Bobby’s Birthday Surprise (BOBP#06)

Bobby is outmuscled by his younger gymnast sister & foolish enough to box her

I had to write another story about Bobby’s younger gymnast sister and her muscled friends

By Jimp from suggestions by MK
(c)Jim P 2016

With a yawn I pull back the bedroom curtains, squinting as the strong June sun came streaming in through the windows. I like summer in England, I look forward to it, it’s my favourite day of the year. My name is Bobby Priest and today is my birthday. Mum and dad had driven out to the fens for a long walk and wouldn’t be back until late. I was going to get the boys over to play some loud metal and down some beer. Girly chatter and squeals from the garden told me that Jackie had other plans.

Peeking from the bedroom window I saw that the garden was full of girls. Due to the warm weather, they were wearing tiny skin-tight sleeveless halters and small shorts or briefs. As a growing lad, I was of course interested in girls. However I preferred them my age not kids a couple of years younger or less. Only these weren’t ordinary girls, I pondered as a couple threw themselves into a perfect rock steady handstand. They were from my sister’s gymnastics club, all of them serious athletes with a steely determination to compete and win at the highest levels. Dedicated with the tunnel vision focus of a professional these girls worked their bodies hard from an early age in order to achieve perfection and therein lay my problem. You see I had discovered that I had a fetish for women with fit muscular bodies. I love the look of a feminine looking woman who can flex rock hard muscle. Why was that a problem? Well out in that garden were a dozen or so of the counties’ best female gymnasts, scantily clad super-fit teenaged girls with bodies that would make many female bodybuilders green with envy performing exercises of extreme flexibility and stamina that would give boys like me a raging hard boner in next to no time.

It was embarrassing enough that younger girls could give me the raging horn but these were fresh-faced wide-eyed girls with bodies that no young girl should possess. Worse of all it was my little sister, Jackie, who had awoken these feelings when I wrestled her [BOBP#1] and she totally humiliated me in front of my mates and then in front of the whole school. That’s when I discovered how overwhelmingly strong a female gymnast is and, to my shame, how turned on I was by the experience.

A creak of the floorboard outside my open bedroom door and I whirl around to find my sister standing there with a wide smile upon her face. “Spying on the girls, Bobby?” she spoke in a soft voice. Two years younger than me, Jackie only stood 5’1″ to my 5’9” but was built like a small tank. As she stepped into my room without asking I felt intimidated by her short stocky athletic build. “I..I wasn’t” I cursed myself for sounding nervous. Her smile got wider. Jackie looks so sweet when she smiles at you that you find yourself smiling back. Long golden hair swept back behind her left ear while tumbling softly caressing the right side of her face. I tried to remain calm as she approached with a calculating smile. Jackie reached out and ran a finger along my chest leaving a tingling trail as her small blue eyes locked onto mine from atop a small slender nose. “You sure you weren’t about to jerk one off” she said softly. “Don’t talk like that!” I snapped shocked by such language from my little sister, feeling my face blush at her accusation. Jackie stepped into my personal space and I instinctively stepped back to find myself against the bedroom wall.

You are probably wondering why I am so nervous of my younger sister who is a pretty little thing. She might be short but she has that classic gymnast build. You know, the one with the huge broad shoulders with the large trapezius muscle sloping from her neck and the massive rounded shoulder caps with thick heavyset arms. This heavyset upper body tapered in a definitely feminine manner to her waist before curving back out to her hips. Her body was the female equivalent of a heavily armoured truck developed through many years of competitive gymnastics. It was all the more intimidating due to a tight Lycra halter and a skimpy pair of briefs which showed off big solid arms with a thick vein running down them; a deeply chiselled six-pack abdomen; and big heavy strong looking legs. I on the other hand am not the sporty type which made me feel strange confronted by my short hulking younger sister.

“What the?” I gasped as Jackie aggressively thrust her crotch forward so that it was pressing hard against my groin. It was strange to be pinned up against a wall by a girl’s crotch, oddly intimidating and aggressively sexually dominant. It was something a girl shouldn’t do, certainly not a sister to her brother. I’m just a guy and embarrassingly my body began to react in a manner that it shouldn’t. Her right hand cupped my chin forcing me to look at her, with a solid swell in the middle of her upper arm. “Don’t pretend you don’t like me touching you there” she teased “You are coming outside into the garden, Bobby. I’ve got a present for you”. “No, stop that!” I gasped as her crotch began rubbing against me and I stiffened further. “Or you can stay here and I will make you cum in your pants. You know you can’t stop me” she chuckled. My dick actually hardened with those words and part of me wanted to say “yes please”. Most boys would in my position but then she wasn’t their sister. She might look all sweet and innocent but I knew that the brat would have no hesitation in embarrassing me like that. “OK I’ll go down to the garden” I replied hoping to get this over with quickly so I could call the lads over. She actually looked disappointed “Never mind. Maybe later” she sighed. “Orrrr!” I moaned out loud as she pressed her crotch hard against me and gave one large thrust upwards riding my stiffness like a monorail track. I sweated profusely as I nearly came prematurely. “Cluck cluck” she clucked with a cheeky smile as she tugged my right cheek with her hand while withdrawing her private parts.

Feeling terrible that I responded to her like that I followed her downstairs. Looking at Jackie from behind, she had the kind of exaggerated hour-glass figure that on female bodybuilding websites would leave me drooling. Her heavy broad shoulders with the big sloping traps tapered dramatically to a slim waist before curving over her hips. As she walked, her wide back rippled with large irregular muscular shapes like a rocky contour map. Lowering my gaze her tight rounded buttocks were clad in a skimpy pair of briefs cut disturbingly high on the hips. Oh God! Female gymnasts have the sexiest arses imaginable especially when clad in clinging Lycra. The rigid dirigible forming inside my trousers made me feel ill about how my sister’s densely-built body could turn me on.

“Wotcha Bobby” “Hiya birthday boy” a chorus of girly welcomes greet me as I step outside. A dozen or more teenaged girls crowd around me surrounding me with a sea of short girls who are on average two years younger than me but their strong power-packed bodies prevented me of thinking of them as annoying little brats. “Who’s your favourite Bobby?” “Anything you fancy?” Everywhere I look are thick strong bodies with broad shoulders, veined arms and chiselled six-packs. These girls are showing a phenomenal amount of muscle which makes me feel inadequate as a boy yet turned me on like crazy. There were quite a few good lookers too that I fancied if only they had been a couple of years older. Most had wide exaggerated hour-glass figures and some were pleasingly buxom. I often went to Jackie’s gymnastics competitions to see the girls prancing around in sexy Lycra leotards clinging to their fit sturdy bodies like a second skin and cut high upon the hips. That was sexy enough and kept me up all night replaying every sensuous curve and athletic move in detail, but seeing them so close that I could have reached out and touched them while they exposed vast amounts of skin was a whole magnitude more arousing. I didn’t know where to put my eyes and couldn’t stop staring openly at the amazing bodies all around me.

“I need to put more lotion on before I burn” Jackie remarked. That was another thing, the girls had applied sun tan lotion to protect themselves from burning. The sun reflecting off their glistening oiled bodies emphasised the remarkable muscularity of these young determined athletes. I had to admit their bodies were fit and sensational, chiselled with hard defined muscle like pint-sized statues of near-naked amazon warriors from times long gone with perfect musculature. I was in muscle-topia. All around me were smiling girls with very broad shoulders for their short height, capped with hard prominent rounded balls, faintly striated and with deep indentations leading to their upper arms. I was more familiar with these girls competing clad in skin-tight Lycra leotards but today they wore sleeveless halters that barely covered their breasts and left their arms bare. There was so much firm, hard shapely bare flesh around me that I felt inadequate and uncontrollably hard beyond the point where I could hide it. These girls had arms which were shockingly defined. Brawny and sinewed, the front of each biceps was adorned by an unnervingly prominent vein running down them. The back of their upper arms were solid and thick with well developed triceps. Forearms were phenomenally shaped like those of a tennis pro, tapering from very slim wrists to become very thick at the elbow with hard broad slabs criss-crossed by a network of vine line creepers.

As the girls came up to wish me a happy birthday I couldn’t help marvelling at their amazing taut toned stomachs. “What’s wrong Bobby?” It was Treena, a girl that Jackie tried to set me up on a date with. I refused finding her plain-looking and the spectacles she normally wore and braces put me off. But now as she stood before me in halter and briefs with her hands on her hips my dick lurched hard at the sight of a phenomenal well-defined washboard stomach. As with the girls around her, even without flexing, a deeply chiselled grid-work of tight rock hard interlocking slabs cut up her firm belly. Orrrr! I couldn’t stop my trouser-tent twitching in pure lust. Her arms and legs looked sensationally developed too and I regretted telling Jackie that I wasn’t interested because right now I had a dreadful urge to whip it out and run it up and down that deep vertical groove in the middle of her dense taut abs until I blasted boy-cream all over them. “Wotcha looking at Bobby” she giggled causing those amazing abs to ripple like a belly dancer. Beneath her abs, a tantalising V shape vanished into her briefs. Devil’s Horns Jackie had called them and I could now see why as I struggled with the temptation to pull down her briefs to reveal the rest of it. My eyes fell to her legs. Relatively long and slender for her height, they weren’t as thick  as my sister’s. However they had the sleek sensational curves imparted by developed calve muscles, hamstrings and thighs. Oh my word! I never realised this gawky plain girl had such a sensational body. As she turns around to greet Jackie, I am staring at a rippling back shaped like an inverted triangle. The back of her triceps are highly defined resembling bulging scissors on the backs of her slim arms. I was gob-smacked by the sleek level of muscular definition on this petite girl. “Hi Jackie. I was just wishing Bobby happy birthday” she said looking back over her shoulder at me. “Yes Treena. I can see he liked that” my brat sister replied pointedly looking at the front of my trousers.

Jackie stepped forwards with a big wide smile that instinctively made me smile back as she stretched out her right hand. “Happy birthday big brother” she said so cheerfully that I automatically put my hand in hers. Her fingers enfolded the back of my hand as our thumbs interlocked. I was surprised by how firm her handshake was then was wincing in agony as the pressure kept climbing mashing my fingers together. My younger sister kept smiling while her small hand crushed mine until the bones were grinding. “Argh OK that’s enough” I gasped and tried to prise her hand away. To my horror Jackie simply swapped hands uncrossing our arms grabbing my left hand with her right and vice-versa then began to push back both of my hands. I was shocked to find myself in a finger-lock trial of strength with my little sister in front of a whole group of girls. No way! I wasn’t going to let the blonde dwarf get the better of me this time. Gritting my teeth I pushed back with all my might to force down her arms so that I could then twist them and cause the brat some pain to teach her a lesson. I was shocked to find that her arms were like iron pistons, completely solid and unmoveable despite putting all my strength into it. To make matters worse my own arms were being forced down by a steady force. The only sign that she was putting in any effort was the ominous swelling in her upper arms like someone had taken a bicycle pump to them. The biceps veins had also became more prominent and quite intimidating. “I’m really strong aren’t I Bobby? Stronger than you” she teased while her face shone sweetly with no signs of exertion. Jeez! I was really struggling. No she can’t be doing this to me! She’s not much more than a kid, she can’t be stronger than me. How could I let her beat me? Oh Jeez look at her arms! They had become so solid and bulging I felt weak just looking at them. To my embarrassment my dick was getting harder at the sight of those gently swelling muscles and I had no hands free to hide it. Jeez stop it Bobby! Get a grip. The prominent veins running over her swelling biceps taunt me as her arms force me down. Her grip is so strong crushing my hands that I’m whimpering as I begin to sink down before her.

My face was level with hers when Jackie suddenly pulled my arms wide with shocking force like they were wishbones, pulling my chest tight against her bust. I was staggered to find myself partially crouching before her with my arms pulled wide with her breasts pressing through her halter against my chest. Being stretched across a girl’s bust was a new experience for me which I naturally found exciting even though this was my sister. Jackie’s blue eyes stared continually into mine, never averting, always smiling. It was not the gaze of an adoring younger sister it was an exultant challenge of her physical dominance. Holding my hands she bent her arms upwards at the elbow. Ulp! Her arms grew thicker, expanding twice as thick in the middle then continuing to bulge rapidly even more. At first they became the size of small softly rounded balls of hardness rapidly growing taller and more rugged becoming formidable peaks of feminine power. Jeez! I was gob-smacked by their sheer size. I had seen her flex before but that was some time ago. Now I nearly choked. Oh Jeez how could they be so big? My dick stiffened uncontrollable confronted so intimately close to such sheer power. They were so thick and massive. They were fecking huge. Oh feck! How was a boy expected to handle that? It wasn’t fair! Jackie’s biceps were short in length but had swelled to rocky dense peaks of an unexpectedly massive height for a girl of such youthful appearance. Oh God! She’s too strong! My arms were shaking as I poured everything I had into them yet still her arms would not budge a single millimetre. It was like trying to push over a lamppost. “Come on Bobby, you’re not even trying” she teased still looking cool and calm. The corners of her lips rose “I’m a gymnast Bobby. My body is at the peak of physical perfection” she gave me a knowing wink of amusement as I began to weaken in trying to oppose her arms. Standing there with her arms raised and biceps bulging as if made of steel she continued to pull me tight against her. “I have much harder muscles than you, larger too, and they get a lot of practice. You don’t stand a chance brother dearest. I’m more than you can possibly handle so you might as well beg to worship my big muscles” Her grinning angel face moved closer as she lowered her voice to a whisper “I know that’s what you really like for your birthday”

So close to those unreal biceps that look massive on her small body and totally overwhelmed by their sheer power, my dick is beating wildly inside my trousers. I couldn’t help it. Jackie was a scaled down version of the female bodybuilders and fitness women that I, er, used on websites. She was a pint-sized muscle goddess oozing sheer muscular power and youthful femininity. How could I resist? I didn’t have a chance but to become aroused. “Feck Bobby! Are you about to cream yourself already!” my sister of course noticed. The laughter of the girls burned my ears but I let it wash over me, too preoccupied with trying not to sink straight to my knees within the first few seconds. Her caustic words also caused some deflation in the nether regions narrowly avoiding a spillage.

Jackie smiled with amusement as my face turned red as I put every ounce of strength into my arms to try to push back her little arms. Her tense bulging corded muscles resisted all of my efforts. How could she be this strong? I was older than her and nearly a man. “Down you go Bobby” she said with excitement in her eyes. With that I felt an overwhelming force surge through her daunting forearms through to her hands. I spread out my legs wide behind me trying to stop my downward slide. The all-devouring strength of this little gymnast was sexier by several orders of magnitude than looking at pictures of female bodybuilders on the Internet. Face to face with my sister, feeling her breasts against my chest with the sheer power of her bulging biceps right in front of me was too tactile for my senses to handle. It was like a wet dream come true experiencing first hand the power of a petite gymnast with a top-heavy hour-glass figure covered from head to toe in ripped toned muscle.

With a smug grin Jackie angled her fists towards the ground and I found myself struggling not to go down on my knees. Not only could I see her bulging biceps looking full of fearsome power I could also feel their overwhelming strength focussed through her brawny forearms to her hands. Staring at me with a smug grin as I was stretched across her chest while her muscles looked harder and more rugged than before, I now had a hard-on of epic proportions that felt so tight in its skin painfully pressing against the inside of my trousers as it tried to lift itself horizontal. “Admit it Bobby I’m much too much for you to handle” she teased as her stupendously huge biceps framed her youthful face. “Orrr Jackie!” a groan escaped my lips. Aroused beyond belief by the awesome muscular power of my sister the primal urges of my body overruled my brain and in a moment of madness I struggled to try and move my head forward to kiss her mouth but her muscles were too strong to resist. Part of me just wanted to give in to her to let her totally dominate me. She pouted her lips as if puckering up for a kiss. “Do you want to kiss me, Bobby?” she teased. Her muscular body was driving me wild. “Do you want to feck this body until you’ve pumped yourself dry, brother dear?” Despite the laughter of her friends burning my ears I was like an animal in heat frantically trying to push myself closer but held off by her mighty peaked biceps. Oh God they were so fricking huge they were driving me insane with lust.

The sheer muscular power was overwhelming and I realised in horror that my smiling younger sister had been toying with me, humiliating me in front of her friends. I felt shame and weakness as she powered me deliberately slowly to my knees so that I could bathe in her muscular superiority. A fresh faced kid was outmuscling me with ease and there was nothing that I could do about it while stretched across her chest watching her unbelievably peaked biceps and thick corded forearms drive me down. The muscular power dominating me was somehow very feminine in nature, no, very girly and it gave me a harder cock than I could ever have imagined. Dear God, their so huge! the amazed thought repeated itself as I was forced down the last few inches. Even though she was my kid sister, at that moment she was the most muscular female that I had ever met and the front of my trousers was thrashing around wildly like I had a ferret down there.

Unable to resist my sister’s terrible strength my face slid down the front of her halter over the valley between her small rounded orbs. Reaching the mid-riff below my face began to bump over a rough surface and I realise that my nose is travelling in the deep vertical groove between her rock hard abdominal muscles. My humiliating descent suddenly stops there. With nowhere else to look, I take in the breath-taking close-up of her amazing abs. “Beautiful” I gasp in appreciation of the deeply defined irregular blocks of muscle arranged in two columns of three above her belly button. There were deeply cut lines shooting off in all directions. I knew that the sharp looking lines tapering down from her ribs to her abs were her obliques. They were phenomenally sexy, there was nothing flat about them. “Well. What are you waiting for?” Jackie stared down at me with a smirk. Oh God! I was so turned on that I began kissing those protruding hard slabs with a rising passion. I heard the amused gasps from the other girls. “OMG! You weren’t lying Jackie he really is a pervert” “Feck! You mean there are guys out there who get turned on by muscles on girls?” Treena gasped. Completely lost to the muscle lust I worshipped the amazing grid-work laid out before my face. “Oh Feck! I want one, badly!” “Jackie? Will you share him?” “Feck yeah, Jackie. I want a boy who gets hard over my muscles” Kissing every raised slab, getting my tongue into every groove my dick was so hard my balls full to bursting. Oh God I wanted to do more than just kiss her abs.

“That’s enough of that Bobby. I think you are enjoying yourself a little too much” My sister’s voice cut through my lust-fuelled craze bringing me back to senses. Oh God! What I have just done? There was no further time to think as power surged through her hands forcing me all the way down. My face slid off those incredibly sexy abs and over her lower belly coming to an abrupt end as my face hit the waistband of her briefs then continued down to the triangular bit at the apex of her legs. There I came to a halt with my nose and mouth nuzzling a definite mound with a vertical groove. It took a few seconds for the dreadful truth to sink in. OMG I’m nuzzling my sister’s camel-toe! “Cor, I bet you’d like to get in there Bobby” my super-strong brat sister chuckled as she held me in that embarrassing position. The laughter of the watching girls made my face burn with shame while I struggled in vain to get my face away but her arms were too strong and could only lift my head up for a few moments. Jackie’s voice took on a tone that made me nervous “Well since it’s your birthday. Why not?” Her hands released mine only to grab the back of my head and hold it in place as her crotch moved right over my lower face until my eyes peeked up over the front of her briefs. My nose seemed to be wedged into a tight slot that I didn’t want to think about.

My hands flew to the sides of Jackie’s thighs in alarm. My sister may be short but her legs are short solid and thick. Her thighs seemed bigger than my head. With rising panic everywhere I felt was very firm. “Oh Bobby” she sighed theatrically “I haven’t begun squeezing yet. I’m just holding you in place” she chuckled. I began to sweat. Already it felt like my head was locked in a steel clamp, everywhere I felt was very hard under her silky smooth skin. One twitch of her quads and I was screaming into her crotch. My hands upon the outside of her thighs lurched wide apart as her quads expanded to an enormous size. “Mmmaarrghhh!” it felt like my skull was going completely out of shape between my sister’s legs. They were too strong, much too strong than any girl had a right to be. “I call this the face clamp” my sister boasted over the throbbing of my heart in my ears. “Mmmmaarghh!” my hands clung to the rock-solid unreal shapes bulging in her legs “I hope you like it. I don’t think the senior boys soccer team appreciated it last week when we demonstrated it to them” She chuckled “We had the whole lot of those big macho jocks crying like babies between our thighs!”. I had heard rumours flying around the school that the team had got into a fight with a bunch of bigger guys and had come off worse. “What a laugh! What a bunch of wimps. Are you a wimp, Bobby? I think you are. Answer me Bobby” “Mmmmnnaar!” I screamed as her huge thighs grew even bigger and harder under my hands unleashing mind boggling power of truly terrifying proportions. Oh God she was too strong! her legs too powerful!

Facing upwards with my face clamped against her crotch by her powerful thighs in such an erotic position feeling her sheer feminine muscular power nearly made me come there and then until I remember who this muscular Amazon was. Jackie’s thighs had reduced me to a sobbing mess, completely overpowered by her strong teenaged thighs. Her quads bulged to an enormous size beneath my hands while I was crushed helpless with such raw irresistible power. “Mmmmaarghh!” I couldn’t help screaming into her crotch as splitting pain lanced through my head. “Oh Bobby!” my sister groaned “This is amazing. Ohhhh!” her groaning made me very uncomfortable. Her massive thighs twitched again sending walls of female steel crashing around my skull. “Mmmmmarr!” it felt like my head was going to explode. “Fecking hell. This makes me feel so powerful and so, so PHROARRR!” I realised with shock that my screams into her crotch were turning her on. Oh Christ! I was turning on my own sister. “Feel my legs Bobby feel them bulge as they crush you helpless” Feeling sick with shame I was determined not to scream but couldn’t help it as her quads ballooned like steel Zeppelins. “Mmmmmmarrr!” “Orrrr feck Bobby!” Jackie began making little thrusting motions rubbing herself back and forth over my face. Oh God! This couldn’t be happening. My little sister was raping my face. “Mmmm! Mmm!” my cries of protest and pain were muffled by her crotch over my mouth. “Mmmmm!” I was getting incredibly aroused at being overpowered and used by my own sister.  “Mmmm!” I suppressed the urge to lick constantly reminding myself how sick that would be.

To my horror Jackie seized my hands and placed them on her breasts then forced them to rub them in a rather embarrassing manner. She was just too strong, there was nothing I could do to stop her. “Mmmfmfmmmfmmf!” I protested as she rubbed my face with more vigour. “Mmmm what’s that Bobby? I can’t hear you so what the feck. Ohhhhhh Gooodddd!” she moaned loudly. “Mmmmm! Mmmm!” I was screaming my lungs out into her crotch as I felt the bones in my skull creak and bend. I can barely hold on to consciousness. Too strong, much too strong. A massive load blasted from my dick like a volcano. “OMG! You were right, Jackie! You made your brother cum in his pants!” the cutting laughter of a load of girls made me remember that I had an audience watching this shameful humiliation. The dreadful pain continued to lance through my head, my teeth chattered and my cheeks ached felt like they would shatter at any second. My vision blurred right out forcing me to close my eyes.

“Urrrr!” I opened my eyes to find myself clinging onto one of Jackie’s short but thick bare legs which was bent slightly at the knee. “Jackie! He’s holding onto your briefs. That’s all that’s keeping him up” Treena observed. “Well that’s my birthday present to you, dear brother” I heard Jackie’s voice come from somewhere up above me and realised with a dreadful sense of shame and weakness that she must have knocked me out with her powerful legs. Just as dreadful was what she was doing to me when she did it. I looked up, with a splitting headache, to see my bitch of a sister smiling sweetly at me while flexing her big biceps in victory. “Oh Jackie! So are you so cruel to your brother” remarked Treena “especially on his birthday”.

“Why yes, you are right” Jackie exclaimed. Her six-pack abs rippled gently for a few moments until a cunning look came over her face. “I think we should all give him a birthday kiss” she suggested and before I could object I found myself rising up the front of her firm body which seemed to glow with vitality and strength while I felt weak and pathetic. “Oarghh!” I groaned as her thick arms dug into my back like steel bars as she pulled me tight against her chest in a bear-hug. “Oarrghhh!” the breath in my lungs was slowly squeezed out so I could barely breathe as my sweetly smiling sister gave me a full-on long lingering kiss on the lips. It wasn’t the sort of birthday kiss that you would want from your sister either. It was a full-on mouth assault with her tongue darting inside and wrestling mine. After that brutal face clamp I could offer little resistance but Jackie crushed that out immediately with her strong arms. My hands fluttered weakly behind her back before settling on the rock hard orbs of her buttocks. Oh Jeez she had such a sexy tight arse that I couldn’t help enjoy the feel as she kissed me while crushing me helpless in her arms.

“Pssshhoorragg!” as my sister eased her steel-like grip I was given no time to catch my breath as she passed me to another short stocky girl who immediately drew me into her strong arms and began crushing the stuffing out of me while pressing her lips against mine. I felt so weak and helpless as I was passed like a parcel between the short stocky gymnast girls, girls smaller and younger than myself. The worst of it was that I couldn’t even fight back, they were much too strong for me to handle. Each girl seemed determined to outdo the others by squeezing me like a cuddly toy tight in their arms while giving me a deep lingering kiss that got me achingly hard. It would have been very enjoyable if they hadn’t been holding me so tight. “Arghh! No more please argghh!” “What’s that Bobby? Yes of course you can have a birthday kiss from each of the girls. You lucky boy” my evil sister’s bratty voice chuckled as I was passed along to the next monstrously muscled little girl. “Arrgh!” can’t breath, too strong. Plain Treena was last and shocked me as her slim but rippling arms felt like steel cables being pulled through my body while she tried to lick my tonsils clean, if I had any that is. By the time she had finished with me I was barely conscious and had an erection the size of the Eiffel tower for all to see.

Gasping to catch my breath with my heart beating frantically I just want to go off and hide. As soon as I step towards the house a couple of girls step in front of me with tough looks and raise their arms to flex hard intimidating biceps. I turn only to find more in my way. They also raise their arms and flex with looks on their faces as if challenging me. So much muscle on such little girls. The sight makes me feel weak and stiff at the same time. Every way I turn there are girls flexing their biceps at me. With a feeling like a lead weight plummeting into my stomach I realise that they have me completely boxed in. A sea of girls completely surround me flexing their rippling arms giving me both barrels while laughing at my reaction and my throbbing trouser tent. Jeez! So much muscle and not one lacked in the biceps department or was without a washboard stomach. Jeez! it shouldn’t be allowed. All of them had bigger muscles than I had, even the much younger ones looked hard and defined. “Happy birthday Bobby!” the girls with the ripping abs continued to flex at me. ORRRR! So much muscle on young fit girls in skimpy clothing kept me aching hard. Of all of them my younger sister had the biggest biceps and the most muscular body. She smiled at me “Want to feel my muscles Bobby? Want to feel what the muscles of a real woman feel like? Go on Birthday boy, fill your boots”. Oh God! My dick was thumping like crazy and she laughed as I turned away from her red-faced.

“Feel mine Bobby” “Feel mine” girls crowded in on me offering me their biceps. It was like all my birthdays had come at once, a muscle lover’s dream come true but with my sister behind it I didn’t trust it. “Feel them Bobby. Feel my biceps It’s your birthday” Treena pushed herself right against me. The feel of her firm body against me was too much. I couldn’t resist and put my shaking hands on the raised arms of the short plain-looking girl with braces. My God! Her biceps felt like rocks beneath her skin rising from her slim arms, they weren’t very big but they were incredibly hard. “Amazing!” I gasped running my hands over her hard muscles. THROB THROB! My dick was beating hard. I could stand it no longer and pressed myself against her while feeling her slim muscled arms. “So hard ” I moaned as I felt Treena’s solid peaks. With my dick beating a tattoo in my pants, I leant forward and began kissing her “Bobby!” she squealed turning her head away to side then pulling away from my grip leaving me standing there shame-faced and with a real throbber in my trousers.

Trapped in a circle of short thick bodied young gymnasts giving me tough stares I doubt that I could break out and feel over-awed and intimated by their top-heavy muscular builds to even try. “See, I told you my loser brother likes girls with muscle” Jackie exclaimed. My ears were burning as my face flushed not knowing where to look as the little muscle girls surrounded me. “He likes them muscular. Let’s give him most muscular” the brat added.

As one the girls hunched forwards bringing their hands together while flexing their front-facing muscles to the max in a most-muscular or crab pose. I leapt back stunned as nearly every muscle in their short stocky bodies bulged and rippled. Oh God! There were so many of them. The massed sight was incredibly intimating as they transformed from young girls into mass muscle monsters. “Orrrrr!” the sight of so many flexing their pecs, biceps, abs and quads at the same time was simply too much to handle. I wanted desperately to touch them, to worship their rippling bulging muscles but was terrified to move. Too much, much too much. “Nnnnnarrrr nnnnnarrr nnnnaarrr!” I came again in big heavy forceful blasts that drenched the front of my trousers in honour of the amazing bodies of these muscular teens. “OMG! We made him cum again without even touching him!” Jackie shrieked with laughter. “Wow! You really do like girls with muscles” Treena gasped.

A dozen or more young teenaged girls laughed openly at me. Self-pity turned to burning fury at my brat sister. The little bitch had ruined my birthday by humiliating me with her freaky strong gymnast body just so that she could look good in front of her freaky little friends. I marched right up to her and pressed myself up against her as I glared down at the little squirt. “I ought to give you a beating you’ll never forget for that, you little bitch” I snarled angrily. Jackie just glared back “Just you try it” she emphasised every word by poking me in the chest with her finger. “Don’t do it, Bobby. Just walk away” Treena urged. The blood is pounding in my ears, my blood pressure is up, I’m angry how she publicly humiliated me again. Maybe Treena is right. Trying to reign in my fury I turn to head for the back door. “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to..” Jackie begins to sing.

I blew my top. Spinning around to confront her I spot two pairs of boxing gloves lying on the grass in front of me. Without thinking about how they got there I pick them up and throw a pair to Jackie. “Put them on” I snarled. “My pleasure” she smirked. My heart was racing as the adrenaline pumped as my kid sister slipped on the gloves. This felt right. This was my chance to put the little brat back in her place. “Don’t do it Bobby” Treena urged. “You should listen to your girlfriend” Jackie sneered pounding her gloves together several times giving me a tough glare. WHAP WHAP The very action emphasised her big shoulder caps, triceps and fearsome forearms making them ripple with dense hardness. It was intimidating but I was psyching myself up to enjoy some payback.

We faced each other face to face, no love lost between siblings. The tautness of her petite body with the sun tan lotion made it glisten in the sun highlighting the rocky bumps of her abs and the definition of her arms. It was an arousing sight. “Do you want to make love to me?” she taunts pointing at my boner then flexed her biceps “Or my muscles?” “Shut up” I growled but couldn’t stop my eyes wandering over that stunning muscular figure with the well-defined slabs of her abs and the swells of her developing bust. “You’re a muscle pervert, Bobby. I’m a girl with muscles” she tensed her arms to emphasise the point “The sooner you acknowledge that and get down on your knees to beg to worship me, the less painful life will be for you. Get used to it” she smirked. How could she suggest such an outrageous thing? I’m her brother.

“Here. Let me help you” Jackie said with a smile then put both hands behind her head. A muscular wave rippled over her wide stomach and solidified hard-flexed deep-cut with each muscle standing proud on her belly like paving stones chiselled into her belly. Jeez! It was amazing. “Go on punch me in the stomach” she smirked. “Go on, I won’t make this offer again and judging by the softness of your arms you need all the help you can get”. Infuriated and with such an irresistible target I let rip punching her in the gut over and over. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! The sounds of my gloves slamming against her belly was loud but it didn’t even faze the brat. It was like trying to punch a brick wall. Furious I punched harder but my punches didn’t even rock her body a single inch. Was it these gloves? Maybe they absorbed too much of the blow, that must be it. The brat just stood there taking it openly laughing until I burn up my anger.

“What the feck was that Bobby?” my sister laughed in a condescending manner. “Then it must be my turn” She lowered her arms with the right one moving into a flex. My mouth went dry at the sight of that huge peak of mass muscle on my little sister’s arm. Oh Jeez! Perhaps I should apologize now? With a wide smile she made a show of looking at her biceps then looked back at me. “Cluck cluck” Paralysed with fear I could only watch with rising dread as my sister’s fist rocketed towards me. WHOMP! “Berllllaugghhh!” her gloved hand slams into my gut like a cannon ball. The bottom fell out of my world in a single moment. It felt like my feet left the ground as my torso moulded itself around her glove and my mouth fell open wide gasping in agony. It felt like she had sunk her glove nearly to my backbone and the agony was indescribable. I began coughing violently with something catching in my chest as I failed to get my breath. I knew that Jackie had strong arms from all that swinging from bars and stuff but I’d never imagined that she’d actually punch me and certainly not as hard as that. “Nnrrr!” I groaned as the debilitating stomach cramps racked my body in violent spasms that kept creasing me over and sent me to my knees at the feet of my smiling sister. I couldn’t believe it! She had totally humiliated me with a single punch that had left me paralysed by severe cramps in my diaphragm.

Not wanting to seem so weak and feeble in front of her friends, I tried to force myself to my feet only to stumble and fail the first couple of times. I glanced up at Jackie’s face and saw her smirk of superiority. Without taking her cold blue eyes off me she raised her right arm and flexed then patted the huge solid peak as if I needed reminding of the instruments of my destruction. She could have finished me right there and then while I was unable to defend myself but of course that is not her style. She would rather prolong my humiliation in front of her friends.

Doubled over in cramped agony a pair of short but very thick sturdy legs walked into my vision. I remembered in a cold sweat the sheer power of those dense unyielding thighs when they were crushing my face into her crotch and didn’t want to relive the experience. Even standing relaxed the solid dense slabs of her thighs were clearly defined as they curved sensually along the outer edge of her upper leg with visible outlines of the large tear-drop shaped inner thighs and the big inverted triangular shaped muscle top centre. She wasn’t even a bodybuilder but a teenaged gymnast! “Orrrr!” I groaned as I tried to straighten up to face the teen muscle machine but couldn’t.

“One punch Bobby!” She exclaimed with glee “One single punch to your flabby gut” she chuckled. “Are you really that much of a wimp?”. She mocked. “And how many times did you punch my belly?” She paused as if thinking “Oh at least a dozen times or more” Her left hand came into view and cupped my chin to raise my face. My sister raised her right arm right in front of my face then bent it in a hard flex. Oh Jeez! it was so big curvaceous and strong. Right up close, her biceps weren’t the only thing to rise. “So I get 11 punches to your gut, right?” she asked in a sneer. Oh God! I barely survived the first punch how could I survive another gut-punch like that let alone 11 ? “Orrraghh!” I groaned again as the dreadful cramps continued. With a cheery smile the little muscle brat pumped her arm a few times before holding it flexed in front of my face. Oh Jeez! My heart felt heavy. They seemed even bigger and harder than before. “Oh don’t look so sad Bobby” she said in mock sympathy. “As it’s your birthday, I’ll make it 3 more times. Aren’t I kind? Three more taps to your manly stomach from my little hand, that’s all” she tried to sound sweet. Terror gripped my soul as she pumped up that unreal muscle again. “Ready or not. Here it comes” she sang as she lowered her arm, still flexed.

Terrified of being punched again I freaked. “Garrrgh!” I yelled as I threw a wild punch. WHAP! my glove connected with my sister’s face. “Ouch! You pig. I was going to go easy on you but now..” “Jackie I’m sorry” “You will be”. My mouth went dry under my sister’s withering stare as her hand caressed her cheek where my gloves had left a red weal. In an angry movement she thrust her arm down by her side. Jeez look at the size of those triceps! The short hulking girl stepped forward like some short-arse female Terminator out to get me. The way her body glistened in the sun all pumped up and ready for action made me weak at the knees. “I’ll teach you to hit girls” she snarled as she drew back her gloved fist by her side. Her biceps swelled with the vein running over the peak sending waves of sweat running down my face in cold fear. I’d never seen my younger sister look so tough and determined to beat me up with her fists. I suddenly felt very sick. More out of sheer terror than bravado I hurled another desperate punch towards her head. My heart skipped a beat as my glove went sailing right over the top of her head as she nimbly ducked.

My sister rose up like a small stocky monster from the black lagoon with a malicious grin that seemed to say “gotcha loser”. A thick heavy arm swung rippling with fearful power moving much faster than it had a right to be. WHUMP! “Nnnnorrrr!” her glove plunged deep into my belly flattening everything inside with a tsunami of pain rushing outwards from the deep impact crater. My upper body folded like a deck chair. A taut muscled midriff stood in front of my stooped eyes and I knew I was in trouble. The strong arms of a teen girl rippled and a leather wrecking ball slammed into my face. THWAP! My mouth distorted as my lower jaw lurched one way as my whole face whipped around in a dizzying blur. I was so shocked that she actually hit my face and that it hurt that I didn’t think to protect myself. CRACK! A ball of leather smashed into my right eye. In horror I felt the skin around my eyes throb and tighten and realise that my little sister has probably given me a black eye.

Now I’m really livid, forgetting about the fact that I’m facing my younger sister I just wade in to return the pain. “That’s it Bobby, fight back” she taunts as I come at her trying to ignore the thick swelling in her arms as she holds her gloves raised. I’m taller than her and sure I can hit her with my longer reach. I close in so that I can’t miss and hurl my arm towards her head except she throws up her right arm. BAM! Our forearms collide in mid-air and I’m stunned to find my punch stopped as if it had hit a lamppost. Her arm was that solid. PFAF! PFAF! PFAF! My head snaps back and forth rapidly like a sick puppet as she blasts three quick jabs to my nose.

“Effing bitch!” I curse, really pissed now. I go berserk swinging my gloves at the little brat but she keeps ducking and diving, moving all of the time avoiding my punches or blocking them with her iron-hard forearms. With that short stocky body and heavy looking limbs I had thought that Jackie would be slow moving and easy to hit so I was surprised how fast and nimble she was darting in, knocking my gloves out of the way before blasting my chest with a quick right-left-right jab combination that left me gasping. I kept trying to hit her but she was so quick I couldn’t land a single punch.

“Oh Bobby, you can’t fight for toffee” she laughed as my fist sailed right over her head yet again. “Here this is how it’s done” she chirped and suddenly stepped close with her gloves swinging. WHOCK! A ball of leather blocked my vision as her right glove landed solidly on my left eye. “Jeez! You’re wicked Jackie!” I heard the astonished gasps from the watching girls. BOCK! The next second her left glove hammers my jaw and I find myself staggering backwards with my knees feeling very wobbly. BLAM BLAM! left right Jackie’s punches kept coming one after another scrambling my senses so much that I couldn’t even defend myself or punch back. “You will beg to kiss my muscles everyday” WHACK! Her glove smashed into my mouth splitting my lip. “You will obey” WHACK! “You have no say in the matter” WHACK! “I am your muscle mistress” WHACK! Her fists were a constant barrage stinging and bruising my face. My face was constantly twisting around from one side to the other as her gloved fists slam alternately into each cheek with shocking strength like she had steel plates inside her gloves. My senses were in a whirl as my head danced to the hammering rhythm of her fists.

“Oh Bobby, this is great! We should do this more often” She squealed with girlish excitement. I could only watch with my chest tight from my little sister’s mind-boggling punches. I could hardly breathe while the hard slabs in Jackie’s stomach rose and fell gently showing no signs of exertion at all other than a light sheen of perspiration that made her skin glow.

My face was sore and swollen. In desperation I tried to raise my arms to protect it from further pain. Her powerful punches just laid into my forearms with increasing strength. Her short thick arms kept pumping away as her big biceps drove the continual assault battering and bruising my defences. The sharp stinging punches that kept jerking my raised arms was so fast and strong that I was scared to lower them to punch back. All the while, her taut ribbed abdomen and thick strong thighs glistened with perspiration making my sister’s body a thing of forbidden desire. Jackie’s relentless energy punching against my arms had made them too weak and sore to provide an effective guard. With a chilling triumphant look her right glove slammed aside my arms and ploughed right into the middle of my face. WHOCK! “Arghhh!”. My kid sister was like something possessed. With an evil glint in her eye she just wouldn’t stop WHOCK! WHOCK! WHOCK! My head jerked up and down like it was one of those wagging dogs you get on the back shelves in cars while her face was glowing with excitement showing that she was loving this. “Oh God he looks so weird!” someone remarked then I realised in horror that my head was lolling about on my shoulders with my arms flapping around uncoordinated while my arms were swinging around loosely providing me no protection at all.

I was nearly out on my feet and desperately tried to pull myself together. I was badly hurt but I was determined to stand my ground. The taste of blood was strong as it now flowed freely from my nose and covered my lips. BLAM! her punches were strong, merciless making my face hurt all over. My vision was also narrowing as my eyes began to swell. Then I heard laughter. Jackie was laughing with glee as she hammered her gloves over and over into my face. WHOCK! the leather hammered my face again. My sister looks so dominant and er, stimulated, as if she was getting turned on beating me to a pulp. Actually I had to admit she looked quite sexy in aggressive feral female manner.

Trying to get away from the face pummelling I turn my back to the little brat BLAM! “Argh!” a leather cannon-ball slams right into my kidneys. BLAM! BLAM!  BLAM! The bitch kept slamming her gloved fist right in the kidneys. I was in too much pain to cry out any more. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! My whole middle is burning in pain as she moves in close as she works around to my front while drilling her gloves hard all around my waist WHAP! WHAP!.

“Argh! stop, please stop!” I gasp. “I don’t think so, Bobby. I’m enjoying this” she chuckled. She was merciless. An upper cut painfully mashed my teeth together whipping my head to the sky so fast I nearly lost my balance and fell. WHAP! Quick jabs to my gut make me wince. WHOMP! “Orraghh!” short but strong jabs weaken my already poor stomach. “Kiss leather Bobby” she laughs as the glove sped from below on an unstoppable upwards trajectory toward my chin. I knew this was going to hurt. CRACK! Her glove hit my jaw so hard my teeth mashed in a painful jolt as my head whipped back scrambling my brain so much that I had to take a step back. To my horror my legs just turned to jelly unable to support my weight giving way beneath sending me tumbling to the ground.

Crushed by the humiliating laughter of a dozen or so teenaged female gymnasts I watched the thick thighs on my sister’s short legs as they flex into strong shapes as they move to stand before me. “Get up Bobby” I looked up as Jackie towered over me with her muscular legs astride me and found myself staring straight into the camel’s toe at the apex of her tight briefs. I quickly moved on to her deeply ridged stomach before she noticed. I loved the way her abs seemed to submerge into her belly then re-emerge solid and defined in a sensual rippling motion as she breathed. “No more, please, you win” I gasped. My face felt like it had been put through the mincer and I just wanted to crawl into my bed and pray that today had just been a bad dream. “Treena told you not to fight me didn’t she? And now you must suffer the consequences you little pussy” She sneered. I didn’t like the way she was talking to me but what can a boy do when his younger sister is a short squat mass muscle monster with much bigger and harder muscles than you?

The crippling cramps in my gut made me double over as I tried to stand. Suddenly Jackie stuck a big thigh in front of my face and flexed. Oh good God! Her quads were so massive. Each of the three main groups of quad muscles was swelling like rocks right before my face. There were even striations cut across them. Oh Jeez the sight of them made me feel so weak, I was shaking like a leaf. “If you don’t want to get stuck in there I suggest you get up and fight me like a man” I looked up at my brat sister to find her also flexing both biceps while staring down at me with a smirk. She looked so powerful my dick was rigid once more. “That’s it, keep it hard for me Bobby” she chuckled.

With resignation I forced myself to my weary feet staring at her helplessly through my closing eyes. “Let him go Jackie. The poor boy has had enough” Treena’s voice pleaded. “Ready to admit that I am your muscle mistress then beg to kiss my muscles” Jackie sneered. The open laughs of the watching girls burned my ears. No, anything but that! That was too disgraceful for words. I lunged at her hoping to catch her off-guard but she contemptuously brushes my attempted punch as if swatting a fly. Her body twists as she swings a devastating punch at my face. WHOCK! My eyes blur and I can only see bright flashes of light while a loud buzzing fills my ears. Dazed, I leave myself wide open for the wicked little muscle brat to start slamming brutal punches to my mid-section. WHOMP! WHOMP! WHOMP! Her fists are persistent beating my chest and belly like a drum. “Orraghh Naarghhh Gaarr!” gasping and groaning in sheer agony I try to twist and move away from her.

WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! big powerful biceps keeping her fists punching like an unstoppable machine as the bitch resumed battering my face. WHOCK! A particular brutal blow sent me crashing to the ground once more. My body felt like hell, battered and bruised,hurting all over and I hated to think what she had done to my face, probably swollen and unrecognisable by now. “I will keep punching you until you fall down” she sneered “Then I will pick you up and do it all over again even if it means I have to hold you up by your hair to keep punching you”  the muscular little gnome taunted. “Is that what you want Bobby? Or do you want to kiss these?” smiling widely With that she flexed both her guns. “Orrrrrr Jackie!” I groaned.

Part of me wanted to surrender to this young muscle girl and beg to worship her amazing muscles. The rest rebelled at the thought of doing anything so sick. The horrors of the aftermath of when she publicly out-wrestled me in front of the whole school came back, painful memories of shame and humiliation that took months to put behind me. I couldn’t go through that again, knowing that these teen gymnasts could gossip for England. The story of my shame would be all over the school by first thing Monday morning.

“You either braver than I thought or an idiot” Jackie remarked as I tried to push myself from the ground. My legs were trembling badly and my arms wouldn’t respond. “By the state of you, I know which I’d go for”. “Leave it Bobby. It’s not worth it” Treena’s whiny voice annoyed me. “Just tell her what she wants to hear and it will all be over. No-one else will ever know” No, just the whole school and probably half the street by now. What happened next was shockingly fast. With an eagerness that was chilling, Jackie couldn’t even wait until I managed to get to my feet. Grabbing me by the front of my shirt she physically hauled me up before burying her glove deep in my gut with impatient haste. WHUMP! “Oraghhhh!” Creasing forwards grimacing in agony I knew I had left my jaw unprotected. As my sister stepped in real close, I knew what she intended but was too paralysed by the stomach cramps to stop her. No! I screamed mentally as I saw her biceps bunch moments before powering her glove from close to her waist on an upwards trajectory to my jaw rushing towards me like an unstoppable express train. BWOCK! Everything spun wildly and I vaguely remember staggering backwards, tottering on legs that felt like rubber before falling into darkness.
I awoke to find myself in a hospital bed with my mum and dad fussing around. My face and upper chest were all bandaged up and my jaw was wired. “How reckless of you boxing with your little sister. What were you thinking of?” My mum lectured “Well that’s the last time that is going to happen. Understand me young man?” I saw Jackie behind them smiling at me. So she had told them the truth instead of saying I was beaten up by a gang of bigger boys or something. My father’s expression as he glanced back and forth between Jackie and myself clearly indicated that he couldn’t work out how his sweet little girl had hospitalised his son.

After they had said they good nights, Jackie hung around for a few moments. Without saying a word she leant close then flexed her right biceps in front of my face. I didn’t need telling, I raised my hand to feel her steely hard muscles as I forced my lips into a pout and began kissing my sister’s mighty boy-destroying muscles until she was satisfied. “Cluck Cluck” with that she pinched my cheeks, gave me a kiss upon the forehead and went, leaving me hoping that the nurses hadn’t seen me or noticed the big bulge that had sprung up in the middle of the bed.

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