Schoolgirl’s Surprise (BOBP#07)

Ling Chan kick-boxing schoolgirl gives grown fighters a shock beating

I wanted to feature Ling in another story of her own plus give Bobby a bit of tough love.

By Jimp
All characters portrayed are above the legal age of consent.
(c)Jim P 2017

At the edge of town is a large common popular with residents and constantly under pressure from greedy property developers in league with corrupt politicians. On a nice warm teacher’s training day like today (like they don’t have time during the Summer holidays), many kids hang out there. Extending out of town a good mile or more, it is bordered by rivers, farmland and woods. At the far end, woodland paths lead up a green-sand hill to a bird sanctuary. I was hoping to see Mary, a girl younger than myself but incredibly tall and full-figured for her age that made her seem older. I had a really bad crush on her and thought her stunningly beautiful. I’d seen the creeps eyeing her up and knew if I didn’t make my move soon, some smooth-talker would charm and spoil her. Problem was every time I tried to speak to her, my mind got so muddled I couldn’t get anything coherent out of my mouth. Also she was usually with my younger sister, Jackie, and her other friends making it impossible to speak with her alone.

“Wotcha Bobby!” a young chirpy voice piped up from behind. I jumped, not realising that someone had crept up on me. Twirling around I saw Ling Chan smiling at me. I’d known her since we were kids as one of my sister’s best friends. As I looked at her, I had to admit that she was no longer an annoying little kid but had become a rather cute teenager. Her almond-shaped eyes bore right into me in the most appealing puppy dog manner, with big doe-like dark brown irises delineated by thick dark lashes beneath delicate eyebrows. “Wotcha doing?” she asked in a strange mix of local and Chinese accents. A wide smile from a small mouth with luscious full lips pushed up her wide high cheekbones in a small rounded face. It was the kind of infectious smile that you automatically smiled back at. “Er, nothing. Just hanging around” I replied somewhat sheepishly. Her complexion was flawless and enhanced by a natural light yellow tan skin tone. The smile got even wider beneath her cute button nose while my eyes traced the straight black hair framing her petite face, flowing softly from a floppy fringe, over her ears and cheeks before falling well below her shoulders.

Ling stood around 4 foot 6 to my 5-9 with a slender body to match. She wore a white blouse, crisply ironed and buttoned all the way to the neck around which hung a red bow tie. Over this was a smart light double-breasted blue jacket that came down to her slim hips. I struggled to keep my eyes above her waist for she wore the tiniest of skirts, a blue tartan pleated skirt that left little for the imagination. Her legs were bare down to a pair of white socks and shiny black slip-on shoes with sensible flat heels. Their slenderness made them look really long in comparison with her height and body-shape which together with that tiny skirt were certainly eye-catching. Aware that I was staring, I felt guilty and uncomfortable for the feelings they stirred up. It was not unusual to find Ling in her school uniform even on an “off” day but being so petite and slim, it just made her seem that much younger than she actually was, making fancying her in one uncomfortable.

I had seen pictures on the net of these adorable startlingly beautiful wide-eyed Japanese lovelies dressed in very short school uniforms. It made me nervous for looking fearing The Police would smash down the front door at any moment and cart me away as a Paedo. It was a disturbing revelation that Ling now made me feel exactly like that after having known her for so long.

“Who you’re waiting for?” she asked before turning her back to me in a motion that made the pleats of her skirt billow out. I found myself staring at a pert little backside with only a skimpy pair of white briefs separating tight rounded buttocks. Orrr what a backside! I loved how her knickers seemed moulded tightly to delightfully pleasing contours. How was a red-blooded hetero teenaged boy meant to cope with a sight like that? That small compact behind caused an uncontrollable spread of stiffness across my groin. “Wotcha looking at, Bobby?” Ling asked with a cheery smile looking back at me over her shoulder. I felt my face flush. “N..nothing” I stammered. “You are waiting for Treena, aren’t you?” she declared. “No!” I exclaimed not wanting to think about the young gymnast my sister tried to set me up with [BOBP#06]. “She’s very nice” Ling continued. “She’s only a kid! much too young!” I protested. “Oh Bobby!” she laughed “A few years age difference is nothing”. “Do you think I’m too young?” she asked. I would have answered yes but the sight of her sweet face looking back at me over her shoulder while she leant forwards slightly, exposing the lower curves of a sexy backside filled me with indecision. “Mary” she exclaimed. “Where?” I said with too much enthusiasm, trying to see where she was looking. “She went shopping with Jackie or something” she told me with a knowing smile.

Crestfallen and feeling down I idly picked up a short piece of stick that had fallen off a tree and began toying with it. Ling faced me. “Never mind Bobby. I’m here to keep you company” she said cheerfully. “Can you break that with your hands?”. The question threw me but I glanced at it. It was about 4 inches long and half an inch thick. Applying pressure at both ends I found it was pretty stout. “No, it’s too thick. Why?” I asked. “Here, let me show you something that will cheer you up” she said stretching out a hand. I handed it over then she twirled around again with the pleats fanning around the top of her bare legs in the most exciting manner. “Oh God!” I murmured looking away quickly as she pulled up the back of her skirt. “Watch Bobby, you’ll like this” she promised. I looked back and was gob-smacked by the sight of a small taut bubble-butt. Orr what an arse! I couldn’t stop staring. I never knew Ling had such an incredibly hot backside. I stared in confusion as she tried to position the stick lengthwise with the ends wedged between her buttocks. It looked uncomfortable and awkward as she tried to get it to stay in place. Not that I minded as I was enjoying the view of one of the most arousing behinds I’d ever seen. Finally the stick stayed in position held across the middle of her knickers by her buttocks alone. “Wow that’s amazing Ling!” I gasped.

“No, silly. Watch” Ling told me. With a sudden muscular twitch of her buttocks the stick snapped in two with a loud crack. The front of my trousers gave an almighty lurch of stiffness. I was speechless, unable to get my mind around what had just happened. “Pretty strong arse, yes?” Ling giggled then began flexing her backside in a manner that made my stiffness worse. I was stunned to realise that this petite sleight Oriental girl had strong sexy glutes. Orr I groaned mentally at the tightness of her pert little behind. “Wanna put your face in there so I can see if I can break it?” she chuckled. “Oh God I want to put something in there alright” I groaned. “What was that Bobby?” she asked turning around to face me once more.

After that sexy display of wood snapping, I had no problem admiring her sleek legs as smooth tanned flawless things of beauty. Ling wasn’t a little kid any-more but was a real hottie and I wanted to snog her badly. “Ling, er, I was, er wondering” I tried to summon courage. “Yes, Bobby?” she seemed to be encouraging me with a smile. Before I could say another word, the peace was shattered by the sound of a loud motorbike hurtling towards us. Startled we stared as it pulled up before us and the rider removed his helmet to reveal a mop of curly hair. That’s when there came a voice that I never wanted to hear again. “Oi! Priest!” Glenn or Judo Boy as he preferred to be called stormed towards me. “You owe me big time, Priest” he shouted.

Much older than myself, Glenn was taller and heavier, he was OK but could be a right bastard at times bullying other boys with his Judo. “B..but it wasn’t my fault Jackie got the better of you” I protested [JACKIE#3]. “I’d loved to have seen that” Ling sniggered by my side. “Tell your little girlfriend to shut her mouth or I’ll shut it for her” he snarled. “Why don’t you ride your smelly noisy bike into the river?” Ling snapped. “With you on it” she added looking as tough as a small cute girl can, glaring defiantly. Ling looked so tiny and frail by comparison to the big hulking Glenn standing well over 6 foot and heavily built, although not with muscle. Not that I would dare say it to his face. Irritated, he loomed over her glaring at her impudence trying to intimidate her. However she would not back down and glared right back. I felt the urge to protect her. “Let her go, Judo-Boy. It’s me you want not her” I said. “Fair enough” he replied glaring daggers at me.

“Judo Boy?” Ling scoffed loudly. “Mister Blobby more like” she laughed. Oh crap! Glenn went scarlet with rage. “Ling, shut up!” I hissed. “Listen to your boyfriend little girl before I slam you so hard into the ground they will never get you out” he growled menacingly. “I’d like to see you try with that beer-gut” she chuckled then turned her back on the fuming hulk. “Judo Boy no!” I cried out in alarm as he closed the gap with his big arms reaching out to encircle her tiny waist. Ling’s hands clutched at his as he pulled her back against his body. “Judo Boy, let her go, she’s only a girl” I pleaded. But he ignored me as with his face set in dreadful glee he began to lift her off the ground intent on hurting her in a crushing bear-hug. A flick of her short pleated skirt as a knee rose then fell. “Ow!” Her shoe stomped down upon his toes. An elbow swung around at shoulder height as she twisted at the waist. “Arrrg!” the back of her elbow smashed his face. Her left arm swung down and behind like a pendulum driving a small fist between his legs. “Orrragh!” he dropped her as his big pudgy face screwed up in agony.

With right arm bent and left hand over the fist it sped behind her. “Broaghhh!” Glenn’s cheeks ballooned as the point of her elbow pounds his belly like a drum, plunging all the way in. His mouth pursed before an explosion of breath left his lips and his upper body creased over at a right-angle as if bowing to the superiority of the little schoolgirl. Spinning around, Ling grabbed the back of his head pulling it further forward. Compact balls of hard jutting clefted muscle stretched her socks tight as they launched her to an amazing height. With flying pleats and a glimpse of skimpy white knickers tightly stretched across her crotch, her hands grabbed the back of his head moments before her knee made contact with his jaw. His face whipped towards the sky in a spray of spit as his knees buckled beneath him. “How about that for girl power Mister Blobby?” she chuckled “one playful knee to the face and you’re finished”. A great bulk of a man shaky on his legs in front of a tiny girl, Glenn glared at her as he tried to steady himself to throw a punch towards her face. “Pathetic!” she laughed skipping back out of reach. “Wanna dance?” she chuckled “high kick dance?”. A little skip with an exhilarating ripple of hardness beneath her socks, her right leg was a blur powering her shoe straight into his face with a glimpse of panties and an explosion of blood from his mouth as his head snapped back before collapsing to his knees staring numbly at the bare legs, socks and short skirt of the little girl who had just put him down.

Ling’s right hand flew out and seized him by the throat, her dainty fingers dug right in and closed around his windpipe. “Urkkk!” his eyes opened wide in disbelief as the small teen squeezed his trachea. Shocked to find steely fingers choking his neck he had no choice but to rise unsteadily as her hand moved vertically with deliberate slowness and exciting dominance. “You’ve gone bright pink like Mister Blobby” she chuckled bringing his face level with hers. Glenn’s meaty hands flew to his neck to try and peel her hand away but found them clamped tight. Smiling sweetly a tanned thigh and shapely calves sheathed in socks slammed a bare knee straight into his balls like an express train crushing them firmly against his pelvis. “Kkkkkk!” a horrid clicking croak left his mouth as his body tried to jerk forwards even more. With her fingers around his windpipe and her knee firmly lodged at the apex of his legs, Ling cruelly choked off any sound while twisting her knee as if trying to screw his balls into his body with a cold-hearted relentlessness that made her incredibly exciting and dangerously sexy.

She stared coldly into his eyes. “Hands off” she warned. Of course he wasn’t going to let a schoolgirl get the better of him. “If that’s the way you want, I’m only too happy to oblige” she said smiling sweetly. The look of relief on his face as her knee fell away from his balls was short-lived as it rocketed back up as if powered by an industrial spring. Despite her size it blasted into his groin with such force he jerked up onto his toes. His mouth dropped open in a silent scream as his hulking body shook visibly. With his windpipe captive, Ling forced him to look at her for several moments, not saying a word. Her sheer dominant attitude stunned me and I was strongly turned on by it. “I won’t tell you again” she warned with a sharp edge to her youthful voice. “Remove your hands or my knee will pound your balls to mush and then I will rip out your wind-pipe and shove it up your backside” she threatened. With face bright red and mouth soundlessly moving, Glenn reluctantly complied. Looking him straight in the eyes from barely an inch away, Ling told him softly “One little squeeze”. Her fingers tightened around his windpipe. “Kkkk! Kkk!” his eyes flew wide open in horror while making frantic clucking noises. “And I can put you right out” she sneered. “Permanently if I wanted” then laughed at the terrified expression on his beetroot red face.

“Listen good, Mister Blobby” standing at her full height, he was bent double with his face level with hers with hers. I had never seen her so coldly cruel and dominating like this before and I saw her in an exciting new light. She left a long pause forcing him to stare into her eyes as if he needed reminding who was in charge. “Are you listening?” she asked then slid her knee between his legs then slowly withdrew it allowing her long sock-covered shin to slide along the bottom of his nuts and shaft then re-inserted it again. Despite being throttled he closed his eyes which twitched beneath the lids enjoying the sensation of the top of her silky smooth bare thigh sliding back and forth against the bottom of his groin. “Or are you too busy trying to jerk off on my leg?” she asked. The knee suddenly lowered before driving back up into his balls. “Are you listening now, fatso?” her voice was shockingly dominant. “Kkk kkk!” Another long pause while she glared at him while letting him bask in her superiority. “You will not bother Bobby ever again, understood?” she asked. “Kkk kkk!” another croaked response and a deliberate pause to show her total control. I saw the sweat form on his brow as she rubbed her raised knee slowly back and forth at the apex of his legs. “You will not bother any of my friends, understood?” “kkkk kkk!” “I hope you’re listening good. Are you?” she stopped rubbing her knee against his balls with those big puppy-dog eyes staring into his face.

The sight of a short slender Chinese girl in a very short school uniform humiliating the much older and bigger bully was getting me stiff. It made me realise that I had been foolish in dismissing Ling as just a silly little kid. She looked amazing with a grown man bent at 90 degrees before her with a small hand around his throat and a lovely slim bare thigh pressing her knee between his legs. “You should be careful next time you pick on a schoolgirl” her voice dropped to a soft whisper. “The mighty Judo boy is no match for a girl who beat the junior kick-boxing regional champion who was 13 when she was only 8. Knocking his lights out in seconds” she chuckled. I remembered that fight well and the later unofficial rematch in a classroom [BOBP#2].

“It is not enough for a girl to demonstrate physical superiority over a male” she chirped, the wide smile never leaving her lips. To my astonishment Ling brought her mouth close to his neck near to where she was throttling him. Her tongue flickered out in long sloppy licks over the side of his neck. Lucky bastard I thought to myself. I felt jealous wishing she was doing that to me; without the strangulation of course. I’d be hard in seconds. The fact that she wore a school uniform made it all the more exciting. Glenn didn’t seem to be enjoying it, his face bright red in her choking grip and squirming under the tantalising sensation of her tongue. His knees swivelled this way and that while his hands tried to prise away her fingers. The pleats of the blue micro-kilt fanned out as a long slim leg swung sharply up like cracking a whip. The top of her shoe slammed the underside of his balls in a solid sounding kick that brought tears to his eyes. She shook his neck violently from side to side a few times before stopping. “Hands!” she commanded sternly and he obeyed. “You fat tub of lard. You keep still until I’ve finished” she hissed glaring at him nose to nose. “Knowledge of the sensitive erotic areas of a man’s body is an art mastered by the Geisha and passed down through the generations” she said softly. “A skilled Geisha can keep a man immobilised and erect for hours before permitting release”. I was so turned on I didn’t bother pointing out that Geisha were Japanese, not Chinese origin.

Petrified, Glenn kept still as she kissed gently with her luscious mouth. Placing her mouth on different places on his neck and the side of his face, she would open her lips for her tongue to work the area. Lucky bastard. I wished she would kiss me like that! My dick stiffened just watching. He didn’t stand a chance against the soft pressure of her lips against his skin and the moist lashing of her tongue. Her tongue seemed to probe every erogenous spot on his face and neck driving him crazy with the intense sensations. Her wide open kisses and writhing tongue turned him into a gibbering wreck as she licked his senses to ecstatic glory. She made very short work of reducing the tall overweight bully to a quivering wreck with an insanely throbbing trouser tent. The sensual assault suddenly stopped and she released his neck. Slowly and stiffly he began to unbend to his full height with an obscene trouser pole pointing towards her. “Beg Mister Blobby. You do know how to beg?” she asked. “P..please” he croaked too frightened to reach out and touch the delectable creature standing before him. A teasing smile spread on her lips. “You want me to finish the job?” she asked in a sensual whisper. He nodded pathetically. “OK” she chirped. A flash of panties and bare thighs as a lightning-fast full-bodied kick crushed his erection. Driven onto his toes Glenn threw back his head with eyes clenched and howled in agony.

As Ling stepped towards him, Glenn threw out his arm to hold her off. Her right arm instantly folded to trap it while her other elbow rushed forwards driving the point hard into the side of his neck just below the jawline. “Arghh!” his face screwed up in agony while a fist hurtled towards his jaw, connecting with a surprisingly loud sound for something so small. His head flew back over his shoulders with a glazed expression on a collision course with the ground. Placing a foot upon his groin, she pressed down hard eliciting no response from the fallen man. Looking up at me with her hands upon her hips in a picture of female dominance, my dick thumped away in my pants with the bad urge to whip one off in her honour.

Ling turned around and casually walked towards me, smiling as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Luckily she didn’t notice my aching hard-on. The dominant attitude she had displayed while quickly putting down Glenn had been arousing. All of a sudden I realised how beautiful she was. With that tiny skirt it was like her gorgeous slim legs went on for ages with an eye-watering expanse of silky smooth toned, lightly-coloured bare thighs. I couldn’t stop staring lustfully at them and began to wonder whether I’d been after the wrong girl all these years. What would it be like to have a kick-ass girl-friend like her? Maybe she was right about the age difference? I’m hopeless with girls and had no idea how to chat her up. The fact that she was my sister’s friend who I previously ignored made it all the more awkward. Now as she approached me, I found myself tongue-tied, coming out with the first stupid thing that came into my head. “Wow! You were amazing” I gushed in praise like an idiot. I wanted to rush forwards, take her in my arms and give her a big hug while kissing her passionately but frankly was scared she would punch my lights out. “Thanks Bobby” she said. “I’d better get off home” she announced. “No!” I said rather too hurriedly “I meant, it’s a nice day. Why don’t we take a walk to the Bird Sanctuary” “Sure Bobby” she said with a smile.

* A few hours later *
Although I had an enjoyable time with Ling and I think she did too, I had failed to get up the courage to woo her, other than buying her a cup of coffee from the machine at the sanctuary. Her performance in dealing with Glenn was a turn-on but also made me nervous about offending her in case she beat me up too. Walking back together along the leafy footpath that led to the common was nice and peaceful. I felt relaxed and ready to make my next move when the peace and quiet was rudely shattered by the roar of motorbikes. “Noisy bastards. No consideration, spoiling it for others” Ling said sourly, her nose wrinkling in disgust. I had to agree.

The roaring got louder. “They’re coming this way” I said. “This is a public bridleway, only meant for walkers and horse-riders” she complained. The ear-shattering noise got closer. “They’ll soon be here. We’d best step aside to let them pass” I told her. “Maybe I can find a branch to stick in their spokes” she said. I hoped she was joking. We got to a small clearing just in time as 3 bikes rushed past. To my dismay I recognised Glenn in a t-shirt and open leather jacket by the curly brown hair under the helmet. The other 2 were lean muscular topless men, one with an Oriental skin tone. They skid to a halt in a spray of green-sand then removed their head-wear to reveal a snarling mean-looking Oriental and a yobbish white guy with thick black hair. “OI OI OI!” he hollered loudly, the others wincing being so close. I might not have recognised his face but that voice was the bane of our lives at home. Noisy-man we called him for he could be heard all over the neighbourhood as could his hobby of making as much noise as possible with industrial power-tools, petrol-driven mowers or his bratty kid holding squealing contests in the garden. “CHRIST! SHE’S ONLY A LITTLE KID!” “You got beat up by a tiny girl?” the Oriental added. Both glared at Glenn who shifted uncomfortably as he dismounted. “She’s a kung fu freak or something” he replied defiantly although his face had blushed. “Kick-boxing actually, Mister Blobby” Ling chirped cheerfully, clutching the hem of her tiny skirt on either side and swinging the pleats for added cuteness, emphasising her lean hot legs. She showed no signs of the nervousness I felt. “You remember Zhang Lei don’t you Bobby?” Glenn sneered. He was the most feared bully in my younger years at school. “and this is..” “HARRY!” noisy-man butted in “I’M A FIRE-FIGHTER”. Glenn winced “They are undefeated MMA champions in fight club”.

“MMA?” Ling scoffed “that’s for wimps”. Glaring the pair dismounted their bikes. “She’s just a kid. Sort her out Glenn” Zhang snarled. “But I told you..” he protested. “DO IT OR WE’LL SORT YOU OUT” Noisy cut him short. Under their steely glare, Glenn approached Ling trying to look tough and intimidate her with his greater height and girth but an exaggerated yawn waving a hand in front of her mouth with a big smile told him what she thought of that. “You’re going to feel the full force of my Judo, you little freak” he growled “I’m going to slam you so hard you’ll be embedded 6 feet under”. “You’re full of BS, fat boy” she laughed defiantly “All talk no action. I beat you up once, I’ll do it again”. “Bitch!” Glenn snapped, reaching for the lapels of her blazer intending to turn and throw her over his shoulder. A flick of pleats and a knee shot up then the lower leg snapped forwards with a brief glimpse of panties. The tip of her shoe hammered his balls like driving in a nail. “Aieee!” his trouser-sausage lurched up as the force of the kick drove him onto his toes. Instantly folding forwards, his cheeks ballooned as he tried to hold in his lunch while his eyes screwed tight and his mouth arced downwards at the corners in an expression of abject misery.

“Christ! The kid nailed you!” the others found it hilarious. Doubled over in pain he turned his back on the sweetly smiling girl while cupping his balls. The pleats flew again and Glenn’s eyes flew wide open in horror as the tip of a shoe suddenly appeared between the top of his legs, swinging up from behind. A sock-covered shin clubbed his scrotum against his pelvis, driving his feet from the ground before he crashed to the path wailing in agony. His mates clapped and laughed. “WHAT A WOOSE!” Noisy declared.

Placing her foot on the back of Glenn’s head Ling pushed his face into the dirt. The sight of a small leggy schoolgirl in a victory pose over a grown man at her feet re-awoke my stiffness. With a foot upon his head she spoke confidently and without fear. “You never ride your smelly noisy bikes down footpaths ever again or you’ll be moaning and crying under my foot like this wimp” she stated looking as tough as a petite girl can. They stopped laughing and glared at her. “Ling no!” I hissed but she ignored me. “What? you didn’t think a teenaged girl could do this?” she sneered “Well if you don’t get out of here pronto, you’re next”. They laughed at the tiny upstart. “See these hands?” she said raising her balled fists. “They can break your face, no problem” such a statement from a fresh-faced girl seemed outrageous although Glenn lay at her feet. Ling ran her left palm over her right knuckles. “These knuckles will make you cry” she said full of bravado although those puppy-dog almond shaped eyes, cute button nose, generous lipped mouth, heart-shaped face with the floppy fringe spoiled the intended effect.

Noisy stepped forward. “WHAT HAVE WE HERE? A LITTLE GIRL WHO THINKS SHE’S TOUGH”. Without concern, Ling began to unbutton the brass-coloured metal buttons of her blazer without taking her eyes off him. “Here Bobby hold this” she said shrugging her arms out of the sleeves. The white blouse underneath was short-sleeved and I was amazed by the sight of quite vascular arms with highly visible, prominent veins like creepers running along the back of her hands, wrists and forearms. There was even a hint of biceps veins and although her arms were very slim, they looked taut and toned. I was now kicking myself for not suspecting that a short slim girl with many years kick-boxing experience would have developed some muscularity. Not for the first time that day I regretted not paying her any attention over the years to notice what a hottie she had become.

“Come on Harry. Stop mucking around I want get down the gym” Zhang said. “OOH BUT SHE’S SO CUTE” Noisy cooed approaching Ling, ducking and weaving with his fists raised in a playful manner. She looked unimpressed. Laughing he playfully began throwing a few light punches which she easily blocked with a look of boredom. His smile turned to concern as she began bouncing lightly on her toes slamming lightning-fast punches to his face. “WOAH! YOU’VE GOT SPIRIT GIRL!” he laughed tying to block her, clearly worried that she was hitting harder than he expected. “NNGH!” a punch drove through his block landing so hard it split his lip. Her slim taut arms looked seriously strong despite their size. Trying to back away to create some space, he began to glower. Ling followed, dancing lightly on her toes, driving punch after punch into his face. “I’m only too happy to break your face for you” she declared as her fists kept finding their target. Annoyed, Noisy threw stronger punches but she stood her ground blocking or ducking them then sprang right in close powering more blows to the side of his jaw. “Punch hard for a little girl don’t I?” she laughed as another fist landed solidly on his jaw. “I’m going to totally humiliate you” she taunted as her knuckles made his legs wobble and take several steps back.

“THAT’S IT YOU LITTLE FREAK, YOU’RE DEAD!” The loud-mouth hollered irked by being outclassed by a little schoolgirl. His fists became a blur as he frantically tried to hit her but to his frustration, she was too nimble. Quickly darting close her fists sped towards his face. Striking as if she had rocks for fists. His nose breaks, his right cheek is bruised and an upper-cut rocks his jaw. The short skirt fanning out around the top of her bare thighs reinforced that he was getting out-boxed by a mere girl. Staggering back under the impact Ling followed. “You’re not going anywhere, except down” she laughed, her fists speeding past his guard to pound his face. He may have fought many opponents but never a petite slim girl. “What’s wrong, loud-mouth? Being beaten up in public by a little girl?” she taunted. Clearly on the defensive, her fists continued to get through in lighting-fast jabs to the face that were audibly loud and rocked his head as if it were a punch ball.

“Come on Harry! Stop mucking around” Zhang called “she’s just a kid. She can’t hurt you, you’re a man”. But no-one had told Ling that. She was too fast for him to hit while slamming her fists in his face with such power that his head was bobbing around. What a sight, a small teenage girl in a school uniform scrambling a big guy’s brains with her hard hitting fists. A low kick shot out towards Ling, a knee sprang up to block it. In a frenetic clash of lower legs, her sock clad shin kept stopping his kicks before they barely left the ground. With a bulge of small powerful looking calves beneath her socks, she sprang into the air. A glimpse of white panties as a long slim leg arced around high then the toe of her shoe hammered the middle of his face. His head whips around even as the little action girl drops into a low crouch. A foot flies right around his left leg to slam into the back of his knee. The leg bent alarmingly. With pleats billowing around her hips, her legs became lightning-fast man-beaters. Loud-landing untiring whip-like kicks peppered his side, blasted his chest and slammed across his sternum, reddening his chest and making him gasp. A roundhouse kick clubs right across the middle of his face with a brief bulge of strong hamstrings and the loud-mouth hits the dirt. “You drinking again Harry?” Zhang yelled at Noisy groaning upon his back at the feet of a cute girl wearing socks, blouse and a very short skirt.

I couldn’t stop staring at her legs which, despite her height, that ridiculously short skirt made appear incredibly long. They were now things of pure beauty and devastating power which had me really hard as she stood over the floored man like a young Goddess of war. “Awww! are you going to cry?” she teased. All eyes followed the lines of a long smooth thigh and shapely calve clad in a snug fitting sock as she raised her knee before her, with the hem falling back. “This knee” she slapped it with her hand “is harder than anything you’ve ever encountered” she smiled sweetly. Zhang and Glenn laughed nervously, their gazes slipping with unadulterated longing to the small white triangle peeking out at the base of her raised thigh where it had lifted the short skirt. I groaned mentally in agreement that it was indeed a sexy sight and she really had great legs, long slender, bare, flawless with a lovely colouration. Her right knee remained level with her belly. “My knee is too hard for your poor weak tummies” she declared “My knee“ she said smiling sweetly while stroking it with her right hand “your belly” she fixed each of them in the eye. “Bye bye” she added in a childish voice giving a little wave.

“I’LL EFFING KILLYA!” red-faced, Noisy leapt to his feet and rushed her. With no regards to her sex or age, a blistering barrage of ferocious knee blows tried to smash through her blocks. Outsized, Ling stood her ground but struggled against the strength of his blows. Punch after punch was met by a speeding knee or shin crashing against his forearm. A sudden blur of motion and a slim toned leg arced around low to the ground to hammer the inside of his right leg just behind the knee. His leg almost gave way. Another tan streak blasted the back of his other knee and that too nearly buckled. Moving close Ling’s hand’s slid either side of his neck to grab the back of his head. Pulling it forwards she began leaping up and down while her thighs pumped like a jack-hammer thumping her small hard knee against his midriff. The short skirt flicked up and fell in sharp jerks as it repeatedly thundered against his belly with a huge sound. Despite having slim legs they struck repeatedly fast and hard. Even his six-pack couldn’t save him against the cumulative destructive power of her knee. The sight of a petite girl in a school uniform with smooth lean thighs and wearing socks destroying a fully grown man and MMA champion was cock-hardening. With no sign of exertion and smiling constantly, Ling’s devastating knee pulverised his belly while his face disintegrated into agony. Looking shocked, the yob began to crumple over his ruined gut, now bright red and sore-looking.

He desperately shoved her away then turned from her breath-taking knee but the energetic schoolgirl was unstoppable. Bouncing lightly on her toes, high-speed leggy kicks blasted the small of his back and sides. I was stunned how such slim legs from a short girl could sound so loud and repeatedly kick incredibly fast without tiring. With a hint of sleek hard thighs and inexhaustible stamina, she kept punishing his back and side. No matter how he twisted and turned, there was no escaping the furious barrage. Fuming he faced her with his leg rising to deliver a kick but not getting far before the side of a speedy calve intercepted it. Without lowering to the ground, her shin and shoe began to pound across his sore belly like a baseball bat with glimpses of the back of her legs all the way to the underside of her panties. His body jerked onto his toes with each blow, his face a mask of agony. A final kick across his red-raw belly lifted him clean off the path but he managed not to fall. Now a gasping mess, he creased over unable to offer any defence against the teenage leg-fighter. A skip and a kick sent the pleats fanning around the top of her hips as a foot skyrockets with a view of knickers tightly moulded to her buttocks before cracking around the top of his head like a mallet. What she lacked in stature, Ling’s hot legs made up for in reach and flexibility. With his head bobbing, she rose up onto her left toe as her right leg became a blur. Hammering the top of her shoe solidly into his left temple, he crashed to the ground.

“Ling watch out!” I cried as Glenn rushed up from behind to seize each wrist. “Hold her while I’ll teach this midget some respect” Zhang growled walking over with fists raised. “You get up too you lazy c*nt” he aimed a kick at Noisy’s side. “Then we’ll beat the crap out of her boyfriend” he glared nastily at me “I hate dweebs”. “And I hate bullies” Ling announced. A leg flashed skywards with sleek thighs bulging with raw latent power until the top of the thigh hit her chest. With stunning flexibility her foot continued to travel over her shoulder, blasting Glenn’s face with such force that she bloodied his nose. He staggered back clutching his ruined nose but instead of returning to the ground, Ling’s leg remained sticking up in the air by the side of her head like a sexy flagpole. “Are you looking at my knickers?” she laughed. Her panties, skimpy to start with, were stretched even tighter over her crotch by her standing splits. Jeez! Now that she had mentioned it, I couldn’t stop looking at her camel’s toe with insanely rising lust. Not only that but the strong bulge of her hamstrings lining the back of the raised leg and the hard outer thighs of the other leg hinted at a latent feminine power that had my dick pressing uncomfortably stiff against the inside of my trousers. “Orrrrr!” Zhang moaned transfixed with a rising trouser tent. It took him a second to realise the sexy leg had fallen and she was now running towards him on lean toned legs with the pleats flying around her hips.

Throwing herself forwards onto her hands at his feet, Ling’s lithe body flips through 180 degrees and beyond in an incredibly fast backwards handstand walk-over. The pleats fell down around her waist, once more showing off those marvellous bare thighs, socks and panties. In unison the soles of her hard shoes slammed into his face nearly taking his head off. The lean muscled man fell to his hands and knees while she sprang back nimbly to her feet. “One kick from a little schoolgirl and you’re eating dirt” she laughed watching him dazed and bloody, shaking his head in disbelief. “You’re more of a wimp than the loud mouth” she chuckled. “You talk too much, little girl” Zhang growled bringing himself back to his full height. “Save your energy old man. I’ll only knock you down again” she sneered.

“Shite!” Zhang found himself in a hailstorm of speeding kicks that blasted his head, legs and chest without respite. A pale-yellow tanned leg arced around slamming the top of her shoe against the side of his chest beneath his arms raised for protection. A spin, a back-kick, high sidekick and front kick to his chest. A high-speed barrage he couldn’t stop from a short sleight girl left his chest bright-red and him gasping. Bouncing lightly on her toes, Ling wielded her shin like a bat slamming kick after kick against his right side until he was wincing in pain. As soon as he moved his arms to protect himself, her snap kicks punished the other side without relief until he was twisting and creasing in agony. Tearing him apart, Ling’s lean legs lashed his head with strong sleek bare thighs bulging, sounding like he was getting hit by a baseball bat. The speed of her kicks were phenomenal. I counted her landing at least 2 per second. She might be small but at that speed how could any man stand a chance? Zhang was staggering under the barrage like a tiny boat in a storm with those sensible shoes cutting up and bruising his face. Her head-kicks were so relentless it was a wonder she hadn’t given him brain-damage. Suddenly with her sleek thighs swelling with unmistakable power, she sprang to an amazing height. His eyes widened at the sight of a crotch level with his face, her right knee leading the way as she flew towards him. “Urghh!” it connected solidly against his chest sending him staggering back with a pained expression. His body stooped forwards, not by much but enough for Ling to spring into the air once more. Her right hand grasped the back of his head as her knee rocketed beneath his chin snapping his mouth shut and sending him sprawling in the dirt. “I did warn you, old man” she laughed.

Smiling, Ling turned around to confront Glenn pointedly looking at the 2 fallen men. “No more MMA wimps to protect you” she taunted. “It’s just you and me now fat boy. No-one is going to save you”. Glenn looked like he was going to soil himself. With a wild look of fear a punch flew at her face but an arm whipped up, bent at the elbow, to block it with her forearm. With his arm overextended, she darted forward slamming a sharp punch into his side. “Orrghh!” he winced at the impact of her small fist. More wild punches aimed at her hit air as she nimbly danced away, laughing. A snap-kick to his lower leg made it bend sharply but he managed to recover only for another to knock it away and dump him on his backside.

Noisy came at her from the side only to be met by a fast and furious barrage of roundhouse kicks that smashed across the side of his face and jaw with a sound like getting hit with a thick length of bamboo. Unprepared for such a mind-scrambling assault he tried to turn away. Her leg whipped across the back of his shoulder and drove the heel against the base of his neck sending him staggering. A skip and the top of her shoe slammed across his jaw dropping him back to the ground.

Snarling, Glenn launched himself at the short girl. Grabbing the front of her blouse he began to lean back to stomach throw her but before he can pull her down she grabbed the back of his neck as a bare thigh soared between their closely positioned bodies. “Nnnar!” her knee hammered the centre of his chest with a sound of something solid hitting something meaty and hollow. “You’re too fat and slow Mister Blobby” she taunts as his torso leant forwards. A toned bare thigh with sock-covered calves flashed around in a low kick to the side of his right leg with loud solidity. “Ouch!” the leg gave way and he went down on one knee looking up at a girl in a school uniform. “You ready to cry big boy?” Ling sneered. Without waiting for a response, she balled up her right fist and swung her elbow around in an arc that connected with his left temple. “Orrragh!” his face whipped around hard sending him down to the path. Looking cute and fresh in her crisp blouse and short skirt she looked down at him. “We both know I can kick your arse” she declared “You pathetic slob. I’m only a teenaged girl and I’m barely trying”. “Even your tough friends couldn’t save you” she sneered. “Start begging for mercy”. Such a statement from a girl in school uniform was so dominant that my dick was throbbing.

An unexpected kick from behind made Ling almost lose her footing. “This ends here little girl” Zhang growled then aimed a kick at her head. Swiftly ducking, the hard-hitting non-stop action girl sprang up with a blur of fists against his impressive 6-pack. “Nnng nnngh!” his noisy grunts betray the strength of her small fists. Throwing another punch, it narrowly missed as she leant back sharply. Dancing right back, the tiny skirt billowed as she sprang lithely to her toes with a flex of hard diamonds beneath her socks. Her lovely bare thighs whipped from the ground pulsing several times a second across his chest like a crowbar. Without pause a straight front-kick hammers his belly with the sole of her shoe lifting him onto his toes, groaning in agony as his torso jerks forward uncontrollably. She seemed unstoppable and it was getting me harder by the second. The tiny kilt fanning around her hips symbolised her youth, the saucy flashes of panties a reminder that she was all woman. Likewise her beautiful bare thighs with socks covering her calves emphasised the schoolgirl while the hint of strong hard calves and the strong lines of her hamstrings hinted at the martial artist. Spinning right around, a sock covered rocket led a back-kick into his belly like an express train blasting him clean off his feet to crash to the ground.

Ling stood watching the man groaning at her feet. “That’s alright, you just take your time old man. You have to be careful at your age” she teased. Zhang looked up, his eyes wandered from black sensible shoes, along sleekly shapely calves clad in white socks stretched tightly to within a couple of inches of the knees that had caused so much devastation. They continued along slim thighs, bare and smooth, toned and displayed to their full glorious length by the shortest of skirts. Yet he knew what a frighteningly skilled fighter this cute schoolgirl was. Watching his appreciative gaze, Ling raised a leg into the air bent at the knee with the sole of her shoe aimed at his face. Lowering it she pressed it against his chin lifting his face so that he had nowhere to look other than straight at her crotch. Oh God! What a lucky bastard. The effect it had on me was potent enough from a distance of a few feet yet this lucky sod was getting full blast at point zero. “Men!” she tutted as the front of his trousers rose uncontrollably. She began to drive his face violently up and down beneath her foot always ensuring his eyes returned to the apex of her legs. “Such a stiff bulge in the front of your trousers” she chuckled “You must really like getting beaten up by a schoolgirl”.

Zhang made a grab for her foot but she snatched it back in time. “What’s wrong? You look all hot and bothered” she giggled while the front of his trousers thrashed about like he had a wild animal in there. “Orrrr! You dirty mare!” he moaned. “Urrr you dirty old man!” she said in disgust, stepping back. “Perving at my knickers” she raised her fists and watched as he got to his feet. “Ling!” I warned as two more figures rose behind her. Too late! 3 fully grown men rushed her at once. “Got you! You cock-teaser” Zhang cried as he and Noisy each seized an arm. With obvious glee they stretched her arms between them like hanging her out to dry. A smirking Glenn approached from the rear. A flick of pleats, a sidekick to Zhang’s balls then a hard kick to his gut. A skip to the other foot, a front kick to Noisy’s groin then a gut-busting side-kick. Two fully grown men began to bow at the waist to a petite schoolgirl. A hard chop to the back of Noisy’s neck jerked his head and turned his legs to jelly.

Glenn seized her from behind. An elbow pistoned back into his gut then into his face as he creased forwards. A leg soared high with the hem rising to reveal the erotic white triangle again. It fell upon Zhang’s back sending him face-first into the dirt. Spinning right around with a ripple of power in her lean toned legs, a leg lanced towards Glenn‘s face. Smashing it beneath the sole of her shoe, he literally flew backwards in an arc trailing blood and spit before crashing heavily. Not missing a beat, the little dynamo span blocking a punch from Noisy then twisting his arm forcing him to bend as a knee rocketed up to blast his face. Maintaining the armlock holding him bent over, a forearm slammed down vertically hammering the point of her elbow against the base of his neck driving him to the ground.

“Aw! Taking a rest? You old guys need it the way you fight” the cute Chinese girl laughed at the men looking dazed on the ground around her. “Three grown men against one teenaged girl. No contest”. Rubbing his sore face, Zhang rose to his feet. Leaning sharply to one side a leg shot up at a steep angle in a fast sidekick hammering the side of his face in a show of skimpy briefs and long legs. Spinning and kicking with the skirt flying around her hips she unleashed a barrage of high kicks into the side of his head which bobbed about like it was on a spring. With a sound like he was being battered around the head by a bundle of bamboo canes, the glimpses of strong hamstrings at the back of her legs intimated the sheer power of her slim legs. Her flat-soled shoes repeatedly hammered his head like clubs until a jumping spinning back kick laid him out on his back. Standing over him a marvellous sleek leg with bare thighs and socks soared towards the sky. There it hung with the full glory of her legs on show as well as the highly arousing skimpy white triangle at her crotch as it hung there for several agonising seconds. Zhang sat up but never took his eyes off the view. “You know what happens next?” she asked softly “Yes, you do”. “Please” he whimpered in fear at what that hot leg was about to deliver. With a laugh it dropped delivering vengeance from above. His shorts gave a strong lurch of desire then turned sopping wet. A hard shoe clubbed the top of his head and he collapsed to the dirt, unmoving, out cold.

The others had risen, watching in disbelief. A lash-like front high kick to Glenn’s jaw floored him with a single strike. A spinning jump with swiftly rising knee that snapped straight like a flick-knife punched a hard shoe into the side of Noisy’s head. Still spinning, a leggy thunder bolt lanced out behind powering a back-kick straight into his belly. “Orrrgh!” lifted onto his toes he staggered backwards with an agonised grimace failing to stop his torso bending forwards. She could have easily finished him but to my astonishment Ling stood there watching. “Come on. Surely you’re not going to let a little girl beat you up?” she chuckled. Fuming he began to straighten. A spinning back-kick to the side of his neck rocked his head, a jump kick powers the sole of her shoe square-on to his jaw jerking his head and causing him to wobble. A sky-rocketing high-kick blasts the underside of his chin so hard he loses control of his limbs and falls backwards against a tree. With his knees buckling he began to slide down the trunk.

Ling approached with a wide smile and a swagger. “Fix this” she said then kicked her right leg high into the air making him openly flinch in fear. Instead of knocking his block off, which it looked powerful enough to do, it soared narrowly past his face until it pointed skywards by the side of her face, resting against her chest with her strong hamstrings on show. There is something very sexy about a girl doing the splits, even more so one doing the standing splits in a tiny pleated skirt. His eyes locked in on the apex of her legs, the obscenity in his trousers twitched strongly. “Like what you see?” she asked sweetly “Take a closer look”. Keeping her legs wide apart she fell towards him until they were doing over-splits at an angle with one lovely bare thigh stretched past the top of his head with a shapely calve sheathed in a white sock pressing her shoe against the tree trunk. The top of the other thigh pressed vertically along his chest on its way to the ground. Most shocking of all, in between his face pressed hard against her panties. With her legs pinning his head in a top to toe direction, her crotch fully covered his face. “Mmm! Mmm!” although he raised his hands to her thighs, he seemed uncertain whether to try to push her off. If I were in his position, the feel of her camel-toe against my lips would drive me crazy. By the way his trouser-rod soared and lurched, it was clear he felt the same. It was getting me harder just watching. “Are you in heaven?” Ling asked. At that moment I wished I were in his place. Her hands grabbed the sides of his head and forcibly began rubbing his face into her panties. “Mmmmorrr! Mmmmor!” he was so aroused that his lust thrashed around inside his trousers while moving his hips to work himself off against the leg she stood on. “Oi! Stop that you horny old dog” she cried in outrage.

He looked frustrated when Ling’s leg lowered. Folding her arms around his forearms she pulled him away from the trunk so that he was standing on his own two feet. A skip and her knee plunged into his gut with unforgiving power. Small but hard downward pointing slabs of calf muscle pushed out her socks as she sprang like a gazelle right up onto his broad shoulders. Pulling his arm between the silky smooth softness of her light yellow-tinged tanned thighs, they clamped either side of his neck before a calve folded behind his head. Pushing herself away from him horizontally, disrupting his centre of gravity, she swiftly pulled him to the ground.

Ling immediately pulled back on his trapped arm while her legs tightened around his head. I was taken aback by how taut and toned her slim legs were. Locking him up in a sexy variant of a triangle choke, the calve behind his head pushed his face tight against her crotch. Phoar! It must have been like plunging into heaven to have your face slide between those lovely inner thighs while rushing towards the skimpy panties. I felt jealous as the lucky sod was pulled cozy-tight against her privates but changed my mind as the leggy triangle closed up incredibly tight. A thick slab of hardness swelled along the length of her outer thigh expanding the girth of her slender legs. “Mmmm!” Noisy’s free hand flew to her thighs and began gently slapping. “Oh do you wimps tap out in MMA?” she chuckled “There’s no mercy in schoolgirl kick-boxing”. The taps became more frantic as her legs became hard and unyielding like flesh-covered steel bars as the triangle shrunk further crushing the sides and back of his head. He tried to gain purchase on her legs with his free hand but soon gave up any attempt to prise them away, clearly locked up far too tightly for that. Instead he began to feel and caress the smooth bare skin until she grabbed his wandering hand and bent his fingers right back eliciting some loud muffled squeals. “The only way you’re getting out my legs is out cold!” she laughed.

Turned on like crazy, I rushed forwards and began running my hands along Ling’s thighs. “Oh Ling! amazing legs” I gushed dumbly. The legs that I had thought too slender for my liking were rock-solid with strong swelling thighs of undeniable power that I would be happy feeling all day long. “Bobby!” she exclaimed. Feeling the strength flow through a schoolgirl‘s bare thighs beneath my hands as they held a grown man completely helpless, crushing in upon his head as she smothered his face against her crotch had me solid and thumping beyond belief. “Ohh Ling!” I moan with unbridled lust and began kissing her passionately while continuing to feel her thighs bulging like steel plates. “Oh God Ling! I want you so bad” I moaned between slobbering kisses. Ling sharply turned her face away from me. “Stop it Bobby, I’m trying to beat up the bad guys” she scolded. “Mmm!” a loud muffled cry returned my attention to the man helpless in a tight triangle hold, frantically struggling against her legs. “Mmm!” she pulled his arm further backwards over the top of her thigh stressing the elbow and causing him to squeal in pain. “Stop squirming or I’ll break it” she warned. With her smooth bare thighs squeezing tight around his head and the socks locked behind with the splayed pleats of her tiny skirt a short distance in front of his smothered face he was constantly reminded that he was being dominated by a teenaged girl. “You’re a crap fighter” Ling declared “you bore me”. With that she raised herself up onto her shoulders and really poured it on. Her sleek thighs ballooned with sheer raw female muscular power that quivered and shook. Focussed in concentration, she poured every ounce of energy through her legs squeezing him long and hard. What I could see of his face screwed up in agony. “Oh Ling!” I moaned turned on in the extreme. The yob thrashed wildly trying to break free, with his groin bulge lurching. Ling’s lean toned thighs were overwhelmingly unyielding as she kept him fully under control with his face firmly in place against her crotch. With a sudden loud snort he just stopped moving. “You’ll better not be messing with me” Ling warned as she kept up the punishing hold for a few more seconds turning and twisting him in her leggy prison until she was satisfied that he was out cold. Those dangerous hot legs opened and he just rolled out limply with a sopping wet embarrassment at the front of his trousers. I nearly came too and went to kiss her until she fixed me with a hard stare.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Ling asked. It took me a while to realise that she was addressing Glenn. He looked ill as she stood up to face him. “I warned you about messing with me or my friends” she told him. The damage she had already done to his face was brutal. Instead of a sweet smiling tiny Chinese girl in a very short pleated skirt, bare thighs and socks, he saw a dangerous man-beater with two tough guys battered and unmoving at her feet. “Why, you’re shaking” she laughed “You’re not scared of a little girl are you?” she sneered. Glenn’s fist flew straight towards her stomach. She was so close, it couldn’t miss. “Mnngh!” he grunted as his knuckles came to a sudden halt. Not only was I shocked by how solid that sounded but also that she had barely moved under the impact and hadn’t even flinched. “What was that fat-boy?” she laughed “Go on Mister Blobby have another go” she urged slapping her belly. Not pausing to consider if punching a schoolgirl in the gut was wrong, he did so again. Her short sleight body wobbled under the impact but still remained upright and smiling.

Calmly, Ling’s hands went to her collar to remove her tie then began undoing the buttons of her blouse. “What are you doing?” I hissed. Glenn hungrily watched the widening gap between the edges of her blouse. I did too at the sight of two semi-spherical mounds cupped by a white lacy bra, never realising that she had such a sexy pair of breasts. Soon the blouse hung loose. “Here, see if this makes it easier” she said holding back the sides of her blouse with her hands upon her hips. Oh my god! On an aching slim torso Ling’s stomach was stunningly taut with a clearly defined central section of toned striated irregular blocks of abdominal muscles that rose into sharp definition before falling back into visible soft lumps with every breath. It was mesmerising and very sensual.
The colour drained from Glenn’s face at the sight of a rippling brick wall of muscle on the short girl’s stomach. “Go on” Ling urged running a palm over her bumpy mid-section “give it your best shot”. She may have been much shorter than him but she confidently faced him down. “You not scared of a little schoolgirl are you, fat boy?” she whispered seductively then laughed in his face. Fuming, Glenn slammed his fist repeatedly into her stomach. The blows sounded terrible and rocked her petite body yet she remained standing and unflinching, her torso straight and not creasing in the slightest. Shockingly she laughed all the time openly mocking him. Glenn however was wincing in pain with every punch until he had to stop, clutching his hand in agony. “Oooh!” she sighed in mock sympathy “Did you break your wrist on my hard schoolgirl belly?” she laughed, removing her blouse and throwing it to me. After all that strenuous kick-boxing action her slim arms are pumped up, taut and vascular with visible prominent biceps veins. Glenn looked pale at the sight of muscle on such a pretty slightly built girl. Smiling at his reaction Ling raised her right arm. “You see this?” she said bending the forearm towards her head making a small but very defined sinewy mound to swell on her upper arm. “That’s what years of kick-boxing from a young age does for you”. “Oh Ling! You Goddess” I moan to which she laughed. “Kiss it Mister Blobby” she demanded standing before him flexing it a few times to pump them until they looked even harder. Glenn looked too terrified to move. “Oh what the hell” she sighed. With her fist still clenched from the muscle flexing she drove it relentlessly against his gut as if speed-boxing a punch-ball. Glenn might act tough but his big belly was soft and flabby and Ling’s small fist pounded it with a terrible sound, sinking right in. The strength of her punches was obvious from the pained expression on his face and the inability to defend himself. He tried to throw a few feeble punches that she easily missed but her small fist kept hammering with her little peaks of power swelling harder and becoming intimidatingly more sinew-packed. It was as though she was trying to flatten his belly with her fists. “Ling. He’s had enough!” I told her as she reduced him to a dreadful sobbing mess with his eyes screwed tight and his mouth open wide gasping in vain to breathe. She ignored me and kept blasting his gut until he creased right over and fell down.

One thing I’ve learnt about girls is that they are mercilessly cruel. Ling turned around then thrust out her compact backside. “See my arse” she said before crouching down over his face. Glenn’s eyes widened at the point-blank sight of her small tight buttocks separated by the thong of a very skimpy pair of panties. “On your face” she proclaimed, then plopped her backside right down onto his face. There was a bit of wriggling about with muffled protests from Glenn until she had positioned his nose firmly in the crack between her pale-yellow balls of sensual allure. “My knickers get pretty sweaty and smelly after a good workout” she laughed. “Orrr Ling!” I had another strong pang of jealously that another lucky bastard was experiencing such intimacy with the cute Chinese girl I’d known for so long and now had the raging bone for. “Mmmm mmm!” His head may have been pinned beneath her compact rear but the rest of him was squirming. “Keep still!” she snapped angrily. Balling her fists she repeatedly drove them one after the other deep into his soft protruding belly. “Mmorpph! Mmmmfff!” the explosions of air driven violently from his lungs made farting noises as it escaped past her small tight buttocks that sent Ling into a laughing fit. “I’ve found a use for you after, fat boy!” she exclaimed, laughing so hard that she had to stop punching. By now she had thumped all resistance from Glenn. She looked so appealing sitting there with her small posterior on his face in such a dominant position. “Oh Ling!” I stepped forwards, wanting her so much but stopped at her cold glance.

“Do you remember that stick from earlier, Bobby?” she asked. “Yes” I replied remembering that novel way to break a stick. “Remember what I said I’d like to try to break” she said signalling with her finger at her behind. Curious to see what she would do next I looked at the hapless man stuck beneath her lovely backside. “Feel the power of my glutes, pig!” she exclaimed. Her buttocks hardened and leapt inwards crushing his nose and cheeks in between. In a split-second the lovely pert rounded balls became tight rugged striated balls of muscle grinding against his face. His screams were stifled by her fearsome flexing backside which she then held clenched for several agonising seconds while his legs kicked frantically against the dirt. The kicking paused as she relaxed her glutes only to spring together again. She did that several times, each time her backside seemed even more muscular than before. It was as if his face were caught between the sexiest grindstones ever. Finally his legs were kicking out together in long slow arcing kicks that gradually got slower and slower. Suddenly his pelvis thrust high into the air using his legs, his bulging trouser pyramid reaching for the sky as it erupted before he collapsed. Ling’s muscular glutes kept devouring an unmoving man. I touched her bare shoulder and gave a gentle shove. “Ling. He’s stopped moving”. With a strangely satisfied sigh she relaxed and raised her pert behind from his face. “Wow!” she exclaimed “That’s the first time I’ve knocked out a man with my arse!”. “Yes!” she exclaimed flexing her arms in victory.

I’m sorry but the sight of a cute slim Chinese girl flexing solid biceps on taut wiry arms wearing only a bra, a tiny skirt and a pair of socks while a grown man lay unconscious before her made me lose all self-control. Kneeling before her, I scooped her into my arms, pulling her slender body against me then kissed her with an overwhelming passion. It felt so good especially when I began adoring her small rock-hard mounds of muscle with my hands, stoking the fires of my lust all the more. “No Bobby!” Ling cried turning her face away. With my dick achingly hard I’m ashamed to tell you that I pushed her against the ground and pinned her beneath me. Struggling to control her strong wiry arms, I let my passion run riot kissing her lovely face, neck and shoulders. Her silky smooth bare thighs slid around my waist but I was too engrossed in my aroused frenzy to care until she locked her ankles and squeezed tight. “Jeez!” it was like a steel trap had clamped around my waist. Rearing up, I tried to prise away what feel like steel rods beneath smooth skin trying to slice me in two. Taut with hard slabs of sleek muscle bulging beneath my hand I’m already struggling to breathe. Reaching behind me for her knees I try to prise them apart but her legs are locked too tightly to budge. Helpless between her lovely legs I tap on her hard thigh before remembering that girls like her pay no attention to such etiquette.

Collapsing, gasping and exhausted on top of her, Ling bent her legs slowly drawing my body forwards until she looked me in the eyes with those almond-shaped puppy-dog eyes. “Please Ling…orrragh!” I groan as her thighs swell even harder cutting so deep into my sides that speech was near-impossible. She watched me for several agonising moments, enjoying my suffering as I struggled to cope with the insane strength of her legs. Her face moved close to the side of mine. “I like you, Bobby, I really do” she whispered seductively into my ear “but no means no”. “Noooo!” I groaned, clenching my teeth and eyes as her legs continued to squeeze the hell out of me. From her wide excited eyes and manic laughing, I realise in horror that she’s still hyper from beating up those 3 men. Although I had experienced my sister’s big muscular gymnast’s man-crushers, Ling’s slim legs inflicted a different, more focussed kind of agony. “Please Ling please” I forced out the words from the slicing power of her legs. “Oh no, Bobby” she chuckled “You men have to realise the consequences of trying to force yourself on a girl”. Her outer thighs seemed to bulge to an unreal size beneath my hands for legs so slim. “Please stop” I cried “You’re killing me”. Ling just laughed and kept up the relentless pressure, like a terrier that wouldn’t let go of its prey. I’m bigger and heavier than her, surely I could use that to break her insanely tight grip? Battling for every breath, I tried to bridge using my legs but Ling’s blunt scissor-like thighs crushed my sides so much it hurt my kidneys and God knows what else. “Feel the strength of my legs, Bobby” Ling chuckled. Too zapped of energy to struggle, I surrender to the superiority of Ling’s fighting skills.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse she rolled me onto my side and slipped those wire-cutter legs around my waist until she was behind me. A slim vascular and taut arm hooked around my neck from behind, bending at the elbow as the forearm swung right across my throat. No! I knew what she was going to do and it scared the crap out of me. Before I could get my hands up to stop her, she had locked it off with her other arm which she had clamped over the top of my head. “Urkkk!” snug in the crook of her arm, it tightened much harder than I would have thought possible for a girl of her build, cutting into my throat with a terrible choking intensity. At the same time her legs were doing the same to my waist. Oh crap! I was in real trouble for she had me in a scissoring sleeper hold and applied it with such arrogant confidence that I had no doubt she knew what she was doing. Her arms were glued to my neck and would not budge a centimetre no much I tried tugging at them. Added to which her body-scissors were just brutal. The feel of her bare thighs and the roughness of the socks covering her calves just rubbed in the humiliation that a sweet sleight-built petite schoolgirl was completely dominating me and was going to knock my lights out and there was nothing I could do about it. She had me so tightly locked up in her slender arms and legs that I couldn’t even struggle. “There’s no escape from my sleeper hold” Ling maliciously told me sounding a little too cheerful for my liking.

“Why Bobby!” Ling exclaimed close to my ear “you’re really enjoying it”. Oh God! All that close bodily contact with a girl who was kicking my butt had kept my boner achingly hard despite the agony she was inflicting and the wooziness fogging my brain. Still squeezing my waist she brought her shoes close to my groin. To my horror I felt the hard soles of those shoes that had caused so much damage to the guy’s faces press against my trouser tent. I was shocked when she began rubbing the back of her shoes against my shaft. “What do you think, Bobby?” she whispered in my ear “Will I let you cum before I put you to sleep?”. I felt so light-headed and ill, I knew she was toying with me and could put me out anytime she wished. Laughing, her arms tightened making my head spin and my vision darken. Then with a rush of blood returning to my brain I felt her hard heels rubbing my boner exceedingly hard. “I bet you thought you could force yourself inside me” her hot breath caressed my ear.“Oooorrrr!” I groaned as I succumbed to the wonderful sensation of her rough foot-job xand looking forward to release. Everything went woozy as her slim arms and legs became a steely-hard choking cage. “I don’t think so, Bobby” her voice sounded distant and I knew that this petite action girl would never allow me release.

For a moment I didn’t know where I was before realising that I was on the ground with my head spinning. “Ready for round 2, gents?” I heard Ling’s voice. Looking up, I saw her in a bra, tiny skirt, socks and shoes marching across to where 3 grown men and self-proclaimed tough guys looked in horror at her approach. In a blind panic they began to run for their bikes. I couldn’t help but admire her small breasts bouncing around inside her bra as her finely-toned body gave chase. They may have had longer legs but they weren’t fast enough. Ling caught up, slamming whip-like kicks stinging their backs and sides as they tried to mount their bikes, start the engines and flee. Their yelps of pain were farcical as 3 grown men were so terrified of a small girl they kept fumbling their keys, dropping their helmets while stinging kicks blasted their bodies like a swarm of angry wasps. “You should know by now that my legs are deadly weapons” she boasted before a full-on kick to Glenn’s side knocked him completely from his bike. “Please, please, let me go” he whimpered as he became the target of a furious leggy hailstorm while the 2 MMA guys fired their engines and fled. He desperately tried to get back to his bike amid a relentless barrage of hard kicks. Her kicks were so strong that he fell down several times before he finally re-mounted with tears in his eyes, fired the engine and roared off without waiting to put on his helmet. “See you again soon Mister Blobby” she shouted after him “especially if you ride that thing back down here”.

Ling turned around and locked eyes with me. “Please Ling I said I’m sorry. It was just a momentary lapse of reason” I begged, now scared of what more she might do to me. “Please forgive me. It will never happen again. I promise” I scrambled to my feet as she returned towards me. “Did I say that you could get up?” she asked. A pleat-framed lightly tanned thunderbolt flashed up high to smash me in the face. The tiny girl’s kick was much stronger than I’d ever expected and I had no time to clear my head before her hard shoes pound my face again and again. She had a kick like a mule with much higher reach. Each kick rocked my head and sent me staggering with no time to even think clearly before the next kick landed. I wasn’t a fighter like those other guys and looked how they fared. I didn’t stand a chance and in a matter of seconds I was flat out on my back upon the ground with an aching face.

Leaping on top of my chest Ling flattened herself along my body. I went to push her off but she grabbed my wrists and began pushing against me. She’s only a tiny girl so I was stunned when my arms were spread wide and my hands being pushed backwards towards the ground. OK she had gravity on her side but even so, with no small amount of trying on my part, it was extremely humiliating that I wasn’t able to stop my hands from being pressed slowly backwards towards the green-sand. Leaning over me, her cute smiling face was framed by taut bulging biceps keeping me pinned. With my arms spread wide her small bust pressed firmly against my chest, I had to admit that it wasn’t exactly an unpleasant place to be. “Oh don’t cry Bobby” she mocked “I won’t hurt you”. Then muttered “much”. “Ling, come on I told you that I was sorry” I tried appealing to her compassionate side, hoping that she had one. A sly smile spread over her luscious lips. “Why Bobby! Of course I forgive you” she exclaimed “I told you that I really like you. You’re like a brother to me” her voice then lowered into a tone that made me nervous. “Except what I’m going to do to you I would never dream of doing to my brother”.

Come on, Bobby, she’s just a little girl and you’re a boy I hear you cry. Except no hard I tried, I just couldn’t push my arms from the ground for very long before her taut arms wrestled them back down. It was heartbreaking that that this younger, smaller girl was leaner, tougher and so much stronger than me and cute to boot. “Oh no, Bobby” she chuckled “You’re not getting up for quite some time now” with that she stretched herself out along my body as far as it would go. It was quite distracting having the young lovely‘s body against me in just her bra and tiny skirt. “Isn’t this nice?” she purred with her face close to mine. I felt her legs slide between mine before hooking her clunky shoes around my upper calves just below the knees. No, she couldn’t possibly I thought to myself. “Argh!” my legs were ripped wide apart in less than a second. I was staggered that the short sleight girl’s slim wiry legs could be that strong but they were. It was like those steely slim legs focused her energy into pain-inducing bars of power that had me shrieking. “Sssh Bobby, ssshh” she soothed “Oh Bobby” she sighed “You have no idea how hot it makes me feel beating up those creeps” she said in a voice full of yearning.

A searing jolt of pain lanced through the insides at the top of my legs. “Feel my glutes Bobby” she said “Go on, lift up my skirt and feel them” “What?” I was taken aback by the request, more worried about something tearing close to my groin. “Arghh!” another bolt of lancing pain. “I won’t ask again Bobby” Moving my hands down to her slender hips I gingerly pulled back the hem of her skirt from her tiny bubble-butt. “Argh!” more pain shot through my inner thighs. “I said feel it!” she snarled “Feel how nice and tight and round they are” I placed my hands on her buttocks. My Lord they felt wonderful that I kept feeling them, enjoying their small size and hardness. “Hmmm! that’s coming along nicely” I heard her remark and her looking over her shoulder at my stiff erection pushing up the front of my trousers. She looked back with a smile “Now feel this” “Arghh arghhh!” I cried as her small tight buttocks flexed beneath my hands, moving together while turning rocky hard and striated. “Please stop Ling Please!” I begged as her muscular backside drove concentrated power in her slim but excruciatingly strong legs “Please you’re breaking my legs!” I cried. Ling just laughed. “Oh Bobby! you’re a crap fighter letting yourself get beaten up by a little girl” she remarked then again looked over her shoulder “But heck Bobby! you’ve got an erection like the Gherkin trying to burst out of there” she laughed.

The unbearable pain between my legs eased to more comfortable levels as her buttocks returned to a more smoother rounded shape. Moving her small face closer to mine, her big almond-shaped eyes bored into me. Hopelessly spread-eagled beneath her, her dominance and strength was driving me crazy. “Let’s make this a day to remember, Bobby” she said in a seductive tone before nuzzling my neck with her face. I gasped as her mouth gently touched the side of my neck with the lips set in a wide O. The tip of her tongue emerged to tantalise and torture me with sloppy wet circles of tingling sensation. “Orrr!” I groaned at the erotic sensations of her tongue against my skin and my erection soared harder. Ling’s head lifted then bobbed down slightly higher nearer my ear to repeat the procedure. Totally helpless in a grapevine press, she was giving me the same treatment that had turned Glenn into a moaning lust crazed idiot. “Orrr!” I knew that I would end up the same way as she systematically worked every erogenous zone on my neck. “Argh!” I shrieked as her glutes flexed once more sending electric shards of pain through my inner thighs. “Pleasure and pain, Bobby. There can be no pleasure without pain” she teased. Once more she looked over her shoulder “My that looks painful” she remarked “Let me help you”. Rearing her torso up while keeping my legs wide, she reached back to unzip my flies and release my hard-on now covered by my pants. “That’s better” she said laying herself back down without easing the relentless pressure in my legs.

Lowering her face to the other side of my neck, those wide kisses and ecstatic tongue-tip licks continued stimulating every erogenous zone she could find. “Oh Ling!” I moaned. Every lick was both an extreme turn-on while at the same time nerve-jangling that had me squirming and curling my toes. By the time her warm wet writhing tongue began licking my ear I was moaning in pure ecstasy. It took several glute-flexing leg-rippers to bring me back until control before she continued down the other side of my face. By this stage I was crying out my undying love for her and begging for her to make me cum. That made her stop and fix me in the eye with a hard stare. “Are you ordering me to perform a sexual act?” she hissed harshly while raising an arm close to my face then flexing her hard biceps. “You better not be” she added pointing to her small bulging muscle mound and tightly clenched fists with her other hand. “Sorry” I gasped, her message clear. With her fists raised as a warning, she studied me for several agonising moments while keeping me spread-eagled using her legs alone. Finally her face lowered to press the wide O formed by her full lips over my mouth. As her tongue emerged to slobber around my lips, the return of the erotic stimulation just sent me over the edge. Unbelievably aroused and desperate to cum, I was bucking my hips, physically lifting myself and her off the ground until she turned me into a squealing mess with more glute-flexing that threatened to rip my legs right from their sockets. Her lips returned to mine in a long lingering kiss that in my lust-craze became a full-on round of tongue-hockey.

“Now for the climax” she whispered in my ear followed by a long circling lick that sent me insane. Freeing my aching legs and sitting up on my belly, Ling turned right around to face my feet. Before I could wonder what she was up to she slid forwards, lifting her backside over the wildly throbbing tower in my pants. In astonishment I watched her compact backside lower back down and move back until it was pressing against my erection. “Remember that stick, Bobby?” she asked gripping her buttocks with her hands and parting them so they swallowed my tent-pole whole. “Ohh Ling!” I moaned with the feel of my rod trapped deep between her small rounded buttocks with a firm yet pleasant force. “Fasten your seat-belts, things are going to get bumpy” she giggled. “Ohhhh God!” those lovely rounded pert buttocks crashed together around my manhood like colliding continental shelves as her glutes flexed. Gripping my bulge in a very tight striated grip of steel, I recalled how the stick and Glenn’s face had come off the worst against Ling’s pert muscular behind. “Nice and strong my arse isn’t it Bobby?” she giggled. “Please don’t break it” I begged fearing the worse for it really did feel as her glutes were strong enough to do that. “Oh silly boy!” she giggled. Her rocky balls of steel relaxed only to flex again swallowing up all sight of the bulge in my pants. “Orrrr orrrr!” I cried aloud at the tight squeeze around my dick. Walls of striated arse muscle held my rod in a powerful all-encompassing embrace. Just as I thought my dick could take the pressure no more she began relaxing then flexing her amazing behind over and over at a steady pace. I didn’t stand a chance with her hard tight glutes flexing around my manhood as Ling worked me off with her lovely small arse! It was mind-blowing and I just got harder and harder with each flex. Those glutes quickly turned me into a gibbering lust-crazed idiot. “Ohhh God Ling. I love you” I moaned, insane with lust as the pressure in my balls built to a level that I could no longer contain.

“Nnnnnnar!” the next time her buttocks relaxed a big strong blast squirted into my pants only to be choked off by an immediate flex. Cut-off mid-release sent me into a delirious ecstatic state where my ejaculation got extended over what seemed like many seconds. Ling’s incredible glutes only allowed me a mini-spurt each time they relaxed only to choke off any more with another crushing flex. Amazingly her backside’s rhythmic flexing kept me very hard and it wasn’t long before the next long slowly released eruption blasted in small increments into my pants. With a start I realised that Ling was in complete control of my orgasm, extending it out far longer than normal. Incredibly her powerful arse kept pumping ejaculation after ejaculation until she had completely drained me.

I slumped on the ground totally shagged out. In a state of post-orgasmic euphoria I watched as Ling lifted her incredible backside from my sopping wet and sticky pants. “Oh Ling, that was unbelievable” I told her as she faced me. “Thank you, Bobby. A girl must try her best” she replied with a cheeky grin. I was shocked when she began to whip off her panties. “Ling!” I exclaimed. “What Bobby? Do you expect me to wear my knickers messed up your mess?” she replied before plonking herself back down upon my belly. “Or do you think I’m going to have sex with you?” the steely edge to her voice told me I’d better keep quiet. She pointedly looked back at my limp biscuit. “Not that you’re in any condition to perform for quite a while yet”. “Don’t go all romantic on me either, Bobby” she said “That was just working off some excess energy after a good workout”. I felt a bit crest-fallen while watching her slide forwards until she sat high upon my chest with her lovely bare thighs either side of my face. I looked up at the cute girl pinning me, consciously avoiding her crotch. My hands touched her sock-covered calves and felt the hardness beneath. “Well Bobby, you clearly enjoyed that” she said looking down at my eyes framed between her thighs as she sat upon the edge of my chest. “Oh Ling. I love you” I declared. “Really? You sure it’s not the post-orgasmic bliss?” she chuckled “Then prove it” Before I could say another word, her lady bits pressed down against my nose and covered my mouth. “Prove it to my complete satisfaction” I heard her say with her bare inner thighs clamped to the sides of my head with a sturdy pressure that clearly indicated things could get a lot more painful if I didn’t comply. “I expect payment in kind and you better make it a big one or I’ll string you up from that tree and use you for kicking practice”. With encouragement like that what choice did I have?


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