Honour thy Mother in-law (JIMP#63)

Jim sees how his powerful mother in-law deals with a thiefIn part inspired by memory of an old piece of artwork that I’ve been unable to find on the web of a very large woman mid-leap to body slam and pin a fallen bag thief. Also I wanted to show more of my mother in-law’s Jujitsu skills.

(c)Jim P 2016

Part 1. Mother in-law and the purse-snatcher

“Jim!” came the cheery loud cry as I opened the door to see my mother in-law standing on the door-step. “How’re you keeping son?” Paula sounded genuinely happy to see me and entered the house. “Sue’s gone out I’m afraid WORRRRGH!” the air in my lungs was squeezed out in a rush as she wrapped her short thick arms around me to give me a hug that felt more like a crushing bear-hug. She might only be 5’1″ tall but she’s built like a small tank. Even her massively wide and low hanging breasts failed to cushion me. It felt as I was hanging there on my toes in the over-enthusiastic hug of a short woman with a massive girth unable to draw breath and with my ribs about to break.

“Oofff!” after what had seemed an eternity in her crushing grip I was able to breathe again as she released me. “That’s OK dear. She’s not expecting me until the evening” she exclaimed. “I’m sure you can find ways to entertain me” she said with a naughty twinkle in her eye. That made me nervous. I did not fancy being stuck in the house alone with her. Don’t get me wrong. I do like my mother in-law but I just couldn’t trust myself to be alone with her. No, it’s not because I fancy her, on the contrary, when I first met her she wasn’t the type of older woman that I could ever fancy. With a large blockish face that could be called ‘mannish’ with a ruddy complexion, Paula has short curly dark brown hair (dyed), brown eyes, a large thick nose and a wide mouth. With jowls around her chin, her thick neck disappears into large sloping shoulders. She was also grossly overweight with a massive girth and a large protruding pot belly. On her Doctor’s advice she lost a lot of weight and started exercising to firm up the flab. Now she is a shadow of her former self but still short and heavy looking and hardly what you would call attractive.

“I really need to show my gratitude after you exposed that conman John Smith before I fell for his lies and married him” she told me while giving me an unsettling look as her chubby fingers unbuttoned the light jacket she wore to expose a truly massive wide low-hanging expanse of bust wobbling and heaving beneath the pale top she wore beneath. Dear God! To my discomfort my dick was stiffening as the plunging low neckline was so wide to proudly display huge mounds of bare female breast. Her reduction in size did not include her massive breasts that now seemed all the more gigantic. Since divorcing she has had a trail of boyfriends and those giant mega-breasts that she liked to show off with low necklines were probably a lot to do with it. Well those man-traps certainly had me getting an embarrassing hard-on in front of my mother in-law. The hungry way that she looked at me confirmed that this was precisely the effect she wanted. That made my discomfort all the worse. Short and bulky, she looked like the sort of cougar that could sexually devour a man, and I knew that she could [JIMP#13]. Could I trust myself to resist her advances and do so without upsetting her?

Fortunately it was Paula who defused the situation. “Actually can I be a pest? Would you be a dear and drive me to Milton Keynes? There’s a few bits I’d like to get from the shops there while I’m here” she said. “Sure” I replied, hoping not to sound too eager.

For anybody not familiar with Milton Keynes, it is a ‘new town’ designed in a grid system with straight-ish dual-lanes, loads of interconnecting roundabouts and an indoor shopping centre in the middle. Designed for cars, the irony is that the council hate motorists and have devised a fiendish zoned parking system with spiralling parking charges policed by over-zealous traffic wardens to catch the unwary. Having been caught out once and not wishing to repeat the experience, I parked for free somewhere a little more out of the way.

I’m not one for shopping and began to hang back a little behind the short wide bulk of my mother in-law. With her broad wide back and very wide backside, most men dismissed her as just another fat old cow. However if they had bothered to look below the hem of her skirt they would have their minds blown by the largest thickest widest calves they’d ever seen. Rising from her thick ankles elevated by quite low heels, the backs of her lower legs flared out quickly to thickly muscled calves almost spade-like in their width with a deep sharp lower edge. Viewed from the side they had an amazing depth that made them flare out dramatically from her short legs. Each outside edge curved dramatically in a beautifully curved semi-heart shape. While the inside featured dense sharp downward pointing arrow headed slabs of muscle. They bulged and flexed against the sheer black nylons she wore making them all the sexier. Being a leg-man it was a view that I was more than happy to enjoy.

The other benefit was that I could admire her amazing side profile with her low slung forward-thrusting bust whenever she stopped to look in a shop window. She would often look over her shoulder at me and ask “What do you think of this?” or “Isn’t this wonderful?” “Orrrrr yes” I would reply but not at what she was looking at.

Money spent and walking back to the car, my lagging behind was more due to lugging her big bags of shopping. We were not far from where I had parked, walking through a quiet residential area which consisted of long straight pavements with grass and trees on either side between rows of flats and houses. The only other person about was a tall lanky young man dressed in a hoodie who passed me with his head down. He was about to pass Paula when to my horror he made a dash for her large handbag. Instead of the bag slipping away from the short squat woman’s hand he was shocked to find a steely hard grip upon his wrist preventing his escape. His surprise turned to pain as the bulky little woman twisted his hand at the wrist forcing his arm to rise with his forearm swivelling painfully around beneath it. Bending his arm right back upon itself and around her thick forearm he was shocked to find himself leaning backwards in absolute agony while a stern faced woman glared at him. “Boy did you pick the wrong woman to mug” she growled. “Look at you. Held helpless in an embarrassingly painful position by a woman old enough to be your grandmother. What a loser!” She poured scorn smiling at his discomfort as he stamped his feet and yelped as the horror registered on his face that he was being owned by a short large-built mature woman.

Suddenly she turned around forcing the thug to turn behind her. As his arm straightened she whipped it over her broad shoulder pulling it right down in front of her. Leaning forward over her left leg which bent at the knee, the hoodie was catapulted clean over her head in a lightning-fast streak. Arcing vertically over her short body as she held onto his arm and wrist with a grip of steel the young man slammed violently on his back to the ground. WHUMP! “Arghhh!” he wailed. Jeez! That was mind-bogglingly fast. I’d never expected my heavy well-built mother in-law to throw a man as fast as that.

Dazed, confusion crossed the yob’s face unable to comprehend that he’d just been thrown by the short fat woman who still had a painful hold of his wrist. Lying with his head by her feet, his eyes looked up at her stern face and went wide as he noticed the enormous wide shelf of her bosom protruding out over him. “Big aren’t they?” she sneered “You wouldn’t know what to do with them” “Nnn..not possible!” he gasped still staring up at the enormous rack hanging over his head. “The fact that I threw you or my tits?” she asked with cutting sarcasm. The next second he was yelping in pain as my mother in-law savagely bent back his hand at the wrist forcing him to scramble to his knees. “You’d better believe it” she remarked looking extremely dominant. With a frighteningly stern face she twisted his hand all the way around forcing him to roll over crying in agony onto his hand and knees asserting her superiority over him. I couldn’t help noticing how erect her nipples had become, jutting from the front of her top, indicating that she was as aroused dominating this yob as I was watching her.

With a wide arrogant smirk, Paula lowered his twisted hand while levering the back of his arm over the short thick forearm of her other arm. “Arghh arghh!” he yelped as she forced him to rise up part-way until he was face to face with her massive bosom. Looking right at the huge fleshy mounds and incredibly deep long cleavage right before face, his eyes opened wide. “You see, such massive tits are possible” she told him letting him linger in the painful hold staring right at her phenomenal frontage barely an inch from his face. “Yes, you appreciate that don’t you?” she sneered as a stiffness formed at the front of his trousers.

“Maybe you’ll also believe this” with that she spun around incredibly nimbly for a woman her size ignoring the shriek of pain while raising his arm into the air high above her head. Snapping his arm down in a forward motion, he was whipped off his feet and did an amazingly rapid forward roll in mid-air before slamming heavily on his back against the ground. “Arghh! Fat bitch!” he cried arching his back in agony. “What did you call me?” my short squat buxom mother in-law demanded in a hard tone of voice. He looked up in terror to see the hard-faced woman glaring down at him over the big wide shelf of her bust.

Quickly trying to scrabble to his feet while turning around to face her he barely managed to stand. “Urk!” He croaked as chubby strong fingers of one hand seized him by the throat and squeezed with an iron hard grip. “Urrkkk!” choking and unable to prise away Paula’s fingers he tried to throw a punch at her face only for her to catch his fist with her free hand. He was a tall strong looking bloke but in disbelief he found his arm being stretched out to his right hand side slowly with ease as if to deliberately emphasise the point. All the while the sturdily built buxom woman stared at him with a wicked smile as if savouring his discomfort. “What? Don’t believe that as well?” she sneered “Maybe you will believe this” The hem of her skirt lifted to provide a tantalising glimpse of the matt black band of stocking tops as her short hefty shin slammed between his legs like a mallet. WHUMP! The hard bone of her thick shin pounded the soft tissue of his balls with a terrifyingly solid sound that made me wince in sympathy. The blow was so powerful that he went straight up onto his toes before coming down again. “Orrrrrrrragh!” a long slow wail left his lips while his eyes creased in agony.

The tall hoodie had barely begun to crease up when Paula slammed her broad hip into his groin while slipping a stubby arm around the back of his waist while her other hand seized his wrist. Leaning forward she thrust her hip into his groin while pulling his arm down in front of her body like pulling on a lever. In an exciting instant, his body was pivoting over her broad hip with his legs flying up into the air while his head flipped right over and tucked under. She was facing me as she did this, so I saw a wide dangling wall of breast wobbling about threatening to burst free from her top before the yob’s body obscured the view as it raced head first towards the ground. KABLAM! He hit the ground hard and for a moment lay stunned at the feet of my mighty mother in-law. The sight of her standing victorious over a young man probably a third of her age who she had thrown for the third time had given me a raging erection.

“I think you now understand that it is indeed possible for a woman to kick your ass” she said slowly walking around to his feet, her short thick and powerfully muscled calves flexing with every step. Facing him she removed her jacket and threw it to me. Beneath the jacket her low-necked top was sleeveless. His face went white and his eyes wide with horror as he caught sight of her arms. As thick as marble columns they rippled and swelled with the most massive muscle that I’d ever seen. She looked even bigger than the last time I had seen her and much more defined. Her traps were phenomenal, dense slabs of muscle sloping from her bull neck to a very broad shoulders. The large clearly-defined shoulder caps had striations atop mind-boggling thick muscular arms with noticeable swellings in her biceps and triceps, thick biceps veins and formidable forearms. “Nnn..not possible, not possible” the young man moaned deliriously in sheer terror of the powerful vision standing over him. “Oh how tedious!” Paula sighed “Time to get up close and personal”

The hoodie watched in open horror, his mouth open in a silent scream, as untold heavy pounds of huge womanhood leapt into the air with her skirt billowing around her massive powerful legs. Terrifying thick muscled arms reached out for him as she fell while a massive wobbling dangling wall of double front fleshy orbs descended towards him. “No!” he screamed moments before her massive body slammed right on top of his. WHUMP! “Orrrmmmmm!”

Paula’s arms wrapped around the back of his head, thick and rippling with power. It must have felt like being locked in concrete while her massive breasts swallowed up his face like oversized man-eating orbs of soft pliable feminine delight. A lucky place to be you might think except Paula’s breasts are so huge and heavy they completely covered his face with suffocating pillows of sensual pleasure. The short thick arms swelled around the back of his head with the huge triceps bulging like a rocky horseshoe. It wasn’t clear whether they would crack his skull before her massive breasts suffocated him. “Mmmm! Mmm!” his hands slapped frantically on her dense shoulder caps and rocky arms. Loud solid slaps that were as effective as swatting an elephant with a fly. “That’s it wear yourself out. That’s all men like you are good for” she laughed cruelly.

With rising anticipation I watched as her skirt rode up at the back while her short heavy legs fished around for his shins. Working their way inside his legs, her feet locked across his shins then with an overwhelming surge of mighty leggy power they ripped his legs wide apart in an instant. “Mmmm!” his screams were muffled by her huge breasts as her thick thighs ballooned into massive slabs of raw power shining with muscle tone stretching her sheer black stockings so that they became more translucent. At the back of her legs, her hamstrings bulged like long low-lying hills exerting terrifying power that looked like they could easily rip his legs from their sockets. His frantic grabbing hands pull up the hem of her skirt to reveal stocking tops and suspenders sheathing her massive powerful legs before exposing her ample backside. The glutes flexed into long iron-hard hillocks with a deep cleft between leaving my dick throbbing at the sight of such a large well-defined striated muscular backside. “Mmm!!” his clutching hands failed to make an impression on her iron-hard buttocks that flexed together like two giant boulders clashing together and squeezing into a tight sexy clench that surely could crush bricks.

With her powerful legs totally immobilising his, Paula reared up her torso with her hands resting on the back of her legs. With her massive bust battering him in the face as they dangled, she looked down with scorn. “I easily dominated you with ju-jitsu and physically with muscle. I am a strong woman and you are weak thieving scum” she sneered “Tell me again that it is not possible”. Keeping his legs wide apart while rearing up over him Paula raised both of her short thick arms, one out to each side in line with her very broad shoulders. Watching the man beneath with smug superiority she slowly raised her forearms at 90 degrees to her upper arms with fists clenched. The forearms themselves were formidable. From relatively thin wrists they soon became very thick with a dense slab of muscle on the inside face giving them a sail-like appearance and writhing with thick creeper-like veins. His eyes bulged with terror at the sight of massive muscular mounds growing ever thicker and taller on her short arms swelling like peaked mountains.

I couldn’t help myself, rushing over to her side to run my hands over those thick dense mounds of muscle. “Wow! Incredible! They are so much bigger and more defined” I gasped in awe at the iron-hard biceps beneath smooth feminine skin. “This is my son in-law” she explained as I continued feeling her huge hard biceps with growing muscle lust. “He quite likes my muscles. Go on kiss them Jim, show him how a woman like me should be treated” I didn’t need asking twice, putting my lips to those hard muscular mounds I began kissing them passionately. “Oh Paula” I moaned “You are amazing!” “Do you want to worship my muscles?” She asked the hapless hoodie still kept helpless by her powerful grapevine press. “N..no no, you crazy, both of you. You infringe my human rights” he cried.

Oh-oh I stopped kissing and saw Paula’s mouth tighten while her face turned terrifyingly hard. I knew her views on criminals, terrorists, murderers and bankers getting away from prosecution because their human rights were more important than those of their victims. “Is that so?” she said softly in a hard tone that made the yob realise he had said the wrong thing. “Nnn.no! Please” he plead as those thick dense rippling arms lowered then headed straight for his head. One hand twisted his head forcing it into the crook of her other arm with a big forearm across his throat. “Kkkkk!” he croaked as my mother in-law applied a terrifying headlock his screams muffled by his mouth smothered beneath her armpit. It was like she was applying a side-biceps pose with the thick dense peak of her biceps bulging into his throat. He slapped frantically at her arm as the incredible hard peak closed off his airways. The sheer power of Paula’s mighty arms as she ruthlessly punished the hoodie was really turning me on and I kissed her passionately on the mouth while feeling the sheer monstrous strength of her peaked arm. “That’s nice dear” she remarked between slobbering eager kisses.

“It’s not my arms that you need to worry about you thieving creep” she snarled into his ear. “It’s my legs”. Unhooking her feet, Paula rolled to the side. The hoodie still in her brutal headlock rolled with her and found his waist sandwiched between her short but extremely wide heavy thighs. In a split second her thighs expanded in size as her quads flexed into massive definition and size. Each muscle in her quads was clearly visible and standing proud with formidable size. The yob’s hands flew in alarm to her thighs on top of his belly and began to frantically try to push them away while thrashing his legs like crazy. I think she had relaxed the headlock a bit to let him suffer the power of her awesome legs. Then his whole body began flopping like a fish out of water and I realised that Paula was bodily lifting him with her extraordinarily strong legs to slam him from one side to the other. “Orrrrr! Too much! Too much!” I groaned feeling the swell of her immense thighs as they swelled massively around his body which looked so puny and weak between them. She slammed him around a few more times between her insane legs before releasing his head and giving him one immense squeeze that made her short thick thighs balloon up to an unreal size with the quadriceps flexed in unreal definition and striation. The hoodie just threw back his head in a wide open-mouth silent scream as he tried to bend his whole back like a u-pin in sheer agony before flopping to the ground in defeat.

For a moment I thought I saw a figure watching us from a distance from the corner of a building, a robed hooded figure like a nun but when I looked again they had gone. “We should go. I’m not keen on trying to explain this to any passers-by who might get the wrong idea” I urged Paula with a cautious hand upon her big broad shoulders. She gave a big sigh then stuck out her arm in my direction “Help me up dear” she said. I gave her my arm as she got to her feet looking down at the effects of her titanic legs. “Shame! and there’s so much more that I wanted to explain to him” I offered her the light jacket but she refused while looking around. “There’s no-one around, Jim” she said then addressed the defeated yob at her feet “I’m going to leave you with something to remember me by”

To my astonishment Paula hitched up the hem of her skirt and tucked it into the waistband. I just gaped in lustful appreciation of seeing my mother in-law’s big heavy legs exposed in all their glory. From the wide thick calves flaring out dramatically in wide curvaceous sweeps above her ankles and heels to the short squat immense thighs above they were breath-taking. Sheathed with the sheen of sheer black stockings that stretched over their immense girth like a sensual skin with the contrast of the patch of bare skin above the matt black stocking tops and the bands of the suspenders, my breathing was slower and heavier with rising lust. With a broad grin at the young man lying on the ground she flexed those big heavy thighs. “Orrrr!” I groaned as her big thighs expanded into the three main muscles of her quads, huge bulging and striated. THROB! THROB! My dick was throbbing against the inside of my pants so hard I thought it would wear a hole in them. The hoodie however was as white as a sheet with eyes wide with horror. Obviously not an appreciator of muscular women then.

“Keep watching boy” she warned in a stern tone in case he thought about running. Although to be honest he was wincing every time he tried to move his legs, a legacy from the grapevine press she had given him with those powerful legs. “Remember these?” she taunted as she raised both arms and flexed her short thick biceps into mountainous muscle giving him both barrels. “Ohhh!” he moaned trembling with fear at the sight of such enormous muscle on a short squat woman old enough to be his grandmother. “I think you will like this, I know Jim will” Paula told him with a wicked smile.

There was a loud gasp from the lad and his eyes went even wider as her massive wide low-hanging breasts began to rise in the plunging neckline of her top. Two enormous breasts came together as firm rounded orbs of very ample female flesh with a long deep dark cleavage between them. Under my mother in-law’s strong pectoral muscles they rose like twin moons or overinflated beach balls travelling high up on her chest. My breathing was laboured as I wrestled with self-control “Ohhh so big! So firm!” I groaned. I was not the only one. “Orrrrr flipping heck!” the hoodie moaned staring at her bust with a mix of open fear of her huge muscles and pure lust for her massive bust with a tent forming in the front of his trousers. The huge firm twin orbs of cock-hardening breasts continued to rise until the areola were peaking out of the cups. Big erect nipples pushed out the fabric tantalisingly close to the edge of the neckline. “Noooo Noooo” he was moaning like crazy with his hand rubbing the front of his trousers. “Move your hand away from your trousers!” Paula demanded in a very strict voice. “NOW!” she barked like a strict sergeant major making me jump and the hoodie obey instantly. “If you want these” she shook her firm raised bust making it jiggle from side to side in such a highly alluring manner I had to stop myself throwing myself at her in pure lust. “Orrrrraa!” he moaned loudly full of pent up frustration to which she just smiled with scorn. “You have to get past these” she made her mighty peaked biceps twitch which he viewed with worry.

“Orrrraa n..not..poss…Orraaa!” he groaned like a crazy man as my mother in-law used her well-developed pectorals to make each breast seemingly bounce and twitch independently in a highly erotic dance. “Nnnooo nnnooo nnnoo” he moaned loudly in a lust crazed state torn between rushing forwards and grabbing those titanic boobies with the amazing pec control and no doubt stick his dick between them and blast her with cum and weighing up the possibility of getting past those enormous biceps first. “You wouldn’t survive 5 minutes with me in the bedroom, little boy” she taunted. The stiff bulge in the front of his trousers was beating and thrashing wildly. I must admit that I was not in much better shape struggling with resisting the urge to unzip my trousers and wank off in front of her. “Looks like you’re going to cream your pants if you don’t act soon” Paula teased while those huge breasts kept dancing.

“Let’s see if this will speed things along” with that she brought down her arms bringing her clenched fists together in a broad sweep as if hugging someone. Slightly leaning forward with those pecs tensed, she seemed to flex every muscle in her body from head to toes. Her traps bulged like big biceps between her neck and shoulder caps which themselves bulged looking ripped and shredded as did her huge biceps, triceps and formidable forearms. The top of her chest too, either side of the start of that long cleavage, also resembled the join of two shredded pillows. Her quads and calves too bulged with enormous power. “N…Nooo Nooooo Nnnnargghhhh Nnnnargghhhh Nnnnargghhhh!” the hoodie moaned in disbelief at the sheer amount of muscle on display as Paula hit a most muscular pose before cumming heavily in his trousers. I was struggling to hold on. “Do want to give your mother in-law a hug, Jim?” she asked with a seductive growl while flexing the most insane amount of shredded pumped up muscle that I’d ever seen. The end-result was the same. “Orrrrrrrahh nnnnnnarrr nnnnarr Nnnarghh!” I moaned loudly as a powerfully strong orgasm blasted what felt like bucket-loads into my pants.

“Oh look at that” she laughed wickedly dropping the pose. “Reducing one not but two younger men into cum fountains at the same time” she laughed loudly then took her jacket from me turned on her heels and walked off in the direction of the car. I stood there for a moment feeling drained and highly embarrassed by the sopping wet patch at the front of my trousers.

Part 2. Honour thy Mother in-law

With embarrassment, shame and damp pants, I sat in silence unable to think of anything to say as I navigate the car around the roundabouts and interconnects to escape Central MK. Finally I mumble an apology for my actions. “Think nothing of it dear” Paula chirruped “It’s only natural to be attracted to your mother in-law” Only because her huge breasts are more prominent now she has lost weight and has a massively powerful muscular body that makes me lose all self-control whenever she flexes it, I thought but kept it to myself. “Men are much more attracted to me now that I’ve lost a bit of weight”. Ever since you decided to wear tight tops with plunging necklines.

I became distracted as Paula stretched out her short meaty shapely calves to rub some tension out. “Eyes on the road” she admonished before I got too engrossed in the way they wobbled under her hand. “Jim, there is something I’ve been meaning to tell you” she began in a serious tone “You remember I work as a night security guard at a former military base?” [JIMP#22]. I remembered. She proceeded to tell me how a U.S. Black ops team got onto the base, now a scrap metal yard. Scared for her life she accidentally discovered a hidden research facility. I didn’t ask what happened to the commandos as I knew that she could take care of herself so assumed that they came off worse.

Sounding uneasy, she told me her suspicion of illegal genetic research. When she mentioned cabinets full of notes marked property of Project Gabriel, I perked up. I had come across the name several times before and the U.S. Military also pressed me on the subject [JIMP#56]. “No doubt now in the safe keeping of The Sisterhood ” I muttered. She didn’t answer but went on to describe how whole walls were covered with genealogical charts stretching thousands of years with links to a much shorter list of extraordinarily long-lived women. A chill went down my back as I thought of the ancient female race known as The Supervisors. “It’s them isn’t it?” she asked seeing my expression. “Impossible. According to legend they were created without the ability to have children” I replied. “According to the charts, one did” “The Angel of our conception gave us false hope” I remembered the ancient one’s words [JIMP#62]. Paula’s face went ashen then hissed “Jim! her link went right to your name” She paused then said the name that nearly made me swerve off the road “Angel”.

Paula asked me to pull into a small wooded picnic area off the old Bedford road. I thought that she needed to recompose herself after her revelations I know that I did. I had put off investigating Project Gabriel for so long I wondered whether the Paris investigation [PANTYHOSE #1] had been a ruse to distract me. Removing her jacket and leaving it in the car, Paula got out and walked around to the front looking at the woods. Although her family knew that she was in The Salvation Army, only my Sister in-law, who was also a member, and myself knew that she was part of the secretive Militant Wing. Possibly only I knew that she was also a member of the near-mythical Sisterhood of Anahita who controlled the affairs of men across the globe on behalf of the aforementioned Supervisors.

I got out and joined her. There were no other cars around or signs of other people. “There’s a secluded glade over there by those trees where we won’t be seen by passers-by” she said. “Won’t be seen for what?” I asked with concern. “It’s admirable to be faithful to my daughter, but how often do you get it? Not very often I imagine” she stated bluntly. I noticed that her big nipples were fully erect and began to panic. “Eh, we really should be getting back” “I’ve seen how you keep looking at my tits. I know you want to plunge your cock in there” she said with a knowing smile. Automatically my eyes followed hers as she glanced at the long deep cleavage between her wide plummeting breasts then wished I hadn’t. Jeez they were enormous and began a stiffening in my groin. “When I was punishing that thief you couldn’t get enough of my muscles. You was kissing me passionately, wanting me, wanting to get deep inside me and give me a ruddy good seeing to” “I er…” This wasn’t a conversation that most men wanted to have with their mother in-law. She stepped close to run her finger over my chest. “When I hit that most muscular you came with such vigour I knew I wanted you to do that inside me” “Y..you’re my mother in-law” I protested as she backed me against the bonnet. “Better me than a stranger” Her face moved close “I have needs” she lowered her voice to a sensual tone “I have very big tits and very large needs to match. You are going to fulfil them in that glade this instant”

Her large face glared, daring me to disagree, her huge wide busty shelf pressing against my chest. “Kiss me! Kiss your mother in-law” she demanded. Paula is not pretty or an attractive woman. I just couldn’t bring myself to kiss that large blockish face. I saw the anger flash in her eyes at my hesitation. “P..Paula I’m flattered but…Warghh!” I yelped as her big rippling muscular arms seized my right arm in a grip of steel and twisted it right up behind my back in an excruciating hammerlock and slammed my chest upon the bonnet. “I don’t give a feck what you think sissy-boy” She growled forcing my hand right up between the shoulder blades so hard that I thought she was going to bust my arm. “I’m horny as hell after teaching that yob a lesson. I want a blooming big orgasm and you are going to give it to me like a good son in-law or I will take it by force”. I was shocked by her aggression and forthright dominance which was frankly more than a little scary and, I hate to admit it, turned me on.

“Arghh!” I cried fearing my arm was going to be torn from its socket as Paula twisted my arm towards the side of the car controlling my body as I slid off and went down onto my knees at her feet. “I am your mother in-law, Jim” she said sternly standing over me with legs astride. “And you will do as I command” unbuckling her skirt she let it slide to the ground. Her awesome quads were barely an inch from my face and looked frighteningly massive. Before I could respond Paula pushed my head between her huge thighs which immediately clamped around my neck. On my hands and knees stuck between thighs much larger than my head I was looking right down the back of her short chunky legs to her big flaring hard chiselled slabs of calves just below my nose. Of course I just had to feel them, marvelling at their humongous size and rocky hardness. They had been huge and strong to begin with, developed through many years of carrying her enormous obese weight around upon her short legs. Very large, short and shapely. Now through her regime to lose weight and firm up that strength was visible as large dense highly developed double-arrow headed muscle. The sensual sheen of sheer nylon emphasised the deep cleft between the calve heads and their amazing definition. Up so close, they were really turning me on.

“Oh Paula” I groaned “Your calves are the best”. When Paula gets grumpy she becomes a right bitch. “I suppose you want to kiss them, stick your dick between them and let me give you a calve-job? “Oh yes please” I moaned. “Well tough!” she snapped. “This is all you are getting” Suddenly her calves swelled under my hands getting wider, deeper and harder pushing my fingers out to accommodate their phenomenal expansion. “Please Paula, Arghhh!” I cried out clenching my eyes as her legs thickened around me turning iron-hard like a car crush. Caught in a reverse standing head-scissors between my mother in-law’s massive muscled thighs I knew instantly that I was in trouble with a capital T.

“Mistress to you or Mistress mother in-law, yes that sounds right” her voice was steely hard. Her hamstrings swelled up upon either side crushing their way over my ears flattening them painfully to the sides of my head. As they expanded to terrifying solidity they also compressed my cheeks. “Orrggh!” I groaned. Too much, her legs were much too much. “Ohhhh!” Hell! She was much too much woman. “I could knock you out in seconds if I wanted and you know it” I heard her over the big walls of hamstrings slamming against the sides of my head like ocean tankers crashing in on a rough sea. “Ohhhh!” I groaned loudly, my mouth barely able to move because of the ferocious pressure being exerted on either side of my jaw. My hands tugged desperately at the back of her knees to stop the terrible pain but her legs were as solid as granite pillars carved with shapely elegant curves and sheathed in sheer black nylon. Below my eyes, her wide spade-blade like calves bulged like rocky cliff edge cut in ebony.

“You really have no idea how much it turns me on to see how distorted my legs can make a man’s face” Dear God! I really didn’t think I could take any more of this. “Orrrrrrr yesss!” a loud orgasmic groan left her lips. “It really gets this old lady’s juices running”. Her enormous legs were just too strong. “I could squeeze and squeeze until I cum” She said with a yearning that sent shivers down my spine. Yes and crack my skull in the process, the thought terrified me. Although I had an absolute rigid boner in my pants I was in excruciating agony. “It makes me so horny even thinking about the power I have in this big old body of mine when once I was just a tub of lard”. “Orrr! p..please arghh!” I yelped as she began raising her feet then banging them down sending her huge thighs pounding against my neck and skull over and over in bursts of power that dazed my senses and bruised my neck. It felt like being caught between the plates of a large industrial hammer repeatedly slamming into my head intent on crushing it flat. “Cry for my scissors, Jim. Come on say Arghh!” “Arghh!” I yelled as she clenched her thighs around my head and squeezed so hard that I saw stars as my vision blurred right out and a loud buzzing filled my ears. “Look how red your face is turning” she chuckled cruelly. “Nnn..ooo n..noo arghh!” I frantically tried to shake her fearsomely solid legs feeling so helpless to do anything to stop this powerful old woman. The intense squeeze stopped only to be replaced by more skull-crushing pounding as the short squat mature woman jolted and snapped her short massive thighs reducing me to a blubbering idiot screaming for my life. “A married man should respect and worship his mother in-law” she stated boldly coldly ignoring the neck-crushing cranium-bending distress she was causing. “And I demand a lot of worship, Jim”

The brutal crush stopped although I was still trapped fast between Paula’s massive thighs looking down at her enormous calves. “I can knock out any man I want with almost any part of my body” I heard her say as I felt a gentle pulsing around my neck. It was like a nice gentle massage for my neck after the brutal torment it had been through. “That’s my inner thigh muscles” She explained. Suddenly the clenching around my neck got a whole lot stronger blurring my vision, threatening to knock me out with every rhythmic flex. “They are as strong as steel cables” She boasted as I clung onto her legs trying to hang on in there. It was like her inner thighs were like scissor blades trying to cut into the arteries in my neck and send me to sleep. “They can knock you out with just one twitch if I wanted”. With that her inner thighs flexed once more and this time remained flexed embedded deep within my neck. “Urrrr!” I felt woozy. I only closed my eyes for a moment but when they re-opened I was shocked to find myself face down on the ground.

I was suddenly hit in the face with something material-like. Intuitively I knocked it away with my hand only to find it was a very large pair of still warm women’s knickers. “Now get up and over to that glade now” Paula ordered in a firm voice. Without giving me a chance to obey, her thick rippling arms reached down towards me. I had no time to evade her as she grabbed hold of one side of my neck with one big pudgy hand. “Argh!” I cried as her other hand slammed right between my legs. In awe I found myself being lifted horizontally face down right off the ground. “Treat them mean to keep them keen. I always say” She remarked as she raised my body level with her voluminous bust before a terrific surge of raw power pressed me up over her head and held me there. For a few moments I admired the thick powerfully muscled arms rippling with dense swollen power-packed muscle as they held me aloft while looking down at that vast expanse of bust and the long deep cleavage. I’m over 15 stone yet Paula’s mighty arms pressed me overhead without the slightest tremble.

Lowering me behind her neck, she rolled me to lay with my back across her very broad shoulders. “Feel the power of your mother in-law” she said as she proceeded to walk towards the clearing. “You wouldn’t stand a chance if you got on the wrong side of me” A big palm clamped upon my jaw while the other slapped down upon my thigh. “Cross me and..” “Arghh!” I screamed as she pulled down at both ends bending my back around her shoulders. “I’ll snap you like a twig” “Arghh!” “Are you going to cross me Jim?” “No! No!” I yelled at the pain in my jaw as her left hand pulled it down while her right hand pulled down my legs. Driven by her massive powerful biceps she was bending me like putty while walking. “No no!” I cried as white-hot shards of agony seared my back. “Phroar! I feel so strong, I could just break your back for the hell of it” she chuckled. “Argh! Arghh!” I screamed as she bent me backwards like a U-pin around her wide shoulders. “Who is mother in-law’s little bitch?” she sneered showing no mercy. “Ahhh! I am I am!” I cried fearing that I was going to pop a vertebra or two.

I gasped as her right hand slid from my thigh to my crotch and unzipped my trousers. “My strength really turns you on, Jim. Look how hard you are” she chuckled. “Look!” she exclaimed as she began stroking my dick and it hardened under her hand. “I could bring you off in seconds in my hand. Would you like that?” “Oh yes please” I groaned. “No. I know something better” her arm slid between my legs until I felt something large and firm against my dick. Suddenly the large mass seemed to swell and become much larger and turn rock solid. I felt it peak and realised she was flexing her biceps against my dick. The knowledge and sensation of that massive muscle that had demonstrated so much man-destroying power bulging against my manhood as she pumped it over and over was electrifying. It bulged then waned, moving from large and firm to titanic and rock-solid. It wasn’t long before it took me over the edge. “Orrrrrrrr nnnnnnaarrrr nnnnarrr!” “That’s it! Cum over my powerful biceps, Jim!” she chuckled “Worship my power”

“I’m not carrying you the rest of the way to that clearing” Paula told me releasing my legs then shrugging them from her very broad shoulders letting them fall down her back while holding onto my left arm to slow my descent. I thought that she meant for me to walk the rest of the way, which was fine by me as I could try to work the agonising cramps from my back. But the small ferocious pit-bull of a mother in-law had other ideas. I should have suspected something by the way she leant slightly forwards sticking out her broad ample backside. As my toes touched the ground, I was spooned against her squat body with my groin pressed up against her big buttocks. Even through her skirt I could feel her hard glutes like large cannon balls. Although I had just came, the sensation was enough to re-awaken my ardour. Her backside might look like the backend of a bus but what she could do with it was mind blowing. “Orrrr! Amazing” I groaned as the powerful buttocks squeezed life into my dick as it lay in the valley at the back of her skirt.

Momentarily she straightened up lowering my feet flat on the ground. “Woah!” suddenly I found myself flying through the air riding Paula’s wide hips. My head tumbled rapidly towards the ground as my legs followed on behind. For a brief moment I was falling helplessly with Paula’s thick muscular arms around my waist keeping me in contact with her hip as my body rotated vertically around it. Her other hand was around my wrist steering my fall as I broke contact with her torso and went plummeting towards the ground. KABLAM! “Arghhh!” I arched my back as the top of my shoulders slammed hard onto the grass. Laying stunned with my head by Paula’s feet I looked up at her thick stockinged legs standing over me. I found it an immense turn-on that a short stumpy heavily-built mature woman, who at first glance you wouldn’t expect to do any exercise or sport, could throw a much taller man around with ease. It was hard to believe that she learnt Ju-Jitsu when she was in the Air Force when she was much younger before she put on excess weight.

“Get up!” she commanded giving me a kick with the toe of her shoe while cruelly twisting my arm to force me to my feet. I had barely risen when she stepped in front holding onto my arm before quickly going down on one knee pulling it over her shoulder as she did. “Woah!” I flipped over her crouched body in a blinding blur, my senses in a daze as my body did a full 270 degrees in less than a second. BLAM! “Argh!” my back hit the grass once more.

The power-lust in her eyes was scary as she stood up and extended a finger towards me lying at her feet “Up!”. Giving me no time to comply and with a hungry eagerness in her eyes, her formidable thick rippling arms reached down. Her hands grabbed the front of my shirt and in a single smooth move with slight bulge of her biceps hauled me completely off the ground to stand before her. Immediately Paula fell backwards pulling me down with her. Her skirt fell back exposing the stocking tops circling the girth of her huge thighs as her foot came up to bury itself in my gut. As her broad back hit the grass then rolled, the top of her left thigh folded back towards her chest with the lower leg bent at the knee carrying my weight, completely airborne. The short thick powerful leg straightened as momentum carried me forwards looking down at the stocking tops and suspender belts as powerful shapes bulged in the sheer black nylons sheathing her massive thighs. “Woah!” a monstrous surge of female leggy strength added significantly to my forward momentum launching me away at dizzying speed while my head flipped underneath my legs. “Woah!” the trees spun around at tremendous speed. BLAM! “Arghh!” my back re-acquainted itself with the ground.  The stomach throw is probably the sexiest throw a woman can do to a man especially if she is wearing a skirt to show off those feminine legs as they exert a feminine power and elegance while demonstrating her superiority in fighting. That she was my mother in-law just made it more humiliating and exciting. I heard her heavy footsteps approach and looked around stunned by how far she had thrown me.

“That was a good one” she said with pride. “No more please” I begged as I tried to scrabble to my feet. “Oh yes Jim. Lots more” she declared “I’m going to throw you all the way to that glade”. And she did! head rolls, hip throws, spinning wrist throws, shoulder throws, foot sweeping throws and others I didn’t know the names of. Oh and more stomach throws or Tomoe-nage as she instructed me while performing it for about the third or fourth time. I couldn’t remember. The petite squat mature woman was throwing me with such rapidity then hauling me to my feet with her big muscular arms to throw me again that I was in a near-permanent daze. Yes I was aroused by the sheer dominance of my mother in-law and her overwhelming skill at ju-jitsu against which I had no defence but my back felt like she was going to put me into traction by the time she had finished.

Too dazed to realise what was going on, the final throw came as she stood in front of me, gripping my arm over her big bust. She held me so tight against her back that when she suddenly bent forward, my stiff dick travelled upwards through the channel in her skirt formed by her large buttocks. I probably would have came if in the next instant I wasn’t flying over her shoulder for another back-bruising slam against the grass. KERBLAM! “Argh!” my back arced from the ground in extreme agony. “Orrrgh!” I grunted in surprise as Paula dropped by my side and draped her thick heavy legs over my neck and chest trapping my arm which she proceeded to pull backwards over her crotch. The side arm-bar is a painful enough hold to be in and embarrassing when applied by a woman as she could literally break your arm with her crotch. More so when you can feel her silky stockings against your arm. Applied by a heavily muscled woman like Paula was excruciating. Her thick arms rippled with bulging muscle threatening to rip my arm from my socket while her crotch felt like a small bulldozer pushing against the back of my arm which was going to break like a twig. All the while her short heavy legs pressed down upon my chest, her thighs swelling up close to my face. My arm seemed so weak, thin and insignificant between those humongous thighs. The power in those legs was evident as those massive quads and hamstrings bulged with raw unstoppable strength. Formidably huge massive slabs of muscle sheathed in black nylon that pressed down with such strength that I feared my chest and neck would break. “Argh! Argh! Argh! Please enough!” I screamed afraid that she did not know her own overwhelming strength and would break my arm at any second. “You are ready to honour your mother in-law in the manner that she demands?” she growled. I felt her crotch begin to rise against the back of my arm. “Yes yes anything” I babbled terrified that my arm would shatter in an instant.

To my relief she released my arm, however she quickly moved to sit high upon my chest pinning my arms beneath her wide knees. “Orrrrr!” her vast weight compressed my chest making it hard to breathe. Looking down with a look of smug superiority with her hands were upon her hips. Pinned beneath her squat heavy body the sight of those big shoulders and thick arms writhed with veins and bulging with power was intimidating. I was shocked to see her hairy pussy then remembered her throwing her knickers in my face back at the car. “Give me a real good honouring, Jim” she demanded. Not taking her eyes off me she raised her right arm and bent it towards her head with the fist clenched. The huge dense peaked biceps that grew there was warning enough. With her legs spread wide as she straddled me it was hard not to stare at the lips to her sex. There was no doubt what my mother in-law wanted and my dick throbbed at the sight and the thought of the task ahead while the more rational part of my brain warned about plunging my face between those mammoth muscular thighs.

“Why, you’re sweating buckets, Jim” she observed. “You better not be having second thoughts about servicing me” she said flexing her biceps again in warning. “Mmmmm!” I groaned into the suffocating clamminess of her bare crotch  as her vast weight slid over my face with those huge walls of muscle on either side. As her feminine musk assailed my nostrils I knew there was no chance to buck her off even if I wanted to, she was just too heavy. The folds of her crotch enveloped my face like a sex-starved face-hugger. When a big heavy woman begins to ride your face like she intends to erase it off, sliding her slot over your nose and grinding it down against your lips there is no chance of escape. With enormous powerful thighs either side of your head ready to crush down in encouragement, you do what you have to do to survive. “Mmmmm, Jim!” she groaned as I closed my eyes and stuck out my tongue. “My pleasure is your command, Orrrrr!”

I’m sure that you don’t want all the gory details. All you need to know is that she rewarded me by guiding my hands to hold her massive bouncing breasts which was very stimulating. Although her powerful thighs gave me plenty of painful motivation, clamping down hard upon the sides of my skull every now and then to remind me who was in charge as if I didn’t know. Let’s just say that moment finally arrived that I had been worried about. “Orrrrr Orrrr Oh Feck!” she moaned loudly as she began to buck her big hips at a faster pace while plunging my face deeper into her slot as if she intended to swallow it whole. “Mmmm! Mmm!” I began to scream into her pussy as she stopped for a moment to moan loudly as she approached orgasm when the muscles in her body involuntarily tensed. “Ohh ohhh feck” she moaned as titanic thighs clamped  onto the sides of my face and sent huge waves of terrifying power crushing down upon either side of my poor skull. “Orrrrrr Orrrrr!” she moaned as the vibrations of my screams stimulated her even more and resumed riding my face at a more frantic pace. This happened several times more, each time her thighs tensed even harder as her moans of pleasure got louder as did my screams of skull-splitting agony before setting off again at an even faster pace. This was one woman who really could kill you in the bedroom and I was deep at the messy end praying that my skull would hold out.

By the time she came, Paula was crying out orgasmically so loudly that they must have heard her in the next village. “Ere, sounds like that phantom sex-she-beast again” “Ooh eye! Lucky bastard!” Paula became a wild woman on my face coming so hard that I couldn’t keep her taste out of my mouth. She went ballistic thrusting heavily back and forth across my face trying to rub it out while cumming hard sliming me while her enormous thighs squeezed uncontrollably hard. When she finally opened them, panting heavily, I was a blubbering wreck. I knew that it would be several days before I would be able to stop tasting her and weeks before the wet dreams about her.

“Wow, Jim!” she said between pants as she slid back to sit across my chest “That was a good bit of honouring for starters” Starters! My head was hurting too much to attempt to answer. A saucy smile spread upon her wide lips reaching back to take hold of my erection. Yes, all that satisfying my mother in-law had given me a raging hard-on. Any slack caused by the brutal hard squeezing was soon being stiffened by pumping her hand with practised skill. “Orrrr!” a soft groan escaped my lips as Paula’s hand worked it’s magic. The thing that I’ve learnt about my mother in-law during my various ‘close encounters’ with her over the years is that she has a very large sexual appetite. I don’t know whether she was like that before losing weight and gaining muscle but now she has the power to make men satisfy it. Paula glared at me as she squatted over my dick with her legs wide. Without saying a word she pointed to her hairy pussy. Paula is no beauty but my dick gave a strong lurch of pure lust. Without hesitation she plunged down impaling herself. I let out a gasp of pleasure as I felt her old pussy flex and grip my cock so tight that my balls began to swell until they ached for release.

As a member of the Sisterhood, she had highly-developed vaginal muscles as developed as her external muscles. Pure fantasy you say, but it’s the honest truth. Women in some parts of India develop their their love muscles to perform what is known in the Kama-Sutra as the “Mare’s trick” where they clamp down hard on a man’s member locking it inside them until they’ve milked them dry. With skills like that, Paula was a demon in the bedroom and the temptation of sexual peaks of sensation that I was too weak too pass up. Did I feel guilty and ashamed for being unfaithful doing it with my mother in-law? Yes but with Paula demonstrating her amazing ability to completely a man with her Ju-jitsu and muscular body on not one but two men and after getting aroused by honouring her pussy, I was too far gone with lust to apply self-control. Besides once you’ve been ridden by a dominant woman using her love channel to encompass your erection in a fleshy glove of writhing muscle, ordinary sex is a pale imitation and you always yearn to experience her once more, like an addict.

I won’t bore you with the details but needless to say this was muscle-woman sex. Paula was in total control, her skilful control of her flexing internal muscles building me up to bursting point then clamping down hard to bring me back down without cumming before starting all over again. In between, her writhing channel would guide my aching dick into her g-spot where she would cum in massive noisy screaming multiple orgasms riding me so hard she was nearly pounding me into the ground. In complete control she used me as her dildo denying me release until she was completely satisfied and boy did she take some satisfying! By the end of it I was a gibbering wreck pleading for her to let me cum and when she did boy! It was absolutely mind-blowing. Her powerful writhing vagina pumped me to massive multiple orgasms one straight after another that I thought I would have a heart attack.

Absolutely shagged out by her amazing sexual powers I had to lay on the grass for nearly half an hour before feeling that I could drive the car back home. Paula didn’t seem in the slightest bit guilty but I was racked with guilt and trying to think of some plausible excuse as why we were so late and why I looked absolutely exhausted. “I’m sorry dear but your mother made me stop so she could repeatedly take me over and over again” “That’s nice dear. Your dinner is in the oven” Somehow I think that wouldn’t go down well. Now you know why I said that I just couldn’t trust myself to be alone with my mother in-law.




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