The Dojo of Humiliation (Pantyhose#2)

Tough men learn a hard lesson when a mature Oriental woman buys their Dojo

Madam Michelle is based on a mature Oriental Project Manager I once worked with, who had rather sexy legs and a dominant manner.

by Jimp based on a ideas by Karate2hose and Stefano
(c)Jim P 2015

“Julia, have you run those searches for a hospital anaesthetist named Coralie ?” I asked Inspector Moreau’s PA as she sat at her desk. The thick-set young woman didn’t even bother to look up. “Or lawyers called Michelle or Sofia? Or a businesswoman called Virginie? possibly a lingerie shop owner?” the frustration slipped into my voice. In her mid twenties, the brunette with very short close-cropped hair had a small face with sharply defined sophisticated looks. With deliberate slowness, she looked up at me with cold grey eyes amid blue mascara peering over large framed square-shaped designer spectacles atop a small sleek nose. “I am busy Monsieur Priest. I will do it when I have time” her small sensual pouting lipstick glossed mouth said the words dismissively. Yes, she was attractive but with a hard cold manner.

Was it just me she didn’t like or was this the famed Parisian rudeness? Around 5’3 when standing in heels with a plump sturdy upper body and a thrusting bust, she had a broad backside and thick legs that didn’t seem fat. A suspicion fuelled by an gigantic pair of calves. Enormously wide, thick and rounded they exploded into massive hard balls of muscle as I followed her up the stairs leaving me with a raging boner by the time we reached the top floor where her desk was. When I discreetly enquired she told me that she did ballet in her spare time. “Julia. Log me on to the system and I’ll look myself”. She gave me a glare that could freeze water. “You are not a French National and not cleared to use that system”.

It was just one more thing to frustrate me on my first day on the case in Paris. That afternoon I had visited Stephanie, the wife of the rapist taxi-driver Jacques [PANTYHOSE#1]. His interview had said he saw her working as a cleaner at the private gym where the vigilante women beat confessions from him. Any hope that she would tell me where the place was vanished when she denied all knowledge of it or the events she had witnessed. Whether this was to protect the women or some kind of cash in hand, no questions asked job I didn’t know.

To top it all, I had tried for a room at the Ritz in Place Vendôme where the events seemed centred but the Inspector wouldn’t go for that and so ended up at the Best Western about a quarter of a mile away. After dinner I went for a walk to clear my mind until I came to a torn and faded poster on a wall opposite a bar down a side street. It boldly claimed to be the best Dojo in Europe, open exclusively for men with at least two black belts of minimum rank 7th Dan in different disciplines. “Bloody shame that” a tall muscular looking man wandered over with glass in hand. “Used to be the most famous Dojo in Europe; probably the world” “Victim of the Banker’s recession?””Pah! Bloody women more like!” “So what happened?”. Suddenly he became more cagey, looking around nervously and mumbled “Uh, nothing just the drink talking” and turned to head back to the bar. “Wait. That glass is almost empty. I could do with a drink and I don’t anyone in this town. Why don’t I buy you another and you can tell me the best places to go that the tourists don’t know about?” and what spooked you about this bricked up Dojo I thought but kept that to myself. “I’m Jim by the way” “Henri” he replied then shook hands. We settled at a table and got in a round. As the drink flowed, it seemed he had a great burden that needed to be told and I was a willing listener.
I was the top ranking man in that Dojo, the best of the best, the sensei. One evening last year, I remember the date well, Friday the 13th, unlucky for some heh? I arrived to find the street lined with limos. Maybe there was a big event at the Ritz and the chauffeurs parked here for a crafty drink. I changed into my gi and found the rest of the guys waiting for me looking confused by the changing room door. “What’s going on?”. They nodded inside where I was shocked to see bistro tables along the far wall with rich looking women sitting behind like it were some upmarket cafe. Nearby was a desk and chair with a standing feminine figure, an Oriental, probably from Hong Kong, in her late-50’s with strands of silver in her dark hair worn in a short bob. An attractive small rounded face looked at me with alert almond-shaped eyes above a short squat nose with high cheekbones, a medium sized mouth and shallow chin. Standing 5 foot 4 in heels, she wore a stylish black pinstriped business jacket with matching short skirt that clung to her slender hips and the tops of her thighs. As I approached I saw that the jacket’s low neck revealed there was no blouse beneath and provided a tantalising glimpse of a nice pair of cupped breasts. High-heeled shoes closed over the toes brought out the eye catching shapeliness of her calves which were very solid and defined, jutting out from the backs of her lower legs. “I’m the sensei here, what are you doing in my Dojo?” I demanded trying to keep my eyes from slipping down that sexy place between her spheres of joy. She pointed to a portfolio on the desk. “Sit down and read” she told me in an authoritative voice. I decided to play along and sat in the chair. The woman perched herself on the edge of the desk with her long slim legs sloping down to the floor by my side. The short skirt rode all the way to the top of stunningly beautiful legs which were long in proportion to her size, slim yet with sensual curves at the backs of her legs and calves. Clad in sheer tan pantyhose, my heartbeat increased and my temperature rose. I couldn’t stop staring at the most perfect pair of legs I’ve ever seen on a woman. She opened the portfolio. “I am sure that you are quite capable of reading this and intelligent enough to comprehend it” her tone implied that she didn’t think that at all. “Put simply, it says that I am now the owner of this facility and there are going to be a few changes around here. My name is Madame Michelle but you will call me Mistress”. “But how?” I was stunned. An enigmatic smile appeared on the beautiful exotic face. “The leaseholder was eager to sell once he saw the ready cash in his greedy hands”. “The rules are quite simple. In this Dojo I am the mistress and whatever I command you to do you will obey”. Out the corner of my eye I saw 5 more smartly dressed women of differing ages and body shapes take up place in front of the dressing room door trying to look tough.

I heard the guys, who had walked up behind me snigger. “We only listen to sensei” Etienne said. He was a big heavyset man who looked like a real brute with a wicked scar on his face to match. One of my best fighters and quick to anger, he loomed over the sexy legged woman looking menacing. With a come-on smile the attractive business woman raised her left knee and wriggled it seductively. There was a slit at the side of the skirt that opened up to reveal an eye-watering amount of leg as she moved it seductively. My eyes were glued as she wriggled her foot making her calve muscle elongate then relax in a mesmerising manner and her sleek toned looking thighs ripple alluringly.

Without warning a tan blur pulsed right between his legs and into his groin. WHUMP! “ARGHHHH!” the dreadful wail made my balls contract in sympathy. “Hai!” BAM! BAM! BAM! from her seated position her slender leg became a blur of non-stop motion hammering whip-fast kicks to one cheek then the other, then his jaw. He wasn’t a 7th Dan for nothing and immediately launched a barrage of punches at close range but leaning back on the desk her legs kicked up one after the other blocking them. “Yah!” supporting herself on her hands her knee snapped up blasting his right eye. BAM! BAM! BAM! her lower leg clubbed the side of his face three times in a heartbeat. BAM! BAM! BAM! kicks to the temple, jaw and side of the neck with devastating speed. “Hai!” her skirt flicked up as a long nylon clad leg rocketed skywards. BLAM! the top of her foot punched his jaw hard. Spinning around laying her chest on the table top, the hem slid to the top of her thighs as her right knee bent before slamming backwards. “Hai!” BLAM! the sole of her shoe blasted his jaw with terrible solidity. Her leg continued to rise up behind her driving his head back until he went over backwards. It all happened so shockingly fast in just a few eye-blinks that my brain hadn’t registered it until his body hit the mats BERLAM!.

The guys rushed forwards as the oriental MILF nimbly pushed herself from the table in a movement that made her short skirt ride up her long lean thighs. Watching her from behind, I had to admit that she had great legs but she needed to be put in her place. I don’t advocate violence against women but was content to watch my guys deal with her.

Georges stepped in front of her. The others stood back to watch him take her on one-on-one as was traditional and honourable. Compared to him she looked tiny and frail, a big muscular man in a gi facing a slender little business woman. I had a good a view of the back of her long legs sheathed in tan and sleek muscled calves. Suddenly he rushed forwards and unleashed a devastatingly fast punch towards her face. Her arm shot up to block the blow while driving a fist to his face. “Yah!” WHACK! “Argh!” he staggers back surprised but returns a fast roundhouse kick which she swiftly ducks beneath. Her skirt rose up exposing a lot of leg as she bent forwards. Springing up with her side to him her left knee rose fast, raising the hem of her skirt to give a glimpse of skimpy black panties beneath the gusset. “Hai!” BLAM BLAM! a tan streak arced from right to left then back again slamming his face from one side to the other and back again in a heartbeat.

But he was a 7th Dan and tough. “Yah Yah Yah Yah” his fists and feet powered a blistering attack putting her on the defensive fighting to block his torrent of blows while bouncing lightly on her feet. She turned suddenly as a fist flashed past her chest and folded her left arm around his wrist trapping it as her right swung back. “Eyah!” WHOCK! the point of her elbow punched his jaw just beneath the ear. “Hah!” the bottom of two tight sexy moons sheathed in sheer nylon peaked out below the back of her skirt as a leg streaked around horizontally slamming knee and shin with audible force across the side of his waist like a crowbar. WHOMP! his body lurched towards that side as she moved in close. “Eeyah!” her knee shot up, the short skirt exposing her gusset. WHOMP! “Nnnnnn!” The knee slammed hard against his muscled stomach causing him crease forwards with a pained expression. Desperately he punched at her but his fist got nowhere near as she twists sideways with her leg flashing out around the back of his leg to hammer behind his knee. WHOMP “Argh” he went down to one knee. “Eyah!” BOK a wicked kick to his face was blocked. He sprang back up delivering a powerful double combination kick which she struggled to block.

He left himself open for the briefest of moments. “Eeeah!” her foot struck like lightning straight into his groin. WHOMP! WHUMP! it struck solidly with a sound like a bat hitting meat and immediately again. “Argh!” his body jerked horribly to his toes. Cupping his groin with his hands he lost height as he creased forwards. “Eyah!” her pantyhose-clad knee rose up like a rocket smashing sharply in his face. BOK! “Argh!” his head flew back as he fell but managed to stop himself with his arms. Flinging himself back at the sleight woman he is like a wild animal punching and kicking like a maelstrom of violence continually frustrated as she blocks and weaves and ducks. “Eeyah!” a long slender leg kicks around, the skirt tight across her backside as the top of her foot blasts around the side of his face like a hurricane. BERLAM! his face whips right around as his body does a full 180 before tumbling towards the mat.

“No!” I shouted as Charlie rushed to Georges’ aid. “Eeyah!” the slight woman spun around like a top, her short skirt rising to display her gusset and the skimpy briefs beneath. A long nylon-clad leg blasts backwards hammering his sternum BERLAM! “Urghh!” the kick is so strong that his body jerks into the air. Instantly she leans away from him. “Hah!” a flash of tan and her foot blasts his jaw. “Argh!”. In an instant her knee is moving like an express train into his groin. WHUMP! “Nnnnnarghhhh!” he goes up onto his toes before dropping to his knees clutching his balls, his eyes staring at the sexy legs standing before him. I am shocked by how easily she demolished him within just a few seconds. “You see how a lady can totally destroy men yet remain elegant and, yes, sexy while doing it” she addressed the watching women. I had to admit as she stood there with three of my best on the floor with her hands upon her slim hips and her sexy legs apart that she had a point.

Moving fast Jacques leapt forward spinning around in a showy kick. His leg rocketed towards her face but her arms shot up to block it even as her own leg pulsed like lightning right down the inside of his raised leg and into his groin. “Yah!” WHOMP! “Aeeee!” leaping forwards she grabbed his head and pulled it down sharply to meet her knee as it rocketed upwards. WHAP! “Arghh!”. Swiftly going to his right side, hip to hip, her slender right leg kicked back between his legs, a slender meaty calve hooked around his knee and lifted it while her shoulder slammed against his. “Woah!” with a brief glimpse of her buttocks he was thrown down onto his back BERLAM!. He tried to scramble to his knees. “Yah!” her elbow flashed towards his face but he blocked it then pushed her away allowing him to get to his feet. “Huh!” he threw a punch which she deflects. Punching again her hands seizes his wrist and elbow pulling him close. “Yah!” her knees soars high and pummels his face. PAFFF! His face jerked back. “Eeyah!” a leggy snap-fire front kick blasts his face sending him back to the floor. Clutching his face he gets up but she moves in fast. “Heh! Heh!” a leggy tan lightning bolt streaks around the side of his head then flashes back kicking the other side. WHOCK! WHOCK! her calve muscles ripple under the impacts.

Charlie tries again. “Huh!” a fast kick followed by a punch. She blocks both capturing his outstretched arm. “Eyah!” her long leg whips up kicking the base of his throat. WHOCK! “Grkkk!” his eyes go wide at the length of leg stretching away from his throat to her crotch. Spinning around she pulls his arm over her shoulder, bends sharply forwards, whipping him off his feet and sends him hurtling over her slender body and plummeting sharply. BERLAM! His back hit the mat hard.

Without pause the mature oriental launched herself into a spinning front kick, her long slim leg whipping out to fly around the back of Jacques’ head. “Eeyah!” BLOCK!. She continued spinning to back-kick him in the head “Yai!” WHOCK! “Argh!” he stumbles and nearly goes down. “Ha-yai!” a blisteringly fast front kick to the groin hits with a terrible sound. WHUMP! “Orraghh!” I see the semi-tear drop shape of her long calve as his body jerks into the air. “Ye-ah!” her foot flashes forward again between his legs. WHOCK! His body lurches higher into the air, his mouth wide open in agony before collapsing to his knees.

Charlie rushes forward to attack again but shockingly the business suited woman leaps up to grab a beam and swings forward propelling her sexy legs ahead of her driving her feet straight into his upper chest. WHOMP! “Urrghhh!” as he staggers back under the impact the woman drops down and runs towards him. Grabbing the front of his gi jacket she plants her right foot in his groin then throws herself backwards pulling him down with her. WAP! her back hits the mat and her right leg straightens with her foot firmly in his groin. “Woah!” he goes flying over her sleight frame tumbling heels over head in a perfectly executed Tomoe-nage. KABLAM! His back slammed into the mat and I felt a strong twinge in my groin. There is something incredibly sexy about watching a very feminine woman in a skirt taking down a much bigger guy in a stomach throw with her skirt billowing and her long nylon-sheathed legs on full show.

Lithely jumping back to her feet the smartly dressed woman returned to Jacques, still on his knees clutching his balls. “A man who attacks a woman must always be severely punished” she stated as she pulled back his head by the hair. “Eee-yah!” her nylon-clad knee streaked straight into his face. BERLAM! his face snapped back fast as he fell to the mat. “A man will complain that blows to the groin are dishonourable but in self-defence all is a fair target” she smirked looking down at the man at her feet as she moved to his side. “A swift kick to the groin from a woman will make a man stop and think. Three will incapacitate most and a kick from a highly trained woman can cause castration even death”. “No!” Jacques squealed as she drew back a leg and sent the foot hurtling between his legs. “Hah!” WHOMP! “Orrrrraghh!”. “Ee-yah!” a long leg shot skywards into the air until the top of her thigh touched her chest in a beautiful axe-kick. It paused briefly then fell in the blink of an eye pounding her heel deep into his belly. WHOMP! “Nnnnarrghh!” his torso creased around her foot. “Eeyah!” her knee rose swiftly, her lower leg snapping out to power her foot into his neck. WHOCK! “Urkkkkk!” his body flew back and crashed heavily.

Charlie’s eyes went wide as the sexy but deadly business woman turned back to look down at him kneeling on the floor in front of her. “Please!” he whimpered as her left leg bent at the knee as she drew back her foot. “Eeyah!” her foot flashed forwards but instead of kicking his lights out her foot lightly lands on his throat then slid up over his chin and pressed against his nose and mouth. “I could have so easily shattered your jaw or crushed your throat. Now beg for mercy by kissing the sole of my shoe” with that she began to grind her foot into his face. As her foot stops moving, I’m horrified to see that he actually begins to kiss it with passion while looking along her leg with open lust and a growing erection. “Observe how men secretly want to be beaten and humiliated by a woman” Charlie kept kissing her shoe. “Deep down they want to be slaves if they meet a stronger and superior women dreaming only to serve” What feminist clap-trap was this? “See how hard his dick is? He loves it” there were titters from the rich ladies at the sight of a very obvious bulge in the front of his gi trousers.

To my surprise the woman crouched behind Charlie folding her right forearm across his throat. Grabbing her left biceps she used her left hand to push his head into a sleeper hold. “Urkkkk!” his hands flew to the slim arms around his neck. “Just imagine this is you doing this to your husband, lover, gardener or some just guy you fancy in the street” “No! Stop it!” I demanded. She looked at me with her almond shaped eyes with the brown irises boring into me. “Oh, you will get yours in a minute, handsome” she remarked then savagely tightened the hold. His eyes were creased as his hands flapped uselessly against her arms. “Look how hard it grows” she remarked looking at the soaring tent at his crotch. “It won’t be long now. He doesn’t stand a chance and he knows it”. The sight of a sexy woman in a business suit putting away a big tough guy in a sleeper hold was quite erotic especially as she applied it perfectly. Down on one knee with the other leg bent with foot firmly on the floor she kept well-balanced to follow his struggles. My dick got stiff as his face got redder by the second. Forcing his head forwards, her forearm dug into his throat. “I’ve cut off the blood to his brain. It will all be over in a matter of seconds”. She tightens the hold further piling on the pressure. Suddenly he is looking right at me with unfocused eyes. He was completely zoned out, she had him and the thought caused my dick to get stiffer still. To my disgust I heard some moans and saw some of the guys openly rubbing the front of their trousers. I was about to rebuke them when a loud groan drew back my attention. “Arnnnnnnnaghhhhhh!” he slumped in her arms, his eyelids fluttering and drool running from the corner of his mouth. A nasty damp patch was spreading at his groin. “Orrrrrr!” I heard some of the guys moan and also some of the women now shifting uncomfortably in their seats. The woman continued to maintain the hold even after he slumps back. “See, a woman doesn’t need big muscles to knock a man out cold” with her left hand she raised his hand and let it flop limply to the floor. Finally she removed her choking arm and dismissively pushed his limp body forwards onto the mats as if it were just a piece of thrash.

“You see how willing these men are for you to be their mistresses in self-defence to use as testing and training material” the mature Oriental said as she rose, a petite slim woman in a tailored business dress standing with big muscular men on the floor all around her. “Enough of this nonsense” I declared standing up and trying not to admire her long slim sexy legs from the rear with the slender muscled calves and good swell to her hams or the defeated forms on the mats. I signalled for the rest of the guys to stay back. “That’s enough now, love. You’ve had your fun. You’ve got skill I’ll give you that” I said approaching her cautiously. “You might be the new owner but this will remain a Dojo for high-ranking men not a feminist’s playground”.

I expected a stream of rebuke but instead her hands undid the buttons on her jacket and allowed it to fall open wide revealing the sexy contents of a black bra and a hard firm six pack etched on her slender belly. Phroar! this mature woman had the hard muscled body of a female martial artist and it was the sexiest that I’d ever seen. “Look at how the sight of a fit female body turns men into drooling idiots”. Her words annoyed me but I found it hard to tear my gaze away from those beautiful bumps in her belly standing proud like a slab of white chocolate. “You see how easy it is for a slight feminine woman to defeat a whole Dojo of men ranked at least 7th Dan”. The large irregular blocks in her taut stomach were amazing. Part of me wanted to run my hands over that beautiful bumpy stomach. “One that has spent a lot of time mastering different martial arts including some secret ones taught only to women that enable total mastery over a man both physically” she paused, turning her back on me to wink suggestively at the women “and sexually”. That caused a tangible ripple of interest from the rich bitches.

Reaching forward I placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “Now look here…” Suddenly she grabbed my hand. “Eeyah!” BLAM! “Ouch!” her heel drove back into my leg. The next instant I was cartwheeling in the air as she performed a whiplash spinning wrist throw with the room turning at dizzying speed. KABLAM! My back slammed into the mats so hard it knocked the breath from me. As the room stopped spinning I became aware of long slim legs in tan hose with shapely feet raised up on high heels. THUMP! THUMP! I was surprised to find my dick throbbing hard. She might be an arrogant little bitch but she really had sensational legs. “My face….it’s up here” her exquisite clipped tones drew my attention higher. She looked down at me, her perfectly smooth complexion contrasting with the grey in her hair. “What’s the view like down there?” she taunted. “You like looking at my legs. That bulge in your gi tells me you do”. Still stunned from that throw I could only watch those calves as she walked away flexing into hard diamond slabs of sexy looking muscle with every step. She had great calves and the sight caused a surge of yearning for this mature but smug arrogant woman.

The display of sexy female calve muscle in motion came to a halt. She stood in the area set aside to practice the breaking of objects. We had only that morning taken delivery of a quantity of construction concrete blocks which sat in two large stacks where the forklift had left them. The guys hadn’t yet had time to split up them into smaller piles ready for an advanced demonstration the following weekend. Each was 2 foot by 4 foot and 6 inches thick. Breaking one alone would be a hard challenge for most black belts so we used two or three stacked together to show our mastery. Slipping off her heels the Oriental turned to face a stack of 8 as high as her chest. A cold chill went down my spine as I realised her intent. “No, you’ll injure yourself!” I shouted. With no preparation she spun swiftly on her heel, a slim leg shooting forwards driving a small nylon-clad foot against the middle slab of the stack. “EEyah!” BLAM! The slab virtually disintegrated, her small foot pulling back as the slabs above crashed into those below. “EEHai!” spinning around and leaping into the air her foot shot out again. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her lovely leg struck repeatedly at great speed. The stack shrinking lower as her foot pulverised the slabs in the middle. I had seen breaking demonstrations before but nothing on this level and found my dick growing incredibly hard at the sheer power this slight Oriental woman possessed. Facing a stack of 4 slabs standing in a pile of dust and rubble the amazing woman crouched down low. With her legs splayed wide her short skirt failed to cover a tan gusset so sheer that her sexy black briefs were on full display along with stunning lengths of sexy leg on either side and bulging muscled calves. Orrrrrr! My dick hardened in appreciation as she threw her elbow high over her head. “Yah!” her elbow slammed down onto the surface of the top slab and continued to drive all the way through. KABOOM! I felt the percussion through my feet as her elbow sliced through the top slabs in a cloud of dust and shards as big cracks turned the rest into a pile of rubble.

My groin lurched as she turned towards the remaining stack with a hard look of concentration that was incredibly sexy.  Dropping into a crouch her right leg blasted out in a blur towards the bottom slab. “Yah!” BERLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Supporting herself on one hand a tan coloured streak of lightning flashed up and down the stack demolishing slabs with random precision. “Hai! Yah! Yah!” the remaining slabs were turned to rubble with open palm hands. “It’s not magic or super-powers. I can teach any woman to turn her body into a deadly fighting machine” she addressed the gob-smacked women. The woman in the pin-stripe jacket and short skirt seemed like a Goddess as she faced us standing amidst the rubble and shards of concrete. “Imagine what kicks like those would do to your pathetic bodies and balls” she stated. I understood such kicks could easily kill or emasculate a man and the thought chilled me.

I got to my feet to face the woman. “Madame Michelle” “Mistress” she said in rebuke, her hard abs rising and falling softly in her taut stomach. I ignored that. “As sensei it is my responsibility to stand up for the rights of all who train here, male or..” I swallowed my pride “female”. Her exotic face remained tight-lipped and expressionless. “We will help you train women in self-defence as is your desire”. The voices of the guys rose in complaint but I waved them silent. “But it will be conducted with respect and honour with a properly structured course”. The MILF gave a nod of agreement. “I will not let you subject my men to humiliation or degradation as some kind of personal playthings” “I am pleased that you defend your men’s rights with honour” she slowly walked towards me with a smile “And it will be conducted as you say. However I have to correct you on two important points” her smile shrank and became a hard pout. “Firstly, this is my Dojo and I told you to call me Mistress” she growled. “In fact, you and your men will address myself and my associates as Mistress” I was about to protest when she cut me off. “Secondly, ‘You will not let me’” she threw back my words in a weak weedy voice. “You are not capable of standing up to me. Try it now if you think you can or back down, get on your knees and do as you are told”

Just then it was like a large wall slid between myself and the woman. I found myself looking at Ekon’s enormous back. From Nigeria he was at least 6 foot 7 and built like a brick outhouse. We were all big muscular guys who worked out hard at the gym but he made us look like 7 stone weaklings. There was something about him that I didn’t trust but couldn’t say what. Although big and slow, he was powerfully strong and brutal. Going up against him was liking fighting a wall. Not only was he physically imposing, but his face was scary too. Large and rounded with wild staring eyes and a squashed nose, his upper teeth protruded over his thick lower lips. He didn’t speak French well which made him seem less intelligent. As he turned to face her, the mature woman was tiny compared with the huge muscular man towering over her. “It’s okay Ekon, I’ll handle this” I told him as I stepped to his side and placed a hand on his huge shoulder. “Ekon want sexy woman. Ekon take” his bass heavy resonant voice boomed. “Did you know that Ekon is personally responsible for organising and leading the kidnapping of over 30 Nigerian schoolgirls and selling them into the sex trade?”. Her sleekly muscled abs rose and fell in a mesmerising erotic dance as she spoke. “Heh heh heh heh” the big man’s deep voice laughed. “He did it under the name of religion but actually did it for greed of money”. “He was caught transporting kidnapped girls into France but the Gendarme were forced to let him go when he claimed asylum”. “Heh heh heh heh” “Whether true or not, I have no idea. Ekon works as a night security guard now” “Where he allows lorries to unload shipments of sex workers to enter Europe illegally” “Heh heh heh heh” I had a horrible feeling that he understood what we were talking about and was somehow proud of it. “Go tell it to the Gendarme. Let them sort out. Leave the Dojo out of it”. “Greed and corruption perpetuate the ruling classes in almost every European country as you well know” her attractive face became heated and animated. “The Gendarme have been instructed to turn a blind eye. They will not act without a confession”. “C’est la vie” I shrugged my shoulders. “It is a founding principle of our society that we will humiliate a man until he begs to sign a confession admitting his crimes against women which we will then hand over to the Gendarme along with the perpetrator as irrefutable evidence that they can’t ignore” “I’m no lawyer” “I am” she interrupted “Even I know that is illegal and we will have no part of it”. A coy smile appeared on her unblemished ageless face “Don’t worry you men won’t dirty your soft hands. I will give him a chance. If he can rape me he can go free along with a million Euros. How does that sound Ekon?”. I was outraged. “No one is raping anyone in my Dojo!”

“Ekon, stop!” I ordered as the big brute stepped forwards, brushing away my hand. The bear of a man faced the slight looking woman in her business dress. “Heh heh heh” chuckling his hands smoothed down his gi pants showing the shape of his huge erect cock beneath. “Women like it big. They scream for me to stop before it is fully inside them. You will find out when I take you after I beat you helpless. Heh heh heh”. The mature woman was not worried “See the false bravado of macho man” she scorned. His face contorted with rage. “Huh!” his massive fist streaked towards her head. “Ouch!” she exclaimed as she blocked it with her arm. Struggling to keep his arm raised, she blasted three kicks at eye-watering speed across his massive gut. “Eeyah!” WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! the blows sounded deep and hollow yet the man-mountain was not fazed and grinned horribly. Turning she tries to pull his thick arm over her shoulder. “Huh!” moving fast for someone so large a roundhouse kick to her belly knocks her away. WHUMP! “Orrrgh!” she groaned as her sexy muscled abs absorbed the blow. His big fist slammed into her gut like a mallet. WHOMP! “Nnnnnnn” she gritted her teeth as her cheeks ballooned trying to stop her breath from spilling while visibly fighting her body’s urge to fold over. Grinning the big man seized her by the neck which was tiny between his big hands. She expanded her neck muscles to stop him strangling her and raised her shoulders. “I beat you up then rape you real good” he gloated. Doubled over in pain she fought for self-control. “Ekon, that’s enough. Let her go” I told him but he ignored me.

Clearly struggling, the woman balled her right fist. “Yah!” her fist streaked upwards between their close bodies and blasted an uppercut onto his chin. WHAP! Ekon’s face creased in anger with his protruding upper teeth resembling fangs. “Effing bitch. I’m gonna split your pussy in two with my dick!” He roared. Grabbing a clump of hair he roughly pulled her face up and balled his big fist. “Ekon, no!” “Yah!” a flash of tan leg streaked forwards straight between his tree-trunk legs. WHOMP! “Nnnngh!” His eyes went wide and he snarled at her. “Yah!” her leg flashed out again. WHUMP! “Nnarr” the big man winced. Pulling him close, her knee shot up pounding his balls solidly again and again pumping up and down like a sexy piston. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! three flashes of tan coloured thigh slammed into his groin with a sound like a hammer tenderising meat. Sufficient to disable most men, his hand released her hair as his face registered pain. With her hands pressing against his massive shoulders as he began to fold forwards, she pressed her hip suggestively into his crotch before turning her back on him. “Hai!” CRUMP! her foot blasted backwards into his nuts with such force his massive body jerked. “Yah!” her arm flashed backwards striking his unprotected groin with a knife-hand strike WHUMP!. Spinning around the mature beauty dropped into a full front splits before his feet with nylon-clad legs fore and aft. “Hai!” her fist shot forwards in a blur towards his groin WHUMP!.

The big giant began to fold forwards with his mouth wide open in agony. “The bigger the balls, the bigger the target. Yah!” a swift palm strike to the face rocks his troll-like head knocking him back a few steps. The lithe slender woman runs towards him then jumps level with his chest. Her skirt slides tight around the top of her thighs as the right leg kicks forward in a leggy expanse of tan coloured nylon. “Eyah!” WHOMP! Her small foot powers a drop kick against his huge gut with a sound like pounding meat reminding me of how she demolished those concrete slabs. Spinning right around in a breathtaking leggy display, her foot lances towards the top of his head. “Ehah!” BOCK! the power of the kick knocks the big man down in an instant. “A man is no match for a woman’s legs” the Oriental stated in a message that made my dick lurch and caused an outbreak of moaning from some of the other guys.

Ekon got to his knees clutching his face. “Ready to beg yet?” she taunted looking down at him with a calm strong confidence that caused a strong lurch in the outrageous tent in his trousers. He looked up, his eyes glaring daggers before standing with great effort and anger mixed with longing. “Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!” with a mighty roar the beast of a man rushed forwards to unleash a whirlwind of kicks and punches. Astonishingly she blocks or avoids them all ducking and weaving nimbly, her flawless face calm and focussed. “Yai!” her fist struck as fast as lightning, hammering his sternum WHACK! “Urghhh!”. Quickly grabbing his arm she pulled it straight before her long right leg pulsed twice across his gut. “Yah! Ya!” WHUMP! WHUMP! His face showed his pain in the brief instant before she rises to her nylon-clad toes to blast a fast kick to the head. “Yah!” BLAM! lightning fast but powerful her foot strikes like a sexy club knocking him down. “See how pathetic and stupid men are. Look how turned on they become when beaten by a woman’s legs”. The obscene bulge in Ekon’s trousers was so erect I was worried it would burst right through. But he is tough like a brick wall and forces himself slowly to his feet.

“Ekon will take you” he growled, his eyes wild with lust. “No-one is taking anyone” she snapped then began to run towards him. A female David running towards a monstrous Goliath. With a smoothness like a deadly dancer, she spun around, the hem of her short skirt lifting to reveal an inordinate amount of leg as her foot rocketed backwards into his gut. “Eeeyah!” WHUMP! the kick was so solid and powerful that as her long leg straightened behind her it lifted him clean off his feet for a second. “Urrrrghhh!” he groaned, his face creased in pain as he folded right over. “Eyah!” a long leg shot up high until the top of her thigh bounced off her chest then dropped like an axe onto the back of his neck. BERLAM! His body was driven to floor flattening like a starfish. “Even the biggest man is no match for the legs of a trained woman” “Orrrr orrrrr!” Jesus! To my revulsion, some of the guys had their dicks out and were openly wanking off. “You see the effect a powerful woman has on a man” the rich bitches were leaning forward on their tables, their eyes rapt with eagerness looking very excited themselves.

She kicked his side rolling him over onto his back. The sexy woman in her business jacket and short skirt stood over the fallen man then crouched down low in front of him. Her wonderful slender thighs sheathed in the finest pantyhose were practically doing the splits with her hard shapely calves swelling. “I see you enjoy my legs” she smiled “and the way they took care of you and your pathetic friends”. His massive barrel chest rose and fell, his eyes staring in open lust at her crotch where the gusset of her tights failed to hide the skimpy black knickers she wore beneath. Her head turned to address the women at their bistro tables. “Observe how his defeat has made his cock fully erect. Never has it been so long, big and hard in his life”. The gross thing lurched wildly inside his trousers. Madame Michelle turned her exquisite face back to Ekon. Her brown irises within her almond shaped eyes so cold that I saw him shiver. “I could emasculate you by kicking your balls from one end of this Dojo to the other and back again. Which would be such a waste for such a fantastic cock”. An amused smile appeared as she watched the giant tent-pole beat against the inside of his gi like a demented drumstick. “Your cock seems to like this story” she remarked. “I will only give you one chance to save your manhood”. Without taking her eyes off him she stood up and pressed a nylon clad foot upon his mouth. “Worship your Mistress then sign the confession”. With that the long sexy leg pressed the foot onto his mouth and grinds down. “Kiss it” she growls. Ekon’s hands try to move the foot but it presses down harder.

“Stop it” I shout, running towards her. I didn’t like hitting women but I didn’t like the way she was humiliating my men. Summoning all my mental reserve I unleashed a maelstrom of violence. “Yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah!” I blasted a stunning sequence of punches faster than the eye could follow stunned that each one was blocked with equal speed. “Hai!” a tan streak rising towards my face. BLAM! The sole of her foot blasted my face like a cannonball with stunning power. Before I could even formulate a response, she delivered a barrage of rapid chops. “Yah yah yah!” WHOP! WHOP! WHOP! the side of her open hand flashes across the arteries on the sides of my neck so fast the shocks to my system paralyse me. “Yah yah yah!” WHOP! WHOP! WHOP! throat, side of neck, bridge of nose. I am helpless with a rapidly stiffening bulge in my trousers as the gorgeous Oriental chops me with blistering speed causing me to jerk spasmodically. “Hai! Hai!” one hand chops my groin while the other chops my throat WHOP! WHOP!. “Yah!” her rigid fingers drive right in beneath my sternum. WHOP! “Urhhhh!” my body creases forwards. “Yah!” the edge of her hand bites the back of my neck sending me crashing to the mat.

“Did I say that you could sit up?” I heard her address Ekon. “Please Mistress” “Yah!” I looked over and saw her back-kick his face, with a glimpse of light shining through the gauze of her gusset emphasising her crotch. BLAM! WHUMP! His back hit the mat hard. Wow what a sexy kick-ass woman. My dick was positively aching for her as she once more placed the sole of her foot over his mouth. This time he didn’t hesitate and to my amazement began licking the bottom of her nylon clad foot with genuine passion while his erection waved violently in the air like a demented flagpole. “Looks like he’s found his place in life” she remarked. Her long legs clad in tan tights looked sensational as she stood with one slight bent at the knee with the semi-tear drop shaped muscular calve as she pressed her foot against his slobbering mouth. “Now take that thing out of your trousers for all the ladies to see and wank yourself silly in honour to me” she ordered. To my disgust he hurriedly got his big dick out and began pumping it furiously with his hand masturbating while his tongue feverishly licked the bottom of her foot. It didn’t take long and I looked away as a white fountain of spunk erupted. “Kkkk kkkk!” the sound of choking made me look back. “Kkkk kkkk!” her foot was pressing down on his throat choking him while his hands clutched at her shapely legs trying to stop the pressure.

Horrified at what I was seeing I forced myself to my feet. “Enrol and I will teach you how to control a man with your legs, giving you power such as this” “Kkok!” he made horrible hollow popping noises under her choking foot. “Stop!” I said but it was too late. He emitted a strange whine that rose in pitch until “eeeyuh” and he went limp.

I rushed forwards trading punches and kicks at a frantic rate with the smartly dressed Oriental. For many seconds we were trading blows evenly, neither able to get advantage over the other. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! a barrage of machine-gun fast kicks break through my defences to hammer my chest before I am able to block them. Again and again she favours her sexy long legs, outreaching my punches, fast and strong enough to intercept my own kicks and devastating if they land. Increasingly they slam into my defences faster and stronger than I can cope with and the thought crosses my mind that she is too hot to handle. Fatal mistake. WHOMP! “Orrragh!” her foot slams hard against my gut. “Eyah!” BLAM! the sole of her foot slams into my face leaving a taste of nylon. “Hah!” WHOMP! a kick to my chest. “Yah!” WHOMP! “Nnnargh!” another kick to my gut, all too fast to stop. “Hai!” the edge of her hand slashes the carotid artery shocking my system leaving me vulnerable. Her hands wrap around the back of my head holding on as her knee soared with fearful speed. “Hai! Yah! Hai!” WHOMPH! WHOMPH! WHOMPH!“Oarrghh!” I wail as her knee crushed my washboard abs pummelling them to the point of collapse. I tensed for another knee strike and was shocked when she seized my wrist, whipped my arm into the air then whipped it back down in a forward arc flipping me in a perfect spinning wrist throw. “Woah!” my body spun rapidly like the spoke in a wheel before my back slammed heavily into the rubber matted floor KABLAM!.

The next second she had dropped down by my side pulling my arm between her long slim legs which she hooked over my neck and upper chest in a perfectly executed juji-gatame. “Argh arghh!” the back of her leg pressed down upon my neck as she levered the back of my arm over her crotch. “See how a woman can exert total control over a much bigger male opponent with very little effort yet still remain feminine and elegant”. “Urghh!” she maintained the hold perfectly and I knew that there was no chance of breaking the hold without breaking my arm. “With a little training any woman can be superior in any fighting discipline to men” “Urrghh!” the rasp of her nylons against my throat and the sight of her long slim thighs disappearing to the side of me was a constant reminder that I was being dominated by a very alluring feminine woman. “Urrr!” I grabbed her slender lower leg wrapped around my neck to try to pull it away. “Urrrr!” my head span as she increased the tension in the hold. “See how his arm is bent back over my crotch. If I raise it like this” “Arghh! Argh!” I yelped as the tendons in my arm and my elbow joint felt close to shattering. “I could break his arm with my pussy. That’s real girl power for you”. Deliberately raising and lowering her hips she kept me yelping as the back of my elbow rubbed against her gusset. Yet oddly I felt a steady stiffening in my groin as the beautiful mature Oriental kept me under control in the straight side arm-bar. I tried to raise my head off the floor to break the hold but her legs exerted a strong pressure on my neck and I knew that I would choke myself unconsciousness before I broke the hold.

“Enrol in my exclusive school and I will teach you these techniques and these men” “Arkkk!” she pressed down with her lovely nylon-sheathed legs while stressing my arm-joint. “Will be your practice dummies” “No, never! Arghh!” I yelped at the sharp shooting pains in my elbow as she punished my objection. “You don’t need to be a butch muscle woman to control a man like this. Ladies such as yourselves can be skilled in Martial Arts yet remain graceful, feminine and sexy as evident by the bulges in the men’s trousers”. “Get your dick out and wank yourself before I’ll break your arm” she demanded. Oh God I felt so ashamed to be humiliated by a such a good looking woman but I found myself so turned on that I found myself fishing out my dick. Her nylon clad feet pressed against my nose and mouth while maintaining the armbar. “Kiss it while you wank yourself silly” No, I couldn’t “Arghh arghhh!” my elbow was about to shatter and so began kissing the nylon sole with a passion. “Mmmm mmmm!” I felt so utterly helpless, dominated by the sexy legs of a beautiful mature Oriental that my hand sped up and down my cock as I worshipped her foot with all my might.

I began moaning as I neared climax when she released the arm-bar, withdrew my foot from my mouth then stood up. Madame Michelle, my martial arts Mistress looked down at me from atop her long sexy lethal legs. “I think your cock is able to do only one thing. Cum without me touching you”. Suddenly her leg kicked high into the air in a perfect axe kick where it remained raised vertically. The view looking up from the floor at her feet along her left leg with the muscled calves and strong lines, pass the gusset at her crotch and up along the raised right leg was more than I could possibly cope with. “Nnnnnarghh nnnnarghh nnnnarghh” I came in three hard long blasts leaving me drained and humiliated as I realised I had disgraced myself not only in front of a load of strange women but also in front of the guys.

On the floor feeling sorry for myself what happened next shook me further. Around me men rush forward eager to engage Madame Michelle in combat. They are too eager with visibly excited erections. Adrien and Alain run towards her from the front. “Hai!” the smart suited woman pivots, her long right leg slamming her foot into the sternum of the first before spinning right around and back-kicking the other in the gut all within the blink of an eye WHOMP! WHAM!. Seizing Adrien’s wrist she swiftly whips it up while pressing down on the shoulder blade forcing him to bend sharply forward as she applied an arm-lock. “Argh argh!” “Down on your knees before your mistress, male slave” she stated. BAM! A sharp kick to the back of his legs drops him to his knees. Placing a nylon-clad knee behind the shoulder joint she levers his arm vertically against it forcing him to fold forward like a match-book. He was completely owned, letting the leggy Oriental force him until his face was almost touching his knees. “Observe the dominant control of a woman”. His dick is twitching wildly in his trousers and I realise in shock that he is enjoying it.

With his erection straining at the front of his trousers, Alain tries to grab the slightly built woman but she leans sharply forwards while still maintaining the brutal arm-lock keeping Adrien folded on his knees. Her knee lifts, the short pin-striped skirt rising above her crotch exposing the full length of her long thighs. “Yah yah!” the foot shoots back powering into his groin and gut in swift succession. “Orraghh!” he creases over.

“Yahhhhghhh!” Etienne rushes up from behind. In a heart-beat, the Oriental spins around, a long expanse of tan nylon rising at the same time her hands reach for a horizontal beam above her. “Yah!” a leggy arc slices the air, her foot back-kicking the side of his jaw. WHOCK! His face spins around. Swinging forwards, her  legs whip up around his neck. The ankles cross and her slender thighs swell with sleek but definite muscle. “Urkkk!” for a brief moment Etienne is locked solid between the sexy strong legs of a woman maintaining a sturdy body position as she hung from the beam. “Observe the power of a woman’s legs”. “Urkk!” his eyes were wide and the bulge in his trousers throbbed as he looked along the sexy nylon-clad length of thigh to the hard muscled abs of the woman hanging in front of him at eye level. His hands went to her thighs but instead of trying to pull them apart they began stroking them and feeling them up. “How pathetic” she derided, her flawless face as cold as ice. “Eyah!” a sudden sharp twist of her body and the big man performed a rapid cartwheel with his neck firmly trapped between her luscious thighs. The instant before his neck would have snapped, her leggy prison opened sending him slamming into the mat followed by the inevitable ejaculation in his pants.

This had happened so fast that by the time her feet landed on the floor, Adrien had barely risen to his feet. When her leg blasts a kick across his belly “Yah!” WHUMP! “Orrr!”. Skipping to her other leg, her other foot slams hard against his sternum WHOMP! “Orrr” Followed by lightning fast kick to the face BLAM! “Orrr”! Spinning quickly her foot plunged into his gut WHUMP! “Orrrg!”. He fell back clutching his chest gasping for breath as she seized Alain’s hand. Bending back his wrist as she moved to his side, pressing against his elbow with her other hand keeping his arm straight and stressing the joint. Turning quickly she walked him around her body in a circle before doubling back and throwing him rapidly using his arm in what looked like an Aikido move. KABLAM! still holding onto his wrist she twists it and drags his arm around forcing him onto his belly. Stressing his wrist wickedly he writhes in agony beneath her. “Your precious macho skills are for naught. I am your Martial Arts Mistress now. I own your body. I control your desire. You will do as I command” “CUM!” she shouted. “Orrrrrragh nnnnnarr nnnnnarr” Alain completely humiliated himself on the floor.

Adrien tried to get up only for the fast moving leggy bitch to blast a kick into his gut. “Yah!” WHUMP! “Orrrph!” sending him back down to the mat. “Hai!” her devastating right leg flashed between his legs. “No!” he squeals only for her toes to stop barely a centimetre from his balls. He breathed a sigh of relief as her nylon-clad foot folds back at the knee only for it to snap out again in the beat of a heart. BLAM! “Arghhh!” “Nnnnnarrghh!” He passed out even as he messed his trousers.

By now most of the rest of the guys had given up any pretence of actually fighting her. “Hai! Yah! Yah!” open hand strikes to Andre’s chest, jaw and neck left him jerking on the floor with multiple orgasms. Her sexy long legs pummel Charlie with a series of devastatingly fast kicks to his chest, gut and face in a deadly dance that no man can withstand. “Eyah!” a blur of motion as she spins and unleashes a high back-kick to his jaw sends him flying through the air trailing a huge obscene load of white cum even as his back slams into the mats.

It’s like watching a Kung-Fu movie as the sleight smartly dressed woman totally demolishes with stunning rapidity a whole Dojo of highly-belted men. Yet she retains undeniable femininity as she ducks and dives the blows of her opponents before a deceptively powerful kick from a well-shaped nylon-sheathed leg renders them helpless. To the further humiliation of my men, she keeps up a commentary for the watching women. “Observe the futility of these men, Hai!” WHUMP! “Garrrhhnn!” she explains as a small fist shoots deep into the well-muscled abs of Gerald like a hot knife through butter. “Their puny skills are no match for a trained woman” Yah!” CRUMP! “Nnnarghh!” he wails as her knee rockets into his sternum before a swift chop to the back of the neck sends him tumbling.

“The big tents in their trousers is testament enough” Bertrand and Jacques were surprised to find the woman in the pin-striped business dress pushing her way between them. “Hah!” her elbows jerked back slamming solidly against their chests WHOMP! “Urghh!”. “Yah!” her forearms snapped vertically hammering the back of her fists into their faces WHAP! “To their latent desire to be dominated by a strong feminine woman”.  Stepping forwards from between them, she spun around, grabbed each of their heads and bashed their skulls together. CLUNK!

Suddenly Ekon was upon her but she outpaced him with speed. “Yah!” front kick to his gut WHOMP!. A quick spin and a back roundhouse kick to his face. BLAM! she grabs the front of his gi jacket. Pulling him forward into her arm stretched out across his chest, she sweeps his foot away. KASLAM! the big guy goes down hard. Still holding his wrist, she pulls his arm out and twists it forcing him to his feet wincing in pain. “See how a woman can simply control even the biggest man”. Still with hold of his arm she leans back, her short skirt rising as her left leg blasts lightning fast kicks. “Yah!” WHAM WHAM WHAM shoulder, gut and a back kick to his face. She is so fast WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM face, gut, spinning back-kick to gut then chest followed by a kick to his gut that slams him up against the wall. She keeps her foot there pressing hard as he struggles for breath. His big hands caress her sexy shins and muscled calves as she powers the foot deep into his massive belly. “Observe yet again the power of a woman’s legs over a man. Able to cause a slow and humiliating defeat yet turn him on at the same time”. The huge tent-pole in his trousers got bigger and bigger until finally almost on the point of passing out. “Nnurggggh!” he creamed himself once more and she removed her foot allowing him to collapse towards the floor.

“Imagine what you can do with these skills” she says twisting Georges’ hand behind his back, applying a headlock and driving the top of his head straight into Etienne’s gut. WHUMP! “Woaargh!” The impact causes him to crease forwards. “This knowledge can be used in any Dojo, Hai!” the point of her elbow drives into the back of his neck driving him to his knees. Her long right leg quickly folds around his neck trapping him in a standing head scissors while twisting Georges around to face her. “In any street” the beautiful mature Oriental seizes his throat with her right hand while driving her left fist into the underside of his jaw. CRACK! “In your home Hah!” the side of her hand slashes his neck and he goes down. “Turning any man into an aroused slave” The sleek muscles in her lovely thighs bulge with unexpected hardness before relaxing then opening to allow Etienne’s unconscious head to drop to the floor.

I couldn’t explain the surge of sheer lust that went through me as the sleight Oriental stood over the fallen men. With her pinstripe jacket hanging open exposing her perfect big orbs of breast cupped in a black bra that I just wanted to rush forward and cup in my hands while kissing her six-pack stomach and rubbing my crotch up and down those beautiful long slim legs. The madness that had overcome the others now took me and I rushed forward heedlessly only wanting to experience the superior Martial Arts power of this sexy Goddess. She was faster than anyone I’d ever experienced. “Yah!” she pivoted. Before I could get my defences up a tan blur pulsed towards my head. BLAM! Her small foot struck the top of my head with devastating speed and power. My senses scrambled I nearly collapsed. Small hands grabbed my head, pulled it down as her knee snapped up. “Yah!” BLAM! “Arghh!” the crushing pain from her knee was blinding. “Eyah!” a tan streak shot up like a bar across my chest. WHOMP! “Arghhh!” my breath spilled. The slim woman skipped then her sole rocketed into my face. BLAM! My legs turned to jelly I went down to my knees.

“A man can fight but a woman has greater endurance and stamina”. Leaning forward she raised the back of her hand towards me beckoning me to rise with her finger. The sight of that short skirt and the amazing sexy expanse of tan nylon sheathing her sexy legs had my dick pounding against my gi trousers overriding my training. Shaking my head, trying to pull myself together I got back up desperate to get my hands on this incredible woman who challenged my skill. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP punches and kicks were traded and blocked at terrifying speed. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP I was at my limits to keep up, her stamina indeed outpacing my own.

Out the corner of my eye I saw a grinning Ekon lurking up behind Madame Michelle, putting his finger to his lips. Before I could tell him no, she blocked my next punch, her hand quickly moving to secure my wrist. While twisting my arm into an arm-bar she spun to her side, a long leggy tan blur blasting horizontally right into the big man’s sternum. “Yah!” BOK! “Arghh!” his eyes went wide in surprise. She really was too hot to handle. “Yah!” WHAM! “Nnnnaraghh! I wailed as a knife-hand sliced between my legs into my groin. Almost simultaneously, her gorgeous long right leg back-kicked Ekon right in the throat. “Yah!” BOK! “Kkkkk!” his big hands flew up to clasp her lovely slender shin and calves as it drove the foot right in. Leaving him stunned she seized his wrist and in a single overhand movement whipped each of our hands over our shoulder and pressed it into our shoulder blades. “Pathetic! Even two of your best cannot hope to handle a skilled woman such as myself” “Argh arghh!” we yelped as she forced us painfully to our knees. The beautiful mature oriental
watched us writhe with a smug expression of arrogant superiority as she adopted a crouch. Despite my humiliation my eyes were glued to her crotch as the short skirt rode up exposing all that was below with a rapidly strengthening erection. Balancing on one foot her left leg kicks up at 60 degrees with great flexibility slamming the side of her dainty foot against the side of his neck. “Yah!” WHOP. Ekon grimaced then fell limp.

“It’s just you and me now, handsome” the woman with the flawless complexion said. With that she pressed my hand further up between my shoulder blades as she forced me in an embarrassing wincing dance of pain to my feet. Immediately she angled her small buttocks in front of my groin as she stretched a long leg across my thighs. With her arm around my waist she bent sharply forward as her long leg swept my feet from beneath me lifting them high behind me. “Woah!” the world whipped around me as she slammed me with great speed over her hip. My body rotating tightly, my head flipping upside down as my legs whipped overhead. KABLAM! My back slammed heavily into the mats knocking the wind from me, stunned at the speed and power of her throw. “Judo is naturally suited to women enabling them to throw men around the room with little physical strength and remaining feminine yet asserting devastating power that no man can resist” she stated while still keeping hold of my right arm as she stood over me.

“Men go absolutely ga-ga for a woman’s legs. Now observe another way they can exert power over a man”. To my surprise she pulled my vertical arm between her lovely thighs which were bent slightly at the knee. They closed tight exerting a shocking squeezing strength in a standing arm-scissors while she bent back my hand at the wrist. “Arghh no no!” I yelped as with a look of pure ruthless dominance that caused my erection to throb she took my arm to breaking point. Punishment over she used an arm-bar to pull me to my feet.

“Eyah!” she spun around in front of me, her nylon-clad leg firing backwards to slam into the top of my chest with such shocking power from a petite slim woman that sent me hurtling back into the wall. BLAM! stunned I found myself sliding down the wall. The long-legged MILF stepped forwards, pivoted on one heel and proceeded to give me a real leggy beating. “Eyah Yah Yah Ha Ya!” a tan lightning bolt blasted my sternum, side of face, back-kick to side of jaw followed the next second by her foot kicking it back the other way and a dropped heel kick to the top of my head. She grabbed my jaw in her hand and forced me to look up at hers. “Who’s going to save you now, big man?” She sneered before giving my face a sudden push backwards that sent it falling towards the floor if not for managing to stop myself with my elbows. The exquisite Oriental leapt upon me like a panther. Her silken thighs straddled my lower abdomen as she balled her fist. “Hai!” her small fist struck like a thunderbolt into the join of my neck and shoulders. WHAM! The shock to my nervous system make my body jerk as I fell to my back.

The sexy mature woman immediately sat astride my chest pinning my biceps beneath her luscious nylon-clad thighs. One hand grabbed beneath my chin and twisted my face pointing to the bodies of my guys lying on the mats. “Are these your precious macho men?” she scoffed. She twisted my face in the opposite direction showing the rest of the guys laying in defeat. “And these?” she scoffed “Big tough highly ranked macho men beaten by a mere woman”. “I am no superwoman who spends every waking hour in a gym” she forced me to look at her. “In fact I couldn’t think of anything more boring” the view along her inner thighs to her crotch was exciting. Grabbing the front of my gi she began to rise pulling my torso from the floor. “Get up and fight. Give me a proper workout. I’ve not even broken into a sweat”. The dominant superiority in her voice setting my dick bouncing uncontrollably inside my pants. “No, no, no more please” I heard my voice sounding so weak as I begged. “Please let me serve you. Mistress” “Wimp” she snarled releasing the scruff of my jacket letting me slump back to floor. “Yah!” BLAM! Her foot streaked between my legs into my groin “Arghhh!”. My torso sprang up straight only for my jaw to meet her rising knee BLAM!. She spun around, her short skirt riding up to her buttocks as her leg bent at the knee and her foot back-kicked the side of my jaw BLAM!. “Eyah!” I watched in awe and wildly thrashing erection as a sexy long expanse of slender leg rocketed high in the air above me in an amazingly executed axe-kick then dropped in a heartbeat. WHOP! Her foot bludgeoned the top of my head like a sledgehammer. Everything went into a whirl and I found myself face down on the mats.

Once more her small hand grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at her standing victorious over me. “Is that all you’ve got?” the sexy Oriental with the silvering hair asked dismissively as her eyes bore into mine in challenge. “Please Mistress” I gasped in a weak voice. I was beat. The way she looked at me with wildfire burning in her eyes I nearly came in my pants. After a few seconds she pushed away my face with a sigh of disgust. With a look of pure smug arrogance the slender woman began slowly walking around us, her hands upon her hips with a look of cold disdain on her flawless face that was an incredible turn on. “Enjoying the view?” she taunted with a smirk, all of us were staring at her perfect legs clad in a long expanse of sheer tan pantyhose. Her business skirt was so short that our humiliating position on the floor gave us full sight of the gusset at her crotch that we ached to get into. When she turned around I saw of one of the smallest, tightest, sexiest backsides that I’d ever seen. “No-one else with the stamina or courage to face a mere woman in unarmed combat?” she taunted. “No?” she chuckled scornfully.

“You?” she asked Ekon, looking back at him as she bent forwards in front of him giving him an eyeful of that astonishingly sexy nylon-covered peach of a backside. “Urrrrr” he groaned his big tent-pole lurching up and down but unwilling to face her again. She continued her leisurely walk knowing all male eyes were focussed on her sexy legs. Coming to a stop in front of me presenting her stunningly feminine side-profile to me. “Not even you mister sensei?” her eyes bored into me with her mouth in an inviting tantalising smile that part of me just wanted to leap up and take her then and there. “Imagine you are standing right behind me, pressed up against me” She slowly lent forwards, the short skirt rising up exposing her buttocks. “Imagine what it would feel like with your hands feeling my tits as my backside thrusts into your groin as I load you Onto my back allowing you to linger there a little too long before I threw you” I could imagine only too well. “Nnnnnn nnnnnn nnnnargh!” I couldn’t believe the powerful sexual reaction I kept having for this marvellous woman.
Henri stopped. Looking very unsettled he took a deep drink before continuing in more of an ashamed whisper.
They got us to stand in a single row with Madame Michelle and her other smartly dressed women facing us with smug confident grins and dominant arrogant attitude. They dressed like posh executives or professional women, most quite sexy all trying to look tough. The mature Oriental spoke “Unless you want further demonstration of the superior skills of myself and my colleagues you will remove your gi jackets now”. Looking sheepish we all obeyed. “PHOAR! Look at that bods on those PHOAR! What big muscle hunks PHROAR!” an excitable young woman with short sandy blonde hair and a pleasing figure in a stylish white blouse and black patterned skirt exclaimed. “Yes Sofia, they are fine physical specimens indeed. Now drop the trousers and your pants” she ordered. Again none of us dared to hesitate. “ORRRRR! Blooming heck some of them are hung like blooming stallions! PHROAR I want some of that” the young woman exclaimed. Some of the rich women seemed to have palpitations. “Yes, very well hung indeed” the attractive mature Oriental agreed.

Click click a mature plump buxom woman was taking photographs of our humiliation on her phone. “We know where your wives and girlfriends live” Madame Michelle  said. “You will report here each week to be practice dummies for these ladies. Failure to do so and those photos will find their way to their mailboxes in both digital and physical form”. She turned to address the rich women. “Ladies, if you register today. I will promise you that if you can beat them during the practicals then you can take them any way you choose” she added with a saucy wink. With looks of pure sexual hunger the rich women picked up their pens and eagerly signed the forms in front of them. The oriental smiled as she turned back to us. “Now ladies, if you would be so good to come here. You can have a bit of hands-on experience”. There was an undignified rush as the posh bitches ran forwards. Instructing them to remove their shoes, Madame Michelle and her colleagues got them to extend their legs forwards to gently brush our dicks with their feet. “That’s it ladies. A man thinks through his dick. See how easy it is get them aroused with your feet” the women stared at us hungrily with looks of pure predators. They were women used to getting whatever they wanted, the wives and mistresses of very wealthy men and all very beautiful and sophisticated as is the want of such greedy and powerful men for only the very best things in life. With such women stroking our dicks with their feet we soon had very hard erections and were moaning in pleasure.

Click click the mature woman dressed in an elegant floral knee length dress, tan tights and heels continued to take photos. The way her blouse formed a massive wide low-hanging slope at her front made it clear that she was enormously endowed which given my aroused state just made it grow even harder.

“That’s enough ladies. They are quite hard enough. Please return your feet to the floor”. Eyes wide with excitement the posh bitches lowered their legs. “Now for the fun part. I’m sure I do not need to tell you what to do next but I urge you to do it lightly with the gentlest of kicks so let them have it” Madame Michelle encouraged. WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP legs swung forwards repeatedly kicking us lightly in the groin. Already aroused by the stroking of their feet I found myself getting more and more aroused by the gentle kicking of the long legged sultry mature lady with diamonds and pearls who faced me until I began moaning on the edge of orgasm. “As soon as they start to cum increase the strength and speed of your kicks until you’ve kicked out every last drop” the mature Oriental told them. It was no use, the pressure had built up too much and I couldn’t resist it. “Nnnnnar!” BLAM! BLAM! the bitch started kicking me hard and fast “Nnnnnarghh!” BLAM! BLAM! the spunk flew out in spurts each time her foot slammed into my balls “Nnnnnnnarghh arghh arghh arghhh!” I cried as her foot slammed painfully again and again into my groin. Either side of me I heard the hard kicks and groans of my guys as a mass ejaculation and ball busting took place. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! “That’s it ladies, kick them until they are down on the ground crying in agony”. My body rocked violently under the continual assault on my groin, my balls felt like they wanted to retract inside my body. It wasn’t long before I was on the mat trying to curl into a tight ball to protect my painfully aching nuts. “Enough girls, enough! We don’t want to break them on the first go now do we?” Madame Michelle clapped her hands trying to regain control. “You see how easy that was?” I heard her voice as the kicks stopped while I was wrapped up in a world of dreadful soul-destroying pain.

“Argh! Argh! No please!” the sound of Ekon shrieking made me look up from my agony. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was as I saw the big buxom woman bending back his arm through the crook of her arm forcing it backwards across the front of her ample chest. With a broad attractive face and short brown hair she confidently twisted his arm into an excruciating arm lock that forced him to his feet dancing in pain as she brought his arm to the verge of snapping while giving him a hard stern look. I wasn’t surprised to see that he was developing another erection at his rough treatment at the hands of the extremely well-endowed woman. Madame Michelle addressed him. “It’s time to sign the confession Ekon, unless you want Madame Virginie to demonstrate to the ladies how easy it is for a woman to break a man’s arm” “Arghh arghh ok ok!” he yelped as busty woman stressed his arm over the crook of her arm by way of warning. She led him by the arm with him wincing in agony with every step to the chair at the desk I sat at earlier. Seated, Madame Michelle stood before him, back to the desk, and raised a long slim nylon-clad calve and pressed the foot against the base of his throat. “Pick up the pen, Ekon and sign your confession” she purred seductively as her foot lightly traced a slightly menacing path over his throat. With shaking hands he did so but as he did, the woman hitched up her short skirt brazenly displaying her crotch to him. His eyes were wide unable to stop staring at her crotch while a massive erection formed. “You know your place don’t you Ekon?” she teased with a saucy smile as her toes gently slid over his chin to his lips. Immediately he began to kiss them. “Even the toughest of men can become your slaves” her toes flattened against his lips. “Lick the dust and dirt from the feet of my tights. Look how dirty these floors are. That will have to change”. It was shocking watching the once arrogant scary big man meekly obey the woman’s every command. The sexy legged Oriental moved the foot away from his mouth and with knee raised high hooking the long shapely calve over his head pressed her foot down upon the back of his neck “Down on the floor by my feet where you belong” she said sternly. Again, he obeyed, the left foot upon the back of his neck guiding his face towards to top of her right on the floor where he began kissing the wonderful raised arch shape. “Oh powerful Dojo mistress” he moaned between kisses. “This could be you dominating your husband or lover in a few weeks” she told the rich women pointing to the man worshipping her foot.

He looked sad when she suddenly withdrew the object of his affection from his lips. “Wank yourself” she commanded in a strict voice before turning around in front of him. Holding up the hem of her skirt she positioned her perfect peach of a backside right in front of his face then proceeded to step backwards. Her small hard compact buttocks pressed against his face. The tight hard buttocks moulded themselves around the features of his face. Pushing it right back over his kneeling body his face formed a seat for her sexy backside. It was an incredibly sexy sight full of female dominance and my dick rose in salute as did the others. It had even more effect on Ekon. “Mmmmmooowww Mmmmmooowww!” his loud moans were muffled by her perfect arse while his hand pumped his dick furiously. ORRRRR my dick became solid despite it’s recent brutal treatment as I wished I were in his place with my face buried beneath the arse of this mature Oriental Goddess. With his hand flying up and down his shaft it sounded like he was going crazy “Mmmmmorrrr Mmmmoorrr”. I don’t think I would have lasted long beneath that lovely undercarriage and neither did Ekon. “Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm!” an obscene fountain sprayed his lust and set mine throbbing hard.

“Such a waste” the exotic beauty said as she rose from his face “seeing as you will be shortly going to prison”. Ekon was too shattered to respond as the leggy woman in the pin-striped business jacket and short skirt walked around behind him. Without warning she leapt upon his back, her long slender legs wrapping around his waist scissoring him tight as her arms wrapped around his neck. “Urkkk!” the big man was too frazzled to respond. His hands went to those gorgeous legs trying to prise them apart seeking weaknesses that weren’t there. All the while her slim arms locked tight cutting the oxygen from his brain forcing his head further back to make the blood choke more effective. His hands went to her forearm like a bar across his throat. With his face turning red and with signs of panic he tugged in vain at her arm as she zapped him of his strength. “Oooooo!” he moaned clenching his eyes and gritting his teeth trying to fight the smothering oxygen depredation. “Arghhhh!” with a cry he suddenly just seemed to give up, his hands falling back to her legs to stroke and caress those lovely nylon-sheathed thighs. “That’s it. Enjoy the sensation because you know that you will soon be” she paused as she exerted a strong jolt on his trapped neck “out” jolt. His eyes went wide as her arms seemed to bite into his neck. “like” jolt. His eyes creased and his mouth opened in a silent cry “a” jolt “light” jolt. Drool ran from the corner of his mouth as he gave one final shudder of his body before falling completely limp in her arms. Her hard almond shaped eyes stared at me as she maintained the hold making sure he was well and truly out of it. There was something so extremely erotic about the intensity of that stare as she maintained that hold with a look of utter superiority that I felt a massive rush uncontrollable rush as I completely messed myself once more. “Nnnnnarhh nnnnarhhh nnnnarhh”. I felt so completely drained and with a smug knowing smile on her exquisite lips I knew that I was completely owned by this woman.

Finally she opened her arms and with a push let Ekon’s massive body flop senseless to the floor. “The pantyhose is the symbol of our society as it is a feminine symbol of our superiority” she addressed the intently watching women. I watched as the big buxom mature woman removed her tan pantyhose from her plump but shapely legs then used it to tie up Ekon’s hands behind his back. A procedure that made her massive chest wobble in distracting ways. The all-conquering oriental did the same, stuffing the feet of her nylons into his mouth then using the legs to tie it firmly around his head to keep it in place. The signed confession was attached to this. I was then ordered to put his bound and gagged body into the boot of my car. A willowy blonde with a great figure, great legs but not a face to match dressed in an eye-catching sexy black leather mini-dress came with me as I drove then dumped him down a quiet side alley a few streets away. Despite her sexy dress and figure, the young woman looked tough and after what I had been through that night didn’t fancy testing if she had the skills to match. So I kept quiet as she made an anonymous phone call to the Gendarme on a cheap pay as you go mobile phone before I drove her back to the Dojo.
After that Henri fell silent and wouldn’t say any more, so I left him brooding into his drink and walked back to the hotel. As soon as I entered my room I sensed something was wrong as the lights were on with another room card in the reader by the switch. Closing the door, I cautiously went through the small hall and into the bedroom. The first thing I saw were a long slim pair of feminine legs reclining on the double bed with long slender thighs sloping up to her knees then sloping back down along long slim shins. Clad in tan coloured tights I admired the long shapely semi tear-drop that swept from slender shins and sensuously curved around her calves. My eyes followed the sexy length of slender lanky thighs right up to the gusset at her crotch. A black pleated skirt was strategically arranged around her slender hips, raised at the front to show off her crotch. PHOAR they really were a very beautiful pair of legs. They were the sort of legs that had a man drooling in seconds. I couldn’t take my eyes from them as they stretched and moved around in a sensual leggy dance that was turning me on.

“Ah Monsieur Priest. About time” a firm female voice with slightly clipped Oriental tones spoke as the torso behind the legs sat up. It was like a dream come true. Walking into a hotel room and finding a beautiful woman there waiting for you. The upper part of her body was clad in an eye-catching lemon sleeveless yellow buster with a wide frill around the top which just came over the bottom of a very ample pair of breasts with big erect nipples pushing against the fabric and leaving a tantalising deep cleavage on show. Above the buster arms, shoulders and upper chest were completely bare other than a fine silver necklace which vanished down that sexy cleavage between two beautifully rounded breasts leaving the absolute certainty that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Oh Lord what a sexy woman! My balls began to contract as a stiffness spread through my groin. I had to force myself to keep focussed for this was precisely the distraction this deadly woman intended. “I really must have very strong words to Henri. He likes the sound of his own voice too much and is too loose with his words for the price of a few drinks”. Her prominent nipples rose and fell as she spoke. Another distraction that was hard to ignore.

“Madame Michelle I presume”. She nodded. Henri was right, she was a very good-looking Oriental woman with a perfect smooth skin complexion with no wrinkles or creases to match the age implied by the silvering in her otherwise jet black hair. “Don’t blame him. I supplied the drinks and asked the questions”. A tight predatory smile graced her elegant face. The gorgeous mature woman sat up with her brown irises set in almond-shaped eyes staring at me above a short cute nose. Her perfectly formed mouth pouted sensuously in a deadly invitation to be kissed. The movement drew the pendant hanging from the necklace out from it’s sexy hiding place. My eyes went wide at the sight of a black ebony figurine of a multi-limbed Asian goddess carrying a multitude of weapons dancing in a circle of fire. “Yes. You recognise the Goddess Anahita don’t you Monsieur Priest?”. This woman was more dangerous than I had imagined, yet still her sex appeal and the somehow ordinariness of the situation kept me there instead of fleeing. “The Zoroastrian Goddess of female supremacy in all forms of Martial Arts” she exclaimed. I kept quiet and filed that away for future reference. “Henri failed to mention the pendant of The Sisterhood” I admitted. “The thing about a necklace, Monsieur Priest” her brown eyes smouldered with a powerful intensity that was almost tangible. Her right leg stretched out, the foot gently stroking the front of my trousers. Before I could step away her hand whipped out snaring my wrist “Is that they can be removed and only worn when needed”. She pulled me firmly towards the bed. I resisted. She sighed theatrically. “An ordinary man like you doesn’t stand a chance against a woman trained in the Martial Arts” she let that sink in. “Don’t make me have to kick your arse” she warned. “Oh what the hell” she sighed. Suddenly propelled by an iron-tight grip on my wrist she spun me down the side of the bed throwing my back up against the wall that ran along side it.

The mature woman spun lithely on the bed, her long nylon-clad right leg shot out at blinding speed towards my throat while her left dropped to floor. “Kkkk kkkkk!” I croaked as the bottom of her foot slammed into my throat pressing the back of my neck against the wall behind as she began choking me. As she still held my left wrist captive, I used my right to grab the slender ankle and desperately tried to pull away the foot pressing its way into my windpipe. “Did Henri tell you how I defeated an entire Dojo of highly ranked black belts?. What chance do you think you have?” she chuckled. I had just thought I felt her foot slide under my attempts to move it when she leant her torso forwards, balancing on one leg putting her body-weight behind it. A lovely long leg embedded her small foot deeper into my throat, closing my windpipe. “Kkk! Kkk!” “You will keep your nose out the affairs of my pantyhose society” she lectured. Despite my situation it was hard not to look along her lovely shapely tan-nylon sheathed leg and be turned on. I winced as as her left hand closed around the stiff bulge that had formed in the front of my trousers. “I see what they say about you is true, Monsieur Priest” she chuckled as she had a good feel which just made my erection all the harder. “You’re a pervert who likes being physically dominated by a woman” she remarked. “Investigate the scum that we punish. Follow the trail, uncover the truth and you shall be rewarded with what you seek” “Kkkk! Kkkk!” I was feeling really light-headed and began to slide down the wall.

The good-looking mature Oriental leant forward looking down at me as I reached the floor. “K..!” I desperately needed air. Sexy ample breasts swayed unfettered in her low top in front of my vision but all I wanted was air. Her hand cupped my chin forcing me to look at her while she wagged a finger in front of my face. “Mess with me Jim and you will regret it” she warned. I was in no state to argue yet the ruthless dominance of this sexy sleight-built mature woman was turning me on. “Understand your place in this mister big-shot English detective” she sneered. “K..!” my head was spinning and my grip on her beautiful but deadly leg was failing. “You are mine. I own you. Monsieur Priest. Remember that”. Crouching on one foot in front of me she pressed her foot even harder into my throat. My head swirled and vision darkened as no air got past. My head lolling on the verge of blackout she finally removed her foot and I fell coughing and spluttering, clutching my neck and gasping for breath.

Madame Michelle stood before me, those magnificent sexy legs beckoning my lust. One stretches out towards me and plants a foot on at the nape of my neck. “Worship your mistress Monsieur Priest” the foot pressed lightly “Kiss my foot”. The foot slid up my neck over my chin to cover my lips with the toes resting lightly on my nose. “Kiss it, if you know what’s good for you”. The idea of kissing someone’s foot was repugnant but as I took hold of her slim ankle and the back of her calve I couldn’t help have a good feel of the firm muscle beneath the silky smooth nylons. Twisting my head from side to side while pushing her leg away I freed myself and began to get to my feet to face her.

The Oriental woman moved like lightning. “Yai!” WHOMP! a fist drilled into my stomach so fast I barely saw it moving. “Yah!” the side of her hand chopped the base of my neck. Her feminine looks burned into my mind as my whole body jerked with shock. “Hai!” her dainty hand sliced like an axe into the other side of my neck. My vision blurred and my strength drained. I would have fallen if her hands hadn’t clamped themselves around my neck with the slender fingers digging into the arteries either side of my neck. Immediately raised my hands to try and peel them off. Swiftly her right hand dropped then sped into my gut. WHOMP! “Urrrghhh!” I groaned with the wind being driven out of me as the hand re-attached it’s potent hold on my neck. “Try that again and I will bust your gut over and over until you pass out from lack of breath” she warned “Urkkk!” her fingers were like steel clamps stopping the blood flow to the brain. She laughed, it wasn’t a pleasant laugh “Or maybe I should just knock you right out with my fingers” She smiled as her hands tightened choking my windpipe while her fingers dug in harder into the arteries. “Urrrrk!” my head swam, my ears buzzed and my vision darkened. My body’s survival instinct kicked in and my hands flew to her wrists and began tugging desperately. “I love it when they panic and begin twitching just like your legs are doing now” she was right, I was losing control of my own body. “The way you try to prise my fingers away in vain is so cute” she chuckled as my eyes flickered uncontrollably. Her mouth came close to my ear and whispered seductively like a lover. “I warned you not to do that didn’t I?”

Her right hand left my neck and I tensed my belly for the gut-buster that was surely to come. Instead I was surprised when she grabbed my right arm and whipped it over her slim shoulder, her other hand falling away to grab the front of my shirt as she turned quickly around. I was pulled right up against the back of her sleight body as she leant forwards. There was a brief sensational moment where her small compact backside thrust into my groin loading me onto her slender back then “Woah!”. I went hurtling over her shoulder, my head descending fast as my feet flipped overhead. BERLAM! my back slammed into the soft springy mattress of the bed and bounced a few times.

Although it was a turn-on being thrown by a smaller very feminine woman I wasn’t prepared to give in to her demands. Quickly I rolled myself off the other side of the bed. “You’re only delaying the inevitable Monsieur Priest” her flawless complexion breaking into a smile. Looking at her facing me it was all too easy to forget that this good-looking mature Oriental with the sensational legs and big bust was a dangerous Martial Artist. “You’re not even man enough to hit a woman are you?” she taunted as she stepped around the bed towards me. I wasn’t really thinking ahead. All I saw was this beautiful dangerous woman coming towards me then my umbrella lying on the table close by. I was no martial arts expert so grabbed my umbrella thinking I could somehow use it to defend myself. “Hai!” striking like a snake she grabbed my wrist pulled out my arm to the side as her tan-nylon clad knee flashed upwards in a leggy blur. BLAM! a firm nylon-sheathed thigh slammed into the back of my hand, my fingers flew open and the brolly fell from my grip. “Pathetic Monsieur Priest. Pathetic” she spat dismissively.

In an instant she whipped behind me taking my wrist with her and driving it up between my shoulder blades. “Arhh arghh” I yelped as she held me powerless in the hold, my dick stiffening by the second as a wave of helplessness at the hands of a lovely woman smaller than myself overcame me. Driving me towards the foot of the bed she whipped my arm back out and over in a forward arc. “Woah!” the room spun rapidly around me as my body lurched into the air spinning blindingly fast around my arm which she held onto. BERLAM! My back slammed into the mattress once more.

I felt the bed bounce as she leapt onto the bed. Trying to sit up to get away I saw a tan flash streaking towards my head before I found my neck entangled in a lovely pair of legs front and back. “Urghh!” a surge of leggy strength slammed me back to the bed. I was on my back with the back of my head resting on the top of her right leg with the left hooked over my throat in the crook of her leg. “Oh you are not going anywhere, Monsieur Priest. Until you worship these legs. I know you really want to”. With my wrist still captive, the hot mature Oriental pulled back my arm over her crotch as she laid back at 90 degrees to my shoulders. “Resistance is futile” she chuckled pressing down with her lovely legs while stressing my arm. “Argh!” my free grabbed her calve but she locked her ankles. I saw her thigh muscles bulge powerfully under her tan tights, sleek hard lines bulging in otherwise slender legs. “How does it feel, Monsieur Priest, to be helplessly trapped between the legs of a sophisticated woman?” she taunted whilst with my free hand all I could feel was strong firm feminine legs. “Legs that can knock you right out at a moment’s notice?” “Urkkk!” I groaned as the hamstrings on the back of her slender thigh and the calve squeezed tighter against the sides of my neck, caught tight in the crook of her leg. “Yes, I can see you like my legs very much” she chuckled looking at the stiffness at the front of my trousers. “Grkk!” my head swam as she locked the strangling leg under the back of her other knee and poured down unbelievable power for such lovely slender legs.

Without warning the top leg lifted and her left hand stole in and twisted my face and pulled it into her crotch until it was snug with my mouth against the gusset of her tights. Before I could react her left left folded behind my head keeping me firmly in place as she scissored my face against her crotch. “Mmmmooorrr!” it was then that I realised that she didn’t have any panties on beneath her tights and that my lips were right up against her pussy separated only by a very thin piece of sheer nylon. “Are you in heaven, Jim ? I bet you’d like to get in there” she chuckled as she continued to scissor my face. The temptation just to stick my tongue out and worship this incredibly sexy woman until she came all over my face was overwhelming. “Ohhhh Monsieur Priest!” she moaned.

Without warning her long left left rose into the air above me looking sexy and dangerous as she rolled me out of her crotch and onto my back. “Hai!” it dropped like an axe onto my upper abdomen. WHOMP! “Borrraghh!” my breath rushed out of me with unseemly haste. “Yah!” her foot streaked above my body to my jaw. BLAM! “How dare you presume to touch me there without my permission” Madame Michelle’s voice was stern as her lithe taut body rose up on the bed until she was standing looking down at me with a fierce chilling intensity. “Unless you want to feel what it is like for a female Karate expert who can kick through large concrete blocks and sheets of metal to kick you in the balls then I strongly suggest that you don’t try that again”. I found myself wincing at the thought.

“Hai!” her foot flashed towards my face then stopped bare millimetres from my face. “Kiss it or next time I will not pull the kick” she growled. I had no choice but to take her slender ankle in one hand and bring my lips to her toes and begin gingerly kiss them. To my surprise I found I liked the silky nylon feel of the reinforced toes of her tights against my lips and began to kiss more earnestly. “Better Jim, but not nearly good enough” she said lowering her foot. “Hah!” her knee flew up towards my face. I braced for my face to be smashed in but instead it stopped right in front of my face. “Well don’t just sit there looking at it or next time it won’t stop” I took her calve in my hands enjoying the firm feel of the hard muscle as I pressed my mouth against her knee and began kissing. I tried not to imagine what damage that knee could do to my face, but I did and that spurred me on to immerse myself into worshipping her.

She lowered her knee leaving the long sexy thigh right before me, placing a hand upon my head she urged my face forwards. This time I needed no prompting, I placed my hands upon the back of her legs and began kissing and licking her thighs with a raging passion for this woman really did have a sensational pair of legs and they were deadly as they were lovely. “That’s it. Worship the legs of your Mistress of the Dojo to stop them kicking the stuffing out of you”. I never understood men who were into women’s feet before, but now I was fully absorbed with kissing these beautiful legs. I kissed all the way down the sides her long shapely calves and up again over the defined hard muscle heads, then I kissed all the way along the curvaceous hamstrings at the back of her upper legs. She grabbed the hair by my ears and pulled my lips away and forced me to look up as she wagged a finger at me. “Don’t cross me, Monsieur Priest. Don’t stick your nose into my matters. They do not concern you” she warned. With that she raised her knee high and pressed her foot upon the top of my head gently forcing me to lie down on the mattress.

The mature Oriental stood astride my chest looking down with a wicked smile. I was unable to tear my eyes from the sheerness of her gusset and what lay beneath as her crotch descended onto my face. “Mmmmmm!” I moaned in pleasure as her nylon-clad pussy covered my lips and the front of her crotch pressed up against the base of my nose. Her feminine scent filled my nostrils and I felt the rasp of sheer nylon as her inner thighs closed around the sides of my head. My dick soared stiff with expectation. “I’ve heard that you are a good lapdog, Jim” I heard her voice. “Mmmmoorrrr!” I couldn’t help getting highly aroused with a beautiful dominant martial artist sitting on my face with my head clamped in place by her sexy long nylon-sheathed legs. “So why don’t you lap me up, Jim?” she purred seductively. Oh what an irresistible invitation for a feminine woman to give a man while sitting on his face. “Mmmoorrrr!” I moaned in heightened arousal as I felt her fingers unzip my trousers and take out my erection. “Oh yes. It’s true what they say. A hard man is good to find” she said as her hand began pumping up and down. “Mmmm mmm mmmm!” I went insane with lust and began licking and mouthing into her gusset. At that moment I didn’t care that she was the prime suspect in my case, I just wanted to make her moan with pleasure. “Ohh yes” she sighed in contentment “It’s so good to put a man firmly where he belongs. Orrrrr Monsieur Priest!” She exclaimed with pleasure “Keep showing your servitude to me like that and I will gladly reward you” “Mmmmorrr!” I moaned as she gave me the most skilled hand-job. “Orrrr keep that up Jim. Make me cum so hard that I’ll squirt in your face” she sighed. I’m sorry but an invitation like that from a sexy mature Oriental with a great body, sensational legs aAnd deadly martial arts skills. Well it would be rude not to.

3 thoughts on “The Dojo of Humiliation (Pantyhose#2)”

  1. You actually make it appear really easy with your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually something that I believe I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very huge for me. I’m looking forward on your subsequent post, I’ll try to get the dangle of it!


    1. The pantyhose series was based on a suggestion from a reader which I tried to accomodate with my own ideas. It was clear that with several principle female characters and the plot that this would be a challenging exercise – which is probably why you find it complicated – I hope this will become clearer as you read further into the series. This particular story also featured the ideas of another reader which became quite challenging in its own right balancing the ideas and preferences of two readers!


  2. Fantastic website. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks on your sweat!


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