The Vengeful Countess (PANTYHOSE#9)

Jim meets a noble lady out for revenge

I wanted to do a story about an elegant aged upper-class woman for a while and this fit with some ideas from my readers. In addition I really needed to bring this saga to an end and link it back to the underlying story arc in my main stories. I also partially used the elegant Claudine (pictured above) as inspiration.

by Jimp based on an idea by DK with input from Karate2hose & Stefano
(c)Jim P 2017

40+ years ago
Claudine was in the kitchen preparing the family meal. Although a successful investigative journalist, she did not neglect her duties as a wife and mother. She loved her husband and her two children, Henri and Marie, putting their happiness first meant everything. Today was her wedding anniversary and after the kids had gone to bed she was looking forward to a romantic time with Jacques. To perk his interest her short golden hair had been styled, a soft touch of mascara and eye liner enhanced her slender blue eyes, and her thin lipped mouth glossed with pale pink lipstick. A smart white blouse covered her lean upper torso, daringly thin enough to give Jacques a saucy glimpse of the frilly white bra beneath. A pleated mini skirt of brown silk with a golden floral patten was worn over a pair of high-sheen sheer tan coloured pantyhose that she knew he would enjoying removing. Completing her gift were a pair of calve-hugging knee-length black leather boots. “Are you a Karate expert?” the salesman had asked. “No, why?” she replied to the unusual query. “I thought the only women brave enough to wear leather skirts or kinky boots in public were black belts, or so it seems on TV” he chuckled. She laughed for the young wife was a very calm and peaceful lady who had nothing to do with violence. The only exercise she did were some light aerobics to keep her slender body lithe and firm for hubby.

The sound of a key in the front door and the squeals of kids running into the house signalled that her family were home and she stepped into the hall to greet them. Before Jacques could close the door, he is flung forwards as four big burly masked men slam into it from behind. Her mind goes numb with shock as two of them scoop up her kids. Jacques steps forward to save them but a third thug spun around quickly on one heel and high-kicked him right in face. She screamed as the thug beat him bloody with martial arts kicks. Poor Jacques didn’t have a chance as the brute, surprisingly nimble and flexible for such a big heavy-set man, kicked him bloody with an ease that was almost balletic. With a final kick that launched him half-way up the wall, her beloved collapsed to the floor a ruined man. Claudine ran for the telephone but screamed as big hands seized her from behind. Holding her tight against his body, the 4th thug’s hands slid to her chest then ripped open the blouse. “Your wife has nice tits” he taunted while pulling up her bra to feel her breasts and thrusting his crotch against her backside. Throwing her to the floor, the mini-skirt ended up around her waist showing her long slim legs clad in shiny sheer tan nylon. “Wow! That’s a welcome sight” he leered before unzipping his trousers and unleashing his enormous trouser sword. “The gift of Mahishasura to the faithful” he declared enjoying the fear in her eyes.

Heroic Jacques tried to get to his feet but was dropped in an instant by a spinning back kick. The monster laughed as he ripped the nylon away from her crotch like wrapping paper until a flailing foot caught his jaw. “Bitch has got a kick like a mule” he snarled at the cowering woman trying to back away. Scared, she kicked again but he caught her foot and twisted it forcing her to her hands and knees where he violated her from behind. They left her sobbing on the floor as they carried away her family.

The tape came the next day. Watching with a rising sense of dread, two masked men brought out Jacques, his face so badly swollen and bruised he was barely recognisable. Stretching out his arms between them, a third man slammed powerful kicks into his body that sounded like tenderizing meat. The others restrain him as he is blasted from his feet with each kick. The monster laughed while spinning and delivering showy kicks to emphasise his fighting prowess. His huge manhood stretched his shorts, aroused by his own deeds. Each loud terrible kick sent Jacques flying back with blood pouring from every orifice. With a loud roar, the beast spun around before kicking his leg vertical driving the sole of his foot into Jacques’ jaw so hard that it separates his skull from his neck. The horror did not stop there as the evil immoral monsters gave her children a similar beating and execution with no compassion or consideration of their tender age. Driven into a hysterical screaming fit, her neighbours finally called The Gendarme.

Present day
My name is Jim Priest and recently I have been gathering evidence against The Moroccan, a master criminal working for the Global Elite putting him above the reach of the law although not beyond that of the French female vigilante group, The Pantyhose Society. I discovered he worked for an extremely wealthy aristocrat Count Dupont, a diplomat in an exotic country with the obligatory eye-watering salary paid by the taxpayers and tax exemptions. However Madame Michelle, the leader of The Society, suspected it was his wife Countess Claudine who was the real driving force. She also suggested I might find interesting a painting the Countess owned called “The Immaculate One”.

Research revealed that rather than a privileged background Claudine came from a well-to-do middle-class family, married young and had two kids. Yet she still had time to build a successful journalistic career. Microfiche copies of her articles showed a series of fearless exposés against organised crime resulting in several high profile arrests and successful convictions gaining my admiration. Her final piece mentioned an investigation into the murder of a prominent pro-democracy activist clumsily hushed by the authorities leaving clues pointing to a shadowy Global organisation. Hiding behind a smoke screen of bureaucracy and institutional corruption, there were unbelievable levels of personal wealth and exemption from the law. She wrote that she was close to uncovering the identities of those responsible and no amount of wealth would protect them from public outrage. The reports of the kidnapping and brutal murder of her family were shocking but the lack of any Police investigation and the end of a promising career was criminal. This echoed my own experience of how the establishment moved to protect The Moroccan from any form of justice. There the trail went cold with no record of her until she married the Count.

With help from Madame Michelle I managed to infiltrate the domestic workforce at her massive luxurious château. Getting a clean security background check from Madame Julia, the Society’s inside woman in The Gendarme, however took a lot of persuading. “Oh Monsieur English private dick. Keep your mouth shut, your French is appalling” the snooty young woman advised as we parted.

With such an enormous house and large workforce I was sure that the Countess, even if she were home, wouldn’t notice me. Mingling with the cleaning team I kept my head down and did nothing to draw attention to myself, flitting between rooms dusting as I went while looking at the paintings of which there were many. Finally one stood out from the others. Set in a large ornate gold-gilt frame and positioned above a grand fireplace, it had an Eastern feel out of place among the more traditional artwork of ancestors, royalty or imaginative ruins. In a scene depicting the rugged exposed slopes of forested mountainside before an ancient temple was a bloody battlefield. Centre-place strode a beautiful woman, her long black hair unrestrained and dishevelled, her body naked strong and buxom. Her appearance is fierce with black skin, eyes deep red and wide with rage, her mouth set in a manic grimace with a long red tongue lolling. Around her neck is a garland of skulls with a crown of broken bones upon her head. This terrible vision stood in a classic dance pose with one leg raised bent at the knee out to one side and flexing a big muscled calve. Ten arms were raised from her strong dancer’s body, each held a different weapon bloodied on the men laying strewn around her while the remains of an army fled in terror.

Before I could sneak a few photos on my phone a strident female voice rang out loud and clear “Everyone out now! Not you Mister Priest”. Looking around a mature lady of grace and bearing had entered the room and was looking right at me. “If you wanted to see my painting you only had need ask, not join my staff”. Caught like a rabbit in the headlights I stood still as she glided towards me. Average height, although her slim build made her seem taller, Claudine had a sophisticated aloof beauty. Alert slender blue eyes beneath arched eyebrows study me atop a broad prominent nose while a wide thin-lipped mouth with glossy pink lipstick push up pinched cheeks making the creases that line her face all the more noticeable. Whitish blonde hair fading to silver is worn high on her forehead with an off-centre parting before sweeping stylishly away curling around the ears and ending clear of her shoulders. Fairly unadorned, other than by moderate sized rounded pendant earrings and a gold chain necklace, the wrinkles around the forehead, chin, throat and hands indicated her age.

“Did you really think that I would not recognise you from the self-defence class for upper class ladies?” she asked [PANTYHOSE#4]. A smart tailored red half-length jacket fell to the top of her slim hips over a frilly white blouse and secured by a single large button on a rounded-neck yoke. She placed her hands upon her hips emphasising a nice bust and slim figure before slipping to her skirt. To my surprise the hem rose from her knees a fraction. “So Jim. I may call you Jim?” she queried with a snobbish tone as I tried not to stare at the length of slim shins backed by slender shapely calves clad in sheer high-sheen tan-coloured nylons.

With a demure smile the hem slid higher exposing a good couple of inches of thigh. “I see you are admiring my shoes” she said before I could look away, keeping my attention on her legs. “They are from Ferragamo. Rather pricey but I think they are worth it and the decoration at the front is rather feminine I think you agree” To me they just looked like narrow slip-on women’s shoes and highly polished like a black mirror. Just in front of where her lovely arched feet slipped into each shoe there was a large golden buckle threaded with a wide black bow. “Maybe I’m getting older but I prefer the middle-height heels” she smiled as the hem crept higher exposing surprisingly beautiful thighs. Was she coming onto me? It seemed unlikely yet despite her age she had a stylish attractiveness and undeniably sensational legs. I found myself mesmerised by the slowly lengthening expanse of long slender flawless legs. Realising that they were befuddling my senses, I forced myself to look at her face which was grinning smugly.

“The painting” I began trying to regain control of the conversation. My concentration was broken by the refined lady perching on the edge of an antique sideboard causing the hem to rise again along with my temperature and the stiffness in my groin. She really had a great pair of legs and knew how to use them. “The Immaculate One” she declared as if giving an art lecture. “The meaning of the name of Anahita, the Old Persian/Iranian divinity of the waters; associated with fertility, healing and wisdom. The Lady of the Lions, the great virginal-wanton-motherly-warrior goddess” she explained. “But then you probably knew that from your involvement with the translation of those old texts” she smiled while stretching an eye-watering expanse of nylon-sheathed leg. “Note how the artist obviously had never been to India or seen a real jungle so painted it like a European forest” she chuckled. “Anahita? I’d never seen her depicted like that” I tore my eyes from her legs to look at the manic nude killer in the midst of a bloodbath. “Examine the background” she replied, pleased I was taking an interest.

I looked closer and saw that in front of the distant temple were dusky maidens in red saris celebrating in victory. “The temple of Anahita and the original sisterhood” I observed. “And in their midst?” the noble woman gave an encouraging smile then crossed her lovely legs making it hard to concentrate. In among the celebrating women was… “Another Anahita? But how?” I exclaimed in surprise, trying not to stare at the shapely legs of the prim and proper lady as she stretched them out before me. “The duality of the Warrior Goddess is common in ancient legends” she seemed more like a snooty school teacher although one with hot legs. “Anahita becomes so enraged and filled with battle-lust she literally becomes another person”. She leant forwards in excitement “As your professor friend noted in his translations, there is a great similarity to the tales of the Hindu Goddess Durga” “Who defeated the Demon Lord” I replied. She nodded “first of the 10 manifestations of Durga is Kali the destroyer often considered the kindest and most loving of all the goddesses. Regarded as the mother of the whole Universe and a great protector” I remembered Lady Helen and her friend, Kate [JIMP#51 & 52] having shrines to Kali that had caused me to suspect a sub-cult within the Sisterhood.

The Countess got to her feet and turned her back allowing me to observe an hour-glass figure and nicely shaped calves; slender with a hint of hardness that flexed into sexy double downward arrow heads as she reached for an elaborately carved antique wooden box upon the mantelpiece. Opening the lid she beckoned me to look inside. As I stood next to her I could smell the subtle scent of expensive perfume. Beneath a piece of glass I saw a yellowing paper scroll. “This rare document is from the temple and purports to be the actual text documenting that episode” she nodded to the painting. “So you let slip the numbers 9546 to Madame Michelle mentioning that I had the means to decode it” I felt smug having worked that out. “No. It was not encoded and was translated many years ago”. She closed the lid and placed the box on the sideboard then sat once more on the edge with a quizzical knowledgeable smirk. “A great war was waged between the Demons who recruited human men to fight on their behalf in reward for Mahishasura’s gift of a penis of great length, girth and virility” The rasp of nylon upon nylon as her legs uncrossed and recrossed was irresistible to my eyes. The smile on her face confirmed that was precisely the desired effect. “The Gods likewise recruited men with promise of great wealth and power. These two great armies waged a bloody war with no regards to the innocent bystanders trapped between which both sides slaughtered with no compassion. The Goddess became so angry she darkened with rage and literally became another person who slaughtered the warring armies”. Once more she caught me looking as she re-crossed her legs. “Although a murderous destroyer on the battlefield, the Dark Goddess gained the people’s love by weeping for the murdered innocents. Her boon to the grieving was restoration of the original human lifespan by removal of the cancer gene the Gods used to control us. Those digits are the key to her gift but what that means I do not know” “So what became of the gift?” I asked intrigued “What becomes of all good things in life that could benefit ordinary people?” she said bitterly “It is claimed by the elite and kept secret from the masses”

“I will give you a copy of the translation and of my investigation into the 13 Great Families who betrayed Gods, Demons and mankind alike” she said as my eyes drank in the sensual length and shape of her right calve as it rested on her left knee. “You will track the heads of the organisation that murdered my family” she announced with another eye-wrenching rasp of nylon as she got to her feet. “I’m sorry for what happened to you but that was over 40 years ago. They’d be old men by now if they are still alive” I began until her cold stare made me wonder if I should have kept my mouth shut. “That night those bastards not only destroyed my family but damaged me inside preventing me from having children even if I wanted to”. Her voice became steely “I don’t care how old they are now, I want revenge but my revenge will not be a lawsuit, but an eye for an eye”. “People who can stop The Gendarme are dangerous and I for one have had it with secret Global organisations” I told her.

“That was not a request but a command. You are now one of my servants” the bewitching lady said sternly. Bending her knee she raised her right foot causing me to admire the lovely lines of her legs as she removed her shoe before repeating the manoeuvre with the other leg. The hem once more rose from her knees. “Please Countess, there’s no need for that” I said but was unable to stop watching. “Oh there is plenty of need” she purred in a tone that went straight to my loins. Soon her lovely legs were revealed in all their glory and I didn’t know if it was the shiny sheer tan nylon but they were blemish free and perfect, all the more impressive given her age. “Wow you really have great legs, Countess” I had to admit, the sight making me quite stiff down below. “I expect total obedience from my staff” she said as her hands undid the top button of her jacket. It fell open to reveal a frilly lacy blouse so thin I could see a white bra beneath cupping a pair of nice firm breasts.

“What do you think the filthy rich wife of a man who is never home does every day to alleviate the boredom?” she asked while holding the dress above her hips exposing skimpy white floral knickers tightly moulded to her crotch clearly visible beneath the thin gusset of her hose. “Horse-riding?” I groaned for I couldn’t help be turned on and was totally lost in rising lust. “Hai!” an unexpected shout made me jump as light reflected off the nylons as her knee sped to chest height before her leg straightened in a terrifying blink of an eye. “Argh!” pain lanced through my face as my nose and mouth was flattened by the sole of her dainty foot. The power of the kick from the slender matriarch was shocking and sent me staggering back in a daze. All illusion of a privileged mature lady living a pampered lifestyle went out of the window in a very painful instant. “Yah!” a shiny pulse of tan stabbed towards my chest. “Worragh!” her foot slammed into my sternum like a sledgehammer knocking the wind from me, causing me to crease uncontrollably while driving me back hard. A lovely leg whipped around the outside of my right thigh, bent at the knee before driving back her calve like a club to the back of my knee. “Arg!” it gave way with a jerk sending me down on one side. For a brief moment my eyes were level with her Ladyship’s bust. Cupping her hands together she slammed them into the back of my head yanking my gaze down to her shiny nylons. “Ha!” the point of her elbow punched hard on the back of my neck. With my shoulders hunching up in response the floor came up to meet me fast.

My head cleared to find nylon-sheathed toes before me. Instinctively my eyes climbed a pair of long slender shins backed by wonderfully shaped calves shimmering under the lights. Those lovely eye-magnets drew them along gracefully sweeping lines all the way to the gusset at the top. “I use my free time to exercise and practice the martial arts” the aristocrat stated. “I was hoping you wouldn’t say something like” I groaned. From this angle the unflattering wrinkles beneath her chin reinforced that I just got floored by an older woman. “It’s more popular than you think amongst a certain class of lady” the smile got wider as she stared at my groin which was uncontrollably becoming stiff. “Not least because it has a pleasing effect upon certain men” her eyes twinkled with amusement. “I must confess I enjoy the feeling of superiority showing a working class man why he is at the bottom of the food chain” she mocked. “It really makes one horny to show them what an aged upper-class lady can do with her cultured legs” she chuckled.

I rose slowly not taking my eyes off those dangerous legs and cursing myself for forgetting what I saw at the secret Dojo. The Countess watched with amusement. “Madame Michelle thought you were too good for a beginner” I said and the smirk became a wide grin. “More fool you then. I needed to protect my interests until The Moroccan’s misdemeanours became too great to ignore” she smiled “Each day I get a dozen or more of my burliest male servants to attack me so I can practice a robust defence. I have to admit that they don’t last as long as I would like”. Looking at her it seemed inconceivable that the slightly built elite mature lady could do such a thing yet she had dropped me within seconds. “They will be relieved that I’ve got a new dummy to play with” she laughed. My dick lurched a few times at the thought of getting to grips with this leggy regal lady and being roundly dominated by her. However her arrogant snooty attitude irritated me.

“I’m not here to play femdom games with you. No matter how tempting that may be” I said and made a move towards the door but she was more agile than I expected. Swiftly coming to my side her right arm interlocked my left stopping me in my tracks. Looking smug she watched as I struggled and failed to extradite my arm. “You will do whatever I tell you or feel the full pain of my displeasure” she stated in an aloof tone. “Hai!” a shout made me jump as her left arm streaked over my chest and throat. “Argh!” the edge of her hand chopped the artery in the side of my neck like an axe. It was a short sharp blow sending shock-waves throughout my nervous system as if getting shocked with an electric cattle-prod and not a pleasant experience. “Don’t defy me you little man, you’ll only get hurt” she said turning to face me with my arm still trapped in hers. “Hai!” a blur of light reflected off her shiny nylons as her left knee rose fast with the hem of her skirt sliding to the top of her thighs. “Orrrphhh!” I wailed to the gruesome accompaniment of the sound of an uncompromisingly hard knee pounding my belly. The air blasted from my lungs and diaphragm out through my nose and mouth with explosive force while her Ladyship looked on with arrogant glee. Although her legs were slim, her knee struck with shocking power driving deep inside me, lifting my feet momentarily from the floor as my body creased in agony around it.

If my arm hadn’t been restrained I would have collapsed to the floor. “I didn’t wallow in self-pity but dedicated my life to getting the revenge I deserve” she explained as I lay, a defeated wreck bent double over the raised knee of a slender mature snooty lady you’d would expect to do horse riding and other pursuits of a privileged leisurely life instead of beating up her servants with martial arts. The memory of being beaten up by Lady Helen Windthorpe embarrassingly came to mind [JIMP#4 & 52]. “I understand that you are good with computers” she said conversationally while the debilitating cramps in my stomach were so bad I couldn’t draw breath. “That technology stuff is so working class although I can see the potential”. Her knee was painfully hard against my flattened diaphragm and the cramps too crippling to lift myself free. All I could do was lie along her upper thigh. “You will work the Googly-whatsit to track down these monsters” she demanded as I suffered. With growing humiliation I sensed her watching the results of her leggy-work for several minutes until I began to gasp and groan as I recovered my breath.

“Hai!” the dreadful shout came just as I was about to push myself from her knee to tell her where to shove her Googly-whatsit. “Argh!” a hard crushing chop on the back of my bowed head made it fly back in pain. The blow was so strong that her hand continued it’s downward sweep driving my face towards the floor, watching in horror as her knee appeared beneath me rising fast. “Arghh!” brutal pain exploded in my face, hammering it back over my shoulders before finally crashing to the floor.

“As I replayed those horrible images in my mind, the thing that struck me was how invincible those beasts seemed with their martial arts” the Countess continued talking as though she hadn’t nearly bust my face. “I was never the sporty type but the idea of defeating them the same way appealed to me” she sat down in a chair. The embarrassment of being assaulted by an older woman drained as she crossed her legs seeming oblivious to my admiration for the alluring sight. “I believe a lady must behave like one at all times, acting swiftly with grace, elegance and precision and not brawl like a man” she uncrossed her legs giving me an eyeful right up to the gusset. “I found a class at the local branch of what you would call The Women’s Institute more to my liking”. The gusset was so sheer that I could see the knickers tightly moulded to her crotch and had to try hard to concentrate on her words. “I’ve always been a bit of an obsessive in my education. What you English would call a swot. I work hard to master a subject and get the best grades. So too in this” she paused to smile knowing the view I had. “Because I was focused on learning so I could take my revenge, my progress was steep” a leg stretched out and my eyes hopelessly followed every line and curve to her obvious delight. “Every free hour was spent practising the techniques until I had them perfect” Her foot gently caressed my cheek. “Within 6 months, I could easily defeat the strongest opponents they had to offer and had to find more challenging ones at the regular clubs” she said proudly thrusting out her chest giving me another distraction to fight to ignore. “But I still didn’t feel confident enough to take on those thugs. After all I would be just an ordinary lady against professional killers. So I went from club to club obsessively trying to improve my skills in an almost religious manner. Never in my mind feeling anywhere near good enough to face those beasts”

Suddenly her legs snaked out and caught my neck between the calve of one leg and the shin of the other. My hands flew to the lovely limbs around my neck as they bent to draw me closer to her crotch. With a calve on one side and hamstrings on the other I was on my knees in a tight figure 4 scissor hold with soft nylons caressing my skin while being squeezed firmly. I made an attempt to free myself and failed before accepting that this wasn’t a bad place to be stuck. “I continued to investigate the organization but was too nervous to take it too far. “Uh!” I grunted trying to speak from my leggy prison while caressing her legs with my hands while looking up at her from between her sensual crossed thighs. “I had to sell the house and rent a small apartment taking whatever work I could find so that I could concentrate on my studies” a look of sadness crossed her face.

“My I do believe that you are enjoying it down there” she chuckled giving a playful squeeze that had me choking against the inside of her knee. “They are stronger than they look” she laughed as I tugged and pulled in vain at the slim legs strangling me. “A lady shouldn’t have noticeable muscles. She must be strong but above all feminine at all times” After a few seconds the pressure eased to a more comfortable level allowing me to catch my breath. “The Organisation were careful and used their influence to cover their tracks. It took years of following every trail no matter how small and more often than not coming to a dead end. I finally thought I was onto something but I must have got careless and alerted them”

30+ years ago
Claudine walked alone across the car-park after completing another late shift as receptionist at an IT firm. The 40-something blonde wore a smart grey-blue pinstripe business jacket with buttons undone over a crisp white blouse and a tight-fitting knee-length skirt that stretched elegantly as she walked thanks to an expanding hem slit at the back. Visible below the knee were tan-coloured pantyhose and shiny black shoes with mid-height heels. Without warning a gang of darkly clothed masked men crept out from behind parked cars. Taking an evasive course more men emerged to surround her on all sides. She knew that these were no normal muggers or rapists and that she was greatly outnumbered. A tall large-built masked man stepped forwards, his black top tightly fitting his huge muscular build. “Don’t know when to stop to putting your nose in other people’s business do you?” he sneered. Claudine tried to calm herself as she realised that these were assassins sent to silence her. Out of nervousness her hands clutched her skirt. There were so many of them! She had never used her skills in anger before and never more than 3 men at once during friendly practice in the Dojo. How could she hope to face all these toughs?

Hearing soft groans she was surprised that the men were staring at her legs. Without realising it, in her nervousness she had rucked up her skirt so that the hem was mid-way up her thighs. Being a conservative dresser she had never experienced this kind of reaction before. Out of curiosity she continued to lift it higher. “Wait! What are you doing?” the man said, but without any real conviction for he too was staring hungrily at her legs. “P..please don’t hurt me” she pretended to clutch her skirt in fright while in actuality raising it above her hips and tucking it discreetly into the waistband of her hose. She had to stifle a laugh as he was unable to take his eyes from the leggy show leaving him open to defensive attack. “Ha!” a leg flashed out, straightening in a blur. “Arrgh!” the sharp shoe toe hammered the apex of his legs sending a tidal wave up the front of his trousers as his balls and dick were blasted upwards. Driven to his toes, he landed jack-knifing with cheeks ballooning trying to hold in his lunch. Claudine knew she had put too much power into it but then remembered what men like him had done to her family and instantly had no regrets.

With so many opponents there was no time to think, just act. One man leapt at her wielding an iron crowbar above his head. “Hai!” a tan streak pulsed in a high side-kick with a brief view all the way along her sleek long leg before her shoe pounded the base of his throat. “Kkkarrr!” jerking back clenched in pain and coughing he still held onto his weapon. Stepping forward she seized his weapon hand at the wrist bending it sharply back keeping him in agony as she turned her head towards another man approaching from the side. “Hai!” an explosive side kick hammered his groin driving him backwards before falling. Turning her attention back to the man whimpering in her iron grip, a knee soared high. “Yah!” slamming into his temple with crushing force his head whipped right around. “Hai!” a hard pointed elbow drove down upon the base of his skull. “Argh!” his head snapped back and his legs gave way beneath him. Another man seized her wrist from behind and geared up for a powerful roundhouse kick. Claudine’s foot soared from the floor as she leant forwards while kicking back. “Hai!” a shapely high-velocity weapon of nylon destruction cut through the inside of his thigh as if it were barely moving. “Woaarrgh!” his mouth fell wide open with a long loud wail of anguish and a shocked expression. The back kick was so powerful it blasted his muscled abs to jelly plunging deep and flattening his diaphragm. One moment he stood behind her, the next he was lifted clean into the air flying backwards at the end of a long sleek feminine leg, at great speed into the men coming up behind.

The first attacker was shocked when she re-appeared at his side with both hands twisting an arm forcing him to stoop. “Yah!” her right knee shot up in an arc of reflected light slicing through his prize 6-pack like a hot knife through butter, stealing his breath and humiliating his machismo as he slumped over her slender thigh. Taken for a breath-taking ride into the air with her knee buried painfully inside his gut, the moment his feet touched the ground the edge of her hand fell like an axe upon the back of his neck. “Hai!” not caring how much force she used, for the first time ever, Claudine discovered how truly destructive her abilities were and it was addictive like a drug.

The next thug came at her with a knife. Slamming her arms forward with wrists together and hands spread she blocked his wrist then bent back his hand causing him to squeal. Swiftly raising it into the air she ducked beneath and spun around. “Hai!” twisting his arm palm up she brought it down sharply across her shoulder. His arm snapped at the elbow and the knife clattered to the floor. “Yah!” a streak of light soared high into the air then swung back down, arcing up behind her as she leant forwards. The back of her shoe rammed between his legs, his face screwing up as he went up onto his toes with a chilling scream.

With a broken arm still draped over her shoulder Claudine’s face whipped around to glare at another man attacking from the side. High sheen lightning flashed sideways into his groin. “Hah!” her sharp bark was almost a laugh as he threw back his head and howled in anguish. In the face of this unprovoked attack, this very feminine lady had become an unstoppable fighting machine in heels. Her stunning legs, exposed all the way from toe to hip, were both things of lust-inducing beauty and fear. Without returning to the ground, her leg stabbed out again at a much steeper angle. “Hai!” the unforgiving sole of her shoe blasted his jaw with a resounding crack. His chin lurched awkwardly away from the rest of his face while sending him hurtling towards the ground.

There were too many of them now putting her on the defensive, a furious whirlwind of action desperately trying to stop a multitude of kicks and punches, beginning to despair that she would ever get out of this alive. A sweeping kick to the back of her leg sent her tumbling upon her backside. The man who had taken her down stood by her head while another approached her feet. Without hesitation and great suppleness she rolled back onto her shoulders kicking her leg right back over her body. “Yay!” a lightning bolt of nylon sheen slammed into his groin and as he began to crease forwards it struck again. “Yeah!” the long leg arced over her body to club across the top of his head knocking him senseless.

Nimbly throwing herself into a handstand. The other man was startled by an upside down woman with her skirt falling down around her waist as a leggy expanse of nylon whipped through 180 degrees and beyond. “Ha!” one heel clubbed his temple immediately followed by the other. The other men watched in amazement as the sexy legs fell away from the man’s head in opposite directions until they formed a perfect horizontal line on either side of her inverted body. There is something about a woman doing the splits that goes straight to a man’s groin. Even more so if she does so while maintaining a rock steady handstand long enough for them to gaze in rising lust. “Yah!” the slender columns of nylon glory snapped shut going vertical in an instant with the man’s head caught in the middle. Her heels smashed into his temples while her lower legs pounded his cheeks. There were some very stiff erections as the man fell back out cold while the leggy woman flipped herself to her feet in a single smooth athletic push.

To her delight and amusement, that moment seemed to knock the fight out of the men. The more she beat them with her legs, the greater their arousal even though their destruction and humiliation was assured. Although they now feared those flawless nylon-sheathed legs, some actually slowed down their attack to watch her legs unleash terrible destruction with humiliating defeat. Even as her leg rose to kick the next man’s jaw, sending his head flying back over his shoulders, she caught him staring at her crotch with a noticeable erection in his trousers. Unprepared by the effect of her sexy legs and fighting skill she was shocked that these men were highly aroused and could do nothing to hide it.

A brief sight of a rising knee and a glimpse of gusset was all the warning the next man got but it was enough, leaning back just as her right foot narrowly whipped past his jaw. Without slowing Claudine seamlessly changed from one foot to the other, driving her other leg around in a shiny high arc. “Hai!” the top of her foot connected with the side of his neck with a solid crack that whipped his head right around with a glazed look in his eyes. Even as he fell away, the elegant woman spun to the next man, her foot already rising. “Yah!” her shod foot shattered his cheek with a force that could break bricks, sending his face spinning around in a spray of gore. Lesser men would have fallen but the big muscular brute was tough and gave a roar of rage, throwing open his thick arms to grab her. They close in around air as the blonde sharply bent forwards, her hands touching the ground as her right leg soared up behind her. “Yah!” the sole of her shoe is like a jack-hammer driving straight up from below, breaking his jaw as if it were porcelain. The guy was out on his feet even before Claudine’s foot returned to the ground and her body flipped back upright to face the next man.

“Ha!” a roundhouse kick into the back of another man’s elbow broke it with a satisfying crack. “Ha!” without lowering her leg another bolt of shiny tan destruction pulsed to his throat crushing his windpipe. “Do you like looking up my leg at my panties, pervert?” she snarled keeping her foot embedded in his neck while he choked to death. Claudine was shocked as his bulging erection throbbed and thrashed like a wild animal. His sexual arousal at her superior and destructive skills was too much to bear at the moment of his death, the front of his trousers becoming sopping wet as it erupted into orgasm. That made the trouser-bulges of the remaining men grow so large that they barely seemed to have the will to fight. In response she began toying with them, kicking her leg high right in front of them without hitting them then laughing out loud as they struggled to control their wildly thrashing erections. Some failed and ejaculated moments before she let them have it for real, kicking their faces so hard it whipped over their shoulders at literally breakneck speed.

Soon only a handful were left standing around her in a circle as if mesmerised by her legs with their trouser-tents twitching. “I’m not fighting you any more” she declared placing her hands on her hips and giving them a withering stare. They were visibly disappointed by her words and their eyes seemed to plead with her. “You can’t take losing to me” she sneered laughing as their trousers lurched in response. “You might as well just whip them out and masturbate in front of me” she joked but then was shocked when one actually did precisely that. The prim and proper lady was disgusted and went to kick him hard in the balls. As his eyes widened in joyful anticipation, she pulled the kick at the last second. Her foot had barely brushed his exposed manhood when it erupted like a volcano spewing thick white spunk over her nylons. “Hai!” so outraged was she that she broke his neck with a single kick without thinking.

In blind anger at degraded males who couldn’t even fight properly without becoming sexually aroused, the slim pristine woman turned and kicked like a deadly spinning top. Working her way around the circle, men dropped like flies as her beautiful legs delivered kicks with machine-gun fury that they couldn’t resist even if they wanted to. In a handful of seconds, none remained standing. The sight of so many lying on the ground, victims of her martial superiority filled her with a strange elation that bordered on a sexual experience. “Come on. Get up and give me a proper fight” she demanded of the few that were still conscious not wanting the delicious feeling to end. Instead the pathetic bloodied and battered specimens crawled upon their bellies to reach her feet while gazing longingly up at her long nylon-clad legs. Some begged to be her slave and to serve her forever, a request soon picked up by the rest. For a moment Claudine was dumbfounded at their strange behaviour. She laughed openly as they began kissing her feet while caressing her legs calling her Mistress but that turned to irritation as they kept looking up at her crotch. That quickly became outrage and anger as she saw one with his manhood in his hands, an action that spread among the rest like a virus until they were all masturbating while worshipping her legs and feet. “Stop that you pathetic worms” she demanded but they were so far gone that her strong dominant tone caused a mass ejaculation that soaked her nylons. Screaming with repulsion she stomped and kicked at the disgusting animals to get them away from her. When she had finished the sight of so many men lying around her with broken necks and smashed skulls made her feel ill that for a moment she considered turning herself into The Gendarme until the memory of her beloved Jacques, Henri and Marie turned her resolve steely. Removing the hem of her dress from the waistband of her hose, she straightened her attire before making a quick exit before anyone noticed the mess in the car park.

Present day
As the Countess released me from her legs, I had become so turned on by her tale that I remained by her feet. “It’s hard to believe that a sophisticate like yourself with such beautiful legs could be so lethal” I remarked, brazenly running one hand slowly along the length of her shin while the other felt her calves. “Not that I disbelief you” I added in case she decided to demonstrate. Her calves were a nice pleasing semi-tear drop shape and I could feel the underlying firmness of the gently defined muscle-head forming a nice counterpoint to the silky smooth nylons. “Do you usually go around touching up the legs of titled women?” Claudine exclaimed. “I’m terribly sorry” I apologised removing my hands only for her to grab them and place them on her sleek thighs. “Have you ever felt such quality before?” she asked moving my hands back and forth along the nylons pushing back the hem of her skirt. “Pantyhose are comfortable” she said as I tried to control my urges at the widening expanse of thigh right before my eyes and the smooth tactile feel under my fingers. “But I prefer stockings and suspenders for fighting men. Generally, without panties” she said. “I find that so much more convenient after I’ve beaten them when they beg to be used as willing oral slaves” she smiled at the shocked expression on my face.

“Stockings and suspenders when worn correctly are so much more effective at arousing men and providing a continual reminder that it is a feminine lady who is destroying them with superior fighting skills” A saucy smile spread on her bright red thin lips as she shocked me again by spreading her legs wide exposing the gusset inches from my face. “You would make a good willing oral slave, Jim” she told me, a statement that had me struggling for self-control. Her knowing blue eyes bore into mine with a tight smile that made her aged aristocratic face extremely appealing in a GILF sort of manner. Her hands pointed to her crotch and foolishly I looked. “Even if you weren’t, if I told you to put your face right up between my legs against my crotch and service me until I reach pleasure, you would do it because you are my servant now and I expect unquestioning obedience” she said in a voice used to being obeyed. My dick sprang to rigidity in an instant. “Until that night I never knew that I could have that sort of effect on men. I never realised how weak-willed they were” she raised her knee to remove a shoe then did the same with the other. “It’s really rather amusing if you think about. Well it is for me at least” she chuckled stretching out a sleek nylon-clad leg and gently resting the sole of her foot on my groin. Out of instinct I went to push it away. “Ah ah!” she cautioned making me stop with a hard glare. “These feet can smash through concrete slabs and break a man’s neck in a single kick” she warned “Unless you want to discover what the same kick feels like when delivered to your manhood, I strongly suggest you remove your hand”. I took heed of her warning and had to watch, not daring to interfere as her feet played with my groin. “Please do not think me a high-class whore” the cultured lady said. “Jacques was the only man I ever loved. After they took that and my ability to conceive away from me sex was meaningless but the discovery of the effect my legs had upon men gave me another weapon in my quest for revenge” the well-manicured woman told me while her foot worked it’s magic on my groin. “Orrrr!” I moaned softly astonished at such outlandish behaviour from a member of the aristocracy yet there was no doubt that the wrinkly elegant lady was extremely skilful at arousing a man. “I also needed solid financial backing to take my investigation further” she continued while massaging me hard with her foot.

25+ years ago
Sir Archibald rang the bell again to summon his manservant for another glass of port. Cursing the man’s slowness the obese bald-headed aristocrat with the hanging jowls rose awkwardly from his lounge chair and strode into the lobby. To his surprise there stood a slim blonde with a pleasing figure with her back to him studying his Rembrandt’s, gifted to him courtesy of the taxpayer through the International development fund. White-gold hair was neatly styled falling tidily to the collar of a sleeveless dark blue dress that fell to the back of her knees. Studying the calves visible below the hem, slim with a nice shape and just a hint of hardness possibly from years of wearing heels, he very much approved of the straight seams running vertically up the centre of the back of each lower leg indicating that the shiny sheer tan-coloured nylons were probably stockings. To his eyes she looked like a professional business woman, maybe a solicitor or accountant rather than some young dolly bird that he could seduce with his money.

“Who the devil are you? Where’s Wilson and how did you get through security? I left strict instructions that I was not to be disturbed” he asked loudly like a richly bass-resonant fog-horn. The blonde turned her head to reveal a fairly attractive face and nice bust-line. “Wilson’s lying dead with a broken neck just outside the front door as are your Guards at the front gate. You really ought to employ better protection they were really no match for my legs” she replied in a softly spoken but firm voice. “Wh-wh-what? What are you blathering on about woman?” he stammered unable to comprehend the shocking words that didn’t make sense in his world. “Oh, you are hard of hearing as well as rich and lazy” she chuckled. “What?!” he harrumphed in outrage. “Let’s see if I can get something else hard” with that the slim blonde leant forwards to reach for the hem of her dress causing her nice slender calves to flex into hard downward pointing arrow shapes. “Now listen here! … my word!” he exclaimed as she stood back up raising the dress to reveal a perfectly formed leg of appealing loveliness and eye-watering length that went all the way up to the dark band of stocking tops. “Oh wow” he groaned in appreciation and again as the hem on the other side lifted revealing the backs of both legs in desirable double-vision. “Hmmm” she hummed looking back at him over her narrow shoulders. “Everything seems to be in working order” she pointedly stared at the front of his trousers.

“Now look here orrwow!” he groaned loudly as the hem went higher until it was over her hips revealing perfectly formed buttocks of compact erotic beauty clad in very daring knickers so sheer and high-cut that it didn’t leave much for the imagination. With so much bare behind, the sight of the pert rounded peach was better than Viagra. She was no spring chicken but he was achingly harder than he had been for many years. Rigid with lust he approached the blonde from behind. “What is it that you want you sexy little minx?” he asked in what he thought was a seductive tone. “Everything” she purred. Grabbing his hands she pulled him tight against her back then leant slightly forwards. “Orrrr! God!” he moaned ecstatically as her backside pressed into his throbbing erection. “Woah! Steady boy. Hold onto that charger. Don’t let it bolt too soon” the leggy hottie chuckled with a smile turning around in his arms to face him. Her slender body felt so good in his arms as he reached around her to grasp her backside enjoying the firm feel of her tight hard buttocks as he cupped them in his sweaty hands.

“Orrrr! You are magnificent madam” he groaned lustfully. He leant forward to kiss her but she held him off with a firm hand and a beguiling smile. He failed to notice the thick firm curves swelling on her upper arms as she held him at bay. “Sir Archibald. Let me show you how I succeed in life” she informed him. “What the? Orrr!” he gasped then sighed in pleasure as her hand went to the front of his trousers giving the throbbing bulge a stroke causing it to grow all the more. Unzipping and opening his flies, Claudine took out his member trying not to think of the gross small chubby thing in her hand as she slid it slowly back and forth. The sounds of his strained breathing, the dumb glazed expression on his face and groans of pleasure confirmed that she was doing it right.

As his hands moved to grope her breasts Claudine resisted the urge to drive her knee straight into his balls. “Sir Archibald!” she gasped faking her pleasure. The money trail for the Organisation ended here at this odious self-important horrible overweight man, knighted for ‘services to industry’. That meant misusing his links with the financial institutions he was meant to oversee by funnelling taxpayer’s money to fund their criminal activities and paying for Establishment cover-ups. She needed this hideous man to provide the names of those he dealt with higher up the ‘food-chain’ and that meant putting herself through this degradation. “Orrrrrr!” a loud groan and thrusting of his fat hips reminded her to slow down before this creep shot his load. The ‘ladies of the night’ who had taught her this technique had told her the longer you kept a man erect, the more desperate they became and willing to do anything you asked in order to gain the release they craved.

The motion of her hand stopped as she purred seductively “you would do anything for me wouldn’t you?” “Orrrr yes yes” he cried. Placing his hard manhood against the top of her thigh she began rubbing it across the rough dark band of her stocking top and the warm smooth skin above. “Oh you Goddess!” he sighed with his eyes closed in bliss. She almost laughed at how pathetic he was succumbing to stimulation of his dick instead of using his brain. “You will sign over your private Swiss bank accounts to me, won’t you?” she purred while taking out the legal transfer document she had prepared earlier from her pocket with one hand and placing it on a table with a pen next to it. Claudine had agonised over this and had concluded that money had been obtained by deceit so it was only right that it fund her elevation of status required for her investigation to bring them down. It was a daring move and could see doubt spread across his face. Leaning forwards her tongue licked along the side of his flabby neck causing him to moan manically while frantically thrusting his hips but denied the pleasure he sought thanks to Claudine’s iron-grip. “I didn’t hear you” she said in a voice like pouring honey “Oh yes, yes, please let me cum” he wailed so weakly she openly laughed. She leant forwards bringing her mouth close to his ear. “Sign it” she ordered then before he could hesitate began nibbling and licking his ear. “Ohhhh ohhhh” he moaned with the sensory overload and she laughed as the blustering rich oaf fumbled the pen to scrawl his signature while trying to thrust his hips against her immobile hand in an increasing frenzy of frustration. She knew he would try to get out of the deal but had planned for that.

As a reward she allowed a few thrusts through her hand before clamping tight again. “Now you will give me the names of your contacts within the Organisation” she demanded. “Now just listen here” he blustered. With a smile and the quizzical arching of eyebrows she slipped her right leg around the back of his left. It swiftly kicked backwards slamming into the back of his knee causing it to give way enabling the motion of her leg to sweep his foot from the floor and deposit him on his portly backside in an antique chair. As he tried to rise she pushed him back with a strong arm. This was the bit she was dreading but there was no choice. Opening her mouth she took his nasty pink manhood and enveloped it completely in her mouth. “Orrrr magnificent!” he cried loudly as her mouth slid up and down the shaft. Claudine tried not to dwell on the gross thing in her mouth but luckily he didn’t stand a chance and was soon on the point of ejaculation. At that point she quickly removed it and held it in a strong grip just beneath the head like the streetwalkers had shown her preventing his release. “Oh please please let me cum” he begged as it swelled up like a balloon below her hand. “Names” was all she said with a sneer at his frantic frustration. “Please please” he begged in pent-up frustration. “Not until you give me those names” she sneered as he writhed in the chair. Withheld on the edge of climax he told her the little he knew. Releasing his manhood from her grip had dramatic results as it erupted like a volcano blasting heavily all over her stockings while she looked on in disgust.

“You are of no further use to me. Which leaves me with only one choice, although I will not say that it is with regret” she declared. “Eh? What?” he panted from his exertions. “You really are a bore aren’t you?” she sighed. Her hands moved like vipers, seizing his right hand and bending the fingers sharply back with a cold aloof air of superiority. “N..N.No no arghh!” he squealed as with a sneering snooty look the woman twisted his hand right around and under forcing his elbow up into the air. She did this with deliberate slowness and an arrogant withering look so that he could savour her dominance. “How does it feel to have a mere woman in complete physical control?” she sneered before forcing him to lean backwards with yelps of agony. “Observe how my mastery of the finger-lock means that I can force you to go where ever I want” she boasted “I can make you lean back or” “Ouch!” with a subtle change in direction he was forced to rise onto his toes “go onto tippy-toes, or make you kneel before me” she demonstrated with a nonchalant air pushing his hand over his wrist sending him writhing in agony to a very low crouch on one knee at her feet. With his hand under her control she forced it to feel her stocking tops and the bare skin above. “That is the last time you are going to grope my legs, you horrible corrupt stuck-up little man” she said.

“Hai!” the unexpected shout made him jump as a nylon-clad knee rose trailing a beautiful slender shin backed by a nice shapely calve before powering the shoe into his face. Mashing his lips against his teeth while breaking his nose, his head flew backwards, his piggy face bloodied. Releasing all of her disgust at the acts she had performed on this odious man through violence the dignified looking woman grabbed the back of his head. “Yah!” her knee struck his face like a cannonball with a sickening sound of breaking facial bones.

Showing no mercy the cold elegant woman bent back his fingers forcing him to his feet, twisted around and flipped the obese man head over heels in a brutally fast wrist flip. The fat man crashed on his back at such tremendous speed that even the thick luxurious carpet couldn’t cushion the fall knocking all of the air out of him at once leaving him severely winded. The long-legged woman let him savour his position on his back at her feet for a few moments. “Enjoy the view” her voice made him look up at the long-legged towers of sexy femininity converging at scanty frilly knickers at her crotch. “It will be the among the last that you’ll ever see”. Bending at the knees she lowered herself gracefully to sit upon his lap then proceeded to remove her shoes. Her stocking clad legs stretched out until the sole of each foot rested either side of his neck. “Do you like the feel of expensive nylons against your skin?” she purred as her feet gently stroked his neck. His hands went to her lower legs and began feeling them. She was somewhat surprised to feel a renewed arousal beneath her.

Suddenly he gasped as concentrated power flowed from her sleek thighs through her calves and into her feet applying a hard squeeze upon the arteries in his neck. “I work out in the gym everyday” she told him casually as his hands flew to her feet only to discover to his surprise he couldn’t shift those dainty looking things from his neck. He was unable to believe that such beautiful feminine legs could be exerting such strength, even as his face turned red and his eyes bulged. Soon his eyes began to flicker and roll up inside his head before his large body began to twitch and convulse horribly before passing out. Yet still the elegant woman maintained her deadly foot hold until no pulse could be felt in his wrist.

Present day
“You would do anything I ask wouldn’t you?” her Ladyship purred. “Oh yes!” I moaned aroused by her skilful feet and the sight of her crotch right before my eyes. “Take it out!” she commanded in a tone that made me comply without thinking. “You are my servant to use and abuse as I see fit” she said as the silky soft nylons covering her soles caressed the bare skin of my dick. The intensity of the erotic sensation turned me into a gibbering foot slave. “The lower classes like being humiliated” she declared as I could no longer control my reaction to her feet. “Imagine my surprise when I found that men were such pathetic slaves to their privates” she laughed. “The longer and slower you play with them, the more desperate a man’s desire to tell you anything you need to know when his climax is withheld”. My man-stick was unbearably rigid, all I could do was wait like an obedient slave for her to bring me off. “After using such techniques on the low-hanging fruit within the Organisation and getting no further I realised that I needed a high level of status in life to gain access to the upper echelons” “So I met with the Count and seduced him into marrying me” she laughed at my shocked expression “believe me if I rode you too you would be begging to marry me as well”. “The Moroccan did their dirty work so I’d hoped he’d lead me to them but his sordid trafficking of sex workers drew your attention instead”. Her feet stopped stroking and with a wicked smile she placed her right foot vertically aligned with my rigid boner and pressed it down against my abdomen as if pressing an accelerator pedal. “Since you spoiled my plans and are now my servant, you will make amends. The rewards can be quite pleasurable” With that her foot released my shaft which sprang back up releasing all the sexual tension in one go. “Nnnarrraghhh Nnaarr nnnarrr!” white spunk blasted out the top in a strong series of spurts that decorated her nylons.

After I cleaned myself up, I was escorted to a room in the servant’s quarters situated in the attic of the château. I was not happy with the situation and not in a good mood when later that night I was summoned to the Countess’s bedchamber. However all anger drained at the sight of the aged classy lady wearing a black sheer wrap-around nightgown that left nothing to the imagination. The sheer nylon clung to her breasts emphasising their magnificent firm shape and highly erect nipples although her stern snooty stare made it hard to look for long. Seated on a large double king-sized bed she fixed me with a cold expression that I found quite arousing in it’s arrogance. “You find the charisma of my age, class and dominance a drug” she stated and dressed in that see-through gown it probably was. For she was quite an attractive lady and her elegant sophistication made her a forbidden desire. “You are addicted to me. See how you tremble with desire. You crave my elite body. Come serve your mistress”. With that she stood up letting the gown slide to the floor. My manhood sprang stiffly erect in an instant at the sight of the Countess standing naked before me wearing only tan stockings attached by suspenders to a tiny girdle. Although aged, her body was slim and taut with a firm pair of breasts, a flat stomach and of course those long sensational legs. This was a lady who liked to keep trim in her private gym and the results were impressive and desirable without being overtly muscled.

“Obey me” she purred seductively as her fingertips gently traced lines of tingling electricity along either side of my neck. With a gentle smile she lifted her hands slightly. “Hai!” the edges of her open hands chopped the arteries at the base of both sides of my neck simultaneously sending shards of paralysing pain searing through my nervous system. I was too numb to move as she steered me towards the foot of the bed then turned me around to face her with my back to it. “Yah!” a slim knee rose before the leg straightened in a heartbeat. “Urghh!” I groaned as the sole of her foot pounded my chest hard sending me sprawling backwards onto the bed. An attractive ageing woman, naked other than her lingerie, leapt on top pinning my arms with her knees. “I gave you an order. You will obey” she barked before her hands slashed again. “Hai! Ha!” the hard edge of her hands chopped one side of my neck then the other leaving me dazed as she spun around to face my feet.

Helpless to act I watched that lovely tight peach of a backside hover before my eyes as her hands undid my trousers to expose my dick. “Urrr!” I groaned softly as her experienced hands began to work it. Not that it was a one-way service for a nylon-sheathed foot stretched back towards my face and with the toes tight together forced their way into my mouth demanding to be licked. Not that I had much choice especially while her hands worked their magic. After a while the toes withdrew and she slid back to sit high on my chest with her calves pushing beneath the back of my head. As her legs locked me up in a seated reverse figure 4 head-scissor my face was pushed between her pert hard buttocks. She let me lounge in that very arousing place despite the lack of air suffering submissively in her dominance. “Oh my!” she exclaimed in mock surprise. “How embarrassing to be stuffed beneath my privileged derrière” she chuckled in delight. Rotating her backside while she leant forward along my body I felt her pussy lips against my mouth and knew what she wanted me to do. As I began worshipping her dominant mature Ladyship, she continued working me to even greater levels of stiffness. “Mmmmm! Mmmm! I moaned with pleasure into her backside as I felt her warm wet mouth engulf my dick licking and sucking on it in between strikes of her hand while I repaid the compliment until my jaws ached and my tongue was dry. The skilful semi-nude lady then turned around straddling my waist. Spreading her thighs wide reaching beneath her to line up my aching dick with her love nest, she chuckled “I warned you what would happen if I rode you”. With that she plunged herself down upon my shaft and began to ride me at first slowly with extreme skill until I became a blabbering idiot begging her to go faster. “As you can see” she said without loss of breath, her taut belly flexing and writhing like a belly-dancer, as she rode sliding all the way up and down the shaft keeping me in prolonged ecstasy. “The upper classes are indeed best at everything”  she stated with the arrogance of her adopted class. When she finally speed up, she rode me hard with a fury that made my hips ache until I finally blasted heavily inside her while she moaned loudly as she came. Laying on the bed in exhaustion, a nylon-clad foot gently stroked my cheek. “Please me in your investigation and I will reward you again” she purred seductively. That’s all the encouragement I needed!

Over the next few weeks I fed the information she had gathered over the years into a database and cross-referenced it with what I could find on the web until a pattern began to emerge. At the centre of the web of connections was a secretive family whose wealth was well hidden although they owned vast tracts of Europe, America and elsewhere. Their family tree stretched back into the mists of time intermarrying solely within the 13 families and maintaining aristocratic ranks of the highest order including Royalty. The probabilities were high between the Organisation and Duke Gregory of Russian descent mainly living in France. “Do you know him?” I asked. “No. That family keep a very low profile. I have heard that he is not a man to be trifled with and has a fearsome reputation”. As a Countess, Claudine thought she could arrange a meeting but was annoyed when refused. “We’ll have to do things the hard way” she declared. “You can be my chauffeur. Go and get the Jag”

So it was I drove a deluxe sports car with the top down worth several times more than my house while the glamorous mature aristocrat sat next to me. “Eyes on the road” she admonished as they kept getting drawn to her legs as she stretched them out in the passenger seat well, sheathed in sheer black nylon with the stocking tops showing. She wore a light grey patterned jacket lined with pale pink cuffs and V-necked collar. This matched a pale pink skirt that came down to her knees but rode up when she sat. On her feet were a pair of shiny black slip-ons with a mid-height heel and silver buckle design of 3 interlocking circles. When she told me that she was wearing the stockings over a pair of high-sheen tan pantyhose for enhanced effect, I was dubious until she hitched up her skirt to show me. The combination made her legs extra shiny, glistening so sensuously that I nearly came off the road!

At last we arrived at the massive ornate gates to the estate manned by four armed guards. “Countess Dupont here to see the Duke” she announced grandly. “No-oo” the young guardsman drew out the word in what sounded to be a heavy Russian accent. “The Duke. He does not see anyone without the proper cre-dentials” he sounded smug. “Of course. My credentials” Claudine replied opening the passenger door. His eyes were drawn to the long nylon-sheathed legs as she sat in the low leather seats with the hem of her skirt almost on her hips exposing the stocking tops. Hungrily he watched as she unbuckled the belt then swivelled in the seat making a great play of getting out of the low car making it seem like a ballet gracefully lifting then lowering one leg to the ground then the other. With the hem riding high, the sun shone off the high-sheen combination in a mesmerizing manner. “P-please Madam, stay in your ve-hi-cle” the guard stammered, his gaze firmly locked onto her shiny thighs, stocking tops and crotch. Dear God what a leggy show! Lifting her other leg as she swung it out to place her shoe on the door sill with the hem around her hips, his eyes were wide as he got full blast of the stunning contrast between sheer black stockings and the shiny tan hose sheathing the gap between the matt black stocking tops and her briefs visible through the gusset.

“I am the Countess Claudine Dupont” she announced although he was hardly listening as she unfolded elegantly to her feet. At this point the other guards had come out to crowd around and enjoy the free show with big smiles on their faces. “I have my credentials right here. Let me show you” she said before turning around to lean back inside the car. Reaching across for the storage compartment between the seats, she opened it and fumbled about inside. The guards bunched together with their chests rising and falling deeply as they breathed heavily staring at the back of her legs and the lightly muscled calves. I tried not to stare down the front of her blouse at her breasts as they dangled next to me. “Oh where is that wretched thing” she exclaimed using that as an excuse to bend over even further. Out of their view, her hands slipped to her skirt discretely pulling it up over her backside. The groans were audible as the men were confronted by two orbs of exoticness glistening under the high sheen, clearly visible through her hose with only a skimpy thong between them. The lustful groans of appreciation continued as she slowly withdrew from the car and turned around to face them.

“My what big piss-tools you have in your trousers” her Ladyship exclaimed in mock surprise and a saucy smile. “Hai!” her knee flew to chest height flicking open in a blur of reflected light lancing upwards from beneath the legs of the young guardsman to hammer the sharp point of her shoe right into his nut-sack. “Arggghh!” a loud agonised howl rent the silence as the power of the kick blasted his feet from the ground sending his whole body into the air before coming back down. “Yah!” a swift punch to the larynx, “Ya!” a hard chop to the side of his neck put him down.

Swivelling on one heel towards the shocked man next to him Claudine’s leg swung around at waist height bent at the knee with the sole of her shoe aimed towards him. A glimpse of sensational thigh and stocking tops was all he got as a shiny black streak hurtled towards his throat. “Yah!” a horrible croak left his mouth as it dropped wide open as the wicked sharp toe hammered into the jugular notch crushing his windpipe. “Yah!” a gut-busting kick across his belly, “Ha!” a shockingly solid punch on the jaw, “Yah!” followed by another sends him down in a spray of blood.

The other guards reacted to this unexpectedly deadly old dame as she turned to face them. “YAH!” a beefy fist powered towards her face but she quickly leant back and it narrowly missed its target. “Ha!” her hand slammed into the back of his outstretched arm shattering it with a force that could break bricks. Wickedly twisting his broken arm into an arm-lock she forced him to bend over looking at the ground as the other guard came roaring with rage with his big fists raised to pound her. Swinging his thick muscular arm, he was too close to miss. “Hai!” her knee flashed up to waist height before turning her side to him. Leaning away with her skirt around her hips, exposing stocking tops and suspenders, the leg straightened sideways even as his fist streaked towards her face. A leggy nylon lightning bolt moved faster than his fist, the sole of her shoe pounding his sternum like a drum sending him hurtling backwards to crash against the wall of the gatehouse.

Turning her attention back to the guard screaming in her arm-lock, the classy old lady forced him to stand straight then grabbed the front of his shirt to pull him close while her nylon-clad knee pistoned upward. “Ha!” “Woarghh!” his breath spilled explosively as her small rounded knee drove all the way inside his gut overcoming whatever muscled resistance he might have. Briefly going onto his toes, he came back down, creasing around her raised knee and upper thigh with his face screwed in agony and mouth gasping like a fish out of water. The stately woman looked magnificent as an arm flashed into the air above his bent neck with the hand held open with fingers straight like a knife. “Hai!” chop to the back of the neck, “Yah!” chop to the side of the neck from behind in a solid blow more suited for chopping concrete slabs. With a terrible crack the man crashed limply to the ground.

I did not condone the Countess’s deadly violence but she had exploded into action before I realised her intent. Taking the opportunity to leave the car, I made a dash towards the gatehouse door. Entering the small building I located a big green button and pressed it to start the big iron gates opening. Outside, the last guard proved tougher than the rest. Roaring with rage he lunged at the sleight mature woman who he dwarfed. “Yah!” a long slim leg kicked high but he swatted it aside like a fly then seized her throat and began to squeeze. With her face turning red, the gracefully ageing blonde tried to gird her neck while remaining calm and focussed. Bringing her palms together as if praying they thrust up between the inside of his elbows, then sprang apart with the forearms knocking his elbows outwards creating a wider gap. Her hands came together again than sprang apart to deliver a hard chop against the inside of each elbow causing his arms to fall numbly away from her neck. Grabbing each side of his face with steely fingers digging in behind his ears, she pulled it sharply down as her knee shot up to meet it with a sickening crunch of facial bone. Her knee continued to soar way above her chest with a groin-lurching view of skimpy panties as her hands tried to hold down his head as it was blasted upwards to take the full impact. Remaining regal and elegant, she brutally destroyed his face.

The big tough guy staggered back clutching his face roaring with anger. “Oh do be quiet” her Ladyship said with arrogant condescension. Facing him with a fist clenched by her side and the other hand held like a knife he visibly quailed. “Eyah!” the edge of her hand chopped upwards into his groin with audible force that had him doubling over and screaming in agony. “There’s no need to kill him. Just lay him out” I shouted. “There’s every need. You’re too soft” she flashed me a steely glance. “Hai!” with arousing flexibility her right leg rocketed right up into the air. The top of her thigh bounced off her bust before the shapely stocking-clad executioner’s axe fell upon the back of his neck sending him crashing to the ground. “We need to go, now” I told the silvery blonde nodding towards the CCTV cameras at the top of the posts of the now open gates.

The Arena
Jumping back in the car we sped off down the mile long avenue that led to the grand mansion. We hadn’t got far when we were intercepted by a squad of cars blocking us in on all sides. A squad of men got out to order us at gun-point into the back of a van. Any chance of conversation was silenced by the barrel of a gun shoved in my face.

A short drive later and we were unloaded at a building resembling a smaller but complete version of the Coliseum. Led inside, we found ourselves in a small indoor arena enclosed from the elements by a high ceiling housing floodlights that lit up the facility. In the centre, groups of big burly young men practised martial arts in gi uniforms with black belts. At the far end a group of 3 ageing muscular seniors were in discussion around a table. Around the auditorium where one would expect seats there were instead rows of oversized large flat-screens. I caught a glimpse of the head and shoulders of dignified pompous people on the screens, some very familiar, yet as if detecting our intrusion they were suddenly pixilated. However in that brief moment I had sensed something odd and artificial about their features. Forced to sit on a wooden bench at the side-lines we were joined by a tall distinguished looking gentleman in expensive regal clothes accompanied by an imposing greying man clad in skin tight black sweater and leggings that flaunted his intimidating physique. Sitting next to me Claudine stiffened at the sight of the ageing brute as he smiled at us like a shark with a flash of gold teeth. She tried to address the more regal looking man. “Duke Gregory I am….” “SILENCE!” the Duke bellowed angrily “How dare you address me directly. You are not of the true blood. Speak again and I will have you beheaded”. He turned to address the other man “Commander, do you know these intruders?”. Flashing a nasty glare the man replied “The reporter bitch who became a whore to gain a title” he sneered “and the wanker who tried to get Allam sent down”. The Duke’s mouth spread in an evil grin. “So you are not even born upper class” he addressed the Countess before giving me a curious glance. “And the saviour of mankind. I think not” he scoffed. I opened my mouth to ask what he was on about when he silenced me with a glance.

“Don’t you find it strange that women like her gravitate towards you?” he asked raising a hand to forestall me speaking “No, don’t answer that. There are many secrets passed down through the ages that are the prerogative of the ultra-rich and privileged”. He must have seen the confusion in my eyes and decided to taunt my ignorance. “You’ve met the Supervisors [JIMP#60,62] and know about the Project Gabriel archives? [JIMP#22]” “Some kind of human family bio-engineering project” I replied and took a guess “They cannot conceive and so have turned to artificially inseminating humans to help them breed”. The Countess and the Commander frowned in confusion but the Duke nodded. “I shall ignore your impudent interruption this once but yes, you are correct. The results were not pretty, rampaging psychopathic killers decimating friend and foe alike. Only one survived and she sadly proved uncooperative”. “The Yanks call her an advanced weapon of mass destruction and therefore their property. She must never fall into their greedy power-hungry hands” he told me. He saw me eager to ask another question but waved me silent. “We serve no King or Queen, Government or Bankers, red-eyed aliens, God or Demon. We are the rightful rulers of this world and intend to keep it that way” “And who gave you that right?” I asked angrily. “The Gods and Demons themselves. Read your scriptures. All that begatting that went on between them and the humans. The family of the 13 made sure that bloodline stayed true” he replied. “And as for speaking without permission to one so far above your station in life. You two will provide tonight’s entertainment for the people who really own and rule the World. You will face the world’s best martial artists who will beat and break you slowly until you beg them to put you out of your misery” with a nasty chuckle he left with the Commander leaving us with a small group of guards holding guns.

We sat in silence after that cheerful news until Claudine suddenly spoke up “I need to use the water closet”. “Then you sit there and pee yourself for you will die shortly” the team leader replied. We sat watching the black belts practice until I heard the familiar rasp of nylon upon nylon as the Countess crossed her legs. The sophisticated lady rested her right calve on the upper thigh of the left, close to the knee, the high angle forming an eye-magnet with stocking tops on view around the top and side of the right thigh. With a saucy glimpse of the underlying glossy nylons on the underside the pose drew the eye from her slim ankles along the long slender shin backed by the sleek gorgeous curve of calve muscle which flared out as it hugged the smooth contours of the outer side of her other thigh close to the knee. “Stop that!” the team leader warned pointing his gun at her. “You can’t expect a lady to sit on this hard bench without getting comfortable” she said in a warm seductive voice with another nylon rasp. One thing I learnt about the Countess was that she had a talent for getting her skirt to ride up to the top of her sensuously long thighs with the most innocent of movements. Smiling while bouncing the right calve off the leg below, she uncrossed and recrossed her legs the other way around. “Are you going to let an old Granny seduce you?” the team leader scolded his men for staring at this stately lady’s legs “are you granny-f*ckers?”. By now all eyes were drinking in the glory of Claudine’s stocking tops and suspenders to the agitation of the team leader. “No stop that!” he demanded “Don’t look at her legs” he scolded but they were testosterone pumped men with visible growing bulges. “I’m sure this has been all one big mistake and we can talk about it sensibly like mature adults” she purred, smiling sweetly while stretching out then relaxing her shin and calves as the men drank in those amazing legs set off with the sensual appeal of her nylons.

“That’s it! Handcuff the bitch” he barked. A guard rushed forwards to obey. “No! Not from the front you moron” the team leader shouted but it was too late. With the man between herself and the others she grabbed him by the collar as he leant to apply the cuffs pulling him closer. “Hai! Ha! Ha! Ha!” her knee was black nylon lightning pounding his gut at close-range over and over again in swift rapidity while remaining seated. His body jerked up and down driven onto his toes with each brutal blow while doubling up like an inverted U-pin with a ghastly open-mouth expression. Finally he creased right over and collapsed across her thighs. “Yah!” with forearm vertical she brought the hard point of an elbow down upon the back of his neck with a ghastly crack sending him flopping to the floor.

Before the others could recover from the shock and fire their guns, she had thrown herself into a forwards roll towards the nearest man who was surprised to find the supple old lady at his feet. “Ha Ha Ha!” a nylon pile-driver slammed the sharp toe of her shoe right up between his legs, dropped a fraction then pummelled his balls with the sole, pulling back as he creased over before soaring high in a flash of stocking tops to smash his face at breakneck speed blasting it right over his shoulders in a spray of blood. Spinning on the floor she faced the team leader. “Yah!” a black flash arcs around his leg to pound behind his knee making his leg give way. Long legs fly up to trap his gun hand at the wrist between crossed calves and with a quick twist of her hips sends him flying through the air in an arc from one side to the other, slamming his back hard and fast against the floor.

“Hai!” with incredible flexibility and reach, a sleek leg lanced upwards hammering the pointed toe of her shoe into the temple of a guard. “Yah!” her foot breaks his knee causing him to collapse onto the other before her. “Ha ha ha!” a shiny silky nylon-clad knee pounds his gut like a jack-hammer with such power that his body was jerking and shaking uncontrollably as he creased up over his ruined gut. “Hai! Hai! Hai!” her hand flashed up and down with the fingers held rigid like a knife chopping the back of his neck, watching in amusement as his destroyed body jerked up and down like an electrocuted marionette. Creased right over in agony, a moan of terror escapes his lips as she raises her leg bent at the knee. “Ha!” a bolt of stockinged glory shoots out in a powerful kick that sends him flying limply to the floor.

The Countess was the picture of sophistication and power as she twirled and high-kicked her way through the guards. Her beautiful long slender shapely legs in motion were arousing to watch but dangerous to be on the receiving end. Finally only the team leader remained standing. “You beetch. I keel you” he raged raising his gun. Before it could fire, her right knee rose with a flash of stocking tops. “Yah!” a sharp shoe toe kicked upwards from between his legs into his balls. As he folded forwards with an agonised face she spun around and flipped herself forwards onto her hands and knees, with the skirt falling back around her hips, bending a knee beneath her body. “Hai!” a shiny sheer thunderbolt shot back arcing up towards the top of his trousers crushing his balls beneath the heel. Springing back to her feet she spun to face him. “Hai!” a lightning-fast blur rose high and slammed around the side of his face whipping his head from one side to the other sending him staggering. Spinning on one heel while lifting her knee, the back of her skirt billowed up with a glimpse of tight compact buttocks as she pirouetted around with her left leg lifted high at the knee and shoe aimed backwards. “Yah!” he could only watch horrified as the sole rushed towards his face, pounding it so hard that it snapped back spraying blood from his nose and mouth. “Hai!” her Ladyship became a relentless high-kicking machine slamming powerful long-legged blows one after the other at great speed into the sides and around the top of his head like a demented can-can dancer complete with stockings and suspenders. That such sexy legs could kick with devastating speed and power was stimulating to watch as was her stamina and breathtaking display of lingerie as she repeatedly delivered fast solid hitting kicks that drove the man staggering randomly like a drunk. The kicks came so fast and hard that he had no chance to even begin to defend himself. “Eeeyah!” with a final showy spin and scandalous display of her undies, a beautiful slim leg delivered a powerful back-kick that smashed his face and slammed his back violently against the wall.

Beaten and breathless he watched helplessly as she approached. “You’re not gay are you?” she asked unexpectedly before turning her back on him. Once more that hem rose revealing the backs of her seamed stockings, the dark matt tops and suspenders running vertically over the shiny hose beneath. Finally the skimpy thong briefs were exposed beneath the thin hose letting him savour her small hard buttocks before glancing back over her shoulder with a smile on her face. “Apparently not” she chuckled. “Yai! Yai! Yai!” her elbow pistoned back and forth hammering his chest and gut with terrible solid sounding blows. His whole body rocked violently with each breath-taking blow causing his eyes to screw up and mouth to drop wide open. In a very short time the elegantly presented mature lady, looking calm and collected without a coiffured hair out of place, had reduced the big tough to a gasping rag-doll barely able to stand. “Are you begging for mercy with your eyes?” she asked with scorn. With a pained expression caused by severe stomach cramps he could barely nod his head. “Mercy from a member of the upper-class?” she laughed “you should know better than that. I’m going to castrate you”. “Hai!” wide-eyed in terror he watched her right leg kick backwards bent at the knee with the sole and heel aimed straight at his groin. It struck as loud as thunder driving his feet from the floor and slamming him part-way up the wall behind. The elegant lady turned around and watched the effects of her legs with a wide amused smile as he staggered with pained small steps while crippled over. With cold menace she blocked his way. He stood stooped over clutching his destroyed nuts shaking in fear with his eyes taking in her sexy but deadly legs. “I take great pleasure in delivering you an attitude adjustment, like so. Ha!” a leg kicked out collapsing one of his knees and driving him to the floor. His eyes went wide as she crouched down before him with thighs spread wide, his manhood responding the only way it could to the sight of her crotch. “You are dismissed” she said, her slender right hand adopting an open-palmed knife shape as she raised it ominously before him. “Nnnnnn!” a grunt escaped his lips as his trouser-tent turned sopping wet as he ejaculated at the moment of his defeat. A wicked smile appeared on her lips before she cried “Hai!” the edge of her hand falling upon the join of his neck with a deadly crushing chop.

The rout of the guards did not go unnoticed by the Commander who barked an order to the black belts to stop practising and to get us. With a bloody single-mindedness, Claudine began to cross the arena towards him and his captains. Splitting into two groups with half heading my way, I felt inadequate and nervous as I was not a fighter. Even a glance at the discarded guns didn’t help as I had never fired one before and doubted I could actually shoot to kill. “Leave it, Jim” a husky feminine voice said from behind, making me jump as I hadn’t heard anyone approach. I whirled around greatly surprised to see Madame Virginie, a key member of The Pantyhose Society and owner of the exclusive Parisian lingerie shop above which they practised. “Michelle thought that lady might lead you into trouble and it looks like she was right” her low sultry tones just oozed sensuality.

“Blimey! Must be an old grannies convention” someone remarked at the sight of Virginie’s wide squarish motherly face, plump figure and short brown hair. A charcoal coloured skirt hung from her broad hips and fell just above the knees below which her shins possessed a sensational shape courtesy of large strong meaty calves flaring out behind and given an additional boost by high-heeled shiny black slip-on shoes with wickedly sharp pointed toes. As was the symbol of the women of The Society these were sheathed in high-sheer shiny Wolford tan nylon hose that made her lower legs rather alluring. About 5 foot 7 tall and in her 50’s, above the waist she wore a white blouse stretched tight over a phenomenally large bust. Incredibly wide and low-hanging it was as if she had two beach balls stuffed side by side beneath the taut fabric that tried to contain them. With buttons straining to hold it all in, it was a formidable steep wide forward-thrusting wall of extreme femininity that couldn’t be ignored. “My God! Look at the tits on that old turkey” one lad exclaimed then fell silent as she put her hands upon her hips and gave him a withering stare. Confronted by a sloping continental shelf of bust wider than her waist and ending in two large rounded orbs slung low almost level with her navel and stretching the fabric of her blouse almost skin-tight so that her areoles and nipples, fully erect with excitement, were clearly visible, the sight dumbfounded him.

“Stand aside Maam, so we can get the dweeb” one stepped closer although unable to stop staring at her chest. “Orrrr!” he gasped as she turned to stun him with her side-profile of those low-slung breath-taking slopes thrusting a great distance ahead of her relatively flat belly. The man’s chest rose and fell deeply at the sight of her outlandish figure. “They’re real you know” she told him turning slightly towards him “all natural woman”. His breathing got faster as she began to sway her chest with small rapid movements that were amplified as they rippled down her huge mammaries until they were were wobbling around like jelly on a shaky plate. “Not bad for an old turkey eh?” she remarked “Look at you, paralysed by your yearning with your eyes wide glued to my chest and your tongue practically hanging out” she taunted. With that she gave a big swing of her bust that caused epic sized wobbles causing an outbreak of soft groans that raised a smile at the effect it was having on them.
Across the arena the Countess had a similar effect on the other group as her hands slipped to her skirt and began to slowly raise the hem exposing a lengthening expanse of shiny sheer black nylon with the shiny tan hose worn beneath making them shine in pure sensuality. With a bemused smile upon her aged face, the impact of her stunning legs became increasingly apparent as the hem slowly crept towards her slender hips.

“Hai!” a black-nylon pulse lanced sideways towards the closest man hammering his belly with a shockingly loud sound sending him hurtling backwards. Her hands flew out to the next man as he tried to seize her. “Hai Ha!” one hand chops his wrist while the other axes the inside of his other elbow. “Argh!” a loud crack of bone but his cry is choked off by a chop across the throat and he fell clutching his neck. The black belts respond to the danger and gang up to eliminate it. They may outnumber her, be younger, bigger and more muscular yet this classy lady was nimbler cutting through them like a sharp knife. With her skirt around her hips, her legs were a constant blur of motion. Battering the heads of the men so hard they rocked back and forth, they became punch drunk buffoons as a lethal high-kicking grey-headed lady seemingly unstoppable and invincible destroyed these martial artists gone bad.
Madame Virginie’s hands flashed out seizing the man’s right arm, pulling it across her shoulder while bending forward then bumping her ample backside into his groin with much heaving of her chest. With staggering speed his feet whipped from the ground as he hurtled over her shoulder flipping upside down before slamming head first into the ground. Retaining hold of his arm, she bent it back forcing him to sit looking dazed as she leant over him with her battleship breasts dangling precariously. “Hai!” the edge of her hands slashed down chopping both sides of his neck simultaneously. As he fell senseless to the ground, she moved at a speed faster than her plump top-heavy size would suggest with her breasts lurching like out of control balls throwing man after man over her shoulder in rapid succession at lightning fast speed. Each crashed into the ground so heavily they were laid out cold.

“Well, they were rubbish” she declared triumphantly thrusting her chest out with her hands upon her hips as men lay sprawled at her feet. By now the top buttons of her blouse had given up trying to restrain such a massive load, exposing a vast amount of twin soft rounded mounds of female bosom and deep plunging long dark cleavage between. “Whose next to try to play with my fun bags?” she challenged, bringing her arms to her sides and clutching her hands together squeezing the pliable mammaries pushing up the mounds of erotic temptation. With visibly rising lust two men charged. Facing them square on, she grabbed the front of the first man’s gi jacket and swiftly fell back. Raising her left leg to plant the sole of her shoe in his groin her right bent at the knee in a controlled fall onto her back with her skirt falling around her waist revealing thick strong shapely legs. As her back hit the ground she continued to roll onto her shoulders with the much bigger man raised atop her leg with her foot in his groin. Clad in sheer nylon from her arched foot to her wide hip her left leg flipped over sending him hurtling above her body tumbling over to crash several feet away on his back. Springing lithely back to her feet in front of the second man he responded by blasting a kick towards her. With an arrogant smirk she calmly caught his lower leg trapping it in the crook of her arm. With an amused smile, she swept his remaining leg from under him lifting it high behind him while leaning forwards whipping him backwards at a ferocious velocity, slamming him hard into the ground. Falling on her side next to him, her thick right arm quickly wrapped around his neck securing a side headlock while her legs snaked out to capture the neck of the first man. He was astonished to find her thick thighs surrounding his neck and closing tight into a strong head scissors applied from the side. The other man was also struggling for survival as she clamped a hand behind his head pushing his windpipe into a sturdy looking forearm. The sight of the buxom woman applying a sleeper hold on one man while the other arched into a back bridge struggling desperately between her strong thighs was enough to make the others to stop and stare. “You boys don’t stand a chance” she taunted while both men futilely tried to grasp at her strong crushing limbs while rapidly succumbing to their power. Within seconds both were red in the face, with rolling eyes and frothing at the mouth before breaking into a short violent bout of spasmodic jerking and twitching. “Is that really the best you can do?” she teased letting their limp bodies tumble dismissively to the floor while standing to her full height.

Without warning, a man rushed up from behind reaching around her back to grab her magnificent frontage. “Hai!” her right arm slammed back with a dramatic bounce of chest driving the sharp point of her elbow deep into his gut. “Yah Ya Ya!” in rapid succession the elbow hammered his jaw and chest then straightened to slam her fist into his groin like a wrecking ball. Without pause, an arm slipped around his shoulders as a leg kicked back scything his right foot from the floor while she leant forward. Flipped over her broad hip with his legs tumbling over his head, she controlled his flight slamming him on the back of his head against the hard ground. “Touch my boobs and I’ll break your balls” she growled angrily as he looked up at her in dazed shock. “Eeyah!” a yell to chill any man rang out as her foot stomped down in a strong crushing blow that had him howling in pain. “Ha!” a shout like a cry of derision accompanied a savage sideways twist of her foot sent him into a screaming fit thrashing his arms and legs before falling motionless.

“I hope you weren’t planning on keeping those erections” Madame Virginie teased lifting her legs alternately to remove her shoes. Her blouse was now completely unbuttoned lying wide open, draped over the big fleshy orbs clinging on by her big nipples alone and clearly not wearing a bra. With a wide saucy knowing smirk she pointedly look at the groin regions of their gi pants and the rapidly stiffening bulges forming there. “Get ready to lose them boys” her sultry voice caused throbbing excitement. One man rushed her and managed to tear off her blouse while grappling with her before she slammed him over her hip like grease lightning. I saw him framed through the back of her large shapely hard muscled calves lying on his back looking up at the wide thrusting shelf of extreme womanhood hanging over him while she looked over it with superiority. “Urrrrrrrrrr!” he ejaculated loudly looking up at the bare underside of the top-heavy Judo woman who had just vanquished him.

The sight of her exposed full heavy breasts was too potent in it’s sheer erotic energy causing a lot of stiff twitching trouser-truncheons and it seemed a loss of coherent fighting ability as man after man rushed her seemingly wanting to get thrown by this mature buxom Goddess only to get flipped over her broad hip or shoulder at break-neck speed. As the flow of attackers thinned she would pause occasionally leaning forward with a man loaded onto her broad back with her breasts dangling down and a stiff erection in the crevice between her butt cheeks. Suspended mid-throw for only a few heartbeats was enough to drive any man crazy with pent-up emotions whereupon they would start thrusting frantically against her buttocks almost ejaculating immediately. With that, his feet would momentarily touch the ground before he was a blur streaking in a tight arc over her shoulder driving head-first into oblivion.

Her arm flashed out across the upper chest of an onrushing man before nimbly swinging her backside around his side to thrust her big buttocks into his behind, pushing as she lent forwards. He hurtled backwards over her hip before suffering a terrifying face-first plummet to the ground. With bare breasts bouncing wildly Virginie dropped down by his side lying at right angles pulling an arm between her luscious thighs applying a side-armbar with crossed feet resting on the back of his shoulder. As his upper torso reared back, a big meaty calve slid under to hook around his throat. With a bulge of powerful looking hamstrings and agonised stressing of his elbow joint he was rolled over onto his back to find himself locked up in a very tight triangle armbar scissors. “Kiss my calves, wimp!” she demanded pressing the big hard muscular calve wrapped in soft nylons across his mouth. Toying with him, she pulled back on his arm trapped in the crook of her knee and the side of his head while her thick thighs flexed in a series of painful squeezes that had him crying out as his face turned red. With a visibly rising trouser-tent, he had no choice but to kiss the big shapely calve mashing against his lips. The topless buxom Judo woman rewarded him by wrapping it across his throat and raising her hips pressurising his elbow joint with a surge of muscular power visible in her thick quivering thighs. He didn’t stand a chance and he knew it, creaming his pants as he looked out in despair at the sea of white clad black belts laying unconscious or worse nearby, quickly passing out with drool running down his lip.

Finally one young black belt man is left, hesitant to face this fearsome mature woman. “Come on, the sooner you get this over with then Jim and I can have a nice cup of tea” she teased thrusting out her bare breasts and swaying them gently in a highly erotic manner. Mesmerised by the cock-hardening sight, she was upon him before he realised. Surprise as her breasts suddenly lurched upwards turned to agony as with a surprising flexibility for her size a nylon-sheathed knee flew up and buried itself deep in his gut. “Yah!” her clenched hand came down sharply on the back of the neck before she turned and executed another speedy hip throw that left him groaning and dazed upon the ground. Getting down to the ground she lay across his chest slipping her right arm around the back of his neck to pull it tight into the crook of her arm. Pulling his right arm over her luscious inner thigh and pinning it with her other thigh over the inside of his elbow and bending her right leg into a figure 4 she pulled on the shin to lock it tight. “Shall I break your arm with my legs?” she taunted looking down at the man in her headlock with a sneer of derision flexing her strong legs to bend back his arm over her thigh making him squeal in agony and kick his legs in frustration. “What’s wrong?” Virginie teased “is a big black belt like you being wiped out by an old turkey?” “No no mmmmm!” his cries were silenced as she leant forwards letting her heavy breasts engulf his face. She looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye and a saucy smile. “You know Jim, a woman with breasts as big as mine must keep her pectorals nice and strong to provide decent support and not let them sag”. To my astonishment her large mounds of suffocating womanhood began to lurch inwards and upwards in short repeated bursts of movement forming a veritable wall of bust battering the man’s head from all sides eliciting muffled cries. Finally she flexed her mighty pectorals tight around his head smothering any chance of air while tightening the headlock and scissoring his arm. With no hope of escape, the man flailed his legs, their motion getting weaker and slower while his trouser tent grew before cumming. In a very short time, all movement stopped and Madame Virginie let him flop senseless onto the hard arena floor.
The leggy Countess equally demonstrated that young black belt men were no match for a lithe mature woman. She even had time to remove her shoes to prove that her nylon-sheathed feet were no less dangerous in delivering kicks that could knock men out or break bones. Incensed at the inability of his young prodigies to stop an ordinary mother made posh and a busty shop-owner, the Commander and his 3 captains rose from their table smouldering with barely-suppressed rage spreading out in a semi-circle as they approached the unlikely martial arts Goddess. Despite the passing years, all 4 were tall and heavily built with intimidating muscular physiques that their tight tops could barely contain. The excitement of the kill stirred beastly huge sausage shapes in their tight shorts.

“So at last the monsters who murdered my family come to taste my revenge” Claudine announced. “These boys that you sent were no match for my 70 year old legs” she taunted while making a show of straightening the seams of her stockings that clung to her sexy slim legs like a second skin, their glossiness enhanced by the high-sheen pantyhose she wore beneath. “Look at them” she pointed with an arrogant aloof air to the prone bodies that surrounded her elegant feet. The few that still clung on to consciousness stared up at the long towering legs of the mature woman that had caused their defeat with open admiration and stiff trouser-bulges. “They are barely fit to stare up my skirt and wank off to my superiority” like a perverse Pavlovian response they began doing precisely that.

Roaring with rage the Commander and his captains ran towards her on all sides, spinning and kicking in a showy demonstration of their skills. “YAH!” he comes from the front batting away her arms to clamp his big hands around her slender neck. Even with her face turning red she raised her arms bringing her hands together as if in prayer then sharply slammed her elbows down on top of his forearms. Even as his arms gave way, her hands shot forwards. “Hai!” her knuckles drove hard against his throat, “Ya!” a knee shot into his groin crushing his nuts. Without returning to the ground, the leg drives out sideways knocking the gun out of the hand of the man approaching from her right. “Yah!” before pounding the shoeless sole against his stomach with such force his body instantly folds in two with his feet lifting from the ground before falling. A man coming up from behind was shocked when the greying lady suddenly leant sharply forwards. “Hai!” a brief view down the length of her right leg to the gusset before her sole crushed his throat and sent his body flying backwards. Spinning to the 4th man approaching from the other side, her right foot left the ground as her knee rose with calves flexing under the shimmering nylons. “Hai!” the leg straightened out behind her soaring high with amazing flexibility. The foot connected with the underside of his jaw powering his head upwards like a kicked football.

But these beasts were tougher than the rest and determined not to be beaten by a mere former-housewife. “EEYAH!” with a mighty yell The Commander leapt into the air in a tremendous drop kick. To my astonishment the dignified lady span around on one heel. Her slight calves harden into a graceful hint of muscle that suddenly bulge powerfully as she sprang to chest height giving him full view of skimpy briefs beneath the gusset at her crotch. “Kiiyahhh!” a leg streaked down the inside of his moments before making contact. With a strong flex of her thighs, the nylon-covered sole of her foot slammed against his jaw so hard that his eyes glazed over as his head whipped over his broad shoulders while staggering back in disbelief. Landing lightly on her feet in front of the big man she didn’t pause for a second. “Yai!” a snap kick between his legs with the top of her foot arcing upwards into his balls sent him onto his toes hollering in pain. “Yah!” he’d barely begun to crease over his aching groin when the leg kicked straight out with a brief flex of thigh muscle pounding the sole of her foot straight into his face powering his head right back over his shoulders in a spray of blood and teeth on collision course with the ground.

Raising her knee to stomp her foot into the Commander’s exposed groin she was interrupted as one of the captains grabbed her from behind wrapping a big bulging arm around her neck and another around her slender waist. “Gotcha! Old bitch” he snarled, laughing as a small tight pair of buttocks wearing a skimpy thong clad in shiny tan nylon thrust back against his groin then began rubbing and grinding all over his manhood. By the time he realised that she was not struggling but giving him a hard-on of epic proportions it was too late. “Hai!” her right leg kicked back, bending at the knee to drive the back of her heel solidly up into his balls. “Nnnarrngh!” he yelled with eyes flying wide and mouth falling in surprise. “Yah Ya!” an elbow shot back to hammer his sternum then throat. “Incompetent!” she tutted as he clutched his neck. “Eeyah!” her leg kicked behind her again, the underside of her foot hardened through many years of martial arts training bloodying his face in a brutally loud blow that blasts his head right back and makes his legs go weak at the knees. To his astonishment the greying blonde that reminds him of his grandma spins him around to face her then seizes the front of his shirt and falls backwards with a sexy stocking-sheathed legs rising to plant a foot in his groin. Going with his momentum, she pulls him down after her, his eyes watching the alluring stocking tops and suspender belts running over shiny tan hose as he falls towards her. Suddenly her back hits the ground and rolls, a brief moment of looking down at the wrinkled faced lady below supported by one sensational slender leg. The next instant he is sent hurtling clear over her body at shocking speed with her foot in his groin propelling him up high on his way. Whipping over head first, he is thrown a good distance before slamming hard on his back.

The second captain rushed in launching a showy roundhouse kick towards her head which she caught. Trapping his ankle in the crook of her arm, she kept him hopping in embarrassment. “Boy, I bet you feel dumb” she sneered at his incompetent fighting skills. “Hai!” incapable of escape he watched in terror as a nylon streak raced down the inside of his raised thigh towards his exposed groin. “Orrrragh!” the reinforced toes of her hose and upper part of her foot hammered his scrotum right up into his body. “How dumb” she chuckles as his mouth falls open in an agonised grimace. “Yah!” without mercy her elbow slammed vertically down upon his trapped knee. “Yaaahh!” a terrible crack reverberated around the arena. “Hai!” a powerful kick to his lower leg swept the feet right out from under him sending him to his knees.

Before she can dispatch the man, the third Captain seized her wrist spinning her around to face a mighty kick rising aimed at her face. In the blink of an eye a feminine leg flashed up knocking his leg aside with the side of her shapely calve. “Weak” she sneered taunting his masculinity by tucking her skirt into the waistband to fully show off those magnificent nylon-clad legs. Fuming with rage and roaring in frustration he kicked again. Yet again the slim mature lady was much faster, her leg again blocking the kick before it had barely taken off with a sexy view of stocking tops. There is something very arousing about a woman wearing stockings and suspenders properly showing them off as she skilfully outclasses a man with her sexy legs. This man felt the same judging by the big bulge at the front of his tight shorts, a target the sophisticated lady couldn’t resist. “Hai!” a knee flew up with the leg snapping a lightning fast kick before his foot had returned to the ground, the leading edge of her shin pounding his balls like a cricket bat.

The Commander came at her again with a roar. Spinning on her heel, she drove her right leg in a side kick. “Hai!” her foot pounded his gut with such power that he was bodily lifted from the ground and sent hurtling backwards through the air, creasing over in mid-flight with a totally stunned expression on his face.

On his feet again the first Captain rushed her only for her hands to dart out to grab his shirt. Turning her side to him bumping his groin against her slender hip he was whipped over with blinding speed. His back slams into the ground with such force that he spills his breath. For a few moments he can only look at those sexy legs while he lay groaning and stunned on the floor. With a rising trouser tent he leaps up and rushes her again, his dick throbbing with anticipation. She grabs his arm and throws it over her shoulder as she swiftly turns her back on him. The feel of her tight compact backside thrusting against his groin is electric super-charging his erection as she bends quickly forward pulling his arm over her shoulder and loading him on her back. The motion of his stiff manhood riding up between her perfect hard buttocks makes him fly over her shoulder tumbling feet over head with a raging hard erection. As his back slams against the ground, the lady still has hold of his wrist and falls back with his arm between her legs. Hooking a calve over his neck and lower face, the other leg bends with the foot pressing tight into the armpit and arm held tight between her thighs, with the elbow bent back over her crotch. A beautiful shimmering raised bridge of shapely nylon arches over his neck with the calve across his neck and side of face, the silky softness stimulating against his skin. The feel of his arm trapped between her silky smooth nylons covering her long slender firm thighs as she leans back hyperextending his elbow over her crotch and shoulder-joint is agonising exquisite female domination rendering him helpless. Maintaining constant pressure on his arm she bends back her calve from his neck and angling her foot and keeping her toes together they force their way into his mouth. Pushing her toes right into his mouth he begins choking. “Kiss the feet that are going to kill you” she demands then pulls back on his wrist while arching her hips against his elbow. Completely at her mercy, he has no choice but comply with a massively twitching trouser-tent. The experience of being dominated by a mere woman is too much. “Arrrrrrrrrrr!” he moans loudly ejaculating strongly in his shorts while the attractive but stern faced posh lady laughs at his weakness. “This for Jacques” she declares once more hooking the back of her knee over his neck. Sharply lifting her backside while pulling back on his wrist his arm shatters in several places. “Hai!” her long right soars into the air above him before it falls like an axe, pounding her heel into his groin smashing his balls like nuts beneath a hammer. As his body tries to sit up with the pain, her long legs capture his neck one over the top the other beneath his neck. Again she pulls back on his broken arm sharply twisting her long sexy legs, snapping his neck.

But Claudine had spent too long dispatching the man and found the second captain looming over her. “DIEEEE!” he yelled as a big army boot descended intending to crush her head like a melon. Reacting quickly she barely rolls out of the way in time as it stomps the ground where she had been laying. “Hai!” in a heartbeat she had thrown herself back onto her shoulders rearing her backside high off the ground kicking her legs out straight. “Orraghh!” he cried as both feet hammered the front of his groin together with such force that his feet left the ground and he fell towards her. It looked like the Countess was going to be crushed beneath the big muscular man when her hands darted out to seize his as he fell. With her feet still in his groin and her skirt fallen around her waist exposing a groin-lurching view of the gusset of her hose, her knees bent pushing back her thighs towards her chest taking his full weight. There was a brief moment of awe as he looked from the top of the long sexy legs at the classy mature lady below before they straightened hurling him well clear of her body at tremendous speed in a double-legged throw. So brutally hard did he slam on the back of his shoulders and neck that his head bobbed and arms twitched cleared dazed while Claudine lithely sprang forwards onto her feet. “This for Henri” she exclaimed as he looked up at her from the ground. “Eeyah!” with a loud cry her leg shoots vertically into the air. The sight of her glistening nylon-clad leg soaring high above his bent form on it’s deadly execution kick while her exposed crotch faced him at eye-level was too much even for this seasoned veteran. Despite his ruined balls, he creamed himself heavily as the sexy sheer nylon covered flagpole reached the apex of it’s flight and fell like an executioner’s axe onto the back of his bowed neck breaking it in an instant.

The Commander and the remaining captain were upon her pressing her defences in a double flurry of showy kicks and punches that she clearly had trouble blocking. Suddenly as the Commander powered a fearsome high kick towards her that surely could not miss, she wasn’t there. Nimbly throwing herself into a forward roll, she came behind him so that they were back to back before he realised. “Hai!” her heel appears between his legs swinging up from behind with the back of her calve slamming into his balls then the lower leg folding at the knee to drive the back of the heel against the shaft. As he creases forward, she grabs a wrist and whips it behind his back forcing him to crouch. With the Commander yelping in a hammerlock, her Ladyship confronts the other captain. “Hai!” with a hint of sleek muscular strength flowing through a deceptively lovely length of sheer-black seamed stocking-clad leg, the front edge of her shin slammed across his belly with a loud solid sound like a crowbar with literally breathtaking results stopping a punch aimed at her head. “Hai!” folding forwards in winded paralysis and an agonised expression on his face, he could only stare as the arc-lights shone off the high sheen of her sheer-black stockings while her knee rose sharply and the lower leg flicked straight, speeding like an unstoppable express train towards his face. “Mmaargh!” he wailed loudly as the double-reinforced nylon-shod sole of her foot struck with a sound like tenderising meat, her slender calves momentarily flexing into hard sexy diamonds of powerful muscle stomping his face into a bloody pulp. His feet rose from the ground as his head flew back over his shoulders on a hard collision course with the ground.

The Countess looks down at the Commander wincing in a low crouch at her stocking-clad feet in embarrassment courtesy of her hammerlock while she saw off his captain. “You’re just an old has-been” she chuckled. With that she twisted his hand at the wrist forcing him to hobble in a tight circle while yelping loudly. “Where’s your big mouth now?” she taunted “How humiliating to be staring down at the floor with a woman in complete control” she chuckled. With nowhere else to look other than down at the ground he can’t help looking at those sleek long legs clad in sheer black nylon stockings worn over very shiny tan pantyhose that shone through making her legs alluring columns of pure lust. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the bloodied captain pull himself to his feet snarling with rage. “I guess that makes me the Alpha Female around here. Ready to concede defeat?” she asked. “Arghh Never!” he snarled, the twitching at the front of his trousers showing that even he couldn’t resist this classy mature lady’s legs. “I was hoping you would say that” she said and her left knee suddenly twitched. “HAI!” a streak of sheer black nylon and tan above the black stocking tops flew from the ground and straight into his groin. Her martial-arts hardened toes drove hard into his crotch causing a pained squeal as it kicked up the meaty package against the underside of his groin nailing it there.

Angry but wary of the deceptively lethal ageing snob lady the captain hurled a fearsome punch towards her. He was stunned when the greying lady stepped aside and seized his wrist then used it to whip him right around. “Hai!” standing right behind him her knee rocketed between his legs pounding his undercarriage with the top of her thigh while he stared down in astonishment at her knee peaking out from between his legs. “Oooh! The shame of getting a humiliating beating from a feminine lady who is almost 70” she laughed. Walking around to his front, the Countess purposely let his stooped gaze linger on her sensational legs. The sheer-black nylons clinging to her undeniably feminine legs, the dark matt triangles of the tops stretching under the tension of the suspenders running over the high-sheen of the tan nylons she wore beneath reinforced that he was being humiliated by a very feminine woman. Grimacing in pain he watched helplessly as a sleek leg leapt upwards with the knee rocketing towards his face. “Hai!” the knee pounds his jaw with the power to crush planets. There is an audible crack as his mouth distorts spewing blood while the knee continues to rise driving his face skywards leaving the man staggering in a daze. Such a blow might have dropped a normal man but he came back swinging. “HAAAA!” a speeding fist misses it’s target as the noble lady ducks beneath and drives her fist deeply into his gut. “Yai!” with a force that could shatter bricks her fist slammed through his impressive six-pack clearly visible beneath his tight clothing. “Ya ya ya ya ya yah!” looking as if his whole world was disintegrating around him, his body jerked uncontrollably as the lady with the sexy stocking-clad legs drove her fists deeper and deeper into his gut with machine-gun rapidity that had him creasing over in humiliation and a massive boner to go with it.

Pathetically trying to stand straight but unable to look anywhere but down at her marvellous stockings and suspenders while gasping, he weakly tried to throw another punch. “Yah!” the edge of her hand chopped across the inside of his forearm with a solid crack of bone. “Arghh!” he cried in stunned agony. “Pathetic” she sneered. “Hai!” her hand swung forwards delivering a hard knife-hand chop with the edge of her hand between his legs. His agonised expression turned to dumbfoundment as her dainty hand grabbed the long stiff package at the front of his trousers and began squeezing it like a rubber ball. “Oh you like the rough stuff” she chuckled “it’s getting even harder in my hand”. Tightening her grip he began squealing in agony. “Oh do stop that annoying whine” she exclaimed. “Hai!” her fist rocketed out in a brutal blow to his sternum. “Orruuugghh!” he gasped as his body rocked beneath a surprisingly powerful punch from such a slender ageing refined lady.

With his trouser-truncheon wobbling stiffly in front he again threw a weak punch which she easily blocks with her forearm. “Hopeless!” she sneers seizing his hand and bending back his fingers while gripping the underside of his elbow. “On your knees when you address a lady” she demands underlining her superiority by slowly forcing him down to one knee before forcing him to stand once more. “Hai!” her fist delivered a bone-breaking punch to the side of his jaw that deformed his mouth under the powerful blow. “Ha Ha Ha Ha!” a series of short laugh-like barks accompanied a fearsome series of strong kicks slammed with machine-gun rapidity into his torso and head with incredible stamina and shocking power. His big muscular body crumpled over and jerked up and down like a broken marionette under the onslaught of sleek sexy sheer black nylon lightning strikes, powerless to stop them. “This is for Marie” the elegant lady finally said, her chest falling and rising slowly showing no sign of exertion while the broken tough man sagged in the middle panting, wheezing and coughing up blood. “Eeeyah!” she shouted as her knee leapt upwards towards his face while her open-palmed hand slashed downwards towards the back of his neck. Caught between her knee and the edge of her hand it was like getting executed over the axeman’s block.

“It’s payback time Mister wimpy” Claudine sneers as the Commander approaches with murder in his eyes. “YAH!” he roars blasting spinning kicks and punches each of which the sophisticated lady calmly blocks without batting an eyelid. Suddenly she steps up close her hands grabbing his shoulders with her knee barely a blur. “Yai!” “Worraghh!” he wails as her hard knee pounds his belly just below the sternum and drives up beneath it forcing the big man up onto his toes. As she holds him in place, his mouth is wide open, trying but failing not to crease forwards with an expression of shock. One hand seizes his jaw and lifts it forcing him to look at her cold stern face which examines his savouring every moment of pain. Without warning her right hand becomes a blur of motion. “Hai! Hai! Ha! Ha!” The edge of her hand alternates between chopping one side of his bull neck then the other and then does it all over again. Each chop causes his body to shake and twitch uncontrollably leaving him paralysed, unable to fight back. She stops, watching his humiliating agony with pleasure for a few moments before speaking. “You destroyed my family and so I have destroyed your assassins, your family” she tells him coldly before delivering another hard chop to the side of his neck that leaves him twitching spasmodically. The aged lady takes her time to let him savour his humiliation while her wrinkled face smiles in grim amusement before her hands flash out again to chop each side of his neck. Again she coldly watches his suffering for a few seconds before lowering her knee.

Groaning he would have fallen if the Countess hadn’t taken hold of his left arm in an armlock. “Like most men, you secretly get turned on by being humiliated by a woman” she observes pointedly staring at his growing trouser tent. Turning her back on him, while retaining hold of his arm, she leans forward. Unable to move he cannot help staring at the back of her slender legs, the seamed stockings enhancing the sexuality of the sexy hard muscled calves, and the high-sheen hose she wore beneath that providing added lustre for her tight backside. “A very impressive endowment” she remarks looking back over her shoulder. Suddenly she thrust her compact behind into his crotch while pulling his arm over her shoulder, holding him close as she ground and thrust her nylon peach over the obscene pillar thrusting forwards from his shorts. “Is this old lady turning you on with her ancient backside?” she teases as uncontrollable gasps of pleasure leave his lips. At that point she suddenly folds in two whipping the big muscular man over her shoulder in the blink of an eye. “Orraghh!” he groans as his back slams heavily upon the ground leaving him staring up at the legs of the lady who had just thrown him with his huge dick thrashing around inside his shorts like a flagpole in a hurricane. “Oooh that looks painfully trapped inside there” she laughs placing her foot upon it and rolling it from side to side.

Angrily batting the foot aside, the Commander rolls off to one side beyond reach of her legs and rises to his feet. Angrily unzipping his shorts, he scoops out his mighty appendage. “Feast your eyes, bitch because this is going to split you in two after I’ve beaten you so bad that you’ll be begging for mercy” he snarls. With his outrageous erect manhood swinging awkwardly the huge muscular brute rushes at the slender silver-head lady unleashing a whirlpool of kicks and punches. To his increasing frustration she deflects each strike punch and kick with nonchalant ease.

Grabbing his wrist after a blocked punch, she bends back his hand forcing him to lean forwards before turning into an unstoppable beat-down machine. “Hai Ha ha ha!” the front edge of the shin of a sensational leg slams across his face again and again, mashing and blooding it as if wielding a baseball bat. “Ha Ha Ha Ha!” a laugh-like bark accompanies rapid-fire kicks to the groin. “Yah! Boo! Sucks!” the sexy stocking-sheathed leg is relentless: high side-kick to the side of his jaw, spinning back kick to the mouth, kick after kick to his chest thump out a breath-taking rhythm culminating in a knee to the gut followed by a series of rapid-fire gut-punches then a hard knee to the side of his neck. He may have faced tough guys in combat but he’d never faced anything like this.

As he falls to his knees gasping for breath the Countess forces a shin between his thighs. The Commander goes to push the intrusion away then stops in amazement as she begins the slide the silky smooth nylons up and down against his shaft making it grow rapidly even harder. “No! Stop! What are you doing?” he cries fighting the erotic sensation of her nylons against his dick lulling him into a sensual paralysis. Grabbing her ankles he pulls them bringing the Countess down on her shapely rear and tries to get up to attack her. “Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya!” a shiny flash of lethal loveliness flashes repeatedly hammering her heel against his right knee, gut, sternum and jaw in a single rapid series of rising kicks. “Yah! Boo! Sucks!” it continues to fire rocking his head violently this way and that until he is so dazed, he doesn’t realise that she has stopped and is slowly stroking his shaft between the calve of one leg and the shin of the other. By the time his head clears his obscene manhood is throbbing like crazy. I see him visibly fight to stop his hands feeling her silky smooth stocking-sheathed legs and to stop his hips rhythmically bucking with the sweat on his brow as he was close to cumming all over her sexy legs. Pushing them away he gets to his feet, however he can only watch in barely suppressed lust as the aged temptress sensuously removes her stockings with skilled practice. He is so rapt in staring at her long slim legs sheathed in very shiny sheer pantyhose from reinforced toes to the gusset, his huge shaft is lurching wildly as he fights the desire to throw himself at her feet and run his member up and down those beautiful shapes.

“Eeyah! Hah ha ha ha!” the objects of his desire become nylon-sheathed clubs battering around his head so fast that he is unable to mount any defence. Her long legs kick around the top of the head, around the temples, across the forehead in a limber leggy whirlwind knocking him punch-drunk. “Kiss this!” she cries as she slams the front of her shin across his mouth before, with unstoppable stamina and energy, kicking him across the mouth and his cheeks like a deadly can-can dancer proclaiming her extreme femininity as she pounds his mouth bloody. The machine-gun fast volley of kicks stop leaving him dazed and confused. With a cool arrogance the elite lady seizes his mighty shaft with both hands. Stepping to the side she raising his long dong swiftly pulling it down in a large vertical arc. To my amazement the big man somersaults in the air, thrown by his own dick. “How about that for a spinning dick throw?” she laughs as he crashes to the ground at her dainty feet. Crouching before him she traps his dick between her knees and begins to slide it lengthways between her inner thighs then out again repeatedly in long slow strokes. “You can’t keep up with this old lady” she mocks as he starts to moan loudly before blast after blast erupts from his oversized manhood drenching her nylons in his seed.

Shagged out, he is too weak to resist as she forces him to stand. Holding his manhood with one hand around the base and the other around the head, she stretches it out horizontally before as if playing some obscene looking musical instrument with long lengthwise strokes that makes it regain its stiffness. “My! I bet you like to intimidate the ladies with this” she says in a soft seductive tone but no more. Eeeeyahh!” a blood-curdling scream leaves her elegant lips draining the big man’s face of colour as he watches in terror as a nylon-clad knee hurtles with stone-smashing force right into the middle of his stiff shaft as she holds it tight. With a terrible scream that reverberates around the arena, his manhood bends at a severe unnatural angle. “No chance of you forcing some poor innocent girl to have your babies” she remarks coldly. He falls sobbing to his knees clutching his ruined favourite toy. Standing over him, the hot-legged posh lady bends slightly at the knees sliding his head just above her knees forcing him to look up into the face of the mature elegant lady who had destroyed him. Balling up the stockings she had removed earlier her left fingers dig into the hinges of his mouth forcing it open so her right hand can feed the nylon ball inside. “Hai!” a swift chop to the side of his mouth prevents it from opening and he gazes up at her in open fear and trepidation. “And this is for me” she exclaims as her legs secure a tight hold on the sides of his head. A sudden twist of her hips and her deceptive strong but lovely legs snaps his neck in an instant and his lifeless body flops to the ground to join the others lying there.

“She is blind in her vengeance” Madame Virginie remarks at my side. “The Organization will re-organise and go on. She has achieved nothing in the wider scheme of things. Get away from her servitude as soon as you can” the buxom woman advised. All this brutality and death did not sit well with me but as I rejoined the Countess, I could not deny that this posh ageing action GILF turned me on and I found to my surprise that she had been very turned on by her own actions and wanted to ride me dry before we could make our escape. We returned to her Chateau where she gave me a copy of the scroll and declining her tempting offer to stay and be her personal servant I made my long-overdue return to England.

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