School-bully beat down / Victim’s revenge (JP#15)

Nasty bully gets painful lesson by a skilled mother and her daughter

There were a few inspirations for this story including the marvellous artwork by Coxbones and the saucy series of images of Tera, plus the character of Terry – a nasty so and so from my youth who deserved his come-uppance.
(c)Jim P 2015

“Take what you want from other people, Terry, before they take it from you” that was my Dad’s motto. He always used to tell me that when he wasn’t in jail for burglary. An honest profession he always said although the Judge was too dumb to see that. I was always shorter than the other boys my age but made up for it with pure aggression. Anyone who says ‘short man’s syndrome’ gets a fist in the face. I’ve got through school by being a nasty little bastard. If I want something I’ll take it and I don’t care who I hurt if they get in my way, whether it’s that woose Bobby Priest, a girl or a teacher.

The park was close to the school on the edge of town and used by many to walk home, which made it perfect for ambushing kids and kicking their teeth in for no good reason than looking at me funny or if I just didn’t like the look of them. The council had built a skateboard area sited well away from houses so as not to be a nuisance in a well secluded area. That was my destination on this sunny Summer’s evening after school as I cycled on a bicycle too small for me which was low to the ground and uncomfortable to ride. All the lads rode them so I did too. Besides I looked cool and anyway I stole it from a little kid so who gives a monkeys? The skateboarders had long gone, scared away by me and the lads. This was our hangout now. As I waited for them to turn up I took out my soap bar and cut off a piece of resin into a cola bottle and lit up. Soon the sweet cloying smell began to fill the tunnel beneath one of the quarter pipes in which I sat. I took a deep drag not worried about the Police. If they turned up I would just jump on my bike shouting ‘Catch me if you can’ as I sped away leaving them huffing and puffing far behind.

Suddenly I hear the crunch of gravel and silently thanked the council for including an early warning system without realising it. Nervously my hands hover over my gear in case I need to make a run for it. My breathing and heartbeat sounded over-loud in my ears as I struggled to make out whether this was friend or threat. Immediately I know that it’s not one of the lads as it sounds strangely like somebody wearing high heels. Policewomen don’t wear high-heels do they? Maybe it’s a mum bringing her bratty kid to try out his new skateboard on my patch. Well I’ll soon see them off. I cautiously get up out of the tunnel to take a look. To my surprise I see a willowy mature woman with blonde hair so pale it is practically white. Creases and lines mark a thin severe looking face that seemed haughty and sophisticated yet surprisingly she wore an eye-catching black leather dress that flows down to below her knees. At the front of the dress at the hem there is a long slit in the hem pointing vertically up above the knee from which a golden zip extends vertically to a wide black belt cinched around her slim waist. If the sight of a long sexy black leather dress wasn’t enough, beneath the hem is a pair of black skin tight leather boots with sharp pointed toes and amazing 6 inch stiletto heels. The old crone looks at me as if I was something she just scraped off her sole. Probably only 5 foot 6 without her heels, with her really slim build she seemed much taller. There is something very sexy about a woman wearing a leather dress out in public exuding great confidence as it shimmers and reflects the light in a very exciting manner that just goes straight for man’s groin. The way it just clung tightly to this woman’s slender hips and stretched tightly between her long slender thighs caused my loins to stir. The soft leather boots with the stiletto heels just added to the image of a woman signalling “bang me. I’m begging for it”.

My eyes wandered up past her waist taking in a scarlet silk blouse shimmering with silky sensuous softness and unbuttoned quite low over the forward thrusting double slopes of a nice sized rack. You would expect that a woman who wore such blatantly sexy clothes to be a real hotty, instead glaring back at me was the sharp angular features of a very stern-looking woman with long wild unkempt hair brushed back from a high forehead. The almost-white cascade fell down her back past narrow shoulders. The face was small, narrow and long with slender grey eyes under thin arched pale eyebrows. The eyelids were shaded a shocking blue and the lashes thickened with black mascara. A large curving prominent nose dominated her face above a wide thick-lipped mouth red with lipstick. Deep crease lines ran from the corners of her nostrils outlining the edge of her high cheekbones and the vertical groove between the base of her nose and upper lip. There were also lines running off from the corners of her mouth which added to the aged appearance. Her chin was shallow, slightly jutting with a deep dimple. All in all her face was hardly attractive nor completely repulsive but confidently wearing those kinky clothes certain caught the eye.

She stopped and stood glaring at me with her hands upon her hips. “Is this him?” a cracked low voice says as she stares at me with open disdain. There was an air of snootiness that marked her out as coming from the posher part of town and not the housing association estates. That’s when I become aware of someone hiding behind the whip-like woman as she peers around to take a look. “Sally Forbes!” I exclaimed recognising the tall scrawny girl from school. Tall for her age, she must have been nearly 6 foot with a long lean boyish figure and small breasts. With her glasses and tousled mousey brown hair tied up behind her head, she was plain and boring. With small grey eyes, a prominent nose, wide mouth with thick lips I could see the resemblance to the older woman. Her bookish attitude, nice girl prim and proper behaviour and top of the class marks singled her out to be put in her place on a near-constant basis. Tall miss goody two shoes was still in her school uniform, the stupid cow.

“Push off Forbes and take your granny with you” I growled. “Mother actually you retarded evil stump of a boy”. There was something about the woman’s low gravelly voice that was exciting. “Mother?!” I exclaimed for the old crone looked far too old to be her mum. “That’s correct you little toe-rag” she looked down at me literally and in a snobbish manner “I had my career at the Royal Ballet School and decided to delay having children until I was in a comfortable financial position to take the time out to raise them properly”. I couldn’t stop my eyes from running over her kinky leather dress and silky blouse without thinking PHROAR!. I was shocked to realise that the skinny old crone looked really good and sexy in those clothes. “He’s the one, Mum” the timid mouse said, barely audible. “He threw my art assignment in the canal. I’d been working on that all term and he’s ruined it” I smirked at her nearly in tears. “Pile of crap anyway” I sneered “I was doing you a favour”.

“Well let me do you a favour in return” the leather skirted woman said. With a sly smirk and a cold stare from her grey eyes, she pulled out a mobile phone and raised it pointing the back in my direction. I heard the digital shutter as she took a photo. “Oi!” I shrieked “What are you doing?”. Her smirk widened pushing up her cheeks causing more lines to form. “Cannabis resin, smoking jar. A dumb way to smoke it by the way but if you want to kill yourself, go ahead” she tilted her head slightly to one side studying me with narrow piercing eyes atop a large curved nose. A predatory smile appeared. “I’m sure that the Police will find that photograph very interesting. Especially as we can also give them give them your name”. With my blood boiling, I went ballistic. “Give me that effing phone now you old bitch” I yelled. The stern-faced woman openly laughed. “Oh look Sally. The little runt is having a paddy attack”. Geeky Sally couldn’t suppress a smile. “You effing bitch! What did you call me?” I yelled. Still laughing Mrs. Forbes turned her back on me. “Come on Sally, a visit to the Police Station is in order” she announced smugly then began walking away. I ran up behind and tried to snatch the phone. “Give me that you bitch” I cried making use of a long low wall used by the skate boarders to jump up and grab her by the neck with one arm to drag her back while trying to snatch the phone with the other. Immediately the lean lanky woman turned her head to the right towards the inside of my elbow. I saw the long leather dress rise up in front of her as she lifted a knee while at the same time she curiously raised her forearm then opened her palm by straightening her fingers.

What happened next was the last sound that I ever wanted to hear from a victim. “Hai!” the sudden shout nearly made me jump out of my skin as her right arm stiffly raced back towards my legs with her fingers held rigidly straight. WHUMP! The edge of her hand chopped my balls square on. “Waaoorrrrrragh!” I cried as her hand continued to rise forcing me onto my toes. It felt as if someone had just swung a mallet into my groin and I was in shocked agony. As her hand swung forwards I returned to my feet with a whimper. “Huh!” her raised knee dropped in the blink of an eye sending the stiletto heel and sole of her boot slamming back against my knee. BLAM! “Arrghh!” I cried as my leg jerked backwards feeling as if my kneecap had nearly snapped out of position. My arm was now hanging loose around her neck enabling the old crone to step out, whip her nearside fist across her chest then swing it back fast into my groin. “Yai!” WHUMP! her hand was open like a claw as it slammed into my groin. Upon impact stiff steely fingers clamped shut around my nuts and squeezed as tight as a vice. “OOOoooooo!” dear God! I was going frantic trying to prise her hands away while quickly lifting and stamping my feet in a dance of extreme mind-splitting agony. “Arghhh arghhhhh noooooo!” I screamed as her steel-like grip tugged and twisted my nuts. “Eeeee eeee!” shrieking in excruciating pain with my eyes watering while still doing my rapid dance of agony.

“Bah!” still holding my nuts with one hand her other arm jerked back very rapidly driving her elbow hard into my gut like a piston engine. WHUMP! NnnnnurrWorrrrrphh!” I wailed as my breath was violently driven out replaced by painful winded cramp. My whole body jerked with the force of the impact. “Dah!” a split-second later I stared in disbelief as her elbow rushed backwards angled high towards my face. WAPLAT! It struck right across my lower face squashing my nose and starting a nose bleed. Free of her cruel grip on my cojones, I creased forwards with my hands to my nose to see if anything was broken. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the old witch’s legs clad in a leather dress standing by my side. “Hai!” I jumped in fright only to feel both her elbows slam into my spine like two sledgehammers. BLAM! “Arrrrrnnnnghhh!” I wailed with what little breath I had left then fell to my hands and feet in front of the pale-haired lady’s feet. A bare second later she bent back her right leg then sent it hurtling towards my side. “Yah!” WHUMP! “Arghh!” the sharp toe of her boot drove deep like a knitting needle hammered into my body.

The cruel bitch kicked me over onto my back then stood over me with her hands upon her slim hips placing one foot on my chest with the stiletto heel biting the skin through my T-shirt. What the hell had just happened? I couldn’t believe I just got my arse kicked by Sally’s old mother!. I must admit looking up from the ground at the willowy woman in those boots, long leather dress and silky blouse with a smug look upon her stern face, I had an overwhelming feeling that she was magnificent, powerful and superior. I quickly brushed that silly notion from my mind. “Sally, you saw how this runt of a boy attacked me, didn’t you?” “Yes mother” “And you saw how I was forced to robustly defend myself?” “Yes mother” “Remember to include that in your statement to the Police” “F..ff..furrr..fecking bitch!” I gasped fighting the terrible cramps in my gut and trying to ignore the dreadful ache in my balls.

Mrs. Forbes’ eyes narrowed and tightened with her grey eyes turning even harder. With her foot still on my chest she leant forward, never taking her cold eyes off me as mine slipped to her hanging rack. “Well you are horrid little runt aren’t you? A nasty bully that needs to be taught the proper respect towards his fellow humans” she said in harsh tones. I wasn’t going to let this snooty-nosed bitch get the upper hand like this and began to push away her foot only for that stiletto heel to dig in hard leaving me yelping in pain. Giving me an arrogant stare down her prominent long nose with her wide mouth set in a superior smirk she reached down with her long slim arms to the front of the hem of her sexy leather dress. I watched the contents of her blouse wobbling as it hung above me until a sudden unzipping noise drew my attention. With her hands upon the zipper at the top of the long narrow triangular slit rising from the hem, she stood up straight pulling it up the centre of her dress all the way to the wide black belt at her slim waist.

I watched in voyeuristic fascination as the side panels of her dress fall away from the centre revealing to my amazement that the high-heeled leather boots that the old woman wore were in fact thigh-boots. PHROAR! I had to admit that they looked very good on her too. Between the top of the boots and the belt rose an expanse of sheer black nylon covering what looked like a great pair of thighs and led to a pair of black panties cut very high on the hip over which that sexy expanse of sheer black nylon continued, hugging a nicely round hip to her waist. PHROAR! Indeed. I felt my aching dick began to get very stiff at the sight of this sexily dressed old woman. Mrs. Forbes was dressed like an elegant kinky severe old-fashioned school-mistress and very sexy she looked too. “Beautiful aren’t they?” the severe narrow-faced said noting my appreciative gaze. “Top designer Italian leather thigh-boots of the highest quality custom measured and fitted by Madame Virginie of Paris with steel reinforced stiletto heels and top pieces” she said with a wide smirk and a twinkle in her eyes. “Do you know what that means, runt?” her voice almost became a seductive purr while her face became more smouldering sending bursts of stiffness to my dick. I shook my head, too astounded to speak. “It means that they are perfect for stomping horrible little bullies out of existence”. Before I could begin to absorb that, she spoke again in that low gravelly sexy purr of hers. “Go on, feel them runt. I know that you want to”

BERDOING! If a woman asks me to feel her sexy leather thigh-boots, who am I to argue? I reached out and felt the long slender calves beneath that tightly-moulded soft leather, thoroughly enjoying the chance to feel the legs of a real woman. “Enough!” she commanded in a strict tone after only a few seconds and withdrawing her foot. “Change your bullying ways and you might yet live to enjoy the pleasures of a real honourable and respectable woman. Continue to annoy my Sally and I will destroy you. Do you understand?” With a knowing smirk she turned on her heels and began to walk away with her daughter who was smirking at me. I watched wistfully as those high-heeled boots carry the old woman’s whiplash slender body away from me. I loved the way the light played across the back of her long leather dress swishing and moving with every motion of her long lean body. Suddenly I came to my senses, quickly becoming angry that the old witch had defeated me with a few simple tricks in mere seconds. I was also angry with myself for not standing up and giving the old bird a right slapping for daring to fight back. I don’t really know how she reacted so fast like BAM BAM BAM Game over but that wasn’t how an obviously classy woman like her was supposed to behave. I didn’t often hit girls but in her case I would be happy to make an exception.

I got to my knees when another dreadful thought hit me. She had humiliated me in front of Sally who would spread it around the school! She needed to be stopped. I was going to have to do something to Sally so bad that she would be too terrified to even open her mouth, after I’d dealt with her dreadful snooty mum. The camera phone! I suddenly remember the incriminating photo the craggy narrow-faced woman had taken. My blood hit boiling point, remembering all the things she had been calling me. “Come here, you old trout!” I shouted after her retreating backside. “No-one calls me a runt and gets away with it! Give me that phone”. The severe-faced woman stopped and looked over her shoulder with a smug smile. “What will you do if I don’t, you horrible little runt!” “I’ll effing do ya, you old trout!” I screamed seeing red “I’ll kill ya! I’ll smash yer bloody face in!” I hollered as I closed the distance between us. “And you Sally!” the girl looked scared “You won’t say a word about this to anyone or I’ll be flushing your head down the toilets every day for the rest of your life” “Oh how elegantly stated he is, Sally” Mrs. Forbes said, her face dour and unsmiling “He is such the raconteur”. I didn’t know what that meant. “I’m going to wipe that smug smile from your face you old trout” I yelled.

She whirled around to face me, the panels of the black leather dress billowing out to show off a pair of stunning legs so slender they were deceptively long yet shapely. With a strange knowing smirk of smugness the old woman stared at me with cold eyes. The downward triangle of her black panties emphasised the patch of sheer black nylon at the very top of her thighs and drew the eyes to those thigh-boots. Wow! and what boots, kinky black leather softly moulded over long thighs and shapely long calves that called to my loins leading to the sensual curves of her feet raised upon high-heels. PHOAR! Mrs. Forbes might look like an old bag but her long slender body clad in kinky leather was really hot stuff. I wanted to run my hands all over the long shapely feminine lines of those boots and with her slender yet busty form up top my dick gave a strong lurch of wanton desire. In that moment of distraction she struck.

Striking like a rattle-snake her left forearm flashed across the inside of my forearms and pulled them quickly against her pleasing bust. “Hai!” I jumped as her right hand flashed out. The edge of her hand held with the fingers straight chopped into the side of my neck like an axe felling a tree. WHAP! The thick chunk of muscle along the side of her hand slammed into the side of my neck imparting a shocking force. The sensitive nerve endings in my neck erupted overwhelming me with sudden pain. At the same time the shock to my system made me disorientated and dizzy with patches of blackness blurring my vision and for a moment had me fighting to remain conscious. I felt her right hand grab the back of my neck and managed to re-focus my eyes only to see her other arm raised elbow bent ready to strike. “Yah!” her elbow came down sharply in a motion like pulling the chain. “Yah!” WHAM! Her arm struck about an inch above the tip of the elbow pounding my left collar-bone. “Argh!” the left side of my torso collapsed downwards under the impact while searing pain made me scared that she had broke my collar-bone.

As my body jerked down under the force of the blow and downward pressure from the hand upon the back of my neck, I saw to my horror a black leather-clad knee speeding up like a sexy sleek express train to meet my face. I didn’t even have time to scream. “Hah!” WHAP! Bone aching pain exploded in the centre of my face. I felt my nose flatten under her knee breaking the cartilage and the blood begin to pour. At the same time my lips are mashed hard against my teeth. My head snaps up savagely, with the rest of my body following falling backwards with a brutally aching face, blood pouring from my nose and its taste in my mouth. BLAM! My back slams into the ground and I’m mortified to find myself once more collapsed at the booted feet of a mere woman.

I clutch my nose trying to stem the flow, my anger ready to flash the same colour at being so brutally humiliated by this old woman. At the sight of a pair of high-heeled booted feet stepping before me I look up ready to deliver a torrent of abuse only for the words to stick in my throat. Two magnificent columns of soft high-heeled black leather soared into the heavens above me. Lord her slim legs seemed to go on almost forever. The supple reflective matt of the sexy thigh boots contrasted by sexy patches of sheer black nylon at the top of each thigh then soared up to a wonderful feminine shaped torso. The pain in my bloodied face was replaced by a growing lust in my trousers for the surprising defensive skills of this strange whiplash thin old woman with the penchant for kinky clothing worn in public.

“Terry” Sally’s voice spoke up with surprising confidence “My mum is a black belt and she really hates school bullies”. Her eyes which were normally too scared to look at me, stared with barely hidden excitement. Oh crap! No, she must be winding me up. The old woman certainly knew how to defend herself and that was enough to make me not to tangle with her anymore but I couldn’t believe the skinny old cow was a Karate expert or something. I got as far as my knees but that lean sleek kinky-clad body was distracting. Her cold grey eyes stared down at me along her prominent nose in that severe thin face with open disdain. “How old are you, boy?” Mrs. Forbes asked prodding my upper thigh with the steel-capped sharp pointed toe of her oh-so long thigh-boots. “What’s it to you?” I growled angrily. “He is 18 mother” Sally gleeful said. I glared at her “Shut the feck up bitch!” “Ouch!” I yelped at another sharp swift kick from the thigh-booted mother. “Don’t you talk to my daughter like that you horrible little toad” “Don’t you call…Ouch!” I yelped at another swift against my upper thigh. “I will call you anything I like because I am your elder and better while you are just a mindless runt”. I opened my mouth to protest. Her leg twitched to kick again. “Ouch!” I yelped failing to get out of the way quick enough. Her small eyes got wider with the pupils dilating with an excitement that chilled me. “That means you are no longer legally considered a child so I can beat you up severely without fear of being arrested for assaulting a minor”

“W..what?” I stuttered at her shocking words said so matter of factly. That boot swung again and just caught me as I rolled to one side. Mrs. Forbes leant forwards bringing her face close to mine. I tried not to look at the nicely filled contents of her silky blouse falling forwards and dangling before me. “It means I am going to beat you up really badly and enjoy every second of it” she said in a seductive whisper that called to my loins. “ can’t be serious” I protested. “Become a nasty bully who lives by violence and intimidation and you will be punished by violence and intimidation” she said with a chilling smile. “’re crazy” I said backing away from this mad old woman with the almost white blonde hair and scrawny figure. “Do you remember Stephen Wilson? Or Bradley Jones?”. Thrown off guard by this change in topic, I nodded while my heart raced as I tried not to look at the black panties covering her crotch. They were two of the nastiest bastards I had ever met and bullied the school with a reign of terror that scared pupils and teachers alike. “I see that you do she purred and stretched out a long sexy leather boot with the top of the toe stroking the side of my cheek. I was too stunned to push it away, besides it felt so good and kind of erotic. Her smile widened as did her eyes “They came to a nasty end didn’t they?”. That was right, there was something about a nasty accident that put Stephen in hospital for a long time and he never returned to school. With chills running down my spine I realised the same thing had happened to Bradley a few years later. “I had to do it” her face lit up “They were hurting too many children”. “No, no. You’re winding me up. Trying to scare me” I said backing further away so I could scramble to my feet and get away. Crazy old lady. Her smile became predatory as her eyes hardened to steely grey increasing my nervousness. “I’m going to enjoy this very much” she whispered while her hand moved suggestively to the front of her panties and gave them a naughty rub while opening her mouth suggestively without taking her eyes off me. BERDOING! such an outrageously sexual move had my cock straining my underpants.

“Sally. Go and wait for me at the Café by the boating lake, there are some things you best not see” she said still staring at me. Sally’s plain face leaned in from the side with an eager expression. “No mum. I really want to see this. He’s got it coming and I want to savour each moment”. “Stop mucking about Sally” I snapped “You’re not scaring me”. Surprisingly Sally leaned close with her face inches from mine. “I really hate you and hope you suffer” she hissed “I hope Mum puts you in hospital for a very long time”. “You’re crazy! You’re both crazy and should be locked up!” I shouted pushing Sally away then jumping to my feet.

“Hai!” I jumped as a black blur streaked skywards right before me. BLAM! The metal-reinforced sole of her long right boot caught me under the jaw hammering it back over my shoulders with a loud crick and a scrambling of my senses. Her long slim leg continued to rise until the top of her thigh hit her chest. Throb! Throb! my dick throbbed at such flexibility. The next second the crazy old lady spun quickly around and her long thigh-boot shot out again like a bullet. “Yah!” WUMP! “Orrrragh!” The metalled sole punched deep into my belly with the wicked stiletto heel stabbing like a needle. Not pausing for a split-second, the whip-like thin woman continues to spin until I’m looking, winded, at her sensationally small but compact arse sheathed in black panties and sheer black tights as her long shapely slim leg blasts backwards with knee bent. “Hah!” in horror I saw the light shine off black leather as a long slim shapely calve hurtled towards my groin. BLAM! “Arrrrriiiii!” I screamed as a metal-plated sole hammered my nuts striking at an upward angle from beneath my legs while that nasty heel pierced the front of my jeans to deliver a stab of blinding pain to the top of my ball-sack. I creased over cupping my balls with my hands with tears in my eyes and the sound of jubilant applause from Sally.

Even doubled over my aching balls in excruciating pain, I found myself staring at the patch of thigh clad in sheer black nylon above those sensationally moulded leather boots as they walked casually to my side. “Hai!” I jumped as her knee jerked and a black leather blur rushed towards my bowed face. THWOCK! my lips taste leather as her knee smashes into my mouth like a hammer brutally powering my face upwards swiftly in a blinding blur of light and pain. The rest of my torso follows suit, driven to stand straight in a painful instant by her still rising knee. I’m shocked to find myself staggering about unsteadily on my feet. A sign of weakness that shook me to the core.

The slender woman turned side on and the black leather lance kicked again. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! three powerful side kicks delivered in barely a second rocked my face with brain-scrambling power, devastating speed and sexy legged flexibility. Her metal soles landing like hammers bruising my skin while her stiletto heels tore at my flesh. Standing in front of me, off to one side she grabbed my T-shirt and pulled me forward while turning her back to me. “Hai!” a reflective black thigh-boot shot up in front of me, the long leather-clad calve clubbing across my chest like running into a feminine steel barrier. WHUMP! “Hai! Hai!” “Woargh!” I groaned as the old lady rapidly kicked me across the chest twice more, my whole body jerking uncontrollably under the power of her brutal kicks.

“Hai! Ha! Ha!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The old woman’s slim leather booted legs were high-kicking my face so fast I only saw a blur. “Hai! Ha! Ha!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her boots kicked me so hard I nearly went blind in the never-ceasing torrent of terrifyingly fast kicks. With the sharp toes, metal soles and stiletto heels of her thigh-boots tearing up and mashing my face, her kicks were a thing of real terror. Desperate to save my face I tried to raise my hands to protect it but the old witch just gripped them, pulled them out to each side and continued slamming her long slim boot through the middle with relentless brutality. “Hai! Ya! Ya! Ha!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!. My head was rocking back and forth wildly like it was on a spring, My face felt it had been broken under pounding mechanical hammers while my vision was permanently blurred and my brain scrambled. Strangely being beaten up by an old woman with a great pair of legs clad in sexy thigh-boots with a sexy patch of upper thigh and hips clad in sheer nylon and her panties on show who was kicking my face in with incredibly high front kicks was stimulating my cock to extreme levels of hardness. I couldn’t understand it yet Mrs. Forbes’ incredible flexible and devastating legs had given me a boner of epic proportions.

Her kicks were coming so fast that I couldn’t even think of defending myself let alone fight back. “Hai!” a streak of reflected light off black leather streaked across my chest. A leggy crowbar struck just beneath my ribs. WHOMP! “Oarrraghh!” I wailed spilling my breath, stunned that something so slim and feminine could feel so hard. Breathless I could only watch in terror as her sleek willowy body tensed for another kick. I couldn’t help staring at the triangle of black at her crotch and the long sexy thigh-boots in open lust mixed with fear as she drew back her right leg. Her voice started with a chilling growl that rose to a blood-curdling scream. “EeeeYAH!” I nearly creamed myself. Moving in a blur that sexy slim right leg kicked right up. The image of that black triangle of panties, the sheer black nylon of her upper thighs and those long boots seared into my memory. A split-second later that wicked sole smashed into my face like a sledge-hammer whipping it back to be gouged by the stiletto heel a nano-second later. With brutal pain lancing through my face as if the very bones had been broken and in a dazed barely-conscious stupor I saw that long leg continuing to rise as I fell back. With the foot above her head like a sexy leather-booted flagpole as I fell back towards the ground, I was shocked to feel my dick stiffen to salute that sexy image of the flexible deadly old lady do the standing splits with her sexy booted slim legs. BAM! “Orrgh!” I cried out as my back slammed hard against the ground.

The sound of high-heeled footsteps close by brought me to my senses. “Get up you toe rag and take it like a man, you nasty little runt” Mrs. Forbes low gravelly tones commanded. The effing bitch! I raised my head to see the thigh-high boots of the mad old cow standing by my feet. The sight of her sexy long slim thigh-boots, the nylon-sheathed upper legs wrapping around her slender hips and the triangle of black at her crotch as I lay looking up along their full length from the ground was the sexiest thing that I had ever seen. Throb throb throb, my dick rose in my pants trying to reach that unobtainable triangle of black at her crotch. “PHROAR! I think he fancies you mum!” Sally stated in a clearly amused tone. “Yes dear” Mrs. Forbes looked down at me with barely concealed contempt. “That always happens. Most men secretly long to be physically over-whelmed and dominated by a woman“ she said with a chuckle which Sally joined in. “Kick him hard for long enough and your little runt will almost certainly mess his trousers”. Mother and daughter burst into outrageous laughter as I fumed in my shame.

With aches, bruises and cuts protesting I pushed myself to my knees in disbelief. I’d never been this badly beaten in a fight and the fact that it was an old lady doing the beating was humiliating. I had to do something to put her in her place but what? Out the corner of my eye I spotted my bag and remembered the resin knife. Making a quick roll I came up with my knife in my hand. Only to see the arrogant calm face of Mrs. Forbes as her booted knee snapped up before her then the long slim shapely calve draped below kicked forward with incredible speed. “Yah!” BLAM! “Arghh!” I cried as the shapely foot of her boot smashed across the inside of my wrist, my hand going limp and tingly as the knife went flying.

A split-second later the scary old lady was grabbing the front of my shirt with both hands and a slim shiny booted knee and shin rising fast. BLAM! “Arghhh!” the sharp-toe drove hard into my balls. To my surprise, with her foot still firmly buried in my nut-sack, she pushed her body backwards throwing herself towards the ground pulling me down on top of her lifting me from my feet. As her back hit the ground, I was rolled above her looking right down at her scary severe face when her leg straightened. “Arghh!” I cried at a burst of power from that sharp toe and needle-like stiletto in my nuts tried to ram itself inside to rupture my nut-sack. “Ooooooooo!” I wailed at the pain in my groin as I found myself kicked high into the air, hurtling at great speed right over her body flipping over as I flew unsupported. BERLAM! “Orrrrghh!” my back slammed against the ground driving out my breath.

With the world still spinning around my head and balls aching like thunder, I was helpless as a sharp stiletto heel stepped upon the base of my throat. “Kkk! Kkk!” the wicked heel threatened to pierce my throat. I felt so vulnerable and helpless as the scary old lady seized my left wrist, pulled my arm straight vertically. With a view right up her kinky legs, patch of nylon-sheathed upper thighs to that triangle of black panties at her crotch I was mesmerised with a wild desire to get inside those knickers. “Arghh!” I screamed as she snapped forward my hand until it was bent double. “Up before I break your wrist” she commanded and began to raise my bent hand forcing me quickly to my feet. “Pull a knife on me and you deserve everything I give you” the narrow-faced big nosed dragon said without emotion just before her hands darted forwards to seize the front of my shirt and raised a knee to bury a sharp heel again in my groin. WHAP! “Arghh!” I yelped. To my horror the old woman jumped up and slammed both sharp heels straight into my nuts. WHAM! “Arrrghhhnnn!” I screamed as twin needle-points of pain lanced through my groin while the lean woman lent back, her weight pulling me forwards as she fell backwards pulling me off my feet. No, not again I wailed in my mind as my body fell towards that of the old lady. As her back hit the ground and the flaps of her long leather dress fell back, I saw myself raised upon two long slender columns of leather-booted sexiness with her panties at her crotch, an unreachable yet desirable paradise. Her back hit the ground with myself above over looking down as a twin surge of crippling agony drove through both heels and her metal soles planted firmly in my groin. “Arghh!” a powerful leggy surge launched me high into the air while I screamed mentally at the terrible lancing pain in my balls. I flew high and flipped over real fast everything a dizzying blur spinning around me until my back slammed heavily into the ground. BERLAM!

I wanted that to be the end of it as I lay with my eyes closed as the spinning world made me feel nauseous. In horror I heard the sound of high heels treading close by. My eyes flew open to see the high-heeled boots tightly moulded to the shape of her long slender calves. I opened my mouth to scream as the hard-faced woman snapped her knee higher than her waist. My scream dried on my lips as foot plummeted down towards me in a blur BLAM! “Arggghhh!” I screamed as the metal reinforced stiletto heel drove like a spike right into the back of my right hand. “Arghh arghh!” thinking that it had driven all the way through. There was plenty of blood and I couldn’t move my fingers. “You bullies are all the same. Think you are so tough until you meet someone who fights back”. Her eyes narrowed as she looked down at me in cold sympathy “Then you cack your pants and cry your eyes out” “You see, Sally, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Your big bad bully is nothing more than a pathetic little runt” she sneered.

“Don’t call me a runt, you crazy old bitch!” I yelled nursing my useless right hand and getting to my feet intending to get as far away I could from this mad dangerous old turkey. The woman with the pale-blonde hair cackled. “Oh dear Sally, look at how the runt mouths off while getting ready to run away” she sneered raising one eyebrow. “You can tell your whole school how the nasty little runt ran away from your dear old mother” her thin face was harsh and cold. “Stop calling me that, you old witch, or I’ll” “Or you’ll what? Run away crying” she said scornfully. “I’ll I’ll fix you, you old bag” I stated angrily. The old bitch had ruined my right hand and I saw red.

Moving swiftly, the willowy woman in the open leather dress, silky blouse and thigh-boots placed one heeled boot in front of the other turning slightly to one side to me and raised her hands both held open-palmed with the fingers stiff with one hand in front and the other level with her face. Crap! It looked like the old witch really knew what she was doing. “Come on then runt. Show me what a big man you are” she sneered. She stepped forward purposefully. “Hai!” she shouted making me jump and try to throw a punch with my good arm. Striking like a snake she caught my wrist, quickly raised her right knee and fired her foot inside my arm. “Hai!” BAM! Her sharp-toe drove into the side of my jaw jerking it out of place. “Hai!” WHUMP! The long slim feminine shaped boot hammered across my chest. “Yah!” BLAM! The boot struck like lightning with the top of the foot clubbing across my face.

Dropping my arm the woman stepped in close. “Yah Yah! Yah!” WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Her fists pounded my gut in less than a second. Gasping, I creased over staring at that sexy patch of upper thigh sheathed in sheer black between her black panties and the tops of her boots. I was terrified that she would knee me in the face again so drove my fist at close range into her belly. WHUMP! My fist struck something solid and to my sorrow she didn’t even seem bothered. A tight smile spread across her thin face. “35 years in the Royal Ballet gives you a belly as hard as steel” she stated matter of factly. “Now, it’s my turn”. In alarm I tried to force myself straight to get away but she was too fast. Grabbing my shoulder and keeping me bent over she slammed her knee into my gut over and over. “Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah!” WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Her booted knee pounded my belly rapidly like she was playing the drums. Each strike was powerful and physically lifted my feet from the ground as my body violently jerked under the brutal impact. I was so badly winded and the stomach cramps so severe that I was paralysed to inaction, stunned that I was unable to even defend myself from this crazy old woman in the kinky clothes. The realisation that this old woman really was a Karate expert hit me as did her knee, and I felt a strange mixture of fear even as my cock throbbed.

Creased over and too winded to move, I watched helplessly as the whiplash slender woman turned around in front of me threw aside the flaps of her leather dress revealing a small tight compact backside. Sheer black nylon sheathed tight rounded buttocks looked as hard as cannonballs with a sexy sheen with a thin strip of black material separating them. The kinky old woman was wearing a thong! PHROAR! I wanted to groan as she pressed that sensational backside into my groin teasing my stiffness. Before I could enjoy the sensation she wrapped her slender arms around my neck and pulled me into a side headlock. Shockingly her slim arms clamped on with surprisingly brawny strength. With my face looking down at the ground over her slim hips, my hands flew to her slender arms certain that I could prise them away easily. Her deceptively strong slender arms felt like steel cables wrapped around my neck. Pulling my head down low she forced me to bend over her hip, the feel of her small firm buttocks pressing into my groin nearly made me lose my load. Then came the sound that I was dreading. “Hai! Ha! Ha! Ha!” with nowhere to look but down I watched in dread as her right nylon-sheathed upper thigh and booted knee jerked up and down like a piston. Over and over her knee smashed into my downturned face with powerful force. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” I grunted in agony powerless to stop her turning my face into an aching bruised and bloodied mess of pain.

“Hai! Ha! Hai! Ha! Hai!” Her right leg began kicking back with non-stop energy. The sexiest shapely thigh-boots I’d ever seen with her wicked stiletto heel driving like a nail-gun sent white hot needles of pain into the top of my ball-sack while the metal sole crushed into it from beneath. A pincher-like movement that sent shards of pain screaming throughout my being as my body jerked physically into the air with each pain-lanced kick of frightening power. Her strong wiry arms still locked around my neck brought me back down to earth again in time for the next brutal back-kick. “Argh argh no argh!” I cried in agony, tears filling my eyes and streaming down my face.

It took several seconds to realise that the terrible kicks had stopped. “There Sally. Still think he is a scary bully?” I looked up to see the frightening Mrs. Forbes had gone over to speak with her daughter. “Or a pathetic cry-baby loser?” “Pathetic cry-baby loser” Sally replied. The willowy woman with the pale blonde hair looked over her shoulder at me, her thin severe-looking face fixing me with a cold stare that chilled me to the bone. I thought about running but then watched mesmerised as the old woman suddenly threw her slim body into a series of high-speed cartwheels, her long booted legs flipping through the air like the hands of a crazed clock. Her amazing litheness spoke to my loins and before I knew it she was bending forward right in front of me. The top of her head flipped down level with my groin as her right leg whipped right back over her back and shoulders with eye-watering speed in a scorpion kick. “Yah!” KABLAM! The sole and heel of her boot clubbed the top of my head and sent me stumbling back. The next split second the scary woman had jumped to her feet right in front of me and spun her side to me. “Hai!” the sole of her boot rocketed towards me and slammed into my throat. BERLAM! “Kkkk kkkk!”.

Terrified that she had crushed my throat and punctured it with her cruel heel, I didn’t notice her grab my right wrist and turn around wrapping her other hand around the top of my arm until her sexy hard compact backside thrust itself into my groin. As she leant forward raising me onto my toes I felt that sexy arse push back hard sending an electric surge of pleasure through my groin. I never got to enjoy it because the next second I was being whipped at high speed over her shoulder. “Woah!” I yelped as I spun forwards at a dizzying speed with my head rapidly falling downwards. KABLAM! My back slammed hard against the ground. The very next second the old bird who still had hold of my arm forced me onto my side and slammed her right boot down against the side of my head with the stiletto biting deep.

“I hate school bullies, you little runt. As you have discovered” The frightening old lady told me in a near-growl that made me instantly burst into tears with fear. “Please, please no more” I cried shocked at how pathetic and weak I sounded. “You will stay away from my daughter” She warned grinding the needle-like heel into my temple causing me to squeal in pain. I was shocked to see Sally’s face smiling as she yelped with delight. “Do you understand me you horrible little runt?” the terrifying old woman asked. “Yes, yes, please let me go” I sobbed. “Oh I will let you go alright” She said to my relief. “To the hospital!”. I opened my mouth to scream as the old woman’s boot snapped into the air bent at the knee poised over me but my voice froze up knowing that she was going to stomp my face out of existence. “Mum!” Sally hissed just as that deadly boot was about to fall like an executioner’s hammer. “Someone’s coming” “Oh botheration” Mrs. Forbes sighed and lowered her boot to the ground.

I whimpered in fright as the slender old lady crouched down on one knee giving a close-up view of her black panties moulded to her crotch as she raised her right hand held with fingers straight and together with her palm open. Oh God! This woman was too much to handle. My dick thrashed around like crazy knowing she had literally kicked my arse good and proper. I had never felt so scared of anyone before and knew that this slender leggy woman in kinky gear was going to finish me off with her hands. “Hai!” my dick gave a strong lurch that leaked a bit of cum as her hand moved like lightning. The side of her slender mature hand fell like an axe with a quick hard chop to the arteries at the side of my neck. WHAP! “Nnnnnnn!” I groaned through clenched teeth as the whole of my body tensed while as a shock to my nervous system blasted through me as if hit by a cattle prod. I felt my body immediately relax again as a darkness fell over me.
Orrrr! I came around with an aching body, horrified to find that I could barely open my eyes. I touched them “Ouch!” they were badly swollen and sore. Everywhere I felt on my face was terribly bruised cut-up and swollen. Ouch! every move I made caused bits of my body to ache badly in protest. “Yes. Mum did a good job on you. I don’t think any girls are going to fancy you for quite some time to come” it was Sally Forbes’ voice full of mocking scorn. I looked towards the direction of her voice but could only make a figure hiding in the shadows. Obviously the stupid cow was scared of me. Looking around at my surroundings, I found myself on a rubber matted floor inside an unfamiliar building which sort of had an outbuilding feel to it. “It was a shame she didn’t have time to finish breaking you so you would have been in hospital for a very long time” “If you don’t tell me where I am, you’ll be the one in hospital for a very long you silly bitch” I growled. “This is the back of our garage that Mum has converted into the gym where she is teaching me Karate” “What the Feck are you…” my words dried on my lips as the figure stepped out of the shadows.

My first thought was PHROAR! who was this hotty? Then realised with a shock that it was the same familiar face with the small grey eyes, prominent nose and wide mouth with thick lips. Sally without her glasses and with her tousled mousey brown hair down looked so completely different. I know what’re your thinking but it was true. With her hair loose and tumbling down her back and without those geeky glasses, she was actually quite good looking. So much so that I kicked myself for not noticing before. However that wasn’t the only thing that tied up my tongue as she walked slowly towards me with a confident smile. Around her tall lean boyish figure was wrapped a short white cotton kimono. My heart starting pounding and I began sweating, made nervous by a simple piece of clothing. “W..why are you wearing that kimono?” I asked in shock. Her smile got wider “It’s a gi jacket, stupid. It’s what Karate practitioners wear” her tone sounded condescending. Jeez! Karate! I began to panic thinking of that brutal beating her scary old mother had given me. Then I saw the white belt tied around her waist and felt relief. White belt meant beginner, right? That meant that she was still the Sally that I used to bully. Except she wasn’t.

The gi jacket came down barely below her crotch, below which her legs were sheathed in sheer tan coloured tights. PHROAR! This was what was getting me all hot and bothered for Sally’s legs were simply sensational. Long and slender to match her tall willowy build like her mother, her legs were shapely and very sexy in those nylons. Being the geeky studious type, she always wore long dresses and not being the sporty type I couldn’t remember seeing her in kit either. Man oh man! my cock was responding to those sexy legs and I now regretted picking on her because she is a lot hotter than I had thought. Sally stepped closer. “What’s wrong Terry?” her voice is soft and silky. With her hair down she is very feminine and I realise that I fancy her. She steps closer, her hands touching the edges of her cotton jacket. “Does this make you nervous?”. Sally was no longer the scared shrinking violet but surprisingly sexy and confident. Throb! Throb! while the gi jacket may have been making me nervous her transformation into a sexy leggy hotty who I fancied like crazy had turned my world upside down. I wanted to take her there and then except that white jacket stopped me. I cursed myself for being so stupid. “No, no, Sally. Look I’ve treated you bad in the past, I realise that and feel really bad about that and…”

My chat-up was rudely interrupted by a more unwelcome figure walking into the small home gym. “So the little toe-rag is awake at last. Sally you can go inside this is not going to be pleasant” Mrs. Forbes’ strident gravelly rang out. Like her daughter, the old woman wore a white cotton gi jacket around her very slim frame with a black belt around her waist. Her long slender legs were encased in sheer black tights and to my surging lustful cock I could see where Sally had inherited those great legs. “Please mum, I want to stay, I really hate him. He’s made my life a misery and now I want to do the same to him” Sally spoke up. A pleased smile appeared on the severe face of her mother. “Why of course dear. That’s the best way to deal with a bully. We’ll incorporate it into your training. Go and get the breaking boards” she instructed. “I bet you think you’ve had a lucky escape, young man” the scary woman addressed me as her daughter went off to look in a cupboard. A chilling smile appeared on her lips. The old woman with her black belt scared me although I enjoyed the sight of her long slim legs now that they weren’t covered by thigh-boots. The gi jacket wrapped around her body emphasized it’s lithe slimness. Without her high-heels her calves noticeably flared out on either side of her slim shins with wide wings of muscle considerably out of proportion than the rest of her legs. As she turned around to watch Sally return, I gaped in astonishment at the thick well-defined balls of muscle with sharp downward pointing arrow heads. I remembered her saying something about the Royal Ballet, well she certainly had dancer’s calves and very sexy they looked too except she terrified me.

PHWOW! I loved looking at Sally’s legs as she returned with about a three foot length of wood a few inches thick and handed it to her mother. PHROAR those short gi jackets that mother and daughter wore were more like micro skirts and really showed off their sensational legs which looked so sexy sheathed in sheer nylon. I really loved to do both of them here, except the mother was a crazy old bird. The dangerous woman with the black belt adopted a stance while holding the wooden plank lengthways in front of her. “Come on Sally. Imagine this is Terry. Punch your way through your fears” she encouraged her daughter as she faced the plank of wood with her fists balled visibly psyching herself up while concentrating on the short plank of wood. I knew it was a lot of baloney yet felt a build up of excitement as the leggy girl worked herself up. “HAI!” the uncharacteristic loud shout from the placid girl made me jump and my dick lurch as her right fist leapt forward. CRACK! It drove right through the centre of the plank which broke neatly in two in her mother’s hands. “Well done, Sally” she said. The old crone shot me a look “Although Terry doesn’t look too impressed. I expect he thinks you broke that through sheer brute force or that it was pre-cut”. That was precisely what I thought. Sally’s eyes gave me a hard glance that while wearing that gi top chilled me. “While don’t you demonstrate that punch on the little runt?” “Oh yes” Sally’s voice was a low hiss while her eyes blazed fury.

“No way! If you think I’m going to let a girl hit me you’ve another thing coming” I snarled trying to move away from Sally. Suddenly the willowy old crone with the black belt blocked my way with her hands held open with straight fingers. “HAI!” her right hand leapt skyward next to her head and I nearly jumped out of my skin with fright. “Yah!” her left hand darted out grabbed my wrist as her right fell like an axe across the side of my elbow. BAM! “Arghh!” a jarring tingling numbing sensation radiated along my arm before the old witch twisted my arm preventing my escape. “Watch. This is how you do it” the scary old woman lectured. Restraining me by keeping my right arm twisted out in front of me, she balled up her left hand and moved it slowly in a straight line towards the centre of my chest while talking to her daughter. “Drive your fist nice and straight towards his sternum”. She pressed her small knuckles into my breast bone, moving her hand back and forth a few times to demonstrate the motion which frankly scared me. She was so close to me that I could clearly see the lines and wrinkles in her severe face and the stretch marks around her neck reminding me just how aged this woman actually was. “Remember to visualise driving your fist to a point beyond the target as you did with the wood”. From barely a few millimetres from my chest she swiftly jabbed me. WHUMP! “Orrppph!” I groaned as the sudden impact drove air from my lungs. That she could punch so hard from only a few millimetres away scared me silly.

As Sally stepped forwards to have a go, my natural instinct was to move away except her leggy mother still had hold of my arm. “Will you keep still boy!” she shouted. “Hai!” in a split second her left knee leapt up and the nylon-sheathed leg snapped straight driving the sole of her foot into my groin. BLAM! “Arghhh!” I cried as the pain flared up in my already bruised balls. Twisting my arm she stopped me folding over and forced me upright. “Hai!” Turning her side towards me, her knee raised swiftly once more and her leg flashed forwards in a sidekick as if on a hair-trigger. BLAM! “Oieee!” I squealed as her foot again hammered my aching balls. Again she twisted my captive arm to stop me doubling over my groin forcing me to stand while glaring into my eyes with those small hard cold eyes of hers with a look of open disdain. “You will stand still so that Sally can practice on you otherwise I will demonstrate to her the total piecemeal destruction of a man and you won’t like that. Understood?” she growled.

Even before I could nod my head the scary willowy old lady with the near-white hair had whipped my right arm behind my back forcing it right up between the shoulder blades. “Argh arghh arghh!” I yelped but she had me powerless in a hammerlock keeping me under control as Sally approached with a hard gleam in her eyes. “Go on Sally, imagine his chest is that block of wood. Drive your fist through it”. No! that sent sheer panic through me. I tried to calm myself down realising that she was just trying to scare me. This was baloney! How could a non-sporty bookish girl throw a punch let alone one hard enough to hurt me? She was having a laugh. Besides she was only a white belt and that meant she was only a beginner.

Sally stood in front of me fists clenched by her sides staring at me composing herself. I couldn’t help my eyes slipping down and lustfully roaming over her long slender nylon-clad legs. “This is a joke right?” I yelled struggling in the old women’s arm-lock unable to get free. “In your own time, dear” Mrs. Forbes encouraged close to my ear as she held my struggling body captive. “Come on Sally. Stop messing around. Let me take you out by way of making amends”. Her eyes went chillingly hard at my words. “HAI!” the surprisingly loud shout made me jump and my dick lurch as her fist sped towards me. BAM! “Mmnn!” her fist struck the middle of my chest. As I had expected it was pretty feeble, more like a hard tap but I was shocked that she had actually hit me. I thought she looked kind of hot standing there in that short top with a stern expression of concentration. I forced a smile. “Come on Ss…” “HAI!” BLAM! “Nnnurr!” I grunted as her fist struck with considerable force. “Hai! Hai! Ha! Ha!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! To my amazement the geek girl’s fists kept slamming against my chest with each punch stronger than the last that they were actually beginning to hurt. “Yah! Dah! Da! Da!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! her punches were landing one after another about one per second rocking my body, slamming against my ribs disrupting my lungs functioning. “Hai! Yah!” WHUMP! WHUMP! Gasping for breath but unable to draw any, I tried to twist and turn in her mother’s brutal arm-lock to no avail. “Yah! Dah!” WHUMP! WHUMP! With her fists raining against my airless chest, a maniacal gleam grew in her eyes as she got more confident and sent a chill running down my spine. “Dah! Die! Die! Die!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her punches were so strong now that I was genuinely scared that she was going to break my ribcage as easily as she had broken that plank of wood.

“Woah! That’s enough Sally” to my surprise and relief the voice of the old woman restraining me from behind rang out while twisting my body out of the path of Sally’s furious fists. “We don’t want him to go to hospital just yet” she chuckled while I hung in her arm-lock with my mouth wide open clutching at air with my head faint and spinning. “Why don’t you go and work out with the weights while mummy takes care of the little runt” “It felt good!” I heard Sally pant looking at me hungrily. Her small grey eyes seemed to smoulder with an inner desire peering at me atop her large prominent nose. “It made me feel so strong. I want to hurt him, mother. I want to make him suffer to pay back all the suffering he put me through over the years”. Looking at how hot she had become especially those great legs, I regretted picking on her. Her chilling uncharacteristic words uttered with such passion were shocking and I found myself with an unexpectedly hard rising erection. I wanted to poke this hot girl in the very short gi top and the hot legs sheathed in tan nylon.

“Sally, let’s make a.” “HAI!” her fist was a blur as it rocketed towards my face. BLAM! Her small knuckles hammered against my chin with a short sharp blow that snapped my face savagely back. “Hai! Hai! Ha! Ha!” her fist kept pounding my chin whipping my face back and forth really fast making my eyes blur over and sending my brain into a daze. “Da! Da! Die! Die!” my head was spinning, my jaw an aching mess shocked by how hard she was punching. “Die! Die! Die!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!! I was sure my ears were hearing things. “Die! Die!” my body kept flying back into Mrs. Forbes with my head lolling. “Try some elbow strikes, dear” she suggested.

“Die!” her elbow swung around at shoulder height. BLAM! It caught me on the side of my jaw brutally whipping my face to the right. “Die!” Whimper, whimper oh God this couldn’t be happening. BLAM! Her elbow struck like a sledgehammer on the other side of my jaw hurling my face in the other direction, my eyes motion blind and my jaw badly aching. “Die!” BERLAM! Her elbow struck beneath the jaw blasting my face upwards towards the ceiling. If Mrs. Forbes hadn’t been restraining me I would have collapsed to the floor.

“Take a breather dear. Let the stupid runt recover a bit. Don’t use him up all at once” mother told daughter. With my arms locked behind my back and my head lolling towards the floor, I became aware of Sally’s legs as I regained my senses. PHROAR! They were incredible, so slim so long yet shapely and unbelievably sexy sheathed all the way from the tips of her toes to her crotch in sheer tan nylon. “Mum he’s staring at my legs again”“That’s because the little loser fancies you” “Orrrr Sally you’ve the best legs of any girl in school” I moaned with my dick aching to get right inside her. “Oh please go out with me, let me make it up to you” “This is how you deal with randy little creeps like him, dear” Mrs. Forbes said releasing my arms and coming around to stand right in front of me. With mother and daughter wearing very short gi jackets and their long slim legs clad in sheer nylon looking sexy and sensational, I couldn’t help getting an erection.

The severe-looking woman’s leg swung forwards towards my groin and I leapt back in fright. “I warned you what would happen if you didn’t stand still boy” she shouted angrily. “P..please I’m sorry” I found myself shamefully begging to the old lady. “Then stand still laddie” she demanded. Forcing myself to stay clam I stood as once more the old woman’s leg swung forward gently and pressed her heel against my groin. “Strike with the heel Sally. Especially when bare-footed”. Her foot swung back and forth pressing the heel into my groin as she spoke. The feel of her nylon-covered sole against my stiffening boner just made it all the harder. “That’s the hardest part of your foot and saves you breaking your toes”. “Hai!” WHUMP! “Orragh!” I wailed at the sudden sharp stomp to my balls that had me creasing my eyes, gritting my teeth and sinking down to hunch over my groin. Wrapped up in my world of pain I heard mother whispering something in daughter’s ear.

I looked up to see Sally slink towards me with a strange smile on her face. Every step emphasised her sexy long slender legs. I gasped as she slid her beautiful long right thigh between my legs as her face came seductively close to mine. “Orrrrr!” I moaned, she had such great legs. I found myself subtly humping her thigh, the hard-on inside my trousers rubbing over the smooth nylon covering her delicious long thighs. Full of lust I grabbed her to pull her against my body to kiss her. “So you fancy me now do you?” her mouth whispered seductively close to my ear. “Oh yes” I gasped. Her mouth moved to my ear and her tongue flicked out to lick it. The unexpected sensation of this hot leggy girl licking my ear while I slowly humped her thigh was too much. “Nnnnnnarrrghh! Nnnnarrrgh! nnnnarrrr!” I moaned ecstatically as the sensual sensations completely overwhelmed me and uncontrollably creamed myself. Sally withdrew her leg and stepped back with a smirk of amusement. “Oh mum! What a pathetic loser, he’s just messed his pants over my leg”. I hung my head blushing with shame. “Yes dear, he’s a horny nasty little toad. I’ve shown you a cure for that”.

A smile appeared on Sally’s face so chilling that I knew what she intended. “Sally, please no” I begged.“Hai!” I jumped as her slim nylon-sheathed leg hammered her heel into my balls. BLAM! “argh!”. “Hai! Hai! Ha! Ha!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! again and again her stomp-like kicks to my groin hammered my nuts with such force that my lower torso kept lurching backwards beneath the rest of me. “Die! Die! Die!” Oh God she won’t stop! Her kicks are getting stronger and stronger. BLAM! BLAM! BERLAM! The last was a stomp so strong that my feet momentarily left the floor. To my horror as soon as my feet touch the floor Sally steps forwards grabs the top of my head and pulls it down to meet her rapidly rising knee. “Die!” BERLAM! I taste nylon and blood as a powerful painful force like a mallet smashes into my face exploding and completely obliterating it in excruciating pain. BLAM! I hit the floor with every bone in my face aching and my balls on fire.

Through my world of throbbing pain I hear hands clapping. “Oh well done, darling. You are amazing. Why were you ever afraid of this runt”. I couldn’t believe that geeky Sally had become so violent that she had actually dropped me and left me incapacitated in overwhelming pain. But she was only a white belt! I couldn’t get my brain around that. From my view on the floor it was hard not to stare up at mother and daughter along their sexy sensational slim legs clad in sheer nylon right up to the glimpse of underwear at the crotches visible from this angle beneath the hems of their very short white gi jackets and not get turned on despite the aching throb in my groin. Mrs. Forbes seemed to be demonstrating some strikes and kicks that Sally was no doubt going to practice on me. Well sod that for a game of soldiers. Sally was as crazy as her mother and I wasn’t going to hang around here to be her practice dummy. I had barely got to my feet, wincing with every move trying to suppress gasps of pain, intending to make a run for the doors at the front of the garage when a tall slim figure in a white cotton wrap-around jacket stepped in front of me looking unusually strong and confident. “You’re not going anywhere Terry until I’ve finished my Karate practice” Sally’s bold confident words were oddly exciting.

I was so stunned by the change in her attitude that I watched dumbfounded as she raised her hands open-palmed with the fingers together and straight like a blade. “Hai!” her shout made me jump as the side of her hand slashed down and chopped the side of my neck. WHAP! “Arrgh!” excruciating bolts of pain burned through my nervous system. “Hai!” my dick lurched as the side of her hand slashed down to chop the other side. “WHAP!” “Arghh!” My whole body stiffened and shook and my nerves were on fire. As the pain surged through my body the tousled-haired girl in the white wrap-around jacket watched with a calm confident look of superiority that made my dick stiffen. “Yah!” her hand chopped my trapezius muscle running from my neck to my shoulder cap. WHUMP “Argh!” my shoulder cap leapt up towards my face. “That’s it dear, keep him suffering. Don’t knock him out” Mrs. Forbes instructed her daughter.

Out of sheer fear I tried to grab her hands to stop her chopping me but Sally deftly twisted my wrist and sent a kick blasting into my side. “Ha!” BLAM! “Arghhh!” it felt like someone had taken a lump-hammer to my side of my waist. How could non-sporty geeky Sally kick with such power? “Argh!” she bent back my hand at the wrist then twisted my arm forcing me to bend forwards until I was looking at the floor. I was stunned by how Sally was physically dominating me. “Hai!” “No!” I screamed in fear as her long nylon-sheathed right leg kicked off the floor with incredible speed. BERLAM! “Arghh!” her dainty foot blasted my face like a bomb going off snapping my aching head right back. “Argh!” I yelped again at the sharp pain in my twisted arm as I was hauled back towards her.

Releasing my hand the girl I thought I knew so well shouted right in my face. “Die!” I jumped. A chuckle and no chop made me look up to see a mocking smile as she stood with her feet apart with hands raised in a fight stance. She looked so hot with her sexy legs and her short jacket like a micro-skirt as she deliberately intimated me with her slender but deadly hands raised ready to strike at any moment. “How does it feel to be bullied, Terry? Not nice is it?” Sally said with a smirk of superiority that chilled me. I realised in horror that my former victim had become a deadly powerful fighting Goddess against which I stood no chance. Shockingly my cock was rock hard at the thought which scared me silly.

This couldn’t be happening!, I couldn’t let I happen. “Hai!” the shout fired my arms up in front of my upper body to try and stop her next chop. Before they got in place she knocked them casually aside with one arm then chopped me with her other hand across the upper part of my stomach. WHUMP! “Ooffffff!” air escaped my lips while Sally openly laughed at my puny attempt to save myself.

“Die!” WHUMP! the side of her rigid hand bit into the side of my neck disrupting the blood to my brain and causing black spots before my eyes. Chopped to helplessness Sally had become a martial arts Goddess in my eyes. She may only be a white belt but she was too dangerous for me to handle and every nerve-jarring chop was pumping up my cock to extreme hardness. “Die!” WHUMP! a chop to the side of my head and my legs turned to water and I fell to my knees before the young leggy Goddess. She lifted up my head by my hair. “Die!” a chop across my throat WHOCK! “Kkkk! Kkkk!” can’t breathe “Kkkk!” Grabbing my wrist Sally bent it back and forced me to lay on my side. “Die!” the back of her heel slammed against my sternum. BLAM! “Krrghhh!” a horrible rasp as air was expelled over my bruised throat. “Die!” BLAM! a powerful stomp to my head left my senses reeling as darkness closed in and threatened to take me.

“Well, you seem to be doing marvellously on your own Sally. I shall leave you to it” Mrs. Forbes said. Sudden panic took me. “No!” I gasped “don’t go!” I amazed myself by begging for the old lady to stay. Mrs. Forbes laughed “My, Sally. It seems the bullying little runt is now terrified of you”. “Try not to kill him dear that might be a bit awkward to explain to the police” She said before turning to go, leaving me to watch her big dancer’s calves, so much thicker than the rest of her very slim legs flex and wane in a very sexy manner as she walked away without heels.

“Get up Terry. It’s payback time” Sally told me leaning over and reaching down to grab my arm. “Leave me alone” I hissed over my raw throat grabbing at the front of her jacket to try and resist until she bent back my wrist to force me to my feet. Releasing my hand she stood there facing me. “Try to attack me Terry so I can defend myself” she demanded. Sod that for a laugh I’m not getting my balls busted. I’ve seen those self-defence videos, I know how it goes. Just then I saw that the front of Sally’s gi jacket had been loosened and now hung loose. Beneath it, all she had on was a white bra and matching panties visible beneath the sheer tan coloured nylon tights. That was sexy enough but I was astonished to see a very hard looking stomach complete with a faintly-defined six-pack. I just couldn’t stop staring as this was the last thing I expected to see on this geeky non-sporty girl. Her belly was so taut and toned but with an undeniable six pack. Her eyes stared at me with an amused expression as she let the gi jacket slip down her arms. BERDOING! I went rock hard in an instant. Sally Forbes had a hot fit body! OMG it was the hottest body I’d ever seen on a girl from school! THUMP THUMP THUMP! I was shocked to see faint but definite biceps veins in her arms! “OMG Sally, you’ve got a really hot body!” I gasped in amazement “Have you been working out?”. Her lips parted sensually as her mouth widened in amusement. She was never the sporty type at school. “Mum has been helping build my strength up so I can stand up to bullies like you”. Holding her gi jacket with one hand she raised it to throw it in the corner, a flicker of strong biceps appeared in her arm. THROB! THROB! Sally was small-chested with a long lanky, rather boyish torso with long slim legs yet that firm taut ribbed stomach taunted my eyes. She was surprisingly very fit and sexy and I am really turned on. I wanted her badly but that Karate shite and that hint of muscle in her stomach and arms made me forget about just grabbing her and taking her.

“Sally I’m sorry let me take you out on a date to make up for it”. With a strange smile, Sally pressed that body against me. Such close physical contact with her amazing body sent my senses into overdrive and my dick went absolutely wild. She brought her face close. “I wouldn’t go out with you if you were the last boy on earth” she whispered seductively. “You’ll just have to wank yourself off with your memories of me like this while regretting that you ever picked on me. Go on let’s see you wank off right now”. Her hand formed a loose fist and started pumping up and down mimicking wanking off. God the sight of her doing that made me want to whip it out and blast one off. I was shocked by her forthright attitude and to be honest more than a little turned on. With sweat forming on my brow and my dick beating wildly I resisted that but could no longer resist taking the grey-eyed tousled-haired hottie. “Oh Sally!” I moaned and went to pull her into my arms.

“Hai!” her hands shot outwards chopping the insides of my elbows and knocking them wide apart. Before my astonished eyes, the hot-bodied girl did a showy spin right in front of me with her left knee rapidly rising until her back was almost turned to me. “Hai!” with fury in her eyes Sally’s left foot hurtled backwards and smashed into the middle of my gut like an express train. THUD! “Nnnnarghh!” I wailed, the power of her kick so intense that it drove deep into my stomach flattening my diaphragm and lifting my feet clean off the floor. “Mum took me to Paris for the Summer holidays where I had 6 weeks extensive training with a wonderful woman named Madame Michelle” she told me, her chiselled abs rising and falling as she breathed hardly out of breath. “I hate sport and I hate exercise. What kept me going what the thought of what I was going to do to you” she told me standing there proudly displaying her amazing fit body in only her bra, panties and sheer tan-coloured tights with her hands raised open-palmed. “I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time, Terry and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it”.

No, I couldn’t be beaten up by a mere girl and certainly not Sally Forbes. She was only a white belt I kept telling myself as I psyched myself up. “No, Sally. You’ve got too big for your boots and I’m going to put you back in your place!” I yelled at her and angrily swung a fist at her stomach. Her abs deepened and became more defined the split-second before my fist hammered her belly. WHAP! “Mnnnn!” I held in a groan as pain lanced through my hand. It was like punching a brick wall. Sally wasn’t even fazed. Her smile got wider sending chills down my spine. “Please Sally I…” “Hai!” I jumped with fright as a tan blur streaked towards my belly. WHUMP! “Nnnnnoorph!” her foot plunged deep into my belly lifting my whole body completely off my feet and slamming my back hard into the cushion padded wall behind. Urrr Urrrr she had kicked me so hard that my diaphragm had cramped up and I couldn’t breathe. “Madame Michelle says that a woman’s legs are proportionally stronger than a man’s and that I’m really good at kicking” I looked at her imploring her to stop but couldn’t draw breathe to beg.

“Die!” she screams, her lithe body leaning back as a nylon-clad leg streaked in a high arc towards my face. BLAM! My face is violently whipped around to the right as her foot smashes into the left cheek. I feel her seize my wrist preventing me from falling back as her foot slams my face back in the opposite direction. “Die!” BLAM! I can’t believe that this fresh-faced skinny teenaged geek girl is kicking the crap out of me. “Die! Die! Die! Die!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Sally goes absolutely ballistic. Her foot smashes my head, face and upper body again and again with devastating speed and power. A sweet tall tousle-haired girl showing off her hot fit body in her bra and panties while her sexy long legs kick up a constant storm like a non-stop leggy jack-hammer. My body jerks violently and my head snaps around like a manic doll on a spring with the terrifyingly powerful kicks that this sweet hot-bodied girl delivers with her chilling shouts. “Die! Die! Die! Die!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! my brain is blasted into a permanent daze unable to think or protect myself from the brutal rapid leggy storm while my vision is just a confused blur as Sally’s dainty foot constantly batters my head. I have never felt so terrified before in my life, yet the sheer ferocity and leggy power that Sally inflicts is strangely erotic. “Die! Die! Die! Die!” BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Too much legginess to cope with my dick is so stiff it feels it will burst.

It takes several seconds to realise that the leggy beating is over. The whole of my face aches terribly, I have never felt this battered and bruised before. My legs were literally shaking terrified at what Sally would do next. I felt myself paralysed with fear as Sally pressed her body against me pushing me up against the wall. I couldn’t resist as she took my hand and placed it on her belly. “That’s real muscle, Terry. Feel how rock hard it is” Her voice purred seductively as her eyes bored into mine. I could feel the hardness beneath my fingers and it felt good then I gasped too terrified to move as her hand slipped down to the front of my trousers. “So is this. I’m going to become a black belt. Ohhh it got stiffer” She chuckled with a saucy wink. “Mum said that I should just teach you a lesson to show that I am no longer scared of you but I’m enjoying bullying you too much to stop” her voice was soft seductiveness wrapped around sharp-edged steel. “This is how it’s going to be. From now on every time I see you, you will make this hard for me” Her hand closed around the denim covering the stiff shaft and it got even stiffer in her grip. “I don’t care where you are, in the common room, in a classroom in the playground, in the street. You will get this out and wank yourself thinking about my body and what it can do to you until you cum and cum hard. I want to see the spunk flying” I knew that she meant it “Because if you don’t I will beat you up so bad in front of everyone then force you to do it so everyone will see what a loser you are” I hung my head in shame and saw those amazing nylon-sheathed legs ORRRR “Understand? Oh and you will address me as Mistress from now on, especially when you address me at school. Understand?” “Yes Mistress” I mumbled crest-fallen.

Sally turned her back on me and looked over her shoulder. “Are you staring at my backside, Terry?”. I wasn’t but now that she had mentioned it my eyes travelled down her long lanky back to her behind. WOW! what a hot arse! “Get it out and wank, Terry” she said with a hard impassive face as I stared at those sexy small tight buttocks resembling two cannonballs wrapped in sheer tan nylon. “Orrrrrr you’ve a great behind, Mistress” before I knew it my hard dick was in my hand. “Oh you are a real Goddess” I moaned at the rear view of those long sexy legs and that small tight backside. Those sexy buttocks moved closed as she backed it up right into my groin, grabbed my hands then rubbed it back and forth, and from side to side. It was just too much for a guy to take. “Ohhh Sally ooohhh Mistress Nnnnar nnnarrr nnnarrr” I moaned unable to contain my lust. “Oh you filthy little sod! Look at the mess you’ve made all over the back of my tights!” she admonished in mock-disgust. “Die!” in horror her foot shot backwards towards my groin BLAM! “Ooooeeee!”. The brutal stomp to my balls just after ejaculation was intensely painful.

Sally spun around looking like an Amazon kick-ass fighting woman in her bra, panties and nylon-clad legs. Her face set hard in concentration so fierce that I nearly wet myself. The terrible nerve-shredding sound began low then became an ear-piercing scream “EeeeeDIE!”  Her long slim sexy leg became a deadly rocket soaring straight up with terrible speed towards my face. KERBLAM! The sole of her foot crashed into my jaw with dreadful power snapping my head back hard over my shoulders with atrocious pain lancing through my skull and a loud CLICK as the fearsome speed drove me painfully into the darkness.
I awoke to find myself trussed up in a hospital bed unable to move my mouth because my jaw had been wired so that the nurses had to feed me through a straw like a baby. Of course Mum was unsympathetic. “Terry, have you been fighting again with bigger boys” she scolded “Well you’re not lounging around at home getting under my feet. I’m packing you straight back to school”. School! I broke out in a cold sweat shaking. I was dreading going back to school and being bullied by Sally. Already I felt my dick begin to stiffen at the thought of the geeky scrawny girl that I used to bully. Now that I knew what a sensational hot body she had under those school clothes I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I also knew that I had driven her to gain that dreadful Karate power and I would be willingly worshipping her in front of the other kids at school knowing that I now had no chance of having her. Oh it’s not fair! The life of a bully is no longer as simple as it used to be!

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