Deadly Teenage Girls (PANTYHOSE#5)

A rescue attempt by tough guys is foiled by teenage girls

My attempt to spice up the story line. Sexy teenage girls wearing gi tops and nylons beating up some tough guys – what’s not to like?

by Jimp based on an idea by Karate2hose
(c)Jim P 2015

Part 1. The rescue attempt

Two hours earlier
“Do you know the difference between me and you Mister Priest?” The Moroccan asked smugly. “I’m kneeling in a iron cage while you are hung spread-eagled in the middle of the room” “Very droll. Is this the much vaunted working class humour? I’m so glad the upper classes have done away with it” he replied. “You speak very good English” “Better than you Mister Priest” “English public boarding school education” I asked. “Indeed my father ensured that I had the very best start in life” “Moroccan aristocracy?” “No Mister Priest he gained his money through violence and extortion taking over the drug trade of the entire North Africa coastline” he crowed. “And he put you in charge of the European operation?”. The pause and look of unease told me that I had hit a nerve. “Let me guess. You work for the Global Elite, the 13 families” I said. “You don’t know what you are talking about” he snapped but visibly shaken.

“In a few short hours I will be free and you will have a bullet through your brain. Do you know why?” “Why?” “Because I am surgically fitted with a tracker for circumstances such as this. Half an hour ago when these crazy bitches let me go to the gents I activated the emergency beacon” he said smugly. I didn’t want to know the details of where that was hidden! “Shortly a highly experienced unit of commandos will free me and you and these bitches will be dead” His grin was pure evil.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the old Indian cleaning woman squatting wide-legged with her sari tucked between her skinny legs as she quietly scrubbed the floor. The Moroccan never noticed her. People like that are socially conditioned not to notice the servants. Quietly she picked up her bucket and brush and stealthily left the room.
** Alan **
Place Vendôme, Paris, famed for it’s fashionable and deluxe hotels, such as the Ritz and the salons of famous clothes designers. At the end of autumn it was dark by late afternoon. Dark enough that nobody noticed three big powerfully built men in black combat jackets in the streets behind the square.

I thought on how a young man from County Durham left school with no qualifications to become a team leader of the private army of one of the richest men in Europe. Like so many lads from Consett, there was nothing to do when you left school except join the British Army. After a few years I was laid off when the Nasty Party decided that the Army like the Police and Health Service could be staffed by volunteers freeing large amounts of tax-payers money to go into the pockets of the fat-cats they appointed to oversee the changes. Being redundant in the North of England meant little likelihood of work. The outlook was grim until I was offered the chance to go to Europe and join some rich sod’s private army. I jumped at the chance.

I chose a small team that could move quickly and quietly. The three of us crept around to the loading area at the back of the lingerie shop. “What are you guys doing here?” the old watchman asked. He reminded me of my grandfather god bless his soul. A blur of movement. WHOCK! A look of surprise in his eyes before they glazed over and he fell to the ground. Behind him stood Ahmed. “I told you to chloroform him not bash his brains out” I scolded the aged looking scraggly bearded Ethiopian. Ahmed just grinned widely while chewing Khat as if he didn’t understand a word. “KAPHAT!” he spat a nasty glob right on top of the unconscious watchman. “That’s just disgusting” I told him for the nth time. Ahmed just giggled in that annoying high-pitched nasal manner of his “Nihenihenihe”. “Not going soft on us are you, Alan?” Mac asked in his broad Glaswegian accent. That was one thing to watch out. In this organisation, weakness was not tolerated and was used as a stepping stone to promotion. “The door” I replied.

Mac rapped the code on the rear door which was promptly answered by a young Croatian girl. She was blonde, pretty and petite wearing a short mini-dress and thick black leggings. “You have my money?” was the first thing she asked, her greed confirmed by the look in her eyes when I took out the wad of folded notes from my pocket. I slapped her hand away as she made an eager grab for it. “Show us the merchandise. Payment on delivery” I stated. “Hehehehehe” Ahmed laughed nastily leering at her which visibly unsettled her. “Don’t you trust me?” she purred trying to look coy and seductive. “No” I stated “Get on with it or I’ll give you to him” I indicated Ahmed still leering. Visibly spooked, she led us through a loading bay and up some internal stairs into what looked like a large gymnasium. The lights were all on and I immediately saw the boss upright with his arms and legs spread and tied up. Without looking away from my target I hold out the bank-roll which is snatched greedily. As the girl leaves engrossed in flicking through the notes, I activate the tracer that I pinned to her dress. We’ll deal with her later, “Dead men tell no tales” is our boss’s motto.

“About bloody time” The Moroccan shouts “Get me out of here then burn the bloody place to the ground” “What about him?” I nod to an iron cage containing the kneeling form of a dark curly haired man. “Kill him” The Moroccan replies as I knew he would. “KAWTCPAH!” Ahmed spits another nasty glob on the rubber matted floor then laughing nastily pulls out his knife and starts breaking the lock. “No get away from me you bastard!” the man cries in a London accent.

Suddenly there was a loud CRACK and a feminine squeal followed by the re-appearance of the Croatian. To my amazement she is being manhandled by a geeky looking girl in a white gi jacket. One arm was around the girl’s throat and the other pressing her hand behind her back in a hammerlock. “Ouch let go of me you stupid four-eyed bitch” the struggling Croatian cried. The geek girl was about 5’9″ with a slender lanky figure and in her late teens. Her face was small, long and slim dominated by a large nose yet quite pretty in a way. Her eyes were narrow slits through which peer small blue irises that gave me a hard but unconcerned glance through large spectacles. A small but pleasant thin-lipped mouth was stoically silent as she forced her struggling captive forward. Above a wide expanse of forehead sat pale blonde hair cut very short and worn in a bob behind the head that left her ears exposed.

As she manoeuvred the wriggling girl around the gym I saw that her long slim legs were fully on display and clad in silky smooth tan-coloured pantyhose. The gi jacket was so short it acted as a micro skirt like the women in the original Star Trek series. I had to admit that there was something sexy about the sight of the geek girl with her very short jacket and a stunning pair of legs physically in control of the young Croatian. The poor girl was squirming and squealing with delightful cries of pain, her face an expression of utter defeat.

I was just about to tell Mac to deal with her when another young female voice shouted from what appeared to be the changing room. “You’re such a greedy c**t Elena”. Despite the shocking language the voice had a cultured tone to it. “An ungrateful greedy c**t, considering all that Madame Michelle has done for you”. Four girls in their late teens marched into the room. All were stunningly beautiful with the coiffured and tanned arrogant elitist and dominant appearance of the upper-class. My groin lurched strongly at the sight of 4 pairs of absolutely fantastic legs sheathed in high-sheen sheer tan-coloured pantyhose. Like the geek, they also wore gi jackets like micro-dresses. The black belts around their slims waists gave me little cause for concern suspecting that were more of a fashion accessory.

Two of the girls broke off, with a dismissive glance at me, heading straight for the captive girl held fast by the geek who showed a sexy calve muscle as she balanced to keep control. One was 5’7″ with a very slim athletic build and long brown hair cascading softly down either side of a long narrow face past her shoulders. Full of cultured beauty she fixed her prey with blue eyes atop a sleek nose and generous mouth. Her legs were absolutely stunning being slender which made them appear very long and sensational in slightly dark tan coloured pantyhose. There was a sense of hidden strength in those long thighs and shapely calves as she walked. Her friend was slightly shorter and plumper with a more noticeable bust-line and hour-glass figure. She had an elfin face full of mischief with chubby cheeks with small soft brown eyes, a short sleek nose and a small cheekily-smiling mouth. Her brown hair was short with a soft fringe and flopped stylishly over her ears and mid-way down her neck. Wearing a whiter shade of tan nylon, her legs were more sturdy and shapely but just as eye-catching. The gi jackets had a wide slit up each side that teasingly cut high on the hip and as they moved it became very apparent that the jackets failed to cover the lower part of their tight compact nylon-clad buttocks. PHROAR! That was a highly arousing sight indeed that went straight to a man’s loins.

“HALT!” I shouted “You girls up against the wall”. “Oh look Veronique, the help have arrived” chuckled the cheeky faced girl in a posh tone. “Yes Adriana. They will have to wait. We’re busy” the longer haired girl said dismissively. To my amazement they totally ignored me and turned to face the Croatian girl. The arrogant high-handed way these girls treated us like servants annoyed me. “I’m serious” I said trying to put on an authoritative voice which totally failed to impress them. “So are we. So you’ll have to wait your turn like a good pleb” Veronique replied in an imperious tone then the girls broke into laughter.

Before I could say another word Veronique addressed Elena. “We are going to discipline you for your betrayal. That’s the only way you will learn to be a proper servant. HAI!” with a shout that made me jump both girls proceeded to drive their fists over and over into the poor girl’s gut. It was a non-stop barrage, as soon as one girl had pounded her gut the other girl would slam in her fist to take it’s place. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! Continuous rapid-fire jabs pounded against the girl’s belly like beating a taut drum. The pitiful cries of their victim soon turned to painful winded grunts as the two bully girls flattened her diaphragm. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! Their fists sank deep into Elena’s belly, her body jerking with every punch. I had to admit that they had good co-ordination as they alternated punches and good stamina keeping up a steady rhythm without tiring. Crying pitifully, Elena’s knee rose as her body tried to crease up around her ruined gut but the geek maintained solid restraint. For the Croatian there was no escape from this savage beating. It was stimulating to watch these two sexy toffs beat up this poor girl. I saw Ahmed gurgling with glee, eyes wide and hand rubbing the front of his trousers. Mac was also spell-bound. “Don’t just stand there! Shoot them then release me!” The Moroccan’s angry shout broke the trance.

All of the girls and shamefully my men jumped as I discharged my pistol into the rafters. “You will shut the feck up and line up facing the fecking wall. Now!” I shouted angrily. I was astonished when the girls still continued to disobey. “Oh Eleanor! That man is staring lustfully at me!” an attractive but stern looking redhead exclaimed to a gorgeous blonde standing next to her while looking at Ahmed. “OK ya, Rose. You should demand your proper respect and esteem. He must be punished”.

The two leggy sex-bombs who had been pummelling Elena turned as one to face me. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be beaten up and humiliated by a girl. Well you are about to find out” the sexy slim Veronique told me. PHROAR! The way these teens wore those gi jackets like micro-skirts showing off their incredibly sexy legs was getting me stiff down below. “Look his cock is twitching just looking at us” Adriana laughed. “HAI!” suddenly they both shout loudly making my dick lurch as they adopt fighting poses with their fists raised and their sexy legs in a wide stance. “HAI!” they shout again. It lurches again, their gi jackets so short the hem slid way above their nylon-clad peaches ORRRR! These girls were so sexy. I couldn’t think straight. “Look how they jumped” they laughed “losers”.

I had had enough. Walking up to the gorgeous Veronique resisting the urge to take her slender body in my arms, I point the gun at her. “You!” I emphasised. “Get over there. All of you” I said waving the gun towards the wall indicating where they should move. The leggy teen struck like a viper. “HAI!” a brief blur of tan. WHUMP! “Arghh!” the top of her foot slams into the apex of my legs. “Argh!” instinctively my body creases forward. “Ya!” the shiny tan-coloured leg kicks out again with incredible speed and precision. WHOCK! her foot slammed into my wrist sending the gun flying. My training kicked in. “YAH!” I yelled as my thick muscular arm streaked out with a punch towards her head. Oh shit! she spun away from me and my fist shot right past her back. “HAI!” In an eye-blink her right thigh had snapped up waist high with a brief distracting glimpse of gusset as she kicked backwards. WHUMP! Her sole thundered against my throat nearly crushing my larynx. “Kkk! Kkk!” to my horror I was stumbling back clutching my throat trying to breathe while the leggy teen roared with laughter. Coughing furiously and having difficulty swallowing I decide to teach this stuck-up bitch a lesson. My mighty leg powers a kick towards her side. Shit! she blocks it with her hands then keeping my leg raised strikes at my exposed groin. “Ya!” WHUMP! “Arrghhh!” a good solid kick blasts my balls making my eyes water and my nuts throb.

Clutching my groin and creasing forwards, the girls’ manic laughter makes me mad. Her slender ankles taper into long semi-tear drop shaped calves leading to her long slender thighs with a hint of strong thighs. Ignoring the pain I force myself straight and throw another punch at her face intending to knock her out cold. Her arm whips up blocking the blow with her forearm. “HAI!” Oh shit! Her right leg strikes forward in a snap-kick pummelling my balls. Crumpling up with my knees bending and mouth open in agony I see Veronique’s smooth buttocks with the gusset between as she spins around. “YAH!” she kicks back, the sole of her foot rushing towards my face like an express. WHAM! “Argh!” It strikes like a hammer violently snapping my face right around with the taste of thick nylon on my lips. “Grovel on your knees before me or I will further educate you in the natural superiority of the privileged classes” her highly cultivated young voice sneered as I clutched my face dazed and unable to believe that I was getting whipped by a teenaged snob girl. “Kill her! Kill them all!” The Moroccan screeched. In an instant my knife was in my hand. “YAH!” her right leg kicked out to knock it from my hand. In that instant I kicked her other leg from under her, sending her tumbling to the mats.

Out of the corner of my eye I see the geek sat on a chair with Elena on her knees before her, the back of her head against her crotch with lovely slender legs locked up in a tight figure 4 head-scissors. Elena is whimpering and crying as she struggles in the geek’s leggy grip. Upon either side Ahmed and Mac are moving forwards towards the other girls with their knifes drawn.

I prepare to deliver a stomp to Veronique’s temple to knock her out. “HAI!” her right leg flashes in a backwards arc. BAM! her heel slams into the back of my right knee sending me to my knees. “Ya!” BLAM! BAM! in a split second her right heel clubs the back of my head while her other heel hammers my dick. “Arggh!” Crashing on the mat I roll to my side to face her and drive a kick towards her pretty face. “YAH!” God she’s fast! the back of her thigh slams into my leg in a flash. Faster than I can react, the teen spins onto her backside, kicks up her sexy long right leg and brings it down sharply on my kidneys. “YAH!” BLAM! “arghhh!” I cry out in agony.

** Ahmed **
“HAIII!” Ahmed nearly swallowed the wad of Khat as a slim red-headed teen in a form-fitting gi jacket flew towards him at head height. One slim sexy leg was bent at the knee with the highly arousing sight of the gusset at her crotch while the other leg stretched out before her arcing around towards him. “YAH!” WHAM! The back of her heel pounded the join of his neck and shoulder, momentarily making long lean thigh muscles bulge in her slender leg. “Arghh!” barely managing to hold onto the knife as the shock disrupted his nervous system, his legs nearly crumpled beneath him. Ahmed fought the waves threatening to take away his consciousness, damned if he was going to be bettered by a mere girl like some pussy.

As his vision cleared he saw the red-head, Rose, spinning around to deliver a back-kick. Quickly he grabbed her while her back was turned, easily stopping her motion. Her 6 foot tall sleight body felt good as she struggled against his big muscular body. PHROAR! The feel of her compact backside was making his man-sword very stiff as it wriggled and rubbed all over his groin. “Keep still!” he commanded putting the blade against her throat. “YAH!” a sudden jerk in her body as she tried to pull away masked a tan streak heading for his groin. WHUMP! her hard sole hammered against his cock, driving it into his balls. Wrapping one hand across the back of his elbow, she bent his wrist sharply. “Aiieee!” the lancing pain made the knife fall from his fingers. “Put a sock in it, boy!” the pretty red-head laughed as her slinky long leg kicked back again, this time rising much higher. “Mmmm!” the taste of reinforced nylon filled his mouth as her upturned foot drove her toes inside.

Rose turned to face him with a smug expression and her hands on hips. She had a small face with a small mouth, cute nose, freckles and green eyes. Above this was a high forehead from which tumbled long dark red hair. Her slim teenaged body was lean and shapely with the swellings of a nice bust. “Do you like my nylons? Wolford Neon 30 denier” the temptress stretched out a leg to one side on the floor turning it this way and that to show it off. The short gi jacket allowed an eye-catching vast expanse of slender long sexy leg. Despite the ache in his groin, Ahmed couldn’t help his eyes lustfully roaming her slim ankles up the long slim shins backed by the sensual sweep of semi-pear shaped calves to her long sleek thighs with a hint of firm muscle beneath the high sheen of her nylons. BERDOING! Ahmed’s dick stiffened rapidly at the sight and found himself stepping forwards to take her.

“HAI!” An unexpected shout came from behind. WHAP! “Aiiiee!” The top of a nylon-clad foot slammed up between his legs from behind like a baseball bat. The toes stuck out from between his legs and wriggled teasingly as he howled in pain. “That surprised you didn’t it?” Rose laughed. Ahmed cursed his stupidity for letting another girl sneak up from behind. “HAI!” she yelled, her long thigh snapping her knee to waist height. Her leg straightened so fast, he barely saw it. BLAP! He tasted nylon again as the reinforced sole mashed his lips against his teeth. “Arghh!” enraged his fist flew towards Rose’s face only to squeal in agony as she blocked it then bent back his hand at the wrist. Before he could counter the wrist-lock, the gorgeous blonde Eleanor stepped into view then leant back. “HAI!” a terrifying blur of tan streaked towards his face. BLAM! “Aieeee!” Her hard sole pounded his face with shocking force squashing his nose so hard he thought it would break. Immediately Rose stepped forward raising her knee and stomping down upon the front of his trousers. “HAI!” WHUMP! “Aiiiii!” the heel of her foot pounded his balls followed by the rest of her sole hammering his shaft.

Ahmed creased over clutching his throbbing balls in front of two posh teenaged girls with very short gi jackets hugging their slender shapely forms. Without pause Eleanor raised up her nylon-clad knee with a fierce look on her pretty face. “HAI!” twisting to the side as her lean body leant away from him, her long right leg shot out like a bullet. Crumpled over Ahmed didn’t even have time to scream. BLAM! The taste of nylon smashed against his mouth as the reinforced sole of her pantyhose struck like a sledgehammer. “Aiiieee!” he yelled as his body was lifted off his feet with the taste of blood in his mouth and went flying back several feet before crashing to the mats. Clutching his aching face, his face burned red at the humiliating sound of two teenaged girls pointing at him and laughing loudly. Both girls were laughing so hard that they had a hand over their chests. “Look at his face!” Rose exclaimed between fits of laughter. “Anyone for crushed nuts!” Eleanor replied then burst out laughing.

“Aghh you bitches!” Ahmed cried in rage “I kill you!”. In horror he saw both girls raise their knees while standing over him. “No, no, bad girls” “HAI!” they shouted in unison as their slender legs stomped down together. Petrified he could only watch in terror as tan streaks headed for his groin and face. WHOMP! the heel of the blonde fell like a hammer against his groin. “Ar…!” he opened his mouth to scream. WHOP! “mmmgh!” the heel of the red-head slammed into his open mouth. “He called us bad words, Rose””Yes, Eleanor. He needs to be punished to learn to show respect to his betters” “Mmm mmm!” Ahmed protested as Rose vigorously rocked her foot back and forth forcing his face to follow at the same time as Eleanor did the same with the foot pressing into his balls. “What a loser!” the blonde exclaimed as the girls removed their feet and began to laugh with hilarity once more.

In a blind rage, Ahmed jumped to his feet and leapt towards the red-head. With icy coolness, Rose showed no fear as the big muscular man came towards her. “YAH!” A blur of motion “WHUMP!” “Nnnaarrrr!” the pad of her toes slammed with shocking power against his ball sack. The big man instantly doubled over clutching his balls. “Oh do shut” Eleanor said “HAI!”. A sexy sleek shapely nylon-sheathed guided missile streaked towards him. WHOP! Horrified he felt her toes drive straight inside his open mouth lodging deep inside. “If you bite them I will literally kick your teeth down the back of your throat” she warned forestalling his thoughts. “The reinforced toes on those Wolfords are marvellous. You can drive them through a stack of bricks without laddering them” Eleanor explained as he struggled to extradite her toes as she curled them against the roof of his mouth. “Look he’s like a fish struggling on a hook” both girls began to laugh again.

A surge of strength with a bulge of sleek strong thigh muscles beneath shiny tan-coloured nylons precedes a strong push from Eleanor sending him back to the mats. The view looking up at the sensational shiny tan-sheathed legs of two teenaged girls wearing short gi jackets with an unobstructed view right up to the gussets at their crotches makes Ahmed’s dick rise like a flagpole. The terrifying smiles on their faces tells him that they have noticed. “YAH!” He jumps in fear as both girls yell while twin blurs streak down. WHOMP! “Argghh!” The pain is intense as both heels pound his groin with fearsome force. “Stay boy!” Rose chuckles keeping her foot pressing down watching him squirm. A rustling draws his attention and he sees Eleanor with an used pair of nylons twisting and stretching them out then rolling them into a ball. Her blue eyes lock onto his his and a wicked smile sends shivers down his spine. “Yes, these are for you because you make too much noise”. He starts to struggle but Rose’s foot presses down harder. “Open wide” she says in her soft aristocratic voice as she approaches his head. “No No!” Ahmed struggles. Suddenly Rose’s foot rises as her knee ascends to waist height giving Ahmed a stunning view of the gusset of her sheer tan pantyhose at her sexy teenaged crotch. The moment of lustful thinking is brief. “HAI!” her foot plunges back down to stomp his balls. “Arghhhmmmmmmm!” his cry is cut short as Eleanor shoves the balled nylons deep into his mouth. Before his hands can reach his mouth, the blonde stomps her foot across it. With Rose continuing to press down upon his balls while the blonde presses her foot firmly on his mouth forcing him to endure the taste of nylon, girlish mocking laughter adds to the humiliating knowledge that he has been beaten by mere teenagers.

A few short moments later they remove their feet and stand over him laughing. That shame spurs him to leap to his feet but before he can move Rose jumps onto his back. Sexy long legs encircle his waist and as she locks her ankles the lovely legs suddenly became a band of steel clad in silky smooth nylon. “Argh!” he grunted. “HAI!” she yelled making him jump. WHUMP! both of her hands slash down upon either side of his neck in a double chop to the carotid arteries. “Nnnnn!” he moaned through clenched teeth as the impact disrupted the flow of blood to his brain before falling to the mat in a defeated daze.

** Mac **
Mac sweated as he traded punches and kicks at a furious rate with the cheeky-faced Adriana. He was strong, his punches and kicks powerful but she was incredibly nimble and fast dodging his blows as fast as he could trade them. He would whip out brutally fast punches and kicks but her sexy long legs outreached his limbs blasting kicks like lightning bolts. Shorter and slightly plumper than her slender companion, the short-haired brunette’s legs looked strong as he could testify by the power of her incredibly fast kicks. The way her gi jacket clung to the contours of her body was distracting with thoughts of how well stacked she was and the curvaceousness of her body. More distracting was how the bottom of the jacket had ridden up towards her hips exposing most of her crotch area concealed beneath sheer tan nylon and a hint of skimpy black knickers beneath. It was a distraction that he couldn’t afford as the girl fought like a demon.

He almost caught her foot and nearly sent her tumbling. “Bad move darling. I’m a 2nd Dan” Mac sneered. Thinking her unbalanced he throws a wicked punch but shockingly she blocks it seizing his wrist and keeping it captive. “YAH!” she yells and a tan blur streaks towards his side. WHUMP! “Argh!” the sole of her foot pounds his side like a lump iron driving his waist to one side straining his trapped wrist.

He snatches back his arm only for the young brunette to spin rapidly. “YAH!” her right leg sweeps around in a blindingly fast back-kick that clubs the back of his head BLOCK! The same foot kicks back a split-second later blasting his cheek with the sole BLAM! An eye-blink later the top of the same foot pounds him right in the face. BLAF! Holy crap! She can’t be this good! The foot swings back for another lightning fast kick to his cheek. BLAF! His world spins in a daze unable to comprehend how a spoilt teenage brat with great legs can totally outclass a fully trained and experienced commando. Even as he thinks these thoughts, the cheeky-faced brunette steps to his side and her fists drill a series of blinding fast but painful punches into his side. “Hei! Hei! Hei!” WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! “Ungh!”

Desperately he throws back a punch. “YAH!” he yells. “YAH!” she responds blocking it with her forearm, knocking it skywards, seizing his wrist and powering a sidekick. “HAI!” WHUMP! “Arghh!” the sole hammers hard against his already sore side. “2nd Dan big mouth more like” Adriana sneers raising her hands open palmed before her. Oh God! She’s so sexy! Ulp! I can’t think that! Focus man! “HAI!” A blur of white motion as her arm whips around. WHAP! the edge of her hand chops him smartly across the bridge of his nose. “Argh!” shocked he feels his nose breaking at the hands of a mere girl. His hands fly up to protect his face, shocked by the fighting skill of this teen. “HAI!” her arm slices down in a lightning fast knife-hand strike. WHUMP! The edge of her hand chops the clavicle at the base of his neck. “Argkkk!! he croaked then began to cough as his hands flew to his collarbone but thankfully she hadn’t broken it.

“Oooh did I hurt you?” the cheeky-looking girl asked in mock sympathy. “Tough! You need to learn your position in life. At the bottom of the social ladder” “HAI!” out-fought Mac was shocked to find his groin lurching at the teen’s shout. Her high-sheen nylon-clad right leg rocketed skywards fast. Kicking from the left side of his body her lanky shin whipped right around beneath his jaw. BLAM! The crook of her foot formed by the top of her shin and the top of her foot pummelled the underside of his chin. It felt like he had just ran straight into a steel noose. Mac’s eyes creased in pain as his head snapped back under the impact of the girl’s kick.

“EEEEHAYAA!” a ferocious scream made his cock go rigid. His eyes flicked open to stare right along a long shapely leg clad in tan nylon, rising at terrifying speed. BLAF! “Ungghh!” Mac grunts through a jaw sore in agony as his face whips skyward under the shocking power. His head is in a daze as he staggers and struggles to stay upright. He has never faced a beautiful woman in a fight before let alone a teenaged girl and certainly has never lost to one before. But now the realisation that he is totally outclassed by this spoilt rich girl has his dick harder than he had ever experienced before in his life.

“Ready to do some grovelling, pleb?” the cheeky-face cherub asked in a demeaning tone. Her eyes were hard, her posture one of dominance with her hands upon her hips. Turning her back to him all he could do was stare at her buttocks fully exposed by the rising of her gi jacket. Two tantalising tight rounded balls separated by the tiniest of thongs spectacularly sheathed in high sheen tan-coloured nylons. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! His dick was beating against the inside of his trousers so hard that he was certain that it tear right through. Adriana seized his right arm at the wrist and pulled it over her right shoulder. “Orrrrr!” a moan of pure lust escaped his lips as she pulled him against her back, his raging erection pressing against her tight compact spheres of joy as she leant slightly forwards. A moment of pure electricity shot through his body as his groin rode her buttocks as she kicked her right leg back sweeping his legs away and tossing him over her curvaceous hip like throwing a bag of potatoes. The room spun wildly until his back slammed heavily into the mats. BERLAM! “Argh!” he cried as pain lanced through his back.

As Mac hit the floor at the feet of the victorious smug looking rich teen he was shocked to see Ahmed fleeing the scene. Adriana still had hold of Mac’s right arm and held it out straight as she looked down at him with arrogant smugness. She looked so hot in that short gi jacket staring up at her along her sensational legs that groan of pure lust escaped him. “That’s it you pleb wimp. Stay down at my feet and moan like the little bitch you are” she said in a tone that made his dick lurch with every word. “Not much of a fighter are you. It took no time at all to overpower you and now you are helpless” she giggled. Mac couldn’t understand why he felt so weak and just wanted to lie there, unable to resist, turn on by her sexual energy.

Leaning forward to keep his arm restrained with one hand around his wrist and the other pressing the back of his elbow Mac couldn’t help staring at the sheer nylon covering her crotch with pure desire as she raised her right knee. “HAI!” she yelled causing a premature escape of spunk from his incredibly stiff dick as her foot stomped down. BAM! “Arghhnnn!” he groaned through clenched teeth as the sole of her foot slammed into his jaw smashing the back of his head hard against the mat.

Without pause the teen minx stepped over his arm as she turned her back on him. “Arghh!” she stressed his elbow joint while slamming the back of her calve against the side of his head. Swiftly, falling backwards to a seated position one leg lay across his chest and the other close to his head. In a single fluid motion she pulled his arm towards her forcing him to roll onto his side with his head close to her crotch, rolling onto the top of her right thigh. Instantly the other leg hooked over his side beneath his armpit. Her feet locked in a steel hard brace around his upper chest and back with his arm in between. Mac was stunned to find himself in an expertly applied scissoring arm-bar by a mere teenaged girl. “Bet you always wanted to get between a posh girl’s legs?” She laughed as she stressed his arm while squeezing tight with her legs. “This is as far inside them that you are going to get” she laughed. The strength in her sexy legs had him gasping. His left hand found her outer thigh and he was staggered to feel raw feminine power surging through her lovely nylon-sheathed legs. Everywhere he felt was rock-solid thigh muscle bulging with a sensual feminine energy that was overwhelmingly sexy as it was overwhelming his body. “Urrrghhhh!” he struggled in vain, each move sending lances of pain through his arm. Her legs were too strong and preventing his chest from expanding to take in fresh air. She was going to knock him out with her legs! The thought was so powerfully erotic that he blasted a huge load of cum into his pants. “Nnnnnnarrrrgh!” he groaned softly but she heard. “My God! He’s just come in his trousers” she exclaimed loudly raising a loud cacophony of coarse laughter from the other girls. “Already!” another girl exclaimed. “Lower class men don’t last out like they used. It must be something the Government put in the water like father ordered”. More caustic laughter made his face burn with embarrassment.

For a moment Mac wished that the girl would knock him out with her strong legs and put him out of his shame. Instead, laughing outlandishly at his humiliation, the top leg unlocked itself and pulled back and rested the foot upon his chest. Panting and weakened by his ejaculation he watched as she sat up and leant towards him, in her hands was a rolled up pair of pantyhose. “Pantyhose are a symbol of female supremacy” she chanted like dogma “Open wide”. Mac kept his mouth clamped tight as she pressed the silky nylons against his mouth. “HAI!” her right leg rose and fell, the hard heel slamming into his sternum. WHUMP! “ArMmmmm!” he opened his mouth to cry out only for to taste nylon as her fingers drove the hose deep inside his mouth. Further objection was stifled as she slammed the sole of her foot over his mouth. “Kiss it!” she ordered rocking her foot back and forth forcing his face from side to side “Kiss it, Mister Softy. Kiss the foot of your vanquisher” Adriana crowed in triumph. The dominance of the girl was shocking yet arousing. Looking up along that long shapely leg made Mac meekly obey with a kinky sense of submissive enjoyment that he had never experienced before.

The humiliation seemed to go on forever with girlish laughter mocking his weakness. A suddenly hard shove from her foot sent him rolling away across the mat. Utterly humiliated and ashamed Mac only managed to get to one knee. “YAI!” the erotic view along her speeding left leg to her crotch was no consolation. WHOMP! The hard sole pummelled his jaw like a sledge-hammer. “Arghh!” his jaw clicked sideways alarmingly before his body slammed against the mats. “Lay down, stay down bitch!” the spirited teen chuckled.

“No more please!” he gasped as Adriana grabbed the front of his combat vest with both hands before realising that he was begging like a defeated wimp to a teenaged girl. “On your knees, bitch! or I’ll stomp your balls to mush” the cheeky-faced brunette demanded. To his amazement and shame not to mention rapidly stiffening dick, Mac found himself obeying. Getting to his hands and knees while the girl maintained a tight grip on the top of his vest he was astonished to find himself between her legs as she mounted across the back of his shoulders. “Urkkk!” he clenched his eyes feeling his throat constrict as her hands pulled his vest into a scarf choke hold. The circulation was cut from his head and knew he was in trouble yet knowing he was being dominated by a sexy teen just made his hard-on all the more harder. “Kiss my nylons, bitch!” the girl’s upper class tones commanded as he tried to fight against swooning. As she pressed his face against her inner thigh, Mac willingly began kissing the best he could with a pair of pantyhose stuffed inside his mouth. THROB THROB THROB his dick beat hard against the inside of his trousers at the closeness of the long expanse of shiny sheer nylon providing a thin sheer silky smooth veneer covering Adriana’s shapely strong legs. His kisses grew with increasing passion as became more and more turned on. Oh you Goddess he moaned through the nylon gag while worshipping the sexy legs all the while kept in a near-permanent daze as the strong legs of the skilful teen kept him on the verge of consciousness.

“That’s enough of that, bitch! You bore me” Adriana’s haughty voice cut through the haze clouding his brain. In his oxygen-deprived stupor the big muscular commando was helpless as the teen girl fell to her side pulling him down with her. Suddenly Mac felt the silky smoothness of her inner thighs surround his neck as her feet locked together over his chest into a very tight figure 4 head-scissors with her big meaty calve locked tight across his throat. “Upper-class women have strong legs from horse-riding” she stated as a fact so sexy that his dick began to pound again. He gasped very nearly swallowing the pantyhose ball in his mouth as her sexy legs turned into a vice-like grip covered with silky nylons. “Mmmmm mmmm!” he screamed into his gag while his hands pulled at her silky smooth thighs that squeezed like a car crush. “Nnnnnnnn!” Mac’s face turned bright red as he screwed up his eyes and clenched his teeth against the staggering power pouring down upon the sides of his neck by a sexy teenaged girl. THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA his dick was beating a wild tattoo as he succumbed to her leggy power. “You thought aristocratic girls to be a soft target” Mac heard Adriana’s taunting voice as he lost the energy to keep his hands upon her wonderful thighs. “You thought wrong” With that her legs seemed to pull up even tighter around his neck. “Kkkk!” he croaked as his eyes bulged and his face turned scarlet. Suddenly his body went limp in her strong legged grip as a soft gasp escaped his lips and a damp patch spread over the front of his trousers.
** Alan **
I stared across the room in disbelief at the sight of Mac unconsciousness between the sexy legs of a chubby-cheeked teenaged girl. Jeez! The teen girl had just wiped out the toughest man in my team within mere minutes! Who the hell were these girls? The girl looked at me right in the eye with a sexy tough expression on her pretty face and raised a finger while her nylon-clad foot rested in a humiliating manner upon his face. “You’re next, bitch!” she said with strong confidence. Shockingly I found my dick growing very hard very quickly.

Part 2. Bad girls

** The Moroccan **
“Jeez man! They are just girls. Stop playing around and fecking kill them or you’re a dead man walking” the Moroccan yelled. He fell silent as the red-head and blonde approach with wry smiles upon their lips. Both stand before him staring silently for a few moments as he hungrily ran his eyes over them lingering over the bottom part of their tight buttocks not covered by their short jackets and their sensational legs. “The dirty old sod is eyeing us up” states Eleanor. “Girls you must help me” he pleads “I will give you a million euros if you cut me down and let me of out here”

“Pah! My daddy wouldn’t even get out of bed for that little” Eleanor replied. Moving close the blonde pressed her nubile young body against his while staring with her blue eyes. “Orr!” he gasped as her knee slid between his legs and slowly moved back and forth as she spoke in a hard-edged voice that could cut glass. “We know who you are” “Orrrr!” he moaned softly at the sensation of the nylon-sheathed upper leg and the pressure of the teen beauty’s body against his. “You’re just the count’s hired help who became greedy and got caught”. He let out a sigh of disappointment as she lowered her knee and stepped back to stand next to Rose. Fixing him with a smouldering look, their hands went to the black belts around their slim waists and loosened them. His eyes widened and his breathing deepened as their gi jackets fell open wide revealing the sensual firm fit bodies beneath. Wearing only small white lacy bras over their developing breasts, each sported a taut tone belly with a feint grid-work of abdominal muscles that were the result of top personal trainers. Their pantyhose was so sheer that skimpy thong panties were visible. “Orrrrr” he groaned softly, the posh teenagers had become very desirable women.

“What’s the matter, Mister big-shot? You’re shaking already and we haven’t even touched you” the blonde purred in a soft seductive tone that made his dick lurch in pure lust. Slowly they slink  towards him, their fit firm bodies swaying as they move. The man’s eyes lustfully took in their curves and followed how the gusset of their hose vanished between their sexy legs. “Huh huh huh!” he panted as the front of his trousers rose like a tent. “Orrrrrr! Please, be my mistress. Both of you. A million euros, two million. Orrr! Five million euros to be my mistress. Each! All of you”. Eleanor presses her sexy body against his, staring right into his eyes. “Why you’re trembling. Does my young fit body scare you?” she purrs seductively. “Ohh ohhh ohhh” he moaned. “An old man like you wouldn’t stand a chance against just one of us fit young girls” Rose purred also pressing her body against his. “Orrrrr!” “We’ll leave you a completely humiliated spunk covered mess without you even laying a finger on us” the blonde said in a voice full of seductive promise. “I love teasing a man like you. Hearing your pathetic groans as your body twitches uncontrollably as your dick spurts cum over and over into your pants until you are completely drained” Rose purred. Both girls wriggled their sexy bodies against him all the while staring right into his eyes. His breath became shorter as his body writhed against its elasticated restrains. “NNNnnnaargh!” The Moroccan moaned. “Nnnnarr!” his body jerks while the girls break into loud laughter. “Nnnnaarrr!” “No way! He’s actually done it!” Eleanor chuckled. “He’s just filled his pants just by standing next to him. It’s so funny!” Rose laughed with hilarity.

With an amused smirk of pure arrogant superiority, each girl re-ties the black belt around her slender waist, enough to hold the white gi jacket in place but loose enough that the lapels of the jacket hang open proudly showing a skimpy bra and taut toned belly. It was a sight to get any straight man hard, even for The Moroccan who had just ejaculated. Standing right before him, the two teen temptresses noticed and turned to look at each other with wicked smiles. “Being rich means never having to saying you’re sorry” Eleanor stated. “Feminist kicks!” Rose exclaimed with excitement. “Together!” both squealed gleefully then turned to face the man hanging spread-eagled in rubberised bindings. “Ten million Euros each, please let me go” he begged. Both girls just laughed with contempt. Turning around the teens pressed their tight compact backsides against his crotch and laughed manically as they rubbed their sexy peaches up and down. “Orrrr!” he groaned as his ardour stiffened uncontrollably. “Careful or he might cum again” Eleanor chuckled. He gasped as Rose slipped her hand back and boldly squeezed the bulge in the front of his trousers. “PHROAR! Good and hard enough for us already!” she laughed. Moving forwards slightly to create space, they nodded to each other. “HAI!” they screamed in unison “No!” the man screamed as twin tan streaks slammed backwards. BERLAM! “Eeeeeiii!” he screamed as their nylon-clad soles thundered on either side of his groin trapping his balls and dick like a walnut caught between hammer and anvil.

As his pain-racked body bounced back and forth in his restraints. The girls faced him each with one leg slightly bent, seductively running their hands over the high-sheen nylon sheathing their sexy thighs. “Do you like football, Mister big-shot?” Rose asked the agony-ridden man. “This is the kind of football we love” Eleanor chuckled. “HAI!” they screamed together as a synchronised kick flashed forwards like a dual lightning strike. Each girl drove her toes hard down each side of his scrotum with precision, meeting together at the base of his ball-sack in painful unison. WHUMP! “Arrggghh!” The teens laughed with great mirth as the crime overload rocked back and forth in his stretchy restraints, his eyes screwed tight and his mouth wide open in a silent scream of agony. “Oh that was a good one” Rose said between laughs. “Do you think that smashed the transmitter he had surgically inserted down there?” asked Eleanor her hand absent-mindedly pulling the hem of her jacket up over her right hip flaunting a curvaceous figure that the man was in no state to appreciate. “We’d better make sure. Better safe than sorry” the red-head chuckled in reply.

** Alan **
Across the room I saw two beautiful posh teens in very revealing gi jackets go absolutely ballistic on the boss. They blasted him with synchronised kick after kick into his groin with such ball-aching brutality that he was flying back fast until his restraints snapped him back the other way right into the next double ball-bust from his sexy tormentors. All the while they laughed loudly with tears of mirth rolling down their pretty cheeks. Jeez! powerless to defend himself or protect his groin, these girls looked as if they intended to castrate him with their sexy nylon-clad feet.

“Going somewhere, big boy?” the slim beautiful Veronique blocked my path as I stepped forwards to rescue the boss from a ball-pasting. “HAI!” BLAM! In an instant I’m kissing nylon as her sole hammers my mouth even before I can move. “Argh!” crap! She’s fast. “YAH!” BLAM! BLAM! The top of her foot slams my face hard to the left then to the right by the returning sole knocking my senses into a daze. “Look at your boyfriend now, Elena. HAI!” a brief glimpse of gusset as another lightning fast bolt streaks towards me. BERLAM! sharp aching pain throbs through my face as her hard sole pounds my face once more like a meat tenderiser. “Too much of a wimp to save you” she laughs.

“HAI!” I yell ignoring the pain to deliver a brutally fast round-kick of my my own. “YAH!” WHAM! A foot unexpectedly lances in from the side powering into the side of my jaw. “Arghh!” in horror I feel my lower jaw brutally driven into the upper cutting my lips whipping my head back with the taste of blood in my mouth and a glimpse of chubby-faced Adriana. I curse myself for letting her creep up on me like that. Two teenage girls stand in front of me in fighting stances, with very short gi jackets and sensational legs clad in tan nylon. I had to get my strikes in to take them out fast. “YAH!” I blast out a roundhouse. THUD! I’m shocked to find it blocked by Veronique’s sleek right leg. “HAI!” WHUMP “Orragh!” Adriana’s shin slammed across my gut like a crow-bar. “YAH!” WHAP! “YAH!” BAM! Veronique’s foot blasted my cheek followed a fraction of a second later by her friend’s foot pounding my mouth. “HAI!” “YAH!” BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM! all I can see are sexy long nylon-sheathed legs and gussets as the teens pound me with a non-stop barrage of lightning-fast kicks to my face that mashes it turning it into a bruised and bleeding mess. Shockingly it only lasted a few seconds but I’m left shaking and utterly destroyed by these sexy legged girls. I’m shocked to find my dick rigid while my head is punch-drunk knowing that the next kick will send me to the mat a bloody ruined mess, but it doesn’t come.

With my daze clearing, I look at the teens to find them posing, bending one leg and running their hands along the contours of their shapely sexy thighs all the way to the top of their hips. “Like what you see, big boy?” they purr seductively. “Orrrr!” I groan, they might be posh bitches but their legs are sensational. “HAI!” they suddenly shout together making me jump. The high sheen of their nylons reflect bright streaks of light flashing right up between my legs. WHUMP! The tops of their feet club my balls from beneath. “Nnnarghh!” the force of the double impact was terrible threatening to drive my balls right up inside my body cavity. The two girls break into crazed laughter watching me crease right over in excruciating agony clutching my throbbing groin.

Standing slightly to each side of me, the girls raised their hands open-palmed fingers straight. I couldn’t help looking at their long sexy legs showing off their pantyhose in all their glory all the way to the gusset at their crotches making my dick lurch at the thought of getting in there. “HAI!” the edge of their hands slashed down upon either side of my neck. PAF! “Arghh!” the jolts to my nervous system was debilitating, my vision a mess. “HAI!” their straight fingers struck a point below my sternum. “Orrragh!” intense points of pain flared in my abdomen stopping my breathing and causing such cramps that I creased right over. The view down their long sexy legs right in front of me was eye-catching. Their gi jackets had ridden up so much that I had full view of the their sexy rounded tight rounded buttocks at the side and rear. Oh God! The sight just made my dick so unbelievably stiff. “That’s right, adore our sexy young legs” “Let that remind you that you was being beat by two hot teenage girls” they broke into laughter.

I wanted to fight back but another part of me wanted to be ruthlessly dominated by these sexy young Karate Goddesses. “HAI!” my dick lurched as both girls brought their right knees up sharply the short gi jackets riding up exposing their luscious backsides and gussets as twin streaks of destruction hurtled towards my face. BERLAM! The pain was intense as the top of one foot smashed my ruined nose while the other sole hammered my bloody mouth. For a moment I was looking along the length of Adriana’s wonderful leg as she twisted and pressed her reinforced sole firmly against my mouth. “You better get used to the taste of nylon, big boy, because you’re going to be kissing it plenty” she teased.

No! no way was I going to be humiliated like this. Angrily I brushed her foot aside and powered my fist towards her head. Shit! My fist sailed over her head as the little minx ducked beneath. At the same moment Veronique’s knee rose at the end of a long sleek thigh shamelessly exposing her gusset and knew I was in trouble. “HAI!” Adriana’s fist rocketed fast towards my groin at the same as her slender friend’s long right leg streaked towards my neck. WHOMP! Her foot punched the side of my neck at precisely the same moment as the other’s fist hammered my balls. “Orrr horrr!” I wailed at the explosion of pain in my nuts whilst shards of electric agony burned through my nervous system rendering me helpless.

I was powerless to stop the young minxes from seizing my arms and pulling them out to each side. “YAH!” their right knees rose frighteningly fast. BAM! BAM! One foot slammed across my aching mouth while the other kicked my dick. “Orrrr!” their sexy legs dropped, incredibly hot in those short gi jackets, but didn’t reach the floor. “YAH!” BERLAM! One foot back-stomped the side of my right knee while the other stomped the right. “Ouch!” my legs gave way beneath me and I fell to the floor right between two of the sexiest pairs of legs that I’d ever seen belonging to a pair of merciless posh teens.

They turned their backs on me and I watched with rising lust as the short jackets exposed their perfect compact hard buttocks moments before they screamed “HAI!”. Shit! Two lovely legs kicked back at whiplash speed. BLAM! The reinforced soles pounded my face like sledge-hammers. The force of the blow slammed my back against the floor. Adriana raised her knee. “No!” I yelled as her foot plummeted towards my groin then stopped less than an inch above it. Both girls broke into hilarious laughter. “What a woose!

As Veronique’s long slender leg bent close to the side of my head I didn’t know to be frightened or reach out and stroke it and kiss it. “Ouch! Ouch!” I yelped as her hand suddenly grabbed my ear and twisted the lobe hard. “To your knees” she commanded. Both girls laughed at me as I got to my knees unable to stop staring lustfully at the twin pairs of sexy tan-nylon sheathed legs on either side. The beautiful slender Veronique gave another twist to force me to turn towards the outstretched leg of Adriana, the marvellous curves of her long shapely calves and strong thighs playing beneath the silky nylons. “Kiss it, kiss the foot of a superior upper class Goddess” Veronique demanded. The sight of her sexy tight buttocks below the hem of her gi jacket right in front of me turns me on but I refuse to demean myself. “HAI!” the edge of Veronique’s hand chops the side of my neck from behind. “Arghh!” I cry, my senses reeling.

“YAH!” putting her hands on my shoulders Adriana’s knee flies towards my face. BLAM! “Arghhh!” my ruined nose is squashed by the top of her thigh while her knee slams into my mouth. “We won’t ask  again” she warns before raising her knee more slowly in front of my face. The girl behind presses my face against the luscious inner thighs of her fellow Karate Goddess. I’m so turned on by these sexy dominant posh teens who have humiliated me in combat that in earnest I begin to kiss her inner thighs. I even raise my hands to hold the sexy leg before me as I kiss with increasing passion. “That’s it. Kiss it like your life depends on it” “Which it probably does” both girls break into into more loud laughs of hilarity. “Beat the lower classes until they are grovelling at our feet. That’s what my mum always says”. With an increasingly throbbing dick I continue to kiss her beautiful inner thigh, coming to enjoy the taste of top quality sheer nylon on my lips.

“Ooh what’s that unsightly bulge in his trousers” Adriana exclaims then explodes in more laughter. “HAI!” “Arghh!” I cry in agony as her foot pounds my balls from behind creating more hysterical laughter from the wicked girls. Helplessly I watch as the long legged brunette took out a pair of used pantyhose and pulled it taut. All the while her eyes stared at mine with hard intent. Stepping forward I felt Adriana’s hands on my head as Veronique reached forward to stuff it in my mouth. “No!” I tried to resist only for a kick to the head to send me to my back with Adriana pressing her foot down on my throat. “KRRKULP!” choking under the cheeky-faced girl’s foot there was nothing I could do as the nylons were fed into my mouth.

“Mmmm!” screaming in protest into the nylon gag I was dragged by my hair and forced to stand. “When we want you to move, you move pleb. HAI!” my tardiness was met with a double kick to the balls. “Mmmmm!” I doubled over screaming into the nylons as I clutched my aching balls while the teens laughed. “HAI!” hunched over I watched in terror as both girls raised their sexy long nylon-sheathed legs. BLAM! Two soles blasted either side of my cheeks almost smashing my jaw between them. Collapsing back to the floor with my jaw and cheeks throbbing, I was powerless to stop them wrapping another pair of nylons around my lower face tying the gag in place.

“Let’s make a wish” Adriana said between laughs. To my horror they grabbed an ankle each then hauled my legs into the air. On my back with my legs raised in a wide open V I was powerless to act and could only watch the amazing long legs of the teens. “Mmm!” my muffled cries were laughed at as they both raised their left legs bent at the knee over my groin. “Mmmm!” Their feet fell swiftly but instead of the soul-destroying ball crushing agony, they slowed at the last moment, landing gently. Working together against each other’s foot, they began to massage and rub my erection bulge in an amazing twin foot job. Oh Jeez! The constant pressing and rubbing in unison was irresistible. “Mmmmm mmmmm!” I moan in ecstasy enjoying the teens working me throbbing hard with their feet.  “Your lower class arse never stood a chance against us” Veronique taunted as their feet worked me to swiftly to bursting point. “We asserted our superiority in unarmed combat now we assert our sexual dominance over you too” added Adriana as they feet worked skilfully together to tip me over the edge. “Mmmm mmmm mmmm!” I threw back my head as I became a moaning idiot blasting huge loads of cum into my pants. “That’s as close to sex you’ll ever get with a socially elite woman” they laughed as the damp patch spread over the front of my trousers.

“Feck! My kid brother lasts out longer than he did” Adriana exclaimed then broke into laughs of hilarity. I tried to sit up but Adriana’s foot pressed me back down. Her slender leggy companion appeared with a note. She showed it to me. “Pantyhose are the symbol of female superiority. I got my arse kicked by two teenaged girls” she tied it to the hose around my face then took a picture on their phone laughing as they told me they were going to post it on social media.

“We’re bored with you now” Veronique stated with a mock yawn. “HAAAIIII!” I nearly wet myself in terror as both spun right around simultaneously, their short gi jackets rising up over their slender hips as their right legs rose high. The last thing I saw was the gussets at their crotches and the high sheen of their nylons as their long legs rocketed at terrifying speed towards my face. “BERLAM!” lights out!

Part 3. The Geek Girl
** Jim **
In the confusion I work at the lock that Ahmed had broken. With a feel of elation the door swings open and I crawl out only for a pair of slender shapely legs clad in glossy sheer tan nylons to swing down before me from the top of the cage. In a panic I try to brush my way through but the long legs play with me locking on around my head then letting me go only to wrap around my shoulders. The legs are stunningly beautiful and perfectly proportioned. As I struggle to break free and steal a glimpse at my tormentor, it comes as no surprise to see a mature Oriental woman sitting on top of the cage wearing a smart light-weight pin-striped business jacket with a very short skirt.

Very solid, well defined muscular calves play with my head and neck. Sleek and shapely they jut above her slim ankles. Madame Michelle’s exotic tones rang out. “How can you possibly cope with a woman like me, Monsieur Priest?” Her attractive small rounded face stared with amusement in her almond-shaped eyes sitting above a short squat nose with high cheekbones, a medium sized mouth and shallow chin. Stealthy and sleek like a panther, I hadn’t even realised that she was there. Barely 5 foot 4, her slender build made her legs look very long. Too quick for me to avoid, they wrap themselves around my neck like a scarf in a tight figure 4 head-scissors. “Urkk!” those slim beauties are deceptively strong and I find myself struggling for breath immediately. With my face turning red. I raise my hands to prise her legs away to find they are rock solid yet feel so alluring beneath the soft silky smoothness of her nylons that I can’t resist stealing a feel.

With one calve barred tight across my throat her other leg stretches out and I feel the nylon-clad sole press down on my groin. “What do you think of my young students? Pretty impressive Qui?” the woman in in her late-50’s with a bob of black hair peppered with strands of silver asks while her foot begins to rub and massage the front of my trousers. “Gnkk!” I groan as she grabs her right foot and pulls the back of her calve all the tighter against my throat. Having those hard jutting muscular calves tight across your throat is no joke. All the while her elegant dainty foot delivers an arousing massage. There comes a point when you are between a woman’s sexy legs being scissored and getting a foot job that you stop struggling and sit back and enjoy it.

“Do you know why I train upper class girls?” I can’t answer because the mature Oriental has raised herself upon her arms to bring a mind-blowing amount of leggy pressure to bear upon my poor throat and neck that my head spins and dark spots threaten to overwhelm my vision. Luckily she eases off before knocking me right out. The thought that her sexy legs nearly did that makes me stiff making it a more effective target for the stimulations of her foot. “It’s because they are brought up with an egotistical self-centric view of the world without compassion for others which makes them ideal to be trained as cold-blooded uncaring lethal fighting machines” she explained. “Kkkkugh!” my eyes blurred as the sexy mature Oriental gave a brief squeeze of her legs to remind me who was boss as if I needed reminding. “You’re not going anywhere Monsieur Priest so just sit back and enjoy the ministrations of my foot while watching the girls deal with these macho gorillas”

** Mac **
Mac was faring no better than Alan as he also found himself unable to cope with two stunningly beautiful but arrogant teenaged posh girls. Every kick and punch was skilfully blocked by one or the other and so fast, constantly pounding him with kick after kick that it was difficult to keep track of them both.

Goddamnit! He cursed as the pretty red-head Rose got behind him while fending off kicks from the blonde Eleanor and got him in a chicken-wing. He felt shame to be caught in such a basic hold, looping her arms through his and locking her hands behind his back tying up his arms. “YEYAH!” the gorgeous blonde cried, her leg a deadly blur streaking high. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Her foot slammed around his head whipping it this way and back and back again in barely a second. Helpless in Rose’s arms, he resigned himself with a disturbing sense of arousal, waited for the barrage of kicks from the hot legs of the blonde to pulverise his face.

“You don’t think it is fair two girls against one do you?” Eleanor asked unexpectedly. He nodded dumbly, suspicious as Rose released his arms and stepped to the blonde’s side with an amused expression. “I tell you what” she continued “You can choose one of us to fight, one on one, superior female to male mutt. Make it fair like”. Ordinarily he would have been confident at taking either one but his confidence had been knocked by their speed and skill. “Make your choice fast or we’ll decide for you”. Mac grinned and stretched out his arm pointing to the geek girl sitting down watching with the young Croatian girl scissored tightly between her legs on the floor before her “The geek”. “Oh you don’t want to face Tara” Eleanor exclaimed “That wouldn’t be fair”. Mac laughed. “I’ve got you, you bitches. “Geek-face” he said pointing.

The lanky blonde with glasses just nodded without showing any emotion then tensed her long slim nylon-clad legs pulling her calve tight against the back of the girl’s head pressing her throat incredibly tight against the bony part of her crotch. To Mat’s amazement long sleek thigh muscles bulged looking hard and powerful for a brief second as Elena thrashed frantically making horrible croaking noises her face turning bright red while her hands flailed at the geek’s legs. All the while Tara’s blue eyes magnified by the lenses of her spectacles stared at Mac in a hard manner that sent chills down his spine. “Urrkk!” a hollow sounding croak and the girl went limp between the slim nylon-sheathed legs. Jeez! Mac suddenly found his dick was rock hard as the geek girl unfolded her legs and stood up as Elena’s body slipped to the floor.

About 5’9″ she was tall and willowy. Although not as stunning as the other girls she was quite pretty but geeky. Mac was going to enjoy making an example of her although the way she just glared at him continually with those magnified blue eyes was unsettling. “Go on Tara, you can do it” Rose shouted in encouragement. The geek looked at her in acknowledgement. At that moment Mac struck from behind wrapping his big muscular arms around her neck in a sleeper hold. Her slim neck looked tiny and vulnerable in his thick muscular arms. “Don’t worry love, you’ll be out in a second” he sneered. The girl didn’t struggle or panic. Her knee snapped up in front of her then slammed her foot behind in a flash. “Argh!” he cried as her sole pounded him square in the balls. “HAI!” her foot powered behind once again, a tan blur of agony that blasted his balls again even before his hands got there to protect them. WHUMP! “Nnnarggg!” the agony was so intense Mac crumpled forwards huddled over his aching groin with the humiliating sound of teenaged girls laughing at him. He knew he was leaving himself open to attack but the pain in his balls was so debilitating.

“YAH!” WHOCK! Turning by his to face him, the edge of her palm sharply chopped the back of his neck. Paralysed with shock he could only watch as she moved in front of him. “HAH!” Staring right down at her legs, he watched in horror as her knee flew up again snapping her foot forwards at whiplash speed rocketing straight for his bowed face. BLAM! Her sole hammered his face with such unexpected power that he was bodily lifted from his feet and sent hurtling across the Dojo. BERLAM! With his face aching like it had been hit with a hammer his back slammed into the matted floor with great force to the accompaniment of more laughter and applause. “We warned you not to choose Tara” Rose laughed “She’s the best” Eleanor chuckled.

Infuriated at being bested by a geek he leapt to his feet threw a punch. “YAH!” his fist had barely flown when “HAI!” a blur of white arced around. WHOMP! the edge of her hand slashed across the base of his throat. Coughing violently Mac watched helplessly as Tara’s cold blue eyes widened with excitement. “HAI!” her shout made his dick lurch as a white bolt of lightning lanced towards his chest. WHOMP! her fist pounded the centre of his chest bending his ribcage inwards under an unbelievably powerful punch. Sharp pain lanced through his chest and he was shocked to realise that the geeky looking girl had broken several ribs. “KEEEAAA!” her long slim leg rises like a rocket. BERLAM! Her bare sole sheathed in reinforced nylon hammers his face like a pile-driver whipping his dazed head back mashing the inside of his mouth against his teeth.

Fear of losing to a geek Mac threw another punch only for Tara to block and snap back a series of kicks lightning-fast kicks too fast for the eye to follow. “HAI!” WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The sole of her nylon-clad foot pounded all over his torso BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! before battering his head. Her powerful kicks left him bruised and dazed. He found himself standing there becoming aroused watching her youthful face, slender body and sensational legs as her sexy legs continued to deliver scorching fast kicks that were knocking him senseless.

OhmyGod OhmyGod! With rising panic he blasted a kick towards the spectacled girl. “HAAA!” she calmly caught his ankle in mid-air, her stern blue eyes glared at him through her spectacles like lasers while she held his leg. “Are you feeling tough now, you over-pumped up man?” she sneered, such a hard cold tone from such an innocuous face chilled him. “Call me geek again and there won’t be enough of you left to bury” “KEEARRR!” she screamed so loudly his dick lurched so hard he nearly came. He wanted to scream as a tan-coloured blur streaked along the inside of his raised leg straight towards his groin. BERLAM! Her shin slammed the underside of his balls like clubbing a bag of nuts. “Arrrrr!” Mat screamed, his face in a pained grimace.

Without mercy Tara dropped his leg, slapped down her palms on the back of his bowed head. “YAHH!” Her knee rose sharply straight into his face. BLAM! The top of her thigh pounded his nose and mouth. “Argh!” he felt the cartilage break before his head flew upwards in a spray of blood. Oh Jeez! He thought, the geek is totally destroying me with such frightening power that I’m unable to  fight back. “Keeeeaaaa!” she screams making him jump in terror and his dick throb as the slim girl spins right around, her leg shooting out backwards in a mule kick. BERLAM! The power of her back kick is so powerful that he feels a loud crick in his neck as his head is snapped back in a stupefying daze. As he staggers back with his senses scrambled, he knows that she could have broken his neck. With his head lolling uncontrollably he catches sight of the spectacled girl’s legs, all sheathed in sexy shiny tan nylon on show from her dainty toes to her hips and realises with rising lust that she has the best legs by far out of all of these dangerous teens. Her confident poses and powerful strikes were actually turning him on.

“YAH!” a white streak heads towards his face. BLAM! An explosion of pain and his knees nearly buckle beneath him. “YAH!” WHUMP a kick to the back of his knees completes the job sending him crashing to his knees to the riotous applause and laughter of the other girls. She stands over him with her hands raised open-palmed in a confident strong fighting stance. “Orrrrrrr!” he moans as the spectacled teen’s fierce look with her deadly hands makes his erection grow tight in its own skin and throb like crazy.

Tara presses the sole of her foot against his mouth. “Call me geek, if you dare, so I can finish you off for good” she challenges glaring down with a superior dominant smirk as the watching girls laugh at his humiliation. Staring up at the willowy girl with glasses in a gi jacket with long slim legs looking sensational in tan nylons Mac feels cold-edged fear mixed with a powerful erotic sensation of submission. Swish swish! In one swift martial movement Tara’s hands swap position raised in knife hands as if she were going to unleash a deadly storm of Karate chops all over his pathetic defeated body. She looked so stern, dominant and powerful standing over him that he just lost it. “Nnnnnarghhh nnnnnarrrr nnnnnnarrr!” he moaned uncontrollably as he shot three massive blasts of cum into his pants. “Oh my God! Did he just do that!” Rose squealed in mock-disgust. “Oh Tara! You just turned him into a spunk fountain! You’re incredible” squealed Eleanor.

Floored, red-faced in shame Mac felt utter humiliation at his defeat by a young geek girl both in combat and sexually. He wished the ground would just open up and swallow him when suddenly he spotted Alan’s discarded pistol lying only a few feet away. Doing a fast roll across the floor, he scoop it up and rolls to his feet. Spinning around he aims it at Tara and her laughing companions who suddenly fall silent. “You’re not laughing now are you, you posh bitches” he growled.

Part 4. Madame Michelle
** Jim **
Locked up tight in the lovely legs of a short-haired mature Oriental businesswoman, the back of her muscular calves pressed against my throat while the other leg stretched away with the shapely calve wobbling and flexing as it gave me a foot-job. My erection was free of my trousers so I could ‘Get the full experience of her Wolfords’. I was too turned on to even attempt resisting, my hands enjoying the firm muscle beneath the silky smooth nylons. In that position watching gorgeous teenaged girls in very short gi jackets and not much else destroying big scary men with their Karate skills, I soon messed the foot of her nylons. “Good aren’t they?” she asked applying a side arm-bar then capturing my dick in the crook of her right leg then massaging it with her left foot. By the time the girl with the specs faced Mac, I was erect once more. Reminding me of my own spectacle-wearing leggy sister in-law Marianne, by the time she stood over him in victory, I blasted another load over Michelle’s nylons.

“That is not on” she admonished as Mac pulled a gun on the girls. Releasing me she stealthily dashed across the room with her calves flexing into sharply defined double-arrowheads. She was behind him before he even realised. “HAIIIEEE!” He visibly jumped in fright as light reflected from the high sheen nylons streaking right between his buttocks. THWOCK! The lower part of her shin and foot came up in front of his groin. “Arghh!” the gun fell from his hand as he screamed in torment. “Pull a gun on my girls after they’ve beaten you in a fair fight and you’ve got me to deal with”. His hands clutched his groin as he creased forwards rocking back and forth in agony. He was shocked to see a petite mature Oriental woman step before him. “Watch carefully girls as I demonstrate how to castrate a man with your bare er nylon-clad feet”.

Spooked, Mac let rip a terrifying flurry of muscular punches and kicks. Although skilfully blocked, the petite slim woman visibly wilts under the violent battering of the much bigger powerful man. “HAI!” their knees rise and shins collide in the space between them again and again. Looking increasingly desperate he engages the woman in a lightning fast test of skill. “EEYAH!” deceptively flexible for his size he powers a thundering roundhouse into the air only to be intercepted by the sleek lightning-fast right leg of the petite Oriental.

The titanic battle continues at an eye-watering pace with the sweat streaming down Mac’s face as he frantically tries to break through her defences. All the while, Madame Michelle looks cool and collected fixing him with such a smoulderingly sultry look of supreme confidence that he wasn’t the only one to spring a hard-on. “YAH!” I gasped as both tried to kick each other’s legs away at the same time and ended up tumbling to the floor. The Oriental quickly got onto one knee kicking her right leg into the air while a prone Mac did the same. “YAH!” both legs clashed like swords between them but this time the woman’s slender leg slams his to the floor. “HAH!” the leg flashed towards his face faster than he could block. WHOMP! “Arghh!” her sole slams into his cheek whipping his face hard to the right. Instantly her leg bent back at the knee and kicked again. “YAH!” WHAMP! Her sole hammered his mouth then rapidly kicked his throat. “ArgKkkk!” his eyes went wide in horror as he hand flew to his throat. The leg folded back once more and struck in the blink of an eye. “HA!” WHOMP! His head snapped back as her sole thundered into his jaw sending him sprawling.

The Oriental sprang nimbly to her feet. “Castration” she raised a finger addressing the girls. “You all know variants of the feminist kick as Rose and Eleanor so ably demonstrated on our guest” quickly glancing at The Moroccan. “With the two of you working so wonderfully together it would be a surprise if he is in full working order” that caused laughs among the girls. She stepped close to the man. With a coy smile the hem of her skirt slid back and his eyes followed the long length of her shins and thighs with sleek hard muscle playing beneath her smooth flawless skin. The hem rose higher and his eyes shot to strange metallic silver briefs at her crotch. “Orrrrr!” he moaned lustfully. With a wide smile Madame Michelle let the hem drop. “As you see. No harm done that an ice-pack won’t fix” that got a laugh from the girls who looked on in open admiration.

Walking towards Mac she gave him a hard stare and tight pout. “The same won’t be said about his pistol-packing henchman” “No! Stay away from me, you crazy bitch!. You’re all crazy” he yelled leaping to his feet. “First you must thoroughly humiliate the male with your superior combat skills. Always remembering to give him a constant reminder of your femininity”. “HAI!” her sleek slender leg shot from the floor. Reacting too late his own kick failed to intercept it. WHOCK! in a leggy display of tan pantyhose and sleek curves the top of her foot blasted his jaw whipping his head back. He looked stunned clutching his jaw as the foot continued to soar high above his head. For a moment she was doing the standing splits with the erotic promise of stunning flexibility as the top of her thigh rested against her chest with silver panties moulded tight against her crotch in a full leggy display. “YAH!” The leg fell like an executioner’s axe. WHOMP! The back of her heel pounded his temple as the cords of her inner thighs stood proud. The big man crumpled to his knees, looking up in fear at the petite slender woman standing over him. “Show no mercy until he cowers in defeat” “Please no more” he begged in a pathetic voice. “EEEYAH!” her scream rose in volume, Mac looked petrified. Madame Michelle’s muscular calves bulged with sheer raw power as she sprang from the floor. Her legs dividing as she span, the right leg a blur arcing right around to plough straight into his face. BERLAM! Her sole struck the side of his face so hard it seemed to distort even as his mouth opened in a scream that never found voice. His body slammed into the mats, a broken sobbing mess.

The elegant woman ignored him to address the girls. “Bring the others here on the floor before me, remove their gags then set up a row of chairs facing them. Adriana fetch me a box of Wolford 50s please”. Veronique went for Alan putting him in a hammerlock and choke hold from behind encouraging him along with kicks between the legs of such brutality that his whole body lurched onto his toes while he screamed into his nylon gag. Rose and Eleanor were equally ruthless after cutting down his boss, giggling excitedly as they forced him to bow in a joint headlock taking it in turns to slam back-kicks into his groin. The glasses-wearing Tara was no less gentle. Pulling my head back in a reverse choke-hold, she grabbed my balls with her other hand. Resistance was not an option as she led me across the room and forced me to my knees by the others.

“This man” Madame Michelle announced standing before The Moroccan as she removed her jacket. “Is a criminal overlord so rich that he influences Governments and the media to turn a blind eye”. Her hands undid the buttons of a white blouse before removing it to reveal a metallic silver Lycra top, low cut, sleeveless and clinging to the sensational contours of her upper body. Her slim arms were toned with visible biceps veins. Exuding great self-confidence she unzipped her skirt which fell around her feet leaving a skin-tight metallic thong leotard over her tan nylons. “Orrrrr!” the other men echo my sentiments at the sight of her small compact behind, surprisingly hot and tight for a woman her age. “Two of these men are his minions. A third escaped like a coward and will be dealt with in due course” She slowly turned around in front of us, taunting us with every sensual curve of her remarkable fit body. “The other is a private detective whose reluctant help has been most useful”

Adriana returned with a big box of pantyhose which she put down before joining Veronique. “Follow my lead as I show you how to make the weaker sex pay homage to your nylons” “First we make him expose his sexual organs. If he refuses a quick stomp in the nuts will do the job”. “Get it out now!” The stern-looking Oriental demanded in a tone that brooked no argument, her raised foot poised over Mac’s groin making it clear what refusal meant. Quaking in fear and red with shame he whipped it out before the sexy mature legs. The rest of us weren’t brave enough to refuse making the girls pout in disappointment.

Madame Michelle was a smouldering hot cock-stiffening Goddess. Only the lines in her face, the wrinkles in her hands and the specks of silver in her hair bely her age. Her Lycra leotard was so tight braless nipples jutted out in a silent sexy challenge. The teens were no less sexy as they mirrored her. “Are any of you tough enough to face myself or the girls in unarmed combat?” Her steely almond shaped eyes, tough words and hot body caused trouser-tents to form. “Karate, Kung-Fu, Ju-Jitsu, Krav-Maga. Your choice?” “Or would you rather wank off over our arses?” with that they  turned around and thrust out their backsides. Orrrrrr! I became aroused by Tara as my eyes ran along her slim ankles, sleek hard muscled calves, the back of her shapely hamstrings to her small hard buttocks covered in glossy sheer tan coloured nylons beneath a very short gi jacket. With the appreciative moans from the others, I assumed the other girls followed suit until Madame Michelle admonished. “Adriana! Veronique! This is not a strip club. You are privileged young ladies. Act with decorum and grace” Frozen with their legs wide apart in a raunchy low crouch they blushed and mumbled an apology while Alan looked fit to burst.

“Keep it in boys, don’t spill it yet” the mature woman chuckled looking over her shoulder at us crazed with lust. “See how men are easily aroused”. Turning around with a slow elegance that emphasised her long slender legs she drew up a chair and sat in front of the aroused man upon the floor. The other girls followed her lead. She crossed her legs elegantly with his eyes following their every sensual move. With a wry smile in amusement at his behaviour she said “Look at the man laying before you with the utter contempt he deserves”. Slowly she stretched out her legs, the sleek thigh muscles flexing as her feet gently pressed against his erection. “Orrrrr!” we all groaned in pleasure as each girl did the same. “Let him know through your eyes that you are his mistress and expect him to honour your magnificence with his semen” Their nylon-clad feet began to gently massage our dicks until surely they could get no stiffer. “Let him savour the feel of your Wolford 30s against his manhood. Perfect for turning a man into an idiot moaning in lust” “Orrrrr!” We moaned with the silky smooth feel of nylon against the bare skin of our erect manhoods. “By the sound of it, you’ve already done that” she chuckled. “Tease it. Let him know that your nylons are in complete control of his favourite toy” “Orrr!” the moans got louder, arousal was palpable in the air.

“Orrrrr!” stunningly sexy legs suddenly folded back to the chairs and the women looked at us with open amusement. “Look at them. They can’t take their eyes off your legs hoping that they will return to bring them off” the greying Oriental mocked. The sexy nylon-sheathed legs tantalised as the girls adopted poses on the chairs, stretching out one long shapely leg sideways to us while slowly bending the other leg. “That’s it keep them stoked”. THROB THROB THROB! The tension became unbearable, my dick beating in the air of it’s own accord desperate to cum. “Remove your hand from your cock or I’ll break your arm” The petite but deadly Oriental warned someone. “Now return your feet. Enfold their manhood with their silky pleasure. Exert your control with just one word. Demand that he honours your superiority and dominance” Her almond shaped eyes twinkled in her wrinkled face “Turn them into cum fountains on your command, 3, 2, 1” “Cum!” They commanded in unison. “Nnnnanr nnnarr nnnarr” with our sexual anticipation heightened we were unable to resist. The groans of men climaxing all over shiny glossy nylons filled the air with squeals of delight of the watching teens.

“Girls please remove your soiled pantyhose and put on a pair of Wolford 50” the amazing Oriental said removing her slinky leotard. I gaped at her topless body. Her breasts were perfect large rounded and surprising firm for her age. “Yes, they are natural” she remarked seeing my gaze. Her stomach was taut and toned with a light grid-work of defined abdominals. “Orrrr!” the sight of her fit toned body was enough to reignite my passion.

Like some strip-show, the women swivelled on their seats stretching one sensational leg while bending the other at the knee to slowly unroll the nylon in a sensual manner. Even bare-legged the girls and the mature woman had sensationally sexy legs. The sexy leggy routine continued as they slipped on a new pair of visibly much thicker hose. “The 50’s are more opaque with an exceptionally smooth matt look, but still incredibly soft on the skin” Michelle explained turning her legs from one side to the other, causing the sleek toned muscular lines of her thighs to flex in an exciting manner.

“Post-ejaculation a man’s groin is at it’s most sensitive” she explained kneeling over Mac with the used nylons in her hand bundled into a ball. His eyes went wide with fright. “Stuff the pair soiled by their semen into his mouth as a symbol of his subjugation but also because we don’t want to hear his noise. Refusal is not tolerated. YAH!” the edge of her hand slashed across his throat while driving the finger of her other hand into his belly button. His mouth dropped open in agony only to be force-fed the soiled nylons. “Stay!” she warned lifting a finger in front of his face. She looked so stern and dominant that he was too scared to disobey. Not wishing the same treatment I allowed Tara bundle it into my mouth trying not to gag with the thought of my own sperm on it.

Returning to her seat she stretched forth her long slender left leg. “Slip the foot under the penis lifting it onto your shin as you drive your toes into the base of his scrotum” she instructed. “The heavier reinforced toes of the 50’s provide extra protection. Like SO!” WHOMP! “Mmmmm!” His muffled screams were drowned out as the girls slammed their toes into the man lying before them. WHOMP! “Mmmmmm!” I scream into the nylon gag as Tara glaring with fierce excitement through her glasses did the same. “This is important. I only want you to watch at this point” Her voice steely demanding only obedience. “With your foot embedded at the base of the scrotum raise it up presenting a clear target” Mac was sweating profusely, his face as white as a sheet in pure terror as her right leg was poised over his groin. “Bring your heel down onto it from the top as if you were breaking concrete slabs like so HAI!” A chilling muffled scream as her foot drives down in a tan blur. WHUMP! The back of her heel pounds his ball-sack with tremendous force crushing his balls flat as the back of her heel meets the top of the foot beneath. A small eruption of cum flew into the air to girly squeals of delight. “Mmmm!” even muffled the agonised scream was terrible to hear as his body sat bolt upright then collapsed to the floor.

Horrified I watched the beautiful but deadly topless Oriental address the leggy gi-jacket wearing teens. “You can practice your subjugation techniques on the boss man and his minions, forcing a signed confession then tying them up with worn pantyhose before knocking them out and taking them down to my ladies for disposal” she announced to squeals of delight. “Can we practice the castration kick? Please?” pleaded an over-enthusiastic Adriana. The mature woman sighed “Oh very well” to excited screams “But only the minions” she raised her voice to be heard.

Madame Michelle approach where I lay with her hands upon her hips, her upper body bare, fit and toned and hotter than many women half her age. “In the meantime Monsieur Priest here will give me a thorough debrief which I will enjoy to my complete and utter satisfaction” She stood over me as muffled cries of agony rang out as the girls set about kicking and kneeing the men forcefully in the groin. “You don’t approve of my methods but what if it were your wife or daughter that these small-brains kidnapped for sex-slavery?” She bent her right leg with the foot on its toes before my face. An overwhelming urge came over me and I bowed my head and began kissing the shapely arch of the top of her foot. “That’s it, worship your mistress” She chuckled. I worked my way up her long shin with my hands feeling the hard muscle of her calves. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! The pounding of nylon-clad feet upon male genitals was loud and frightening. “Ladies! With a little less aggression please. You are delicate young creatures not dirty great clod-hoppers” She raised her voice.

“Thanks to you recording his confessions on your mobile phone then uploading them to major social media sites outside his control, he will not buy his way out of this one” My kisses had now reached her sleek thighs where I eagerly worshipped the hard muscular slabs latent beneath the surface of her pantyhose. “Oh! I think you are enjoying that too much, you naughty man” she chuckled. To my surprise, she stepped forward pushing back my head as her crotch slid over my face with her legs on either side. “The unconscious bodies of The Moroccan and his minions will be found in an alley bound and gagged with the pantyhose used to beat them with the confessions that I see them so eagerly signing now” Kneeling with my face pressed back by a very sexy and dangerous mature Oriental only wearing pantyhose, my mouth was against the lips of her sex. What would you do? Well I worshipped her while holding onto her hard compact buttocks with my hands. “I will make the call to The Gendarme personally and Ohhhh! Monsieur Priest! I think I am going keep you for a while as a pet Ohhhhh!” I gave a thorough account of myself in reward for bouts of fresh air before being plunged back under to satisfy her some more and boy! this sexy mature Oriental took a lot of satisfying!

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