Schoolgirl Judo (PANTYHOSE#6)

Thug gets a humiliating lesson in unarmed combat from teen schoolgirls

I wanted to break away from the martial arts women in a dojo scenario so came up with sexy teenage schoolgirls demonstrating their Judo skills in a backalley :0)
(c)Jim P 2016

“KAPHAT!” Ahmed spat out a nasty gob of chewed khat onto the floor of the squat. “F*ck!” he swore holding the upturned bottle of spirits and shaking it as if to double-check it was empty before hurling it angrily across the room. It smashed against the wall. Shards of broken glass rained on the terrified migrants huddled on the floor. “Ain’t you bastards got any more drink?”. They just stared back wide-eyed and scared of the raging Ethiopian with the big muscular build, crinkly aged features and scraggy beard. “Answer me you c*nts!” He glared with his eyes wired with the stimulant. “You don’t understand a f*cking word do you?” he raged. “You’re keen as sh*t to be smuggled into Europe yet you can’t speak the lingo!”

There was no point asking them for money because they were bonded slaves working off the cost of their shipment to The Moroccan. “Wankers!” he swore pulling himself to his feet then heading towards the door. “I’m going to get some more booze” he told them “and a white girl with a cute face, big tits and a f*ckable arse” then slammed the door. The morning light assaulted his eyes as hit the streets. He knew that he should wait until late afternoon when the mid-winter darkness would provide cover but he needed a drink. Besides, the small local supermarket was only a few streets away. Sticking another wad of khat in his mouth, he began chewing as he walked down the road.

“KAPHAT!” he spat out the tasteless lump onto the pavement before entering the supermarket. Passers-by looked disgusted but one look at his evil glare quelled any protest. Ahmed headed straight to the rear aisle where bottles of spirits sat on a high shelf like forbidden fruit alongside the dirty magazines. His eye ran over the titles “Female Bodybuilding” “Women and Strength” “Women’s Judo” “Mistress” He didn’t understand what the pervs saw in such trash. What sort of man got turned on by women that were stronger than him or could fight back? He looked along the row and his hand hovered near “Barely legal incorporating big jugs and gapes”

At that precise moment a couple of schoolgirls turned into the aisle. CRAP! Instinctively he pulled back his hand feeling his face flush making it obvious what he was reaching for. He fastened his attention to the bottles of alcohol praying that the brats would go away. But they didn’t. The girls, one brunette the other a golden blonde, kept staring at him silently trying to look tough and hard. In fact the blonde was very pretty with a small oval face, a sleek nose, luscious lips and clear blue eyes that could melt the heart of most men. Her hair was worn loose falling in soft waves caressing the sides of her face to tumble well past her shoulders. The brunette was a smouldering temptress with high cheekbones, seductive brown eyes enhanced with mascara and a pout that could stir a man’s loins. She wore her long hair high off the forehead. Both were teenagers in the later stages of school, around 5 foot 7 tall with lovely slim figures. One glance told him that they were normal working-class girls without the cultured sophisticated arrogance of daughters of the rich ruling elite. He appreciated how their tight white blouses stretched over nicely developing breasts as they thrust from their small waists like twin horizontal pyramids. The top button was undone with the striped school tie loose and untidily askew. Their smart blue blazers carrying the school badge seemed tailored to emphasise their hour-glasses figures. The navy pleated skirts were both cute and very short allowing Ahmed to lustfully get an eyeful of shapely long legs sheathed in sheer tan-coloured nylon. PHROAR! They had great legs and he loved how their heeled black shoes raised the heels to emphasise long sensual curvaceousness.

“Why don’t you take a photo you dirty old sod? then you can wank off to your heart’s content” the sultry brunette said giving him a hard look. With his ears burning, Ahmed didn’t say a word and turned his attention back to the drink watching from the corners of his eye as the leggy girls opened a refrigerated drinks cabinet. Their giggling drew his attention and saw them deliberately bend forwards really low to pick up some cans thrusting their small compact backsides in his direction. With a rising member his gaze was fixed upon the long nylon-sheathed legs. His heart began to beat faster as the lower parts of their buttocks came into view as the pleated skirts rose at the rear. He now had a full hard-on aroused by the sight of the skimpy thong knickers tightly moulded to their crotches beneath their pantyhose. Oh God! They were really begging for it! As far as he was concerned any girl dressed and acting provocatively like this was up for a good banging.

A burst of laughter from the girls with their eyes glancing in his direction made him look away irritated by their childish behaviour. He saw them whispering conspiratorially flashing him the odd glance before the pretty blonde approached him wide-eyed and smiling trying to look sweet and coy. “Get us a bottle mister” she said in a low voice. “Not unless you’ve got some money” he replied smarting after their silliness. “Oh come on, handsome. I’m sure we can think of some method of payment” purred the brunette seductively approaching and running a finger up his chest leaving an electric trail of goosebumps. Jeez these girls were both natural beauties and wanted it bad. Ahmed was more than happy to oblige when the voice of the Pakistani shop keeper cut in. “You two girls. I’ve told you before. Stop annoying my customers. Pay for those cans then get out of here” “Don’t even think about forgetting that bottle, old man or I’ll kick your arse and totally humiliate you in front of my friends” the blonde leaned in and hissed giving him a tough hard look that belied her pretty youthful face. Ahmed watched the backs of their long legs on display almost all the way to the bottom of their backsides coupled with the sensual swaying of their hips as the young harlots walked towards the till.

Sighing and dreaming wistfully about what could have been Ahmed selected some cheap and nasty Russian vodka that was probably 90% meths and followed suit. Leaving the shop he finds a group of schoolgirls hanging around outside the door but thinks nothing of it. Suddenly a leg sticks out and trips him. As he stumbles the bottle is snatched from his hand. “You’re drunk” comes a familiar voice. Looking up he sees the backsides of the two girls from the shop. With skirts hitched high they shove their small tight peaches towards him before smacking them twice sharply with their hands. “Thanks for the bottle, mister” the blonde giggles before they run away followed by a giggling gang of girls.

To say Ahmed was pissed was an understatement, leaping to his feet he gave chase as they ran down the street then turned into a side-alley. The alley was nothing more than a footpath between the sides of some buildings that led to the next street at the far end. Lounging around the middle of the alley were the group of girls. Delinquents by the look of them, he thought to himself. They saw him as he walked towards them but showed no fear or worry at his appearance. “Look it’s the old pussy that brought us our vodka” the blonde from the shop said. “Cheapskate! Go and buy us something better. This is knat’s pee” the sultry brunette demanded. “You stole my bottle now you will give me something in return” Ahmed demanded his eyes ravishing the girl’s slim shapely body and oh-so-long legs.

The sultry brunette spoke up, her brown eyes burrowing into his loins as her expression hardened. “Just turn around and walk away old man before you get hurt” He can’t take his eyes from her sexy nylon-clad legs or the slopes of her blossoming breasts. “You, what’s your name?” he asked. “Roxanne, not that it’s any of your business” “Don’t put out the red light” sang a pretty red-head until cut-off by a knife-like glare. Ahmed didn’t understand the reference. “Well Roxanne. I am a trained commando. I hurt guys for a living. You should be afraid of me. You will give me what I want” He said with his eyes focussing on her crotch area so that there was no mistake. A chorus of girly laughter wasn’t the response he expected. Roxanne faced him with a tough look. “Well mister tough guy. We ain’t whores so you can bugger off home with your horny tail between your legs” that caused more laughter directed at him. “We know your type. A dirty old man who wants sex with schoolgirls whether they want to or not. If you don’t leave us alone I’m going to so kick your ass you’ll be crying for your mummy” that received a tumultuous roar of approval.

Roxanne’s laugh became a gasp as the man lunged for her. As the big muscular brute looms over her, the teenaged schoolgirl shows no fear. Just as his large hands reach out to grab her, he is stopped in his tracks as she smashes her fist straight into his face. WHAP! He stops in amazement that the girl had the guts to punch him. WHAP! Her fist connects with his face again WHAP! and again! “Now look..” WHAP! she kept hitting him. WHAP! Ahmed stood there in shock that a girl would hit him WHAP! Her punches at first just an annoyance had begun to gain force increasing in power actually causing his head to jerk back. Irritated he tries to brush her right arm out of the way to stop her punching him only for her to throw up her forearm to block it and punch him with her left fist WHAP!. Grabbing the front of his shirt with one hand to hold him still, she continues to slam more punches into his face WHAP! “Stop it!” he shouts knocking her hand from his chest and giving her a glare that stopped most guys in their tracks. WHAP! still she punches him again and again pummelling his face with her small fist with increasing strength while girlish laughter mocks him. Her fresh face is hard in concentration as she throws punch after punch WHAP! He tries to move out of her way but she keeps following him gleefully slamming in her fist. WHAP! She might only be a girl and he a big mountain of a man but her punches are getting stronger and the cumulative effect is starting to take effect. WHAP! To make matters worse her impressive forward thrusting bust bounces around in a very distracting manner that proclaims her femininity. Angrily Ahmed begins to throw jabs intending to knock her down then take her but becomes increasingly frustrated as his punches hit nothing but thin air. The girl is quick and nimble with the pleats of her short skirt swirling around the top of her thighs as she easily avoids his fist making him look foolish as he swings his arms wildly to the amusement of the watching girls. He misses again only for her to pop up close while his arm is overextended to slam her fist into the side of his jaw like a sledge-hammer whipping his face hard to one side. BLAM! Before he can pull back his arm she ducks beneath and runs her hand across the front of his trousers in a long groping feel fondling his dick which stuns the man into inactivity before she runs behind him.

“Look at his face, it’s so embarrassed” the blonde points out to the amusement of her friends. Before he can fully turn around to confront her, the saucy brunette runs back. Putting out his hand to stop her he is surprised when she seizes his right wrist. With a sharp twist she rotates his forearm into a painful position and secures it with an excruciating wrist-lock. He is stunned, not knowing what to do as her other hand flies to his groin and begins stroking his dick through his trousers. “I may look sweet and innocent but you will soon realise that I can turn you into a moaning gibbering idiot as you wank yourself off in frustration of only being able to look but not touch my young fit body” she teased seductively as her firm fingers massage him stiff. For a moment, he just gives in and enjoys the sensation until he becomes aware that the giggling and guffaws of the watching girls has become a chant of humiliation as his erection grows. “Hard on! Hard on!”. “No! Stop!” he gasps as he battles with his emotions. He is in conflict not knowing whether to try to hit the girl to make her stop or enjoy her hand job. The girl is so hot with her fresh-faced looks, smouldering come-to-bed eyes and a figure he just wanted to pull into his arms and have a good feel. “Look he’s got a flipping boner already!” “I bet he doesn’t last 5 minutes before creaming his pants” “Hard on! Hard on”! His trouser tent-pole was getting so stiff that he wanted her to bring him off yet he knew that she was playing him. “Orrr you will not leave me wanting, girl. I will make sure you finish the job with your pussy” he growled in between pants of desire.

A flash of anger in her eyes then he was yelping as she pulled herself close along his twisted arm. “Is that so?” she growled softly. My balls! They always go for the balls! was his flashing thought as the hem of her short skirt lifted fanning out the pleats. The sun-light glistened off the sheen of her nylons as her knee soared faster than his free hand could move to protect his groin. In a heartbeat her knee passed his groin rising higher with a cheeky glimpse of white panties beneath the gusset at her crotch before slamming into his unprepared gut. WHUMP! Caught off-guard he was shocked to feel his much-vaunted washboard abs give way to her knee as it drove it’s way into his belly. “Mmmmmmarr!” his cheeks ballooned as he tried to hold in the explosion of breath and failed. In horror he found himself unable to stop creasing forwards around his middle, humiliated by a schoolgirl in a single move. “That’s so funny!” He heard the laughter and comments mocking his manhood as he folded up, involuntarily looking down at the beautiful legs that seemed to taunt him with what they had done.

The sexy nylon-sheathed pins turned around and with a yelp of pain he found his captive arm pulled swifty over the girl’s right shoulder. Pulling the front of his body tight against her back, the short pleated skirt rose at the back exposing the lower part of her small tight buttocks with the seat of her tan pantyhose clinging tight. Orrr! He groaned mentally as he felt the rounded peach push into his groin. The momentary contact was electrifying enough to make his dick lurch as he was forced to his toes. The next instant he was airborne flipping over the girl as she executed a textbook shoulder throw. A brief sensation of being loaded onto the back of a much smaller lighter girl, then his head was hurtling towards the ground as his whole body rotated over her slender shoulder. His flight was controlled by her grip upon his arm and the ground came up much too fast to cruelly slam into his back. BLAM! “Arghh!” Ahmed knew how to fall but the surprise of being thrown by a mere girl caught him out.

Barely had the pain shot along his spine than the girl, still holding his right arm, thrust out her nylon covered peach provocatively bending back his arm the wrong way against the side of her buttocks. “Gyaa-aah!” he squealed as his elbow almost shattered as she quickly forced him to his feet. Turning her back to him she pulled his arm over her shoulder. To his amazement she placed his hand upon her right breast then gave it a naughty squeeze. “Does that feel good?” she purred. With his groin pulled tight against her backside and his hand upon her soft breast it felt good indeed. “I bet you can’t believe that a mere schoolgirl like me managed to throw a big tough guy like yourself?” she purred softly. No, he couldn’t believe it. “Then believe this!” with that she swiftly bent forwards, thrusting her backside into his groin. Once more he felt his feet leave the ground and the erotic sensation of his groin sliding up a girl’s backside as she loaded him onto her back before tossing him over her shoulder for a quick tumble through the air before slamming once more upon his back on the ground.

Without pause, the teen girl dropped down close to his side. He was fascinated as her right leg formed a sensual tan-coloured arch across the top of his shoulders. With her legs so slim and curvaceous he was tempted to run his free hand along the nearest to adore it. That quickly turned to concern as the calve folded back against the left side of his jaw and felt the weight of her left leg across the middle of his chest. He heard the rasp of nylon and felt her thighs on either side of his upper arm as she pulled it straight with the back of his arm pressed against her lovely front. “Argh!” he cried as her crotch pushed against the back of his upper arm as she pulled down on his wrist causing his arm to bend backwards in a manner that it is not meant to. At the same time her legs pressed down upon his chest to keep his back against the ground. Ahmed was stunned to find himself on his back in a side-street trapped in a side arm-bar by a teenaged schoolgirl. His eyes adored the long sweeping curve of her semi-tear dropped shape calve draped over one side of his jaw with the pleats of her very short skirt bare inches from his face. A tantalising rounded curve of a buttock peaked out beneath the raised hem. The sight was a turn-on and the little smile she gave told him that she knew it. It was a constant reminder of his humiliation by a teenaged temptress with the laughter of her friends ringing in his ears.

Except for the discomfort in his arm, Ahmed could have lay there all day watching those lovely young legs and that glimpse of buttock but she was publicly humiliating him and where he came from that meant the man showing the woman who was boss. He looked forward to sinking himself right inside her for she was a real hottie and dressed the way she was, she was practically begging for it, wasn’t she? With a much greater bodyweight, she wouldn’t be able to keep him pinned. But as he tried to raise his torso he found her right leg closing tight around his jaw then slipping to clamp his throat in the crook of her leg which folded like a hinged vice. The silky smoothness of her nylons was soft against his skin as the pleats of her short skirt fanned out in a very feminine manner scant inches from his eyes. “Look girls, someone is getting excited about getting his arse beaten by a girl” someone exclaimed causing another outburst of soul-destroying girly laughter. “Urrghh!” now as she pulled back on his arm, the back of her right leg pressed down upon his throat choking him while the ligaments in his arm screamed in agony. He was sure he could feel his elbow grinding towards shattering. It was almost as if she knew what she was doing. No! he couldn’t let himself be humiliated in unarmed combat by a mere street girl.

Twisting and turning he was determined to break free and do so without breaking his own arm. He managed to turn towards her although she was equally determined to keep him under control. He was shocked to find that it was a hard fought struggle as the girl skilfully countered his every move. The girl’s face seemed alive with the excitement of grappling with a much larger stronger older man. Yet he managed to get to one knee and get his hand close to her throat before she raised her hips high sending shooting pains through his captive arm. “Judging by that bulge in his trousers, I’d say he loves it Roxanne” a young voice piped up from the crowd. Ahmed forced down the nagging thought that this mere foxy looking schoolgirl was actually displaying skill in Judo or Ju-jitsu. Using his muscular legs he powered himself to his feet although stooped over. The sultry brunette clung on to his arm while trying to hook her legs around his head in a triangle arm-bar. Jeez! The girl really was a tough determined fighter. Despite her legs battering him around the head, he managed to knock them away before they could lock on. “Ride him cowgirl!” a girl crowed as the big man powered himself straight lifting the girl off the ground as she clung onto his arm while hanging upside with her lovely calves either side of his neck.

The pleats of her skirt fell back from her legs under gravity like an umbrella getting blown inside out. The sheer tan coloured pantyhose covering her shapely sexy legs all the way to the gusset was exposed as well as the skimpy white panties that she wore beneath. “’ere he’s looking up your skirt at your knickers, the dirty old sod!” someone cried. Ordinarily that would have been a sight to inflame his lust however the girl hanging from his arm was trying to push her torso away from him horizontally trying to use her weight to pull him back to the ground and rip his arm off in the process. In horror he found his upper body being pulled forwards under her weight. Suddenly he went with the flow slamming her back against the ground. “Ouch!” she shrieked but clung on grimly determined to pull him down. His thick muscular arm strained under her weight as he desperately slammed her again and again in quick succession as she shrieked every time her back hit the ground until she finally lets go.

Panting, Ahmed stands up but had hardly taken a step forward when he found himself face to face with the pretty blue-eyed blonde. The breath caught in his throat at the sight of her developing breasts pushing forwards stretching the front of her blouse tight like twin thrusting torpedoes. The tiny pleated skirt also showed off a stunning pair of sensational legs. “Hi, remember me?” her breathy voice made his heart race as bright blue eyes bore into his soul from such a pretty girl-next-door face that he wished he was many years younger so he could fall madly in love with her. “I’m Chantelle and I don’t like what you did to Roxanne” Before he could utter a word the hem of her pleated skirt twitched and a tan coloured blur streaked out towards his groin. The toe of her shoe shot beneath the apex of his thighs as her leg swung upwards like a baseball bat. Her shin slammed into his groin like a guided missile with the sleek lean thighs momentarily hardening and rippling with power at the moment of impact. WHUMP! “Arghhh!” he yelled as raw aching agony flared in his balls.

The next instant she stepped forward and grabbed the front of his shirt with both hands. Before he could comprehend what was happening, she raised a bent leg and planted her foot firmly on his groin. He yelped as the heel dug into his aching ball sack. He watched in gob-smacked astonishment as she quickly leant away from him and fell towards the ground pulling him down with her. He watched the pretty teen fall before him and although he knew what was happening his brain refused to believe it worrying that his massive bulk would crush her beneath him. Her back rolled on the ground raising his body up at the end of her leg. For a brief moment he found himself almost horizontal, a big heavy man looking down at a slim teenaged girl suspended in the air by nothing except a long slender shapely leg clad in tan pantyhose. The next instant he was sent flying away, tumbling with his head arcing towards the ground past her head as the rest of his body flipped overhead. The knowledge that he was being thrown by a mere schoolgirl made it strangely exhilarating and stiffened his manhood. This time he managed to prepare himself for the impact with the ground. WHAM! “Orrragh!” that the blonde schoolgirl had executed a flawless stomach throw on him at speed left him in no doubt that these two young girls were skilled in Judo or Ju-jitsu.

Ahmed quickly got to his feet only to find that the blonde had got there first. Pressing her slender nubile body against him made him weak at the knees and wanting to take her in his arms and kiss her passionately. For she was very desirable looking and so cute in that white blouse, tie and small skirt. Her blue eyes were captivating, that slender nose, the way her blonde hair softly framed her face, the way her luscious mouth moved when she spoke “Back on the ground where you belong, sissy boy”. Her right hand gently stroked the top of his chest making his heart beat fast. The feel of her hip as she turned the side of her body against him made his dick soar. Her felt her hip move and the next instant the back of her calve slammed against his in a very fast back-kick that swept his foot away beneath him, lifting it high off the ground in front of him. At the same time she seized his right wrist with her left while giving him a mighty shove backwards with her other hand. “Woah!” he yelped as he went over backwards travelling over her hip. Her backward kicking leg continued to lift his leg up high enabling her to rotate his body vertically around her hip very rapidly. For a brief moment he saw his own feet high up above him before he slammed into the ground. BERLAM! “Orrrrph!” the impact knocked some of the wind from him and he began to feel overwhelmed by the fighting skill of this sweet looking schoolgirl.

The gorgeous blonde leant forward looking at him sprawled upon the ground by her feet. “Aww!” her luscious mouth made a mock soothing sound. How could a girl so sweet be a skilled fighter? “I thought you said you were a trained commando, Ha! Now look at you, ready to cry because you’re being beaten by a girl” she mocked. “Wait until I tweet to his mates what I did to him” she turns to address her friends. From his position on the ground he gazed up the backs of her long nylon-sheathed legs, adoring the small hard diamonds in her calves. His eyes homed in right up the back of her short skirt to the sight of skimpy white panties beneath her pantyhose tightly moulded to her sex and compact tight buttocks. He had to have her! Leaping to his feet while she shared a laugh at his expense with her friends, he was upon her before she even realised. Grabbing her from behind he pulled the shorter girl against him using his greater height and strength to resist her efforts to bend forward. Laughing as he enjoyed groping her breasts he thrust his groin forward against her backside getting harder by the second as her tight hard buttocks rubbed this way and that as she frantically tried and failed to escape his clutches.

“Orrrrr Lord!” he moaned loudly as she suddenly started grinding her backside into his groin. “Orrrr! That’s right babe!” he moaned as she gave him a standing lap dance in the middle of the street. “Orrrr! You want a piece of Ahmed alright”. She wriggled away driving him mad with desire. “Nnnarrrr arrrr arrrr!” He moaned loudly as he gave three big thrusts of his crotch against her backside. “Oh my god, that’s hilarious!” laughed one girl “He’s just creamed himself over your arse!” chuckled another. “”What a pathetic loser!”

His reactions too slow from his climax Ahmed felt her swift back-kick through the movement of her buttocks. Her lower right leg snapped upwards bent at the knee before the sole of her foot pounded the base of his scrotum while the heel stabbed his shaft. WHUMP! “Arghhh!” he howled in pain, instantly letting go of the young blonde temptress and slumping over her slender shoulders. Immediately he felt her buttocks push back against his groin as she seized his right wrist and held it against her chest. But he had no time to enjoy it as Chantelle bent forwards at the waist so sharply her bust pressed against the top of her thighs. Ahmed was whipped over her shoulders at such blinding speed that when his back hit the ground a millisecond later he had almost passed out. BERLAM! The powerfully built man lay on the ground with his eyes rolling unable to focus trying to fight the dark fogginess that threatened to overwhelm his spinning senses.

He frantically tried to focus when the blonde dropped down by his head with his wrist still held in a strong lock. Fearing she was going to try to put him in another side arm-bar he began to struggle, trying to grapple with her only for her to quickly wrap her legs around his head. To his embarrassment he found himself on his side looking down the back of her legs with the rustle of nylon against his ears. “Arghh!” he groaned as her slender legs flexed around the sides of his neck with surprising strength. The blonde teen then added to his misery by bending his arm behind his back using her left arm as a fulcrum to lever it as she twisted the lower part of his arm agonisingly. “Hah! You’re such a wimp for letting a teenaged girl kick your ass!” he heard her laugh “You’re not man enough to do anything about it, Hah!” With her lovely nylon-clad thighs squeezing firmly around his neck while she tortured his arm behind his back Ahmed once again found himself experiencing conflicting emotions. Being scissored between the lean strong legs of a gorgeous teenaged schoolgirl was quite a nice place to be. That is if it weren’t for the agony she was inflicting on his arm and the humiliation of the mocking laughter of the watching girls. “Hard on! Hard on!” He struggled to free himself with just one hand by prising at her legs while rocking his body as much as he could dare without breaking his own arm in her arm-lock. “Orrr!” he groaned shocked as the girl’s slim legs turned steely hard to put down his resistance. “All that moaning and groaning. I think you like it really” she teased. It was hopeless, he began to despair, unable to escape the leggy embrace of a mere schoolgirl.

One of the other girls, a tall busty pretty red-head with a microscopic pleated skirt and very long legs removed a shoe and thrust the sole of her foot into his face. “Go on. Kiss it or I’ll break your arm and knock you out cold” the blonde warned. He didn’t want to but the blonde’s tight reverse head-scissors kept his head clamped firmly in place beneath the red-head’s foot. “Kiss it Mister I’m a commando” The blonde schoolgirl taunted pressing his high right up between his shoulder-blades. “Ahhh ahhh no no please no you’re breaking my arm!” he screeched “And I care what exactly?” she replied in the coarse dismissive tone of the street. “That’s right sissy. Kiss and lick my feet” the red-head demanded as he reluctantly obeyed to the jeers of the other girls. “OMG! He’s actually doing it!” one girl exclaimed in excited amusement. “Come on sissy! You can do better than that. Kiss and lick the bottom of my reinforced nylons with more humility” Trying unsuccessfully to ignore the rough taste of the nylon soles with his face held against her foot he kissed them continuously. He looked up at the long-legged red-head who soared over him towards the sky like a young Goddess while the mocking and jeering of the youthful audience enhanced his shame. “Look at that bulge in his trousers, he likes it!” “Hard on! Hard on!”

Bored of their little game, the blonde used the wicked wrist and arm-lock to force Ahmed to his knees. Level with her slim hips she hitched up the side-pleats and thrust the side of her right buttocks against his face. “Go on sissy. Kiss my arse now and do it right or I’ll snap your arm Like kindling” With her smooth rounded buttock before his face with the nylon sheen reflecting the light this was one bit of homage he was all too happy to indulge in. “Cor! Steady on mate you’re going to wear a hole in my pantyhose at that rate” she cackled. Oh Lord he really wanted teach this lovely blonde a lesson then feed her inches while humping the living daylights out of her. Without warning she turned forcing him to rise slightly sliding an arm around his left shoulder as she bent sharply and whipped him over her hip with dizzying speed. One second he was kissing her lovely nylon-covered peach the next he was speeding through the air his big bulky body flipping over the hip of a small schoolgirl at mind-scrambling speed. BLAM! “Arghhh!” the ground came up much to soon. The speed and ferocity of the throw scared him. Flight or fight instincts kicked in and he was up on his feet before he had even thought about it, fleeing towards the mouth of the alley where a busy Parisian street beckoned and freedom.

He tries to run but his way is blocked by Roxanne. The sultry brunette was trying to look really tough but it just made her more smouldering and desirable. “Running away from schoolgirls again, sissy man?” she sneered “Do I take your breath away?”. The right arm of her smart blue blazer twitched milliseconds before a blue lightning bolt streaked towards his stomach. He tensed his abs barely in time. WHUMP! WHUMP! Her fists struck his upper belly one after the other just beneath the sternum. WHUMP! WHUMP! Without pause her fists hammered against the centre of his muscled belly. Angry at being humiliated the big man threw a punch towards her head but the girl ducked beneath it and drilled two more quick-fire jabs against his gut WHUMP! WHUMP! and two more even before he could withdraw his arm. WHUMP! WHUMP! “Pphhhh!” he hissed as the girl hit his belly like beating a drum. The constant need to keep his abs taut against the rapid barrage of punches was taking its toll WHUMP! WHUMP! “Orrghhh!” slowly wearing down his abs to jelly. WHUMP! WHUMP! each set of punches seemed to get stronger driving deeper into his gut causing him to spill his breath while their constant beat like a fast metronome preventing him from topping up his breath.

With a sweet innocent smile the lovely brunette stepped forwards with the pleats of her short skirt fanning open. Ahmed was captivated by her beautiful face and wonderful smile. Then her knee powered against his gut WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! Her knee pounds low on his abdomen then works on up to the middle then the top. The pleats of her skirt fly around the top of her thighs as her knee jack-knives up and down repeatedly in a non-stop rhythm with the light reflecting the nylon sheen. “Worghh!” he groans as his abs turn to sponge. Much too much! There was no way his abs could stand up to that kind of punishment. To humiliating laughter the sultry brunette is merciless as her hard knee pounds his taut hollow belly like a drum. Hammering out every last bit of breath in his body. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! crippled with stomach cramps Ahmed is horrified to find himself helpless to stop her. No more he wants to beg but his voice no longer works as his diaphragm cramps up. He just wants to curl up and die in shame. Gut-busted by a mere schoolgirl.

Suddenly the brutal barrage against his wrecked gut stopped. Roxanne held onto the front of his shirt as his chest spasmed up and down in a desperate but futile attempt to start breathing. With a wicked smile on her young luscious lips her sultry face came close to his and examined him close before declaring “Yes. I do take your breath away”. Then hungrily she began licking the side of his face and neck while her right hand slipped to the front of his groin and enclosed the stiff trouser-snake which hardened even more. Her tongue flickered all over his face leaving an erotic trail of electric sensations. A sudden loud inhalation of breath escaped his lips as his chest swelled and he threw back his head with his mouth wide while thrusting his groin against her hand. The watching girls broke into wild applause and whoops of victory. “Oh dear, you’ve made a mess in your trousers again. How embarrassing” she chuckled scathingly.

Without warning her right arm slashed down. WHOCK! The edge of her hand chopped to the side of his neck making his body twitch at the shock to the nervous system. Temporarily paralysed he watched helplessly as the young girl slipped an arm around his waist while the other seized his wrist. She looked so young and sweet as she turned her side into him, the hem of her skirt rising as she pushed out her slim rounded hips. Once more he was flipped with incredible speed over her hip almost blacking out again. BLAM! “Oooffffff!” the hard impact of his back against the ground knocked his system back to breathing again.

Ahmed became aware that he was surrounded by a forest of legs under a canopy of cute pleated skirts so short they barely provided any modesty. Sheathed in sheer tan-coloured nylon pantyhose they all seemed to be perfect flawless long legs flaunted on such a scale left him drooling. “Oh dear, the big sissy doesn’t know whether to run home to his mummy or wank himself silly” He looked up to see the pretty blonde Chantelle stood next to the sexy brunette, Roxanne, with her hands upon her hips looking down upon him in amusement. Ahmed reluctantly knows now that he is no match for the fighting skills of these young girls. “Please no more, I’ll give you anything you want” he sighs in resignation. They laughed at him “You’ve got nothing we would touch with a bargepole mister”. She looked so young and sweet. From his place on the ground looking up along those wonderful legs to the tiny skirts and the curves of their buttocks as they looked down with arrogant amusement, his dick soared into a new erection. Oh God! These bad girls were hot. Of course they noticed. “Hard on! Hard on!” began the mocking chant again. “Such a naughty wimp playing with himself in public” admonished Roxanne. Her mouth seemed to pout every word sensuously “You know what happens to naughty wimps don’t you? Yes you do They get beaten up by hot schoolgirls like us” she laughs. “The ultimate humiliation for a man” adds Chantelle.

“Those posh tarts you ran away from are pussies compared to us” [pantyhose#5] the sensual brunette said. A bottomless pit seemed to open itself up in the base of his stomach and he gaped at her in stunned silence. “Don’t look so surprised, sissy man. You’re so dumb you didn’t even realise they put a tracker on you before you fled. Abandoning your mates like the spineless coward you are leaving them behind to be beaten up by a bunch of snobby schoolbitches” she sneered. She stepped closer so he had to strain his neck to keep watching her adorable face “Well we’re going to finish the job and show those rich bitches how it’s meant to be done”. She leant forwards bringing her mouth to his ear, her hot breath stiffening his dick making it lurch with every word “You are going to sign a confession to all those young girls you’ve raped over the years” “No!” he gasped in horror, a big muscular man rearing away a teenaged girl in the school uniform. Her eyes widened “Don’t argue with me or I’ll kick your balls so hard you will need an operation to retrieve them”

“No!” Ahmed was up on his feet and running heading towards what he thought was the weakest link in the chain, a petite pretty blonde who must have been only 5 foot two although perfectly proportioned with it and who was not wearing any shoes. The pretty brown eyed teen didn’t blink or fall back in fright as he expected her to. With a cold calm manner, the hem of her skirt flicked up as her knee shot up fast in front of her before the leg snapped straight driving her foot straight into his gut. WHUMP! The front kick stomped the sole of her foot hard against his already-weakened gut. “Orrrrgh!” He groaned as the small girl’s foot plunged right through his abs and deep into his belly. “That’s it Emilee, kick his arse!”

Horrified to find the wind knocked from his sails by such a petite schoolgirl he desperately threw his big fist at her face. Swiftly she bent back letting his fist pass over her face by barely an inch. Immediately her right leg shot out with the pleats of her skirt fanning out as it soared high and arced like a lightning fast guided missile towards his head. WHAP! The top of her foot hammered the side of his neck just below the ear. The pleats of her short skirt rested on the upper part of her backside giving him full view of her tight rounded buttocks and the thick gusset at the crotch. The next second the same leg had bent back and kicked another lightning bolt towards his head. Despite her lack of height, her leg was long enough to power the sole of her foot into his mouth with what felt like the speed of a bullet. BLAM! He tasted blood in his mouth as the little girl’s nylon-clad foot delivered a shockingly powerful kick that whipped his face right around from one side to the other. “Arghhh!” he groaned staggering blindly away from the source of the pain.

A pair of small hands latch onto his right hand and wrist and with a sudden sharp motion thrust his hand into the air. His vision clears in time to see the the short girl by his side holding his right arm above her head height in between them. The next second she whipped his hand forwards in a tight arc. “Woah!” his big bulky body was whipped off his feet and flipped very fast like a Catherine wheel, spinning so fast that everything was blur while the small girl held onto his arm. BLAM! “Orraghh!” he groaned as he spun into the ground, his back arcing up in the middle with the pain of the impact. The big muscular man then fell back as he lay groaning as his senses spun wildly knowing in shame that a petite schoolgirl had just whipped him with a spinning wrist throw. Oh God! They shouldn’t teach Judo to schoolgirls. It should be banned.

Once again he finds himself surrounded by a forest of nylon-clad legs and very short skirts. Roxanne quickly seized his wrist and stretched his arm straight pointing upwards at an angle towards her. “No, no, arrrghh!” he yelped as she bent back his hand at the wrist. “You’ve already met Eloise” she told him with her eyes wide and bright with her mouth in wide smile. The tall leggy redhead from earlier pushed her shoeless feet between his legs then slid one foot beneath where his ball-sack lay inside his trousers. As his free hand reached towards her ankle to remove her foot he stopped shrieking in pain as the brunette bent back his stretched arm the wrong way over the inside of her thigh.

The stunning blonde appeared in his vision looking down at him like some kind of heavenly vision. “Resist and Roxanne WILL shatter your so bad it will never heal properly and you’ll be left with a permanent reminder of how you were totally destroyed in a demonstration of real girl power by a few schoolgirls”

The coldly smiling redhead placed the heel of her other foot on where his shaft lay and began stroking it. “Orrrr!” he groaned after almost a minute of that. Roxanne, spoke up. “We owe a lot to Madame Michelle. She taught us how to defend ourselves from creeps like you” “It made us top dogs at school too but that’s a pleasant side-effect” Chantelle chipped in. The brunette continued “The point is she told us about this cool technique called the feminist kick” “It’s worst for a man than getting his balls busted” the blonde added. “Yes. It can castrate or kill a man but she hasn’t taught us it yet as she says we are not mature or responsible enough” “But she showed those posh bitches how to do it” Chantelle added angrily. “Orrrr!” he couldn’t help another groan as the redhead continued massaging his dick through his trousers with her foot getting him so hard that a small tent rose up for all the girls to see. “Hard on! Hard on!”

“However we think we’ve worked out how to do it as Eloise will now demonstrate” His eyes went wide with horror and a protest stuck in his throat as the leggy redhead brought the heel of her right foot down hard upon the base of his shaft while pushing his balls up with the top of her other foot. “Arriiiiiiiieeee!” he screamed at the top of his voice his heart and soul pouring grief into that cry. His family jewels were cruelly crushed between her heel and the top of her foot like cracking walnuts with a hammer. “Oh you big crybaby!” Chantelle chuckled as tears of agony filled Ahmed’s eyes. “If you don’t want to know what happens when a group of girls kick you in the nuts at the same time from different directions, you better sign that confession right now”. “Don’t do it mister!” “We want to kick your balls off!”. Weeping and ruined Ahmed knew that he had no choice and nodded his submission.

As he signed, Chantelle and Roxanne gave a teasing display of removing their pantyhose, sensually rolling them down their long slim legs. “What’s wrong sissy? Are your balls broken?” they mocked his inability to be turned on. The pretty blonde proceeded to crumple hers into a ball while the sultry brunette stretched and twisted hers into a sort of rope. “Open wide” the smiling blonde said then without waiting for a response dropped down driving her knee onto his aching groin. WHUMP! “Arghhhhmmmm!” His cry of pain was cut off as the nylon ball was stuffed inside his mouth and tied in place with the pantyhose rope to which was attached the signed confession.

“We’re bored of you. You’re no fun. You can’t even make us work up a sweat” He watched the young firm shapely body of the brunette as she spoke her dismissive words. “Before we phone the Gendarme, we’re going to put you out cold” she said. The thought of being knocked out by a mere schoolgirl was too humiliating to contemplate. Before he could push himself off the ground to attempt to flee again, a pair of nylon-sheathed legs snaked around his middle from behind. The calves folded tight across the front of his belly as Roxanne’s weight pulled him back to the ground in her leggy embrace. “Mmmmm!” he yelled into the nylon gag as the brunette’s long thighs turned as hard as steel crushing his sides painfully. His hands flew to her thighs and was horrified to find sleek muscular shapes beneath the silky softness of her nylons. “Mmmm! Mmm!” his hands pushed and tugged at her slim legs trying to break her bodyscissors but quickly found himself locked in a new threat.

Her right arm hooked itself around his neck with the throat caught in the crook of her arm. Before his hands could fly to his neck, the girl had secured the headlock in the crook of her left arm which clamped vertically along the side of his head. Her left hand was on the top of head pressing it forward forcing his neck into her right forearm. “Mmmkkkk!” the girl’s slender arms locked much tighter than he imagined those of a teenaged girl could. He knew he was in trouble when he felt the pressure on the carotid artery and his throat cutting off both circulation and blood supply to the brain, depriving it of oxygen. At the same time her strong legs were scissoring his sides with the back of her calves pressing into his stomach limiting the amount of air he could get into his diaphragm.

Mercy! He tugged at her forearm trying to break the hold but she knew exactly what she was doing. Becoming frantic, he tugged at her legs but despite their slender appearance both were as solid as a rock and even a big muscular man like him couldn’t budge them. He had to accept the horrifying truth. This pretty teen schoolgirl was putting away an experienced soldier with an expertly applied sleeper-hold. Already he was losing focus in his vision and feeling giddy. “Ooh look! The whites of his eyes are showing. Gross!” “Ooh! His face is turning crimson!” He knew how it must look, a big bulky muscular man on the ground being completely dominated by a petite schoolgirl in her uniform putting him away with a sleeper hold/body-scissor combo. “Hard on! Hard on!” he heard the chanting as a loud buzzing filled his ears. He didn’t realise that he was getting aroused, he could hardly think straight. What’s so erotic about getting knocked out by a schoolgirl’s arms. Urrrrrghhhh His hands slipped from the girl’s slender arms tight around his neck. Too much!, much too much! He felt a warm gooey wet patch spread across his groin to the cheer of a gang of schoolgirls as he slipped senselessly into a deep dark sleep.

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