The Ballerina P.A. and The Lingerie Shop (PANTYHOSE#4)

Jim discovers Ballerinas and posh women are deadly

Julia is based upon a PA I knew when I first started work who had huge muscular calves through ballet and was as snooty as I describe her. Some of the flexible fighting aspects is inspired by the wonderful Jackson (pictured above) who is also a ballerina with a devastating single leg split scissorhold.

by Jimp based on an idea by Karate2hose
(c)Jim P 2015

Part 1. Madame Julia
Madame Julia is Inspector Moreau’s Personal Assistant at the Gendarme offices in Paris where I am helping him investigate a group of female vigilantes. Calling themselves The Pantyhose Society after their signature leg-wear they have been kidnapping men and beating confessions out of them. Julia is about 27 years old although looks much older with her exquisite sophisticated looks. With extremely short close-cropped brown hair she has an attractive small face with a small sleek up-turned nose, a small sensual thick-lipped pouting lipstick glossed mouth and chubby cheeks with high cheekbones. Wearing stylish large framed square-shaped designer spectacles over small grey eyes beneath finely delineated eyebrows she had a sort of stylish sexy secretary look except that the way she looked at me was with a cold imperious manner as if I were somehow beneath her. Standing around 5’3 when in her customary heels she had a chunky sturdy upper body and a thrusting bust that somehow didn’t give the impression of being overweight.

The first time I saw her she was wearing a pair of designer jeans that clung tightly to a very large thick pair of thighs that looked firm. The way a thick slab pushed out the denim along the sides of her upper thighs had me convinced that it was muscle which greatly excited me. Even more mind-blowing were her calves. Even though I first saw them from the front I stared goggle-eyed at absolutely massive calves that raised up on relatively low heels, jutted out behind her relatively short chunky shin stretching out the denim in massive dense wings of flared muscle beautifully and feminine curved. When she began to turn, my lord my dick went stiff at the sight of just how far they jutted out behind the back of her shin. Even though they were covered in jeans that struggled to contain their sheer massiveness, I knew that they were simply the largest calves that I had ever seen on a woman and that included my mother in-law. As she walked away I was practically drooling at the outlandish shape of her calves like two inverted bottles of Mateus Rose with thick necks and a very large curved base. Her backside too was very ample yet seemed very firm. That was the first and only time I ever saw Julia wearing jeans or leggings because from then on she only wore smart business dress with skirts that came down to the knee below which were sheer tan-coloured tights that sheathed her short lower legs and massive calves.

Fortunately for me her office was on the top floor, the third, where the inspectors were. She never took the lift which made it a pleasure to follow behind watching those enormously wide, thick and rounded calves explode into massive hard balls of muscle. When I discreetly asked her about it, she did reveal that she was an amateur ballerina in her spare time. Today however as she left the office for her lunch-break, I followed on behind as she walked to the train station. Keeping a discrete distance I admired her sensational calves, trying not to get distracted or drawn closer by their sensual magnetism. No, I was not being a dirty pervert following a smart sophisticated-looking young woman around for I had seen her mark the date in her diary furtively glancing around unaware that I was watching. Julia has calves that I just want to reach out and touch to feel if they are as hard as they look. That wouldn’t be a clever thing to do when I was meant to be keeping a low profile to follow her. I resist the urge, keeping well back out of sight as she heads towards the platform. As she gets on a train I join an adjoining carriage keeping an eye on her. She alights at Pyramides station and I follow as she heads towards Place Vendôme trying to keep my cool and distance from the sexy calve show ahead. Reaching the square the rather snooty cold young woman turns and enters a shop. As I near it and see it’s contents through the windows I am horrified to see that it is a shop selling high-end lingerie. Not wanting to lose Julia I gather up my courage and enter trying not to look too embarrassed and trying to keep a low profile.

As soon as I enter a young woman welcomes me and presses a glass of champagne into my hand. Inside, the shop is quite spacious and brightly lit with trendy hi-tech displays. It is no less comfort to find the shop mainly full of rather sophisticated rich-looking women, the few men probably husbands or sugar-daddies. I spot Julia being warmly welcomed by the very buxom plump though elegant mature owner of the shop. From the interviews of the beaten men, I take a guess that this is Madame Virginie. I keep out of sight at the back as she welcomes everyone to her shop then announces the launch of a new pair of pantyhose.

“The Wolford Neon 30 denier. Glossy, semi-transparent pantyhose providing a camouflaging effect for the legs” she explained whilst holding up a very slinky highly-glossed tan-coloured pair of nylons that would certainly get my attention if worn by a woman. “They will give your legs the glamorous appearance they deserve, making the skin look smooth and flawless”. The buxom woman hitched up the hem of her smart skirt to reveal that she had a great pair of legs. “You see how good they will look on you” She said while moving her legs this way and that to the appreciation of the women. I certainly appreciated her legs which looked absolutely sensational in those sexy tights. “This is largely due to the discreet laminating effect, making the skin appear smooth and giving the leg a perfect appearance”. She hitched her skirt right up over her hips. I didn’t know where to look and felt guilty and flushed for looking. “They feature a comfortable soft sewn-on waistband with the Wolford logo”. My mouth went dry as her hands moved to her crotch which seemed as smooth and sexless as Action Man making me doubt that she wore anything beneath to disrupt that smooth profile. “And look at the sensual and perfect barely visible cotton gusset” She needlessly emphasised the area concerned. I nervously glanced to see if anyone was watching me staring at the smooth crotch of a plump mature woman holding her skirt up. Dropping the hem she inserted one arm into one leg of the tights stretching it to it’s full length. “So chic, yes?” she asked with gasps of “Oui” from the enraptured women. “I am sure that your partner will not baulk at the price to see you wearing these in the privacy of your boudoir, non?” She asked in a saucy tone with a wink that got some of the sugar-daddies very excited. Holding up one leg she indicated the toe. “Note the barely visible shadow toe reinforcement ideal for those extra rough conditions”. She gave a wink to her audience many of whom smiled knowingly. “Very resistant but without losing the elegance and softness and quality that you deserve”

“Our club members are invited here tonight to wear and test the new pantyhose for our guest” She added and again I noted the excited reactions of some of the women. I’m now certain that this shop is the meeting place of the secret club who kidnapped the rich master-criminal known as The Moroccan. But before I could alert the Inspector I needed to know exactly where they were holding him captive. Just then the buxom woman announces a toast to the new product and a dozen young women dressed as maids enter the room distributing glasses of more champagne. The girls didn’t look French, more eastern European. So with glass in hand I wandered around, keeping out of sight of Julia, and engaged some of these young lovelies in conversation. By spreading my chat among different girls I started to build up an interesting picture. All of them were Ukrainian very grateful to Madame Virginie and her friends for what they have done for them. Not wanting to sound like I was prying I delicately teased out that the girls had been had been kidnapped at home by armed men, loaded on a truck and driven to the outskirts of Paris where they were groomed to be sex workers for very rich men. Fortunately they were saved by Madame Virginie where they were made very welcome and would soon return back to the Ukraine and their families. I realised that the drop-off point was the place where the thug Ekon worked as a security guard. The kidnappings and beatings to extract information and confessions from the men – it was beginning to make sense now. There was a criminal organization that traded in young women for prostitution market run by men in extreme positions of privilege and influence that the Gendarme were powerless to act. So this vigilante group were trying to demolish it in their own way. Maybe they had kidnapped The Moroccan because he was the head of this criminal network or maybe it was the means to get to the head of the gang. I really needed to know and get enough evidence so that Gendarme could bring them down.

All of a sudden I noticed Julia going through a door at the back of the shop. Making sure no-one sees me I follow quickly to find her climbing some stairs. Unable to keep my eyes off those huge bulging calves I give in to my weakness and follow in rapt awe with a rising feeling of lust. The stairs leads to another door through which I find myself in an office and a cold snooty disapproving stare from the short-haired young woman. “Monsieur Priest are you following me up the stairs again so that you can stare at my calves?” “No, not at all” not this time I thought to myself. “Are you moonlighting? Working a second job” I ask. “I know what it means and no I do not wish to go out with you to dinner, Monsieur Priest” she said coldly. “Au-revoir. Please close the door on the way out of the office of my best friend”. I wasn’t even going to ask her out! The arrogance of the woman. “Julia. Do you remember when I asked you to run those searches for possible members of the pantyhose society?” I asked trying unsuccessfully not to stare at her large calve muscle as she sat on the single desk in the room and crossed her legs. They were covered in a very familiar sensational sheen. “Wolford Neon 30?” I remarked. “How nice that you take an interest in women’s lingerie. I am a busy woman, Monsiuer Priest. If you will excuse me I have some work to do sorting out the invoices for my friend” it was a cold arrogant dismissal. “Which is what you always tell me” I shot back. She glared at me through her spectacles then picked up some papers from the in-tray and pointedly ignored me.

“Have you ever wondered how these vigilantes are getting their hands on information which can only be found in secret Police files?” her mouth pouted tighter as she continued to read the invoices. “I am busy Monsieur Priest. I must ask you to leave. You should not be up here. This is for shop staff and Madame Virginie’s personal friends only” she snapped coldly. “Or how they found out about The Moroccan and kidnapped him before the Gendarme got to him?” The media was full of it, blaming this on militant terrorists. Julia continued to ignore me, stood up to walk over to a filing cabinet with her back to me. Leaving me to drool over those mammoth calves sheathed in sexy shiny tan-coloured nylons fighting the temptation to kneel down behind her and run my hands over those large very hard looking slabs of dancer’s muscle. “It’s almost as if they have someone working inside the Gendarme with access to all the records”. Did her back tighten slightly just then? “Don’t you have something better to do than stare at my calves all day Monsieur Priest?” “Strange that your friend has the same name as one of the vigilantes” I remarked. “It is a common French name” “And a shop in Place Vendôme which backs onto old warehouses at the back. One used to be a top martial arts dojo until it was brought out by Madame Michelle, an Oriental business woman”. Yes a definite tightening of the shoulders.

Julia turned around and walked towards me with thick strong shapes bulging along the outside of her short thick thighs beneath her smart business skirt. She stared at me straight in the eyes. “So Monsieur Priest you think I am a member of this secret group of women vigilantes who are skilled in Martial Arts?” she asked with a mocking smile looking up at me with her finely defined elegant features. “Aren’t you afraid that I am a black-belt and will kick your sorry English backside through the Channel Tunnel back to England?”. To be honest I thought that Julia’s short chunky body and short thick thighs made it unlikely that I had anything to fear on that front. “So you admit you are leaking information to the vigilantes?”. She sighed theatrically then said “Very well, yes Monsieur Priest, if that is what it takes to get you to stop staring at my legs, I am, how-you-say, the leak and no I will not put that in writing so it would be your word against mine. Now if you do not mind I have a lot of work to do, au-revoir Monsieur Priest”. I pulled out my mobile phone which had been recording the conversation. “I just have to press this button to mail your confession to the Inspector”. “Oh dear. That really was a silly thing to do” she uttered. I thought she meant making the admission but I quickly realised my mistake.

She sat back on the edge of the desk facing me when suddenly she grabs my arms and pulls me forwards as she falls back with her back across the desk opening her big legs and pulling my waist inside. Big thick walls of feminine leg clad in sheer nylon envelope my middle. On my toes, leaning right over her, I know that I’m in real trouble as I place my hands upon her huge thighs and feel how solid they are even before they swell up bulging with fearsome muscular power. “Jeeze!” I gasp as her short thick thighs squeeze my middle like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. “I don’t need to be an expert in Martial Arts to destroy you, Monsieur Priest. Didn’t you know that dancers have strong legs, you silly Englishman?” she chuckled.

I whimpered as her big muscular calves fold against my back and the pressure soars. “C…can’t breathe” I gasp. “Yes. That is the general idea. Did you deduce that all by yourself, Mister big-shot detective” she mocked. “Arghh!” I clench my teeth to hold back a scream as Julia’s huge thighs rise towards vertical lifting my entire body off the floor. I am stunned by the sheer muscular power as her big legs lift me on top of her short chunky body. “Oarghhh!” I cry as an unfathomable power increases around my middle. It feels like my middle is being crushed out of existence. My hands slap down on a wide plain of nylon-sheathed female thighs as solid as a rock and exerting an insane amount of pressure squeezing in from both sides of my waist. “Orrghh!”. At the back of my mind I probably expected Julia’s massive legs to be soft and flabby but they were nothing of the sort. They were power personified. Big thick and totally solid beneath the softness of her nylon tights. Everywhere I felt was a vast plain of powerfully crushing muscle. The way her outer thighs bulged like massive thick columns of nylon-sheathed granite made me give up all hope. At the same time the sheer amount of undoubtedly feminine leggy power threatening to slice my body in two was overwhelming me that I had an uncontrollably stiffening boner.

“That’s enough groping my legs, Monsieur Priest” with that she laced her left arm beneath my right arm at the elbow and grabbed hold of her other arm which she slapped over my right shoulder and used to secure my wrist and lock my arm behind my back. “Orragh!” with one arm immobile I was powerless to prevent the fearsome crushing strength of Julia’s massive thighs squeezing the life out of me. “Oh you silly Englishman” she taunted as I suffered between her powerful legs knowing that I was completely helpless. “You see how easy it is for a dedicated ballerina such as myself to totally incapacitate a man such as yourself using the strength of her legs alone?”. I could indeed feel the incredible power of her massive legs, knowing they could probably crush me to death and to be honest it was turning me on as much as it was scaring me. The sheer size of her legs alone were more than enough to overwhelm a man. The fact that they were sheer slabs of muscle meant it was game over for any man caught between them. “So pathetic” the small finely chiselled face with the elegant spectacles mocked me as my face contorted, unable to move my body even enough to squirm.

“Nnnn nnnn!” I strained unable to draw breath beneath the all-encompassing power of Julia’s massive legs. I thought I was finished with my face burning and my mouth gaping wide unable to draw in air. “Nnnnn nnnnn nnarrghh!” all of a sudden I gave a massive exhalation followed by a frantic gasping as Julia’s mighty legs opened. Releasing my arm I came to rest on top of her short chunky body with my face in her bosom as she herself lay with her back on top of the desk.

“Really Monsieur Priest! Is that all you think about?” in mock anger she pushed my body weakened by the terrible squeezing and deprivation of air. My lower body began to slid off the edge of the desk from between her big legs with the rasp of the nylon tights in my ears. I realised the danger too late and in no condition to do anything about it. Feeling a dreadful inevitability Julia’s massive thighs closed in around my head like enormous tan nylon-coloured walls of a mighty canyon. I tried to raise my hands in a futile attempt to stop them but couldn’t slow their progress a jot. Frantically I tried to slide out of that deadly closing canyon as thighs taller and wider than my head enveloped it with a terrible menace. Too late, with my face looking straight at the gusset of her tights beneath her business skirt which had now ridden over her large rounded hips a dread claustrophobic feeling overcame me as the big leggy walls closed in on me. “Jeez!” her legs were so big they completely enveloped my head and held me tight while my hands held on to her solid outer thighs feeling the latent power beneath the silky smooth nylons and dreading the moment that would surely come.

But the big squeeze didn’t come immediately. With my head held completely immobile by her big car-clamping thighs all I could do was move my eyes. Curiously she wasn’t paying any attention to me but rummaging around in her bag which had been left on the desk top. As I watched she pulled out a pair of nylon tights that look crumpled and worn. With a nasty smile upon her refined face she held up the tan-coloured tights in front of my captive face. It was difficult to hear her with her big inner thighs clamped over my ears. “These are an old pair I wore yesterday and haven’t washed yet. They will serve to keep you quiet so you don’t disturb the clientele downstairs” I heard her muffled voice tell me with glee watching the dawning horror on my face. “Open wide” she said with a smirk pressing the nylons against my lips. No way was she shoving those dirty things in my mouth. I began to struggle to try to escape but then the short chunky P.A. and amateur ballerina clamped down hard. In horror my hands holding onto her outer thighs leapt what felt like a massive distance further outwards as enormously thick slabs of muscle bulged up with raw unadulterated power. I opened my mouth to scream at the head-splitting pain shearing through my skull only for it to be filled with the taste of nylon. Julia’s thighs were so massively wide I couldn’t get my arms over them to reach my mouth and remove the horrible tasting object nor could I push them out with my tongue what with the immense pressure on either side of my face locking my mouth tight in a pained grin.

“By wrapping my thighs around the sides of your head instead of your neck I can keep you in punishing agony far longer. Otherwise my legs would put you right out like snuffing a light” I heard her voice over the pounding of my heart. “Mmmmm! Mmmm!” I screamed into the tights balled up in my mouth. It felt like the very sides of my skull were bending inwards. “Madame Michelle would complain that this wasn’t very lady-like but hey-ho if you’ve got ballerina legs like mine you might as well use them” she told me as I screamed again into her nylons unable to bear the skull-breaking pain. Her granite-like thighs expanded to an immense size as the pressure soared to unbearable heights forcing me to scream myself hoarse into the tights stuffed inside my mouth. My vision just blurred right out, the pounding of my blood in my ears got louder and my mind spun crazily. The intense pain was too much but rather than knocking me straight out and relieving me of all this skull-bending mind-splitting agony, Julia’s big powerful legs kept me on a slow agonising slide into oblivion.

Part 2. The Posh Women
I don’t remember passing out or had any idea for how long. Coming too, I found myself trapped in a small metal cage in what seemed to be some kind of gym with rubber matting covering the floor. From the confessions of the beaten men, I guessed that this was the private club for the secretive Pantyhose Society and that this wasn’t going to be fun for me. My head ached terribly and my waist hurt from Julia’s brutally strong legs but I forced myself to observe instead of feeling sorry for myself.

Around the large room were scattered a number of well-built men wearing gi and black belts. Amongst them I spot Henri [pantyhose#2], the top-ranking man at the Dojo taken over by Madame Michelle, but he purposefully refused to look in my direction. Each wore thick protective padding around their groins and it wasn’t long before I found out why. In front of each man are several very eager looking rich women. How do I know this? Because each has a stately charisma of elegance and sophistication with the open arrogant bearing of someone who gets anything that they want. Young and old alike possess a stunning beauty naturally inherited through select bloodlines, some possibly enhanced through the best cosmetic surgery that money can buy. Their glamorous coiffured looks are further enhanced by expensive designer clothes individually tailored to flatter their stunningly slim shapely bodies with elegant skirts coming down above the knees to show off legs clad in Wolford Neon 30 nylons. This air of jet-set glamour was offset by their arrogant elitist aura that could make some men throw themselves down at their feet happy to be their servant. I spot Madame Michelle at the far end of the room. Sexy and deadly, the elegant mature Oriental looked full of self-confidence as she barked a single word.

“Attack!”. Each man stepped forward to square off with one of the posh ladies who maintained a cold calm nobility radiating arrogant superiority. Shockingly some of the men looked nervous in the face of such arrogant smugness. With so many people involved I could only focus on a few individuals. My eyes homed in on a stunning young blonde nearby. Possibly in her twenties, her face was very pretty, long with wide hazel coloured eyes, a long nose, deep chin and a medium sized luscious mouth. With long golden blonde hair pinned back in fancy elaborately curled waves behind her ears and topped by a fancy white silk and feathers bonnet she was certainly very eye-catching. A stylish blue jacket and tight matching skirt was tailor-fitted to a tall slim figure below which were a nice pair of lower legs clad in the familiar high-sheen tan-coloured nylons with quite thick shapely calves and long shins with her feet shoeless. Even her opponent seemed too stunned by her sheer beauty to do anything but stand there and gawp at her tongue-tied. “You are so beneath me, it disgusts me” she said in a polished voice with a cutting tone. “I can see how horny you are but you cannot touch me. I love to irritate scum like you, driving you wild with desire for my perfect body then humiliate you”. Stung by her cutting words the man stepped forwards seizing her by the throat with a look of triumph. Remaining ice-cool the gorgeous posh blonde slammed her left hand over his right arm pinning it against her chest while swinging her right elbow into the side of his face. “Yah!” TWOCK! Her elbow struck his face hard. The next instant her right palm struck him square in the face pushing it right back over his shoulders until it was looking up at the ceiling. With his face in that awkward position her skirt rode up to reveal strong thighs possibly from horse-riding as she powered her knee into his groin protector with a cool look of utter snobbery. BLAM! with a widening smirk on her coy face she drove her knee between his legs again and again connecting solidly with the protector with loud rapport, bringing her knee level with her waist with the poor man’s groin on the end as he jerked up and down onto his toes with a look of sheer agony. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!.

“Feel the flexibility of the Wolford Neon 30 denier” Madame Michelle’s voice cut across the room.

I saw a very majestic mature woman with pale blonde hair punching a man in the throat before swinging her leg with her skirt riding up around a great pair of legs clad in shiny nylons. Her shin hammered between his legs as her foot went right through and literally kicked his arse while mashing his nuts. “Hai!” WHAM! With an icy cold expression of superiority the woman kicked with such force that he flew right up onto his toes with a pained expression on his face.

“Feel it’s comfort, like a second skin” the good-looking mature Oriental continued “See how sexy it makes your legs look as you dominate a man”.

Close-by a young man in a gi lay on the mats floored by a stern looking mature red-head with her long hair held back behind her ears with a black diamond encrusted hairband. Looking down at him with a sneer on her ruby-red lips she seemed confident and dominant in her abilities. A very smart styled lime green jacket graced her slim body with a large cross-over panel with three large gold buttons in the shape of flowers off-centre on the left, and graceful curved hems resembling large petals that emphasised her slender hips. The matching skirt also mimicked large green petals and revealed much of her right thigh which looked sensational in the shiny sheer tan nylons. “I see that you have a very stiff erection” she sneered in a voice aged with fine dining and drink. “Ha! Typical lower-class man. When you’re close to me you get a very hard erection. That’s the natural order of things. Now get it out and jerk it! Sacrifice your sperm in my honour” she demanded looking at him critically expecting his compliance. He was obviously turned on but unwilling to comply. “I enjoy a sophisticated and privileged lifestyle because my husband and I make massive amounts of money from your savings and pensions and your Government let us”. “You pathetic loser. You are not worth my valuable time” with that she turned her back on the young man. Suddenly he leapt to his feet and seized her from behind wrapping his arms around her slender body and taking a good hold of her forward-thrusting bust. Clamping her hands over his arms, the aged arrogant privileged woman calmly leant forward thrusting her compact backside sharply into his groin. Quickly standing straight again she had opened up a small gap between her and her attacker. Her leg kicked swiftly back to hammer the sole of her nylon-clad foot hard against his groin protector. “Yah!” BLAM! Remaining emotionless, the privileged attractive yet stern mature lady swung her arms to the right breaking his grip. With her hands clenched she drove the point of her elbow hard against his sternum. “Hah!” WHUMPH “Orrragh!” he groaned. As he creased forwards her hands drove back her elbow again. “Hah!” WHOCK! Her sharp elbow hammered his jaw snapping his head right back in an instant. To his horror his knees turned to jelly and he found himself on his knees looking at her sexy shiny sheathed legs. “Why darling! These pantyhose are fabulous. You will buy me a dozen pair from your pathetic wage”. Before he could protest she grabbed the front of his shirt holding him up while raising her right hand above her shoulder in an open palm straight fingered knife-hand. “Hah!” her hand was a blur as it slashed down and chopped him across the base of his throat. WHOCK! “Kkkk kkkk!” he croaked alarmingly, his hands flying to his neck as his face turned red.

“Come on ladies, give those Wolford’s a good test drive. Try different kicks, try different positions. Really give them a good work-out” the mature Oriental encouraged.

All around the large hall beautiful elegant looking women with cold impassive arrogant faces were kicking and kneeing the male black-belts in the groin protectors with very loud sounds of impact suggesting deceptive strength for such sophisticated women. Groaning and wincing, the expressions on their faces clearly showed that the devices provided little protection against the sheer aggression of the upper-class ladies. Most were doubling over barely able to stand. The high sheen of the pantyhose made every lady’s legs sleek sensual shapely and highly alluring. So entranced were most of the men by the glossy sexy perfect looking legs before them that they seemed too move too slow against the leggy defence of the upper-class women. More than one man was happy to find a glamorous lady sitting on his face with a look of smug superiority and little or no objection from her seat which was sporting a noticeable stiffy.

One haughty young blonde in a skin-tight red mini dress slid along the floor on her back towards the feet of a surprised black belt male. Whereupon she grabbed his ankles then slammed both pantyhose-clad feet straight up into his groin protector. The man found himself pressed up from the floor by her dainty feet in his groin and a look of anguish upon his face.

Close-by another men seized the throat of a slim middle-aged brunette with back-combed hair wearing a very short black mini-dress with white designer graphics. With a calm expression on her attractive warm motherly kind of face, both hands shot up between the arms of her attacker then sprang outwards chopping his wrists, breaking his hold and knocking his arms wide. “Hai!” BAM!. Immediately her hands slapped down upon his shoulders and with a disarmingly warm smile that he couldn’t resist returning swiftly drove her nylon-clad right knee straight into his groin. “Yah!” WHUMP “Orragh!” it was a good solid strike that he felt through the protection. Quickly locking his arm she pressed her side body against his while facing him with a smile. Slipping her right leg behind his legs she suddenly back-kicks real hard knocking his legs from under him sending him to the floor. “Yah!” BAM! As his back hit the mats hard, the elegant lady who still had hold of his left arm, pressed her knee against the back of his elbow making him squeal while she laughed at his helplessness. She looked magnificent standing over the black belt man at her mercy with a skirt so short it barely covered her crotch, showing her sexy long slender legs to their fullest clad in the ubiquitous high sheen tan coloured nylon. Her long right leg stretched out and pressed the foot against his lips. “Kiss it” she demands sternly. His refusal was met by bending his arm back over her thigh causing him to scream and tap the mat frantically to her amusement. As he screams her foot slips inside his mouth. Staring up at her slender long legs he has no choice but to lick her toes while enjoying running his free hand up and down her incredible long slender legs.

Madame Virginie comes over and pulls out a used pair of pantyhose. “Here this will keep him quiet” she said and indicated his groin with her head. The leggy brunette withdrew her foot from his mouth and slammed it in his groin making him open his mouth into which the buxom mature woman stuffed the used pantyhose. Sitting down before him, the leggy brunette pressed one foot over his mouth and kept slamming the other into his groin to the amusement of the watching women as his cries are muffled out by the nylons in his mouth.

“Fight me, man!” a strident cultured voice drew my attention to an aged haughty woman with short wavy blonde hair, a stunning slender body clad in an eye-catching tight black dress with a gold chain motif and decked in gold jewellery. Stooped before her was a big muscular looking man with his hands on his groin protector. “I own the mortgage over your house, your account into which your wages are paid, your savings! I rule over you! I dictate everything that you do. I expect blind obedience. Now do as I command or I will foreclose your mortgage and have you fired from your job and make sure that you never work in this continent again”. The look of pure hatred in the man’s eyes made it clear that he was going to attack her for real. He rushed forwards. “Hai!” he shouted throwing a lightning-fast punch straight at her face. With shocking speed the old majestic woman knocked his arm aside with an almost-casual sweep of her arm. “Hai!” she yelled as the edge of her right hand slashed down upon the side of his neck in a swift sharp chop. Visibly shocked the man was stunned as she swivelled around in front of him lifting her right leg, the hem of her skirt sliding up her long slender thighs. The sole of her bare nylon-clad foot hammered backwards brutally hard into his groin, the protector providing little comfort as the force of the impact lifted him onto his toes. “Hai!” BLAM! With the black-belt crumpling forwards the old woman grabbed the top of his head with her hands and pulled his face down sharply as her right thigh rose revealing her lovely nylon-sheathed legs once more. “Hai!” WHACK! Her knee blasted his jaw hard, snapping back his face and sending him falling over backwards to crash to the mats. There was a sharp clap of admonishment from Madame Michelle. “Ladies!. Although I applaud your enthusiasm and quick learning, please do not break the toys or there will none left to play with later”

As the glamorous rich ladies continue to practice their self-defence techniques on the black-belt men I see a man strung up by his arms in middle of gym wearing a groin protector. His legs are also held apart and secured to the floor. Several posh women are taking turns to practice their kicks, knees, punches and chops upon the suspended man. He is quite tall and I guess handsome to women with a dark swarthy complexion that could have come from North Africa. Wearing only a white shirt and black trousers I notice the Rolex on his wrist and gold cuff-links on his sleeve and guess that this is The Moroccan that everyone was looking for. As a good-looking young red-head debutante drills a solid punch into his gut leaving him gasping while his body creases I notice his eyes home in on one the women before him with a look of imploring. “Arghh!” he groans as the enthusiastic deb blasts a snap kick into his groin with her lean nylon-sheathed legs. The strange way that he dangled bobbing up and down as if on a spring makes me realise that he is bound with rubber or elasticated ties. As he gathers himself I see his eyes once more go to one of the waiting women as if he knows her.

At first I could only see her from the rear. A slim-bodied woman of average height dressed in a smart casual black leisure jacket and matching skirt which fell a good couple of inches above the knee and featuring a black lacy frill. Shoulder-length pale blonde hair swept back from her forehead suggests quite a mature woman. Regardless of her age, the backs of her legs clad with the luxurious sheen of those tan-coloured Wolford’s look good with a gentle yet definite calve muscle head visible. “Please help me. You’ve got to get your husband to save me” Even with the din of the rich women practising, I can make out The Moroccan pleading to the mature blonde by how his lips move. I fail to catch her reply but as he begs again she turns to the side. My view confirms my original guess that she is a woman perhaps in her 60’s with a natural fairly unadorned face. The swept back hair reveals thick gold earrings and a high forehead, her nose is quite prominent and she has a sagging chin and wrinkles yet she is a naturally elegant good-looking woman with wide blue-grey eyes and wide thin-lipped mouth which push up creases around her cheeks when she smiled, her pink lipstick glossed lips parting to reveal perfect white teeth.

“I am sorry Allam but you have brought this upon yourself” She replies. “Please Claudine, you’ve got to get help” he pleads “or I’ll tell” he hissed threateningly. “Countess. Is there a problem?” Madame Michelle’s voice cut in as she walked across the Dojo towards them. “No problem” the mature blonde replies. I saw The Moroccan’s eyes widen threateningly. “No problem at all” she repeated, her mouth hardening as her hand slipped to her skirt. Her long slender hands began to slowly slide back the hem lengthening the expanse of shiny sheer pantyhose on view. With a bemused smile upon her regal aged face, more and more sexy looking leg is exposed as the hem slowly slides higher. The Moroccan’s eyes widen in open appreciation while I find myself holding my breath and watching with rapt attention for the old lady genuinely has great legs. With an ever-widening grin, the wonderfully aged elegant woman slides the hem over her slender rounded hips proudly showing off the full length of her long slender sensational legs clad in high-sheen top-quality tan-coloured pantyhose. White silk panties with a pink rose motif and cut daringly high over the hip is clearly visible beneath the gusset and a magnet for the male eyes and certainly getting my temperature up.

“Do you want to feel my legs?” she asks. “Orrrrr yes please” he moans in open desire and I didn’t blame him. Lucky bastard I thought to myself with my loins stirring for the amazing legs on display. Suddenly her right leg lifted with bent knee rising level with her waist. “Hai!” an unexpected unladylike shout as her lower leg snaps straight in a fast stomp-like kick to his gut. KABLAM! Despite her dainty slender appearance the sound of the sole of her foot hammering his stomach is shockingly loud. “Waaaoorrraghh!” he wails loudly his face melting in agony as his body is hurled backwards with incredible speed, his feet lifting clear off the mats. Brought to a sudden halt by his restraints like a fly caught in a spider-web the rubber ties spring him forward towards the elegant mature woman. With a smile on her face, her knee again rises swiftly, yet with a sensual elegance, as The Moroccan’s body rushes towards her. The fantastic sexy nylon-sheathed leg straightens instantly reaching high towards his chest. KERWHUMP! Her foot solidly hammers his chest with another stomp-like kick. “Nnnnargh!” he wails in agony. Her fabulous slender sexy leg straightens with such startling power that his much bigger and heavier body is sent rocketing off his feet and slamming hard into his restraints.

Stunned and aroused that such slender legs possess so much power I see her slight calves harden into a graceful hint of muscle. Suddenly they bulge more definitive as her right leg shoots forwards towards the oncoming man. “Hai!” BLAM! The sole of her dainty foot slams against the groin protector with shocking strength. “Argh!” despite the protector the kick is so strong that he clearly is in pain as his body is slammed back once more against his restraints. Stiff with anticipation I watch in awe as the slender figure of the unlikely deadly-legged noble woman’s face become focussed in concentration. “EeeeeYAH!” she builds up in a long scary scream as The Moroccan’s body springs back once more. To my astonishment the dignified 60-something Countess span right around on one heel leaping high into the air with her right knee rapidly rising. Her long slender nylon-sheathed right leg soared in an almost vertical kick like a lightning bolt. KASPLAT! No man would have had a chance against a kick like that. The Moroccan’s face snapped back over his shoulders, his body a blur as it shot back hard straining the restraints. His body sprang back and forth violently, his body limp and his head lolling, knocked out cold by that amazing kick that left me with a very stiff hard-on.

“Wonderfully done Countess” Madame Michelle’s voice cut through the stunned silence “You are clearly no stranger to martial arts”. “However you have just put one of our guests out of action and so if everyone will return to their seats. I think it is about time we met our other guest”. With an icy yawning in the pit of my stomach I knew that she meant me.

Part 3. Madame Julia
From my crouched position inside the small iron cage, I watch as a massive pair of shapely feminine calves clad in high-sheen tan coloured nylons walks slowly along one side towards the front. I would recognise Madame Julia’s huge rounded calves anywhere and despite what she had done to me I still couldn’t help watching those massive muscles flex and wane with a rising feeling of desire to just reach out and feel their hardness beneath the shiny silky smooth nylons. “Our next guest is the infamous private detective, Jim Priest” Madame Michelle’s strident exotic tones announced. “A man who keeps sticking his nose where it is not wanted rather than investigate those men in high places who aid and conceal crimes against women for greed and profit”. I noticed several of the rich ladies look uncomfortable at her words including the mature Countess and wondered whether their husbands were among the guilty parties. “A man who writes trashy stories about men who get turned on by dominant women who are superior fighters than or stronger than normal men”. She said with a scornful tone. “I have no idea where he gets such silly inspiration from” she chuckled “And then publishes them on the Internet as if anyone would want to read such tripe”.

“I’m not playing your game Madame Michelle” I said in a loud voice. “Oh it is no game Monsieur Priest. You will participate in a demonstration of self-defence not by a woman who is trained in martial arts, but by one trained in the elegant art of Ballet” the attractive mature Oriental business woman replied. I was trying to think of a suitably caustic response when I was dumbstruck as right in front of the cage, Julia spread her big legs really wide with her shins pointing outwards then went onto the tips of her toes. Massive smooth rounded balls of calve muscle bulged with a deep lower cliff edge as, on her toes, she went into a crouch with her thighs horizontal to her body and shins vertical beneath. Ulp! I was mesmerised with rising lust as her skirt rode up over her hips exposing the gusset of her tights with her powerful big legs on full show. I was stunned, never expecting such flexibility from such a chunky-built young woman with such large legs. “I see I have your full attention Monsieur Priest” that snooty pinched nose face with a smug expression told me. I was speechless watching her big widespread legs and thick bulging calves with increasing stiffness.

“Flexibility is another thing that ballerinas are good at” she smirked while sliding effortlessly into a full front splits with her thick legs stretched straight fore and aft while in between her crotch touched the mats. Good Lord! There is something about a girl doing the splits that goes straight to a man’s loins. To see a chunky young woman with big thick powerful thighs do the same was like Viagra! Her outer thighs were thick slabs of feminine steel. The sides of her calves of her leading leg were deep and shapely while the rear of those of the trailing leg were astounding large thick ridged arrow shapes. Julia began to lean her torso towards her leading leg in a series of warm-up exercises then did the same with her rear foot, grabbing hold of it and pulling it back towards her head. The large hamstrings swelled thick and powerful.

“See how the simple male mind cannot think of anything but sex when he looks at a fit woman” Madame Michelle pointed out with scorn. Orrrr! Julia moved into side-splits right in front of the cage with my eyes unable to look anywhere except at her gusset-covered crotch. With her thick legs out straight on either side she continued to stretch towards one leg then before leaning right forward pressing her bust against the matting. “Look at how aroused the simple male is”. I couldn’t help it as Julia sat with both legs in front of her then lay back stretching one leg then the other right back with the top of her big thighs parallel with her torso.

All the while Julia’s hard eyes stared at me. “Do you want to rape me, Monsieur Priest?” she taunted. “No, I would never do something like that” I gasped unable to take my eyes of her crotch as she stretched this way and that. The short-haired young brunette rolled effortlessly forward and sprang to her feet right before the cage. “Are you saying that I am too heavy-built?”. She suddenly kicked her short thick left leg up into the air until it was vertical along the left side of her body where she caught it with her hands and pulled it against the side of her body. “Urrrrgh!” I groaned softly at the sight of this big-legged young woman effortlessly doing the standing side-splits in a rousing display of limberness. Her business skirt had slid right back around her broad hips revealing those big legs in all their glory, large and very firm looking with a huge slab of thick outer thigh muscle and huge jutting calves all sheathed in shiny sheer tan nylon all the way to the gusset covering her panties at her crotch. “Orrr Julia” I moaned as she leant to her right rotating and stretching her big leg alongside her angled body with her crotch blatantly thrust in my direction. “Orrrrr Julia!” It was more than a red-blooded man could handle. “Do you want to rape me now Monsieur Priest? By the twitching bulge in your trousers I think that you do?” the excitingly limber P.A. taunted but I failed to rise to the bait.

Just then a long slim pair of sensational looking legs with nicely defined calves walked to the door of the cage and I knew the attractive mature Dojo Queen herself had arrived. “Out you come Monsieur Priest and exercise your primal male urges” Madame Michelle said unlocking then opening the door of the cage wide. “I’ve already told you that I am not playing your game” I told her as I crawled out of the cage. The greying Oriental just smiled turned on her heel and walked away leaving me to get to my feet. In front of me the surprisingly limber Julia did a tight backward handstand walk-over keeping her short thick legs perfectly straight, flip-flapping several times towards me before stopping on her feet right in front of me with her usual cold stare. Leaning towards me, her right leg swung up right up behind her. Catching her knee with her hand she pulled it perfectly vertical in line with her other leg while continuing to lean forwards until her torso was almost horizontal. Phroar! What flexibility! What powerful sexy thick thighs and massive calves. She smiled a superior smirk. “Imagine the positions you could get me into in bed”. Phroar! The mere suggestion was tempting me to do the unthinkable but somehow I retained self-control. Lowering her leg back to the floor and straightening her body in a graceful flowing motion she stood before me with a knowing smirk.

“There is one thing that ballerina’s have in common with Karate experts, Monsieur Priest” Julia stated as that unnerving smile got wider. Going up upon her left toes, her big heavy thighs bulged to an unreal size, the slabs of her big outer thighs very prominent with a hint of the rest of her quads. “They can kick high. Hai Yah!” Although I now knew how flexible she was I had never imagined such a big heavy leg to move so fast. Her right leg soared skyward like a rocket. KABLAM! Her nylon-clad foot slammed hard against my jaw blasting my head skywards in a blinding instant. I don’t think I had ever experienced such a powerful high kick. One kick and my head was in spinning blind daze and I was staggering unsteadily on my feet. “See how Madame Julia delivers each kick with such grace and elegance as if giving a Ballet recital”

The short chunky young woman stepped in front and went onto her left toes with her extraordinary large shapely calves bulging massively, standing proud from the steep slopes to her ankles like a large spade head with solid jutting spearheads pushing out the shiny nylon of her hose. Again her huge thighs swelled to a massive size. Leaning her body back almost horizontal her right leg soared swiftly and gracefully into the air. “Hai Yah!” KABLAM! Her kick rocked me with such blinding power that I found myself crashing into the matted floor, my head spinning in a stunned daze. “Such sophistication, such elegant power. He doesn’t stand a chance”

I became aware of Julia’s dense powerful legs stepping closer and quickly scrambled to my feet. Maybe I could block her next kick with my arms and get the better of her somehow?. “See how the pathetic man tries to defend himself” Julia’s big deadly leg stops part-way and swiftly returns to the floor while her arms shoot out and catches my arm by the wrist with a stern irritated look. “Hai Yah!” With my arm held captive her large chunky leg flies upwards again. KABLAM! Her shin flashes up beneath my chin as the top of her foot arcs around my face and hammers my cheek with shocking force. “Argh!” I yelp. “See how the reinforced toes enable a lady to deliver a powerful kick without injuring herself”

Still holding my arm, Julia’s leg lowers. “Hai! Yah!” she yells as her big thighs power her right leg once more BLAM! “Orrragh!” I wail caught off-guard as the top of her foot slams into my gut “Yah!” BLAM! A quick graceful movement and without lowering her leg kicks upwards into the right side of my face. KABLAM! then the left side in a heartbeat KABLAM! Rocking my head violently from side to side, scrambling my senses. “See how Madame Julia turns the graceful art of Ballet into a Martial Art”. A brief glance shows me that shockingly Julia is poised on her left toes while her right leg is kept raised unleashing powerful kicks to my head with quick graceful flicks of her wildly shaped lower leg. Her big heavy upper leg bulges with powerful muscular shapes suggesting massive but not clearly defined quads. KABLAM! KABLAM! BERLAM! That last kick snaps my head right back as she lets go of my arm and I find my back slamming into the matted floor at her feet. A thick strong leg stretches towards me and the sole of her foot presses against my mouth. “Kiss it you annoying Englishman. Accept your place in life” I frantically shake my head from side to side to dislodge her foot.

With graceful fluidity for such a squat hefty-built woman, Julie crouched down before me then to my inflamed desire pushed herself up onto her left toes. A pose that emphasised the exaggerated sensual curves angling out steeply from her ankles to the massively wide solidity of the flaring calve heads and emphasising large thick solid hamstrings. “Such poise perfectly balanced with feminine strength” Madame Michelle continued her running observations. “I was hoping that you would refuse Monsieur Priest” Julia said still flawlessly balanced on the toes of one foot as steady as a rock. Her large rounded calves bulged so massive and solid that I had to try hard not to prostrate myself before her and run my greedy hands up and down those incredibly shaped calves moaning in lustful delirium. “So I can explain it to you” she added with a wide arrogant grin that I didn’t take as a good sign. Still balanced on left toes her right knee rose in front with the shin angled slightly and a big deep clefted diamond slabbed calve clearly visible. Although I was expecting her to try to kick me, I never expected the large chunky leg to move as it did. “Hai Yah!” she yelled. WHAM! WHAM! A tan-coloured blur slammed my face from one side to the other and back again in the blink of an eye. As eyes regain focus I see Julia still posed on her toes with her right leg still raised bent at the knee with a smirk of bemused superiority. Without lowering her big leg, she does it again BAM BAM then again BAM BAM then pauses. My head is spinning, my eyes and my ears are ringing. This must be what it was like to be hit by lightning. The deceptively agile and fast powerful leg strikes again so fast I barely saw it. BAM BAM, BAM BAM pauses and again BAM BAM! “Get up you pathetic weak Englishman” Julia taunts with amusement noticing that I’m getting turned on by her leggy dominance as I sway from side to side punch drunk no kick drunk. I try to gather my wits and stagger and stumble to get up. “Look at the weak pathetic man barely able to stand against the power of a lady” the mature Oriental announced.

Not wanting to face another of Julia’s powerful balletic high kicks I grabbed her shoulders intending to pull her close and get her in a headlock. Before I could she slapped her hands down upon my elbows causing my arms to fold allowing her to pin them against her chest. She smiled smugly “How pathetic. Is that all you’ve got Monsieur Priest?” With a elegant sophisticated face and a sleek cute upturned nose she didn’t look like she was dangerous. A movement of tan out of the bottom of my vision then WHUMP! “Nnnnooorghh!” I wailed creasing forward sharply as her big rounded knee rammed into my stomach like a cannonball. Creased over with painful stomach cramps and badly winded I could only watch in helpless horror as the lights reflected off the sheen of a nylon clad knee as it rose level with my face. “Hai Yah!” she yelled as her leg straightened blasting her foot like a guided missile right towards my ruined gut. WHUMP! “……urgh!” too winded that groan was agony to get out and I felt my body lifted into the air. My vision darkened and my mind swirled in a haze. I felt my feet hit the floor and my knees buckle.

Falling forward I put out my hands blindly to stop myself. To my horror my hands encounter a huge pair of very solid thighs closing in around my head. In a panic I hold onto the big slabs of thick thigh muscle and try to pull my head back but too late. My entire skull is engulfed by huge walls of chunky powerful female legs while I am in the embarrassing position of being bent forwards with my head firmly stuck. “See how cool and elegant she is while in absolute control of the weak man in her strong legs” Madame Michelle told the watching audience. “He is in how-you-say the deep doggie do-doos”. The posh bitches laughed at that. I tugged in vain at the huge solid pillars of upper thigh clamped firmly around my skull. “She could so easily put him in hospital with a bust skull” I was shocked by the sheer size of Julia’s hamstrings as they bulged up beneath my hands. “Aaggh! Aaagh!” I found myself squealing and tapping frantically on solid bulging slabs of massive muscle as an insane level of pressure crushed in upon the sides of my head with such ferocity I was sure I could hear the horrible creaks as my skull bent inwards. Her huge thighs were also compressing my cheeks and the sides of my mouth under the terrible forces pressing either side of my jaw. The power of her huge bulging thighs was so fierce I was sure that my cheeks, jaw and teeth would shatter. “Look how marvellously the Wolford’s stretch to accommodate Madame Julia’s powerful leg muscles their high sheen adding that extra factor of sophistication”

I tugged on the backs of Julia’s knees hoping they would give way but her legs were just like pillars of nylon-coated steel. I tried to reach for her ankles to prise them apart but her mammoth calves were a distraction. In my world of delirious agony my hands almost had a will of their own as they stroked and caressed her mind-blowing calves. It was though they kept failing to comprehend the sheer size and hardness of the massive bulging calves. I was turned on, overwhelmed by their sheer size and the swelling hardness beneath my fingers added to the brutal muscular power of her gargantuan thighs threatening to crack my skull at any moment. “Arghh arghh!” I cried with tears of pain. “Observe how the dumb male is aroused acknowledging the superior power of woman” Madame Michelle observed.

“Arghh Arghh Arghh!” I was screaming myself hoarse as intense shards of pain lanced through my skull. “I could crush your skull just like an egg shell” Julia’s voice told me over the pounding and terrible creaking noises in my head. “But I don’t want to upset the delicate stomachs of the ladies”. To make a point Julia’s head-crushing thighs maintained the brutal pressure for a while longer. The terrible pain in my skull and threatening to break my jaw and smash my teeth had reduced me to tears. Finally after what seemed an eternity in female leggy hell, the mind-destroying pressure eased off. As her mighty thighs open Julia clamped her hands upon the top of my head and gave me a hard shove sending me sprawling onto my back upon the matted floor.

I lay on my back quietly groaning with my hands to my head checking that it hadn’t been squashed out of shape and with a splitting headache. My eyes were closed hoping that was the end of it when I felt the nylon-clad underside of a foot press on my lips. “Kiss it” My eyes flew open in horror to see Julia standing between my legs with her left leg stretched towards my face with the sole of her foot pressing down cross-ways across my mouth. I refuse and shake my aching head to try and dislodge her foot. The sexy slim legs of Madame Michelle approach and stops standing over me in her smart business suit. From my position on the floor I get a great view all the way up her long slender shapely legs clad in high-sheen nylon to her panties under the gusset beneath her very short skirt. Wow! She is an amazingly sexy mature Oriental woman. But deadly with it. She addressed the watching women in a clear authoritative voice. “Allow us to demonstrate how to deal with a disobedient male”. Without another word she crouched down low, her exposed gusset a magnet for my lusty eyes. Seizing my wrist with her left hand she wrapped her right arm over and under my elbow joint then grabbed her own wrist. With my arm now threaded through hers, she bent back my hand and forced me to my feet yelping and writhing in pain. Releasing my arm the mature Oriental stood in front of me and pressed her sexy slim body against me. Wow! That felt so good sending electric tingles of excitement throughout my body but I resisted the temptation to wrap my arms around her slender body to pull her close and kiss her passionately.

“You really should learn to obey women, Monsieur Priest. Things would be a lot less painful for you if you did” Suddenly her small right hand shot up and gripped my throat, squeezing it with a grip of iron. “Kkkk! Kkk!” I croaked in alarm. I saw the chunky form of Julie approach and to my horror she does exactly the same. “Kkk! Kkk!” with both pantyhose wearing women standing in front choking me I am once again at their mercy. “Hai!” they shout together their knees rocketing up into my groin in synchronisation. BLAM! “Urrkk!” a croak escapes my lips as their hard knees slam into my balls on either side painfully crushing my balls between them. Their faces are cold and imperious showing no sign of sympathy or mercy. “Hai!” they shout again in unison BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! together they hammer my balls between their knees several times in quick succession crushing my poor aching balls between their brutally hard knees. “Now will you do as you are told or do we have to turn your balls to mush?” Madame Michelle asks her iron-hard grip not loosening around my throat. Not bothering to wait for a reply the deadly nylon-sheathed legs strike again in unison. BERLAM! “Aaaghh! Please please stop. I’ll do it” I begged as the women’s hands loosen their grip, reduced to tears at the intense throbbing pain in my groin.

Suddenly Julia turned her back on me and bent forward to touch her left toes with a glimpse of her ample buttocks stretching the fabric of her business skirt tight. Her right left soared skywards in an arc with great flexibility. BERLAM! The back of her big muscular calve slammed like an express train into the side of my neck. It was like an explosion of a thousand stars went off in my head while my eyes blurred and my mind went woozy. My legs turned to jelly and I found myself falling helplessly backwards towards the mat.

“Lick it Monsieur Priest lick it like you mean it” a nylon-clad foot pressed against my lips. With the painful reminders of her powerful legs still racking my head, I was too beat to refuse. With great reluctance and a feeling of utter humiliation I puckered up and kissed the sole of her foot. “Again Monsieur Priest. Kiss it until I decide it is enough” the cold young woman demanded wagging a finger at me. Trying to put all thoughts of the dust and grime that had collected on the bottom of her tights and the taste of her used nylons, I kept kissing. “See the true position of women over men” Madame Michelle crowed. “Mmmm! Mmmm!” I protested as Julia ground her sole on my mouth before removing it completely.

“Now get up Monsieur Priest and let your Mistress show you what else she can do to irritating Englishmen” She demanded with her hard cold eyes glaring at me through her spectacles atop her sleek upturned nose. As if to forestall any argument she raised her foot over my groin to make it clear the cost of refusal. Glancing around looking for a way out, I spotted a door in front of which stood Madame Virginie and the pretty short-haired blonde tomboy Madame Sofia [pantyhose#3] looking tough.

“I shall now perform Ballet de l’agonie de l’anglais” Julia’s small face with the exquisitely defined features almost arrogant features announced. I didn’t like the sound of that and wasn’t going to hang around to find out. I had barely taken a step when Julia pirouetted beautifully on her right toes with her arms raised above her head and her left leg bent sharply at the knee held out horizontally with her right thighs bulging powerfully. It was a mesmerising sight to see such a thick-legged young woman move so gracefully that I made the mistake of stopping to watch. Spinning around with her side to me her raised leg suddenly straightened as swift as a lightning bolt. A tan pulse flashed towards my groin. “Hai!” WHUMP! “Arghh!” I cried out as Julia’s foot blasted my groin. It was like getting hit in the nuts with a hammer. I creased forward with my hands moving to protect my groin. The hefty young woman with the thick heavy legs danced closer. Her left hand whipped out and grabbed the hair at the back of my head. Before I could reach up to prise away her grip, I saw her big right knee rise rapidly towards my face. It was like time had slowed down as I watched in helpless horror as that knee and big thigh rushed up with a dreadful inevitability. “Hai Yah!” WHAP! The top of her upper thigh hammered hard against the side of my cheek. “Argh!” my cheek was violently smashed against my mouth and right eye sending shards of blinding light across my vision and making my face ache badly.

“Maybe this will teach you not to mess with ballerina’s Monsieur Priest” Julia warned as my hands clutched my aching face. Again she raised her hands and began to pirouette. In alarm I tried to step back out of the way but her thick chunky legs had a deceptively long reach. “Hai Yah!” encased in high sheen tan nylon her thick right leg moved like a rocket remarkably fast for it’s weight soaring to equally amazing height. BERLAM! The sole of her foot crashed into my temple like an express train whipping my face around so fast in a blinding explosion of pain. Her kick was so strong that I staggered blindly across the gym floor stumbling and trying not to fall while the watching rich ladies applauded wildly as if watching some west-end show.

Standing a daze I barely made out Julia’s chunky figure as upon her left toes she leant away from me with a thick right perfectly straight nylon-sheathed leg rising swiftly up behind her towards vertical in an arousing display of graceful flexibility. “Hai Yah!” WHUMP! Her swiftly rising leg back-kicked me across the side of my lower face and neck. “Argh!” my face snapped around and I staggered under the forceful impact. My vision temporarily threatening to fade to blackness as my head spun. “No mere man can handle the legs of a ballerina in full flight” I heard Julia’s mocking voice over the buzzing in my ears as I fought the nausea in my mouth and tried to cling to consciousness.

In that stunned state I never noticed Julia come up behind me until I felt her right arm brush my left shoulder as she hooked it across my throat and folded her forearm around the other side. “Argh!” I cried as she pulled my head backwards forcing my unsupple body to bend back putting strain on my spine. With my face looking up at the ceiling I sensed her body move. To my horror out of the corner of my eye I saw Julia’s massive inverted large-based curved bottle shaped calves soar vertically high above me with the amazing flexibility that the heavy legged woman possessed. “No!” I gasped in fright as that raised leg fell swiftly like an axe. BLAM! The back of her leg struck hard across the top of my chest. Their weight and the force of the impact combined with my precarious position sent me hurtling backwards towards the mats. Julia’s thick leg drove me all the way fast as she fell in a controlled fashion ending up doing a perfect front splits with her front leg pinning me across my upper chest. “Nnnurph!” I groaned as I hit the floor with Julia’s heavy leg across my chest. I was certainly surprised and more than a little aroused to find the powerful legged young woman wearing tights doing the splits across me.

Giving me no time to breathe Julia threw herself forward onto her hands then pushed her short chunky body up into a handstand. Her big powerful legs were spread in a wide V shape with her business skirt falling down her front around her broad waist affording full view of their nylon-clad magnificence. Squat and heavily loaded with powerful muscle I had a cock-stiffening view from the floor, straight down her legs to the gusset of her Wolford Neon 30 tights. I am just a man and the sight her white panties beneath the nylons covering her sex whilst demonstrating amazing flexibility made me want to dive right in there. Defying gravity those mighty legs continued to widen until they were in perfect alignment either side doing the side splits while her body was upside down in a rock-solid handstand. BERDOING WHUMP WHUMP my dick went very stiff indeed at the sight and began lurching. Suddenly those spread legs and tempting crotch was falling down very fast towards me rotating so I had the view of her ample backside and the backs of her legs spread wide coming down fast towards my body. WHUMP! “Orrragh!” I wailed as her broad rounded backside slammed down upon my stomach. My head and shoulders lifted from the floor wanting to meet my legs which rose from the other end but couldn’t get far because Julia pinned me as she smugly sat there still doing the side splits across my middle. Julia’s weight pressing down upon my winded stomach make it all the more difficult to regain breath. I flopped back to the floor my mouth gaping wide unable to draw air watching her large rounded buttocks on my belly while she did the splits to the rapturous applause of the watching rich women.

Winded, I could only watch in morbid fascination as the short hefty woman once more raised herself up into a handstand then sprang effortlessly to her feet. Looking down at me through her small stylish spectacles along her dainty nose she gave me a look of such arrogant superiority my dick lurched strongly. “You are so pathetic Monsieur Priest. A big wimp” her smile widen as her petite delicate featured face looked down at me smugly. Going right up onto her toes and tottering about like a professional ballerina, her huge thigh swelled as powerfully shaped quads bulged with her massive rounded calves flaring out behind stretching the shiny nylons to the limit. Her feet briefly came down to the floor before she sprang up high into the air, her big thick legs opening wide into a full side splits in mid-air. In horror I watched in winded helplessness as she came down fast with her legs wide. WHOMP! “Nnnnn….!” I clenched my eyes, feeling my face turn red and burn as her crotch slammed into my already distraught gut. “You enjoyed the sight of my crotch so much I thought you might like a closer look” she sneered enjoying the agony in my face as my pinned torso tried to rock back and forth as my diaphragm spasmed once more. Julia sat on my belly with a smug smile on her small pretty face while her big legs did the splits with her business skirt rucked up around her broad waist exposing her gusset covered crotch only a few feet from my face. I was sweating desperately fighting the black spots overwhelming my vision, trying to hold down the nausea I could taste in my mouth while a loud buzzing rang in my ears.

“Oh I am sorry. Am I sitting on your stomach stopping you catch your breath. Is this better?” she said with sarcasm as she rolled off to sit facing my side. Paralysed by stomach cramps and severely winded I watched as Julia raised her big heavy right leg vertically and held it in place with her hands poised over me like an executioner’s axe. “You still like looking at my legs, you pervert?” she sneered as I was unable to stop myself staring at the large powerful hamstrings lining the back of her raised leg and the mighty calves flaring out in wide beautifully rounded arcs with a thick cliff edge from the lower plain angling steeply towards her ankle. “That bulge in your trousers tells me that you do. Hai Yah!” she yelled and that thick heavy leg fell fast to slam across my already weakened gut. BLAM! “…..!” both ends of my body sprang up around the leg across my belly.

Shifting around to my feet Julia’s legs slid into the side splits at 90 degrees to me, driving her right leg right between my legs. “Hai Yah!” WHUMP “Orraghh!” I groaned as her foot drove into my balls like a piston engine. My body automatically sat up as excruciating pain shot through my groin then collapsed back to the mat wincing in agony as Julia’s reinforced nylon clad foot remained firmly planted in my balls. “Argh!” I yelped as Julia twisted her foot to grind it into my balls. My hands darted to her thick ankles to try to stop it.

Julia’s foot slid through my hands as she pulled it back. Flipping over to her hands and knees right by my feet, I thought that she was going to get to her feet and leave me alone. I thought wrong. “Hai Yah!” she yelled as she swiftly flicked her lower right leg into the air then slammed it down upon my groin WHUMP! “Arghhh!” I was in agony again as the top of her foot smashed down upon my already aching balls. “Ladies. If God had not intended women to kick men in the balls he would not have placed their sexual organs on the outside of their bodies” Madame Michelle’s statement was received by the rich ladies with laughter and applause.

Laying on her back by my feet Julia’s feet pressed against the inside of my knees. Before I could react her feet slid beneath the back of my knees lifting them and stretching my legs wide apart. “Arghh arghhh!” I yelped as Julia’s strong legs spread my legs beyond the limits of comfort. “Come on Monsieur Priest, let me see you do the splits” she taunted. “Arghh arghh please stop” I wept. I was not as supple and flexible as this ballet trained young woman and her powerful legs just ripped mine wide apart in an instant in this strange from of grapevine press. “Argh please” she had me weeping as it felt like her powerful thighs were more than capable of ripping my legs from the sockets. The snooty young woman kept me in that position mocking my weakness in front of the watching women for what felt like several long minutes. All the while my dick was growing stiffer with the overwhelming sensation of her thick powerful legs.

“So ends a bad naughty pervert who kept sticking his nose where it wasn’t wanted” Julia’s sneering voice cut across the buzzing in my ears as I fell back with my chest heaving in a desperate attempt to breathe. “And so ladies, you see how a woman trained in dance can just as easily assert total dominance over a man as one trained in the Martial Arts” Madame Michelle told the watching rich ladies. The stomach cramps began to ease slightly so I no longer felt as if I were fighting my own body to stay conscious.

I was too wrecked to prevent Julia from climbing back onto my upper chest and doing the splits. The dark patch of nylon of the gusset covering her crotch was almost touching my chin. Despite my condition I couldn’t help staring and getting aroused. Julia took my hands and ran them along both of her upper thighs. “Feel the power Monsieur Priest” she says. I did, enjoying the feel of her huge hard legs through the silky smooth softness of her nylon pantyhose. That such a pert stuck-up young woman could have such massive slabs of solid swelling outer thigh muscles that could rival many female bodybuilders without being one herself was astonishing. “Feel the power that can crush your puny weakling body like it was cardboard” she gloated in a high and mighty tone. The feel of such awesome female muscular legs had my hard-on fully awake. The snooty young woman then moved my hands onto her amazingly shaped calves running my hands slowly over them. Once more I was amazed and aroused feeling how huge and hard they were, flared out so far from the lower part of her legs in wide rock-solid curves of muscle. “These calves could snap your puny neck in an instant” she stated as fact and by the way they felt under my hand I didn’t doubt her.

Next she ran my hands slowly up and down along the big walls of her inner thighs. Their height was astounding and their solidity stunning. “These could cut your head right off your neck” she stated as she ran my hands over the steel cable-like pincer muscles running out from her groin. THROB THROB I didn’t know if that was true but the very thought of such power was a turn-on. My heart started pounding as she moved my hand to her crotch and sensuously rubbed them over the area of her gusset. Oh Lord my dick was lurching around like crazy inside my pants, although the laughter of the watching rich ladies reminded me that we were not alone and cooled my ardour somewhat. Her cold smirk grew wider as she relished my embarrassment. “Just imagine the immense power in there Monsieur Priest. A power that you will never experience”. Then with a mocking sneer Julia slid back along my body until that glorious gusset was sitting on my groin pressing down my erection beneath her which she couldn’t have failed to notice. Extending her left leg towards my face she gently slid the big shapely muscular calves along the side of my face in a sensual manner. “I can feel how hard my calves make you, Monsieur Priest” she teased. Bending her leg and with the big calve dangling before my face she angled her foot towards my mouth. “Show your appreciation, Monsieur Priest” I didn’t need to be told twice. Taking her calves in my hand and feeling very aroused I open my mouth allowing her to slip the nylon clad toes in. I begin to worship the foot of this powerful legged young woman licking her toes while feeling the solidness of her steel-bulb like calves with my hands.

Raising her backside I gasped as she placed a hand on the front of my trousers. “That’s quite a bulge you’ve got there” she exclaimed drawing amused laughs from the watching ladies. “Here let your Mistress make it more comfortable for you” It is difficult to protest when you have a pair of toes in your mouth wearing reinforced nylon. With that smirk still on her lips she unzipped my flies and pulled out my erection. Leaning forwards she positioned my rod against the underside of her crotch before closing her big thighs around it and laying herself down along the length of my body. “Mmmm!” I found my face buried in her ample bust with my erection scissored between her big strong pantyhose covered thighs sticking up right against her crotch. Suddenly I felt Julia begin to flex and work her ample buttocks pumping her hips up and down sliding huge big muscular thighs up and down around my shaft with the rasping of her silky nylons. “Observe how Madame Julia dominates the man sexually as well as physical, because she can” Madame Michelle’s announcement reminded me that we had an audience I felt ashamed and humiliated but Julia’s big legs continued to give me the most amazing thigh job. I soon succumbed to their pleasures moaning and groaning into her breasts like an imbecile as her big muscular legs pumped away with regular strong squeezes that just added to the arousal. Urrrrrr her legs were much too much to handle and it’s not long before I’m coming hard in long strong blasts between her legs to the embarrassing applause of the rich ladies.

Shagged out I remained on my back doing up my flies watching as the amazing chunky mega-legged young woman got to her feet. Her huge flaring thighs and calves towered above, a muscular legged monument to my humiliation. “Look Monsieur Priest. Look at how I will finish you” with that Julia kicked up her right leg into a standing splits. Her thick powerful right leg sheathed in sexy shiny tan nylon was held vertically straight along one side with the big hamstrings swelling strongly along the back of her upper leg and her gusset-covered crotch open, exposed and erotically appealing. Looking up at this surprisingly flexible and powerful legged young woman my dick was throbbing once more for her yet I was terrified she would let that raised leg drop and annihilate my gut. “Please no” I forced out with a gasp. She laughed with a condescending arrogant sneer on her young exquisite face. “You think I would be so crass and axe kick you in the stomach. No, you deserve a much more spectacular ending using my flexibility and strong legs”

Lowering her foot to the floor she slid gracefully in the front-splits behind my head. Rolling onto her back and laying behind me close to my head at 90 degrees to me she grabbed my head and rested it against her hip. With no idea what she was doing I watched as she bent her left leg then took hold of the calve quickly pulling the top of her thigh against the side of my neck as she proceeded to pull the leg right back. Doing the splits with her back on the floor pulling the leg close to her head with both hands, the side of my neck and throat was trapped beneath the top of her big thigh. “Arghhkk!” I croaked in alarm clutching onto the back of leg with both hands feeling the powerful swell of her large dense hamstrings. “Arghkkk!” as the top of her wide powerful leg cut into the side of my neck and across the front of my throat. Her big leg was like a guillotine being pulled down across my throat choking me trying to slice my neck while at the same time pressing into my carotid artery cutting off the blood supply to my brain. I tugged frantically at her leg but it was so large and heavy that I couldn’t budge it a centimetre. “So flexible, so dangerous, so chic” the mature Oriental needlessly explained “she could kill him in an instant”. “Urrgh!” I felt woozy as Julia choked me with this amazing leggy hold. I tried grabbing the back of her thigh with one hand and her calve with the other yet that short chunky powerful leg was too strong to move. Not only was this amazing hold sexy demonstrating Julia’s amazing flexibility and using her powerful legs it was deadly too.

Trapped between her waist and the fulcrum of her upper leg I was unable to stop her knocking me out. My mind was so muddled that I found myself running my hands up and down her hamstrings getting turned on by their sheer size and solidity. I feel her large calves then move my hands to her crotch and begin stroking that even though I feel my face turn red and my mind going cloudy. “Oooh La-La, Monsieur Priest. That’s it worship your Mistress as she holds your life in her strong ballerina legs”. With her moans of pleasure sounding muffled with the loud sound of my heart pounding in my ears, I am unable to hold my eyes open any longer. Barely able to keep my hand raised to pleasure the super-legged Goddess, her hand guides mine even as everything begins to fuzz out. “Oh yes yes you English bastard! I’m cumming!” Julia’s obscene screams fades into the distance as my ears tune out and I pass into the warm all-encompassing darkness.

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