our seats in astonished disbelief with a tangible feeling of fear in the air. As I watched this unbelievable display of sheer brute strength, my dick was rampant and thumping against the inside of my trousers as I struggled not to cream myself.

The pressure in my nuts became unbearable as the powerfully-built woman reached the door and then opened it while holding him by the belt with one hand. “Put me down!” he cried as she grabbed him once more with both hands. I saw the play of the huge plate-like slabs on her back ripple as without a word she swung his body before throwing him out into the hallway as if throwing out the trash. “Oorrrrr!” what a woman! I could barely restrain touching my dick and wanking off except the presence of all my classmates was a strong encouragement not to.

Like some kind of supreme Goddess, Mrs. Stone closed the door firmly and turned to address the class. “Is there anyone else who wants to talk while I am teaching class”. Then she blew my mind and I think that of everyone else in the class as she raised her right arm out to the side parallel the ground with her palm upwards. With a smug tough look she clenched her fist and slowly bent her forearm upwards bringing her fist towards the side of head. A massive solid mound formed on her upper arm, getting bigger with a more pronounced peak as she flexed her biceps and forearms into awesome thick steel-hard powerful muscle. “Because this is what you are going to deal with” she said looking mean and seriously tough. She made subtle movements with her fearsome sail-shaped forearm causing that immense mountain of muscle upon her arm to morph shape beneath her blouse. One moment it was a long low-lying hill. The next it formed a solid ball of muscle at the end closer to the crook of her arm before it leapt along the whole length of her upper arm, soaring to massive heights. I swear I could hear the seams of her blouse coming apart as it failed to contain those mind-boggling muscles. “Nnnnnarr!” needless to say I pumped a massive wad into my pants with such force that it made my balls ache. I certainly didn’t have dry pants that day or many other days in her class.

That display of sheer power scared anybody from playing up in her class ever again. David never even returned to her class and thankfully left school allowing those of us who actually wanted to study to do so. Although I was scared of her, Mrs. Stone became the subject of most of my wet dreams in which she was normally naked or wearing very little to hide that phenomenal powerful body. She sparked my lifelong obsession with strong muscular women although it was several more years before I discovered magazines actually catering to the subject reporting to the growth of women’s bodybuilding in the U.S.A. Sadly I never got to meet any such women in the U.K. where the subject was taboo for many years more. Finally I met a nice woman, fell in love, got married and raised a couple of children. I resigned myself to indulging in my fantasies thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web or so I thought.

** 40 years later **
I had a good engineering job after I left school which I really enjoyed until Thatcher and her rich cronies destroyed Britain’s manufacturing base in her demented desire to smash the unions and grind the lower classes back into the gutter. To cut a long story short, my brother in-law worked for the Forestry commission and suggested that I join him. It was hard manual work which transformed me into a fit strong man. They trained us well but we often had to travel quite long distances and spend time away from home. After a few years we pooled our money and went into business on our own as tree surgeons. I was now 57 and employed a younger man to do the climbing up ladders while I did the stuff where I could keep both feet on the ground. As it so happened, the lad was off on summer vacation leaving me on my own for a couple of weeks. My brother in-law who was several years older than me, manned the office and priced up the quotes. That morning the day’s worksheet had a job to trim down some oversized conifers. Normally this was a two man job, one to do the cutting and the other to tidy up and load up the truck but I was on my own, which meant it would take longer. I noted down the address and saw that the client’s name was Stone but didn’t think anything of it. As I drove to the address, the sun was already dazzling in a clear-blue sky. It was going be a sweltering hot day which would make the job all the more exhausting.

The house was a semi-detached on a minor road. I parked, got out and walked to the front door and rang the bell. It was answered by a tall muscular young man in his late twenties. His face reminded me of someone but I was certain that we had never met before. I introduced myself and he told me that he would open the garage door so I could carry my gear through to the garden. Still trying to puzzle out where I had seen his face before, I went back to the truck and unloaded my extendible ladder, chain-saw and the large sheets of tarpaulin. I use those to cover the areas of the client’s garden where I am cutting so I don’t leave a mess all over their flower beds or nicely mown lawn.  Down each side of the long garden were conifers that were at least 20 foot tall. The plan was to lop them to about half the height and trim the sides to make them more manageable to maintain. The lad went back into the house leaving me to get on with arranging the tarps and extending and setting up the ladder at a safe angle with good anchorage against the first tree. Because of their height I was going to have to go up about half-way, strap myself in against the trunk and carefully cut with the chainsaw to make sure the top part fell safely. It was loud work so I wore ear defenders to protect my ears, safety goggles to protect my eyes and a hard hat to protect my head. I was trained to do things properly and safely unlike the many cowboys who took short-cuts.

After lopping the first tree I came down the ladder to find that the top and side branches had gone. Somebody had moved them before I had a chance to cut them to manageable size and take them out to the truck. Curious, I went out front to look in the truck and there found the whole unsectioned top along with the side branches. I guessed the young man got one of his mates around to help me by clearing up the mess while I was cutting the trees. That was decent of him although I couldn’t see him around to thank so I moved the tarps and the ladder to do the next tree. I had just lopped it and was about to trim the remaining branches when I looked down to see this 10 foot conifer top rise from the grass and float down the garden path towards the garage. Although I couldn’t see him beneath it, the young man seemed to be carrying that on his own. He must be stronger than I gave him credit for. Never mind, I was grateful for the help and went back to work.

I caught movement down below out of the corner of my eye and looked to see what at first glance was a naked woman carrying a heavy barbell into the garden. I did a double-take and saw that she actually wore two thin silver straps one across her bust covering her nipples, the other descending vertically from a collar around her neck down between her breasts over her navel and over a shaven crotch. ORRR! She was so powerfully built that the tiny straps hid very little. My balls tightened and a stiffness crept over my dick. This woman was magnificent. Short, squat and powerful with short black hair, she reminded me of my R.E. Teacher, Mrs. Stone. Short in height but squat and powerfully massive, thick steep sloping traps ran from a strong bull neck to very broad shoulders. Wide sweeping lats gave her that powerful dramatic inverted triangular look as they tapered to a chunky solid waist. Like I imagined Ester to be beneath her clothes, this big mass of strong womanhood was packed with muscle from head to toe with a large wide solid looking bust. The sun reflected off her almost nude body highlighting a very strong looking stomach, taut, flat and very firm looking with a hint of birthing stretch marks around her navel. Her thighs were short and thick, as she walked her upper thighs briefly bulged into the firm shapes of quads. Even relaxed, it was obvious that her thick arms were packed with huge muscles with thick biceps veins running down the front of her arms. Her forearms were also power-packed and formidable. My brain wouldn’t let me accept the truth. How could this be the same Mrs. Stone that I had known 40 years ago? I mean she’d be at least 70 by now. Yet the woman pumping iron in her garden was the spitting image except the hair was shorter and the woman below had a drier appearance to her skin and the face was perhaps a little looser.

The woman was repping out a series of barbell curls in the garden in a shockingly skimpy costume fully aware that I was spying upon her from high up a ladder. How could she not know I was there? The chain-saw made enough noise and the ladder was right in front of her. Yet she continued to work out raising and lowering a bar with about 4 big iron plates on either end. I couldn’t help watching, how could I with a practically naked muscle woman down below. Apart from my old R.E. Teacher, I had never knowingly encountered another woman as muscular as her until now. The woman pumping up, blatantly aware of my presence was massive rock-hard and ripped. She was everything that I ever dreamt Ester to look like under her clothes except more so for surely Ester was never as big and ripped as this woman. I stared at the deep striations in her huge bowling ball sized shoulder-caps, the sharp definition in the separation of her triceps, shoulder caps and massive swelling biceps. Thick veins like creepers ran down her solid bulging biceps. Even her dense forearms had thick veins and tendons writhing all over them. ORRRR the more she pumped iron, the harder her powerful arms got and the harder the stiffness in my trousers got. Her workout was even pumping up her chest. I watched in growing lust at two large muscular mounds swelling upon her broad chest with a deeply striated cleavage. I am so aroused that I give up all pretence at work. Steely black eyes glared up at me and I shrank in fright like a naughty boy caught peeping upon the woman next door. “Come down here and take a closer look” she ordered in a strong strident voice. That voice! I would recognise it anywhere. It really was her! It was Ester Stone. In stunned silence I automatically obeyed her, descending the ladder to where she waited. I turned around to face her, unable to think what to say. The resemblance was clear. Although there was not a speck of grey in her hair, her face was paler, drier and lined with age, especially around the eyes and the corners of the mouth. The hands were covered with liver spots. I stood there feeling awkward not knowing what to say or where to put my eyes, there was so much of her strong bare body on display.

“Ur, hello Mrs. Stone. I’m er Jerry. I was in your class 40 years ago” Gulp, she rested her hand upon her hip which made the biceps thicken and swell. Her dark eyes bore into me scrutinising every uncontrolled flicker of my eye over her bare skin. For a woman her age she was in sensational shape looking firmer and more toned that most 20 year olds. No wonder she had the confidence to wear such an outrageous outfit that looked like the slightest move would expose her modesty. “I may be 70 years old but I am not senile” the voice from my youth spoke with a slight crackling of age. “I remember you Jerry. You were one of the boys who kept ejaculating in my class” she scoffed “Did you really think that I didn’t notice?” I felt ashamed I wanted to hang my head but that meant looking at the very body that turned me on all those years ago except it now laid bare and even more cock-hardening. “A schmoe. I can spot your type in any classroom, staring at my body in open lust wondering what it looked like beneath my clothes. Well now you have your chance. Take a good look” She raised her right arm and flexed her biceps. A large solid muscle rose upon the top of her arm and peaked as split biceps with clear separation between the muscle-heads. The base of her forearm also bulged ominously as she clenched her fist. It was a stunning sight and struck me dumb in awe. “I may be 70 but I’ve got a better body than you’ll ever have” She stated in an arrogant tone although she was quite right. Her body was breath-taking especially with almost all of it on display. “Look at my body, Jerry” she said “I SAID LOOK!” she commanded and I instantly obeyed. “Take a good look” PHROAR this virtually naked muscle woman had the hottest most muscular body that I’d ever seen and I was practically drooling. My dick was so rigid it was like it was stuck in that position. With a coy smile she raised both hands and placed them behind her head. The very action made her chest rise so much that I expect her nipples to pop out of that thin silver strip. “Do I make you want to ejaculate now?” she practically purred in such an unexpected seductive tone that I very nearly did. Her body was simply amazing and gave me the stiffest hard-on in my life. “Is that self-control you’ve learnt, Jerry? Good” she smiled “You’d better hold on to it if you want to satisfy me” she stated it so bluntly that for a second I thought I misheard her. She lowered her hands and my eyes locked on the underside of her thick wedge shaped forearms covered with thick creeper-like veins. I’m not a fan of a lot of vascularity but I must admit that it made them look fearsome.

Her dark eyes bore into me “Pick up that bottle of suntan lotion, Jerry and put some on me, I don’t want to burn”. My dick gave a mighty lurch inside my trousers. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was like one of my old wet dreams come true. Without hesitation I picked up the bottle from the grass took off the cap and squirted some of the contents into my hand. “Do a good job Jerry. I’ll be watching” she warned and with that flexed her right biceps a few times to pump them. For a moment I stood there gaping at it. “My God, it’s so huge” I sighed in awe with my dick rock hard. “If you must know my biceps are 20 inches. How big are yours little man?” she sneered. I didn’t answer as mine were puny compared to hers. “My forearms are 14.5 inches” she said proudly “My chest and shoulders 52 inches, my calves 21.5 and my thighs 32 inches. Now get on with it” she said impatiently.

With trembling hands I applied the lotion over that massive rugged peak that stood there like Mount Olympus. I was stunned by how solid it felt beneath my hands like iron cannonballs encased in a thin layer of smooth female skin. The peaks were really tall and my balls were really tight as I rubbed the lotion between those stunning split-biceps. “Do the back too, Jerry” she ordered and turned around. From the back the peak looked absolutely huge. Turning around to face me again, the formidable near-nude 70 year old flexed her left biceps as well and diligently applied lotion to that too. I was unable to believe that this was really happening. This was the woman who had kick-started my whole fascination with female muscle and now 40 years later I was feeling her amazing body with my hands. “Get on with it, boy. I haven’t got all day” she growled. Without warning her thick arms leapt towards my head and wrapped it in the crook of her arm in a brutal headlock. “Urnnnnnkkk!” her forearm slammed against the side of my head like a thick steel bar of a man trap as a massive iron-hard mound grew against the bottom of my face. Enormous dense biceps just kept growing, an unstoppable female mound of sheer power that was nearly as big as my face. Trying to press my face out of the way so it could peak to it’s full awesome dominant magnificence, I didn’t stand a chance. The pressure was insane. I screwed up my eyes and clenched my teeth as a huge mountainous muscle bulged beneath my chin with such power I was scared it would bust my jaw. I wanted to show that I was tough but already my teeth were chattering under the terrible compression. I knew that if I had been watching this that I would have been creaming myself, but although my dick was achingly stiff I was absolutely terrified and in a lot of pain. “Urghhh!” my hands clutched at her arm but just encountered a wide expanse of steel-hard muscle. My head felt so tiny caught in that massive plain of solid muscle. “Arghhh!” those biceps felt so hard, much harder than my head. There was so just much of it bulging powerfully around the base of my face, I felt so minuscule and weak. “Arghhh!” I was sure that she could crack my skull or rip it from my neck or both. She was old enough to have a bus pass yet was completely out-muscling me and I was genuinely terrified that she would kill me with her fearsome arms. “Grkkk!” she was so completely in control and I was powerless to stop her. My dick was beating away on it’s own in my pants despite the jaw-crushing pressure. I was taller than her and tried to stand to my full height hoping to shake her off but her insanely huge arms held me locked tight with no chance of escape. “Look I can even hold you helpless with just one arm, Jerry” she taunted as she proceeded to do so. To my horror her other hand slipped down the front of my trousers and into my pants then took a good hold of my erect dick. My dick shrank back a bit at her hard grip. “You are in my garden, boy. This is my property now” she chuckled cruelly before sliding her hand back out. “Arghhhh!” just as I thought my face was going to break, the pressure eased then she unfolded her arm.

The powerful old woman flexed both arms in front of me. They were huge and powerful and completely intimidated me. “Orrrrr!” I moaned softly at the sight of this near-naked 70 year old muscle goddess standing right before me. “I know” she said in a sarcastic voice as I looked on in open awe. THUMP THUMP! My hard dick lurched at those confident cocky words. “I can do anything I want when I’ve got guns like these” she crowed. “Just try and stop me” she said as her big menacing arms thrust out on either side to encircle my chest. Grasping her hands together behind my back her fearsome rippling arms pulled me in tight against her hard powerful near-naked muscular body. My arms were pinned helplessly against my sides beneath hers, like twigs pinned by tree trunks. “Urrrgghh!” I groaned as her powerful arms crushed me in a devastating bear-hug against a short stocky body built like a small tank. “Orrnnnn!” The air was crushed from my lungs as my puny chest bowed against her iron-hard chest. “Urrrrrooar!” there was nothing soft about her big wide forward thrusting breasts. It was like being crushed against a brick wall. Although Mrs. Stone was much shorter than me, the mighty muscle pensioner leant back and proceeded to lift me so high off the ground that I was looking down at her in breathless agony while my legs dangled uselessly. “See how feeble you are against me, Jerry?” she sneered as her thick iron-hard arms swelled up around me getting even bigger and harder than I’d ever imagined even in my wildest dreams. “Orrorrr!” I gasped my body trying to rock back and forth in her iron-hard clamp as I pushed and pulled at her arms in a vain attempt to create enough space to draw in some air. “You are not at school now, boy, so I can do anything I like with you without fear of censure” “Arghhh!” a low groan slowly escaped my tortured lungs. It felt as if my back was caving in and my ribcage bowing inwards from the all encompassing muscular power. “How about this for the weaker sex, boy? There’s nothing weak about me” she chuckled as my eyelids began to flicker uncontrollable while my face burned.

“Ptpuuushhh!” an explosion of stale air left my lips as the awesomely built woman lowered my feet back to the ground then opened her man-crushing arms. I slumped forwards, propped up against her stocky body as a wave of faintness passed over me as I panted to catch my breath. Mrs. Stone pushed me off her in clear irritation. She raised her arms and flexed both biceps at once. I could only look on dumbfound awe at what must have been a good 4 inch expansion in the size of her arm when flexed.

“Do you want to feel how hard these big beauties can punch your body, Jerry?” she asked in a quiet query yet full of menace. Oh God No! They were bulging like mountain peaks. “!” I managed to gasp through the dryness in my mouth and tightness in my throat. “Then finish the job before I finish you” she growled in quiet threat that made my heart miss a beat. “Pick up that suntan lotion and rub it over my breasts”. Terrified of those mind-numbingly huge split-biceps, I picked up the bottle and with shaking hands applied the lotion over her chest. I was shocked by how hard and firm it was. They felt like rugged striated pillows with a deep muscular cleavage holding up large orbs of female allure. I gasped as they began to move beneath my hands, each breast jerking up and down independently. I just had to stop and watch as those large firm breasts danced. “Orrrrr!” I moaned at the incredibly erotic pec dance. “That’s what over 50 years of keeping fit with weights does for a woman. Powerfully developed pectorals so firm that I don’t need to wear a bra” “Orrrrrr!” my dick was going crazy inside my pants. “That’s it drool. The male penis is at the bottom of all trouble and yours won’t hold out much longer” she smirked with arrogance. Without warning her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face right between her breasts and up against her hard breastbone. Big powerful arms wrapped themselves around the back of my head to keep my face in place. “Mmmmarghhh! mmmarrghh” powerful muscular mounds rose and fell slamming against the sides of my face as Mrs. Stone flexed her mighty pecs. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” it was like my face was stuck inside a meat pounder. “Mmmm! Mmm!” frantically I tried to pull my face out of that muscular flexing chest but her arms kept me locked in place. “Most men ogle at a woman’s breasts well feel their true power, Jerry. Power that could kill you” Her voice was strong, strident, arrogant and triumphant yet it turned me on with its dominance. Her breasts kept pounding so hard I thought my cheeks and jaw would break. There was nothing soft and bouncy about her chest. Rock-hard and powerful pectorals kept pounding me in a constant daze. I grabbed the arms wrapped my head in the vain hope of being able to pull them apart but they were too massive and iron-hard. I didn’t stand a chance and frantically I tapped on the sides of her huge horseshoe shaped triceps before her mighty pecs broke my face. To my surprise her arms relaxed and my face fell out of that lethal cleavage.

Still held by her arms, my face slid down her body and against her wide firm stomach with subdued bumps where her abs were. With my face held against her taut stomach I felt the bumps rise like stone paving slabs with my nose wedged in a deep vertical groove separating three pairs of deeply etched abdominals. From barely visible they flexed into thick solid slabs of feminine steel. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” her hands on the back of my head literally rubbed my nose in it, forcing my face up and down over her rocky stomach muscles. My face felt like it was being scrubbed against a washboard as it bumped violently over those sexy solid blocks of muscle. Finally she released my head and left me panting for breath and rubbing my sore nose while clinging onto her waist. Those awesome abs were still flexed hard in front of my face. Ester’s hand pointed to them meaningfully. “You’ve a job to do, boy. Do it before I grind your face off with my six-pack” she growled in a tone that told me that she wasn’t to be messed with. Picking up the bottle of suntan lotion from where I had dropped it I proceeded to rub some onto her awesome stomach working it into the deep crevices and over the prominent irregular shaped blocks feeling once more the fear I had felt as a kid in her class of this fierce tough no-nonsense woman. After thinking that this was a dream come true, I was now apprehensive as to what this immensely powerful woman would do to me. She might be a lot older than me but her muscles were significantly larger than mine and made me feel intimated and turned on all at the same time.

With a hard glance, Ester turned around for me to work her wide tapering back. Her lats were enormous with thick striated muscle down the centre. I was stunned by how densely muscled it was with large irregular muscular shapes like an extreme contour map. From the back that extreme body shape was most pronounced with her very broad shoulders tapering at a very steep angle to her waist. “Wow! Mrs. Stone. With a body like this you could have been a world champion class bodybuilder” I gasped getting excited by the feel of her extraordinary body beneath my hands. “How dare you!” she snapped angrily “where does it say in the Bible that women should flaunt themselves in public?”. What you mean as opposed to being practically naked in the garden? I thought but decided to keep my opinions to myself.

I set to work on her ample but tight hard buttocks which she duly bounced together as she flexed her glutes. “Imagine getting your face in there while I do that, Jerry? Go on, stick your face in there and find out” she chuckled. I didn’t need to, after experiencing her chest I knew that those flexing buttocks would crash upon the sides of my face like some ancient Greek ship between the clashing rocks. I had began applying lotion to the back of her legs when her right leg bent back and caught my throat against her massively swelling hamstrings as she caught hold of her foot and pulled the hook tight. “Gkkk!” her leg biceps were even more deadly than her arms. “Kkk!” the wide hamstrings were pressing my skull away from my shoulders as the massive iron-hard leg biceps bulged with unstoppable power into my throat and choked off my windpipe. “Kkk!” my head was already spinning and I clutched uselessly at her thick leg trying to get it off me. “K….!” she was killing me, choking me to death with her massively bulging hamstrings. “I am not a patient woman” she barked as I struggled in vain to draw air over that powerful muscle bulging into my throat. My head was swimming and I was panicking, scared of being choked to death. Deprived of air my body began to thrash about in a wild frenzy, but my neck remained locked solid between the deadly neck-crusher at the crook of her leg. “So hurry up instead of touching me up” she barked. “Kkk! Kkkk!” I kept coughing as she released me from her deadly legs. I quickly rubbed the lotion into each hamstrings in turn, stunned that even these had clear separation between the long massive muscle heads. She went onto her toes making her large wide calves flex as I quickly applied the lotion to them. In truth I really enjoyed the feel of those large well-defined calves which were just as sexy as I remembered but her demonstrations of the deadly power she seemed to possess in every body part made me afraid of her.

Mrs. Stone turned around so I could work on the front of her legs. That skimpy bikini with just two narrow strips of silver material was driving me wild. Although they barely covered anything I just wanted to rip them off and see her completely in the nude. Except that she terrified me as much as she turned me on. My dick was really throbbing hard with my lust levels through the roof. I squirted some more lotion into my hands and reached out to apply it to her short but thick firm thighs. Suddenly she flexed her legs. Beneath my hands they just expanded several times in size. “Orrrrrrggg!” I moaned trying desperately not to dump a big wad of cum into my pants as I rubbed the lotion into upper legs. They were massive, truly massive and powerfully defined too. Each muscle in her quads bulged huge, clearly defined and well separated. With her skin colouring they weirdly reminded me of walnuts with the outlandish long spearhead shape bulging in the centre of her upper leg. This pointed down into two large elongated tear-drop shaped hard bulges. The one adorning her outer thighs were absolutely massive swelling in wide sensual curves along the outer edges of her legs. There were even striations in her outer and inner thighs like someone had taken a knife to them. With a over-stiff aching erection painfully stuffed inside my trousers my hands lingered on those large powerful iron-hard masses covered under silky smooth female skin. “That’s right, Jerry. Feel how big and hard my thighs are” she practically purred. “Many a naughty boy and men for that matter have been crushed into obedience by those”.

I could take it no longer and stood up. “Orrrr I want you so bad” I moaned, painfully stiff with lust. My balls felt so full and my dick so tight in its skin. There was a triumphant sly smile upon her lips as if she had expected me to do this. Before I could attempt to take her in my arms in my passion and kiss her, she moved her right foot slightly in front of the other with the knees pointed out slightly. All of a sudden the old woman leant forward hunching her massive traps and broad shoulders while bending in her arms in front of her, forcing her hands together while flexing. Every muscle in her body flexed at once, her obliques, anterior deltoids, biceps, forearms, abdominals, quadriceps and calves. All of it bulged and swelled to monstrous proportion. It was a most muscular pose or crab pose like The Incredible Hulk used to do on TV. Every muscle bulged into sharp relief and definition. Faced with a rippling writhing mass of massive muscular femininity was more than I could bear. “Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” I groaned as I unloaded a massive blast of spunk into my pants. Mrs. Stone stopped flexing and stared at me in amusement. “Typical man. Unable to handle the real truth of the matter” she smiled “Women are the stronger sex”.
With her hands on her hips at the end of her thick rippling arms and her large wide solid chest rising and falling softly above her dense ribbed stomach, Ester Stone glared at me with a look that could sour milk. With a tough sneer of superiority, the ageing Amazon with a body built like a small tank commanded me to clean up in an outside toilet at the rear of the garage. She always had been a hard tough woman that wouldn’t take any bullshit from anyone. Forty years later nothing had changed and she still had the very powerful muscular build to back it up. With my head hung in shame, I felt as I did all those years before, obeying her barked commands without question for fear that she would either belittle me or use physical force. Even as I walked towards the outbuilding I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her muscular powerful body covered by two thin strips of material and experiencing lustful feelings despite her age. The way she looked at me seemed like was like she was looking right through me with a sneer on her face. Ester watched as my eyes uncontrollable ran up and down that awesome barely clothed physique, clearly loving the attention it was getting. She knew the effect her body had on some of us in her class, as she glared at us with that tough look that seemed to be challenging us to try to touch her if we thought we were tough enough. None of us ever were brave enough to make the attempt. All of a sudden she clapped her hands sharply. “Well don’t just stand there wasting my time, go and clean up your lack of control. Now!” she barked. Her loud command had me running into the outhouse, instinctively triggering the reflexes of my schooldays. No-one disobeyed Mrs. Stone, if she said jump you jumped without question without even asking how high?.

As I cleaned up my embarrassing gooey mess I heard Ester’s loud strident voice outside. “Isaac! get your lazy good for nothing backside out here this instant”. There was an impatient pause then “Come on boy! Don’t make me come in there and get you. You remember what happened the last time?” I remembered that edgy tone that indicated that she was losing her patience. I didn’t know what was going but I finished cleaning myself up and went back outside to take a look. The tall muscular youth was there, her son I guessed. He wore shorts and had his top off displaying a very well developed body with good genetics inherited from both parents. His short powerfully built mother faced him wearing nothing more than a couple of strips crouched in a sort of fighting stance with her legs spaced apart and her hands raised. While gently swaying. Her body seemed tense making those awesome muscles stand out proud as if she was going to fight him. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Isaac glanced nervously at me, looking worried. That’s when I realised that even this big muscular youth was afraid of his fearsome strident mother. “Now boy!” she growled fiercely. “P..please mum no” he begged in a surprising weak voice. “Oh stop being a wimp” she growled and rushed suddenly towards him. I saw him visibly jump then compose himself in the blink of an eye.

To my utter astonishment, muscular elderly mother and son were exchanging and blocking rapid-fire punches and elbows. The squat mature woman is fast and powerful, her punches rocking her son’s tall muscled body. Both mother and son are like muscular gladiators with large well-defined rippling muscles as they furiously swap blows at mind-numbing speed. My breath catches in my throat as neither hold back. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! WAM! The big muscle woman’s fist slams sideways across her son’s mouth whipping his jaw sideways in a spray of blood. Barely fazed his big biceps pound his fists rapidly against his mother’s wide ribbed stomach WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! the tough old bird doesn’t even flinch as her armour-plated belly absorbs the solid-sounding blows that make me wince. It must be like punching a brick wall. Without missing a beat, Ester’s big thick arms ripple as they drive a double punch into her son’s face that rocks his head. BLAM! BLAM! BERLAM! her huge peaked split biceps swell massively as they follow up with a fierce upward punch that whips his head right back in a spray of spittle and blood leaving him looking dazed and confused.

Without mercy the powerfully built near-nude squat elderly muscle woman slams her fists against her son’s muscled stomach. WHOP! WHOP! WHOP! WHOP! Her almost-naked body looks magnificent with her biceps pumped up and bulging as she pounds terrifyingly hard and blisteringly fast punches into his gut WHOP! WHOP! WHOP! WHOP! Isaac loses height as he begins to fold around his hammered belly while his mother’s own look like they are cut from granite. His eyes are wide and his mouth hangs open as her powerful peaked biceps rock his body furiously. WHOP! WHOP! WHOP! WHOP! his arms hang over his mother’s broad strong back barely able to stand as her punches slammed with lightning speed and such brutal power they lifted his body onto his toes with each blow. Suddenly she just turned to her side swinging around a bent arm and slammed the point of her elbow against his jaw. BLAM! his head snapped back as her fist slammed it right back sending him right over backwards to crash heavily to the ground.

Ester Stone, the 70 year old powerfully built muscle woman stood over her fallen son, her muscles pumped up, rippling and bulging in her minuscule bikini fists raised and biceps swollen, her eyes wide with terrifying feral excitement clearly wanting more. It had all happened incredibly quickly. One moment mother and son had been squaring up, barely 2 minutes later the son was flat on his back groaning with a rising tent-pole in his shorts while his mother stood over him eager for more. My balls had tightened with excitement and my dick was stiffening again. Squat powerful, Ester stood victorious over her son sneering in a sort of smug satisfaction at the tell-tale stiff bulge in his shorts. What would it be like to be her son and turned on by her awesome muscles? If it had been me in his place I’d be walking around with a permanent erection apart from the several times a day that I’d be creaming myself. “That was pathetic!” she spat with venom. He looked up in a mixture of fear and open lust for his mother. “You displease me Isaac” She said cruelly. Isaac tried to get to his knees looking pale. “You’re weak like your father, God rest his soul”. Mrs. Stone turned me on like no other woman I had met yet I found her brutally tough treatment of her son shocking. “You’re dismissed” she snapped. “P..please” he gasped.

A terrifyingly fierce look appeared on her face as her lower body tensed then uncoiled like a deadly spring. Her right leg was thick and heavy-looking yet it shot into the air, kicking up nimbly and incredible fast with the huge quads bulging in sharp relief and rippling with energy. As it sped towards the face on her son kneeling before her his eyes were wide with terror as a damp patch spread on the front of his shorts. BERLAM! The sound of her foot connecting with her son’s face was truly shocking. Her powerful thighs bulged with sheer power as her bare foot savagely whipped her son’s head right back with such strength that his whole body literally cartwheeled fully over backwards. He slammed heavily onto his front then lay motionless. “Stay on the floor Isaac a little while longer seeing as you are so fond of it” she quipped cruelly.

Concerned for the poor boy I stepped forwards to see if he was alright but stopped when Mrs. Stone blocked my path and glared at me with smouldering fierceness. “Do you practice Krav-Maga?” the fearsome woman asked. “Ur no” I replied in surprise. “Do you know any martial arts?” Her head was tilted coyly on one side as her tone of voice belittled me. I shook my head. “Do any fighting?, no?” her voice was soft and deprecating my lack of toughness. “Then I suggest that you mind your own business unless you want to fight for this body” she pointedly glanced down at the still body of her son on the ground. I had to swallow hard. He was more muscular than me and skilled in Krav-Maga but even he had been no match for his magnificent and terrifying 70 year old mother. “ he alright?” I asked nervous of this powerful mature woman with bulging muscle. She flexed her massive triceps against her side while fixing me with a dreadful smile. “Yes, Jerry. It’s called tough love. If only more mothers were tough with their sons then the world would be a better place”. I didn’t agree but was too afraid of her to argue.

I could see the thick veins like creepers spreading across her formidably wide tapered forearms as she pointed towards me. “Get those clothes off” she growled. “W..what?” I was shocked by her outrageous demand. Ester growled then crouched in front of a low garden wall. Her inner calves flared like thick arrow-headed steel plates jutting out from the line of her shapely lower legs, strong prominent and very sexy. Her right arm bent by her side, the tapered forearms thick and fearsome writhing and vascular, the thick rippling biceps dense and iron-hard like a looming menacing mountain bulging fearsomely. Suddenly the thick rippling mass shot forwards. BERLAM! I felt the terrible impact of her fist against the brick wall through my feet as the ground reverberated as it punched right through in a display of sheer muscular power. Any flagging in my member disappeared as my dick sprang absolutely iron-hard in an instant. Before I could move she had grabbed me around the throat with one hand with her other hand between my legs, lifted me off the ground before slamming my back against the garage wall. “Kkk kkkk!” I choked in her iron-hard grip. “You will do as I tell you without question” Her hand between my legs shifted to the bulge in my trousers. “I will do whatever I want with your body. You are too weak to stop me although I’d like you to try” she growled in a fierce voice. Her steely grip released my throat only for her thick triangular forearm to press against it as she brought her face towards mine. “Mmmm mmmm!” her whole mouth seemed to envelop mine as she began kissing me against my will while her hand had a good feel of my erection. “Mmmm mmmm!” held helpless off the ground against the wall, the short powerful muscular bulldog of an old woman raped my mouth, plunging in a strong writhing tongue that seemed to want to lick my tonsils clean while her other hand massaged the bulge in my trousers that just seemed to get tighter and stiffer in my pants. Of course I was turned on, pinned helplessly against the wall by the muscle woman of my dreams how could I fail to be? But it was exhausting as her mouth ravaged mine in a frenzied passion that barely let me breathe.

Finally she stops kissing me and drops me to my feet whereupon I sink to my knees panting heavily while gazing up at that sensational chiselled body. Ester turned around, my face level with those large firm rounded buttocks separated only by a skimpy silver strap. “I don’t think you did a good job of my calves” she criticised. Now that she had mentioned it, I instinctively looked down. Without heels and her feet flat to the ground, her calves looked short, dumpy and very wide. As I watched she rose onto her toes. Massive slabs of muscle slid beneath just beneath her skin rising to the surface in the most powerful jutting double-diamond headed calves that I’d ever seen. I always had a thing about girls with muscular calves but Mrs. Stone always blew them away with her large toned highly-defined powerful monsters. The number of times I had cum in my pants while staring at those mighty beauties was unreal. All of the time Mrs. Stone was growling at the class with some tough talking while handing out hard tough looks, she would be going up onto her toes of her six-inch heeled shoes and looking around to see if anybody was noticing. Which I definitely was more often than not trying not to dump a load of cum into my pants and failing. Now that I looked back on it, she seemed to be very proud of her calves showing them off at every opportunity. Now here they were 40 years later right in front of me closer than I had ever been in my youth.

“Orrrrrr Mrs. Stone!” I groaned in pure lust, my eyes locked on those huge, steel-hardened, deep diamond calves. “Orrrr amazing calves” “Yes, you always did like staring at my calves all throughout lessons didn’t you, Jerry?” She chuckled in a low menacing tone. They were massive, hard, shining with muscle tone and had the front of my trousers bouncing up and down like I had a ferret down there. “Go on boy, get your hands on them. Worship them. Worship the mighty calves of your old R.E. Teacher” she laughed openly as I quickly knelt close to the ground and caressed those powerful calves with both hands while moaning like an idiot. “Ohhh Mrs. Stone. So big, so big!” they were truly huge and needed both hands to encircle them. Hard as steel thinly coated with soft smooth feminine skin, the depth around the spear-headed calve heads was staggering and I enjoyed the sensation of those hard shapes pressed against my palm. “Ohhhh Mrs. Stone!” I groaned loudly, my dick beating a tattoo in my pants as the muscle lust took me. I lowered my lips to those mighty sexy calves and began kissing those power laden muscles with rising passion. “That’s it, boy. Worship a superior being” she chuckled. “Kiss all the way around them, boy” she commanded and opened her legs wide allowing me space to put my head between them to kiss the sides of those deep wide sharp muscle heads.

Suddenly those massive calves snapped shut trapping my poor head in the middle. Instinctively my hands flew to the front of her lower legs but of course it was futile as they were as sturdy as steel pillars. “Let me show you how I wanted to deal with boys like you who spent the lesson drooling over my calves instead of paying attention” she growled with menace as she lowered her feet flat to the ground with my head feeling like it was clamped in a steel-vice. She suddenly snapped to her toes and I was screaming. “Arghhhh!” I could feel her inside-edge calves pressing into the sides of my face like some kind of mediaeval torture device. “My calves could crush your skull as easily as I could crush a grape” I heard her state matter-of-factly and I had no reason to doubt her. THUMP THUMP THUMP! My erection beat like a iron baton against the inside of my trousers. I tried to reach around the back of calves and felt the silky smooth skin taut over powerfully bulging muscle. Unable to see them, they felt absolutely massive, a solid hard cliff of muscle jutting out from the back of her lower legs. Although I knew it was useless I took a good hold of those amazing calves and tugged in vain. They wouldn’t even shake a millimetre, they were that hard.

“Arghhhh!”  her calves felt like someone trying to drive steel plates into the sides of my head using pneumatic crushers. “Arghhhh! Please no!” I cried with tears rolling down my cheeks and my dick thumping with the feeling of being utterly dominated by the amazing bulging rippling body of a 70 year old woman. “P..please pp..please” I begged struggling to force the words out of my mouth as her shovel-like calves compressed the sides of my jaw. Her sexy muscled calves exerted such immense power that I feared my cheeks would explode at any second and my jaw snap under the intense pressure. Her hard sharp edged diamond shaped calves were pressing into my cheeks so hard that I was sure that they would permanently emboss their sharply defined shape into my cheeks.

“Urrrurgh!” it was relief that I found my head free of her fearsome man-crushing calves and slumped to my hands and knees panting heavily and checking that my cheeks and jaw weren’t broken. “Let me show you how lucky you were, boy” Ester’s strident voice cut through my rest. I looked up to see her standing about a foot in front of me with her back to me so I could see those short wide calves at rest with her feet flat upon the ground. Suddenly those legs opened and to my complete surprise both of her hands swung between them carrying a large rock about the size of a football. Clamping this in position between her large calves she immediately raised herself up onto her toes. At first nothing seemed to be happening. Those hard mighty calves flexed against the hard irregular size lump of stone. So hard were they that the rock couldn’t even make an indentation. Her calves were swollen to a mind-blowing size with veins criss-crossing them as she strained to exert inward crushing power through her calves. It seemed impossible but then all of a sudden the rock just shattered into shards right between her legs as her calves closed up together. “Urrrrrrraghhh!” I groaned struggling not to ejaculate right then and there. It was such a mind-blowing feat of strength. “Orrrrrr Mrs. Stone!” I groaned, my wild muscle lust reawakened. “My Jerry. You have improved your restraint” She smiled in a predatory manner over her shoulder. I’d really thought that would have you gushing like a fountain. Wait there a moment I think I have something that will do the trick”.

She disappeared into the garage to re-appear moments later carrying a bicycle chain. Wrapping it tight several times around her right calve. She instructed me to hold the ends and keep it tight. Once more she rose up onto her toes, the big powerful calves straining against the thick metal chain sheathed in a transparent plastic casing. Once again, her flexed calves were that hard that the chain didn’t make an impression upon them. Slowly the metal links began to widen unable to constrain Ester’s mighty calves and the power they exerted. “Ohhh Mrs. Stone!” I moaned as the gaps in the links grew wider unable to constrain such awesome sexy feminine power until they finally gave way completely and her powerful calves stood proud fully expanded. “Nnnnnnnaghhh!” I moaned loudly unable to hold back any longer and blasted a big ejaculation into my pants at this demonstration of massive raw female power.

She turned to face me with a superior ‘told you so’ smirk upon her face. “Time to pay your dues, Jerry” Ester Stone’s strident voice tells me then I watch in astonishment as her hands rise to the back of her neck. Unclasping the collar the twin silver strips covering her modesty fall away. A completely nude 70 year old muscle goddess stands over me. To my surprise my dick springs really stiff once more at the sight. “Orrrrrr Mrs. Stone I want you so bad!” I moan loudly and reach down to unbuckle my belt. Suddenly her massive quads were thrust before my face flexing like steel hardened balloons. I stopped and gaped at the enormous massively defined legs with the shaven pussy at their apex. “Orrrr I want to get right up there” I moaned. “Oh you don’t want to end up between there” she warned. “Oh what the heck” she added then reached down and grabbed the back of my head. Quickly stepping forwards Ester rubbed my nose and mouth against her erect clit and clamped those monster legs shut. Her quads were so big they seemed to swallow my head whole. “Mmmmmarr mmmmaaarrr!” I screamed into her pussy as her thick quads bulged to an insane size either side of my head exerting a terrible pressure. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” I squealed in agony sure that she was going to crack my skull like an egg. My hands grabbed at the columns of female steel either side of my face and felt the large swells of her quads, bulging powerfully each clearly defined and separated. Although she wasn’t exactly in bodybuilder competition form, her body was amazing for a 70 year old woman and she was utterly dominating me with it. I simply didn’t have a chance. “Mmmmm!” I screamed again into her pussy at the splitting pain lancing through my head. “Orrrrr that’s very nice Jerry but you better starting licking or my legs will close right together turning whatever is between into a nasty bloody pulp” I heard her smug superior tone. “Mmmm!” another surge of unbelievable muscular had me screaming again. Was that my skull bending inwards?

In sheer agony and yet with a massive boner I began licking the powerful old woman’s clit like crazy. The terrible pressure let up a little but not much. Ester began moaning, softly at first “Ohh Jerry! That’s so good orrrrr keep going make me cum”. When a muscular woman has your head between her massive thighs and tells you to lick, you don’t hesitate to comply. “Orrrr Jerry Jerry!” she moaned louder with no care of neighbours who’s attention might be drawn to the noise. Maybe this strident aggressive woman did this to all workmen? Maybe the neighbours turned a blind eye to the short powerfully-built bulldog of an old woman? Perhaps they once complained and she disciplined them so hard that they were scared of her? “Orrr praise the Lord, Orrrr Jerry” she was very loud now. Her moans of pleasure turned me on all the more and made me determined to give my old R.E. teacher the best orgasm in her life. The constricting legs around my head was still painful and took the edge of my erection, which is probably why I didn’t blow my wad.

“Mmmm!” I squealed as a sudden hard squeeze nearly broke my face. It eased and I kept licking. “Orrrr!” “Mmmmm!” each time she moaned she clenched her massively powerful legs sending a mind-shattering surge of pain lancing through my skull. Her thighs were clamped so tightly now like a vice that I couldn’t move my face even a fraction. Fearsome pressure kept my jaw locked with just enough room for my wriggling tongue. Her muscle laden quads rippled as those blinding surges came closer and closer together. “Mmmm! Mmmmm!” those powerful quads bulged and squeezed in mind-numbing blasts that seemed to run into each other. Then she began moaning really loudly and the pressure exerted by her awesome legs became unbearable. I remember screaming my head off but I don’t remember her cumming for her insanely powerful quads blasted me into unconsciousness.

I awoke with a splitting headache to find myself lying naked on a double bed in a room that I didn’t recognise. A firm hand was stroking my dick keeping my erection hard. “About time too. I’m not a patient woman” Mrs. Stone was lying by my side also completely nude. Before I fully realised what was happening the 70 year old muscle woman rolled on top of me. The feel of her naked body against mine was exhilarating. She grabbed my hands and her huge immensely strong arms ripped my hands above my head and slammed them firmly into the mattress. “Now let’s see how well you can satisfy an old woman in the bedroom” she sneered as she lay on top of me, face to face, while her massive arms pinned my hands above my head pushing them deep into the mattress. I was no longer the weakling that I once was at school yet no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t move my hands a jot, she was simply too strong. She looked down in amusement as she kept me pinned beneath her mighty body. The feel of her body against mine was driving me crazy. I could feel her big hard chest with bullet-hard nipples and the press of her iron-hard grid-work of her abs against my stomach as she breathed, and what I was certain was her pussy against my erection. She kept me pinned there for ages letting me soak in her awesome superior strength before lowering her face. A naked muscle woman lay on top of me devouring my mouth with hers and forcing her writhing tongue inside. With her face so close I could see how much she had aged with the deep lines and wrinkles, yet she was still unmistakably the R.E. Teacher who turned me on to muscular women 40 years ago. Maybe I wouldn’t have fancied that aged face anymore but her huge muscular body drove me crazy and on top of that her writhing tongue inside my mouth had my dick throbbing hard in no time.

She released my hands, sat back across my waist then slid my shaft inside of her. Mrs. Stone began sliding up and down my dick with a vengeance. Eh-oh Eh-oh Eh-oh Eh-oh the bed frame and springs creaked rhythmically as Ester’s 70 year old body rode me hard leaving no doubt who was in charge. I wondered whether Isaac was in the next bedroom listening to his mother humping a strange man not that she seemed to care. Eh-oh Eh-oh Eh-oh Eh-oh the bed was rocking back and forth alarmingly as the squat elderly Amazon thrust her powerful body pumping up and down my dick forcefully. Gleaming with perspiration it highlighted, every muscle in her body showing the amazing definition, the deep cuts and the menacing power of her muscles bulging and rippling as she worked herself off on me. “Orrr orrrr oorrr!” moaning loudly without a care who overheard the naked muscular powerhouse rode me furiously. Her large deep-cut abs writhed and popped forth in a mesmerising rhythm and her thick arms rippled and look ripped and menacing as she powered herself back and forth fully in charge making it clear she was doing this only for her own pleasure.

Eh-oh Eh-oh Eh-oh Eh-oh “Orrrr orrrrr!” she cried rearing up over me flexing both massive biceps as if to assert her authority. “Ohhhh Ester!” I moaned my dick growing even stiffer at the sight and keeping me going when I surely would have blown it inside her long before now. Ester Stone was a powerful wild animal giving me the most amazing sex that I had ever experienced and keeping me going for longer than I would ever thought possible. “Orrrr orrrr orrr!” she screamed rocking the bed back and forth so hard that I had to cling on to the mattress tightly as she began to ride out a furious tempo as she began to climax. “Orrrrrrrrrraghhhhhh!” she yelled as every muscle in her mighty body tensed, standing out like a shredded muscle map as the orgasm hit her. The truly mind-blowing muscular vision was too much for me and I finally came inside her with incredible force “Nnnnarghhhh nnnnarghhh nnnarghhh!”. Drenched in sweat I fell back to the bed spent.

There were no hugs and kisses or pleasantries. Ester Stone rose from the bed with a scowling face. “You haven’t finished trimming my conifers. Be back here at 9am sharp” she ordered then turned her broad back on me and strode out of the bedroom towards the bathroom. Oh crap, the bloody trees! How could I explain to someone like Ester Stone that I had other jobs tomorrow? I couldn’t I daren’t I’d have to get my brother in-law to cover those for me. He wouldn’t like it and somehow I suspected that Ester had other things planned for me than simply cutting trees. The chance of seeing her amazing body still powerful after all these years and maybe experience some more amazing sex was too good an opportunity to pass up. I hoped to see more of the amazing Ester Stone and only hoped that I could keep up with her demands.

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  1. what a picture of that beautiful strong and muscular female,but girls will get stronger now and they will easily beat us males,in fact they are doing this now.


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