My Karate Kid Sister (JP#16)

Teen bodybuilder feels the painful skills of his little sister

inspired by a snooty teen I know
By Jimp from a suggestion by MK
(c)Jim P 2015

“James! Mum and Dad said they will be late home so you’ll have to take me to Karate” Jessica exclaimed as she bounced into the garage where I was pumping iron in my shorts while listening to Cradle of Filth in my gym that Dad built at the end of the garage. I’m there with my best friends Glen and Tim. “Urrrruph!” I belch loudly. Pumping iron always makes me burp. The others respond with hilarious laughter while Jessica crinkles her nose in disgust. “God! James you are just gross. To think that I’m related to you” “Jim” I growled. I hate being called James and she knew it. Jessica is my sister and frankly she gets on my nerves as we have absolutely nothing in common. For a start the age difference is too great, my parents having her several years after me. Always remaining the baby of the family she was the centre of my parent’s attention. Probably that’s why I got into bodybuilding at such a young age as an excuse to stay out as long as I could to avoid the sickly fawning of my parents over the little squirt. Although I am now 21 and at a local sporting college I still have that image of her.

Not that I could truly hate her for Jessica was a cute pretty looking kid and has remained so as she has grown. Small, slim and flat-chested she has a little heart-shaped face framed by shoulder-length blonde hair worn tied up behind her head. With big blue eyes, a short thick nose, high cheekbones and a wide mouth full of perfectly white teeth she remained in my parent’s eyes the perfect sweet and innocent little girl. To me she has turned into an arrogant little snobby madame with an over-inflated superiority complex. All her FBook photos were of her dressed up in elegant ball-gowns with her good looking snob friends at events as if she were an upper-class debutante. In reality she was the daughter of a working-class family living in a semi-detached house down a main road who went to a normal comprehensive school.

“James! Are you listening?” she said with a pout that others found so cute while tapping her left foot in annoyance. “Yeah, Karate class. I heard” “What a joke” I mumbled to Glen and Tim who smiled having heard my opinion on the subject many times. My parents started taking her to Karate when Jessica was very young so their sweet little poppet could learn to defend herself from all the paedophiles that had supposedly appeared in our town like a plague of zombies. At first it made me feel uneasy that little 5 year old brats were being turned into a pint-sized army of rampaging killers with an undeveloped sense of right and wrong and a self-centric view of the world. It was totally irresponsible that people were making money training such terribly young kids in a military fighting art that would turn them into monsters capable of beating up their teachers or older brothers if they got told off for doing something naughty. Luckily the classes didn’t seem to change her in the slightest and I relaxed thinking that it wouldn’t last because she was a real girlie girl who preferred playing with dolls to doing something athletic. I just focused on bodybuilding and getting frigging massive. To be honest I never paid any more interest dismissing it as pure baloney for kids.

Now Jessica was a teenager, still cute and an arrogant little shrimp. I heard Glen mumble something about “a nice bit of posh totty” and shot him a warning glance. Her insufferable imperious snooty attitude got on my nerves. She had my parents wrapped around her little finger so that they brought their little poppet all the top designer gear. This she wore with her stubby little nose stuck in the air and giving people an arrogant look out of the corners of her eyes without turning her head. “Phoar Karate babe totty I’d like to put a smile on that stuck-up face” I heard Tim reply and shot him a warning too. Wearing her gi with her feet bare, I had to admit that it stirred up strange feelings. The way that simple white cotton wrap-around jacket and trousers moulded itself snugly to her small slender body, with her cute face could be kind of appealing to other guys.

“W..when did you become a black belt” I gasped in astonishment at the black strip tied around her around her tiny waist. She pulled a ‘dumb-o’ face. “Uh duh! like ages ago knuckle-head” she stated sarcastically. “I’m third Dan now” she said pointing to the three gold stripes on the belt. “Shows how much interest you take in your sister’s hobby” she added with mock exasperation. I didn’t really know what third Dan meant. To me she was just my little sister, yet the sight of her in that uniform with a black belt made me slightly nervous of my own sister which was ridiculous. “My hands are registered lethal weapons so you better do as I say” she stated with a cocky overconfidence that made me feel momentarily intimated. The thought that my cute little sister was a certified fighting machine was laughable and her superior attitude was really getting my hackles up. Probably due to the vast age difference, there was hardly any sibling love between us. Apart from the occasional exchange of heated words, we didn’t really fight, we just didn’t really get on especially as I really hated her unjustified stuck-up snobby attitude. “Tough, you’ll have to walk. If you’re as tough as you think you are you shouldn’t have to worry about paedophiles. Just stay out of the cars of strange men” I snapped. “But Mum said…” she began to protest. “Mum’s not here now so scram I’ve gotta prep for a contest” I said forcefully.

“You’re just a stupid juicer, James” I spun around angrily. Her pretty little face was all moody and sulky. “You know it’s wrong to use steroids. That’s cheating” “Shut up Jessica” I hissed. “Maybe I should tell Mister Russell” she said in a childish sing-song taunt. Russell was the head at the college. “Shut up Jessica before I shut you up myself” “Yeah you and whose army?” she sneered. “You remember what happened to Bobby Priest when he tried to pick a fight with his younger sister?” [BOBP#1] she asked. How could any boy forget that humiliating spectacle of the attractive blonde gymnast totally destroying her older brother? He let down all manhood in letting himself get thrashed by a mere girl and a younger one at that! “He’s a wimp, besides she’s a gymnast” I reminded her. “Yeah and I’m a Karate 3rd Dan. I could seriously hurt you even kill you” She stated confidently. I suppressed the unease at being threatened by a cute little girl a fraction of my size wearing a gi with a black belt. “Baloney! You better start walking or you’ll be late” I growled.

Swish! Swish! The sound of cotton moving swiftly against cotton as Jessica’s arms adopted a fighting stance with one fist stretched in front and the other by her chest. “I’m warning you James I can really hurt you. So you better tow the line!”. The sight of such a cute girl trying to look tough was laughable, and so I did. With a look of barely suppressed anger she stomped over to a stack of bricks that Dad had put in the corner, left over from some garden project. “Imagine this is your body” she stated in an arrogant tone crouching with her legs wide over a stack 4 bricks high standing on the garage floor. The sweet little blonde in the gi then straightened her right hand open-palmed like a knife and held it poised edgewise over the bricks and concentrated. “Don’t be silly Jessica, you’ll break your hand” I said with concern. “HAI!” she suddenly shouted so uncharacteristically loud that it made me jump and shockingly my groin lurched too. WHUMP! The edge of her hand was a blur as it fell like an axe slicing cleanly through the top brick and driving a big crack like a bow-wave all the way through the 3 bricks below. Jeez! I gulped as my mouth dried up, numb with astonishment.

Standing up quickly with a hard-looking face full of concentration, she span around fast, her right leg rising high at the knee then snapping straight. “HAI!” again her sharp shout made me jump and once again my groin lurched too. A white streak flashed higher than her head towards a wooden cabinet, an old unit that Dad was going to throw away. BLAM! A loud sound of splintering as her dainty foot smashed solid oak to matchwood in the blink of an eye. “Jeez! What a kick-ass little babe!” Glen exclaimed. I was completely stunned by what I had just witnessed that I didn’t even think to give him a warning stare. The demonstration of her unexpected power combined with her flexibility as her leg soared high like a midget can-can dancer had my groin twitching in a manner that was disturbing and to be honest embarrassing. “Now get in that car and drive me to class before I do that to your face” the fresh-faced blonde said with a hard sneer then turned her back on me to walk towards the car. She said it with such arrogance and in front of my mates too that it made me see red.

“I don’t take orders from you!” I shouted as I caught up with her and slapped my hand on her shoulder to make her stop. Like a viper her right hand snatched mine and in an instant sharply bent back my fingers then pulled my arm away. “Argh argh!” I yelped in shock. “God you’re a dumb oik, James” Jessica sneered. “Hai!” I jumped at her shout then a split-second later her elbow was hurtling towards my face. BLAM! “Ouch!” I yelped as her elbow smashed me straight in the mouth mashing my lips against my teeth. I was completely shocked that she had actually hit me! “Argh! Argh!” I yelped again as she bent back my hand at the wrist then forced my arm out past my back. “All those steroids must have turned your brain to mush” she taunted as shards of pain shot up my arm from my wrist. I’ve got to tell you that I’m over 6 foot tall and solid muscle yet was utterly devastated to find a slim girl barely 5 foot tall twisting my thick muscular arm around as if she were bending a straw. “Argh! Argh!” I was shocked that a big strong guy like me was unable to get out my little sister’s hold. Yet every attempt to do was countered by more painful stressing of my arm that I feared would break it. “Oh Jeez man! Stop playing with her Jim. She’s only a girl!” Glen laughed and Tim joined in.

“Arrrgh argghh!” I couldn’t stop yelping as forcing me to stoop she deliberately let me suffer in one hold before moving on to another with a look of sheer domination on her pretty face. “Hai!” her hand swept across her body. WHOP! The edge of her palm chopped the join of my neck and shoulder sending electric bolts of pain coursing through my nervous system causing my body to lock up stiff with my hands shaking. That such a little girl could paralyse me like that made me realise my old fears of an unrestrained army of Karate trained brats was coming true. Laughing Jessica  bent back my arm and pressed against the back of my elbow. “Argh arghh!” I cried out as it felt as if she would break my arm. I was horrified to find myself completely helpless at the hands of the little brat. “Look how easy I can control you James” Jessica boasted as she bent back my hand hard painfully forcing me to the ground. She did it slowly so that I was forced to look up at the white clad slim legs, past the slender boyish torso to her young-looking face smirking with arrogance. Oddly enough the sensation of being overwhelmingly dominated by a feminine looking girl was exciting and to my utter horror I felt my dick grow uncontrollably stiff and prayed that no-one noticed. “Look how helpless you are, you big lump” she boasted as she whipped my arm behind me then crouched forcing me face first to the floor. “Oh dear is the big muscular jock being owned by his little sister” Jessica taunted as she forced me flat out on my belly while she knelt behind my head immobilising my arm. THROB! THROB! Oh God No! I was horrified by the beating of my member against the floor, shockingly turned on by being owned by a mere girl. I felt my sister’s hot breath on my ear raising tingles. “Don’t be a stupid juiced-up moron, James” she said “admit that I’ve beaten you then we will get in the car and you will drive me to class”.

“That’s enough love, you’ve had your fun now let Jim go” I was relieved although embarrassed when Glen stepped forward with Tim at his side to intervene. They were both big muscular guys, although not as big as me, yet my sweet elven faced little sister wasn’t intimated in the slightest as they loomed over her. “Oh how tiresome” She said in a bored voice “more juicers who need to be shown whose boss”. Lying on my belly I felt her lean forwards putting weight on my arm. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her turn sideways and draw back her right leg. “Ha! Ha!” her chilling yell broke the silence. A white blur pulsed upwards at an angle right into Glen’s nuts. Two quick-fire kicks one after the other in the beat of a heart. WHUMP! WHUMP! “Arghhhnnnn!” he wailed as her sole stomped his balls. His face turned red and screwed up as he threw back his head howling in agony before creasing over. I felt a shift in the weight pressing down upon my trapped wrist. “YAI!” As quick as lightning her right leg streaked out once more. WHUMP! The sole of her foot hammered the middle of his chest making him grunt as his body jerked. “Yah!” WHAP! Without stopping the same foot kicked up and slammed straight into his face. “Arghh!” he yelled as his body whipped up straight with his hands flying to his face.

The pain subsided as my arm was released. I rolled onto my back just in time to see Jessica slide on her back across the floor towards the feet of a startled Tim. Moving swiftly she folded her knees up over her belly. “HAI!” in an eye-blink both legs shot up together and the soles of her dainty bare feet hammered his groin. WHUMP! “Nnnarghh!” he wailed. To his horror my sister’s legs straightened lifting his body completely off the ground. Openly crying in agony, his feet were lifted clean from the floor by her feet in his balls. A big muscular guy leg-pressed by a slim little girl. Tim toppled off backwards as her legs began to angle away from vertical down towards the ground. I was stunned, in barely a couple of minutes my cute little sister had physically humiliated three big muscular guys, two of who were now groaning loudly with their faces creased in agony, cupping their groins. “How does it feel to be kicked in the balls by feet that can smash bricks, boys?” Jessica chuckled in amusement.

No, no way, I’m not going to stand for it. She’s just a kid, I’m a teen bodybuilding champion. Rubbing my aching arm angrily, I looked up the slender white columns standing before me leading up to the slim torso of the little brat with one fist balled looking down at me smugly. “Don’t even think about it, James” Jessica warned as I pulled myself up from the floor, thankful that my embarrassment had subsided. “Everyone knows that when guys fight a girl, the girl always wins”. That was so condescending I felt myself turn red with rage. “You’re going to get it Jessica” I growled “No more of your tricks or kicking guys in the nuts will save you”. I puffed up my body to try and look really big and muscle-packed. Instead of looking intimidated Jessica gave a coy smile then picked up an empty glass wine bottle off the floor waiting to be taken for recycling. It was one of those thick green Champagne bottles. Puzzled I watched as my little sister sat on a stool and placed the bottle between her bare feet. “Can you do this, boys?” she said straightening her legs with the bottle clamped between her soles. For a few moments there was puzzled silence as the little blonde concentrated on the thick-walled bottle with a scowl of concentration and gritting her teeth. I had no idea what she was playing at and watched in amusement as a slight tremor began in her foot until suddendly. CRACK! the bottle just shattered into loads of pieces. Without a whimper Jessica just stood up with no concern for the shards of glass she trod in. “The soles of my feet are thick with layers of corn” she explained “So I wouldn’t feel a thing if I kicked in your faces”. I glared at her. “Don’t mess with me, James. Karate girls don’t hold back” she warned trying to intimidate me. Jessica raised her hands open-palmed like she intended to deliver a Karate chop. “These hands could knock you out cold in an instant” she warned. I had to admit that she looked pretty intimidating with her cocky confident manner.

I hate it when people try to threaten me, it really gets my back up and makes me see red. “Don’t talk all high and mighty like that to me, you little squirt. I’m your big brother and in this house you will do as I tell you”. I flexed hitting a double biceps then a most-muscular to intimidate her but Jessica remained stony-faced. “Is that meant to impress me? You are just an overinflated pumpkin man all juiced up” she laughed. “You really are so far beneath me in the social pecking order” She said with a smug grin so wide I couldn’t resist wiping it off her face. “Why you arrogant little brat!” I had barely raised my hand to give her a good slap to knock some sense into her when…

“Hai!” Jessica yelled stopping me in my tracks and making me jump. WHUMP! WHUMP! two shockingly hard punches drummed my muscled abs in the blink of an eye. Her small fists just a blur delivering a left-right strike. “Nnnurr!” I grunted, caught off-guard. Her cute face actually openly laughed right in my face with her small fists raised in front of her. Instinctively I tensed my abs before she struck again like a viper. “Hai!” WHUMP! WHUMP! Her small fists moved so fast I barely saw them. “Nnnur!” I grunted shocked by how hard and lightning fast the little squirt could punch. I had enough and whipped out my hand to push her away but she ducked nimbly beneath it. “Hai!” WHUMP! WHUMP! “Nnnar!” Her rapid double-punches were weakening my abs. “Jessica stop..”“Hai!” WHUMP! WHUMP! “Nnnnurr!” I grunted as her fists slammed against my belly.

I was seriously pissed and lashed out slapping Jessica a back-hander right across the face. CRACK! Jessica’s face whipped around from one side to the other with a big red weal on one cheek. I was instantly ashamed and horrified at what I had done. “Jessica. I’m sorry but you were being a right bitch”. Her small face whipped back to glare at me with real ferocity, her golden blonde hair falling loosely over her left eye in a wild manner. “HAI!” she yelled loudly making me jump. I was dumbfounded as the little brat leapt right off the floor rising to an astonishing height with both legs folded beneath with her hands raised open-palmed. In a fraction of a second her hips rotated her legs towards me and one flashed out like a white torpedo of doom. WHOMP! “Nnnnaargh!” I groaned as foot struck my chest like a thunderbolt. The girl in white had barely landed when she spun around, moving so swiftly that I barely had time to glimpse the sole of her foot as a lightning-fast kick headed my way. “EeeeeeYah!” THRAK!!! the sole of her foot struck the side of my head like a club. The impact was so powerful that bright light exploded across my vision as my senses scrambled. I was shocked how powerful she could kick for such a little thing. “This is so easy” she chuckled evilly not giving me a chance to recover. “Yah!” a blur of white then WHOMP! Her small bare foot pounded hard against my stomach. In horror I felt the terrible power behind her kick as my mighty abs bent inwards giving gave way to her tiny foot. I was shocked for my abs could take a barrage of punches from real big guys. “Mmmmm!” I clenched my teeth in a determined effort not to show weakness in front of my sister. My cheeks ballooned as I nearly spilt my breath.

The little brat was ruthless. “Yah!” She moved so fast that I never saw it coming until her corn-hardened sole blasted my mouth. BLAM! such power nearly broke my jaw and I tasted blood on my lips. “Hai!” A lightning-fast round-house reached high and clubbed around my head scrambling my senses. “Hai!” WHUMP! “Orrraagh!” a spinning back kick stomped my wonderful abs to pulp. “Hai!” BLAM! In an heartbeat another powerful kick clubbed my head knocking me into a daze. She was too quick for me with her lightning fast kicks, too unpredictable to where she would strike to dodge. “Hai Yah!” she screamed with increasing frenzy as kick after kick pounded my face cutting my eyes, bloodying and bruising my face leaving painful stinging weals. My kid sister was a deadly fighting machine blasting powerful kicks with blinding speed. There seemed to be nothing I could do to stop her. Such a cute pretty little girl now terrified me. “Christ! She’s turning your face to pulp!” Glen exclaimed with horror in his voice.

“HAI!”. BLAM! BLAM! Her tiny fists struck like a thunderbolt right and left hands hammering my jaw with such force that I felt it click while rocking my head hard. Jeez! She could really punch! “Bitch!” I spat and aimed a fist at her gut. To my surprise she blocked it, trapping my wrist beneath her armpit forcing me to stoop down to her level. “HAI!” BLAM! Her fist was like a rocket and crashed hard on my jaw, rocking my face and leaving it aching. “HAI!” WHUMP! “Narghh!” her small fist slammed into my gut like an express train. It was so powerful it collapsed my hard abs winding me and lifting my feet clean off the ground. Her small face was ablaze with cold fury that chilled me. “Hai!” a blur of white as her elbow shot up to meet my jaw. WHOCK! my head was thrown back with a gnashing of teeth and stars in my vision. “Hai!” a white flash and her fist hammered my left cheek. BLAM! I felt my cheeks rippling under the impact as my face whipped around so fast that it scrambled my brain and I lost balance. Going down to one knee I was horrified to find myself kneeling before the white cotton trouser clad legs of my own kid sister. I was shocked to find that she was a far better fighter than I was even though she was half my size, several years younger and a girl. “Jessica no!” I yelped as she leaned over me with cold fury in her eyes. Her fists clenched and tense for action. “Hai!” helpless I watched that small fist speed towards my face like a bullet. BLAM! It blasted my right eye sending me sprawling across the cold garage with my eye watering and stinging, in disbelief that my sweet little sister was actually hurting me.

“Jeez man! She’s going crazy!” “Stop her, Jim” Glen and Tim urged. “Yes stop me James” she chuckled “EEEEYAH!” she screamed spinning around theatrically as her foot shot towards me in a blur. WHOCK! Her foot hammered my throat “Kkkkk!kkk!” in alarm and a cold feeling of dread I broke into a coughing fit, clutching my throat fearing she had crushed it. “My body is a lethal weapon primed to fire on instinct. You don’t stand a chance” she sneered looking immaculately pristine like a cute Barbie doll. “Now bleed big brother. HAI!” Her right leg was a white blur. KRUNCH! The corn-hardened sole of a small foot slammed into my face like an express train smashing my nose and mashing my lips against my teeth snapping my face around in a spray of blood. “You will never forget this beating, James” Jessica grinned like the Cheshire cat while I clutched my face in shock. “Yah!” smiling sweetly my little sister suddenly spun around to present her back to me as her right leg rocketed skywards in a very athletic and supple high back-kick. KERWOCK! The sole of her small foot struck the underside of my jaw like a hammer sending my face whipping towards the ceiling with a loud crick in my neck and a pain in my jaw. My head moved so fast that my vision blurred and I lost all equilibrium, stumbling helplessly. “Here, take another. HAI!” I was so dazed I didn’t even see it coming. THWACK! I felt her hard heel pulverise my cheek with a force like a sledgehammer. “Arghh!” I cried as my head rocked violently again and to my horror I felt my knees tremble, Threatening to give way at any moment.

“Stop it Jessica! You’re killing him!” Glen sounded panicky. He was older than me by a couple of years and a right bastard when he was in a bad mood. Tim was by his side. In disbelief I watched Jessica move like lightning darting in-between the guys looking like a midget dwarfed by the 6-foot something muscle men. Grabbing Tim’s wrist she whipped his hand behind his back in a hammerlock. “Hai!” at virtually the same time her right elbow hurtled towards Glen’s face. BLAM! Her elbow back-blasted his cheek with a loud impact. “Yai!” then struck again under his jaw snapping his head right back. “Yah!” spinning towards Tim her left knee rose sharply towards his gut. WHOMP! “Nnnaarrr!” he groaned his face dissolving into agony, his deep-cut six pack giving way to my sisters knee as it plunged like a cannonball into his gut. Even as he began to crease over his ruined gut the kiddie Terminator didn’t pause. “Hai!” Her hands grabbed the top of his head pulling it smartly down as her knee once more rocketed up to meet it. BLAM! The top of her thigh close to the knee met his face straight on. “Arghh!” he cried as his head flew back trailing blood as his body straightened.

Without pause my monster sister faced Glen. “Kai!” a blur of white as her foot sped straight into his groin. WHUMP! It was a very solid kick sounding like a cricket ball had just been swung between his legs. “Oaaarrrragh!” he wailed folding forwards his face ugly and red in agony. Oh God she can’t be this good! The little gi-clad black-belt was merciless as she spun around and smashed the heel of her foot against his jaw in a lightning fast back kick. “HAI!” she yelled WHAP! The impact slammed his mouth shut with an audible clash of teeth as his face whipped up as his body straightened. “YAH!” she screamed leaning away from Glen, her black belt swinging like the ropes to the bell of doom as her right leg shot upwards like a missile towards his face. BERLAM! In the blink of an eye his head whipped right around bloodied and battered as his body slammed at high speed to the floor.

Like a non-stop tiny Ninja, Jessica spun side on to Tim. “Yah!” a white lightning bolt drove the side of her foot right into his balls. BLAM! “Arghhh!” he wailed as the power of her kick forcibly lifted his feet momentarily off the floor. Barely had he landed with his face screwed in agony when the white-clad form of my little sister leapt into air, rapidly soaring above Tim’s head as he creased forwards. “HAI YAH!” she yelled as she brought the edge of her right hand, held open like a blade, solidly down upon the join of his neck with his shoulders. WHOCK! “Arghh!” his face looked up startled and his whole body froze momentarily like he’d been tasered before his knees buckled and he creased right over his head bowed level with her waist. “Hai!” her deadly right hand slashed down again. WHAP! The edge of her hand chopped solidly on the back of his neck and Tim fell to his knees looking up at her with stunned disbelief. WHOMP! To my startled horror my dick had gone absolutely rigid inside my pants with this amazing display of martial arts. It was like watching something out of an action movie, I could barely believe that this was my little sister. Jessica smiled broadly. “Wow! Unexpected isn’t it? I know” she said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. “Now to finish you. EEEYAH!” I jumped at the loud shout and flinched as the squirt’s leg shot up like a rocket. For a moment she held the front splits while standing up which made my dick lurch strongly in my pants as it did for any woman I saw doing the splits. It was an unwelcome reaction but then the girl’s leg dropped like an executioner’s axe. “Ha!” she yelled as she hammered her heel hard on the back of Tim’s neck. WHOCK! Tim crashed heavily to the floor.

Holy crap! My little sister had just demolished us again in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t believe she was that good, it wasn’t possible. My whole perception of her suddenly changed from a snooty cute little girl to an unstoppable invincible Karate Goddess. This new image of her was a terrifying prospect yet there was something exciting almost erotic about my cute little sister  possessing this powerful deadly fighting skill. With my face burning in humiliation and shame I actually felt myself trembling as my own sister stood over me in her gi with the black belt ominously tied around her tiny waist. Jessica held her hands open-palmed in a fighting stance and part of me just wanted to experience those hands slashing down upon my neck repeatedly chopping me until I was senseless. The strange kinky thought was so strong that my dick gave a big lurch scaring me that Jessica would notice I had a hard-on. “Well, James. I think you know now who is in charge in this house” She chuckled with a wide smile. “I can’t wait to get to the Dojo to tell everyone how I kicked your arse and that of your two juicer friends. What a laugh!” she chuckled “You’re such losers”. “No!” I gasped realising with horror that there were probably people who knew me there. “Oh yes, my big brother the big loser” her small impish face laughed. No it couldn’t happen! I wasn’t going to let it happen! I had to do something to re-assert my authority. She infuriated me because she was so calm and confident in her abilities not intimated by me in the least.

She extended her bare foot towards my face. I could see the thick layer of corn on the sole. “You’re my bitch now big brother so pucker up and kiss it” She demanded. “Or I’ll put you in A&E then tell mum and dad that I did it to defend myself when you and your juiced-up friends tried to rape me” “They’ll never believe that!” I gasped in shock. “Want to bet?” she said with an arrogant smirk. “Kiss it” she demanded pressing her foot against my lips. “Never!” I growled. Grabbing hold of her foot, I twisted it and pulled her leg from under her sending to the floor. I went to leap on top of her to grab her but she became a wild cat. Laying on her back, facing me, both of her legs shot forwards together. “Hai!” “WHUMP!” “Arghhh” I cried in agony as both of her hard bare feet rammed into my balls together. As quick as a flash she seized my left wrist. “Hai!” a flash of white and her strong bare heel slammed upwards from below into my jaw. THWOCK! “Argh!” I felt my jaw slide painfully under her shockingly powerful kick. “Hai!” BLAM! Her foot struck my chin in less than a heartbeat. The sheer power of her kick snapped my head back so fast that I was scared she would break my neck. The little squirt was nearly knocking my block off!. What the hell am I doing? She’s a Karate Goddess, I don’t stand a chance!. But I couldn’t back down, I was the big brother, I couldn’t lose to my kid sister! I threw a punch but she nimbly hopped into a low crouch out of reach. “Yah!” her leg snapped out, the sole of her foot smashed like a thunderbolt into my mouth. WHAM! I felt the shockwave of pain ripple out from my mouth and across my cheeks. “YeeHai!” from that low crouch her right leg arced high in a stinging roundhouse kick to my face. BLAM! “Arghh” my face whipped back in aching pain. “Hai!” BERLAM! Her hard sole kept blasting my face making it sore and bruised all over. “Yah!” her sole pummelled my jaw into my face causing blood to spurt from my mouth. Oh crap! I felt like doggy-do-doos. She just kept pummelling my face to pulp taking me apart piece by piece like some form of execution. The worst of it was that a big muscular guy like me could do nothing to stop the arrogant little squirt. She was too fast and her kicks too powerful.

With my head lolling in defeat and my senses scrambled I watched dumbly as the little squirt jumped to her feet in front of me. SWISH! her open-palmed hands swept into a fighting stance with such precision and confidence that I felt my heart miss a beat. “You better quit now James because I’m starting to really enjoy kicking your big dumb muscle-bound hide” Jessica exclaimed with an irritating smug grin on her small face. For the first time in my life I was actually feeling fear of my cute little sister and I didn’t like it. “OK OK please no more” to my great shame I was begging to my little kid sister not to hurt me and she stood over me in her gi like some Karate Goddess. “Please, please…don’t hurt me” I felt so ashamed pleading like that to my own sister. A wide smirk appeared on Jessica’s pretty little face “I love it when guys beg for mercy”. Her fighting superiority and power was tangible and to my shame it made my dick hard. They should ban teaching kids Karate. “I’ll get the car and take you to your class” I gasped in defeat. “Oh it’s far too late for that. Besides it feels so good to have a human kicking bag!” She exclaimed arrogantly.

Glancing past her shoulder as she faced me I saw Glen put his finger to his lips as he and Ted crept up stealthily behind her. It was like she had eyes in the back of her head because suddenly “EEYah!” Jessica screamed as she sprang high into the air spinning with her right leg flying out as she rotated in the air. BLAM! Her heel slammed into Glen’s face with such force that he spun away spraying blood. “Feel my heel of steel, boys” she smirked as she landed and immediately spun quickly on her left foot. “KEEEEEAHHH!” KERBLAM! Tim’s face flew back with blood pouring from his mouth as her heel hammered his jaw in an elegantly executed back-kick in the blink of an eye. The cute little blonde in white became a deadly tornado blasting kick after kick at lightning speed straight into my friends’ faces. I watched in horror as Jessica’s dainty foot lashed out in a steady rhythm, landing one unanswered blow after another mashing their features beyond recognition. My little sister seemed powerful and unstoppable. I threw myself towards her thinking that three muscular guys acting at once could stop her. “KIIIAAAA!” Jessica screamed spinning around in a whirlwind of white destruction. KABLAM! Her hard-soled foot smashes into my cheek. “YAH!” a vicious kick to my jaw almost snaps my neck. My legs turned to jelly as a powerful back kick nearly breaks my jaw. Me and my mates were being absolutely slaughtered by a cute little teenage girl. “Hai! Hai! Yah!” The little kid was a monster, totally battering my face and body without mercy. “My toy boys!” she mocked just before slamming another brutal kick into each of our faces. Spinning to face me, her right flew up vertically in an eyeblink. “Kai!” she screams. Horrified I find there is nothing I can do, my body doesn’t respond any more and my legs are trembling. “Yah!” a thunderous kick to my temple sends me crashing back to the floor in stunned humiliation.

“You juicers should not have picked a fight with me” Jessica’s voice shook me from my daze “Now you must suffer the consequences”. “HAI!” my blonde sister’s eyes never left mine as she continued to pile more brutally fast kicks to the faces of my mates. “Hai!” she stared at me even as her dainty foot pulverised the faces of my friends. “Meet my foot, losers. Hai!” WHUMP! She quipped before slamming her steel-hard sole into Glen’s mouth then powered a back-kick into that of Tim’s. All the while she kept staring at me with a smirk on her face “To smash your big mouths. HAI!” BLAM! Their faces were badly bruised and battered and I realised that she was taunting me. ‘Come and stop me if you can’ was her silent challenge and to my horror I found myself shaking and too afraid to face my own little sister.

I was horrified to find myself acting like Bobby Priest. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as though I fancied my sister or had erotic thoughts about her. For some reason the thought of how such a small seemingly-innocent and physical nondescript girl taking apart three big muscular guys with her Karate skills had given me with a raging boner. My sister looked stern and single minded as her powerful kicks turned their face into jelly. Oh God! She’s killing my friends! “HaiYah!” she leapt into the air in a spectacular flying drop kick. BLAM! Blood spurted from beneath her sole as it hammered Glen’s face. The sight of all that gore as my sister’s feet left my friend’s face battered beyond recognition shook me from my shame.

“No, stop it!” I cried in alarm at their barely recognisable faces and slamming my side and elbow against her side. My much bigger bulk sent her small light frame stumbling back. “Ouch! You pig!” she cried in pain. She might be a black belt but she’s not invincible I thought for a brief moment. With an angry determined look my little sister threw herself at me. Slamming her small body against me, she hooked her left arm around my right shoulder. “Hai!” The palm of her small hand slammed like a freight train against my jaw pushing my face with shocking force right back over my shoulders and kept going. In horror I felt my dick was really hard as she sent me to the floor.

“Come on then. One at a time or all three at once. It doesn’t matter to me” Jessica challenged with a manic look of eagerness in her eyes. A small girl standing over the ruined bodies of three big muscle guys. “Jim, please make her stop” Glen begged lying close with Tim at his side. Both were in a very bad state and visibly trembling. “If you want me to stop, stand up and ask me” Jessica said sweetly. “NOW!” she suddenly shouted and to my surprise all three of us were up on our feet before realised it. “Attack me. All three of you now” the little horror demanded. “Please Jessica, no more, we’ve had enough“ I said. “I see” she replied in a chilling tone “I guess that means practice is over” I felt relief wash over me.

Jessica smiled sweetly as her hands went to her black belt and began to untie it. I couldn’t help watching in fascination as the front of her white gi jacket fell open. Beneath she exposed her rather boyish figure with a simple bra over her small breasts. My mouth dropped at the sight of her stomach which very taut and deeply etched with incredibly defined abs! ULP! My kid sister’s body was firm and tight. I never even suspected she had any muscle. “What’re you looking at James?” “They’re beautiful” I gush before realising what I was saying. The disturbing knowing smile on her face made me feel ashamed. I know it sounded kinky but the sight of a very well-developed six pack on my little sister’s stomach was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. Yes, we have women bodybuilders working out at the gym but they were just female jocks. This was very different. Such amazing muscular development on a petite very feminine looking girl who didn’t do bodybuilding was somehow all the more feminine and potent in it’s sheer sexiness. “Are you going to do a Bobby Priest, James?” she chuckled “!” I lied enjoying every bump and groove of her hard-packed belly then flushing red with embarrassment that I was enjoying the sight of my sister’s body in a way that I shouldn’t.

Suddenly the white gi jacket slips to the floor revealing her very slim yet taut looking upper body. “Do you fancy me, James?” “, don’t be disgusting, you’re my sister” I gasped. Jessica raised her arms out to the sides and bent her forearms vertical with the fists towards her head. I stare dumbfounded at the small hard peaks emerging from her slim arms and the strong sail shape of her forearms. “Lots of hard work after school. No steroids involved” She teased as I stare at what are definitely small hard biceps standing proud on her slim arms. She flexes them a few times to pump them and her small biceps now seem to have much more a solid peak. “Oh God! Amazing” I gasp at the sight of such solid looking biceps on my little sister. She breaks into a knowing smile “Enjoying yourself, James? Want to have a good feel of your sister’s body?” Part of me wanted to answer yes and rush over to feel her abs and biceps. The same part that was rising in forbidden lust inside my trousers. “, don’t be so disgusting”. Something disturbing made me want to experience more of her power but I was too scared to confront her.

Suddenly she faced Glen whose eyes were bulging out staring at her with lust written all over his battered face. “Grrrrrrr” she growled flexing a most muscular that made her small breasts swell up inside the neck of her bra and emphasised good shoulder development. The stiff tent at the front of his trousers twitched like crazy. While next to him, Tim was practically drooling. I didn’t like the way they were lusting over my sister. “You want this body, boys? Then come and get it” she taunted hitting another double biceps while flexing her abs. THUMP! THUMP THUMP! My mates had raging erections thumping against the front of their trousers yet the fear mixed with the lust in their badly battered and bloodied faces was clearly too raw a recent memory. “Don’t flaunt yourself to boys, Jessica” I found the courage to speak up. “They’re just a bunch of juicer losers” she replied.

“Hai!” all of a sudden her right leg shot up vertically slamming her foot against Glen’s neck and pinning him to the wall behind. He was so much taller than her that she had her leg up incredibly high. “You want some hot posh totty Glen?” she slid her body until it was doing the standing splits right against his body. Trembling with fear Glen clutched at the small foot pressing across his throat. “Orrrrrr!” he moaned as my sister’s crotch pressed against his bulge. “Jessica leave him alone” I said totally shocked at such outrageous behaviour from my obviously not-so-innocent sister but now too nervous about actually intervening. “Make me, James” she taunted and then began bouncing her flexible body against the bulge in his trousers like a whiplike twig bending in the wind. WHUMPA WHUMPA WHUMPA My mouth was dry, unable to say a word of protest as my sisters lithe fit body rhythmically thumped her crotch against his madly twitching bulge while pinning him against the wall in a standing splits. “Argg arghh arghh Amazing orrrr!” He moaned in a voice full of delirious pleasure which oddly raised a pang of jealously which I quickly suppressed. The sexual tension was palpable in the confined space of the garage and I couldn’t help my dick stiffening in sympathy. It didn’t take long before the inevitable happened. “Orrrrr orrrrr orrrrrrr!” Glen moaned loudly in ecstasy thrusting his groin towards my sister’s crotch as a damp patch spread rapidly across the front of his shorts.

Any expression of revulsion of my part stalled in my throat as Jessica lowered her foot to the floor, standing before Glen with a wide wicked smirk that expressed her arrogant superiority. “EEHA!” she screamed going up onto one toe spinning around and powering her foot straight into Glen’s throat. WHOCK! “Kkkkkk!” Glen’s face went red and his eyes widened in horror. Even as he fell to the floor clutching his throat the little brat span right around and powered her deadly sole straight against Tim’s chin. “Hai!” WHOCK! I saw his eyes go wide then the lights went out just before he went flying to the floor landing in a senseless mess. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! I couldn’t stop my stiff erection moving on its own knowing that my little sister had just knocked out a big muscular guy many times her size. Looking over to Glen I saw that he too was lying crumpled on the floor and the wild lurching of my dick just got stronger.

“Yes, they are out cold. As you soon will be” Jessica’s voice drew my attention “What’s that moving inside your trousers James?” she suddenly asked in alarm. Oh crap! “N…nothing” “You’ve got a blooming hard-on for me, you filthy pervert!” she screamed. “No, please no more” I begged getting to my feet while not taking my eyes off her in case she kicked me again. Oh crap! I was absolutely terrified of my own little sister, my body visibly shaking in terror. “Do you want to whip it out and masturbate to my glorious magnificence?” she sneered nastily. “” I pleaded with a weak whiny voice. “You’re a sick pervert like Bobby Priest with incestuous thoughts about his sister aren’t you?” she accused “!” “You need to be punished for such thoughts” “No, no more please. Please don’t hurt me no more” to my shame I was openly weeping in terror before my own kid sister. “Oh man up! You big juicer” she said with scorn.

What happened next occurred so quickly within a handful of hearbeats. “Hai!” I jumped as the tiny girl before me with her fists raised for action brought her white cotton clad knee up sharply level with her waist with the calves folded back. Her expression was chilling as her lower leg snapped forward faster than the eye could follow. WHUMP! “Arghh!” I cried as the top the foot slammed across the front of my groin like a baseball bat and just as hard. In a split-second, her foot had flashed back beneath Jessica’s raised knee. “Hah!” A white blur pulsed as her lower leg snapped out again at a higher height. WHUMP! “Oarghh!” I groaned as the top of her top pummelled the centre of my chest like an iron bar, driving in my sternum causing my cheeks to expand as I tried not to spill my breath. Again her foot snapped back to beneath her raised knee. The look of total superiority on her little face made my dick throb hard. “Yah!” this time the white streak soared high filling me with terror. BLAM! It felt like someone had swung a mallet against my jaw. Terrible shards of pain seared through my jaw and I knew she had broken it even as my head was whipped right back by the terrible power of my sister’s brutal uncompromising kick. Too late I remembered her warning about never holding back. Despite her lack of height, Jessica’s slim leg continued to drive her foot well above my head even as it was snapped back at mind-numbing speed.

“Who’se my bitch now big brother?” The little brat in just her white gi trousers and small white bra showing off her surprisingly toned body taunted as I tried to clear my head. The way her abs moved as she spoke was mesmerizing, okay, sexy there I’ve said it. “Arrrr!” I tried to answer but clutched my jaw in agony as pain lanced through it as soon as I tried to move my mouth. “You are brother dear” she answered for me with a wide arrogant smirk. With that she raised her arms horizontally then bent her forearms causing her small but defined biceps to flex. “Look at the body that kicked your sorry juicer arse” she crowed “and I never had to touch steroids”. I don’t know what came over me but for a crazy moment I just wanted to feel that amazing small body and her defined muscles. Trembling and in tears I leant forward and reached for my sister’s abs. Jessica snatched my hand away with an angry look. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” she shouted in rage “you’re a sicko, James”.

I wanted to apologize but my jaw was bust. To my horror my dick was twitching up and down and with wide glaring eyes she noticed. “Take this you incestuous perv. HAI YAH!” she screamed. The merest twitch of her leg, a streak of white then her knee collided hard with my nuts. WHUMP! “Mmnnnnnnrrr!” I wailed through my busted jaw. She might be a fraction of my size but her knee felt like a cannonball powering it’s way into my groin with eye-watering force that pushed back the whole of that part of my torso.

I began to slump forwards with my hands moving to my damaged groin, my face now level with hers. “From now on you don’t touch me without my permission and if I catch you looking at me like you want to screw me then I will put you 6 feet under” The menace in her voice sounded like she meant it. Her small hands slapped down upon my broad muscular shoulders. “HAI!” she screamed. I wanted to scream as her white cotton covered knee shot to waist height then her leg snapped straight. In the blink of an eye her leg unfolded in a white streak heading right between my legs. BERLAM! The top of her foot pummelled my already aching balls from below in a vicious upward strike so powerful that it drove me to the tips of my toes while screaming internally.

“What a loser” Jessica mocked as I crumpled up around my ruined groin. “All that pumping iron and juicing up to make yourself grossly muscular and you still can’t stop yourself from getting beaten up by a girl several years your junior. What a joke” she mocked. “HAI YEEE!” she screamed making me jump. Pivoting on one heel, my little sister leant away from me while driving her right leg with tremendous speed towards my groin. WHUMP! “Mmmmmaaarrrghh!” I wailed through my broken jaw as what felt like a sledgehammer had been swung at my groin. Dear God the pain! My mouth dropped open and my eyes water at the excruciating agony in my balls. Even as I began crumple further forwards around my ruined groin, my terrifying sister used her hands to slam me bodily back against the garage wall. “Oooh! Has your little sister broken your balls?” Jessica mocked in a lilting tone as she put both hands over her crotch mocking me before laughing at my distress. “Let me give you something to take your mind of it. Aren’t I a thoughtful sister?”

“EEEYAI!” she screamed spinning her back to me while her knee rose in front with the foot swinging around towards me. With her back towards me I watched in astonishment as her foot rose up behind at great speed as she leant forwards away from me. BLAM! Her sole, the sole thick with layers of corn that could smash thick antique units to splinters, thundered into my ruined jaw. CRACK! Screaming inside in agony I felt it dislocate. Jessica’s leg continued to rise up behind as she leant further forwards driving my face back so fast that I felt something snap in my neck as I looked up at the ceiling amongst blinding flashes of light.

“YAH!” she screamed loudly making me jump while still dazed from her kick. My eyes flashed open expecting to see her small foot hurtling towards me and surprised to find that it wasn’t. Jessica stood before me with her fists raised laughing at me. “Oh what a loser! Scared of his own younger sister. YAH!”. This time she leant quickly to the side while her knee flashed up higher than her slim waist with her calve bent back. Like a whip her leg arced around in front of her body while her shin snapped out straight. WHUMP! Her shin slammed across my chest just beneath the rib-cage like a she had swung a baseball bat. “Barrrrrrrrphhh!” the air rushed up out my lungs and exploded out through my mouth.

Crippled with severe wind and feeling like I’d been put through a blender I could take no more and put up my hands to show defeat and plead for mercy. Jessica just laughed cruelly. “No chance loser. You’re going down the hard way” she smirked. “Lights out big brother” she snarled her face a perfect picture of arrogant superiority. “EEYAH!” she screamed in my face making me jump so bad that I actually creamed my pants. Once again no kick pulverised my body. “Loser!” Jessica laughed hysterically at my nervous reaction. Without warning she raised her hands and threw herself forwards with her right hand reaching for the floor. As her palm hit the floor she flipped right over into a front walk-over with her legs spreading wide. Supported on one arm with her left leg stretched horizontally before her, her right leg whipped back. BLAM! Her right clubbed my temple like a club. Shards of light exploded in my vision and my head rang like a bell. I felt a complete loss of control of my limbs and knew I was falling towards the floor before everything went dark.
I woke up lying in a bed of some sort. My eyes were so badly swollen all I could see was blurry light through two narrow slits. “James! Thank god you’re awake” it was my mother’s voice full of concern. I tried to ask where I was but couldn’t “Ur Ur ur ur!” “Don’t speak Son. They’ve had to wire your jaw because it all smashed up” Dad’s voice “Glen and Tim are in an even worst state than you. Don’t worry The Police will take your statement when you can talk then they can catch the guys who did this” “I told you, Dad. It was a little girl who beat them up” Jessica’s sweet voice piped up “Don’t be so silly love” My Mum. “But..” “Let’s leave James now to get some rest”.

I thought they had gone when I felt a hot breath on my ear. “Get better big brother. I’ve some moves I’m aching to try out on you and your juicer friends” Oh God no! Inexplicable I began to shake and tears of fear welled up in my eyes. “From now on you are my bitch otherwise Mum and Dad are going to hear about how you lust after me” she added a wicked chuckle that sent shivers down my spine. To my shame my dick began to rise.“Bye bye, my bitch” Jessica chuckled as she walked away leaving me quaking in fear.

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  1. Even if a sequel to “My Karate Kid Sister” is not in the cards, I’d like to see further stories with little sisters using martial arts to beat up big brothers. The aftermath is noteworthy because everyday the big brother is reminded that his little sister beat him up.


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