Crime-lord’s Surprise (PANTYHOSE#7)

A bad man may escape the law but he can’t escape his wife

The character was partly inspired by Goldie Cheung (pictured above) and the idea of mature posh women kicking butt

by Jimp based on an idea by Karate2hose
(c)Jim P 2016

Part 1: Homecoming surprise

I was in a foul mood as the chauffeur stopped the Rolls momentarily outside the tall elaborate gilded gates to the vast grounds of my estate. Confirming my identity the heavily armed guards opened the gates to let me pass instead of detonating the vehicle.

My name is Allam but only a privileged few call me that. I am also known as The Moroccan but you will call me sir. I am a very rich and powerful man. Government ministers kiss my arse at the snap of my fingers begging to do my every whim. Or they used to, I fumed as the car glided down the mile avenue to my Louis XIV château. A steal at only 301 million U.S. dollars paid for by the British Government’s ring-fenced ‘overseas development fund’. 60,000 square feet of exquisite grandeur situated in 10 acres of park land and all mine. Those whose wealth made me look a pauper by comparison, weren’t too pleased by my arrest but the Gendarme had been put back in their box and the evidence against me destroyed. The stuff that had got onto the Web had been scrubbed by the ISPs which they owned and the rest taken down by the intelligence agencies. However my ‘terrorist’ outrage on Place Vendôme that would leave that lingerie shop a smouldering ruin strewn with the dead bodies of the female vigilante group and that English detective Jim Priest, had been blocked. No matter, my guards will take care of it making sure nothing led back to me. Tonight the skies of Paris will be aglow as super-dense thermal explosives burn that shop and the secret gym behind it off the face of the planet.

The Rolls came to a smooth halt at the wide marble staircase that led up to the entrance hall of my château. I groaned at the sight of a dozen or more top-end vehicles. I wasn’t in the mood for visitors. My butler was there to greet me as the footman opened the car door. “Madame has given most of the staff the night off” he intoned in his posh English accent. I hate the British but in one’s elevated position in society such conventions were expected, besides one only had to pay them peanuts. “She wishes you to go the Gold Room” he added sounding like he had a plum in his mouth. “I believe she has some” he paused to show his distaste “entertainment for you and her guests to celebrate your release from those terrorists”. “Has she really?” I snarled. Unless it’s to ‘try out’ a new batch of girls smuggled in from Eastern Europe, the bitch was going to feel the back of my hand, my fist and my foot; if she was lucky. “Thank you, Dymes. Have the captain of the guard prep the men. They have an important job to do tonight” standing stiff, he nodded his understanding and I proceeded up the steps.

Inside I passed my coat and gloves to a footman then told Dymes to bring me a glass of Domaine Leflaive Montrachet Grand Cru. A highly regarded Burgundy domaine and good value at around £3,700 a bottle paid by EU autocrats who looked to keep me in their favour. Heading to the central cupola, I entered the Gold Room. A tall circular room larger than a house of the working class opulently decorated by the best craftsmen and gilded in gold. Fitted with antique luxury sofas and low tables these were arranged around a large carpeted floor space used for entertainment. Around one half of the room sat some elite class women. All were startlingly beautiful with the cold aloof arrogance of the super rich. Dressed in expensive custom designer outfits, all stared at me openly examining me as if trying to judge whether it had been worth their husbands saving me. The swish of expensive nylon rubbing on nylon caught my attention as a few crossed their legs, letting their skirts ride up purposely exposing a nylon-sheathed expanse of thigh. I let my gaze linger at the sexy shapely legs on offer before turning away. Tempting though these perfectly manicured and coiffured creatures were, I knew through bitter experience that such stunning beauty came at the cost of centuries of inbreeding and the best cosmetic surgery. Nearly all were cold-hearted gold-diggers looking for another revenue stream to drain to keep them in the luxurious exclusive elegance which they expected.

Sitting down upon an empty sofa, centrally positioned in pride of place, I pondered whether to call for the rest of the bottle when I spot Countess Claudine sitting close by. Dressed in an eye-catching purple silk half jacket and matching pleated dress which fanned out stylishly on the cushion as she sat primly on it. The hem of her skirt had ridden up past mid-thigh revealing stunningly sexy legs for a woman her age, clad in tan-coloured nylon with a high sheen. The slim elegantly beautiful mature noble woman with stylish shoulder length hair the colour of white gold looked at me with a snooty look that conveyed her disappointment. I was racking my brains trying to think of something to say to get back in her good books when a chill went down my spine as I caught a partial glimpse of the woman sitting next to her. Slender and petite smartly dressed in a pin stripe business jacket she wore a matching if rather short skirt. Although her face was obscured by the Countess I knew by her skin colouring and the bob style of her jet black greying hair that she was Oriental. With a rising sense of panic I leant forward to try and get a view of her face. Suddenly I am distracted by the opening bars of “Proud Mary” blasting through the $6 million Kipnis’ Outer Limits home theatre system, a KSS 8.8 channel audio system with Snell subs. The big golden curtains covering the cinema-sized screen slid open to reveal a wild-haired female figure bopping and jiving like a crazy one.

Chinese in appearance, she was about 5 foot 3 with wild shoulder length hair patchily dyed orange over patches of natural black was puffed up and spiked all around. Wearing a body-hugging black Cheongsam, a one-piece traditional dragon dress, this clung to a slightly plump mature full-figured body and featured short-sleeved arms with red tassels around the neck which swung continually as she danced energetically. Made of silk and featuring elaborately embroidered red dragons and multi-coloured flowers, it shimmered slinking with every breath or move she made. The dress fell to her feet but as she moved, long slits opened upon either side slashed all the way to her hips. Consisting of two long panels at the front and rear this exposed the entirety of a chunky pair of legs the sides of her buttocks and hips as well. Boy did this mature Oriental wild thing have totally sensational legs to show off!

Belting out the lyrics like a Chinese Tina Turner, my interest was totally absorbed by her legs stepping out a raunchy dance. From red open-toed high heels, slim ankles flared out either side to very large meaty thick shapely calves. Above this her thighs were short and chunky yet swelled with a pleasing firmness and backed by the strong curve of hamstrings. I was always a legman and with rising desire my eyes followed the revealing gap in her dress drinking in the rounded curves of the sides of her beautifully rounded buttocks and ending on her gorgeous curved hips. OK she might be getting on a bit, and was short with a body slightly on the plump side but there was something about the wildly energetic body and chunky sexy legs that really got me going. With wild hair shaking and her body constantly on the move in a show that would give Tina a run for her money, I was mesmerized by her short thick legs which were probably the sexiest that I’d ever witnessed. Clad in tan coloured pantyhose with a high sheen they were beautifully shaped firm-looking and a joy to watch in motion. The lights reflected from the nylons making them shimmer sensuously like liquid silver. Curved in all the right places with strong dancer’s thighs and the dramatic sweeping curves of her huge calves she certainly had me hooked!

Like many Oriental women especially of the South-Eastern peninsula her calves were disproportionally large for her height. Unlike the muscular athletic gym-worked calves of some Western women which didn’t appeal to me, Oriental female calves are large, exceptionally feminine, sensual and smooth. The calves on this wild crazy mature singer-dancer rose from very slim ankles and from the rear reminded me of an upturned bottle of Mateus Rosé with its slim neck and wide flaring rounded sides. From the side they suggested a treble clef with its exaggerated rounded rear. Eye-catchingly sexy, they shone through the thin nylons with some kind of inner health. Rocking out on high heels emphasized their extreme shape yet they weren’t masculine or freakishly muscular but rounded and feminine. As the wild woman energetically belted out the number, large solid jutting slabs with rounded sides flexed into existence with every step. Even these were exceptionally feminine and sexy in a manner that I couldn’t take my eyes from. I loved watching large pointed slabs of hard muscle appear from the rounded smoothness like downward pointing spearheads making her legs so incredibly sexy that I just wanted to get down on my knees and give them more than a good feel, if you know what I mean.

So engrossed was I in the singer’s legs that it took me a few moments to realise that this raunchy wild leggy creature was actually my wife! I mentally kicked myself for not immediately recognising that broad oval face with the high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, stubby little nose and broad mouth. Free of major wrinkles her complexion was pretty good by Western standards although not as youthful as it once was. Fixing me with her eyes Goldie crouched low in front of me with her legs provocatively wide. Between singing, her mouth which was heavy with pink lipstick fell open in a large oval with her tongue running around her lips in a blatant tease. Goldie’s big calves bulged strongly as she thrust her crotch back and forth while a hand hovered over the exposed gusset as if stimulating herself. WOW! I knew that my wife as a bit of a live-wire but never expected anything so exhibitionist as this. I certainly didn’t recall her having legs as sexy as these before, not that I particularly paid much attention but now found a stiffness spreading over my groin.

Bumping and grinding with unbound energy, Goldie sang loudly, adopting raunchy stances while repeatedly cupping and rubbing her small breasts in a very risqué manner. I am actually stunned by how fantastic she looks for a 53 year old from Hong Kong. The daughter of a very rich Oriental gang-lord who I married to bolster my position, Goldie was wild, hard to control and bossy. Much too energetic and hyper for most men to handle, the type who could shop all day, party all night and still have the energy to drain a man in bed several times over. I even employed some young hunky gardeners to distract her but none lasted more than a few weeks before quitting with severe exhaustion. Loud, hyper and brash, I normally tried to keep as much distance between us as I could. Several continents at best. At the moment I wanted to be anywhere but close, real close, deep inside her close. As she whirled around once more I caught sight of her calves again but now so close I was flabbergasted. I knew she had large rounded calves but never realised that they were as large and defined as that. Wow! They really were extremely sexy but surely I would have realised before? How could I have been so blind?

Without warning the mature Oriental wildcat leapt astride me with knees and shins upon either side with her legs wide so that her pelvis was touching my groin. I gasped as she began bucking rhythmically with her crotch rubbing erotically. “Orrrr Goldie!” I groaned aroused by the erotic sensations of her lap-dance. I put my hands upon her knees and slowly ran them along her short thighs guiding them along the silky smooth nylons enjoying the feel as they rounded the sides of her buttocks then sliding beneath the back flap to cup her backside. Caressing my head in her arms Goldie pulled my face against her bust never missing a note while thrusting over my dick. “Mmm! Mmm!” she might only have a small bust but it was a sexy enough place to be.

I felt longing as Goldie stood up on the sofa and turned around facing away. Leaning forwards her backside was inches from my face, gyrating and thrusting. The back flap lifts leaving me looking right at her buttocks and the crevice between with only the gusset below. I’m shocked that she is not wearing knickers beneath her slinky pantyhose. Although a bit on the ample side, her backside is firm and shapely and keeps my boner stiff. For the first time in a long time I am rock hard for my wife turned on by her sexy legs and backside. Without warning that nylon-sheathed peach thrusts into my face pressing the back of my head against the back of the sofa. Her rounded buttocks proceed to engulf my face. “Mmmm mmmm!” my muffled complaints are drowned by the loud music and my wife’s singing. “Mmm! Mmm!” I raise my hands but there is nothing I can do to push her arse from my face. Amazingly her buttocks are as hard as cannonballs mashing my nose and mouth between them while exerting a strong pressure keeping the back of my head firmly pinned. To make matters worse her arse begins to make small movements, maintaining firm contact on my face as it grinds this way and that in time with the rhythm. “Mmmm! Mmm!” it rubs all over my face and I can do nothing to stop it. The sexiness of the situation doesn’t escape me. Pinned against the back of the sofa by my wife’s backside as it bumps and grinds while performing I can’t stop the rigid tent forming in the front of my trousers in plain sight of over a dozen of the richest women in the world.

“Mmmm!” I sighed in contentment not knowing whether this was torment or bliss. Before I could make up my mind it was over as Goldie leapt off the sofa to conclude with a dramatic chest-beating finish. Wow! I am surprised to find myself so throbbing hard for my own wife, that I stood up and moved towards her with a full raging erection in my pants. I couldn’t recall ever having such a tight skin-stretching throbbing erection like this before and certainly not caused by my wife. “Out! All of you!” I demand not taking my eyes off my wife. I was going give her a bloody good seeing to and I didn’t give a damn about shocking their noble sensibilities. “Ah-ah!” Goldie wagged her finger from side to side. “They are my guests. Besides don’t you remember that I’m a Tai Chi instructor?”. “What the eff! Of course I remember” I snapped. I set that up for her to have her own little business and keep her nose out of mine. All that moving your arms and torso very slowly was not for me but if it helped her burn some of that wild excess energy then all the better. Goldie has big nipples and right now they were fully erect showing she was clearly up for it. Pressing against the silk dress they were like little bullets and I suspected she wasn’t wearing a bra. Bloody hell! I couldn’t believe how my own wife was making me so crazy to have her. “Orrrr!” I moaned lustfully. “Fine. Let them stay and watch but I’m having you now” I growled aching to plunge my shaft inside her and bang away.

Stepping forwards I was annoyed when she brought up her palm in a circular motion. Before I could knock it aside, it landed gently against my chest with a deceptively hard shove that pushed me backwards. “T’ai chi ch’uan means supreme ultimate fist, grand supreme fist, boundless fist” Goldie lectured while describing slow graceful motions with her arms. “The use of t’ai chi as a martial art is quite challenging and requires a great deal of training” What? Is she having a laugh. I’ve seen her lead the old grey haired biddies moving their aching limbs slowly. “That’s not a martial art” I sneered. I’m used to getting what I want and  made a grab for her while she is slowing waving her arms around. Again her palm moves in a graceful arc towards my chest. It moved deceptively slowly giving a tingle as it touched as light as a feather. WHUMP! “Orrraghh!” It felt like a bolt of electricity, lifting me clean off the floor to come crashing down to the shag-pile in a humiliated heap.

“Mehehehehe” my astonishment was broken by an annoying high pitched snigger. “Loser” she muttered under her breath. Some of my anger dissipated at the close sight of huge meaty rounded calves flaring out behind short shins. Drinking in the way the beautiful long curves from the top of her foot ran along her shin to her short chunky thighs while opposed by the deep semi-pear drop shape formed by her calves and the curves of her hamstrings before reaching her backside. “Nehehehehe” that annoying snigger signalled my wife’s amusement as she placed a foot on top of my groin and began to press her high heel down. “Argh argh!” I yelped clutching at her calve as the heel began to bite. “Nehehehehe” she sniggered at my frantic attempts to lift that big solid meaty calve to get that heel out of my balls. Finally I somehow managed to push her leg away and fuming began to get to my feet.

“I am your husband. A very powerful man” I began “A criminal who resorts to kidnapping young girls and transporting them against their will to become sex slaves” my wife cut-in. “Lies of that English private eye”. She waggled her finger “No. I heard your confession before the secret service censored it on grounds of endangering national security, i.e. protecting your neck” she replied. Before I could argue more Goldie blanked me, her face becoming serene before beginning to move her arms around once more in some damn Tai Chi exercise. I was still horny but angry that she tried to nail my balls. I reached out to grab her. Her arms seemed to be moving so slowly in big circles yet barely had I managed to grab her wrist when as slippery as an eel her arm twists free with her other hand coming down on top of mine. I find my arm sandwiched between hers. “Argh!” I yelp as she bent my trapped arm over her lower arm. “You really want to fight me, mehehehehe” she sniggered, her brown almond-shaped eyes boring into mine as she sends my arm into a world of pain with the slightest movement. “Ouch ouch!” I yelped as she forced me to stoop and go in whatever direction she wanted.

“Nehehehehe, loser” that irritating snigger with the muttered put-down underlined my helplessness. “Agh aghh! my wrist you’re going to break my wrist!” I cried as she doubles back my arm bending my hand right back at the wrist. “You are powerless under my Tai Chi, Allam” she told me looking straight into my eyes with a glint of amusement as she bent my hand right back towards my shoulder forcing me to bend backwards. Stretching out her knee behind me she pressed it into the small of my back. Goldie deliberately held me in that extremely painful position with my spine burning in agony for what seemed to be an eternity watching my every pained expression with an amused smirk. “I am in complete control, Allam. You can’t stop me” She stated with such dominant confidence that I was surprised to find myself very turned on.

“Mehehehehe, loser” she sniggered “this is too easy for me”. With that she moves quickly, forcing me to stand while leading my wrist trapped between her arms in a large vertical circle as she steps back to one side. “Woah!” I cry as a sudden downward wrench in my arm causes my body to lift up then fall forwards. My feet leave the floor as my body cartwheels very fast through the air making my head spin. BERLAM! I’m shocked as my back slams into the carpet. “Mehehehehe, loser” I lay still closing my eyes to stop the nausea as the room continues to spin around me listening to the irritating snigger of my wife and humiliating laughter of the watching women. My God! My wife just threw me! She just flipped me like a rag doll!  My dick is unbelievably rigid at the thought even though I can still hardly believe it. Where on earth had she learnt to do that?

As the spinning sensation subsided I opened my eyes to see a good-looking petite mature Oriental with short greying hair and a smart pin-striped business dress covering a slim body studying me from a nearby sofa. I recognised her as the head of the bitches who had held me captive [PANTYHOSE 4 & 5]. “I had an interesting exchange of ideas with Madame Michelle but I’m sure that you will agree that I am more than capable of taking care of myself” Goldie’s voice cut-in although I was in no doubt who was to blame. “Tai Chi can be most deadly if applied with the correct knowledge. Who do you think eliminated those gang lords who opposed you?” Goldie’s unexpected question caught me by surprise. “That was your father’s top assassin” I replied. “Nehehehehe” that horrible snigger mocked my response. “The silent assassin, yes, an unimaginative name but it instilled the appropriate level of fear” I looked at my wife to see if she was joking but she just nodded her head with a smug smile in confirmation. “I made you what you are Allam, but you let me down and now it’s time to break you”. She tried to look tough to intimidate me but of course I didn’t believe her. She was my wife of over 30 years and was a wild shopping and party animal. The closest she ever came to exercise was clubbing in night clubs and screwing the garden hands. All this nonsense had cooled my lust and my anger was smouldering ready to burst into rage.

“Send your friends home” I growled softly as I rose. “That witch might have taught you a few tricks but that won’t save you” I added with menace. “No wife of mine publicly embarrasses me and gets away with it”. Instead of looking frightened, the little woman stood her ground with head tilted back staring straight into my eyes in challenge. “Just you try it Allam” her voice was low. “I really want you to try it”. With a little smirk her petite chunky body adopted what I knew to be the horse stance. A basic position with the knees slightly bent in a shallow squat with the back relaxed and arms raised as if hugging a tree. “Hit me now, Allam. If you can. For we know you are a weak man who orders others to do your violence” The disapproving tuts of the rich bitches annoyed me. I was so enraged by this public act of defiance that I saw red with an overwhelming desire to put her in her place. My fist flew towards her face. WHOP! My arm shuddered to a halt as it collided with the back of Goldie’s left arm which had whipped around very quickly in a vertical circle. Her short arm seemed thick and solid with strongly defined shoulder caps and a strong bulge of triceps as it held off my arm with surprising ease while she smirked in my face. Locked there in that moment unable to work out why I couldn’t move my wife’s arm, I noticed that even her forearm seemed wide and sinewy.

Before I can think on it further there is a flash of bare skin as her other hand arcs around at waist height. “Pah!” an explosive noise leaves her lips. WHOMP! the side of her hand delivers a swift chop across my side. “Argh!” a lancing pain stabbed through my kidneys. In the meantime Goldie’s arm continued to move in a big vertical circle slamming down from above on top of my blocked arm. WHOMP! “Argh!” with my arm sandwiched between hers she bends my arm backwards using her right arm as a fulcrum. “Argh! Argh!” with excruciating shards of pain burning through my arm I am forced to bend forward. Bent double at the waist my face is brought close to my wife’s nylon-clad legs. Marvelling once more at their beauty and how firm and shapely they look I wonder whether that was really the result of clubbing or had she been working out in secret. “Argh!” a spike of pain shot through my arm as she stressed it forcing me to kneel upon the floor then making me roll onto my back.

“Mehehehehe, loser” she sniggered stepping one leg over my body to stand astride my chest facing my feet letting my aching arm drop to the floor. With her huge rounded calves raised upon high heels either side of my chest my anger was replaced by wonderment of her amazingly sexy inverted bottle-shaped beauties. WOW! I couldn’t remember ever having such a close-up view of her calves before. PHWOW! They flexed gently from smooth roundedness to hard muscle and back again in the moments of seconds. They were truly amazing from this angle that I mentally kicked myself again for not noticing before. They flexed again and I marvelled at how big arrowhead slabs suddenly jutted from the beautiful smooth lines with a diamond shaped cleft clearly visible between the calve heads. I’m not the type who likes muscles on a woman but Goldie’s gave her short legs a very sexy shape that was a real turn-on. Watching them flex and wane beneath her nylons was really groin-stirring.

“Nehehehehe, enjoying the view” she sniggered. I looked up to see her peering down from over her shoulder with a bemused smirk. Just then, her hands drew aside the rear flap of her dress to reveal her backside and thrust it out. WOW! what a view! I had to admit that although it was a little on the ample side, she had a great arse. The way her buttocks just hung there above me was breathtaking. Two firm-looking rounded sexy orbs wrapped in thin tan coloured nylon like peaches in cling film. “Mehehehehe” she sniggered. “Are you taking a good look? Good. Now to demonstrate the alternate ending to my dance routine”.

“No!” I cried as her backside fell at an alarming rate while her legs separated in opposite directions. She was doing the splits with me right beneath her! WHUMP! “Mmmmm!” my cries were stifled as she landed right on my face burying my nose and mouth right up the crack between her buttocks. “Mmm! Mmmm!” I cried into the seat of her pantyhose. “Nehehehehe” that irritating snigger mocked me as my eyes looked up over the rounded balls of my wife’s buttocks whilst she did the splits on my face. “Well that’s put him in his place” someone remarked followed by amused laughter from the watching women. “Mmm! Mm!” I struggled trying to raise my head to unseat her but she was squarely on my face pinning it under her body weight. “Some men would pay good money to be in your position right now. Mehehehehe” Goldie sniggered as I thrashed around the rest of my body like a fish out of water but my head remained firmly stuck. “Nehehehehe. Loser”. “That’s it, wear yourself out. You’re not going anywhere ” she mocked as I threw my legs and bum in the air desperately trying to shake her off. With the limited amount of air that I could breathe through the gauze of her nylon-covered arse I tired fast and ended up resigned to lie beneath her. Lying there looking up at her buttocks with the crevice between clearly visible through her thin nylons while breathing shallowly I began to realise what a sexy position this was.

I loved the way her short legs were splayed out horizontally on each side of my face with the tight-fitting black silk dress emphasising the alluring hour-glass figure of her back as a tower of femininity rising above my eyes as I peered over her buttocks. Bending my arms at the elbows I managed to get my hands onto her thighs and ran them along her legs enjoying their feel and remarkable flexibility. I never realised that she was so limber and quite honestly I found myself getting very turned on with the thoughts of what I could do in bed with a woman like that. The irony that this was my wife of many years was not lost on me. I felt her place a hand on my belly which then slid teasingly down the front of my trousers. “Orrrr orrrrr!” I moaned with delight as she lightly drew her fingers over my groin leaving a tingling trail of eroticism. “Oooh I think he likes his new position in life” Goldie chuckled as my dick grew stiffer under the light tantalising touch of her fingertips. “Morrrr!” I moaned into her firm rounded orbs loving the feeling as I steadily got stiffer and stiffer not caring who was watching. “Orrrrr!” I moaned again in pleasure. I was therefore pretty pissed when that heavenly backside lifted from my face and her fingers withdrew from my groin leaving me with an exceptionally stiff bulge in my pants. “No no!” I begged raising my hands and caressing the beautiful rounded curves of her buttocks hovering barely an inch above my face. “Finish the job, Goldie. That’s an order”

“Mehehehehe” that horrible snigger burnt my ears. “If you want to cum, you are going to have to whip it out and wank one off in front of everyone. Come on, we’re waiting” I heard the shocked gasps of the posh ladies. Suddenly that arse fell back onto my face. WHOMP! “Mmmmoorr!” I moaned in protest as it wriggled around until my nose was wedged firmly up the crack of her nylon-sheathed backside. WHUMP! “Mmmoooorrrph!” my breath exploded into the seat of her nylons as her fist slammed unexpectedly into my gut. Caught out by her sudden unprovoked punch I could only gasp helplessly fighting the cramps in my gut as my wife’s nylon-clad peach lifted from my face then rose away as her legs unfolded.

“Mehehehehe, loser” Goldie sniggered with a superior smirk on her lips turning around to look down upon me as I writhed in agony trying to catch my breath. “As of tonight I am legally assuming full control of the business operations and our finances ” she stated. “Never” I gasped forcing myself slowly and unsteadily to my feet. With her face serene, Goldie faced me with her elbows raised level with her chest upon each side. Suddenly her hands slammed together with the right hand cupping her left fist. It was such an aggressive move that it spooked me. Not smiling and keeping her eyes on me she bowed formally from the waist. As she straightened her hands came up with the palms facing forwards and the fingers spread. The long slits in her skirt opened displaying those sexy legs from the tips of her toes to the curves of her hips and well beyond with a peep of the waistband of her pantyhose as they adopted a loose stance. She gave me a hard stare looking really tough that it made me nervous. “You don’t frighten me with that Tai Chi crap” I lied for at that moment she looked like a real martial artist squaring up for a fight. Cautiously I began to walk around her. “Your legs look sensational in that dress by the way” She didn’t say a word but gave a small nod as if to say thank you. Wearing that tight silk dress her side profile was breathtaking as it clung like a second skin. She might not have large breasts but that dress made them thrust out above the line of her waist. It was so tight that I could see the shape of her nipples. “You look great in that dress” “Thank you. I brought it especially for your castration” She replied in a tight smile.

Her words brought back painful memories of what happened to the men who tried to rescue me. “This is your doing, you evil cow! you poisoned her mind” I shouted pointing a finger at Madame Michelle. The good-looking mature oriental business woman stared at me coldly. Moving quicker than I expected Goldie stepped in front sweeping away my hand in a deceptively simple circular motion then tangling it up into another arm-lock. “Argh! Argh!” I yelped as she straightened her arm forcing mine to bend back the wrong way. The corners of her mouth rose in amusement. “You will not insult my guests” she scolded. The flaps of her silk dress slid away to reveal the shiny tan coloured nylons covering her leg as as right knee was raised before me. She pointed to her delicious looking thigh with her other hand. “You like my legs don’t you?” she purred like a sex kitten. “Ohh yes” I groaned for although Goldie’s legs were short and thick they were firm and shapely. “Better legs than the young East European slave girls you rape?”. I looked longingly at the expanse of thigh exposed in one gloriously wide gap between expensive black silk running continuously from her knee around the side of her buttocks to high up upon her hip. “Far better. Wow! You have great legs” I gasped in appreciation mentally kicking myself for only just realising what I had all along right here under my own roof. “Goldie argh!” I winced she stressed my arm. “It doesn’t have to be like this I’m still your husband. We make a great team together” I tried to placate her, desperate to do anything to get inside her and my hands on those legs.

Her rounded high-cheeked face smiled tightly reminding me what a good looking mature woman she had become right under my nose. “Actions speak louder than words Allam” her hazel coloured eyes seemed warm and inviting. Momentarily her knee lowered and I relaxed. “No!” I cried in alarm as a sharp knee driven by strong short sexy thighs backed by wide flaring calves rushed towards the apex of my legs while at the same time her small breasts leapt upwards inside her tight dress in a very exciting manner. WHOMP! The tip of her thigh slammed upwards like a sledgehammer blasting my scrotum. “Orrghh!” I wailed as terrible soul-destroying pain exploded in my pants. The upward thrust of her swift moving knee had such brutal power that I was driven onto my toes letting out a long heartfelt howl of agony. “Mehehehehe” her snigger of derision made the pain worse.

Releasing my arm, Goldie’s right arm circled at blinding speed. “Pah!” the sound exploded from her lips as the edge of her hand with fingers held together chopped me on the side of my neck. “Argh!” the swift chop was shockingly solid making her triceps ripple. My head lurched as if zapped by a thousand volts with spots appearing before my eyes. “Mehehehehe, loser” I saw the cold hardness in her eyes with the smirk of arrogance on her lips and for the first time in our marriage I felt afraid of her. Her arms circled sweeping into a fighting stance with hands held open and fingers slightly splayed as if she was going to chop me to pieces with her lovely manicured hands that had unexpectedly become lethal weapons in my eyes. I even thought I saw a brief bulge of small but hard biceps in her firm looking arms.

Panicking I threw a punch right at her face to stop her. Her arms circled very fast sweeping my arm aside and locking it up with one arm before chopping me on the side of my neck with the other. “Pah!”. WHUMP! “Nnnarr!” It was a short sharp chop but the effects were devastating. My vision scrambled with bright explosions of light and I felt nauseous and dizzy. “Nehehehehe”. BLAM! her hard knee rammed straight into my balls at the same time as the palm of her hand slammed into my face pushing it back in a violent shove that sent bright jagged lines of pain lancing through my eyes.

“Mehehehehe, loser” that mocking snigger followed me as I staggered backwards. I opened my eyes to see sexy chunky legs spread wide with the bottom of her tight dress hanging down like a flag in-between. Goldie was side-on to me with a hard determined face. Quickly leaning towards me, her sharp elbow was just a blur streaking towards me. “Pah!” WHOMP! My cheeks ballooned up as I tried to hold in my breath as the point of her elbow drove into the pit of my stomach. “Orraghh!” I wailed as the breath was ripped from me. “Mehehehehe. Can’t you defend yourself from your own wife?” She mocked “Are you going to stop your wife beating you up in front of all these important women? I don’t think so” she taunted. She raised her hands as if to chop her again. I was terrified realising my own wife was possibly a better fighter than me. As she stepped towards me with violence in her eyes, I panicked and threw another punch. WHAP! her circling left arm swept it away away like swatting a fly. Powerless to stop it I watch in horror as my wife’s right elbow rushes towards my face. “Pow!” her breath explodes from her mouth as her elbow brutally slams into my right cheek. WHOCK! “Arghhh!” I cry out as my head whips around with my mouth distorting under the bruising impact that feels like it nearly broke my cheek.

Unable to stop her, my mature oriental wife with the wild red hair and amused smirk digs her fingers into the front of my right wrist. “Argh!” I yelp as my hand went limp. Pulling it against her belly, this woman who I had lived with for years and had thought harmless grabbed the back of my neck with her other hand and pulled my head sharply forwards to face the floor. “No!” I cried in terror at the sight of her knee rising at phenomenal speed. Certain it is going to smash my face, I watched dumbfounded as it powers like a nylon-clad cannonball right into my belly. WHUMP! “Warrrrghh!” I wail as her knee sinks deep into my gut flattening my diaphragm in an instant brutally expelling my breath explosively through my mouth. “Mehehehehe” She cackles cruelly as her devastating knee falls away only to rise again as my body begins to crease forwards. I open my mouth to scream as that hard rounded knee slams violently hard into my ruined gut. WHUMP! “Wargn……!” it felt like her knee had plunged all the way in totally destroying the core of my being. The sheer brutal power of her knee stuns me as it continues to rise while lodged inside driving me instantly onto my toes. I looked down through bleary eyes at the short wide expanse of nylon-clad thigh pressed deep in my gut amazed that something so feminine could be so devastating. Destroyed, I crumple around Goldie’s knee and would have fell if she hadn’t held me up while sniggering inanely. “Mehehehehe, loser”. I was in such winded agony that my mind barely registered her short strong firm arms as they held me upright. My wife was like an unbeatable female fighting machine and she was really kicking my arse. I was completely shocked that someone that was such a comfortable familiar part of my life could do this to me. Worryingly I was finding myself getting turned on just like that perverted English detective.

“Nehehehehe” my mature Oriental wife stood in front of me sniggering in that horrible irritating manner and I didn’t have the breath or the courage to tell her to shut up. Her short thick arms looked strong with a definite hint of hard biceps as she held me up while my torso bobbed up and down in a vain automated reflex searching for air to her amusement. Oh God those arms look really strong, please don’t say that she has been working those out as well? My incredulity grew. “A wife should always be able to take her husband’s breath away. Nehehehehe” she sniggered. “No dear God no!” I wanted to scream as her body twitched and her knee blasted upwards once more. WHUMP! “……!” I screamed in silent agony with  no breath left to spill as her knee drove in so deep that it surely must have hit my backbone. I was completely lifted off my feet by the shocking power of that knee as it surely rose up level with her chest with my body no obstacle to it’s flight. My already flattened diaphragm was like a taut drum struck by the hammer-blow of her brutally hard knee. My body folded swiftly like a crumpled card barely registering the brief bulge of biceps in her short arms as they held me up. God no! I screamed mentally as I saw that destructive knee trailing a large diamond shaped calve speeding straight for my bowed face. WHOMP! The top of her thigh close to her knee hammered me square in the face. Arghh! I howled mentally as my face flew back stinging horribly from my lips to my forehead. BLAM! Arghh! The next moment my back slammed into the carpet.

“Mehehehehe, loser” the annoying mocking cackle came from above as I clutched my face to see if anything was broken while struggling to breathe. “Well Allam. You might as well stay down there and worship my feet” Goldie’s voice cut through the pain. I looked up at my wife standing over me with her hands upon her hips and her legs in a wide stance as the front flap of her slinky dress hung down between them. It was such a dominant looking pose and God her legs looked amazing that as she moved a foot onto my chest I was half tempted to kiss it. “You see ladies, how a little bit of martial arts knowledge can put your husbands in their rightful place…at your feet” Madame Michelle remarked igniting adoring laughter from the rich bitches and resentment and anger from me. Angrily knocking away my wife’s victorious foot I reached for my panic button and pressed.

The entrance doors flew open and into the room step a sight that had made many of my enemies wet themselves. Basher and Smasher strode forwards side by side, their eyes scanning the room, their huge hulking bodies ready to deliver a pummelling. The most feared of my men, 6 foot 6 tall heavily built muscular African brutes wearing khaki muscle tops that show off their huge rippling arms and so tight that their washboard abs are visible. Their nicknames were earned through the brutal enforcement of discipline in my guard with their fists and silencing witnesses by beating them to death.

It came as little surprise to see the sleek lithe form of Madame Michelle instantly spring into action. The good-looking short-haired mature Oriental vaulted effortlessly over the back of the sofa with her tight pin-striped skirt riding all the way to the top of her sexy slender legs. Showing no fear she landed lightly on her feet with her hands raised in a classic Karate stance dwarfed by the massive African muscle men before her. Although I’d seen her in action in the bitch’s gym I doubted she stood a chance against these two and looked forward to seeing them beat her to a pulp.

Just as I thought this was a foregone conclusion my wife suddenly swept in between the petite Oriental and the hulking men going into a low crouch with the black flap of her dress hanging between her hot legs. Her hands came up in loose fists as she crossed her bare forearms in front of her chest, one vertical the other horizontal in front. “You’re my guest. I’ll take care of this” she stated looking so fierce and confident that I found myself getting stiff in anticipation. With her slit dress showing an obscene amount of leg I was amazed as she fearlessly forced herself between the middle of the towering men casually sweeping aside the punches thrown by their thick bulging arms. Turning right around to face the same direction as them, her arms circled wrapping right around theirs. I was amazed by the sight of a petite mature woman locking up the thick muscular arms of not one but two tall heavy men. Turning towards Basher on her left, the long slit in her dress parted as a length of shapely tan coloured nylon streaked upwards to bury the point of her shoe right in his testicles. WHOMP! It was a solid hard kick that I felt sympathetically in my balls while admiring the way her left calve bulged in a solidly defined downward pointing spear. “Garrr!” he cried, his face turning to agony. Even as he began to fold over his throbbing nuts my wife skipped onto her left foot and a tan streak flew out in a lightning fast streak behind her. WHOMP! The sole and heel of her shoe hammered Smasher’s groin with shocking power that was audibly heard and felt in my balls. WHOMP! “Orrraghhh!” a deep bass heavy wail of anguish left the big man’s lips as his brute ugly face melted into pain.

“Nehehehehe” she sniggered at their distress with a bemused smirk upon her high-cheeked face. I couldn’t believe it. In the blink of an eye, my very own wife had kicked two towering massive men in the nuts. These two were really tough and gritting their teeth against the pain they forced themselves straight. Amazingly she showed no concern as two hulking men towered over her on either side, intent on causing damage. Her right arm circled swiftly to block an incoming punch from Basher while behind her Smasher raised his fist for a strike. “Pah!” there was an unmistakable ripple of hard muscle in her short arms as they stopped Basher’s thick muscular arm. “Pow!” her left fist swung down past her hip then continued backwards into the balls of a surprised Smasher behind her. WHUMP! “Arghhh!” he yelled shocked to be nailed by such a solid punch in the nuts.

“Pah!” Goldie’s sudden loud shout made my dick lurch as to my amazement her right knee whipped up in front of her. The front flap fell away from her thigh with a sexy glimpse of gusset tightly moulded to her sex before her leg snapped straight rising at a steep angle. WHOCK! the top of my wife’s foot slammed into the underside of Basher’s jaw with the audible clunk of  teeth sending his head skywards. “Naarrghh!”. The light shimmered from the high sheen nylon wrapped like a second skin around her leg as it extended fully raised so high that it had just kicked a huge man-mountain in the jaw made me unbelievably hard. With one hand clutching his aching balls, his face whipped back under the shocking power of the kick. I was speechless, never suspecting that my wife was even remotely capable of kicking so high and the revelation was arousing. My eyes swept along the magnificent curvaceous lines of her raised thigh, the side of her buttocks and the high cut on her hips as her leg rose high before falling back.

However, like a pendulum her leg didn’t stop when it neared the floor but continued swinging. Bent at the knee it rose up behind her with the foot aimed right at Smasher who was still clutching his nuts. Staggered by the previously unsuspected fighting skills of my wife, I watched in disbelief as her torso swung forwards pivoting on one leg as her right leg continued to rise up fast. Goldie swung forwards so low her head was level with Basher’s waist while holding onto his trousers for support. At the same time her right leg straightened behind her, the flaps of her dress swinging away with a sexy view of her gusset. “Pah!” WHOCK! The sole of her shoe crashed into his jaw, mashing his mouth into a distorted shape and sending his head flying back over his neck at high speed while strong hard lines appeared in her short chunky thighs. My dick was throbbing hard by the revelation that my wife was such a deadly leggy man-beater destroying my two most feared men.

“Pah!” with her body bent steeply forward balancing on one leg with the other raised so high behind, Goldie drove her fist hard into the groin positioned right in front of her face. WHOMP! “Aiiiii!” Basher squealed as her fist landed solidly. Oh my God she was incredible! I knew she knew Tai Chi for exercise but never suspected anything like this. There was something very exciting about watching my wife demolishing two huge guys with such flexible leggy ease.

Goldie’s foot returned to the floor as her body flipped back upright, a small woman in the middle of Basher clutching his balls and Smasher holding his jaw. “Mehehehehe, losers” she sniggered “Is that the best you can do boys?” she taunted, a short woman in the midst of two hulking brutes with her fists raised eager for more. Her eyes were wide with excitement, her short bare arms taut and firm. I found myself holding my breath while my dick was so stiff it was pressing painfully against the inside of my trousers. She seemed to be waiting for the brutes to recover. Basher and Smasher snarled raising their hands to beat my little wife to pulp.

“Eeee” Goldie began squealing in a chilling tone as she raised her right knee level with her bust, the long slits falling away once more in an exciting sexy feminine manner to expose the full length of her short shapely legs. “Pow!” her leg snapped straight. A tan lightning bolt I barely saw until it came to rest with the sole of her shoe firmly buried in Basher’s groin as he stood before her. WHUMP! It was a solid forward stomp with audible force that no man should have to experience. “Nnnniiiii!” A dreadful squeal escaped his lips, all the more shocking that such a big muscular brute could make such a high-pitched noise.

As the big man began to crumple forwards, Goldie grabbed the lapels around his neck. With her foot planted firmly in his groin I was gob-smacked as she used it like a step pulling herself up from the floor while folding her left leg at the knee beneath her. “Eeeeee” that strange chilling squeal began again. “Pow!” Jeez! In an awesome move she pulled herself right up against him with his face almost in her bust as her left leg flashed backwards like a coiled spring towards a clearly astonished Smasher. WHOMP! “Orrrrrr!” he yelled as a powerful back kick stomped his balls. Good grief! my crazy wild mature wife no longer had her feet on the floor but was now suspended entirely in the air with a foot in each of the big muscle men fore and aft. “Mehehehehe, losers” she sniggered as the huge men on either side slowly crumpled causing her magnificent legs to straighten as her feet moved apart. The beating of my cock in its tight confines increased as my wife did the full splits in mid-air with each foot buried deep in the groin of a huge destroyed man. “Orrrrr Goldie!” I moaned in pure lust. Never had I wanted her so badly before as this flexible arse-kicking superwoman maintained the splits as she rode their groins all the way down to the floor. It had all happened in a matter of seconds, my wife still doing the splits but now on the carpet with her feet firmly in the groins of the two big Africans now sitting whimpering in agony one in the front and one at the rear.

“Mehehehehe” Goldie sniggered admiring the effects of her deadly feet with a condescending smirk before staring at me with her lips pouting in a sexy remote kiss. With her wild orange hair, her rounded Oriental face, short chunky body and thick legs, it was hard to think of her as a deadly fighting machine. Yet she looked strong and dominant as she clenched a fist in front of her chest making the tendons in her forearm stand out while the other hand was held open palmed above her head. The slit in her dress widened as she rose into a low crouch presenting the side of one calve, bulging with thick hard muscle. The two men sitting in agony on either side were too preoccupied by the aching pain racking their balls to notice the sheen of the nylons making her legs very desirable as she pressed her right fist against her left palm. “Does it turn you on to watch your wife kick the crap out of two of your biggest men?” she purred with such passion I nearly came in my pants. My wild energetic wife was a deadly fighting machine and I was highly aroused just like that weird English detective. A knowing smile spread on her lips “Yes, that is the correct reaction. Nehehehehe”

Still crouching low, Goldie leant sharply to her left balancing on one foot. The flaps of her dress fell away as her right knee rises as the bottle-shaped shin is presented horizontally. Smasher looks up from his pain in alarm to see a fast-moving streak of light left by the sheen of her nylons as it arcs towards his face. “Pow!” WHAP! The top of her foot ploughs into his face with such force his head snaps back with blood pouring from his nose and mouth. “Pah!” A split-second later the same tan-coloured instrument of destruction is flying back the other way in a savage back-kick to Basher’s mouth. BLAM! “Argh!” blood sprays as his face is hammered from one side to the other. As the big muscle brutes clutch their ruined faces, my wife’s shapely leg comes to a rest stretched out before her in side profile. With the tight clinging black silk dragon dress she is the picture of perfect sexy femininity. Yet a femininity that is powerful and dominant, an unstoppable man-destroyer.

“Die bitch!” Smasher suddenly yells pulling a wicked looking knife from his jacket. Before he can use it Goldie turns her back to him, spinning on one foot while crouched low. Leaning forward, her left leg arcs around backwards with a brief glimpse of buttocks. “Pow!” WHAP! “Arghh!” he screams as the sole of her shoe hammers his right cheek with such force his mouth distorts with a sharp crack. Even as he falls backwards with the knife dropping from his hands, the same leg swings forward as her eyes bore fiercely at Basher on the other side of her. So unnerved by her hard glare and speeding leg he fumbles pulling his own knife. “Pow!” her leg unexpectedly changes target at the last moment. WHAM! “Nnniiiiiaieee!” he screams as the top of her foot slams into his groin like she is kicking a football.

As he creases over in front of her clutching his balls, Goldie rises behind him with her short leg rising at the knee. In the blink of an eye it unfolds, the short shin with the large meaty calve rising up before her. To my astonishment her leg soared all the way up until she was doing the splits in a standing position. My word! I’d never seen something so cock-hardening sexy as her shapely legs remained for several magnificent seconds, stacked inverted one on top the other. This unsuspected flexibility was unbelievable and the way that tight silk dragon dress exposed her crotch, how could a man not get hard? “Orrrrr!” I groaned loudly barely able to stop my lust exploding in my trousers as I stared in open lust at the exposed gusset stretched so tight over her crotch it was blatantly obvious she wasn’t wearing knickers. Being a marriage of business convenience I had never fancied my wife except now, looking right at her amazing legs holding a rock-solid standing splits while the gusset of her nylons moulded tightly to her sex had driven me close to the point of cumming without her even touching me.

“Nehehehehe, loser” she sniggered as Basher looked up along the leggy tower swallowing hard. A big bulge formed in the front of his trousers throbbing hard as he stared at her crotch and the hot leg poised over him like an executioner’s axe. “Nnniiiii” Goldie’s squeal rose in pitch. A damp patch spread rapidly across the the front of his trousers as my wife’s sexy left leg fell rapidly. “Pow!” The super-legged Goddess shouted as the back of her heel hammered the back of his neck with frightening force. WHOMP! Although already bent forwards, Basher’s head flew back at an unnatural angle with his mouth extraordinarily wide in an agonising scream before collapsing face first on the carpet, silent and unmoving.

With her foot on the back of the fallen man, her face whips around to glare at Smasher who has leapt to his feet knife in hand looking terrified. Without pause and showing no fear, Goldie placed her left foot on the prone form of Basher pivoting around with her fists clenched as the wicked blade was thrust forwards. Her knee shot up level with her bust with the shin knocking the knife from his hand. “Pow!” the raised leg snapped straight in a heartbeat rising at a steep angle. BAM! The top of her foot smashed into the underside of his jaw. “Arghh!” he yelped as his head whipped back so fast with blood trailing from his mouth that his knees almost gave way. I decided that seeing a woman in a dragon dress kick a man helpless was probably one of the sexiest things a man could experience. Somehow Smasher had managed to keep his balance but she spun to meet him. The tight silk dress shimmered in the light as her stocky arm swung up in a swift upper cut. “Pow!” WHOCK! Her fist struck him solidly on the jaw, surprising sinewy strength rippling in her arm as her fist kept moving. “Orrragh!” he yelled, his mouth wide as the power of the little woman’s blow lifted him clean onto his toes, his face whipping back towards the ceiling before his body toppled backwards to the floor like a fallen tree.

“Mehehehehe, losers” Goldie’s eyes stared at me full of smugness as she placed a foot upon the fallen man who was clearly out cold. “Is that all you have, Allam? Nehehehehe” she taunted “Do you have any more toughs you want me to beat up? Mehehehehe” she sniggered. The sight of my wife’s hard looking biceps as she flexed in victory over two huge muscular African brutes bloodied and battered out cold at her feet caused an unexpected reaction to my throbbing erection. “Orr!” I groaned as I struggled to control another lurch that nearly made me spill my seed. “Have you any idea of the skill involved for a woman to fight in high heels?”. Smiling, my wife raised her right knee and proceeded to remove her heels then did the same with the right. “I think the blend of Martial Tai Chi and Madame Michelle’s fighting art worked well” she stated. Still standing on Smasher’s fallen body, Goldie did this almighty high kick that sent her right leg skywards coming to rest against her bust. “You’re next hot shot” she smirked as she once more held a perfectly steady standing splits. The incredibly sexy sight was just too much. “Nnnnnnarr nnnnarrr nnnnarrr!” I blasted three absolutely enormous powerful ejaculations into my pants drenching my pants with such force that I felt light-headed. “Mehehehehe, loser” she sniggered with hilarity.

“My, I’ve never had that reaction from you before, mehehehehe” Goldie laughed loudly. She lowered her hand turning the palm up, clenching and opening her fingers like a claw over and over. “You better enjoy it Allam, because I’m going to break your balls. Permanently. Mehehehehe”. Stepping off Smasher she took one step towards me. I panicked and hit the panic button again, this time twice.

Part 2: Another unwanted surprise
As the guards rush into the room to come to my aid, I was not surprised to see Madame Michelle waiting to take them on. However I had not expected to see the rest of my wife’s guests to line up with her. The men come to a halt surprised to find themselves confronted by over a dozen of the most elegant sophisticated women on the planet ranging in age from the teenaged mistress of a Russian Oligarch to aged matriarchs like Countess Claudine. Smiling at the men, the beautiful elegant women place their smooth hands on the hems of their skirts and slide them to their hips. The eyes of the men hungrily follow the long sweeping lines of the sensational legs on display. “PHROAR!” the men almost groan in unison for, of course, upper class women are perfect in every way money can buy. The legs on display are incredibly sexy and desirable, clad in sheer tan-coloured Wolford pantyhose. The thought struck me that Madame Michelle’s vigilantes wore tan pantyhose as a kind of uniform and had been giving rich women self-defence lessons. I opened my mouth to shout a warning as my men stepped towards those hot legs like sex-crazed zombies.

The distraction is fatal. “HAI!” My men and I jump at the unladylike shout from over a dozen posh women as a chorus-line of shapely nylon-clad legs snap out between the legs of as many men. The massed sound of the top of their feet or shins landing with solid kicks to the guards’ groin is like a thunderclap followed by dreadful cries of anguish. WHUMP! “Arghghhh!” The rich women are like a pack of highly cultured animals literally going ballistic. Repeatedly hammering their feet into the guard’s groins, the cold elegant women don’t spare them a second to recover as the men try to fold over in agony only for another brutally hard kick to nail them in the balls. Let me tell you, posh women especially the aristocratic ones are the coldest hearted self-centred people you could ever meet. Uncaring with no regards to others, the training that Madame Michelle gave them made them formidable ruthless opponents. Merciless ball-busters with a superior natural arrogance, repeatedly kicking a guy in the nuts with no concept of mercy.

Two tall snarling brutes had tried to attack my short mature wife. With an almost bored look of contempt a casual circular sweep of her arm blocked the punch from one man and locked it up in her short firm arms as she turned to face the other attacker. “Pow!” an explosive cry left her lips as her right hand shot forwards, open-palmed with the fingers stretched. Her fingers seem to lightly touch the front of his throat slightly off to one side yet an expression of severe pain spreads across his face and he collapses to the floor unconscious. Turning her cold gaze back to the first man who was now desperately trying to pull his trapped arm from her iron-hard lock. “Mehehehehe” she sniggered into his face with a bemused smirk before adding with a mutter “loser”. “Pow!” she cried before her fist shot forwards driving her knuckles into his cheek. CRACK! “Argh!” he cried in surprised pain as the force of the little lady’s punch whipped his face right around so fast that he nearly stumbled and fell. Using the distraction to make my escape, I look for a way past the fighting couples. Behind me a thud and a loud groan of pain signalled my wife driving her hard knee into the man’s groin. As he creased forwards she pulled his head down close to her waist twisting it to the side before raising her elbow. “Pah!” The mature Oriental sharply punches the point down on the side of his neck. WHOCK! The man’s body seemed to jump before slumping to the carpet. Oh crap! Oh crap! I needed to get out of here.

Turning towards the West Wing door I see Frau Gutenberg, a wealthy influential member of the Hapsburg family. A beautiful elegant woman in her early 30’s with long red hair tied in a bouffant with her hands nonchalantly resting on her hips wearing a form-fitting red top that emphasised her large breasts. These are currently jiggling up and down in a most distracting manner. Below the waist was a long pleated skirt with the hem slid back to the middle of her raised thigh. The knee is level with her impressive bust pumping her foot back and forth delivering brutally hard kicks into the groin of the poor guy before her. She maintains a smug air of coolness while striking with long legged precision which is not matched by his agonised expression as his body, folded right over, jerks and writhes with each kick. Finally even the power of her groin kicks are unable to keep the man up and he collapses to the floor.

I think I can get past but then spot Lady Cartwright, a tall sturdy brunette with shoulder length hair worn in a severe bob. A rather stern looking woman in her early 50’s she is a skilled horse-rider who runs her husband’s equestrian stud farm with an iron hand, treating her horses better than she did her servants. Wearing a slinky shimmering long white sleeveless dress with diamonds and pearls. She is the perfect picture of a maturing elegant aristocrat with a strict no-nonsense attitude that made it unsurprising that she was squaring off with a tall muscular man with confident arrogance. “Come on man! Put some backbone into it. I won’t stand for any nonsense” Her loud arrogant voice boomed scolding him as if he were a mere stable-boy. Not cowed by her dominant attitude he threw a punch towards the frosty woman who blocks it effortlessly with a rather thick formidably shaped forearm. “Argh!” he cries as a sharp twist of his hand forces him to his toes dancing in agony while her she glares down her sharp nose at him with a look of arrogant disdain. “How pathetic” she remarks letting him twist and writhe on his toes for a little while longer. Wordlessly the hem of her long skirt flicks up giving a glimpse of a thick powerfully muscled calve as a shapely tan flash powers into his groin. WHUMP! “Aiiiiieee!” he squeals in agony. I wince at the terrible sound of that kick landing with such force it drives his legs right out from under him with a powerful bulge of strong thigh muscle developed from years of horse-riding. CRAC! “Aieee!” as he falls his hand bends back with a terrible cracking sound in her wrist-lock. He crashes to the floor a gibbering ruined mess. But Lady Cartwright stands over him with her big toned calves flexing with every impatient tap of her foot while her hands rested upon her hips “Come on man. Get up. I hardly touched you” she scolds loudly.

I would have been too scared to confront the fearsome woman even before I’d seen her destroy one of my men so decided not to go that way in case I became her next victim. Turning towards the door to the East Wing, I saw Madame Michelle. Dressed in a smart pin-strip jacket and matching short skirt, the petite slim-bodied mature Oriental was enthusiastically exchanging punches with a man who was blocking most of her blows as much as she was blocking his. Go on knock her block off! I mentally encouraged but had to admit that she was quite good looking with great legs and looked very sexy as she confidently stood her ground as the trade in punches got faster. Suddenly the man raised his leg to blast a kick at her. “HAI!” she yelled her lovely slim nylon-sheathed knee rising shockingly fast then snapping straight in the blink of an eye, pounding hard into his groin before his own kick got anywhere near. WHUMP! “Arghnnn!” he bit off the cry and with the pain showing in his eyes bravely tried to kick again. WAP! She was shockingly fast blocking his leg with her shin kicking up his foot which she caught then locked in the crook of her arm against her waist. Her back was to me, giving me a good of her sleek sexy calves beneath the hem of her skirt as the man hopped helplessly on one leg. “Well, you’re stuffed” she told him in a level tone with a slender pencil thin eyebrow rising in amusement over one eye. “No, no, please” he whined. “HAI!” his eyes flew wide open and the blood drained from his face as the petite woman shouted. Her slender leg rose fast like a baseball bat slamming solidly on the underside of his exposed groin. WHOMP! “Nnnarghh!” he screamed in agony. She watched him hobbling while his balls rocked in agony with amusement for a few seconds. “Hai!” WHOMP! “Nniiiii!” he screamed in a higher pitch as she kicked his vulnerable groin again. “No!” he squealed as her knee flashed upwards again then she burst into laughter as the knee remained raised beneath his raised leg poised to strike.

With an amused smile that lit up her small face she slowly straightened her leg chuckling at the sweat forming on his petrified face as her foot crept closer until the tip of her toes lightly touched the bottom of his balls. I swear to you that her foot lowered by a only a few centimetres. “HAI!” in a heartbeat her foot covered that miniscule distance and kicked his balls with incredible force. WHUMP! “Arghhhh!” her foot only travelled a tiny distance but the effect was out of all proportion. With a blood-curdling scream he flew into the air wrenching his other foot from her grasp. He landed heavily looking shocked whereupon his knees immediately buckled. Sinking down to his knees, his eyes pleaded mercy from the smart Oriental business woman standing over him. Her response was typical of a woman. “Hai! Yah!” her foot kicked forwards into his groin closely followed by her fist smashing into his jaw. WHUMP! WHOCK! The man’s body arched backwards as it flew a short distance across the carpet landing heavily in a senseless heap.

In an instant everything had gone to hell. All around me, the ball-busting aristocrats were running out of men to break. It was like a nightmare I couldn’t awake from. I still couldn’t get my mind around the fact that they were elegant women of extreme leisure yet had easily destroyed my guards. I had to get out of here before they turned on me but as I went to make a run for it, a familiar figure clad in a clinging tight silk dress stepped in front of me. I suddenly found myself very nervous of the woman I had been married to for years with her rounded face barely showing the ravages of time and her wild orange hair. “It didn’t has to be like this, Goldie” I beseeched her. “Come with me, we can start a new life together”. Instead of a pleased smile on her exquisite exotic features there was an icy scowl that sent chills done my spine. “You’re not running away this time, Allam” she said.

Before I could say another word her left hand slashed around in a flash. “Pow!” the edge of her hand whipped around towards my neck. WHAP! “Arghh!” her hand chopped across the side of my neck like an axe. My shoulders jerked up around my neck tensing as if shocked. “Feel the power of Tai Chi” Goldie said in a chilling voice as she lifted her hand and formed a claw with her fingers. Giving me no chance to react, that claw grabbed the side of my neck where she had just chopped me. “Arghhh!” her fingers felt like steel pincers digging into my flesh and grabbing hold of the nerve that lies beneath. “Mehehehehe” she sniggered as I frantically tried pulling her hand away but her grip was unbreakable. “Don’t mess with me. I know all about your private Swiss Bank account and your Saint Lucia love-nest” her words were hard to make out over the incessant drumming of my heartbeat in my ears. “!” I struggled to get the words out as my eyelids began fluttering while I had difficulty focusing. I tried to pull her hand away from my neck but they were latched onto the vein in my neck like a clamp. My breathing became short and I had to close my eyes feeling very dizzy.

CRACK! A brutally hard slap pounded across my cheek whipping my face hard to my right shoulder. “Oh no. You don’t get away with it that easily you son-of-a-bitch” Oh my God! She must have knocked me out! I was terrified yet strangely very aroused by how my wife had become this dominant fighting machine. “Watch and drool, Allam” she said then raised her arms above her head. The side slit of her tight slinky dress opened and out stepped a beautiful leg sheathed in expensive tan nylons so sheer that it was almost impossible to tell if she was wearing them apart from their shimmering sheen. Clinging skin tight around the sensual curves of her thighs, hamstrings and calves they were stunningly sexy. To my amazement, Goldie threw herself forwards into a handstand right at my feet. I stared dumb-founded at the back of her large hard-muscled calves as they continued to move towards me. Swish! The silky smooth feel of her nylons was stimulating as her calves slid around my neck. I enjoyed the sensation as my neck slid all the way to a few inches before her knees. “Nnnoo!” I cried in alarm as her legs became a steel clamp. “Argh!” my neck was being crushed by her short muscular calves while looking down her body as it fell away from me towards the floor as she maintained a handstand. The flaps of her dress had fallen away around her hips leaving me with an incredibly sexy view along her legs all the way past her crotch to the waistband of her nylons. “Argh!” as sexy as the view was, my head was becoming light-headed. My hands desperately pulled at her thighs trying to prise them apart but instead of soft flesh they encountered unyielding rock-hard firmness. “Argh!” I cried as she locked her feet behind my neck and turned up the pressure crushing my neck. I knew that her short thick legs looked strong but never realised how mind-boggling powerful they actually were.

“Hehehehe” she sniggered in a very irritating high pitch. “Stop crying and take it like a man you big wimp” she mocked. “You’re going right out in my strong legs”. “Arghh!” I couldn’t help crying out as her short thighs swelled like steel balloons beneath my hands as they hung around my neck like super-sized jewellery. Everywhere I felt was astonishingly hard beneath the silky feel of her pantyhose. How could such lovely legs be so strong? “Ohhhh!” the sheer power flowing through those short sexy thighs into her thick muscular calves was too much, like a car crusher trying to push steel beams through my neck. “Hehehehehe” she made that annoying sound again “You’re turning a very odd colour. What a laugh!” she chuckled. She was a like a human python, her legs too powerful to resist. “Argh!” it was like she was going to pop my head from my neck with her calves. “Hehehehehehe” “Argh!” I felt my head spinning as my eyes blurred and realised with a shock that her legs were so strong that she could easily knock me out between them. THROB THROB I was amazed to find my dick absolutely rigid and throbbing again. “Argh!” my head nearly swam out of existence and I realised that if I didn’t do something soon she would soon put me away between her powerful legs. Her legs were too strong to budge so I decided to push myself forwards and found her body wobbling as she struggled to maintain her handstand. Yes! I had her! Sensing a way out I put every ounce of my fading strength in trying to topple her over. I gave one big push. Suddenly I falling very fast with Goldie’s legs clamped as tight as ever as she thrust herself forwards increasing my momentum. “Woah!” I cried as I flipped completely over her body and slammed into the carpet at great speed. BLAM! The jolt of the impact added to the unbreakable squeeze of my wife’s short chunky strong legs and I felt everything turn black.

“Mmmurr!” I awoke with a start, for a moment disoriented not knowing why I was lying on the floor. As I raised myself to my elbows and looked around the room it all came back to me as the sight that greeted me made it feel like a stone had plunged to the pit of my stomach. Everywhere I look I see my men on their backs with elite class women leaping onto their faces with obvious relish. They opened their legs pinning the guy’s arms beneath their nylon-sheathed shins while sitting high on their victim’s faces in uncontested victory. It was a shocking sight, refined women dressed in the most expensive designer clothes money can buy with regally beautiful faces sitting in the most unladylike manner imaginable with their skirts hiked up around their hips ramming their gusset-covered crotches onto the faces of my men. There was nothing ladylike about a woman sitting on a man with his nose half-way up her camel-toe. “Lick it now you pleb or I’ll smother you to death with my pussy” “Do it or die!” “Satisfy me and I might let you live. Might” I was shocked to hear their imperious commands. By the bulges in the front of some of the guys’ trousers and the soft moans from the women on top some are only too happy to oblige.

The braver of the men who resist are choked merciless by elegant hands into submission or receive hard chops to their necks or brutal punches into their guts. I see one white-haired regal elderly woman sit on a young muscle man’s face holding her hand flat like a knife jabbing her fingers deep into his belly until she gave a loud sigh of satisfaction. “Orrrr! Now do a good job or I’ll rip your balls off” She commanded in cracked aged authoritative tones of someone used to getting her own way. Soon men everywhere are licking and worshipping the classy rich woman that defeated them so shamefully easily. How could it have come to this? These were meant to be some of the best trained men in the business yet they had got their arses kicked by a bunch of rich bitches in a matter of minutes. Only a handful of my guards remain standing with a look of despair seeming resigned to getting destroyed by a bunch of hyper-rich spoilt women.

I spot Madame Joanne, a woman in her late 50’s with a fuller figure, an attractive although chubby motherly face, tanned skin with exquisitely styled sun-bleached hair. She wore a sparkly top beneath a stylish black jacket with a short skirt and black high heels that showed off a stunning pair of legs sheathed in sheer tan nylon. He faced her nervously with his hands raised in a fighting stance while she looked calm and cool with the smile of a predator. “HAI!” he screamed and launched a punch at her. Before it got anywhere close, she casually leaned forward and drove her knee hard into his belly with a glorious view of her of her well-proportioned sexy legs. WHUMP! “Orrrrgh!” he wailed as the knee soared high lifting him onto his toes as he crumpled around it. Instantly her noble hand slashed down, the edge chopping the back of his neck. WHAP! “Arghh!” his head jerked back. I watched in disbelief as this regal plump attractive woman grabbed the front of his combat jacket and began to lean back. A long shapely right leg came up and buried a foot in his groin as she continued to fall pulling him down with her. The next second, her back hit the ground and her other leg came up fast to kick the falling man in the groin as he fell on top of her right foot. Propelled by his forward momentum with the added painful groin kick her marvellous legs straightened sending him hurtling right over her at tremendous speed. He tumbled over in mid-air and slammed heavily onto his back on the floor where he seemed to lay in defeat with a rising tent in his trousers waiting for her to mount his face.

That’s when I spot the balcony doors. The big double doors framed by grand marble pillars sat mid-way along length of the room. They opened up onto a large raised patio area which had an elevated view over the magnificent gardens. More significantly were the steps at each end leading down into the garden. I had barely taken a step in that direction when one of my guards crossed my path with a raised pistol pointing at a regal elderly woman. I was shocked that someone would pull a gun on the Dowager. With her silvery hair worn in a short bouffant she looked dignified in a shoulderless sky-blue ballgown that clung to the curves of her tall slim figure. Massive dangling diamond earrings hung from her ear while her aged wrinkly neck was encircled by a semi-circle of semi-precious stones worth more than any working class man’s house. I was just about to berate him for pulling a gun on this much-loved old lady who was practically Royalty when a sharp movement kicked up the hem of her skirt. The long skirt fanned out in a sea of blue snapping through 90 degrees. CLACK! “Argh!” The gun went flying from his hand while the hem of her skirt slid back to reveal a fine set of long slim and shapely calves featuring sleek muscular lines. I was staggered that the old woman, who looked like she was at least in her 70’s and the model of decorum could kick so fast and so high.

“EEYAH!” a terrifying unexpected hoarse shout came from the regal old woman’s mouth. My mouth fell in amazement as the slender matriarch spun right around on one heel. A flash of surprisingly sexy leg shot out horizontally like a lightning bolt. A bolt of tan appearing from the flowing blue dress which the old woman held back with her a hand. WHOMP! The sole of her dainty foot pummelled the gut of the big muscular guard. “Worrrraghh!” he wailed as the old woman’s kick landed with such terrific force that he was lifted clean off his feet whilst his body creased around her foot. Her leg straightened sending the man flying across the room at tremendous speed. BLAM! His back slammed against the balcony doors with such force they burst open behind him and sent him tumbling out. “Such fun!” she exclaimed joyfully as if she were holding a plum in her mouth.

“Don’t even think about running” my wife’s voice sounded from behind with her strong Hong Kong accent. I spun around psyching myself up to confront her again and was struck dumb. Goldie had ditched the dragon dress and was standing before me only wearing her tan-coloured pantyhose. That’s it. No bra, no heels, no knickers, no nothing. Although her broad smiling face shows it’s age with a few faint lines and wrinkles, time appeared not to have told the rest of her body. Her small bare breasts were very firm, pleasingly rounded and natural with fully erect large nipples sending all sorts of messages to my loins. Her stomach was a surprise seeming much tighter and firmer than when I last saw it. To be honest that had probably been a few years ago as I didn’t bother with her much preferring much younger companionship. Not a sign of middle-age spread, her belly was very firm rising and falling gently as she breathed. As it did I could make out a faint grid-work of a six-pack delicately chiselled into her firm stomach and very sexy it looked too. In fact my wife looked sensationally hot for a woman her age, hell! For a woman of any age. “Orrrr Goldie. You look amazing” I groaned in pure lust. Looking so much fitter and sexier than I’d ever seen her, I just wanted to exercise my husbandly rights and bang her until I was done.

“I really want to make it up to you” I told her sincerely and give you a damn good banging I thought. I was seeing my wife in a new light and it was making me desperately hard. My beautiful wildcat wife smiled placing her hands behind the top of her head and pushed out her small breasts with nipples so erect they looked like they could shatter glass. Small low-laying peaks rose from the tops of her short chubby arms. So my wife had strong biceps to add to the list of surprises. “You like your wife’s body now do you?” she asked stepping close up to me speaking in low seductive tones that made my groin throb. Her mouth became a firm arrogant pout as her almond shaped eyes stared at me in challenge while her topless body stood less than an inch away. “Orrrr yes darling. Very much” “I’m in much better shape than those teenage trollops you take to your love-shack” There was no point denying it. “This body is made for making love all night long and well beyond. Can they?” “Orrrrr!” just looking at her, there was no denying it. “Do you really think you could stand the pace? You are getting along a bit you know” she teased. “They meant nothing darling. You are my wife. My one true love” I was desperate to get my hands on that hot-as-hell body with flawless skin and not a blemish or wrinkle in sight and give her a damn good seeing to. “Liar” she snapped.

The memory of the Tai Chi arse-kicking crazy woman faded with the lust for her body and I let her take my hands and run them across her stomach. “Feel how taut my belly is” She purred guiding my palms across her beautifully sculpted stomach. “Wonderful” I groaned enjoying the experience. “No flabby bits anywhere. My body is fit, strong and supple” she said running my hands all over her stomach which indeed was as rock-hard as it looked. “In better shape at 53 than your teenage whores will ever be” she said with a slight edge to her voice. “That’s what years of Tai Chi can do for a woman” she told me moving my hands to cup her breasts, the nipples erect beneath my palm. “Does this body make you hard? Husband dear” she asked in a seductive voice with a strange smile. “Oh yes” I groaned. She pressed her sensational topless body right against me pushing her face close to mine “Do I make you hard?”. Her lips pink with lipstick were so inviting. “Oh Goldie, I want you” I moaned and leant forward to kiss her.

“Pah!” Her voice exploded in my face as she twisted my hands apart and drove her right foot into my shin. WHOMP! “Ouch!” I yelped at the unexpected swift kick. “What did you do that for?” I yelled as she stepped away raising her arms into a fighting stance with her open hands poised as if to chop me to pieces. Although confronted by a virtually naked mature woman with a very desirable body, her confident fighting stance reminded me of her previously unsuspected combat skills. Her broad face broke into an amused smile pushing up her high cheekbones, her eyes wide. “You want to know why?” She asked “Because I wanted to see you get raging hard at the sight of your wife that you’ve neglected and cheated all these years” she said. “Tai Chi is all about redirecting force” she said with a tight smile. Her hands swished in front of her and before I could stop her a hand shot towards my groin coming to a halt and gently brushing it. “Sometimes it just gives a harmless little nudge” the sexy topless woman that was my wife purred as electric fingertips lightly brushed the front of my trousers. “Orrrrr! Goldie” I moaned at the build-up of pressure inside my groin almost brought me to the point of ejaculation.

“Sometimes it will cause irreparable internal damage” She said before her face hardened. “Pow!” the explosive sound was right in my face as her stiff fingers drove hard into my groin. “Arrghhhh! No no!” I screamed as it felt like she was trying to push steel needles right inside my scrotum. “Arghh no no!” I grabbed hold of her wrist with both hands and franticly tried to pull her hand away but her steely fingers were embedded deep. The pain was excruciating. “Mehehehehe” she sniggered cruelly. “That will stop you getting your little whores pregnant” she smiled as she withdrew her fingers and I bent over in agony cupping my balls which were unbearably sore to the touch.

With a victorious smile Goldie turned her back on me to address her posh friends “Once your men have licked you to complete satisfaction, we will be serving tea”. I saw red and lunged while her back was turned. It was almost as if she had eyes in the back of her head for she didn’t even look around. “Pow!” she exclaimed as soon as I slapped one hand down upon her shoulder. Her right foot drove back at blinding speed. BAM! “Aiiiiee!” I squealed as the sole of her foot stomped on my ruined balls. Her leg straightened behind her pushing me away from her before momentarily dropping without returning to the floor. Bent at the knee her foot began to rise right up behind her while she leant away from me. “Pow!” her leg straightened as the sole of her foot rushed towards my face. BAM! “Orghh!” I wailed as her foot smashed me hard against the mouth with such leggy power that my head was whipped back past my shoulders and I fell to my knees.

“Oh yes, Allam. Fight back. Give me a good workout” Goldie sounded eager, her eyes wide with heightened excitement. Her sensational fit firm body screamed ultimate femininity with the promise of untold hours of sexual pleasure, however standing before me with her fists raised reminded me of how she had demonstrated fighting skills far superior than anything I possessed. I got to my feet cautiously hands raised to show that I did not intend to fight her. However her hands did not lower but remained ready for action, open palmed, fingers stiff. Faint blocks of hardness rose and fell on her belly gently as she breathed. Together with the visible muscle tone in her arms and her strong legs, I realised what a truly awesome kick-ass fit babe my wife had become and I wanted her badly. With the sight of her hairy snatch pressing hard against the skin-tight sheer pantyhose she may have well been naked. “Oh Goldie, let’s not fight” I begged my voice full of yearning. “Oh yes, let’s” it wasn’t the response I was hoping. “I’m so much fitter than you. I can kick higher and harder than you”

“Pow!” she cried. Out of fear my fist flew straight towards her belly. WOK! “Ouch!” I yelped as my fist folded beneath my wrist almost spraining it. It was as if I had just punched a brick wall which her wonderful stomach now resembled with clearly delineated blocks of hard defined muscle. Goldie smiled me in amusement showing absolutely no signs of any ill effect. “Nehehehehe” she sniggered “What the feck was that?” she laughed, her beautiful small rounded bare breasts jiggling in a wonderful manner. “Now it’s my turn” she said her smile fading into a cold smirk. “G..Goldie!” I stammered in fright of the short practically naked woman.

“Pow!” her nylon-sheathed knee snapped up between us level with her belly in a terrifying blink of the eye before snapping straight in the next. Her short leg rose at a steep angle as her foot rocketed towards my face. A practically nude woman with a sensational body giving me a high kick demonstrating jaw-dropping flexibility with her pussy fully exposed through her nylons while her hard abdominals flexed into definition. It was the sexiest sight imaginable, it’s no wonder that I had a raging hard erection long before her foot made contact. BAM! “Garrhh!” The top of her feet slammed across my mouth and hammered my cheeks, blasting my face like an express train, snapping it back towards the ceiling while her foot continued to soar above me.

“Eee!” a squeal cleared my head in time to see Goldie lean away from me with her right knee raised across her belly. “Pow!” her foot drove like a lightning bolt towards my right side. WHUMP! “Arghhh!” her foot stomped the side of my body with such force that the middle of my body jerked hard to the left almost dislocating my hip. I caught a glimpse of her face and was terrified by the cold hard smoulderingly sexy expression as her nylon-sheathed leg flicked back to a raised knee with her pussy taunting me at the gusset. In helpless horror I could only watch as it snapped straight once more rocketing towards my face. “Pow!” “Arghh!” the top of her foot smashed around my mouth and nose like a hammer-blow blasting my head back hard over my shoulders. “No please!” I begged as my vision cleared to reveal the smoulderingly topless panythose warrioress staring at me coldly, her hands raised open-palmed with her hot taut body poised to strike.

“Pah!” her lethal hands circled towards me. In terror I flung up my arms to block it but the blow never landed. It was a feint. With a big smirk on her face, her knee flashed to waist then whipped around continuing to rise as her muscular calve angled the foot towards me. “Pow!” a brief glimpse of the hairs of her pussy squashed against her nylon gusset as the sole of her foot rushed unstoppably towards my face. BLAM! The sole of her foot was shockingly hard as it smashed into the side of my jaw like a hammer making it click to one side and painfully distorting my mouth. Black and red explosions filled my vision as I fell to my knees with my mouth in a world of hurt. “Mehehehehe, loser” she sniggered in a condescending manner.

Oh God! How is a man expected to handle a naked fit bodied woman totally kicking your arse? Her near-nakedness proclaimed her femininity in no unquestionable terms and I was absolutely rigid for her once more. Even on my knees my wife showed no mercy. A thick slab of powerful muscle bulged in the side of her short chunky thighs and a split-second her leg was sweeping around in a backward arc. “Pow!” BAM! her sole hammered my mouth with shocking strength. “Orrragh!” I cried as I hurled backwards. BLAM! My back hit the carpet with shocking force and my teeth aching badly. Above me my wife’s short chunky leg was poised horizontally. It hung there, short and thick but wonderfully shaped with the curves of her thick strong thighs, the powerful curve of her hamstrings at the back of her leg and the stunning splendour of her large rounded calves. Sheathed in very sheer tan coloured nylon, it was the sexiest leg that I’d ever seen and its visible muscular power that could deliver brutally strong unstoppable kicks made it sexier all the more.

“No!” I screamed as that leg suddenly dropped like an axe. WHUMP! “Orragh” I groaned as her foot pummelled my sternum. My body jerked trying to fold up around her foot. Shockingly I felt a small ejaculation squirt from my dick. Maybe she lied about castrating me?. “Mehehehe, silly” Goldie sniggered staring at the spreading damp patch of embarrassment at the front of my trousers. “Just because I castrated you doesn’t stop you getting an erection” She explained as if I were a child. “Mehehehe, or even ejaculating” she sniggered “It just means there won’t be any sperm to get anyone pregnant”. WHOMP “Argh!” I squealed as kicked me in the balls as I lay at her feet.

“Who’s going to save you from your wife now, big shot?” she chuckled, her voice heavy with scorn and with a wicked smirk of superiority. Instinctively my eyes flickered to my bodyguards who I saw silently getting to their feet a short distance away. Goldie’s face broken into a wide smile. “Pah! Bodger and Badger. Don’t make me laugh” she snorted in derision. To my amazement and theirs my diminutive topless wife strode right up to them with shocking confidence and an unconcerned look upon her exotic face. All around us, over a dozen of the world’s richest women watched with interest as they sat upon the faces of what was left of my sorry excuse of a private guard, defeated by these elegant leggy women and now administrating their submission with their faces deep in the sophisticated crotches. “You work for me. Down on your knees and kiss my feet” Goldie demanded to their confusion not knowing whether to look at her face, bare breasts or barely concealed pussy with visibly rising lust. “Or you work for him and will get your sorry arses kicked again. Your choice” she said.

“Too late” she added cheerfully then pivoted swiftly on her left heel, her knee flying up level with her wonderful bare bust as she leant forwards. Startled into action Basher’s arm shot forwards to block the blow as her thigh snapped horizontally out to her side. “Pow!” Goldie’s leg kicked back knocking his arm out of the way before hammering the sole of her foot right in the middle of his face with brutal force. WHOP! “Arghh!” he cried as her leg continued to straighten behind her with amazing flexibility physically driving his face upwards pushing it over his shoulders whereupon he lost balance and fell to one knee.

Without pause the practically naked woman spun right around to face Smasher. “Hai!” The big muscular African blasted a terrific kick towards her. WHOMP! His big foot hammered her gut with such force that Goldie was driven back several steps. I had felt her hard abdominals but even so I was shocked that they had survived a kick from such a big brute. Showing no distress and with a cold smirk upon her mature face, the topless woman seized his foot then raised her elbow then brought it down sharply upon his kneecap. “Pah!” CRACK! “Aieeee!” his scream was chilling as his leg momentarily bowed in the wrong direction. Showing utter ruthlessness that had my dick throbbing, she dropped his ruined leg and pivoted away from him lifting her knee. Looking incredibly sultry and dominant the near-nude vision drove her foot back hard straight against his belly. WHOMP! “Nnnnarrghhhh!” he wailed as her foot stomped through his magnificent six pack and buried itself deep in his belly. Her short chunky leg straightened lifting the big hulk off his feet as his torso creased around her foot.

As he crashed to the floor. The stunning form of the pantyhose-clad naked woman spun to face Basher. “Who’s the boss?” she asked as she loomed over the crouched man. “You are, you are!” he shrieked in terror. “You’ve got that right, bitch” she chuckled. “No!” he cried as the lithe woman twisted bringing her knee up. He threw a punch to defend himself which she knocked aside with a dismissive circular sweep of her arm. With sexy suppleness her knee came up between them level with her bare breasts before flicking straight in the blink of an eye. With her foot beautifully pointed, the top of her foot slammed into the side of his neck close to the jawline. “Pow!” WHUMP! The head of a huge tough muscular African brute jerked like a football attached to a post by a spring. Providing me with a breath-taking view of her ample yet firm rounded buttocks held together by the seat of her nylons, they were like a large peach inside a sheer nylon bag. Her short leg continued to power on, knocking the man over onto his back by sheer force. “Mehehehe, loser” she sniggered “I’m The Morrocan’s wife and don’t forget it” she told the prone form on the floor. But Basher didn’t answer. He was out cold.

I was so unbelievable hard for my wife as she ruthlessly destroyed the two meanest guys in my organisation practically naked displaying a remarkable body that I never knew she possessed. As the short slightly-plump mature Oriental spun back to face Smasher, who was still on his knees, he stared at his unconscious companion in wide-eyed horror. I loved the lines of my wife’s topless torso as she squared off with her knife hands raised, her wide oval high-cheeked face a smouldering look of emotionless concentration. “Pow!” she cried, her knee rising fast as her left leg swung around towards his head. My dick stiffened throbbed at the sight of her firm round buttocks with the crevice between them clearly visible through the thin sheer of her pantyhose as her leg swung around to slam the top of her pointed foot against his cheek. WHACK! It sounded like someone had taken a cricket bat and swung it against the side of his face. The impact was just the same as he lifted partially off the floor and nearly went over onto his back but the guy was touch and somehow managed to retain his balance.

I was shocked and more than a little turned on by my wife’s brutal sadistic streak. No sooner had her left leg landed than her right was shooting into the air with her nylons tight across her hairy crotch. “Pow!” I marvelled at the sight of the strong cord-like line of her inner thighs and the big shapely calve muscle dangling beneath her short shins as the heel of her foot pummelled the man’s jaw with shocking force. WHOCK! The bottom of his face seemed to distort as a shock-wave of energy swept across his face making his cheeks ripple and quake. His head whipped right back as her foot continued to travel with her huge meaty calves flaring out solidly like muscular handles to her lower leg. A lesser man would have collapsed backwards out cold but Smasher was tough and tried to hold on in there, his body swaying wildly as he rocked back and forth on his knees before falling flat on his face at the lovely dainty feet of my wife. “Mehehehehe, loser” Goldie smirked, her wonderful topless body showing no signs of exertion.

Stretching out her right leg she slid her foot beneath his shoulder. “Orrr!” I moaned throbbing hard at the sight of my wife’s short chunky but very sexy very shapely legs. “Please leave me alone” he wailed in a pathetic voice. “Please no more, you’re too much to handle” he begged like a frightened child. “Spot on, wimp. Nehehehehe” she sniggered. Powerful thick muscular shapes bulged in my wife’s thighs along with the thick cord of her inner thighs growing so large that I thought her hose would tear as she rolled over the huge heavy muscular guy onto his back using her foot. “Orrrr Goldie!” I moaned as my dick beat so hard at the very visible shine of her toned legs as the big brute flopped onto his back. I watched in a heightened state of arousal as my wife lowered herself onto the big hulk until she was perched on his belly. “Who’s the boss? Wimp” she asked. “You are” he moaned. “Correct answer” with that she swivelled on his belly sloping her left knee over to the left side of his body while angling back the shin so that the top of her lovely foot rested beneath his jaw. “Lights out, Dopey, Mehehehehe. Pow!” with that her foot pulled back only a fractional from his neck then flashed back. WHOMP! Despite the small distance involved, the impact sounded very solid and I saw his eyes fly wide open in a mad-eyed stare as a sharp shudder went through his entire body. It was only brief but when it stopped his eyes closed and he was out cold. My wife stood, placing one foot firmly on Smasher’s face and giving me a tough stare raised both of her short arms and flexed in victory as the two toughest of men lay out cold at her feet. Small but solid looking mounds swelled on my wife’s naked body,thick, hard, more powerful than I’d ever imagined.

“Nnnnnnarrrrr nnnnarrrr nnnarrr!” three powerful blasts emptied my balls into my pants with such unbelievable strength I nearly passed out. I was shocked, I’d never had that reaction to a muscular woman before but the sight of my wife practically in the nude competently destroying my two biggest men once again and then flexing her remarkably fit strong toned body at me had been too much to bear. “Mehehehehe” she sniggered derisively “Why, Allam! That castration has seemed to have done a world of good for your sex life” she giggled then broke into guffaws of demeaning laughter which was taken up by the watching posh women.

I looked up as Goldie stepped in front of me, topless and wearing only her sheer pantyhose that hid nothing of her sensational fit body crammed into such a squat package. Her hands were raised to fight some more, her face eager for more violence. “No! No more please!” I squealed as her large thick left calve bulged with massive power as she drew back her right leg. With a malicious sneer on her exotic face, her right leg swung around in a blur of tan nylon as I frantically tried to scramble backwards out of the way. “Pow!” she cried, her mouth opening wide. “Mmaarrgg!” I cried as the lovely arched top of her foot clubbed sideways across my mouth.

“Kiss it, you pathetic worm” she ordered as she held the top of her foot firmly against my mouth. I looked along her thick nylon-sheathed leg, past her bush and up above that magnificent desirable topless torso I felt a strong lurch in my groin as I caught sight of her face glaring down at me looking so fierce and domineering that I didn’t hesitate. I puckered my lips as best I could with the top of her foot firmly pressing against my mouth and began to feverishly kiss. It was so humiliating and degrading yet after only a few moments I was surprised to find myself enjoying kissing her silky smooth nylons as they followed the wonderful curves of the top of her foot. Placing my hand upon her slender ankle I began kissing and licking the top of her foot working towards the toes while taking a good feel of those huge solid calves dangling at the back of her lower leg.

Just as I was getting into it, her leg was whipped away from my grasp. I was about to protest when I saw the hard smouldering expression on Goldie’s face and her knife hands raised. “You’re enjoying yourself too much. This is not for your benefit” she berated me in harsh clipped tones. Looking up at her sexy nylon-clad legs was a pleasure until her right leg lifted at the knee. “Pow!” her leg flashed down like a lightning bolt from high. WHOMP! “Naaarghh!” I wailed as the sole of her foot stomped down upon the middle of my chest. I broke into a coughing fit with my ribs aching, scared that she could have broken them.

With her hands upon her hips Goldie looked down at me in sheer dominance as she slid her foot over my chest and onto my face coming to rest with the top part of the sole on my lips with the toes pressing against my nose. Her right hand stretched out at an angle with the finger pointing right at me. “Worship my nylons as if your life depends upon it, because” She paused as her foot slid slightly back with the heel lifting angling her foot as the toes played with my lips. “It does” She said in a stern tone and with that her toes burrowed right pass my lips forcing my mouth open as they drove inside my mouth. “Come on you bastard lick and suck on them or you’ll feel my strong legs stomp your face to pulp” Goldie stated with such vigour that I knew she would do it. The near-naked woman standing over me with her toes in my mouth looked so fierce like an avenging Oriental warrior Goddess that I began worshipping her fearful for my life. I’m not one of those guys with a foot fetish and to be honest the idea of sucking on a woman’s sweaty nylons didn’t appeal to me but looking up at those thick shapely nylon-sheathed legs to her hairy snatch visible through the gusset was erotically exciting and I began to suck and lick in earnest. There was something so humbling and submissive sucking on a woman’s toes. “Mehehehehe” she sniggered “Suck on the toes of your wife, your mistress” she taunted working her toes around inside stretching my mouth this way and that making my jaws ache as I struggled to keep worshipping her toes.

“Enough!” she barked withdrawing her foot to stand over me with her legs astride and her hands upon the waistband of her pantyhose where it met the exhilarating zone of firm toplessness above. “Get on your knees right now. Kneel before your mistress wife” she demanded in such a strict tone that I found myself jumping to obey without question. Kneeling before my powerfully dominant wife I found myself trembling with anticipation or was it fear or both? With a stern no-nonsense glare that smouldered sexily upon her face Goldie pointed to her right foot. “Kiss it you worm. Don’t force me to beat you up again” her voice was so strict I knew I dare not refuse. Bending my face towards her feet I began paying homage to the top of her right foot. As I continued kissing, I marvelled at how enormous her calves were as they flared out in sensuously curved wings behind her short shins. While continuing to kiss the top of her toes, I tentatively slid one hand around her slender ankle and the other onto the back of her calve. My God! The difference in size between her ankles which I could easily encircle with one hand and the thickest part of her calves was truly jaw dropping for even with a hand upon either side I still couldn’t make my fingers join up. So hard too, there was absolute no give in them. “Nehehehehe” she sniggered “Big aren’t they? Big and very strong”.

Without being asked I began to kiss along the top of her foot then with apprehension I cautiously began to kiss along that lovely curve between the top of her foot where it turns and becomes the lower part of her shin. Receiving no rebuke I continued to work my lips with rising passion along her shin, all the while stroking and touching my wife’s calves. With my hands feeling her amazing shaped calves I tentatively began kissing them marvelling at their large smoothly rounded size and hardness under my palms. “Nehehehehe. You like my big calves” she sniggered “Then get ready to blow your mind”. “Ohhhh God!” I groaned as she raised her heels laughing at my reaction as those huge calves flexed into powerfully muscular spear-head shapes right before my face. My dick stiffened instantly like it was set in quick-drying concrete as those massive rounded edge muscles bulged so big and with such a deep sharp looking lower cliff edge along the bottom of her calve heads that I was surprised her nylons weren’t ripped to shreds. “Orrrrr Goldie!” I moaned loudly and began kissing the massive hard spear headed shapes with pure lust while marvelling at their sheer size and hardness under my hands, they were like cannon balls.

“Oh Goldie, Goldie, Goldie!” I groaned like an imbecile between passionate kisses of those beautiful calves while my dick was beating so hard inside my pants that it was probably going to break right out at any second. “Oh Goldie, I want to f*ck your calves” I groaned driven mad with lust by my wife’s startlingly sexy large muscular calves. Kneeling on the carpet in front of the short chunky leggy towers, I stuck my neck between her sleek shins to kiss the large downward pointing spear heads that adorned the inside edges of her calves. In retrospect that was probably a dumb thing to do for with a momentarily rasp of soft nylon against my skin her legs just closed together and I found my neck scissored between her calves. “Grkkkk!” I croaked as the unbelievably hard inside edges of her those big muscular calve heads crushed against the sides of my neck with such mind-blowing power that my vision just blurred right out and constricted my windpipe. “No Allam. These calves are going to f*ck you up. Nehehehehe” she sniggered. Grabbing her slim ankles I tugged desperately at her legs. In response Goldie just raised both heels. “Ggg….arkk!” a shaky croak escaped my lips as those awesome calves expanded to tremendous size. My hands flew to her calves to encounter massive iron-hard shapes. My eyelids were blinking uncontrollably as black patches filled my blurred vision and veins pulsed horribly in my temples. It felt like boulders were being pushed into my neck by an industrial crushing machine closing my windpipe tight. How is a man meant to handle a woman with calves these? “Nnnnnnurr” a low moan left my lips as a sticky warm pool of embarrassment spread over my groin and a warm comforting blanket of darkness enclosed my mind.

“Mmnnarr!” I came around with a start for a moment not knowing where I was and why I was lying face down on my front. “Mehehehehe, loser” an irritating high-pitch snigger followed by a low mutter brought back the memories of my embarrassing humiliation by my wife’s calves in front of a roomful of super elite women. My God! a petite slightly stocky mature Oriental woman had put my lights right out in a matter of moments using her disproportionately large hard calves. As crushingly shameful as it was to be beaten up by my own wife, the sight of those big softly rounded calves stepping into my vision, filled me with a sense of awe and an overwhelming feeling of submissiveness. “My, how the mighty have fallen” she taunted as she stood in front of me stretching out a chunky leg. I lay still unable to think what to do as the sole pressed against my lips with the taste of her nylons suffusing my senses. “Kiss it, wimp” she ordered and I found myself automatically obeying. Giving me a hard stare as I did, she raised her right hand clenched a fist and extended the middle finger upwards. “This is what I think of you and your stinking slave business. That ends now and if you don’t like it you can swivel on it” there were shocked gasps from some of the posh women at such language. Suddenly the sole pressing on my mouth jerked hard to the right then left whipping my face one way then the other before lifting leaving me in a daze.

“You need to acknowledge that I own you. You are my bitch. I am your boss” she let the words sink in as she stepped close. The short shins with the wide flaring calves at the back stood in front of my face before she turned around. “On your knees and bow your head between my thighs. Now!” Goldie demanded. “Please no” I begged in terror. Those thighs might look short and chunky but they also looked terribly firm with strong flaring thighs. I looked up pleading at my wife. Her face glared down sternly at me over her small naked breasts with the big erect nipples as her lightly ribbed stomach rose and fall gently under her breath while the light shimmered from the sheen of the tan-coloured nylons. “Please no!” I cried as her legs bent at the knees as she moved into a crouch right over my head, her arm arcing in a circle. “Pow!” the explosive cry made me jump as the side of her hand chopped into the base of my neck on the right-hand side. WHOCK! “Naarghh!” I wailed as the shock seared through my nervous system making my neck and shoulders tense then relax.

Leaving me shaking Goldie stood up grabbing a big clump of the top of my hair and pulling my head between her short thick thighs with the nylon rasping on either side until my face was about an inch higher than her knees looking down at her feet. Her big legs closed lightly around my neck, her thighs so thick they swallowed up the lower part of my face. Instinctively I raised my hands and placed my palms on her thighs. “When I tell you to do something you will obey. Say yes sir” with that the lovely firm thighs beneath the silky soft nylons turned to mighty columns expanding like steel balloons pushing my hands outwards while powering down on my neck with the most unbearable pressure I’d ever experienced. “Aghhhh! Arghhh!” I was screaming clenching my eyes against the terrible forces bearing down upon my neck and my lower face. Oh God! my cheeks felt like they were going to explode and my jaw shatter like glass under the unreal pressure being exerted by my wife’s legs. Under my palms her thighs felt enormous and harder than steel. “I told you to say yes sir. Say it or I’ll break your face” I heard Goldie demand over the loud beating of my heart in my ears. “Yes sir, yes sir” I screamed in agony, finding it hard to move my mouth under the terrible compression caused by her huge thighs. “Nnnnarghh!” I screamed as the pressure soared to new heights that made my head spin. “Who’se the boss?” “You arghhhhh!” I screamed as her outer thighs became massive bulging slabs of raw power.

“Mehehehehe, loser” I opened my eyes to find myself on my side with my face pressed up against my wife large inverted bottle shaped calves. My head hurt like hell, every movement was agony. Oh God! She must have knocked me out again, this time with her short powerful thighs. “Kiss my calves” my wife demanded. I was too beaten and broken by my wife who had turned into a dominant brutal fighting Goddess to dare resist. Moving slowly because of the after-effects of her powerful legs, I moved my lips and pressed them against those big calves. With the taste of her pantyhose in my mouth I kissed her calves. Feeling weak and submissive I worshipped those calves wanting to serve her badly knowing that her short legs were just too strong to handle. My wife was a powerfully legged Goddess that I had no hope of resisting. “Do you promise to serve these legs?” Goldie asked. “Yes” I mumbled, a broken man “Will you worship and honour them to the end of your days?” she asked. “Yes, I do” I mumbled in defeat.

“Ready to feel more of the power of my legs?” She asked. “No! no more please” I begged almost in tears “Head! Calves! Now!” She ordered with such venom. I didn’t dare refuse. Trembling with fear I watched as she turned around in front of me then opened her legs. I looked up to plead with her but the glare she gave me was so fierce I had to look away. On hands and knees I slid my head between Goldie’s nylon-clad legs with my neck level with her knees. Immediately they sprang shut with her calves clamped on either side of my neck. My hands flew to her calves as she crossed her feet and began squeezing. “Grkkk!” I croaked as her right calve swelled up, an immovable hard mass digging into my throat making it impossible to breath. “Mehehehehe, loser” I heard her snigger above the buzzing in my ears as I felt myself go light-headed quickly succumbing to my wife’s beautiful but deadly calves.

“Mehehehehe, loser” my wife’s irritating snigger greeted me as I realised with a start that she had knocked me out again. Oh no! As if my wife wasn’t wild enough to handle before now she was an unstoppable superwoman. Completely naked apart from her pantyhose she was strong and sexy. Despite being shorter than me I felt so weak and small as I knelt at the feet of this dominant woman. Without a word she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her crotch. I didn’t hesitate. With a thin gusset between my mouth and her sex I began licking furiously wanting to worship this kick-ass Goddess. I licked like crazy wanting to give her the biggest orgasm ever. “Oh Feck! That’s it, give me a big one, you loser” she moaned in between pants of pleasure. “Orrr yes. This is how you are going to satisfy me every day Orrr yes From now on whenever I demand it and Orrrr feck! you will obey without question. Orrr lick it up lapdog” She moaned moving her crotch back and forth as she held my face in place kneeling at her feet, with my head pressed up looking up into the gusset of her tan-coloured pantyhose that were now very damp with my passionate licking and her juices.

The sounds of her moaning and groaning in growing sexual frenzy while looking up at her hard belly and small bare breasts with very erect big nipples increased my own lust. “Orrr feck yes” she moaned as I licked with increased passion letting my Goddess wife know I would worship her to the end of time. “Orrr yes, ohhh yes!” she was moaning loudly, really grinding her gusset into my face like she was trying to erase my face with her pussy. Around me I heard the room explode into a sexual orgy as the posh ladies began doing the same to my men that they had defeated. “Ohhhh what a good pussy eater you are” she groaned steadily increasing the tempo grinding my mouth and nose back and forth so hard and fast in her slot that I was sure she would wear a hole in the crotch of her hose. “Ohhhh feck! I think I’ll keep you alive just for this purpose” she moaned. “Ohhhhh Goddd!” she screamed and that’s when she went absolutely crazy on my face riding it in fury so hard I was scared she would break my neck. Orrrr! my Goddess came so hard on my face that I felt her squirt. My dick was stiff, turned on by my wife’s sheer dominance but I was too scared of her to try to take her to relief myself as I probably would have in the past.

Panting from her exertions, Goldie pulled my face from between her legs and bent it back by the hair to force me to look up at her face as it hovered above her sensational topless body. A hard smile spread on her broad face. “You might have used your influence to escape the law, Allam” she stated “But you can’t escape your wife, mehehehehe” she added with a horrible snigger. Looking around, she addressed the posh women in the room. “If you put away your toys, tea and nibbles will be served in the Green room”. With that, the magnificent semi-naked form of my mistress arose and I watched the flexing of her huge calves as she walked to a nearby sofa. Sitting on the edge of the seat cushion, she opened her legs raising her feet to her toes making the sides of her calves flex into hard jutting arrow-head slabs protruding with a very prominent shelf-like ridge a good two fingers wide. Her hand pointed between her calves. “The back of your head there, now!” she demanded. I was too terrified to disobey.

Trembling with fear and rigid with expectation I moved to sit in front of my wife’s sofa with my back to the seat, trying not to shake in terror. I felt the heavy weight of her short but very thick calves as they slid over my shoulders. “Who’s the boss?” she asked. “You are” I replied. “You’ve got that right” she told me. Her large right calve folded towards me looking absolutely huge. It was so big that my face was lifted up as it wedged beneath my chin and rested against my throat. Her left hand reached out to grasp her slender ankle before she pulled that big calve tight against my throat. “Grkk!” I croaked as that huge solid mass flexed against my throat crushing my windpipe shut. My hands flew to the calve crossed over my throat brutally choking me. “Mehehehe” she sniggered as her right palm slammed into the back of my head and began pushing my head harder against those big calves I fancied so much earlier on. “Urkkkk!” I croaked as that calve seemed like a rock was being pulled into my throat, so big that my face was angled towards the ceiling. I let my hands drop to the carpet in resignation. How do you handle a woman with big muscular calves? You don’t, you just let her choke you out between her beautifully phenomenally shaped calves and try to enjoy it. “Urrrrr!” I think I came again as I slipped into the enveloping darkness. Everything had changed. I was the master criminal no more.

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