The Savate Lady and The Pretty Tomboy (PANTYHOSE#3)

Beautiful woman dominates a gym full of male fighters

Based on women where I work, and I had the pleasure of working with the pretty tomboy:-)
by Jimp based on an idea by Karate2hose
(c)Jim P 2015

It’s half 6 and I take my seat on the train out to the gym. Rush hour is tailing off and I find myself in a row of 3 that faces another. Before the train pulls off an attractive blonde business woman sits down opposite. Without even a glance of acknowledgement she pulls out her smart phone and focuses on it. It’s hard to ignore her as the seats are so close that our knees are practically touching. Also she’s wearing an eye catching bright red business jacket with a very wide neck with the first button beneath a nice looking bust. Beneath the lower part of the gap between the lapels peeks a lacy black top which obscures any hint of bosom. A matching knee-length red skirt slides up as she sits showing sheer tan nylon from above the knees down quite long shins to her feet which are clad in chic black high-heeled shoes.

A cut above me, blonde and beautiful and just a tad intimidating, the woman is startlingly good looking with golden blonde hair with a low fringe softly hugging a broad heart shaped face before tumbling in stylish curls past her shoulders. Her eyes are appealing fully showing off brilliant blue irises and enhanced with a subtle touch of mascara and eye-shadow. These sit beneath slim arched eyebrows almost hidden beneath her floppy fringe and peer out over a slim cutely turned up nose with sleek nostrils. Beneath this was a nice medium-sized mouth with a touch of pink lipstick. She looked elegant and sophisticated with a light golden healthy looking tan to top it all off. A graceful necklace adorns her sleek neck with glimpses of discrete earrings beneath those curls whenever she moved her head. She kept blanking me with cold indifference in that smug manner of beautiful classy women to ordinary guys like me then breaking into a wide smile that pushed up her high cheekbones and showed a few lines around her low narrow chin before looking down at her phone and texting. The beautiful blonde kept doing that a lot and it made me uncomfortable. I know that this is going to sound silly but it almost felt like she was sharing a private joke about me.

He’s here Sofia. Keeps eyeing me up. He’s young enough to be my son. What a perv!

She really was quite stunning to look at with her big blue eyes, exquisite features and glossed lips yet clearly older than me. I’m not very good guessing a woman’s age, but I would say late 30’s. A very pleasing figure shows beneath her business jacket with the skirt clinging to nicely curved hips. We make brief eye contact and I’m hooked with this beautiful sophisticated blonde with wonderful blue eyes and a wide smile. Long legs cross elegantly and in the narrow confine I notice the thick hard diamond shape on the side of her calves. Every now and then they flex while I try to watch discreetly. Although older than me she really is quite stunning and I can’t help watching. She keeps smiling to herself in an unnerving manner then getting out her phone and texting then smiling some more.

The kid can’t keep his eyes off me. This is so easy.

The blonde is slightly thicker than slim but with a perfect hour-glass figure that is a tonic for the eyes. Her long legs are thick and shapely and the way those big solid calves keep flexing and relaxing drives me to distraction. Again the elegant woman unnerves me by breaking into a smile then texting.

You should see the way his eyes go wide whenever I flex my calves. It’s hilarious. Got him hook, line and sinker.
Make the little brat squirm Steph.
I’m going to get him hot and bothered. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself.
Go for it Steph. Make him cream himself!

The stylish chic blonde stretched out her calves towards me brushing up against mine in the narrow confine. Wow they are stunning, the sheen of the tan tights make them really sexy. The calves are beautiful, thick deep and wide with shapely diamonds of muscle. “Oh I’m so sorry” she says with a smile but her sexy legs linger in contact for just a moment too long. Is this hot older woman coming on to me?. There was a rasp of nylon sliding against nylon as she crossed one long leg over the other. The calf of the leg on top stretched long, deep and shapely like half a tear-drop shape. So beautiful. The calf of the leg upon which the other was resting was thick and dense with a sharp downward pointing muscle head when looked at from the side. The hem of her skirt had ridden up and was showing a phenomenal long length of thigh sheathed in tan nylons. High quality nylons by the look of them. I can’t help noticing a dark band of nylon at the top of her thigh just peaking out from beneath her skirt. I keep staring wondering whether she is wearing stockings or tights until she pulls the hem down and I am embarrassed knowing that she caught me looking. The beautiful blonde smiled to herself again then got out her phone.

He’s practically drooling, trying to look up my skirt. What a jerk!

With one leg still hooked around the other she stretched out her lower leg again. PHOAR! My eyes drank in those beautiful long thick thighs and sensationally shaped calves. She broke into another smile so wide that for a moment I thought she was going to break out laughing.

He’s got a blooming hard on! His trousers have gone very stiff in the crotch area.

“Travelling home from work?” I don’t usually chat up older women but this beauty was giving me the hots. She looked up from her phone. Man she is beautiful and elegant. “Yes I’m a business manager in the city” Her voice was cultured, soft with beautifully accented tones pouring like honey. She fell silent not wanting to prolong the conversation. “I’m Gerald. I manage a fighting gym in the suburbs”. A bored yawn before she looked at me as if I wasn’t good enough for her. “Madame Stephanie. A manager, really? How old are you? Eighteen?” she was very condescending. “21 actually and it’s a very successful business” I replied trying not to get offended. She began to look away but I really wanted to pull this bird treating it as a challenge.

He’s trying to chat me up. Thinks he’s really it. Pathetic creep
Make him work for it Steph

“It’s for male professional fighters” Her pretty face showed a hint of disapproval. “No women? How sexist” “No” I chuckled “I’d love to have women in the gym but they are too much of a distraction” Like you and your hot flexing calves I thought to myself. Her legs shifted before crossing the other way around, my eyes drawn to the sensual movement of her tight skirt. “We mainly train in MMA and kick-boxing which are too tough and physical for most women” I added. A brief flicker of indignation crossed her face. “What about French Savate?” she asked. “No, that’s old fashioned” I laughed. “Oh?” she said with a look of disapproval  “Where’s your patriotism?” “This is the 21st century darling. We are now part of Europe. Savate is too old fashioned. Professional fights are too regulated. There’s only 4 kicks and 4 punches allowed” I laugh dismissively. “Only foot kicks are allowed unlike some systems which allow the use of the knees or shins. Very limited for real combat”. “Oh” she sighs with a look of boredom and goes back to her phone with an amused expression.

He’s barely 20 and lecturing me about Savate being old fashioned and limited.
What a jerk!
He is so muscle-bound it is a wonder he can walk let alone fight.
Men think with their dicks.
I’d like to show him some Savate de rue.
Yeah right in the nuts

The train stops and a load of passengers get off leaving me alone with the gorgeous blonde in the row where we sit. She avoids looking at me, blanking me. I try to ignore her but with her sexy long crossed legs pressing against mine and her ravishing looks it is impossible. As she continues to smile enigmatically I am left frustrated at being unable to pull this hot woman.

You should see his face, he’s so hungry for it
Is his tongue hanging out panting?
More or less

The train slows down to enter my station so I stand and collect my gym bag from the overhead rack then move towards the doors. To my surprise the glamorous blonde gets up from her seat and walks towards my position. Man, I didn’t realise that she was so tall when seated. She’s at least 6 foot to my 5 foot 8. Despite her height, her long shapely body was in perfect proportion with her height with breath-taking long legs under a tight knee-length pencil skirt. Her long golden hair cascaded in elegant coiffured curls past her shoulders yet she refused to even glance at me. Her face is set in that ‘I know you are staring but I’m totally blanking you because I’m so hot and you know it’ look that beautiful women have.

The doors open and the leggy blonde gets off before me. I follow on behind as she walks along the platform appreciating her hour-glass figure from the back. I feel some satisfaction that her backside is not small and pert but more ample although still nice to look at. My attention is mainly on her calves which with her high heels flex from firm sexy curves like a punch ball into prominent jutting slabs of hard arrow shapes. PHROAR! I like a girl with nicely muscled calves and this arrogant babe had it all. They were beautifully muscled calves yet still feminine enough to be incredibly sexy. Although she was walking a lot slower than I was used to, I was content to hang close behind to enjoy those calves flex and wane. As she climbed the stairs to the exit, my eyes were level with her calves as they exploded into sharp edged pointed spear-shapes of hard muscle. ORRRR! What a sight. She climbed the steps slowly yet I was more than happy to stay close and enjoy the view. ORRRR by the time we reached the top I had a really hard stiffy and wanted this woman more than ever. “Er excuse me Madame Stephanie” I spoke up. She looked over her shoulder with a wide smile as if she had been expecting it. “Why don’t you come and see the gym. We can go in my Porsche then go for a meal”. “A Porsche. Why sure” she practically purred in such a seductive voice my dick lurched up and down with pure lust.

I led her to my babe-magnet in the station car park unable to stop looking at her sexy long legs as she sat next to me in the passenger seat. “You’ve obviously done well for yourself” she purrs seductively. “Yeah, my guys are rising professionals and bring in a lot of money in sponsorship” “As long as it’s not something dodgy like prostitution using illegal immigrants” she joked with another of those smiles. I found myself sweating. “No no” I replied. Fortunately I could tell that she was impressed by the car, all the girls are, and was confident of getting some action tonight. Little did I know then that it wasn’t the action that I was expecting. After a short but exhilarating high-speed through the streets, we arrived at the gym. Parking in the underground lock-up, we entered.

The guys were there sparring or working out, all stripped down to their speedos. We are really big men, all massive bulging biceps, hairy pecs, deep cut 8 pack abs and huge powerful quads. We’re the types of men that like to make you feel inadequate. We’ve much bigger muscles than you, far superior fighters and really well-hung. Your wife or girl-friend will pant in open lust at the sight of us and will leave you to blow us off. If she’s good looking we’ll bang her too. It’s no wonder that Madame Stephanie was eyeing up the guys with her breathing getting heavy. Of course all eyes turn to the tall hot blonde by my side making me feel smug as I let them know that I was going to get some and they weren’t. “It’s alright, get back to your workout. I’m just going to my office in the back for a bit”. I gave a knowing wink.

All of a sudden the lovely woman twisted away from me and walked to the centre of the gym watched on all sides by men with hungry eyes. She has a surprisingly tough look upon her face for one so gorgeous. When she speaks it is with a strident demanding tone wrapped in a velvet glove of her sexy accent and a look of pure arrogance. “I want to know where to find ‘The Moroccan’ and you are going to tell me”. I saw red. “What the heck is this? Who are you? How dare you trick me into bringing you here so you can ask questions about our members”. I was fuming that this hot bird had played me along. Her blue eyes bore in mine from atop her sleek elegant nose. Man she was breath-taking when she stared right at you. My heart pounded and my tongue got tied up in my mouth. “Don’t deny knowing ‘The Moroccan’ he has been seen here”. “Who are you lady? Are you a cop?” “Oh you poor boy. All those blows to your head give you memory problems“ she mocked with a sneer. “I’ll tell you again and for the last time. I am Madame Stephanie but you all will call me Mistress” That caused gasps of disbelief followed by sniggers. “And no, I am not with the Gendarme”. I pushed back my broad shoulders, puffed out my chest and stretched myself to my full height. “Well Madame la-di-da you can pack your snooty attitude and walk right out of that door because we do not give out personal information about our members to every broad that comes asking. Now get out because I before I chuck you out” I don’t normally speak to women like that especially really attractive ones but I was hurt at the way she fooled me.

Brazenly the elegant blonde ignored me. “Just tell me what I need to know and none of you will get hurt” “WTF! Are you crazy woman? We are professional fighters, dangerous men. We don’t muck around. Now get out before because the way I’m feeling I might just give you a demonstration you won’t like” “And I am a dangerous woman. A trained feminine athlete. Remember the female of the species is deadlier than the male” she said with such cool arrogance that it made me snap. I ripped off my tank top to reveal my massive powerful chest and arms then stripped down to my briefs and hit a most-muscular. I felt exhilarated as my massive muscles rippled and bulged, certain she would melt into a lust-crazed moaning slut. Instead her face remained icy-cold and the corner of her lip curled into a sneer “And you really think women fancy a freakish body like that do you?”.

She must be a lesbian or something, the snobby-nosed bitch! “Right. Get out in five seconds or I’ll use your pretty face as a punch-bag. Five” I raised my fists only intending to scare her. The other guys crowd around pumping up their massive bodies, a wall of top-class beefcake to intimidate her. The classy woman with the startling blue eyes and exquisite features looked down her sleek nose at me with no sign of concern. “Let me just make myself a bit more comfortable” her sexy accented voice purred. To my surprise the haughty stunner unbuttons her bright red jacket and throws it with accurate aim to a nearby stool, her wide eyes never dropping their gaze from me as she did it. With her eyes upon me, I can’t help my gaze dropping to a lacy black top that leaves most of her shoulders bare and is sheer enough to give a tantalising glimpse of a good sized pair of firm well-rounded breasts beneath. Orrrr! She has a perfect hour-glass figure with broad shoulders sloping inwards along the long length of her torso to a small waist that curved back out to nicely rounded hips. The side-view was just as impressive with a firm generous bust and nicely rounded backside. It was the kind of figure that got any red-blooded male hot and bothered.

I watched open-mouth in delight as the sophisticated lady kicks off her heels then slips off her red business skirt to reveal a stunning pair of very long legs sheathed in tan-coloured pantyhose so sheer that you could clearly see her blonde pussy hair beneath the gusset at her crotch. PHOAR! There were groans of lust at the sight of such sensational long almost never-ending legs clad in elegant sheer nylon and the blatant disregard for underwear. The sight of those beautiful long legs sheathed in tan nylon all the way up to her hips with the sheen reflecting the gym lighting and the sight of her gusset covering her bare crotch had my dick throbbing hard. I struggled to tear my gaze away from that wonderful sight and gain control of my emotions as she unexpectedly raised both fists, one higher than the other, in a classic boxing stance. “Well are you going to stand there drooling or fight?” she taunted. The sight of such an elegant beautiful woman with her fists raised seemed somehow wrong and unladylike. It unnerved me but I raised my fists to play along. We face off, the guys laughing as she makes small vertical circles with her bare fists and a serious determined look upon her pretty face. Whilst I would not have hesitated to punch out a rough tough working class girl who looked and acted like a man, Madame Stephanie was entirely feminine and very classy. My eyes kept falling to those amazing pantyhose-clad legs which would have been a fatal distraction with an experienced opponent. “Nice arse” someone remarked causing a ripple of laughter. In that moment, the leggy blonde stepped forwards her fists jabbing towards me in a double left-right punch. BAM BAM I bring up my guard easily blocking them. I jab a couple of punches of my own playfully towards her face intending to hit her softly to shake her up a bit. To my surprise her long torso quickly leant gracefully back to avoid the blows. “Nicely done love, but come on, give it up. You don’t want to mess with me” I warn. “Tell me where to find ‘The Moroccan’ and I’ll spare you the humiliation of defeat”. If that’s the way she wants it.

We circle each other warily. She sways back and forth as in a form of dance. It’s quite stimulating to watch and it’s hard not to look at the gusset of her tights and make out the lines of her slot. WHOOSH! WHOOSH! BAP! BAP! Her fists jab very fast and I struggle to block the blows. Cursing myself for getting distracted by her hot bod, I try to focus and jab again a bit harder and faster to scare her but again she smoothly dances out of the way. “Come on kid, she’s just a classy broad. Deck her then we can have her” Maurice remarks. With a pout that made my dick throb she rubbed her hand over the crotch of her nylons. “Come and get it big boy, if you dare” her voice dripped like pure seduction my eyes struggled to rise above her waist. From the corner of my eye I see her hand twitch and fearing getting caught out again I throw a much harder faster punch but again she swiftly dances out of harm’s way with a smug look.

Suddenly she pivots on one nylon-clad foot so she is side-on, her knee whips waist high with her foot angling towards me then speeding towards my face. I barely manage to bring my arms up to block. WHAM! Ouch! Wow that was fast and had some power to it. I became alert now, forcing myself not to be distracted by her hot legs knowing that she meant business. Barely had my foot left the ground to return a kick of my own when the blonde’s knee whipped up snapping her foot against my shin. WHAM! Her foot jammed my kick pushing my leg off to the side knocking me off-balance. The next instant she leant sharply back whipping a lightning fast roundhouse kick to my head. KABLAM! I’m shocked and dazed by the speed and power, barely raising my arms in time to block a follow-up kick. WHAM! Lord! She’s fast. In an eye-blink she steps close, her knee rising with terrifying speed with a sexy glimpse of gusset and powers it straight against my abs hard enough to momentarily wind me WHUMP! “Nnnnnrrfff!”.

Maurice rushed forwards, moving fast for someone so bulked up, blasting a knee strike. His foot has barely left the mat when the blonde’s knee snapped up with blinding speed blocking his shin with her own. Her fist instantly streaked forward in a right cross. WHAM! Her ladylike knuckles solidly connect with the middle of his face. “Argh!”. Without pause she pivots on her left foot her right leg a tan blur streaking out in a side kick to the tendon above his right knee. WHUMP! “Arghhh!”. Stepping back her long right leg sends a blindingly fast front kick to his densely ribbed midsection. WHUMP “Mmmnerf!” he groaned. Without pause a spinning back-kick powers into the hard muscled gut of Andre who was behind her. WHUMP! “Warrrfff!” he wailed unprepared for the kick that momentarily lifts his feet from the floor. Without pause, the sophisticated beauty spun back towards Maurice. Leaning her torso back in a very stylised form, a tan streak shot skywards blasting his jaw solidly. BLAM! His head whipped up flying right over his shoulders as his body plummeted to the floor. Swiftly turning back to Andre who had creased over, the statuesque blonde slammed the point of her elbow into the base of his neck in a swift downward strike. WAP! “Argh!” His head jerked up with a pained expression and to my horror dropped to the floor.

Phoar! My dick lurched at the sight of large shapely calves flexing into hard slabs of muscle beneath the nylon sheen as she turned to face Dominique as he swung a strong right cross. Looking remarkable cool she bobbed under his punch, her arm striking out to land a right cross of her own against his gut. WHUMP! “Nnnnrff!” It is just a quick jab but his pained expression indicates its strength. Moving like grease lightning her arm swings across in a left hook. BLAM! It is fast and so strong it twists his head right around. Rene launches a blinding kick which the elegant blonde blocked with a front kick stopping it mid-air even as her fist shot forward to jab solidly on his jaw. WAP! WHOCK!. Followed by a fast spin and long-legged back-kick to the face that knocked him back even as she continued to turn without lowering that deadly leg. A tan pulse shoots out in a stylish roundhouse to Dominique’s face sending him staggering and stumbling. The image of that raised sexy sheathed long shapely leg exposed in full all the way to the darker gusset covering her crotch etched into my memory as a big tough professional fighter stumbled away dazed. With incredible speed her leg kicks out again blasting Rene’s jaw solidly. TWOCK! But he comes back with a punch in defence which she lithely ducks beneath to slam another fast punch to the gut WHUMP “Orrrrhh!”

Philippe joins the fight pivoting to launch a kick only for her much longer right leg to strike first like a tan thunderbolt as she swiftly leans away. TWOCK! A devastatingly fast roundhouse kick to the face visibly dazes him. BLAM! The speed and power again shocks me. A bare instant later the same tan lightning bolt struck low on his inner thigh. “Ow!” Without pause, the ice-cool blonde ducked in close to deliver a swift jab to the gut. BLAM! “Warrorphh!”. With stunning speed a kick blasted across his chest like a crowbar, a punch to the jaw then a roundhouse kick to the side of his neck. BLAM BAM WHAM! To my horror he went down like a ton of bricks. Six guys had been wiped out in a matter of seconds by a stunning sophisticated tall shapely blonde. She stood there like a Goddess over our beaten forms, tall with an hour-glass figure, glowing golden blonde hair, a lightly golden tan and a beautiful face. She looked down at us with elegant snootiness. It was impossible not to stare longingly at those long nylon-sheathed legs and the pussy barely concealed beneath the gusset. “Are none of you man enough to take it?” she sneers.

“Now do you big macho muscle-men understand the social order here” her soft heavily accented voice tumbled from sensual lips. “You are going to make it easy on yourselves and tell me the address for ‘The Moroccan’” It wasn’t a question but an arrogant statement from a beautiful older woman. “You took us by surprise but you won’t do that again. Now go before you get hurt” I growled. “As you saw and felt, Savate naturally lends itself to the female physique” she lectured with a condescending smile. “In the main women are smaller and lighter with quicker reflex response and better co-ordinated especially in the legs”. That drew our attention to her long perfect legs sheathed in sheer tan nylon and going on almost forever and the shameless lack of panties beneath the gusset. “As I so ably demonstrated. It was more than a match for your Foreign rubbish you profess to be professionals in” she scoffed arrogantly looking down her sleek nose at us. “That wasn’t Savate” I spat angrily approaching her keeping a wary eye open while trying not to be distracted by her natural leggy charms. “I told you on the train that..” “Yes, yes four types of kick and 4 types of punch. Yes yes yawn yawn how boring. I’m talking about proper Savate, the traditional French self-defence of the streets. The one where leggy Moulin-Rouge girls can kick the crap out of wimps like you for breakfast” she scoffed.

Before I could reply and with her piercing blue eyes locked onto me, her hands moved to the front of her top. “Let’s make it more interesting boys”. With that the top was pulled off over her head in a single move leaving us gaping at a sensational pair of quite large breasts pushed up together to form an eye-catching cleavage by a lacy black bra with low cups. “Orrrraw!” a smirk of superiority on her perfect pretty face acknowledged this was the reaction she had expected. Before my astonished eyes, her hands went behind her back and the next second the bra was whipped off exposing two big beauties with good sized nipples jutting from the areolae. They were so rounded and firm the bra hardly made a difference as they hung above her long flat stomach and pinched waist. I could now see how firmed and toned her body was with a lightly etched four pack on her stomach as beautiful testament that this 30-something elegant woman was no stranger to exercise. Now in hindsight I could see how firm and toned her arms and legs were and it was a body worth drooling over.

ORRRR! My big manhood soared. Wearing such sheer tan pantyhose, Madame Stephanie was practically nude. With flawless toned slightly golden tanned skin, an elegantly beautiful face, toned fit body, a great pair of boobs and oh-so long legs, her near-nudity caused an outbreak of very tight speedos as our dicks hardened. ORRR I really wanted to run my hands up and down that naked torso and her long legs before taking her hard. With hardening lust I found myself crowding around her with the others leering at her sensational body. “Typical men. Only think with your dicks. No wonder you never win against women”. She was such a spectacularly sophisticated looking beauty that I wanted her bad. Madam Stephanie stared at me, her blue eyes boring into my soul then thrust out one arm and beckoned with her hand. “Come on macho man, be stupid and try again”

Her blue eyes were so alluring with the set of her sleek elegant nose and sensual pout of her lips that I found myself dream-walking towards her big boobs and long legs without thinking. My heart leapt into my mouth as her body twitched and her knee flicked upwards in an eye-blink the long nylon-clad shin whipping through sending a tan streak on collision course with my groin. Instinct kicked in and with racing heart and sweating brow my hands whip inwards to protect my balls. WHAM! The impact of her foot causes my hands to close and I find myself holding her foot. Immediately I gave it a sharp tug dumping her to the floor on her nice backside. For the briefest of seconds my attention wanders along the length of her nylons to the gusset and the barely sheathed sex. In that instant she spun right over to face the ground supported by her arms. A tan blur streaks backwards and kicks against my knee. BLAM! “Arghhh!” BLAM! A sudden increase in the weight I’m holding in my hand as she uses my hand to climb up my body and pound a back kick high into my face. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! She keeps kicking my face until I am forced to let her go of her foot. Escaping my clutches she lithely leaps to her feet.

“The toes of my hose are reinforced especially to inflict the kind of punishment you deserve” she boasts as her fists are once more raised into a fighting stance and moving in small vertical circles. I tried to ignore the physical attractions jiggling around as the near-nude blonde skips back then steps forward but her body was so hot that I again got distracted. In horror a nylon-clad knee soars high towards my chest too fast to block. At that moment Maurice stepped in throwing a left hook. With stunning skill, the blonde diverts her leg mid-flight slamming the heel into his wrist kicking his hand out of the way. The same leg whips around in a low-line roundhouse kick to the back of his thigh, driving through sweeping his leg forward to throw him spectacularly onto his back BLAM!. As soon as he hits the floor he rolls to one knee to get back up only for a shapely foot to blast his face. WHOCK! His head snaps back and he falls back.

The tall elegant blonde’s lithe body is quick, fast and a deadly distraction in its near-nudity. Swinging elegantly to the side like a dancer a sideways back-kick streaks straight towards Andre’s face. He barely manages to jam it before returning a punch. Remaining cool she swiftly blocks his fist then reverses her grip to seize his wrist. Pulling his arm straight, her remarkable topless torso leans away as a tan-sheathed leg sidekicks his muscled abs. WHUMP! “Nnufph!”. That hot firm body instantly blasts high kicks straight into his face in gunfire fast succession. BAM! BAM! BAM! they land hard. Her wonderful breasts jiggling while her flat stomach becomes taut and ridged as her leg tirelessly kicks through Andre’s defences to pound his face time and time again with devastating effect. Clearly dazed and unable to defend himself, myself and the others step in to help only to find ourselves under bombardment from her lightning fast kicks. We were top-class professional MMA fighters yet we were struggling to block her brutally fast high kicks let alone being able to get in kicks and punches of our own. Her nylon-clad knee constantly bobs up and down to fire out whiplash fast kicks that sting like mad when you snap up your own leg to block them. BAM BAM BAM! I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting by this feminine naked beauty who was holding off 6 professional MMA fighters clad with her sexy long pantyhose-clad legs. The sheer level of fitness and skill of this hot bodied woman was making my dick uncontrollably rigid. “Am I too much woman for you?” she teased just before outpacing Maurice’s block and nearly ripping his head off with a front high kick to the jaw. “Haaa!” PAF! “Aieee!” he fell back.

Turning and kicking higher with such velocity, no-one can get close. Her sexy legs outreach our arms BAP! WHAP! BAP! WHAP! BAP!. Her sexy muscled calves flex as she kicks at high-speed seemingly randomly at each of us with metronomic regularity. The blonde kicks with such strength that the guys are bodily slammed away with the impact their bodies jerking with each impact with grunts of pain from their mouths. Her fit semi-naked body was a constant reminder that this was a sexy woman that we were failing to overpower. The sight of her well-formed breasts jiggling around on her topless body was too distracting for some. A long-legged kick breaks through Rene’s block, hammering his jaw, whipping his back so fast he stumbled and fell. BLAM!. A back-kick hammers Dominique full in the face BERLAM! “Orghh!” even as his head snaps back and stumbles backwards, I see an opening and step forwards swinging a kick. I’m shocked as the topless blonde grabs my foot and pulls me towards while her fist rockets out with a hard jab to my gut. WHAP! “Mmmnnff!” followed by a fast upper cut to my jaw WHOCK! “Ugh!”. I try to punch her but before I can strike she leans in close side-on driving her elbow into the side of my lower abdomen. WHUMP! “Nnargh!” the elbow whipped higher hammering my sternum. WHUMP! “…..!” My body lurches with each hard impact. CRUMP! “….!” I wanted to cry out as her sole came out of nowhere and kicked my groin. She kicked me so hard my undercarriage was knocked back from under me and I collapse to my knees.

Philippe throws a mighty punch that barely grazes her shoulder as she ducks in close. In between a heartbeat a sexy nylon-sheathed upper thigh whips up level with her waist driving the knee hard against his muscled abdomen. WHUMP! “Nnnarghhh!” He struggled to hold in an outburst of air and not to crease up as his body jerked violently under the impact. The next instant her thick strong diamond shaped calve bulged powerfully in her left leg as the right knee sped right into his weakened gut. WHUMP! “Narragh!” he cried out as his hard belly bowed in under her knee, his body jerking hard under the impact. Again her calves bulged as the knee struck again with blinding speed with such power that he was lifted completely onto his toes as his belly moulded itself around her knee and sexy upper thigh. KRUMP! “Waa…Orrrrrrghhh!” he wailed his face becoming a mask of agony as her knee plunged deep.

“Six big muscle men unable to handle one woman. What a joke” the bare chested pantyhose beauty taunted our masculinity while rubbing the sole of her foot on the face of Philippe as he sprawled on the ground. With an amused smile Madame Stephanie ground her foot into his face as he frantically tried to dislodge it with his hands. “Go on, kiss it. Worship my nylons” she taunted as the man failed to stop her sole smothering his face.

In horror I realised that this elegant woman was completely humiliating us. “Maurice! Get her!” I yelled as he re-entered the fray. “I don’t think so” the blonde laughed as a long right leg whipped up high in an instant to block his roundhouse kick. The next second she stepped close and hammered her fist against his sternum. It looked nothing more than a quick jab but it sounded really powerful. BRAK! “Ooooff!” he groaned. “Merde!” he cried as the glamorous blonde quickly spun right around then leapt high into the air in front of him until her nylon-sheathed crotch seemed level with his face. Her deadly sexy leg flashed out lithely like a pulse of tan lightning as she did the semi-vertical splits in the air. WHAM! “Kryckkk!” the sole of her foot struck his face with shocking power, the large slabs of calve muscle standing proud and sexy. The impact drives his heavy muscular body several feet backwards so fast that he tripped and fell while blood poured from his nose and mouth.

Philippe blasts a kick at her but with shocking speed his foot is caught in mid-air, twisted then pulled straight up sending him tumbling head over heels. The sophisticated hotty is like a bloody Terminator, wiping the floor with us, kicking our arses while laughing at our inadequacy to stop her. Her pantyhose is so sheer she was practically naked as her stunning body tirelessly pounds us with kick after kick. Philippe attacks again, openly lusting over her stunning body with a massive bulge in his briefs, lets her get too close. A lightning fast upper cut knocked back his head while white spunk sprayed from the top of his briefs. Rene ogled her breasts for too long, her hands whipped up to the top of his head pulling it down as her long thigh rose fast hammering her knee right into his face. WHOCK! “Arghhh!” he fell away clutching his nose.

Madame Stephanie remains coolly aloof and unconcerned even when boxed in on all sides by four big muscular men. Her firm naked body with the sheer hose taunting us with it’s powerful eroticism. I thought we had her but in the blink of an eye the unstoppable dynamo crouched low driving the point of each elbow square into the big erections in the tight briefs of the guys either side followed by her fists snapping back solidly against their chins. WHUMP! BERLAM! “Orrr aaghh!” they crumpled forwards only for her elbows to hammer the back of their necks. WHOCK! Their heads fly back in shock, eyes clenched, mouths wide, a spurt of cum erupting from the top of the long thick sausage shaped bulge at the front of one man’s tight briefs. Andre grabs her breast from behind as Philippe moves in from the front to punch her lights out. Again her lethal elbow flew back hammering Andre’s sternum while a long leg snaps out incredibly fast, a tan pulse blasting Philippe’s jaw, chest and face in less than a second WHOCK!  WHUMP! BERLAM! “Nurrpph!” blood flies from his mouth as his head whips back and his body slams backwards to the floor.

The sight of the pantyhose-clad blonde with the magnificent leggy body standing over the defeated forms of 4 big muscle men was surprisingly sexy. I put down a disturbing notion of wanting to be beaten by the superior fighting skills of this tall elegant pantyhose Goddess and kept telling myself that this uppity snooty bitch was going to get what she deserved. “Aiiiiiayah!” I yelled spinning and powering an almighty kick towards her middle that could destroy a brick wall. Remaining icy cool and without a hair out of place, to my astonishment I found my foot grabbed, pulled close towards for her arms to lock around my head. The only thing I could think of was her nipple and soft breast pressing against my cheek as she pulled me to the floor. The topless form of the gorgeous blonde laid across the top of my shoulders pinning me beneath her arm pit. “And that’s how to train a man” she laughs. The feel of her soft smooth skin stretched over a taut firm feminine body beautifully sculpted bare torso against my skin had my huge cock throbbing.

Before I can get my arms around her, she threw herself back onto her shoulders while still holding me in a headlock and lifted the rest of her marvellous body straight up into the air with her legs kicking out towards an oncoming Andre. The pantyhose heel of her right foot slammed right in the middle of his visibly erect penis while at the same time the reinforced toe of the other foot kicks upward between his legs hammering his scrotum hard from beneath. WHUMP! “Nnnnnnnaaaaiiiiii!” he squealed as his balls were violently forced upwards against his pinned dick, creasing over to frantically push the punishing feet. “Touch my tits. I’ll smash your balls using the feminist kick” the smug blonde’s voice purred sensually in her soft accented tone.

Before her back-end returns to the floor I use my powerful thick muscular arms to break her headlock, her feminine arms no match for mine and try to clamp on my own headlock. “I have something in my toolbox that will intimidate you” I taunt in her ear. I sneer delighted as she cries out struggling and twisting trying to prevent me locking off the hold. All she manages is to end up on her back on top of me. With a surprisingly strong back she begins to sit up despite my strong arms around her neck. My ‘precious’ began to throb in expectation as two ample rounded buttocks pressed against my groin as I tried to hold on. ORRR! The sensation of those buttocks pushing against my erection while I held onto her otherwise nude body with my bare chest pressed against her bare back was electric. “Orrrr yes I’m going right up your backside babe!” I moaned. Suddenly her sharp elbow slammed back into the side of my waist. “Huh!” WHAMP! “Urrgh!” I struggled to hold on. I try to shield behind her back but she manages to twist in my grip and slam her elbow back again. “Huh!” WHUMP! “Orrrragh!”. “Huh!” the elbow slammed again straight into my sternum. WHUMP! “Nnnurghh!” I gasped as the sharp shock knocked some of my breath away. My left hand slipped from her swanlike neck and her body turned in my lap, blue eyes wide with anger and a stern set to her lovely mouth as she gave me a stern look of cold arrogance my dick started lurching against her backside. “Ha!” her arm flashed down and the side of her hand chopped the base of my neck. WHAP! “Urrr!” it felt like someone had just zapped me with a taser and I fell back.

I was so dazed that I barely noticed the other 5 big muscular guys in skimpy speedos stretching to contain massive erections crowding around the semi-nude elegant beauty as she sat in my lap. Dominique stood before her. “I’m having some of that babe” he groaned lustfully. “Don’t worry, you’ll get yours big boy” Stephanie purred in that seductive accented voice of hers. “Orrrr!” I groaned as she suddenly shifted in my lap forcing my stiff dick horizontally along the groove at the back of her tights between her buttocks. “Yah!” a balled fist pistoned into the bottom of his briefs. BLAM! “Ooooooooeeeeeee!” he wailed as her fist drove his ball-sack right up high inside his body where fists are not meant to go. To my disgust the brutal punch sent an eruption of white lava fountaining out of the top of his briefs.

Maurice was standing off to one side. As she twisted around to face him, her backside slid along my shaft sending me into ecstasy “Orrrrr!”. “Yah!” the side of her hand held open like a knife chopped his rigid cock which stretched like a vertical tent from his briefs. WHOP! “Nnnaarghh!” shockingly the guy’s hard-on jiggled and hardened even more. WHUMP “Argh!. She shifted again driving me wild as my stiff dick bent with her arse. “Orrr!” I just had to place my hands on her hips. Both her long legs streaked upwards at an angle not quite held together like two sexy nylon-clad girders towards Maurice’s groin. The backs of her toes struck his balls either side of his stiff bulge then slammed inwards towards each other like scissor blades cruelly mashing them together against his shaft. WHAMP! “Argh! Nnnnnarghhh!” He hollered in agony, his face creasing up with tears in his eyes. In desperation he tried to step back but those long sensual tan coloured legs had him by the balls with the feet pinching hard. “I bet you always wanted a foot job from a topless woman wearing pantyhose” the gorgeous blonde purred in a sensual voice. “Arghh arghh!” he yelped his hands frantically tugging at her lower legs with the long shapely hanging calves. Eventually those sexy feet released him and he staggered back with a rapidly expanding damp patch at the front of his briefs.

Sitting straight in my lap once more with her back to me, she suddenly slid backwards to avoid a kick from Philippe towards her head. “Orrrr!” the feel of her nylon clad undercarriage as my erection travelled the channel between her buttocks had me harder than I ever thought possible. Remarkably the elegant cool blonde in my lap caught his leg before it struck and pulled it towards her forcing him into a humiliating skip. Locking his foot beneath one arm, she slammed a fist right into his erection. WHUMP! “Oraghh!”. “Huh!” Without pause a long stretch of tan nylon stretched tight over shapely feminine curves rocketed upwards driving the tip of her foot with curled toes right into the underside of his ball sack. WHAP! “Orrrrr!” a groan escaped his lips as he folded up in agony. “Orrrar!” With her nylon-clad buttocks brushing either side of my shaft as she fought, my heart pounded while I sweated like a pig.

With Philippe hunched over right in front of us, her hand flashed out and grabbed his right arm pulling it straight while locking it up with her arm. Her left leg flashed out but instead of kicking him, she strangely just planted the top of her foot against his cheek. Before he could raise his free hand, her right leg whipped out and slammed the sole of her foot hard against his mouth. With his face held in place between her feet and the arm-bar, she began pressing hard squashing his nose and mouth beneath her reinforced nylon clad toes. Her muscled calves flexing sensuously as she grinds her foot into his face. “Kiss my feet and I might not smash your balls to mush” Madame Stephanie threatened with such menace in her sexy soft accented voice that my dick began beating in the confined space between her buttocks. Philippe obviously felt the same because he began kissing the sole of her foot and did the same as she slid her left toes into his mouth. “That’s it worship the power of my hose” with that she withdrew her toes from his mouth. There was a look of disappointment on his face before her lower leg snapped back with a cruel hard roundhouse to his jaw that sent him flying. WHAM! “Nnnarghh!”.

She slid back and forth once in my lap making me gasp with lust. “Are you two going to worship my pantyhose power willing or do I have to humiliate you like your big macho friends?” She addressed Andre and Rene. I could take it no more and sat up to slide my hands around her sensationally shaped torso to grab hold of her magnificent firm breasts. The long legs of Madame Stephanie powered her body back slamming me back against the floor while her sharp elbow crashed into my sternum. WHOMP! “Nnnnarrghh!” I groaned winded by the blow.

At that moment,  Andre took the opportunity to step forward reaching over to grab the elegant blonde. With her practically naked body laying on top of me I could only watch over her shoulder as her long left leg shot out in a blur straight up between his legs and slammed her reinforced toes right into the bottom of his nut sack. WHUMP! “Nnnnnarghh!” he wailed as the foot continued to drive up forcing him onto his toes. Keeping her left foot in place, she raised her nylon-sheathed right leg like a mallet then slammed the heel right into the front of his groin sandwiching it between both feet. BLAM! “Nnniiiiiii!” he squealed in pure agony as his balls were hammered between both feet like caught between a hammer and the anvil. “How do you like that variant of the feminist kick?” she asked as Andre’s face turned a horrible colour before collapsing to the floor to writhe in agony.

The stunning blonde turned her body over to face me bringing up a nylon-clad knee and a length of shin to press against my dick. I tried not to whimper or show pain as she put her bodyweight behind her knee. Her blue eyes bored into me from atop her elegant slim nose and pretty features. “Touch me again without my permission and I will use you to demonstrate so many variants of the feminist kick that you will have nightmares about for the rest of your life. Understand?” her lips spread into a knowing predatory smile as her eyes continued to bore into me knowing that she owned me. I nodded my head. “I understand” I gasped watching as Rene crept up on her from behind. It was like she had eyes in the back of her head because just as he leant forwards to grab her the weight pressing down through her knee sharply increased as her right leg kicked backwards, the sole of her foot hammering right in his lunch box. WHUMP! “Orrgaghhh!”. Pushing herself from my body onto both hands raising her back-end high and without lowering her right leg, it kicked high clubbing him around the side of his jaw as he crumpled forwards. BLAM! “Arghh!” He went crashing side-ways to the floor.

The sophisticated woman nimbly threw herself up from her hands to her feet. Standing over him with her hands upon her hips and her long legs astride, her firm breasts stood firm proudly displayed on her fit hour-glass figure. Looking down at Rene along her sleek cute nose was a smug arrogant expression of superiority. Rene looked up his eyes travelling along the sensational legs and unable to get past the sight of blonde haired pussy beneath the gusset of her wide open legs. “Kiss it” she demanded stretching out her right leg to plant her sole over his nose and mouth. Rene wriggled beneath her foot to dislodge it. In a terrifying blink of an eye her foot raised from his lips and re-positioned itself on his groin. Her nylon-clad soles stepped onto his dick and pressed down hard. “Argh argh!” he yelped his hands going straight for her shapely lower leg. The foot raised then stomped back down hard grinding her foot. “Hands off” she warns. “Niiiii! Nii!” he squealed his hands desperately trying to pull her foot away. “I said hands off!” her voice was ringed with steel as she ground her foot harder into his groin. “I won’t repeat myself”. With tears rolling down his cheek and visible reluctance he removed his hands. The relief on his face was visible as she eased off the pressure. “You will kiss my foot or I will stomp your balls. Your choice?” she says so coldly that a chill ran down my spine. “OK OK!” Rene gasped his eyes not moving from that sensational leg planted in his crotch. The nylon-clad foot returned to his face and he began kissing the sole then her toes as she forcibly inserted them into his mouth. Her blue eyes fixed on me. “Watch your big macho friend reduced to kissing the feet of a mere woman” she sneered. “The ultimate sign of degradation at the feet of a woman superior in every way” she taunted as Rene continued to kiss it with what seemed to be growing relish. “It’s your turn next to worship my pantyhose, big boy” she said moving her foot away from his mouth and placed her foot upon the floor. To my amazement Rene got to his hands and knees with head bowed and began feverishly kissing her lanky shin with the shapely calve behind. “Woah boy!” she chuckled moving her leg away from the over-eager man. “Stay boy!” she commanded as he went to follow.

“Who are you? Special Forces? SAS?” I asked in awe of this beautiful sophisticated older woman with the sensational and deadly body. “No, just an ordinary working woman who knows how to take care of herself” she laughed as she approached me. She was a stunning sight and I got to my knees but before I could stand up her right thigh lifted and the foot firmly pressed on my chest. “No, you will remain on your knees. That is your rightful position before me” her voice purred in sensuous authoritative tones. I watched kneeling as this tall long-legged woman turned around right before me. She looked over her shoulder at me as a lovely tan peach of a backside hovered right in front of my face. I’m a man, she was a practically naked woman with a perfect arse, where else was I supposed to look? I couldn’t help staring at the dark triangle of the gusset and the thin dark line running from it to the waist band drawing attention to her butt-crevice as if it were needed. “Now do you understand the power of my pantyhose?” she purred.” ORRRR what a sight! I was stunned by the breath-taking sight not knowing what to say. “Yes, beautiful aren’t they. Pure top of the range Wolford” She said proudly. “Now show your respect for my nylons and I might let you walk away from here with all of your limbs intact”. The way her sexy voice said that with such confidence aroused me.

I reached out with both hands to capture that sensational behind, raised my face to the nylons and began to kiss it with respect. The feel of the silkiness of the nylons sheathing firm rounded buttocks was sensual and drove me to kiss her sexy behind with even greater homage. “That’s it guys, you watch Mister Macho here kiss my arse” her voice made me realise that the other guys were watching me but I no longer cared. ORRRR she was a real Goddess and I really wanted to worship her with everything I had. “That’s it, boy. Worship your mistress like the slave that you are” I heard her chuckle. I tried my best to worship the wonderful backside of this beautiful sophisticated blonde who was so out of my league. “I can see by your eyes that you were wishing that you were in his place right now”. I wasn’t surprised to hear murmurs of agreement for this was indeed a surprisingly erotic place to be and my dick was flinging itself with wild abandon. “You might all get your chance if you are lucky” she chuckled.
I’m with Inspector Moreau in his car having visited the workplace of Ekon the thug. He had claimed that it was involved in the illegal smuggling of kidnapped girls for prostitution [pantyhose#02]. Unfortunately they must have had a tip-off for all we found was an office with shredded documents. As he began to give me a lift back to my hotel, the inspector was in a foul mood nor did it improve when a call came in over his radio of a disturbance in a MMA gym. “Merde. We’ll have to attend, Jim, as we’re the closest” he snapped as he turned the car around to head off in a new direction. We arrive and he tells me to stay in the car and keep out of trouble. However as he enters, I notice a woman with a slender figure dressed in a stylish chic business suit dress and very short sandy blonde hair watching from the corner of the street. The thought crossed my mind that a pretty cheeky looking smartly dressed thing like her shouldn’t be hanging around a street like this when she walked purposefully to the gym entrance following the inspector in. My suspicions alerted, I decided to get out of the car and follow her.

As I enter the gym my attention is immediately drawn to a completed naked stunningly attractive tall blonde. On second glance I saw she wore a pair of tan coloured tights so sheer that it hid nothing and showed she wore nothing beneath. I couldn’t help feel aroused as she was gorgeous with a stunning hour-glass figure with a nice pair of fully rounded breasts and a firm taut stomach. A light golden tan added a healthy glow to her skin and her long shapely legs clad in sheer tan nylons were stunning. Surrounding her feet groaning softly and staring up at her with a strange kind of awe and worship were 6 of the biggest muscle-laden men that I’d ever seen. Despite her near-nudity the blonde had the air of elegance and sophistication. She was looking down at the men around her feet and so hadn’t noticed my arrival or that of the Inspector who crept around the gym keeping to the shadows to get closer. Worryingly I couldn’t see the short-haired woman.

“Now as I was asking before I was so rudely interrupted and forced to teach you a lesson, tell me where to find ‘The Moroccan’?” the blonde beauty with the fabulous body asked with soft sensual voice heavily laden with a sexy French accent. “He has a big house on the Ile St. Louis” one of the men gasped “I can get you the address from the club database”. “Not so fast Mademoiselle” the Inspector spoke up, stepping out of the shadows. “I am placing you under arrest and taking you to the station for questioning on suspicion that you are a member of a band of vigilante women”. The elegant woman just gave him a long cool look that could melt a man’s heart before answering. “Oh there’s no doubt about it. I am a member of The Pantyhose Society”. Wearing only sheer almost see-through tights it was impossible not to stare at her stunning body without rising lust. Her face looked past the Inspector, blanking him, towards me. Boy she was beautiful. Hers was the type of beauty that left you breathless. When she smiled it warmed me up inside. “Monsieur Priest. I’ve been expecting you. I do hope you remember Madame Michelle’s instruction to leave us well alone and just investigate the bad guys” she advised in the sort of sexy French accent that leaves men weak at the knees.

Just then the Inspector placed his left hand upon her shoulder. “I am arresting..”. Before he could utter another word the statuesque blonde’s left fist shot forward in a hook that connected solidly with his jaw. WHOCK! “Nnnhuh!” Her right fist landed on his jaw barely a second after. “WHAP!” “Mnnnhah!” the Inspector’s head snapped back showing shock that the beauty had actually hit him.

I stepped forward to go to his aide when a figure stepped out of the shadows blocking my way. It was the woman I had seen earlier. Now that we were face to face I saw that she was in her mid-thirties with a face that was full in the cheek and pretty in an older sister type of way. A long rounded face with a light touch of freckles and wide cheeks, she had small blue eyes, a cute stubby nose and a pleasant mouth set in a wide smile. A tight white T-shirt clung like a second skin over a slightly boyish figure just on the larger side of slim but unquestionably feminine with a good sized bust with erect nipples thrusting against the fabric. Below the waist was a pair of tan-coloured tights as sheer as her elegant friend but with a hint of white knickers beneath. This pretty homely looking woman had a good pair of legs with a hint of strong thighs and firm shapely calves. “That’s it have a good stare at my tits, you dirty letch” even to my untrained ears I could tell that she was more down to earth than her elegant friend. A wide cheeky grin spread on her face as she held up her fists. “Coming to the rescue, Monsieur Priest? I don’t think so” her voice was chirpy and enthusiastic with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “I’m Madame Sofia and I’m going to kick your ass” she stated with confidence that made me worried.

Over her shoulder I saw the Inspector rush the tall blonde who reacted like lightning driving her knee into his groin followed by a hand chopping the back of his neck as he slumped forwards. WHUMP! WAP! “Arghh!”. Practically naked she looked really sexy and superior as she grabbed his hand and turned her hip against his crotch. “Woah!” over her lovely nylon-clad hip he went in a heartbeat, flipping upside with his legs flapping in the air beside her head and his head on collision course with the floor. Rolling over as he fell helplessly his back hit the floor hard. KABLAM! “Arghhh!” he cried in agony. She placed her hands upon her hips and looked down at him with a look of utter contempt. Her bare torso with the splendid topless bust showed no sign of exertion. “It is Madame Stephanie to you although I prefer Mistress”.

I tried to step past Madame Sofia to get to the Inspector. BAM! BLAM! BLAM! Three solid punches smash into my jaw in succession so quick that I barely saw them coming and rocking my head hard. I raise my hand to my jaw in shock of actually being hit. Despite her looks, her punches are fast and very strong knocking me into a dazed stupor where I’m too slow to react. The next moment she was right before me, turning her shoulder side-ways on to drive the point of her elbow into my gut. WHUMP! “Boarrrrr!” my breath is knocked from my diaphragm in an excruciating instant. My body instinctively jerks forwards to crease up only for her forearm to snap up vertically slamming the back of her fist into my face. WHAP! “Arraghh!”. She stood back to admire her handiwork with the smug arrogant smile of a playground bully. “I’m good with my fists. I had to be. Growing up I had older brothers and had to show them who was boss”. My eyes must have widened as she laughed openly at my expression.

“So you’re the infamous Jim Priest” her fist is a blur streaking towards my face BLAM. “Argh!” I feel my jaw slip sideways under the impact of her strong punch. I raise my hands to protect my face but the cheeky-faced tomboy slams her fist beneath them into my gut. WHUMP! “Orrgahh!” I wail with the unexpected blow to my stomach. I try to step back away from her but my back comes up against a supporting pillar. The pretty tomboy with short hair and freckles presses her front against me, her good-sized chest squashing against my chest feels good. Her face comes right up close to mine. Her eyes peering into mine, a smile upon her lips. “Put your arms around me and hold my body tight while you kiss me” she demands unexpectedly.

Tempting though it was, I needed to go to help the Inspector and went to push her away. Sofia slapped away my hands and began driving her small but potent fists into my gut with incredible rapidity. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Her fists pounded me so fast piling blow on top of blow winding me and not letting me recover. I was paralysed in a winded state unable to defend myself. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! My body was jerking violently with each punch, hollow-sounding to my ears, absent of air. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! I try to move my hands to protect my belly but the pretty freckled tomboy sweeps them out of the way, her fist driving past before I can move them back. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! Her punches are fast, painful and literally breath-taking. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! Just as I think I can take no more she presses her body against me pinning me up against the pillar driving one more punch deep into my gut. WHUMP! I scream mentally at the power of that punch as she keeps her fist firmly in place buried in my gut. She smiles at me, looking really cute. “I won’t ask you again Monsieur Priest” she states and I find my dick growing stiff with the sheer brutal dominance of this pretty woman even as she zaps my energy making me light-headed. Struggling to cling onto consciousness I slide my arms around her waist and pull her close. As her nice bust squashes against my chest the devastating fist withdraws leaving me gasping even as my nose brushes against hers before pressing my lips in a gentle kiss. Even as our lips disengage I feel a strong urge of lust mixed with subservience and began kissing with more passion.

Over her shoulder I see the gorgeous blonde’s long legs out-reaching the Inspector’s arms. He keeps trying to hit her while she circles her fists in front of her before leaning back and kicking up a nylon-sheathed leg like some kind of dancer with a thick double diamond slab of muscle bulging in her calves. BLAM! “Nnnnghh!” the power of her kicks make his whole body lift up and jerk violently. Practically naked, she moves so elegantly her mastery of her fighting art turns me on yet I am concerned by how she seems to be toying with him, destroying him slowly.

CRACK! “Orrrghaghh!” a hard fist crashing into my jaw returned my attention to the more down to earth tomboy in my arms. “Gorgeous isn’t she? Sophisticated and gorgeous Stephanie” Madame Sofia said with a slight undertone of jealously. “Do you think I’m pretty?” she tilted her face coyly to one side with a worrying smile. “Er, yes definitely. Very pretty in a er girl next door way”. She ran the tips of her fingers gently along the side of my cheek. “That’s sweet but you better not be lying to me” Madame Sofia pushed herself gently from my arms as she stepped back a small distance. “Steph is so feminine and elegant, the way she uses her long legs like that. Even when she uses her fists she is still elegant whereas I’m just scolded for being too masculine” she sound bitter. “She has great legs. Do you like my legs?” the question made me instinctively look down and appreciate the shapely legs in sheer tan-coloured tights in front of me. “Wow you really have a great pair of…”

My words dried up in horror as her right leg jerked then soared skywards with devastating speed towards my face. BLAM! The foot whipped my head right up towards the ceiling sending jagged shards of light through my vision with a retained memory of her lovely nylon-clad legs doing the vertical splits and the sight of the gusset tight over white panties at her crotch. “Are these legs too hot for you to handle?” She sneers as my heads whirls in a daze. Before I can answer her lovely right leg kicks up again with terrifying speed like a deadly pair of scissors snapping open. BLAM! “Arghh!” to my horror my legs turn to jelly. BLAM! Jagged bright lines fill my vision as a fist smashes into my the temple driving me to my knees. Standing over me the freckled face blonde drives her palm into my face. BLAM! “Orrgahh!”. Looking up I see her pretty face smiling and laughing as she primes her fists. I try to raise my hands to protect my face but her fist is much quicker. WHAM! “Arghhh!” “You are a pathetic fighter Monsieur Priest, no I correct myself. You are not a fighter at all” she laughed scornfully.

She raised her right leg in front of me and all I could look at was the shapely calve and the hard slabs of muscle bulging. In a terrified heartbeat that leg unfolded sweeping around in a roundhouse kick that seared an impression of her amazing legs sheathed in tights all the way to her shapely hips and exposed crotch. BERLAM! My vision blurred in blinding fragments and I barely remembered hitting the floor. “Mon dieu. You really are pathetic!” came the taunting female voice.

I find myself on my back looking up at a great pair of legs sheathed in tan nylon on full display all the way to the gusset at her crotch. The sexy legs stand between my legs. Suddenly her shins press against the inside of my knees pushing my legs apart as far as is comfortable. I lay there enjoying the view with my eyes unable to stop staring with growing lust at the thick piece of nylon covering the panties at her crotch. Suddenly I gasp as my legs are pressed further apart. “Strong aren’t they are?” the short-haired blonde remarked “They might not look it but they are”. “Arghh!” I cried in discomfort. Although her legs weren’t overtly muscular when relaxed, thick solid muscular shapes now appeared as an overwhelming strength pressed my legs wide apart beyond what was comfortable. “Arghh arghh!” I yelped as she laughed at my discomfort. “Cor Steph! he’s got a blooming hard on” she laughs “I’m having some of that” she chuckled.

The tall blonde didn’t reply, she had seized the Inspector’s forearm and delivered a chop to his wrist. “Hah!” “Arghhh!” he cried. Dropping his arm she spun around quickly and leaning forwards almost horizontal back-kicked his jaw. “Huh!” WHAP!” “Naarrghh!” her sole drove his face skywards and his knees began to buckle. Moving like a viper the elegant blonde grasped his right arm by the wrist and around the inside of his elbow, bumped her shapely hip against his side. Her right leg kicked swiftly back into the rear of his upper thigh, her well-muscled calve hooking around his lower leg lifting it high off the floor as she leant forward. To my excitement and horror, the Inspector flipped heels over head very fast and slammed hard into the floor. KABLAM!

“Argh!” a sharp shooting pain in the inside of my pelvis brought my attention back to the strong legged cute tomboy standing over me as her legs held mine apart. She looked down at me with a smug smirk while continuing to hold me me like that for seemed like several long minutes while sneering at my impotence to stop her. “Feel the power of my pantyhose Monsieur Priest. Feel the power that could rip your legs right from their sockets”. Although I doubted that she had the strength to do that, my dick throbbed at her words. “Cor Steph! The pervert’s really getting turned on by being dominated by my legs” she exclaimed, her youthful looking face brightened. “Cor! He’s getting me all hot and wet down below. The weirdo!”

Without warning she released my legs only to kick her right foot straight down the middle to hammer my balls. WHAMP! “NnnnOrrghhh!” I wailed as pain exploded in my balls. “Dirty old sod” she chuckled as I curled up around my aching groin. Suddenly I felt silky nylon rasp on either side of my neck. Before I could react my neck was between the lower part of her calves. Her hands slapped down on the back of my head pressing my face against the top of her feet. “Kiss it” she ordered. I wasn’t going to give in that easily but after only a couple of seconds I began to regret it when she raised herself on her toes. “Nurghhh!” her lower calves squeezed against my neck like steel posts with shocking strength. Immediately my hands flew to her calves to the top of her calves behind my head and encountered the bulging muscle heads. The feel of the soft silky smoothness of her nylons contrasted with the large solid slabs of muscle with a hard-ridged edge to the spear-like shapes of her strong calves beneath my fingers. Momentarily she lowered her feet to the floor then snapped back up again to her toes. The grip of her calves around my neck felt tighter than ever causing my vision to blur and distort and I knew that she could easily knock me out cold. The thought re-awoke my erection and when she lowered my face once more against the top of her feet pressing firmly with her hands upon the back of my head I began kissing. “That’s it. Kiss them until I am completely satisfied”. I am not into foot worship but the power of this pretty tomboy to overpower aroused me enough to enjoy the feel of silky nylon against my lips. True to her word, the cute bully girl keeps me scissored between her calves as I kiss her feet to her satisfaction while enjoying stroking the muscle heads of her strong shapely calves.

Finally she releases me then kicks me in the side forcing me to roll over onto my back. Looking up at her with the view along her sexy nylon-clad legs, her gusset and the way her top clings to her chest while the cute bully girl peers down at me, I feel subjugated and turned on. Nylon-clad toes press against my lips and force themselves into my mouth. “Worship them Monsieur Priest like the big pussy you are or I will string you up and use your body as a punch bag”. With her toes fully stuffed in my mouth there is little room to move my tongue but I obey the best I can licking and sucking on the raspy nylon feeling utterly humiliated yet turned on by her dominance. I can’t help running my hands over calves enjoying their firm shape and strong muscle-heads. The muscle in her long thick thighs looked strong as she moved her foot to humiliate me further.

Finally she withdraws her foot, grabs my hair and forces me to kneel before her with my eyes level with her gusset. Madam Sofia’s blue eyes peered down at me. “Stop, please. Why are you doing this?” I gasp trying to get the taste of nylon from my mouth. I tried not to look at the exposed gusset before my eyes or the way her tight top clung to her chest in the most provocative manner. Her blue eyes stared right at me, a cheeky grin on her face. “You keep sticking your nose where it is not wanted Monsieur Priest. Now I’m going to stick it where it can be of some use” she chuckled saucily then reached down to grab me by my hair. That gusset covered crotch moved towards my face as she hooked a sexy right leg over my shoulders. “Wait, wait, please. Who is ‘The Moroccan’?” I asked. “You should ask your Gendarme friend when he wakes up” she giggled “He is one of the richest men in Europe. A nasty man who has got very rich on the profits of crime with the help of politicians, bankers and the so-called ‘great and the good’. He owns most of the media in Europe and most Governments who protect him” “What do you want with him?” I asked. “You talk too much. I’m going to rape you Monsieur Priest and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re my sex toy now”. Before I could object her right leg folded around the back of my neck and pulled my face right against her crotch. The feel of the nylon gusset beneath my lips, the smell of her sex and the knowledge that it lay beneath the panties just millimetres away drove me into lust overload and I worshipped the nylon tights at her crotch with fervent desire. After a while she began thrusting her crotch hard against me moaning with pleasure “Orrrrr! Orrr! Monsieur Priest!!! You naughty pussy licker!”. Her hands pressed on the top of my head pressing my face harder between her legs. Keeping her balance while standing on one leg while the other was locked around the back of my head, her gusset-covered crotch rubbed vigorously over my nose and mouth. “Orrrr! Monsieur Priest I’ve found your rightful place in life Ahhhh yes!”. Yes, I was aroused but in that position she was using my face for her pleasure only. “Ohhh! Ohhh! Oooh La-la! Orrrrrrrrrr!”. Finally she came in a massive orgasm while her panties rubbed wet and slimed my face with her juices while her leg held me place forcing me to take it.

As the short-haired blonde released my face from her sopping wet crotch I saw the tall elegant blonde walk over. “How undignified Sofia. Was that really necessary?” she asked in a sophisticated accent hinting at disgust. “Well I enjoyed it” the cheeky-faced woman replied with a saucy smile. “You got the address?” she asked. “Oui, let’s go”. Madame Sofia bent my arm back and forced me to my feet to find myself between two lovely scantily clad French women. “Yah!” I jumped in fright as both women yelled, their nylon-sheathed legs shooting in from either side towards my groin. BERLAM! “Arrghhh!” my ball-sack was caught between the soles of their feet as they hammered together like crushing nuts on an anvil. Terrible mind-numbing pain suffused my body. “Hai!” I jumped again as their sexy legs lanced up together towards my face. BERLAM! Their soles hammered either side of my jaw. “Arghh!” lancing pain and swirling vision then everything went black.
The Inspector fumed quietly as he drove the car with sirens blaring at high speed through the dark Parisian streets. I told him what Madame Sofia had said about ‘The Moroccan’. He took his eyes momentarily off the road to glare at me then sighed. “It is true. I was investigating this man in connection with a drugs and people smuggling ring. They would ship young girls from Eastern Europe and force them to become sex workers” He explained. “So why didn’t you arrest him?” “Rich men like that are an elite unto themselves and attract friends in high places. The investigation was stopped and the case buried. I am not happy with it but what I can’t understand is how these women found out about it after it was all hushed up”. The Inspector got on the radio and called for back-up. “Ile St. Louis is the most exclusive residential area in Paris, Jim. Only members of the Global Elite and criminal overlords like ‘The Moroccan’ can afford to live there”. “We will have to wait for the armed response team. These people have private armies protecting them” he said as the car screeched to a halt in front of a very impressive building that more resembled an art gallery than a house.

“It looks like someone got here before us” I remarked looking at the tall gates that had been left wide open. “Merde” the Inspector swore. We got out of the car and cautiously entered the premises to find the bodies of security guards lying unconscious everywhere we looked. Some of the guards had pantyhose stuffed in their mouths or in the zips of the trouser flies. “No need to ask who was responsible for this” I commented. “Those damn vigilante women” He growled. Just then backup arrived and the Inspector instructed them to conduct a search of the mansion. The place was huge and it took a long time for them to report that there was no trace of ‘The Moroccan.

“Sir, you need to see this” a young Gendarme officer came up to tell us. We followed him to a kitchen that was larger than the floor area of my house to find someone dressed as if he were the butler flat on his back on the kitchen table with a pair of tights stuffed in his mouth. Attached was a letter. “The Moroccan has been abducted by the society de pantyhose” translated the Inspector “and will be made to confess his crimes”. “Merde” he sighed folding the piece of paper “the Politicians will demand his rescue and I do not know where to begin. Do you Jim?” “Actually I think I do” I answered thinking about it.

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