A Postman’s Lot (JP#14)

Postman meets a hard-wrestling woman and gets more than he can cope with

Based on a neighbour and a postman 🙂
(c)Jim P 2015

Ever wondered why you often see a Postman’s red cart chained up to a lamppost outside a house in the middle of the day with not a Postie in sight? Well I will tell you. I became a Postman partially because I didn’t fancy being stuck in an office or behind the wheel for hours on end commuting in mind-numbing congestion. I liked the idea of getting out and about, using my feet, especially on nice days. There was something else that appealed to a young man who had left school with no qualifications and no luck with women, being a bit on the scrawny side with spectacles and a face that made me look like a nerd. According the lads at school and they swore it was the Gospel truth that with the decline of the daily milk round horny housewives had to get their oats from somewhere else and that’s where the Posties came in. The idea of a hot sexy housewife opening the door in a see-through negligee and pulling me inside for rampant sex sounded good to me. I applied, got the job and never looked back, apart from the lack of sex-starved women. When I asked the older guys about it, they just smiled knowingly and told me. “You will son, you will. Just be patient and you’ll get more than you can possibly cope with”. Ten years on I began to think they were just pulling my chain until one fateful day.

I had just taken over the round of a colleague who had retired. It was along a long road with semi-detached houses on both sides, one side privately owned, the other side housing association, privatised council houses. It was a warm spring day and I had just delivered Mister Priest his rock music magazine. Next up were the association houses on the opposite side of the road. As I crossed I saw a very tall thickly built woman in her garden doing some weeding. She must have been at least 6 foot 5, very big and solid. Over her broad shouldered frame was a loose white sleeveless top and low cut revealing a long deep cleavage between a massive pair of big wide danglers with large prominent nipples. By the way they wobbled with every move it was clear she didn’t wear a bra. Jeez she was stacked, I couldn’t stop looking but tried to avert my eyes because she looked very rough and tough, the sort that would use her fists without question. Judging by the size of her hands, they were very big fists that would do a lot of damage.

Her face was large and long, unkindly reminding me of a horse with a long prominent nose, small grey eyes, wrinkles, a deep chin, a wide thick-lipped mouth full of large yellowing nicotine-stained teeth and a ruddy complexion with no make-up. Long hair, almost completely grey at the front and more brown at the back, was pulled back severely and tied behind her head exposing a large forehead and big ears. Despite the greying I aged her early to mid 50’s. A cigarette hung between her long fingers and I tried not to show my disgust. I don’t smoke, never have and not keen on women who do. As I had quite a bit of post on this side of the street I chained my cart to the lamppost outside her fence. I then caught sight of very long but thick legs  covered in thin black leggings with large feet bare. The shape of the calves were eye-catching with relatively slim ankles tapering out quickly to long wide chunky calves, all beautifully curved and rounded like large inverted bowling pins. Although big and powerful looking, they were smooth until she placed her foot on a spade to dig up some weeds. Her calves suddenly bulged powerfully, stretching the thin fabric allowing a glimpse of large slabs of muscle beneath.

That was it, I always had a thing for strong women and just had to stand and watch while pretending to sort out the delivery. As she moved the spade around the garden, I saw that her thick thighs looked very strong and firm and her hamstrings large and shapely. The tall sturdy woman turned her back on me to attack another weed. As her strong calves press her foot on the spade she bent forward as the blade entered the soil. The thin leggings stretched over her large rounded backside becoming so transparent that I saw that she was not wearing knickers. It was a very large backside but firm, rounded and very sexy to watch. Orrrrrrr! I can’t stop staring at her buttocks as she worked the spade getting so turned on that I was worried someone might see the stiffness in the front of my trousers. Managing to tear my gaze away, I go back to sorting out the post. There were several large parcels for her address and I went to take them out. Jeez they were heavy! I didn’t want to show weakness in front of the big tough-looking woman so struggled manfully to carry them.

As I headed towards the gate she leant over to weed right by the fence facing my way. Jeez! I didn’t know where to look. A massive wide wall of twin hanging torpedoes of womanhood dangled inside her top,  the big nipples jutting from the fabric. Jiggling around violently as she attacked the weeds, I was sure they would fly out. A stiffening in my groin forced me to look away and concentrate on opening the gate while balancing the heavy parcels. “Got anything for me, Luv” an extraordinary loud voice boomed like a foghorn in a rough tone. I looked up to find that massive pair dangling below her face as she looked up at me. I tried to look away feeling flustered as a blush developed on my face. “Er, yes, several”. The big woman straightened up and approached. My word she was tall and with her tough face, very intimidating. She looked like a real bruiser and I felt nervous. “You’re new ain’t cha” she asked in that overly loud voice with a rough accent. “Er, on this round yes. Stephen’s the name” “Kim” she said.

“Those mine?” she asked looking at the boxes I was struggling to hold. “Er yes” “They must be my weights, I’ve been waiting for those”. She took them from my hands. Weights? that caught my attention. She held those boxes like they contained bags of crisps. She was certainly a big sturdy woman with firm arms and legs. “Y.your husband’s weights?” “Ain’t married. Just me and my daughter” “Your partner’s then?” “You’re asking a lot of questions” “Er, sorry. Just making conversation. No offence meant”. “None taken. Come on in and have a cup of tea, I was just about to brew a pot myself”. Without waiting for a reply Kim turned and began walking to the front door. The sight of her large calves flexing beneath her leggings was the clincher and I followed on behind enjoying the view.

As soon as I entered the house I regretted that decision as I tried not to gag on the thick stench of cigarette smoke nor think about what it would do to my lungs. Closing the door she pointed to the living room. “Do you wanna fag?” I shook my head. “I don’t smoke” “I know filthy habit. Been trying to give it up for years. Sit down, make yourself comfortable while I’ll put the kettle on”. It was a nice room but the cigarette smell was disgusting and I decided to leave as soon as I could.

Some statuettes on the mantelpiece caught my eye and I went over to have a closer look. To my surprise they were figurines of strong naked women in grappling poses with female opponents. They were depicted as anatomically perfect fit sexy women with big firm rounded breasts, hour-glass figures and taut well-defined muscles. These were definitely the sort of women I would like to grapple with. “My wrestling trophies” a loud voice  proclaimed proudly as Kim entered the room and handed me a mug. The statement hit me like an express train. “You used to do wrestling?” I tried to keep the excitement from my voice. “Still do. Ain’t much else to do around here when you’re on benefits except eat junk food and become obese. You’ve seen the growing number of fat young cows around here with push-chairs?”. I nodded. “We’ve got a wrestling federation for the women in the association houses and we have bouts with the other estates. I’ve won the area championship for the last 20 years running”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Do you fight men?” I blurted out before I’d realised it. “Not in the league, but yeah, I’ve taken men on loads of times especially if they’ve been beating on a woman. They don’t stand much of a chance against me. I find women give me a tougher match”. I gulped and felt aroused. I think she noticed for she chuckled “Why are you offering to take me on, love?”. I felt nervous but very excited “er well only if you are gentle” I said hoping that she would take me up on it. “Yeah, you wouldn’t stand a chance love” she chuckled.

As I drank my tea, Kim kept glancing out of the window watching something. Those big jutting nipples made a sexy sight silhouetted against the light coming through the panes. “The stupid bitch!” she suddenly uttered then rushed from the room and headed out the front door. “Oi! Sharon. I’ve told you before about double parking your cars outside my house” her voice bellowed. “It’s a bloody danger for other road users. What if an ambulance needs to get past?” “I don’t give a f*ck” came a loud course reply. “You’ve 5 cars clogging the road when there are only the 2 of you. If you can afford that you shouldn’t be on benefits and in an association house” “Ah shut yer big gob yer old bitch or I’ll shut it for yer” came a loud gobby uncultured reply. I put down my cup and followed on behind. “Come here and make me. Yer all gob and no bottle” Kim boomed. Entering the front garden a younger woman, probably mid-twenties came stomping down the path with a face and posture intending violence. She looked really rough, a CHAV – Council House And Violent. Grossly obese Sharon had a plain chubby unattractive face and brown hair tied back. She wore tight unflattering tracksuit leggings and a top that emphasised how fat she was with a rounded protruding belly and fat wobbly arse. The threat of violence was tangible. “I’ll smash your bloody face in, you old trout “Yeah just try it. I’ll have you begging for mercy in no time”.

“Yeah you and whose army?” Sharon shouted then rushed forwards swinging a short stubby arm. WHAP! her fist slammed into Kim’s stomach. The oversized woman wasn’t even fazed, her long thick right arm shot out driving her big fist against the shorter woman’s distended belly. WHUMP! It sunk right into that grossly soft belly. Sharon’s eyes clenched shut as her cheeks ballooned then deflated as her breath escaped in a torrent while her fat body folded around the big fist. “I don’t need no army, love” Kim taunted as she withdrew her mighty fist. “Just me and my fists”. BLAM! her big fist struck the girl’s belly like a drum, her body jerking beneath the dreadful impact. Gasping for breath, the CHAV tried to return a punch but Kim blocked it with a sneer of disdain and powered another gut-buster like the hammer of the Gods. WHUMP! Sharon’s body jerked as the large fist sent tidal waves of blubber rippling across her gut.

“I’ll teach you a lesson in neighbourly respect”. BLAM! each mighty punch was loud and solid against blubber, each drilling deeper and deeper into the obscene protruding gut. BLAM! Pounding her diaphragm. BLAM! slowly depriving her of breath as tears rolled down her cheek. Sharon tried to protect her stomach with her hands but Kim just knocked them out of the way. BLAM! each brutal punch caused the CHAV to crease further forwards in open mouthed agony. The shape of Kim’s large forearm was like the main sail of a sailing ship and her sturdy wrist and knew that I too wouldn’t have stood a chance against those big fearsome fists. BLAM! her massive braless breasts lurched about like crazy fun-bags as her study body kept slamming devastating punches into the CHAV’s gross unprotected belly.

“Had enough yet bitch? Let me know and I’ll stop” Kim teased. Sharon was crippled double with stomach cramps, she couldn’t even raise her head let alone draw breath to reply. “No? Then I’ll continue” WHUMP! the CHAV’s creased body jerked violently with each mighty blow. Kim looked magnificent and powerful as her younger opponent folded right over in front of her like a human U-pin, her face red, her mouth dropped despairing for lack of breath. These weren’t dainty feminine women but rough tough women with coarse accents and tough looks. There was no way that I would ever fancy a woman like Kim, yet her brutal domination of the other woman caused my balls to tighten and my dick to move upwards inside my pants.

“That’s it, bow down before me like the wuss you are” Kim sneered. “Here I’ve got something that will make you stand up”. An oversized fist swung upwards from the side of her waist in an inevitable collision course with the other woman’s face. WHOCK! an almighty uppercut landed on her jaw with a solid sound with such terrible force that her head was launched skywards with the rest of her body whipping up behind. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! those large fists swung like sledgehammers smashing into Sharon’s jaw and cheeks unleashing terrible violence. But the fat CHAV was rough and tough and began trading hard punches of her own. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! despite the blows rocking her face, Kim kept slugging. Two tough women stood toe to toe full of unrestrained female aggression trading punches. BLAM! BLAM! Kim’s taller height and longer reach took it’s toll on the shorter woman. Badly cut-up, her face kept jerking back over her shoulders like it was on a spring. Staggering back blindly under the terrible onslaught, her fat legs trembled on the verge of collapse. Kim grabbed a clump of hair at the top of Sharon’s head with her left hand then raised her right knuckles to inflict more punishment. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! my dick lurched as her large fist landed with savage regularity on the young woman’s face inflicting terrible damage. KLOCK! a mighty punch straight to her jaw rocked her face from one side to the other and sent her body hurtling to the ground. Kim roughly grabbed a clump of a hair forcing her to look up and drew back her large fist.

“No! She’s had enough” I shocked myself by stepping between these brutal violent women and placing a hand on her large solid shoulder. She fixed me with such a hard stare that for a moment I was terrified that she might knock my block off. “Cows like her can take a lot of beating. They’re used to it. Their boyfriends usually knock them about” “All the more reason you shouldn’t do the same” I protested. She gave me a queer look then looked down at the battered woman on her knees. “You hear that? I’m not going to punch your lights out. But by the time I’ve finished with you, you’ll wish that I had”

“Oww owww” the fat girl yelped as the oversized woman savagely hauled her back to her feet by her hair. “Ow let go, you bitch!”. “Got your voice back, I see” Kim’s wide low-slung breasts wobbled as she spun Sharon around to face her. The younger woman was dwarfed by her size and mass. “I’ll soon fix that”. “Eff you!” snarling, the overweight girl slapped an open palm right across Kim’s left cheek CRACK!. Kim’s face went with the blow then returned full of such fury Sharon’s face drained of colour. She tried to slap her again but Kim caught her right hand then her left as she attempted again. Pulling her hands high above her head, Sharon was forced onto her toes. Suddenly Kim’s knee was rising fast. WHUMP! “Nnnnarrrffffffffffphh!” Sharon’s face melted into an ugly mask of misery as her breath blasted out of her mouth as the knee sunk deep into her protruding belly. The knee continued to rise with the CHAV impaled upon it lifting her feet from the ground with her eyes screwed tight and mouth wide in a silent scream. It dropped away but before she could fall to the ground, Kim slipped an arm around her waist and grabbed her opposing wrist. Slamming her broad hip into her opponent’s crotch she bent sharply at the waist. The overweight woman’s feet left the ground as her entire body flipped over Kim’s hip with her legs rising into the air as her back tumbled towards the ground. The sight of such a tall thick-bodied woman with greying hair throwing a much younger woman made my dick lurch strongly. The older woman was wiping the floor with the yob, clearly the superior fighter. KABLAM! “Nnnnnarrrgh!” Sharon’s hefty back hit the ground hard.

“No!” she squealed as Kim threw her massive body into the air. God-knows how many heavy stones of large womanhood plummeted in a belly flop as the slob lay on her back looking up helplessly in horror. BERWHUMP! “Boooarrrrrrrgh!” the tall hefty body slammed along her length and immediately began to grapple with the younger woman squashed beneath. Despite being winded Sharon became a snarling fat she-cat determined to give as good as she got. Unfortunately for her, the older woman remained firmly on top and forced her hands to the ground before wrapping a thick arm around her skull in a headlock. It was no contest. The bigger woman was in full control moving Sharon’s fat body this way and that while her arms worked the headlock pulling her face right against those massive breasts. Squashed beneath her solid weight the younger girl frantically slapped and grabbed at the older woman’s arms. They were good hard slaps that rang out emphasising Kim’s big arms weren’t fat like hers but firm and solid. “You bitch! I’ll fix you for that!” Kim yanked the girl’s head hard left and kept forcing her to move from one position to another beneath her, completely dominating her all the while. Despite the fierce aggression of these two coarse women it was thrilling watching the bigger older woman exert such superiority over the younger opponent. Women wrestling each other never appealed to me before. However now that I was witnessing this with my own eyes, I was very turned on by the raw feminine aggression being emanated and the sheer power of the tall solidly built Kim.

The obese girl was flagging badly, unable to keep up with the stamina and strength of the older woman. Kim flipped to her side on top of the other girl, scissoring one of her arms between her bulky thighs to stop her slapping while working her head in her big arms with her massive bust dangling down smothering the girl’s face. Sharon was unable to put up any meaningful resistance. With her big strong arms around the girl’s head, Kim rolled over onto her back pulling the yob right over on top so they were face to face. Her oversized but shapely legs stretched out on either side of the woman’s body. Despite the CHAV’s dumpy shaped middle, Kim’s legs were long enough to reach around then lock her ankles together. As soon as they began squeezing the girl started frantically tugging at Kim’s hair and pushing at her thick locked legs. Sharon’s expression became one of pure fear as Kim squeezed a bit harder. “Pull my hair and I’ll break you in two” Kim’s foghorn voice yelled. “Woaarrrrgh!” Sharon struggled manically, her head rocking back and forth dementedly. Her hands slapped on the thick thighs swallowing up her waist looking like steel plates stretching the thin leggings with powerful, sexy shapes. The obese CHAV was in despair, clawing at the powerful thighs as they squeezed the very air from her lungs. “Orragh!” she wailed pitifully as Kim rolls on to her side with her strong swelling thighs chewing up the big belly with powerful thrusts. “Not bad for an old cow eh?” Kim taunted as the younger woman screwed up her eyes and gritted her teeth, rocking back and forth slapping at the huge thighs exerting phenomenal pressure. “I’m old enough to be your mother and more than twice as strong” Kim taunted, her strong legs like tree trunks around the younger girl’s waist.

“Here have some more bitch”. “Orrragh! Oh God oh God!” Sharon screamed throwing her head back hard. Her hands pressed in desperation at Kim’s thighs as they swelled with massive power pulling her distended belly tight against her crotch and flattening it. “Nnnnarghh pppleasee pplease” she gasped, jerking erratically. “Orrrrrrahgh pffff pffff pffff! Can’t bbreathhheee” “And I care how exactly, bitch!” Kim’s black leggings stretched tight trying to contain sensual strong shapes exerting such awesome power that I had a hard-on of epic proportions. “P..please …can’t..take..any..more”. The dense bulging shapes stretched the leggings to show spots of white flesh beneath. “Noooaarghh!” the youngster’s face turned red as the large thighs tightened further. Grabbing the girl’s hair either side of her head, Kim forced her to look at her. “Mess with me and this is what you get bitch” she snarled. Concentrating, Kim placed her hands upon the ground and slowly stretched out her oversized legs. The power was palpable and the yob girl was rocking back and forth quickly silently screaming before jerking spasmodically. Still the powerful thighs crush tight as drool runs from her mouth. “Mnnnnargh” a loud sharp grunt then she went limp.

The mighty legs opened and the obese body rolled limply out onto the ground. My dick was absolutely solid watching the tall big tough-looking greying woman knock out the younger one with her large shapely legs. Crouching on one knee her big hand slapped hard across the girl’s face. CRACK! Sharon’s face slammed limply from one side to the other. “Come on, you stupid cow. Wake up. I haven’t got all day”. As she raised her big hand to deliver another slap I grabbed it. “Stop it. That’s enough, you’ve made your point. You’ve beaten her”. In a flash she grabbed both my hands and exerted an excruciating pressure bending them back at the wrists forcing me up onto my toes. “Arghh!” her big hands were crushing mine in their strong grip. “Argh!” I tried to push back but she was much too strong.  She then angled my hands down. In this trial of strength the large woman was forcing me to my knees. Suddenly she let go only for her big right hand to fly to my throat. “Kkkk kkkk!” it was so big that it easily encircled my neck crushing it with iron hard fingers. I grabbed at her wrist to try to pull her hand away but it was like tugging at an iron bar. “I know you’re new here love but don’t interfere between two women fighting if you know what’s good for you”. Bringing her other hand up to my throat I was astonished to find myself rising with my feet leaving the ground. I was being bodily lifted into the air by my throat. “Gahh! Gahhh!” “You understand mate?” “Kkkk!” I couldn’t even answer. Hanging there in her deadly grip I felt my face go red and thought I was going to die in this tough woman’s iron grip. Oddly my dick was still rock hard and tight in it’s skin at the strength of this scary woman. “Ohhhh!” a soft groan from down below and I was dropped to my feet as Kim’s attention was distracted.

Kim leapt upon the other woman and began grappling with her. Despite a spirited defence, Sharon was out-wrestled by the tall older woman. Within a few moments, Kim was laying on her back wrapping her big thighs around Sharon’s neck as she faced her on her front. Her face was small trapped between Kim’s huge legs as she locked her ankles. “Arrghhhh nnooooooo!” she wailed as huge powerful thighs crushed in upon the sides of her face. This time Kim’s mighty legs swelled up and poured it on from the start. How could anyone survive for long between such huge power-packed legs? “Well ain’t you the pretty picture with your fat face all red and purple” “No, no please arghh!” Sharon cried with her hands clutching either side of the big wide thighs as they bulged up trying to swallow her head whole. “Serves you right for even thinking of taking me on, you stupid cow”. With that the tall big-built woman stretched out her long shapely stocky legs. The powerful thighs squeezed and bulged into thick slabs of concrete beneath her leggings cutting off the blood flow to the fat girl’s brain. “Nnnnnno!” the young woman screamed, clenching her eyes as her back-end flipped around like a fish out of water. All the while she held onto Kim’s massive thighs either side of her face. Her head was so tiny between the powerful mass crushing upon it, I feared her skull would break. “Grkkk grkkkk!” suddenly she began making ghastly noises and convulsing. Kim opened her big thighs and the fat body jerked and twitched senselessly with her eyes closed and froth coming from her mouth.

WHUMP! WHUMP! my dick was lurching on it’s own inside my trousers. “‘ere is that package for me?” Kim boomed saucily staring at my throbbing erection. “Do you want to post it in my letter box love?”. I was so embarrassed I was lost for words and didn’t where to look, certainly not at those huge low-slung fun-bags filling her low-cut white top. CRACK! “Orrrrr!” A loud slap followed by a soft groan drew back my attention. The CHAV awoke to find herself looking up from between the back of Kim’s big legs as the older woman lay inverted on top of her. I could only imagine the view she had of the large well-rounded backside sheathed in thin black stretchy material as it loomed up in front of her face wedged as it was at the apex of her legs. For a moment I wished I was in her place until she grabbed at those big buttocks. Those large rounded orbs suddenly clenched tight, smashing together like giant boulders as the backs of her legs visibly tightened. The hamstrings rose like big solid hills with Sharon’s face squashed in the steep-sided valley below. “No please God no!” Her hands clutched in vain at the big legs crushing in on her head. “God ain’t gonna save yer, bitch!”

Again and again Kim flexed her big buttocks. I don’t normally like a big arse on a woman but I had never seen anything like this before. The way her large buttocks clenched tightly together in the middle as she poured surges of power through her large legs was like an erotic dance. “Arghhh! No! No!” the yob girl wailed with each clashing of Kim’s buttocks and flexing of her mighty thighs with her big shapely hamstrings standing proud. “No! Please stop please argghh!” she screamed in agony slapping at the large hard buttocks in front of her face which caused them to clench and hold tight for several long seconds. The girl’s hands flailed uselessly and her feet kicked a senseless rhythm. Kim’s legs looked so immensely powerful I couldn’t imagine how anyone could survive between them for long and my dick was thumping hard. “Krrkkk Krkkk!” after only a few seconds the fat young woman made horrid croaking noises then went still.

The mighty legs opened and the CHAV’s body spasmed violently. Her whole body jerked and flopped around until suddenly she woke herself up. The obese young woman who thought she was so tough looked up in sheer terror at the tall older woman looming over her and began to visibly tremble. “Please no more, no more” she begged, weeping openly. “Don’t ever mess with me again” Kim snarled. God she might be as ugly as sin but she looked magnificent, powerful and dominant standing there over the other woman. “N-no never” Sharon trembled getting to her feet watching in open fear. “Now get out of my garden”  Kim commanded with her hands upon her lips and a tough look.

Considering Kim’s supersized build, what happened next took me completely by surprise. In a movement surprisingly swift for a woman so largely built, her knee shot to waist height. With shocking flexibility and speed, a long thick shin shot though in a tremendous high kick that sent her bare foot soaring higher than her head. BERLAM! Sharon’s face snapped hard backwards trailing a spray of blood as she is literally lifted off her feet by the power of the kick and sent flying in a backwards arc half way down the garden path. WHUMP! She lands heavily, out cold. “Good riddance to bad rubbish” Kim snarls with a satisfied smile.

“Orrrrrarr!” I moaned quietly turned on to the extreme by what I had witnessed. Not quietly enough for the woman built like a tower block with a huge overhang turned to face me with her eyes homing in on the stiff twitching tent in the front of my trousers. A wicked smile spread across her rough ruddy face. “I know a cure for that, love” she boomed. Before I realised what was going on, she crouched down in front of me grabbed me around my legs, threw me over her shoulder then stood up. Carrying me in a fireman’s lift, she re-entered the house then closed the door behind her. “Don’t worry love, I’ll soon have that sorted out for you” she chuckled. With my head hanging down her back, I had sight of her long broad back and large rounded backside as she carried me up the stairs. My sense of excitement rose for I was being physically manhandled by this big tough woman and I was helpless to stop her. Opening another door on the landing she carried me through into a bedroom featuring a large double-bed.

Standing in the middle of the room, Kim turned suddenly swinging my head towards one side whereupon she caught my shoulder and shifted my body so that I was now cross-ways along her broad shoulders looking down at the carpet which seemed an awful long way below. With one arm between my legs I felt her hand unzip my trousers and pull out my erection. “Orrrr!” I moaned as it plunged somewhere moist and all encompassing. Helpless across her shoulders all I could do was moan with pleasure as her deep mouth slid back and forth taking me whole getting me unbelievably stiff with a mind-boggling blow-job. Slurp! Slurp! strong vacuum like sucks, the caress of her long tongue and the elastic rubbing of her lips tight around my shaft had me harder than I had ever felt before in my life in a matter of seconds. “Orrrr orrrr! So good!” she might not look like much but her BJ was turning me into a moaning imbecile “Nnnnnarrrr nnannaarrrr!” I was trying to thrust my rock-hard dick into that deep damp cavity.

Slamming me down onto the bed she pulled off my trousers and pants. “Orrrr orrrrrr!” I moaned loudly in my heightened state of arousal as she removed her top to let her huge breasts flop free then removed her leggings exposing her hairy pussy. My dick was throbbing and jerking around with expectation as the big woman got onto the bed by my feet. “Ready to post that package in my slot?” she chuckled. Grabbing my feet and lifting up my legs she crouched over my groin like a powerful greying big busted sexual predator before plunging herself down upon my shaft and proceeding to ride me hard. “This is called the Amazon position, love and I’m going to f*ck your brains out”. Her large hips thrusting back and forth, she pumped along my shaft in complete control. There was nothing I could do except lie on my back with my legs raised as she took me while her massive breasts bounced around wildly. BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM she drove up and down my dick so hard I was being pounded violently into the mattress while the bed rocked and creaked disturbingly. In no time I felt the pressure build up and began to pant heavily building up for release. All of a sudden she stopped humping and looked down with a fierce stare that made my blood run cold. “Don’t you f***ing dare cum before me” she warned loudly. Raising her thick right arm she bent her fist towards her head flexing it. That big sturdy arm grew thicker with a solid swelling upon the top. The large gently swelling mound was clearly defined from the lower part of her arm. The sight of a tough big woman flexing her large strong muscles in such a dominant manner overwhelmed me with feelings of inadequacy and inferior weakness. The thought of  that powerful muscle could do to me was sobering. As the oversized woman resumed humping me I found myself staying hard. At last she began moaning very loudly that surely must have been heard streets away. With each thrust of her powerful hips gaining speed, she plunged deeper and harder, my heart was beating so fast while I sweated profusely I thought I was going to have a heart attack. “Ohhh ohhh ohhhh f*ck ohhh” screaming out a long orgasm at ear-deafening volume, her pussy spasmed around my dick. “Orrr Orrrr!” my moans were drowned out by hers as I lost control. “Nnnnar Nnnnar Nnnar!” I came in massive powerful spurts.

I was so shagged out, I couldn’t speak as Kim pulled back on her top over her mammoth breasts then put on her leggings. Exhausted I began to put my uniform back on. “Same time again tomorrow, love?” she said as we reached the front door. As I delivered the rest of the post, I could barely believe what had just happened. Returning late to the sorting depot I received knowing glances from the other guys but was unwilling to talk about it. Even if they understood about getting turned on by watching two women fighting, I was too ashamed to admit getting humped by a large mature woman who looked tough, smoked fags and had a voice like a foghorn. I vowed to myself never to enter her house ever again. That was easier said than done as the memories kept replaying through my mind during my dreams and I found myself getting turned on again.
The following day I again hitched up my cart outside the house where a tall well-built woman with greying hair, a low cut sleeveless top covering a huge low-hanging bust and thin black leggings covering large shapely legs with big well-rounded buttocks was gardening. The sight of her oversized body and strong legs was enough for me to lock up the cart then head for her garden gate.

“Oh hello love. More post for me” Her tough scary face looked up as I quickly averted my eyes from that well-packed low-hanging bust with the long deep cleavage that threatened to draw in my eyes like a black hole. “Come inside for a cuppa, I’ll put the kettle on” “I, er” I tried to think of an excuse not to, changing my mind about getting involved with this rough looking woman who was unafraid of violence. All of a sudden she moved so close that our bodies were practically touching, her towering height unnerving me. To my surprise she then turned her big long broad back on me. Her hands darted back to seize mine, pulling them through beneath her arms to her front. To my astonishment she closed my hands to cup those massive breasts. “Maybe this is a little of what of you fancy?” she chuckled. Phroar yes please, I thought, a steady stiffness suffusing my groin thinking she meant her huge breasts. Clamping her hands firmly around my elbows so that I couldn’t move them, I was puzzled and pleased to feel the firmness of her large backside press into my groin as she leant slowly forwards. The sensation of those large balls of buttocks pressing harder into my crotch was unlike anything I had ever previously experienced. Forced to rise onto my toes as the big woman continued to lean, the feel of that large backside against my groin was causing my dick to rapidly stiffen. “Orrr!” I groaned as my feet completely left the ground and are left dangling uselessly as I find myself lifted onto her back. “Orrrr Orrrror!” I groan in mounting pleasure as my own bodyweight presses my crotch against that large hard rounded backside while my hands struggle to contain those big heavy breasts from falling downwards under gravity. “Strong aren’t I, mate?” she says letting me savour my position. “Ohhh yes” I have an enormous hard-on pressing into the back of her leggings wedged in the groove between those big beautiful buttocks. “Ohhh!” I try to resist humping her backside and fail. “Ohhhh incredible” “Ere don’t you go messing all over my arse” she chuckled then straightened upright. “Orrrrr!” I moan as my rigid dick slides from between her buttocks and my feet meet the ground. “Come on then, love” she says and I follow her into the house in a stupor and a big stiffy sticking out of the front of my trousers like a possessed tent.

The last thing on my mind was a cup of tea but I was too shy to ask. Fidgeting nervously trying to think of how to open the subject with the large rough looking woman sitting opposite my eyes fell upon the statuettes of the fit bodied female fighters and somehow drew courage. “You, er, um, are a very strong woman, Kim” Okay that was dumb. She stopped sipping and put down her mug, fixing me with a hard inquisitive gaze. “I, er, like strong women like yourself and er, would really like to experience your wrestling skills first hand. Er playfully without getting hurt” My voice trailed off into embarrassed silence and I felt my face turn bright red under her hard stare. Oh crap, I made a right hash out of that. She probably thought I was some kind of pervert and was going to beat me senseless before literally throwing me out of her home.

“Very well” she stood to her full height. “It’s your funeral. But take your shoes off first” she added. Fingers fumbling with excitement I hurriedly untied my laces and slipped off my shoes before getting to my feet to face her. Man she was a tall well-built scary woman. She beckoned me to try and take her. I rushed forwards, colliding with her towering body then trying different ways to get my arms around her to grapple. It was like wrestling with a lamp-post. Her big body was feminine and exciting to get to grips with but was impossible to budge, I was just wearing myself out trying to shift her let alone get her on the carpet. “Having a spot of trouble there are you, love? ‘ere let me show you how it’s done”.

Suddenly her big arms fold around my waist and pulls me tight against her large immobile body. “Urrrragh!” my ribcage compresses as she crushes me in her big strong arms. Gasping for breath I am stunned by their sheer power. “Nnnghh!” I was almost blinded by pain at the incredible pressure around my middle. It felt as if she was trying to pull her arms right through the small of my back. “Urgghh!” my ribs bent against her surprisingly solid chest for one so buxom. “Orrrrr!” such power from a woman, my dick grows stiff against her belly. “It’s that your letter opener in your pocket, love, or are you just pleased to see me” “C…can’t…urrrr..b..breathe” I gasp feeling woozy and losing strength. “That’s the idea, mate”.

Dropped to the carpet I was immediately leapt upon. It was like trying to wrestle a tank, she was so large and strong that I was powerless to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to me. Her massive oversized body was far too heavy to push around whereas she manhandled me with ease. I soon discovered that her headlocks were a thing of dread as her thick arms crushed like a vice yanking me this way and that. Pressing the side of my face into her large drooping breasts, her arms squeezed relentlessly with such might that I felt myself close to swooning. “How does it feel to get your arse kicked by a woman?” she laughed in her loud rough nicotine-rasped voice. “Arghh!” she yanked at my trapped head as if trying to unscrew it from my shoulders.

Gripping my neck with one arm, I gasped as her other hand undid the top button on my trousers then dived down the front of my pants. The big warm hand firmly clasped my shaft then proceeded to pump it. “Come on mate. A lonely old single woman like me needs her oats and believe me I need plenty”. Even using one arm, my head was locked solid preventing me from twisting free. She might be a tough old bird that I wouldn’t have ordinarily looked twice at, but she was very skilled and confidently worked magic on my dick with her big hand. There was nothing I could do to prevent it rapidly growing stiff. “I’m a strapping strong girl and need plenty and I’m going to take it whether you like it or not”. I didn’t like her abusing me like this and tried to slap away her hand. She didn’t like it and in response clamped my neck really tight in her thick arms. My head was was immediately swimming as she cut the blood flow from my head. “This is called a sleeper hold, love” her loud voice was close to my ear I could feel her hot breath on it and the smell of cigarette smoke. “I’ve put many a stupid cow and big strapping man out cold using this”. “Korkkk kkkork!” the crook of her arm crushed my windpipe as I tried in vain to pull her arms away from my neck. “Ere you’re going a funny colour, mate”. I felt zapped, my hands slipped from her arms as I no longer had the strength to hold them up, my eyes lost focus and my breathing got shallower.

Without warning I was thrown forwards. BLAM! My face hit the carpet. “Urrghhh!” her bodyweight landed upon my back flattening me on the floor. “So when ya gonna start fighting love” her loud voice boomed as she squatted over my lower back facing my head. I was still dazed but sobered up quickly as her hands grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me then hooked each over the top of her thighs. Panicking I tried to pull back my arms and to my horror found that they were unresponsive. To make matters worse, her large hands appeared from behind my head positioning themselves beneath my chin lacing the fingers before cupping it. “Narghh!” my chin is pulled back forcing my head to lift up and back. “Arghhh arghhh!” those strong arms kept pulling my head further back causing my chest to roll up off the floor putting pressure on my back. “Arghhh please no arghh!” I begged as the much bigger woman continued to roll back my torso like opening a tin of sardines until my belly began to rise from the carpet. “Orrrrr!” It felt like she was going to rip my head off and break my back while doing it. “Arghhh my back arghhh!” “You wanted to experience what it was like to wrestle a woman and now you know that we ain’t push-overs” she sneered. “Arghhh!” she bent my head right back so I was looking at the ceiling while my body rolled back to my waist. “Arghhh arghhh!” I was in excruciating agony. My spine felt as if it were on fire and would break at any moment and my jaw was going to break along with it. She let me suffer for several long seconds, unable to move my arms to stop her, weak and helpless and totally at her mercy.

My face was flung back down onto the floor but my arms were still hooked over her thighs, unable to stop her as her calves folded around the tops of my arms and her big thighs began squeezing my arms together. “Arghh arghh!” my upper arms bowed inwards towards each other while my shoulder blades scrunched up in an alarming manner. She was in complete control using just her legs while gloating at my shrieks of pain. BLAM! a powerful surge of strength from her legs drove me face down against the carpet with my arms slipping free.

I sensed her crouching over me facing my feet. Before I could react her hands grab them, lift them into the air and crossed my left ankle behind my right knee then leant back pulling on my right leg. In horror I found that I couldn’t free my left leg trapped as it was behind my other leg. My hands however were free and so I began throwing back my arms to slap the big solid body until she caught my hands and crossed them over in the small of my back pinning them under a knee. “Arghh arghhh” I was again locked up and helpless as the oversized woman poured on the hurt. “Argh arghh!” she folded me backwards like a pretzel single-handedly. “This is the single leg Boston crab. Not only do you suffer a whole world of pain but it also leaves your dick exposed and defenceless”. She pulled it out, her large hand enclosing the shaft suffusing it’s warmth as it began to slide back and forth along it’s length. “Your manhood is in my hands” she chuckled pumping in long steady strokes that rapidly built me up. “You have no power over it at all. I own it. I can give you pleasure or” “Arghh arghhhh!” I cried as her hand closed like a vice around my dick in an excruciating crush. “You have no choice in the matter, mate” I was relieved as her fist relaxed and resumed pumping at a faster rate. “Look at how quickly it responds to my hand. You must really want it, mate” she chuckled as my dick betrayed me by growing harder than I had ever felt it before. Pain from the hold continually shot through my lower back and my legs. I was completely dominated in a painful wrestling hold applied with confidence by an oversized housewife. Yet the tough woman was skilled with her hand and I was powerless from becoming aroused, my humiliation amplified by her laughter at every sigh of lust mixed with gasps of pain. “Look how hard I can get you. You men are pathetic, no self-control”

Just when I had surrendered to the idea of succumbing to her hand and enjoying the hand job to the climax despite the painful position, the pleasure ended as she grabbed my knee with both hands and pulled it towards her. “Argg argg God no” I squealed in agony as she crouched low over the back of my head bending my legs right back forcing the rest of my body to curve right back until only my face was in contact with the carpet. “Argh oh Jeez no” I shrieked as my spine bent right back. “And this, love, is called the Sharpshooter. With your legs locked under my armpit, I can hold it with one hand freeing my other hand to do this”. Her hand returned to my dick and resumed stroking and pumping soon working back the stiffness that had been lost due to the agony in my back. I gasped as her large moist mouth surrounded my dick and began sucking up and down on it in an sensational show of head with her deep mouth and strong sucks. SLURP SLURP “Orrrrrr!” I moaned in delight. As rough and unattractive as she was, she was even more skilled with her mouth than her hands and had me gibbering and moaning absolutely zoned out with lust. “Orrrr please please. Make me cum, orrrrr!”. Even though the rest of my body was in extreme agony and in no position to stop her doing whatever she wanted, the oversized greying woman was having her way with me. I was powerless against her skilled hand and mouth. “No chance mate. I’m just doing it to demonstrate how much I own you. I can do whatever I want to you and you can’t stop me”. Despite the pain in my back the pumping of her hand intermingled with powerful sucks from her mouth coupled with the devastatingly erotic licks of her tongue had brought me to the point where I needed to cum. “Please please” I moaned like an idiot.

Unexpectedly she threw down my legs and my body slammed back to the carpet. “If you want me to finish the job, come and make me”. I looked back to see the tall sturdily built woman standing over me. Filled with an overwhelming desire to cum in her mouth I quickly got to my feet, ignoring the aches and pains in my back and legs. With lust overriding my rational thought processes I rushed forwards to take her. Only to feel dread as her large thigh rose then her lower leg snapped forwards. Her big foot swung upwards between my running legs. WHUMP! “Aiiiiiieeeee!” I squealed as her foot struck like a thunderbolt cruelly deflating my erection. Stopped in my tracks with badly aching balls I was dwarfed by her height and sturdy build. I was so shocked that she had actually kicked my balls to care that she had moved by my side facing the same direction. Bringing up her right arm beneath my chin the forearm clamped against the side of my face as her big hand gripped the back of my neck while her left hand clamped on the left side of my skull. Suddenly she drove my head forward in a violent arc. “Waa-oh!” my whole body flipped forwards into the air spinning like a Catherine wheel. KASLAM! “Ouch!” my back slammed into the carpet and I realised with renewed lust that she had just thrown me as easily as one would a cushion.

A shadow above me makes me look up. In horror I saw Kim’s massive backside descending fast towards my face. “No!” I gasped and tried to move out of the way but found myself hemmed in by her big legs as she knelt astride my head. “Mmmmm!” I protested as those large rounded buttocks swallowed up nose and mouth before coming to a rest on my cheeks. With her stupendous weight upon my face the big butt cheeks, clad in thin leggings, formed a perfect seal locking out any chance of what passed for fresh air in this smoke-filled house. “Mmmm! Mmm!” Her hand stole to my erection and had a good feel. “Men pay good money to have a woman sit on their face. Maybe I should charge you” she broke out in a smoker’s wheeze of a laugh. “Mmmm! Mmmmm!” I was running out of air and unable to draw any more. “That’s it, you breathe it all in, mate”. “Mmmm!” this was horrible and degrading yet there was something so primal and sexually exciting about this very feminine way of asserting her superiority that I couldn’t help be turned on even as she squashed me beneath her huge backside. “Mmmm!” my shaft was gripped between her bare feet which proceeded to slide up and down together on either side. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” despite being and feeling light-headed my dick was responding to her foot job and stiffening up again. “Yeah! I own your dick good and proper, love” she chuckled with a rasp. “Pppfffishhh!” my stale breath exploded like a shook up fizzy drinks bottle as massive pounds of oversized womanhood rose from my face allowing me to breathe again.

With no pause to let me recover, she immediately seized my arms and effortlessly hauled me to my feet. Her hands clamp hold of my head and repeat the head throw. The room spun rapidly around me propelled by the mighty power of her arms. KASLAM! “Arghhh!” my back slammed into the carpet. With an eager hungry look that terrified me Kim pounced down by my left shoulder cross-wise to me. Seizing my right arm she pulled it straight down the middle of her mammoth legs, the lower part of which she draped over my neck and chest. For a moment it felt good as my arm was swallowed up between those huge thighs with the exciting feel of her crotch, although covered by leggings, against my elbow. “Arghh arghh arghhh arghhh!” That ended in shrieking agony as shards of pain shot through my elbow and along my arm as she raised her crotch against my arm while pulling it back and pressing down with her big heavy legs. I felt a large area of softness against the back of my hand as she pulled it against her chest. “That’s probably the closest you’re gonna get to my tits today, love”. “Orrrrrrr!” I felt so insignificant as this big bulky woman demonstrated power that could rip my arm from its socket. Laying right back the tough woman repeatedly raises her crotch up and down rubbing it against the back of my elbow, cranking my arm forcing me to cry out again and again.

“Orrrrragh!” I groan as releasing my arm, the mighty Kim rolls right on top squashing me beneath before sitting astride my waist. Leaning forward she seizes my hands and stretches them out against the carpet over my head. THUMP! The back of my hands slam into the carpet. I didn’t have a chance to resist her, her arms were so strong. A massive wall of breast beneath her loose top dangles in my face. So close that it keeps brushing it as it wobbles while her thick bare arms resembling pillars of might pin my hands. It was a very pleasant place to be, looking up at that huge dangling bosom. That is until I felt her hook her bare feet around mine. “Narrr!” A massive surge of power suddenly rips my legs wide apart in the blink of an eye. There was absolutely no chance for resistance, her powerful legs were unstoppable. White-hot lances of pain shoot through my leg sockets and tendons as my legs are spread wide-apart far beyond what was comfortable. “Arghhh arghh arghhh!” it felt like she was forcing me to do the splits and it blooming hurt. Desperately I tried to move my legs to somehow free them or ease the pain but the tall woman’s legs were rock solid and wouldn’t move a fraction.

The fearsome power-woman lowered her chest onto my face. “Mmmm Mmmmmm” that huge bust spreads out smothering me and silencing me with their shockingly heavy weight. “You in heaven, mate?” she chuckled “You soon will be if you’re not careful”. Such overwhelming leggy power has my dick hard again even though my position beneath her was so humiliatingly painful. I felt her crotch lift from my belly forcing my legs wider in sheer agony while lifting my backside from the floor forcing my torso at an angle sloping down towards my head. “Arghh arghhh!” the tendons at my groin now joined in the shriek of agony. WHOMP! “Wooooph!” her crotch slammed down like a sledgehammer against the top of my stomach. The impact drove the air from my diaphragm while sending an agonising surge of pain through my overstretched legs. “How about this for a bit of pussy whipping?” she chuckled as her crotch rose again then immediately slammed back down again WHOMP! “Borrpph!” I was being slugged in the gut by a woman’s pussy while she tried to rip my legs off. WHOMP! WHOMP! again and again the large woman wielded her crotch like a wrecking ball against my sore belly. Pounding out every bit of breath inside me. WHOMP! WHOMP! “Orrrrghh!” I really didn’t know how much more of this punishment I could take.

Suddenly I find my legs released as Kim pulls her knees to my sides to sit astride my waist. I breathe a sigh of relief then wince as I find my legs stiff. “No!” I gasp in horror as she leans forward to grab my neck in her thick arms then rolls me to my side while wrapping those huge thighs around my middle. These weren’t ordinary sized legs but huge massive strongly shaped ones that looked like they could swallow me whole. In terror I see how small my waist looks sandwiched between the backs of her massive thighs as she faces away from me. All hope of escape vanished as she crossed her thick ankles and those big rounded buttocks flex hard unleashing an unbelievable crushing pressure around my waist. “Woaaarghhh!” those powerful thighs squeezed my middle like a tube of toothpaste. “Orrrraghh!” they are so strong my stomach gives way. “Orrragh!” I groan leaning to one side to pull at her ankles that are locked like steel. Kim’s hamstrings swell up into formidable leg biceps, large and full of power. “Nooo!” I gasp my body flapping around my crushed middle. “Orrragh!” I wailed frantically tugging at her big thighs now with absolutely no impact. It was nevertheless a feminine leggy power reinforced by the sight of her big rounded backside and the shapeliness of her legs clad in leggings. “Like my legs don’t you, mate? Well you might as well lie back and enjoy it as there’s not much else you can do when you’re scissored between them” Kim’s loud voice mocked. Trapped in her body-scissors, I could barely draw breath but still gasped as her hand once more enclosed my shaft and starts pumping it stiff. “N….!” I knew her oversized legs were big and strong but never expected it to feel like this. Her massive thighs encircled my middle flattening it with indescribable strength while she worked me hard with her hand. “Once I get my big legs around a man, they don’t stand a chance and either submit or pass out” “Orrrrragh!” I moan between gasps of pain as her hand works it magic enhanced by the feeling of absolute helplessness between such powerfully massive yet unquestionably feminine legs.

“Urrr urrr urr!” she got me to the point of cumming then cruelly closed her hand around my balls like a steel nutcracker “Arghh arghhh arghh!” I screamed. “Can’t have yer spilling yer load until I’m had mine, can I mate?”. Thankfully the excruciating agony didn’t last for long but it was enough to wickedly take the edge of my erection although not fully deflate it.

Opening her upper leg she pushed my squashed body away. “Urrr no more” I gasped, lying in exhaustion. “Oh I’ve only just started. I know hundreds of holds” the scary woman replied. In panic I scramble to my knees to get away as she came towards me but she grabbed my left arm from behind. Crouching on one knee behind me she kicked out her other leg to sweep my feet from under me sending me sprawling face first into the carpet. “Argh!” I cried as she stepped on the back of my thighs just above the back of my knees. Grabbing my feet she wrapped my shins around the front of her own and I was once more startled to find my legs immobile. But that wasn’t the end of it, for what happened next really blew my mind. For the mighty  supersized Kim seized my arms and suddenly threw herself backwards. “Woah!” I was shocked to find myself pulled rapidly backwards while rolling up into the air. One second I had been face down on the carpet, the next I was looking up at the yellowing ceiling. I was held aloft at the end of Kim’s powerfully thick legs with my arms which were whipped straight like ski-poles beneath me. “Arghh!” her strong legs formed a wide V stretching my legs wide. The strain on my shoulders, legs and leg joints was excruciating. “This is the ceiling hold, mate. I think you can see why” she chuckled. “There’s no escape from this. You’ll submit or suffer” “I submit, I submit” I gasped. I heard her chuckle and knew that wasn’t good. She let me suffer like that propped up by her strong legs and my tortured arms with my back straining in the middle for a good 3 minutes or more.

Finally she lowered my arms putting my body at a steep angle bringing my head close to hers. Supporting my shoulders with her hands she lowered my face until it was looking at hers upside down. Unable to stop her I could only watch in horror as she brought her face up to meet mine and began French-kissing me. Hanging upside down from the back of my legs I was being mouth-raped by a giant unattractive tough woman yet couldn’t help get aroused by her dominant power and the tactile sensation of her tongue in my mouth finally she rolled me off to the side, leaving me gasping and aching on the floor.

I looked up to find her towering over my head. Before I could escape, she rammed the toe of one foot beneath my neck and pressed the back of her other foot on the other side wedging my neck between. I looked up at the backs of her legs, her relaxed calves large and well shaped beneath the leggings. “Urkkkk!” suddenly she snapped herself onto her toes. Those big calves hovering above my face swelled into massive thick solid shapes stretching her leggings as they focussed intense power. “Kuurkkk Kurghhh!” I could only croak as they dug into the sides of my neck like a pair of scissors. Two massive spear shapes on each calves jutted stretching the fabric tight pointing down at me pressing into my jaw. “Feel them, mate. Go on, feel my calves” she instructed and I obeyed. My hands grasp at those huge wide flaring calves shocked and turned on to feel how rock solid they are. “That’s 18 inches of solid muscle jutting into your scrawny neck. How does feel to be to be lying between calves that could break your neck in an instant?”. My head spins and my vision blurs with the power of her large strong calves as solid as steel beneath my hands. She lowers herself to her heels, the pressure around my neck barely easing then snaps herself back up to her toes.

The next thing I knew a massive pair of buttocks clad in thin black leggings filled my vision positioned right in front of my face. My chin was wedged at the apex with two rather large legs that angled away bent at the knees widely encircling my head. I didn’t need telling that they were feminine legs. For a moment I didn’t know where I was. As I tried to move I found that I was laying on something soft and springy – a bed!. I came to full conciousness with a start and at that moment those giant legs leapt inwards enclosing my head, clamping tight and locking the ankles somewhere much further beyond the top of my head. The large shapely hamstrings bulged with raw power like big hills, the walls growing taller on either side. Crushing my cheeks and jaw into a squashed wedge between overpowering walls of solid female muscle I could barely hear her loud voice over the pounding of my heart in my ears. “Thought I would have to call the ambulance there for a moment, love” Kim chuckled “You were out for blooming ages” “Naarghhh!” I found that I could barely move my mouth which was open and squashed into a painful rounded shape by the insane pressures crushing against the sides of my skull. As hard as I tried to pry apart her massive legs clamped painfully around my skull, I just couldn’t do it. With Kim the dominator’s heavy mass lying on top of me I was pinned fast with no room for escape. All I could do was kick my legs in frustration and grab at those iron-hard buttocks with my hands. “Mnnnarghh!” Kim’s deadly big thighs were clamped around my head like a workbench vice, the pressure continuing to increase to such intense levels that I had to screw up my eyes whilst I felt my face turn bright red and hot.

“This is mine” she said and seized my dick in her large hands and began to stimulate it while I struggled to survive between her big powerful thighs. “Mmmnarr mmmmar mmnar!” I moaned as she began to lick and suck my dick. Slurp slurp. Oh my God she was so good. Just as I was laying back to enjoy the blow job, her big powerful legs had me screaming as they crushed down around my poor skull until I was seeing double. Sucking me hard between mind blowing squeezes of her big strong legs that nearly knock me out, the oversized woman was driving me crazy with lust then turning me into a gibbering wreck with insanely brutal squeezes of my head. This alternating cycle of pleasure and pain seemed to go on forever. “Noooo Nooooo!” I was moaning deliriously, my eyes clenched tight as wave after brutal wave of leggy power squeezed as her big buttocks clenched and flexed like cannonballs before my face. I tried to squirm and wriggle but her weight was too great and kept me pinned. “Arghhhh!” how can a man survice such powerful big legs. Just as I thought I could take no more, the scary pressure eased. As I lay back with my head spinning and throbbing, she resumed her attention to my dick, which after a few cycles was absolutely rigid as I had ever felt it. So much so that she shoved my erection beneath the bottom of her top and slid it up between her huge breasts then continued licking and sucking. Slurp slurp “Ohh ohhhhh” what a woman!. Slurp slurp ohhhh I was ready to blast.

“Arghhh!” A powerful squeeze more intense than I had ever felt leaves me barely clinging on to conciousness. I feel my head fall back unsupported onto the mattress but I am fighting the swirling nausea and black spots barely knowing where I was. I feel my trousers and pants pulled off roughly then my legs forced back towards my head as a hot sticky hole engulfs my dick and begins to ride it. Coming to full alertness I find myself once more in a submissive position as the large greying woman, now naked, takes me once more in the Amazon position. The power of her thrusting hips pound me into the springy mattress over and over while her stamina is seemingly endless as she humps me until she is thoroughly sated. Only when her loud orgasmic screams vibrate the window panes do I lose control and cum strongly inside her. “Nnnnarrr Nnnnnar Nnnnarrr!” I cum hard over and over in long hard blasts until I’m completely exhausted and drained.

After that I was hooked. So if you see a red post-cart chained up at a lamppost outside a house with no postman about, he’s probably inside having a hot wrestle and devastating good sex with a big tough woman who is giving him plenty to the extent that he can hardly walk afterwards and that’s the truth.

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