Harry and the Black Belt of Power (JP#13)

Lunar shows the bad boys and a lust crazed Harry her martial arts skills

I liked LM’s transformation in JIMP#30 and the series of pictures of a naughty looky-likey on the web (one pictured above) inspired me to write a story just about her.

(c)Jim P 2015

Oh crap, oh crap I just couldn’t leave my dick alone. The way I was rubbing it, like it was going out of fashion, I was going to wear it out!. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw and lost count of the number of times I’d completely creamed my pants today. I was running out of clean underwear and felt so weak like my life-force was drained out of me. It worse than those floaty wraiths. Just then Ron entered the dorms. “Harry what the f*ck’s wrong with you mate? You look like shit” “Thanks Ron. Eloquently put as usual”. I lowered my voice to a whisper. “Don’t tell anyone but I can’t stop thinking about LM” “Why? What’s wrong with her? I saw her earlier on and she seemed fine to me” he said as he sat down on his bed opposite mine. “No, I mean I can’t stop thinking about her..er, you know” this was awkward. “No, Harry I don’t” “You know” I glanced quickly at my groin then made a little fist pump. His eyes went wide with surprise. “What! You’ve got the hots for loony Lunar?” He exclaimed. “Lower your voice for God’s sake” I hissed.

Ron leant forward and spoke quieter. “Are you sure we are talking about the same girl? You know 5 foot 2 scrawny, long blonde hair. Lunar Moon Landing Module or LMLM for short. Just LM to her friends?”. I nodded. Ron shook his head in disbelief. “She’s kind of cute in a little elfin faced way but still, man. There’s hardly anything on her” “That’s what I thought too until today” I tried to suppress the image of her small soft-cheeked face with the big blue eyes small sweet mouth and a rather large nose. “Anyway she’s a year younger than you” he pointed out. “So’s your sister”. “Who you’re going out with. You can’t have the hots for another girl. That’s like…that’s like being unfaithful” “Not quite Ron. I love Jill, I really do except…” I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t think of the right thing to say. Ron sighed then said “OK mate. I think you start at the beginning. What happened to suddenly give you the raging hots for scrawny little Lunar, nice as she is but you have to admit that she’s slightly off with the fairies”.

I took a deep breath to compose myself. “OK. Well this morning I went to the girl’s dorms to meet Jill” “My sister” “Right. Except she wasn’t there. When I walked in there was just LM” I paused and took another deep breath. “Ron, she was sitting on her bed with nothing on except for a pair of white fishnet hold-ups and a little white corset that had a broken zip so it wouldn’t do up at the front. That’s all” “What? You mean” he cupped his hands in front of his chest and moved them up and down as if weighing a massive pair of breasts. I nodded. “Nothing up top or below” “What! You mean you could see” he nodded towards his crotch. “Yes Ron, everything” “And she didn’t scream blue murder?” he asked in astonishment. “No. I walked right in there never expecting to see a practically naked girl and she just sat there calmly looking up at me as if it was nothing out of the ordinary”. “B-loo-dy Hell. But still, she’s a bit on the thin side. Her body can’t be that hot, can it?” “That’s what I would have thought but oh boy was I wrong”.

“Arr come in Harry and sit yourself down” she said in her soft Irish lilt. I should have left quietly before she noticed but it was too late. I walked over to the bed opposite trying not to stare but just not able to stop myself. She sat on the edge of the bed with her legs demurely together bent at the knees. “Here Harry” the blonde patted the bed beside her. That felt somehow wrong, like sitting next to your sister while she’s in the nude, you know?” “I swear to God I never have, Harry” “No, I was just saying that it was what I imagined how wrong it would have felt like”. “No, it’s alright. I’m alright here” I told her as I sat down facing her. I thought looking at her stocking-clad legs would be the safest bet but wow! I never realised she had such great legs before. Rather than thin and skinny, her legs were in proportion with her height and body-size. Relatively long, slender with a hint of strong thighs whenever she moved a leg, they were absolutely sensational sheathed in fine-mesh white hold-up stockings. A thick fancily patterned band at the top of the stockings encircled the top of her thighs beyond which creamy white skin stretched without break around the curves of her buttocks past slender hips almost to her waist where it met the bottom of her corset.

“Lunar please put some clothes on!” I urged, not knowing where to put my eyes. “The Nargles have hidden all of my clothes. I’m sure they will turn up eventually”. My dick was rapidly getting rigid for instead of the skinny uninteresting body I had expected it was the complete opposite and my dick was steadily getting stiffer by the second. “Male are they?” I asked as my eyes ran along the length of her thighs drinking it all in as she shifted her leg slightly. “Why yes. How did you know?” “Er..lucky guess” I replied unable to stop my gaze from wandering to her small firm breasts exposed at the top of the unzipped corset. Although on the small side, they were highly appealing pert mounds with prominent nipples. I struggled to look away and she smiled sweetly as I gasped at her stomach. It was taut and tight with irregular slabs of hardness etched into her stomach! Ron, she had a bloody six-pack! How can a sweet little kooky girl like that get a six pack?. That’s when I looked at her arms. Rather than skinny they were slender with well defined shoulder caps and a faint tautness running down the centre of each biceps. They looked very fit but I shrugged it off as LM having so little fat on that petite lithe body of hers.

“I came over to see if Jill was here” “No, she’s not here. You can wait with me if you like. I’m sure she’ll back soon”. Oh crap! she’ll catch me alone in a room with a naked Lunar and a raging hard-on. “You…you shouldn’t walk around naked when there might boys around” “Arr don’t be so daft Harry. I’m not naked. I’m wearing stockings and a corset”. I knew she was a little kooky but was she really that naïve to the effect her small lithe body was having on me? I had a blooming bulge in the front of my trousers too big to cover up that felt fit to burst. I could barely control the urge to run to her, throw her on the bed and take her hard. “My father always says that we were all born naked so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Besides you are a mate”

“I tell you what Ron. She’s a natural blonde. Next to hairless down there. Her body was so tight, so firm, so…perfect. It was bloody the sexiest thing I’d ever seen” “Hold on mate. You mean you could see everything?” Ron interrupted. “Oh yes and it wasn’t as nasty as those dirty mags Damien has. That pink slot nestled between those perfect legs was like a magnet for my dick. I just wanted to rush over there and sink my todger right inside her and bang her like a maniac. But I couldn’t, I mean that would be wrong”

“Would you like a sweet? I have some chocolates here” LM said then swivelled around on the edge of the bed. Her long hair with tresses fell down to her lower back almost to her bare behind. Oh my God! “ORRRRR!” BEDOING! the sight of her bare little backside had me harder than any erectus spell in an instant. Small, compact, tight and perfectly rounded like two rock-hard flesh coloured balls pressing up against each other. It was the sexiest backside that I’d ever seen. The sight of that naked backside was making me hot and bothered. I knew that I should look away but I just couldn’t do it. Kneeling on the bed, LM rose from her knees to reach up with her arms to the shelf. “ORRRR ORRR!” she opened her legs slightly for balance and I could see her girl bits peeking out below as she leant that hot rounded slightly forwards. I was so stiff and my balls were so tight.

“Orr Harry. Is everything alright? You look a little flush now” such a sweet innocent looking face looked back at me over her shoulder. “Fine…fine” “You wouldn’t be giving me no bull now would you? You are sweating like a pig” “No, no. Just a bit peaky that’s all”. I gasped as she slid off the bed, her back to me. Her right foot descended, the toes stretching to reach the floor. As they did, her calves suddenly became small hard slabs like cute spear heads side by side pointing down towards the carpet. Her other leg did the same. As she turned around to face me her calves formed a beautiful shape a bit like half a tear drop. They were so sexy; I never realised she had such sexy legs before. She turned around with a box of chocolates in her hand. I didn’t think I could trust myself if she came any nearer. “Urr no thank you Lunar. I don’t want to spoil my appetite” I said politely trying to remain calm.

“Oh, alright then” she trilled and sat back on the bed then innocently opened her legs wide as she talked about Nargles or whatever. I don’t know I wasn’t paying attention I was staring at her pussy exposed in full view. All I could think about was unzipping my trousers and plunging right in there and pumping her until my hips ached. I wouldn’t need no penis enhancement spell believe me her hot lithe slim body was more than enough.

“Steady on Harry. You’re my sister’s boyfriend. That’s verging on being unfaithful and I won’t stand for it” “You’d have thought the same if you’d seen her naked” I replied.

“I’ll just put these here on my pillow for later then” sweet innocent Lunar said then casually stretched out along the bed. Lying face down, her sexy little peach raised in the air. “ORRRRR!” In my imagination I was banging that arse so hard the whole bed was creaking EH-oh eh-oh. “Are you alright, Harry?” her sweet face looked at me. “NNNAARGH NNNNARHH NNNARGHHH!” My hips bucked back and forth frantically as I moaned loudly and blasted a massive amount of cum into my pants. “Oh that sounds like you’ve caught something nasty. Here let me help you” “No, no. I’m fine. I’d better go, bye” I said abruptly and rushed out of there praying that no-one saw me in that state.

I stopped with the memory of that perfect rounded peach of a backside giving me another stiffy. “B-lime-ey! You need to forget about it mate. She’s a nice kid although a bit loopy. Just put it out of your mind. You’ve got a girlfriend; my sister; and she’d kill you if she found out you were lusting after one of her mates” “Yeah, you’re right” I sighed but it wasn’t as easy as that because I just couldn’t stop replaying the whole incident in excruciating detail in my mind, imagining all the naughty things I should have done to her over and over.

Later that evening on the way to the refectory came the moment I was dreading. “Hello there Harry, I dare say you look a lot better I must say” a soft female Irish voice trilled from behind. I looked around anxiously and breathed a sigh of relief to see her in her uniform. A charcoal grey cardigan over a plain white blouse and house tie covered her small frame with a matching knee-length pleated skirt. Her lower legs were clad in black nylons with plain sensible black shoes on her feet. She seemed the old scrawny yet pretty in a kookie way girl I had known. Yet my heart was racing and I felt too warm unable to help thinking about that smouldering hot body beneath that uniform. The words stuck in my throat as my mouth dried up, so I nodded dumbly while visualising those small perky breasts beneath her blouse and wondering whether she wore knickers beneath that pleated skirt. She gave an infectious smile as she saw me eyeing her up. “Ah yes. I told you that they would turn up eventually”

Jill’s elbow slammed backwards into my gut as Lunar passed us. “Mmmmphh!” my cheeks ballooned up as my breath shot up into my mouth. “What was that all about? And why were you looking at her like that?” the redhead hissed. I saw Ron shake his head in warning, with Henrietta at his side. “I er just had a little stomach upset earlier. She said the Nargles had taken her shoes or  something” “It was almost like you were eyeing her up” she hissed and Henrietta nodded in agreement. “What? Me? Lunar? Don’t be daft”. Yet as we followed I couldn’t help watching the back of Lunar’s legs and the cute hard slabs of calve muscle visibly flexing and waning beneath her black tights as she walked. ORRRRR! I suppressed a groan fearing Jill’s sharp elbow but they were truly sexy.

Later, after dinner, I saw Doyle, the big fat thug that hung around with Damien excuse himself with a belly ache from stuffing his face with too much chocolate. That gave me the idea for a wicked plan. The more I thought about it, the weaker my resistance to it became. I also excused myself from the others telling them I still felt a bit unwell and would get an early night. Out of sight, I quickly run after Doyle and clobbered him with a sleeping spell then took a clump of his hair. With the remains of some poly-juice potion I had, I mixed it in and downed the lot. The transformation was unpleasant but now I was committed. I thought Lunar might head for the botanical garden but on the way I bumped in Damien and what looked like most of the senior boys from Slithering. He confronted me straight on. “I thought you were ill, Doyle?” “Better” I mumbled. “Good. Serves you right for stuffing yourself. Now follow me” he began walking and I had no choice but to follow. “Remember what I was telling you about earlier? Well I know where her secret lair is. I’ll show what a hot bod she’s got and we’re all going to have some of it” he sneered nastily. I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, I hope Damien wasn’t talking about LM. Had she been wandering around with no clothes on?

In the middle of Damien’s bully boys, I descended into the cellars and the complex of largely abandoned rooms down there. After a while we came to a large airy room decorated with drapes of beads, dream-catchers and all kind of weird stuff. My heart went heavy realising that only one person I knew had such zany decoration sense. Sitting on a couch in front of us is LM with her legs crossed, her pleated skirt hiked up showing off her sensational thighs clad in black nylon tights. I hear Damien’s heavy breathing as he stares at her legs lustfully. I realise that I am not the only one to have seen Lunar’s fit body and have become infatuated with it. “Oh hello Damien I was expecting you” LM cooed softly then stood up. “You too Harry” she said that directly at me and my heart leapt into my mouth. Damien’s head whipped around his eyes narrowed as he examined me. Crap! The potion was meant to last for hours! but Damien shook his head then looked back at LM. Then I remembered her ability to see things that other’s could not and realised in horror that she could see right through the enchantment.

The creep was pressing himself close, trying to intimidate her with his much greater height but she wasn’t flustered in the slightest. In fact she seem amused by his attempts to bully her. That’s when I noticed something strange. Around LM’s slim waist was a thick black woven belt tied in a big knot with the ends dangling down. It wasn’t part of the uniform nor the sort of Gothic flowery stuff of her usual style. It reminded me of something but my thoughts were interrupted. “Get your kit off Looney” Damien snarled. “Leave her alone” I shouted. “What?” Damien spun around glaring at me “Did you say something Doyle?”. “Ur I mean she’s not worth it. There are better looking girls than her”. “Oh she is worth it, believe me”. “Oh it’s alright Harry” again Damien’s head spun towards me in suspicion. “I’m not frightened of you bad boys. In fact you should be afraid of me” then she raised her hands in front of her holding them open-palmed with the fingers straight. She also went into a slight crouch with her legs apart as though she was some Karate expert and was going to fight these boys. “You haven’t even got your wand, Looney. So you can’t do that fighting spell you used last time” He sneered. I remembered Jill mentioning some incident the girls ran into with Damien and his thugs [JIMP#30] but suspected that I never heard the half of it.

“Oh well if you won’t do it voluntarily” Damien pulled his wand. “Clothus dispellus” but before he could cast the spell the pleats of Lunar’s skirt fanned open as a long black blur streaked towards his groin. WHOMP! before I could blink her leg was parallel to the floor with the shin wedged tight at the apex of his legs and her foot half-way up his backside. “EEEENNNyah!” he had barely began screaming in agony when her slim leg folded back at the knee then shot back out again. “Hai!” I flinched at the unexpected loud shout from the little sweetie as her foot slammed into his wrist. CRACK! “Argh!” he screamed as his wand was kicked from his hand and flew across the room like a missile. Moving with astounding speed, her pleated skirt fanned out as the petite blonde whirled around with a brief glimpse of gusset as a leg flashed out backwards. “Hai!” the shout made me jump. BLAM! It was just a streak but the back-kick to his face whipped his face right around in a spray of blood. The little blonde didn’t pause, continuing to spin until she was facing him. A split-second later her pleated hem flicked up as a black lightning bolt streaked up towards his face. “Hai!” KROCK! LM’s slim leg momentarily paused in the air at a steep angle while Damien’s face whipped right back over his shoulder as teeth and gore flew from mouth as his body speeded backwards towards the floor.

Damien was down in less than a handful of seconds. Unable to believe my eyes I watched as a cute kooky little girl spun around on one heel towards Drog who was the closest to his leader and going for his wand. She had only spun sideways on to him with her long golden tresses flying when “Hai!”. Her skirt flicked up again as her slim leg kicked out with blinding speed. I got a glimpse of black tights stretched tightly over small hard round buttocks as the sole of her foot hammered hard into his jaw. CRACK! He was a big scary tough but his head whip-lashed back at appalling speed like a marionette. But the little cutie had already grabbed his wrist, twisted him around so he was by her side. Pressing her other hand against his elbow, she propelled him across the room with the back of her skirt billowing up giving another brief sight of sexy buttocks before running him into a group of three of his house mates. WHUMP! They all went down in a pile on top of one another with Drog on top. I watched dumbfounded as Lunar raised her knee to chest height, her skirt falling back to reveal the full length of the tights covering her slim well-formed legs. “Hai!” her foot stomped down upon the base of Drog’s back. CRACK! “Arghh!” his head flew back in a wide-mouthed scream as his back arched back while his body was propelled with enormous force flattening the pile of bodies in an instant.

BERDOING! I’d sprung an unbelievable hard erection in an instant as this totally unexpected and shockingly violent side of a sweet girl I had thought was placid and scrawny. I gasped as she now turned without pause and began straight towards the thick of the bully boys. I didn’t expect her to throw herself forwards towards the ground and execute an eye-watering series of rapid backflips. Flip-flap flip-flap springing from straight arms with her slim legs held perfectly straight, she flipped over and over with her skirt billowing giving quick flashes of her nylon covered underside. Springing to her feet in front of a startled boy, her leg hammered forward without mercy slamming her foot solidly into his groin. “Hai!” WHOMP! “Narrrrrrr!” Giving him no time to slump around his nuts, the lively blonde’s knee snapped higher than her waist then suddenly snapped straight kicking one side of his face then the other with stunning speed. WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! her foot barely moved slapping his face from one side to the other. WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! standing on one long slim leg with her skirt raised up over her tight small buttocks, she kept the other leg steadily raised as it whipped his face into a stunned daze. WAP! WAP! WAP! WAP! this new revelation of Lunar’s flexibility and strength to maintain that pose just made my dick even stiffer. “Hai!” in the blink of an eye her raised leg folded slightly at the knee before whipping straight again hammering her shoe right in his face. BERLAM! The power of the kick was audible as his whole body went flying back across the room before crashing to the floor with his face a bloody mess.

By now the sight and sounds of a fight had got through the slow-firing synapses of the Slithering creeps. In the midst of the thugs and bully boys as she was, Lunar was suddenly grabbed from behind by a big tall muscular brutish thug with a low forehead, a square jaw and large buck teeth. A second snarling low-IQ was approaching from the front his fist raised. “Hold her Grog while I punch her teeth out” he snarled. Lunar didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned as the tall grinning Neanderthal behind her wrapped his big hairy arms around her. “Hai!” her foot streaked forward straight into the groin of the one about to hit her. WHOMP! “Arghhh!” he stopped in his tracks with a shudder, his face screwing up in agony as he began to slump forwards. The fingers of her small left hand straightened by her side then swung back in chop of the gonads of the big ape behind her. “Hai!” WHAP! “Orrgagh!”. Her hand bounced forwards only to whip back folding up her forearm as her sharp pointed elbow shot back like a piston into the centre of his chest. “Hai!” WHOCK! “Nnnnnnnnnn!” his brutish face expressing shock that a little girl could cause so much pain in barely a couple of seconds.

But the petite girl was still on the move with her tresses flying as LM’s hands streaked towards the head of the boy in front still folded over his aching nuts. Grabbing his hair and giving it a sharp tug she pulled down his face while her knee rocketed upwards to meet it. “Hai!” CRACK! His nose broken in a spray of blood as his features distorted beneath the power of her hard knee. Trailing a red arc his body arched over backwards right over backwards as he flew towards the floor.

It all happened so fast that Grog probably hadn’t realised he was left holding the wildcat. Her little body tensed then “EEEEEYAH!”. A terrifying scream as her right leg rocketed right up until the top of her thigh hit her chest as if doing the standing splits. Her foot continued to fly right over her shoulder straight into the surprised face of the brute behind her. THOWK! The impact is loud and brutally solid, testament to the power that sends the dim-witted oaf slamming straight into the floor. I’m stunned by her speed and flexibility not to mention a more than a little turned on by the sight her long slim legs doing the vertical splits clad in black tights.

My dick was so hard and my balls tight for this leggy blonde whirlwind of destruction. Throwing herself forwards onto her hands in front of Toadie, her body snapped up into a handstand. With her pleated skirt falling around her waist both legs sped towards his head and slammed her feet into his face. BLAM! His face was flattened by the double power of her little feet. Flipping back to her feet with her skirt billowing, her knee shot up with blinding speed hammering him hard in the side of his chest even before his hands had reached his face. THUD! “Jeennanrghhh!” He wailed a second before her knee crashed into his balls. WHOMP! “Ohhh!” his torso jerked forwards only to meet her knee driving hard into the middle of his chest. TWOCK! “Nnnnarghh!” his body creased some more as her deadly knee rushed up once more like an express train ploughing so deep into his gut that his whole body snapped around her knee in an instant with a pained expression on his face. Only for her knee to streak up once more hammering straight into his throat. WHOCK! “Urkkkkkkkk!” a horrid hollow cluck leave his lips even as her knee raced up once more. WOCKKK! His face was ruined as he fell to the floor.

She was so fast and athletic! Throwing herself forwards into a hand spring, she flip-flapped like a speeding human bouncy ball across the room before suddenly springing to a mind-bending height. Her skirt billowed revealing her panties beneath her tights as she flew with her legs bent towards a startled Lobster at head-height. “Hai!” LM’s slim right leg shot forwards to smash her foot right into his face. KRUMP! The tough’s head flew right back bloodied by her tiny foot. Landing she immediately crouched on one foot as she whipped around backwards, her other leg flying out like a club. WHOP! Her leg crashed into his lower legs like a cricket ball, knocking them from under him. BERLAM! His back crashed heavily on the floor, whereupon the fiery minx sat down briefly and drove both feet between his legs and into his groin. WHOMP! It was a good solid thump and he threw back his head in a wide-mouthed silent scream.

Suddenly the sweet looking blonde was in front of me, a blur of leg and a glimpse of panties beneath her tights as something hurtles towards my face. BERLAM! A terrible force hammers my face. Shocked that she just kicked me, I barely see her crouch before me with her pleats fanning between her widely spaced legs. Her left fist balled by her side her right elbow rams sharply into my sternum. “Hai!” WHUMP! “Nnnnarrghhh!”. My breath catches in my lungs leaving me stunned as LM jumps shockingly high with the tights at her crotch rushing right towards me. Her long slender thighs brush past either side of my head. “Grkkkk!” I croak as I feel her calves fold and lock tight behind my head with unexpected strength making my head swim as my face is held firm against the black nylon at her crotch. All of a sudden I feel her bodyweight pulling my head down as she throws her body backwards. “Arghh!” I feel myself fall and my whole body flip over. KASLAM! “Orrraghhh!” my front crashes into the floor knocking the wind from me. I realised then that Lunar was more than just a cute school-girl, she was a mistress of Karate and that just made my erection throb in my pants.

I could only lay there staring up as the unexpectedly dangerous little blonde leapt lithely to her feet and raised her knee to stomp me into the ground. At that second her whole body leapt sideways as Masher charged into her keeping his head low. Grabbing her around her tiny waist the big thug bulldozed her to the ground on her back. BLAM! BLAM! Her right leg stretched out and kicked against his side as he tried to mount her. “Hold the bitch, Masher” a bloodied Damien cried as he got to his feet and began to walk over purposefully. “Mughh!” he cried as she suddenly grabbed hold of his head and flung her legs around him like a weird octopus. “Urghh! Can’t move!” he cried as her left leg folded around the back of his shoulders and locked up with her other leg. I was turned on to see the little blonde had the bigger boy helpless in a kind of triangle choke hold. Damien tried to pull Masher from her from her leggy grip and was having difficulty. I couldn’t believe that her legs could be so strong. Suddenly her legs sprang open releasing the trapped boy then she spun around on her back. Her body folded up like a deadly match-book driving both legs held straight over her front angled back with her sexy tight buttocks on full show. Her legs moved too fast for Damien to pull Lobster away. Both feet hammered against his face. BERLAM! The effect was like he had just been hit in the face by a bus.

“You effing bitch!” Damien screamed rushing her as she got to her feet and threw a punch right at her face at close range. LM leant back with shocking speed, his fist barely brushing past. A quick blur of motion faster than the eye could see and her leg slammed across his gut with a sound like an iron bar hitting dead meat. “CRUMP!” “Nnnnorrghhh!” Damien wailed as his face screwed up tight. With a chilling cold calculated look Lunar stood before the gasping body and raised her hand right in front of his face and pointed to her palm. He looked puzzled. The hand briefly pulled back then “Hai!” the palm shot forwards with devastating effect mashing his face further. BLAM! “Argggh!”. Barely had he cried out when her fingers straightened and her hand slashed right down upon the base of his neck. “Hai!” THUD! his shoulders jerked up and his face contorted but Lunar was a mind-blowing tornado of violence. Whipping behind him, her small fists pounded a loud solid powerful punch to his kidneys that made him cry out pitifully.

Such a display of unstoppable power has me rock hard and lusting after her. It is a lust so strong that I force myself off the floor but too terrified to approach her.

WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! Lunar’s tiny fists pound rapidly against Damien’s stomach. His body keeps jerking spasmodically as his mouth hangs open his eyes clenched tight. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! she may be tiny but her fists seem to sink right into his gut. Suddenly she stops. Damien is breathless, his body sagging forwards, his eyes open wide in terror. “Ah Damien. Fancy you and the senior boys from Slithering getting the seven bells get knocked out of you by a mere schoolgirl a year younger than you” her soft voice taunted. “Now maybe you will leave me well alone in future. Otherwise I’d be more than happy to give you another beating”. Lunar grabbed the front of Damien’s shirt and forced him to stand straight. “I won’t be so soft on you next time”. Tough boy Damien was crying like a baby raising his hands to plead as the cute little blonde raised her hand and balled it into a small fist. “Think twice before trying to bully a girl again because she will probably kick your ass real good”. “HAI!” Lunar’s shout is so loud I seem Damien visibly jump, as do I. A wet patch pools around his groin as the blur made by her left fist pounds deep into his gut WHUMP! “YAH!” a split-second later her right fist slams a brutal upper-cut right under his jaw. BAM! the sound is awfully loud for such a small fist. A moment later her left cracks a blistering punch that whips his head back so hard I thought she had broken it WHACK! Followed by powerful punch by her right fist straight to the jaw. CRACK! Damien flew across the room quiet clearly out cold.

The sight of the sweet looking slim little girl the only one standing other than me in a big room with bodies of much bigger boys littering the floor unmoving just did something for me and my dick soared to bursting point. “Oh Lunar, you are amazing!” I moaned with the front of my trousers twitching uncontrollably in pure lust. “Why thank you, Harry” the slim little blonde quickly walked towards me. Suddenly I became anxious and began to back away as I remembered how she had taken me down. She was gaining on me with a determined look in her eyes. “L…Lunar. It’s me, Harry, your friend” “Yes Harry I know. You really are quite a wuss sometimes”. Suddenly she spun on her right heel sending her pleats flying as her left leg kicked sideways right into my balls. WHUMP “Aaiii!” I squealed in agony. She didn’t hold back, kicking me square on with my dick fully erect and balls tight.

Everything happened in a blur. The little blonde grabbed my wrist and the top of my arm, turning around then thrusting her hip into my groin while leaning sharply forwards. “Woah-oh!” I was shocked to find myself falling forwards then flipping around her hips with my head plummeting downwards at frightening speed. It all happened in a blinding blur then KABLAM!. My back slammed into the floor. Stunned that the little thing had actually just thrown me, I forgot that she still had hold of my right arm. “Argghh arghh!” I yelped as she tried to bend back my arm at the elbow. “Argh! please stop it you’re breaking my arm” I cried. “Look at you, you big girl’s blouse. Ooh look at me, I’m the chosen one, you’re breaking my arm” she mocked cruelly. Forced to my knees with my back to her, she placed her foot on the join of my neck and shoulder, pressing down with her foot while she pulled back my arm. I so completely helpless at the mercy of a girl I thought a sweet harmless thing who wouldn’t hurt a fly, I found myself really turned on by her dominance over me. “Arghh! My arm! You’re going to break it” “Ay that I will Harry unless you get your fat ass off the floor. Now stand!” She commanded with such authority I nearly creamed myself.

“Please Lunar, stop” I begged as I was painfully forced to comply. I was actually terrified of the cute tiny girl standing in front of me. “Ah well now Harry. It’s for your own good. It would look strange to Damien if you were left unmarked now wouldn’t it?” “But’s he’s out cold! He won’t know!” “Ay and so will you be. Hai!” her fist flashed forwards in a heartbeat. CRACK! “Gaaahhh!” I gasped in pain as my ribs broke beneath her small knuckles striking much stronger than I would ever had imagined possible. “Hai!” the fearsome blonde jumped into the air with her knee rising fast. It was like time slowed down as I watched that slim knee streaking towards me with her pleated skirt around her waist exposing an expanse of slim thigh sheathed in black tights, that deadly knee at the end of it. CRACK! I felt my jaw break beneath her knee. “Arghh!” a most intense pain suffused my body. I couldn’t believe it, Lunar was killing me! Even before I could fall back, the petite blonde had both feet on the ground, sideways on to me giving me a hot glimpse of her gusset as she leant away spinning with her slim leg rising like a rocket. KERBLAM! searing pain as her foot hammers me right in the middle of my face and the lights go out.
I awake with groaning all around me. Opening my eyes my first concern is my busted ribs but upon touching my chest, they feel fine. In fact, I feel fine all over, no cuts, bruises, aches or pains. Nothing. Looking around me I see that the Slithering boys look fine too. “The great thing about magic” Lunar’s soft rang out “is since I can use it to heal you, that means I can punch and kick as hard as I want!” she exclaimed with a bit too enthusiastically for my liking. I rolled over to push myself from the floor looking over in the direction her voice came from and my mouth went slack.

The elfin blonde has a wide smile watching the groaning boys awaken at her feet. All she has on her slim frame is her white blouse with the black belt tied around her small waist. The blouse hung loose around the top of her thighs showing off her slender legs, now bare, in their entirety. Upon her feet were black shoes with surprisingly high heels imparting a sensual arch to the top of her feet which were uncovered apart from the toes. They also gave a sensational long breath-taking semi-pear shaped sweep to her calves. “PHOARRRRR! LM you have great legs” I moaned out aloud. “Why thank you Harry. That is sweet” she replied with a lovely smile that made me feel all soppy inside. Damien and the rest of his bully boys were now also on their feet all staring at the lovely shapely pins on display. “ORRRR! There I told you” moaned Damien “Come on, let’s get her together”.

SWISH SWISH Lunar’s arms shot into a fight stance with a fist by her hip and the other hand open and raised with fingers together with a tough look on her pretty face. After what they had experienced earlier it was enough to make Damien’s thugs hesitate. So engrossed at looking at her legs, he didn’t realise he was stepping forwards alone. “You left your wand on the table behind you” he observed. “It looks drained. Healing spells take a lot of energy” He grinned nastily. “There wouldn’t have been enough to replenish that fighting spell. Not so cocky now, are you?”. “Ah Damien what a load of bull and you know it. I haven’t used no fighting spell” the petite blonde replied showing no fear.

The bottom of her blouse flicked up as a slim leg blasted her foot straight into his groin stopping him in his tracks. THUD! “Jeeezzsssss!!” it was a strong solid kick that had Damien clenching his teeth and creasing his eyes. Even as his body began to crease forwards, LM’s bare leg whipped back and kicked out again. “WHUMP!” “Oooragh!” he wailed in agony as her foot hammered between his legs so hard that his feet momentarily left the floor. Moving at incredible speed she did a little skip launching herself into the air as her leg kicked forwards again. “KERWHUMP!” it was a good solid kick into his balls that caused his whole body to jerk violently as it rose up onto his toes with his mouth screaming soundlessly.

Giving no quarter she moved close with her hands raised like blades. They become a deadly blur of motion. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” throat, neck, sternum. His body spasms as if getting hit by a cattle prod. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” groin, crook of arm, other side of neck. Her hands are constantly moving delivering a non-stop barrage of pain to his body slashing and chopping keeping him helpless and twitching in humiliation. A few of his braver house mates step forward to help. “Hai!” her legs slam into their chests with such power that they are driven clean off their feet and knocked backwards. One creeping up behind her as her hands rain more chops upon Damien’s neck is blasted by a powerful back-kick which she delivers without even looking around that sends his body hurtling several feet back. None dare try again and they turn and run for the door. Her blouse is so short that each kick gives a tantalising glimpse of tiny white knickers. As the hands stop chopping, I notice that I’m not the only one with a stiff bulge at the front of my trousers.

“Ki Aie!” LM’s right fist slammed into his jaw, snapping his head right back. BLAM!. “Hai!” with her blonde tresses flying, a slim leg delivers a lightning fast kick that whips right around his throat to hammer the other side of his neck. WHUMP! His body slams side-ways into the floor. With a look of pure terror, he tries to get up to run but the little blonde is too fast and a lovely bare leg delivers a thunderbolt to his cheek. “BLAM!” a solid kick that puts him right back on the floor. Again and again Damien rises only for a fast kick to the head to put him down again. Battered and terrified he desperately tries to get to the door. “Hai!” her leg shoots vertical hammering his face skywards. BERWAM! with her sexy leg still raised high his body rushes backwards until his back slams into the wall.

“Yah!” WHOMP! a leg kicks out sideways driving her foot against his throat. WHOMP “Kkkk kkk kkk kkk!” Her legs look so firm and hot as she chokes him with her foot. “Mess with me Damien and I will come looking for you and I’ll finish this for good”. His eyes are wide with terror yet they are looking right along her sexy raised leg in pure lust. A rigid tent-pole rises in his trousers and starts throbbing. Before this day I would never have imagined the bully-overlord to be absolutely terrified of the passive little Lunar. Yet he was and the incongruous sight really turned me on. She kept her foot pressed against his throat. “Even if I have to kick my way into the Slithering common room and after what you’ve seen today, you know that I could”. The tent in his trousers gave a few hard lurches at that. “Do you understand me or do I have to explain it to you the hard way?” her soft voice had a hard edge to it that did strange things to my loins. “Kkkk Kkkk!” his frightened eyes signalled that he understood full well he was owned by the little teen.

Little Lunar released the pressure of her small foot upon his throat then lowered it to the floor. Before Damien could sigh a breath of relief she grabbed his wrist and swung him around. She suddenly leapt high into the air, the bottom of the blouse billows around her hips exposing her panties. Her slim legs fold beneath before the right snaps straight driving her foot like a speeding rocket. “Hai!” WHOMP! “Gaaaa!” her small foot hammers the top of his chest with such force he is bodily hurled backwards through the air and right out of the door. BAM! He hits the floor hard and sprawls on the ground.

His body twitches and his eyes open in fear as the little blonde approaches. “Night night Damien” she purrs softly as she stands over him looking down. Suddenly her right leg shoots right up into the air until it is vertical by her side. “Orrraghhh!” I moan at the sight of such sexy flexibility and stamina as she keeps her leg raised doing the standing splits. Her blouse is lifted right up at her hips showing the small white triangle at the apex of her legs. The sight has me absolutely throbbing. I’m not the only one. “NNNNNNNarghhh NNNNarghhhh NNNNarghhh!” looking up at the sight above him, Damien bucks his hips three times as he creams himself hard. “Hai!” she shouts and he scrambles backwards like a crab faster than I’ve ever seen anyone move like that. He keeps glancing back nervously as he flips over to his hands and knees before scampering away.

Lunar turned to face me, her bare legs short in length but slim and shapely giving them a sexy leggy appearance; they were driving me wild with desire. That incongruous black belt was still tied around her slim waist which got me worrying about what Damien had said about a fighting spell. Unlike a transformation spell which will wear off, a knowledge spell remains with you forever. Kids use it all the time to cram on a subject. The information becomes part of your memories and as with any memory the more you access them, the better you become at remembering them. But a knowledge spell on martial arts wouldn’t have given Lunar the amazing physical capability that I had witnessed. There was more to this than that.

“It’s just you and me now Harry” she walked towards me with a smile that made me nervous. It was such a strange feeling, being nervous of someone I had always thought to be a slightly kooky but harmless girl. “Er that fighting spell is really good. You must teach me it sometimes” I tried not to let the unease show. “Ah, I used the spell once, that is true, but not since. Can a spell do this, Harry?”. Before I could blink, her left foot flew up and sank into my stomach while her hands gripped the front of my shirt. Falling backwards she pulled me with her. “Woah!” I watched helplessly as her back rolled on the floor. For a moment I was looking down at the cute little girl at the end of her leg which straightened throwing me right over her body. I went hurtling away with my legs flipping over my head as I turned. BERLAM! “Ouch!” I cried as pain shot through my back as it slammed into the floor.

Stunned and turned on that she had actually thrown me, I watched those sexy bare legs walk towards me. From my position on the floor I could see right up the bottom of her blouse to the panties tightly moulded to her girl bits. ORRRRRR! I wanted to pounce on that and give it a good seeing to except not only had LM become sexy but dangerous too. Standing over me with her legs astride she had an arrogant confidence. “Well Harry I was surprised to see you with Slithering” “Er, I saw them sneaking about and thought I would see what they were up to” “Her eyes narrowed and she tilted her head coyly to one side. “You wouldn’t be fecking with me Harry, would you?” “Er, no. No” “That’s good because if you were I’d be might annoyed with you”. Yesterday I would have found the thought of little Lunar getting annoyed to be amusing, now it terrified me. “Well it’s just the two of us now, so you can help me with some groundwork” Oh Crap! That’s when my eyes spotted the black belt tied around her waist and I remembered what it reminded me of; the black belt that a martial artist would wear. That was it, it was the only rational explanation. It was probably the enchanted belt of some famous long-dead Martial Artist. “Lunar, please wait” I began to back up warily as she approached me.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Damien’s wand where she had kicked it off him. It wasn’t good form to use another person’s wand but this was an emergency. Quickly rolling across the floor, I snatched it up and rose to my feet pointing it at her. “That’s enough Lunar” I warned “Take off the magic black belt. Right now” I demanded. “Oh Harry, it’s not magic” she chuckled. “It’s all I could find to hold my blouse together. The Nargles stole the buttons you see and…””Enough! Belt off, now!” I snapped waving the wand at her. Lunar’s face looked like a petulant kid as she turned her back on me. The backs of her lower legs were shaped like inverted bottles and I stared with longing at the sleek pronounced muscle heads on her calves, wondering how someone who went around collecting flowers and stuff had developed them. They weren’t big or wide but nice and slim with gorgeous hard slabs that resembled large arrow heads. The black belt fell to the floor and I breathed a sigh of relief. LM then removed her shoes while standing before turning around to face me.

“Satisfied Harry?” she smiled as my eyes greedily took in the length of her wonderful bare legs. “Oh yes” I sighed then gasped as the front of her blouse fell open. She had been right, there were no buttons holding it together and now fell open to expose her small pert breasts, taut belly with a lightly-etched grid-work of abdominal muscles and her small white panties. This was the hot body that I had seen earlier sending me down this perverted course of action that had ended up with me in this situation. Turn around and leave. That would have been the sensible thing to do but instead I drooled openly at the sexy sight between the widely spaced edges. ORRRRRR my dick was a drum-stick banging out a military tattoo Thump! Thump! Thump!. With a perfectly straight face looking all innocent, the sweet little blonde said “That’s a nasty looking lump in your trousers, Harry. I know a cure for that”. “No!” I shrieked at a flick of the hem of her blouse and a glimpse of panties as her leg arced before her toes slammed into the side of my balls like a hammer. BERLAM! “Arghhh!” I cried at the terrible shock to the system. The wand tumbled from my hand as my balls ached with a life-draining throb that made my balls want to shrink inside my body.

Lunar grabbed my wrist with both hands and spun her back on me pulling my arm over her shoulder. “Argh!” I cried as the back of my elbow bent the wrong way. Whipping my arm up above her head she brought down her hands sharply in a forward arc just by the side of her body. “Woah!” the world spun rapidly as I flipped forwards around my arm doing a complete somersault. KASLAM! “argh!” the next second my back slammed against the hard floor.

My head was spinning but I felt Lunar drop to my side, drape her legs over my chest and neck. “Arghh!” I yelped as she pulled my arm straight and tried to bend it backwards over her crotch. “Arghh arghhh you’re going to break my arm” I squealed. “You will if you don’t stop struggling” she told me. Reluctantly I stopped squirming around and found that it hurt a bit less. With my free hand I felt her firm thigh that was hooked over my neck but it was rock solid and I couldn’t budge it. “Arghh arghh!” she had me completely at her mercy. I felt so utterly helpless yet the warmth of her legs and smooth skin against my arm was intoxicating and highly erotic. Apart from the constant pressure applied to my arm and the weight of her slim legs, it wasn’t a bad place to be. “Orrrr orrrr!” my breathing got heavily as she kept me subdued and to my astonishment my dick began to get stiff again. I actually enjoyed lying on my back with her lovely bare legs draped over me and the silky feel of her panties against the back of my arm. “What are you thinking about Harry?” she asked in an innocent voice. Thinking about you breaking my arm with your girl bits. I thought I’d better keep that to myself. “I, I don’t understand how you can be doing this to me now you’ve removed that black belt” “I told you, silly. It’s not enchanted. Maybe this will help get it through your thick boy skull”. She hooked her legs right against my body and pulled back hard on my arm. My neck was now wedged tight between her calve and the back of her thigh and it felt like she would pop my head right off. “Arghh arghhh. Please stop please arghh!” I shrieked.

What happened next was highly embarrassing. Lunar released me from that hold then began to grapple with me and I could do nothing to stop her putting me in hold after hold. I was shocked when the little elvin-faced girl threw herself across my body pinning my chest with hers as she slid over on top. I tried to grab hold of her but to my surprise found my right arm trapped when she closed her thighs around it and squeezed tight. Seizing my left wrist, she pulled my other arm straight and bent it back over her forearm. “Arghh argh!” again she had me squealing in agony while cross-pinned helplessly. The sensation of being dominated so skilfully by such a small girl was highly sensual and I was throbbing stiff.

Again she released me only to sit by my side, clamping my right arm around her waist while leaning across to wrap a slim arm around the back of my head. I was stunned to find the side of my face pulled against her small breasts with the erect nipples pressing into my cheek. “Orr!” I didn’t want to escape from there even if I had been able to. “Harry, I don’t think you’re even trying to fight me” Lunar’s soft voice said as I enjoyed the sensation of her small breast against my cheek. “MMM!” her hand reached around the side of my face and clamped over my nose and mouth while her other hand locked it in place. “Mmmm mmm!” I tried to twist my head to dislodge her hand but found my head clamped tight by her arm. “Oh come on, Harry. Don’t be such a woose. Fight back will you?” she taunted.

“Oh Harry, there’s that bulge again” LM exclaimed and to my horror released me only to grab my feet and lift my legs as she got to her feet facing me. “Dear God no!” I cried as she opened up my legs for her right leg to slide between them with her foot heading for my groin. I thought that she was going to stomp my balls to mush so was surprised when her small bare foot landed gently on my erection and began vigorously pressing up and down like she was pumping a tyre. The sight of the practically naked girl in the open blouse and panties working my dick with her foot got me stiffer by the second. My dick was as stiff as a pedal and sprang up and down beneath her pumping foot. “The Nargles seem to like this when I punish them for stealing my things” she remarked. “Nnnnnarrr Nnnnnaarr Nnnnaarrrr!” to my embarrassment I blasted a heavy load into my pants beneath her bare sole. She couldn’t fail to notice! Lunar removed her foot and let go of my legs. “That’s funny. That happens to the Nargles too” she stated innocently.

With an embarrassing damp patch at the front of my trousers, I had had enough and just wanted to go. “No more, Lunar. I’m beat. I need to go and rest” I sighed. In alarm I watched as she began to crouch down before me, her legs wide as her panties descended towards me face. No, no, no! I panicked and tried to get up before she sat on me. I couldn’t imagine anything so humiliating or pleasant in that. Those pert breasts distracted me as I got into a crouch while she lowered herself in front of me. “You’re not going anywhere until I say so, Harry” she told me. That made me panic and I quickly tried to get up. With incredible speed, she threw herself back upon her shoulders and her legs whipped out like tentacles on either side of my head then wrapped themselves tight. “Urrrgh!” I was stunned. It was like my head was caught in a clamp. I raised my hands and encountered firm unyielding feminine thighs that exerted a surprising strength that I found stimulating. “Strong aren’t they Harry?” she purred as she raised herself upon her arms crushing the sides of my face with her lovely legs. “I can knock a Nargle out in less than a minute with my legs. I bet I can knock you out much faster than that. Shall we find out?” “No, please Lunar” I begged sounding weak and pathetic. I could feel the underlying strength in her lovely slim legs and didn’t want to find out. “Oh Harry, what a wimp” she teased then twisted her legs from one side to the other. Her deceptively strong legs forced my head to go where-ever they led me. She owned me good and proper and my groin stirred once more as I clung onto her firm legs as she rocked me left and right, asserting her leggy dominance over me.

On my knees with my head scissored tightly, I looked down at Lunar lying upon her shoulders her lovely thighs sloping up to my poor head. She opened her blouse wide to expose her belly and show off those slabs of muscle etched into her belly. “Go on Harry, feel them” she took hold of my right hand and moved it to her bumpy abdomen. Placing my palm gently on the rocky surface she rubbed it over her abs. Ohhhh I loved the sexy bumps and became aroused again. “They’re real you know. A mass transference spell needs too much energy to have any lasting effect”. My hands lingered over that ribbed taut stomach, hypnotised by the feel, loving every second. “They’re beautiful” I gasped. “But how?” I asked wondering how this strange little girl had built up such sexy stomach muscles.

“You still don’t get it do you?” with that she grabbed my wrist and held it against her bare chest as she pulled my arm straight. “Argh!” I yelped. Faster than I could react her left leg momentarily left the side of my head circled outside of my arm and snapped close again trapping it. “An arm-bar with scissors is one of my favourites” she said as I struggled to cope with the unexpectedly strong squeezing of her lovely bare legs. “I practice all the time on the Nargles, but it’s more fun with you”. “EEEYAH!” a sudden surge of power made my head swim as she flipped herself to the side. I went flying over onto my side with my head trapped tight between her thighs. KABLAM! My side slammed into the floor. “Arghh!” it knocked me for six.

Her legs sprang open but she was so quick I couldn’t stop her from rolling me onto my back and clambering on top. I tried to grab hold of that body to stop her but she just slipped away and sat proudly upon my chest with her legs astride me with a smug smile. With a look of pure determination, Lunar grabbed my hands in each of hers and began to push them to the floor over my head. I pushed back, equally determined not to let her get the upper hand on me again but was staggered when my arms began to tremble and shake as they failed to stop their descent. Although I was bigger, older and stronger than her, or so I thought, I was unable to stop the sweet little girl forcing my hands down to the floor with a strength that I would never have expected from her slim arms. I was mortified as my arms trembled as she bent back my hands as I put everything I had into trying to fight back trying to ignore the small breasts that hung exposed in her open blouse. I tried to push back but her arms kept forcing my hands closer and closer to the floor until the back of hands met cold concrete.

I was stunned that such a scrawny girl had overpowered me so quickly. “That was easy Harry” she said as she moved her knees onto my biceps pinning my arms to the floor. She then slid forwards so that her knees pinned my hands above my head while her shins pinned my arms. “No!” I felt rising panic as she slid forward until my chin wedged against her crotch with her smooth warm bare legs upon either side of my face. I was dumbfounded to find myself once more completely helpless as I lay underneath her. “Yes!” she said in triumph quickly pumping both fists by her sides. I tried to struggle beneath her, surely I could throw off a little thing like her? “Stop that Harry or I’ll have to get tough” she warned. Those words from her sweet lips still didn’t marry up with the image I had of her from before. I continued to wriggle until the sides of her thighs closed against my head holding it tight. However I was determined to escape so I bent my legs and planted my feet wide on the then began to pump my rear end up and down. “Harry!” LM squealed as she bounced up and down on my chest like riding a bucking bronco. Without warning she twisted around. “Hai!” her small fist drove right into my balls like a missile WHUMP! “Narrrhhh!” I cried in agony. I found myself looking up at her bare breasts as a small fist waved in my face. “Do that again Harry and I’ll knock your block off”.

With a aching throb in my bollocks I watched helplessly as she did the very thing I’d been dreading. Sliding further forwards, her little white panties rode up over my chin to cover my mouth and pressed right up against the base of my nose. Looking up from between the top of her legs I saw her place the tip of her thumb against her nose, spread her fingers and wiggle them while sticking out her tongue in the universal playground gesture of humiliation. “A girl beat a boy, nada-nah-da-nada!” she sung mocking me with a wide smile on her cute face.

If I had thought that I couldn’t be even more surprised by Lunar today, I was wrong. For I watched from her leggy prison as she removed her blouse. Sitting on my face in just her knickers, unashamedly showing off her topless body, I was pinned helplessly with only a thin cotton garment between my mouth and her girl bits. Strangely despite my earlier reservation I found my aching groin stiffening once more as I fought the unexplained urge to lick her panties and worship her like some form of Goddess. Looking up from between her legs I was astonished to see her raise each arm out horizontally on each side of her body then bend her forearms vertically with the fists clenched. My dick stiffened in anticipation not quite knowing what to expect but not expecting the small mounds of hard muscle that grew on her upper arms like rocky low lying hills. “Look at how hard they are, Harry” she said proudly flexing her biceps a few times to make them wax and wane. “That’s real muscle that is. None of that mass transfer spell rubbish that doesn’t last. This is the result of real hard work lifting weights”.

She slid back to sit on my belly, freeing my arms, she leant forwards to grab my right hand and placed it on her upper right arm. Smiling she flexed her arm beneath my hand. When I felt her flexed muscles bulge and grow into a solid hard mass beneath my palm I started shaking and sweating. “Why Harry, You’re turning pale. Why is that I wonder?” she asked in her soft Irish lilt. “Is it because I have bigger, stronger,and harder muscles than you?” Her hand grabbed my upper arm and squeezed. “Flex Harry. Come on. Oh, yours are smaller and squashy compared to mine”. She chuckled then released my arm and flexed her biceps again with an arrogant knowing smirk of superiority. They may have been small but the unmistakably swell of muscle and the strong taut tapering of her forearms and the hard six-pack on her belly made me feel so weak I thought I was going to pass out. “Knowing about martial arts was one thing but I needed to develop the physical conditioning of my body to back that up, you understand?” I didn’t and yelped as she grabbed the fingers of my right hand and twisted them right around bending them back.

Whipping my arm behind me she rose forcing me to stoop as she forced me to my feet. Whirling me around to face her, I was speechless when she wrapped her slim arms around my waist. Locking her hands behind my back she placed her small head upon my chest before pulling me tight against her slim petite body. “Huhhhh!” I gasped as I found it hard to breathe. “Urrrrr!” the little girl had me in a bear hug and I was shocked by just how strong her arms were as she pulled me against her body. I could feel her small breasts and hard erect nipples press against my skin as she crushed me in her surprisingly strong arms. Her body itself was like an erectus spell and being pulled right against it had me rigid. The strength in her lithe firm taut petite slim virtually naked frame was exhilarating. As she crushed me breathless against her body, I was turned on more than I had ever felt before. My erection soared harder than I ever felt possible like it was too tight in its skin, growing harder against her body as I tried to hold onto her. “Urrrnn!” she squeezed me really tight until I was seeing stars and feeling faint. Just as I nearly blew my wad right against her, she released me leaving me gasping while staring at her topless figure, wanting her more than I wanted anyone before.

Unable to stand it any longer I rushed forwards to seize her in my arms and pulled that perfect slim hot body against me. With my dick throbbing against her body on the edge of release I kissed her passionately with all the longing in my being. BLAM! Her knee rocketed right between my legs hammering my balls hard against my body. “Orrrrrr!” I wailed in sheer agony. BLAM! The knee hammered again with such ferocity that I was lifted onto my toes as my testicles sought to retreat inside me. No more, please no more I wanted to beg but the pain was so intense I couldn’t form the words. “Hai!” in horror I saw Lunar spring from the floor and drive her knee once more between my legs. KABLAM! “Ooooooo!” I howled as her small knee rammed up into my bollocks crushing them against my body like bursting open a packet of nuts. In sheer blinding pain, my torso folded over, collapsing against her body. “Hai!” my dick lurched at the sound. The next instant the edge of her hand chopped into the back of my neck sending me crashing to the floor.

Dazed, I could only lie there as she leapt down and rolled me onto my back then sat astride me. Her hands grabbed the front of my shirt and roughly pulled my head off the floor, my shirt collar tight around my neck choking me. “Do that again Harry and I’ll bounce your balls all over the room. Bounce, bounce, bounce” she said with a hard menacing tone that I had never heard from her and never wanted to again. “Now listen good, Harry. I worked hard in the Muggle Dojo to get that black belt. It’s not enchanted. Don’t look so surprised, it’s mine. I’m a black belt in Taekwondo and Jujitsu” My blood ran cold and tingles ran down my spine at those words yet strangely my dick lurched at the same. “and am more than happy to use it any against any Nargle or pervert like you who tries to force themselves upon me” This no longer sounded like the LM that I knew and frankly she terrified me. “P…please Lunar. I…I’m sorry” I apologised. “Oh you will be” her reply froze the words in my mouth as she fixed me with a tough look before letting my head fall back to the floor.

I watched in fear, not knowing what the unpredictable girl would do next as she rose to her feet. Standing over me she bent her left leg behind her and gripping her toes pulled it right up behind her back. “Look at how supple I am Harry, no spell can do that” Orrrrrrr pant pant Throb Throb I was aching hard as the slim bodied little girl effortlessly kept her leg raised behind her with the foot above her head. Throb Throb Throb I wanted her so bad “Come and get me Harry if you dare” she teased. She was so cute, her body so hot but I was too terrified to move for she was so deadly.

“Hai!” her shout made me jump in fear as her leg swung in blur dropping from pointing skywards behind her speeding beneath her knickers then rising rapidly in front of her. It came to a halt pointing skywards raised right in front of her doing the standing splits while I looked up her legs from below. Her leg looked magnificent posed like that, so slim, so sexy, so flexible yet somehow menacing. Like a sexy executioner’s axe poised over my head ready to fall. “Night night, Harry” she said in a sweet voice. Now I appreciated what Damien had seen and it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen in my life. My reaction was the same even as her long slim leg began to fall. “Hai!” “NNNNNNNNaarghhh Nnnnarnghh Nannnrghh” a ridiculous amount of spunk blasted forcefully into my pants as that sexy leg fell like an executioner’s axe. Her foot clubbed the top of my head like a sledgehammer. BERLAM! Blinding pain as the lights went out.
I awoke to find myself alone in the dark with a blinding headache. Crawling away in disgrace hoping nobody would see me, I swore never to perve over Lunar again. But even as I skulked back to the dorm, hiding in the shadows at the slightest sound of anyone, I was already day-dreaming of her hot body and her small pert breasts, six-pack abs and deceptively strong slim arms and legs. I knew already that I would dream about that hot little body night after night for the foreseeable future, kicking my ass and making me drench my sheets in cum.

My dick felt a bit itchy but after the number of times she busted by balls I wasn’t surprised. It wasn’t until I went to take a wee that I noticed strange black marks running along the shaft. Rubbing at it didn’t do anything to remove it. I put it down to some kind of bruising. It wasn’t until later when I was dreaming about LM in just her panties kicking my ass when I glanced at my erection. I felt the blood drain from my face and felt very ill at what I saw. On my full blown boner, those black marks had become letters, clear and distinct. “Lunar’s Toy”. Oh crap, Jill was going to kill me!

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